Chapter 86: “Pregnancy munching Hunger… Training at night. “putting on the Terra” Raven and Sailor Mars Allegiance in progress.”

Paige: *Voice-over* This is still week 19. Dinah is gaining weight. Feeling the weight rise up. But now there are happy moments that had come now… Shingo Proposed to her on bended knee. in front of us all. I am so happy to know that my sister Dinah is gonna get married in the near future depending how things go for her and this pregnancy. This whole ride has been exciting. but a roll on. Plus… i am with the risk of failing a Class in High School. Not good. I sure hope that i can pull off a miracle and then some. Not only that… Prince Arnold is in love with the new girl. Terra. He’s fallen in love with her. Raven has also come back… Plus Luna’s friend Martin also confesses to her that he loves her. sees her as more than someone he considers his best friend. But now it’s training. To see what Terra can do… Dinah starts now having odd dreams of her babies. And develops Hunger attacks. Art thou be sweet? Or Salty and citrus tasting? Will the future plans be heard between Shingo and Dinah? Plus Raven and Sailor Mars meet one on one and form an agreement and an Allegiance… Start the quest into the chapter… Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 86: “Pregnancy munching Hunger… Training at night. “putting on the Terra” Raven and Sailor Mars Allegiance in progress.”

Outside of Grandma Rikku’s house…

Martin: *Looking at Luna with a sentimental expression* I am serious and being truthful. I love you. I have never met anyone like you. There is no one quite like you. You have the knowledge of 3 identities. One of the Kingdom that you’re from. one of the hero that you become… and one of you just being you. You’re like the greatest friend. The best girl i ever met.

Luna: Are you sure that you are in love… with me? What if i’m not the one for you?

Martin: You are the one for me. Luna… I didn’t want to say anything because i was afraid that it would ruin our status of being like best friends. but i just like you alot. I love you, Luna. I don’t know how i could not. You and i talk about everything. we understand each other. I could practically tell you anything and you’d believe me and or understand. Even my Guardian likes you. He adores you alot. He adores you quite alot. To him you could be like a Daughter he never knew but wants to know.

Luna: *Feeling touched* That’s actually the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me… You’re the best friend i ever had, Martin. *Suddenly Giving her friend a Kiss on the side and then out of surprise kissing her friend on the lips* Mwah!

Martin: *feeling the ticking sensation* That tickles. But that felt so good. i loved that kiss. Luna, You’re really beautiful.

Luna: Awwww! *Blushes*


Miss Love: *Flying into the air and heading off to do some training* Luna… Transform. We’re off to do some training. tell your nice friend good night and get with the work… training won’t happen on it’s own.

Bubble Maiden: We’re on the way to see what Terra can do. This is the training that brings it out…

Prince Alvin: *Getting on his Motorcycle and Revving off into the open road* See you at the Plains, Luna. If i were you… I’d get with it. Paige and Pearl are not gonna be so thrilled over you trying to taper off and fall behind on the training. Training is serious business. Dinah is still here. Star and Christie are gonna be staying here tonight. But really… You need to get with it. Paige and Pearl won’t be so calm the second time.

Luna: Okay. *Looking at Martin* I got to go, Martin. But I think that your house is on the way to where the others are leading. I can get you home while on my way to the spot where the other’s will be training.

Martin: Okay. That sounds like a good idea. But you might want to transform into the hero form first.

Luna: Right.

A second later…

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call*

Martin: Luna… better hurry.

Sailor Luna: *Nods* You bet.  Martin… Grab on and don’t let go… your house is on the way to the training location. You’ll be home before you even know it… *Bouncing off fast and leaping from one spot to another* Here we go.

On the side of the house…


Terra: *Looking at Prince Arnold* Are you sure that i should risk showing off my abilities? I can’t always control them. Everywhere i go… when i use my powers… i happen to cause Landslides, Mud slides, Avalanches and Earthquakes.

Prince Arnold: You’ll be okay. Just think on the element. Focus. just let it be you as if you are the Earth. Let’s get to the plains between the city here and the town of Smallville. we’ll practice.

Terra: *Sighs* I guess.

Prince Arnold: *Looking at Terra* Terra, Do you trust me?

Terra: *Nods* Of course i do. You haven’t ever lied to me. and i can trust you. You’ve been understanding of me ever since the moment we met.

Prince Arnold: *grabbing hold of Terra* Terra, i’d never lie… i’ll always be honest with you. I promise. You’re a pleasant person. seeing  you hurt is inexcusable.

Terra: How do you travel?

Prince Arnold: *Snorts a little* You had to ask that. you really had to ask that. Well… you’ll be amazed at what’s about to happen next. Take hold and watch. *Placing a couple fingers upon his forehead and suddenly teleporting* …

Terra: *Feeling startled* W-w-w-w-w-wait! W-w-w-w-w-w-what are you do— ING!!!*Teleporting with Prince Arnold* Whoa!

Prince Curtis: *Looking at Prince Avery confused* What do you suppose that was all about?

Prince Avery: I have no idea, Brother. But knowing Prince Arnold… He’s acting like a precarious sort. he’s probably in need of no embellishing.

Prince Curtis: With devotion like that… i don’t suspect that there would be a need to embellish him. He’s in heads over his heels with Terra. We still have no idea where she’s from. And we also don’t know the truth. Who the hell sent her? She couldn’t have gotten here by osmosis. She had to come from somewhere.

Prince Avery: I agree. i feel the same as you do, Brother. I feel the very same as you do. but for right now… all we can do is entrust the girl. Hopefully things will get better and she’ll open up about herself. We just got to be patient. the more we push… the more she will hide. But if we wait… we’ll have a bountiful amount of facts and the real story. “Patience will achieve more than force.–Edmund Burke.”

Prince Curtis: “The cruelest lies are often told in silence.–Robert Louis Stevenson” You should know that. You know better. Terra is hiding something. The more we wait… the more she’ll believe that we forgot about the idea that yes… she is hiding something.

Prince Avery: I get the point there, brother. Come on. we got to head out. And… don’t push her for the details. Just let her come out with the truth. She’ll tell. We just have to wait till she’s ready.

Prince Curtis: *Nods* right. Let’s go. *Sighs*

Raven: *Looking at the guys* Where are you going?

Prince Curtis: We’re going out to train a little bit.

Prince Avery: Want to come? You’re more than welcome to join along with us. Besides that you are one of us… If i remember right… Shanna is gonna be with us tonight and training. She’s gonna see about using her power to open up a wide hole about a mile long. Maybe a couple of miles. Like an obstacle course… Not too severe… but enough to serve its purpose.

Prince Curtis: ….

Raven: Sure. Besides that i’ve meditated enough for one day. I need to get some training in.

Moments later…

At the open plains outside of Metropolis…

Miss Love: *Looking at her sister* Pearl, Do you see Luna anywhere?

Bubble Maiden: No. I don’t see her. *Catching a stream of light* Wait… There she is. She’s coming. That’s got to be her.

Miss Love: Well Prince Alvin is here… Naturally he came by riding his Motorcycle.

Bubble Maiden: Yeah… but at least he’s here.

Prince Alvin: *Walking over from the side of the road* I made it. The others should be here within a minute or so.

Prince Arnold: *Popping in suddenly with Terra* Here we are.

Terra: *Jumping off* That was a real ride. What was that?

Prince Arnold: *Looking at Terra* That… Terra was the means of teleportation. It’s something that we use to get from place to place.

Prince Alvin: That’s right. But… i don’t use it as much as i used to.

Prince Arnold: we know… You have the Motorcycle.

Terra: Is that thing fast?

Prince Alvin: It can be… If i Rev it up to the top speed… It can reach 110 easy. But the only down side to that is that it uses a whole lot of gas.

Terra: But it can go fast… Right?

Prince Alvin: You got it.

Sailor Luna: *Running over from the side of the road* Made it… *Catching her breath* Martin didn’t want to let me go… He’s a nice guy. Wonderful friend… But i don’t think that he was wanting to leave me. But he couldn’t be here watching us train. Some of the shots could shoot all over and could hurt him.

Prince Avery: *Teleporting in*

Prince Curtis: *Coming into the scene* Made it. So… Is this everyone?

Miss Love: Shanna isn’t here yet.

Bubble Maiden: She knows about what we’re doing… doesn’t she?

Prince Alvin: She was in the same room as we were. She had to have heard our intentions to train.

Sailor Luna: Yes. She Must have… But i didn’t hear much about that because i was outside with Martin. Martin confessed something to me. how he felt about me. And i am still in shock.

Prince Arnold: *Looking at Luna* Why? What did he say to you?

Sailor Luna: Oh… Not much that a 12 year old could say and a bit young to be talking the way he was…. but he confessed that he… uh… Loved me.

Miss Love: *Stops and looks at Luna in shock* He what?! He confessed that he Loves you? Luna… He’s still young. He’s only 12. You’re only 12… from then till you happen to turn 17 like we are now… things could change. He could change. You could change.

Bubble Maiden: The outburst and the affection is nice and it’s sweet. But he’s a tad bit young still.

Sailor Luna: And you think i don’t know that? I think that i know that. I listened to him confess and he was saying how much he and i Understand one another.

Prince Arnold: But that is going too far ahead. Luna. your insides are not Matured enough…

Sailor Luna: *Grossed out* Ewwww! That is totally gross. Prince Arnold… I don’t think about stuff like that. A 12 year old who thinks of things like that has either a problem with themselves… or parents who are careless or parents who are into the exotic and vulgar material. Like strip dancing… Prostitution. All the gross things that a normal clean wholesome 12 year old girl or boy wouldn’t ever do.

Prince Avery: Luna… You should not be knowing of things like that… but you’re with a point. kids at age 12 are more prone to think that they’re older than they are. but don’t realize that they are still young. they should enjoy their childhood for what they can… as long as they can.

Prince Alvin: That is well said, Brother. Well said.

Miss Love: Martin is an innocent person. He’d never do things like that. I don’t think that his Guardian Vincent would be happy or thrilled if Martin got into that. He’d be hurt. I’d be hurt if i had a kid and my kid got into that before his or her time. I’d be devastated and hurt. Broken even.

Terra: *Looking around at the fields* So… Uh, Where’s the training ground?

Prince Arnold: No idea. Shanna should be here by now…

Bubble Maiden: *sighs* suppose that she changed her mind?

Sailor Luna: Don’t know… *Looking to see a shadow up ahead* Shanna’s not here… but i see someone who just arrived.

Prince Curtis: Who?

Sailor Luna: Raven.


Molten Mind: *Showing up through a portal of fire* I’ve come. I almost didn’t come because just as i was about to leave the house and head here… i got a call from work and they were wanting me to come in. They needed someone to fill in. I had to make a cover and let believe that there was a family detail that i had to take care of.

Raven: *witty* so with a small tall tale being conjured… will severance pay be included?

Molten Mind: no. They don’t do that.

Miss Love: We need a training ground made.

Molten Mind: A Training ground… An obstacle course, right?

Sailor Luna: Right.

Molten Mind: *Glowing red and opening the ground next to them and Forming rock paths and peaks; Creating a few rings of Molten rock* This will be a Training ground… And of course with secret training i managed to do… I learned how to create a side with controls and buttons to activate the elements from each of us… so for each of us that do the obstacle course… we’ll be needing to go through dodging the elemental energy clusters that will come at the one running through the trails.

Raven: Oh good. But who’ll be at the controls?

Vincent Van Graves: *Landing on to the field next to the fighters* What’s going on here?

Sailor Luna: Training…

Prince Alvin: We are training and also gonna be seeing what Terra can really do… *Pauses and looks to see Vincent* Vincent?! What the he–

Vince Van Graves: Now, Don’t be surprised there Dear lad. Don’t be in alarm. Martin made a mention to me that the dear girl Luna spoke about going off to do some training and felt that something was wrong… He was pretty wiped out. But i believed that he’d be wanting assurance that she was okay. Given since none of you know about what kind of powers the girl has or what she can do.

Prince Arnold: Luna told you about Terra?

Sailor Luna: I only told Martin what we knew… didn’t tell too much because there wasn’t anything much to tell. We didn’t know too much about her. It’s true. We don’t.

Vincent Van Graves:  There isn’t any need to fear. Martin told me just what she told him. it’s all i know. I took a bit of a look through the crystal ball and i didn’t see anything more of her. only a glimpse of her running but in the back… a faint face. A Woman. red hair and had a golden crown with a darkish purple shape.

Prince Alvin: Someone was watching her…

Prince Curtis: Beryl!

Prince Arnold: Beryl was following her… She knows about Terra?

Vincent Van Graves: I can’t tell who her name was… but by the description that was exposed… you know who it was that appeared in the ball in distance.

Miss Love: What we need is to keep Beryl away from Terra. Terra’s powers are dangerous whether she can control them… or not. But, if Beryl were to get her hands on Terra and get control of Terra’s abilities… There is no telling what she could be liable to pull.

Sailor Luna: but How could Beryl know about her? She was beaten before Terra came into the picture.

Prince Avery: She could have followers.

Bubble Maiden: But who… She’s all alone this time. she doesn’t have the 4 generals that serve Master Endymion. Who could be following her?

Raven: Beryl is out there. I haven’t faced her… yet. But you guys have.

Prince Curtis: i’ve faced her twice. Once with just me and Luna. and then once with the two girls, Luna, the 3 sailors, the brothers and myself. but then once with just the two girls and me and Oliver Queen.

Sailor Luna: Dinah’s faced her twice. once when Beryl broke in and appeared in the room through a veil of purple mist. then came out to the battle taking place at the Fairgrounds and even though was risking her health… Knocked Beryl right into the sky. But Dinah was Pissed facing her… Driven by fury.

