Chapter 78: “That’s So Raven of Azarath… Do we sense more Danger coming?”

Nov. 3rd 2022

Monday Morning…

Grandma Rikku’s House…

In the Dining Room…

Dinah: *Looking at her sisters* Paige, Pearl… I was thinking about it a bit last night about what we are gonna do about the fact that we have Raven with us. I mean that Chloe doesn’t even know that she’s here. The Professor doesn’t even know about it.

Pearl: What do you mean, Dinah? They’re sure to know by now. i mean the presence is a dead give away and the league have been in the city to watch over things. They know by now.

Paige: they don’t know yet, Pearl. Oliver is gonna be asking us why we felt it to be right to hide the fact that Raven is here with us and had been since late late friday night early saturday morning.

Dinah: *Scratching her head on the idea* That is the problem. we need to tell them. because… the longer we wait… the harder it’ll be to tell them. and if we don’t do it… and soon, it’ll be that much of a problem if they catch on to the scent and find out before we tell them. We’ll have to answer to them. Chloe is not gonna be happy.

Raven: *Walking in overhearing the conversation* So… I take it that there is a problem and you hid the truth from your friends…

Paige: *Jumps and turns to see Raven walking into the room* Morning Raven. Sleep well?

Raven: *Nods* I believe that i have… But i notice that you girls are with a problem. Anything i can do?

Pearl: Not really. unless you can find a way for our professor to not know about the fact that you’re here and we kept it a secret from him.

Dinah: They’re not gonna be happy. as it is… it’s already a liability. We kept it from them.

Paige: That’s true. Raven, You’re part of this team now. so your input is welcomed. It’s been welcomed since the night that you came into our lives. What do you think should be done?

Raven: Nothing. Nothing should be done about it right now. Feeding the flames of chaos is the last thing you girls would want.

Luna: *Walking into the Dining Room* What a night. *Yawning* Morning Everyone.

Raven: *Turning to see Luna* Morning Luna, sleep well?

Luna: I sure did. I couldn’t stop thinking about that battle the other day. It was scary. I had nightmares about it… but i was also able to shake it off. i thought about something happy and it helped me drift back to sleep.

Pearl: We all were thinking about it. It didn’t feel too good…

But while they were having their morning chat and morning meal…

At the Metropolis Power Plant…

Unknown man: *Walking in and breaking into the power supply being sent through the lines leading to the populace of the City of Metropolis* Yes… With this light power… i shall consume this city with every bit of illumination. This whole city will a living example of the largest light bulb.

Green Arrow: *Dropping in* You know… I admire your uncanny ability to think of ways to ensure that there is light that never dies. but there is a little switch up to that. People need the night time as well. There is a difference. You’re forgetting about things like AM and PM.

Unknown Man: *Stopping to look at the green Archer* Who are you?

Green Arrow: I guess that you haven’t heard. I’m one they call the Emerald Archer. And i take it that by your zealous obsession with the making of daylight. You’re the electric man. *Chuckles* Yeah… *Laughing* You’re the Electric maniac. What’s wrong? Your mom didn’t give you a balanced amount of light and dimness as a kid? Did they feed you too much of the Illumination pie?

Unknown man: *Firing a blast of Light at the Green Arrow* Dr. Illumination doesn’t cater to the desires of those who depend on darkness. I’m gonna blind this city with bright blinding lights.

Black Canary: *Dropping in* A fight in the morning time? What’s wrong? Little robin hood don’t like shadows.

Green Arrow: Ha! Very funny, Black Birdie… but this guy is about to attempt to cause the city to be plunged into never ending daylight. there is gonna be no night if this maniac succeeds.

Black Canary: Well then i guess we better knock his lights out and shatter his power fetish. Dr. Illumi-wannabe needs to learn the lesson of when to say lights out.

Dr. Illumination: *Firing a blast of light at Black Canary* Blind Birdie… can not see.

Black Canary: *Sounding off a canary cry at the Villain*

Green Arrow: *Aiming an Electronic Shorting Arrow at the Villain* Hey! Illuminating searchlight… You forgot to pay your bill… So it’s time we cut you off. *Firing the Arrow at the Villain*

Dr. Illumination: *Getting hit by the arrow and within seconds is out cold*

Black Canary: Night time for the light Psycho…

On the Road heading to Metropolis Elementary…

Pearl: *Driving* Luna, I might be a few minutes late today.

Luna: How come?

Pearl: because depending on what goes on in school today… it could take me a few minutes to break free. I can’t really explain it… but the girl Star. She’s got some papers for me and ideas that she wants to tell me. and give me papers on the ideas. Fashion tips and plus… it’s gonna be wise to introduce her to our friend Raven.

Raven: No. Please. No outside spectators. no one can be pulled into what i am. and what i can do.

Pearl: Star isn’t like that, Raven. she’s quirky and very trendy. She has an opened mind to many things.

Luna: School might not be so bad for me today. the guy will be there. And there is something really odd about him too. On Friday i saw him and i don’t know if i saw right. But the thing was that i could have sworn or thought to have seen a item in his one pocket that he pulled out. It was a ball.

Raven: A Ball? That’s news to let out. Enlightening.

Pearl: A Ball… What kind of ball?

Luna: i got no clue. but whatever it is… it was glowing. and he was somehow… *Shaking her head trying to remember after witnessing a busy weekend* talking to it. as if it was a phone.

Raven: A crystal ball? He has a Crystal ball?

Luna: I guess so. i didn’t really get a good look at it. It was a ball and it was glowing. but before i could get a clear look at it… the boy i met put it away. he tried making it seem as though he was just asking it a question and making it as if it was a magic ball that you ask it something and then shake it hoping to get an answer that you want.

Raven: Uh, that is actually dull. Those things have no magic at all.

Pearl: I wouldn’t know about that… there are those who use a multitude of ways and outlets for magic. Like a ball or a item. A conduit. something that they can use as a center for magic. For ways to communicate to other people or to spirits of old of a deceased member of their family. Someone that they lost.

Raven: It doesn’t give them a right. There are things in the magic world… dark or light. good or bad. things can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. Dark magic and sorcery is dangerous. it can lead to open a portal for demons and evil spirits to come through. Spirits that can hurt you and do damage. even possess you.

Pearl: *Thinking* I see your point on that one, Raven. The Spirit world is unpredictable. Between the world we see and the things we fear, there are doors. When they are opened, nightmares become reality. there are things about the other world that we don’t understand or will never comprehend.

A few minutes later…

At the Elementary school…

Pearl: *Pulling over* Luna, You be good and have a good day at school. Same rule applies. If you need anything at all… Call me or Dinah. We’ll be on our way quick.

Luna: Okay.

Pearl: *Handing Luna a 10* This should get you going for a couple of days during school.

Luna: *Nods*

In Smallville…

At the Watchtower…

Chloe: *Contacting Oliver and Black Canary* What’s the status on the situation at the Power plant?

Oliver: *On screen* It’s all contained now. The guy was about to make with the blinding spectacle.

Black Canary: *On screen* He was fixated with the illumination. But he’s out cold now.

Oliver: The cops came and took him away. but hopefully they can keep the guy tranquilized and knocked out cold till he’s inside a holding cell with the pretty bars baring the window. caging him like a pigeon.

Black Canary: right.

Chloe: Good work. what’s the status on the other…

Oliver: The Mystery girl? No. No sighting yet. There is no presence of her busting by.

Black Canary: There is no breakout of her. I don’t think that she’s even coming. We already went through this before. that girl is nowhere to be found. Or maybe she is but hasn’t been using much energy to make it easy to sense or trace back to where she may be.

Chloe:  *Suddenly suspecting something* Check on the girls.

Oliver: Paige, Pearl and Dinah?

Black Canary: Why?

Chloe: I don’t know. But the other day Paige called me and asked me for information on a creature that she and her sisters had fought days before. Info about a creature by the name of Overload.

Oliver: Overload? I don’t think that name registers.

Chloe: I don’t know… but when Paige called, she said that her sisters and her were talking about it and discussing it. but they made as though they know the name of the creature. but the fact of the matter was that they didn’t know. Paige said something that they were informed of the name and told of it. by someone. I am beginning to think that they are hiding something… or someone. They’re in school now. or should be.

Oliver: Want us to go and take a look to see if there might be a sighting of the girl at their school?

Chloe: yes. But be sure to keep at a distance. Don’t get to close to them. We don’t want them seeing that we’re near. and if they have the girl and she is there… we don’t want her to spot you. Stay in the shadows… but be sure to while sticking close to the shadows… Just keep a look out for anything from the girl to come buzzing your way. She’s out there. The threat is also there too. but all we have now is the girl. She’s here. in Metropolis. Somewhere…

At Metropolis High school…

A half hour later…

History class…

Prince Alvin: *Working on the assignment* … *Speaking to Alice through Telepathy* Alice, Do you think that the girl will come to the school?

Alice: *Replying through mind* It’s uncertain as to whether she will come to the school with the girls… but if she is to be their shadowy protector… it is quite possible that anywhere they go… she’ll also go. She’ll be said to appear along side them or if not with them… in close proximity.

Prince Alvin: Do you feel her near though?

Alice: I do. It’s close. Strong. She’s here with the girls.

Prince Alvin: Can you see her?

Alice: Yes. *Gasps; Through mind* She’s here… But there is also something else. An attack is gonna come to the school. In 3 hours.

Prince Alvin: *Looking towards Alice* An attack?! Are you sure?!

Alice: Yes. In 3 hours. A Monster occurrence is imminent. but this is not with a Monster. It’s a Villain. A Light fixated Villain.

Prince Alvin: Where will it show up?

Alice: in the Cafeteria. at Noon.

Prince Curtis: *Looking over at his brother and Alice; Whispering* Hey! You better keep a lid on the matter. The teacher can hear what’s going on over here… she’s gonna be really mad if you two don’t keep the down low. I almost made a slip on telling about the issue last week. But the teacher isn’t gonna play dumb. She’s gonna start asking questions and if she does… we’re gonna be screwed. because in truth… we’re not supposed to brag to anyone on the outside about the problem. but if the teacher catches you two speaking and chatting about something besides the class topic that she is assigning us… she’s gonna be demanding an answer.

Prince Alvin: *Sighs; Looking at Prince Curtis* Brother… Make an excuse to get out of class for a few minutes. With a message. Find Raven. the girl is here in the school with the girls. Alice can sense her. i can too. Find her and inform her of the details. Warn her of the attack that is told to come. She’ll inform Paige, Pearl and Dinah. they’ll be aware of it…

Prince Alvin then wrote a message about the coming attack and secretly passed it over to Prince Curtis…

The message Read: “Attack Imminent. School Cafeteria. Twelve Noon. Villain Foresaw in Vision. Warn the girls”

Prince Curtis Read the letter and got up making as though he was going over to the facilities to use them.

