chapter 72: “Rhapsody Girls in Danger; Falling to your Death is the way to go out. Prince Curtis Brutally beat! Rhapsody Family FACE/OFF Against ZOD! VENGEANCE BE CALLED! Angelic Overlord… WE NEED YOU! Justice League… Big Guns Dishing out firepower. “GOODBYE GENERAL ZOD! Time to say BON VOYAGE!” Pearl… Lovesick over Frost?!”

Paige: *Voice-over* Recap from Chapter 71…

Miss Love: *Getting beat by Zod* Ugh! Agh! Ahhhh! Augh! Errrr! Ohhhh!

Bubble Maiden: *Getting beat by Zod* Ugh! Agh! Ahhhh! Augh! Errrr! Ohhhh!

Thunder Mistress: *Getting beat by Zod* Ugh! Agh! Ahhhh! Augh! Errrr! Ohhhh!

Sailor Luna: *Getting beat by Zod* Ugh! Agh! Ahhhh! Augh! Errrr! Ohhhh!

Flaming Soul: *Looking to see the carnage* Oh god… this is terrible. Terrible.

Plasma-Core: What will we do. Zod knows every attack we come up with… he’s expecting us to attack and he’s liable to use his heat Vision on us. he’s already used it on Betty and Angel… but with their self healing ability that they have… they are not feeling much of the pain.

Electric Rage: We’ve got to do something. If we don’t do something and soon… Zod could try to seize all control of this city and there won’t be anyone here to stop him. Clark was the only one that could stop him and he’s dead. he is gone.

Water Lord: So what do you suggest that we do about it? Do we just sit here and wait for him to make another move?

Plasma-Core: He’s attacking the girls… Look at our cousins… they are being trashed and we can’t do anything to stop it. We’ve done all we could and Zod only came back just more brutal.

Jack Frost: *Firing Ice at Zod* You’re a monster. A rotten monster…

Brenda: Don’t worry. We’re on it. we’ll the create a distraction for the girls so they can escape and you guys can take him out.

Flaming Soul: *Nods* Right. go at it.

A Minute later…

Flaming Soul: Let’s get at Zod! Brothers… ATTACK!!!

Water Lord: *Firing at Zod* ANCIENT STORM!

Plasma-Core: *Firing at Zod* PLASMA BLASTER!

Electric Rage: *Firing at Zod* ELECTRIC CHAIN!

Jack Frost: *Firing at Zod* SNOW SWARM!!!!

The Rhapsody girls were being beat and as they tried to break free and get the upper hand… they were grabbed and then immediately Spun around a few times before Tossed off the Crows nest and sent plummeting to the streets…

Rhapsody Girls: *Falling to the streets* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Electric Rage: *Teleporting and going for a Sneak attack*

Zod: *Turning to see a futile attempt; Landing Punches and Kneeing Prince Curtis* You’re Pathetic. You shall be made to Kneel before me…

Electric Rage: *Coughing and hacking* No! We’ll Never Bow down to you…

Zod: Then Die! *Soccer punches Prince Curtis into the air and sees that he plummets to the streets below* One pathetic pest down… 3 girls out. a few more to go. Who’s next to be taken down for refusing to Kneel before Zod?”

Rhapsody Girls… descending to their doom???

Prince Curtis… Beaten???

Heaven Twins… Benched???


What will the fate of the Rhapsody Girls Z! be? Is there Any Hope for Paige, Pearl and Dinah?

Chapter 72: “Rhapsody Girls in Danger; Falling to your Death is the way to go out. Prince Curtis Brutally beat! Rhapsody Family FACE/OFF Against ZOD! VENGEANCE BE CALLED! Angelic Overlord… WE NEED YOU! Justice League… Big Guns Dishing out firepower. “GOODBYE GENERAL ZOD! Time to say BON VOYAGE!” Pearl… Lovesick over Frost?!”

Paige: *Falling to her doom* AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Pearl: *Falling to her doom* AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Dinah:*Falling to her doom* AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Jack: *On the Crow’s nest* I got to save them… I need to save them before it’s too late. Zod isn’t watching…  Now’s my chance. *Calling out to the Girls* Hold on! You’re gonna be okay. Help’s coming. *Jumps off the Crows nest before Zod could catch him and Dives down to the girls. *Emitting Snow and Ice; Suddenly riding on a trail of it and speeding fast down and passing the girls getting behind them* This is gonna be a close call… but… *Using his Ice and Snow power to envelope the ground below with a 3 foot thick blanket of Snow*

A minute later…

On the Street below the Crows Nest…

Paige: *Landing in the snow and feeling the Chill* Oomph!

Pearl: *Landing in the Snow; Feeling a figure behind her* Ouch!

Dinah: *Landing in the snow and feeling the Chill* EIIIIIIII!

Paige: *In pain* That hurts. Zod really kicked our hides.

Dinah: *In Pain* He sure kicked our asses and we’re gonna be feeling it for a while…

Jack: Not necessarily… You 3 would have been dead if…

Pearl: *In pain; Gets up and looks to see Jack* What are you doing here?

Jack: *Grins* I broke your fall. this snow caught us.

Paige: *Barely getting up to see a blanket of snow* Snow? In Metropolis? In the Spring? *In Pain*

Dinah: *Getting up and aching in pain* Where are we? We’re on the streets again… aren’t we?

Pearl: *Looking up and seeing the sky billowing with lights* Yeah. and Our Cousins… plus our sisters Shanna, Luna, Betty and Angel are still up there…

Dinah: What about Clark? Where is he?

Paige: *Sighs and shakes her head* He’s gone. dead. Zod killed him.

Pearl: What’ll we do? *worried* What are we gonna do? We can’t go after Zod… We don’t have the power to do so. Clark is the only one with that power and he’s gone now…

Jack: That is unfortunate. but you guys have each other. That’s what counts. Zod can’t take you away from each other.

Dinah: *Shaking herself off* Like that really is the bright side of us getting the hell beat out of us… Jack, Are you cracked in the head? You must have been inhaling way too much of your Snow magic. Zod has beat us, okay? He threw us down to our demise and we are practically bruised. The only thing that saved us was the snow and you did that. You broke our fall.

Pearl: *Gasps* He did what?

Jack: I broke your fall. Pearl, you were in the center of me.

Pearl: *Feeling touched* Awwww!

Paige: Dinah and i had his arms.

Jack: That’s right. but you are not dead. you’re all still alive.

Still on the Crows nest…

Plasma-Core: *Looking down* Our brother is gone… Zod killed him. That demonic sadistic prick… *Flaring up and suddenly Unleashing his super form* That did it! Zod is dead now… *Teleporting to face Zod and firing at him* This is for killing my Brother… You Walking sack of shit. I am gonna make you regret your murderous actions against my family.

Zod: *Preparing his Heat Vision* Go ahead… Try it.

Plasma-Core: With pleasure! *Firing Plasmatic Discs at Zod* Die! You son of a one-eyed Bastard. Go back to Hell where you belong.

Flaming Soul: Guys… I want you to take Shanna, Luna, Betty and Angel and get them to safety. Get them to safety and do not stop. You hear me?

Water Lord: *Gasps* What?!

Plasma-Core: Captain… You’re not serious… Are you? What are you gonna do?

Flaming Soul: *Snaps* Look! I don’t have time to argue and discuss this with you. Now do as i say and GET TO SAFETY…. NOW! Take the girls and get out of here… NOW!

Water Lord: *Looking to his brother* Plasma-Core, Let’s do it! The Captain is near bursting with Rage and we know what comes from that when he’s this mad during battle. We better get our butts off and do as he says.

Plasma-Core: You’re quite right about that, Brother. We better get going. This is not a Military like family… But we should take warn that when Flaming Soul says to get out of here… he means it and he doesn’t just bull you. he means it. Let’s get out of here. *Running over to Betty and Angel* I’ll get the Heaven twins… you grab Shanna And Luna. I’ll see you on to top of the Luthorcorp plaza.

Water Lord: *Nods* You got it.

A minute or two later they were gone with the girls and Prince Alvin was the only one staying…

Flaming Soul: *Looking at Zod; Enraged* For a second… Just… for a Second, i thought that you would learn to admit defeat and be begging for mercy. Begging for the pain to stop. But… You don’t care. DO YOU?!!

Zod: *Scoffs* Give it a rest Prince Alvin… You lost. You should have known that this was gonna happen. This was all set before my victory beared fruit. The 3 girls. ones you know as your cousins released me from the Orb. They opened the Orb and released me from confinement. Global Conquest and world domination is in my nature. There is no stopping it. The girls knew it for the longest time. When i held their mother and them in their own house… captive…   I made it clear to them…

Zod Flashes back…

Paige: *Looking at the man in their room* Who are you?

Major Zod: *Doing Push-ups on the floor with a hand behind him* What likes of it to you for asking who i am… I’m a Major. A Major from the Planet Krypton.

Pearl: *Shocked* Krypton? The doomed planet? Wasn’t that planet said to be destroyed? *Looking at Major Zod* By you?

Major Zod: *Scoffs while doing Push-ups on the floor* What arrogance coming from you to know what comes of my planet. You who has powers from the Yellow sun while my soldiers and i have none.

Dinah: Hold on, Major Zod… We don’t know anything about you… all we know is that you destroyed your home world. You betrayed your world. You think we don’t know… we know… we followed up on you. True or not… you might know of it by now. Your planet was destroyed.

Paige: What are you even doing here? The Orb told us that you’d come to save this planet from it’s own demise. but You are just as clueless as the others. Tell us… Why are you here?

Major Zod: *Suddenly stopping and getting up* Why would you care to know of why i am here? I know not about you girls, but i would bet that you’d never be able to escape from here. You may try though… maybe live for trying to make a run for it. but i highly doubt that you’ll be making it past the guards.

Pearl: *Shooting out in shock* What makes you say that? Are you saying that we’re trapped inside our own house?

Major Zod: Trapped? *Walking over to the window* not precisely. More like under lockdown. You’re still alive. that is a start. but i would be striking a proposition or a understanding that if you were to try to escape… you might not be living all that much longer. The men outside are here and they are poised to kill… to blast at anyone that tries to escape from here. Even me. But as to why they have not done so the last time i went out is by luck. As for you… You may not be quite so lucky.

Dinah: *Looking at the Major* You came from the Orb… but you truly look as though you are lost. *With wide eyes; Surprised* Oh god… you truly are lost, aren’t you? You truly don’t even know what you’re doing here, do you? We released you by accident… but now that you have shown up… you’re just lost like a orphan boy trying to find his home again…but have no clue as to where you should go looking first, huh?

Paige: Didn’t anyone even tell you or brief you on what you were to do here? Aren’t you supposed to be like some sort of Savior to this planet?”

Zod: No one bothered to tell you that all this began when your dearly spirited cousins released me and the other Kandorians from the orb.

Flaming Soul: You are starting to get on the last nerve… you’re already asking for a whole mess of pain.

Zod: Try it… You have not what it takes to take me on. You’re just a Captain. General outranks Captain.

Flaming Soul: *Transcending into Ssj3* AHHHHHHHHH!

Zod: How rewarding to be shown the super form… Such a Neurotic sight to feast upon.

Flaming Soul: *As a Ssj3* That’s what you see now. But You better be with your bags packed… You won’t be staying long. That i can guarantee to you. *Surging with power; Holding his arms back and Charging up to Unleash a Rhapsody Wave* kaaameeehaaameeehaaameeeHAAAMEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *Firing a Blast at Zod* ….. *Grabbing at Zod and Landing blows at Zod* Teleports out of the way and gets behind Zod fast and Lightning speed with Throwing punching and kicks and Moving all over Zod Punching him and kicking him all over kicking him to the east, West, South and North. at light speed and Throwing Lightning disks and Launching Destructo Disks at Zod; Blasting at him continually and watching him fall to the ground; Kicking him back up and then Pounding him to the West at light speed and into the Daily Planet located in the west* HAAAAAAA!!!!

Prince Alvin sighed and tried to catch his breath. He was a bit winded… But he didn’t get to have much time to rest as Zod suddenly boomed back to the crows nest.

Flaming Soul: *Gasps in outrage* What! No way!

Zod: *Looking at Prince Alvin* You never learn… Do you? You can’t beat me. i can not be defeated. i am indestructible. Kandorians are unable to be defeated…

However as for Prince Curtis…

Prince Curtis was in the Neighborhood of Megan Hart. He didn’t know that she wouldn’t be home but he landed in front of her house and just collapsed. It was about an hour later when he heard someone coming by. It was The girl. Megan…

Prince Curtis: *Coughing in pain*  Damn it… Zod has beaten us. M-m-m-Megan! Help!

Megan: *Worried and panicking* Oh my god, Prince Curtis. Are you okay?

Prince Curtis: *Coughing* ….. Mmm! Mmmmm! *Coughing up blood a little as the pain flares up* AHHHHH!!!! *Passing out*

Megan: I’m gonna call for help… hold on.

