Chapter 80: “Rhapsody Girls Z! home becomes Rhapsody Girls Z! Tower? Hello My Duckies… Mad Sam’s British Law is now. Mind Warp Raven’s Mind…Heroes on alert.” Part 2

Raven: *Voice-over* Continued from Chapter 79…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Paige: *Shaking her head* Raven didn’t have to do what she did. She literally broke that guy’s mind. We’ve seen people with minds like a steel trap. some with a mind that was really complex or unique. None of them had the terror come over them like the type of terror that we saw coming from Raven.

Pearl: I know… The terror that was on the man’s face.

Luna: *Sighs* That look on Raven’s face was really frightening.

Pearl: What’s gotten into her?

Paige: I don’t know. but i think that for the rest of the day… we should just stay away from her. Let her do the time to cool off.

Dinah: Good idea. I mean… She may be the strong one and have these super gifts that we only wish that we could do… but that move to literally crack up the man’s mind. like that? No. Not cool. That was mean. I mean… i know that i’m not even perfect. I did let loose a few times and over reacted. But at least i didn’t scare the living hell outta anyone. Well… Maybe just a little scare. but not like cover them in darkness and leave them shaken and terrified.

Luna: That was. *Feeling a little startled* That was not right. There is something not right about her. Something is really not right. We should keep an eye out on her.

Paige: She’s got some explaining to do. Or maybe not.

Pearl: She does happen to have a live camera hooked in her room. We’ll tap into it and keep an eye on her. I *Concerned* Am worried about her. Really worried. This isn’t like her. She never did this before. At least not around us.

Dinah: That’s just the clinging protector persona talking, Sis. You got to step on back.. we only knew her for what… About 3 weeks and we have no idea what the hell to think or expect from her. She’s our friend. But she’s not the rock hard statue of a sanctified god. She’s just Raven. from a place we know nothing about. I think that we need to spend some time away from her and… Let her come to us with the quid que quo or the billion dollar ringer about what she’s like.

Paige: You mean, Abandon her? Good thinking. but bad Mojo. Really bad Mojo.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Would you stop trying to channel me? It’s becoming really twisted.

Luna: No comment.

Pearl: *Shrugs*

Dinah: I got to get ready for tonight.

Luna: Why? *Curious* What’s tonight?

Dinah: Something that my boyfriend Shingo and i are possibly ready for. might have been for a month.

Luna: Ready… Ready for what?

Dinah: Uh… A Romantic Fling called sealing the d—.

Pearl: *Cutting off the last statement* da-da-da-da-da… Uh… Okay… as much as we would like to hear about the tale of Romeo and Juliet. Rhapsody style… We still got to be on the watch for Raven. She’s changed and we have to watch out for her… be here for her. She is unstable now… but if we really want to help her… we should let her come to us. Hope to see that moment that she’ll entrust us with what’s really going on.

Dinah: No kidding. You can have that. i am gonna go for that special night. I will return to being the good chick with the nice collar and the leathery leash when i am done. it’s fine.

Pearl: That is really poignant… coming from you, Dinah.

Dinah: I wouldn’t have said it any other way… I don’t think…

At King John’s house…

Prince Avery: *Looking at the screens* Another incident all wrapped. The girls are good. It however came at a cost though. Raven has become unstable. Something got loose in her.

Prince Arnold: Yeah. But what? I don’t have the slightest clue as to what it is. Do you?

Prince Avery: I can’t say. The girls know. they were there when it happened. But as to what they saw and what they’ll tell us if we ask them… That is something else.

Prince Arnold: *Shaking off the hookum beliefs* Don’t start that with me… Please. I am not one to be suckered into that line. Darkness doesn’t suit me. Raven’s Dark. She’s their friend. Yours… *Ecstatic* to me… she’s a friend on term. i don’t know if she is trusted. She can’t be trusted yet because we have no clue as to what she really is.

Prince Avery: *Grinning* Are you sure about that? We know all there is. in retrospect. She’s from a different world. A different place than ours. She’s Half Human-Half Demon. But yet she surrenders to a little of both. Only when it is needed.

Prince Arnold: *Looking at the Screens* How very coy of you to squawk that. But now that we are done with another little incident that could have gone bad and very deranged. Let’s just count the part where we go and have a meet with the girls and get some gleaming inquiry about our polio mystery ally. Find out a bit about what they saw come from Raven.

Prince Avery: *Looking at the Ipad with Raven’s partial info in view* You know… Something tells me that for this… we’re gonna need a big help. from the rest of our team here. Namely Prince Curtis… and Prince Alvin… Our Alpha Male gone totally loopy with love and bliss. They’re gonna need to be with us for this. *Looking around the room* Where do you think they could be?

Prince Arnold: Where do you think? Think about the love brigade and phat leathery love and the shining romantic twinkles and you’ll be in their alley. Our Electric little million dollar smiling wonder is with his lovesicle Megan. and our cunning Alpha Male cousin in all the glory… He’s with his love beauty Alice.

Prince Avery: Well… we’re gonna need to get them over here and then we’re going over to see the girls and get a little taste of Raven 101.

At the Metropolis Star tower…

Oliver: *Reading up on the girls and checking up on info pertaining to Raven* Hmm… The girls are strong enough. I think that they can handle things with Raven. Raven though is really unpredictable. She’s got power in her that is close… to being a by product of that freak with the Omega symbol. *Seeing the readings picking up something* What is that?

Suddenly the Phone rings…

Oliver: *Answering the Phone* Hello?!

Chloe: *On the phone* Oliver, We need to talk. There is something going on at the Fountain that you need to know about before we tell the girls. There is something that is gonna haunt you… and the girls.

Oliver: Why… What did you find?

Chloe: Something way more revealing than your average gateway to all that is hell. In 2021 the girls went against the Dark forces of Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom. The Dark Queen was the ruler of the Kingdom. She also retained her dependence on the Great Evil… Queen Metaria. The first time it happened… from the records i got or came across. She won. but it took the hand of a Queen. Queen Serenity to stop the mess. Put a refutable end to Beryl. and Metaria. But in order to do that… She had to use the full power of an Heirloom known as none other than the Mystical Silver Crystal. Which drained all her energy. her life went away… Almost like a light. that came in one moment and was gone the next. 1000 years later… 5 girls were brought into the duties of battling the Evil. The first awakened was a Soldier by the name of Venus. Then Moon… Mercury. Mars was third and then the last one to awaken was Jupiter. They all woke up.  And of course…our 3 favorite gals… had it different. Mars was already awoken by time they met her… Within days. it was that quick. They all battled against the Great Evil. Sent it back to where it belonged. But after that… the Dark Kingdom came down. but as we were both corrected. The Princess of the Moon saw her love dead and knew that if she couldn’t have her love. she would end the world and she did. her power was unbreakable. She ended the world. But Pearl… our favorite sensitive gal with the serene bubbly power was able to match the moon Harp’s power… tune for tune. Nullifying the force to just one City. Just one city. Metropolis. The only problem was that it centered from the Metropolis Fountain. The same Fountain that has been springing up Activity. Energy sources and flare ups. But now… the Dormant Fountain is reopening. It’s about to… You need to come over and see this. It’s Urgent.

Oliver: I’m on my way. I got a secret meeting with the glorified Pop Idol. She’s in Town again setting up for her new Album and it’s in need of supporters. I don’t know how she got wind of Queen Industries… but she’s requested a meet with me to help Build up support for her new Album. *Getting up and getting his things* i’ll be there shortly. i’m on my way.

That Evening…

At The Tsukino Household…

In Shingo’s room…

The Room was with a little dark. It had sheets covering the windows and the lights were Dimmed. There were rose petals surrounding the bed and on the top of the dresser there were 6 candles lit. It was set with the romantic aroma. the Romantic bliss that was created was strong. Shingo was wearing a T-shirt and Jeans. And had a hat on his head. A light one…

Dinah: *Impressed* You really went all out with the romantic fling. You are like a Von Casanova. I can’t wait to see what other little tricks and surprises that you might have to play.

Shingo: *Smiles* I did this all for you, Dinah. I Love you. I know that we have been a little distant for a little bit… but it has not changed my love for you. I Know that my parents will never support me and don’t think that you’re good enough. but You are to me. You’re more than that. I want to be yours forever. I’ll be yours forever. Forever.

Dinah: *Blushes* You’re really romantic. You’re so sweet.

Shingo: *Blushes* …..

Dinah: *Walking over to her boyfriend and grabbing him before Kissing him on the lips* I Love you.

Shingo: And i love you too. *Kissing Dinah on the lips*

Within seconds Shingo grabbed Dinah and carried her over to the bed and laid her on it. It was a Romantic moment that was just about to start. Dinah and Shingo Kissed each other passionately and as it heated up they took each other’s clothes off and stripped till they were bare and connected. It was the Romance that drove them. The Intimate fling made them feel as though they were truly man and woman. but they were just Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Dinah and Shingo were heavy in love and allowed their love and passion to take flight…

Dinah: *Kissing Shingo and panting heavily as she was being made love to* You’re my love.

Shingo: And you’re mine as well. *Kissing Dinah on the Lips and Moving deeper into Dinah*

Dinah: Easy there, Tiger. You’re a loving beast of love there. But don’t get too hyper. i want to enjoy this. not over spend on it.

Shingo: I know. You’re just so beautiful. I feel like we’re living in a Twilight moment. You’re like my Bella as i am your Edward.

Dinah: *Chuckles* Talk about a freaky relevance. But that is just something that we can relate to… isn’t it? I for the longest time never thought that i’d get lucky and get the chance with love. Not like this. This is the best.

However at Grandma Rikku’s house…

Grandma Rikku: *Walking over to the other room* Where’s Dinah?

Paige: *Working on her Debate piece* She’s at Shingo’s house. Having a night with him. Something special.

Pearl: Something that she had wanted to do for almost a month but just didn’t have that chance to till tonight.

Grandma Rikku: *gasps* You mean that?

Paige: Yeah. She is doing it. She’s actually gone to do the act. It’s happening.

Grandma Rikku: *Feeling shock and becoming rather touched* Oh my… that’s lovely. Dinah is growing up and she’s having such a lovely relationship. Pearl… You and Paige should be having something like that too. A Mature relationship. Dinah and Shingo have been with one another for about 3 or 4 years now.

