Chapter 77: “Rhapsody Family and the Rhapsody Brothers Meet Raven Of Azarath. The good… the Evil… The Mysterious. Open the doors for new dangers that call thy name.”


The home of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It was a wonderful day. Bright and fresh. and the day after Halloween. But what they didn’t know was only the beginning. It was only the beginning of their problems.  or soon to be…

That Morning…

Nov. 1st 2025

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Girls room…

Paige: *Getting her book and her papers* What a night. Night fest. The night of Surprises and scares. But i wasn’t the least bit scared. not in the least.

Pearl: *Getting her book and her papers ready to go* We got a book report to do. But if we are lucky… we’ll be done in no time. *Looking to see Raven missing* Where’s Raven?

Paige: Who the heck knows… i mean she was here a moment ago and then poof… she split. I have no clue as to where she has gone.

Pearl: She’s probably going around and exploring the house. getting a feel of it. This is pretty new to her.

Paige: New? What do you mean?

Pearl: Well… where ever she is from… she probably didn’t have things like this. seeing modern houses or whatever. tall buildings like the ones that she must have seen downtown. The Museum was 2 stories tall.

Paige: It was. the Museum must be still trying to reset the displays and putting things back to the way they were before the party. *Feeling Dizzy a little* Whoa! that was a little unexpected. Dizzy. *Shaking it off*

From in the hall…

Dinah: *Looking to see an unfamiliar door* What is this? What’s this door doing here? There is a new door here and it looks really dark.

Pearl: *Walking out of their room* What do you mean door? There is no door… *Suddenly seeing the door* Whoa… This door looks really weird. Where did it come from?

Dinah: How should i know? I didn’t put it here. *Realizing* Wait… i think i know who did.

Pearl: Who?

Dinah: Raven. She must have done it. because this wasn’t here till she came. She must like it here and has already made a room for herself.

Pearl: *Touched* She likes us that much?

Dinah: I Guess so. She must really enjoy being around us. maybe she’s inside there and setting things up to make herself feel somewhat more at home…

Pearl: *Looking at Dinah* Do you suppose that we should go inside and see if she’s okay?

Dinah: I guess. But i would value the suggestion of treading carefully…

Paige: *Coming out of the their room* So would i. But if that is Raven’s room. She might not like for us to snoop.

The door then opens and reveals a dark room with incense and goth like statues that looked like Raven. The bed had a frame that looked just like Raven’s hood of the Cloak. The bookshelf looked dark and had stacks of books. rows of books that were with spells and dark material inside them. Candles that were not lit…

Pearl: *Feeling a chill* Uh, is it me… or it really cold in here?

Dinah: It’s just you. *Suddenly feeling a Chill* Better yet… you’re probably right. there is a chill in here and i don’t think that i like the idea that there is a chill.

Paige: You guys are really pushing it now… if this is Raven’s room… i would figure that we should not be in here without her saying so. *Seeing a spark of energy come from the book shelf* I think that we might want to get out of here.

Pearl: That is the best idea that you’ve had. but… since we are in this room. and it has all things pertaining to Raven. What do you think we ought to do? Look around and learn something about her?

Dinah: *Looking at Pearl* Pearl, are you nuts? You’ve gone off your deep end here. This is spooks central. Raven is probably with spooky merchandise and i don’t think that she’d like for us to be touching things that don’t belong to us. We may be her new friends… and she may be living here… with us. but to go and snooping at her things… that is not the most wisest thing to do. not in the least. you have any idea as to how it would make Raven feel if she knew that we were snooping into her things? She would think that we don’t trust her.

Pearl: *Scoffs* Dinah… that is so not what it is… you know that we can trust people. Even her. She is not some mystery to solve. She’s a nice person. There isn’t anything close to Evil. If she was… i would think that we would have seen it by now. don’t you? *Hearing footsteps* I think that we better get out of here… now. I changed my mind about staying here… in Raven’s room. let’s get out of here before we get caught.

Before they could do turn and get out of the room. Raven came in…

Raven: *Walking into the Room* What are you 3 doing in my room? This is my Room. There is alot of things in here to are part of me. like a mirror. the Mirror of Azar… is like a portal into my mind. a Portal into my mind. my inner thoughts.

Paige: *Looking at her sisters* See what you’ve done now, guys? You two are lucky that she’s not as pissed as she should be for the idea that she just caught us snooping around like bloodhounds.

Pearl: *In her mind* Great. Now Raven is gonna think that we don’t have trust in her. This is sure a fine way to build up a strong friendship with her. i guess that’s one cluster of points to human stupidity for us.

Raven: *Speaking into Pearl’s Mind* I should be mad. I actually should be quite furious. but i am gonna just let out a warning to you this time. a firm but friendly warning. If you want to know something. ask. don’t snoop. if there is something that you want to know about me and it is something that i feel privy on telling. just accept the fact that i can’t tell and let it go.

Pearl: *Shaking her head* ….. *Looking at Raven* What in the… world did you just do?

Dinah: What? What did she do?

Pearl: She just spoke through my mind. in my head. i heard her voice in my head. *Freaked out*

Dinah: Pearl… Calm down. it’s okay. that’s just her extension of Astral Projection. That’s all that it is.

Paige: What? *Gasps* She can speak through another person’s Mind?

Dinah: She sure can. She kinda did that to me last night. I freaked out a little from it too. It was really creepy. but actually pretty cool if you think about it.

Raven: *Grins* It can be pretty amazing to do. but it wears and tears at you after awhile as well. It can wear and tear at your mind. I have to meditate every day to remain in control of my abilities. If i lose control… bad things will be liable to happen. my powers could react on their own and i might not be able to stop it. they’re controlled by emotions… the more i feel… the more i release.

Pearl: Really?

Dinah: *Shocked* Oh Snap… that’s sick.

Paige: *Looking at her sister Pearl* Pearl… we better book it to the Library and get our book reports done. it’s due Monday.

Pearl: That’s right. *Looking at the time* We got to get ourselves going…

Dinah: *Remembering something* And i got to go over to the junk yard and find some wood that i can use to redo the Plaque that i was in the middle of doing but destroyed.

Paige: I know. we all had to bolt out of our classes to trash that monster with the electric energy. with a Computer Chip as a center.

Raven: Overload.

Pearl: *Confused* Overload? What do you mean… Overload?

Raven: That’s the name of the monster you described. Overload. it’s weakness is water.

Paige: *Pulling out her phone and dialing a #* …

Raven: *Seeing the phone* Who’re you trying to call? ghost busters?

Pearl: No. someone better.

Dinah: The slickest Blonde that you’d ever meet.

A second later…

Chloe: *On the phone* Hello?!

Paige: *On the Phone* Hey… Chloe, It’s Paige. What’s up?

Chloe: Hey Paige. good hearing you guys again. Yesterday was the day that our new arrival was supposed to show. but no one’s seen a sight of her.

Paige: You’re kidding. That’s s shame. *Winks at Raven and signaling that she’s being covered for the time being*

Chloe: Have you girls seen or come across her?

Paige: No. i haven’t. Pearl and Dinah haven’t either. we were at the Halloween party. we kinda sensed a little bit of unknown energy. but we haven’t see the new Arrival.  She’s still off somewhere. But Listen… i’m calling because i just found out some info about a monster we girls fought against the other day. What do you know about a Monster named Overload?

Chloe: Overload?!

Paige: Yeah. My sisters were talking about it yesterday morning and couldn’t figure out what it was.

Chloe: Well… i’m by my computer right now… hold on… let me see what i can find on our sparky creature of the Cybernetic graveyard…

Sounds of keys on the keyboard clacking on the computer are heard through the phone…

Chloe: *Finding the data on Overload* Aha! Found you, You Sparky devil… here it is. Overload… Overload is a being that appears to be an artificial intelligence gone rogue. By some means he acquired the ability to absorb and control all things electricity, enabling him to form a body composed of electrically charged particles.

Pearl: A he?

Chloe: Unfortunately… this thing came with a sex. a Gender. Male. even though it isn’t human… it’s still a living being. An Electrical being. His body has the charge up of a huge generator. a walking living nightmare in all terms of electricity. If this being were to shock you… you’d be set to turn numb by it’s shocking spark. The heartpiece of Overload consists of a computer circuit card housing his intelligence and persona. This beast is nothing more than a computer system gone totally wrong and lead a lone wolf existence of crime and short-circuiting all electronics in its wake.

Paige: Thanks for the heads up on that, Chloe.

Chloe: Anytime. Oh… if you ever come across the mystery girl. let me know. Half- Demon or not… If she’s in need of protection from danger… The Justice League will be there.

Pearl: You got it, Watchtower. No problem.

The call then ends…

Paige: We’re now with the know of the beast. It’s good. Raven… Pearl and i have to head out to the Library to work on our book report for our Lit Class. But Dinah… could use a bit of company.

Dinah: Besides i’m gonna be digging through wood and looking for a perfect sized piece of wood to take and smooth out and get in the shape of a plaque. I think… the size would have to be about a 4×7. That’s the size that i had the first time when i accidentally knocked it over and broke it in two.


