Chapter 82: “Happy New Mayhem… Pregnancy Progression leads on. Dinah’s bedridden beginnings and Who’s the Mystery trouble maker with the Purple suited Evil?”

Pearl: *Voice-over* The Pregnancy moves ahead and a new set of Fountain trouble begins. Things start to shake up leading to more peril and more thrill. Here is Chapter 82 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! “Happy New Mayhem… Pregnancy Progression leads on. Dinah’s bedridden beginnings and Who’s the Mystery trouble maker with the Purple suited Evil?”

Jan 7th 2026

At Grandma Rikku’s house…


Dining Room…

Pearl and Paige are sitting down and thinking about the Activity centering on the Fountain and thinking about their sister Dinah…

Pearl: *Sitting and Looking at Paige* Paige, The Fountain has been opening up a bit since the other week. That Black Mist had Purple mist too. It was there and that was Beryl’s sign.

Paige: I could feel it. Prince Alvin also felt it. he did not know what to believe other than the Fountain coming alive and transponding to being the Magnetic Beacon for the Evil Queen.

Pearl: The belief is true. She is back. but hasn’t been popping out yet. She’s toying with us.

Paige: No she isn’t. She is still on the other side of that Portal. That Gateway Linking Dark Kingdom to this world. Beryl is alive. *Sighing* Pearl, look. We can’t act unless we know for sure that Beryl is moments away from officially popping out and making her appearance seen by people in the City. She would also try to hide herself well so she wouldn’t give herself away.

Pearl: You are giving her a bit more credit. Beryl won’t try to hide. She wants to come after me and Dinah. You saw that the last time we went head to head with Beryl. She gave us that kind of look. She was swearing vengeance. She was swearing her revenge on us. I caught it but at that point of time was so concerned about what our friend Usagi was doing that it didn’t really catch on to my attention. i knew that beryl was gonna be back one day. Revenge drives her like a Disease. She is coming back.

Paige: So? What do you suppose we do?

Raven: *Walking into the Dining Room* Morning.

Pearl: *Looking to the side and seeing Raven* Morning Raven. How’s Dinah?

Raven: Dinah is fine. She’s right now resting and keeping still. She’s not happy about missing school. but she is learning to adjust and is getting some of her homework done from school. I am gonna be taking it over to her classes once she’s done.

Paige: *Concerned* Is she gonna be okay here though?

Pearl: With the recent uprising of the Activity coming from the Fountain… It is gonna be hard to keep it where she’ll be safe. Dinah is gonna be in danger if Beryl comes out of there. She will attack anyone close to us just to lure us.

Raven: We don’t know that. Not yet.

Luna: *Coming out and with her bag* The activity that is coming from the fountain has been spiking. *Looking at the time* Who’s taking me to school today?

Raven: I’ll Take you Today, Luna. I got to be here to watch over Dinah. your good ol’ grandma is out and at work. She had left about an hour ago.

Pearl: Figures. She’s always going out before we get up…

At King John’s house…

In the Garage…

Prince Alvin: *Fixing the Wires on his Motorcycle* Alice, We need to keep a sharper eye on the Activity on that Fountain. You have seen something coming from the fountain. You know what it is… Don’t you?

Alice: I think so. It doesn’t matter though… I saw that it was a form. a being. A woman. But the view was a blur. I did see that in 5 weeks there is gonna be an Onslaught of creatures. coming from the Fountain. Whoever that woman is…

Prince Alvin: *Slamming the Wrench down a bit and looking up at Alice* Alice, That woman is Beryl. You can’t be telling me that you forget who she is. She’s a killer. She is the one that my cousins and i had to tussle with 3-4 years ago now. She was the reason behind the end of the world nearly taking it’s root. You know who Queen Metaria is i would assume. Queen Metaria was this Great Evil that unfortunately reacted to the Mystical Silver Crystal every time it was used. or each time it was emitting energy and power. We did not want to believe it but we came to realize in pain… that they were one and the same. we had to prevent Usagi Tsukino the Legendary Princess of the Moon reincarnated from using the thing. although as if we thought that she was gonna be able to resist… She broke when she saw her love Endymion dead. and snapped. We had to stop her. Pearl… She had her Bubble Weapon come alive on its own and counteracted the Moon Harp and the Power of the Mystical Silver Crystal. She nullified it.

Alice: So Beryl is the one you are fearing will come out from the Fountain? *Sighs* Prince Alvin, I really don’t know what is going on here with the fact that Beryl is gonna be busting out of there. I am sorry if i got you to feel a bit ticked off talking about it. i just don’t know how much of it i buy.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the Motorcycle* I know Alice. I know. Can’t you even tell how hard it is for me to deal with? I got the fact that Dinah is Pregnant and 7 weeks in on her pregnancy. The Doctor she saw during the 5th week of her Pregnancy confirmed the truth that she is Pregnant. She is with the Pregnancy and possibly gonna be having issues with it soon. It’s gonna get a bit harder for her. We also have the fact that Beryl is threatening to look out of the Fountain. She is coming. Then we also got to worry about the Intergalactic Demon that is ultimately destined to show in the future…

Alice: *Realizing who her Boyfriend is referring to* Scath?

Prince Alvin: Yes. Him. He is our Main Event this time. Between that and the Fountain… and Dinah’s Pregnancy… it’s stressing me out. If Beryl is back and is coming to the city. We’re gonna need to work hard to keep the idea instilled in Beryl’s head that Dinah is dead. We know she’s not. We all do. But we will have to make sure that Beryl Believes it to be true. Because if not. Dinah will get hurt. Dinah will get hurt and that could hurt her Babies. That could be a big problem. There won’t be much we can do to protect her if Beryl catches on that Dinah is alive and well… Pregnant. She’ll try to abduct her and turn her to the side of hers. make her as twisted as she.

Alice: We can’t let that happen.

Prince Alvin: We won’t.

At the Metropolis Gen…

In the Hall…

Julie: *Looking at the Records* These aren’t right… It says that Dinah has been pregnant for about 7 weeks… But the Embryo inside is forming… motioning for week 8 of the Pregnancy. It’s a week ahead. *Looking at her Assistant* Mrs. Mizuno. Can you come here, please?

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Ami: *Walking over to Dr. Rhapsody* Yes, Mrs. Rhapsody.

Julie: I’m looking at the records of Dinah Rhapsody’s Pregnancy results and something isn’t looking right.

Ami: *remembering the name* Dinah-Chan! What?! You mean that she’s Pregnant? How is that conceivable?

Julie: That’s what i can’t figure. I was the one that saw her the other week. 2 days before Christmas and rand some tests. Like an MRI…An Ultrasound. and had to issue her to give a Urine sample. there was a spot of Placenta in it. She’s Pregnant. but the records here tell that she’s 8 weeks in when she said and as did my sister Rikku. They said that she was a week 7. But the records seem to indicate her to being a week 8. Is that right?

Ami: *Walking closer and motioning to look at the results* Let’s see. *Looking at the results and seeing the pictures of the inside on Dinah’s stomach* That is very peculiar. Dinah’s records are showing a increased growth rate. Do you suggest that we call her in for another checkup?

Julie: *Sighs* No. I am sure that it’s fine. But the Pregnancy is a little too quickly accelerating. It’s growing out to be a bit of a concern.

Back at Grandma Rikku’s house…

Raven: *Looking at Luna* You ready?

Luna:  uh-huh!

Raven: *Grabbing Luna and getting ready to shift into a Black Raven* Hold on tight, Luna.

Luna: *Nods* Okay. *Holding onto Raven*

Raven: *Using Dark Energy to put her hood over her head and with glowing white eyes* Paige, Pearl… I’ll be back after i take Luna to her school. I also have to pick up Dinah’s work and take it to her classes and pick up her new work. Bring it back to her.

Paige: Okay. You’ll be over at our school after, Right?

Raven: Plan to.

Within seconds Raven transformed into a  Black Raven and Shadowed out through the wall and into the skies beaming fast towards Luna’s school to drop her off…  While Raven was taking Luna off to school…

on the road heading off to The Metropolis High School…

In Pearl’s car…

Pearl: *Driving* Paige, Aren’t you kinda getting really sick and tired of Grandma being around with her constant nosing around and snooping attitude?

Paige: *Scoff and looking at Pearl* Pearl, That is a really crappy thing to say. You’re just pissed because Grandma happened to read that one entry in your journal. I mean… come on. that was like a couple years ago. Grandma was really concerned about you. You took Mom’s death extremely harder than i did. and plus you were really mopey and wearing Black. managed to be like that for about maybe a couple weeks. It was starting to get really concerning with us. Even Grandma was growing to feel deeply troubled by it. Not knowing what to say to get you to break out of it.

Pearl: I know that, Paige. I knew all along. But there are things that i feel that i would like to keep to myself. Like you… you obviously have things that you would like to keep to yourself and not have anyone else know what you are thinking sometimes. Am i right?

Paige: Yeah… But.

Pearl: Well… imagine Grandma going into your things. without your inviting her. going through your private thoughts. thoughts that were for you and you alone. things that you want to keep Confidential. It is the same thing. You wouldn’t like it if she did it to you… Would you?

Paige: No. i wouldn’t.

Pearl: Uh, okay then… now think about how i feel about it. I am tired of Grandma trying to pry her nosy stiff snooping nose where it’s not wanted. I’ve gotten to the point to where i will start taking my Journal with me everywhere i go or putting to where only i can get to it and get a voice controlled safe and if my voice doesn’t command it open… it won’t open. I don’t like doing it… but i am so tired of her poking where she’s not wanted. I’ll still Express things to you and Dinah. that’s not stopping. but as far as doing it around Grandma… She’s lost that right completely.

Paige: You sound really tough speaking like that, Pearl. That is supposed to be Dinah’s department.

Pearl: *Looking down a little and then pressing on with driving* I know. I just feel so bad for Dinah also. so alot of my angst is revolving around that. It just totally sucks to know that she is hurting and there is nothing that i can do to help her. there is nothing we can do to really ease the pain. We don’t even know what she’s truly going through. She is now bedridden and is stuck at home. with nowhere to go. she can’t go anywhere. We’re here sisters and we are clueless as to what we can do to help her. It takes a couple people who are outside of the family… who are not family to console her and get her to calm down and happen to know what it is that she’s truly feeling through the pregnancy.

Paige: Plus… without her… our efforts are gonna be harder to deal with revolving the threat that is still lurking in ambiance.

Pearl: Not to forget the fact that Beryl could be back…

A Moment later…

At Metropolis High school…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Prince Curtis* Any more news on the Fountain front?

Prince Curtis: *Looking at his Phone and looking at the updated readings* No. It’s pretty quiet. It’s been silent. Since the other night… the Fountain hasn’t made as much as a brief couple second duration of a hiccup.

Alice: That’s good. Considering the fact that in 5 weeks there is gonna be a Onslaught. coming from the Metropolis fountain.

Prince Curtis: This is speaking in terms of a foresight vision, Right?

Alice: How else would i be telling it?

Prince Curtis:  You tell me… We can only fight what we can see here and so far… we’re not seeing it. How did the Vision come to you?

Alice: They just came to me in a Vision. A Premonition. seeing it before they were supposed to happen.

Prince Alvin: Did you see Beryl in that Vision?

Alice: I saw a Glimpse of her… but, Prince Alvin… hon. I mentioned earlier that it was coming as just a blur.

Prince Curtis: That doesn’t help much. A Blur could be anything. Smudge… A smear… a rub… a fade-out. Maybe an Illusion.

Mrs. Wolfe: *Walking over to Prince Alvin and Prince Curtis* You two… It’s time to get started with the day’s lesson. Alice. You too…

Prince Alvin: Oh. yeah, Okay. Sorry about that, Mrs. Wolfe. We were just talking about a personal matter. Something that we’ve been dealing with.

Mrs. Wolfe: Would it be having anything to do with the Fountain at the park?

Prince Curtis: You bet it does. That Fountain for the last few weeks or so has just gone truly psychogenic and off the deep end with power spikes and you name it.

Alice: Heat signatures.

Mrs. Wolfe: Almost like a Portal might be opening up… or a time rip. Right?

Prince Alvin:  What?! How are you knowing this?

Mrs. Wolfe: I study some of that stuff about Worm holes and time rips. It’s all about Science Fiction and Astronomy.

Prince Curtis: You’ve heard about it then…

Alice: Do you believe that there is a possibility for a Void or a Portal to open up underneath the fountain?

Mrs. Wolfe: It is a possible certainty. Water can be used as another conduit for a  Void or a spacial rip.

Prince Curtis: Water is also something that can control Magnets. That could explain why the Metropolis Fountain is the hot spot for all the current activity going on. Creature sightings. Elemental signatures. Heat signatures and Energy Spikes. It’s the perfect spot for a portal to form. it’s got Water and the pipes running through it pumping the water and flowing through it constantly in a cycle…. It’s a perfect generator for something that can power up for a Portal or a Vortex.

Alice: Uh… Hold off there with the wild theory, Dr. Spock.  That Fountain has a Portal… but it’s not anything that the teacher would want to know anything about. it’s a portal leading over to a place she will be grateful over not knowing a thing about it.

Prince Alvin: Exactly. The less she knows. the better. this is a situation that is much bigger than her or any of us combined.

Mrs. Wolfe: I know a little about the Fountain. it’s been mentioned all over the news since last week. 5 people since last week were found dead because of the Fountain. Something about it killed the 5 Civilians and there is said to be an investigation on it.

Prince Alvin: *In his mind; Speaking to Alice through the mind* 5 people dead?

Alice: *Through Mind; Speaking to Prince Alvin* The Fountain has just gone Lethal. What’ll we do?

Prince Alvin: I don’t know. But this has just become seriously suspicious.

Alice: We should dial a call over to Watchtower. She needs to be informed about this.

Prince Alvin: After school lets out for the day… we’re making a fast track to see Chloe.

Suddenly Prince Alvin’s Phone rings…

Prince Alvin: *Stepping out and answering the Phone* Hello?

King John: *On Phone* Hey Son. I know you’re in school… but there is something on screen here… You’re gonna need to see soon. Very soon. When break hits… get over here…

Prince Alvin: Why not just say it now? What did you find?

King John: Readings of a Massive Energy Spike.

Prince Alvin: Hold on… What? An energy Spike? Where?

King John: Metropolis Fountain… Also at a Plant. The Plant you might have had a case to solve at once…

Prince Alvin: Such as?

King John: One guess. Luthor Plaza.

Prince Alvin: Where is the main one? The Fountain. The Fountain is the main focus, father. You know that. Besides Dark Kingdom is linking itself to that Fountain. It’s the Magnetic North for the Fountain… it’s hooking to the Gateway to the Dark Kingdom. The spot like Luthorcorp won’t mean a difference to the Gateway. It doesn’t have any water. No water at all. The Fountain is the focal point.

