Pearl: *Voice-over* Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

“Red Queen: In time it will be better. you just need to have love in your heart which we know that you do…

Trixie: *Walking over to the Editor’s office* Perry is gonna be thrilled to have a new Reporter on the team here.

John: I am willing to live with this team. Working in the business world. reporting stories and writing articles.  *Following his sister*

Perry: Welcome to the Daily Planet there, Rookie.

Paige: we as always… and it is nothing new to us…  have a dilemma…Zod. He is still out on the loose. out there. Now the fact that he’s out there is still a situation. plus not to forget that he’s vowed war on us and on the world. we must figure out and discuss what his plans are for us all as well as our family let alone the world and all we hold dear on it.

Shanna: *Grabbing a poker and a Marshmallow* I don’t think so. Zod is not the romancer type. He’s the more power hungry type of person. 

Angel: *Grabbing a poker and a Marshmallow* Even though we hate their guts… you have to give Zod Props. it worked. he succeeded in crippling us. it worked.*Passing the Pokers and the Marshmallows over to Prince Alvin*

Chloe:  I even am friends with this family of heroes… There are 3 girls that are very expressive. 4 boys that are very dependable and are serious about what they do. there is a pair of twins that are like these spirited ladies. they have powers of Heaven. the light and the dark.

Gabe: Wow! You have alot of stuff going on with your non-profit organization.

Clark: *Looking at the girls and the Rhapsody brothers* Never underestimate the brute power of a Kandorian Warrior. They are much faster and more stronger in power than you. They will never let the win come easy. Don’t ever go for the Obvious target. … they will be expecting that… and you will Lose.

Clark: *Walking away and sighs* One more thing. Never turn your back on your enemy.  when facing against the might of a Kandorian/Kryptonian warrior, turning your back on them will give the opening for a sneak attack and it’ll cost you your life. *Rolling his eyes a bit*

Martha: Clark…You don’t understand. The Book of Rao can be used to transport the Kandorians to another plane of existence.

Clark: That may be the answer we need.

Martha: Clark, if the Book of Rao is used to send the Kandorians away, all Kryptonians will be exiled from Earth, including you. 

Clark: The Book of Rao is not a bible as he had led the others to believe. It was created by Jor-El to send the Kandorians to another world — a world they could call their own. a different place that was far from here… but peaceful.

Chloe: Well, let’s fire up this intergalactic subway token and send our visitors on a fast train to Nirvana. 

Clark: I can’t. Once it’s activated, it sends all Kryptonians to the new world.

Chloe: *Gasps and pauses with Mortification* Including you.

Paige: *Looking at Grandma* Grandma… Step on it… get us home… Right now. we need to get home and report to Chloe… ASAP!

Grandma: *Nods* Okay. I really don’t like speeding because it’s a danger… but i am gonna floor it. Hold on!

Luna: Rhapsody Home dead ahead!

Tess: *Holding the Kryptonite up towards Zod and walking over towards him with it pointed at him* I’ve seen the future. And you enslave this planet… and destroy anyone that ever opposed you! Anyone who had ever stood in your way… you got rid of them and made sure that they wouldn’t be able to stand up to you again. Paige Rhapsody had also copped out to the fact that she sometime ago had recurring Nightmares of the same thing. that you would be nothing of use. Just a tyrant who sired to rule the world despite that it was not your place to rule. She saw that you would have brought forth the end of days… the end of the world.

Zod: *Glaring at Tess and Smirks with disgust* Dinah Rhapsody found the Orb in the Fountain… While talking to her meager and pitiful boyfriend and by laying her hands upon it… she had touched the sun… The Rhapsody Girls have all touched the sun when they had opened up the orb.  after getting that chance to behold a taste of the power of the sun in the palm of your hand… You’re about to learn what it feels like to get burned.

Clark: What I’ve learned is that no matter how much someone has hurt you or betrayed you, or how much it seems that someone is evil, at their core, everyone is worth saving.

Zod: What exactly do you think you’re saving me from? From a path of darkness that i have already sank too deep in… unable to find redemption? Is that it?

Clark: From making another mistake like Faora.

Clark: It’s never too late.

Zod: *Growls and snaps out a little* How would you know? What would you know about it never being too late to find redemption from what i have done?

Clark: Because I killed my own father. My Earth father warned me not to play God.. not to reach for power that i knew was not mine. But instead of taking his word for it…  I tempted fate, and because of making the decision to tempt fate, he died. 

Zod: Hardly a match for my battalion. They won’t be able to get a shot in around my battalion.

Clark: Too many people will die. You need to end this now. This is a war that you can’t hope to win. I know my destiny.

Zod: And I know mine.

Hawkman: No. You girls have been doing enough to get at Zod. You let us face him. You are tending to fight Zod to Avenge your mother. That is a honorable notion to make reality. But unless you are looking for pain and more family loss… don’t push to fight him.

Cyborg: You girls are tough and we know how fierce you are, Dinah… but these dudes with the fighting fetish and the unsatisfied thirst for power… they won’t want to play ball… their strength will be an equivalent of being hit by a mega-tanker.

Dinah: You think i’m scared of that Bozo? i am not no Chicken. I am gonna feed that Kandorian bastard a 5 course meal courtesy of “Danger Zone” Dinah!