At King John’s house…

In the garage…

Prince Alvin: *Working on his Motorcycle a little* Last night was hopping.

Alice: It sure was. I sensed a few glimpses of the girl. during the night. But the thing is that i didn’t see anything more after 12 Midnight.

Prince Alvin: She vanished… *Tightening the bolt a little* Ah… That should do it. *Looking at Alice* How could she have vanished? We all felt that energy coming from the parking lot. we know it was her. It had to be her.

Alice: I know. but she vanished. I don’t even know if she’s near.

Prince Alvin: *Standing up and dusting himself off* Agh! that was more than i wanted to get on me… The grease is gonna be a nightmare getting it off.

Alice: *Grabbing a towel nearby* here. this might help. *Handing the towel over to Prince Alvin*

Prince Alvin: Thanks. *grabbing the towel and wiping off the excess grease* the Motorcycle is all fixed now. Good. I don’t think that we should consider the matter closed though. She’s out there. I don’t know if we can trust her. We don’t know all that about the girl. She’s the daughter to that big red demon. Even if she is half Demon and half human… She could still be a threat.

Alice: *Shaking her head* Don’t think that way. She can be a friend also. It’s not gonna be that bad. *Suddenly sensing something coming* I sense something coming. *experiencing foresight* It’s the girl. She’s near.

Prince Alvin: What all do you see?

Alice: *While seeing a Vision* She’s with someone. in a truck. Coming this way…  in 5 minutes she’ll be passing here.

Prince Alvin: In a Truck? Do you recognize the truck?

Alice: Prince Alvin… It’s your cousin. Dinah. She’s in that truck.

Prince Alvin: *Looking concerned* That isn’t possible. Dinah has no idea what the girl is capable of. She could be killed.

Alice: What do you suppose we do?

Prince Alvin: *Getting on his motorcycle* get on. We’re leaving. we have to intercept that truck and intercept it now.

Alice: *Hopping onto the motorcycle* Will Dinah be be able to pull away from her?

Prince Alvin: i don’t know.

On the road in Pearl’s car…

Pearl: *Driving* This is gonna be a very impressionable day. It’s already got off to a very bizarre start. seeing a new room formed. Raven is making herself feel right at home. Not that she shouldn’t. She should be able to feel safe. Seeing that she’s always on the run. What kind of life is that?

Paige: I don’t know. Pearl… We have yet to know all that about her. She isn’t really revealing that much about her. Maybe because of the fear. fearing that if we knew exactly what she was… that we might form some kind of Lynch mob.

Pearl: And that is not what we’re gonna do. I have a feeling that our cousins will not like the idea that we’re hiding Raven at our house. We’re risking alot in keeping her… but…

Paige: What are you thinking, Pearl?

Pearl: I don’t know. I am not a leader. But i am going by just a wild theory. We could make like we don’t know her and she infiltrated our place. but that would set it to fail as well. The cousins might construe her to be another Zod incident and might try to opt with attempting to kill her. However… anyway you look at it, There is no easy way of doing it.

Paige: What we should do is play it cool. don’t react to knowing that we know of Raven and know that she is here and with us. The less that they know. the better. Raven has her own room. her own trinkets and artifacts and things that she’s in need of having to help her here… but for now… let’s keep the ideas to a minimum. that way we don’t give it away that we know where Raven is and that she’s in fact with us. That’s the last thing that we want right now. to have everyone on our case. I know that they’ll understand. we just have to break it to them in a gentle… subtle, calm… serene and civil tone.

Pearl: And if they don’t?

Paige: We’ll have to hide her somewhere else. Maybe at watchtower. Chloe did say that the Justice League would help guard her.

Pearl: That she did. *Seeing sparks of energy up ahead* What is going on up there? Paige, there is something going on up ahead. Dark energy and bright energy.

Paige: *Shooting her head to the side and looking at Pearl in worry* You don’t think…

Pearl: Oh god… i sure hope not.

Paige: Let’s get over there and check it out… something doesn’t look right. Pearl, I don’t condone you speeding and i wouldn’t persuade you to risk getting a ticket… but for the sake of finding out what the heck is going on up there. and making certain that it’s not our friend up there… Floor it.

Pearl: *Looking at Paige* Strap in… tight. Hold on. *Stepping on the gas and going faster and speeding*

In Dinah’s truck…

Dinah: *Driving* I got to get that assignment done by the end of the weekend… The teacher will not be happy if i don’t get it done.

Raven: Who’s the teacher?

Dinah: Mr. Dundee. Mr. Ted Dundee. i am not supposed to know the teacher’s first name… but the teacher accidentally had his whole name on the board on the first day of the school year and didn’t even realize it till it was too late. by time he tried to cover it up… we already caught notice of and knew of it. We never call him by that.

Raven: Fascinating. So… Where exactly is this scrap yard that you’re heading to?

Dinah: It’s not far. It’s actually pretty close by now… the only problem is that it is on the near outskirts of the city. by the Abandoned buildings. *Hearing a Voice from a distance* Uh, What was that? *Looking at Raven* Raven, are we being followed?

Raven: *Looking behind towards the back* I wouldn’t beg to tell. but there is a guy on the Motorcycle coming at us…

Dinah: A Motorcycle?!

Raven: Why? You know anyone with a motorcycle?

Dinah: No. What does that guy or girl want?

Raven: Don’t worry. Just drive. *Shadowing out and Hovering in the air behind the truck; With a little of Dark Energy, Constructing a barrier to block the Motorcycle*

From behind…

Prince Alvin: *Screeching to a halt* What the…?

Alice: *Feeling energy coming from the barrier* Prince Alvin, It’s a barrier. A Dark powered barrier.

Prince Alvin: It came from something up ahead. *Seeing a sighting of a floating Gem* That’s the Mystery girl. Raven. It’s her… she’s the one that did it.

Alice: *Trying to find a way to break through the barrier* I don’t think that we can get through…

Prince Alvin: We’ll have to follow and go another route. *Revving up the motorcycle and Speeding off going back and making way over to Dinah another way* Alice, Hold on tight… I’m gonna push up with acceleration. We’ve got to get to Dinah and warn her.

Alice: *Grabbing onto Prince Alvin* Hurry!

Prince Alvin: *Thinking in his mind* Hold on Cousin, I’m on my way…

Back in Dinah’s truck…

Raven: *Shadowing back in and sitting back in the passenger’s seat* It’s clear now. i blocked them. Constructed a barrier to shield them off.

Dinah: *Smiles and nods in appreciation* Thanks. I don’t know who that was. i didn’t even recognize him. but i did see the girl. it was almost with the same exact appearance as Alice Cross. But the face was really blurry from this distance.

Raven: It’s safe now.

At the Metropolis Library…

Paige: *On the computer; Typing up her book report and focusing on what she wanted to say in it*

Pearl: *Doing her book report*

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Grandma Rikku: *Walking down the hall Tidying up the hall* I got to get this place cleaned up a bit. It’s been a whole week since the last time i cleaned this place. i usually clean this place everyday. every other day. *Suddenly catching sight of a strange door* What in the world is this… Door doing here? Where did this door come from? *Gently opening it*

The door then opened and revealed a room that looked dark and spooky. She walked inside and took a look around…

Grandma Rikku: *Looking around and glancing at the decor* Oh my… this is new. Is this Pearl’s room? She moved to a different room and it looks like this.. Wow. I know that she wanted to express her Goth side. but this is over going about it. *Seeing a book sticking out and Curiously looking at it and reading some of it* This type of reading is not like Pearl. Where did she get this? Edgar Allan Poe. Not bad for a reading. He was mostly depressing. But it doesn’t explain why Pearl would have it and why she’d have a room like this. *Seeing Powder* That Powder looks really strange. I would like to know what it is… *Rethinking* On second thought… I better not.

She took a look around and only just turned to see a book that Looked rather out of place and only started reaching for it when it opened a bit and revealed a familiar symbol. She pretended that she didn’t see the symbol and placed the book back. She for the time being didn’t know that it wasn’t Pearl’s room. But the truth was that it was Raven’s room. or a replica of the room she’d have if she was with a group of people known as the Teen Titans. The Rhapsody Girls didn’t know who they were. No one did. And as far as they knew… there would be no mention or recollection of them ever existing. Same as the one known as Terra. Grandma Rikku walked out as fast as she could and made sure that everything was placed back to where she saw it and closed the door. She didn’t even want to know what was really in there. She didn’t even know that the room was made.

At the Metropolis Scrap yard…

Dinah got out of the car and locked it up as she looked at the yard and saw stacks of wood piled up in a column.  a Row of 5. Dinah looked at Raven as she walked over to the piles and Thought about how she and her sisters would break it to their grandmother and their sisters. even Luna…

Dinah: There is said to be a bit of a Rain storm coming later today. So… while we are able to do this… we better get it done fast. the signs of a storm coming will happen a little before the storm hits.

Raven: I don’t do rain.

