Chapter 87: “The Prom of Dreams and the terror of Dr. Illumination. Martin Marco on the Hero roster! Welcome aboard to the team.”

Martin: *Voice-over* Continued from chapter 86…

Inside the Caved-in Tunnel…

Martin: *Tending to Luna* You alright?

Luna: I don’t know… *Shaking her head* Some of that dust got on me… It’s making me sneeze. *Sneezing* Achoo!

Martin: *Looking at the rocks* I don’t know what it is about this place… but whatever we do… we’ve got to get out of here… This could all cave in even more in just a short time…

Luna: Yeah. Whatever you did… caused it. You nailed Beryl though… but it also caused the place here to crumble.  *Looking at Martin* Vincent gave you those powers?

Martin: Yeah. I mean… he caught me coming out here to come to your aid. But stopped me. He saw that i didn’t have any means to fight back. or fight anyone or anything. He did some spell and created a weapon for me. i wanted to come and fight along side you, Luna. It was my call. I couldn’t bring myself to accept that you could have been killed by Beryl.

Luna: So you were gonna try to draw the fire and try to get her to come at you? *Shocked* Martin… that is very risky. She could have killed you. If she did that… it would hurt me because i would be without a best friend.

Martin: It’s okay, Luna. We’re gonna get through this.

Luna: *Nods* Okay. We should look for a way out.

Martin: yeah. I don’t think that Vincent would be happy to know that we’re surrounded by rocks and trapped in a Quarry.

Luna:  I know that my sisters are panicking over what’s going on in here… wondering if i’m alive. I wonder if they’ll think that i am done for… *Shaking her head* No way… that’s not possible. They’d never assume that.

Martin: *Grins* What do you think Vincent will do? He’ll be terrified hearing that i got trapped inside the Quarry.

Luna: He can join my fear anytime. I am scared myself…

Outside the Quarry…

Paige: Luna and Martin are still in there. We need to get them out of there…

Pearl: How… How do we do that without causing the Quarry to collapse more than it already has? *Looking at the Quarry* Poor Luna.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the Brothers* Guys… Let’s go and look for any spare machines and get our asses in there. We got to get Luna and Martin out of there. Marco is not used to the hero business. This is gonna be new to him to deal with now… The operation is simple. We move in to dig out Luna and Martin. You hear me. We are to see to it that they are dug out from the Tunnel.

Prince Arnold: Right. you got it.

Prince Avery: *Looking to the sides and looking for any machinery to use to scoop out the Tunnel and open it back up* Hmm… Let’s see… what do we use. What do we use…

Prince Curtis: Use your secret Agent Mojo and improvise.

Prince Avery: Right. *Heading in and breaking through to the side of the Quarry* I’m going in.

Prince Arnold: *Heading off to grab for machinery to dig out their young comrade*

Paige: *Sighs* Let’s see what we can do Pearl.

Pearl: What’re you thinking?

Paige: *Running to the find a Caterpillar to use* Come on. I got an idea.

Pearl: Let’s get with saving Luna…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Dinah: *Getting on her bed and covering up* I need to get some sleep. All of a sudden i got really worn out.

Christie: I know. It’s gonna be alright.

Star: You just probably did a little too much is all. It’s no big deal. Just try to relax and keep a clear head. You’ll be okay.

Dinah: I am sure that i will be. My babies are probably bushed. *Yawning*

Christie: You have a weird friend in that gal that came on screen though. That Chloe… is really something. How is it that she knows all that About that Demon? About that mark?

Dinah: Christie… it’s because she’s the Watchtower. She has Intel that is highly classified to most. The Watchtower’s database downloads the exact equivalent to the house of congress every 3 seconds.

Star: *Pauses* Huh? You’re kidding. She’s got all that info? in just one little place?

Dinah: The Watchtower isn’t small. it’s pretty big. It’s cause is really huge. we’re all part of it and with it… we’ve solved multiple cases. Multiple incidents.

Dinah fell asleep seconds later but left it open for Christie and Star to think about what they were told by her…

At Vincent Van Graves…

Vincent: *Reading some papers* Hmm… Demon sighting at the Elementary school. Good thing Martin isn’t there. the poor boy would be terrified. But someone should handle the Demon. *Getting up and Grabbing some things for an Exorcism ceremony* Let’s see. Holy water… A Crucifix and hmm… Let’s see… A holy Charm. That is useful. Let’s see… Also a book of God himself. Mustn’t forget that…

A Minute later…

Vincent: *With the stuff ready* Ah!  I think that’s about all of it. Got the equipment, prepared to work… On i go.

At the Hart household…

Megan: *In her Room; Angry and upset* I am so tired of being alone all the time. Prince Curtis is always leaving me alone. I am tired of it. He is always gone and out fighting crime… out battling. We never go out on dates or anything anymore. He never hangs out with me. I think that i’m gonna just dump him.

Drake: *Walking in* Hey Megan. What’s up?

Megan: I don’t know. *Sighs* I don’t know. It’s just that i feel so alone and i feel as if everyone rather be out doing things than being with me. I don’t get to see Prince Curtis much at all. he always is leaving me alone to go battle and do things with his brothers. it’s always where i am second. But it wasn’t like that in the beginning. In the beginning we were like so in love. He’d be doing anything to stick close to me. What’s the change now? Am i now uninteresting? Am i unworthy to be with him?

Drake: *Walking over and sitting down next to Megan* Come on sis, it’s not like that at all. Your boyfriend loves you. Why would he ever hurt you and ignore you? He is mostly busy these days because of what is going on… Remember you followed through the trouble revolving the Fountain. Remember that you helped them with the case. helped their efforts? He and you were taken to par with his family and talking about the Evil Queen. The sightings of those creatures. in tune to their cause. his cause. You were happy with him… because although it wasn’t like a normal type of relationship… he told you things that were not supposed to be heard by the ears that are on the outside of their family. But he told you because he trusted you. Adored you. As you do him.

Megan: I remember. I just miss being on a normal playing field with him. where the biggest concern was when we’d be able to steal a kiss. I miss those days.

Drake: Prince Curtis is a wonderful guy. You should try to tough it out. Come on. you should be counting the stars that you got someone to love. There have been boys flirting with you. You passed each of them up. All the others came and you walked by and ignored each and every one of them. But not Prince Curtis, Why? Why not him when he to is another guy to fall madly and completely in love with you? You chose him because you felt as though he was the one for you. Just give it some time. You’ll come to find that when things calm down… he and you will be able to get back to a normal grounding with the relationship. It’ll be back to how it once was… before the current predicament that has raved the city began.

Megan: What if it doesn’t?

Drake: It will. You need to just have faith.

Megan: You really think that it’ll get back to being the way it was before?

Drake: I’m sure that it will. *Hugging his sister* Don’t worry so much about it. Try to cheer up a little. Just think of how much you love him and hope for the best that things will smooth themselves out and be back to normal again. It’ll be okay. I promise. It’s the sign of the times… things have gone a bit dark. There is rumors of a bad demon. one siring to end this world. He’s gonna need to know that you have his heart. that he has you. He’s gonna need that.

Megan: Okay. *Nods and sighs*

However… Back at the Metropolis Quarry…

Paige: *On the side; By the reserved Caterpillar* Here we are… I wonder how you drive one of these things.

Pearl: Not sure. *Looking at the huge Shovel attached to the machine* But we can use this thing to shovel out the Rocks and boulders. Even the debris too. This will work.

Paige: *Grabbing the side and Climbing up into the cockpit of the Caterpillar* Come on… Climb on and hold on. We’re gonna go and rescue our young sister.

Pearl: Right. Let’s go….

Inside the Tunnel…

Martin: *Sighs* We’re gonna wind up dead in here.

Luna:  And this is new… how? Martin. I don’t want to die in here. I don’t like being in this tunnel. It’s cold… wet and i just don’t like it.

Martin: I don’t like it either. I should have been more careful with the firepower. I overdid it.

Luna: *Looking at the sealed exit* i can’t believe that we’re trapped in here. * Looking at Martin* ……….

Martin: Same here. But at least if anything were to happen. We’d be together. Besides that… I’d be fine either way… but at least i have my best friend and Girlfriend here with me. Luna, we’re gonna be okay. We’ll just have to dig our way out. It’ll be fine.

Luna: *wondering* Are you sure about that? you quite positive about it? We are trapped inside this Tunnel. There isn’t any way out of this place. I’m not even sure that the others are even trying to look for us. But you’re quite sure that we’ll be fine.

Martin: I am sure that we will be. The tunnel hasn’t made any more movement to cave in on us. It’s stopped. But we should try to dig our way out. *Getting up and Walking over to the sealed exit* We should look for a weak spot. There should be a weak spot somewhere.

Luna: A weak spot?

Martin:  of course. we just need to find it.

Luna: *Nods; Sighs* I guess so. *smiles* It is a relief to know that i have my sweet guy along side to be there for me in here. *Kissing Martin on the lips* Let’s get out of here.

Martin: Come on… Think. we came in to this tunnel from this spot right here… There should be a weak spot. If we can find the weak spot in the wall here. the blockage will fall apart and open a way out…

Luna: *Looking at Martin* There could be a weak spot right over on the corner. *Walking to the corner* let’s try the corner here. There’s sure to be a weak spot here somewhere…

Martin: I’ll check the other corner… you or i should be able to find something.

Luna: Okay. Let’s get started. I want to get out of here and get to a nice comfy bed. This girl is getting sleepy.

Martin: I am tired too. *Feeling a little worn* As soon as we get out… we should plan to go on a date sometime. A casual small date. Doing something that friends would do.

Luna: *Smiles* Okay. *Looking forward to dating her best friend* ……

Martin: *Smiles* ….

Martin and Luna then check the sides for a way out of the collapsed tunnel. They felt that there was bound to be a weak spot in the wall. They searched it all and didn’t stop to break till they found a weakness in the wall. they didn’t want to stick around the tunnel. It was getting cold. it was wet and really eerie. There was little to no light in the tunnel and there was no other source of light inside. Luna didn’t find any weakness in the wall. But she kept searching for one when  she suddenly saw a small path on the side…

Luna: *Spotting a small path on the side* Uh, Martin… I think that you might want to come here… I think that i found something.

Martin: *Pauses and turns to look at Luna* Really?! Where? Where… Where. Where are you at?

Luna: *barely being heard* Over here… By the one side of the tunnel. *Pulling out her mini flashlight and shining it around* Follow my light.

Martin: *Seeing the light and following it towards where Luna was* Okay…

A Minute later…

Martin: *Looking at the small path* What is that… Is that a pathway?

Luna: You got it. I was looking for a weak spot in the wall and couldn’t find anything. But started over here and hoped to find a weak spot over here to maybe just try to claw a path to the outside… but found this…

Martin: *Looking down the path* Where do you think it goes?

Luna: *Shrugs* I don’t know.

Martin: Do you think that it goes to the top and leads to the outside?

Luna: i don’t know.

Martin: Let’s go and check it out. See where it goes off to. I’ll start going first. Let’s stick together. There could be trouble in the secret tunnel. We can’t call for help as the others probably aren’t gonna be able to get to us for sometime without risking the tunnel here to cave in even more.

Luna: We better hope that we don’t need to transform. We’re not with the energy to transform. I am experienced in doing it. You’re not. You only did it once.

Martin: I know. Once. but i did what i had to do. You’re my best friend Luna. My girlfriend. I didn’t want to just stick at home and worry about losing you. I didn’t want to lose you.

Luna: *Touched* Awwww! That’s really sweet of you to say that. You’re the most sweetest guy i ever met. You’re so kind.

Martin: I’d never do a thing that’d hurt you…

But back on the outside of the Quarry…

Paige: *Driving the Cat* Pearl, This thing is hard to maneuver. But if we can just get through some of the debris and loose dirt plus rocks…

Pearl: That’s a plus. *Looking ahead at the collapsed Tunnel Entrance* Those monsters beat us good. we’re worn out and it drained us of our hero power for a little. But since we’re not with our hero forms right now, We have to make do with what we got.

Paige: The boys are down there already and working to try to dig Luna and Martin out of there. It’s probably cold in there.

Pearl: Yeah. Cold… Wet and dark. Luna is contrary to what she may try to get us to believe… still afraid of the dark.

Paige: Well… Martin is with her. They’re together.

At the inside of the Quarry…

Prince Alvin: *Seeing Prince Arnold working the Caterpillar machine* Good work Brother… That’s working the machine. Way to go. Just scoop up that dirt. We’re with a lot to dig up and move. The Cave-in is thick. And the more they’re in there… the more they’ll be close to dying. there is possibly no means of oxygen in that tunnel and might not be a way out. This is their only way out. We must get them out of there.

Prince Arnold: I know. *Controlling the scooper and Digging up a big hunk of dirt and rocks* We are doing the best we can, Brother.

Prince Avery: Just hope that they’re okay in there… Time is short in there. It’s dark in there and We can bet that Luna is scared senseless in there.

Prince Curtis: *Looking at Prince Avery; Digging the Rocks and the debris away from the Tunnel* What about Martin? Didn’t Paige and Pearl mention that Martin Marco was also here? He’s probably scared over being inside the Tunnel trapped. He’s an innocent Kid. He’s not with hero blood. but he’s here… to be with Luna. He could die in there. If that happens… it’ll make us look like the killers.

Prince Alvin: Prince Avery… Prince Curtis. We’re not killing anyone. we’re not leaving them to die. We’re gonna get them out of there.

Prince Arnold: That’s right. *Transporting the Dirt and Rocks to the other side of the Quarry before coming back* We’re gonna get them out of there.

Prince Curtis: Well… you know me. I’m not one to just give up on anything. I won’t rest till we get Luna and Martin out of there.

Prince Avery: Same goes for me…

Prince Alvin: Prince Arnold… Two more times with the shoveling and we’ll be able to dig the rest of the way to get the tunnel un sealed and get the two young one out of there.