Paige: I know. It’s nice that Dinah has a nice mature relationship. You are certain that she will be safe about it, right?

Pearl: That is a hopeful notion… but that is mainly none of our business. It is her decision to do it. We’ll be here for her no matter what happens. No matter what the cost. Remember that we’ve always had each other’s back.

Grandma Rikku: What about Luna? Where is she? I haven’t seen her tonight. Where is she?

Pearl: She’s with her friend Martin. Martin Marco i think she said his name was.

Grandma Rikku: Haven’t we met the young friend yet?

Paige: I don’t know. But i really don’t know if trusting the guy is something she ought to be doing.

Pearl: She better not be telling him about Raven. She knows better than that.

Grandma Rikku: You see? That’s something else too. I haven’t heard a peep from her all evening. Is she in her room?

Paige: Yes she is. She’s in her room and has not come out since she went in. She hasn’t even made a peep. not a sound or a whisper.

Pearl: *Looking at Grandma Rikku* I have been keeping a camera on and keeping a surveillance of her room. I am worried about her, grandma. She snapped during the battle that hit in the afternoon. She’s gone really postal. A Tall 10 ft. form and with tentacles. Dark and sinister. 2 red eyes. It was like near Evil. Demonic looking too.

Paige: Luna even got terrified. We all did…

Pearl: Artemis was there. And for a shocking surprise… So happened to be Minako. She too was there. The Villain was at City Hall. Weird too… That man was a Brit. Obsessed with seeing that this whole country becoming British land. All British land. The guy even had the nerve and audacity to claim the idea that our Revolutionary war was a sham. a total fraud.

Paige: We showed him a thing or two… Or at least we attempted to. but that Villain… Mad Sam shot some type of Anti-Matter at us. It was a red beam. It really hurt. But Raven was the one that did the most damage.

Pearl: You got to be kidding me. She didn’t do damage. She quite frank spooked him silly. Got him so spooked that all he could do was shake and shiver in terror. He shook so bad that it looked like he was having a seizure fit.

Paige: That had to be a considerable understatement.

Pearl: Not a chance.

Outside of the house…

Luna: *Looking at Martin* Martin, I don’t know if my sisters will be willing to accept the idea that i brought you in on the issue that my family is going through.

Martin: Your sisters don’t seem to trust me. Do they?

Luna: Afraid not. Every time that i happen to let something out to you… they get a tad upset about it. It’s like they don’t trust anyone.

Martin: Trust is the key to a happy relationship. Without that… what’d you got? A Mess and just a torn apart life.

Luna: How did you gather that?

Martin: I didn’t. I just figured that i’d try something more sophisticated.

Luna: You’re right.


Grandma Rikku: *Opening the door* Luna, What are you doing out here in the cold? It’s literally ice cold.

Luna: I don’t feel any cold. Not really. *trying to bare it*

Martin: *feeling the chill coming in* I think that your grandmother is right. She’s right. It is getting cold out and staying out here could cause you to catch a cold or two. It’s probably best if you were to go inside. Where it is warm. It’s better. *Walking over to the door with Luna* Come on.

Grandma Rikku: *Looking at the boy* Who are you?

Luna: This is Martin. He’s the one i met in school. He’s the one i said had someone who was a demonologist.

Grandma Rikku: *Suddenly feeling a bit spooked* A D-d-d-d-demonologist?

Luna: yeah. I could have sworn that i told you about it.

Grandma Rikku: I do not think that you have told me about it.

Martin: I know that it sounds scary. But it’s really not. It’s just a profession. not a circus trick.

Grandma Rikku: Well.. i suppose that you should come in where it’s warm.

Luna: *Nods*

Back inside the house…

Paige: *Looking at the screen and keeping watch over Raven* Raven’s just meditating. She’s been doing it for a couple hours or so now…

Pearl: I think that she’s trying to stabilize her mind and state of sense. Or if there is something going on inside her mind… whatever it is… she is trying to fight it. ward it off.

Paige: What could she be warding off? We don’t have any sensors in her room to detect her vitals or her brain patterns. Besides, we’re her friends. Not her scientists in disguise. We’re not doctors and plus it is kinda rude to think that she is someone who ought to be studied.

Pearl: I agree.

A minute later…

Luna: *Walking in with her friend Martin* Paige, Pearl. This is my friend. Martin. He’s the one that i mentioned had a Guardian who was a Demonologist.

Pearl: *Scoffs* Really? Are you serious? He is with a Demonologist… Okay. And i guess we should ask how much he knows about our little problem which just so happens to be a rather big problem.

Paige: Pearl, I am the leader here. i’ll do the asking, if you don’t mind.

Pearl: By all means, Paige. I’m not the leader. This kind of confrontation or encounter is Leader territory. I’d only be putting my foot in my mouth if i were to be the one asking the questions anyway.

Paige: Not quite… but let’s just keep it to a simple meeting. We’re bound to find out that it is nothing serious.

Pearl: *Sighs* You’re right.

Luna: He’s a nice guy. He’s also sweet too.

Martin: I’m not all that sweet. i do have a bad day or two. But what i do know about the issue going on here… I know about the part where there is a Threat coming. and that it’s centered around someone. That there is someone who could be the same one who is said to releases him. I know about the Demon named Scath. but i am not telling the outside about it. Neither is my guardian. He is just watching and waiting till it’s time to respond. I haven’t spread it to anyone. He won’t do it either. Demonology is something that not many people would comprehend or understand.

Pearl: *Looking at Luna* Luna. You told about Scath. We told you not to. there wasn’t enough to go on. Now that you got him in to this… HE is to be kept sworn under secrecy. That NO ONE… and we mean… NO ONE Other than him is to know.

Paige: *Looking stern* As A leader here… Luna, I am very disappointed in you. Very. You disobeyed a direct order. We told you… to not tell anyone about it. Martin is in on it now… and by entrusting him to what we’re into… You have Now not only sabotaged our veil of disclosure… but you have put him in Danger. Anyone could come at him and abduct him for info on our situation.. info on Raven. Putting her on a hitlist for people who will try to kill anything with Evil Blood. Raven is half Demon. Half human. But to the people out there who possibly hunt Demons and kill them. Half Demon is Still Demon. They’ll kill her. You’ve put her in jeopardy, Luna. *Looking at Martin* You were not supposed to be told about any of this. because we were with the impression that the less you knew the better. Luna brought you in. Now… You’re in. If you have  any run in with creatures or any sightings of villains or strange activity. You don’t fight it. You call for help. Immediately.

Luna: *Irritated* All i did was tell him some of it. i just wanted a friend. But i guess that i can only have a friend that is okay to you. This stinks! *Running up the stairs to her room; crying*

Pearl: *Sighs* wonderful… We made our young sister cry. We were not happy about her telling others about our situation. but we didn’t need to make her cry.  We ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

Paige: No. Luna deserved it this time. We told her. You told her to not tell anyone of our problem. at least for the time being. She did. We told her and explained to her why we didn’t want anyone to know of it for the time being and she made like she understood and did. But… yet. She still did it. So yes. She had it coming.

Pearl: But now she’s gonna think that we don’t accept her to have any friends of her own. She’s gonna think that she has to be a loner in school to keep people away from her. That’s gonna damage her. *Shaking her head* Darn it. We wanted to just scold her. not hurt her. I’ll go up and handle it…

Paige: Go ahead and calm her down. but she is gonna learn that when she’s told… to not brag about something that is no one’s business but ours… That’s exactly what it means. No sidestepping. Nothing…

At the new Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at the Screens and Then at Oliver* We got a problem. The Fountain is moving and is accelerating to open itself up again. It’s bad.

Oliver: The Fountain is in route to reopen? When? How?!

Chloe: The Fountain is gonna be connected to this dimension very soon. Soon. The Countdown has already begun…

(Time till Portal to Dark Kingdom opens…

Metropolis Park Fountain... Possible gateway to Dark Kingdom

9 Months, 2 weeks and 4 days.)

Oliver: That gives us enough time to find a way to close it.

Chloe: Actually… No. it doesn’t. It can’t be forced closed. This portal is gonna open no matter what we do. This is a portal that reacts all on it’s own.

Oliver: *Scoffs* So what are we gonna do? Just let the thing open and hope that nothing comes out of it? I can tell you this though… whatever is in there doesn’t sound like a sweet little creature. or being.

Chloe: We’re gonna need a Psychic Visionary here to break some light to what is in there…

Oliver: A Psychic? Uh, okay… who do we know that can portray a clear Imax picture of what’s inside that portal alternative dimension thing?

Chloe: *Looking at the files* There is one person that we know that has the ability of Psychic foresight. *Looking at the screen and viewing the picture* Alice Cross.

Oliver: Prince Alvin’s Love handle? Her?! You think that she can see what is in that portal and be one to tell us if there is anyone itching to pop themselves on out of there?

Chloe: She’s our best option. We don’t know anyone else.

Oliver: How do we get a hold of her?

Chloe: Through him. Those two are inseparable and if anyone can get her to come here… he can.

Oliver: I would say that i could go and find them and bring them over here. but i am not the Professor to the boys. I’m the Professor to the girls.

Chloe: I’ll send out a call to them. I’ll contact Carter Hall and have him bring her over.

Oliver: Yeah. Let the wide-eyed birdie get her. I’ll start on getting the data together and get my team on the ball. The girls will need to know about this. This is something that they’ll have to keep an eye out for.

Chloe: Exactly. *Seeing the screen detect a huge flare up coming from the Fountain* Whoa! Okay. there is something going on at the fountain.

Oliver: Again?!

Chloe: Yeah. A big something… An energy spike started. Showing fire… and then dark energy. It just spilled out onto the walkway surrounding it.

Oliver: Meaning…

Chloe: The Portal is in full swing in opening. it’s gonna be a long while before it’s completely opened up.  9 months. almost 10. but it’s gonna open. There is no stopping it. *Sending a copy of the reading over to the Girls* I’ll send the Data over to the girls. Upload it over to them. They will be dealing with it in time… but right now… it’s best if they knew what was coming in to the atmosphere…

Back at Grandma Rikku’s house…

An hour later…

Prince Alvin:  *Looking at the girls* Paige, Pearl… 2 things. Where is Dinah? And also what did you see Raven do?

