Chapter 70: “Relaxation and peace… normal life be had; King John comes out the Victor and wins the girls. Chloe Sullivan… WATCHTOWER… Arise from the ashes and comes forth again. TILL DEATH!!!! Here chimes the Drums of WAR! COUNTDOWN to the Final Battle against Zod has Begun!”

Paige: *Voice-Over* Last time on the adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! We held the funeral services for our dearly departed mother and were in pain as we went with it. it was a heartbreaking moment. We were all in mourning. The whole family was there… Oliver, King John, Our Mother’s mother and then us. we all gave a Eulogy and it was with utter pain all the while doing it. Grandma Rikku cried while doing hers and couldn’t finish it. not as that we can blame her. She lost her daughter. lost one then the other. it was sad. Then it didn’t help matters as we then had to give one of our own. it was breaking us apart. we were fighting back tears. Dinah broke down too. She was feeling Anguish and we all knew it as she left later that night and felt only the Rage and fury and pain in her heart. all while then finding out that Zod killed our mother. he killed her. but we’re gonna get him back for it. That’s a promise. That night was the hardest night we ever went through as we felt regrets. remorse. pain and agony. Pearl snuck out and got a little meet with the police. but it was let go. She was convinced that something had happened to our mom and she wanted to know what or who killed our mom. but she soon got informed that Zod was the cause of our mother’s death. the whole family all despise Zod more than anyone would ever know. he took everything from us. Princess Rikku was our light. our rock… Like our big sister. Our best friend. I felt anguish. and wanted to give up…Prince Alvin and of course our new sister Luna assured me and informed me that i could not give up doing what i do. Dinah wasn’t gonna give up either. She was with anguish. We all know how Dinah can get when she’s in anguish. But the things that went on during that night was that The Red Queen made another appearance. She retrieved the Book of RAO from Tess Mercer. And given that we don’t trust Tess or like Tess anymore for her involvement with Checkmate… we weren’t surprised that she would even have such an item like that. However… she had no idea that she had it. she didn’t understand as to how she’d have it. it didn’t matter though. because now the red Queen had it. Later… days after that night… we all went back to school and find that we all had the snidely oblivious woman Mrs. McKinley back. She was such a mean lady. She really was a total creep. speaking to us like we were vagrants. What’s more to that is the fact that during class… Pearl was being made fun of and it got Prince Alvin pissed. He released Fire at the classmate and it would have gotten us in trouble. but the strange thing is that … we were not in trouble. the teacher… played to the fact that she didn’t even see it. talk about a reprieve… Later we learn that Zod had destroyed Checkmate’s headquarters. The Castle. He declared War. but he also had Killed his wife and unborn Child…

Zod: *Walking in* Faora, you should start explaining as to why you would put together an insurrection against me.  I know that you are trying to pull away from me. but you clearly forget that it’s not likely that you will get that chance. *Sighs and smiles slightly but grinning with a heavy revelation on his mind* Seems like a lifetime ago when I… Zod had single handed reached and pulled you out of that rubble, doesn’t it… Faora?

Faora: *Nods and trying to keep a calm posture* The Siege of Argo. There were many losses that day. and my life was at risk of being lost on that day as well.

Zod: that was true. but Not for me… i didn’t see it that way because I found a young and beautiful cadet who would become my trusted right hand. One that i’d give my life for. one i’d bleed for. Oh, you were so brave in the face of death. I knew then that you would be a true partner. I’ve trusted you, for so very long…depended on you, across time and space. But in your eyes, I just see contempt. I see betrayal. Now, why would you turn your back on me? I shared my bed with you. I shared my power with you. my wit. I shared my command with you.

Faora: I didn’t turn my back on you. You turned your back on us when our only crime was trying to forge a life for ourselves on this planet. Trying to live normally and live honestly. All you can see is that humans are not worthy to stand in the same presence as us. You only want to rule. and you don’t understand that the planet welcomed us with opened arms. but you can’t seem to see that you can provide trust in them.

Zod: These Humans will never stand the same league as us. When those 3 girls have released us from that abominating orb… it was our beginning. the chance for us to Rule. You wanted to rule too. Don’t be gleaming to deny what you once wanted to do. before you decided to turn soft and feel up to living as one of these humans that are so weak and so slow. that they would never amount to being in the same existence as we Kandorians are.  *Standing closer to Faora and looking face to face with Faora* If I ever learned that insurrection had erupted and spread across my ranks, if I were to ever discover that my men had aligned themselves against me, I would cast this planet and render it to the ground. i would raze this planet. I would burn it all to the ground till the last ember went cold beneath my boot. *Breathes deeply* Now only I will lead us to the next age. All will follow Zod. As will the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Faora: You already sacrificed one world for your ego. Are you that unhinged that you’d do it to another? You killed an innocent person. the mother to the Rhapsody Girls had nothing to do with the wars. she was not a part of it. You and Basqat killed her. How do you Justify that?

Zod: You know nothing of sacrifice.

Faora: I know more than you ever will. Zod. You are a Monster!

Zod: Kneel.

Faora: Never. I will never Kneel before a monster like you. Murderer… MURDERER! *Gasps*

Zod then grabbed at Faora’s neck and started to squeeze it. making the attempt to crack the bones… Faora could only sharply exhale and try to breath even with it being hard as her neck was being squeezed. Zod was choking her and within seconds drove her to the ground. Zod then noticed the flower as he stood up and looked down. He realized that he could have killed the child that was forming inside Faora. But Faora was passed out and died only seconds later after that. Zod abruptly started feeling remorse and panicked at the death of his wife. he knelt down with tears in his eyes and listened for the heartbeat… there was a heartbeat but it was not from her. it was from the unborn child. It started beating and beating with rhythm and only kept on but then suddenly began to slow down and slowed down gradual till it started reaching a snail pace and then stopped. the life was no more…

Paige: *Voice-over; Con’t* all because she tried to stand up to him as she found out things about him that made her feel regret over ever following him to begin with. She stood up to him and paid for it with her life. the Unborn Child was snuffed out also. But as it would not make matters any better. he pinned the blame of it on the Humans. on US. we then tried to call him up on it and it was shunned like it didn’t make much difference whether we were right or not. The Kandorians were all gonna follow Zod. no matter what was said or swayed in their direction…

Pearl: *Voice* Hey, Sis… can i finish the recap tale?

Paige: *Voice* sure. You take it from here…

Pearl: *Voice* Thanks. *Voice-over* The Kandorians were gonna be listening to Zod. Even though we had the proof that Zod Killed Faora. We even tried telling her sister Vala and Even she threw her loyalty on her sister under the bus and vouched for Zod. Talk about no honor amongst family. Kandorians don’t really care about right or wrong at all. nor about family. they’ll just follow anyone who talks a good game and make them believe that they’re the right Choice in the team. I don’t care what team i follow. Family is first. if people want to change me from that… good luck. not gonna happen.  Later… we try to get some training in and compared to the Rhapsody Brothers who are now our pillars of Strength having a good training session. it was not that good for us as we got hurt training. I think that all the mourning has gotten us a tad rusty and we lost our edge. we need to get with the program if we are ever gonna succeed with defeating Zod. Maybe if we were to use something and cause him long lasting personal Anguish. payback for killing our mother Princess Rikku. that’d let him get the hint that he messed with the wrong people. But that would not make things any better. it would only provoke the fury that Zod was producing. however what’s next was that we were gonna be going on a Vacation. A Mini one but a relaxing one anyway… It was gonna be needed. we have been through so much. Meeting the Red Queen. being sealed in Watchtower and destroying it to break out alive. Mother being dead. the Funeral… the Mourning and the Grieving. the self despair and then the War with Zod being near and having to worry about what was to come…. we were in need of a small break. I hope that this small Vacation will help. Here’s Chapter 70 of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 70: “Relaxation and peace… normal life be had; King John comes out the Victor and wins the girls. Chloe Sullivan… WATCHTOWER… Arise from the ashes and comes forth again. TILL DEATH!!!! Here chimes the Drums of WAR! COUNTDOWN to the Final Battle against Zod has Begun!”

2 weeks later…

After the trip around the country and seeing sites all through the states that they droves through… they finally managed to reach the countryside and enter the mountain frontier. The went all the way over to Maine and then double timed it over to the Countryside and just then arrived at the woods. On June 2nd 2021…

The Woods near a little town in Arkansas…

The Rhapsody Girls were a couple miles away from Town but were near a source of water. They were with their grandmother and their cousins. Luna, Shanna, Betty and Angel were there too. Paige and Pearl grabbed the things and Dinah separated them from one item to another. The Rhapsody Brothers Hooked it all up and laid out the Tents. There were 3 tents. 2 jumbo tents that would bunk all the girls. half in one and Half in the other. and the guys would get the last one. they all had sleeping bags and they were all warm. It was only an hour later when they were all set up…

Paige: *Feeling good* What a nice surrounding. The trees and the good clean air.

Pearl: You know… being away from the City a little bit is a good thing. it kinda makes you re-evaluate what’s most important in life.

Dinah: Oh come on, Pearl… Don’t be getting all on the bandwagon of being a Philosopher.

Paige: Pearl is right. Sometimes being away from it all is a good thing. we’re always too involved with our own things and our own lives that we don’t stop to take time and see that we got a family. Maybe that’s what this trip is all about. To see that we got a family. the Hero persona is great and it’s a fortunate luxury. But… Family is most important.

Dinah: Well… No DUH! Family is the main priority. It’s always been the main priority.

Prince Alvin: You girls okay?

Paige: Oh yeah.  We’re okay. we’re great actually. How about you?

Prince Alvin: We are pretty darn good. We’re gonna head to the lake that’s a few feet from here and fish out some lunch. It’s almost Lunch time.

Prince Avery: that’s right. We’ve been on the road for 2 days and it’s been a real long trip being cramped…

Prince Arnold: i feel like a compressed strip of pork and maybe even a baked Potato.

Prince Curtis: *Feeling Cynical* Really?! i always saw you as a compressed piece of Bacon. that’s more workable.

Prince Arnold: Yeah right man… you should talk. You were so compressed that you were about to look like a toasted BLT sandwich.

Prince Avery: Yeah Right… You were stuck in between me and Prince Curtis.

Paige: And Dinah was sandwiched between me and Pearl. She Looked like a pressed Garden sandwich.

Dinah: *Joking* Yeah… And if you were caked in between me and Pearl… You’d be like a Marshmallow Peep.

Pearl: If i was caked… i’d be like a human like Spongecake.

Paige: *Making a joke* Would you like Milk or Coffee with your cake, My dear one?!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Laughing* Ahahahahaha!

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the guys* Let’s go and get the fish guys. we got to see to work for our food.

Prince Curtis: With my Electricity… Fishing’ll be a cinch.

Prince Alvin: And the fire i got… it’ll be cooked to a nice golden brown.

Prince Arnold: Nice. Prince Curtis catches the fish. Prince Alvin will cook and we’ll provide the sack to carry them in. Pitching in with a chain reaction. like a production line.

The Rhapsody Brothers head off to the Lake to catch some fish for Lunch…

Luna: *Bouncing around*

Shanna: *Looking at the others* Why don’t we go on a hike after Lunch?

Betty: Sure.

Angel: It’ll be a nice workout for our legs…

Grandma Rikku: *Walking over to the girls* How are you girls? Enjoying the great outdoors?

Paige: We sure are. It’s great. i love it. It is like we have no worries and no concerns.

Pearl: It is refreshing to get away from it all and just take a breather or two.

Dinah: *Itching to practice with her bat* I can practice swinging. it’ll be great. I always did have a sort of knack for being known as Danger Zone Dinah. It’s like a  nickname for me.

Grandma Rikku: *Chuckles* I can imagine. You were always the tough one. Your mother would always make a mention of how you’d be giving her a little rough time. but you were just being you. Being Tough. So full of life and aimed for the thrill of action. I am just glad to see you girls having a good time. it’s a blessing.

Betty: A gift from god. To see such a happy aura and a crowd of happy faces.

Angel: His gifts come in all sizes.

It was a happy moment for them. but it was about to get a little happier… although they were not gonna know of it till they were to get back to the City. but back home…

Grandma Rikku’s house…

King John: *Watching over the house and keeping the place in top order* Brenda, Helga, Angelica and Angela are gonna be loving being with us permanently. I show only love to kids. they’re gonna get just love. My boys are gonna be so shocked to see that they have permanent sisters and not just joint sisters.

A door is heard opening and closing…

King John: *Listening for noises going on in the room* Who’s there? *Emitting Electricity; Walking and searching for what’s causing the noises* Who’s there? You better not be that Kandorian Bastard. because if you are… you better say your prayers.

Seconds later…

Red Queen: *Stepping out into the light* It’s only me.

King John: *At ease and calms down* Oy! thank heavens that it is only you. I was about to go Kamikaze… You have no idea on how much i want to nail Zod for what he’d done to my family. Taking away Princess Rikku’s life. I miss that Pink-haired Fuzzball. She was really something.

Red Queen: I heard about the loss from the 3 girls. i am deeply sorry about your loss. I can relate to the loss as i had lost someone close to me too. My Husband Jonathan. He died of a heart attack. his heart just one day gave out on him.

King John: *Feeling sympathetic* I am really sorry to hear about that. I know that it’s nothing to brag about… but how did it lead to a heart attack? Did he have a sick heart? Was his heart damaged?

Red Queen: No. He had a healthy heart. He used it more than anyone i know. He had such great care for all those around him. He stood up for all those who couldn’t. When he had Clark’s powers for a short time… it must have been too much for his heart and it was something that his body couldn’t handle. He stayed for a couple more years before he just suddenly collapsed. He had just won the race for Kansas Senator. and i thought that everything was fine till Clark and I managed to come back home to the Kent farm and we saw Jonathan walking out of the Barn looking weak and about to collapse. we tried to reach out to him and get him to snap out of it… but that was when he just died in our arms. His heart just gave out. Running for the Senator position for the state was too much for his heart and was taking a toll on his heart. I even tried telling him that. But he was dead set in winning. he was not gonna allow for Lex Luthor to win the senate seat.

