Chapter 74 “One year later… Things that once were… move to change. Pearl on the road and a driver in the family… Romance matures for some and finds the ones down on the luck for love. Rhapsody Girls Z! Normal Teens or forever called to duty.” Part 2.

Paige: *Voice-over* Continued from Chapter 73…

Katy Perry’s Song “Teenage dream” Plays on the Radio…

Pearl: *Driving* Tonight’s gonna be a wonderful night.

Dinah: *Sitting in the passenger seat* I know. It’s a wonderful night for a date. Shingo’s probably gonna be out front of his house just waiting for me. That is if he knows about the date. i did manage to sneak away and call him to let him know at Lunch time. I wasn’t there with the others. i was making a call to Shingo. to see if he was up for it. He was, but i am hoping that he didn’t think i meant another night.

Pearl: I don’t think you should worry so much about that, Dinah. i think he’ll be there. waiting for you. Jack is gonna be meeting us at the Restaurant. The Mystic Bayou. He heard of that place. i have also been there once with Peter. but the one and only time i was there was on the night when we all had to rescue Chloe and our mother from the White Queen. Yeah… *Sighs* Tell me about it. It is still a faint memory that i still can recall.

Dinah: I still remember the meeting with the White Queen…

Dinah Flashes back…

The Office of the White Queen…

Clark blurs into the room and looks at the White Queen…

The Rhapsody Girls then come into the Room with Luna right beside them…

White Queen: *Looking up to see Clark, The Rhapsody Girls and an Unknown girl* So… i finally get to meet the Blur… The Rhapsody Girls Z! and with an extra person. Unknown one at that.

Sailor Luna: Enough deflecting. You have an innocent person under your capture… it’s time to face punishment. *Doing her Pose* Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower… I shall Punish you.

Miss Love: *Posing* The Love and beating heart of Bliss, the Winged angel of Romance… Miss Love… with the powers of Love and sweet eternal hearts…the souls and presence of Evil will be silenced by the embrace of Love’s Might!

Bubble Maiden: *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evil will be washed with grace and light!

Thunder Mistress: *Posing* The Thunderous Flight of justice… The sparking charge of the Rhapsody Girls, Thunder Mistress… By the hands of Thunder and Lightning, The presence of Evil will feel the Thunderic fury of The Rhapsody Girls!

White Queen: *Looking at the Girls* You girls sure are expressive. i got to admit that i love the color on you. it works. Not sure about the middle name though. I think that you could do better than call yourself Bubble Maiden… Pearl. You can do much more better. Like Bubble Enchantress. Bubble Angel. Bubble Maiden just won’t do.

Bubble Maiden: Don’t be patronizing me… Because i am just itching to fire my bubbles at you. You have our Mother…

White Queen: Amazing how you already know that we got your mother here. *Looking at Clark* And i got to say that i liked your colors more when they were seen as patriotic.

Clark: Kidnapping is illegal. Even for the government.

White Queen: I don’t have time for polite requests. I have reason to believe there are aliens living among us. They have designs that are much bigger than just getting green cards. I need your help. That is why Checkmate has been trying to collect you heroes…

The White Queen then gets up and walks out from behind her desk and walks over to face the Rhapsody girls and Luna…

Clark: *To Waller* To do what? Chase down rumors and UFO stories?

Bubble Maiden: The only Aliens we know of are the ones inside your head.

Thunder Mistress: Has anyone managed to tell you that you have bats in the belfry? You’re mad and totally loonsville. Aliens… UFO’s. Geez! and i thought that we’ve heard weirder things than this… but this? This takes the biggest Cake. and it’s way past our Birthday.

White Queen: What if I were to say that i have proof? Actual alien blood? The keystone to World War III.

Clark: Maybe these aliens aren’t here to start a war.

Miss Love: And if they are here to start a War… how do you propose to stop them if they got powers that are not of this world? People or should we say beings like Zod. He’s got abilities.

White Queen: If you don’t stand with us, you stand against us. It’s time for you to pick a side. Maybe this will help your indecisiveness. And dear Rhapsody Girls…. there is something you should see…

The White Queen then turns on the Monitor showing the captives…

White Queen: *Speaking into the radio* Stand ready for immediate orders.

Bubble Maiden: *Screams* That’s our mom! NO!!!

Clark: Let her go.

Miss Love: Let our mom go…

Sailor Luna: *Spinning her Moon wand around* Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! *Forming a gold Harisen* Heavy… *Feeling herself pull forward trying to keep balance* Whoa!

White Queen: someone bag the kitty. She needs a nice nap.

Thunder Mistress: Touch our friend and you’ll get a nice charge up from my thunder. *With her Thunder Gloves aimed to attack* Touch our friend. Just try it. i am just itching to fry your royal queen wannabe ass.

White Queen: I’m not being unreasonable. If you step forward, out of the shadows, I will let Watchtower go. And as for you girls. If you agree to serve Checkmate’s cause… your Loving mother will be free to go and will not be harmed.

Clark: Release her now.

Miss Love: You let our mother go. Let our mother go… Right now… *Looking at her sisters* Girls… I think she’s wanting a sample of the Rhapsody Warhead.

Thunder Mistress: Not with us still in here. Are you nuts. that would blow this place up to the moon. if we are to blow this place up… we need to get our friend and our mother out first. then do it. not till then. Besides to launch that in here is too good for someone like her. This lady is psycho.

White queen: *Smirks and Looking at the girls* You girls are really exciting to look at and are a treat to have in my office here. But unlike some… i tend to enjoy having my cake and eating it too. i don’t savor to waste any of it. *Looking at Clark and then at the Rhapsody girls again* Mm. I want your loyalty to Checkmate. *Seeing Clark and the Rhapsody Girls motioning to make a move* Nuh! I wouldn’t do that if i were you. i would think twice on striking me. You see….If Anything happens to me; it’ll be bye-bye, Blondie. I know you’re fast. But you can’t stop a bullet when you don’t know where she is. And for you girls. It’ll be bye-bye mommy-kins. You may be on top of the world. and have tough members in your family to help you win battles like these… but here. you’re out of your league.

Clark: That would be murder.

Bubble Maiden: You’re a real Meanie. The worst person ever to walk the planet. You’re making like Murdering an innocent person justifies the means for getting people to serve your cause.

Sailor Luna: Take this… Mean Lady… You want to play tough… Eat this! *Launching an attack at the White Queen* Luna Sucre…..Candy!

White Queen: *Scoffs* It’s not murder. It’s strategy. Something you could have used more of before coming here.

Miss Love: *Looking at Luna* Luna! find the room and initiate the Diversion.

Thunder Mistress: We’ll handle this woman here.

Clark: What more do you want?

White Queen: The location of Watchtower’s central database.

Clark: You’re after everyone who’s ever worked at Watchtower.

White Queen: Names, faces, addresses. The Black Canary, Impulse, Aquaman, Cyborg. I need people with the abilities to end the war quickly and decisively. It’s your move.

Lord Electricmind: *Sparking in and grabbing Agent Waller* Alright… You Bitch. you want intimidation… Here’s something for you! *forms electric from his hands and they form into one big electric ball and then a stream of thunder bolts* THUNDER BOLT STRIKE!! Back off of my Nieces or i swear to you… Waller. You will regret it. You think that since you have the power of Manipulation and the gift of Intimidation that you can call all the shots. Nice try. Harm my Nieces and it’ll be the last thing you ever do. That’s not a threat. That’s a promise. BACK OFF! NOW!”

Dinah: That woman gave me the chills.

Pearl: She gave me the chills too. But i was also trying to not lose it as i knew that our mother’s fate was in our hands and i couldn’t risk doing something to cost our mother her life.

Dinah: *Sighs* I feel the same way that you do, Pearl. I do. It actually really blew the big one. Knowing that our mother was being a hostage under the grips of Checkmate. That’s the one thing that made me really sick. I hated to even think about what our mother was going through. her being scared for her life.

Pearl: She was a real Creep. The White Queen was a real menace. But not even the likes of her deserved a demise quite like the one that Zod gave her. She didn’t deserve that.

Dinah: I agree. *Spotting Shingo up ahead standing in front of his house* There’s Shingo. We made it.

Pearl: *Pulling over in front of the Tsukino Household* Have him get in the back. We got to go to the restaurant to see Jack. He’s there and is probably waiting for us to show.

Dinah: Okay.

Shingo: *Looking at the Car and Seeing Dinah inside; catching Pearl behind the Driver’s seat* Dinah, Is that you in there?

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo* Well, of course it is. who did you think it was? The mystery Inc?

Shingo: *Confused* What are you doing in there……. and……. What is your sister doing behind the Driver’s seat?

Dinah: Pearl has a driver’s license now and can drive. She’s driving now.

Shingo: You’re kidding me about that one, right… Dinah? She’s driving? Since when? She’s usually the one that is shy and very pulled back. She’s the baby of the team of yours and she’s now…. Driving?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shingo: Is she high? Huffing? Coming down with a split personality?

Pearl: *Clearing her Throat* Ahem! I am not high… nor am i huffing. i am just now maturing and am now on wheels. it’s time that i got serious with life. i still think that alot of things are pretty. but i am more mature now. i am a driver now.

Shingo: *Backing up from getting into the matter* Uh… okay. i think that’s all i am gonna stir from that one. This Car looks nice by the way. What year is it?

Pearl: A Toyota Camry 2011.

Shingo: *Intrigued* You’re kidding? Seriously? They still make these cars? Oh man… that’s really neat. It’s hard to even tell if it’s that old… it looks near mint like condition.

Pearl: it does… my Grandma bought it for me. I wanted to learn how to drive and took the course and passed it. Next thing i know is that i woke up one morning 5 months ago and saw that my grandma went and got me a car and made sure that she gave me the keys the moment i got up one morning. I Love this car. It’s really comfortable. Not really with the sense of spacious seats… but it’s a wonderful car. it gets me to where i need to go.

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo* hurry up and get in the car. get in the back. We’re going over to the Restaurant.

Shingo: The Restaurant? Why there?

Pearl: Because my boyfriend is gonna meet us there and is gonna be waiting for us to get there. i kinda had a idea to begin our double date there…  A Dinner and a movie is a rather kind way to strike a Double date. It’s romantic.

Shingo: I guess so. Who’s your boyfriend anyway? Peter?!

Pearl: Peter is my Ex. I’m now with someone named Jack Frost. He’s a bit french. i think. Maybe Norwegian or Irish. but he’s in other aspects a total sweetheart. he’s a Wintry Spirit too. But i love him. He’s so sweet.

Dinah: hurry and get in.

Shingo: *Getting in the car and strapping in* Let’s go.

At King John’s house…

Prince Alvin: *Watching a Movie and trying to decide as to whether or not to give the girl a call* What should i do? Should i give her a call… or should i not? *Sighs* If only this was a few years later… or a couple year before… it wouldn’t be this hard. i wouldn’t be with the unsure feeling.

A minute later…

Prince Alvin: *Grabbing the Phone and Dialing the #* I’ll call her. It’s only a girl. I might not even get anything from it. but i suppose that the least i could do is be a friend to her. it’s the courteous thing to do. *Hearing the phone dial tone going through* i hope that i know what it is that i am doing…

Voice: *On the phone* Hello?

Prince Alvin: *On the Phone* Hello. Alice?

Alice: Yes? Who is this?

Prince Alvin: *Gulps a little feeling a little nervous* Prince Alvin.

Alice: Prince Alvin? Do i know you from somewhere?

Prince Alvin: Yeah. You know me from class. i was in the history class with you. my Brother Prince Curtis was there in the room too. He sat on the other side of you. Two seats down.

Alice: I think that i know you now… I read this article in the newspaper sometime ago… one about there being a fight going on and had a description of someone with golden hair… this very bright like golden hair that shined really elegantly. I saw that the newspaper named the guy… something Soul… Flaming… Soul. I didn’t even know who they were talking about.

Prince Alvin: *Trying to cover the identity up* I don’t know who that is. Is there a face?

Alice: No. Not really. i mean… they only showed his sides. but the thing was that the guy looked really tough. and had this type of light coming from his hands. The light was… really pulsing with a rather… odd… strange glow.

Prince Alvin: That’s really strange. Really.

Alice: i was wondering about it.

Prince Alvin: *Suddenly getting out what he had to say* Uh, Alice. Can we meet?

Alice: *Confused* Meet?! meet Where?

Prince Alvin: How about the Coffee place? The Metro Coffee shop.

Alice: Uh, Okay. How will i recognize you?

Prince Alvin: Just look for someone wearing a jacket and has a pair of Air Sneakers on. i’ll be most likely wearing a Red shirt.

Alice: Okay. I’ll see you there in a few minutes or so.

Prince Alvin: I’ll be there.

At the Coffee shop…

Shanna: *Making more Coffee* Business is sure booming tonight. there is a lot of business going tonight. I must have served about 60 people today. 7 groups of 5 people each and at least a couple of groups of 4. I have been working hard for about a few weeks. I caught up on all the time i had missed.

A second later…

A couple customers walk in and order a couple of frappe’s and a Cappuccino to go. But while that was going on, she didn’t notice Prince Alvin in the bodega portion of the shop. He was there and just sitting there. It was quite obvious that he had teleported himself there.

Outside of the Metro Coffee shop…

Prince Alvin: *Sighs* What the hell am i doing here? I am here waiting on someone that i don’t even know. I was just Eyeing her like she had the Aura of Lady Liberty. but it wasn’t like i was trying to flirt with her. Now i am here waiting to meet a girl that i was only staring at… only to wind up getting her hopes up and crush her heart and make myself sound and look like a total fool. *Stressing out* ….

Alice: *Walking over from the corner a few minutes later* Where is he? He’s supposed to be here. Wearing a Jacket and red shirt. A pair of Airs Sneakers and  jeans. *Looking to the side and seeing Someone with the description* There. *Calling over to Prince Alvin* Prince Alvin…

Prince Alvin: *Looking to see someone coming over*

A second later…

Alice: *Smiles Shyly* Hi… You must be Prince Alvin.

Prince Alvin: Alice?!

Alice: Yeah.

Prince Alvin: I actually wanted to meet and explain what the real deal was… My Brother Prince Avery came to you and asked for your #. I was gonna come to speak to you or something. but the thing was… well… i was hesitant because i 2-3 years saw a girl that was really… well… smart. i was kinda feeling something for her and yet. i never went for it because i was unsure if the girl would feel something as i had. I never went for it. i kinda regret it but it’s too late because that time has come and gone. My brother however caught me scoping or eyeing you. not like stalking or anything. but just like being rather really interesting. I didn’t plan to even flirt or call. only because of fear that it’d be the same incident that happened 2-3 years ago and i’d wind up being only foolish. i really didn’t even think that you’d even… well… like me as i would you.

Alice: *Gasps and feeling at a loss for words* What… You… Like…. uh….. Um… You like me?

Prince Alvin: Yeah. I actually like you. I know it sounds stupid of me. especially since we had never even met till now. officially…

Alice: *Blushes* I Don’t even know what to say. Prince Alvin, You shouldn’t be afraid of opening up to me. I am a shy girl… but i will always understand.  Prince Alvin… If you have feelings for me… you can say it. it’s okay.  we barely even know each other. but don’t be denying your heart.

Prince Alvin: We should hang out more. I want to get to know you. get to know you better than what i’ve been told. What i was told about you is that you have no mother. just a father who works for Luthorcorp and that he’s making as though you don’t even exist. That is sad and not right.  You are all alone at school. no one talks to you much. I don’t tolerate that at all. You’re with feelings too. and it hurts you just the same when people walk all over you.

Alice: I got used to it. I can’t make people like me. If they hate me… what can i do? Buy their respect? I am not like that. Never have been.

Prince Alvin: *Scoffs* Alice, that is not the point. You should not be left to be hated by people. You are not supposed to be alone. If your father isn’t gonna notice you… then what good is he? A father should be there for his son or daughter. You’re all alone. I won’t stand by and allow that to continue. I don’t know what i feel about you yet. but i know that what i am feeling now is pain for you seeing that you are being without any friends. without a father that would care and notice you. or speak to you.  It makes me sick knowing that a nice person like you is going through life all alone. with no one to talk to.

Alice: I had no idea that you felt so deep about human nature and family relations. You don’t really know me much except for what you just mentioned and you sounded so passionate and so inclined to stand up for family. Namely mine. *Shocked and with no words to express how she felt* I don’t get it… Prince Alvin. You shouldn’t be so worried about how people treat each other. People in this city have issues. You can’t just take it upon yourself to fix the issues. All you’ll do is get people really annoyed and i can already tell that you really care. You care about everyone more than yourself. Why would you sacrifice your own feelings and your heart just to please the people around you and cause yourself to be without?

Prince Alvin: You can tell what i am like already… you can tell what i feel. I have the impression that there are things about me that are pulling you in. We don’t even know each other Alice. we know nothing of each other. before today… i didn’t even know that there was someone like you in the world. someone who was so alone. and so sad. but only to meet someone like me… face to face and already feel what i am really like. to see what i am really like… inside. *Looking to the side then back at Alice* Alice, i’ll tell you something about me that might sound a little much. but you can’t tell anyone.

Alice: You shouldn’t worry about me telling anyone about what you can do. Who’ll believe me anyway? No one really talks to me. i don’t have anyone in school as a friend.

Although at Grandma Rikku’s house…

Luna: *Playing with her ball and chasing it all over the house* This is fun…

Grandma Rikku: You’re really funny doing that… you know. Luna, how are you able to be pumped up with all that energy? You must be wired up or something.

Luna: Yeah. I am still not too open to the idea of going to school. I am afraid to go and be in the school. But i am trying to not think about it. the more i think about it… the more i dread the idea that i am going to be put in school. I am not of this planet. originally. But you see me as human. you see me as normal. there is nothing normal about me. Normal girls don’t have cat tails coming out from behind them.

Grandma Rikku: I understand that. but you’re still going to school. You are not gonna be excused from it. I know that this is gonna be hard for you. but it’s how society works. besides that… if a child isn’t in a school before long… a Truant officer stops and pays a visit and will start nosing around and asking questions. i don’t want that to happen. You have a cat tail. but you’re gonna have to tough it out.

Luna: *Shaking her head* I am not gonna like school.

Grandma Rikku: You won’t know unless you try it. you never tried it before. so there is no reason behind you not liking it.

Luna: *Sighs; playing with her ball*

At the Restaurant…

Pearl: *Eating With her boyfriend; seeing her sister and sister’s boyfriend kissing*  Jack, I think that my sister and her love are in a lip lock and even though it’s romantic… they need to get a room there are people watching and some of them are giving the odd look.

Jack: I can tell. I know that they love each other and are so close. but really… are they just with an over active emotion? they really are into the kissing lip lock.

Pearl: We could be into that too… but we’re waiting till after we’ve eaten. I guess that my sister is just acting out with passion. Innocent passion. but it’s glowing bright.

Jack: yes. it is. *Finishing his dinner* Pearl, Did you ever wonder about what was out there?

Pearl: *Pauses* Huh?! What are you talking about?

Jack: Well… i was having this feeling that what if the Kandorian Zod wasn’t the only threat remaining? What if… the gateway that was opened by using the Sacred Book of RAO what ever it was brought down… something else?