Dinah: Don’t feel bad, Raven. I am not one to enjoy the rain either. Except for the thunder and Lightning. That is the best. But i am kinda biased again as i have that element.

Raven: you don’t say? How frightening… *A little cold* Is it more like a light show… or would it hurt on contact if it hits someone?

Dinah: I don’t think that’s a charming comment… but yes. It could hurt. Thunder does hurt. Lighting can as well. if it strikes you just right… it can kill you. it’s dangerous. It can cause some fires. and also power outages too if it strikes a power line or two.

Raven: So you’re Like the one who’s got lightning in a bottle?

Dinah: *Chuckles* yeah… That’d be me. Lightning in a bottle. but let’s just make like it’s all a tale for right now. My family is with the belief that we’d be Implicated if we were caught using our abilities and powers.

Raven: Implicated? *With an eye-brow raised* What exactly do you mean by the idea that your family would be implicated?

Dinah: I can’t begin to say what made it that way… but i think that it would be fair to say that it happened right after the battle with Zod. a couple years ago… It’s stupid really to still be so worried about that. At least to me. *Sighs* The thing of the matter is that while going against Zod, We without knowing had shot out stray blasts of our elements. and it caused some damage. not intentional… but in all things fair… it was still enough to put some of the blame on us. It’s been like that ever since. Paige doesn’t see it that way and same goes for my uncle King John Drake Rhapsody. He sees it as being something we had no choice but to do it. we had to risk it if we dared to get rid of Zod.

Raven: Some people have to make the choice. Whether it be good or bad. But no matter what choice there is to make. there is always a complication waiting to stir. It’s not always easy to do the right thing. It is hard at times. but worst thing is not doing anything about the problem that occurs

Dinah: *sighs* Yeah… that is the price one pays for being a hero. You stand up and do something. Fight back… you take the flip side that comes with it. If you fire back… you have to answer for it… because it catches up to you. One way or another.

Raven: I don’t know why we’re here though… why are we here? This isn’t the best place for us to be. No protection.

Dinah: I know what you mean. I am a tough girl and am usually all for the thrills and the attempts of getting dirty sometimes doing things. i am all for the action. *Looking at Raven* This is not exactly the most common place for a girl to be… but in order to make up the assignment and get the grade i deserve… i got to make due.

Raven: Need any help looking for the piece you’re looking for?

Dinah: Sure. I am gonna need it. Some of these things are gonna have little stickers pointing out. It’s gonna hurt. I am all for a little pain… but stickers from wood sticking into your skin like you’re some Voodoo doll. Uh, i would love the idea… but knowing for it to possibly happen… i think i’ll pass.

Raven: I know what you mean. I possess a few Voodoo dolls. but i never use them. ever. They’re too dangerous. *Using Telekinesis to lift up the pile of wood and seeing the wood surrounded with dark energy*

Dinah: *Seeing the wood float up and hover in mid air* Wow! Now that… is… really awesome.

While they were talking and sifting through the wood looking for the perfect size of Wood…

On the outside of the scrap yard…

Alice: *Nearby; Watching* …

Prince Alvin: *Watching from the shadows* I don’t trust her. that girl is dangerous. Dinah better be careful.*Speaking to Alice through the mind* Alice, I am gonna need to contact my brothers and get them involved with this.

Alice: *Speaking through the Mind* Are you sure? If you do… you might want to do it without the girl sensing it. I don’t know about the girl. i don’t know anything about her other than the little we’ve been told about her. but she does look like she’s Psychic and can read minds.

Prince Alvin: *Nods* Agreed.

Inside the scrap yard…

Dinah: *Looking through the wood and seeing a feasible piece of wood* Now there’s a nice piece of wood. *Grabbing for it* Got it! *Carrying it over to the truck and sticking it in the back* Let’s go. *Looking at the time* Man… It’s noon. Almost time for Lunch. *Hearing her stomach growling* I need food. With all the excitement this morning… i forgot to eat breakfast. *Looking at Raven* This could be the first time you’ve gotten to eat something since coming to Earth. But… What do you say we go and get something to eat. On our way there we can listen to some music to set our minds at ease. Does One Republic sound fine?

Raven: I can deal with it. I’m not one to complain. *Nods*

A minute later…

Dinah: *Driving* This is gonna be great. Raven… When we get back to the house… i think it’s time. We’re gonna introduce you to the whole family. My sisters, Luna… Shanna, Betty and Angel. My grandmother too. I would introduce you to my mother too… but… you know the story. She was killed.

Raven: And i am sorry that you’ve lost her. But maybe loss is an okay thing. It could be a way to rethink about some things.

Dinah: You’re right. It’s still a pain in the ass that we lost her though. I mean… she was one hell of a mother. Not that Grandma Rikku isn’t great too. but it’s just that our mom knew us from the inside and out.

Raven: *Smiles a little* You actually can surprise yourself on how you handle loss. not that it’s easy. But sometimes it is needed to gain perspective on life. how fragile it can sometimes be.

Dinah: not even a day on earth and you’re providing insight. You’re catching on fast, Raven. You’re gonna make it. I can feel it. You can call me corny if you like… but i have faith in the idea that this will all work out for the better.

The Radio starts playing a song that catches Dinah’s attention…

Dinah: Oh yeah… Now that’s my favorite band. *Turning up the Volume on the Radio* Sing it…  OneRepublic. Raven… i have moments to where i do this. but not as much as my sister Pearl does… i do this Rarely. But i’m gonna be joining the radio as it plays the song…

Raven: It’s okay. *Keeping calm*

Dinah: *Singing along with the Radio* “This town is colder now, I think it’s sick of us It’s time to make our move, I’m shaking off the rust I’ve got my heart set on anywhere but here I’m staring down myself, counting up the years Steady hands, just take the wheel… And every glance is killing me Time to make one last appeal… for the life I lead

Stop and stare
I think I’m moving but I go nowhere
Yeah I know that everyone gets scared
But I’ve become what I can’t be, oh
Stop and stare
You start to wonder why you’re here not there
And you’d give anything to get what’s fair
But fair ain’t what you really need
Oh, can you see what I see

Raven: *Thinking to herself* Why not… *Joining in with Dinah* “They’re trying to come back, all my senses push Untie the weight bags, I never thought I could… Steady feet, don’t fail me now Imma run till you can’t walk Something pulls my focus out And I’m standing down…

Stop and stare
I think I’m moving but I go nowhere
Yeah I know that everyone gets scared
But I’ve become what I can’t be, oh
Stop and stare
You start to wonder why you’re here not there
And you’d give anything to get what’s fair
But fair ain’t what you really need
Oh, you don’t need

What you need, what you need…

Stop and stare
I think I’m moving but I go nowhere
Yeah I know that everyone gets scared
But I’ve become what I can’t be
Oh, do you see what I see.” 

A few Minutes later…

At the Metropolis Burger Joint…

Dinah: *Eating her Burger* Mmm! Delicious.

Raven: *Wonders* So… What are you really in to?

Dinah: Well… i may have already told you last night. but i’ll recap. I am into sports. Anything tough really like the guys. Basketball, Baseball, Football… I also love to wrestle and can do Karate. *Looking to her side and sighs; expressing her thanks and appreciation of having people to help keep her going* I am a tough girl. I wake up every morning thinking that i might do something that puts me to being a little too tough for my own good. But if i am thankful for anything. It’s the fact that i got my sisters, and my grandmother. we do come at odds sometimes and have an argument every once in a while about things. we also fight. but it’s the fact that i have them in my life. that’s what keeps me going. Raven, i may be a bit sappy to you admitting this… however even though i am tough and a girl of my own. It’s my sisters Paige, Pearl, Luna, Shanna, Betty and Angel. and my grandmother who’ve raised the bar. setting the guide of how one should look at life and how one should live. Not always thinking that the only thing that would bring joy to me is fighting and acting tough.

Raven: *Eating* …. *Sighs* That is sincere.

Dinah: Too sincere… but it’s the truth. I can always be tough. but i can thank Pearl for the ability to be sensitive and the gift of knowing it to be okay to let out a cry when i am hurt and when i feel upset. letting loose on my emotions when it’s needed. Paige for the gift of having love inside. I know that she will never believe it. but if it wasn’t for her… i’d have no love in me… i’d always be a loose wire. worse than i can be when i am out fighting bad guys and villains. 10 times worse.

Raven: *Nods* I know. Almost like my dark side. My Evil side. not that i am happy and glad to admit it. but when i am showing my Dark side. the Evil that’s inside… I am seen as a loose cannon too. I can relate. it’s too early to get into it… but i will tell you this part though. When i show my other side… it’d be best if you were at a distance from me. because even though i don’t mean it… i will only do harm and hurt you while i’m expressing my Evil side. i won’t be able to control it till i am able to snap out of it or come to senses.

Dinah: *Curious* Is it that bad?

Raven: Yes. it is. it is that bad. And the last thing i want is to do anything that would hurt you guys. that is not even my intention.

Dinah: *A Little disturbed and concerned* I’ll keep that in mind.

