Chapter 75: “One year later… Things that once were… move to change. Pearl on the road and a driver in the family… Romance matures for some and finds the ones down on the luck for love. Rhapsody Girls Z! Normal Teens or forever called to duty.” Part 3.

Luna: *Voice-over* Continued from Chapter 74…

The next Morning…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah got up and made sure that Luna was all ready to go. it was gonna be the first day for her and they were feeling very worried for her. They were running ahead of schedule and were early leaving. They just wanted to be out before Betty woke up. Dinah and Paige didn’t even want to see Betty. What Betty said to them and how she acted towards them was hurtful and they were not in the mood to stick by and allow for it to just continue. By time they were ready to go and head out, Betty came out and looked with a hurt expression on her face. She was hurt by Paige’s comment and felt as though she couldn’t ever look at Paige again for what was said. Pearl was not around at that time when the little blowup went on. But she was still told about the incident and she was not the least bit happy about it. She wanted to cry after hearing that as she couldn’t believe that Betty would speak and react that way towards them. However… Even though they fought… they would wind up making up later as they always had… Paige, Pearl and Dinah walked out the door and went to the car with Luna and got in the car. Luna came to terms that she had to go to school and all while coming to terms, she couldn’t stop feeling scared about it. Paige and Dinah sensed it. Pearl felt it through Luna’s voice. They knew that each consoling lecture they gave her was only a temporary fix that calmed her down just for a short time. It was only a couple minutes later when Pearl pulled out of the Driveway with her sisters in the car. Dinah was next to her. Luna was next to Paige in the back seat…

In the car Driving a minute later…

Pearl: *Driving over to the Elementary school* Luna, You’ll be fine. Don’t worry about Betty and Angel. Since they can’t seem to support you or show concern for you… we’ll be the ones protecting you and being there for you.

Dinah: That’s right, Whiskers… You’ll be right as rain. we’ll have your back. You just go through the day and just tough it out. but don’t worry about being alone. You won’t be.

Paige: *Looking out the window and then turning back and facing Luna* I can’t seem to believe that Betty would be so self-absorbed about us. and about Luna being scared. *Looking at Luna and consoling her* Luna, You shouldn’t have to feel guilt over feeling scared. The first day of school usually always is the scariest. but there is always a trick behind it. if you get through the first day of school with no problems and survive the hierarchy of the school… the rest of the school year ought to be a breeze more less. It usually is… 9 times out of ten.

Luna: Is that how it was for you girls when you first began going to school?

Pearl: *Paying attention to the road* Not really… it was more like the fear of not being accepted and being new to school. I mean… we were like all 8 when we first went to school and the first day in school we all were like in fear of it because since being on the streets for 8 years before our mom and we got united…  we were just afraid that the surrounding kids in school were gonna mock us about it if they knew… It is still the cross that we have to bare and carry on our existence.

Luna: It was different then for you, right?

Paige: Unhappily… yes. it was. *Sighs*

Luna: What about mom? She had a very upsetting Childhood when it came to school life. I know that i am not biological… but i can’t help but to think that i could just be liable to go through the same school life that she had.  It can happen to anyone at anytime. The sad part is that Beings from the Moon are supposed to be immune to that kind of insight and immune to having that happen. But i guess that i am to go through it too. That’s what scares me a whole lot.

Dinah: That’s what we were talking about yesterday morning… we were talking about how some things could be prone to repeat and just conjure up a modern day cycle of being the poster child for school mockery. And the part of you originally being from the moon. That is also a factor. We even tried to convince Grandma about it. make her understand. But she won’t ever get it. i don’t even think that she wants to get it. That makes her feeble minded. I am right now trying to think on whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Pearl: *Nods* That’s true. Dinah, we had mentioned about how history could practically repeat itself. History is not far from repeating itself in someway… through someone else. probably as a medium or as a revisiting memory. And on that last line… The same thing goes for me. The Jury is still in on that.

Paige: A gateway. into a memory of the past.

Dinah: I don’t think that it will repeat. it couldn’t just happen like as if on cue. the chances behind that is a slim to none ratio. There would have to be something there that would trigger the occurrence.

Pearl: i guess. Maybe a feel. Or a touch. maybe a Phrase. or a word. Something…

Paige: *Seeing the School up ahead* We’re almost there.

Luna: *Gulps*

Pearl: *Looking through the rear view mirror* Luna, Calm down. It’s gonna be fine. We are almost there and we’re gonna walk you in for the first day. It’ll be okay. we won’t just drop you off and take off. We know how hard it is dealing with the first day. it’s scary. because we allow it to scare. It’s a common tendency. it happens.

A few minutes later…

Pearl: *Looking at Paige* Paige… Dinah and i will take Luna inside and see her off. Stay here. if anything happens while we are inside… I don’t know… let’s just hope that nothing happens. Without powers… we have no obvious defense.

Paige: No kidding. I will most likely be screaming bloody murder if anything happened. that’s for sure. Maybe find myself trying to claw my way through.

Dinah: The only one here that can transform here now… that’s Luna. our belts are at home and hung up still. so if we face trouble… we’re sunk. Luna can’t strike a shot of transforming in school. She fears of being teased bad enough as it is… but to see her transform in school? That would just open it up for mocking and outcast. Given the circumstances that she’s being put through and everything… Doing something that causes her to be made or seen as the outcast is the last thing she needs.

Pearl: Yeah. Thanks for the lack of faith… Dinah. however… with her feeling scared about being here already to begin with… the last thing that she would need is to have something like transforming in school making her out to be a even bigger outcast. She’s not an outcast. but that’s us… the kids here might think much differently about it.

Luna: *Dreading being in school*

Inside the school a couple Minutes later…

In front of Luna’s classroom…

Pearl: *Looking at Luna* Luna, Are you gonna be okay?

Luna: Not sure. but i’ll try to be.

Dinah: It’s gonna be okay. *Hugging her sister Luna* It’s gonna be okay, Luna. We would never have it any other way. *Letting go*

Pearl: *Having some money on hand* You got money already for lunch. But… What Grandma doesn’t know… won’t hurt us. *Pulling out a 5* Something to buy something good for snacking during the day if you happen to need it. Okay?

Luna: *Nods* Okay.

Pearl: We got to go and head to our school now. High school. But if you need us. for anything during the day… you just give us a call. okay? anything at all.

Dinah: *Looking at Luna* You take care of yourself, okay Whiskers… You be good and stay safe.

Pearl: Love you, Luna. You be a good girl. We’ll be back this afternoon to pick you up.

Luna: *Feeling like she’s about to cry* Okay…

Pearl and Dinah then started walking off and heading off. They didn’t want to leave her there but they knew that they had to. It hurt. All they could do was try to think of ways to pull her out of school and find a way to home school her somehow… But as much as it hurt them… they realized that it had to be for the best. All there was to do was just give in.  Paige was still in the car and waiting. She was thinking about Luna and was feeling bad for her. None of them were even aware that there was something coming. Raven was on her way and each moment that passed… She was getting through another Barrier… another gate. leading her to Earth… closer to Earth…

(Time till the Arrival of Raven.

4 weeks, 4 days, 16 hours, 30 minute and 35 seconds…. in counting)

At the Metropolis High school…

In History class…

Prince Alvin: *Walking into his History class with Alice* How you feeling this morning?

Alice: Oh… i’m fine. *Smiles* I am just a little tired though. The noises outside kinda kept me up a little bit. But… I’m okay. just need to wake up fully is all. I don’t think that the teacher will like me falling asleep or just drifting off. It’d be kinda rude.

Prince Alvin: Need Wake up Juice? Don’t worry. I’ll get it. *Teleporting fast to the Metro Coffee shop to get a Large frappe* …. *a Minute later Teleporting back with the Drink* I’m back. *Handing The drink to Alice* A Large Frappe, with cream and loads of caffeine pumped inside.

Alice: Prince Alvin, You’re a real sweet guy. Always thinking of others before yourself.

Prince Alvin: Of course. i am all for taking care of others. I could be Watching just my back… and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference… but that is a waste compared to what i could be doing. Caring for others more than just tending for myself. My brothers all get at me about it too. but i am what i am.

Alice: However you see yourself. i love you just the way you are. You’re with a big heart. that’s what got me to you. plus… i had feelings for you for a while.

Prince Curtis: *Stepping in* okay… you two are really beginning to make my gums bleed with the over tender and sweet moment. I think that it’s time to place some ice on it and ice down the burning gleaming road of love for now. Besides that the teacher is watching and she is starting to give the eye. I don’t think that getting her mad will be the best idea to conjure up.

Prince Alvin: *Chuckles* It’s called human nature. besides how can i not feel this way towards a wonderful girl like Alice?

Prince Curtis: great point. i agree on that. she is a wonderful girl. She’s the caviar kind. the one you won’t allow to slip away from your arms.  Alice is like that for you as Megan is that for me.

Prince Alvin: we got wonderful girls.

Prince Curtis: *Realizing something* Not to get off the key revolving class here and ignoring the teacher waiting to get the class rollin’… I heard that Luna starts school today.

Prince Alvin: I heard. Paige told me about that the other day… and mentioned that Luna was scared to her wits end about it. From how she put it… Luna was continually saying “I am scared to go to a Public school on Earth. i am scared that i will be victim to the same school experience as Mom” Meaning Princess Rikku. our now Dead Aunt of almost a year and a half. She said that Luna was really petrified about the idea that she was gonna be put in school.

Prince Curtis: I think that Pearl mentioned the same thing in a bit of metaphoric slang. She said something as like “Girl is tripping over delving with the concerns of the masses and the in crowd.” but she said it more loosely.

Prince Alvin: I would never figure that Pearl would used a type of language like that. But that is close. How do you think Luna is?

Prince Curtis: *Sighs* I don’t know. I don’t have a clue.

Alice: *Thinking* Maybe i can sense things. I could maybe try to sense how she is feeling.

Prince Alvin: I don’t know if that is a good idea. Alice, Luna is not one to have her mind penetrated or read like a book. She’s the one that can sense Auras and presences.

Mrs. Wolfe: *Clearing her throat* Mr. Rhapsody, Mr. Rhapsody and Mrs. Cross… Unless you happen to have something to share with the class… i would suggest that you sit down so we can get started.

Prince Curtis: *Looking at his brother* See? I told you that she was gonna get testy.

Prince Alvin: Good thing that i am very respectful… or i’d tell her to chill. but That would be just the same as my trying to set myself for trouble. She’s not bad of a teacher. She’s pleasant.

Alice: Right. But let’s get to our seats before she decides to corner us like rats.

Minutes later…

In World History class 2…

Mr. Riley: *Teaching the class* Okay class… Remember the other day… the first day of the school year of your illustrious Junior year. for you 11th graders, i began with taking you all on a journey back in time to the period of time that revolved around the French revolution. It was known as a period of radical social and political upheaval in France that had a lasting impact on French history and more broadly throughout the entire world, more likely throughout the third world… Us here in America. The absolute monarchy that had ruled France for centuries collapsed within only a brief moment of just three years. French society underwent an epic transformation something that we’d all consider in our time a complete revolution, as feudal, aristocratic and for that added bonus in all things that stir a political and country wide shift… religious privileges. that was on the list of things that evaporated under a sustained assault from radical left-wing political groups, plus from the known masses on the streets, and of course peasants in the countryside. Old ideas about tradition and hierarchy–of monarchy, aristocracy, and religious authority–were abruptly overthrown by new Enlightenment principles of equality,citizenship and inalienable rights. That was only the beginning of it all… just the beginning. from the years of 1789–1799. 10 years of a Revolution. but that was just 15 years after the American Revolution. Which began all with the Boston Tea Party. but it was more than that… it was brought on by the tiresome on going persistent attempts of the British. the British was coming to force the Americans hand to live under their law. to pay their taxes. What got them more enflamed was the retaliation of the American people brought on by the Boston Tea party. they were lead by a statement by a Thomas Jefferson. “No Taxation without representation” but it didn’t stop there… as the war attempts were drawing near. 55 men signed a document that would set the foundation of our country. The Declaration of Independence. it was signed on July 4th 1776. and it thereby began their battle as back then to notify them that the British was coming… a rider got on his horse… a man known as Paul Revere. He chanted through the towns and the old countryside… “The British are coming… The British are coming.” signifying how the British would arrive. one lantern. one if by land… two if by sea. Riddles were given in times like these to find treasure of the whole world… one being this: “The legend writ. The stain effected. The key in Silence undetected. Fifty-five in iron pen. Mr Matlack can’t offend.” Timothy Matlack was the official scribe of the Continental Congress. We’ll get to that… *Getting back to the subject* In the pre-French Revolutionary war… Women had no political rights; they could not vote or hold any political office. In fact they were lucky to even have a voice. The Women had to submit to any and all things that Men told them. If the men in office said for them to pay double taxes… they did it. no questions. they could not Question it. Ever. They were considered “passive” citizens; forced to rely on men to determine what was best for them in the government. They had no say in anything revolving the Political Branches of their country. If they had something to say… it was revered as unimportant. it was dismissed. It was the men who defined these categories, and women were forced to accept male domination in the political sphere.

