Chapter 68: “Rest in Peace Mrs. Princess Rikku Rhapsody. Eternal Slumber abounds. Dinah’s Breakdown and agony busts down the door; Red Queen comes to crash at the Rhapsody Girls homestead. Mourning in whole. the Rhapsody Girls Z! say their last good-byes to their mother. The Countdown to the war against Zod Imminent and near; Zod bides his time against the girls… Wipes off Checkmate. Kandorians in Allegiance to Zod… All fury aimed at Earth. Book of RAO nears being found” Part 1

Dinah: *Voice-over* Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z!

Luna: *Bouncing in and seeing the devastation* What happened?

Pearl: Mom is dead. She’s been killed. *Crying*

Paige: Someone killed her and we’ll never see her smile and or feel her warmth ever again… *Crying into her hands*

Dinah: *Silent and with tears in her eyes*

“Have you heard
Have you tried to understand
It’s all right
It gets easier with time

Luna: How could this be though… She can’t die. She can’t be dead.

Betty: Well she is. *Crying in sobs* Our mom is dead. Why did she have to die?

Angel: It’s not fair… Why did she have to die? She didn’t deserve to die. She was innocent.

How are you
Are you ever coming back
I have changed
And I’ve realized I was wrong

Paige: *Crying and Suddenly looking down at her power belt* Just because of this hero duty… we lose our mother.

Pearl: *Crying in sadness and agony* I want my momma. MOMMA!

Dinah: *Crying and suddenly Looking at her mother’s picture* Mom, You were the best mom there was. I had given you a little bit of a hard time with my tough gutsy attitude at times… but i was just acting out. i don’t care what happens… I just want you back. *Screaming in Fury and heartbreak* AUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my Love
I’d give anything for one more day with you

Betty: *With an upset tone* What are we gonna do? We can’t afford this place.

Angel: Tomorrow we start packing up the house and find a cheaper place to live.

Luna: *Suddenly feeling the emotions come out and crying*

I’m getting through
I wish you felt the way I do
I have changed
And I’ve realized I was wrong

Paige: *Crying and holding their dead mother close*

Pearl:  *Crying* I want my mom!

Dinah: *in agony*

I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my love
I’d give anything for one more day with you

Betty: *Hearing the Doorbell ring* Who the hell is it now?!

Rikku: It’s your grandmother. Is everything alright in there?

Angel: No…

I was wrong
I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my love
I’d do anything for one more day with you

I’d do anything for one more day with you
I’d give anything for one more day with you”

Rhapsody Girls: *Crying* WAAAAA!

Rikku: *Coming in through the front door and seeing her granddaughters crying* What’s going on… *Seeing a dead body in the living room and seeing the girls all around it* Who’s that?

Paige: *Crying* It’s our mom. She’s dead. She’s dead….

Rikku: *Suddenly feeling her heart drop and running over in a flash over to her deceased Daughter’s body* No! Not my baby. Not my sweet sweet baby. *Kneeling down beside her daughter and shaking her daughter* Honey… Wake up. Wake up. Please wake up!

No reaction…”

It was a week later and Princess Rikku’s Memorial service was underway. it was the day of the service. it had been a week since the death and the devastation was still ever fresh and strong. Pearl didn’t talk to anyone and she didn’t even do her normal routine. She didn’t even call her boyfriend… her happiness for life was gone. She was missing her mother so much that she was wasting away. She didn’t eat hardly anything since the night their world changed. She would look out the window and would hardly move from that spot. She was so broken that she was seen wearing all black and started wearing purple lipstick and going rather goth. She hurt deeply in her heart because of her despair. Paige and Dinah were silent and didn’t say much to anyone. They had nothing to say. This went on for a whole week. By time the day came for the Memorial service… Paige, Pearl and Dinah. Betty, Angel, Shanna and Luna made sure that they all wore black. Grandmother Rikku was shattered most of all for it was gonna be the day that she’d have to bury her Daughter Princess Rikku. She spent most of the week out making all the arrangements and seeing that things were in place. Their Uncle King John had the 4 boys stay with them to be their family strength for the time being even though they too were feeling the devastation…

Wednesday May 8 2024…

Metropolis Mortuary…

Paige: *Walking into the Mortuary with her sisters* Life sucks.

Dinah: *Sour* Give it a rest. I am done hearing it. Mom is dead. we’ll never see her again. If anyone should be gloomy… it’s me, Damn it. I was a tough girl. i was one to give her a little bit of a hard time every now and then. a couple times i managed to go a bit too far. Now she’s gone and there is nothing that i can do to take it back. I can say i am sorry all i wished. She’ll never get to hear it.

Pearl: Yeah… Right. *With tears in her eyes and sniffling* I don’t care about it. I Miss mom so much. and it tears me up knowing that in just 5 hours in counting… Mom is gonna be put into the ground and will be a worm feast. It hurts so much.

Shanna: *Nods; upset and devastated* I feel your sorrow Pearl. I feel the same. it is tragic. *Seeing Pearl wearing Black lipstick* Pearl… Sadness is normal for times like these… but uh, don’t you think that Black Lipstick is kinda overdoing it?

Pearl: It is. *With tears in her eyes* But the way i’m feeling… i don’t think it matters that i’m over doing it.

Luna: *Whimpering with sadness*

Betty: *Walking over from the side* It’s set. The people are gathering to the one room. The Coffin is inside. It is open.

Angel: We’ve already said our goodbyes and shed tears while doing so. You girls go on ahead and say your goodbyes.

Pearl: I don’t want to go in.

Betty: Why not? Don’t you want to have your chance to say your last goodbyes to mom?

Pearl: No. i don’t. *Scared* I don’t want to go and do it.

Dinah: Pearl, Why do you not want to have your time to say goodbyes to mom?

Pearl: *Breaking into sobs* It’s too soon. i’m scared that if i do say goodbye to her… it’d just make it all the more real. i am barely holding on as it is and trying hard to not break down. If i go in there and say goodbye to her… it’ll mean this is all real and i’ll just want to give up living. I also am scared to see her in that coffin.

Paige: I know. We are scared too, Pearl. It hurts to see her like that. but she’s gone. There is nothing we can do to change it.

Dinah: I hate it too. Pearl… It’s gonna be alright. Let’s just get it over… *Gulps* with.

Shanna: *Nervous* Should we go in too?

Luna: It’d be a good idea that we did. besides this is our last chance to do it.

Pearl felt hurt and really didn’t want to go in and see her dead mother in the casket. But she knew that as hard as it was… She had to say her goodbyes. It was the only way for her to move on.

In the Viewing room…

Princess Charlene: *Looking at her deceased cousin in the coffin* Princess Rikku, I am gonna miss you. You were the best person ever. you were sensitive, but kind and gentle. firm but very condescending. You were this very strong woman who had alot of love in your heart. you didn’t have a happy childhood like we had… but you had us and you were never alone.

Prince Richie: *With a stern look on his face and keeping strong* Aunt Princess Rikku. You are a admirable woman. you are the best Aunt i ever knew. you might have been a bit strange at times. making a bit of odd decisions. But you had heart. You had a whole lot of heart and were one with being traditional. caring about the family. I Love you Aunt Princess Rikku. I’m gonna miss you.

Mrs. Stroker and her husband Chip walked over and said their goodbyes to Princess Rikku. They were upset and didn’t say much for fear of crying. they were in pain over the loss. It hurt them hard. Trixie came in and paid her respects to Princess Rikku. But one at a time they came and then went to the side and waited for the Memorial service to start. The Casket was gonna be taken to the Chapel. but not for another hour…

Prince Alvin: *With a teared eye* You’re gonna be missed Aunt Princess Rikku. I am gonna doggone miss you. You have no idea how hurt we are to know that we’ll never get to see your face after today. You didn’t have to die.  You were meant for far better things than dying.

Prince Arnold: *Looking close and noticing a mark on Aunt Princess Rikku’s torso that is barely seen through the white garment* Huh?! There is something there…

Prince Curtis: What? What’s there.

Prince Arnold: An engraving of some kind. a Symbol.

Prince Curtis: *Shaking his head dreading what is about to come* Today of all days. Please don’t tell me that it’s the marking of that Kandorian Bozo…

Prince Avery: If it is then… we’re gonna go and nail him for it. because that will point off that he was the last person to see our Aunt alive.

Prince Alvin: Prince Avery, Don’t even start. not today. This day is strictly to be only family related. and no mention of Zod or those Kandorians.

Chloe: *Overhearing the talk* Are you guys sure that it was Zod?

Prince Avery: we have a hunch that it was. *Looking at Chloe* Come take a look at the body and see if you see the symbol.

Chloe: *Walking over to the body and noticing the mark underneath the torso on Princess Rikku* It’s him. i Recognize that Bastard’s mark anywhere. It is him.

Prince Arnold: What’ll we do? If the Rhapsody Girls find out.. it’ll set them off.

Chloe: Hurry. lift the top piece real quick. i can take a thermal scan of the mark and see if i can get any juice out of the remaining power from Watchtower and see if we get any hits from it.

Prince Curtis: Will it be possible to get any match?

Chloe: I don’t know. But if it’s a Match. that will mean that Zod was the final person to have seen Princess Rikku alive. and will also mean that he’s the one we’ll look for.

Prince Alvin then quickly lifts the top a little and enough for Chloe to get a thermal scan of the marking on the torso. a minute later…

Chloe: *Heading out* If i get any hits… i’ll let you know. But i’ll be back for the Memorial service.

Prince Avery: *Nods*

A couple minutes later…

Paige: *Walking into the Viewing room and seeing the open coffin* Well, Pearl… Dinah. Here goes nothing.

Pearl: *Walking over to the coffin and hugging her mother* Oh Mother… Please wake up for me. i don’t want to lose you. not now. Losing you will take away my good nature.

Dinah: Pearl… stop it. You won’t lose it. you’ll be okay. heck, girl… we have each other. We’re not gonna leave you. Mom never left you either. She’s still in the heart. And that won’t change.

Pearl: I know that. but i just can’t help it. It hurts too much.

Paige: neither can i.

Dinah: Will you two quit it? You two are starting to get me to tear up and i am holding it together just by a thread if not more.

Shanna: *Looking at her mother* I am gonna miss you mom.

Luna: *Whimpering and crying* You were only my mother for a few hours. I known you as a nice person and a kind hearted soul for a longer period than that. I’m really hurt to see that you’re gone.

Pearl: Mom, we’re gonna miss you. *Suddenly letting go* I Love you mom. *Running off crying* Nooooo!

Dinah: *Seeing Pearl Running off crying in agony* Oh man… not again.

Luna: I’ll go get her.

Shanna: Want me to come with?

Luna: Well as they always say… two are better than one.

Paige: *Looking to see their cousins Mary and Alice crying* Alice… Mary. You two okay?

Mary: *Crying* No. We’re not. We Miss Princess Rikku.

Alice: She used to babysit us at times when we were young. When we were first adopted by our mom… She would have Princess Rikku Babysit us when our mom had to go out of town somewhere. Princess Rikku used to play games with us and would always talk to us. She even joined us in dancing.

Paige: *Gasps* When was this?

Mary: Almost 7 years ago. *With tears in her eyes*

Mrs. Stroker: It’s true, Paige. It’s true. Your mother did that. She had a heart of gold. She was very Loving.

Paige: Mom was so wonderful. She was always there for us and she would always know what to do when we had a problem. When we were sick… she would always have us rest in bed and would have us hooked with good Movies. and a lot of care. She made sure that we were okay before she would go and do what she had to do. She was always so proactive. She never gave up on anything. no matter how tough it seemed to get.

Mrs. Stroker: I know. She was just one of a kind.

They went on with talking while they waited for the pallbearers to show up…

But on the outside by the small garden area of the Mortuary…

Pearl: *Crying* I miss mom. I want her back…

Charlene: *Walking over to her Great Niece Pearl* Pearl, Are you alright?

Pearl: *Just crying*

Charlene: *Kneeling In front of Pearl and hugging her* There there… It’s gonna be alright.

Pearl: *With a tear soaked face* I miss my mother. I feel so much pain over the fact that my mom has been killed. She has died. I will never be the same again. it’s never gonna be the same ever again.

Charlene: I know… i know. i feel it too. It is really painful. Princess Rikku died before her time. it was not her time to go. but the fact that she died… it is not reversible. Death is forever permanent.

Dinah: *Walking over to see Pearl broken up* Sis, you are creating a scene here.  You’re falling apart. It’s hard on us all that we’re having to say goodbye to Mom. I Miss her. as much as you. but i am just not at the point yet where i realize that it’s hit home yet.

Shanna: Neither have i. It’s not the same without her. But we got to hold strong for her and for Grandmother Rikku. She’s gonna be having it rough as she has to take care of us now and will need to get a handle of raising us how mom had done so. Well at least for you 3, Betty and Angel plus Luna. ME… i am a bit different. But you girls have to be strong. for each other.

