Chapter 67: Hark! the presence of the Red Queen draws near. Zod rolls in with a sneak attack. Professor Queen’s enlightening research shines its light. Amara, Michelle and Trista All-in and ready to move. Uh-oh! Watchtower under Lockdown?

Dinah: *Voice-over* Last time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Shanna and Luna had a long talk about what was gonna take place next. During the time that Shanna and Luna spoke about the situation that was unfolding… It came to light that Luna was exposing the fact that she was there with us when we went to rescue our mother from Checkmate. also rescuing Chloe. And mentioned that John Jones knew about her history. the Moon Kingdom which to this day… we’re more familiar with as we had to put up through that the most. Yeah. twisted, right? it’s not the only thing. Shanna also exposes the part where she was at the park the same morning that we were there meeting with John Jones. Luna didn’t scare her. but casually warned her to be careful for that she could be caught by Checkmate for info on the red Queen. In fact we were all at that risk. it was there and we knew it. we felt it. Shanna while talking to Luna gets informed that she had powers locked inside her. Dormant powers. ones that even we didn’t even know about at that point of time. Why would we? And Shanna was just then at that time made just recently a Permanent Rhapsody. She was already one… But now at that time… she was truly one. but she in the beginning before that talk… spoke about her biological family. her Brother Joe Wylee. We don’t know about him. but she mentioned it to Luna. mentioned as to how she came to be part of our family and just mentioned about her going through Teenage Angst. But when she learned that she had powers and got called a heroic name… She was intrigued. impressed. i would concur that i too was intrigued. Shanna practiced her mind powers. and heard what our minds was like. *Scoffs* Ugh! Get the heck out of our heads, Shanna. What do you think you are? Our Shrink? Geez!… *Voice-over* Sorry about that. I Just don’t like the idea that she was in our head. that’s just creepy. But while Paige, Pearl and I were split up… we were searching the whole City. Paige had the Central and Downtown parts of the City. Pearl had the whole Eastern side of the City. the outskirts and she had a moment where she felt as though she was channeling me. I think it’s really admirable. but i would be angry at her if she allowed herself to lose the personality that made her… her. I want her to just be her. be just true to her heart. follow her heart and not allow my mistakes to become hers. She took the Eastern part of the City. the Outskirts as it originally was. And your favorite Tough spunky and loose wire of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Me. i took the west. the West side of the City. It was gonna be a long search. What happened during that time was the surprise of our life. We were reunited with 3 old friends that we knew. Amara Tenoh, Michelle Kaioh and Trista Meioh. Amara was with Pearl. Michelle tied in with me. Trista met up with our head master of the team. Paige. and each of them relayed something about the Red Queen. and mentioned that they were following the story behind what was going on with the Kandorians and Zod the whole time. and we never even knew that they were around till that moment. they also saw the fall of the Solar Tower. What they let out about Checkmate though was more than what we were expecting. We learned that the White Queen was afraid of the Red Queen. Yeah right! her afraid of the Red Queen. If anyone should be afraid of her… it’s us. because we don’t even know who she is. We don’t know who she is. never even heard of her. but when John Jones told us that one line… we had to get to thinking that maybe there were more members on the board than what we would think there’d be. But the subtleties were gonna be at an end. because each one of us had a close encounter with the Kandorians. Pearl and Amara got 2. Michelle and i got 3. Paige and Trista… and surprisingly her boyfriend Johnny met 2. However the 2 that they came across were the right hand man of Zod and then Zod himself. But after the one shot that let loose. Zod and Basqat took off and recharged. but that was after Zod leaked out the part where our sisters had been taken. it gave Pearl a sense of Deja Vu when she heard of it. we all felt what she meant. Luna transformed in Watchtower. we were all impressed with it. we really were. we also introduced the 3 ladies to the Watchtower crew. they were accepted right off the bat. no questions. Chloe took to them fast. and they accepted the place. it was like it all clicked. but we didn’t have time to enjoy it. we had to move and kick some butt. we all get into our transformations and made a splash on over to where Betty and Angel were. Shanna throughout the whole time was suffering through the effects of her powers. feeling it come stronger and when she made it home. she was there trying to nullify it. it didn’t help. it just built up. Our mom and her had a small talk about it. and that was when it just hit. she began chanting something and it left our mother in surprise. Yeah… Mom we know how you feel. it’s a blow away for us too. We met off at the Dock warehouse. To go against the Kandorians to rescue our sisters Betty and Angel…

“The side doors busted open and before Basqat could react…

Miss Love: Guess again. Basqat. we don’t care how tough you think you are. it’s time that someone put you back in your place.*Launching an attack at Basqat* Love’s DESTINED FLOOD!

Bubble Maiden: You touch our sisters and you’ll pay. *Launching an attack at Basqat* BUBBLES STORMING CONCERTO!

Thunder Mistress:  Hurt them… i Dare you. Just try it and it’ll be the last thing you ever do. *Launching an attack at Basqat* RAGING THUNDERIC STORM!

Lord Bliss:  Want love’s sting to knock you out… you got it!*Launching an attack at Basqat* LOVE’S GUILLOTINE!

Bubble Warlock:  Say your prayers. My Bubbles will wipe you out.*Launching an attack at Basqat* BUBBLING SNAPPER!

Mystic Thunder: Time to get a nice shocking experience. *Launching an attack at Basqat* Thundering CRUCIFIX!

Sailor Luna: You like being mean to others. well try something sweet to take off that sour attitude of yours. *Launching an attack at Basqat* Luna Sucre… Candy!

Sailor Uranus: You leave Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand alone, you sleazeball! *Launching an attack at Basqat* URANUS WORLD SHAKING!

Sailor Neptune: You’re a dark man and you have no compassion. attacking a family. you’re about to get soaked! *Launching an attack at Basqat* NEPTUNE DEEP SUBMERGE!

Sailor Pluto: Here’s my power coming to you! This is for vowing war upon the innocent! *Launching an attack at Basqat* PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM!”

But that was nothing… we were all letting them have it good. we were letting him have it. laying it into them… it was Explosive. But that was only the start. what got us all set for a heart attack that came after the onslaught of hell. getting pummeled into mince meat. We were gonna be bruised a bit. that was for sure. but then…

“Shanna: *Walking in and with outrage* I hope that it’s been real sublime and the best you’ve had. because this is where it all ends. You maybe unbeatable. powers that are not of this world. but if you think that your time will last forever here…  You’re Barking up the Wrong planet.

Zod: *Turing to see a girl walking over into the room* Who are… *Recognizing the Girl* You! I know you. from before. You were the one standing up to me. before i took your sisters captive.

Shanna: Yeah. you’re damn right it was me. And i will do it again. I bow down to family and myself. You want me to bow down to you… do ya? well find a way to become family and it’ll become reality. *Pauses* No wait… i forgot that you are unable to… because one. you’re nothing more than an Alien who’s hungry for power and 2. you’re someone who doesn’t care who it is that you hurt. Plus… what would we be wanting a pathetic Kandorian scumbag like you in our family for anyway?

Zod: You Insignificant human. you will watch as your sisters die for your defiance.

Shanna: *Using her mind to send a signal over to General Zod* Pain… Inflict… harm… panic… seize… peril.

Zod: *Ordering his soldiers to attack the girls* Get the girls. dispose of them.

Betty: Well… Angel. It’s been nice knowing you. it looks like this will be the end of the Rhapsody sisters…

As the attacks began again…

Shanna: *Growling at Zod and Basqat* YOU SONS OF BITCHES!!! You hurt my sisters. You have hurt my family… You wanted to cause pain upon my family. and the innocent. YOU ATTACKED MY FAMILY!!!! Now…. I am Frickin’ PISSED OFF!!!!!”

Shanna suddenly glowed fiery red and Purple. it was a heart pounding knocker… She became Molten Mind. I get a kick out of her Introduction… “The Molten fire of fury… the Rocky Magnitude of Strength…The Psychic Mind of the Rhapsody Girls Z! My Telepathic Mind of Justice calls forth flames and power. The forceful hitman of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Molten Mind has Come… With my telepathic Mind and the Molten Rocks; the Magmatic power of Justice… Those who embark on Evil’s Power Will feel the true meaning of Pain… Molten Mind shall show no Mercy!” She really let Zod have it. Zod and Basqat were both feeling the pain. that power makes the powers we got seem like a little case of  “Abracadabra Alakazam” . The unfortunate part was that her powers were not stable and would have caused a Seismic event if she didn’t stop. She did though. and used what she had to encase Zod and Basqat in molten rock. He was sorry that he messed with us. We took back the south. Amara got at her a little over her powers nearly causing a disaster. She needs to get training in… We later learn that Tess was behind the abduction of our mother all on the same day we were captured by Checkmate and then managing to break out… with help. That’s it. Now i am mad. Tess has really blown it now. She’s blown it. and if i see her again. i’m gonna enjoy letting her have it. Loyalty be cursed. That’s for sure. Lastly though… the 3 ladies have a secret meeting with John Jones. And learned info about the red queen. much useful too. We will now know more about her. I just hope that the ladies tell us. we’ll need to know. just so we’ll know what to expect from the Red Queen. if we ever cross her path or meet close to her. But we also learn something of concern. that if the Book of RAO is used… it will Exile all the Kandorians. and all the Kryptonians. meaning Clark too will be Exiled to another plane of existence and won’t be back.  But as to how he was treating us. i couldn’t say that i’d miss him. mean… but i’m telling it straight. I don’t care for him much really. After the way he treated us and questioned our values and denounced us following our guts. i wouldn’t miss him one bit. That’s bad. but hey. it’s just how it is.  But… Now without further ado… here’s Chapter 67 of our Adventurous tale of the Rhapsody Girls Z!: “Hark! the presence of the Red Queen draws near. Zod rolls in with a sneak attack. Professor Queen’s enlightening research shines its light. Amara, Michelle and Trista All-in and ready to move. Uh-oh! Watchtower under Lockdown?”

A month has passed since the Encounter with Zod… Even though it was just the first Preemptive strike that was done upon the Rhapsody Girls Z! it was not gonna be over. there was more to come from Zod. however since that time it’s been a Month and there has been a lot of peace. A lot of it. But it was not ever gonna last as there was more to break in. During the Month of peace. Pearl was able to have a couple of successful dates and it was a pleasure feeling. She was happy. The Rhapsody Girls Z! attained a normal life and got wonderful grades in school…

At Princess Rikku’s house…

In the Living room…

Paige: *Reading her comics* it’s been peaceful today. School was great.

Pearl: *Working on her book report* I know. It’s just a relief that there was no sign of those Kandorians. Maybe they’ll give up and just back off.

Dinah: I wouldn’t put it past them. Zod is most certainly nothing like a softie. He’s gonna come striking us again. And his arsenal is more lethal than a swat team packing semi-automatics foiling a drug deal.

Paige: I wouldn’t be able to concur on that. But since the other day… he’s been just so silent. like he wasn’t even there. *Reading on in her Comic book* I noticed that the teachers were really sweet. they even smiled at us during the day. You noticed that, Right?

Dinah: I noticed. It was like an alternative universe. Usually they would be all so demanding. *Shaking her head* Wait! Why are you bringing that up? You’re covering something… Aren’t you? Like the book report? Did you even do your book report, Paige? Mom is gonna be asking for that. I started on my report and i am a little jaded on it because i am afraid that i might have messed up somewhere.

Paige: I have. i did it during the night last night. i slept in class for a part of the day. if it was just a casual day of going out fighting crime and going against the threats. i’d be up and just pitching since i am used to it. But now that i am dealing with peace. it’s gotten too normal and plain.

Pearl: *Shooting to her side and looking at Paige; feeling in shock* Paige, am i hearing you correctly? You enjoy having to worry about Zod and his men or the Red Queen? It’s peaceful. If i were you… i wouldn’t knock it. I am okay with the peace. i am at least able to see my boyfriend more on a normal and romantic level. not having to worry about some threat like Zod or possibly the red Queen. one who we know nothing about.

Dinah: I agree with Pearl. It’s a nice break in the fighting. We all need a break from it. Don’t you think so? i wouldn’t mind a year of peace. Fighting is wonderful. But i wouldn’t mind going for some wrestling. It’d be alot better for a change.

As they were talking…

Shanna: *Walking into the room* Hey sisters. What’s up?

Paige: *Looking up to see Shanna* Hey Shanna.

Pearl: We’re just watching some T.V and finishing our book reports.

Shanna: Book Report?

Dinah: Yeah. it’s an Essay. Mom gave it to us to do. the whole class has to do it.  I don’t really like the book we have to do it on. but it’s for a good grade and we have to get our grades up. Our grades unfortunately bite the big one.

Shanna: you will. Besides, you girls happen to be pretty smart let alone strong and dedicated to what it is that you do. I am sure that you 3 might have caught on that i too am now… well. A hero.

Paige: Yeah. we noticed. *Scoffs and shaking her head* we heard about it. we saw you nuke that creep Zod good. you gave him pain.

Shanna: Uh, Well of course i did. i know that i’m not biological. there is no secret there… but i still see you as my sisters and i’d go to the hilt to come to the aid.

Dinah: *Feeling a little wet in the eyes* That was touching. don’t be making this tough girl break down. I don’t do well with the water works. I never had.