Pearl: That is not right at all… Why would womankind be suppressed by the men of the world. Times were different then… but Women are just as well-spoken. Well heard and just as intelligent as Men

Prince Avery: Yes… as Much as i am all for the repressed rights of women… Women like political figures are more agitated and more High-strung. Most of the time it is well desired because as times change… it is something needed. to root out the hypocrisy of the men who run it. doing things that men can’t. understanding things that men can’t begin to journey or muster. But back then as it was… The French Revolution… Women were seen as meager thinkers and insignificant thinkers and conspiratorial subjects to stay home and agree to all that men decided and declared. with the passing of history though… i wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the women would try to start a revolt and create a suffrage of some sort. revolt against the men and demand their rights to be given their due.

Pearl: That’s just it though, Cousin… Women back then were being unfairly suppressed and told to think and believe a certain way. If the men said something… they were made to abide and obey it. Living with what the men declared as law. It is like it was their playing field. The political field was their playground. they called the plot. set the scene and Women were the players. the pawns and were subdued to their wills. the men’s wills.

Mr Riley: That was how it was back them for women…  *Continuing the lesson* The Encyclopédie, published by a group of philosophers over the years 1751–1777, summarized French male beliefs of women. That was a length of 26 years. 2 decades and one that went a year over the start of the American Revolution. It was said in the beliefs of men that a woman was a Nothing more than a “failed man,” the fetus not fully developed in the womb. “Women’s testimony is in general light and subject to variation; this is why it is taken more seriously than that of men” as opposed to men, upon whom “Nature seems to have conferred… the right to govern.” In general, “men are more capable than women of ably governing particular matters” Instead, women were taught to be committed to their husbands and “all his interests… [to show] attention and care… [and] sincere and discreet zeal for his salvation.” Back in the day in the 1700’s Men… all men in France believed and reckoned that a woman’s education often consisted of learning to be a good wife and mother; as a result women were not supposed to be involved in the political sphere whatsoever, as the limit of their influence was the raising and the fond upbringing of future citizens; nothing more than that… Nothing less than that as well. When the Revolution opened, some women struck forcefully, using the volatile political climate to assert their active natures. They grew tired of their rights or voices being silenced and ignored. So they got up and made the attempt to overthrow the Men’s dominance.  In the time of the Revolution, women could not be kept out of the political sphere; they swore oaths of loyalty, “solemn declarations of patriotic allegiance, [and] affirmations of the political responsibilities of citizenship.” Throughout the Revolution, women such as Pauline Léon and her Society of Revolutionary Republican Women fought for the right to bear arms, used armed force and rioted. It wasn’t exactly the idea that Women were wanting. but at that time it was a start as at least their voices were starting to be heard.

Pearl: And why wouldn’t they? If i were one of them… i would do the same. Times and the customs back then were way different. but to make women out to be weak willed and just catering to all Men on demand? I am all for being made to be a mother to kids. raising them. making them out to be the best they can be. care for them. But to just raise citizens to be like that. where if the mother raised a daughter… the daughter would be the future woman to be suppressed. and if a son was raised… he’d grow up to be one who would suppress women. it’d be like suppressing your own sister. and for girls… it’d be like catering to your brother and kissing the feet. bowing down to them like gods.

Prince Avery: I find that wrong. History is about the rite of Change. the biography of a person, place or thing… a time of war and a moment of great change. if back then was that bad for women. their rights being suppressed. What made it change? Why change from the things that they knew? the way they saw the world…

Mr. Riley: That is a good question, Mr. Rhapsody. And uh, Pearl… Your views are very condensed and well spoken. Speaking for the rights of all Womankind. That is the start of being a very strong and straight forward leader.

Prince Avery: Pearl is a good person. She’s a leader in her own way. She follows what she believes and doesn’t see an end.

Mr. Riley: That’s what makes her unique. And as for your question… The reason why things change in time as time passes is because with the passing of time and the advancement of technology and machinery… Their Paradigms shifts. their views and how the world proves to expand with knowledge… their opinions or views alter and mature… which in time… how they see things change and revise as the passing of time occurs. It realigns their perceptions.

Pearl: History does have the ability to change what used to be… or what had been.

Prince Avery: Exactly…

Mr. Riley: Now about the American Revolution… there were clues to treasures in our time… Even a Rumored map behind the very document that 55 men signed. That was a rumor. Because if there was a map… You could bet… that there would be a whole mess of treasure seekers and hunters after it. wanting the treasure for themselves. There would be clues leading to it… Like this:  “The vision to see the treasured past comes as the timely shadow crosses in front of the house of pass and Stowe”

At the Daily Planet…

Trixie: *typing up another article and Writing a note to have sent to the school for the girls* this should have been done yesterday… but now is as perfect a time as any.

John: Sis, You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. I mean… we did make a promise to our sister Rikku that we wouldn’t do anything to urge for the girls to dive back into danger.

Trixie: I know. *Nods* It’s agreed. but as much as we want to honor our sister’s wishes… we also have to factor in the views that Dinah Lance let out to us. the more we wait… the more problems there’ll be. We are all with prayers that the girls would remain just normal girls… but the problem is… that since they dealt with it for a long enough time… it’s now instilled and bred into them. They are forever bred into it. it’s part of them for life.

John: That is true. it is unfortunate… but true. Their life is forever imbued with the mark of the hero. The hero is them. *Sighs* Okay. i’ll be the one to take the unofficial message to the school for them to cross wind of.

Trixie: You sure?! This is gonna be a very big risk that you’re about to take. If our sister Rikku gets wind of this… She will be mad at you. at all of us. She could be liable to hate you.

John: If that is what the price is for doing what we know is right… then that is the price i’ll have to live with. Because as much as i wouldn’t want to disobey the wishes of our sister… the truth is that this duty and destiny that the girls all have… is far bigger than us and the promise that we have made.

Chloe: *Walking in* I wouldn’t do that if i were you. I know that Dinah Lance came to you to get a message out to the girls… but the answer to that move is no.

John: *Pauses and looks to see Chloe* Chloe?! What… what… what are you doing here?

Trixie: Wait a minute… You’re The Alumnus of Smallville High… the high Editor of the Torch. Chloe Sullivan… Right?

Chloe: Yeah… that was me. I think that we met before…

Trixie: Oh yeah… *Realizing* Oh my god… i am such an idiot. I already met you… we met several times during the whole fiasco with Zod and the first time that we’ve met… was at the 15th birthday party for the Rhapsody Girls. You were there. i think. Right?

John: Yeah… that’s right. we were all there. You came a few minutes before the girls arrived at the party that day. Said that you owed them a few I.O.U’s.

Trixie: That’s right.  And then after that… i was with you and Clark trying to unravel the J.S.A’s mysterious background.

John: *Grins* Well now since we are caught up to speed… and reunited again… What brings the illustrious Ace-Reporter to the Daily Planet?

Chloe: The fact that i just learned that there are some of us itching and chomping at the bit to approach the Rhapsody Girls. breaking the solemn promise that we have all made to their grandmother.

Trixie: People… meaning us?

Chloe: Yes. I know that you are sensing that it’s what right to do as such as going to the girls and dragging them back into the hero business. But… the fact of the matter is that we can’t. You can’t go and bring them into it. It is for a reason.

Trixie: But… Chloe, We’ve got to drop a tell all to them. something… a Road-flare or something. anything. they’ve got to be told about it. Even though we know it to be wrong.

Chloe: It doesn’t matter. We all made a solemn vow to Rikku Marie Rhapsody… Your sister… their grandmother… their mother’s mother… that no matter what happened. for any reason… The Justice League and all associates tied to the heroes were to stand down and be at a distance from the girls. unless the time came that they were needed. The time for them to be re-enacted is unfortunately fast approaching… but till we’re ready to let it out to them and get their Grandmother in the loop… we are not to go near them.

Trixie: *Desperate* They need to know now… they have to. by keeping them in the dark… like this, it’s only gonna prove to be more of a danger than a help. The girls are living all normal lives… that is wonderful for them. but they’ve been working the hero beat for 5-6 years… they’ve dealt with all kinds of fighting that it’s now part of them. it is practically all they’ll really know to do. it’s in their Blood, Chloe. Part of who they are. inside. *Looking at Chloe and Looking up trying to keep a calm level head on the situation* As much as we want to respect our sister’s wishes and thereby keep the girls out of the hero work… it is only killing them slowly but surely from within. it’s hurting them more than it’s helping them. The longer we keep them away from it… the more danger the city is. We are reporters and normal… and of all that… we can see that something is not right. Something is going on. Crime is up and people are in a panic. Something has to be done.

Chloe: You’re right. Something has to be done about it. however… it will not be till the time is right. They are enduring a School life. and right now they are just barely getting a swing of things. if we were to pull them in now… before it was time to go to them with the problem. the Information surrounding what’s about to come… it will only prove to place them in conflict. that would only hurt them more. Do more harm than good.

Trixie: *Sighs* So… What are we to do?

Chloe: We wait. that is the best thing to do for now. Wait till it’s time.

John: When exactly would be the right time? after the problem that poses a danger has already come and made a appearance?

Chloe: It’s the only thing that we can do right now…

At Metropolis Elementary…

School Kids: *Teasing Luna* You’re a freak… You’re a freak. Mutant freak. A cat. Freak! *Making cat sounds and pointing at Luna* Meow… Meow! Freak!

Luna: *Running off crying*

Luna was being teased and it made the reality of how history could repeat itself real. She felt really upset about it and wanted to go back home. But she was stuck in school. She couldn’t leave the grounds. She left the room and as fast as she could bounced over to find a place to hide. Luna stayed there for a few minutes and just cried as she needed to from being hurt… Emotionally and mentally.

At the side of the far building a minute later…

Luna: *Crying* I knew that i’d face the same fate as mom had. I am not even Biological and yet i sensed that i would endure the same treatment that Mom was given. It’s isn’t fair though… i didn’t even do anything to make them want to tease me. They were being so mean. *Sniffles and pulling out her phone* That’s it… i’m calling my sisters and telling them to come get me. *Giving up on school* I was teased… just like i thought that i would be. I was teased by them all. Some school life. Grandma better be happy over this. because she’s finally got her wish. me in school. Teased… Mocked. Just like mom was.


Luna: *Hearing screams and starting to sense a presence nearby* Huh?! A Monster… in school? *Running out to see what’s going on* This is not good.

A minute later Luna reached the opening and looked over to see a group of monsters and a larger monster that was made of stone blocks and it was screeching.

School Kids: *Screaming in terror and scared; running for safety* HELP!!!!!

Luna: *Concerned* What do i do? I can’t transform here… they’ll see me. It serves them right for teasing me anyway. But i can’t just sit and do nothing. *Running over to the crowd and seeing the monsters swarming in to attack* Stop it…

School Kids: *Looking towards the side to see Luna* Huh?!

School kid: What is that freak doing? She’s gonna get herself killed by those monsters.

Luna: *Looking at the monsters; Sighing* Here we go again.

A second later…

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* … *Doing her Pose*  Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower and the Rhapsody Family… I shall Punish you.

The monsters were more fire creatures and were in a cluster of 10… they were with fire in their eyes and moving in to set things on fire. moving in to attack.

Sailor Luna: *Standing before the monsters* You mean monsters are a real buzz kill… Hurting innocent people. trying to scare and frighten young kids. Rotten creeps. *Fighting off the creatures and Evading the strikes coming from the fire monsters* Ugh! Ahh! *Dancing around trying to toy with the monsters*

School Kids: *Gasps* That freak is a superhero… Whoa!

School Classmate: That’s Sailor Luna… She’s a member of the family that has the 3 girls. She’s their sister. Unbelievable.

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at the monsters* Luna… Silver Moon Claws! *Attacking at the fire creatures in a fury*

However… She wasn’t alone…

Artemis: *Running in and seeing the fight* Looks like trouble here.

Sailor Luna: *Looking to her side to see Artemis* Artemis?!

Artemis: Hey Luna… I’m here. You need a bit of assistance with these Monsters i take it.