Paige: She’s with Shingo and having her romantic moment.

Prince Alvin: *Shoots out* What?! She’s doing what?! Oh god… Please tell me that she’s at least using protection…

Prince Avery: Captain… that is not for us to know. Dinah is a responsible person.

Prince Alvin: I know that she is. Our cousin is headstrong and knows what to do. but something can happen and she can’t afford for something to happen. not now. because if she happens to get pregnant… Not saying that she would. but if that does happen. it will make her life complicated. Our situation here will become really complicated.

Pearl: How so? Are you saying that Dinah won’t be able to handle the fact of being possibly Pregnant?

Paige: That’s none of your concern, Cousin. Dinah has been looking towards this for a while now. We know that she’s also taking a risk. but this is her choice. not ours. Our only concern is to be there for her when she is in need of it.

Grandma Rikku: Plus… Your Aunt Princess Rikku raised your cousin right, Prince Alvin. Dinah will know what to do. I have faith. so should you.

Pearl: She’s not even back yet. I think that she’s still at Shingo’s house…

At The Tsukino Household…

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo; in bed* That was great. I actually felt like it could just keep going on and on. I Loved it. But as much as i love Romantic moments like this which was so worth it and happened to be the absolute best. I got to start hitting for home before my sisters start initiating a search and seizure party for me. Besides i haven’t even done my homework yet and haven’t even eaten either. I am sure that my grandmother is gonna be asking me about a million questions on where i was and what took me so long. She knows where i am and what i was doing… but…

Shingo: I know. It’s a Grandma thing. I get it. It is not so easy to deal with a Over-worried grandmother and sisters who are so concerned that they have to know what it is that you do.

Dinah: That is the cost or price i pay for having a loving family like them.

Shingo: *Looking at Dinah and Giving her a passionate kiss before getting out and getting dressed*

A moment later…

Dinah: *Dressed and Sighs* Back to communal living.

Shingo: Yeah. *Sighs* I wish that we could have had a little more time together tonight. But my mother is probably chomping at the bit trying to see us apart again. She’s itching to start calling the cops for a run with the law. She just can’t seem to understand that we’re together. But it’s fine. I’m filing for the Emancipation. I’m gonna be going to the Library and look up where i can get the forms and the papers and print a copy out.

Dinah: I don’t blame you. If i had her for a mother… i’d literally hang myself. She’s a psycho control freak from hell.

Shingo: Hey. Stop it. She may be a little over the edge on the whole control freak act. and she likes to control things way too much and try to control my life and schedule me… but she’s still my mother. So try to cut her just maybe a modicum of respect. I am Emancipating myself from her… but at the end of the day…. She’s still my biological mother.

Dinah: You’re right. I’m sorry. I guess that her control freak act just got me rather struck and irritable when it revolves her.

Shingo: It’s okay. Her actions can sometimes get us rather wound up.

Dinah: Yeah. Well… I better get back home.  Thanks for that wonderful moment…

As soon as Dinah got home…

Paige: Dinah… Where were you? You were at your boyfriend’s house… but you didn’t have to be like so into the intimacy. We have a problem…

Dinah: I just had a wonderful moment with my love… don’t ruin it.

Pearl: We’re sorry about that. but there is something that you’re really gonna need to be aware of… This Data just came in. it just came in an hour ago.

Prince Alvin: We know about it because it came to us on our thing too. Prince Avery had already left. Since he’s the Secret Agent obsessed member of the team… he’s gonna stick around and stake it out. he’s gonna be there for a while. he’ll be still going to the school and being with us… and will be in the same history class as you are Pearl. But…  will be monitoring the Fountain. It’s got a whole mess of activity stirring. No shadows coming… no creatures. just a mass amount of energy signatures.

Prince Curtis: …

Dinah: Uh, can you recap that in lamen terms there, Cousin?

Prince Alvin: In lamen terms… Let’s just say that it’s firing up. and active.

Dinah: *Looking down* Oh man… don’t tell me that we’re gonna have to fear that Fountain from now on. Is that fountain gonna be spewing trouble?

Paige: Trouble how… It’s gonna be more than that. It won’t be reversed either…

Pearl: Plus We also still have to worry on Raven. Raven is still silent in her room. She’s been just really quiet. she won’t come out.

Prince Arnold: What did you see her do at the City Hall when you guys were going against that British Villain?

Dinah: What did she do? Well… Let’s see. She made herself turn into a 10 foot being… She had this Cloak that was the same color… but a bunch of it was billowing in midair like it was hovering. just as if it were like a magic carpet. Then she had these red eyes. Demon like too. they were Red and really spooky. Plus she had fangs and these Dark tentacles coming out. a bunch of them were flapping on the sides. Totally creepy.

Pearl: Oh… don’t forget about the Demonic Voice. That too was something that we noticed. It was not pretty. actually on the first full day that we all met her… or the same day that we had introduced all to her… here… we had a battle to go to and she had a revealing of that side and we saw it. or thought to have seen it. It was rather brief and yet just as spooky.

Prince Alvin: What are you girls planning to do about it?

Paige: I don’t know. none of us do. And we can’t talk to Luna. She’s not exactly talking to us right now. We kinda yelled at her a little too harshly.

Prince Arnold: *Grins and curious* Is that so?

Pearl: Yeah. She’s with the hurt pride and the hurt feelings. Thinking that we are mad at her and are not in liberty to forgive her.

Prince Curtis: Don’t be so sure. She’ll come around.

Paige: You really don’t get it… do you? We hurt her. We scolded her for what she told her friend.

Prince Alvin: Oh… you mean the Boy Martin… right?

Pearl: yeah. Him.

Prince Alvin: He is a honest guy. we saw him before we came in here and he was very honest and direct. He knows about our predicament and vouched to never speak to the people on the outside about it. He mentioned that he told his Guardian and even he Vouched to not speak a word of it to anyone.

Paige: That doesn’t really matter if he’s gonna be put in danger. Luna was not supposed to tell anyone outside of the family. She did. after we specifically told her to not do it. She has placed him in Danger. Now anyone that comes at us will also try to come after him to get at us. She put him in Danger. We know that and understand better than she realizes that she was just trying to make a friend. But the reality is that she told him things that were not to be discussed outside of the family. There are things that were not supposed to be spoken. She spoke them anyway. She can’t be trusted anymore. And it hurts us more than it will her. It hurts because she’s younger than we are. And quite innocent. more than the common young sister.

Pearl: What do we do about her?

Prince Alvin: Nothing. You just have to lead her on. keep trusting her. She’s not biological. but she is your sister and sisters are like a sisterhood. Luna screwed up. But cut her some slack. There was a time or two that you 3 have made a mistake or two of your own. Not big ones. but minor. as did we. we too have been making mistakes too. We are far from perfect.

Dinah: Okay… okay. we get the idea… i suppose. I wasn’t here for the beginning of this powwow so i am a little lost on that. but i do agree. Luna should not be given the cold treatment…

A week later…

Nov. 25th 2025

Science class…

Dinah: *Covering her mouth and running to the girls restroom* Oh…

Mrs. Roth: *Looking towards the door and catching Dinah running out to the girls restroom* What was that about?

In the Girl’s restroom…

Dinah: *Puking into the toilet* ……… *Getting up and sniffling her nose trying to keep from crying* I can’t believe it. i’m… I’m… *Shaking her head* No. Not possible. Not possible. I can’t be… Not “Danger Zone” Dinah.


Christie: *Walking into the restroom to check on Dinah* Hey… Dinah. What’s up? You okay in there?

Dinah: *Trying to compose herself* Yeah. I’m fine. Just had a little upset Stomach is all. but i’m fine. This tough girl can handle herself. Why?

Christie: Just checking because you kinda ran out in such a hurry that it grabbed everyone’s attention. Even the teacher’s…

Dinah: *Standing up and Wiping off her mouth from the excess drool* I don’t think it should matter to them. besides… what’s the big deal anyway? What? Haven’t they ever heard of getting up and feeling a little bit of an upset stomach before?

Christie: *shrugs* I don’t know. I… i mean… i suppose they do. I wouldn’t know… I mean the only ones i know that have it hit them are those who are… you know, Pregnant. You’re not pregnant. *sighs* At least not from what i see.

Dinah: *Walking out of the Stall and grabbing a couple towels to wipe her hands off* I guess that would have to be the least of my problems. However… i don’t have a job. I don’t have a career. No money except what my sisters and i get for doing our duties of saving the day and that’s all. But it doesn’t pay much. All it does is just paint us with some currency. The big pay is the big battles. the battles with the main event. that’s the huge money maker. However we girls don’t do it for the money. *Feeling a little worried* however i’m gonna have to begin doing it for that to care for the little ones if i am… you know…

Christie: I feel for you, Dinah. i do. I mean… my mom had me when she was just a Senior in high school. She had to finish the rest of the school year bedridden and it hurt like a bitch. I know the feeling Dinah, My mom was an example of the whole thing with having to be pregnant her senior year.

Dinah: I don’t think that i am that… but if i am… what will i tell my sisters and my grandmother? They’re gonna be upset at Shingo… My boyfriend and it’s gonna all come down on me. I was good with him. *Feeling a bit unnerved* But i should have asked about whether he had protection or not. I didn’t. I didn’t even start to feel funny till just yesterday morning and that is not like me to just hide it from my sisters. *Feeling ashamed* Man, What am i gonna do?

Christie: Hey… don’t worry about it. You’re gonna be okay. Just try to shake it off till you know for sure. It could be nothing.

Dinah: Let’s get back to class. we got that assignment to get done and standing here isn’t gonna get it done any quicker.

Christie: I agree.


In World History 2…

Pearl: *Working on her Class assignment* Dinah didn’t look so good yesterday. She looked a little off.

Prince Avery: *Looking over towards Pearl* How do you figure?

Pearl: I’m not sure, But she looked almost a little bright. or just a little i don’t know… sick.

Prince Avery: You gather that already from the one good look that you grabbed of her. Dinah has been a bit off for about a week. but the only thing is that She didn’t have any actual flaw in her. She looked practically fine. Maybe a little more radiant than her usual tough girl spunky self.