Shanna: It’s not a bad idea for someone to cry. Sometimes it’s okay to cry. i do sometimes. It lets out to people and shows them that you’re hurt and upset. it’s a natural human emotion.

Pearl: And i cry alot. Not by favor. just sensitivity.

Paige: What about those powers? They were really unstable. How were you able to even use them?

Shanna: *Shrugs* I don’t know. i just was talking to Luna that night after we informed about Betty and Angel being captured. She sensed something in me and well… it brought something out. first the mind powers. i was able to read minds. *Scoffs; Chuckles* Yeah. I know. insane… right? it’s really nuts.

Dinah: I know. A friend of ours taught us how to see or vision things using our… powers. We haven’t been able to sense on how that is possible. we tried it. but it just didn’t really work so well.

Pearl: Maybe with practice it’ll get better.

Shanna: That is true. it just takes some practice. *Looking at the time* I better get to work. I promised to fill in a few long shifts. so… i’ll probably be gone for a while.

Dinah: Have fun. and try not to let those powers get out of whack. They’re not stable. and you do mean well. we can see that. but just train a bit more before using them.

Shanna: *Chuckling* No promises. But i’ll try.

Although… the calm was not to last. A month passes and throughout that time… there was calm until there were signs of the red Queen in the city. Things were about to pick up again… That morning…

At Princess Rikku’s house…

In the dining room…

Luna: *Bouncing in through the front door* Paige-Chan… Pearl-Chan… Dinah-Chan… *Panicking* Oh god…

Paige: *Seeing Luna coming in all in a panic* What the…

Pearl: Luna… What’s wrong?

Luna: It’s the 3 ladies. They came across the Red Queen. Her presence has drawn near.

Dinah: *Hearing the red Queen get mentioned while eating and nearly chokes* What in the–? The Red Queen? Where?

Luna: Near the old part of the Metropolis Promenade. *Freaked* Amara, Michelle and Trista have been on the hunt to search for the book of RAO for the last 2 weeks. they were looking all over the city. but each time they had a lead. they got the proverbial block and dead end by someone known as the Red Queen. her sign…

is everywhere.

Paige: Even the calling card of our revered Bozo on a repeating power trip Zod.

Pearl: What do you think we ought to do? Meet her?

Dinah: *Choking*

Paige: *Seeing Dinah choking* Oh god. Dinah!

Paige then rushed over fast to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on Dinah. It got Dinah to cough up the food a little…

Paige: Dinah, You okay?

Dinah: *Panting and catching her breath* I am now. What the heck was that anyway?

Pearl: So… the Red Queen is out there. Amara and the girls are out there and have come across the red Queen.

Luna: What are we gonna do?

Paige: we can’t do anything.

Dinah: So we’re just gonna sit with our thumbs right up our butts and watch as a new possible threat comes a rollin’ along?

Paige: No. Girls. Finish up breakfast and let’s get going.

Pearl: What about school?

Dinah: Sorry Pearl. but with the info that we just got from Luna here… School’s been rendered to a halt.

The girls then cleaned up the table and made sure that their breakfast was done. They knew that they were gonna be in for it. The Red Queen had just made her first wave of appearances and they were gonna wind up meeting her very soon. They didn’t know where they’d clash with the Red Queen. But they knew that if the red Queen was near… it’d be a close encounter. But they had a stop to make first. They had to make a meeting with their professor. It was long since due.

At the park…

Red Queen: *Talking to the Driver while drinking Champagne* Take me to the Luthor Mansion please.

Driver: Yes Red Queen. you got it.

Red Queen: There is a woman that i need to confront and deal with… *Thinking*

Although at the Metropolis star tower…

Paige: *Walking in from the dumbwaiter with her sisters* Hey professor. You wanted to see us?

Oliver: *Looking to see the girls* Yeah. I did. i was hoping to see and meet with you girls for the last 2 months. but with all the craziness that was being amongst our pretty coattails… there was no actual set date to meet. But now that you’re here… we can get ourselves down to the nitty gritty and discuss my fancy little findings that i’ve come across.

Pearl: That’d be expected. What’d you find out Professor?

Dinah: Is it something that deals with us?

Oliver: You know… normally i wouldn’t over look that remark. but you are most understood. this insane ride has stripped you from having much tolerance towards any of this. What i found though will be most beneficial. You know how you 3 are able to transform into your hero forms?

Paige: of course.

Pearl: Why do you ask?

Oliver: I have done some research. and i had my top people. scientists look into the research. the files and i found that there is a transformation sequence. three separate ones. Like for instance… let’s say that there is a Crime or a mishap. a call for duty somewhere and say that only two of you could go. There’d be a sequence. It goes like this…

Paige & Pearl= Hearty Bubbles. To do that… you got to chant out the Words: “Love and bubble Transform”

Pearl & Dinah= Sparkling Bubbles. To do that… you have to Chant out the words: “Bubble and Thunder Power Transform”

Paige & Dinah= Thundering Bliss. That happens by chanting the words: “Hearts of Love and Thundering Spark Transform”

Pearl: Sparkling Bubbles?

Dinah: Thundering Bliss?

Paige: Hearty Bubbles?

Oliver: Interesting to know that you have that capability, right?

Paige: It is really much to swallow. It’s rather much of a shock to know that. You came up with this?

Pearl: Will it ever be used?

Oliver: not sure. i would like to say yes. but it depends morally on you. although… you can have it happen at any time. all that you would have to do is just hold hands just for maybe a brief second.

Dinah: Uh, Wanna spew that last line again? Did you just say that we would have to hold hands? Doc, are you cracked?

Paige: *Shoots out in shock* Dinah!

Dinah: What?! He’s saying that we’re to be holding hands in order to transform into one of those forms. a side from being the Rhapsody girls Z! That is like wussy gone global.

Oliver: It isn’t so bad. besides, it’s just like a interchanging of powers or combining two elements. Think of it as like a current. a Magnetic current really.

Pearl: That works for me.

Dinah: *Sighs* If you say so.

Paige: Was that all? *Curious* was there something more that you had to inform us about?

Oliver: Yeah. Let’s go over to the seats and we’ll get right on to that.

A minute later…

Oliver: *Sliding the pictures over to Paige, Pearl and Dinah* Take a look. I was searching through these pictures and came across several Spots. Actually… i got the Video clipping. *Showing the Video on the Overhead* There is one heading on towards the realm of Azarath as it is unhappily called. I never heard of that realm and it’s not in any normal file.

Paige: Azarath?

Pearl: Wait a minute. Wasn’t that one of the spots that our Ex-Professor pointed out?

Dinah: I guess so. He said something about it being the home of this girl who has these dark powers. and is half Demon. with 4 glowing red eyes when she turns dark and sadistic. She is tied to someone who is like this demon who is big, red and has a very bad ass disposition.

Paige: Trigon the Terrible. or in secret codename: Scath. Right?

Pearl: That’s right. So that is about to be a real threat. and This Raven girl is gonna be coming in the near future.

Dinah: Well if she comes… that will also mean that Trigon will be just around the corner. they’re like really close, right?

Pearl: It seems that way. She is said to be the portal. the Gem that opens the gate for Trigon to come onto Earth.

Paige: That is only half true. That can only happen if she were to chant the incantation: “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire. The gem shall be his portal. he comes to claim… he comes to sire… the end of all things mortal.” That’s how she will let him come.

Dinah: *Jumps up out of fright* WHAT?! You know that line?! Paige, you nuts. seriously freaking me out. How do you know all that?

Paige: I don’t. i am just recalling bits of what we heard in the beginning when our heroic lives began.

Pearl: That’s a good excuse. but Paige. don’t use that line again. that line sounded really creepy. you actually scared Dinah a bit with it and she don’t scare easily. and i am shaking a bit on the inside. *Shaking a little*

Paige: *Chuckles* Sorry.

Oliver: Well that is one spot. there is also another spot. Planet Apocalypse. Home of Darkseid. the guy with the Omega symbol on his forehead. but that is one which seems to be fading. however there is one that is still in question. the one heading to the realm of digital creatures. What exactly is that about?

Paige: Beats me. Maybe it’s just a fluke.

Dinah: I wouldn’t mind it being a possibility though. but hopefully it’s all a mistake.

Pearl: we’d need a digital partner to do the fighting for us if that were the case.

Oliver: that’s another issue. But there is also one that leads to a place called Spira.

Paige: Spira? This is a joke, right? A Joke and some kind of funny gag?

Pearl: That’s got to be an odd spot. i will bet that next you will say that when it’s time for that threat to come… we’re gonna be teleported to that realm. to handle it. right?

Dinah: I don’t know about you guys but that is totally preposterous. it’s outrageous and i don’t find it funny at all. If this is your way of psyching me out… good job. you’ve just done it and now i’m gonna split before i wind up going bats.

Luna: *Bouncing into the room* Hi.

Oliver: *Turning to see Luna bouncing in* Well… if it isn’t Whiskers Luna in all her glory. What brings you here?

Luna: uh…

At the Daily Planet…

Trixie: *Working on another article* I heard about the capture of two of my Nieces Betty and Angel. I am not happy in the least.

Lois: *Pauses and shoots up in a shock* Huh?! come again? Your Nieces were captured? When was this?

Trixie: Just last month. i heard about it just now. why is it that no one tells me these things till a little after it happened?

Lois: I don’t know. I didn’t even know about it. we did an article about it just the other week. it’s all done and over with. but the thing is that we don’t know is who did it. What lead him to attempt a capture?

Trixie: we know who… Zod. It doesn’t matter what lead him to it. but i will say that i am not pleased.

Lois: Zod? The Blur?!

Trixie: Zod is not the Blur. He’s got no values that our resident Reporter/hero in calling… has. Zod is Evil. He may talk like he’s all subtle and kind. but you best rest assured that he’s part of the shifting persuasion. he will shift his demeanor to make you think that he’s one who can be one you will feel trust in.

Lois: Where did you get that piece of info?

Trixie: Ah! i’d tell you… but you ought to know by now that a reporter never reveals their source.

Lois: *Desperate* Awwww! Come on Trixie… this puppy is desperate. she needs a hefty bone here. i got not big tales. the last tale i had was about the new street signs that are being drilled into the street corners. I think that i slacked off way too much and if i don’t come up with a big news article soon i will be kissing my favorite spot in the parking garage here adios.

Trixie: You’re gonna wind up being canned unless you come up with a big article? *Gasps in shock* Oh dear me… that is terrible. I can’t bare to see a good fellow reporter go down. You’re in need of something. You know… as much as some people would just let the other bite the proverbial dustpan. No. I’m gonna share my byline with you. How good are you at taking pictures?

Lois: Pictures? I can get good ones. really wonderful pictures.

Trixie: Good. you get the pictures… i’ll type the article. I’ll make certain that your name is in the byline along side mine. You deserve to be here as much as anyone if not more. You are not out for the unemployment line yet.

Lois: Thanks.

Mrs. Stroker: *Suddenly walking into the office* Mom?!

Trixie: *Stops to turn and spot her daughter* Trixie… Sweetie. What a surprise. What brings you here?

Mrs. Stroker: I was in the area here and thought that i’d stop by. I was kinda on my way for Lunch and thought that maybe i’d be able to see if you wanted to tag along. It has been awhile since the last time we spent much of any time with each other.

Trixie: I would love to join. I kinda am in the middle of a big article and sharing it with Lois. She’s in risk of losing her Job unless she produces something. i can’t let her lose her job.

Lois: I think that time with your daughter is a good idea. we can get right at it later. this will be here when we get back. go on and spend a little time with her. it’ll be alright.

At Metropolis High school…

Princess Rikku: *Taking Roll* Paige, Pearl and Dinah aren’t here. They should be here. it’s not the weekend. Is it?

Leslie Stevens: No. It’s Wednesday.

Princess Rikku: Is it? Hmm… I thought that it was Monday…  or maybe Tuesday.

Leslie Stevens: Tuesday. that is more believable than saying it is Monday. Besides. this feels like a Tuesday anyway.

Princess Rikku: Yeah. I wonder where my girls could be. They were supposed to be on their way here after they ate their breakfast and that was like about 3 hours ago.

Classmate: What’s with them anyway? Are they always like this or do they just enjoy being slackers?

Princess Rikku: *Glares* Clarice… That is enough. My daughters are not slacking off. They have a lot going on in their lives.

Clarice: Yeah. Like being super heroes? I know all about it. but it doesn’t give them the right to just skip school when ever they choose to.

Leslie Stevens: Excuse me. *Looking at the Girl* I’d suggest that you shut that trap of yours before i stuff it with my fist…

Princess Rikku: Now now… Mrs. Stevens… there’ll be no need for Violence. I do appreciate your sticking up for my girls. but aiming for a fight with someone is not necessary.

Leslie Stevens: Sorry.

But back at the Metropolis clock tower.

Luna: What about the Red Queen?

Oliver: What about her?

Paige: Professor… There’s been recent sightings of her in this city.

Amara: *With Michelle and Trista* That is right. We’ve nearly ran into her several times over the last few days. it’s gonna be only a matter of time before she manages to close in to discover the girls. She doesn’t seem to be a threat. but we can’t take that chance. someone’s gonna have to follow her.

