Chapter 79: “Rhapsody Girls Z! home becomes Rhapsody Girls Z! Tower? Hello My Duckies… Mad Sam’s British Law is now. Mind Warp Raven’s Mind…Heroes on alert.” Part 1

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

That Afternoon…

Nov. 4th 2025

Paige: *Walking inside and grunting* I can’t take that Debate teacher anymore… There is no other class open and i am stuck with him. That Teacher Mr. Dalton is such an ass. I hate him. I so hate him.

Pearl: *Looking at Paige* Paige, What are you gonna do about it? That teacher hates heroes… But he is targeting you. Why? Paige, That guy has a serious Vendetta against you.

Paige: *Snaps* Bull! He has one against all of us. He to this day since the very day we all went head to head with Zod… blames us for Mrs. McKinley’s death. He thinks that we’re guilty as sin for it. He hates us. He even came out and said it verbatim. His Exact words were: “I Hate the Rhapsody Family and all they stand for. If they were to all die… right now… i wouldn’t cry. i would be satisfied. i would even dance upon their graves.”

Dinah: *Shoots out in outrage* WHAT THE?!!! He said that?! *Steamed* Oh… That did it. That was the very thing that broke the straw of the Wolf’s back. I’m now pissed. Where is he? WHERE?!

Raven: Wish for me to take care of him for you?

Paige: If you would like to… i’d welcome it. he deserves it. *Feeling hurt* I have gotten to the point where i am about to consessively Ditch 3rd period. Just to avoid and refrain from seeing that bastard of a teacher.

Raven: Calm your emotions, Paige. It will be okay. I’ll go and find him or her and see about putting a scare into him.

Pearl: I really don’t think that scaring the teacher is gonna be the best way to deal with the problem. It isn’t gonna help it. it will only give it more fuel for the fire. Remember that the teacher can fail you. He has obviously shown that he’s got no bones about doing as such.

Dinah: Are you trying to tell us that we’re to play nice?

Raven: We can’t play nice with people who wrongfully accuse one another of things they didn’t do. But we also can’t return the fire. all it will do is make it worse. You’ll only give him all the more reason to hold blame on you. It’ll only look bad on you. The thing is to make him look bad. make him the one who is causing trouble.

Paige: The teacher hates all Rhapsody members. He even said as such. He wants to see to it that we’re all dead. He holds us accountable for the death of Mrs. McKinley. We didn’t kill her. but the guy doesn’t care. He’s gonna see to it that we are made to be put to blame for it no matter what.

Dinah: *Angry* I don’t think so… I’m gonna nail that rotten teacher for his little foul treatment of Paige. Paige deserves better than that. We sicked Grandma on that egotistical teacher. Paige even stood up to him… and yet… YET… The guy bashes her. makes her feel as though she was the bastard of the class. Making an example out of her. Making her miserable. And the thing that makes us all mad is that the teacher doesn’t see to care at all.

Paige: Good thing that there was no monster sightings and i didn’t have to bolt out of there… That son of a bitch teacher would just have a field day over that. And the more obnoxious part of it all is that even my now boyfriend Reese tried standing up to him and get him to back off and not even that worked. And each time we tried to get the office involved. He made sure that he was being his best and make like we’re all making it up. Like we were lying about him the whole time.

Dinah: He’s probably got a couple of people from the office all in his pocket.

Pearl: That’s sad. Really sad.

Luna: *Clearing her throat* Ahem! Am i invisible now?

Pearl: No… you’re not Luna. It’s just that Paige is having a fit about a teacher treating her poorly. Almost like a Troq. It’s just making her feel rather threatened.

Paige: *Angry and annoyed* Threatened? Threatened, My ass. Pearl… the guy’s a jerk. that’s all he is.

Pearl:  The teacher is still there. He never leaves for home till an hour after everyone else has. I noticed that some teachers like to stay a little later than they ought to. Either because they want to take some time to plan for the next day… to take care of the work collected by the students…  has a student-Parent teacher meeting or doesn’t have a happy home life and or married life and stays away as long as he/she can so they will have less time to deal with the problems that they may have at home where they live.

Paige: if he is still there… it’s most certainly to plan on what he can do to me next and how much worse he can treat me.

Dinah: *Sighs* Then we know what we must do. *Looking at Raven* Raven, we would never ask this of you… and we know that this is something that you wouldn’t like to do… but Would you please put a scare into him?

Raven: *Nods* One scare… coming up. *Turning into a Raven and Flying out over to the High School*

Paige: *Walking into the Living room* Let Raven have way with the bastard teacher.

Paige Barely walked into the living room to see a bunch of noticeable High tech gear in the living room…

Paige: *In shock; Dropping her school books* …..

Pearl: *Looking at Paige* What’s the matter Paige?

Dinah: *Noticing that Paige is in shock* What is your itch, Paige? *Walking over to see what put Paige in a shock* Whoa! Uh… Okay. What the hell is going on here?

Pearl: *Looking to see the Living Room with high tech hooked up* I think that this is a definite sign…

Luna: *Gasps* Oh my…

The theme to The Rhapsody Girls plays…

(Showing scenes of the girls fighting Villains and threats; Showing the family to the girls)

“When there’s trouble you know who to call, Rhapsody Girls Z!

From their House they can see it all, Rhapsody Girls Z!

When there’s evil on the attack

You can rest knowing they got your back

‘Cause when Metropolis needs heroes on patrol

Rhapsody Girls Z!, Go!

With their super powers they unite, Rhapsody Girls Z!

Never met a villain that they liked, Rhapsody Girls Z!

They’ve got the bad guys on the run

They’ll never stop ’til their job gets done

‘Cause when Metropolis is losing all control

Rhapsody Girls Z!, Go

1, 2, 3, 4 Go! 

Rhapsody Girls Z!”

“Rhapsody Girls Z! home becomes Rhapsody Girls Z! Tower? Hello My Duckies… Mad Sam’s British Law is now. Mind Warp Raven’s Mind…Heroes on alert.” Part 1″

In the Living Room…

Paige:  What is all this High tech stuff doing here? Did we do this?

Pearl: No. There is no way that we could have. This would take hours or days for the 3 of us to do… and plus! We were in school. There is no way that it could even be us.

Dinah: *Looking at all the tech* Let’s find out what we’re dealing with and look to see who it was that sent this stuff and or set it all up.

Luna: Good idea. *Shaking her head* Who could have done this… and without us even knowing of it? *Looking around and searching for a trace of who was responsible*

Paige: *Walking over to the side and seeing a note hanging from the One overhead screen* Uh, Guys… I think i know who happened to install these High tech equipment in our house.

Pearl: *Stops and looks at Paige* Who?

Paige: Who do we know from the League who has their hands in all things tech?

Dinah: Chloe?!

Pearl: *Scoffs* Are you meaning to tell us that Chloe… Watchtower did this?

Paige: I would suggest we call and ask. but from this note i found dangling up from the one overhead over here… It was her. She was the sole party that had done it and she isn’t the only one either…

However At Metropolis High School…

In Mr. Dalton’s classroom…

Mr. Dalton: *Reading the debate speeches and topics* I don’t give a damn about that Rhapsody Girl. I am so sick of that Rhapsody snot-nosed brat. It is high time someone slapped her hard in the face with reality and force her to live in the real world. Force her to believe that there’s no such need or use for Superheroes. That they’re nothing but hindrances and a complete Nuisance. Heroes don’t exist. The only heroic figures in the world are the Military, The President, The F.B.I, C.I.A. The U.S. Marshall’s, The Paramedics. The police. The firemen, Doctors. Those are the heroes.These super beings are not welcome in this city.

Raven: *Flying into the room as a Raven and Cawing*

Mr. Dalton: *Looking at the Raven Perched in the room* Hmm… What’s a Raven doing in a classroom? Those are supposed to be like an Evil kind of bird. Probably suitable for that Rhapsody. She is the reason why Mrs. McKinley is dead. her and her loser hero family. She can try to sick that bitch grandmother on me all she likes. But she’s still a loser.

Raven: *Cawing angrily before Changing form; turning into her human form* … The Beast Within *With her hood on her head covering her face; glowing with dark energy surrounding her* What was that?! You calling my friend a Loser?! Who are you to be calling my friend, Paige Rhapsody a Loser? An Insignificant human like you…

Mr. Dalton: *Looking cross at Raven* I don’t know who you are and i don’t want to know. But if you’re one of the heroes… Get the hell out of my sight before i call the cops and press charges for trespassing. Beat it! MOVE!


Raven: *Using Telekinesis* I don’t think you’re being very kind at all. and it’s about time you learned to back off. *Using her mind to place the teacher on the wall pining him there* I’m not gonna tell you again. Lay off my friend or next time I will send you to another dimension. *Glaring at the teacher*

Mr. Dalton: You think anything you do will make me see her as anything more than a loser? I don’t think so.

Raven: *Suddenly speaking through the teacher’s mind* Wanna bet? I can make you do it. try me.

The teacher didn’t know what was going on and when he started hearing voices in his head… he began flipping out and felt his mind crack. He ran out and screamed with terror. Raven Looked around the room and with nothing more to do in the room, seeing that the situation was done and ended. She turned into a Raven and flew away back to Grandma Rikku’s house…

At the Daily Planet…

It was just another afternoon in the Reporter’s den and there was just little to no arousing excitement. John Rhapsody and Trixie Rhapsody were in the room at their computers and their desks working upon their daily articles and Just living another day in the City of Metropolis working at the Daily Planet…

John: *Looking at his sister* Crime has finally dropped down a bit and it’s getting better than it was the other week.

Trixie: *Sighs* I am with a relieved mind on that. The crime rate was too high. Perry white was becoming over static about the unceasing rise in crime hikes. Over the last 4 weeks… there has been about 6o burglaries and 50 break-ins. a few dozen muggings and few chases. It was the biggest running chain of crime in the last 6 weeks alone.

John: *Getting up and walking over to the side table and fixing a cup of coffee* Don’t remind me… I must have done about 20 Crime articles in the last set of weeks. 4 weeks of it and it was almost like walking into Suicide Slums just by stepping outside my front door as i come out of my house.

Trixie: Well At least your house has life in it. My one daughter that got kicked out of Yale… She’s been missing since the last week and no one’s seen her.

John: Oh… You mean the one who bashed our Niece Princess Rikku sometime before she died? Why do you care about her, sis? Your daughter… Rebecca has made it abundantly clear that she hated us because we were all choosing to baby Princess Rikku and not see how bad a mother she was. Which need i regurgitate back to you that Princess Rikku was nothing but the best Mother. She gave her all to all she had ever done. Even when it came to her kids. The girls. Paige, Pearl and Dinah grew up beautifully because of her. She was never seeing an end her need for showing love. Especially since she was not being loved back by people. It’s been like that since  she was little. We both know how that was like for her… Don’t we, Sis?

Trixie: *Looking at her brother* yeah. I do. *Sighs*

John: *With a cup of coffee and coming back to his desk* It’s all in the past now… but i truly don’t think that bringing her back will make things right. Rebecca is gone. She’s not ever coming back. Besides… When was the last time you or i or anyone in the family has even heard word one from her?

Trixie: I don’t know. I really don’t know. but since that fight that me and her had… i hadn’t seen her. She even quit the Planet only days of barely joining and working here…

Trixie then shares a flashback…

“Trixie: *Working on her articles* Rebecca, i don’t want to hear it. Your Cousin King John called me last night and told me the real reason behind your being kicked out of Yale. I am so unhappy with you. You lied to me. this whole time. I spent money that i didn’t have. to see that you went to Yale. i went without a paycheck from here for about almost 4 years because of you. And now i come to find that you were dealing Drugs there. Smoking. and threatening people? ARE YOU DAFT? Are you BARKING MAD?!

Rebecca: *Snaps* Shut up, Mom. Alright. Just shut it. i don’t want to even hear it. I made decisions that i got to live with. but if you think that i am gonna be put through the guilt trip… you’re truly an idiot. That Cousin of mine… Princess Rikku is a terrible mother. She doesn’t know how to raise kids. kids are what’s fucking ruining this country. Everywhere you go it’s the same damn thing. No damn respect. Kids are to do as they’re told whether they want to or not. to be raised with authority. even if it means slapping them. i don’t care if that’s wrong. but Kids are not the boss of us adults. Princess Rikku should lose her kids. I’m gonna do just that. She’s not fit to be a mother.