Prince Arnold: You got it. *Pulling up and making a move to shovel up another large scoop of Rocks and debris*


As for Luna and Martin…

Luna: *Walking down the path and going deeper into the Tunnel* We Should be able to find a way out… There is a light up ahead somewhere…

Martin: Do you think that we’re going deeper into the Tunnel or the Quarry?

Luna: *Looking to the side* Not sure. But i think that there is a opening nearby.

Martin: An opening… As in a passage?

Luna: I think so. *Sensing something coming* There is something close by…

Martin: There is? *Pauses and turns* Where?

Luna: Not creatures. But something more than that… It’s something darker… Demonic.

Martin: You’re not seriously thinking that… the demon is here…. are you?

Luna: I hope not. But it’s coming from the side…

Martin: *Walking ahead even further with Luna by his side* Come on… Let’s keep going. We have to get out of here…

Luna: *Nods* Martin, we should tread carefully and not wander too far. In case we don’t find a way out.

Martin: I agree. *Sighs* I’m really sorry that we’re in this mess.

Luna: It’s okay. I know that i got a little dramatic back there… but it’s the shock that was talking. You did what you did out of concern. That’s what a real hero is… they act for the people around them. Doing what’s right. Coming to them in their time of need.

Martin: ……… *Walking ahead and looking forward a ways* Wait! There’s something on the side.

Luna: Be careful.

Martin: *Whispers* Don’t worry. I’ll be careful…

Martin Walks on ahead and takes a look around to find out what’s ahead. But Unfortunately he didn’t find anything… He did happen to hear some moans and a bit of laughter. It was dark. As he listened to it, he went over to see what it could be and saw 4 red eyes and a Symbol. The mark of Scath. He didn’t stop to look further. He turned back and Ran back to Luna. As soon as he got back to Luna was…

Martin: *Scared* Luna… we got a problem… There is a sighting of 4 red eyes. And a Symbol. It’s Scath… he’s here…. there is a sighting of his symbol… it’s bad. Luna… Let’s get the heck outta here and back to where the cave in happened. Let’s get back there and stay there.

Luna: You saw the Mark?

Martin: Yeah. I did. i saw it and it’s evidence that it’s him. Scath… whoever the guy is… he’s here. His Voice is being carried all over this cave. faintly. biding his time or something. He’s here. Let’s get out of here…

Luna: *screaming in terror; Running away and heading back to the main tunnel where the cave-in happened* Get me away from that Voice. Please. Get me away…

Martin: *Running along with Luna and following her back to the Main Tunnel* Don’t worry. I’ll protect you. It’ll be okay…

A Couple hours later…

Paige: *Looking into the Tunnel and seeing Luna shivering in fright* Luna… Are you okay?

Pearl: Luna… It’s us. Paige and Pearl. Come on, Grab our hand and hold on.

Martin: Don’t worry you guys… I’ll get her out of here… She’s shaken from the cold air in here… It’s Chilly. i tried to hold her close and share some body heat with her to help… but it didn’t do so good. This Tunnel is really bone chilling freezing.

Paige: We’ll get to that detail later, Martin. You are here where you shouldn’t be. It’s dangerous here and you know it. It’s great that you’re adamant in protecting Luna. I am happy about that gesture… But you really should not have come here… Not like this. You could have been killed. If that were to happen… We’d have to inform your guardian. He would be devastated and broken. Is that what you want to see happen?

Martin: No. Vincent knows that i’m here. He sent me over here. Gave me a means to help. Didn’t you even notice that i am now with superpowers… i now have a hero form.

Pearl: *Gasps* Wait… That… That was you? Really you?

Martin: Yeah. Why?

Pearl: we thought that it was just our eyes playing a trick on us… but… You’re really a hero… aren’t you?

Martin: That’s right. Just consider me part of the team. My hero Alias is Tuxedo Martin Amazing.

Luna: *Scared and wanting to go home* Let’s just go home…

Prince Alvin: *Leaping into the opening and Picking up Luna* Come on, Luna. Let’s get you out of this Tunnel. You and Martin are gonna get sick staying in the tunnel any longer than you should.

Martin: *Looking at the Tunnel* Good idea. But that is the very least of your problems… given on what we had found.

Prince Alvin: *Picking up Luna and Climbing up out of the Tunnel* Wait till we’re out of the Tunnel Martin. We’re gonna need to hear what it is that you saw.

Martin: It’s what Luna saw too. She heard it. I saw it. But we’re both freaked out.

Prince Alvin: *Thinking* Hmm…

As soon as they were all out of the Tunnel and in the remains of the Quarry…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Martin* What did you see?

Martin: Well… Luna was the one who found the secret opening and saw that it might lead to a way out of this tunnel. We wanted to get out. So we chanced it and went down the secret path and followed it a ways. However when we reached a certain point… we saw a glow not too far. Luna wanted to go and see what it was and i persuaded her to stay and i’d check it out. Which i did.  however i got to a point and only walked maybe a couple steps more… when suddenly i saw 4 red eyes… staring right me… and another viewing of the Mark of Scath. I especially heard a voice say: “The secret order on Azarath banished me into Limbo… But before i was banished. I destroyed the holy City. It will be soon when my Gem will release me from this fiery pit. This Hellish Prison will open on the day of the Prophecy being fulfilled. The day marking the end… I will be released and The Earth shall be MINE!!!!”

Prince Arnold: *Shoots out* Wha- Holy shit! Are you serious…?

Pearl: The Mark of Scath?! In the Tunnel…

Paige: That is not good. *Looking at the others* we’re gonna need to look into the matter.

Prince Curtis: Who do we know that can roll in and stake out locations?

Prince Alvin: Prince Avery. *Looking towards Prince Avery* Plasma-Core… Starting tomorrow, you have a new stake out location.

Prince Avery: Are you kidding? You want me to go in there and stake out that Tunnel and get myself near that Symbol? I know my limits on staking out spots and locations. But that Symbol is a definite no go. No way.

Prince Arnold: Prince Avery, We know how it sounds… But you’re the only one who can stake it out. You’re the one with the secret Agent persona in you. If we were to do it. It’d never work.

Prince Avery: * Sighs* … Fine. I’ll gear up and check it out. tomorrow.

Martin: Please do. But be careful. That Symbol really was freaky. I am gonna admit that i am not an experienced hero… i am just starting and there is alot to learn in the field as i go along… But that symbol… There is no way that a symbol like that is one to count off being just a scare tactic or a illusion.  How many people do you know that would walk into a tunnel trying to look for another way out and suddenly see a Mark of something demonic. plus hear a demonic Voice and 4 red eyes.

Luna: I’d believe him. He know what was there. I do too. I heard the voice and i know that something was there…

They all were stumped and unsure how to react to what Martin was saying. They couldn’t shake the unbiased assumption that he saw something deep within the Tunnel and inside a secret path. They looked at one another and felt terror as they drew a conclusion that something was wrong… very very wrong…

Two weeks later…

May 16th 2026…

At Grandma Rikku’s house… In the Girls room…


Paige: *Getting up and Looking at her phone* Tonight’s Prom. I heard that they’re gonna use the theme to “Die Another Day”. The out look of the Ice Palace. For a Demonstration of a machine called Icarus.

Pearl: *Walking over to her Dresser* I know. They were talking about it all week this week at School. Choir class was going over it.

Paige: We should be trying to not gloat about it around Dinah. She can’t go. This is gonna hurt her most. She’s been missing out on everything and knowing that she’s about to miss out on Prom…

Pearl: Don’t remind me. I can’t even begin to wonder how it’s gonna feel to her. The Prom is like the Pinnacle of every teen’s high school experience.  I think that the most common thinking High schooler would see it like this… Homecoming is for jocks, graduation is for P.T.’s, and prom is the rite of passage that’s for all of us.  It’s supposed to be a culmination of four years of memories.

Paige: Yeah. I know. But our 4 years have been anything but memorable. remember our Sophomore year? We were having to deal with Major Zod and the Kandorians. Plus Also Checkmate too.

Pearl: You mean… The White Queen? Whatever happened to her anyway? We saw that the News mentioned once that she was torched along with the Castle.

Paige: Well… If she’s not dead… we’ll find out someday. Not sure when that’ll be though.

Dinah: *Waking up* You two are sure loud this morning. What’s all the commotion for?

Pearl: Morning Dinah. Sleep well?

Dinah: Sleep well… Uh, yeah. I slept great… But i feel as if i’ve gained enough weight to become the next Goodyear blimp.

Paige: *Chortling* That’s a good one. Dinah… You’re a bit weighty… But you’re a far ways away from being the Blimp. You’d have to be at least a couple tons… You’re nothing like that. not even close.

Dinah suddenly sits up in bed…

Dinah: You two are talking about the Prom. I know what is going on. But the Joke is over. quit trying to hide it, okay? i know that i am missing it. I am never gonna be able to have that moment. I’ll never get to experience what it is like to have such a moment like that. Ever…

Pearl: *Sighs* Dinah…

At the Hart household…

Megan: I heard that my Brother isn’t gonna be going to prom.

Prince Curtis: Well… I heard that you’ve been nominated to being a choice for Prom Queen.

Megan: What?

Prince Curtis: I was kinda thinking… Should i be bowing down to you from now on when i see you or…

Megan: *Pushing Prince Curtis down playfully; Chuckles* Cute, Prince Curtis… Very very cute. You know… that is just about close on passing for being whimsical. What part of Boycotting the nominations didn’t any of the Journalists at school understand. I don’t want to be Prom Queen. I am perfect just the way i am.

Prince Curtis: Oh, they understand it perfectly, Megan. More than you would think.  You see, you are the boycott.  I mean, think about it.  For the last four years, everybody’s been trying to break out of the stereotype they’ve been stuck in.  You’re the battle cry. It’s been 4 years and we’ve only been together for about 2 years now. And we’ve gone through alot of trails. All the trials of the High school hierarchy. I never having a girlfriend til you. But you’ve probably been used by guys. Like Corey. But you also tried to boycott the hypocrisy of the high school gatherings. Seriously… when it comes to the plot of being crowned Prom royalty… You’re their battle cry.

Megan: *Cynical* Ladies and gentlemen… My boyfriend… The Metropolis High school Prom Coup. You didn’t happen to be behind my being nominated… did you?

Prince Curtis: I might have spoken to a couple of people…

Megan: *Grabbing a Pillow and throwing it at Prince Curtis* You Rat! Well… i am sure that you’re not about to think on letting me storm the Bastille or the minefields all by myself. Who are you planning to take to Prom with you?

Prince Curtis: I was kinda thinking towards sitting it out. I was never set for the Prom scene…

Megan: Oh god… Not you too. Wait, let me guess. You must have done secret thinking and pondering about the whole Prom experience… literally spent four years imagining what it would be like, and Now that it’s finally here you’re with the whole idea that you gave it thought and you just don’t think it’s gonna live up to your expectations. thinking that it won’t be all that you’d looked forward to.

Prince Curtis: You could say that. Yeah.

Megan: So you’re gonna let me break out of my rut onstage, wearing a frilly strap of taffeta, while you’re at a different place… playing the infamous “what if” game for the 1000th time.

Prince Curtis: Don’t go there with that line, Megan. I never had said that you’re in a Rut. I’m most likely the one who’s in the Rut. not you.

Megan: Yeah, but Prince Curtis you are not seeing it…. I am in a Rut… I am, and I’m not alone. You know, Prince Curtis, in a couple of weeks, we’re gonna graduate from this pretty little adolescent fantasy Kingdom of ours, and we’re not gonna have a Protective happy innocent spot to fall back into and strap on to.  The thing about expectations, Prince Curtis, is they’re supposed to drive you to do more with your life… Much more than what’s done now. It’s not supposed to be the very thing that would stop you from living it.  What i think about this whole thing is that the future happens to hold a lot more promise for you than you actually bother to give it credit.  It holds more promise for your brothers and your cousins too. In a couple weeks all this adolescent bravado will be but a distant reality…

At the Metropolis Shrine…

Rei: *Reading through the fires* Prom is tonight. But there is also signs of the Demon being seen. His Symbol is starting to break up to the surface. *Walking outside and leaving the Shrine grounds moments later*


Outside the grounds…

Rei: *Walking over to the nearby bus stop to head over to the Metropolis Cemetery* I haven’t visited my mother in a while… So i will pay my respects to her. I need to also clear my head too.

Prince Alvin: *Driving by with Alice riding along* Hey Rei.

Alice: Morning Rei.

Rei: Morning, you two. You two are out rather early on a Saturday.

Prince Alvin: Oh… well you know… Just getting some stuff done before tonight. Tonight’s Senior Prom. We’re all going. Except Prince Arnold. He doesn’t seem to have a date. and he’s not into the Prom either. No idea why though. It’s the event that highlights 4 straight years of memories.

Rei: It’s his choice. It is sad to know that he’s decided to sit it out… but if he doesn’t want to go… you can’t very well force him.

Prince Alvin: I know. Although it’s gonna be something he will be regretting later. it’s been 4 years of trials and mayhem. Working our way up in the High school Hierarchy. Prince Arnold knows this. so do i. I’ve had my share of trouble through out the 4 years.

Alice: I wasn’t part of the trouble, was I?

Prince Alvin: No.You weren’t. it’s other things. Like Bullies and the school trying to crunch down the numbers and suppress the efforts of the heroes. Like Paige, Pearl and Dinah. They were being barred down almost on cue. As were we.

Rei: 4 years of High school will do that to you.

Prince Alvin: We’re on our way to find a good dress and Tux for Prom. I don’t know how good i look in a Tux. But Alice is in need of a good Dress for tonight. This year’s theme is James Bond’s “Die Another Day”. Provocative, if you were to ask my impression on it. It’s very crafty for an idea. A Theme.

Alice: It doesn’t make sense why they’d choose that… but it’s at least something to take our minds off of what’s going on in the City. Tonight after Prom… we’re gonna be having a moment of our own.