Michelle: That’s right. We’re gonna need to follow her and see what her plans are.

Trista: We believe that she holds in her position the sacred book of RAO.

Oliver: *Stands up quickly and shoots up in shock* Whoa whoa whoa… Wait a minute. The Book of RAO? What would The red Queen be doing with an item like that? What would she use it for?

Pearl: That is something that we don’t know. We don’t even know who she is.

Amara: From what we could gather… She’s a United States Senator for Kansas. She works in Washington D.C.

Oliver: *Spewing out a name* Senator Kent. That’s Martha Kent. Are you telling me that she’s the Red Queen?

Trista: I’m afraid so. She is the one. but how do you know her?

Oliver: I know her by business. I was the one that offered to go over some points and help her with her platform. Financial support.

Dinah: Martha Kent is the Red Queen? Okay… that is it for me. i think that i need to be whacking myself in the head with a mallet. The Red Queen is Martha Kent. the mother to Clark. We don’t hear a thing about her… not once since all this began… and now this? *Getting up and walking over to the window* Good work in getting me to go totally off the deep end. i’m baked.

Pearl: *Walking over to Dinah* Dinah… It’s not that bad. Maybe she’s nice. She can’t be mean. She’s obviously the mother to Clark Kent.

Dinah: *Stopping to look at Pearl* And that makes her any less of a concern? Pearl… We’ve only got info on her. but we never met her. How do we girls know that she’s anything like what Ollie believes her to be? Amara, Michelle and Trista just divulged some light shining info on the Red Queen. but it don’t mean a hill of beans if we don’t know what the heck she happens to look like. For all we know… she could be just some poser. or a government blow-hart.  What’s to say we can even trust her?

Paige: Dinah… Stop having a rapture style fit. The Red Queen is not a threat. whoever she is… she’s probably doing what she is doing to ensure that no high danger from the government comes at her son. It’s just like what our mom would do if she had the powers to do so. powers that our sister Betty has got from her.

Luna: That is true… A mother’s love never dies. You know that better than anyone, Dinah. so do you, Pearl… Paige.

Amara: We should head back out and keep a watch out for the red Queen.

Trista: right. We’re gonna need to keep our sights on the Red Queen.

Michelle: I agree.

Amara: let’s go.

Trista: *Looking at the girls* Paige, Pearl… Dinah. You 3 be careful if you go outside. The Red Queen might not be of worry and might be a friend to us all… but The Kandorians are not trusted. They could try to attack you and that could be dangerous. If you 3 do run into them… be extremely careful.

Paige: You bet, Trista. Thanks.

Oliver: *Looking at the time* I got to head over to the office and do some paperwork at Luthorcorp. i am with controlling shares and i know that since Tess isn’t doing her part of the partnership in running Luthorcorp and is more into getting herself into mischievous antics. i got to roll in it and just keep my half in running order.

Dinah: You’re a Partner to Tess?

Oliver: Only when Luthorcorp is concerned. there was a time when she and i were like with intimate thoughts. but that all faded when i found that she was backing a government group of imperial hellhounds who were trying to target heroes and wound up chaining you girls. i’ve tried to get with her a few times before that. and the one success i had… she could have just smiled and never accepted another one nighter. but she goes instead with saying: “I Had an itch… you scratched it.” talk about shooting a man’s heart. right? i kinda felt insulted. but when i found that she was behind your capture and the capture and almost assassination hit on your mother. i was done. The only thing she’ll get from me now is a business and a public greeting. that’s if she’s lucky…

Pearl: As long as you don’t fall into her web. she’s slimy enough…

That afternoon at the Metropolis Apartments…

Amara: *Standing by the Phone* someone got the location of where the Red Queen is. We’re gonna meet her.

Trista: She’s close. But we better be ready for her if we do happen to meet her. She is with an unknown Agenda.

Michelle: *Nods*

The Phone then rings and they pick it up; turning on the speaker phone…

Amara: hello?

Voice: Red Queen Position 2955104 to 2955106… It’s Your move.

Trista: *Writing the info down* Those must be the coordinates of where to be to  meet the illustrious Red Queen herself.

Michelle: Looks like we get to have a meeting with the Red Queen.

Amara: Most definitely…

They head out and lock the door. They were on their way to meet with the Red Queen. It was gonna come to a close and they were finally gonna meet face to face with the Red Queen who was none other than Martha Kent. Amara read the positions and it led to the Promenade. Amara was the first to see the Red Queen Before Michelle and Trista were able to catch sight of her.

Amara: *Spotting the Red Queen* Are you the one they call the Red Queen?

Red Queen: My name is not of importance. What business do you have here in Metropolis?

Michelle: We are here to help fight off the Kandorians.

Red Queen: You are here to defend the country from the Kandorians… How do we know you can be trusted?

Trista: Because we happen to believe in the same thing. preservation of human life. having a fighting chance against the Being known as Zod.

Red Queen: Zod is near and vows to turn the world into a no mans land. am i to believe that you’re not like him? Zod will turn this city… this planet to look like this…

Amara: That isn’t true. It won’t happen. The Solar Tower was destroyed. a Guy named Clark destroyed it. As did 3 girls and their boyfriends.

Red Queen: 3 Girls? Who do you speak of?

Michelle: We can’t let that out. but if you wish to meet them… You should stick around this City. They are around.

Trista: They’re being targeted by Zod. and Chances are… if you spot Zod. you’ll be sure to see them. they’re near.

Red Queen: I plan to meet them soon. But tell me… What are their names?

Amara: Red Queen… We know who you are. You’re Martha Kent. And you are doing what you will to protect your son Clark. As a Mother should. But if we were to spill out the identity of the 3 girls to you. It could invite danger to befall them and their mother would be set off.

Red Queen: Would their mother be Mrs. Rhapsody?

Amara: That would be correct. She is their mother.


Paige: *Walking with her sisters Pearl and Dinah* We haven’t heard a word of the Red Queen since a couple hours before Noon. We know that she’s near. Remember Luna said that Amara, Michelle and Trista ran past The Red Queen? they know who she is.

Dinah: We know. She’s someone known as Martha Kent. Probably one of those women who are like farmers wives and are so simple and exist to serve the man. What was his name… Jonathan?

Pearl: Yeah. She seems to be really sweet. i bet that she’s like this red-haired woman. Believing in those traditional views and kind. I wouldn’t mind to meet her. She maybe the Red Queen. but how could a sweet lady like her be feared by the White Queen? What could she do to make the White Queen quiver in the high heels?

Paige: i don’t know. but whoever or wherever Martha Kent is… She’s probably doing her moves in keeping any rearing ugly government snake away from her Son… Clark. Our mother is the same way. She’d try to keep us safe from any high threat. but without powers… it’s so hard. however our family is full of protectors.

Dinah: *Looking at Paige while walking on* Well it’s like Amara mentioned earlier. A mother’s love never falls. a Mother would do just about anything to protect her sons or daughters.

Pearl: Do you think that we’ll see her?

Paige: It’s a possibility. I actually would like to see her and put the rumors of her being a feared player to the White Queen to rest.

Dinah: *Looking ahead* What—

Pearl: *Seeing someone dressed in red* Who’s that?

Paige: *Seeing the woman in Red* Why… that’s…. that’s…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Shoots out in shock* THE RED QUEEN!

Amara: *Turning to see the 3 girls* Hey girls.

Michelle: You 3 are just in time.

Trista: Meet the Red Queen.

Paige: *Nods*

Red Queen: You 3 must be the girls that Clark mentioned. It’s nice to meet you 3.

Pearl: It’s nice to meet you too.

Dinah: Ditto.  I take it that you’re the one that the White Queen Amanda Waller is so spooked about. No offense… but you don’t seem to be revered as scary. you’re rather a very gentle looking woman. a sweet person.

Red Queen: I can be rather scary when i must be. but that is because i am trying to protect my son. keeping the people in Washington from knowing about him. because if they were to know about him… they’d try to abduct and use him.

Dinah: Oh… you mean like What Checkmate was gonna plan to do with us till we foiled their attempts? we know. You know the sick part of it all? The sick part of it all was that they were going on about stopping the upcoming apocalypse from coming. I may not be high and mighty with the religious bit. but to be uber-obsessed with the Apocalypse? Please. that’s like being so afraid of Germs that you’re afraid to breathe or live or touch anything without getting contaminated with something. it’s pathetic.

Red Queen: *Chuckles* That’s one way of putting it. Is she always this wound up?

Paige: without a doubt. Dinah knows no bounds once you get her rolling with her high feelings. She’s known as the loose wire of the team here.

Pearl: Just don’t get her mad. trust us. we know. we’ve seen how she gets and it’s really a certifiable scare.

Red Queen: *Sighs* With all that anger in her heart. She’s soon to forget how to love and how to be gentle to those around her. Just like my late Husband Jonathan. He had so much Anger in his heart when it concerned the Luthor family. He was so enraged that anytime something went on that he didn’t like and saw that the Luthor’s had a hand in it… he would just get set off over it.

Paige: Why were the Luthor’s so bad in his eyes?

Red Queen: Well…

Jonathan: *Turns off chipper* I know how much you want it, son, but you can’t keep it.

Clark:  Why not? I saved the guy’s life.

Jonathan:  So you think you deserve a prize?

Clark:  That’s not what I meant.  Look, how about you drive the new one and I’ll drive the old one? Everybody wins.

Jonathan:  This is not about winning, Clark.

Clark:  It’s not like the Luthors can’t afford it. 

Jonathan:  *Sighs* Do you want to know why that is? Do you remember Mr. Bell? We used to go fishing on his property. How about Mr. Guy? He used to send us pumpkins every Halloween. Well, Lionel Luthor promised to cut them in on a deal. He sent them flashy gifts. Once they’d sold their property, he went back on his word. He had them evicted, son.

Clark:  So you’re judging Lex on what his father did?

Jonathan:  No, Clark, I’m not. I just want to make sure that you know where the money came from that bought that truck.”

Pearl: That’s kinda mean to Judge the son for what his father did.

Dinah: No Duh! but that’s how it is in the world. people are like that every day. it is only getting worse. I don’t like it either. Jonathan must have been a bit of a Jerk to Judge that guy Lex for something that his father had done. if he had any sense… he would see past it and aim the anger at Lionel. not Lex. i mean. Lex was the Son. but that doesn’t mean that he’d do the same exact mistakes and moves that his father had done.

Paige: We don’t know that. But it is really mean. What does Clark think about it all?

Red Queen: He tried to defend Lex. Clark’s obvious weakness is seeing good in everyone… even in those who didn’t deserve it.

Dinah: That’s kinda messed up if you ask me.

Red Queen: i agree. it is messed. but Clark is not like we are. He is with a whole world upon his shoulders.

Pearl: We know. we’ve seen it.

Amara: Especially since Clark’s been riding on their coattails for a long time. harping on the one mistake that the girls had done once.

Trista: That was mean of him to hold a mistake over someone’s head like that constantly.

Red Queen: Clark has many sides. it’s not easy being him. he holds the greatest burden. having to preserve the life of all… even if it was someone who didn’t deserve it. he has abilities that no one else has. He had many times thought where he wanted to let a person fade away for doing something that terrible but knew that he couldn’t let them go. he didn’t have the right to play god. No one does.

However… as they were talking…

At Metropolis High school…

Princess Rikku: I can’t believe this… *Packing her things up for the day* My 3 girls didn’t come to school. They didn’t even show up. i don’t know where they’ve gone to… but i am sure they must be okay. They better be staying out of trouble… wherever they are.

Leslie Stevens: Why would you think that? You obviously trust them, don’t you?

Princess Rikku: Yeah. i do. I know that they are very respectable girls and that they’re well behaved. Dinah though is a bit of a hothead. if someone were to set her off. it’d be trouble.

Leslie Stevens: It’s no big deal. What harm could she really do?

Princess Rikku: Did you really have to ask that?

Leslie Stevens: Was i not supposed to? They’re girls. girls get into some sort of trouble every once in a while. it’s the teen curse.

Princess Rikku: I wouldn’t know. i never had a pleasant teen years experience. Don’t ask. It’s a long story and you’d be truly bored long before it was done being told.

Leslie Stevens: I am sure that i’d believe it. but the only thing to that is I got to get home to meet my mom. She’s been home alot lately and the sad part is that every time i ask her what the deal is… She just shrugs like she has no clue as to what the heck i am talking about. It’s like i’m crazy to her or something.

Princess Rikku:  It’s good to have your mother home. alot of kids have parents who are rarely ever home when they get home from school. This is Metropolis after all. it’s just that way. Sad though. but i am more traditional. i like being home in the afternoon. Besides there is something that i am planning to do. Something that will surprise my girls. I can’t tell you what it is… It’s just something that will surprise them.

Leslie Stevens: Surprises like that better be flashy and bright. *Pauses and feeling a awkward stare coming* What? Just saying. Teens are all about getting the flashy stuff. the things that are shiny and new. Teens go for that.

Princess Rikku: *Shaking her head* that’s What i’d be expecting for a teen to say. Teens never change… do they?

