Chapter 84: “Inside Babies Grow Conscious and 3 senshi’s join the battle against Beryl and her Web of Evil; “Look over Yonder for a Blonde girl to come running in.”

Dinah: *Voice-Over* I am Pregnant. I just went through week 14 of my Pregnancy and it was not the least bit calm. I am Actually still on my 14th week… and so far I tried going to school and thought that i’d be safe. At least from Beryl, Right? Yeah. I was safe from her. there… it hit me during just the 1st period. new classes and a new semester. Sure… i really enjoy myself getting targeted. Not… I get targeted by a couple classmates who see me as just being a loose wire. I feel the invisible hand of Ikuko Tsukino. laying in. She hates me and wants me away from Shingo. Well… She better back off. It’s not gonna happen. Shingo and i are forever. She don’t like it. TOO BAD! TIME TO GET THE HELL OVER YOURSELF! Sorry about that… had to let it out. But i get pushed down and one of the two girls kicked me and i wind up in pain. But i luckily get up while in pain… and Land a couple Blows to the girl. Laying her out. She gets hers. The lucky part or the Fortunate part of the news was that i had my In-home Doctor Ami check my babies. They were just fine. I though had a few bruises on my insides. Ouch. Plus the real score was when i asked her if she missed the good old days of being a fighter. She missed those days but she also Enjoyed being a Doctor. She enjoyed it.. Later… I get caught up by the Purple Mist and Beryl’s attempt of an infiltration.She came and tried to make a plan to turn the whole city against me and my family knowing that with that being done… I would lose getting cared for by the Hospital when i needed it…causing me to lose my babies. and As Beryl had put it: “The Rhapsody Family will die with you, Rhapsody Girls.” She was hell bent on killing the Rhapsody family. Us. Is it me or is every threat that we fight just wanting to destroy us and end our existence? And this is the weirdest part… well, maybe not weird… but it is awkward. Luna…and the doctor met. and Ami asked about wanting to fight again. Being a Senshi. That is a serious question. Luna was being put under the gun by that request. As she stated that her orders from the “Queen of the Moon” were to keep the senshi’s normal. to keep them safe. But Ami wanted to fight. Persistent…isn’t she? The understanding is made and Luna favors for a little time to think about it. Even if it took a few days… or just a couple weeks. This was something that she was hesitant on doing for she knew that if she asked for the power of the Senshi to be given back to at least 3 of the original senshi’s It could mean her having to pay a price. That though is a mystery. I don’t know what Luna is gonna do. Paige and Pearl don’t either. Raven is however listening in and she is lost by what she’s hearing. Moon Kingdom? Senshi’s? Beryl’s Return came and she was back. Officially returned and had been in the fold for 2 weeks by this time… I just wonder when we’re gonna start worrying about The Intergalactic Demon… If we’re ever gonna start feeling the signs of him being near. My Pregnancy is right now taking a high priority and it’s starting to cloud our minds of what needs to be done. This is getting deeper. Martin and his Guardian being put into the efforts. our school friends Star and Christie. Prince Curtis’s Girlfriend Megan, Prince Alvin’s Girlfriend Alice, Pearl’s Boyfriend Jack, My Boyfriend Shingo… Who is mainly tending to me and spending time with me as well as the In-Home Doctor. We got a long road to travel… And it’s far from over. And the Pregnancy is gonna get even more complicated… Plus i will probably start getting fat. gaining weight due to the babies growing. This is where the stress will set in. Here’s The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 84: “Inside Babies Grow Conscious and 3 senshi’s join the battle against Beryl and her Web of Evil; “Look over Yonder for a Blonde girl to come running in.” Coming your way…


February 28th 2026…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

It was morning and The girls were getting up from a restful sleep after having a Evening of Foiling another attack by Beryl. Beryl was moving on with her ambitions and had just begin the first attack. It was small but it was enough to get the girls to come calling. Paige and Pearl were out fighting it off and So was Luna. Their Cousins were also there to add some firepower… It was  Saturday Morning and the girls were in their room getting up. It was gonna be starting off to be a very quiet day… or was it?

In the Girls Room…

Paige: *Looking out the window* It’s gonna be a wonderful morning.

Pearl: *Getting her journal and writing in it* It sure is… I Am surprised that it’s this quiet. Usually there would be a little noise. Something.

Paige: It’s too quiet though. But the morning looks bright and fresh.

Pearl: You know what they say about a new bright day… It’s a doorway to a new beginning. A new start.

Dinah: *Waking up and getting out of bed* It’s another day. Pregnant life goes ahead. *Feeling a little pain* Ahh!

Pearl: *Looking at Dinah* Morning Dinah. Sleep well.

Dinah: *Shaking her head* Not as well as i’d like, but it’ll have to do.

Paige: *Turning to look at Dinah; Curious* How come?

Dinah: I kept having this weird dream that something was not right.

Pearl: What do you mean?

Dinah: What i mean is that i kept tossing and turning. I kept dreaming that i was in a hospital bed and being kept there like a test subject. And i was stuck there with no way out. just got done with Conceiving and the doctors wouldn’t tell me about my kids. i was kept in the dark. It was really weird. I just hope that the dream never becomes reality. I’d never be able to bare it. It would kill me.

Pearl: I would feel the same way too. If i had the same set of circumstances that you’re having now… having a dream like that… that would just petrify me.

Dinah: Trust me… Just be glad that it never happens.

Paige: I haven’t really thought about it. But know how your with a great relationship… I just wonder about my relationship with Reese.

Dinah: What about it?

Paige: I don’t get to see him as often as i’d like. I saw him only 4 times since 4 months ago.

Pearl: That sucks. You should call him up and see him a little. You and he are a pair… or in love with one another… Right?

Paige: *Scoffs* Well yeah, i would say that we are. but it is hard to tell if i never hear from him.

Pearl: Sounds alot like Betty. She hasn’t heard much from her love either. But the strange thing is that she never brings it up. She never even talks about it.

Dinah: That is none of our business. Last night i heard some banging in my sleep. And heard Voices. Hearing someone go “Betty… Harder” and “Dennis… Give it to me.” *Shaking her head* Don’t even ask how i know about that. I don’t wanna know. But i did hear it. Faintly and mostly drowned out by the weird dream i was having. A real Nightmare.

Paige: One that a Mother would be said to have. It’s the nightmare of every expecting mother.

Ami: *Walking in* Morning.

Pearl: *Smiles* Morning.

Dinah: *Grins and smiles shaking off the bad dream* Morning Doc. *Standing up and Walking over to her dresser* I have no idea why i am thinking about putting on some Lipstick. It’s not like i am going anywhere.

Pearl: You probably are doing it to look nice. It’s a good feeling.

Ami: *Looking at Dinah* How did you sleep during the night, Dinah?

Dinah: How did i sleep? Good Question. I wish i knew. But i know that if i have anymore weird dreams like the one i had last night… I might as well be put in a psyche ward.

Ami: A weird Dream? What was it about? Do you remember?

Dinah: *Scoffs* Are you trying to Psyche me? Doc, Come on. The dream is not important… It was most likely just Pregnancy Jitters and fears. But i don’t know… It was definitely weird. I was in a Hospital room. A bed… Hooked to the machines and i had just Given birth. But the Doctors were not letting me see the Babies and i was being kept in the dark. Not being told about my kids.

Ami: *Gasps* Oh dear. That’s terrible. That must have been a fear. But Dinah… that will never happen. Never. When your babies come… You will get to see them. You won’t be denied that. Not ever.

Dinah: *Nods in understanding* Well… I better not be. Because if i am… I’m gonna be so pissed.

Ami: I know. Losing a child is the worst thing that a mother or father can do. It’s like losing your heart. Reason for living.

Pearl: Ouch! That’s major.

Paige: I might never go through that if i don’t at least try to hold on to a relationship. But the idea that it could happen. Losing a child. Tragic.

Pearl: You said it…

At King John’s house…

in the backyard…

Radio: *Playing a song* “Work your body move your mind
Move your mind mind
Work your body body
Work your mind mind
Work your body move your mind
Move your mind mind
Work your body move your Move your body,
Every everybody.
Move your body,
Come on now everybody.
Move your body, move your body.
Everybody come on now everybody.You want to move the world,
Start with your body.
Yo, come on you gotta start with something.
If you wanna move your mind,
Just move your body.
Move your mind, move your mind,
It’s gonna cost you nothing.
You want to move someone,
Start with your body.
Yo come on and try to move somebody.
If you wanna move alone,
Then everybody will move along with you”

Prince Alvin: *Stretching out his Muscles a little* One… Two… Three… Four. *Stretching and then Exercising his muscles*

Prince Arnold: *Walking out from the back door; Enjoying the peaceful morning* Hey. What’re you doing? Training? You should be enjoying the nice morning air.

Prince Alvin: *Stopping and Looking at Prince Arnold* that is exactly what i am doing. Enjoying the morning. Exercising and having a peaceful time. Besides that i got to train. To go against Beryl when she attacks us again. You know that she’s not gonna stop. It’s gonna keep going. Plus. Dinah is still week 14 of her Pregnancy. but in this past week… she’s had 4 altercations. All minor. Very Minor… But they were still enough to startle her. Dinah can’t handle the implications of danger coming to her. She can’t fight. the other day when Beryl came into their room making that threat. She was lucky enough to get behind Beryl and Choke her out a little and get Beryl to back off a bit. But You should know that Beryl isn’t gonna call it off. She’s gonna be back.

Prince Arnold: *Shaking his head* I was wondering as to when you were gonna bring that Evil woman’s name up. Even the girls are not talking about her… But they all know that she’s there. She’s out there somewhere.

Prince Alvin: That is why i am training to make sure that at least one of us are set and prepped to move in to go after Beryl…

Prince Avery: ^From inside the Living room* Hey… Captain. Prince Arnold… You two better get in here.

Prince Alvin: *Hearing Prince Avery’s voice* That’s Prince Avery.

Prince Arnold: *Nods* Something must be up.

Prince Alvin: Sounds like it. *Walking back to the house through the back door* We better check it out and find out what’s going on.

Prince Arnold: Right.

A few seconds later…

Prince Alvin: *Putting his shirt back on* Okay, Brother… What’s the deal? What do you have for the captain that is enough to take him away from getting some training in?

Prince Avery: We got a little surprise that just came in…

Prince Alvin: What?

Prince Avery: Take a look at the screen… *Shifting his attention to the Screen* Just during the night. while we were sleeping. the Systems were on standby.  We thought that the mayhem from the Fountain would be over… We all believed that for a while longer the dangers from the Fountain would be over. But to my dismay and to a surprise… There is no sign of an ending. The second seal is now at 48%. open. Which leaves only…

Prince Alvin: 2% left before it shorts out and bust open the rest of the way all by itself.

Prince Avery: Yes. That is exactly what it will do. I’ve done some staking out on the matter last night and found nothing coming from the Fountain. No energy spikes. Energy signatures… Nothing. Not even a weather anomaly. Or possibly a Twitch. There is nothing… However undetected… the Fountain made a move and opened up. This is What the Fountain looks like now…

Prince Avery Opens the picture and shows it to Prince Alvin and Prince Arnold…

Prince Avery: This is what it looks like now. It isn’t viewable by the public. They still class it as just an Stable pipe system. underneath the Fountain and unaware of the situation. Not seeing that there is something more than what they sire to believe.

Prince Alvin: So the Cover-up Machine regime is in full swing.

Prince Arnold: Guess so. You know for a fact that the City is gonna curl their sweet toes and dance the side step to the cover-up fiasco.

Prince Avery: Captain… You need to call on Prince Curtis and inform him of the situation. Let him know what’s going on with the Fountain front.

Prince Alvin: Right. He’s at Megan’s house still and is probably out somewhere with her. *Looking at the time* I’m gonna fix a cup of Coffee and then ride over to Alice’s house for breakfast. It’s a peaceful day so far. I’m gonna see on taking Alice to Breakfast. Knowing her father… He probably didn’t get any food for her… Always at work. She could get married and he’d never even know it. I am not gonna be sticking over for a debate from him. I’ve almost ran into him once… And He had the crappiest attitude. His Daughter… Alice Needed him and instead of being there for her… He just ditched and literally made as though she could be thrown to the crows and it wouldn’t get him to shed a tear.

Prince Arnold: That’s why you’re like being a protector of her. Being there for her? It’s not just for Love… is it? It’s something more than that… isn’t it?

Prince Avery: Prince Arnold… What are you getting at?

Prince Arnold: He protects Alice like a magnet because… *Sensing what his brother is thinking* Oh man… You did… Didn’t you? You’ve Imprinted on her… None of us have Wolf Blood or have the power to shape into one. that’s not a power we possess. But you did the Wolf thing. Like Jacob Black did to Renesme in the movie Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1. When in order To Protect the girl from the Voltori’s wrath. From the wolf pack. He had to do it. You Imprinted on Alice…

Prince Alvin: Alice is fine with it. She was willing to go along with it. It’s none of your business.

Prince Arnold: What?! I am not making any of it my business… I am just saying that you are moving really fast with the relationship towards her… You were with her for barely just about half a year. You and her met in September of last year. This is February. You are going way too quick with it.

Prince Avery: Prince Arnold… Heel! You’re trying to show concern for the Captain’s well being. But you have a bit to learn about Tact.

Prince Arnold: *Sighs* I’m sorry.

Prince Alvin: Don’t be sorry. Just be watching what you say. I would never Court-martial you for insubordination. This isn’t the Military. But in the Military… if you were to talk that way… the high ranking officers in the Military would be throwing you in the detention facility or in other words… the Brig.

Prince Arnold: Okay… okay. i get it. okay? i get it. I am sorry that i went with it.

Prince Alvin: It’s fine. Just be more aware next time. okay? Please. *Walking off to get some Coffee before heading out*

At the Hart household…

Megan: *Playing a Video Game with her Boyfriend* Prince Curtis… You got to talk to those people and find out where the creature is that you’re supposed to hunt.

Prince Curtis: I know… I’m heading there now. This is getting interesting.

Megan: I know… we so far got Penelo and Balthier. We also have Ashe, Bashe and Fran. But Vaan is the main character.

Prince Curtis: We got the whole Brew. Good. *Thinking* We also got the Espers. 3 of them. Right?

Megan: Belias, Shezaani and the blueish one. The Corrupter. i think. those are what we got. We also have the one that’s Known as Exodus. No idea who that is…

Prince Curtis: *Reading the guide real fast* “Exodus loves to use Reflect on himself alot. It is imparitive to keep everyone separated in this fight, because Exodus loves to use Flare and Scathe. Scathe can hit multiple characters for lethal damage. The best thing to do is have the main fighter Decoyed, so his focus remains solely on them, and have the others serve as the medics. This will keep Flare and Scathe producing a minimal amount of damage. Keep hacking away at him, healing whenever nessecary. Near the end of the fight, Exodus will raise a Paling to prevent all physical attacks. If you can do it before hand, unleash a massive Quickening chain to end the fight. If not, Dispel Exodus, and use Darkra, or 1000 Needles. If you are at high enough levels, you can wipe him out before he has a chance to use his Paling.”

Megan: What about Zalera? *Looking at the screen* What about that one?

Prince Curtis: That one is hard to beat. IT’s a times battle and you have to hit and defeat it in less than 5 mins or it’ll eject you from the area. Plus Dead Bones are said to show up constant.