Prince Alvin: Alice. Now’s not the time to talk about that. We’ll have it. But it’s something rather private. Okay*

Rei: *Nods*

Prince Alvin: Where were you heading off to?

Rei: To visit and pay respects to my mother. She died when i was a young girl. Since then my father and i haven’t been on any swell equal standing.

Alice: I know the feeling. My father hasn’t really paid much attention to me since then and it’s gotten worse. I never get to see him and when i do… he’s always asleep. Plus not too long ago, he tried soiling on me while he was drunk. He was acting like a monster.

Rei: You should get yourself Emancipated from him.

Alice: I plan to. Problem is that i’m gonna be 18 soon in a few weeks. It won’t do much good now to do it. But the fact that i have to know him as a father… it’s enough to sicken me…

Prince Alvin: Alice tends to herself alot. It’s lonesome… but she holds her own without a father figure around.

Rei: Sometimes alone is the best thing to be. Even if it is tough on you.

Alice: *Feeling something* uh….. *Suffering a Vision* ….


“Dr. Illumination: *Blasting Light beams at the Hanging Chandeliers* I’ve come back and i ‘m gonna blast you with my light. Feel My Light! “

Alice: *Pauses in Mortification*

Rei: *Noticing something bothering Alice* What’s wrong with Alice?

Prince Alvin: *Stops* What do you mean?

Rei: She sensed something.

Prince Alvin: A Vision? *Looking at Alice* Alice, What did you see?

Alice: I saw something… A Vision. Something is gonna happen tonight during Prom.

Prince Alvin: What? What’s gonna happen?

Alice: An attack. A Villain called Dr. Illumination. He’s broken out of Jail and is gonna be back to strike. He’s gonna strike during the 3rd hour of Prom.

Rei: You should tell the girls about it.

Prince Alvin: We plan to… Tonight. Paige and Pearl are gonna grab on to it quick. Prom is a major stepping stone for them. If there is anything more coming from a Vision… It’s a sworn promise that this Danger will be stopped.

Rei: They must be told immediately. Prince Alvin, This is not info to be kept till the last minute. If they don’t know of if ahead of time… they might not be able to catch it and prevent it.

Alice: I agree. They need to know. Let’s get our stuff done, and then high tail it over to their house. we need to tell them ASAP.

Prince Alvin: Okay. Let’s get to it. *Getting set to Rev off* Rei… You keep your guard up. You sense anything… let us know.

Rei: You got it…

At The Abandoned Metropolis Quarry…

In the Tunnel…

Prince Avery: *Staking out the spot where the Mark is present* So far… the Mark is not acting up. But something is not right. The Mark is stalling. Obviously toying with us. *watching the area*

Wall: *Voice of Scath* If you are siring to prevent me from being released on that fated day of the Prophecy… You’re bound to find that your attempts are futile. I am the Demon that sires to rule the Earth. On that day of reckoning… it will happen. It will come to pass.

Prince Avery: Not as long as we have something to say about it, Scath. You are after something. Whatever it is… you can rest assured that many a Millennia it’ll be before you get it…

Wall: You hope to fight me off… What vile Vermin are you who deems themselves worthy to go against me?

Prince Avery: If you step a foot upon this planet… you’ll find out. we’re all here itching to blast you to kingdom come.

Wall: *Laughing Sinisterly* Aheheheheheheheheheh! Aheheheheheheheheheh!

Prince Avery: *Exhaling sharply* Damn it. This is starting to turn into a real bugger. I got a bad feeling about this.  Before the Prom… I’ll have to inform the others on this. Scath is motioning to make a break for it. He is wanting out of the hellish prison. He’s waiting for something. on someone. Who? Who is he waiting for? Why? *Ponders* Hmmmm!

As for Luna…

She was walking her way over to Vincent Van Graves house…

Luna: *Walking over to Martin’s house* Sure hope he’s home.

Martin: *From his house; Looking to see Luna outside the house; Ready to see her coming down to the door*


Luna: *Reaching the front door* I Sure hope that this works out. I know that he said it… i know he meant it. But… maybe he will try to say it again. Without the gulping and being scared. I am his best friend. I am close to him and i trust him. With my life… because on the second day… of school i happened have met him. The 1st or 2nd day… I don’t know. Then on Halloween i spoke to him. I think… We were like so close. *Ready to Knock on the Door. Well… Here goes… *knocking on the door*

Martin: *answers the door* Hey Luna. What’s shakin?

Luna: *Smiles* Hey Martin. How are you… I hope that it’s okay that i came over. *Trying to keep a calm composure*

Martin: Sure. I surely don’t mind. *smiles*

Luna: I was thinking about that night a few weeks ago. That night when you kinda said 3 words that rang out to me and really shocked me. But made me feel… special. Photo *A little shy*

Martin: Yes, and I really really meant it. Luna. I truly do love you.

Luna: *Nods* That’s what i was feeling too… But when you said it the first time… You were well scared that you’d scare me away. There is something that i want to make equal… You could never scare me away. I Love you too. I already know that we are a little young to really be in a relationship… But we are. When i first started school… i was teased and made fun of… I was hated. But then you came and spoke to me. Told me that people were teasing others to feel big. But you were also saying that you too were lonesome. I didn’t know if there was anything between us then… but since then… you and i became really close. You always knew what to say. Understood what i was going through. saw that i was different but it didn’t shake you. You stood by me. Stood by me. I told about things… i shouldn’t have… but did because i so wanted a friend. a best friend. and the first time Paige met you and heard that you knew about the Demon…

Luna Flashes back…

“Luna: *Walking in with her friend Martin* Paige, Pearl. This is my friend. Martin. He’s the one that i mentioned had a Guardian who was a Demonologist.

Pearl: *Scoffs* Really? Are you serious? He is with a Demonologist… Okay. And i guess we should ask how much he knows about our little problem which just so happens to be a rather big problem.

Paige: Pearl, I am the leader here. i’ll do the asking, if you don’t mind.

Pearl: By all means, Paige. I’m not the leader. This kind of confrontation or encounter is Leader territory. I’d only be putting my foot in my mouth if i were to be the one asking the questions anyway.

Paige: Not quite… but let’s just keep it to a simple meeting. We’re bound to find out that it is nothing serious.

Pearl: *Sighs* You’re right.

Luna: He’s a nice guy. He’s also sweet too.

Martin: I’m not all that sweet. i do have a bad day or two. But what i do know about the issue going on here… I know about the part where there is a Threat coming. and that it’s centered around someone. That there is someone who could be the same one who is said to releases him. I know about the Demon named Scath. but i am not telling the outside about it. Neither is my guardian. He is just watching and waiting till it’s time to respond. I haven’t spread it to anyone. He won’t do it either. Demonology is something that not many people would comprehend or understand.

Pearl: *Looking at Luna* Luna. You told about Scath. We told you not to. there wasn’t enough to go on. Now that you got him in to this… HE is to be kept sworn under secrecy. That NO ONE… and we mean… NO ONE Other than him is to know.

Paige: *Looking stern* As A leader here… Luna, I am very disappointed in you. Very. You disobeyed a direct order. We told you… to not tell anyone about it. Martin is in on it now… and by entrusting him to what we’re into… You have Now not only sabotaged our veil of disclosure… but you have put him in Danger. Anyone could come at him and abduct him for info on our situation.. info on Raven. Putting her on a hitlist for people who will try to kill anything with Evil Blood. Raven is half Demon. Half human. But to the people out there who possibly hunt Demons and kill them. Half Demon is Still Demon. They’ll kill her. You’ve put her in jeopardy, Luna. *Looking at Martin* You were not supposed to be told about any of this. because we were with the impression that the less you knew the better. Luna brought you in. Now… You’re in. If you have any run in with creatures or any sightings of villains or strange activity. You don’t fight it. You call for help. Immediately.

Luna: *Irritated* All i did was tell him some of it. i just wanted a friend. But i guess that i can only have a friend that is okay to you. This stinks! *Running up the stairs to her room; crying*

Pearl: *Sighs* wonderful… We made our young sister cry. We were not happy about her telling others about our situation. but we didn’t need to make her cry. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

Paige: No. Luna deserved it this time. We told her. You told her to not tell anyone of our problem. at least for the time being. She did. We told her and explained to her why we didn’t want anyone to know of it for the time being and she made like she understood and did. But… yet. She still did it. So yes. She had it coming.

Pearl: But now she’s gonna think that we don’t accept her to have any friends of her own. She’s gonna think that she has to be a loner in school to keep people away from her. That’s gonna damage her. *Shaking her head* Darn it. We wanted to just scold her. not hurt her. I’ll go up and handle it…

Paige: Go ahead and calm her down. but she is gonna learn that when she’s told… to not brag about something that is no one’s business but ours… That’s exactly what it means. No sidestepping. Nothing…”

Luna:  Since then… we became close… because i wanted to be with a friend. I saw you as someone sweet. I was confiding in you because it was then… that i Liked you… Alot. Really liked you.

Martin: And I was feeling the same thing. I really do like you Luna.

Luna: As do i… Then when you saw that i was having a big fight with my sisters. for how they spoke to me. yelled at me… They made me wish that i went back to the Moon Kingdom… But you didn’t want that…

Luna Flashes back…

“Martin: Because i’ll never get to see you again.

Luna: It’s Courtesy of Paige and Pearl. *With tears in her Eyes*

Martin: I know. Paige really hurt you… Didn’t she?

Luna: Yeah. *upset and Wanting to Cry* She was being so mean…

Martin: Don’t leave them. Don’t leave. You are not alone. Do you think that you and Paige will ever try to reconcile?

Luna: I don’t know. *Running away in tears*

Martin: *Sighs and feeling bad for Luna* Poor Luna…”

Luna: You were the one that tried to comfort me… You were there for me… Which made me think that there was something between us somehow… I felt it… Then when you confessed your feelings to me… on the same night that my cousins and my sisters were going for training… to see what the strange girl could do… I was Touched. I felt that i was seen as someone special… Someone capable of love and allowed to have a relationship…

Martin: You’re right. I really do love you. You know that and I know that.

Luna: Martin, Tonight is the School Dance. I didn’t really want to go… because i had no one to go with and it would have been really sad to be there all alone… It’s a graduation dance that you must have heard about. It’s been spoken of all week. I was buying a couple tickets… and i didn’t know if i’d have anyone… but since we’re together… I was kinda wondering… Would you like to go to the dance with me?

Martin: Yes. Sure. I’d love to do that Luna.

Luna: *Happy* Really?!

Martin: Yea.

Luna: *Excited* I’m so happy. Do you think that Vincent will be okay with it? I don’t know if he would open to dances… is he gonna be okay with it? *Wonders*

Martin: Yeah… Of course. I’m sure he’s okay with it. He thinks dances are lovely and even encouraged me to go on these kind of dances/events. Says that i don’t do enough social interacting which is not true. i do… but it kinda gets lonesome being all by yourself and not have anyone to share your social life with.

Luna: Sweet. What is he up to anyway? Have you seen him at all? *Wonders*

Martin: He’s been up to the usual is all.

Luna: *Trying to not bring up anything to wreck the romantic moment* Has he managed to get any readings on the Demon?

Martin: *trying not to ruin the moment* I’d rather not discuss right now. We want to enjoy this moment, correct?

Luna: yes. We do… but as much as it would disturb us… We can’t deny the fact that there is something terribly wrong going on… and it’s gonna soon be viewable to others… to everyone. Not just us. That’s the part that worries me. It’s also worrying my sisters too. They can also sense it and yet are trying to keep it down. till they know for sure that something is there. Signs are there… little signs… like the one that we saw in that Tunnel the other week. That was a sign… but to our dismay… it’s not enough to go by… *Shaking her head* But you’re right… we can’t just talk about that. we should enjoy the moment we’re having.

Martin: Right on that. Let’s enjoy the moment.

Luna: I have been thinking about what we’ll be like in the future… Dinah and Shingo are Gonna get married someday. Probably after the Conceiving and When She is back to feeling Normal and looking like her normal spunky self. Do you think that we’ll have what Dinah has in the future… When that time comes? *With a happy thought*

Martin: Possibly.

Luna: I know it’s gonna sound a little awkward to ask… But what do you think will happen to us in the future? years from now… Do you think that we’ll be getting serious like Dinah has? *Keeping the happy moment*

Martin: I don’t know, but aren’t we rushing this?

Luna: I am not rushing… i am not suggesting anything like that… Ewww! We’re only 12. I’m just asking if you believe that we could have that in the future if we remain as close as have been. I don’t want to rush. i don’t. I am just asking what you were thinking…*Curious* I mean in a year or two… we’ll be having to think about that stuff… because You notice that we’re growing. It’s not gonna be like this forever… As much as we’d like it to be. *Feeling a Little Confused*

Martin: Times do change… Right?

Luna: Plus the thing is that You and i are close… We’re like best friends… We’re like 12. What will happen when we are like… 14 or 15? I noticed that this morning that my voice was changing a bit… just a little. It even cracked a little. Didn’t you kinda notice that? I don’t think that my sisters have noticed that… but they were busy thinking about their Prom that it didn’t really catch on.

Martin: That’s normal from what I heard.

Luna: Exactly… Your voice has cracked a touch yesterday too… But i didn’t want to say anything while in class. Because the others would have just laughed and i didn’t want to say anything that’d cause you to get hurt by the other kids. I wouldn’t be able to bear it.

Martin: It’ll be okay. We’ll get through it. I know we will.

Luna: I know. But Martin… You’re my best friend. My boyfriend. And anyone who hurts my friends My best friend… or My Boyfriend… will also hurt me. I don’t like seeing anyone trying to hurt you. It’s mean. Plus… It’s like they do so… to get to me. I don’t know about you… but me… i don’t think it’s funny. It’s unkind. I know you’d never let it slide if you saw anyone hurting the one you loved. Right?

Martin: I know. I wouldn’t let it slide either. You’re my best friend….or my girl friend.