King John: All that stress on the heart would eventually make the heart just give out. I don’t know how anyone could just push till their heart gave out on them. I could never do that. My Cousin who died… She gave her whole heart on all she ever done. She never rested till she was done with her duties. even then. We all watched over her through the years as she was this sensitive person. She had the most saddened childhood you could figure in her heart. Accused of things… called a Vile Nickname. ditched by boys. laughed at and called a freak. She was also left out of all sorts of things. but then when she became a mother. it was a blessing for her and a gift to us. She was getting a break and finding the reasons to be happy. She lived for them. did everything she could. You could say that to the 3 girls… She was like a super mom.

Red Queen: I know what you mean. Clark kinda saw me as that. sticking so close to Jonathan… and holding up trying to get Clark out of Jor-el’s control. once. but it felt good being called that.

King John: He seems so different than the one that the 3 girls know. He for a time happened to ride on their coattails over a decision they had to make. They faced having to take a life once. Not by deliberate choice. but because they felt that our family was being threatened by this one man… their Ex-Professor. Any hero who fights for truth and Justice… they sometimes face taking a life… not by choice. but because they had to do any means possible to protect the ones they valued the most and cared about. They would feel remorse and regret after it happened. that is clear… but it would be a choice that no one could make for them. The hero who faced having to take that path… was the only one who could make that decision. no matter it be right or wrong. it had to be made by the one that the decision fell upon.

Red Queen: Clark would never accept that. but he also knew that he couldn’t force everyone to live by his example. There were choices that he made that he himself had to live with. he had to carry the burden of it.

King John: That sounds a bit like my boys. there were some things that they had to do throughout the last few years that they had to live with. choices that they made that they couldn’t turn from. i can’t even recall what they were… but there were things that they had to do that i didn’t know. we’ve had to deal with two prior threats before this current one.

Red Queen: The Burden does take a lot out of you.

King John: The Heroic work doesn’t get any easier. *Looking over to the Living Room* I can’t wait though to see the look on my Ex-wife’s face when she is forced to pay child support. i’m gonna make her pay for that. those 4 girls are her responsibility. even though i won custody of them and the girls want to be with me more they do her.

Red Queen: What do you mean?

King John: My wife… or should i say Ex- Wife cheated on me. i was given proof that she was doing so. But i am winning it. i can tolerate a ton of things… alot of things but the one thing that i will not stand for is betrayal and to be cheated on. My Wife did that and that is highly unforgivable… I would bet that if she was to come back and apologize to me… i’d have to follow my pride. but would take her back. i’d find a way to forgive her… but it’s gonna take some time.

Red Queen: In time it will be better. you just need to have love in your heart which we know that you do….

At the Daily Planet…

Trixie: *Walking over to the Editor’s office* Perry is gonna be thrilled to have a new Reporter on the team here.

John: I am willing to live with this team. Working in the business world. reporting stories and writing articles.  *Following his sister*

Trixie: Well… this is where it all begins. this connects you right alongside the world. The thing with Journalism is that you start with usually chasing one dead end after another… and it goes on for a while. But to be quite good on the job and being the best is when to know to take your licks and cut the story off and let it go.

John: I wouldn’t know where to do that… but being close to being one who connects with the world and writes articles. bringing the world alive a story at a time. That is reward enough while working here…

Trixie: That’s good. Alot of stories on the Kandorians get mentioned here. with hard cold facts. and truth. We also write about the 3 girls. *Stops and Looking at her brother a minute* I think that you know how delicate that type of news is. especially with our family in the throws of the public eye. So when stories about them are being written and done up… we use subtle tones on it.

John: You mean tales about the Rhapsody Girls Z!? I see. well…i won’t do anything on them that shouldn’t be done. if the article is with any bad taste… i will not pull with it. it’s scraped.

Trixie: Very good. *Pressing on* We also get many new breaks about public sightings of big famous people. special events. World type issues. we report it all. with pictures and facts. not with slander or propaganda. The Daily Planet doesn’t tolerate that and anyone attempting to write a piece that expresses those things will be questioned and put under watch.

John: Sounds really serious. this place must be very thorough and straight with it’s reputation.

Trixie: It is. very much so. Anything that happens in the city… we’re there to report it.

John: That part i know. that’s why i want to have the chance and opportunity to report it.

Trixie: And you shall.

A second later….

In the Editor’s office…

Perry: *Reading the new Articles revolving the Kandorians* Great Caesar’s dilemma! I can’t believe this. The Kandorians are issuing an all out war on the world. They’ve already made a mark on Japan and on a good portion of Asia. China’s got hit by Zod. The final count… is gonna be Washington D.C. Tragically uncanny and completely farfetch’d.  How are they able to just conquer all that in just a very short period of time?

Trixie: *Knocking on the Door* Mr. White?

Perry: Yes. Come in.

Trixie: *Opening the door and Walking in* Mr. White. Uh, There’s someone here to see you about an opening. a Job.

Perry: *Looking up* What are you talking about? *Recognizing Trixie* Oh… It’s you Rhapsody. Geez. for a second there i thought that you were gonna end up being one of the officials or that woman Tess. That woman has been coming here for the last two days and stirring up a lot of trouble. But i am glad that you’re not her.

Trixie: Tess has been rather a bit uncallous in her ordering people around. Making like she is in control of the city. She is running rampant now since she has no worries of the White Queen being in the works. Lois received some package some time ago… it had the Logo for Checkmate on it. it was weird. i mean… she had something come on her phone saying… “Thanks for the blood sample, The Wall” but i made a call to the medical board and find out that it flew up into Government hands.

Perry: Well… as long as you’re not Tess or Waller. it’s good. those two are not my favorite people and i got enough worrying on my plate without her and/or Waller getting on my ass. Pardon the speech. *Seeing someone by the door* Hey… come on in. Don’t be hesitant to speak your mind there. i am having a rather off day… but it’s nothing on you. Come on in and have a seat.

John: *Walking in and grabbing a seat* Thanks.

Perry: You look pretty well presentable. I take it that you are serious about the job.

John: Yeah. Not too serious though. besides it’s a prideful job. not a means for a hostile takeover.

Perry: You could say that i guess. But it wouldn’t make this job the least bit easy. You see… some of the things that we run stories on are driven along the Media.

John: I’ll try best to be careful around stories like those sir.

Perry: I admire that. normally we don’t grant people jobs off the bat. You aren’t exactly an intern. but… i believe that everyone has to start somewhere. I started as a reporter. then i was forced to go and went for a stint with a company called X-Styles. but then i got right back into reporting and it led me right into being the Editor-in-chief. But thing is that i started by being a darn good reporter… a remarkable reporter. If you want a shot… then Bring me a story. a good story. Anything at all. *Grins; Laughing a little* Just kidding. Welcome to the Daily Planet there, Rookie.

John: *Smiles* Thanks. I’m gonna be ready to begin at any time.

Perry: You can start right away if you like… but we won’t have a desk all set for you till sometime tomorrow. if you would like to start right away… you’ll have to share a desk with someone.

John: I’ll do whatever.

Perry: Ah. You got a lot of spirit Mr. … Rhapsody.  *Shoots up a little* Rhapsody?! Wait a minute! You wouldn’t happen to be related to a King John Drake Rhapsody, would you?

John: You kidding? That’s my son.

Perry: You son? You don’t say… Well now… That is a refreshing news flash for ya. I heard that he was getting a divorce. from what we’ve learned here is that he had someone tailing his wife and found out that she ‘s been cheating on him. Ain’t that a kicker in the swelling pant leg?

John: Really? i did not know that. *Looking at Trixie* Sis, why didn’t you tell me about this? You know how much my son’s well-being means to me.

Perry: *Wigging out a little* Sis? What the—? You know each other?

Trixie: We do sir… He’s my brother.

Perry: Brother?! Okay… well tickle me fancy on that…

Now as for the Rhapsody Girls back at the countryside. in the woods…

After they Ate their Lunch…

Paige: That fish was good. It was an amazing meal Prince Alvin. Not sure about having fish all the time though. but that fish was really delicious.

Pearl: i agree. *Looking to see the sky turning dark a little* Is it me… or is the sky getting a little dark and stormy?

Prince Arnold: It’s just you. it feels kinda muggy out suddenly. don’t know why though.

Prince Avery: No idea. this isn’t what you’d call a rainforest. it’s just the woods.

Luna: *Hearing Animals close-by* I don’t think that we’re alone anymore.

Shanna: Huh? *Looking at Luna* What do you mean by that?

Dinah: *Seeing a shadow* I think that her assumptions are right. there are a few bears lurking in and are heading this way…

Prince Avery: Are you kidding me here? come on… bears. here? In the woods?

Betty: *Seeing the bears* Get inside the tents now… Let’s make like we’re asleep. it will ward them off. they won’t bug us if we do that.

Angel: *Getting inside the tent* i’m already ahead of you on that.

The boys all got in a protective stance as the bears began to come closer to the campsite. Paige and Dinah wanted to stand by and fight the bears off and fend them away. Dinah rushed over to grab her baseball bat and made ready to start swinging…

Grandma Rikku: *grabbing things and gathering them to the side of the one tent*

Dinah: *Getting ready to batter up her bat* Come on you bears… you know the rules. no begging for food from us humans… if you want to try to snake some food from us… you go right on ahead and try… i got a nice bat here and i’m ready to swing it at you. This bat here is a dead giveaway that i ain’t messing around and that you’re messing with “Danger Zone” Dinah!

Bears: *Stepping closer and moaning*

Dinah: Oh yeah! now it is on… it’s so on now… *Swinging the bat at the bear and smacking the bear good with the bat* Batter up!

Betty:  *Charging up and building strength; making her eyes glow purple with Psychic energy; suddenly spinning at a fast speed creating a wind storm of psychic energy; Launching the attack at (The Bears)* Psychic Twister!

Paige: *Running towards the bears and kicking them* Get away from our camp site. We don’t have any food for you.

Bears: *Yowling and running away in fear*

Prince Avery: *Scratching his head* Uh, I don’t believe this… they just turned back and ran away. We scared them off.

Prince Alvin: We sure did. we scared the bears off. They’re gone. but for all due purposes… let’s see to it that no food is out. if they happen to smell the food. they’ll just come back.

Pearl: Just be glad that it wasn’t a wolf. they’re mean. they attack in packs and would just only claw at us and maybe bite us.

Grandma Rikku: I think that it’d be better if we were to have someone watch the campsite in shifts.

Prince Alvin: Who’ll do that? Anyone up for the first shift?

Prince Avery: The wild animals will just sneak in.

Prince Curtis: *Scoffs* Thanks for your lack of enthusiasm…

They looked at one another and saw that they had things out still and it was drawing the wild animals over to the campsite. They saw that they had to get the campsite picked up a bit even though the site was not all that big. Paige and Pearl got with picking up the stuff laying all over the camp site. It didn’t take long to get it all straightened up and tidy. Betty and Angel were unwilling to come out of the tents for fear that the bears would be back. The animals were harmless but they were coming around and begging for food. Luna was scared as she didn’t know as whether there were gonna be wolves roaming nearby. Shanna was not scared of anything… She went for a walk and walked up the side of the nearby stream. There wasn’t anything in the woods that would scare her other than maybe a mountain lion. but they weren’t anywhere near a mountain for there to be any sign of a mountain lion. However Paige, Pearl and Dinah were at the campsite and hanging out. They were just enjoying the woods and the scenery out of the city. Metropolis was their home area. but with the threat known as Zod. having to worry about whether or not he would be able to be defeated. It was not as simple as they figured… But while they were in the woods; they just enjoyed the fresh air and the peaceful serenity. Grandma Rikku was planning to be there for a whole week and it was gonna be a good sized vacation. At their first night there in the woods… The Rhapsody brothers and the Rhapsody girls even though they were supposed to be on a vacation away from it all…

Prince Alvin: *Shooting some fire to light the fire for a campfire* The fire is set.

Paige: we got the marshmallows and the hot Chocolate all set. *Passing the Pokers around and the Marshmallows too* We’re gonna need to have a talk here…  Even though we are here in the woods and on a small vacation away from it all… we as always… and it is nothing new to us…  have a dilemma…Zod. He is still out on the loose. out there. Now the fact that he’s out there is still a situation. plus not to forget that he’s vowed war on us and on the world. there is included no possible calming effect in sight. we must figure out and discuss what his plans are for us all as well as our family let alone the world and all we hold dear on it. *Looking to her side over at Pearl* Anyone care to kick it around a bit?

Pearl: Yeah. Let’s think about this for a bit. Despite of what we already know of Zod. How do we look into his world? His mind.

Dinah: well… for one thing he doesn’t like insubordination and is very articulate on having power and control.

Luna: He has a very low tolerance of anyone standing up to him and questioning him.

Shanna: He is very brutish and has an Ego-trip. That is for sure. He was so cocky too. When i went against him a few nights ago which was on the same night he killed his own wife and unborn child.

Betty: The same night that i caught grandma looking through Pearl’s journal.

Angel: that’s a news development for you.

Prince Alvin: Hey… Let’s get back on track here. Let’s think. What do we truly know about Zod?

Prince Arnold: What don’t we know?

Prince Avery: Prince Alvin is right… we need to look into his world. understand how he thinks. How he feels. Zod might be an ass. but even a pitiful lowlife like him has a heart within. he just never uses it is all.

Prince Curtis: *Sighs* that would be a contradicting element there. the idea that he had a heart. We did however try to tell the Kandorians what Zod really was like. tried to tell them and right with Zod in sight too. we were in league of putting Zod on the spot.