Vincent: She must be the loose wire.

Sailor Luna: you have no idea. But Dinah’s a person all in herself. She’s head-strong and well devoted to what she wants in life. She’s gonna be in for a future of being with a family of her very own. 3 girls and a loving husband. or will be husband.

Molten Mind: Time to train…

Miss Love: *Looking at the course* There is a bit of Molten rock rising from underneath the course. Is that normal?

Molten Mind: That’s just the amount of Molten rock to hold the rings of Molten Rock in place… I trained well on my own time to make sure that i could control it. I can control it now…

Vincent: *Looking over the course and noticing something missing* Something is missing… For a course of training. There is also an element of surprise needed. Something animate. *Snaps his finger and comes up with an idea* Ah! i got it. *With his cane taps the ground a couple times and then holding it up before pointing the tip forward and moving it from one side to the other* Raising some creatures will put a bit of a extra piece to the course. *Summoning a small army of creatures* Dearly undead… Rise up… listen to my voice and heed thy call. Heed to my voice. Rise up… my walking dead. thou art’ master calls you. he summons you. ARISE! (German translation: “Dearly Untoten … Rise up … höre auf meine Stimme, und beachten deinen Ruf. Beachten Sie, meine Stimme. Rise up … meine walking dead. du bist ‘master anruft. er ruft dich. Steh auf!”)

Suddenly a group of creatures come out from the ground and groan…

Sailor Luna: *releasing a blast at the creatures in fright* EEK!

Vincent: Don’t fear them. They won’t harm you without provocation. They’re summoned for the Obstacle course here. They will only attack the one on the course.

Prince Alvin: That’s a good magic trick. Good work.

Miss Love: Who’s first?

Bubble Maiden: I’ll go. i need to toughen up so i can fight tougher and so we can ensure that Dinah stays out of the fights till after the Pregnancy is over and after she has the babies.

Sailor Luna: I’ll go next.

Vincent: Okay.

Seconds later… they all ran to the one side and stood by the controls and set up the obstacles and the poles and peaks flowing with the Elements… Pearl was at the spot where the course was said to begin. As soon as she was ready…  She began it…

The Song: “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” Plays…

Miss Love: *Nods over at Pearl* Begin…

Bubble Maiden: *Running into course*

Pearl dashed into the course and went in through each part of the course… Dodging each elemental attack and firing back large clusters of her energy at the elements that were coming after her… going through the rings and then at the end… fending off the creatures and beating into each of them one by one… As Soon as she reached the other side of the course…

Miss Love: *Looking at the results* Pearl… You were good. 3 minutes and 40 seconds. fast. very swift. Luna, You’re up.

Sailor Luna: *Nods* Right. I’m ready to go…

Luna went to the beginning and in seconds… she started at the course and bounced through. Some of the elements got her and knocked her down, but she still got up and fought back. Zipping through the course and all the elements that managed to hit at her. She even battled each of the creatures… the undead that rose up and came at her.

Raven: *Looking at the results and seeing a new record* Luna, done at a 3 minutes and 20 seconds. That’s a fast record. She Beat Pearl’s time.

Miss Love: That makes me next to go. Then Prince Alvin. Raven… You know how to reset the course, Right?

Raven: *Nods* Go get’em Heart girl… go for it.


Terra: *From the sides and watching*

The next ones to go at it were Paige and them Prince Alvin. Each one going through the elements. Paige… going through Bubbles, Thunder, Water, Fire, Water, Plasma and Electric. Dark… and Molten rock plus also candy and sugary energy blasts of moon power. Seeing discs and firing at them… Evading each strike. a couple of them hit her… but she threw blasts of energy at the discs…

But while they were out training…

Back at Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Girl’s bedroom..

Dinah: *Looking at her engagement ring* I’m gonna be getting married someday. I have been with so much sacrifice. So much pain and had to give up the things that made me… me. But throughout all this… i never thought that my life would turn to being like this. i get proposed to by a wonderful person. Shingo loves me so much. even though i am trouble. i can prove to be just trouble and he will always be there for me.

Christie: I don’t know, Dinah. You are trouble at times. But you’re also unique. You know that your sisters know that too. I know that as well. Your friends believe in you. Remember when i told you that you were like my best friend. It’s true. Because even though i at times think that you’re nuts and completely unhinged over things…  I also happen to see that you’re with a devoted heart. You know what you feel.

Dinah: I know. It’s just that Shingo is like the perfect guy i ever met. his mother hates me. i caused him to leave his mother. *Looking down* What right do i have to be happy about that? I took him away from his mother. His mother may be a real witch and hates me. But it was still his mother, Christie. His mother. but because i don’t have a mother anymore since my mother is gone and has been for the last 2 years. almost 3 years. I made it to where he doesn’t have one either. I’m a monster.

Christie: That is not true. You’re no monster. You didn’t force him. He chose to. he did it for you. because he loves you. He loves you, Dinah. I have seen people at school in love with one another… seen them ever since freshman year. but from those romances or possible love matches… there is nothing close to the love i see you and Shingo with. You two are in absolute… unshaken love. Pure and strong… true.  Shingo left his mother because he was sick of his own mother treating you like dirt and showing discontent to you. hatred. Malice. He was tired of it… Girl, you aren’t trying to tell me that you’ve forgotten about it… are you?

Dinah: *Shaking her head* No. I’m not. I’m not forgetting about it. I’m not. i just feel as though i’ve been wrong about all this. Shingo has lost his mother because of me. I mean… I love him. I really love him, Christie. But what if… God… what if everything i’ve been doing … Everything that I’ve shown and done with him has hurt him and i don’t even know it. he doesn’t even know it. What if he was planning to actually leave me and was looking for something more and more better… and i was so paranoid of losing him had sex with him and ruined it for him trapped him in a relationship that he could have chose to stop and end? leaving me. What am i really doing with myself?

Dinah seconds later shook off the dreadful feelings that were floating in her head and Looked at the Screen in front of her…

Dinah: *Scoffs* What was i talking about? Was i tearing myself down?

Christie: I think that you were trying to make yourself look bad, girl. You have a bit of an issue there. Dinah, You are not to be tearing yourself up like that again.

Dinah: I know… It’s probably just the shock and the complete overwhelming surprise that came over me because of the proposing. I was expecting it… but i was also surprised about it. I guess that it’s just all the emotions that hit me due to the surprise.

Christie: It’s got to be the pregnancy. It’s knocked your emotions all way out of line there… Since the pregnancy… your emotions have just been a one way ticket to looney avenue.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Oh… Gee! Thanks. That’s really a enlightened term of endearment. Just something i would need to hear. So i’m Psycho… right? I’m a total nutcase with my emotions.  *Groans* Damn… i’m doing it again…aren’t i?

Christie: yeah. You are doing it again. But it’s okay. It’s common for you to be going through it. You are not exactly feeling quite normal… It’s a symptom that almost all pregnant women go through. I managed to once tell you that my mom had me when she was still in high school. She had a few cases of what you’re going through now. It’s nothing new. Not really. But you’re going through it. It’s not as scary as you believe it to be. It’s just… awkward. Now the weight gaining is a bit out there… but that’s about it. The weight gain is weird for you… only because you’re with all 3 Babies in you… All 3 at once. So it’s like a trio. A 3 set. so instead of you gaining maybe 8-14 pounds or double… that. It’s triple that. Triple the amount.

Dinah: *Looking at her Engagement ring again and looking at the screen* Where are my sisters? Isn’t it getting rather late…

Star: *Walking into the room* Your sisters are still gone doing their secret thing… huh?

Dinah: You mean they’re going out training and getting with stronger abilities… Yeah. They’re getting stronger and i’m in a hump. I am in an unfettered Slump and i can’t do anything about it. I Love the idea of being a mother in the future. i do… but in this Pregnancy… I have just given up so much of my life. I don’t even feel like i’m Dinah anymore. I feel like i am a insisted stay-at-home mother and my role is to be home all the time. I Love my babies. I love my husband to be and i love my family and friends. but the pain… the sacrificing of all the things that i used to love… I can’t take it. I can’t.

Star: I hear that. I met a guy yesterday at school. Someone named Tucker Mantegna. He’s an Italian. With African accent in him. and He’s also a Jamaican. But he’s got the lifestyles and ethnicity of all 3.  *Thinking* Oh… He’s also a Romancer too.

Christie: Is he good in bed?

Star: That… i don’t know. besides… i barely met him and i’m gonna do the thing Dinah… our home girl did. wait for about 3 to 4 years before going with it. Besides. i am not one to rush the romance bubble.

Christie: Good call.

Star: Where’s the doc?

Dinah: She’s turned in for the night. She said something about having to fill in some forms for assessment on how my health is progressing and how i’m faring through the pregnancy.

Christie:  Paperwork, huh?

Dinah: Yeah… I know. It’s a bummer. a real bummer. But that’s what a Doctor deals with almost on a daily basis. But this is the first time that i heard her mention it around me.

Star: You’re okay tonight though… right, girl?

Dinah: Yeah. Tonight. i am fine. At least for the most part.

At the Daily Planet…

Trixie: *Sighs; Working on another article* The whole city’s been going off the wall since the Fountain got busted. Everyone’s saying that we got attacked by a sneak attack. Others saying it was a superfreak attack. Some are saying that it’s the cause of a girl. A mystery girl. No one really knows who she is though.

John: *Sipping on a cup of coffee* i don’t know. The mystery girl seems like a real bad omen if she destroyed a Fountain. the Fountain’s been in the park and been part of this city for many years. 40 years.

Trixie: What do you think it could have been?

John: *Sighs and leaning back a little thinking* not sure. At least… Not really. I don’t know what to say as to what it could be. I would figure that it’s a super on the run from somewhere and is scared being seen by people so she does what she can to draw attention away from her. Hoping that no one will see her or catch sight of who she is and/or what she can do.

Trixie: *Jokingly* You sound like a Profiler.

John: No way. I couldn’t Profile to save my skin. I am only just speculating.

Trixie: Well… you might want to get some traction on the speculating. If Perry White over hears anyone speculating on anything… He’s gonna be coming out shooting for someone to provide a bit of facts to back up their little piece of knowhow.

John: He’ll be fine with it. Any possibility of a story piece… he’ll be all over it. You can literally bet on it.

Trixie: That’s fine. if you are so certain to think that it’s a story that will sell copies to the whole city or the public… *Seeing Perry coming out of the office* Here’s your chance. Because here he comes.

John: What’s to worry… He’s gonna be all over it. Any story is better than no story at all.

Trixie: No arguments there. *Trying to finish the article*

A minute later…

Perry: *Looking at John and Trixie* You two… in my office. we need to talk. There is something that needs to be discussed and i mean right away.

John: Discussed? *Confused* like what, Mr. White?

Perry: We should discuss it inside my office. It’s something that is for your ears only, you two.

Trixie: *Looking up and seeing Perry* Something for us to hear just by us… *Sighs* Okay. i’ll just have to finish this article later… Maybe after we hear this secret news.

Inside the Editor-in-chief’s office…

Perry: *Looking at John and Trixie* You two… I’ve gotten word that there is a Job opening in the central hub of the Daily Planet. In Germany… They are short -handed on Reporters and asked me as a special request to send them two of my best. to help them keep up the reps of their newspaper. At least till they get new Replacements of their own. ones that can fit the bill and fit their expectations.

Trixie: Germany?! You’re kidding, Right Mr. White?

Perry: I wish that i could have been only joking. But i’m not…

John: What did you tell them?

Perry: That i’d send you… but had to give you two the heads up first and let you two know what’s stirring within the pot of the Newspaper business.

John: The offer sounds good. It really does. But i have a rule. I am not doing anything without telling my son and my Grandsons. about it first. Because i do believe that they would like to know what’s going on. They don’t get to see me as much as they’d like and if i am about to take an offer that will make it even harder for them to see me… I’m gonna let them know of it first. I know that i’m gonna have to let our sister know. The grandmother to the 3 girls. She’ll need to know as well…

Perry: That’s fine. You can tell them and let them know. But be sure to make a decision on whether you two are a go or a decline… i’m gonna hear from them again in 3 weeks there since things are unbelievably backed up. It will take about 3 weeks to get things all sorted out with their systems there. They are the top News for Germany for newspapers as far as the newspapers are concerned. So… If you have things to do to prepare for the trip… do so. I don’t want to send you over there. send my two ace reporters… but it’s for a cause.

Trixie: *Scoffs* A Cause? What do you mean cause? We’re being pulled from our families and god knows when we’ll get to come back. get to see our families again. What if something happens and our families need us or want to see us? What’ll we tell them? What’ll we even say to them? Say to them that: “Oh, we’re sorry. We’re being sent to another country to join up on the Newspaper team for a while. So if you need us… you’ll have to try to suffice without?”

John: Trixie, It’s not so bad. If nothing else… it’ll give us at least some Culture. something to remember for a long time. We might like the country Germany.

Trixie: It’s not that i don’t like the fact that it’s Germany. it’s not even the main thing. the thing of the matter is that it’s the being pulled away from our families. I don’t have much to give up except my daughter Princess Trixie/Mrs. Stroker. She’s my only Daughter. If i were to leave the country… she will want to know why and what it’s for. it is not like she won’t understand. it’s the whole part of going to another country. *Thinking about her issues of going to another country and remembering her fear* I have a fear of flying. Aviatophobia I always had. My Daughter grew out of her fear of flying when she became a… you know… hero and was able to shift into a Dragon and Fly. She grew out of the fear. I never had though…

John: Well… i too am a bit afraid of flying… but i’m still gonna face the fear.

