Chapter 85: “Here Comes Terra… Uh-oh! A Return of Raven and Weight Gain Dinah rolling in.”

Pearl: *Voice-over* Dinah is now week 19 and preparing to stick in for week 20. The Pregnancy is moving along. But we also have a set of troubles. One being the new girl that came into the City. We don’t know anything about her. we have not even met her. But we plan on it. She’s probably gonna surprise us and say she knows us. But that is unlikely. Shingo also calls and gives Dinah the surprise. He got a Job. But to wait a week to tell her… Maybe he was trying to think of a way to break it out to her. That is a possible reason. I feel sorry for Dinah though… She’s lost her touch with so many things that it’s like she’s losing more and more. I ask myself this now that… what’s the point of being a mother if all you’ve done was lose more than you gained… even if having kids is everything to a woman… What would it mean if all you’ve done was lose things and never really gaining much in return? I am there for my sister. I always will be. But i am scared for her. How much more does she have to lose before she actually conceives the babies? She gets a surprise from her love about a Job and word of a future surprise from him about what he is planning for Dinah… So much thrill in play. the girl… Raven’s return… 3 Senshi’s in play. Luna possibly falling in love. Dinah’s pregnancy progression… Here’s chapter 85: “Here Comes Terra… Uh-oh! A Return of Raven and Weight Gain Dinah rolling in.”


Night time in Metropolis…

Girl: *Running through the fields outside the city* … *Panting; Running from the Youma* Oh god… What is that thing? What does it want with me? *Running away from the creature and trying to get a lead on it; looking to trap the creature* I must get this creature off my tail. *Panting; Running faster and trying to find the opening to nail the Youma*

From Grandma Rikku’s house…

Paige: *Looking on Screen* Who is she?

Pearl: I have no idea. We’ve seen her buzzing in the City for about a week. But no one knows where she came from. no one knows who she is.

Prince Alvin: *With Alice beside him* Don’t look at us… we are without a clue to who she is…

Alice: She could be a new girl.

Prince Avery: *Shaking his head* Well… no one has seen a wisp of her. But if she is new… then why is she running away from the City. She’s 10 miles away from the City. She’s heading right to Smallville. But Why? Why would she be running?

Prince Arnold: What could she be running from?

Paige: No idea… *Looking at the Monitor and checking the Live Cams* The girl looks pretty scared though. She’s Running from something. Something must be chasing her.

Pearl: *Getting a fix on the area outside of the City* I got it…

A minute later…

Prince Alvin: *Seeing the Girl running from a creature* It’s a Youma. But there is also a few Fire Creatures close by… right behind it. That girl is in danger.

Prince Arnold: We should go and come to her rescue. She’s gonna need it. Youma’s… They’re the influence of Beryl.

Alice: Beryl?! You don’t suppose that Beryl is after that poor kid. do you? *Concerned*

Prince Alvin: we don’t know… But Something about that is not sounding right.

Luna: *Walking into the room* Rei-Chan called… She saw through the fires again and saw that the girl was inside the city. But that was about an hour ago. She also saw that the girl was running from the danger. Creatures. Fire Minions.

Prince Avery: Fire Minions? That’s not Beryl’s dept.

Prince Arnold: Wanna bet on that? It’s damn near close. Beryl is capable of anything. Dark Kingdom could have sent them.

Paige: We should go and help the girl…

Pearl: *Looking at the time* It’s late at night.

Prince Alvin: So? It can be early in the morning. The girl is in trouble. we have to go. Now.

Pearl: And what about Dinah? What if she needs us?

Prince Avery: She’s got Dr. Mizuno here.  We won’t be gone long. We’re just going on a rescue operation. That’s all.

Pearl: Okay… But I really don’t like the idea of leaving Dinah here alone. Beryl could be just waiting for Dinah to be left all alone. She’s gonna be expecting that. You know that she will.

Paige: We can’t worry about that. Dinah will have to handle herself.


Upstairs in the girls Room…

Dinah: *Resting* What is going on down there?

Ami: Not sure… *Smiles at Dinah* But you try not to worry about it. You just rest and watch the Movie.

Dinah: I am. I’m just curious about what’s going on downstairs is all. All this talking going on down there. *Watching the Movie* This movie is gonna make me cry. The Terminal is gonna wind up making me want to cry. It’s got a couple of sad parts in the movie.

Ami: You mean the part where the guy… Viktor sees on the T.V his home country being destroyed and under peril. *Nods* That part makes me want to cry too.

Dinah: With the Crying episodes i had as of late… do you think that it was a good idea for me to even see this if it’s gonna make me cry. You know that my babies are gonna feel it too. I don’t want to make them cry.

Ami: neither do i. Want to find a different movie?

Dinah: Yeah… Please.

Ami: *Nods* Okay. After i change the Movie… I’ll check on your little ones again. You’ve gained a little weight. haven’t you?

Dinah: I know. The stomach looks like a real butterball now.

Ami: it sure does… But it’s gonna be okay for the Pregnancy. It’s a little fast, but it’s normal for the pregnancy since you’re with 3 babies and not 2. Like we thought that you were…

Although within minutes…

Paige and Pearl were on their way out to head on over to see to the girl’s rescue.. Prince Alvin and the guys were right there with them. Alice stayed behind.

In the Field…

Girl: *Panting* … *Seeing the creatures gone* I think i lost them. It’s about time too… *Panting*

But before the girl could relax, She saw shadows coming near her and saw that she was not safe as she thought that she’d be…

Girl: *Shrieks* Ahhhhh! *Running off again* Not again. What is this? Night of the non-stop Nightmare?


Miss Love: *From the  air* Don’t worry… Hold on. We’ll handle these things. You just Run.

Girl: *Running* You won’t have to tell me twice.

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at the Youma* BUBBLING WHIRLPOOL OF LIGHT!

Prince Alvin: *Looking at his Brothers* Where’s Prince Curtis?

Prince Avery: He’s at Megan’s. He’s probably unable to hear the call. We do need him.

Prince Curtis: *Teleporting into the scene* You got me. Sorry about the late showing here. Megan and i were in the middle of a Battle. playing a game on the Play station 2. It helps her unwind and me too. Sometimes for a girl… She plays hard like a man would. She’s a wonderful gamer. She’s a tough one. Plus we were about to call it a night when a girl came to the door. Megan didn’t know who it was. But i did. Minako showed up at the door. How she got Megan’s address… i don’t know. But she came and informed me of this situation here and i made my way here. Good thing she came when she did though. A minute later and i would never have gotten it.

Prince Arnold: Well.. the point is that you’re here now.

Prince Avery: Where is Minako now?

Sailor Venus: *Jumping Down after letting go of Prince Curtis* here. *Looking at Paige, Pearl and the guys* Mars couldn’t come. She’s stuck inside the Shrine. She’s undergoing a Prayer seance at the Shrine. It’s gonna take some time.

Sailor Luna: Ami isn’t coming either. She is sticking close to Dinah tonight. Dinah has gained a bit of weight and is sticking close by in case of complications.

Sailor Venus: good call.

Prince Alvin: Brothers… Time for a series of attacks.

Prince Arnold: You got it.

Prince Avery: The Girl is running. She’s safe… There is a creature still after her. but if we can keep these away from her… it’s gonna help.

Prince Curtis: *Nods*

A second later…

Prince Arnold: *Using Water from the condensation in the air and drawing it to him* Let’s see what we got here. *Moving his hands around and creating a Water barrier* Water’s grace… force of nature. Water’s essence of life. Breathe long and provide the burn to the wicked intent. *Firing the Water at the Fire Creatures* Water Barrier Coral! Bind them up… Compress them into constricted trapped souls… Soak them up nice and slippery.

Prince Alvin: *Drawing fire from the nearby heat sources and bending the fire into a flash fire pit and Sending it to go under the Fire Creatures* These Fire Creatures may have been sent by Beryl … But my fire is their swarms of pain. This is gonna overpower their fires… Let’s see them survive THIS! They can send us over a bit of extra trouble as a added bonus to make it harder… but they are only adding to the carnage. *Using his mind to cause the fire to increase and burn hotter* Come on fire… Burn hotter. tear at these Fire creatures. Let’s see how they like the pain coming to them. Make them feel the might of the Fires wrath. *Unleashing the attack* Fiery Grill of Justice! Feel the Fire of Truth. Burn!

A few seconds later…

Rhapsody Brothers: *Looking at one another*…  *Launching an attack at the Fire Creatures* Elemental Marathon! Wave 1: Flash INFERNO!

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at The Fire Creatures* VORTEX OF LOVE!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at Fire Creatures* BUBBLING WHIRLPOOL OF LIGHT!

Rhapsody Brothers: Elemental Marathon! Wave 2: Watery LIQUIDATION!

Sailor Venus: *Launching an attack at The Fire Creatures* Venus Crescent Beam!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Launching an attack at the Fire Creatures* Elemental Marathon! Wave 3: Plasma’s Burning Nuclear BEAMS!

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at The Fire Creatures* Luna… Sugar Drill!

Girl: *Watching from a Distance while still on the run* Whoa! How did they do that? That’s incredible. *Seeing the youma still on her tail* Whoops! I think that this is my cue to make a run for it. *Running off fast* … *Seeing a Town up ahead* There is a town up ahead. I wonder if it’ll be safe for me to hide. *Seeing a Sign* Hmm… Welcome to Smallville Kansas… *Pauses* Smallville? What?! You’re kidding me… I’m in Smallville now? What is this? Kansas?

The Youma kept chasing her and almost had her when suddenly…


Girl: *With her eyes suddenly glowing yellow; Causing the ground to shake and open up around the Youma and knocking it off its feet; Making a piece of ground rise up and hover over to the top of the Youma and then collapsing and Squashing the Youma* Agh!

But still over where the fire creatures were…

Miss Love: Pearl… We got these things in the bag now… But there are a few more left.

Bubble Maiden: Shall we get them?

Sailor Venus: No… Let Luna get them… They’re in a cluster. *Looking at Luna* You know what to do, Luna?

Sailor Luna: Always. This is an opening for the attack.

A second later…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the targets* Luna…. Cosmic…Sugar hearts *Launching the attack* … Beam… ATTACK!!!

The fire creatures took the hit and screeched as they crumbled into pieces. As soon as the coast was clear, Paige and Pearl landed and looked around for the girl and saw that she was on the ground worn out from running so much. They saw the ground nearby her all broken and shattered….

Paige: *Shocked* What happened here?! The ground is literally wrecked here.

Pearl: *Looking at the girl* I think the girl did it. Somehow… She ran and then did something… using the ground… the earth as a weapon against the Youma. destroying it.

Prince Alvin: *Pauses and looking at Pearl* Hold up… Are you trying to tell us that this girl… whoever she is… did this?

Prince Avery: She’s got to have some kind of Ability to move the Earth to be able to accomplish this feat.

Luna: She looks harmless. *Curious about the girl* She doesn’t look dangerous… She seems like she’s… lost.

Prince Curtis: We better ask her who she is or get her out of the open. People here may get really edgy seeing an unknown person in their happy little town.

Girl: *Getting up* That was one bad brute. It chased me all the way out here. To Smallville. But i never heard of this town… *Looking at the girls and the boys* Good thing you guys came when you did. i almost became the appetizer or the beast’s next feast. I’m Terra.

Paige: *Smiles* That’s a nice name. I’m —–


Terra: *Recognizing the girls* You’re the girls of Love, Grace and Fury… The Rhapsody Girls Z! Awesome! It’s a real killer meeting you girls. *Noticing one of the girls missing* Wait a minute… Where’s the tough girl? The Thunder powerhouse? I know you girls. *Looking at Paige* You’re Paige Rhapsody. The leader of the team. You Love romance and Sweets. Like Chocolate. Comic books about superheroes and if the chance was had… would read them all day. *Looking at Pearl* You’re Pearl Rhapsody. The known baby of the team. Sensitive and at times Emotional. can get high strung too.  You Love Fashion and love colors. Buys Skirts and dresses like they went out of style and have a passion for Jewelry and fashion sense. And i guess the one not here with you is Dinah Rhapsody. The tough girl. She grew up hating Skirts and now is accustomed to them. loves being like the guys. Plays sports. Soccer, Basketball, Football, Baseball. Loves Wrestling. and can do Karate.  She’s probably a one woman human wrecking machine.

Paige: *Gasps* You know us?!

Terra: Of course. I know you girls. I read some newspaper stories about you guys.  I travel alot. almost everywhere i went… there were stories and news articles about you girls.

Pearl: You travel alot? You mean that you don’t have a real home or a place to live at… anything?

Terra: Nope. just me and the open road.

Prince Alvin: I am sure that it gets lonesome. Doesn’t it?

Terra: When doesn’t it? *Looking at Prince Alvin and the guys* Who are you guys?

Prince Alvin: We’re the Cousins to the girls here. The Rhapsody Brothers. I’m the captain. Prince Alvin. They call me Flaming Soul because of the raging fire that i unleash. Plus the hot temper i sometimes produce. Although if you went through what i had to… You’d be a bit like that too. I’m seen and referred to as the Alpha Male of the Brothers because they trust me to lead them to Victory and i always work hard to do so. But they too get to lead… When the situation calls for it. These are my brothers…  *Looking towards the boys* The second member of the team here is Prince Arnold. We call him Water Lord due to him being the slippery one. Like loose Liquid. But get him riled up and temperamental… He’ll give you his due of dramatics. He’s a good person. Got a certified heart in him. He can be a tad funny though. Then there’s the Secret Agent soul with the Plasmatic Temper Prince Avery. He has moments where he sees himself as the 007 Agent James Bond. He likes to be a bit jumpy too. He’s wise and a bit technical also so if you see him with a computer near him or on him… you’ll know why. He’s known As Plasma-Core due to his Plasmatic nature. Then the last member but not least… Prince Curtis. He’s Electric Rage. He’s got the sparks to prove it and his physical looks are that of a guy who’s got a 1,000,000 dollar smile. He’s witty and very canny with what he does. A romancer and a tender heart. He’s dependable and if he gives a girl his promise. He keeps it. We all do. But i am a bit lax. Never had a Girl fettish or a knack for Romance till Alice Cross. She is my first official relationship with a girl.