Hawkman: I’ve been around long enough to know the best way to win a war is to strike first.

Dinah: i agree with Hawkman… the big bird, We need to attack first. we have to.

Oliver: *On screen; To Hawkman* No, that’s the best way to win a bowling tournament, Tweety. We’re dealing with superpowered soldiers here. Not a Bowling team that we join to boast and brag with our Ego’s.

Hawkman: *Scoffs* Just as expected, Mr. Green Jeans has gone yellow.

Paige: No one is turning Yellow. We are gonna do this… but we got to be precise with our tactics. One wrong move and we’re all dead. The Kandorians have heat vision and if they shoot you… it will burn. we know… it almost happened to us.

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in* Yo! You guys… My cousin here is right. Miss Love the Leader of the Rhapsody Girls is right. the Kandorians have Heat Vision. it will burn you if it touches you and you will possibly die from it. this is not no game of chance. this is a war.

Hawkman: Zod’s symbols say one thing — he wants a fight. 


*Holding up the book of RAO* I will use the Book of Rao… …to send them all away. I’ve made my decision. Once I lead my people to another world, I’ll never be able to come back.

Hawkman: With us by your side, you don’t have to do this alone.

Paige: That’s right… You’ve got the whole Justice League. Us… The Rhapsody Girls Z! the Rhapsody Brothers… the heaven Twins here… you also got aid from members of our family who have powers and abilities. Arctic Mind… Aquatic Burn… Lord Electricmind… And even the Rhapsody sisters.

Clark: This is the only peaceful way to eliminate the threat. Without a war, a war that no one will win… once the Kandorians are gone, there will be other threats that sire to threaten all of mankind. The world will need you, Rhapsody Girls… Rhapsody Brothers… Everyone… You’ll have to work together to become the team that you were always meant to be. As much as i would like to say that there is another way out of this… to fight back the Kandorians and not resort to using the book to eradicate them… the fact is that there is no other way… Jor-el’s dying words to me were to save Zod. but it has come to reason that there is nothing left to save of him… Zod is too far gone and the only way to save him from making another error and do something on this planet that he won’t be able to walk away from is to send him away. I once believed that my destiny was here on Earth, but now you all will need to accept that destiny for me. This world will need you most to be their light. their strength. to be the guides for future Heroes who are destined to appear. they’re gonna need you.

Pearl: We got to think about The world.

Prince Alvin: We’ll protect the world… as one.

Cyborg: we’ll defend this planet to the last.

Clark: It has been my honor to serve and work with each and everyone of you.

Dr. Fate: The honor’s been all ours Kal-el. *Saluting*

Zod: So they have to have been dispersed around the world, and Kal-El is alone in Metropolis.

Basqat: Our soldiers have cut off their communications. All their satellites have been destroyed. There is no way they will be making it back. with no communications… they are flying blind.  Kal-el is alone and the only Allies he’s got left are the Rhapsody Girls Z! The Rhapsody Brothers… The Heaven Twins, Molten Mind. whatever hero she may be… The cat like girl Luna… and the Rhapsody sisters. They’re the only ones left. Even the 3 Sailors that have no business in this War effort. they’re all that’s left.

Zod: Then by dawn, we’ll have the Book of Rao. And this planet will be ours. Excellent.

Chloe:  We got a problem… all the satellite communication has been cut. 

Oliver: Take a breath, Chloe. You’ve stared down the barrel of a gun before.

Chloe: We’re dealing with like 100 Clarks here. I don’t know if I can dodge this speeding bullet. 

Clark: Zod… It’s over. You’re not gonna stop me from doing this. You have hurt enough people. It ends now…

Zod: Says you! I am not going anywhere… and neither are they.

Clark: Having others finish a fight that you started only proves what a coward you are. You are driving this world to war. Hurting innocent lives to prove that you’re afraid to lose the power. in fear of losing all sense of control.

Paige: *Landing and standing up to Zod* Zod… we are sick of your lies… You lie to everyone… If your battalion ever knew the truth of what you had done… they’d leave you. As it is… they don’t really respect you. they only follow you out of fear. We know the truth… Who really killed Faora… We know who really killed her. Now… either you tell them… or we will. CHOOSE!

Zod: *Scoffs* You don’t have any proof… you never will. You should just give up. You can see for yourself that My men willingly follow me.

Prince Arnold: what about Faora? All she wanted was to leave you. That was all she wanted. She was gonna to leave you and make a life of her own… that was all she wanted. to live fairly and live a normal but honest life. 

Zod: That is a lie!

Prince Curtis: Although she never got the chance to do it. She paid the ultimate price. The debt that all men would be made to pay… death… She wanted to Leave Zod and she paid for it with her life.

Zod: Faora never should’ve trusted you.  She should seen your mind tricks… but she allowed herself to believe your treachery. she had to be put down…

Clark: But she wasn’t the only one who paid the price, was she?

Zod: Faora was a traitor. *Whispers* Do you think I wanted to kill my own child?

Zod: *To Vala* Your sister was a traitor. She would’ve betrayed us all.

Vala then started to come at Zod and itched to land a blow at him but Basqat held her back and looked at her…

Basqat: *To Vala* Wait! You sister needs to be avenged, Vala. but not here… not on Earth. *as he then looks at Zod* We will deal with him once we’re on our own soil.