On top of the building that had World History 2 inside, Raven was on top and Meditating. She was still listening in for any disturbances. She was Calm as can be and Meditating…

Raven: *Levitating and in a peaceful State of Mind* Azarath Metrion Zinthos…  Azarath Metrion Zinthos… Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zin—

Prince Curtis: *Teleporting on the roof* Hey, Azarath…

Raven: *Jumps in a startling shock* Aghhhh! *Turning to see Prince Curtis standing before her* What are you doing here, Prince Curtis? How are you able to stand on the roof? How did you get up here?

Prince Curtis: I teleported here. i have that ability.

Raven: Great… another teleporting hero. Nowhere is sacred here. *Looking at Prince Curtis and seeing that something is up* What is it? *Using Astral Projection to read Prince Curtis’s mind* An Attack? Trouble!

Prince Curtis: *Shaking his head* What are you trying to do?

Raven: *Using telekinesis to pull the message over to her* What is that on the paper? *Opening the piece of paper and reading it* Trouble Imminent. Villain sighting foreseen to appear in School Cafeteria at Noon. *Looking at Prince Curtis* Where did this vision come from?

Prince Curtis: Alice. My Captain Prince Alvin’s girlfriend.

Raven: Alice. She foresaw the message and she couldn’t come to me to tell it. she had to send you. Why couldn’t she deliver it?

Prince Curtis: The History teacher is a hard nose most of the time. I was lucky to pull out of there to bring this message to you. Raven, I don’t like being the bearer of bad news. If i had to make a choice… i’d be more than rather wishing to bring you good news. nothing but good news. However… Alice’s visions are Subjective and of extra sensory. Foresight. She just tells of what she sees and of how she is visioning it. all her visions are accurate.

Raven: I can try to communicate with one of the girls using Astral Projection. Inform them about the attack that is gonna happen.

Prince Curtis: Good luck. Raven… You’re their shadowy protector now. Anything you can do to help them. by all means. You watch your back as well. Not many people know about this yet. at least outside the family and no one knows about you. this could get really complicated if anyone were to take notice.

Raven: I see.

Prince Curtis: You take care. *Teleporting away back to class*

A minute later…

Raven looked at the nearby teens passing by and noticed that one of them looked familiar. She recognized the person to be the sister to the girls. Betty. She knew that she was risking it by making her presence known in school but she had to get to one of the Rhapsody girls and tell them about what was gonna happen. She knew that Pearl was inside the room that she was on top of… she could sense and detect her energy. But at the time Betty was the closest and Raven had to tell what she was told…

Raven: *Leaping off the building and Gliding to the ground; Standing close to Betty*

Betty: *Spotting Raven* Raven, What are you doing here? You’re liable to get caught by someone here. It isn’t safe.

Raven: I know. I am risking alot standing here in the school and possibly be seen by the passing teens. But i must get to the Rhapsody girls. Paige Pearl and Dinah need to hear this.  there is something prone to happen in less than 3 hours here.

Betty: *Scoffs* How are you knowing this? Where did you hear this?

Raven: Prince Curtis. He came to me while i was on the roof Meditating and keeping silent. but he said that he got it from Alice. Prince Alvin’s girlfriend. Saying that she foresaw that another attack was about to happen and that the location where she said it would happen is the school cafeteria. at Noon…

Betty: *Shoots out* Noon?

Raven: yes.

Betty didn’t like the sound of that and ran back to class to try and block it out… Raven on the other hand still had to tell the girls about the attack that was to come. She had to say something. She thought of an idea and thought it up quick. She turned into a shadowy Raven and as a Bird… A Raven, She flew into the World History 2 class and cawed…

Mr. Riley: *Spotting the Raven in the room* Who does this bird belong to? There shouldn’t be pets in the class. School is not a place to bring your pets.  *Looking at the Raven again and seeing 4 red eyes on it* That is a really scary looking bird. Do birds have 4 red eyes*

Pearl heard the reaction coming from the teacher and knew that he was lost about what was going on. He didn’t know that the Raven wasn’t a normal Raven but one who could shape shift or change into a human. In that room… Pearl was the only one who knew. as did her cousin Prince Avery who just so happened to be in the room as well as her. The teacher began to show the idea that he was becoming rather spooked just by the idea of there being a 4 red eyed Raven in the room…

Pearl: *Looking up and seeing the Raven and realizing who it was* Oh no… A Raven is in here. Mr. Riley… I think that the bird is lost. Maybe it’s trying to find a way back to it’s family but is lost and doesn’t know where to go.

Mr. Riley: Pearl, Uh… Normal Birds don’t have 4 red eyes on it and all peeping at you.

Pearl: True… but i have a feeling as though it is not what you’d call a normal usual bird.

Mr. Riley: You’re sure about that?

Pearl: Yes.

Raven: *In Pearl’s Mind* Pearl… There is an imminent attack said to happen at noon today here at your School Cafeteria. I was told this by your Cousin… Prince Curtis who got this from Alice who saw it in a Vision. I am speaking through your mind as it is the safest way for now. I am in the room as my Raven bird form. but i can’t turn into my human form. there are too many people in here and they might never understand what is going on. So it is better that i speak to you through this mean… But just know that there is a Imminent attack said to happen at noon… Today.

Pearl: *Nods* I’ll handle this. *Replying through her mind* Raven… i feel that if people want to accept me and accept you. they need to see you. If they care about me… they’ll accept your presence too. if they don’t think you’re good enough… then they can just see me as the same. You’re my friend. A friend to my sisters too.

Raven: *Smiles Through the mind* That’s nice. You’re a real true friend, Pearl.

Pearl: *Looking at her teacher* Mr. Riley, I got something to confess to the class and it’s something that you need to know. something that everyone is to accept.

Mr. Riley: Yes, Pearl?

Pearl: That Raven isn’t just a bird. it’s also human. It can change into a human.

Mr. Riley: Come again! What do you mean that it can change into a human form? What exactly is it?

Pearl: *Gently nodding at the Raven and assuring it to be okay*

The Raven then flew up and with a little dark energy and a orb field… changed and transformed into her Human form.


Raven: *Looking at Everyone* Hey.

Prince Avery: *Looking at Pearl* Pearl, What are you doing?

Pearl: What does it look like i’m doing? I am breaking down the doors of people judging those who look different than they do. I do not like seeing my friends getting treated wrongly because they are different than everyone else. Whether it be half Human and Half Demon… Half Human and Half bird. Half hero… half normal. Psychic… Normal… Mythical. Whatever. My friends should get the same rights of respect like everyone else.

Prince Avery: *Agreeing to the concept* Here here Cousin. I agree.

Mr. Riley: *Seeing the mystery girl* You must be Mrs. Rhapsody’s friend. i guess that we should welcome you to the class and welcome you upon our class. I’m the History Teacher of your friend here, Mr. Riley. And You are?

Raven: Raven.

Prince Avery: *Smiles calmly*

Pearl: She’s unique.

Mr. Riley: Unique… That i’d see to believe. Not many girls would look like she does and neither a Gem or Jewel on their foreheads either. But i guess that as Unique as she is… i would guess that she’s from a country in the middle east. One of the inhabitants. Sharp looking one too.


Raven: *Pursing her lips and grinning pleased* I guess that you could say that.

Pearl: *Happy*

Raven: *Looking at Pearl and walking over to her* Pearl, I can’t stay here long. I should head over to check upon your sisters Paige and Dinah. They must be also told about the problem.

Pearl: About the foretold danger that is coming? Yes. i agree. they should be brought up to speed. Raven, You be sure to be careful.

Raven: I’ll be okay. I have my capabilities to change into a shadow to escape any danger.

Pearl: *Nods*

Prince Avery: *Sighs* …

Minutes later…

In Science Class…

Dinah: *Working on an assignment* Hope this mixes well. The last two combinations of chemicals and liquids didn’t mix so good and left a rather foul stench.

Christy: no kidding. You ought to know better than to mess with chemicals that you really don’t understand. You’re lucky that they didn’t just decide to explode on you. some of chemicals tend to leave a irremovable residue on you that you’d never be able to wipe off. At least without a tub full of turpentine and bathing in it for about a good few hours.

Dinah: What makes you say that?

Christy: Because it happened before. In chemistry class last year. this guy… Gerald Santana. he was a fresh acting little pre-madonna. He was gay or very Queerish and he sang like the Vienna Choir. But he was a total fool too. Well one day… last year he thought that he’d be Mr. Slick prick and tried to mix a couple of chemicals similar to the ones that you were mixing. He mixed them and tried to get them to bond well. Total epic fail if there ever was one. The thing in the beaker that the chemicals were in… they blew up in his face so fast and so quick that he tried to wipe it off with just a few wipes and he even got it all over himself. all he could do was quiver in shame for his own lack of smarts and knowhow. He spent a night that night bathing a whole night or most of it Soaking himself in Turpentine and using a Scrub brush. He scrubbed himself raw because he when he came in the next day… he looked like he was so white… you could almost mistake him for someone who scared himself to an inch of his life.

Dinah: *Hisses in sympathy* Ouch! that’s gotta suck.

Christy: You wanna bet on that one. It wasn’t like it was leaving him pain. but you can sure bet on it that he didn’t feel so well about it. He felt so dumb that for the rest of the semester… he rolled in with the idea that he was Mr. Imbecile.

Mrs. Roth: *Walking over to Dinah* How’s the assignment coming?

Dinah: It’s coming out alright. but if you’re wanting a straight answer… you might be considering to come and ask that in about a few years… This chemistry assignment is a total nightmare. We’ve tried to mix about maybe close to six or 7 chemicals and each one of them ended up not mixing as well as they should have and are leaving with such a foul stench.

Suddenly a burst of dark energy is seen forming from the wall and seconds later Raven was seen walking in to the room. Dinah only turned and caught her and gasped seeing her in the room…

Dinah: Raven. What are you doing here? *Looking at the others in the class* Raven, what going on? Is there something wrong?

Raven: there’s about to be trouble in the Cafeteria at noon.

Dinah: Trouble?! What kind of trouble?

Raven: What kind?… Villain type of trouble.  a Villain with lights for power.

Dinah: You’re not serious about that are you?

Raven: Dinah, I’m not kidding. Your Cousin’s girlfriend had foreseen it and told your cousin. and your cousin tells his brother who is also your cousin and he came and passed it to me. Kinda interrupted my Meditation though…

Mrs. Roth: *Looking at the Unknown girl* Who’s this?

Dinah: She’s a friend… *Fibbing a little* She’s a cousin… someone that comes from my Aunt Jan. My Aunt Jan’s Daughter. She’s got powers… because she is into the Dark arts. she uses them for the good.

Raven: *Grinning* Good cover.

Dinah: Eh… *Shrugs* I do the best i can with what i got to work with in short notice.

Raven: Clever.

Dinah: Mrs. Roth. Meet My Cousin… a Good close friend, Raven.