Pearl: I sure hope that she’s okay though. I really do. When i see her at break… i’ll be sure to ask her. Raven hasn’t been around us for about a week. She won’t even come out of her room.  But i’ll try to find out what is wrong with Dinah.

Prince Avery: Well… someone better. You’re her sister. She’s your sister.

Pearl: Are you on something? I know that she’s my sister. I am just saying that there is something not right with Dinah. Dinah didn’t look like she was feeling too good.

Prince Avery: *Nods* I agree. When you see her again… try to speak with her and find out what’s really going on with her. See if she’s okay.

Pearl: I’ll be sure to do that. I can’t bare thinking that there is something not right going on with her.

At Break…

In the Cafeteria…

Dinah: *Walking over to the table with half the food she usually gets* I can’t be pregnant. There is no way that i can be… *Sitting down at the Table close by*  I can not be pregnant. I am perfectly fine. i just have to keep my mind on other things. and not draw attention to myself. *Thinking about the threat* The Threat is out there… Somewhere. The Fountain is active and it’s gonna open up soon. 9 months… Almost 10.

Prince Alvin: *Walking over from the side* Hey Dinah, You okay? I saw you coming in this morning and you looked like you were really out of it.

Dinah: *Looking at her Cousin coming in* I’m fine. I don’t need any lectures. I can’t handle the lecturing. I just haven’t really been feeling like myself as of late is all.

Prince Alvin: I think that i can tell you’re not feeling like your usual spunky self. You’re usually more like upbeat and more in thrill than anyone i know. But since the last week… you’ve been kinda out of it. You don’t feel the same thrill you used to for action and the battling. You don’t really talk much about anything anymore.

Dinah: I know. I am just with things on my mind and i am not up to really talking about any of it.

Prince Alvin: Well… you can talk to me… *Sitting down at the table with Dinah* I’m willing to listen and lend the floor for the heart to heart with you, Cousin. What’s on your mind?

Dinah: It’s nothing really. *Sighs* But i suppose that i should tell someone about it. Last week i had that romantic moment with my boyfriend. it was the best night. when that is all concerned. but then we all spoke about the fountain being sworn to reopen itself in 9 months almost 10. But since that night till now… i’ve been feeling rather weird. i felt kinda funny. Plus i got thinking about Raven and what she’s going through. She must be still trying to get herself stable.

Prince Alvin: *Nods* That part i realize. you guys have been telling us about that for about a week now. it’s been close to a week. I notice that you are different than you usually are. *Seeing a little glow on Dinah* Dinah… Are you… okay, for sure?

Dinah: Huh?! What do you mean?

Prince Alvin: Well… It’s because i can tell that you’re… somewhat glowing.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Are you kidding? How can you tell that? I am not glowing. I would have to be pregnant in order to be glowing. I am not pregnant.

Prince Alvin: *Shaking his head* Please… don’t try to throw me off on the trail… You are pregnant. I know the signs. It is still way too early to tell. but you look a little off. Just a little.

Dinah: Oh please, Prince Alvin… you’re seriously over reaching the fact and the obvious. I am not gonna be bed ridden. I am fine. I only had sex once. The signs are not there. you can’t get pregnant by just getting the groove on just one time. It is not possible.

Prince Alvin: This week is Thanksgiving. Are you looking forward to that? our whole family will be together for that day.

Dinah: *Groans* You just had to mention about food.  You know how the mention of food gets to me. Besides that i have food here. I should have grabbed more. but it’s too late now. *Thinking* I got to go to the store later and pick up something. personal. Just to humor the idea.

Prince Alvin: I know it is scary. but you are gonna be okay. Just take it one step at a time.  You’re not alone in the situation. We’ll be there for you. Like we always had.

Dinah: *Smiling* Thanks, Prince Alvin. That’s nice for you to say.

That afternoon at Grandma Rikku’s house…

Raven was finally out of her room but she was silent and not saying anything…

Raven: *Walking down to the living room* …

In the Living Room…

Luna: *Looking at the screens* There is nothing going on… The City is silent.

Raven: *Walking by suddenly heading to the Dining Room* That is a good sign for peace… Let’s keep it that way.

Luna: *Looking to see Raven walking by* Hey Raven. You’re out and moving again. You okay?

Raven: I’m fine. Just let me be. i need to be left alone for a while.

Luna: We have been doing so for a week now. You’ve been really distant for a while now. It is getting us feeling rather worried. Actually we are worried because we didn’t even know if there was something wrong with you. You usually would be well… more explanatory. but you just secluded yourself in your room instead.

Raven: It is for a reason. The girls gone still?

Luna: They were here for a minute and then had to go out and do something. They’re going out shopping for Thanksgiving. It’s coming and is gonna be here next week. or maybe it’s this week.

Raven: I see. *Hovering over to the Kitchen to grab some herbal tea*

Luna: Are you up for eating something. A week in the room must have made you hungrier than ever.

A second or so later…

In the Kitchen…

Raven: *Fixing up some Tea* Herbal tea.

Luna: Is that all? Don’t you want something else… like i don’t know. Milk, Iced Tea. Coffee.

Raven: No. No thanks…

Luna: Come on… *Pleading* Come on… you got to have more than that after being in the room and shielding everyone away from you after letting that Mad Sam have a real scare fest.

Raven: *Suddenly snapping and out of a burst of quick release of hot temper* NOOO!!

Within seconds a burst of dark energy came out and knocked Luna back and into the wall…Raven didn’t stay a second longer… she took off and went to the back into the back yard… She wanted to stay away from the girls and now knowing that she hurt Luna without meaning to… She only felt distant.

As soon as the girls got home…

Paige: *Looking at Pearl* We got everything. Grandma left us a list.

Pearl: We got what’s on the list. It’s gonna be a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Dinah: Yeah. it is. It’s gonna be wonderful. I don’t think that we forgot a thing. *Going over the list* We got the Turkey. That’s a big grabber. We got the Black Olives, Yams, The Cranberry sauce… The Stuffing. A couple 10 Lb bags of Potatoes. We got the Recipe for the Coleslaw. I don’t even know why we need that. i mean hardly anybody eats it when it’s made and it just goes to waste anyway. We got a couple packs of the Dinner rolls. Biscuits. Corn on the cob too. *Shaking her head* Okay. Now i’m getting hungry.

Pearl: Same here…  Thanksgiving is only a couple or so days away. There is no school tomorrow since everyone is reeling in for Thanksgiving and then Black Friday. It’s like some custom. Actually a very known custom and tradition where Thanksgiving is held without fail on the last week of November of every year. the last Thursday of every November… every year… any year.

Paige: I think that we get the idea there, Pearl. We know what it is. *looking to see Luna gone* Where did Luna go this time? I know that she’s still a little ticked at us for our coming down hard on her. but I mean… come on. We are just trying to get her to understand that there are things about what we are in to that can not be let out. Not because we are trying to hide it. but it’s not for others to know. only because if they did… they’d be in danger. plus… what if they didn’t seem to understand. Plus… how can they?

Dinah: And how can they not? What the heck does that matter? Paige… i swear it that if you get us wound up in the threat detail before Thanksgiving ends… i will be so pissed.

Pearl: Dinah… Calm down. Calm down… Paige is just stating fact. Luna is free to tell her friend anything now because she’s already told him enough where it wouldn’t matter if she kept info from him or not. Martin has not had any attacks done on him yet… but that could be just a matter of time before some of these new creeps catch headwind of him and well… Deduce it, Dinah… I think you know what it may lead to.

Dinah: What it might lead to? Uh, What it might lead to is someone getting kicked in the proverbial Buns if they don’t stop this tale of a threat. I would like to have an enjoyable Thanksgiving this year… if it isn’t too much to ask for.

Luna: *Waking up from that moments blackout* What happened? Was i hit?

Paige: *Looking to see Luna* Luna, What on earth are you doing on the floor? Are you insane?

Luna: Oh… funny. Very funny Paige. Why don’t you just exchange positions with me and get your butt tossed like a cat toy by some dark energy.

Pearl: What are you talking about, Luna?

Luna: *Getting up and groaning a little trying to shake off the remnants of the dark energy* What would you think i’d be talking about? I am talking about Raven. She’s got a real psychotic episode. She just literally threw me against the wall using a little dark energy.

Dinah: Why?

Luna: Why do you think? All i did was make a suggestion to her to have a little more than just Herbal Tea after finally coming out of her room after a week of being silent. then out of nowhere… She snaps and releases a quick shock of Dark Energy and sends me flying into the wall.

Dinah: *Losing her cool* Okay… that’s does it. Let’s go and find out what the hell is her trip. Let’s go into her room… we are gonna begin to get some look into what kind of person Raven is.

Pearl: Where do you want to start, Dinah?

Dinah: Where else?

Luna: What should i do?

Paige: Go with them. I’ll stay here and try to keep grandma and the others off the trail. Try to anyway. but we both know grandma… Once she smells a whiff of innuendo or gets the idea that something is up. She’ll start snooping.

Outside… In the backyard…

Raven: *Meditating in silence*

But back in the Living room…

Paige: I’ll put the stuff away. You guys go and start getting to the bottom of the problem with Raven.

Suddenly before Dinah and Pearl could head up to the upstairs and make way to Raven’s Room, There was a knock on the door and suddenly opened to reveal Megan. She came over and she was the first of a few who were gonna join in on the mystery. Get a little inside look on their friend Raven.

Megan: *Walking into the living room* So what are you guys doing?

Dinah: *Looking at Megan* We are heading upstairs to Raven’s room, we want to find out what her deal is. What brings you here?

Megan: I was sent here by your cousin. He is coming over with Prince Alvin. but they had to take care of something real quick. *Looking at Pearl and Dinah* So… You are planning to excavate Raven’s room and find out a little about her…

Pearl: Yeah, but we’ll try not to stay in her room for too long. Raven doesn’t like the idea of anyone going into her room. She would not be pleased. At all.

Pearl and Dinah went upstairs to their friend’s room, with Megan following behind. It was not long before Prince Curtis and Prince Alvin joined them as well.