Trixie: *Shoots up* Excuse me! Rebecca, I think that i have had just about enough of your bile. you are bashing your cousin. that is an awful thing to do. i swear though… if you do anything… and i mean anything to your cousin and she loses her kids because of you. I will toss your tail behind bars so fast that by time it’s done… you’ll think that you’ve been sucker punched by a mach truck.

Rebecca: I don’t care. i am not dancing to the tune of letting poor parenting go without being derailed. No more. It stops… NOW!”

John: Rebecca left the city and there is no word of her. We didn’t even ask around for her. Which that i must say… Sister, makes us just as guilty than anything else.

Trixie: *Changing the subject* I suppose so… I heard that the girls are back in the hero details again. They seem to have a new Ally too.

John: You’re kidding? Really?

Trixie: Oh… I think that the kidding part is long since done. They have a new ally and their ally is living with them. Don’t know who she is and our sister Rikku won’t tell us. I think that it’s for a reason.

John: Maybe to protect whoever it is that’s living with them. *Sitting down* Something i would do for my son.

Trixie: The Ally is nothing like a Rhapsody but is being seen as such. Our sister trusts her and likes her. I believe that’s just about as good enough of a reason as any.

John: If it came to our kids being in need of protecting… we’d get to it… no thinking twice about it. We’d do all that it would ever take and even more to protect our kids who we’d give our lives for…

Back at Grandma Rikku’s house…

Grandma Rikku: *Walking into the Living room and seeing all the Hi-Tech equipment* What is all this? Where did all this high tech equipment come from?

Pearl: It came from Chloe. Chloe and Oliver.

Paige: *Looking at her Grandma* Don’t ask us how this is so… we don’t know. but this morning when we left here… there was no High-Tech merchandise and it was not like this. But when we got home… here… we saw this. I can only imagine what our room looks like now.

Dinah: I think that Watchtower has literally pulled an overkill on the tech. Her and Oliver both. Which i have been thinking a little bit about it. I came across some Lore on the Destined romance… and i found that it was destined for Dinah Lance and Oliver to be a pair. But it’s Chloe and Oliver. Weird change-up if you ask me.

Pearl: Not me. I think that it’s rather cute.

Paige: second that.

Luna: How was work Grandma?

Grandma Rikku: It was great. There was good dancers… They were dancing rather splendid today. Better than the other week. I can’t complain though… they’re good dancers… they’re trying hard to get the moves perfect. *Not seeing Raven* Hey… Where’s Raven? Didn’t she come home with you?

Paige: She did. She just had to take care of something. She said that it was something Rather personal…

Dinah: Paige, Don’t shed from the truth. Grandma’s gonna find out anyway. She’s a snooper. Not that we can blame that on her. She’s just very concerned about us… even at times when she knows she shouldn’t because it’s noticed that we can take care of ourselves. and that we’re okay. She’s just worried is all. besides… we are sired reminders of our mom and she doesn’t want to lose that. She loves us like she loves our mom. That is probably the reason as to why she was keeping us so repressed from the hero details for a year. To allow us a chance for some normal lead-way… to maybe re-assess ourselves and decide what we really want. to see on working a bit towards a future career.

Paige: Well That message is firmly grasped loud and clear. A year of being normal caused us to grow weak a little and lose our edge. I don’t know. I just feel rather irritated about the damn Debate teacher. Nothing i do is getting him to back off. Raven left to go and put a bit of a scare into him.But i don’t even think that it’ll work. That teacher hates me… Because i’m a Rhapsody. He hates the whole Rhapsody family.

Pearl: Oh… Tell her what he said. Tell her what that snake bitten creep said to you.

Paige gulped and reverberated what the teacher said to her to their grandmother and their grandmother felt really annoyed and less than calm. She was upset and pissed about it. She made a call to the school and got no one. But she was gonna move to call the school the first chance she got to get the teacher removed…

Grandma Rikku: *Pissed* I am tired of our family getting dumped on. No matter what we do… there are still people who want nothing better than to see us all dead. I am tired of it. I will tell you this… if this keeps up, we’re all gonna pack up and leave and go to a distant city or a distant country and seal ourselves from the world.

Pearl: Grandma. Stop it. That is not the answer to it and you know that. all it will do is make things even worse than they already are. It’s not gonna help anything. The guy hates our family. Well… that’s him. But we’re not leaving. we got every right to be in the City. That guy… Mr. Dalton is accusing us of being the ones who killed a teacher the other year. which we did not do. The guy can shut the hell up.

Dinah: *Looking at Pearl* Pearl, Stop it. You feel sensitive about the idea of that scumbag teacher treating us like dirt. But just let it go. Let it all go. It’s not worth the time of day. really.

Luna: *Sighs*

Paige: *Looking at Luna* So, Luna… How was school?

Luna: It was fine. Saw that guy again. but i didn’t really speak to him today. The teacher kept us rather busy in class. we didn’t even have time to speak.

Pearl: You didn’t say anything more about our friend Raven, did you?

Luna: No. I didn’t. I only got into a little of what we’re going through. but i didn’t mention about her. not even once.

Dinah: What about him? Has he tried to ask about her?

Luna: No. He did ask about what my family is like… and what we do… And i might have unknowingly let slip the part about the one demon we are said to come across in the near future when it came.

Pearl: You mentioned about the intergalactic Demon? *Scoffs; Frustrated* Darn it… Luna… You weren’t supposed to tell about it. We don’t know a thing about him except that he’s got a Guardian who is a demonologist. If he looks into it and digs up info about him.. he could find out about Raven and if that happens… she could be in danger. he could tie it to her.

Luna: What should i do then? Not speak to him anymore? He’s the only friend i have there.

Pearl: No… don’t stop speaking to him… Just stop talking about what we’re in to around him. Till we actually know him or meet him.

Paige: It’s the best way. For now…


Raven: *Shadowing in the room through the floor* I’m back… *Shaking her head* I can’t believe that i scared the guy. I caused his mind to crack. His mind was cracked by me.

Paige: It went that good huh? You cracked that guy’s mind… Good. I hope that he got scared out of his head. He deserves every bit of it.

Raven: *Snaps a little* No… Paige. He doesn’t. I stood up for you. i was only meaning to warn him to back off from your back side and to stop trying to poorly treat you. But he was refusing. He wouldn’t listen. I had to use a little of Astral Projection to speak into his mind. forcing him to stop his constant attempt of treating you like you’re lower than the rest. it shattered his mind. As much as you try to believe that he deserved what came to him… he didn’t deserve to have that done on him.

Grandma Rikku: Well it’s better than my having to file a report of grievance against him over his statement against the entire Rhapsody family. I am one of the members of the family who will not sit around and tolerate it. You did what you had to do. I know how bad it is that you had to crack a guy’s mind. but you had no options. You tried warning him… didn’t you?

Raven: I flew in there… and planned to wait till he wasn’t looking and then go over to him and get to the bottom of it… but living here has made me see that you guys were somewhat refraining from the outside world. staying cooped up in the house mostly because there were people still judging you for who you are and not giving you a chance. Not fitting in.

Grandma Rikku: You seemed to figure us out. How much is it that you know about us?

Raven: *Looking up and noticing the high-tech equipment and suddenly looking back down* Last night… i couldn’t sleep too much. i kinda surfed through the house silently. I came across a few old books that were sticking out. A Book that came with the title: “Princess Rikku’s Sad childhood memories.” I don’t get it… Who is she?

Pearl: She’s our mom. What on earth were you doing looking at a sad book about our mother? It’s a book that we don’t let anyone read. It’s too sad.

Raven: Yeah… That’s what i was gonna consider thinking.

Luna: But…

An alarm then sounded off.

Paige: *Looking up and seeing the screen pick up a detection of a monster sighting* I think that we might want to hold off on the talk. We got trouble…

Dinah: *Looking through the Ipad on the table nearby* You guys are not gonna believe this. but there is a sighting of a creature. It’s got a very sludgy surface and it’s got green stuff on it too. all around its head.

Pearl: *Gasps* Huh?!

Dinah: This is coming straight from Watchtower… and was sent to this… to us. *Looking at the data further* No. Wait. It wasn’t from Watchtower. It was from Our Cousin…

Paige: *Looking towards her sister* What?! What do you mean?…

At King John’s house…

Prince Avery: *Looking at Prince Curtis* The girls got the data. don’t they?

Prince Curtis: They should by now. *Looking at the monitors* There is trouble. It’s that sludge head again and that thing is by far… the most ugliest thing we’ve ever seen.

Prince Arnold: Let’s hope that the Captain doesn’t have to run into it. He won’t like it.

Prince Avery: *Looking at the Live cam* Well… How do you like that? *trying to get a fix on the source of the creatures* You’re not gonna believe this one bit.

Prince Curtis: Why?

Prince Avery: *Looking at Prince Curtis* What i got here is that it’s coming from a Fountain. The Metropolis Fountain. There has been a few reports here. According to this a few people have made a statement about the Fountain acting up as they walked by it. ranging from the fountain spouting fire… to Electricity. all within a 72 hour time frame. A couple people reported as a passing theory that they were fine and energetic… till they passed by the fountain. After they passed it… the passing citizens began to collapse on the ground from the loss of energy. That was just the other day. a week prior… there were 6 reports of  people seeing smoke billowing from the center of the fountain’s head. the core. *Looking at the Ipad and getting a reading* I am not the book smart type of guy. I’m more of the secret Agent kind. But… from what i can tell you… This is serious. It’s bumped up to major.

Prince Arnold: *Getting up from the Chair in the Living room* Where’s the Captain?

Prince Curtis: Where else would he be? At Alice’s.

Prince Arnold:  Figures.  *Thinking* So… let’s think. The theory or the reports say that there has been smoke coming from the fountain. the center of it. Right?

Prince Curtis: What does that mean? Is there something vital to that location?

Prince Avery: I believe that there is something to that spot. Remember a time or so before… just after the ordeal with The Great Evil Metaria and Queen Beryl was all over?

Prince Arnold: *Rolling his eyes* Oh yeah… how could we possibly forget?

Prince Curtis: *Grinning* I think that you’re getting somewhere with this, Aren’t you brother?

Prince Avery:  Precisely. What i think it is; is this… The link between the Dark Kingdom and our world is tied to that location. it’s one and the same… Remember what Beryl said just before we left her in her ruined chambers to die off and go down with her castle?

Prince Curtis: Yeah… We remember.  She said: “it’s an alter that i nary use. it’s also the spot that links your world with mines. if she is gonna truly end the world… then that is where she’ll go. the center.” And every time it is used… it keeps returning to the Fountain. the Fountain in the Park.

Prince Arnold: That’s another thing that we can’t seem to figure… it was also the same spot where Dinah found that Alien Orb. The Orb with Extraterrestrial origins…  *Shooting up* Wait a minute! Are you meaning to cough out the detail that it is all connected? How the hell is that even possible? How the hell is it even possible? You’re meaning to tell me that the fountain was the link… to Dark Kingdom… we broke out after dealing with Metaria and Evil Endymion… then the Kingdom broke and shattered to the ground. to Ruin. then after the world was renewed… out came a Extraterrestrial Orb… found by Dinah. It opens up and Releases Zod. Major Zod at the beginning of that mess with the Kandorians… then as it came to end with him…he became General. We sent him back to where he came from. .. but now you’re trying to tell me that the Portal or gateway linking the Dark Kingdom to our reality is threatening to realign itself… and bust itself open again?

Prince Avery: that’s exactly what’s going on…

Prince Arnold: Pardon my ticking mouth of foul… *Disgusted* But that’s totally fucking stupid. I mean… what the hell is the meaning of this anyway? You’re thinking that we’re gonna wind up dealing with her again? No. We’re dealing with the threat of the big red bastard who goes by Scath… Trigon the Terrible. Not Beryl. Beryl is dead. she died when she had her own Kingdom crumble and collapse upon her and crush her. It buried her…

At Alice’s house…

Alice: Prince Alvin… The creature is at the Docking district.

Prince Alvin: Let’s go… The Girls are probably on their way over there now. but we’re gonna need to lend a hand. Let’s go.

Prince Alvin and Alice walk outside of the house and head to Prince Alvin’s Motorcycle. A minute later…


Prince Alvin: *On his Motorcycle and With his girlfriend behind* Hold on tight, Alice.

Alice: Don’t worry. I’m hanging on. Just get over to where the girls are. fast.

