Chapter 83: “Dinah Rhapsody is Bait for Mockery. Beryl’s grand Return.”

Dinah: *Voice-over* The Pregnancy gets more and more complicated… but i fight it. i don’t let it take me. I endure. Shingo and I spend a little time together. But during that time… our family faces a problem with Luna… the minor fall out throws us a bit off the line. Plus Beryl’s return comes knocking. I think that we got a problem…  Here is The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 83: “Dinah Rhapsody is Bait for Mockery. Beryl’s grand Return.”

The Next Morning…

Feb. 13th 2026…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Living Room…

Paige: Luna sure has been Quiet since last night.

Pearl: We really hurt her, Paige. She is broken. during the night i couldn’t really sleep much because i kept hearing her crying. Her Room is on the other side of our room and her bed is against the wall that separates her room from ours.

Paige: *Scoffs* So?! I don’t care if Luna is hurt. I don’t. I have had it with babying her. She was told to shut up about the situation. to not blab it to people. Now we got that Vincent Van Graves character knowing about our issue. He is a Wizard. A Necromancer… And a Demonologist. He knows about Raven. About Scath. How is it that he knows about the Demon… *Looking at Pearl* Well…? Come on. Tell me how it’s so that he now knows of our situation? Please tell me so i can die of disbelief. Tell me.

Pearl: It’s because Luna told Martin who told him.

Paige: I don’t forbid Luna to have a friend. I don’t. But I have had it up to here with Luna and her telling of our dilemmas to people without our consent. Not everything about us is public Domain.

Pearl: I get that. But i really don’t like the fact that we spoke to Luna in such a haughty tone. Yelling at her. I don’t like that. Paige, You hurt her feelings. I am pissed at her too. Angry about the fact that we can no longer trust her with any info. we can’t even confide in her anymore. It sucks.

Paige: *Walking away from hearing the response* Tell it to someone who will care. I don’t. I used to care till last night. Luna lost my respect and my care. i don’t like being the heartless sister to her. I hate the sheer thought that i have to play the witch to her… but she brought it upon herself.

Luna: *Walking out into the Dining room to have some Cereal; ignoring Paige and Pearl; With a Tear soaked face*

Pearl: Morning Luna.

Luna: *Not speaking* …

Paige: She’s just being a baby. I don’t like the fact that this is now how it’s got to be with her.. but it’s time she took her punishment. She told about something that was not for her to tell. *Looking at Luna* I know you can hear me. Luna… your little crying act isn’t gonna win me over. Not this time. You are not trusted anymore. We don’t even know if we can depend on you to keep anything a secret. We don’t hate you. But we can never trust in you again. we can’t even believe in you anymore. That is what hurts us more than it does you. You’re our youngest sister and we have to now place tough love and the cold shoulder on you revolving everything that is going on here… including the possible sighting of Beryl being out in the open.

Luna: *Not listening* I don’t care anymore. You want to see me as a bastard sister. so be it. I’m tired of being nice and sweet. I told about things. I wanted to help. Do my part in enlisting Allies to help us with the ordeal that we’re all facing. But what it comes to… i can only have people that you approve of. So you know what?  You girls are on your own. I’ll fight my own battles by myself without you. any of you. I quit. I’m still a sister. but the days that we work as a team. You can do it without me. I’m flying solo. *Getting up and with her backpack; Hopping out the front door and going to school on her own*  I’m not hungry. I’ll just get something at school.

Pearl: *Looking angry at Paige* Nice going, Paige. Great work. Now Luna hates us. You happy about that? Are you?

Paige: No. I’m not. *Sitting down and sighs* Damn it! Why does all the crap come on to me. I am a Leader… but no one even seems to understand that i am just one person. I can’t do it all.

Pearl: Well.. No one asked you to. But you just caused our youngest sister to hate us. to maybe even turn on us. Now not even a voice of reason will get her to see to logic. Your reply just a minute ago… Blew it for us.

Paige: But…

Pearl: *Holding up her hand* No. Paige… Save it. You said enough. Drop it. It’s over. Let’s just finish getting ready and head to school.


At the front Entrance of Luthorcorp Plaza…

Beryl: *Walking into the building and heading up* This place will do me nicely. Not the most secretive of places nor is it a hidden one at that… but it’ll have to do…

Security Officer: *Walking up over to Beryl* Excuse me, Ma’am. I’m gonna have to ask you to leave. Unless you have scheduled business with Mrs. Mercer.

Beryl: I beg your pardon. *Looking at the guard* Who are you to be speaking towards me in such a manner?

Security Guard: I’m sorry for the tone. But you really shouldn’t be here. Mrs. Mercer has made it clear to not let anyone in other than herself and Oliver Queen and the expected Employees and workers.

Beryl: *Releasing some purple Mist* Sorry. But i am now in control of this building…

Security Guard: *Being consumed by the purple mist* Ack! Cack! Agh! Agh!

Beryl: *Laughing* Ahahahahahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Security Guards: *Coming in from the side and attempting to subdue Beryl* Alright you power hungry witch… You want to tangle with us?

Beryl: *Firing Purple mist at the guards* Silence. You are now gonna obey me. I am your Queen. Beryl is your new boss.

Security Guards: *Under a spell and suddenly in unison* Yes Queen Beryl. My liege. We shall obey no one but you. Command us Dear Queen…

Beryl: *Commanding the Guards* Take your leave and find me a spot upon the top floor. I wish to be on top to over look the city and be able to rule…

Security Guards: As you wish, My Queen.

A Moment later…

Beryl: *In a Windowed office on the top floor and looking out towards the city* The City shall be mine for the taking… Let’s see the Rhapsodies try to stop me now. This Building… Luthorcorp shall be my new domicile… My Chambers shall be here. *Snickers with glee*

(Showing scenes of the girls fighting Villains and threats; Showing the family to the girls)

“When there’s trouble you know who to call, Rhapsody Girls Z!

From their House they can see it all, Rhapsody Girls Z!

When there’s evil on the attack

You can rest knowing they got your back

‘Cause when Metropolis needs heroes on patrol

Rhapsody Girls Z!, Go!

With their super powers they unite, Rhapsody Girls Z!

Never met a villain that they liked, Rhapsody Girls Z!

They’ve got the bad guys on the run

They’ll never stop ’til their job gets done

‘Cause when Metropolis is losing all control

Rhapsody Girls Z!, Go

1, 2, 3, 4 Go! 

Rhapsody Girls Z!”

“Chapter 83: “Dinah Rhapsody is Bait for Mockery. Beryl’s grand Return.””

At Metropolis High school…

Math Class…

Paige: *Looking at the Assignment and Sighs; Working on the Math*

Prince Alvin: *Noticing Paige in a bad mood* Paige, What’s the matter?

Paige: Who cares? *Not up to talking*

Prince Arnold: *Looking at Prince Alvin* What’s eating her this morning? She’s usually the most brightest person around.

Alice: No idea. But it must be about the situation last night.

Prince Alvin: Maybe… Maybe not. But we’ll never know unless She speaks and lets it out.

Alice: If she is in a bad mood right now… it’s best if we just let her cool off for the moment. We don’t want to stir the anger. She’s angry about something.

Paige: You guys… Back off. I am not angry about anything. Pearl and i just got into a fight this morning over what happened yesterday night and the part where i unfortunately caused Luna to hate us. She hates us. Hates me and Pearl. Probably Dinah too. Luna is broken because of how we spoke to her.

Prince Alvin: *Sharply scoffs and looks at Paige* Excuse me… Us? US?! Uh… i don’t think so.

Paige: Yeah… I think so. I didn’t act alone in scolding her.

Prince Alvin: *Standing up* That’s it… Private meeting outside… Right now.

Mrs. Klump: *Looking to see Paige and Prince Alvin having a little problem* Is there a problem back there, you two?

Prince Alvin: No. There isn’t. But if it would please you and move to spare the class from hearing anything that isn’t suitable for class… Paige and i are gonna go to the clearing of the school grounds for a few minutes to have a little cousin to cousin talk.

Mrs. Klump: *Nods* Very well… but make it quick. 10 minutes.

Prince Alvin: *Nods* No problem. *Grabbing Paige and Teleporting out of the room*

On the baseball Field…

Paige: *Landing on the ground hard* Ouch!

Prince Alvin: *Growls* Get the hell up, Paige. Now.

Paige: *Getting up* What the hell do you think i’m doing, Grouch?! You literally just threw me on the ground.

Prince Alvin: Well… just be glad that’s all i did. I am your cousin. And that is the only thing keeping me from tearing at you right now. Paige… You broke Luna’s mind. Her heart. I know that we can’t trust her anymore and we have to live with that. But What you did last night at Vincent Van Graves… Making a scene in there… That was inexcusable. that was uncalled for… WHAT THE F**K WERE YOU THINKING. PAIGE?! What the damn Sam’s blue ball hell were you thinking just raising tension in there?

Paige: What do you think i was thinking? I gave Luna the hell-raising. She deserved it. We don’t even know the guy. we don’t know a damn thing about him whatsoever other than the part that he is a Demonologist, a Wizard and a Necromancer. We don’t know jack about him. other than that and that is not much. You damn well know that. Better than any of us. Plus… you should know that it’s not as though we can trust the guy. Who are we to say as if the guy won’t just slip and tell someone about our problem.

Prince Alvin: *Annoyed and Pissed* Maybe so. But your pushy bitchy attitude to all comers who have sympathy for our cause in some nature whether it be big or small is gonna push everyone away and will only cost us THE WAR! Luna Fucked up. Okay. She fucked up and we have to see it in our hearts to forgive her. Isn’t that what your mother taught you? Aunt Princess Rikku taught you during the short time you had with her. even if it was only since age 8. Read up on the Damn Bible… Proverbs 10:12: Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses. 

Paige: *Gasps and Outraged* You leave her out of this. YOU LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS!

Prince Alvin: I didn’t start this… You did. I am ending it right here… and now.

Paige: You know what? I am a Leader… I have to make the hardest choices every day. And i always get told to be the leader… to be the strong one. Ever since i was born… i had to be one. Pearl couldn’t really be one as she back then was so sensitive and the bitch of it is that she still is. Dinah is usually the hot-tempered speaker and she sometimes over speaks her lips and voice at times when she shouldn’t. But everyone looks at me to be the Leader…. Everyone. You and the boys. Luna, Shanna. Everyone in the family. *Starts getting Pissed off and on the edge of Blowing her top* But every time i do… EVERY TIME THAT I DO…. When i finally speak up and play the Leader and act as one. Making the harsh but expected call despite the situation… Even if it happened to be out of Line… I GET ATTACKED AND SACKED WITH THE GUILT!!! IT’s Automatically: “Damn You Paige, What the hell were you thinking?” Or “Paige, How could you do that?” It’s never… “Way to go Paige… That’s the way to stand up against the trouble maker.”, “That’s telling them off.”, “Good Job handling the situation.” Nothing. It’s automatically the accusation. the insult. You Always Expect me to be the heavy… Then when i do… You all Jump me. It’s straight with the “Jump on Paige Bandwagon”.

Prince Alvin: That is not the case. You know it. Paige, You don’t want to trust in Luna anymore… fine. But i swear that if we lose Luna to the other side because of you… The next time we talk about this… There will be fire as a additional bonus. I am not kidding. You Are to swallow your pride and learn to take control… Be a Leader… Not a Bitch! Luna is young. She is liable to make mistakes. Which she has. We can’t say as though we will trust her again as we used to. But We are gonna take into fact that She’s still Young and will make mistakes. We were young once… we know exactly what the hell that was like. We know. It was not hard… but it wasn’t exactly all that easy either. Was it?

Paige: No.

Prince Alvin: Then imagine how Luna is feeling. Looking through her eyes.

Paige: *Scoffs* What do you suppose i do? Luna hates me and Pearl. Probably Dinah too.  Luna hates us. She is not gonna just be all hugs and kisses with us. Not with this.

Prince Alvin: And who’s fault is that?

Paige: *Sighs and Lowering her head in defeat* Mine.

Prince Alvin: That’s right. It’s yours. Your fault. Pearl was not the one that came unhinged at Vincent Van Graves last night. She wasn’t the one yelling and screaming. Raven is even annoyed and distrusting with Luna now… But Raven is probably gonna see to try to overlook it and let it go. There is no reason why you can’t. Raven is Half-Demon. She could just as easily lash out and attack us all in that room as she heard that some of her secrets were showing. But she hasn’t. Why? Because she’s learned restraint. She’s vouched to have Tolerance to what was said. Taking offense by some… but learning to let it go. That is what she has done. She is grabbed on to a bit of the customs that human kind hold. Faith… And trust.

Paige: *Sighs* ….

They knew that it was gonna be far from over… But Paige was pleaded to let it go and find a track for forgiving Luna. She deep down didn’t want to. But if she didn’t and held on to the Anger that she had… It was gonna only one day destroy her…

At Metropolis Elementary…

Luna: *Pissed and Wanting to Just cry over how Paige Treated her* Stupid Paige… damn meanie. I was yelled at and made to be embarrassed. Martin’s Guardian probably thinks that i am a problem now.

Martin: *Overhearing the comment* No he doesn’t. He actually feels bad for you after seeing the attitude and behavior that came from Paige. She was way out of line. Pearl was none better but she didn’t yell. She wasn’t happy with you and was Angry. Plus lost her trust in you by the way she looked at you as they all left the house. you following right after. But she never yelled. Paige did though. I don’t like her. She was being a real creep.

Luna: I don’t care about Paige or Pearl. They can just fall apart for as far as i am concerned. I am not helping them anymore. You’re my friend. I trust you. But after last night and this morning how Paige spoke to me… I’m gonna leave them and go be with an old friend. the other Royal Adviser to The Late Queen of the Moon Kingdom. At least he’ll appreciate me.

Martin: No. Don’t do that.

Luna: *Huffs* Why?

Martin: Because i’ll never get to see you again.

Luna: It’s Courtesy of Paige and Pearl. *With tears in her Eyes*

Martin: I know. Paige really hurt you… Didn’t she?

Luna: Yeah. *upset and Wanting to Cry* She was being so mean…

Martin: Don’t leave them. Don’t leave. You are not alone. Do you think that you and Paige will ever try to reconcile?

Luna: I don’t know. *Running away in tears*

Martin: *Sighs and feeling bad for Luna* Poor Luna…

At Grandma Rikku’s House…

Dinah: *Getting up and heading over to the Bathroom* I need to try and get myself cleaned… Sitting like this and just staying in bed is gonna murder me. I need to move around a bit. *Heading into the bathroom* I should call Shingo and see about spending time with him. I haven’t seen him much the last couple weeks and i miss him alot. I think that after i get myself cleaned up… i’ll go and see him. I’ll shower and then go see him. *Smiles while thinking about her love*

At the Daily Planet…

In the Reporter’s bullpen…

Perry: John… Trixie… There is a big story out in the news. *Looking at Trixie and John wrapping up the previous day articles* We got a news break on the Mystery woman. She was seen at the Luthorcorp Plaza. Just this morning. A couple bystanders came in and told of the sighting. They didn’t say as to who the lady was… but this lady is bad news from the very start and to her very tip. Spooky central.

