Chapter 73: “One year later… Things that once were… move to change. Pearl on the road and a driver in the family… Romance matures for some and finds the ones down on the luck for love. Rhapsody Girls Z! Normal Teens or forever called to duty.” Part 1

Recap of the final moments of Zod…

“Bubble Maiden: *Looking up at the heavens* This is for you mom. This is to avenge your death. once this is over… you’ll be able to cross over. So before we  get rid of Zod… i just want to thank you for the time we have had with you. Thank you mom. We’ll never forget you.

Miss Love: Yeah. You were the best one there ever was. We love you, Mom. We will be missing you forever. and we will never forget you. Ever.

Thunder Mistress: Thanks for the Memories, Mom. You just take good care of your sister up there. Our Aunt Princess Aquamarine. She’s gonna need you and you need her too. Rest in peace mom. You deserve it. *With a bit of a heavy heart*

Miss Love: *Commanding her sisters* Bubble Maiden… Thunder Mistress. Engage your Weapons…

Bubble Maiden: *With her Bubble Microphone and Bubble Harp close to her mouth*

Thunder Mistress: *With her Thunder Glove and Thunder Discs held against her chest*

Miss Love: *With her Sonic Scepter of Bliss and Heart Guitar held close to her chest* Girls… It’s time for the Rhapsody Warhead. *Starting the sequence; Glowing* Love’s Essence of life… The Magical touch of Love’s Blissful Embrace… Guided by it’s eternal legacy…Take its form. make it one… *Pointing her weapons towards Zod*

Bubble  Maiden: *Glowing* Bubble’s power… the flow of beauty and serenity. The Bubbles of grace and purity. Make it’s power… intensify with devoted heart. Produce the power of Bubbles delight. the cleanser of Evil’s staining soul. The music and the touch combine to unite as one… *Pointing her weapons towards Zod*

Thunder Mistress: *Glowing* Thunder Power… The Fury of the Air… the Skies induced Rage… the Chain-reaction force of the heart… Strike the air and grant your vengeance towards the Evil presence… The Power of the heart. the striking power of Fierce courage and might. Thunder’s strength… Intensify and unify into one… *Pointing her weapons towards Zod*

Rhapsody Girls: *Glowing Bright* Love… Grace… Fury! *Combining the weapons together; Posing during the attack* RHAPSODY….. WARHEAD…. ATTACK!!!! *Firing at Zod*

Zod: *Screaming in pain and Flying back into the wall* AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Rhapsody Girls: *Exclaiming* GOODBYE GENERAL ZOD! Time to say BON VOYAGE!

Clark Then super speeds over to the Console and pulls out the Book of RAO from the center and then re-inserts it and activates the Gateway… Zod was far in the path that he got sucked up into the sky… Clark got out of there before it was able to suck him up along with Zod… It took about a couple minutes before the Gateway closed… but as soon as it closed… it was declared over… it was all over. Zod was finally gone…

Paige: *Looking at her sisters* It’s over. Girls. We’ve sent Zod back to where he belongs. It’s over…

Pearl: Mom is now avenged. *Closing her eyes and holding her hand across her heart* Thank you… Thank you for it to be finally over and the pain is no more.

Dinah: let’s go on home. we’ve earned a nice long rest…

Paige: That is the third threat all gone and defeated. If any more threats come at us… we’ll take it down and push the threat back where it belongs. just like the ones before them.

Pearl: That’s right…

Dinah: We’ll do it.

Paige: And we’ll do it Rhapsody Girls Z! Style.

The Sun begins to rise and the streets begin to glisten as the Sun rises up a little more breaking the start of a whole new beginning…


Pearl: *Driving her sisters to school* Paige… Dinah… We’re gonna be having different classes this year. The School has finally cracked down. But i think that it’s for the best.

Paige: Are you sure that you’re all for the separation? This was something that you said that you never wanted to see happen.

Dinah: You’re maturing up quite a lot, Pearl.

Pearl: *Shaking her head* You guys… it’s not like that. You know i love you two more than anything in the world. I Love Jack too. But if the school thinks it being best to do so… then it is for the best.

Paige: What exactly is it with Jack? He is a nice guy and all. You love him. But how much do we know about him?

Pearl: *Explaining about Jack*  He’s a Wintry spirit for one thing. but he is also Human too. He’s very kind and loving. Did you know that he used to be all human? He used to be all human but he said sometime ago… before i officially got my license that he faced some kind of accident. something really bad. It killed him in a way that where he wasn’t really alive. but wasn’t really dead either. He was a little in the middle. He was a spirit. but the thing was that he was able to emit a power. Snow. It made him a Wintry spirit. However he’s got the ability to become human as well and be among the living.

Dinah: *Gasps* Seriously?! Snap! I would love to have a guy that was able to do that…

Pearl: No… You might think it’s cool. but in all reality… It’s a really lonesome lifestyle to even have. It’s sad.

Paige: *Looking at Pearl* Are you saying that he’s the only one of his kind that had that type of tragedy happen to him?

Pearl: As far as i know… he is the only one. i don’t even think that he knows if there are others. I don’t blame him. I mean… he is even unable to see his family. His sister. He doesn’t even get to see her because of what he is. How would he be able to see her to understand what he is now?

Dinah: *Sighs* The poor guy.