Trixie: *Lowering her head* Okay… Okay… i give. I give. I’ll go. I’ll go. I’ll get my stuff all packed and set to go. i’ll also give my daughter a call and let her know what’s going on. She’s gonna want to know what’s happening. Because i would sure hate for her to come here one day god forbid and not see me here.

John: Same goes for my son. He would not stand for that.

Perry: It’s only till they get a new dozen set of Intern/Reporters. It might be a few weeks to maybe a couple of years. But that’s all it’ll be. no more than that. They gave the estimates and said to expect it to be at least a few weeks minimum. They were very precise on the case…

However back at the open fields located between Metropolis and the town of Smallville…

Raven: *Looking at the Course* Looks like i’m next…

Seconds later…

Raven: *Flying through the course and Dodging the elements; firing blasts of Dark energy at the elements coming at her and hitting her* … *Going through industrial Sledgehammers and Blasting them to pieces; firing at the peaks and reaching the rinds of Molten Rock* Let’s see… how do i pass that? *Suddenly firing Dark energy at the Rings and smoldering the Molten rock* That’s more better. *Flying through the rings of the Molten rock now Smoldering* … *Soaring through the trail and reaching the end; Suddenly getting smacked down into the opened chasm of the course*Ahhh! *Reaching the side and leaping up into the air before Firing blasts of Dark energy at the undead*…

by time she was done… it was almost midnight. they were still out and training. They have gone through everyone for the training. But the only one that had not done it… was Terra. Terra was the last one to go. Prince Arnold followed her to the beginning of the course…

Terra: *Sighs and feeling rather nervous* This is it… I hope that i can do this without losing control.

Prince Arnold: You’ll be okay. Just remember… that you let yourself be the element. the element is you and you are the controller. don’t lose belief and the trust. You’ll be okay. Just do the best you can. No one expects perfection the first time around. this is the first time that anyone of us had done this course. there will be other courses or ways of training… this isn’t the only thing that will train.

Terra: okay. *Nods; Putting her goggles on*

Prince Arnold: Good luck. Don’t worry about failing a little. it will get better in time. that’s what training’s all about. This may shock people… but i am not gonna hide it. *Kissing Terra suddenly* Just do your best. i’ll be here watching.

A second or so later…

Terra: *Getting on a small boulder and with a little energy riding it; Soaring through the course* I can do this… I can do this… please… let me do this without messing up.


Terra: *freaking out and starting to lose control; falling off the rock; using her power to try and hold onto the rock* Agh… Ahhhh! *Seeing the elements coming at her; Seeing Fire, water, Electric, Plasma, Thunder, Dark, Bubbles, Hearts and rock; dodging the elemental blasts* Who— oooooa!! ahhhh! aah ahh! *Trying to evade and getting back on the rock barely; crashing into the peaks and the rock formations* Agh! Oof! *Using a little power to summon rocks and sand to knock out the blasters shooting the elements out* … *Reaching the rings of molten rock and spinning out of control trying to dodge the rings. Going through them and nearly getting her hair burned* Ouch! *Falling down off the rock and hitting the ground* Oof!!! Owwww!

Prince Arnold: *Watching Terra* Come on Terra… Don’t give up. You can do it. Keep going. Don’t give up…

Terra: *reaching the end of the trail and getting cornered by creatures* Wha— *getting knocked into the ground and jumped on* Ahhhh! *feeling her powers over-reacting* No! No… Not again! *Suddenly out of intuition causing the ground to open up and sending Ground spikes at the creatures Skewering them; Destroying the creatures; Firing rocks at the rest of the course knocking out the rings of molten rocks and causing the trail to collapse* Uwaaaa! Ahhh!

Terra lands on the other side of the course a second later and looks at the others… They were with a lost look on their faces. They didn’t know what to say…

Miss Love: *Looking at Pearl* She nailed the blasters and the rings. Nailed the peaks and destroyed the creatures…

Bubble Maiden: She looked like she was having trouble with her power. But she did at least finish the course… That’s the main thing. But her skills are really shoddy.

Prince Alvin: It looked as though she can’t really control them that good.

Prince Arnold: *a bit offended* What do you mean by that?

Prince Avery: What he means is that Terra’s abilities if not under better control and perfect control at that… she could cause an earthquake.

Prince Curtis: The Quake can destroy the whole entire city. If we were to train in the outskirts of the city but still within the city nonetheless… She would have demolished the entire city. we’d have no home whatsoever.

Sailor Luna: *in fear* She’s dangerous. Very Dangerous. We need to send her away. She can’t be controlled. Her powers will cause devastation upon the whole world.

Prince Arnold: *Snaps* NO!!! SHUT UP!!! Stop talking like that about Terra. She can’t help it if she lost control. She can’t help it. Something must have made her nervous. Something had to of made her feel scared. she just lost focus is all. She’s not a bad person…

Prince Alvin: She’s not a bad person… But she’s not safe either. *Looking at Prince Arnold* Brother… You’re in love with a very dangerous person. a girl with mass destructive powers and abilities. She’s a good person at heart. But her powers are not trusting. She’s gonna be a huge liability to be kept around.

Prince Arnold: So… What do we do? We can’t just leave her here… We can’t just ditch her. She’s got nowhere else to go. She’s got nothing. No money… No other sets of Clothes. No possessions. Nothing. She’s got nowhere to go.

Prince Avery: She’s a runner. We need to keep an eye on her… But if she doesn’t get control of her powers soon. It’s gonna be off to the roads and sent away with her. She’s dangerous, Brother. You need to believe that. You have to come to terms with that. It’s not that you did anything wrong in trying to build faith in her. or build confidence making her feel that it’s gonna be okay. But we can’t risk anything. We can’t risk anything. She’s dangerous.

Miss Love: *Looking at the others* We can’t let her go near Dinah. Not with her being as dangerous as she is now… She’s gonna be uncontrollable.

Bubble Maiden: Yes. She is a dangerous girl. Nice… friendly… full of pep. But she’s dangerous. Very dangerous. We can’t trust our guts and keep her and have something happen leading to her destroying the whole city. It’s too risky. Way too risky.

Vincent Van Graves: *Stepping over to the family* Enough of that talk now… that will be quite enough… She can gain control.

Raven: *not believing that control can be gained of the powers of the earth* And how can that be possible? Powers like that are dangerous no matter if controlled or not. They’re dangerous. Dangerous. Even my powers are dangerous. That’s why i meditate everyday to keep them in check. I can’t feel much emotion and i am most cold faced. Not because i want to… it’s because i have to. My powers are control and ran by emotions. The more emotion i feel… The more Energy i Release. What makes you think that Terra can control hers just by gaining some control?

Terra: *Overhearing the conversation* I Blew it with you guys… haven’t i? I blew the chance to be accepted here… Like everywhere else i went…

Miss Love: No. You haven’t. We just don’t know what to think about your powers. We saw what happened. You couldn’t control the powers like you thought that you could.

Bubble Maiden: We don’t think you’re bad. We know that you’re trying we can feel that you’re trying hard.

Terra: But? You feel something different.

Sailor Luna: You need better control of them. We know that you don’t have much control of your powers and skills.

Terra: How did you know that?

Sailor Luna: I’m a senshi. I can hear and detect things.

Prince Alvin: And i can as of October of last year… was able to read minds. I can read your mind and i know that you were hiding the secret. we know. *Looking at Prince Arnold* Prince Arnold had the truth of you floating in his head and i managed to pick up the suspicion. I didn’t even want to believe it. But now that we saw the truth… saw you using your powers… and saw that you were not in control of them… it made our suspicions reality.

Vincent Van Graves: *Offering to lend a hand* What if i were able to train her? Train her to use her powers better. The fact that she doesn’t have control in her powers…it isn’t because she has no belief or no trust. It’s obedience. Respect in the earth. She is with powers of the Earth. if i can train her… and gradually build her up to use her abilities slowly but with a regulated speed. It could gain her better control. Better respect for what her powers are.

Prince Avery: Will it work?

Prince Curtis: Can it be effective?

As they were talking…

Beryl: *standing in the shadows* Who is that girl? I have seen her before… that girl is dangerous. Where is she from? *Seeing the Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers with a cloaked girl and a tall man* That Cloaked girl is familiar… I’ve seen her around the city.  *Thinking* I still need a henchmen… A fighter working for me. If i can get that Earth bound girl to serve me and be loyal to me… *Snickers* Yes… Yes. If i can get her to work for me and follow under my command… It will bring the girls to their knees. Having to go against the Earth controlling heroine. I’m gonna get her…


3 weeks later…


Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the girls room…

The Girls have already gone to school and have left for another week of school. to start another week.

Dinah: *Feeling a taste for something sweet and Sugary* Ugh! I got such a sweet tooth. A killer… I keep tasting sugar. *Looking at her Phone and Buzzing for her Nurse* Ami?!

Ami: *Running in* Yes, Dinah?

Dinah: Is there anything sweet to crunch or chow down on? I got such a en-flaring sweet tooth. It’s driving me nuts.

Ami: A sweet tooth?! When did it start?

Dinah: I… *Sitting up and trying to push the feeling down a little* Don’t know. I was fine and all comfortable last night. Just sleeping normally like i usually do. But then during the night i started to feel an aversion to things. To types of food that i usually would eat without cause or with no second thought. I woke up and just tried to shake it off. But… *feeling her sweet tooth acting up* Ugh! i got such an appetite to sweets and candy. Anything that has the candy touch to it.

Ami: Week 22. You might be craving citrus or sugary foods, or develop an aversion to foods you once loved. The Pregnancy is moving further… Other than the hunger for the sweets… How are the little ones doing?

Dinah: *Smiles thinking about her little ones* They’re doing pretty good. I’m still gaining the weight a bit… but it doesn’t even hurt anymore like it had for the longest time. It’s now more tolerable since my little ones are more serene. They’re peaceful and just listening in to what is going on out here… They’re happy. Which makes me just as happy knowing that they’re happy.

Ami: *Smiling* That’s good. I’m happy to hear that. We should check on them a little bit. to monitor their movements.

Dinah: Good idea. I’d like to see my babies and see how they’re doing.

Ami: *Nods* I’ll be right back with the Ultrasound machine.

Dinah: Okay. You get the machine… and after the babies are checked… we can deal with my sweet tooth. but all while i’m watching my BAU. They’re good.

Ami: You like that show… Criminal Minds?

Dinah: You bet that i do. I practically have gotten into it since i was placed on bedrest. it’s gotten really exciting. Especially since this guy… play by a Joe Mantegna stepped in. A Dr. Rossi. He is a real professional guy. He knows how to knock the Suspects down.

Ami: Is it playing today?

Dinah: Yeah. Several episodes today. And i plan to watch them all. I want to see them all. I think that my Kids will get a real education seeing this show. showing that Justice is never fully won… but as long as there are still people fighting for it. Crime will never rise. I want to teach them that there are monsters in the world. That its okay to be afraid. That it’s always right to fight for something. Fight for Justice. Fight for what is right. Not let anything kick you down. But it’s not right to let the monsters win. Shingo is gonna be teaching them things too. We all are. These kids will be the new Generation of the family. living and making a life for themselves. as my sisters and i had. before them. and for the ones who have been there before us. and ones before that.

Ami: That is another step towards being a mother. That’s what will make you a really wonderful mother.

Dinah: *Nods*

A minute later…

Ami: *Checking on the babies* The babies are tangled in the umbilical cord… They’re choking to death. *Checking the readings again* Wait a minute. No. They’re not tangled. They’re using the cord as a pillow. Taking a Nap.

Dinah: They’re smart. They’re using whatever they can find to use and are working to be resourceful.

Ami: They are… In fact that it shows here on the readings… that the babies were Dueling… Practicing self defense.

Dinah: Teaching themselves tricks of the trade before being taught? *astounded* That is new. I never knew pre-newborns to do something like that. I don’t think that there has been any baby or any kind of newborn that could just teach themselves things like that and not even need a mentor. I think that my babies are gonna be one of a kind. I can just imagine what they’ll be like.

Ami: They can also sing too… can’t they?

Dinah: If they were to hear it enough… they’d be able to teach themselves. it’s like mimicry. the animal or for instance… my babies… they are not really seeing what is going on out here… but they are hearing. and to them inside me here… going by hearing… is like seeing to them. If they hear it or hear sounds of what they think is going on… Like singing or reading… Being tough. All of that… If one were to hear it enough… they’d take to it as though they were to see it. After awhile it’d be like nature. it would be like a lesson to them. Like Monkeys. “Monkey see… Monkey do.”

Ami: That’s a good theory. That is a good theory. You’re growing wiser by the moment on being a mother. You’re gonna be fine. Your Fiance happened to come over while you were sleeping. He mentioned about making a list of houses to look for. A New home. for you and the babies. and for him as well. a place for you all to live in.

Dinah: *Lost* What is he trying to do? He is going too far with this… isn’t he?

Ami: Not really, Dinah… Your Fiance is just thinking to the future for the babies… Even for you. He’s not even looking for the house right now. He’s just getting a list together for a possible house for you and the little ones. Just coming up with ideas. He’s wanting to make things right for you and him and the little ones.

Dinah: Which is making me feel more useless. I want to do some of the heavy lifting too.

Ami: I know… But he’s not minding the part where he has to do all the work right now. He just want to make you happy.

Dinah: He doesn’t need to do all that to make me happy for him. I am happy already just knowing that he’s in my life. That’s all i need for being happy. Just knowing that he’s part of my life.

Ami: You’re an easy girl. an Easy woman. You know what you want. how you want it… where you want it. and when.