King John: I don’t know what to tell you. But i am looking at the screens here now and there are readings popping up all over the place. There is a reading at the Plant. At the Plaza…. The Hospital… The Daily Planet. The Docks… Where you are right now… and The big hit… The Fountain… Energy Spikes are Exploding like hotcakes on a summer afternoon.

Prince Alvin: Contact Watchtower, father. Now. Right now. Tell her of the readings and tell her to pop into gear and send all members of the Justice League… all members. and send them to the locations Stat! At break… I’ll jam to inform Prince Avery and have him stake it out. The Fountain.

King John: Okay. But You be careful. Get back to class and stay silent with it. Let the league handle it for now… Don’t over act.

Prince Alvin: Confirmed…. Thanks pops. Good work…


Back at Grandma Rikku’s house…

Dinah: *Getting up and Walking down to the Kitchen to grab something to eat* I’m starving. Plus… i’m eating for 3 here. I’m groveling for food like a ravenous dog. *Feeling her stomach grumble a little* Alright… alright. i get the point. I’ll eat. you’ll get your portions of food. Just hold on.

In the Kitchen a minute later…

Dinah: *Fixing up a sandwich* A triple Decker sandwich with Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, Onion, and Lunch meat. Some Cheese. Three Triple Decker sandwiches. Mmm! I am having a Hunger attack. If these babies keep begging for food like this, I’m gonna become a Blimp. I’ll wind up being Thunder Aerodrome. That’s a wonderful new name for me. *Chuckles* My sisters would be trying to think of the fastest way to hang themselves. *pauses* No way… i don’t think i want to know what it would be like to wind up being a blimp. i really don’t like to think in that way.


Raven: *Shadowing in* Hey Dinah.

Dinah: *Jumps* Whoa! Who said that?! *Turning to see Raven* Wow! hi, Raven. I didn’t see you even come in. *Sighs* Just feeding my hungry ones inside me. They are hungry. I don’t know how much longer i can do this…. but as long as i can walk around a little bit… it’ll be just fine. The doctor did say that i can still move around. Just be careful and just do it in increments to get the oxygen and the blood flowing. Although i feel as though i constantly have to use the restroom.

Raven: Really? The 7th week of the Pregnancy is doing that you? That’s strange.

Dinah: Nothing weird about it. It’s just how it sounds.

Raven: Maybe so, But You are dealing with the Pregnancy rather confusingly. No Pregnancy does that. None that I’d know of.

Dinah: Because you never went through it. i never had either. but i am while new to this… am learning while i go. Trying to learn anyway. but the pain that comes with it… You can take it. i do not want it. But i’ll be getting the pain that is said to come from this Pregnancy soon enough.

Raven: You will. But you’ll also be fine. We’re not gonna give up on seeing you being safe and comfortable.

Dinah: *With the sandwiches made and taking them to the Living room* I got the Munchies like you wouldn’t believe. *Noticing a Folder of papers in Raven’s hand* What’re you holding in your hand?

Raven: *raising her hand and showing the folder* Your assignments from each of your classes for the day.

Dinah: What? Already? Oh man… I’m gonna be plagued with the work from class even at home. *Sighs* I guess that i’ll start it as soon as i am done eating. Not sure about the Science or the Wood shop assignments though… *Looking down at herself* you could tell that my Mobility is rather… well Limited in a sense. I can’t very well move around like i once was able to.

Raven: It’s okay… You just think of how you want the assignment to look and i’ll get the wood. while you think about how you see the assignment. I’ll tap into the mind and see it and work on it. The Science i can’t do. The Math though… you should be able to do.

Dinah: I guess that can work. It’s better than just failing the classes. I am Pregnant. Not invalid. Pregnant doesn’t mean dropout.

Raven: Uhhhh!!!!!

Dinah: ……

At the Daily Planet…

Trixie: *Looking at the screen; Working on her Articles* Did you hear about the Metropolis Fountain causing the deaths of 5 civilians over the last week?

John: *Taking a sip of his coffee* I guess. I have been hearing little blips about it on my way in this morning. They mentioned about there being a city wide shut down of the entire park till the authorities can get to the bottom of it. till they know for sure what the cause behind it is.

Trixie: I don’t know if there is a cause for the deaths. but the reports said that there were 5 people. Random people at the park who just walked by the fountain and were fine. they had no flu. No illness. No infections. no health problems whatsoever. But the story behind that goes… That hours later after they were said to walk through the park and walk past the Fountain… they suffered headaches. Sore through. Impaired speech, Vomiting and also shortness of breath and shot nerves. Then after that an over accelerated heart-rate and then Heart failure.

John: one of us should see on doing a story about that and get some leads on it.

Trixie: *Seeing Perry coming out of his office* Here comes Mr. White. He must be with a stack of Daily catches for us.

John: I wonder what he’s gonna assign us to.

Trixie: No idea.

Perry: *Walking over to Trixie and John* I need one of you to go over to the Metropolis Park. There is a news break about to take it’s leap and we need to catch it before it fades away.

Trixie: You mean the recent deaths being caused by the Fountain?

Perry: That and there is something else too… someone had an unconfirmed report that there was a mysterious lady seen popping out of the Fountain.  They don’t know who it is… but it’s someone that is most definitely not a commoner. This is one story that has a headline all played and ready. All we need is that story. That Article to go with the head Line. Trixie… You’re the reigning leader of the unexplained and the bizarre so you take the Fountain inflicting the cause of death on the walking passerby’s and John, you my fellow avenger shall cover the daily catch. The Unofficial sighting of the mystery Woman said to have pooped from the Fountain. The deadline is 4:45. Because at 5:00 the articles of the day go to the press and get themselves printed and sent right onto the papers for all the city to read.

John:  *Nods* You got it. *Finishing his coffee and grabbing his reporters pad and his Cell and Jacket* That story is as good as ours. Mr. White. consider that story yours to place in the paper. I’ll get it and make sure that it gets put on the paper. *Dashing off to the Metropolis park*

Trixie: *Running off to the Park; With her Reporters pad, her cellphone and her Camera* Time for this lady to bust out of the Bullpen and head on over to the park and grab the story.

Perry: *Smiles* I gotta love those two reporters. they are so driven to reporting. I just wish that some of my other Reporters had that type of flair and gusto. Those two really know how to get the ball rollin’.

At the Metropolis Elementary school…

Luna: *Walking with Martin* Martin, I think that my family is starting to open up to trusting you.

Martin: They are? That’s a first. It took them a while to start in trusting me. Granted that they don’t know me and it hurts… but the least they could do was just trust me when i say that i wouldn’t tell anyone outside about the situation that you’re dealing with. I haven’t. I was being sincere about it too.

Luna: I know. But remember i happened to mention that my family had that fear of being implicated if anyone on the outside knew about us or saw us use our powers and abilities?

Martin: I believe that i remember you telling me something about that… but i happened to figure you to be only kidding. I didn’t know that you were dealing with a mishap quite like that. It must be worse than the situation revolving Queen Beryl and her possible return. from the way you’re telling it.

Luna: Not as bad as that… but it doesn’t exactly help make our cause any easier.

Martin: I get what you mean… Luna, This is all too big for you guys to go through alone. *Being straight and truthful* My Guardian is wanting to help. but unless he knows all about what is going on… There is not a whole lot that he can do to suggest any insight on the matter. He knows about Raven being the offspring to that Demon Scath. But he’s saying nothing about it. However… Unless you let out what’s going on… I can’t go to the mat and tell him. You trust me… and i am grateful. But i can’t respond on just a common subtle whiff of rumor or suspicion. It’s not solid.

Luna: *Feeling Worried* What’ll we do? My sisters are gonna be mad at me if they know that i told more about Scath. They’re gonna be so mad.

Martin: Just break it to them gently. They’ll understand in the end. You were only trying to get some help for the cause you’re in. They’ll realize that. At least… they ought to. Right?

Luna: i guess. But my sisters had practically made it clear to me that i wasn’t supposed to mention about the Intergalactic Demon or anything revolving our cause. I had. I nearly Placed Raven in Danger. Placed our cause in Jeopardy.

Martin: It might be true… but you were just doing what you thought was best. That’s all it was. Your sisters ought to know about that. Imagine if they were placed in your shoes… looking through your eyes. You think that it would be the wiser if they had to think in your situation and get the view from your point of the situation.

Luna: Like they were young once.

Martin: Exactly.

But as they were talking and discussing in secret about the Dilemma concerning the Fountain. The Sky then started to gradually cover with Clouds and purple haze flowed through the clouds like a Sinister storm. Luna and Martin barely looked up and saw a face that not only caused them to freeze in terror… It made their skins crawl. It was the very Queen that the Rhapsody Girls were all fearing would be back… It was the face of Beryl…

Luna: *Screeches* AIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Martin: Who the heck is that? *Looking at the Clouds* Uh, How can that happen?

Beryl: *Booming Through the Clouds* Rhapsody Girls… Miss Love… Bubble Maiden… Thunder Mistress… Rhapsody Brothers… This is Beryl. I have come back and i have risen from the dead. You in the past have derailed my ambitions and stepped into my path. the matter between the Sailor Soldiers and me were to remain just as that. But you Meddlesome Rhapsodies have stepped in and foiled my plans… Now i am back to promise you that there will be only hell to pay for what you’ve done. I Will have my revenge upon you. *Looking down to see a Senshi still alive* Oh… Well Hello there Sailor Senshi Luna. I would have known that you’d be with the Snot nosed Brats. Just like last time. I know you’re now one of them… But I can rest assure you all that you’re about to find out that hell has struck you… I have come up with the most delightful blessing for you and your family… For the pregnant member of the team. It’s called… “Your Destruction” Ahahahahahahaha AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Luna: *Shouting out to the Clouds* We’ll stop you… Just like last time. The World now knows of you. And if you come back… we’ll put you away again!

Beryl: Wow! Strong words for a little girl…

Martin: Get lost you old hag!

Beryl: *Looking at the Boy Next to Luna* And Who are you?

Martin: I am Martin Marco… At your service. I am Luna’s friend and a supporter of her family. You better back off.

Beryl: How pitiful… A young undesirable boy standing up to me. *Firing Purple Mist at Martin* Silence!

Martin: *Flying backwards* Yeowch!

Luna: *Looking back and seeing Martin on the ground* Martin! *Growling* That’s It! *Turning to face Beryl* Beryl… You are an Evil Woman… I don’t care who you think you are… I may look small… But i will tell you now that you’ve just pissed off the wrong Kitty. I Am Luna Tina Rhapsody… Royal Adviser of Queen Serenity… Adopted sister of The Rhapsody Girls Z! I am a Sailor Soldier. Sailor Luna. Beryl, You are moon dust!

A second later…

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* …

*Doing her Pose* Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower and the Rhapsody Family… I shall Punish you.

Beryl: You’re still trying to be futile and still hope to defeat me. Dear silly pathetic girl… I was defeated several times by the same girls you now call your sisters. They derailed my ambitions multiple times after i warned them to stay out of my way. They refused. You brought them in… They sent me to my demise. I went down with my Kingdom… but now i am back. Say your Prayers… I will be coming back…

Sailor Luna: You wish. We’ll be here to send you right back.

Beryl: Let’s see what you got.

A Second later…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the targets* Luna…. Cosmic…Sugar hearts *Launching the attack* … Beam… ATTACK!!!

Beryl: *Taking the hit* Nice try… But i will be back! I will be back… ahahahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Within seconds the Manifestation dissipated and vanished. The Clouds went away and double-timed back away… Luna Looked down and then back at her friend. She had the look on her face that said it all… She was scared stiff…

A Minute later…

Luna: *Looking at Martin and Tending to him* Are you okay, Martin?

Martin: Yeah. I’m fine… i guess. But was that really happening? Was that Really the Evil Queen… or a Manifestation of the Queen that you mentioned was coming to Earth through that Portal?

Luna: *Nods* yeah.

Martin: Oh man… What are you gonna do?

Luna: Till my sisters and i get all the facts and get the chance to find out for sure that the Queen is back and then find some way to stop her… Pray… And hope…

Martin: no lack of faith intended… but, we’re gonna need a miracle.

Luna: Probably a lot sooner than you’d suspect…

At break…

At the Metropolis High School…


Pearl: *Walking over to the Table and Looking at Paige* That voice that we had heard coming over the skies… That was terrifying.

Paige: It was. I was in my Lit class when it boomed through the skies. That Voice was Beryl, Wasn’t it?

Pearl: uh, I would like to say that it wasn’t… but to my dismay… i can’t. It was Beryl. Queen Beryl’s Voice was out in the open. I am certain that it was heard by everyone in the city and has just about anyone who’s anybody spooked.

Star: *Running over with Christie* Paige… Pearl! oh god… thank god you two are okay. We just heard that Voice Booming all over the skies and it was loud enough to shake the whole school.

Christie: That Voice was Beryl… Wasn’t it? That was her. The Evil Queen of dark Kingdom. The Psycho lady that you were talking about and with deep assumption believing that she was back… that she was alive.

Pearl: That was her.

Paige: We’re okay. We weren’t hurt. But Beryl’s threatening to come back and she is with Vengeance in her veins. She’s got it good for us this time. And How she knows about Dinah being Pregnant… That is haunting. How could she know that?

Star: That doesn’t make any sense at all.

Prince Alvin: *With Alice* Are you girls okay?

Star: *Looking to see Prince Alvin* Yo! Flame patrol…What’s up? You get a listen of that Voice booming over the skies a moment or so ago?

Alice: He sure did. We heard it. It was piercing. *Freaked out* What are we gonna do?

Christie: What will any of us be able to do? This is Fatal. She knows about Dinah’s Pregnancy. She knows. She’s also targeted your young sister Luna too.

Pearl: We heard. What’ll we do now?

Paige: We need to be sure that she’s back. We need to check the fountain.

Prince Avery: *Walking in overhearing the remark* I’m afraid that the stake out is caput.  The City officials arrived at the Fountain just a moment ago and declared the Fountain a Danger Zone. No one is to go anywhere near it. They even barred off the Park. Placed a Barricade surrounding the park and blocked all the entry’s to the park.

Prince Alvin: What?! How? When?

Prince Avery: Just a moment ago. It’s all over the Radio’s and all over the News. They just gave out a Special News Bulletin. They’re not saying much about it.

Pearl: Are they thinking it’s what we’ve been thinking it was?

Prince Avery: No. they are already coming up with a cover piece for the situation. They’re chalking it up to it being a Airborne disease that was released into the air.

Christie: *Scoffs* What?! You mean to tell us that they’re coughing up a cover-up?