An Hour later…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Grandma Rikku: *on her Laptop; Typing up more of her book* Luna is outside Playing and Betty as well as Angel are out doing whatever. Betty is out at the church or is supposed to be at the church… But She’s probably on her way back now… Angel is Probably at the park. Shanna though is at work. She’s been taking alot more shifts. She should be back home in a little bit. Maybe.

Paige: *Walking in with Pearl* Hey grandma, We’re back.

Grandma Rikku: Hey you two. Did you two get the book report done?

Pearl: Oh yeah. we did. we also caught a bit of a disturbance in the city just outside of the Library. There was a little bit of a fight going on. It was weird though. there was nothing there by time we got out there.

Paige: People running away from the spot. but that’s about it.

Pearl: What about the Energy spikes that we caught sight of on our way over to the Library? That wasn’t just our minds. something was going on…

Grandma Rikku: Energy spikes? What kind?

Paige: Dark energy and Light.

Grandma Rikku: That is something you can never get used to hearing. *Turning to look at Paige and Pearl suddenly* Oh, By the way… What’s with the new room Addition?

Pearl: *Confused* Huh?! What are you talking about?

Grandma Rikku: I came across a strange door this morning. A Door that wasn’t there before. but i opened it just because of the fact that i wanted to know what it was doing in the hall and what the heck was behind it. I only found a room that had all this dark stuff. Spells and Goth material. I even saw this book with a weird symbol. a familiar one actually. one that Chloe showed us. that night. I want to know what the deal is here… Pearl…i would know that it had to be you… because of the entry that i couldn’t help but notice in your journal. the year before last. After momma got taken from you girls. Talking about suicide… of course i thought that you were morally unstable or just going through a tough time. dealing with the loss. But then this morning i come across that stuff. Weird symbols and a strange powder. Even a bed that looked like a statue of a robed or cloaked prophet.

Pearl: *Scoffs* Okay… Grandma… 2 things. 1. Backoff. I am not suicidal or with Dark thoughts. 2. That Room is not mine. I don’t even know who it belongs to. For all i know… it could probably belong to either Betty or Angel. Most likely Angel because she’s got dark abilities.

Grandma Rikku: Pearl… It is your room. The Journal entry you had written the other year spoke of a suicidal thought. If it isn’t your room. Then who’s is it?

Pearl: *Raising her voice* I DON’T KNOW!

Paige: What are you even talking about, Grandma? Pearl wrote that because of the sadness she felt. You are being truly silly and foolish to really think that she’d really mean to be suicidal in her message. Pearl is not Suicidal. She never was. Thinking that she was or is… it’s actually really upsetting that you think so. and it’s also hurtful.

Pearl: That’s right!

Grandma: What am i to think? Who would write such a thing like what i by chance caught notice of? Who? Not me. My daughter… Your mother had moments where she felt that she was better off dead. she thought that she was a total freak in school too. She felt as though everyone hated her. but not even that would get her to write stuff like that. Not ever. *Looking at Pearl* I don’t know what’s gotten into you… You’re hiding things from me. First that entry. then the truth about who’s room that was that i saw all that dark stuff inside of it. I am worried about you.

Pearl: Why are you looking at me like i am some baby? I am 17. not 4. I am not even hiding anything. Stop assuming. It’s now starting to get me really pissed off and really annoyed. *Grunts* You know what…  Can we please let it go?

Paige: Yeah. Pearl is a good person, Grandma.

Grandma Rikku: I Know that she is. i am just rather rattled by the things i’ve seen in that room. I really believed that the stuff was Pearl’s. because… i mean… who else would have stuff like that? stuff with a weird symbol that looked like an “S” but a Demonic looking S at that.

Paige: You were in a forbidden room. That’s so uncool, Grandma. really.

A minute or two later, Luna came into the living room from outside and Shanna was right behind her. It was only a minute or so after that when Betty and Angel came into the house and Looked to see Paige and Pearl standing around…

Betty: *Not seeing Dinah* Where’s Dinah?

Angel: Paige, Pearl… have you seen Dinah?

Paige: She’s with a friend. A good friend to be exact.

Pearl: Someone that we’ll all like to meet. and have stay with us. She’s a really exciting person.

Shanna: Really? Who is it? *Curious*

Luna: *Sensing something* Uh, I sense something coming… Something is coming.

Betty: *Looking to see nothing there* What do you mean? What’s coming? I don’t sense anything.

Angel: Neither do i.

On the outside of the house…

Dinah: *Looking over at Raven* We’re here… Raven, Do me a favor and stay here… just for right now. My sisters Luna, Shanna, Betty and Angel are inside. My grandmother too.  Let me talk to them and clear the waters a little. I’ll let you know when the coast it clear.

Raven: *With a little Dark Energy Putting up her Hood covering her face* I’ll stay.  How will i know when the coast is clear?

Dinah: I’ll say a line… that you might pick up using that technique Telepathy.  Or Astral Projection… Listen in for the Line: “That Mystery girl should be nearby closing in any moment now” They’ll gather what i’m getting at and you’ll know it to be your cue to shadow in. Okay?

Raven: Using a Code to act? Odd. But, what is there to lose?

Dinah: It’ll be great. i can promise that.

Dinah then gets out of the truck and makes her way over to the house and goes inside to check in with her grandmother. It was getting a bit cold out and Dinah knew that she would have to hurry as she didn’t know if Raven could handle the cold. She had to be fast. Fortunately… the Storm was a few hours or so away yet. it was close to 2 in the afternoon when Dinah walked into the house.

Living Room…

Dinah: *Looking at Paige and Pearl* Traffic was a killer.

Paige: It wasn’t a walk in the park for us either…

Pearl: On our way to the Library… we saw flashes of energy. Dark and Light. We were worried that you might have been hurt or something. We even tried to get closer to see. problem was that the second we got there… the light vanished. there was nothing there. no dark energy or light energy. nothing but normal clear viewing.

Paige: I don’t know what’s gone on with the city. but since yesterday… things have been rather nutty.

Pearl: *Noticing Raven not around* Where’s our friend? Did you scare her off with your toughness?

Shanna: Who are you girls talking about?

Pearl: Someone special.

Luna:  There is no sign of the Mystery girl… Are you sure that she has even come to Earth? This might be all a game. I haven’t detected any aura or any energy surges.

Betty: I think that i have… My light holy power has been losing control a bit since yesterday. It can sense something. Something unholy is here and it’s not good.

Angel: Well… It could be friendly. We can’t deem it all Evil. Whatever it is.

Shanna: So… Who is this friend? Will we get to meet this friend of yours?

Grandma Rikku: Who is this person that you’re talking about? Would it be the Mystery Ally?

Dinah: There is someone you all should meet. I can guarantee you that she’s a real unique person. She’s unique. In fact… Don’t look now… but… That Mystery girl should be nearby closing in any moment now.

Within seconds a black Raven flew in and Landed. Perching itself on the edge of the stand before the dining room… The Black Raven had 4 red eyes and Cawed with delight.

Shanna: *Seeing the Strange looking Raven in the room* What in the heck is that thing?

Grandma Rikku: *Feeling creep’d out by the bird* I don’t know what it is… but it’s not supposed to be here… *Chasing the Raven away* Shoo! Shoo! Go away…

Dinah: No… Grandma… Stop it! Stop… That’s our friend…

The black Raven flew into the air and within a second or so shifted form and turned into a human form and landed…

Dinah: Grandma… Shanna, Luna, Betty… Angel. Meet our new resident friend… Raven… from Azarath.

Raven: *With black energy; using it to Pull her hood down* Hey. It’s nice to meet you all.

Grandma Rikku: *Looking at Raven* So… You’re the special one? You must be the one that was in peril and in need of help from the one who was after you.

Raven: That’s right. *Looking with a Raised eyebrow and grinning* You must be the grandmother to the girls. I heard from Dinah that this used to be their mother’s house till you lost her. I am sorry to hear about the loss.

Grandma Rikku: *Feeling touched* Thank you. That was really sweet of you.

Shanna: *Walking up to Raven* You’re the girl who was calling for help. You were calling for my sisters to help you. You don’t have them to help you. you have them and us.

Luna: That’s right. I can sense power coming from you. You’re with another side to you. Something Dark. lonesome also. Whatever’s out there… after you. If they want you… they’ll have to come through us.

Betty & Angel: And us… The Heaven Twins.

Shanna: Molten Mind.

Grandma Rikku: *Nods* Welcome to our family, Raven. I believe that since you’re new here… you’ll want to know the rules. We don’t have many rules though so it won’t be too trivial to remember. Rule one: No Disrespecting the elders in the family. ones who are older than you. our family is all about respect. we respect each other. 2: Keep all secrets within the family. Don’t spread it to others. This family is all about the tagline… “What happens on the mile. Stays on the mile.” Always has. 3: Protect the integrity and the well-being of the family. Blood related or adopted or temporary addition. doesn’t matter. Family stands for family nothing else. We can also stand for our friends and protect them as they are in need. 4: always come with love. and leave hate at the door. negative feelings eat at you and will only depress others around you. And 5: Just be yourself. Don’t be someone you’re not. unless it changes you for the better. but if people outside try to change you or push you to change. and they can’t accept you for who you are inside. all of who you are. then they don’t deserve you. or to be near you. Even if there are things about you that they’ll never understand. If they can’t accept it… they don’t deserve to be with you.