Pearl: How are you knowing this, Jack? You are of winter and are with a heart that believes in the good. Why are you talking about the possibilities of a threat coming? The Gateway closed before anything got through. *Scoffs* I mean… come on Jack, it’s been a whole year… if there was gonna be another threat. anywhere in the near future or on Earth… Don’t you think that we’d have seen it by now?

Jack: *Shrugs* I don’t know. i came to you and your sisters. and even your cousins during the battle against Zod. I at first never thought about it because it wasn’t really anything to worry about. But then i began to think about it a little and wondered about the possibilities that there could be another threat coming this way. It could already be here and we might never have known about it.

Pearl: That is really the most weirdest thing that you could ever say… but for all sake of purpose… let’s say that you’re right. let’s say that you’re right and there could very well be another threat here on Earth. Where do you think the threat could be and why hasn’t it made any signs?

Jack: That is the part that is a mystery. I have been playing it in my head for about a year. Actually half a year. but Each time that i had tried to replay it in my head… in my mind… all i could see was just a void. nothing. Before you arrived here tonight… i tried to replay it in my head. tried to see if i could get a face. all i saw was a flash of a Gem. a faint flash. but no face. no form… no scenery… nothing. just a blankness. It was almost like the presence was trying to not be seen.

Pearl: That is really strange. *Stumped* A Gem. but only a faint flash. No body. No form… no face. just a faint flash and a Gem. Something doesn’t add up about that. Was the Gem moving? Flying or anything?

Jack: *Thinking* actually yeah… it was flying. i also managed to catch a sight of stars. A few stars… but that’s about all. however the Gem was red. and had this thin gold trimming on it. like a border. or a frame on a wall.

Pearl: What could it mean though?

Jack: I really don’t know. i don’t know.

Pearl: *Finished with her dinner and finishing off her drink*

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo* We’re done with our dinner… we should head out.

Shingo: You sure?

Dinah: Yeah. *Nods* we should go and let My sister and her boyfriend have time to themselves. it’s only fair.

Shingo: If you say so. But i think that we should wait. Your sister happens to be the one that has the car. We obviously can’t walk to the next spot from here. it’s almost 5 blocks from here to the Theater.

A minute later…

Dinah: *Seeing her sister come over with Jack* Here they come.

Pearl: *Walking up to Dinah and Shingo* You two about ready to go? We got to hurry over to the movie theater fast if we’re to catch the next showing.

Jack: We’re seeing the movie Just one of the guys. It’s got comedy… but it has romance in it too.

Pearl: I have seen it before.

Shingo: That leaves me to be the loner… i have never seen it before.

Dinah: *Pauses and gasps in surprise* What? You’re kidding?

Pearl: You mean that you’ve never seen it… not even once?

Shingo: No. Not even once. Why? Is that a bad thing?

Dinah: *In disbelief* Anyone who has ever lived in our time… growing up has at least seen that movie. Paige has even seen it and she’s so into love that there are some movies that she’s still been re-missive over. She’s seen that movie about 6 times. and all while we were like 12. and that was before we girls have hit the mark of coming out. the moment of puberty. Every female and male in our family has at least seen that movie at least once or twice. it’s the next thing closest to the movie Pretty in pink With that actress Molly Ringwald. A girl in our family isn’t living… till they’ve seen Just one of the guys.

Shingo: I think i get it now… but the only reason as to why i haven’t seen it yet is because my mom and my sister. My sister would be literally confused if she saw me watching a movie like that. But now that she’s got her husband in her life and has been with him more than being home and being with mom. She’s more jazzed with the love potion. I don’t even think she’s aware of some of the things that i am into now. She’s pulled so much away from the family… that our family could be Vegan’s and she’d never notice. *Catching the odd look coming from Dinah* And don’t be saying to me that she is the Moon Princess reincarnated. that persona is long since done from her now…

Pearl: Okay… okay… Shingo, Calm down. It’s okay. all we’re doing is seeing the movie. there is nothing to worry about.

Shingo: *Sighs*

Minutes later Pearl and her date along with Dinah and her date walked out of the Restaurant and went to the car. They made sure that they paid for their meals first and also saw to it that they left a tip for the waitress that served them. They were as happy as can be. the Night was a calm one… however something was about to happen that would thereby derail it a bit…

At the Star Clock tower in Metropolis…

Oliver was doing some Stretching and practicing some Yoga when the head of his research team came in…

Stan: *Walking over to Oliver* Mr. Queen.

Oliver: *Looking at Stan* What’s up, Stan?

Stan: We found out more about the threat. It’s not good. The threat is within the girl that is on the way to Earth. Scath is within the girl.

Oliver: *Jumping up and landing on his feet* How did you figure this piece out?

Stan: we don’t know… the girl is concealing it inside her… and the threat is dormant. but we also received an odd call from the Observatory or Space institute in Metropolis and they rang our bell with something that is eerie… even for us. and it’s not something that will fill the 3 girls with comfort and warm fuzzy feelings.

Stan then hands over the Evidence…

Oliver: *Grabbing the file and seeing the deep proof inside*  That’s the Symbol that Chloe was looking for. She was trying to search the databases at the Watchtower and couldn’t find any trace or any ties to the girl that is scheduled to arrive on earth. You said that the space institute called you and brought this to your attention?

Stan: Yes. We found that the girl did come from a portal. a Point from somewhere in space. 1,000,000 Kilometers from Earth.

Oliver: *Panics* that makes the point of arrival out to be less than 4 weeks away.

Stan: Unfortunately… that’s what the research is pointing to, sir.

Oliver: this isn’t gonna sit well with the girls. when the truth finally comes out.

Stan: When do you want to break it to them?

Oliver: Not for a while yet. They are just starting school. It’s been just one day. This is gonna be like the iceberg to their Titanic. the Torpedo that will sink their battleship of happy fuzzy feelings.

Stan: I am sorry sir.

Oliver: So am i.

(Time till the Arrival of Raven.

4 weeks, 6 days, 4 hours, 3 minutes and 40 seconds…. in counting)

In Smallville…

At the New Watchtower…

Chloe: *Contacting the Justice League* Watchtower to Black Canary… Watchtower to Black Canary… Come in.

Black Canary: *On Screen* Black Canary reporting from Metropolis… Just rounded up a group of bank robbers from the Metropolis 4th district…. The Robbers were trying to bribe… but these woman like Charms didn’t bite. I would have had no trouble if the 3 girls were around. Where are they these days anyway? undergoing their own version of the Suite Life on deck with the Rhapsody girls?

Chloe: Very funny, Deadly Siren… that’s a good line. But the thing is that i made a vowing agreement with their grandmother and Oliver has too. we’re not to re-enact them till we have enough proof to put them back in play. and that day is unfortunately fast approaching to a grave threat near us. I just got a transmission today from some girl from a place called Azarath. And this… this is the weird part. The girl knows about the Rhapsody Girls Z!…

Black Canary: You’re not just spicing the fuel there… Are you, Watchtower?

Chloe:  No. I’m afraid it is as it sounds…

Chloe then Plays the Transmission…

“Transmission: Hello… This is Raven… i am requesting assistance… Time is short. Someone is after me. my Father. Trigon. He is after me. I have managed to Knock him back. but time is running out. He is destined to come back. after me. I am his key to enter Earth. he is gonna stop at nothing to get me. I don’t know if anyone can hear this… but to whoever reads this… please help. *Reading the Satellite’s mind* Rhapsody Girls… Please. Help…”

Black Canary: Sounds like the girl can read the minds of machines. The Tin can Robotic-Armed fighter of ours might want to be careful around her. She sounds like a mind-reader.

Chloe: That’s not all of it… Oliver is having his team getting on the research and picking up all the info and the data needed to put together a full briefing for the girls. until we have that… we’re to steer away from re-enacting the Rhapsody Girls. Unless we really find ourselves in a real Jam. and even then we will need the Discretion of the Grandmother. if she says no… it’s no. The girls may be heroes and have done much for the City and the world thus far… but they’re her granddaughters and she’s making the agreements and the rules. Which i can understand. because if i was her and they were my kids. i’d be the same way.

Black Canary: I can abide to that. The granny sounds like a real devoted protector. You don’t come across many of those these days. Mrs. Rhapsody is being a very devoted and die-hard family marauder. Keeping the family safe. I feel bad for her though. She’s lost her Daughters Princess Rikku and Princess Aquamarine. So since the girls are all she has left of feeling any aura of her daughter near… it’s what she feels that she has to do to protect the girls at any cost. keep them out of harm’s way.

Chloe: Exactly.

Black Canary: I even went to pay respects to their mother earlier. I had to leave after barely being there for 10 minutes. the reality of losing her still felt painful. Even though their mother’s at rest… and they avenged her… we still feel the pain of it. The mother gave all she could to the community.

Chloe: We all did. Their mother… was one of a kind. the best woman that ever lived in their hearts.

Black Canary: We all know that the girls are not grieving over it now. Haven’t for a year now. but they still hold the memory of their mother close.

Chloe: They do. They have all the rights to do so. Princess Rikku was their mother after all.

In the Residential neighborhood not too far from King John’s house…

Prince Avery: *Walking and thinking* nice night out.

Prince Arnold: Yeah. i would say so. I think that there is gonna be a lot more nights like this.

Prince Avery: So we hope… but i don’t know if we’ll remain lucky and see much more of nights like this.

Prince Arnold: What do you mean?

Prince Avery: It’s just a feeling i have. There is something stirring. I am just pulling at straws here and it may sound like a bloody tall tale and then some… but have you ever noticed how utterly and insanely peaceful things have gotten. and rather quickly?

Prince Arnold: *Thinking about the idea and wondering the same thing* I think i know what you are getting at. things are too quiet. but…

Prince Avery: But what?

Prince Arnold: The Girls are taking to it very well. it’s like they don’t mind it.

Prince Avery: Yes… that is the whole idea. Their grandmother has gotten them to think normal. It’s not so bad… but it is gonna leave them Vulnerable.

Prince Arnold: I am sure that it will leave them quite vulnerable… but it is for the best that they are normal for the time being.

Prince Avery: *Looking down a second and thinking* Yeah… that would be the idea. They are with hero blood in them and they are yet posing around like there is no need for being a hero again. They are not aware that there is something going on… It’s too quiet. Way too quiet. Quieter than it ought to be. Entirely much too quieter.

Prince Arnold: The calm before the storm.

Prince Avery: Precisely. And the fact that Pearl almost got entangled with the slight case of Student-teacher relations. That’s what bothers me. There happens to our dismay be  corruption in the midst.

Prince Arnold: You sense that Darkness is coming?

Prince Avery: Not just that. Evil as well. There is no telling on when it will be here. but it is coming. I can almost bet you that Prince Alvin… our captain can feel it most of all since he’d usually pick it up and then come to us and inform us about it. He is like Paige. you could say that he is the male counter part of Paige. they feel things greater than the rest. Pearl is the sensitive one and she feels emotions much greater than we do. Dinah is the explosive one. But Paige and our brother are like the leaders… they can tell when something is going on… they know it and can feel it.

Prince Arnold: Speaking about Prince Alvin. How do you suppose that he’s faring with the girl Alice?

Prince Avery: *Walking onwards with Prince Arnold* I don’t know. that i don’t know. But we’ll find out when he comes back. We protect our captain and we are there for him. but he’s rather nervous about being with the girl and it’s not easy on him as he’s always trained more than other things. he never had himself much rest. Training is all he knows that he can do. but he happens to feel for the girl. He just won’t admit to it officially.

Prince Arnold: It’s like he is scared of rejection. We should find ourselves lucky doves of our own as well. Prince Curtis has one. Pearl and Dinah have loves. now it’s our hand that must be dealt.

Prince Avery: That is something i would normally say… but yes… i agree.

Prince Arnold: Let’s go and find our brother. Prince Alvin is probably with the girl right now and is hanging with her…

Prince Avery: We should not be spying on him.

Prince Arnold: It’s not spying. we’re just gonna watch from the shadows. if he does catch us near… we’ll just make as though we felt like walking through the park. That is where he is probably talking to the girl. hanging with her.

Prince Avery: *Nods* Let’s go.

At the Metropolis park…

Prince Alvin: *Showing off his ability to Alice* This is what i am… Alice. Look at me. I am the Captain of 4 boys. the guys you see me with most of the time are my brothers. Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis. They and i are together… The Rhapsody Brothers. I am a fighter. that’s all i know how to be. I have feelings for you. but they are having trouble coming out. I don’t know how to release my feelings. I can’t do it… Alice. You’re a special person. but how can i expect you to tolerate someone like me? I am not what you might think. I can’t romance a girl. I never was able to. I am a fighter by blood. By sweat. Like my father before me. like his father before him. *Releasing fire from his hands and tossing it at the bushes and then Running to grab water; putting out the fire* See that? That’s what i have. Fire. i am with the element that destroys….  the element that not only lead to modernization to what continues to fuel the planet. to fuel up the engines inside the cruise ships. to weld the buildings together. the metal for the frames that fortify the buildings. it also kills. destroys. Burns.

Alice: It doesn’t scare me. I am a little weird myself. so i know what it’s like to be different.

Prince Alvin: That’s Just it though… you haven’t met me before and we have never met face to face. you never been aware of the world i am part of… Everything for as long as i can remember would ward people off. Every girl outside of the family… would run and remain timid. but… *Growls a little and not sure what it is he’s supposed to feel around Alice* No… not you. It is like everything about me… seems to draw you in. My powers… my face… my aura… My alter persona… even my existence…. *Blasting fire at the nearby bench and blowing it up* It’s like you think that there is still a chance for you to resist me… what i am and what i can do.

Alice: *Pleading* Prince Alvin… stop. I understand. *Emotional* But that’s why i am here talking with you. I am not afraid. i understand. What it’s like to be alone… having to live life alone… without a better half to guide you and be there for you. not having any friends. i know. I lived that life for as long as i can remember. Ever since i was 6. i was seen as a freak. someone that would never know what love was. i had no friend. no one would ever talk to me. i was made to be alone. My father was always away at work. i never saw him. never even speaking to him. he avoids me. it hurts being left alone. being without a friend. someone to talk to. no one to hear you cry. No one to help you talk about what hurts you or what you’re feeling. I had no one with me.

Prince Alvin: *Looking down suddenly* it’s not fair to go through life all alone. Being made to feel like you’re a nobody in the eyes of the public. being made to feel like you’re just another person without a face. I am made known through the papers because of my family. What they are… What they can do. None of that means anything to the public. all they see is either freak… or outcast unless the person could bring something to the tables. something that would make a difference.

Alice: *Looking at Prince Alvin* Prince Alvin, Do you like me?

Prince Alvin: Yes. i do. i really do. Alice… I like you. i have feelings for you too. I just want to be someone you can trust. someone you can talk to. i know what you are going through as i have gone through it too. when it comes to the friend  part of it. My father and i are really close. We’re very close. there is nothing better than a relationship with your father. something that all boys and girls should have.  Going through life without that. that is what makes life so hard to bare. knowing that you’re all alone. *Grabbing Alice’s hand* Alice… Feel that? That’s warmth. Devotion and trust. you and i are not there at the point of being in a relationship yet. but from what you know of me now… and from what i now know of you. we are closer. You’re here with me. and i am here with you.

Alice: *Holding Prince Alvin’s hand* I know. i am happy to know that you’re here. *Smiles*

As for Pearl, Dinah and their Dates…

Pearl: *Watching for any signs of a crime* Something doesn’t look right. We saw a shadow close by and saw that someone break into the store up ahead… but there is no one there now.

Dinah: *Looking at her sister* I don’t know what it was… but someone is there and making a whole load of trouble… The only thing is that we can’t do anything about it.  *Looking ahead to see the nearby Jewelry store* It’s the Jewelry store that was being hit. There is shattered glass all over the sidewalk over there…

Pearl: The Jewelry Store? You’re kidding? These crooks must be attracted to the jewels.

Dinah: Looks like it.

Jack: Pearl, Let’s leave it for the cops to handle. Besides… you’re not Nancy Drew.

Pearl: no… i am not like Nancy Drew. but there is a break in. we can’t just ignore it. What if this is more than just some break in?

Shingo: She’s got a point there, Jack. This could be something else. I mean… to top it off or to start it… What would the crooks want with jewels from a second rate store… No offense to that remark, Pearl—

Pearl: *Smiles briefly and nods* No problem. None taken…

Shingo: The Crooks must be desperate for money or something. And are just hitting any place that they can find that has the goods that would sell at a valued price.

Dinah: *Pauses* You mean market off the stolen goods? What the heck for? *Thinking* Wait… Maybe they are trying to steal it and make like they were gonna hold the stolen goods for a ransom and then sell it at a healthy price or sell it all off to the highest paying bidder.

Pearl: that does not make it right! You don’t steal from someone and sell it to someone else at a higher price. That’s illegal and wrong. This isn’t the black market. *Pauses and looking at her sister* Dinah! Did you hear something?

Jack: *Seeing a shadow* I think someone’s coming out of the store. with the jewels.

Pearl: Who?

Shingo: Don’t know… but there is about to be an attempt for a getaway.

Pearl: *Starting up the car and getting ready to follow the thieves* Well… we’re gonna stop them. Dinah… you have your phone with you?

Dinah: Does it look i’d be that oblivious and not have it? Of course i have my phone with me.

Pearl: get on the phone and Dial up for the cops. We’re gonna chase the guys down and foil up their little robbery attempt. We might not be using our powers… but we can still be heroes another way…

Dinah: *Feeling Cynical* Ladies and Gentlemen… my sister, Elliot Ness.


Pearl: *Seeing the car ahead drive off and flee* Here we go! *Pulling out and driving off; Following the car with the Thieves inside* Hold on! *Driving up closer*

Dinah: *Dialing the # and calling for the Authorities* Hopefully it goes through… they might be really swamped tonight. The whole city seems to be going a bust with crime tonight. So far we’ve seen a number of 40 crimes being committed and they’re all petty. but are enough to arouse the attention of the local yo-cos.  *On the Phone*

Shingo: Local Yo-cos? I think the normal life is making Dinah sound a little too southern…

Jack: Good thing we’re not in the Southern parts of this country… or we’d really have a southern gal on our hands.

Pearl: Stop it, you two.

Voice: *On the phone* Detective John Jones.

Dinah: *On the phone* Yes… hello. I’m calling to report a chase… we’re in pursuit of a group of Jewel thieves who have just broke into the Metropolis Jewelry and fashion outlet. 716 East 5th Street. The car we’re chasing is…

Pearl: It’s a Candy apple red Lincoln… Metropolis License plates. The License plate is 4TLG673 That’s 4 Thomas Lincoln Gregory 673.

Dinah: *Repeating the description to the Police* It’s a Candy apple red Lincoln… Metropolis License plates. The License plate is 4TLG673 That’s 4 Thomas Lincoln Gregory 673.

Detective: Thank you… keep at a distance… but don’t lose them… We’ll send some units out to pursue it.

Dinah: Thanks.

Pearl: *hanging up the phone; Seeing the car trying to speed away* Let’s get on the tail. Those Crooks are not getting away…

Jack: Oh god… *Sighs and looking at Shingo* Our girls are at it now… they’re on a roll now.

Shingo: Time to write out our wills.