Luna: I’m your girlfriend. I am happy to be that. You’ve been nothing but special and kind plus very sweet to me. How else could i see you being?

Martin: Nothing better.

Luna: That’s what got me close… because i knew how sweet you were. Plus you never lied. You were honest too. Plus i sensed your heart… your heart spoke that you really thought that i was the most wonderful girl you ever had seen and met. But since things are peaceful for right now and there is nothing going on… till tonight. Want to do something? *Smiles and trying not to blush*

Martin: Sure, but what?

Luna: Anything. Want to see if they have the Arcade open? *Thinking* It could help us take our minds off of the situation that is growing to be a bigger problem… What do you think? *Smiles*

Martin: That would be cool.

Luna: Okay. *Looking to her side a little* We better first ask Vincent. I don’t want us to get into trouble. I wouldn’t be feeling right and i’d feel bad if i suggested anything that would get you in trouble. *Being cautious*

Martin: I guess so. Come

Luna: *Following Martin inside* Okay.

Martin: Hey Vince! Mind if Luna and I go out for awhile. We’re going over to the Arcade for a little bit.

Vincent: *Looking over to see Martin and Luna* I don’t see a problem with that. But… Martin My dear boy. Don’t be gone too long. You got to be sure that you’re ready for the Dance tonight. I overheard a bit of what you two were saying and heard that you got invited to go to the Dance. It’s at 7 tonight. so be sure to be back by a couple hours before. you’ll need it to get ready and into your tux.

Luna: We’ll be back by then. i Promise.

Vincent: *Smiles* I know. You’re a good kid, Luna. You and Martin are such fine good children. I trust you’ll be okay. And Martin… Just be sure to remain careful… you’re new to being with powers… if you face trouble… You just follow Luna’s lead. Okay? You be careful. When i found that you two were trapped for a little inside the Tunnel. I was worried to bits. I want you two to be careful. Okay?

Martin: You got it Vince. We’ll be careful.

Vincent: Good. You two have fun. Just remember to be careful to not run into any danger. Demons or that… It’s dangerous times as of late. Anything could happen.

A minute later…

Luna: *Walking her way to the City with Martin* It’s sure a nice day out… You don’t think that anything will happen… Do you?

Martin: Nah. Let’s enjoy today. I’m not saying that it couldn’t happen. Danger could still happen. But still, let’s enjoy today.

Luna: I’ll keep my guard up still. I know that we are gonna enjoy the day. That’s what i want us to do. But i don’t trust Beryl… I know that she’s up to something. I can sense it. She tried to awaken the Great Evil last time… She tried to make the people of the moon seem like bad Omens. There is no way i’m gonna let my guard down when she’s lurking in the shadows somewhere. *Feeling great being with her best friend*

Martin: You’re right about that Luna. I hope that she’s not anywhere near here, but I’ll keep my guard up just in case.

Luna: Good. Because if anything were to happen to you… I would never forgive myself. Call me crazy to feel so strong about it… but you’re practically my only friend. My best friend. so you’re like everything to me. Plus i also love you. Losing you would break me. *Looking at her Boyfriend and then facing forward; keeping her eyes on alert*

Martin: *looks at Luna* And the same to me. But I trust it’ll be okay.

Luna: And i believe you. Martin… you never lied about that. So i know that when you say that… i know you’re telling it like it is.

Martin: I know you never lied about your feelings either. It’s just feelings that we can’t help.

Luna: And i never will. Martin… I can also sing. I once sang something for the lady who became my mother who is the same one that got Murdered. It’s kinda embarrassing to talk about it. I usually never get asked if i know how. *Blushes* You never knew that before… have you? *Smiles*

Martin: Not really. *smiles*

Luna: Want to know what i sang? once a few years ago…

Martin: Sure.

Luna: Okay…

Luna then has a Daydream…

Luna: *In a state of mind; Singing* “Mune no oku kakushiteru
Onna no ko wa dare de mo
Tsuyogari no NAMIDA to ka
Hohoende mitsumete mo
Amai dake ja nai no yo
Sonna n ja kizutsuku wa
SAYONARA no mae ni
Kyou mo KENKA shite
Daiji na koto dake
Nande ienai no?

FUKUZATSU ni shinkouchuu
Anata to kanojo no koi
Demo sore wo eranda no

Makechaisou ni naru
Kiyowa na jibun ni
Sa’ kiai iretara
Sweet Little Resistance

Nante iwarechatta no?
Kanojo mo URAHARA

SAKASAMA Shalala……
Magic! yuuki wo dashitara
Sekaijuu wo mikata ni tsukete
SAKASAMA Shalala……
Itsumo to chigau ashita wa kitto
Anata shidai

Mune no oku nozoitara
Otoko no ko mo fushigi ne
Tanjun ja nakatta no

Makechaisou ni naru
Igai na tenkai
Sa’ kakugo kimete ne
Sweet Little Resistance

Sou SUKI na hito wo mamoru tame nara
Nan de mo dekiru yo

SAKASAMA Shalala……
Magic! sakadachi shitara
Chikyuu wo mochiageteru mitai
SAKASAMA Shalala……
Itsumo to chigau ashita wa kitto
Anata shidai

SAKASAMA Shalala……
Magic! yuuki wo dashitara
Sekaijuu wo mikata ni tsukete
SAKASAMA Shalala……
Itsumo to chigau ashita wa kitto
Anata shidai”

Martin: That is lovely Luna!! Lovely!!

Luna Blushes and smiles. Within seconds She went with Martin to the Arcade to play some games and unwind a bit from worrying about the Danger but keeping their guards up just in case…

However At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Living Room…

Paige: *Looking at Dinah* You’re in a Wheel chair… What are you talking about… thinking about going to prom? What do you plan to do? Do the Wheelchair Jingle?

Pearl: You’ll be unable to do much there. There is nothing really to do at Prom other than Dance and drink Punch… Take pictures and maybe even hang out with people… but it’s just a dance. It’s the Dance that ties in 4 years of memories.

Dinah: I know… but i guess that i am stuck on missing out from the Prom. It’s senior year. *Feeling emotional and starting to get weepy* Ever since this Pregnancy…  I’ve missed out on events that were being held at school. I had lost chances to go on Dates. I got only teased and mocked by people at school because of this pregnancy. I missed out on social gatherings.  *Starting to break down in tears and emotional* It’s my Senior year and i’m missing out on Everything!

Paige: I know… Dinah… we know how you feel. We feel bad about it. We wish to god that you were able to do things. Able to go out and enjoy life. Not being confined to a bed most of the time and just living life. It just bites that you are stuck here and seeing that there is nothing you can really do to change it.

Dinah: *silent* …….


A call came in on the Video Screen and it was showing someone that they have not met before. Or someone that they have not met since they were 8. It was someone that their late mother knew and they did not. Paige and Pearl Looked to see who it was and stopped in their tracks…

Paige: *Confused* Who’re you? How did you find this #?

Pearl: Didn’t our mother tell us once that she knew him?

Dinah: She did… But How is that possible that he happens to know about us? he found us. But we don’t know him… *With tears in her eyes a little running down*

Wakka: *Recognizing the girls* Heya there. Kiddos. Long time no see, Ya?

Paige: How do you know us?

Wakka: I know you girls through the lady Princess Rikku. She told me about you. I’ve been trying to get a hold of her… see how things were, ya. But every time i tried… there was no one home. I didn’t want to try at night for i didn’t want to wake her. A lady needs her beauty rest. huh?!

Pearl: *Suddenly breaking down over thinking about their mother* Mother…

Wakka: *Scratching his head* I’m probably missing something here, right? What’s the call for the water works?

Paige: It’s nothing. But since you’re knowing about our mother… and had to ask. Our Mother is dead. She was murdered.

Wakka: No Kidding, huh? Who would take the life of a nice kind lady?

Dinah: *Feeling angry just thinking about the one that killed their mother* It was an asshole named General Zod. He killed our mother. Took her life to cripple us. It worked for a while. we were broken. We avenged her though… however it still didn’t make things right. she was still gone and our grandmother is all we got left. It hurt our grandmother the most from a mother’s point of view… Because even though it was our mother that got killed. It was her daughter. her child.

A Minute later…

After they explained what happened…

Wakka: *Feeling bad* Ah… man. That’s just rotten Luck, Ya? I’m sorry to hear about that. She was a lively person. *Looking to see a bit of weight on Dinah* Hey… what you looking like a 30 lb. Turkey for?

Dinah: I’m pregnant. 24 weeks in.

Wakka: *surprised* You’re gonna be a mother?

Dinah: Yeah. a Mother of 3.

Pearl: And she’s gonna be getting married too. To a Shingo Tsukino.

Paige: It’s gonna be a dream come true…

Wakka: Now that is a bit of happy news there for you girls… Seeing that one of you are gonna be having a happy life ahead.

Pearl: I don’t know if you should consider it a happy life that fast. There is something going on here in Metropolis that is a big massive cause for an alarm.

Paige: That’s for sure… There is trouble going on in the City and gradually the whole world. We’re having to deal with an Evil Queen named Beryl. There is also the Intergalactic Demon by the name of Scath.

Wakka: you 3 are going against that? Is he really coming?

Paige: Yeah. He is. he is gonna come and the worst part is that he is gonna be coming through a portal. And the portal is also someone we know…

Wakka: Someone you know… is a Portal?

Dinah: You bet. It’s a her. It’s a girl named Raven. Raven from a place called Azarath.

Wakka: *Shoots up* She’s the portal?! Oh Yevon have mercy! Is she with bad blood?

Pearl: Well… It depends how you’d look at it or how you happen to understand it.

Wakka: How do you figure that, eh?

Pearl: Well… It’s just that she’s the Daughter to the Demon… but also the Daughter to a holy mother. Someone named Arella Roth. She’s half-Demon… Half-human. But Raven’s been doing nothing but good since she came here… She’s done nothing wrong at all.

Wakka: But you can truly trust her, ya?

Paige: Well… What’s to really trust or not trust about her. we know that there are things about her that we’d never understand. but we can’t just turn our backs on her. Because some of the things that she’s dealing with are what we are dealing with too. Like the Demon’s mark showing up in certain spots… Like the mark of Scath.

Pearl: You are best off not knowing about it… It’s terrible.

Wakka: Does this Demon pose a Danger?

Dinah: Yes. he does…

Paige: Look… We’re gonna show you something and release something to you… but we’re gonna warn you… you’re not gonna like it. this will terrify you. *Looking at Pearl* Pearl. Post the details of the last occurrence on the Screen for him to see.

Pearl: *Nods* Right.

A Minute later…

Pearl: *Pulling up the info and posting it on screen* “the Mysterious voice that rang out. It sparked through to all the screens here at Watchtower. Noon. all the screens came and Buzzed with one symbol… one Symbol.  *Showing the Symbol*

The Mark of Scath… It was showing on all the screens and since then there has been several reports that all T.V screens throughout Metropolis. all over Smallville and onwards throughout the country. There were multiple reports of the same thing happening in the Vancouver… Seattle. Screens literally went haywire. Computer screens. Monitors and Cellphones. went under a dark cloak of activity. short circuiting. In Salt Lake Utah… reports of people going into seizures of fear and dread. In Detroit Michigan… Hospitals lost power and the automotive industry reported losing power and had to shut down their entire production line. They had to shut down for almost 5 hours… because the symbol was so piercing… that it caused multiple shorts. Short circuits all over the factory. close to a Railroad track losing control. Losing control. In Cleveland… Traffic pileups as far as the eye can see. lights were blinking and flashing. In Los Angeles and San Francisco… ATM’s went berserk… spewing out money on cue. without being touched. every ATM machine went off the track and kept saying that all ATM cards were invalid. Several people called into the authorities and stated that they barely touched the machine when all of a sudden the screens blacked out and the machine Jammed up. before they could turn away… they all mentioned the sign. the Symbol. The Mark of Scath. That’s not even the worst of it… It even hit the Pentagon. The Pentagon’s supercomputer picked it up and the FBI plus the C.I.A are declaring it to be a form of Terrorist attack. From the Al Queda. But the two operatives that the Government caught 10 years ago all pined with the same line Verbatim. “If it was us… You’d know. The Jihad will never end. Just like you and your knack and constant need for democracy… for freedom. An Infection in our eyes that only Infidels could hold on to like security blanket. The Mark of Scath is not our doing. We know not of that symbol. But it’s just like you to come to Al Queda and blame us for the occurrence of that insignificant symbol.” But that is not the worst of it. This mark has been seen in other countries. In Munich, Germany. In Paris, France. London, England. Ireland… Scotland. Rio De Janero. Brazil. Egypt. Japan. China. Tokyo. Italy… Rome. Even in the sacred place… The Vatican. Vatican City. It even reached the Pope. After it happened… they had reports of the Carmelengo and the Swiss Guard putting him in a safe house till the scare was gone. It was a dark Symbol and was in belief of being an attack attempt of the Illuminati bringing down the Vatican city. Knocking it down. But as soon as the Symbol went away… They let the pope out and warned for him to be in close watch. Just in case another sighting of the symbol coming back again. The Voice was Dark and Sinister. Demonic as it was… It was Sinister. The Voice said something such as: “Daddy’s little girl. One day soon you’ll be Releasing me from this Hellish Prison. The World of Mortals shall soon be ended!” That was what happened a couple weeks ago. Since then there has been repetitive evidence of the Mark being seen. However… the good news is that Raven hasn’t seen it. yet. But Scath is starting to ascend closer to Earth. He’s gonna be the end of this world. If he makes it here… he will claim this planet. It’ll be nothing but a planet of fire and brimstone. Hell on Earth in lack of better terms.

Wakka: *Shocked and struck with petrified disbelief* Whoa…. ho ho ho! That is one seriously bad beast.