Paige: Yeah…

At Metropolis High School Parking Lot a few minutes later…

Pearl: *Getting out of the car and locking it* I’ll see you two later after school and during break. You two be careful and stay safe.

Paige: We will.

Dinah: *Looking at Paige and Pearl* You guys are being really sappy with the parting of ways here…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah walk up to one another and hug before walking off to their classes. It was a whole new year. A brand new School year for them. They were no longer living as beginners in school. They were now Juniors or Seniors… Things were different for them…

In History…

Teacher: *Looking at the class coming in* Looks like i got a peaceful class this semester. *Looking to see a girl in blue* She’s new. Who is she? *Reading the name on the Girl’s Bag* Pearl. A Jewel. Do i have a Pearl in my class? *Reading his Roll sheet and seeing the name* Pearl Lucy Rhapsody. A Rhapsody girl is in my class. Uh… okay. Mrs. McKinley had her in her class… but the girl doesn’t look anything like what she described.

Pearl: *Walking to grab a seat* A class without my sisters… this is gonna be different for me. but i guess that i have to just settle with it. It’s for the best though. i think that separation is best. just a little.

Teacher: *Looking at Pearl* Hmm.

What Pearl didn’t realize was that she wasn’t the only one in the room. She looked over to see that her Cousin Prince Avery was in the class with her. but She didn’t notice at first. till his name was called out. Pearl Gasped at the mention of the name…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Grandma Rikku: *Looking at Luna* Luna, You’re gonna be going to school starting the day after tomorrow.

Luna: *Confused* I am? Why?

Grandma Rikku: Because you too need a bit of normalcy in you. I know that my Daughter Princess Rikku would be overlooking it and give a bit of leverage due to you being… well… a bit different. However i have to cut the free reigning down. The Hero persona is nice… but you need a normal life too. It’s just the way it is.

Luna: I don’t think that i’d like the idea of going to school… i am from the Moon Originally. What if they notice that i am… well… you know, Odd?

Grandma Rikku: They won’t notice if you don’t let on about it.

Luna: How can you say that? I have a tail behind me. That is most certainly a giveaway that i am really different. The kids will probably catch on and notice that i am not normal and will make fun of me.

Grandma Rikku: They won’t make fun of you. Besides… how do you know that they’d make fun of you? You never even met them.

Luna: *scared*

As for Oliver…

Oliver: *Reading some of the files and having his research team do some reading on the girls* We need to track the next possible threat that is scheduled to hit. Stan, you’re the head of the team. Find out who it is. Any readings on who it is… tell me so i can tell the Rhapsody girls. But until i have all the facts… not one word of this is to get out to them. I made a promise to their grandmother and i’m gonna honor that.

Stan: Don’t worry sir. we’ll get to it and any info we find. we’ll report it directly.

Oliver: Good.

In Smallville…

at the New Watchtower…

Chloe was working on getting a fix on anything going on in the City. She knew that she couldn’t summon the girls per agreement with their grandmother. She didn’t want to go against the demands. She however did some searching and noticed that there was something going on…

Chloe: *Seeing a flash of light coming from space* What the…? That’s not what i think it is… is it? *Picking out Audio* Whoa! This is rather sudden.

Audio from receivers on the Watchtower Orbiter…

Voice: Rage shall consume you… You can not escape! 

Sounds of shots being fired…

Female Voice: *Firing a Blast at the target* Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

Chloe: *Shoots up* Azarath?! How… how is that… *Getting more readings* I got to contact Oliver about this. He’s not gonna believe this.

Although back at Metropolis High School…

In Lit. Class…

Paige: *Reading her book and doing her work*

Classmate: *Looking at Paige suddenly* Psst… Psst. Hey…

Paige: *Looking up and looking to her right* Yes? What is it?

Classmate: *Smiles* You’re uh… uh… Beautiful.

Paige: *A little disturbed and yet possibly flattered* um, Thanks. That’s nice of you to say.

Teacher: *Looking up and seeing Paige talking with a classmate* Is there a problem, Paige?

Paige: *Looking towards the teacher* Huh? Problem? No. No problem at all. Why?

Teacher: Well… You are looking at Mr. Wilkerson rather oddly.

Paige: Yeah. I was. He was just saying hello to me. *Smiles and a little Embarrassed*

Teacher: You can socialize on your own time. please just get back to your reading. There is gonna be a Quiz on what you read. Everyone is reading the Chocolate War. The next book that the class is to read is Swiss Family Robinson…

Paige: *nods* Sorry Mr. Black.

Classmate: *Sighs and feeling Lovesick over the sight of Paige*

In Science class…

Dinah: *Looking at the Material* What am i supposed to do with this again? *Grabbing the one Beaker and reaching for the empty Beaker and; Suddenly placing it on the burner close by* It would help if i knew what it was that i was doing with this. This is not my area of specialties.

Teacher: *Walking over to see how Dinah is faring* Mrs. Rhapsody… are you doing alright?

Dinah: I guess so. *Trying to figure out how to work the chemicals* It’s not easy though, Mrs. Roth. this isn’t what i am used to. i didn’t work with Chemicals before.

Teacher: Well… It’s not all that hard. It’s just chemical bonding. finding the right one.  Like Nitro-glycerin. any other chemical that you mix with it can result in combustion if you don’t know what to do… some chemicals are unstable.  Here… Before you press forward with the Chemicals here, Let me teach you something. You’ll want to know this for the future as this stuff will be on the upcoming test. next week though. not this week.