But as they chased the car with the thieves inside… it started to get heated up. the crooks started to fire back…

Dinah: *Seeing flashes of light flickering* Watch out… They’re firing at us.

Pearl: *Dodging the bullets and gunfire*

Thieves: Back off… Gum shoes! This is our City. Don’t be trying to get in our way…

Pearl: *Seeing more shots being fired* … *jumping to the side lane* Ahhh! Hold on guys! Hold on tight!

Jack: *With Shingo; Gulps* We’re gonna die… We’re gonna die!!!

Pearl sped up faster and swerved to miss the bullets as they were continued on being fired. However as she was trying to swerve and miss the shots coming at her and the others… she noticed that she was running out of gas. She started slowing down…

Dinah: What the hell was that? *Seeing the car Speeding away* Pearl… Are you nuts? go after those guys. Those guys have robbed the store. they’re getting away!

Pearl: *Suddenly Pulling over* I can’t!

Dinah: What the heck do you mean you can’t? Of course you can… it’s called step on the gas and put the petal to the metal.

Pearl: And how exactly am i to do that if i am just about out of gas?

Dinah: *Groans* Oh man! Of all the possible times for the car to run out of gas… it chooses now to putter out and start steering to run on fumes.

Jack: It’s a good thing that it is near out of gas. Otherwise… we’d be singing in the afterlife Quartet… doing the # of the lost souls Requiem.

Shingo: We’re gonna live now… thank you.

Pearl: Lucky for us… yes. We’re all lucky. i almost came close to crashing the car and if that was the case… My grandmother would be pissed. i can handle a lot of things… and i have seen a whole lot of things. But never a pissed off and hot tempered Grandmother. I don’t think that i’d want to do anything to ask for that.

Dinah: Ditto. There is no need to anger the grandmother.

Jack: Let’s go get to a place to fill this car with gas.

Pearl: Right. *Sighs* Sorry about the movie, everyone.

Jack: Ah, it’s okay. We can try again another time.

Dinah: Oh yeah. we can do it again some other time.

Shingo: Right.

As for Paige…

At Grandma Rikku’s House…

She was home in the bedroom and watching some T.V by herself. She didn’t have a boyfriend and was sitting out on the dating excitement…

Paige: Some fun night. *Sighs* No action… no excitement. just boredom. *Watching T.V* I managed to hear from that guy i met in school. but I don’t know if he’s really interested in me or if it was just all for show. an act.

Paige Fell asleep minutes later as she was just bored out of her mind… There was nothing going on for her. She felt alone though and as she fell asleep… she couldn’t help but cry herself to sleep. She wanted someone to love. She was a 16 year old Virgin. not something to be exposed. but She didn’t have anyone to call her own. Not since she got Dumped by Johnny. The guy had it all. But she cried herself to sleep as the sheer sensation of heartbreak came over her. She felt it and it hurt. But she cried and it caught the attention of their grandmother.

Grandma Rikku: *Walking into the Room* Paige, Honey… are you okay? What’s wrong?

Paige: *Sniffling and crying* I feel so alone.

Grandma Rikku: Why do you think that, Paige?

Paige: *Crying* Because i’m Single. I don’t have a boyfriend anymore.

Grandma Rikku: How come? Whatever happened to that guy… Johnny whatever his name was? Didn’t you have him?

Paige: I did… but i didn’t have him since last year. He Dumped me… *Crying*

Grandma Rikku: What?! Ahhhh! Sweetheart… i didn’t know… I thought that the fact that he wasn’t around as he used to be meant that he was just staying at his place and you were going over to his place to be with him. I didn’t know that he dumped you.

Paige: *In sobs* Yeah. well… he did. *While still lying down*

Grandma Rikku: *Walking over to Paige and Grabbing her* Come here… come here sweetie. *Hugging her grandchild* It’s gonna be okay. Don’t cry. it’s gonna be alright.

Paige: *Crying into her grandmother’s arms* I just want to have a shot at romance. Pearl and Dinah both have their happy lives. but i am without a love of my own.

Grandma Rikku: *Rocking her Granddaughter gently back and forth and trying to calm her down* Paige, Don’t be so worried about not having a guy to love. You will find another guy that will love you for who you are.

Paige: *With sobs and just suddenly stopping and sniffing* There is a guy that i found at school today. Actually he caught sight of me and was interested in me. but i was so afraid of being in a relationship again that i said that i’d only want to be his friend. But i actually thought that he was sweet. He happened to think that i was… Beautiful. But the only problem now is that if i change my mind and say that i accept the idea of being his girlfriend… he’s gonna think that i am just saying that because i might be on the rebound and am only looking for a rebound guy.

Grandma Rikku: Oh come now Child… you shouldn’t be thinking like that. If you have feelings for him… you should let it out and let him know that you have feelings for him. Let this boy… whoever he is know how you are feeling. Paige… *Hugging her Grandchild* Paige… all things have their way of working out for the better. You will see that if you just have a little faith. things will work out. You’ll win his heart. Just be yourself. Just be yourself and be true to who you are. If he really wants you… and is into you… he’ll accept you for you and not push you to being someone that you’re not.

Paige: *Looking up at her grandmother suddenly while still with a tear soaked face* You really mean it, Grandma?

Grandma Rikku: You bet i do… because it’s true. You should never give up your  heart. Giving up your heart would be the worst possible thing that you could ever do to yourself. losing a part of yourself. your soul…

Paige: *Nods* ….

At the Daily Planet…

John: *Working on another Article* Crime is up 45% and climbing. There has been efforts to trim the crime back by a few percent but the crime is still rising.

Trixie: *Drinking her cup of coffee while typing up another news article* I know the feeling, John. It’s growing to be a really big problem. It is too bad that the 3 girls are not out saving the day like they used to.

John: i know. It’s sad. but they got a normal life now. and a normal run with school. if they were to re-enact the part of going back to the hero business… Their grandma would be really upset at them… and she’d be pretty upset at us for getting them back into it.

Trixie: You’re right. but i guess that we can find solace in the idea that we at least got the other heroes to help pick up the slack and pick up the pace a little bit.

Perry: *Walking out from the Editor’s office* Hey…What’s with the crime percentage rising?

John: That… we don’t know sir…

Trixie: We are as stumped as you are about the rise in crime.

Perry: *Looking at Trixie* I need a reporter on the front lines at the police Station to get a quote on the cause for the recent Crime hikes…

Trixie: You got it. I’m just finishing the article here… but as soon as this article is done… you can bet that i’ll be all over it like syrup on pancakes baking on a hot griddle.

Perry: I have no clue as to what that meant… but i am just pleased to know that there will be someone out there to get the story and get it in print for the people to read.

John: *Looking at Perry* Sir, we also heard that the 3 girls have been dry docked and with clipped wings.

Perry: *Gasps* What?! You mean that the Rhapsody girls are on lock down and aren’t being let into the fray and lent their lawfully hands?

John: Afraid not sir. Their grandmother… is embarking the idea of seeing them live normally. it is a life-changer. but it is what their grandmother wants.

Trixie:  We can’t argue with our sister. She’s only wanting what’s best for Paige, Pearl and Dinah. And if by keeping them in the grips of safety is by seeing that they lead a normal lifestyle… then that is what has to happen.

(Time till the Arrival of Raven.

4 weeks, 6 days, 1 hour, 2 minutes and 15 seconds…. in counting)

Over by Megan’s part of the Neighborhood…

Megan: *Walking with her Boyfriend* I don’t know if they’ll hit it off…but from the things that i have heard about the girl. She is really lonely. she seems like she is always being made to be the outcast in school. If nothing else happens. i just hope that your brother can at least befriend her. just give her a reason to be… you know… happy.

Prince Curtis: I am sure that it will work out. i mean… from what i heard. before i left home this evening to come over to hang with you… i heard that my brother was trying to make up his mind as to whether or not he should call her. I am sure that he might have… by now.

Megan: You think that he has?

Prince Curtis: I’m sure of it, Doll. I mean. i know my brother. it isn’t like him to just stand the girl up. The girl is not bad. She just has a touch of the abandonment issues.

Megan: You could be right, Prince Curtis.

Prince Curtis: I just hope that he has a good time with her. and something good comes out of it.

Megan: Same goes for me. i hope that it’ll go well too.

Prince Curtis: *Smiles* It’s been a wonderful night for us.

Megan: It has. I was thinking that maybe tomorrow if it’s okay, you’d like to have dinner with me and my family.

Prince Curtis: I’d be honored.

Megan: I was thinking that maybe it was time to let my parents know about… us. It’s time to come out to them with the truth. They know that i am seeing someone… but they don’t know who. i never told them. i wanted to keep us a secret from them till it was the right time. and i think that tomorrow is as good a time as any. Wouldn’t you think so?

Prince Curtis: I believe so. yeah. it would be a perfect time to let them know. Although i could have sworn that you would have done it months ago.

Megan: I know. i should have told them months ago. But…

Prince Curtis: You were rather nervous and weren’t entirely sure how to break it to them and weren’t sure as to how they’d take it. I get it. it happens. Some girls meet guys that they love so much and yet feel mixed emotions and get to where when they know that they have to tell the parents… they become hesitant for they’re unsure as to how their parental units would react or how they’d respond. or if they’d accept the person. I get it.

Megan: That’s well put. That’s practically what i was feeling.

Prince Curtis: I know. But the plans for meeting the family… sounds like a wonderful idea.

The next morning…

Grandma Rikku’s house…

Dinah: *heading downstairs With her bag and going to the Dining room* Last night was really crazy…

Pearl: *Yawns* No kidding. It was just a totally awkward turn of circumstances. A Dinner date and a Chase.

Paige: A Chase? Where?

Pearl: It was nothing really. the Chase was just revolving a robbery of a Jewelry store. We chased these guys… and we would have had them if only…

Paige: If only what…?

Dinah: the car didn’t get near the point of being out of gas.

Paige: The car almost ran out of gas… That’s what got you to lose them? Hmm… You might have forgot to fill up before the date.

Pearl: *Looking at Paige* No. it’s got nothing to do with that.

A minute later…

in the Dining room The table was set and breakfast was on the table. They grabbed a seat and sat down. They saw Luna sitting down and looking as though she was in dread. She was really uncomfortable with going to school. She was strongly against going to school She didn’t even want to attend school. It was gonna happen the next day and they saw that Luna was none too happy. Pearl did manage to tell Luna that she’d be okay and that they’d be there for her. It helped. but Pearl already said it once. once… but the closer it got to the moment of Luna officially stepping foot on school grounds… it was gonna make it complete Reality. Paige was not thinking about much except the guy she met yesterday. She knew that what their grandmother said to her made sense. She couldn’t just give up hope. She knew that if she wanted to get the guy… she had to be just as she was. normal. be herself. Pearl and Dinah ate their breakfast and Paige chowed down as well. It was almost time for them to head out to school so they had to hurry up and finish. Their sisters Betty and Angel were there as well however they didn’t say too much. Betty and Angel were still pretty tired. As soon as Paige, Pearl and Dinah finished eating, they took their plates to the sink and washed them. Their Grandmother was already at work and made sure that everything was picked up so that all they would have to do was just put their plates in the sink and wash them…

(Time till the Arrival of Raven.

4 weeks, 5 days, 18 hours, 40 minutes and 10 seconds…. in counting)

At King John’s house…

Prince Alvin: *Grabbing some Cereal and fixing up a cup of coffee* What a night. *Yawns*

Prince Avery: *Looking at Prince Alvin* How was the meeting with the girl?

Prince Arnold: Was she nice?

Prince Alvin: I guess. *Looking at his brothers* She knows me well. i spoke my heart out to her… i even tried to ward off the affections… she stuck on like cement. she’s accepting the fact that i got an identity that others would never understand. I showed her a little of what i could do and she didn’t even freak. flinch. she wasn’t even afraid. She understood me for who i was. she didn’t seem to worry about what i was.

Prince Avery: She must have saw you as someone she could see as a guide. a friend. Even a relationship target. I think that you just got lucky with her. She’s into you.

Prince Alvin: There’s more to it than that… *Drinking his coffee a little* She knew who i was before i even officially met her. last night. When i spoke to her on the phone. She said that she read in the paper that there was this person. and she said the name. My hero identity. said it to the letter. To the T. She said that she saw that the one in the picture was with Golden fluffy hair. and also said that she saw this weird light. coming from the hands. She figured me out.

Prince Arnold: You know… Either she is a good guesser or she is a modern day Psychic. No wonder she doesn’t seem to have many friends. or any friend. People can’t stand the idea that she could be a Psychic. it’s like they all revere her.

Prince Curtis: *Grins while finishing his breakfast* That’s stereotyping. People either are doing that or being profanely Prejudice towards anyone who is different.

Prince Avery: That sounds rather familiar as we’ve gone through that in our family for a time. So in some way… we can relate.

Prince Alvin: *Eating his breakfast* Relate. compare… contrast. whatever you see to call it. I have fallen for the girl. Mess with her… they mess with me.

Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis: *Shoot up and gasp* Huh?!

Prince Arnold: You only met her once… spoken to her once. and you’re now… with affection and protective status of her? *Surprised*

Prince Curtis: She must be a total Ringer. Sounds like she stepped to the plate and rang your love bell.

Prince Alvin: Nice way of putting it. but yes. that is what it sounds like. it is like that.

King John: *Walking into the Dining room* What are you guys talking about?

Prince Alvin: Just about the girl i met yesterday. The girl knew me before she even met me face to face officially.

Prince Avery: That there is a mystery in itself.

King John: No… it’s not a mystery. You boys were in the news papers for a while. Remember the Kandorians and then the threat before that? you boys have had several mentions in the articles during both of those times. several times. She could have possibly read one of those articles and just remembered the name. You know how many people read the Daily Planet? Almost everyone who’s anyone reads it. Princess Rikku… Your recently dearly departed Aunt who has been dead now about a year and a half read the papers. She could have spotted you a mile away.

Prince Arnold: *Feeling as though They’re stood Corrected* Okay… Maybe so… but that doesn’t explain how that girl… Alice knew what he was really like things that weren’t put into the papers.

King John: Hmm… now that part… i couldn’t tell you the reason behind that.

Prince Alvin: *Suddenly finished with his breakfast and walking to grab his School bag* It doesn’t matter. I already made up my decision. I am going for her. i’m gonna be her friend. be someone she can trust. there is a bond between me and her. She’s been alone all her life. Her father leaves her all alone. is hardly ever home and when he is… doesn’t even bother to spend time with her. Ask her how her day was…. how she was…. what was up… Nothing. He blows her off like he could care less. What kind of a father does that to their Daughter or Son? *Getting a little angry thinking about it* pops, We have spent our whole life trying to prevent this type of bull. a child… a Daughter or son or grandson/granddaughter being mistreated. not physical… but emotional or social… saving the world from threats. The 3 girls have done the same. they busted their asses to stop this from happening in some way. but no matter what we do… it still happens. Alice did not deserve this. Didn’t deserve to be treated like that.

Prince Avery: Brother, Calm the bloody heck down. you are acting like you’re gonna pop a vessel with all that anger that you’re feeling. stop it. Alice is gonna be fine.

Prince Alvin: I don’t care. i am not gonna let it happen again. i’ll sacrifice my god forsaken soul if i got to. i will. But this will not happen…Ever… again! I will be her protector if i got to…

Prince Arnold: *Looking at his brother and grabbing his brother; Staring at him directly* Hey… Brother… you’ve always been our voice of reason… to keep us in direct discipline. Now it’s our turn to help you when you need it. you’re in need now. This is not gonna sound too pleasant but you need to hear it. We have all done more than our share to stop dangers and injustices and or wrong doings. but we can’t be there for everyone 24/7. there is only so much that we can do in a day. in order to stop all the harm and all the dangers… it’d take a couple billion copies of us to do so.

Prince Alvin: And that is what you think will make it any excuse. for crap like that to go on? Come on… That girl is all alone. her father doesn’t even care about her. if he did… he’d pay attention to her. Love her like she’s supposed to be loved. not just ignored as though she’s just luggage or some ruffian that he could care less if she were to disappear.

Prince Avery: Then it’s up to you and us to be there for her.

Prince Alvin: *Nods and heads off to school* You can count on it.

Prince Curtis was unable to tell about his plans for that night. with the obsessed worrying for Alice… he didn’t think that telling of his plans for the night would be heard. It hurt him… but he couldn’t make things about him. He had to lend what help he could. But on the Road to school…

Pearl: *Driving* I feel really bad for Luna.

Dinah: I do too. but Luna has to be brought into the customs of Earth. I know that she is so out of place on this planet… but she’s got to tough it out as best she can.

Paige: You don’t think that she’d just run away to keep from going to school… do you?

Pearl: *Sighs* I don’t know. i can’t say as to whether or not she will try to run away. I just hope that she doesn’t stoop to that kind of level.

Dinah: You know… It kinda reminds me of mom. Didn’t our mom mention a bit about her Childhood… how she was made to be sad all the time and found herself being one without any friends? Maybe Luna… is having those same visions and fears that she could be living that same life as mom.

Pearl: *Scoffs* DINAH! What the heck are you saying?

Dinah: Come on… think about it. Mom used to tell us tales of how she was hated or made to be the poster target for School realm scrutiny. Think about it… Luna is adopted… but it doesn’t mean that it’d be that far of a stretch to believe that Luna might have fears of suffering the same particular fate as Mom had.

Paige: Pearl… Dinah has a point. History is liable to repeat itself. only 30-35 years later.

Pearl: *Shaking her head* So… how are we to make sure that it doesn’t happen?

Dinah: That is a good question. i’m gonna see if i can think of something to make sure that Luna’s school years aren’t the same as mom’s was.

Paige: She won’t have the same thing happen to her… we won’t allow that to happen.

At the Daily Planet…

Dinah Lance: *Walking into the Reporter’s den* I heard that someone’s looking for the right wing hawk of the Airwaves.

Trixie: *Gasps* Mrs. Lance. The Word of Justice. How liberal it is to see you here again. The last time I had seen you here…

Dinah Lance: You mistook me for your Niece Dinah Rhapsody. I know. It’s been a while since that time.

Trixie: It sure has. But not that i am questioning your clout for being here… what brings you back to the lion’s own personal foxhole? You’re not thinking about being a new play toy for the lions here, are you?

Dinah Lance: Are you kidding? What better way of being the Word of Justice than to be where it’s reported?

Trixie: Aha! Touche! You got good aim on the obvious. Have you met my Brother… John?

John: *Looking up to see a Black haired woman walking in* Hello there.  Who might you be?

Trixie: John… Meet Dinah Lance. The Right wing hawk of the Airwaves. The Illustrious and renown Word of Justice in all her glory.

Dinah Lance: You’re seriously trying to place me right on the pedestal? Optimistic. But since you’re on a roll… Explain why the girls of Love, Light and Fury… are as of current out of play. They’re out of Play. and are with Normal lives from what i heard… and considering that it’s respectful towards their grandmother… the granny with the devotion to the safety switch and keeping the safe lock on the girls. But with the girls on the normal front… Crime is up and from what i got the scoop on… another big bad threat is on it’s heyday and making it’s sirens ring out loud and clear.

John: *Pauses* Come again on that last part…

Trixie: Did you just say Another threat is on the way?