Vala: *To Clark* Kal-El, take us home. We’re ready to go home.

Paige: *Catching sight of the Sword* Uh-oh… I think that Zod has a sneaky trick up his sleeve. He’s got something…

Pearl: Is that what i think it is…

Dinah: *Spotting the Sword* Oh god… Oh no… It’s… It’s…


Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Shoots out in Shock* BLUE KRYPTONITE!!!!

Prince Alvin: *Screaming out* KAL-EL!!! BEHIND YOU!!!!

Air Rushes by as Clark turns and sees the Blue Kryptonite. and catches Zod with it…

Zod: *Defiant* I told you… I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!

Rhapsody Brothers: Wanna Bet?

Rhapsody Girls: Oh yes you are!”

Pearl: *Voice-over* And now… The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 71: “COUNTDOWN TO THE FINAL BATTLE WITH GENERAL ZOD!!! Rhapsody Girls Z! Message To General Zod: “ZOD! GO TO HELL! THIS IS OUR WORLD AND YOU ARE SENTENCED TO EXILE! EXILE!”

Paige: *Voice-Over* War is a part of life. It brings forth an ending and soon after… a new beginning. but in every war… there is also a price to be paid. a debt that all fighters on either side have to pay. Death. War comes in many forms and in many ways. in a war there are winners and then there are losers. The Winners get praised… but they also face having to carry the blood of all those they had to kill. knowing that in order to win… they had to shed blood where they did not wish. Losers are the ones who die. most die. but some live to tell the tale… only by sheer luck. or by the grace of god. When it comes to war. the only winner is a one who chooses not to fight but to find a way… not to fight. As someone once said… “You can fight for what’s right and fight for what you believe in. but when it comes to fighting a war… there are only two sides to a war. each side with it’s own burden and it’s own set of regrets and pain.”

On top of the Crow’s nest…

Zod: *Facing the Rhapsody Girls* The Countdown is over… time is up! You Rhapsody Girls have derailed my ambitions and got in my way ever since the very beginning. I should have destroyed you way back in the beginning. But no… you had to pull your little tricks on me. Well… Playtime is over! Paige… Your element of Love is useless against me for i will never know Love. Faora was my only one. I had to Kill her because she was corrupted by thinking in the ways of you humans… Pearl… You are WEAK! YOU WILL NEVER STAND A CHANCE TO THE MIGHT OF A KANDORIAN!!! Go home and Play with your Dolls! And You Dinah… You’re an unhinged blood-thirsty human who craves action… You let your anger rule you and hold it like a security Blanket. You’re an uncontrolled pathetic soul. You will all KNEEL BEFORE ME BEFORE I’M THROUGH!

Paige: *To her sisters* Rhapsody Girls….. ATTACK!!!

Pearl and Dinah: *Giving a Battle Cry* DOWN WITH GENERAL ZOD!!!!

Prince Alvin: *To his brothers* Rhapsody Brothers… TO ARMS!!!!

Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis: *Giving out a Battle Cry* FOR EARTH!!!!!

Brenda: *To her sisters* Rhapsody Sisters… CHARGE!!!

Helga, Angelica and Angela: *Chanting a battle cry* THE END FOR ZOD!!!!

Shanna and Luna: It’s Over Zod!

Betty and Angel: From the Earth to you ZOD! Your Judgement Day has Come!

Clark: You knew all along about the Blue Kryptonite. That’s what kept from ascending with the others…

Zod: Better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven. Agh!

Prince Alvin: *Growling at Zod* That’s exactly where you’re going… You son of a bitch. You’re gonna be sent to hell. An Eternal Hell.

Angelic Raven: *Attacking Zod* Heaven’s Thunder!

Angelic Darkhand: *Attacking Zod* Dark Thunder!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at Zod* Bubbles Storming Concerto!

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at Zod* Luna Sugar DRILL!

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at Zod* Love’s Rocking Rhapsody!

Thunder Mistress: *Launching an attack at Zod* THUNDERIC BEAMS!!!

Water Lord: *Launching an attack at Zod* Water Bomb storm!

Electric Rage: *Launching an attack at Zod* Electric Crash!

Plasma-Core: *Firing a shot at Zod* Plasma Blaster!

Flaming Soul: *Firing a shot at Zod* Burning Inferno!

Shanna: *Launching an attack at Zod* Molten Rock firewall! *using her mind to Sting Zod with pressure* Pause… Reflect… pain… anguish… Stain… Peril… collapse…torment!

Miss Love: *Looking at her sisters* Come on girls… Let’s nail this Kandorian Scum… he killed our Mother… Let’s at least return the favor to him a bit…

Bubble Maiden: Right. Let’s do it.

Thunder Mistress: Lead the way, girl. we’re with you…

Miss Love: *Flying up* Girls… take Flight!

Flaming Soul: *Teleporting to the back of Zod and Grabbing him; Looking at his Brothers and motioning to pull Zod and then toss him into the nearby fence* Brothers… Let’s toss this creep into the wall.

Water Lord: You got it! *Teleporting over to Grab Zod; grabbing a hold of Zod* Ready when you are, Captain.

Plasma-Core: *Teleporting over to grab Zod; grabbing a hold of Zod* Shall we throw him?

Electric Rage: *Teleporting over to grab Zod; grabbing a hold of Zod* Let’s give this bugger the old Heave Ho!