Trixie: Is there any info on what the two bystanders were saying… John and i will square it.

Perry: You sure that you two would like to do it? This will call for the case of being sneaky and try to shadow in undetected to get the story or the scoop.

John: Hey… Mr. White. Don’t sweat it. we’ll crack at that piece. we’ll find a way to get it done. Besides… you’re talking to a couple of Dynamos here. We can do it. Just give the right tools. and the methods… We’ll make it happen.

Perry: Very well. But you better step to the front lines of it all… We need to find out about the woman. Find out what and who she is… what she is after and what her desires are…. All there is about her… I want to know. If she says anything demeaning about you… as we all heard the voice… Just overlook it and delve into it as a just a Quote for the article. Besides. Personal Quarrels are natural… but they’re not in taste for the Planet. You don’t want your personal life to become pillow talk. No one does. It’s one of those things that we believe as being a net for privacy. Some things that we care to not spread upon the world.

Trixie: Oh yeah. We’ll overlook it. But it won’t be a cakewalk. This mystery woman… is one that was seen and faced before. There is no mystery as to what the kind of woman like her can do or will possibly aim to try.

John: *Nods* My son will not like this. I can come out with it that he will be wanting to blast that woman. That woman is bad Mojo.

At Luthorcorp Plaza…

Beryl: *Looking out the Window* A Whole City to take control of… Hmm. Where should i hit first?

The door opens…

Beryl: *Turning to see someone coming into the room* Yes? Who dares enter my chambers?

Oliver: *Looking to see Beryl* Okay… You can cut off the Halloween gag Tess. Halloween is over. You are either a little late on Halloween or way too early.

Beryl: You confuse me with this woman… Tess. Who is this Tess?

Oliver: Well… You are. At least the last i checked you were. *Noticing something different* Wait… You’re turning into a redhead… aren’t you? *Pauses* Wait a minute… Mercy never had red hair. She always kept her hair dark brown.  Not that i would keep track of her hair color or fashion tips. Oh yeah… i think that i know you now… You’re that mop top from the Alternate dimension. The Dark Kingdom. *Terrified* Oh no… uh… You’re that woman… You’re the Psychotic Moon Kingdom Villain that the Rhapsody girls went against. Beryl.

Beryl: You guessed it. That is who i am. I am back and have come to take control of the City. This is my new Domain.

Oliver: Oh… Yeah. A Nice office and a room with a view. You’ll be next wanting to have room service brought up to you. I am sorry to tell you that this isn’t the Ritz Carlton. You checked in… but you won’t be checking out.

Beryl: *Firing purple Mist at Oliver* I am now the controller of this Office and soon this Building. You will bow down to me.

Oliver: *Coughs* You’re Foul. You’ll be sorry to mess with me. The Rhapsody girls will get you. You’ll see. You wait.

Beryl: Not likely. *Summoning for her guards* Guards!

Security Guards: *Entering the room* Yes, Your Majesty.

Oliver: What is going on here? You got lackeys now doing your work for you…

Beryl: Seize him. Take this person away.

Security Guards: Yes your Majesty. *looking at the Intruder* Your Majesty… This man is Oliver Queen. He’s the CEO Of Queen Industries. Plus… He’s also one of the heroes… The Green Arrow.

Beryl: *Gasps* The Green Arrow?! In my presence? How does he know about me or about the Cursed Rhapsody Girls Z!? They are my prey. How does he know about them?

Security Guard #1: I don’t know, Queen Beryl-sama! We don’t know… But we’ll start wire tapping his phone lines and his office. If he does try to reach them… we’ll know.

Beryl: Not yet. Just dispose of him. He is of no use to us right now. But let him go with a Warning… That if he comes in here again. It better be to swear allegiance to me.

Security Guard #2: As you wish, Beryl-sama. Your wish shall be our command…

Oliver: *Coughs* You just wait… The Girls of Love, Grace and Fury will stop you. They done so before and will do so again.

Beryl: *Barks* SILENCE!!!! *Fires a stronger blast of Purple mist at Oliver* Away with him…

At Metropolis High school…


Paige: *Eating at a separate Table; Alone* I can’t believe that everyone is Jumping on me. Pearl is on my ass. Everyone is on my ass. Prince Alvin was right though… i was not being a leader… acting the way i did. I was being a total Witch. Luna now hates me and i got no one to blame by my own self. Pearl isn’t really wanting to speak to me.I am sure that the boys are looking to work on the side and not around me for how i was acting. Not that it would hurt me anymore than i am now. Besides… i already hurt Luna. She hates me. I might just be none surprised if i hear that Luna walked away from the family and just vanished. My actions sure didn’t get Luna to feel the love connection. didn’t make her feel that she was still loved.

At the side Table a few tables over…

Pearl: *Looking to see Paige Sitting alone at the table Diagonal from them* Paige Looks rather alone. She hasn’t really spoken to any of us since this morning…

Prince Alvin: Oh she has. She Threw a bit of a Tangent in Math Class. I had to set her straight and i can be straight with it that she is not too happy with me right now. Alice wanted to say something to her as well. But i was able to get her to let it slide as just a little high strung.

Alice: *Scoffs* High strung my butt, hon. Paige nearly caused the guy to rescind  his helping hand. She almost caused us to lose a supporter. I know she’s family to you and all. But she’s a really pushy girl. She needs to be put down a little to give a sample of the pain she had done on Luna. The poor little girl. She made a mistake. She messed up. But Paige yelled at her and that is not right. I don’t care what the outcome was… if i had a sister or brother… and did to them… what Paige did to Luna… i would be in so much trouble. I’d be grounded and nailed to the wall. However i am an only child and have a father that is hardly ever home… You all know the story behind that.

Prince Avery: What’ll we do though? Cut Paige out of our team for the time being?

Prince Arnold: No. Don’t be too dramatic. It will just make it more than it ought to be.

Star: I guess that we just work to mend out the situation. Get Luna and Paige to see it in their hearts to reconcile.

Christie: Does Dinah know about the situation?

Megan: You didn’t tell her about it… Did you?

Prince Alvin: No. I don’t think that Paige spoke about it to Dinah. Pearl… Did you?

Pearl: No. I didn’t even bring it up. Because unlike Paige… i find it to forgive others. I always see to forgive people… It is sometimes harder than most to do… but i eventually come around. Paige seems to forget that. She doesn’t seem to figure that you can be angry all your life and have all that anger inside you… but if you don’t let it out and just find a natural way to vent it all out… It will just fester inside you drive to the point to where you blow up at someone and it winds up hurting someone in the process.

Prince Curtis: Kinda like Dinah when she blew up in rage after the loss of Princess Rikku. After learning that Zod killed her. Remember that? If Prince Avery didn’t find Dinah when he did… There would have been no logical thought to what could have happened. Prince Avery… You remember that night… Right? The night of the same day that the Memorial service was being held. Remember that?

Prince Avery: Vaguely… But yes.

Prince Avery Flashes back…

“Dinah: *Sitting at the Park bench and Feeling pissed and burning seething over the realization of her mother being murdered* Damn that Zod. I really want to nail that Zod. He killed my mother. That bastard. I can’t believe that Zod killed my mother. I hate him… I HATE YOU ZOD! I CURSE YOU TO THE VERY EDGE OF HELL!!! YOU NO GOOD FREAK!!!

Suddenly Dinah starts Hearing a scream not too far away and hears a call for help. She was not in the mood to deal with the mess, but She couldn’t leave the call unanswered. She Got up and looked over at the situation and saw that a Mugger was trying to go after a innocent girl. She didn’t even stop to calm down… As pissed as she was, she went along and made a move to go after the Mugger and through the rage in her eyes and the Fury in her heart she transformed into her hero form…

Mugger: *Grabbing the young girl* Give me your money.

Young girl: What the heck for? You should be getting your own money.

Mugger: *Pointing a Gun at the girl* I said give me your money!

Young Girl: *Pleading and begging* Please let me go. I don’t want to die.

Mugger: *Growls* Stop your whining, weak puny girl.

Thunder Mistress: *Calling over to the Mugger* Hey, Punk! Let go of that girl!

Mugger: *Looking at the girl in the shadows* Who the hell are you?

Thunder Mistress: Don’t you worry about who i am. LET THE GIRL GO! NOW!

Mugger: Make me!

Thunder Mistress: You’ll regret it if you don’t let go of that girl. She is innocent. She’s done nothing to you. You have to pick on her like some rotten creep! *Growls*

Mugger: *Letting go of the young girl and aiming to fire a shot at Dinah* Back off pest. You are not involved with this and this doesn’t concern you.

Thunder Mistress: *Growls and Blows her top* That’s it! *Growling and suddenly speeding over to the Mugger and grabbing at him* You dirty son of a bitch. What gives you rights to live when my mother is dead? She was innocent and struggled all her life making a difference in the world. All she did was try to make a difference and she was killed by a Sleazeball. She is gone… an innocent is dead and a lowlife creep like you is allowed to live. WHY? WHY ARE YOU ALIVE WHEN MY MOTHER IS DEAD? YOU lowlife son of a BASTARD! *Pounding the Mugger into the nearby car and throwing the Mugger into the wall* DAMN YOU!

Mugger: *Backing away* stay away from me. *getting up in pain and making a run for it* SAVE ME!!!!

Thunder Mistress: *Chasing the Mugger* Come Back here! I’m gonna nail you. COME BACK HERE, YOU COWARD!

Prince Avery: *Teleporting in front of Dinah and taking the hit* Dinah… Please… Stop. Don’t do this anymore. Stop it.

Thunder Mistress: *Crashing into the ground* Oomph! Ack! Ow! What the heck gives? Who did that?

Prince Avery: Dinah… it’s me.

Thunder Mistress: *Stopping to look and see her Cousin standing before her* Prince Avery… what the heck are you doing here? How did you get here?

Prince Avery: By the loud sound of your voice. You were doing a lot of yelling.

Thunder Mistress: And you’re here now… why?

Prince Avery: To take you back home. You are not stable to be out on your own. not with the way that you’re feeling. You were liable to kill someone with that Rage. all that would do is make you a killer. You’re not a killer.

Thunder Mistress: And why is that? I once killed my Ex-professor. along with Paige and Pearl. They had a hand in it. i did it once. *Huff* You really like to get into my head and read my mind. don’t you? Why don’t you just quit trying to read my mind? My mind is not some puzzle box for you to crack and solve. I am devastated and broken. i am also in fury because i will never be able to see my mom again. She’s dead. The fact that she’s now dead and that someone killed her. You have any idea how that makes me feel?

Prince Avery: It must be devastating…”

Prince Avery: She was in rage and if i hadn’t gotten to where she was and stopped her from going after that Mugger with all that Rage inside her… she would have done something that she would never be able to walk away from. It would wind up sticking to her for the rest of her life.

Prince Alvin: *Unable to hold back a intrigued Chuckle* Yeah… that’s our Fiery hot gal with the Thunderic Temper…

Pearl: Kinda makes us feel like we’re only playing when we get mad.

Prince Arnold: Not Paige though. She managed to take it a little far last night doing what she did.

Alice: I agree.

Christie: How do you think Dinah is doing at home? She must be bored out of her mind and she’s trying to find ways to keep her mind occupied.

Star: That’s a natural life for her now. She’s Pregnant. It isn’t like she can just come to school. Not to forget that if she starts to gain weight. You can almost bet that people will notice. In the 4 years of High school that i have been through. as have everyone at this table… we had never dealt with a cause of Pregnancy. Not ever. Not even once.

Pearl: Well… i haven’t been with Jack long enough to even think about a relationship like that. But the Love that Dinah and Shingo have… Blood on the Dance floor has no # on them. They are ringers…

But in front of the Tsukino Household…

Dinah: *Sitting in her truck* Shingo… did you notice anything weird going on the other night?

Shingo: *Shaking his head* Not really. however i did hear a lot of screeching. I thought it to be just… well… a wild party going on past the Midnight hour. But i was proven wrong the next morning when i overheard that it was actually a Monster Sighting. An hefty sized Army. With Fire Creatures… Shadow creatures and Youmas.

Dinah: I guess that you tried to tune it out. Not like it would be commended. I couldn’t ignore it. The Alarms went off when the attacks were just barely starting. It woke me up… Good thing that i wasn’t in pain or i would have really been hurt. When the alarms started going off… i jumped nearly ten feet.

Shingo: I wouldn’t blame you. It would freak me out too.

Dinah: What about the Future for us though, Shingo? What will we do? We’re gonna need a Job or something. Something to make some Money on the side to take care of these babies. I am still 12 weeks in and nearing 13. but it’s gonna be time for the second trimester soon and that is gonna be trouble…

Shingo: *Sighs and scratching his head a little* I have no clue what we are gonna do… We can always Apply to do Those Surveys online. Ones that pay. It’s better than nothing. Besides there is nothing open outside. No one is hiring. I could always look more and maybe get a Job at a fast food place. It’s not much… But it is a start in trying to make some money for the babies. to care for them.

Dinah: Anything is worth a try. We got to try something.

Shingo: Yeah. *Looking at Dinah* We really stuck in and just put ourselves in a real Pickle… didn’t we?

Dinah: No kidding.

Shingo: We’re in it. We could always ask for help… but normally i would ask upon my mother about raising kids and ask her for help. But after the way she’s been treating you and how she regards you and the fact that i am with you… i don’t want a thing from her.

Dinah: Neither do i. I don’t want her near our kids. If she comes near them… i will see her to court. filing a restraining order on her…

Shingo: I will help you on that. She has been so disrespectful towards you and has made it to where i have to sneak out whenever i want to see you. It’s ridiculous.

Dinah: I know. *Sighs* I mean… i don’t get what her big deal is… She’s being like so threatened by me.

Shingo: I know. I don’t know what her problem is, But i can tell you that she’s still trying to send me to Tokyo U. Anything to get me away from you. She Hates you. But i say that she’s wasting her time. because i will never go to Tokyo U. She is only wasting her time and $ on it.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Marching out over towards the Truck* Wanna bet? You’re going.  I sent the Application in and if it’s Accepted… You’re gonna go on the next flight over to Japan. I am not kidding. Shingo. You get away from that Harlot… Right now.

Dinah: Go to hell Lady. Shingo ain’t gonna do jack shit that you say. He may be still under your roof because god forbid he tries to leave… but he’s not gonna be your slave. He’s not gonna leave his life behind.

Mrs. Tsukino: He doesn’t have a choice. *Opening the door* He’s gonna be away from you whether you like it or not. *Pulling Shingo out of the truck by force* You go away. Leave my son alone. Come near him again and i will press Charges on you for stalking him. LEAVE!