Megan then rushed inside and called for help. She was panicking as she didn’t know what much to do. She suddenly got on the phone and called her Brother Drake although she couldn’t get a hold of him. She didn’t know if she could carry him… but she did it anyway. She picked him and carried him to his house. he guided her over to his house…

Prince Curtis: Megan… *Weakly* Megan… Take the key. *Handing her the Key* Use it to unlock the front door. it will unlock the front door. *Groaning a little* Better yet. Take me to My Aunt Rikku’s house. She’s there. Head on over there. it is not far from here…

Megan: *Freaking out* Okay. just hold on…

Prince Curtis: *Weakly* Just for the record though… we met and we were actually in a relationship for a short time… we mainly just texted to one another… but you’re lucky to have met me. and i am lucky to have met you.

Megan: That’s touching and i am happy that we met. i don’t think that i can imagine the idea that i could lose you if worse came to worse yet.

A moment later…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Prince Curtis: *in Agony* Owww!

Megan: *Calling out for any sign of inhabitants* Hello?! Anyone here?

Grandma Rikku: *Walking out into the Kitchen* yes?

Megan: I need help. Prince Curtis is hurt. badly. He’s in pain and looks bad.

Prince Curtis: *Coughing* Oh… *Hacking up some flem and Blood* Ack! Ack! Agh! Agh!

Grandma Rikku: Oh dear… *terrified* Come in and bring him in… get him on the couch and lie him there gently…

Megan: *holding on to Prince Curtis as she opens the door with one hand and jolts into the Living room*

it was a minute later when she suddenly made it to the Living room and laid Prince Curtis upon the Couch. He looked pretty bad and as he laid there in pain…

Prince Curtis: *Screaming in terror* Paige… LOOK OUT!!!! PEARL… BEHIND YOU!!!! CAPTAIN… WATCH OUT!!! ZOD…. HE’S COMING AGAIN!!! NOOO!!!!!

Grandma Rikku: *Freaks out* Oh god… Oh no… Prince Curtis… what happened out there. where are the others? Where?

Prince Curtis: *Feeling Bruised up* I wish that i could tell you… but the way you sound, you might want to spare yourself. you’re not gonna be singing any joyous tunes over what you’re gonna hear come from me. I just got my ass handed to me on a silver plate by Zod. Yeah… That’s right, Aunt Rikku. Zod the barbaric little tyrant who loves getting the kicks from the global conquest regime. nothing that you’d like doing the twitch and twinkle… but He beat the 3 girls too… Paige, Pearl and Dinah have been thrown off the Crows nest and i don’t even know if they’re even alive. i barely got away for dear life. It doesn’t look too good. that is for sure. it is terrible all the more a bombarding inconvenience… *With tears in his eyes as pain throbs through him ever so often* It hurts. Damn it! How could Zod be that tough? How the hell can my brothers and i along with Paige, Pearl and Dinah beat that bastard? get them out of Zod’s Reach. He’s gonna just kill them.

Megan: How can we get to them though… we don’t even know where they are.

Grandma Rikku: *Feeling steamed over the situation* It doesn’t matter. We’re gonna get back at Zod. He’s hurt my family again… He took away my baby Princess Rikku. Now he takes away 3 of my granddaughters. What is his problem? Why can’t he just go away and leave us all alone? What about that man of Steel? Wasn’t he supposed to send him away to a different world by now?

Prince Curtis: *Sitting up a little* Hey… Don’t be getting all in steamline heat over the matter. It’s not all that bad. it’s gonna be alright. You’ll see. Prince Alvin is still up there and he’s pulling with the big guns. He’s got it goin’ now.  Plus there are the sisters. However… they are coming and going with their appearances.

Megan: *Staying by Prince Curtis’s side* You’re gonna be okay though, I’m gonna be right here.

Prince Curtis: *Smiles right at Megan* Thank you… *Weakly*

Unfortunately for Stargirl… She was still at the Nations Capital. It was a far distance from Metropolis and the way she looked… alot of people were about to notice that there was something different about her… But as for Victor Stone… He ran over to find a silent spot to make a call. He called Carter Hall and vouched for a lift back to Metropolis.

Back in Metropolis…

At the Recording Studio…

Minako: *Looking at Artemis* Artemis… There is trouble going on in the city.

Artemis: *Nods* Indeed. I can sense it and it’s not good. Something’s wrong. The Girls. Paige, Pearl and Dinah. I can’t feel their energy.

Minako: *Sensing the same thing* I can’t feel it either. Something is wrong. Artemis… i can’t sense their life force. their Power. But i am sensing someone else’s.

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*Looking up and gasps* Flaming Soul!

Artemis: He’s fighting Zod… Alone?!

Minako: This isn’t good. He is using that power. That Secret power…

Artemis: Someone should go out there and help him.

Minako: Right. Artemis, Go on out there and help. Prince Alvin is fighting Zod… but he’s not to be left alone.

Artemis: Don’t worry. he won’t be. *Bolting out and heading to the scene of the War*

Minako: *Thinking in her mind* Prince Alvin is using that power. that Saiyan power. He’s gonna blow out his heart if he doesn’t stop it. he’s not ready to withstand that type of power yet.

Of course in Smallville…

Chloe: *Freaking out* Oliver is gone… i lost contact with the Rhapsody Girls Z! and the heaven twins. Their Transponders are off. I can’t get a hold of anyone. Carter is not replying… Neither is Black Canary. Damn it!

Chloe tries to send a command to the Satellite and see to get it to re-position and pick up the signals and transponders…

Chloe: *Trying to gain communication from the Justice League* Come on… Please work. There must someone out there that can help. Anyone… We got to get a reach of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Prince Avery: *Buzzing in on Video* Hey… Watchtower… You there, Love?

Chloe: *Jumps and turns to see Prince Avery on Screen* Plasma-Core… Thank god that i was able to get a hold of someone… Everyone in the Justice league… all our strong armed heroes and heroine’s are M.I.A. There has been no contact from either of them. I can’t seem to get a lock on the Rhapsody Girls… Paige, Pearl or Dinah…

Prince Avery: *Sighs* that is the thing. I am afraid that there is bad news there, i’m afraid. They’re gone. Zod had sent them to their deaths. they were sent plummeting to the streets below from the Crows nest.

Chloe: *Gasps* What?! Paige… Pearl and Dinah are dead?

Prince Arnold: *Speaking up; on screen* That is what we’re telling you i’m afraid, Watchtower. That is exactly what we’re sorry to say. but they are dead. from the crows nest to the streets below…. that is at least a good 70 foot drop and it is a hard fall to top it all off. We managed to escaped the fury unscathed and in one piece. but we were the more lucky ones. The Heaven twins are alive and are self healing still. they’re gonna be out for a while yet. but they’re just peachy.

Prince Avery: Can’t say the same for Prince Curtis. He’s been beat to about an inch of his life. It hurts him. That’s for certain. He’s fled to take shelter and recover. But as for us… well… let’s just say that we’ve gotten away unscathed by the pain that Zod has dished out to us. it’s not good right now… the way it’s looking for us. going back to face defeat… it’s for the birds.

Chloe: What about the other girls. Luna and Shanna. Sailor Luna and Molten Mind?

Prince Arnold: Luna is barely breathing… She is pretty beat up…

Chloe: Take her to the Metropolis Gen. Ask for Either Emil Hamilton or Nurse Rhapsody.

Prince Arnold: Nurse Rhapsody? Why? What can she do? Who is she?

Prince Avery: Brother… i think she means Aunt Julie…. Nurse Julie.

Prince Arnold: That’s Right. never mind. my bad.

Prince Avery: Who’s gonna take her to the hospital?

Prince Arnold: I’ll take her to the hospital. You stay here and keep an eye over the rest of the girls here. Shanna will be fine. She’s tough. Betty and Angel will also be fine. but If we don’t get Luna to the hospital right now… we will lose her. She’s barely breathing and it’s partially labored by the way it is sounding.

Chloe: *Worried* Go. Prince Arnold… go. hurry. I’ll make a call to Emil and let him know that you’re on the way there to the hospital and to be expecting you within a few minutes or so… hurry.

Prince Arnold: *Nods; making the move* On it. *Grabbing Luna and Teleporting off to the hospital*

Prince Avery: *Grins* Well… there goes Water Lord with Luna over to the hospital. Now it’s just me and the girls.

Chloe: You just stay there where it’s safe. I’m gonna go and see if i can contact the others and let them know of the situation and tell them the loss. They need to know.

Prince Avery: You might want to hurry on that… because something tells me that if i know my brother and what he’s up to. He is about to do something that he shouldn’t do.

Chloe: *Picking up readings on a power surge forming about the Crows nest* Prince Alvin… He’s using that power… isn’t he? The Saiyan power…

Although at the Metropolis Apartments…

Amara: *Looking up in shock* Prince Alvin.

Michelle: He is using a secret power… isn’t he?

Trista: There is also something else going on too. There is no energy or power source coming from the girls…

Amara: *Looking at Trista* What are you talking about?

Michelle: I sense it too. There is nothing coming from the girls. Paige, Pearl and Dinah are not producing any power readings.

Amara: *Watching the T.V and sensing something wrong* Something is wrong.

Michelle: What…

Trista: we should go and check it out… *Looking out the window and seeing the crows nest close by*

Michelle:  *Walking to the Window and looking across to see the Crows nest* I don’t see anyone.

Trista: It’s covered in fog and smoke now… but somewhere inside that smoke and fog… there is a fight going on.

Amara: *Getting up and walking over to the window and looking at the Crows nest*

A second later…

Amara: *Watching the fog and the smoke surrounding the crows nest* You’re right. Something is going on inside there. Michelle… i don’t know what’s going on inside that fog… but whatever it is… it’s bad.

Trista: I can’t sense the Rhapsody Girls.

Michelle: We should go in there and lend a hand. the Rhapsody Girls need it. The Rhapsody Brothers also need it.

Amara: Let’s go. To the Roof…

As for the Rhapsody Girls…

Paige: *Trying to get her communicator to respond* I can’t get the communicator to work. it’s not even responding.

Pearl: I can’t get mines to work either. I don’t like the way this is looking. this isn’t good at all.

Dinah: You’re telling me. My Communicator gadget is barely working. but it’s not willing to stay with a charge. there is no charge coming to it. It’s dead.

Jack: *Looking at the girls* So… What do you 3 plan to do? Go back up there and fight Zod? You’re not in your other forms. He’ll only cream you.

Pearl: *hearing screams* What is that?

Dinah: *Looking up* I don’t know… but it sure sounds angry.

Paige: That’s Prince Alvin. *Seeing Prince Alvin in the air* I think that we better duck… the Fight is about to come at us…

Pearl: *Quickly Ducking and Squealing in fright* EEK!

Dinah: Watch out… *Pining herself onto the ground still covered in snow* Yeowch! Cold! Icy cold….

A second later…

Pearl: *Spotting Prince Alvin* There he is… He’s… He’s… with that golden hair again.

Paige: *Scoffs* Uh, Say what? Come again with that last statement… Did you just say that he… *Looking up suddenly to see Prince Alvin with the Golden hair* What in the….?

In mid-air… Half way up the building…

Flaming Soul: *Firing at Zod* Come on… Show me what you got.

Zod: *Firing his heat Vision at Prince Alvin* You’re an Insubordinate little commoner. You have no power over me.

Flaming Soul: That is where you’re Wrong. *Grins and Smirks while Teleporting away and Dodging each blast*

On the street below watching

Paige: *Spotting blasts being thrown in multiple directions* There are blasts being shot all over the place…

Jack: *Catching notice of some of the blasts coming down* Look out!

Dinah: *Getting up and seeing the blasts coming down* Paige… Pearl… LOOK OUT!!! *Bolting over to them and with a quick last second decision Pushing them out of the path of the Blasts* Ahhh! *Getting hit by the blasts* AUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

Paige and Pearl: *Turning fast to see Dinah hit by the blasts* DINAH!!!!

Jack: *Seeing more blasts coming towards them* Watch out… More comes.

Paige: Let’s get out of here and get to safety. This is not safe anymore… Let’s get out of here. Now!

Sailor Uranus: *Launching an attack At Zod* URANUS…. WORLD…. SHAKING!!!!

Sailor Neptune: *Launching an attack at Zod* NEPTUNE… DEEP… SUBMERGE!!!!!

Sailor Pluto: *Launching an attack at Zod* PLUTO… DEADLY… SCREAM!!!!

Zod: *Taking the hits and hitting the side of the building with a massive thud*

Paige: *Looking to see Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto* Amara, Michelle, Trista! What…. What… What are you doing here?

Sailor Uranus: We’re here to aid in beating this Kandorian Punk.

Sailor Neptune: *With Uranus and Pluto* We couldn’t feel your presence close by and feared that you guys were all gone.

Pearl: You believed us to be dead?! We were close to that… but we were saved. By this guy here… Jack Frost. He saved our lives. if he didn’t break our fall… we would have been dead.

Sailor Pluto:  *Looking to see Zod fighting someone* Who’s that mystery man over there fighting with Zod?

Paige: That’s our cousin… Prince Alvin. He looks different because he’s also with the power of a…

Dinah: *on the ground a little bruised* don’t say it… Don’t you dare brag about it… Paige. I am not kidding you. Think twice about telling them what he is looking like now. They’ll be wanting to keep their sanity for a little while longer.

Pearl: There is no need for the antics Dinah… They are seeing the same thing we are seeing and i don’t think that denying it or feeding them a heaping spoon of denial city is gonna do an inch of good to anyone. *Looking at the sailors* Prince Alvin… has the powers of a Super Saiyan… that’s the form of a Class 3.