At Luthorcorp…

Oliver was looking over some forms and taking care of business. He was alone in his office since it was believed that Tess was living underground and staying out of the proximity of Checkmate’s radar. The only part that was not making a whole lot of sense was that Tess wasn’t really underground. She was making a progress in keeping a low key…

A moment or two later…

at King John’s house…

King John: *Looking at his 4 boys* Boys… have you seen the girls anywhere?

Prince Alvin: No. they weren’t in school either.

Prince Avery: They were not even there at all.

Prince Curtis: We have heard about the Red Queen though. there’s been word of her being all over the City. her sign or symbol has popped up all over the frickin’ city. there is all sorts of Signs out there. Even the calling card for that Kandorian freak named Zod. there are signs of him everywhere too. That guy’s been busy.

Prince Arnold: that is so oblivious. The Red Queen does not exist. There is no red Queen.

Prince Alvin: You two… Cool it. come on… something is not right here. The girls have not been in school all day. I mean… we’ve seen Aunt Princess Rikku during the day and she didn’t even know where the girls were. They keep missing school. *Grins* You know… if we didn’t know any better… it would almost seem as though they were so obsessed with fighting against the threats that they are not even noticing that their School careers and academics are suffering and taking the proverbial Plunge.

Prince Avery: Ouch… Uh, Brother. Harsh Much? Brother… that was kinda harsh. Princess Rikku is over reacting. and so are you. The girls are not into missing school on a daily basis. i mean… what would that make them? High school dropouts? i would beg to differ.

Prince Curtis: They are missing school. they’re going out to search for the Red Queen. And find out where the Book of RAO is being hidden.

Prince Arnold: Pfft! As if! We are heroes too. we fight crime and are all into saving the world… but we’re not falling into the Red Queen tale. there is no Red Queen.

Prince Curtis: *Growls* Oh yeah! Then what the hell do you call this…

The Red Queen

Huh?! You dumb dorkenstein! The symbol or calling card for her has been popping up all over the city.

Prince Alvin: We better go and do some searching for this Red Queen then. hopefully we won’t get ensnared by the Kandorian head commander Zod. The girls have been targeted by him once already. Betty and Angel had been captured by him and the girls rescued them from harm. With help from 3 sailors and Shanna. We should have been there. to help them out with the battle.

Prince Avery: That is right Those girls might be full of zany mischief… but they’re family. from now on… they’re priority.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at their pops* Dad, We’re going back in business. we’ve had no cases. for a while now… we have been at a stand still. but it’s ending now. the girls are in trouble. The Red Queen is out there and she might be trouble. we’re gonna find her and find out what her plans are for the girls.

King John: Okay boys. But be careful out there. if there is any danger… you pull out and retreat. Zod and his troops are trouble. remember that they held your cousins Paige, Pearl, Dinah, Betty and Angel as well as your Aunt Princess Rikku captive. They can never be trusted. and the fact that he was at their birthday party… i knew that it was making you 4 twitch and twirl and cringe… it was taking every last fiber of your soul to keep from pouncing on him. I even wanted to nail him too… but we didn’t want to ruin their day so we held off.

Prince Alvin: That is not a tall tale to us. we know all this. We just would like to go and see about kicking that guy to the bloody ground.

King John: good luck boys. better take some contraband with you in case you wind up going on a stakeout. it might turn into one.

Prince Avery: Right.

Minutes later…

The boys left and made way to go and find the Red Queen. they didn’t know as to who the Red Queen was… but they were not gonna stop till they found her. The only problem was that they didn’t even know who she was. The Rhapsody Girls did. but the Rhapsody Brothers did not. Although it wasn’t long before there was a knock on the door.

King John: *Opening the door* Yes?!

Princess Rikku: hey there cousin.

King John: Oh dear… hello there fuzzball. What’s new with you?

Princess Rikku: not much. i was just on my way home and had a very trying day. The girls didn’t come to school today. when i left the house this morning…

King John: *Stepping aside* Please come in and relax a little. I would say that the boys would be right in… but they left. they are on the search for someone known as the red Queen.

Princess Rikku: *Coming in and heading to the Living Room* You’re kidding? The Red Queen? I have heard about her for a few days. But this morning on the T.V there were a few reports of people actually coming face to face with a dark shadowed lady. all in red.

King John: Strange. You haven’t seen her though, have you?

Princess Rikku: No. Have you?

King John: Are you kidding me? of course not. I mean that i have heard of her… heard of her presence being around. the sign that she leaves off is almost like an actual calling card. An insignia of some sort.

Princess Rikku: Do you think that she could be rather dangerous?

King John: Not really. She can’t be dangerous. She’s not like Checkmate. i heard about them. I heard about the White Queen. She fears the Red Queen. although… i don’t think my boys will fear her. they don’t fear over much of anything. I think that if they find the Red Queen and notice that she is just a Gentle person… They might be lost on what to do. They never attack women. but when it concerns protecting family… That’s uh, That’s a new matter in itself.

Princess Rikku: She could be just a regular woman.

King John: She could be… and then again… maybe not.

Princess Rikku: What about Zod? What do you think he’ll do?

King John: What do you mean?

Princess Rikku: Well… from what i heard from my girls just a few days ago as they finally broke out with it… Zod has been targeting them pretty hard.

King John: I noticed. And i noticed that the 4 boys have caught on that the girls were not in school again.

Princess Rikku: So did i. i also noticed it and i can’t really say what it is that i believe… i don’t know if i ought to be upset or angry or just lost.

King John: I know. You really need to get them to stop missing so much school. *Sighs* i know that they are too deep into the Hero work. but i am concerned about their Academic education and their future careers. as are you. They’re never gonna be able to graduate at the rate they’re going.

Princess Rikku: *Looking up at the ceiling; Sitting down* I just wish they could balance the two lives equally. The normal life and then the hero life. they’re leaning too far into the Hero life. There is no balance.

King John: There isn’t. that is what the problem is for them. They have no balance. It’s something they are gonna need.

Princess Rikku: Well… that and a new sister. Adopted of course.

King John: *Laughs a little* Uh-huh! yeah. and who’s gonna be adopted by you this time?

Princess Rikku: Their friend Luna. I notice that she’s like a girl without an actual family. There must be something that can be done for her.

King John: You’re kidding about that, Right? You really want to adopt her?

Princess Rikku: Of course i do. Luna is a sweet person. I had her at my house quite a lot during the second threat. She was really sweet and she never gave much of any fuss at all. She’d be like the perfect Adopted sister to the girls. Shanna is also another wonderful sister to them. they get along so well.

King John: I see. Uh, not like i’d get in the way of your decision on doing this, but… when do you want this done?

Princess Rikku: Now. as soon as possible.

King John: We can call Aunt Charlene. She’s a Asst. Governor. She can sanction it. Asst. Governor for Kansas has controlling shares of the Adoption centers and the proceedings. All Except for one. Metropolis United Charities. They are founded and are well funded by a Lionel Luthor.

Princess Rikku: Let’s call the Asst. Governor and get it approved. You know… no one is gonna believe it.

King John: i believe it and i am one who’s seen alot of stuff in my time. i used to be Prince John. and even in those days… i’ve seen the most profane things that even i can’t believe.

Princess Rikku: *Feeling rather insulted* I would like to know exactly how that would sound as i would have things to relate to. but unlike you… i had a terrible childhood. my school years were the worst as i had no friends. My Best friend was my sister… living in my mom’s house. I spent most of my time crying myself to sleep as i didn’t have any friends. You should know what it was like for me. you were in the same damn school as i was growing up.

King John: *Sighs* You’re right. Sorry. I should have thought twice before bringing that up.

Princess Rikku: Yeah. You should, Cousin. You and the others had the best school years. i had to watch you all through a window… being left to always wonder what it’d be like to have a shot at a happy life. knowing the life that you and the rest had.

King John: We didn’t always have a happy life either, Cousin. We also had our share of troubles too. not as massive as your troubles. but we had our share of them.

Princess Rikku: You’re right.

King John: Let’s make the call. Your girls will be sure surprised over it.

Princess Rikku: *Smiles* yeah…

Almost a half hour or so later…

King John: It’s done. Luna is now Luna Tina Rhapsody.

Princess Rikku: What?! Why the middle name?

King John: It makes it most festive. The girl would just love it.  She’s a sister to your girls now.

Princess Rikku: Along with Shanna. Nice. A wonderful happy family.

King John: Want to give out the happy news? or should i?

Princess Rikku: I’ll tell her. It’s gonna be just fine. I’ll ring her up while i’m on my way home to my house.

King John: She’ll be frozen stiff with delight.

Princess Rikku: *Grins* You don’t say. Any clue as to why she wouldn’t be with delight?

King John: Nope. none. i… uh. i mean… if i were with no parent or family and was about to be adopted… i’d be dancing on a ceiling and going nuts.

Princess Rikku: wouldn’t we all? I just would like to get rid of this pink hair. it’s been my curse for as long as i can remember.

King John: Nah! it’s a gift. besides. i like the pink. you’re no freak. You’re a good honest person. if people don’t accept you for you. the hell with them. you don’t need them. Even if you are a bit of a freak. i still love ya and that ain’t gonna change. besides… you’re like my favorite cousin anyway. always have been. alongside Princess Charlene of course. you and her are the best.

Princess Rikku: *Touched* Ah! That’s sweet. You’re sweet saying that.

King John: not that. it’s just true. besides. i got close and more comfortable with you and her. you two were easier to be around. and i was around for you most because you were in need of protection alot. not that it’s a bad thing or that it made you out to be a total baby or that… but you were being made fun of and teased. whether or not you had it coming or you didn’t… i wasn’t gonna just let you go down in flames. someone was screwing with you. What was i gonna do? watch. hell no. i was gonna kick the guy’s ass and protect you. was i glad to do it? no contest. i’d do it anytime… every time. It is just like i once told your mother when i ran into her one time. She might contest to it. remember it…

King John then starts Reminiscing a little…

“Well… i was just doing what i was prone to do. protect my family at all cost. and defend them. I myself didn’t really intend to get too involved, but i was just not liable to just sit and allow Princess Rikku to get hurt. not like that. i don’t like seeing my family getting hurt. if they get hurt… i feel it too. i was just on the one side when it all happened. i didn’t really hear everything. but all i heard was that she was being spoken to and everyone was just making faces… i figured that it was rude and not nice for them to do that. but i stayed out of it. i felt that she could handle it… but then as soon as i saw that she was being made fun of… that was when i sighed and just went: “Okay… that’s it. i’ve had it with seeing my family being teased. My Cousin has Pink hair. she looks bizarre but it’s not like she choose for her hair to be pink” she was being mocked and then when i heard taunts… i got really pissed and got to the crowd as i heard the Taunts… hearing the chants… “Smoky Girl McLight’em up! Smoky Girl McLight’em up! Smoky Girl McLight’em up!” and the crowd was pointing to her and that was where i grabbed one of the kids and went out saying: “You want to hurt my cousin and hurt her feelings, you punk! come on and try it on me… i’ll soon beat the hell out of you” The Kid then looked and just stared at me and was in shock for about a second or two… then said: “”It’s not my fault that she’s a freak. she was caught with a pack of those nasty things… she probably tried it.” that was when i got beyond pissed. i was White hot mad… i landed a Punch at him and went BAMM! POW! at his Eyes and gave him a Bloody nose and a Black eye… then looked at the other kids and Aunt Rikku. you know my father John. i got a mouth like he does… and i let it all out. i looked at the other kids with anger and lashed out with: “That’s a warning to all of you… you screw with my cousin… you’re dead where you stand. you hurt my family and you’ll get a nice black eye for my fist and your eyes will become new best friends… real quick” i was Pissed. and by my saying that… they sure got the idea that i was hot under the collar and on the brink of exploding.”

Princess Rikku: You said all that to my mother once? How she take it?

King John: She understood how i felt and agreed. She felt bad to know that you were being mocked. It hurt her. but you should know that she liked the fact that i was there to protect you from those other kids who only saw you as someone who should be mocked and teased…

Princess Rikku: Good ole’ mom. She has the biggest heart yet. and so do you.

King John: What time is it?

Princess Rikku: About time for me to start getting prepared to make dinner for the girls and probably wind down a little. The girls are still out somewhere…

It was getting dark out suddenly and there was peace. Chloe was walking the streets and heading on her way to the Watchtower. She was gonna pull another all night run. but on her way she ran into her favorite Vendor…

Chloe: *Walking over to the Vendor* Hey… you’re not telling me that you’ve forgotten all about your favorite customer now, are you?

Vendor: I thought you forgot about me. You’re usually here pretty early.

Chloe Chuckles…

Vendor: You’re late. Running a little late this evening huh? *Looks at watch*

Chloe: I’ll have the usual, please.

Vendor: All I got left is strong and burnt. Are you sure that you want it?

Chloe: As long as it’s hot. I’ll take it however.

A second or so later…

Vendor: You know, I’ve been meaning to ask. What kind of a job has a pretty young lady working all night, every night? If you don’t mind me asking much about it. I notice that you are doing an odd job. What Kind of Job is it?

Chloe: Actually, I work for a nonprofit organization. We help people in need.

Vendor: Trying to save the world, huh?

Chloe: All night, every night. without fail.