Paige: And they would not hear of it. It is like Zod has some kind of hold on them. making them only see his views and his side. Not seeing him as the monster that he really is.

Pearl: *Grabbing a poker and a Marshmallow* That is what we don’t seem to get. Zod Killed his only wife. the mother of his unborn child— *Passing the Pokers and the Marshmallows over to Dinah*

Dinah: *Grabbing a poker and a Marshmallow* That’s even if Faora was his actual wife. You got to figure though that if he is with power and with some kind of invincibility and could practically do anything he wanted. that would mean that he could have about any woman he wished to. there would be no stopping him. it’d be open season. *Passing the Pokers and the Marshmallows over to Luna*

Luna: *Grabbing a poker and a Marshmallow* That’s a scary thought. If that is the case… then there might be another love interest of Zod’s.*Passing the Pokers and the Marshmallows over to Shanna*

Shanna: *Grabbing a poker and a Marshmallow* I don’t think so. Zod is not the romancer type. He’s the more power hungry type of person. Remember when he held Betty and Angel for Ransom or keep them under abduction? He was gonna do that to lure us in to a trap. They knew that if they had leverage over us… we’d have to abide their ruling. *Passing the Pokers and the Marshmallows over to Betty*

Betty: *Grabbing a poker and a Marshmallow* However when you took that away from them and they saw that they were losing their bargaining chip… they turned to another direction. they reverted back and went another route. Murder. Killing our mother. they were trying to get the upper hand on us and as soon as they saw that they were not gonna get that upper angle on us… they had to do something to cripple us.*Passing the Pokers and the Marshmallows over to Angel*

Angel: *Grabbing a poker and a Marshmallow* Even though we hate their guts… you have to give Zod Props. it worked. he succeeded in crippling us. it worked.*Passing the Pokers and the Marshmallows over to Prince Alvin*

Prince Alvin: *Grabbing a poker and a Marshmallow* And we are gonna make him pay for it. But we have to know how to nail back Zod. Find out what he wants and use that over him. if we have leverage over him and he knows it. he will know to not take any chance in getting us. *Passing the Pokers and the Marshmallows over to Prince Arnold*

Prince Arnold: *Grabbing a poker and a Marshmallow* But what do we have that will provide Leverage.*Passing the Pokers and the Marshmallows over to Prince Avery*

Prince Avery: *Grabbing a poker and a Marshmallow* The Book of RAO. Remember that was said to be some kind of sacred Bible? it was also revered to be one that withheld great power. *Passing the Pokers and the Marshmallows over to Prince Curtis*

Prince Curtis: *Grabbing a poker and a Marshmallow* Who do we know that might have such an item as that? We can’t fall to going to find that woman Tess. She wouldn’t have it. She wouldn’t even know what to do with the artifact. She’d just be thinking it to being just some paperweight.*Passing the Pokers and the Marshmallows over to Grandma Rikku*

Grandma Rikku: *Grabbing a poker and a Marshmallow* …… *Setting the bag down and keeping it sealed*

Paige: Well… what we need to do is figure out what he has in store for us.

Pearl: We don’t know what he might have concocted since the last we’ve seen of him which was the other day. it could be another sneak attack.

Dinah: Such as what? He has already crippled us. Remember our momma dearest? The only thing he can do is try to come after our grandmother here… and he wouldn’t do that. he’s got no brass balls to do that.

Grandma Rikku: *Gasps* Dinah!

Dinah: What! It’s true. because if that guy had a pair… he’d try something like that again. not that i’d be laying out the red carpet for him. he’d do it. it’s no mystery. Maybe to nail us… or hurt us more is that he’d torch our home. *Scoffs* Yeah right. Like he’d really do such a thing. Zod is alot of things… but a firebug is not one of them. i mean for heaven’s word… get the heck real… he’d never give himself away like that. He isn’t even all that bright.

Luna: I wouldn’t think that, if i were you Dinah.

Shanna: Why do you say that, Luna?

Luna: Because i think that we have company…

Betty: We do?! *Shooting up* Where? Where is the sighting?

Angel: *Suddenly looking up at the sky* The Sky… there is a couple of  flying objects. I think that one of them is Zod.

Prince Alvin: Let’s just keep silent and wait for the coast to be clear.

Prince Arnold: Will we be able to fight them off?

Prince Avery: In due time we shall be sure to find out… i’m sure.

Princes Curtis: *Keeping an eye out*

A moment later…

Paige: *Looking up* They’re gone.

Pearl: Are they?

Dinah: *Hearing the whistling noises of the flying objects fading away* I think so. they’re nowhere to be in sight.

Luna: Let’s hope that it stays that way. You guys are not ready to face them yet.  while we’re here you girls are gonna be made to train awhile. There will be no setbacks with the training.

Shanna: Amen.

Betty: I don’t know about the training. Wouldn’t it seem a bit risky to do the training here? what if Zod catches wind of this? what if he’s able to pick up power sources?

Angel: *Thinking* That is a problem. that could be a possibility. What if he can pick up power sources?

Prince Alvin: He won’t. we’ll train. but we’ll keep the power usage to a minimal. The less we use… the more unlikely Zod will trace it and find us.

Prince Arnold: That’s true. You can’t pick up sources that aren’t there.

Prince Avery: Zod might try to come at us in surprise.  Just because we’re not in the city… doesn’t mean that we should be unconcerned with what Zod might do. He might still be out in the open and set to come at us. We have to keep in mind that Zod’s plans for us are unknown. but to understand what he is thinking. it may help us keep a step over him.

Princes Curtis: A step over him?! *Confused* What do you mean by that? The only thing we got that can be used over him is nothing. We don’t even have the book of RAO and that is the only thing that he’d be after.

Paige: I have a feeling that it’s closer than we think it’d be…

Pearl: What do you mean?

Dinah: I think that she’d mean the Red Queen. Didn’t the Red queen have with her a strange case, a small like silver case?

Luna: I think so. it was not big at all. it was rather small. You think that it could have had that artifact inside it?

Shanna: We could ask for it from the red Queen. see if she’d give it to us. we would be in need of it. it’d help us send that Kandorian bastard to the far reaches of space. to another plane of existence that is far from this planet. He’s caused enough trouble and should be eliminated.

Betty: I could try to smite him but i really don’t know as to whether or not it will do any good. i don’t even think that it would even make a dent on him. i’d need about a million or so of me to even mark a dent into him.

Angel: What about me? i might be able to stun him with some of my dark powers. Wouldn’t that work?

Prince Alvin: Don’t know. i don’t think that anything would work. I might have to use that form again… but it’s been a while since i had last seen to use it. i don’t even know if it’s gonna be all that much effective.

Prince Arnold: We’re gonna need to try something.

Prince Avery: If Zod is planning to strike us down here… we need to know about it. It’s gonna help us keep him from trying to pull any side attacks.

Princes Curtis: That only leaves one other thing to figure here… Who’s gonna stick up for the first watch?

Paige: I’ll do it.

Pearl: I’ll go next after Paige. Knowing that Zod is still on the loose and there is a chance that he’d opt to somehow catch our trail… i won’t be able to sleep much tonight. So i’ll take the second Shift.

Dinah: I’ll take the third shift of keeping a watch out. Zod will try to sneak in… but i’ll catch his sorry ass.

Luna: I’ll take the shift after Dinah.

Shanna: I’ll help. There is no way that Zod will come here with us on the watch.

Betty: The next night’s shift will start with me and Angel. We’ll keep the Kandorians from coming near here. we’ll ward them off.

Angel: Right.

Prince Alvin: Let’s hit the sack. It’s getting late and we’re gonna need our rest. We’re gonna take a long walk.

Prince Arnold: *Shooting some water at the campfire and putting out the fire* Let’s get to bed.

Prince Avery: We’ve had enough racking our brains over that Zod. He’s too much of a pain and an annoying stewing pile of waste and alien scum.

Princes Curtis: *Heading to the tent* Paige, you gonna be okay out here on the watch…

Paige: Yeah. I’ll be okay. *Transforming into her hero form* I’ll be alright. don’t worry.

Pearl: If you see anything and if those Kandorians dare show up here… wake us. we’ll face them. With or without the book of RAO.

Dinah: Yeah.

Luna: *Walking into the tent* We’ll win over them. Count on it.

Shanna: *Yawning* That’s my line…

Betty: *Yawning* No. That’s Dinah’s line.

Angel: *Yawning* Who cares about who’s line is who’s Let’s go to sleep. I’m Tired and i am starting to get cranky.

Prince Alvin: *Walking over to the 3rd tent* Lights out in 3 minutes… so if you are needing to relieve  yourselves or whatever… do it now.

Prince Arnold: How very subtle of you to say that, Captain.

Prince Avery: yeah. almost really gross.

Princes Curtis: Well… think of it this way… it is the call of nature. Nature calls and when it calls. we must answer.

Grandma Rikku: How about we just lay off the catch lines there and just get ourselves to sleep. *Feeling drained* …

Within minutes the campsite was all silent and they were asleep. It was gonna be a chilly night, But as they were all asleep. Paige was still up. She had the first watch of things as their first day in the countryside in the woods outside of the city of Metropolis… their home came at a close. They believed that Zod would be near and trying to come at them and take them by surprise… Paige stayed watch and kept an eye out on the campsite. The Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody brothers were with belief that Zod was gonna try to come at them. Even during their trying to have a small vacation away from it all… Zod was still a threat and was still something to worry about. Back in Metropolis…

At the Daily Planet…

John: *Sitting at his new desk* Let’s get to work. There is a lot of articles to write. *Looking at his sister* Anything new on the Kandorians?

Trixie: Not much. But there is a new possible article about the Kandorians making advancements to the nearest country making their mark. Zod is leading them.

John: Then let’s get to it. let’s report it and get it out in the paper. People need to know about that guy and they need to know to keep a watch out for him. if he shows up in this city… we’re gonna need all the help we can get.

Trixie: Don’t worry about that. We got a family that will get the job done. The 3 girls. the 4 boys. Betty and Angel. Luna and Shanna. There is also the members of the Justice team. and there is also those 3 other heroes too.

John: Yeah. they can get it done. they’ll get that guy and lay him flat. They just got to. They have to.

Trixie: That’s what they got Clark for. he’s one of those Kandorians. He’s a Kryptonian. A Kryptonian.

John: i know. but he’s one with Earthly Values. he knows better sense than those other Kandorians do…

A couple days later…

In Smallville…

Chloe was driving through the town and heading over to where her father’s house was. She had not been there in a while so she had a bit of trouble trying to locate it. She however managed to call her father and got lead towards the house and regain the directions over to the house… She got there a moment later and barely parked when she saw her father cutting up boxes and cleaning out the garage…

Chloe: *Locking the car up* I sure hope that i can get on his good side. It’s been a while since i last spoke to him and it’s gonna seem to him like i forgot all about him. *Walking up over to the garage* father?!

Gabe: *Looking up and turning to his side* Chloe?! Is that you?

Chloe: Hey dad. Long time no see.

Gabe: It sure has been. Been wondering when you were gonna come see me again. It’s been years since the last time i saw you.

Chloe: Yeah. it has. I was really meaning to call. the situation that i was dealing with leading a band of heroes and running this non-profit organization… i was just so swamped. i barely had time to take a breath or two.

Gabe: That must be a total headache.

Chloe:  I even am friends with this family of heroes… There are 3 girls that are very expressive. 4 boys that are very dependable and are serious about what they do. there is a pair of twins that are like these spirited ladies. they have powers of Heaven. the light and the dark.

Gabe: Wow! You have alot of stuff going on with your non-profit organization.

Chloe: That is for sure. Really…  However… the only problem is that the place i had to run the non-profit organization was seized and taken away. it was destroyed by Vandals.

Gabe: That’s terrible news… Any idea as to what you can do to find another place to run it?

Chloe: I haven’t really been able to find another place. there isn’t an opening or a vacant place anywhere close by.

Gabe: Well… i can see that you plan to be here for a while. So… let’s go on inside and you can tell your dear old dad what you’ve been up to since the last time i’ve seen you.

Chloe: you bet…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

King John: *With the Legal docs and feeling good over winning* I’ve won.

Brenda: You sure did. I can the only wonder how mom is doing.

Helga: What ever is it that you mean?

King John: What do you mean about wondering how your mother is? She betrayed me. She cheated on me.

Angela: It is the sad that mom has done the cheating on you.

King John: I know. But she is gonna be in a lot of fiscal pain. She’s gonna be ordered to pay for Child Support.

Angelica: I the agree. Cheating on your spouse is wrong. it should be stopped.

Helga: I agree. it must be stopped.

Red Queen: *Walking by* There is something i need to take care of. I’ll be back later.

King John: Okay. You just be careful. Stay safe.

What happened next was something that was gonna be an eye opener for King John… He was given a letter later that day exposing the truth about Starfire and it proclaimed her innocent. He just sat there in shock and disbelief. It was a mind numbing surprise and the more he sat there and thought about it… he wanted to think a little bit on how to nullify the Divorce. he knew that Starfire was still close by in the city and he knew that if there was anything he’d know more was that he couldn’t give up on her. He was still angry over the fact that the incident happened to begin with… but he knew that if he didn’t at least try to get to her and find her again… he would really lose her. He now had 8 kids. he could raise the 4 boys and have no problems. but to raise them and then 4 girls on top of that… that was gonna put a dear strain on him. He didn’t want to let it just go and risk losing the only one that he loved. the only woman that he felt deeply for was Starfire…

However within the Woods at the campsite…

Paige: *Looking at her sisters* Come on. Let’s train. This is our vacation… but this is our perfect chance to train. we won’t be able to do it when we get back to the city.

Pearl: I agree… It’s better that we train now than just hope that everything will be easy and then wind up being beat when the showdown is believed to begin. We should just do it. No more slacking.

Dinah: *Grins with a sly look* You thinking what we’re thinking?

Luna: Transform?!