Flaming Soul: Okay… Boys… on the count of 3…

Zod: *Breaking Loose from the grip* You are fooling yourself to be trying to defeat me. You will never succeed.

Sailor Luna: Wanna bet?! *Firing a shot at Zod* Luna Sugar Drill! *Leaping up and Pouncing onto Zod and Clawing at him with her nails* MEOW!!!!

Angelic Raven: *Firing at Zod* Heaven’s Righteous Light!

Angelic Darkhand: *Firing at Zod* Darkened Ferocious SMASH!

Clark: *Going after Zod and fighting him* You already stole one planet from me… you’re not about to take this one.

Zod: *With a Sword in one hand* You can’t stop me… You’re just a simple human without your powers.  What good could you possibly do without your powers? *Swinging his Sword at Clark and cutting him* Agh!

Clark: *Grunting as he is getting cut*

Zod: Seeing as you love the humans so much, let’s see if can you fight like one! let’s see if you have what it takes to be a fighter and mettle up to being like a soldier. a fighter in arms, Kal-el.

Clark and Zod fight and throwdown at one another. Clark was letting Zod have a fight to remember. But Zod was not about to allow for Clark to have the upper hand… He quickly swung his sword at Clark and cut a line into Clark’s torso. The blood splattered a little but Clark was still fighting.

Zod: *standing off and Butting heads with Clark* This is so like you, Kal-el. Fighting so weak. Just like a human. letting your compassion for all the lowly humans cloud your inhibitions of being what you were meant to be. A Fighter. A Killer. a Superior Fighter. Kryptonians are supposed to exist to Rule. Not be a puppet on a string to cater to the whim of a human. Jor-el and Lara created such a weak son… you will never have the guts to take my life. You’re never be able to rule. I however… will. All you’ll do is rule in the shadows… in obscurity. Unlike you, I will lead from a throne, not from the shadows like you do and show caring to these sickly undesired humans. Every human, including the woman you love, will kneel before Zod!

Clark: You already destroyed my first home. I won’t let you take this one. This is my home… I will fight you to the end.

Brenda: *Flying in the air with her sisters and Emitting Energy and Firing Star bolts at Zod* HA! Ah! Agh!

Helga: *Flying down towards Zod; Aiming to land a sucker punch against Zod’s face* You are not the welcomed upon this planet. It is time for you to leave this planet.

Angela: You’re a Rotten Clorbag! *Firing at Zod with a Star Bolt Cluster* Rah!

Angelica: *Flying fast at Zod and Headbutting him into the fence and Punching him hard; Sending him flying*

Miss Love: *Seeing Zod go flying into the sky and then falling down fast* Whoa…

Thunder Mistress: *Whistles* Looks like someone’s been eating their Vitamins and the Vitamins are really super strength. *seeing the air being had by Zod* Look at that Air! Sick! I am into sports and wrestling… even Karate. but i couldn’t even throw anyone that far.

Bubble Maiden: Look at that guy go…  *Seeing Zod still falling; Suddenly catching sight of Zod regaining his stature* Zod had gained his footing and is zooming back… but i don’t think he’s looking too happy.

Shanna: Pearl… i don’t think we ought to care about whether or not he is happy. He is being beat. His soldiers all left him and are now in another plane of Existence and if Zod ever gets to that other plane where his used to be Loyal followers are… Let’s just say… that he isn’t gonna be facing a happy trails.

Betty: That is sad that he’s a lone wolf… but he brought it upon himself being as evil and benign that he chose to be.

Seconds later… Zod was back on the Crow’s nest.  and before the girls could catch him… He stabbed Clark with the Blue Kryptonite sword and was about to ascend to the alternate plane when he noticed that the gateway was now closed… There was no chance of sending him back…

Clark… Stabbed fell off the crows nest and fell down to the streets below…

Miss Love: *Gasps* Oh no… KAL-EL!!!!

Bubble Maiden: *Screams out in terror* NOOOOOO!!!!!

Thunder Mistress: What’ll we do now?!

Zod: *with his abilities back and Hovering* Your so called Man of Steel is now Man of Dead… He’s been taken out… Now you will meet your end. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD OR…. DIE!

Rhapsody Girls: *Shooting back* NEVER!

Miss Love: *Standing up to Zod; Ready to fire* Zod… You are of hatred. We in this world have love and that over wins hatred. You want power… good Luck… because where you’re going… there won’t be any power for you.

Bubble Maiden: *Standing up to Zod; Ready to fire* You killed our mother, You Jerk. You Killed an innocent person. killed our friend. I told you in the beginning when we first met face to face when all this began… that if you hurt my friends… or my family… that you hurt me. Well.. you just Killed Clark… you MURDERED my Mother. So… ZOD! It won’t be us who Kneels before the likes of you… It’s You who will Kneel before us.

Thunder Mistress: *Standing up to Zod; Ready to fire* This is the end of the line for you Zod. There is no escape from your final moment. It is Over. I will tear you a new ass by time it is all over… You wanted to see the unfettered Rage of “Danger Zone” Dinah/Thunder Mistress? *Pulling out her Baseball Bat and seeing it turn into a Thunder Rod* Well… Congratulations you Kandorian son of a bitch! You Got it! Here it is…  You SLEAZEBALL!!!