Prince Alvin: One way express to the Docks, Coming up. *Stepping on the Throttle and Revving up Speeding on over to the Docks*

In the Air however…

Raven: *With her eyes open and on watch for any signs of the Sludgy monster* No sight of Plasmus. i’m gonna go in and get a better look.

Miss Love: *In the Air* okay. But be careful. Plasmus is somewhere around the area. There is no telling where he is liable to pop out and leak a surprise.

Thunder Mistress:  that’s right. the Sludge head could be waiting to see us separate and go in separate directions and then as soon as we’re off our guard… nail us.

Raven: *Diving down and with Intangibility Going into the cargo warehouse*

Thunder Mistress: *Looking at her sisters* Whoa! Did you see that? She just went right through the wall. She went right into the wall and just vanished.

Bubble Maiden: I saw it. It is really startling.

Thunder Mistress: But you saw her on the fly right? She is amazing.

Bubble Maiden: *Nods* I agree. She’s really cool. She’s a really good friend. A great friend too… She’s been there for us since she came into our lives.

Thunder Mistress: *Making a bet with her sister* $5 bucks says that she catches that sludge beast by surprise and blasts it good. Giving it what fer…

Bubble Maiden: *Grinning at her sister* You’re on.

Miss Love: No betting each other. There is no need to be betting on what Raven will and or will not do. We know what we are expecting her to do. She’s knows what she’s doing.


Bubble Maiden: *Hearing the noise* That must be the creature… And i think that Raven got that creature by surprise. Wow… That was fast.

Thunder Mistress: Should we go in there and start beating it up. I can’t wait to lay some Action on the beast there.

Miss Love: *Looking at the Warehouse and making the order* Let’s go. Let’s go and handle it. There are—

Screams are heard…

Bubble Maiden: *Jumps* What was that? Where did that come from?

Thunder Mistress: *Feeling her power calling for thunder to stir* I think that we got more than a Sludge Monster in the midst. Plasmus… and a few…. *Gulps* Youma… 4 Youmas and a chorus line of Fire demons… all in one smack dab package as a courtesy gift… And the Sludge face reject is right in the center of it all. Raven’s in an onslaught. She’s a tough fighter and a hefty resourceful hero as  we can see… But this is not a battle that is for her… She’s in there.

Miss Love: Move!

They start to move in to break into the warehouse. It was gonna be a nightmare…

Inside the Cargo Warehouse…

Raven: *Punching at the creatures and Kicking at them* Agh! *Firing blasts at the creatures* What are these things? *Getting knocked down by a side attack from one of the creatures* Omph! AHHHH!

Miss Love: *Entering the fray* Raven… Hold on… we’re here. *Looking at her sisters* Pearl… Dinah… Luna is gonna be coming in soon. She’s on her way… She’s lone wolfing on the transportation and is hopping from pole to pole and Jumping from one building to another. She’ll get here… But for right now… Let’s get Raven some help. These creatures are Youma’s and she’s never dealt with them before. Let’s help her bust these things down… Come on.

Bubble Maiden: Right. Let’s get to it.

Thunder Mistress: *Looking at the Youma’s* Oh yeah… i’ve been waiting to get some action in. *Poising to attack* Prepare to fry… Thunder Mistress has a little gift for you. It’s called Thunder in a fist. Lightning in a bottle… Sweet Chin Thunder. The People’s Thunder! In the words of the Rock… “You want some… then COME GET SOME!” *Charging towards the Youma’s and Launching attacks at the Youma* …. *Emitting Thunder from her voice and firing at the Youma’s* THUNDERIC SCREAM! *Charging up and building up power in her Thunder Gloves; Aiming at the Youma’s… Launching the attack at the Youma’s* THUNDERIC BEAMS!!!! *Looking at the creatures; Angry* You want to screw with my friend Raven… Hurt her and then hope that i would show you any mercy? You want to screw with me?! Come on. Just try me… TRY ME!!! This is for hurting Raven. *Looking at Raven for a minute* Raven… These creatures have hurt you. These Youma’s have hurt you and are with thoughts believing that they are free to tread and free from being sent to the cleaners. Well… Don’t worry. I’m gonna let these bastards have it. *Looking at the creatures and Aiming to strike; Launching the attack at the creatures* THUNDERING DRAGONS CHARGE! *Leaning to the side and with her left foot Stomping the ground* …….

Miss Love: *With Bubble Maiden* 1….2….3….4, 5, 6!

Thunder Mistress: *Launching the attack and raising her foot and kicking the Youma’s* SWEET CHIN… THUNDER!

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at the Youma’s* LOVE’S FLOODING STORM!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at the Youma’s* BUBBLING BEAMS FLASH!

But as they were fighting and trying to push the Youma’s back, they started to feel as though the monsters were gonna keep on coming. Keep on marching in. It was gonna seem hopeless to them till suddenly…

Sailor Luna: *Firing an attack at the Youma’s* LUNA SUCRE CANDY! *Running into the scene* I’m here. I made it. I ran into Martin on my way here… but i Told him that i couldn’t stay… But he is Wanting to talk to me about what’s going on in the City. It is starting to get really weird now with him.

Bubble Maiden: Join the Club, Luna. There is a brush with memory lane here… *Pointing at the creatures* Remember those things over there?

Sailor Luna: *Gulps* Yeah! Those are Youma’s! It’s true… If these things are out… It means just one thing…

Bubble Maiden: Beryl! She could be back. Soon.

Sailor Luna: No. It’s not her… Not yet. But the dangers and the presence that we feel coming from the gateway that is aiming to opening up reconnecting the Dark Kingdom to our world… It is likely to still happen. It could still happen. it isn’t that far of a stretch.

Thunder Mistress: It doesn’t matter what it is… Our main concern is Raven. She has been hurt by these things. We need to pick up the slack.

A Minute later…

Miss Love: Let’s get at these beings… Now…


Bubble Maiden: *Covering her ears* OUCH! That hurt. *Getting angry* I am getting really sick of that Monster! *Flying up and Hovering over to the Sludgy Monster* It’s about time that we ended you. *Firing a shot at Plasmus* BUBBLING WHIRLPOOL OF LIGHT!!!!

Sailor Luna: *Looking at Paige* How’s Raven?

Raven: *Slowly Stirring* I’ll be fine. I’m just in a healing trans right now. but i’m okay.

Plasmus: *Firing Sludge at Bubble Maiden and pushing her down*

Bubble Maiden: *Crashing into the crates* Ouch! Geez!

The girls were all getting clobbered by the slinging sludge coming from the Sludge menace. Paige and Dinah were getting slapped into the ground a bit by the creature. It was not looking good as they were trying to keep up the fight and not lie down on the efforts. Raven was knocked down and at that moment self healing. There was nothing that they could do… Nothing that she could do at that point of time. What they didn’t notice was that there was about to be some help coming their way…

Black Canary: *Dropping in* Looks like The Winged Angel of Romance, The Bubbly Angel of serenity and The Thunderous Flight of Justice are prone to having monster trouble. Good thing you girls have got insurance… You’re gonna need it. the big bad beast prone to come in the future is gonna be a bloodbath just itching to strike. *Sounding off a Canary siren towards Plasmus and Knocking it out*

Miss Love: *Getting up from the ground feeling a tad slime’d* Yuck! There is one thing a girl hates being…

Bubble Maiden: *Getting up* Yeah… What’s that?

Thunder Mistress: Oozed on… What else?

Sailor Luna: That’s really gross. *Cringing at the thought* Ewwwww!

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in and Launching Fire at the Youma’s* INFERNO BEAM!!!!

Alice: *Running in and Looking at the girls* Girls, you guys need to be careful. These creatures are tougher than they look.

Thunder Mistress: Oh yeah… Well We’re tougher.

Prince Alvin: We know that, Dinah. We know. You girls are with the lowdown on these creatures. Let’s get rid of these creatures.

Sailor Luna: Don’t worry… Maybe this attack can help out.

Sailor Luna then starts to make the move…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the targets* Luna…. Cosmic… Sugar hearts… Beam… ATTACK!!!

The Youmas began to die off… the Attack Knocked out 2 of the Youma’s and took out a few of the Fire Demons… It was an easy shot. The Rhapsody girls were still mostly Tending to Raven. being there to nurse her to health even though Raven was doing most of the nursing on herself. She was self Healing.  But as soon as Raven was able to get back up and was with enough energy. She got back up…

Raven: *Looking at the girls* Paige, Pearl… Dinah. You alright?

Miss Love: Yeah… we’re okay. We’re fine. We’re just worried about you is all. We sent you in here first and were shooting for a sneak attack and felt that since you were like this strong fighter… that you’d catch this Sludge creature off the guard. but the truth is that you’ve never dealt with Youma’s. Raven… we sent you into an onslaught. *Looking at Prince Alvin* Prince Alvin, What is Alice doing here? She’s is not a hero… she’s Psychic and has foresight and the Psychic ability… but she can’t attack these creatures. she’s got no powers. She’s gonna be in danger. The Youma’s and the fire creatures are gonna attack at her if they see her. they don’t have any remorse. Get her out of here… Now. She can’t be on the battle field. Not like this. Please get her out of here.

Prince Alvin: *Nods; Sighs* Alice. They’re right. You don’t have any fighting elemental power…. there is nothing you can really do in the fight here. Alice… Go back to the Motorcycle and issue out a call to the brothers… inform them of the situation here. Tell them to not come here. not for the time being… But to just stay on watch. and be ready to act in case there is a problem.

Alice: Okay.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the remaining ranks of creatures* Better hurry. I think that these ugly creatures are about to regroup and restart the battle. It’s about to get really ugly here Really fast. *Seeing the two remaining Youma’s making a move* DAMN!!!! *Teleporting in and fighting off the Youma’s* Alice… GO! NOW! HURRY!!!

Raven: *Getting back up and looking at the creatures* You hurt my friends… you’ll pay for that. *Rising up and Aiming for a direct hit on the creatures* Azarath Metrion… Zinthos!

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at the Youma’s* Loving hearts of Desire!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at the Youma’s* Bubbles Blinding Illusion!

Thunder Mistress: *Launching an attack at the Youma’s* Tombstone Thunder!

Sailor Luna: *Looking at her sisters* We’re winning. We’re winning. This is almost over.  Just a little more.

Prince Alvin: *Firing at the fire creatures and punching at them* …

Miss Love: *Firing at the fire creatures* Loving hearts of Desire!

Bubble Maiden: *Firing at the fire creatures* Bubbles Blinding Illusion!

Thunder Mistress: *Launching the attack at the creatures* THUNDERING DRAGONS CHARGE!

Raven: *Looking at Luna* I was thinking… can attacks be combined?

Miss Love: *Overhearing* Combined attacks?! Yeah. That is possible. It’s been done before. Dinah and Mako-Chan did it a few times during the time when we went against the forces of Queen Beryl. It was a nice plan of attack. So… Yeah. go for it. Do it.

Sailor Luna: *Looking at Raven* Let’s do it!

A second later…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the targets* Luna…. Cosmic…

Raven: *Rising up and Emitting dark energy; Getting ready to fire at the fire creatures* Azarath…

Sailor Luna: …Sugar hearts

Raven: Metrion…

Sailor Luna: *Launching the attack* … Beam… ATTACK!!!

Raven: *Firing at the Fire creatures* ZINTHOS!!!!

The blast was a direct hit and it smacked into the fire creatures. knocked them out and thereby tearing them to shreds. As soon as the Smoke cleared… they looked at one another and sighed at the relief that they had then felt for the elimination of the fire beings and the Youma’s. The situation was wrapped up. They saw the Black Canary nearby and saw that she was dusting herself off from the sludge that the monster tossed around as they were all beating it up and knocking it out cold. The Youma’s were all a concern for the Rhapsody girls as they were set to face them be themselves without the help of the senshi since there were no senshi anymore. Luna… their sister was the only one left and she could only do so much on her own. it was up to the Rhapsody Girls, their cousins and their new Ally/Friend and the members of the Justice League. It was up to them…. They knew it. as did Luna. Even if by chance that the Senshi were reawakened. what would they be able to do to help against the Evil that was foretold to come… The true incarnation of Evil known as Scath? What were they gonna do? What could they possibly do to help fight the Evil that was due to come in the future? Once the fire creatures were gone and the Youma’s were disbanded from sight… They looked to find a sound proof stasis compartment and stuck the human like being inside and Locked it. Once they’ve locked it…

Miss Love: *Catching her breath* It’s done… We did it.