Dinah Lance: I don’t squawk the lines just for show… i’m just handing over what i’ve heard. No one is wanting to tell the girls about it. But if they don’t get brought up to the grindstone and fast while there is still time… the peace that they were suited to hold and keep on a contact loop… is gonna be on a quick decline to the pit of no return.

Trixie: I would tell them… as would my Brother here… but their grandmother is my sister. If she happens to say no… there’s nothing we can do about it. We can’t go against her wishes. and the girls are just barely dealing with school. it’s gonna be some time before they’re in a smooth sail.

John: Maybe we can find a way to drop a unofficial tell all to them about it. so if they do get told… it won’t get their grandmother upset because it isn’t like we got them in on the situation. just dropped them a message…

Dinah Lance: That’ll be a start.

However at Metropolis High School…

History Class…

Prince Alvin: *Sitting next to Alice; Working on his Assignment*

Alice: *Working on her Assignment and sighs*

Within minutes Prince Alvin was done with his work and saw that Alice was just finishing. He smiled at her briefly and quickly looked away before anyone saw him eyeing Alice. But before he could catch what was about to happen…

Classmate: Hey… What are you doing eyeing the freak? She’s an outcast. A loser. Just because her father is a big shot worker for a top Multi-million fortune 500 company doesn’t make her a somebody. She’s still a freak. A nobody.

Prince Alvin: *Standing up to the classmate* Hey! Back the hell off of Alice! She doesn’t deserve to be treated like crap. She’s got feelings too. You want to start something… Come on.

Classmate: *Gasps* Wow! Imagine you standing up for a freak.

Prince Alvin: You want to see Freak? Do ya! *Suddenly Emitting fire from his hand and balling it into a fist* Why not step on outside and i’ll feed you some freak power. if that is what you like calling people who are different than you…

Alice: *Looking at Prince Alvin* What are you doing? Don’t be antagonizing him… he’s really tough.

Prince Alvin: Oh yeah… I’m not afraid of a punk like him. If he even tries to lay a hand on you… he will be made to regret it.

Classmate: *Taunting* Oh yeah… What’re you gonna do about it? Come on. try something.

Alice: *Annoyed* Raul… stop bothering me.

Raul: Make me… Freak. You’re supposed to be this rich girl… why don’t you call for your hired bodyguard? Call him… go on. do it.

Alice: Leave me Alone. Now!

Raul: Why? Freak… Why should i leave you alone?

Teacher: *Looking at the Board* What is going on back there?

Prince Alvin: *Glares at Raul*

Raul: Nothing Mrs. Stewart. *Looking at Prince Alvin* This isn’t over, Punk. You mettle in my business… you’re mine.

Prince Alvin: *disregarding the threat* And i’ll be just waiting to tear you apart. Messing with a wonderful girl like Alice. She’s a very beautiful person. You screw with her… you’ll be dealing with me. that is a promise.

Alice: *Looking at Prince Alvin and blushes* You’re really sweet, Prince Alvin. Thank you.

Prince Alvin: *Nods*

Prince Curtis: *Sitting still and focusing on his work*

But in Lit Class…

Paige: *Writing; Working on the class assignment* I just hope he likes me.

Reese: *Looking over at Paige* I already like you, Paige. i liked you alot since the very moment that i first looked and caught sight of you.

Paige: *Hearing the words being spoken* … *Touched* Awwww!

Mr. Black: *Looking at the Class* Class, Be sure to read 5 chapters of the book. The Chocolate War… at the end of  week 3 there will be an Essay assigned.  The Outline for the Essay is as follows:

Paige: *Responding* I know what you mean… Mr. Black. I had to do an Essay last year in Mrs. McKinley’s class and it had to be just like that.

Mr. Black: *Grins* You don’t say… Well, Mrs. Rhapsody… i’ll guess that you’d know exactly what it is that you’re supposed to do.

Paige: Of course.

Reese: *Smiles Just hearing Paige Talk* ……

Mr. Black: But just to stir up some conversation with the class. Can anyone discuss or tell me what they got from the five chapters of the Chocolate War? Mrs. Rhapsody… care to be the first?

Paige: Sure. What i got from the first 5 chapters was that this guy… Jerry. He is like this freshman. the odd man out in most cases as he tries to fit in. tries out for the football team of the High School Trinity. But gets told that he is just too skinny. He lost his mother last spring…I can relate to him in that part as i too lost my mother also the year before last.  But this guy… Jerry… he is the odd man out. is practically the target for anything that happens in the school. These two guys that he knows or comes across are Archie and someone named Obie. I know… Ridiculous name to give someone. They’re both Seniors. Obie is someone who hates his Job. Admires and despises Archie at the same time. which is very contradicting. Admiring someone that you also happen to despise all the more. Archie however reads the File on Jerry and suddenly decides that Jerry is to sell Chocolates. Practically is forcing or persuading him in a very deconstructing way. That’s what the whole story is mainly… Jerry doesn’t want to sell chocolates and revolts against doing as such and as he does… or begins to as he gives his reasons towards why he’s so against it. the first 5 chapters are pointing that out that what it sounded like was that he was showing hesitancy and reluctant demeanor just hearing that he was to sell off the Chocolates… which he refuses to do. The Guy Archie is part of the group called the Vigils and they get ignored and their actions aren’t condoned. but it gets results. but Archie meets along with a guy… Leon. who says that the School has to sell chocolates. the school depends on the revenue of the sale going off with a good start. and Leon asks Asks Archie to see about getting the group on the board and get the whole school in on the sale. selling the Chocolates. Which of course… in the later chapters after 5. Jerry will get cornered and instructed to sell the Chocolate. as well as the other kids. the boys in school. what i got from it is that the whole school is like so behind the selling of chocolate that they believe it’s life. in the school. like there is nothing else but that and if they don’t have that… that they don’t have anything to go on for. I thought that it was really chaotic as i am a chocolate lover. i love eating sweets. but to devote your entire life in school to chocolates and everything that speaks Chocolates… it’s almost like they happen to have some alter or statue hidden and pray to it like some kind of symbol. like if they sire to appease it… they sell the Chocolates to raise the funds for their school… but not just that… but to make it happy.

Mr. Black: Oh god… that is a good hypothetical response. you gave such a brilliant viewing of it. it’s remarkably close. but the only fly in the mess is that it’s about the freedom of choice. the right to choose what he or she wants to do and not let anyone tell them what to do. being their own person. Which in the book. the story as you may read… it’s seen as though it’s not as easy as you may think it might be to stand up against the powers that be. Sometimes to do what is right… you have to do the things that you know that you don’t wish to do but do it for the greater good. no matter how much it tends to hurt you or the people around.

Paige: Which makes him admirable. Jerry is being subjected to pain and torture and people try to force his hand… by either beating him or taunting him… even ridiculing him on practically a daily basis. They don’t seem to care what Jerry wants and says that he’s to sell Chocolates whether he likes it or not. but Jerry profanely and defiantly says no. Refuses each time which as the whole story will point out… it’s that it pisses the Vigils off something awful.

Reese: *Shooting out* But that is a bit screwed over… isn’t it? Why are they so against Jerry over not selling the chocolates? It is his choice. if he doesn’t want to sell the candy off. why can’t they just shut the hell up and just raffle them off?

Paige: It’s probably because they feel as though that if one person happened to revolt or choose to stop selling the Chocolates then more would follow suit and they figured that to see to it that it never happened was to make with rubbing Jerry out somehow. making him the bastard of the school and the black sheep. they control the whole school through intimidation and cruel manipulations.

Reese: Isn’t that wrong to do though? To run the whole student body and the whole populace of the school by inflicting fear into them. instilling fear and pain into them?

Paige: It is wrong though. Wrong and uncallous to even do upon the whole school. But the Vigils are not of fair intent.

Reese: that is quite apparent since they make it to where the whole school is like a Dictatorship.

Classmate #1: It’s not like that at all… they are just trying to ensure that their school runs on and is able to be run. it said in the story that the Headmaster was gravely Ill and that they would have to appoint for a new one to step up. We are not one to condone and back up their way of running the school. but they’re obviously proud of their school. they don’t want to lose it

Classmate #2: I don’t know much about their actions and the attitude that the Vigils might have… but i am all for the devotion and loyalty to school. I would be doing what i could for the school.

Classmate #3: Even if it meant trying to enforce your beliefs upon someone who has made the dire decision to refuse to sell any chocolates?

Classmate #4: No. What she said was that it was because he was sticking to his fond die-hard beliefs that it was a free country. he had the right to choose to do no participation of selling the boxes to people. he made a decision… But the part that didn’t fly with the Vigils or that guy… Archie and not even with Leon was that Jerry was expressing that right and was boycotting the whole thing.

Classmate #5: That’s right. It was like he was being a renegade. The first 5 chapters really explains where the story is gonna lead. but the plot behind the tale is that the whole school is being made to sell… even if it was said that they didn’t wish to.

Classmate #6: It’s like in that School… Trinity… it is like your voice is not heard. it’s either do or get targeted by the masses and be made the bastard of the school.

Classmate #7: That is really uncalled for.

Paige: It is like the freedom of choice has been disregarded.

Classmate #8: Uh… yeah. The freedom of choice has been repressed in the school. Kinda makes you wonder if this school could be subjected to it.

Classmate #9: Kinda reminds me of that movie on Deadly ground. Where there was this big presentation and speech about the world and the right to the common man.  about cleaner air. how our god given rights were being taken away from us.

Classmate #10: You’re talking about the movie that Steven Seagal did.

Mr. Black: Harold, What are you getting at?

Harold: Well think about it. The guy Jerry is standing up… trying to stand up against selling Chocolates. he made a choice.  but the School is taking away his rights. saying that he has to sell chocolates and he doesn’t want to. he keeps saying no. he won’t budge. But it’s like the movie Steven Seagal did. Where he at first was all for the oil companies… all for the money. till he saw what the hell was really going on. what the hell was really happening. He turned on the companies and fought back to blow the oil rigs. blow it to smithereens. He became someone who sired for human rights and the wellbeing for the common man and the human soul… The rights. The right to choose… the right to have the things that we live on… depend on daily.

Lorenzo: Hey… that’s right. Mr. Black… he’s right. there is a similar element behind that.

Paige: I’ve seen the movie a couple months ago. My sister Dinah was there to watch the movie too. So we can see exactly what you’re getting at. especially the speech that was at the end that the guy Seagal played… Forest. i want to even recite it and i already sense that i am gonna sound like a movie junkie.

Mr. Black: It’s not drama class, Paige. but given that it is a endearing relevance to the subject and a key similarity to what we’re reading in the book “The Chocolate war” Come on and do it.

Paige: *Nods* Okay. *Getting up from her seat and walking to the front of the class*

A second later…

Paige: *Reciting in the style of Forest* “I’d like to start out by saying, thank you to all the brothers and sisters that have come here today representing this cause. I have been asked by Mr. Itok and the tribal council to speak to you and the members of the Press about the injustice that has been brought against us by some Government Officials and Big Business. How many of you out there have heard of alternative engines? Engines that can run on anything from alcohol to garbage or water. Or carburetors that can get hundreds of miles to the gallon. Or electric or magnetic engines, that can practically run forever. You don’t know about them because if they were to come into use, they’d put the oil companies out of business. The concept of the internal combustion engine has been obsolete for over fifty years. But because of the Oil Cartels and corrupt government regulation, we and the rest of the world have been forced to use gasoline for over a hundred years. Big Business is primarily responsible for destroying the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat. They have no care for the world they destroy, only for the money they make in the process. How many oil spills can we endure? Millions and millions of gallons of oil are now destroying the ocean and the many forms of life it supports. Among these is plankton, which supplies sixty to ninety percent of the Earth’s oxygen. This supports the entire marine ecosystem which forms the basis of our planet’s food supply. But the plankton is dying. I thought, well, let’s go to remote state or country, anywhere on Earth. But in doing a little research I realized that these people broker toxic waste all over the world. They basically control the legislation, and, in fact, they control the Law. The Law says, “no company can be fined over $25,000 a day.” For companies making $10,000,000 dollars a day by dumping lethal toxic wastes into the ocean, it’s only good business to continue doing this. They influence the media so that they can control our minds. They have made it a crime to speak out for ourselves, and if we do so we’re called “conspiracy nuts” and we’re laughed at. We’re angry because we’re all being chemically and genetically damaged, and we don’t even realize it. Unfortunately, this will effect our children. We go to work each day and right under our noses we see our car and the car in front of us spewing noxious poisonous gasses that are all accumulative poisons. These poisons kill us slowly, even when we see no effect. How many of us would have believed if we were told twenty years ago that on a certain day we wouldn’t be able to see fifty feet in front of us. That we wouldn’t be able to take a deep breath because the air would be a mass of poisonous gas. That we wouldn’t be able to drink out of our faucets, that we’d have to buy water out of bottles. Our most common and God-given rights have been taken away from us. Unfortunately, the reality of our lives is so grim that nobody wants to hear it. Now, I’ve been asked what we can do? I think we need a responsible body of people that can actually represent us rather than Big Business. This body of people must not allow the introduction of anything into our environment that is not absolutely biodegradable or able to be chemically neutralized upon production. And finally, as long as there is profit to be made from polluting the Earth, companies and individuals will continue to do what they want. We have to force these companies to operate safely and responsibly, and with all our best interests in mind. So that when they don’t, we can take back our resources and our hearts and our minds and do what’s right.”

Mr. Black: *Speechless*

Class: *Cheering*

Harold: You tell it, Paige. *Cheers*

Reese: *Cheering* Bravo! That was really good. i love how you recited it.

Paige: *Blushes* Awwww! Come on. Stop it.

In History class…

Mr. Riley: *Looking towards Pearl* Mrs. Rhapsody… Can you come up here please?

Pearl: *Looking up and feeling confused* Huh? Is something wrong?

Mr. Riley: No no… there is nothing wrong. i just want to have a talk with you. it’s nothing bad. there is just something that i need to let out. It’s about the actions that were performed yesterday.

Class: *Confused*…

Pearl: It’s okay. It’s not a big deal. My Cousin who i know is in here as well… he told me that he spoke with you and got it all smooth again. Besides i have practically forgotten about it. My necklace was what triggered it for you…

Prince Avery: *Looking at the Teacher* Yes… you admit that there was something going on… it was handled though… but for you to confess… I see that you choose to live another day… well… maybe not live. but at least be happy and free.

Pearl: *Looking at her Cousin* Prince Avery… What the heck are you saying… this isn’t a James bond movie and it isn’t like you’re about to battle off with a villain or creature.

Classmate: *Speaking out* What do you mean… by fighting a creature or Villain? How would you know how to fight the creatures or Villains or whatever?

Pearl: It’s nothing. I am just trying to defuse the situation. i don’t want to see any trouble starting.

Prince Avery: And there won’t be.

Mr. Riley: Shall we wipe the slate clean?

Prince Avery: of course. that would be the best move to make.

Although at the Metropolis Dance Studio…

Grandma Rikku: *Instructing the class* Come on… lift those legs up… You got to get in rhythm with the tune. the beat of the music.

Grandma Rikku then turns on the radio and plays a song on the Radio…

The Song Radar plays…

Grandma Rikku: *Dancing to the beat* Watch me… see how i am moving? Just follow the same way i am moving. move just like me.

Luna: *Watching from the side*

Grandma Rikku: *Dancing*

In Smallville…

At the New Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking on Screen* So far… no more word or signs of the Mysterious girl.  Raven is out there. somewhere. but since last night… there has been no new occurrences. *Turning to the side screen and seeing a reading from the orbiter and looking to see what it is* Hmm… *Seeing something form* HUH?!

Several Miles away from the Watchtower Orbiter…

A Symbol starts to form and glows…

Chloe: Uh… Oh god… this isn’t what i think it is… is it?

Voice: *From Space* What you have concealed… you shall become. There is no other choice… there is no escape. Your Destiny will be fulfilled… THE PORTAL MUST BE OPENED!

The Symbol flashes and within seconds vanishes off into thin air without a trace…

Chloe: *Freaking out* Oh god… this isn’t good. *Contacting Oliver* Oliver… we got a problem…  a Real bone chilling problem.

Oliver: *Responding* How bad is it?

Chloe: Well… if you’re considering the fact that there’s someone coming and with a dark entity coming not too far behind… i can tell you this. The girls will need to be in play. ASAP. The Rhapsody Girls Z! will be back in play. but they won’t be summoned till it’s time. This is bad. Get over here and you’ll see what i mean.  You’re not gonna believe it.

Oliver: On my way…

Chloe: See you here soon.

A minute later…

Chloe: *Going over to the side computer and contacting Carter* i’m gonna need a bit of a disturbance. Someone to sneak up and grab one of the girls and bring them here.

Carter: *On Phone* What’s the situation, Chloe?

Chloe: I need a disturbance… There is something coming to Earth and it’s grave. I believe that we have all made a vow to the grandmother of the girls that we would not go near them or re-enact them unless there was dire need to do so…

Carter: We’ve all made the promise to her that we’d stay away unless something of concern came up and the girls were needed again. Wait… Are you saying that something has changed?

Chloe: Not just something… More like a Someone or a mysterious someone who is not only half human… but… a half Demon. A Girl who is also known as a Portal and a Gem. one that is said to release a intergalactic Demon named Trigon the Terrible. but is hidden under the identity of Scath.

Carter: Oh… It’s the Threat from another dimension. isn’t it?

Chloe: It’s unfortunately exactly what it is… The girls should be brought on to it.

Carter: You’re asking for an interception… Get one of them over to the Watchtower.

Chloe: Yeah. I know as to which one we should grab. The middle one.

Carter: Pearl.

Chloe: Yeah. She’s the one that can keep a secret and Wait till it was time to spill it all to her sisters.

Carter: Right. I’ll get her.

Chloe: Be discreet though… Don’t let her on to there being something up.

As soon as the call ended, Chloe walked over to the nearby couch and sat down…

Chloe: *Sighs and leaning back on the Couch* Oh… i am so going to be in huge trouble for this…

At the Brownstone…

Carter: *getting on his gear* The girls are gonna be pulled into the mess again. They are still trying to handle the school life… the normal life. Their grandmother isn’t gonna like this. Another threat is looming and the girls are embellishing the normal life. as per what their grandmother wants.

However back at Metropolis High school…

Science Class…

Dinah: *Mixing a couple of chemical and shaking it a bit* Hmm… *setting the mixture on the counter and watching the chemicals react* What is that… They’re splitting up and pulling apart…

Dinah was experimenting on the chemicals and the substances… She was trying to see what would react with a positive and would react negatively. She barely picked it up to place it on the burner and see what would happen if it were to be heated up. She only just placed it on the burner when it started over heating and before she could turn off the flames…

Dinah: *getting splattered by the chemical* Ach! Whoa! *feeling the burning sensation of the chemical* Wonderful… Oozed and slime’d. I am gonna have a very tough time in this class. i can feel it. the second day and i am already with a lab accident. a chemical burst and Scorching radiation.

Mrs. Roth: *Walking over to check up on Dinah* Dinah… Are you alright?

Dinah: *Scoffs* I sure would hope that i’d be okay. but i just had some chemicals splatter and splash right on me. i am feeling as though the chemicals don’t really like me. i think that they detest me or find me rather defective.