Zod: *Preparing to fire his Heat Vision* Come at me… If you can!

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at Zod* Love’s Rocking EMBRACE!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at Zod* Bubbly GEM FLASH!!!!

Thunder Mistress: *Launching an attack at Zod* Thunderic SCREAM!!!

Molten Mind: *Launching an attack at Zod* …. *Summoning for Molten Rock to come gushing out from the ground* …. Using her mind to turn the Air Surrounding Zod into a hellish Inferno; Chanting a spell* “Magmatic Power… Hear my cry… unleash your merciless fury, that can not die… Let the burning rage that lies within… come out… and Rain forth inescapable Pain” *Using her mind to bring the Molten Rock to the sky and create a hell Storm*… *Unleashing the Massive Downpour of Hell’s fire at Zod* Magmatic HELL STORM DOWNPOUR!!!

Flaming Soul: *Launching an attack at Zod* INFERNO WAVE!!!

Water Lord: *Launching an attack at Zod* WATER FLASH!!!

Plasma-Core: *Launching an attack at Zod* PLASMATIC LIGHTNING ERUPTION!!!!

Electric Rage: *Launching an attack at Zod* ELECTRIC SPARKING KNOCK-OUT!!!

Sailor Luna: *Bouncing around and jumping on the Back of Zod* Gotcha!

Zod: *Growling* Get off of me you lowly pathetic Human! *Trying to Pry Luna off of him*

Betty: *Glowing with White light and charging up; Chanting a spell making her Multiply into a thousand Angels; “God imbued power of the heavens, break forth and multiply into many angels of light and Sacred might”; Surrounding the target with Crosses and angels; trapping the target and pinning the target onto the cross; Launching the attack at (Zod)* Sacred Judgement!

Angel: *Chanting a spell* “Darkened glow of the fire, the Rage of Heaven’s violent rage… Let the Burns from the fire snare you with its inferno and the sparks of flames as it licks your flesh and sears it immensely” *Launching an attack at Zod* FLAMES OF DARKNESS!!!

As the attacks all made impact on Zod…

A strange breeze began to hit and it was with a icy chill. the Breeze gradually turned to ice and within seconds a form appeared and revealed a Mysterious Ally.  A Mysterious person with a frosty touch. Zod didn’t notice the mystery Ally.

Miss Love: *Looking to see the Mysterious person* Who are you?

Mysterious Ally: *With a staff Emitting ice and Snow* Zod… You have hurt the innocent people. it’s over. So states the Staff of Frost! *Firing ice at Zod* Ice Swarm! *Jumping up and Landing a kick to Zod’s face* HIYA!!!

Bubble Maiden: *With her Jaw dropped down* Huh?! Did he just do what i think he did?

Thunder Mistress: I Think so… He did something and it knocked Zod down a little bit.

Bubble Maiden: Who is he though?

Mysterious Ally: *Landing on the ground and pulling down his hood* Call me Frost…. Jack Frost. I am a Guardian. A Wintry spirit that you might not have heard about before. I am sure that you read on some tales of Winter spirits and about holiday figures. Santa Clause and the Reindeer. Elves. Mystical beings that you normally wouldn’t see but know that they’re there and that they exist because of the things that they can do.

Bubble Maiden: Well… We can see you. we’re a little old to be seeing mystical things but we still see you. because we happen to believe.

Thunder Mistress: If you can throw a nice curve ball… you’ll win my belief. So sue me… i’m a totally obsessed Sports Kook. Can’t help it. I am in lines to favoring Joe DiMaggio, Ken Griffin Jr. Babe Ruth. “The titan of terror.” The 7 foot giant Shaq. I Remember what “The Babe” said once… “Remember kid, there’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die, follow your heart kid, and you’ll never go wrong.”

Miss Love: That’s good. but Would that make you someone who’s on our side?

Jack Frost: Is the ice cold? Yes.

Suddenly Zod got back up from the ground and Stared at the Rhapsody Girls…

Zod: *Growls* ENOUGH!!!! SILENCE!!!

However on the street a mile away from the Crows nest…

Trixie: *Walking by and looking up at the sky seeing a combination of Lights* There’s a lot of activity going on up there. Sure don’t know what it is… but it doesn’t look good.

Trixie only looked back down and faced straight to see a body on the streets…

Trixie: *curious* What the heck is that? *Walking over to see who it is* Why would there be a body lying in the middle of the street like that? Where did it come from? *Looking up again briefly* It couldn’t have come from the sky. *Looking back down and spotting the body; recognizing who it was* Oh shit… Oh shit. No… Please no. don’t tell me that it’s Clark…

Clark: *Lifeless*

Trixie: *Running over to Clark* Clark… You big over grown dummy. What are you doing lying there in the middle of the street? Don’t you know that it’s wreckless to just lie here? People could have ran over you if they didn’t stop to look and see you lying there.

Trixie then looked to see something sticking out of Clark and saw that it was a Sword of some kind. She didn’t know what it was… but she knew that it was something that inflicted harm on Clark. She tended to him and tried to get him to come to…

At The Tsukino household…

Shingo: *In the front yard and with a Medical hut all set up* I should be out there with my girlfriend. She’s in trouble… I should not be here. *Looking at the sky and seeing darkness and flashes of light with multiple colors spreading* I really don’t like the looks of things up there…


Megan: *Walking by With a bruised Knee* OWWWW!  That hurts. My Knee… My Knee! Agh! Ahhh Ah… Augh!