Shingo: *Pulling out from his Mother’s grip* Mother… Back the fuck off. I am 17. I am not your pushover anymore. I am not gonna come with you. Dinah and i Love each other. I’m the father of her little ones. I’m proud to be so too.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Growls* GRRRRR!!!!!

Dinah: *Laughs* Ha Ha.. Lady. You lose. You knew that if Shingo got me pregnant and i wound up having kids that he wouldn’t be able to leave. You knew. That’s why you tried to stop it so you could keep controlling him. But what you didn’t count on was the fact that Shingo and i had sex the same day that you were trying to get rid of me. And now that i am pregnant. you lost. Shingo is not gonna be able to leave Metropolis. You wasted all your time and Money for nothing. For a Mother… You are most certainly an Idiot. You tried to keep us apart because you knew that if Shingo and i did it and he got me pregnant… that you’d be unable to make your move.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Marches off* This isn’t over. But you know what? If Shingo wants you so bad…. He can go to you. Emancipate himself from me and never have to deal with me anymore. I Quit.

Dinah: Good. Because it’s past high time you backed off. Because hes’s supposed to be your son… Not your little toss toy that you can treat like garbage and control like some Droid. He’s a human. He’s got the power of free Will. You better learn to just deal with it.

Shingo: *Smiles* Thank you Dinah… You won my freedom from her. I was trying to pull away from her since the month before last month of 2025. You have no idea how good it is to be free from her…

That afternoon…

By the front gates of Metropolis High…

Pearl: *Looking at Paige* Paige… Come on. You are not a Bitch. You’re a little over reacting… But You got a good head on the shoulders. I don’t know what you were thinking though about being that way to Luna. She is our Young sister. You yelled at her. But you should try to make amends with her… At least try.

Paige: Pearl, Please. Let it go. I Feel bad already. i couldn’t really think in P.E. I couldn’t even think about doing anything in class except for wanting to run away and head to find Luna right then and there. To beg for forgiveness which is something that i’d never get from her. I don’t know why i should. I don’t deserve it.

Pearl: You do too. You deserve it. Luna might be feeling upset and angry at you and at me too. But sisters always come together in the end no matter what may come. She knows that.

Paige: I don’t know. *Sighs* I feel bad for Luna… After the wake-up call that i got from Prince Alvin’s shaking me and lecturing me… I guess that i should have seen it coming after the way i acted at the Demonologist’s residence. I Screwed up.

Pearl: You sure did—

Oliver: *Walking in a Daze* I think that… Tess in Drag or Purple… Purple Mist powers… Seizing control of the Building… Taking control and broke from Kingdom.

Pearl: *Looking to see Oliver* Oliver? What are you doing here?

Oliver: Feeling spacey… *Shaking his head trying to come to senses* i don’t…

Paige: *Looking to see something wrong with Oliver* Oliver… Are you alright?

Pearl: *Concerned* Paige… i think that there is something wrong with Oliver. He’s not looking so good. I think that something happened.

Paige: Oliver… Oliver… Are you okay? *Looking to see Purple stuff on Oliver* Purple… mist residue.

Pearl: Purple Mist Residue? *Thinking and trying to figure out where the Purple mist Residue would come from* Purple Mist. Purple Mist. Wait a Minute… Purple Concoction. It’s not Haggarium. But it’s Purple Mist. Purple mist is a sign… from… *Gasps in shock and terror* Beryl! It’s Beryl. It was her…

Oliver: *Looking at Paige and Pearl* Yeah. You’ve guessed it. She’s finally here. She must be the one that was said to bust out from the proverbial Prison known as the Dark Kingdom and make a break in… She has come… She’s taken over the Luthorcorp Plaza. *coughs* I don’t think that you will want a piece of her sweet hide. Not unless you want your cantankerous butts kicked. That woman is a real death wish.

Pearl: We’re not afraid of her. She doesn’t scare us. *Looking at Oliver in a defensive tone* Are you saying that Beryl did this to you?

Oliver: Uh, Pearl… i practically just got through telling you what the heck happened. So… What would you think? Yeah… She did this to me. And then what’s worse is that she’s got control of the Security guards there too. They all follow her. Like Droids. They follow her. I don’t know what kind of Whammy’s she’s pulled on the Building, but she is taking control. The Security team Manhandled me. Grabbed me and literally Chucked me out the door. Good thing that i am not all that bad fitting for the wear. Maybe just a bit roughed up.

Paige: But that is not right… We got to do something…

Oliver: No… Don’t go over there. You’ll only be tossed out by her lackeys. She has taken control of the guards there and if they see you… they’ll jump you and try to ride you like Sea-biscuit. Manhandle and all. *Feeling a bit Dizzy* I barely got here in one piece. Too bad that i didn’t have my Green Leather and the trusty Bow and Arrow.  I should have brought it with me and had it with me just in case… but then again… how was i supposed to know that Beryl was gonna be there? I literally walked in and there she was. Although at first i thought that it was Tess trying to pull a gag with a either very late and/or an extremely early Halloween Gag. But when i saw the Purple and then saw the red hair and the look she was giving off… that was when it hit me.

Pearl: It’s okay… You’re safe now. Go over to Watchtower. Stay there and Have Chloe take a look at the wounds on you. We’ll handle Beryl. Oliver… we got to try something. If we don’t stand up to her… who will?

Prince Curtis: *Walking from the side with Megan* Hey… What’s up? Something a miss?

Pearl: Nothing much is the matter other than Oliver got side-winded by Beryl. You’re not gonna believe this… But Oliver has just now told us that Beryl is inside Luthorcorp Plaza… Right now. she Arrived there and has taken over the Building’s Security. The Entire Building is under her control.

Megan: *Overhearing* What?! Are you sure? God… You guys need to get a move on it. Get in the car and drive over there right now… You need to grab on it. Beryl has to be stopped.

Prince Curtis: *Looking at Megan* Are you Kidding? How are we to do that? Beryl is in control of a building. That building’s got to have high surveillance Security. She’s gonna know that we’re there seconds or moments before we even confront her…

Paige: Well… we’ve got to do something. We can’t just stand around and do nothing.

Oliver: Okay… Take me over to the Star Tower… Let me grab my gear and get suited up. We’ll go at her real fast or make an attempt.

Prince Curtis: Right.

Megan: What about me?

Prince Curtis: We’re taking you to the Watchtower… You’re gonna be working with Chloe on following the Schematics to the Plaza. Finding a Route that is not watched by Security Cams or Security guards.

Megan: I can do that.

Prince Curtis: It’s a plan…

But At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Dinah: *Looking at the Screens* I need to let the girls know about this. Beryl is inside the city. She’s at the Plaza.

Shingo: I’m gonna stay here tonight…

Dinah: Are you sure? Where will you sleep?

Shingo: On the Couch here. But there is one thing that i am not gonna do.

Dinah: *Curious* What’s that?

Shingo: I am so not gonna be at the house under the same roof with my mother. I am free from my mother. But till i can get something set up… i’ll stay here and as soon as i can get the Emancipation papers… i will have them filled out and will force my mother to sign them…

Dinah: Which will then make it official.

Shingo:  I will start to look for a place. A Rental place… I can make a deal with the owner there and see about getting a Part time Job.

Dinah: *Happy* Wow! See? Now there’s my Man talking.

Shingo: You know it honey… *Kissing Dinah on the Lips*

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo* I love you. *Kissing her boyfriend back*

Shingo: I love you too Dinah.

Dinah: *Looking at the screens* Shingo… I need to watch these screens. I know that you kinda lost the status of being hero prone when the power left you… but i am gonna need help. I can’t do this alone. Luna isn’t here to help me. Plus i need to sit down.

Shingo: *Looking to the sides thinking* Okay… Okay… Let’s see. What to do… What to do.

Dinah: *Sitting on the Couch* Grab me the Portable Ipad… I’ll monitor the activity through that. You look at the Screens. I’ve got to help my sisters. *Getting a hold of her Earpiece* Let’s see what we can do. Shingo, Please grab the Ipad for me and bring it over… I need to get on track here. I got to help the cause. *Sighs* I can’t believe that Beryl Comes back for a whole new ball game. but instead of me being out there Kicking her can. I’m here on dry dock. Although this time i will mostly be safe and not nearly killed. like i was during the 2nd threat. That’s a plus. And at least i will get to see you more this way. Something that makes it all worth while.

Shingo: *goes to get the Ipad* On it. Let’s do this and get this threat out of the way!

A few seconds later…

Dinah: The Threat is not gonna be so simple to beat up… But she’s in need of a war paddle. Plus… She’s gonna be unwilling to go away. She’s not the Only threat though. There is also the Intergalactic Demon. Scath. Trigon the Terrible in the near future.He’s worse than Beryl. Beryl is back… Even if it’s just to Confront her and find out what that Snake is prone to concoct. It will at least give us a leg up on keeping her on the ropes. At least. *Sighs* But i really hope that things don’t get too out there for the girls. *Hearing beeps going off on screen* I think we are gonna get company really soon. *Looking at the Ipad* Is there someone on the screen?

Shingo: Yes. I think that we see something here.

Dinah: Who is it? *Checking the Ipad* What a mess this is though… Beryl is trying to keep from being discovered although… the Screen picked up her trail. Her scent. This is totally Contradicting.

Shingo: Yeah. I think it is Beryl.

Dinah: Beryl on screen?! Now?! *Looking at Shingo* Turn up the Audio… Let’s hear what she has to say. although we both know it’s not gonna be anything that we will like to hear.

Shingo: Got it! *turns up the audio*

A second later…

Beryl: *On Screen* I can see you… You must be Dinah… the Fiery Brat who kept acting in defiance towards me. in the past. I hear that you’re pregnant. And My My… What do we have here… A lovetoy for you. Is he like your slave? *Seeing Shingo and recognizing who he is* YOU! You’re the Brother to the putrid girl who is the Reincarnated Moon Princess. You’re in leagues with the Rhapsody Girls Z!? Tied to this Girl?! Well… Ain’t that a fine surprise? Not to worry… Your Destruction will come… When you least expect it. This isn’t like last time… You will Pay for your transgression. You are not gonna be able to fight me off this time. This time i am gonna be in control. This time… your incapability… will be your undoing. Ahahahahahahaha AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! *Vanishes*

Dinah: *Shaking in terror* Oh god… Oh my god! Beryl… She’s gonna aim attacks at me… And at you… She’s gonna Kill the Babies. If she attacks me… it’ll hurt the babies. We could lose them… Oh god… *Freaked* Shingo… I feel really terrified now.

Shingo: *Gulps and shaking in fear* I too am terrified, Love. I really am. This is bad… Really bad.

Dinah: What’re we gonna do? *On the Verge of tears* I don’t want to lose my little ones… I want to be a mother… I know that we are with no money or a Job. But i want to be a Mother. I just want to have the pain go away. I want my little ones, Shingo. *With tears Suddenly Falling down her face*

Shingo: *in tears* I am really scared now.

Dinah: That’s it… I hope that someone goes at her… and Tears her a New Ass. *Turning on the Ear Piece* Shingo, Let’s swallow our pains… As hard as it is… Let’s get to it. *Nods at Shingo* Ready?

Shingo: Yeah. Let’s do it. Call out to your sisters, Darling. Let’s start the contact.

Dinah: *Calling out to her sisters* This is Thunder Mistress Calling Miss Love and Bubble Maiden  Paige… Pearl… Come in. This Is Thunder Mistress calling Miss Love and Bubble Maiden  Paige… Pearl… Come in. *Hearing no reply* Come in… Girls come in. Please. Come in. Respond.

Shingo: Paige! Pearl! We need you! Your sister needs you!

Paige: *Replying* Yes Dinah… We read you. What’s up?

Pearl: What’s going on?

Dinah: We got a problem. I… Uh, We just got cyber intimidated… By the Illustrious Queen Beryl. She just made contact here on Screen. And She’s made it a known fact that she’s gonna make every attempt to attack at me. I am in Danger…

Paige: No. You’re not in Danger. We are not gonna let it happen. You just stay calm. Don’t you let that Witch scare you. Don’t you let her get to you. We won’t.

Shingo: I hope you girls are right. Beryl sounded as if she means business.

Pearl: Did you find anything?

Dinah: I did. I found that Beryl was sighted at the Plaza…

Pearl: *Hearing Shingo’s Voice* Shingo, we’ll be fine. We are not gonna let anything happen to us. We are here to stop that Queen. we’re gonna stop her. somehow.

Paige: Nothing is gonna come to harm your Babies. We’ll die before that happens. Dinah, you found that Beryl was at the Plaza? That is confirmed then… Dinah, Professor Queen had himself a Run-in with her. earlier today. And from what he told us… Beryl’s seized the entire Building of Luthorcorp. She’s got control of the Security systems there and has the Guards all under her spell. They’re working for her. Oliver nearly got Manhandled by them and is a little bruised. but still standing. Luckily.

Shingo: Let’s hope that you girls are right here.

Dinah: Go get her… I’ll be giving you any info that comes my direction here on the Ipad.

Pearl: Okay. Don’t worry. We’ll get at her. We promise.

Shingo: *looks at Dinah* I hope your sisters can help us. I know they can protect us.

Dinah: They will. I believe in them. I know that we’re gonna be in great hands. Shingo, We’re gonna be okay. I know it. *Smiles while trying to shake the fear of Beryl coming at her away* We’re gonna be safe. Shingo… Did you find anything on the screen?

Shingo: *Looking on the Screen* No. There is nothing at all. I don’t think i am liking the look of this. I am getting a really eerie feeling about it. I really don’t know why.

Dinah: Check again. Keep checking that screen there Love doctor. We got to get the readings and tell the girls of it. They’re gonna be facing Beryl for the first time. The Official grand return has come… we need to be on top of it like a lepur to a lion cub…

At Luthorcorp Plaza…

Miss Love: *Looking at her sister* Come on. Let’s go.  The camera’s are off and not watching. Let’s go while we have our chance.

Bubble Maiden: *Nods* Hmm. *Following Paige over to the other side of the Hall; Pressed to the wall* Hopefully Beryl doesn’t catch notice of us before we get to where she is residing in.

Prince Curtis: *Keeping silent* Don’t worry you’ll be fine. Just keep still and silent as much as possible. These things can detect voice and if they catch traces of our voices… we’ll be caught for sure.

Megan: *Over the Ear-Piece* Electric Rage… are you guys close to the office yet?

Prince Curtis: Almost close. We got a few halls to go through. But we’re closing in.

Megan: What about Arrow?

Miss Love: He’s taking the entry through the roof. Sneak surprise.

Bubble Maiden: Beryl Attacked him and She will not hesitate to do the same to us.