Paige: *Nods*

Dinah: *Groans* And she had to say it. *Moans* Well… There goes the sanity of the neighborhood.

Jack: *Looking up at Zod and Prince Alvin* Looks like we got trouble…

Dinah: *Getting up Slowly* Trouble? Like what? Actual death? *scoffs* As if we didn’t have enough trouble on our hands… *Looking up and Seeing Prince Alvin looking normal again* I think that we better think and come up with a Plan “B” soon. because it looks like our Cousin with the light and golden fluffy hair is out of go-go juice and he’s about to get his butt handed to him. If we wish to get the leg up on Zod… we better come up with a plan of action and we better come up with one soon, or we’ll be walking right into a grave and with charred skin. Zod will try to burn us. That’s a guarantee.

Paige: Let’s go home and regroup. We can come up with a plan at home. where it’s safe…

At Metropolis Gen…

Emil: *Seeing Prince Arnold w/ Luna* Prince Arnold… *Walking over to Prince Arnold* I got the call from Chloe that you were on your way. At first i thought that she was telling me that there was war being started. but then she mentioned there being Casualties… I didn’t know who she meant. She told me that someone was hurt. *Seeing Luna* Is that the patient? What happened out there?

Prince Arnold: Other than our getting our butts handed to us in a very uncanny way… You could pretty much sum it up to the fact that we’re alive by just the luck and grace of god himself. Luna here isn’t so lucky. She’s got nearly beat and she’s barely breathing. Labored breathing every so often.

Emil: *Shaking his head and fearing the fateful possibility that Luna would not make it* … *Calling for a couple orderlies and a nurse to bring a stretcher* We need to get her checked out. now.

A few seconds have passed and as soon as the orderlies came… Luna was placed on the Stretcher and transported to a room…

Prince Arnold: I hope that it isn’t a bother that i come in. I am to stay near her and watch over her.  I would say that her mother would be here… but her mother is dead. she was killed by General Zod. Her grandmother is all she has left as well as her sisters. they only have their grandmother.

Emil: I am sorry for your loss. I happen to have been the one that did the Autopsy on her when she was brought in. She was already dead when she came in and there wasn’t really much i can do. Some of the Evidence or DNA that was left by the attacker was already faded by time it came in and i couldn’t get much from it.

Prince Arnold: I know. It is okay. We’re aiming to send that bastard on a one way ticket to Nirvana… I would like the idea of sending Zod to Hell. but something tells me that hell would not take him.

Emil: I wouldn’t know about that… some of the most evilest of creatures  or beings or people persay can be made to be put in hell. Maybe even a place called Purgatory.

Prince Arnold: But this is a Kandorian. Wouldn’t there be a chance that he could be unfit to be kept there?

Emil: Well… that depends. I am no doctor or a analyst with expertise on the realms of purgatory or the possibility of there being a realm for the souls of the damned as they’d like to call it… but for any being that is with evil intent. there is bound to be a prison made specifically for the one that is with Evil and darkness within them.

Prince Arnold: Like a dark possession?

Emil: pretty close to that… but no. It would be like a intergalactic prison.

Prince Arnold: *Thinking in his mind* Intergalactic Prison… *Nods* I think that i know what you mean.

Emil: You heard of things like the Intergalactic prison?

Luna: *Gasping weakly* It’s the Phantom Zone.

Emil: *Pauses in shock* The phantom Zone?

Prince Arnold: Yeah. it’s a dimension as Clark puts it a place that his Kryptonian father Jor-el built and made to house the worst known criminals of the 28 known galaxies. The worst of the pack. all the troublesome and brutish beings that posed to inflict harm on the innocent and cast harm on those in their path. Jor-el made that place to be able to send the bad ones off. Sending them away where they’d be safer there and to see that the innocent people were spared from the vengeful power of the evil and benign beings.

Emil: Do you know a way to open up a path to send the Evil being there.

Prince Arnold: No. Not without the Book of RAO.

Orderly: *Coming in suddenly* We have incoming casualties…

Emil: *Looking at the Orderly* Who’s the patient?

Orderly: Prince Curtis Mark Rhapsody. He’s being brought in by a woman and a girl. Megan Hart the girlfriend to the victim and Rikku Marie Rhapsody. The Aunt…

Emil: Bring them in.

Orderly: got it…

Meanwhile on top of the Luthorcorp Building…

Prince Avery: *Looking to see Betty and Angel stirring and awake* You two doves gonna be okay?

Betty: *Nods* Yeah. we’ll be fine… We’re just a little winded is all. We self healed ourselves and are fully energized. How’s Shanna faring?

Shanna: *Rubbing her head as she gets up again slowly* Yeah. I’m just peachy. I got a little bit of a headache. but that is something that can be expected. i suppose. That bastard Zod sure plays tough. Where’re the 3 girls?

Prince Avery: Paige, Pearl and Dinah are gone. Zod tossed them off the crows nest and sent them to their deaths. they’re gone.

Betty: And yet… You were able to say it with such a straight face.

Prince Avery: I am trying to keep a cool head here. I feel just as terrible as you may feel. if not worse.

Angel: *desperate* Are you sure that they’re gone? Please don’t tell me that they’re gone. i don’t want to hear that. Besides that… we’re gonna have to break it to grandma when all this is over…

In Smallville…

at the New Watchtower…

Chloe: What the hell is going on here? *grunts* I re-positioned the satellite for Watchtower 4 times and it still refuses to pick up any signals.

Carter: *Popping on screen* Hawkman reporting… Just picked up Cyborg and managed to reach AC. Heading back to Metropolis.

Chloe: *Sighs* Thank god you’ve got through here… i have been fighting the circuits here trying to reach people after the Kandorians managed to sever all communication. I can’t even get a hold of the local fighters that are still in the city.

Carter: What do you mean, Chloe?

Chloe: What i mean is that the local fighters… the Rhapsody Girls Z! They’re gone. Luna Rhapsody is barely breathing. And the Heaven Twins are out. Alive… but are from what i heard last… self healing. But as to right now… i don’t know. i am lost.

Carter: What about the Rhapsody Brothers?

Chloe:  They’re all but gone. Prince Alvin is the only one fighting from what i last found out. Prince Curtis is out of commission and on the sidelines. He’s gotten beat badly. There is a unknown chance that he’ll be surviving. Prince Arnold is at the hospital over looking the situation with Luna. Prince Avery is on top of the Luthorcorp Building and is with the other remaining girls. However the Rhapsody sisters are coming and going…

Carter: We need to hope that the Heaven Twins get spared. they’re gonna be our best bet on wiping the Kandorian General Zod out.

Paige: *Popping up on screen* Hey Rhapsody Girls Z! Leader here… We’re still alive. Alive by the quick save from a Mystery Ally.

Pearl: We’re here. But if you want to come and get us some help here… that would be great…

Dinah: *roughed up quite a bit and trying to keep on her feet long enough* We may be down a bit… but don’t you be counting us out. Not just yet. We’re still in it. one fall isn’t gonna kill us that fast. It’ll take a lot more to get us down.

Carter: You girls should get back to the tower. Regroup.

Pearl: Good idea. But one problem… How are we gonna do that? we’re without powers and our powers are gone. we don’t have anymore powers.  When we fell or got thrown off the Crows nest… our powers just vanished.

Dinah: I think that Zod took them. and the only thing that gets me is what the hell would he want with our powers?

Paige: But we’re gonna get them back… somehow.

Jack: *From the side* You girls can do it.  don’t give up hope. this is gonna be getting better in no time. you’ll see.

Pearl: *Nodding* we’ll be coming back to the Watchtower.

Dinah: Yeah. We’ll be back there soon.

However, back at the hospital…

Megan: *Next to her boyfriend Prince Curtis* Are you feeling okay?

Prince Curtis: *Looking at his girlfriend* How can you ask that? I am hooked to a bed and i have Mr. I.V drip giving me a nice little drug cocktail making me really sleepy. Maybe sleeping it off a bit will maybe heal the pain. i can practically sleep with ease knowing that you’re here with me. *Looking to the other side and seeing his Aunt* You have a very strong stack of will power for a aged gal, you know? You feel like it’s hopeless now. It’s understandable. i mean. just think about all that you had to deal with and go through. It’s enough to drive anyone nuts and off the mental balance… of sanity. but i got to hand it to you on some of it. If i were you… i’d be needing a psych ward. You lost your girls. It hurts like a blistering pain in the rump. but you got to admit though that you should be resting in ease that you can see your Daughter Princess Rikku’s face in the visage of Paige, Pearl and Dinah. They’re with pieces of her. Paige with the gaga love machine persona. Loving superheroes and loving sweets and just full of happy juice. Pearl with that over sensitive heart and the glitz to boot on all things fashion. seeing the heart in all that walks and cares about human kind like she’s some modern day lord. Dinah with her Explosive Wit. that is like a fuse to a cannon just ready to torch and ignite like a a hot plate ready to pop. You got them. They ain’t goin’ nowhere. So seriously… cut the heartache loose. Loosen up. You’ll be okay. You know that the family wouldn’t have it any other way.

Grandma Rikku: *Smiles and chuckles* how on earth did you get so wise at a young age?

Prince Curtis: ask my brother Prince Alvin and even my pops. they’re the ones who have struck me with the wisdom and the lessons gone plenty. I took it all in and just molded it into logic. It’s not hard to do to be quite honest. Some people have it… some don’t. We got it. that’s quite clear because of the way we are thinking. *Chuckles* And to think… i mean… it’s funny on some level though that it take me getting the living crap… beat out of me till i am just barely able to get out to save my skin. all to realize the bare truth. getting this wise on all this. Normally i’d pick at this and not be going in reverse. but it took a moment like this to force me to expose it.

Megan: You are pretty wise there, Prince Curtis. Alot wiser than before. But you’re right. It’s times like these where you manage to stop and take a good look at what should really matter and what is truly important to remember.

Prince Curtis: Well… I wish that it was always as easy to consider. but sometimes things are just not as easy as they ought to be. Sometimes we got to go lone wolf and venture a bit into the gray area and do what we think is the best move throughout that particular situation or moment.

Megan: Not that it would make it right. But i guess that sometimes we all have to go into the gray areas of things and just follow our hearts and do what we think seems to be right in that situation.

Grandma Rikku: We all have. It just isn’t the easiest thing to do as you also have to tally in the fact that someone is liable to get hurt because of it. Like my daughter. She’s been hurt by that guy who is the father to Betty. And by Bart. the one who cheated on my Daughter Princess Aquamarine. I don’t care if it gets to him and he hears it. the fact that my Daughter Princess Rikku ever got into him is just like a knife in the heart.

Prince Curtis: *Sighs* I gathered that. but as much as it hurts us and as much as we hate it. we have to move past it and try to forgive it. even though it’s a lot less fun to let people crush us and get away with it like it’s nothing to worry over.

Megan: You mean that girl… Alicia Baker… Don’t you?

Prince Curtis: I would not really know as i never really crossed her. Seen her on the show though… my family all have a copy of it the series. but as to the part where i crossed her… no. Clark mentioned almost 5 months ago that he knew her and dealt with her twice. and both times… were not the happiest of times. She did vow to never expose his secret and he protected hers as much as he could. She died by someone else’s hands. it hurt him. But the things she did… i don’t think that i would see myself condoning.  My family wouldn’t see it either. But wait… How do you know about her?

Megan: Because i read up about her… Suffering from a histrionic personality disorder, “causing emotional instability, resulting in psychotic episodes.

Prince Curtis: That doesn’t sound too uplifting. Where did you say you heard this before?

Megan: from the show. plus it’s on every database. I am surprised that you never knew about it. it’s all on the show… the series. season 4. plus… the fact that she really was in Belle Reeve.

Grandma Rikku: I wouldn’t know a thing about that. all i can tell you is that i am just looking forward to the threat being over.

Megan: Amen!

Prince Curtis: You’re not just whistling on the dixie jingle there. I would love to see that this threat is contained in the most direct way possible.

Emil: *Walking in and Meeting with Grandma Rikku* Mrs. Rhapsody…

Grandma Rikku: *Turning to see the doctor* Yes?

Emil: *Walking over to Grandma Rikku* Dr. Hamilton. Emil. Are you the Mother to Prince Curtis?

Grandma Rikku: No. I’m his Aunt. His father is out of town somewhere.  What seems to be the matter with Prince Curtis? Is he gonna be okay?

Emil: *Nods* he’s gonna be just fine. He’s not all that banged up as it appears. His internal organs are near healed… But the thing is that they look like they got rearranged a bit. Don’t ask how that is possible… but we read his X-Rays and found that his insides were not even marred. just scrambled. Almost as though someone took an egg beater and scrambled the organs around like a petri dish.

Grandma Rikku: are you saying that he’s gonna need surgery?

Emil: the way it looks… i am afraid that it’s what he’s gonna be needing. unless something changes and he somehow heals himself in some way. But right now… all we’re gonna do is monitor him and see what happens for now. But he’s gonna be okay here… He’ll be just fine.  Although that is more than what i can say about the girl.  Luna Tina Rhapsody. She’s not really doing too good. We managed to get the breathing regularized and back to being stable. However… she’s suffered massive intrusions and probably a broken rib and a broken arm. She’s gonna be fine other than that… however… i don’t think that she’s gonna be using her left arm for a long time….