Star: *frantic* I don’t believe this. I don’t believe this. They’re covering this up like it’s a damn disease. You guys know that it was Queen Beryl. You knew the signs are there. But the City is avoiding it like it’s the frickin’ plague.  They obviously caught the signs that something was going on. the City knows about the Mysterious woman… had reports of there being a possible but unconfirmed sighting of the woman. But they’re covering it up. *Frustrated* This is Bullshit. Damn it… This is messed up. This is totally messed up.

Pearl: Star. we know the feeling. We feel it too. I am scared about the fact that Beryl is coming back. She’s Looming closer.

Paige: Beryl is slowly starting to stir back into the game.

Prince Avery: *Ponders* This could be a problem. We’re gonna have to find a way to play a ploy and make Beryl think that Dinah is deceased. We’re gonna have to fake her death that way we can still protect her and there so Beryl won’t try to catch on to her.

Prince Alvin: No. Prince Avery, we can’t do that. That is exactly what Beryl wants. Knowing Beryl as we had gone against her before… She’ll be expecting that. We’d only be playing into her hand.

Alice: *Scoffs* Wait a minute, Prince Alvin… What happened to the earlier suggestion that we should make Beryl believe that Dinah was dead getup? What made you change your mind?

Prince Alvin: I changed my mind on that since i mentioned it earlier till now. I changed my mind. Because after i made the suggestion that we should make where Dinah was dead just enough to Fool Beryl but Protect Dinah. it seemed to be a little conflicting and the more i thought about it… the more it became clear that if we were to do that… we would only be playing right into Beryl’s hand. You heard that Voice that Boomed into the skies. Beryl is planning to make a comeback and if we did anything that she would come to expect… it would be as though we’ve fallen into her trap. Beryl is gonna expect us to try and fool her. She’s after the girls. but don’t be thinking for a minute that she won’t be coming at us too. She will.

Christie: So, What are you gonna do? Put Dinah underground and hope that Beryl won’t go fishing for info?

Star: *Thinking about something* Wait a minute… Watchtower. What about there? Dinah can be put there and Beryl may never be the wiser for going there. She doesn’t know about the Watchtower. Beryl doesn’t know about that place… Does she?

Alice: Prince Alvin, She’s got a point. Beryl is catchy. As you said before she is quick… But she’s not that smart.

Prince Curtis: *Walking in With Megan from the side; Coming from the Food lines* Hey guys. Sorry i’m late. Had to stay a few minutes later today in class. They had a huge class discussion in class and it went a little over the bell.

Megan: I had to wait. The teacher in his Health class is completely overbearing.

Prince Curtis:  Mr. Reese. He is very Heavy with the discussions. I kept trying to stick for a pause so he would let us out. But he was going on about it. The discussion almost didn’t end.Something about what is known as Poor health decisions… List what they were and discussing as to why they were considered Poor.

Megan: That guy is a wonderful teacher… but he is truly long winded.

Pearl: *Shaking her head* I hope that i never get that teacher. I might never escape.

Megan: He’s not bad of a teacher, Pearl. He is just really over informative and highly lecturing.

Paige: That is enough to scare even me and i am like a leader.

Prince Alvin: Yeah. You’re a good one too. Actually a wonderful Leader.

Pearl: I agree.

Prince Avery: That is good… but the fact is still that we need to discuss and think about what we are to do about Beryl. About Scath and about the Fountain. Those three things are Vital.

Prince Alvin: Not just that… but also Dinah’s Pregnancy too. We also got to take that into consideration. And see to hide the fact that Dinah is pregnant with Beryl in the forefront.

Prince Curtis: Yeah… But how, Brother? How are we to do that? we can’t hide Dinah’s Pregnancy from Beryl in any other way than to maybe fake her death or hide her away somewhere in such a way that Beryl would never think to look.

Megan: There is one way. It’s where we don’t do anything about it and Just keep high guard on Dinah. Making sure that no one goes near her. protect her the best we can…

That afternoon at Grandma Rikku’s house…

Grandma Rikku: *Tending to Luna* Luna… Calm down. It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be fine.

Luna: *Shaking and Petrified* Beryl is back. She….. S-s-s-s-s-s-s-she’s b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-back. She is gonna k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-kill us. The R-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-rhapsody G-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-girls are gonna be in huge t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-trouble. So will the R-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-rhapsody brothers.

Grandma Rikku: *Hugging Luna and trying to calm her down* Luna. Please stop. You’re over-reacting. Please calm down, Luna. Please. It’s fine now. There is nothing out there now. You’re safe.

Luna: *Silent and petrified in fear*


Pearl: *Walking in and Taking a look at the screen* Hmm… this is not good. Beryl’s presence was felt in the city. But no one in the city is speaking of it. *Catching sight of readings popping in all over the city* Luthorcorp Plant… That’s one. That sure doesn’t make a whole lot of sense though… there is no cause for a reason towards a reading to pop up there at that plant. *Dialing the phone and calling Chloe* I got to call over to Watchtower… She must have seen some of the readings that came in.

Paige: *Coming into the Living room and walking up over close to Pearl* Pearl, Did you find anything?

Pearl: Not much. But there is a showing of a reading of an Energy spike or Energy Surge at the Luthorcorp Fertilizer plant. The Plaza. One at the Docks. One at the school. our School. The Daily Planet. The Hospital. And a Big hit was the Fountain.

Paige: You’re kidding… All those places had readings?

Pearl: No lie. *Motioning for Paige to look up at the screens and catch the readings*

Paige: *Looking up at the Screens and seeing the data playing* Oh god. What are we gonna do? I don’t get it… why would there be readings in those locations. there is nothing connected to those places. There is no Gateway there for Dark Kingdom to pop up. Why would Beryl being trying to cause readings to hit all over the City like this? It isn’t like she can duplicate herself. She’s gonna be coming through the Fountain. That is the only place where Dark kingdom is linked and connected to her. Connected to this world.

Pearl: Well… she is making alot of trouble. She’s making a scene and we are running out of time to search every spot where she is said to show. All she is doing is trying to intimidate us and so far… it’s work— *Looking to the side and Seeing Luna shaking* Luna, What’s wrong?

Luna: *Terrified* Beryl. She’s back… She came in as a viewing in the sky and said that she is gonna be back soon and that she’s planning our destruction…

Paige: She’s really hooked on the revenge mess, isn’t she?

Luna: She sure is. It’s bad. Really eerie.

Pearl: Well…I’m gonna call Chloe. She’s liable to have something revolving the matter. Maybe she can get a fix on all these readings that we’re seeming to get.

In The Girls Bedroom…

Dinah: *Reading a book and Watching a Movie* That Homework was a pain in the butt. I can’t stand being here and being forced to lay here sitting on my butt and not doing a thing.

Christie: *Sitting with Dinah and Watching a movie with her* It isn’t gonna be that bad. Dinah… You weren’t there at school today and it’s a good thing that you weren’t. There was a voice booming through the skies and it was the wacko Evil Queen. Beryl was speaking through the skies. She knows about you being Pregnant. She knows about some other things that are impossible for her to know as she was said to have been defeated by you guys by your own accord. There was no way that she could have known it. What’s worse is that the City Officials are trying to cover it up. Saying that it was just some Airborne Virus being shot into the air by the Fountain.

Dinah: Maybe it’s a good thing that they were trying to cover it up. Trying to hide the real truth from the Public. *Catching the look coming from Christie* Don’t think that i am making like i am all for the cover-up. I’m not. But maybe it’s for the best that they do cover it up. I mean, Think about it a bit Christie. Beryl is not one to just come out and lay all her cards on the table. The City has heard the voice and saw it. they all saw the voice and know what to expect per say from said Voice which was Beryl. But they’re covering it up only because if they were to come out and just say it straight to the public. and tell the truth. You have any idea as to the type of panic it’d cause from the news flash? There would be a citywide panic on their hands and people would be going insane. Plus for the elderly. It’d give them a heart attack and cause a mess of Elderly citizens dying off from the heart attacks that would strike them due to the fear of the truth… hearing that the Metropolis Fountain has a Portal to another world and that there is a woman that is known as Beryl coming out and making a bust into the city. It is stupid for the cover-up. We all know that. But if ensuring that it didn’t give the elderly a heart attack. A heart attack by just covering up the haunting truth… I would think it to be the right move. Even if it does sound totally ludicrous.

Christie: But how could you think it would be the right move? If they don’t break out with it and tell the truth and Beryl does come out… it would all be for nothing anyway, Beryl could still come whether or not they covered it up. I don’t know everything about Beryl or about what you’ve gone through in the past…. but i do know that covering it up is bad no matter how one would look at it. The truth needs to come out. By holding the Truth back from the public… it’s only gonna do more harm than good.

Dinah: Christie, i agree with you. I do. but people are liable to not understand what is really going on. People are possibly gonna already begin to start putting the pieces together and when they find out the things they want to know… even if it is covered up… it is gonna paint a picture in their minds that they might not be prepared to see.

Christie: You’re right. As much as it sounds a bit farfetch’d and everything… it does make a bit of sense. *Looking at the T.V* How are you feeling besides what’s going on?

Dinah: *Sitting up a bit* I’m feeling okay. I do get some cramps every so often. been getting them through the whole week here… It’s normal. or so it feels.

Christie: Does it like come and go? Or, is it just a little sense of unease?

Dinah: *holding her hand out and tilting it a little* It’s a little bit of both. It kinda comes and goes and just occasionally puts a bit of strain in my Abdomen. but It’s better than having to deal with the constant Morning sickness. i had a little bit of it last night. The only thing is that i couldn’t get anything to come out.

Christie: But you’re gonna be okay, right? Will you be okay?

Dinah: I am hoping that i will be. *Looking at the T.V and Watching the Movie* Oh no you didn’t. You Illuminati bastards are not gonna win.

Christie: What movie is this?

Dinah: Angels and Demons. It’s really chilling. Especially when the Professor in the movie reads a page that; that girl Vetra. Whatever her name is… ripped from the book inside the Vatican Archives. That line…Description: “From Santi’s earthly tomb with demon’s hole. Cross Rome mystic elements unfold. The path of light is laid, the sacred test. Let angels guide thee on they lofty quest.”

Christie: How did you know that? Just from the Movie… You must have seen this movie a few times to know what that line was and to remember it word for word. I’ve seen the movie a few times too, but i still have no idea how it went. Till now.

Dinah: Call it luck.

Christie: Quick luck…

Although at the Watchtower An hour later…

Chloe: *Looking at the Reading on screen* Okay, Paige… Pearl. The readings here are showing Energy Spikes popping all over the City. I noticed the readings hours ago. King John saw them and called here and urged for us to send all the members of the League over to the spots and investigate. Oliver Checked the Plant. Black Canary checked the Plaza, Victor Stone checked the Hospital, Arthur Curry checked the Docks. Arctic Mind checked the Daily planet. Your Cousin otherly known as the new Dr. Fate checked the High school. I am certain that your Cousin Prince Avery is staking out the Park again.

Paige: I don’t think so. At break he came and briefed us about it and said that the Metropolis City officials said that there was gonna be an investigation going on there at the fountain but are already posting a report of their own. Saying that it was an Airborne neuro-toxin. A Virus that got unleashed from the Fountain. But the cover-up isn’t gonna keep.

Pearl: Not for long anyway. The people are gonna start sniffing for some answers and some of them won’t stop till they reached the very bottom. They’ll begin digging.

Luna: If they haven’t done so already…

Pearl: *Looking to see Luna behind them* Luna, What are you doing here?

Luna: What do you mean? I belong here too. I followed you two over here.

Paige: I can see that. but when we left the house… you were still there and were shaking like a leaf.

Luna: Well.. that is beside the point. I am still scared about Beryl’s return. She is pissed at you girls for getting in the middle of the dilemma that should have been between the senshi’s and her. all over the mishap in the past a 1000 years before. Saying that i brought you girls in and she’s gonna be planning our destruction. ours… meaning mine. Yours too.

Pearl: That part we know about. We all heard it.

Prince Alvin: *Walking into the room and Arriving from behind* That is plainly apparent. We all heard of it and Beryl also divulged the part that she knows of Dinah’s Pregnancy.

Prince Curtis: *Chuckles; Arriving with Megan* Really, I kinda thought that it was just a fluke that she’d only be speaking out with her own psychotic mind.

Megan: However it was said by Beryl… It is disturbing.

Chloe: *Turning to see Prince Curtis with a girl next to him* Who is she?

Prince Curtis: This is my girlfriend Megan Hart. She’s a Supporter of our cause here.

Chloe: She doesn’t have Clearance here. But if she’s a supporter of the situation you’re in and part of the team… That is fine. I believe now that she might also already know about the Intergalactic Demon. The one that is gonna come in the future. Scath is a Mystery within a puzzle wrapped inside of an Enigma. There is no complete scale of Data pertaining to him yet.

Megan: I am somewhat aware of who Scath is. Or know about the Manifestation of him. Not but a few weeks ago… we were pulled into Raven’s mind. And got to witness the being known as Trigon. We seen him. Luna, Pearl, Dinah, Prince Alvin and my Boyfriend plus me were pulled into the Mind of Raven and caught a spooks tale peak at an appearance of what Trigon could look like.

Chloe: Maybe so… but Trigon… Scath looks in Resemblance to this…

Chloe puts the only picture she could currently find of Trigon up on screen…

Chloe: That is the only picture that i could find. But that is one that reveals what he is most probable to appear as. *Looking at Prince Alvin* For Fire like his. I am sorry to say that your fire won’t make much of a difference on him. The only thing it’d do is reverse a fraction of whatever Damage you guy might plan to inflict on him. Fire against Fire is like matching Element for Element. it will only cancel each other out.

Prince Alvin: That is where you underestimate. I have a form to use.

Chloe: You can’t. Not without depleting your life. I did some reading on you the last time you used your Super Saiyan class 3 form. I found out that each time you use it… it depletes your life force. Your Mortality Rate will drain like a Discharging Duracell battery. If it drains to 0% Your life will fade out.

Prince Curtis: What?! *Freaks out* No! No… You’ve got to be joking. Are you kidding us?

Megan: That isn’t possible.

Pearl: That must be just some Joke.

Chloe: I wish that it was a joke to just blow off and not think twice about… but… it’s not. You all know that when you got Synced in for the first time in the Watchtower… You all had Physicals to take and it recorded all your Vitals. All the abnormalities inside you. All of it. Well the Vitals were kept as a record. It saw what was inside you, Prince Alvin. That is where it detected a life draining process inside you and detected that every time you transcended into the Ssj3 Your life would deplete. Lessen by a fraction. Ssj3 is for Saiyans only. You don’t have Saiyan Blood in you at all. so the Process of the Ssj3 form and power that comes from it… it does the negative side-effects on you. It takes your life. Slowly. if it reaches Zero. You’ll be dead. It will kill you.