Raven: *Hearing the last name and gasps in recognition* Roth?! That’s… *Shaking her head a little and Shadowing out in shock*

Dinah: *Pauses* Uh, What was that all about? *Groans* This is gonna be awkward. But… i’m gonna go and get a hold of her and find out what got into her. *Heading out of the room for a minute or two* I’ll be back, Mrs. Roth. I just got to step out for a minute or two. I’ll be back.

Outside of the Science Room by the nearby Pole…

Dinah: *Walking over to Raven* Raven, What the heck is going on? What was that all about?

Raven: *Looking over at Dinah* I… *Shaking her head* … *Looking down and feeling conflicted* Don’t know. It’s just that name Roth. Reminds me of my mother. Arella.

Dinah: Arella? You’re kidding… You Envisioned seeing your Azarathian mother in the teacher inside the classroom? Raven… You never mentioned about your mother till now. I am afraid that i am not understanding what brought this about. in the open.

Raven: I had to leave there. I had to Leave Azarath to escape the reigns of my father. He came on to Azarath and began to attack the city. It wasn’t safe. I had to leave there. My father is not like the others on Azarath. There was something about him that he never showed to the people there his true form or identity. never told his name. but we all knew what it was. My mother was like this holy person. She cared about everyone. And i had the love of my people on Azarath as my mother had. but when tri— My father came to Azarath… i knew that i had to go. There is more to it than that… but it’s just opening visions and memories of my home world. Where i came from. Hearing the name Roth come out made me think of my Mother.

Dinah: *Sighs* I can relate to that. I have moments to where i find myself soaping up tears over missing my mother. I am not grieving… but i do still miss her. It’s just that sometimes there are days where it’s at the worst.

Raven: I didn’t mean to make you remember something sad.

Dinah: It’s not you. It’s just the thought. I am okay with it. Missing her is a good sign. It shows that a person loves…

Raven: *Listening*


At the New Watchtower…

Chloe: *Picking up a reading* What in the world is this… *Locking the position of the Orbiter and using it to zoom in on the satellite camera feed* Who is that?

The viewing on screen zoomed in to show a school and a couple people. One with Purple hair and another girl…

Screen Audio: Locking on fix of Location. Location locked. Location: Metropolis High. Subject in view… Dinah Ellen Rhapsody AKA Thunder Mistress. Unknown Subject: Raven of Azarath. Age 16. Point of Current Residence… Grandmother Rikku’s house.

Chloe: The girls knew about her. They lied about seeing her. they had her the whole time. since friday night. *Irritated and annoyed* I Can’t believe that they’d hide her from me.

Victor Stone: You sure that they had her with them?

Chloe: Well… that is what the satellite picked up and confirmed. It got a fix on the location and caught Dinah… and the girl. Who else could it have been?

Arthur Curry: *Looking at the screen* Yeah… it’s the girl. It’s Raven. The girl has a Gem on her forehead.

Victor Stone: *Looking at the others* So… What do you think that we ought to do about it? We can’t just call the girls out and push for a confession.

Arthur Curry: We’ve got to do something though. The girls have hid the fact that Raven has come onto Earth and is in the city of Metropolis and has been for almost 4 days now. The girls have hid that.

Victor Stone: Yeah… we know. Question is… Why?

Arthur Curry: Why do you think? They are with the belief that if we saw the girl first before they had… that we’d try to kill her. and not give her the time of day. The girls were just trying to guard her and protect her.

Victor Stone: Talk about a huge chip upon one’s slender shoulders.

Chloe: They know that we’d protect the girl. We would protect the girl as well. Just like we would protect anyone else who were in need of help. The girl is half demon, but it doesn’t matter. She’s still a victim of something. something that is following her.  Trigon. We need to get to her and enlist. and get to the bottom of why the girls would hide her from us… Despite the paranoid delusion that we’d kill the girl or take her out… that is not what we do. They know that. We would never just off the girl unless there was no other choice. and even then… we’d find another way. Like Clark would continue to say… “Heroes don’t Kill… Ever!”

P.A: *Chiming* Incoming Call from Oliver Queen…

Oliver: *On Screen* Hey Chloe… We just got news that a little after we busted the Light creep… one Named Dr. Illumination and tossed him in jail locking him up like a caged parakeet. He broke out and is believed to be making his direction to the High school. where the girls are. It’s almost Noon. and for the reason as to why he’d want anything to do with the high school or what he could possibly want from the school. He’s looking for light. but he’s definitely not gonna find any power supply there. He’s gonna need a power source and the school isn’t gonna have it.

Black Canary: You would think that… wouldn’t you? Well, Jolly green bandit… You might want to think about it. That guy is fixated on light. and he is detecting power sources. ones with Light and The last time we checked… Thunder has power. Electric power. The two super heroes that we know that have that are Electric Rage of the Rhapsody Brothers and Thunder Mistress of the Rhapsody Girls Z!. if he goes to the school… it’ll be to go after them and drain them of their power and gain more go go juice for himself to amp up his engine like a motor.

Oliver: Should we warn the girls? I believe that the girls ought to know about it.

Chloe: Right. However i think that they already know.

Oliver: How so?

Chloe: Prince Alvin’s Girlfriend. Alice Cross. She’s got foresight. she has psychic ability and can see into the apparent future. the near or far future. However it’s all by the mere power of persuasion.

Victor Stone: A regular normal living breathing girl with the gift of foresight… That’s a handy ability… She must be an Example of modest parents with the I.Q of genius endearment.

Chloe: I still believe that the girls have a bit of explaining to do. *Looking at the readings* …

At the Metropolis Elementary…

Luna: *Talking to Martin* What is that ball?

Martin: What do you mean?

Luna: Well… it’s glowing. and on Friday i kinda caught the glimpse of you talking to it.

Martin: *Looking Sheepishly away for a second Embarrassed* … *Looking back at Luna; Chuckles* You noticed that, huh?

Luna: *Smiles* It’s kind of hard not to notice. I got good hearing, high hearing to be exact. I caught the slip of you talking to it like it was a video phone.

Martin: My Guardian.. he is who i speak to. His name is Vincent Van Graves. He’s a Demonologist. He studies about them and rids houses of them. He’s good at what he does and he’s got some mystical powers too. although he doesn’t tell anyone about it due to the fear of scrutiny.

Luna: Kinda like my family… They are in fears of being implicated all because of the last battle that we all had with the Kandorian. Zod. I almost died there. a broken rib. a broken wrist and Arm. the left Arm.

Martin: Ouch… That’s got to be a bummer.

Luna: I’m still alive. When normally… going through that in every possible scenario… It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Knowing that i am still alive where i have been going over it and seeing everything revolving it telling me that i shouldn’t be alive. i am Part Cat. But however… all human. except for the tail. That will always remain.

Martin: Anyway… i am sure that you know now about the ball and what i do with it. I sometimes help him with his work. It’s not the best life for me to follow… but it does fill up my day with something to do. It even can get interesting too.

Luna: Oh… maybe if he’s got experience… he could maybe look into the Demon known as Scath.

Martin: *Confused* Scath? Who’s Scath?

Luna: *Straining a little on the mention of the intergalactic Demon* It’s kinda a long story. You don’t really want to know.

Martin: You could be right… but if it’s something that revolves you and your sisters…  something should be said about it… It could leak out to revolve others tied to you and your sisters. What did you mean by looking into the Demon known as Scath… whatever his name was?

Luna: I can’t tell about it. I don’t really know too much about him other than him being an intergalactic demon. A Power mad demon in every sense.

Martin:  sounds like bad news from the sound of it all.

Luna: Demons usually are. and this threat that is prone to come… comes through a portal.

Martin: A Portal? And where is this portal?

Luna: I don’t know.

Back at Metropolis high…

Cooking Class…

Pearl: *Working on her cooking assignment* Star, I’ve had a very strange weekend.

Star: You did? How strange was it?

Pearl: uh, Let’s just say that if you were to meet a new girl during the Bewitching hour and the girl happened to then become part of the family and you managed to take her in… What would you do about it?

Star: What would i do? I wouldn’t know. Who is this girl that you speak of?

Pearl: Someone who is Psychic and has the power of telekinesis. has the ability to levitate and fly. putting her whole self into an object. can lift things many dozen times her own body weight.

Star: *Whistles* Who on earth can do that? If a girl could do that… you would have to call Ripley’s or something. maybe even the national Enquirer. That’s just unheard of. At least to me it is. I mean… it sounds cool that a girl can do that. but in society like this… it’s not seen as normal. they get pegged as being side shows. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing it happen… or seeing the girl. whoever she is.


Pearl: *Hearing Buzzing sounds going off* Huh?!

Star: Girl… *Looking down at the belt* Uh, Your belt is doing the buzzing noise. I think that there is trouble going on and calling you. You might want to get a rollin’ with it.

Pearl: What about the cooking assignment?

Star: *Chuckles* Don’t worry about it. It’ll be here when you get back. Just don’t be gone too long. Mrs. Grant likes doing casual checkups on everyone and if she catches you missing… she’ll ask where you took a breeze to. But i always stick with the same old line that you had to use the facilities and answer the nature’s call again. She buys it every time.

Pearl: *Smiles and Winks before bolting out of the room* Thanks. I’ll be back…

Pearl ran out and looked up to see Raven hovering in the air with her hood up and ready to battle the villain…

Raven: *Looking at Pearl* Uh, Pearl… I see that you’re set to fight off the Villain… whoever it is, but don’t you think that you should transform first?

Pearl: I would… but i am gonna do that with my sisters. Or i could do a Solo transformation. *Thinking* I better just transform and get it over with. Something tells me that i won’t get the chance to do it once inside the Cafeteria where the Villain is said to show up.

A second later…

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing and screaming with Fury* …. *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evil will be washed with grace and light!

Raven: Now… where are your sisters in calling?

A second later…

Miss Love: *With thunder Mistress* Hey there, Raven… Bubble Maiden. We’re here. Let’s get over to the battle.

Thunder Mistress: Battling in school is not so good. But if it’s a menace…We’ll need to derail the Villain’s thunder.

Bubble Maiden: Don’t you mean, take him down?

Miss Love: Precisely.

Within minutes…

Inside the Cafeteria…

Dr. Illumination: *Absorbing Electricity* Come to me… Lovely power. Energy just waiting to be mine.

Miss Love: *Breaking into the Cafeteria* You know, For a Villain… you sure are pretty wreck less.

Bubble Maiden: Don’t you know that coming to a High School that has a group of heroes within it is just begging for trouble? You never really thought about that before, have you?

Thunder Mistress: *Looking at the Villain* What are you? A new aged Electric man?

Dr. Illumination: *Grinning* Why don’t you come and find out?

Miss Love: *Confused* Huh?! *Looking at her sisters* Girls, I think that he wants us to attack him. He is setting himself up.