Sailor Luna: Yeah… i would say that i do need the help.  These Monsters are of fire and are with 4 red eyes. Fiery eyes.

Artemis: *Surprised* fire monsters? these must be the minions of a intergalactic demon.

Sailor Luna: Intergalactic Demon?

Artemis: Yeah… Scath… Trigon the terrible in other words.

Sailor Luna: I didn’t really even think of that… but these monsters are definitely not of this world. not ones that we used to face. They just came out of nowhere. Where did they come from? How are they getting here?

Artemis: I don’t know. Minako doesn’t either. She is mystified by the arrival of these fire demons. creatures of fire.

Sailor Luna: That doesn’t really make this a whole lot more enlightening, Artemis. As it is… i think that some assistance would help. i am kinda outnumbered here.

Artemis: Well…  *Pulling out a Crescent moon Blade* It’s time to even the score here. Tuxedo Artemis time…

Sailor Luna: *Nods*

Artemis: *Transforming* Tuxedo Moon Power!

Seconds later…

Tuxedo Artemis: *Posing with his Moon Blades* The Fury and graceful might of the Moon… Tuxedo Artemis. On behalf of the moon… You shall be brought to Justice!

School Kids: *Gasps*

The Surrounding kids were shocked to see what was happening in front of them… they watched with Awe as the fight went on, but they couldn’t stay as the blasts began to land close by them. It was dangerous…

Sailor Luna: *Looking at the teacher* Go! get the kids out of here. Get them to safety now… it’s not safe here. They’ll only be a casualty to this battle. these monsters are dangerous. Get them out of here… Hurry!

Tuxedo Artemis: *Launching an attack at the fire monsters* Cutting Moon Blades!

Teacher: *Running off to safety with the kids* Hurry kids. let’s get to a safe spot. let’s go…

School Kids: *Running to safety*

Sailor Luna: *Suddenly glowing Pink and purple* Uh-oh… I think that there is something about to happen to me, Artemis.

Tuxedo Artemis: *Looking to see Luna Glowing* Luna, you’re glowing now… i think that you’re about to Unlock something. A New move. You’re glowing.

Luna was glowing brightly as she started to be surged with energy. the Energy hit her head on and it started to radiate from her… glowing. The whole school glowed for about a brief second as the glow came and covered her. It was only a second or so later when Luna felt winglets form on her head and give her a new power as well as update her Moon Wand…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the targets* Luna…. Cosmic… Sugar hearts… Beam… ATTACK!!!

At Metropolis High School…

At break, In the cafeteria…

Prince Alvin: *Sitting at the Table* Alice, I think that we have a bit of a problem…

Alice: *Looking at Prince Alvin in a bit of concern* We do? What do you mean?

Prince Alvin: In class… i started to sense something. I don’t know if it’s just me or if there is something really going on. I started to sense it. I couldn’t speak about it in class because no one would understand and it wouldn’t make much sense as to bring others into it. Plus with the bastard like Raul in the class… we’d only be ridiculed and mocked.

Alice: There is one way to find out if you’re really sensing something and if there is clarity to it.

Prince Alvin: You don’t seem to believe me, do you?

Alice: Prince Alvin, it isn’t like that at all. I Believe you… I do… i am just saying that we need to find out for sure. we need to know if it has any certification. Ask your brother. He must have felt it too. He must have seen or sensed something. You and he are like close. You can’t tell me that he wouldn’t feel or sense something.

Prince Alvin: What do i tell him? That i think that i am developing foresight?

Alice: The gift of perception and telekinetic power.Visionary sight. Seeing things by feeling.

Prince Curtis: *Walking by and stopping to see Prince Alvin and Alice talking* Hey. What’s going on? Brother, you were spacing out in class today. The teacher somehow didn’t seem to notice it… but i did.

Alice: Prince Curtis, That is not really the most important part of the problem here. Prince Alvin sensed something while in class. He sensed something coming.

Prince Curtis: *Looking at Prince Alvin* Okay, I think that something is going on here with you, Captain… I don’t know what it is, but i have a feeling that it’s nothing that i am gonna like. but just to humor me and to start a cause for conversation and some discussion… what’s the deal?

Prince Alvin: I sensed something coming. in class. I saw a form. A female form. Someone with a gem on the forehead and a robe.

Alice: A Girl with a Robe? *Thinking* A girl with a robe and a gem upon the forehead… *Looking at Prince Alvin* Was she Flying?

Prince Alvin: Yes. she was. She was flying in space still. In a portal of some kind. a passage way through space. A rip in space.

Alice: Was there a face?

Prince Alvin: I couldn’t see a face. the Robe was covering her head and all i could see was the Gem on the forehead. but the form was definitely female.

Prince Curtis: We got to let the girls know.

Prince Alvin: *Shoots up* No. We can’t do that. Brother, we can’t take this to them. they can not be dragged into this. Their grandmother made it clear to keep them out of it. to not drag them into the mess. we have to honor it.

Prince Curtis: *Scoffs in disbelief* Captain! You can’t be serious about this… Can you?

Alice: What are you talking about? Deal… What deal? *Confused* What deal are you talking about?

Prince Alvin: Last year… After the fight and the Battle or war against General Zod… Their grandmother was met by a girl we know by the Code name: Watchtower. A deal was made… An agreement that no matter what happened. Under any circumstances were the girls to be re-enacted or to be brought back into the situation… or any kind. big or small. That they were to be raised in a normal setting.  A normal life. Without Exceptions. they were to be kept away from the danger unless something really devastating happened. And still it would be under discretion. Nothing more. The Deal is still in play. We can’t break it.

Alice: Do you think it’s fair to the girls for a deal like that to be made?

Prince Alvin: No… i don’t think it’s fair. i think that it’s anything but fair. however… they’re starting to really get used to not being part of the superhero persuasion and it’s all for better for them. they’re better for it. I think that it is also for the better for them because they are actually able to finally embrace a path leading to a future career.

Prince Curtis: *Outraged* Captain… You can’t be serious. Tell me that you’re not just serious on keeping the girls in the dark and seeing that they’re forever dumbfounded by what’s out there! Something is coming. Someone’s got to tell them. They need to know. something… Anything.

Prince Alvin: No… The deal was to keep them out. i am not gonna go behind Aunt Rikku’s back and Drag our cousin’s Paige, Pearl and Dinah into the hero business. Neither are you. *Sighs* Look… i know it is not something that we like to live with… we would like to tell them. but we can’t. We made a deal. a Promise to Aunt Rikku that we would not get the girls back into the Hero life again unless it was really needed for them to be in it. we have to respect it. even if we don’t happen to like it. we must obey it.

Suddenly for the first time since he and Alice Met and got together as a couple… Prince Alvin looked at Alice and briefly touched her hand when he suddenly saw what she was seeing.

Alice: A Swarm of monsters… Plus a large monster made out of stone blocks. A Girl and a guy are fighting them off…

Prince Alvin: *Catching the appearance of the Girl in the Vision* Blue hair… a Cat tail… *Spotting a Tiara* …. *Pulling away and gasps* Luna. That was Luna. She’s in trouble.

Prince Curtis: Huh? You sure?

Prince Alvin: Yes… i am sure. *Standing up and stepping away a few steps before turning back facing Prince Curtis*  We’re leaving… Now!

Prince Curtis: How… we can’t do that. there are too many witnesses.

Alice: I can lead you to the lot… it’s quiet there and there are hardly any watchers there. You can make with the teleport there…

Prince Alvin: *nods* Let’s go.

Prince Curtis: Lead the way, Brother. let’s get going.

Alice lead Prince Alvin and Prince Curtis over to the parking lot of the school. It was quiet there around that time of day. there were hardly any lookers there and anyone watching. Anyone watching would have to be in their cars already and barely glancing over. They were there within minutes and looked at Alice before taking off. The only catch was that they had to make sure that no one would catch them in the lot when they came back from where they were taking off to. Alice vowed to stay there and keep watch…

Prince Alvin: *looking at Prince Curtis* Engage.

Prince Curtis: *Nods*

A second later, They vanished into thin air and teleported off to where their Cousin was. Alice stayed behind and kept watch, waiting for their return… but as she waited for their return…

Megan: *Walking over* Alice, What are you doing here?

Alice: *Turning to see Megan* Megan… You startled me. What’s the big idea trying to sneak up behind me like that?

Megan: I didn’t mean to make you jump like that… but i am just wondering what you’re doing out here. What’s going on?

Alice: *Looking away for a second and feeling hesitant on spilling the news* Uh, Well… there is something going on. Something that you might already know depending on what you were already told. Don’t freak out… But, Your boyfriend. plus mine… they have teleported out of school.

Megan: *Gasps* Are you sure?

Alice: Yes. they had to go. Something happened that they had to handle. Prince Alvin and i shared a Vision and he saw his cousin, Luna. Saw her in trouble fighting something. A band of minions or fire creatures.

Megan: Do you think that they’ll be okay?

Alice: I am not sure. i really don’t know. i am wondering the same thing.

Megan: We got to pray that they will be okay. whatever happens… we can’t allow for their cousins Paige, Pearl and Dinah find out that something is going on. This will drag them into the hero work again and that is something that their grandmother doesn’t want to see happen.

Alice: *Nods* Agreed. of course. I am just willing to help out where i can. I don’t have any elemental power… so i can’t do much to help. but with the Visions and the Psychic ability… that is a start.

Megan: I think that we both want to help them. What all did Prince Alvin see before he took off?

Alice: Just what i told you. He saw a girl with a cat tail. A Tiara and blue hair… Blue hair and had this… item in her hand. A Moon Wand. i think. It had a Crescent moon on it. a Crystal that was in the shape of one.

Megan: That was Luna. Their cousin. She was in trouble?

Alice: Yes.

At the Metropolis Elementary School…

Sailor Luna: *On the ground; Hurt* Owwww!

Tuxedo Artemis: *Tossing another swarm of Crescent Moon Blades* Cutting Moon Blades! *Looking at Luna* Hold on strong, Luna. Don’t give up now… Fight these things back. this School is no place for terrorizing creatures.

Sailor Luna: *Struggling to get back up* I can’t… I can’t get up and fight. the pain hurts.


Prince Alvin: *teleporting into the scene* Flaming Soul is here… *Looking at his Cousin on the ground* Luna… *Running over to his Cousin* Luna?! You okay?!

Sailor Luna: *Trying to get up* I don’t know… I used a few moves on these beasts and they just keep coming… Multiplying.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Luna* It’s okay. You are gonna be fine now… *Looking at his brother* Electric Rage… Counter attack the beasts. Now. *Looking at Luna* Hold still. *Picking Luna up and Carrying her to safety* Luna, You are one hell of a trouble magnet. Trouble seems to find you no matter where you trek, doesn’t it? What are we ever gonna do with you, Luna?

Sailor Luna: *A Little hurt and feeling beat* Wouldn’t you like to know? I guess that i am a power source for trouble to pull to.

Prince Alvin: not even close. *Shaking his head while carrying Luna to the side to rest* you’re just like a target for all creatures big and small. Good thing that none of these creatures have tendencies to be carnivores and adapt to cannibalism. you’d be in real worry then. *Setting Luna on the side inside the room with kids waiting for the coast to be clear* You sure that you’re gonna be okay?

Sailor Luna: Okay as in alive… Yeah. Okay as in being out of the battle, Not really. but since i nearly got my butt kicked, i think that staying out of this one will be a wiser idea.

Prince Alvin: It’s gonna be alright. You done well. Just take it easy… and if your sisters ask where you got those bruises… fake it a little. you played kickball and some of the balls managed to whip you over a bit. This fight… never happened. Okay?

Sailor Luna: Okay.

Prince Alvin: You’re gonna be okay, Cousin. *Heading back out to the fight*

Sailor Luna: Good Luck, Flaming Soul.

Prince Alvin: *Giving a Thumbs up* No sweat. It’s all in the bag here.

Within minutes Prince Alvin and Prince Curtis were both out back in the scene and out fighting the creatures. The Creatures flowed in more… but just when the battle was gonna end terribly, Prince Alvin unleashed his super form and with huge wave of attacks and blasts… the creatures vanished with a flash and torn apart as they all started to vanish into nothing. The large Creature Screeched and Loomed at Prince Alvin and Prince Curtis… but between the two of them… the large creature got sent into the skies and sent it flying into the Lake that was miles away from the school…

Inside the Room…

Luna: *Looking at the other kids in the class* What are you all looking at me like that for? So… i got a tail. It’s not like i choose for this defect. i was born with it.

She was telling a fib but a believable one….

Teacher: *Looking at Luna* okay… Okay. we understand.

Classmate: I find that sad. being made to live like that.