Shanna: You bet. I got my transformation Ring with me. after the first time i made my maiden voyage and transformed… I found myself a ring for transformation… and i kept it. It works.

Prince Alvin: Then you know what to do. *Looking at his brothers* Guys… let’s start the training… Let the girls gear up and then we’ll begin the training. Evading and shielding. We’re gonna train hard.

Prince Arnold: right! Let’s get started.

Prince Avery: War against Zod is gonna be drawing near… We can’t be standing by and waiting. we must be prepared…

Prince Curtis: *Looking off into the highway close by* We got company.

Clark: *Speeding in* What are you guys doing here?

Betty: We are on vacation and are about to hold our own personal training session. We are gonna wipe that smug look off that face of Zod’s.

Clark: If you are thinking about fighting him… then there is something you’re gonna need to know. You know that i am a Kryptonian Warrior. but i fight for Earth and the innocent. I have dealt with Kryptonian warriors before. the two mere foot soldiers of Zod the first time i had to put up with Zod… i sent them to the Phantom Zone. I later without knowing opened the portal for Zod. and he inhabited Lex’s body. his spirit did. i went to the Phantom Zone and was able to get out. but then had to deal with the Phantoms that came out with me.  I was able to abstract Zod from Lex’s body and absorb it into my father’s crystal. i had to deal with a carbon copy of myself. i know how a handful of them work. Fighting them with your powers and gifts won’t be enough.

Paige: We know. Chloe filled us all in when we first became members of Watchtower. But a refreshing course is always a good thing.

Pearl: I agree.

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing*

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing*

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lighttning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* … *Doing her Pose* Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower… I shall Punish you.

Shanna: *Posing* Molten Mind… Power-up! *Shrouded by a veil of fire and Psychic Beams of light; her uniform forming on her piece by piece and forming wings of Fire and Passion* … *With a Bracelet on her and glowing Purple* … *Summoning Molten Rock and using her mind to cause the ground to shake; Leaping up and flying through rings of Molten rocks and Shooting Psychic beams into the air and at the ground; using her mind to telepathically communicate with the target* … *Landing onto the ground and Posing* The Molten fire of fury… the Rocky Magnitude of Strength…The Psychic Mind of the Rhapsody Girls Z! My Telepathic Mind of Justice calls forth flames and power. The forceful hitman of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Molten Mind has Come… With my telepathic Mind and the Molten Rocks; the Magmatic power of Justice… Those who embark on Evil’s Power Will feel the true meaning of Pain… Molten Mind shall show no Mercy!

Clark: *Looking at the girls and the Rhapsody brothers* There are 3 things that you need to know when dealing with Kandorian Warriors…

1. Never underestimate the brute power of a Kandorian Warrior. They are much faster and more stronger in power than you. They will never let the win come easy.

2. Don’t ever go for the Obvious target.

… they will be expecting that… and you will Lose.

Grandma Rikku: *Nearby and Watching the scene* Oh Dear… There they go again…

A minute later…

Shanna: *Facing Prince Alvin* Don’t be going easy on me Cousin.

Prince Alvin: *Grins* Not a chance. You know me by now and are aware that it’s not in my nature to hold back. *Firing a shot at Shanna* Burning Inferno!

Shanna: *Using her Mind to control Prince Alvin* Stop… freeze… lock-up… fizzle… cool down… Reverse.

Betty: *Facing her sister* Okay. Sis… i trust that you know what to do. Aim at me with your power. think of me as one of the Kandorians. don’t hold off.

Angel: *Facing her sister* You can count on it that there won’t be any chance of that happening.

Pearl: *Facing Luna* Show me what you got…

Luna: *Facing Pearl* Okay. But just try to be careful with this girl. i maybe a fighter… but i am rather young.

Paige: *Facing Dinah* Thunder against hearts… That’s a first.

Dinah: *Facing Paige* Nothing like fighting against your sister. Just don’t get too comfy there. Thunder hurts.

Prince Arnold: *Facing Prince Curtis* Water against Electricity… Ever experience a shortage before?

Prince Curtis: *Facing Prince Arnold* Not recently. But you don’t realize… that if thunder hits water before water hits Thunder… Water will be electrocuted. That’s gonna hurt.

Prince Avery: Who do i fight?

Clark: The last one standing. i’m up.

Betty: *Attacking Angel* Heaven’s Thunder!

Angel: *Attacking Betty* Dark Thunder!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at Luna* Bubbles Storming Concerto!

Luna: *Launching an attack at Pearl* Luna Sugar DRILL!

Paige: *Launching an attack at Dinah* Love’s Rocking Rhapsody!

Dinah: *Launching an attack at Paige* THUNDERIC BEAMS!!!

Prince Arnold: *Launching an attack at Prince Curtis* Water Bomb storm!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an attack at Prince Arnold* Electric Crash!

Prince Avery: *Firing a shot at Clark* Plasma Blaster!

Clark: *Using his super breath to Blow the attack away*

Prince Alvin: *Using fire to Shield and block* Flaming Soul…Enacting Defense! *Evading the attacks*

Shanna: *Using fire to Shield and block*  Molten Mind… Defensive Counter-action! *Evading the attacks*

Betty:  *Using Holy magic to fend a shield and blocks the attack* Angelic Raven… Righteous Shield Take form! *Evading the attack*

Angel: *Using Dark Magic to create a Shield and block*Dark Heaven Power* Angelic Darkhand… Holy Shield Take form! *Evading the attacks*

Pearl: *Using Bubble power to create a Shield and block* Bubble Power… Defensive Counter-action! *Evading the attacks*

Luna: *Using Moon Wand power to create a Shield and block* Moon Power… Defensive Counter-action! *Evading the attacks*

Paige: *Using Heart and Love power to create a Shield and block* Miss Love… Defensive Counter-action! *Evading the attacks*

Dinah: *Using Thunder Power to create a Shield and block* Thunder Mistress… Defensive Counter-action! *Evading the attacks*

Prince Arnold: *Using Water power to create a Shield and block* Water Lord Enacting Defense! *Evading the attacks*

Prince Curtis: *Using Electric power to create a Shield and block* Electric Rage Enacting Defense! *Evading the attacks*

Prince Avery: *Using Plasma power to create a Shield and block* Plasma-Core Enacting Defense! *Evading the attacks*

Clark: *Using his Heat Vision to fire at the target*

They trained and all were making excellent work. It was going well as they kept with the battle… But Paige and Dinah were getting too into it and nearly struck at each other with force… However just as Paige was to turn her head and walk away feeling as though she won…

Dinah: *Pouncing Paige to the ground and using the Thunder to levitate Paige and toss her into the trees* Ha!

Paige: *Flying into the trees and crashing into the branches* Ahhh! Whoa!

Clark: *Walking away and sighs* One more thing. Never turn your back on your enemy.  when facing against the might of a Kandorian/Kryptonian warrior, turning your back on them will give the opening for a sneak attack and it’ll cost you your life. *Rolling his eyes a bit*

Paige: *From the tree* Thanks for the warning… I think that i’ll be sure to take that under consideration. *Zoning out*

Grandma Rikku: *Stepping in* Stop it… Stop it right now. No more fighting. Enough. It’s enough to know that there is still a threat out there. but to see you all tear at one another just to be battle ready to face the threat and nearly throw away your life. It’s more than i want to tolerate.

Pearl: Grandma… That is enough. We need to do this. sometimes to be a hero… you have to make hardest choice. the only choice. this is the only choice. If we don’t do this… who is gonna be able to stand and survive Zod’s reign of terror? No one stands a chance. We might not even win against him. But we have to at least try.  We need to try.

Luna: Let’s keep at it. Come on..

Shanna: More heat and more power ready to go.

Prince Alvin: Time to take this to a new level… *Amping up and turning into the Super Saiyan form* Ah!

Shanna: *Launching an attack at Prince Alvin* Molten Rock firewall!

Betty: Uh-oh! Here we go with the Super form of Prince Alvin. He’s amped up now…

Angel: This is training… but he happens to take his training very seriously.


At The Daily Planet…

John: *Running into Perry’s office* Mr. White… we got big trouble. huge trouble… there is news that The Kandorians have just marked off England and the royal Kingdom of the Queen mother. She’s gone. The Kandorians have taken over that location. They’re Advancing into Norway and Denmark. there is even news of their smacking into Ireland and Scotland.

Perry: *Looking up* When did you hear this?

John: Just now. It’s all burning. The Kandorians are working in taking control of Australia next. they are tracking it now.

Perry: get back to work and have everyone stop the presses. get on the horn to all of the guys out there that we’re going all Kandorian… we’re gonna track them and be on them like moonshine on a friday afternoon.

John: There is more sir…

Perry: More? As in what? how much more can there be from the Kandorians?

John: They’re also in search of the book of RAO. They’re burning every known landmark demanding to have the item in their possession. Zod is leading them.

Perry: That is abstract… So Zod is taking the initiative on conquering the whole world… the Count down has begun and the war has been called out. It’s gonna be a matter of time before this country gets hit with Zod’s influence. Where are the Rhapsody Girls Z! when you’re in need of them? We are being infested by the running progress of Zod. The War is being set. Get the others on the ball. till we nail that Zod… there is no more motioning for the other news breaks. The Kandorians and the advancements of Zod is top game.

John: Right away sir. *Running out to the reporting room and getting everyone the heads up*

A minute later…

Trixie: *Looking at John* So… What’s the news?

John: *Sighs* We’re to stop the presses and focusing our whole attention on nothing but the Kandorians. He’s making calls right now to the local News stations and is gonna get them on the ball. but we’re to cease any and all articles on everything else and aim right for the Kandorians. Keeping the track of them…

Trixie: Oh God… It’s happening. isn’t it? It’s really happening.

John: I’m afraid so. We’re now with the best seats to see the up bringing of WW III.

Trixie:  Where’s Lois? *Looking around the room for Lois*

John: No idea. She’s missed alot of work.

Trixie: We’re gonna need her. all the best top reporters. We’re gonna need them all.

John: Right. Let’s gets everyone on board…

At the Metropolis Opera house…

Carter: *Coming out of the building* Not bad for an Opera. If only Shayara was here to see it. *Looking at the news stands close by* The newspapers are out already with the news. That’s quick. *Walking over to the stands and grabbing a paper and paying for the paper* Thanks again Tim.

Newsstand worker: You bet Mr. Hall. anytime…

Carter: *Walking off reading the paper and catching the clipping of the Kandorians marking England and London. Taking lead in Britain* This is bad… The Kandorians are vowing for War. They’re slowly making their way here. At this rate… They’ll make it back to Metropolis in about 3 weeks or less by the way they’re moving. *Sighs* It’s time for me to get my old friend back into flight.

a Moment later…

At the Brownstone…

Carter: *Looking at his gear* It’s time to make someone bleed again, my feathered friend. We also need Dr. Fate. I know exactly where to find him.

Carter them placed on his gear and slipped on his wings and helmet… He was prepping to get together some help to go after the Kandorians. He knew that he wanted to provide some fire power to the efforts of beating back the power hungry driven Kandorians. including one named Zod. He Flew his way over to the house that had the New Dr. Fate residing. He also had to locate Courtney Whitmore. But Dr. Fate was the first spot he had to go…

Princess Charlene’s house…

Prince Richie: *Looking at the T.V* The World has gone mad. Zod has attacked the Queen Mother. that is a bad move he had done. The Queen Mother is the oldest living mark of Royalty there is. the Wisest woman in the world in Britain. She is now gone. Zod is Ruthless. *Hearing Nabu* Nabu… there is no fate in what’s to come or not become… The world is at war. There is no room for a second vision.

Princess Charlene: *Walking into the Living Room* We all have to be reporting to the battle soon. With the world at absolute War… There is no telling as to how much deadlier it will get. Multiple Countries have been destroyed. there is now a high Chance that we’re gonna be next. Zod is making his way back to this City. But he’s destroying other Countries first to lay down the fields of War and to see that we are hampered to a point of no power or means of fighting back.

Prince Richie: You mean that we’re about to just give up? No. You’re a hero mom. You would always tell me times when you faced the point of giving up… telling me that you’d never give in to defeat. there is no room for that now. *Looking at the T.V* What are we gonna do though. The whole world is all being seized by Zod. He had destroyed London. The Millennium Wheel. he’s destroyed that and left his Calling Card on the side of Big Ben.

Princess Charlene: What about the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Prince Richie: What are you getting at? That you don’t know… *Scoffs* Mom! weren’t you even looking and watching the news as it came in. The War has begun…

Suddenly there was a Knock on the door and they barely turned to look when the door sounded again. Princess Charlene went to take a look at who was at the door to see that there was something out there. She didn’t know what it was till she opened the door to see a man with Wings and a hawk helmet…

Princess Charlene: *A little Startled Opening the door* Y-yes?

Hawkman: Ma’am… Where is Prince Richie?

Princess Charlene: He’s in the Living Room. Why? Who are you?

Hawkman: *Pulling off the Helmet; Looking at the Lady* Sorry. Didn’t mean to Startle you with the appearance.

Princess Charlene: It’s Quite alright. Really. i am just trying to wonder what’s going on here.

Carter: There is a problem… Zod is destroying the world a country at a time… the call of War has started.

Princess Charlene: *Panics*Oh dear god. So it is true. the world really is facing the acts of war…

Carter: I’m afraid so.

Prince Richie: *From inside* Who’s out there?

Carter: Prince Richie?!

Prince Richie: *Calling out* Yes. I’m in the Living Room.

A second later…

Princess Charlene: *Walking into the house again and getting ready to head out and stand guard watching out for General Zod*

Carter: *Walking in and heading towards the living Room; Grabbing the bag with the helmet inside and Tossing it to Prince Richie* Prince boy… time to suit up. Dr. Fate is needed. we have to get out and stand watch out for Zod and the Kandorians. They’re out there.

