Chapter 81: “Paige on the Couch with Dr. Walters. Pearl’s fears are heard…Dinah’s Lifestyle… Transformed and Christmas Draws Near and brings Cheer to all”

Dinah: *Voice-over* Previously on The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

“Paige: Raven didn’t have to do what she did. She literally broke that guy’s mind.

Luna: *Sighs* That look on Raven’s face was really frightening.

Pearl: What’s gotten into her?

Paige: I don’t know. but i think that for the rest of the day… we should just stay away from her. Let her do the time to cool off.

Dinah: I got to get ready for tonight.

Luna: Why? *Curious* What’s tonight?

Dinah: Something that my boyfriend Shingo and i are possibly ready for. might have been for a month.

Prince Avery:Raven has become unstable. Something got loose in her.

Prince Avery: I can’t say. The girls know. they were there when it happened. But as to what they saw and what they’ll tell us if we ask them… That is something else.

Prince Arnold: *Shaking off the hookum beliefs* Don’t start that with me… Please. I am not one to be suckered into that line. Darkness doesn’t suit me. Raven’s Dark. She’s their friend. Yours… *Ecstatic* to me… she’s a friend on term. i don’t know if she is trusted. She can’t be trusted yet because we have no clue as to what she really is.

Oliver: *Answering the Phone* Hello?!

Chloe: *On the phone* Oliver, We need to talk. There is something going on at the Fountain that you need to know about before we tell the girls. There is something that is gonna haunt you… and the girls.

Oliver: Why… What did you find?

Chloe: Something way more revealing than your average gateway to all that is hell. In 2021 the girls went against the Dark forces of Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom. The Dark Queen was the ruler of the Kingdom. She also retained her dependence on the Great Evil… Queen Metaria. The first time it happened… from the records i got or came across. She won. but it took the hand of a Queen. Queen Serenity to stop the mess. Put a refutable end to Beryl. and Metaria. But in order to do that… She had to use the full power of an Heirloom known as none other than the Mystical Silver Crystal. Which drained all her energy. her life went away… Almost like a light. that came in one moment and was gone the next. 1000 years later… 5 girls were brought into the duties of battling the Evil. The first awakened was a Soldier by the name of Venus. Then Moon… Mercury. Mars was third and then the last one to awaken was Jupiter. They all woke up.  And of course…our 3 favorite gals… had it different. Mars was already awoken by time they met her… Within days. it was that quick. They all battled against the Great Evil. Sent it back to where it belonged. But after that… the Dark Kingdom came down. but as we were both corrected. The Princess of the Moon saw her love dead and knew that if she couldn’t have her love. she would end the world and she did. her power was unbreakable. She ended the world. But Pearl… our favorite sensitive gal with the serene bubbly power was able to match the moon Harp’s power… tune for tune. Nullifying the force to just one City. Just one city. Metropolis. The only problem was that it centered from the Metropolis Fountain. The same Fountain that has been springing up Activity. Energy sources and flare ups. But now… the Dormant Fountain is reopening. It’s about to… You need to come over and see this. It’s Urgent.

Dinah: *Impressed* You really went all out with the romantic fling. You are like a Von Casanova. I can’t wait to see what other little tricks and surprises that you might have to play.

Shingo: *Smiles* I did this all for you, Dinah. I Love you. I know that we have been a little distant for a little bit… but it has not changed my love for you. I Know that my parents will never support me and don’t think that you’re good enough. but You are to me. You’re more than that. I want to be yours forever. I’ll be yours forever. Forever.

Dinah: *Blushes* You’re really romantic. You’re so sweet.

Grandma Rikku: *gasps* You mean that?

Paige: Yeah. She is doing it. She’s actually gone to do the act. It’s happening.

Grandma Rikku: *Feeling shock and becoming rather touched* Oh my… that’s lovely. Dinah is growing up and she’s having such a lovely relationship. Pearl… You and Paige should be having something like that too. A Mature relationship. Dinah and Shingo have been with one another for about 3 or 4 years now.

Pearl: *Looking at Luna* Luna. You told about Scath. We told you not to. there wasn’t enough to go on. Now that you got him in to this… HE is to be kept sworn under secrecy. That NO ONE… and we mean… NO ONE Other than him is to know.

Paige: *Looking stern* As A leader here… Luna, I am very disappointed in you. Very. You disobeyed a direct order. We told you… to not tell anyone about it. Martin is in on it now… and by entrusting him to what we’re into… You have Now not only sabotaged our veil of disclosure… but you have put him in Danger. Anyone could come at him and abduct him for info on our situation.. info on Raven. Putting her on a hitlist for people who will try to kill anything with Evil Blood. Raven is half Demon. Half human. But to the people out there who possibly hunt Demons and kill them. Half Demon is Still Demon. They’ll kill her. You’ve put her in jeopardy, Luna. *Looking at Martin* You were not supposed to be told about any of this. because we were with the impression that the less you knew the better. Luna brought you in. Now… You’re in. If you have  any run in with creatures or any sightings of villains or strange activity. You don’t fight it. You call for help. Immediately.

Prince Alvin: I know that she is. Our cousin is headstrong and knows what to do. but something can happen and she can’t afford for something to happen. not now. because if she happens to get pregnant… Not saying that she would. but if that does happen. it will make her life complicated. Our situation here will become really complicated.

Pearl: How so? Are you saying that Dinah won’t be able to handle the fact of being possibly Pregnant?

Paige: That’s none of your concern, Cousin. Dinah has been looking towards this for a while now. We know that she’s also taking a risk. but this is her choice. not ours. Our only concern is to be there for her when she is in need of it.

Grandma Rikku: Plus… Your Aunt Princess Rikku raised your cousin right, Prince Alvin. Dinah will know what to do. I have faith. so should you.

Prince Alvin: He is a honest guy. we saw him before we came in here and he was very honest and direct. He knows about our predicament and vouched to never speak to the people on the outside about it. He mentioned that he told his Guardian and even he Vouched to not speak a word of it to anyone.

Paige: That doesn’t really matter if he’s gonna be put in danger. Luna was not supposed to tell anyone outside of the family. She did. after we specifically told her to not do it. She has placed him in Danger. Now anyone that comes at us will also try to come after him to get at us. She put him in Danger. We know that and understand better than she realizes that she was just trying to make a friend. But the reality is that she told him things that were not to be discussed outside of the family. There are things that were not supposed to be spoken. She spoke them anyway. She can’t be trusted anymore. And it hurts us more than it will her. It hurts because she’s younger than we are. And quite innocent. more than the common young sister.

Pearl: What do we do about her?

Prince Alvin: Nothing. You just have to lead her on. keep trusting her. She’s not biological. but she is your sister and sisters are like a sisterhood. Luna screwed up. But cut her some slack. There was a time or two that you 3 have made a mistake or two of your own. Not big ones. but minor. as did we. we too have been making mistakes too. We are far from perfect.

Dinah: *Covering her mouth and running to the girls restroom* Oh…

Christie: *shrugs* I don’t know. I… i mean… i suppose they do. I wouldn’t know… I mean the only ones i know that have it hit them are those who are… you know, Pregnant. You’re not pregnant. *sighs* At least not from what i see.

Dinah: *Walking out of the Stall and grabbing a couple towels to wipe her hands off* I guess that would have to be the least of my problems. However… i don’t have a job. I don’t have a career. No money except what my sisters and i get for doing our duties of saving the day and that’s all. But it doesn’t pay much. All it does is just paint us with some currency. The big pay is the big battles. the battles with the main event. that’s the huge money maker. However we girls don’t do it for the money. *Feeling a little worried* however i’m gonna have to begin doing it for that to care for the little ones if i am… you know…

Christie: I feel for you, Dinah. i do. I mean… my mom had me when she was just a Senior in high school. She had to finish the rest of the school year bedridden and it hurt like a bitch. I know the feeling Dinah, My mom was an example of the whole thing with having to be pregnant her senior year.

Dinah: *Walking over to the table with half the food she usually gets* I can’t be pregnant. There is no way that i can be… *Sitting down at the Table close by*  I can not be pregnant.

Gray Raven: I can take you to the end of the Maze, but by time we get there… you might not like me anymore. *Looking at Prince Alvin* He already doesn’t like me. *Leading the way*

Prince Alvin: *Snaps out a little* I don’t know, Brother… I’m a Teen and the Captain of the team… plus the Alpha Male… I’m not a damn surgeon.

Pearl: Hey… You don’t have to yell. We were only asking.

Prince Alvin: *With Dinah in his arms* I don’t know… *Looking at the Statues being one and then rising up; Catching sight of the statue starting to rise over to them and motioning to attack* EVERYBODY, RUN!!!

Green Raven: *Coming down* Stop right there you Stone head! *Landing a Kick at the Statue and knocking it down* Hiya!

Bubble Maiden: *Stops and turns to see Raven again looking yet even more confusing* What is this now… She Changed colors again.

Prince Curtis: *Seeing Raven* She is just full of surprises… isn’t she?

Pearl: Who are you? Are you… Still Raven? You look… *Lost* Different.

Pink Raven and Gray Raven: *coming from the sides*

Pink Raven, Gray Raven and Green Raven: I’m Raven.

Prince Alvin *Coming in with Megan and Dinah* You have got to be kidding me…  Wait… there are 3 of you. *Looking at the different Raven’s* Let’s see… Happy. Timid… and courageous.

Pink Raven: *Looking at Dinah Still in Prince Alvin’s Arms* You forgot silly. *Giggling*

Luna: I knew it… i know where we are now. We’re not in another dimension. We’re not in Raven’s home. We’re in her mind. In her head.

Raven: *Voice*And i want you to get out of my head Immediately!

Pearl: Who said that?

Raven: *Landing* I did. *Looking angry at Prince Alvin, Prince Curtis, Megan, Luna, Pearl and Dinah* The Mirror is a portal into my mind… IT’S NOT…… A TOY!

Raven: Let me take a look. *Using a little Astral Projection to get into Dinah’s head* Hmm… She’s… Uh, Pregnant. That would explain her black out. She is pregnant.

Raven: Because… Last week when we were fighting that Brit… it knocked something loose. Something got out… Something really really bad.

Prince Alvin: No. *Grunts and feeling irritated* I think that we have all heard quite enough of this crazy talk. This is getting old. we get here and we meet different sides of you.

Prince Curtis: First… We hear that you sent Luna into the Wall. you’re all happy go nutty. Laughing at one of Dinah’s lines and schizophrenic… Then you’re all sad and gloomy. forlorn and with despair… even Timid. Then you’re a Marine and Courageous… not to mention gung-ho lunatic. What the hell is going on here?

Raven: *Looking to the side and looking Dazed by the outburst*

Raven: *Sighs and looks back at Pearl, Dinah, Luna, Megan, Prince Alvin and Prince Curtis* Let’s just say that i have Issues with my father. We’ll just let it go and have it at that. My father and i… there are some serious issues.

Raven: I’ll be fine. *Serious* GO! If i lose here… you’ll be trapped here forever. you won’t be able to get out of here. Go now… While you can. This is my problem… You’ll wind up being trapped here forever if i lose. You need to go… NOW!

Megan: Yeah… I think i recall that. But, Dinah… despite all that. You are now Pregnant. If you get hurt or if you get attacked… it could hurt the babies inside you… and you could end up losing them. you could Die.

Raven: *Gasps* You stayed… Prince Alvin… i kinda thought that you didn’t like me.

Prince Alvin: I actually was feeling the same way. But… we’re all in this together. You’re not alone, Raven.

Raven: *Smiles*

Prince Curtis: *Calling out to Raven, Prince Alvin, Sailor Luna and Bubble Maiden* Hey… No need for the sappy lines. I like all of you no matter how out there you might be at times. *But while looking back at the others; not seeing Trigon rising back up* Now… If you don’t think it would mind much… get your butts over here so we can bash this Psychotic demon presence.

Raven: I can’t beat him. There is nothing i can do.

Prince Curtis: So? Call for Back up…. I mean what about the other you’s?

Sailor Luna: That green one was pretty courageous.

Raven: They’re different sides… but they do not have the power needed to beat him…

Bubble Maiden: Not by themselves. but what about together? Even though you never are able to let them all out… or show them. They are different personalities. of you. They are part of who you are. they are you.

White Raven: *Standing before Trigon* … *Aiming her power at Trigon and firing Dark beams at Trigon; creating a binding force Field to constrict Trigon; Binding him tightly* You shall go back where you BELONG!

Trigon: NEVER! *Breaking out of the Dark Force field*

Dinah: *With a tear in her eye*

Paige: *Seeing Dinah with a tear in her eye* Dinah? What’s wrong?

Dinah: *Looking away* Don’t ask… This Tough girl is ashamed as it is…

Pearl: Paige… Grandma… There is something that you’re gonna need to know.

Grandma Rikku: What do you mean? What’s the matter?

Dinah: *With Tears now welling up in her eyes* i am pregnant.”

Dinah: *Voice-over* And now… the next Chapter of the Adventures of The Rhapsody Girls Z!…”

3 Weeks later…

Doctor’s office…

Receptionist: The Doctor will see you now.

Paige: Thank you. *Walking in*

A minute later…

Dr. Walters: *Looking at Paige* Wow! I knew that i was gonna meet a Rhapsody member… but not one as Charming as you. You’re a very lovely girl. I see that you’re here to get some counseling. That is what the file here says. But my only concern is why. Plus the other thing is that there will be a need for a follow-up too. Not many. Just maybe two or 3. Please… have a seat and relax and we’ll get started.

Paige: *Walking over to the couch and having a seat; Laying down* …

Dr. Walters: Let’s start wherever you care to start.

Paige: *Sighs* Well.. i am just with alot on the mind. as you may have read in a newspaper i am a hero. One of the 3 girls of Love, Grace and Fury.

Dr. Walters: So you’re… let’s see. the one who in hero form named as Miss Love. Right?

Paige: That’s Right. I am that. Miss Love is my Hero name. I was a hero since age 11. and battled many things. went against 3 threats. well… actually one threat then a second threat that had a threat with a threat that lead on yet to another threat to play. King Lotor of Planet Doom was one of those threats. He had this obsession with wanting Princess Allura who is now Queen of Arus/Betrayer to the planet. But before she betrayed the King of Arus who was also Commander of the Voltron Force. the Captain. I know how it sounds. but my sisters Pearl and Dinah…

Dr. Walters: Okay… about your sisters. How were they pulled into the hero business? As well as you were… how do they tie in?

Paige: Well… They are my sisters. when we were born… we lived 8 years on the streets. because when my mother Princess Rikku was having kids. She had Betty and Angel. And of course the whole side of the matter is that they were supposed to be the only 2. Betty was with Characteristics. of someone named Princess Dark. Don’t know who that is. She never told us and would never cop it out. But now that our mother is dead. She will never tell. Betty won’t either. Why anyone would force her to do so is beyond me. But not only that… She is also the Daughter of our mother’s Ex. Boyfriend. Pidge Stroker. He is the brother to my Aunt Princess Trixie’s husband Chip Stroker. He is a member of the Vehicle Voltron force but he has resigned from it and is now doing other things.  Has been ever since. Pidge stroker and our mother had a thing. they were romantic. But our mother was with belief that she could never get pregnant. Ever. then after or sometime after she and he did what they did… They had to break apart. but it was done out of love. Love. Of course that was when my mother got pregnant. she felt it sometime after and conceived two girls. Two. Betty and Angel. Betty had golden Brown hair and she had glasses. She also could run and was smart as a book. Book-smart and street Smart. She was strong and a good runner. as fast as her biological father. Angel was this girl who had Raven black hair. Dark Black hair…  But with that… after she had them she was told that she was done but at that same instant knew that she was still pregnant. Still heavy with children… She of course was made to believe that she was done having kids and that was a lie. She had us three. and all we had on her was just a picture. A picture of her and well it helped keep us going… but we didn’t even know if we were gonna see her again. we didn’t know anything. I had to be the leader to my sisters Pearl and Dinah.

Dr. Walters: Okay… During that time though… you were alone… but Why? What made you and your sisters so alone and with no family?

Paige: It was because the Doctors back at that time wanted to keep us and use us for their own sick twisted games. They saw us and wanted to take control of us. However… my sisters and i got wise and broke loose…

Paige flashes back…

“Baby Paige: *Looking at her sisters* … *Pointing to the Exit* 

Baby Pearl: *With Baby Dinah;  Following their sister to the exit and making a run for freedom, Making a run for it*”

Paige: We ran as fast as we could… but as babies… we couldn’t walk or run on our feet. But we used anything we could to help us out. We got out and fast. But for that time and since then… we were on the streets. having to find means of living… Food, drink… living arrangements. For 8 years it was like that. We had no real home. We had to make due with what we had. It was nothing much we could do. We were like kids. we didn’t know nothing at all. We didn’t have any mother or father. or so we thought. the only mother we had was Princess Rikku. But for 8 years. we had just us 3. no one else. During that time till age 8… we lived each day wondering where our mother was. wondering if we would ever meet her and be with her… Pearl Was quickly looking for fashion items. She took to it easily since the lights and the colors partook to her fantasizing interest. She loved the colors. how they were so vibrant to her. Dinah was all about the action. Real life or just fantasy. She loved it. She loved to get down and dirty. To this day… she still does. but recently she became Pregnant and that kinda took care of that for her. Her lifestyle changed. But she was the one who got it on with her boyfriend knowing she wasn’t all that ready for to have kids yet. She did it.  But back then… she was so fiesty. and testy too. She… this is another thing. She hated Skirts too. Hated them with a passion. You couldn’t be caught within a thousand miles of seeing her in one. She’d never wear one. Not a chance. Pearl loved Dresses and still does. Always will… For 8 years… we taught ourselves what we could. Ate what we could… even if it meant having to beg for some food. We did what we had to do. This is sad and upsetting me to even speak of it… so if i begin to shed tears… you’ll have to excuse me.

Dr. Walters: I know. It’s okay. That’s why you’re here…  to Talk it all out. I am here to Listen, Paige. I promise you that anything you say… won’t ever leave this office. I give you a Doctors’ Oath on that.