Luna: I’m only 11… So i am younger than you girls by 4 years. I don’t even know how i’ll be able to survive being raised by Grandma Rikku. I know that she’s gonna be trying to do all she can and the best she knows how to raise us… but it just won’t be the same.

Pearl: *Sniffling* I know. *Trying to calm down* But it just hurts too much.

Dinah: I agree. it hurts so bad. how are we ever gonna be able to live without our mother? She’s been like our guiding light for such a long time. She was like our shelter from the storm. When we were in need. with anything that happened in the house… Mom would have always done her darn best to help us with whatever we were going through.

Luna: She was a gifted person. one whose light dimmed too soon.

However on top of a building a few blocks away…

Zod: *Looking down and watching the activity* The whole Family all in one place… This is just perfect. i could attack them all right now and none would be the wiser. But it would be of ill taste to land an attack on them during their meager moment of grieving and mourning…

Basqat: They are a peculiar group of people. Humans like them don’t fall easily. And that young girl in blue is crying so much… How could a human like her possess that power?

Zod: It shouldn’t matter much, my foot soldier. Their fall will come in due time.

Basqat: If that means going against that girl with Psychic and Molten power? That girl was unstable.

Zod: And therefore, we shall use her to bring down the Rhapsody Girls Z! She has unstable powers and if she uses them… it will distract the rest of them and they’ll try to stop it. but will have already lost as we’d be taking them by surprise.

Basqat: What about the Blur? You know he’ll try to interfere…

But at Watchtower…

The Command room was torn apart and wires were everywhere. the place was in complete shambles and by the way it looked… chances were endearingly slim that any Juice could be drawn from any of the computers to do even the least bit of  research or any digging for info…

Chloe: *Fixing some wires and trying to work some juice into the one computer* We got to get to the bottom of that mark. Zod and his little game of cloak and dagger. hit hard and then buzz off. it’s stopping. if only i can get a match or a reading on the thermal scan of the markings on Princess Rikku. That Symbol is a week old… but is still pretty fresh.

Chloe plugs in her thermal scanner and runs the prints with the limited electric power that was being squeezed from the wires. She scanned it and got a partial match to the marking. But as she scanned more of the marking; she caught evidence of the sign. She saw it and it was indeed Zod…

Although while she got the evidence… back at the Metropolis Mortuary…

Amara: *Walking over to the girls* Hey you girls… we’ve heard about the funeral and came to lend our condolences to you.

Michelle: We’re so sorry that you lost your mother. She was a wonderful woman.

Trista: She was very nice and direct.

Paige: It’s good to see you girls here.

Pearl: Yeah. The Memorial is about to begin and the only thing i can do is just shake in terror because Paige, Dinah and i have to give an Eulogy. As does our Uncle and our grandmother.

Dinah: Don’t ask if i’m to enjoy it, because if you were to really ask if it’d be something i’d see to be a pleasure trip and something i’d get into for a living… You’re nuts. This is no way to go and it’s not something that i’d enjoy almost each passing day upon demand.

Shingo: *Walking up to Dinah* Don’t worry. we won’t. At least… it won’t be coming from me.

Peter: I’m neutral.

Johnny: Undecided. but you girls are gonna be fine. We’re here now.

Paige: *Smiles briefly* Thanks.

Johnny: I heard about what happened. Paige, i’m so sorry.

Paige: *Breaking down* Mom! *Crying into her boyfriend’s arms*

Pearl: *Breaking down into Peter’s Arms* My mom is gone and we’ll never get to feel her warmth and her presence again. *Crying*

Dinah:*straining to keep from breaking down while hugging her boyfriend*

But that wasn’t the only issue. their boyfriends weren’t the only ones that came. their five friends also came. Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako as well as Artemis. their Justice league friends also came. Dinah Lance… she came as the Black Canary. she wanted to give the girls a protective edge. Paige, Pearl and Dinah, Betty, Angel, Shanna and Luna were gonna be in need of it now more than ever. Paige, Pearl and Dinah were taking it intolerably deep as they should do for it was their mother. Princess Rikku was a casualty. She was an Aunt, a Cousin, A Niece, A sister to Princess Aquamarine who happened to die years ago before she and was a Daughter… Victor Stone, Arthur Curry, John Jones, Carter Hall, Courtney Whitmore, Oliver Queen. They were all there. As Paige and her sisters Pearl and Dinah hugged their boyfriends and cried… they listened to the call and realized that it was time to go inside to the Chapel part of the Mortuary. It was hard and with the pain they felt over the loss, they knew that it was time to face it. The Pallbearers were carrying the casket into the Chapel. King John was one of the Pallbearers as was his father John. Oliver went to give a hand as well as Carter Hall and Victor Stone. There was also Prince Richie… He too helped carry the casket over to the Chapel.

Paige: *Walking with her sisters* Well… this is it. Service time.

Pearl: *Showing a smile suddenly* Hey, look at it this way… At least she’s going to feel no more pain and she’s at peace.

Dinah: *Sighs* Yeah. Eternal peace. I don’t even want to bring it up. the whole thing is a total depressor. I hate funerals. Love Weddings. they’re a bit sappy and mushy but they’re not depressing. Funerals? Depressing as a rainy day.

Betty: That is one way of putting it. But for the record… our mom is dead. this is the day we send her into the afterlife. This is the thing that needs to be done.

Paige: *Snaps a little* Like we don’t know that, Betty. We are aware of that. we just hurt over it.

Pearl: *Emotional* Yeah. Mom didn’t even know we were hers till 8 years after we were conceived. and we 3 lived on the streets for 8 years of our lives. She didn’t mean to forget us. and she didn’t. but the issue was that the doctors didn’t even tell her that she was still pregnant. with us. she had us and yet was told that she was done and she was made to believe it. Dinah, Paige and I had to fend for ourselves the best we knew how… we were struggling. Dinah beat down any thug that came at us. Paige lead the way and I was the peacemaker to calm things down when we were about to come unglued at one another. Mom had you longer than us. You spent more time with her than we did. Which makes it all the more hurtful because we’ll never get to see her again. She’ll never see us graduate, get married or anything. It was taken from her.

Angel: Mom told us about it the very day that she reunited with you 3. You think we forgot? She was told by the doctors that you 3 were not conceived. She was made to believe that you 3 never made it. Do you have any idea as to how screwed up that was for her? Do you? We were there. She had secretly beaten herself up for nearly 8 damn years about it. knowing that she had 3 more girls… but she couldn’t remember who or when… or where. She never figured it out. but her heart was telling her that something wasn’t right. that she had 3 more girls. you. she conceived 3 more and was being forced to believe that she was done and that me and Betty were the only two she had given birth to.

Dinah: So the Doctors kept her away from us for 8 years. Away from our Biological Mother. Away from mom?! *Blowing her stack in agony* Curse it… I so hate doctors now… if i see another doctor in my life i will go totally nuclear.

The girls all walk inside the Chapel and head to the front of the crowd as they knew that they would have to give an Eulogy. It was gonna be painful for them as they never had done one…

In the back of the Chapel by the door…

Prince Alvin: We’re almost there…. This is gonna be hell.

Prince Arnold: *Nods* yeah. i don’t like how this is turning. Something isn’t right about this. Princess Rikku died. But how? She was healthy. She was healthy as a bloody horse. She was almost never sick for as much as we ever knew her. She could be with the sniffles or a little stuffy nose. but that’d be about all she’d have on her. Sickness was practically a minor thing for her.

Prince Avery: Are you sure about that? Bro, She died. there is nothing that could have killed her. I mean, Who would want to kill a sweet woman like her?

Prince Curtis: Zod. that’d be who. Remember when we were going after Tess for aiding in the movement of Major now General Zod? She was helping the Kandorians like Zod get that Solar Tower up and would have given them the power to raze the planet and win. But hence that even with the Solar Tower gone… they’re with powers anyway. You really think that Zod would not think to target the girls in any way possible? He planned to cripple the girls. and sorry to say… it was gonna happen. Princess Rikku is dead. and nothing killed her. it was not natural. she was not sick. there was no freak accident. Someone had to of  done it to her.

Prince Alvin: Prince Curtis, That is enough from you. Don’t you know that this is hard enough on the girls? They have been hurt. They’re going through all kinds of pain. It’s not easy for them. We also know about the memory of where for 8 years Aunt Princess Rikku was being made to believe that she didn’t have 3 more daughters. None of this came out… till now. but remember Pops said something about the ordeal and even we were hurt to know about that time. Remember that?

Prince Avery: Vaguely. but yes.


Chloe: *Walking over to the boys* guys… i’m relieved to have found you.

Prince Arnold: It’s good to see you back. What were you able to find out?

Chloe: *Pulling out her Mini-Computer and opening the file* The thermal scan i took of Princess Rikku’s torso. i scanned the image and ran it through the files of Watchtower. i had to strain it a bit as i was running on limited Juice from the remaining power that Watchtower had. I Managed to strap-elate the image 4 times using a clear image converter and came up with a match. a dead on match. it’s the same…

Prince Avery: *Seeing the matching symbol* Zod.

Chloe: I’m afraid so.

Prince Alvin: Are you sure though? Is this accurate?

Chloe: Yes. Prince Alvin… i am sure, okay? i am sure. this was the best i could do with what little power i could squeeze out from Watchtower. i was able to recheck it and checked it 3 times just to be certain. It’s a match. there is no lie. it’s him.

Prince Avery: *Lowers his head*

Prince Alvin: *Slowly balling up his fist* Zod was there the night that Princess Rikku died? He killed her. He Killed Aunt Princess Rikku. destroyed our family to prove a point. He’s made this personal. He targets Paige, Pearl and Dinah and cripples them. All for to make a point? *With a short quick out Burst of Anger* Son of a Bitch! *Punching the Wall with a Quick release of anger* Damn that Zod!

Lois: *Walking in suddenly* Sorry i’m late in attending. I over slept and Clark… forgot to wake me up… AGAIN!

Clark: Yeah right! I tried to wake you. 3 times and you kept passing out.

Lois: *Scoffs with a release of breath* Well excuse me… but not all of us were trained by crows and roosters and the sounds of a neighing horse. Especially one who thinks he’s the Mick Jagger of the Horse Kingdom.

Prince Avery: Clark… no bull. this day isn’t about you and your insecurities. it’s about paying respects and saying our final goodbyes to a woman who died. the mother of the 3 girls. We can focus more on your insecurities and beat them out of you another day. but not today. today is about Paige, Pearl and Dinah and helping them cope with the loss. It’s been a hard time for them and it’s not about to get any better. for the time being. They lost their mother. we lost an Aunt. It’s gonna be a huge sting for them.

Clark only sighed…

the rest of the people came in and took their seats as they waited for the service to start…

A few minutes later…

Oliver: *Standing behind the podium and speaking* Hello everyone. It’s a sad day for us all. one that we all would rather not go through. but unfortunately are. I don’t know what all to say about the loss, but i am sure that we all feel the pain because we’ve lost someone close to us. A friend. 7 girls are without a mother. A woman has lost her first born after just losing her second daughter only a few years earlier. A family lost a Cousin, A Niece, and An Aunt. We on the outside are not part of the family… but we are still close to them as they are to us. and always have been. I met their Mother Princess Rikku Rhapsody on the very day that we all dealt with the unleashing scare of a Zombie Virus. We were all trying to go and prevent it from going into the water supply going all to the city. but we were too late. Princess Rikku was not the most knowledgeable woman at the time. But then again who would be? I met her through the 3 girls. you might know them…actually you know them quite well. The Rhapsody Girls Z! Namely yours truly… Paige, Pearl and Dinah Rhapsody. They are how i met Princess Rikku. I didn’t really think as much about her the first time but that was because of the dilemma we faced at that time. But from then till now… i heard from through the girls. I remember a time when they were just walking into the store trying to complete the list for the mother who was planning something big for them. and we all know it was their birthday. for courtesy and for the art of precise surprise… we all played dumb. because we all wanted it to be a major surprise for them. the girls were having trouble getting it all done so i stepped up and took care of it all for them. I even helped set up the Musical guests that came to their party. With permission from their mother. on the night when the 3 girls were believed to be in danger from their ex-professor… i vowed to Princess Rikku that i would have a ride bring them to stay at the star tower for a little bit till we knew for sure that the scare was passed. I didn’t think that anything was gonna happen. but i wasn’t one to chance it. Princess Rikku was a woman of spirit. you couldn’t tell just by glimpsing at her or just meeting for the 1st time. but when you happened to meet her and just see her… speaking to her. seeing how she showed love to her girls. You knew that she cared about them more than she did herself. My thoughts and my heart go out to the girls… they are without a mother now. and i know that their grandmother will care for them. *Looking at Princess Rikku in the coffin* Mrs. Rhapsody… I make you this promise. Those girls will be protected indefinitely. I will not let anything happen to them. If they’re in need. i’ll be there. support and for strength. *Looking at Rikku* If you ever need me… count on me to be there for them. Thank you.