Luna: Well… It’s also part of me because i am not originally from here… i’m originally from a place that is nowhere near here.

Classmate: How far is it?

Luna: uh, it’s many miles away. possibly from… another planet. from another time.

Classmate: Another time?! Like where? A few years in the past?

Luna: A thousand. And the place i’m originally from is called the Moon Kingdom. But it was destroyed.

Class: It was? How?! What happened?

Luna was finally being accepted. it was awkward as to how she had to tell about where she originally came from in order to fit in and be accepted. However… even though it was prominently weird to say the least. it worked. Luna then got with it and told of it…

Luna: *Telling the tale of the Kingdom she once came from* “The Moon Kingdom was the most elegant and most peaceful kingdom in all the galaxy. there was great peace throughout the entire kingdom. But it’s destruction was   desolate and of Malice. Queen Beryl was said to be the one behind it and snuck into the Moon Temple to steal forbidden power from the moon. To awaken a Great Evil upon the planet Earth. It was said that a 1000 years ago the Moon Kingdom flourished and was seen as the most mystical kingdom throughout the galaxy. The Silver Millennium was the age of Peace. but throughout that period, The Princess of the Moon. Serenity and the Prince of the Earth, Endymion met and fell in dire love with one another. unfortunately… the people on both sides were profoundly against it. Both The people of the Moon and The people of the Earth were told to be at war. Even though the love was ill-fated, they continued to see one another. time… after time… after time again. Their Love was that great. But Queen Beryl was overlooking and saw the prince in love with the princess. She was endearingly jealous of the Princess and one day snuck into the sacred Moon Temple of the Moon Kingdom to steal power not meant for her. She took it and fled to Earth and with it’s power… She twisted the Earth people into thinking that the people of the moon were bad Omens that would cause the Earth Nothing but strife. it caused a never ending war on Earth and knocked it into Disarray. it only got worse as the Queen unleashed a great Evil known as Metaria. back on the Moon Kingdom… the Prince and the Princess were together but their lives were cut short. on the royal grounds… while courting with one another. The guards fought with the Prince of the Earth. and killed him. The Princess saw the attack and with sadness and heartache. She released a eerie wail and since it was so strong… it engulfed the Moon with White Light and plunged it into the Earth. On Earth… the last Remaining Shitennou that was said to serve Endymion… He Lost everything that day and before taking his own life as he had nothing left to give…He let out one final agonizing cry and collapsed. The Queen of the Moon seeing the devastation… knew that she had to save her only daughter. and her four guardians. so…  with the help of the sacred heirloom the Mystical Silver Crystal she locked their memories away till the time was right for them to come out and fight once more. Sent them 1000 years into the future. along with her daughter Princess Serenity. her and her royal court were sent to the future. to save them from demise. and sent her two royal advisors Two Cats. by the names of Luna. and Artemis. to be there and guide the girls when the time came once more for them to hear the call to action. The Queen fought the Great Evil and not only placed the great Evil back into slumber… It also took her life. It was the final sacrifice. To preserve what she could of the fallen Moon Kingdom. Marking the final moments of the Silver Millennium.”

Class: *Gasps* Whoa!

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Grandma Rikku: *Typing up more of her next book* Let’s see… what can i put in the book next? *Thinking* I need to think. Maybe i can put in tales about the 3 girls and their battles with the Dark Kingdom. Something that is a tribute to them… I think that it would be the right thing to do. They’d love it. i just know that they’d love it. Anything that has moments where their mother was still alive… it would make them happy. it might yet remind them of a time that could be painful, but at least they’ll have a memory of their mother to hold close by. The last year has been really hard for them. Even though they were not grieving after that moment that they had avenged their dear mother. but it’s been a really hard year for them. Maybe this book will be the start of getting them to cheer up a bit. It’s always worth a shot. *Nods and says to herself* yeah… that’s what i’ll do. I’ll do this for the girls.

She got back to working on the book, but as she started getting deep into it…

Chloe: *On Screen through the Communication video phone* Hello?

Grandma Rikku: *jumps* Huh?! What… Who’s there? *Looking up to see the Screen* What…  *Suddenly Seeing Chloe* Chloe?! Is that you?! What’s the big idea popping in like that? You nearly gave this old heart a real startling shock.

Chloe: I’m sorry.

Grandma Rikku: It’s quite okay. Now that i was able to swallow my heart there… What brings in the Presence of good ole’ watchtower? It has been quite a while. since the last we have heard from you and the guys. since the last year when the arrangement was made.

Chloe: *Strangulating a little* Yeah… that is what i am calling about… there is something that has to be told. We need to meet and it’s not good…

Grandma Rikku: *Raising an eyebrow and grinning* Really? Uh, What’s this issue that you got going on?

Chloe: It’s something that revolves the next threat that is on the way. One girl who is said to be a girl… a person and also a portal. Half-Demon. half human. Really… We need to meet. Tonight. You, me, The girls… Paige, Pearl, Dinah, and their young sister Luna. Shanna. Since she happens to be the forceful hitman and Psychic Mind of the girls.

Grandma Rikku: *Concerned and worried* Oh dear. How bad is it?

Chloe: Well… It depends on what you consider being bad.

Grandma Rikku: Good point. So… Tonight. We’ll be seeing you. and i do suppose that Oliver will be here as well?

Chloe: Unless something comes up and he can’t make it… yes. he will be coming as well. He is their professor after all. So i really don’t see as to why he wouldn’t come.

Grandma Rikku: That’s true. He has however been generous in visiting here ever so often to see how we were and everything. Making sure that we had food. He even Paid for the Car that Pearl is Driving… in full.

Chloe: Really? wow! That is awfully rewarding of him.

Grandma Rikku: It is. He is truly a honest gentleman. kind and very giving.

Chloe: I am glad to hear that. There is also a confession that i’m gonna have to lay out too tonight before i brief about the issue that is growing to be a real cause for concern.

Grandma Rikku: That’ll be tonight.

Chloe: Right. I will see you then…

The call ended…

Grandma Rikku: *Thinking* I wonder what she meant by saying that she had a bit of a confession to make… *Shrugging it off* Hmm… It’s probably nothing to be worried about.

She then went back to doing more of her new book and listened to the Radio as she went back to typing…

Back at the Metropolis High school…

The Parking Lot…

Alice: *Waiting for Prince Alvin’s return* The guys are sure taking a long time.

Megan: I know. Where are they? We’re missing class because of them. I really don’t think that we’re supposed to be hanging down here during school hours… but this area is the only spot that we could go to so the boys could do their thing that they had to do. However, we are really starting to push our luck here because There are people here or close by and they could easily spot us.

Alice: What’ll we do?

Megan: Pray that we don’t get caught.

Alice: *Looking over to the far side of the lot* Isn’t that their Cousin Pearl’s car?

Megan: *Pauses and turns to suddenly look* Huh, Where?

Alice: *Pointing over to the one side* Over there.

Megan: *Spotting the car* Yeah… That is her car. Do you think that she’s inside the car?

Alice: I don’t know. I sure hope not though. because if she is and catches sight of the guys coming back from teleporting… it could ruin everything. We’re not supposed to leave it to where they’d catch wind of what’s coming. They’re supposed to be remaining oblivious to what’s coming.

Megan: *Shaking her head* What are we gonna do though if she happens to overhear the commotion?

Alice: We play dumb and make as though we have no clue as to what she’s talking about.

Megan: I don’t know if that’ll work. From what Prince Curtis told me about her… He mentioned that Pearl is pretty wise. Actually smart. Really Smart.

Alice: *Suddenly Pauses and senses something; Foreseeing something* What… Uh, Someone’s coming.

Megan: Who? *Seeing light*

Within seconds Prince Alvin and Prince Curtis appeared and Nearly fell down with Exhaustion…

Prince Alvin: *Trying to catch his breath* We’re back. We had to deal with a hoard of fire creatures. all with 4 red fiery eyes. All of them flaming too.

Prince Curtis: *Sighs* All those and a Stony blockhead creature. With a stone cold Stiff face. I would only wonder what that was. and what the hell it was doing in Luna’s School.

Prince Alvin: It doesn’t matter anymore now, Brother. That creature is gone and it’s safe there now for Luna. However… we had to do damage control and clean up the mess that they made. they did a little damage and it took a little time to clear up the mess. *Looking to see Alice* Alice, How’s the coast here?

Alice: It’s fine. But i do suggest that you be careful on what you say. We see your Cousin’s car near and she could be inside and could be overhearing the conversation here.

Megan: That is true. *Concerned* how is Luna? She okay?

Prince Alvin: She’s fine now. A little bruised. but nothing that she can’t live through and survive.

Prince Curtis: She is a bit beat… But she’s gonna be just fine. Megan, You okay?

Megan: Of course. I am just worried about what’s gonna happen next. Do you think that the girls will catch on to what’s going on?

Prince Curtis: I don’t know. that there is hard to say one way or the other. All i can really hope for is that they never catch on to the monster sightings that have been appearing as of late.

Prince Alvin: i bought a little insurance for us. that if the girls pick her up… seeing the marks on her… she’ll tell them that she was playing kickball and a few balls somehow caught her and blindsided her. It’s a little bit of a tall tale, but it’s a possible story they’ll believe. because playing sports is rather hard. Endurance. it’ll work.

Megan: Will they really buy the line?

Prince Curtis: I am sure that they will. all we can do is pray and hope that they don’t ask questions and get Luna to spill the beans…

However in cooking class…

Pearl: *Working on making the brownies* Star, There is something really weird going on here…

Star: *Making sure there’s enough of each Ingredient to pour in to the pan to make the Brownies* How do you figure that, Girl? Something bugging you?

Pearl: Not sure. i wish that i could tell. but the feeling i have is really awkward. i keep having this very disturbing sensation. Had it since the other day… but i’ve been trying to ignore it.

Star: Must be the same thing that’s been getting you in a mess yesterday. you looked really out of it. Like your mind’s been somewhere else.

Pearl: I know. *Looking at the Ingredients* This should be enough to put into the bowl to stir and then mix… Star, I sense that something is coming. I don’t know if it’s just me.

Star: What do you mean? Something coming… Like what?

Pearl: You might know what it was. When i came over yesterday and had My sister Luna with me… did you notice something about her?

Star: Not really. Why?

Pearl: There was something that she knew and was trying to hide. She wouldn’t say as to what it was. But she was hiding something. Didn’t you notice that she was hiding something? That she felt that something was coming?

Star: *Scoffs and shaking her head; in disbelief* I don’t believe this. Girl, why you trying to ask me these questions? I can’t tell you what you’re wanting to hear. i don’t even understand what is going on. You are talking about something that i know nothing about. What are you getting at?

Pearl: I don’t know. I am just feeling really worried about my sister Luna. She started School today and i could tell how scared and terrified she was about it.

Star: Well… that’s a doable reason to why you’re acting out so strangely today. The worried big sis, concerned about the little sis act. that i get. but the part of you asking about if i can sense that something is coming or if i can feel it… that… i don’t get.

Pearl: *Scoffs and emotional* What’s there not to get from it? I have an identity that you don’t know of… if i were to tell you, you’d probably be wanting to see me as a freak. Which i don’t blame you. i don’t. I got an identity that you don’t see. because i don’t show it.

Star: What do you mean… Another identity?

Pearl: This afternoon… we’ll meet on top of the Daily Planet…. where there won’t be spectators. You need to see me for who i really am. Not for what you see before you.

Star: *Looking to her side and then looking back at Pearl* Pearl… Uh, you’re starting to sound really nuts. But somehow i am following what you’re saying. I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me… I really don’t know what you’re trying to prove. Girl, You don’t have to get into this… You don’t. Stop trying to hold onto it like a security blanket. You’re only starting to scare yourself and scare me.

Pearl: I know… I’m sorry. All i can think of is Luna. She must be so damn scared. she must be terrified of being in school. If you could only see the hurt in her eyes, Star. Dinah and i saw the hurt in her eyes. Leaving her there. She needs a normal life. a normal lifestyle. But no matter how it sounds. or what it might look like…. feel like… She’s not normal. Luna is not normal.

Star: *Pauses* What do you mean that she’s not normal? What would that make her if she wasn’t normal? Isn’t she like your sister?

Pearl: Yes. She is. Not Biological, but she is still my sister and i love her still the same as any. *Feeling like she’s about to break down* Let’s just get back to making the brownies and wait till this afternoon. then i can show you more about it… tell you about it.

Star: *In her mind* This girl is really on something. Something is really bugging the hell out of her.

(Time till the Arrival of Raven.