Prince Alvin: If that is what it takes to stop each of the threats that come. So be it.

Paige: No! Prince Alvin… i won’t let you kill yourself. Neither will your father. our Uncle. Not happening. I am not kidding. If you ever use that form again… i will blast you myself. I am not even Joking.

Luna: That is a risky move. Prince Alvin, You need to find another way of battling. but that form is off limits. Never use it again. Ever.

Pearl: Yeah… I mean… *Emotional* think about your girlfriend Alice. What would she say if she were to know or find out about that part of you and know that you have a form that slowly kills you each time you happen to use it? *Pleading and desperate* What about your pops. our Uncle… What do you think he’d say if one day god forbid you used that form to a point to where you just keeled over dead? You have any idea what that would do to him? It would hurt him. He would be devastated. Please. don’t use that form anymore. Please.

Prince Curtis: *Feeling a tad sarcastic* Oh yeah… Like that’s gonna be a hard thing to do..

Prince Alvin: *Chuckles* Don’t worry. those days are over for me. The last time i used it i had to use it against Zod and it nearly killed me. I practically learned my lesson the hard way. I won’t use it. Even if i do snap and get over the top white hot mad.

Luna: You better not use it at all. We’re not Joking. We still feel a little bit of the sting from losing Princess Rikku. Even if it’s but a mere fraction. If we have to worry about you being dead for using something that you knew you couldn’t control… You might as well say the family will just break apart and never be together again. One death is enough… We lose Princess Aquamarine… then we lose our mother. almost lost Prince Richie once… but if we lose you… That’ll be it. The family will be kaput.

Prince Alvin: Luna, Stop with the dramatics.

Prince Curtis: yeah. the whole drama routine is just really depressing.

Megan: I agree.

Luna: Oh and like it’s gonna be just sweet to see ourselves without another member in the family. *Shaking her head* No. I don’t like that. I don’t even want to think about that. it’s too terrible.

Chloe: *Not seeing Dinah* Where’s Dinah?

Pearl: She’s at home resting.

Prince Curtis: Their grandmother is putting her under bed rest as much as possible. to make sure that there is no harm coming to the babies.

Chloe: Babies?! I thought that it was just one child. But there… is two?

Paige: *Nods* Of course. *Pauses* What? You mean that you didn’t know? You had her here during Christmas for Observations. to monitor her Vitals. You got a call from our Grandmother. talking about having that done.

Chloe: You’re right. *Sighs* I nearly forgot. I just had alot to look into revolving the whole circumstance with the reality of the Intergalactic Demon being in play but still pretty far away from Earth. Then we got the Fountain and of course  Beryl.

Pearl: There is alot to worry about.

Chloe: Yeah.

Luna: …

Chloe: But seriously… How is Dinah holding up?

Pearl: She’s fine. Our friend Christie is with her keeping her company.

Paige: Of course our friend Star didn’t come to our house today. She had to take care of some things with her mother…

At The Hall Household…

Star: *Looking at the T.V* The City is trying to make as though the Fountain is just unstable with faulty pipes and releasing a nauseous gas. What the hell is it with them… There is something more there. Has to be. There just has to be.

Mrs. Hall: *Overhearing Star* What do you mean, darling?

Star: It’s nothing mom. I am just worried about the City and their constant need to cover up the truth behind what is really going on in the City. There was this booming voice in the Sky today and —–

Mrs. Hall: I heard that. What the heck was that all about? The Voice said things like Barrel… Rhapsody Gals. Rhapsody Bros. Also something Senshi Luna.

Star: Trust me, Mom. You don’t want to know… I am kinda like a Bystander for the team i know. My friend Pearl. She’s a hero. And she is into fashion too. She’s really trippy at times, but she’s really trendy. She’s got good ideas for Fashion and she’s really emotional. plus she also has a huge heart.

Mrs. Hall: She’s a Hero? Who is she?

Star: I wish that i could tell you the truth about her…

Mrs. Hall: Why do you say that? Is there something about her that i should know about?

Star: It depends… Ever heard of the Rhapsody Girls Z!?

Mrs. Hall: *Pauses and slightly confused* Come again… The who?

Star: The Rhapsody Girls Z! They are a trio of heroes. They’re the 3rd generation of the Rhapsody Family.

Mrs. Hall: You don’t say. That’s Nice. They must be a large loving family.

Star: They are… They are a real wholesome family. the best. They are tight. They’re the type of family that follow each other and respect one another. No matter what happens, they’re always together as one.

Mrs. Hall: Must be a family of spirit. But how are you knowing the family that close? Who are the girls you mentioned?

Star: Paige Rhapsody… She is the one so jazzed about Love. Anything that measures Romance… she follows. Romance and Love. Plus she’s so into Sweets. Anything that is sweet, she’ll love. Chocolate is her favorite type of candy. Candy and her are like this. *Crossing her fingers*

Mrs. Hall: She must be just as sweet as the Candy she eats.  i would be surprised to meet her.

Star: Oh you have no idea how that is possible, Mom. You know… I got to see Pearl tonight on some Fashion sketches that she happened to do. I should take you with me to see her and her family. You’ll love them. They are really trendy.

Mrs. Love: I am sure that i will.

Star: They also have this new girl who is a bit strange. But has this Cloak. And she’s got a Gem on her forehead. Pearl believes it to be a Chakras gem. Almost like her Mantra.

Mrs. Love: Sounds like an originality.

Star: I wish…

That night at Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Girl’s room…

Dinah: *Cheers* That was a wonderful movie. The Illuminati lost. Good. Those suckers are bad news. I’d just love to be able to reach through the screen and just grab that guy and put him into a real hurt lock.

Christie: I don’t envy you that. I would like to be able to do that too. I am a tough gutsy girl just like you, Dinah. But i am also very much a Catholic. Anyone who kills the Pope. The Vicar of Christ himself… They deserve to have their balls nailed right to the wall.

Dinah: Oh yeah… It brings a whole new meaning to the term: “Balls to the Walls, Boys!”. Don’t you think so?

Christie: That is so right. Bring it on home, Girl. That’s right.

Dinah: *Smiling and looking at the T.V* I’ve gotten my homework done and had Raven go and find a Piece of Wood. She did. I got to make a School Logo and it has to look good and creative. Something that the school would love for a new feel to the school. Something special… But plain enough to keep the School’s spirit in a pure light.

Christie: *Whistles* You are bedridden and are out of school due to that. being home schooled and yet… here you are being so devoted to the school. You’re really one of a kind to keep truckin’ to the school even while being in the lines of being the new Mommy on the block.

Dinah: Pregnancy and School Devotion… Ring my bells anytime. School Bliss and Pregnancy fantasy… Eat your mighty fine heart right on out of that sleek body.

Christie: Your sisters aren’t back yet… are they?

Dinah: Oh… they’re here alright. They are just out in the City with their dates. My Love Shingo would be here but he is currently dealing with a bad ass mother who has the horns of fire set on me. His momma dearest despises me something awful. But i ain’t worried. If she tries to take my love away and tries to hurt my babies future… i will see her in court and pregnancy be damned.

Christie: What are you talking about?

Dinah: Nothing much. Just the fact that my boyfriend has a real tight ass over-controlling and rotten judging two-bitten sour puss’d hag for a mother. One who just gets the proverbial kicks of over-controlling his life just as though it was just some lousy little game to her.

Christie: His mother is that bad of a gal, huh? Well… you’re gonna be stuck with her now since you’re pregnant. She’s gonna be a granny of your little gems.

Dinah: Kill me first. If they come out of me… they’ll never get to see their grandmother. at least not someone like her. She is not coming a foot near my little loves. Because if she even thinks of doing so… i will file a report on her for intruding near my kids. They might be with a father who is tied to her… but not them. I won’t have it. Straight up as molasses there, Christie.

Christie: *Seeing a Shadow* I think that we got ourselves a little company. Company that has a little dark aura around it and i think that it’s gonna bring a taste of her good look.

Raven: *Walking in* Your sisters are on their way home and there is also a friend from the school nearby too. the girl just called and she’s planning a meet with you and your sisters.

Dinah: Who?

Christie: Star Hall.

Dinah: Oh yeah. Her. Okay. She’s on her way, isn’t she? Shouldn’t Paige and Pearl be around?

Christie: You might want to give them a ringer and tell them to come back on home.

Minutes later…

Paige and Pearl came home from their dates and started to walk inside the house for the night to unwind. They had a lot on their mind and had a lot to think about. one namely being the fact that there was an issue with the Fountain and the part that got them not sitting pretty on their hills was the fact that the City officials were smokin’ hot with the cover-up and were not letting out the truth that there was an Evil Queen threatening to come a banging and knocking on the back door. Pearl was with the fears of Beryl and Yet so was Paige. They were with their Sister Luna close by and were talking a bit about what they were conversing with Chloe on about the Fountain dilemma. But they were about to get a meet with someone. It was their friend Star and someone else…

Pearl: *Looking at the time* It’s getting a little late for a social call. It’s been a really trying afternoon. Plus the fact that the City is trying to cover up the whole possibility of a vile looking woman like Beryl coming out to spread her stew of trouble.

Star: We know that… Trouble that just won’t dial back.

Paige: Trouble that never learns to just lie down and rot.

Pearl: You’re telling us. good god. The World could end and all the city would do about it is just cover it up. saying that it’s only some scare. But i can tell you. This isn’t a scare. Beryl is out there and she is threatening to blow her misting power all over.

Star: Not as long as the Rhapsody Girls are around to stop her. You’ll cream her good.

Paige: We sure will. But Without Dinah… Our Thunderic Powerhouse it’s gonna be a little bit of a struggle. It is gonna be a real beat down.

Pearl: So… What’s the cause for this meet? Star, it’s a little late. Plus with a trying afternoon, the surprise meeting is a little much.

Star: It’s not really a meet per say. But didn’t you mention during Cooking class that you had some Fashion ideas you wanted to show me.

Pearl: *Realizing what Star was getting at* Oh yeah. that is right. i mentioned something about that, didn’t i?

Star: Yeah. Plus… i also have something to show you. Someone to meet you. All of you. *Not seeing Prince Alvin, Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis* Where did the Rhapsody brothers go?

Paige: Prince Alvin is with his girlfriend. had been since we left the Watchtower. Prince Arnold is at their home. King John’s house. Sleeping by now as far as we know… Prince Avery is still Cruising at the Park and still Staking out the Fountain. Prince Curtis is with his love Megan on a Date which might have ended by now. Or should have. Prince Curtis is one of Electric feeling but he’s Punctual. When he says a time… it is at that time and not a second more or less.

Star: He must be a real Gentleman. Good one too. *Stepping aside* Meet my mom.

Mrs. Hall: *Spotting the girls* My goodness. So these Teens must be the remarkable Rhapsody Girls Z! The Rhapsody Girls in all their glory. My Daughter has mentioned about you and about what you girls are going through. I have go tot say that for young teens as yourselves… You sure have a huge Chip upon your shoulders.

Paige: And how. We’re dealing with Dinah’s Pregnancy, The Fountain and it’s possible opening of the Portal leading to the Dark Kingdom, The Intergalactic Demon known as Scath… And now the apparent Cover-up of the City and their trying to make people believe that it was a Airborne disease that got released from the Fountain somehow…

Star: We don’t buy that. We know that there is something more to it than that. Way more.

Pearl: same here. *Seeing the mother* It’s nice to meet you.

Paige: It’s nice to meet you.

Luna: Hi there.

Mrs. Hall: Hello there… Who might you be?

Pearl: She’s our sister Luna. Adopted but she’s a sister to us all the more.

Mrs. Hall: My goodness. That’s wonderful.

Paige: I agree.

Raven: *Coming Down* What’s going on out here? It’s getting late. It’s also cold out here too.

Pearl: *Looking to see Raven in the room* Hey Raven. What’s up?

Raven: Why are you asking me what is up? It’s almost Midnight. plus Dinah is asleep and Christie is asleep in the chair in the same room to keep a monitor on Dinah. Plus it is cold out here.*Turning to see a guest* Who’s this?

Pearl: Star.

Raven: So she’s the one i met once in the school to come and grab you to take care of a little disturbance in the school. It’s good to see her coming here. A little late though.

Pearl: I know. It’s late and cold. But Star has come to look at some of the Fashion ideas that i managed to come up with. Plus to introduce us to her mother.

Mrs. Hall: *Looking to see the mysterious girl with the Gem on the forehead* So that’s the one you girls know as… Raven. Ah! She’s rather darling.

Paige: How is Dinah?

Raven: She is fine. She is just feeling a bit of unease which hits every so often. has since this afternoon when you guys left for the Watchtower. but she’s trying to hang in there. I used some Empathy to heal a little bit of the uneasiness she had. But it still comes and goes.

Star: You guys are gonna be feeling strange about this… but I… Please… Girl. Don’t freak… i was just getting my mom more accustomed about the idea that i am tied to a remarkable team.

Pearl: Why? What did you tell her? *Curious*

Star: I kinda told her that you’d show her… the heroic forms.

Paige: Oh my god, Star… please tell us that you didn’t just say that. Please. You know that we can’t do that. Not here.

Pearl: It’s just this once, right?

Luna: I guess.

A Moment later…

Mrs. Hall: Wow! Now that is beautiful. Really beautiful.

Luna: That was our hero forms.

Pearl: *Yawning* Sorry about that. I’m really sleepy all of a sudden.

Paige:  Same here. I got an Essay to do in class tomorrow…

The next Morning…

In the Dining room…

Pearl: *Yawning* I couldn’t sleep at all last night.

Paige: Why do you figure?

Pearl: I kept having this dream that Prince Alvin got pushed to use that form again and nearly killed himself. That dream was so real and haunting.  i almost screamed out for him.

Paige: I know the feeling. I was with a haunting dream or vision in my dreams about Beryl and her targeting Raven. It freaked me out all the same. I am telling you that if this keeps up… it’s gonna wind up driving us nuts.

Pearl: Tell me about it. *Yawning and Fixing up some Espresso* I wonder how Prince Avery is faring with the Stake out…

Paige: I don’t know. Since yesterday afternoon we didn’t hear a whisper from him.

Paige then walks over to look at the screen with the Live Cams and sees readings popping up all over the fountain…

P.A: *Through Intercom* Portal to Dark Kingdom open to 45%

Pearl: 45%? You are joking… Please. just tell us that you’re joking.

Paige: This is no joke. *Looking at the Screens* This is not a Joke. That Portal is opening more and more and it is not stopping. It’s going.

Raven: *Shadowing into the room through the wall* I just got the Buzz. There is a Disturbance in at the Park again.