Megan: That’s why you will have to be careful and see to it that you don’t allow her that chance. You can confront her… but if she tries to make a move… Fall back. Don’t make any moves to att—

Chloe: *Speaking through the Earpiece* Paige, Pearl… Stand alert… I’m Picking up incoming figures.  a # of 7 guards. Workers. They’re coming from behind you.  They’re 10 feet away and closing. You need to move. Now.

Prince Curtis: *Teleporting into the hall and grabbing the girls; Teleporting into a room and hiding from the line of sight of the guards* No problem. We’re being careful.

Megan: Good. Be careful…

However before they could make a move and advance further to get over to where Beryl was…

Security Guards #4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10: *Spotting the girls and Prince Curtis* Hey! What are you young ones doing in here? This is not a social spot. This is a Business. Get out of here now.

Miss Love: You wanna make us? We know that you got some woman here who doesn’t belong. Beryl! She is here. Isn’t she?

Security Guard #4: That is none of your concern. Queen Beryl-Sama is the master here. She is the controller of this building.

Prince Curtis: You are full of it… She’s not the controller of anything. She is from Dark Kingdom. She’s not even living. She’s the undead.

Bubble Maiden: I don’t care who you think she is… You Guards are following an evil person. She is not trusting. She’s using you. You are allowing for her to use you. Where is your willpower. the power to resist.

Security Guard #5: *Forceful* That’s it! Men, grab them… Take them to Beryl. She is looking forward to seeing these infidels.

Prince Curtis: *Speaking to Watchtower* Megan… Watchtower… You might be having to issue a recon. We’re busted. We’re caught by the guards and we’re being taken to Beryl. I think that the Grand meeting with the Threat from the past is about to begin…

Megan: *Replying* Don’t worry. Wait 5… We’re gonna notify back up. ETA: 20 Minutes… Fast track.

Miss Love: Thanks. And Megan… Hurry.

Megan: No problem. We’re on it.

Chloe: We’re gonna get you guys out of there. just hang on as best you guys can…

At the New Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at Megan* You’ve been a wonderful help. You picked up the slack quite a bit here and it helped get things done much faster. How would you like to be an informant of Watchtower?

Megan: I’d love that. But i kinda thought that i already was.

Chloe: *Laughs* You serious…That’s a good one. but yeah. I believe that you were already one. You are part of Prince Curtis’s life. He trusts you. You’re pretty resourceful.

Megan: i usually am. I don’t lie down on any Job. the other night when My House got targeted by a sudden group of Shadow creatures… Prince Curtis came and took control. As did Raven and Luna. They came in and took control. But that was the first sighting of Beryl too. However that was just a scare. The real Meet is before them now. She knows about the Pregnancy. And we managed to intercept the message that Beryl spoke out through to the girls. The girls had it going through their house and there was also the message that went to the Brothers as well. It was crossed by them all. We Intercepted it. Even though it still played through to the ears of the girls and the brothers. Dinah heard it. She’s still at the house as she had not left the house since Noon. per what we found out.

Chloe: She left to go and see her love Shingo. She is risking it all by just going out there in the open. Now with Beryl Knowing officially about the Pregnancy. Dinah can’t afford to be seen out in the open. It isn’t safe.

Megan: Maybe your’re right. *Looking at the screens and listening to the Audio as the line is still active* We better call for Backup. A back up team.

Chloe: Right…

Back at Luthorcorp Plaza…

In Beryl’s new Chambers…

Beryl: *Looking at Paige and Pearl* Welcome… Paige… Pearl. Prince Curtis. How nice of you 3 to come here.

Miss Love: Enough treachery, Beryl. We were watching out for you to come out of the Fountain. We knew that you were bound to return. But as we’ve seen from you… You haven’t changed. You still have people doing the dirty work for you.

Bubble Maiden: For a Queen… You’re truly ignorant. You clearly have learned nothing. *Scoffs* You call yourself a Queen. You’re a Hack, Beryl. You use the innocent to make with the heavy while you just sit back. Last time you used the 4 Generals that were loyal protectors to Prince Endymion. Yeah… We still remember that. And we know that you still hate the Moon Princess too. Sorry to say that you won’t meet her. The senshi have been disbanded. and are living normal lives.

Beryl: *Firing Purple Mist at Pearl* Silence!

Miss Love: You can’t boss us around. We don’t bow down to the likes of you… *Launching an attack at Beryl* VORTEX OF LOVE! Eat that… Witch!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at Beryl* BUBBLING WHIRLPOOL OF LIGHT!

Beryl: *Firing Purple Mist back to counter attack the strikes*

Miss Love: *With her Heart Guitar; Jamming with a song* Feel the Love’s power… *Launching an attack at Beryl* LOVE’S MUSICAL STORM!

Bubble Maiden: *With her Bubble Microphone and Singing a tune* “Bill, I love you so, I always will I look at you and see the passion eyes of May Oh, but am I ever gonna see my wedding day I was on your side Bill when you were loosin’ I never scheme or lie Bill, there’s been no foolin’ But kisses and love won’t carry me till you marry me Bill

I love you so, I always will
And in your voice I hear a choir of carousels
Oh, but am I ever gonna hear my wedding bells
I was the one who came runnin’ when you were lonely
I haven’t lived one day not lovin’ you only
But kisses and love won’t carry me til you marry me Bill

I love you so, I always will
And though devotion rules my heart I take no bows
But Bill you’re never gonna take those wedding vows
Oh, come on Bill
Oh, come on Bill
Come on and marry me Bill
I got the wedding bell blues
Please marry me Bill
I got the wedding bell blues
Marry me Bill” *Launching An attack at Beryl* BUBBLES STORMING CONCERTO!!!

Prince Curtis: *Looking at Beryl* We got stronger since the last time you and we met face to face. If you want to get away clean… You better not mess with us. Zod and his band of floozies put up more fight in them than you do. and They were all Kandorians. You have come back being weak. That’s why you need people to do the bidding for you. You can’t seem to do it yourself. *Adding a means of Intimidation* Oh… And if you step a foot near Dinah. It’ll be the last thing you ever dare do.

Beryl: *Growling at Prince Curtis* You Rhapsodies are just the same as you were back then… Still threatened by anyone powerful than you and you take them down. You are the Evil ones. You stood in my way last time when i tried to awaken the Great Evil. Problem was that i over dealt my hand and wasted my moves on you. You got in my way before. But i won’t allow for the same mistake to happen a second time.

Prince Curtis: You don’t have a Choice. *Drawing Electricity into his hands from the Air and from the circuits in the room* Time to feel the Electric pain… *Pulling Electricity from the Air and dragging it to him; Moving his hands in a drawing manner creating a Swarm of Sledge hammers made from Electricity; Sending the Electric Sledge hammers over to Beryl and with his hand using a portion of his mind making the Sledge hammers rise and go to the top of Beryl. and pause above Beryl* Beryl… Say hello to my Electric pals… *Launching the attack at Beryl* Electric Sledgehammer Slammers! Feel the Electric vibrations from the Sledge hammers of Electricity.


Green Arrow: *Repelling into the Chambers through the Window* Time to meet the hands of the Jolly Green Bandit. Let’s see if you’ve met this trusty Crossbow and Arrow. *Looking at Beryl* Say… Beryl. What say you come over here and meet the Bow and Arrows of Justice? It’s got a good aim and it won’t miss.

Beryl: *Recognizing Green Arrow* You’re one of the heroes… How dare you interfere with my face to face encounter against the Rhapsodies?

Green Arrow: So you know me… I guess that i should be touched. But i don’t think that my Crossbow and Arrows are. Come on and make a move.

Miss Love: Yeah. You have just met our Professor. Want to have another thrashing?

Bubble Maiden: We’re aimed and ready. If you come after Dinah… You’ll find out that this sensitive girl has a Violent side waiting to dig its claws into you.

However before they could blink, Beryl Vanished with a blast of Purple Mist. It was the 1st Encounter with Beryl. the first of many. The first of many more to come… Beryl Vanished and reappeared on top of the Daily planet. On top of the globe and looked towards the Plaza…

Beryl: *Growls* Those Rhapsodies are a real menace. How dare they attack me? I was only returning. I haven’t made any moves upon the City. Yet… But they struck at me… Now they’ll feel my wrath. Start by turning the entire city against them. But how? The City happens to cater to them and adore them. I’m gonna need someone to help me turn the City against them. But who?

Two weeks later…

Feb. 26th 2026.


At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Dining Room…

Dinah: I’ve been dealing with Abdomen pains and it’s getting more stronger… it’s coming and going.

Paige: We knew this since the other day. Dinah, Are you sure that you’re gonna be okay? We don’t want to leave you here without knowing that you’re gonna be okay.

Dinah: I will be okay. Honest. In fact i will be perfect. I am gonna try to go back to school. I know that i’ll be looked at or that it will be hard for me to hide that i am pregnant, But i got to at least do something.

Pearl: I guess. I just wish that you’d reconsider. We just don’t want to see you getting hurt with this pregnancy. With you being pregnant… You’re literally Vulnerable. Anything that happens will set you off. We just don’t want you to get hurt.

Dinah: Pearl, Please… Stop getting so worried. I know already that i’m risking it. I am risking alot. But I got to try. I have to try something.

Ami: *Setting things up For Dinah* It’s gonna be okay. She’s gonna be able to go back to school. It’s gonna be a little hard and it will be a bit of a challenge. But as long as she’s careful. and takes it easy. It should be fine.

Dinah: *Nods*

Pearl: That’s another thing too… What was with Shingo being here for the last week and a half? Was there something going on at his place?

Dinah: Well… He was moving to get Emancipated from his mother. The other week i went to go see him. and his Mother… being the tight ass that she likes to be… Interfered and tried to threaten me saying that if i came near Shingo… The father of my babies again… that she’d file a report against me. for Stalking.

Paige: *Gasps* She said that? To you?! Dinah, She is threatening you. You should file a report on her…

Pearl: Dinah, Where is Shingo now?

Dinah: He’s at his mother’s house… But he hasn’t spoken to her since he left there and since he walked back inside the house. She hasn’t even spoken to him about anything. They see each other and yet… they do not speak. He refuses to say a word to her. as she refuses to speak to him. His mother hates me. And He told me that as he walked into the house. that his mother said: “Shingo, That Dinah is a no good girl. And as long as you are with her… you will never be hearing me speak to you. I will not even say a word. You should leave her. But since you want to have your own life. It’s yours. I’m only your mother. i am trying to get you to see that she is bad news for you. But what do i know. I am just blowing trouble. So go ahead and be with her. I am Telling you straight though… If she hurts you… You will be on your own. I won’t help. Because you were warned and still went and did it.” Shingo only looked at her from that and told her. “You can say all you like. But she’s not bad. and don’t tell me that she dragged me into the mess she’s in. I chose to. because that is how much i Love her. I want to support her. be there for her. You see only the bad in her. But none of the good. She maybe high strung. and go overboard on her attitude at times. i know and seen it. But that has not changed my feelings for her. I still love her. Nothing will get me to stop. And she didn’t get me into the hero work. I did. I chose to do it. i made that decision. When we all were in Japan a few years ago where that freak Earthquake hit. I was on the Bridge in the park. Dinah and her family saved me. I was scared. Scared. I Loved Dinah before that… and definitely felt love for her during and since then. even now. When she almost died… I thought that she was gone. I Cried and was broken. I loved her that much. I was devoted to her and still am. For a time her and i were apart but were still in a relationship. We sorted things out and were gonna get together soon but on the day of her Birthday. i went. You should remember. I was there for her and her sisters. You liked her then. what changed that is beyond me. But we love one another. When me and her finally did the deal. That should have been a solid giveaway that I Loved her. and i still do plus i always will. Nothing you can say will get me to change that. I Love Dinah Rhapsody. She’s my heart. if you take her away from me… you might as well Kill me. Because i refuse to live a life without her.” He said that straight out to her and his mother stood there in shock and said nothing more. He went his way and she went hers. He is still at home till a good place opens up for him to rent and get a part time Job.

Paige: What about the Emancipation that you said he was gonna have done?

Pearl: Yeah. Didn’t that happen?

Dinah: Yeah. It did happen. I know because as he had the papers… i snuck out last week when it was all done and helped him get an officer to come along and be present when we went to force her to sign the papers. Shingo made sure it happened.

Paige: As did you…

Ami: *Shaking her head* Mrs. Tsukino-san was being that mean to you? That is terrible. I didn’t know that it would turn out that way.

Dinah: Well… it did. Sorry to say, but Usagi’s mother isn’t the nice person you sought her to be. She changed into a mean woman.

Ami: *Sighs*

A Minute later…

Ami: Dinah, you should try to eat something before going off to school. Or trying to go back to school.

Dinah: I know.

Raven: *Shadowing in* Morning.

Paige: *Looking to see Raven* Morning Raven.

Pearl: Hey there. *Looking to see Luna not in the room* Where’s Luna?

Raven: I don’t know. She’s not in her room. But she’s here somewhere.

Dinah: What’s going on with Luna as of late?

Paige: Dinah, Don’t ask. Let it go. Luna and I had a falling out. She hates me and i got to live with that.

Dinah: Live with what? *Confused* I don’t get it. Why would she hate you?

Paige: It’s because i yelled at her and broke her heart.

Dinah: *Scoffs* What a blowhart thing to do…

Paige: Look, I’m sorry. Okay. I was gonna make amends to her and say my sorry. Apologize to her. But i haven’t been able to. She won’t talk to me. She keeps avoiding me.

Pearl: Luna and i were able to make amends. I was able to Reconcile and talk with her. She was more open to me than anything. She however had a very awkward smell to her. Stale. But i don’t know if it was just body odor.

Ami: …

minutes later…

On the Road…

Paige: *Sitting Silent* …

Pearl: Luna, i don’t know how much longer the little Quarrel between you and Paige will go on, but you two need to just bury the Hatchet. The little mess between what happened the other week is now getting old. Luna, Paige was trying to say sorry. You think that it’s all a game. It’s not. She is sorry. She is hurt about the fight as well as you are.

Luna: No. I am not gonna make amends with her. She sees me as the bastard Sister. So… i should live up to the role. You and i are back to level standing. That’s fine. i like that. but as for me and Paige. she and i will just be apart. She Blew it.

Paige: *Looking away to the side and just sighs with sadness* Let it go, Pearl… She hates me. I made her hate me. She won’t ever forgive me and there is no use in trying to get her to. It’s useless. She hates me and there is nothing that i can do about it.

Pearl: *Shaking her head; Driving*

Luna: *Silent*

But at King John’s house…

In the Garage…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Prince Avery* It’s been 2 weeks since the Grand return of Beryl. Prince Curtis, Paige and Pearl let her have it.

Prince Avery: I know. I know. Captain. we have heard about the battle. We saw the readings. Paige and Pearl didn’t hold back. Beryl wasn’t making a move that time. She was only stating her intentions.