Megan: Great. But at least this is peaceful and not about Beryl. She’s bad news.

Prince Curtis: She sure is. She the other day from what i heard tried to go after Dinah. Thankfully she didn’t succeed in doing so. She was stopped. But the fact that she did it is a giveaway that she was planning something. She was up to something.

Megan: Question is… What?

Prince Curtis: I have no idea, Love. I really don’t know. But i can tell you that it’s gonna be a long struggle to keep her from taking the beach.

Megan: I don’t really like her. Actually… i don’t like her at all.

Prince Curtis: Pfft! Pph Pph! Who would like her? Who do we know that wouldn’t like her? Beryl is bad all the way around.

Megan: Do you suppose that Dinah will be okay?

Prince Curtis: Oh yeah. *Looking at Megan* She’ll be fine. There is round the clock surveillance and people watching over her. Raven watches her as well as Ami the in-home doctor. Their grandmother is always at work. She is afraid to be around Pearl for how Pearl spoke to her a few weeks ago. But it was said to happen as she was at the point where she was sick of Grandma Rikku Snooping into her things. She spoke out. It hurt the grandmother… but it was a long time coming.

Megan: I’d never do that to my grandmother. Pearl was a bit wrong in doing that.

Prince Curtis: Not really. I mean… Pearl had some things that she wrote that were personal and private. Their Grandmother snooped where she was not wanted. It would be the same thing if you had things that you didn’t want people to see and wanted to keep hidden. Private. If someone were to snoop into your stuff… wouldn’t you be feeling the same way?

Megan: Yeah… but…

Prince Curtis: It’s the same thing, Precious.

Megan: We all have things that we don’t want others to see. But to yell at your grandmother. That is mean. I could never ever do that.

Prince Curtis: *Sighs* I see your point. i guess that it would be still mean either way you look at it, huh?

Megan: It is. No one can change that… It’s the same thing. Being mean is being mean… whether it be reason or not.

Drake: *Walking over* Hey you two… What’re you guys doing?

Prince Curtis: Playing Final Fantasy 12 On Play station 2.

Drake: Is this the one with Ivalice being the name of the world? With Espers and Riding on Air ships?

Prince Curtis: You bet…

Drake: Sick! I heard of that game. it’s one helluva game.

Megan: Want to play a bit with us?

Drake: Sure. I always did want to take a crack at it.

An hour later…

Prince Curtis: *Playing the game* We are further in the game… aren’t we?

Megan: Yes. We’re in The city in the sky. Can’t really pronounce the name. It’s still a ways away from a City called Archades.

Prince Curtis: A long ways away. But we’re about to get to the Ozo–

Prince Curtis’s Cell rings…

Prince Curtis: It’s got to be my Brother.

Megan: It must be. He’d be the only one calling. Right?

Prince Curtis: *Getting up* Yeah. *Answering it and walking to the side* Hello?!

Prince Alvin: *On the phone* Hey. Have you heard about the Fountain’s activity acting up this morning?

Prince Curtis: *Pauses* Uh… No. I haven’t. Why?

Prince Alvin: Well… Prince Avery has caught sightings of the Fountain producing activity.

Prince Curtis: oh god… How bad is it?

Prince Alvin: 48% and climbing fast.

Prince Curtis: Since this Morning?

Prince Alvin: You got it. Prince Avery was checking the Fountain last night and saw no reaction from the fountain. No readings… It was as though it was on standby. not moving. But the only problem is that even with it not showing off any activity. in the open… But during the night up till this morning it was moving.

Prince Curtis: That isn’t possible though. that Fountain hasn’t been making any movement for the last couple weeks. There was nothing going on with it. And now it decides to make a move? there has to be some energy… a Force or something driving it.

Prince Alvin: That is a possibility. That is a possibility to look towards… However, It’s not looking good. If it keeps up… the Fountain will be opened before its time. It wasn’t supposed to be open for another 3 to 4 months.

Prince Curtis: But…

Prince Alvin: The way it’s moving and the Activity that it is releasing… It is gonna be a matter of time before the Gateway to Dark Kingdom is fully opened and active.

Prince Curtis: Oh god.

Prince Alvin: Be sure to keep an ear out for anything to come by where you’re at.

Prince Curtis: I will.

Prince Alvin: You’re there with Megan… Be sure to let her know what’s going on. She’s gonna need to know about the situation.

Prince Curtis: You got it. Anything going on at the house?

Prince Alvin: No. nothing much. Prince Arnold though had a bit of a tangent episode. You know how he gets.

Prince Curtis: Yeah. I know. we all know. When don’t we know?

Prince Alvin: Exactly…

A minute later the call ended and Prince Curtis walked back over to where Megan was and told her what was going on. She was concerned about it and wondered what was gonna happen. It was a bit of concern for both him and her. They Sat there thinking about it…

What was next to come was that they weren’t the only ones seeing it…

At the Metropolis Shrine…

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Rei: *Looking into the Fire* The Fountain… The Gateway to Dark Kingdom is coming alive… *Shaking her head in disbelief* That is not possible. It can’t be possible. *Reading into the fire* Beryl… She’s back. She’s risen from the ground. Came out from the Portal leading to Dark Kingdom. Dinah… Pregnant and carrying Shingo’s kids. Shingo’s gonna be a father. *Turning away and heading out to check out the Fountain* I don’t believe this. This is impossible.

Back at Grandma Rikku’s house…


In the girls room…

Dinah: *Resting and Watching a Movie* What a morning. There was no activity at all.

Paige: Not really. There was some. But it was rather slow.

Dinah: Where’s Pearl?

Paige: She’s with her boyfriend, Jack. They went out to the beach. To have some Beach fun.

Dinah: That’s good. At least they’re having some fun. I just hope that Beryl doesn’t try to pull a sneak attack on them.

Paige: Or on us.

Dinah: You think that she would?

Paige: No. I don’t think so, but then again… i could be wrong.

Dinah: *Looking at Paige* Why do you say that?

Paige: Well… it’s just that it’s been really too quiet.

Dinah: Are you thinking that the Evil Queen it planning something?

Paige: When isn’t she? You know that she can’t be trusted.

Dinah: That’s for sure. She never could be.

Paige:  However, we are not gonna let her get to us.

Dinah: That’s right. If Beryl ever tries to come at me again… i meant what i said. She’ll be meeting some pain. *Looking to see Luna not around* Say… Where do you suppose Luna is?

Paige: What do you mean?

Dinah: What i mean is just Luna has been pretty quiet this morning again. Is she okay?

Paige: Yeah. She’s fine. She’s over at Martin’s house. She’s hanging out with him and talking. Spending time with him. She’s also giving some thought about tonight. She’s made a decision to try and make contact to the Queen. Whatever happens today will decide it officially.

Dinah: Do you think that she’ll do it?

Paige: I don’t know. *Looking up and then at the T.V; thinking* I am thinking that she will. She had to give it alot of thought. The other day when Ami asked about becoming a Senshi again to fill in on the fighting for you till after you were done giving Birth. She was just thinking of a way to keep you from going into Danger.

Dinah: *Touched* That is touching. I am appreciative for the gesture. But she is risking her life over my expense. I never would ask for that. Ever.

Paige: *Sighs* I know. I’d never ask for that either.

Dinah: Ami Checked my Babies condition and They’re doing fine… in fact they were getting a bit more growth. Maybe half an inch. but they’re doing good.

Paige: *Smiling* I’m glad…

At the Metropolis Beach…

Pearl: *In her swimsuit; Lying on the beach towel and lying next to Jack* This is a nice day… Peace and serenity. The fact that there is no danger in the City… It’s wonderful. The day is really crystal clear.

Jack: *Lying next to Pearl in his bathing suit and swim trunks* This is a peaceful weekend.  The air is magnificent.

Pearl: There is no sign of trouble at all. However knowing the type of person Beryl is and the scheming treachery that she is capable of… she will be sure to start something.

Jack: Start something? Like what? There is nothing that the Queen can do without you and your sisters knowing about it. You have the high tech surveillance hooked in your house. And your Cousins do too. Plus… if i remember right… Didn’t you tell me that you and your sisters went against her before and won over her? Triumphed over her.

Pearl: Yeah… i did. Didn’t i?

Jack: Well then… don’t worry about it. You’ll be okay. You’ll be great. I know that you will be. I believe in that. I mean… *Sitting up a bit and turning to face Pearl* In your entire life… How many people do you know in your life enough to believe that they’d say such a thing to you and actually mean it and not reverse it?

Pearl: None.

Jack: Well… i am the first one to be the one stick to it. I believe in you. That’s not a tale. I Know that you can do it.

Pearl: *Smiles and Sighs in relief* …

Jack: *looking to see the tide coming in a little* The Tide is coming in a little bit.

Pearl: It’s okay. Let’s enjoy it. *Suddenly feeling romantic and Rolling onto Jack and Kissing him on the lips* …

At the Daily Planet…

Trixie: *Working on an article* That lady… Beryl is a total creep. She’s hellbent on seeing the family of ours all wiped from Existence. That is just Crap. How can she hate a family like us?

John: *Drinking his coffee* I don’t know, Sis. I don’t know. I can’t begin to fathom that line. She stated that the Rhapsody Girls… Our Nieces and The Rhapsody Brothers…My grandsons derailed her Ambitions and foiled her plans last time. *Confused* What the heck did she mean by that?

Trixie: Oh… that point of time was before you came and worked here. 3-4 years ago there was an incident here. in the city. And our Nieces were here during one of the cases they were on and going against some guy. Kunzite i think they said he was. They were there with these sailors. 4 of them. Plus the one that is now their sister. Dealing with what they mentioned as an Energy farm being formed here and taking our energy away from us. These sailors came and stopped it.

John: As did our Nieces… Right?

Trixie: Yeah. *Pauses* Wait… How did you know about that?

John: Read it in the Planet back when i was still in LA. My Wife and i kinda had a strain and decided to separate. We’re still married and everything, But she said it’d be best if we separated…  It was fine. i didn’t want to fight. Neither did she, So… i packed up whatever i could and made way here to where my family was. Been here since the other year. Not knowing that my first moment in the same City as my family i had to go to a Memorial service to one of our own. It’s not like i expected something better. But having to know that one of our own has been killed and being around to make it my first moment being in this city. Sad.  I read the planet’s story about what the girls went through back then with all those girls in sailor Outfits. I was surprised that they were going through that. They shouldn’t have had to go through that. But you were here.

Trixie: I was. The Girls were having to handle the mess with that same Dark lady. Beryl. She was bad news then… she’s still bad news now.

John: No kidding. I was coming unglued at the seams at Beryl as she was talking about killing our family. Seeing that our family fell. I wanted to break her spine. Granted that i am not as squirrely and tough as i used to be… but i can still land a few shots and strikes at her. Don’t let this old age sway you to believe that i can’t do it. I Can. Anyone who threatens my Son and my Grandson’s will find out that they messed with someone that they don’t want knocking on the back door.

Trixie: I don’t blame you, John. I’d be the same way. Well at least as to where my Daughter Princess Trixie/Mrs. Stroker is concerned. My other Daughter i consider dead to me. The way she spoke to me… about Princess Rikku and how we were all standing up for her… Princess Rebecca was tearing at Princess Rikku’s reputation and trying to hurt her. I think that she secretly wanted Princess Rikku dead. Did you ever notice or stop to figure that after Princess Rikku kicked her out of her house she stayed in a Motel…Then on the night that Princess Rikku was Murdered… she was nowhere to be seen? No one heard of her. There was no sign or word from her at all.

John: I noticed something about that. You did try to look for her and couldn’t locate her anywhere. She Vanished and left with no sign that she was ever in this City. I know it is bad. but I am beginning to see your side in it that your Renegade written off Daughter Princess Rebecca was all for Zod crippling our family. Crippling the girls. For the longest time… they were lost. it wasn’t till the end of last year that they were fully out of the grieving. They were still feeling remnants of it.

Trixie: You know that. we both do. It’s not gonna make a difference anymore. That girl is gone.

John: *Sighs* What about the predicament that the girls are going through now?

Trixie: Dinah’s Pregnancy. I don’t know. Our sister Rikku won’t say. She doesn’t even know much about it. A few weeks ago She and Pearl got into a winded Argument…

John: A Winded Argument?

Trixie: Yeah… *Looking at the still lost expression on John’s face* What? You mean that you didn’t know?

John: No… I don’t think that i have. I believe that i was denied that kind of information. What about it?

Trixie: I’ll be sure to tell you. But you’re never gonna believe it. Perry isn’t expected to come out to give us another story to work on for another hour. So we got time to go over the incident.

John: *Listening*

Trixie: It was just a few weeks ago and I think that you were off. You didn’t come in that night when Rikku came over and cried in my arms over how Pearl reacted to her….

Trixie Flashes back to A few weeks ago…

“Trixie was working on a night Article and working on her 3rd cup of coffee when suddenly her sister Rikku arrived…

Grandma Rikku: *Walking into the Bullpen with a tearful face on her* …. Sis. Trixie…

Trixie: *Working on an article; Hearing someone call her* Yes? Who’s there? If it’s about a new scoop for a news article… it’ll have to be given to Perry. He’s got the power to say what will be allowed to be put into the paper.

Grandma Rikku: Trixie… It’s me. Your sister. *Trying to keep calm*

Trixie: *Turning around to see her sister* Rikku?! Oh my god… What brings you here at this time of night? It’s Evening and past the deadline for any news to go out… If there is a news piece that you’re trying to let out… it won’t be making it to the press till tomorrow for the next day’s headlines. *Stops and realizes what she’s saying* Oh god… I’ve been working on articles for so long everything said to me now sounds like a idea for a news piece. I’m so sorry. Please do sit down. What’s up?

Grandma Rikku: *Walking up to sit down next to her sister* I don’t know. I feel so upset that i don’t even know where to start or how to spill it out.

Trixie: Why? What happened? 

Grandma Rikku: *Upset; hurt* It’s what should not have happened. That’s what. Pearl has become really snappy at me. I can’t take it anymore. 

Trixie: Pearl… Your Granddaughter? Why? What’s she been doing?

Grandma Rikku: Not sure anymore… But she’s been with a temper against me. Attacking me for almost every thing i do around her. I ask her anything and she automatically thinks that i am trying to pry into anything she’s doing.  But this last confrontation really did it. *On the verge of tears* She got on me about my snooping into her Journal… Then about assuming that she was with a room full of all these dark things. Books… artifacts and items. She then attacked me for pushing Paige to see a Psychologist and pour her brains out. Then what really did it was the fact that she got on me about making a call to send Dinah off for Observations without consent from them.  Everything i do is just never enough with her.

Trixie: She obviously needs a good slap in the side of the head. talking so rudely to you. I know that she has problems… and teen life is putting the strain on her. but she should know not to back talk.

Grandma Rikku: I know. But i don’t want to raise my hand to her. I don’t want to land a hit on my Granddaughter. on any of them. It’s not right. Besides it’d be like hitting my own Daughter. I never done that. Not ever.

Trixie: Come on, Sis… You’re upset. You have all the reason to be. Pearl didn’t have any right to speak to you like that. What all did she say?

Grandma Rikku: Well…

((Grandma Rikku flashes back…))

“While Dinah was on the Phone with Shingo…

In the Living room…

Pearl: *Looking at Grandma* What the hell is your problem? 