Grandma Rikku: Can i see her?

Emil: of course. She’s a few rooms down. She is however a bit groggy from the Antibiotics and the I.V that we have in her… but she’s fine in that case. Just be sure to keep the visiting to a minimum for right now. She’s got to rest. The fast operation procedure that we had to do on her was risky and dangerous… but it managed to save her life. *Sighs and feeling grateful* I got to hand it to your son though… Prince Arnold. If he had gotten here a moment later with her… there would have been nothing that we could have done for your Daughter Luna.

Grandma Rikku: My son? Prince Arnold isn’t my son. He is the brother to Prince Curtis… as are both Prince Avery and Prince Alvin. and they are all sons to my nephew King John Rhapsody.

Emil: *Standing corrected* Ah! My apologies there, Mrs. Rhapsody. But you sounded so concerned and close to Prince Curtis that i kinda put the pieces together and thought that he may have been your son. as well as Prince Arnold.

Grandma Rikku: Why of course… he is my nephew after all and is a very loving boy. They all are.  *Smiles* But they’re my nephews. Sons to my nephew King John.

Emil: That’s right. I heard about him. He was the one that came and paid a visit to someone. A someone by the name of Julie Joy Rhapsody.

Grandma Rikku: That’s my sister. She’s here?

Emil: Yes she is. she is here but she is pretty busy. she got moved up to the intensive care unit. tending to the Intensive care section of the hospital

Megan: *Sticking by Prince Curtis’s side*


An Hour later…

At The New Watchtower…

Paige: *Looking at Carter, Chloe and Victor* What’ll we do?! We are powerless against the Kandorian. We have no powers. Zod tossed us off the Crows nest and as we fell… the powers were eradicated from us. There is nothing left of us. Our powers and abilities are gone.

Pearl: That is not the issue anymore Paige. we were somehow able to get the capability to reach the watchtower here… but that is by luck.

Dinah: Yeah. maybe our powers are just sleeping and will take some time to come back online again. It happens. Remember when we got ourselves sent to the Phantom Zone? We didn’t have powers then. this could just be another example of that.

Carter: You girls should not have to worry about the fight anymore. You 3 have done more than enough to try to fight back Zod. Zod wants a fight. but you 3 are already spent. What you 3 need to do is just sit back and let us handle it from here on.

Victor Stone: We should go and get at that guy and put him into a hurt locker.

Chloe: Affirmative. but we need to come up with a course of action.

Arthur Curry: *Walking in* Plan to take out Zod without the boy scout? That is a death wish for us all. We should let the Boy Scout… Kal take care of the guy.

Pearl: *Feeling remorse* uh… you guys. there is something that you might want to know…

Paige: *Seeing Pearl having a tough time letting out the bad news* It’s okay, Pearl. You can tell them. they need to know what happened.

Chloe: Tell us what… what is it?

Pearl: *Gulps* Clark’s Dead.

Arthur Curry: *Shoots* What?!

Victor Stone: How is that possible? he didn’t go near any of that Green Meteor Rock. How did he die?

Dinah: *Scoffs* Oh come on… Wake up would you? Zod killed him. Clark was gonna use the book of RAO and send all those Kandorian Bozos back to where they belong. on a hopping trip to another Plane of Existence. but Zod… the Philandering snot… somehow managed to get a hold of Blue Kryptonite and used it to keep himself from Ascending. it worked… Clark and he fought a little and we also got into it. then just when we had our back turned and before we could stop him from doing Clark in… Zod stabbed the Sword made of Blue Kryptonite into Clark and killed him… however… by time it happened… The gate had already closed. The Gateway had closed. It’s over… Zod Won. He frickin’ shiv’d Clark and Clark fell to his death. he’s dead. and apparently to everyone else… we’re also dead because Zod tossed us off the Crows nest. We would have been dead and gone for good. but someone saved us. Jack Frost saved us. used his Ice powers that created a blanket of snow to cover the ground under us as we were falling and it broke our fall. the only problem is that as we were falling to our deaths… or supposed deaths… our powers left us and we were just left without any powers. abilities to call our own.

Paige: We can’t even help anymore. we’re powerless. Useless.

Dinah: *Sighs* I don’t think this is gonna look too good to the others. our family members… They are gonna be asking about a dozen Questions. I am almost certain that Prince Alvin’s gonna be conducting his own daring version of the Q&A’s and you know him… He’s the Captain of the Rhapsody Brothers… but when he gets suspicious of something… he asks alot of questions and doesn’t stop till he hits the bottom and not even then. He doesn’t even stop then. he keeps going till he hits China.

Pearl: Dinah… Don’t exaggerate. he doesn’t get that bad. but he does expect for answers to be given and expects alot.

Chloe: *Picking up a reading* Girls… now that we’re talking about your powers… you might want to take a look at this. This is gonna seem really strange.

Paige: You’re kidding!

Carter: *Looking on the Screen and seeing 3 trails of powers*

On Screen…

Paige: *Recognizing the trail* That’s My Love power… My Element. The Element of Love. It’s Huge…

Pearl: It Looks like your element left you and gotten stronger… now it’s trying to find its way back to you.

Paige: I wonder what it would do to me…

Pearl: *Recognizing the trail* That’s my Element. My Bubble Power… it’s left me and gained multiple colors and strengthened up with more power… Is that my power? I wonder what it’s gonna do to me if it comes back to me…

Dinah: I have no idea… But if it does come back… You’ll be not just BubbleMaiden. But… you’ll be Countess Bubble Maiden!

Pearl: And Paige will be Miss Love Enchantress!

Paige: Those are nice names… but let’s just stick to the usual. just with much stronger powers and with the strengthened elements.

Dinah: *Recognizing the trail* Whoa! My element… is really powerful… I must be the one with all that sparky energy inside me. It looks like it’s gotten even more intense now… Is that really me? That couldn’t be me…

Pearl: I think that it is, Dinah… you always were with the explosive wit and at times you get so explosive and just snap that you wind up being Lightning in a bottle. Just waiting to be unleashed and strike.

Paige: That’s right. You got all that sparky energy inside you.

Dinah: Kinda makes me wonder if it’s even worth having.

Paige: How can you say that?

Dinah: Well the last time i got explosive… i nearly hurt you two… Remember when we found out that Zod Killed our mother. when i saw that message left on the wall by him giving it away that he was there the moment our mother got killed. saying that he was the one who had done it?

Pearl: Don’t remind us… but yes. we remember, why?

Dinah: Well… when i first had it sink in… i didn’t stop to really think about it more before going off… i just let loose and bust out of the house madder than a hatter. but when i exploded… i was at a fatal level of almost blasting at everyone and everything around me and that could have meant hurting you two. i could not do it. i just could not stick around for that moment. because i knew if i hurt you two… i would be feeling the guilt over it for the rest of my life.

Pearl: I wouldn’t worry about that, Dinah. You may be a bit off the edge with the explosive personality… but you’re not that dangerous. just a bit more newer. Till you… no one heard of a Mistress of Thunder before…  You’re one of a kind. A start of a chain.

Dinah: Okay… Knock it off. I am not one to be put up on a pedestal.

Paige: And why not? *Teasing* You’re like a god all on your own. All Hail the Mighty one…  All Hail Thunder Mistress!

Dinah: *Glaring in offense* Hey! Watch it. Stop trying to get my goat. I am not joking.

Pearl: Dinah… Calm down. She’s only playing.

Alarms start blaring as they started getting on to business and making a battle plan to bust out with a huge counter-offensive. Jack was there with them and was oddly sticking close to Pearl. He happened to of found her rather attractive.  But they were just about to discuss a counter-offensive when Dinah felt something. She walked out of the Watchtower to think when out of nowhere something hit her…

Dinah: *Getting hit by Lightning and covered with electricity* AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Pearl: *Running out to tend to Dinah* Oh no! Dinah!

Paige: *Sighs* Here we go again!

A second later…

Paige: *Getting struck by her element in full blast* AIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Pearl: *Getting drenched in her Element and covered in Bubbles; Absorbing the element* aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dinah: *Feeling the power going into her with force and powering her up with a new attack and a couple new Abilities* What’s going on?!

Pearl: *Feeling her powers going into her like a current* I don’t know… it is feeling really weird and it’s got us paralyzed right now. I can’t move.

Paige: Well… don’t look at me. i can’t move either. i think that it numbed us and we dare not move.

Carter: *Looking through the window* Is that supposed to happen to them?

As the elements flowed through the girls and reunited with them… It gave them stronger power and more of a tougher edge… They were beat still as they were still trying to regain their bearings from the almost Death by Zod’s hands. But as the powers flew through them…

The song “What Part of forever” Plays…

“Run run run away so lost lost never comin home
Oh rollin’ rollin’ down a track
No no I’m never comin’ back
Hot love pumpin’ in my veins
Our love I hope it’s not too late
That’s the road that’s the load that’s the role
I’ve been down I’ve been down I’ve been down down

What part of forever don’t you understand?

Pearl: Our powers are back… They’re back.

Dinah: *Cheers* Alright! We’re back again… We’re back and with power again!

Paige: *Feeling herself glowing* I think that something is about to happen…

I could stay stay stay, if that’s what you want want want
I’d give it to you you you
If I had a heart heart heart
And we could go go go
And never look back on now
I’d give it to you you you
If I had a heart heart heart

Run run run away so lost lost never comin home
Oh rollin’ rollin’ down a track
No no I’m never comin’ back
Hot love pumpin’ in my veins
Our love I hope it’s not too late
That’s the road that’s the load that’s the role
I’ve been down I’ve been down I’ve been down down

What part of forever don’t you understand?

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing*

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing*

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lighttning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

I could stay stay stay, if that’s what you want want want
I’d give it to you you you
If I had a heart heart heart
And we could go go go
And never look back on now
I’d give it to you you you
If I had a heart heart heart

Run run run away so lost lost never comin home
Oh rollin’ rollin’ down a track
No no I’m never comin’ back
Hot love pumpin’ in my veins
Our love I hope it’s not too late

Miss Love: *Hovering around and going into the Watchtower* We’re back and resurrected. Let’s head over to where Zod is and give him something to remember… Rhapsody Girls Z! Style!

Thunder Mistress: *Itching to fight* Oh yeah. Now that is what i am talking about. that is exactly what i am talking about. *Cheering like crazy* Let’s go get him. That bastard is going to face a nice treat of pain all courtesy of Danger Zone Dinah… Thunder Mistress is gonna put the fear of her in him…

Bubble Maiden: *Ready to fight* Let’s do it!

Carter: You girls ready to serve Zod some Pain?

Thunder Mistress: You want to step right on back to reality there, Feather master? You bet we are! We’re so ready.

Arthur Curry: I’m going to crater lake to use the water way and make way to Metropolis that way. I can move faster in water.

Victor Stone: I’ll need a lift over to Metropolis…

That’s the road that’s the load that’s the role
I’ve been down I’ve been down I’ve been down down

What part of forever don’t you understand?

Jack: *Steps up* We can ride on the ice. The Ice will take us there.

Chloe: We’re also gonna need the Black Canary and Stargirl. Not to mention Dr. Fate. Oliver hasn’t come back yet and i’ve practically lost communication with him. I couldn’t reach him. there is no telling where he could be or if he’s okay… But as much as we’re gonna need him… we have to press on. without him. Prince Curtis… Luna and possibly Molten Mind.

Pearl: We gotta go… But Chloe… if Oliver makes a ring over to Watchtower… send him over to us. We’re gonna go and face off against Zod. This time… it’s gonna be with Zod broken down. not us. He’s one and we’re many.

I could stay stay stay, if that’s what you want want want
I’d give it to you you you
If I had a heart heart heart
And we could go go go
And never look back on now
I’d give it to you you you
If I had a heart heart heart

Imagine eternity doesn’t seem that hard
They say nothing lasts forever
We’ll have to prove them wrong

Chloe: Good luck you guys.

Carter: *Putting his Hawk helmet back on and stepping outside of the Watchtower* Time to make a Kandorian menace Bleed.

Paige: send him back to where he belongs…

I could stay stay stay, if that’s what you want want want
I’d give it to you you you
If I had a heart heart heart
And we could go go go
And never look back on now
I’d give it to you you you
If I had a heart heart heart”

Of course while they were set to finally take flight and get on their way back to Metropolis to face Zod again… the Rhapsody girls were feeling really nervous as to not being sure as to what they would expect. They had their powers back and felt them come back stronger and more energetic than before, But it didn’t make them any less worried on how they were about to face Zod. They were almost killed once. they managed to walk away with their life once… but there was not that much a chance that they were gonna get to face that chance a second time. What they were not aware of was that their sister Luna was still at the Hospital and even though the doctors were able to move and regulate the breathing… She was not out of the woods yet. She was not alone though as Prince Curtis was also there…However… he was in a more bizarre case than  Luna was. As the girls made their way to Metropolis…

Chloe: *Contacting the girls* Uh girls… there is something going on… I just got a call from Mystic Thunder… He’s dealing with a mass unit of injured Kids…  who were nailed a bit by the stray blasts that were fired from the crows nest.