Prince Alvin: *Nods* Prince Curtis told us that Oliver was the first to go against her. but was taken by surprise. He didn’t even feel aware of Beryl being out in the open at first. He thought that it was Tess. But the thing that gave it away was the realization that Tess didn’t have any purple on her. No Purple Mist at all.

Prince Avery: That is the case there. Prince Alvin, The Evil Queen is back and even though they managed to drive her away for a time being. She’s gonna be back.  She’s far from done.

Prince Alvin: Plus she also knows about Dinah. Her life… Her Pregnancy is in jeopardy.

Prince Avery: That is bad news for her and for us.

Prince Alvin: We need to take more precautions towards Dinah. We can’t let anything happen to her. Because if anything happens to her… she could lose the babies. She’s got two of them in her. maybe 3 if she happened to get… Pregnant again. Remember the 10th week? That is when the pregnant woman is said to develop a heightened Sex Drive. it’s likely to happen. It usually does in the 10th week of Pregnancy.

Prince Avery: We keep a monitor on that and a look out for Beryl. Plus the Fountain. There is still concern revolving the Fountain.

Prince Alvin: I know. You are keeping a close eye on that. You’re the one who’s been staking it out.

Prince Avery: Precisely. I’ve caught on to the Fountain and watched for any activity to pop up. There’s been nothing. It’s been silent for the last couple weeks. There’s been no new sightings of Energy spikes. Heat readings or anything of that nature.

Prince Alvin: It’s at a stand still.

Prince Avery: Afraid so.

Prince Arnold: *Walking into the garage* Hey… you guys. I just heard from the girls. they just called.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Prince Arnold* What’s up?

Prince Arnold: You’re not gonna believe this… They called to inform us that Dinah is gonna be coming to school with us. She’s coming to school this morning. But might be a little late.

Prince Alvin: *Shooting out with shock and panic* What?!

Prince Arnold: Not lyin’ here. I know how it sounds to you and it doesn’t sound too good for me either. But they called and said that Dinah is making the Jump to try and re-attend school. Plus i think that we already know that She has an In-home doctor as well.

Prince Avery: They told you all this?

Prince Arnold: What the hell do you think? You really think that i am just gonna be Bowling the bull around? Dinah… has an In-Home Doctor. It is someone we all know too. Someone who Shock shock Surprise Surprise… was a Senshi. Studying up to be a Doctor.

Prince Avery: *Gasps* Ami.

Prince Alvin: The Ex-Senshi. The Ex-Sailor Mercury.

Prince Arnold: Yeah. She’s the doctor and she happens to work hand in hand with our Aunts Princess Julie and Julie.

Prince Alvin: That’s good then. That’s What we already know though… but it’s good. We know now that she’s now stationed at their house and will be monitoring Dinah.

Prince Avery: But with that… we still have to consider the part where Dinah is risking her life doing this.

Prince Alvin: That is one thing we are worried about. We need to hope that Dinah will be alright and at least take it easy.

On the Road to Metropolis High…

Pearl: *Driving* Paige, Luna is never gonna forgive you. You might have just lost all her respect and love. All of it. I don’t know what all to do about it. There is nothing to do about it now. Dinah is at home and is thinking about coming to school. We are gonna need to pray that it never becomes reality.

Paige: She’s on her 14th week and is starting to show signs of gaining weight. i don’t know if anyone will be noticing it. But we do. We’re like her family. We can see it and if we can…

Pearl: Others can too. *Sighs* Shit. this is what we were afraid of… Dinah is also feeling slight pains in her Abdomen. That is a sure sign that something is starting to happen. In her. The weight Gaining is about to begin.

Paige: We’re gonna need to get Dinah some bigger wearing clothes to delegate the weight she’s gonna gain. Higher sizes.

Pearl: We should get to school and try to not think about it too much for right now.

Paige: Like that’s gonna be easy to do.

Pearl: …

As for Dinah…

Dinah: *Getting into the truck and getting settled* I can’t believe that i am doing this. I am gonna be in pain for this. Plus the mocking is gonna happen. I am the Bait. *Looking to the side and seeing her Doctor* Ami, Am i doing the right thing going to school? It won’t hurt the babies… will it?

Ami: No. it won’t. I promise. Just as long as you take it easy. Don’t over run. if something gets to you… just let it go. Don’t let any anger out that isn’t needed. You can’t afford to fight.

Dinah: What if i don’t have a choice? Plus two weeks ago… *Groans* I am so gonna hate speaking this out and spilling it. But there is something that you need to know Ami.

Ami: Really? *A bit curious* What is it?

Dinah: Beryl-sama is back. She’s back and she’s vowed retribution. Against us. my family. Against me. She’s gonna try and kill me and my babies. My sisters will also die too by her. Two weeks ago… she contacted us here. I was the only one home at that time… but Shingo also was with me. he was helping with the case helping my sisters Paige and Pearl go after Beryl. Prince Curtis…  He was helping them and our New Professor Oliver Queen.

Ami: Oliver Queen? What happened to Pidge Stroker-san?

Dinah: My sisters and i had to defeat him. He betrayed us. He tried to sell info… Damaging Info about us to a Corrupt D.A. Raymond Sacks who is back in prison. Had a brief stay out of there and went back within a few days of being out. But the accident was ruled as a Lab Explosion. To save us. He was gonna destroy our family’s rep. Ours but the damaging info. we were gonna be in trouble. Although with our being shown the video recording it was shown that the guy made the 1st move.

Ami: He betrayed you? *Huffs* BAKA! That was not nice of him to do such a thing…

Dinah: Well… it happened. we wiped him out. Oliver came in a little time after and stepped in to being the new professor.

Ami: I guess that would explain it. But What did you mean by saying that Beryl-Sama was back?

Dinah: What i mean is that she is back. On the Morning of the the 13th of the month. two weeks ago… a Mysterious woman strolled into the Luthorcorp Plaza. I don’t think you ever been inside that place. But… The Woman was unknown to all. no one knew of her. But her Voice weeks ago said who she was. They all saw a Glimpse of her. I didn’t. But i knew by the Voice that it was her. As did Pearl. Paige. Our friends Star and Christie. They heard it. Our Cousins… The brothers. They heard it. and of course… on the 13th of the month… 2 weeks ago. She was sighted. walking into the Plaza. She took control of the guards there. She then took control of the whole Building. Oliver went there in the morning unaware of what was going on… He thought that the woman was Tess at first by the look. Bad news for him… it wasn’t. It was Beryl. Oliver came to tell Paige and Pearl of it.  came to the school as they told me… after it all happened. That morning. But that afternoon he arrived to them in a Daze. disoriented. Like he was confused and lost.  Telling that he got Manhandled by Beryl’s now new Goons. The Security guards at Luthorcorp. She also has the same Purple Mist power too. Not powered by Metaria. But Still highly effective. What Paige said… Not me. She said it. Although while they were there… i was home with Shingo. Yeah… Shingo. Usagi’s brother. He and i are together. We had a Romantic Fling. that’s the reason for my being Pregnant. He is the Father… Beryl produced a Message to us… but aimed this recent one… a couple weeks ago… at me.

Dinah then flashes back and plays a Message as she can remember it like it was just the other day…

“Beryl: *On Screen* I can see you… You must be Dinah… the Fiery Brat who kept acting in defiance towards me. in the past. I hear that you’re pregnant. And My My… What do we have here… A lovetoy for you. Is he like your slave? *Seeing Shingo and recognizing who he is* YOU! You’re the Brother to the putrid girl who is the Reincarnated Moon Princess. You’re in leagues with the Rhapsody Girls Z!? Tied to this Girl?! Well… Ain’t that a fine surprise? Not to worry… Your Destruction will come… When you least expect it. This isn’t like last time… You will Pay for your transgression. You are not gonna be able to fight me off this time. This time i am gonna be in control. This time… your incapability… will be your undoing. Ahahahahahahaha AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! *Vanishes*”

Ami: *Gasps* Oh no… *Shivers in terror* just the fact that she’s back freaks me out…

Dinah: *Sighs* You’re telling me… You’re not the only one that got freaked by that. I too was freaked. I also was about to break down in tears. I know… “Danger Zone” Dinah goes soft. I know. But i wasn’t afraid for me, Myself and I. But i was freaking out for my babies. and for Shingo. Shingo was on verge of being completely upset. He was scared like the dickens. He was spooked. Shaking even better. as was i. But my sisters and i also have to go against Scath… otherly known as Trigon the Terrible.

Ami: *Shaking her head* Dinah-Chan… Please don’t… You’re in no condition to think about that… You have to think about your little ones inside you. They’re gonna need you.

Dinah: Ami… Seriously… are you really gonna go there? I am thinking about my babies. Okay? I am thinking about them. That is why i am thinking about how to go after these threats. To protect them. I mean… if i can’t do things like this to protect them… Then why am i even looking towards being a Mother? I am not a mother yet. I am just a Pregnant girl. That’s all i am right now. But i am gonna be giving Birth to two or maybe 3 little ones in the future. I got to do all i can to protect them. I can’t just leave the fighting of the threats and the dangers that come to my sisters and Cousins and i sit in the sidelines. even though i have been doing a lot of that as of late. I got to do at least something.

Ami: *Being Condescending* I know. You want to protect your little ones. you want to take all the pain away. be the one that gets hurt so they won’t. But what you don’t see is that they’re not born yet, Dinah-Chan… They’re still being formed inside you. They’re not ready yet to come out. You’re just now on your second Trimester. If you get hurt… they also will be hurt. You can’t protect them from pain now as they are still inside you. right now the little ones inside you and You, yourself. are sharing the pain. They will feel anything you feel. If you feel sad. They will too. They will sense it.

Dinah: *Groans* I should have known that i was gonna be told that. But you’re right. I am only being a fool to just try and go and fight. While being Pregnant.

Ami: It’s gonna be okay. Just take things one step at a time. Just be calm. It’ll be okay. Just go on to school and be careful. I’ll keep things set up here for you. and when you get home from school… we’ll hook you up and see how the Little ones are doing. Make sure that everything is okay with them. I ordered for the machines and the Ultrasound equipment to be here with me. It’s in the garage though… But it’ll be a mini Examination room.

Dinah: Okay. *Nods and turning on the Engine before Pulling out of the Driveway* See you this afternoon, Doc.

On the Road a second later…

Dinah: *Pulling out her phone and dialing a # while Driving* I need to call Shingo. *Winces a little in pain* Oh my god… *Getting a sharp pain in her Abdomen* Agh! Ahhhh!


The Phone Rings…

Dinah: *Answering her Cell Phone* Hello!

Shingo: *On the Phone* Dinah, It’s me. Your love.

Dinah: Hey Shingo. What’s up?

Shingo: Not Much. I was calling to tell you that i am enrolled in the school. The same one you are in. Same classes You are in i think… History, Lit and Art.

Dinah: History… Lit and Art. History. Now that… I wouldn’t mind doing. I always was a sucker for history.

Shingo: What about Literature?

Dinah: Literature… I guess that i could try that. I just hope that i don’t have to do any acting or Dramatic assignments. I am not up for that. Art though… Now i could always go for some Art.

Shingo: We’ll be having the classes together.

Dinah: You’re sure that you’re not reading the classes wrong…

Shingo: I couldn’t be reading them wrong. They are as they’ve been read.

Dinah: Well… Your place is in the same direction as the school is and on the way there. I’ll stop by there first.

Shingo: Okay. I’ll be outside my house waiting for you.

Dinah: See you then…

Shingo: You bet, Love. Safe drive.

Minutes later…

Dinah: *Driving by Shingo’s house and heading to school* I am gonna be sorry for doing this. but i got to at least try to go back to school. i Sure hope that Shingo is there though… I wonder if he can Drive in case i need to be driven back home in a hurry. *Feeling a little strange*

Shingo: *Waiting for Dinah outside his house*

Dinah: *Pulling over and Stopping* I can’t think to do this… I know that i am gonna be targeted at the school. The Mockery. Plus… i keep feeling weird. The school probably heard of my pregnancy and there are bound to be a few people taunting me there. A few people have been looking at me weirdly days before i was made to start the constant Bed Rest. I know this is gonna be a mistake. But i can’t just stay in bed all the time. I am a human… Not an Invalid. *Sighs* This is one of those times where i wish my mom was still alive. She’d know what to do… I think. *Feeling torn and unable to decide what to do*

Shingo: Is there anything I can do to help you out?

Dinah: *Looking at her Love* I would like to hope there would be something you could do. I feel a little heavy.Shingo, Do i look a little top-heavy to you?

Shingo: No. I would say not. But what would you want me to do?

Dinah: Good question. You Go to the same school i do, right?

Shingo: Yes. I happen to do so. Although i just made a mention to you over the phone that i Enrolled myself into the High School.

Dinah: *Remembering* Oh.. Yeah. That’s right… That’s right. I asked that… Didn’t I?

Shingo: Yeah.

Dinah: I must have forgotten about it. Sorry. I guess that with the block on being my normal spunky self… and the being Pregnant which put specific Restrictions on me… I kinda got a little Jaded.

Shingo: I suppose that i’d be able to relate somehow with that. The feeling of being torn from what you used to be to what you are made to be currently. It’s enough to create a little bit of an Identity crisis.

Dinah: You could be right. *Looking at Shingo* Do you Drive? Can you Drive?

Shingo: Yes. I can. I have done some Driving. I do have a bit of Experience in Driving. Want me to drive you to school?

Dinah: Yeah. Please. I don’t think that i can do this… I tried to and only made it to here. I don’t know if i’m gonna make it through the day. I already know as of now that i’m risking alot just getting out of bed and being pregnant. like this… I have begun to get Top-Heavy and i gained 17 pounds. At least it feels like i did since i have the pain in my Abdomen. I think you can suspect that the people at school are gonna notice. *Groans* Shingo… You’re gonna be a Father in the near Future. I am gonna be a Mother. But what if this was all a Mistake? What if we’re not ready for this yet? What’re we gonna Do?

Shingo: I am freaked out by this but I feel that we’re ready or maybe not. but we should try and take our chances. What do you think love?

Dinah: I think so too. I guess that we will need to try and go along with it. It’s hard though. Especially the way some people at school are looking at me… I just know that it’s gonna be a blow-up, I just know it. But i want these babies. I want you. However… Life never really asked me what i wanted most. IT just happened. What if i fail? What if something happens to us and we end up failing this? *Worried* Shingo, Do you feel as though we’ll make it? What if the people at School don’t accept the fact that i am pregnant? It’s the 14th week and i’m starting to gain weight. What will people say? *Feeling pain* Ouch! This hurts… Ahhh!

Shingo: I hope that we can, I know that we can. *tends to his love* Hang on! We need to get over to the school. Do you feel you can make it to school or do you want me to drive you home?

Dinah: I Should try to get to school. I can’t keep cowering. I am in pain and it comes and goes… but i can’t keep under bed rest. I got to get some fresh air. If i stay home all the time i’ll only wind up going Nuts. *Groans and trying to get the pain to subside* The pain is starting to fade… but the pain freakin’ hurts. It really hurts.