Paige: *Sighs* … We had to beg for food. Dinah and Pearl didn’t really like the idea of living on the streets. by age 4 we started to house train ourselves. we had to derail it on our own as we were all we had. We knew our names…. and we knew that we were part of a family… but for the longest time we never got to see them. Ever. There was one night when we turned 5 that we heard roars blaring out and flashes of light from a distance. We didn’t know who and or what it was. We didn’t know where it was coming from. But saw attacks going on. Dinah was into the action and saw it… she wanted to go and see what it was. But i pulled her back. Told her that it was too dangerous. She was mad and angry about it… but if i hadn’t… she would have been dead. Now that was before we knew what it was. It was our family. Fighting. It was King John who at that time was Prince John. As well as it being Princess Trixie who was my Aunt. Princess Charlene who was also my Aunt. And Princess Aquamarine. An Aunt who was our biological Mother’s sister. she Died of a Broken heart but the Medical board pegged it as a Cardiac Arrest…

Dr. Walters: Who was the cause of her broken heart?

Paige: Someone named Bart Allen. who was accused of Cheating on her. and seen with a Jan Van Es. Who happened to be an off shoot of Orion the Son of Darkseid and it made my Grandmother hate Bart. Because he was the reason that she had to bury her own flesh and blood. My Mother mourned her for a long time as i know. my sisters know too as she was telling about it. We didn’t ever hold Bart Accountable for it. We didn’t want to start anything. even though… we felt something about it. But back then… we didn’t know anything about any of that. At Age 8 though we finally met with our mother. She was really lovely. in every sense of the word… She had this like Pink Hair. It was really lovely. But she had such a sad Childhood as i was told by her once. But when we met her at first… she didn’t recall having us. She didn’t know who we were. That’s when we told her…

Paige flashes back…

Princess Rikku: *Looking pale* My D-daughters? But that’s not possible… i don’t understand. how is this possible? Would someone please Explain to me what this is about? How could they be my Daughters? I don’t even know them. And if they are my Daughters… then why don’t i have any memory of them? How can i have daughters that i don’t recall having? *Looking at the girls again and suddenly seeing herself in them* Oh god… they are. Why didn’t the Doctors tell me that i had 3 more daughters? I should have been told that i was pregnant with 3 more girls. *Feeling so shocked and rather hurt from not knowing about being pregnant with 3 more daughters*

Paige: *Looking at their mother* You are our mother. We have this picture of you to prove it. *Showing the picture* When we were born… we were alone. no one claimed us so we had to claim ourselves and before we left… we saw our Wrists with these bands on them and it had our names. we didn’t know what we were gonna do. we didn’t know where to go. however we saw that there was this picture next to the names of the babies that were in the three holding pens that we were in. it said something about mother. and had your picture on it. we didn’t know where you were and felt as though you forgot about us. We waited for weeks and waited for you to come. you never did. we then had to face the fact that you didn’t even realize we existed or didn’t want to claim us. It hurt. we spent all our time till now… having to fight off all kinds of bad guys and crooks. we Had to cuddle up close together to keep warm… all till now. We were hoping throughout that time that’d we find you someday. no matter how long it took. But we’re your Daughters. I’m Paige Cass Rhapsody. And the two girls that come with me as they also are your daughters… are Pearl Lucy Rhapsody and Dinah Ellen Rhapsody. She is the tough one… she doesn’t like dresses. she’s like a rough girl who loves being like the boys. Fighting and being just tough. Pearl is into Fashion. she also loves to be popular too. she is very Emotional and just so bubbly. I am into cute boys. i am like a lovesick girl. i just can’t help it.”

Dr. Walters: *Gasps* Oh my! So when you met her for the first time after 8 years… What was that like?

Paige: It was a heartfelt Reunion. It was Emotional too. Pearl… She was the Young heart and the all innocent one. She didn’t really get the fact that life was not all sweet and cuddles. But she just had so much love and so much kindness in her. She believed in the good. The Graceful Winged warrior of Light. Bubble Maiden is who she is in hero form. She was always the most sensitive…

Dr. Walter: Okay… but What about the other one. the one that you said hated Skirts… What about her?

“When there’s trouble you know who to call, Rhapsody Girls Z!

From their House they can see it all, Rhapsody Girls Z!

When there’s evil on the attack

You can rest knowing they got your back

‘Cause when Metropolis needs heroes on patrol

Rhapsody Girls Z!, Go!

With their super powers they unite, Rhapsody Girls Z!

Never met a villain that they liked, Rhapsody Girls Z!

They’ve got the bad guys on the run

They’ll never stop ’til their job gets done

‘Cause when Metropolis is losing all control

Rhapsody Girls Z!, Go

1, 2, 3, 4 Go! 

Rhapsody Girls Z!”

However While she was talking to the Psychologist…

At Metropolis High School…

In Science Class…

Dinah: I can’t believe that my sisters know of it and that my grandmother knows of it too. They all know that i’m pregnant. What am i gonna do? It’s the 4th week of the Pregnancy and i started having blackouts and fainting spells after the 1st week starting the second week. This is gonna get really complicated. If anything else happens to me. i will be forced to be bed ridden. As it is… i am already being under Discretion being here now.

Christie: I know. *Looking at Dinah and seeing a little glow coming from her* Dinah, I know that we are friends and yet only met at the beginning of this school year. But if you ever need someone to be around for you. I’ll be there.

Dinah: Thanks. I’m gonna need all the help possible. I can’t even focus straight at all and ever since the Pregnancy began… i couldn’t really sleep much. *Sighs* I took that test again and i kept seeing Pregnant.

Christie: Do your sisters really know?

Dinah: Yeah. they do. Not by choice. But someone i know told them.

Christie: What? Who? Not me… I didn’t tell anyone.

Dinah: Not you. Someone else. Someone who has the powers of intangibility. Christie, We can hang out after school and i can tell you about it.

Christie: Dinah, What is it to tell me? You know that i am a spunky kind of girl. There isn’t anything that i could be told that would freak me out.

Dinah: *Feeling a little Dizzy* I think that i need to sit down. I’m starting to get really dizzy.

Christie: Oh god. *Grabbing a seat* Here. Sit down here and do the project sitting down as best you can. It’s gonna be okay.

Dinah: Okay. *Sitting down* I hope that i can work this thing. I have been doing some fighting in the City with my sisters. Heroic details.

Christie: *Scoffs* Why? What are you trying to do? Get yourself killed? You know that you’re pregnant. There are gonna be things that you can no longer do.

Dinah: I know that… but Christie… I’ve had to do something. I am not an invalid.

Christie: Maybe not… but you are gonna only hurt yourself in the end doing that routine. You are more volatile now. You can’t risk that.

Dinah: What am i to do then?

Christie: Sit it out. that’s what. I mean… don’t your sisters have like a back up fighter to take your position so you don’t have to? Can’t yous sisters do it without you getting yourself involved and possibly getting hurt?

Dinah: No. they don’t. I don’t know why that should surprise you. Wait… yeah… they do? Shanna.

Christie: *Confused* Shanna? Who’s Shanna?

Dinah:  One of my adopted sisters. She was adopted by my mother the other year. or granted full custody of her by my Aunt Princess Julie. Princess Julie has a bad habit. but the thing of the matter is that Shanna also did it too till she made herself quit the habit. She did what she had to do… It was teenage Angst and a little rebellious nature in her. But She a short time later became a hero known as Molten Mind. Her powers are of Molten Rock and Psychic. and of course ground. It is good to know that she is there to pick up the slack. We also got the other sister too. Who is the last of the sailor soldiers. I know. It’s nuts hearing me come with it. But her name is Luna.

Christie: You are pulling the leg on that, aren’t you? You are in ties to a very strange family line. But i can’t complain as i have seen much weirder things than that.

Dinah: Who really knows about weirdness?

Christie: Good point. I don’t.

Dinah: My family is actually pretty cool. They always were. It never seems to cease. They are so supportive but yet are really afraid for me because they don’t know what could happen to me. They are just scared.

Christie: I don’t blame them. I am too. Dinah, You’re only 17. How can you be so into having kids? I know that you said that you and your hunky lover boy did the deed and had sex. But he should have used protection.

Dinah: He should have. But he said that he wanted to be mines forever. It was like he was committed.

Christie: Committed or not. He had to know better. Right?

Dinah: *Working on the assignment* Well of course. He had to. But i think that he wanted anything to just get away from his mother. His mother hates me and think of me to be just nothing but unruly and very much like a loose wire…

Christie: But you kinda are. A little bit. the only thing that makes it really different is that you are just head strong and don’t back down from any block. any challenge. But what about the guy… Shingo?

Dinah: He was just following through with what his mother was doing and or saying about me and how she was regarding me. Till one day… Obviously 4 weeks ago now… he just got really fed up and declared to file for an Emancipation from her. Live freely. I think that he might have already done that.

Christie: *Scoffs* What?! You mean to tell me that he is living on his own… With no money… no place to go… nothing? Shit… Dinah, This is ludicrous. He is gonna be unfit to raise the kids when they come out of you. As will you. You’re gonna need a job. I am serious.

Dinah: I know…

As for Pearl…

In World History 2…

Pearl: Dinah is gonna be bedridden soon.

Prince Avery: I know. but so far… she’s trying to hold her own.  Like we all told her. We were gonna be there for her and it’s not gonna be that easy. It’s gonna be hard.

Pearl: Dinah knows that it will be. She is scared though that people are gonna start looking at her weird.

Prince Avery: *Pondering* I know. It doesn’t necessarily make our line of work easy… does it?

Pearl: No. It doesn’t.

Prince Avery: Is there something being done for her?

Pearl: Yeah. There is. Dinah’s got a Doctor’s appointment a week from today after school. With a Gynecologist. A Dr. Ferdinand. He is a well respected Doctor. Grandma made an appointment for Dinah to go see him today. It’s something that will give her perspective on whether she’s Really Pregnant. Which we all can see that she is.

Mr. Riley: *Looking over towards Pearl and Prince Avery* Okay, You two need to settle down.  I know that you got something going on that is personal, But here is not the place to bring it up.

Pearl: We’re sorry, Mr. Riley. We just have some worries about my sister Dinah is all. She’s Pregnant.

Mr. Riley: *Shocked and taken aback* Pregnant?! What is she doing in school running around for then?

Pearl: It’s not bad now. She’s able to handle it. But she’s just having a hard time keeping from losing focus. All she can do is keep feeling the fainting spell.

Prince Avery: She’s on her 4th week of the Pregnancy. Prince Alvin, My Brother who is also the Alpha male of the Rhapsody Brothers… did some research and read up on the signs. He is following up on it.

Pearl: Prince Alvin didn’t even tell us. We had to hear it coming from Raven.

Mr. Riley: Raven… The one who came in here as a Black Raven with 4 red eyes at first?

Pearl: Yeah. She used her Astral Projection to peek into Dinah’s mind and read her thoughts. Told us about it.

Prince Avery: Prince Curtis… Another one of my brothers was not all that happy knowing that he knew and hid it till Raven Spilled the beans of Truth on the deal.

Mr. Riley:  I can imagine the feeling. Keeping a thing like that a secret. That would be cause for an alarm to anger people who find out in an awkward way and it happens to be something that should have been let out and wasn’t.

Pearl: How can you relate to it?

Mr. Riley: My wife. She hid the fact that she was Pregnant with our second kid. A girl. The girl died at Birth due to Complications. But i had to find out the hard way and i was not too happy about it. but in the long run i came to forgive her and support her. It is one of those things that when you feel as though you’re about to undergo something such as pregnancy and are well as your Sister Dinah must be. You would be scared. Really scared. And you’d be unwilling to let it out. It’s normal to feel scared about that. It’s a big change. It’d be enough to put a bit of a scare into you. Especially if you’re not prepared or ready for it.

Prince Avery: Well… that is what Dinah is feeling. She is scared.

Pearl: Very.

At Break…

Dinah: *Grabbing Double the food* I’m starving. Christie, Why am i starving? There should not be any reason to why i am this hungry. I feel as though i’ve never eaten a day in my life.

Christie: *Walking with Dinah* Dinah, You shouldn’t be beating yourself up about it. It isn’t like you knew this would happen. Although with a grandmother like yours. which you told me briefly on… it wouldn’t shock me to know that she neglects to tell you that all it would usually take is one time of doing the deed to make it happen.

Dinah: Christie, Don’t say that about my Grandmother. She is reluctant to tell me these things because she’s not wanting to scare me. which this dilemma that is happening to me. I have to be flat out honest about it. I am spooked. Terrified.

Christie: I know exactly what you mean. My mom was the same way when she had me. She broke out the details to me not too long ago. So what she’s going through or went through… and now what you’re going through as of recent. I can relate. i understand how it must be feeling to you.

Dinah: I guess that you’re right. *Walking over to pay the Lunch Lady* I just feel so Empty and it’s not a good feeling to me. I feel as though my life has become a tool and being controlled. I Am Pregnant. i feel like an idiot.

Christie: *Consoling her friend* You are not an Idiot. Fickle sometimes… a little over fired up. Maybe a bit overzealous with the fierce attitude that you sometimes have. but You… An Idiot? No. Never.

Dinah: *Going to sit at the Table; Smiles a little*

Christie: You’re gonna be a strong fighter. Your little one or ones are gonna be tough. Just like you. A fighter.

A Minute later…

Pearl: *With Prince Avery, Prince Alvin, Prince Curtis and Star* Hey Sis. How’re you feeling?

Dinah: How do you think i’m feeling? I feel as though i am like a derailed fighter who just senses that her very wings got clipped.

Star: Maybe they did get clipped. But You’re not gonna be out for the count. You’re gonna be okay.

Prince Alvin: You’re lifestyle has changed a little… but it’s not the end of your life. Just a beginning of something different. Something new.

Pearl: That is really cheesy, Prince Alvin. but i agree. It is just different.

Dinah: Where’s Paige? *Not seeing Paige around* She didn’t come to school today?

Pearl: No. She uh, is seeing a Psyciatrist. A Psychologist.

Dinah: *Shoots out* Huh?! What on earth for?

Pearl: Who knows? She was scheduled for an appointment.

Star: Who made it?!

Dinah: * feeling suspicious* I have a hunch that our very own grandmother made it. Didn’t she?

Pearl: You got it. Grandma struck again.

Christie: *Scoffs* Don’t mind me asking… but what exactly is her problem anyway?

Pearl: *Feeling a little annoyed* I don’t know… but i am to be honest here starting to get really ticked off from her constant meddling and trying to psycho-analyze us. It’s like she can control us with some sort of loose agenda. some secret plan and keeping her intentions at a constant level of subtlety.

Prince Avery: *Suspecting* Sometimes the most controlling person is the utmost devoted elder figure watching over the very Daughters or sons of the very child that they lost.

Prince Alvin: Things like that are not supposed to be allowed to go on. She should tell you her intentions. You have that right to know.

Pearl: *Sore* Like how you were supposed to tell us that Dinah was pregnant? You kept that from us, Prince Alvin. We’re her sisters. Our BLOOD! You hid it from us. This kind of deceit is worse than Luna blabbing about our issues revolving a Threat to an outsider. Like Martin. He is innocent. He wasn’t meant to be brought in. But now he is. It’s only gonna be a matter of time before the right kind of people connect the dots and figure it out… then it’ll be Hitlist time and Raven’s head on the top of the list for all hunters who just love to go hunting. They’ll find her and hunt her down like a mountain lion. They won’t even lose a second’s sleep over it either. But you hid this from us. from us. What the hell could you have been thinking anyway? You know that we had the right to know. You know that.

Prince Alvin: I know. I should have told. But as i said before. I was trying to keep it on the low key. for Dinah’s sake.

Christie: Pregnancy is nothing to keep on the low key. This is a life change. Life for her has changed. She knows it… This is nothing to push aside and blow off.

Prince Curtis: I’m not gonna even say it. As far as i am concerned… Dinah is gonna be with a change in lifestyle. This is not innocent anymore. Shingo impregnated her and if he’s gonna be the fool to plant the seed. he’s gonna be responsible equally for what happens. Dinah’s babies are his responsibility too. Whether he thinks of it being so or not.

Dinah: *Growls a little* Shut up. Shingo is not that type of guy. He doesn’t play with a girl’s heart and then after impregnating her… up’s and leaves like he would just cater to someone who’s fresh meat.

Prince Alvin: No one is saying that he will. But this is bigger than that. You will no longer be permitted to fight. or be part of the hero battalion. Paige and Pearl… Luna, Shanna, Betty and Angel will have to fight without you. You are not to fight. it is still too early to tell if you really could be pregnant… but the reality of it is this… If you continue to fight and be in the war efforts and happen to get hurt. You could end up hurting the babies and they could die. which could kill you.

Pearl: Now… about the Fountain. What are we to do about that?

Prince Avery: That is something we are with a situation over. There is not Activity changing from the Fountain. It is at a stand still with the same flare ups and the same Spikes. but nothing is coming out of it. it’s been still.

Christie: Wait… Are you talking about the Famous Metropolis Fountain of Angel’s light? That’s what the french would call… Le Fountain of dreams.

Star: What the heck are you on, Christie? That isn’t it at all.

Pearl: Actually that is close to what that Fountain is called. But what we have gathered. The Fountain is a gateway. A portal linking our world to a realm called Dark Kingdom. Dark Kingdom is the very site where Queen Beryl of the Negaverse resides.

Star: What? *Looking at Pearl* Are you by chance just a pulling our corks and our chains?

Pearl: I wish that i was, Star. But you’re a friend to someone has dealt with her before.

Dinah: No lie. We dealt with her scaly butt before and we can tell you in honesty that it isn’t a bug for lie. we went at her… her forces anyway. and her forces were the 4 Generals that once served the guy who was the Prince of the Earth way back when. Prince Endymion. but in regular name he was known as Chiba Mamoru. His wife now… Is none other then Usagi Tsukino. The sister to my boyfriend. Yeah. freaky coincidence, huh?