Mrs. Roth: Which chemicals did you use?

Dinah: I don’t know. i used the blueish green stuff and that orange stuff… I think it was citric Acid and Bymorphizine or something.

Mrs. Roth: That is an unstable chemical that has never been tested. You used Citric Acid with it? Dinah… You’re lucky to not have it cause much harmful penetration. Chemicals like that when they’re unstable… are liable to be proven as fatal.

Dinah: *Backing away at the mention of the chemicals being fatal* I think that i am done with the chemicals. i think that i’d like a different class. and not one that deals with the chemicals. that was really creepy and terrifying. From now on… i’m gonna use a suit when dealing with Chemicals.

Mrs. Roth: That would be a good idea. You are very lucky that nothing happened to you from that… that would have killed you. Never use that chemical again. at least without a helping hand. We’ll try again tomorrow. I’m gonna assign you a Lab partner. Someone good. To help you out…

Dinah: Yeah. That’s a good idea, teach. i’d be better off if there was a lab partner. i can’t ever go through that again. Besides that if anything were to happen to me… There would be no one close to my sister Pearl. Pearl is growing up into her own person… she’s gonna be working towards to a career of Fashion and maybe singing. but she’s gonna need a watchful sister. Paige isn’t really doing much… even though she is trying. trying is a start… but if i’m not around… Pearl will be a bit lost. So… i’m gonna see that nothing else happens so i’ll be around for her.

Mrs. Roth: *Gasps* You’re that deep with your sister? You are really close to her.

Dinah: Why wouldn’t i be? She’s not just my sister… she’s practically like a very close friend. I guess that i might as well say it. She’s practically my best friend.

Class: *Touched* Awwww!

Dinah: Knock it off. I’m still a tough girl. i can still be rough. but it’s just that my sister Pearl is the one who gives me the reason for being sentimental. She’s sensitive and very sweet. There isn’t any other person that brings out the sensitivity in me. Hell… if it wasn’t for her… i’d be a girl who would still hate Skirts and dresses and the sort. She got me to open up to wearing skirts.

Mrs. Roth: Sounds like she’s the Aphrodite to your inner Philosophilies.

Dinah: She’s got Bubble power. But with her sensitivity… She might as well have Love in her veins. Paige however is the leader of the team i’m in… Don’t ask… it’s very confusing.

Classmate: What team? You’re not talking about the 3 girls who are of Love… Grace and Fury… are you?

Dinah: No. Of course not.

Mrs. Roth: *Suspecting something* …

Things were starting to unravel more… But Dinah didn’t seem to mention how she knew about the heroes… She was one. But the Class she was in had classmates who were oblivious to the idea that she was one of the heroes. She didn’t think that they’d even notice. Not that it was a big deal in her eyes. It was insulting. but it was given… She had to peg it to the fact that they didn’t read any of the articles that had her in it. They may have read the names and read the heroic names… but… none of them in the class could piece the clues together. Dinah looked down and felt as though her secret would have been figured out. She tried to hide it.

At break… things were okay. It was peaceful and there was hardly a sign of trouble brewing. As for Prince Alvin, he was Just walking his way to the cafeteria with Alice when suddenly the guy that tried to pester Alice in first period came and started to make a scene…

Raul: *Taunting* Freak and freak lover… Sitting in a tree… Kissing. First comes love then comes marriage… then comes baby in the baby carriage. But that’s not all… that’s not all… The baby’s drinking Alcohol!

Prince Alvin: *looking to see the bully* Hey! You want to stop that bull before i put you in the hospital?

Raul: Are you sure about that? *Looking at Alice* Has she ever bothered to mention that she’s not a Virgin, that she had intercourse before?

Prince Alvin: What?! You’re nuts and a real dirt bag… What makes you think that she would do anything like that. I have seen and read her heart. She’s the most honest person there is. Just because you don’t like her and find ways to hate her… it isn’t like you’re about to make sure that i’d hate her too. I’ll never hate her. Not ever. People like you are always trying to tear her down. because she’s not how you like for her to be. Because She doesn’t fit in and has things about her that you will never understand. If you even bothered to try and understand her… you’d see how unique she was. She still is.

Raul: You are a freak yourself. *Targeting Prince Alvin’s integrity* You are with these fire powers. these Fire abilities. Plus you can turn into some weirdo with the golden fluffy hair. Talk about a total fucking loser. Heroes are not even following the laws. they seem to make their own. Just like you do. You and those 3 bitches. who call themselves the Rhapsody Girls Z! You’re pathetic. the only power you have is whatever you can do with whatever freak element you possess.

Prince Alvin: *Snaps and Stands up to Raul* You Don’t ever talk about my Cousins like that… You Piece of garbage! You are a bastard. I’m about ready to tear you apart!

Raul: Are you? *With his arms spread out and asking for a reaction* Come on… come on. Do something… Do something. Let’s see what you can do.

Prince Alvin: *Jumps and Lounging at Raul* You’re gonna be regretting ever crossing our path… You mess with my family… you hurt my girlfriend Alice… you’re gonna be wishing to be put in the hospital… *Pounding at Raul*

Raul: *Breaking out of the grip and revealing brass knuckles; Knocking into the guts of Prince Alvin*

Prince Alvin: *Yelping in pain* AHHHHH!!!!! *Growling* Damn you! *Grabbing at Raul and Swinging him around before tossing him into the Wall and then the Tree*

Raul didn’t stay down… he got up and sped right at Prince Alvin and Kicked him and splattered him into the ground… Prince Alvin laid there in pain. Alice ran over to him and tended to him…

Alice: *Tending to Prince Alvin* I can’t believe that you would do that… you could have gotten killed by him. He’s not like a normal muscle man. He’s a Bouncer for the Local Pool Hall. He’s a stand-in and he is feared.

Raul: Still want to be with someone who is so weak?

Alice: *Looking Angry at Raul* Get the hell out of here… You JERK! *With tears of hatred in her eyes facing Raul* You have hurt Prince Alvin. He loves me and i feel the same for him. I don’t care if the relationship is too soon. he is the only one who saw something more. something special in me. he took time to talk to me more than you or anyone else ever had. My own father didn’t even notice me. You even hate me because why… Because i am psychic. Well guess what? Get the hell over yourself. The world doesn’t revolve around you. It revolves around for everyone. not just one person. You may be a Bouncer… but you’re nothing more than an asshole. Prince Alvin is more of a man than you’ll ever be.

Prince Alvin: *Getting up slowly and feeling future regret for showing off his power; Releasing a burst of fire power at Raul* Inferno Flame!

Raul: *Getting hit by the fire and falling down with burns on him* AHHHHHHH!

Prince Alvin: *Collapsing onto the ground and trying to gather his strength*

Alice: *Tending to Prince Alvin* Hold on… it’ll be okay.

Prince Curtis: *Overhearing the commotion* What the…? *Suddenly running over to see what’s going on and seeing Prince Alvin on the ground beat up* What happened? *Seeing Alice next to Prince Alvin* Alice, What did you do?

Alice: *Offended*What did i do?! I didn’t do anything to him. I am trying to tend to his wounds here… he was beat up. *Looking up to see Prince Curtis* Wait… I know you… Don’t i? You’re Prince Alvin’s brother. Prince Curtis… Right?

Prince Curtis: Yes. i am. And i take it that you’re Alice Cross. the Girl who is known to have no friends and is rather the lonely one. What the heck happened here?

Alice: Raul… he is over there and he is burned. not too badly… but enough to be backing off for a little. But he Literally pounded Prince Alvin good. Prince Curtis… Prince Alvin had to use a little of his ability to knock Raul down a little bit.

Prince Curtis: And that is what i was afraid of. You’re his weakness. Alice, You’re doing what you can to help… but Prince Alvin is being hurt. protecting you. He Loves you. He even lost it a little this morning thinking that you were being made to be done an injustice. You have no idea of how much he has fallen for you. Prince Alvin… he loves you Alice. He’s just guarding his heart right now… but he loves you. it’s only been a day… and yet he has felt such a bond with you that can’t be explained. How are you able to understand him so well when you don’t even know him?

Alice: I don’t know. I guess that last year when i came to school. Prince Alvin’s name was mentioned and i don’t know if i was feeling something… or if i was only playing myself. but when his name got mentioned i felt really fuzzy.  *feeling heartfelt* i always wanted to find someone that was like so strong and with a strong heart. kind… and devoted to life. Protecting everything possible. But the more i thought about it… the more i pulled back. because i figured that if i came to him he’d get close and find out that i was nothing more than some freak. I am a freak. no one cared about me all my life. In school when i was little… i was teased and made to be all alone. i had no one care about me. no one wanted me. i had no friend. through elementary… all through Middle School. there would be parties being held by the class. I always was left out or asked last. just to be the joke. someone who choked on their own smoke. i am a nice person… but i was surrounded by people who couldn’t care less whether i was around or not. But it was since last year when i heard of Prince Alvin that i felt something for him… but was trying to deny it for a long time because i was scared that i would be rejected. that not even he would like me or want me. I was afraid that people who know him would ridicule him and make fun of him and attack him because of me. I didn’t even want to hurt him. *Suddenly breaking down in tears* I have known about him for a year. Read things in the papers and saw a few pictures of him. but i was trying to not think about it. I didn’t want to embarrass him.

Prince Curtis: *Sighs and nods; understanding* I suppose that i can understand that. i am sorry that i came on you a little hard. i guess that i didn’t know how deep it was for you. My girlfriend Megan mentioned about you from just things she had heard about you. saying that you were like all alone… and that you had a father that didn’t even notice you.

Alice: it’s true. he doesn’t. i could be just some stranger to him and he’s never even bothered to ask me anything. He wouldn’t even talk with me or to me.

Prince Alvin: *Groans* Ah… god… that hurt. Prince Curtis, What are you doing here?

Prince Curtis: Here to check on you… i heard that there was a fight breaking here… or one that had. I saw you on the ground here. You alright there, Brother?

Prince Alvin: *Getting up and slowly trying to stand till his strength comes back* Yeah… I’m okay now. Nothing that a little time to take it easy wouldn’t fix.

However while they were talking… Pearl was Walking to her car to get some peace and quiet. She needed time to think about something. She didn’t get to see her boyfriend that morning.  She knew that he was around and would show up, but she believed to have scared him the night before with the chase. She didn’t mean to scare him. But she barely got within a few steps of her car when…

Hawkman: *Landing behind Pearl and Grabbing her; Flying off to Smallville to the Watchtower*

Pearl: *Looking up and seeing Hawkman* What the…? Carter?! What is the meaning of this? Put me down… Why are you snatching me from school?  I am gonna get in trouble, you know?

Hawkman: I am sorry about this, Bubble Maiden. I am sorry. but there is something going on that you need to know about. *Holding on while flying off to Smallville*

Pearl: My name is Pearl… Bubble Maiden is an identity i placed in the back for the time being. i am living a normal life as my grandmother had wanted me to. I don’t even think that this is even funny. What is going on now? Another threat? My grandmother isn’t gonna be happy about this.

Hawkman: I know. this is something that Chloe has been trying to wrap her head around. trying to get the news out to you without it getting to your grandmother. but we would have told you and your sisters. however…

Pearl: You figure that i could keep this a secret till it was time to have it come out into the open.

Hawkman: That’s right. that is exactly what it is… Watchtower has come across something that is of concern.

Pearl: How bad is it?

Hawkman: Well… i can’t really get into it without the proof in front of me… but what i can tell you is that there is another threat on it’s way and it revolves a being who hides under the identity of Scath.

Pearl: Scath?! *Confused* Who’s Scath? Isn’t he… *Gasps* TRIGON THE TERRIBLE! Oh No… You know what? I am gonna be sorry for disobeying my grandmother… but i must find out more about this… Carter… Double time it to the Watchtower, Right now. move… i got to get to the bottom of this. I need to know more about this. I won’t tell my sisters till the time is right, but if it’s something that must be heard and heard now… i have to hear it. then when it’s time… have it told to Paige and Dinah.

Howkman: You got it. Hold on. *Flying onwards to the Watchtower with excess speed*

(Time till the Arrival of Raven.

4 weeks, 5 days, 13 hours, 20 minutes and 15 seconds…. in counting)

Minutes later…

At the New Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at Pearl Coming in* Pearl, I do apologize for bringing you into this in such a underhanded manner…

Pearl: Hey… don’t worry about it. You did what you had to do. it’s not a big deal.

Chloe: Maybe so… but by doing this… i have just gone and went behind your grandmother’s back and went against her wishes.

Pearl: I know. I love my grandmother so much… i am really sorry that i am going with this against her wishes and her beliefs. but as much as she might not like this… and as much as i may regret going behind her back… i must hear this.

Chloe: I understand. What i got is this… An Audio:

Chloe then plays the Audio…

“Voice: Rage shall consume you… You can not escape! 

Sounds of shots being fired…

Female Voice: *Firing a Blast at the target* Azarath Metrion Zinthos!”

Pearl: *Gasps* Oh my god… That’s Raven… That’s Raven of Azarath… That is Raven of Azarath. She’s got to be in trouble…

Chloe: There’s more… i also got this.

Chloe then plays the Next clip and replays the Transmission that came from the girl…

“Transmission: Hello… This is Raven… i am requesting assistance… Time is short. Someone is after me. my Father. Trigon. He is after me. I have managed to Knock him back. but time is running out. He is destined to come back. after me. I am his key to enter Earth. he is gonna stop at nothing to get me. I don’t know if anyone can hear this… but to whoever reads this… please help. *Reading the Satellite’s mind* Rhapsody Girls… Please. Help…”

Pearl: Wait a minute… How is it that she knows us since we have never heard from her before. we never even met her before… I don’t get it… She’s in trouble… but how do we get to her if we don’t even know where she is?

Chloe: I wish i could tell you. but she is in space. many miles away from Earth. she’s still quite a distance from here. But she is getting a bit closer… Closer than what she originally was. It’s gonna be coming to a real reality. Raven is coming to Earth. and she’s gonna be here in less than 5 weeks.  The countdown now… is: “4 weeks, 5 days, 12 hours, 55 minutes and 38 seconds…. in counting”

Pearl: This is not good. What i don’t get is that If Raven knows us… then she must have read the mind of the computer on the Orbiter in space. I mean… the Orbiter in space has a synced linkup to all things that pertain to the Justice League and to us. All the Data that the Watchtower has. So if she knows us… she must have used something called Astral Projection. enter and see into the mind of another including observing their emotions and memories and communicate to the person… but in that case done it to the computer’s main server on the Orbiter. and used it to communicate with you here… and read it’s mind to learn of us.

Chloe: That’s a strong possibility. however… there is something more of haunting revelation… this came in just today. this morning.

Chloe then went to play the Clip…

“A Symbol starts to form and glows…

Voice: *From Space* What you have concealed… you shall become. There is no other choice… there is no escape. Your Destiny will be fulfilled… THE PORTAL MUST BE OPENED!”

Pearl: *Falls back in fright* Whoa! That…. That voice… That couldn’t be…. SCATH!!!! TRIGON!!!! *Freaking out* Oh god… Uh, i don’t think that i want to hear anymore of this… i think that i may have heard more than i would like to hear revolving this matter. That Trigon… Scath… sounds like bad news. he sounds like a total Evil tyrant… that’s worse than what Zod was… Zod at least sounded somewhat human. Infact he was human even though he was only a sheer Vessel or Clone… A shadow. a fragment of his former self. He was Kandorian/Kryptonian.

Chloe: Trigon sounds like he could come to just end the whole planet. Turn the whole planet into a realm of Hell or fiery mayhem.

Carter: That is what concerns us.

Pearl: Raven… She’s the Portal. the Gem that was born of Evil’s fire.

Chloe: *Nods*

Oliver: *Walking in* Pearl…  You now know about this matter… but i am counting on you to not speak of it to Paige, Dinah, Betty or Angel. Not Even to Luna. Till the time is right to bring them in on it, okay? Please. It is deeply important. they must not know a word of it, till we’re all ready to tell it.  we don’t have all the Data on it yet.

Pearl Nodded and understood what Oliver was telling. She agreed to not tell a soul. It was gonna eat at her for a while till it all came out to the others but she was made to swear upon secrecy to not tell a soul of what was said to anyone… not even to the Rhapsody brothers. They wouldn’t believe it if they heard it. As it was… Pearl could hardly believe it herself. However… even though she could hardly believe what she was told of the matter and could barely get her head wrapped around the information speaking of the threat and the terror that it declared to wreak… she concluded it to one irrefutable and solemn fact… The Threat was on its way and her sisters and Cousins had to be ready for it… It was only minutes later when she caught the reality that she had to get back to school. She knew that her sisters would only catch on to the suspicion that she was gone from school and be asking her where it was that she had gone… She asked for a ride back to the school and got there within just a few minutes…

At The Metropolis Publishing depot…

Grandma Rikku: *Looking at her book in the press* Luna… this one book will have us set for 7 years. It’s a gold mine. I write about our family but i see that it’s done upon a positive and enriched light.

Luna: Do you think that it’s a good idea to the girls? They might not like the idea of their secrets being told out to the world like that, Grandma. Not even i would… there are some things that shouldn’t even be out in print for the world to read. What if it’s something that the girls want to forget and don’t want to have reopened?

Grandma Rikku: What do you mean?

Luna: What i mean is that there are secrets that are supposed to be private. like secrets that you possibly have. You wouldn’t want those secrets out for the whole world to catch and read, do you? It’s not that nice. infact it’s practically mean and hurtful. I am sure that you’d be hurt if anyone posted or wrote a book that held within it some secrets that you wouldn’t want to see go out… Wouldn’t you?

Grandma Rikku: You are right about that, Luna. but i am honest at it… there isn’t any demeaning tale about the family here. it’s pure and to the point. if there is anything in it that may come off as crude or mean… i yank it out and scrap it.

Luna: *Sighs* Okay…

Suddenly… as they were monitoring the progress of the book being pressed and published for the world to read… A Creature came in and began to terrorize the whole building. Luna didn’t know what to do…

Grandma Rikku: *Startled* W-wh-what is that thing? *Stepping back and moving back, trying to get away from the Creature* Luna… there is something going on here… isn’t there? There is a creature here that shouldn’t be here… Why?

Luna: I don’t know. I really don’t know. There are no known threats that are said to be approaching. This world’s been peaceful for about a year. over that…

Grandma Rikku: That is good news… but this creature sure isn’t the symbol of good news. This vile cretin doesn’t belong here. Someone should take this thing out.

Luna: If only there were some fighters around to handle this beast.

But seconds later… the creature made a move to attack…

Grandma Rikku: *Getting hit and suddenly Knocked down* AHHHHH!

Luna: *Gasps* Oh no! *Freaks* Grandma… What… What should i do?

Grandma Rikku: I can’t begin to tell you what it is that you should do… but it seems that you still have that power to transform. You’re not normal… but i tried to get you to be that. however with the sight of this Vile creature or whatever it is… It’s no surprise that something is not right. *Scared* How am i to keep you grand kids safe now? *Getting attacked* Ack! AHHHH!

Luna: *With a desperate cry* NOOOO!!! Leave my grandmother alone! LEAVE HER!!!!