Terra: Wow! So… You guys are like the tough guys to the family of the girls? *Realizing* Wait… I think i know you guys now… i was in the next state living off road side taverns and grabbed food where ever i could. I think that i was in some Tavern a couple months ago and they had News papers talking about 4 boys knocking intergalactic threats to the dirt. Had you guys in the article. You guys went against Zod.

Paige: Not just them… We too went against him. Multiple members of our family had gone against him. Myself, Pearl and Dinah… The one who is not here with us right now. did it to avenge our mother. Zod Murdered our mother so we had to avenge her. It was a personal Battle.

Terra: That sucks. So… you’re living on your own too?

Pearl: We Live with our grandmother. Our mom’s mother.

Terra: You got left with living with an elderly woman… Bummer. How do you even hold on?

Paige: One day at a time. But with our grandmother writing books and teaching Dance classes… You would never even notice that she’s elderly. She sure doesn’t act it.

Terra: Where do you guys live anyway?

Prince Alvin: Metropolis.

Prince Arnold: *Looking at his Phone* We got to get back home.

Prince Avery: I got to get back with staking out the fountain.

Prince Curtis: Also I got to get back to Megan’s. She’s waiting for me. She won’t go to sleep unless i’m there. Fear of being seized by Shadow creatures and the presence of Beryl. She won’t admit it… But she’s shook still by the matter.

Terra: Who’s Beryl?

Paige: You don’t need to know. Trust us. She’s someone you don’t want to meet.

Minako: *Looking at the sky* We should get back to the city. It’s getting really late.

Terra: ….

Paige: *Looking at Pearl* Pearl… I don’t know how much we know about her… but… I think it’d be only right to provide her a room and board.

Pearl: We should do something for her. But what will we tell Dinah? She doesn’t know about her yet.

Paige: Maybe not… But the girl… Terra knows about Dinah. just a few things that really stick out. knows us. She is out running all on her own. If we were to just leave her here… and knowing what she knows now… Anyone who would be itching to possibly prosecute us or nail our reps to the wall… would be looking for anyone who knows us… really knows us. If she knows now… how much would you be willing to bet that she won’t be targeted by someone for info on us? There are still people out there who might have distaste against us.

Pearl: What’ll we do though? You know that we’ll have to tell our grandma about it. I am just barely now on good terms with her again. I reconciled with her. But Grandma might not be too understanding about it.

Paige: For the time being… She’ll have to be. Terra is alone. Running from one place to another. Living on Roadside meals. She’s so skinny that she probably hasn’t had a full meal. A Actual Home Cooked Meal. since… who knows when. She’s in need of shelter. We don’t know her much at all. But to leave her here alone… we can’t. We can not do that. It’s Inhumane.

Pearl: We should take her in. The worst that can happen is that grandma sees her and freaks and unknowingly requests her to leave. which i hope never happens.

Prince Alvin: I got to head back home… Guys… first we take the girls back home. to their place. then we go our own way and take care of what we need to do. Prince Avery… You got stake out detail of the Fountain. We still need to keep tabs on it. That Fountain is still opening up. We need to know how much and if it’s opened up find out what the Fountain is planning to stir up next. Find out if it’s gonna flare up and start producing issues and make a break-through. If the Second Seal is gone… The 3rd seal will break fast. all it’ll take is a shift in pressure. any pressure. Water… Heat… Air. Gas, Electric. Anything. Prince Curtis… You’re back with Megan. But you keep an ear out for anything out of the ordinary. If you detect anything… You come and let us know. Then take Megan to the safe spot. Prince Arnold will be at home. I’m gonna be at Alice’s tonight. To guard her. The last couple weeks she’s been having weird issues going on around her house. Noises and howling. A couple people trying to break in. but were unsuccessful.

Pearl: Oh god… Is she okay?

Prince Alvin: Yeah. She’s fine. Just a bit shook is all.

Paige: Well… if she needs to have ensured protection. take her to your place. Uncle King John will be sure to keep high watch.

Prince Alvin: And leave her house Vulnerable. No. It is her house being attacked with her still in it. Maybe to get to her… Maybe to just spook her. But Still i have to stay with her till we catch the bastards who are trying to hurt her. Can’t depend on her father since he’s too damn careless and the last few times that he came home… he was Drunk. Alice told me that she could smell Ballinger Wine and Cheap Whiskey on him. He was Drunk and she tried to speak to him… But he was so drunk like a skunk that he acted a little too fresh and almost soiled his own Daughter. She’s asking to be Emancipated from him soon. Hopefully  within a couple weeks. She’s wanting out. But till she can do that… She is wanting someone with her. Someone dependable.

Paige: Good point.

Within seconds They made their way over to the house…

Grandma Rikku’s house…

Inside the Living room…

Terra: *Looking around* Whoa! Is this your crib?

Paige: Yeah. This is our mom’s crib. But when she was killed… this went to our grandmother. and we still live here. But under our grandmother’s ruling.

Pearl: It’s a good house. Roomy and has maybe 6 bedrooms. not all are used though. There is still a guest room. This is here… our Living room. we all sit here to hang out and watch movies and hang out as a family. But this is also the room where we monitor activity going on in the city. Anything that goes on… we know about it.

Luna: *Nods* There is also a Communications Video Screen. It’s also a phone too.

Paige: The Kitchen and Dining room you walked through. It’s where we sit to eat meals and Dinners. Lunches… Breakfast too. we sit in the Dining room to eat. The Kitchen you saw. It’s not all that big. but it’s got all the things needed for a common conventional home.

Terra: Cool.

Pearl: You like it so far?

Terra: *Nods* Of course. It’s roomy and it’s not the open road. I can’t even remember since the last time i ever saw a home. I’ve been living on the streets for a long time.

Paige: You’re kidding? Really?

Terra: Yeah. I never really knew a actual home. For the longest time… I’ve just been on the open road…

Pearl: That won’t be the case here. We don’t know how well you will be staying here, But it’s better than just being out in the open again. Hearing about your having to depend on roadside taverns and little Diners to get by. It’s sad.

Paige: If our mother was alive and she heard this… She’d never allow for it to continue. She’d put an end to that.

Luna: You could use the couch if want…

As soon as they all got settled in, they called it a night and went to bed. Paige and Pearl felt bad for Terra. They wanted to do more for her. But they also were uncertain as to what Raven would say. Not that they should be worried. But in the back of Pearl’s mind as she slept was the suspicion that there might be a problem with Terra being there in the same house as she was staying at. Dinah slept throughout the night not knowing that there was a new person inside the house and wouldn’t know of it till the next morning when everyone got up.

Morning in the girl’s bedroom…


Paige: *Getting up and changed into something different for school* Another week of High school. Math Class is gonna be a total Killer. This week the Teacher is gonna be having us do serious Algebra. Also statistics.

Pearl: That’s nothing compared to Choir. I have to sing in a quartet of 5 and sing to some song called “Who by fire” I never even heard of it. But the class has to sing to it and of course… there is a class recital at the end of the month at the Metropolis Music Hall. Mrs. Myrtles. She’s a very hard perfectionist. She’s wanting everything to be on key.

Paige: *Cringes* Ouch! That’s a bummer.

Pearl: *Getting changed* Hey… I’m not saying it’s all that bad. It’s just not a song that i’m familiar with is all.

Paige: I wish Math class had some redeeming factors to it. But it’s kinda boring.

Pearl: I don’t blame you. Journalism isn’t all that great either. But i don’t mind it. I guess that it could be fun. It’s better than having a class you can’t stand. Like health class.

Paige: Because of hearing of Prince Curtis being kept past the bell for break that one day.

Pearl: Precisely.

Dinah: *Waking up* You two could try to just handle it. At least you two have the freedom. To go out and go to school. go on dates. have fun… fight battles. Me?! I am stuck here. I got no out. I am also gaining weight. I have gained 35 pounds in less than a week.

Pearl: Dinah… Calm down. Would you?

Dinah: *Turning to face Pearl and Paige* Why? Why should I?

Paige: You’re getting so bent out of shape… You’re not gonna be stuck to machines…

Dinah: *Scoffs* Yeah right! I am with hardly any freedom at all. I am almost in range of being hooked to a heart monitor and EKG’s and other medical equipment. Next will be a darn Catheter. Yeah… I said it… A catheter. I’m sour feeling because i’m stuck here. I can’t even go out without hurting all over. the other night… i tried… Hard as ever to go out on a date. I thought that i’d be able to… But halfway through the Dinner… i blacked out. Shingo had to drive me home and had to take side streets to do so… So he would not get caught and i wouldn’t get a ticket. *Growls* I’m STUCK HERE DAMN IT!!!! *Calms down* Sorry. I just had a annoying dream. It has me rather pissed off. So don’t take it too harshly. It’s probably just a bad start.

Pearl: The mood swings are just a tad out of sorts. Another sign of the Pregnancy. *Worried and concerned* Ohhhh, Dinah… if only there was something that we could do.

Dinah: I’m afraid not… You might have to look forward to seeing me as Dinah… “The Blimp”!

Paige: *Shaking her head*

Pearl: We got to get going to school. Dinah, You just rest here and keep your mind on other things. Like call your boyfriend. Call him over. That usually always make you feel better.

Dinah: *Smiles at the mention of her boyfriend* Yeah. He is a real sweet guy. I like him. Love him. He’s the best guy i have ever met. 3 to 4 years and he’s the father to my little ones. I’d be just happy to be a part of his life. Being his wife. when he happens to propose to me…

Pearl: Oh my… That would be wonderful. truly wonderful. I’d love to see that he proposed to you. That’d be a magnificent surprise.

Paige: And how…

A couple minutes later…

Dinah: *Looking at the T.V* I sure hope that i hear from my love soon though… I know that he’s been looking for a Job. But i don’t want him to be working himself too hard. I wouldn’t want him to feel stressed.



In the Living Room…

Terra: *Waking up and Stretching* What a night… That sure was a good sleep. I haven’t slept that good in a long time. It sure feels better than sleeping all night on the cold ground.


Pearl: *Walking into the living room* Poor Dinah. I feel really bad for her.

Paige: *Walking into the living room and heading to the Dining room* We both do. But to our dismay… there is nothing that we can do about it. There is nothing we can do. The weight is gonna keep increasing. Dinah’s gaining the weight and there is nothing we can do.

Pearl: It doesn’t make it fair in the least.

Paige: No arguments here.

Terra: *Getting up and Looking at Paige and Pearl* Morning.

Paige: Morning Terra.

Pearl: Sleep well?

Terra: Oh yeah. The couch was great. Not exactly a Bed… but it was totally a lot better than sleeping on the cold ground. Done that for as long as i can remember. had to make due.

Paige: Well… it’s good that you had a good night sleep. You must have needed it.

Terra: Yeah.

Pearl: We gotta head off to school. We still have school.

Terra: You do?

Paige: Sadly. But it’s okay. Besides. School means Education and that there leads to opened doors to Careers. After High School. It’s onwards to college.

Pearl: Well… I’m gonna be going for the fashion career. I Love fashion.

Terra: i wouldn’t be fitting in to school. Haven’t been to one for as long as i can remember. Know stuff. i know things due to teaching my own self.

Paige: What will you plan to do then? There isn’t really much to do. Besides… You could meet Dinah… but she’s not really gonna be much entertaining with her pregnancy as she can’t really do much of anything.  She’s having more trouble moving around and getting around as it goes on because of the pregnancy.

Terra: I could maybe just explore the city to pass the time.

Pearl: You sure that you’re gonna be okay in the city?

Terra: I’m used to being on the roads. I’ll handle it. But i might need to get freshened up a bit. I must be completely covered in dirt and don’t even know it.

Paige: probably. But we don’t see it.

Pearl: We’ll see you this afternoon.

Luna: *Bouncing into the room* Ready!

Paige: Good.

On the Road a few minutes later…

Pearl: *Driving; Thinking* She seemed rather free. like nothing could hold her back or hold her down.

Paige: She does seem nice and was very pleasant. Better than we thought that she’d be. She seemed lost though.

Pearl: Like she didn’t belong anywhere. Plus did you notice that she paused or diverted to something else when mentioning about why she was on the move alot… She never even said it. all she would say was that she’d be on the move alot. That’s about it.

Paige: *Suspicious* She’s hiding something about her though. She’s got something that she’s not telling us.

Luna: Why’s that? Why would you think that?

Paige: Well… because something about her doesn’t add up. Remember last night when we first met her? She knew about us before we could even identify to her who we were. But before that… she was running for her life from the creature. the Youma. Then by time we get there… She was down but the youma was down and out too.

Pearl: i think that we noticed that. but Prince Alvin saw the ground and then saw her. She didn’t even have much of a scratch on her.

Paige: Prince Arnold and Prince Curtis noticed it. They noticed it immediately.