Christie: No. Actually it’s not. It’s not a coincidence at all. it isn’t even freaky. Remember that i mentioned that i have been around several weird things to where it would not creep me out. I am quite fond to things like that. creepy things i can handle. just as long as they don’t go over the creepy scale and go into haunting territory.

Star: That is agreeable. But i think that i met someone who fits the bill of creepy. That Dark Magic girl. Raven. She’s pretty Creepy, but i like her.

Pearl: She can be rather creepy. But it is usually because we don’t truly understand her or know what she really is like.

Dinah: Exactly.

But back at the Psychologist’s office…

Paige’s session was still going…

Dr. Walters: So Dinah is the one who is the Tough girl that hated Skirts?

Paige: Yes. She is. For the longest time… she hated Skirts. We never could figure out why. Pearl never could either. No one. I was not sure what to think about it. For the longest time seeing that Dinah was always getting down and dirty with the boys… trying to spit, Kick, hit, sit and whatever like a guy… it was almost picturing her as a guy as she was acting like one. almost without fail. If the guys wanted to brawl. She would too. She was a tough girl. She’d be into wrestling… Basketball. Football. Baseball. Soccer. Karate. All that. All of it. It was Action for her. She would never pass on a fight. No fight would bare her. She loved getting dirty. Pearl was of course the Bubbly one. She was most sensitive.  You could say that she was the kind heart. Always showing compassion to anyone. It would actually take a lot to hurt her. You would find it impossible to truly betray her. She is one of those girls who… that no matter what happened or who you were…  you’d find it being hard to betray her… but then again hard to gain trust. She is into fashion. She’s not the fashion police. But she is very Fashion Conscious.

Dr. Walters: What about you though? You’ve been telling about the first 8 years of life… what your sisters and you went through. But you haven’t really spoken about yourself in detail. What are you about though…

Paige: *Sitting up and standing; Walking over to the window* I don’t know about myself. I can’t begin to tell. All i can say is that i am a romance fanatic. A true fanatic. I love anything with love. My sisters Pearl and Dinah know what i like. What i am…. They see me as a lovesick girl. which i am. I am really a total lovesick lady. Been since i was like 6. I didn’t like to think about anything about love at first in the beginning because i was rather a little shy. But i couldn’t help myself. I really couldn’t help myself but to do it. I remember when all this hero detail began I was at the local Candy store when all of a sudden…i got hit by this White beam of Light. It came out of nowhere. I was just innocent. I loved life just as it was. It was simple. very simple and nothing better. But when that beam hit me, I felt this power. it was strong and piercing. But when i least knew it… i was in this skirt. A pink one to be honest. I had this strange wand appear in my hand too. It was pink and had this crystal that was like a Crescent moon. It was way weird at first. I didn’t even know that My sisters were gonna be next. Pearl was on her way home from her usual place she goes to. That Fashion store. She was on the way home when she got hit by the same beam of Light. The same beam. As did Dinah. They got it. And i remember Dinah’s initial response to it. “Oh Man, It’s the attack of the Skirts”  She fainted over it. But then when we got taken to a castle and that was where we first met the Voltron force. back then… It was all just simple. plus back then… our troubles were not as massive as they are now. Back then. It was only the fact of going to school, And then having to beam to Planet Arus to handle the mess there along side them. it even came to this City too. It was not the easiest to deal with. because we were just Kids. we didn’t know any better than we do now.  But let’s skip to the end of the first threat. We had to have help from our Cousins, The Rhapsody Brothers. I won’t mention all about them. but Prince Alvin is the Captain. He leads his team with precision. He leads them well. They all have the power to also become super warriors. Super Saiyan class 1-2. But they all lost it when Prince Alvin Transcended to Class 3. It was the most shocking sight ever to see.

Dr. Walters: Prince Alvin is your Cousin. You mentioned a moment ago that it felt as though he was the male counter part of you because just like you he was like a leader. he led his brothers well and you lead your sisters Pearl and Dinah strong. Tell me about how that is possible that he was able to become this Leader?

Paige: Well… *Looking at her phone a little before looking back up* He is the leader because the brothers all respect him and trust him to lead them. and he does. He trains harder and harder every day. He trains so well that he lost his grasp on reality and the art of falling in love. But a couple of months ago he found a Love and only got closer to her. It was romance. Still too young of a Romance. but he and his girlfriend Alice. They are as one. I am like that. I lead my sisters well. I am not always seen as the leader. Not like i should be. But my sisters always see me as someone who can be strong for them. We are all leaders of ourselves. My sisters might see me as their leader. But in the end… they lead themselves because they’re the ones making the choice. Not letting the choice make them. It’s kinda like that line that i saw in that movie Ghost Rider. My sister Dinah saw it and recited the line to me once. “If you don’t make the choice, the Choice makes you.” Remember that?

Dr. Walters: Yeah. i do. What about the last threat that you and your sisters went through? You said that it was the saddest ending as you had to press on without your mother… I know it was sad for you and your sisters… But tell me about the night that you and your sisters Pearl and Dinah along with your Adopted sisters Luna, Shanna and your Biological sisters Betty and Angel… got home that night. the night that it happened. Where were you and your sisters?

Paige: I don’t want to talk about that really. I can’t. It’s still a fresh wound that my sisters and i are still not able to shake. I don’t think that they remember much about it. It’s been almost like two and a half years. It’s hard for them to remember clearly as it has been a whole year since they stopped grieving completely. After we avenged our mother sending her Murderer back to an Eternal hell as you could call it. It was a subtle June night i think it was… It began Just as it could any other night. the night was balmy but rather cool and crisp. It wasn’t like your nights of automatic excess. lights and glamour as Pearl thought it should have been since she’s into being popular all while still keeping family Key. My sisters and i were just doing our rounds and focused on one thing. A grasp for the Normal. Normal. Nothing dramatic. But at that time we were not only pondering about the Calling cards of this Kandorian power hungry Egomaniac named General Zod. Zod was the one that Dinah and we released from some in-terrestrial orb with Alien Origins. marking the salvation of some place from the destroyed Planet Krypton. A place called Kandor. What we didn’t know was that it was not us that did it. it opened up on it’s own. And it later became our undoing. It became our unrest. We had nothing but issues with him. He tried to force us to Kneel before him. and when we wouldn’t he tried to abduct our sisters Betty and Angel. That failed as we came to rescue them.  Shanna came to help us. She became a hero. MoltenMind. She helped us. It was then that we knew that Zod was gonna retaliate against us soon. Just didn’t know when and how. To be honest, Shanna didn’t know either. How could she? She was not around for most of the dilemma with the guy. But she came around just when it was the beginning of the situation with a Government Agency known none other than Checkmate. Run by the one woman who wanted us to do our “Patriotic Duties”. Her name was Amanda Waller… AKA/Codename: The White Queen. She was gonna use our mother as a lure. Telling us that it was either Join her cause… or we would watch our mother shot right in front of us. But the lucky shot behind that is our soon to be Adopted sister Luna was with us and She created a diversion. It was a saving grace. But Checkmate was taken down sometime later. but by Zod. Zod and his men did it and more than not… Declared all out war.  But on the night we found our mother dead. that was when our battle wasn’t just a battle… A War. it had become personal. But he was not the only thing that we were to deal with. We also had to undergo with the Red Queen. She was known as Martha Kent. Really twisted. But when it happened… We were just coming back from the Watchtower. A secret base where we all go to get the heads up on where we had to go. Cases… Missions. Info on anything that we were gonna need for the missions. cases. Threats and the like. It happened all so suddenly…

Paige Flashes back…

“Paige: *Walking into the Dining Room* It’s really dark in here…

Pearl: I know. Who turned out the lights? It’s probably late and mom is asleep

Dinah: then… let’s do the civil thing and be silent. we don’t want to wake her up… do we?

Paige: Dinah, It’s not about that at all and you know it. *Smelling something burning* What’s that smell?

Pearl: I don’t know. but it isn’t good. Dinah, go check it out. See what it is.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Me?! Why the heck must it be me that does it? Don’t you know that i am with thunder power and if thunder and fire combine… there will be imminent danger?

Paige: Well… consider it a little punishment for what the heck happened in Watchtower. *Scoffs in disbelief and outrage* I mean… for god’s sake… Dinah. what the heck were you thinking? We know you were pissed at Tess and wanted to nail her. we all still do for her involvement with checkmate. but by you flying off the handle like that and firing at her… you nearly fried us and Watchtower. Chloe.

Dinah: Ugh! Figures. i let loose and dish some payback and i get the penalty for it. *Going to check if anything’s burning*

Paige: Something doesn’t seem right.

A second later…

Pearl: *Walking on and looking around to see a pair of feet* Huh?!

Paige: What’s wrong Pearl? *Walking over to where Pearl is and seeing a pair of feet* Who’s that?

Pearl: no idea. Who could it be?

Dinah: *overhearing the commotion* What are you talking about? Who could what be? *Seeing the feet* Whoa! that’s not supposed to be there. What happened here? A Brawl?

Pearl: *Checking for who the feet belongs to* Something doesn’t make sense here…

Dinah: *Following Pearl* Let’s check it out.

Paige: *Looking at Pearl* Who is it?

Pearl: come take a look. I don’t recognize it.

Paige comes to take a look at the body and doesn’t seem to recognize it at that moment. it was too dark to see the face and or recognize who it was but it was gonna be soon to change…

Pearl: Paige. Stay here with the Body. You’re the leader here… you guard the body. don’t let anything happen to it. Dinah. Don’t touch it. I’m gonna go and search for mom. She’s not gonna believe this.

Paige: You got it. Pearl. look all over the house and see if you can find mom.

Dinah: Don’t worry. I won’t touch it. Besides… i don’t want to be punished again for letting my Impulses over act.

Pearl: *Running off to find their mother* Mom?! Mom!

Dinah: *Putting on her shades and doing a thermal scan* I don’t think this sounds too subtle. it’s got to be a joke. However if this is someone’s idea of a Joke. I got news for them. i am not laughing. We barely get back from the Watchtower after being nearly sealed inside and done for… to find a dark house and a lifeless body. one that we don’t seem to recognize.

Paige: I see… that isn’t funny to me either. something happened here and we need to find out what it was. Who was here other than our mother? If mom was here… she should have heard all the commotion. She needs to be found. Now!

A moment later…

Pearl: *Bolting back into the room* Guys… call the cops.

Paige: Why?

Dinah: Did you find mom?

Pearl: No. I didn’t. she’s not anywhere. I looked in Shanna’s room. in the closet. in our room. The closet. in her room and the guest rooms. The closets. i even checked Betty’s room and Angel’s Room. The Closets there too. She’s nowhere to be found. i also checked the Garage and found nothing. *Shaking her head* She’s missing.

Paige: Where could she be though? *Worried* Where do you think she could be?

Dinah: *Going to get on a pair of gloves on* Let’s check the body. i want to know who the heck the lifeless body is.

Paige & Pearl: Dinah! Get away from the body. Don’t touch it.

Paige: We don’t know who it is and it’s obviously dead since it hasn’t made a move or sound. there is no movement coming from it. if we touch it and then call the cops and they come and see the body and god forbid do an autopsy on it. our DNA is gonna be on it and it’ll come back on us. We got enough to worry ourselves sick over. Like the Kandorians… Zod in all his egotistical and power hungered glory now as of a moment or so ago… the end of Watchtower. Watchtower is toast. it’s Over for the Database of Watchtower. it’s all gone. being pinned for the death of a dead body is not something that we’d want to deal with… You don’t want to be pinned with the accusation of the murder of whoever this body might be… DO YOU?

Pearl: I think that we should call one of our Aunts and or Uncle. See if they’ve seen her.

Paige: Who’ll make the call?

Dinah: Want me to do it?

Pearl: Yes.

Betty: *Shadowing in* It’s dark in here. Why?

Angel: *Shadowing in* We need some Light in here.

Paige: Betty… Angel? You two need to just stay out of this. we’re handling it. Dinah… Make the call.

Dinah gets on the communications Video Screen and make a call out to their Uncle King John…

King John: *On Screen* Who the heck is calling at this time of night?

Dinah: Uncle… Its us. Paige, Pearl and Dinah.

Betty: As well as us.

King John: And i take it that your newest adopted sister Luna… is also there as well. right?

Paige: No. she’s not.

Pearl: *Shocked* Sister? Luna?!

King John: You mean… you don’t know of it yet?

Dinah: Uncle… How the hell can we know of it? We don’t know jack. Paige, Pearl and i were stuck inside Watchtower… nearly left to die for about 5 hours. and during the 5 hours… we had to deal with a woman by the name of Tess Mercer while trying to find a way out of Watchtower. we broke out. but in order to do that… we had to destroy Watchtower…

King John: *Shooting up an outburst* What do you mean? Gone?! How is it gone?

Dinah: Gone as in… Dead. the system is kaput. it’s toast.

King John: But that is not possible. is there any power left in it?

Paige: *Shaking her head*

Dinah: *Snaps* Uncle… CUT THE CRAP, WILL YOU?! Listen to what we’re saying. read my vibrant sparking lips. WATCHTOWER IS DEAD! IT’S GONE! All the files of Watchtower… The database. info about us. There was even Info on you. and the 4 boys. Info on our whole family. on the original members of the Justice League. All of it is GONE! As in Gone like the Wind… As total System Failure gone. Gone… All of it is history. It’ll be a miracle if Chloe can find a reserve copy of all the info. but on the reality of it all… everything there was in the Database of Watchtower… is Gone.

King John: Dinah, Watch your tone with me. i understand that you’re under duress because something is going on over there that is not right. but i am still like an Elder to you. So… come on. tell me what the heck is going on there.

Dinah: Our mom is missing. we can’t seem to find our mother anywhere.

King John: *Gasps* What do you mean missing? Where could she be?

Dinah: we don’t know. that is why we’re calling you and asking if you’ve seen her. You haven’t seen her… have you?

King John: Not since 5-6 hours ago. She came to my house to mention about Adopting Luna. and we got it all done here at my place. and we also talked a little too. She was wondering where the heck you 3 were today. You 3 were not in school. Again. You 3 are heroes. and that is not a oblivious result or reality. but you’re never gonna graduate if you keep missing school. but that’s not important right now. What she and i spoke about was if i had seen any signs of someone by the name of the Red Queen. i haven’t. And neither has she or that is what i was motioned to believe. i was unaware of anyone by that name. However… after we took care of the adoption process making Luna your new Adopted sister. She said something about going home and making something for dinner for you girls. all of you. although. like i said. that was 5-6 hours ago. i haven’t seen or heard from her since.

Pearl: Call the others. ask if they’ve seen her. we need to find her. we came home and found a dead body lying here in the living room and we don’t know who it is. There is little to no evidence that there was a struggle here… plus it is dark in here too. we are barely moving around because we can’t see a thing.

King John: *Nods and sighs* Look. Calm down. Let me go and i’ll make some calls and find out where your mother is at. if i find out anything… i will let you know immediately.

Paige: Okay. Please call us when you get word of where our mom is.

King John: Want me to send the boys over for the time being?

Pearl:  No. Not right now. There is a dead body here. it’s best if they don’t get themselves tied into it.

Dinah: it’s gonna be okay. We’re just scared or a bit startled by the whole thing. Watchtower being Kaput… A dead body in our house and us with no idea on who it is… That’s too much for one night.

King John: At least have your Grandma over there. someone should be there with you. Just to be playing it safe. it’s better that way.

Betty: We understand. Thanks again, Uncle.

As soon as the call ended… the girls went to check the body and were careful not to touch it. They looked closer and paused in terror seconds later…

Pearl: *Shaking her head in sadness and heartache* No…No… No no no no no!

Paige: *Looking at the Body and recognizing who it was* It’s…. MOM! No! NO!!!!!

Dinah: *Feeling Numb and in Agony* She’s dead. She’s dead. Our Mom is dead. *Looking at Betty and Angel* Who Killed her? WHO?!

Betty: We don’t know. *Upset and with tears*

Angel: *With a dark Veil over her; Saddened and with tears* I’m sad. this is not right. Why did this happen?

Paige: *Looking up and breaking down in tears; Crying* Mom!

Pearl: Our mom is dead… *Crying and with a broken heart* I want my mom! *Suddenly crying and hugging her dead mother* Mom!

Paige: *Walking over and picking up a glass and Throwing it at the wall and breaking it* AUGH!!!!

Dinah: *Grabbing the side of the Table and flipping it* Damn it. Damn it all to hell. this is just one more thing we need. the Kandorians… Zod and his Ego-trip… The Presence of the Red Queen being amongst us all… although since the afternoon we know now who the Red Queen is. The Watchtower being completely compromised and destroyed. Now our Mother dead. What’s next? A house explosion with us in it and barely getting out with our lives? *Screaming in Anger and then breaking down in tears* Why? This totally sucks. It’s not fair!

A Moment later…

Luna: *Bouncing in and seeing the devastation* What happened?

Pearl: Mom is dead. She’s been killed. *Crying*

Paige: Someone killed her and we’ll never see her smile and or feel her warmth ever again… *Crying into her hands*

Dinah: *Silent and with tears in her eyes*

“Have you heard
Have you tried to understand
It’s all right
It gets easier with time

Luna: How could this be though… She can’t die. She can’t be dead.

Betty: Well she is. *Crying in sobs* Our mom is dead. Why did she have to die?

Angel: It’s not fair… Why did she have to die? She didn’t deserve to die. She was innocent.

How are you
Are you ever coming back
I have changed
And I’ve realized I was wrong

Paige: *Crying and Suddenly looking down at her power belt* Just because of this hero duty… we lose our mother.

Pearl: *Crying in sadness and agony* I want my momma. MOMMA!

Dinah: *Crying and suddenly Looking at her mother’s picture* Mom, You were the best mom there was. I had given you a little bit of a hard time with my tough gutsy attitude at times… but i was just acting out. i don’t care what happens… I just want you back. *Screaming in Fury and heartbreak* AUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my Love
I’d give anything for one more day with you

Betty: *With an upset tone* What are we gonna do? We can’t afford this place.