Chloe then smiles and leaves on her way to the watchtower. It was gonna be a long night and she knew that there was a lot of work to get done… She barely got to the Elevator when she suddenly stopped and heard something. She didn’t see anyone around and see anyone behind her. She soon chalked it up to being just her imagination…

Elevator door closes…

Female Computerized Voice: Please Verify Identity.

Chloe: Chloe Sullivan. Password 051409.

Computer: Vocal and bio analysis confirmed.

The Elevator opens and Chloe walked into the command room.

Watchtower P.A: *Chiming* Welcome to Watchtower, Miss Sullivan.

Chloe: Okay girl… What do you say? You Ready to save the world from itself?

Chloe then walked over to the one computer and began to get to work on checking for any trouble that might have popped it’s rearing head… But as she was working… she started to hear movement within the room and knew that it was not her moving and walking around and there was no one else in there but her… so she thought…

Chloe: *Calling out to the possible unknown visitor* Who’s there? You better not be inside here. If you don’t belong here… you better leave unless you want some trouble. *hearing movement and senses an intruder being near* That’s it.

Chloe then suddenly went for her gun and was about to grab it when she noticed that it was gone from where she had placed it. She immediately realized that there was someone else inside the room other than her. The gun is then heard cocking and it gets Chloe’s attention…

Chloe: *Gasps and turns around* What—

Tess: Cornered you.

Chloe: How did you find out my secret?

Tess: You want to know how it is that i managed to piece the clues together? Well… you’re in luck then. Oliver’s voice wavered when I told him that Watchtower had been kidnapped. Not to mention that I’ve seen the way he looks at you. It’s the little things a girl tends to notice. You really think that i’d turn a blind eye and not bother to watch the so called chemistry that is going on between you and Oliver. I know that he has a thing for you. *Grins and scoffs* Like i said. It’s about the little things that a girl tends to notice that others are oblivious to catch.

Chloe: Too bad for you though on the gun. you forgot to check to see if it was loaded or not. It’s not loaded.

Chloe then hits Tess and grunts as she suddenly tussles down with Tess a bit and without them looking… Paige, Pearl and Dinah show up…

Paige: *Gasps* What is going on here?

Pearl: Chloe?

Dinah: *Spotting Tess* Alright… What the hell is going on here? How the heck did Tess the betraying sleazeball get in here?

Tess: *Looking up* Looks like i’ve found Watchtower’s headquarters.

Paige: *Dryly* Lucky you. What else is new? You want to infiltrate this place? well… i hope that your bags are not packed. because you won’t be leaving.

Dinah: you know things from here now. *Wanting to tear at Tess*

Tess: *Firing a shot at the computer*

Computer: Watchtower safety compromised. Initiating Lockdown.

Sirens Blaring…

Paige: What’s going on?

Tess: What is that? What is it doing? *Aiming the gun at Chloe and the girls* I think that It’d be in your best interest to get these doors open, now.

Chloe: *trying to stop the Lockdown* Watchtower’s Security Measures are kicking in. *Turning to face Paige, Pearl and Dinah; Facing Tess* Watchtower’s in control now.

Watchtower P.A.: Lockdown initiated!

Paige: What does that mean?

Chloe: We’re not going anywhere.

Dinah: *Sighs and annoyed* Great. we’re stuck here. all of us and this Traitor here. Tess, You better keep your sorry butt away from me. because how i feel about you over what you’ve done… nearly having our mother killed by a bunch of world ending obsessed nutcases. You don’t want to cross me.

Chloe: *Trying to hack into the systems again*

Computer: Security Breached… Access denied.

However in the residential part of Metropolis…

Princess Charlene: *Walking into her house after meeting her Cousin Mrs. Stroker* Prince Richie… I’m home.

Doctor Fate: Welcome home.

Princess Charlene: *Chuckles* Thanks. but if you wouldn’t mind… i’d like to speak to my son.

A minute later…

Prince Richie: Sorry Mom. I was just trying to surprise you a bit with the act i was pulling on. I guess that i managed to crash and burn.

Princess Charlene: No. you did manage to get me.

Prince Richie: That’s a plus… i guess.

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku: *Getting into her house and getting things set to start dinner; Grabbing a pan and filing it with Water* Luna is one lucky girl. She’s now a member of the family. I just hope that things will be back to normal soon. My girls need some balance and i can’t keep reaping to them how important it is to have an Education. They turned in their Book reports and it was really expressive and they did wonderful. *Sighs* Dinah on the other hand was struggling with it. Maybe the book i had them do it on was a little much for her. She’s smart enough to do it. but it wasn’t one that she’d be into.

She suddenly started cooking…

Princess Rikku: *Playing Music on the Radio* Now this is a good song.

Radio: *Playing Music*

“I’ve driven round in circles for three hours
It was bound to happen that I’d end up at your
I temporarily forgot there’s better days to come
I thought that I would give it just one more chance

Cos’ I want, tonight, what I’ve been waiting for
But I found, tonight, what I’d been warned about

You think that you are complicated, deep mystery to all
Well it’s taken me a while to see, you’re not so special
All energy no meaning, with a lot of words
So paper thin that one real feeling, could knock you down

And I’ve seen, tonight, what I’d been warned about
I’m gonna leave, tonight, before I change my mind

So see you when your 40, lost and all alone
being comforted by strangers you’ll never need to know
not sad because you lost me
but sad because you thought it was cool to be sad

You think misery will make you stand apart from the crowd
well if you had walked past me today I wouldn’t have picked you out
I wouldn’t have picked you out

Now I’ve seen, tonight, how could I waste my time?
and I’ll be on my way, and I won’t be back
cos I’ve seen, tonight, what I’ve been warned about
your just a boy, not a man, and I’m not coming back”

Princess Rikku: I wonder who sings that one. It’s a good song. *Cooking*

Suddenly the light go out and the kitchen becomes dark…

Princess Rikku: *scoffs* What in the world is going on? The power went out. Don’t tell me that there is another power outage in the city. That makes the 3rd one this month. *Sighs* Bother… i better go out to the back and check the fuses. the fuse must have had another short in it somewhere. *Walking out of the Kitchen and heading to the living room* I can’t cook anything in the dark.

She started to make her way over to the back door heading to the fuse box when suddenly she saw two dark figures in the room other than herself… She didn’t know who they were at first.

Princess Rikku: Who are you? What are you doing here in my house?

Zod: Like it would matter as to why we’re inside your house?

Princess Rikku: *Recognizing the voice* Major Zod? Is that you? Why are you here in my house especially after you threatened my daughters? You have alot of nerve coming here.

Basqat: Silence, Pathetic human. You don’t back talk the General. Unless you want your blood spilled.

Princess Rikku: *Recognizing Basqat’s voice* You sir, had best shut your mouth. I still remember the last time i saw your presence here. You left a bruise on me that is all healed but with a nice scar remaining. You attack a woman like me… Have you no shame at all?

Basqat: It’s what i do. Kryptonians are the superior race and Krypton will be rising again by the Appraisal of a great leader… General Zod.

Princess Rikku: You’re truly delusional. My girls will beat you.

Zod: Not if we cripple them. and there is only one thing that will cripple them. something or someone who happens to be close to them. the one that they’d sell their own soul to make certain that no harm would come of the one close to them.

Princess Rikku: Why are you targeting my girls? How come you are so into vowing war? This world is not at war. it’s done nothing to you or your kind.

Basqat: You believe that your girls are innocent. they are guilty as sin. They destroyed the solar tower that would have given your pathetic kind all the renewable energy that it could ever need. it was self sustaining and they destroyed it. But you stand up for them?

Zod: You Aid them and that means you are against us. I would have only defeated them but spare your life. Now i will dispose of you along side of all the rest. and see you meeting an end right with the Rhapsody girls Z!

Princess Rikku: *Grabbing something* Alright. i think that i’ve heard about enough from you. You can either leave the easy way… or the hard way. but either way… you’re leaving my house. Beat it.

Basqat: *Not amused* Pathetic puny human.

Zod: *Moving his eyes over to look towards Basqat*  Let her try. Nothing can hurt us.

Princess Rikku then makes with trying to attack Zod and Basqat. But to her dismay… it only enraged the Kandorian and issued an attack done by them…

Zod: *Grabbing Princess Rikku and Staring at her* If you won’t kneel before Zod. You’ll just have to die then. Your girls have been living high and conceivable for a long time. Their existence is meaningless since they never had to endure pain and loss. never embellishing the meaning of losing something close to them. When Icarus flew to where he didn’t belong… he fell to his death from the heavens… When the girls released me from the orb… they freed me from confinement. They’re about to find out what it’s like to endure a loss. the pain of the Burn that they’re soon to receive…

Basqat: *grabbing the Mother and Tossing her into the wall; Crippling her and watching her life fade* Pathetic Human. *Suddenly Super speeding over to Princess Rikku and Punching her Gut Knocking the wind out of her*

Zod: *Burning his calling card onto the mother of the Rhapsody Girls*

Zod and Basqat then left and fled the house. leaving a message on the wall…

Message on wall: “You have lived in defiance and refused to Kneel before Zod. you flew in the skies and ventured to places where you didn’t belong… Now you’ve got burned. You are now without a parent and are crippled. One last warning. Next will be you. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!

Zod Was here… And he will be back. This is War. Rhapsody Girls… KNEEL OR DIE!

However back at Watchtower…

Tess fires the gun at the door and gunshots are heard echoing throughout the room but reverberating in a muffled pitch…

Chloe: *losing hope* I am not all high with the losing hope in surviving this rather permanent looking Lockdown… but uh, In the event that I end up dying of starvation or, oh, say a ricocheting bullet, do you mind telling me how you got in here?

Paige: Ditto. How did you even manage to bypass the security measures that the Tower was passing off. This place has had so much security that it made it feel as thought we were working at the pentagon.

Pearl: Not like it make much difference. as technology booms farther… so does the chance of least likely having the ability to cloak ourselves from being found by unwanted creeps. Namely Zod.

Dinah: Don’t look at me. i could care less what happens to this place. i mean. it’s already gone now since Tess got in here. She’s tied to Checkmate. and if she’s here… you can bet that Waller is close by and will be salivating her palate just claiming this place as her own and owning all the Info on all the people who had ever worked here. Our family is now in jeopardy. as is the whole League.

The gun clicks…

Tess: *Pointing the gun at the door* You’re sloppy, Chloe. I’ve got thousands of samples of your DNA from all the times you’ve attempted to siphon info and classified Intel from me. all those times that you’ve spied on me. It’s called a DNA cloak. You should have known about it. All companies with high tech use it to protect their confidential files. It’s something called covering our tracks from thieves gallaventing and prancing around looking for their next hunger attack of attaining Info that don’t belong to them.

Chloe: Well, aren’t you fancy?

Tess: You know, getting in doesn’t really seem to be our issue right now. How the hell do we get out of here?

Dinah: *Scoffs* What kind of Dumb question is that to utter from your breath, Tess? The windows and door leading out of here are sealed. We’re bared like rats here. There is no way out.

Chloe: Short answer: it’s impossible. When Checkmate kidnapped me, I upgraded Watchtower’s security to contain intruders like you. The only problem is I was supposed to be on the outside. While the Intruder… Namely you remained upon the inside.

Paige: I don’t think that would do us any good to bring that up since it’s all a loss now. we’re trapped. *Looking at her sisters* I wonder if our mom knows where we are. That’s probably a rather meaningless thing to think about since she already knows exactly where we are and what we’re doing.

Tess then tried to dial out a number on her phone and hoping to reach someone… but to no avail… it doesn’t work. there was no signal going out…

Chloe: *Catching Tess trying to call out* Oh my god… Seriously? The lockdown prevents any signals from getting in or out. *Looking at the girls* Even if you 3 girls were to transform and use your powers to see about breaking out of here… it wouldn’t work. the Steel doors would just absorb the blows and ricochet the blasts sending them all over the room. Likely hurting us. *Walking over to the Computer and trying to break past the System Lockdown*

Computer: Threat confirmation still active.

Chloe: *panicking and realizing something* Wait a minute. Watchtower didn’t react because you attacked me. We’re on lockdown because some hacking transmitter was detected. The initial signal managed to pirate some data before my firewall managed to stop it. And the bad news is that whatever the thing is… it’s still alive. Oh god… Girls… The hacking transmitter bug is active and is moving to break through another firewall.

Dinah: What does that even mean, Chloe? You mean that the hacking bug… whatever it is… is still with us. in here?

Paige: Don’t look at me. I don’t have anything like that on me. nor would i have anything like that inside me.

Chloe: *Looking at Tess* It’s trying to break through another firewall, Tess. It’s trying to give away our location. What did you bring in here?! Whatever it is that you brought inside here with us… it’s gonna seal our fate. if it gives out anymore info… it could turn into a critical risk. What did you bring in here with us?

Tess: Nothing. All I wanted to do was eradicate any info you had revolving the Kandorians, not have it re-routed.

Chloe: I knew you were the Kandorians’ lapdog, but I didn’t realize you were Zod’s little bitch, too.

Dinah: *Outraged* Yeah. Tess, what is it with you and that lamebrain Zod? Is he also seen for you to go to for an appointed booty-call?