Luna: Plus… She only carried that one small fanny-pack. She only had that with her. There was nothing really with her at all. Just that and Goggles. Plus a hair clip. A Butterfly hair barrette. on her head. the right side. She looked so alone.

Pearl: It doesn’t make any sense. Where did she come from?

Paige: That’s not the only problem. We also got the worry of what to expect when Raven returns and sees her. We don’t know what we would expect from her against Terra.

Luna: We don’t know that. We do know that we  are feeling weary with her being left alone around Dinah. Dinah being pregnant… What if Terra is… dangerous. If anything were to set her off… Dinah could be hurt. She’s not exactly able to just up and run off to safety. She’s not able to fight. She’ll be hurt.

Pearl: *Sighs* Dinah’s pregnancy is clouding our thoughts. But we can’t just turn our back on her. She’s our sister.

Paige: *Thinking* We should try to commit Dinah to being in a hospital. She is being cared for by Ami. But Dinah is getting more weighty. You can see it. we all saw it since the other day. If she gains any more weight. It’s gonna bring in more complications to her health and if so… She’s gonna need 24 hour monitoring.

Luna: *Concerned* It’s not gonna get that far… is it?

Paige: I don’t know, Luna. None of us do.

Pearl: Dinah is gaining weight. We need to see how to get it to stop increasing a bit.

Paige: *Scoffs* Ha! Right. How exactly do you suppose we do that?

Pearl: *Looking at Paige Briefly then facing forward* I don’t know. But we got to try something. If we don’t do something… She’s gonna before long wind up being totally obese.

Luna: That is leaving a very disturbing vision in my mind. Please don’t talk like that. Please.

Pearl: Sorry…

Minutes later after Luna was dropped off at her school…

At Metropolis High…

Prince Alvin: *Walking with Prince Arnold* … What’ll we do about Terra though?

Prince Arnold: What do you mean… What’ll we do? What can we do? We don’t know much about her. But there is one thing that gets me… Where did she come from? Plus… not only that… Who sent her? The part about her saying that she read about the girls in the paper at the time that she said she had read about them… I don’t know if i buy it.

Prince Alvin: What makes you say that?

Prince Arnold: What do you mean by what’d make me say that? *Looking at Prince Alvin with disbelief* I can’t begin to understand why you don’t see it. you should have been first to notice that something was not feeling right about her. She only had a fanny pack. a small one. She was skinny. Stick thin. Plus… if she was on the road for all that time… Where is her clothes. her change of clothes? You can’t tell me that she’s got all that inside that little fanny pack.

Prince Alvin: No one is saying that she does. But we can’t assume. We don’t know what her story is.

Prince Arnold: Her story is probably a lie. who’s to say that she’s telling the truth. This could be for all we know a trick or a deception done by Beryl.

Prince Alvin: Not likely. Beryl doesn’t know about Terra. Beryl wouldn’t be able to pick up her scent. *Looking at Prince Arnold and then turning to see Paige and Pearl Pulling up* Looks like Paige and Pearl are here. They sure took a bit getting here. Classes are late with beginning this morning.

Prince Arnold: That’s apparent.

Prince Avery and Prince Curtis walk by and catch Prince Arnold and Prince Alvin talking about the new mystery girl…

Prince Avery: *Looking at Prince Alvin* Nice meet with the new girl last night.

Prince Arnold: No kidding. She was  something… wasn’t she?

Prince Curtis: She was interesting. But she sure looked skinny as hell… Didn’t she? Looked as though she had no meat on her at all. Just Skin. It is a surprise that she was able to survive as long as she did with the fact that she hardly ate and only had Road side meals.

Prince Alvin: Exactly.  I kinda saw that something was up. but the matter behind that was just that i wanted to play it off. because then was not the time to draw out suspicions and or conclusions on things that we don’t know anything about. We don’t know all that much about her. Except that she is a runner. She lived on the road and never really had much a place to stay. She knows about us. Knows about the girls.  Doesn’t know about the two heaven sisters… or Shanna. Or about the senshi. She doesn’t know about them. not yet.  She doesn’t even know about ——-

Prince Avery: *Chiming in* About Raven… That is not known.

Prince Arnold: Yet. But just you wait… Something tells me that if those two face and meet… There could be trouble.

Prince Curtis: *Looking at Prince Arnold* You just don’t see any bright side… do you, man?  You see any issue and go right for the sour side. It’s not the subtle side. not the alternative side. Just out with the outburst and right for the throat. Right for the salt on the good ole wound. Prince Arnold, Terra and Raven won’t tear at each other. It is not like that at all. You are living in base of the Teen Titans viewing of it. This is not their dilemma. it’s ours. They aren’t dealing with a Pregnant member of the family. The Fountain and Beryl on top of the Intergalactic Demon. Plus the surprising support of Luna’s friend’s Guardian. This is us. All us.

Prince Arnold: Yeah… I know. It’s a point well taken. I know. I am just saying to keep the eyes and ears open. Keep alert for anything to begin. Don’t assess that nothing will happen till after they meet. We don’t know for sure.

Prince Avery:  I agree. Prince Curtis, As much as he could be over-reacting… he’s got a point. we don’t know for sure as to what they’ll do.

Prince Alvin: *Icing the conversation* Okay… okay. Let’s just draw it at a close for right now. Class will begin soon and we’re gonna need to head to class.

Prince Avery: That’s correct. in five minutes Class will begin and i am sure that the girls are already in class. If we were wise… We’d do the same.*Looking at the time* So… Till Break. good luck and stay safe.

Prince Curtis: *Nods*

At The Metropolis Shrine…

Rei: *Sweeping the walkway a bit* What was that girl doing in Metropolis? She wasn’t here before. Who was she?


Minako: *Walking in* Hey. Any sign of the girl?

Rei: *Looking to see Minako* Hey Minako. *Sighs* no. No sign of the girl anywhere. She of course is in the city somewhere. She’s within the city. Staying at a house.

Minako: I know. There is something that you should know. The Girl is a Blonde unknown runner named Terra. She’s also a identifiable loner. She knows about the Rhapsody Girls. Knows about the Brothers too.

Rei: *Gasps* How?

Minako: She claims to have read some Newspaper articles or tale on the girls.

Rei: But… You have your suspicions.

Minako: Yes. I do. The girls also are a bit skeptic. As are the brothers. But they’re not sure what to think. Luna doesn’t either.

Rei: Something about that girl seems way off though. Way off.

Minako: Like what?

Rei: I don’t know.

Minako: You think that Beryl sent her?

Rei: don’t know. But it could be a possibility. Beryl is coming and going from Dark Kingdom to Metropolis… But she isn’t behind the arrival of the new girl. Terra seems rather lost. Doesn’t she?

Minako: That’s what the girls are figuring. They had her at their place for the night… but they were not sure what to believe. To them… She just seemed to be a lost girl. someone in search of a place to stay. to call home.

Ami: *Running in and catching her breath* Sorry i’m late. Had to tend to Dinah and check on her little ones real fast. Plus i made sure that she was situated before i made my way out.

Rei: *Nods* It’s okay, Ami. You had to fulfill your time with being a Doctor. That had to come first.

Minako: *Curious and concerned* She’s okay now, Right?

Ami: Yeah. But the bathroom is a total mess.

Minako: A Mess? How? *Confused*

Ami: It looks like someone threw mud all over the room. There was Mud all over the walls. The Tub. the Mirror, Sink, Toilet. Floor.

Rei: You suppose that it was the girl… Terra?

Minako: It must be. It wouldn’t be the girls. It wouldn’t have been Luna. She wouldn’t ever do that.

Ami: I didn’t even know that she was in the house till i saw the bathroom looking the way it did. Dinah can’t move much on her own and later i have to get her in the tub. help her wash. The Pregnancy is making things hard on her. She can’t move freely like she used to.

Minako: I feel sorry for her. It must be hard on her to just sit there and not be able to move around. Does she know about Terra?

Ami: No. She hasn’t even met her yet.

Rei: *Pauses and sensing something* I think that we might have more to worry about…

Ami: *Looking at Rei* Why’s that?

Minako: *Sensing something* I think that she’s right. *Looking up* There is something flying in the sky.

Rei: A girl with a purple cloak. and with dark energy surrounding her.

Ami: That must be Raven.

Rei: Raven?! the same one that i saw in my visions. Through the fire.

Minako: Where do you think she is going?

Ami: Back to the house. To Grandma Rikku’s house. She’s got a room there. The girls said as such.

Rei: You mean, Dinah, Paige and Pearl?

Ami: Even Luna…

However an hour later…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Girls bedroom…

Dinah: *Wondering about her love* I am worried about my boyfriend. I hope that he’s okay. *Sighs and sitting by her phone waiting for her love to call* I feel bad that he’s got to be looking for a Job. I should be doing it too. But can’t with my being Pregnant. I Hope that he’s gonna be alright. *Waiting for a call* Please let him be alright. Let him call… Please. Just let my love be successful in finding a Job. having luck. *Hoping for good fortune and a call* … *Sighs* I sure hope that he’s had good luck… Shingo is busting his own butt trying to get a Job and i’m here not doing anything… I feel so pathetic. Shingo is out looking for a Job and i’m sitting on my butt. He’s gonna think that i’m a lazy lump on a log. *Sighs feeling depressed over being bedridden*


Shingo: *walks into the room and meets up with Dinah* Hey there, Darling.

Dinah: *Looking up to see her love walking in* Hey Shingo. You decided to come… I’ve been hoping to hear a call from you… but seeing you is better. I’ve missed you. I haven’t seen you in a week.

Shingo: I missed you too. Especially Now since I got great news to tell you.

Dinah: *Curious* You do? What’s the news? *Grins with anticipation* What could this great news be that has you all giddy?

Shingo: I got me a job at the Metropolis Limousine Depot Yard. A week ago. But i wanted to come tell you right when i got it. But i didn’t want to get your hopes up unless it was Legit.

Dinah: Huh?! The Limousine depot? Why there? Oh god… That is amazing… What’s it gonna be like there for you? *Surprised and happy for her love*

Shingo: I don’t know yet, but it’s kinda exciting.

Dinah: *Interested* I’ll bet. Is the Boss nice? What’s the boss like? Is it a he or She?

Shingo: Well…his name is Mr. Willard. He’s kinda hard on the newbies, but I’m willing to try my best to impress him. Which i am sure that with my driving skills. I’ll get him pleased. He Seems to like me too.

Dinah: He’s hard on you? I hope it’s not too hard. I sure wish that i could get a Job to help out too. I can’t even finish school. I’m gonna have to finish the second semester in Adult finishing school after i Conceive in order to get my Diploma. *Looking at her Love* Shingo, Do i look Fat?

Shingo: Nah. I think you’re beautiful. You’re not that at all. You’re just fine the way you are. You’re my Love.

Dinah: You’re my love… You’re supposed to say that. *Feeling a bit better hearing the nice comment* Does the Job require you to do anything? It’s a Job with a lot of Driving. There has to be requirements… Obviously. I’ve been waiting a week to hear from you about what luck you had. Ask my sisters. they knew that i was worried. they saw my face saying it all. I was also feeling bad that you were having to push harder and more to get a Job to help with supporting the little ones inside me and me. I should be out looking too. But i can’t. I practically feel so useless.

Shingo: Usually they’re needing people with license, but they are willing to teach me the rules of the road therefore I can have a license. And You are not Useless. You are nothing of the kind, Dinah. You’re my sweetheart. That’s no lie.

Dinah: But you should be with one already. You had to drive my truck because i couldn’t. You drove like you knew the laws backwards and frontwards. It should be fast… Shouldn’t it?

Shingo: Yeah. It should. And they gave me a $1,350 in advance. I thought that it was a $1000 but I guess that he snuck in a little extra.

Dinah: Whoa! That much?! That’s a lot for an advance? What do you plan to do with it?

Shingo: We’ll need to do save it to make ends meet. Or we could do something else with it…

Dinah: Like what? *Seeing the surprising look in her love* You’re planning something. Aren’t you? You are thinking about something. What’re you thinking about, Love? *Happy seeing her love*

Shingo: Well…..I don’t know. Maybe…something to surprise you….maybe….an engagement ring?

Dinah: *Pauses and shocked* Wha– Oh… my. That would be surprising. I wouldn’t know what to say. I’d be touched. If that is the plan… we should do the romantic moment like that in front of everyone. My sisters and our friends. They should be here to see this. Even though this is about us… they all were in support to what we’re going through. Going through this whole ride thus far.

Shingo: I’m glad you think so. I love you so much Dinah.

Dinah: Shingo… Why would i not think that? You are my life. My family is here. with my sisters. But you’re my future husband… We’re gonna have kids. As much as we could do the bended knee right now. we should wait and do it when we have everyone here. Our friends. my sisters. my cousins. In-home doctor. Grandmother. My Uncle. My Aunts. It’s something for everyone. I want to share it with you. With them. *Looking at Shingo with a sincere look* And i Love you too. With all my heart and soul.

Shingo: That’d be fine.

Dinah: What do you think we should do?

Shingo: I guess that we should wait for them in that case here.

Dinah: An Engagement ring will be needed. like tradition. But don’t make it too Expensive. it won’t be fair to you to do that.

Shingo: You’re right.

Dinah: So… *Looking at the window and then back to her Love* Shall we make it tonight?

Shingo: I guess so. Sure.

Dinah: Okay. *Kissing her love* when you get the ring. nothing over say $500. that way you have a bit of money left over for you and i… and for the babies. for whatever they’ll need or what we might need till you get the first paycheck. We want it special. For you and me. but not go overboard. *Kissing her love again* I want you and i to have something to live by. That we struggled first but then pulled through.