Shingo: Well come on. I’ll take you over to school. And let’s hope for the best here. And we can do this. Think positive.

Dinah: I’ll Try. I will try to think positive. I know this is gonna sound really stupid of me to ask this… but i might need to be watched in class. Would you be okay with sticking with me through my classes today? *Sitting up Slowly*

Shingo: I’ll see what I can do. I’m sure that could be arranged. But since we do happen to have the same classes… it wouldn’t be a problem.

Dinah: *Nods* I really hope that it’s not gonna complicate things. That would be the last thing i would ask for. *Straining to sit up* This pregnancy is really kicking my butt. Isn’t it? I like it a little. But the pain flaring up the way it has… not so much.

Shingo: I can’t imagine. *gets in the truck’s driver seat* Come on. We don’t want to be late for school.

Dinah: Trust me… You don’t want to imagine it. You’re lucky to not be part of the female persuasion. Being pregnant and going through the PMS and Menopause… That is no happy life. Trust me. you are better off not living that. *Finally sitting back up* Of course. We’ve got to get to school. I just hope that my sisters don’t feel too stung over seeing me risking it by coming to school in this condition. *Sighs* Man, this pregnancy is sometimes a pain. But i would just love to see our little ones when that moment does come.

Shingo: We’ll get through this. I know we will. You ready?

Dinah: I’m as ready as you are. *Nods slowly* Let’s get over to school.

Shingo: On it!! *drives over to the school*

At the New Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at Oliver* Oliver… What the heck is going on out there? for two weeks there has been no activity from Beryl. But Activity from the Fountain. And the last sighting of Beryl was after the meet you and the girls had with her. She was sighted up on top of the Daily Planet on top of the Globe. Then she just Vanished without a trace.

Oliver: I don’t know, Chloe. I am feeling really lost about that. Beryl has made it clear that she was gonna see to the Destruction of the girls. She’s gonna go after Dinah. We’re gonna need to keep her here. Beryl won’t know of this place.

Chloe: Neither do i. But that is why i have put up a detection cloak. so we can detect others. Detect her… but she can’t detect us…

Victor Stone: *Walking in* You worried about Broom rider?

Oliver: Uh, Victor… You should know not to ask about that… especially since we all are now gonna be dealing with her forces… Beryl 4 years ago was here trying to destroy the world and went with trying to unleash a great Evil. Chloe did some digging and She found out that there were a group of girls who fought off Beryl’s forces. They were not alone as the 3 girls we know and the 4 boys were helping them. Which took down Beryl. But it was a matter that was to be between the 5 sailors and Beryl all over a issue that was 1000 years in the making. 1000! The Rhapsody Girls got involved and it was sought to make things better…

Victor Stone: But… You’re thinking otherwise with the Broom Rider, Aren’t you?

Chloe: That isn’t really the main thing. The problem with it is that by doing what they did… had done the opposite of making it better. It only made it worse. Much worse than it should have. Beryl came back Through the portal. It was the Fountain that did it. We all believed that the Fountain would be opened in 9-10 months. But it opened ahead of time or so we would have thought. it pulled a surprise on us that neither of us expected. There were 3 layers on the Fountain that sealed the Portal leading to Dark Kingdom. One of them opened all the way. the 2nd one opened to 12% that was two weeks ago. Now. it’s at 30%. If it reaches 50%…

Victor Stone: It’ll open all the way and that will leave just one… Layer left of the seal.

Oliver: It kinda makes a person feel the twitchy jingles and quiver in fright. Doesn’t it?

Victor Stone: It doesn’t make me feel too warm. It has me getting spooked. And alot of my insides. most actually is like i was put together like a frankenstein monster.

Chloe: What happened was that we weren’t the first ones to find that out. Dinah found that part out. About the Fountain. and saw that it pointed to the fact that Beryl only needed one layer removed to be able to come on to the surface and come out of the Dark Kingdom. There was only one Layer needed opened all the way for that to happen and it was opened. But since she came out… the Fountain has been spewing less activity. it’s normal… but the Portal is still being opened. little by little.

Oliver: The girls know about it. They followed the activity being done by the fountain.

Victor Stone: What about Dinah and her… you know, Issue? The Pregnancy. She’s not in danger of being targeted by Beryl… is she? That Witch will go after the most Vulnerable first as it is the fastest way to take the girls down. the most Vulnerable is usually Pearl because of her sensitivity. But Now with Dinah being the Pregnant one. It shifted the Vulnerability stature to Dinah. Now Pearl is the tough acting one.

Oliver: A Switch. But a needed one. The babies that are gonna be growing inside Dinah a little before they come out are the 4th Generation of the family. They need a tough one in the family.

Victor Stone: *Nods* Well… they were always tough… weren’t they? They gone against what up till now… They went against a Drule bent on Galactic conquest. then against a great Evil. being awakened by the Evil Queen. Awakened. Then they had to beat up one of their own. but that got reversed and made like new. the world gets renewed. But then they face Threats like Zod. And Checkmate. Took out Checkmate. or Zod did. Then the girls took out Zod. Avenged their mother. Now they are going against Beryl Again… but she’s not the only one to worry themselves over. They have to deal with Raven’s Demon father Trigon the Terrible. Who is hiding under the name Scath. And the part that makes it tough for them is Dinah’s Pregnancy. So… they’re tough. They got this far.

Oliver: You met Raven yet?

Victor Stone: What do you mean… have i met Raven? I have. She mistook me for being one of the Teen Titans. Not that i would take offense to that. But it surprised the hell outta me. I never got that.

Chloe: Did you hear anything from the girls?

Oliver: No. I haven’t. Not really. But i did hear from them saying that Dinah is with an in-home on call Doctor now.

Chloe: Who’s the Doctor?

Oliver: I think they said her name was Ami Mizuno.

Chloe: Ami Mizuno… *Checking the Computer files for records of Ami* That is not right… I didn’t get any info on her. *Looking at the screen and suddenly getting readings* Here it is… Finally found it. But i never got any bites on it till now. The girls were tied to her and the other sailors in the 2nd threat. But of all the ones i got info on. The Girl… Mizuno is the only one that i did not. till now. She’s into being a Doctor. She’s a Doctor now. But how… It was only 4 years and…

Oliver: She must be a Total Whiz Kid.

Victor Stone: She’s got to be a Prodigy.

Chloe: yeah. Dinah is in good hands. She’s a good close friend to them. They trust her. They are all working hand in hand to see that Dinah’s babies are healthy. I think that i should meet her.

Oliver: Really?! I don’t know if we should sniff in every aspect of the girl’s lives. They are part of the Watchtower. We are like their protectors and Den-mothers and me being their Professor. But they are in need of a little personal Privacy.

Chloe: They do. Although we are in it as they are. Dinah is being cared for by a Doctor. However given their past with Doctors and how they were denied the right to be with their own mother for 8 years…

Oliver: That is true. But i think that it’s to be their call. Besides they can’t do the whole Pregnancy run on their own… They are in need of a doctor. Dinah is in need of one and the point is that they are needing just a modicum of privacy. they need that. We will be there for them when they need it. Anytime that they are in need of it…

At Metropolis Elementary…

Luna: *Sighs* Pearl and i are back in good standing… but she was trying to get me to reconcile with Paige. It is not right for me to be made to reconcile with her after being yelled at and spoken to like that. Paige was mean. I am Young and in time i could forget about it and just reconcile with Paige. But after being yelled at. And all for me trying to help… I don’t think so. I didn’t deserve that. I was trying to help. The other week when they were dealing with the Meeting with Beryl. standing up against her… I should have been there to aid them. But that was before Me and Pearl get back to good terms again.

Martin: Are you kidding? You’re with Pearl again? Is she nicer than Paige?

Luna: Much Nicer. I still don’t forgive Paige.

Martin: You shouldn’t. She’s been really mean to you. She may be a leader. but she had no right to be like that to you. She should get herself kicked.

Luna: That is Too mean. It’d make me no better than her. I just want to give her the cold shoulder.

Martin: Well you got to do something about it. She was mean to you. She shouldn’t get away with it.

Luna: What about Vincent Van Graves? What’s he thinking about the issue?

Martin: What do you mean?

Luna: He had to have seen something. Like something coming from the Fountain perhaps. Or maybe Beryl.

Martin: Beryl? Why her? You really think that she’s back?

Luna: She’s back, Martin. She came as a apparition in the clouds 7 weeks ago. saying that she was gonna be back. And she has done so. 2 weeks ago she made 2 appearances. 2. One at night during the Onslaught of creatures. Then the next day. She officially came and made an appearance into the Building. She came to the city. She was sighted.

Martin: Wait a minute. You’re sure about that… aren’t you?

Luna: I Don’t lie about that. Remember that i am Still a Senshi. Even though most of the life is suppressed and i am now just a hero like my sisters are… It still comes to me and i still sense it. I can still tell when it’s happening.

Martin: I guess that you could be right. I’ll ask my Guardian tonight and see if he’s found anything new about the Fountain or if he picked up something about the Intergalactic Demon or about Beryl. He’s bound to pick up something.

Luna: *Feeling Fuzzy suddenly* Martin, Do you sense something coming?

Martin: *Shaking his head* No. no i don’t. Why?

Luna: It’s nothing. I just happened to feel something strange. It passed off now. But it was… I don’t know.

Martin: You suppose that it was just your mind playing a game with you?

Luna: I don’t know.  But i do know that the weather has been going off with freak wind storms and the other day it was raining in the City. All over the City. Which was weird for the Forecast didn’t foresee any rain.

Martin: That is weird. I still got my Crystal Ball with me… Let’s see if we can sneak away somewhere and give a reach to Vincent. He might be able to find something.

Luna: Okay…

As For Dinah…

Metropolis High school…


Dinah: *Working on the Assignment while feeling a Little Unease* Agh! This pain is getting to me… *Trying to ignore the pain*…

Classmate: *Talking to the girl on the side* She is with the guy… That girl behind us… Dinah… She is with a Japanese boy. She’s been dating him for a while. And i heard that she and he got intimate. and she’s carrying his kid.

Classmate #2: You mean that he is with that Loser… She’s a Loser. I mean you hear how she talks and how she thinks. She even picks a fight with people. How the heck can the guy stand her?

Classmate: I don’t know. But she sure looks like she is in pain.

Classmate #2: Oh please. That’s just a play she’s doing. to make people feel for her. She’s a Tramp. She should have asked if he’s had protection. But she did it. She’s probably gonna have infections from the guy. She’s an Idiot. Or he’s clean and she’s got the Disease. She probably only got him for the sex. and then after she has the little bitches… or little pimps that will be like her… She’ll up and leave him.

Classmate: You’re probably right.

Classmate #2: What would you consider? *Disgusted to feel Dinah’s presence in the same room* She’s such a Loser.

Shingo: *starts overhearing two classmates talk, he is wondering what they are talking about* What’s going on here?

Classmate: About that girl you’re with. You know how she is always picking fights?

Classmate #2: She’s a Loser. She is pathetic as well. You should know that she is probably with you to have kids and then when she’s got them she’d up and leave you. She’s a Loser. You are being truly repulsive if you think she’s loving you for you and not because of the kids that she’s gonna be having because she choose to spread her legs with you.

Dinah: *Overhears and Snaps* Shut up! THAT is not true!

Classmate #2: Oh please. You’re a Loser. You only care about yourself. we were in the same class with you the other year. You kept picking fights with people. Even your sisters couldn’t control you… You are a total Loser.

Dinah: *Getting up and Starting to walk over to the girl* You want to screw with me… I may be pregnant… But i will throw down with you. If you don’t shut up… *With a Fist waving in front of her* You want this… Keep at it. Go for it. Just try.

Classmate #2: See? You’re dating a Loser who is a loose Cannon. Look at her… *Pushing Dinah Down* Why don’t you just go back to where you belong… You Loser. You’re a Whore. All you do is care about yourself… You shouldn’t even be a Mother. You little Skank! *Scoffs* Loser!

Shingo: Okay! *stands up* You two just shut your traps right now!! If you talk about Dinah again, we’ll see what happens!! Don’t be talking like that about my girl.

Classmate #2: *Shoots up in Disgust* What the f**k! You mean that you’re actually standing up for this Loser?! What the hell for? She doesn’t care about you? She’s only caring about you to tear you away from your happy life. You left your mother. because of her. I will bet that she has not asked if you were okay after doing so. You are so Stupid if you think that she will really love you. She is incapable of Love. You know that? She cares for no one. But herself. *Scoffs* My god. If you’re in love with her… you’re just as pathetic as she is…

Shingo: Okay! That does it! You asked for it!! *pushes down Classmate #2* You are the ones who are stupid thinking those vile things about Dinah! What’s the big idea with you?!!

Classmate #2: Not as stupid as you are for being with a Loser like her. My problem… there is none. I just have a low tolerance to Losers. And i know a Loser when i see one. That girl… Dinah… She is a Grade A Skank-Ass two-timing… LOSER!!! *Not backing down*

Shingo: *not backing down either* She is NOT!! You don’t understand what the key definition to the word “Love” is!! Now do you?!!

Classmate #2: I don’t need to know the true meaning of Love to know that she is incapable of Love and that she is a Loser. True love is when you accept someone for all they are and Love them completely. that you’d do anything and everything for her and with her… Not turning away. But she won’t do that… You’re so stupid, you ignorant boy. You’re so stupid. She won’t be true to you.

Dinah: *In Pain and with Tears in her eyes* Owwww! My Back. My back… *Feeling hurt* That hurts. Damn it!

Classmate #2: *Giving a Quick Kick to Dinah* Shut up, you stupid bitch… You’re faking it. LOSER!!! *Chanting* “Loser, Loser… Loser Loser Dinah… Slut and a whore… a no good Whore… Loser Loser. a No good girl… a Tramp and a fool that ‘s all you’ll be. LOSER LOSER LOOOOOOOSEEEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!”

Shingo: *smacks Classmate #2* NOW CUT THAT OUT!! You’re the one who is ignorant!! And not to mention you are dumb! You have the nerve calling Dinah a loser and she is in a lot of pain!!

Classmate #2: So?! She’s just faking it.

Dinah: *Screaming* AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! The Pain! *Crying in pain* Damn it!!!! I knew this was a bad idea… *Getting up Slowly and With a forced pull of her Fist* That does it. You want to see Whore… I’ll give you Whore… You *Looking at the Classmate* BITCH!!! *Throwing a Punch at the Classmate’s face and Then Landing a Kick into the girl’s gut; Grabbing at the girl and Slapping her hard several times* I am not a Loser. I am a girl just like you… You’re the Bitch. I am Pregnant, You son of a Bitch. You could have just killed the babies inside me. You are the one who is Worthless you sack of dirt. If i lose my kids… i will swear on it that i hold you Accountable for it. *Pushing the girl into the Wall while in tears* BITCH! *Falling down and Aching in pain* Aghhhhh! *Crying in pain* Owwwww!