Dinah: I used to be quite the needy girl. Always wanting more. But since i got pregnant… i changed. i don’t think as though i need more. All i need to be happy is a Family that loves me unconditionally. A man that loves me so much and would gladly give me the world. Plus wonderful friends. Friends that are close and are there till the end. That’s all i will need. I have all that by the mountain full. There is nothing more needed.

At Metropolis Elementary…

Luna: *Looking at Martin* What are you saying?

Martin: The same thing that i’ve been trying to tell you for a while now. It’s been 3 weeks since i told what i was really feeling. Luna, I was being honest the whole time i was with you. I am in love with you. I take it that your sisters were shocked when you told them the details. even though it was said 3 weeks ago and is as true now as it was then.

Luna: They were shocked for sure. So were my cousins. You want to know what they told me? They told me that you were going way too far ahead in the life cycle. Taking the relationship a bit far. They even mentioned that Best Friend status was fine. But to go for love and being boyfriend and girlfriend at my age… That is over doing the whole concept. for 3 weeks they were asking me about what brought up the serious confession. coming from you. They were asking me what got you to come out with a remark of affection especially at age 12.

Martin: They won’t ever understand why i said what i said till i prove it to them i see. It’s fine. I usually have to prove myself everyday. It’s nothing new. had to since age 8.

Luna: Since Age 8?

Martin: That’s right. Age 8. That’s 4 solid years of having to prove my claim. Luna, You and i are close. You always tell me what’s on your mind. I listen. You always take time to hear me out as well.

Luna: I do. I trust you Martin. you know that i do. I wouldn’t know you to lie to me. Not ever.

Martin: *Sighs* Thank you Luna. That was actually nice. I also know that for the longest time… since we met… you never caught the fact that i wear glasses.

Luna: *Spotting Glasses on Martin* I kinda Noticed. But i thought that they looked like sunglasses.

Martin: Oh yeah. *Remembering something* That’s right. You kinda mentioned that to me before. sometime before you mentioned about the apparent brief  fall-out that you’ve had with your sisters Paige and Pearl. For a fall out… that didn’t last very long. Maybe for about a couple or so weeks. But that’s about it.

Luna: You’re right. *Sighs* Thinking about that night though… Your guardian Vincent showed up at our training session. He even used some of his Necromancy to raise the stakes of the Training.

Martin: He made mention of it. Hinted at it. but he didn’t really spill it out much to me till this morning. He waited for 3 weeks before he finally let it out in the open. I Can’t place myself to know why he did it. Said it was 3 weeks ago though when it was done. Maybe he didn’t tell me right away because he wanted to spare me the details. he didn’t want to worry me.

Luna: *Giggling a little* Martin, You’re being so weird. He did it to help us. Plus he is even offering to help Terra gain better control of her powers. Exercises of some sort. But i would have done the same as he did. spare you the details. Not because i didn’t trust. But because i didn’t want you to worry yourself sick over it. It was not gonna help anyone if you were to get worried sick over things that you couldn’t possibly control. Didn’t he even mention that he wanted to help train Terra? He offered to help her.

Martin: You’re kidding? *Surprised* That part he didn’t tell me. *Stopping to look at the class around them and then back at Luna* But… Don’t tell anyone that you got this from me… But… *Talking quieter and whispering to Luna* I hear that the teacher here is secretly seeing someone. She seems way too happy. Plus the fact that Vince Seems more chipper than he ought to be. He’s usually more serious than he has been.

Luna: *feeling something coming* There’s something going on…

Martin: *Confused* What do you mean, Luna?

Luna: I don’t know. But i am sensing something. It’s sinister.

Martin: Are you thinking, Beryl?

Luna: That’s exactly what it could be. Question… Did you happen to see Vincent  with a girl when you saw him this morning?

Martin: A girl? No, Why?

Luna: Well… 3 weeks ago at the night time… before we left the spot where my sisters and i were training and finally seeing Terra use her powers… seeing what she can do… He mentioned that he would take Terra with him and start training her… slowly but surely train her to be better.

Martin: I don’t think that he had her with him when i saw him. There was no one home other than him and me. that was it. Had been for 3 weeks. Vincent and i are kinda close. If there was any girl with him. Like Terra… I’d know. It’s only me and him in the house.

Luna: How is that possible? We saw her going along with him. willing to try anything once. It has been 3 weeks since that happened. If she isn’t with your Guardian… and she’s most definitely not with us… Where is she?

Martin: *At a loss* I don’t know what to tell you, Luna. Honest. I don’t. But this morning… before i left for school. I asked him if there was anything that i should know… and he told me what happened. But didn’t mention anything about Terra. He didn’t even bring her up. I didn’t even see her anywhere. which i already told you… he didn’t tell me till this morning what was going on… You told me the next day about it… but that was when i knew that something was up… i listened and when you told me about it… I kept an eye out for the girl and didn’t see her anywhere. I really didn’t see her anywhere. And i kept telling you each day whether i found or saw her at the house… but each day… no sign of her. anywhere.

Luna: Where do you think she could be then… She’s not at my house. with my sisters and me.

Martin: *Wondering* Do you think that she ran away?

Luna: Ran away?! *Worried* i hope not. But even if she had… Where exactly could she go? Where could she really go that she hasn’t already been?

Martin: *Looking at the passing kids close by* I don’t know… But i should tell that we can’t let wind of this get to anyone in school here. They’ll freak if they knew about the girl. Terra is with powers of Earth. If they were to hear that she was here and was unable to control her powers… knowing that she can cause natural disasters…  We would have a state-wide… or city-wide panic on deck here. I don’t even think that your sisters’ll be able to stop it.

Luna: Well… we are on break right now. There is no one listening to us… is there?

Martin: Luckily… no. There’s not. *Taking another look to make certain that no one was around to overhear* No one’s around and if they were… they’d hardly understand any of it. You’d have to go back to very beginning. back to when this new ordeal first began. That would take a while. Hours… Days. and you…your sisters and cousins don’t have that kind of time to waste.

Luna: *Nods* …

At the Metropolis Shrine…

Rei was walking the grounds and talking with cops who were checking the area for any suspicious activity that went as of late throughout the last 3 weeks…

Officer Kranz: *Walking with Rei over looking everything* I’m sorry that this has to be done, Mrs. Hino. But with the occurrences going on in the City it’s best to be sure. There was a report of a strange girl with blonde hair heading this direction the other week and no one saw her land here… but since then… no one’s seen her.

Rei: I understand. But why would the City be interested in the girl? She’s just a girl. and this place is like a sanctuary. if the girl is here. which i am doubting kindly so it’s heard… if she is here and claims sanctuary. even though you and the city is looking for her… there would be nothing i can do. I can’t deny anyone who claims Sanctuary… shelter. no matter what the crimes must be.

Officer Kranz: This is like a Church or a sacred place and the teachings have to be honored and so does the customs that it holds.

Rei: *Spotting a shadow nearby* A shadow… Evil spirits come again… *tossing a Japanese fortune charm* Evil Presence… Disperse!

Officer Kranz: Close call. Do you get many occurrences here?

Rei: From time to time i do. But most are dealt with by just tossing a Charm and commanding it to disperse.

Officer Kranz: What about other times?

Rei: A summons and a momentary Exorcism. Those are tolerated here. But The Shrine has a Demonologist come in to do such things. I don’t do those.

Officer Kranz: Who?

Rei: A Vincent Van Graves. *Gasps* Wait. I think i know about him. He’s the Guardian to a friend that someone i know hangs with and is close to. A 12 year old boy named Martin Marco. He’s with the guy.

Officer Kranz: Do you do business with him from time to time?

Rei: On occasion. *Checking further with the officer for any weird signs* There is nothing here. Seems really quiet.

Officer Kranz: Maybe so… But with the reports stating that there was something sighted to be within these grounds. it’s best to be sure. Things aren’t safe as they once were. Especially with the mystery girl out there in the city. It’s a girl as some bystanders were describing. But no one knows the name. or how big a threat she is. She’s also wanted for destroying a Fountain that’s been in this City for 40 years. It took 2 years to build it. to get it just right. It took only one moment with that girl whoever she was to do something… and destroy it.

Rei: I heard. *Sighs* I read through the fires about the girl. She’s a hero with an unknown past. but her powers cause her to be misunderstood and seen as destructive and more of that than being a hero… a person to help the city. The girl is not as bad as one would think. But we can’t very well say that we may trust her. Her powers… Earth. They are unstable.

Officer Kranz: Too unstable. She could with one shot destroy this entire city. We can’t allow for her to stay.  *Looking down and then facing Rei* I understand the belief that she’s a runaway. I understand that. but we can’t keep her here when it’s fact that she’s got the power to destroy a whole City. How can we even deal with that?

Rei: I don’t know. But we have to do the best we can. The girl might not be able to help it and can’t control her powers.

A few minutes later…

Rei: *Walking to the side of the Shrine and Sighs* BAKA! I’m such an idiot.  telling a lie to the officer. I should have just said that the girl was here somewhere. If the girl is here… she better behave herself. *Realizing* The girl isn’t here… she never passed by here. If she was here… i would have seen signs of the girl or saw through the fires that she was within the Shrine grounds.


A few creatures pop up from the shrubs and move around…

Rei: Shadow creatures… They’re here… Why are they here… This is sacred ground. Spiritual grounds… There shouldn’t be any reason for the shadows to be here… *Sensing more Shadow creatures coming from the other side* What’s drawing them out into the open? Where are they coming from?

Rei looked for an opening and made a run for it. She couldn’t fight the creatures off where she was… She ran towards the clearing and then get ready to attack…

Rei: *Transforming* Mars Power… Make-up!

The creatures were coming in from 3 directions…

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Sailor Mars: *Posing* The soldier of flame and passion… Sailor Mars. In the name of Mars… I’ll Punish you!

Sailor Mars: *Launching an attack at the Shadow Creatures* Burning… MANDALA!

Shadow Creatures: *Roaring with a piercing cry*

Although… Above the Shrine in the sky…

Raven: *Looking down and noticing some activity going on at the Shrine* What’s going on down there… Something is going on down there… *Seeing a fighter in need of help* Only one person fighting and there is a swarm of those creatures. *Sighs; Diving down to help*

At the Shrine…

Sailor Mars: *Evading the attacks and looking for an opening to get a shot in to strike back*

Raven: *Firing an attack at the shadow Creatures* Azarath Metrion… Zinthos! *shooting Blasts of Dark energy at the creatures and striking them down*

Sailor Mars: *Looking to see Raven close by* Raven? What are you doing here… This is sacred ground. It wards off anything with Evil Blood. How did you find this place?

Raven: I Flew… i was scouring the area for the girl. The one they call Terra. i almost was home when i picked up the distress signal. Coming from here.

Sailor Mars: Okay. I was looking all over the shrine here for signs of Terra. There was an officer here looking for her as well… For one girl… she’s drawn alot of undesired attention to herself. She’s not here… but wherever she is… the search isn’t over yet.

Raven: She’s somewhere in the city. But where exactly is the problem.

Sailor Mars: I can look into the fires and see where she is.

Raven: Intriguing.

Sailor Mars: But first… let’s get rid of these creatures.

Raven: *Nods*

Sailor Mars: Ever done a Double attack?

Raven: Yes. Twice. With Luna.

Sailor Mars: Let’s do it… Double attack.




Sailor Mars & Raven: *Launching an attack at the Shadow creatures* Youma/Azarath….Metrion… Taisan/Zinthos!

The Shadow creatures begin to screech as the attacks hit them head on. It slammed into them dead on. With each shot they did, it blew away the shadow creatures 2 at a time. There were 20 shadow creatures and each of them were just as scary and just as vile.

Sailor Mars: *Looking at Raven* Raven, We’re almost done… the creatures are fading off little by little. You ready to round them up and then hit with another double?

Raven: Right. *Flying off into the air and using telekinesis to pull off some rope nearby and shooting it at the shadow creatures* This should round them up.

Sailor Mars: *Gasps* How were you able to do that?

Raven: Using Telekinesis. I Can use that and when i do…  I put a part of myself into the object and with the mind… I move it wherever i want it or wherever i need to.

Sailor Mars: The Girls never mentioned that. That’s a useful technique. Very useful.

Raven: It helps. I used it to help Dinah out with finding a piece of wood for an Assignment that she had to redo for her one Woodshop class once. That was before her Pregnancy.

Sailor Mars: It’s gifts like that which prove to do more help than anything else. does it help with fighting against the villains and the Evil creatures?

Raven: Yes.

The Shadow creatures were starting to break loose…

Sailor Mars:  The Telekinesis is starting to wear off… We better hurry and beat these Creatures before they break loose completely.

Raven: No kidding. The creatures are restless.

A Second later…

Sailor Mars & Raven: *Launching an attack at the Shadow creatures* Youma/Azarath….Metrion… Taisan/Zinthos!

Inside the Shrine a few minutes later…

Rei: *Walking over to the Alter and starting the fire* Raven, You’re not from around here… That i noticed the first time i saw you. I saw you in the same room with Dinah, Paige and Pearl… last week. I detected something coming from you. I read through the fires and it told me about you… being followed by a being with eyes. 4 red eyes. Evil… Sinister and benign.