A minute later…

In Raven’s room…

Megan: *Looking around feeling spooked about being in a room she was told not to go in* This is Raven’s room, we shouldn’t be in Raven’s room. She doesn’t like anyone to go into her room, she doesn’t allow anyone in her room. Ever

Prince Curtis: I’m with Megan on that one, she would be so mad if she finds out we were in here. I am all for the taste of the life of a detective. but this is uncharted territory. This is gonna scar us if we mess with anything in here. Raven’s not one to be very understanding of anyone waltzing into her secret place and produce some half-cocked Cavity search.

Prince Alvin: Lighten up guys, she won’t know unless she’s told. Right?

Pearl: So you think.

Prince Alvin: Look don’t worry. we are only gonna just take a look around and find out a little about Raven. Besides. She’s the one living here and the one who is acting secretive. This could be our only shot at finding what we can about her. The worrying over what Raven will do will have to be dialed way back.

Dinah: *Looking around at the masks hanging* Looks like Halloween came back and is striking another round of spooks.

Prince Curtis: Halloween in November? You’re kidding, Right? If that is what you’re gonna chalk it up to… then i would suggest that you have a word with her on all the Halloween stuff. Alot of the stuff here looks haunting. but if Raven was going for year round Halloween… She’s definitely cornered it.

Megan: *Pauses* Cornered? More like overlapped… overlapped the holiday a good dozen times with the Spooky atmosphere that is in this room.

Prince Alvin: *Looking around* There ought to be clues to figuring Raven out a bit somewhere. Check the books. But be careful. Don’t leave it obvious that we’ve been in here. Raven’s our Ally in this mess that brings along Scath. but if we anger her… it could be a problem. *Looking At the camera’s* This is where Raven hides from the rest. her personal room. *Seeing light glowing close by* … *Looking towards Prince Curtis* Prince Curtis, Check out what that source is that’s emitting that light.

Luna: *Walking in from the side* What do you think it could be?

Pearl: No idea. but we’re gonna find out.

Prince Curtis: That’s right. *Walking over to the one stand and catching sight of a mirror* What in the—?

Pearl: What?

Dinah: *Looking ahead* What is it? Is it dangerous?

Prince Curtis: It’s a Mirror. With a Red bulky Gem on the top of it.

Pearl: It looks like something that old sorceress’s obtain for like a source of power. like witchcraft. Wizards and warlocks also use these type of gems. But the only difference is that the gem there looks rather dark. Demonic.

Dinah: What do you think it’s for?

Megan: What do you mean? Do you think that the Gem is gonna come to life.

Prince Alvin: we don’t know.

Pearl: Check it out.

Megan: No. Don’t… Let’s get out of here.

Pearl: Why are we even here if we’re just gonna end up cowering? This is our chance to find out something about Raven… getting to the bottom of the reason behind her recent startling behavior.

Megan: What are we doing here anyway? This is Raven’s Room. You guys know that we have all been told to never ever go into her Room.

Prince Curtis: *Picking up the Mirror and Looking at it* Strange looking thing. Any idea what this thing is?

Pearl: That’s Raven’s Mirror. Otherly known as the Mirror of Azar. It is a Mirror that is said to be enchanted and appears to be something that Raven uses to help her meditate. or for some kind of Magic Ritual. But she is seen to Meditate without it.

Prince Alvin: *Turns to the side fast and facing Pearl* What? Pearl, How is it that you know about that?

Pearl: I don’t know. But it is just that i remember what Raven said once… when she happened to catch us in here the first time.

Dinah: I think that i remember now about that. She said that it was like a portal into her mind. But i don’t know exactly as to how it is said to work. Or how it is used.

Megan: That’s all fine. But we really shouldn’t be in here…

However before they could walk away from the Mirror…

Prince Curtis: *Seeing the Mirror reveal 4 red eyes and dropping the mirror on the stand gently as the mirror starts to radiate dark energy with a red glow* I think that we just tapped into something dark…

Luna: *Shaking in fear* Let’s get out of here. Now.

A Demonic hand suddenly shoots out of the mirror and abruptly grabs Prince Curtis and Megan…

Prince Curtis: *struggling to get loose* What the hell is this? Captain… if you got some fire to shoot at this thing… you better shoot it at this freak show Demon hand before i wind up it’s next human style Dumbbell.

Prince Alvin: Hold on, Brother… I’ll get you loose. *Marching over to his brother and Megan* Hold on… Pearl, Dinah… Give me a hand here… Luna… You too!

Pearl: *With Dinah and Luna; Marching over and grabbing a hold of Megan and Prince Curtis* Megan… can you try to fight your way out of it’s grip?

Megan: *Unable to break loose* Are you seriously asking if i can get out of this demon grip holder? I think that this thing wants to abduct me. It’s doing a good job of it too.

Dinah: And that would mean…

Luna: It means that we’re gonna be in deep deep serious trouble.

Megan: *Looking at the guys* Come on guys, Pull harder…

Luna: We’re trying. We are trying… UHHHHH!!!! *Trying to pull Megan loose* *Gasping when she sees the demonic Hand reaching out and grabbing Dinah and Pearl; catching the hand trying to pull them into Raven’s Mirror* Pearl,  Dinah! *Grabbing at their hand trying pull them away from the dark hand that was pulling them all in*

They within seconds got sucked into the Mirror and fell right through the portal and within a moments past… Pearl, Dinah, Prince Alvin, Prince Curtis, Luna and Megan were in a dimension… There was danger near and they were sensing it coming from somewhere… Pearl and Dinah glowed a few seconds and changed into their hero forms…

Inside Raven’s mind…

Pearl: *Looking ahead* What is this place?

Dinah: *Shaking her head* I have no idea. But wherever it is that we are… It’s creepy. It’s spooky. And it takes a bit of scary mayhem… to scare me. but this… this is over doing it. The scare factor is hauntingly high.

Megan: *Walking over to Prince Curtis* Any idea as to where we could be? And why?

Prince Curtis: *Looking at his girlfriend Megan* I wish that i could tell you, Megan. I wish that i knew… but the truth is that i am lost.

Prince Alvin: I don’t think it matters. the only thing that matters now is how do we get out of here. where ever here is.

Megan: Shouldn’t we try to go forward here and see if we can find a way back out? *Looking around the dark place*

Dinah: That is a good idea. Megan… *Feeling a little faint* Oh… *On the verge of collapsing*

Prince Alvin: *Turning to see Dinah beginning to faint* Dinah! *Rushing over to Dinah* Dinah. *Catching Dinah in his grasp* Are you okay?

Dinah: I think so. I don’t even know what the heck that was. It just hit out of nowhere…

Pearl: Well… try to be careful. This place is unpredictable.

Luna: Let’s go on ahead and see where this goes. There’s a trail here. It’s bound to lead us somewhere.

Prince Curtis: What have you got us into now, Dinah? *Glancing around; looking at Megan* You okay, my angel?

Megan: I think so, but this place is creeping me out *Suddenly hearing a spooky noise*

Dinah: What did i get us into? Good question. but this is not my fault. I only said to go in her room and see if we can find a few answers to Raven’s change in demeanor. Not get with toying with some beauty mirror and wind us up inside a strange whacked out dimension that is nothing but insane and dark.

Prince Alvin: *Hearing the spooky noise* What was that?

Luna: *Looking to see some cute little black birds* Maybe these guys can tell us the way back

Pearl: Careful, how do we know if they’re not dangerous or if they’re friendly? *Sensing some evil in the black birds* Be careful Luna. Don’t be too trusting of them. Things here might have an adverse effect and might not be what they appear to be.

Luna: If they were dangerous, we’d have seen that by now. But A little caution wouldn’t hurt either.

Dinah: *Talking to the birds* Hey guys, do any of you know how we can get back?


Black birds: *cawing eerily* Turn back… Turn back… Beware. go back…

Dinah: *Wigging out* huh?!

Megan: Did those birds just talk? Can birds really speak?

Pearl: *Walking over to the birds and looking at them* Come here. It’s okay… we won’t hurt you. we’re friendly…

But a second later… as Pearl walked right over to the birds changed and showed their jaws and had 4 red eyes. They began growling…

Prince Alvin: *Holding Dinah close* Everybody… don’t make any movements. No unnecessary movements. Just run…

Dinah: Practice what you speak, Cousin… let’s all split before they start their moves to attack.

They run off as fast as they could… but the birds started coming at them and making like they were gonna bite at them and peck at them…

Bubble Maiden: *Firing Bubble power at the birds*

Thunder Mistress: *Firing Thunder power at the birds* Okay Birds… Time to fly the coop. In other words… “Say bye-bye, Birdie”!

Luna: *Seeing the ground fall apart* Watch out…

Prince Alvin and Prince Curtis fell as the ground did and they all were barely hanging on the edge when all of a sudden the background flipped and they were upside down…


Voice: Hiya! what’s up?

Megan: *Holding onto her boyfriend* Is it safe?

It was beginning to get really weird… They looked ahead from where they were when a mysterious figure came up to them and they looked up and saw who it was…

Prince Curtis: What… the? *Confused* Raven?!

They all collapsed onto the ground groaning in pain…

Dinah: *Groaning* Can we please get out of here before we have anymore misfortune hit us?

Prince Alvin: *Getting up slowly* Damn… this is gonna be the death of us. *Looking at Dinah and Pearl* You girls okay?

Pearl: Yeah. *Getting up* we’re fine. I guess. Just feeling rather woozy from the fall.

As soon as they got up and stood up looking forward…

Megan: *Noticing Raven in a different colored Cloak* Uh, What is going on? Raven… Where are we?


Pink Raven: You’re in a alternate dimension. I could tell you, but you’ll never believe it.

Luna: Try us.

Prince Curtis: *mixed up* Why are you wearing Pink?

Pink Raven: *Happily* Be….cause… It’s my favorite color.

Prince Alvin: Raven, Come on… you know this place well. obviously. Do you know how we can get out of here?

Pink Raven: Why would you want to leave? You just got here. *Confused* You guys are lost…. aren’t you?

Prince Curtis: You could say that, yeah.

Dinah: *Delirious and spacing* We don’t really know anymore.

Pink Raven: *Laughing* You guys are funny.

Pearl: Where is the way out of here?

Luna: *Going in a trans and trying to get a fix on where they were at* I believe that we’re still in grandma’s house… but there is nothing of reference here…

Pink Raven: *Realizing what they were getting at* Oh… You’re looking for an Exit. You mean to go through the forbidden door. Although… you don’t want to  go there. Not now anyway.