Angel: Tomorrow we start packing up the house and find a cheaper place to live.

Luna: *Suddenly feeling the emotions come out and crying*

I’m getting through
I wish you felt the way I do
I have changed
And I’ve realized I was wrong

Paige: *Crying and holding their dead mother close*

Pearl:  *Crying* I want my mom!

Dinah: *in agony*

I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my love
I’d give anything for one more day with you

Betty: *Hearing the Doorbell ring* Who the hell is it now?!

Rikku: It’s your grandmother. Is everything alright in there?

Angel: No…

I was wrong
I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my love
I’d do anything for one more day with you

I’d do anything for one more day with you
I’d give anything for one more day with you”

Rhapsody Girls: *Crying* WAAAAA!

Rikku: *Coming in through the front door and seeing her granddaughters crying* What’s going on… *Seeing a dead body in the living room and seeing the girls all around it* Who’s that?

Paige: *Crying* It’s our mom. She’s dead. She’s dead….

Rikku: *Suddenly feeling her heart drop and running over in a flash over to her deceased Daughter’s body* No! Not my baby. Not my sweet sweet baby. *Kneeling down beside her daughter and shaking her daughter* Honey… Wake up. Wake up. Please wake up!

No reaction…

Pearl: It’s no use. Grandma Rikku… She’s gone and there is no getting through to her. Betty even tried to emit some of her holy magic into her and even that didn’t work.

Rikku: *Crying suddenly and hugging her dead daughter* First i lose Princess Aquamarine and literally tear out my heart in sadness over her death… now i have to bury my most sensitive baby…

Paige: What’ll we do? Grandma, what’ll we do? Where will we live? we can’t stay here. there is no money and we can’t afford this place.

Rikku: *Looking at her granddaughter* I don’t know… We’ll figure that out later. I just want to just hold my baby for a while. I’ll take care of the legalities in a bit.

Pearl: I can’t believe this though… *with tears in her eyes* We deal with the meeting of the Red Queen. She was nice. then to set things off to a very tense and stressing part of the night… we get trapped inside the Watchtower. locked with the betrayer Tess who was behind our almost losing our mother before because of Checkmate. then we come home to a dark room and find our mother dead…

Dinah: That is my department to embellish on the dearly dramatic and the tough girl breakdown.

Luna: And i’m a newly adopted Daughter to Princess Rikku. But now she’s dead and i feel as though i lost a family again…

Rikku: you haven’t. You’ll be in the same family. i’m gonna take you and Shanna and my Daughter’s biological girls too. But just give it some time.

Paige: It’s not gonna be the same without mom. She was gonna be throwing a Halloween party later this year for us. Nothing big… but really special.

Dinah: Oh… like creepy monsters and spirits.

Pearl: It’s too sad a time right now to be thinking about that. Our mom is dead. there is no room for a celebration. i don’t think that i’ll ever be able to celebrate another thing for as long as i live. it will seem too hard to endure.

Betty: I just want to go to bed. probably cry myself to sleep.

Angel: Same here…”

Paige: *Breaking down in tears* Our mother was Murdered by that bastard Zod. And there was nothing that we could do. We from that day were crippled. We Avenged her though… However… we were not really thinking too clearly because it was our mother. She was one who we had less time to be with and losing her was the hardest thing that we could ever do. The Funeral service was even more harder than the night of our loss. We paid our times of sorrow and grieving. But that was even harder for us. Saying goodbye. Then avenging our mother. helping her soul and spirit completely crossover. That was even more harder than that. the worst. Casting off a piece of ourselves. Our vanity. Our mom is in us through a barely visible visage. If only in parts. Dinah got our mother’s ambition. her tough Gutsy attitude. Pearl got her our mother’s selfless Conviction and devotion to forgive and the sensitive touch. Even her Innocence…

Dr. Walters: And what did you get?

Paige: I got the Love and the tenderness. The memory and the thrill for making hard choices. the eagerness for the sacrifice. Plus the Romantic Bliss that was always inside her but never had the chance to live long and be out like other women would. Her Love was always suppressed. Her love for sweets when she’s got that sweet Tooth. but Chocolate to me is like my own brand of Heroine. I am addicted to it. but i also got nothing but heartache. Her heartache. Her pain. In a way i despise her for it… but then i can’t fault her. because by doing so. i also fault myself. She had such a bad childhood. A terrible childhood in school. I don’t know why i remember that. but it’s part of a memory that my sisters Pearl, Dinah, Betty and Angel have as well as i do…

Although that afternoon…

At Metropolis Elementary…

Luna: I’m Sorry for how my sisters spoke to you.

Martin: It’s okay. I don’t mind it. They have a right to speak like that. I was told something that i wasn’t really supposed to know. Out of safety. But i already vowed to never speak about it to anyone else. My Guardian had also made that vow.

Luna: That maybe so… but they had no right to treat you like that. You were just meaning to help.

Martin: I know. But by telling me about it before it was time has unknowingly put your friend Raven in danger. What if i slip without meaning to and wind up telling someone? It could hurt your cause. I don’t want that to happen. I don’t want that to happen to her Luna. You know that it would be the last thing i would ever want.

Luna: *Sighs* So, What are we supposed to do? Make like i never said anything to you? How… how can i. I obviously said too much. Are you sure that you’ll be able to keep it a secret?

Martin: I’m trying. You know that i am trying. Plus you did mention the part where Dinah was now pregnant. How is that going for her?

Luna: *a little lost* Not sure. She has been having momentary blackouts and a few brief moments of morning sickness.

Martin: That’s all? It shouldn’t be anything to worry over.

Luna: But that’s just it. it is something to worry about. She faints and then moments later has no recollection of ever doing it.

Martin: *Ponders* That is weird. So you believe that she is doing it and suffers a little memory loss with no recollection of ever blacking out? That is not normal. Do you think that the Pregnancy is overacting?

Luna: I don’t know. I really don’t know. But i would sure like to get to the bottom of that. My sisters are all feeling the same concern for Dinah. Dinah is scared about it.

Martin: We should try to keep an eye on any changes in her condition. it shouldn’t be too hard for your sisters to do.

Luna: But harder for me since i am here and not in their school. I can’t just get out of this school and just follow them and watch over Dinah. Not like this. She’ll immediately know that something was up or going on. Dinah is trying to shake it off as much as she can, but we got to face facts here. This is not gonna get any easier…

As for Dinah…

on her way home from Metropolis high…

Dinah: *Driving* I got to get home before i black out again. I have already blacked out 3 times today. 5 minutes each. But that is enough to worry me.

Christie: *Looking at Dinah* It worries me too, girl. you are having these blackouts that are just hitting you like a sucker punch. You are gonna be needing to stay on the down low. This is getting serious.

Dinah: I know. Christie… I am so terrified about what’s happening to me. Plus the idea of a threat with an intergalactic demon. That is still in play… there is a thought about that.

Christie: I can tell that things are getting you really shook. You need to calm down though. You’re gonna wear out your breath and your mind. *Sighs* … *Thinking* I was thinking… If your grandmother has the knowhow to set it up to where you can apply for home schooling from now on… I’ll do the same and we’ll stick with one another and have someone with you.

Dinah: No… Thanks, but… no. I don’t want to be the cause of you missing out on school. My life is messed up. I don’t want you to follow suit and be the next in messing your life up as well. *Shaking her head* I appreciate your wanting to think of me and my condition. I do. But don’t ruin your life because i’m doing it.

Christie: Dinah, It’s okay. I don’t mind doing it. Besides. You and me are tight. There is nothing that can’t be fixed.

Dinah: *Driving; Starting to feel a little Woozy* Uh… I need to pull over. before i… *Starting to black out* ….

Christie: *Freaking out* Oh shit… *Grabbing the Wheel and Jerking the truck over to the side and Parking* Dinah… Come on girl… Don’t punk out now. Snap out of it. Come on. *Seeing Dinah Out cold* Damn it… I don’t even have my driver’s permit yet. I am gonna be in trouble for doing this. but I got to get Dinah home. *Getting out of the car and walking around to the Driver’s side and opening the door* This is dangerous… but i got to do something. *Gently Pushing Dinah to the Passenger’s side and getting behind the wheel* Time to get to home. *Pulling out and and Driving off to Dinah’s house* Hold on Dinah…

Prince Alvin: *Driving by Dinah’s truck* Hey Dinah… What’s up?

Christie: Who are you talking to? *Looking to see Dinah’s Cousin* You’re mixing me up with someone else. Dinah’s in the passenger’s seat.

Prince Alvin: *Gasps; Driving alongside Dinah’s truck* What?! Christie… What the hell are you doing driving Dinah’s vehicle? You’re gonna get her in deep trouble. She’s gonna get a ticket.

Christie: Well… i had to do something. I got some Driving experience. Not much though. Dinah was driving and we were just talking when all of a sudden. Wham! She blacks out. i didn’t know what else to do. Lead me to her house. I’ll follow you. We got to get Dinah home. Now.

Prince Alvin: No problem. Follow me. I’ll lead the way.

A few minutes later…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Christie: *Pulling up into the driveway*

Prince Alvin: *Getting off his Motorcycle and Walking over to the Passenger’s side of Dinah’s truck* Hold on.

A second later…

Prince Alvin: *With his shirt off and Carrying Dinah to the house* Dinah seems to feel cold so with my bare skin against her… it’ll pass some body heat to her. *Carrying Dinah to the house*

Dinah: *Waking up and shaking off the black out spell* What the heck happened?

Prince Alvin: Don’t worry. You’re gonna be okay.

Dinah: *Wigging out* Prince Alvin, What’s going on? Why are you with your shirt off?

Prince Alvin: To provide you with some body heat. You happened to look a little cold. Plus you blacked out while driving. Christie drove the rest of the way here. For a girl who doesn’t have a driver’s license at all yet. She Drives rather well. You should thank her. She got you here quick.

Dinah: *Looking at Prince Alvin* Well i obviously do feel thankful. Where is she?

Christie: I’m right here. Dinah… i am right here and i’m not going anywhere.

Inside the house…

Grandma Rikku: *Seeing Prince Alvin Coming in without a shirt carrying Dinah in* What is going on here?

Prince Alvin: Dinah had a fainting spell on her way home.

Grandma Rikku: It was another Black-out moment, wasn’t it? *Sighs* Take her up to her room. Pearl and Paige aren’t home yet. Paige is still at the Doctor’s…

Dinah: *Cross* Yeah. we know. the Psychologist. To Psycho analyze us. I am not impressed Grandma. Paige is probably spilling her freakin’ guts. all on your call.

Christie: Bad Granny.

Prince Alvin: *Cutting off the verbal slinging* Okay… okay. I think that Mrs. Lightning in a Bottle now Dry docked warrior needs to cool down. Dinah, let’s get you to the room and have you rest.

Dinah: You’re right. It’s a good idea. I’m just a little moody right now because of the blackout.

Prince Alvin: Same old same old with the signs of pregnancy. but because you are originally the tough one… the Pregnancy is just Amplifying those personalities or those emotions and feelings.

Christie: That would explain it. But the part where her grandmother thought it was right to try and Psycho-analyze her and the sisters. Paige and Pearl… That is something of which i don’t get. What kind of setup do you run here?

Prince Alvin: Don’t ask. It’s not something that we fully get ourselves. Customs are very strange. If we even knew what lied behind the red tape of it all… and knew to read the fine print of it all… we’d be much happier. Our family goes back 2-3 generations. We’re the 3rd Generation. Grandma Rikku to Dinah… Grandma Rikku is who you would refer to as the 1st generation. Princess Rikku and Princess Aquamarine are 2 Examples of the 2nd Generation. Paige, Pearl and Dinah… My brothers and i. Fine examples of the 3rd generation.

Christie: 3 Generations… That would mean that the ones coming out of Dinah will be the 4th Generation. Oh my god. New lives awaiting the path to the dawn of life just waiting to be open. it’s just waiting to begin.

Prince Alvin: I think that someone’s starting to get a little loopy.

Raven: *Shadowing in* What’s going on here? I was upstairs Meditating and overheard all the noise.

Dinah: Don’t ask. You don’t want to know. *Groans and feeling exhausted*

Minutes later…

In Paige, Pearl and Dinah’s room…

Prince Alvin: *Gently Placing Dinah on her bed* Are you gonna be okay?

Dinah: Yeah. I think that i am gonna be fine.

Prince Alvin: We need to be sure. look, Christie is here. we’ll figure a way to keep watch and make sure that you’re okay.

Christie: *Walking up to Dinah* That is right. I don’t know what your grandmother is gonna be doing, but if she was smart… she’d set up to where you’d be home schooled. Where it is safe and protected. here. I’m gonna call my mother and ask her about my being home schooled…

Outside the Doctor’s office…

Paige: *Getting into the car on the passenger’s side* The Appointment was really interesting. I had to spill my guts out.

Pearl: *Curious* You’re kidding. What all did you tell the Doc?

Paige: *Guffaws* HA! What didn’t i tell her? I told her about our beginnings. The pregnancy of Dinah. Our beginning 8 years of life before we united with our mother. Told about how we first got our powers and where it all began. About the night that we found our mother dead. Basically i spilled my proverbial guts till i had nothing left.

Pearl: That is it… i have had it. Grandma is getting a lecture. Tonight. Psycho-Analyzing us is a big step of over stepping the boundaries. But to set it to where we have to pour our hearts out and divulge our deep dark secrets? That is taking it way too far. *Pissed*

Luna: Pearl, Stop it. Grandma is only trying to show that she cares.

Pearl: *Snaps and barks* Luna… ENOUGH! That is enough. Grandma isn’t our mother. She’s our grandmother. Princess Rikku is our mother. She was the one with the rights to tell us what we were to do. Not GRANDMA!

Paige: Pearl, Stop it. Relax. You are fed up with Grandma’s ruling. However, i did what i had to do. It wasn’t for Grandma’s benefit either, trust me. It was all me.  I somehow regret the fact that i told about our beginning 8 years… but…

Pearl: *Catching a whiff of the suspense* But…?

Paige: It got me thinking about something. I found that i am made to lead but just don’t have enough faith in my abilities to do it. Plus the part of my feeling a little resentment towards our mother for the fact that i get to live the rest of my life feeling her pain. being cursed to feel what it feels like to be teased or brokenhearted. or should i say Dumped? yeah… Let’s go with Dumped.

Pearl: We can thank our grandmother for that. Can’t we? She pushed it to be this way.

Luna: You are getting really angry about all of this, Pearl.

Pearl: *Driving off furious* Why the hell shouldn’t i be? Luna, Grandma is snooping into our private thoughts. Raven never would do that. Not ever. unless there was something really wrong with us. That is also a long shot from tolerance too.

Luna: Now that we mention it… What is up with Raven? Aren’t you supposed to be her protector?

Pearl: I am. But i can’t force Raven to stick close to me 24/7.

Paige: I wonder how Dinah is doing?

Pearl: Good Question. There is something that you should know about Dinah. Dinah had a couple of blackouts today in school. She nearly had one during break at the table that we all sit at. Christie, Dinah’s friend managed to grab her. My friend Star was able to grab her before she began to topple over like a wall.

Paige: Her Pregnancy is taking a mind of it’s own.

Luna: That’s not the only thing. What about the Fountain?

Pearl: *realizing the mention about the Fountain* Oh that… Prince Avery is probably there now keeping a watch on it.

Paige:  We got the Pregnancy… the Agonizing meddling of Grandma… The threat of the Intergalactic Demon… The Fountain. We’re just batting a thousand on the drama and the mess altogether.

Luna: yeah… We got a lot of work to do…

Pearl: *Sighs* Yeah. Oh brother…

That night…

At The Hart Household…

Megan: *Sitting down on the Couch and sighs* Drake, I feel worried.

Drake: Why? What’s up?

Megan: I can’t stop thinking about Dinah. She had another black out in school today.  7 of them. Prince Curtis just called me and told me what i missed on the incident. I feel so helpless.

Drake: Dinah… Isn’t she like your boyfriend’s cousin. One of the Rhapsody Girls Z!?

Megan: Yeah. She is pregnant.

Drake: Huh?! *Lost* Pregnant? How? She’s only what… 17?

Megan: She is. but she and her boyfriend Shingo a few weeks ago did the… *Making the motion* You know…

Drake: *Coughs* uh… okay… You are talking about the sealing deal of Romance… aren’t you?

Megan: yeah. Since then… there has been momentary blackouts and fainting. Dinah’s pregnancy is beginning to grow into a concern. A major concern.

Drake: What does your boyfriend think about it?

Megan: He is unsure of what to think about it. All they can really do is be there for her…

At the Tsukino Household…

Amy Diamond’s “No regrets” Plays…

Shingo: *On the Phone* Hey Dinah, How are you?

Dinah: *On the Phone* I’m fine. Just had a few blackouts… But i am fine now. however… as for my school life and my hero life and the part where i kick ass and take names. That’s on the ice rack and dry docked incognito. My sisters, Cousin, and my friend Christie… they’re all putting the ice on it.

Shingo: That bites… You’re gonna be bedridden now i take it, Right?

Dinah: With all that has gone on so far with my Pregnancy thus far… it’s the right choice. It’s the best move.

Shingo: I guess. But Dinah… I know you like a book. You’ll crack. I know that you’re tough and that you can take a hampering from any side or direction and still come scratching upwards and fighting. But this is really huge. Too huge for you alone.

Dinah: You ought to be watching that. i am not that tough. I got flaws. Putting me on a pedestal is not something that makes a girl like me feel tickly.

Shingo: I know. I’m sorry if it sounds like that. But now that you’re currently in this predicament… you need to be with raised spirits just so you can win over and keep holding on.