Thunder Mistress: We trashed those creatures good. I Just hope that we’re done for a little while with the battling. because right now… i am wiped out. *Feeling like she’s about to crash* Those things were living disasters. *Looking Towards Pearl* Pearl… You nearly got stomped on by creatures for a bit there… You okay?

Bubble Maiden: *Shaking herself off* I couldn’t tell if i was getting stomped on… i was trying to keep from letting the pain from being thrown into those crates over there by the side get to me. But if you are asking me is i am okay as… am i alive? Yeah. I am alive. I am okay… Just a little bit of pain. But being a hero… it usually goes with the territory.

Thunder Mistress: No Kidding. I feel it too. Boy, does it hurt. Pain is definitely not our friend.

Sailor Luna: And it’s luck that i am part cat and have nine lives. or otherwise… i would be Youma Chow.  maybe that or a new play toy for them to play with.

At The New Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking on Screen* This info on the monster that they were facing just now… They’re gonna need to know this. *sending the Info to the portable Ipads via Uplink* The girls will need to know this.

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Grandma Rikku: *Hearing beeping coming from the Portable Ipad on the Table* What is that? What the heck is that sound? *Looking at the Ipad and catching some message coming in through the wire* Looks like the girls are getting a message. Must by from the Watchtower. I’ll leave it for them to tend to.

At King John’s house…

Prince Arnold: *Looking at the screens* The situation has been contained.

Prince Avery: For now… yes. *Looking at the Live Cams and reading the Portable Ipad* But for how long… is uncertain.

Prince Curtis: Well… whatever happened out there… I’m gonna let my girlfriend know about it. She is working for the School Newspaper. She’s gonna be a reporter and i promised her that i’d give her the scoop whenever there was something to give.

Prince Avery: That is very courteous of you. But if you do. Be sure to be Privy on some of the stuff that you tell her. There are things that she can not know about.

Prince Curtis: What for? *feeling trusting* She’s a very understanding person… she knows what to say. This is like her dream. She wanted to be a reporter. i have to confess thought that for a while i didn’t even know that she was working for the school newspaper. i mean that she never even told me that she was on the team. then yesterday… she lays the fast ball on me. She tells me that she’s on the School Newspaper and has been since the beginning of the school year. Nice, huh?

Prince Arnold: Yeah. It’s a nice surprise and then some. I know that i’d be surprised if i had a lady friend or a girl of my own and she had a shocking secret that she waited upon telling me.

Prince Avery: That is nothing compared to the girl i have. She’s part of the Ice-Skating league for the city here. She’s Part of the Metropolis Ice-Skating league and She’s got the attraction for all things like Agent 007.

Prince Curtis: Ah! A James Bond fan. How very original.

Prince Arnold: Very. *Looking at the Ipad* And in light of good news for us… We’re in the clear. The problem is gone. The activity at the Metropolis Fountain… is at a stand still. It’s done gone cold Turkey.

Suddenly as they were talking…

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in* Hey. You guys heard from the tower?

Prince Arnold: *Scoffs* Yeah. the tower sent us Info. Something about a creature called Plasmus.

Prince Alvin: Plasmus?

Prince Curtis: That’s right. We saw as the message came in.

Prince Avery: We have belief that the girls might have gotten the same Message.

Prince Curtis: *Looking at the Message on the Ipad informing about the creature that was sighted* “Plasmus- A Sludge like creature that may look lethal but is actually upon further studies considered to be classified as a symbiote. While his original form is human, he involuntarily transforms into a large purple ooze monster whenever he is awake. An ongoing Monstrous change whenever he awakens from slumber.  As a result, whenever he is in custody, he is put into a soundproof stasis tank to prevent him from transforming. to better suppress the monster of which he becomes when he awakens for the slumber. There has been no attempt to reverse the process of his transforming into a monster as there is no cure. “

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the message and sighs* So… that thing which is human only when in slumber has no cure to reverse the process of which it becomes this humongous walking Sludgy nightnare. The girls will have a field day with this one. That’s a fact.

Prince Avery: Well… Tonight I’m gonna be out staking out the park to keep watch for mysterious sightings.

Prince Curtis: *Nods* That’s a wise idea. But you shouldn’t do it alone.

Prince Arnold: that’s right. Not like this. Someone should go with you.

Prince Avery: Who?

Prince Alvin: You could always plead with one of the league members and see if they’ll Join in the stake-out.

Prince Curtis: Right…

That night…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In Raven’s room…

Raven: *Meditating in peace*


Raven Paused and looked up and sensed something up in her room…

Raven: *Looking around and seeing some high-tech gadgets placed within her room* Who’s been in my room? *Seeing a note closeby* Okay… Someone was in here… They left a note here. *With her mind bringing the note over to her and reading it* “To Raven… You’re part of the team and part of the girls lives. it is only natural that you got set up with the tech as well. I hope that this will suffice to you. There is no thanks required. The girls need you and you need them. i am sure that with your capabilities and knowhow… you’ll be putting these to wonderful use. Watchtower is always open to you as it is open to the girls. If the day comes that you are in need of extra protection… we got the tech to help. You’re not alone. Neither are the girls. We’re all family. That isn’t gonna end. here’s to making it count. Good luck. Your technical supplier and info possessor … The Slickest Blonde, Watchtower.” *Looking at the tech in her room and reading the camera’s* Okay… I guess that i am with the tech too. *Looking at her clock* … *Sighs* I Should not leave the house in the middle of the night like this. but something doesn’t feel right. The creatures that the girls have beat and that i came across came from somewhere. I better go and check it out.

Paige: *Knocking on the door* Raven?! You okay in there?

Raven: *Opening the door* What. Something wrong?

Paige: No. Just checking to see if you’re okay. You didn’t really say too much on the way back home and Pearl and i were concerned. Dinah was rather wondering too. Because, We saw that you were well… a bit beat from the attacks that came today. The battle earlier today and we felt rather terrible.

Raven: *With a sigh* I know. I did take a beating and it got me close to cracking out my dark side. The Other side of me. and it didn’t let it out because it would most certainly scare you. It would also scare Pearl…and Luna.

Paige: Is that what you’re worried about? *Gasps and scoffs* Raven… There is something that you need to know. We know about the other side. Luna came to us last night again and sensed it… She told us that she sensed the darkness coming from you… but also saw as though you were suppressing it alot. Luna… is not normal as you might think she might be… She’s a Senshi as you already know… but She’s also part cat. From the moon Kingdom. from a 1000 years in the past. She is sensitive to presences and Aura’s. She sensed something from you several times. An Evil side. But it doesn’t change her admiration of you. ours either. We still like you. Because to us. You’re not the daughter to someone who is Probably Evil in ever sense of the word. You’re a human. with powers that aren’t like normal. You’re strong and flexible. You’re our friend.

Raven: *Nods* I understand.

Paige: Pearl, Dinah and i are planning to head off to see a movie at the theater. Probably go out for Pizza tonight since our grandma couldn’t make any dinner tonight and had to go to work. She had to instruct a dance class. Want to come along?

Raven: I kinda was thinking about doing some Meditating. for the night. To retain some calm. But Sure… Sounds like fun.

Paige: Pearl and Dinah are downstairs waiting and set to go… we’re going over to see the New Twilight movie. Breaking Dawn parts 1 and 2. They’re showing them back to back.

Raven: Swell.

Paige: As you can tell, we’re into romance and movies that have that kind of action but sensibility. Among others. Dinah is into the action and the pulsing fights. She loves the explosive fights.

Raven: What about Pearl? What is she into?

Paige: She’s into Romance and anything that is with a sweet message. Like inspiration lines. There are movies like Nim’s Island. Clueless… 9 to 5. Just one of the boys, there are other movies too that have a reaching message. But if it’s got romance… she’s all for it.

Raven: Nice. Nothing demonic… right?

Paige: Her? Nah-uh. She’s not into the demonic movies. Like The Omen, Damien; Omen II and the Final Conflict. The Omen IV. and the 5th one they’ve come out with. Pearl will not watch those. Ever. Betty and Angel won’t touch them either.

Pearl: *Calling up to Paige* Come on Paige… Raven. The night life is wastin’ and it’s not slowing down. we’re gonna miss the movies that are showin’. Besides the seats are filling up and people are squeezin’ to see it.

Dinah: Besides that… after the movies we’re all goin’ for Pizza and a good walk through the park. to get a load off. We need it after the day we had. it’d give us all time to talk. Luna is going out to meet her friend. So it’s just us 4 girls.

Paige: *Looking at Raven* Sounds like we got a girls night out. Ever have girls night with anyone on Azarath? Or at the tower you mentioned?

Raven: No. In fact… i was more like a cold one there. As i ought to be the same here. Only because of my powers being controlled by my emotions. The more i feel… the more i release. But i’ll be controlling the emotions while i’m out.

Paige: It’s okay. If anything gets to you… just cover your eyes. Just think of something that takes your mind off of the sight. Sometimes thinking of something that makes you feel calm or happy does the trick. It works every time. *Running downstairs* Come on.

Raven: *Putting her hood up with telekinesis and dark energy* …. *Hovering out of her room and closing the door to her room* I saw the stuff in my room and i am gonna just warn everyone. “No one should ever go into my room.”

Paige: I won’t go into your room. no one will. I will be sure to tell this though… If anyone goes in your room… they better have a warrant.

Raven: NO! Not even then. The stuff in my room is too dangerous for anyone to go near or for anyone to touch.

Pearl: *Overhearing* Okay, it will be okay, Raven… no one will go inside the room. Ever. Don’t get over hysterical.

Dinah: That’s right… besides… after that one day walking inside that room. we saw things that made wish that we never attempted to step foot inside. It’s a room where tough girls shall fear to tread.

Pearl: it’s a room that i will never be caught walking into again. no matter what is pulling me in. one time in the room is enough for me.

Paige: Right.

At the Metropolis Park…

Prince Avery: *Hiding behind a Bush looking over to watch out for any signs of monster appearances* Hmm… Nothing here. That is strange. really really strange.

Summer: *Walking over to Prince Avery* Prince Avery… What are you doing?

Prince Avery: *Looking at Summer* Don’t speak so loud. this is a stake out. the Fountain is a focal point for some bad activity. Anything could be stirring in the center here… The Fountain… Summer is also a portal. A gateway to another dimension. A Portal. To a place called Dark Kingdom…

Summer: *Kneeling down and looking at Prince Avery and whispering* Are you sure that it’s there? Whatever it is…

Prince Avery: I don’t know. but the thing is that the Fountain has been spewing some random activity. The Activity comes and goes and sometimes flares up.

Summer: *Shaking her head* You are messing around with me… Aren’t you? *Catching the serious expression on Prince Avery’s face* Wha—  You’re serious about this… aren’t you? *Sighs and concerned* Something is going on… isn’t there? *Scoffs* Prince Avery… What is going on here? What on earth are we dealing with?

Prince Avery: *With his Element as a weapon drawn* in a word. Evil. Darkness.

Summer: I don’t believe this… where are these things coming from?

Prince Avery: That’s the mystery. That is the biggest part yet to figure out. we don’t know. There is belief that people have made reports of seeing the Fountain spewing fire and Electricity. there were reports of people losing their energy as soon as they were to walk past it… they would get tired and just faint.

Summer: Is there any explanation to what’s causing it?

Prince Avery: No. there isn’t. the only thing that i can tell you though is that it is coming from the fountain and it’s the gateway. The portal is threatening to reopen and right now even though it is actually just a bit of a over zealous heat signature… There is still the part where it could reopen. it’s about to reopen. sometime soon. It’s been opened once before. and that was when there was the great Evil being unleashed upon the world.

Summer: *Looking at Prince Avery; confused* Prince Avery… i am lost. What was it that you meant by that?

Prince Avery: Well… what i mean by that is just the fact that a couple years ago… we dealt with the Dark Kingdom and the Forces of Beryl. the first time… it was aggravating. We had to deal with the Youma’s… the Senshi’s past lives and Beryl’s Flunkies who were once before the 4 loyal soldiers of Prince Endymion. Long story all in itself… but… Long tale way short… Last time we dealt with her… it was a constant headache and the prevention of the Great Evil. Which we all had to fight. and then fight the princess. Like i said Dove… Long story.

Summer: I think i get the gist of it all. Wow! So from the summary of all that… the history behind the Queen is terrible… Are you sure that the Queen… whoever she is will come back?

Prince Avery: That’s what we are hoping against. because if she does come back… we’re all gonna be in a mess of trouble. And there is a girl we know and are currently protecting.