Paige: Only 5 rules. That’s easy compared to other places. They have more rules than a mall.

Dinah: You mean the world series.

Pearl: Fashion doesn’t seem to have any rules… At least not casual ones. just a bunch of fashion don’ts… that’s about it. The Cloak… It in the fashion industry is possibly a fashion don’t… but i am not the fashion industry. I like it and think it’s a nice color. I always did like the blueish purple hue on the cloak.

Luna: *sensing something* …..

Dinah: *Looking to see Luna worried* What’s up, Whiskers? something on the mind?

Luna: There’s something going on in the city.

Before they could get into what Luna was feeling and sensing…

Prince Alvin: *Walking in suddenly with Alice* You’re right. There is something going on in the city. Luna… you are sensing something. Alice foresaw it in another Vision. It’s happening now… Another hand of Fire demons and a good old brute by the appearance of a Stone faced… stone body nightmare.

Raven: Cinderblock.

Prince Alvin: *Stops and looks sharply at Raven* Who are you?

Paige: Prince Alvin, That’s Raven. She’s the mystery girl from Azarath. She’s the one who we all were waiting for.

Prince Alvin: *About Raven* So this girl… the daughter to one who shall not be named is our new Ally huh? I in my personal opinion don’t see good. I see only Evil in her. Anyone who is the daughter or son of a demon… is just as bad as the one that conceived it or spawned it upon the world. Demons mean death, hell and bloodshed. nothing good ever comes from it.

Raven: *Feeling cross and offended by the remark* You Must be their cousin… and possible Alpha Male of the Rhapsody brothers. I don’t know what you’re trying to stir… but one more offense like that… i will send you to another dimension.

Prince Alvin: *Staring into Raven* You are the bringer of these fire demons… they haven’t shown up till you started making contact to us. You may snow my cousins because they see the good in everything. and are prone to believe in beings or people even those who don’t deserve it. but you don’t snow me. Just know that my brothers and i are watching you. *Standing up closer to Raven* And from me and my word to yours… If you hurt my cousins… or do any danger to them. You hear me well… Your demonic parent figure will be the least of your worries.

Pearl: *Shoots out* Prince Alvin… STOP IT! She is nothing like that. There are things about her that we’d never understand. but she is a friend. She’s in trouble and we need to help her.

Alice: If she is good then why did i foresee something Evil coming from her?

Paige: *Looking at Alice* You’re getting too far into it. We don’t know that… It’s too soon and she is right now here to help us nullify the darkened creatures. There are things about her that we don’t know yet. maybe we will never know. but making a profile of her… that is uncivil. Lay off. She isn’t some un-sub to figure out.

Raven: *Letting out a Brief growl* ENOUGH!!!! Control your emotions… letting yourself lose control of your emotions is not gonna help anything.

Prince Alvin: *Sighs* Alice, She’s right.

Alice: She’s Right. We’re acting out of anger and fear and despair… not to mention terror. Prince Alvin… Let’s go and come and meet officially with the new girl when we’re with a better head. Speaking at her with Anger was our bad call.

Prince Alvin: *Nods* You’re right. We should go for now.

Prince Alvin and Alice both feeling foolish and regret for that outburst of theirs took their leave and went back to Alice’s. Prince Alvin was only with her for a few weeks but it was getting more serious. Prince Alvin was stationed there to keep tabs on the situation. And all things revolving Raven and what’s going on in the city that unfortunately tied her to the problem.

Paige: That was unexpected.

Raven: *Thinking in her mind* He knows what i am… what i am made to do. How could he know about what i was unless… He is Psychic. Has to be.

Shanna: So… what’ll we do?

Luna: There is one thing that we can do and we all know what that is…we go and head off to the action.

Betty: We can teleport there. Angel and i will take Shanna and Luna. Raven… you take Paige, Pearl and Dinah.

Raven: *Looking over to Betty* Right.

Outside in the middle of the street…

Paige: Raven… behold. this is what we become. *To Pearl and Dinah* Girls, Transform.

Pearl & Dinah: *Nods* you got it.

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing*

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing*

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lighttning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Raven: *Startled* Aghhhh! I Finally get to see the hero forms. You 3 are the Rhapsody girls Z!. *Calming down* Great transformation.

Luna: My turn….

A second later…

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* … *Doing her Pose*

Shanna: *Posing* Molten Mind… Power-up! *Shrouded by a veil of fire and Psychic Beams of light; her uniform forming on her piece by piece and forming wings of Fire and Passion* … *With a Bracelet on her and glowing Purple* … *Summoning Molten Rock and using her mind to cause the ground to shake; Leaping up and flying through rings of Molten rocks and Shooting Psychic beams into the air and at the ground; using her mind to telepathically communicate with the target* … *Landing onto the ground*

Raven: *Using her Psychic energy to place her hood back up covering her head* Nice. Kinda bright though. I’m sensitive to the light a bit…

Miss Love: *Looking at her sisters* Bubble Maiden, Thunder Mistress… Let’s go.  Raven, You set to roll into action for the first time here?

Raven: Looking for trouble… not my style. Stopping the trouble… Let’s go. I’ll take us there.

Within seconds… Raven turned into a Shadowy Raven and Spread her wings out to Cover Paige, Pearl and Dinah. She within that moment vanished and left to the scene of the situation that was brewing… Betty and Angel Turned into white and Black Raven’s and Teleported Shanna and Luna over to the scene. It was getting a little cold by that time so they had to hurry.

At the Metropolis fairgrounds…

People were running off in fear as the swarm of fire creatures and the Stony Nightmare ran in a rampaging manner all through the fairground. It was only seconds later when Raven and the Rhapsody girls arrived… Raven appeared first as a shadowed Raven and landed on the ground and shifted back into her Human form seconds later releasing Paige, Pearl and Dinah.

Miss Love: *Smiles* That was a good ride. Is that just one of the things that you can do?

Raven: Yeah… it is.

Bubble Maiden: That must be teleportation.

Thunder Mistress: Teleportation? *Gasps* What? She’s got that type of power… All just by her Cloak and that Gem? Whoa! Now that is impressive.

Bubble Maiden: That is prodigiously impressive. Teleportation in a human is like using energy of one’s element and going through portals of that type of element and going from one place to another. Even to another point of Origin—


Raven: *Looking at the girls and then with her guard up* Talk later… trouble comes.

Betty and Angel then arrive with Shanna and Luna…

Betty: Where’s the trouble?

Angel: *detecting energy nearby* I am picking up something. it’s up ahead. Over by the fountains… 10 feet away.

Shanna: Let’s go.

Sailor Luna: *Bouncing over to the battle*

Cinderblock: *Grabbing a bench and Throwing it with force*

Sailor Luna:  *Confronting the monster* You are a mean monster… hurting all these people. causing damage. You’re terrible and are not gonna get away with it… *Posing*  Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower and the Rhapsody Family… I shall Punish you.

Shanna: *Taunting* Hey… Brick brain… Over here… Want to try your worst… I’m here to play. Not! *Posing* The Molten fire of fury… the Rocky Magnitude of Strength…The Psychic Mind of the Rhapsody Girls Z! My Telepathic Mind of Justice calls forth flames and power. The forceful hitman of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Molten Mind has Come… With my telepathic Mind and the Molten Rocks; the Magmatic power of Justice… Those who embark on Evil’s Power Will feel the true meaning of Pain… Molten Mind shall show no Mercy!

Betty and Angel: *Poising* The light and Darkness of Heaven… Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand. To the Unholy… The lord will send his regards as you’re sent to hell.

Miss Love: *Posing* The Love and beating heart of Bliss, the Winged angel of Romance… Miss Love… with the powers of Love and sweet eternal hearts…the souls and presence of Evil will be silenced by the embrace of Love’s Might!

Bubble Maiden: *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evill will be washed with grace and light!

Thunder Mistress: *Posing* The Thunderous Flight of justice… The sparking charge of the Rhapsody Girls Thunder Mistress… By the hands of Thunder and Lightning, The presence of Evil will feel the Thunderic fury of The Rhapsody Girls!


Raven: *Looking to see Cinderblock Grabbing something and motioning to attack the girls with it* Rhapsody Girls… Be careful.

Miss Love: *Seeing the tent coming at her* Whoa! *Dodging the attack*

Bubble Maiden: *Not seeing it in time and getting knocked into the sky* AHHHHHHHH!

Raven: *Gasps* Pearl! *Focusing her energy* Azarath Metrion… Zinthos! *Shooting some dark Energy in the form of a Rope to catch Pearl and bring her back to the ground* Gotcha!

Bubble Maiden: *Landing on the ground; Shaking her head and shaking off the attack* That stone head is really a grouch… *Looking at Raven* Thanks for the save there, Raven. I owe you one for that.