Shingo: *Running up to Megan* Are you okay? You’re hurt… Here. Come over here and relax.

Megan: Okay. *Struggling to walk over to the Medical hut that was up in the front yard*

A minute later…

Megan: *Laying down and having her Knee tended to* Thanks. *Looking at the teen* Who’re you?

Shingo: *Smiles While tending to Megan’s Knee* Shingo. Shingo Tsukino. I’m the brother to the one girl that lives here. Usagi. She’s my sister. *Worried about his girlfriend* Have you been out on the streets when the War first began?

Megan: Yeah… i was. I was in my neighborhood.  and it was just normal for an evening out… but the weirdest thing was that it just started getting really dark. Almost like a pitch black night. with nearly minimum light.

Shingo: i don’t know if i should be one to inform about this… but there is a war going on… one revolving the Kandorian General Zod.

Megan: *Shooting up* Zod?

Shingo: You heard of him?

Megan: Heard of him… i know about him… I was told about him by someone by the name of Prince Curtis.

Shingo: Prince Curtis?! Prince Curtis Mark Rhapsody?

Megan: You know him?

Shingo: Know him?! He’s the cousin to my girlfriend Dinah Rhapsody.

Megan: Sounds like we both know a member of the Rhapsody family. You have a Girlfriend who is a Rhapsody member. and i know a guy who is one.  Although… *Hisses over the pain* Oh god… that really hurts.

Shingo: I know. it would hurt anyone who had a sprained knee.

Megan: How are you tied to the whole mess that is going on in the City?

Shingo: Well… it kinda is a rather long story. i was into all this since a day before Dinah almost lost her life. all with the battle of a Metal Youma that was possessed by some entity named Metaria. It happened since then that i got so into the whole threat with dangers… it was like that since then. Then on the morning which was the day that turned to being the birthday of the 3 girls. that’s when things got really out there. That was when i got all in with the issue revolving Zod. Since then till now… it just got more complicated. but as you can see… it lead all to this… but i also got a taste of the Superhero pie. i was granted with some power.

Megan: You’re kidding!

Shingo: No. i’m afraid not. i got some power. it’s all because i once tried on one of Dinah’s old belts. power belts and it somehow spoke to me. I to this day still don’t know as to how that is even a possibility. but when that happened and i transformed into this hero named Mystic Thunder… it was really like i was given some kind of purpose. i don’t know why… but i enjoyed it.

Megan: I should be surprised. but i was showed something by Prince Curtis. He showed me his powers and i was surprised. i really was.

Shingo: * Tending to the injury on Megan* I just hope that they come back alive. that’s what i am hoping. They’re all in for a whole lot of ugly. a huge Butt-whoop… that’s what they’re in for.

Megan: I wish there was something that we could do to help them.

Shingo: the only thing that we can do is be here for them. to tend to the wounded. that is what i am doing. Are you like with a Crush on one of the guys?

Megan: You mean Prince Curtis… Yeah. i met him on the night where we during the night had that freak storm of Snow. the snow that came out of nowhere…

At King John’s house…

King John was not at home… but someone else was… his Ex-Wife. She heard about the War that was now going on and wanted to be around for her kids even though they didn’t want a thing to do with her… still as she had thought. She knew that someone would have to be around for the girls…

At the Daily Planet…

John: *Working on another assignment* there is alot of noise going on out there tonight. I sure don’t know what is going on out there, but whatever it is… it must be trouble. *Hearing another Roar* Sounds like another explosion going off.

Reporter: *Running into the room* There is a problem… A dead body has just been spotted in the streets.

John: *Looking up at the reporter* Who is it?

Reporter: Clark Kent.

John: *Shooting up* What the… *Grabbing his cell and his Jacket along with his camera and notepad* Shit… This is not good. Something has gone on and if Clark is dead… Zod must have killed him. Kandorian brawls are not the most simple of  fights.  *Looking at the Reporter* Any idea as to where the body fell from?

Reporter: From the point known as the crows nest.

John: I have no idea as to where that is… but it does sound rather high up. No one could survive a fall that far. *Running out*

In the Editor’s office…

Perry: *Getting off the Phone* I can’t believe this… we are facing a global war. Oliver Queen is missing and no one knows where he is at. No one knows where the Rhapsody Girls or the Rhapsody Brothers are at still. i don’t know if this is gonna look too good. *Watching the T.V* Great Scott!

The T.V then plays…

T.V: *Reporting* From Metropolis News… We bring you the latest in the Kandorian war front. Just moments ago… we received reports of there being flashes of light. Popping all over the sky. On top of the Crows nest there were reports of a group of heroes fighting a Kandorian Warrior… Known as Zod as Video surveillance had caught some Audio of the confrontation. View’s discretion is advised… for what you’re about to see will shock you…

Video then plays…

“Zod: *with his abilities back and Hovering* Your so called Man of Steel is now Man of Dead… He’s been taken out… Now you will meet your end. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD OR…. DIE!


Rhapsody Girls: *Shooting back* NEVER!

Miss Love: *Standing up to Zod; Ready to fire* Zod… You are of hatred. We in this world have love and that over wins hatred. You want power… good Luck… because where you’re going… there won’t be any power for you.