4 weeks, 4 days, 11 hours, 30 minute and 28 seconds…. in counting)

In Debate…

Paige: *Writing up her Debate piece* I can’t even focus…

Reese: *Looking at Paige* What do you mean? Something wrong?

Paige: I don’t know. But normally i’d be able to concentrate. however today… i can’t. I don’t know why.

Reese: You must have a lot on your mind. that’s what it is.

Paige: Maybe so… but i feel something. Something weird.

Reese: It’s not something bad, is it?

Paige: I don’t know. I just couldn’t really sleep last night. It was a rather bad night. I had a fight with my sister Betty. Dinah and i have had another fight with Betty. Betty keeps acting like she’s the big boss. *Sighs* I don’t know what her problem is. But i can tell you that i for one have grown tired of it. Last night Dinah and Grandma were having a discussion about how it was not right to send Luna to a normal school and put her through the school’s Hierarchy. Then Just when Dinah started walking out of the room… and before the matter could be dropped. Betty came with her two cents and said something like a snide comment. saying that Pearl, Dinah and i were trying to run the show. and that whether we liked it or not… we were to do as we were told. That’s when i got up and told her off. Betty however was about to dish out an attack at me and i luckily saw it coming and glared at her… Warning her to not do it.

Reese: *Hisses just thinking about it* There is only one thing worse than seeing Sisters fight. Seeing Sisters with superpowers fight and suffer uncontrollable urges of violence.

Paige: *Shaking her head* I don’t think that it gets like that.

Reese: Are you sure? Sisters without powers don’t get edgy compared to those who do have super powers.

Paige: due to their somehow short tempers and sometimes they get really explosive with the anger and the attitude.

Reese: It’s not like they mean to… but with all the experience with all the issues that they face and all the crimes and all the battles with Villains that they encounter… it’s common or normal that they develop that. it’s just part of them. That is expected.

Paige: You must have been following the world of supers for a long time by the way it sounds. The way you’re talking… it sounds like you’re into them a whole lot.

Reese: Of course. I mean… it’s just something to dive into when things at home fall apart for some reason.  I don’t have a good home life most of the time. Super hero comics are like a window to a more better time. a more happier time. My favorite ones are about the Green Lantern and Superman. I also enjoy The Flash and Wonder woman. Those are the best ones. Hope and duality. justice and the reason to keep having faith in those around you when things have literally failed you and made you feel as though life wasn’t even worth living.

Paige: *Saddened* That’s really sad when you really put it that way.

Mr. Dalton: *Looking up at Paige and Reese* Is there something that you would enjoy to tell to the class, you two?

Paige: No Sir.

Mr. Dalton: Then keep quiet and work. This isn’t sit back and chat class. You can do that on your own time. Not on mine.

Paige: *Thinking in her Mind* Jerk.

Reese: *Standing up to the teacher* Uh, Mr. Dalton… Why are you trying to be so hard on us? You’re being really hard on Paige and i don’t like it. You are having a Grudge against her about something and unless you want me to get the Office involved with this… you better stop being so hard on Paige. We all deserve to be treated equally. not just favor all the class and just target one as a bad apple or the rotten seed in the bunch.

Mr. Dalton: Are we quite done?

Reese: No. I am not done. I also notice that you don’t like superheroes and you turn to being threatened whenever they are mentioned by us or anyone.

Mr. Dalton: That will be quite enough out of you, Mr. Wilkerson. And that goes for you too, Mrs. Rhapsody. I know about the complaint that you made. I was called to the office this morning to deal with a Mrs. Rikku Marie Rhapsody about a complaint that you made about how i spoke to you. I don’t find it funny and i don’t find it tolerable either. I deal with a lot of things. alot. but the one thing that i will not stand for is to have my decisions and my ways of teaching questioned. You have a problem with how i teach… find a different class and leave. otherwise deal with my ways of teaching. I tried pressing you to expose the secret that you are hiding. and i do not regret it. You’re not gonna hide it from me. i don’t care who your family is or what they’re about. I do not welcome heroes and they are nothing but Vigilantes in my book.

Paige: Alright! That’s it. *Getting up and walking over to the Teacher* You want the truth? You want me to confess the real truth and expose that i am a freak in your eyes. because of the powers that i am assumed to have? Fine. You got it. You know about a hero named Miss Love. The Leader of the superhero team called the Rhapsody Girls Z!? Do you… well take a good stinkin’ look at me, you son of a bitch. Take a good stinkin’ look. The one known as Miss Love is standing within this room as we speak. You’re looking right at her. *Getting up in the teacher’s face* You want to test me? An Innocent teenager? Go for it. Come at me right now. Strike me down. try and strike at me and attack me because of my identity. Go for it. I am right here.

Class: *Shocked* Whoa!

Paige then walks out in anger and heads over with her stuff over to the office to demand for a different 3rd period class…

As for Dinah, She was in Wood shop class. Not the most favorite class for her to be in given her element of power. Wood and Thunder do not mix so well. they’re not the best of friends. at all.  In Geography class, Prince Avery was looking at the assignment and working on it when he suddenly was confronted by a girl in the class. She was a sweetheart too.

Summer: *Looking at Prince Avery* Hey there… I noticed that you were staring at me yesterday. Are you interested in me or something? Because if so… you should just say so. because in case if you didn’t know… not all girls are swayed by the mystery flirting act. However i came over to break the ice and return an interest in you. I noticed that you’re a Charismatic kind of guy. I like that. you actually pretty charming once you put away the pretentious Flirting Ego. Not that i’d mind seeing it. but some girls don’t tend to like it. it’s mostly like a turn off for them. I’m Summer. Summer French.

Prince Avery: *Looking up at Summer* That’s a good name. a very beautiful name. I love it. For a girl who looks pretty attractive and with a very sophisticated mind. You happen to talk a mighty Mouthful.  but it’s good. You obviously got a lot to say.

Summer: *Laughing a little* Don’t i wish. I wish that i had a lot to say. I just speak what’s on my mind. i am very expressive that way. My parents kinda consider me to be a rather theatrical person. I’ve been a very theatrical kind of girl since i was like 5. It’s like a life leading career.

Prince Avery: Hmm… that is interesting to know. I am more like a secret Agent at heart. I got a known Plasma-tic Attitude and a temper like it too. My brothers see it in me. So does my father. I have been like that for a long time. I happen to be a little bit of a flirt. but i can’t help it when i spot a lovely girl. Seeing girls who are lovely just get me. I am also with the Personality of Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang…

Summer: Oh? You mean like James Bond? I like his movies. I have every last one of them. from the first one to the last one he’s ever done.  I like the movie called “Die another day” The song done by Madonna is really moving. I tried singing it once. i thought that i sounded okay. for the first try that was.

Prince Avery: Oh yeah? interesting. You look as though you’re into sports. Just a pragmatic assumption by the pose you have. You might have a form for Ice Skating.

Summer: Ice Skating? I do that. I am an Ice Skater for the Metropolis Ice Skating League. i Skate for them every winter.

Prince Avery: You don’t say… Well now, I’ll have to come and see the next time you do the ice Skating. I’d have to see it for myself to see what kind of skating you do. I am sure that you Skate like a total Ice Queen. very sophisticated.

Summer: *Touched*Awwww! That’s really sweet of you to say that. i am really touched to hear you say that.

Prince Avery: It’s true. i am no blind man to turn away from talent and gifted people when you have one staring at you right between the eyes. Right?

Summer: you’re spotting the obvious. Aren’t you?

Prince Avery: pretty much. My brothers noticed that about me too.

Summer: Your Brothers?

Prince Avery: yeah. Prince Alvin, Prince Arnold and Prince Curtis. There is something about me that you may feel a little startled to know about. I am a Rhapsody Brother.

Summer: A Rhapsody Brother?! *Gasps* Say, Wouldn’t you be the one they mentioned in the papers a couple years back. the one that they made a mention saying… Something Plasma?

Prince Avery: Plasma-Core. Yeah. That is me. That is my hero Alias.

Summer: *in shock* I don’t believe it. You’re that hero that dealt with a Kandorian Scumbag.

Prince Avery: Not really. I wasn’t the one that battled him and had the hand in beating the living tar out of him. My Cousins, Paige, Pearl and Dinah on the other hand have had that hand in doing so. They were the ones that dealt that final Blow to him before we all sent him to that place called the Phantom Zone…

Prince Avery recalls the final Moments of the Kandorian Zod…

“Bubble Maiden: *Looking up at the heavens* This is for you mom. This is to avenge your death. once this is over… you’ll be able to cross over. So before we  get rid of Zod… i just want to thank you for the time we have had with you. Thank you mom. We’ll never forget you.

Miss Love: Yeah. You were the best one there ever was. We love you, Mom. We will be missing you forever. and we will never forget you. Ever.

Thunder Mistress: Thanks for the Memories, Mom. You just take good care of your sister up there. Our Aunt Princess Aquamarine. She’s gonna need you and you need her too. Rest in peace mom. You deserve it. *With a bit of a heavy heart*

Miss Love: *Commanding her sisters* Bubble Maiden… Thunder Mistress. Engage your Weapons…

Bubble Maiden: *With her Bubble Microphone and Bubble Harp close to her mouth*

Thunder Mistress: *With her Thunder Glove and Thunder Discs held against her chest*

Miss Love: *With her Sonic Scepter of Bliss and Heart Guitar held close to her chest* Girls… It’s time for the Rhapsody Warhead. *Starting the sequence; Glowing* Love’s Essence of life… The Magical touch of Love’s Blissful Embrace… Guided by it’s eternal legacy…Take its form. make it one… *Pointing her weapons towards Zod*

Bubble  Maiden: *Glowing* Bubble’s power… the flow of beauty and serenity. The Bubbles of grace and purity. Make it’s power… intensify with devoted heart. Produce the power of Bubbles delight. the cleanser of Evil’s staining soul. The music and the touch combine to unite as one… *Pointing her weapons towards Zod*

Thunder Mistress: *Glowing* Thunder Power… The Fury of the Air… the Skies induced Rage… the Chain-reaction force of the heart… Strike the air and grant your vengeance towards the Evil presence… The Power of the heart. the striking power of Fierce courage and might. Thunder’s strength… Intensify and unify into one… *Pointing her weapons towards Zod*

Rhapsody Girls: *Glowing Bright* Love… Grace… Fury! *Combining the weapons together; Posing during the attack* RHAPSODY….. WARHEAD…. ATTACK!!!! *Firing at Zod*

Zod: *Screaming in pain and Flying back into the wall* AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Rhapsody Girls: *Exclaiming* GOODBYE GENERAL ZOD! Time to say BON VOYAGE!”

Summer: Wow! That must have been hard on them.

Prince Avery: If the guy had still been with the powers of a Kryptonian. even though he was one… well they would be dead as a rock. but Zod did have them. it took the one attack that came from a couple of girls known as Betty and Angel. The heaven twins. They were the ones that weakened him to a point where he couldn’t really fight back to save his hide. the attack took his powers. it worked well too. That’s what opened it for the Rhapsody Girls to knock him cold. we got him sent to the Zone. that’s for certain.

Summer: That had to be some fight.

Prince Avery: it was.

After school…

On the way to the Elementary school…

Pearl: *Driving* I can’t believe that Luna had to be in the school… Of all things. And to top it off. i overheard the conversation between Prince Alvin and Prince Curtis. They were going out somewhere. to take care of some mess. A situation that can revolve around a whole new threat. Something that we should all be in knowledge of. They were all in league of keeping us in the dark from whatever the heck it is that’s going on. I really don’t appreciate it.

Paige: *Feeling sour* What the hell does that matter? It doesn’t mean a thing.

Dinah: *Outraged* What is your problem, Paige? What the hell is getting you all pissed off? You are sounding so hot under the collar and it’s not like you. You’re  made out as being a calm diplomatic person. but lately… You’re so angry. What the hell for? For kicks?

Paige: The fact that my Debate teacher is a complete asshole who needs to get his butt kicked. Nothing. i am just not in the mood. okay. i exposed my damn secret to that Philandering tool. exposed what my hero name was to him and denounced my trying to stand up to him. Almost like he could care less as to what i said. He was the same way to Reese.

Dinah: You should get the Office involved and or demand a transfer of classes. get yourself out of that class. That teacher must not be worth it. he keeps getting to you and you don’t let him… but he says anything possible to push your buttons and taunts you because he knows what it is that gets to you.

Paige: *Scoffs* Oh thanks. So basically i am dealing with a total jackass for a teacher. Nice.