Raven: The being you saw was unfortunately… my father. Trigon. He is my father. My Rage comes from him. The 4 red eyes comes from him as well. I’m Half Demon. But Half Human. My mother was Human and she was known as the holy mother of Azarath. But a fellow man who wasn’t really a man strolled on to Azarath one day and Impregnated the holy mother. The man wasn’t really even a man at all. He was in true form… Trigon. The intergalactic Demon. the Master of Terror. Trigon the Terrible. He Impregnated Arella. My Mother. and in came me. They banished Trigon into Limbo… But at a cost. When i was born… i was given a Prophecy that on my 16th Birthday… i would become the Portal that would release Trigon onto Earth. I am only 15… but will be 16 someday soon. In October. The Prophecy is unfortunately… unbreakable… But i’m not believing it. I can’t. Because i don’t want to release him onto Earth. I don’t want to become the portal…

Rei: Don’t worry. If i know the girls and know their capabilities… They’ll do everything and anything they can to make certain that it doesn’t happen. Ever.

A second later…

Rei: *Starting the seance* Ancient spirits… Guide… guide me the visions of the fire… show me the Evil that comes to Earth… Show us the Symbol of its presence.

Voice: *Laughing Sinisterly and demonic* Aheheheheheh! Aheheheheheh! My dear daughter. You’re Daddy’s little girl. The day will come when you’ll release me from this hellish prison. The world of Mortals shall soon be ended.

Rei: who was that? What was that? *Looking at Raven* What was that we just saw?

Raven: It’s the symbol that was used to symbol the name that hid the true name of the master to the ancient order on Azarath. It’s called the Mark of Scath. That was Scath. as they call him… but we know him… as Trigon. Trigon the Terrible. That Voice that you just heard speaking was him. That was Trigon.

Rei: Trigon? The Ancient Evil of the entire Galaxy… He’s called you out saying that you’d release him. What did he mean by that? What was he saying? Are you…

Raven: I’m not just a person… I’m also… A Portal.

Rei: When is this Demon said to come?

Raven: Not for some time still but the time is getting short and if you’re now getting that vision of him through the fire…. it means that he’s a bit closer than he was a few months before.

Rei: This isn’t good. We must be ready.

Raven: you can’t be ready. There is no stopping him once he starts appearing. He is the incarnation of all things Evil. The sinister walking nightmare.

Rei: Don’t tell that to the girls… They’ll only want to find ways to go after it and beat him.

Raven: *Sighs*…

However that afternoon…

At Metropolis High…

Paige: *Walking to the parking lot* Pearl, I think that i finally got the hang of the Math. I am doing alot better than i was 3 weeks ago.

Pearl: You went for tutoring and get the help that you needed from the teacher.

Paige: Yeah. Mrs. Klump taught me some tricks to use for it. I think i am getting it now. I think that the worst is over.

Pearl: Well… That’s good. I got to go with the class tonight for the Choir Competition. It’s tonight at the Music Hall.

Paige: Do you really not want to go to it?

Pearl: You don’t want the answer to that. Do you? It’s the last thing i’d want to deal with. I would rather spend tonight relaxing and being with my Boyfriend. Jack wants to see me and i want to see him. But now that i got this Music thing… I got to make sure that i rehearse and am ready for tonight. It’s at 8:00 Tonight.

Paige: I Think that i’d like to see that. See you Sing.

Pearl: *Chuckles* You would… Wouldn’t you?

Paige: Well… sure. Why not? I got to see you do something entertaining. You are good with entertaining. Fashion isn’t your only strong Niche. You’ve got other things to be good at too. Like Singing. You can be good at singing too. I know that you can do it. Remember that a couple years ago… you were so into singing anything from Miranda Cosgrove?

Pearl: I… I… You’re right. I did do that… didn’t i?

Paige: That’s right. You did. You can sing. I know you can.

Pearl: *Walking over to her car* I guess that i could do that. But not with the danger going on. We still have a bit to worry about. The Fountain is no longer an issue anymore since the Portal to Dark Kingdom is completely opened now. Now all we have to worry about is Beryl, Dinah’s Pregnancy, The girl… Terra. Figuring out where she’s at and where she vanished to. Then we have at the end… The Demon. The Intergalactic Demon. Scath. Whoever that is… We got him to worry about. Although we kinda already do know who he is because when we went into Raven’s mind… we happened to see a manifestation of him. It looked bad either way. But if that Manifestation is anything like the real thing… We got one heck of a fight on our hands.

Paige: True. But that isn’t till sometime down the road. Lucky for us.

Pearl: that may be the point. But we still have that to worry about.

Paige: *Looking at homework* This is gonna be easy. Really Easy.

Pearl: What? The math? It should be easy now. You did get the training and the extra help for it. So it should be pretty straight forward.

Paige: What about P.E? I had to run 10 laps. My legs are killing me. You noticed how i was just walking kinda sluggish?

Pearl: I noticed. But i kinda thought that it was just you walking funny. But *caught by surprise* 10 Laps? That’s alot. Considering on how big the track is. That track isn’t exactly what you’d call subtle and small.

Paige: No kidding.

Pearl: I just wonder what Dinah’s up to.

Paige: Probably just trying to handle her hunger attack. She’s on the week of having either a sweet tooth or a knack for eating citrus like things and having an aversion to things that she used to love to eat.

Pearl: She’s probably hungry. We should get her something. Surprise her.

Paige: Good idea.

At the Metropolis Elementary school…

Luna: *Looking at Martin; Thinking* Something Doesn’t seem right.

Martin: I know what you mean… *Cleaning his glasses* I feel it too. I could have sworn that i heard someone laughing in the distance.

Luna: *Lost* Laughing?

Martin: I think that it was… I’m not sure. It sounded like… someone was laughing low key. Almost Sinister.

Luna: Sinister? Who do we know that can laugh in a sinister like manner?

Martin: Luna, You’re not trying to tell me that you’re gonna start profiling the laugh and trying to find the match, are you?

Luna: Yes i am. I got to figure out what that laugh was. It sounded dark… Sinister like. It was really sinister. *Remembering the laugh* I…  *Gasps* That was… S-s-s-s-s….. SCATH!!!!!

Martin: *Pauses and Looking at Luna with Outrage and Terror* What?! SCATH?! Who the heck is that? *Suddenly recalling what Luna was telling him about before in the beginning* Oh god… Oh no… Don’t say it. Don’t tell me… That was the Intergalactic Demon. Trigon… Trigon the Terrible, Wasn’t it?

Luna: *Sheepishly and scared to say* Yes. That was… *Feeling mortified* That was Trigon…If we are hearing his voice now… that must mean only one thing. He is closer to Earth than he was before…

Martin: You’re not joking about that… Are you?

Luna: Martin… You know me well enough to know that i never joke. Never. Not about things like this. This is no Joke, Martin.

Martin: *Waving his hands in a start* No no… i believe you. I am just a little struck with the news. It’s alot to take on. It’s alot to swallow too.

Luna: *Nods*

A minute later…

Martin: Where’re your sisters?

Luna: Paige and Pearl… No idea. They should be here soon. they should be here by now. They might have gotten tied up or something.

Martin: Yeah. That is usually the problem. They’re late. But then so is Vincent. He’s been wondering about that girl Terra. She was said to have come to stay at our place. But she never came. Since then… no one has seen her. There have been reports of her being sighted… but no one could catch up to her at all. The Crystal ball couldn’t pick up anything. It was a blank.

Luna: I can not begin to imagine.  I detected a energy spike coming from her…  between then and now and found nothing… She’s here in the City but is running scared. She’s continuously on the run…

At King John’s house…

4:00 in the afternoon…

Prince Alvin: *Tilting his head back; sitting on the couch* … This is killing me. Terra is sighted all over the city. But no one is able to catch her.

Prince Arnold: I know… I feel like i lost the girl again. She and i barely got together. then right after the training… She took off. Vince… i think offered to help her gain control… of her powers. But she never went. She vanished.

Prince Alvin: I know. Luna told the girls who told us after Luna was told by Martin who was told by the Guardian… Vincent who looked all over for her and couldn’t find a trace of her anywhere.

Prince Avery: That’s not all. We also got ourselves a big problem on top of it. We still have to worry about Beryl… and the start of worrying over the Demon.

Prince Curtis: It doesn’t matter. I think that Me and Megan are becoming estranged. She hasn’t been at school and i was staying with her at her place. But She has become completely reclusive. She has not come out of her room and she won’t talk. Won’t even make a sound.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at his brother* You’re sure? Oh man… I’m sorry to hear about that, brother. I am. I hope that it gets better soon. You and Megan were perfect for one another. She made you happy. She’s been like close to us and everything. Something must have happened to her. I think that if you were wise for the wear… you’d do all you could to solve it.

Prince Arnold: I agree. During times like these… the last thing we’d be wanting is a spurned love life.

King John: *Walking into the Living room with his father* What are they trying to do to you? Send you away? I mean, It’s a nice opportunity for you. Something that could provide several fringe benefits for you… But What if they decide to keep you and you can’t come back to Metropolis? My boys will miss you.

Prince Alvin: *Snapping his head to the side overhearing the conversation* Miss you? Why? Where’re you heading off to?

Prince Arnold: What’s going on?

King John: Boys… Your grandfather is gonna be leaving the city.

Prince Avery: *Curious* Why? What the heck for? Is something the matter? Whatever it is… we can take care of it.

Prince Curtis: What’s all this talk about you leaving the city?

John: *Sighs and sits down with a bit of a heavy heart* I know how this is gonna sound, Younguns… i know that it won’t make a whole lick of sense at all. But i have to let you know before i leave for the airport. I was gonna tell you the first chance i got and when i first was told about it. Trixie is also going as well. She’s at your Aunt’s house right now and letting her know about the circumstances. I feel like i’m leaving everything behind here… But… My Editor… Perry White. You might have heard of him. Heard about him.

King John: I did. I was told about him by you a few times. He used to back in the day work for a half rate entertainment company called X-Styles… The one stop for the paranormally inclined. That was before he became serious and got with going for the Journalism beat. and worked on being the Editor in chief for the Daily Planet. Why?

John: Well… He got a call from the Daily Planet hub in Germany. Yeah… Germany. But the thing was when he got the call… It was 3 weeks ago. But when he got it… they told him as then he told me and Trixie… They were backlogged and it would take 3 weeks to get their systems and their files all set. but they called the planet again today and said that they were ready for us to come.  It’s happening.

Prince Alvin: If you knew about it 3 weeks ago… Why didn’t you say anything? You could have had the time to fight it. Here… we can protect you and Trixie. We can’t get to you in Germany. We can’t guard you from the reigns of that Intergalactic Demonic Bastard Trigon. He’s gonna come in the future. He’s gonna be coming. If you’re not in this city… we won’t be able to save you as well as we’d like to. There will be nothing that we can do, Gramps. There won’t be anything that we can do.

Prince Avery: When do you leave for Germany?

John: Tonight. I had it all figured though. or so i was told. They are gonna only have us there for about maybe a few weeks if that. No more than that. No more than that.  I don’t want to go. But it’s for a cause. I was even testy towards it. *Looking at Prince Alvin* Son, Your father will see that i’m okay. You’re not gonna have to worry about it. I’ll be okay. I will. You’re gonna have to stop worrying about your Grandpa John all the time here. I know that you’re like the Alpha male and you like to be the top… having the busiest life. Worrying about your cousins… Your brothers. Your friends and then worrying about the whole city. placing the whole city and the whole world in Metropolis on your shoulders. You need to stop and just enjoy the simple things. Being a strong person like you’ve been. the enforcer. Do your old gramps a favor. Try to calm down a bit and enjoy life a little. You’re young now and are a hero and doing things for the city. Doing the duties that a hero must do. But a normal life won’t always be around. There will be things you want to do for being normal. If you pass them up… you’ll just be winding up with a lifetime of regrets. Wondering that age old question: “What would’ve my life been if only i’d done (___________)” You don’t want to ask that question. You don’t ever want to have to face that question having to be asked. Because if you waste your life away always being the hero… you’ll be feeling only regret for you know that you could have done something wonderful set a life for yourself. to live by.

Prince Alvin: I know gramps. And i’ll do my best. Not promising anything though. Because with my duties and the things that i deal with as do the girls… it’s not so easy to put that on the back burner… especially when you know that there is a threat just itching to bust on in.

Prince Avery: Don’t we know it. It just doesn’t get any easier… does it?

Prince Curtis: What about the job here though? Will it be waiting for you?

John: Yes. It will be. Perry White even promised that it would be still available for us when we came back from Germany.

King John: Do you need a ride over to the Airport?

John: Yeah.  Trixie doesn’t drive. and I can’t take my car. The Airport personnel won’t allow anyone to have their cars in the lot for more than maybe a couple weeks. Anymore than that they make moves to try and tow the cars away.

Prince Alvin: I can give a lift on the Motorcycle. Not sure if it can hold any of the Luggage you have with you… But it’s gonna be better than to take a cab. and hoping you’d have cab fare to get to where you need to be. You’ll probably miss your flight if you did that.

John: *Surprised* You drive Motorcycles?

Prince Alvin: Of course i do… Didn’t Pops tell you about that?

John: Not really. I think that he left that part out of the discussion. He never told me about that.

Prince Alvin: Then this will be a special surprise for you. When does your flight leave?

John: It leaves in about 4 hot hours. But with the Ticket Purchasing and the going through customs to the gate. It might be better if we left in about maybe an hour.

Prince Alvin: You got it. When you’re ready… Let me know…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Grandma Rikku: *Looking at her sister* Trixie, Why are you going to Germany? Their laws are different there and they still have some dark parts to them.

Trixie: That i noticed, sis. I noticed it. But my boss Perry got a call from Germany 3 weeks ago. And was told that they are in need of a couple of reporters. to help get things rolling. Just till they were able to get a dozen of new Reporters. I know.  It’s not fair for me to leave the city. Especially with all the crimes being done in this city. People going around and bashing our family every other week. It never stops.

Paige:  *Not understanding* Then why are you? You know that if you get attacked in Germany… we won’t be able to come. We can’t fly that far in our hero form and we can’t very well buy a plane ticket and fly there. There is just no way for us to get there.