Summer: Who?

Prince Avery:  Summer, Don’t worry. She is just a girl that came to us in search of some help. Because someone is after her. It’s someone named Raven. She is not like other girls. But she’s not getting at me. She’s staying with my cousins. You know them. Paige, Pearl and Dinah—

Suddenly the Fountain begins to react and starts to spew out some fire and then adding some dark energy and then Plasma.

Prince Avery: The Fountain is starting to cough up some activity… Summer, get the hell out of here, Love. You don’t want to be here if this Fountain decides to make with spewing out some spirits or demons or creatures. There could be trouble.

Summer: Shouldn’t you be calling for help?

Prince Avery: No. Not yet. not yet. there is nothing coming out at the moment… but the Fountain is making some activity. There is only elemental activity. nothing else. But the idea of calling them is a good move. Because it is possible that they will need to be called if this turns out to be something more. All i can do for now is watch. Watch and just pray that nothing more happens or starts up.

Summer: And what if something more does manage to occur. You’re just one person. Granted that you are a hero and one of the Rhapsody brothers as you say that you are… but how are you gonna be able to handle what is going to come out of that fountain… if anything does manage to creep out of the fountain and up to the surface?

Prince Avery: I don’t know. but i’m gonna see on opting for a means of back up.

However as for Prince Curtis…

Megan and Prince Curtis were just coming out from the movie.

Megan: That was a lovely movie, what did you think of it, Prince Curtis?

Prince Curtis: *Walking with his love* It was indeed a good movie, it was better having you there with me though.

Megan: *While walking, spots Raven, Paige, Pearl and Dinah having a girl’s night out* Look, there’s Raven with your cousins.

Prince Curtis: *Looking to where Megan was pointing at and seeing Raven, Paige, Pearl and Dinah* Lets stop and talk with them.

Megan: *Starting to walk over to them with Prince Curtis, but realizing they didn’t see them* Oh, they don’t realize we’re here.

Prince Curtis: *Taking Megan’s hand and holding it in his hand* Why don’t we take a peaceful, romantic walk through the park?

Megan: *Holding her boyfriend’s hand* That would be lovely. *Walking to the park with Prince Curtis*

At the park Minutes later…

Prince Curtis: *Walking through the park with Megan* It’s a nice night out, isn’t it love?

Megan: *Feeling the cool breeze brush against her face and through her hair* It certainly is. Peaceful too. The Sky is clear and sparkling.

Prince Curtis: *Smiling and continues walking with Megan and suddenly looking up at the stars in the sky* The stars in the night sky look amazing, just like you.

Megan: *Blushes* Awww!

Prince Curtis: *Suddenly seeing Prince Avery standing not far from where he and Megan were and walking over to him with her* What’s happening, bro?

Megan: What’s up, Prince Avery?

Prince Avery: *Looking to see his brother Prince Curtis and Megan walking over* Well… If it isn’t Metropolis’s happy love couple. Nice night for a Date. Bad night for peace. As for what’s up…  There is nothing. Nothing at the moment, just keeping an eye out for any activity. But the thing is that the Fountain is spouting out some fire, Lightning and Plasma. Acting up in that way.  It seems like the portal is opening or is threatening to open. It’s spouting some heat signatures apparently and it’s not too good. There is belief that the intergalactic Demon known as Scath. or Shall we say Trigon will try and come through a portal to earth. Thing is that…we know different. Don’t we, Brother? *Keeping an eye out on the Fountain and seeing the activity flaring up*

Megan: What’s that? Trigon? Who is Trigon? *Suddenly scared and worried*

Prince Curtis: Trigon is said to be this Intergalactic Demon. who was sent into Limbo. by a secret order. Imprisoned. The only thing is that he comes through someone… Not something. This Fountain is the link to a alternate universe called The Dark Kingdom. The home and domain known for Queen Beryl. She is the Queen of Dark Kingdom. She’s one bad Queen. She was the one that broke into the Moon Temple on the Moon Kingdom and stole power that was forbidden. Forbidden and sacred. she stole it and used it to awaken a great Evil known as Queen Metaria. but 1000 years later… our family got pulled into the past life of a group of senshi’s and the fight to stop Beryl. We stopped her and well buried her. Or the Princess did. She nearly ended the world but Pearl and her weapon counteracted the power and nullified it to just one city. but the Dark Kingdom crumbled and buried Beryl. We thought that it killed her. however… this is her… it has to be her. This must be the portal which Beryl will come through. This is the Portal to Dark Kingdom. This Fountain is what Beryl is trying to use to bust through. If she is alive The fountain here is where she’ll come through. *Seeing the scared look in Megan’s eyes*

Prince Avery: It’s Beryl trying to come through alright. If she is alive. *Knowing this time it was to target Raven* Could she know about Raven?

Prince Curtis: Not sure.

Megan: What’ll we do?

Summer: *Clearing her throat* Are you sure that this is the best time to mention about the danger? I think that there is something coming out of the Fountain.

Prince Avery: Good thing that i got my Plasma prepped to fire.

Prince Curtis: *Starting to Emit Electricity* Megan… you better stay at a distance. This is gonna be a little ugly.

Megan: *Seeing some shadows coming out* I think that we better go while we can. *Turning to see a shadow creature coming towards her* Oh god… *Getting grabbed* Ah!

Prince Curtis: *Turning to see Megan in the clutches of a Shadow creature* What in the…? MEGAN!!!! *Firing some shots of Electricity at the Shadow creature* Get your grubby hands off of her. Let her go right now. *Glowing with the Electric Element; Chanting a incantation suddenly out of impulse* “Electric Fire… generator’s delight… sparks a flyin’ giveth the flight. Raging thunder… raging electric entrapment. Start a chain of electric fury” *Aiming at the Shadow creature holding grip of Megan* Electric Force of PAIN!

Megan: *Freed from the Shadow Creature’s grip* Oh god… that was truly spooky. Prince Curtis, i”m gonna go home where it’s safe.

The Shadows began to Dissipate and vanish. Within seconds they were all gone and the Fountain went back to silence…

Prince Avery: *sighs* Well… that was a strange occurrence. But the activity is done now. it’s dead.

At King John’s House…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the Screen and watching the activity on screen* What the hell is that? *Looking at Prince Arnold* See if you can get a fix on that. Where is that sighting located?

Prince Arnold: *Working on the Camera’s and getting a fix on the activity* I’ll try. Can’t promise though. *Spotting the Camera pausing to lock on the smoke coming from the ground* I… uh, got a fix on the location of the activity. It was the fountain again… It was acting up again. It died down to a silent status. But there is a recording of recent activity.

Prince Alvin: Play it.

Prince Arnold: *Playing the recording*

Minutes later…

Prince Alvin: This is deeply grave. The Portal or gateway is coming alive more and more. but the only good thing is that the power it has currently isn’t strong enough. Thankfully. Let’s hope that it stays that way. We’re gonna need to be careful and see to it that the Fountain is in a silent stasis. calm. Prince Arnold… Call Watchtower. Have her keep all focus on the Fountain. At least one of the Cameras on the Watchtower Orbiter. on the Activity coming from the Fountain.  we need to get a step ahead of the activity. The girls need it as well.

Prince Arnold: As you wish.

A couple hours later…

At the Metropolis Theater…

Paige: That was a really emotional and excellent finale. Those Volturi were so cruel.

Dinah: No kidding! I was totally freaking out by that one scene… Seeing that Carlisle’s head was taken off the body… It was so freaky. I wanted to scream. Then taking Jasper’s head…  I was just with anger… i was like: “OH No they didn’t just do that… They did not just do that. Someone better bag those dirtbags before i lose it.” I was pissed.

Pearl: *Giggles* I know. You must have turned 50 shades of red over that… it was crazy.

Paige: Well…That was nothing compared to the part where Bella almost kicked the heck outta Jacob after learning that he imprinted on her daughter. It was the Wolves Most absolute law. Unbreakable. Whoever the wolves imprint on… can not be touched. It’s their most absolute law. Unbreakable. it can’t be changed.

Dinah: What about the first part of the Movie Breaking Dawn? The part where Jacob as a Wolf stood up to Sam. “I… will… NOT! I am the grandson of Ephraim Black. I am the grandson of a CHIEF! I wasn’t born to follow you, or anyone else!”

Paige: I know… that was truly Classic.

Raven: *Shaking her head* I enjoyed the movies. but the part that got me a little disturbed was the part where they severed a couple heads from the bodies. That got me thinking of my dark side and what i would be capable of if i were to let the dark side out. or lost control.

Pearl: It’s a bit scary when you think about it. Imagine if that really happened. There would be a certifiable nightmare…

Paige: *Voice-over* We knew about the dark part of Raven and knew about how some things would remind her of her dark origins. of what she could possibly do if she were dark. But we were trying to get her to be more like human and have compassion which she showed. She was being rather open to us however… it was not all that opened with her. She had things about her that she did not want to tell us for she feared it to be the part that would scare us away. We couldn’t really blame her. we couldn’t blame her for she was just scared of being seen as nothing other than Half Demon and nothing more. We felt it and knew it was hurting her as well as hurting us. But we were not gonna give up. Raven had a problem. One called Trigon and the possible prophecy that she would someday have to fulfill. It scared us when we had to think about that possibility. we were scared. but as for what Raven knew… we were dumbfounded and knew that till we knew for sure… and not going by just some Data that we were pressed with… we played it to where we never knew and for the time being… it worked. it was gonna work. But for how long? And till when? Right now… it was way too early. All we knew was that the issues that were to follow were about to unfold. This was gonna lead to something more. Only question was… were we ready? We girls didn’t know what to expect. and all we could do… was nothing more but play it by ear.  A moment at a time….

Paige: I love how the movie ended. It was so romantic.

Pearl: I know. It had a very romantic feeling about it. The part where the Guy Edward had to change her to save her. Because the unborn kid broke her back and killed her. Jacob was being a little harsh on Edward. “I won’t kill you. That’d be too easy. You deserve to live with this.” Right to Edward who was losing his wife. And before Sam Uley in Wolf form could close in with the pack of Wolves. to kill the Cullens and Kill the little baby. Jacob had to go in and do it before they could but as he was about to close in to do it… something hit him… It was like a Vision. and saw the baby as someone he was destined to protect. he for the longest time wanted Bella to be his and thought that she would be the one… only to find that it was the baby. and remembers what he once told Bella and the Vision comes with his voice… and visions of what the new born girl would be like. and what he’d be like with her. protecting her. “It’s like gravity. Your whole center shifts. Suddenly, it’s not the Earth holding you here. You would do anything, be anything she needs. A friend, a brother, a protector.” 

Dinah: That kinda got me a bit hearing it. For some reason it made me feel something deep for my boyfriend. like as though before he met me… he would be one to be like some protector. he mentioned it to me the other week. A week before Raven arrived. He told me that he had a feeling… a Dream  Since she came… we see or hear *Looking at Pearl* that you were with her. it’s like you and her bond best. You see the sensitive side in her that we see but yet we try to be neutral about it. But as much as we like to think that we’re all her protectors. We’re not. I think that… Pearl… call me nutty and practically sleazy to even come out with it… but i think that you were chosen to be the protector of Raven in the end. When the end really does come. If it ever comes.

Pearl: What?! *Looking at Dinah* Dinah, we just saw the movies of Twilight. Breaking Dawn… parts 1 and 2… back to back. You just now come with this?

Raven: *Looking ahead to see a Mugging* We should go and get something to eat. but first… excuse me for a second. i’m gonna be right back. *Hovering off to the outside and using Intangibility going through the wall and going outside and using a little black energy to Pull the Mugger away from the victim and sending the Mugger to the top of the pole and hanging him there*

A Minute later…

Paige: What did you just do?

Raven:  Nothing really. Just foiled a Mugging. Just something that a hero does. the Battles with Villains isn’t the only thing that makes a hero a hero.

Pearl: we know that. But that was really sudden. You just stopped that mugging. and punished that guy good. *Looking up at the pole* How are the cops gonna pull that guy down?

Dinah: They’re gonna need help. I think that they’re gonna need a cherry picker to pluck that guy down off that pole.

Raven: ……

Pearl: Let’s go for some Pizza.

Dinah: Yeah. *Hearing her Stomach rumbling* Dang, I am starving. I need something to eat before my insides become an example of the battle of the masses.

Paige: And that is nothing compared to my stomach wanting to rip a pound of meat off itself. Just the smell of food right now is making me queasy because i am just starving. i could eat a pizza and a half.