Shingo: Okay. *kisses his love* And i agree. Going overboard would be unwise of us to do.

Dinah: I’ll love whatever ring it is. just as long as it’s not bronze. *seeing the slight change in expression* Kidding… Kidding. I’ll Love it. *Smiles* I just thought that i’d joke a little.

Shingo: I know you will. *smiles* And that’s a good one. But That’s why i Love you. You are always being creative.

Dinah: The reason to that is because it will be from the heart. That is all that should matter between two people. As long as it’s from the heart. *Looking at the screen in front of her* There is nothing on. If only i could find a movie that was good to watch. *Sighs* God… I so hate being in bed rest.

Shingo: *Nods* I know. It just bites the big one… Doesn’t it?

Dinah: Does it ever… Let’s see about finding a good movie to watch. The Stuff they got on T. V Now is mostly all Bosoms and Big bottoms. And No. I refuse to allow for our kids to watch Trash talk on T.V. I want them to be the best they can be.

But as they were talking… Dinah began to start feeling her stomach ache and churn. She was feeling her little ones moving…

Dinah: I think that the little ones are getting restless. We need to calm them down.

Shingo: How?

Dinah: *Remembering how she got calmed down when she was Young* Music. Music is the trick.

Shingo: Music?

Dinah: Yeah. I think that we might become Jukeboxes to our kids… but it’s the best way to calm them down.

Shingo: Okay. *Talking to His and Dinah’s little ones* Shh. shh. your daddy’s here. So is your momma. We’re gonna make you feel better. *Singing* “Longer than there’ve been fishes in the ocean
Higher than any bird ever flew
Longer than there’ve been stars up in the heavens
I’ve been in love with you.

Stronger than any mountain cathedral
Truer than any tree ever grew
Deeper than any forest primeval
I am in love with you.

I’ll bring fire in the winters
You’ll send showers in the springs
We’ll fly through the falls and summers
With love on our wings.

Through the years as the fire starts to mellow
Burning lines in the book of our lives
Though the binding cracks and the pages start to yellow
I’ll be in love with you.
I’ll be in love with you.

Longer than there’ve been fishes in the ocean
Higher than any bird ever flew
Longer than there’ve been stars up in the heavens
I’ve been in love with you
I am in love with you..”

Dinah: *Feeling her stomach calmed*

At Metropolis Elementary School…

Luna: *Sighs* There’s Something really weird about the girl. Really weird.

Martin: *Looking at Luna* How so? Who’re you talking about?

Luna: My sisters and i came across this girl. Blonde hair. Skinny. She looked really thin. Bone thin.

Martin: A Girl? A girl… Who is she? Did she give a name?

Luna: Yeah. Terra.

Martin: What is she like?

Luna: Not sure. *Walking ahead a little and sighs thinking* Something is just not adding up about her. We met her last night. My sisters… Paige. Pearl. The Boys. Plus a Senshi. Venus. We met this girl. Terra. She was so odd. but lost. we had to come to her rescue and save her from a bunch of creatures. But one of the creatures… She mysteriously beat. She beat it. But we never saw her do it. When we got rid of the other creatures that were after her. We went to take care of the one that was still going after her. The only thing about that was just this… She was found on the ground and found knocked down. But the creature… The Youma. was beat and destroyed. the ground near Terra… was broken and shattered.  and a Chunk of ground was piled up with the creature in the middle of it.

Martin: *Curious* You believe that the girl did it?

Luna: Not sure. I can’t say really what it was. But the fact is that she knew us. Knew about Paige, Pearl and Dinah. Knew about the Rhapsody Brothers too…

Martin: You’re kidding? How is that possible?

Luna: not sure.

Martin: You think that someone could have sent her?

Luna: right now… no. But the possibility of it being that she was sent by someone… is starting to seem a reality.

Martin: Do you have an idea as to where the girl came from? I don’t know if i can assume this… but i might believe that this could be a test done by Beryl.

Luna: *Wondering and unsure of the point Martin is making* What do you mean? What are you trying to say? That Beryl… is trying to catch us off guard by sending Terra to us? Why would she do that? She doesn’t know about Terra… Or Does she?

Martin: Luna. *Looking at Luna and Sighs* Luna… I wish i knew all about what you were dealing with when Beryl is concerned. Beryl is a mystery in herself. But the only thing that i can tell you is that… you’re gonna have to figure that answer for yourself and then get the knowhow from the 3 girls you know about with Senshi abilities. What i can give for advice though is to think outside the box. Look outside of the issue. You always look deep inside of the trouble. Think outside of the problem. Like for one thing… Think on through the start of the problem… What started it? What were the signs leading to it? Think about the girl As though you were her. Being on the run as you might have mentioned. She has got to be a lost girl. Not knowing where to go. Think in her shoes. Never having a home. Never having a place to stay. Being on the run for as long as you could remember. Living on Roadside meals. Hoping that it would be enough to satisfy you but all the while knowing that it never will. knowing it is only enough or just barely enough to help keep you going. Looking for a friend… Someone who’d be there for you. one that would understand you.

Luna: *Not understanding* Martin… You don’t even know the girl never met her but yet… were able to profile her.

Martin: It’s because i understand what it’s like to be alone. being all by yourself. with no parents. being on the road. Not knowing if you’ll ever have a home again.

Luna: You can relate to that because you lost your parents. So you know what it’s like. I don’t know who my biological parents are either. All i can remember is when 1000 years ago i was a Cat. and was one of the Advisers to Queen Serenity.  I never even knew who my parents were; at least my biological ones. I don’t even know what i originally was.

Martin: *Sighs; looking down* I was only 6 i think when i lost my parents. so i remember mines… a little. But i was kinda young and naive. But when i was told of their demise… i did what any normal kid would have done. I cried. and bawled. I wanted my mother and father so much that for a whole month… after hearing of their deaths waiting for them to come back. praying that they would come home. believing that they were just lost somewhere and would come back soon. That they’d come home and that it’d be just a mistake and it would be known that it wasn’t them. I sat by the Window looking out. I didn’t want to move. i would sleep by the window. not moving from that spot. i sat there just like that… for a month. before i finally got the hint and it finally hit me that they were gone. That they were not gonna cone home again. They were gone. That was when my Guardian came in and vouched to tend to me. Cater to me and raise me.

Luna: Kinda makes me feel like we’ve endured loss and never really knew of till we stopped to actually think about it.

Martin: That’s how it is. It’s a catch and carry world out there, Luna. Sometimes you pay a little. Sometimes a lot and then sometimes… Just sometimes… you pay… all you have.

Luna: That’s a movie line you just recited, you know. But it’s a legit lesson. Life is never fair. Sometimes it asks a lot from you.

Martin: What a mess… isn’t it? On top of everything else… you now have to worry about Terra…. Terra… Say… What is her last name? does she even have a last name?

Luna: No idea…

Back at Metropolis High…

Math class…

Paige: *Working on the Math* …

Mrs. Klump: *Looking to see Paige with a issue on the Math* Paige, Are you okay?

Paige: I guess so. I’m just having a hard time with the Math here.

Mrs. Klump: *Walking over to Paige and taking a look* Oh my. You poor girl. You’re having a bit of trouble on the material… Let’s see what you’re having trouble with. *standing beside Paige and looking upon the assignment* Oh Paige… that’s common statistics. You are doing something called a Mean. Right? *Looking at the paper and motioning to fix the issue* here. What you’re doing are means. The statistics are easy. Look. All you do is this: add all of the values and divide by the total number of data points. Like lets say you have the bottom # as being 50.  You add all the value from the side and divide it to the very number that you have on the bottom. Which is 50. The base #. In fact… return here after 3rd period and I’ll show you examples. show you what to do. There is an easy way to doing it.

Paige: *Nods* Okay.

Mrs. Klump: I’m being honest here, Paige. I see as though you’re struggling with the material. You’re not doing so good and i really don’t want to fail you in this class. That is the last thing that i’d want. I want you to pass. From now on after school… You come and see me. no matter. I want to help you pass. to help you with the tools to get the grade you should grab for. A “B” or an “A” . Not a C or D. But if you don’t take the initiative to try and pass… it won’t be proving much good. You’ll be unable to graduate. Everyone’s got to pass this class. This is a Core class. I want you to pass. I know you can do it. I know you have it in you to pass.

Paige:  I know…

Prince Arnold: I know the material. But i am not here to show off. It’s not right to do.

Prince Alvin: Smart thinking, Brother. No one likes a smart-ass. You’re catching on.

Prince Arnold: I always have. That’s a fact.

Alice: *Looking at the guys* Prince Alvin… stop horsing. i’m trying to concentrate.

Prince Alvin: Alice… No one is horsing. We’re just conversing. you’re pretty Cranky this morning…

Alice: I know that i am. I couldn’t really sleep last night. i keep having that same unshakable vision of my father soiling on me… because he was drunk. I have the nightmares. How the hell could he do that to me?

Prince Alvin: You mean… how the hell could he even call himself a father? You got me…

In the city…

Terra: *Walking through the park* It’s a nice day. The people sure don’t seem to notice that i’m not from around here. The girls have taken to me. I just hope that i don’t do anything to mess up. I don’t want them to think that i’m trouble. I already can tell that they might have seen the mess i caused with that monster last night. They might think that i’m dangerous.  *Thinking* But how would that be possible? They haven’t seen me use my power. my ability. At least… i don’t think that they know about it…


King John: *Walking by* My boys are busy with keeping that Queen back… But they’re working a bit too hard. *Looking to see a new girl uncommon around Metropolis walking close by* I wonder who that girl could be… She’s new.

Terra: *Seeing a man walking close* Who is he? *A little startled*

King John: *Looking at the girl* Don’t be afraid. I’m not gonna hurt you. I am not gonna harm you. I just want to talk to you. I only want to talk to you. that’s all.

Terra: Okay. *Nervous* But who are you?

King John: I’m King John. The Father of 4 boys. Prince Alvin… Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis. They’re my sons.

Terra: You’re… Their father?

King John: Yeah. that’s me. i am their father. I have been with them in all the mayhem that has been going on. All the dramatic. The Drule regime… The first round with Beryl.  The issues with Zod, a small run with Checkmate. and now the mess we’re dealing with now…

Terra: whoa! Your sons dealt with all that?

King John: You bet.

Terra: *Excited and Psyched* Killer.

King John: But what about you? Who are you?

Terra: I’m Terra. I’m new to this City. Been on the road alot. Living on the road for as long as i can remember.

King John: Living on the road all that time… *Shaking his head in dismay* That is sad. Really sad to hear that. How were you able to survive all that time?

Terra: The best i could. I didn’t have much… But i was okay. for the most part as i had to mainly make due with whatever i could find. It wasn’t easy though.

King John: I am sure that it wasn’t…  But the boys were talking about you being taken to stay with the Rhapsody Girls. At least i heard about it from Prince Arnold… He was the only one that came home last night. Prince Avery was out staking the Fountain. Prince Alvin was at his Girlfriend Alice’s place… Prince Curtis stayed as his Girlfriends place.

Terra: So… *Curious* Prince Arnold’s single? He’s kinda cute. No idea why i’d say that since i hardly know him. I barely met him.

King John: *Sighs and Smiles calmly* He’s a good boy. All my boys are. They used to be a bunch of pranksters a few years ago. But as time passes and as they grew to what they are now… they no longer pull pranks. They haven’t since age 14. They’re all like 17 and Mature. They know what’s acceptable and not. *Thinking* However… there is something that i’d like to know. I kinda caught my son Prince Arnold give a mention that you knew about them and about the Rhapsody girls before they introduced themselves to you. And said that you went off saying that you read things about them. News articles about them. I am a little Skeptical. because anyone who would read about my boys and or about the girls… They’d have a copy of the paper or something. usually. But as he told me… He mentioned that you didn’t have any copy of any clippings of articles about them anywhere on you.

Terra: *Shrugs* I didn’t think that i’d need to. i didn’t even think that i would ever find myself meeting then or the girls. I read the articles and thought that they were just made up… but i kinda hoped that i was wrong and imagined that they would be around. that they’d exist. It’s a great knowing that they are. I don’t see much of anything good on the road. Being on the run and on the road all my life… i never got to stop and really enjoy anything that would be thrilling. i was… constantly on the go. On the road. i find new places and get to meet new people. i do get to beat some bad guys from time to time.  All i have is just this. Maybe a change of attire… but that’s about it. I don’t really have anything else.

King John: You don’t? That is sad. But i guess that it is expected for someone who was constantly on the go all the time. never having a place to call home.

Terra: Been my life for as long as i can remember. But being in the same house as the girls… That was actually pretty cool. They told me that they live with their grandmother though… Bummer to be quite honest. What happened to their mother? Did they even have one? Did she… Die?

King John: *Looking down* I kinda wish that you wouldn’t mention about it.

Terra: *Lost* About what?

King John: About the loss of their mother… It’s still a tender memory. Their mother was my Cousin. My Favorite Cousin to be frank with it all. She and i would always hang out and talk. She’d come to me most when there was something going on. She was with Pink hair and out of all the others… out of all the cousins… i was the only one she’d allow to get away with calling her Fuzzball. I would call her Pink-haired Fuzzball every so often. Just like a greeting or a term of endearment. She would call me as a term of endearment “sparky”.  But When she Murdered… i felt Numb. The girls were crippled. My 4 boys had to be their pillars of strength. for about a year. The girls were in need of it the most because of the loss they had endured. They only knew their mother since age 8. before then… they were on the streets due to the sad fact that they were left at the hospital and were made believed to be dead. their mother was made to believe that they were dead and that she didn’t have anymore kids. Which was a blatant lie. So unlike most who lost their mothers… to Murder or natural causes or whatever… it hit the girls the worst. It stung them the worst.