Pearl: That is more better than dealing with getting near the point of breaking down in tears. *Emotional and with discomfort* I can’t begin to tell you how hurt i am about the fact that Luna was put in school. She was hurt. all i could really do was think about her. She must be so hurt and so scared. the hurt in her eyes. i don’t care if Grandma likes it. We’re keeping her out of school and home schooling her. that’s it. i nearly lost it twice in school. I noticed or could just figure that Prince Avery might have noticed. He’s in the same History class as i am.

Paige: Then why didn’t he say anything?

Pearl: *Scoffs* How the heck could he, Paige? If we said anything about it in class with people listening into what we were saying… we’d have to divulge our secret. and confirm their sole suspicions. they’d never understand the situation. we’d have to tell them that Luna was from the Moon Kingdom and that would be just asking for mockery.

Paige: *Feeling a little Disgusted and rather sad for her sister* You Still should have said something. You forget the most lived rule in the family. If you are having a problem… Talk it out. People are never gonna know or will they understand if they don’t know what the heck is bugging you. It isn’t like they can read your mind.

Pearl: Why? So they can all have all the more a reason to give us the eye and start regarding us as crazy. We already are a bit nuts because we are these supposed heroes and at these times… there is no room for heroes. they would openly admit it. So it is best to just not even say anything about it so there wouldn’t be any reason for them to start mocking or regarding us as the loony people.

Dinah: *In disbelief and looking at Pearl with shock* So you take the Switzerland way out… you keep the worry and the concern on the down low. The Problems are gonna just eat you up inside… You do know that, Right?

Pearl: In lamen terms? yes. i do. Do i like it? No. but being the girly girl that i happen to so still be… i do all to keep the peace. I didn’t really make myself to be all that high in Cooking Class. I almost lost it there too. I nearly disturbed my friend from class.

Dinah: *Feeling bad for her sister* I’m Sorry to hear that, Pearl. Do you… Do you think that she’s gonna be okay?

Pearl: *Sighs and lowers her head* I don’t know. I just hope that i didn’t scare her away.

Paige: You didn’t. But if worse comes to worse… you’ll find out soon.

Dinah: it’s just a guess now.

Pearl: *Sighs*

A Moment later…

At the Metropolis Elementary School…

Luna: *Sighs; Waiting*

Pearl: *Pulling up and parking* … *Getting out of the car and walking over to Luna* Hey Luna. Did you have a good day in school today?

Luna: Not really. It didn’t start out so good. I was Teased and Mocked because of my tail. I had to tell them something that was rather private or personal before things got better.

Pearl: Really? Like what? *Concerned* was it something bad?

Luna: Would you consider the telling about the Moon Kingdom a bad thing?

Pearl: *Gasps* What? Oh god… Oh no… Luna, Please tell me that you didn’t do that… Please tell me that it was all a joke and you didn’t tell them of it…

Luna: I did. Why?

Pearl: You are gonna be lucky if they don’t look into it. Luna, Why did you tell about it?

Luna: They teased me. they were asking me about my tail and i just wanted to be accepted. I had to tell them something.

Pearl: You were being pushed to expose the tale… pushed or forced. they forced you to do it. *Looking at Luna* Luna, I can’t believe that you allowed for yourself to be forced to tell something personal or private just to be liked by others.

Luna: I just wanted a friend in school. But i wasn’t being accepted here. What was i to do?

Pearl: People who like you because of what you tell them or what you have… are not your friends.

Luna: But…

Pearl: They are just users who will use you to get ahead with what they want or for their own personal gain. They’re not your friends. those kids are not your friends Luna. they used you.

Luna: *Feeling hurt* They did?

Pearl: You’re darn right that they did. They Pulled you to tell about something that was none of their business. They’re gonna use that against you now. if not now… soon in the near future. they’re gonna use that against you and if you don’t abide to them… they will make fun of you. they will trash you.

Luna: *Lowering her head* …

Pearl: Don’t worry about it. I’ll talk with the teacher when i drop you off here tomorrow morning. It’s gonna be alright. I will take care of it. Okay? *Hugging Luna* It’s gonna be alright, Luna. really.

A half hour later…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Paige: *Walking through the door* Hi, Grandma… We’re home.

Pearl: we’re back.

Dinah: *Grabbing for a Gatorade* What’s up?

Grandma Rikku: *Looking at the girls* Hey girls. How was school?

Paige: It was crap for me today. I exposed the reality that i was a hero to my debate teacher. He knows that i made the complaint. and that you were there to get after the teacher about yesterday. He attacked me today. Exposed my identity. I stood up to him and then stormed out of the room before i did something that i was gonna regret.

Grandma Rikku: You were targeted by him again? That’s it… *Briefly slams her fist on the table nearby and lets off a fast breath of air* I’m gonna go over to the school tomorrow and i’m gonna have a little sit-down Chin-wag with the man. He wants to treat you like dirt… we’re gonna put a stop to that.

Pearl: Anything happen here today?

Grandma Rikku: *Looking up at the screen suddenly* Uh… Yeah, You could say that.  You could most definitely say that. Chloe called today and said something about a new threat just around the horizon… a Threat that was on the way to Earth. She’s gonna be coming over here tonight and as far as i know… So will Oliver. I don’t know what’s going on, but i have to tell you that this is getting really haunting. A girl with a Gem on the forehead. Half girl-Half Demon.

Dinah: *Drinking her drink* You’re getting on our legs with this, you know that… Grandma? First you want us to be normal… then you force Luna to go to school. and she gets literally teased in school. but only was accepted because she had to divulge about the Moon Kingdom in order to be liked. Now you tell us this? Grandma… are you trying to push us into a psych ward or something? This is like a split personality here.

Paige: What all did she say, Grandma?

Grandma Rikku: Well… she said something about having to make a confession before she got into the details…

Pearl: *Backing away a little* What… confession?!

Grandma Rikku: I don’t know. *Noticing Pearl backing away a little* Pearl, What’s wrong? Is there something that you’re not telling us?

Pearl: No. Of course not. why would you think that?

Dinah: What Confession? What the heck are you talking about?

Grandma Rikku: I don’t know… i am just saying what Chloe was telling me.

Pearl didn’t stick around to be suspected of hiding anything. She went upstairs to grab something and then within a minute or two she walked out to her car and took off to the daily Planet. She called her friend and looked at her power belt….

A Moment later, on the roof of the Daily Planet standing in the shadows…

The Song “Slow life” plays…

“I think I know what’s on your mind
A couple words, a great divide
Waiting in the wings, a small respite
Crowding up the foreground from behind”

Pearl: *Looking down and wearing her power belt* What’ll i do. I can’t believe that i’m about to go through with showing Star my Hero personality. She’s gonna be thinking that i’m nothing more than a freak. I barely had her for a friend and met her just yesterday and everything. but now… showing her this… This is gonna be hard for me… *Thinking to herself* How the hell am i gonna pull this off? What was i thinking?


“Even though you’re the only one I see
It’s the last catastrophe
Place your bets on chance and apathy”

Star: *Walking out the door onto the Roof of the Daily Planet* Pearl… Girl… are you up here? *Sighs and feeling rather foolish* Shit… this is crazy. I can’t believe that i am up here. *Calling for Pearl* Hey! Pearl… Where are you?

Pearl: *Walking out from the shadows and Looking at Star* Hey Star.

“Take anything you want, it’s fine
Keep up the slow life for the night
Don’t take it back, I’ll just deny
This constant noise all the time”

Star: Pearl, What the heck is all this about? a meeting up here… You sure that you’re feeling okay? You are not… uh… *Noticing a Belt with Buttons on it* Girl… What the heck is that?

Pearl: This is my power belt. This is what i wear when i am a hero and become powered up.

Star: *In a stunned pose* Wha… Uh…. *in surprise* i know that you had a high sense in fashion… But i really didn’t know that you had a sense to wear a belt with all that flashy color on you? Where did you get it? You make it or something?

Pearl: No… this is what was given to me by someone who goes by the name of Oliver Queen?

“Even though you’re the only one I see
It’s the last catastrophe
Place your bets on chance and apathy
From the wind in front of me”

Star: Oliver Queen? You’re kidding, right? Oliver Queen… The Billion dollar CEO of Queen Industries? He gave it to you? Why? Is he… Uh… like a friend or something?

Pearl: Yeah. But he’s more than that… He’s uh… Our professor. The Professor to my sisters and me.

Star: *Coughs up and holding her hands up in shock* Whoa! Whoa!…. Hold up… Hold up on that part… You mean to tell me that Oliver Queen The Multi-Millionaire who is the CEO of the fortune 500 company known as Queen Industries, who is also some spandex wearing Arrow shooter… is also your Professor? He gave that to you? *Scoffs and coughs up a laugh* Yeah… Uh-huh! Okay… You have a power belt that can grant you the ability to transform into a hero and be the super powered warrior.  Like he’s your professor and you’re his student. Right? You’re totally tripping on that nut piece.

” Even though you’re the only one I see
It’s the last catastrophe
Place your bets on chance and apathy
From the wind in front of me”

Pearl: I’m not making it up, It’s not being made up. it’s happening.

“Even though you’re the only I see”


Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing and screaming with Fury* …. *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evil will be washed with grace and light!

Star: *Standing back freaked* Oh god… oh my god… you are one of them… aren’t you? You really are one of the heroes. You’re one of the 3 girls of Love… grace and fury. Oh… I so don’t believe this… you mean to tell me that you… Pearl Rhapsody are Bubble Maiden. For sure?! Oh My god… That is really twisted. I had no idea that you were a hero. I thought that you were just having a tangible fit or on something… stressing about something. but now to see that you’re a hero… I am speechless girl. I am totally speechless.

However back at Grandma Rikku’s house…

Paige: *Looking at her sister Dinah* What on earth do you suppose that was all about? Pearl was acting really strange there.

Luna: You girls should not worry about her. She’s just sensing things that are coming. Something is coming. She knows that something is coming. She knows what is happening and what will be said. but isn’t saying anything due to a promise. She made a promise to the Watchtower and to Oliver. I can’t tell you. Pearl told me not to… i think that it’s for a good reason because she wants to keep you safe.

Dinah: Safe from what? She should have told us that something was up.

Luna: She couldn’t. Not like this. she couldn’t just tell you about it. If she had… it would get you all pulled in to danger and that is the last thing she wants.

Paige: So… She is harboring the secret all by herself. She knows what’s going on and is not saying anything because she doesn’t want to hurt us.

Dinah: *Saddened* Poor Pearl. I feel so bad for her. Isn’t there something that we can do for her?

Luna: there isn’t anything that we can really do.

That night…

In the Dining room…

Paige: *Looking at Pearl* Where were you this afternoon? You come home and took off without much of a word.

Pearl: I had to take care of something. Meet my friend somewhere… it’s not a big deal. I just had to go and meet my friend from class and clear the air. i really believe that i had scared her. i just wanted to set the record straight.

Dinah: Setting it straight is one thing… but you left in such a hurry that you were freaking out about something.

Pearl: I know that i was… i can’t really help it… I just had a lot on my mind is all.

Paige: Yeah… we know. you are harboring a secret that revolves around something that seems to be coming over towards us all. you know something is going on and are hiding it to keep us safe.

Dinah: It’s more like a wreck less maneuver. but i suppose that we can more than likely understand the reason why you’ve done it.

Pearl: I know. It hurts. It really does hurt.

Chloe: *At the front door* hello?! Anyone home?

Grandma Rikku: *Looking over at the door* Yeah. Come on in, Chloe. We’re in here.

A minute later…

Chloe: *With her Mobile computer and her files* i got a bit of info. Actually… i have quite a lot of info here depending on how you care to look at it or how you want to see it. I have been compiling a whole set of data on what i’m about to tell you.

Oliver: *Coming in and Smiling at the girls* Hey girls… Long time no see.

Paige: *Looking at Oliver* Hey Oliver.

Pearl: Oliver… good to see you again.

Dinah: Hey Doc… What’s up?! You come back to hang with us again? It has been a while since the last time we’ve seen you around.

Oliver: Oh yeah. It has been a while. I have been by a few times and dropped off things that you girls were needing and everything. but tried to stick at a distance for i didn’t want to get you 3 into the hero lifestyle again. As per the agreement. But there is a confession there somewhere though.

Pearl: *Feeling a little nervous*

Chloe: Let’s all get seated here and we’ll get started.

Shanna: *Walking in* Hey there… What’s the deal here?

Luna: *Sitting down* We’re about to have a meeting. Something about a new threat that is on the way.

Shanna: A New threat? You’re kidding, Right? *Scoffs* Please tell me that you are kidding us here. What are you talking about? What New threat?

Luna: Something that could bring this world to an end. a reality of fire and brimstone.