Suddenly Oliver stepped down and cleared the way for the next speaker to come up…

Minako: *Getting on Stage and standing before the audience* This song i do for Mrs. Rhapsody. *Looking at Princess Rikku before beginning* “Okubetsu riyuu nante nai no dakedo
Nazeka kimi ni wa sunao de irareta
Doushite sonna ni nakisou na kao?
Gomen itsumo karakatte bakari de
Demo mae o muku sono manazashi ni doredake yuuki zukerareta ka
Motto mujaki ni warai aeba nokosareta jikan wa zutto sweet days

Tokidoki kumo no kirema ni taiyou ga kao o dasu you ni
Omoikaesu hi ga kuru yo kitto
Chiisa na kaban kakaete yuku saki no nai tabi ni deru
Nido to modorenai toki o koete

Sukoshi nigate na namakuriimu mo kimi no egao de tabesaserareta ne
Kanari fukuzatsu na kankei datta shi
Demo ne itsumo kokoro wa issho ni ite
Kondo aeru hi ga kita nara sono toki wa omoikiri hashagu yo

Itsuka kimi to nobotta kanransha kara no keshiki
Namida koraete nijindeta sotto
Kono machi o ato ni suru sayonara mo tsugenai mama ni
Nido to modoranai toki no naka de

Sweet days
Tokidoki kumo no kirema ni taiyou ga kao o dasu you ni
Omoi kaesu hi ga kuru yo soshite tsurakute mo egao de ite
Naki dashisou na toki ni koso waratte
Sore ga ikiru akashi dakara”

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *With Tears in their eyes; Mouthing silently to Minako* Thank you.

Minako got down and a minute later…

King John: *Standing behind the podium* I am a Cousin to Princess Rikku. I remember the first time i truly got close to her as i had ever been. It was in the 5th grade. She was just minding her own business and just hanging out playing and being her good self. she was one girl who had it all. she didn’t have the attraction but i still saw her as someone beautiful. because beauty… true beauty… it lies on the inside.  She was just enjoying being among the masses of other kids. just living. it just happened that one day she was only doing what she casually does when she saw a guy that she liked. She was blushing. i was actually touched that she was just being herself. being how all girls get when they see a guy they like. it’s like an attraction to them. And to some guys too. I’m a guy. so i know first hand that attraction is quite common. it’s like a sense of heart. you see something or someone that you feel the hots for… your heart goes all a flutter. But Princess Rikku was just smiling at the guy. She smiled and it was just a common gesture. you wouldn’t think a wink about it. although what happened was the guy was a jerk with a nasty habit. planting something in her bag and got her teased. framed. yeah. that memory lives on because it was the defining moment that led to her unhappy childhood through school. Accused of smoking would do that to you. it was a unhappy life. for her. not for us. But i was not about to let her be alone with no one to stick up for her. i saw some kids teasing her. so i went over there and knocked out the kids and did what a cousin and member of the family would do. i took care of my own. i defended her. The one kid tried to say that Princess Rikku was part of the smoker persuasion which was by far the most untrue. we all know it so. because Princess Rikku was never raised that way. we know better. we do. *Looking at Princess Rikku’s daughters* Your mother was most sensitive to that. her Childhood was terrible. she didn’t want to see the things that hit her hit you. I loved your Mother. She was my Cousin and i loved her closer than anyone. Because to me… she was a pink-haired Fuzzball. and i’ll still remember her as that. whenever i saw her or heard from her… i’d say to her: “What’s up Fuzzball?” That was the nickname i called her when i met up with her.  *To the Audience* I am a favored cousin to her and i love her. I love her because she and i were just so close. When she was held captive… by that Zod. i didn’t go over and lend a hand and i spent a while beating myself up for it. i was so angry for not being there when i should have.

King John shares a Flashback in his Eulogy for Princess Rikku…

Princess Charlene: *Answering the door* Hello there, King John. good of you to finally visit. It only took you 3 weeks. What’s going on with you lately? You’ve been persona grata for a while. i heard from your sons. who are also my nephews. they noticed that you were agitated and really cranky alot as of late.

King John: *Sighs* I don’t want to talk about it… Just drop it.

Princess Charlene: No. I have heard about this for a while now… i am not one to be the devil’s advocate. and force your hand to get a psych evaluation. but you need to stop getting so unhinged. What is making you so damn Angry? Huh! What? you are usually never like this. not for the hell of it. I noticed it. Your own sons noticed it and they are at the point to where they don’t want to be in the same house as you for fear that you might pop off and just lash out in uncontrolled Rage. Something is going on that has literally pissed you off to stinkin’ high heaven and then some. *Looking at her cousin* Cousin… i say this because i care and worry like hell about you. as do your sons and of course Princess Rikku. we all worry like hell about you.

King John: *grunts* Please… just let it be… You all know what it is. it’s the damn issue with that new threat. That Major… whoever he is. they infiltrated Princess Rikku’s house. kept her daughters captive and hurt them. the pisser of it all was that i wasn’t even there to come to their aid. i should have frickin’ been there. i should have been there to give them a hand…

Princess Charlene: Is that what’s gotten you all pissed off and literally unhinged? Yeah… you could have been there. but then again… how were you to know what was going on. none of us knew what was going on. no one knew. all we knew was that the girls found some Orb that had extraterrestrial origins. Dinah… she found it and brought home to their house… the orb. it unleashed itself. But none of them knew that it was gonna come to this. they didn’t know. neither did you. Princess Rikku, the girls, your sons… and all of us are just the supposed victims of the maiden appearance of Major Zod. but we had no idea about what was gonna happen till after it happened. Paige, Pearl and Dinah are put in the middle of it. they’re being slapped with the whole mess. as are we.

King John: It doesn’t matter. Princess Charlene… the fact is that i should have still been there. i should have been there to help them…

Princess Charlene: *Scoffs* And do what? Get yourself killed by possibly hostile beings that came from the orb? Cousin… that would only have made things worse.

King John: *Raising his voice* So you’re saying that it was right of me to not be around to lend a hand to help them? is that what you’re trying to tell me? I am like the tough one… Do you remember when Princess Rikku was named that Vile vile nickname? I was there and i saw it. you and the others weren’t aware of it till after it was said and done. i was there. i was there and saw the other kids picking on her. Messing with her. making her upset and teasing her. if it weren’t for me… she’d be trashed. Since then i was always there to come to her rescue. even now. when it’s her kids in danger. they are like her in some ways even though they’re individuals and have their own personalities… they’re still a bit like her. My father is gonna be pissed at me if he were to find out that i wasn’t there to come to her aid when those beings from the Orb came out and infiltrated her house. He’s gonna be pissed. and so will Aunt Rikku. She too will be livid. It’s all my fault. ALL MY FAULT!

Princess Charlene: *Slapping King John in the face hard* SNAP OUT OF IT!!! It’s not your fault. You had no way of knowing… Cousin… Look at me. Look at me…  *Staring her cousin in the eyes* There was nothing you could have done. nothing. there was nothing i could have done either. if there was something i could have done i would have been there. i would have been there to help them out. as you would have been. so would Princess Trixie/Mrs. Chip Stroker. she too would have been there. but again… there was nothing that we could do. we didn’t fully realize what was going on till after the fact. All we knew was Dinah Rhapsody our Niece… Princess Rikku’s daughter found the Orb while talking to Shingo in the park. after the great Evil was all gone and the city was renewed. by her own admission. she thought the orb was a strange looking hackeysack ball. one that had a 4 pointed star on the front of it. She had no idea that it was an Alien orb. none. not even her sisters.”

King John: *Looking at his Cousin in the coffin* I am sorry, You pink-haired Fuzzball. i am sorry that i wasn’t there to provide a fighting chance for you when those Kandorians held you and your girls captive. I am hoping that you come back to haunt me for it. i deserve it. *Looking at his Cousin Princess Charlene* You got me to break to my senses… but i still feel the guilt… Aunt Rikku. *Looking at his Aunt* I’m sorry that i wasn’t there for her when she was in need.

Rikku: It’s okay. You are okay. we know the story and know that there was nothing we could have done. But you need to stop beating yourself up over it. I am not mad. i understand.

King John: *Looking at the audience* I know that wherever she is, she’s happy and free. safe. But i really wish that she didn’t have to go. I am gonna miss her forever. I remember that she would always know what to say and would be so admirable around family. She never thought about anything other than doing the right thing. People never caught on. it usually seemed that they were just bound to mock her. But she never wavered in her life. she kept with it. When she was a hero… i would usually be with her most of the time and we’d be always there. fighting side by side. When she became a normal mother… i was both happy and sad. Happy that she became a normal mother… i was happy for her because she was finally…. FINALLY gonna live her dream. being able to live how she always desires. She wanted to have a big family. a wonderful family. 9 kids.  however she won’t get her chance. but at least she’s had 5 biological kids. and 2 adopted kids. it is a little under 9… but hey… she tried. right? *Looking at her Cousin* pleasant dreams Fuzzball. At least you’ll never be hurt again like this world has done to you. people judging you. we’ll never forget you.

Minutes later…

“Making my way downtown
I’m walking fast
Faces passed
And I’m home bound

Staring blankly ahead
Just making my way
Making a way
Through the crowd

And I need you
And I miss you
And now I wonder….

If I could fall
Into the sky
Do you think time
Would pass me by
‘Cause you know I’d walk
A thousand miles
If I could
Just see you

It’s always times like these
When I think of you
And I wonder
If you ever
Think of me

‘Cause everything’s so wrong
And I don’t belong
Living in your
Precious memories

‘Cause I need you
And I miss you
And now I wonder….

If I could fall
Into the sky
Do you think time
Would pass me by
‘Cause you know I’d walk
A thousand miles
If I could
Just see you

And I, I
Don’t want to let you know
I, I
Drown in your memory
I, I
Don’t want to let this go
I, I

Making my way downtown
Walking fast
Faces passed
And I’m home bound

Staring blankly ahead
Just making my way
Making a way
Through the crowd

I still need you
I still miss you
And now I wonder….

If I could fall
Into the sky
Do you think time
Would pass us by
‘Cause you know I’d walk
A thousand miles
If I could
Just see you…

If I could fall
Into the sky
Do you think time
Would pass me by
‘Cause you know I’d walk
A thousand miles
If I could
Just see you
If I could
Just hold you

Rikku Marie Rhapsody then got up and went over to the Podium and started her  Eulogy. It was gonna be sad and hard for her because just the thought of her being on the stage behind the Podium and right by the casket… it was enough to make her faint. She was gonna be struggling the whole way through. she knew it…

Rikku Rhapsody: *Sniffling* I am not so good with this as it’s to say goodbye to one of my daughters. I lost one daughter and now i lose one more. But when i think back to the early years and to how Princess Rikku was in the past… I can only cry because she had dealt with so much sadness. She was growing up to love school. Adored it like no other. It was not till the 5th grade that she started hating school. i never knew why… but when she came home crying that one afternoon… that’s when i knew that something was wrong. i asked her what was wrong and she cried in tears to me… “The kids all hate me. they all think i’m a freak. they think that i was the one with the terrible habit. I’m not. but some boy was with the habit and tried to frame me. the boy got thrown out… but it didn’t matter. the other kids all hate me. they truly hate me” I felt numb and hurt because i was seeing my daughter crushed and by the outside kids. Princess Rikku was the most sensitive person i ever knew. More than her sister Princess Aquamarine. She was a very special person. I remember a time and i do believe that my daughter would be Embarrassed if i brought it out… but there was a time when she was 4 that she had a problem like wetting the bed. she was only 4 years old and she didn’t know any better. some kids wet their beds and happen to not even feel it while they are sleeping. They’d never feel it till they awoken the next morning. Anyway… She went to bed in her little bed that i had done up for her. it looked like a Raven since she loved those things. even to this day i sit and ask myself why she’d even treasure such things such as Ravens. but she loved them and as an act of love i built the bed for her. She loved it so much that she even tried to act like Raven from the Cartoon that used to be on years and years ago. she tried to chant these 3 words like as if she was that hero. although during that same night… she must have had a major nightmare because she started leaking and it wasn’t like she knew that it happened. in your sleep you don’t really feel much given that you’re in this state of calm. she was asleep when it happened and by time she woke up the next morning… she felt wet and wondered why that was… she lifted the covers and saw a wet spot. the size of a computer monitor and it smelled rather nauseating… she felt so bad over it when she found out that it came from her and that she wet the bed that she cried. she was so embarrassed and ashamed that she was scared to be in my sight for she felt that i’d be mad at her. i could have been. some mother’s would Punish their kids for doing something that they could not control. but not me. i just smiled and sighed and picked her up. i looked at her and then kissed her forehead and her nose. trying to cheer her up. i got her cleaned up and then cleaned up the bed. washing the sheets and the blanket. it was a little bit of work… but i did it. I could not be mad at Princess Rikku. it wasn’t her fault. it was not like she meant for it to happen. it just happened. the incident happened a few more times after that until she was about 5 1/2 years old. but when she was 6… she poured glitter all over her by accident as she was making a picture and wanted to make it all glittery. she poured the red and pink glitter all over her and it got everywhere. all over hands, fingers, arms, chest, back, legs and feet. even some around the one area that we never want to have glitter on.. It’d be just downright tacky and really awkward. it got on the floor and the table and on the chair that she was sitting on. I didn’t even get mad. i understood and tried to talk to her and explained to her that she had to be more careful with what she did. it worked. she kept that lesson well. but her moments of having wet the bed. that was something that she was not happy about. she didn’t like it. but it was not like she could help it. it happened and it might have taught her something about herself that she didn’t know. she learned that she was gonna have moments where she would have personal accidents, but had to always remember that things happened for a reason. some could be controlled… some could not. It was just something i ensured her on. She was a girl with dreams. Big dreams that never came true. Except for one. becoming a mother who would raise a good size family. She has 5 born girls. Ones who i will love as she had. And i love them so much. Even the two she adopted. They’re wonderful girls and i will raise them as my own. My Daughter Princess Rikku believed in love so much that she expressed it to everyone. She was very traditional. I remember sometime ago when she thought that she had lost her daughter Dinah. She cried. She kept picturing that she was holding onto her daughter. not wanting to let go. She Loved her children so much. to her… They were her whole world. Her reason for existing. *Feeling her daughter’s presence* I can feel her near sometimes when i’m alone. it’s like she is telling me that she’s okay where she is now… but i feel her talking to me. *Starting to lose it* I… i can’t… I can’t do… this… *Suddenly turning to face her daughter in the coffin and Crying before kneeling down and hugging her* Oh… My sweet dear baby. Why did you have to leave us? Why?