Dinah: Let’s go.

Two weeks later…

Nov. 18th 2025

At Metropolis High School…

In World History 2…

Pearl: *Sighs* I feel worried about Dinah. She’s gonna be having that moment with her love tonight and she’s scared.

Prince Avery: Well… hopefully nothing gets in the way of it. Dinah is entitled to having that moment. She’s been with him since the other year. it’s been about like 3 years.

Pearl: She has been through so much. and i think that given the circumstances between her and Shingo. they have become stronger for it. Alot stronger. But Dinah did mention to me that it’s somehow because he felt as though he’d lose her. Because of his mother. His mother was planning to send him to Tokyo U to accept a Scholarship. Dinah thinks that his mother is trying to break them up. Shingo feels it too but is scared to mention it or stand up to his mother about it. He wants to stay. Dinah feels that he wants to stay and knows that he does.

Prince Avery: So… What’s he gonna do?

Pearl: I don’t know.

Mr. Riley: *Overhearing the conversation* Prince Avery… Pearl. I don’t think that now is the perfect time to be talking about your personal lives.

Pearl: Sorry. It’s just been a trying week. My sister Dinah is having a stressful time with her boyfriend. It’s reached that time where they get… you know… serious. But it is hard on her. It’s not something that should be discussed in class. but i am just typically worried about her.

Prince Avery: same with me. I happen to be worried too. But it’s not our life. It’s hers. but there isn’t a thing that we can do about it. At least not right now. All we can do is just be there for her.

Pearl: ….

At Break…

In the Cafeteria…

Dinah: *Sitting at the table and Thinking* Tonight’s the night that Shingo and i do it. His mother is gonna be gone for a few days with his supposed father and won’t be back till a few days later. *Sighs and nervous about the coming romantic moment* What am i gonna do? What will i do? I am not ready. Shingo is being pushed to make a decision that is too soon still because he wants to stay and his mother is trying to pull us apart. That isn’t right. *Groans* Damn it. Shingo and i Love each other and can’t bare to be far apart. not in 2 different countries. Someone needs to stand up and put an end to the attempts on pulling us apart.

Prince Alvin: *Walking over from the side* Dinah, Got a minute?

Alice: *Walking with her boyfriend* There is something that you need to know.

Dinah: *Groans* What isn’t there to know? I am just with alot on my mind about tonight and the future between my boyfriend and me. Tonight is that night where me and him will be sealing that deal. Tonight is that night and i am scared to death. The thing that hurts is that this is being rushed all because his mother is trying to break us up. Which need i remind you… IT ISN’T FUNNY! *Releasing a quick fast breath and calms down* Sorry. It’s just a testy day for me.

Prince Alvin: *Stunned* Wow! It’s that bad, Huh?

Dinah: Well, on the part of the mother wanting to tear us apart. Yeah. it is. You know how she’s doing it… I will fill you in. She’s doing it by sending him to Tokyo U. Pushing him to accept the Scholarship that was granted to him. He wants to stay and of course. the other day i managed to get him to cough out the real reason he is going to Tokyo U. and that was when i found out that it was his mother behind it all. He was being the victim. He’s being coerced to want to accept it. He told me her exact words. Her words were: “I am doing this to pull you away from that girl. She’s a troubled girl who will only get you into nothing but danger. she isn’t good. She is a loose wire and gets into danger everyday. She back talks people and is disrespectful and you have started to be like that. It is not like you. I am gonna do everything possible to see to it that you two break up. I do not want her for a Daughter in law. anyone who loud mouths and back talks adults is no sweet girl.” I am gonna go over to his house after school. and i am gonna have words with her. He maybe her son. She maybe his mother. but she doesn’t have any right to control his heart and decide who his heart should love and not love.

Alice: Dinah… As much as you don’t want to hear it… you need to know. Even though you do not like his mother for what she’s doing. You can’t tell her how to raise her son. He is her son. It hurts to know that she is trying to break you and your boyfriend up. but she has that right. whether you like it or not. She is his mother. I would know what it’s like to be in love with someone who has a parent who doesn’t see any support in the relationship.

Dinah: *Standing up* How the hell do you have any experience? You never had a guy to love till you met my tough and devoted cousin here. and what the crap would you know about having a parent that wouldn’t support your relationship? You said that your mother was dead since you were 6. and all you have is a father that could not give a damn what the hell happened to you. You are all alone. It’s ridiculous. but that is your life. I have a shot with Shingo and the mother is trying to ruin it.  NOT HAPPENING! Shingo knows what he wants and i do too. *Pounds on the table*

Prince Alvin: Dinah. That is enough. Alice was just speaking fact. I don’t really agree with it… but i know that we can’t fight it. It is what it sounds like. *Sighs* That isn’t why we’re here though… There is something else. The Fountain is active and has not opened a portal… but it is emitting fire, Electricity, dark energy, Light. and Plasma. There are no sightings of any monster or Villains. coming from it. but Prince Arnold snuck out of the school in between classes this morning and went to check it out.

Prince Alvin suddenly pulled out the Photo and placed it on the table in front of Dinah…


Prince Alvin: This was taken at 9 this morning, Dinah. 2 weeks ago… Prince Avery was there staking the location out and it acted up with only Fire, Electricity and Plasma. And popped out 4 Shadow creatures. Prince Curtis was on his date and he as well as Megan popped in through the park as it happened. Megan almost got scathed by it and luckily was freed from the grip of one of them.  4 days later… the same thing. but it was lighter than that. a week later…  3 days ago. it picked up and Emitted a heat reading. Lasting an hour or so… No danger… No threat. but activity is at a repeating cycle.

Dinah: What do you mean? Repeating cycle… Are you telling me that it just goes on for about a couple minutes and then repeats and starts right up again. right from the beginning and go on for a loop then just restart again. What are you… Nuts? Fountains don’t do that. That is over supernatural. It’s giving the situation a little too much high marking. Was that it?

Alice: Not really. There are also signs of purple mist and a couple of fires that are breaking from the Fountain. But what the weird part behind it all is that it’s all phantom based. There are no actual sightings of the Fountain showing activity. we have the picture telling us that there is something going on. but no one else is seeing it. Now the only thing that is legit is the fact that as soon as people walk by the Fountain… they faint and feel drained of energy. Like it’s just sucked up from their bodies.

Dinah: That is really insane. Is it still going on?

Prince Alvin: we don’t know. It stopped now. but it’s gaining more power each time it flares up. At the Rate it is going… we can expect it to officially open up in about 6 months.

Dinah: 6 Months?

Alice:  From what Watchtower has told your cousins…. it is believed to be in that time frame.

Dinah: *Thinking* Paige, Pearl and I were told the same thing… but we were assured that it was a wild theory that is uncertain still.

However, what they didn’t know was that as they were talking about the startling rise of active stasis coming from the Fountain…

At the Docks…

British Man: *Breathing deep and With a rod as a walking stick walking through the Dock and into the City* Alas… This is where i shall start my path of revolution… The Brits still have a say in this land i figure. But the blokes here have made it their own. That self righteous act they call freedom… Independence. It’s not as they preach. But No matter… These fine chaps and gents. and all the Madame’s here will be seeing their city being the first of many to be turned or seized into a British paradise quite soon.

Dock worker: *Walking by and seeing the man* Hello there… You’re a new one to these parts. Where did you come from? You from Metropolis originally?

British Man: *Shaking his head* No no… my good man. I am from Britain. I am a new native to these parts. Say there, my good lad. Do you know where i can find a place to get a nice brew?

Dock Worker: Oh yeah. There is one a couple blocks away. The Metro coffee shop. the best coffee in town.

British Man: *Nods* Thank you Kindly there, Kind sir. I’ll be heading off now and making my way into the City.

At the Metropolis Coffee shop…

Shanna: *Cleaning the tables* Three long shifts… 2 of them back to back and with hardly a break in between. *looking at the bodega area of the shop and seeing a man walking through heading towards the door* Who’s that? He’s a new one. Definitely not one of the local people that usually come here. He looks like a tourist or a foreigner.

A Second later…

British Man: *Walking in and twirling his Rod in a sophisticated manner* Lovely day today.

Shanna: *Looking at the man and curiously asking* Excuse me, can i… uh… help you?

British Man: Precisely my good lass… I am a newcomer. I heard that this served the best English Tea. Earl Grey perhaps.

Shanna: *Chuckles* What gave you that idea? We do have that… but almost never sell any of it out to people. No one orders it. Not like it’s a big deal. but it is like no one likes it. Why? You want to order a cup of it?

British Man: If it’d be no trouble. I’d be wishing for a cup of the Earl Grey…

Shanna: *Grins* Hmm… Okay. I guess. Say uh… What’s your name?

British Man: Mad Sam Holmes. I am more like a British Renegade.

Shanna: A British Renegade. That’s new. I don’t believe that we get many of those around here. Actually… to be quite honest… we get none of the renegades around here. *Stops and thinks* No… That’s not true. there was one person who had come by once. he was kind of a Renegade himself. More like a Tyrant but the only thing about him that was way out there was that he was not from Earth. He was a Tyrant. He killed the Queen Mother. All to prove his power and might to us all. Zod was his name.

Mad Sam: I have heard of him. That bloody bloke killed a fine lady. A Classy woman all in herself…

Back at Metropolis High…

Cooking Class…

Pearl: *Looking at Star* I am worried about my sister Dinah.

Star: How so? Why you worried about her so much, Pearl? Something going on with her?

Pearl: Not really. Well… *Sighs and looking down a little trying to come to terms with the reality of Dinah going all in with the intimacy* My sister and her boyfriend Shingo Tsukino are gonna be having that romantic moment tonight. it’s at that level. but the part that is really awkward about the whole thing is that… there is an issue with the boyfriend’s mother.

Star: The boyfriend’s mother? Why is there a problem with the mother? What role does she have in the Romantic Bliss between girlfriend and boyfriend, Namely your sister Dinah and the guy she’s with… Uh, Who was it again? Shingo?! What’s her role in that?

Pearl: Oh… you know… the parent not thinking the love interest her child has is good enough. or whatever. the mother is trying to break them apart and figures that by attempting to send the boyfriend to Dinah away to Tokyo U… it will break them up. Everyone knows that Long distance Relationships never ever hold their own for long. they wind up breaking apart.

Star: *Scoffs* Whoa! Whoa! hold up… hold the phone… You mean to tell me that the boy’s mother is trying to break them up? What the heck for? What is she? The relationship’s own Devil’s Advocate?

Pearl: Wouldn’t we like to know?

Star: Good question. But i don’t think that we’d want to know. It’s probably better if i didn’t know. *Looking to see a shadow nearby* Uh, girl… don’t look now but… i think we have a visitor coming close.

Pearl: Really? *Turning to see Raven* Raven?!

Raven: *Shadowing in* Pearl… we got trouble.

Pearl: Trouble? Where? How?

Raven: no idea. but the—

Raven’s Buckle buzzes…

Pearl’s power Buckle buzzes…

Star: What is going on? You two got troubles going on… but the teacher over there is watching everyone today. there was said to be some bad activity going on at the park last night. shadow creatures and the whole kit and all. Even my mom was freakin’ about it. She almost didn’t want me to leave the house for fear that the creatures that came out from the fountain would come back and still be out there and try to nail me. She was spooked and i don’t blame her as i too was freakin’.

Pearl: *Looking at Raven* What’ll we do? we got to get out of here somehow.

Raven: *sighs*

Mrs. Grant: *Looking over towards Pearl and Star* Pearl… Star. What seems to be the problem?

Pearl: Nothing. We were just talking.

Mrs. Grant: I see. Well try to keep it down over there. okay. Besides that you two ought to be working on your assignments anyway.

Pearl: Yes. Sorry Mrs. Grant.

Star: *Looking at her friend and at Raven; Whispering* What are you guys gonna do? There is something happening and yet you guys are stuck here… What’re you gonna do? And even if your shadowy dark powered super friend can shift into a bird or something and take you two out of here… there is no way i can cover today. how can i? Even if i try to slip and let you two go and i make an excuse… She’s gonna be asking for you two if she happens to not see you in the room. The room is quiet and we’re just copying some recipes from the Recipe book. She’s gonna notice.

Pearl: *sighs* …..

Raven: ……

In Debate Class…

Mr. Rhodes: Mrs. Rhapsody… can i have a word with you please?