Pearl: Good guess, Raven. We got a problem. The Portal is opening up more and more to the Dark kingdom. If it keeps going that way it has… We’re all gonna be in huge trouble.

Luna: *Walking down into the Living room from upstairs* What’s going on?

Raven: The portal has opened up again… It’s at 45% and is climbing.

Luna: I got that part. I have sharp hearing abilities here. But when did it happen? Over night?

Pearl: Afraid so…

At King John’s house…

in the Garage…

Prince Alvin: *With Prince Arnold* Prince Arnold, We got a real issue. The Fountain has opened more.

Prince Arnold: i know. we heard. 45%. Climbing to 50%. It’s said to be at 50% by Noon before pausing to a standstill.

Prince Alvin: There is no way for us to stop it.  It can’t be stopped.

Prince Arnold:  What does Watchtower say?

Prince Alvin: She says the same.

Prince Arnold: You’re Kidding? She too?

Prince Alvin: pretty much. She says that if there was any chance of trying to stop it.  It left us yesterday. When the massive energy spikes hit through multiple points in the City…. It sealed our fate. The Fountain is gonna open. The Portal is gonna open and there is nothing we can do about it.

Prince Arnold: Does that mean we failed? Damn it!

Prince Alvin: We also have to continue to worry about Dinah’s Pregnancy. *Getting on his Motorcycle* We need to keep our guard up.

Prince Arnold: What about you?

Prince Alvin: I don’t know what i’m gonna be doing. But i know that i won’t be fighting much as it seems that the last couple times that i fought. i used the super form and nearly drained my life force. If i fight anymore… i’ll most likely die. unless i can find another way of fighting. Fire bending and elemental summoning.

Prince Arnold: The Super form drains your life? That part i never heard before. When did you hear this?

Prince Alvin: Yesterday.

Prince Arnold: What’re you gonna do?

Prince Alvin: Till i learn a better style of fighting and learn to better control it… sit out the fighting. I’ll still guide and still be the captain. The Alpha Male. but won’t be fighting unless i learn how to use a different style in fighting. *starting up the Engine and preparing to rev it up and head off* I got to go and pick up Alice. She’s in need of a ride. But to be honest, Brother. don’t sweat over the heavy stuff just yet.

Prince Arnold: No need to worry. I don’t plan to. Unless there is no out.

Prince Alvin: There is a good amount of ways out from having to sweat over things we have little to no control over.

Prince Arnold: ……….


A Moment later at Metropolis High School…

Math class…

Mrs. Klump: *Looking at the class* I haven’t seen Dinah in almost 5 weeks. I know that she’s been home sick and she is Pregnant. But there must be a way for her to be in class. *Sighs* The poor dear.

Raven: *Shadowing in through wall* Hmm… So this must be the Math Class Dinah has.

Mrs. Klump: *Seeing Raven* W-w-who are you?


Raven: I’m Raven. I’m a friend of Dinah’s. The one who has your class. I have been the one coming here everyday to bring you Dinah’s work and take the work given to class each day to her. and had her do it. You know about the situation going on with Dinah. She’s Pregnant and she is also bedridden by orders of her grandmother.

Mrs. Klump: Oh dear heavens… That’s why i haven’t seen her in class for the last 5 weeks or more. Well uh, Raven… when you see her… be sure to give her my condolences. give her our condolences. We do wish that she feels better throughout the Pregnancy. *Looking at the handed in assignments* That must be Dinah’s. *Giving Raven the daily Assignment* This is what the class is doing today. She can take her time on it. it’s gonna be a couple days for the class to finish it. It’s alot for the assignment.

Raven: Okay. I’ll let her know.

At break…

In the Cafeteria…

Prince Avery: *Walking over to Prince Alvin* Prince Alvin, we got a problem.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Prince Avery* What’s up?

Prince Avery: There is a problem going on at the Fountain. I just checked the Fountain and that was after class got out. It got out early today and gave me some time to check on the Fountain. there’s a problem.

Prince Alvin: What’s the situation?

Prince Avery: There are signs of a break out from the Fountain. What i mean is this…

Prince Avery then pulled out the photo he snapped and showed it to Prince Alvin…

Prince Avery: This is the Fountain now… It’s not opened to 50% It’s opened to 75%. And it jumped from 45% to there in less than a few hours. and it’s opening up fast. Beryl isn’t anywhere there… But there is signs of a break out from the Fountain. The Fountain revealed a few cracks and a couple of stains of purple mist.

Prince Alvin: What do you think happened?

Prince Avery: I don’t know… but from the way it looks… It could very well mean that Beryl could be out in the City right now as we speak and she could be anywhere hiding…

5 weeks later…

Feb. 12th 2026…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

1:00 AM

P.A System: *Blaring* Red Alert… Red Alert…. Red Alert… Warning… Warning…

Pearl: *Waking up and Jumping up to the Alarms* Ack! What ‘s going on?!

Paige: Check the Monitors and the Live Cams. Check them and look to see on getting a fix on where the Situation is.

Pearl: Right. *Wigging out a little*

Dinah: *Waking up to the Sirens* What’s going on? Are we being attacked?

Paige: No. We’re not. I don’t think.

In Raven’s Room…

Raven: *Waking up and shaking her head a bit* What’s the idea of waking me up? What could be going on at this time of night? *Looking at her clock* It’s 1:00 in the morning. *Getting up and seeing the Monitor hanging in her room* What’s going on over there… *Turning on the Monitor with dark energy* Hmm…

The Alarms go off again and start making more of a siren…

Raven: *Hearing a Knock on her door* Yes?

Pearl: *on the outside* Raven?!

Raven: *Walking over to the door and opening it* …

Pearl: Something wrong?

Raven: No. Just got woken up by the alarms and barely turned on the Monitor in here to see what’s going on.

Pearl: *Looking at her belt and the Flashing light* …. *Gasps* Trouble!

Raven: So there is trouble going on… *Nods* Let’s go.

Pearl: Right.

Luna: *In the Hall* I heard the alarms. Something is up.

Paige: We got to go.

Pearl: Where is the Trouble located? *heading downstairs and taking a look at the Monitors and seeing the readings*

A Minute later…

Pearl: *Calling up to Paige, Luna and Raven* Paige, Luna… Raven… Get your hides down here… we got a problem… a huge one. It’s Lethal and it’s an onslaught.

Paige: *Running into the room from upstairs* What’s the situation? Is it bad?

Luna: *Bouncing into the living Room* How bad is it?

Pearl: Devastating. It’s an onslaught. There is a reading coming from the Fountain. It was recorded and it shows a band of Fire Creatures. 100 Fire Creatures, 100 Shadow Creatures and 5 Youmas… It’s detailing what is gonna be expected at the Fountain…

Communications Video Phone: *Showing Prince Alvin and Prince Curtis on Screen* Hey girls…

Pearl: *Looking up to see the Screen* Prince Alvin… Prince Curtis… What’s gotten you guys up at this hour?

Prince Alvin: We’d ask you the same thing, but that would be rather pointless since we know what’s gotten us all up. It’s the Disturbance at the Fountain. You all have been monitoring the Fountain’s activity and so have we. We got all the Data needed. The Stake out is over. But the threat isn’t over. It is far from it. For weeks we have been circling the whole Fountain Opening up the Portal long since Dormant. or believe to be as such… It’s been Dormant. For a year. But the situation is that it was not sleeping. It was just biding its time. Since a week before Thanksgiving of last year, it’s been a run in with the Fountain. Activity. from Energy spikes to…

Prince Curtis: Heat Signatures. Elemental surges and running power flare-ups. Flare-ups and not to forget Creature sightings. Multiple cases of it. 4 of them…. One with Dinah getting hurt. Risking her safety.

Pearl: That part we gather.

Raven: *Flying into the Living room and Hovering* What else?

Prince Alvin: We also gathered that the Fountain was opening up all upon it’s own will. There was no stopping it. Since 5 weeks ago… there has been 40 more dead reported all caused by the Fountain and the Activity that it was producing. 40 deaths. within a frame of 5 weeks.

Paige: Isn’t there anyway to reverse the deaths?

Prince Curtis: No. Unfortunately there isn’t. We just found out about it as we were just a moment ago able to find the right pull to get the research and the Data. If we knew about it when it first happened… there could have been something that we could have done. But from 5 weeks ago till now… the coroner’s reports have all been hidden. Sealed from public records. No one could see them.

Prince Alvin: And the weird thing is that the City officials were all saying that the Coroner was making the reports but not posting them onto the Database of the Coroner logs. We sense a cover-up somewhere. but the City officials aren’t giving out much info on the matter.

Paige: But why would they try to cover it up when they know exactly as to what happened before the deaths? The Fountain was the cause of the deaths. The reports all point to the part where the Fountain took the energy from the passing civilians. The Coroner got the info and the data right there. It’s not a Airborne disease and the Fountain wasn’t just coughing up a fluke. There wasn’t any foul play coming from the Fountain. the signs are there. The Fountain was also a Portal…But yet they were trying to cover it up.

Prince Curtis: They did cover it up. But with the Fountain alive and breathing with life… there is evidence to add to it that the Fountain is with signs of tampering.  We right now got readings that there is a swarm of fire creatures. Shadow creatures and Youmas too. 5 Youmas and it’s not gonna be a cake walk.

Pearl: We’re gonna head over there right now.

Prince Alvin: Right. Head on over there right now… We’ll be there momentarily. We got to round up Prince Arnold and Prince Avery. Actually Prince Arnold since Prince Avery is probably still at the Fountain trying to hold the fort and moving to see on nullifying the numbers of the creatures.

Luna: We’re coming… I’m gonna be the first to transform…

A second later…

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* …

Luna then hits the way over to the Metropolis park. It was gonna be an Onslaught….

Paige: Pearl… This is the first time we ever officially used this form… but the Double team is needed. Hearty Bubbles.

Pearl: Hearty Bubbles?

Paige: *nods*

A second later…

Paige & Pearl: *moving in Sequence* Love and bubble Transform! *Covered in hearts and Bubbles; Spinning as the uniform forms and changes them into the double team Hearty Bubbles* … *Posing in tune* We are the hearts… The bubbles of Grace and light. The hearts of strength and Romantic embrace… with the powers of bubbles and the hearts of Justice and all that is Pure… Let the Evil that dare walk with hatred Quake as we Match Their power with ours. We’re Hearty Bubbles. The Evil’s reign will fall by the hands of Love and Grace.

Raven: *with dark Energy placing her hood up on her head covering her face except her eyes and Mouth* Let’s go.

The Call ended and they all made their way over to the Park…

At the Metro Coffee Stop…

Shanna: *Working the Register and the Machines* I have done about 200 orders. served 300 people. I need a Vacation or a break. *Suddenly sensing a presence nearby and feels a Presence coming from the Park not far* There is trouble brewin’ Paige and Pearl are in trouble. They don’t have Dinah with them… They’re gonna need Molten Mind. But how can i get out of here?  i can’t just walk out of here and go to aid my sisters. Actually… I think that i can. Besides i have been working for hours. and several days on in.

Shanna then bolted out and made way over to the park…

At the Park…

Hearty Bubbles: *Facing the mass Swarm of Creatures* You spread hatred and disloyalty in your path… you’re the very Condemners of the innocent. You vile creatures should be taken down. From our hands and the powers of Love and Grace… you Fiery beings and beings of Shadows will be meeting the end of the line.

Sailor Luna: You Awful creatures are gonna be in big trouble. Hurting the innocent and killing the innocent. Taking their energy away and spreading panic and fear into the hearts and mind of the people… Bad creatures. Rotten… *Doing her Pose* I am the Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower and the Rhapsody Family… I shall Punish you. *Hissing* MEOW!!!!!

Prince Alvin: *Riding in from the side With Prince Curtis* Here we come… Fire and Electricity ready to spark.

Prince Avery: *Looking to see Prince Alvin and Prince Curtis on the scene* I can’t believe that you two would be a little late getting here. These creatures are entirely cruel. If you guys were to get here just a few minutes later… i would have been nothing but a complete mess. I would have been turned into a loincloth.

Hearty Bubbles: Don’t worry. You’re safe now. We’re here to knock these vile things back. We’re gonna do this all without the Thunderic Powerhouse. She’s out of order since the Pregnancy. Week 12 and she is almost past her first trimester. and the other week… the week before last she was with her boyfriend Shingo. I don’t believe it’s any of our business, but we could almost figure that She was having another Intimate relations with him.

Prince Alvin: That was week 10 i think. Week 10 is the week where any pregnant person would develop a heightened Sex Drive. Don’t ask how i know. but it’s best that we all keep a close record on that. It will not only help us get a know how on what to expect. But it’ll also help us be able to help Dinah in the process.

Prince Curtis: It will help us all, But for right now we need to back burn that area of our issues. We got ourselves an Onslaught to sweep off into defeat alley.

Sailor Luna: That’s right.

Raven: *Landing in and Firing a wave of Dark Energy at the fire Creatures* Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos!

Prince Arnold: *Using Water from the Fountain and drawing it to him* Let’s see what we got here. *Moving his hands around and creating a Water barrier* Water’s grace… force of nature. Water’s essence of life. Breathe long and provide the burn to the wicked intent. *Firing the Water at the Fire Creatures* Water Barrier Coral! Round them up and take them Down a Cluster at a time…

Molten Mind: *Summoning for the ground to crack and break apart around the Creatures* Time to shake the ground up a bit.

Plasma-Core: How were you able to do that, Water Lord?

Prince Arnold: Magic… Level 4. We’re all level 4. We just never tried these moves before. It isn’t hard to do… All you have to do is find anything that has traces of your element… and just find a way to draw it to you. then once you’ve drawn it to you… Use it. use it to your advantage. Launching it right at the target. whoever it may be or at whatever it may be.

Prince Curtis: *Nods* Sounds like a plan. There is Electricity in the air… So that is the opening to Electric bend. *Pulling Electricity from the Air and dragging it to him; Moving his hands in a drawing manner creating a Swarm of Sledge hammers made from Electricity* Let’s see how many of the creatures can dodge this bullet. *Sending the Electric Sledge hammers over to the Fire Creatures and with his hand using a portion of his mind making the Sledge hammers rise and go to the top of the creatures. and pause above the Fire Minions* Time to give these things a shocking experience. *Launching the attack at the Fire Minions* Electric Sledgehammer Slammers! Feel the Electric vibrations from the Sledge hammers of Electricity.