A Minute later…

Mrs. Roth: *Teaching Dinah* “A pure chemical compound is a chemical substance that is composed of a particular set of molecules or ions. Two or more elements combined into one substance through a chemical reaction form a chemical compound. All compounds are substances, but not all substances are compounds. A chemical compound can be either atoms bonded together in molecules or crystals in which atoms, molecules or ions form a crystalline lattice. Compounds based primarily on carbon and hydrogen atoms are called organic compounds, and all others are called inorganic compounds. Compounds containing bonds between carbon and a metal are called organometallic compounds. Compounds in which components share electrons are known as covalent compounds. Compounds consisting of oppositely charged ions are known as ionic compounds, or salts. In organic chemistry, there can be more than one chemical compound with the same composition and molecular weight. Generally, these are called isomers. Isomers usually have substantially different chemical properties, may be isolated and do not spontaneously convert to each other. A common example is glucose vs. fructose. The former is an aldehyde, the latter is a ketone. Their interconversion requires either enzymatic or acid-base catalysis. However, there are also tautomers, where isomerization occurs spontaneously, such that a pure substance cannot be isolated into its tautomers. A common example is glucose, which has open-chain and ring forms. One cannot manufacture pure open-chain glucose because glucose spontaneously cyclizes to the hemiacetal form.”

Dinah: *Nods* Ah. Okay. I think i got it now… So The Chemical… Nitro-Glycerin… it’s a chemical. A Chemical that can be unstable and unpredictable depending on what it mixes with or of how much you use of the other chemical… or… er… uh, Substance. Nitro-Glycerin and Sulfate. Those are stable. Right? What about Battery acid and Nitro-Glycerin?

Mrs. Roth: Those can be Unpredictable also. if you’re not careful with what you do or how much of the chemical you happen to inject into the base chemical. The first one you use.

Dinah: *Curious* What about the second one you use first before the beginning chemical? Would That still be cause for concern? means for instability?

Mrs. Roth: Yeah. It could be. Chemicals are as i’ve mentioned been known to be rather unstable. Can be… not that they are. Some chemicals can react positive and combine and be one.  Like this one… *Showing the Example* Ferrocene – an iron atom sandwiched between two C5Hligands.

But at Break…

At the cafeteria…

Dinah: *Walking through the line to get her food* Wow! All those Chemicals… hearing about them gave me a side of whiplash. *Shaking her head a little* god… i am gonna be having a very hard time trying to get a hang of it. *Looking to see Pizza* Whoa… Pizza. Now that’s good. I’ll try that. Or maybe the fried Chicken. Hmm. Either one sounds good. i think that… *Scoffs* Ah! Skip it. Skip it… i’ll just stick to the Pizza.

Dinah grabbed her food and then walked over to find a table. She was able to find one in the back and sat down. She didn’t see her Sister Pearl anywhere and wondered where she could have been. She didn’t see Paige anywhere and began to wonder where she was also.

Dinah: *Sighs* How am i gonna even understand the stuff? The Chemicals were just obnoxious. It’s a good thing that i didn’t have to do much testing or experimenting with them… i was close to being really Queasy. *Taking a bite of her Pizza* Some year this is gonna be…


Pearl: *Walking over from the side* Hey sis. Penny for the thoughts?

Dinah: *Snaps out of spacing out* Huh?! *Looking up to see Pearl* Oh… hey Pearl. How was class?

Pearl: Class? Oh yeah. Class was great. it was a little strange though. really strange. The teacher was trying to peg me as something. But the only thing was that he couldn’t. You’re not gonna believe who was there to sever the act. Prince Avery. He’s in my class. 1st period. He didn’t even catch sight of me at first. But after the end of first period he saw me and well… it was like he was happy to see me.

Dinah: Wow. You’re lucky. None of them were in any of my classes. I don’t think they were… Is there something wrong?

Pearl: No. Why? *Sitting down at the Table with her sister* I was wondering… That maybe tonight we could see about going on a double date. with our guys.  Just to have a fun time. I think we deserve it. After everything we’ve all been through.

Dinah: That’s an understatement. We’ve been through so much anyway. I Have Science class. for second period. It’s really hard for me to deal with Science class. I was being told about these chemical… i was able to understand alot of it.  But it was like… i was being spoon fed the material like i was being sermonized.

Pearl: Try being in history class. With a Teacher trying to flirt with you like some sort of puppy dog. Not like it’s something of concern…

Prince Alvin: *Walking over from the crowd; Overhearing the comment* What was that? A Teacher was trying to flirt with you?

Pearl: Yeah. But it’s not a big deal. I can handle it. if the teacher tries to get… you know over veering with the friendly flirtation… i’ll inform the office about it. *Turning to see Prince Alvin* Hey Prince Alvin… What’s up?

Prince Alvin: Nothing. But i over heard that something was stirring with you in first period.

Pearl: It’s nothing. just a teach trying to make like he’s Von Casanova. But i am not into being with a guy that is twice my age. No way.

Prince Alvin: That is wrong. You should report him for that. Student teacher relationships are wrong. It is immoral for that to happen.