Trixie: *Running up to her sister* Rikku, Stop. Calm down.

Rikku: *Not wanting to let go of her daughter* No! I don’t want to let her go… i can’t. Please don’t take my baby away…

Trixie: Sis, *Getting her sister to come to terms* Rikku. hon… Princess Rikku is dead. she’s gone. there is no way to revive her. dead is dead. You got to think about her kids now. they need you to be strong as you’re all they have left in that house. you’re all they have left. If you lose it… they will lose it too.

Rikku: I know that i got to be there for them. but Princess Rikku is my daughter. my most sensitive baby. how can i say goodbye to her when all i am wanting is for her to stay? *Letting go of her dead daughter and breaking down on the floor* My baby… i want my baby.

Trixie: I know. i know… but there is nothing we can do.

Trixie helped her sister up and got her to head back to her seat… It was almost at the end. it was now time for the 3 girls to go up and give their Eulogy. They gulped and felt a slab of pain and heartache over it. they didn’t want to go up, but they knew that it was what they had to do.

Paige: *With her sisters Pearl and Dinah standing behind the Podium* Hi, We’re here to say good-bye to a very loving lady. Our mother, Princess Rikku Rhapsody.  We knew her as this resourceful person. She was always sure what to do. She was more than our mother. she was our shelter from the storm. Our light. Our hope. We would hear stories from her about how family was like to her before she became a mother. She would have doubts. worries that somewhere down the line she’d be failing. Failing in being a mother and wind up losing the chance of being a mother. But she also told how she kept going through it even if it meant that she was hurting. She wanted peace. When she gave life to her first two daughters… she was thought to be done. but knew that she wasn’t. and was made to believe that she was done. for 8 years we had felt like blaming her for forgetting about us. we were left to fend for ourselves. with no home. it was like that for 8 years. but then when we reunited with our mother… it was like we were family again. She felt sorry and we forgave her for it. we knew that it was the doctors who forced her to believe that we did not exist. but  we didn’t know all the morbid details. we didn’t really want to know. But we loved our mother. we always have. we just wish that we had more time with her. being with her.

Pearl: *Trying not to break down with tears* i am the most sensitive one here so bear with me if i break down while doing this. Losing my mom is just heartbreaking as it has crippled us. Our mom was an angel. She led a good life. mostly sad. because of the mean people in her childhood that tortured her. mocked her and teased her. She was this great person. whenever we had a problem… she’d always be there to talk it out with us. she’d help us. Like when were with a situation concerning a bully at school. She’d talk to us and help us calm down. Or about relationship issues. as early as they’d be… she’d know what to say. I remember when Dinah got her first Kiss. She felt like she was the biggest Wuss for running off scared after being told the 3 words of deep affection. She ran off and went all the way home. But our mother heard her speak of what happened. She spoke about what happened and they got it solved.Dinah soon got a visitor and it was the boy that liked her alot. loved her. he even recited a poem. which was romantic. and before we knew what happened. Dinah received her first kiss. and it was like things all fell in place. Our mom knew what to say and how to pick apart the issue and talk it over. She was very understanding. I even had problems too like wondering why all my attempts of having a date or two got ruined… I was with hurt by it… but she assured me that sometimes things happen that we don’t like. it didn’t really make me feel much calmer but i took it to heart and understood what it was that she was saying. i understood how she was seeing it. When we were hurt… she would always be there to help heal us. like when i dislocated my leg. She rushed me right to the hospital and got it taken cared of. I was scared because i had to get my leg broken in order to fix it. but my mom was there the whole time. She had me squeeze her hand and she had me bite on something and bite the pain. She took the pain away. Our mom was the best. but… *Suddenly seeing their mom in the coffin* Now that our mom is dead… we won’t be able to enjoy all the great things that she is able to do. She was a wonderful listener. always hearing our problems and helping us solve them every time. *feeling her lips starting to Quiver* We are gonna miss her. *Upset and within seconds Crying* Our mom is gone and there is nothing we can do to get her back. It’s not fair.

Dinah: *Suddenly breaking down in an burst of anguish; Looking at her mother in the coffin* I’m sorry mom. For giving you a hard time. I gave you a hard time quite a bit. and i even took it too far sometimes. I never gave you the peace you deserved as i should have done. I… *Crying and screaming in devastation* I can’t believe i was so stupid. i gave her a hard time and i never eased up as i did it. She was always there for me and i repaid her by just giving her a hard time. I am the worst daughter ever… Mom better come back and Haunt me for it. i deserve it. *Suddenly pounding on the coffin and venting off in agony; breaking down* I am so sorry mom. i wish that you would come back and let me apologize for all those times that i’ve given you a hard time.

Pearl: *Crying* I want my mom…

Paige: Let’s do a # for mom. something that will be emotional. heartfelt.

Dinah: But we don’t know of any sad or heartfelt songs like that.

Pearl: At least not by heart.

Paige: Think… there has to be a sad song that we can do.

Pearl: *Remembering something* I just thought of something. Remember when we were 10 Mom had put on this animated Movie with 3 girls who are the female counterparts to the chipmunks?

Dinah: *Nods while feeling agony* I guess so. *Sighs* Let’s do it.

A second later…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Singing with agony and with a deeply saddened heart* “Hard to remember,
Summer or winter,
When she hasn’t been there for me…
A friend and companion,
I can always depend on,
My mother, that’s who I need…

Taken for granted,
She said she planned it,
She’s always behind everything…
A teacher, a seeker,
I’d go far to reach her,
My mother, that’s who I need…

Wish I could slow down
The hands of time…
Keep things the way
They are…
If she said so,
I would give her the world if I could,
I would…

My love and my laughter,
From here ever after,
Is all that she says that she needs…
A friend and companion,
I could always depend on,
My mother, that’s who I need…
My mother, that’s who I need…
That’s who I need.”

The girls all cried and it must have taken a few moments before they stopped. They shared one final cry and barely look at the crowd when suddenly they feel a faint presence come to them. it came from the coffin and it was a spirit. Their mother looked at the girls and smiled at them. The girls fainted and just blacked out…

It was time for the Burial and as it went, they were all in mourning and they had the burial service at the cemetery itself. They had a moment of silence and a couple of guiding prayers. It was led by a song of sadness casting farewell of the body and the memory. It was sad. and as soon as the Burial service was concluded, The Casket was then lowered into the ground and buried. with a layer of ground…

That night…after the memorial feast that was held and pass along the memories that they have had with Princess Rikku, They all started to resume their casual lives even though it was not ever gonna be the same… But sometime during the Memorial gathering… Pearl snuck out and went on the search for Zod. Paige and Dinah didn’t know that she wasn’t there. They just thought that she wasn’t talking and was just being rather more quiet than usual. However after the gathering was over…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Paige: *Walking into the bedroom* I can’t believe that this is our new reality. Grandma is a sopping mess. She’s crying like a wet blanket. Not as i can say that i can really blame her. Mom was her daughter before mom was mom to us. i mean… it’s not like she was always a mother.

Dinah: *Huffs* Like that is really a point to know now? I would like to know what the hell that feels like. becoming a mother. Our mother is Dead, you simple minded fool. She is dead. and you really believe that things will just go back to being merry. Wake the hell up! Mom is gone. Grandma has gone to the nearby bar. to drown her sorrows. She’s a wreck now and the whole thing about that is… we can’t take that pain away from her. We might as well be useless to her.

Paige: I don’t think so. Dinah, you are feeling the guilt of pushing the luck with mom. You are just in shock.

Dinah: Yeah right. In shock my damn foot. Shock is nothing compared to the damn anguish that i feel inside my heart. I gave mom a hard time and there is nothing that i can do to take it back.

Paige: We will have to get used to not having our mom with us anymore. i know i will. besides. what’s done is done. Mom was the best person we ever knew. we knew her so much that there wasn’t a thing that she could tell us that we wouldn’t know. Our family knew her for a lot longer than we did. but they all held her close to their hearts. we did too. *Looking to see Pearl not in the same room* Where’s Pearl?

Dinah: *Pausing and turning to see Pearl gone* Don’t tell me that she’s scampered off.

Paige: She’s probably out somewhere trying to come to terms that our mom is gone. She is having a tough time coming to terms over it. not saying as though i can blame her.

Dinah: Tell me about it. She has been taking it rather hard. but grandma is taking it to a whole new level of grief and mourning.

Paige: Oh… like getting herself plastered as they’d say? That is none of our business. Grandma will be back when she’s done.

Dinah: Let’s not worry about that and Worry about where Pearl is. She’s not in the house. If she was, She’d be in the same room as we are right now.

Luna: *With Tears in her Eyes* I Miss mom.

Paige: Yeah. who wouldn’t miss her? I miss her too.

Dinah: What’s the matter with you, Luna? You okay?

Luna: *Looking at Dinah* No. I’m not. i’m not at all okay. There is something going on. I caught sight of something on the living room wall.

Paige: Something on the wall? Like what?

Dinah: It’s not a calling card is it?

Luna: Well… it’s a bit of something and it’s with a calling card.

Paige: *Looking at Dinah* You don’t think that…

Dinah: I hope not. but if it is what we suspect it to be…

They head off to the living room and barely turn to their one side when they caught sight of a Symbol and a Message on the wall…

Paige: *Spotting the message and gasps* Wha–

Dinah: *Spotting the Symbol and pining it to Zod* It was Zod. He was here… Wasn’t he? *Snaps and Growls in Anger* WASN’T HE?!

Luna: *Nods* yes. it’s as you see on the wall. he was here.

Dinah: *Reading the Message* ”You have lived in defiance and refused to Kneel before Zod. you flew in the skies and ventured to places where you didn’t belong… Now you’ve got burned. You are now without a parent and are crippled. One last warning. Next will be you. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!”  

It took only seconds to have it sink in and when Dinah felt it sink in… She Froze in terror, But that terror soon turned to Fury and rage and seething. Dinah Exploded and Stormed out. She was on the loose and the way she was feeling between the loss of their mother, the fact that she could never get the chance to take back all the times she gave her mother a hard time and the fact that just been revealed and exposed to her and Paige. She was on the verge of going dark and vengeful to everything. She was that pissed…


As for Pearl… She was out searching for answers to what killed her mother. She didn’t believe it was an accident. she believed that something or Someone… was behind it. She didn’t want to rule it as a tragedy. She was not gonna rule it as a tragedy and move on to one day in the future come to find that her mother was murdered and no one pursued it. She wanted answers. She went to the school and snuck in…

Metropolis High school…

Pearl: *Searching the grounds for any distant clues on what killed her mother* I’m gonna get to the bottom is this. even if it kills me. Mom didn’t deserve to die. She was not supposed to die. *Heading off to the Classroom and set on looking for anything that connects to what happened to her mother* I want to know what happened.

Although At King John’s house…

King John: *Looking at the 4 boys* Boys, For a while… you’re gonna be staying with Your cousins. They are gonna be in need of extra strength and protection. These next few weeks will be their worst to come. Your Aunt Princess Rikku is dead. They’re gonna need strength and protection now more than ever. They Got Shanna, Luna and the Heaven twins… their sisters Betty and Angel there too to guard them and protect them. but it won’t be enough. they’ll need you.

Prince Alvin: You got it, Pops. We’re on it. We’re gonna protect them.