Prince Alvin: *Walking closer* Okay… My turn. The captain wants to play ball with these creatures. *Drawing fire from the fire Minions and bending the fire into a flash fire pit and Sending it to go under a cluster of the Shadow Creatures* Shadows can’t feel much… But Fire is what will tear them away. Shadows are like spirits or phantoms. All you need is a little fire and they burn out. *Using his mind to cause the fire to increase and burn hotter* Come on fire… Burn hotter. tear at these creatures. Make them feel the might of the Fires wrath. *Unleashing the attack* Fiery Grill of Justice! Feel the Fire of Truth. Burn!

Hearty Bubbles: *Launching an attack at the Fire Creatures* Sparkling Lover Bubble Blaster!

Raven: *Using Telekinesis to move the Park benches and the nearby Lamp posts to bash at the fire Minions*

However back at Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Girls bedroom…

Dinah: *Sitting up and looking at the Portable Ipad* I can’t do much to help but i will keep watch on the readings and the situation concerning the Fountain. Something is up. Something is up. Beryl is out there somewhere. She has obviously broken out of that Fountain. She’s trying to make us believe that she’s not out yet and trying to thwart our attention away from the fountain to make us believe that she’s still within her realm… Still inside Dark Kingdom. I don’t buy it. *Shaking her head and feeling a little strain* Something… Something’s up. Otherwise… why else would that snake Beryl… wherever she must be just trying to pull the foxy slimy wool over the eyes and attempt to bull us?

Dinah kept an eye on the Fountain readings and kept watch. She was suspicious on what the Fountain was gonna do next. Dinah was stuck in bed, and she couldn’t really get up hardly. She could only be of help by just watching the cams and the monitors. It was all she could do. She managed to see that the Fountain was opening up more and completely. It was only a couple months into the Countdown before the Portal was said to reopen and it had already caused so much damage up to that point. Dinah was noticing the change in the Fountain. She saw it. Beryl was breaking out way ahead of Schedule. But there was more to it than that as they were about to find out. It was only the first Layer of the seal to reopening the Gateway linking to Dark Kingdom…

Back at the park…

Sailor Luna: *Landing some kicks and Punches at the Creatures and knocking them out*

Hearty Bubbles: *Moving around and going into a attack pattern* Time to feel the sting from our Bubbly Love. *Preparing a move* “Bubbles of Love… Love’s divine… Fill the air with Love’s light. Quaking love… Bubbly light. Lover’s journey and expedition combine.” *Launching the attack at the Fire Creatures and sending the lingering effects of the attack to the shadow creatures* Love’s Quivering seismic storm!

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at the Fire Creatures and the Shadow creatures* Luna Sugardrill!

Prince Avery: *Looking at Sailor Luna* Luna, Love… i think it’s time you laid the first whammy on the creatures here…

But before the attack could begin, The creatures came and ganged up on them and began to attack. Prince Alvin held on as much as he could and tried hard to not let loose on the super form… He used the fire bending to drag up some fires and out of a shocking quick burst of energy… Released a flash flame burst coming from his body and sent it at the Shadow creatures. He was on verge to use the form and before he could stop it…

Prince Alvin: *In Ssj3 form*

Raven: *Rubbing her head a little and shaking her head a bit* …

Sailor Luna: *Looking to see Prince Alvin in the super form again* Prince Alvin… stand down on that form… right now… Calm down. Calm down. right now. CALM DOWN!!!

Prince Arnold: *Looking at the others* Guys… come on… We got to hold the captain back. force the form to leave him. He’s gonna wind up dying if we don’t get him to revert back.

Prince Curtis: *Grabbing Prince Alvin* come on brother… let that form go. it’s a rubber crutch that you don’t need. You don’t need it.

Prince Alvin: *Calming down* Okay… okay. I’m calm. I just lost a bit of control… but i’ll stop. I need to get rid of that form. i will only die if i continue to use it.

Sailor Luna: As soon as you can… you go and find out a way to have that form removed from you.

Prince Alvin: i will. But first… we need to get rid of these creatures.

Hearty Bubbles: Agreed. *Nods* We need to wipe them out. fast.

Raven: *Spotting a couple of creatures fleeing off towards the residential portion of the City* Don’t look now, But we’re about to have a little problem that is about to turn into two.

Prince Avery: *Catching the creatures heading off to the Residential district* I think that this has just gone from bad… to worse. The creatures are looming over to the homes.

Prince Arnold: *Pauses* Huh?!

A minute later…

Prince Curtis: I think that we’re about to be in for a chase.

Sailor Luna: Where do you think they’re going?

Prince Avery: *Looking ahead at the creatures fleeing* They’re heading over to the homes. The neighborhood. I don’t know where exactly, but i think that if we were wise… we’d follow them and see where they were heading off to.

Raven: Do you think that there will be danger for the people in the residential portion of the City? those creatures are dangerous. No telling as to what we can expect from them.

Prince Arnold: We don’t know. But we’re gonna have to look to find out.

Hearty Bubbles: Let’s go.

The 4 boys, Luna, Raven, Paige and Pearl as well as Shanna head on over after the creatures and follow them. The creatures were heading off somewhere and it didn’t look good. As they followed the creatures onward, they looked to see the house ahead and saw that they were heading over to their house. the creatures were looming over to Grandma Rikku’s house and going after Dinah…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the group* We’ve got to stop them. They’re going to attack Dinah. Dinah can’t fight. She’s without powers and there is no way for her to fight back. If they get at her… they’ll kill her and hurt the babies. We can’t let that happen.  Brothers… Teleport to the front of the Creatures and on the count of three… we blast at the creatures hard and fast. We give it the best we got. We must keep these Creatures away from the House…

Prince Arnold: *Nods* You got it.

Prince Avery: Right. Dinah is the first of the girls to spawn the 4th generation of the family here… Protect Dinah and the Babies that are said to come.

Prince Curtis: *Seeing a few Creatures heading and splitting up scouring to the Hart household* Oh Shit… Megan. some of these creeps are heading over to Megan’s house.

Raven: Prince Curtis, You stay with your brothers… i’ll go and head to the house and warn Megan.

Prince Curtis: Okay. Thanks Raven. just Stop them from progressing.

Sailor Luna: I’m gonna try to fire at them with the attack… we have to stop them. We can’t let them get to Dinah.

Betty: *Orbing into the battle* Don’t worry. They won’t. Sorry i’m late. I was sleeping and just got up to use the ladies room when i saw that Dinah was up and saw that she was looking at the Portable Ipad watching for the Fountain Activity. She was also talking about her lover boy and sounding frustrated because of her Love’s mother. i Barely asked what was going on when i heard Screams going on from out here…

Hearty Bubbles: It’s good to see that you made it. We got to knock these things back.

Betty:  *Focusing her energy and holding her hands together; Blowing light energy into her hands; Forming a holy grenade and chanting an incantation turning the one Holy Grenade into several “Sacred power of the lord. take thee power and turn one into many.”; Sending them up into the sky and spinning them around in a fast motion; Pointing her fingers up into the air making them into guns filled with Light bullets and shooting them at the Holy grenades in the sky; Launching the attack at (Shadow Creatures)* Heaven’s Burning Holy Flash!

Raven: *Flying off towards Megan’s house*

A second later…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the targets* Luna…. Cosmic…Sugar hearts *Launching the attack* … Beam… ATTACK!!!

Prince Alvin: *Seeing the Creatures getting knocked back* It’s Working.  Betty, Try it again… It’s working. The creatures are dying off.

Prince Arnold: We should still nail at these creatures. Let’s do it.

Prince Alvin: You got it. Let’s do it.

A few seconds later…

Rhapsody Brothers: *Looking at one another*…  *Launching an attack at the Fire Creatures* Elemental Marathon! Wave 1: Flash INFERNO!

Fire Creatures: *Screeching and blowing up in pieces*

Rhapsody Brothers: Elemental Marathon! Wave 2: Watery LIQUIDATION!

Fire Creatures: *steaming away*

Betty: *Chanting a spell* “The storm of heaven’s touch… breathe upon your water of life… sear the wicked with your Holy liquid of purity!” “Launching the attack at the Fire Creatures* Holy Aquatic Downpour!

Sailor Luna: *Cheers* Ya TA!!!

Hearty Bubbles: The Fire Creatures are gone… The Shadow Creatures are half gone now… We’re doing it.. Just keep going…

Dinah: *Voice* Hey… You guys there?

Prince Alvin: *Pauses* Dinah?!

Dinah: *Speaking through the Communicator* Who did you think it was? the Wicked Witch of the west? But i’ll always be your hot tempered and sharp shooting girl with the Thunderic Speed rush. I got something that you guys will need to know about…

Prince Curtis: Oh yeah…

Hearty Bubbles: What’s that sis?

Dinah: Something that will make your bones want to ice themselves with a few cases of Arctic ice. I won’t even be kidding. I’ve done some reading here and you… You guys will want to know about it… Unless you like to keep the sanity intact.

Sailor Luna: Sanity?! This isn’t something to consider as Nuts… Tell us.

Dinah: Okay… Just be gentle with this pregnant beauty. What i found was that the Fountain is still sealed. It has 3 Layers of the Portal to open and only one Layer of the Gateway was fully opened and stripped clean. It said something as to the line of: “Each step you take you look back. Each look you give shifts your perception… A gateway to doom is fast to reach but to open the door that harbors the Evil queen of Moon’s demise… a heart with Doubt is what you require.” We’re all in trouble as we all have had doubt.  Beryl is coming and the Fountain’s what we know to pertain to the Gate linking us to Dark Kingdom… There are 2 Layers left of the 3 that need to be opened. But all it took was for one Layer to be fully opened for Beryl to come busting out.

Sailor Luna: So she is out? isn’t she?

Dinah: Afraid so, Young Whiskers. She’s out and she’s in the city somewhere. i found that a little before the Onslaught began… there was an official sighting of a Mysterious woman that looks like a Queen sized Nightmare. She’s out and as of right now… She’s not in the Public Eye. She’s now gone into hiding. Gone literally underground. But The Fountain is still gonna take a little time in opening all the way. The 2nd Layer of the seal is at a 8% opened..92% Closed. If it reaches 50% in unsealing potential. it will be enough for the seal to short out and Open itself the rest of the way and will leave it to where the last Seal will break off. The Seal is locked on tightly currently. But it’s not stopping from being unsealed.

Hearty Bubbles: But that still doesn’t explain how the Creatures are coming through… If there are still 2 seals left… how is it that the Creatures are getting through? Plus if they can’t… Why is Beryl able to?

Dinah: That part is unknown. The readings don’t mention any of that i’m afraid. But what i can tell you is that with the Portal now at a partial crossroad and has made its first leap to being reopened and reinstating entry to the Dark Kingdom… it’s gonna start turning into a altercation with a Weather Anomaly or two.

Prince Alvin: We better be bracing ourselves for that then… Thanks Dinah. You just rest and leave the rest to us with this Onslaught.

Dinah: you got it. But it’s good that i am here to get the info over to you. See? I may be practically useless mostly because i’m Pregnant and can’t really do much. But i’m not that far gone from being of any use.

Hearty Bubbles:  You’re never useless Dinah. You maybe dry docked… but Useless… You’re definitely not.

A second later…

Rhapsody Brothers: *Launching an attack at the Shadow Creatures* Elemental Marathon! Wave 3: Plasma’s Burning Nuclear BEAMS!

Betty: *Chanting a spell* “Freeze this Evil being with your frosty heaven’s Touch!”  *Launching the attack at the Shadow Creatures* Angelic Icestorm!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Launching an attack at the Shadow Creatures* Elemental Marathon! Wave 4: Electrical Short-Circuit ELECTROCUTION!

The Shadows all dissipated and disintegrated as the attacks hit them…

Hearty Bubbles: *Launching the attack* “Love’s might… Love’s delight… Loving Bubbles… Bubbling light of grace and serenity. Loving romantic touch of Angels desire.  Form the powers combined. Combine and unite… Unleash the Bubbling Love’s excess Power” *Firing the attack at the Shadow creatures* Love’s Washing Veil!

As for Raven…

Raven: *At the Hart Household; Shadowing through Megan’s door* Megan…

Megan: *Talking in her sleep* Josh, Go away. it’s late at night… let me be…

Raven: *Speaking through Megan’s mind* Megan… It’s me. Raven… Wake up. This is important. I am here in your room. to warn you of a sign of trouble. Wake up.

Megan: *Waking up fast and getting up to see Raven in her room* Raven?! What the heck are you doing here? What could be so important that you should be coming here? did something happen?

Raven: There is a cluster of Shadow creatures coming here. 6 of them. They’re coming here.

Megan: *Shooting up* What?! When?

Raven: Now.

Megan: What’ll we do? Drake can’t fight them. Josh is too much a Dork. he can’t fight them. I got no chance to fight them.

Raven: Don’t worry. I’ll ward them off. But first… *Using Astral Projection to send her mind over to the parents*

In the parent’s room…

Sam: *Snoring*

Joanna: *Snoring*

Raven: *Speaking into the minds* We got to get you two out of here… Get up… Wake up. Hurry. There is a monster sighting… a group of 6 creatures coming here. They’re on their way here right now. Megan’s gonna wake up Drake and Josh. Warning them of the incoming danger. But you need to get up. Now!

Joanna: *Waking up and freaking out* What! What’s going on?

Sam: *Waking up* I’m up… Who was that speaking into my head?

Joanna: I don’t know. It wasn’t me. And you weren’t speaking into my head. What was that though… Who was that?


Raven: *Shadowing in* Excuse me… You two should be getting to safety. There is a monster sighting. 6 shadow creatures are on their way here right now.

Sam: *Looking at the Girl* Who are you?

Raven: Who i am to you is not important. You two need to go to safety. Creatures are coming here. Now. You need to go. Fast. Megan has already gone to wake up Drake and Josh to tell them the same thing. You got to get out of here while you can.

Joanna: *Getting up and Running out*

But before they could get down stairs and dash out to safety…

Shadow Creatures: *Screeching*

Joanna: *Screaming*

Raven: *Rising up and Focusing her energy* Azarath… Metrion… *Firing the attack at the Shadow creatures* Zinthos!

Shadow Creatures: *Screeching in pain*

Sam: *With a baseball bat and Running towards the creatures* Get the hell out of our house… Beat it!

Raven: *Using Dark Energy to pull the Bat out from the guy’s hands* No! Don’t fight them, Nothing like that will make any dent on them. You need to get out. Now! Go! It’s not safe. Get out of here now!

Megan: *Running out with her brothers* Prince Curtis should be here to fend these things off.

Prince Curtis: *Teleporting in* Don’t worry, Megan. I’m here.

Sailor Luna: So am I. *Bouncing in* We’ll get rid of these creatures.

Prince Curtis: *Launching an attack at the Shadow Creatures* Electric Claws!

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at the Shadow Creatures* Luna… Silver Moon Claws!