Prince Richie: *Growls a little* Damn it… God bloody damn it! I should have known that Zod was gonna be that bad of an issue and that his advancing for War and Global Conquest was coming to a present arrival… I see it on the News now it becomes real. We are gonna put that Kandorian in a vice… *Hearing Nabu* Yes Nabu. i know… Zod draws close… he comes. he takes the land… conquers all… he nears. *Opening the bag and pulling out the Helmet; Looking at the helmet* Nabu… It’s time to draw our time to battle. Don’t show me things that can’t and won’t ever be…

A second or two later…

Dr. Fate: Greetings Hawkman. We meet again. I have been away for a time. i apologize for my absence.

Carter: It’s okay. The point is that you’re here now. Let’s get going. we’ve got to get Courtney…

Dr. Fate: Stargirl has been missing for a time… I have seen her fate. She’s been lost by the law. We will need to find her…

Carter: Let’s waste no time then…

Dr. Fate: precisely, Hawkman.

Carter walked out and placed on his helmet… Within seconds of him placing his helmet back on, he spread his wings and Soared into the skies and Prince Richie… now Dr. Fate threw a symbol of fate and Vanished into the city to search for Stargirl…

Back at the woods…

Paige: *Training hard* We’re just about set with the Evading and shielding.

Pearl: Yeah. Just a little more.

Dinah: We’re actually learning to Evade and to shield. This is gonna be the best session. With the training that we’ve done… i just dare for Zod to try to beat us now… We’re gonna cream him. He’s never gonna know what hit him.

Luna: that’s right. but don’t be too confident. Even with the Training… Zod will still try to pull all tricks he has up his sleeves.

Shanna: Luna. That doesn’t mean a thing. Zod can try whatever. We’re with a whole family of super powered heroes. We’re gonna cream that guy into a good large steaming pot of Stew. He’s gonna be cooked.

Prince Alvin: That’s right. We are gonna get him.

That night…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

King John: I Wasn’t able to find her… but i know she’s out there somewhere. I know she’s there. i am not gonna give up going after her. I still love her. i am not gonna let her go without a fight.

Brenda: We the know. We have also the tried to find her but had no such luck in trying to locate her.  It is like she vanished from the city and has left without a trace.

Helga: We should try to go and look more for her. She’s still in the City. Somewhere. she could be hiding in a underground spot within the city.

Angelica: Is that what you think that she’d do?

Angela: You think she’d be seen at some underground spot? There are about a dozen locations where there’d be an underground spot. We can check them as soon as we figure on where to start. There’s a few by the Docks. that’s one section of the City. there is even a few at the parts where they say is known as Suicide Slums.

King John: No. You girls stay here… i’m checking that area out. Suicide Slums is a dangerous part of the City. Anything could happen there at night. it’s not safe. You girls can fly… but i don’t trust the types of people who are in that area. they’re not the type that you’d call to be friendly…

Back at the Camp site in the woods…

Paige: *Looking at her sister Pearl* Pearl, I noticed that you’re not as close to Peter as you once were. Are you… falling out of love with him?

Pearl: *Scoffs* What?! Paige, how the heck could you ask me that? You know i love him. i couldn’t love another guy other than him.

Paige: That may be the case pearl… but you have been a little distant from him ever since… you know.

Pearl: Since our mother’s passing? I don’t know. i mean… I feel as though my heart’s matured and grown apart from him. I can’t really figure as to why that is since i love him. Peter is the best guy i ever met. Why would you think that i’d be falling out of love with him?

Paige: Because i think that i have started to fall out of love with Johnny. I don’t know why. But ever since our mom’s death… i felt as though things were different between me and him. I noticed that you and Peter are the same way. especially the way he last spoke to you. Remember that one afternoon after school?

Pearl: I guess so. Why?

Paige: Because i felt the same about Johnny. I don’t think that he feels for me the way he used to.

Pearl: Well… we’ll find out what comes of them when we get back to the City.

Paige: I guess so. Dinah still has Shingo. Shingo is the only one that is a devoted boyfriend. Ours were practically just playing us. and when we were in need of them the most they just up and left.

Pearl: *Scoffs* Some boyfriends.

Paige: Tell me about it, Pearl. Johnny and Peter have been more distant from us than our friend from Class. Leslie Stevens. She’s been distant from us. I think that in class our cousins are the only ones we can trust and depend upon.

Pearl: No kidding.

Paige: When we get back… we’ll think about what to do about them. but after we take care of the threat. The threat is first.

Pearl: I Agree.

Dinah: *Walking over to Paige and Pearl* Hey… Guess what?

Paige: *Looking at Dinah* What’s up?

Pearl:  what’s the news?

Dinah: Chloe called. We still have our phones with us. and weren’t supposed to be getting any calls during the vacation of ours… but as it turns out… Chloe called and you won’t believe what she’s got…

Paige: *Curious* What?

Pearl: *Anxious to know* Is there something wrong?

Dinah: No… Well… yes and no… Yes there is something wrong in sense of what she came across… But no on there being something wrong with her. She’s got the new location for Watchtower. She’s been able to pull some strings and got a technician to come and wire things up for her. She’s spent sometime with her father and her father had gratefully given her that storage compartment. it’s a 4 story storage facility. he never used it as what she was told by her father Gabe. He let her have it. We got a new Watchtower.

Paige: *Thrilled* That’s … Why that is wonderful.

Pearl: I can’t wait to see the new Watchtower… I wonder what it’s like.

Dinah: I Don’t know. But it’s good. There is no Actual picture for it.

Paige: What about the bad part? The bad news…

Pearl: You said that she came across something. Something that sounded of concern…

Dinah: *Sighs and racking her brains on thinking on how to explain* Well… I can tell you… but you’re not gonna like it. What she has told me from what she had dug up and looked into was that Zod… he has already infiltrated several countries and has burned his mark in Good ole’ Merry England. The Queen Mother herself. Queen Elizabeth. She’s dead. As it turns out… Zod tried to attack the palace… and then the Buckingham museum where the Queen Mother would usually be seen visiting.

Paige: What?!

Pearl: *Panics* Oh…. oh… oh…. oh my god! H-h-h-h-h-h-how could he kill the Queen Mother?

Dinah: I don’t know… but for a Kandorian Power hungry maniac with a power hungry Ego-trip… he is not pulling any punches.

Paige: We’re gonna need to cut our trip or vacation a little short. We got to go back… Now.

Pearl: What?! How? we can’t go back yet. What about grandma?

Dinah: That’s right. we can’t leave her here. The Brothers can’t be left here either. They’d just teleport to find us but, we’re gonna need to do something.

Luna: *Waking up from her Catnap* What’s going on?

Paige: Well… one guess… The Psychopath that likes to conquer all and likes to force us all to Kneel before him…

Luna: Zod?!

Pearl: Good Guess. But there is one big problem that is rather like a Knife in the heart. Zod Killed the Queen Mother.

Luna: What?! *Gasps* Oh god. that is terrible… Just awful. Let’s get grandma… We have to inform her that we need to get back to the City. We have to go. NOW!

Minutes later… They got their Grandma Rikku to consider the option of going back to the City. They had to get back…

But what was waiting for them was nothing happy. They were about to find out that their boyfriends were leaving them. in a provocative manner. a Note.  But it would be about 5 days before they’d get back home to the City… At the Brownstone…

Carter: We have belief that Zod is Coming from Australia… Sydney, Australia.

Courtney: You’re kidding! Since when was he able to just get there from here?

Dr. Fate: It is possible because he can fly and he has the powers now that are equivalent of Kal-el’s powers. Super breath, heat vision, X-ray Vision, Super Strength, Super hearing… Super speed. Flight.

Courtney: What will we do though?

Carter: We’re gonna need to be stationed at specific locations and keep an eye out for Zod. And the Kandorians.

Courtney: What about the Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers? Shouldn’t we be informing them about Zod?

Carter: *Sighs* We tried… They are not in town right now… Time is drawing short and we don’t have time to go digging away for them. We need to strike at the Kandorians hard.

Dr. Fate: But we should at least try to wait for the girls.

Courtney: And do what? Let Zod get closer to the city. he’s gonna attack this City in less than 9 days… and this is already a full on war.

Carter: We need to contact the Martian Manhunter and the other members of the Justice League.

Courtney: Like Cyborg… Aquaman and Black Canary.

Carter: Even The green Jeans… Green Arrow. We’re gonna need all the best. To hit’em hard and hit’em fast.

Courtney: *Spotting the T.V on and seeing the fires being spread* Whatever we do… we better do it quick… It looks like Zod had just wiped off Australia and is on the way to hitting Jamaica, Cuba and the Philipines… We’re gonna lose the front if we don’t make a decision and soon…

A Couple days later… With all the things considered… The heroes were all gathered as expected.  The New Watchtower was up and all the heroes were stationed there…  Chloe was now holding Watchtower in Smallville and at her new location. It was a new surrounding to the heroes. All of the heroes got together and spoke about a course of action. The ones that they really needed to be there with them were the Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brother and the Heaven Twins. Luna and Shanna were in need too. it was gonna get ugly and fast. It was decided then and there to have all the heroes split off and head to specific locations. Carter was at the area of the Pyramids… At Giza.  Black Canary was sent to Athens… Stargirl was at the Nations Capital. Cyborg was in Germany… Aquaman was in Jamaica… Bart was at Eiffel tower.

Princess Charlene: *Reporting in* Arctic Mind reporting from Alaska… There is no sight of the Kandorians. There is just signs that they were here… but the Actual Kandorian that left the marks here… did an 86 and split.

Mrs. Stroker: *Reporting in* Aquatic Burn reporting from Sydney Australia… There is nothing to report here… it’s quiet as a doorknob here…

King John: *Reporting in* Lord ElectricMind is reporting from Canada… There is no sighting of any Kandorians. It’s been as peaceful as a silent alarm. no activity whatsoever…

Brenda: We’re the here too. There is much peace being had here…

Helga: I don’t know about you guys… but i sense that the Kandorians didn’t even make their mark anywhere yet and we’re all just acting in a state of fear. paranoia.

Cyborg: You’re crazy there, girl… There is a war going on and we better make a move… before the Kandorians make us…

Chloe: We have a little more time before we face having to strap in with the U.N getting involved…

Princess Charlene: And what do we do till then? Just play the guessing game?

Mrs. Stroker: *Looking at the others* Well… i came across some green meteor rock. I am packing with Meteor rocks, I think that if we were smart… we’d all use it.

But what they did not know was that they needed the Book of RAO…

At the Kent Farm… at the Kent house… The Red Queen was finally back home to meet her son again. She got up the courage the day prior and saw that it was time to go back to the Kent farm and reunite with her Son. It was time… She had with her the case that contained the Book of RAO. The day before the Ill-fated long Waited Gateway to D-day…

In the Kitchen/dining room…

Clark: *Looking at Martha Pulling out some baked goods* I can’t Believe that you have to resume to being  Senator Kent today. You barely got back just yesterday…

Martha: *Setting the Baked Goods on the counter and Closing the Over; Facing Clark*  When it’s just the two of us here, I’m your mom and nobody else. The Senator doesn’t exist right now.

Clark: I wish you could come back and visit more often. It’s been really dead and very lonesome here without you.

Martha: I had to let go of this place for a while, Clark, but I never let go of you. I’ll be back soon. I promise. It was just hard to stay for everything here reminded me of your father… Jonathan. The loss of him was still painful. But it doesn’t mean that i’d pull away from you.

Clark: Maybe next time you can ease up on the kryptonite.

Martha: Clark, what on earth are you talking about? Kryptonite?

Clark: You were in town for almost a month and kept me in the dark. I was in the dark. But you kept me here so your followers could track down the Book of RAO. However once you found out that a couple of the Reporters were on to you and on your trail… onto you…you had to throw them off the trail. You’re the Red Queen. Why didn’t you come to me with this?

Martha: *Turning to the side for a moment* Because I didn’t want you in the line of fire. Clark… You know by now that there is only so much a parent could ask for… I didn’t want you hurt. If i had put you under the Line of fire… your destiny would have been changed.

Clark: So you dragged The 3 ladies along instead?

Martha: I had no idea that they were on the trail. *Feeling a bit cheerful* You know, They seemed rather understanding. They made me feel like everything’s gonna be okay. *With remorse* But I can’t afford that luxury right now. *Walking over to the side over to the silver case*

Clark: I’m sorry, but I’m gonna need the Book of Rao. It was left here by Jor-El for me to save this planet. I can’t save this planet without it… That’s what you and dad raised me for. It’s my destiny. Nothing else is working against Zod. this world is all amped to fight against Zod. it’s a war that none will win. I have to do something to send the Kandorians away.

Martha: *Nods and sighs* Your father and I always trusted you to do the right thing. It seemed easier then. Alot easier back then when our biggest worry was someone trying to find out your secret and take you away from us… But now, what you’re up against, when I went to Washington, I had come to realize that there was danger brewing and aiming right at you… I found that there were in deed forces working against you… to come and attack you. I wanted to protect you. But I knew that no matter what i tried… or how well i was doing my duties as senator. But all the while trying to keep their sights off of you it was apparently painful as i realized… i couldn’t do it as just Martha Kent… a Simple Wife turned widow of a farm who played as a Senator. So I became the Red Queen. it was my only option. i had to do whatever i could to keep them all away from you. to keep you out of harm’s way.

Martha then had the box in her hands and suddenly walked over right before she just happened to hand it over to Clark…

Clark: *Opening the small Suitcase*   The Book of Rao. Are you okay, Mom?

Martha: *Voice breaking* It’s just, I told myself that the world needed Clark Kent even more than I do. But the truth is, I was so afraid of losing you. I think that the 3 girls are also scared of losing you. You been riding their coattails a bit… but they still see you as a symbol of hope because you can see that to them you are something greater than a hero… someone that they can look up to. Something that the world could depend on and feel safe with…

Clark: You’ll never lose me. I’ll always be here for you. And i know about the 3 girls. They won’t lose the Blur. I’m not leaving anyone. i will always be here for them and for you. For Chloe, Oliver and Lois. everyone.