Terra: *shocked* whoa… that has to suck. They never mentioned about that to me.

King John: And they never will. Not because they don’t trust anyone to know about it. It’s because it is a repressed memory that they really don’t want to bring up. It’s a sad memory they wish to forget. Which if you were them… You’d want to forget about it too.

Terra: Kinda hard when you get faced with things that remind you of that memory almost every time you stop and turn the other way.

King John: It is. But the fact that you’re here… in the city. Staying with them… It leaves to wonder… How did you… get here?

Terra: Walked. or ran. Mostly ran. I happen to be a good runner.

But before Terra could make but another attempt to bounce away from talking about where she was from or why she was really running. A group of creatures came out in the open and from the fountain…


Terra: *Seeing a group of creatures* Not again… What is it with these things? Don’t they ever take breaks?

King John: These are Youmas… Queen Beryl of Dark Kingdoms happy bunch of garden variety creatures of mayhem.

Terra: Does everyone around here have a close recognition to this Beryl person? Who the heck is she?

King John: Don’t you know?

Terra: No. The girls never told me who she really was. All they would say was to not ask about her and that i really wouldn’t want to know her. but the joke is over… Who is she? Why am i being consistently cornered by these things?

King John: If i didn’t know any better… I would think to consider that she has a keen interest in you. I am probably wrong. but if she is having these things come after you like this… She must have some fond plans in store for you. To lure you… Why? That is a mystery? Why would she want you? You have nothing that she would want. You’re an innocent person. At least that is what i am seeing in you. Just an innocent person. Plus… she as far as we’d know… doesn’t know about you.

Terra: *Looking at King John and catching him getting set to fight* What are you gonna do? Fight them off?

King John: Yeah.

Terra: How? There is only one of you… and about 8 of those things. how do you plan to fight them? What can you do?

King John: i think you missed the clue… i am also with abilities.

Terra: *Pauses and turns to look at King John in confusion* Come again? You can fight? You have… powers too? Well… i guess that the boys didn’t happen to fall far from the trees did they. They got abilities just like you do. You have powers. They better be strong ones. Because if not… those things that just came out of the fountain are gonna eat you alive. Then come after me… Again.

King John: Don’t worry. I’ll get them. Run to safety.

Terra: Good idea. You just stay alive. don’t do anything to get yourself hurt. Your guys would be losing it if you were to get creamed…

A Second later…

King John: *Pointing his fingers out at the enemy and absorbing Psychic energy; Holding up his hands and suddenly pointing his fingers up in the sky; Firing up in the air and watching the Sky turn dark* With the power of mind and the force of nature… let this Psychic mist infect you with mind self-destruction. *Launching the Attack at the Youmas* Psychic Mind Poison Mist!

Terra: *Gasps* Whoa! How did you do that?

King John: I can do things like this because as i have said before… I am with Abilities. Just call me now… Lord ElectricMind.

Terra: Killer!

King John: Don’t just stand there… Run! hurry. get to safety…

Terra: Right… But what about you?

King John: Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. Just get out of here… While you can.

Terra: *Running away*

King John: *Turning to face the creatures* …  *gathering his energy and turning purple with an aura of Psychic energy; forming a army of Machettes and blessing them with Psychic energy; raising his hands and sending them into the air and aiming at the target; Launching the attack at (the Youma) Stabbing and burning with psychic energy* Psychic Machette Rapid storm!

Terra: … *stopping to see that the creatures were surrounding Mr. Rhapsody* Hey… Gramps… You better think fast. Those things are gaining up on you.

King John: Don’t worry.  this ain’t over yet. *forming electricity from his hands and it forms into one big electric ball and then into a stream of thunder bolts; Launching the attack at (the Youma)* THUNDER BOLT STRIKE!! *Attacking again* … *Gathering up strength and feeling his eyes form sparks of lightning; Holding his hands in the air and forming a big ball of lightning; moving his arms back charging it to full power; Unleashing the attack at (The Youma ) causing a power surge* Lightning Power Spike!

Terra: *Seeing the Youmas falling down and a couple missing* You knocked a couple down… but you got about 2 on your tail. *Wanting to help but afraid to lose control of her abilities* i got to do something. *Panics a bit while motioning to make a move* Don’t lose control… Don’t lose control! Terra *Suddenly her eyes start glowing yellow and moving up a piece of the ground and Moving it towards the Youma* Ah! *Raising her hands and Motioning for the ground to fly towards the Youma and crush them* Uuuuuuwwwwaaaaaaa!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Sailor Mercury: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Mercury Aqua… Cyclone!

Sailor Mars: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Youma… Taisan!

Sailor Venus: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Venus… Love me… Chain!

Terra: *Stopping to look where the side attacks came from* Huh?! did i do that?

Sailor Venus: *Running in from the side* No. That was not you. It was us.

Terra: *Turning to see 3 sailors* Who are you?

Sailor Mars: We’re the sailor soldiers. And from your reputation… You must be Terra.

Terra: Yeah. That’s me.

Sailor Venus: What are you doing here?

Terra: *Noticing Venus* Say… haven’t i seen you before?

Sailor Venus: I was with the girls last night when we first met.

Terra: That’s right. *Keeping it calm and cool* Now i remember you. You’re the one that the girls call Minako… right? I heard them mention you by name last night while they were showing me around their house. Pretty cool that you’re like a Pop Idol. I was in town last week and caught a couple CD’s with your name on it. Especially the one named Romance. that was amazing.

Sailor Venus: You like that, huh?

Terra: Yeah. I mean granted that i never ventured to trying J-pop before. but those Songs Romance and one other one. The one Called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang… That was pretty awesome. However the Song Sayonnara kinda was a little depressing. It made me cry.

Sailor Venus: It did huh? It was intended for a sad feel. because it was to resemble the sadness of a loss we endured and help us mend the heart saying that even though we endured a loss… we still hold the memory of the ones we were made to say goodbye to.

Terra: Oh… So it’s a sad song but it’s also one that tells us to never forget the people lost. that we’ve got the memories of them and will never lose them. to know that even if the sweet days are gone… the memories are still to remain.

Sailor Venus: yeah.

Terra: You two must be the Whizkid… The brainiac. Ami Mizuno and the one in red… I would suppose is the Paranormal intrigued Rei Hino. The Shrine Priestess.

Sailor Mercury: *Tilting her head in loss* ….

Sailor Mars: *Looking at Ami* She knows us…

Sailor Mercury: How? We never met her before. How could she know about us?

Sailor Mars: I don’t know. But she knows us. and if she knows us already… she might know about the girls.

Sailor Venus: She already does. knew them by name and by their hero names too.

Sailor Mars: Someone must have sent her.

Sailor Mercury: But who?

Sailor Venus: I don’t know… But one of us will be finding out the truth.

Terra: No one sent me. i just go wherever the wind takes me. Been to a lot of places.

Sailor Venus: *Not sure what to think about the girl* …

King John: You girls might want to eliminate these things. They’re coming out from the fountain and you nailed a couple of them… But 4 more took their place.

Terra: *With her hands and Summoning for rocks and a chunk of ground to billow out and knock into the youmas* Ah! Uwah! Hiiiiya!!

Sailor Mercury: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Shine Aqua… Illusion!

Sailor Mars: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Youma… Taisan!

Sailor Venus: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Rolling hearts Vibration!

Terra: *Using the Earth to attack the Youma and crush them*

A Minute later…

“Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
Dance me through the panic ’til I’m gathered safely in
Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love

Oh let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone
Let me feel you moving like they do in Babylon
Show me slowly what I only know the limits of
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love

Dance me to the wedding now, dance me on and on
Dance me very tenderly and dance me very long
We’re both of us beneath our love, we’re both of us above
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love

Dance me to the children who are asking to be born
Dance me through the curtains that our kisses have outworn
Raise a tent of shelter now, though every thread is torn
Dance me to the end of love

Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
Dance me through the panic till I’m gathered safely in
Touch me with your naked hand or touch me with your glove
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love”

Sailor Mercury: *Looking at the Fountain* She broke the Fountain…

Sailor Mars: The Gateway to Dark Kingdom is completely open now.

Sailor Venus: *Looking at Rei and Ami* We’ve got to inform the Rhapsody brothers and the girls. we got to tell them that the fountain is broke and that the portal is completely open now.

Sailor Mars: I’ll go and let them know.

Terra: *Feeling weary that she messed up* ….

Sailor Mercury: I got to get back to Dinah. She’s gonna need me. I have to give her another check-up. Check on her little ones again.

At Metropolis High school…


Paige: *Walking into the cafeteria* I can’t believe that i’m gonna fail Math. *upset* Damn… Grandma is gonna be pissed. Damn it… What am i gonna do?

Pearl: *Looking at Paige* You’re not gonna fail. You’ve been studying… haven’t you?

Paige: Not really. I haven’t been doing much studying. There has been too much taking me away from doing the studying.

Pearl: You should have been studying the Material. If you don’t graduate… Grandma won’t let us go to Grad night.

Paige: Thanks for the reminder… *Sighs* I can’t believe it though… I am failing Math. Algebra is tough.  Dinah was barely able to get it done… She passed it though. But i am flunking. There is nothing i can do… Grandma is gonna be pissed at me if i fail.

Pearl: *Shaking her head while following Paige into the cafeteria* Paige… You’re not gonna fail. All you have to do is just take time to study. Practice some Math. Get some practice in. You’ll get the hang of it with some practice.

Prince Alvin: *Walking in from the side with Prince Curtis, Prince Avery and Prince Arnold* You guys should be more careful with being oblivious to danger that stirs in the city…

Paige: What for? What are you talking about, Prince Alvin?

Prince Alvin: We just heard that there was a bit of a situation going on at the Fountain. No one is saying what it is…

Prince Arnold: I heard that there was a swarm of creatures.

Prince Avery: there is no telling where they came from though. No one is speaking.

Prince Curtis: That is more for you to say… I didn’t hear anything. In Chemistry… there was either the teacher talking and lecturing… or hearing the class chatter. Plus there is no T.V in the room. I didn’t hear anything.

Prince Alvin: None of us did… but the only thing mentioned… was just a swarm of creatures.

Paige: Well at least the creatures can be dealt with… My failing Math… can not. I am failing Math. If grandma hears of it… i am gonna be one dead teen.

Pearl: Paige… You’re gonna be fine. Stop worrying.

Paige: *Scoffs* How can you tell me not to worry, Pearl? Have you seen my Assignment that i had to do in class? *Showing the paper to Pearl* Look at the grade. That is a 60% 60%. That is teetering on the mark of failing. I am failing the class. This is my grade. If i fail this class… there will be no Grad night for me. I want to go to grad night. I want to go to it. But can’t if i fail the class. I won’t even be able to graduate. At all…

Pearl: You should Get some tutoring. That might help you get your grade up. You shouldn’t be thinking that it’s hopeless. It’s not.

Prince Alvin: That is right. I heard the teacher offer you the help. I’d take it. It could help you raise up your grades.

Paige: *Sighs*


Sailor Mars: *walking in* You girls are gonna be facing trouble… More trouble…

Paige: *Looking at Rei* What’s going on?

Sailor Mars: There is something that you guys need to know about. There is a girl at the park By the Fountain. Blonde hair and mysterious. She claims to not be sent by anyone. Venus doesn’t seem to buy it or is unsure what to believe.  But you might know who the girl is.

Pearl: We do. It’s Terra. Why? *Listening in to what Rei is say* What happened?

Sailor Mars: She was seen with a guy. The guy fits the description of King John. They were both fighting off the creatures that were coming out of the Fountain. But… there is something you need to know… The girl used the ground to fight back. She used the Earth. Terra wrecked the Fountain.

Paige: She did?

Prince Alvin: If she broke the Fountain… That means only one thing…

Prince Arnold: No… it’s not possible. It couldn’t be her… It just couldn’t be her. She would never just blatantly destroy public property like that. Not possible.

Christie: *Running in with Star* oh god… guys. there is something going on that you need to hear. It’s all over the News. They’re talking about it right now.

Star: *in despair* listen to the Radio.

A minute later…

Paige: They’re thinking that Terra did it. But how could she have done it? She doesn’t have any powers… Does she?

Sailor Mars: She does. We saw the powers. The abilities that she’s got.

Prince Avery: That’s not making much sense… how could you have seen them? We saw her last night. She was knocked down…

Paige: We saw that. But we also saw the ground not far from her all broken up and busted. with the Youma underneath it. She was however with not a scratch on her…

Pearl: But that’s… If she was with powers…

Paige: She destroyed that Youma… Last Night!

Prince Arnold: Wait a minute… that’s right. when we reached her… she was only on the ground. but the Youma was battered in the middle of the torn up ground. But it couldn’t be her… There was no way she could have done it… she was moving like she was victimized to a freak accident.

Prince Alvin: *detecting a hint of love-sickness coming from Prince Arnold* Wait a minute… Is that a hint of love-sickness i detect coming from you… Brother?

Prince Arnold: *Shaking it off* What? No. God no…

Prince Avery: Don’t hide it. it is… It’s Love.

Prince Curtis: Prince Arnold is feeling the love twinkle for Terra? Uh, Wow. that’s a first. Prince Arnold… You are the skeptic in the team… you have spontaneous outbursts. but you in the beginning thought something was up with Terra. thought that she was hiding something. Are you meaning to tell us that something changed?