Dinah: *Nods* I know. I need to be kept in good spirits. But what about you? You aren’t exactly on the happy train. You are Emancipated from your mom. She is not part of you anymore. You don’t happen to have a job. You got nowhere to go—

Shingo: Actually… I got to come clean with something. I have gotten the Emancipation forms and was filling them out. But before i could do it… My mom Counter-acted it. She won’t allow for me to leave her. She is refusing to let you have your way and have me. She even said to me right as clear day. She Said: “She is not gonna take my only son away from me. She’s a Whore-monger and a harlot. She doesn’t deserve you. You can tell her that if she ever tries to Marry you or tries to ask you to marry her. I swear on it that i will be there to Object every time. She is an unruly girl that i refuse to have in this family. Dinah is not welcome in this family and if you marry her. You will get anything but my blessing. I flat out will not grant it.”

Dinah: *Scoffs and with an Annoyed plus Irritated tone* Screw her and the horse that she rides in on. You’re the father to my two babies. We’re gonna have to plan out all that pretty soon. Your mom is gonna just learn to back off. You are with a voice. It’s your life… your choice. Don’t let her tell you how it is that you’re supposed to live your life. I don’t care what she’s to say about me. I gave up caring about what she had to say about me weeks ago when she tried to tell me off and i stood up to her and told her where to stick it. She maybe an elder… but she doesn’t rule me or control me. If she even tries to call the cops on me for being with you. I will see her in court. Pregnancy be damned.

Shingo: Don’t worry. As soon as i get the chance… i will try again with the Emancipation and see to it that i leave her.

Dinah: Good. I know that she is still your mother. that she gave you life. But She needs to get the hint that it’s about high time she learned to back off.

Shingo: I agree. Love. I so totally agree…

Hearing Mrs. Tsukino in the hall…

Shingo: *Barks out to his mother* SHUT THE HELL UP MOM! Get the hell off my damn back…

In the Living Room…

Pearl: *Looking at her boyfriend Jack* Jack, I’ve missed you.

Jack: I’ve missed you too, Pearl. I was away for a while. Had some personal things to handle that took longer than i liked. But… i am back now.

Pearl: I am glad that you’re back. Especially given that we’re with a rather large problem. several.

Jack: Really? How bad are they?

Pearl: Well… that would depend on how you’d consider the issue of a Threat known to be an Intergalactic Demon. The part about the Metropolis Fountain being with high suspicion that it’s opening itself back up and become the gateway to a place known as Dark Kingdom.

Jack: Dark Kingdom? That’s like the same place that my Guardian conrades and i call Pitch lives in. Places that are like nightmares. Real nightmares.

Pearl: no… it’s not that. it’s a place where an Evil Queen resides. Queen Beryl. She resides in that place. I know because my cousins and my sisters and i had to tangle with her once.

Jack: *gasps* Oh no… Do you think that she’ll be motioning to come back?

Pearl: *Shaking her head* Oh god i hope not. I don’t ever want to see her. Ever.

Jack: Want to go out on a Date? It’s late, but we can at least have some time for a walk in the park, Right?

Pearl: I guess so. I got to check up on Dinah though. She’s up watching a movie in the room and is bed ridden. The bed rest has hit a few weeks earlier than it was supposed to.

Jack: Okay. *Pauses* Wait… What’s wrong with her?

Pearl: You don’t know yet, do you? Dinah is Pregnant.

Jack: She’s what? *Pauses in shock* Pregnant? How? Why? When? Who did it?

Pearl: Why are you so shocked? It isn’t anything to get all frantic over. She did the deed and had sex with Shingo and since then till now… she’s had morning sickness and frequent blackouts and fainting spells.

Jack: Oh dear… Is she gonna be okay?

Pearl: Yeah. of course. We are gonna be there for her anyway. we won’t allow anything to happen to her. never.

Jack: That’s very thoughtful. *Smiles*

Moments later…

On the Road…

Pearl: *Driving* Jack, There is a threat in play. A big one. Dinah for a while is forced to be dormant. The Pregnancy is changing her…

Jack: What’s this about a threat?

Pearl: Ever heard of a being known as Scath?

Jack: No. Never heard of him. Why?

Pearl: It’s good then that you don’t know.

Jack: How do you figure that, Love? I don’t even know what brought the mention of him up.

Pearl: I’ll tell you… but i am gonna have to warn you… that you’re not gonna like what you hear revolving him. I am serious.

Jack: Pearl, you make like it’s that bad… how bad can it be? It can’t be any worse than the Villain and Nemesis Known as Pitch. *Sensing the silence in Pearl* … Or can it?

Pearl: It depends as to what you’d call bad when it revolves Scath. Scath is the Intergalactic Demon. He is a being that was sent into Limbo. By a secret Order in the Sanctuary in Azarath. He impregnated a holy mother there and out came Raven. Raven was given a prophecy that by the 16th birthday… she’d have to become the portal and release him on Earth and Conquer. But she didn’t want to. Alot of this stuff hasn’t happened yet. but this is something you must know. Raven is Half Demon-Half Human.

Jack: Pearl, I don’t mean to pass it off as a load of Hookum. But, in all honesty… how are you knowing all this?

Pearl: I know this… because i happen to be her protector. I feel her heart and feel how sensitive she is or how sensitive she could get.

Jack: You’re what?! Her protector? Wait… does that mean that you’re her special guardian?

Pearl: Yeah. that is exactly what it is.

Jack: Where is she?

Pearl: no idea. but i think that we can find her.

Jack: You know where she goes?

Pearl: Not really, But i have a hunch at where she might be. She likes tranquil spots where she can Meditate in solitude.

Jack: Which would be… where?

Pearl: The park.

Jack: The park? That’s where we’re going…

Pearl: *Driving off to the park* Let’s go.

At the Metropolis Park…

Prince Avery: *Keeping an eye out for any sightings of Activity* Something is there… That Fountain has been acting up alot since the other week. Something is there. Something is there and it’s a matter of time before something starts coming out to the surface…

However Below the surface underneath the Fountain… on the other side of the portal… In Ruined Dark Kingdom

Wind was howling and the air was cold… Suddenly within the once said Chambers that once held Queen Metaria…

Beryl: *Broken up and beaten* I have been brought back to life. I care not for life. I have no desire to live. The Earth is gone. gone from my reach. Those Rhapsodies… They destroyed me… I’ll make them pay. *growls* I will get after that sensitive one. She’s the most prone to penetration. I will get at her to let my message be heard. Revenge shall be mine. I swear it. *Hearing noises closeby and hearing faint whispers*

She then looked up and saw at a distance a small crack that was spewing faint light…

Beryl: *Gasps* A opening. There is my freedom. but it’s too small an opening. There is no way i will get through that. *Shooting out some black mist towards the opening* This will get through and will infect that Brat. give her a real mind penetration… Ahahahahaha!

back up on the surface…

In Metropolis Park…

Pearl: *Walking through the park with her boyfriend Jack* It’s such a Wonderful night, Jack.

Jack: *Walking alongside Pearl* It is. I think that it’s a very pleasant night knowing that i am back… with you and happily living. I Love you, Pearl.

Pearl: And i love you, Jack. I Love you so much… I have been missing you for a long time since you left. but tried to hide it from others. Tried to be strong. But as much as i wanted to be strong and not let the fact that i missed you show. I missed you. I was secretly waiting for the day where you would come back.

Jack: Well… i’m back now. You don’t have to worry about me vanishing. I am here and i am not going anywhere. I’ll always be here for you.

Pearl: *Smiles before kissing Jack on the lips* You’re sweet.

Nearby where the Fountain stood…

Prince Avery: *Overhearing voices* Who’s there?

Pearl: *Walking by and spotting Prince Avery* Cousin, How goes the Stake out? Is it producing any worthy activity?

Prince Avery: *Looking to the side and seeing Pearl* Hey Pearl. What brings you out on this pleasant but silent night?

Pearl: Nothing really. Just out for a walk with my boyfriend.

Prince Avery: Your boyfriend? Jack’s back?!

Pearl: Yeah.

Prince Avery: *Looking at Pearl and seeing her boyfriend* Okay.Well… good to see you back with us, Jack. You’re a little late to the party of hell though. We’ve got alot of diabolical trouble going on here.  There is no sightings of any creatures. But there is a lot of Energy spikes. Heat signatures plus a whole mess of hell. Unpredictable occurrences. Jack, I do trust that you’re with at least the Synopsis of the matter at hand here. Right?

Jack: I believe so. Pearl kinda gave me a little of the highlights at best on the situation. Told me about Scath. Who i know nothing about whatsoever. I found out about the Mystery girl. Raven. Plus the fact that Dinah is pregnant. I seemed to have missed alot while i was gone…

Prince Avery: No. Not too much really. But some of the stuff that has been going on as of recent. It’s enough to make your blood curdle.

Jack: I believe that you’re right. I came back from the short time Hiatus after hearing that there was a spot of trouble hitting Metropolis and when i heard that Pearl and her sisters were being put smack dab in the middle of it… I came back as fast as i could. I wasted no time on getting here. I couldn’t seem to get here fast enough.

Pearl: Ain’t he a total devoted love angel?

Prince Avery: He sure is. But now that the formalities are over… We should get back to brass reality here. There is something going on with the fountain.

Pearl: *feeling her belt buzz and detecting something coming* Something… is coming. There seems to be a crack in the fountain. a crack that is not really a crack but a sliver of an opening.

Jack: Where is it?

Suddenly a wisp of dark mist formed from the fountain and it had the touch of evil inside it. The black mist billowed around a little before making a direct line towards them…

Prince Avery: *With his element drawn* Don’t make any sudden moves. Let’s see what it does.

Jack: We should ice it before it does try anything. It doesn’t look to pleasant. It’s dark. Possibly demonic.

Pearl: Prince Avery, we better fend it off. It’s starting to come towards us.

Prince Avery: Jack… Ice the mist…

Jack: Okay. *Firing Ice at the mist*

Pearl: *Running for some water and grabbing at the water; grabbing the water and Throwing it at the black mist* That cold water will intensify the ice’s power and freeze the mist in a deep freeze.

But as the Mist was being frozen a flash of a reflection came over the glare of the ice. The reflection was of a form that they recognized from the other year. It was…

Pearl: BERYL!!! *Freaking out* That was beryl. She’s back… alive. She’s here and is coming back. *Terrified* If only Dinah was here and not bedridden… She could have sparked that mist and sent it flying back to where it came from.

Prince Avery: *Calling for his brother Prince Alvin*

A minute later…

Prince Alvin: *Rolling in and stopping by the bench close by* I’m here. What’s the situation?

Pearl: I don’t know. but i think that our worst nightmare is gonna be coming true. Beryl is back. She’s alive… That is her… It’s her. that dark mist… it’s her. She’s back. She’s alive…

Jack: *Grabbing Pearl and hugging her* It’s gonna be okay, Pearl. Calm down. Calm down.

Pearl: I am afraid of Beryl. She was the worst queen yet. She was hellbent on seeing that the world ended. She tried to awaken a great evil all the while knowing that the great Evil was nothing more than a loose cannon. Beryl’s plan only moved to backfire. But if she is alive… She will only sire to do the very same thing. The very same thing…. She can’t be allowed to come back. She can’t come back.

Raven was hovering in the air not far from where they were and near the fountain. Pearl barely turned to the side to see Raven in the air hovering…

Pearl: *Looking up to see raven in the Air* Raven! Over here…

Raven: *diving down to the ground* What’s going on?

Jack: *Smiles* You must be Raven. Nice to meet you.

Raven: Who are you? *Raising an Eyebrow*

Jack:  I’m Jack Frost… I’m a Wintry Spirit. I am also Pearl’s boyfriend.

Raven: Nice to meet a Spirit that is Obsessed with Winter.

Jack: I am obsessed with Winter. But i am all about fun too.

Pearl: That is true. he is, but he’s sweet too.

Prince Avery: There was Dark Mist coming at us. coming from the Fountain, Raven. It was coming from a crack within the Fountain itself. A strange light. *Getting a bad feeling about what’s threatening to come* I got a very bad feeling about this.

Prince Alvin: Hold on. Don’t go all half-cocked. There must be a more reasonable solution to what’s giving off that dark mist.

Pearl: I wish that there was, But there isn’t. It’s Beryl. That is Beryl’s doing. She’s the one doing it.

Prince Alvin: Pearl… Your fears are heard loud and clear. You’re afraid of Beryl. I understand. we all do. Raven… care to do the honors of disposing the dark mist?

Raven: *Using Astral Projection to dispel the black mist that resembled the manifestation of Beryl*

Prince Avery: Something tells me that this isn’t gonna be over so easily. Whatever that was… It came with a purpose. *coming up with a theory*

Pearl: We’ll find out soon enough.

Jack: Right. *Looking at Pearl* Let’s go and catch a movie.

Pearl: Okay. *Looking at Raven* Raven… Me and Jack are gonna head to see a movie. Would you like to come with?

Raven: I guess. Sure. Why not? *Heading off with Pearl and Jack*

But during the night…

Pearl: *Tossing and turning* No… Not Beryl. *having a Nightmare* Stop it! No! *Talking in her sleep* Beryl can’t be back… She can’t be. this is not right. it can’t be right… No…

Beryl’s Voice: You Rhapsody girls have derailed my Ambitious bringing the great evil to the surface… I overplayed my hand… but you best heed my warning… I am Alive and will be back soon to cause new trouble. Sooner than you think dears… Ahahahahahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Pearl: *Screams in terror and Waking up in a cold sweat* …. *gasps and trying to catch her breath*

Paige: *waking up and Looking to see Pearl up shaking in a cold sweat* Pearl… What the hell is going on with you? You okay?

Pearl: *Unsure* I don’t know. I wish that i knew. I really do. But i just had the most terrifying nightmare.

Paige: What about?

Pearl: One guess. Who would we know being likely to come out of the Fountain?

Paige: Beryl?! Are you even hearing yourself? She’s dead. Beryl is dead. She can’t be alive.

Pearl: That’s what i was thinking too. but she’s obviously alive… She’s alive.

Dinah: *Groaning and looking at the time* What the hell are you two doing up at this hour? It’s late at night. It’s really really early in the morning and you two are up talking. What the heck about? get to bed… Are you trying to wake up the whole house? *Looking at the time again* It’s 2 in the morning and you guys are waking up the whole house. Stop it. *Falling back to sleep*

Pearl: *Laying back down and trying to calm down again* I got to calm down. i just have to calm down. I didn’t see that reflection of Beryl in that black mist. i didn’t see it. Beryl is dead… she’s not coming back. not ever. there is no chance of her coming back. There’s not.

Paige: *Laying down and falling back asleep*

Later That Morning…

Dinah: *Getting up and getting Dressed* That sleep did me good. I am not worn out anymore like i was for a while. I truly don’t know what the heck that was… but i am not like that anymore. No more tiredness.

Pearl: Maybe you’re right. You’re certainly a bit more lively. But i wouldn’t be pushing it. You are… Pregnant. Remember?

Dinah: Oh, i know. I am just not gonna submit to it just yet. besides. as long as i can walk… i’ll be just fine. plus i have been drinking alot of things. fluids and there’s Orange Juice that i drank alot. It isn’t like i had much option because if i am Pregnant… and we know that i am since i have a couple of the signs already… i will be paying for it in the end.

Pearl: Not unless you’re not careful. And we’re seeing to it that you are. However we can’t be 24/7. even though we’d like to. because as much as it is hard for you… it’s hard for us too considering the fact that we got the Fountain in the City acting up and spewing off Energy and some energy Signatures. Plus we have to still poke around with the idea of that intergalactic Demon stepping it’s head around the corner in the not too too distant future.

Paige: I know. we know that.

Dinah: Ditto. However if this pregnancy gets anymore progression than it already has… and it probably will as time passes… i won’t be in on it. there will be no way i can move and fight. I will probably be the command control for you since that’s probably the best and only way that i can help.

Paige: I know. It’s gonna be a hard adjustment for you since being out in roaming around… fighting… it’s really all you know.

Pearl: Maybe it’ll be the thing that will help you come out fighting with this pregnancy. *Chuckles* I know… not the best step up… but it’s a start. isn’t it? You gotta start somewhere… right?

Dinah: That’s one way of putting it i guess.

Paige: Let’s go on downstairs. We need to start getting ready to head off to school. It’s gonna be a long day there. I got to give a speech in debate today. Something about Violence in games. Something like that. i don’t know. I wrote it and worked on it. But i have a feeling that it won’t sound so good.

A minute later…

Dinah: *going downstairs* I think that i’m gonna be okay. The Fainting spells have subsided. Still feel them every now and then. But i can handle it.

Pearl: You can make it, Right?

Paige: Of course she can. She’s got alot to think about. She might have had a strange day yesterday and kept fainting. But the thing is that She is able to be tough. Dinah is ready for school. But i don’t think that grandma is gonna just let it just slide. There is no way that she’s gonna let it all go.

Pearl: Well… she’s not wanting to be around much because of me. I gave her a real ear full. I was pissed. She snoops into my Journal and read a secret entry that was supposed to be private. Then she has the Audacity to think i am with a room that has all that dark stuff. Then she tries to Psycho-Analyze us. You had to spill your guts out yesterday to that Psychologist. What the heck for? Grandma might have shown that she cared alot about us… but what she did was really the last straw. It was the very last thing that i was gonna tolerate. I still love her… but it’s gonna be awhile before i can ever look at her the same way again.

Dinah: Pearl, You are really gutsy, You know that?

Pearl: Are you kidding, Dinah? I am not like that. Not at all. I am just finally growing a good pair and standing up to the nonsense when it comes to people trying to snoop where they don’t belong.

Dinah: *Laughs* Okay… okay. I get the idea. I get the idea. Pearl, You’re a real riot.

Paige: Yeah… a card and a half.

Pearl: maybe i am. *sighs*


Fear Itself

Raven: *Leaning to the side against the wall* That’s just wonderful. So there is a family dispute going on now. You really had to start a internal war, Didn’t you, Pearl?

Pearl: *Turning to see Raven* Morning Raven. Did you sleep well? I’m betting that you slept better than i did. I woke up to a nightmare.

Raven: Yeah. I know. I could overhear some of the conversation late at night. You were ranting about someone.