She shakes her head…

Martha: Clark…You don’t understand. The Book of Rao can be used to transport the Kandorians to another plane of existence.

Clark: That may be the answer we need.

Martha: Clark, if the Book of Rao is used to send the Kandorians away, all Kryptonians will be exiled from Earth, including you. You’ll never be able to come back from Exile once you use it.

Clark: *Looking down and facing the reality of having to decide of whether or not to use the book of RAO*

However the next day…

At the New Watchtower….

Before the War standoff…

Chloe: *To Oliver through the screen* You know, even though Watchtower’s back in the game but now at a new location… I’m still coming up empty-handed on the Kandorian front. It’s like they vanished into thin air. Here one minute and gone the very next.

Oliver: *On Screen* You know, that might have something to do with the fact that they can fly. They’re like Boy scout. They can fly. but the fact that he still doesn’t fly and they do… it gives good reason second to none as to how they were able to just vanish.

Chloe then Chuckled

Chloe: Sarcasm noted.

Oliver: How do we know these people aren’t half a galaxy away already? He could possibly be already on another planet…

Chloe: Zod doesn’t want to play Thunder dome on a planet that is desolate. He needs people to rule over. I have a feeling the war of the worlds is coming soon to a planet near us. He’s already attacked half the world… and is gonna re-strike the conquered parts of the world soon. The War is gonna be in close reality.

Oliver: I’m heading back to Watchtower. If a war breaks out, I want to be in the foxhole with you. We should face it together. The Rhapsody Girls should be with us too. This is a war that they are gonna need to face just as much as we do. This is personal for them as well… you know.

Chloe: I know. Their Mother. They are gonna be avenging her. this is their war too. Dinah wants to tear at Zod.

Oliver: We’ll all help them… But i’m on my way to the Watchtower to be with you…

Chloe: Oh. Okay.

Oliver: Because, uh…

Chloe: Right, because we need to protect Watchtower’s database. Betty did wonders on Siphoning a copy of Everything. Even the Originals before the whole Database really did take a total decline into Meltdown city and render itself on System Failure.

Oliver: Yeah. Yeah, the databases, uh, is important. Uh, over and out.

The call ended

Clark then Blurred into the Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at Clark* Hey. Everyone’s mobilizing. They’re all out on the field, and they’re packing–

Clark: Kryptonite weapons? Chloe, that’s only gonna stall them. The Green Meteor Rocks are gonna provide a little bit of a fighting chance… but even the girls and the brothers have to face the facts… none of us are of any match for the Kandorians, even when we all work together as one. It’s gonna only be a matter of time before Zod vies to command his soldiers to bring the world to its knees.

Chloe: Then let’s move on to plan “A.” I assume you brought the infamous secret weapon.

Clark then pulls out the Book Of RAO from his pocket and lands it on the Table with a thud…

Chloe: *Seeing the book* Wow. I still don’t understand how the Red Queen of the Kent farm knew about the book of Rao. The Red Queen was here for a while and stayed for a time at the Rhapsody Girl’s house… she was not ready to come back to the farm yet till yesterday and she had a small case with her… but The Girls didn’t even know what was in it. Neither did the brothers. No one knew.

Clark: *Gasps* The Rhapsody Girls knew where she was and didn’t tell me… WHY?

Chloe: *Shrugs* How should i know, Clark? They were meaning to tell you but they had their reasons behind not breaking out with saying that she was back. Plus if you remember right… it was only 3 weeks ago when everything had hit… And Zod had been starting his first waves of War already since about a week and a half ago. Plus they were at that time still in grief. *feeling a little stressed* So kindly excuse them for not being so blunt and be out with the details about your mom being back in the public eyes of Metropolis or of Smallville.

Clark: Sorry. But stuff like that… i need to know about.

Chloe: And i get that… Clark… But i keep trying to tell you. people keep secrets for a reason… even from the ones they love and care about. I should not have to keep telling you that. *Sighs* But what i don’t understand is how the book got into the hands of the Red Queen.

Clark: My mom inherited the Kryptonian library when Lionel died. It’s no surprise to me that Zod would lie. The Book of Rao is not a bible as he had led the others to believe. It was created by Jor-El to send the Kandorians to another world — a world they could call their own. a different place that was far from here… but peaceful.

Chloe: Well, let’s fire up this intergalactic subway token and send our visitors on a fast train to Nirvana. It’s about time that we won the chance to fire up and get the Kandorians on a one way ticket to the eternal superhighway and on the fast track to the portal leading them to their own promised land.

Clark: I can’t. Once it’s activated, it sends all Kryptonians to the new world.

Chloe: *Gasps and pauses with Mortification* Including you.

Clark: I know my destiny, and it’s here. I’ve seen it. Dr. Fate has seen it, too. And Jor-El has sent me on trials to prove it. I finally know who I am and what I’m meant to do here on Earth. I’m not leaving. I was meant to be here and i am not leaving everyone.

Chloe: Clark, no one wants to see you reach your true potential more than I do. I mean, You know for a fact that I’ve been with you through every bump along this one insane ride.  It is hard to come to terms that i might have to one day say goodbye and let you go and be the hero that you know that you were meant to be. The hero that the Rhapsody Girls Z! and the Rhapsody Brothers know that you’re meant to be. But what if every trial has just been a preparation for you to make the ultimate sacrifice? That final Jump?

Clark: Then why would my father have gone silent in the fortress? Chloe, if this was a trial, my father would never skip on a chance to give me a lecture. He would have spoken to me and prepared me for what i know would have to be done.

Chloe: Because this isn’t a trial, Clark. And maybe your father disappeared on you because despite on all the things you were gonna face and what you were being lead to do… he knew that you needed to make this last mile all on your own.

Clark: Then it’s up to me. And I think there’s another way to save Zod.

Chloe: Jor-El did not tell you to stay here and be our guardian.

Clark: Are you saying it’s selfish for me to try to save people?

Chloe: Clark… come on… Do you really believe that this would be something that i’d want you to do?  You think i want you to go? Clark, for god sake… I can’t imagine being in this world without you. Look, you’ve inspired an entire team of heroes who will be here to protect us and to defend us without hesitation. And maybe your true purpose is to lead your own people. Your own Race of people. They are your people ones that you have to lead. Even if it means having to Exile them from this Planet as well Exiling yourself along with them…

But on the outside a few Miles away from the City of Metropolis…

Paige: *Feeling a bit Nervous* You guys… i have a very bad feeling about what we’re gonna face once back in Metropolis…

Pearl: Why’s that, Paige?

Dinah: Something wrong?

Paige: I don’t know… something doesn’t feel right…Zod has made movement… you guys can feel it too, Can’t you?

Pearl: Yes we can… *Looking through her Element* Zod has taken over Australia. Sydney, Australia is branded with the Calling card for Zod. Zod has also take control of the Arabian countries. Muslims were seized and forced to worship him as if he was Allah to them.

Dinah: *Looking at Pearl with a weird stare* What the…? You’re not just pulling the cork there… are you, Pearl?

Betty: I believe that she speaks the truth… Dinah. I feel it too. when Zod took over the Muslims and thereby seized the countries that the Muslims dwelled and the Jewish capital Jerusalem… I felt it most. The Lord wept and spoke to me in my sleep.

Betty replays the vision…

Lord: *Speaking upon towards Betty* Hark! Angelic Raven… Fellow follower and guardian of your Lord and Savior… Bast upon the sacred Land… the promised city of David… the town of Bethlehem… through the Capital known as Jerusalem… great strife befallest nigh… peril has been wrought and the saddest moment has drawn near. a Loss of life and a loss of innocent souls has come reality. the vanguard of satan draws near upon the promised land.

Angel: *Shaking her head* Are you by chance perhaps on the line of Psycho… You mean to tell us that Jesus speaks and has come to you in a vision and just happened to illustrate the prophecy that Zod has cashed in his chips and begun his first spark of global conquest and rule the whole world.

Shanna: If that is the case… we’re gonna be dealing with not just the war of the worlds… but the war amongst the gods themselves.

Luna: Any idea as to how things are going at our house?

Paige: I don’t know.

Grandma Rikku: *Driving* I Wouldn’t know about that… I would guess that things are fine at the house. He hasn’t called to announce any fallacies or trivial trouble… We’ve been gone from home for about a few weeks. 3 weeks we’ve been gone. and there has been no trouble at all. You girls did however kinda push it with the training you were doing. *Sighs* For shame… Training on vacation… I know that you got a huge responsibility to deal with… but the vacation was supposed to be to get away from it all for just a little while.

Dinah: We know that, Grandma. we know. but with the dilemma of Zod being around still and now with the fact that he’s killed people and stormed through England and literally killed The Queen Mother. the resting will be always on the back burner. We hate it. it sucks. but it’s just the way it is.  We’re sorry. Maybe we can try again… after the threat is all gone and done with.

Betty: That is a good idea. i am all for it.

Angel: *Cheers* Here here.

Prince Alvin: And next time… we do it right. without the worries of going against a threat.

Prince Arnold: I agree.

Prince Avery: so do i… *Feeling his element suddenly releasing* I think that we got trouble. We’re near Metropolis and…

What they saw was a changed background…

With a Burned Symbol in the sky above the building that used to be their Watchtower…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Gaps and shooting out in horror* OH NO!!!!! ZOD HAS HIT METROPOLIS!!!!

Luna: This is bad… really bad.

Shanna: Let’s go home right now and regroup…

Paige: *Looking at Grandma* Grandma… Step on it… get us home… Right now. we need to get home and report to Chloe… ASAP!

Grandma: *Nods* Okay. I really don’t like speeding because it’s a danger… but i am gonna floor it. Hold on!

Luna: Rhapsody Home dead ahead!


At the Fortress…

Zod enters into the Fortress by flight and walks over to the console…

Zod: *Angrily* I have been waiting for you to speak to me… for a long time… ever since my soldiers and i have embarked upon this planet… I know that you favored those 3 girls… you favored the Rhapsody Girls Z! the Rhapsody Brothers and your only Son… Kal-el! But of all of them… you deliberately refused to speak upon me…You’ve refused to speak to me, Jor-El. Now I’ll make sure you’ll never speak to your son again…and share the secrets of Rao with him.

Footsteps approach and since all sound was bound to reverberate inside the fortress and carry all over… Zod heard and turned to his side to see Tess walking in from the side… Tess gave off an Exhale as she took a good look at the inside of the Fortress…

Zod: *Scoffs* You’re not welcome here. What gives you right being here, Tess?

Tess: *Walking around and closer to the Console* I’ve been playing hide-and-seek with this ice castle for over two years. So the least you can do is just give me a minute to take it all in. I have never been in here before…

Tess Sighs…

Tess: It’s breathtaking. The shine that hits the crystals… It’s a sight for sore eyes…

Zod: How did you get here?

Tess: I flew.

Zod: Icarus flew to where he didn’t belong. And he fell to his death from the heavens.

Tess: *Scoffs* As if! You should know that the one named Icarus was on an ego trip. But unlike Icarus… I happen to have myself a higher calling. I was made to see the error of my ways. I’m here… to redeem myself.

Zod only feeling the deceit coming from Tess grabs her and with a quick throw…  smashes Tess into the crystals which destroyed the Console… Tess only gasped as she got back on her feet and looked at Zod…

Zod: *Starting to walk towards Tess* Why not give it all a rest? Your deceptions aren’t gonna be fooling me.  It’s too late. My people had discovered that you possessed the Book of RAO and instead of telling me and giving it to me where it should have gone to… you hid it from me. I won’t forgive that deception.

Tess: It’s not your forgiveness that I’m looking for. But to see you brought down to your knees.

Tess then Pulls out a Green Rock that suddenly begins glowing and weakens Zod. Zod coughs and gags. Suddenly feeling a shortness of breath.

Tess: *Holding the Kryptonite up towards Zod and walking over towards him with it pointed at him* I’ve seen the future. And you enslave this planet… and destroy anyone that ever opposed you! Anyone who had ever stood in your way… you got rid of them and made sure that they wouldn’t be able to stand up to you again. Paige Rhapsody had also copped out to the fact that she sometime ago had recurring Nightmares of the same thing. that you would be nothing of use. Just a tyrant who sired to rule the world despite that it was not your place to rule. She saw that you would have brought forth the end of days… the end of the world.

Zod Only Continues to gasp as he is feeling weak against the Kryptonite’s effects… trying to get away…

Tess: Including Clark. And Meeting the Red Queen. i thought that i was gonna meet my end by her hands because i was rooting for the wrong team. the wrong side… but she…  the Red Queen spared me and has valiantly made me realize… what’s what. That Zod… Is why I won’t let you kill him. Nor will i allow for you to destroy the 3 girls. You have destroyed enough in this world. It’s about high time that you were put away.

But Zod then drew up enough strength and was able to knock the Meteor Rock out from Tess’s hand and Stands up to her… Standing off to her…

Zod: *Glaring at Tess and Smirks with disgust* Dinah Rhapsody found the Orb in the Fountain… While talking to her meager and pitiful boyfriend and by laying her hands upon it… she had touched the sun… The Rhapsody Girls have all touched the sun when they had opened up the orb. You were in joint with them for a time and were aiding the likes of them behind my back. deceiving me by telling me and lying to my face that you were never in contact with the Rhapsody Girls.  Only to get spurned and tossed. after getting that chance to behold a taste of the power of the sun in the palm of your hand… You’re about to learn what it feels like to get burned.