Prince Arnold: Nothing really changed… I just happened to think that with all the bravado we were giving off in trying to expose Terra for hiding things from us… It got me to wonder… She had to be really special. Someone who needed a friend. someone to understand her and well… you know. Talk to her. try to listen to her.

Prince Alvin: Wow! Affectionate and completely discreet.

Star: You two are talking about the mystery girl. aren’t you?

Christie: You guys know about her?

Paige: It seems that we do. We know her and met her. She didn’t seem the least bit dangerous. We shouldn’t even be making a big deal about her. We’re letting the truth show itself. I feel as though if we should know about her… we let her show what she can do on her own terms. Not ours. The more we dig… the more questions we’ll end up being left with. We need to just let her show us what it is that she can do…

Pearl: I guess that we can settle for that. we can settle for that.

That afternoon…

The girls were talking about it further. Discussing about Terra and about what they were being told about her. They also were reviewing the possible keen fondness that Prince Arnold was feeling towards Terra. how he was beginning to feel about her. The brothers were all wondering how Prince Arnold could be feeling something for Terra. he didn’t know all that much about her other than what they saw and were told by her. Paige on the other hand was more worried about failing a class. She knew that if she failed a class that she wouldn’t be able to graduate or go to Grad night. She had to see to it that she passed the class. It was gonna be hard to think about the class and think about how to do the material as she also had to worry about what her sisters and her cousins going through… going against Beryl. The Fountain now being broken and the Portal to Dark kingdom now being all unsealed. All seals completely removed. It was now a direct gateway to dark Kingdom. A Direct link. There was also the worry over Dinah’s Pregnancy. and then ultimately the intergalactic Demon. With each of those things to worry about… there was gonna be no relief. no relief that would last for long.

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Girls room…

Dinah: *Resting; laying down*

Ami: *Checking on Dinah and seeing how the little ones were doing* They’re doing well…

Dinah: *Smiles* They are?! Ah… I’m glad. There is gonna be a wonderful surprise tonight that i want everyone here to be witnesses to.

Ami: Really?

Dinah: It’s gonna be something memorable.

Ami: What’s the surprise?

Dinah: *Whispering* Shingo is planning to propose to me tonight.

Ami: *Gasps* What?! No…you’re kidding… Oh my goodness… that’s delightful. really happy news.

Dinah: But please… Till it happens tonight. keep it a secret. I want my sisters to be most surprised to  witness what is to happen.

Ami: I won’t tell anyone about it. It’ll be a secret.

Dinah: Thank you.

Suddenly a shadowy Raven comes into the room and caws with an eerie moan…

Dinah: *Seeing the Raven in the room* Okay… i am seeing the raven again… Don’t ravens mean nightmare or death to some cultures?

Ami: I believe so. Why?

Dinah: Because there is a raven in this room right now and it’s looking right at me.

Raven: *Voice* Don’t panic. It’s only me. *Reverting to human form* I’m back. I came back a little early.

Dinah: Where were you?

Raven: I went to Jump City for a week.

Dinah: What?! Why?

Raven: To see a group of friends. or a group of heroes.

Dinah: And it was for a week? What if my sisters needed you? They were needing you. I couldn’t be there for them. you can see that i couldn’t.  I am officially tied to bed rest city. I can’t get up from the bed too well… Since the last week…i’ve gained nearly 40-45 lbs.

Raven: that’s a lot of weight.

Dinah: And it’s not over yet. this is week 19. there are 21 weeks left before the moment of giving Birth. I might be either double or triple this size. But i want this cleared… if i gain more than 300 pounds… knock me out and put me out of my misery. that kind of torture i wouldn’t want to see be done on anyone. not even on me.

Ami: Dinah-Chan… Don’t talk like that. That is not nice to say things like that. Your babies can hear all that you say.

Dinah: I know. *Dumbfounded* But just the thought of my being too heavy and over the top… over weight… I can’t even think of what it’d be like to be a size XXXL I can’t even imagine it.

Ami: It’s a scary thought… *Comforting Dinah* But just try not to think about it… Just take it one step at a time.

Dinah: If you say so. *Sighs*

As soon as Paige, Pearl and Luna got home…

Dinah: *Hearing Voices* My sisters are home.

Ami: that’s good. It’s time that they got back from school. Especially since you have a surprise to tell them…

Dinah: Ami… Not so loud. wait till they come in here. I want to tell them all at once.

Shanna: *Walking into the room* Hey Dinah. You okay?

Dinah: Yeah. I’m okay. Hating the whole being bed ridden and confined to the bed part… but other than that… i’m okay. The pain i have is a real drag. But… i’ve gotten used to it now. sad though.

Shanna: I can imagine. But really… You’re gonna be okay. we’re not gonna let anything happen to you.

Betty and Angel suddenly orb into the room…

Betty: Hey Dinah… You alright?

Angel: How’re the little rascals doing today?

Dinah: You calling my little ones rascals… why? *Sighs* well… i suppose that they are little rascals. They sure move alot.

Betty: That’d explain the pains that you keep having. it would explain it alot. The pain has been coming and going with you alot.

Dinah: Tell me about it. The pain bugs me. it’s something that i would love dealing without. But it’s not like i can just wish it away and it vanishes.

Betty: No one would suggest you do that. Although it would make things so much easier for you.

Dinah: *Chuckles* Sure… sure it would… But even though i’d complain about it… it’s not like i can do anything about the weight. I can’t very well exercise. *Thinking* Maybe i can… But that would be risking it. Wouldn’t it?

Ami: Yeah… It would. Your little ones are really delicate.

Dinah: That’s what i’d be thinking. So that takes care of the idea for exercising.

Paige: *Walking in with Pearl and Luna* Hello Dinah.

Dinah: Hey Paige… Pearl, Luna.

Luna: How was your day?

Dinah: That is such a weak question. My day was rather dull. The only redeeming part was that i spent some time with Shingo today. He was supposed to call but he surprised me and came over instead.

Paige: He did? That’s sweet. What all did you guys talk about?

Pearl: More plans for the babies?

Dinah: Well… that, yeah. and something else too. Something that you’ll all faint with excitement. *Feeling excited thinking about the moment that her love Proposes to her* I am excited myself. I feel really tingly and so fuzzy. Flustered and jubilant.

Luna: Why? What happened today that has you feeling so scattered and nervous?

Shanna: Is it something that has to do with Shingo?

Betty: It is… isn’t it?

Raven: *Grins* She is looking happy. Happy news during her pregnancy. kinda gives a girl… a human quite an edge, doesn’t it?

Angel: Oh yes.

Dinah: *Looking at her sisters* Shingo is gonna be here tonight to do something with me…

Paige: What’s he gonna do?

Pearl: What will he do that has you all happy?

Dinah: Shingo… Shingo… He’s gonna ask me to marry him.

Paige, Pearl, Luna, Shanna, Betty and Angel: *Gasps* AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Paige: *Happy and excited* Oh my gosh… That’s Major. Seriously. Dinah… we’re so happy for you.

Pearl: Completely happy for you, sis. Without a doubt.

Luna: *Happy* This is so exciting. What time is he gonna be here?

Dinah: I don’t know. But he’s gonna be here tonight. and then tomorrow he starts with a 4 day non-stop shift at work. But he wants to do this tonight. making tonight the best night.

Raven: That’s nice. *Nods*

At the New Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at the screens and getting readings coming in from the Metropolis park* hmm… This isn’t good.

Victor Stone: *Looking at the Screens* You believe that the Fountain is busted… but if so… that would make the portal officially open. All 3 layers are removed and sealed.  But… Question is: What caused it to happen?

Chloe: There were reports of a unfamiliar girl… in the park. She was talking to someone as some reports were briefing. all of a sudden a group of creatures come out of the Fountain. Youmas and they were all poised to come at her. but that was when the person she was speaking to.. fended them off.

Victor Stone: *Looking at the recording and the Video logs* Say what…? You’re pulling the cybernetic guy’s leg here… That’s King John. The father to the Rhapsody Brothers. What was he doing there?

Chloe: *Looking at the video* I don’t know… But he was there talking to the girl.  the girl… She has abilities. the scans picked up energy spikes coming from her.

Oliver: You’re sure? *Watching the camera* I guess that would answer my question. She’s got abilities. Earth like power. There were 3 other girls that came to the scene and shot off blasts at the creatures.

Black Canary: *Walking in* well well… looks like we got a lively incident breaking ground leaving a little evidence for us to see.

Oliver: Easy there, Black bird… It’s not a danger yet. Just a new girl with powers of the earth. Looks as though she broke the Fountain and it broke the rest of the 2nd seal and wiped off the 3rd one like a silver dollar.

Black Canary: Easy there green merry bandit. there is no girl that looks like a skinny little yenta that can commit that type of damage. If the girl we are seeing on screen is a earth controlling super… then i am a truck driving hick.

Victor Stone: Then you’re a hick. because if you look at the screen… you see the girl moving her hands up in the air and with just a fast moving nature quick and swift… *Seeing a piece of earth rise from the ground and move towards the creatures* See what we mean? that girl is there. She was the one moving the earth. moving the ground.

Oliver: That’s not including the lights from 3 different girls. 3 of them. one in Orange… One in blue and one in red.

Chloe: Those are senshi.

Victor Stone: *Pauses and looks at Chloe in shock and disbelief* Say that again? You’re playing on this… aren’t you Watchtower? Are you serious? Those are Senshi?

Oliver: Where did they come from?

Chloe: The moon.

Black Canary: *Pauses and confused* The Moon? How is that even possible? There is no life on the Moon.

Chloe: We all would consider that… But we got a Girl… named Luna. who is the adopted sister to the Rhapsody Girls…. and as it is said… she believe different. She is from the Moon.

Oliver: Luna Rhapsody is from the Moon? Chloe… You’re seriously cracked or something. There is no life on the Moon. It’s just craters and empty barren plains. nothing else.

Chloe: Don’t debate on the matter. It is a place. Luna believes it to be real. The Moon Kingdom. *Putting up the Info* A long, long time ago, the Earth was under one country, and there was a kingdom on the Moon. Both countries were beautiful—brimming with light and greenery. In that era, the Prince of the Earth and the Princess of the Moon fell in love. The Prince of Earth and the Princess of the Moon. The two of them loved each other deeply, but because it was a forbidden love… calamity called upon calamity, and a war started between the Moon Kingdom and the Earth. Finally, the Earth was destroyed by the Darkness. The Moon Kingdom also crumbled. as it was said. The 3 girls that you see on screen are Princess of their Kingdoms. Princess from their past life. The one in Blue… obvious is Ami. She is Princess Mercury reincarnated. Sailor Mercury. The one in red is a Shrine priestess named Rei. She is Princess Mars Reincarnated. Sailor Mars. and then the one in Orange is Sailor Venus… Princess Venus Reincarnated. They are 3 of the 4 guardians of one person…  *Posting the picture on Screen*  Princess Serenity. of the Moon Kingdom. She is the daughter of Queen Serenity. Princess Serenity is in slumber and her reincarnated form is just a normal girl. The Moon Kingdom tie in is dormant and asleep. But her 4 guardians are Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter is not reawakened. just Mercury, Mars and Venus. the first time they were all in play… they all went against Beryl. the same one we’re under now… dealing with. The girls are dealing with her again. This time new playing field… new set of issues. New situation. All New.

Oliver: So hold on a minute… They are remnants of a Kingdom long since dead?

Black Canary: Well well… ain’t that a tickling tale of wonder. So they are back in play and are here to help the girls out with the Evil Queen Beryl and to provide the boost to going against the Demon of Hell… Trigon… Scath.

Victor Stone: That’s good fore tale of where those 3 girls came from and what their role is in all this… But what about that mystery gal with the powers of Earth. we saw the video. we just saw her use them.

Oliver: That’s true… we did. What’s her tale?

Chloe: That is what we have to find out. We don’t know who sent her… but her presence is unknown. There is no clue to where she came from or who she is.

Oliver: let’s have Canary here follow her. She’ll get the knowhow…

Black Canary: you want me to ride on the young girl’s coat tails?

Oliver: You afraid of a girl, Singing siren?

Black Canary: Of a little girl… No. Of what she could be capable of… don’t answer that. It’s a possible death sentence. the girl can ride the earth. control it… maybe unhinge it…

At Vincent Van Graves’s Residence…

Martin: *Feeling Conflicted about his feelings and relationship with his friend Luna* What will i do? If i tell her that i really like her and want to be more than a friend to her… It will complicate things. What if she’s not ready? What if i’m not ready? What if she gets scared off? What if it strains things?

Vincent Van Graves: *Walking into the room* Martin, My dear boy… are you okay?

Martin: I guess so… But i feel conflicted about my feelings for my friend.

Vincent Van Graves: Conflicted, you say? How’s that?

Martin: well… I don’t know. I want to be her friend and always be there for her… but i am feeling somehow afraid that i might wind up messing it up.

Vincent Van Graves: How’s that you would think you would mess up such a wonderful friendship with the girl?

Martin: *Looking away before coming out with his feelings* Because i think that i might be in love with her. I am scared about it. I mean… what if i mess it all up and it scares her away? What if i mess everything up?

Vincent Van Graves: *feeling sympathetic* You’re not gonna mess anything up… You’ll be alright. All you have to do is just let your feelings out. Tell her how you feel. just lay out the field and let her know that you want to be more than a friend and that you like her.

Martin: What if it scares her?