Bubble Maiden: *Standing up to Zod; Ready to fire* You killed our mother, You Jerk. You Killed an innocent person. killed our friend. I told you in the beginning when we first met face to face when all this began… that if you hurt my friends… or my family… that you hurt me. Well.. you just Killed Clark… you MURDERED my Mother. So… ZOD! It won’t be us who Kneels before the likes of you… It’s You who will Kneel before us.

Thunder Mistress: *Standing up to Zod; Ready to fire* This is the end of the line for you Zod. There is no escape from your final moment. It is Over. I will tear you a new ass by time it is all over… You wanted to see the unfettered Rage of “Danger Zone” Dinah/Thunder Mistress? *Pulling out her Baseball Bat and seeing it turn into a Thunder Rod* Well… Congratulations you Kandorian son of a bitch! You Got it! Here it is…  You SLEAZEBALL!!!

Zod: *Preparing to fire his Heat Vision* Come at me… If you can!”

T.V: *Reporting* Zod has killed several people in his conquest. To everyone who is watching this… please take shelter and stay indoors. Do not leave from the safety of your homes. Don’t leave your homes. Stay behind locked doors.

Perry: *Looking at the T.V and panics* This is bad. This is rotten luck. There is no one to stop that menace. Is there anyone to stop that Kandorian fruitcake?

Although at Grandma Rikku’s house…

Grandma Rikku: *Hearing echos coming from the City* I don’t think i like the sound of what’s going on out there. I don’t like this. My granddaughters are out there and they’re likely to be in danger. *Hearing screams* It’s the girls… that scream sounds familiar. It’s them… That’s it… i am gonna go and catch them. I am gonna go and find them. I lost both my daughters. i am not losing my grandchildren too. I refuse to. *Locking things up and heading out*

Outside of the house…

King John: *Sparking out of a portal* Aunt Rikku, What are you doing out during this dangerous night?

Grandma Rikku: I am going out to search for my Grand children. I lost my Daughters and have no one as children. but i will not lose my grand kids. i know they’re heroes and i know that they have responsibilities… But they’re only minors for gods sake… They’re kids still. 15. What the hell is wrong with this family sending our young to their deaths? What the hell kind of family are we?

King John: I don’t know… but we can’t chance what is. we can only press on. Aunt Rikku… i know how you feel i do. There are days where i wish to god himself that i never granted my boys the honor of being part of the superhero persuasion. i had days of it. i know what it’s like. I even see that this has all been placing you in agony. Losing your two girls. Princess Rikku is my favorite one. Even if she was a total Fuzzball. She was one hell of a gal. She had attraction that others never saw or just didn’t bother to see.  we did. We saw it. we knew that it was there the whole time. The outside world just didn’t bother to stop and think that there was more to her than what they saw on the surface.

Grandma Rikku: The outside world can be so cruel. it almost makes me wish that my Daughters girls never got involved with the outside world. they’re gonna just wind up facing the same bull that my daughters had to deal with. accusations and the mayhem. Your 4 boys are likely to be judged by the outside world too. it is just a matter of time. our family has always been judged by others and i have had it.

King John:  You are right. but with the fact that most of it is just the outrage of the situation that is going on… i am gonna see to overlook that one part. but i do acknowledge your worries and concerns.  I just came back from Canada and it’s a good thing that i did. This battle or final showdown with Zod is getting ugly… and The Rhapsody Girls Z! are gonna need all the help they can get. the first showdown was years ago. and at the time… we didn’t know of it till after it already had happened.  but this time is different.  this time it is here in this city and we can do something about it. we can help them and be there for them as they need it. This time… they’re not alone.

Grandma Rikku: It is true. it is different. I am just frustrated with the whole thing. my daughter’s kids being dragged all through the mayhem constant. they may be heroes and i am proud of them. i couldn’t be any prouder of them than if they were my kids… but the dangers that they put themselves through is really hurtful. it’s putting my mind at distress and i am sure that it’s doing far worse to them as they’re in the thick of it all.

King John: no arguments on that logic. i believe that it is a rather disastrous lifestyle that they are enduring. However… with the way things are going… there is no end to it. at least not for many a year as it seems. this Threat is looming to be forever done soon… but for the whole business that they’re in… it will be many a years before it’s all done.

Without a further minute to waste… King John Bolted his way over to the Battle scene and left off to Pitch in a hand or two. Leaving his Aunt Rather at a loss and simply struck with disbelief.

Back at the Crow’s nest…

Miss Love: *Getting beat by Zod* Ugh! Agh! Ahhhh! Augh! Errrr! Ohhhh!

Bubble Maiden: *Getting beat by Zod* Ugh! Agh! Ahhhh! Augh! Errrr! Ohhhh!

Thunder Mistress: *Getting beat by Zod* Ugh! Agh! Ahhhh! Augh! Errrr! Ohhhh!

Sailor Luna: *Getting beat by Zod* Ugh! Agh! Ahhhh! Augh! Errrr! Ohhhh!

Flaming Soul: *Looking to see the carnage* Oh god… this is terrible. Terrible.

Plasma-Core: What will we do. Zod knows every attack we come up with… he’s expecting us to attack and he’s liable to use his heat Vision on us. he’s already used it on Betty and Angel… but with their self healing ability that they have… they are not feeling much of the pain.