Dinah: *Answering the call* Is he still on?

Chloe: He is… but he is in the middle of tending to a couple of girls. twins. From what he said… it’s bad. He’s shifted the controls of it to his sister and his mother… and even his sister’s now husband. He is gonna head on over to where you guys are going…

Dinah: What?! Chloe… Damn it… Why didn’t you stop him?

Chloe: I tried to talk him out of it… but when i tried to get him to reconsider… he spewed out a defensive line. “No. I am not gonna reconsider. I refuse to stand a side and let anything happen to my girl. I almost lost her once. i barely even started a relationship with her when i almost lost her. She was near dead when she tried to sacrifice herself to take out the Metallic tin can. I thought that my heart was gonna stop when i heard about it. then i now during this final War against Zod hear word or rumors that Dinah and the girls were dead. My heart must have dropped and failed on me for a moment because i thought that it was gonna be the Metallic Tin Can incident all over again. I am going out there to lend a hand. I am not losing her again. I Will not lose her. Ever.”

Dinah: You still should have stopped him. This is not some regular battle. He is gonna get himself pulverized by Zod. Zod is not one that is a fair player. Zod will just kill him. Oh god… He better not be there. He is not gonna get out of there alive. Zod is not gonna permit it Shingo has acted out in a cocky manner. he’s gonna be signing his own will. Zod is gonna see to it.

Chloe: Whatever happens out there… be careful.

Dinah: Right.

Pearl: we are gonna need a lot of fire power for this one… I wonder if our family will think on helping us.

Paige: That’s if they’ve even heard of the war.

Dinah: I am sure that they have by now… but depending on where they are… they might not get here in time to help.

Lord Electricmind: *Patching in through the feed* Don’t be so sure about that. I am back and on my way…In fact i am closing in to the Crows nest right now… See you all there…

Arctic Mind: *Patching in through the feed* Don’t forget about me… i’m itching to ice the Kandorian blowhart to kingdom come. Kal-el… failed to send him to another plane of existence… so now… we’re gonna do it our way.

Aquatic Burn: *Patching in through the feed* Well… I am flying there in dragon form. When i get a handle on Zod… There will be just Charred ashes.

Dinah: *Cheers* Oh yeah! Zod is going down. get ready Zod… Because…

Rhapsody Girls: *Chanting* HERE WE COME!

However on the streets in between where the Daily Planet is located and the point where the Crows nest was up on top of the building…

Trixie: *Standing behind one of the poles where she can’t be seen by Clark; Watching him*

Clark: *Getting up and looking around* … *Not seeing anyone around* …. * Super-speeding off to the Crows nest*

Trixie: *Gasps in awe* Wow!

At the Crows nest…

Flaming Soul: *Beat down* You will never get me to Bow down to the likes of you. You are not welcome here.

Zod: It matters not what you may think. I have Won… You are nothing to the likes of a Kandorian.

Lord Electricmind: *Voice* “The balance between good and Evil has been shaken… the eternal mind is at risk of devastation… The thunders of Justice roars in anger for the ones being placed in danger’s path… from the Mind and from the Thunder of Justice… I am ElectricMind.”

Zod: *Standing on top of the Crows Nest; Hearing the mysterious Voice* Who is that? Appear Before Zod… I ORDER YOU!

King John: *Stepping out of a Portal* Gladly, You lowlife sack of Kandorian Scum.

Flaming Soul: *Looking up at his father* Pops… You’re here? *Passing out from a loss of energy*

King John: It’s okay now… Son. I’m here.

A Minute later…

Aquatic Burn: *Voice* “The Seal of Justice has been threatened… the seas and waters altered… From the Oceans and from the Fires of heaven. your need for justice has been summoned… I Am…. Aquatic Burn!”

Arctic Mind: *Voice* “The Arctic howls in sadness for the weak… the mind stands still in mourning for the brokenhearted… The Ice breaks for the hurt innocent people looking lost in a Baron land their cries for Justice and saving going unheard for many a millennium… from Deep within the Arctic and from the Piercing mind of Justice… Let the Cold Arctic wind, the Psychic mind and the devastation of the Ice and Snow guide you to Justice… I am… Arctic Mind!”

Princess Charlene then steps out of the Ice Portal and Mrs. Stroker Lands with a thud and changes into her human form…

Zod: *Growls* WHO ARE YOU?!

King John, Princess Charlene and Mrs. Stroker: We’re you worst nightmares… We are the Rhapsody Family… This is our planet. Our world. We’re here to tell you that we WANT YOU OUT!

Zod: You can’t force me to go. You’re not Kandorians and the only one that could was Kal-El and he is gone. As are the Rhapsody girls Z! The Rhapsody Brothers are also gone. Prince Curtis was beaten to an inch of his life and the little girl Luna is beaten to near death.

King John: She was only a Child, You son of a Bitch. Luna was only 11. You killed a child. You unfettered… uncaring… cold… heartless… no-good… two-bit… four-flushing sorry sack of scum.

Princess Charlene: You attack one of us… you attack all of us… *Ready to attack*

Mrs. Stroker: That’s right. You’re ours now. I’m gonna just Enjoy Frying your ass and then washing the remains away. Letting the sharks and the monsters of the ocean have their way with you.

Tuxedo Artemis: *Beat* Go get him guys…

Sailor Uranus: *Ready to fight again*

Sailor Neptune: No more talk.

Sailor Pluto: There can be only one side of winners here. and it’s the people of Earth.

Prince Avery: *Teleporting in and aimed to fight*

Betty and Angel then Orb in and stand off against Zod…

Within minutes everyone was on the Crow’s nest. But they weren’t the only ones there…

Miss Love: *Flying in and Entering the scene* Hey there… Zod! Did you miss us?!

Bubble Maiden: We sure didn’t miss you and we’re about to send you away to where you belong!

Thunder Mistress: Yeah! I am one who is really itching to knock you out… i got a couple of moves that i’d just love to try on you.

Shanna: *Nods*

Hawkman: *Landing* Time to go hunting and send you packing…

Stargirl: *Nods*

Jack: *Walking onto the Crows nest with Victor Stone*

Betty: Let’s do it!

Star Girl: *Blasting Zod with the star Rod*

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at Zod* VORTEX OF LOVE!!!!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at Zod* BUBBLING WHIRLPOOL OF LIGHT!!!!

Thunder Mistress: *Launching an attack at Zod* Thunderic FISTS OF FURY!!! FEEL MY LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE ZOD!

Plasma-Core: *Launching an attack at Zod* PLASMA BLASTER!!!!

Molten Mind: *Launching an attack at Zod* …. *Summoning for Molten Rock to come gushing out from the ground* …. *Using her mind to turn the Air Surrounding Zod into a hellish Inferno; Chanting a spell* “Magmatic Power… Hear my cry… unleash your merciless fury, that can not die… Let the burning rage that lies within… come out… and Rain forth inescapable Pain” *Using her mind to bring the Molten Rock to the sky and create a hell Storm*… *Unleashing the Massive Downpour of Hell’s fire at Zod* Magmatic HELL STORM DOWNPOUR!!!

Betty: *Chanting a spell* ”Freeze this Evil being with your frosty heaven’s Touch!” *Launching the attack at Zod* Angelic Icestorm! *Going at it again* … *Forming a Bow and Arrow and emittng Holy energy into it; Chanting a spell: “Lord of the heavens, Hear my call rain a piercing rain of your wrath upon the souls of the wicked. Let the Evil that walk feel your piercing wrath” Shooting an arrow up into the sky and with her mind creating a dark stormy sky; Shooting up a blast of Holy energy at the arrow turning the arrow into a billion arrows of light; Launching the attack at (Zod)* Heaven’s PIERCING STORM! *Going one more time* …  *Chanting a spell*  “Quake of the souls of the heaven’s spirits…pound the ground and open it with your embrace… quake this Evil and send it packing” *Launching the attack at Zod* Angelic Quake!

Angel: *Chanting a spell* “Dark electricity… gather your power and consume the thunder… inflict it’s dark touch and cast a deadly shock upon the Evil intent” *Launching the Attack at Zod* DARK THUNDER!!! *Attacking again* … *Chanting a spell* “Darkened glow of the fire, the Rage of Heaven’s violent rage… Let the Burns from the fire snare you with its inferno and the sparks of flames as it licks your flesh and sears it immensely” Flames of Darkness!

Lord ElectricMind: *forms electric from his hands and they form into one big electric ball and then a stream of thunder bolts* … *Launching at Zod* THUNDER BOLT STRIKE!! *Looking up into the sky* This one i do in your name Fuzzball. All for you. *Going again* … *Pointing his fingers out at the enemy and absorbing Psychic energy; Holding up his hands and suddenly pointing his fingers up in the sky; Firing up in the air and watching the Sky turn dark* With the power of mind and the force of nature… let this Psychic mist infect you with mind self-destruction. *Launching the Attack at (Zod)* Psychic Mind Poison Mist!

Arctic Mind: *Holding her hands up and Emitting both Arctic ice and Psychic Energy; creating wind; Combining them as one and Launching it at (Zod)* ARCTIC TRI-BEAM GALE FORCE!!!! *Attacking again* … *clashes her hands together and moves them up forming blue energy and then aims the attack at the target, trapping them into ice* ICE HURRICANE!! This is for the fallen member of our family…  *Looking up* Princess Rikku… Hon, This one i do for you. *Facing Zod; Going one more time* …  *Meditating and rising into the air; gathering the energy from the Arctic and holding her hands up; Chanting a spell that make the ground quake and open up spewing snow at a mach 5 speed “Ground quake with a mighty rumble… Arctic snow from the arctic mountains… fill the cracks and the ruptured ground with arctic peril and frosty hell unleash with your might an Arctic Hell”; aiming at the target; Launching the attack at(Zod) bombarding him/her with an Arctic hell* Arctic Apocalypse!

Aquatic Burn: *forms fireballs from her hands. Lifts up hands and the fireballs form into a big fireball* BLAZING WILDFIRE!! *the attack hits the target from where she’s standing* … *Going again* … *Focusing her power and making her eyes glow fiery red; creating fire from the air and forming it into a dragon; Chanting a spell turning herself into a dragon* “Dragon’s mind and spirit… transform me into a Dragon of fury and power… Let the Rage of the flames draw forth and gather strong” *binding herself into a suppressed state gathering fire from the volcanoes; Aiming at the target; Launching the Attack at (Zod)* Volcanic Inferno! … *Looking up* Cousin… this next one is for you… i do this for you. *Looking at everyone* Everyone get back… Now!

Hawkman: What are you up to?! We can’t waste time on any tricks. We have to see that Zod Bleeds and is sent back to where he belongs…

Miss Love: You might want to hold that line… Hawkman… you better just move back. trust us… when she says get back and sounds like that… she means something. she’s gonna turn into her Dragon form and is gonna attack…

Shanna: *Backing away* Enough said… Everyone get back! Back up now!!!

Aquatic Burn: *Turning into a Dragon as her Rage Builds up and bursts; Bellowing out with a Ferocious ear-pounding roar* RRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Rising up with speed and Soaring around gaining speed; Roaring loud while gathering up more Fire inside her; Looking down at the target and locking on before Speeding back down and with aerial speed Looms at the target and with a mighty release; Creates a Fire storm and begins using her wings to blow the fire at Zod* Scorching Fiery WindStorm! *Grabbing Zod and Taking off with him; Shooting up into the sky high and Digging her Claws into him Circling around and Spinning her Wings fast and with Aerial precision before point down and at a mach 5 speed diving and Tossing Zod down with Force* … *Shooting fire at Zod and burning him with rage* DRAGON’S HELL!!!

Thunder Mistress: *Gasps and stunned with shock* WHAT!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! Oh damn, That was brutal. She’s burned him Good!

Black Canary: *Rappelling in and giving off a Canary Siren and blasting it head on at Zod*

Cyborg: *Grabbing Zod and Tossing him into the wall with force*

Hawkman: *Swinging his Morning star Mace* Hawkman commands you to Bleed!

Jack: *Firing at Zod* SNOW SWARM!

Sailor Uranus: *Launching an attack At Zod* URANUS…. WORLD…. SHAKING!!!!

Sailor Neptune: *Launching an attack at Zod* NEPTUNE… DEEP… SUBMERGE!!!!!

Sailor Pluto: *Launching an attack at Zod* PLUTO… DEADLY… SCREAM!!!!

Hawkman: I think that it’s time for the Heaven twins to use their powers and form into one…

Betty: *Looking at her sister* Angelic Overlord time…

Angel: *Looking at her sister; Nods* Angelic Overlord time!

A second later…

Betty Rhapsody and Angel Rhapsody: *Together and getting in formation* Fu….Sion….. Haaaa! *Connecting their fingers together and Joining as one* From the hand of God… From his Love and righteous might… Combine Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand into one and become ANGELIC OVERLORD!!!!!

Angelic Overlord: Zod… You are the Unrighteous being who spreads Evil in your wake. All you value is to Rule. Ruling is in your nature… but for Ruling and for your actions… you’ve put innocent lives at risk. It ends now. For the Sake of all who’re innocent. You must go! *launching at attack at Zod* Alpha RAY’S OF HEAVEN! *Going again* … *Launching an attack at Zod* HEAVEN’S RAGING BLAST! *Preparing to go again* Everyone! Get away… Now! This one is gonna be huge! Distance away… 100 feet. HURRY!