Shingo: *giving the classmate a Dirty look of anger before tending to Dinah* Dinah! Hang on love! I’ll get you out of here!!

Dinah: *Crying in pain* …….

Shingo: *helps up Dinah; Escorting her out of the school over to her truck* Don’t worry Dinah. My love. We’re gonna get you back home. I promise.

A Minute later…

Shingo: *Getting Dinah into the truck* Are you okay? Where do you hurt?

Dinah: My back. and my Stomach. *In a little bit of Agony*

Shingo: Oh good heavens… Let’s get you home. You need to rest the pain away.

Dinah: I know.

Shingo: I’m in shock that it was this bad in there… Those girls were being so cruel.

Dinah: …

A minute later…

In the truck…

Shingo: *Behind the Wheel in the Driver’s seat* Dinah… I am in disbelief over what happened in there. I really am.

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo while in tears* Shingo… I am so sorry that you have to put up with me… I must really be pathetic. I should have stuck it out… I didn’t mean to get hurt like that. *Feeling Ashamed*

Shingo: It’s alright. It was probably a bad idea in the first place for both of us to begin with. I had no idea it was this bad.

Dinah: You didn’t know it was this bad? Why would you think this was a bad idea? Are you regretting the idea that we’re gonna have kids? *Feeling tears felling from her face*

Shingo: No. Not at all. But we’re in this together. That’s for sure.

Dinah: Shingo, Do you think that the kids will be okay? *Worried*

Shingo:  I hope so. I really do Dinah.

Dinah: Same here… *Feeling pain and upset* Let’s get home… I got to see my In-home Doctor. I have to have her check on my babies. right away.

Shingo: Right. *drives Dinah to the house*

Dinah: Maybe Ami was right… I was risking this. coming to school. Week 14 and already this happens to me… I can’t believe that i was thinking that i’d be able to come to school… I am such a idiot. *Feeling truly worthless*

Shingo: Let’s get going to your place. We’ll talk more with Ami about this.

Dinah: Okay. I really don’t know what I’ve done to deserve a sweet guy like you. But I’m glad that i have you. You having to put up with my fits and antics. *Smiles and Kissing her love* I love you. *With tears in her eyes* … *Wanting to be held*

Shingo: *holds Dinah and kisses her* I love you too.

Dinah: *Holding close to her Love*

At Grandmother Rikku’s house a few minutes later…

Shingo: *as he is walking into the house with Dinah* Ami, are you here? Dinah and I have returned!!

Dinah: *Walking Slowly* …

Ami: What happened? Dinah-Chan. Shingo-San. What happened?

Shingo: A whole lot has happened. Well. Not a whole lot. Just enough to tell you what’s going on.

Dinah: *In Pain* Going to school was not a good idea after all… *Feeling Pain in her Abdomen*

Ami: So now we know what to do now, right?

Shingo: This is not really pleasant if you ask me. A classmate just teased Dinah while we were at school.

Dinah: *Growls and feeling pain* You’re darn right. *Hissing in pain*

Ami: So you were teased. BAKA! The nerve of those people! Dinah. You need to rest.

Shingo: I know. That bitch had some nerve to be mean to Dinah. She called her some pretty vile names too.

Dinah: *Nods* I am not gonna go back to school… Not till after i deliver… i’m done… But Ami. Please. I need to have my insides checked. I need to know if the babies will be fine. Please. Ami. Doc. Please. Please. I need to see that my little ones are alive and are gonna be alright. Where is the ultrasound machine? *About to collapse*

Ami: Don’t worry. I got it taken care of. *goes to get the portable ultrasound machine and then marches fast over to examine Dinah*

Dinah: *Scared*… *With tears in her eyes* How much longer before i have my babies? It is only the 14th week…

Ami: *examines Dinah; after a minute* The babies are going to be alright, but you have some minor bruises on your insides though.

Dinah:*Gasps* They’re gonna be okay? *Crying with relief* Oh… Thank you… Thank you. *Coughs a little* How big are the bruises? Are they bad?

Ami: It’s not too bad. Only minor bruises. I’d advise you should rest up and stay from the trouble as much as possible.

Dinah: *Nods* I will. Ami. I will. I am never stepping out of this house again unless i really need to. But till i have the babies… as much as it will cause me to go Stir Crazy. This house and this Bed… is gonna be my new department. Shingo, Don’t leave me… Stay here.

Shingo: I’ll stay with you Dinah. You can count on that

Dinah: *Nods* … *Trying to get the pain to die down* Ami, Not to get off the concern of my little ones… But it’s been a long time. I know that the Senshi Involvement is over with what is going on now… But the Senshi days… Do you sometimes miss it?

Ami: Yeah. I do miss those days.

Dinah: If there was a way to get those days back, Would you take that life again; Even if it meant jeopardizing the medical career which happens to be your dream?

Ami: I…..I have no idea of that. Honestly. Who knows?

Dinah: It is gonna sound a little Dumb of me to suggest this… but My adopted sister is Luna. She’s still a senshi. She also from time to time speaks to Queen Serenity. She Confessed to doing so. She might have a way to grant that power back. I myself say No. Live your normal life. Live with your dream. Make a Difference being a Doctor. Something that you worked hard for. Don’t go back to having to have the whole weight of the world on your hands. It’s your Choice though, Doc. You got to be sure it’s what you want. Don’t do it because someone pushes you to do so. Do it because you want to. Ami, You’re living your dream. Don’t throw that away because of desire to be a senshi again. *Being condescending*

Ami: I don’t know what to say…..I don’t know what to say of this.

Dinah: Go by what you feel. What do you feel? *showing reason and compassion*

Ami: It would be nice. do you think it’s a good move. I might consider it. It does sound rather Exciting.

Dinah: We’ll have to ask Luna. But maybe we can stir it up again. *thinking*

Ami: Possibly so.

Dinah: Would you like to ask Luna about it?

Ami: I guess. Do you think that she’d be able to do something about it? I actually Like being a Doctor. I get to help people. help care for people. tending to them. It’s something that i wanted to work towards. My mom is still a Doctor. But she gone to yet another Doctor’s convention.

Dinah: You sure that she’ll be back though.

Ami: I don’t know. It’s a hopeful possibility.

Shingo: Dinah, We should get you upstairs. You need to rest, Precious.

Dinah: *Nods* Right…

An hour later…

Raven: *Shadowing into the room* Dinah?! What are you doing home? we thought that you were gone at school.

Dinah: I was. *Laying in bed*

Raven: What happened?

Shingo: She was teased and Mocked by a couple of rotten judgmental broads. Two rotten girls who get their kicks from tearing down a girl like Dinah.

Raven: Did they hurt Dinah?

Shingo:  Yeah. I would sure say that they had. But the miraculous thing is that the babies are fine. They’re unharmed.

Raven: That’s good.

Shingo: Dinah is gonna just be resting for a while before anything else.

Raven: *Hovering over to Dinah* She’ll be okay. *Using Empathy on Dinah to heal the pains on Dinah* It’s okay now.  She’ll rest off the remaining bit of the pain. But most of the pain is gone.

Shingo: Right. How are you able to heal her like that though? What was that?

Raven: I just used a little bit of Empathy. It heals the Wounds on people. and myself. anyone i touch. Just slightly touching the person.

Shingo: Does it always work?

Raven: Usually. But that is unless the wounds are too great. If the Injuries are too deep. it won’t do much good.

Dinah: *Watching T.V* I don’t know about anyone here… but i will never go back to school again till after i have conceived. because being pushed like that almost costed me my babies. I almost lost them. I am not taking that risk again. I don’t care how stir crazy i get.

Shingo: we need to keep you in better health. Dinah, Seeing you in Pain like that… I almost lost it.

Dinah: Well.. just don’t be telling your mother about this. She’d be throwing fits because she’d be dismayed that i lived and am still keeping the babies.

Shingo: …

Dinah: Your mother would be wanting to hear that i was dead. That’s obviously what she sires as she hates me.

Shingo: The hell with my mother, Dinah. You are my family. You are my life. I don’t care what my mother does. I stopped caring since the other week when she tried harder to tear us apart. She is not gonna take me away from you. I Love you Dinah. I am making my choice and it stands. I Love you…

That Afternoon..

At Metropolis Elementary…

Martin: Vincent didn’t see anything much. He couldn’t pick up on anything that was going on in the City. But he’s in the same boat as you are. He is stumped. I too am Stumped. He’s gonna keep looking into the situation. Monitoring the Fountain. He knows about the fountain posing a threat through the city.

Luna: A Weather Anomaly like unexplained Cloud coverage… We had that the other day. And today there must have been a slight shift in heat. the weather seemed a bit hot.

Martin: It sure felt like it was… didn’t it?

Luna: I believe so. I felt it.

Vincent Van Graves: *Walking over from the side with a Cane* Martin, My dear boy. You ready to go home?

Martin: Yeah.

Vincent Van Graves: *Nods* That’s a good lad. I believe that the School has harbored you and taught you enough fun lessons for the day. *Seeing Luna* Ah, And so we meet again my dear child. You look a little troubled. Are your sisters still hampering your innocent nature with the guilt?

Luna: Well… No. Not anymore. But Paige and i are still in terrible terms. Pearl is Okay again.

Vincent Van Graves:  I see. I guess that’s a start. But i am terribly sorry that i caused your sisters to snap at you. I do hope that things get better between you and your sisters. I don’t feel it right to see such loving girls who’re sisters fight and hold a quarrel amongst one another. *Looking towards the street* Are you expecting a ride to come?

Luna: Yeah. Pearl. She should be coming soon.

Vincent Van Graves: I really don’t see it being right to just leave you here by yourself, Dear child. It just wouldn’t be right for a person to do. Alot of dangerous things can happen to anyone left alone.

Luna: It’s okay. You don’t have to stay. Besides, i am aware that Martin mentioned that i was a Senshi…

Vincent Van Graves: A senshi. A Sailor Soldier. You have protection for you to use against any dangerous plights that might come.

Luna: *Nods* That’s right. i have the power of the Senshi.

Martin: She’s good too. I saw her fight once. She’s great.

Luna: *Sensing an Aura nearby and seeing a creature come out into the open* I think… That i spoke too soon. You guys might want to get back…

Martin: What? what’s going on?

Vincent Van Graves: *Seeing the creature* Oh dear heavens… A creature. Whatever shall we do? *Snapping his fingers* Aha! I got it. *Focusing his energy and thinking fire* … *Raising his cane and Shooting a Fiery beam of fire at the creature* Fire Shot! Get it while its hot.

Luna: I got to fight…

A second later…

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* …

*Doing her Pose* Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower and the Rhapsody Family… I shall Punish you.

Vincent Van Graves: *Looks to See Luna in a different form* Good Heavens there, dear child. that is outstanding.

Sailor Luna: Don’t worry. Vincent… It’s gonna be okay. I’ll handle this. *Facing the Creature*

From a Few Feet away…

Pearl: *Seeing a Creature* What the?! What is going on here?

Paige: I don’t know… but this isn’t good.

Pearl: A Creature. Coming to attack the school. But why?

Paige: I don’t know. It’s not looking so pleasant over there…

Pearl: *Spotting Luna* Oh god… that’s Luna. She’s fighting it off. *Looking to see a Man a few steps away from Luna* Huh?!

Paige: Is that…

Paige & Pearl: Vincent Van Graves?!

Pearl: What’s he doing here?

Paige: I have no idea. But i think it’s time we went and aided our sister.

Pearl: Luna still doesn’t have any respect for you… You want to risk it?

Paige: I got to do something… we both do. Whether she likes me or not… we’re family. We have to fight side by side with her. Let’s go. Pearl… It’s time for Miss Love and Bubble Maiden to come into play.

Pearl: *Nods* Let’s go.

A few seconds later…

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around; Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing and screaming with Fury* …. *Posing* The Love and beating heart of Bliss, the Winged angel of Romance… Miss Love… with the powers of Love and sweet eternal hearts…the souls and presence of Evil will be silenced by the embrace of Love’s Might!

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around; Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing and screaming with Fury* …. *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evil will be washed with grace and light!

Back by the front Gate…

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at the creature; Firing an attack* Luna Sucre… Candy!

Vincent Van Graves:  *Focusing his Energy and Thinking Electric* … *Pointing his fingers and holding his Right hand out; Blasting out a Sonic Blast of Thunder and Lightning* Thunder and Lightning Flash Bomb!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at the creature* Bubbly Gem Flash!

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at the creature* Love’s Storming Rhapsody!

Sailor Luna: *Scoffs* Pearl, What is Paige doing here? I still haven’t forgiven her for how she spoke to me. and i remember stating that i didn’t want her around me. Why is she here?

Bubble Maiden: Luna. You and Paige are gonna learn to start getting along. I am tired of the bickering. You and her have been doing it for long enough. She yelled. You said things too. But it’s over. We’re a family. Family sticks together. We have a problem come from time to time but that is just how it works. It’s just the way it is. Just let the Quarrel go and reconcile. Please Luna. Paige is sorry. You can tell that she is sorry. Why else would she be here still fighting along side you and motioning to help you beat this Creature?

Sailor Luna: I feel like my arm is being twisted… but fine… consider the Quarrel stopped. I’m tired of sulking about it. Let’s just do this…

Miss Love: *Looking at her sister* Let’s fire at this.

Vincent Van Graves: *Watching the girls* These must be the girls in their other form… Simply amazing. I love how they look.

Martin: Well Vincent… They are the sisters to Luna. They’re the Rhapsody Girls Z! Well… two of the members. But the one they have that is the Powerhouse… is their sister Dinah. Thunder Mistress. But the thing is that she’s… Pregnant.

Vincent Van Graves: *Stunned* You don’t say. How lovely. She’s gonna be a mother. And she’s the same age as they are. She must be looking forward to being a mother.

Martin: Not sure… She’s only 17 and still in high school. No Job. No money either…

Vincent Van Graves: Oh dear. that will never do. Never do at all. I wonder how she’ll be able to handle being a mother and be without a way to pay and raise them? I do hope that she’ll be alright.

Martin: Join the same thought as her sisters. They feel that way too.

Sailor Luna: The creature is starting to strike back. We got to hurry.

Bubble Maiden: Right. Let’s finish this. *Launching an attack at the Creature* Bubbles Storming Concerto!

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at the creature* Love’s Storming Flood!

A second later…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the targets* Luna…. Cosmic…Sugar hearts *Launching the attack* … Beam… ATTACK!!!

The creature Screeched and blew up within seconds… and the girls returned back to normal…

Martin: *Walking over to Luna* The creature is gone. You guys did it.

Luna: That is another one done and taken out.

Paige: But it won’t be the last. You can almost bet that Beryl was behind it. She’s playin’ hard. She’s trying to distract us somehow so she can make a  move.