Paige: *Looking up* Uh, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong?

Mr. Rhodes: No.. No. It’s nothing wrong, Paige. I just need to have a word with you. it’s okay. You’re not in trouble.

A minute later…

Paige: …..

Mr. Rhodes: *Looking at the grades* Paige, I noticed that you have done a good amount of work. but you were still getting only C’s and D’s. Now. I am not one to ask why that is… but i would be prone to ask what the story is here that results in you only getting C’s and D’s when your work is obviously C’s and B’s possibly even A’s.

Paige: It’s because of a lowlife debate teacher by the name of Mr. Dalton. He was taking out his problems on me and accusing me and my family of killing a teacher the other year…

Mr. Rhodes: Yeah… Mrs. Rosalyn McKinley. I heard about her… She was your teacher the other year and then for a short time got sent to teach another room and someone by the name of a *Reading off the name* Princess Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody. Biological Mother of 5 and adoptive mother of 2. then when she was silenced. Mrs. McKinley came back and taught. But got killed a short time after courtesy of a heart attack. done by some stray beams of light. i know. And i know about the accusations and the reigning theories that you and your family caused it. As per to the notes of one Mr. Marquis Dalton. He believes it to be so. But that is just his input on the matter. He didn’t see the real story. I read the Daily Planet article covering that. And it was said that the energy brushed by her… but it didn’t give her a heart attack. She died at home an hour later because as you know… Houses get old. and are bound to get leaks and cracks. It cracked the gas lines coming from her house and all she did as the story digressed was light the fire in her fireplace when her house just blew up.  with her inside.  no remains. But i know that it wasn’t you or your family that did any of the things put together in these notes. The guy had a fond disregard to the Vigilante ring you’re part of. we know that heroes can’t control what happens all the time. shit happens that no one knows… or know but don’t understand. maybe not wanting to. or because they don’t care to. *Looking at the grades* You have done alot of work. Always on time. Always ready to work. Never Mouthing off. Which of course you might do sometimes when you get rubbed the wrong way… Normal for a human response. But you have been graded C’s and D’s each time. A couple of F’s too. I’m shocked to know that you are struggling. Especially when you shouldn’t be. You clearly know the material. You are a swell debater. one of the best.

Paige: *Blushes* Uh, Thanks.

Mr. Rhodes: Don’t be thanking me just yet. I know that you’re doing the work and are doing your best. but the previous grades here are showing otherwise. Now… despite that. You’re working harder. to pull in with better grades. Now… I don’t want to see you struggling. I’m here to help students pass and help them with what they need help on revolving the material. I’m gonna be here every day after school. The Material will be simple to understand. but if there is anything that you do not understand… Anything at all. You come see me. I’m here everyday all day. You don’t need to be behind on the material. I even read your Debate on Heroes. Nuisance to the city… or grateful Citizens and welcomed protectors. I got it here… *Reading a piece of it* “Heroes are what this world needs. Whether we may want them around or not. They’re needed when times are tough. to show us that even though we are in darkness. that there is endless chaos that will never end. They show us all that heroes are there to be our beacon. a light that we all look up to. People don’t realize that heroes have just as much to follow as we do. they follow as many rules as we do. We need them more than ever. They do the things that we can not. that we are unable to do. Without heroes in our lives… what would we have? Just the average heroes. who granted that they do their jobs and strive to be the best they can. but there are things that even though they go and do what they are proud to do… either it be going overseas to battle a terrorist or a villain who threatens the innocent people in the country. or to thwart a terrorist attack. or to maybe put out a fire or two. Maybe stop a mugging or come to a term of every once in a while killing a bad guy. nearly for the reason that there was just one way to make the suspect stop. Heroes that we know and see. Regular heroes can’t save the world from unseen threats. from Alien invasions. Like Drules. or Kandorians. Demons. they can’t beat them. Not like super beings can. Like heroes with powers can. They can try to fight back… try to ward them off… but to truly defeat them… They can not. The Military can only battle and beat and thwart things that are there… things that they can see. not things that they know they can’t spot. Super heroes with powers can see these things. because they deal with things like these everyday. We never know because the public never tells us. and if they do… they fabricate the details to make it out to being as though heroes are not doing their jobs. When we in our hearts know that they are as they’re the ones who go out and fight the good fight. the fight that we normal people can not see. or fight. or understand. Heroes no matter if they are super beings or not. they are the ones who lead for a better tomorrow. they are our light. So before you superhero haters go and judge the ones with powers. Stop and think about how hard you would have it if you were them. having to do what they have to do every day upon demand. Without end. Because in the end… no matter if you hate them or love them… they are who we all look up to. that we all follow. whether it be real heroes or not. These heroes give us the drive or the reason to be better than we are. to keep fighting for something greater. Even ones who are normal and have disabilities. they inspire others to strive and keep going. To never give up. To keep going that extra mile. no matter if it hurts. Heroes are needed. in times like these… Heroes are needed now more than ever. to give us a reason to hope. to feel that sense of calm. to feel Peace. Heroes are needed. Wanted or not. Heroes regular and common or Super beings with special abilities and gifts… they are needed. and we can not deny that without them… we are lost.”

Paige: *Surprised* I said that. didn’t I?

Mr. Rhodes: Yes. you did. But the teacher that was here before i stepped up was Mr. Dalton and he gave this “B+” work a “D”. But he left last week due to an unstable mind. He was ranting about demons and evil paranormal activity.

Paige: That’s terrible. Although he kinda deserved it. He was constantly bashing me and making me feel like i was worthless. He was also bashing my family. My Grandmother was close to coming and beating the hell out of him and nearly cost her; her careers. the house and we’d be up the creek with no way back. but she didn’t. there was something else that happened that i can’t explain.

Mr. Rhodes: Intriguing. but it shouldn’t be making you worry about him anymore. he is gone. He’s been committed to a Psych ward. Belle Reeve… i believe and he’s gonna be there for a pretty long time. *Looking at Paige* Paige, i’ll let you get back to your seat. but like i said before… If there is anything you need or something that you don’t get. Let me know. i’ll help where i can. However… don’t think that i am a soft person all the time. i do have a limit of things i’ll stand for and tolerate. I’ll help anyone who needs it. but won’t do the work for them.

That Afternoon…

At the Tsukino Household…

Dinah: *Sighs* Here we go. *Knocking on the Door*

The door opens…

Mrs. Tsukino: *Looking to see Dinah* Well hello there, Dinah. I see that you come to spend time with Shingo and his new girlfriend.

Dinah: *Shoots up* What?!

Mrs. Tsukino: You heard what i said. New Girlfriend. I found him here with a new girl.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Yeah… one that you set him up with. Because why? Because you don’t like me? You know what… i have had it with you. You are always trying to control his life. He loves me. You can’t accept that. CAN YOU?!

Mrs. Tsukino: No. I can’t. You’re not someone that i would want with my son. You are a couple years older than he is. You are also a loose wire. I heard about your tantrums too… Just because things don’t go how you like. You have no self control at all.

Dinah: Excuse me! You want to tell me that again. I don’t have self control. You know what… You are totally senile and oblivious to what i am like. I am not some undesirable to be thrown away. Shingo loves me. He wants me.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Standing up to Dinah* That is why i am sending him away to Tokyo U. To get him away from you. You are not worthy to be with my son. He is actually all for going to Tokyo U. I am his Mother. You are only just some girl he met.

Dinah: Yeah right! He still wants to be with me. he doesn’t want to be away. he doesn’t want to go to some School Over Seas.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Growls* He’s not sure what he wants. You had to have seduced him. And despite what you might think… he does want to go to Tokyo U.

Dinah: That’s not what he told me.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Growling even more; Barking* He’s not sure what he wants.

Dinah: *Butting heads with Shingo’s mother* You really know what he really wants from his heart? You really think that he wants that kind of life? To be taken from his life here and away from someone… who loves him. and wants to have a life with him… You really want to strip him from that gift? So be it… have at it. But if you truly think that he is wanting to go to Tokyo U… Let me give you a more obvious clue: wait for him to say the words.

Mrs. Tsukino: Fine. And i can promise you that he will.

Shingo: *Walking out to see Dinah* Dinah, You’re here early. I heard about what my mom said to you. and i’m done. I’m gonna save up all the money i have and i’m moving from here.

Mrs. Tsukino: What?!

Shingo: You heard me, mom. i am tired of you trying to hurt my girl Dinah. She is my girlfriend whether you like it or not. I am gonna be filing for Emancipation. You’ve stepped in for the last time.. You may be my mother and i Love you to death. But if you think that i’m gonna let you have a say in my matters of the heart. You’re wrong. She didn’t seduce me. i was in love with her before i even met her as i kept hearing Usagi talk about her and her sisters. i was in love with Dinah before i laid actual eyes on her. How do you explain that one… Huh? How? Oh… that’s right. You can’t. My sister is happy because she is out and married with the one she loves. that’s all fine and swell. i am happy for her. But now it’s my turn to be happy. You can’t even be happy for me. That is really crappy. You know that? Really Crappy.

Dinah: Where will you live though Shingo?

Shingo: There is a back secret room at a place nearby that i heard about. I can make a deal with the one who rents it out and stay there. and for the record, Mom. I am 16. You can’t even get the age right.

Dinah: What about tonight?

Shingo: I’ll be ready for that. tonight.

Dinah: *Smiles* Okay.


When Dinah pulled up to the house…

Grandma Rikku’s house…

Paige: *Looking to see the Screens picking up activity* What is that?

Pearl: What is what?

Paige: *Looking up to see a reading* That. The Camera’s are picking up something and…

The Belt buckles then Buzz…

Paige: Whatever it is… It’s making our belts buzz in reaction.

Raven: *Seeing something flashing close by* We are gonna find out. *Using Telekinesis and bringing the Ipad over to Pearl*

Dinah: *Walking in* What’s going on?

Paige:  Well… it’s about time you got here, Dinah. We got trouble. Something just broke in to us.

Pearl: It just came in.

Dinah: *Walking over and seeing the Screen* What do you mean? *Looking up and seeing a sighting of a man* Whoa… Who the heck is that? *Seeing the Ipad;  Getting a reading* Here. Let me see that. *Putting up the info and sending it to the overhead* A British man stopped into Metropolis by a boat near the noon hour today. He was first spotted at the Docks then minutes later was reported to be seen at the Metropolis Coffee Stop. Where Shanna works. No occurrences there. but then a little later. estimated guess would be an hour later… he was reported to be seen at the Metropolis City Hall where he was seen and had been there ever since. What he is doing there… there are no reports but whatever he’s up to, It’s not subtle.

Pearl: Should we respond?

Paige: I think that is a question that is morally deemed unnecessary. Pearl, we should respond.

Dinah: If we wish to respond… we better do it before tonight. Tonight is you know what and being fashionably late… it’s not really my thing.

Paige:  Your fling of one night stand of stardom will have to wait, Dinah… The love and bliss sounds nice… but there is something going on and we got to go and derail it.

Raven: *Looking to see Luna missing* Where’s Luna?

Pearl: She’s outside talking with Artemis.

Dinah: No she’s not.

Paige: Of course she is.  We got here a little before you arrived and barely looked to the side when we saw Artemis there… Luna stayed around and began to speak to him.

Dinah: Maybe so, but to be quite honest and i don’t enjoy being the sour informer… but When i pulled up a few minutes ago, I didn’t see a sign of her anywhere. Neither her or Artemis.

Raven: Want me to see if i can find them?


Luna: *With Artemis* You guys…there is bad news. The Metropolis City hall just got hit.

Artemis: That’s right. It was hit. just Moments ago and Minako was there to sign a deal to make a new single track. She was there when it happened. I was there too.

Paige: That mean only one thing. We must get over there and fight this guy… whoever he is off.

Pearl: That’s right. We’ve got to fight him. But there is one thing that gets me about him. Who is he? Do we even know who it is?

Dinah: *Looking up the name* … *catching the name* Uh, Okay… this is really bizarre. New name and not common for a Villain or a man… or Woman. But this guy’s a British. A British man who goes by the name Mad Sam Holmes. *Reading the info on the Villain* He’s a British transponder who is obsessed with all things British. All things that speak on Brit .. He comes from Britain. According to the files here… He was accused of Robbing a Bank and it’s said here that he stole 40,000 Pounds of British Currency. He doesn’t see anything but British  Hates Americans. but hides it with subtlety and abrasive cunning repose. He was reported or known to be the thief of ages. He left the British Country 3 weeks ago and fled the country. This guy sounds like he is a two face jackal. He is nice then mean… but sublimely neutral. Oh… and get this… he robbed the Bank with a Rob. every time he robbed the bank… he’d have his Rod and he’d point it and shoot out some infra red beam of Anti-matter that would stun an elephant with just a millisecond of contact. like a flash that is an equivalent to the flash from a camera.