The joining members of the Justice League, The Rhapsody Girls and Only Rhapsody brother in play… as well as Prince Alvin… They all made way fast to the roof of the Daily Planet and stayed there to stand safe. they were able to keep watch of the battle from there and waited as Betty and Angel while in their fused form on the Crows Nest began to move in for their one massive attack.

Angelic Overlord: *Focusing her energy and absorbing energy from the air and gaining power from the heavens; Absorbing the sun’s rays and absorbing all it’s power; Gathering all the power from all the elements of the planet and holding it in; Building it up to a massive flare; Launching it at Zod* HEAVEN’S UNIVERSAL CATACLYSMIC NOVA….EXPLOSION!!!!

Within seconds miles of distance and for a good length of 70 miles and for 8 minutes… the Sky was ripped with Blinding light and they all had to put on their shades and keep their eyes shielded as the light was burning hot. there was burning heat from the attack and the light. But as they watched it… they noticed that there was a a huge white Raven rising and at a size of a 1000 feet high and with massive wings. the Attack struck Zod dead center. and By time the light dimmed and the smoke cleared… Zod was nearly beat and his powers were Vanquished into nothing.  The coast was clear and they all moved back into position and re-entered the scene and got back onto the Crows nest…

Miss Love: *Looking to see Zod near defeat* Whoa! That attack did it… Zod has got nothing left of him. he can’t fight back… But we’re not showing any mercy on him.

Bubble Maiden: He killed our mother and now… it’s his turn.

Thunder Mistress: *Nods* That’s right. Let’s get him!

Within seconds The Rhapsody girls got prepared to make a move…

Bubble Maiden: *Looking up at the heavens* This is for you mom. This is to avenge your death. once this is over… you’ll be able to cross over. So before we  get rid of Zod… i just want to thank you for the time we have had with you. Thank you mom. We’ll never forget you.

Miss Love: Yeah. You were the best one there ever was. We love you, Mom. We will be missing you forever. and we will never forget you. Ever.

Thunder Mistress: Thanks for the Memories, Mom. You just take good care of your sister up there. Our Aunt Princess Aquamarine. She’s gonna need you and you need her too. Rest in peace mom. You deserve it. *With a bit of a heavy heart*

Miss Love: *Commanding her sisters* Bubble Maiden… Thunder Mistress. Engage your Weapons…

Bubble Maiden: *With her Bubble Microphone and Bubble Harp close to her mouth*

Thunder Mistress: *With her Thunder Glove and Thunder Discs held against her chest*

Miss Love: *With her Sonic Scepter of Bliss and Heart Guitar held close to her chest* Girls… It’s time for the Rhapsody Warhead. *Starting the sequence; Glowing* Love’s Essence of life… The Magical touch of Love’s Blissful Embrace… Guided by it’s eternal legacy…Take its form. make it one… *Pointing her weapons towards Zod*

Bubble  Maiden: *Glowing* Bubble’s power… the flow of beauty and serenity. The Bubbles of grace and purity. Make it’s power… intensify with devoted heart. Produce the power of Bubbles delight. the cleanser of Evil’s staining soul. The music and the touch combine to unite as one… *Pointing her weapons towards Zod*

Thunder Mistress: *Glowing* Thunder Power… The Fury of the Air… the Skies induced Rage… the Chain-reaction force of the heart… Strike the air and grant your vengeance towards the Evil presence… The Power of the heart. the striking power of Fierce courage and might. Thunder’s strength… Intensify and unify into one… *Pointing her weapons towards Zod*

Rhapsody Girls: *Glowing Bright* Love… Grace… Fury! *Combining the weapons together; Posing during the attack* RHAPSODY….. WARHEAD…. ATTACK!!!! *Firing at Zod*

Zod: *Screaming in pain and Flying back into the wall* AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Rhapsody Girls: *Exclaiming* GOODBYE GENERAL ZOD! Time to say BON VOYAGE!

Clark Then super speeds over to the Console and pulls out the Book of RAO from the center and then re-inserts it and activates the Gateway… Zod was far in the path that he got sucked up into the sky… Clark got out of there before it was able to suck him up along with Zod… It took about a couple minutes before the Gateway closed… but as soon as it closed… it was declared over… it was all over. Zod was finally gone. It didn’t take much for everyone to see that Zod was gone for good. The Rhapsody Girls took one look at each other and sighed as they witnessed the final departure of Zod. they lost alot… and knew that it could have been a whole lot worse… Alot worse. It wasn’t but a moment later when they were on the streets again and were in normal form. at least the Rhapsody Girls were… The rest were detransformed from their hero forms. It was near the brink of dawn now and the city was now getting set to awaken and start a new day. but for them… it was never ending. Paige, Pearl and Dinah all looked at everyone and smiled and yet sighed. Prince Alvin was starting to come to as the ordeal was over and he was able to gain enough energy to stir. It was a lot to handle… Way too much. He used the Super Saiyan power and it nearly took his life. but he was lucky for it kept him hanging on for as long as he was able to…

It was an hour later when Paige, Pearl and Dinah were able to take stock and move on. Their mother was finally Avenged. Finally after so long. It wasn’t really all that long since their mother’s death. but to them it felt like an eternity and it was forever hurting them. It was one moment that they’d never forget for as long as they were to live. They had their family there to help… The 3 Sailors and Prince Avery. Shanna… The Heaven Twins who were their sisters Betty and Angel. They had a good sized portion of the Justice League to aide in their lawfully Quest. to Vanquish Zod. It was gonna take a while for the world to find their way back. but as to what it would take to get things back to normal again… they knew that the City had the capability keeping it a secret… and keeping it still. Paige, Looked at her sisters and nodded and felt relieved that the whole threat with Zod was finally over. Their mother was now at rest…

At the Metropolis General hospital…

In the waiting room…

Prince Curtis: I’m being let out… I got discharged and for some reason… my insides were all healed.

Megan: *confused* that is really weird though… how is that even possible though? How were you able to internally self heal?

Prince Curtis: That is something that i would really like to know but even the doctors are perplexed by it.

Megan: Well… just hope that they don’t supplement you with a offer to be a lab rat.

Prince Curtis: Not a chance. the days of me being a lab rat are definitely not bound to happen at anytime. I just want to go home where i can recover.

Megan: I don’t know if you can… not till your Aunt signs the release form that they obviously have for responsibility on the medical Discharge on your stay here… It’s not like you can just walk out.

Prince Curtis: At this rate… it would be only the very least of my problems.

Megan: I know how you feel. Hospitals depress me. they’re most upsetting.

a minute later…

Grandma Rikku: *Walking over* The papers are set and were signed. You’re free to go. We can head home now. But the only catch is that after i drop you off at home… i got to come back here to stay with Luna. She’s here. and the idea of leaving her here alone is just sad. i can’t do it.

Prince Curtis: How is she holding up?

Megan: Is she gonna be okay?

Grandma Rikku: I don’t know. that part… is really unknown right now. She’s still hooked to an I.V and is resting.  *Sighs* I don’t know… she’s holding up fine right now. It’s just a really sad idea… to know that she is here. She’s strapped and/or hooked to the I.V and a heart monitor. a catheter…

Prince Curtis: Uh… okay…  *Grossed out suddenly and a little disturbed* You know what… Let’s just leave it as where she is resting and holding up fine. I don’t think we would want to know about the whatever it was that you said that was put in her.

Megan: Exactly… It’s almost Dawn now and i am really worn out.

Grandma Rikku: I too… Let’s go on home.

Prince Curtis: Right.

However at Grandma Rikku’s house…

Paige: *Walking into the house* We’re home again… at last.

Dinah: I never thought that the words: “Home Sweet Home” Would be so pleasant sounding…

Pearl: Same here. i was beginning to get really homesick.

Paige: You’re not the only one. i also was getting homesick.

Dinah: I am just glad that the threat with Zod is all over. Now we can get down to just relaxing and getting set for school again. The normal life is gonna be totally worth it now.

Pearl: Yeah.

However they didn’t get to rest long as they were about to find out that their sister Luna was in the hospital. It was gonna put them in a panic. Luna was their youngest sister. even though she was adopted. she was their youngest and it was coming at a shock to them. They grabbed their things and came with their grandmother to the hospital to see their Sister Luna. Prince Curtis was left there and was watched over by his girlfriend. She did have to give a call to her house and check in with her parents. but she stayed with Prince Curtis. As for King John… He was finally at home and barely reached his house when he caught sight of someone laying there sleeping. He didn’t know who it was but the person looked familiar to him. He walked into the house and got situated before stepping out to see who it was. It was his Ex-Wife. He didn’t know what she was doing there and how she got there… but he knew that he couldn’t just leave her there… so he tried to wake her and found out that it really was his Ex. He felt relieved and happy to see her. He must have spent at least hours speaking with her and got everything discussed. It was not very simple for them… But as always… as good as King John was… he stuck it out like always. he worked it out. And got it to where he renewed the Marriage license. he had to Elope and fly under the radar. it was rather quick.

As for the Justice League… they all went on to do what they usually do. Oliver did happen to return… but took a while to re-coop from the mess that went on for the longest time. He had to relax a while. but took 3 weeks before he got back to being working with his company and doing charity work and fundraisers for the City to repair itself after the hell that Zod and the band of Kandorians had been putting them all through. the first act was to wipe off all the engravings of Zod. all the calling cards that were left by him. in the city. even the calling cards for the Red Queen. All of it had to come off. the Fundraiser was opened to everyone. Paige Pearl and Dinah were invited as his guests. as were the Rhapsody Brothers. Shanna didn’t go. She had to work and Luna couldn’t go as she was still recovering from the hospital stay that she undergone…

3 weeks later…

Within the Ace of Clubs…

At the fundraiser…

Paige: *Enjoying the fundraiser* this is a great gathering… It’s so amazing that Oliver is throwing this for the City. to help the City. It makes us feel so good that we inspired change.

Pearl: *Wearing a nice sparkly purple dress* I love the crowd. The Music is really peaceful.

Dinah: i agree. it’s pleasant. What better way to lift the spirits up than to have music that is rather upbeat.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah were having a wonderful time and since things were peaceful, they decided to go off and have their own fun. It was safe since things were fine again. Their grandmother was at work and would be at work for a while.

Pearl: *Over by the front* This is really relaxing.

Jack: *Walking over* It sure is. this Fundraiser is gonna help the City get back on its feet.

Pearl: *turning to see Jack* Jack?! Oh my god… what are you doing here? I thought you went back to where you said that you dropped in from. It’s so nice to see you again.

Jack: And it’s nice to see you too, Pearl. *Smiles* You look really lovely in that dress. It illuminates your eyes well. it’s really beautiful.

Pearl: *Blushes* Awwww! Thank you, Jack. That’s really sweet of you to say. You look really sweet too.

Jack:  I am amazed though at how everyone was able to re-coop after the major ordeal with… you know who. I mean… it’s amazing as to how people can overcome things like this.

Pearl: It’s probably because the city had come to realize that it’s so easy to just mourn and dwell in the devastation of what the dangers that came had done… but to move forward… that is the hardest thing for people to do financially. but in the end… it’s more than worth it. because it means that they’re willing to take that next step ahead.

Jack: *Chuckles* You sure do sound rather upbeat about all this, huh?

Pearl: Well… yeah. of course. i mean, it’s not as though it’d be so understanding for me to not be particularly upbeat about everything. I feel great. as i ought to be. i got to send a Power hungry tyrant back to where he belongs… Avenged my mother in there so doing it. The City is safe… i mean… what more could we ask?

Jack: I love it when someone is thinking on the bright side.

Pearl: I do too. I however have been thinking rather gloomy for a while before… but that was because of the Mourning period my sisters and i were in because of the loss of my mother. Zod Killed her. but Avenging her made things come out okay again.

Jack: But you miss her… don’t you?

Pearl: *Nods and sighs* yeah. I do miss her. I miss her alot. Although i have to say that it’s probably for the best. as much as it hurts and i hate that it hurts. She was a very wonderful mother. The only one that i had ever known. Well… besides my Grandma. There is a lot that i probably don’t know about her. I don’t even think that my sisters know much about her as i do. to my sisters… there is just so much that we don’t know about our mother. and Courtesy of that Kandorian menace that we had trashed… we never will again.

Jack: I sense that you’ve gone though a lot.

Pearl: *Looking away briefly and then back at Jack* More than you know. Alot more. The guy had once held us captive in our own home when the first that all this began. It was so annoying. i mean that he was so brash and Paige was gonna go at him… she Barely got close to him to even make a move and…

Pearl recalls a situation…

Paige: Can we get out of here?

Major Zod: You can’t. there are too many men out there with guns and knives. there would be no way for you to make it. at least not out alive if they were to catch you. But that is if they don’t decide to kill you.

Paige: I don’t believe that at all… *Going at Major Zod;  hoping to knock him out and make the coast cleared to let her sisters and mother out*

Major Zod turns and catches Paige trying to make a strike…

Major Zod: *Looking at the Rhapsody Girls* The others might be more of a cunning sort to let you live if you dare try to run for safety… but… *Grabbing Paige’s Neck and driving her down to the floor* I would not begin to hesitate to take you out.”