Thunder Mistress: I don’t buy it. He’s bluffing. A Villain inviting the hero to make the first move… It must be a trap.

Raven: Trap or not… this guy is dangerous. There are people nearby. He could wind up hurting them.

Bubble Maiden: No problem. I’ll wash him out with this… this’ll short him out. *Launching an attack at the Villain* Bubbly GEM FLASH!!!! *striking with another attack; With her Bubble Microphone and doing a Tune* “It’s a beautiful world,
It’s a beautiful day
An unusual time,
Is coming our way
We’re on an adventure,
Hip-hip hooray”
*Launching the attack at the Villain* Bubbles Storming CONCERTO!!!

Dr. Illumination: *feeling Docile* That was a good tune…

Thunder Mistress: This guy is crazy. that tune made him turn into a sappy over feeling softie.

Dr. Illumination: *Taking offense to that comment and Starts firing* You will pay for mocking Dr. Illumination. You’re energy shall be mine…

Raven: You want Energy to feed on? Try some Darkness. *Rising up and hovering in mid-air* … *Launching a blast of Dark Energy and throwing some Chairs at the Villain* Azarath Metrion… Zinthos!

Miss Love: *Seeing the Villain fly backwards and into a wall* Whoa! Good shot, Raven. That one nailed the Weirdo good.  But just to make sure… Let’s all get him. *Launching an attack at the Villain* Vortex of Love!

Bubble Maiden: Hearts for a Villain? What would he need hearts for. he’s got none. His actions here prove it. But he’s gonna need to be washed out. *Launching an attack at the Villain* Bubbling Whirlpool of Light!

Dr. Illumination: *Getting up fast and starting to shoot blasts of Light at the girls* Taste my Light!

Thunder Mistress: *Taunting* Ohhhhh! How nice… that’s a nice shot… but you missed us… Although… even with light being a nice trick… How about a taste of Thunder Mistress’s Thunder in the fist and a little Lighting in a bottle? *Launching an attack at Dr. Illumination* Thunderic RAGING STORM! *Seeing the ceiling above the Villain turn into clouds and firing a thunderic storm with multiple strikes of lightning all at once*

Dr. Illumination: *Laughing* Thanks for the tickling sensation… That felt wonderful… How about i take your Thunder power… it’ll do me well and give me long power. *Firing light at Thunder Mistress Absorbing the power from her* Voila!

Thunder Mistress: *Collapses* Powering down…

Raven: *Looking at Dinah* Dinah! *Shaking her head and getting angry* Okay… that’s it… I think that we’ve had just about enough of this Light Nut…

Miss Love: Don’t worry about it, Raven… We’ll nail this pretentious creep! *Looking at Dr. Illumination* You hurt my sister… You rotten mean… maniacal dirtbag! Want someone to fight? Fight the leader of the Rhapsody Girls… Fight me! *Making the hand gesture telling Dr. Illumination to bring it* Bring it!

Dr. Illumination: As you wish! *Firing light charged energy at Miss Love* Hungry for more?!

Miss Love: *Dodging the attack* Not Quite! But Question is… would you be hungry for my Love Power? You have Hatred… you attack the innocent. You only care about your needs and only think of yourself. Well… My hearts will knock you back down feeling the Wrath of love. No one hurts my sisters or my family and gets away with it! *Glowing bright Pink* ….

Bubble Maiden: *Catching sight of Paige glowing* Sis… what are you doing?! What’s happening?

Thunder Mistress: *Looking up and gasps* I think that we’re about to find out.

Raven: *Creating a force field around herself to shield herself from the blinding light*

Miss Love: *Stronger* Let’s see what you got… No. Scratch that… Eat this! *Launching a Raging Blast of Hearts and Love energy At Dr. Illumination* Galactic Love’s Rapid SWARM!!!!

Bubble Maiden: *Gasps* That was a direct hit!

Miss Love: …

The Thunder power then returns to Thunder Mistress…

Raven: *Launching an attack at Dr. Illumination* Azarath Metrion….. Zinthos! *Using Telekinesis to surround some tables and chairs and tossing them at Dr. Illumination*

Dinah then gets back up and looks at the Villain…

Thunder Mistress: *Charging at Dr. Illumination and battery-ramming him into the food line Smacking hard into the thick glass* You piss me off… You are a Villain with no common sense and no morality. You just crossed me and as i’ve told all the bad creeps in the past. Crossing me and getting me pissed is a bad bad mistake. *Grabbing at Dr. Illumination and tossing him into the ceiling; Moving in to Subdue him and performing a wrestling move* Okay… time for some Sweet Chin music… Thunder Mistress Style! *Leaning to the side and Stomping her left Foot charging up*

Miss Love: *With Bubble Maiden; Chanting in tune to Thunder Mistress’s attack maneuver* 1….2….3…..4….5….6!

Raven: *Confused* Uh, What’s Dinah doing?!

Miss Love: This is something that Dinah knows… a trick. She’s into Wrestling and has trained and practiced some famous moves of wrestlers… Finishers. This one she is using is a real ringer. Dinah’s favorite wrestlers are Shawn Michaels “The Heartbreak Kid”, “The Dead Man” The Undertaker, “The People’s Champ” The Rock and couple other ones. She practiced these during a couple of battles. this was before you came upon us. Just don’t start asking me how i know those names because i can’t begin to tell you. I don’t follow the wrestling. i go all into superhero comics and sweets. And now being the teen that i am… Guys. but i already have a guy. now…

Raven: Okay… I guess that we’ll settle with that.

Thunder Mistress: *Hopping on one foot over to where Dr. Illumination is and Releasing the strike* Sweet Chin THUNDER! *Landing the foot right in the kisser of Dr. Illumination* Eat it!

Dr. Illumination: *Firing Light beams at Thunder Mistress*

Thunder Mistress: *Dodging* Missed! *Grabbing him* But now that i’ve had my due on you… i’m gonna let you taste something called darkness… You see my friend over there in the cloak and with the twitchy trigger fingers of dark energy? I’m gonna let her finish your sorry butt off. Beg for mercy, Please… Time to relearn what it means to be afraid of the dark. *Looking At Raven before Tossing Dr. Illumination over her direction* Hey… Raven! Time for you to cast your Voodoo that you do. Let this Light obsessed whack-job have it! *Tossing the Villain over to Raven*

Raven: *nods*

A second later…

Raven: *Rising up and poised to attack* Azarath Metrion Zinthos!!! *Firing a beam of Dark energy at Dr. Illumination and Then With telekinesis Tossing him into the ceiling and then down to the floor; Knocking him out*

Miss Love: *Cheers* Way to go, Raven. That is how we take out the trash that is the stench of Villain scum. Raven, take him to Jail. But make sure that no one sees you. At least… for now.

Raven: Of course. Wouldn’t want to scare the people, would we?

While Raven made way over to take the Villain off to Jail, The girls returned to normal and went their separate ways. Pearl went back to her Cooking class… Dinah went back to her Wood shop class and Paige went back to her class. She couldn’t be transferred out of the Debate class and had to endure it. She went back to that class and barely made it when she was confronted by the teacher again… What his problem was… no one knew. But However… in Cooking class…

Mrs. Grant: *Looking at Pearl* Pearl, Where were you?

Pearl: uh… I was just using the restroom.

Mrs. Grant: You were in there for a long time… You sure you’re okay?

Pearl: Yeah. I’m okay. i’m good actually. I just had to go. I don’t know what it was though. but i don’t think that what i ate before 3rd period really agreed with me.

Mrs. Grant: Well… you just try to take it easy. Finish your cooking assignment and relax.

Pearl: Okay. *Walking over to her table*

Star: *Looking at Pearl* You okay?

Pearl: Yeah. i’m okay, now.

Star: Did you handle the problem?

Pearl: I did. Actually my sisters and i had. it’s taken cared of.

Star: Good. What was it, anyway?

Pearl: Oh… you know… just a Villain who wanted to spread some trouble and cause some Mischief. He almost got us, but we knocked him out.

Star: *Grins* That’s Cool. Class will be over in about 20 minutes. You’re cooking assignment is almost done… but i don’t know as to how much time you will have left to cook it. This takes about 25 minutes to make and mines all set to go in. but yours isn’t.

Pearl: I know. I better hurry and hope that i can get this in; in time.

Star: You will. i am sure of it. you already got the ingredients in… all you got to do now is mix it good. that’s about all you need to do now…

Pearl: there is no 4th period today… it’s not meeting today.

Star: Pearl, 4th period is Study hall.

Pearl: Oh… yeah. I got a couple things for homework to do today from class. A couple of chapters to read from the book i’m now having to read in Lit Class. that and a few questions for History class. Mr. Riley has us doing the readings on World War 1.

Star: Well… I don’t have to be at home after this class. at least for a couple or so hours. so i can stay here with you. We can chat and hang out. I also got the stuff with the ideas for the fashion too. You still up for the money saving to build up and use for the Fashion store? You got ideas that are amazing and really new. as do i. there is most definitely no end to what can happen in our combined desire for the fashion.

Pearl: You’re right. That’d sound nice.  I can’t stay past 2:30 though… because i got to make sure that i am on the road to make way and pick up my sister Luna.

Raven: *Speaking into Pearl’s mind* I can pick her up for you.

Pearl: *Looking at Star* Star… after class. There is something that i must tell you. I think it is something you might like to know about.

Star: *Looking at Pearl Strangely* Uh… Okay.

Pearl got right on her assignment and made it. She was able to get to it in time for the bell to ring. It was gonna be a long day. Their cousins… The Rhapsody Brothers got out of their classes and were done for the day. Prince Alvin was not far from where Pearl was and Alice was close by as well. Prince Alvin walked by and saw Raven close by on the Roof…

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting onto the Roof with Alice beside him* Raven… You busy?

Raven: Busy as in having things to do? No. Just trying to meditate. Also reading too.

Alice: Reading? Reading what?

Prince Alvin: *Spotting a book* That’s a spell book. isn’t it?

Raven: Uh, no. It’s Edgar Allan Poe.

Alice: The Poems he done are usually depressing. somewhat haunting too.

Prince Alvin: No. the only one that was remotely haunting was the one he done called “The Raven” That one was creepy but really grabbing.

Alice: Good point.

Raven: That poem isn’t the only one i read you know. I do read others.

Prince Alvin: We’ll keep that in mind there, Raven. *Clearing his throat a little and changing the subject* How did it go with the issue in the Cafeteria?

Raven: It was handled. The Girls did it. Paige Kinda Glowed during the battle though. Pearl let out the fact of it being Paige unlocking a new move. Dinah on the other hand let loose with a move.

Prince Alvin: *Looking to the side; Thinking* A move… *Looking at Raven* What do you mean, A Move? what move?

Raven: *Looking with an odd expression on her face* Would the Words… Sweet Chin…..  mean anything to you?

Alice: What was that?