Pearl: About Beryl.

Raven: That i figured. since you were petrified enough. You must have been spooked about it. I know about things even before it is mentioned most of the time because of the Gem on my forehead. It helps me see somewhat into the future. a few minutes.

Dinah: *Looking at the time* We better book it to school. We’re gonna be late.

Raven: Uh, Dinah… There is something that you might need to know. You’ve been pulled out of school. Your Grandmother called the school this morning and pulled you out and signed you to be home schooled. and do the classwork from your classes and do it here. I overheard it and your Grandmother caught me listening in. She has me now being the one to deliver your school work to your classes.

Dinah: What? *Pauses in shock and disbelief* Oh… i can’t believe this… this is not my life anymore… is it?

Pearl: *Scoffs* Grandma strikes once again with her mettlesome actions.

Paige: Yeah. She’s won again…

Dinah: It is for the best i guess because of my pregnancy. I feel really good this morning… but the thing is that i know that there is something going on inside me.  i might not understand it… but i know that there is something going on inside. I can feel it.

Luna: *With her School bag* I’m ready to go.

Dinah: That’s good Luna… I’ll drive you this morning. That is probably one of the few things that i can still do in freedom. before i am completely bedridden.

At King John’s house…

Prince Avery: *Grabbing his bag and heading out the door* I’m gonna grab something on the way over to school. I can’t sit and talk. Last night was active at the Fountain. The Fountain was spewing Dark Mist. Pearl as know believes it to be The slight of hand from Queen Beryl. But it isn’t possible. Beryl is dead. She chose to go down with her Kingdom. I remember that moment still in the very back of the mind. We left that place and went to trail after the Princess. Going after Serenity gone mental. We went after her but left Beryl to die in her chambers as her Kingdom came crumbling down around her.

Prince Arnold: how very optimistic. So now… the fact is remaining that if it is Beryl coming back… we’re gonna be dealing with her and her antics all over again. She’s not gonna cut us on the breaks. Besides. We didn’t exactly leave her on the most happiest of terms. but the joke about that is long since over now… don’t you think?

Prince Curtis: We know what you mean… We all will have to be on alert. Because if she is coming back… She is gonna be most definitely going after Pearl. Or Dinah. Remember last time we all went down with her… going against her… Dinah kept launching attacks on her. So… if Beryl is back… if she plans to come back and is ALIVE! We’re gonna have to see to it that Beryl Believes that Dinah is dead. even though she isn’t… we will have to make certain that Beryl Believes it to be so.

Prince Arnold: Prince Curtis?! Are you nuts? we can’t do that. Dinah can’t be put under any part of the plans here because she can’t do any fighting. She is Pregnant. One of us will have to stand aside and guard her. Prince Alvin will want to fight. But he will do whatever he knows has to be done.

Prince Curtis: Where is the captain this morning anyway?

Prince Arnold: He is with his Girlfriend Alice. Alice and he are gonna go to school ahead of us… and are possibly already there. I wouldn’t put it past them the idea that they informed the other two girls about the situation.

Prince Curtis: Christie and Star. Right?

Prince Arnold: Right.

Moments later…

At Metropolis High School…

World History…

Alice: *Walking in with Prince Alvin* How’s your Cousin Dinah doing, Darling?

Prince Alvin: I don’t know. She was blacking out several times yesterday. But she was trying to keep in fine tune. She was trying to hold on. On her way home yesterday, she practically blacked out and almost got into an accident. If it wasn’t for her friend Christie… She would have been dead… as well as Christie. But Christie didn’t really have a driver’s license and or a permit either. She didn’t have any of that but she was able to drive pretty good and got to Dinah’s house fast. Saved Dinah’s skin too. Dinah was feeling pretty cold and to give her some warmth so she wouldn’t go cold i had to send some of my body heat over to her. It helped warm her up.

Alice: I am just glad that she’s gonna be okay. *Curious* Do you think that she’ll be able to come back to school?

Prince Alvin: No. She is gonna be bed ridden. their grandmother has probably already made the call to the school here and made the arrangements.

Alice: Does she know?

Prince Alvin: I don’t know… but i am sure that she does by now.

Alice: I wonder how she’s gonna take it. Especially since it’s all before Christmas.  This Friday is our last day of School before Winter break and Christmas vacation. Christmas is next week.

Prince Alvin: That’s right. my father has got the lights up and the decorations up. Like tradition. There is a tree up. Not too big though. Plus there’s about a 3 foot high pile of presents. but i am not worried about that. Besides. Christmas is like a total crock. only because alot of people materialized it so much that people only care about the glitz and glam of the new toys and new equipment that they get gifted for Christmas. It’s become commercialized.

Alice: How would you gather that? it might have done that… but it’s still a Holiday for family. we’re the ones who celebrate the holiday and regard it as one where we’re with our families. Appreciating the things that we have… not the things we don’t have.

Prince Alvin: That’s right. But Dinah is gonna be with the hard part. Sitting out on going out with people. no fighting. She’s gonna be going nuts before long.

Alice: *Walking over to her seat* I feel bad for her.

Prince Alvin: As do i. I really do. Dinah is going through alot. And the Fountain mishap last night didn’t really help matters either. Dinah wasn’t there… but Prince Avery was there… i was, as was Pearl and her Boyfriend Jack Frost. They were all there. Raven even showed up and used her power to dispel the black mist.

Alice:  Black Mist? *Confused* what is this about Black Mist?

Prince Alvin: It was Black Mist. It came from the Fountain. from an opening or a crack. which wasn’t really a crack. but a evidential sign of a Void. a portal starting to open up.

Alice: But i didn’t see anything. I had a Vision or a couple of premonitions hit me the last week and a couple last night. None of them foretold anything about Black Mist. You said that it came from the Fountain. didn’t you?

Prince Alvin: Yeah. It did. i did say it.

Alice: Where exactly did it come from in the fountain?

Prince Alvin: From the bottom of the Fountain. under the water… it came from there. But the thing was that as Prince Avery had said it started doing was just Hovering a little before just preparing to attack.

Alice: You should consult with Watchtower. Ask her if she got any viable readings from the Fountain. There is probably something that you may have overlooked. or something that they had or Vice-Versa.

Prince Alvin:  That would be a good way of putting it. Maybe there is a little bit of something that was overlooked…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Dinah: *Walking in and heading over to the living room to watch T.V* Well… I guess this is my new lifestyle. Not the best life i’d choose for myself. But It’s better than being in a hospital bed. Although if the Pregnancy winds out as being way too agonizing for me and way too painful… i might just wind up being placed there and stuck like a lab rat. Or just someone strapped for multiple operations.

In the Living Room a minute later…

Dinah: I need a pet. A Companion to talk to. Being here all by myself is not a life i Like. *Looking for a movie to watch on T.V* There must be something i can watch to take my mind off the fact that i am now being home schooled and possibly in a future near me Bed Ridden. *Sighs*


the Phone Rang and Dinah barely reached it when she began to feel a little weak. It was coming and going still and as the Pregnancy was still in it’s current state, Dinah was feeling the future possible signs of the Pregnancy. But all she was suffering from was the faintness… the blackouts and a brief case of the Morning sickness. Dinah reached the phone and answered it…

Dinah: *On the Phone* Hello?

Voice: *On the phone* Dinah… It’s Me… Larmina.

Dinah: Huh?! Larmina, What the? It’s been a while since we last heard from you. The last time we have heard from you… the King of Arus was dead and you all had to bury the poor cap. What’s new?

Larmina: Well… not much… Except that i for a time had underwent a habit that i dare not mention. i broke from it. With help of course. But the thing is that i have a Boyfriend who i am now Engaged to. i met him sometime last year. in the middle of last year. He’s a member of the USS Enterprise.

Dinah: Uh… come again? Did you just say Enterprise?

Larmina: Uh, yeah… What the heck did you think i said? Why?

Dinah: It’s nothing. I was just caught off guard. I mean that it isn’t everyday you hear about someone from the USS enterprise. Plus i am a little out of it because i am with my own little shop of horrors of problems.

Larmina: Really? Like what?

Dinah: Trust me… you don’t really want to know. But what is this about the guy you’re with now?

Larmina: Well… He is a Lt. his name is Pavelle Andreievich Chekov. I’m also now part of the Enterprise. involved with people like Kirk. Spock, Sulu, Uhura, Rand, Montgomery… Chapel.

Dinah: You left Arus and the force disbanded… Exiled yourself for a while… Took a habit and lured yourself into it… then you meet a guy and he helps you clean yourself up. You get cleaned up… and all while being the girlfriend to the guy, You become part of the team of his. Part of the Enterprise and are now Engaged to him. Wow! That’s a busy life. Even for you. What does Shannon say? I know that you might still have some contact left with her.

Larmina: I do. I really don’t know what she’ll say.

Dinah: Well… be sure to tell her. I am sure that she’d like to know. I mean… you did say that you and her were like close friends and stuff.

Larmina: True. I did. didn’t i? It’s been a while since i last called you guys. What’s all new going on there?

Dinah: Ooh… nothing much. Actually quite a bit is going on. Lets see… since the last time we heard from you… till now. We won two new sisters… Shanna and Luna. She’s a Senshi but we still love her anyway.  Shanna is originally the sister to someone named Joe. But came to find my Aunt Princess Julie a few years ago. Actually more than a few years ago. Out of Teenage Angst stayed with My Aunt. and then took up a habit. but then My Aunt couldn’t care for her anymore so she gave her to my mother the year before last and Shanna’s been here ever since. She came first. And with that… She quit the habit and then suddenly became a hero. She became MoltenMind.

Larmina: Whoa! That’s a surprise. So you have her around now… I’ll bet that she’s full of surprises.

Dinah: Yeah. She is. But then we got Luna a little after that. But this is all while having to deal with some Creep Named Zod. He Killed our Mother. Princess Rikku… Our mother is dead Courtesy of him and his Black ass Lackey Basqat.  And before we faced Zod for the final time… Paige and Pearl got Dumped by their loves. until they just so happened to find new ones and had never been happier.

Larmina: Well that’s good news for them. I know that they will have guys in their life that are the kindest and sweetest. They need that more than ever.

Dinah: *Coughs out being Ecstatic* That’s not all. My sisters, My Cousin’s and i are now dealing with a New Threat. One that revolves an intergalactic Demon. And of course the possible return of a threat that my sisters and i as well as my cousins dealt with during the second round of trouble. The Metropolis Fountain. And all the while that is going on… i got my own personal issues.

Larmina: Like what?

Dinah: I could tell you… But you’ll be wondering how that is so… It’s gonna be a shock. I’m pregnant.

Larmina: *Shoots up* WHAT?! Oh my god… Really? Dinah… How?

Dinah: I had a Romantic Fling with my boyfriend of 3 years. He and i did it. i am now impregnated with a living being. My boyfriend is Shingo.

Larmina: Shingo? The Brother to the girl who’s Sailor Moon. or used to be the hero.

Dinah: Yeah. He is my boyfriend. Although his mother hates me and wants to do all in her power to ruin my relationship with him. I used to be able to just hold off from the Love till all the Dangers were over… but i can’t anymore. I can’t. Shingo and I were ready for it and just did it. I am dry docked from hero work and had so far a several day run with Morning sickness and blackouts. Fainting spells too. We also got a new living Resident in the house with us too. Raven. Raven from a place called Azarath.

Larmina: You’re Kidding… Really?

Dinah: No. I’m not kidding. She is here. and get this… she knew us before she even met us face to face. She knew about us. and called out to us for help.

Larmina:  Picking up strays now, huh?

Dinah: Yeah. But it’s okay. She’s pretty pleasant for the most part.

Larmina: That’s good. I got to go though. Pavelle will be back soon and he will be having things for us to do.

Dinah: Well… It was great to hear from you again. It’s been a long time. But do call again. I’ll let the others know you called. Pearl and Paige will be happy to know you called.

But back at Metropolis High School…

At break…

Pearl: *With Paige, Star, Christie, Prince Alvin, Prince Avery, Megan, Prince Curtis and Prince Arnold; Sitting at the table* Day one without Dinah here with us. She must be so alone.

Paige: Tell me about it. If only someone could just be with her and not have her all alone during the day.

Star: How is Dinah anyway? She okay?

Prince Alvin: As far as we know… she’s doing great.

Pearl: This morning… She woke up claiming to feel like she could climb a mountain.

Christie: *Gasps in shock* Dinah? Climb a Mountain?! In her Condition? She is gonna be asking for trouble. That will kill her babies. She will wind up killing herself doing that.

Pearl: No… She said that felt like she could.

Prince Avery: I am sure that she will be just fine.

Megan: Dinah is at home now, isn’t she?

Prince Curtis: She’d have to be. She isn’t here. She never came in.

Prince Arnold: She is being home-schooled. starting today, Are we correct?

Christie: I should have seen it coming. Now i am convinced that the grandmother is with brains. She’s got brains after all. The Pregnancy is gonna only get more complicated from this point forward. Dinah is Pregnant. 3 weeks ago when i first noticed… she was already showing the signs. She was glowing and she was also running to the girls restroom with a hand covering her mouth. She was with a touch of morning sickness.

Pearl: *Scoffs* I knew it. I should have seen the signs then that she was pregnant right then and there. I saw that something was off but the whole time before Raven spilled the beans… i thought that it was just my mind playing a complete mind trick on me.

Paige: I think that we both were dumbstruck just by the idea which we didn’t know till Raven spilled it. We saw the signs but we all thought that she was just looking as though that she was truly out of it. Not Pregnant.

Prince Alvin: It’s okay. We know now and are all in the same boat. All we have to do it keep Dinah out of the fights. No matter what.

Christie: It is agreed. We are not gonna let Dinah go out and get herself hurt. Those Babies are gonna be really sensitive to everything till they reach a certain point of growth.

Paige: It’s gonna be almost difficult to stop her. When you get her riled up… she can get really fired up and on the fast track. Imagine the firing squad of 20 thousand generators of Electric thunderic power. and that won’t even count a close shot at how hellish it can become when you piss Dinah off. and now that you and all of us know that she’s Pregnant. You hurt her babies… Your ass will have less than a minute to say sorry. She will flash at you with thunder and lightning.

Pearl: Christie… we know Dinah… we know our sister like she was a story and a half. She is very loose and explosive when you piss her off. She is the type of person that if you were to take her and drop her off in the center of the wilderness… she’d come back double time and return on your back door with a hammering fist of fury and a Welcoming committee that speaks vengeance in a tight little hefty package waiting to be unwrapped. She’ll feed you your innards as a dietary supplement.

Star: Oh damn… If that is the type of person Dinah is when you get her pissed. I think that we’d be more wiser than to just stay away and not be around when she’s pissed.

Christie: I am friends with a Hot collared… Highly Explosive girl. I love her even more. She is the kind of girl that knows that if you try to bullshit her… you’re gonna get your butt tossed around like a bean bag or a sack of potatoes. She won’t even think twice.

Prince Avery: That is our very Own Dinah. “Danger Zone” Dinah. The description was a little over done. but bottom line is that you mess with Dinah and piss her off. You’ll be asking for trouble.

Megan: Dinah will make it… This Pregnancy will take a lot out of her and will test her in every way.

Prince Curtis: But it’s gonna be a long wait.

Christie:  Since it’s the 4th week. She’s gonna have some tenderness in the breast department. She’s been drinking Fluids and enough Citric beverages, right?

Pearl: Yeah. she even said that she was. Drinking any Citrus like beverage that she could get her hands on. Christie, You saw her drink some of the citrus beverages… right?

Christie: Of course.

Megan: Well… as long as she continues to do what is needed each week for the Pregnancy it will be fine.

Prince Avery: Okay… as much as we’d like to explore the realms of all things pregnancy and bringing life to newborns… we got to talk brass tax here. The Fountain has started to open up a little bit. It’s started to open itself. last night… I managed to get a snap shot of it. Frame by frame….  Here… *Pulling out the shots*

Prince Avery placed the frames on the Table…

Prince Avery: This was taken 4 weeks ago showing Elemental signatures. No flares of warning… No signs of attack. just Elemental signatures and Energy radiation. Heat signatures. Reports of people walking by that Fountain and falling down out of pure exhaustion. As if the energy was taken right from them and draining them of their strength.

Star: But Why? If there is nothing there… then why would there be a sudden need for an alarm?

Christie: Would the Fountain by trying to hide it? *Looking at the picture*

Prince Avery: *Placing the second picture on the Table* This was 2 Minutes after the first picture was taken. No change except a small crack. A small crack that you wouldn’t think twice by just looking at it. All that forms is a small crack. Jagged or straight that it looked like a crack but wasn’t a real crack. but a possible void. An opening to a alternative realm. Dark Kingdom? Or something else…

Star: A Void? But why would the Fountain be the Focal point for a Void to just form? Is there is a possibility that there could be something else there?

Christie: That Crack looks rather dark. Is that a viable gateway for unknown life forms to come out?

Prince Curtis: Exactly. Since it began acting up there were a few sightings of creatures. Fire demons and Minions. We originally thought that it was from Scath’s evil demon paws… but so far there is no form of him. No Evidence except for a deluded Manifestation that we saw in Raven in her mind. we saw it.

Prince Alvin: These had to have been sent by Beryl. If she was Alive… she’d be sending them. but the Void is the gateway to Dark Kingdom however it values to use the Fountain as Magnetic North.

Christie: So… The Fountain is just like some Beacon?

Pearl: Kinda spooky to think about, Isn’t it?

Star: *Scoffs* Uh, Yeah. No duh. What do you think it was? Just some scary tale? Something made up…

Paige: No. It is not like that. But it’s definitely something to keep a close eye on.

Megan: That’s right.

Jack: *Arriving from the side; Catching the Briefing* Investigating the Fountain? Count me in. It tried to attack Pearl last night. it’s serious.

Pearl: *Looking at Jack* Grab a seat Jack. Prince Avery is Briefing us about the Activity last night. Star and Christie are being brought into this. They are supporters of our cause.