Pearl: It’s like he knew what was coming. but he was so confused that he didn’t really know what anything was. My sisters and i did manage to carry a tune for him… but his reaction… it was like he was at ease… or like making like he was so calm only to just really bide his time. like he was gonna strike at someone. He had this tag around his neck. with his calling card on it. Like a article of jewelry or an accessory.

Jack: So this guy… Zod. He started out as just being lost… Confused?

Pearl: Exactly, he was very confused.

Jack: if i was an alien on a different planet in a different world… i’d more than likely be confused too. But just seeing the way that guy was fighting as you were trying to beat him… he was not seeming to care. he wanted to Rule and was seeing to it that he would do so with an ironed fist.

Pearl: Even this City has felt the effects from the Kandorian army. From Zod. With Zod gone… they can get their lives back in a more happy and more calm state of mind.

Jack: This Fundraiser is sure to help with that… raising relief to help boost this city up a bit.

Pearl: This city needs it now more than ever.

Jack:  *Nervous and Curious* Say, uh… Pearl. Would you like to dance?

Pearl: Sure. Okay. that’d be nice.

Jack: Okay. *Holding out his hand* Shall we?

As for Dinah…

She was by the beverages when she saw a familiar face….

Dinah: *Looking to see her boyfriend* Shingo?!

Shingo: *Turning to see Dinah* Hey Dinah… You actually came. I thought that by from what you told me that you weren’t into fundraisers too much…

Dinah: *Slightly blushing; Chuckles* I did say that… didn’t i?

Shingo: Yeah. why the sudden change of heart?

Dinah: Ohhhh, well… you know. I guess that it was time i stopped shining on the Fundraisers and be into them a little. This one is worth it. it’s to help the City. This City has been taking a pounding from the Threat. Zod really hammered this  city good.

Shingo: he most certainly did. it’s not easy to know that this city has been changed forever. It’s been changed.

Dinah: I can tell. I know that it changed me and i most definitely had my share of anguish too. The Loss of my mother. having to deal with one mishap after another. My Rage at times got the better of me and i let loose a bit too much.

Shingo: I know. But you got to admit that you were for a time Grieving and it was really hard on you.

Dinah: I noticed. It was hard on me. The fact that Zod killed my mother… that had me more than livid. It still gets to me that we had to deal with a Kandorian menace. It wasn’t my most favorite of times. I remember the time when this all began. I kinda wanted to laugh when it happened…

Dinah Flashes back…

“Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Being Tossed hard in the chair and made facing an army of men* OW!

Paige: *Feeling sore* That hurt… Jerk!

Dinah: You are a real brute of a man, You know that? hasn’t any one taught you to be better caring of girls?

Basqut: *Demanding* Silence!

Pearl: *Shoots out* No. You be silent!

Major Zod: *Shifting his eyes over to the girls* I wouldn’t want to anger him if i were you. he has a very bad temper.

Dinah: Well… so do we. we can get mad too, you know?

Basqut: *Questioning the Rhapsody girls* What major Junction do you have with Major Zod?

Paige:  What are you talking about? We didn’t meet with him. he… as well as you came from that orb that we found. You guys are beings from that orb. If we are guilty of anything… it’s the idea that we thought that we were saving this world from destruction. We have done our part already… saving this world and this galaxy as well as the Denubian Galaxy from King Lotor of Planet Doom. Saving this world from the great evil that threatened to destroy this world if she were to ever get to power. and if she had been allowed to run rampant. But when we released the Major… we thought that it would be the answer to this world’s prayers.

Basqat: There were hundreds of us… we have up to now only found a few dozen and no more than that. Where are the others?

Paige: It doesn’t matter. We were only doing what we figured to be the right thing to do… we thought that we were gonna be saving a civilization. We are not just regular civilians… You all can notice the power belts that my sisters Pearl, Dinah and i are wearing. We are Supers. *With a stern voice and Standing up to Basqat* Do you really truly think that we 3 would team up with one man who happens to be as clueless as you are about what it is that you’re doing here? If you want the answers that should have been given to you… Why don’t you ask the one man that came with you all in that Orb for explanations… The one man who has kept you all in the dark… This ENTIRE TIME!!!

Major Zod: *Looking at Paige* Wow! Bravo! Exquisite wording there… Convincing all the same.

Faora: *Standing up and speaking towards Major Zod* Major, The very last thing we all can recall is our blood taken in camp before the brutal battle in Kandor. How did we get here?

Major Zod: If we are here… then there is only one obvious explanation for it… *Looking to all the soldiers in the room* Our home has been destroyed.

Faora: *In defense* And yet you take it upon yourself to thereby betray us?Have you killed the others as well?

Basqat: What happened to our power?

Major Zod: *Getting up and standing up facing the men* You dare defy me? I have saved the lives of half the soldiers in this room. You know that I myself have risked more than any of you in this room. Not one of you have come anywhere close to sacrificing the things i have sacrificed  for our survival. *Looking at Basqat* And you?  *Taking Down Basqat before Stepping back and Looking at the crowd* Do you want a leader who hides away in his Hide-out for days and weeks on end and thereby complains? Or do you favor a leader who has ventured out on his own accord going it alone scouring a hostile world in search of your loved ones? I have always been true to my word; Living to my word following through with every Vow i had ever made upon each and every one of you. And I am vowing this that i… I will find the answers that we are looking for or I will die in the quest.

The Soldiers all get up and suddenly appraise Major Zod and Kneel before him. Major Zod then turns his head to his right and looks back at the Rhapsody Girls with a grin of satisfaction…

Dinah: I wanted to laugh… but i couldn’t. Being in the room with all those men and being… well, the one on trail… it would have caused a mess. plus… at that time… the Kandorians didn’t have any abilities. they were powerless and were hiding in obscurity and in the shadows. It was as if they were only talking a good act just to scare us when they were the ones at the time who were scared themselves.

Shingo: That part i never knew about. It was some time before i got into the mess along with you, Dinah.

Dinah: I know. it was on our birthday when you caught on to the whole mess and then telling us about how you came into it… what you knew about those men. it somehow tied in.

Shingo: Do you think that the city will recover though from the ordeal?

Dinah: *Sighs* I don’t know. *Thinking and grabbing for a drink* I sure hope so… This City has been through alot of tragedy. It has been like one tragedy after another and it has yet to show any end. I kinda wonder what the next one will be like. i mean… so far… this City has dealt with a Drule. an Evil Queen. and an Evil Entity… now just recently till now. the issue with Zod.

Shingo: We should try to let it go.

Dinah: *With resolve* i am. It’s now over. i was able to Avenge my mother’s death. That’s what i wanted to do. Pearl and Paige all wanted to do that. with Zod gone and my mother’s death Avenged… She can cross over and there should be no more worrying about anything hurting my mother.

Shingo: *Looking at the crowd* want to dance?

Dinah: Sure.

As For Paige… She was over by the door heading out. She was enjoying the dance and felt good that things were calm. But she didn’t feel too good. She didn’t really have anyone to dance with and everyone was taken so… she just sat and watched. But she wasn’t alone… What the girls didn’t know was that their cousins were there. Paige only looked to her side to see her Cousin Prince Alvin standing around. She got up and walked on over to him and started to hang with him…

Paige: *Smiles* Hey Cousin… What’s up?

Prince Alvin: Hey Paige. *Hugging her* How are you? You okay?

Paige: Yeah. *Hugging back* I’m okay. Just enjoying the fundraiser that is going on here. i mean… It is peaceful. My sisters Pearl and Dinah are off dancing. i think that their boyfriends are around too… well Dinah’s boyfriend is around. Pearl’s and mines are gone. they dumped us. The one that is somehow attracted to Pearl is very mysterious. really odd too. we never met him before Not till the beginning of the final battle against that Kandorian freak Zod. He makes like he’s part of the good guys. but i don’t know.

Prince Alvin: I don’t know about that. I don’t think that there is anything to worry about. i am sure that the guy is just a run of the mill ally. Maybe he’s just friendly but not someone we came across before. You got to admit though… his powers are pretty cool.

Paige: Pearl does seem happy around him too.

Prince Alvin: *Pauses in shock* Pearl? into that Frost character? You’re not serious… are you? He’s a good guy and all. He does have a friend disposition and he does have a pleasant aura on him… but i don’t know if he will be the one that will last. That’s if he even has the same feelings for her.

Paige: Who knows… I think that he might be into her. and from the way it sounds… or looks… she might be into him.

Prince Alvin: *Thinking about something* You know… i was thinking. Maybe we should do something for Pearl. Like get her and the guy together. they seem to like each other and are smiling with one another.

Paige: You think that it’s work?

Prince Alvin: Yeah. I mean… why not? It’s bound to work. it’s got to work. Pearl is happy. we can see that they’re dancing and having a wonderful time. what could it hurt?

Paige: Let’s do it.  *Squeals happily* Project.

Suddenly music began to pick up and there was a known band playing…

All-American Rejects Lead Vocal: *Speaking into the Microphone* On behalf of Oliver Queen and the Shareholders of Queen industries… This Fundraiser is for the relief efforts to Dangerous Onslaught Friday.

“Your subtleties

They strangle me

I can’t explain myself at all.
And all the wants
And all the needs
All I don’t want to need at all.

The walls start breathing
My minds unweaving
Maybe it’s best you leave me alone.
A weight is lifted
On this evening
I give the final blow.
When darkness turns to light,
It ends tonight,
It ends tonight.

A falling star
Least I fall alone.
I can’t explain what you can’t explain.
You’re finding things that you didn’t know
I look at you with such disdain

The walls start breathing
My minds unweaving
Maybe it’s best you leave me alone.
A weight is lifted
On this evening
I give the final blow.

When darkness turns to light
It ends tonight,
It ends tonight.
Just a little insight won’t make this right
It’s too late to fight
It ends tonight,
It ends tonight.

Now I’m on my own side
It’s better than being on your side
It’s my fault when you’re blind
It’s better that I see it through your eyes

All these thoughts locked inside
Now you’re the first to know

When darkness turns to light
It ends tonight,
It ends tonight.
Just a little insight won’t make this right
It’s too late to fight
It ends tonight,
It ends when darkness turns to light
It ends tonight,
It ends tonight.
Just a little insight won’t make this right
It’s too late to fight
It ends tonight,
It ends tonight.
When darkness turns to light,
It ends tonight.”

“Days swiftly come and go.
I’m dreaming of her
She’s seeing other guys
Emotions they stir
The sun is gone.
The nights are long
And I am left while the tears fall.

Did you think that I would cry,
on the phone?
Do you know what it feels like,
being alone?
I’ll find someone new

(Swing) Swing, Swing from the tangles of
My heart is crushed by a former love
Can you help me find a way
To carry on again.

Wish cast into the sky
I’m moving on
Sweet beginnings do arise
She knows I was wrong
The notes are old,
They bend, they fold
and so do I to a new love.

Did you think that I would cry,
on the phone?
Do you know what it feels like,
being alone?
I’ll find someone new

(Swing) Swing, Swing from the tangles of
My heart is crushed by a former love
Can you help me find a way
To carry on again

Bury me
(you thought your problems were gone)
Carry me
(away. away, away…)

(Swing) Swing, Swing from the tangles of
My heart is crushed by a former love
Can you help me find a way
To carry on again”

However while they were at the fundraiser…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Betty: *Watching T.V* Nothing is on. All there is; is stuff about the aftermath of what happened 3 weeks ago.

Angel: Well… the City is still trying to recover. They’ve started to regather their strength right after the battle ended. it was not that hard for them to start getting back on the ball. All they had to do was just start picking up the pieces. It happens. Starting anew.

Betty: It’s been noticed already that this city has been trying to regather the pieces and rebuild. i just wish that they didn’t have to publicize it all over the Air waves. it just makes it seem like a pot luck. people coming in and only coming because a disaster had hit. A city is supposed to look after one another. its people. not just step all over one another and pretend to care and only truly care when a disaster happens to hit us. What gets me is that we can’t reverse the damage that was done to the city by Zod’s hands.

Angel: Betty… No one said it was gonna be easy. it’s hard to get back on the feet and get going forward. It’s hard. but we all got to at least try.

Betty: How… Where?

Angel: Well… I heard that they’re getting things set for a city Revitalization movement. Provide relief services for the families that were hit by stray blasts coming from the War epicenter. The downtown area of the City. The Crows nest… People were speaking about the blasts coming from there. Shooting off all over the place.

Betty: I know. We are not even at the Fundraiser. Oliver didn’t invite us… or did he?

Angel: He did. but the only problem is that someone’s got to be here to watch over Luna while Grandma is at work. Shanna is at work too. She’s been pulling multiple shifts to cover all the time missed and working at the Nearby supermarket to pick-up some extra money to pull her own weight. which Grandma told her that she didn’t have to… but Shanna wants to do it. So Grandma just lets it go.

Betty: Luna’s asleep. She’s been asleep for hours. *Sighs* Poor girl. The war must have taken alot out of her and banged her up more than we all thought it would.

Angel: It’s the be expected after the beating she took. The Doctors didn’t even know as to whether or not she’d make it. She was at first not doing so good and then suddenly… out of nowhere and just by a provisioned Miracle or act of god. She broke through and came back to life. She is still in pain and the Broken Arm is healing. but it still hurts like heck for her.