The Shadow creatures started to disintegrate…

But that was when a mystery lady arrived…

Lady: So… We meet again. Sailor Luna… Prince Curtis…

Prince Curtis: That Voice… *Pauses and turns* Who… *At a Loss for words*

Beryl: What?! Does the Kitty have your tongue, Rhapsody Brother?

Prince Curtis: Beryl! How the hell are you back here and Alive? My cousins Paige, Pearl and Dinah… They defeated you. You went down with your Kingdom and we all know that there is no way that you could survive that. How are you back? I think that the ticket back from the pretentious afterlife is an expired one. You are not supposed to be back. Not ever. So uh, you might want to see it being none wiser than to just go back to where it is that you crawled from. Before someone sends you back there with force.

Sailor Luna: *In a fighting pose* We took your forces down once… we’ll do it again.

Beryl:  *Grins* I don’t think that you will. Not unless you want your Pregnant member of the team to feel pain.

Prince Curtis: How do you know about that? You were dead… and you were stuck in that Dark hell hole. We never told you about it and don’t plan to. You are confused. Who’s to say that she is pregnant?

Beryl: It’s because… some of the Dark mist got into your Sweet Pearl and read her Mind.  it found that your Cousin Dinah was Pregnant. I have the proof. I know she’s alive.

Prince Curtis: You’re full of it. *Firing Electricity at Beryl* Get lost!

Beryl: *Disappearing* I’ll be back.

Sailor Luna: We’ll be waiting for that too…

Hours later…

At Grandma Rikku’s House…


In the Girls Room…

Dinah: *Getting up and Walking around* Ouch… God, That hurts!

Pearl: *Looking at her sister Dinah* Are you okay, Dinah?

Dinah: I don’t know… *Hissing a little in pain* I feel kinda heavy in the pelvic area. the mid-section of the Pelvic area is doing the flops and it’s making me seem a tad queasy.  Weird thing though is that this is supposed to be week 12 and that thing we females have… The Uterus is supposed to be moving up to the front of the bladder and relieving the pressure. It’s done so… i mean that i don’t feel the least bit of unease down there where the bladder is. But i sure feel like there is something bouncing like a crazy psychotic frog inside my stomach.

Pearl: Maybe… it’s the baby. or Babies.

Dinah: You think so?

Pearl: It’s got to be.

Paige: *Getting changed for school* You might need to see a doctor to be sure with what’s going on inside the Uterus.

Dinah: Good idea. Who do we know?

Pearl: Not sure what Doctor there is for you to see. But we’re definitely not sending you to see a Gynecologist. They keep sticking their fingers up there in the fronts which is disgusting. It’s what they do… but it’s still just as sick even thinking about it. Ewwww!

Paige: We can check the Phone book and see who’s available. There’s got to be someone out there who will see Dinah. Maybe be an in home Nurse or Doctor.

Dinah: Who do we know that’s a doctor and is someone that we can just trust? I haven’t trusted a doctor in years. So… i really don’t know if there will be anyone out there for me to see.

Pearl: We’ll start looking today.

A Minute later…

In the Dining room…

Paige: *Sitting down* I’m still a little beat from that night time battle we had to face. It woke us up out of nowhere…

Pearl: It got me startled. I was shook. Of all times for the Onslaught to happen… it had to happen during the night while we were having our beauty rest.

Dinah: Talk about no respect for the subtlety.

Pearl: None whatsoever. *Looking at the time* We need to head over to school. It’s time to go. Dinah… You’re gonna be okay here. There is nothing to worry about. I hope.

Paige: If there is anything going on here while we’re away at school. buzz. just ring up. Doesn’t matter what it is…

Pearl: While we’re gone… Start looking for a doctor. Anyone. We’ll take control of the matter and we’ll make all the calls this afternoon. Immediately.

Dinah: Okay.

Luna: And don’t forget that tonight we are gonna also meet up with Martin and his Guardian…

Paige: Yeah. Tonight we get to the bottom of who that guy is.

Raven: *Walking into the room*

At the Metropolis Gen…

Ami: *Walking into the office and looking at the files on Dinah* Week 12 of the Pregnancy. Dinah was here the other day. I must have been off the other day. Dinah’s Pregnancy is now week 12. It’s going steady. But It’s still pretty early in the pregnancy. The Doctor that saw her was Julie. *Worried* I am a bit concerned about Dinah’s Pregnancy. It’s just a feeling. Next week will be the week where she’ll have moments where she’s over heated. It’s normal for Pregnancy.

11:00 AM.

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Dinah: *Looking through the Phone book and looking for a Doctor* Hmm… Pediatrician… Dr. Spalding. No. That’s not what i’m gonna need yet. Gynecologist… No. Most definitely not. I won’t go for a doc who favors in sticking fingers up the personal area. That is sick and won’t be me. No thanks. Specialist. No. Dr. Leeray. I’m Pregnant. I’m not with a Disease or an unknown illness. Doctor/Nurse- On Call… Dr. Mizuno… *Remembering the name* Mizuno… Mizuno. Where did i hear that name? Who do i know with that name *Realizing the name and picturing the face* Oh God… I know… Ami. Ami-Chan. Ami Mizuno. She’s the one who was studying to be a doctor. She’s been said to be studying abroad in Japan. But she’s still here in Metropolis… Well… I’ll be. She’s an On Call Nurse and Doctor. I’m gonna call and request for her to be a Live in doctor. I’ll trust her. She’s a friend of the family. She’ll work.  *Grabbing for the phone and making the call*

At the Metropolis Gen…

Ami: *Walking into the X-Ray room* I got to look again at the Ultrasound. It showed that nothing was wrong… but… I don’t know.

Suddenly the phone in the Room rings…

Ami: *Answering the Phone* Hello? Dr. Mizuno speaking.

Dinah: *On the Phone* Ami?

Ami: Yes? Who’s this?

Dinah: Who do you think it is, Brainiac… It’s Dinah… You know… The one people call “Danger Zone” Dinah?

Ami: *Gasps* Dinah-Chan?! OH god… It’s so great to hear from you again. It’s been a while. It’s been a couple years since we last all got together. The last time we met again was at your 15th Birthday party and then the sad time being the Funeral service being held for your deceased mother. I’m still feeling bad about the loss. She was so innocent. was like a second mother even to me, Rei-Chan, Mako-chan and Usagi-chan.

Dinah: I know. Pearl was Mourning and grieving over the death for almost a month. but was wearing Black for about 2 weeks. she was so destroyed. But i hear that you’re now a big-shot Doctor. living your dream. Something that you’ve always aimed for. How’s the life treating you?

Ami: It’s okay. I get to work with some wonderful doctors. Like Dr. Rhapsody. Sr. and Jr. Dr. Julie Rhapsody and Dr. Princess Julie Rhapsody. They work at different times. the older one works at the morning… the Jr. works at the night. But… how are you?

Dinah: Me? Uh, well… I’m uh, Pregnant and i am also relieved of being my sparky kick-butt self. Thunder Mistress has been dry docked.

Ami: You’re Kidding. Oh dear… Wait. I think that i already know about that. 7 weeks ago i was looking at files of another patient. But i can’t tell because it’s a breach of Patient-Doctor Confidentiality. But i was looking through a file when i suddenly got called over by Dr. Rhapsody Sr. to look at test results of you. Saying that you were in a couple days before the discussion took place and came in for a check-up. I was granted the case to work alongside with her on it… but i’ve been doing alot of looking through the files.

Dinah: *sighs* So it’s there for all to see? Wonderful. What else can i expect? I already know that i am gonna be targeted by mockery. I know it. There have been a few people in High school who looked at me pretty nastily and once they catch on to this… i’m gonna be on the fast track of mockery and torment. I’ve been wanting to go back to school despite the fact that i am supposed to be bedridden. But My grandmother had made it clear that she didn’t want to chance anything around the baby or babies.

Ami: If you’re able to still go to school. Do so. You shouldn’t be kept inside the house all the time. You are still able to be Mobile. Aren’t you?

Dinah: *Scoffs* I don’t know. I guess i am. Why?

Ami: Can you come in to the Hospital? For a Check-up?

Dinah: I guess. I can do that. Let me call my sisters first to let them know… That way they know what’s up.

Ami: Okay. Do tell them that i’d like to see them again sometime. And that i said hello. I’ll see you soon?

Dinah: I’m counting on it.

A minute later At Metropolis High…

Break time At the School Cafeteria…

Paige: Math Class… Social Studies and P.E. P.E is not that bad…I was thinking about trying out for the Cheerleader team. It’s a perfect opportunity. Athletics… Work-outs.

Pearl: Well… I got Choir, Library class… and Journalism. Library class i got with Star and Christie. Nice reprieve.

Paige: Well… In Math class I have Prince Arnold and Prince Alvin… As well as Alice in with me. And get this… The Teacher teaching the class is the same one that Dinah had. Mrs. Klump.

Pearl: That’s a relevant case. I will bet that Dinah is gonna wonder what classes she’s got now.

Prince Avery: *Walking in from the side* Dinah might be wondering already. This is a new semester.

Pearl: *Looking to see Prince Avery* Hey there, Prince Avery. How are your new classes?

Prince Avery: Doable. P.E. Choir and Art.

Prince Curtis: *Walking in with Megan* Don’t be so hardy… I think Art would suit you, Plasma… You have the knack for being the creative thinker after all.

Prince Avery: That’s a good line… Prince Curtis, You’re a real card and a half. You know that. but Art does sound appealing. Maybe it’ll help calm my temper some. Being the hot head is more Prince Alvin’s department.

Paige: Touche!

Pearl: What about Dinah though? Her classes?

Prince Avery: She’s got a class with me. Art. The other two i can’t figure.

Paige: You think she’ll be asking?

Prince Avery: I wouldn’t doubt that she would.

Prince Curtis: Same here… I wouldn’t doubt that she would try to not ask. She’s liable to just motion to come back for a short time basis.

Prince Avery: Having people notice the pregnant state that she’s in… Risky move. Even for her.

Prince Curtis: No more than having to risk being seen by the Queen Beryl herself. I had a run in with her last night. As had Luna. We were thrashing down the Shadow creatures and of course they scared the shit out of Megan’s parents. Drake turned ghostly white like a hot searchlight glistening in the night. Josh passed out in terror as a safety pattern. Megan here was the only calm one. She helped keep her parents from losing their complete senses. Raven was there. She didn’t spook them much. Just the speak into the mind thing got to them. It freaked them out.

Megan: But once they knew a little about her and got acquainted with her… it calmed down. But the attack was terrifying.

Prince Curtis: That’s why i am staying at your place from this day forward. I am not gonna just leave you unprotected. Not happening.

Pearl: What would Prince Alvin say?

Prince Alvin: *Walking in with Alice* What would i say about what?

Paige: About Prince Curtis Staying with Megan for the duration of the threats that are going on and are ongoing?

Prince Alvin: That’s fine. Only catch is to report back to home every so often to let us know what is going on and to ensure that things are tip top shape. And to keep in contact. We’ll keep communication on mediate. If you’re gonna be with her… we’re gonna be close by with the communication. She’s not with powers or abilities… but she’s still one of us. We protect our bottom line. Our friends. Allies… Comrades and supporters. If they are in need. we assist.

Prince Avery: Here here!


Pearl: *Hearing her Phone ring* Huh! *Pulling out her phone and checking the #* It’s Dinah… *Answering the Phone* Hey Dinah. What’s up? You okay?

Dinah: *On the Phone* Yeah… I’m okay. I just got a hold of a Doctor. I’m gonna head over there and get checked out… Just to be safe. But there is something else to it. Guess who the Doctor is?

Pearl: *On the Phone* Who?

Dinah: A Dr. Mizuno. Ami Mizuno.

Pearl: Come again on that last part… Did you just say? Ami Mizuno? Ami-Chan?! Oh my god… You’re Kidding. Wow! How is she?

Dinah: Well… i don’t know. i haven’t seen her yet. But she’s heard that i was Pregnant and is leading my case. She’s got the Results and everything.

Pearl: Wow. Uh, Okay. Head on over to the Doctor’s and get the Check-up done. Just take it easy there okay. Let us know how it goes and what the doctor says.

Dinah: You bet. Raven’s gonna follow me there and see that i’m okay.

Pearl: Okay. good. You take care. Be careful.

Dinah: No worries…

A Second later…

Paige: Is Dinah alright?

Pearl: Oh yeah she is okay. She’s okay. She found a doctor. She found a doctor and it’s someone that we all know too.

Prince Avery: Who?

Pearl: Ami-Chan. She’s the Doctor and she’s the one who’s gonna be her doctor.

Prince Alvin: You don’t say… Why that is Excellent. What better way to get treated than by someone you know… A friend. Right?

Paige: Of course.

Prince Curtis: *Grins* Some battle we had last night huh?

Pearl: You want to reiterate that? That wasn’t a battle. That was an Onslaught that we were lucky to make it out alive.

Megan: The good news of all this is that my parents were unscathed. A Little bit in the clear with them… but as for the fated run in with that lady you guys have mentioned… Beryl. That was something i think that my parent’s caught and wished never happened.

Prince Curtis: stop worrying about that, They’re not the only ones. i feel just the same as they do. I know how it must look and feel. I feel it too, Megan. I can tell you that i don’t like it none and it’s clear that the Sighting with Beryl in the flesh… That was the first sighting. But i can honestly tell you that you might want to believe and stay on watch for more sightings to come from her. Beryl is gonna be more Unpredictable because this isn’t like last time. Last time… she had people doing the dirty work for her. This time… she’s alone. She’s running on her own… She, herself and yours truly. Beryl all on her own. She’s doing it all. So… she’s gonna be attacking sporadically.

Prince Avery: That is a proclamation. It is possible that she could start attacking this city. making moves through out this city. But where… and When? That’s what we have to figure out.

Prince Curtis: Don’t you wish that we could figure that out just without doing much thinking? It could be just as easy without racking our sweet little minds. However to be just taking the easy way out… it wouldn’t make the experience the least bit exciting at all. It’d just get Dull real quick.

Prince Alvin: You want to Wager on that?

Prince Curtis: How Much? 10 to 1?

Prince Avery: Okay, come on now. There will be no need for that.

Star: *Walking in with Christie* Hey guys. Nice change up for classes, huh?

Christie: We all got different classes this semester. I wonder how we’re gonna be able to do our thing with the fact that we’re all in different directions.

Jack: *Walking in* You don’t need to worry about that. We still all got now to plan. Besides. we all meet here to make a choice on how to handle the situation that is going on. We’re still here. Everyone is here… Right?

Alice: Well… Just about. Prince Arnold isn’t here. Nor is sweet skating prodigy Summer. Those two are still out. Not sure why though.

Pearl: Who knows? They’ll be coming soon. so we hope. But the only thing is that we got a meet and greet tonight.