Pearl: Plus not only that… if you get hurt there and we came… we’d only be tempted to bring you back to Metropolis and cause you to get in trouble. We don’t want that to happen.

Trixie: Of course not. And I am sure that you don’t want me to be killed either. You wouldn’t want to write another suicidal entry. Would you? *Looking at Pearl* Yeah. I know all about the entry. I know that you were thinking about Suicide after the loss of your mother. My sister… Your grandmother told me all about it. And the Entry she said she read. i listened and see it being suicidal. You never speak of suicide like that and hope that no one reads it. If you are feeling something. You come out with it. Keeping it locked inside and hoping that it will go away… will only do more harm than good. it will just fester in you and make you sicker than a dog. You’re actually lucky that your grandma caught it and read it and not someone else. like some stranger. If a stranger saw it and read it… You’d be locked in a mental hospital faster than you could cry for help. You’d be feeling really broken minded.

Dinah: *Sitting in a Wheelchair listening* That is so wrong. Pearl is not suicidal. She’s nothing like that. That Entry was nothing of the kind. Pearl was just taking the loss really hard. Imagine if it was one of your kids… and they had daughters… but when the mother died… it shattered them and one of them were that uber sensitive that they wrote that kind of entry… Would you be thinking the same about them?

Trixie: No.

Dinah: Well think about how Pearl is feeling about that. You really think that she is turning Suicidal just by the one entry that she posted?

Trixie: No. I wouldn’t think so.

Dinah: It’s the same thing though. Pearl was totally sensitive about the loss. I think that we all were. I was too. However my coping with it was by feeling the Rage. and then the anguish. I for a while after that night when i saw the dead body in this house and recognized it to be our Mother. Then Grandma coming in to see and going totally waterlogged over the loss. Not blaming her. I’d be the same way too. If it were my kids that i lost… i would be crying my eyes out.  That isn’t a lie either. Paige felt terrible. Wanted to throw in the towel on everything. If it weren’t for the guys… talking to her and trying to get through to her and console her in some way… She would have. You know that.

Grandma Rikku: I think that we all know that. Dinah. You girls took it rigorously hard. I don’t know how anyone could take it any other way than that. It was a sad time. a devastating moment. I was at the Local Bar with Charlene and John… i had a couple drinks and hoped that it’d drown my sorrows. It did. But only for a moment. I cried myself to sleep. did that for almost 2 and a half weeks solid.  Sometimes in my sleep i could swear that i was hearing my Daughter’s voice. In my sleep. I would wake up in a cold sweat and it would take me about an hour each time to shake it off and believe that she was still alive and wasn’t dead. But then when the morning came… i’d come to realize that Princess Rikku, My sensitive Daughter was still gone. Dead. That the belief that she was still alive was in fact still a pipe dream. an illusion. if nothing else than that.

Dinah: I couldn’t imagine a moment where i’d be feeling the same thing. That must be a mother’s curse. Worrying or fearing the moment or that possibility that your own child is dead or has been killed, Murdered. died of sickness. It’s what i hope that never happens to any of my kids.

Paige: It won’t.

Trixie: *Changing the subject* Yes. Well… i am gonna be heading to Germany. It maybe a few Weeks if nothing more. But that’s till they get new dozen of Reporters and recruits for the place.  I know… i don’t wish to go… But it’s obviously for a good cause as it were. if there really was one. I didn’t really want to go. But after hearing to be a move for a good cause and expand the influence… i went along and agreed to do it. I have to be at the Airport soon. The Flight leaves 4 hours later than that. but getting there… there’s dealing with baggage, Customs. Getting the plane ticket. It’s gonna be hell.

Pearl: I could take you before i make way to the Metropolis Music hall for the Choir Competition. It’s tonight. at 8:00.

Paige: I’d like to see that. I still think it’s a nice opportunity for singing.


Luna: *Walking in suddenly* Where were you two today? You two never came to pick me up from school. Good thing that Martin’s Guardian offered to give me a ride. Otherwise i would still be at school wondering how i was gonna get home.

Pearl: *Looking at Luna* Sorry Luna. We didn’t mean to forget about you. We had a lot on our minds this afternoon and didn’t stop to think that we had to come pick you up from school.

Paige: Tonight’s the Choir.

Luna: Really?

Pearl: Yeah. It’s tonight. We got to do this song called “Who by fire” I still would like to know who the heck sings it. I never have heard about that song before. i really don’t know that song. I had to rehearse though.

Dinah: I’m coming to see that. I got to have some enjoyment. Some entertainment. I’ve been cooped up inside the house and inside the bed for so long that if i don’t get out just a little bit… i will go stir crazy. Nuts. I need to get out a little every now and then till the end of the Pregnancy…


At Vincent Van Graves Residence…

Martin: *Looking at his Crystal ball and looking to see more on the Intergalactic Demon* What was that Demon? Luna keeps saying that it was Scath. But i’ve never heard of him much. i never even saw a face… till… *Seeing a face in the Crystal Ball* Now… *Seeing Suddenly a Symbol and then 4 red eyes and red face* Oh man… that was him… That has to be him…

Scath: *Voice* The world of Mortals Shall Soon be ended!

Martin: *Running to hide in his room* I don’t like this. That Demon is bad bad news. I better call Luna and let her know about it. She’s gonna want to be kept informed about the Demon sighting. I have no idea as to what she’s gonna say when i tell her that i just saw a glimpse of the Demon. Scath. I’m not a Chicken… But i am definitely not gonna be spewing happy tunes about this. This is spooksville.

Vincent Van Graves: *Wondering what’s gotten Martin all freaked out* Hmm…

In Martin’s Room…

Martin: *Panting in panic* That was Scath. That was Scath. great snakes that was Scath. It’s a lucky break that he can’t come through that Crystal ball. Because if he could… we’d have a real problem that was way ahead of time…

A Minute later…

Martin: *Looking at the phone and sighs* I better call Luna and let her know that i had a frightening viewing of the Demon through the Crystal Ball. She’s never gonna believe this. Not even a little bit…

That night…

After The Choir Competition…

Pearl: That was tiring…

Paige: Not really. It was entertaining. You were wonderful up there. Seriously. You were really amazing. Even for a song that you’ve never done before. or never heard on once.

Dinah: *Rolling over in the Wheelchair* That’s true. I never really thought that a song like that could be sang. It was indeed surprising. Whoever it was that originally done the song “Who by fire” did a surprising hand at it.

Christie: *Behind Dinah and looking to see flashing* You guys are getting a call coming in. Your belts are flashing.

Paige: They are? *Looking down and seeing the belt flashing* What’s going on?

Pearl: I think that we’re getting a call. *grabbing at her buckle and pulling out her communicator* We better jet. *Sighs* So much for seeing Jack. *Answering the communicator* Hello?!

Rei: *Voice* Pearl… Paige… There is something going on at the Metropolis Quarry. It’s in the Industrial district of the City… There is something going on and it’s got the influence of Beryl. There’s more…

Paige: What do you mean more? How much more is it?

Rei: Well… There are 3 Creatures at the Quarry. One of Electric, One of Sludge and one of Stone. Plus there is a swarm of Fire creatures. and Of course a Youma.

Pearl: If a Youma is there…

Paige: That means only one thing…

Christie: Beryl. She’s at it again… You girls better shake your tail feathers and get your skins over there and handle the mess. Don’t be waiting for an invitation.

Dinah: I wish that i could come and join in the fight.

Christie: Oh no… You’re not gonna join any fight. You’re gonna be taken home Danger Zone… You’re pregnant. And Pregnant people don’t go out and battle creatures and evil beings…

Dinah: I know… Let’s get back home before i get tempted to bust out and enter the battle anyway. I don’t think that my Fiance will be happy to know that i was about to act nutty and literally risk my life and get into the battle again in my current condition.

Christie: And i’d be kicking you in the butt also. Plus not to mention that your in-home doctor would be furious about it. So would your grandmother and that Dark energy gal too. They’d be most unhappy about it.

Luna: Dinah, You get back home where it’s safe. We’re gonna go and deal with the problem. Beryl must have struck again. We don’t want her come at you more than what she has already.

Paige: Don’t forget that your Fiance will not be so pleased if any harm were to come to you. for any reason.

Pearl: Your babies would be the ones that would suffer because of it.

Dinah: *Understands* Point well taken.

But At the Metropolis Quarry…

Quarry foreman: *Commanding the workers* Get your butts out of here… Run… Move… Move… Move… Move!

Workers: *Running* Make way… What the hell are those things that appear here in the Quarry? Where the hell did they come from?

As they ran… The Fire Minions came in and started to scavenge all over the place. Blocking the exits and blocked them from leaving. The Youma came from the side and growled. Roared loud at the civilian workers… It got worse than that.  Within seconds 3 creatures came in and began to ravage the place… There was The sparky one… the Sludge and then the Stone… The Rhapsody Girls were gonna be in for a complete surprise when they came and saw them…

Workers: What are we gonna do? We’re gonna die. That’s what. We’re gonna die.

Sailor Luna: *Voice* Not while we got a say about it…

Miss Love: *Flying in* That’s right. We’re here to trash these vile monsters.

Bubble Maiden: *Flying in* These Naughty monsters are not being nice… We’re gonna give them a time out.

Prince Alvin: *Pulling in and leading his brothers* Brothers… Take a side. Start hammering away.

Prince Arnold: Right.

Prince Avery: I’ve got the east side.

Prince Curtis: The west side is all mine.

Quarry Foreman: *Looking to see some Teens and a little girl* Who’re you?

Sailor Luna: We’re The Rhapsody clan. Sailor Luna…

Miss Love: Miss Love.

Bubble Maiden: Bubble Maiden.

Prince Alvin: Flaming Soul.

Prince Arnold: Water Lord.

Prince Avery: Plasma-Core.

Prince Curtis: Electric Rage.

Miss Love: *With Bubble Maiden* We’re the Rhapsody girls Z!

Sailor Luna: I’m one too.

Prince Alvin: *With the boys* We’re the Rhapsody Brothers.

Quarry Foreman: Nice. Get at those things and take out the trash, will ya?! Those things are wrecking up a work site that the men here have spent a few months building and getting ready for mining material for building new buildings for the city. Those things are wrecking our whole operation.

Miss Love: Stopping progress? *Looking at her sisters* That’s got to be Beryl’s handy work. That’s the work of her brand of mayhem… Causing trouble wherever possible.

Sailor Luna: This is just like her trying to turn the Earth’s people against the people from the moon. It’s the same thing. But now she’s trying to cause destruction by her own hands…

Bubble Maiden: No kidding. And this time she’s sent 3 creatures and a Youma… Plus these Fire Minions. However… The Fire Minions aren’t her doing. They’re the signs of a Demon. Scath. He’s far from Earth… but he’s closer than he was some time ago. Plus his influence is getting even more deeper.

Prince Alvin: We have 3 Creatures. Cinderblock… Plasmus and Overload.

Prince Arnold: I’ll take the one with the electricity. Water and that don’t mix.

Prince Avery: I’ll go after the Sludge head.

Prince Curtis: Who’s gonna take Stone face?

Prince Alvin: No idea. I guess that we’ll have to shift between them all.

Miss Love: We’re gonna need help.

Sailor Luna: From who?

Raven: *Shadowing in* From me…

Sailor Mars: *With Venus* Don’t forget us.

Sailor Venus: Let’s clear these creatures away…


Plasmus: *Screeching* Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at Plasmus* Luna… Sugardrill!

Prince Alvin: *Launching an attack at Plasmus* Inferno Cannon!

Prince Arnold: *Launching an attack at Plasmus* Water Force!

Prince Avery: *Launching an attack at Plasmus* Plasmatic Chain!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an attack at Plasmus* Electric Charger!

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at Plasmus* Love’s Jamming Rhapsody!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at Plasmus* Bubbles Storming Concerto!

Sailor Mars: *Looking at Raven* Double attack?!

Sailor Venus: Let’s try a triple attack.

Raven: Triple?! Okay. Lets.

A second later…

Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus & Raven: *Launching an attack at Plasmus* Youma/Venus/Azarath… Love me/Metrion…. Taisan/Chain/Zinthos!

Raven: *Seeing the human asleep* He’s asleep. *Looking at the others* I’ll be back. I’m taking this thing to an pod and gonna place him in to it. maybe this time it’ll keep him under hibernation!

Sailor Venus: *Nods* Take him. Come back as fast as you can. We’re gonna need all the help we can get here…

Sailor Luna: *Firing her wand at CinderBlock* This Stone head need to be knocked down.

Prince Alvin: We’re gonna flash mob this creature from the Stoneyard… *Looking at his Brothers* Brothers, Open FIRE!

Prince Arnold/Prince Avery/Prince Curtis: AYE! Sir, yes Sir!

A minute later…

Rhapsody Brothers: *Looking at one another*…  *Launching an attack at CinderBlock and Overload* Elemental Marathon! Wave 1: Flash INFERNO!

Sailor Luna: *Jumping off to battle with some Fire Minions* Hiya!

Rhapsody Brothers: Elemental Marathon! Wave 2: Watery LIQUIDATION!

Miss Love: *Jamming her heart Guitar and Launching an attack at The Fire Minions*  Love’s Rocking Rhapsody!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at The Fire Minions* Bubbles Storming Concerto!

But while they were all battling against the creatures and fighting the beings that were at the Quarry…

In the Air heading to Germany…

Trixie: *Looking at John* Do you think that we’re doing the right thing going to Germany and pulling away from our family?