They see her point to the side diagonal from where they were now and to the distance where there was a Doorway that had the shape of a Cloak’s hood and inside the doorway… there was a portal…

Prince Alvin: *With Prince Curtis, Megan, Luna, Pearl and Dinah; Nodding in a bit of terror* Uh, Yeah we do.

Pink Raven: Okay… But don’t say i didn’t warn ya… *Playfully and happily walking fast and hovering around making like an Airplane*

Prince Curtis: *Confused* Uh, Are we seeing this? Raven is acting really… Like happy.

Megan: From what we know about her… i would never have pegged her as happy. This is nuts. How is she being so happy?

Dinah: Don’t look at me. It’s all a mystery to me. I can’t tell you about how it’s possible for her to pull off the happy act. I didn’t think that she could do happy. not really. *Feeling faint*

With no other way out but forward… they walked on and went through the Archway that was ahead and before they could blink… There was a bright background. with pink ground… trees and bushes. plus to make things even more twisted… there were Strawberries floating in midair…

Megan: Where are we? *with a lost expression on her face*

Luna: I don’t know… I wish i could say. But… I’m Stumped.

Dinah: I think that this is where they make those scented candles. Ones smelling like Strawberry. or grape.


Pink Raven: *Laughing* Good one…

Pearl: *Pauses and Looking at Raven* Are we missing something here? Are we hearing you laugh. Laughing…

Dinah: At one of my lines? *With a confused and stunned look on her face*

Pink Raven: *Giggling* Of course… I always thought you were funny and a riot, Thunder Mistress. But you know what they say… Looks aren’t everything. *Running off*

Luna: *Confused* Huh?!

However on the outside… Back at Grandma Rikku’s house…

Paige: *Walking over to Raven* Raven, Are you alright?

Raven: *Busts out Laughing loud and kicking up loud* AHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Suddenly snaps out of it and pauses* …. *Embarrassed and suddenly getting up; Walking back into the house and heading up to her room* I Need to be alone.

Betty: *Nearby* What the? *Looking at Paige* Paige, I think that we’ve seen enough weird occurrences to concur that; that was by far really out there. She just laughed out of impulse.

Paige: But that doesn’t make any sense. There was nothing funny about asking if she was alright? First she snaps… then is silent. Then she out of nowhere busts a laugh. But then she goes silent and gets up and just walks off saying that she needs to be alone.

Betty: Is that weird to you? I know it’s weird to me and i am not getting it.

Paige: Join the club. *Wondering* I wonder how the others are doing?

Betty: they better be careful, whatever it is that they’re doing.

In the hall upstairs…

Raven: *Walking into her room and Closing the door with a little dark Energy* Something doesn’t feel right. *Walking over to the stand and spotting the mirror* hmm. *Looking into the Mirror* What…. Nevermore*Gasps; dreading what she’s seeing* No! They’re… inside my mind. They shouldn’t be in there… How could they do this.  Damn it. I’m gonna have to lecture them for this. they could be trapped in there if they don’t get out soon. *Panicking*

Back in Raven’s Mind…

Prince Curtis: *Sighs* Wonderful. She vanished. Whatever she was on… it was a good one. A Pink Robe… Cloak. Talk about weird. I really don’t know what got Raven to change into Pink. But i’ll tell you one thing… next time we see her… it might not sound pretty.

Pearl: *Scoffs* Pink’s not even her color. She is more like a Midnight Blue. The Pink on her was just a little creepy.

Luna: Not me. i thought that it looked rather pretty. Cute.

Dinah: Luna, You are obviously sounding like you’re rolling in that Cat nip or something. You actually like that on her? *Disturbed*

Prince Curtis: We better just try to keep going and try to find the exit. We’ve got to get out of here.

Prince Alvin: Good idea. Let’s go. Dinah, Are you okay?

Dinah: Uh, can i get back to you on that one?

Pearl: *Looking at her Cousin Prince Alvin feeling curious* Prince Alvin, I noticed that you were constantly asking Dinah if she was alright? Is there a reason behind that? Is there something going on that we ought to know about?

Prince Alvin: *Trying to shy away from the subject* It’s nothing. I am just being rather concerned. Plus… i’d be the same for you too, Pearl. You know that.

They walked ahead and went on, hoping that each step they took would bring them closer to the forbidden door… But as soon as they reached another Arch, It brought them all back to where they were before…

Megan: This is…

Pearl: What the… Where are we?

Prince Curtis: Hey… *Looking at the girls* I think i know where we are… We’re in the place where we didn’t know where we were before.

Luna: What? *Sighs* Great. We’re in a never ending realm… this is madness. This kitty is gonna start spacing out really soon if we don’t get ourselves out of here… and i do mean soon.

Pearl: Let’s get going… we’re not gonna be getting to the Forbidden door any quicker just standing here.

Dinah: You’re not just whistling Dixie there. Let’s get the heck outta here. *Feeling faint again*

Prince Alvin: *Worried about Dinah* Let’s get going…

As they began to make their way again over closer to the Forbidden door… They started to hear birds cawing again… They knew that something was near and that they’d be in danger if they didn’t get out soon. Prince Alvin was in front  of the group and leading them all further… When suddenly…

Another Mysterious girl appeared and stood in front of them…

Pearl: *Looking to see the Cloak and the gem on the forehead of the girl* Raven… is back.

Megan: *Looking ahead and spotting Raven* Yeah. But her cloak is different… isn’t it?


Gray Raven: *Standing before Prince Alvin, Prince Curtis, Megan, Pearl, Dinah and Luna* Hey…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Raven in a Gray Colored Cloak* Great surprise for you to just pop on back up in our lives, You wear pink… You laugh at our one zany line. Then you Vanish. but why?  *Barks a little* FOR BETTER FASHION SENSE?!!!

Gray Raven: *Shrinking down a little and forming tears coming down her face* … Uhhh.

Prince Alvin: *Sighs* Hey… I didn’t mean it. Look, Where did you go? You just vanished on us and didn’t even tell us of where you were going. Where did you go?

Gray Raven: *Looking to the side and seeing the path leading on* You’re looking for a way out.

Prince Curtis: Yeah. But how did you know?

Gray Raven: Because i can tell how much you don’t like it here.

She started to lead them to forbidden door. But on the way there…

Pearl: *Seeing a Wall up and a Path* What is this?

Dinah: Oh… Don’t tell me that we have to go through this… We don’t have to go through this Maze… Do we?

Luna: I don’t think we have a choice.

Megan: And this hits you how… exactly?

Gray Raven: I can take you to the end of the Maze, but by time we get there… you might not like me anymore. *Looking at Prince Alvin* He already doesn’t like me. *Leading the way*

Luna: What is going on with her?

Prince Alvin: For the love of god… Are we moody much, Raven?

Prince Curtis: *Sighs* …

Moments later…

Gray Raven: *Leading the girls and the guys to the end of the maze and reaching the end of the Maze* Remember when i first came and happened to scare one of you… I’m sorry for that too.

Prince Alvin: *With Prince Curtis, Pearl, Dinah, Luna and Megan* For the 100th time… We FORGIVE YOU!

Luna: *Walking onwards and seeing the Path again and seeing clearing* We’re free.

Pearl: That is good because the Maze was starting to drive us mad. we couldn’t get out of it.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Thanks for pointing out the Obvious there, Pearl. But i don’t think that she would make this the most pleasant. We tried to go over it. Couldn’t. Knock throw the walls. But found that we couldn’t.

Pearl: Well… We’re out. we made it out of the maze here.

Prince Curtis: *Cheers* Alright… Way to go, Raven. Now that is what we call quick thinking…

Megan: That’s right.

Luna: *Sensing Evil nearby* ……

Dinah: *Fainting; Blacking out*

Prince Alvin: *Running over to Dinah*  Dinah!

Luna: Something is wrong. There is Evil near.

Megan: Okay… Let’s keep everyone calm… Let’s just calm down a bit.

Pearl: *Looking to see Dinah on the ground out cold* Dinah?! Oh no…

Prince Alvin: *Kneeling down beside Dinah* Dinah… Wake up… Are you okay?

Prince Curtis: What’s wrong with her?

Prince Alvin: *Snaps out a little* I don’t know, Brother… I’m a Teen and the Captain of the team… plus the Alpha Male… I’m not a damn surgeon.

Pearl: Hey… You don’t have to yell. We were only asking.

Prince Alvin: *Sighs* I know. I’m sorry. But there is something going on with Dinah that is too soon… Way too soon to discuss. but there is also danger here as well. Dinah seems to have blacked out… I know what it could be. but do not ask… Just let the case drop. *Grabbing hold of Dinah picking her up; Carrying her* Let’s go.

Luna: *Walking ahead*

Back at Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Living Room…

Betty: Should we go and see if Raven is okay?

Paige: We could. but she said that she wanted to be alone.

Betty: Maybe so… but we should just try to find out what’s wrong with her. Maybe help her if we can.

Paige: How? Your Light power will only hurt her. She’s with darkness in her. it will only hurt her.

Betty: Angel’s power wouldn’t. She’s got powers of Heaven too. but hers are for the dark. She would be the best bet.

Paige: We could… But the thing was that she wanted to be alone.

Betty: *Sighs*

Back inside Raven’s Mind…

At the end of the Labyrinth…

Pearl: Let’s go…

However as they were about to step out of the Labyrinth sounds were then heard and a moan came out and caught their attention… Caught their attention and They barely looked back to see two statues. One on each side. One with the Happy face. or the haunting kind of happy. Then there was one with the Haunting sad face on it. and before they could figure out what the statues were… Megan and Prince Curtis watched and caught sight of the statues connecting and becoming one. Double-sided. One side happy and one side Sad. each side with a Sword…

Prince Curtis: What the…? *Startled* Those statues just combined.

Pearl: *Shocked* Oh god. Prince Alvin, What’s happening?

Prince Alvin: *With Dinah in his arms* I don’t know… *Looking at the Statues being one and then rising up; Catching sight of the statue starting to rise over to them and motioning to attack* EVERYBODY, RUN!!!

Luna: No. We got to fight that thing.