Pearl: It isn’t like anything happened. there was nothing happening that is in need of alarm.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Pearl* Cousin, That’s not the point… It’s not supposed to be allowed. If it happens again… you need to report it. It’s not a joke. You are old enough to know better. and should know how wrong it is to know that a teacher is trying to flirt with a student. It’s wrong. If one was able to get away with it… then all will try. It’s a disease. a sickness. This teacher… needs to know that it’s wrong. If it happens again… it will be reported.

Prince Avery: *Walking in and Looking at the cousins* Oh… don’t be so Melodramatic and so gestapo, Captain. It’s not that serious. Besides. I’m in her class. I handled it in a very civil tongue. The Teacher apologized for his actions and or uncanny attempt to flirt. I think that he was just so captivated by Pearl’s spritzing beauty that he didn’t think that she was still a minor.

Dinah: And that would make it excusable? I don’t think so. It’d be like the student trying to flirt with the teacher and the teacher took the bait and tried something and not only a lawsuit ensured itself to happen and develop… But it created a marathon of rumors.

Pearl: *Looking at Dinah* You are just making that up… Aren’t you? Those things don’t happen? Do they?

Dinah: Uh… yeah they do. it happens in the most unusual places. there are even Cardinals in Churches that have been caught trying to perform conduct lewd acts on a minor. Ever heard of a Cardinal by the name of Mahoney? The charges were dropped because there was not enough evidence to do him in. but the only thing is that it happened. There are schools that have had cases that turned out like that. some teachers were caught. and lost their jobs over it. they lost everything. Wanna know what became of them?

Prince Alvin: I don’t think that we’d want to know about that. it’s the same story. Our pops had once told us about the seedy deeds of some of the schools and how they supposedly had their own set of dirty laundry. He even at first when the time of Middle School happened… wanted to opt to keep us out of school to home school us. But he let us go anyway after doing a clear watch on all the teachers. seeing that there was no needs for the red flag. It’s not a safe world. not an innocent one either. Pearl… you might want to ensure that your guard is up at all times revolving the matter.

Pearl: *Looking at her cousin; understanding* I think i understand what you mean… I should have known what the teacher was saying. I ought to tell Grandma about it. She’s a bit of a hard nose about things like that. *Shaking her head* Can we please change the subject? I am beginning to get really Queasy talking about the almost Student-teacher possibility that never happened but is a situation that is certainly frowned upon.  *Looking at the necklace on her suddenly* Maybe he just liked the Necklace.

Prince Avery: That could be it.

A Minute later…

Dinah: What about the Double date that you mentioned a moment or so ago?

Pearl: The Double Date… Oh yeah. i think that we should go for a Double Date. Jack goes to this school… but i haven’t seen him. He hangs out on the side of the field. He feels as though that he isn’t fit to hang with the humans. the fear of being judged for being a wintry spirit has him rather unsettled. Not many people would understand.

Prince Avery: What do you mean?

Pearl: Well… what i mean is that for those who would understand… us… we accept him for who he really is. but the others don’t really take to him. It’s sad. I feel so bad for him. He doesn’t really have any friends here and not many people talk to him. I think that we should take him in… not like a brother… but as a fellow close friend. Someone who can have at least someone to depend on. Like us. Seeing or knowing that he’s all alone… sitting by his lonesome. I don’t like it. Not one bit.

Prince Alvin: I don’t like it either. Prince Curtis is with his girlfriend right now.  But Prince Arnold is running the field. He might spot him. Hopefully he’ll bring some attention to your Boyfriend. Different or not… no one should be made to live alone.

As for Paige… She was at the Library, Reading her book and studying when suddenly…

Teen: *Walking over to Paige* Hi… I saw you in my class this morning. I was the one who was trying to get your attention. in class. You were sitting diagonal from me but were seeming to be deep into the reading.

Paige: *Looking up and seeing the same guy from this morning* It’s you again. I don’t know you. Do i? You mentioned that you were in the same class as i was… but till that moment. i never met you. or heard of you. The Teacher called you Mr. Wilkerson.

Teen: That’s right. he did. I’m Reese.

Paige: That’s a nice name. The name of a Chocolate Peanut butter cup. but very sweet. You’re sweet. You said something to me in class that really rang out. You said that you thought that i was… What was it again? Beautiful.

Reese: *Chuckles* You’re pretty funny to compare me to a Candy treat. But it does sound rather close. it matches. My parents never really thought about that… they just named me aimlessly. My brothers Malcolm and Dewey… actually his real name is Drake. but the name Dewey stuck out most for him. he looks rather young.

Paige: What are your brothers like?

Reese: Hmm, well Malcolm is a bit of the middle child and he gets into trouble alot. but he tries to do the right thing too. however… our parents are always grinding him. He’s the gifted one. However our family is so dysfunctional that if we were to enter a contest for complete fools. we’d win its grand prize. Malcolm thinks that Francis is his favorite. don’t blame him though. i haven’t been the most ideal brother to him. Dewey is rather young and he just takes to whatever my parents do. Sad. isn’t it?

Paige: Yeah. It is sad. really. What kind of family is it that would just treat you poorly? You deserve better than that. I know that we never met. and chances are unknown as to whether we will become a couple. Boyfriend or girlfriend. but you can always count on me to be a friend. If you ever need a friend… you can count on me to be that friend. Someone you can always talk to. My Mom is… well dead. She was murdered by a Evil man. but i am sure that she’d too be feeling bad knowing the hurt you’re feeling. Your parents must not have the love for you that you deserve.