Jack: *Grabbing a seat* Okay.

Prince Avery: *Placing the next Picture on the Table for showing* This one was taken almost 3 minutes after the 2nd one was shot. You notice the crack. The same Void. the same opening. It starts emitting black mist and at first… it just barely billows out from the Void. Just as though it’s posing no threat. no immediate dangers. not concern for an alarm. It just sits in waiting.

Star: So it just Stalls? *Scoffs* If that is all it’ll do. Then obviously it’s just trying to screw with the mind. That’s how all things wind up if all they do is stall and make you think that there is something going on just to only sit and beat around it’s own bush.

Prince Arnold: You don’t really believe that… do you?

Star: It’s kinda hard not to. If it’s only gonna stall.

Prince Alvin: That’s a logical answer. The Fountain did try to stall. But it acted fast and pretty straight. It pulled no trick. This was no trick. Even though we were just kinda hoping that it was a trick… or just a hallucination or a one shot apparition. But this was no trick. Something caused it.

Pearl: Something… or Someone.

Christie: Who? Didn’t you pass a mention of some Queen named Beryl?

Prince Alvin: We did. But Pearl mentioned of the Fear of Beryl’s return.

Prince Avery: *Showing the next Picture off* This was taken exactly 4 minutes after the Fountain started to kick up a little Purple mist that was alongside the Black. but this mist was more sinister.

Pearl: That’s right. But whatever it is… It’s a sure sign that Beryl is back and is trying to break loose. She is somehow after me.

Star: *Confused* After you? Why? why would that so called Witch aim the attack at you? she doesn’t have any beef with you, right?

Pearl: *Feeling suddenly concerned* Because my hero weapon such as the Bubble Harp was able to nullify or reverse most of her attacks that she had done on the city even though she had henchmen to do all the heavy lifting and the dirty work. I was the one that was able to reverse it. That was why alot of What Beryl tried to do never had the chance to get too far. My Bubble Harp was able to stop it. And Dinah’s toughness was what forced Beryl’s power to go back where it came from. But With Dinah on the sidelines now… it won’t be easy as it was last time. it will be hard. Really hard. If Beryl comes back. It will either be that she comes after me. or she will go after Dinah. If she goes after Dinah… it will be devastating. Dinah will need to be protected.

Paige: We’re gonna need to be on watch constantly.

Star: And Right with it being near Christmas? This is too much for me. Would you be suggesting that Beryl… whoever she is will try to break out sometime soon.

Prince Avery: *Placing the picture on the table* This was the last shot taken… that i took. there are two more shots after this… but this shot. you notice. the Crack is more straight… not jagged hardly. just really straight shot. But you see that no more black mist is billowing out of the crack.  It has by this time gone into mid-air and just hovering like a silk cloth and posing no immediate danger. no means for a threat. It hovers like a cloud on standby or a substance being put in a Vice and forced to cop out in standby. Moving in place. But you notice that the Mist has a dire alterior motive in mind. but at that time it stalls. just sits in waiting.

Christie: Wow! So this thing is like some Evil Cloud?

Star: I am all for the fashion… Black as black… that is good. but a cloud with darkness or Evil intent. No. I rather not.

Megan: We are all feeling the same.

Alice:  The Fountain is threatening. Although my visions didn’t seem to detect any black mist.

Christie: Do you think that we should get Dinah in on this?

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Christie* No. She’s got to stay out of it. It’s for her safety. because if this thing is the beginning of Beryl’s return. Dinah will only be tempted to attack at it and it could hurt her and the babies. We can’t take that chance. It is as we know still way too early to tell if Dinah’s got anything in her. But her symptoms that she is showing thus far is of Pregnant intent. it’s best not to chance it.

Prince Arnold: Do you think that there will be more activity to come from the Fountain in the days or weeks ahead before the Fountain becomes fully active and the Portal… Gateway is fully open… Alive?

Paige: There is no way of knowing. is there?

Prince Avery: Precisely, Paige. There is no way of knowing. All we can do is monitor and record and keep tabs on each occurrence that comes from the Fountain… But there is a couple more… frames…

Star: *Curious* Such as?

330313573_640 (7)

Prince Avery: *Laying one of the last two pictures on the table* This one. You see the Purple mist flowing right from the crack. Spewing out into the open. The Black Mist in mid air hovering in still motion and stewing itself a little. As you can see it has some Purple mist. Dark purple mist. fixing inside of the Black Mist. The Black mist. This was taken as it happened and caught the mist flowing with simplicity. No holding… No restraint. But without an M.O to attack.

Star: So… this is supposed to be like a Mist with a mind of its own? It came from that Void?

Christie: It might make alot of sense. I am a little into the freaky stuff and i know just enough to know that the mist has to be something of demonic intent. possession.  But if the Mist is just staying in that one spot. Then that could only mean that it is poised to remain dormant. but… it’s also hovering menacingly… isn’t it?

Megan: Looks like it. It looks like it’s just trying to mock.

Pearl: Maybe so… But that had to be Beryl. Purple Mist. She had that. that is her mark.

Jack: I remember that one… that sighting was disturbing. It really looked as though it was motioning to attack. I froze it though.

Alice: Plus it somehow happens when the Fountain’s heat signatures are at it’s highest and that happens to occur quite alot as of recent.

Prince Alvin: Way too recent. It isn’t sporadic either.

330313573_640 (8)

Prince Avery: *Placing the last Picture on the Table* This is the last one and it was taken just a few minutes after the one before this. Same crack… Same Void. Same Black mist. Same Purple mist. Darkened and billowing. Only thing different about it is the heat that comes with it. The heat signature that rests with it breaks it and causing it to expand and double in mass and size.

Prince Arnold: That’s crazy. *In Disbelief* How the hell can Heat make it double in size like that? Does it run on heat?

Pearl: I think that it does. because it was right at that very time that a reflection came into view and it was a reflection of Queen Beryl. It was faint. but the manifestation was there. It was with the reflection of Beryl. The Mist also tried to attack. If Jack didn’t Ice it when he had… it would have come right at me.  It was aiming to loom towards me.

Christie: *confused* You suppose that it was meaning to target you? It doesn’t make alot of sense. If it was aiming to attack Pearl, Why would it wait a whole year and a half before just out of a burst of energy come lashing out? What was it waiting for?

Paige: It was maybe biding its time.

Pearl: Beryl is not capable of holding off. She was always obsessed with trying to take total control of this planet. the fact that she couldn’t only made her more enraged. or more agitated.

Prince Alvin: What does it mean though? There has to be more to it than that. From our past experience… there is more to Beryl than what would meet the eyes. and stare at us face to face.

School girl #1: *Walking by; Talking with another girl* Did You hear about the fountain spewing out some electricity this morning?

School Girl #2: not really, Why?

School Girl #1: There was a sighting of electrical surges coming from the fountain.

School Girl #2: What?!

School Girl #1: I’m serious… there was a mass of Electrical spark shooting up into the air. It sparked up at a couple of planes and nearly caused the planes to crash. The planes had to make an emergency landing in a clearing just outside of the City and the people had to be transported by bus the rest of the way to where they were heading.

Christie: *Looking at Paige* That is a sign.

Prince Arnold: That’s a sign telling us something is up.

Prince Curtis: Tonight we call Watchtower and set up a time to meet and hand her the Data that we gathered up till now.

Christie: *lost* Watchtower?

Pearl: Chloe Sullivan. She’s a friend we know. She’s known as Watchtower.

Star: *Looking at the girls and the brothers* You think that she’ll be able to tell us something more about the Fountain?

Paige: we can only hope that she can.

That night…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the girls Room…

Paige: That Fountain is giving off alot of activity. It’s been acting up.

Pearl: It’s gonna get worse as time passes. Beryl is coming. those signatures were from her. She is gonna come back to get at all those who got in her way in the past. We stood in her way. If she comes back… We’re dead.

Paige: No. that is not right. She won’t kill us. She’ll be trying to stir up more trouble.

Pearl: Trouble? In what way, Paige? *Paranoid* You saw the photos. That is more than just a hunch. That purple mist. That is Beryl’s calling card. That is a sign that she is the one breaking out.

Dinah: *Turning to the side; Drinking some Orange Juice and keeping hydrated* What’s going on?

Paige: Nothing for you to worry about. Dinah. you just rest.

Dinah: *Sighs* Look… I’ve been home all day. alone and feeling really dead. i had nothing to do and i was practically shut out from the whole team here today since i was blacked out yesterday and literally dry docked. *pleading and desperate* I can’t fight anymore. which will be for a long time till after i give birth to the babies that i am sure to have. I have no use for anything. I can’t fight. can’t really go anywhere. Please. don’t cut me out from this too. At least let me be the info holder… something.

Pearl: Okay. But just take it easy. okay?

As soon as they showed Dinah the info that they had on the Fountain… They saw her immediately turn dead tone white.

Dinah: Oh my god. This is not*Getting up and walking over to grab the Ipad and looking at the Info and looking up data on the Metropolis Fountain and searching for reading on the Fountain*  The Fountain can’t be producing that much activity. It is not even possible. *Looking at the readings* This is not good. It’s not even showing signs of dying down.  I… *Looking at her sisters* Pearl… Paige. Where is Luna?

Pearl: She’s at the park…  The far side of the park with her friend Martin, Why?

Dinah: We got a problem… a disturbing situation.

Paige: What did you find?

Dinah: Something bad. The Fountain has released some shadow creatures and they’re roaming all over the Park. It’s happening now.

Pearl: What? Oh no… Oh No… Prince Avery! He’s at the park now. Paige, We got to go.

Dinah: I am going out too.

Paige & Pearl: No! Dinah. You can’t. It is too dangerous. You’ll get hurt. Besides Christie is here.

Dinah: Well… i am going. I know that i am gonna be risking it. but i have to do at least something. Raven is gonna be with us too…

Christie: *Walking in* Dinah, What are you planning to do? Go out? Going into Battle?

Dinah: Yeah. It is something that i got to do. I can not just sit around and not do anything. I am in some pain… but i have to just tolerate it. This is to go to Luna’s rescue. I have to do it. Prince Avery is in trouble at the park. There was a reading just now. some shadow creatures are out in the park and they’re all over. Luna our younger sister is out at the Park right now. at the far side with her friend Martin. But the Creatures are all over the park… Christie… You are gonna come with me. If i show any signs of blacking out. or any spells of fainting… i don’t care if you have to drag me out. and i wind up kicking and screaming. Pull me out… Okay?

Christie: Okay. That’s an agreement. But i am serious here, Girl. The first sign of going weak in the knees. You’re out of the battle. You understand?

Dinah: Yes. Let’s go.

Dinah ran out and sped right for her Truck and got set to head out to the Park. Christie went with her. Raven Snuck in and sat in the back….

On the Road…

Raven: *Looking at Dinah* Dinah, What are you doing? You’re not supposed to be battling. I should be with Pearl… but Pearl is wanting me to stick close to you to be sure that you don’t do anything wreck less or anything that you’d regret.

Dinah: *Driving* I know. I know. But as long as i can still do this. i’m gonna do so. I’ll do it till the very day that i can’t even move much without feeling constricted and encumbered. I am Still A fighter. Still Thunder Mistress. And if my babies wind up with powers like me… i will fight along side them and guide them. My kids will not be alone. Ever. I won’t let it be like that.

Christie: That is devotion. But that is the talk of a mother. You’re gonna be a wonderful mother. Strong and caring. Loving and devoted too.

Raven: I feel the same as she does. Dinah, you’re a fighter. But sooner or later you’re gonna have to make a choice. Stop the Life risking lifestyle and conserve your health and be there for your little ones when that moment comes of you giving conception to them. Or Continue risking your health and giving more beatings to your body and driving closer to putting yourself at risk of hurting your kids and hurting yourself in the end? You can make the choice… it’s your choice.

Dinah: I’ll have to consider that. But for right now Family is more important. *Heading to the park*

At the Metropolis Park…

Luna: *Looking at Martin* You’ve been a wonderful friend. I can tell you just about anything and you’d understand.

Martin: Why would i not understand?

Luna: It’s because you feel as though you know what i am and feel the same as i do.

Martin: Of course. We’re friends. We’re great friends.

Luna: I suppose that we should get back home. It’s cold out. Plus i am sure that my sisters would be wondering where i am.

Martin: I know. They worry about you alot.

Luna: There is a lot going on as of late.

Martin: Like what?

Luna: Well… There has been strange activity going on at the Park Fountain. Strange activity that has as of late been really constant. consistently going on. at the Fountain. Plus not only that… there is still the possibility of the Demon coming. but right now we got the worry of a past threat coming back. One by the name of Queen Beryl.

Martin: Beryl? Never heard of her. Is she bad?

Luna: Yeah. She is bad. But there is belief that if she comes back… she’ll try coming after my sisters, Pearl or Dinah. Because of the last time we all went against her. This could all be retribution.

Martin: *Curious* What for? They don’t have any issue against her… Do they?

Luna: Actually… Yeah. they do.

Martin: Why?

Luna:  Because at the end of the second threat which became a 3-in-1 threat… Beryl was trying to take control of Earth by releasing a Great Evil by the name of Queen Metaria and somewhere down the line lost control of the Evil Queen because she amassed too much power that she was not able to be controlled anymore. She began to act on her own and tried to destroy the world. This guy… Mamoru went to try and beat the Evil and instead suppressed it inside him however it tried to take him over. He gradually turned into Metaria and became Dark Endymion. We all had to fight him… but Moon did the one thing that not only killed Metaria… but killed her love too. It got her to break and then moved to destroy the Planet. What happened was that Beryl stayed behind and went down with her fallen kingdom. But during the time… all through the 2nd threat… Beryl tried to take over the world. But each time… was thwarted by Pearl and Dinah. But back then… i was just an Ally to them. Now i am fighting as their sister. It’s been alot of changes since then…

Martin: I’ll believe that. So… since then till now…Beryl has been practically dormant and on hiatus. but now she’s threatening to come busting out and she’s meaning to do it by coming out of the Fountain? Through a Void that connects this world to hers which is all centered at the Fountain? The Fountain is the Magnetic North.


Luna: *Sensing something near* Martin… we got company. Something is not feeling right.

Martin: you’re having one of those feelings again… aren’t you?

Luna: yeah… *Trying to lock on to where the presence is coming from* … I’ll try to get a lock on what it is and where it is coming from.  *Going into a trans and Locking onto where the presense is coming from* … *Looking to the west* Over there… *Running over to the scene*

Luna got over to where the presence was coming from and Martin was close by. She barely got to where the Fountain was ahead of her when she saw Prince Avery being Pounded by a couple of Shadow creatures. coming from the corners and ganging up on him…

Luna: *Screaming out* Leave him alone… STOP IT!!!

Martin: Who is that?

Luna: My Cousin. Prince Avery… AKA Plasma-Core.

Martin: What’re you gonna do? You can’t transform here… Can you?

Luna: I can. I got to stop this….

A second later…

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* …

*Doing her Pose* Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower and the Rhapsody Family… I shall Punish you.

Sailor Luna: *Looking at Martin* Martin… you need to get out of here while you can. Get to safety. this is not safe for you to be here. Not now. Get going to safety.

Martin: What about you?

Sailor Luna: Don’t worry about me. I’ll be okay.  It’s gonna be alright.

Martin: *Nods* Okay. But be careful. Please…

A second later…

Sailor Luna: *Firing at the Shadow Creatures* Get lost, you rotten meanies.

Prince Avery: *Getting up slowly and Growling* Damn these Bloody things. Where did they come from?

Sailor Luna: *Running over to her Cousin* Prince Avery!

Prince Avery: *Looking at Luna* Luna… What are you doing here?

Sailor Luna: I came here to help. I was with Martin and sensed something was wrong. I came as fast as i could.

Prince Avery: *Standing up* Well… That is nice of you to come to the Aid. I appreciate it. Let’s say we mute the conversation for now and bag these buggers, huh?

Sailor Luna: Right.


*Launching an attack at the Shadow creatures* Love’s cosmic FLOOD!

*Launching an attack at the Shadow creatures* Bubbles Storming CONCERTO!

*Launching an attack at the Shadow creatures* THUNDERIC BEAMS!!!!!

*Launching an attack at the Shadow creatures* Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

Prince Avery: *Looking at the girls* You’re here…

Miss Love: *Running in* You bet. Wouldn’t miss having the chance to knock some creatures out of the way.

Bubble Maiden: Let’s beat these things.

Thunder Mistress: I’m also here… As long as i can still fight and am still with the capabilities of being Mobile… i’m gonna use it to every stretch possible. Pregnancy or not… Family is in need. I’m not sitting out. I’d do the same for my kids too. anytime… every time.

Raven: Right. *Hovering in* What’s the problem?

Prince Avery: Not a lot… but i definitely got sideswiped here and it hurts like a pisser. I don’t know if it’s just me… but the Fountain since last night has become more active than it’s usual. And the Void has seemed to grow a little bit since last night. Star and Christie are the new Bystanders… They’re gonna be getting a real handle on this stuff soon. They’re not ready for Watchtower yet. But they’re taking to the situation here very profoundly. Better than others would. Not many people would get it i’d figure.

Thunder Mistress: That would be besides the fact that we are about to be knocked by a couple of creatures here… I think that we better get with it…

Prince Avery: *Looking to see Dinah* Dinah, What in bloody blazes are you doing here? You’re pregnant. You shouldn’t be here…

Christie: *Walking over* Don’t worry. I’m keeping watch on her. If she shows any signs of blacking out or fainting… she’s gonna be pulled out of the battle fast…

Sailor Luna: It still is a big risk for her to be here. She could get hurt here.

Miss Love: Let’s get to it…

Prince Avery: *Nods* Right. Let’s go.  *Launching an attack at the Shadow creatures* Striking Plasma Flash!

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at the Shadow creatures* Love’s Glittering BEAM!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at the Shadow creatures* Bubbly Gem FLASH!

Thunder Mistress: *Launching an attack at the Shadow creatures* THUNDERING DRAGON!