Prince Curtis: Prince Alvin… You go on ahead and take Dinah near the safety door. We’ll stay here and fight this thing off. Megan. You go with them.

Megan: No. Not without you.

Prince Curtis: I’d love to have you by my side. But this is gonna be dangerous. We can’t be both here. If you got hurt by these things… i’d never be able to live it down. I don’t want you to be hurt. It’s better if you went with the captain. Stay there. Knowing if you’re safe… It will mean that you’re alive.  I’ll be back. I promise. *Kissing Megan on the lips* I Love you.

Megan: *Smiles; Kissing her boyfriend back* Love you too. Come back soon and safely.

Prince Curtis: You know it…

Prince Curtis, Pearl and Luna dashed over towards the statue to try to fend it off while Megan, Prince Alvin and Dinah ran off to where it was safe. Watching the fight from a distance.

Prince Curtis: *Shooting Electricity at the Statue trying to stun the Statue* Want some of this? Huh? Well… step on up… You’ll get some more. Come on… Open up those Chops. *Forming a Electric Ball and Firing it at the Statue*

Bubble Maiden: *Firing some Bubble energy at the Statue* Shocking Experience is coming at you. You’re about to get the electric shock. Bubbles is like water and in physics and in science they agree on one fact. Water and Electricity do not MIX! *Launching an attack at the Statue* Bubbling Whirlpool of Light!

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at the Statue* Luna Sucre Candy!

But as they were attacking the statue… It was getting more agile and starting to attack faster. It was gonna be the end… or was it?


Green Raven: *Coming down* Stop right there you Stone head! *Landing a Kick at the Statue and knocking it down* Hiya!

Bubble Maiden: *Stops and turns to see Raven again looking yet even more confusing* What is this now… She Changed colors again.

Prince Curtis: *Seeing Raven* She is just full of surprises… isn’t she?

Sailor Luna: There is something really odd going on here. So far we have seen 2 different colors on Raven. And now Green. I think i know where we landed. You’re not aware that this is like a vision of Raven… this… is…

Prince Curtis: Don’t even start on that yet, Luna. Not right now… First we need to find out who this girl is. It looks like Raven… But to fair and honest. Is it really Raven or is it someone else who just looks like Raven only to fool us?

Bubble Maiden: I don’t think so. *Watching Raven have at it with the Statue*



Minutes later…

Green Raven: *Cheers* Woohoo! Yeah! in your faces! *Turning to see Pearl, Luna and Prince Curtis* High Fives! *Holding her hands up motioning for the high fives*

Prince Curtis: *Pauses and taken aback* Whoa! Hold up… Who the heck are you? You’re now a Marine… Wearing dark Green? What is going on here?


Green Raven: *Grinning and with an Eyebrow raised* What do you mean?

Pearl: Who are you? Are you… Still Raven? You look… *Lost* Different.

Pink Raven and Gray Raven: *coming from the sides*

Pink Raven, Gray Raven and Green Raven: I’m Raven.

Prince Alvin *Coming in with Megan and Dinah* You have got to be kidding me…  Wait… there are 3 of you. *Looking at the different Raven’s* Let’s see… Happy. Timid… and courageous.

Pink Raven: *Looking at Dinah Still in Prince Alvin’s Arms* You forgot silly. *Giggling*

Luna: I knew it… i know where we are now. We’re not in another dimension. We’re in not in Raven’s home. We’re in her mind. In her head.

Raven: *Voice*And i want you to get out of my head Immediately!

Pearl: Who said that?

Raven: *Landing* I did. *Looking angry at Prince Alvin, Prince Curtis, Megan, Luna, Pearl and Dinah* The Mirror is a portal into my mind… IT’S NOT…… A TOY! *Looking at Dinah* What’s wrong with Dinah?

Prince Alvin: She’s blacked out. she was fine a moment or so ago and then before we knew it… she was out like a light. she just Blacked out.

Raven: Let me take a look. *Using a little Astral Projection to get into Dinah’s head* Hmm… She’s… Uh, Pregnant. That would explain her black out. She is pregnant.

Pearl: *Gasps* Pregnant? Are you sure? Are you positive?

Raven: I’m sure. I heard her thoughts.

Pearl: *Looking Cross at Prince Alvin* I can’t believe this… Cousin, You knew… but then you choose to not tell us? What the hell is that act for?

Prince Alvin: Because i was trying to keep it at a down low. For Dinah’s sake. I saw her at break today and saw the sign that she was glowing a little bit. She is in denial right now. She is also scared about it. That is why she didn’t want to say anything. So if you want to put blame on someone… look at Dinah. She should have said something to you and didn’t. She was scared. She was scared about it. I think you know how it would feel to have that happen to you.

Pearl: That would explain the whole getup of Dinah feeling or looking rather out of it the last couple of days. But wait a minute… That would mean that when she and her love did it… He impregnated her. Oh my… That means that Shingo is the father. He’s gonna be a father. Oh my…

Roars are heard…

Megan: *Startled* What was that? What was that… Where is that coming from?

Raven: You should all get out of here… Now. Hurry.

Prince Curtis: Why?

Raven: Because… Last week when we were fighting that Brit… it knocked something loose. Something got out… Something really really bad.

Prince Alvin: No. *Grunts and feeling irritated* I think that we have all heard quite enough of this crazy talk. This is getting old. we get here and we meet different sides of you.

Prince Curtis: First… We hear that you sent Luna into the Wall. you’re all happy go nutty. Laughing at one of Dinah’s lines and schizophrenic… Then you’re all sad and gloomy. forlorn and with despair… even Timid. Then you’re a Marine and Courageous… not to mention gung-ho lunatic. What the hell is going on here?

Raven: *Looking to the side and looking Dazed by the outburst*

They didn’t get to have at it with the words. Smoke and Dust began to billow out at the distance and start flowing over by the sides… And a Tall Giant Form came to vision… It was red and with White hair and 4 yellow eyes.

Looked Like Trigon…


Trigon: *Bellowing out at the Mortals* Hate Shall Consume and Rule you!

Raven: *Sighs and looks back at Pearl, Dinah, Luna, Megan, Prince Alvin and Prince Curtis* Let’s just say that i have Issues with my father. We’ll just let it go and have it at that. My father and i… there are some serious issues.

Pearl: *Terrified* That’s Trigon?! Oh no.

Prince Alvin: *Setting Dinah Down* Megan… You take Dinah and you Run. Run fast and do not look back.

Raven: *Pushes everyone back towards the door* Go… Get out of here. Now. Everyone. You guys need to go. I’ll handle it.

Luna: But, What about you?

Raven: I’ll be fine. *Serious* GO! If i lose here… you’ll be trapped here forever. you won’t be able to get out of here. Go now… While you can. This is my problem… You’ll wind up being trapped here forever if i lose. You need to go… NOW!

Raven then went to do battle with a Manifestation of her father. Pearl and the others all saw it as Trigon… they didn’t know that it was just a Evil form of Raven that was just taking the look of Trigon. All they could do was watch in shock. Megan was with Dinah to the side and watching over her. Dinah however started to stir back up and looked up to see that there was trouble near…

Dinah: *gasps* There is bad trouble… i got to go…

Megan: No. Dinah. You’re in no condition to fight.

Dinah: What do you mean that i am in no condition to fight? Of course i am. I’m one of the girls. I got to fight. Action is what i live for and you know it.

Megan: Not if you’re pregnant, your not.

Dinah: What do you mean by that? *Pauses* Wait a minute… How did you know that i was pregnant?

Megan: Uh, Well…

Dinah: Prince Alvin told you… didn’t he?

Megan: No. Not exactly… We got a surprise. Dinah… The real Raven is here now with us. She’s arrived. and she used some technique and found out that you’re Pregnant. She spilled out the beans and Pearl got a little mad at Prince Alvin over it. Yeah… it was that much of a shock.

Dinah: So what’ll i do? I can’t sit out of this. The threat is gonna be coming closer and looming closer than ever. I got to be part of the war effort. I’m the only one that can produce the throwdown. Thunder and Lightning in a bottle, Remember?

Megan: Yeah… I think i recall that. But, Dinah… despite all that. You are now Pregnant. If you get hurt or if you get attacked… it could hurt the babies inside you… and you could end up losing them. you could Die.

Dinah: How would you know about that, Megan?

Megan: I know because my mom almost lost me when she was pregnant with me. As Drake told me… as my mom had told him. She had him and he was only like 8 or 9 at that time. She was coming home from court after Divorcing my Biological father. He was a real jerk from what my mom and brother had told me. And on her way home… she didn’t seem to notice that there was a few cars in the way. that were exchanging blows. They were hitting one another. and anyway… my mother tried to pass them during the enraged state they happened to be in. Bad mistake. the cars tried to ram the sides of her. and before she could break free… they broke off from her sides and she literally smacked a Pole. It split the car in half and knocked her out. knocked her with a few knocks.  If the Medics didn’t catch her in time and treat her when they did… I would have been dead. and so would she. My mom stayed home and bedridden for the rest of the time.  Don’t think it was an enjoyable experience for her… but after that one time run in. She didn’t want to take any chances. Of course the embarrassing parts were that she would have to be tended to. hand and foot. Helped with cleaning herself. Changing her clothes and the whole shebang. Trust me… it’s not gonna be easy. It will be near difficult. But it’s the life you’re now in. And during the Pregnancy… You’re gonna be forced into an Early Engagement and Marriage. There won’t be any other way.

Dinah: *In fear* I just gave myself a whole mess of problems… Didn’t i?

Megan: Well… yes. You did. But the only upside is that you got a whole family around to help you and support you.

Dinah: *Nods in understanding*

In the nearby fields where the battle was taking place…

Raven: *Battling off against her father* … *Throwing some hits of Dark Energy at Trigon*

Trigon: *Swinging an arm and Blasting his eye beams at Raven*

Raven then tried to block the hit. as she could practically tell what was coming… Hoping that she could withstand it however as she tried to block the hit… it smacked her hard and sparked her. She could not block it.  Raven was then grabbed and constricted in the grip of Trigon. in his right hand…

Prince Alvin:  *Looking at Prince Curtis and Pearl* We have to do something. Now. Raven needs our help.

Pearl: Don’t worry. We’re gonna help her. We got her back.

Luna: Right.