Pearl: You might as well be secretly dating him. stealing things for him and siphoning info on him and the other Kandorians and trying to corrupt it or do away with it. Just a curious notion here… Did you and Zod have a type of Intimate arrangement. where you destroyed any info that people like us might have had on him and his people and you would get a shot at a one night stand? I’m just being optimistic.

Paige: the info we have is what we depend on. Without that… we are siting ducks in here and are gonna be flying blind. if the Kandorians break in here… we’re through. there will be nothing we can do to stop them. we don’t even have any of those green rocks that happen to make them so sick.

Chloe: Girls… calm down. We’ll find a way out of here somehow. All right, look. If you’re not behind this, there’s only one other group I can think of that wants Watchtower this badly.

Dinah: Checkmate. Ding-Dong… i hear Amanda Waller calling. She’s about to Zero in.

Paige: Not quite. Don’t be throwing that in just yet. it’s not likely that she’d come here on her own. She has a whole battalion of agents to do the dirty work for her. She’ll never step into the field. Because it will mean that she’s moving to get her rotten hands dirty.

Pearl: Paige, hello! Tess is an Agent for Checkmate… if she is here… that means only one thing. That The White Queen is not gonna be that far behind.

Dinah: If Waller even steps in here… i’ll knock her butt into the wall and then after that… i’ll knock Tess out for breaking in here where she wasn’t wanted and intentionally inviting the wolf in for a smorgasbord. Hell… it might as well be open season on us. Checkmate’s probably got all the info it would ever need about us by now.

Chloe then grabs Tess’s purse and Dumps out the contents onto the Table…

Chloe: Okay, Let’s take a look here in the treasure found in your sifting purse. If I were a transmitting tracking device, I would certainly want to make it as unassuming as possible. Seeing that i wouldn’t be traced. Which means I can probably count this out. “Fever”-colored lipstick? Really?

Tess: Well, I was gonna go with Plain Jane, but you seem to have that market cornered. *Scoffs and laughs*

Paige: How about Evil and Benign, Tess? It works better for you. besides… you almost costed our mother her life. So there is no telling how far you’d go to spew Evil intent…

Dinah: Just knowing that you are in the same room with us is enough to make us sick, Tess.

Tess: Really, how much could have been leaked in the blink of an eye?

Chloe: Watchtower downloads what amounts to the Library of Congress every 3 seconds. Which means in half that time, Checkmate could have attained my entire team’s database.

Tess: And all of your files on the Kandorians.

Pearl: Good guess there, Tess. just keep batting a thousand.

Computer: Firewall breach. Cluster 4458.

Dinah: Hackers again. That transmitting bug… whatever it is; is at it again. At this rate…Checkmate will own us and we won’t be able to break free.

Paige: Chloe, What will we do if Checkmate gets here? you know that they’re gonna capture us and they won’t let go.

Chloe: Like they captured me and your mother? I don’t know what their endgame could be… but i can almost bet you that they won’t stop till they’ve seized this tower and controlled all that is in here. I got enough Intel here that obviously puts the Pentagon’s Super computer to definite shame.

Tess: Cute. Why not siphon the info from every country? If you’re one that sires for all the information. Why not have it all?

Chloe: *To Tess* Now, if it wasn’t planted in your things, it must be on you.

Computer: Firewall 3110.

Pearl: *Gasps* It just got another one… That Transmitter has just busted through another firewall.

Tess: What? Chloe, this is ridiculous, okay?

Paige: Ridiculous? Ridiculous, our foot Tess. You’re little bug pal is absorbing all the Intel here and Checkmate’s leader… The White Queen is probably just loving it all.

Dinah: She’s probably sitting in her office drinking champagne right now basking in triumph that she’s finally brought down the seemingly untouchable Watchtower.

The Detector began whirring and beeps… signifying that it was running active.

Chloe: *Seeing movement on Tess’s skin* It’s in your body, Tess. Just beneath your skin.

Tess: *Voice breaking* Get it out of me, now.

Computer: Firewall 2081.

Chloe grabs a knife and uses it on Tess in attempt to try and get the transmitting bug out of Tess…

Grunts are heard as the knife went into the skin, cutting it. But unfortunately the Tracking device sensed intruders coming at it and moved away from where the knife was entering… It was now gonna be impossible to get to it…

Chloe: Oh, my God. It moved.

Computer: Firewall 1579.

Tess: *Chuckles softly* When it feels threatened, it burrows deeper into the host. We’ll never get it out now.

Chloe: How did you know that?

Tess: It’s a Checkmate device. A mechanical parasite powered by the host’s biorhythms. Meaning the lifeforce. which leaves to suggestion that the only way to stop it and kill it is to kill the host. And the host unfortunately is me.

Computer: Firewall 1209.

Chloe: Well, you know what they say: “You lie down with dogs, you end up with fleas.”

Tess: Laugh it up, Chloe. But when Checkmate finds us, we’ll all be dead.

Dinah: Yeah! courtesy of you. You should not have come here to begin with, Tess. It’s all your fault that we’re trapped here… *Exploding* ALL YOUR FAULT! *Out of Anger revealing her hero form and itching to fire* I am so wanting to fry you, Tess. i would be salivating over the idea that i’ll be able to fry you. In fact… i think that i’ll do that. Because you deserve it.

Tess: Dinah… don’t make me fire the gun at you. You’re angry at me… and i done it to myself. but you’re now taking it too far. you’re pushing your luck.

At the Docks inside an old warehouse…

The remaining Kandorians that were left behind were gathered and waiting for Zod to return and beg for his dire forgiveness. Faora was there to lead them in waiting till Zod came back for them…


Clark: I’m glad you found a way to preserve our culture here on Earth. It’s the best move to move forward and live a better life.

Faora: I wish everyone saw it that way, Kal-el. but i would think that the show had long since finished running it’s course. Zod disappeared and took the rest of our people with him. He left us without a leader. and a guide.

Clark: I don’t understand. I thought all of you had found a new life here on Earth. It was what you all wanted. Wasn’t it?

Amara and Michelle then show up and confront The remaining Kandorians…

Sailor Uranus: *Looking at the Kandorians* You Kandorians are vowing to follow a tyrant.

Faora: *Looking to see two sailors* Who are you?

Sailor Neptune: We’re here to see where your allegiances lie. You are awaiting for the return of someone who will only Raze this planet.

Faora: how do you know that he will raze this planet?

Sailor Uranus:  because he has already vowed war on the 3 girls. You might know of them. The Rhapsody Girls.

Faora: Paige, Pearl and Dinah? Yes. i know of them. but it’s too late. we never should have followed them or Kal-el. When we were persuaded to assimilate and live amongst the humans… we did so. But what we got out of that was being left behind. we were left behind.

Clark: I’m sorry, Faora. I never meant to divide our people. But you cannot realign with Zod.

Sailor Uranus: Clark. They are Zod’s people as much as they are your people. but if they Join him… they’ll have to be taken down. This planet can’t fall into the hands of Zod.

Clark: This is my chance to have a family here that is just like me.

Faora: You’ve never trusted him, Kal-El. All Zod wanted was to give us powers so we could protect ourselves. That’s all he ever wanted. all he ever asked for.

Clark: Zod already has powers. He’s had them for weeks. Faora, there’s something you need to see.

Sailor Neptune: Faora… Listen to him. He speaks the truth.

Faora: What about my sister and the others? they are still gonna remain waiting for Zod. to beg of his forgiveness.

Clark: The new life goes on through you. You do not need Zod. Zod doesn’t need you obviously. if he did… he would not have left you. He’s had powers for a while now. and he neglected to break it to you…

At the Luthor Mansion…

Oliver looked for Tess and took a look to see if she was around and wound up seeing a body on the floor. It wasn’t Tess. but someone that happened to be looking for Tess… But What Oliver didn’t know was that he wasn’t alone…

Zod: *Looking down from the loft* You are unmistakably the one they call Green Arrow. A rebel with many causes. I seem to remember you from when you shot an arrow in my arm on the night when Tess was announcing the build of the Solar Tower.

Oliver: I’m glad to know my reputation still proceeds me. You must be Zod. The soldier with no army.  or one who thinks he’s got one but only has one due to fear and intimidation.

Zod: Hmm. I see my reputation precedes me, too. However your assumptions are without merit for my men follow me no matter what. we were made to rule and they will help see it through to the very end.

Oliver: I’m guessing by the looks of things, we’re not the only ones waiting for Tess. Looks like you’ve got a hefty little score to settle. What’s wrong? You get stiffed by her over a bet?

Zod: Oh, yeah, the human. I find it disgusting how quickly you humans can betray your own. Now, that one, he gave up all sorts of useful information before he died, about something your government called Checkmate. and about who they’re after. They are after the same 3 girls that i am after for destroying my Solar tower. They destroyed it.

Oliver: *Pauses* Wait a minute Renegade militant… What do you mean they destroyed the Solar tower. it was destroyed from the outside. It could have been anyone at anytime. they couldn’t have done it.

Zod:  Well Tess is now on the top of their wishlist. Checkmate is using her to get to us, hunting us to the death. But given that you’re tied to someone who has been on the receiving end of their terrorist schemes, why don’t you join me against our common enemy? we can go after her together and then wipe out the girls. they destroyed the tower. Justice must be done upon them.

Oliver: Well, I’m flattered, but if I let you go after Checkmate, you’ll start World War III. That’s not an option. And as for the girls… if you touch them… you might want to pray for your life that my shots don’t have any green stuff in it. because from what i heard about the green concoction that just so happens to come from your planet. your pretty home world… it’s something that could kill you.

Zod: Your conviction is admirable, but you can’t possibly think you’re faster than me. What makes you think that you’ll be able to grab a shot at me?

Oliver: I’ve always been taught to favor accuracy over speed. It’s better that way. all you got to do is find a person’s Achilles heel and yours is the over confidence that you carry with you like a security blanket…

But they were about to get a surprise visitor…

Artemis: *Walking in and Spotting Zod* Zod! What are you up to?

Zod: *Looking to see a guy in the room with him and Oliver* Who are you?!

Artemis: it is none of your concern as to who i am…

Oliver: *Grins* Gutsy response coming from you man, You’re probably a little lost. This isn’t the Homeless shelter. besides… Homeless shelters don’t house the Kandorian life sized tyrant stewing Zod. and you are not in on the battle here…

Artemis: Oh… but i would beg to differ on that. For you see… *Pulling out a Crescent moon Blade* I am one of the good guys. I’ve been told of this by a friend. Minako Aino. She still senses things even without Her senshi powers and i am here to help with the efforts.

Oliver: She must be one with the psychic twinkle and the frilly gift of foresight. Okay then… Welcome to the stand-off.

Zod: So you’re a fighter too? A soldier? What kind of soldier might you be?

Artemis: *Transforming* Tuxedo Moon Power!

Seconds later…

Tuxedo Artemis: *Posing with his Moon Blades* The Fury and graceful might of the Moon… Tuxedo Artemis. On behalf of the moon… You shall be brought to Justice!

Oliver: Nice look for you man. You get that tailored somewhere too or does it come like that when you change form?

Tuxedo Artemis: I have the same appearance regardless.

Zod: Okay… i think we should just get this over with…

Tuxedo Artemis: As you wish.. *Launching Moon Blades at Zod* Cutting Moon!

They then suddenly strike with a shot and Oliver manages to fire a shot at Zod. right as he was bulldozed into the wall. Artemis however Added some Meteor rock with his blades and fired again at Zod. Weakening him a bit…

At the Kent farm…

Clark and Faora talk as she looked at the book that contained Kryptonian messages and text. She couldn’t believe it and as she read on… it was only proving to her that she was in arms with Zod for the longest time and was being deceived the whole time. never knowing Zod for who he really was. Faora also had another burden to bare… she was now the barer of Zod’s Child. She was pregnant.

Clark: Zod’s the father?

Faora: *Sobs* Yes. He is. He’s the father to the child. the first born Kryptonian to be on Earth.

Clark: This baby is proof that you can still have a life here, apart from Zod and without powers. Faora, Krypton lives on through you. You can make it right and live a normal life now. It’s not too late to start a normal life. Don’t let Zod succeed in corrupting the unborn child. Raise it how you see fit. not because of him.

Faora: *Nods* I should tell our people and gather them. they’ll listen to me.

Back at Watchtower…

Computer: Air supply terminated.

The door slammed and Chloe sat there Sighing… the girls were scared for they knew that Checkmate was gonna be coming for them and coming to infiltrate Watchtower. The Watchtower was under lockdown and there was no way out… the Air was now terminated…

Computer: Firewall 12.

Chloe then handed the last of the water to the girls and Tess and only had a small portion…

Paige: I guess that this is as good a time as any to write our wills and leave a rite of passage for our families. because chances are rather critical that once Checkmate gets here… we’re gonna be taking a hard ride down the river styx.

Chloe: We got three minutes of air left. You think Checkmate will find us before then?

Tess: *Sighs* Asphyxiation or a firing squad. Take your pick at any time.

Pearl: So we have a choice of how we’ll like to die? Lucky for us then… because we’re gonna find a way out. Somehow…

Chloe: Heh. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

Computer: Firewall 11.