Luna couldn’t stand and watch it anymore… she had to do something. She nodded and got out her Cell. She was gonna make a move…

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* … *Doing her Pose*  Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower and the Rhapsody Family… I shall Punish you.

The Creature started Swinging its claws out and began to growl with a fearsome screech… Luna now Sailor Luna once again… stood with a stance and got prepared to fight. She was gonna save and defend her grandmother…

Sailor Luna: You’re a mean monster. hitting an elderly woman… you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

But at the Metropolis high school…

Debate Class…

Paige: I am no good at debating. *thinking in her mind* Wait a minute. i know what debating is. It’s like standing up for something. Discussing an idea or point of View. Giving facts. Declaring power of persuasion and of informative cause.

Mr. Dalton: *Instructing the class* Well Now class… This friday we will be having a class debate. In groups of 2. One will be pro. One will be Con. this weeks Topic: Heroes… Nuisance to the city… or grateful Citizens and welcomed protectors. And for the first Group… *Looking at the list of students on the roster* We’ll have Mrs. Rhapsody and Mrs. Baxter. Mrs. Baxter will be debating on how Heroes are a Nuisance to the City… Mrs. Rhapsody will be debating on how Heroes are grateful citizens and welcomed protectors that the city needs. Which i think will be right up her alley since if i am not mistaken… She’s clearly one of them. *Looking at Paige with a graced expression* Isn’t that right, Paige?

Paige: What are you talking about? I don’t have any powers… And the fact that you think i do and are assuming that i do… i am kinda finding that to be a bit insulting.

Mr. Dalton: But you do… you think that i don’t know about the identity you seem to hide. i know. the year before last…  i saw you and your sisters all transforming. i heard all about it from Mrs. McKinley before she passed on. She died due to a heart attack from all the fighting that went on in the city. above the one building. some of the blasts came and whizzed by her and gave her such a fright that she literally keeled over and dropped dead upon the spot.

Paige: *Scoffs and Standing up* Excuse me… I don’t remember asking for a trial of having an identity that is more than my own… I am not a suspect. and i for one am not pleased with being treated like i am the one who is of guilt. I don’t have any powers. You can see that i don’t. Plus… even if i had the powers… they don’t get used to destroy things. they are used to a good cause and for a good reason. nothing more.

Mr. Dalton: You are trying to hide it. You want to hide it. good luck. i for one have no sympathy for heroes. I believe that you don’t have them as you say… but you better not be trying anything… because i am watching you.

Paige: Why are you attacking me? What the hell have i ever done to piss you off anyway?

Mr. Dalton: Nothing. Look… whatever i might have said… it doesn’t matter. I just am not all that fond of superheroes is all. I myself haven’t seen them do much of any good. all they are is a hindrance. but there are others who seem to like them being around. I am not gonna be faulting you or anyone who may like them… but just don’t be trying to persuade me to show much trust in them. because it’s only gonna be a waste. I have caught on that the heroes… whoever they are got rid of the Threat that called himself General Zod. i won’t forget that. but as for trusting them in whole for who they are…. It’s not gonna happen.

Paige: *Sighs* … *Rolling her eyes and thinking to herself; speaking in her minf* Oh good grief… Give me a break. This guy is so Egotistical.

In Cooking class…

Pearl: *Running in* Sorry i’m late Mrs. Grant. *Catching her breath* I Dozed off in my car and lost track of time. I’m really sorry.

Mrs. Grant: *Looking at Pearl* Dear Child… Slow down. It’s okay. it’s not a problem. You’re not in trouble. We were only watching a film on baking cakes… You missed it. but you can just stay after and grab that chance to watch the film. it’s okay. i’m usually always here during 4th period anyway.

Pearl: *Nods* okay. *feeling grateful* Thank you. *Heading over to take her seat*

Classmate: *Looking to see Pearl coming* Hey… You’re late. What happened to you? You sick or something?

Pearl: No… just nearly forgot the time and almost skipped class. I can’t believe that i did that.

Classmate: Hey, Don’t sweat it. It happens. besides… i got a ride of my own and i actually came close to doing the same in my ride. I drive a 2005 Chevy Nomad.  What about you?

Pearl: I drive a 2011 Toyota Camry. it’s not really spacious and that… but it’s really reliable in getting me to where i need to go. Of course i kinda came close to nearly causing the car to flip last night going after these Thieves that managed to rob the Jewelry store. Dinah was in the car with me. as was my boyfriend Jack Frost and Dinah’s love Shingo. I kinda feel bad about that as i think that i scared them a bit trying to go after the bad crooks. I lost them but it still didn’t make me feel good knowing that i nearly scared my boyfriend.

Classmate: Whoa! Are you serious? Wow! That’s thrilling.

Pearl: It is… but really scary. *With a bit on her mind that she didn’t know what to feel*

Photo of Dana Davis from Raise Your Voice (2004)

Classmate: *Noticing something going on with Pearl* Hey… girl, You feeling okay there? You’re looking like you’re about to keel over.

Pearl: *Shaking off the feeling* Huh?! yeah… i’m fine. Just had something on my mind is all.

Classmate: Like what? An Psychological attack? I just hope that you’re feeling okay there… i mean. seriously… I know that we are not all that close and all, but i worry about you.

Pearl: Kinda like Dinah, my sister. She is pretty worried about me at times… i am like the baby of the trio. Paige and Dinah are like more experienced with life… not like i am. But I have matured a bit.

Classmate: I am sure that you have. by the way you’re talking and acting.  I think that you’re one of a kind. You know… i have to come out with it. For a pretty white girly girl… you’re entertaining and rather pleasant. I’m Star Hall. Quirky, Stunning and very fashion trendy… just don’t ask me for a guided tour of my zany fashion choices. *Chuckles* What about you? Who are you?

Pearl: I’m Pearl. Pearl Rhapsody. I’m sensitive and fully in tune with the goodness in the human nature… fashion trendy and sweet to all. Family Oriented and Family devoted… Good natured all the way. Just don’t twist my arm on questioning my good nature.

Star: *Laughs a little* Good Lord, you’re a total trip.. but i like that… i can totally respect the devotion to family. I’m like that too. In fact that i am an only child. but with just my mom and me being around the house and all. She likes it.  My mom and i are like tight. really tight. we do everything together.

Pearl: *Feeling a little sad* That’s sweet. I wish i would have that with my mother. But i can’t.

Star: Why not? You dealing with a little too much Teenage Angst?

Pearl: No… It’s not that. The reason i can’t do that with my mom is because she’s dead. She died the year before last.

Star: *Sighs feeling bad for Pearl* Hey… Look, I’m sorry to hear that about your mother. If you don’t mind much my asking… how did she die?

Pearl: Murder. She was Murdered. by someone with a Evil heart.

Star: Who?

Pearl: General Zod.

Star: *Shocked* Huh?! you’re kidding me right. a evil man with the power trip persona killed your mother? What for?

Pearl: To Cripple me and my sisters. He did it to hurt us. He’s taken so much from us that it hurts even still. My sisters have moved on and aren’t grieving. i am too. but the memories are always gonna remain…

Star: I feel sorry for you on that one. I wouldn’t know what to do if i lost my mother. besides she’s all i got. My father left me and my mother when i was like 5. It wasn’t like i would miss him. I mean that my mom told me of the cruel things that he’d do and was also being beat by him. She once caught him with another woman and when he got confronted about it… He lost it and beat her good. not to a bloody mess. but smacked her with a good several dozen slaps and that is just enough to sign in for a violent ending. he tried to pull a gun on her and without thinking as he got really confused and everything… that poor bastard gave himself the ax and shot himself in the head. Talk about a lame ass way to die. By sheer human error and clear stupidity. my father was so stupid that he was about 3 burgers short of a six-pack.

Pearl: *Laughs* That’s not very nice to say that about your father, you know. but that last line was pretty funny.

Star: You like that huh? That’s good. But don’t be asking for an encore. i don’t do that on a switch. What say we get back to work? after class we can hang out and talk fashion. I got some weird Jewels that are so out of this world. It’s nuts.

Pearl: Sure… That sounds like fun.

Star: It’s a date. *Winks*

Of course still at the Metropolis Publishing center…

Sailor Luna: *Kissing her wand before swinging it around* Mwah! *Swinging her Wand* Vroom… Vroom… Vroom! *Leaping up and seeing her wand turn into a net and suddenly nets the creature to trap it* Tee Hee! Gotcha… that’ll hold you off quite a bit. *With her wand back in her hand again* ha! *Launching an attack at the Creature* Luna… SUGAR DRILL!

A minute later, the creature vanished into thin air and was defeated. It was dead…

Sailor Luna: *Looking at her grandmother* Are you okay, Grandma?

Grandma Rikku: Yeah… *Getting up slowly* I think so… but what in the heavens was that thing? What on earth was it doing here anyway?

Sailor Luna: I have no idea. i wish i knew. but whatever it was… it’s gone now. i got rid of it.

Grandma Rikku: I know. I am really thankful that you did that. I just can’t believe that the creature was targeting this spot.

Sailor Luna: same here… what i don’t get is where did it come from and why? It was of fire. Fire and the weird thing is… it didn’t set anything on fire. it was as if… it was just here to mainly scare.

Grandma Rikku: Well it get’s an “A+” for that. It definitely scared me. I am just grateful that it was trashed and sent away. *Dusting herself off* I ought to give it my dry cleaning bill. It ruined my nice blouse. this Skirt is of silk.

Sailor Luna: That can be replaced. your life can’t. But you’re still looking better fit for the wear. What say that we just go home and wait for the girls to come home from school. They’ll be home in about a couple of hours.

Grandma Rikku: Right. And of course i signed Dinah up for weekend Driver’s ed Classes. She’s also gonna be getting a truck to drive. My sister Jan Works at the dealership and has given me the truck for Dinah. Dinah’s gonna be driving. soon. It is a 3 week course. 3 Weekends and at the 3rd weekend. They’ll give her a test. A driver’s test and if she passes which i am confident she will. She’ll be Driving. A Driver. Then all that is needed is Paige. But She’ll drive when she’s good and ready.

Sailor Luna: You’re forcing them to Mature way too fast. They still have a way to go before they’re ready to reach for adulthood…

Grandma Rikku: I know… but it’s just that they’re in need of a normal life more than ever. anything to see that they never go back to the hero business. i don’t want them in it anymore. I lost my two Daughters. that was painful enough… but if i have to lose my Granddaughters too as well… *Scoffs* You might as well just kill me.

Sailor Luna: Stop saying stuff like that.

Luna then transformed back to normal and walked out of the building with her grandmother. They got into the car and made it over to their home. to wait for the girls to get home. It was getting cold out and alot of things were bound to take flight. soon… What they didn’t know was that the Mysterious girl was now closer to Earth than she was before…

In Space…

Raven: *Flying onwards to Earth* I Must get to Earth. I need to reach Earth before it’s too late.

Trigon: *Voice* It is already too late, my daughter. You were born to release me onto the Earth… you may prolong it as long as you wish… but it will happen still. There is no escape from what you are destined to do. Your destiny shall be fulfilled. What you have concealed… you are to become. You don’t have any other choice…

Raven: *Flying off faster in hopes of diverting Trigon away from Earth for a bit longer time*

At the Metropolis High School…

that afternoon in the Parking lot…

Pearl: *Meeting back up with her sisters* Dinah, Paige… How was your day?

Paige: *Feeling a little cross* … Don’t ask. I don’t even want to talk about it.

Dinah: *shaking off the fright of almost burning herself with the Chemicals in science class*

Pearl: Looks like you two had a little hell. What happened to you, Paige?

Paige: I don’t want to talk about it. It’s nothing that i want to ever relive.

Pearl: What are you even talking about, Paige?

Dinah: Trust me… Pearl, You don’t want to know. trust me. you don’t want to know. But the least of your troubles is that her Debate teacher… ruffled her feathers a bit and she’s not a real happy camper.

Pearl: *Curious* You’re kidding… What did the Debate teacher say?

Paige: Well… you know how my Debate class is taught by a Mr. Dalton… right?

Pearl: Sure. i heard about that…

Paige: *Walking to the car* He tried to expose my identity to the class.

Pearl: *Walking over to Paige and making way to the driver’s door* Your Identity? You mean…?

Paige: Yeah…  you can say it. you know what i am getting at. He knows about my superhero identity.

Dinah: Are you kidding? You didn’t let it out… did you? Grandma is not gonna be all the more pleased if she were to catch on to the idea that we let out our powers. besides… our power belts are at home in our room. We haven’t worn them in almost a year. We practically feel naked without the belts.

Pearl: *Shivers hearing that term being spoken* Ewwww! that is gross… the way that you said that.

Paige: Try being with a teacher who has no trust or respect for the heroes.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Oh yeah… you think that’s bad? Well… from what i heard in my last class… Math. i heard that Prince Alvin got the hammy’s beat out of him by some bully named Raul. Raul is told to be like this bouncer.

Pearl: *Pauses* A What?! *Stopping to turn and face Dinah* A Bouncer… here?

Dinah: You better bet your sensitive butt that there is a Bouncer attending this school. Raul Barnum the Spanish-Brit Teen… He is a royal class “A” Scum of the Earth. From what some girls were saying as i was passing by and getting over to my 3rd period class… He literally had came close to putting a  few people in the hospital. It got like that in 4 of his other schools. each of them… from what i heard the Hall way chattering gum Girls say was that each case was hushed because they were so terrified of him. they just wanted to get rid of him. They refused to even put up with him. They figured that if they could just get rid of him… he’d be someone else’s problem. and each time he got passed off to the next school to be someone else’s dilemma.

Pearl: How about our Cousin… Is he okay?

Dinah: *Sighs and opening the passenger door* Oh yeah… he’s fine… he’ll live. that’s for sure. It gets a little sweet though… you will not believe who was there to tend to him. being by his side…

Paige: Who? *Curious*

Dinah: That girl we heard to be one with no friends…

Pearl: *Astonished* Alice Cross?! You’re kidding? Oh god. You mean that… *holding a pause for a punchline*

A minute later…

Dinah: It’s true… Alice and Prince Alvin are a pair now. He loves her.

Paige: *Gasps* Oh my god… That’s really sweet. It’s compelling

Pearl: *Starting the car* I am happy for them. i really am. Prince Alvin does deserve his shot of a romance. Just because we have a love… doesn’t mean that he should be kept from having the same.

Dinah: Amen to that, Pearl. I agree.

But by the front gates…

Prince Alvin: *With his girlfriend* Alice, I was thinking that maybe we could go on a date tonight.

Alice: *Gasps* What?! Oh my… *Blushes and getting fuzzy* That’d be wonderful.  I’d love to.

Prince Avery: I found myself a Sweetheart today… but i don’t think she’s taken to my charms yet.

Prince Arnold: Don’t be trying to play with a girls mind and heart. If you love her that’s fine. But if you are just trying to play… let it go.

Prince Curtis: I’m gonna be going to Megan’s house for dinner tonight and be meeting her parents.

Prince Alvin: That’s good for you, Brother. I am happy for you. Just be sure that you don’t over shoot. Play it cool. Let them like you for you.

Prince Curtis: Not for who i’m not. I got it. Thanks for the tip, Brother. I would say Captain… but your fond looking girl might not be too comfortable hearing that… just yet.

Alice: It’s okay to call him Captain. I already know about him and about you guys. He kinda told me about you guys briefly. *Seeing unsettled Expressions* Don’t worry. I’m not gonna say anything to anyone here about you guys. Your secrets are safe with me. besides, even if i did say something. No one would believe me anyway. I think that Raul made sure of that.

Prince Alvin: Don’t worry about that, brothers… it’s fine. If our secret does come out, it’ll be alright. It’s not like anyone will frown as they all have followed the tales and the stories in the papers about us. About the Rhapsody Girls as well. It’s not a mystery as to who we are and who they think we might be.

Prince Curtis: Good point. *Looking to see Megan coming* Megan’s here.

Prince Avery: *Looking to the side* Hey there. Heard about the Dinner date between you and our brother. pretty smooth i’d say. Should we be expecting the dinner bell to chime soon?

Prince Alvin: Prince Avery… stop it. This is none of our business. It’s between them. It’s a huge step for Prince Curtis. Because he’s gonna be meeting Megan’s parents and he has to be well presentable and ready. anything could go wrong and it could cost him the chance of being with Megan if it all fails. This is important to him. Let them talk it over a little.

Megan: *Smiles as she overhears the remark* Thank you, Prince Alvin.

Prince Alvin: No prob.

Prince Alvin then left to take Alice home to her place while the others spoke. They must have been there for about a half hour talking. But during that time Prince Avery and Prince Arnold made way home. Prince Curtis stayed with Megan and spoke about the Dinner with her family that night. It was gonna be hard as it was the dinner that was gonna be the one that sealed the fate of his and Megan’s Relationship. He knew it and he was scared about it as he thought about how it could possibly fall apart. He didn’t know what to expect. Neither Did Megan…

Prince Curtis: *Thinking about that night* Megan, You sure that your parents are okay with me coming over tonight?

Megan: Of course… I told them that i was thinking about having a friend over for dinner with the family. the friend meaning you. but that is where i’ll drop the bombshell on them about us. the truth.

Prince Curtis:  You think it’ll work? I mean… don’t count me being like a chicken or nothing. but from what you told me about them… they’re not idiots. they’re smart as a professor. they’ll know what’s what.

Megan: *Chuckles* That’s charming of you to say that. and you’re right. they’ll know what’s going on. but as long as we don’t give it away before we tell them… it’ll be alright. we want to drop the bomb on them gently. because this is gonna be a really big change for them and they’re gonna be witnessing that their girl is growing up and experiencing life for herself. their girl… meaning me.

Prince Curtis: My pops already knows about you and from what he knows about you as i had told him… he likes you alot. He’s quite fond of you. He wouldn’t even mind to get that shot to meet you officially.

Megan:  *Touched* Awwww!

Prince Curtis: It’s all good though. really. Because in my pops eye’s… if we like someone and are close… plus truly comfortable with someone… he is too. and if we’re not… he shows that he sires to help mend the issue and keep the peace. He’s a very peaceful person. But when you threaten him or anyone in his family… you might consider barricading from his sight. because he will come off with a tangent. He’s not violent. just very well regarded around family.

Megan: Sounds like a golden heart.

Prince Curtis: You could say that…. he does have moments to where he’s a little mean… but he hardly ever means it when he’s mean. he just is acting out. Which we’re no different because we also act out too.

Megan:  i guess.

Prince Curtis: But, seriously… When do we expect for the Dinner bell to be chiming off?

Megan: 5:45.

Prince Curtis: A Quarter to 6. Sounds like a perfect time to enjoy dinner.

Megan: Yeah. *Seeing her Brother Drake Walk over* My brother’s here.

Prince Curtis: He is?

Megan: *Nods*

Drake: *Looking at his sister* Hey Megan, You ready to go home?

Megan: Of course. been ready.

Drake: *Seeing Prince Curtis standing aside* Hey man, What’s up? I heard that you and my sister were seeing a lot of one another.

Prince Curtis: You bet. *Acting casual* I haven’t seen you at the Fundraiser that Oliver Queen held last year. Megan told me about your near death incident facing a Kandorian. I’m sorry that you had to cross with that.