Prince Arnold: That’s right. They are hurt and with the Emotions and the Anguish they feel still… it’s gonna be almost a long time before they allow it to subside. It hurts them most because it was their mother. we must be their pillars of Strength.

Prince Avery: Their boyfriends are supposed to be their pillars. but this is a blood family matter. We need to be there for them as they would be there for us. *Feeling terrible for the girls* I can’t believe that Aunt Princess Rikku is dead though. Why would she be dead? how could someone kill her? Their mother was an angel. She may have been a bit odd. but she was with a extravagant heart. Her life was ended by something. someone. and if it really was someone that did it. they might be still out there and intend to come back to go after the girls.

Prince Alvin: *Barks* Plasma-core! Enough. That is enough from you. Don’t be harping on it. We all know who was behind it now as it was evident courtesy of Chloe. She matched the scan to the archived markings of Zod. Zod was the one that did it. And when that time comes… and it will… Zod shall find out what pain really means.

King John: *Holding up his hand and demanding an Explanation* Hold on… Are you trying to tell me that Zod was the one who killed My Cousin, Your Aunt and their mother Princess Rikku?

Prince Curtis: Way to go, Captain… he wasn’t supposed to know yet.

Prince Arnold: Well Blame Plasma-Core here for bringing it up. it was supposed to be kept quiet till it was right to spill it out. Leave it to him to be a total BIG MOUTH!

Prince Avery: *Snaps up a little* Hey, Dad has a right to know about it too. He is tied to this too, you know. maybe you guys want to keep things in the dark. but i don’t and it’s not right for you to expect me to keep it silent. We’re all in on this. Zod has killed one of our own. vowed war and vengeance on the Girls. Paige, Pearl and Dinah are in devastation now. They’re in pain. *With Anguish* Pearl was crying the whole damn time at the Memorial. she was barely holding it during the memorial feast that happened after the burial. it was breaking her. Dinah… she is the toughest person we know of the girls. the toughest. almost nothing could get her to crack and break down. Nothing. but the loss of her mother… and seeing that it hurt her sister Pearl and the others as well as us… it broke her. It broke her and she busted down with Anguish. You really think that it’s gonna be just so easy to ease the pain that they’re feeling. It won’t be easy. You guys damn well know it won’t.

Prince Alvin: *Stepping over to Prince Avery and Putting a hand on his shoulder* It’s okay, Brother. it’s okay. we know. we do. I understand your heart and how you feel. we feel it too. But breaking down like this is not helping. We can mourn and mope over it all we like. but it won’t help us get after the killer. it won’t help the girls and it won’t make things better. We got to be the pillars of strength for the girls. and we can’t do that if we show any emotions and cracks of being unstable. You got to cheer up.

Prince Avery: *Quivering a bit* how can i do that, Brother? It’s just painful to know as to how Zod got away with killing Aunt Princess Rikku. Princess Rikku is gone and there is nothing that we can do to bring her back.

Prince Arnold: That’s why we’re gonna avenge her. Avenging her death is to pay respect and tribute to a life lost. The attack was a callous maneuver done by the likes of Zod. But his time is coming. he’s soon gonna be made sorry for crossing this family.

Prince Curtis: Let’s grab some change of clothes and some things that are necessary for us. Our new place is their place for a while.

Prince Alvin: Let’s go.

King John: You boys be careful and protect those girls. they’re extremely important. Zod might come at them next. you’re not to let him have that chance.

Prince Alvin: Don’t worry. we won’t give him that opportunity.

A minute later the Rhapsody brothers were gone from the house and on the way to their cousins house. Paige, Pearl and Dinah were in need of protection. They had to go over to protect them.

On the streets of Metropolis…

Red Queen: *Looking at Tess* Don’t turn around. Just drop that disc and slide it over to me.

Tess: You’re the red Queen? You’re the one that Waller is or was so afraid of?

Red Queen: I don’t have any affiliation with Waller. I work for my own terms. to stop people like you from unleashing a darkness that threatens to enter our world. That disc is very important. It doesn’t belong to you.

Tess: And you think it belongs to you? I am trying to save the world.

Red Queen: You’re trying to save the world? How can you possibly do that when you only are looking out for no one else’s well-being other than your own? Slide over the Disc.

Tess: *Dropping the Disc and sliding it over to the Red Queen* All i wanted was to make the world a better place. I didn’t mean for any harm to be done.

Red Queen: It doesn’t matter. What matters is that the upcoming Apocalypse is looming near. we must be ready to fight against it when it arrives.

Tess: That’s what Waller was talking about.

Red Queen: Well… That’s her. but she didn’t have the Book of RAO. did she? The artifact is to help us fend off against the forces of Evil. the book must not fall into the wrong hands. Unlike Waller. I fight for the right reasons. The honest reasons.

At the Daily Planet…

Perry: *Freaks out* Great Ceasar’s ghost! This is a nightmare.

Reporter: *Running into the Editors office* Mr. White. Mr. White… There’s been another Red Queen Sighting. She’s been sighted in the City.

Perry: Where? Where is she now?

Reporter: She’s been sighted just outside… at the metropolis Park. She’s there. and is said to be headed towards the Luthorcorp Plaza.

Perry: We need two hot flaming Reporters. Where are Mrs. Rhapsody and Miss Lane. they’re the only ones that can get the juice on the Red Queen.

Reporter: But Sir, You can’t get them. Didn’t you give them the day off? Today was the Memorial service for someone in Mrs. Rhapsody’s family.

Perry: Who?

Reporter: A Mrs. Princess Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody, Sir.

Perry: *Realizing something* She’s the mother to those 3 girls who have saved the world from that Drule and from that Great Evil deity. whatever that threat was.

Reporter: That’s the one. She died. Sources say that she was killed sir.

Perry: Great Scott! You’re kidding! Killed? You’re not pulling the chains on this Editor’s pretty neck, are you?

Reporter: Afraid not sir. She’s gone.

Perry: Wait! i was supposed to be at the service. i was supposed to attend. I missed it. Great. I missed it. Trixie is gonna be throwing a heck of a Tangent. i gave my word that i was gonna be there.

Reporter: What about the red Queen? She’s been sighted. sources say that she is after something. an Artifact of some sort.

Perry: An Artifact? Would the artifact be something that attracts such beings like that Kandorian hound?

Reporter: Yeah. She’s now got the Artifact though. The Red Queen made a confrontation with a woman. Tess Mercer was said to be the one she met with and claimed the Artifact from her.

Perry: Oh wonderful. We had now lost the lead to who the Red Queen is. no one knows her. and we don’t have any reporters on the case…

However despite that… the Mourning was still going on. At the Local Pool Hall…

Rikku: *Drowning away her sorrows* What’s the point in me going on living? I don’t have any daughters. Both my daughters are dead. i got 5 biological Granddaughters and 2 Adopted ones. they were raised a certain way by Princess Rikku. how can i expect to live up to how she raised them? I don’t know a thing about what they really need. I don’t even know if i’ll be able to raise them without failing. I am gonna fail. I just know that i’m gonna fail. The girls all miss their mother and i know that try as i might. no matter what i do… i’ll never be able to fully understand them.

Trixie: *Rubbing her sister’s back* Come on now, sis. Don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s gonna be okay.  you got us. and we’re not going anywhere.

Charlene: *Drinking a cold brew* Yeah. Your Daughters are gone. but the girls Paige, Pearl and Dinah have a bit of their mother in them. Betty and Angel do too.

Julie: My Daughter Princess Julie was also there at the service and she is in devastation over the loss.  The Girls are all gonna be alright. You’ll see. They have you and you have them in the house…

Rikku: that’s what make it so much more harder and painful. Because the loss is so hurtful that i can’t bare to think of looking at them without seeing my Baby staring right at me. I can’t make them suffer over it. but i can’t bare to say goodbye to my daughter yet. my heart still feels her. how can i let her go when her death was unprecedented.

Trixie: *Gasps* What?!

Charlene: *Gasps* Huh?!

Julie: *Gasps* What the he–? What do you mean that her death was unprecedented? What brought that up?

Rikku: *Sighs* I don’t know. It’s a mother’s intuition. I can feel it somehow. *With tears in her eyes* I Feel it in my heart that she was attacked. There was nothing that could have killed her. At the Memorial Banquet… I asked John’s son King John and he said that the last time he saw her alive… She was at his house and talking about Paige, Pearl and Dinah missing school. Plus making mentions about someone named the Red Queen. Then before she left that they had a bit of a talk and also made the motion to help her Adopt Luna. which then minutes later after that… she left for her house. but what happened after she got home is unknown. I Don’t know. i really don’t know. but i know that something had happened. My daughter was not meant to… or wasn’t supposed to die.

Charlene: I remember the part of the Adopting Luna. They called me. King John called me and asked if i could sanction it. i did. so if anything happens and the legal offices catch wind of it. I’ll have to partition for the state to Claim Luna till a legal court hearing can be held and find her a new family.

Rikku: *Shaking her head* No. No. don’t do that. i’ll claim the legal custody of her. And of Shanna. i will care for them as i will care and raise Paige, Pearl and Dinah. Betty and Angel.

Julie: That’s a good suggestion. I am sure that your Daughter would have wanted it that way. besides… you’re her mother. so if anything were to happen to her… you’d be the one they’d go to.

John: *Walking in* Hey Sisters… I made it here just in time. You guys are not gonna believe this. There is an arrest going on at the Metropolis high school.

Trixie: Oh no! is there a suspect?

Charlene: When did this happen?

John: Just a few minutes ago. But there is a problem. the one they caught inside was a girl. a Teen.

Julie: ….

Rikku: *Looking at John suddenly* the same school that the girls go to?

John: *in a frantic* Rikku, It’s one of the girls. the description fits what Pearl looks like. It’s Pearl.

Rikku: *Shrieks* What?! Oh god… Where is she?

John: They took her to the Police station… booking her on charges of breaking and entering…

Rikku: *Getting up and running out* Oh my god…

However back at Grandma Rikku’s house…

Paige: *Sighs and Watching T.V* Dinah is gone in Rage. She’s liable to do anything out there.

Luna: I know. If only we could get a copy of the wall and run it through something though… Paige. We need to get the Database of Watchtower back.

Betty: *Orbing into the bedroom* we can.

Luna: *Looking at Betty* Really? How?

Paige: How are we to do that when we don’t even have a copy of the original data? Betty, Watchtower is gone. which is irrelevant now. we’re still in mourning.

Betty: On the night that we all lost our mother and you, Pearl and Dinah were trapped inside Watchtower… i snuck in; in shadow form and extrated a copy of all the Data and Intel of Watchtower into a flash drive. it’s all on the flash drive. It’s tucked away safe and sound. It’s in the case on the shelf in the living room by the T.V. i had to label it saying school assignments so no one would grab it and get into info that was not meant to be seen by them.

Luna: We’re gonna need to get it to Chloe. to set up a new Watchtower.

Paige: Later… Luna. Betty, that is not the most important right now… we’re still trying to cope with the death. we had just lost our mother. it’s been a week since her death and it is still fresh.

Angel: *Orbing into the room* It doesn’t matter if it’s fresh Paige. we need to move on. Mom is in rest. she’s safe. that’s all that should matter to us all. because at least now… she can’t be hurt. Zod can’t get to her anymore.

Paige: I can’t help but feel mourn over the loss. She was our mother. Our Mother… Angel. How can we just let her go? How—

Photo: Pleased to meet you.

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting into the hall coming into the room* Don’t worry, Paige— *Pauses* Wait a minute… Where’s Pearl and Dinah?

Luna: Pearl Snuck off sometime during the funeral feast. and we haven’t seen her since. Dinah took off in Rage about a moment or so ago. Where she is at now… we have no idea.

Paige: I am still in mourning and looking at all the pictures on the wall of Princess Rikku and the family. or i was. but i can’t look at anymore of the pictures without breaking down in tears.

Prince Avery: That seems to be the trouble though. The Mourning is still strong. But Don’t worry Love. We’re gonna be here for as long as it takes to provide that extra boost of strength.

Prince Curtis: You know what? We’re here to provide the protection you girls need. That Guy Zod didn’t just happen to attack and cripple you 3 just to do one attack then back off. He is planning on coming back and finish the job. He’s gonna do so in any given time. not much fun to think about that. but it is what it sounds like. Zod did this for making a point. He Vowed Vengeance.

Prince Alvin: That will be enough of that, Brother. we are very aware of the matter at hand here. But that’s why we’ve come. so that Zod won’t be able to slide on in and make another move.

Prince Arnold: Well Dinah and Pearl are not here. they are out in public… out in the open. there is no telling of what might befall them.

Prince Avery: Don’t worry. I’m on it. I’ll go and search for Dinah and bring her back here. I will be also careful with her since she is very angry and is liable to pop a fury fit at anyone or anything at any time. It’s just a matter of how and when. Dinah must be feeling a lot of anger and hurt over the loss. we all are… but with all that anger… it is bound to come out somewhere and it’s not gonna be pretty if Dinah comes across something and it just happens to set her off. there could be a disturbing scene ensuing.