Shanna: Fire and Brimstone? Whoa!

Grandma Rikku: *Sitting down and hearing the conversation*

A minute later…

Chloe: *Looking at Mrs. Rhapsody* A year ago we came up with an agreement. a Settlement that no one in the Justice League or anyone from the Watchtower… or any of us would be in contact with Paige, Pearl or Dinah for any reason unless it was deemed necessary. and even then it would be under full discretion. Right?

Grandma Rikku: That’s right. It was made to ensure that the girls would have a chance to receive a normal life.

Chloe: That’s what we followed. and we made sure that it stayed that way. Which is gonna make this all the more hard to break out to you. yesterday… i had enough data to let out that i had to tell someone about it. That is why i pulled *Looking at Grandma Rikku* Pearl into the Watchtower. I had Carter grab her and bring her to the Watchtower…

Grandma Rikku: You did what? Chloe… How could you?! We had a deal.

Chloe: That’s why i am hesitant to bring up the truth. i didn’t want to do it… but i had to tell someone and knew that Pearl would be the best bet as she could keep a secret and keep it still. No offence to you two… *Looking at Paige and Dinah* Paige… Dinah. But if i had told you… you would most certainly have that urge to gossip and given that this information that i have is deeply disturbing… it was best if i didn’t tell you two. I could only tell Pearl. She was able to keep a secret.

Paige: *Looking at Pearl with Disbelief* I don’t believe this… Pearl. You knew about this and didn’t tell us about it…

Pearl: *Sheepishly lowering her head* Sorry. I didn’t mean to keep it from you two. I just didn’t want to let it out and wind up hurting you. You two were happy being… well… Normal. I didn’t want to ruin that and i think there is only so much a person can ask for. I was the one that knew about this because i was able to keep it inside as much as i could. I knew that if i were to tell you two what i was told and you two went into it and wound up getting hurt. i would be feeling regret because i could have done something to see that it didn’t come to that and yet had not. I wasn’t gonna take that chance. Plus… Paige… that Jerk Debate teacher got you to confess your part in the superhero world. You exposed it because of being forced to do so. but you were trying to keep it on the down low. Remember? It would have worked too. Dinah… you were so relieved to be living a normal life and were less angry. If i were to tell you what i  was told and got you tied into the mayhem… you would have gone into a rage and would let loose. Since the threats were supposedly over… i have never seen you more happier than you’ve ever been. I didn’t want to ruin that. And it isn’t fair to tell me that i should have told you and ruin your happy vibes.

Dinah: *Looking at Pearl* So you were trying to keep us from knowing about what was coming… to spare our feelings? *In shock* Pearl… i am shocked that you did all that. Especially when you really didn’t have to. We would have been fine. i mean… it’s not the first time we had our happy vibes ruined. we were crippled emotionally when we lost our mother. we were in rage… sorrow, Anger… relent… grief… despair. all that. we were in it all. it’s nothing new to us.

Grandma Rikku: *Nods at Chloe* Continue on…

Chloe: Well as i told her… the details of what we had so far… i told her… or actually Oliver told her to keep it a secret.  We had to do it that way.

Oliver: I originally told Chloe to not come to you girls with the details. but when we both had gathered enough data about what was going on… we had to come at a mutual agreement that we had to tell one of the girls about it.

Chloe: But a year ago… after the Final battle with General Zod the agreement was made… by us all that the girls wouldn’t be contacted by us and be allowed to live a normal upbringing. Which is the arrangement that was made when the deal was made last year after the battle was done. not right away after the battle the second it was done… but a little time after. a day or so after it was all over.

Grandma Rikku: That was the deal. however knowing that the deal was broken… it don’t really make a lot of difference.

Luna: What do you have for us to know, Chloe?

Chloe: *Hooking up her computer and pulling up the files from the hard drive on her computer* This… Since a few weeks ago… i have been getting little blips of a form… nothing to really worry about. All there was to see had been only a gem. a floating Gem. Flying. levitating. and sometimes a quick flash of a mysterious isle. A Mysterious place. i tried to match it and cross reference it to all our files at Watchtower. but the unfortunate part was that all i found was just nothing. No info on the girl. the Mysterious girl that had the Gem on her forehead. She was just in space but only a shadow. there was no face… no evidence that there was even a living being to the gem. nothing. it was like she was just a shadow or a blur in the lenses. But that all changed the day before yesterday. Where i came across this Audio feed…

Chloe Plays the Audio…

Voice: Rage shall consume you… You can not escape! 

Sounds of shots being fired…

Female Voice: *Firing a Blast at the target* Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

Grandma Rikku: *Gasps* Oh my… the poor dear. She must be in trouble.

Chloe: That is what it sounds like… because what came after that… was this…

Chloe Plays the Transmission…

Transmission feed: *On Screen* Hello… This is Raven… i am requesting assistance… Time is short. Someone is after me. my Father. Trigon. He is after me. I have managed to Knock him back. but time is running out. He is destined to come back. after me. I am his key to enter Earth. he is gonna stop at nothing to get me. I don’t know if anyone can hear this… but to whoever reads this… please help. *Reading the Satellite’s mind* Rhapsody Girls… Please. Help…

Paige: What?!

Dinah: Did she just call out to us?

Paige: I think that she did. She said Trigon was after her.

Grandma Rikku: *Gasps* Oh.. my… Good heavens… that is terrible. That poor girl.

Chloe: She’s not just a girl… She’s also a portal.

Pearl: Trigon the terrible… an inter-dimensional demon who sought to take over the universe. All that is truly known of Trigon is that he is the manifestation of pure evil. Bent on world domination, he will do anything and use anyone (even including his own child) in order to achieve his ends. Deceptive and cunning, Trigon is capable of subtly manipulating even the sharpest of minds  into doing his bidding and fooling them into believing his sincerity. the only person for whom Trigon looks out is himself. He is known to use anyone of his minions to help achieve world domination and destroy the entire Earth, but for unknown reasons other than his desire to destroy all civilization. His evil nature and lack of concern for anyone else caused him to be hated by his daughter, Raven. Even though she is said to be his daughter… She despises him due to his disregard towards human life and to life around him. All he sires is to rule.

Luna: That is not good.

Dinah: If he is our next Threat… We’re gonna have a really big problem… I don’t think that we’re gonna want to turn a blinds eye to him. He sounds like trouble. huge trouble.

Paige: You’re not kidding.

Chloe: What comes after that… is this…

Chloe then shows the next piece. which came with a Voice…

Voice: *From Space* What you have concealed… you shall become. There is no other choice… there is no escape. Your Destiny will be fulfilled… THE PORTAL MUST BE OPENED!

Oliver: This Symbol came out first as a form… then just formed on it’s own. making a Constellation of stars connecting. i had a research team on it and they received a call from the Astronomy institute and was told of this symbol being done.

Dinah: *Shivers* Oh man… that symbol gives me the total creeps.

Luna: *Screaming in fear and running for cover* EEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! *Hiding inside a room afraid to come out*

Pearl: Luna is scared of that symbol. I know that i am.

Dinah: Uh, you really think it’s that scary? Try thinking about facing the actual demon behind the mark? That’s the worst yet.

Grandma Rikku: When will the Threat be making it’s arrival?

Chloe: In about half a year to be exact. But as for the girl… she’s coming fast and will be here in less than 5 weeks and it’s getting close to her making the appearance in less than 4.

(Time till the Arrival of Raven.

4 weeks, 4 days, 4 hours, 30 minute and 28 seconds…. in counting)


At Alice’s house…

Alice: *Looking at Prince Alvin* The girl is near. She’s just broke through another gate.

Prince Alvin: Is she close?

Alice: Yes. She’s closer… But something is wrong…

Prince Alvin: Why? What do you see?

Alice: I… i don’t know. *Walking over to find a piece of paper and colored pencil* It’s unclear… *Grabbing a piece of paper and a Colored pencil* it’s a crater. A crater on another planet. a star not far from here… *Drawing and forming a shape* It’s white all over and is with billions of stars for a sky.

Prince Alvin: *Grinning with intrigue* The Moon. You’re saying that the girl is on the moon? Our Moon?

Alice: Yes. Prince Alvin, She’s on the moon right now and she’s looking like she’s hurt. Something attacked her. But there isn’t any signs of the attacker. Just a bruise.

Prince Alvin: We need to tell the others.

Alice: Your cousins… Prince Alvin… tell them. They’re being met by a lady. informed about the situation coming to Earth.

Prince Alvin: They are?

Alice: *Nods*

Prince Alvin: Let’s go.

Prince Alvin suddenly held on to Alice and teleported to Grandma Rikku’s house…

Back at Grandma Rikku’s house…

Paige: So, what will we do?

Pearl: I don’t know.

Dinah: It doesn’t sound good from how it is sounding. Raven is coming. that girl is coming closer and she’s in route to breaking through the last portal. the last gateway.

Shanna: What Does that mean for Earth? Will we be able to go toe to toe with the threat that sires to follow her?

Luna: I don’t know… *Coming out from the other room and calmed down* What we can expect though is a lot more fire beasts. They’re seen as the minions of the Big red demon.

Chloe: I know that this is alot to swallow. I wish that there was another way to tell you about the disturbing threat that is relentlessly trying to make way here.

Oliver: I don’t know about the big bad red demon… but i can tell you something that might pique the interesting eyes… The girl is close.

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting into the room* Hey! i made it…

Alice: Hey. I hope that i’m not crashing the gathering.

Paige: No. You’re not interrupting anything.

Pearl: What brings you here?

Prince Alvin: There is something that you need to know. It’s about the girl that is making her way here.

Dinah: What? What is it?

Alice: I had a vision.

Prince Alvin: She’s seen a Vision of the Mystery girl. She’s closer to the Earth than she was before… but she’s still far. She’s hurt. Alice has seen it.

Chloe: Where is she at?

Alice: On the Moon. in a crater. She’s hurt right now… but she’s on the Moon. She’s got bruises. I have seen it in a foretold vision.

Grandma Rikku: I see that this is gonna be the start of a new threat. *Looking at her granddaughters* Paige, Pearl… Dinah… Go and get on those power belts of yours. I can’t keep you 3 away from what you 3 are. It’s not right. I can only beg that you 3 be very careful. Please… *Looking emotional at the girls* I lost my two daughters… i don’t want to lose you 3 too!

Paige: Don’t worry about that grandma… we won’t let anything happen. We’ll be careful. We’ve met near death almost 3 times and yet here we stand.

Pearl: that’s right. We can do it.

Dinah: Grandma, You are doing right worrying about us. but don’t be that worried. We won’t go down without a fight. We’re not giving up without a fight. We’ll stop the threat. somehow…

Alice: I’ll help where i can. Since i can’t ever depend on my father to be a responsible parent to me… i’m making my own life. Without him. Helping those who need it. I will help. *Looking at Chloe* Chloe, i want to be a member of Watchtower. I want to help wherever i can.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Alice* Alice, You sure that you want to be part of the Watchtower? It’s gonna be a full time commitment.

Alice: Yes. i am sure. I want to help out. I don’t really have much purpose. In school… people see me as a freak. but i am not that. just different. i am psychic. have been since my mom’s death. i was 6 when it began and i never really knew it till just a couple years ago. I have Psychic persuasion and future sight. i can sense things and see things.

Chloe: Like Visions?

Alice: Yeah.

Prince Alvin: Right.

Chloe: Prince Alvin, You knew about this?

Prince Alvin: yeah. but only just since the other day… a day before i officially met her. i met her the other night and never really knew it. i was told by my brother’s girlfriend that she was Psychic and a lonely person… but when i officially met her the night before last… i felt something coming from her… but i didn’t know what it was… not really. Then today… Alice and i shared a vision. That’s when i knew that she was with these abilities. I mean… why else would she see what was going on at a distance.

Alice: I Think that it’s time that we told them the truth. it only happened today… but we should tell them what i saw. what we saw…

Pearl: *Curious* What was it?

Luna: No… Don’t tell. Please don’t tell.

Dinah: Tell us what? What is it?

Alice: I foresaw that there was an attack going on at Luna’s school. Prince Alvin saw it too. I saw a swarm of monsters and a stone like creature. made of stone blocks.

Paige: *Looking concerned* I don’t think that i like the sound of that.

Dinah: Did you happen to see what the monsters looked like?

Alice: I did. They were like fire. Fire monsters with 4 red eyes of fire. All fire.

Pearl: *Worried* I don’t like the sound of that. 4 red eyes of fire.

Paige: That is the lead to Trigon. isn’t it? Those are like his minions. Aren’t they?

Grandma Rikku: There was an attack like that at Luna’s school? Today?