Prince Alvin: Sweet Chin? Sweet Chin… Where did i hear that before? *Looking down and sighs* I think that i know.  *Walking over to the side for a bit before coming back* Dinah was thinking about Wrestling.

Raven:  Paige knew about it. Said a couple of names.

Prince Alvin: We need to talk though. We need to find out what is bringing these attacks out. After the last attack that came and went… My brothers and i met just now or a minute or two before Alice and i came here to talk with you. My brothers and i are gonna be discussing it a bit tonight.

Raven: The attacks are increasing. however are still in random. Since i got here to Earth… there has been 3 attacks. one yesterday. the day before and one today.

Alice: I can’t see every attack. i can only see people and some future visions that happen to involve someone close to us. or one of us.

Prince Alvin: Raven, You are the center of all of this somehow. But the attacks are not coming at you. they’re happening all over the city. There are other heroes besides us out to nullify the advances…

That afternoon…

At Metropolis Elementary school…

Pearl: *Pulling away from the school and with Luna in the passenger’s seat* Luna, How was school?

Luna: It was fine today. The teacher gave us all a Math Quiz. I didn’t really do so hot. I miss almost half the questions.

Pearl: What? A Math test on a Monday?! *Confused* I thought that tests were supposed to be on a friday.

Luna: So did i.

Raven: Paige and Dinah are on their way home.

Pearl: Actually… no. they’re not. They’re on their way to Smallville. To the Watchtower. We have to go there too. Raven… *Groans and sighs* The jig is up… We have to present you to the Justice League. They just called Paige before we met back up from Study hall. Before you Shadowed in. Watchtower is not happy with us. we were supposed to tell her when you showed up. We didn’t and now she found out by a Satellite reading from the Orbiter. It locked on to you and Dinah a little before noon.

Raven: Who is this Watchtower? Is she like big sister?

Pearl: She can be… but she’s been really helpful in alot of things. She’s the one person who knew about the Rhapsody family before we even told her. she found all the data on my family and well recorded it all on the Database of Watchtower. all of it. how we grew up… what we were like before the hero days… you name it… she’s got it. *Driving* Plus… Not only that… When my mother was killed. We didn’t know who it was at first and we didn’t even know that the killer left a calling card after killing my mother till a week later. after the Memorial service. and when we saw it… we were pissed. It was Zod that killed her.  this car has a tape player and i kinda have a copy of the audio recording that Chloe was able to extract a copy of from the Communication Video screen at the house.  it recorded the conversation… the final conversation that had my mother in it…

Pearl sticks the tape into the tape player in her car and plays it…

Recording on tape: “Princess Rikku: Who are you? What are you doing here in my house?

Zod: Like it would matter as to why we’re inside your house?

Princess Rikku: *Recognizing the voice* Major Zod? Is that you? Why are you here in my house especially after you threatened my daughters? You have alot of nerve coming here.

Basqat: Silence, Pathetic human. You don’t back talk the General. Unless you want your blood spilled.

Princess Rikku: *Recognizing Basqat’s voice* You sir, had best shut your mouth. I still remember the last time i saw your presence here. You left a bruise on me that is all healed but with a nice scar remaining. You attack a woman like me… Have you no shame at all?

Basqat: It’s what i do. Kryptonians are the superior race and Krypton will be rising again by the Appraisal of a great leader… General Zod.

Princess Rikku: You’re truly delusional. My girls will beat you.

Zod: Not if we cripple them. and there is only one thing that will cripple them. something or someone who happens to be close to them. the one that they’d sell their own soul to make certain that no harm would come of the one close to them.

Princess Rikku: Why are you targeting my girls? How come you are so into vowing war? This world is not at war. it’s done nothing to you or your kind.

Basqat: You believe that your girls are innocent. they are guilty as sin. They destroyed the solar tower that would have given your pathetic kind all the renewable energy that it could ever need. it was self sustaining and they destroyed it. But you stand up for them?

Zod: You Aid them and that means you are against us. I would have only defeated them but spare your life. Now i will dispose of you along side of all the rest. and see you meeting an end right with the Rhapsody girls Z!

Princess Rikku: *Grabbing something* Alright. i think that i’ve heard about enough from you. You can either leave the easy way… or the hard way. but either way… you’re leaving my house. Beat it.

Basqat: *Not amused* Pathetic puny human.

Zod: *Moving his eyes over to look towards Basqat*  Let her try. Nothing can hurt us.

Princess Rikku then makes with trying to attack Zod and Basqat. But to her dismay… it only enraged the Kandorian and issued an attack done by them…

Zod: *Grabbing Princess Rikku and Staring at her* If you won’t kneel before Zod. You’ll just have to die then. Your girls have been living high and conceivable for a long time. Their existence is meaningless since they never had to endure pain and loss. never embellishing the meaning of losing something close to them. When Icarus flew to where he didn’t belong… he fell to his death from the heavens… When the girls released me from the orb… they freed me from confinement. They’re about to find out what it’s like to endure a loss. the pain of the Burn that they’re soon to receive…

Basqat: *grabbing the Mother and Tossing her into the wall; Crippling her and watching her life fade* Pathetic Human. *Suddenly Super speeding over to Princess Rikku and Punching her Gut Knocking the wind out of her*

Zod: *Burning his calling card onto the mother of the Rhapsody Girls*

Zod and Basqat then left and fled the house. leaving a message on the wall…

Message on wall: “You have lived in defiance and refused to Kneel before Zod. you flew in the skies and ventured to places where you didn’t belong… Now you’ve got burned. You are now without a parent and are crippled. One last warning. Next will be you. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!

Zod Was here… And he will be back. This is War. Rhapsody Girls… KNEEL OR DIE!

Luna: *Looking with concern towards Pearl* Pearl? What is the meaning of this? Raven doesn’t need to be hearing that. Not to mention… How is it that you got a copy of that recording?

Pearl: The day before the Memorial service… i was in my room and was just deeply broken and hurt… plus devastated of our mother’s death. Chloe managed to come over and i asked her for a copy of the last audio recording that had our mother in it. she extracted a copy of it and i had it with me ever since. i never played it hardly because at that time when i got it… i just wasn’t ready. hearing mom’s voice at that time would have set me off breaking into tears. i couldn’t do it. but after mom was finally avenged… i played it. i would play it once every couple weeks. usually in private. when i’m feeling depressed. i would just play the tape and it’d cheer my up. Just hearing mom’s voice.

Raven: Pearl, You need to have control of your emotions. You’re gonna wind up losing control of your powers if you don’t gain control of your emotions. Your emotions are a part of you. but you need to focus. if you over release your emotions… your powers will lose control and will not only attack aimlessly. but it’d also attack others around you and would also hurt you…

A Moment later though at the New Watchtower…

Paige: *Walking in* Okay Chloe… What the heck is going on here? You call us sounding as though you’re on a tangent. Then you revert to being calm.

Dinah: We can tell that we have screwed up and lied about something that should have been told when it first happened. But these little mind games are really annoying.

Chloe: No… these are not head games, Paige. Dinah… These are serious charges. Serious. You two have lied to me you and also Pearl as well. you 3 have lied to me saying that you haven’t seen her at all. Raven is on Earth. with you girls. living at your point of residence.

Paige: How exactly could we tell you about her? We met her late Friday night, Chloe. But the fact is that when we met her… we were lost on what to do or what we could have done for her. She’s a good fighter. Nice and so far hasn’t shown any Evil like tendencies. And even if she had… it doesn’t matter. We kept her at our place because we knew that if we didn’t harbor her and keep her safe. there would be people out there just waiting to hunt her down.

Dinah: Half-Demon girls are not normal on Earth. nor are they common in reality. You know that. *Sighs* We don’t like hiding things and keeping things from the team here… But for the time being… we were just doing what we thought to be right. That’s all we were doing.

Paige: That’s right.

Oliver: *Walking in* You girls have done what was needed to do. The girl you know as Raven… She’s probably an innocent girl in all of this. Harboring a threat that is a huge siren for an alarm. *Not seeing Pearl* Where is Pearl?

Paige: She’s right now picking up our sister Luna from school. She should be here soon.

Out front in front of the Sullivan household Minutes later…

Pearl: We’re here. *Pulling up and parking* Raven, Now is the moment of truth. Chloe is somewhere here and considering that we made a mistake on not telling her about you when we should have… she might not sound too happy. So if she comes off angry and a little over heated… don’t pay so much attention to it.

Raven: I’ll keep that in mind. But if it would be open for me to ask… Why would she have the Watchtower here? this area is full of only one story buildings and homes. some lucky to have maybe 2 or 3 stories. no more than that…

Luna: Let’s go inside and see her.

A Minute later…

Gabe: *Cleaning up the cars*

Pearl: *Walking past the cars in the Driveway* Hey Mr. Sullivan.

Gabe: *Turning to see Pearl and Luna* Hey there. You Must be Pearl and Luna. My daughter mentioned about you two as well as she mentioned about your sisters Paige and Dinah. They’re here already. in the Watchtower. They’ve been talking about someone named Raven. Whoever she or he or it is… i got no idea. But the two girls who came in before you two… They said the name Raven… Three times.

Raven: *Speaking from the shadows* That would be me.

Gabe: *Pauses* What was that?

Pearl: *Chuckles* That was the girl the mentioned… *Stepping aside* Meet Raven.

Gabe: *Looking at Raven* Wow… You must be one being mentioned highly about by my daughter Chloe. You’re pretty doggone famous around this address. It’s a shame that i don’t have an autograph book and a pen… i’d be asking for an autograph or something. *Chuckles*

Raven: *Raising an eyebrow* I should be lucky.

Pearl: Easy there, Raven. it’s okay. It was just a move towards Humor. That’s all it was.

Withing a few seconds… Pearl, Luna and Raven went through the side and made way over to the Watchtower… As soon as they got inside…

P.A System: *Chiming* Welcome to Watchtower… Bubble Maiden, Sailor Luna. Azarath.

Raven: *Startled; Shooting off some Dark energy knocking out the box overhead*

Pearl: *Turning back to see Raven releasing some energy* Raven… Calm down. It’s just the P.A System.

Luna: Chloe and the others must be here.

Paige and Dinah come out from the room and come into the front to see Pearl, Raven and Luna….

Paige: Hey Pearl. Chloe is in the back and she is not pleased. She’s really mad.

Dinah: Chloe has come up with insight that is really worrisome. It seems that she has found some evidence of a alternate dimension opening up.

Raven: *Looking serious* A Dimension? That is dangerous to be messing with. Messing with portals to dimensions are uncertain and unpredictable. What is the girl doing messing with portals that she doesn’t understand?

Paige: *Looking at Raven; a little cross* Raven. Stop it. It’s not bad. it’s not gonna release that big red guy. this is a portal that reopened something that we girls have dealt with before. Dark Kingdom. Not Limbo… Azarath. your home world. even if it appears to look Majestic. That is not what opened. It is too early to tell what opened up… but something is going on and the Fountain centered in Metropolis park is the focal point.