Zod then fires his heat Vision at Tess and Tess Screams in agony… Within seconds Tess’s left side of her face and head was but a charred and rough surface. 3rd degree burns and hot to the touch that not even a surrounding of cold air could heal…

But minutes later…

Clark showed up and To not be seen till ready… Zod stepped aside upon the shadows so he wouldn’t be seen by Clark so quickly…

Clark: *Speaking to the Fortress in hopes that Jor-el would hear* Jor-El! I know that you told me to save Zod… but I won’t.  Not if it means leaving everyone I promised to protect from the threats that still threaten to enter Earth. Now, my destiny is here on Earth. being the Earth’s hope and the Ambassador who’d bridge all sides. Now… if it is found that from everything that you’ve trained me for was all for yet another purpose, then you might as well save your breath because it was nothing less than a waste. It was all a waste, because I’m staying. There must be some other way to stop Zod. Jor-El!

Zod: *Walking out from the shadows and walking over a bit towards Clark* Your father can’t help you anymore. I made sure of that.

Clark: *Spotting Zod* Zod.

Zod: My people are overtaking this planet as we speak and you are not with a chance to stop me. there is no stopping what’s about to happen.

Clark: *Speaking reason* You want war, but it doesn’t have to be like this.

Zod: *Scoffs in Disgust* Are you that Oblivious to the way things are? Wake the hell up, Kal-el! Have you taken a look around you?! Open your eyes for once in your pathetic human saving life… It’s always like this! Might makes right! Only the strong survive! Have you learned nothing from the natural world in which you love so much?

Clark: What I’ve learned is that no matter how much someone has hurt you or betrayed you, or how much it seems that someone is evil, at their core, everyone is worth saving.

Zod: What exactly do you think you’re saving me from? From a path of darkness that i have already sank too deep in… unable to find redemption? Is that it?

Clark: From making another mistake like Faora.

Zod: Do you really think there’s redemption for what I did? For taking the life of my wife and unborn child… Do you really think that a man can be forgiven for taking the life of an innocent woman? I took the life away from an innocent mother. the mother to the 3 girls. They’re crippled because of me. By my hands. There is no means for Salvation for what i’ve done.

Clark: It’s never too late.

Zod: *Growls and snaps out a little* How would you know? What would you know about it never being too late to find redemption from what i have done?

Clark: Because I killed my own father. My Earth father warned me not to play God.. not to reach for power that i knew was not mine. But instead of taking his word for it…  I tempted fate, and because of making the decision to tempt fate, he died. Zod… as hard as it may seem…You have to forgive yourself. My entire team is equipped with Kryptonite weapons as of right now. All are positioned to use them.

Zod: Hardly a match for my battalion. They won’t be able to get a shot in around my battalion.

Clark: Too many people will die. You need to end this now. This is a war that you can’t hope to win. I know my destiny.

Zod: And I know mine.

Zod then Blasts up into the air and busts through the roof of the fortress and heads off to start the move on taking the world and placing it under his control. Clark turned to see that there was a body on the floor and went to go see who it was and barely turned the body over and recognized who it was…

Clark: Tess…

Clark then picked up Tess and carried her off. Her face was burned good and was with deep scar burns…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Living Room…

Paige: *Speaking to Chloe through the Video Screen* Chloe… We’re here. What’s the situation?

Chloe: *On Screen; Patching the team to speak from the side* We got a fix on the progression of the Kandorians… They have hit all of the countries of the middle east. Asian and Also Russia. Moscow… The Caiman Islands… the Hawaiian, the Spanish Isles and the African continent. The European Continent. Australia. Iceland and the Irish Isles… The Scottish Isles also… They’re conquering the whole world one country at a time… one location at a time. The Eiffel tower. The Leaning tower of Pisa. the Pyramids of Giza… The Taj Mahal! The Buckingham palace. The Royal castle. The Millennium wheel, The Big Ben… The Tokyo tower…

Pearl: Oh that is it… Zod has taken it too far now…

Dinah: So… What should we do?

Luna: Do we go after him or just let him come to us?

Hawkman: No. You girls have been doing enough to get at Zod. You let us face him. You are tending to fight Zod to Avenge your mother. That is a honorable notion to make reality. But unless you are looking for pain and more family loss… don’t push to fight him.

Cyborg: You girls are tough and we know how fierce you are, Dinah… but these dudes with the fighting fetish and the unsatisfied thirst for power… they won’t want to play ball… their strength will be an equivalent of being hit by a mega-tanker.

Dinah: You think i’m scared of that Bozo! i am not no Chicken. I am gonna feed that Kandorian bastard a 5 course meal courtesy of “Danger Zone” Dinah!

Black Canary: Guys… i say we let them in the fight. They are destined to fight Zod. Remember that their professor when all this first began said that there were black beams of light? One of the beams were said to have hit and nailed Zod. So… as much as we may have dispute about them being part of the fight… they are in it. Plus… Zod Killed their mother. This is their battle flat out. They have to avenge their mother.

Aquaman: I agree. let them be part of the battle. This War will need everyone…

Martian Manhunter: The longer we wait… the more power they win.

Hawkman: The Pyramids at Giza are silent… All there is now are Mummies. We need to flush these aliens out. I’ve been around long enough to know the best way to win a war is to strike first.

Dinah: We’ve been around to deal with two threats prior to this one here… King Lotor of Planet Doom and Queen Beryl of Dark Kingdom. as well as the Great Evil Queen Metaria. We’ve been through all that and now this… but we got to face the facts that these are not your average fighters… they don’t play fair. they play dirty pool.  But i agree with Hawkman… the big bird, We need to attack first. we have to.

Oliver: *On screen; To Hawkman* No, that’s the best way to win a bowling tournament, Tweety. We’re dealing with superpowered soldiers here. Not a Bowling team that we join to boast and brag with our Ego’s.

Hawkman: *Scoffs* Just as expected, Mr. Green Jeans has gone yellow.

Paige: No one is turning Yellow. We are gonna do this… but we got to be precise with our tactics. One wrong move and we’re all dead. The Kandorians have heat vision and if they shoot you… it will burn. we know… it almost happened to us.

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in* Yo! You guys… My cousin here is right. Miss Love the Leader of the Rhapsody Girls is right. the Kandorians have Heat Vision. it will burn you if it touches you and you will possibly die from it. this is not no game of chance. this is a war.

Prince Avery:  That’s right. *Teleporting in* that is right… We are gonna need to be careful but work hand in hand to nail this beasts.

Chloe: Okay, the Kandorians are Clark’s people. So we’re not gonna take any sort of action until he’s with us. He’s got to make that call.

Martian Manhunter: Watchtower’s right.

Cyborg: I agree with Hawkman. We wait too long, they’ll have the advantage.

Prince Arnold: *Teleporting in* We need to hit them… this is not a choice that we will be able to make a second time.

Prince Alvin: No… we have to wait for Clark. These are his people. It is his call. We all want to fight the Kandorians. we all want cause them pain… but if we go out there and fight them… it will only be a bloodbath. People will die. it will only make things a whole lot worse than they already are…

Martian: I say we hold off until Kal-El has a chance to –

Cyborg: How long we gonna wait, Martian — long enough from them to wipe us out?

Stargirl: We wait, and the Kandorians win.

Luna: I don’t think that we have much choice here. When we came back from our somewhat Vacation… we were just outside the city and coming in when we saw that Zod’s Calling card was hovering pretty high up and large enough to cover a few city blocks and it was in center and hovering its middle portion over the Tower. The Watchtower. the destroyed location for our base… Now… we have to make a decision… do we fight and take the fight to them… or do we wait for the Kandorians to come and bring us a fight?

Shanna: I’m not one here to be waiting… we got to do something. Now!

Canary: Sit tight till they make their next move.

Hawkman: Zod’s symbols say one thing — he wants a fight. I say we move now and cause some pain. It is not a regarded request. we have to strike them and strike them now.

At the New Watchtower…

Clark: *Walking in from the Door* At what cost? Your abilities allow you to come back, Carter… after you die, but what about the others on both sides? They won’t get that chance.

Hawkman: So you want us to play nice?

Betty: *On Screen; from Grandma Rikku’s house* We can’t play simple with these unrighteous beings. They killed the Queen Mother. Next could be England’s Parliament. or our Commander-in-Chief… The President. We can’t wait anymore…

Angel: And we’re not gonna. The waiting is over.

Clark: *Speaking to everyone* The Kandorians have all been led astray by Zod. I don’t want to see them die any more than I want to lose any one of you.

*Holding up the book of RAO* I will use the Book of Rao… …to send them all away. I’ve made my decision. Once I lead my people to another world, I’ll never be able to come back.

Dinah: *Ecstatic* WHAT THE?! Kal… ARE YOU FREAKIN’ NUTS?! You can’t do that… You’ll be Exiled!

Pearl: There must be another way to do this… there must be. We want the Kandorians gone. We want Zod to pay for what he has done… but not if it means that we lose you.

Cyborg: You need to think about this. There must be another way to do this…

Stargirl: What about your life here?

Canary: There’s got to be another way.

Hawkman: With us by your side, you don’t have to do this alone.

Paige: That’s right… You’ve got the whole Justice League. Us… The Rhapsody Girls Z! the Rhapsody Brothers… the heaven Twins here… you also got aid from members of our family who have powers and abilities. Arctic Mind… Aquatic Burn… Lord Electricmind… And even the Rhapsody sisters.

Prince Alvin: We just found out about that… that we got permanent sisters… although our pops is gonna be getting his wife back if he can find her. But Kal, You really need to stop and think about this. Let us help you. We can help. but not if you won’t let us. We can fight them…

Clark: This is the only peaceful way to eliminate the threat. Without a war, a war that no one will win… once the Kandorians are gone, there will be other threats that sire to threaten all of mankind. The world will need you, Rhapsody Girls… Rhapsody Brothers… Everyone… You’ll have to work together to become the team that you were always meant to be. As much as i would like to say that there is another way out of this… to fight back the Kandorians and not resort to using the book to eradicate them… the fact is that there is no other way… Jor-el’s dying words to me were to save Zod. but it has come to reason that there is nothing left to save of him… Zod is too far gone and the only way to save him from making another error and do something on this planet that he won’t be able to walk away from is to send him away. I once believed that my destiny was here on Earth, but now you all will need to accept that destiny for me. This world will need you most to be their light. their strength. to be the guides for future Heroes who are destined to appear. they’re gonna need you.

Paige: Guys… he’s right. We got to think about the planet. saving Mankind…

Pearl: We got to think about The world.

Prince Alvin: We’ll protect the world… as one.

Cyborg: we’ll defend this planet to the last.

Clark: It has been my honor to serve and work with each and everyone of you.

Dr. Fate: The honor’s been all ours Kal-el. *Saluting*

All the heroes on screen salute to Clark. The Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers and Sisters all saluted…

But the War was not gonna be as they were expecting. It was about to get more complicated.

But on the subtle and calm front….

at Grandma Rikku’s  house…

in the Living room…

Paige: *Walking to the Dining room and noticing a note on the door* Someone left a note on the door… I wonder who left the note on the Door?

Paige picks off the note and reads it. It was then only a few seconds later when she walked off into the Living room and just sat down and went silent… She didn’t want to speak or say a word. But Pearl looked at Paige and knew that something was bugging her…

Pearl: Paige, What’s wrong?

Paige: *With a deadpan tone* Pearl, just let it go. i don’t want to talk about it.

Pearl: Let what go? What is it?

Paige: *Looking at Pearl* We’ve been Dumped… okay? We are without boyfriends now…

Pearl: How so? *Confused* Why do you think that?

Paige: *Holding the note in front of Pearl* Go ahead and read it. you tell me what it is that i am supposed to think… I have read it and it is as clear as day itself. right as rain. We have been dumped.

Pearl: *Reading the Note*

Note: Paige… Pearl. We are done. We have been trying to be patient and hoped for you to snap out of your grieving state. but all this waiting has made us realize that we’re not the ones for you. We have been there for you. but it is not enough. Plus our mom and dad want us to break up with you. they caught on to the fact that you two were trying to use us. we’re moving  to another country. never coming back… This is goodbye. Find a better set of guys to do the pity walk. We are done. We don’t hate you… but we’re not doing this act anymore. it’s not fair to us and it’s not fair to you guys to be with guys who would only make you miserable more than happy. 

Pearl: *Scoffs* Great… We’re dumped. That’s just wonderful… we’re about to go to war against Zod… and we get dumped. We get ditched by out hearts. *Huffs* You know what?! Nevermind… we got other things to worry about. we have to worry about how to get that Zod back to his own world… or to a different world that is far from here…

Dinah: I still have Shingo. He’s gonna be setting up a shack to cure and heal the wounded… at least that is what i heard.

Paige: That’s nice. How did you hear that?

Dinah: Text.

Pearl: A Text message?

Dinah: Yeah…

That night…

on top of the Crow’s nest in Metropolis…

Zod was standing on the edge and overlooking the entire city from the nest and biding his time when Basqat arrived and landed to seek audience with him…

Basqat: *Landing and Walking a few steps towards Zod* General. Have you retrieved the Book of Rao? Sir, if Kal-El still holds it, you said he’d use it to kill us all.  Either him or any of his Comrades.

Zod: Do not question my resolve. I will not fail in the quest. They will all fall. I will destroy the Book of Rao. Do you not have a mission to complete?

Basqat: Kal-El’s comrades have been lured to your crests, just as you ordered. They’re all scrambled… The ones they call… Black Canary, Aquaman, Cyborg, Impulse, Stargirl, Hawkman, Dr. Fate… Lord ElectricMind, Aquatic Burn…

Zod: *Pauses and interrupts as he turns and looks at Basqat in shocking recognition* Did you just say… Aquatic Burn?

Basqat: Yes. Why? You know her?

Zod: Know her… i met her… or she met me… Looking for her husband’s brother.

Basqat: Her Husband’s Brother?

Zod: yeah. A lab geek named Stroker. She was looking for the man as though he was some pet. She’s also the Daughter to a Daily Planet Reporter named Trixie Starshine Rhapsody.