Grandma Rikku: What kind of tone is that?

Pearl: You know what kind of tone this is. It’s the tone of someone who has had it up to here with your prying. You constantly pry into our business like our personal space means nothing to you at all.

Grandma Rikku: That is not true. I do it because i want to know what is going on with you girls. I Lost my two babies. I don’t want to lose touch with you…

Pearl: Uh-uh. That is not gonna fly. You have snooped into our business for the last damn time. I have had it. I think that Dinah is also fed up as is Paige. None of them are willing to put an end to it. But i am. You read my Journal. My private thoughts. The entry I made *Reciting the entry* “What is life without a heart? A mother to see and feel the presence. I have come to the idea that ending it all is favored for me as i don’t know how to bare living knowing that my mother is dead. Paige and Dinah try to understand. they all will try to understand. but how can they? I am the more than sensitive in their eyes. i am with an enlarged heart. things that they experience is what i endure much deeper than they do as i am with the largest heart. i wear it on my sleeves everyday. Paige is full of love in her heart. but lacks Extreme emotion as i feel it greater than she. I Love her. and that is not a deception. Dinah i also love. She is like a second mother inside a sister. She maybe tough to follow and hard to understand sometimes… but she cares. she really cares and loves me as a sister would. My grandmother. i might not know how to express how i feel about her. She is my mother’s mother. I Love her. but i can’t come out and show it for losing her to the hands of death would be like losing my mom all over again. Life without being happy is never a life i’d want to hold. because there is no joy. I know that my sisters and my grandmother would be devastated with me for trying to end my life. but a life without my mom. Princess Rikku. How can i ever fathom to exist knowing that my mother does not? my sisters Luna, Shanna may never feel the magnitude of how i feel. but i don’t blame them. I lie in pain everyday now in secret for the internal pain of the loss i feel. losing my mother. Betty and Angel had more time with her than Paige, Dinah and i… but never does the pain of losing someone close ever fades. I am sorry to all those who read this. if this hurts. but i can not lie. nor can i hide the pain i truly feel. i have moved on. and have stopped the grieving. but the memory of losing her will always remain. How can one forget someone that has left so much of themselves behind for all to touch and hold? the presence and the aura. the Essence is forever there.” That was a personal entry. One i could look back on to reflect on when i needed to be reminded what i lost. something personal. But Oh no… Oh no… you had to read it like a Nosy little snoop. i can’t have anything personal without you snooping into it. I HAVE HAD IT!!!

Grandma Rikku: You’re asking for it now, Grand child. I’d stop right there.

Pearl: Or what? What? i am just supposed to let you pry into our lives like it’s a story to you. Like we’re all just some Puzzle for you to solve. I don’t think so. You are not our mother. You’re our Grandmother. I am sick of you prying into our lives like you own them. You even try to Psycho-Analyze us. Why? What the hell could we be hiding that you would want to know about? Want to know about the first 8 years of our lives. The 8 most painful years. Paige, Dinah and i being on the streets without a recollection that we even had a family. that we had a bloodline? That’s fine. Ask… Ask us about it. Don’t be trying to frickin’ Psycho Analyze us like we’re some mental case that need a padded cell. It is a sure way to piss us all off. 

Grandma Rikku: *Trying to see reason* But i wasn’t trying to hurt you girls. I was just trying to help you girls. You 3 were with repressed feelings that you were not letting out. I tried everything to get you 3 to talk about it. With me. letting the feelings out. But you wouldn’t. You were keeping them all to yourself and not letting them out. What else was i to do? Just wait and just come to find that you’d never tell? 

Pearl: It’s too late. Paige feels as though her mind has been picked apart. Who’s to know if she’ll ever be the same as she used to be. Then Dinah and her Pregnancy… She doesn’t need it being told to the outside. It’s no one’s business than ours. She feels traumatized about it enough as it is… She is scared about whether she’ll be able to conceive them and carry them to term… unsure if she can really have kids. She is scared. She doesn’t need it being spread like a news story. We’re not stupid. We know that you told others about it.

Grandma Rikku: *Feeling aggravated and downright upset* That’s enough… What is it that you want?

Pearl: To stay the hell out of our lives… unless we come to you and willingly decide to tell you something we’re thinking.”

Grandma Rikku: She spoke to me with such anger… *Breaking down into tears*

Trixie: *Rubbing her sister’s back and comforting her* It’s gonna be okay. We will fix this. It’s gonna be okay. Really. Don’t cry. It’s gonna be okay. You should just stay away from Pearl. She needs to learn her place. Her place is not to tell you what you can and can not do. You were only doing what you felt to be right. The Entry whether she likes it or not was about suicide. I know that she felt broken over the loss… but that entry is about Suicide. It’s high time she understood that.

Grandma Rikku: *Nods* You’re right. I’m gonna set it up for her to see the same Psychiatrist. She is still a Minor. She’s gonna do as she’s told. *Wiping her tears away*”

John: Whoa… That was insane, Trixie. Are you saying that it really happened?

Trixie: Afraid so. Pearl was being rude. Hopefully things are better than they once were.

John: I hope so too. However… they need to focus on how to handle the issue of Dinah being Pregnant. Dinah has no job… No money. The city already sees that the girls don’t do it for the money so they don’t pay big. How Dinah is gonna pull it off is beyond me…

Trixie: No idea. But there is a big bad threat with evil intent out there.  It’s Beryl. The Drama they had in the house, Revolving Pearl and our sister Rikku. That is done. It’s probably fixed now. But it’s not that big of a problem. Just a little high on the emotions.

John: They all need alot of help…

That afternoon…

At Vincent Van Graves…

Luna: *Sighs* What am i gonna do?

Martin: What do you mean, Luna?

Luna: *Sitting down* Tonight i have to contact Queen Serenity. I haven’t done that in 4 years. i haven’t done it in so long… i don’t really know if it’ll be possible. I don’t think that i’ll be able to get a hold of her.

Martin: What do you mean? Luna… You have the ability to contact the Moon Kingdom… it shouldn’t be all that of a challenge. You’re the one who keeps saying that you’re part of the Moon Kingdom. one of the last. *Sitting down next to Luna* What you need to do is think outside the box. I mean, Really. think about it. How would you usually make contact with the Moon Queen of the Mystical Kingdom? How would you usually summon her?

Luna: Well… I’d use the Crescent Moon to make Contact.

Martin: Okay. And where would your Crescent Moon thing usually reside?

Luna: On my Forehead. It’s also the same on Artemis’s forerhead.

Martin: There. You see? All you need is faith and belief and the trust that you can do it. You are from the Moon Originally. Even if time passed since your last commune with the Queen herself… you can still reach her. You got the power of the Senshi… That can be what unlocks that ability…

Luna: I’ll find out tonight. I just know that Ami-Chan. A good friend is wanting to rejoin the fight.

Martin: *Confused* Ami-Chan? Who is that? I never met her… Or have I?

Luna: You met her i think… the other day after Beryl was chased out from the house. Remember?

Martin: Oh… that’s right. She’s the In-home Doctor that is caring for Dinah.

Luna: *Nods* Exactly.

Martin: Wow… For a Rhapsody… You sure do have communications with such odd people. Pretty cool as well too by the sounds of it. I’m weird myself so it kinda fits.

Luna: I Just worry about Dinah though… She’s gonna need to be protected.

Martin: She does… But how? You and your sisters can’t be everywhere.

Luna: What about bringing her here? Dinah would be safe here… wouldn’t she?

Martin: We don’t have any High tech equipment… But she should be safe here if it ever did come to that. Although you did mention something about Watchtower. Didn’t you?

Luna: I did.

Martin: *Thinking of an idea* We should ask Vincent about what he thinks about the idea of contacting a spirit. He might know of an easier way of reaching the Queen.

Luna: You think so?

Martin: It’s Worth a shot. He’s got to know something.

Luna: Let’s go find him.

Martin: He’s at the Study room. He usually spends time there alot.

As for Raven… She was in her Room Meditating and embellishing a sense of calm. She couldn’t sense much activity going on in the city but she felt exactly the same as Paige, Pearl and Dinah did. She looked at the time and saw that it was growing late in the day. She looked slightly to the side and made a move to head out and do some patrol. She knew that there was nothing out there… But she decided to go out anyway…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Living Room…

Betty: *Watching T.V* What do you think about the whole mess with Beryl being in the open again?

Angel: I don’t know… *Sitting down and leaning back* It’s probably just the same as last time. The only thing different is that Dinah’s Pregnant… and instead  of it being all the Senshi’s Fighting… It’s just maybe one or Luna and only 3 of the original 5.

Betty: That’s if Luna still has that power to do it. She might not be able to reach the woman. The Queen.

Angel: Well… at this point… It’s either try or consider the fact that Dinah could still be itching to come out fighting and in her condition… She can’t. If any hard hit befalls Dinah… Dinah could go into a risk of losing the kids. It’s not simple anymore. This is her life that we have to protect. We can’t risk her going out and fighting. She’s not able to go and fight anymore.

Betty: She’s gonna fight anyway. You know that she will. She’s got that drive.

Angel: And that is what makes it hard for us. We got to get her to stop urging herself to go out and fight. Only because her little ones live may depend on it.

Betty: *Sighs* It’s a mess. I can’t begin to tell How Dinah will be able to withstand it without going nuts. She’s gonna go stir crazy. I mean… She’s not made to just stay and lay down. She is one who is into action. fighting. Being tough. Being like one of the guys. Always being tough and with gusto. “Danger Zone” Dinah… it doesn’t mean that she is to stay in bed. She is suffering and there is nothing that we can do to take it away from her. She is having to stay in bed mostly and as time progresses through the Pregnancy… it becomes more and more vulnerable. More Viewable. More noticeable.

Angel: This is what we know… But to keep her bedridden is like we are putting her up to being a sitting duck. She is only gonna feel as though she is being isolated from the rest like a lab rat. That isn’t her at all.

Betty: No kidding. It isn’t like her at all.

Angel: We got to worry about Beryl. More activity coming from the Fountain… and then soon… we’re gonna have to face the facts of going through the reins of a Demon. Some Entity that speaks with Evil in it’s blood. We know who it is…

Betty: Trigon.

Angel: Dinah’s Pregnancy is clouding our focus. Making us all lose grip on what it is that we’re supposed to do.

Betty: *Getting up and walking to the back; looking out the window* It isn’t gonna be easy from here on out.

Angel: What do you suppose we do about it? Paige and Pearl are racking their brains trying to keep Dinah safe. While worrying about her Pregnancy, making sure that no harm comes to her babies, All while Keeping the slight of hand away from Beryl and seeing that she doesn’t go near Dinah… All while feeling concerned about the Fountain opening up more and more with the intention of re-linking our world to Dark Kingdom. They also have to worry about School and about graduation. It’s less than 4 months away. There is the Prom… The Graduation. Not to mention the Intergalactic Demon that is gonna still be in peril to come… Still in the shoot to make way over here.

Betty: They got a lot to worry about. Dinah is one to be worried about. She’s our sister. But the ones who worry about her constantly are her two sisters. the ones in the trio. Paige and Pearl. They’re a trio. If one of them falls. they all feel it.

Angel: What about Shanna?

Betty: What about?

Angel: She’s the added member of the Rhapsody Girls Z!. She would feel it too. Wouldn’t she?

Betty: Normally… yeah. but she’s not an original Rhapsody Girl Z! Member. She doesn’t have the intellectual connection that Paige, Pearl and Dinah share and have. They fight and have issues with one another from time to time. But they are so close yet that if one person felt something… they’d all feel it.

Angel: Plus with the part besides all that… Luna is gonna be making contact with the Queen. That is gonna be hard.

Betty: I know.

Angel: *Looking over at Betty* What do you think we should do?

Betty: About? ….

Angel: Well about the Fountain?

Betty: We should just keep tabs on it and tabs on the Portal opening up.

Angel: *Sighs* as you wish… hopefully the portal doesn’t bust open…


In the girls bedroom…

Dinah: *Looking at Christie* Did you hear about the other day?

Christie: I believe that i had. I caught the synopsis of it from your sisters. They told me yesterday.

Dinah: Then i would guess you’re in the know of who my In-home doctor is… right?

Christie: That part… i don’t know. I don’t think. Who is your in-home doctor?

Dinah: What would you say if i were to tell you that my in-Home doctor was none other than Ami Mizuno and that there is something more to her than what you would see just by looking at her?

Christie: I don’t know what i would say to that… but i would believe you in terms that it’s clear that you are believing that of which you’re gonna tell me. Girl, What’s up?

Dinah: *Looking at the T.V* Have i ever told you that 4 years ago i was with my sisters and we were fighting side by side with 6 girls. One of them is now my sister… since that time… till now. After the 2nd threat and in the middle of the 3rd threat towards the end… she became our sister. but she was part of a team. of Senshi—

Christie: Senshi? *a Little in shock* Girl… You are seriously blowing in with the crazy talk… I would feel it Crazy… But strangely… i am finding a bit of belief to it. I don’t know why… but i know something about it. *Gasps* Wait a minute… I think i know of it now… I read it in the Newspaper 4 years ago…

Dinah: It’s like that. I would like to tell you so… But the truth is… back then… it wasn’t making much of any sense. Because we were still trying to come to terms that we were supers. We didn’t know anything better than that. But we sisters… Paige, Pearl and i battled along side these girls. And so did the Rhapsody brothers. you know them. They too were joining the sailor Senshi’s. There was Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus. We knew them as Usagi Tsukino, Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Makoto Kino, and Minako Aino. Usagi Tsukino… She was the Moon Princess Reincarnated. Still is. She is with the same mother as Shingo. And since that time… we’ve only seen Usagi once. or twice after. once was to rescue her from the Kandorians. and i also had to rescue my boyfriend. We of course saw her at our 15th birthday party. But we haven’t seen her at all since those times. Her love… Mamoru… we met him and he’s the Prince of the Earth. Stupid… isn’t it?

Christie: *Shaking her head* Not really. It makes sense for some reason… i really can see it come to light.

Dinah: *Feeling a little pain* Agh! Ouch. God… that stings.

Christie: *Looking at Dinah and tending to her friend* You okay?

Dinah: Yeah. It just was a shock of pain. But it came out of nowhere. Want to hear more of it?

Christie: Sure. I’d love to. I am tight and all that and i might be a little stiff… but i wouldn’t be the least bit blind to know that there is something to it all.

Dinah: Well… there is more. more to it. There is this girl Rei. Rei Hino. She is the priestess of the Metropolis Shrine. To this day she still is. She can read through the fires and see things. Sensing things…

However at the Metropolis Park…

Rei: *Looking at the Fountain* I can feel something here. But there is nothing happening. *Sensing something coming from the Fountain* What… *Looking to see a creature coming out from the Fountain* Oh god… *Pulling out a Asian charm* Evil presence… Disperse! *Still seeing the creature coming and then seeing two more come out from the fountain* It’s not working. What are these creatures? What are they? These aren’t Youma’s. They’re not Kandorian. What are they?

The creatures loom closer to Rei and make a move to attack when…

Prince Alvin: *Riding up and seeing the creatures* holy crap… Damn! *Looking at Alice* Alice… Stay here. Be safe here. I’ll be back. *Running over to the scene* You vile scum are asking for a burn…

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Rei: *Looking to see Prince Alvin* … Flaming Soul. What are you doing here?