Reese: My family isn’t that bad… they just got issues. but with a mother who is all for her and all reprimanding and such. how can a family be anything but one with issues and dysfunctional?

Paige: Good point, i guess. I think that my sisters are sometimes a little odd in their own sense. Pearl is a over sensitive person… i love her. Dinah too. She’s an explosive person. a real firecracker. But sometimes… Just sometimes… they do grate on me… always expecting me to be their supposed leader. one with all the answers. Not like i mind it. but sometimes it’d be kinda a relief or a bit of a change if they’d stop trying to push all the decision making on to me.

Reese: That’s probably the frustration talking.

Paige: I guess so.

But after school that afternoon…

By the front gate…

Prince Curtis: *Looking at Megan* What a long day.

Megan: Busy too… I noticed that you were stressing it a little. Those teachers sure made it seem as though they were expecting alot from us.

Prince Curtis: I believe it. *Sighs* I got to tell you though… it’s a lot different than last year.

Megan: How so?

Prince Curtis: Well… last year we had to deal with the comings and goings of Zod. the whole thing was stressing. Frustrating.

Megan: Plus the idea that you almost… well… didn’t make it. I never want to go through that again.

Prince Curtis: Same here… My brothers happen to feel the same way. I know that they would just hate to relive that terror. As would the City.

Megan: *Looking to see a few guys coming towards them* Speaking of your brothers… here they come.

Prince Curtis: *Looking to see his brothers* Hey guys. What’s up?

Prince Alvin: Not much. Just Rounding up everyone. and seeing if you’re ready to head home. Dad is expecting to see us home.

Prince Avery: We would be going to Aunt Rikku’s house. but since the Threat with Zod has been all over for about a year and things are looking right again. He wants us home. which of course we have been back at our own house for almost a whole year now… but the girls are now with the capability to hold their own. they are working hard too.

Prince Arnold: Paige, Pearl and Dinah are okay now. they’re working ahead.

Prince Curtis: Does Aunt Rikku know about this?

Prince Alvin: Why of course she does. She’s known about it for a while. She was there when it happened. We even told her. We’ve been there for long enough. Besides how would it look to the girls to see their cousins living with them endlessly and having to run their love lives. They’re maturing and have love lives now.

Prince Avery: Well.. Pearl and Dinah do. Paige however… doesn’t. she hasn’t found herself a new love interest yet.

Prince Arnold: She hasn’t… but i think i know who has… *Looking at Prince Alvin* The Captain.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Prince Arnold* Brother… What are you on? What are you talking about?

Prince Arnold: *Grins with a gleaming eye* You know what i am getting at. there was some girl next to you in History class and you were eyeing her like she was a replica of Lady Liberty.

Prince Alvin: *Feeling a little embarrassed* Okay… okay… Brother, you can shut up now.

Prince Arnold: Hey man… you’re secret’s safe with me… i ain’t gonna tell anyone. Besides that… the Girl isn’t around. She’ll never hear the confession that you… Brother…. Like her.

Megan: Who’re you talking about? The girl with the odd curls? *Curious* That girl is Alice Cross. She’s the daughter of a Luthorcorp Employee. She’s also pretty lonesome. Hardly anyone really speaks to her.

Prince Curtis: *In shock* Megan… how do you know about her?

Megan: I know about her because of what’s been said. plus. i met her briefly last year in a class. She was wearing her glistening blue blouse. She also looked so alone. From what she told me… her father works at a fertilizer plant and it pays good. but is hardly ever home. He’s always at work. When he does come home… he smells like he’s been playing in fertilizer all day that it makes it seem as though he’s covered in it.

Prince Curtis: You mean that she is ignored by her old man? That’s a total depressor. Being in a good home… and living life with a father who practically ignores you and pretends as to the idea that you don’t even exist. *Curious* What about the mother?

Megan: The Mother… There is none. her mother died in a car accident when the girl was only 6 years old. Her father was so broken that he would just drown his own existence in his work that he wouldn’t even acknowledge her.

Prince Avery: That is awful. What Kind of father is he that he’d subject the poor dove to being all alone. no one talks to her and even gives her that time of day.

Prince Arnold: *Looking to the side to see the girls* Paige, Pearl and Dinah are heading to the car.

Prince Alvin: They’re heading home. And we should do the same.

A minute later…

Megan: *Looking to see her brother Drake* Oh… There’s my ride. There’s Drake. I got to go. I’ll be sure to call you tonight, Prince Curtis.

Prince Curtis: Okay. *Kissing Megan real Quick on the lips and Hugging her* Safe drive home okay.

Megan: No sweat. *Kissing back* i’ll be safe. Besides… It’s my brother. What could go wrong. he is a very careful driver. besides… if he messed up… my parents would be all over him.

In Smallville…

At the New Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at Oliver* Oliver… we got a problem.

Oliver: How do you figure that?

Chloe: I just got a weird transmission from some girl. She said that her name was Raven. Raven of…

Oliver: Azarath. I would have figured. But i am not gonna go sounding the alarms around the girls and get the news to the grandmother till we know for sure that we got everything. there is no cause for an alarm. I got a research team on it. they’re digging deep to get all the info on the matter. What do you have?