Luna: Yes.

Grandma Rikku: Luna, Why didn’t you say anything about it?

Luna: Because you were so into seeing me being normal… you didn’t seem to want to hear about monsters or the supernatural stuff. So i kept it to myself.

Grandma Rikku: It’s not like i don’t care. i just wanted you to embellish a normal life. at least try to. the superhero life will always be there. The normal life opportunity won’t be. if you don’t have the education for it now… what would your chances be out there in the real world? there would not be a chance at all. You’d have no experience in the working world. Maybe you sweet kids would like to give that all up. but i won’t allow it. You girls should have that right. It’s the right thing to do.

Oliver: Hey… The girls are smart ladies. They know what’s what.  besides… you kept them in a good standing for about a year. They worked hard at being normal. I am sure that they can balance it out now… besides i think they remember the 3 alternate transformation sequences that they can do… so they can deviate… delegate some lead way.

Chloe: I seem to remember that. Oliver transferred a copy of it to me. before the Watchtower was destroyed by us to escape when Tess broke in and we had to try to get out to avoid being caught by the Operatives of Checkmate.

Chloe then showed the demonstration on screen to their grandmother…

Paige & Pearl= Hearty Bubbles. To do that… you got to chant out the Words: “Love and bubble Transform”

Pearl & Dinah= Sparkling Bubbles. To do that… you have to Chant out the words: “Bubble and Thunder Power Transform”

Paige & Dinah= Thundering Bliss. That happens by chanting the words: “Hearts of Love and Thundering Spark Transform”

Grandma Rikku: *Curious and asks wondering* So the Rhapsody Girls Z will be able to hold a normal life and a hero life but only when one of those forms are used?

Chloe: yes.

Oliver: I had a research team work on it and i had a hand in it too. to help them out a bit where needed.

The Girls then went up to their room and got their belts and put them on…

In the girls bedroom…

Paige: *Feeling the power go through her* This feel good. God… i missed this power.

Pearl: So did i. It’s wonderful.

Dinah: *With a confident grin* Look out world… Evil creatures… get ready to beg for mercy. Thunder Mistress is back and she’s ready to fight.

Paige: Let’s go downstairs and meet back with the others.

Pearl: Right. let’s go.

Dinah: They’re gonna be surprised to see us back on patrol.

A minute later…

In the Living Room…

Oliver: *Seeing the girls* Well… Looks like you 3 are now with the powers again. Shall we try the new transformations for the first time… Here is a better place than any.

Paige: I guess. Who’s first?

Oliver: Paige… you and Pearl are first….

Pearl: What?! *A bit Nervous* Uh, Okay.

Paige & Pearl: *moving in Sequence* Love and bubble Transform! *Covered in hearts and Bubbles; Spinning as the uniform forms and changes them into the double team Hearty Bubbles* … *Posing in tune* We are the hearts… The bubbles of Grace and light. The hearts of strength and Romantic embrace… with the powers of bubbles and the hearts of Justice and all that is Pure… Let the Evil that dare walk with hatred Quake as we Match Their power with ours. We’re Hearty Bubbles. The Evil’s reign will fall by the hands of Love and Grace.

Oliver: Not bad… Not bad at all… That’s pretty darn good for the first time around.

Alice: That’s really cool.

Within a minute later…

Pearl: *Normal again* Wow! That was really weird.

Grandma Rikku: That sure was weird. But you girls can handle it now…

Dinah: *Grins* You ought to be right about that, you know.

Grandma Rikku: Who’s next to do it?

Oliver: Next up is Pearl and Dinah…

Pearl: Me and Dinah?

Dinah: You got it, Doc. Pearl… Let’s try it… It can’t hurt but to try.

Oliver: hit it.

Pearl: Here we go.

A second later…

Pearl & Dinah: *moving in Sequence* Bubble and Thunder Power Transform! *Covered in Bubbles and Thunder bolts; Spinning as the uniform forms and changes them into the double team Sparkling Bubbles* … *Posing in tune* The Bubble of life and serenity… The spark of thunder… Fury and Grace combine… Sparkling Bubbles… Let the Evil that come freeze with fear of it’s end.

Alice: That’s a sweet form. I like that one. Sparkling Bubbles… That’s Sweet.

Luna: I love their form. It’s a work in progress. but the forms have never been used before and they might need training in these forms.

Grandma Rikku: No. No training tonight. Just show the transformations tonight. That’s all. I won’t allow for any harm to come tonight. Not here. I am barely pushing myself to allow for the girls to be back in the hero business and what did it was knowing that they could do what they’re doing now to delegate and be able to balance a hero life and a normal life. but to do this and then train… No. that’s too much. i am allowing this. but it’s to be done slowly.

Betty: *Orbing in* It should be controlled. The girls are trying to control everything. Luna, It’s time for bed. You got school in the morning.

Luna: *Looking at Betty* What are you pulling, Betty? No. You’re not my mother. the only mother figure i know is Princess Rikku. she’s gone and had been killed. Grandma Rikku is the only mother figure. And if there was another person i’d see as a mother… it would be Paige, Pearl or Dinah. They’re nicer than you are. You’ve been really controlling of everyone and bossy. We’ve grown tired of it.

Betty: Well Excuse me… but i am older than you. You will listen. *Glares at Luna* Now… MARCH!

Grandma Rikku: *Walking over to Betty* Betty, Back off of your sisters. They’re not calling anything. You’re not the mother. i am. i am the grandmother. Betty the more you snap and boss them around… the more it will make your sisters hate you and revere you. You have your views… You are supposed to be loving. not like this. Stop it. Please stop it.

Betty: Sorry. *Sighs* I am just acting out because… I think that my boyfriend and i are breaking up. I hardly see him and he’s never around like he used to. Plus there is the chance that he could be seeing someone else and the part that pisses me off is that if i accuse him… it will anger him and push him away.

Luna: *Feeling annoyed* That is fine… but it doesn’t mean that you take your anger about it out on us. We don’t deserve it and won’t deal with it. You’re having relationship problems. we get it. Alright… we get it. but enough is enough. If you need someone to spy and keep an eye out… say so… we’ll do something about it.

Shanna:  *Scoffs and speaking out in outrage; feeling annoyed* Yeah… i have been here watching your attitude lately Betty and i am kinda glad that i am not home much. because even though you’re my sister and not Biological mind you… i love you and the rest like crazy… but the things you’re saying and your control freak act is so annoying. and sorry to say that for the first time in my life since being in this family… I’m not a glorified fan of you. Angelic Raven doesn’t Equal Angelic Bitch. You’re our sister. Not our mother. even if you are older than the rest of us.

Alice: *Lost by what she is seeing*

Oliver: Nice form you two. Nice form. Sparkling Bubbles in all your glory. Now… we have one more form left to do.

Pearl: *Returning to normal* These are gonna need some time to get a hang of…

Dinah: Well that’s something new for us to know… these are new forms for us to use. it’s not like a normal form. or our usual hero form. These forms are long since used and are new. never used before.

Oliver: There is a first time for something new. Plus… we got to do it for your grandmother’s sake. She is wanting a balance. The forms won’t be used all the time… might not be used at all depending on the situation. but the fact that they’re there to be used and can be used… that’s what will grant you lead way to be able to do what you are born to do… the one thing that you’ve been having to do for nearly 6-7 years.

Paige: *Shrugs* Eh… So who’s to know?

A second later…

Paige & Dinah: *moving in Sequence* Hearts of Love and Thundering Spark Transform! *Covered in hearts and Thunder Lines of sparkling energy, Electricity; Spinning as the uniform forms and changes them into the double team Thundering Bliss* … *Posing in tune* The Blissful storm… The love of the skies… The Thundering charge of fury… Lightning in a bottle and the devotion of love… Thundering Bliss. Evil shall be eradicated by the Thundering Love.

Oliver: Nice…

Alice: Ta…da!!!!

Prince Alvin: We better be ready for the new girl. Raven arrives in 4 and a half weeks.

Chloe: we’re gonna keep track of her movements. If there is any change in her movement… you’ll be informed.

An hour later they all went their separate ways and did their part in tracking the girl. The girl was coming and time was short. What was this girl gonna bring? Was this girls that came a friend or a foe? Alice wanted to be a part of the Watchtower. a part of the team… She was a Psychic and she was the girlfriend of Prince Alvin. Prince Avery had a girlfriend too. but for the time was not making mention of her. Prince Curtis was with his girlfriend Megan and Prince Curtis was also sensing that something was coming. School was gonna become complicated again… unless they were able to balance the two lives as they planned. It was over for the peace. Grandma Rikku was more than unsettled and in fear. She knew that it was gonna mean their lives. It scared her most. Paige, Pearl and Dinah all looked at one another and nodded. They were tempted to go out and train… do some recon as they kept a watch for the girl. The Mysterious Ally was coming… Would this mark the beginning of the end or would the end be later on down the road? What would the girls do about Raven when she came? Would she be someone that they could trust? Find out in the next chapter of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Paige: *Voice-over* Hey… Paige here. Guess what? We are back in the business of saving the day. but we are with discretion. We have had a bit of a normal life in our belt. It was great. All except for the part of being made to expose that i had a identity to my one class. Whatever right… But now we got a new girl coming… She’s the girl from a mysterious place. Azarath. She is from what we know very nice. or has inner demons in her that i don’t think that we’d want to know anything about.

Pearl: *Voice-over* During the first meet with the girl we learn that she’s got powers of Astral Projection. She’s pretty cool. at least to me. And i also got a supporter in a class friend. Star. She backs me up. Plus this all falls on the day that in ancient times was known as all Hallows Eve. the Festival of the dark one. Samhain. Halloween. Yeah, if i was like still 11. i’d be scared stiff. but since that time i have grown up. So it doesn’t really scare me. because we’ve been around scary things for a long enough time to know that there are things that really go bump in the night. but we girls are the ones who’ll be bumping right on back.

Dinah: *Voice-over* The Bewitching hour is the perfect cover for a new arrival. it covers the sight of anything weird going on. Yeah… talk about insane. Scary monsters… the excitement. Ugh… Kill me for saying this, but this is the perfect moment for a Thriller Night. Just what we need. Plus it’s been 5 weeks and now… i am a driving girl. Yeah… you can rub it in now… Thunder Mistress is now a mobile earth dweller. Now I’m gonna be “Danger Zone” Dinah…. Thunder Mistress and now High Velocity Dinah. 3 personalities. Okay… tell me straight… will i wind up being a total Psycho in the future? Oh please tell me that it’s not gonna be like that.

Photo: This is my Cousin Prince Alvin's Girlfriend... Alice Cross.

Alice: *Voice-over* This is my beginning to be part of something great. I am the girlfriend of Prince Alvin… but now that i am with him… the things that are circling his family and him… it will come at me too. Will i be able to handle it? I Love Prince Alvin. but the now arriving threat is gonna make it hard to go steady with him without it complicating things. I get Synced to the Watchtower… well not really. but i get to be a psychic connection for them. letting them know when something is coming. I feel like Alice Cullen all of a sudden. God, this is gonna sound really really weird. Plus i also learn how to fight. Prince Alvin manages to teach me how to better defend myself. or i try to defend myself.

Prince Alvin: *Voice-over* My girlfriend Alice unfortunately gets a bit of danger coming to her… however i come to the rescue. Hold on Alice. I’m coming.

Prince Avery: *Voice-over* I even meet more of the girl that approached me in class. several times now… since 5 weeks ago. It’s gonna be a wonderful time. But with all the thrills… spills and the meeting…  Plus fighting and a few dramatic occurrences. Halloween… Meeting Raven… Will the girls be ready for what may be coming? Find out in the next chapter… The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 76: “Halloween Haunt, Rhapsody Girls Z! Fright night. Bewitching hour draws in… In Quoth the Raven of Azarath. Paige and her sisters Quote the Raven. “So says the Raven… Nevermore”

Dinah: *Pulling over after seeing Raven in the back of her Truck while looking through her Rear view Mirror* What the…? HOLY HELL!!!!

Raven: *Pulling down her hood* Don’t fret… I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m a friend.

Dinah: *Looking Puzzled*


One thought on “Chapter 75: “One year later… Things that once were… move to change. Pearl on the road and a driver in the family… Romance matures for some and finds the ones down on the luck for love. Rhapsody Girls Z! Normal Teens or forever called to duty.” Part 3.”

  1. It is great. And of course there is discretion. by order of their grandmother. not like it’s a bad thing as she cares and worries about them. she is just scared to lose them like she lost her daughters. so their grandmother is gonna try what she can to ensure that they are at least safe while doing their inescapable hero duties.

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