Prince Alvin: *Looking to see Rei* I’d be asking you the same thing. What are you doing here?

Rei: Don’t know… i came here to check out the Fountain. I saw through the fire that something was going on. Something not right. A dark presence…

Prince Alvin: You’re not a Senshi anymore and you can still read through the fires… Now that is outstanding. Even by gifted standards. *Seeing the Creatures making a move* Rei… Get out of here to safety. Go! *Facing the creatures* Alright. Time to meet your makers.

Rei: *Running to the side*

Prince Alvin: *Running at the creatures and Grabbing at them* Time to clobber some rotten souls. This is our city. You creatures are sent by Beryl… From Dark Kingdom… But coming out from the fountain is gonna be your last ride. *Emitting fire and Grabbing the creature* Bending time… Time to burn. *drawing fire from the air and breathing fire from his breath* … *Pauses* Whoa. That’s new. *Drawing more fire and bending it… transforming the fire into a swarm of blades* Now this is what you will be calling a skewering experience. *Firing the attack at the creatures* Blades of Raining fire! *Firing another attack at the creatures* Firing breath Inferno!

The Creatures Screech as the attack hits them. Within seconds they were crumbling and vanishing and before a second passed…

Prince Alvin: *Looking around and seeing the coast cleared* What the…? What was that; that just happened? They come and then one hit and they all vanish… *Sighs* I hate to say this… But we’re gonna need Raven for this. She’s the only one that can nail these cretins. *Looking to see Rei* …

A second later…

Rei: *Looking at Prince Alvin* What is going on here?

Prince Alvin: I don’t know. I am just as lost as you are. You read through the fires and saw that something was up. Saw that something was not right. Well… there is something that you are not gonna feel good knowing. Beryl is back. She’s back and she has tried to go after Dinah Twice.

Rei: Dinah?! Why?

Prince Alvin: It’s because Beryl wants to kill us all. She made the exact words clear as crystal. she said: “The end of the Rhapsody family. The Rhapsody Family will end with you!” She said that to Dinah. Right to Dinah. I was there. That Bitch Beryl literally tried to choke me with that Purple mist.

Rei: Where is your cousin now?

Prince Alvin: She’s at home. She’s bed ridden. She’s pregnant.

Rei: Would it be alright to go and see her?

Prince Alvin: Yeah. Come on. Let’s go. *Walking over to his Motorcycle*

Alice: *Looking to see a girl walking close to Prince Alvin* Prince Alvin… Who is that behind you?

Prince Alvin: Alice… Meet a good friend of the family. Someone that my family knows. my cousins and my brothers know her. Alice… Meet Rei Hino. Headmistress of the Metropolis Shrine. Ex-Sailor senshi Sailor Mars.

This is my Cousin Prince Alvin's Girlfriend... Alice Cross.

Alice: *Looking at Rei* Hey Rei. Nice to meet you. I’m Alice. Prince Alvin’s girlfriend.

Rei: it’s nice to meet you too.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Rei and Alice* Hmm… Now that the formalities are done… let’s head on over to see Dinah…

Back at Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the girls room…

Dinah: *Watching T.V and having her daily Examination and having the doctor check on the babies*

Ami: *Moving the nozzle around slowly and checking on the movements of the babies* uh-huh. The Babies are doing fine. They’re Doing a bit of the twisting. but it’s rather gentle.

Dinah: They’re fine, right?

Ami: *Nods* they’re fine. they’re great actually.

Dinah: *turning her head slightly to see the monitor* Is that them?

Ami: Those are your little ones. they look really lovely.

Dinah: Hey… That’s supposed to be my line. But i think so too. they’re gonna be lovely.

Ami: *Moving the nozzle to the sides and then to the top* They’re gonna be lively ones. They’re doing the moves in there. I think you have a little party inside going. Wow! i think that your little ones are gonna be spirited marvelous little gems when they’re out.

Dinah: *Smiles*

As soon as Ami was done…

Dinah: I heard that tonight Luna is gonna be trying to make a contact.

Ami: She is? She’s gonna do it?

Dinah: I guess so. She is trying to decide if she really wants to do it. It’s an important move for her to do. Luna is nervous about it though.

Ami: She is?

Dinah: She is. In fact that she’s so nervous about it that she hardly wanted to do much talking about it. She didn’t know if it was gonna work out so well. Raven seems to think that it will work out for the best for her… but i don’t know. I know that it’s something that Luna is wanting to do… to see if she can even reach her. the last time she tried to get in touch with the Queen. She mentioned to have had a little trouble.

Ami: She’s not losing her power… is she?

Dinah: I hope not. But then again… if it keeps up. she could turn out to be all normal. and lose the cat tendencies and be just a normal person. but that wouldn’t be possible as she’s still get the influence of the Crescent moon.

Ami: Hopefully it all works out.

Dinah: Yeah.

A Moment later…

Prince Alvin: *Walking in* Hey Dinah.

Dinah: *Looking to see Prince Alvin coming in* Hey Prince Alvin…

Alice: *Walking in and looking to see Dinah laying down* Hey Dinah… How are you feeling?

Dinah: I’m feeling okay. i’ve just been resting and watching Movies. Not really much on though.

Prince Alvin: You didn’t lay there all day did you?

Dinah: No. I’ve got up for a little bit a while ago. I had a little bit of pain. But it wasn’t all that bad. It was probably just a little pressure.

Alice: But you’re okay though, right?

Dinah: Yeah. I’m okay.

Prince Alvin: That’s good. The good thing about it is that you’re okay. it’s the bright side of the news. Compared to…

Dinah: *Catching the freeze in the statement* Compared to… What?

Prince Alvin: Well… there was a little run in at the Park.. Actually a sighting at the park. a Creature sighting. 3 creatures. It was not bad… they were disposed of fast… but it was not common. It was attacking someone… The creatures were attacking someone.

Alice: Someone that you know. I didn’t know who she was till just a moment ago.

Dinah: Who?

Prince Alvin: *Stepping aside*

Alice: *Walking to the side and standing*

Rei: *Walking in and seeing Dinah* Dinah…

Dinah: *Looking to see Rei* Rei. Oh my god… Is that you?

Rei: Yeah. It’s me. Who do you think it was?

Dinah: I don’t know. It has been a while. It’s a surprise to see you again.

Rei: Same here. Especially since i hear that you’re now Pregnant.

Dinah: You heard that i was Pregnant? How? From who? Who told you?

Rei: Well… I read through the fires and heard that you were. I also heard about the Fountain and i also heard about Beryl being back. plus the fact that you were attacked by her twice. each attack failed. But were still made and tried.

Dinah: That fire sure likes to chatter alot. Doesn’t it? Who else would like to know about my Pregnancy? It’s bad enough that the school knows about it. Shingo’s mother hates me. Thinks that i am a harlot. and there are a couple of people at the high school who believe me out to be the Whore of Babylon. It’s good that you know now… At least you’re up to speed. *Feeling the sting on her sides* Oh man. the pain is really a pisser.

Rei: You’re sure high strung. You haven’t lost that… have you?

Dinah: No. I still have that intact. But this Pregnancy is not a merry little cakewalk. This is gonna hurt me… I am dry docked. I can’t do any fighting. My hero side is down and Kaput. As it is right now i can be lucky and fortunate if i can still pull a few attempts on being “Danger Zone” Dinah. But that is a luck in itself.

Rei: It must be hard. Is there anything that can be done for you?

Dinah: Not really. The pain is still here with me and it doesn’t ever go and subside. it just keeps building up like it’s trying to gather enough power and enough fur for hibernation. I am practically stewing in my own pain. I need to get this pain to go away or i will probably be sore to touch for a long time…

Alice: Dinah… What you need to do is Calm Down. *Pleading* You’re gonna stress out your heart by pushing the tension up higher than it ought to be.

Dinah: How can i not be stressed? *A Little Irritable* I am in Pain. You think that this is something that i like having? Well… why not wake up and see the real beauty of it all? This pain is killing me. I can’t go out and Walk… i can’t go out and fight the threat. i am a sitting Duck. I can’t do a thing.

Prince Alvin: *Sighs* Dinah… Please. settle down. Just try to push the pain aside. It’s gonna be alright.

Rei: *sensing movement* Dinah… you have something inside you. 2… 3 kids… they’re moving. That’s why you’re in pain. They’re moving inside you a little.

Prince Alvin: Rei. can you sense anything that is making her hurt?

Dinah: The Pain is… *Feeling the flare-up subsiding* it’s going down…  Ahhh! *Groans* How much more am i gonna have to endure? This is still week 14 and i am still in uncertainty that i can handle this.

Alice: That’s why we’re all here to help you. We’re here to help you.

Dinah: *Nods*

Rei: *Curious* Who’s the father? Do you know?

Dinah: My Boyfriend Shingo. The Brother to Usagi. He’s the father.

Rei: Huh?! He’s the father? That part i didn’t know about… *Gasps* Wait a minute. I read through the fires and it mentioned that he was the father. How far are you in it?

Dinah: Second Term. The 1st term is done. Now it’s the second and then the 3rd one is well… gonna be the hardest.

Prince Alvin: true. But it’ll be okay. We’ll all get through it. We will help you out… No matter what…

That night…

Luna Snuck out of the house and went to the fairgrounds that were at the otherside of the park and looked for a Clearing… She had to make sure that no one was following her.

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Luna: *Looking around and checking to see for anyone trying to follow her* No one is following. Good. This is something that i got to do on my own. I can’t allow for my sisters to see this. They’d never understand. They would never believe what i’d be doing. *Nervous* I sure hope that i am doing the right thing… *Sighs* … *running off over to the Fair grounds and thinking about what to tell the Queen* I sure hope that the Queen will hear me out. I hope that i can get her to understand.

A few Minutes later…

at the Metropolis Fairgrounds…

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Luna: *Looking up at the Moon* Queen Serenity… Are you there? *Speaking up at the moon* if you’re there… Please hear me. It’s Luna. one of your royal Advisors. Queen Serenity… I need you. Please. I have a problem. There is a problem on Earth. In Metropolis. The Evil Queen Beryl is back and my sister Dinah Rhapsody is in danger… She’s pregnant and Beryl is plotting to kill the Rhapsody Family. Please… Help me.

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Within seconds a form came to view and showed a woman in white with a Crescent moon on her forehead and a Tiara…

Luna: *Nervous* Q-q-queen S-s-s-serenity?

Queen Serenity: *Smiles* Hello Luna. My lovely Advisor… You’re Embracing your Human life. You’re Not with my daughter anymore. You’re a sister to a group of Earth girls. The Rhapsody Girls Z!

Luna: Yes. They took me in. Their Mother took me in and adopted me. saw me as a Daughter and a wonderful sister to her Daughters.

Queen Serenity: Yes. A Princess Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody. I saw from my Throne that she met a terrible end which brings Sorrow to my heart to see an innocent destroyed. Killed by a Intergalactic being. A being known as Zod. It’s not a far mystery to me as we have done business with the far reaches of life. Like the Martian Manhunter. He was a soldier of Mars. And Princess Mars came from that same planet. One of the 4 guardians of My fair Daughter Princess Serenity. The Martian Manhunter knew us and we knew him. We also knew his business with a Renown Scientist by the name of Jor-el. Jor-el’s planet was destroyed by the awful forces of General Zod. Who used to be friends with Jor-el in the early Heyday. Zod wanted to Rule and saw that the planet could be strong under Authority. Jor-el was about peace. He didn’t want to fight. Zod however thought he was being silly and weak. Thereby swearing to raise an army of his own. But lead it to cause an insurrection on the planet and he was sent to a Zone that Jor-el Created. He sent him away and Zod Vowed to one day destroy his heirs and make all of his remaining family suffer if ever he should break out from the Zone. Although in the Crusade… the final Crusade… Jor-el was only able to save one person… His Son.

Luna: That is what i know… The 3 girls have gone through that. Major Zod who then became General murdered their mother.

Queen Serenity: Yes. They had to team up with the last son of Planet Krypton. to send Zod away. Using the fabled book that is sacred to the Kandorian Race. An Artifact. that they see as their whole life. Their Teachings but also use it as a power source. The Book of RAO. It’s said that it has the fond teaching. Wherever there is light… there is Darkness. I am grateful that my dear daughter Princess Serenity didn’t have to be put through that. I could never bear it to learn of her demise if she were to get hurt. But… Luna… I must ask this of you… Why did you summon upon me?

Luna: I need help. I need 3 sailors reinstated with their Senshi power. There is dreadful trouble. Awful trouble. Beryl… She’s back. She has come back and has sworn Vengeance against the Rhapsody Girls Z! The Rhapsody family is in danger,Your Majesty. Beryl is swearing to kill their entire family. She has targeted one of them a few times already. Dinah. Dinah Rhapsody was targeted a couple times already by Beryl.

Queen Serenity: She’s the one they call Thunder Mistress and also “Danger Zone” Dinah. I believe.

Luna: Yes. She’s Currently unable to fight. She is Pregnant. with 3 little ones. She’s gonna be a mother. But she is in danger. Beryl is gonna attack her and her kids. She’s gonna try to take control of the city. Dinah wants to fight but can’t for it would hurt her kids. Her in-home Doctor is Ami Mizuno. She’s wanting to be a Senshi again. but i kept telling her and Dinah… and her sisters who are also mine that your orders after the order with Beryl and the Great Evil that your request was for them to be normal. to best protect them and ensure their survival. But…

Queen Serenity: But she is insisting to be made a Senshi again to guard Dinah and her young that she is destined to conceive. She shall be given that right. It is in her blood to fight. I am with a heavy heart to know That this must be done.

Luna: There is also more… We also have belief that there is said to be an intergalactic Demon destined to come in the future.

Queen Serenity: Yes. Scath… Trigon the terrible. The secret order of Monks and prophets on Azarath… used the name Scath to cover up the name of their true master. The master was known as Trigon. He Impregnated a holy mother on Azarath and Conceived a daughter. Half-human… Half-Demon. She was given a Prophecy that was absolute. It could not be changed. On her 16th birthday… She would have to become the portal. to release her father. The Prophecy was: “The Gem was Born of Evil’s fire. The Gem shall be his portal. He comes to Claim… He comes to sire. The End of All things Mortal.”

Luna: You knew about it?

Queen Serenity: Yes. The Moon Kingdom has it’s own Archives and sanctum of all knowledge. Thereby keeping a watch on all that goes on through the galaxy. Luna… We know about Watchtower as well. We learned of it since the transmission that the mysterious girl made into the Satellite calling out for aid. We noticed the Mark of Scath being formed into the stars. and a Voice that rang as loud as sinister Thunder.

Luna: So it’s true… Trigon is out there… lurking in space but currently as a dark stain in space.

Queen Serenity: yes.

Luna: How will we battle Beryl? Scath? The girls are in terrible peril. Dinah can’t fight. I don’t know how to protect her on my own. to keep her from fighting and getting hurt. trying to preserve her children. The Rhapsody Brothers… Prince Alvin… Prince Arnold… Prince Avery and Prince Curtis. They are doing all they can. But they can’t do much more than what they already have. It isn’t possible.