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at the Shadow creatures* Luna SugarDrill!

Raven: *Launching an attack at the Shadow creatures*Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

Christie: *Watching from the side* Dinah… Be careful, be careful.

Suddenly a couple of creatures came popping up and side swiped at Dinah…

Christie: *Gasps* DINAH!!! Look OUT!!!

Raven: *Catching sight of the two creatures coming at Dinah* Dinah… look out!

Thunder Mistress: *Sensing an attack coming and Dodging the strikes and sighs* Well… i guess that these Creatures want to play dirty. That’s fine. I’m gonna give them a taste of Lightning in a Bottle. *Launching an attack at the Shadow creatures* Thundering Seismic FISTS!

But before Dinah could move out of the way, a Shadow creature came out and Punched Dinah knocking her into the pole by the side…

Sailor Luna: *Gasps* Dinah!

Christie: *Freaking out* Oh no… Dinah. *Scoffs* That’s it! We’re taking you back home. *Marching over to Dinah and grabbing her; Carrying her over to the truck* Dinah… You’re benched. I told you that this was gonna be a bad idea.

Sailor Luna: Christie… take her home. if she asks why. just tell her that she fainted again. anything. But just get her home. Where she ought to be…

Christie: *Nods* you got it.

A Minute later Dinah was being driven back home and escorted back to her room… However still at the park…

Miss Love: Dinah’s out.

Bubble Maiden: It’s just us now…

Prince Avery: It’s just the way it is… We’ll have to make due with what we got here. Come on… Let’s get to it.

Sailor Luna: These shadow creatures are of darkness… Let’s light them up a little. *Pulling out her wand*

Bubble Maiden: What are you gonna do, Luna?

Sailor Luna: Something that should have been done in the beginning before Dinah got hurt. She got hurt because we were not swift enough to wipe them out. Dinah should not have been out here in her current condition… but she was just wanting to lend an aid. She got hurt. Now we got to tend to these things before they make with hurting others in their wake.

Miss Love: *Thinking* Hmmm… Darkness with Darkness. Power for power. I think i know what we can do to beat them…

Bubble Maiden: What’s that?

Miss Love: Who do we know that has dark powers… Besides Raven?

Bubble Maiden: We have the heaven sisters. Betty and… *Gasps* Angel!

Miss Love: Angelic Darkhand. She is the one that can get at these things with a taste of their own element. Darkness. it is her specialty. the dark power of heaven.

Prince Avery: Let’s call her and get her over here.

Sailor Luna: yeah.

Angel: *Orbing in* You rang?

Prince Avery: How did you get here so quickly?

Angel: I can orb myself from one place to another at any time. i just choose not to. but if i feel like i should or if the time calls for it. i just empty my mind and just teleport from where i am now to where it is that i want to go.

Miss Love: That is a neat trick.

Angel: Paige… It isn’t a parlor trick. It’s just one of the things that a heaven warrior can do. Betty can do it too. but she can also turn into a shadow and transform into a White Raven bird. we’ve seen that a few times. You do recall that… Right?

Bubble Maiden: I do.

Miss Love: Yeah. I suppose that i do.

Raven: You guys… are you forgetting something?

Prince Avery: The Shadow creatures.

Angel: Oh those things… No Problem… *While talking; Launching an attack at the Shadow creatures* Darkened Crucifixes! …. *Nods* See? No sweat. Dark against Dark. The darkness of Evil has no lead against the Darkness of Heaven. I am a heaven follower. There is no chance for Evil to come barking at our door.

Sailor Luna: That was a good shot.

Bubble Maiden: Luna… You care to land the last shot?

Sailor Luna: Yeah.

Raven: double attack?

Sailor Luna: Double Attack.

Prince Avery: Go for it, You two.

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the targets* Luna…. Cosmic…

Raven: *Rising up and Emitting dark energy; Getting ready to fire at the fire creatures* Azarath…

Sailor Luna: …Sugar hearts

Raven: Metrion…

Sailor Luna: *Launching the attack* … Beam… ATTACK!!!

Raven: *Firing at the Shadow creatures* ZINTHOS!!!!

Within seconds the creatures all broke apart and dissipated and crumbled in defeat. but as they broke apart a faint scream was heard. It was the scream of a woman. Pearl listened and knew that it was Beryl.  It was Beryl again. It was only minutes later when the coast was clear for them again. Prince Avery nodded and sighed at the clear viewing. The Fountain was calmed down again and just with the casual radiated heat. Raven and the rest all left and went back home. Luna went back to look for Martin and saw that he was walking home. She managed to get a hold of him…

As for Dinah…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the girls bedroom…

Dinah: *Laying down* I can’t believe that i was side armed. I got knocked down by a shadow creature. How the hell could those things be that tough? they are just merely shadows. Nothing more than that. How could they be that strong? Shadows can’t fight. all they are; are apparitions and phantoms. but not solid forms. A stiff wind could blow them away without even trying.

Christie: Maybe so… but that was a bad move you made. You should not have gone out there to begin with. I pulled you out of there fast the first time you got hit. I am glad to have done it. You have to stop being so wreck less with your health. You got to think about the babies inside you. They want to see their mother happy. Not constantly beaten and battered. You are hurting yourself with what you do. You are going out there fighting. You’re a hero… that is Major. but you can not be that anymore. No matter how much you want to be that identity. You are now in line to be a Mother. You’re now a destined Mother. If you get hurt. It will hurt your Babies. You have to think of them. You need to think about your little ones. They are supposed to be the top priority. not set aside. Because if the babies die inside you… it will kill you from within. It will hurt you.

Dinah: *Feeling a bit terrified* Do you think that my babies will be okay?

Christie: I am not saying that anything will happen to your kids now… it is still too early to consider what could happen to your little ones. but you seriously need to be more careful. Watching what you do.

Dinah: *With tears in her eyes* But i don’t want to lose my kids. I don’t want to lose my babies. Plus… i can’t afford to be pregnant. *Sobbing* I can’t afford to be pregnant. I don’t even have a Job. I got no Job or career. Nor have i graduated from High school yet. What if i fail?

Christie: *Walking over and Sitting in front of Dinah* Dinah… Hey… Come on girl. You’re not gonna fail. You’re not gonna fail. You know that your sisters won’t ever stand for that. they are gonna be here for you. You know that i’m here right?

Dinah: *Nods* Yeah. *With tears in her eyes*

Christie: Come on… You need to think about it a little. You are with uncertainty. not sure what’s gonna happen. It is normal. This is a really big life change for you. You are facing a huge shift of life alterations as you used to be out and fighting… Living life as you usually had. Happy and tough. Headstrong. But when you and your lover… Boyfriend. When you and he did the deal making in Romance… It changed everything. Your life had then became a huge change. Changing from the life you knew and had for so long… to something full of Question marks. not sure what would happen and how it would help you come to terms with your new life. How to expect a big change… What to expect.

Dinah: *Feeling scared* But… I am scared. What if something happens during the conception? and there happens to be a complication to the Birth giving when it comes time?

Christie: We’ll all help you Dinah. I mentioned before that we didn’t meet till this year. but since that time till now… We became so close. I happened to consider you like a wonderful friend. You’re like my best friend. Hell, You know i love you girl. You’re gonna be fine…

Wednesday Dec.24th 2025

9:00 PM.

Paige: *Sitting down and Looking at the Screen* So far there has been no new activity going on in the City.

Raven: I’ve gone on my rounds an hour ago. there has been no sightings of any evil doers. No creatures.  No presence of the Evil Queen.

Pearl: That’s good. We’ve been doing our rounds too and kept on the residential portion of the city. There is no signs of trouble anywhere. Beryl isn’t showing her signs. I know that she is Itching to break out. That Portal is her Ticket out of that dark place.

Luna: We still have to keep a look out for her.

Grandma Rikku: Dinah is Spending Christmas at Watchtower… Chloe had already called and said that she had the medical section up and running. To keep a monitor on Dinah and check for the Babies inside her. To make certain that she’s okay.

Pearl: Did she really call or did you plan it?

Luna: Pearl… please. Not now. It’s Christmas Eve. Christmas is tomorrow.

Pearl: I fail to notice. But I guess that no matter what we do… Someone is gonna always snoop into our business. Without being invited. No privacy. It is beginning to tick me off. *Sighs* …… *Grunts and groans a little* You know what? Never mind. I am not even gonna go in to the issue. I’m done. I’m not getting into it.

Paige: *Rolling her eyes* Oh good god.

Raven: So… Where will Dinah be… Opening her presents?

Paige: At the Watchtower. Not sure what we’re gonna do about Christmas dinner though since it won’t be the same without her. Shanna is gonna be off tomorrow from Work. She’s gonna be here for Christmas and we’re all gonna be watching Christmas movies all day. This is the either the second or third Christmas we had without our mother.

Pearl: I know the feeling. I Suppose that we should be going to the Cemetery to visit our mother for Christmas for a little bit. I think that it would make her really happy to feel our presence close by her.

Luna: I know.

Paige: It’s gonna be snowing tonight. It’s gonna be a white Christmas for us again this year. It’s gonna be a wonderful time. I know it. I think that we can feel it.

At King John’s house…

Prince Alvin: *Texting his girlfriend* Merry Christmas, Alice. I Love you.

Prince Arnold: This is gonna be a sweet holiday. *Watching the T.V* Fred Claus… That is a really enjoyable movie. Vince Vaughn is a strange guy though. He gets crapped on and always targeted by mocking and ridicule. But yet… in the end despite all that…he helps his brother Nick out. Helps him out. But it took a Viewing of the hell he made. scarring the little kid. But he ends up coming through.

Prince Avery: It is very warming to know that even the time of holidays like Christmas… people always seem to find it in their hearts to do the right thing. To show their fellow man that they care and are thinking of them. *Texting his Girlfriend*

Prince Curtis: *Texting his girlfriend wishing her a merry Christmas*

King John: Tomorrow is Christmas. It’s gonna be lights out after this movie is over. You boys are free from the Hero duties tonight and tomorrow. Things have been at peace for you and the girls. But tomorrow, we’re gonna get up early and start up with opening the presents.

Prince Alvin: That is a nice plan. *Yawning* I think that i’ll turn in now. I am bushed. It’s been a long day. Been doing my rounds a little today and there has been no disturbances anywhere. I did happen to catch a few bad guys. Stopped them in short order.

King John: *Smiles* That’s my boy. You’re still out doing the right things even on a holiday. You need to slow down a little. But you’re really devoted. You boys are really respectful men. Your pa is proud.

Prince Avery: Well i’m gonna be staking out the Fountain again tomorrow night. There is no long breaks for heroes… Even on a holiday.

Prince Curtis: *Looking at his Phone and reading a text from his girlfriend breaking the news* What the… Dinah… Spending Christmas at Watchtower for Observation in the medical wing?

Prince Arnold: Huh?! *Looking up and right at Prince Curtis* You’re gonna have to say that again… Dinah is where?!

Prince Avery: She’s at Watchtower. She’s gonna be there for Christmas and is gonna be there all day. For medical Observations in the Medical Wing.

Prince Alvin: We heard about that today While we were out doing our last rounds for the next couple of days. Chloe came in and said that she’d keep watch over Dinah for that day.

Prince Curtis: Megan text me the info. just now. she just heard of it. I would not blame her to be the last to hear of it. We didn’t really speak too much of it. But i am sure that Pearl is pissed at Grandma Rikku over it. She has a belief that Grandma Rikku is trying to constantly mettle in their lives when it isn’t wanted. I don’t mind Pearl standing up to her grandmother over it. she should. Her privacy is being invaded and it is a crime. But she needs to let it go. Because If it wasn’t for their grandmother… they’d be on the streets. Their mother is dead and there is nothing we can do to bring her back from the graves. She just needs to understand that. It sucks. and sometimes we would love to shake Aunt Rikku for prying into their private thoughts. their private feelings. but if we do anything… it could just get off the line for a peace treaty. With everything going on right now… the last thing that they would need is a an internal family affair that blows up in their faces and nukes their happy life to kingdom come.

King John: Alright… Alright. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. Christmas is near. No more sour feelings. There won’t be any need for that now. No need for it.

Prince Arnold: That’s right.

Prince Alvin: *Sighs*

The next day was Christmas… It was a bright day for them all. They opened their presents and had the best of times once again. It was not in short supply. They all had a Christmas feast and ate in communion. Dinah was at watchtower and even though she was with her presents brought to her and a good heaping serving of the Feast that was had… she was all alone. She however had Shingo coming to her and spending some time with her. It helped make her day more happier. She was feeling a little better after seeing her love. It was a nice present. Pearl and Paige also spent time with her and kept her company. It was the best on that occasion too. Dinah was thinking about her babies. She knew that her life was gonna change. She couldn’t help but figure that her life was about to get even more complicated. But it was Christmas. It was a peaceful and serene day…

At Watchtower…

Dinah: Hey Pearl… Let’s say you and me sing a # for old times sake. Besides. It’s Sappy hearing me ask to sing a song. But it’s Christmas.

Pearl: You want to do a song #?

Paige: Are you feeling okay, Dinah? You usually never want to sing. Not even on Christmas. I remember that mom tried to get you to do it and you always would refuse it.

Luna: That i wouldn’t know.

Pearl: I’m okay with that. Let’s sing something. Something to bring some cheer into your day. Besides… Being here alone on Christmas… That is just terrible.

Luna: *With Martin, Star and Christie; Beginning the #* “If everyday was Christmas If we could make believe If everyone would care a little more There’d be harmony”

Pearl: *With Dinah; Singing* The city is covered in snow tonight
The children fast asleep
I’m waiting for him, but he’s nowhere in sight
And I wonder if he can hear me

Hey Santa
Hey Santa…Santa
I wish with all my might
Hey Santa
Hey Santa…Santa
Bring my baby home tonight

Why does it feel like it’s colder than winter
Even by the fireside
My baby said he’d be home for Christmas
and now it’s almost midnight
The Christmas lights up and down the street
Are such a sight to see
But all the presents by the tree
They don’t mean a thing till he’s with me

Hey Santa
Hey Santa…Santa
I wish with all my might
Hey Santa
Hey Santa…Santa
If you hear me won’t you hurry
Bring my baby tonight

I know your sleigh is full inside
But won’t you stop and give my baby a ride
I’ll be waiting by candle light this Christmas
The Christmas lights up and down the street
Are such a sight to see
But all the presents by the tree
They don’t mean a thing
Santa please hear me

Hey Santa
Hey Santa…Santa
I wish with all my might
Hey Santa
Hey Santa…Santa
If you hear me won’t you hurry 
bring my baby tonight

The Christmas lights up and down the street
The presents by the tree
I hear a knock, oh can it be?
My wish is staring back at me

Hey Santa 
Hey Santa…Santa
I guess you heard me tonight
Hey Santa
Hey Santa…Santa
I’m underneath the mistletoe
With my baby tonight

Sleigh ride…
It’s Christmas time…”

Pearl: *Hugging Dinah* Merry Christmas, Dinah.

Dinah: Merry Christmas Pearl.

What Was next for the girls? For the efforts of knocking back the threats that were to come… What was the progression of Dinah’s pregnancy gonna do for her and would it get more complicated than it was? Was the Fountain gonna open up even more and if so, Would it be only a short time before Beryl resurfaced and started to cop out a return and begin casting out her influence upon the City? If Beryl was destined to come back… would it mean trouble for Dinah? For Pearl? Dinah was not able to fight back because of her pregnancy and as it was destined and said to only progress forwards as time passed, What was she gonna do? She was only gonna be a sitting duck and there would be no way for her to fight back. Would Prince Alvin be able to guard Dinah, Fight in the efforts to push back the Evil forces that were to come and be with Alice all at the same time? Would Raven be able to help relieve some of the stress? Would Pearl be able to keep a stable mind knowing that Beryl was looming closer? Find out on the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the saga Continues…

Luna: *Voice-over* Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s a new Year… 2026 and We thought that we were gonna be done with the threats with the Fountain. But as it turns out… We get smacked with a band of new issues revolving the Fountain. The Fountain acts up and Opens up a little more. It becomes more active and doesn’t hold back. Plus Martin my friend is finally trusted and accepted into the cause. It only took a couple months or so. But now since he’s too into what’s going on with us… now he’s got to be with us. It will be a hard line of work for him. Because the threat we’re going against is Evil. Demonic and Sinister.

Prince Alvin: *Voice-over* There is word that an Unknown woman showed up with red hair and purple ensemble. Purple outfit and with powers of last time. Dark Purple Mist. But this isn’t Metaria… it’s something else. We get word that she was seen. But at first we all have unconfirmed reports of her devious return. Unfortunately, it’s enough to send Pearl into a panic as she fears Beryl.

Dinah: *Voice-over* Also… it is week 7 of the Pregnancy. Trouble is near… but i pull in and respond to my new lifestyle with the early signs of going stir-crazy. Plus… Paige, and Pearl look for an in home nurse or on call home Doctor and find that a old friend of ours Ami Mizuno/ Ex-Sailor Senshi is in the same city and a Doctor too. We make the option of giving her a call. But with the return of Beryl… Will it be the pull to re-enact the powers of senshi… or will it be the start of reality setting in that the senshi are forever gone?

Raven: *Voice-0ver* I try to meditate and get stopped when alarms go off giving an alert of sighting pointing towards a Swarm of creatures coming out of the Fountain. Shadow Creatures, Fire Creatures and a couple of those beasts that The Rhapsody girls know about. Youma’s. Including a new twist to the cause… A meeting with a Demonologist… A Vincent Van Graves who just so happens to know about me in some detail. Fascinating. What will it mean for the Rhapsody Girls? Would their trust in Luna be shattered as they hear information that revolved the situation that we all are dealing with? Trouble and Pregnancy burdens on top of The dearly haunting reality of Beryl’s return being brought on by rumors in The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 82: “Happy New Mayhem… Pregnancy Progression leads on. Dinah’s bedridden beginnings and Who’s the Mystery trouble maker with the Purple suited Evil?


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