Prince Alvin: You’re right. It is not safe for Dinah to be out there with the Anger that she is feeling. her heart will erupt if it doesn’t get the chance to calm down. She’s gonna wind up having a stroke.

Prince Curtis: I’ll go and look for Pearl. we’re gonna bring them back.

Prince Alvin: Your job is to find Pearl and Dinah and bring them back. if you can’t find them… stake out somewhere till you do. but they are to be brought back. if you happen to wind up running into trouble or one of the Kandorians… you don’t do anything towards them. you don’t confront them. you are to turn back and double-time it. Understood?

Prince Avery: agreed.

Prince Curtis. You’re the boss, Captain.

Prince Alvin: Plasma-Core… Electric Rage. Move out!

But as that was underway, At the Luthorcorp Plaza…

Oliver: *Working on some Papers and Mourning the loss* Those girls have been hurt unnecessarily. I feel bad for them.

Artemis: *Walking into the office* You are not alone in that. We all do.

Oliver: *Looking up and spotting a familiar face* Looks like i got myself a visitor. What brings you here on a night like this? The girls aren’t here and they’re still in mourning.  today was the funeral of their mother Princess Rikku.

Artemis: I heard. Minako told me all about it. although i was there for the burial. i was rather silent and over on the far side. I watched as the girls all cried. I cried too as it was heartbreaking.

Oliver: I find no fault in that. it was indeed sad.

Artemis: I happen to believe that the attack wasn’t an accident.

Oliver: You sure? How are you coming to this conclusion? i mean… don’t mind me asking, but how are you able to tell of this?

Artemis: I can sense things—

Oliver: *Cutting in* Whoa whoa whoa! hold up, you mean to tell me that you have the ability to detect things? sense spirits and the sort?

Artemis: that’s correct.

Oliver: *Grins with precise intrigue* Hmmm! interesting.

Artemis: Anyway… the death was no accident. It was done by someone. and i do believe that we all know who it was that committed the murder.

Oliver: Would it be the darkened soul with a power hungry ego-trip?

Artemis: a Being known as General Zod. yes. that’s him.

Oliver: *Shooting up in surprise* What? You mean that he killed the mother to the Rhapsody Girls?

Artemis: Yes. that is right. he was at the house the same night that the 3 girls were said to be missing for hours.

Oliver: *In a growling tone* We’re gonna nail him for that.

Artemis: in due time… we will. we will. Right now… there is something that we must discuss.

Oliver: Tell me something i don’t know.

Artemis: Ever heard of the Book of RAO?

Oliver: *Recalling hearing something about the artifact* I have heard about it. A Little. 3 Ladies came in and said something about meeting an Illustrious person known as the Red Queen. saying that she was one who possessed the Artifact.

Artemis: Well… She does. she has it and obtained it from a Tess Mercer. Tess had happened to originally hold possession of it.

Oliver: Okay, So where is the Red Queen now?

Artemis: i don’t know. her trace vanished just moments ago. we don’t know where she is. She was last seen heading near the Luthorcorp building here… but that is now…  unknown. We don’t know where she is.

Oliver: you’re on the good side, Right? Is this all to help us with the operation or is it to help us lose the trail on Zod and be back to square one?

Artemis: I only work for the side of good and innocent. The world is in danger. we’re here to stop the danger. before it’s too late. Zod is not the only thing there is. he’s the Vanguard to a Demon that is persistent in busting loose. But the steps to his arrival can’t be on the way until Zod is defeated and taken out of the picture.

Oliver: The Demon? Trigon the Terrible?

Artemis: Yes. and the one that lets him loose is that girl who’s part Demon herself. She is also a hero.

Oliver: *Getting up and walking to the Window* That is all wonderful to learn about… but the deal right now is Zod. Zod is gonna get his power obsessed existence knocked out.

Artemis: We must plan an attack on him and hurry. Zod Was the one who killed the mother of the Rhapsody Girls Z! We need to keep in mind that Zod is not done yet. He will be back soon. and will strike again. He’s targeting the girls and with the mother dead. it will be a matter of time before he strikes again and another casualty ensues.

Oliver: Zod won’t get that chance.

Artemis: Praise be to serenity and to earth in hopes that you’re right…

But at the Metropolis Police station…

Rikku: *Walking in* Excuse me, Where’s my Granddaughter Pearl?

Watch Commander: *Looking up at the Lady* Can i help you?

Rikku: I better hope so… *In a crummy mood* Because i am in no mood for games. I just had to bury my Daughter Princess Rikku today. The way i am feeling right now… no one will want to see me come unglued. because i will. i am not kidding.

Watch Commander: Well… i am sorry for your loss ma’am. but i don’t know what it is that you are wanting. i can’t very well read minds.

Rikku: I am here to pick up my Granddaughter Pearl. I got word that she was picked up and brought here. I was told that she was in holding. being booked on charges. What charges?

Watch Commander: Breaking and entering. She was caught on school grounds after hours. An alarm was set off. We get break-ins on the school ever now and then… but nothing quite like this. The officers Duke and Waters went to investigate the break in and caught sight of a girl inside a room and matched the girl as being one of the daughters to your dearly departed daughter. Pearl Lucy Rhapsody. Age 15…

Rikku: Yes. i know that. I am their grandmother. I am here to demand for the charges to be dropped. My Grandchild is a good girl. there must be a reason behind why she’d commit the act. Didn’t the officers even bother to ask her why she was there to begin with and what she was up to?

Watch Commander: Don’t worry. Let’ me make a call over to the Holding cells and have them bring her out. The Booking hasn’t been done yet. So it will be just a few minutes for them to come out with her…

It was a few minutes as they said, Pearl was brought out with the holding officer.

Pearl: *With tears in her eyes* Grandma!

Rikku: Pearl, Sweetheart. Are you okay?

Pearl: *Upset* No. i have just been arrested. all because i was caught inside the school.

Rikku: I know. I heard about that. *Sighs and worried* Why did you break into the school like that for? Why? Pearl, What were you thinking?

Pearl: *Upset* i was just trying to get to the bottom of what killed my mom. My mom didn’t deserve to die. I do not believe that she died of natural causes. something killed her.

Rikku: Honey, She is gone. it was not something that killed her. it was someone. but trespassing on school grounds after hours like that… that is not wise to do. you are lucky that you were not arrested on possible theft charges.

Pearl: I know. *Breaking down in tears* But i had to get to the bottom of it. i wanted to know what killed my mom. i miss her so much. Grandma, she didn’t have to die. She was not even sick.

Prince Curtis: *Teleporting in* Don’t worry. We’re here to take you home Pearl. Zod is said to be out in the city. and there is a revelation of who killed your mother. there is a revelation that you must know about and i have to warn you that you’re gonna feel like your heart failed on you when you hear this…

Pearl: *Looking up and seeing her cousin in the station* What do you mean? Prince Curtis, What do you mean by a new revelation?

Prince Curtis: Don’t worry about it. you’ll know in due time. let’s gets you back home where it is safer.

Pearl: No. Tell me. i want to know about what that revelation is. I want to know what happened to my mom. what really happened.

Prince Curtis: *Sighs* Look. i will tell you when we get back to your house. i’ll tell you whatever it is that you want to know… Let’s just get back your house. It’s not safe out. because with emotions running high and you clearly are still grieving. If you remain out here and wind up running into Zod. Zod will beat you and you won’t be able to fight back without breaking. your emotions are gonna keep you from focusing on the matters at hand. I know it hurts. i feel it too. we all do. but right now… we have to get you home. And that means you too Aunt Rikku. We need to get you home too.

Rikku: *Nods and then looking at Pearl* Your cousin’s right, Pearl. we should be at home where it’s safe.

Holding Officer: I’m gonna let her go. with a Warning this time since i know that she is grieving over the loss of her mother. But next time… she will be booked. it’ll be minor and it could be a night in the slammer or a $200 dollar fine depending on the size of the crime. but since this is the first time she’s done it… there won’t be any marks on her. and she won’t have a record. but next time… she might be so lucky.

The holding Officer then undoes the cuffs on Pearl and within seconds Pearl, her grandmother and her Cousin were on their way home…

Back home at Grandma Rikku’s house…

Paige: *Not saying much* What are we gonna do without mom?

Luna: I don’t know. But… we’ll figure it out.

Angel: Yeah. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

Betty: I don’t know if it will. but we’ve got to try.

Luna: I know. We got to start getting back into the flow.

Paige: What? like going out and being heroes again? forget it. you guys can do it if you want. but i’m staying home. I don’t want another thing to do with heroes. being a hero was what costed us our mother. the next death in the family could very well be us. i don’t think that i’m liable to just sit and pursue it.

Prince Alvin: What are you talking about, Paige? You’re being a hero has not caused your beloved mother to die. it did not cost her life. You are not to blame.

Paige: i am too… My super hero obsession was not the most important. It was mom. She was more important. but i was too into the superheroes. there were times up till now after mom has died. before it happened that my mom needed me and i didn’t even offer to give her a hand. Do you remember what the 1st gift of life was? what made life worth living?

Prince Arnold: It was the Gift of maternal warmth. the gift of family.

Paige: No. it was the Loyalty to family. being there with family.

Prince Alvin: Paige, that is a true metaphor. a fond teaching. but why are you bringing this up? *Confused*

Paige: I am a terrible person. i was never all that loyal to my mom. there were many times when my mom would have me do something for her. she’d ask me to do something and i should have been with her. not out doing something else. every time almost on demand… or by suggestion she would ask me to help her with something. odd little things. but each time she asked. i always did the opposite. i didn’t even stick around for her… *Suddenly feeling upset* i left her… even when she needed me most. *feeling her lips quivering and suddenly breaking down in tears; Crying* I miss my mom. I want her back. I don’t give a rat’s tail if she were to come as a frickin’ zombie or a stiff hood ornament. hey… she could come back as an animal. i just want her back.

Prince Alvin: *Walking over to Paige and hugging her* Hey… calm down cousin. It’s gonna be alright. She’s gone physically… but you know where she is… She’s right there *Pointing towards the heart* in the heart. if you keep her there… and hold on. never letting go. she’ll never leave you.

Paige: *Crying into her Cousin’s arms* Prince Alvin, I miss her so much. it just hurts so much. I just wish that someone would make the pain go away.

Prince Arnold: There is nothing that can take the pain away. All you can do is find a way to move on the best way you can. I know that it will be hard for us all Paige. but you can’t keep being like this…

Prince Curtis: *Teleporting in with Pearl and Rikku Rhapsody* I’m back with Pearl and the Aunt; their mother. Pearl was at the police station.

Rikku: I was there to pick her up from there. All over a bogus charge that she’d never do by her own free will. Grief had made her do it.

Paige: I know. the grief is making us do things that we would have never done before.

Prince Alvin: I agree. The Mourning is taking a toll on us all. but we’ll get better at it in due time…

But as for Dinah…

Dinah: *Sitting at the Park bench and Feeling pissed and burning seething over the realization of her mother being murdered* Damn that Zod. I really want to nail that Zod. He killed my mother. That bastard. I can’t believe that Zod killed my mother. I hate him… I HATE YOU ZOD! I CURSE YOU TO THE VERY EDGE OF HELL!!! YOU NO GOOD FREAK!!!

Suddenly Dinah starts Hearing a scream not too far away and hears a call for help. She was not in the mood to deal with the mess, but She couldn’t leave the call unanswered. She Got up and looked over at the situation and saw that a Mugger was trying to go after a innocent girl. She didn’t even stop to calm down… As pissed as she was, she went along and made a move to go after the Mugger and through the rage in her eyes and the Fury in her heart she transformed into her hero form…

Mugger: *Grabbing the young girl* Give me your money.

Young girl: What the heck for? You should be getting your own money.

Mugger: *Pointing a Gun at the girl* I said give me your money!

Young Girl: *Pleading and begging* Please let me go. I don’t want to die.

Mugger: *Growls* Stop your whining, weak puny girl.

Thunder Mistress: *Calling over to the Mugger* Hey, Punk! Let go of that girl!

Mugger: *Looking at the girl in the shadows* Who the hell are you?

Thunder Mistress: Don’t you worry about who i am. LET THE GIRL GO! NOW!

Mugger: Make me!

Thunder Mistress: You’ll regret it if you don’t let go of that girl. She is innocent. She’s done nothing to you. You have to pick on her like some rotten creep! *Growls*

Mugger: *Letting go of the young girl and aiming to fire a shot at Dinah* Back off pest. You are not involved with this and this doesn’t concern you.

Thunder Mistress: *Growls and Blows her top* That’s it! *Growling and suddenly speeding over to the Mugger and grabbing at him* You dirty son of a bitch. What gives you rights to live when my mother is dead? She was innocent and struggled all her life making a difference in the world. All she did was try to make a difference and she was killed by a Sleazeball. She is gone… an innocent is dead and a lowlife creep like you is allowed to live. WHY? WHY ARE YOU ALIVE WHEN MY MOTHER IS DEAD? YOU lowlife son of a BASTARD! *Pounding the Mugger into the nearby car and throwing the Mugger into the wall* DAMN YOU!