Raven: Not a problem. Don’t mention it.

Thunder Mistress: *Looking at the Stone freak* You want to hurt someone… you hurt my sister… You’re gonna regret that. That is a bad mistake. You’ll be in big trouble now. *Launching an attack at CinderBlock* Thunderic FISTS OF FURY!!! Feel my Lightning in a bottle, You Stone freak!

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at CinderBlock*  VORTEX OF LOVE!!!!

Bubble Maiden:  *Launching an attack at CinderBlock* BUBBLING WHIRLPOOL OF LIGHT!!!!

Molten Mind: *Launching an attack at Cinderblock* …. *Summoning for Molten Rock to come gushing out from the ground* …. *Using her mind to turn the Air Surrounding Cinderblock into a hellish Inferno; Chanting a spell* “Magmatic Power… Hear my cry… unleash your merciless fury, that can not die… Let the burning rage that lies within… come out… and Rain forth inescapable Pain” *Using her mind to bring the Molten Rock to the sky and create a hell Storm*… *Unleashing the Massive Downpour of Hell’s fire at CinderBlock* Magmatic HELL STORM DOWNPOUR!!!

A second later…

Molten Mind: *Using her mind; Sending a telepathic wave at Cinderblock* Break… destroy… Crush… damage… Petrify… Pound… Freeze.

Raven: *Staring at Shanna* How were you able to do that?

Molten Mind: It’s just one of the things that i can do. I got the powers of Psychic and Molten rock. Ground too… of course my first battle was really unstable… i almost caused a seismic Event to occur. Not my proudest moment in the least. It was a real embarrassing point in my life. not being able to control what i could do.

Raven: Well… you were able to control it now. Maybe if you could Focus your center… it’d help. it would prove to benefit you most in the end.

Molten Mind: I’ll remember that one. Thank you. *Nods*

Sailor Luna: *Seeing Cinderblock out cold* He’s out. *Toying with the Fire creatures* Teehee! Come and catch me…

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at the fire creatures* BUBBLING WHIRLPOOL OF LIGHT!!!!

Thunder Mistress: *Launching an attack at the fire creatures* Thunderic FISTS OF FURY!!!

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at the fire creatures*  VORTEX OF LOVE!!!!

Raven: *Aiming at the Fire Creatures* Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos! *Firing Dark Energy at the fire Creatures*

Sailor Luna: *Not catching sight of a fire creature going for a sneak attack* What?!

a Second later…

Sailor Luna: *Caught* Agh! Let me go… Let go! HELP!!!

Betty: *Seeing Luna caught in the grip of one of the fire creatures* Luna!

Angel: *Going in and breaking Luna from the grip of the fire creatures* … Hold still Luna. I’ll get you loose. *Launching an attack at the fire creature* DARK THUNDER!

Betty: *Chanting a spell* “Freeze this Evil being with your frosty heaven’s Touch!” *Launching an attack at the fire creature* Angelic Icestorm!

Sailor Luna: *Breaking free from the creatures* Yes… I’m free. *Catching her breath* Thank you Betty… Angel.

Betty: You’re welcome.

Miss Love: You okay, Luna?

Sailor Luna: I am now. *relieved to be out from the grips of the fire creatures*

Bubble Maiden: Let’s get at these creatures… It’s time to wrap this us and bring it on back home…

Sailor Luna: *Getting out her wand* I got this shot…

Thunder Mistress: Go for it, Luna. Give it a good shot. Give it a good size heart attack.

A Second later…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the targets* Luna…. Cosmic… Sugar hearts… Beam… ATTACK!!!

Raven: *Feeling the radiation from the attack* Ahhh!

Betty: Raven… you’re sensitive to light. Cover your eyes and shield yourself… These attacks are gonna be really blinding.  Girls… you too. Shield your eyes.

A Second later, Betty moved in for the attack and made with finishing the fire creatures off…

Betty: *Gathering Psychic Energy and rising up into the sky; Closing
her mind and Eyes (chanting the beginning of the incantation)
“Mitares meus anima…” and charging up with a purple aura;
Releasing her spirit and flying into the mind of the Target;
infecting the target’s mind with Holy Light; Flying back out
and returning to the body of the summoner; opening her mind
and Eyes (Finishing the incantation) “liberare”; Glowing with
Purple light and releasing the light; Launching the attack at
(Demonic Fire Creatures) Burning the target’s eyes* PSYCHIC FLASH!!! *Going again* … *Gathering Energy and building up Spiritual power and letting the light pour into her; Heating up and reaching Critical mass; Rising up and foring large massive Angelic Wings; getting up high in the sky and with her Massive Angelic Wings Blocking out the sun; casting darkness upon the land below while the suns rays flow into her; Chanting a spell in German* Herr der Sonne … der Gott der Sonne … Herr des Himmels blinde diese bösen Wesen … brennen Sie es mit Ihrem Zorn und lassen Sie das Licht des Herrn zu ertränken ihn mit seiner Liebe *With her Wings at full strength and ready to fire; Uncovering the sun and Launching the attack at (Demonic Fire Creatures) Blinding the Evil with the Holy Light of god* SPIRITUAL SOLAR FLARE!!!

Raven: *Seeing a few more fire creatures coming and spotting one of them attack Paige, Pearl and Dinah* Girls… Look out!

Miss Love: *Getting hit and Knocked into the Sky* AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Bubble Maiden: *Getting hit and Knocked into the Sky* AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Thunder Mistress: *Getting hit and Knocked into the Sky* AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Raven: *Panics* Paige… Pearl… Dinah! *Getting angry and Exploding with Rage at the fire creatures* You want to see Evil power… *Growing taller and showing red eyes and fangs* ….. *In a Demonic Voice* What’s the matter… Afraid?! *Launching one of her dark tentacles at the fire Creatures* Come and see what Darkness and Evil really feels like! *Grabbing the rest of  the fire creatures and covering them in darkness*

The creatures then vanished as they screamed in terror. They were scared stiff. Raven felt the girls staring at her and snapped out of her spell and regained her normal human form. She barely turned to see Paige, Pearl and Dinah leaning against the wall closeby and ran over to them…

Raven: Paige… Pearl… Dinah. *Kneeling beside them and Checking on them* Are you girls okay?

Miss Love: *Coming to* Yeah… we’re okay. i guess… *Feeling pain and Rubbing her head* Ugh! What was that? Those creatures are really getting tough… Way too tough. Maybe we’re just losing our touch… *Struggling to get up* Ouch!

Bubble Maiden: *Coming to* did someone get the # on that truck? I think that i just got hit by a semi.

Thunder Mistress: *In pain* Oh god… That hurts… someone… for the love of pete, Make it stop hurting!

Raven: It’s okay. hold still. *Using Empathy and healing Paige, Pearl and Dinah*  Those beings were not normal. they aren’t supposed to be here. They’re gone now… but i have a feeling that they’ll be back again. something had to have drawn them in…

Thunder Mistress: *Groans* Well… that is duly noted. Whatever these things are… there are for a certifiable fact not… Kandorian…or Drules… or Youmas… They’re minions of some bad deity.

Miss Love: Ugh! isn’t that a fact?! *trying to get up again* Raven, What are those things anyway?

The Clouds were rolling in and it was starting to get cold.  Luna stayed with Raven, Paige, Pearl and Dinah. Shanna had to head off… she had work, so she had to head off. But she did hope that her sisters were gonna be okay. She was concerned for them. Betty and Angel left to go and do some patrolling. Betty was missing her boyfriend. She didn’t see him anymore and was getting more worried that something might have happened to him. She decided to that the waiting was past time over. She went to go find him and found him alone. He was reading and looking for a place to live. He didn’t know how to tell his girlfriend that he inherited a near million dollars. He didn’t know how to break it to her as he knew that she didn’t care about the money. She didn’t care about the money. But she arrived where her boyfriend was and confronted him. spoke to him.

Back at Grandma Rikku’s house a Moment later…

Grandma Rikku: *Worried about her granddaughters* What happened to them?

Raven: A # of fire creatures over crowded them and they were surrounded.

Luna: I was also over crowded by the creatures. There were too many of them this time. It looked like a great Maw out there.

Raven: I healed them up a bit. They should be fine now. all they need now is a rest.

Grandma Rikku: That’s a relief. I am thankful to know that you had their back.

Raven: I do what i can. I am not a doctor… but whatever i can do… it will be useful.

Grandma Rikku: They should be in their rooms sleeping it off.

Raven: *Using a little of telekinesis to levitate the girls and send them to their room to rest and placing them upon their beds* I got it covered.

Luna: I need to rest too. I am feeling a bit of pain also. *heading to her room to rest up a bit*

Raven: *Shaking her head a little*…

Raven started to head up to her room after she sent the girls to their room to rest and Meditate. She didn’t get to do that yet and knew that she’d need to meditate a little to develop a sense of calm and connect with her powers and energy…

In Raven’s room an hour later…

Raven: *Meditating with peace* Azarath Metrion Zinthos…….. Azarath Metrion Zinthos….