Paige: How did he get here though?

Pearl: Don’t know. The Power on the rod of his must be due to a red Gem. A Ruby. Like Raven’s Jewel. A Red Jewel. But her’s is like a Mantra. but this guy’s Gem is like a Crystal. It’s got to be a Red crystal. He must be attracted to red because he’s in for the blood of the win. He uses it for power. It’s like a fixation to him because he used it so long that he believes it to be like a security blanket to him. a brush for power and has made successful attempts of robbing banks and stealing from people. Burglarizing people by that Rod because he figures that the only way to win is to use that Rod. His whole Ego is Shoot first… Stun them before making the move to grab and flee. That’s probably what he did to get here… he used the Rod to stun someone… and then when they were not looking… ran to the boat and hijacked it. He’s the kind that is possibly obsessed with British life and crave a world that is British that he drives his ambition to turn anything he comes across British. The Gem looks like an Heirloom of some kind. Like a family crest of some sort.

Dinah: So… this guy’s got this Gem that he uses to make his getaway more common. What is he then… A Fugitive?

Luna: Let’s go. now.

Paige: Right. *Looking at her sisters* Girls, Transform. Now! We’re going. *Looking at Raven* … *Nods*

Dinah: You ready to soar on the fly, Raven?

Raven: No idea what that means, but ready or not… we got a job to do.

Out front A Minute later…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing*

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing*

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lightning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* … *Doing her Pose*

Artemis: *Transforming* Tuxedo Moon Power!

Seconds later…

Tuxedo Artemis: *Posing with his Moon Blades* The Fury and graceful might of the Moon… Tuxedo Artemis. On behalf of the moon… You shall be brought to Justice!

Metropolis City Hall…

Mad Sam: *Walking around with his staff and Smiling at his successful win of City Hall* Aha! The win of City Hall. I wouldn’t have thought that i’d be to win these Blokes over with a little persuasion. I got this place eating from the palm of my hand. Soon, My word will be law.

Minako: *Looking at Mad Sam* You will never win. The Rhapsody Girls Z! Will stop you.

Mad Sam: *Moving his finger back and forth in front of Minako* Tut tut! I don’t think so, My valiant ducky… i don’t think so at all. They can’t hope to stop me. What can they do to stop me, My lass?

Miss Love: *Flying in; Landing* Wouldn’t you like to know? I hear that you’ve been causing trouble here. I don’t think it’s funny. not one bit. *Looking at the girl on the ground* Minako?! You okay?

Bubble Maiden: *Flying in; Landing* You are a British obsessed Maniac. You need to just surrender.

Mad Sam: *Looking at the girls* Who are you?

Thunder Mistress: *Busting into the room* Don’t be worrying about who we are. Who you’re gonna be is beaten and put in Jail. Jail food… gotta love it. it’s gonna taste a whole lot better than a Knuckle sandwich.

Mad Sam: 3 girls talking rudely to an elder. Tsk tsk. That is unsporting of you to do. You have no manners.

Raven: *Hovering in*

Sailor Luna: *Poised ready to fight*

Tuxedo Artemis: *Looking at the man* For a man… You’re not much to look at. You are a Brit with a Rod that you hold off like a protective charm. Do you have no better use for your time than to make trouble?

Mad Sam: Why of course, My fine gent. i’ll surrender… only if you can bow down to British Law. Besides This is supposed to be British land. You filthy Americans and your sense for freedom. poppycock and rubbish i dare say. The idea of  living under such false beliefs… Shame… Shame My dear fair duckies. For shame. You know better than that.

Miss Love: It is none of your concern as to how we got this country. You were not even alive back in those times. Neither were we. But if you think that we’ll be just letting you run your garbage beliefs on how we should live… You are just totally blind and belligerent.

Bubble Maiden: Besides that… we love our country. You don’t even have a green card. How did you really get here? Did you hijack a plane?

Thunder Mistress: You came here illegally. As wise and or as arrogant as you sound… You must be just steaming in a large pot of bologna.

Sailor Luna: Why don’t you either surrender or fight. Nothing you can say will change the fact that you’re a bad guy.

Mad Sam: Oh… Really, My dear lass. You really think that i am a bad guy? Well… i guess that you might want to rethink your pretty words, Little girl. *Firing his Rod at the girls* How does a taste of my British power grab you?

Miss Love: *Dodging* Whoa!

Bubble Maiden: This guy is becoming a pain.

Thunder Mistress: You know… I *Groans* am about there and getting close to firing some brutal Thunder at this guy. Maybe something that is sneaky. *Charging at Mad Sam and Trying to land some punches towards Mad Sam*

Tuxedo Artemis: *Leaping up and Landing a drop kick at Mad Sam* Hiya! Take that British Reject. Time that you came to realize that you’ve missed the decade revolving the British Invasion.

Sailor Luna: *Running over to Mad Sam and Clawing at him* Meow!

Mad Sam: *Falling backwards and then leaping back up before bouncing from one spot to another* … *Standing behind the girls* Bravo for show my fairest doves. Piping good show from you all. But i got news for you. There is gonna be a change in plans. I did mention that the American Revolution was a sham… it still is. You fair dove never really learned your history. The Americans didn’t win the Revolution by fair trade. It won be default. by a lack of skills other than cheating it’s way through the tides. It was the british that won. It wasn’t bagels… It was…. Biscuits…

Thunder Mistress: *Growls* Biscuits huh? I’ll give you Biscuits. Right in the chops. *Leaning to the side and raising her left leg before Stomping it on the floor*

Miss Love: *With Bubble Maiden* 1…. 2…. 3…. 4… 5… 6!

Thunder Mistress: *Hopping on her right foot over to Mad Sam and then Raising her left foot Kicking him in the Chops and releasing Thunder energy into  Mad Sam* Sweet Chin Thunder!

Mad Sam: *Flying into the ceiling and crashing into the wall*

Mad Mod

The scene was being formed into a hypnosis background and things were not as they’d appear. The Girls had to be straight and Vigilant…

Sailor Luna: *Watching the Villain crashing into the wall* Wow! Good shot.

Raven: *Sensing Mad Sam coming back over* The British is coming back…

Miss Love: *Sighs* here we go again!

They suddenly brace themselves for a fight from Mad Sam. Paige went into fight him and tried shooting her Hearts and Love at Mad Sam… But Mad Sam Raised his Rod and aimed it at Paige. Knocked her out with a blast from the red beam coming from the Rod. Pearl was next as she tried to go at Mad Sam and almost got him when he hypnotized her to cause her to stop and freeze. Mad Sam then used his Rod to fire a shot of Anti-Matter at Pearl and sent her Flying into the Air.  Pearl went down to the floor and smacked it hard. Dinah snuck behind the Villain and tried to get him into a hurt lock. She tried to used a move on him. It was a signature move that she remembered the dead man using and made it her own. made her version of it calling it Tombstone Thunder Pile-driver  It worked but only for a short short moment. Mad Sam got on up again and fired the rod at her…

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at Mad Sam* LUNA SUGAR DRILL!!!!

Minako: Luna… That is a good shot. Keep fighting him. *Looking at Raven* Raven… You’re in need to help. You’ve got to step in and help them.

Raven: *Looking at the girl* … Who are you? *Looking at the girl still and figuring her out* You used to be one of the fighters.

Minako: Yeah. But i am not a fighter anymore. I am just a regular person who is a pop star and yet i can still sense things. Auras and presences.

Raven: *Seeing her friends getting attacked one by one* Paige…. Pearl… Dinah! *Growls* That’s it… we’ve just had about enough of him. *Hovering over and with Telekinesis moving things; Sending them at Mad Sam* Leave my friends alone.

Mad Sam: *Firing at the things that Raven was throwing at him* Tut Tut! I don’t think so. You are not fighting fairly. *Firing Anti-Matter at Raven*

Raven: *getting knocked back after being hit by the blast*

Sailor Luna: I think that it’s my turn.  This Villain wants to play rough… let’s play.

A second later…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at Mad Sam* Luna…. Cosmic… Sugar hearts… Beam… ATTACK!!!

Raven: *Getting back up and Hovering back over; Firing a Blast of Dark Energy at Mad Sam* Azarath Metrion—-

Mad Sam:  *Firing his Ruby tipped staff at Raven and sending her flying* When shall you ever learn Dear lass. You shouldn’t be defying your elders. *Walking over to Raven*

Raven: *On the ground Struggling to get up; feeling herself losing control of her dark side*

Mad Sam: *Walking closer to Raven* I am sorry to be this way with you, My Duckies… but the British Law must be obeyed…

Paige: *Voice-over* The British law as the Villain was squawking about just began to be made reality… Mad Sam was about to Vanquish us. Knock Raven’s Lights out. But what we didn’t know was that something from within Raven had gotten loose. Was it really gonna be the new law and we all be following Mad Sam’s British law. His British Invasion… Or was it gonna be the very moment where the tables would turn on Mad Sam?

Pearl: *Voice-over* Plus it was getting short on time before Dinah’s fling of Romance begun… Duty was still active but Dinah’s night was really important to her… We had to do something to wrap it up. Unless something happened to help us out…

Raven: *In a Demonic Voice* Don’t come any closer!

Mad Sam: What’s the matter? *Mocking Raven* Are you afraid of this fine Gentleman’s British Law? Alas, you find them not to your liking?




Raven then Suddenly lost it and her Eyes went red. 2 red Eyes and she stood up and looked right at Mad Sam before growing into a 10 foot being With her cloak flowing in the air and dark tentacles came bellowing out in multiple sides.

Mad Sam: *Stunned and petrified* What the blimey is this? What is going on?

Miss Love: *Slowly Stirring* Eh… Ugh! What the hell was that?

Bubble Maiden: *Slowly Stirring* What… what was that… *Looking to her side just slightly* R-raven?!

Thunder Mistress: Was i just tossed around like a bag of fruit? i think that my brains were just scrambled. *sitting up and rubbing her head* Ugh…

Raven: *In a Demonic Voice* Come into the darkness… see what fear really is. *Launching her tentacles out at Mad Sam; Grabbing the legs and Pulling him in*

Mad Sam: *Being dragged in by Raven’s Dark Tentacles* Don’t… Please. Don’t. I’m sorry. Let me go…. Bloody Evil being.

Raven: *With red eyes and Tall; With a cloak blowing in the wind and Tentacles loosely flapping in the air; With a Demonic Voice* What’s the Matter, Mad Sam? AFRAID OF THE DARK?!

Mad Sam: *Screaming in terror as he is being pulled in and dragged* Please… No. DON’T. PLEASE!!! SOMEONE… HELP ME!!!!

As Mad Sam was about to be covered by Raven’s cloak and surrounded by darkness…

Bubble Maiden: *Looking at Raven and getting up* Oh… No! *Calling over to Raven and getting through to her* RAVEN! *Running over to Raven* Raven… Stop! Stop it.

Raven: *Snapping out of it and shrinking back to normal* …..

Thunder Mistress: *Running over to Mad Sam after Raven released him all shaken and terrified* Hold on… It’s gonna be okay.

Sailor Luna: Raven, *Looking at Raven with her back turned* What have you done? How could you do that to him? He’s a Villain, but you didn’t need to do that to him.

Raven: *Turning and still Moody; Not able to control her emotions; Hisses at Luna while with her eyes Red*

Tuxedo Artemis: …..

Mad Sam: *Shaking in terror* S-s-s-s-s-so d-d-d-d-d-d-dark. The darkness… it was so terrifying. S-s-s-s-s-s-so tragic. So d-d-d-d-d-d-d-damning. c-c-c-c-c-c-creepy.

Thunder Mistress: I know that you’re a Villain and are British scathing psycho… but you didn’t need to be put through that. *Tending to Mad Sam*

Minako: *Running over to the girls* It’s okay… Artemis and i’ll escort him to Jail. You girls go on home. You girls won’t want to deal with the press. They’re gonna be on their way soon.

Miss Love: *Nods* You got it. Girls, Let’s go. our work here is done…

Raven: *Walking off and Vanishing into the shadows and heading back to the house through the shadows*

To be Continued…


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