Pearl: The thing about that is… He gets released. On the day that Raven’s Supposed infamous Prophecy is said to happen… she’s said to release him. with a seance. An incantation… “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire… the Gem shall be his portal… he comes to claim… he comes to sire… the end of all things Mortal”

Wakka: Sounds like it would mean trouble for you and the planet there if he was to be released and unleashed, ya?

Dinah: Yeah. big trouble. That’s not even the half of it. That’s just tipping the tip of the iceberg in the planet Mortal peril dept.

Pearl: Tonight is Prom for us. But Dinah’s gonna be close to reaching the last part of the Pregnancy. She’s got 3 kids in her. Plus the sad part is that because of the pregnancy… she’s gonna be missing out on it. Not the happiest moment for her. sad.

Paige: There is gonna be a lot of changes in her life.  Many changes. However with some talking over with her Hubby to be… She’s gonna be having to send her babies somewhere safe.

Wakka: Her young ones, eh? This Island is safe. They can stay here till after the threat revolving that beast is gone… Hopefully it won’t take too long. Having that threat ascending to your planet is bad news. But your sister isn’t giving Birth to the little ones yet. So Hold your Chocobos till then… ya?

Paige: we will. But it’s good to know that our mom had you for a close friend. Hopefully things will be better in the end…

3 hours later…

At Alice’s house…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Alice* We gotta hurry. We have to leave for the prom in about an hour. The Prom is being held at the place called Sprint center. I have the address. I think that you do too. 1414 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City. That is North about an hour away from here.


Prince Avery: *Knocking on the door

Prince Alvin: *Walking over to the door and opening it* Yea… *Seeing Prince Avery* Brother… What’s the meaning of this? Something wrong?

Prince Avery: Something wrong?! *Looking at Prince Alvin* You will be regretting to know of this. But there is something going on.  The case revolving the voice and the 4 red eyes… and the mark that Luna and Martin saw… It’s starting to spark activity. It spoke. The wall with the symbol. It spoke.

Prince Alvin: What do you mean that it spoke? What did it say?

Prince Avery: this: “If you are siring to prevent me from being released on that fated day of the Prophecy… You’re bound to find that your attempts are futile. I am the Demon that sires to rule the Earth. On that day of reckoning… it will happen. It will come to pass.”

Prince Alvin: *Grunts* Damn it… the situation is starting to take a turn… it’s beginning to stir.

Prince Avery: *Sighs* It’s not good. i know. It’s getting worse. The Symbol is starting to spread. It’s spread to the Wall across from it.

Prince Alvin: *Exhales* Okay. I think that we’re gonna need to take measures on it. Let’s wait till after Prom’s over. After Prom is done… We’ll move with it accordingly.

Prince Avery: We can’t afford to wait till then. This is gonna be growing worse and if we don’t get on it… it will be unable to be controlled. We won’t be able to keep it from Spreading. Plus… As it is… We’re almost putting it at risk of Raven catching the wind of it.

Prince Alvin: I know. But we can’t do anything about it now. If it’s spreading… there is only one thing we can do… That’s hope that it stays confined to the Tunnel for a while.

Alice: What about the attack that is said to happen during the 3rd hour of the prom?

Prince Alvin: we’ll handle it. That will be in order.

Prince Avery: *Pauses* What do you mean… What attack?

Prince Alvin: Alice had a Vision earlier. Seeing it point that we’re to expect a show from Dr. Illumination.

Prince Avery: Dr. Illumination? Who’s that?

Prince Alvin: I have no idea.

Alice: I think that i do… Months ago… i had a Vision of an attack being done in the cafe of the school. I saw the same guy i saw earlier today in the Vision. the same guy.

Prince Avery: What’ll we do about that?

Prince Alvin: the only thing we can do. Fight him if he comes.

Alice: Do the girls know?

Prince Alvin: We’ll tell them when we get there. But for right now… it’s best to just keep it on ice.

Prince Avery: It’s the best choice for now. I better go and pick up my girlfriend Summer. Head on over to the Prom. But figured that i’d come and let you know about the cave or the tunnel. Letting you know what’s being stirred there.

Prince Alvin: Thanks Brother. *Nods* Go ahead and be on your way. we’ll meet you there. We’re gonna be leaving here in a minute.

Prince Avery: *Nods*

A minute later…

Prince Alvin: *In a Tux* You ready to go?

Alice: Yeah.

Prince Alvin: Let’s go. *Getting on his Motorcycle and Starting it up* Hop on. We’re going to the prom. We have to head off now or we’ll never get there in time.

Alice: *Hopping onto the back of the Motorcycle and Holding on*…

As for Prince Curtis…

He was Getting his Tux on and was all set to go to Prom… Megan got him to cave in and decide to go to prom after all. He really didn’t want to go to the prom. He really wasn’t into proms… but he decided to just go anyway. If nothing else other than just watch others to dance… it’d at least help take his mind off of what was going on in the city. He knew that the last couple nights From what he was telling Megan… it was scaring her something awful…

As for Paige and Pearl…

On the road…

Pearl: *Driving over to Reese’s house* Paige, You think that Dinah will be okay?

Paige:  hope so.

Pearl: I really don’t like the fact that we’re leaving her all by herself. Grandma is at work and is not gonna be home for a while. She’s got alot of writing to do. Working on yet another book. I don’t know why as i’ve never seen any of her work out in stores.

Paige: Neither have i. But you know that she’s still gonna write books.

Pearl:  Yeah. She’s gonna still write things. Probably about us and the mess that we’re in.

Paige: You sound as though you don’t have much faith in her and what she does.

Pearl: Do you? She did send you to see a Shrink. a Psychologist. Remember that? I mean… i’ve practically let it go about that. But you can’t say that you’ve just let it go. You should be the one holding the grudge about it. not me. You’re the one that had to subject yourself to a session with the Psychologist.

Paige: Pearl… Tonight is the prom. Grandma has worked over the hill and back and more to scratch the money up for us to go to prom. I am not gonna be talking like i am ungrateful. Pearl… You are being really cruel to grandma even though you were all talking as though you and her have gone back on good graces. I don’t know what your beef is with her… but it’s getting old.

Pearl: I don’t have any issues with her. I don’t. I am just saying.

Paige: Well… That’s all fine and good. But unless you want to start something you won’t want to finish… drop the matter. Grandma is doing the best she can. You forget that she’s having to raise… Not only us, but Dinah… Luna, Betty and Angel and Shanna. Betty and Angel are 18 and are capable of running their own lives like it wouldn’t matter what was said. They could do what they wish. But Shanna is only 17 like us. Luna is 12. She’s young. Grandma is having a hard time raising us even though she loves us and just can’t let it go.

Pearl: *Sighs* I know…

Paige: What is really getting us both hurt… is the fact that Dinah is by herself. All alone. I don’t think that it’s feeling like a respectable circumstance knowing that she’s at home… on her own and missing out on Prom. The only one with her now is her in-home doctor and as things go… Dinah is losing so much. She’s lost more than she has gained. Lost. She’s gained one thing from it though. Weight. But then she also gained the reality of being proposed to. Proposed to. She’s also gonna get wed as soon as she is out of the Hospital. After the conception is done.

Pearl: I feel terrible that Dinah’s missing out while we’re going out to have a wonderful time.

Paige: *Sighs* Yeah…

At Vincent Van Graves house…

Vincent: *Looking through the crystal ball and looking for more sightings of the Intergalactic Demon* Hmm… That Demon is here and lurking within the Tunnel. In the Quarry. formless. but there. There is a Mark on the wall and 4 red eyes. Glowing. Martin and his female friend… found that in the tunnel. Found it and since then… it’s been acting out. Voicing… *Puzzled* Hmmm…

The front door opens…

Martin: *Walking in and Closing the door* Hey there, Vincent… I’m home… right on time too…

Vincent: *Looking to see Martin* You’re a half hour early. But… It’s good to see you back. You have a good time with your girlfriend Luna?

Martin: Yeah. She’s going home to get herself changed and into something good for the Dance. It’s in two hours.

Vincent: Of course it is My dear child… Of course it is. You might want to think about keeping close to home tonight.

Martin: Huh? Stay home… Why… What happened?

Vincent: Before you came in the front… back from the outing you have had with Luna… I went ahead and did some looking into the ball and looked for more signs of the Red demon. To see if there were anymore signs.

Martin: And by the way you sound… You have found something. And i don’t think it’s anything good… Is it?

Vincent: Afraid not, Dear boy… I’m afraid not.

Martin: What’s the bad news… Or do i even want to know? I’m gonna have to let Luna know of this. She’s gonna want to know about this. What did you find?

Vincent: There is a possibility that a haunting appearance from the Intergalactic Demon might be imminent.

Martin: *Pauses in sheer Mortification* Imminent? As in what? As in like…  it will have a physical appearance?

Vincent: No. Not exactly… But don’t be surprised to see a brief manifestation of the Demon… Even if it were in just Voice… hearing his Voice ring out.

Martin: Does that mean the Dance is cancelled?

Vincent: No no… I wouldn’t do that to you. I mean that I could let you out and go to the Dance. And it’s only fair to let you go to that dance. But i would have to suggest that you were alert there. at all times. Not taking your guard down for even a second. This Demon is not gonna come out now… It’s waiting for a  Portal. For someone to chant out the seance. The seance has to be said at the Alter of Choosing. on the day of the Prophecy.

Martin: When will that be, Vincent?

Vincent: that is unknown. we don’t know right now. We don’t know as to when that will be… *Breaking out with the details* But the Crystal ball is chiming that the day of the Prophecy will be in on Halloween next year. That’s when it will be heard. then on New years Day. at Midnight. That is when it is said to start… the Day of reckoning.

Martin: *Asking in concern; Starting to get Mortified and terrified* Next coming Halloween is the day that the Prophecy will be told? But wait… I thought that Raven was 15 this year. Luna said that Raven mentioned as such that she was 15. now. and this year she will be 16.

Vincent: Indeed it shall be on that day, Dear boy… It will be. But don’t be so worried. There is time to stick close to home. Stick close and be able to get a wide-eyed handle on the case. Plus research through the matter for anything relevant. Artifacts. Cases… Rings. It’ll be alright. Don’t worry so much. A Wizard like myself can handle it.

Martin: *Thinking* Well… the girl, Raven has a room of sacred Lore as Luna told me not too too long ago. I don’t want to get Luna in trouble… but if we can get a look at all the books that Raven has… we could find something.

Vincent: *Nods* that’s a good idea. But we shall worry about that later. You got a dance to prepare for. The festivities are among you…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Luna: *Getting ready to go to the Dance* I’m gonna have so much fun there.  Martin and i will be dancing and having fun. I actually have never been to a dance in my whole life. Not since the Moon Kingdom’s last day before Queen Beryl infiltrated the Kingdom and took what didn’t belong to her.

Ami: *Smiles* So… tonight’s the dance for you, Luna?

Luna: Uh-huh.

Ami: Is Martin gonna be there?

Luna: Yep. He is. I invited him. i gave him one of the tickets.

Ami: *Looking at Luna and sensing something wrong* Is something wrong?

Luna: *Stops and pausing* Huh? Wrong?! *Looking at Ami* What do you mean, Wrong?

Ami: Well… You look like something is on your mind.

Luna: What? Really? oh… no it’s not that. I was just thinking about the ordeal revolving the Demon and then with Beryl still in the fold. I didn’t even tell Martin this while i was out with him at the Arcade. I was kinda shaking the idea out and thought that it was just my mind playing with me…

Ami: What idea?

Luna: Well… it was a haunting daydream. A dream actually and it was about the Prophecy. Raven’s Prophecy… I had a weird thought that the dreaded Prophecy was coming…

During the night of the 15/16th of May…

Luna: *Dreaming* No… Scath can’t be let out… We’ve got to stop him. We need to stop Raven from releasing him… NOOOOOO!

“Scath: *To his Gem* What you have concealed you shall become… The Portal shall be opened! 

Raven: Never! I’ll Never release you.

Scath: *Growling with a fierce tone* It is not your place to defy me… You have no other Choice! The Portal must be opened.”

“Scath: I am always with you, My daughter. You are part of me… Forever.

Raven: *Angrily* Get out!

Scath: There is no stopping what’s meant to happen. This is why i sired you. You were born so i could rule the Earth.

Raven: *Standing up and turning to face her father* What if i don’t let you? What if i refuse to become the Portal that releases you?

Scath: *Bellows Out and Surrounds Raven with a Ball of Fire* It is not your place to tell me what to do. I am with all the power. I am the one who happens to control your destiny. You Do not HAVE A CHOICE!

Raven: *Firing back in retaliation*

Scath: You’ll always be Daddy’s little girl.

Raven: *Snaps and scoffs in disgust* I am Nothing like you Trigon. You’re just a Demon bastard who Killed Arella. I am not Afraid of you. 

Raven suddenly exposed her 4 red eyes and covered her eyes and in terror turns and flies off a little… Trying to shake off the Evil Eyes.

Scath: *In a Shadowy figure* You spent all this time wanting to protect your friends. To hide from them the truth. Of the real Evil that is inside you. Do you really think that they stand a chance against me? You’re only gonna bring upon Disaster and Destruction to everything and everyone… Like father… Like Daughter.

Raven: *Looking up in fear; dreading the truth* No.

Scath: It is futile. You can’t hope to deny your destiny.”

Luna *Waking up* Ahhhhh!

A Moment before Luna had to head off to the Dance…

Luna: I had that dream… Almost as if i was in Raven’s head. in her mind. Watching and hearing the whole thing.

Ami: You didn’t tell Martin about it… Did you?

Luna: No. I didn’t. I couldn’t. i didn’t want to freak him out with it. as it is… this is scaring him. It’s scaring me. Dinah is not to know about it either. She can’t know of it. This will scare her and frighten her little ones too.

Ami: I agree. The less they know the better…

At the new Watchtower…

Chloe: *Checking the screens and Also doing some updates on the Watchtower’s systems* We got a problem…

Oliver: Let me guess… something is up and it’s stirring it’s ugliness around?