Betty: I know. Paige, Pearl and Dinah should be helping with caring for her. but they’re out having a good time. Lucky them as far as i’m concerned.

Angel: Hey… They’ve been through alot more than us all combined. You forget that they had less time with mom than we did. They didn’t get to start spending time with mom till they were found while being at age 8. They had less time than we did. So Betty, honestly… cut them some slack. Paige, Pearl and Dinah are just now able to move on and all after fighting to avenge mom. It was hurting them just as much as it was us… and more than that.

Betty: Like it’s our fault? Blame the doctors for that. they’re the ones who kept them from us.

Luna: *Groaning* Stop it… Stop arguing. No one is to blame… It was fate. Fate brought us here. Just let it go.

Betty: *Turning to see Luna awake* Luna, you’re awake? We thought that you were asleep.

Luna: I was. *Sitting up slightly* But it’s kinda hard to rest or sleep with all the arguing and complaining going on back and forth.

Betty: We weren’t complaining. We were just letting out our thoughts about what’s all been going on.

Angel: Ditto.

Luna:  You two should talk… you two can self heal. as for us… we can’t. *Hissing in pain* Owww! the pain is still burning. It hurts…

Back at where the Fundraiser was…

Prince Curtis: *Dancing With his girlfriend* Megan, I’m having a wonderful time here with you.

Megan: *Smiles* As am i… my Jolly green bandit. Too bad your Quiver isn’t with you… you could be shooting an arrow right through my heart.

Prince Curtis: Don’t tempt me, fair Maiden.I already got your heart as you’ve got mine.

Megan: *Giggles* You’re quite a character. You might want to have me in a lip lock.

Prince Curtis: At a fundraiser? You’re one satisfied girl. Has anyone favored to tell you that? You’re a very satisfiable girl. *Holding Megan up close and kissing her on the lips*

Megan: *Kissing Prince Curtis back on the lips*

Prince Curtis: This Fundraiser is a great idea of Oliver to do for the City. I have a feeling that the people here have reached deep to donate a large sum of money to help the efforts. With all the donations that were collected. it is gonna be the best revival the city has ever had. It’s gonna get this city back on its feet before we know it.

Megan: do you suppose that it’ll be enough? This city has been ravaged pretty bad by the guy… Zod.

Prince Curtis: I wish that we could all give Zod every tidbit of credit for the wrecking ball movement that was being done… but we had a hand in it too. Prince Alvin used that Super Saiyan Class 3 power… it caused some of the damage. Not that our side of it was intentional. but he did move pretty recklessly. Then there was the two heaven twins… They used that one technique and it was the one technique that could have blinded the whole city. I would think that the whole city would be in need of retina or cornea surgery. the medical boards of the City would be only having a field day on that one.

Megan: Who wouldn’t? but i think that all the blame should be going to Zod. He’s the one who left his calling card all over the city. I never told you this before… but sometime before we met and before the worse parts of the whole catastrophe revolving Zod had gone on… My brother Drake… he had a small time gig at a town hall and was in the middle of one when one of those Rotten Kandorians came and ruined it. It was a black Kandorian. he even demanded that they all knelt before Zod. He was gonna even kill Drake. But before he could try to make the move to kill my brother… he flew off and left in a hurry back to where ever he came from. My brother was pissed and yet scared, Terrified and with a numbing panic. Combined all into one.

Prince Curtis: You’re kidding? Your brother came in close contact with one of the Kandorians?

Megan: Wasn’t that what i was just discussing to you? My brother could have been put in a grave at a early age. He’s lucky to tell the tale unscathed and untouched. He’s terrified to even come out of the house… he’s spooked. that’s what he is. but it was really a close call.

Prince Curtis: *Nods and understands* I know how that must feel. I would be spooked too. but the thing that keeps me a clear clever head amongst my shoulders… is the fact that i’ve dealt with two threats prior. so i gotten kinda used to it.

Megan: I Guess that after awhile it does seem to get to you… doesn’t it?

Prince Curtis: Try being a superpowered soul and have two identities… two lives. That is what will sell you a life time of a split personality complex and a total semi of identity crisis.

Megan: Yeowch! That would hurt… Wouldn’t it?

Prince Curtis: That’s not even the half of it… it gets to be a pain.

Prince Avery and Prince Arnold were by the one side and Enjoying the Minibar.  It was not like they were doing Alcohol… but they were drinking what looked like Beer but were actually glasses of Cider. A word to the wise as they’d say… Looks could be deceiving.

Prince Avery: *Looking at the crowd* Quite the crowd here wouldn’t you say, Brother?

Prince Arnold: I would believe that it is a crowd. It’s a huge turn out. Wonder where Oliver is. He’s the man of the hour for this fundraiser. he did set this up… didn’t he?

Prince Avery: Yes… i would believe to say that he did so. He got all this going. i love the idea of raising funds for the relief efforts to help rebuild this city.

Prince Arnold: *Spotting Pearl with a cute guy* Well… don’t be so absent on the surprise. but the sights of our Cousin Pearl being with a new target for affection… i think that she’s in love.

Prince Avery: Is that a fact? *Looking to see Pearl with a good looking guy* I wonder who it is… The guy looks rather blueish… doesn’t he?

Prince Arnold: What do you… mean? *Seeing the guy Pearl is with* Wait a minute… isn’t that the guy that we saw helping the girl in the beginning of the final showdown?

Prince Avery: I would believe so. he is the one that was with them. What’s he doing putting the moves on our cousin?

Prince Arnold: Not sure… but whatever he’s pulling… i think it’s time to thaw out the icy kindling relationship. Pearl is not an Icicle treat.

But where Pearl was dancing…

Pearl: Jack, You’re a really nice guy. I Like you. i really like you. You’re really Cute. Really! Cute. plus sweet.

Jack: I am really enjoying being with you. You’re the most remarkable girl i have ever met in my life. I didn’t know it at first when we first met. you at first looked rather too sporting… but i couldn’t help than to figure that you had a beauty and had pretty looks on you and you do… you have all the beauty. What the other can’t see is their loss. You are really pretty and sweet. I love you. *Blushes*

Pearl: *Touched* Awwww! And I Love you too… *Smiles and then Kissing Jack on the side* Mwah!

Jack: *Kissing Pearl back*

Pearl: Would you like to be my boyfriend?

Jack: I’d love to.

Prince Avery: *Looking to see the Pearl Kissing the icy guy* Hmm… Looks like they are a pair. I guess that Pearl is with a new love and is happy again.

Prince Arnold: She sure is…

Pearl and Jack were Dancing with one another and enjoying the night. it was a wonderful night…

The song “Someday” by Sugar Ray plays…

“Someday, when my life has passed me by
I’ll lay around and wonder why you were always there for me
One way, in the eyes of a passer-by
I’ll look around for another try, and fade away

Just close your eyes and I’ll take you there
This place is warm without a care
We’ll take a swim in the deep blue sea
I go to leave as you reach for me

Jack: You know pearl… I had a wonderful time with you. I never want this night to end.

Pearl: Me neither. I know that my sisters will be asking me about what i am doing with a sweet guy like you… but i am so in love with you. i love you.

Jack: And i love you too.

Some say, better things will come our way
No matter what they try to say you were always there for me
Some way, when the sun begins to shine
I’ll hear a song from another time, and fade away

Just close your eyes and I’ll take you there
This place is warm without a care.
We’ll take a swim in the deep blue sea
I go to leave as you reach for me

Paige: *With Prince Alvin; Watching and feeling pleased to see that Pearl is happy again* Now this is worth seeing anytime.

Prince Alvin: You bet it is. It’s really touching to see her happy again. Dinah is just as happy too with her love. but Pearl’s smile is what brightens up the whole mood.

Paige: It should do the same for us too.  I know that i’ll find someone who’s right for me. But for right now… Pearl is the one in need of it most.

Prince Alvin: *Nods* you’re right. *Looking towards Pearl and Jack* You did good, Paige. You did a wonderful deed for your sister. I am sure that she’ll never forget it.

Paige: *Sighs* Yeah. *Pleased*

Someone says you tried to hard (don’t pass me by)
Someone says we got it all ( I wonder why)
Someone says we tried to long ( don’t pass me by)
We never see the writing on the wall

So far, so long, so far away
So far, so wrong, so far away

Someday, when my life has passed me by
I’ll lay around and wonder why you were always there for me
One way, in the eyes of a passer-by
I’ll look around for another try, and fade away
And fade away *fades*”

Pearl: *Dancing while Hugging Jack*

It was a wonderful night as the peace was seen throughout the room and the City. it was a quiet night. The only thing that they could all wonder was if it would last. Pearl was happy again and dancing in bliss. Prince Alvin and Paige were both near and watching as Pearl was dancing happily with Jack. The City was gonna be in a state of recovery for almost a year and there was alot to fix back up… The Rhapsody Girls were gonna be lending a hand too. But with the peace that was ahead of them, they had to wonder if there was gonna be another threat just around the corner and just waiting to come out. What were they gonna do when the next threat came? Would they be ready for it? As the girls get older… they would be leaving their adolescent live behind and receive raging hormones as they grow older. Their experiences would change. It was late by time they got back home and turned in. after a wonderful night of peace. The City had suffered. The people were affected… but they would overcome. The victory against Zod was theirs. but it couldn’t have been done without everyone’s help. The Rhapsody Brothers… the remaining original members of the fighters who were able to fight and defend the world. The heaven Twins. Shanna and their allies in the Justice League. Find out how it all continues as The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! continues…

Previews of Chapter 73 show…

Paige: *Voice-over* Hey everyone… Paige here… yeah. we’re all a year older now…  And we’re all with better minds and have been getting wonderful grades in school. Things have gotten better for the city too. Even the Rhapsody brothers have been doing better.

Pearl: *Voice-over* I am also now driving. i am part of the driving populace. Bubble Maiden is now Mobile. I don’t know why i wanted to drive though… but it helps me get to where i would like to go. Dinah and i go on a double date and it is wonderful. But while out… strange things begin happening. Not like your normal surprises. but something hits and gets us on a case… *Chuckles* i feel like Nancy Drew.

Dinah: *Voice-over* We check it out and find that there was nothing there. just our minds playing a game with us… or was it? It’s been a whole year since the face/off against Zod and the whole City is even though riveted with the after effects of the war… pulling along strong. We even get to see our Professor too.  He’s been doing things with his company and made multiple donations to the city.

Grandma Rikku: *Voice-over* I have been working like crazy and it paid off as i was able to get my Granddaughter a Car that she wanted and she has had it now for almost 5 months. My granddaughters also are with romantic bliss and spend alot of time with their boyfriends. Paige even meets a guy too. Someone named Reese. Weird surprise for her.

Luna: *Voice-over* And i start normal school. However… it doesn’t go so well and because i look like i am part cat. i get made fun of and It’s up to my sisters to come to my rescue. I am a girl who is from the moon… i go to regular school and try to fit in as being normal and i wind up getting teased and taunted. Maybe it’s not meant for me to be normal.

Prince Curtis: *Voice-over* I get even closer to my girl Megan. She and i hit it off and start spending a lot more time together. almost like a romantic married couple. but without the married part. And that doesn’t even hit the end. My brothers Prince Alvin, Prince Avery and Prince Arnold also get a shot at love too… Looks like Romance does grow on a dime and comes easily. if you’re patient enough for it that is. Closer to Adulthood and possibly the next phase of our lives in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 73: “One year later… Things that once were… move to change. Pearl on the road and a driver in the family… Romance matures for some and finds the ones down on the luck for love. Rhapsody Girls Z! Normal Teens or forever called to duty.” Part 1

Paige: *Sighs* I met this guy at school… he is rather sweet. Don’t know much about him. His name is Reese. but people at school say that he comes from a troubled family.  What if i come out as being too sweet or too perfect for him and he doesn’t like me?

Pearl: *Pauses and looking at her sister* Dinah! Did you hear something?

Dinah: What the hell was that? *Seeing the car taking off* Pearl… Are you nuts? go after that guy. That guy just robbed the store. He’s getting away!

School Kids: *Teasing Luna* You’re a freak… You’re a freak. Mutant freak. A cat. Freak! *Making cat sounds and pointing at Luna* Meow… Meow! Freak.

Luna: *Running off crying*


4 thoughts on “chapter 72: “Rhapsody Girls in Danger; Falling to your Death is the way to go out. Prince Curtis Brutally beat! Rhapsody Family FACE/OFF Against ZOD! VENGEANCE BE CALLED! Angelic Overlord… WE NEED YOU! Justice League… Big Guns Dishing out firepower. “GOODBYE GENERAL ZOD! Time to say BON VOYAGE!” Pearl… Lovesick over Frost?!””

  1. You won’t have to be waiting long… And Clark is still on Earth. but he won’t be mentioned much or anymore in the future chapters. because this is set for Raven. she’s next to be in the fold. Princess Rikku is avenged and it’s all good and cherries now. But stick close… it’s gonna get better. i promise. i swear on it.

  2. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really loved surfing around your blog posts.
    In any case I’ll be subscribing for your rss feed and I am hoping you write
    again soon!

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