Queen Serenity: That is why you need all the help possible. From the Heaven sisters if need be. The remaining members of the 2nd generation of your adoptive family. Luna… You’ve grown with much knowledge. Much Experience… Luna… I know that what the Rhapsody Girls… Paige… Pearl and Dinah are facing danger. utmost Danger. Unfortunately with Dinah… “Thunder Mistress” Under the veil and unable to fight… it leaves the rest ever so vulnerable. Dear Luna… You still have the power of the senshi. You will never lose it. it’s in you. And to aid in your time of great need. I shall grant you the request of granting 3 Senshi’s back in play. Princess Mercury… Princess Mars… and one of your choosing. Princess Serenity is far from my reach. But i know in my heart that she is safe. she’s strong.

Luna: Princess Venus.

Queen Serenity: Very well. By the stroke of Midnight… 4 weeks from now… The Earth existence of Princess Mercury… Princess Mars and Princess Venus will be Imbued and granted the Power of the soldier.

Luna: Thank you… Queen Serenity.

Queen Serenity: The Honor was mine to bare to you. I know that you’ve done well up to now. I know that the power of the senshi’s will be in great hands. You have done proud Luna. I am so grateful to you.

Luna: *Smiles* …

Within seconds Queen Serenity vanished and disappeared from view…

Luna had to get back home before she was caught out late at night, so she looked for the quickest way home and Bounced and dashed right on towards the house. She barely got back and got to her room when she suddenly heard Meditating sounding off nearby. She knew that it was Raven. She had to make like she was there the whole time so she went to sleep and made like she couldn’t sleep due to a few unnerving dreams.


In the girls room…

Dinah: *Waking up screaming* AIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Pearl: *Waking up fast and quick* Huh?! What was that? Who’s there? *Looking to see Dinah Cringing in pain* Dinah?! Are you okay? what’s the matter?

Dinah: *With tears in her eyes* I don’t know… I was fine till just now. The pain just hit me… God… I have dealt with things better than this. This is worse than when i got whacked into a tree by that Sound Blasting Roebeast in the first threat we went again. This is worse than that. *Hisses* Oh man…

Paige: *Waking up* What’s… What’s going on?

Pearl: It’s nothing. Dinah just had a sharp shot of pain hit her… But she’s fine now. The pain however just seemed to have come out of nowhere.

Paige: *Groaning a little trying to stir a little* Is that all? If that’s all… Then Dinah should be fine and just try to get back to sleep. I don’t believe that her little ones will benefit much from her having a lack of sleep. She’s been sleeping a lot. But it’s a lot better than being in pain. Even if it’s just a minor set or two.

Pearl: Yeah.

Dinah: *Laying down and trying to calm down her body* I’ve been resting enough to where if i rest anymore right now… I might as well be in Incubation. I am all slept out. How much rest must i really have?

Paige: Who knows?

Pearl: *Looking at Dinah* Want me to get Ami?

Dinah: No. Let her sleep. She’s my in-home Doctor. Not my servant. She’s in need of sleep too.

Paige: But what if you’re in pain again or if you have another pain attack?

Dinah: I’ll try to suppress it as best i can till she’s awake and alert.  I’m not gonna bug her 24/7 and deny her rest. Not gonna happen.

4 weeks later…

March 29th 2026.

Late Morning…

At the New Watchtower…

Paige: *Sighs* I don’t get it. Beryl is coming and going as she pleases. She attacks and then retreats. She’s made the vow of going after Dinah. Coming back to destroy our family. But she hasn’t made any moves whatsoever. Not much since 4 weeks ago. She attacked 5 times since that time and each time was just minor. One Youma and one creature. But that’s about it.

Pearl: She’s up to something… She’s trying to fool us or throw us off. Somehow. Dinah can’t move around much. She can’t do much either. But Beryl is sure taking her time. 4 weeks of no sightings of her.

Chloe: *Checking the screens and searching throughout the city for Beryl* I don’t know what all to tell you girls. But I think that Beryl is shooting for the big game. Taking over the City is more her deal than to go after Dinah and after you girls. or your family. She’s after something.

Prince Alvin: *Serious* Whatever it is… we need to stop her.

Prince Avery: *Looking at Prince Alvin* That’s all fine and dandy, Dear, Brother… but it’s hereby hard to do that if we don’t even know where she’s at. We can’t just shoot and ask later. We need to flush her out.

Prince Alvin: But with what? We don’t necessarily have anything that she’d want. What does she want? An underling?

Luna: *Shaking her head* No. She’s gonna try to look for power. To charge up her energy.

Paige: *Noticing something on screen* What’s that?!

Chloe: Just a Notification signifying that the Detection Cloak is active. So we can look for Beryl… but she won’t be able to search for us.

Prince Arnold: Well it better hold up. Because if she gets hold of this spot… She’ll know everything and no one will be able to put her in traction.

Pearl: We’ve done it once… but this time… it’s harder for us because we can’t do it with Dinah being in her current condition.

Paige: That’s a problem…

A Phone beeps suddenly…

Luna: *looking at her phone* It’s Dinah… *Answering the phone* Yes Dinah.

Dinah: *On Phone* Where are you guys?

Luna: We’re at the Watchtower. trying to get a search on where Beryl is. Why? What’s wrong? Are you okay?

Dinah: Yeah… I’m okay. Just in a little pain. Ami is not back from the store yet and i need to be taken to the bathroom. I’d go myself… but with the stiffness in my legs right now… i don’t dare move on my own. I’m afraid to move for i’m afraid that i’ll just fall flat on my face. Plus… I keep hearing all this beeping. Is Raven there with you?

Luna: No. Raven didn’t come with us… Why?

Dinah: I don’t know. I haven’t seen her here this morning.

Luna: She’s probably still in her room.

Dinah: I don’t think so. *Suddenly seeing the screen in front of her go blank and then come back on* Something weird is going on here.

Luna: What’s happening?

Dinah: The monitors here have all gone off and then came right back on. All by themselves…

Although… Just outside the Metropolis fairgrounds…

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Beryl: *Walking around* Those Rhapsody Brats keep derailing my plans. Although i haven’t been doing what i planned to do as of late. I’m gonna step it up a bit. Maybe cause some trouble here. Lure them out. They can’t Protect the Pregnant girl if they’re all here cleaning up my mess. can they? *Pulling out a few stones and breathing life into them before setting them down* Let’s Have some fun… My dear pets.

Within seconds the stones glowed and grew then turning into Youmas… There were 6 Youmas… one with Claws and the others with elemental capabilities…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

P.A: *Sounding off* Enemy detection… Alert… Alert… Enemy Detection. Enemy sighted… Location: Metropolis fairgrounds. Rhapsody Girls… please Respond.

At King John’s house…

P.A: *Sounding off* Enemy detection… Alert… Alert… Enemy Detection. Enemy sighted… Location: Metropolis fairgrounds. Rhapsody Brothers… please Respond.

At the New Watchtower…

P.A: *Sounding off* Enemy detection… Alert… Alert… Enemy Detection. Enemy sighted… Location: Metropolis fairgrounds.

Paige: It’s got to be Beryl.

Chloe: *Getting a fix on the Satellite imagery*  I see someone… And You’re right. It is Beryl. She’s come back again. She’s stirring trouble at the Metropolis Fairgrounds.

Pearl: Then… that’s where we must go.

Luna: But first…

Luna unfortunately ends the call With Dinah who was still on the line…

Luna: There are 3 girls who must be called. *Calling the 3 soldiers* Ami- Chan, Rei-Chan, Minako-Chan. We got Youma trouble… Metropolis Fairground. 6 Youma’s. Get over there fast.

Chloe: *Pauses* How are you able to do that?

Luna: Detect Youmas? *pointing to her ears* I have good hearing. Plus it’s one of my Senshi Abilities.

Chloe: So they are Soldiers again…

Luna: Yes.

Chloe: Since When?

Luna: I don’t think that we got the time to get into that right now. Beryl is on the move and if we don’t go over and stop her… She could do a lot of Damage.

Paige: Time to Roll…

A second later…

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around; Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing and screaming with Fury* ….

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around; Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing and screaming with Fury* ….

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* …

At the Metropolis Shrine…

Rei: *Looking into the fires* Trouble…  Time to go…

A second later…

Rei: *Transforming* Mars Power…


At the Metropolis Apartments…

Minako: *Sensing trouble in the City* Beryl’s at it again. Could she be trying to go after Dinah? She’s got to be stopped…

A second later…

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Minako: *Transforming* Venus Power…


At the Metropolis Store…

Ami: *Looking at the items* I got to get these to Dinah… She is gonna need these. She’s got a sweet tooth. I have to hurry. *Looking at her phone and seeing a Message from Luna* There is trouble at the Fairgrounds… *unsure* What’ll i do? Dinah-Chan needs these.

Star: *Walking by* Hey! You’re Dr. Mizuno… Dinah’s In-home doctor… right?

Ami: *Turns to see Star* Yeah. Who’re you?

Star: Star Hall. I’m a friend of Dinah’s. Also a close friend to Pearl and a friend to Paige too. I am sure that we met. I came to the house the other day or so and Pearl was talking about something to do with fashion. Talking about planning to open up a store. Something with Fashion. She had these ideas.

Ami: Oh… Now i remember. Sorry about the confusion… I am on my way back to their house to get these to Dinah-Chan. She was with a sweet tooth. It just hit her and she wanted something sweet. But there is also something going on in the City.

Star: Something going on in the city? *Realizing* I think i know what you’re talking about. Beryl, Right? Queen Beryl. She’s the one who busted out from the Portal leading to Dark Kingdom.

Ami: Yeah. That’s her. *Pauses in shock* Huh? How did you know about Beryl?

Star: Oh… i know about it because i’m a supporter of the family. *Looking to her side a bit before looking back* Ever since the beginning of the school year this year and up till now i’ve followed along their cause. I mostly go for the Fashion deprived and the fashion intent. But ever since the cause began that the family is in… Well… you can pretty much gather the thought that i am in for the family. following along with what they are dealing with. The Fountain… Beryl… And possibly even the Intergalactic Demon as well. Yeah… It’s just like that.

Ami: They must trust you alot with the detail. They don’t really tell me much.  at least not yet. But all i know from what they let out. or what Dinah let slip was that Beryl was back.

Star: *Chuckles* I hear that. I know. She’s a tough lady. Her psychotic menacing mind is a nightmare. But it’s not any worse than Raven. She’s shown some things that she could do… I have seen it and i can tell you that it’s pretty spooky. you really want darkness? Try getting delved into her power and the energy that she lets off… That’ll really get you. Like the speaking into someone else’s mind. That will creep you out. No lie.

Ami: *Sheepishly* I See. I got to get somewhere but also at the same time got to get these things to Dinah…

Star: If you need help… i’ll take those over to Dinah. Besides… i got to drop off some designs for the Future Fashion store. so i can hand those to Dinah while you take care of what it is that you got to do…

Ami: *Pauses* Are you sure?

Star: It’s not a problem… i would be glad to do it.

Ami: *Smiles feeling grateful* Arigato! Thank you.

Star: You got it.

Ami: *nods and runs to the side* I got to go.

A Second later…

Ami: *Transforming* Mercury Power…


Star: *Seeing the light from a few feet away* What the…? What was that?

Within minutes at the Metropolis Fairgrounds…

Beryl: *Laughing* Ahahahahahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Let’s see those Rhapsody Brats try to stop me now…

The Youmas were scouring the grounds and chasing the people. The people were screaming in terror at the sight of the monsters. All the civilians that happened to be at the Fairgrounds saw the monsters and with fear Ran for safety. They wanted to get away from the danger as fast as they could. It spooked each and every one of them and to some of the people… they feared that they were gonna die…

Beryl: Causing terror is entertaining. Since i couldn’t shift their minds to side with me… Scaring them will maybe get them to change their allegiance. Scaring them will be fun. Those Rhapsody girls can’t hope to beat me and stop these Youma at the same time.

Miss Love: *Diving down with Bubble Maiden* Wanna bet, You Psychotic walking Dark Kingdom Nightmare! You’re gonna be busted.

Bubble Maiden: we’re gonna make you sorry. You can count on it.

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in with his brothers* Beryl, You’re one lady who just can’t learn to admit defeat. You’re not gonna have your success on our watch.

Prince Arnold: That is right. We blasted you before… We will do so again.

Prince Avery: You don’t want to mess with us. You’ll be sorry for it.

Prince Curtis: Let’s see you test us. We’re your end.

Beryl: *Growls* Who do you think you are speaking upon me in that tone? Do you value your lives?

Sailor Luna: *Bouncing in; Standing up to Beryl* We don’t care who you are Beryl. You don’t belong here… Get out!

Prince Alvin: *Commanding his brothers* Brothers… Sound off.

Brothers: *Nodding* Right!

Prince Alvin: We’re the speed. *Emitting fire*

Prince Arnold: We’re the power. *Emitting Water*

Prince Avery: We’re the Skill. *Emitting Plasma*

Prince Curtis: The forces of Nature and the enforcers of Justice! *Emitting Electricity*

Rhapsody Brothers: *Together* WE’RE THE RHAPSODY BROTHERS! Evil beings… Say GOODNIGHT! Time to face punishment BERYL!

Miss Love: That’s right. We’ll take down these Youma and then you will feel the same treatment. You’re gonna see that Love out matches your Evil. *Posing* The Love and beating heart of Bliss, the Winged angel of Romance… Miss Love… with the powers of Love and sweet eternal hearts…the souls and presence of Evil will be silenced by the embrace of Love’s Might!

Bubble Maiden: The grace from my bubble power will wipe you away. Your Evil won’t work here. *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evil will be washed with grace and light!

Sailor Luna: You’re a mean woman, Beryl. You Hate the Rhapsody Family… Why? Because we’ve derailed your plans and won’t allow for you to do what you will? Get used to it. You were bad then… and you always will be.

*Doing her Pose* Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower and the Rhapsody Family… I shall Punish you.

Beryl: *Firing purple Mist at Luna* Silence!

Sailor Mercury: *Running in* Stop right there, Beryl-Sama!

Sailor Mars: *Running in* We’re back! we’re gonna burn you.

Sailor Venus: *Running in* You are to leave the Rhapsody family alone!

Beryl: *Gasps* Sailor Senshi! You’re back from slumber once again. You side with the Rhapsody Family?

Sailor Venus: Yes. that is right. we side with them. They are the best family. They care about the world. They have a whole family of people who care for the world and will fight to protect it from beings like you. *Posing* The soldier of beauty and Love… Sailor Venus… In the Name of Venus, I’ll Punish you!

Sailor Mercury: You have no idea how great the family is. How wonderful the girls are. You think that you have the girls under the same guise as before. They went through a loss and avenged their Mother… They know about pain. You don’t know a thing about loss. *Posing* Soldier of Water and Wisdom, Sailor Mercury, In the name of Mercury… I’ll Punish you!

Sailor Mars:  All you do is inflict harm on others and scorn others because they have the love that you wish that you had but know that you never will. There is no one who will love a woman like you who sires to harm others for your own sick pleasure. *Posing* The Soldier of Flame and Passion, Sailor Mars… In the name of Mars… I’ll Punish you!

Miss Love: You don’t know about Love at all… You in the past tried to steal the Prince of the Earth–

Beryl: *Snaps* Endymion should have been mine!

Bubble Maiden: Beryl, You were in love with the Prince… But the love that the Prince and Princess had was meant to be. It was that strong. You were rejected… It hurts. But you thought that your way of dealing with rejection by destroying the Moon and then the Earth… was the right way because of your hurt. You were acting like a Child. Rejection is a part of life. Paige and i went through it before. We had a guy that fell for us. but on the same day that we battled Zod one final time… They dumped us. by a note on the door. We were dumped. Rejected. It isn’t a mystery, Beryl. You were rejected. Get the heck over yourself.