Tess: Just damned. I just wanted to save the world.

Dinah: Save the world… Tess, You are really full of saturated bull. you don’t care about the world. i mean… *Blasting at Tess with a spark of Thunder* Wake up! The Solar Tower was a death wish for the humans. and For Clark. as much as we would love to see Clark Stroke the last string on his guitar squirming for mercy for how he’s been riding our coat tails… he doesn’t deserve to have his powers taken from him by a tower that poses to help Zod and his band of merry little bandits.

Chloe: Heh. That’s funny. Last time I checked, you were just trying to get rid of everyone in it. and i side with Dinah on that…

Tess sighs…

Computer: Firewall 9.

Tess: Feel free to Paint my ideals however you want, but you and yours don’t trust people any more than I do. Same goes for you girls. This entire building was programmed to prevent anyone from getting close to you, Chloe.

Chloe looks hurt…

Computer: Firewall 7.

Chloe: Yeah, I guess I lost my faith in people a long time ago, too. Although, the girls have been more than dependable.

Tess: It’s why you won’t let Oliver get close to you.

Chloe: And why I can’t blame him when he eventually leaves. I haven’t really given him any iron-sided reason to stay with me. Why would he stay?

Tess: *Shakes head softly* He’s not gonna leave you. With you, Oliver has a purpose. I wish I could have given him that. And it kills me. Wanna know why it kills me?

Paige: i don’t think that we’d like to know… but if anyone deserves to have romance… It’s Chloe. She has been hurt enough here and it’s high time that it stopped. Tess, you blew it with Oliver.

Tess: How did you know about me and Oliver?

Pearl: Oliver told us. he had things to show us and then when he mentioned about Luthorcorp… he mentioned about being with you for a time… plus your attitude towards him…

Tess: What do you mean by that?

Dinah: Are you slow on the grasping the obvious or are you just trying to motion for a cover-up? Your attitude towards him was pathetic. “I had an Itch… You Scratched it” That was just rude and very crushing. Playing on a guy’s heart.

Tess: Oh please. He’s a playboy millionaire. he is someone who would go for any girl at any time. Spending his days gagging upon the silver spoon.

Chloe: Okay… Girls. that’s enough of that… Tess, finish that last line…

Computer: Firewall 3.

Tess: Because you have everything right in front of you, and you can’t even see it.

Chloe has tears in her eyes…

Dinah: Maybe she can’t see it. maybe she can. But it’s not for you to say. She deserves him. not you. Besides… you might be just a woman… but you are obviously Zod’s little love toy. Covering things up for Zod. You’re Vile… *Firing at Tess and shocking her*

Paige and Pearl then grab Dinah and hold her down…

Paige: Dinah. What are you trying to do? Fry us all to a crisp. The walls will retract the element and bounce it back and cause it to ricochet all over.

Pearl: *Seeing the Thunder heading for Chloe* Chloe… Run.

Chloe: *Running out of the way of the Thunder*

Pearl: *using her Bubble power to absorb the Thunder and drown it out* Got it!

Dinah: Let me go you two… Are you two both nuts? i’m not a lab rat.

Paige: No… you’re not. but you almost fried Chloe.

Computer: Firewall 2. Final breach imminent.

Chloe: They broke through the final firewall. Checkmate’s gonna be here any minute.

Paige: Time is running out. Checkmate’s gonna be here any moment now…

Pearl: *Suddenly using her power to see the near future* They’re not far. they’re miles away… 7 miles away. but there is a van and it’s got the Checkmate logo on it.

Tess: They’re probably gonna try and take me out. To them… I have committed treason.

Dinah: brilliant. we are being targeted by an Agency who has a bounty out for you… That’s wonderful. *getting loose* What’s the next thing that you’re gonna tell us… huh? that You’re related to the flapping Penguin Waller? It shouldn’t matter too much… because… Checkmate is coming. they’re closer and they’re not gonna hesitate to take us out.

Tess: As long as they torture us with the A.C. on, I’ll die happy. *Sighs*

Chloe: *Gasps and figuring out something* Cold.

A minute later…

Chloe: Okay. Watchtower’s cooling system uses a special mix of liquid helium and nitrogen. Cold enough to shatter steel.

Tess: What are you waiting for?

Pearl: What?! Chloe… what are you trying to say?

Chloe: If I pull these tanks, then the mainframe melts. All my work. Watchtower is gone.

Tess: If you don’t, we die.

Paige: Well… if that is the case… we’ll make a new Watchtower… somewhere down the road… in the future. But… *Panting* we’re not gonna die here…

Computer: Critical oxygen level.

Pearl: Just take it easy Paige. Save your energy for right now. *Feeling Dizzy* My head is feeling rather swimmy.

Chloe nods and sees as there is no other option. She didn’t want to be killed by Checkmate… however she was afraid to pull the tanks for the Mainframe would be at risk of melting and destroying all her work. But at that point it was either do or die at that moment and she saw that she had no choice. However what they didn’t know was that someone was there… Shadowing in and silently abstracting Copies of all the files. on the Team and everything. by time they caught a faint glow in the room the shadow was already gone…

Computer: Warning. Temperature variation detected.

Chloe: Ready?

Tess: as soon as you are.

Chloe then pulls the Cooler and throws it into the air and Tess fires the gun shooting the cooler and within seconds the room was like a Ice age casualty. the Steel was frozen stiff…

Computer: System failure imminent.

The Blaring starts sounding off…

Computer: System failure imminent.

The Blaring continues…

Computer: System failure imminent.

Tess: We need to break that door down.

Pearl: That’s right… Checkmate is closing in… i can sense it. I just used my Element and foresaw that they were 4 blocks away enclosing.

Dinah: Let’s go! NOW!!!

Paige: mind over matter. Pearl… Dinah… Grab onto me and hold on. we’re gonna battery-ram through the door.

Pearl and Dinah: *Nods* Right!

Dinah: I hate this though… Watchtower is no more. Damn it! Nice work Checkmate. You guys finally have your wish… Watchtower is no more…

Pearl: I loved this place. there were a ton of memories here… It’s all gone… *Shedding tears* It’s all gone!

Paige: Rest in peace, Watchtower. We’ll never forget you. Thanks for being our shelter from the storm for most of the ride. Sisters, on count of 3.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *holding on to one another bunched close together* 1… 2……… 3! *Ramming fast into the door and breaking it down* …. *Landing upon the floor* Whoa! Oof!

Pearl: Ouch! Are we out of the room?

Dinah: i think so…

Computer voice broken: System failure imminent.

Chloe: *Sighs before looking back at the room one final time*

Chloe looks back, not wanting to leave Watchtower…

Everything powers off…

The girls have finally just gotten out of Watchtower. they broke out of watchtower and only took one look back to look at Watchtower one last time before making way back home. Chloe wanted to ask for them to come along and help get the bug inside of Tess out. but saw that they didn’t want to be anywhere near her… Chloe looked at them and had them go home and get some rest. Paige, Pearl and Dinah made their way home and also notified Luna to meet at home. Shanna was still at work and wouldn’t be home for a while. However once they made it home…

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Paige: *Walking into the Dining Room* It’s really dark in here…

Pearl: I know. Who turned out the lights? It’s probably late and mom is asleep

Dinah: then… let’s do the civil thing and be silent. we don’t want to wake her up… do we?

Paige: Dinah, It’s not about that at all and you know it. *Smelling something burning* What’s that smell?

Pearl: I don’t know. but it isn’t good. Dinah, go check it out. See what it is.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Me?! Why the heck must it be me that does it? Don’t you know that i am with thunder power and if thunder and fire combine… there will be imminent danger?

Paige: Well… consider it a little punishment for what the heck happened in Watchtower. *Scoffs in disbelief and outrage* I mean… for god’s sake… Dinah. what the heck were you thinking? We know you were pissed at Tess and wanted to nail her. we all still do for her involvement with checkmate. but by you flying off the handle like that and firing at her… you nearly fried us and Watchtower. Chloe.

Dinah: Ugh! Figures. i let loose and dish some payback and i get the penalty for it. *Going to check if anything’s burning*

Paige: Something doesn’t seem right.

A second later…

Pearl: *Walking on and looking around to see a pair of feet* Huh?!

Paige: What’s wrong Pearl? *Walking over to where Pearl is and seeing a pair of feet* Who’s that?

Pearl: no idea. Who could it be?

Dinah: *overhearing the commotion* What are you talking about? Who could what be? *Seeing the feet* Whoa! that’s not supposed to be there. What happened here? A Brawl?

Pearl: *Checking for who the feet belongs to* Something doesn’t make sense here…

Dinah: *Following Pearl* Let’s check it out.

Paige: *Looking at Pearl* Who is it?

Pearl: come take a look. I don’t recognize it.

Paige comes to take a look at the body and doesn’t seem to recognize it at that moment. it was too dark to see the face and or recognize who it was but it was gonna be soon to change…

Pearl: Paige. Stay here with the Body. You’re the leader here… you guard the body. don’t let anything happen to it. Dinah. Don’t touch it. I’m gonna go and search for mom. She’s not gonna believe this.

Paige: You got it. Pearl. look all over the house and see if you can find mom.

Dinah: Don’t worry. I won’t touch it. Besides… i don’t want to be punished again for letting my Impulses over act.

Pearl: *Running off to find their mother* Mom?! Mom!

Dinah: *Putting on her shades and doing a thermal scan* I don’t think this sounds too subtle. it’s got to be a joke. However if this is someone’s idea of a Joke. I got news for them. i am not laughing. We barely get back from the Watchtower after being nearly sealed inside and done for… to find a dark house and a lifeless body. one that we don’t seem to recognize.

Paige: I see… that isn’t funny to me either. something happened here and we need to find out what it was. Who was here other than our mother? If mom was here… she should have heard all the commotion. She needs to be found. Now!

A moment later…

Pearl: *Bolting back into the room* Guys… call the cops.

Paige: Why?

Dinah: Did you find mom?

Pearl: No. I didn’t. she’s not anywhere. I looked in Shanna’s room. in the closet. in our room. The closet. in her room and the guest rooms. The closets. i even checked Betty’s room and Angel’s Room. The Closets there too. She’s nowhere to be found. i also checked the Garage and found nothing. *Shaking her head* She’s missing.

Paige: Where could she be though? *Worried* Where do you think she could be?

Dinah: *Going to get on a pair of gloves on* Let’s check the body. i want to know who the heck the lifeless body is.

Paige & Pearl: Dinah! Get away from the body. Don’t touch it.

Paige: We don’t know who it is and it’s obviously dead since it hasn’t made a move or sound. there is no movement coming from it. if we touch it and then call the cops and they come and see the body and god forbid do an autopsy on it. our DNA is gonna be on it and it’ll come back on us. We got enough to worry ourselves sick over. Like the Kandorians… Zod in all his egotistical and power hungered glory now as of a moment or so ago… the end of Watchtower. Watchtower is toast. it’s Over for the Database of Watchtower. it’s all gone. being pinned for the death of a dead body is not something that we’d want to deal with… You don’t want to be pinned with the accusation of the murder of whoever this body might be… DO YOU?

Pearl: I think that we should call one of our Aunts and or Uncle. See if they’ve seen her.

Paige: Who’ll make the call?

Dinah: Want me to do it?

Pearl: Yes.

Betty: *Shadowing in* It’s dark in here. Why?

Angel: *Shadowing in* We need some Light in here.

Paige: Betty… Angel? You two need to just stay out of this. we’re handling it. Dinah… Make the call.

Dinah gets on the communications Video Screen and make a call out to their Uncle King John…

King John: *On Screen* Who the heck is calling at this time of night?

Dinah: Uncle… Its us. Paige, Pearl and Dinah.

Betty: As well as us.

King John: And i take it that your newest adopted sister Luna… is also there as well. right?

Paige: No. she’s not.

Pearl: *Shocked* Sister? Luna?!

King John: You mean… you don’t know of it yet?

Dinah: Uncle… How the hell can we know of it? We don’t know jack. Paige, Pearl and i were stuck inside Watchtower… nearly left to die for about 5 hours. and during the 5 hours… we had to deal with a woman by the name of Tess Mercer while trying to find a way out of Watchtower. we broke out. but in order to do that… we had to destroy Watchtower…

King John: *Shooting up an outburst* What do you mean? Gone?! How is it gone?

Dinah: Gone as in… Dead. the system is kaput. it’s toast.

King John: But that is not possible. is there any power left in it?

Paige: *Shaking her head*

Dinah: *Snaps* Uncle… CUT THE CRAP, WILL YOU?! Listen to what we’re saying. read my vibrant sparking lips. WATCHTOWER IS DEAD! IT’S GONE! All the files of Watchtower… The database. info about us. There was even Info on you. and the 4 boys. Info on our whole family. on the original members of the Justice League. All of it is GONE! As in Gone like the Wind… As total System Failure gone. Gone… All of it is history. It’ll be a miracle if Chloe can find a reserve copy of all the info. but on the reality of it all… everything there was in the Database of Watchtower… is Gone.

King John: Dinah, Watch your tone with me. i understand that you’re under duress because something is going on over there that is not right. but i am still like an Elder to you. So… come on. tell me what the heck is going on there.