Vincent Van Graves: Pah! that’s absurd. You can not scare a girl by being an honest person. The thing that will scare her is if you tell her lies that are scary… lying to her… have a change in attitude. Being an honest person will not scare the girl. Your friend Luna will understand. All you have to do is be yourself. That’s all you need to do, Martin. In fact… Why don’t you call her? You can talk to her and ask her what she feels about you. How she feels about you. An if she feels the same way about you… you got nothing worry about. If she doesn’t… at least you’ll know and it won’t scare her… but at least she’ll know how you feel. and it will be out in the open.

Martin: There is that… But there is also the part where there is this mystery girl. someone with blonde hair. Luna said that she and her sisters. as well as the Rhapsody Brothers met her last night. But they don’t know so much about her. All they know is that her name is Terra. That she’s a runner and has been living on the road for a long time. Plus she mentioned that the girl was harboring a secret. some secret that she doesn’t want out. She’s got abilities that she doesn’t want anyone to know about. Although… it’s not easy to hide. last night when they first met her… she was being chased by a creature. But by time they got to her… the creature was out cold and she was slouching on the ground and has let out that she knew about them before they were to introduce themselves to her. Knew them by name…  even the hero names. Knew about the brothers also.

Vincent Van Graves: *Gasps* you don’t say… A Blonde girl who has a power that she is hiding. How enlightening. I would suppose that this strange new girl is running from someone or something.

Martin: Maybe you can look into the Crystal ball and check into it.

Vincent Van Graves: That’s what should be done… In fact. Martin, My dear boy… Why not go and head over to your friend’s house and have a chat with her. See what she says about the girl. Find out if she can tell anymore about the mystery girl.

Martin: Yeah. She has got to know more on the girl…

What they didn’t know was that while they were all trying to uncover the mystery behind the girl known as Terra… At the local Diner…

Terra: I should get back to the girls. But… i don’t know if they’d want to see me again… after what the news has been saying about that freak accident that happened today at the park. They might have figured it to be me that was behind it… I don’t think that they’re gonna want to see me…

Prince Arnold: *Suddenly walking by and overhearing the comment* huh?!

Terra: *Lowering her head*… *Sighs* The girls were rather nice to me. If they were to find out that i had caused the Fountain to break… found out that i couldn’t control my powers that good. They’ll chase me away. It’ll be like the same thing again. Having to be on the run all over again.

Prince Arnold: *Walking over from the street and Sitting next to Terra secretly* … *Ordering something to eat* Chili cheese fries and Chili cheese dog please.

Terra: *Pauses and looking up before turning to see Prince Arnold* Prince… Arnold? What are you doing here?

Prince Arnold: i just happened to be in this part of the city and however… heard the comments you just made.

Suddenly Terra without moving or motioning for the ground underneath Prince Arnold to rise and then drop…

Prince Arnold: *Feeling the seat rise and then drop abruptly* Wha– what the heck is going on? *Looking at Terra* Did you feel that?

Terra: *Shocked* Oh god… Please. Please… Don’t tell. Please don’t tell the others about this. Don’t tell the others. Please…

Prince Arnold: Hey… don’t worry. my brothers are tight. They won’t say anything.

Terra: You have to swear to me that you won’t tell anyone about it. Promise me that you won’t tell them or the girls. Promise?!

Prince Arnold: I promise. I won’t tell anyone.

Terra: *Desperate and strongly begging* PROMISE me!

Prince Arnold: Terra. Calm down. I promise… i am not gonna tell anyone. I won’t even tell the brothers or the girls. If i had… I am sure they’d understand. Shook and very still for not being told of it beforehand… but they’d accept you. I too. I had a little doubt at first. But last night after we first met you… while sleeping I thought about the fact that you were hiding things. Things you were telling that were not adding up… But then during class… i thought more about it… and as i thought… i developed a conclusion that you were going from place to place… feeling alone. Alone without a friend. without someone to talk to and listen to what you’re feeling. Being made to run because of powers that you can not control too well. You’re in need of someone to understand you. Be close to you and well… Take time to understand that you’re not dangerous as seen to be. You’re just misunderstood.

Terra: You know all this about me… How come?

Prince Arnold: There is no reason to why i know of this. I know it because when a person really takes time to think about something… They bring out their views to light. their beliefs. faith and trust and patience. I am not all that subtle. I can be abrasive on things. But being so around you would only push you to run and flee like times and times before. You need training. We need to see what you can really do. The others might see what is wrong. they might even question it. But Terra… The question is… What are you to believe? What do you think? Do you trust yourself to gain better control of what you can do?

Terra: *Feeling as though Prince Arnold is reaching out to her* You kinda remind me of someone… he was more funny than anything else… But i guess that i see what it is that you’re saying. I guess what i really am is scared of being taunted. Judged.

Prince Arnold: Terra, You are always Judged. Because people don’t seem to understand you for who you are and not for what it is that you can do. They never take the time to get to know you for who you really are.

A few minutes later…

Prince Arnold: *Thinking* You know what? Tonight depending on what is going on tonight at the girls house… We’re all gonna train… Out in the outskirts of Metropolis… the Plains that separate the Town of Smallville and Metropolis…

Terra: I can’t.

Prince Arnold: You can… Terra. the longer you hold back and not train… the longer you’ll have problems with your powers. You don’t have control as you should… because you’re afraid of what it is that you can do. But you don’t have to be afraid. You really don’t have to be afraid. Maybe if i were to tell you something out of confidence it could give you a bit of hope.

Terra: But–

Prince Arnold: When i was 10… I am certain that the brothers knew of this… because we were like inseparable. But when i was 10 just as they were… I just got endowed with this power. the power of water. This was a year before the girls even became supers or received the powers that they have. I was scared of the powers i had. I couldn’t control them. Not like i can now. I always had to watch what i did and what i felt… I didn’t even understand at first why i had the powers. But even though i was scared… i trained.  i trained hard and trained. I grabbed on to the control. *Emitting water from his hand* See this? I used to have no control of it at first. when i first began having the powers. There would be a day as though… they’d just react upon it’s own. all by itself. i wasn’t willing it. it just hit. without warning. It hit. But that was because i wasn’t being vigilant and alert. however as time passed…the same time or a little time after the girls got their powers… first time… My brothers and i achieved control. We got the control needed…

Terra: What do you mean by the first time they got their powers? How did they get them?

Prince Arnold: What i mean is that it was during the 11 year of age when it happened…

Prince Arnold Flashes back…

“8 years ago…

At King John’s house…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at his brothers* Come on guys… train better. Dad isn’t gonna allow us to be heroes if we can’t grab a handle on our powers. I gained control of the fire. You guys should be with the hang of the powers now… Focus. 

Prince Arnold: *trying to gain control of the water* Come on… Work. Work… 

Prince Avery: *Focusing his ability* Plasma is like a burn. something that burns. hot. heat source… 

Prince Curtis: *Feeling electricity coursing through him* Come on you electric energy… come on… start glowing. *Glowing* Yes. YES!!!! Got it. Now this is what i’ve waited for. All that training has paid off.

Prince Alvin: That’s one… Prince Arnold, Prince Avery… you two need to focus better. Come on. Think towards your element. Let it be you. let it course through your bodies and minds. You can do it. Just let it come… focus.

A week later…

Prince Alvin: *Nods* You guys are all on track. Let’s go and serve the city. try out our powers. Prince Arnold… You’re a little sluggish… but the water is a little tricky. 

Prince Arnold: Yeah. I know… I am a little nervous with the water… It isn’t like i can use on will… not easily.

Prince Alvin: It’s okay… You’ll get the hang of it. You’re scared. but it’s normal. Our pops was scared at first when he first got his abilities. He never would say where he first got them… but he too was afraid. He had to train hard. Train very hard and gain trust in his power. in what he could do. That is the key to finding connection to the powers and abilities. the key. Find what we were lacking. Trust. Respect and wisdom. 


A flash of light is seen and within seconds witnessed splitting into multiple beams of white light.

Prince Arnold: *Seeing the beams* What the heck are those beams? 

Prince Alvin: *Looking to see the beams* They came from the sky… but out of nowhere… Where did they come from? What are they doing here?

Prince Avery: *Watching the beams* They’re going all over the place… 

Prince Curtis: *Catching one of the beams coming towards them* Look out!

Prince Alvin: *Looking at his brothers* Scatter!

Prince Avery: *Looking at the beams* Wait… the beam is shifting directions and diverting to the side…. heading east.

Prince Arnold: You guys… the beams are going into the City. 

Prince Alvin: Our cousins are in the city exploring and having fun doing their own thing… Their mother knows where they are. knows that they’re safe.

Prince Curtis: Shouldn’t we go and follow where those beams are going?

Prince Avery: it’d be a good idea if we were to do as such… It be wise if we took a look. 

Prince Alvin: No. We can’t follow those beams. those beams are not even real… they’re apparitions. Look.

the beams vanished… but were not really gone… they vanished from View, however what they didn’t know was that… the beams were still coming. through the city. In the City…


Paige: *At the candy store barely walking out with her arms full of sweets* Mmm! Now this is the life. I sure wish that my sisters were here to have some of this. I’ll bet that they’re home right now and waiting for me… No… wait. they’re off doing their own thing. Pearl is looking at more fashion items and Dinah is at the park. Maybe i can meet one of them at the store. yeah. that’s what i’ll do…


Pearl: *At the Fashion store and Walking out with a couple new dresses* these are nice dresses that i just bought. wait till i show my mom. She’s gonna be surprised. *Suddenly Skipping away happily with her new dresses* La la la la la… La la… La la la la la la la laaaaaaa…. La la… la la la laaaa! I am so happy.  I can see it now… i’m gonna be a fashion designer when i grow up and make clothes and make a popular life for myself. i can do anything…

But that thought was cut short when she suddenly saw a girl with a new hairstyle…

Pearl: *With amazement* Wow. her hair sure is pretty. i wonder where she got her hair done…


Dinah: *Skateboarding through the park* It sure is pretty quiet at the park. there doesn’t seem to be much of anything going on. not to forget that it is Windy doesn’t necessarily make things any better. the Wind is kinda blowing a little strong.  Maybe i should just go back home where it’s warmer and calmer than it is here. the Wind if getting really rough.

Dinah was starting to make her way back home when she suddenly caught sight of a white beam coming down and Swooping through the park heading straight for the Kid eating an Ice cream…

Dinah: Whoa! Hey Kid… Look out!…”

Prince Arnold: It was just a normal day. It was however a bit windy. nothing was really going on… however—

Terra: before you could get a better look and before any of you knew… something happened. these beams came out from the sky and just shot out of nowhere?

Prince Arnold: yeah.  The beams just came and literally sprang like a bullet and shot from the sky and right into the city. This city.

Terra: And i guess that the girls were shot with this light. which gave them the powers. Gave them the abilities that they happen to have now.

Prince Arnold: that’s right. Paige grew into the leader. She was always meant to be the leader. It was part of her the whole time. But no one really saw or realized it. till the beginning of the 3rd threat. The Threat revolving Zod.

Terra: Why? What did she do?

Prince Arnold: Stood up to the Kandorians when on that day that when it all first began for them… they were being held hostage… Paige Stood up to them…

Prince Arnold Tells Terra about the ordeal…

“Major Zod: *Shifting his eyes over to the girls* I wouldn’t want to anger him if i were you. he has a very bad temper.

Dinah: Well… so do we. we can get mad too, you know?

Basqut: *Questioning the Rhapsody girls* What major Junction do you have with Major Zod?

Paige:  What are you talking about? We didn’t meet with him. he… as well as you came from that orb that we found. You guys are beings from that orb. If we are guilty of anything… it’s the idea that we thought that we were saving this world from destruction. We have done our part already… saving this world and this galaxy as well as the Denubian Galaxy from King Lotor of Planet Doom. Saving this world from the great evil that threatened to destroy this world if she were to ever get to power. and if she had been allowed to run rampant. But when we released the Major… we thought that it would be the answer to this world’s prayers.

Basqat: There were hundreds of us… we have up to now only found a few dozen and no more than that. Where are the others?

Paige: It doesn’t matter. We were only doing what we figured to be the right thing to do… we thought that we were gonna be saving a civilization. We are not just regular civilians… You all can notice the power belts that my sisters Pearl, Dinah and i are wearing. We are Supers. *With a stern voice and Standing up to Basqat* Do you really truly think that we 3 would team up with one man who happens to be as clueless as you are about what it is that you’re doing here? If you want the answers that should have been given to you… Why don’t you ask the one man that came with you all in that Orb for explanations… The one man who has kept you all in the dark… This ENTIRE TIME!!!

Major Zod: *Looking at Paige* Wow! Bravo! Exquisite wording there… Convincing all the same.

Faora: *Standing up and speaking towards Major Zod* Major, The very last thing we all can recall is our blood taken in camp before the brutal battle in Kandor. How did we get here?

Major Zod: If we are here… then there is only one obvious explanation for it… *Looking to all the soldiers in the room* Our home has been destroyed.

Faora: *In defense* And yet you take it upon yourself to thereby betray us?Have you killed the others as well?

Basqat: What happened to our power?

Major Zod: *Getting up and standing up facing the men* You dare defy me? I have saved the lives of half the soldiers in this room. You know that I myself have risked more than any of you in this room. Not one of you have come anywhere close to sacrificing the things i have sacrificed  for our survival. *Looking at Basqat* And you?  *Taking Down Basqat before Stepping back and Looking at the crowd* Do you want a leader who hides away in his Hide-out for days and weeks on end and thereby complains? Or do you favor a leader who has ventured out on his own accord going it alone scouring a hostile world in search of your loved ones? I have always been true to my word; Living to my word following through with every Vow i had ever made upon each and every one of you. And I am vowing this that i… I will find the answers that we are looking for or I will die in the quest.”