Chloe: *Turning to look at Oliver* Yeah. The Mark of Scath is showing up again. There’s a reading at the now abandoned Metropolis Quarry. The Satellite picked up readings…

Oliver: The Tunnel is speaking with the Demon’s voice… How can it do that?

Chloe: It’s not really the Wall. It’s the Symbol that’s doing it. The Symbol is speaking and it’s stirring. Slowly and gradual. It’s also waiting for something. The Voice seeks something. We have to find out what it is.

Victor Stone: Well… with the stuff we got on him. Scath, Whatever the Demon’s name is… We should already know what the big red walking nightmare wants.

Oliver: The Gem. Yeah. We know. The Gem is also a human. Someone we have met before. Raven.

Chloe: The Tunnel was first discovered by two young heroes we know. Luna… and her friend Martin. We know about him now… because we were told of him the next day.

Oliver: They found the tunnel. The Tunnel was deep and it was seen in the secret path that they found.

Chloe: That’s not the part that worries us. It’s the part where there was even a secret path inside the tunnel. that it harbored the secret. The darkness that came. Scath is inside that tunnel. that Symbol… is there. We have seen some of the reports. As we know now… Prince Avery of the Rhapsody Brothers has been staking out the area. staked out the Tunnel where the Mark was said to reside. The other thing that was there was the 4 red eyes.

Black Canary: So… the wall has the Symbol. Speaks and is  stirring. Sounds like it’s expecting a reward. a Prize. What do you figure it’d want? The girl from Azarath? The Gem?

Chloe: *Nods*

Black Canary: Well… i say that we should deny that Voice from the Wall. Scath as it was… that pleasure.

Oliver: Wise idea. As it is… Raven doesn’t know about the Tunnel.

Victor Stone: How long do you suspect that it’d remain that way? Anything that revolves around the things and beings from her heritage… she’s gonna catch up with.

Chloe: We’ve all done the readings and the research towards it. We know about Raven. The Watchtower’s got all the data needed for now.

Oliver: Really? Are you sure about that?

Chloe: Yes. However the other case is that there is something else. There is another attack about to ensue in the city.

Oliver: Where? *Looking at the screen* Where?

Chloe: It’s not in this city… It’s gonna be in where the Prom is. the Prom of Metropolis High School. The Prom is being held in Kansas City.

Oliver: Who’d be attacking during Prom?

Black Canary: One person… *Seeing the screen* That guy… isn’t he the one we tried to wrangle not too long ago?

Oliver: I… *Looking to see what’s on the Screen* uh, yeah. Dr. Illumination. That’s a fun case to hear about. nice. So let me guess… He’s broken from Jail and is gonna try to stir a little trouble at the prom… The girls are gonna be there. What will they do about the guy? You know that tonight they’re gonna be set to take the night off and not do any battle. This is their free night.

Black Canary: I don’t think it’s gonna matter to that guy. He’s gonna crash it. I suppose that he’s one of those who follow the guise that: “It’s not a party till someone crashes it.”

Victor Stone: He must be a modern day party Crasher. *Looking at the screen* We are gonna need to head over there and defect the guys attempt.

Oliver: Well… someone’s got to. It sure isn’t gonna be the girls.

Chloe: *Looking at Black Canary, Victor Stone and Oliver* Okay… Canary, Cyborg… Arrow. suit up. head on out there… keep a watch out for the guy. if he shows… move in.


On Screen…

Voice: *Speaking and making contact* Hello?! Is anyone there?

Chloe: *Overhearing the distress call* What… Who’s there? *Looking at the Screen and with the earpiece on and active* Who is this calling?

Voice: *Coming on screen* This is Capt. James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise. And to who am i speaking to?

Chloe: *Replying* Chloe Sullivan… Codename Watchtower.

Capt. Kirk: Ah! It’s a pleasure to meet you, Chloe… I am calling on the behalf of a friend of the Rhapsody girls… Acting Ensign Princess Larmina… She says that she’s a Rhapsody just like they are… part of their family. Our Vulcan friend here. Dr. Spock my first officer and second in command of the ship sensed that there is a dark cloud surrounding earth. a cloud with the mark of a Demon. Scath. was the name that caught the line. What is going on down there?

Chloe: What is going on down here is that there is a Intergalactic Demon bent on coming upon this planet through a portal. A portal that is also a human.  Half-Human and Half- Demon. Going by the name of Raven.

Capt. Kirk: That’s the girl who poses a great deal of danger. the Demon is gonna use her as a gateway. She was born to release him. Is she with you now?

Chloe: No. She’s at the house with the Rhapsody Girls. But the Rhapsody Girls are gone to their Prom now. Raven comes and goes wherever. But she’s there at their house living with them. Pearl… the middle member of the Rhapsody Girls is told to be her protector. However as it shows… She’s done hardly any protecting.

Spock 16

Dr. Spock: *On Screen* I would beg to differ on that, Mrs. Sullivan… if i were to be bold to proclaim. A Half-Demon being is still with Evil Blood. Even though this girl… Raven sires to do any good. it doesn’t rule out her heritage by Birth. She was born from Evil’s ensnared fire. She might be a hero to you as she should be to the Rhapsody girls too. But It doesn’t cross out the fact that she has Demon blood in her. She’s still a life form example of one Trigon the Terrible.

Chloe: I see. I also agree that she’s possibly unstable. Of course… a friend of ours would say that we have to respect and give all life a chance. If Raven is Demon… it’s trusted to concur that she’s only half.

Capt. Kirk: That is true. Half demon and then half human. But wouldn’t the two halves be in conflict with one another?

Dr. Spock: Perhaps. it is all with the conflict of the mind. Will power. Her human side knows that her Demon side will show concluding with her losing said control of her emotions. But her Demon side is suppressed by her human side. out ruling the other. Both sides are in constant struggle with one another.

Chloe: So the Demon side will become the Portal. But the Human existence of her will be the one who is resisting the force to embrace the Prophecy that she was said to have. The prophecy promised upon her at birth…

While they were talking…

Oliver, Black Canary and Victor Stone made their way out to head off to derail the attack of Dr. Illumination…

P.A.: *Chiming* Green Arrow… Online. Black Canary… Online. Cyborg… Online.

At Metropolis Elementary school…


Martin: *Inside the School cafeteria; Waiting for Luna* This is really great.

Luna: *Looking to see Martin close* Hey Martin. *Seeing that her boyfriend was looking sharp in a tux* Wow! Martin, You look really handsome. *Smiles*

Martin: Thanks. And you look real pretty too. *smiles*

Luna: You’re welcome. Martin, Would you like to dance? *Smiles*

Martin: Sure thing. *grins* Let’s dance, Luna.

Luna: Lead the way. Guys usually always lead the dance. I never see girls leading. *Reaching for her Love’s hand*

Martin: *holds Luna’s hand and leads the dance* Don’t need to ask.

Luna: *Starting to dance with her Love/Best friend* You’re a good dancer. I love how you dance. *Happy*

Martin: Thanks. You’re very skillful as well. *smiles*

Luna: *Dancing* I was thinking that since we’re here… we might as well make the best of it… It’s safe in here. And there is a good crowd of people. But do you think that the others are gonna be safe? A Nice night like this… usually always faces issues. Like a battle breaking out. *Enjoying the Dance with her Best friend/Love* I never want this magical night to stop.

Martin: *dancing* We’re gonna be safe. I know that we will. Let’s have our fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong. But we will be fine. I know it.

Luna: You’re right… *Dancing* But we might just humor ourselves and keep a good look out. You must have sneaked out your Crystal ball… Maybe when there is a break in the music… we can take a look and see if anything is going on outside.

Girl: *Walking over* Hey you lovebirds. What’re you guys doing?

Martin: *to Luna* Possibly. Good idea. *to the girl* We’re just dancing.

Girl: You two are just dancing… But are talking about things going on in the city… gabbing about Dangers? What’s the deal with thinking danger? *Seeing a school girl close by moving and flying back* Whoa! What was that?

Luna: *Looking at the girl* Uh… You feeling okay? *Suspecting something coming from the girl* … *Whispering in her love’s ear* Martin… i think there is something going on here… with the girl. *Suspecting something fishy going on*

Martin: What…..uh oh. I don’t like the looks of this.

Luna: *Gasps; Whispering* You sense it too, Martin?

Martin: It’s not good. That’s for sure. I would favor on hoping that you’ll tell me what you sense.

Luna: *Whispering* I’m sensing power in that girl…Telekinesis. I don’t think that she knows that we saw what happened. But i did. you did too, didn’t you? Strong Telekinesis. I don’t know if i am right. but if she’s got it… she could very well be waiting to do it again. But i don’t know her name… What about you, Martin? *Dancing*

Martin: *whispering* No. I don’t know her either. It’s weird. *dancing*

Luna: *Whispering* We should ask. But keep watch for anything more coming from her. There is something about her… i don’t know what it is… But i usually can only sense auras or enemy presence or another senshi… which was years ago. Years… but i’m now sensing powers coming from people. like the girl. If she’s got powers or an ability. She could be someone who’s misunderstood. Don’t you think? *Sensing energy coming from the girl* We better get to the bottom of it when we can… this is not looking good. *Dancing and trying to shake it off* … *Dancing*

Martin: *whispering* You might be right. *dancing*

Girl: What are you two talking about?

Luna: It’s nothing. We were just thinking about something. Who are you? *Curious*

Martin: We were just wondering about something. And what Luna said, who are you?

Girl: Karen. Karen Copeland. I’m strange. I am usually always alone. Telekinesis usually scares people off.

Martin: It’s good to meet you Karen. My name is Martin.

Luna: And I’m Luna. i’m a bit weird myself. Martin and i are kinda well… different. Special in a sense. *Smiles*

Martin: Yeah. If you know what we mean. *smiles*

Karen: Special… Like heroes? If it’s the hero kind. I am okay. I never really had any actual friends. i guess that it’s because i am so obsessed with seeing people having these gifts or powers. i was always seen as kinda out there. Telekinesis is always a freak factor to the others.

Martin: That’s people for you. They’ll tease you for something that makes you different from everyone else.

Luna: *Blows raspberries thinking about people judging those who are different or Special* Talk about meanies…

Karen: If you two wouldn’t mind… any chance i’d get to know what’s being discussed? Like problems in the city? What is going on here? What are you guys involved in? *Confused*

Martin: Well….if that’s okay with Luna….then sure…

Luna: *Grins; Thinking* Well… Any idea of a Queen Villain named Beryl? Or of an intergalactic Demon named Scath?

Karen: *Freaked* D-d-d-d-d-d-d-demon? As in like hell… fire and eternal torture? *Shivering* I don’t think that i heard of that one… but i might have caught about the lady. Beryl is the one that showed in the sky sometime ago…Right?

Luna: Right. And we are… heroes… Martin however is new to the field. But he’s also one. pretty cool if you ask me. I love his moves.

Martin: Yeah. Tuxedo Martin Amazing is my hero alias while Luna is a Sailor Senshi named Sailor Luna!!

Karen: *Beaming up* Really?! Oh… Wow! That’s cool. Will i get to see them sometime? *Smiles*

Martin: Yeah. Whenever danger shows up….we’ll be in our hero forms to kick the evil’s butt!!

Luna: Martin, Should we show her real quick what we can do? *Thinking*

Martin: I guess so. And this time….ladies first!!

Karen: What are you two gonna do? You can’t do anything in here… too many people watching. Why not go outside? we can see it outside.

Luna: *Looking at Martin* Let’s go outside real quick.

Martin: Good idea. Luna, Karen, let’s go!!

At the Sprint Center in Kansas City…

Paige: *Walking into the building and walking side by side with Reese* This is a wonderful night. The sad part is that in about a few weeks… High school will be over and it’ll be all for College for us all.

Reese: *Sighs* I know… Paige. It’s sad to know that High school is almost over and pretty soon all innocence will be gone. All that is left after High school will be a life time of bills and debt. buying and renting a house. trying to start a family. Getting a high paying career.

Paige: That’s gonna be hard because i don’t have any clue as to what i’d really want to be when i’m older. I want to be either a Romance Novelist or Swimsuit Model. Something like that.

Reese: It shouldn’t be too hard to decide. I think that you’ll be good with anything that you decide to do.

Paige: Really?

Reese: You bet. I know that we met most during the time when you had to deal with an ass like Mr. Dalton. But… it didn’t change how i saw you. I was attracted to you the first time that i saw you.

Paige: *Touched* Awwww!

Reese: I’m serious. I mean… Paige, There were times when you were being a little seen as to the teachers… Annoying. But it didn’t rub me the wrong way. I got attracted to it.

Paige: Attracted to Annoyance? *With a strange look on her face* That’s a first…

Reese: It is…

Paige: Well it is alot better than just saying that it was the hatred we had against the teacher that brought us close.

Reese: I still remember the time when you had a good friend of yours scare the living hell out of that guy.

Paige: *Snickers a little* yeah. That teacher sure got what was coming to him. He soon got the picture that he doesn’t toy with a girl like me and not expect any repercussions to come out in return.

Reese: That is true. I mean that the teacher wasn’t the nicest person that the school has ever seen. he was a real bastard.

Paige: What about Mr. Rhodes? He replaced Dalton. That guy was more nicer and had more consideration.

Reese: *Nods* that’s right. I liked him. I Just wish that we could have had him the whole semester and not the shit-bag called Dalton.

On top of the building…

Green Arrow: *Contacting Watchtower* This is Green Arrow to watchtower… We’re at our Rendezvous point. Awaiting for further command.

Black Canary: We’re here watching for any sightings of the Villain. If he tries getting in… We’ll know about it and will stop him.

Victor Stone:  The Girls are inside the building and so are the 4 boys. They’ve arrived and are inside.

Chloe: *responding* okay. Keep an eye out. He’s there somewhere and is bound to stir up trouble. If he is said to show up… he’ll be coming in from the west.