Mugger: *Backing away* stay away from me. *getting up in pain and making a run for it* SAVE ME!!!!

Thunder Mistress: *Chasing the Mugger* Come Back here! I’m gonna nail you. COME BACK HERE, YOU COWARD!

Prince Avery: *Teleporting in front of Dinah and taking the hit* Dinah… Please… Stop. Don’t do this anymore. Stop it.

Thunder Mistress: *Crashing into the ground* Oomph! Ack! Ow! What the heck gives? Who did that?

Prince Avery: Dinah… it’s me.

Thunder Mistress: *Stopping to look and see her Cousin standing before her* Prince Avery… what the heck are you doing here? How did you get here?

Prince Avery: By the loud sound of your voice. You were doing a lot of yelling.

Thunder Mistress: And you’re here now… why?

Prince Avery: To take you back home. You are not stable to be out on your own. not with the way that you’re feeling. You were liable to kill someone with that Rage. all that would do is make you a killer. You’re not a killer.

Thunder Mistress: And why is that? I once killed my Ex-professor. along with Paige and Pearl. They had a hand in it. i did it once. *Huff* You really like to get into my head and read my mind. don’t you? Why don’t you just quit trying to read my mind? My mind is not some puzzle box for you to crack and solve. I am devastated and broken. i am also in fury because i will never be able to see my mom again. She’s dead. The fact that she’s now dead and that someone killed her. You have any idea how that makes me feel?

Prince Avery: It must be devastating…

Dinah then reverts back to normal and tries to calm down…

Dinah: Look. i am sorry for letting loose on things. But i am just so angry. I hate feeling like this. It is not like me. I just hate the fact that my mom is dead. She has been killed by a Kandorian scumbag. it’s so damn stupid. We’re going after a Kandorian…

But they didn’t get to finish their talk as a trail of fire shot towards them and smacked into the walls and left a calling card for Zod. Zod was near again…

Dinah: What was that?

Prince Avery: *Looking to see Zod’s calling card showing* Zod. He’s near.

Dinah: Let’s get home before i lose it. I don’t even want to see Zod. Because i’ll only tear at him if i see him. I am that pissed at him.

Prince Avery: *Nods* Right. Let’s go.

a few days later…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…


Paige, Pearl and Dinah were still grieving. but it was starting to subside. But Pearl for the time being was still wearing Black. Paige wasn’t hardly saying anything and even with their boyfriends around… they weren’t being very lively. They had school again and knew that they were gonna be stared at as everyone would catch on that they lost their mother. The last thing they needed was to have it thrown in their faces. However, they knew that they couldn’t just stay locked away inside their homes. Their grandmother Rikku went with them and set it up to where their cousins were in the same classes as they were and to guard them… The offices were having a bit of a issue with it but they knew that it was gonna be the right thing as they caught on that the girls lost their mother. The 3 girls and their cousins Prince Alvin, Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis went to their class.

Metropolis High School…

1st period…

Mrs. McKinley: *Looking at the girls and the 4 boys* Well well… looks like i got you 3 again. nice to see you 3 back. I still remember the last time we met. Your tales of woe-wide wonder about Kandorians and some Major. And i also now have the 4 boys who feel it content to call themselves the 4 strong armed boys called the Rhapsody Brothers. Heroes… i would bet.

Photo: I don't trust him/her. he's/she's up to something.

Prince Alvin: *Snapping his head to face the teacher* Uh, Excuse me Lady. Back off. Don’t mess with us or the girls. they’re here to do the work as requested and so are we. But don’t be mocking them. They had just lost their mother. and we lost an Aunt. And word of wise precaution. Don’t be thinking to get Dinah mad. she will snap and if you do anything to get her to snap… you’ll answer to us. not a threat. it’s a promise. You don’t like the fact that we’re heroes by the mention of the term. fine. that’s you. But keep it to yourself. we don’t want to hear it. Neither do the girls.

Paige: Yeah! We save this city and all you do is try to spat in our faces. We’re tired of it. *Getting emotional* You think it’s so damn easy to be us… having to be Normal on one side and live life as a normal like person and try to balance living a life of being a superhero… going after countless threats and dealing with monsters and threats like it’s a clearance sale? You think it’s easy? You be us and we’ll be you. because if truth be told… you wouldn’t last a day in our shoes. having to struggle everyday trying to keep a balance between the two lives.

Dinah: That’s right! So unless you want to change places and live our life… SHUT UP!

Mrs. McKinley: *Gasps* Well… Excuse me! Go and take your seats.


Prince Avery: As you wish. but you better not be showing us poor treatment. we’re like everyone else. Whether you choose to believe it or not.

Pearl: *Not saying a word*

Minutes later…

Class began…

But at Grandma Rikku’s house….

Rikku: *Cleaning the house* I wonder how my daughter used to keep up with those girls. They’re lively girls. *Sighs* I miss my daughter so much. I wish that she’d come back. but that is not gonna happen. *Dusting the house and having the furniture dusted* Maybe if the house gets cleaned here… it’d be a bit more of an eased mood here. I hope.


Chloe: *Knocking on the door* Hello?

Rikku: *Stopping to look towards the door* Yes? *Dropping the duster and walking over to the door* Yes. Who is it?

Chloe: Anyone home?

Rikku: *Suddenly coming to the door and seeing Chloe* Hey there, Chloe. I didn’t think that you’d be by. at least not for a while given as to all that’s happened over the last two weeks.

Chloe: I know. It’s been hard on everyone. And as much as i’d like to say that i understand and would be all in on the mourning and the time of silent closure… there is still a bad threat out there. Zod. He may be back. He is targeting the girls. And given that since you’re close to them. He might come at you too. Zod has vowed war and vengeance against the girls. He’s also going after the world.

Rikku: *Feeling sour* Zod has taken everything from he could from us. the girls have not been able to resume their happiness since their mother’s death. by killing their mother. it took their light. Pearl wears all black now. and there is little to no hope that she’ll come out of it. Dinah is a unstable angered girl. She won’t seem to calm down hardly. Paige won’t even say much. None of them do much of anything anymore. Pearl spends most of her days staring out of the window in their room. Waiting for the nightmare to end and hope that at any moment their mother would come back. She doesn’t really eat anything. she won’t even go anywhere. *Feeling angry just talking about Zod* Chloe, we hate Zod more than you can ever imagine. we despise him so much than you could ever measure.

Chloe: I know. we all hate him. we’re all upset at him for what he’s’ done upon you and your family.

Rikku: *opening the Door* The girls are in school right now. it’s the best move for them. to try and get them to come out of their grieving. I feel like nothing is working. I’ve tried everything. But nothing is working. and if anything… it’s a quick fix.

Chloe: *Coming in* You should try sending them to counseling. sometimes if they talk it out with a professional doctor and a psychologist… it will get them to calm down. They must be feeling as though the death was all their fault. it’s not their fault. it never was.

Rikku: I can’t send them there. they’d never go. you might be one to know that they’d never fall for spilling their hearts to a psychologist. it’s not them. they would never go.

Chloe: Maybe not. but the longer they keep it inside them and not let it out… it will only hurt them even worse than it already has.

At the Kent barn…

Clark and Faora met back up again and it came to revelation that Faora knew what Zod was after…

Clark: Faora, You know what Zod’s after… What is it? Please. you need to tell me. i can’t stop him if i don’t know what it is that he’s after.

Faora: *Heading over to the nearby Journal which had Kryptonian text inside*  Zod’s been looking for something ever since we arrived.  *Opening the Journal to the page showing the Artifact* The Book of Rao. Zod said the Book of Rao was some sort of Kryptonian Bible.  It’s so much more than that, Kal-el. Much more. It is told that it wields great power. And if Zod were to get his hands on it; claim it as his own, then who knows what he would do? He’ll be unable to be defeated. even by the 3 girls.

Clark: Well Zod is capable of anything. Even murder. he killed the mother to the 3 girls already.

Faora: Oh god. that is not possible. How could he kill an innocent mother?

Clark: To prove a point to the 3 girls. he vowed war on them. Killing the mother was a sign that he was dead set on it.

Faora: I can’t believe that i was gonna go back to him. He’s a monster.

Clark: I know. i know that you were hoping that he wouldn’t be a total monster and a tyrant. but i believe that it’s past the time of deeming him a worthy cause. there is nothing to be saved of him.

Faora: Yes. that’s right. i agree. Kal-el, If you see the girls. please tell them that i’m sorry for what Zod had done to them and their family.

Clark: I will tell them.

As for Paige, Pearl and Dinah At the Metropolis High school… their Cousins were working on the assignments that were being given in class when a few of the classmates were talking. one of the classmates began on making snide remarks about the girls. Which as hurtful as it was… it got Prince Alvin annoyed with the remarks and started growling…

Prince Alvin: *Standing up to the classmate near them* You better back off from my cousin before you get a beating.

Classmate: Why? Can i help that she’s a freak. She’s wearing all black. she’s making this place feel like someone had died.

Prince Avery: *Snapping out* That’s because someone did die, you idiot. they lost their mother. and the pain is still in them. they are feeling the pain inside.

Classmate: Oh… so the loss of their mother is a free pass for her to be like a total freak? is it? I think not.

Prince Arnold: That’s it! *Standing up and heading over to the classmate; Suddenly grabbing him and Punching the teen in the eye* Jerk! Why don’t you back the hell off. You’re only gonna move to piss us off and trust me… you don’t want to see us pissed. we’re in no mood and if you just as so mess with Paige, Pearl or Dinah… you will regret it. that is a promise.

Prince Alvin: Wa— Prince Arnold! Heel! don’t waste your time on him. it’s not worth it. that creep is just try to ride on our coattails and trying to ruffle our feathers. Don’t let him do it. Don’t let him get to you.

Classmate: *Taunting* Oh… What’s the matter? Prince Alvin turning Chicken. what are you? A Pussy?! You’re said to be this so called hero. but you’re backing out of a fight. What are you? a coward! Why not put up or are you too much of a chicken?

Prince Alvin: *Feeling his blood boil and out of a burst of anger Shoots a blast of fire at the teen*

Class: *Catching the outburst* Ahhhhhh!

Classmate: *Feeling the burn* Ouch!

Pearl: *Not saying a word*

Paige: *Looking at her cousin* I can’t believe that you did that. You’re gonna get us into a lot of trouble.

Mrs. McKinley: What trouble?! i didn’t see a thing.

Dinah: What?! *Confused* She didn’t see that flash of fire? *Weirded out* Uh, Okay. that’s a first.

Prince Curtis: tell me about it…

At the Metropolis Apartments…

Amara: *Sighs* We’ve got to get back to following those Kandorian soldiers.

Michelle: I agree.

Trista: But where do we search for them? They could have vanished anywhere by now.

Amara: Remember the docks? That Cargo shipping part of the Dock district?

Michelle: We’ve been there once and saw a group of them waiting for Zod’s return. they were gonna go back to him. asking him for forgiveness.

Trista: We should check it out.

Amara: Right. Let’s get on over there.

Over at the Daily Planet…

Trixie: *Working on her articles and catching up on missed work* I got alot of work to do…

Perry: *Walking on over to Trixie* Hey Rhapsody… I have heard about the loss. I am truly sorry for your loss. I should have been there for you at the service.

Trixie: *Looking to her side to see Perry* I know. it’s okay. There was stuff to do here and news stories to be done.

Perry: That’s obvious. but the point of the matter is that i made a promise to you that i’d be there to lend support. i was not there. i broke my promise to you.

Trixie: I know. but to be quite honest… this is a time that i am not mad that you’ve broken that promise.

Perry: *Confused* You’re not? What? What do you mean by that?

Trixie: What i mean by that is that there were too many moments of tear drops crying. way too much. and i know that if you were there… you’d have to be piddling me off the floor. i was crying too. not as much as my sister though… but i was crying nonetheless. and it was getting too heart-wrenching… even for me.

Perry: It’s not that bad to let your emotions run out in the open in front of your boss. I mean… what do you think i’d do? call you a sap or a total blubber brain? someone who just cries? It’s not a crime to cry at a funeral. everyone does it. because that’s what you should do. Funerals are not the happy times.

Trixie: no kidding. I feel sorry for my sister though because now she has no daughters… All she has now are the daughters of her recently deceased Daughter Princess Rikku. They have a bit of their mother inside them. so it will give her solace in that. But her heart feels so alone in that field. The girls are all still grieving from what i heard. it’s been a few days since that funeral. it’s been a while. but i really feel as though they’re feeling so alone. their mother was also like a very cherished friend to them. like a big sister to be exact.

Perry: I can imagine the pain they must be feeling. it’s terrible.