Beryl: You know all about rejection? You should know that it hurts. I should not have been ignored. That was not right nor was it fair… If i can’t live happily… or live at all… Neither can *Firing a Blast of Purple Mist at the girls* you!

Miss Love: *Looking at the girls* Scatter!

The teams all scatter out of the path of the Purple Mist and Dodge the blasts one by one… But while they were all at the fairgrounds…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Star: *Walking into the girls bedroom* Hey Dinah. What’s up?

Dinah: Not much… Just been waiting for someone to get here so i could be escorted to the restroom. I couldn’t go for a while because my legs this morning are still that i couldn’t walk on them. I was afraid to even put any pressure on them without falling flat on my face and possibly hurting my babies. Where’s Ami?

Star: She had to take care of something. But she said that she’d be back as soon as she was done. Post haste. whatever that means. She’d be back. But i’m here. I’m no doctor… but i’m gonna do the good Samaritan thing and do what Friends ought to do for one another. You need a hand to lead off to the bathroom there, Dinah?

Dinah: Yeah. Please?!

Star: Sure. You got it. What we need to do is get you a walker or a wheelchair. To help you out a bit on the moving around. It’ll better benefit you. i mean… it’s not like i don’t enjoy this… and the others feel the same way too. But we both know that you are feeling really pathetic having to be dependent on others to help you do things that you know that you still can do. but unfortunately are having a bit of trouble with right this moment.

Dinah: I know. *Sighs* I feel like such a burden to everyone. Everyone is having to cater and wait on me hand and foot like i am some kind of barbie doll. I am pathetic.

Star: Oh… *Scoffs* Ugh! Girl, Please don’t even go there. You are not a Burden. You’re not. Don’t be ever saying that. Your sisters would be having a gall of a bird sized fit if they were to hear you tear yourself down like that. You’re not a Burden. Not ever. *Grabbing for Dinah’s hand* This is gonna hurt my feet. but it’s gonna be bare-able. i’ll deal with it. You got to get to the bathroom. Because just because you’re pregnant… doesn’t mean that you should go all with making a flood on the floor and turning into a little kid again.

Dinah: *Chuckles* At the rate i’m going… That would be the least of my worries. Because it’d take my mind off the fact that i’m in pain. almost all the time. just sometimes it’s literally unbearable.

Star: Yeah… Pregnancy pains can wind up like that. It’s normal. Some people go through it in an odd way. Some with more pain than normal. Not enlightening… right? Well… trust me. You are one of the ones who are in the small portion of the pie in the whole Pregnancy realm. in the sector of ones who have pain that is more frequent than it usually is. you and a few others are in that realm. in that percentage.

Dinah: Ouch. so other than a few others that go through this in pregnancy… i am in a party of pain… a party of one carrying a set of 2-3. *Feeling a little sarcastic* Sweet. Bust out the party hats and invite all the pals. It’s gonna be a party.

Star: I know how you feel. I know. It sucks.

A few minutes later…

In the Living Room…

Dinah: *Looking at the Screens* What’s going on there? *Seeing activity on screen and preparing to start some research; looking into it* What could be going on over at the Fairgrounds… *searching for activity going on at the fairgrounds* There is nothing going on there… or… *Noticing movement at the Fairgrounds and getting at the screen showing the Live Cameras* Live Cams… Get your butt in gear and Zoom in on the Metropolis Fairgrounds… I want to see what the hell is going on over there.

Star: Dinah… What the heck are you doing? You better not be trying to figure out a way to go out there and fight that battle. I ran into Ami on my way here and i heard her chanting something seconds later.

Dinah: Chanting something? *Gasps* Oh Geez! Star… You were hearing her Transform into Sailor Mercury… That means that Luna Spoke to Queen Serenity and was granted the plea to re-instate Ami, Rei and Minako back to being Soldiers again. She’s transformed into Sailor Mercury. *A bit lost* But… why? There was nothing going on. *Seeing something on screen and catching sight of her sisters and Cousins; Spotting the 3 Sailors* What the hell is that?

Star: Nothing for you to worry about, Girl. You’re not going out there. Are you Nuts and with a screw loose or something? You’re in no condition to fight. You’re gonna wind up killing yourself or worse… Giving your Babies Brain Damage. That’s if they’re even conscious yet to know what the hell is going on. You’re gonna hurt them doing whatever it is that i think you’re planning to do.

Dinah: Star, Stop it. *Looking at Star* Those are my sisters out there. as well as my cousin’s and my in-home doctor. They are all getting trashed out there. If i don’t go out there… they’ll die. Beryl… That Bitch Queen is killing them. I have to go and help them. *Getting emotional* They’re going out there risking their lives for me. saving me from pain. They are trying to keep me from fighting. But they’re killing themselves… I feel so damn worthless. I can’t even do anything to help them. I feel like a total Worthless girl. *Looking down at her stomach* I don’t know if you can hear me in there… but if you can… i hope you can forgive your momma. She’s gonna go and try to kick some Evil doer tails.  Please hold on tight.

Star: *Scoffs and turning to block Dinah from going out* Dinah… No. Don’t you dare. Your babies can probably hear you. It is the 18th week after all. But if you think that i am gonna allow for you to go on a suicide mission to fight… and in your current condition… You’re totally off your rotten deep end.

Dinah: Star… *With tears in her eyes* Please. I have to go out there… I have to. I am Pregnant. But i can’t bare to lose my sisters. Lose my cousins. I can’t bare it. *Looking at Star* Please…. *Pleading* I lost my mother. This Pregnancy is hard on me… I should have my mother here with me. but she’s dead. I only have my sisters who have visage of my mother. i too have a piece of my mother in me… But i used to be tough. I still am. However… i can’t be tough through this. I Miss my mother. All i have of my mother is Paige and Pearl. They’re close to me. as i am to them. I can’t just sit and allow them to be killed. I can’t. They’re hurt. Beryl could try to kill them… If they die… I will lose my mother all over again. She’s crossed over. But My sisters remind me of her. I don’t want my babies to know that the two who would have been their Aunts are now dead. What would that do to them? *Trying to keep from bursting in tears thinking about her sisters possibly being defeated by Beryl* Please… Star… Let me go. I have to go and save them. I have to. Please.

Star: *Feeling deeply sad; feeling rather upset* Okay… okay… But will you please… just give your word and keep it that you’re gonna try hard to be extremely careful? The fact that i’m letting you go out… is gonna put me in deep schist if anything were to happen to you and it was found that i let you out and loose. I am gonna be in deep deep trouble. I am serious… You better be careful.  If you even get a little hurt over there… I will claim deniability that i knew you got out. You’re already risking it all. Your babies might understand… but i don’t think they’ll be happy with you if you got hurt and they wound up getting brain damage or head damage.

Dinah: *With tears in her eyes and nods* I’ll be careful. I’ll be careful…

At the Metropolis Employment Agency…

Mrs. Powers: *Looking at Shingo* Mr. Tsukino… What are your Qualities?

Shingo: Well… I have some Experience in Driving. I actually can drive pretty well for one without a License. I had to Drive my girlfriend’s Truck once because she was in pain and couldn’t Drive. You see… My Girlfriend Dinah is Pregnant. and i am looking for any Job that i can to make money to help care and raise the little kids that my girlfriend and i are destined to have in the near future.

Mrs. Powers: Oh my… That is a blessed thing to look forward to. It is lovely. I’m a mother myself so i know what it’s like to have kids. *Pauses* Wait… Did you say Dinah? You wouldn’t be talking about Dinah Rhapsody… would you?

Shingo: Yeah. Why?

Mrs. Powers: She’s friends to my Daughter. Christie. I don’t feel too close to the idea that my daughter is that close to Dinah… But i am getting used to it because I know that she and Dinah are very close friends. Best friends as well.

Shingo: They are. I trust Christie with my Soon to be Fiance… But i can drive. I know the Laws of the road and can take a Driving test if i get a Job that requires Driving.

Mrs. Powers:  Ever thought to being a Limo driver?

Shingo: A Limousine Driver? Me… *Shocked*

Mrs. Powers: Yeah. They’re with a few openings. they need new fresh Drivers who have a zip to their steps.

Shingo: I can do that.

Mrs. Powers: Then i suppose it’s settled. Welcome to the Employed world.  *Handing Shingo some forms* Fill these out and then the blueish green form is the form you need to give to your Employer. Your Boss at the Limousine Depot is Mr. Willard. He’s a Cantankerous little Ass-wipe… but he is pleasant and a good guy. Just know that he can get a little touchy. When he does… just let him get out whatever it is that’s on his mind. Be like a friend to him. He’ll thank you for it. I’ve heard of a couple people who had him for a Boss. He wasn’t too nice with them. Something about them pissed him off. But You… You’ll be right up his alley. You’re Young and fresh. Just be sure to show him your skills of driving. He’ll like to see what kind of driver you are.

Shingo: You bet. Thanks again…

A few Minutes later…

Shingo: *Handing the papers in and giving them to the worker* Here. I’m all done with the forms and i believe that it was filled out with accurate information.

Mrs. Powers: *Looking over the forms and Nods* Yes. It looks like everything is in order. You put your mother’s maiden name on the form… Your name and Age… the birth date. The Social Security #. City of Birth. You signed it where it was needed. Initialed where needed. I think that you got it. The Blueish green form is yours to keep. Good luck, Mr. Tsukino. *Smiles*

Shingo: *Smiles* Thank you.

Shingo walked on his way out and went on his way leading to the exit of the Employment Agency. He had no High school Diploma. No GED. Just his looks and his skills which were that he was a good rider and could drive well. He was very organized and into sports as well. But the Driving was his lock and key. spilling out that he drove his girlfriend’s truck once without a License was what got him the Job. He left to the location that his new Job would be awaiting. He was gonna be having a bit of good news to be telling his girlfriend. He knew that Dinah would be surprised. She however was gonna be in trouble… She was on her way unknown to him to a battle. About to risk her safety once again..

At The Metropolis Fairgrounds…

Sailor Venus: *Dodging the attacks and Circling around the Youmas with Mars and Mercury* We got to knock these things down. Beryl must not get to Dinah… Dinah’s containing the 4th generation of the Rhapsody family. She’s the first to begin the 4th generation. We got to push Beryl back.

Sailor Mars: *Nods* …*Landing Punches towards the Youmas and Kicking them down* We got to stop Beryl! We must prevent her from getting to her target.

Sailor Mercury: *Pushing the Youmas and Kicking them down* Right! Dinah-Chan must be protected.

Sailor Luna: Ami-Chan… You, Venus  and Mars Gather up and take the Youma… Use any move possible on them. But knock them back. I’ll be there right behind you.

Sailor Venus, Mars and Mercury: *Looking at Luna* Right!

Within Minutes…

Miss Love: *Looking At Beryl* Time to face off! Beryl… Las time… you were counting on the henchmen to do your dirty work. The 4 generals that belonged to Endymion. But this time… you don’t have them. This time… you’re all alone. You don’t have henchmen. The security guards that you took control of… They don’t have the needed power to do what you were expecting. what you would need to beat us easily… It’s time to fight. With your own power. Get your own hands dirty. Come on…

Bubble Maiden: Paige… That is Dinah’s line of work. Taunts. You’re taking Dinah’s Job.

Miss Love: *To her sister as she remains facing Beryl* I know that, Pearl. But it’s better us that get the hurt than her. Because she is not able to fight. We are all we got. The brothers feel it just the same as we… They know. We are all we got left of the Original Rhapsody Girls Z! Right now. We’re gonna have to both take the turns of being like Dinah. We have to see that she never has to risk her health and her babies. Because if she fights and gets hurt… her babies could die. and then she will die right after. We can’t let that happen. So… as much as we are taking Dinah’s lines… we don’t have a choice. Because it’s either this… or… Dinah will wind up Dead. Beryl is gonna stop at nothing to see to it that she’s dead. then us.

Bubble Maiden: What are we to do? We can’t do this without Dinah. Dinah’s the Danger Zone Fury of Thunder. The one woman wrecking machine. Without her… we’re just a couple of fighters with a light show. I’m not doubting our powers. I’m not. But Dinah was the powerhouse. She was the seismic swing. *Shaking her head* We better get with this… Because the longer we wait… Beryl’ll take the front and will get right at Dinah.

Prince Alvin: Enough talk. Let’s get with the fire power.

Miss Love: Let’s get her!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Giving out a battle cry* For DINAH!!!!

Miss Love & Bubble Maiden: *Giving out a battle cry* For SISTER!!!

The Attacks began…

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at Beryl* VORTEX OF LOVE!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at Beryl* BUBBLING WHIRLPOOL OF LIGHT!

Prince Arnold: *Using Water from the condensation in the air and drawing it to him* Let’s see what we got here. *Moving his hands around and creating a Water barrier* Water’s grace… force of nature. Water’s essence of life. Breathe long and provide the burn to the wicked intent. *Firing the Water at Beryl* Water Barrier Coral! Bind her up… Compress her into a constricted trapped evil soul… Soak her up nice and slippery.

Prince Alvin: *Drawing fire from the nearby heat sources and bending the fire into a flash fire pit and Sending it to go under Beryl* Beryl may be of Dark Kingdom … But my fire is her realm of personal pain… Let’s see her sustain THIS! She can send us a bit of shadows as a added bonus to make it harder… but she is only adding to the carnage. *Using his mind to cause the fire to increase and burn hotter* Come on fire… Burn hotter. tear at our Dark majesty Queen Beryl. Let’s see how she likes the pain coming to her for a change. Make her feel the might of the Fires wrath. *Unleashing the attack* Fiery Grill of Justice! Feel the Fire of Truth. Burn!

A few seconds later…

Rhapsody Brothers: *Looking at one another*…  *Launching an attack at Beryl* Elemental Marathon! Wave 1: Flash INFERNO!

Beryl: *Taking the Hit* Ahhhhhh!

Rhapsody Brothers: Elemental Marathon! Wave 2: Watery LIQUIDATION!

Beryl: *Falling into the ground* Agh! Curse You Rhapsody Brats!

Beryl didn’t stay down for long though… She got back up within a minute and Shot out more blasts of Purple Mist. She was seeing to it that she didn’t give in to defeat. The Rhapsody Girls were noticing that Beryl was bent on seeing that it was them who were taken down and not her. But the Rhapsody Brothers were not about to give up. They were gonna keep attacking…

Rhapsody Brothers: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Elemental Marathon! Wave 3: Plasma’s Burning Nuclear BEAMS!

Betty: *Orbing in; Chanting a spell* “Freeze this Evil being with your frosty heaven’s Touch!”  *Launching the attack at Beryl* Angelic Icestorm!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Elemental Marathon! Wave 4: Electrical Short-Circuit ELECTROCUTION!

Betty: I heard that there was a battle going on here and since you guys need that boost. i’m gonna help.

As for the Senshi…

Sailor Mercury: *Launching an attack at the Youmas* Shine Aqua Illusion!

Sailor Mars: *Launching an attack at the Youmas* Akiyou…… Taisan!

Sailor Venus: *Launching an attack at the Youmas* Venus… Love’s BEAM!!!! *Looking at Luna* Sailor Luna… You’re up! Go!