Black Canary: I’ll watch over the west side…

Back inside the Sprint center…

Pearl: *Looking at Jack* Jack, What do you think will happen to us after High school is all over? It’s gonna be at an end in a few weeks. We’re almost done.

Jack: I don’t know. *Dancing with Pearl* I don’t really want to think about it. Because there is no telling if we’d ever get to see one another again.

Pearl: Same here… I feel happy that we’re here at Prom, but i am also sad that this school year is almost over and there’s only a huge Question mark hanging over our heads.

Jack: It is truly a huge uncertainty of what we can expect after the School for us is all over. There is College. no idea as to what we can hope for.

Pearl: I also feel bad for Dinah. She’s at home and with no fun at all. She’s stuck at home and is gonna miss out on Prom. The Pregnancy has caused her to literally miss out on everything. She’s had to make numerous Sacrifices.

Jack: It’s gonna get even more out there. You know for fact that there is the threat in the City, Right?

Pearl: You mean like Beryl. Like Scath? I know. So do my sisters.

Jack: There are more signs of him popping inside the city.

Pearl: True… But it started all over as just a Voice and a mark. The symbol and 4 red eyes.

Jack: Who found the tunnel originally?

Pearl: My sister Luna and her friend and apparent Boyfriend Martin… They found it two weeks ago.

Jack: And since then… There has been multiple outbreaks of the symbol.

Pearl: Afraid so. it’s getting more dreadful. much more dreadful.

Jack: *Dancing with Pearl*

As for Prince Alvin and Alice…

Prince Alvin: *Dancing with Alice and Smiles* Have i ever mentioned to tell you that you look really radiant and beautiful tonight, Alice?

Alice: And you look Beautiful too. You’re sweet. *Smiles*

Prince Alvin: *Dancing* You know… i was thinking that after High school is all over. We’re gonna be free from the school and from the people who are still throwing dirty stares at you and me. That’s a plus for us both… as much as it is for you.

Alice: I don’t know how that is means for happy news… but yes. it will be a relief on that part and only that. But there is also the fact that we are gonna be going to college. Do we even know which college we’re all going to?

Prince Alvin: Well… Some are going to Central Kansas… and a whole bunch are gonna enroll in Met U.

Alice: Where will you be going?

Prince Alvin: Met U. They have good classes leading towards mechanics. Working on Machines.

Alice: That’s good. You always were one for getting down with the grease and getting in with the mechanics. Working with wires and tools for cars. Machines.

Prince Alvin: *Curious* How about you? What do you plan to do for a career move?

Alice: Me? That is unknown. I would suppose that i’d be going for the paranormal field. I am a Psychic after all and i can undergo Visions.

Prince Alvin: That’s good. That is a good profession.

Alice: I just wonder where the others will go and attend College.

Prince Alvin: I don’t know… but where ever it is… it’s their choice.

Of course back at Watchtower…

Comm. Officer Uhura: *Speaking; On Screen* Ma’am… You can’t be serious as to letting that Half-breed remain with the girls. What if she changes and becomes like her father?

Chloe: She won’t. We won’t allow for that to happen. Raven is from Azarath. But she’s got the love for her kind. for the inhabitants of Azarath. She loves them. And she cares about the Rhapsody girls… even though she knows or fears as per what she is said to become on that day of the Prophecy. When that day does come.

Medical Officer Dr. McCoy: i don’t think it is permitted to allow for the girls to be around that Demon. She might pose no threat and is bound to reject her heritage. But you said as you spoke that she was said to have been given a Prophecy that is absolute. that it was one that would not be able to be broken by anything or anyone.

Chloe: Yes. That is correct. But Raven isn’t as dangerous as we all think she ought to be. Since she’s made her first appearance last Halloween. She spent all her time being one for justice. Truth. for the good side and working to preserve life. Not destroy. If she was Evil… which i have to insist that it’s only half. She is not the one to worry about. She’s also a portal… She is half Demon… but there is the Human dimension. Just as well as this being…

Chloe posts a picture and shows it to the Enterprise Crew…

Chloe: Major Zod. He was a Sheer Vessel of his former self. A shadow or a clone of who he once was and later became again… because of his thirst for power and control. He sired to rule with an iron fist. Let alone the idea that he was also a Kandorian. He was a Kandorian. A being from an Orb that was found by Dinah. She found the Orb that held him inside it along with other Kandorians… Like these…

Chloe then posts photos of some other Kandorians on screen for the Enterprise…

Chloe: Faora. She was killed by Zod. Zod killed his own wife and unborn child and tried to blame the humans for it. For trying to turn them against Zod. Zod also destroyed the castle. Checkmate. But Basqat the one in black. He is the mere foot soldier in command along side with Zod. Was till he heard the truth from Zod’s very lips. But he was a brute. Cared nothing for the humans. wanted to rule with Zod. But after hearing the truth of what Zod had done… he allowed for Kal-el… Clark as we know him… to send him and the others to another plane. to another place. And they’d deal with Zod there.  But Faora was more submissive. She was willing to understand the human side… and she had. She had. But then there was also this one…

Jor-el… The father to Kal-el. The vessel or clone of the Kryptonian father of Clark. He was also from the Orb. But yet… Zod killed him. one of the Kandorians named Alia killed him. Which Zod found out and killed Alia for it. It was just as such. But for a while… Zod came and posed no threat to anyone… no actual threat. The Rhapsody girls were all convinced that he was not as people said that he were… They were seeing him as someone who was sentimental. Someone with a heart but saw that he wasn’t sure how to let it out. But as time passed… they saw him for who he really was. that he was anything but kind. Anything but nice. A Tyrant.  Zod Killed their mother. and they had to beat him. Avenge their mother. but just because we see someone as bad… doesn’t mean that they are. They might have troubled lives. An unknown past. A shaky past. Existence. Raven is the same… She came with a Prophecy. She is a portal… But she is also a person.

Medical Officer Dr. McCoy: What about the Seance that she is supposed to chant on that day which she becomes the portal releasing the Demon?

Dr. Spock:  it is a fated Incantation at best. “The Gem was Born of Evil’s Fire, The Gem shall be his Portal. He Comes to claim… He comes to sire… The end of all things Mortal.” Gem meaning Raven. the one as example of Trigon’s breeding. The Gem shall being portal. Portal meaning that she is the gate that opens to unleash Trigon and grants his ascent to Earth. He comes to claim… He comes to sire… The End of all things Mortal. Meaning that Trigon sires to Rule the planet and turn it into a desolate wasteland. One that will see no life other than what Trigon allows upon the world.

Acting Ensign Larmina: *On Screen* I know the girls… They are well capable to go against the Beast. They went against King Lotor of Planet Doom. Saved the Galaxy from his terror. Had to do it for most of the time as I was as well as 3 others infected with the Haggarium. The Purple substance of one Witch Hagar. A Tammy Garland… Lance McClain, Keith Kogane… the late King of Planet Arus. and myself. They had the help of their Cousins and themselves… to go against King Lotor. defeating him… Then 3 years later going against Queen Beryl and putting the end to the reigns of Metaria. They can do this… They see Raven as someone who’s in need of help. She must have no one else to help her go head to head and stop her father. Why would she go against her own father… the Intergalactic Demon if she were in fact gonna become just like him… be just as he is? That isn’t right to assume for Raven to be a threat.

Comm. Officer Uhura: i don’t think that the girl can be trusted… but i agree with Larmina. If Raven was as Evil as she was born… being the product of Trigon’s influence… she would have done all the things possible to cause damage… and turn out to be just like Trigon. Evil and Benign.

Scotty: How can you be certain that Raven is with good intentions? She’s half of both good and Evil. She can’t be trusted to be just good and not Evil. One side of her will counteract with the other. She’s a conflict within herself. Two sides going head to head with one another. Good… purity and consideration of others amongst herself being one side. The other side. Dark… Sinister. Demonic and benign. with Evil Blood. bent on seeing the world burn and fall down to its knees. Raven may be innocent… But then again… she may not. but you have to see it… that she’s got two sides going against one another. But if the Prophecy happens and comes on… if she fulfills it. Earth will be the one to suffer.

Sulu: I agree. *Looking at Chloe* With the best intentions… you are risking Earth by trusting blindly in Raven. She’s one of you… one of the heroes. now. But that doesn’t mean that she’s of Earth. She’s from a Dimension… a place and time that you have no knowledge about. as neither do we. Chances are that not even Raven knows about her place of Origin. Following your gut and taking a chance on something like that Demon… is admirable… foolish and very absent-minded… But very admirable.

Capt. Kirk: Precisely the idea. Watchtower, We’re gonna keep a close eye on the situation from here… But you keep eyes and all attention… As much as possible on the Half-Demon girl. She is clearly a hero… but also a risk factor that you can’t afford to lose track of.

Chloe: Not to worry. The Orbiter has eyes and ears on everything on Earth. If something hits… we’ll know. Anything on Raven… The Demon… breaks in the City. Energy signatures… anything and everything. we’ll know.

Dr. Spock: *holding up a sign of gratitude* May you Live long and Prosper…

Of course At Metropolis Elementary…

Outside of the School cafeteria where it was quiet and without many people nearby…

Luna: *Looking at Karen* No one is watching. Karen… Now’s the chance to see what we do… *Looking towards her boyfriend* Martin? You ready? *Looking at the people passing by* They’re not looking. they don’t even notice.

Martin: Yeah. Ladies first. Luna! Lead the way!!

Luna: Here we go!

A second later…

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* … *As Sailor Luna; Doing her Pose* Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower and the Rhapsody Family… I shall Punish you!

Martin: And now!! *transforming* Tuxedo Power…….Power Up!! *transforms into Tuxedo Martin Amazing; after transforming, poses* I am the Warrior of the innocent Tuxedo Martin Amazing! In the name of the Innocent, On behalf of my friends and all the people of the Universe, Justice will be served!!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Summoning a Star and Hopping on it; Riding it in formation before twirling around until a shape of a star is seen and is 20 feet in size/Diameter; then the star glows golden* Starlight Beam Radiation Swirl…ATTACK!!

Karen: *Watching the transforming* Wow! Oh… I heard about you and the girls of Love, grace and Fury… You’re their sister! I am so Excited…

Sailor Luna: *Smiles* Watch what i can do…

A second later…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the target* Luna…. Cosmic… Sugarhearts… Beam… *Launching the Attack at (______)* ATTACK!!!

Martin: Pretty neat huh?

Karen: Wow! *Excited* You know… I am almost unsure to admit this… But i can be a bit of a help with the issues in the City. Beating bad guys. I know that i won’t stand a chance against the Demon… I don’t think i might do much use. But… Can i Join? *Pleading* Please?!

Martin: Sure. I can’t see why not?

Sailor Luna: *Looking at Karen* I Guess. It’s okay for you to join. But I think that Martin would agree to the conditions of us letting you join. Right, Martin? We do have conditions… Don’t we?

Martin: Yeah. *Looking at Karen* Luna’s sisters and cousins were angry at her when she told my guardian and me all the stuff about Trigon and Beryl, I think you should meet Luna’s sisters and cousins. *Looking at Luna* What do you think Luna?

Karen: I’d like to do that. Do you think that they’ll like me? I am a bit shy with other people’s parents. My parents know that. saw it since i was like maybe 7.

Sailor Luna: It’s okay… You’re gonna be okay. We’ll explain the case to them. They’ll understand. But as for working with us… there are conditions… 1 is… that when you work alongside us… If we have a case and you vouch to go ahead and try to fend the enemy force off and it gets too rough and start to struggle… You fall back. You don’t try to pull a Joan of Arc. You fall back. okay? Because one dead ally is an ally too many and will hamper everyone’s war effort against Beryl, Trigon and the very forces that come along with it. *Looking at Martin* Does that sound right?

Martin: Yes Exactly.

Karen: I’ll do whatever. I just want to do what i can to help. I have these powers and i don’t even understand them really. I just use them at times. It’s still new to me and i’m getting a hang of it slowly but surely. I only want to do what is right.

Sailor Luna: Hmm… *Grins* That’s good enough for me. We’re gonna need a alias for you though. You have Telekinesis. *Looking at Martin* Martin, What do you think would work for a name to suit her? *Thinking* ….

Martin: I don’t really know. What do you think Luna?

Sailor Luna: I think that since she’s got Telekinesis… and with her mind and with her hands she can move things… *Thinking* Let’s try “Psychic Star” *Looking at Karen* You seem to be a star. Shy… and just want to make a difference. Putting your special ability to good use. That should work for you, Karen.

Martin: Psychic Star! That sounds rather good.

Karen: I like that name. It sounds good.

Sailor Luna: *Nods* Let’s get back to the dance. We can handle with my sisters and cousins later when they come to pick me up… It’ll be okay. Promise. We’ll take care of it…

Inside the cafe a few seconds later…

The Dance is picking up again and the music was playing fast driving the other kids to dance…

Luna: Karen, Want to Dance with us?

Karen: Sure.

Luna: Let’s get to dancing. *Smiles* Let’s Dance, Martin.

Martin: *Nods* You bet!

Luna: *Dancing With her love* This is a great night. I think that my sisters will be surprised to know that we’re starting to gather an ally to help our cause and force the Evil to go away.

Karen: *Dancing to some River dance* I don’t like Evil forces. i always did have a distaste to all things evil and sinister. the super powered Evil forces… I never liked feeling their presence. No one should enjoy them. So helping with driving them away. I’ll do it. I am just glad that i am gonna be accepted to be part of the cause. to help defend the innocent.

Luna: We’re gonna need all the help we can find and get. *Looking at the other kids* There are alot of kids in here dancing… But a few of them are looking at us. Hmm… *Dancing*

Martin: Well said. *dancing*

The other kids were staring at them and were conversing. They were not thinking about anything negative towards Luna and Martin… or to Karen. But they watched and wondered what was going on and why Luna and Martin were taking in a weird girl like Karen. They began to wonder if there was something stirring that was uncommon… The talk was cut short when Purple mist started to fill the room out of nowhere. Nothing came out… but within the mist a Voice rang out…

Voice: *As Beryl* You Rhapsody brat… You’re trying to gather an army to face me… Your attempts are futile. Your destruction is coming. The end of the Rhapsody family will come. I will not surrender. But if you don’t surrender… you will be the first to die.