A second later…

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* …

*Doing her Pose* Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower and the Rhapsody Family… I shall Punish you.

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing and screaming with Fury* …. *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evil will be washed with grace and light!

Prince Curtis: Electric Rage… Take flight! *Emitting Electricity*

Prince Alvin: Flaming Soul… Flare Up! *Emitting Fire and flames*

Within seconds they ran in and entered the fight…

Bubble Maiden: *Looking at Trigon* I am thinking of one thing… Can you guess what that is… I am thinking of seeing you punished. *Launching an attack at Trigon* Bubbling Beams of Light!

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at Trigon* Luna Sugardrill!

Prince Alvin: *Launching an attack at Trigon* Flaming Scorching Inferno!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an attack at Trigon* Electric Seismic-Wave!

Trigon: *Growling* You can’t hope to beat me.

Sailor Luna: Wanna bet? Try us.

Sailor Luna then performs the attack…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the targets* Luna…. Cosmic… Sugar hearts… Beam… ATTACK!!!

Trigon took the attack and stumbled backwards plus lost his Grip on Raven and dropped her as he went backwards and fell down into the spacious Void…

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting over to catch Raven* Gotcha. You’re not falling to your end on our watch. We might have our differences… But you are our friend. That is not open for a dismissal. no matter how much you seem to have half Demon origins.

Prince Alvin teleported with Raven over to where the Forbidden door was… Thinking that it was safe…

Raven: *Gasps* You stayed… Prince Alvin… i kinda thought that you didn’t like me.

Prince Alvin: I actually was feeling the same way. But… we’re all in this together. You’re not alone, Raven.

Raven: *Smiles*

Prince Curtis: *Calling out to Raven, Prince Alvin, Sailor Luna and Bubble Maiden* Hey… No need for the sappy lines. I like all of you no matter how out there you might be at times. *But while looking back at the others; not seeing Trigon rising back up* Now… If you don’t think it would mind much… get your butts over here so we can bash this Psychotic demon presence.

Trigon: *Firing his beams at Prince Curtis* Feel my Wrath!

Prince Curtis: *Teleporting away*

They all take turns in blasting at Trigon. Not letting the beast come out. Trigon was coming at them with one swing and then an Eye beam. Pearl and Luna both Fired at him from the side and Prince Alvin got behind Trigon and Pulled his hair dragging Trigon back and forcing him to tumble. Raven also played some shots at him and fired at him. Catching him off guard…But Trigon got up as the smoke cleared and walked off. However Raven and the two boys and the two out of three girls who were fighting hid behind a rock feeling defeated… Not knowing what to do to knock Trigon down. This was not the main Event. This was a Manifestation of the Intergalactic Demon. Only a taste of what was to come in the future. however when the Main event came… it was gonna be a lot worse. A whole lot worse than what they saw then…

Raven: I can’t beat him. There is nothing i can do.

Prince Curtis: So? Call for Back up…. I mean what about the other you’s?

Sailor Luna: That green one was pretty courageous.

Raven: They’re different sides… but they do not have the power needed to beat him…

Bubble Maiden: Not by themselves. but what about together? Even though you never are able to let them all out… or show them. They are different personalities. of you. They are part of who you are. they are you.

Trigon then began blasting at spots… in fury.

Bubble Maiden: Don’t worry… You can do it. We believe in that. I happen to believe in that. and in you.

Prince Alvin: *Running out back to fight Trigon* Don’t worry we got your back…

Sailor Luna: We have your back. You’ll be okay.

As Prince Curtis, Prince Alvin, Pearl and Sailor Luna ran on over to battle with Trigon… Raven prepared to summon for her different personalities to come before her… Once they were all standing before her… she rose up into the air and they rose up too and surrounded her in a wide diameter… Within seconds they spun fast and then sped up quickly and then with a Blinding fast flash of light and Energy… Raven became White Raven. She was with a White Cloak and was with a fierce look upon her. She launched before Trigon as He was firing shots at Prince Alvin and Prince Curtis, Bubble Maiden and Sailor Luna. They were battling him off. Trying to keep him tethered. Sailor Luna Jumped up at Trigon and with her nails clawed at Trigon fast. Distracting Trigon from being able to see an attack coming.

White Raven: *Standing before Trigon* … *Aiming her power at Trigon and firing Dark beams at Trigon; creating a binding force Field to constrict Trigon; Binding him tightly* You shall go back where you BELONG!

Trigon: NEVER! *Breaking out of the Dark Force field*

White Raven and Trigon within seconds began to fire their Beams at one another. Firing strong and with strength… Raven and Trigon battled hand and hand… each side struggling as they were by the looks of their power… evenly matched. Evenly in strength…

Pearl: *Watching Raven* Raven… Don’t give up… You can do it. You can do it! We believe in you… FIGHT HIM!!!

Dinah: *From the side* Don’t you Dare Lose, Raven. DON’T LOSE! You Can Do it… Kick that rotten creep’s can!

Megan: Take it easy, Dinah!

Raven was about to fail… but that was when she pulled back and built up more power and then Launched it with heavy force. and blasted it right at Trigon. But they were all shocked to know that it wasn’t really Trigon. Just an impotent manifestation of him. It turned into a Evil Personality of Raven… with 4 Red demonic eyes and it only landed and looked at Raven for a second before turning into Red lightning energy and Shot right into her.  Raven landed and went back to her normal form. She fell back feeling worn out but Prince Alvin caught her…

Raven: *Nods and smiling* Thank you… Friends.

Prince Alvin: That makes us truly friends… Right?

Raven: *Nods* Mmmhmm.

Moments later…

Back at Grandma Rikku’s house…

That night…

Grandma Rikku: *Coming out of the Kitchen* Where is everyone?

Paige: I don’t know… I think that they are still out somewhere…

Pearl: *Walking down from the stairs and Looking at Paige* Paige… we’re back and Raven is back to being her normal self.

Prince Alvin: That is right. We consoled Raven and helped her seize control of what was bugging her and she’s never been better.

Prince Curtis: *Grins* Oh yeah. She’s like her old squirrely self now.

Megan: that’s right.

Paige: You’re kidding!

Luna: You don’t believe us, Ask her.

Raven: I’m okay now. I should be scolding them about being in my room. but they saved me by doing what they did. So i can’t be mad. I’m okay now thanks to them.

Pearl: Point proven.

Dinah: *With a tear in her eye*

Paige: *Seeing Dinah with a tear in her eye* Dinah? What’s wrong?

Dinah: *Looking away* Don’t ask… This Tough girl is ashamed as it is…

Pearl: Paige… Grandma… There is something that you’re gonna need to know.

Grandma Rikku: What do you mean? What’s the matter?

Dinah: *With Tears now welling up in her eyes* I’m…. I’m Pregnant. Grandma… I’m pregnant. I took a pregnancy test with one of the Pregnancy testers… and sure enough… i am pregnant. I didn’t want to say anything. It was only a week after my boyfriend and i did it and i thought that it was gonna be nothing but perfect. But then yesterday i started to feel funny and today i felt it too. But it is true… I am pregnant.

Grandma Rikku: *Walking up to Dinah* Honey… *Hugging Dinah* Dear Child… Don’t cry. It’s gonna be okay. We’ll take care of it.

Dinah: *Crying into her grandmother’s arms*

Paige: *Hugging Dinah* Hey… Sis. It’s gonna be alright.

Pearl: Really… *Hugging Dinah* We’re here for you, sis. You’ll always have us.

A couple days later… there was a feast. Thanksgiving was upon them and it was a memorable time. There was alot to go around. There was Turkey, Coleslaw, Cranberry Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Yams, Dinner Rolls, Stuffing, Corn on the Cob. The whole shebang. The biggest surprise to the entire family… was when they all saw Raven. They all glanced and just felt astonished. But they also learned of Dinah’s Pregnancy. It was so much emotion and they all hugged her. Raven was welcomed to the family. they had a wonderful time and it was one of the only times where everyone was together and did not have an agenda of going out and fighting crime and monsters or anything. There was peace all around. Dinah was warming up to how everyone was showing concern for her over her pregnancy. Raven was happy to be part of the family. King John looked at Raven and Winked at her. He knew a wonderful person when he saw one. There was Charlene, Princess Charlene… Prince Richie, Princess Julie, Julie, Jan, Jennifer, Mrs. Stroker/Princess Trixie, Trixie, John. They were all there. Even the Professor to the girls, and the Justice League. they were invited as well. But all things were bound to end. The day was peaceful. What was next for the Rhapsody Girls though. What would they face next? Would Dinah’s new lifestyle only lead to more trouble? She was now Pregnant and her School life was about to be rather lost and complicated. What would they do with the Fountain? With the Activity that it was spewing. the Energy that was being emitted from it. Prince Avery was staking it out. What was gonna happen next? Would Pearl be next for the Romance in the future? Where was her boyfriend Jack? Would Raven finally open up to the girls with information about what was going on with her? Would they ever find out the truth of what Raven really was?  Find out on the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues…

Paige: *Voice-over* Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! we girls all prepped for Christmas as the Holiday season comes in for a landing. but we also have to worry about Dinah’s new predicament. She is Pregnant Courtesy of her boyfriend Shingo. We don’t blame him… it was both hers and his decision and he is Emancipated officially from his mother. Living on his own  in a Rental home. on a deal of working at a Coffee place to earn his room and board. it doesn’t really pay much, but he’s working. and going to school too. Or is he?

Raven: *Voice-over* there is also the point of the Metropolis Fountain reacting  and coming alive. The Rhapsody Girls read up a little on it and realize that the Clock is ticking. counting down to the moment where the Fountain is said to reopen the Portal leading to dark Kingdom. The beginning of Pregnancy… The prominence of the Fountain reopening the portal or gateway linking this world to the world of Dark Kingdom. A dark place. The fear of Beryl coming back being a possible reality. Pearl also starts having nightmares about Beryl… Coincidence or not? Also… It’s Couch time for Paige. With a Psychiatrist. Spilling out her fears and thoughts.  All on the next Chapter. Be amazed in The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 81: “Paige on the Couch with Dr. Walters. Pearl’s fears are heard…Dinah’s Lifestyle… Transformed and Christmas Draws Near and brings Cheer to all”


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