Chloe: This… A Transmission from the girl.

Chloe then plays the Transmission…

Transmission feed: *On Screen* Hello… This is Raven… i am requesting assistance… Time is short. Someone is after me. my Father. Trigon. He is after me. I have managed to Knock him back. but time is running out. He is destined to come back. after me. I am his key to enter Earth. he is gonna stop at nothing to get me. I don’t know if anyone can hear this… but to whoever reads this… please help. *Reading the Satellite’s mind* Rhapsody Girls… Please. Help…

Transmission cuts out…

Chloe: That was what came in. She clearly knows about the girls… She knows that they’re in existence.

Oliver: So… What’ll we do?

Chloe: I don’t know. but before that came in. The Audio feed managed to pick this up from the transmission… before the message popped in.

Chloe the played the Audio Feed…


Voice: Rage shall consume you… You can not escape! 

Sounds of shots being fired…

Female Voice: *Firing a Blast at the target* Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

Oliver: So… It’s happening. isn’t it? The girl is coming here.

Chloe: It seems like it’s gonna happen soon. In about 5 weeks in counting.

Oliver: What do you suppose we do about it? I already vowed and promised their grandmother that i wouldn’t drag the girls into the hero business till there was a real need. and i had everything laid out to them. Proof that there was something going on. Without the proof… i got no lead way.

Chloe: Someone’s got to tell them. and soon. Someone’s got to inform them about the girl. She’s coming and she’s gonna arrive in less than 5 weeks. In 5 weeks… it’s gonna be Halloween. The Door will be open and she’ll be falling in and it’ll be game time for the girls. they need to know that there is at least a strong warning of Raven arriving to Earth.

Oliver: Let’s just give it a few days… Paige, Pearl and Dinah have just begun school and it’s really hard on them right now. They have been just separated from one another and it’s gonna be hard on them for a couple weeks till they get the swing of things. Pearl Drives. So if we can get her… we can at least tell her and she can be instructed to keep the info on the back burner till the time is right to spill it. We can’t tell Paige or Dinah. Dinah will be wanting to just dive into the situation. Paige will be trying to get into it and will be frantically trying to get to the bottom of it. She’ll want to push to find the girl.

Chloe: Can we sneak in a special meeting with her?

Oliver: I don’t know…

At King John’s house…

King John: *Fixing the Door* Damn door… It’s busted again… i just fixed it the other week. Why the hell does it keep getting busted? *Sighs and starts to re-fortify the Door* The boys should be home anytime now.

Starfire: *Looking at the old newspapers* All the articles about the Kandorians… I don’t understand. Where are the stories about the city being fixed up?

King John: I wouldn’t know about that, dear. i never requested for those stories. all i ordered was for the ones about the Kandorians. I did it for the boys. They were wanting to have a copy of the tales revolving the Kandorians. it’s a reminiscing thing.

Starfire: Why would they want to remember the torture that came from those evil men?

King John: How the heck should i know? It’s just something that they want to have a close reminder of. Call it nuts… call it a deranged form of keeping a stack of memoirs. I don’t know. it’s just something they are siring to have.

Prince Alvin: *Walking over from the sidewalk suddenly* Hey Pops. We’re home.

King John: Hey boys… How was School?

Prince Arnold: It was interesting.

Prince Avery: I got a class with Pearl and had to defuse a bit of a mess revolving a teacher. A teacher was pressing with a little bit of the flirt towards Pearl. Pearl was not going for it though… but she didn’t see harm in it. I handled it though.

King John: *Pauses* Come again… A teacher, trying to flirt with my Niece?!

Prince Avery: Don’t worry. it was all a misunderstanding. It was all aimed at the fact that Pearl was wearing a sparkly necklace that must have caught his arousing personality. It was nothing bad. It’s not gonna happen again though. There has been a stop put to it. The teacher apologized and knows that she’s still a Minor.

Prince Curtis: and that is just one of the things that happened. There is a possible love interest for Prince Alvin.

Prince Alvin: Prince Curtis, Shut up about that… okay. I am not into any girl… i mean… not really.

Prince Avery: Don’t deny it, Brother. You were eyeing that girl like she was lady liberty and or the rare snow pigeon. Beauty legs and all. You were scoping her.

Prince Arnold: Gotta admit though… that girl was a total sweet gem.

Prince Alvin: The only Love i’d ever have for life is seeing my cousins happy. seeing you 3 happy. if you 3 and my cousins are happy… that’s all i will ever need.

Prince Avery: Brother… that is sweet and very condescending of you to be saying that… but you’re sacrificing your own reason for a possible relationship. That is like you don’t sire to find your own happiness. No way… Fortunately… i snuck around and did a little secret agent and stepped on a mine of love and romance and got the girl’s number.

Prince Curtis: *freezes up in surprise* What?! You got her #? When was this? we were with you the whole time… almost the whole day except for maybe 3 classes and everything and never saw you leave our side. How did you manage to get the #?

Prince Avery: Just call me your own Special Agent with the persona of good ole’ James Bond.

Prince Alvin: *Shocked and feeling disbelief* Brother… you really pulled the move and got her #. I thought you were only kidding.

Prince Arnold: I don’t think that he is kidding there, Brother. he did do it.

Prince Alvin: Is there something else that i should know?