A Knock on the door sounds….

Raven: *Walking over to the door and opening it* Yes?

Grandma Rikku: *Smiling* It’s dinner time. You must be needing some nourishment. The girls are in the dining room already and are waiting for everyone to come to the Table. Luna is down too.

Raven: *Nods* Okay.

Raven then came out of her room and closed the door and went down to join the family in the dinner feast. It was Italiano. They all spoke with one another about what to do about the monster occurrences and also got with talking about what to expect from school when it resumed on monday. It was a long day and as they spoke… Paige also brought up the part where a confrontation was about to ensue and would have if they didn’t step in to prevent it. Pearl didn’t get to say much. She was about to speak when there was a knock on the door and it revealed The 4 brothers. Prince Alvin, Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis. Alice, Megan and Summer were with them. They all came to meet Raven. Raven didn’t value to see Prince Alvin again after the way he first spoke to her. But Prince Alvin did wager to make amends and apologize for how he spoke to her earlier.

After Dinner…

In the den…

Prince Alvin: *With Alice* Raven, I came back to see on making things right. I spoke in anger or in an uncivil tone to you. Pinning you to be the Harbinger of Evil without giving you the time of day to show that you were… good.

Alice: Same here. we spoke out wrong and didn’t even give you a chance.

Prince Alvin: I know that first impressions might be everything to a girl and Considering that you’re a unique kind of girl… You might be different than the rest of the girls… but I am sorry.

Alice: So am i. We’re both sorry.

Raven: *Raising her eyebrow in a curious manner* Hmm… I am rather hurt by what you’ve said earlier. but as much as i am with hurt feelings. I also know that you were only sticking out for your cousins. Paige, Pearl and Dinah mentioned about you last night. This is usually why i am Anti-social. Because of that reason as if i do happen to get too close to people… people will start to notice me and wonder about me. asking me about what i am and what i am like. What i can do.

Prince Alvin: I know. It’s not easy being different Raven. I can tell you how hard it is… but you’re not gonna find it amusing in the least. I for the longest time felt like a freak. an outcast. my brothers and i are like a different type of fighting force. I fought against creatures. villains and beings. like yourself. but different. Kandorians… Doomites. Drules. Youma’s Everything you could picture in that mind… we have fought. all that. all of it. For the longest time i was alone inside. because all i could do was train. train and train some more. i never knew love. actual human relations. Training was all i knew. And for the longest time thought it to be the one and only thing that i’d ever know. for as long as i were to live. on the outside of being heroes. I was alone. but the thing was that i wanted to have a normal being. just normal. But i can’t escape. I can’t get out. Alice saw me for me. and i saw her for her. but at first we stayed away. we never knew that we had the connection. never knew that we had felt for one another. But that night weeks ago…

Prince Alvin Flashes back…

“Prince Alvin: *Showing off his ability to Alice* This is what i am… Alice. Look at me. I am the Captain of 4 boys. the guys you see me with most of the time are my brothers. Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis. They and i are together… The Rhapsody Brothers. I am a fighter. that’s all i know how to be. I have feelings for you. but they are having trouble coming out. I don’t know how to release my feelings. I can’t do it… Alice. You’re a special person. but how can i expect you to tolerate someone like me? I am not what you might think. I can’t romance a girl. I never was able to. I am a fighter by blood. By sweat. Like my father before me. like his father before him. *Releasing fire from his hands and tossing it at the bushes and then Running to grab water; putting out the fire* See that? That’s what i have. Fire. i am with the element that destroys….  the element that not only lead to modernization to what continues to fuel the planet. to fuel up the engines inside the cruise ships. to weld the buildings together. the metal for the frames that fortify the buildings. it also kills. destroys. Burns.

Alice: It doesn’t scare me. I am a little weird myself. so i know what it’s like to be different.

Prince Alvin: That’s Just it though… you haven’t met me before and we have never met face to face. you never been aware of the world i am part of… Everything for as long as i can remember would ward people off. Every girl outside of the family… would run and remain timid. but… *Growls a little and not sure what it is he’s supposed to feel around Alice* No… not you. It is like everything about me… seems to draw you in. My powers… my face… my aura… My alter persona… even my existence…. *Blasting fire at the nearby bench and blowing it up* It’s like you think that there is still a chance for you to resist me… what i am and what i can do.

Alice: *Pleading* Prince Alvin… stop. I understand. *Emotional* But that’s why i am here talking with you. I am not afraid. i understand. What it’s like to be alone… having to live life alone… without a better half to guide you and be there for you. not having any friends. i know. I lived that life for as long as i can remember. Ever since i was 6. i was seen as a freak. someone that would never know what love was. i had no friend. no one would ever talk to me. i was made to be alone. My father was always away at work. i never saw him. never even speaking to him. he avoids me. but yet i love my father. it hurts being left alone. being without a friend. someone to talk to. no one to hear you cry. No one to help you talk about what hurts you or what you’re feeling. I had no one with me.

Prince Alvin: *Looking down suddenly* it’s not fair to go through life all alone. Being made to feel like you’re a nobody in the eyes of the public. being made to feel like you’re just another person without a face. I am made known through the papers because of my family. What they are… What they can do. None of that means anything to the public. all they see is either freak… or outcast unless the person could bring something to the tables. something that would make a difference.

Alice: *Looking at Prince Alvin* Prince Alvin, Do you like me?

Prince Alvin: Yes. i do. i really do. Alice… I like you. i have feelings for you too. I just want to be someone you can trust. someone you can talk to. i know what you are going through as i have gone through it too. when it comes to the friend  part of it. My father and i are really close. We’re very close. there is nothing better than a relationship with your father. something that all boys and girls should have.  Going through life without that. that is what makes life so hard to bare. knowing that you’re all alone. *Grabbing Alice’s hand* Alice… Feel that? That’s warmth. Devotion and trust. you and i are not there at the point of being in a relationship yet. but from what you know of me now… and from what i now know of you. we are closer. You’re here with me. and i am here with you.

Alice: *Holding Prince Alvin’s hand* I know. i am happy to know that you’re here. *Smiles*”

Raven: So… You’re like what? A Loner?

Prince Alvin: In lack of best terms… yes. i am. I am also considered to be like the Alpha Male of the brothers. they trust me as i lead them to victory. If i fail… they fail.

Alice: I know this myself, because of what he told me. Raven, you’re seeing yourself to be like sort of freak. it’s not like that. it’s nothing like that… You are nothing more of one than we are. I know this… because i was also seen as a freak…

Alice Flashes back…

“Prince Curtis: *Overhearing the commotion* What the…? *Suddenly running over to see what’s going on and seeing Prince Alvin on the ground beat up* What happened? *Seeing Alice next to Prince Alvin* Alice, What did you do?

Alice: *Offended*What did i do?! I didn’t do anything to him. I am trying to tend to his wounds here… he was beat up. *Looking up to see Prince Curtis* Wait… I know you… Don’t i? You’re Prince Alvin’s brother. Prince Curtis… Right?

Prince Curtis: Yes. i am. And i take it that you’re Alice Cross. the Girl who is known to have no friends and is rather the lonely one. What the heck happened here?

Alice: Raul… he is over there and he is burned. not too badly… but enough to be backing off for a little. But he Literally pounded Prince Alvin good. Prince Curtis… Prince Alvin had to use a little of his ability to knock Raul down a little bit.

Prince Curtis: And that is what i was afraid of. You’re his weakness. Alice, You’re doing what you can to help… but Prince Alvin is being hurt. protecting you. He Loves you. He even lost it a little this morning thinking that you were being made to be done an injustice. You have no idea of how much he has fallen for you. Prince Alvin… he loves you Alice. He’s just guarding his heart right now… but he loves you. it’s only been a day… and yet he has felt such a bond with you that can’t be explained. How are you able to understand him so well when you don’t even know him?

Alice: I don’t know. I guess that last year when i came to school. Prince Alvin’s name was mentioned and i don’t know if i was feeling something… or if i was only playing myself. but when his name got mentioned i felt really fuzzy.  *feeling heartfelt* i always wanted to find someone that was like so strong and with a strong heart. kind… and devoted to life. Protecting everything possible. But the more i thought about it… the more i pulled back. because i figured that if i came to him he’d get close and find out that i was nothing more than some freak. I am a freak. no one cared about me all my life. In school when i was little… i was teased and made to be all alone. i had no one care about me. no one wanted me. i had no friend. through elementary… all through Middle School. there would be parties being held by the class. I always was left out or asked last. just to be the joke. someone who choked on their own smoke. i am a nice person… but i was surrounded by people who couldn’t care less whether i was around or not. But it was since last year when i heard of Prince Alvin that i felt something for him… but was trying to deny it for a long time because i was scared that i would be rejected. that not even he would like me or want me. I was afraid that people who know him would ridicule him and make fun of him and attack him because of me. I didn’t even want to hurt him. *Suddenly breaking down in tears* I have known about him for a year. Read things in the papers and saw a few pictures of him. but i was trying to not think about it. I didn’t want to embarrass him.