Electric Rage: We’ve got to do something. If we don’t do something and soon… Zod could try to seize all control of this city and there won’t be anyone here to stop him. Clark was the only one that could stop him and he’s dead. he is gone.

Water Lord: So what do you suggest that we do about it? Do we just sit here and wait for him to make another move?

Plasma-Core: He’s attacking the girls… Look at our cousins… they are being trashed and we can’t do anything to stop it. We’ve done all we could and Zod only came back just more brutal.

Jack Frost: *Firing Ice at Zod* You’re a monster. A rotten monster…

Brenda: Don’t worry. We’re on it. we’ll the create a distraction for the girls so they can escape and you guys can take him out.

Flaming Soul: *Nods* Right. go at it.

A Minute later…

Flaming Soul: Let’s get at Zod! Brothers… ATTACK!!!

Water Lord: *Firing at Zod* ANCIENT STORM!

Plasma-Core: *Firing at Zod* PLASMA BLASTER!

Electric Rage: *Firing at Zod* ELECTRIC CHAIN!

Jack Frost: *Firing at Zod* SNOW SWARM!!!!

The Rhapsody girls were being beat and as they tried to break free and get the upper hand… they were grabbed and then immediately Spun around a few times before Tossed off the Crows nest and sent plummeting to the streets…

Rhapsody Girls: *Falling to the streets* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Shanna: You Asshole! Zod, You attacked my sisters… YOU’RE DEAD WHERE YOU STAND!!!

Zod:  Oh yeah… What are you gonna do to stop me? Another Fire attack? you have already done several attacks on me and yet… here i am… still strong and with nary a scratch on me.

Shanna: SHUT UP! *Firing at Zod* Deadly Molten Grenades! Eat these!

Zod: *Using his Super Breath to blow the grenades away*

Electric Rage: *Teleporting and going for a Sneak attack*

Zod: *Turning to see a futile attempt; Landing Punches and Kneeing Prince Curtis* You’re Pathetic. You shall be made to Kneel before me…

Electric Rage: *Coughing and hacking* No! We’ll Never Bow down to you…

Zod: Then Die! *Soccer punches Prince Curtis into the air and sees that he plummets to the streets below* One pathetic pest down… 3 girls out. a few more to go. Who’s next to be taken down for refusing to Kneel before Zod?

The Rhapsody girls were plummeting down to the streets and were heading to their doom. they were descending down to the streets as they were just tossed off the Crows nest.  Prince Curtis… was also beat… What was next for the Rhapsody girls? Were they gonna be saved before they managed to reach the bottom and collide with the streets below? Would this mean the end for the Rhapsody Girls Z!? But with the Mysterious Ally now among them and his identity known… He soon looks to the edge and sees the girls falling to their deaths and makes way to try and save them… Hoping that Zod wouldn’t catch on and stop him? Would he get there in time to save them and break their fall? Pearl could get a new boyfriend out of all the mayhem. But what would it mean if she were to meet her end? Paige, Pearl and Dinah were meeting their fate. Was this gonna be death at age 15? Would they survive? Who will survive in the aftermath of the fall? Will Luck be on their side? Find out in the next Chapter as The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga Continues on…

Lord Electricmind: *Voice* “The balance between good and Evil has been shaken… the eternal mind is at risk of devastation… The thunders of Justice roars in anger for the ones being placed in danger’s path… from the Mind and from the Thunder of Justice… I am ElectricMind.”

Zod: *Standing on top of the Crows Nest; Hearing the mysterious Voice* Who is that? Appear Before Zod… I ORDER YOU!

King John: *Stepping out of a Portal* Gladly, You lowlife sack of Kandorian Scum.

A Minute later…

Aquatic Burn: *Voice* “The Seal of Justice has been threatened… the seas and waters altered… From the Oceans and from the Fires of heaven. your need for justice has been summoned… I Am…. Aquatic Burn!”

Arctic Mind: *Voice* “The Arctic howls in sadness for the weak… the mind stands still in mourning for the brokenhearted… The Ice breaks for the hurt innocent people looking lost in a Baron land their cries for Justice and saving going unheard for many a millennium… from Deep within the Arctic and from the Piercing mind of Justice… Let the Cold Arctic wind, the Psychic mind and the devastation of the Ice and Snow guide you to Justice… I am… Arctic Mind!”

Luna: *Voice-over* On the next Chapter of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! chapter 72: “Rhapsody Girls in Danger; Falling to your Death is the way to go out. Prince Curtis Brutally beat! Rhapsody Family FACE/OFF Against ZOD! VENGEANCE BE CALLED! Angelic Overlord… WE NEED YOU! Justice League… Big Guns Dishing out firepower. “GOODBYE GENERAL ZOD! Time to say BON VOYAGE!” Pearl… Lovesick over Frost?!”


  1. No! Paige… Pearl… Dinah!!!! Someone SAVE THEM!!! I hate that Zod… If my sisters Die… i will become a Demonic Cat and will be out for Blood. Zod is a certifiable Monster!

  2. You better believe it. This is the way it ends with Zod. it all ends in Chapter 72. Zod will be no more in the next chapter. It’s gonna be his last stand. and the girls will see that he is sent back to where he belongs.

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