Drake: Yeah… that wasn’t pretty. i mean… that guy came out of nowhere. Right in the middle of a gig i was doing too. i lost the record deal that night because of that Kandorian. He ruined it.

Prince Curtis: Well… they’re all gone now. My Cousins took care of the army. Actually we all did. well… all accept for me. I was brutally beat. i healed up pretty well and got back to normal.

Drake: That’s good.

Prince Curtis: Yeah… i still have the battle scars from it though. that’s what i have. those won’t ever leave. but… it’s just a reminder to let me know that i was there and lived it. i am lucky. i survived and was granted the privilege to tell the tale. Not all that much fun to retell of the almost end of me. *Thinking* You know… Megan told me that you’re a singer. A guitar player. That’s pretty Cool. Really.

Drake: Thanks man. Since you’re gonna be by our place for tonight’s Dinner… Maybe if our mom and pop are okay with it… i’ll play something.

Prince Curtis: Sounds like a date. I’d be fine with that.

Drake: So… uh, See you around… like maybe 5.

Prince Curtis: You bet.

At Grandma Rikku’s House…

in the Girl’s bedroom…

Paige: *Looking at her homework* I can’t believe it though… The teacher was trying to shake a confession out of me. Expose my secret.

Pearl: You’re not gonna dwell on that, Are you Paige? Some people don’t like heroes. There is nothing that we can do about it. we can’t very well change their minds. The people in school all have mixed opinions about them. It’s their right.

Dinah: Maybe so… but it doesn’t set them with the right to try and sniff for a breadcrumb or a morsel of secrecy. a clue to something that isn’t there. or something that is there but is positively none of their business.

Paige: Yeah. I mean… Hello, We have an alter personality. that isn’t a secret. I mean… look at our belts. is it that hard to tell that we’re with abilities. I tried to cover it up and tell off my Debate teacher. But he is so convinced that i am a super and i have powers inside school that he’s willing and dead set on betting his own career on the indignation.

Pearl: Well…That is one thing. but my classes didn’t even suspect anything. They just saw as though i was a sensitive girl and nothing more than that.

Dinah: *Not getting it* Why would they be after us sniffing out that we got an ability and not you… You’re one of us. Pearl, You are one of us.  Why couldn’t they detect it on you but were able to detect it on us?

Pearl: I Don’t know. However i’m gonna be doing my homework then heading out somewhere. I met someone in Cooking class today. Yeah… the school gave me a cooking class and in class today i met a black girl. She is really nice. Really bright too. She’s had this Bracelet on her that looked really dark. Kinda like a spiked bracelet. but it was red and or pink.

Paige: *Surprised* Really? That’s nice. It’s good that you’re meeting a new friend. It’s good that she’s nice also. What’s her name?

Pearl: Star Hall. She’s truly into fashion.

Dinah: What about Sports? She into that?

Pearl: Not sure. but i can ask. What about you, Paige? Did you meet anyone?

Paige: No. But i did meet that guy again. and i opened up to him. He likes me. Alot. He even tried to really flirt with me.

Pearl and Dinah: *feeling happy* Awwww! That’s cute!

Paige: I know.

Pearl: You’re now in love. When are we gonna finally meet this nice looking boy of yours? He’s probably a real sweetheart.

Dinah: Someone who’s got a bit of muscle and endurance. He better be able to keep you out of harm’s way.

Paige: He likes me. i am sure that he’s got it in the bag. *Blushes a little*

A minute later…

Pearl: *Sitting down* What about Luna, guys? She starts School tomorrow.

Dinah: *Realizing* Oh yeah… that’s right. School is tomorrow for her. She is gonna be in a bit of a panic and is terrified over it. I saw her watching T.V on my way up here and she Looked rattled about something. I kinda tried to ask her what was wrong and she wouldn’t say what it was. but she sure looked like she saw a ghost.

Pearl: I’ll take her with me when i go and see the girl. Maybe i can calm her down. It’s worth a try… Right?

Paige: *Thinking about something* Now that we are thinking about it and everything… Grandma also looked as though she was a bit rattled about something.

Dinah: You know, Paige… You’re right. Grandma did look a bit rattled too. She didn’t really say much when we came home. She was just as silent as Luna was.

Pearl: Do you think that Shanna might know about what happened?

Paige: Shanna is at work. She is hardly ever home anymore. She’s mostly gone at work. Ever since she took two jobs… she got more busy and more distant from the house here.

Dinah: What about Betty and Angel?

Paige: They’re pretty close to us still. they are more home than anything else. But i did manage to overhear Betty chanting something this morning as i was getting ready for school. I was still partly asleep so i thought that i was just dreaming or hearing things. but i heard her chant something… Like a trance or incantation.

Pearl: You’re kidding!… You sure? What was she saying?

Paige: Something dark. *Trying to remember* “The Gem was born…”

Dinah: *Recognizing the seance* Pause that! Don’t you even think about saying it. I just got my life in normal standing now… it’s back to normal and i am right now able to embellish a normal lifestyle. Maybe do some normal fighting. and Go for a wrestling career in the future. But to re-embark on the lane of Superhero ecstasy? Forget it. if a threat is coming… fine. I’ll face it and fight. But to be under paranoia and be all heave-ho on the matter. no. i’m declaring Switzerland.

Minutes later…

in the Living Room…

Grandma Rikku: *Looking at the T.V* I can’t believe that happened. i feel so spooked.

Luna: So do i. Even though i got rid of it… it still scares me.

Paige: *Coming down from upstairs* Hey Grandma, What’s with the silence?

Pearl: It’s too quiet here. Did something happen here that we should know about?

Dinah: *Looking to see their grandmother looking spooked* Uh, Grandma… are you feeling alright? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.

Grandma Rikku: *Looking up and turning to see Paige, Pearl and Dinah in the room* Hey girls… How was school?

Paige: It was good. well… for the most part. Except for the part where my Debate teacher was trying to press for me to expose my supposed super powers. which i so… do not have.

Pearl: Exactly. Plus i made a friend in cooking class. The cooking class is really nice. it’s fun and i get to be creative a little bit.

Dinah: That is nothing compared to the part where i nearly got burned by the chemicals in Science class.

Grandma Rikku: *Shooting up in demanding Tone* What was that about the Teacher trying to press you to expose your superhero form?

Paige: He was trying to force me to reveal the powers that i don’t even have.

Grandma Rikku: Well… don’t worry. I’m gonna be dealing with that tomorrow for you. You’re normal and that’s just how you’re gonna stay. If the teacher wants to get under your skin with claiming you to be a hero… he better just save his breath.

Paige: Okay. *Smiles and chuckles* Thanks Grandma.

Pearl: I Met a new friend in school. in class.

Grandma Rikku: You did? *Curious* Who did you meat, Pearl?

Pearl: A girl. Star Hall. She’s very nice. She’s into fashion.

Grandma Rikku: That’s great, Pearl. I am happy to hear that you’ve made a friend. You should always have a friend to talk to. School isn’t really any fun when you’ve got no friends to hang with or talk to.

Dinah: You mean… Like our mother. She went through life with no friends in school. You don’t want to see the same thing happen to us. That’s why you are so into seeing that we are normal and given a chance at being normal. with a normal life and being with friends if possible.

Grandma Rikku: That’s exactly how it is. I just want you girls to be safe. And About the part where you said that you nearly got burned by the chemicals in Science class… i am sorry to hear that. You should talk with the teacher about it. Has she been told about it?

Dinah: She has. She’s assigning a lab partner for me to see to it that it never happens again. Probably to size me up a bit. but I don’t really care. Just as long as it’s keeping me from burning myself again. I kinda made a sappy scene in there too… Just don’t ask me to repeat it.

Grandma Rikku: You made a sappy scene in Science class? No way. You are the toughest girl there is, Dinah.

Raven: *Voice* Come on… Don’t lose control of your emotions.

Pearl: *Pauses* What?! What was that… Did you girls hear that?

Paige: Yeah… i did… You don’t think that it could have been…

Dinah: Nah… no. it couldn’t be. it just couldn’t be.

Pearl: That was…

Paige: No… No way. we’re not gonna say it. We are not going back into the business. no. no way. No way in you know what are we gonna be pulled into a life that revolves us not having a choice.

Grandma Rikku: I am not even gonna ask what that was about.

Pearl was already done with her homework and She was already with plans to see her friend that she met in class that day. She wanted to spend some quality sister time with her sister Luna and hang with her before the day where Luna would officially start school. Pearl was sensing that Luna was still scared a bit over the idea that she would have to go to school… She walked out to her car and had Luna come along with her.

On the way to her friend’s house…

Pearl: *Driving* Luna, I feel really strange that something is coming and i can’t even reveal it to anyone. all because of some promise. I don’t know if i can keep this secret that i seem to have. But in all sense of reality, Luna… you are gonna be in school tomorrow. I have been thinking about it all day. so far and while i slept on it… all i could think about is how to help you.

Luna: I know. *Looking out the window and buckled in* I can’t believe that grandma is making me do this. i don’t want to go to school. All the kids there will just make fun of me because of my tail. My tail is a dead give away.

Pearl: So… You categorize yourself to be seen as a freak of nature. Right? You know, that is starting to hurt me hearing you speak like that. You are not a freak, Luna. You’re not like that at all. I mean that… there is no way that you could be one. Think about it. You’re no more a freak than i am. I am possibly a freak too. I mean…  how many girls do you know have a disposition of wearing belts around their waists all the time and walking all over the city? Try none. Luna… You’re gonna be fine. Remember that i told you that if anything were to happen and you were facing trouble that you could send out a call to me and i’d be on the way? I did say that to you.

Luna: I remember.

Pearl: It will be okay. i promise you it’ll be fine. i may be not quite an adult… but i am an older sister and will be there for you, Luna. we all will. You know that we will. Sisters stick together all the time and that will never change.

Luna: *Smiles*

Pearl: You’ll be okay.

Luna: *Sighs and feeling relieved*

A minute later…

Pearl: We’re gonna be stopping at my friend’s place. She’s a really nice girl. She’s quirky and very trendy.

Luna: She is?

Pearl: Oh yeah. She’s very much into fashion.

Luna: What’s her name?

Pearl: Star Hall.

Luna: That’s a wonderful name.

However… At 5 in the evening…

at Megan Hart’s house…

Prince Curtis: *Gulps and Knocks on the front door*  Well… here we go.

The Door then opens to reveal Megan’s brother Drake…

Drake: *Looking at Prince Curtis* Hello there. you’re here. Megan’s in the shower and is getting cleaned up. But come on inside and wait for her in the living room. She’ll be out soon. Care for a drink to cool off a bit, Man?

Prince Curtis: Anything carbonated will be fine. really.

Prince Curtis then walked inside and went right to the living room. He was nervous and felt really shook over being in his girlfriend’s house for he knew that it was gonna be a important night. not like any of the other nights. or going for the girl. But this was the night that could make or break the relationship and he was nervous. He began to sweat as he knew that it would be a matter of time before the parents arrived. He just sat there on the couch in the living room as he waited. he waited for his girlfriend and sat there patiently. Until suddenly…

Megan: *Coming up from behind Prince Curtis and covering his eyes* Guess who?

Prince Curtis: Hey Megan. What’s up?

Megan: Nothing. Just looking forward to being able to introduce you to my parents and dropping the bombshell on them about us.

Prince Curtis: I’m a Little Nervous. I mean, it’s one thing to be a love to someone who’s got parents with certain standards. but it’s something else when the boyfriend is living with the uncertainty of whether the parents will like him or count him to being an undesirable. That’s what shakes me. Because if something goes wrong and they decide that they don’t like me. i might lose you and that is what scares me more than ever. I don’t want to lose you, Megan. i really don’t want to lose you. *Nervous and trying to remain calm*

Megan: It’s gonna be okay. They’ll like you. They’re in the kitchen right now. Cooking Dinner. It’s good. I think that it’s Italian or Irish.

Prince Curtis: Italian? Pasta?! That sounds good. i’ll settle for anything… but i am still beyond nervous about the part where they might not like me. i am really shaken up.

Megan: Don’t worry so much about my parents liking you or not liking you. You’re my guy. You are my guy and i love you. You’re gonna be okay.

In the Kitchen…

Joanna: *Cooking* Who is that guy in the living room? Is he a friend of Megan’s?

Sam: I think so. Drake told us he was and So did Megan. She mentioned that he was like a special friend to her. She did look as though she was blushing when she was mentioning him. I don’t think that he’s a bad looking guy. He actually looks endearing presentable and very magnificent in the appearance. the face he’s got is really Angel perfect. The perfect look. Although… it’s just a guess.

Joanna: *Cooking* He seems to be different than the others that Megan usually talks about or sees. Who did she say he was again?

Sam: Prince Curtis Rhapsody. She said something about him being one of the 4 boys known as the Rhapsody Brothers.

Joanna: The Superhero team?

Drake: He’s not bad, Mom. He’s actually pretty cool. I saw him with Megan when i came to pick her up. He’s kind and a real gentleman. I like him myself. I don’t think it matters if he’s a Rhapsody Brother or not. He’s got to be okay in our book. i mean. He’s a real good friend to Megan. Megan seems to like him alot as a very close friend. They talk with each other alot.

Joanna: Well… i guess that he will be okay. If Megan really does happen to like him.

Drake: *Grabbing a Drink and taking it out to Prince Curtis* Give him a chance mom. He’s a rad looking guy.

A second later…

In the Living room…

Prince Curtis: I Just hope that my brother Prince Alvin is okay on his first date. Tonight is his first date with Alice.

Megan: It is?!

Prince Curtis: Of course… *Pauses; Looking at Megan* What? You mean that you didn’t know?

Megan: No. I didn’t. I guess that from how things sound… they hit it off great.

Prince Curtis: You set them up… i can tell. you’re like a matchmaker. But as much as i would like to give you credit for doing that… i can’t give you total credit. Alice… actually had feelings for him for a whole year, but she was trying to not act out with the feelings because she didn’t want to hurt him or embarrass him in anyway. that is by far true devotion. She loves him.

Megan: She does? Does he feel the same for her?

Prince Curtis: He does. At first he was trying to deny it and only scoop with just eyeing her like she was lady Liberty.  He even mentioned that he tried to show his powers and try to ward her off… but couldn’t. He said that she still took to him like a love magnet. She was still into him.

Megan: You’re kidding? He tried to ward her off and still fell for her? I think that the heart was too strong for him. it felt something stronger than his ability to ward her off. Because why… because he was scared.

Prince Curtis: Yeah. that is one possible reason as to why he was trying to ward her off. he most of the time is a fighter and trains most of the time. it’s all he knows because he has been feeling as though no girl would like him if they really knew what he was. I know him as my brother. Prince Arnold and Prince Avery also know him as a brother. we also see him as a captain. because since we were like 11… we had to deal with threats and monsters and the sort. through each one… he led us to victory. He would never settle for anything less. That’s why we follow him and go by his lead when there is something going on. even if there were times that we were to sense it first… we wouldn’t ever execute till he gave the command. if he said fallback. we did it. if he said to attack and fire at will… we did. we did that. He was always on top of his game.

Megan: But why was he always so guarded when it came to romance?

Prince Curtis:  I don’t know. I guess that it’s because he always felt that if he happened to get close to a girl and something were to happen to the girl because of him… he’d be beating himself up hard over it. He always had that thing about him that if he stayed away from romance and away from getting close to a girl… he wouldn’t have to worry about it being his fault if anything happened to the girl. He didn’t want to be the cause for the girl to be hurt. which is like protecting the one he would feel something for from getting hurt at all.

Megan: Wow! that’s deep. really deep, Prince Curtis. how does he ever find happiness from all that strife?

Prince Curtis: He finds happiness in seeing that we are happy and seeing that our cousins are happy too…

(Time till the Arrival of Raven.

4 weeks, 5 days, 6 hours, 30 minutes and 28 seconds…. in counting)

A minute later…

Drake: *Coming out with a couple of drinks* You two okay? Dinner is almost ready. Mom and dad are just finishing the last parts of making it. They’re making Risotto Linguine with Organic mushrooms and meat sauce. A new dish. They also have Dinner rolls made too. not like the store bought. but made from scratch. Nice ring to it. *Handing a drink to Prince Curtis* here’s some grape Shasta. It’s good.

Prince Curtis: *Grabbing the glass gently and nods* Thanks.

Megan: Drake, What do mom and dad think about him?

Drake: Well… they’re with mixed feelings about him. they are overall just relieved and happy that you’re with someone that you’re close to and are happy. but they are mixed with what to really think about him. Mom is unsure on the part where he’s part of the superhero persuasion. Not that it’s bad. It’s just that she doesn’t seem to like much of the superheroes. it’s not that she thinks him as bad. it’s just in general. Dad knows about him from hearing you talking about him and he’s fine with it. he’s actually open to it. i am too. i always have been to be quite frank on the whole idea. i rather like it.

Prince Curtis: *Smiles and feeling open a bit* that is good. But i am just hoping that i make a good impression around her and it goes well.

Drake: It will. i am sure that she’s gonna like you.

Megan: *Nods*

Minutes later the call for dinner was started and it was time for everyone to get to the Dining room Table. It was gonna be a wonderful moment or a defining one that would bring an unavoidable end to the relationship. Prince Curtis went to the table and sat next to Megan. and on the side… there was Megan’s Brother Drake, then across the table there was Josh.  Megan’s step father and her mother.

Megan: *Clearing her throat a little* Mom… Dad there is something that you need to know.

Joanna: Really? What is it, Megan? Is something wrong, dear?

Megan: Well… You know Prince Curtis is my friend, Right?

Joanna: Yeah. we know. we heard that he’s one of the 4 boys too. you’re really close to him and that’s nice seeing you happy. that’s all we want. seeing that you’re happy. happy and okay. Why?

Prince Curtis: *Acting casual*

Megan: Uh, there is more to it than that… you see… He’s not just my close friend. He’s also… my boyfriend.

Joanna: What? Oh god. You’re kidding? Really? That’s wonderful. Dear… why didn’t you tell us? you were so close to him and never told us about him being your boyfriend. Did you believe that we would be disagreeing with the idea of you having a boyfriend like him? Megan…You don’t have to be ashamed of telling us that you have a boyfriend.

Sam: *Looking at Prince Curtis* Don’t be so silent there… you can speak up. besides… it’s okay to chat around. Tell us about yourself… What’re you like? What’s your family like?

Prince Curtis: Well… my family is full of supers. not something that i would like to boast about and get all preaching bringing it up… but My father is King John Rhapsody. He’s the hero that you might have heard in the past. ElectricMind.

Drake: Yeah… i have heard about him. He was said to be this guy who taught himself how to cook, clean and fight. He was like a man of his own…

Prince Curtis: *Nods* That is true.. he was. He told me that he had done those things. he grew up also and at 15 he was said to have done the Thanksgiving dinner all on his own. With no help. but when he got wed to a Tamaranian Princess… he became Lord Electricmind. He is really built on family beliefs and regards family highly. My Mother or Step mother either way you want to look into it… or at it… is Starfire. She’s very confused to Earthly customs and still is trying to get a better handle of it all.

Megan: So… She’s like the stranger to the world and is trying to come to terms as to how things are here… on Earth. She’ll get a hang of it… won’t she?