Prince Curtis: *Sighs and nods; understanding* I suppose that i can understand that. i am sorry that i came on you a little hard. i guess that i didn’t know how deep it was for you. My girlfriend Megan mentioned about you from just things she had heard about you. saying that you were like all alone… and that you had a father that didn’t even notice you.

Alice: it’s true. he doesn’t. i could be just some stranger to him and he’s never even bothered to ask me anything. He wouldn’t even talk with me or to me.

Prince Alvin: *Groans* Ah… god… that hurt. Prince Curtis, What are you doing here?

Prince Curtis: Here to check on you… i heard that there was a fight breaking here… or one that had. I saw you on the ground here. You alright there, Brother?

Prince Alvin: *Getting up and slowly trying to stand till his strength comes back* Yeah… I’m okay now. Nothing that a little time to take it easy wouldn’t fix.”

Raven:  I now feel terrible to know that you were trashed because you are different. You’re a psychic. Foresight. I have that too. but i don’t ever use it.

Prince Arnold: *With the rest of the broad* So… You’re the Mystery girl we heard multiple things about… You’re here with our cousins… Not bad for a choice. They can keep a better secret than we can. Well Pearl can. Paige and Dinah’ll blab like gossipers on a friday night. Without meaning to do so.

Prince Avery: Easy there, Prince Arnold. Don’t get all strapped with the dramatics. *Looking at Raven* Don’t mind Prince Arnold much mind. He sometimes gets a little riled up. But he doesn’t mean no harm in his demeanor. He’s a good man. a bit chippy… but he’s got a good heart. *Introducing himself* The name’s Prince Avery.

Summer: *Smiles* And the name here is Summer. Summer French. Pleasure to meet you.

Raven: It’s a pleasure. *Nods*

Prince Curtis: And i’m the one with the money look. Or so i wish…

Prince Alvin, Prince Arnold and Prince Avery: *Chuckles*

Prince Curtis: Prince Curtis. And this is my girlfriend Megan Hart. *Looking towards his girlfriend* She’s a pretty face and pretty eyes. and really smart.

Raven: It’s nice to meet you guys.

Alice: *Looking at Raven* You’re no freak. Odd… and a bit strange. yeah. but Freak? No. If you were one… we’d be one too.

Prince Alvin: True. We are all different. way different. You’re part of the girls now. They’re gonna be safe with you around. but just watch to make certain that the other side doesn’t come out. They’re our cousins. hurting them would be like hurting us. And we can tell now that you’re not one to inflict harm on them.

Prince Avery: *Scoffs and Chuckles* Okay Captain… i think she gets the point of that.

Megan: oh yeah. She does.

All: *Laughing*

Raven: *Feeling happy*

It was better than it was earlier. Raven felt calmer and more closer to the human dimension. It wasn’t gonna be the same as her other side was still there… but she was now in good terms. It was the weekend and Raven knew that she wanted to fit in. She wanted to be just like one of the humans and not worry about her dark side coming out. It was during the night and she had a lot on her mind that night. Meeting with Rhapsody Brothers and making peace with Prince Alvin. to fix the problem that almost broke out. She met the sisters to the Rhapsody Girls. It was good to her. She felt safe. She snuck out as a shadow and went to the truck of Dinah’s and got out the piece of wood that she helped Dinah get. Making sure that it was protected in her room. She went into the girls room and using Empathy went into Dinah’s mind and only stayed for a second to get an vision of what she planned to do with the piece of wood. What to have the Plaque say. She left Dinah’s mind and before she could be caught by the girls as their eyes were beginning to flicker a little, she shadowed out fast and went back to her room. And worked on the wood. She got out a couple of books and made then levitate in mid air as she did and read them a bit…

Raven: *Reading* There should be an easy way of doing this… *starting to work on the wood and using a Little Dark energy to shave the wood to the Size Dinah was needing the Plaque to be and With her mind coating the wood with light brown laxative and Engraved it exactly as Dinah had visioned it* This should be right. I better put the wood back where it was and let Dinah take care of the wood.

Raven turned into her shadow form and placed the wood back in the truck. in the back of the truck. made sure that it was covered up good so it’d be protected. With all things considered, There was gonna be a new set of issues coming. Raven was gonna be almost everywhere the girls were. She was now their shadowy protector. Half-Demon half girl. She was with them. part of them. What were the Justice league members gonna say when they found out about her? What would they say? Would they truly understand her and welcome her? What would their professor say? There was trouble about to break in. and Would it show early? Find out in the next chapter of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Raven: *Voice-over* Raven again… Yes… it’s the Half demon girl with the dark origins… Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! I embark on following the girls to High school. Oh goody for me. High school. I never even went to school on Azarath… not that i remember. However on Earth… i follow the girls to school. i see what the girls go through in high school. Classes and the hierarchy of high school ranking. But also… during the school day it becomes active as we get an appearance from a new Villain that comes to knock on the door. Interrupting the peace that the girls wanted to keep.

Paige: *Voice-over* However it doesn’t make things any easier for us. People start asking questions on who Raven is as they notice her and catch sight of her using powers. And just when we thought that it would be the least of our worries… We also have to answer to the Watchtower as they happened to catch on to Raven being present. I think that we’re gonna be in for an interrogation.

Pearl: *Voice-over* But they also accept Raven as a member of the Justice League. It is a revelation for her. and for us too. Luna also tells us about her making a friend in school and the fact that her friend has a Crystal ball that he talks to. and here is the weird part. It talks. Raven tries to use her telepathy ability to detect that the ball is a communication device and itches to go into it and follow the feed that comes through to it’s source.

Dinah: *Voice-over* I also tell about my Romantic issues. the dilemma that i had with Romance. and mention the Quirk of Intimacy… in the future. On the next Chapter. In Chapter 78 of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 78: “That’s So Raven of Azarath… Do we sense more Danger coming?”

Villain: *Firing Light at the Rhapsody Girls* You are about to see never ending blinding light. Dr. Illumination is gonna blind you.

Dinah: *Nervous and embarrassed* Uh, My boyfriend is planning to have sex with me.

Pearl: Is that something you want? You’re ready for it… Aren’t you?

Chloe: *Looking at Raven* You must be the girl that called out to the Rhapsody Girls… It’s a welcomed surprise to meet you. I’m Chloe Sullivan. Otherwise known as Watchtower. I’m also the Slickest Blonde you’d ever meet.

Oliver: *Handing Raven her Jewel belt back* You’re part of the Rhapsody team, Raven. Part of Watchtower. If there is trouble… We’ll know who to call.

P.A System: *Chiming* Azarath and Rhapsody girls… WE NEED YOU!!!


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  1. Don’t worry… you’ll be amazed at chapter 77. that i promise you. You’ll love it… but in the future chapters… a couple of the girls will be getting lucky with romance. a shot of intimacy. The girls are mature. But as it goes on… a little info will break in for Raven. They’ll learn things about her. It’s all gonna come to pass.

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    1. It can take alot… but when you do it… and get an entry done… it’s like looking at what you created. It is hard at first. But to get yourself a leg up. Even if doing a blog and the first entry is small. or basic at first. Just go with what you feel inside. Start with that. Let yourself feel what it is that you’re writing.

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  4. Thanks. But how about actually reading the material and telling what it was about… What you got from it and what you thought of it? That is what i actually look forward to seeing. Comments that tell me that a reader has read the chapter and got something from it. telling as to what they thought about it.

  5. I think that i see the same problem as you do. I have that same problem and on many chapters of my tale here… it took days instead of hours because i was looking for the best pictures for the tale and everything only to come back to the finished chapter or Chapters and see that the site here had cut out a mess of the pictures. Which made all my hard work turn out being for nothing. The text is there… but the pictures… they’re gone. It just makes it where no one will be able to get the gist of the tale or the chapters as there are no pictures to illustrate. along with the tale itself. Makes it hard on the story writer. Wouldn’t you say?

  6. Actually comment on the Chapter. What it was about and what you thought of it. Compliments is fine. But at least talk about the chapter itself as well. Thanks in advance…

  7. Thank you kindly. It took me a while to get it done. Days and not hours. It makes getting far hard when you have to stop and search for pictures for the chapter just as well as write the chapter along with it. But feel free to read the other numerous chapters too just the same. There’s plenty.

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    1. Not paid. Free. Made up and created by me. The tale was done by me. this is just one the many chapters that i’ve done. Thanks for the compliment though. I am thankful. *Smiles*

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  11. Thank you. Did you even actually read the chapter and what it’s about? Or are you just commenting just to comment? What was the chapter about? Explain… discuss… Talk about it.

    1. Well… After that, the plot moves on. But it’s just beginning. Beginning with everyone catching on to there being a half-human and half-Demon girl in the mix. It catches on to their hero base… The Watchtower and from there… they see the strange things that hit the city… Namely the fountain in the Metropolis city park acting up. It being believed to be a host for a portal to another world. An alterworld known as Dark Kingdom… Something that a reader of fantasy fan-fics would know by finding chapters 26-48. Happy trails. Read on and comment forward. 🙂

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