Terra: She stood up to them?! *Surprised* Didn’t feel terrified by them? They were Military men. from probably another planet. superior strength. the whole deal.

Prince Arnold: Yeah. she was… But she wasn’t letting it get to her… She couldn’t. She had to be strong and courageous for her sisters Pearl and Dinah. She knew… that if she got scared… they’d feel the hope fade. She was their leader. It was at that very moment that they knew it. that they all knew it.


Terra: *Curious* What about your brothers?

Prince Arnold: They didn’t know of it till after the fact. They didn’t know till a little after it happened. neither did i. But our father felt pissed about it for a while after it was all done… He learned of it and got steamed because he felt that he could have done something and didn’t. It took the convincing and the consoling of Princess Charlene our Aunt to get him to calm down.

Terra: Why would he be so angry about that? It happened. It wasn’t like he knew it was gonna happen. It was a freak incident.

Prince Arnold: *Sighs* Well… yes and no… Yes it was a freak accident. a incident that just happened to come towards them… but it wasn’t an accident as to why it happened. The Kandorians all came out from an Alien Orb. an Orb that had Extraterrestrial Origins. Dinah… was at the park Fountain with her boyfriend Shingo who is now gonna be her future Husband. they were at the park when they found the Orb. To Dinah… It was just some odd Hackeysack ball. but shocking to see that it was anything but that. That night… it opened up. and it startled the girls good. It rather freaked Dinah out. because she just barely got back from having a date with Shingo when it happened.

Terra: Wow! Kinda makes a person feel rather disturbed… doesn’t it?

Prince Arnold: Well… yes. It can. Its the things that are like that; that make some people just quiver in fright.

Terra: I Didn’t know that you guys had it going rough. Kinda makes my secret seem practically trivial.

Prince Arnold: Not exactly… You got powers that are of Earth. Losing control of them can lead to great disasters. But you can control them… All you need to do is just focus and believe in your gift. You were with them for a reason. you can put them into excellent use. With patience and motivation… You can shine. You just have to believe in the idea that you can. trusting in yourself.

Terra: *Feeling comfortable with Prince Arnold* Want to do something?

Prince Arnold: I guess. Sure. What did you have in mind?

Terra: Want to catch a movie?

Prince Arnold: why not. This feels like a date. but… spending time with you and being like a close friend to you. It’s more than worth it. I know what it’s like to be without a friend in the world. being without friends. people that will care and understand you. be there for you. Hanging with you will be a swell idea. i’d be honored.

That night at Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Girls bedroom…

Paige: *With Pearl and Dinah* So… When is he gonna get here, Dinah?

Pearl: Is he on his way?

Dinah: no idea. But i think that he’s gonna surprise me.

Luna: he is?

Shanna: I can not begin to wonder what the spontaneity is for.

Betty: I don’t know who could. Boys are rather strange to figure out. Do you suggest that he is Loyal and will do what he says that he’d do?

Angel: Oh yes. Shingo is a very devoted man. He’s 17 and he’s a real dream come true. Dinah’s lucky to have him. Betty, if you’re suggesting that he might be disloyal… That is terrible to think that way. Dinah knows him well to know that he’d never do anything like that to hurt her. Shingo is a wonderful person. He’d never try anything like that to hurt her. Not ever.

Martin: Where’s the girl? You know… The Blonde haired girl?

Paige: You mean… Terra. No idea. But she should have been here by now.

Pearl: I think that whatever happened at the park frightened her and she probably thinks that we’re gonna be putting on a Lynch mob and chase her right out of the city.

Luna: *Curious* Like Raven first thought that Prince Alvin was gonna do towards her when she and he first locked eyes?

Martin: Are you talking about that Dark Powered girl?

Luna: Yeah.

Shanna: The meeting was straightened…

Dinah: It almost got ugly… but we were able to do damage control. *Groans* God… This pain is the pits…

Prince Alvin: *Walking in* We’re here.

Prince Avery: Same here.

Prince Curtis: I came here with Megan. She wanted to be here.

Megan: I did. And i am. It’s not everyday that you get to witness someone being proposed to. Despite the whole fact that it’s with Dinah being mainly bedridden and unable to move the least bit freely.

Prince Curtis: That was subtle. But a good deduction nonetheless.

Alice: *Walking into the room and standing beside Prince Alvin* Prince Alvin… We were supposed to be at my place to have our private moment. But since we’re here… What’s going on? Is there something scheduled to happen?

Prince Alvin: Yes. A Proposing moment. Shingo is gonna do something with Dinah. But we’re just now waiting for him.

Prince Avery: I also brought my girlfriend here. Summer is gonna be watching from the Hall. She’s liking the hall alot. Not sure as to why that is though…

Prince Arnold: *Walking with Terra into the room; Happy* Hey everyone. What’s all the ruckus? Somebody get hitched?


Terra: *Seeing a cloaked girl in the room* … *Nervous and feeling like she should back away*

Star: *Walking in with Christie* Hey there girls. We’re here. Where’s the hunk miser?

Christie: Is he here? We’re not late for the special moment… are we?

Dinah: Well… you’re here and he’s not around yet… So… what do you think? *Grins*

Minako: He should be here by now… What’s keeping him?

Rei: Did he forget?

Ami: No. he’d never do that… Shingo is a devoted boyfriend to Dinah.

But minutes later…

Shingo: *From outside the house coming in; Singing* “We got the afternoon You got this room for two One thing I’ve left to do Discover me Discovering you

One mile to every inch of Your skin like porcelain One pair of candy lips and Your bubblegum tongue

And if you want love We’ll make it Swim in a deep sea Of blankets Take all your big plans And break ’em This is bound to be awhile

Your body is a wonderland Your body is a wonder (I’ll use my hands) Your body is a wonderland. 

Something ’bout the way the hair falls in your face I love the shape you take when crawling towards the pillowcase You tell me where to go and Though I might leave to find it I’ll never let your head hit the bed Without my hand behind it

You want love? We’ll make it Swim in a deep sea Of blankets Take all your big plans And break ’em This is bound to be awhile Your body is a wonderland Your body is a wonder (I’ll use my hands) Your body is a wonderland

Damn baby You frustrate me I know you’re mine all mine all mine But you look so good it hurts sometimes 

Your body is a wonderland Your body is a wonder(I’ll use my hands) Your body is a wonderland Your body is a wonderland

Da da dup ba da da da
Ba ba dup ba la la la
Ba ba dup ba ba da da
Ba ba dup ba da da da
Ba ba dup ba ba da da
Ba ba dup ba da da da
Ba ba dup ba ba da da
Ba ba dup ba da da da”

Princess Charlene: *Walking into the room with King John and Mrs. Trixie Stroker through a portal* We’re here… Did we make it?

Grandma Rikku: *Walking into the room suddenly* You sure did…

A Minute later…

Shingo: *Walking into the room and over to Dinah* I’m here…

Dinah: *Smiles and Excited* Hey Shingo. I heard Singing… I believe that it was you. Was it you?

Shingo: Guilty… but it was worth it. I wanted to make it memorable. I Got to thinking about us and i have to tell you that the love that i know is there… it’s definitely the strongest love… Sealing the deal… making our fate one. Anyone can be a father. Just because you and i did it… doesn’t mean i could be father material. But i am yours. Have been for 4 years. making way to 5. barely professing that i loved you… when an incident happened that made me fear that i lost you… i know it won’t make any sense… but i never knew what losing someone you gave your heart to meant till i saw you. That’s when it clicked. Then when you almost died because of that Metallic being. i was broken… i felt my very heart crumble within me. But you were alive. you didn’t die which made me so relieved. i was more than thankful. I was with a huge calm… Since then we have been through so much. been through alot. Went through the ordeal that brought Zod…. i was there for you as you were for me. That is why i wanted to seal the deal and make our love even more larger. more real. Because even though… we’re young… We’re in Love. I could go with any other girl… anyone at all. but they would make me less than completely whole. less than half. I wouldn’t be living with a complete heart without you. Because without you… I am nothing but a soul… A soul that lives but an empty life. *Near Dinah and suddenly stopping beside Dinah before getting on bended knee* Dinah… *Getting on Bended knee and pulling out a box* … *Opening it and presenting a Ring to Dinah* My Loving firecracker… Dinah Ellen Rhapsody… Will you Marry me?

Dinah: *Screeches with bawling tears of Joy* The Ring is Beautiful. *Happy and exploding on love* Yes… Yes. I will… I will Marry you. Shingo… I will Marry you.

Shingo: *hugging Dinah and Kissing her passionately on the lips*

Rhapsody Clan, Star, Christie, Raven, Terra, Minako, Rei, Ami, Reese, Jack and Martin: *Touched* Awwwwwwww!

King John: *Looking at Shingo* Welcome to the family Nephew to be…

Paige: Welcome to the family Future Brother-in-law.

Pearl: Yeah. You’re gonna be one of us someday soon.

Ami: *Smiles* I love happy endings. This is really happy.

Rei: And her babies are happy. They’re excited.

Minako: *Nods*

Terra: *Smiles*

It took an hour for everyone to calm down from the huge surprise of seeing Shingo propose to Dinah. It was the happiest moment of their lives and the best living moment to Dinah. She was so happy that all she could do was smile and just shed tears of Joy. She was so happy. Even though she was pregnant and unable to really move, she still was feeling jubilant. All she could think about was Shingo and getting married. Paige couldn’t help but shift her worry over to being at risk of failing a class. She however tried to keep it hidden. She hid it and made as such that she was happy for her sister. Prince Arnold also had a secret and it was with Terra. He fell in love with her and yet… couldn’t let it out however by the way he then acted… it said it all. Dinah laid there with happiness and content…

In the living room…

Prince Arnold: *Looking at his brothers and smiles* Guys… I got to tell you something and it’s something that i found.

Prince Avery: What did you find, Brother?

Prince Arnold: I Found a girlfriend.

Prince Alvin: You found a girlfriend… Didn’t you? Who is it?

Prince Curtis: Someone we might know?

Prince Arnold: *Nods* Yeah. And the girl is here with us in this room. We even met her and came to her rescue…

Paige: *Overhearing the comment* Huh?! Come again on that last part… Did you just say that it’s someone that we all went to rescue from danger?

Pearl: Who? *Gasps and realizing* Oh god… Terra! You’re in love with Terra? She’s your girlfriend?

Prince Arnold: Yeah. Why?

Prince Alvin: Brother… When did this happen. How?

Prince Curtis: What the heck happened?

Prince Arnold: Nothing. I just found Terra sitting alone and she was looking like she was lonesome. Had things on her mind. We just got to talking and actually hit it off so well… that we just… Clicked. We fell in love. I would think that you’d all be rather happy about that. I am.

Prince Alvin: You know that we’d be happy for you that you are with her… But… Did she… Well… tell you anything about where she was from?

Prince Arnold: No. But i figure that she’ll tell when she’s ready…

Luna: *Feeling happy* I am just so happy that Dinah’s got herself a Possible Marriage coming. She’s gonna get married. It’s so happy.

Paige: It is. It’s gonna be a wonderful experience. we’re gonna be there for Dinah. All the way. Wedding and all. through it all.

Pearl: We also have to focus on the ordeal with Beryl and The Fountain plus… the Intergalactic Demon. That’s in the future a little down the road…

Luna: yeah.

Martin: *Thinking about telling Luna how he feels about her; Nervous* Luna…

Luna: *Looking at Martin as she hears him calling her* Yes, Martin?

Martin: Can we go outside and talk? *A Little unsure how to let out how he feels about his friend*

Luna: Okay. But Martin, Are you feeling okay?

Martin: Yeah. It’s just something that i have on my mind is all.

Luna: *Feeling a little disturbed* Uh… okay. I think that maybe we should go outside and talk in private.

Martin: That’d be better.

Outside a minute later…

Martin: *Looking at Luna* Luna… I have been thinking about how close we’re getting.

Luna: How Close?

Martin: We have confided in each other for about a few months now. since Halloween last year. So far we’ve gone through a lot. We’ve been going through a lot. You told me about things that i know weren’t easy to let out. You might have even thought that i saw you as possibly either a freak or a Mutant that needed to be locked up. But i never thought like that. i couldn’t begin to think such a thing. Besides. even if we weren’t like close friends. I’d never think that. That’s just not me. Luna… I have been thinking about our relationship…

Luna: You have? What did you think about?

Martin: Luna… *Leaving a long pause* I like you. Actually… *Feeling attracted to his best friend* I… Love… you.

Luna: *Pauses and feeling stunned by the outburst* Huh?! You… Y-y-y-you l-l-l-l-love me?!

What was Luna gonna say to the outburst made by Martin? With the fact that Shingo had just Proposed to Dinah on bended knee in front of Dinah’s family… What was gonna be next for Dinah’s future? How was her Pregnancy gonna make her feel? Would she develop cravings for foods that she’d never eat? Would she get hunger attacks? Dreams? What about the new surprise of Prince Arnold and Terra being now in a relationship just out of the blue? Was it gonna hold up? Would Paige grab a leg up and get the hang of her class and stop herself from failing the class? What about Raven? Where was her involvement in all of this? Would the leads of her Prophecy ever come to light? How will it all begin and when? What will Dinah and Shingo plan in terms of their little ones when the day of birth arrives? All this and more in the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues… 

Chapter 86: “Pregnancy munching Hunger… Training at night. “putting on the Terra” Raven and Sailor Mars Allegiance in progress.”


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