Basqat: Should i set a trap for the Mother to lure the hero Aquatic Burn into a onslaught, General?

Zod: No. Leave her… Our targets are those 3 girls… The Rhapsody girls Z! and the Rhapsody Brothers. they are our heavy hitters as everyone in this city look to them like pets to cuddle in their own home. Hurt them… we hurt the city.

Basqat: as you wish. they’ve all been dispersed all over the world. them and even that frosty woman… Arctic Mind. Even she is there…

Zod: So they have to have been dispersed around the world, and Kal-El is alone in Metropolis.

Basqat: Our soldiers have cut off their communications. All their satellites have been destroyed. There is no way they will be making it back. with no communications… they are flying blind.  Kal-el is alone and the only Allies he’s got left are the Rhapsody Girls Z! The Rhapsody Brothers… The Heaven Twins, Molten Mind. whatever hero she may be… The cat like girl Luna… and the Rhapsody sisters. They’re the only ones left. Even the 3 Sailors that have no business in this War effort. they’re all that’s left.

Zod: Then by dawn, we’ll have the Book of Rao. And this planet will be ours. Excellent.

The next day…

At New Watchtower…

Chloe:  We got a problem… all the satellite communication has been cut. severed. The Rhapsody clan are out there with the original members of the league… but they’re all out there now and are practically sitting ducks.

Oliver: Chloe calm down…

Chloe:  How can i calm down? everyone i sent out there is practically a sitting duck and Zod is about to start a call initiating the first wave to hunting season.

Oliver: Take a breath, Chloe. You’ve stared down the barrel of a gun before.

Chloe: Maybe so… but this is much different than our last big boast… This isn’t like the ultimate destroyer and having to just worry on how to bury it…   We’re dealing with like 100 Clarks here. I don’t know if I can dodge this speeding bullet. This isn’t exactly a rush for a power trip.

Oliver: Well, you’re not in it alone. We’re a team, right? You got me? Hey. Trust me. Chloe… we are a team. we will get through this. We still have the Rhapsody girls Z! the Heaven twins…  Luna, Shanna, The Rhapsody Brothers and the Now Rhapsody Sisters… we’re somehow set.

Chloe: Thank you. But I don’t think talking me off a ledge is gonna help us solve our technical difficulty.  This is bad…. really bad. Unless we can get the communications back online… all of our fighters are sitting ducks and up the river styx without a ticket back home to the base here.

Oliver: Okay, uh, well, then maybe this will. You know, when Tess broke into our little clubhouse at the Original location of Watchtower, I had Queen Industries launch an orbiter dedicated to… Watchtower.  So… no matter where our Base for Watchtower is… the Satellite will be orbiting it and synced.

Chloe: We have our own satellite?

Oliver: yeah. It’s something like a gift.

Chloe: Well… i guess that getting you a sweater for your Birthday is out of the question now… huh?  *Chuckles*

Oliver: I suppose so… unless it was warm and rather thick.

Chloe: Exactly.

Oliver: the satellite’s up and running, but the transponders haven’t been initiated for downlink yet. So I’m gonna need to flip a couple of switches at the earth station in order to be able to spy from the sky. It shouldn’t take me very long to do.

Chloe: Okay. But please do be careful.

Oliver: you bet.

Chloe: So then we should just stay in touch the old-fashioned way. I mean… if Zod has been trying to destroy satellites from space, Chances will be very critical that he’s definitely not gonna be pleased or dancing for utter joy knowing that you’re putting another satellite online. Do me a favor, okay? Just keep a low profile. I believe that we both know how devious Zod can be… i don’t want us giving him any reason to come sniffing around our little playground trying to bust through and take over our little base here.

Oliver: It’s four stories… and the Rhapsody Girls will be sure to put that guy down into the scrapyards before it’s all said and done.

Chloe: we should keep high on that card. but really be careful.

Chloe and Oliver share a kiss…

Oliver: I’m wearing green leather…

Chloe Chuckles…

Oliver: So I’ll do my best. You know that i am with precaution. besides… i have you. so there’s a reason to come back in one piece…

Later that day… mid evening hours…

on top of the Metropolis Crow Nest…

Clark landed on the roof where the crows nest resided and walked over to the Console where the crystals were and looked at the Console as he then pulled out the book of RAO and Sighed. He was about to place the book in the slot and activate the gateway. when Zod showed up and within seconds… the other Kandorians…

Clark: Zod… It’s over. You’re not gonna stop me from doing this. You have hurt enough people. It ends now…

Zod: Says you! I am not going anywhere… and neither are they.

Clark: Having others finish a fight that you started only proves what a coward you are. You are driving this world to war. Hurting innocent lives to prove that you’re afraid to lose the power. in fear of losing all sense of control.

Zod: My soldiers know I have never wavered in the face of death. All you’ve ever done is hide in the shadows. Hiding your true nature and remain a coward.  Loving a race that is so weak that they can’t begin to protect themselves. without resorting to violence… or stabbing each other in the back.

Clark: You’ve hidden, too — the truth from them. The Book of Rao will not destroy us! It will lead us to a better place — another planet where we can live in peace, where we can build a new home. Krypton will live again. Not here… we can never take a planet that is not ours to claim. Aliens are guests here… not residents.

Zod: This is just another one of his deceits. We all know where his allegiance lies.


The Tune for “We’re not gonna take it” Plays…

Dinah: *Landing* Zod… Shut the hell up. Just shut up… You have done all the deceiving that we’re gonna tolerate… You have deceived everyone… Even your own people…

Pearl: *Landing* Yeah… Time to own up to what you’ve done… you big overgrown meanie…

“oh we’re not gonna take it
no, we ain’t gonna take it
oh we’re not gonna take it anymore”

Paige: *Landing and standing up to Zod* Zod… we are sick of your lies… You lie to everyone… If your battalion ever knew the truth of what you had done… they’d leave you. As it is… they don’t really respect you. they only follow you out of fear. We know the truth… Who really killed Faora… We know who really killed her. Now… either you tell them… or we will. CHOOSE!

Zod: *Scoffs* You don’t have any proof… you never will. You should just give up. You can see for yourself that My men willingly follow me.

“we’ve got the right to choose and
there ain’t no way we’ll lose it
this is our life, this is our song
we’ll fight the powers that be just,
don’t pick our destiny ’cause
you don’t know us, you don’t belong

oh we’re not gonna take it
no, we ain’t gonna take it
oh we’re not gonna take it anymore”

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in with the brothers* Oh yeah?! You think so… don’t you, Zod? You really think that they are gonna continually follow you… Always believe whatever Lie that you tell them…

Prince Arnold: what about Faora? All she wanted was to leave you. That was all she wanted. She was gonna to leave you and make a life of her own… that was all she wanted. to live fairly and live a normal but honest life. *Looking at Basqat* Basqat…  You’re a soldier and a fighter by blood. by trade it is all you want… and all you would want for yourself…but if you had a chance… a choice to choose a better life for yourself… Would you commit to it if that opportunity ever was granted to you?

Basqat: You don’t have the right to question the Kandorians… but even if you’re one of the lowly pathetic and puny humans… you have a point… you pose a great question. If i were given a choice to choose a better life for myself… i would. Gladly.

Prince Avery: Well what about Zod? You think he’d Allow it? He’d kill you for leaving him. seeing as though you’d betray him by leaving his side. Just like Faora. his own Wife. She wanted to Leave Zod.

Zod: That is a lie!

Prince Curtis: Although she never got the chance to do it. She paid the ultimate price. The debt that all men would be made to pay… death… She wanted to Leave Zod and she paid for it with her life.

“oh you’re so condescending
your gall is never ending
we don’t want nothin’, not a thing from you
your life is trite and jaded
boring and confuscated
if that’s your best, your best won’t do

we’re right/yeah
we’re free/yeah
we’ll fight/yeah
you’ll see/yeah”

Zod: Faora never should’ve trusted you.  She should seen your mind tricks… but she allowed herself to believe your treachery. she had to be put down…

Clark: But she wasn’t the only one who paid the price, was she?

Zod then pushes Clark into a wall and hold tight onto the neck…

Zod: Faora was a traitor. *Whispers* Do you think I wanted to kill my own child?

The Kandorians picked up the confession from Zod and heard the truth… they all gasped at Zod and turned sour… They immediately ripped off their Armbands and Stared at him.

Zod: *To Vala* Your sister was a traitor. She would’ve betrayed us all.

Vala then started to come at Zod and itched to land a blow at him but Basqat held her back and looked at her…

Basqat: *To Vala* Wait! You sister needs to be avenged, Vala. but not here… not on Earth. *as he then looks at Zod* We will deal with him once we’re on our own soil.

Vala: *To Clark* Kal-El, take us home. We’re ready to go home.

Zod: What are you all doing? Are you all bound to betray your General… Stop…  *seeing no response from the soldiers* stop now! *Still seeing no reply; Suddenly getting Angry and Barking an order* YOUR GENERAL HAS JUST GIVEN YOU A DIRECT ORDER… OBEY IT! OBEY ME!!!!

“oh we’re not gonna take it
no, we ain’t gonna take it
oh we’re not gonna take it anymore

oh we’re not gonna take it
no, we ain’t gonna take it
oh we’re not gonna take it anymore
no way!

we’re right/yeah
we’re free/yeah
we’ll fight/yeah
you’ll see/yeah”

Paige: Give it up Zod… You lost. You’re done for…

Dinah: *Looking at Zod* Zod… you must have forgotten what we’ve said to you the first time we ever laid eyes on you…

Dinah Flashes back…

“Dinah: *Cynical* You Know, Major… Your soldiers and cadets are really loyal and devoted to you. they’ll remain that way to a point… But if they were to find out that you were just as lost as they are… You’d be alone. they’ll all leave you.”

Dinah: Remember now… you were just as clueless as all the rest. you didn’t know jack of where you were or what you were doing… You were sure feeling no trouble of talking a good game though… huh?

Sailor Luna: *Bouncing in* That’s right… You are Nothing… NOTHING!

“we’re not gonna take it
no, we ain’t gonna take it
we’re not gonna take it anymore

we’re not gonna take it, no!
no, we ain’t gonna take it
we’re not gonna take it anymore

just you try and make us
we’re not gonna take it
come on
no, we ain’t gonna take it
you’re all worthless and weak
we’re not gonna take it anymore
now drop and give me twenty
we’re not gonna take it
A Pledge pin
no, we ain’t gonna take it
On your uniform
we’re not gonna take it anymore”

Clark inserted the Book into the center of the console and it powered up…

Sending the Kandorians home… one by one… they left… gone up into the sky through the portal…

All except for…


Zod then revealed a Sword made of  Blue Kryptonite….

Paige: *Catching sight of the Sword* Uh-oh… I think that Zod has a sneaky trick up his sleeve. He’s got something…

Pearl: Is that what i think it is…

Dinah: *Spotting the Sword* Oh god… Oh no… It’s… It’s…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Shoots out in Shock* BLUE KRYPTONITE!!!!

Prince Alvin: *Screaming out* KAL-EL!!! BEHIND YOU!!!!

Air Rushes by as Clark turns and sees the Blue Kryptonite. and catches Zod with it…

Zod: *Defiant* I told you… I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!

Rhapsody Brothers: Wanna Bet?

Rhapsody Girls: Oh yes you are!

The battle was now gonna begin… it was now all bombs and fists a-blazin’. Fire against fire… The Rhapsody girls and the Rhapsody Brothers, Luna, Shanna… The Angelic Twins… The Rhapsody sisters were all gonna be at a standoff against Zod. This was it! The battle for Earth… The Rhapsody Girls and their Cousins Vs. General Zod. Clark  being at the focus of it all… What were the girls gonna do? How would the battle turn out? Would there be casualties? Wait… What’s this? A Mysterious Ally comes to lend a hand… Who is it?   Is he friend or foe? Would the Rhapsody Girls be in peril… or would they get a leg up? Find out in the next Exciting chapter. The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 71:  COUNTDOWN TO THE FINAL BATTLE WITH GENERAL ZOD!!! Rhapsody Girls Z! Message To General Zod: “ZOD! GO TO HELL! THIS IS OUR WORLD AND YOU ARE SENTENCED TO EXILE! EXILE!”

Paige: *Looking at the Mysterious ally* Who’re you?

Wintry Spirit: Call me Jack… Jack Frost!

Pearl: Are you on our side?

Jack: I am.



3 thoughts on “Chapter 70: “Relaxation and peace… normal life be had; King John comes out the Victor and wins the girls. Chloe Sullivan… WATCHTOWER… Arise from the ashes and comes forth again. TILL DEATH!!!! Here chimes the Drums of WAR! COUNTDOWN to the Final Battle against Zod has Begun!””

  1. Thank you. This is it. Zod is gonna meet his end. We finally have done it. Zod is gonna be taken down. Down for good.

    I know that it was said that it was a war that no one would win… but the girls are not taking a chance.

    “Clark: This is the only peaceful way to eliminate the threat. Without a war, a war that no one will win… once the Kandorians are gone, there will be other threats that sire to threaten all of mankind. The world will need you, Rhapsody Girls… Rhapsody Brothers… Everyone… You’ll have to work together to become the team that you were always meant to be. As much as i would like to say that there is another way out of this… to fight back the Kandorians and not resort to using the book to eradicate them… the fact is that there is no other way… Jor-el’s dying words to me were to save Zod. but it has come to reason that there is nothing left to save of him… Zod is too far gone and the only way to save him from making another error and do something on this planet that he won’t be able to walk away from is to send him away. I once believed that my destiny was here on Earth, but now you all will need to accept that destiny for me. This world will need you most to be their light. their strength. to be the guides for future Heroes who are destined to appear. they’re gonna need you.”

    It is a note of someone possibly saying goodbye. But not as long as the girls can help it. they won’t let it.

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