Trixie: I’m working on a piece to best commemorate their mother. it’s the right thing to do.

Perry: That’s right. and i am gonna request it to be the front page story. this is something that should be read by all.

Of course that afternoon…

At the Cargo warehouse by the Docking section of Metropolis…

Faora was standing before the Kandorians. the ones who were still waiting for Zod to return. She was now making a plea with them and informing them of a plan to make a move to pull away from Zod. to join her…

Faora: My  fellow Kandorians. I have come to inform you about a truth that can not be taken lightly for it concerns the man that we are waiting for a return. the one we’re begging for forgiveness from. I am here to tell you that the man isn’t who we all thought he was.

Grey-el: Why are you telling us this? You’re supposed to be the faithful cadet to Zod. his wife. you bare his child… don’t you?

Faora: I do. but the things i’ve learned about Zod makes me question my role as his wife. tied to a man who is no more than a tyrant who wants nothing more than to rule.

Vala: Sis, you’re sure that this is what you are seeking? Zod will not be happy. you know how he gets when there is insubordination in the ranks.

Faora: I don’t care. this is my baby. i refuse to allow a Tyrant to father it. i will not subject my child to be raised under a tyrant’s rule.

Vala: *Looking at the soldiers* Soldiers. men… she is right.

Faora: Kandorians… Zod has lied to us all. When he said that he would lead us to rule this planet. he said that it’d be only to provide strength. he didn’t say anything about razing it and conquering. but that’s what he’s liable to do. that is his intentions. He rose to power and razed the planet Krypton due to his Ego. he’ll do the same here. he destroyed Krypton. our very home that we all knew on Krypton was destroyed by the hands of Zod.

Permac: Are you sure it’s gonna be wise to go against him? he is strong. he is not gonna allow for us to leave him. He isn’t gonna like it.

Faora: I know how much I am asking of you in standing against Zod. I will not let my child be raised under a tyrant’s rule. We cannot let our future be guided by a tyrant’s hand. Our past ended in war. Let our future begin with peace.

Suddenly Smoke bombs are thrown inside and it catches their attention and causes them to stop in their tracks. It was a raid… being done by Checkmate. The agents came in and cornered them. Rounding them all up in a small gathering as that was what it was.. The Kandorians and Agents began yelling indistinctly and within seconds the Agents cocked their guns and a couple of the Agents started fighting off the Kandorians. It got Faora to cough up a command…

Faora: Enough!


Waller: *Walking in from the shadows* You heard her. Enough’s enough. The leader comes with me. We have a few things to discuss. *Walking off with Faora; giving the Agents a command*  Dispose of the rest.

At Metropolis High school…

Paige: Let’s go home. There is nothing going on.

Pearl: Yeah. I don’t even feel like going to the fashion store.

Dinah: And the Arcade can happen another day. I’m not in the mood today for it.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at his cousins* It’s okay. Let’s get you girls home and find a way to cheer you 3 up.

Prince Arnold: Yeah. Besides we all got homework to do. it’s not easy either.

Dinah: I wonder how our grandmother is doing?

Prince Avery: We’ll find out when we get to the house.

Pearl: It’s gonna be a while before we come out of our mourning phase.

Paige: i know.

Prince Alvin: It’s gonna be alright. We’re here to protect you girls.


Johnny: *Running over to Paige* Hey Paige. What’s up? I haven’t heard from you in almost a week. You okay?

Paige: Not really. Just having a rotten time in trying to move on and not be grieving so much over our mother’s death. *Looking down* I feel really bad over it still.

Johnny: I can tell. *Frowns* I wish that there was something we could do to help. if only we knew what to do.

Paige: *Smiles a bit* Thanks. that’s nice of you to say that.

Johnny: I know that it might not be the best time to ask this… but would you like to go out on a date tonight?

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the teen* Who are you?

Johnny: *Looking to see a guy behind Paige* Who are you? Wait a minute… i know you… don’t i?

Photo: Pleased to meet you.

Prince Alvin: Yeah. you do. I’m the Cousin to Paige. I’m…

Johnny: Prince… uh, Prince Alvin, right?! Yeah. now i remember. i seen you sometime before. You were the one talking about the girls missing. weren’t you? The Phantom Zone mishap? I was near this spot when it was said that day. and some guy. Dennis made a mention of it too. saying that the girls were missing. i was frozen over hearing it all.  *Looking at the Cousin* It’s nice to meet you. The name is Johnny Parker.

Prince Alvin: Good to meet you, i’m sure.

Paige: *Thinking* A date?

Prince Alvin: A date sounds nice for her. But i’m tagging along for protection. With the Bastard Zod said to be near… i’m not taking a chance of him coming at you.

Johnny: *Curious* What do you mean, Zod is near? Do you think that he’d try to attack us?

Prince Alvin: Don’t worry about it. Just know that it’s as it was said. Zod is near in this city. He’s targeted the family. Killed their mother. now it’s personal. we’re planning to nail him when the time comes.

Johnny: I’m joining in on the fight. *Nods* Zod is gonna learn his place. He hurts the one i love. he hurts me. Let’s nail ourselves some Kandorian scumbags.

Prince Curtis: *Holding up his hand* Whoa there! Take it easy there, Rambo. don’t be getting all full-throttle. we got to plan the battle right. because the way it’s going… at the rate we are moving right now… Zod will be nailing us and would have over lapped us 10 times before we could even knock some damage into him even once.

Johnny: That’s not gonna stop us. we’re gonna let him have it. Zod ain’t of this world and it’s about time someone went over to him and put him right back into his place.

Peter: *Running over to Pearl and suddenly halting as he sees her wearing all black* Pearl? What in the name of all Metropolis are you wearing? Why are you wearing all black?

Pearl: Black is my new color now. it’s black like my soul. i don’t think that I’ve got any rights to be cheery. What’s the point when my mother is dead and i’ll never see her face again? To me, colors are irrelevant.

Peter: *Sighs* You’re constantly mourning. You need to snap out of it. There is more to life than mourning your life away. Your mom is gone. it is sad. but you need to knock off this mourning act. it’s making you sick. plus… what would your mother say if she was still around and saw you like this? You think that she’d be happy and content as can be to just see you like this all the time and being miserable?

Dinah: *Snaps* Peter, Leave her alone. Can’t you see that she’s broken. she is gonna be like this a while. probably for a long time. You knew when you and her first met that she was the sensitive type. She’s like the baby of us. the loss of our mother broke her.

Pearl: That’s right. *Starting to snap out of it a little* I guess you’re right. Being miserable like this is gonna just make me hate the world and then myself. i don’t think that my mom would be happy if she saw me like this all the time. She’d be really upset.

Paige: *Seeing Pearl perking up a bit* Pearl?

Pearl: What?

Paige: You’re coming out of the grieving and the Mourning. What you just said now was the sign that the mourning period had passed for you.

Pearl: It has?

Paige: Yeah. I think that whatever Peter has just said to you got you to break out from the mourning.

Pearl: I guess so. *Sighs* Maybe i have been taking the mourning a little far. being miserable. Plus being made fun of today in school. That was not fun. I didn’t like that at all. *Whimpers* Mean Teens.

Prince Arnold: *Looking at Pearl* Hey. Don’t worry about what happened today in class, Pearl. Not everyone in class understood what you were going through. Kids are quick to judge because they don’t know any better. You 3 sorry to say… used to be like that a bit. but you were raised by a wonderful woman. it helped you keep it in check. But just because your mom is gone… it doesn’t mean that all she’s taught you was for naught. just keep reminding yourself of what your mom would have tried to do in those situations and you’ll never stray.

Dinah: That was most definitely a philosopher’s query. *Grins* Prince Arnold’s turned Philosophical. New surprise. A Loss in the family and he turns Philosophical.

Prince Alvin: Dinah, Stop. It’s just truth being told. You know it better than anyone. You’re a smart girl. you know that he’s got a point to it all. Don’t be quick to Judge others. the kids will be expecting that for it is what they are aiming to see you do. don’t give in. The normal kids do this because they know that no matter what they would believe or what they would pull near us… they’d never understand us.

Peter: What about us?

Prince Avery: You two are with hero blood in you. but even if that weren’t the case. you two know what’s what. so you two are not the problem. You two seem to sympathize as to what it is that we are and what we do.

Paige: Let’s get home. Our grandmother must be worried sick about us. School is out now.

Dinah: We noticed. And it’s been a while since i last seen my boyfriend. but with the anger i felt. i couldn’t see him. because all it’d do is hurt him. i just couldn’t do it. So seeing him is something that i should do. To reconcile and make amends with him. i didn’t make him feel too good the other day and at the moment i was still so angry that i didn’t stop to think. but now… i have to make amends with him. I have to at least tell him i am sorry.

Prince Alvin: He knows that you’re sorry. Even though he never said it. he knows. Dinah, You were just letting out your grief. there is nothing wrong with that. he knows that. as much as you feel as though it’s your fault and you’re guilty… you’re not at blame. Neither is he.

They didn’t stay a second longer as they all made way for their house. it was gonna be a rather cold night, but the grieving was starting to subside and it eased up the pressure a bit. a minute or so later…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

The tune for White Demon love song plays…

Paige: *Calling out for their grandma* Grandma, We’re home!

Pearl: Where are you?

Grandma Rikku: *Walking out from the other room* Hey girls. Welcome home. How was school?

Dinah: It was okay. Hard as heck though. The teacher was being really crude and snidely though. she doesn’t seem to like us at all.

Prince Alvin: There was a little issue with the teasing from some of the other classmates.

Prince Avery: But we set it straight. It was because of the sight of Pearl wearing so much black. but it’s nothing to worry over.

“White demon love song down the hall
White demon shadow on the road
Back up your mind, there is a call
He isn’t coming after all
Love this time
She likes the way he sings
White demon love song’s in her dreams

Grandma Rikku: You boys are taking care of business. that’s good. i just want peace. just make certain that no one taunts my granddaughters.

Prince Arnold: It’s no problem. we won’t let any harm come at them. We’re their pillars of strength and to get to them… they’ll have to get to us. and we’re not moving.

Paige: I got a date tonight.

Pearl: i think that i do too. It’s a wonderful night.

“White demon, where’s your selfish kiss?
White demon sorrow will arrange
Let’s not forget about the fear
Black invitation to this place that cannot change
While strangely holy, come for a rain”

Prince Curtis: So… Who’s going out with who to protect during the dates?

Prince Avery: I’ll go with Dinah.

Prince Arnold: I’ll go with Pearl and…

Prince Alvin: I’ll escort and hang close to Paige. they won’t be let out of my sight.

Grandma Rikku: Don’t bug them too much during their dates. just protect them and watch over them.

Prince Avery: we will.


White demon, widen your heart’s scope
White demon, who let your friends go?
White demon, widen your heart’s scope
White demon, who let your friends go?”

Prince Alvin: After the Date… we get back into the business of worrying about that Kandorian named Zod. He is a threat and we must focus on seeing that he is brought down.

Luna: *Bouncing in* Hey everyone! You’re not gonna believe this…

Prince Arnold: *Looking to the side and spotting Luna* Hey there Luna. what’s the story on your mind?

Luna: one guess. Who’s the one that Checkmate fears?

Paige: The Red Queen?

Pearl: The Red Queen. She’s near again… isn’t she?

Luna: More than that… She’s coming close to this neighborhood. I was just scouting the neighborhood for any strange signs left by Zod. that’s when i caught sight of her presence again.

“Let us be in love
(Let us be in love)
Let’s do old and grey
(Let’s do old and grey)
I won’t make you cry
(I won’t make you cry)
I will never stray
(I will never stray)
I will do my part
(I will do my part)
Let us be in love tonight”

Prince Alvin: That means that she’s near. If she is near… Zod might be looming not too much further than that. We will have to keep our eyes open. and our ears in standing order. keep alert at all times.

Grandma Rikku: Let’s just wait and see what happens.

Prince Alvin: No. Aunt Rikku, no waiting. we’re gonna handle this before another mishap ensues. we made a mistake of waiting last time and it cost us Princess Rikku. this time we’re doing it right. no more waiting.

Pearl: *Scared* You don’t think that Zod will come at us… Do you?

Prince Arnold: No. He won’t. we won’t allow for him to come at you girls.

Luna: We’re all gonna fight him if it calls for it.

Prince Curtis: Zod is gonna regret messing with us.

“White demon, widen your heart’s scope
White demon, who let your friends go?
White demon, widen your heart’s scope
White demon, who let your friends go?”

Suddenly a knock sounds on the door…

Paige: *Running over to the front door* I’ll get it.

Pearl: I wonder who it could be.

Grandma Rikku: Someone who’s a friend… i hope.

Dinah: Well… if it’s that Kandorian bastard Zod… you better be prepared to see fighting breaking out. because i still want to tear him a new behind.

“(Stand it anymore, darling)
(Stand it)

(I can’t stand it anymore, darling)
(Stand it)”

A second later…

Red Queen: *At the Door* Hi.

To be continued…


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