Pearl: Dark Kingdom?! *Concerned* Oh no… You don’t mean?

Dinah: trust me… we feel the same way you do. We do. But for now… don’t worry about it. Right now all Chloe is picking up is strange activity. and occasional sightings of monsters and maybe some spirits.  that’s all. but they are at this time sporadic. Raven, let’s go inside. It’s time to reveal you to the League.

Raven: *With dark energy putting her hood up covering her face* Okay.

Inside the meeting room/Command center/League headquarters…

Chloe: *Looking at the Screens* So far… the Activity is still. but… it isn’t dropping…

Black Canary: What is this about the Dark Kingdom?

Chloe: This is the Dark Kingdom… I did some Digging and found an old photo… *Presenting the picture* This is the Dark Kingdom. Home and realm of the Queen of the Negaverse… Queen Beryl. She is the Evil Queen who once tried to bring the world to it’s knees by awakening a great Evil. Queen Metalia. but was stopped by the sailor Senshi. Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus. not to forget Luna. But since that time… the girls were disbanded and are living normal. Normal lives. but the end of Beryl was when The Dark Kingdom collapsed from the power released by the Princess of the moon. Princess Serenity…

Luna: *chiming in* No. Watchtower… you’re wrong. It wasn’t like that. the kingdom collapsed when Usagi-Chan cracked and unleashed the Princess. The Princess was in love with Endymion. but in order to save him from Metaria… She had to kill him. which broke her…

Luna then mentioning about the past started to glow and revealed her Crescent Moon that was up till now Dormant and then Presented the memory… It was presented on the big screen for all to see…

On screen…

“In Beryl’s Chambers…

A few puddles of water are seen inside the chambers and some drips of water splash in it… It’s dark and cold. Sailor Moon is sitting down beside Endymion and looking at the still body; seeing that Endymion was now dead.

Rei: *Walking in With the rest of the girls and the Rhapsody brothers plus the Rhapsody Girls Z, Betty and Angel*…

Sailor Moon: *Sitting Silently in despair*

Paige: *Confused* What is Usagi doing? She’s just sitting there and not even moving.

Dinah: What’s she planning to do? Turn into a statue?

Pearl: *Seeing Endymion lying on the ground lifeless; gasps* Oh no… Endymion. He’s lying there… not moving. Is he okay?

Prince Alvin: *Concerned* I have no idea. the sword did go into him. he might be okay. *Looking at Prince Avery* Go over to Endymion and check for a pulse. we need to know whether he’s alive or dead.

Prince Avery: *Nods* On it. *Running over to Endymion* I hope that he’s not deceased… because if that is the case we’ll have to brace ourselves for the princess to come chiming in.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Did you really have to go there?

Ami: *Looking at the darkness inside the chambers* it’s really dark in here…

Dark Ami: I know. *Feeling a sense of cold* It’s even getting cold here… there might be a few spooks roaming around.

Prince Avery: *Near the body and Kneeling down* let’s see if there is still a pulse in the Prince. *Checking for a pulse on the prince*

Prince Alvin: *calling over to Prince Avery* Prince Avery, anything?

Prince Avery: *Seeing for a pulse on Endymion*….. *Shaking his head* No. He’s gone. There is no pulse in him. he’s dead.

Paige: *Gasps* Oh no….

Dinah: He’s dead? She really did do it… she took his life. she’s gonna crack.  I think that we might want to be with common sense and make a run for it. She’s gonna crack.

Suddenly Queen Beryl steps out from the Shadows…

Makoto: *Seeing Queen Beryl* Queen Beryl?!

The girls and the rest of the Rhapsody brothers run over to where Sailor Moon was… Pearl Pulls Sailor Moon away from Endymion and helps her stand up.

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Beryl: *Looking down at Endymion’s dead body* Endymion. *Sighs* Queen Metaria… is history. she’s been defeated.  *Looking up to see Sailor Moon* Princess… Why must you constantly without second thought… Take everything away from me? Ever since the past life… Endymion… He had it all… The Wealth… the influence. *While in lament* But this time… This time… you even take Queen Metaria away from me. you destroy her and rip her from me. You are the true harbinger of Misfortune. *Shooting out in Outrage* You are the one who’s true Evil. You EVIL GIRL!!!

Dinah: *Snapping at Beryl* Back off lady… You are the only one who is True Evil… You are the reason this happened… you should have known that Metaria was a loose cannon and couldn’t be controlled for long. but you still resurrected her. you can bark and growl and snarl all you like… but you brought all this upon yourself. You know that! You’re the Evil One.

Pearl: Plus if Usagi is guilty of anything… It’s protecting the planet from your naughty and very mean hands… and Metaria too.  she only protected the world from you and Metaria.

Beryl: *Looking at Endymion again* She killed Endymion. Endymion is Dead by her hands… how could you be thinking it was me who did it? I didn’t have the sword in my hand… Now…. did i? DID I?

Sailor Moon: *In shock and starts to speak* Endymion… has been killed… I Killed… Endymion.

Betty: *Hearing Sailor Moon feeling remorse and showing signs of breaking* Usagi-Chan… Don’t do it… Don’t snap.

Angel: Don’t break. You did what had to be done… but it wasn’t your fault. You didn’t mean to kill him. we know that you didn’t mean it.

Sailor Moon: Endymion is… dead.

Paige: *Panics* Usagi… Don’t do it… Don’t break.

Amara: I think it’s too late… Her conscious mind is broken… the Princess is gonna come out… There is nothing we can do…

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Sailor Moon: *With a shrill loud cry* ENDYMION!!!!!!! *Emitting Heavy energy knocking the girls down and turns into Princess Sailor Moon*

Beryl: *Shielding her eyes* Ahhh!

Ami: *On the ground; Looking up* Usagi-Chan!

Pearl: *Scared* What’s going to happen now?

Princess Sailor Moon: *Absorbing Endymion into her and carrying him with her in her heart* This world will be no more… i will end it all… i will end everything… with Endymion by my side.

Prince Curtis: *Mortified* I think that the Princess has just lost it.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Lost it? uh Prince Curtis, that is not even the word for it. she hasn’t just lost it. She’s broken from all common sense. she is off her deep end.

Princess Sailor Moon: *Nodding her head once and causing the ground to start shaking*

Some rocks then rise…

Jadeite: *Running in* Beryl-Sama! Let’s go… It’s too dangerous here. this place is falling apart. it’s gonna collapse on us. we have to go…

Beryl: *Looking towards the princess* … *Glaring*

Princess Sailor Moon: *Not showing any remorse* …. *Starts Glowing*

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Beryl: *Looking at the Princess with a still tone* That is why… i even now in the present… think that you’re no more than a little girl. You will never grow up.

Jadeite: *Shielding his eyes and standing close to Beryl* Beryl-sama!”

Black Canary: *Scoffs* Nice. So the Princess is someone who used to be on this planet?

Luna: Still is. But after the threat was done and over with. The Queen of the Moon Queen Serenity relinquished their powers away. In order to better protect them. to allow them to have a life of their own and be able to live freely without having to worry about the dangers that could come… not having to worry about the past life anymore. they were free. *Looking at Chloe* That is the real story. the real account. *Looking at her sisters* I am not blood… but am still a Rhapsody and proud of it. And yet… even though that part had been done. and over. i still have some communicable reach to get a hold of the Queen. in spirit. but still, i can get a hold of her. but am holding off unless there is no other choice.

Paige: *Nods*

Raven: *A bit cold* That’s Enlightening news… So you have a connection to a spirit from the past who can guide you. That’s good news. peachy. *Rolling her eyes a bit*

Dinah: *Trying to wrap her head around the information* ………

Raven: *Rising up and taking a look around* So this is the Watchtower… this isn’t as roomy as Titans tower… but at least it’s got the Information that will be needed for the Villains and monsters with the bad attitude we’ll be facing.

Pearl: That’s right. Raven. This is not like a living domicile… but it’s got all the Data and knowhow. whenever there is trouble… we get called and informed.

Oliver: *Walking in* That is right. *Looking up and seeing a Cloaked girl hovering around* Uh, Okay… Nice look for a girl. I guess that she must be Raven from Azarath by the way she appears. Not bad. *Calling up to the girl* Hey… Raven, Why not come down from there and we’ll get the shot at meeting you and getting you into the Watchtower’s system.

Raven: *Landing* Okay…

Oliver then kindly asked about the Beaded buckle she had around her waist and asked if he could command it for a short time. Raven was reluctant and asked why. But that was when Pearl came over and assured her that Oliver was their professor. He is trusted. Raven…Nodded and Handed it over. She kinda felt rather bare without it…

Raven: *Looking at Oliver* Who are you?

Oliver: You don’t know me yet… It’s understandable. The Name’s Oliver Queen, Raven. I’m not looking like the hero i usually am now… but i am CEO of the Company known as Queen Industries. I am also the Professor to the 3 girls that you happen to live with. I stepped up after their previous one got killed off. killed in a lab accident. He was also trying to investigate the girls and that’s a big bad move on his part. but he’s been dead for 2 years now…

Dinah: Yeah. 2 years. Thanks for the haunting and depressor reminder, Professor.

Raven: So… their Ex-Professor is dead. and you are now their professor. the better one. Okay. That would explain how you know the girls so well…

Suddenly Chloe looks up and sees Raven and smiles at her before getting up and walking on towards her… But Oliver had left to the other room. in the back and had a mobile tech team modify and program a function in Raven’s Jewel belt… it wouldn’t be done for a while as it would take a little time. roughly a couple hours at most…


In the meeting room/Command center/League headquarters…

Chloe: *Looking at Raven* You must be the girl that called out to the Rhapsody Girls… It’s a welcomed surprise to meet you. I’m Chloe Sullivan. Otherwise known as Watchtower. I’m also the Slickest Blonde you’d ever meet.

Raven: *With a Little Dark energy pulling her hood down* I think that i know about you. Pearl told me about you in some detail on the way here. Saying that you happened to know about the Entire Rhapsody family before you officially met them. Saying how you’re the one with alot of the info. I find it interesting.

Chloe: Thanks. It’s not as cracked up as you would feel it to be. It can take you away from the real world… and turn you into an anti-social living being. depending on the technology to live your world and life for you. when you should be the one living it. All the Technology can do that if you depend on it long enough.

Raven: Kinda reminds us of a place called Titans Tower. Cyborg…

Victor Stone: *Walking in* You called?

Raven: *Turning to see a man walking over* Another member?

Chloe: Raven… Meet Victor Stone… AKA Cyborg.

Raven: Oh my… What did they do to you Cyborg?