Prince Avery: I managed to tell her that you’d call her tonight sometime.

Prince Alvin: *Snaps out* YOU WHAT!!! Brother… i was eyeing her… but i don’t even know her. all we know is whatever Megan told us about her. that’s it. we don’t know the type of girl she happens to be. or what she is really like. *Looking at his Brother* What if she’s a Psycho?

Prince Avery: She is not gonna be a psycho. She’s a very lonely girl. All she wants really is a friend. that’s practically all she is really wanting. Just a friend. if it turns out to be more than that… that’s all the better if you and her happen to hit it off wonderful. But really… just give it a chance. It couldn’t hurt to just give it all a try.

Prince Arnold: Besides… Just think of it being Shanna Suzuki all over again. You never made a shot with her… but you were feeling a bit of something for her… weren’t you?

Prince Alvin: That little reference has no relation to the circumstances now… but yes. I remember.

King John: I think i know why you’re stubborn on giving the girl… whoever she is a chance…

Prince Alvin: What are you saying? Dad, there is no stubborn act being pulled. Why would you think there is a reason to my being stubborn about giving the girl a chance?

King John: You’re being stubborn because you happen to maybe like the girl and are saying that you don’t really feel all that into her because you are a bit scared or afraid that she’d never understand you for you and for what you can do. you are with the fear that you might scare her off.

Prince Alvin: *Lowering his head* You’re right about that… i suppose.

Prince Avery: Our Captain scared of being rejected by a cute girl? *Grinning and wondering* Hmm… that is a bit of a table turner.

Prince Alvin: Don’t rub it in. It isn’t like i don’t want to give her a chance. It’s because i can’t. I can’t. I am a fighter by heart. i spend alot of time training.  That’s all i do. I can’t afford to do anything other than that…

Prince Curtis: *Sighs* Brother…

King John: Son, there is more to life than just training. You got to live a little too. It is not good to just fight and train. you’re sacrificing your chances of getting a bit of a happy ever after. That is wrong to do. You are to live a little. there will be a time where i could be gone and if you don’t have a life for yourself and possibly a woman to call your own… what are you possibly gonna do? Just be living alone for the rest of your life? Son… You can fight and try to defend the innocent as your cousins do… but sincerely… you’ve got to take care of your heart too.

Prince Alvin: *Nods*

Prince Avery: And the persona of “Sex for dinner, death for breakfast” doesn’t count.

Prince Curtis: *Chuckles* That’s funny. really funny.

King John: But that was a joke too.

Prince Arnold: A Joke. Bingo!

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Paige: *Doing her homework* First day of school and i already got a history assignment to do for homework. Plus… a speech to write for Debate. I have heard about new classes and classes that were actually creative. but Debate. I am no good at debating. i haven’t even debated well when i was like 11. and that was to make a stand to persuade the surrounding kids our age to demand for better selection of food. More choices.

Pearl: That’s better to do than not do. *Sighs* I got to get this homework done before 5. Because i am planning on a Double date. History Homework is nothing to feel good about. I got to read about the French revolution… That teacher’s got the whole lesson planning in a mix-up. but i got to read about the french revolution and i also have a few chapters to read in the book that the lit class has been made to read. Something called the Chocolate war.

Paige: You don’t say… I got the same exact book. What teacher do you have?

Pearl: Mr. Black.

Paige: Black? We got the same teacher… but different periods.

Dinah: What about Science class? I got to study about Chemicals and learn about them. this weekend… Pearl. I need to get a portable lab set and practice with some chemicals.

Pearl: *Nods* Done.

Luna: *sitting rather quietly*

Paige: *Looking to the side and catching sight of Luna being unusually quiet* Luna… You okay?

Luna: *Looking up and to her one side to see Paige, Pearl and Dinah* Yeah. I’m just fine.  I am gonna be going to school in couple days… the day after tomorrow.

Pearl: *Looking up and facing Luna* You’re kidding? When did this happen?

Luna: Today. Grandma Rikku is saying that i should be going to school. I am not normal. I am originally from the moon. The kids there are gonna make fun of me due to my Cat tail. i just know it. They’re gonna make fun of me.

Dinah: *Surprised and stunned* You’re going to school? Grandma is forcing you to go now? Oh god… that is unreal. Why would a moon girl go to school on Earth? You’re our sister… but you’re still from the moon. originally. Grandma is forcing you to go to school… Why?

Pearl: You think that maybe it’s the right thing for you to be going to school? Luna… i am not saying that you are to be in school… saying that you should be in school. but it is better if you went to school. Going to school is what being normal is all about. Going to school to get a good education. we used to miss so much school. but we can’t afford to miss anymore. We’re gonna need to stick with school till we graduate.

Paige: I am thinking about trying out for Cheer-leading.

Dinah: Paige, You’re kidding, right?

Paige: Why not?

Dinah: It would look really tacky. I mean… alot of Cheerleaders are considered to be pretty stuck up and are always with a snotty attitude.

Pearl: I don’t know about that one. But it would be pretty odd to see that Paige is with a cheerleader outfit on her and doing cheers.  It’s gonna sound too much like you’re trying for being with the popular crowd.

Paige: I am not meant to be popular… is that it?

Pearl: Paige… it’s not that. It’s just that we just want you to be you. not who you are not. Don’t be something because you see others doing it. Do things that make you you.