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at the Youmas* Luna SUGARDRILL!!!!

Sailor Venus: That’s a direct hit… Luna. Good work.

Sailor Mars: *Looking at Luna* Luna… Your Wand. It’s different. How come?!

Sailor Luna: It’s because i have gotten stronger. I am not a cat anymore. I lost that cat form years ago and it’s not coming back. Queen Serenity likes seeing me just this way. She was happy with me when i spoke with her and got you your powers back. She Told me of things that you may never believe. She knows of the intergalactic Demon. Scath. She knew about the Martian Manhunter. Who came from the same planet as you did Mars. You’re a Princess of Mars. The Martian Manhunter comes from the same planet. as you. He did some work for a renown Scientist named Jor-el of Planet Krypton. The destroyed planet that was wiped out because of one General Zod.  But you are a Princess of that planet. Mars. Mercury is the Princess of Planet Mercury. And Venus… You’re the Princess of Planet Venus.

Sailor Venus: Queen Serenity. She told you this?

Sailor Luna: That’s right. She did. You have all your senshi abilities. Use them as they come. But Beryl is not the only one that is our problem. The girls are going against the Intergalactic Demon… He is gonna come through a Portal. Don’t know when… Don’t know how… But he is gonna come in the future.

Sailor Mercury: So… we are all gonna be dealing with the Demon? Any ties to the Demon?

Sailor Luna: Yes. One.

Sailor Mars: I already know. Through the fires… i saw a Face. With a name.


Sailor Luna: Raven of a place called Azarath. Raven is Half-Human…Half-Demon. She is the Daughter of Trigon the Terrible. But unlike her father… She is with a human dimension. She cares for the innocent.

Sailor Mercury: So we have not only Beryl… but Trigon. The girls have to face that Threat most of all. Don’t they?

Sailor Venus: Yes. they do. This is their fight.

Sailor Luna: *Seeing the Youma starting to make an attack pattern* The Youma are trying to attack again… We better knock them back. Hurry.

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Sailor Mars: *Nods* Yeah… Let’s do it!

Sailor Mercury: These Youma are still rounded up. They should take less effort to defeat.

Sailor Venus: Agreed.

Sailor Luna: ATTACK!

Sailor Mercury: *Launching an attack at the Youmas* Mercury Aqua… CYCLONE!!!

Sailor Mars: *Drawing fire from the air and getting into a pose; preparing to build up fire;  With the Gen on her glowing Brightly; Launching an attack at the Youmas* Youma….. TAISAN! *Firing a Hot stream of Fire at the Youmas*

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Sailor Venus: *Making a Heart Shape with her hands and Drawing a Heart in the air in front of her; Launching an attack at the Youmas* Rolling Hearts Vibration!

Sailor Luna: My turn…

A second later…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the targets* Luna…. Cosmic…Sugar hearts *Launching the attack* … Beam… ATTACK!!!

Sailor Mercury: It hit… *Seeing the Youma’s all gone* How did you do that, Luna?

Sailor Luna: I unlocked a new attack. That was one that you have never seen before…

Sailor Mars: Well it was a good one. Wonderful move. Let’s go and deal with Beryl.

Back where the Rhapsody Brothers and the Rhapsody Girls were…

Miss Love: *Trying to Dodge the Attacks coming from Beryl* Agh! Ahh… ahh… ahh… Agh!

Bubble Maiden: *Trying to dodge the attacks coming from Beryl* She’s really being mean… I sure don’t like the way she’s fighting. She’s being incredibly unfair.

Prince Alvin: She’s not meant to be fair, Pearl. You should know better than to expect that of her. She’s not fair playing. Never was.  Remember last time when we went against her… Stood up to her…

Prince Alvin Flashes back…

Rhapsody Girls: *Hovering in with their new hover cruisers* Guess who?

Beryl: *Grins* Ah! The Rhapsody Girls Z! Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress. what pleasure it should be that you’ve dared to come to my Dark Kingdom…

Dinah: *Looking at Beryl* Nice dark place you got here, dark lady? Did you bother to pay your Electric bill yet? or do you fancy living in the dark?

Beryl: *Shoots out* How dare you speak to me that way?

Dinah: Oh put a sock in it. You’re just a old bag who’s got no better use of her time than to make all those around you just as miserable as you are… to do your bidding. I bet that Princess Sailor Moon’s words just did nothing but fall upon deaf ears.  Do you even recall what she said to you on that day when you tried to Take Endymion away from her? Do you? if you don’t… we’ll be happy to refresh your memory.

Beryl: *scoffs* What reason could there be that i should prove or recall what that infernal princess has said? There is nothing more to prove. Endymion has taken Metaria within himself.

Senshis: *Gasps* What?!

Beryl: Like the Princess’s Mystical Silver Crystal… nothing you do will return him… She will destroy the planet. Perhaps… it is as it seems… Everything is over. it’s all over.

Pearl: *Shooting out a blast at Beryl* Melodious Bubbles! *Glaring at Beryl* Shut up with that talk, Beryl! You are the cause for all this to happen. you constantly take things away from the princess. all you do is take, take take… You’re the reason why we all had to go through this… you are the Evil one. The princess may have caused the moon to plunge into the Earth… but you’re the reason why the earth was in disarray. You broke into the Moon temple and took power that didn’t even belong to you… that you had no right taking to begin with and unleashed Metaria the first time. A 1000 years later and you haven’t changed your ways. you created the same mess AGAIN!

Dinah: *Jumps back a little* What in the world? Pearl… you’re showing alot of anger… you should be letting me get that way… You’re supposed to be the bubbly one.

Pearl: *Pauses and rolls back* Whoops! Sorry. *Giggles* I guess that i over did it and started Channeling you, Dinah.

Dinah: i know… but try not to channel me. it’s starting to confuse me.

Paige: same here.

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Beryl: *Rolling her eyes* i swear… Are all Rhapsody clan members like this? you 3 girls are utterly annoying.

Sailor Neptune: *Scoffs* Afraid to face the truth of the very errors that you’ve committed. Typical.

Dinah: You think that we’re annoying now… Just wait to see what else we will lay upon you. You are of Evil intentions lady. There is nothing good about you. Never was… never will be.”

Prince Avery: we all remember. Brother… we were there. But this isn’t like last time. This is way different. Last time we had Dinah with us to fight Back Beryl. But this time… it’s different as she is dry docked. Pregnant.

Prince Curtis: So… now we hear the 64,000,000,000 Question. How do we Push Beryl back… without pushing for Dinah to come out and fight her and all the while risk her health and possibly her babies?

Prince Arnold: That’s the question. How do we?

Miss Love: We don’t. All we can do is inflict much damage on her as we can… Beat Beryl as much as we can and hope that it might knock better sense in her to not try anything foolish. She knows now that it’s not like last time. This is different. We are not ones to bow down to her. She knows it. That is Why Beryl is being the way she is now… It is because… if she were to ever know that we were turning on her and that we were not afraid of her… She’d have no lead way with us.

Bubble Maiden: We need someone who has the capability of inflicting fear into Beryl. Deep fear.

Prince Alvin: Raven is not Available right now… She’s spending time with the Titans. She left yesterday. She won’t be back for a week. She never clarified why she was going to them or as to how she knew them… But she knows them. Her room is still here… But she’s gone to Jump City. Where ever that is. She however sent us her regards.

Prince Avery: How do you know this, Captain.

Prince Alvin: Because a couple days…

Prince Alvin Flashes back…

“Prince Alvin: Raven, Where are you going?

Raven: To Jump City.

Prince Alvin: Why there? What’s there to see? Is there something going on?

Raven: No… But i what you could also see am a Titan. Teen Titan. I live and am staying with your cousins. Pearl is close to me and understands me. Dinah does too. But there are a group of people. Heroes that are Teens. with Abilities and skills. I won’t be gone but a week. But when i first came here i flew past the tower. I recognized it. I didn’t stop there when i first came to Earth. But it’s a place i must see and meet the people there. I won’t stay there. I just want to check it out. That’s all. 

Prince Alvin: What will i tell the girls? They’re gonna want to know where you went.

Raven: Just tell them that i had to head out somewhere and that i plan to be back as soon as i can. I only plan to be gone a week. If not more or less. 

Prince Alvin: Will you be alright?

Raven: Yes. I will be. I can use Astral Projection to get there and then back with no problem. However… if i am gone longer than a week. I will send off a flash informing of the predicament. It’s gonna be fine. 

Prince Alvin: Okay. But you be careful out there. With Beryl out in the forefront… She could be anywhere watching our every move. I don’t trust her. Neither should you. You’d be best to know and realize that. Beryl is untrustworthy. she could pull off any trick possible.

Raven: don’t worry. It’ll be okay. I’ll keep an eye out.”

Miss Love: So for about a week… we don’t have her? Great…. That’s just wonderful. We need her power now and she’s nowhere to be seen. Good thing we’re not in deep shit now… otherwise… we’d be lost.

Prince Avery: Let’s just do the best we can.

The Battle then restarted and Beryl let loose multiple shots of Purple Mist at the Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers. But the Senshi stepped in and joined back in the fight against Beryl. Trying to push her back. But the Queen was pulling off some sneak attacks that the girls were not expecting. The Brothers were not expecting it either.  The girls and the Rhapsody Brothers were fighting off Beryl, but even with the 3 re-instated Senshi’s… it still wasn’t enough… Beryl was still trying to win over the Rhapsody girls… They were about to be defeated when suddenly…

Dinah: *Showing up to see the carnage* Oh god… *Seeing her sisters Paige and Pearl on the ground out cold; Seeing her Cousins on the ground Struggling to get back up and seeing her friends Rei, Minako and her in-home Doctor Ami* Rei?! Minako?!… Ami?! Oh no… *Seeing Luna* Luna… *Running over to her sisters* Paige… Pearl… Luna?! Are you girls alright! *Tending to them* Girls… Please get up. Please… Don’t die on me… No. Don’t die.

Sailor Luna: *faintly whispering* Dinah… What are you doing here?! You are risking your life being here in the open. Get home. You shouldn’t be here. Not in your condition… *Zoning out again*

Beryl: *Looking at Dinah* So… You’re here to fight me as just a normal girl. How tragic it’ll be to see you dead in their eyes after i take you out. You want to try against the Queen of the Dark Kingdom?

Dinah: *Seeing her sisters out cold and starting to come to* No… No… *Thinking in her mind* Paige… Pearl… Luna… My sisters. My friends… *Looking at her cousins; Thinking in her mind* My cousins… *Feeling upset and feeling her blood boil* That’s it… I… have… *Explodes* HAD IT!!!! *Without her power Belt; With a enraged tone and feeling fury* Beryl, You no good Dark Queen. *Angrily and in Seething* I’ll Never Forgive FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE!!!

Before Paige and Pearl could stop her as they suddenly stirred back awake again and saw Dinah there. Risking her life. Saw that their sister was there and knew that even though she didn’t have her power belt with her watched as she then Transformed and changed into her Hero form and Poised to fight…

Dinah/Thunder Mistress: *Gathering power and feeling the Thunder Strike her as her spirit begins summoning it* For the safety of my babies… I call upon the forces of Thunder and lightning, Wind and Raging fire! *Glowing and surrounding herself with Thunder and Lightning; Forming a Cannon and a Glove of Thunder; Emitting a Charge of Thunder* Time to Feel my pain! *Launching the Attack; releasing the Energy towards Beryl* Thunderic DEADLY SCREAM!!! *Attacking again; Dashing over to Beryl and Grabbing her; Running ahead and Driving Beryl into the guard rails of the Ferris Wheel and then Swinging and Spinning Beryl Around before Tossing her into the Wall nearby* Beryl… I am Not messing with you anymore… I’m now gonna hurt you till you can’t take it… You wish to hurt me… Try HARDER… TRY IT HARDER. I DARE YOU… YOU want to Kill me…. KILL ME. You’d be wanting to do me a Favor to take the Pain away and it’d be nothing better. You’d even enjoy it. But you’re never gonna know when it’s enough… You’ll want to kill me again and again but know that you can only kill someone once. Want to hurt me now… i would love it. Come on. Step up to the plate. it’s the bottom of the 8th and you’ve got two outs… but what’s this… “Danger Zone” Dinah is stepping in and going for the Pitch. She’s gonna hit… *Darting fast over to Beryl and then Grabbing her; Holding back a Fist and with a fast Jab releasing Thunder into Beryl* She Hits… and *Sending Beryl Flying into the Skies* SHE’S OUTTA THERE!

Beryl Flies into the Air and Vanishes into thin Air…

Dinah: *Collapses* Ohhhhh…..

Betty: *Gasps* Dinah!

Paige: *Normal and slowly trying to move and gather back her bearings* What Is Dinah Doing here? She should not be here… She should not be out here in the open.

Pearl: *Looking at Ami* Ami, What the heck is Dinah doing here? You told us that she was safely set at home and with things to keep her occupied. What is she doing here? How did she get here?

Ami: I don’t know. I didn’t bring her here. She was at home the last i saw her. When i left the house… She was just barely starting to stir. She was watching T.V and reading. But when i was at the store to get something Dinah was asking for due to her sweet tooth. I ran into a girl names Star… She mentioned about being a friend to you guys and said that she had something to give to you as well, Pearl. She was talking about some Fashion Material. And saw me in a bit of a bind. She took the stuff with her and left for your place before i came here…From there… i don’t know as to what happened. I came here.

Prince Alvin: This is a mess. A real fine mess.

Luna: We got to get her home… Let’s go and take her back home. fast. While the chance is good. Beryl is gone. But for how long… We don’t know.

Rei: We should keep tabs on Beryl’s whereabouts. We need to stay a step ahead of her.

Minako: That’s right. Do you guys have a means of monitoring the activity in the City?

Paige:  yeah. Our house has practically become the Rhapsody Tower. Anything that happens. we know about it.

Pearl: We would use our elements and read into them… to see what’s going on in the City. But we haven’t had much practice with that trick.

Paige: We should get Dinah back home first… Then take you three over to a place we know. Watchtower. To meet a few good friends of ours.

Minako: Paige, Pearl… This is no time to mention a meet and greet. This is serious. Beryl is gone now… but is gonna be back. She’s not done yet. She’s far from done.

Prince Alvin: This is not a meet and greet. At least not as you’d think it’d be. This is a place that is the house for a great deal of information and know how.

Prince Avery: There is a lady there that has the Intel. You’ll be glad that you’ve met her.

Prince Curtis: But first. We need to get Dinah home.

Ami: Right…

At the Metropolis Limousine Depot yard…

Shingo: *Walking over to the office* Here goes nothing.

Inside the office…

Mr. Willard: *On the Phone* What the hell would i do with a Teen who has no driver’s license and is a high school fella? He’s a Japanese race. I don’t know what he’s like. He could be a total Mental case. Some of these newbies are prone mental. They don’t even have any sense on what the hell they’re doing. Mental people are way off the rock.

Mrs. Powers: *On the phone* Don’t be such a dick… You can use a guy like him. He’s willing to learn and prove his worth. He’s a talented driver. with the experience that he has… He’s willing to go for a Driver’s license. to go for the top of the job.

Mr. Willard: Hey. If he needs to learn the rules of the road. we can teach him. If he’s that willing to do the job… that’s all the better. I’ll see what i can do with him. What’s the big point of him working for a place that caters to the Limousine life? He got a fixin’ for cash? A 17 year old teen… looking to make a lot of money? What’s the reason?