Victor Stone: *Confused* I think that you have me confused with someone else… I mean… are you trying to tell me that i should be looking more cybernetic? I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I mean i might look all human and all. but don’t let that fool you. Inside… almost every part you’d spot within me sets me to be as though i’ve been put together with parts that come from a mail order catalog. I mean… years ago… i was treated out to be a lab rat in a Luthorcorp building known as Cyntechnics. Or was till i got broken out from capture by Kent. If it wasn’t for Kent busting me out when he had… i’d be more machine than human and i’d have no humanity left in me. But the next time i saw him… it was to dismantle a 33.1 site of Luthorcorp’s. The Meteor freak mess. but since the first time till then… it was between that time when i got myself a hefty Upgrade done wonders courtesy of Queen Industries. Aquaman was having trouble hooking a whaler off the coast of Japan and if Ollie and i didn’t come when we did… to save him… Well… Let’s just say that he’d have been filleted. or deep-fried in a skillet. Mainly just filleted. but the bright side would be that at least he’d be Dolphin fresh.

Arthur Curry: *Overhearing the conversation* Fish Jokes… All i ever seem to get are fish Jokes.

Raven: That seems to be pretty funny. There are members from the Tower. As i had first made my way towards to the city… i came across this team. They had this Tower. It was staged with alot of high tech. One of them was a green shape shifter. They seemed to call him Beast Boy…

Chloe: *Pulling up the Info describing Beast boy; Putting it on screen* …

P.A System: *Informing* Beast Boy Otherly known as Garfield Logan…. “the lighthearted jokester of the group, though he is often the butt of many jokes or backfiring pranks himself. When the other Titans are focused on important details he is usually the first to break in with a preposterous suggestion or an unnecessary joke. Due to this, others sometimes view him as immature, thickheaded, and cumbersome. However, he continually proves invaluable with his kindness, quick-thinking, and battle prowess. Although he jokes most of the time, Beast Boy can be serious when he wants to be. Powers and Abilities- Shapeshifting into any animal on Earth or any animal he has met or seen Advanced martial arts ability Peak human endurance Leadership skills Above-average quick thinker. Weapons- Whatever his current form provides him (teeth, claws, horns, tusks etc.)”

Raven: How did you do that?

Chloe: It can be surprising as to what i can do… But Watchtower is like a head of all knowhow for the League. Watchtower downloads what amounts to the Library of Congress every 3 seconds. any kind of info is at my disposal and made available to the team at any given time. Schematics to buildings when there is a mission for the team to go on. Anything.

Paige: *Looking at her sisters* Oh my god… They like her… they’re taking well to Raven. They really like her. They’re accepting her. Classic!

Pearl: That is wonderful. I just knew that they’d accept her. knew that they’d like her. They were bound to take her in. It was like fate.

Dinah: I know… *Smiles* And the whole time they’ve been talking to her… they’ve have not mentioned a word about suspecting her of having the other side of her. It is like they see her as only human. nothing more than that. they like her. They really like her. It kinda makes our worrying or fearing as though they wouldn’t take to her or accept her or anything seem just stupid now. They enjoy her.

Luna: It’s going to work out. Chloe and the others are talking with Raven and are getting accustomed to her. All we can hope for is that they don’t start digging for the truth before it’s time. Right now all we should think about is seeing that Raven is accepted and that they don’t jump right in for asking the truth.

However at Megan’s house…

Megan: I heard about the attack that hit the school today. When do you suppose that i’ll get a quote or byline?

Prince Curtis: byline? What do you mean a Byline?

Megan: I’m working on the team with the School Newspaper. I’m in Journalism.

Prince Curtis: What? You’re part of the School Paper?

Megan: Of course.

Prince Curtis: *Scoffs and with shock and surprise* How? When?

Megan: Since the beginning of the School year… What? Prince Curtis, Do you mean to tell me that you didn’t notice?

Prince Curtis: No. i didn’t know about that at all. I really didn’t know. But i am truly proud.

Megan: I never really was a writer before and never did articles. But now that i have done articles. A couple of them anyway… i don’t know… I think that there could be a future in reporting things. News about heroes.

Prince Curtis: Being the Voice of the heroes.

Megan: You think that i could?

Prince Curtis: Yeah. And to just think… You got an inside man to give you the scoop. I can only dish up certain parts and not everything… but i can fill you in with quotes that are relevant and you can write the article accordingly. putting your view of it with what you beliefs of it are. anything that hits with the heroes.

Megan: What about Alice? She can see the attacks coming before they hit? What of her?

Prince Curtis: Well… that part… i don’t know. I really wish that i knew. But i don’t. However i do know as to per what my brother Prince Alvin said… Her visions are suggestive and of Psychic persuasion. Foresight. It just happens at Random. not constant. There are moments as to where she doesn’t get any visions at all. She can’t get them all the time.

Megan: So… It comes and goes then with her… Doesn’t it?

Prince Curtis: Yes. She’s also an informant to Watchtower.

Megan: What do you think happened at the school today? in the cafeteria… What do you figure happened there?

Prince Curtis: I can’t recall as i wasn’t there at the scene to see the battle… but what i can tell you, Megan. It’s this. There was a battle between The Rhapsody Girls Z! You know who they are. My cousins. They were fighting along side with the Girl from Azarath. Raven. They were fighting Dr. Illumination.

Megan: And they beat him, Right?

Prince Curtis: Yeah. they did. It was a interesting battle. but they had to deal with the Light fixated nutcase. the guy took The power away from Dinah. but Paige knocked him down and launched a Direct hit on him which broke the Thunder power back to Dinah and Dinah got up and laid into him. That’s all i know. I wasn’t there. But during the day… i started seeing Visions and having the ability of being what one would call a seer.

Megan: What?! What do you mean?

Prince Curtis: It means that my abilities are growing.

Megan: Oh my… Do your brothers know about it?

Prince Curtis: No. They don’t. It just happened for a short time. And it only happened once. It is possible that it won’t happen again.

Megan: Let’s hope that it’s not the case. Because if you’re getting Visions… It could mean that you’re becoming a bender. You’re gonna become a Electric bender.

Prince Curtis: One who controls the element through the mind?

Megan: You do have the Element of electricity. So… yeah. you could windup doing that. It’s not that hard to do. With practice. If you’re developing the Psychic Niche.

Prince Curtis: *Stunned* Wow… Megan, You’re nailing it. but truth be told… i never really imagined that you would think of it like that…

Megan: *Looking at her homework* I got hard Math Homework… The teacher i got is a real hard ball. Even the class doesn’t like him much.

Prince Curtis: My brother and i have history homework. WW1. Questions about WW I. But the questions the teacher asked are close to unanswerable. She expects a little too much. *Looking at Megan* But there is something going on that my brothers and i are gonna be discussing. You noticed that there are attacks going on and have been spreading all over the City.

Megan: I heard. I am tied to you and i started noticing the signs. *Sighs* Prince Curtis,  babe… i’m gonna start keeping tabs on what’s going on in the city and gather things that i can find as it comes. To help you and your Brothers out. I am being sucked in and i can’t fight it. I got to help…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Grandma Rikku: *Cleaning the sheets* I am sure that the girls will be knowing that there are clean sheets on their beds again. I even did the sheets on Raven’s bed too. The sheets have to be cleaned. *Sighs and thinking* Let’s see… I’ve done a couple loads of clothes… Mopped, Dusted, Vacuumed and Straightened things up. And Done things up. Labeled a spot where things go. I know that i am not to be in Raven’s Room. But if there is anything that i can do for her to help her get to things better in her room in anyway… i’ll chance it.

2 hours later…

At the New Watchtower…

Paige: *Looking at the Screen* Where’s The professor?

Raven: I don’t know. Your professor should be back by now. He is in the other room but hasn’t returned from there yet.

Luna: You haven’t gone in there, have you?

Raven: No. The back room is said to be off limits to everyone. For a reason.

Pearl: I hope he comes out.

Dinah: Same here… we need to get home. I got Math homework to do and i can already tell you that it’s the kind that is seriously kicking my Thunderic Butt right up to the roof.

Pearl: *Looking down* Don’t remind me. i got Lit homework and so does Paige. We both have to read 6 chapters and write a summary of what we thought the chapter was about. The teacher has us reading the second book in the “Child called It” series. It is hard because all i can do is cry reading it because it’s just so sad.

Paige: Same here. It’s just so sad. i came close to wanting to burning the book and getting rid of it. because the idea that the one who wrote this had gone through all that… it’s so sad.

Pearl: don’t forget that i also got History homework. It’s hard.

Paige: And i got Biology homework.

Chloe: *Looking at the Screen* So far nothing is going on at the park. but the sensors are picking up radiation.

Black Canary: Does that call for a stake out operation?

Victor Stone: If that is the case… Just let us know. We’re on it.


Raven:  I would guess that there is trouble near brewing.

Aquaman: Yeah. You’d be right on that, Raven. There is trouble… but we’re like those Titans… whoever they are. When there is trouble… we go out and bring the trouble down. Giving the ones committing trouble a couple hard courses of good ole’ Justice.

Chloe: There is no need to act on it for now. It’s just radiation. But We’re gonna have a monitor on it to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

A couple minutes later…

The monitors began to pick up a bit of activity… But it wasn’t from the fountain. It was from the bank…

Chloe: *Seeing the reading* The Smallville Savings and Loan. Go. Cyborg… Canary… Get on it.

Victor Stone: *Syncing up* Cyborg… Online.

Black Canary: *Syncing up* Black Canary… Online.

A second later…

Raven: *Bewildered* Okay… That was…

Dinah: Quick?

Raven: quick. Sudden. In one minute. out the next. *Low Emotion* they were rather twitchy.

Oliver: *Walking into the room with the Jewel belt* It’s done. my researchers and tech crew… as well as i installed a sensor chip in the belt. With also these…  *Handing Raven her Jewel belt back* You’re part of the Rhapsody team, Raven. Part of Watchtower. If there is trouble… We’ll know who to call. And there’s also these…   *Showing the new Communicators* These are yours. Paige…. Pearl… Dinah… Luna… Raven. These are your contacts. if you ever run into trouble when you’re by yourselves… or if any of you go out and patrol and see trouble… you can call each other and summon for help. We’re still gonna be around. but now you girls are a team among yourselves and your place is your tower…  The Rhapsody Girl Tower. Not bad to come up with that…  isn’t it? 

The Communicator goes off and chimes…

Chloe: *Syncing the Communicators* The communicators are now up and ready to use. This place will still be open to you guys. besides, we’re all like family.  It will not change.

Arthur Curry: That’s right. Family is blood. we may all have a little fight from time to time. But it’s normal. We still stick together. to fight the good fight. No matter what may come.

The P.A then chimed off and tested the new call…

P.A System: *Chiming* Azarath and Rhapsody girls… WE NEED YOU!!!