Dinah: Our mom is missing. we can’t seem to find our mother anywhere.

King John: *Gasps* What do you mean missing? Where could she be?

Dinah: we don’t know. that is why we’re calling you and asking if you’ve seen her. You haven’t seen her… have you?

King John: Not since 5-6 hours ago. She came to my house to mention about Adopting Luna. and we got it all done here at my place. and we also talked a little too. She was wondering where the heck you 3 were today. You 3 were not in school. Again. You 3 are heroes. and that is not a oblivious result or reality. but you’re never gonna graduate if you keep missing school. but that’s not important right now. What she and i spoke about was if i had seen any signs of someone by the name of the Red Queen. i haven’t. And neither has she or that is what i was motioned to believe. i was unaware of anyone by that name. However… after we took care of the adoption process making Luna your new Adopted sister. She said something about going home and making something for dinner for you girls. all of you. although. like i said. that was 5-6 hours ago. i haven’t seen or heard from her since.

Pearl: Call the others. ask if they’ve seen her. we need to find her. we came home and found a dead body lying here in the living room and we don’t know who it is. There is little to no evidence that there was a struggle here… plus it is dark in here too. we are barely moving around because we can’t see a thing.

King John: *Nods and sighs* Look. Calm down. Let me go and i’ll make some calls and find out where your mother is at. if i find out anything… i will let you know immediately.

Paige: Okay. Please call us when you get word of where our mom is.

King John: Want me to send the boys over for the time being?

Pearl:  No. Not right now. There is a dead body here. it’s best if they don’t get themselves tied into it.

Dinah: it’s gonna be okay. We’re just scared or a bit startled by the whole thing. Watchtower being Kaput… A dead body in our house and us with no idea on who it is… That’s too much for one night.

King John: At least have your Grandma over there. someone should be there with you. Just to be playing it safe. it’s better that way.

Betty: We understand. Thanks again, Uncle.

As soon as the call ended… the girls went to check the body and were careful not to touch it. They looked closer and paused in terror seconds later…

Pearl: *Shaking her head in sadness and heartache* No…No… No no no no no!

Paige: *Looking at the Body and recognizing who it was* It’s…. MOM! No! NO!!!!!

Dinah: *Feeling Numb and in Agony* She’s dead. She’s dead. Our Mom is dead. *Looking at Betty and Angel* Who Killed her? WHO?!

Betty: We don’t know. *Upset and with tears*

Angel: *With a dark Veil over her; Saddened and with tears* I’m sad. this is not right. Why did this happen?

Paige: *Looking up and breaking down in tears; Crying* Mom!

Pearl: Our mom is dead… *Crying and with a broken heart* I want my mom! *Suddenly crying and hugging her dead mother* Mom!

Paige: *Walking over and picking up a glass and Throwing it at the wall and breaking it* AUGH!!!!

Dinah: *Grabbing the side of the Table and flipping it* Damn it. Damn it all to hell. this is just one more thing we need. the Kandorians… Zod and his Ego-trip… The Presence of the Red Queen being amongst us all… although since the afternoon we know now who the Red Queen is. The Watchtower being completely compromised and destroyed. Now our Mother dead. What’s next? A house explosion with us in it and barely getting out with our lives? *Screaming in Anger and then breaking down in tears* Why? This totally sucks. It’s not fair!

A Moment later…

Luna: *Bouncing in and seeing the devastation* What happened?

Pearl: Mom is dead. She’s been killed. *Crying*

Paige: Someone killed her and we’ll never see her smile and or feel her warmth ever again… *Crying into her hands*

Dinah: *Silent and with tears in her eyes*

“Have you heard
Have you tried to understand
It’s all right
It gets easier with time

Luna: How could this be though… She can’t die. She can’t be dead.

Betty: Well she is. *Crying in sobs* Our mom is dead. Why did she have to die?

Angel: It’s not fair… Why did she have to die? She didn’t deserve to die. She was innocent.

How are you
Are you ever coming back
I have changed
And I’ve realized I was wrong

Paige: *Crying and Suddenly looking down at her power belt* Just because of this hero duty… we lose our mother.

Pearl: *Crying in sadness and agony* I want my momma. MOMMA!

Dinah: *Crying and suddenly Looking at her mother’s picture* Mom, You were the best mom there was. I had given you a little bit of a hard time with my tough gutsy attitude at times… but i was just acting out. i don’t care what happens… I just want you back. *Screaming in Fury and heartbreak* AUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my Love
I’d give anything for one more day with you

Betty: *With an upset tone* What are we gonna do? We can’t afford this place.

Angel: Tomorrow we start packing up the house and find a cheaper place to live.

Luna: *Suddenly feeling the emotions come out and crying*

I’m getting through
I wish you felt the way I do
I have changed
And I’ve realized I was wrong

Paige: *Crying and holding their dead mother close*

Pearl:  *Crying* I want my mom!

Dinah: *in agony*

I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my love
I’d give anything for one more day with you

Betty: *Hearing the Doorbell ring* Who the hell is it now?!

Rikku: It’s your grandmother. Is everything alright in there?

Angel: No…

I was wrong
I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my love
I’d do anything for one more day with you

I’d do anything for one more day with you
I’d give anything for one more day with you”

Rhapsody Girls: *Crying* WAAAAA!

Rikku: *Coming in through the front door and seeing her granddaughters crying* What’s going on… *Seeing a dead body in the living room and seeing the girls all around it* Who’s that?

Paige: *Crying* It’s our mom. She’s dead. She’s dead….

Rikku: *Suddenly feeling her heart drop and running over in a flash over to her deceased Daughter’s body* No! Not my baby. Not my sweet sweet baby. *Kneeling down beside her daughter and shaking her daughter* Honey… Wake up. Wake up. Please wake up!

No reaction…

Pearl: It’s no use. Grandma Rikku… She’s gone and there is no getting through to her. Betty even tried to emit some of her holy magic into her and even that didn’t work.

Rikku: *Crying suddenly and hugging her dead daughter* First i lose Princess Aquamarine and literally tear out my heart in sadness over her death… now i have to bury my most sensitive baby…

Paige: What’ll we do? Grandma, what’ll we do? Where will we live? we can’t stay here. there is no money and we can’t afford this place.

Rikku: *Looking at her granddaughter* I don’t know… We’ll figure that out later. I just want to just hold my baby for a while. I’ll take care of the legalities in a bit.

Pearl: I can’t believe this though… *with tears in her eyes* We deal with the meeting of the Red Queen. She was nice. then to set things off to a very tense and stressing part of the night… we get trapped inside the Watchtower. locked with the betrayer Tess who was behind our almost losing our mother before because of Checkmate. then we come home to a dark room and find our mother dead…

Dinah: That is my department to embellish on the dearly dramatic and the tough girl breakdown.

Luna: And i’m a newly adopted Daughter to Princess Rikku. But now she’s dead and i feel as though i lost a family again…

Rikku: you haven’t. You’ll be in the same family. i’m gonna take you and Shanna and my Daughter’s biological girls too. But just give it some time.

Paige: It’s not gonna be the same without mom. She was gonna be throwing a Halloween party later this year for us. Nothing big… but really special.

Dinah: Oh… like creepy monsters and spirits.

Pearl: It’s too sad a time right now to be thinking about that. Our mom is dead. there is no room for a celebration. i don’t think that i’ll ever be able to celebrate another thing for as long as i live. it will seem too hard to endure.

Betty: I just want to go to bed. probably cry myself to sleep.

Angel: Same here…

With the sad reality that had befallen the Rhapsody Girls and the house… It was gonna be a very hard future for them. they were all with a teary heart. and with dire uncertainty as to where they were to go next. It was not the end … but at that moment… Paige, Pearl and Dinah had finally realized what it would mean to endure a loss. They were devastated by the loss of their mother. Their grandmother Rikku, their mother’s mother was gonna take them in and become their legal guardian. Life for them was gonna change and not easily… But as much as they were wanting to succumb to the dark times that they had been shoved into by force of hand courtesy of Zod… The girls understood that Zod was still the main game and that he was still posting a threat. Although now with the death of their mother upon the conscience .. it was gonna be the hardest ordeal they ever had to face. They of course had to think about setting up for a funeral arrangement and get everything in order to hold the memorial service for their mother. Dinah was the toughest one to get to cry and let it out… but each moment that she had to glimpse at their dead mother. it drove her closer and closer to breaking down. Big girls don’t cry, but as to the reality that they had lost their mother… it was gonna be heartless for them not to cry.  Their Grandmother took it the most hardest ever. Rikku Marie Rhapsody cried for a few hours and was constant. she ached over it for she had to live the nightmare of burying her child again. a few years or so ago… she had to bury her Child Princess Aquamarine. but now… she had to bury Princess Rikku and as though Princess Rikku was an adult and a mother… she was still foremost her daughter. so it hurt all the more. Betty and angel were barely able to keep it together… that night of their mother’s death. they were all in pieces as they could only stare with devastation. What were they gonna do about Zod? Would Zod attack them while they held their memorial service for their mother? What was gonna be the fate of the house that they lived in for most of their childhood? Would they also be meeting with the Red Queen again? Where would the New Watchtower be stationed? Can The girls hold off much longer against Zod’s attacks? With the failed attempt of Checkmate getting to Watchtower’s base… Would Checkmate remain a threat… or would they finally meet their end? How would the family react to the loss of Princess Rikku? With the loss of their mother… they were gonna need their friends more than ever. Find out in the next Chapter of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

King John: *Shedding tears and bursting in sobs* You didn’t deserve to die, Fuzzball. It wasn’t supposed to be you.

Princess Charlene: *Shedding tears* Princess Rikku, you were the best person we ever knew…

Paige: *Voice-over* Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! We are all set with holding the Memorial service for our deceased mother. We are all gathered to cast our final goodbye’s to Princess Rikku… our mother. It’s heartbreaking and we struggle throughout the whole ceremony.

Pearl: *Voice-over* I just want my mother… She didn’t have to die. Something must have happened to her. and when no one is looking… i will sneak away and get to the bottom of it. I will never let it go. I just hope that i don’t end up being over my head about it. but… i can’t just sit and allow for her death to be seen as a tragedy. it wasn’t her time. Something happened and i shall find out what it was.

Dinah: *Voice-over* What’s this? A Message on the Wall from Zod… “”You have lived in defiance and refused to Kneel before Zod. you flew in the skies and ventured to places where you didn’t belong… Now you’ve got burned. You are now without a parent and are crippled. One last warning. Next will be you. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!” Zod Killed our mother. That Bastard is dead meat now. i don’t care if i am fighting with my emotions. Zod is a dead Kandorian walking. When it comes to the moment of throwing down with him… He is gonna feel it. I SWEAR IT!

Luna: *Voice-over* We also get another meet with the Red Queen. But it seems as though she is not ready to be seen by her son yet. so My new family and I set up the one guest room for her to use as her base of operations for the time being till she is ready to be seen by her son.  I just hope that things will be okay.

Chloe: *Voice-over* In the aftermath of Watchtower’s destruction… i try to regather my bearings again and try to be of help to the Rhapsody girls as they are in need. The battle against Zod had turned to personal and soon shall become all out War. I am missing Watchtower. but in a way… i am glad that it is gone a bit since i’ll be able to have a chance at romance without locking myself away in a nuclear room.

King John: *Voice-over* At the Memorial… i am the one who speaks on behalf of myself and my kids. how i hold dear the memories of my dearly departed cousin

Rikku: *Voice-over* I give an Eulogy for my Daughter. Now i am survived by my granddaughters. both biological and Adopted. It is really hard for me to do it since all it gets me to do is remember what it was like when i had to bury my Baby Princess Aquamarine. Even the 3 girls give an Eulogy and it hurts them all the more as they give one. I feel so sorry for them. They’re 15 and now with no mother. That’s gonna put a deep stain in their heart for they’ll never get to see their mother ever again… never getting to hold her and feel her loving embrace anymore.

Zod: *Voice-over* I get word of the memorial and i sit and watch with intent the Agony that i have caused the Rhapsody Girls. I used to view them as ones i’d hold sentiment for. but now… i’m gonna see that they are brought down… The War has just been planned. Soon i will Strike. And the next attack… The girls will not make it back. I also confront my wife Faora and wind up killing her.

Oliver: *Voice-over* Me and the guy named Artemis have a talk. It seems as though he follows the same means as i do. and he mentions how he is close to the girls efforts on putting Zod back in the Space age and send him off to outer orbit On the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 68: “Rest in Peace Mrs. Princess Rikku Rhapsody. Eternal Slumber abounds. Dinah’s Breakdown and agony busts down the door; Red Queen comes to crash at the Rhapsody Girls homestead. Mourning in whole. the Rhapsody Girls Z! say their last good-byes to their mother. The Countdown to the war against Zod Imminent and near; Zod bides his time against the girls… Wipes off Checkmate. Kandorians in Allegiance to Zod… All fury aimed at Earth. Book of RAO nears being found” Part 1


One thought on “Chapter 67: Hark! the presence of the Red Queen draws near. Zod rolls in with a sneak attack. Professor Queen’s enlightening research shines its light. Amara, Michelle and Trista All-in and ready to move. Uh-oh! Watchtower under Lockdown?”

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