Dinah: *Looking at Luna* Luna… don’t worry about school so much. If you go and if any kids there tease you… let us handle it. we’ll set them straight.

Luna: *Scared* Okay.

Pearl: *Thinking about guys* What about you, Paige… have you met anyone?

Paige: *Sighs* I met this guy at school… he is rather sweet. Don’t know much about him. His name is Reese. but people at school say that he comes from a troubled family.  What if i come out as being too sweet or too perfect for him and he doesn’t like me?

Pearl: You met a guy and you don’t know much about him? Didn’t he even say anything to you?

Paige: He did. He came to me during break and told me about his family and a little bit about himself. not much though. i was a bit nervous that i threw in the Just be a good friend defense at him. But i think i like him. however if i pull or play the card of saying that i’d want to be his girlfriend and accept him… it’d be like i have relationship issues.

Pearl: No… it’s not like that at all. You’re not gonna be a sappy person if you go into saying that you like him. you’re just being true to how you are. You’re just scared of being hurt again. i don’t blame you. Johnny was a special guy. one of a kind for you and now that he’s gone… it’s like you’re afraid to try again and wind up getting hurt again.

Dinah: Love is a battlefield. Sometimes to get what you want… the love you want to have… You have to fight for it. let it know that you’re not gonna just cower and not fight for it. If you like him… you should tell him. If nothing other than that. He’s got the right to know how you really feel about him. You barely met him. but if you’ve already come to like him… he’s got to know. It’s the right thing to do. Don’t prolong the guessing. Let him know.

Pearl was able to finish her homework within a few minutes after she was done stopping to chat with her sisters and with Luna. They were all concerned for Luna as they knew that she was scared about going to school because she was not like the other kids. she was from the Moon. they all knew it and were afraid for her. but Pearl made her a promise that she’d be there for Luna no matter . It made things a little better for her as soon as Pearl said that to Luna. She was not so scared. it still didn’t feel too good, but she was able to not let it get to her after that. Pearl and Dinah were both finished with their homework minutes later… and saw that it was getting close to preparing for their Dates. Pearl got her change of clothes and jumped into the shower and got herself all cleaned. She was looking forward to the date. Dinah was the next to go into the Shower and get herself cleaned up.

It was only 25 minutes later when Pearl and Dinah were all set and ready to go.

Dinah was wearing a dark blue dress. with some sweet perfume and also Hot pink Lipstick. Pearl wore a sea green dress with the aquatic blue sash. Cocoa colored lipstick. She was also wearing a nice Jade ring on her finger too. She was beautiful. Both her and Dinah were beautiful. It was only minutes later when Dinah and Pearl walked out and went to the car. Pearl’s car was a 2011 Toyota. With Air conditioning and a heater. a clear sharp sound system. The car was good. it was good on gas. Pearl made sure she had her keys and got inside the car. She looked at her sister Dinah and smiled right as she started to stick the key into the ignition and started up the car. Within minutes… They were on their way to meet their Dates…

As For Prince Alvin at King John’s house. He was deeply unsure whether he should go along with calling the girl. they were on Cellphones and had free Cells as per to being part of watchtower. He Didn’t know if he could go through with it. But he sat in his room and just stared at the phone thinking about whether or not he should make the call to the Girl Alice. Prince Curtis was planning to go out that night to take his girlfriend to the movies. It was a clear night and very peaceful. There was no immediate danger. Prince Arnold and Prince Avery were out walking the neighborhood and were enjoying the peaceful serenity. But as they were enjoying the night of peace… thus far… none of them were aware or with suspicion that there was a new danger imminent to the horizon and that it was gonna be here in less than 5 weeks.

To be continued on Chapter 74 of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! “One year later… Things that once were… move to change. Pearl on the road and a driver in the family… Romance matures for some and finds the ones down on the luck for love. Rhapsody Girls Z! Normal Teens or forever called to duty.” Part 2.

Pearl: *Voice-over* Sometimes growing up isn’t easy. It brings in new challenges and new issues. even problems. But the rewards are also great. You get independence. The freedom of making your own life decisions and making a life for yourself. but don’t forget that growing up also means dealing with bills. and more stress in life. Be sure you know what you want to be and are able to handle the issues that come with growing up. Growing up is hard but is rewarding. Make sure you’re ready to face the future head on and are with a set plan on what it is that you want. Even of you happen to lead a double life and one life tends to outweigh the other. This is Pearl saying… See you again soon. *Laughs happily*

Raven: *Attacking the fire minions of her father with Dark Energy* Azarath Metrion Zynthos!”


3 thoughts on “Chapter 73: “One year later… Things that once were… move to change. Pearl on the road and a driver in the family… Romance matures for some and finds the ones down on the luck for love. Rhapsody Girls Z! Normal Teens or forever called to duty.” Part 1”

  1. Very well done. My only complaint is it was very long, and I started to loose interest, but kept reading. Everything was well thought out, and there is a perfect amount of action, mixed with normality.

  2. Well… the 3rd segment was supposed to be all the way to chapter 75. but how it turned out and the way it played… it kinda worked out well. it gave me something to work with. and this is new segment is gonna be 35 chapters long and will be well worth it when you read what’s in store for the girls and their new ally. and a few old ones. but you’ll know who… as you read. some new allies and a few old ones just as well.

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