John: My son will be fine. He’s a strong man. He’ll be okay. But it’s his One son Prince Alvin. I worry about the youngun. I worry about him. He has a lot of worry on his shoulders. HE’s like the Alpha male of the Brothers… But he takes a lot of the pressure. He’s 17 and is with so much stress.

Trixie: *Shaking her head* I know. I feel bad for him feeling like that. I really do feel bad for him. But i also feel bad for Dinah. She’s halfway through her pregnancy and it’s gonna get even more complicated. I am almost tempted to hop on a plane and go back to Metropolis as soon as we land in Germany. I really don’t think that anything will happen to her that shouldn’t. But with the loss of Princess Rikku… i am with a sheer fear that if the Pregnancy goes sour on her and she dies from it… this could become another Princess Rikku incident. I really don’t want to think about that. I don’t… but this is hard to consider.

John: It is hard, Sis. Really sad all the same. I would like myself to light a bonfire and foretell that everything is gonna be grand. I’d like to say that there is no need to worry about the girls and then worry about the guys. Because if i were to tell you that… i’d only be bullshitting you. Only because that if truth beknown to us and to them as well… Things are far from that. They got a bad threat going on. One named Trigon from what i figure. Don’t ask how i know… but my son told me that he over heard his boys talking about it once and he nearly pissed his pants just thinking about it. *Chuckles* I know… Poor Kiddo. He is a grown man but hearing about something like that is anything to make anyone to just soil themselves.

Trixie: I can imagine the terror they’re facing. It’s a battle that is drawing hell in for them. They never had a battle like that. Not ever. but now they’re right smack dab in the middle of Hell and Demonic manifestations.

John: We had a feeling that this was gonna happen. we felt it. we were told by Dinah Lance and she was told to not spread it… She told us. and before the girls were told… we were just itching to tell them the scoop. But now we’re regretting that we wanted to. They were told it by Chloe and i can almost bet you the whole year… that Pearl and Luna were both freaking themselves out. On the offshoot though… if you were to put a whole bunch of military men aside from the heroes… like the ones we know… Black Canary, Impulse… A name i don’t want to bring up. Ever. Arthur Curry, Victor Stone, Green Arrow. and possible others… You align them as one line and as a forefront to face the Demon… such as Trigon as it were… You’re gonna have a whole mess of professional tough guys and gals turn back to their little kid like personalities all the while pissing and piddling in their pants and skirts.

Trixie: *Looking out the window* I too was freaking out about it. I really didn’t like the sound of the Demon being let onto this planet. I really don’t want to see that day come. But i agree with you, brother. I do. It’s most definitely a real fine mess that they’re all Stewing in.

John: Neither do i. But knowing about the details of what’s about to happen. I really hope that it never comes to that. *Looking at the other passengers* Poor common people… living their lives. Unaware that there is something demonic in the horizon not so far into the future. They have no clue as to what may come.

Trixie: I don’t think that anyone wants to know. It is probably something that they don’t sire to know. I wouldn’t blame them though. If i were any of them… I wouldn’t want to know anything about it either. I’d rather try to deny it. play the denial bit and hope that it just goes away.

John: Either way… Our Nieces and Nephews are in for a real hell.

Trixie: Dinah’s pregnancy is gonna be hard on them all. Plus the fact that they have to deal with Beryl’s antics and then ultimately the Demon. I believe that we’re gonna have to hope that nothing happens to them.

John: I’m praying already for them. Praying hard for Prince Alvin… he’s gonna need it most of all…

Back in Metropolis…

At Vincent Van Graves…

In Martin’s room…

Martin: *Looking through the Crystal ball and seeing something* What is that there… *seeing a background with monsters and Youma* Shadow creatures. Fire Minions Plus 3 monsters. Electric, Sludge and Stone. It looks like it’s a real blood bath over there… But who’s all there at the Quarry? That’s a Quarry there and there is something else there too. *Seeing a Woman coming out from the shadows* Who is that? *Watching through the Crystal ball and seeing a group of people fighting the creatures and the monster* That’s The Rhapsody Clan. The Girls. Paige and Pearl. There’s also The 4 boys. The Rhapsody Brothers. But there’s also 3 senshi girls. Plus that cloaked girl too. Raven. That had to be Raven. But Also there’s… *Seeing his friend Luna there* Luna! Oh god. There could be trouble. I better go and do something. there could be trouble that’s about to stir.

Martin then runs out and heads outside of the house. But before he could take off, Vincent caught him and as he was about to pull a fast one and give the slip… Vincent Looked at Martin and pleaded to be told of what was getting him in such a panic…

Martin: I got to go out to the Quarry. Luna… She’s there. *in a panic* There are a swarm of fire Minions… A Youma… and 3 monsters. Each one of them just aimed to take them all out.

Vincent: You’re that worried about your friend and want to help her out. Right?

Martin: Yeah. Luna’s like my best friend.

Vincent: Well… i don’t know if sending you out there is the wisest choice. It is dangerous. You, My dear Child are without powers or with any means of fighting. You have no super abilities. But… If you’re wanting to start becoming part of the team and fight along side them… battling the beasts that come. Monsters and villains. even entities… There there is something that i might be able to do.

Martin: *Surprised* Really? Like what?

Vincent: Follow me to the Study dear lad… you’ll see.

Martin: Okay. Dr. Graves… let’s see what you got. *Grins*

In the Study a couple minutes later…

Vincent and Martin were inside and looking at books on creating a tool of power. Something to use to fire blasts of elemental power at the Evil…

Vincent: *Reading the books and seeing how to produce a spell* Now let’s see. You need something efficient. Efficient and durable. unbreakable. something with power and with strength.

Martin: With Elements too i’d bet, Right? Got to have that in there…

Vincent: Exactly the point there, my dear boy. That’s exactly what it must have. It’s got to have that. And *Looking to see the spell* The spell is in German. I happen to know some German… Actually i am fluent in 9 Languages. Jewish, Armenian, German, French, British, Irish, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. Let’s create the weapon. Martin… You might want to stand back a little bit. This is gonna get a tad bright and will blind you if you stand close and stare at it… It’s gonna be dangerous for me as well but i am with the will of a Wizard. I can handle this. You can’t.

Martin: Oh yeah… Don’t worry. If you say it’s dangerous… i’ll just stand back. *Standing back*

Vincent: *Nods* Here we go. *Chanting and conducting a spell* Power of one … Cast athunder mit dem Element Gold … Engel küssen … Demon Loch … starshine Versprechen. Dearly Abfahrt … Hercules Champ. Feuer und Licht. Dunkel und heilig. Wasser und Boden. Elektro-und Plasma-… Sicherung ein. fusionieren ewig. Kombinieren Sie … Kräfte des Geistes. Erwachet! (English Translation: Power of one… Cast athunder with element gold… Angels kiss… Demon’s hole… starshine’s promise. Dearly depart… Hercules Champ. Fire and light. Dark and holy. Water and ground. Electric and plasma… Fuse one. fuse eternal. Combine… Powers of the spirit. AWAKEN!)

Within seconds Lights of the elements… different colors began to play and flow. with one element after another pouring into a center… flowing into the center and causing the elements to react negatively for a moment before stabilizing and connecting. Growing power and slowly with a flash of colors and light starting to form a weapon…

Martin: *Shocked* What is that?! What’s happening?!

Vincent: Your weapon is being formed. It’s gonna take a moment… But If you really have to get to where your best friend Luna is… Hurry. Something will happen and you’ll find yourself with a weapon. and a Transformation Charm. It’ll turn you into a hero of ages… You’re with the idea that you’ll be a Tuxedo of some kind. But it won’t be like that. It’ll be something else. *Looking at Martin standing there* Martin… dear boy… what are you waiting for? Go. get out to your friend… You’re gonna be too late if you don’t run. You’ll get the surprise soon. But go… Go.

Martin: *Nods*

Martin then makes his way over to where the Quarry was… He didn’t have the fastest legs to run that swift… but he ran right through the Neighborhood and took every back way and every shortcut he could… anything to get to where his best friend and sired Girlfriend was beating down the creatures…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Dinah: That outing was worth it… Pearl’s a swell singer. She’s a nice one. I would like to see that she becomes rather famous for all she does. She’s Fashion trendy. Fashion smart. Wise beyond her years. She’s sensitive yet very driven by ambition. Singing and being part of the team. She’s got an angelic voice. A voice that rings out. *Looking at Christie* My sister was really splendid. I think that my babies are having a excited fit. They want to hear more. Too bad that Pearl isn’t a jukebox or otherwise she’d do it forever.

Christie: I wouldn’t know about that, Dinah. You can’t force a person to do something they don’t sire to do. You can put belief in them and let them know that you believe in them. that you trust them. that you have faith in them… but that’s all that you can really do. That’s about all you can really do. I *Looking at the Monitors and shifting it away from Dinah’s view* of course believe that Pearl can actually sing. She can sing. Out of all the ones there… in her class on stage… She was actually the one that rang out with a clear voice. She rang out with a heavenly Voice. I saw it. heard it. So did you.

Dinah: *Shaking her head* I heard it… I also for a little heard something else. Something that did not sound normal or sound right. My babies heard it too and also felt numb by the voice that sounded off. Pearl drowned out most of the voice. but from what i heard while there… I am sure that Paige heard of it too. Heard of it and chances are that she’s gonna mention it to Pearl… and to the others. Even to the 4 guys.

Christie: I don’t think i am getting what you’re trying to explain… What voice are you talking about?

Dinah: I’m not sure. That’s the problem. I don’t know what it was. it was brief but fast and it came out of nowhere.

Christie: The Voice… What did it sound like? What did it sound like to you?

Dinah: *Trying to think* Let’s see. Dark. Really dark. Low and kinda booming. Booming but yet undetectable. Like a ghost voice. White noise.

Christie: Dark Low and yet booming. but undetectable. Why? It doesn’t make any sense that you’d hear it… but others didn’t. they didn’t even mention about it. How is it that you’ve heard it when the others did not?

Dinah: I don’t know… i… don’t know.


Chloe: *On Screen* Hello?! Anyone there?

Dinah: Who is that? Is there someone in the room with us, Christie?

Christie: I think so… but i don’t see them.

Dinah: *Looking to the side and seeing the Screen* Huh?! Chloe?!

Chloe: *On Screen* Hello Dinah. How’s the pregnancy going?

Dinah: *snorts a little* Ha! how else is it gonna be? I’m wheelchair bound. Wheelchair Entwined and only going out because i am agreeing to being in a wheelchair. *Sensing the mention of school* Oh no… don’t mention school. I am not going back there again. i did once or tried to tough it out almost a couple months ago now… and the one day that i tried… i was mocked and teased. I’m not going through the hell again. *Sighs* Sorry. I just had to get that out.

Chloe: I know. I think that someone was there and saw what happened. It was someone that we know. Bart. He was watching and seeing the incident as it happened. He came and told me. But the only part that is wrong about that is just he didn’t stay long. He wouldn’t even talk much other than telling what he saw. and tell me what was going on. But when he showed up… he didn’t have his gear on with him. He was in normal clothing. Leaving a note. stating: “I am not coming back to be on call. Impulse has quit. I have made no difference in anyone’s lives. I fell in love with a girl with pink hair. Pink hair and a good set of girls. But losing her was the thing that broke me. I can not look at the girls again knowing that i will see the one i lost. It hurts and i don’t ever want to see them… i can’t see them as it will just remind me of her and will remind me of what i lost. I don’t think they’re unworthy to be seen by me… i am unworthy to be seen by them. The one parent they lost is something they’re going through everyday. It hurts me as it hurts them. but it must hurt them most as it was their only parent. They never had a father. So their mother was their Mother and father too. both parents combined. I am not coming back to being a hero. It’s a side long and forever dead. You can say that i walked away and walked out from my duty all you may like. But i can not expect anyone to understand my pain.”

Dinah: He left us all… Why should he feel any remorse? He could have been there for us all when we dealt with the loss. He could have stayed. But he choose to leave. He Betrayed us. Left. I don’t even want to know him. none of us do.

Chloe: I get that. That’s why i’m not pushing the issue about it. but there are about 2 issues that need to be brought open… 1 is the Mysterious voice that rang out. It sparked through to all the screens here at Watchtower. Noon. all the screens came and Buzzed with one symbol… one Symbol.  *Showing the Symbol*

The Mark of Scath… It was showing on all the screens and since then there has been several reports that all T.V screens throughout Metropolis. all over Smallville and onwards throughout the country. There were multiple reports of the same thing happening in the Vancouver… Seattle. Screens literally went haywire. Computer screens. Monitors and Cellphones. went under a dark cloak of activity. short circuiting. In Salt Lake Utah… reports of people going into seizures of fear and dread. In Detroit Michigan… Hospitals lost power and the automotive industry reported losing power and had to shut down their entire production line. They had to shut down for almost 5 hours… because the symbol was so piercing… that it caused multiple shorts. Short circuits all over the factory. close to a Railroad track losing control. Losing control. In Cleveland… Traffic pileups as far as the eye can see. lights were blinking and flashing. In Los Angeles and San Francisco… ATM’s went berserk… spewing out money on cue. without being touched. every ATM machine went off the track and kept saying that all ATM cards were invalid. Several people called into the authorities and stated that they barely touched the machine when all of a sudden the screens blacked out and the machine Jammed up. before they could turn away… they all mentioned the sign. the Symbol. The Mark of Scath. That’s not even the worst of it… It even hit the Pentagon. The Pentagon’s supercomputer picked it up and the FBI plus the C.I.A are declaring it to be a form of Terrorist attack. From the Al Queda. But the two operatives that the Government caught 10 years ago all pined with the same line Verbatim. “If it was us… You’d know. The Jihad will never end. Just like you and your knack and constant need for democracy… for freedom. An Infection in our eyes that only Infidels could hold on to like security blanket. The Mark of Scath is not our doing. We know not of that symbol. But it’s just like you to come to Al Queda and blame us for the occurrence of that insignificant symbol.” But that is not the   worst of it. This mark has been seen in other countries. In Munich, Germany. In Paris, France. London, England. Ireland… Scotland. Rio De Janero. Brazil. Egypt. Japan. China. Tokyo. Italy… Rome. Even in the sacred place… The Vatican. Vatican City. It even reached the Pope.