Prince Alvin: You do? Who with?

Paige: Luna’s Friend’s Guardian. Someone Named Vincent Van Graves.

Prince Curtis: Huh?! Who’s he?

Pearl: Beats the breathe and belief outta us. We don’t know. Never met him. But all we do know is that the Guy’s a Demonologist.

Megan: That’s disturbing. Aren’t they usually the type that work with performing Exorcisms and vanquishing the Demons that are in sight?

Prince Avery: That is usually what they do. But as for the guy that you guys have to meet with tonight. That could be something else.

Prince Alvin: I think that we should all meet him. Besides. If he is supposed to be this Guardian to the friend Luna has… He might just be trustworthy to help with the dilemma of The Intergalactic Demon that dares come in the future.

Pearl: If he comes. Plus… from where. But right now… We got to think about Dinah. She’s gonna be only getting more complications with her Pregnancy. This is by far only the 12th week.

Paige: What if she starts gaining weight? I really don’t know how we’re gonna be able to handle that.

Star: Does anyone?

Christie: I’m always there to watch after Dinah. But i am not sure that my mother would be open for me to be living around Dinah consistently. She’s gonna be wondering why. I haven’t really told her the reasons as to why i am always Visiting Dinah and always with high regards to her. My mother doesn’t know about Dinah being Pregnant and she doesn’t know if unmarried new mothers can be so trusting.

Prince Alvin: How can that be so? she doesn’t know Dinah at all.

Christie: It’s not that she thinks that Dinah is bad. I am sure that my mom sees the idea that Dinah’s a very wonderful girl. Caring and very driven. Responsible.

Prince Avery: There shouldn’t be a problem with it then.

Christie: I’ll let my mom know tonight. But i really don’t know how she’s gonna respond to it once i tell her that Dinah… Is pregnant.

Prince Curtis: just tell her about it. i mean the main thing is that you’re getting it out and letting her know the deal.

Paige: I agree…

At Metropolis Elementary…

Luna: *Looking at Martin* So… What time should the meeting happen? Tonight is the night that it happens. Will your… uh, Guardian be expecting us by a certain time?

Martin: Yeah. He is expecting everyone there at around… i don’t know… 7:00

Luna: 7?

Martin: Yeah.

Luna: Why 7?

Martin: He likes that #, i don’t really know.

Luna: Well you know that i’ll most likely be there. And of course… Raven. the Girl that is staying with us will be there.

Martin: That’s fine. Vincent wants to meet her especially.

Luna: I just hope that my sisters and Cousin won’t get mad at me for what your Guardian will spill out from what he knows about… you know.

Martin: *Walking with Luna* They won’t. They’re gonna understand. You just have to have faith in that. The worst that can happen is that they turn on you and Excommunicate you… making you just a sidearm but not part of their cause. Which i am not gonna assume that they will. i don’t know. But if they are really as understanding as you believe that they are… They’ll understand. They’ll be a little sore at you… That’s a given. Because you let out things that were not supposed to be let out. but as for being too pissed and wanting to just lose all trust in you and all respect… No. That couldn’t happen. You’re their sister and cousin. There is no way that; that could happen.

Luna: We’ll find out tonight…

That night was the night of the fated meeting. Paige, Pearl, Luna, Prince Alvin, Prince Arnold, Prince Avery, Prince Curtis, Alice, Megan and Raven all took off to the location where the Demonologist was. Luna was nervous about the meeting because she knew that if her sisters and cousins knew about what she told Martin who then told the Guardian… She’d be in trouble. It made her feel really shook just thinking about it. It was a Quarter to 7 by time they reached the house where a Vincent Van Graves was said to be. They all got out of the cars and Prince Alvin got off his Motorcycle before they looked ahead and saw the house…

At Vincent Van Graves Residence…

Outside the house…

Luna: This is it… *Gulps*

Paige: Yeah. This is it. It is gonna be it. This is the location we had to be at.

Pearl: *Looking around* this place is a little eerie. Looks like this could be up someone’s alley.

Raven: You’re about to say mines… Aren’t you, Pearl?

Pearl: Not necessarily. But you got to admit… You got a room full of Dark books and Artifacts that are dark.

Prince Alvin: That is true. Raven. No Offense. You do have a room that is full of things that are dark. Like a Dark Mirror. It is a Mirror that leads to your mind. But it is still dark… regardless.

Megan: I was there that day when we got zapped into your mind Raven. It was totally spooky. i was terrified and couldn’t think much about anything except for finding a way out and getting out of your mind. out from where we should not be.

Alice: Dinah’s at home still?

Prince Avery: Yeah. She’s at home. Christie is there with her.

Alice: Good. I take it that her mother took to the news of Dinah being Pregnant and Unwed pretty well.

Prince Alvin: Well, Maybe. It was like she could have taken it a little more looser. But her mother understood from what Christie said to her mother.

Prince Avery: Hopefully it’s all smooth sailing.

Pearl: of course.

Raven: Shall we go in now?

Luna: I guess so. *Walking up to the door*

A Minute later…

Martin: *opening the door* Hey guys. Come on in.

Luna: Thank you.

Alice: *Smiles* This is a nice house you got here.

Martin: Thanks. It’s my Guardians. He watches over me since well.. my parents both died. They died 6 years ago in a plane crash. They were taking a trip to the Bahamas. They’re like the business guru’s of the west coast. Doing all the Business that you usually never hear about. They also had done a little Business with some woman. Someone named Tess Mercer. It wasn’t like a high mark to them. but they did a part of business with her and got the Entire West Coast locked in. I’m the son to a Billionaire family. but the thing about that is… i don’t flaunt it. i don’t really care about the money. To me. Money is just something you use to buy things. but the true worth for living is the people you have to share things with and the company you sire to keep.  However, When my parents died… the companies nearly plummeted. Till the woman… Tess moved into the companies…and took control of them. raised them up a bit. But before my parent’s died… they wrote in their wills that they established a Trust fund for me to receive on my 21st birthday. But i’m in no hurry. I’ll get it when i get it. but i just am happy with what i got.

Prince Avery: Sounds like a good honest young man is showing in you.

Megan: Where’s the Guardian?

Martin: He’s in the Study… in the back.

Prince Curtis: Lead the way.

Martin: You bet.

In The Study room…

Man: *Reading through the Crystal Ball* Hmm… The Fountain lost one of the layers of the Seal that locks the Gateway to the Alternate Realm. But something came out. *Shaking his head in dismay* Tragic. Utterly tragic.

Martin: *Walking in* Hey Vincent.

Vincent Van Graves: *Looking to the side and spotting Martin* Why hello there, Martin. Something troubling you?

Martin: no. But we got company. The ones you were wanting to meet. My friend Luna’s family and the girl that is with them. Luna is also here too.

Vincent Van Graves: *Looking up and getting up from the chair* Really? They’re here… Splendid. I can’t wait to see them. *Seeing a girl with Blue hair and a cat tail walking in* And this must be your friend. *Smiles* Ah! So you’re Luna. The one who’s a Senshi and one of the Rhapsody Clan too. It’s a delightful pleasure to meet you there My dear Child.

Luna: It’s nice to meet you too, sir. It’s not a bad time to be meeting… is it?

Vincent Van Graves: No no… not at all. It’s a good time to meet. a Perfect time to meet.  I’ve been actually expecting to meet you and your family for a couple days now. But it’s great that you are here.

Prince Alvin: *Walking in with the brothers and Luna’s Sisters Paige and Pearl* You must be The Demonologist. Vincent Van Graves, Right?

Vincent Van Graves: Precisely My dear boy. Precisely. I am a Demonologist. But i am also partial Wizard. Actually i am a Wizard and a Demonologist. I have been studying up on Demons and Possessions. It’s no mystery that there is something a miss in the City.

Paige: We don’t mean to be Blunt… but how exactly is it that you know about us and our cause?

Vincent Van Graves: From Martin. My Nephew. He told me exactly what he was told by the dear Child there with the cat tail. I know about the Intergalactic being as well. But i made sure that Martin told your young one and she told you that i would not ever spill it to anyone on the outside. I haven’t. never will.

Luna: *Feeling eyes looking down on her*

Vincent Van Graves: It’s okay that i was told. I have some experience with the Demon world. Quite a bit actually and i can push out some Insight. I know that there is this girl who is with you. Someone named Raven. Half Demon… Half Human. I am a fond believer to what is unexplained. Seeing a girl who is Half Dark and Half Normal.

Prince Avery: I believe that we should go now.

Luna: *Gasps* What?

Paige: Luna, You are court-martial’d as of now. You told him about Raven. Told him about Raven. About the Intergalactic Demon. About Beryl probably. *Snaps and Yelling at Luna* WE ARE NEVER GONNA TRUST YOU AGAIN… EVER!

Prince Alvin: Paige… *Barks at Paige* Enough. Luna is in trouble with us and it’s official that we can no longer tell her anything without her spilling it. But Yelling at her won’t help the matter. Vincent Van Graves is seeming to be sympathetic to our cause and wants to help. So the best thing to do is let him in on it. Let him in on the ordeal. Now… whether he can be of much help or not is a long shot. We don’t know how much of help he may be.

Megan: He seems honest and sincere all the more.

Raven: *Stepping into the room* …

Vincent Van Graves: *Noticing Raven in the room* Ah! You must be Raven. The girl with the dark powers and the dark secret inside. You’re not dark… or Evil looking as i would have originally thought. You look practically human. I am impressed though.

Luna *Feeling upset and not saying anything else; broken over Paige’s reaction towards her and the reaction of losing trust from her sisters and Cousins* …

Raven: That’s nice. I don’t know if you should be digging into my life. Impressed or not. There are places in my mind where you don’t go… Where no one should ever go.

Prince Curtis: So… i take it that it is a no for the journey into the mind again. Not that i’d wish to have another look into the mind. but I bet that with the reply you made… it is a definite no entry. In other words… Back off.

Megan: *Looking at the Books* So… Uh, Mr. Graves… Tell us about yourself. What are you like? What kind of… Wizard are you?

Vincent Van Graves: Wizard… Hmm… Well… I focus on an element and focus on will power and release a blast of power. Fire, Electric, Plasma, Water, Dark, Light, Psychic, even ground if i summon some internal power. Maybe. I am also a Necromancer. I can raise the dead. Not my best quality and not one i sire on doing often. It’s very unpredictable and doesn’t always favor the one who uses that power. Even the higher masters of the Art face that tribulation. Not as though it’d be of coincidence. but it has happened a time or two.

Prince Alvin: I think that we get it. *Sighs* You know about the Bastard Demon that threatens to come. You also know about the Fountain and about Beryl as well. I guess that since you’re in… You’re all in. If there is something you got to lay past us and inform us on… just give us a call.

Martin: *Looking at Paige and Pearl* You two are really mean Making Luna Cry.  She told about things that she should have never spilled out. But she was only trying to help. Like you never told others about your situation… What makes her so different? Huh? What makes her so different than you? You were made out as though you were trusting me.

Paige: *Growls a little and snapping* That’s because we had no choice. We had no choice but to trust you after we caught the fact that Luna had told you things that were not supposed to be told. She told you things that Put you in DANGER! You are gonna be targeted by people who will be sniffing out for information that ties to us. coming at us… Through you. You will be attacked by people. trying to get to you. Luna Placed you in Danger. She’s our sister. But she’s not gonna be allowed to know anything anymore till we decide. She is Court-Martial’d now. She Broke the Law. We told her… Not to tell about our business. it was for a reason. To protect the innocent ones who shouldn’t have any reason to be in on the mess. She pulled you in. She broke our trust in her. Our faith in her is shattered. We Trust you… But only because we have no other choice. there is no way out of it.

Prince Arnold: Paige, That is enough now… I think that he gets it.

Pearl: I think so too. But this is Major. They don’t know Beryl the way we do. Nor do they know about the Intergalactic Demon the way that one of us knows but won’t tell yet. These Threats are not ones to just toy with.

Megan: No one has said that they were…

Alice: But with all that considered… we are gonna need to risk people knowing in order to get the help that is needed. None of this is making sense, but we still need to bring people in on this… They need to provide all they can for help. This is not a game anymore. we know this. As do they.

Vincent Van Graves: Indeed we do. We do. *Looking at Paige and Pearl* You two should cut the dear child a bunch of slack. She’s Young. A Bit Naive and actually a tad over-reacting. But Her heart is in the right place. You should know that a sister as innocent as she is… can’t be put for blame on revealing things that should be hidden. Secrets being kept won’t do anyone any good. No good will ever come of it.

Prince Avery: He’s got a good point there guys. Hiding this stuff will keep us safe… but will also hurt us. We need all the knowhow that we can get. Beryl is back… And pretty soon we’re gonna need all the help that we can get…

What was next for the Rhapsody Girls Z!? Would they finally come face to face with Beryl? With their trust in Luna shattered… Would that lead to Luna turning against them? Will she start working as a free Agent and alone? Luna felt heartbroken over how Paige spoke to her. Even if she brought it upon herself. She was devastated. Would Dinah’s pregnancy become more complicated as it goes on? Would she and Shingo come to terms that their Relationship might be going too fast? What would they plan to do about their destined future that was slowly but surely approaching? Dinah was now gonna have a possible in-home on call doctor… But what will happen with Dinah trying to make the attempt on going back to school on a short time period? Will the Mocking begin? Will Beryl attempt to show herself and come with a Disguise made to fool all? Find out in the next Chapter Of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Paige: *Voice-over* Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Things in the family start to become strained with Luna and it pushes her to become distant. Till someone steps up and tries to make amends with her. But that is all while dealing with the shocking surprise coming from Beryl as she makes her grand return. She officially comes into the open and makes her presence seen and heard. But will that mean Danger for our Supporters and also for Dinah?

Dinah: *Voice-over* Also i now have a in-home on call doctor. our old friend Ami Mizuno. She has become my personal doctor. I also try to attempt to go back to school. But with the 14th week being in play… i start showing signs of gaining weight. Making the Pregnancy even more painful. It’s gonna be worth it in the end… but i just don’t want the pain that goes along with it. The Mockery that gets aimed at me by a few people at school makes me feel as though i should give up the right to see this whole Pregnancy through. But even with that… i won’t take the path towards Abortion. Not happening.

Beryl: *Voice-over* Guess Who?! I have come back. And it’s a face to face meet with the Rhapsody Girls, and the Brothers too. They confront me… but don’t get far as i have taken control of a building in Metropolis. It’s the same Building that a trusted Ally of theirs works at too. Will it mean their end? Or will my Official return mean something more? Progression of Pregnancy, the mockery beginning and the grandstand of my return in The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 83: “Dinah Rhapsody is Bait for Mockery. Beryl’s grand Return.”


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