Martin: That’s not good.

Karen: *With her hands; Pushing the mist away; Using Telekinesis* Get lost Beryl! You leave my friends alone!

Voice: *Fading* This isn’t over. You’ll pay… You’ll pay…

Martin: *whispers* Good work Karen.

Luna: *Pleased* That was quick thinking.

Karen: *Shrugs* I had to do something. The good thing is that no one saw me using my ability. Other than you two. it’s best if only you two see it. for now. But whoever that lady was… She’s got a real serious Ego-trip.

Luna: Tell that to Dinah. Dinah thinks so too…

Karen: Dinah? Your sister?

Luna: Yeah.

Karen: Why’s that? What’s her involvement with Beryl?

Luna: She’s tried to attack Dinah nearly 4 times. Failed every time… but tried to attack her. and Dinah can’t fight back.

Karen: How come? She’s a hero, isn’t she?

Luna: Yeah… she is.

Karen: Then what’s the big deal?

Luna: She can’t do anything… because… Well……… Because, She’s Pregnant.

Karen: Huh?! *Pauses and gasps* Pregnant?! How? Why? Is she gonna be okay?

Martin: She should be okay. She just can’t do much right now because of the babies.

Throughout the rest of the dance…

They went back to dancing. till it was time to conclude… It was an eventful night. They danced and hung out. Spoke about things and just felt calm other than the brief show of the purple mist. The dance ended and all there was left to do was to go to the front gates and wait for their parents to pick them up. Luna waiting for her sisters and cousins… Martin for his Guardian and Karen for her parents… But while they waited… they smiled thinking about the dance. happy to have had a dance together…

But with their fun time that they had… it was the beginning of peace for that moment for them… But What they didn’t know was…

At the Sprint center…

At the Senior Prom…

Green Arrow: *Looking at the Villain* Okay, Dr. Illumination… it’s ’bout time you said sweet dreams. *Firing a Knock-out arrow at Dr. Illumination* Good slumber awaits.

Dr. Illumination: *Firing Light at the Arrow and shattering it* Nice try there Robin hood. but you’re a little too slow.

Black Canary:  *Emitting a Siren at the Villain*

Prince Alvin: *Grabbing the Villain* You are causing trouble and are where you were not invited. I would suggest you leave!

Dr. Illumination:  And if i refuse. *Countering the grip Prince Alvin’s got on him* What will you do? What can you do to beat the master of Light? You don’t have your Thunder Powerhouse with you… You got no upper hand on me. Nothing.

Raven: *Shadowing in* No… But i am. Hello there Dr. Illumination… would you like pain or Jail?

Dr. Illumination: Hmmm! Let me think about that while i defeat you.

Raven: *Aiming at Dr. Illumination* Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos! *Firing Dark Energy at Dr. Illumination*

Dr. Illumination: *Firing back at Raven* Take that! Darkness don’t scare me at all.

Molten Mind: *Blazing in from the side* How about fire and Psychic pain?

Dr. Illumination: No thanks. *Firing at Shanna* You can have some light though… I think it does good for your complexion. Plus some girls should know when to behave.

Molten Mind: *Using her mind to fire an attack at Dr. Illumination* Freeze… Immobilize!

Dr. Illumination: *Feeling numb and unable to move* What did you just do to me? Why can’t i move?

Molten Mind: I just used a little bit of the mind to freeze you. You can’t move. My mind is used to send a telepathic message to anything and anyone. You as far as i can see… are vulnerable to mind attacks. *Taunting* Pity though… i actually thought that it’d be more fun to see you at lease try to fight your way loose.

Dr. Illumination: That is not funny in the least… *Growling* Release me from this attack… Now.

Prince Alvin: *Blowing fire at Dr. Illumination* Time to burn You rotten evildoer. You come to bust a party without an invite… You’ll be tossed out the same way that you came in.

Prince Avery: *Coming in with Prince Curtis* Would you care to have a little help from the spark of electric and the burn of  plasma, Brother?

Prince Alvin: Right on… brothers… Make the move on him now.

Prince Curtis: You got it!

Prince Avery: *launching an attack at Dr. Illumination* Raging Plasmatic Storm!

Prince Curtis: *launching an attack at Dr. Illumination* Electrical Whiplash!

Summer: *Nearby and watching* Get him, darling… Kick his can.

Prince Avery: No problem. this guy is just about ready to crash and burn. He is gonna collapse.

Megan: *Watching the fight* Get him… don’t allow him to get away. He’s going down. he wants to ruin our prom… get in line. because it’s not gonna be easy…

Although Minutes later…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Black Canary and Green Arrow* Okay, you two… take this guy to jail… and tie him up. lock and chain him in his cell.

Black Canary: You got nothing to worry about, Flaming Soul. this Evildoer is about to find out that when the doors of Justice slam home… it means business and if he tries to fight us off as he’s taken to the Jail… He’s gonna be losing the fight.

Green Arrow: I wouldn’t say that. He did put up a bit of a fight this time… he didn’t even flinch when he was tossed a couple of attacks of dark power. He was practically immune to it.

Prince Curtis: Well… i don’t think that he’s gonna be immune to Jail. He’s going there and he’s gonna be there for a long time this time i hope. Hopefully they throw away the key.

Prince Alvin: Don’t worry. They will… Once they catch wind of what he had done. That’s exactly what he’ll get. Maybe 20 to life.

But when all was calm again… they went right on back to dancing…

Prince Avery: *Dancing with Summer* You look wonderful in that dress.

Summer: *Smiles* Thank you. You look wonderful too.

Prince Avery: I was thinking that since we’re all gonna be graduating in a few weeks… what do you think will happen to us? to You and me? Any idea as to where you’ll be attending College?

Summer: Not really. I guess that i’m gonna be going to Met U. Taking a path towards theater.

Prince Avery: What about the Ice Skating? whatever happened to that?

Summer: I’ll still do that. But just doing other things so i’ll have something to fall back on.

Prince Avery: Smart thinking. But you’ll be a wonderful dancer. There is no way you’ll fall from it. You’ve got wonderful posture and your skating is like an ace. swift too.

Summer: What about you though? What do you think that you’ll be doing?

Prince Avery: Probably go for a career of being a special Agent.

Summer: A Special Agent? *Gasps* You mean like James Bond?

Prince Avery: Yeah. I mean… why not. I have done some stake outs and done some recons… Taken pictures and kept records of things that were going on… spying and infiltrating spots that were not authorized to the normal civilian. I staked out the Fountain. You remember that? Right? You saw me at the park one night a couple or so months ago and saw some activity spewing out.

Summer: You’re right. i did.

Prince Avery: I’d be perfect for the task.

Over by where Pearl and Jack were…

They were dancing and talking about what they were gonna do when the time came for them to go to college. It was 5 weeks till graduation and they knew that time to think things over was greatly depleting and fading away fast…

Jack: *Dancing* What do you think you’ll do after graduating High school?

Pearl: I’ll go for the very passion that i always had. Fashion. I am thinking about opening up a fashion store. I got enough dresses that i can use to sell or cut and combine with others and make wonderful fashion outfits. Star is gonna be helping me with it. She and i are like so into the Fashion field…

Jack: *Smiles* I think that you’ll be a great fashion designer. Madame Pearl’s. That’s probably gonna be your identity for the Fashion Industry. You’ll be a wonderful creator.

Pearl: *Touched* Awwww! That was really Sweet. *Dancing* What about you though?

Jack: Me… I’ll be probably going for a career of being a teacher. teaching Elementary school Kids. Providing the fun to them. It’d be a great career move.

Pearl: Yeah. You’ll be a wonderful teacher. You got the love and the passion for it. You’ll make it. I thing that you can do it. Actually i know that you can.

Jack: *Grabbing a drink and making a toast with his girlfriend* To the future.

Pearl:  *Grabbing a drink and making a toast with her boyfriend* To the future.

As for Dinah…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Dinah: *On the phone* … I was wondering when i was gonna hear from you again.

Shingo: *On the Phone; Voice* I know, Dinah. I was meaning to call the other day but i was with a whole mess of work to do. Plus double Schooling. I am doing not only mines… but yours too. I know that you’re supposed to be the one doing the stuff. But you can’t and i can’t allow for you to be unable to get your Diploma. I have been busting myself with the work. i haven’t really slept in a week and a half.

Dinah: *Sighs* Shingo… i am really happy that you’re that devoted to me. But i don’t want you to over exert yourself. You’re killing yourself. It’s not what i am wanting from this. If i have to redo the semester in order to get my Diploma… so be it. It’ll suck. but at least i’ll still be able to get the chance to get the Diploma that i deserve and earned. I don’t want you to over work yourself. By you doing that it is making me feel even more useless.

Shingo: Dinah… i don’t mind doing this. It takes alot out of me… but i still do it. because i love you. i don’t want you to lose anymore than you have. You’ve lost so much since this pregnancy started. You lost so much. i don’t want your right to Graduate on the same day as your sisters…to be taken from you. You busted your butt doing all this. I don’t want anything holding you back from what you aim towards doing…

Dinah: Shingo…

Shingo: *Being firm but delicate* No…It’s not being debated. Since this whole Pregnancy… all i saw was you losing things… losing the ability to do the things that you were born to do. You couldn’t go and have fun. You couldn’t go to school and the one time that you tried… you almost lost the babies and it’s a miraculous break that you didn’t.  You can’t even go and fight and be the hero that i know and am proud to know… you had to be mostly bedridden. I have seen you lose enough. You have no idea… no idea on how much i was hurting… seeing the one i love going through all that pain and there being nothing that we could do to take it away. I am not gonna let anymore pain come to you that isn’t necessary. I will not stand for it.

Dinah: I know… that i lost things. i lost so much. But the more further that i get with this pregnancy… the more i see that it was all meant to be. somehow. I was born to be a mother. I was tough and on the warpath years ago… But maybe everything that i endured and everything that i done… set me all for this new life. being a mother. I lost so much… and at first i was complaining and having a issue with staying down. I was… but now that i stopped to think about it more and more… i realized that i put myself through it all. I’m not complaining on that… it’s probably something that i would have done anyway. because i could endure it. i could handle it. However… if i were to go back and face the moment that would start it all again… I’d do it gladly because it was with the one that i gave my heart to. gave my love to.

Shingo: You endure pain all the time… but there will be a time that you’ll be writing checks that your body can’t cash…

Dinah: I Know. But this is no longer about me… about you or anyone. It was meant to be.

Music for “(Eclipse) All yours” starts to play…

Shingo: No… not like this. You lost way too much.

Dinah: It’s not about that… It is true… that i have lost much… Lost the power to go and fight battles and be the tough girl that i know that i am. But then again… i’ve never felt more stronger… more determined… more alive. Knowing that i am destined to become a mother. I am 17 and am gonna become a mother. Married to a wonderful person. that has my heart and i have his. Feeling it beat as one.

Shingo: *Surprised* So… you have thought this through… you’re willing to endure more… because you believe that you are stronger.

Dinah: I am. Because i am with you in my life. I’m with 3 babies… waiting to be born…

Shingo: *Chuckles* You’re gonna need to get them a crib or something. They’ll never fit on your bed. Plus… it won’t make much use for you to have them to sleep on you.

Dinah: If that’s what i need to do… i will. *Chuckles* It’s better than them sleeping on the floor. they’d be cranky and crying…

Shingo: This is gonna be the future… We’re gonna be parents…

Shingo and Dinah while on the phone express their love….

“All the lives always tempted to trade
Will they hate me for all the choices I’ve made
Will they stop when they see me again?
I can’t stop now I know who I am

Now I’m all yours, I’m not afraid
And you’re all mine, say what they may
And all your love I’ll take to the grave
And all my life starts now

Tear me down they can’t take you out of my thoughts
Under every scar there’s a battle I’ve lost
Will they stop when they see us again?
I can’t stop now I know who I am

Now I’m all yours, I’m not afraid
And you’re all mine, say what they may
And all your love I’ll take to the grave
And all my life starts

I’m all yours, I’m not afraid
And you’re all mine, say what they may
And all your love I’ll take to the grave
And all my life starts starts now”

echos are heard as the music fades….

Prom was over… now. But Graduation was close… What was the future gonna hold for the Rhapsody girls? Would it mean peace… or would it be the start of more terror and more mayhem? What was the future gonna hold for Luna and Martin? They were getting close even for 12 year old kids. pre-teens. Would they expect to see Beryl again… During Graduation? Would their Graduation mean the beginning of the end for them? Plus in Watchtower… Chloe got into a conversation with the crew from the USS Enterprise. What was their connection to the outbreak of a threat that aimed to threaten the city… The world? Were they gonna be Sticking close to the vest in all things Apocalyptic? All things preaching the end of days? What about Dinah? How much further was she supposed to go with the Pregnancy? But what’s this… The Return of Terra and the return of Beryl’s Presence… Beryl plans an attack to cause seismic tremors and sires to Bring the Rhapsody house down? All this plus the Graduation of the decade… The Rhapsody Girls are now out of High school. Find out what happens next in the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues….

Luna: *Gasps* Oh no… the house is sinking… Our home… it’s going under!

Raven: *Looking at Terra* You really think that after everything you’ve done the last time you came… that we’re to assume that you can control your powers? I have to train and meditate everyday to keep my powers in line… And you just assume that we’re to believe that you can just control yours? Trust is something that you have to Earn.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: That is right… Terra. You almost destroyed the city last time…

Terra: *Lost* But… How? How do i Earn it?

Raven: You start by trusting us!

Sailor Luna: That’s right. Trust is to be Earned… Not Given.

Prince Alvin: We’re now Graduates. it’s into the real world now!


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