Raven then placed her Jewel belt back on and looked as the buckle on her Cloak went off…. Her color was Purple… Paige had Pink, Pearl had Blue, Dinah had Green and Luna had Blue. The Rhapsody Girls still had their power belts and their buckles which were communicators as well… but their new communicators absorbed into their buckles and powered up their communicators to 3.0. It was getting close to nightfall and the girls had to get their homework done and grab some dinner. They said their goodbyes and made way back home. Raven on the other hand felt like flying back. So she Looked at the girls and assured that she’d be over head but in the air.

An hour later…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Grandma Rikku: *Setting the table* Mac & Cheese with Hot dog chunks mixed in as well as Pizza rolls on the side. Pudding and Salad. Not bad for a dinner. I know that they’re gonna like it. It’s gonna be perfect for them. I just know it. *Hearing car doors closing and voices* Oh… They’re here. Good think the table is set. They must be hungry.

Raven: *Shadowing in* We’re home.

Grandma Rikku: Good to see you home, Raven. Oh… before i forget. i did some house cleaning and i know you made a bit of a rule where no one was to go into your room. but i was doing Laundry and figured that you’d like clean sheets and fresh too… so i did yours as well as the girls. plus i also did a favor and straightened things up in there for you. placing books with books. artifacts and powders and spell items in a spot. Nice and neatly. big and small. And placed the incense in order. I Didn’t touch anything that shouldn’t have been touched. all i did was tidy it up for you. I figured that it’d be a wonderful surprise for you. something for you to come home to.

Raven: *Grins* You did all that for me? *Still* I am speechless.

Grandma Rikku: I Don’t want you to feel like you’re a stranger. Raven, Saturday… when i met you and Dinah introduced you to the girls here, i welcomed you to the family. I have a very religious heart. i can feel there is another side to you. I won’t ask of it. Because i don’t think that you’d want that part out. I don’t blame you. But truth be told. You’re family. If anything happened to you… i’d be hurt. So would the girls. They love and care about you. They don’t know much about you… but they love you.

Raven: Stop. You’re gonna wind up making me want to cry. I am touched. and i appreciate your words. i do. but please don’t try to get me emotional. I can’t afford to show any emotions. because i’ll only lose control and things might go bad. I can’t afford that. But i do understand.

Paige:  *Walking in* Hey Grandma… We’re home.

Pearl:  How was your day?

Dinah: I’m betting that it was a lot better than ours was.

Grandma Rikku: It was a wonderful day. I spent a good part of the day cleaning up the house and straightening things in order. There are clean sheets. You girls all have clean sheets. I did alot of cleaning today. and there are alot of clean clothes too. I don’t know how you had your clothes in your dresser or in what way. So i placed the clothes on the edge of the beds.

Luna: *Smiles* It’s a nice day in school. I found out more about the guy i saw on Friday. He has a crystal ball. speaking to it like a phone of some kind and it’s to a guy he called his Guardian. Someone named Vincent Van Graves. He said something about him being a Demonologist.

Paige: *gasps* Really?

Pearl: We don’t know if that is good to know you met someone who is tied to a Demonologist. Luna… Till we get the info on the guy… Watch what you say around the boy Martin.

Dinah: That’s right. The boy might be a really friendly person and is very open and understanding of what you tell him. But he might tell his supposed Guardian and his Guardian might try to do something. Raven has half of herself being Dark. Demon. She’s our friend. *Looking at Luna* if you see him tomorrow… tell him nothing about Raven. I mean nothing.

Luna: I haven’t mentioned about her to him. As far as i know… he knows nothing about her. *feeling retrained and reluctant to mention that she spoke about the big red demon*

Dinah: *Gasps* Oh god… I almost forgot to mention… Raven. I saw the Wood this morning. I saw that it was done and looked exactly how i was picturing it. You must have done it and knew how i wanted it. I showed it to the teacher and He loved it. He spoke of thinking on placing it up on display as a perfect example. Raven… You saved my hide on that. I Owe you big for that. Thanks.  *Smiles*

Raven: *Smiles* You’re welcome, Dinah.

It was a peaceful night. They all sat down side by side and smiled at one another and talked about what to expect next in the city. Wondering what would come next. With the details now open that there is a portal just itching to open… They knew that it was gonna just be only a matter of time before it really came to life. It was said to be a portal reopening the Place known as Dark Kingdom. Pearl was afraid of it. That place was the one thing that scared her more than anything else you could cross with her. She was a bit scared… scared about the fact that it could reawaken the Evil Queen of the Negaverse. the Queen of Dark Kingdom. It haunted her more than anything. All she wanted to do was forget the idea that it could reopen even though at that time… it was just producing radiation. Just radiation and a heat signature. nothing more than that. They sat at the Table and spoke about a numerous amount of things. Numerous things. Like Pearl and her desire for fashion… But Dinah was also scared about something too. her scare was personal and rather intimate. She didn’t want to say anything but Raven saw that something was bugging Dinah and given that her Mantra or Gem granted her to read anyone’s mind and thought upon will and psychic alteration…

Raven: Dinah, You are usually talking more than Pearl and Paige are. Why you being so silent?

Dinah: *Nervous* I… uh… don’t know… I’ve been thinking about what my boyfriend was talking about with me friday night.

Pearl: Why? What was he saying?

Dinah: he uh… wanted to have our relationship go to the next level…

Paige: *Gasps* What?! You’re not saying what we think you’re saying… are you?

Dinah: I am… *Looking away as she suddenly lets it out* My Boyfriend… Shingo. He wants to… to… Uh, He wants to have sex with me.

Pearl: He what?!  OH GOD…. Dinah, You’re kidding? Really? Oh my god. That’s good that you’ve reached that level in your relationship. I mean… you’ve been with Shingo for over 3 years. It was bound to mature eventually.

Dinah: But i am scared. Yeah… i know. i admit that i am scared. I’m a tough girl and i had a great relationship with Shingo. I Love him. But what if i am not compatible in bed with him? I could lose him and that scares me more than anything else in the world. It scares me because i don’t know how to release that part of me out. I never felt that way before.

Hide and Seek

Raven: Do i even want to know what this is about?

Luna: *Shaking her head* I don’t think so… i don’t think that you’ll want to know about it. I don’t even know about it and i don’t think i ought to be in the room for the conversation that they seem to be having.

Paige: It’s nothing, guys. Dinah is just talking about her boyfriend and the possibility that she and he are gonna have an intimacy detail sometime.

Dinah: He and i are gonna be talking about it next week. And then plan when to have it. It’s gonna be a wonderful night. but i am scared. I mean… what if i am… you know. Inept or incompatible?

Grandma Rikku: Dinah, *Sighs* You are a growing girl. Your body can handle it. I can’t tell you to make sure that you’re safe… only because i know that you are safe and will have common sense on what to do. But the question is… Do you trust yourself enough to know when enough is enough? You mother wouldn’t know what to do in that situation… because the poor dear never got the chance to have any intimate relations. Not once. at all in her teen years. But in the thick of it all… i would believe that if she were around… and was not taken from us… she’d be telling you to follow your heart. What does your heart say to you? Your mind… What is it telling you to do? It’s a big decision and you got to be careful with planning it. thinking about whether you feel like you’re prepared for it or not. How much you love him and if he is the one for you. Is he the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? are you ready to take on all the responsibilities that come along with it?  All that has to play in factor when it comes to the idea of having sex. Dinah… You have to think of all that. Is it right for you? Plus you have to think about wearing protection too. Because if you get pregnant… it will bring on a even bigger set of questions. And if that becomes the case… You will have to ask yourself if you’re willing to go through with it? Always think before you go into it. Always. Because each decision will decide how your life will turn out.

Paige: If that is what we have to think about…  then before Pearl and i get into it with our boyfriends… we’re gonna have to consider all our options too.

Pearl: *Nods*

What was next for the Rhapsody Girls Z!? What were they to expect from the dangers in the City? Would there be new Villains just waiting and itching to come strolling in? It was uncertain. During the night while they slept the ideas and the thoughts all played in their heads. Raven was in her room and she meditated a little during the night and thought a little about it. As for Luna and the rest of the girls… They thought about it and had it play in their dreams. It was a lot to think about. The Possible Return of Queen Beryl? What was she gonna be like this time if she came back? Would she be even more dangerous than she was when the Rhapsody Girls went against her the first time? The next day while they were all in school. Chloe came to the house with Oliver and a tech crew. Installed some high tech stuff in their room and trouble sensors in Raven’s room. Also an Alarm system in the girls room and Live cams in their room. Portable ones. Had some placed in the Living room too and programmed some Live Cams in the Video phone. To help them keep track of any trouble that came their way. Raven was gonna be in for a surprise and so were the girls. What was it gonna be like in their house with all the high tech in their midst? Find out in the Next Chapter of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…

Hide and Seek

The End

Raven: *Voice-over* Hey… Raven again… You know who i am. I am the one who’s got a darkness within me. Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z!… It’s anchors aweigh with the Trouble revolving more creature sightings. Demonic creatures and of course… a possible new Villain in the fold. This one is British. or British obsessed. I think this would be the best time to pose as the Earthly renegade Paul Revere when we say… “The British are coming… The British are coming.” It’s a Brit. and there is more to look forward to. A Sight for tech. The girls and i arrive back home from the school. But the part where Chloe… went into my room. Word of warning to anyone… No one should ever go into my room…

Paige: *Voice-over* Plus we learn that our cousins are meeting the same treatment too. They get hooked up in their rooms and have the high tech there all installed and set. camera’s… sensors and the alarms too. They get set up with it all. Plus we also get closer to Raven… But something happens to her. that pulls her away. Her mood changes and it takes us for a spin. I don’t think we’re ready for this… What will we do to help her… Pearl, Dinah, Prince Alvin and Prince Curtis go and investigate her room and try to learn what they can about our friend from Azarath. but they get pulled in… to Raven’s Mind. in Raven’s head. Uh-oh… This doesn’t look good. Not at all. Find out what goes on next in the Adventures… The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 79: “Rhapsody Girls Z! home becomes Rhapsody Girls Z! Tower? Hello My Duckies… Mad Sam’s British Law is now. Mind Warp Raven’s Mind…Heroes on alert.” Part 1

Paige: *Looking at the screen* Who is that?

Dinah: *Looking at Pearl* Who is that on the Screen?

Pearl: *Looking at the Portable Ipad* I don’t know. But this guy’s got British for brains. he’s a full bred brit. and if you were to know what he’s intending. It’s Obsessively Brit. nothing more.

Raven: *Firing at the British Villain* Azarath Metrion… Zinthos!

Mad Sam: *Firing his Ruby tipped staff at Raven and sending her flying*…

Raven: *In a Demonic Voice* Don’t come any closer!

Mad Sam: *Being dragged in by Raven’s Dark Tentacles* Don’t… Please. Don’t. I’m sorry. Let me go…. Bloody Evil being.

Raven: *With red eyes and Tall; With a cloak blowing in the wind and Tentacles loosely flapping in the air; With a Demonic Voice* What’s the Matter, Mad Sam? AFRAID OF THE DARK?!


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