Dinah: Whoa! that’s Major. Is the Pope alright?

Chloe: He’s fine. After it happened… they had reports of the Carmelengo and the Swiss Guard putting him in a safe house till the scare was gone. It was a dark Symbol and was in belief of being a attack attempt of the Illuminati bringing down the Vatican city. Knocking it down. But as soon as the Symbol went away… They let the pope out and warned for him to be in close watch. Just in case another sighting of the symbol coming back again.

Dinah: That’s good. At least he’ll be safe then. That’s what matters. But what about the voice?

Chloe: The Voice was Dark and Sinister. Demonic as it was… It was Sinister. The Voice said something such as: “Daddy’s little girl. One day soon you’ll be Releasing me from this Hellish Prison. The World of Mortals shall soon be ended!”

Christie: *Pauses and turns to overhear the line* What?! Are you insane? You’re literally insane. You know that… Insane! You’re telling us that there is a demon by the name of Scath out there?

Dinah: Christie… There is a Demon out there. and we only know him as Scath. But Raven… our resident dark powered… half demon girl knows him. Knows him as Trigon. Trigon is unfortunately to our distaste… her father.

Christie: Oh my god… Please tell me that you’re not just saying that… Is that who that voice was?

Chloe: Yes. it is.

Christie: *Feeling her head starting to spin* Ohhhh god. This is a total nightmare. you know that? A Complete nightmare. So… This Demon is gonna be coming. When? From where?

Chloe: We don’t know. But with the situation unfolding… He is closer than he once was a few Months ago.

Dinah: What’ll we do about him?

Chloe: We’re gonna keep a fix on him. any new movements from him… We’ll know about it.  Now for the 2nd issue…

Back at the Metropolis Quarry…

Miss Love: *Getting pummeled by the fire creatures and the Minions* Ah!

Bubble Maiden: Paige! *Trying to bust loose from the Minions grip*

Beryl: You girls are finally gonna get your blessing. Your Destruction!

Prince Alvin: *getting beat* Brothers… Hold ON!!!!

Prince Arnold: We are… *Getting beat*

Prince Avery: *Teleporting and trying Evade the Fire Creatures; Evading Beryl’s blasts* She’s not gonna catch us… Not yet. *Firing some Plasma shots at the creatures* Get down you Bloody Buggers. Get down. *Firing*

Prince Curtis: *Facing Beryl* Come on Beryl! Electric Rage against you… Let’s see if you can withstand my Electric Clash! *Firing huge balls of Electricity at Beryl* Come on you Bitch… You want to try against some Lightning? You can try this. This lightning. Each of these blast signifies a life you came to destroy. for each trespass that you managed to commit. You are low, Real low. *Firing blasts at Beryl; Firing one shot after another* Take this. Take this. You want to come at me… go right on ahead and do it.


Beryl: *Grinning*

Prince Curtis: *Catching the Grin on Beryl’s face* What’re you Grinning about? Want me to Electrocute you. I Got no problem doing so.

Prince Curtis wasn’t watching as he was facing Beryl… He got Sideswiped by several Fire Minions and sent right into the ground. Crashing hard. Rei and Minako were pummeled just the same. Knocked out senseless. Luna then got up and suddenly Made a Move…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the target* Luna…. Cosmic… Sugarhearts… Beam… *Launching the Attack at Beryl* ATTACK!!!

Fire Creatures: *Screeching*

Beryl: *Growls* Grrrrr! *Glaring at Sailor Luna* Why you Rotten snake bitten Senshi Brat! You may be a Rhapsody, but you’re still a Senshi and i will destroy you. *Walking over to Luna and Grabbing her; Blasting Purple Mist at Luna*


As the situation was getting more serious and brutal just the same…

Martin: *From a Distance* I hope that Luna is okay. The crystal Ball mentioned about a big battle… but oh my god… If Luna is hurt… I don’t know what I’d do. *Suddenly arriving to see the Rhapsody Girls and the allies beaten; then Luna getting herself targeted* NOOO!! LUNA!! Please don’t! Please Luna! Hold on!! Please!! *Seeing Beryl Firing more blasts at Luna* NOOOO! BERYL!!! LEAVE HER ALONE!!! *Before he can even move or blink, Martin begins to glow and a green scepter appears.* What? What’s going on? *grabbing the Scepter* Is it doing what it is that I think it’s doing…..

Tuxedo Power…….Power Up!! *transforms into Tuxedo Martin Amazing; after transforming, poses* I am the Warrior of the innocent Tuxedo Martin Amazing! In the name of the Innocent,  On behalf of my friends and all the people of the Universe, Justice will be served!! *hurries over to Sailor Luna’s aide* Time to Even the score. Luna… i’m here. I’ll protect you no matter what.

Sailor Luna: *in shock* M-Martin?! It’s you?!!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Yep. It’s me, and now it’s time for me to show off my new power!

Paige: *looks up; shocked* Luna’s friend is one of us now?!!

Pearl: *shocked as she looks up* Whoa…. Seriously?!

Paige: *Groans a little trying to get back up* Yeah. It seems that way.

Pearl: Luna’s got a partner now

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Here comes the attack of Tuxedo Martin Amazing!!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Summoning a Star and Hopping on it; Riding it in formation before twirling  around until a shape of a star is seen and is 20 feet in size/Diameter; then the star glows golden* Starlight Beam Radiation Swirl…ATTACK!! *Launching the attack at Beryl*

Beryl took the blast and went flying back…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Catching Beryl* Come back here, you rotten snake! You are not gonna get away from us. *Firing his Scepter at Beryl* Freeze! *Reaching a tunnel and blocking Beryl* There is no escape…

Sailor Luna: *Running over to Martin and Collapsing* … *Trying to get up* Owww!

Martin/Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Looking at Beryl* Why are you hurting people? Hurting the Rhapsody family! Luna here is my best friend. I’m not gonna let you hurt her or anyone else. This has to stop.

Beryl: And Who are you to Make me?

Martin/Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Looking at Beryl* Tuxedo Martin Amazing is the name…  *Swinging the Scepter a bit before posing* And foiling the Evildoer’s Ambitions is my game.. But i will warn you… You mess with my friends… you’ll be sorry.

Beryl: Silence! *Firing Purple Mist at Martin*

Martin/Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Waving his Scepter and reflecting the attack* How… How… How did i do that?

Sailor Luna: I don’t know… *Nervous* I am a bit scared knowing that you are with the powers now… How you got them… How did you get them?

Martin/Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Vincent. He gave them. he created a Weapon for me using a spell. This weapon is a little heavy though… but it’s strong.

Beryl: *Firing another shot of purple mist at Martin* You’re only a kid. What chance do you really have against me?

Martin/Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Find out! *Warding off the Attack with a counter attack* Night’s Promise! *Firing another attack* Rockslide Dreams!

Beryl: *Hearing rocks starting to come down around the senshi and Martin* Wise move. You’ve just sealed your demise. The Tunnel is unstable and you just caused a cave in.

The Quarry started to break apart in several places. There was rocks falling down in every direction…

in the opening of the Quarry…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the others* Everyone… get your butts in gear and get out now… this Quarry is falling apart. We’ve got to get out of here before we get caved in.

Paige: What about Luna?

Pearl: And Martin… They’re in the tunnel. We’re gonna lose them if we don’t get them out of that tunnel.

Prince Avery: There is nothing we can do… We’ve got to move. Prince Alvin is right. This place is falling apart and if we don’t get out of here while we can… We’re gonna be entombed. i don’t think it’d be wise to stick around for that to happen. We’ve got to move.

Prince Curtis:  We can’t leave  them here. Sailor Mercury isn’t here… She could come and use some of that water to hold the rocks back.

Prince Alvin: No. There are too many rocks falling down. Too many boulders coming loose and collapsing. We need to go. As much as it hurts and i will hate issuing this order… but Luna and Martin are gonna have to watch their backs. We have to move…

Pearl: *Calling out desperately for Luna* LUNA!!!

The Quarry was starting to come undone more… More Rocks started to fall and crash around. The cranes that were inside the Quarry were now buried with the rocks and covered to the tip. there was nothing left. Pearl cried out for Luna to come out… But there was no sign of her…  Paige and Pearl didn’t want to leave however with the Quarry now unstable and about to topple down on them… they had no option but to make a break for it. they were barely able to get out…

As for Luna and Martin…

Luna: *Looking at Martin* What are you doing here? Martin… This place is dangerous… We’ve got to get out of here before we get barred in. The whole place is coming to pieces on us.

Martin: I know… Come on… There’s got to be a opening… the tunnel is still open… let’s get out of here now. *Grabbing Luna’s hand and making a run for it*

But before they could reach the outside of the Tunnel…

Martin: *Watching the Tunnel exit caving in and blocking their way out* Watch out!

Luna: *Shrieking in fright* Ahhh!

Martin: *Hugging Luna Close* Hold on, Luna. Stay close. The Tunnel is caving… the exit is breaking apart. We’re caved in….

To be continued…

Will they get out of there alive? Paige and her sister Pearl were out and safe and so were the 4 boys. They were out from the Danger… But Luna… wasn’t. She was still inside the Quarry. now caved in trapped inside the Tunnel. With no way out.  Were Luna and Martin gonna meet their demise at a tender age? Were they gonna make it out of there alive and in one piece? Prom was nearing and the Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers were all in turmoil worrying about Prom and about their dates… their rides. But also were gonna be getting more surprises coming their way… Prom gets interrupted by a Villain… One Villain by the name of Dr. Illumination. He returns and crashes the the prom. But were the girls gonna get more info from the front revolving the Demon? Was there gonna be more blips of the Demon before the Demon is said to near Earth even more than before? With Martin now as a super and him on the roster of Heroes… Will he be fitting the bill of adding more assistance in keeping the Evil at bay? Was it the last they were gonna see of Beryl? Did she have more plans in store for the girls? What were they? What about Dinah’s Pregnancy? Was it gonna flaring up with complications? Would Dinah be able to stand through the rest of the Pregnancy? Prom… Martin a Hero of Ages. Tuxedo Martin Amazing… More occurrences of Trigon… on screen. What next’s for the team. Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Martin: *Voice-over* Next time on the adventures of the Rhapsody Girls  Z! It’s Prom night. It is the time to begin saying goodbye to High school years. for the older girls and guys… but For me and Luna… It’s the end of Elementary and the beginning of Middle school. Well… Almost. and With Middle School for Luna and i. It’s gonna be a little more complicated. We can’t be running around talking about Demons and Evil Entities and Villains.

Dinah: *Voice-over* It’s the Prom and i am missing it. It’s just another thing that i have to miss out on. This Pregnancy has costed me so much… Senior Prom is the most memorable point in the Senior year of high school. It’s the milestone of all four years of high school and ever since this pregnancy happened… I’m Missing out on everything.

Pearl: *Voice-over* we also deal with a little bit of Drama at Prom. It seems as though our used to be supporter has turned mean and decided to start stirring some rumors about us. We don’t react as we know it’s all untrue and won’t reach many people. Plus our boyfriend stand up for us.  Romantic and loving. I wish we could always see that… But we usually never get targeted in school.  But at Prom, we enjoy ourselves until a Villain decides to crash the Romantic moment between me and Jack. Between Paige and Reese. Bad move for the Villain whoever it is.

Rei: *Voice-over* Dr. Illumination attacks and messes up the Prom serenity… But that’s not all. I also see through the fires another vision of the Demon. It’s Even more threatening than last time. Plus i hear that Alice has the gift of Psychic Foresight. Visionary perception. Will we meet? Also a Surprise call from someone that dearly departed mother of the Rhapsody Girls knows. The Surprise is from world to world. But with the sighting in the fire showing the Intergalactic Demon… the Serenity rains limited. Even Dinah’s Boyfriend comes and Spends a little time with Dinah.  Sweet. Prom… Pregnancy… New hero on the roster… Nearing Graduation… The intergalactic Demon showing more viewing through Visions and fire. Even foresight. The Plot thickens more… all in The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 87: “The Prom of Dreams and the terror of Dr. Illumination. Martin Marco on the Hero roster! Welcome aboard to the team.”

Luna: *Looking at her Boyfriend* … *Voice* Monsters are everywhere. in the closet. under the bed… outside in the world. inside you and within your mind. There are also Supernatural beings too. Creatures that go bump in the night. But you don’t have to let them scare you. They feed on fear. so the less you feel afraid… the less power they have on you and will be unable to win. There are all kinds of monsters. Especially the Intergalactic Demon Trigon. He’s a monster. A real Demon. the Monsters you know in the world… They’re killers. Murderers. Naughty people who do bad things. but the scary ones like the boogeyman… they can win if you let them. Everyone has a monster or two in life that they’re afraid of.  Before going to sleep. be sure to pray and to always have a flashlight that works. That can save your life. always know that it’s okay to be afraid of the dark. It’s okay to be scared. But never let the monsters win. to whoever the monster is in your life… Fight back. always face it and stand up to your monster. You have the power to not let the Monster win. Sailor Luna says…Bye-bye for now.


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