Mrs. Powers: He’s supposedly on his way now over to you. So he’ll be sure to tell you the reason.

Mr. Willard: I hope so. Because… Granted that the young one sounds like a determined guy.  If you think he’ll be good for this company here… i’ll take him.  can’t promise to make him out to be a modern day gold mine.  but if he’s a little young but determined. I’ll do what i can.

Mrs. Powers: You won’t be sorry.

A minute later…

Shingo: *knocking on the door* hello?

Mr. Willard: *From inside the office* who is it?

Shingo: *Clearing his throat a little* It’s Shingo… Shingo Tsukino. I’m here about the Job opening. for a Job.

Mr. Willard: Come in.

As soon as Shingo opened the door and stepped into the office…

Mr. Willard: Ah! So you must be the one Mrs. Powers sent my way. I hear that you don’t have a Driver’s license but can drive pretty darn good for a teen still in High school. I usually don’t take Teens who are still in high school as a sworn member of the Limousine driving family here. But from what i heard about you… and from what i can see. You’re obviously one who’s got potential for driving. Wonderful driving at that.

Shingo: *Grins briefly* Thanks.

Mr. Willard: There is a Job interview that must be given. standard protocol as they’d say in the elite offices. It’s never good business to just hand the job to someone without knowing a little about the driver who’s gonna be working under you. Please do have a seat and we’ll get with the interview.

Shingo: *Taking a seat in the chair close by and sighs*

Mr. Willard: *Sitting down and Looking at Shingo* I am sure that you have some form to hand me or whatever it is…

Shingo: *Nods* Yeah. *Handing over the Blueish Green form* There you go.

Mr. Willard: *Taking the form and reading it* Hmm… Interesting. Very Interesting. You’re Shingo. obviously, right?

Shingo: Yes. That’s me.

Mr. Willard: Birth date: September 5, 2009. That makes you 17. That’s right. You’re mother is Ikuko Tsukino, who is your Ex-Mother. Estranged mother and you’re living as your own person without her and it’s stating the reason of it being because of her showing disrespect and discontent towards your Girlfriend. Your Girlfriend is… Dinah Rhapsody as it is written on the form here… And she’s pregnant.

Shingo: Yes. She is. And i have to do what i can to make money to support her and the little babies. I’m gonna be a father.  Possibly of 3. I thought that it was 2. But Just the other week or so… My Girlfriend Dinah made a mention to me saying that she believes that she’s got 3 babies inside her.

Mr. Willard: A 3 set of young tots. Nice. It looks like you got a lot to look forward to… I like how that sounds. You don’t have a Driver’s license. But you got a bit of experience in Driving as you’ve driven your girlfriend’s Truck once. I bet it felt good to drive something and feel the power of the motor just move with you. That power of driving. the knowing you being in control. *Looking at his staff roll cards and seeing an opening* Alot of my workers Smoke or drink. But you do neither. That’s good. You’re clean cut and so fresh to boot. *Getting up and looking through the window* You know… This business is family owned. My father Harry Willard worked here and i began as an apprentice. Then 5 years ago… he stepped down and passed the buck to me.  But it began way in the 1930’s… by a Car driving tycoon by the name of Earlston Skylark. He was the richest guy in the early days. He didn’t know much. Knew little of anything else. But Business… Business, My dear boy… is what his calling was. He knew no other but that. Nothing else came to bring a candle to him. He however had it tough going in the early 30’s because of the great depression. The times were tough. But he made ends meet. The end always came to him as a sign of renewal. That was where he met a lovely dame who was as sly as a fox but bright and polite. Kind and driven to boot. Her name was Paulina Crooner. She was special to him. they got married 5 years later in 1940. March 19th 1940. A year and well some time before Pearl Harbor hit the country. Driving us to WW II. He had to enlist in the war to fire back at the Japanese back then. It was terrible. But son, i am telling you that things got strained since then and didn’t pick its own boots up again till 1969. almost 30 years. of a slump. but when a few celebrities caught on to the business and vowed to pay for the service. trusting them to drive them and do business. They jumped on it and took it as a leg up. Not for pity. But for a chance for a leg up. since that time from 1941 till then… it went from Crooner to Shanks…to Lands to Jones… to Chen… and from then in 1969 till now… a man named Craig Stein… he married into the Richardson family. Who married into the Willards. My great grandfather is Craig Stein. He wasn’t the original founder of the place here… But he was the one that brought this place back to life. Got this place up to the scene. My father was Harry Willard. He is the son of a man named Julian Richardson. who married Greta Willard. They had 5 kids. Me being one of the 5. Of course… I was the runt of the litter. But i grew up being the bright-eyed wonder. My  Grandfather ran this place till 2010… My father ran this till 2020. and now i run it. I have a son myself. But he’s only 8. But he’s a bright young whiz-kid.

Shingo: That’s quite a history there… So this place is like shy of a 100 years old?

Mr. Willard: You betcha.

Shingo: Well i am willing to pull and learn the ropes here. Learning to drive is a requirement and i got to have a Driver’s license to drive a Limo here… So i’ll take Driving classes and then take a Driving test… get my License and make the place proud.

Mr. Willard: Slow down there, My dear boy. You’re not hired yet. But with your determination… you ought to be right off the bat. *Turning to see Shingo and Grins* You know… I think that you’re gonna be perfect. You can Drive the cars in the lot. Park them in the spots till you get your Drivers license…  *Laughs with pleasure* Son… Welcome to the family… You’re now employed under me. I’m the Captain… you’re the new member of the crew. Welcome aboard, Son. *Pulling out a thousand dollars* And here’s your cash Advance… first installment. You got some things to handle right… This grand should help a bit with your endeavors. *Handing the money to Shingo* You’re gonna be a real class “A” driver. I can feel it. With your drive… You’re gonna make it far kid. You’re gonna make it far.

Moments later…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Girls Room…

Paige: *Placing a damp washcloth over Dinah’s forehead* She’s gonna be alright… Isn’t she, Dr.?

Ami: I don’t know. *With the Ultrasound machine; Moving the Nozzle all over Dinah’s Stomach and Moving it to detect movement inside Dinah’s stomach* The Babies are conscious and taking affect to what’s been going on as of late. This morning’s events have excited the babies. They are happy. They are very alert to how things are on the outside. They can probably hear us.

Pearl: They can?

Ami: *Nods* Mmm-hmm!

Inside Dinah’s Stomach…

Babies: *Listening to what’s being said* …*Thinking to themselves* “Those big people are sure loud. They talk alot. Demons… Fighting Beryl. Whoever she is…”

Baby #1: *Looking at the others* I think that our mom is a hero… But the people she’s talking to is keeping her from being one. to protect her and us as well. Whoever they are… They are sure kind.

Baby #2: Yeah…

Baby #3: I just want out of here. To see the world. The world must be just full of life. I want to see it all.

Baby: #1: We’ll get our chance someday. But i think that the best gift that we can give our mom is to not make so much movement in here to keep from hurting her… we don’t want to hurt her. That’d be so unkind…

In the girls room…

Pearl: *Looking at the Doctor* When do you figure that the weight gaining will set in?

Luna: Pearl! *Shocked* That’s rather mean for you to ask that? Dinah is gonna be the one suffering through this. But we’re trying to help her the best that we can.

Pearl: We’re suffering through it too. This isn’t exactly easy for us either.

Prince Avery: That goes Double for us… For all of us.

Prince Alvin: *Snaps a little* That is not the point. The fact of the matter is that Dinah wasn’t supposed to come out of the house…. AT ALL!!!

Paige: Prince Alvin, Would you lay off with the hard nosed attitude? Dinah is not feeling too good. She’s over heating and is in pain. If you’re not gonna help cool her down… then go downstairs till you can cool off.

Dinah: *Coming to and stirring a little* Ugh! *Shaking her head slowly* You know… I would have sworn that you guys would be proud of me for standing up and defending my babies. I made the call. No one else did. Star was here… She tried to keep me from going. But i pulled a sob tale and she felt as though she had to let me go. You guys should be happy for me. Standing up to Beryl. Defending my little ones.  I don’t think that it’s considerate of you giving me the 3rd degree.

Paige: *Looking at Dinah* Dinah? Are you okay?

Dinah: *Catching her breath and sitting up slowly* Yeah. I’m fine… I’m just fine. I feel like i just overdid it though, but i am fine.

Prince Arnold: Dinah, Cousin… You’re a complete fool for going out there in the condition that you’re in. You clobbered Beryl good and sent her ass packing…

Dinah: *Holding up her hand in front of Prince Arnold* Watch what you say in front of me. My Little ones are now Conscious and could hear that. But i know what i did. I’ll do it again too. any time… Every time. I will not let anything come to harm my little ones. or you guys. Paige… Pearl… throughout this whole thing i have been needing mother. But she’s not around. I have to accept that as much as i know i can’t do this without her guidance. She’d know what to do for us. That’s why i came out most of all. for the sake of my little ones. And for the fact that if i lost you two to Beryl’s wrath… i’d lose mom all over again. You two remind me of her. I didn’t want to stop to imagine a world without you two. Nor a world without you guys. Or our friends who came back to fight along side us to beat back the Evil that had come… I couldn’t bare to accept the idea that i could lose all that. I will only deny that i ever did this sappy comment later on. But You guys mean the world to me. Shingo is my life… my Love. But home… here. home is where my heart is. it’s with you guys. Without you guys here… A House is not a home.

Pearl: *Touched* Awwww!

Paige: *Touched* That was sweet, Dinah. That’s something a mother would say… but you said it perfectly.

Ami: *Smiles* Dinah, You’re only week 18 in the Pregnancy. But you’re becoming more and more ready to be a Mother. You’re really sweet.

Prince Alvin: *Sighs* Dinah… You are running on a fool’s Crusade going out there in the condition that you’re in. As Much as your intentions are good and including the reasons why you did what you did. *Walking over to Dinah and Getting on one knee; having a family heart to heart with her* You have to swear that it won’t happen again. You have to swear on it that it’ll never happen again. Please. You are Vulnerable. As tough and determined that you make out to be… and we know that you are… You’re still Vulnerable. Beryl could have just saw that and attacked you the second that you showed up there at the battle. You almost put your life at infinite risk. Being there at that battle. I would be praising you for what you’ve done. In fact that i do. I am one to be proud of you. Cousin. But i am also angry over it for if anything were to happen to you… We’d have to bury you. We’d have to tell Grandma Rikku and she’d be devastated. Again. She lost her two Daughters. One which was your mother. We know she was murdered and you Avenged her. But if you were killed and had to be buried. Grandma Rikku would feel the most pain because she would see that she lost her Daughter Princess Rikku… Your mother all over again. Cousin… You must not do it again. Please. For your babies sake. for their sake. Don’t do it again. Please.

Dinah: Prince Alvin… Are you trying to make me get all weepy? If you are… You should have brought some Kleenex with you so when you were done giving that piece… i’d be able to wipe my nose and dry off my eyes. Luckily i am not about to cry. But you know that since i am Pregnant like this… that my moods are really shifty.

A few minutes later as they were talking and calming down from the battle and trying to get Dinah to reason and understand that she couldn’t be out fighting and risking her health and that of her babies… There was word of a strange girl in the city… No one knew of who she was or what she was like. But it would be a matter of time before they were to find out.

Minako: *Running in* Everyone… We got a situation coming by here…

Paige: *Pauses and looks to see Minako* What?!

Pearl: A Situation? A Situation… Like what?

Rei: *Feeling a presence* It’s human. with abilities… She’s coming this way.

Prince Avery: From which direction?

Pearl: *Running downstairs to check the monitors and the cameras* I’m gonna check.

Prince Curtis: Good idea.

Seconds later…

In the Living Room…

Pearl: *Seeing a flash on screen and seeing a form whiz by* Whoa! What the heck was that? The screen just picked up…

Paige: *Running down from upstairs* What… what is it?

Pearl: It’s a girl. A Blonde girl.

Paige: A What?!

Pearl: I’m not kidding. It’s picked up the occurrence of a Blonde haired girl. who happened to be running. Running from something or someone.

Paige: *Looking at the screen and seeing sighting of the unknown girl* Wow! I that…. That is some girl. Who is she?

Pearl: I have no idea… But whoever it was… She’s gone now.

Paige: Well… if we see any signs of her in the city… We’re gonna get to her. We have to find out who she is. That girl is one strange girl…

On Screen…


Who was the girl on screen? What was she doing in Metropolis? Who sent her? Was this a set plan made by the Evil Queen Beryl? The lead to the new girl was in play. in view. Dinah was Pregnant and her pregnancy was now gaining momentum. She was gonna begin to gain weight and it was gonna make things even more difficult for her. She was gonna need medical assistance before long. She was pulling in with the Pregnancy and it was the 18th week. The 3 senshi’s were in play. 3 of the original 5 not to mention the sister to the Rhapsody Girls Z!… Sailor Luna. She was still in play. But what about Dinah’s Boyfriend Shingo? What was his surprise that he had for Dinah? Was the beginning of the possible future for Dinah or was it something more? Was Raven gonna return from seeing a group of teens that she flew by before she came to Metropolis? With the  18th week in play and drawing close to weeks 19 and 20… What was the Pregnancy gonna do to Dinah? Would it be more trouble? The new girl that came to Metropolis… The Pregnancy progressing and the Evil Queen pulling punches and then letting loose her sack of mayhem… The Fountain in play… All that and more. Find out what’s next in the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…

Paige: *Voice-over* On the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!… We are on the move and meet a very mysterious girl. A girl that can move Earth. But has little to no control of her abilities. Not very good for a girl trying to make a good first impression. But will we be able to accept her? Can we trust her to learn of our family’s predicament? She’s one to have no place to go… But we later find that she has no memory of where her parents are and She doesn’t remember. Is she to be believed?

Shingo: *Voice-over* It’s been a week since i last spoke to my girlfriend. but i call her and announce that i got a Job. It’s the best surprise for her and she also tells me that she went out and nearly risked her life to try and fight some Evil. I don’t sound happy about it… But i don’t say much because i also know that she’s Struggling with having to stick to the house and not go out and wind up getting wreckless with her health. She’s gonna be hard to wrangle… But i believe in her. I will never stop.

Prince Alvin: *Voice-over* Plus… With the 3 senshi’s in play… Things are gonna become more active. Beryl’s one to see to it that she keeps us all on the move. Plus the Pregnancy gets complicated which we’ve known for quite a while now. With it being the 19th week of her Pregnancy… Dinah starts gaining weight. 8 to 14  Lbs. But with the prospect of 3 babies in her… it’s 40 Lbs.  Not good. She’s gonna be going for Liposuction after the birth giving is done… But when the conceiving is done… Will Dinah come out from it when that moment arrives a little down the road? Her sisters are fearing the uncertainty of Dinah’s pregnancy. we all are…

Luna: *Voice-over* Plus i start having feelings for my friend Martin. I think that i am Maturing a little… but with my duties… will i be able to have a relationship at all when i reach that stage? The unknown girl… Dinah’s Pregnancy leading on… The Surprise from Dinah’s Boyfriend Shingo… Raven’s return… Active play from Beryl… In Chapter 85: “Here Comes Terra… Uh-oh! A Return of Raven and Weight Gain Dinah rolling in.”


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