Prince Curtis: Oh yeah… She’s learning things everyday about the way the world works and how people are.

Joanna: She’ll be okay. it just takes time to understand how things run here.

Sam: What about your brothers?

Prince Curtis: There are my brothers… The Rhapsody Brothers. i am one of them…

Megan: There are 3 brother to Prince Curtis. Prince Alvin… Prince Arnold and Prince Avery.

Prince Curtis: That’s right. there is Prince Alvin… He is the captain of the Rhapsody Brothers. He leads his brothers… like me, Prince Arnold and Prince Avery like a pack of wolves. we Execute by command and by order. If he gives a command. We obey it. but that is only because we have respect and we trust in him because of what he is able to do. He is a big heart on family. He refers family as the Vanguard of one’s lofty quest. it means major to him and if you were to attack anyone of his brothers. Namely us or his family… you can most definitely bet that you would be made to answer for it. He will attack. He is a prankster by trade.

Joanna: Not too much of one… i hope.

Prince Curtis: Oh no… He’s got restraint on that. besides… the prankster by heart used to be what we all were… but that was when we were like all younger. But now he’s just like a fighter, however he is also a respectful person all the same. If you respect him. he will show it back without a second of hesitancy… he would return the civility and show respect just the same. If you were to do him a solid. he would return the favor.

Josh: You mean like an even trade agreement, Right?

Prince Curtis: Well… you could put it like that… yeah. it’s actually quite like that. We are hard fighters and we train. But He is different for the reason that… compared to us… he takes it with serious edge. not because he wants to. but it’s because he has to. If he screws up. We screw up.

Drake: So… Your brother… Prince Alvin… He’s like the Alpha male of the brothers. if he makes a wrong move… you all wind up doing the same… and if he messes up… he takes it upon himself to take it alot harder than he would expect you and the others to do?

Joanna: That’s really sad. He’s just a young teen… Like what? 16?

Prince Curtis:  Yeah. But you see… We brothers are his team and his buds. We fight. but we keep it in the family. We are the sons to King John and he is the head of the house that homes us. We follow Prince Alvin and he follows our father.

Sam: Like a Chain of command… from the head… to the last lowest member. but… there are no low members.

Prince Curtis: Exactly… Prince Alvin Likes being around others. He is a fair guy. He will listen to everyone. but if you betray him… all respect that he will offer to show upon you will vanquish back to nothing. That is how he works. He follows what he believes in.

Josh:  That’s pretty cool.

Sam: I can respect that. i understand that too.

Joanna: Me too. What about the rest?

Prince Curtis: Oh… I have another brother… Prince Arnold. He is the second brother. He comes out as his own person. He is calm and very repressed. but the thing that will set him off is constant bull and a mess of tragedy. Constant disaster done by evil beings or people or villains. whatever. He loves family and is there to stick by family like a unmovable claw. you attack his family… he will come at you. Trust me… i know.

Drake: We wouldn’t want to make him mad then… huh?

Megan: Oh yeah. Don’t make him mad… you’ll be sorry for doing so.

Prince Curtis: *Moving on to Prince Avery* Prince Avery is the one with a Plasmatic Temper. He is known to get hot mad like a griddle when he sees innocent people getting hurt. Prince Avery will move in and strike. Now he might attack on cue and let the person know that they messed with the wrong person. Now… he is said to answer to Prince Alvin… but Don’t mistake him for living with the concept of sitting and watching as we let the Evil stand within our wake. There is something more to it than just that… I mean when it comes to him doing that…  it kinda makes him out to be like a secret Agent in that defense.

Sam: A Secret Agent persona… That’s new. i like that. you don’t hear about many of those types of people these days… Going in and trying to sneak in… doing things for a certain reason.

Drake: He is totally well devoted to what he does… fights for what is right and finds a way to do what knows has to be done. But knows that he’s also got to answer to his brother Prince Alvin before diving all in.

Prince Curtis: That’s correct. Not to forget that he is entirely all for family too. He respects family and loves them as a person should love their family. a Nice family equals Love.  He is very open to anything. but just because he might look and have the appearance like James bond and or have some of his good charms. It doesn’t mean that he really is him. He is a Rhapsody. Blood and everything in between. the Temper though is equivalent to the whole Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Josh: Whoa! That’s really gnarly.

Prince Curtis: He does also get emotional too. He can also be sad. like any other red-blooded human or soul. However… just keep a focus… that he is not with the guise of “Sex for Dinner, Death for Breakfast.”

Megan: Thank the heavens… Because alot of girls might see that as being totally reprimanding and overbearing on the Female.

Prince Curtis: *Nods* That’s one way of seeing it… That’s what he watches and keeps that in check. He is all for being a friend to others… being there for those in need as well as himself. You respect him… He will follow suit and do the very same. He thinks of Friends as treasures. He will stand by them and the innocent as well. but he is just like the rest of the family… if you hurt the family… you will hurt him that also includes betrayal as well. Just keep a sharp warn that all bets are gonna be off.

Josh: That is really crazy… your family is like that?

Prince Curtis: You bet. It is like that. but we are devoted to what’s right. we follow what’s right. even if people tell us that we’re wrong… we keep going. it is just the way it is… we follow suit and keep at it. We believe in the Justice and the American way… the Cherry pie and all that. we believe in the innocence and don’t turn our backs to those who can be saved… Even if the person can’t be… we try to help those who need it most. but if they go behind our backs and betray us… it will be over.

Joanna: That is good foresight on your brothers. so your brothers and you are like endearing on the family. protect it to its last member standing.

Megan: *Feeling happy* Isn’t he just wonderful?

Prince Curtis: *Blushes*

A Moment later…

After dinner…

Prince Curtis: *Taking the plates into the Kitchen several at a time using his Electric element and forming a tray underneath them and setting them in the sink as he cleans off each of the plates* I’ll take care of the plates, Mrs. Hart. it’s the least i can do to show thanks for allowing me to stay and be part of the dinner here.

Joanna: *Touched* Oh… why thank you. You really didn’t have to do that. Really. It was a honor to have you here. to finally meet you. Megan kept talking about you and we never really know what you were like. all we could go by was just what she said and how she described you. But now that we know about you and have met you. We know that you’re a sweet and very respectful person. I am just really glad that Megan met someone just like you.

Prince Curtis: I know… but i really want to lend a hand where i can. It’s the right thing to do.

Megan: *Amazed*

Drake:  I’ll put the food away and tidy up the Table. *Looking at Josh* Josh, take care of the chairs. We’re gonna clean up the Table.

Josh: Right away, Brother!

A Moment later after the food was put away and things were cleaned…They all sat down and talked. Prince Curtis could just feel the veil of uncertain terror towards his relationship being burned down and his heart crushed diminish into nothing. he was fine. The whole sense of fear was all in his head and the fact that he was so worried over something that turned out to be nothing made him feel practically stupid. He knew that he couldn’t help it because he wanted to be with Megan forever… but knew that if things went wrong with the parents… he could just as easily lost it and that was something that he didn’t want. As he sat down… he wondered about Megan’s brother playing a tune and asked him if he’d be willing to play a tune. Drake nodded and knew that he mentioned about playing something for Megan and him and stuck to it. He played something that he knew and played it loud and clear for them. Prince Curtis enjoyed the music and just listened as it was being played…

Drake: *Playing his Guitar and singing* “She’s my kind of rain
Like love in a drunken sky
She’s confetti falling down all night
She sits quietly there
like water in a jar
Says baby why(‘re)you tremblin’like you are

So I wait
And I try
I confess like a child

She’s my kind of rain
Like love from a drunken sky
Confetti falling down all night
She’s my kind of rain

She’s the sunset’s shadow
She’s like Rembradt’s light
She’s the history that’s made at night
She’s my lost companion
She’s my dreamin’ tree
Together in this brief eternity

Summer days
Winter snow
She’s all things to behold

She’s my kind of rain
Like love from a drunken sky
Confetti falling down all night
She’s my kind of rain

So I wait
And I try
I confess all my crimes

She’s my kind of rain
Like love from a drunken sky
Confetti falling down all night
She’s my kind of rain

She’s my kind of rain
Like love from a drunken sky
Confetti falling down all night
She’s my kind of rain”

As for Dinah…

She was with her grandmother…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Living room…

Dinah: Grandma, What is it that you’re not telling me here? You saw something today and it was something that must have gotten you spooked beyond that of all high heaven… you are still trying to make like it was just some illusion. Come on. just tell me what the heck it was that you saw.

Grandma Rikku: I can’t even begin to describe it. it was just something that came out of nowhere. It had claws and was like fire… i don’t know what it was.  If Luna didn’t do what she did… defeating it. i might not have been here now.

Dinah: What was it though? A monster? A gremlin? A poltergeist? An Entity? What?

Grandma Rikku: It was a creature. okay… it was a fire creature. it was like a fire minion and had 4 fire like eyes. The eyes were bright orange and hot flamed.

Dinah: *Gasps* 4 eyes?! That is a new type of creature and it’s not something that would come from planet Doom or any other threat like Beryl. This is something else.

Grandma Rikku: Well whatever it was… i just am wanting to know what it could have been and what the heck it was doing in the City?

Dinah: I can’t begin to tell you. I am not wanting to get back into the hero business. I somehow like the normal life and the normal living. I don’t want to be back with the life of having to deal with threats that are intergalactic. or with Alien origin. I just want to remain normal.

Grandma Rikku: and i am happy about that. but as much as i am wanting you to be with a normal life. I can’t deny it. There is something coming and pulling you and your sisters in. using you girls as magnetic North.

Dinah: So what’ll we do?

Grandma Rikku: I don’t know. But we can just put it past us and just move on. I am not spooked anymore… i am just really a mix of annoyed and terrified and not to forget mortified about it.

Dinah: *Sighs*

Grandma Rikku: *Changing the subject* But in all things normal. I signed you up for Weekend driving classes. it’s for 3-4 weeks and As soon as the 4 weeks are  done… you’ll be taking a driving test. you’ll be a driver.

Dinah: *Pauses* Uh, Say what? I’m gonna be a what? A driver? You’re just trying to kid me, Right? Are you trying to set me up for something? Driving? Grandma… i am not against the driving… but if god forbid i went back to being this hero again… and i happen to get angry… i could blow up the car. i could practically kill myself.

Grandma Rikku: i never thought about that part… Your hero powers are Thunder. That would be a problem, Dinah… but i have faith that it won’t ever come to that.

Dinah: Are you sure about that? I mean… not only that though, i also am with the concern for Luna. She’s gonna start School tomorrow. She’s probably a nervous wreck right now about it.

Grandma Rikku: *Sighs* What do you want me to do about it, Dinah? *Frustrated* What are you expecting me to even do? Not have her in school and someone comes by and opts to take her away from us? She needs a school. She needs to be in a school. hero or not. She has to have a type of normalcy. somewhere. She needs to have that normal lifestyle somewhere.

Dinah: I get that. I get that part. I am just saying that we should take Luna’s feeling into effect. She’s scared. Pearl must have spoken to her and calmed her down… but it doesn’t matter. She starts tomorrow and it’ll take a miracle to see that she pulls through it without people pointing at her and taunting her because of her tail.

Grandma Rikku: Her tail? Her tail is not gonna be noticed by the others if she doesn’t try to draw attention to it.  Dinah, I don’t want to hear another word about it. She’s starting school. she going to school. she’s not gonna be taken out of it. period. Without an education. She’s got nothing to hold to for the future and that is not gonna be tolerated. i am not gonna discuss it any more. She’s going to school and that is the end of it.

Dinah: *Growls and suddenly gets up and starts walking out* You know what, grandma… i am done being calm about this. You won’t even consider Luna’s feelings. She’s not of Earth. The Customs here are not like the Moon. You really think that she truly understands… what it is that School could be? You really think that she’ll fit in to school? By all means… But if she gets teased… I will see to it that she looks to you for the blame. Luna is of the Moon Grandma. the Moon. There is no such knowledge of school on the Moon… so she wouldn’t even know as to what school ought to be. She’ll go to school if that is what you’re so obsessed with seeing her do. But if you are thinking that i’m letting this go… you’re nuts. Luna is not some trail child to just say: “Oh, It’s not a big deal. we’ll just send her to school and watch as people tear her down because of her appearance. She might look like a freak to the others out in school but it doesn’t matter. we’ll just allow for her to get teased. it’s no sweat off our nose” No.

Betty: *Snaps* Shut up, Dinah. Stop back talking grandma. Grandma is the adult. not you.

Dinah: Butt out, Betty. You’re such a goody two shoe. All you care about is what you want. you are so submissive to whatever is said. you don’t even question things when you happen to sense that there is bull being done. you just let people walk over you like a carpet. Why don’t you learn to grow a pair for once? Luna is going to school tomorrow. She’s scared shitless about the whole thing because she doesn’t know what she should expect there. not sure if she’ll be accepted by the other kids and is afraid that she’ll be a outcast. If you’re not gonna stand and help her and be there for her… act like a sister should. then… Paige, Pearl and I WILL! *Storms off pissed*

A minute later…

Betty: Just ignore that back talker, Grandma. You are doing the right thing. It’s high time Dinah got off her high horse and dealt with it. That goes for Paige and Pearl too. Mom gave them too much freedom and now they’re running like they can call the shots. no. They’re still minors. They will do as they’re told.

Paige: *Overhearing the comment* Excuse me, Betty! You can shut the hell up about that. What the hell gives you the right to be the biggest bitch? Luna is scared and doesn’t want to be in a human school. You should know what the hell it was like for mom. Luna is scared to death that she’s probably gonna be meeting the same chain as mom had faced. Don’t you even care?

Betty: Paige, I know about it. okay… i am aware of that. but she’s still going to school. Angel and i are older than you and we side with grandma. You, Pearl and Dinah are gonna learn to do as you’re told. That’s the end of it.

Paige: *Suddenly Walking over to Betty and Slapping her in the face* You insensitive Bitch. You maybe our sister. but right now… you’re nothing more than a real bitch. Luna needs our help. School on Earth is hard for her. The Moon Kingdom never had school. Not even a little academy. nothing. She is counting on us… and you to help ease her mind of it. but if you are not gonna do that and help her like a sister ought to. then… you can just back the hell off and stay the hell away from her. and us. We don’t need the crap. We don’t call any shots. We just follow our hearts. Besides… what do you care? You had more time with mom than we did. besides. for 8 years… we were believed to be dead to mom as the doctors saw that mom believed us dead. we were frickin’ alone for 8 damn years. 8 years of our life that could and should have been with mom we’ll never ever get back. So Why don’t you back off our ass? Grandma is not being jumped on… We are just speaking how we feel about Luna going to school.  You want to be a jerk. Fine. Stay the hell away from us. and away from Luna. Luna is sleeping in our room tonight and will sleep in our room for a while till she’s used to the idea of going to a Earth school. *Seeing Betty starting to glow a little and itching to shoot a shot of Holy energy at her* Don’t even think about it. You know we’re right. We are following our hearts and what we feel and believe. and we’re not gonna be made to feel bad about it. Not now… not ever again. not anymore. *Walking off feeling quaky from having to stand up to her sister Betty*

Betty: *Standing in silence and feeling defeat; knowing that Paige was right*

That night…

At Alice’s house…

The Song “Saturday’s Child” Plays in the background…

Prince Alvin: *Smiles* I think that we have had a really wonderful time. That showing of Twilight was really interesting. i happened to enjoy it. We should do it again.

Alice: Sure. That’d be great. I’d like that.

Prince Alvin: What are you doing this weekend?

Alice: Well… i’m gonna be home just watching T.V just hanging out with myself while my father is yet again gone to work.

Prince Alvin: If you like… i can come over this weekend and you and I can hang out.

Alice: Yeah. That would be better.  Besides when i am home alone… it just feels like the whole world’s gone silent.

Prince Alvin: It gets that quiet, huh?

Alice: Oh yeah. In fact that it gets so silent sometimes that it gives out an echo when you speak. it’s really creepy. hearing an echo and thinking that it’s someone else in the room talking when really… it’s just you in the room talking and no one else. The streets here are really busy tonight so the quiet ambiance won’t be too bad like it usually is. It isn’t all that bad a lot of the time. just sometimes when there is a night when there’s not much activity going on in the city it gets like that.

Prince Alvin: You sure that you’re gonna be okay?

Alice: I’m sure. besides… if anything comes up… i’ll  probably call.

Prince Alvin: Okay. You have a peaceful night.

Alice: I will. You have a peaceful night too.

Prince Alvin then got ready to make way back to his house for the night… but before he did… He landed a romantic Kiss on Alice. Kissing her on the lips… As Soon as he was sure that Alice was safe inside her house and that she was secure… He made way with the teleporting and went on home. Prince Curtis was there by time he was there. What he didn’t know was that Prince Curtis was there two hours earlier. But it was a great night. None of them knew that it was gonna be changing soon. It was a year of peace for them there being that the 3 girls were able to obtain a normal lifestyle. a Normal life. no crime fighting, No wars, Battles, threats, Powers that be… Elements and abilities. they had a whole year with none of that being in the open. it was serene and filled with Serenity… but the truth be told… there was no sight of the peace continuing… something was on it’s way. Even though the girls didn’t know of it… at least no one except Pearl knew. But Paige and Dinah were in the dark. The Rhapsody Brothers didn’t know and were gonna be blown into a numbing sensation. The threat was coming closer. but was 3 times farther than the Ally that was more closer than before. Raven was closer than before. Things were gonna reopen soon and make things more complicated. Would it hurt the girls and their relationships with their loves? Time till the Arrival of Raven was counting down fast. The battle against the forces of Evil was doomed to restart again… SOON!

(Time till the Arrival of Raven.

4 weeks, 5 days, 1 hour, 1 minute and 59 seconds…. in counting)

By time Midnight struck…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Dinah: *Falling asleep* Night Paige, Night Pearl. See you tomorrow.

Pearl: See you tomorrow. and on Luna going to school. Don’t worry about it. We’ll be there for her. We’re gonna be right there for her. If she needs us. she can call us. We’ll have our phones on. She can call us at any time. *Falling asleep* Night.

Paige: Anytime. We’ll be okay. Luna can’t really expect Grandma to understand and Betty is too much of a glory hound and a hard nose. I was in the room the whole time Dinah and grandma were talking and then hearing Betty putting her two cents in. Betty’s become a real buzz kill. It’s fine though… because we know what we want and know how we want to live. we got each other. Nothing can take that away. Neither threat nor danger. *Yawns before passing off to sleep* Night.

To be continued…

Raven was getting closer to earth and it was beginning to lessen the time remaining before her arrival to Earth a bit faster.

Raven: *Facing a gate blocking with a barrier* I must get in…   *With the Mantra… the Chakra Gem on her forehead Glow bright* LET ME IN!!!!

Stay tuned for the 3rd part of  “One year later… Things that once were… move to change. Pearl on the road and a driver in the family… Romance matures for some and finds the ones down on the luck for love. Rhapsody Girls Z! Normal Teens or forever called to duty.”  The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 75: “One year later… Things that once were… move to change. Pearl on the road and a driver in the family… Romance matures for some and finds the ones down on the luck for love. Rhapsody Girls Z! Normal Teens or forever called to duty.” Part 3.


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