Pearl: How do you know that?

Paige: How do i know that? How do i not know that? I would plead that you stop and think about it. Think about it a little. A creature comes out of nowhere. and hits here with the knowing that we’d probably be here. as would Luna. It was playing a move and got us off guard.

Pearl: So if it was trying to get us off guard… Who was the real target?

Luna: *Suspecting* You don’t suppose that this was another attempt to try to get at Dinah… Do you?

Martin: Going after your sister… What?! Dinah is a Sitting Duck. So if it was after her… it’d be easy since she’s an easy target.

Vincent Van Graves: You girls should make haste to your place and see. If there is trouble… you’ll need to stop it before it is too late.

Martin: What about us?

Vincent Van Graves: We’ll follow by the Magic Carpet. I do use that when i savor to get around from time to time. That’s what i used to get here, My dear Martin. That’s what i used.

Pearl: *Looking at Paige* Paige, Let’s go. We’re going home. Now.

Paige: Right.

Luna: Let’s go.

At King John’s house…

In the Rhapsody Brothers bedroom…

Prince Avery: *Looking at the Screens and seeing activity going on at Grandma Rikku’s house* this is not good. Not good at all. *Reading up through more of the activity* Something has just hit the Rhapsody girl house. It hit. this is a sneak attack.

Prince Alvin: *Walking into the Room* What’s going on… I just got in when i heard sirens starting. What’s the situation?

Prince Avery: The Situation… Take a Look at the Screen. *Pointing at the Screen* Tell me what you see going on. You’re not gonna like it.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the Screen* Activity… Grandma Rikku’s house… An Evil Mist. Purple Mist billowing in the girls room. Dinah is inside the Room.

Prince Avery: Afraid so. What’ll we do?

Prince Alvin: We leave and head over to their house right now.

Prince Avery: We should Notify Prince Arnold and Prince Curtis.

Prince Alvin: We will as soon as we get there. We need to go. Now.

Prince Avery: Yes. *Nods*

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Dinah: *Trapped in the center of Purple Mist* What the hell is this? What’s going on? What…

Beryl: *Voice* You will be mine, Brat. You can’t fight me like last time. You’re Pregnant and i will see that it becomes your undoing.

Dinah: *Recognizing the Voice* Beryl! I don’t know what you’re on… But you better get lost. *Coughing* What are you up to?

Beryl: Wouldn’t you like to know what i am planning. I am gonna take over your city. It will be a matter of time before you become the enemies. and the hero and savior is me…

Dinah: *Laughs* Are you Nuts?! You think that will work? Come on, Who are you trying to kid here? We were ruined when a Evil or dark Clone of us were made. They tried to pose as us while we were tied up. We broke out and fixed it. There’s been a couple of times after that through the years that we were being torn down by damaging Info. Not even that worked. So you are gonna try something that’s failed time and time before? Are you just so bored that you’re looking to just waste your time doing things that are bound to fail yet again? What are you trying to prove?

Beryl: That is for me to know and you to find out, My pesky Rhapsody girl. You will know when that time comes.

Prince Alvin: *Busting into the room* BERYL!!! Get your ass in here right now. We know that you’re in that Purple Mist. Get out here right now. Face us!

Prince Avery: *Walking into the room and Spotting the Purple Mist* Okay… Beryl, Where are you?

Beryl: *Forming into the Room* I have come to cast a warning. You Rhapsody Brats have derailed my ambitions last time. This time is gonna be different. I will be the one who will derail your ambitions. Payback. You won’t know when… You won’t know how… but it will happen. You Rhapsodies should have died along side the Moon Princess. But you lived. The little ones inside the girl will suffer. If the City turns on you… the hospital will deny care for the babies. and they will die. So Ending the Line for Rhapsody family. The family will Die with you… Your Destruction is at hand.

Prince Alvin: *Barking at Beryl* Shut up! You can’t do anything. You have no power. There are too many people in this City that know about you and will never fall for you. You will just fail like before…

Beryl: SILENCE!!! *Blasting a wave of Purple Mist at Prince Alvin* You will learn to Die!

Prince Alvin: *getting pummeled by the Mist; Groaning and struggling to hold on* Agh! Ahhhh!

Prince Avery: *Looking towards Prince Alvin* Captain!

Beryl: *Laughing* Ahahahahahahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Prince Avery: *Growls at Beryl* You want something to laugh at? I got something for you. *Firing A blast of Plasma at Beryl* PLASMATIC MIST!

Beryl: *Taking the hit and falls onto the floor* You…. YOU!!!! Rhapsody Pest!

Dinah: *Sneaking up behind Beryl and Grabbing her around the Neck* Beryl, You’re a Evil Bitch. Just because i am pregnant doesn’t mean that i can’t still land a blow to you when i get the chance to take you out. When i have my babies… i will make you this guarantee… that if you come near my babies… inflicting any harm on them… You will wish that you were dead. because i will make you wish to god that i stopped my wrath on you. You screwing with my family in my presence… In the Presence of a Pregnant girl. That is a bad mistake. You will be in trouble for that. Count on it. *Letting go* Now… do a favor and get the f**k out of our house, Beryl before we decide to go medieval on you. Purple mist or no Purple Mist.

Beryl: *Getting up and Looking cross at Dinah* This isn’t over. *As She vanishes* Your destruction will come…

Within seconds the Purple mist was gone and vanished. Beryl disappeared and was no where in sight by then and As soon as the room was back to normal and the coast was clear…

Prince Alvin: *Standing up and brushing himself off* Ugh! That was not pleasant… *Grunts* Damn Evil Witch!

Prince Avery: I know. That was a very bad encounter. Beryl has over stepped her bounds. She’s wanting to kill is all. She has fires for us all and is wanting for us all to die. She hates the Rhapsody family all from the get-go.

Dinah: Well The feeling is mutual. That bitch better learn to back off. I am pregnant.. i can’t fight as Thunder Mistress anymore for now… but it doesn’t mean that i can’t still fight as “Danger Zone” Dinah. *Looking up* Beryl… I know that you can hear me… I am warning you. You come near me again… you better have your will with you. because the only way i’ll be letting you leave is by a body bag.  You threaten my family… You Threaten me, you no good snake-bitten two-timing BITCH!

Paige: *Running in with Pearl and Luna* We’re here… What’s going on?

Prince Avery: Nothing really. at least not now. You rather missed a Encounter from our favorite bitch power-hungry Queen of Dark Kingdom…

Pearl: Beryl was here?!

Luna: She was here? In this room?

Prince Alvin: Yeah. She was. She was in this room. And we got her just in time because Beryl was trying to kill off Dinah’s babies somehow. But we stopped her.

Prince Avery: But Dinah is throwing Daggers of Fury over it. Dinah still wants to fight her. she nearly chocked Beryl to death. but let her go with a strict but hard-walled warning.

Pearl: I think that she’s got all the right to do such a thing as she is now gonna be a future mother. She’s gonna be a mother. She’s got 2 or 3 little ones inside her. She’s gonna do all she can and everything that she can to protect them. She won’t back down from doing so either.

Luna: We don’t expect her to… Ever.

A Minute later…

Martin: *Walking into the Living room; Coming upstairs with his Guardian* Luna?!

Luna: *Hearing Martin’s voice* Martin… We’re in here.

Vincent Van Graves: *Walking Close by using a Cane*

A few seconds later…

Luna: *Looking to see Martin* Hey Martin…

Martin: Hey Luna. We got here just in time… but i sense that we are a little late.

Luna: No worry. We were late too. By time we got here… the incident was done with. But i heard that Dinah was giving Beryl a case what fer’.

Pearl: Dinah may be unable to battle as a hero… but she can still land a punch when need be.

Paige: *Mutters to herself* To be continued…

Dinah: *Not hearing Ami near* Where’s Ami?

Paige: I have no idea. We didn’t see her on our way in.

Prince Avery: She was here earlier… wasn’t she?

Dinah: Yeah. To check on the Babies. But that was like 4 hours ago now.

Prince Alvin: I’m sure she’s around.

Pearl: Of course. She came last night and vowed to move into the garage. But we did insist on giving her the Guest room.

Paige: That’s true. We did.

Dinah: *Sighs* Look… There is something that you two need to know and this is something in regards to what Luna might still have the power to do.

Pearl: *Confused by Dinah’s remark* Dinah, What are you talking about?

Prince Alvin: Is this something that we’re gonna want to know about or where it’s leading?

Paige: I would like to know. Because i am right now completely confused.

Dinah: Luna… Paige, Pearl… You 3 need to stay in here. Martin… You, Prince Alvin, Prince Avery and Vincent wait for a little bit in the Living room. It’s something rather personal and between sisters.

Prince Alvin: *Nods* A Private matter… We got that.

Without another word to speak up against it… Prince Alvin and Prince Avery lead Martin and his Guardian into the living room to wait…

Paige: *Sitting down and Sighs* What is going on here, Dinah? What’s the big deal?

Pearl: What could be so important that you didn’t want the others to hear?

Dinah: Ami was here and i while she was checking out the conditions of my babies… I asked her about if she missed the days of being… well, you know… A senshi.

Luna: You what?!

Pearl: Dinah, Sis… Please tell us that you didn’t. Please tell us that you didn’t try to bring her into the mess and ask her about becoming a fighter again.

Luna: I can’t ask up to Queen serenity for that right. She will never allow it. Plus after the second threat ended… i lost the ability to be able to grant that power. I can’t grant it. it’s not that i won’t… It’s because i can’t. I don’t have that power anymore. I still have the memories of the Past. The Moon Kingdom and the power of the senshi. But as for anything else… i don’t have that power anymore. I don’t have it. Even if i were to summon Queen Serenity. Asking her… She would want to know what for. She doesn’t know about Raven. About Scath. I can’t tell her about that.

Dinah: I don’t know what more to tell you, But we’re gonna have to ask her about what she can do… Luna. *Being straight and sincere*You and my sisters are gonna need all the help and all the fire power you can get to drive off the forces of Beryl. and to knock back the Intergalactic Demon till after i Conceive and after i get my strength back. Till then… i am down and out. i can’t do any heavy fighting and you guys know that. I had a incident at school where i was pushed down by a couple of girls in class. I almost lost the babies. But thankfully by the grace of god i didn’t. They’re fine. and are gonna be okay. However. the fact is that i could have still lost them. I am not gonna fight. I can’t. That is why i am asking and suggesting that you see what can be done. We need to cover all our butts.

Luna: *Sighs* Fine… I’ll do it. But Dinah… i being equally pragmatic about this… She is gonna just wind up telling me that to keep them normal will ensure their protection.

Pearl: It’s a risk. But it’s worth the shot.

Dinah: *Feeling a sharp pain coming in her Abdomen* Ahhh! Geez! That really hurts…  Someone tell the pain to quit giving me the bruises…


Click to view full size image

Ami: *Walking into the room* Hey Dinah. Hey Paige… Pearl. It’s been a Long time since we spoke… *Looking to her side and spotting Luna* … *Gasps* Luna?!

Luna: *Turning to see Ami* Ami-Chan! It’s true… you have come back.

Ami: I have. I’m a Doctor now. Working with a couple of wonderful doctors.  I hear that you’re now a sister to our friends here… Nice. You’re lucky.

Luna: No. i am not Lucky. Not really. I am just fortunate. I was away too for a while but came back into their lives while they were still dealing with this threat Named Zod. They were also dealing with Checkmate too. But they broke free from that.  But Zod Killed their mother…

Ami: Well that i know. But since you became their sister and were adopted by their mother. She was also your mother too. Right?

Luna: Yeah. *Sighs* It was hard losing her.

Ami: I feel it too. She was actually like a second mother to us all. Makoto, Rei, Usagi, Minako. They all saw her as like a second mother. As did i.

Luna: Uh-huh. You’re here as an in-Home Doctor to Dinah… Although she told me about seeing towards calling up to the Queen and asking her to grant back the power of the soldier. Is this true?

Ami: Yes.

Luna: Why?

Ami: Because i want to do the fighting again so Dinah-Chan won’t have to. Plus Beryl is an old enemy that revolves the senshi. us. Even if it’s only me that comes back to help… I want to help. I want to be a Senshi again. I miss those days.

Luna: I wish that i could ask her… I do. But I can’t ask the Queen, Ami-Chan. After the second threat the girls went against ended… i still kept the power of the senshi… Still kept all memories of the Moon Kingdom. But i lost the ability to call the Queen to request for the return of the powers of the Senshi to be returned to you. I can’t do it. The last time i spoke to the Queen. She made it clear that she wanted you all to live normal. to not worry about any dangers. to live happily ever after and live freely. Not being dragged into the fighting anymore.

Ami: She may have said that. But i want to fight again. I am sure that the others do too if only they knew about what was going on.

Luna: I don’t think that Makoto would want to be in on the fight. She is with Motoki-kun and they’re back in Japan. She said that she was gonna go live in Japan. Rei-Chan is still here in Metropolis. She’s the headmistress at the Metropolis Shrine. Minako is still in the City and doing tours. She also still senses things going on. Even without the power of the Senshi. She knows that something was up.

Ami: We must get to them and at least have them back in order. I can still be a doctor… But i also want to be a senshi again.

Paige: Does that mean what i think it means?

Pearl: I think that it does.

Luna: Okay… Give me some time to think about it. I will have to see how to contact The Queen and get her to grant the powers to you again. and maybe to Rei and to Minako.

Raven: *Walking into the Room* Your cousins are waiting for you guys down there… So is Martin and his Guardian.

Luna: Bring them up…

That night…

Dinah: *Watching a Movie trying to relax* These pains are gonna kill me.

Raven: *Looking at Dinah* I already used the Empathy on you to help ease the pain. I can use more of it and hopefully get it to subside. But I’m afraid that it won’t take it all away. The pain will still be there.

Dinah: A Little pain will be fine… i’ll live with a little pain… I just want the flare up to go down again…

What was next to happen for the girls? Would they be getting extra unexpected help coming their way? With Beryl in the forefront and in the City posing the threat from years ago… but with a whole new turn… What would it play for the Rhapsody Girls? Would Beryl be eventually taking notice of Raven and wonder what she is and who she really was? Would Beryl figure it out sometime in the future? If Luna wins the Ability to re-enact 3 of the 5 senshi’s to come back in action to pick up the slack to fill in for Dinah… What would that mean for Beryl? How would the Justice League react to seeing the senshi’s? How would their Professor react?  And Is there about to be a new hero about to step into the field?  What about Dinah’s Pregnancy? With the Pregnancy progressing and each week new challenges starting to occur… What was gonna happen to Dinah? Were there more dangers afoot for the Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers as well as the Allies and supporters? Find out all this and more in The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Chapter 84: “Inside Babies Grow Conscious and 3 senshi’s join the battle against Beryl and her acts of retribution; “Look over Yonder for a Blonde girl to come running in.”


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