Chapter 66: “Sic semper tyrannis” The South is regained… KABOOM! Shanna is a hero? Shanna Rhapsody AKA. Molten Mind! The Rhapsody Girls Z! Vs. General Zod and Basqat Round 1. Preemptive Strike on the line. The truth exposed about Tess’s Involvement with Checkmate… The Mystery behind the identity of the Red Queen deepens!”

Shanna: *Voice-over* Last time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! It started like a normal day… or did it? The Rhapsody girls were at the fairgrounds taking a watch on the side show that was going on. They were going to be enjoying the show… at least that is what we would be wishing. But on the front… they were enjoying the attraction. but they were however on a case. Investigating the location for sightings of Checkmate Agents. Not sure why they’d be at the fairgrounds. a place where there’d be kids and teens and innocent bystanders… but there was word that the Checkmate operatives were in the area. unfortunately the time for rest was gonna be put out for the moment. maybe more as They caught sight of their friend. a Heroic Ally by the name of the Black Canary. however, the problem with that was just the fact that Checkmate was capturing the Black Canary to lure the Rhapsody Girls Z! My sisters were the real targets. The Black Canary was just the bait. The girls didn’t know that till after they were captured by the agents while trying to come to their friends rescue. Not only were they knocked out… they were tied up and cuffed to the chair. And inducted by the White Queen…

Agent Waller: *On Screen* Rhapsody Girls Z!, Welcome to Checkmate.

Dinah: We know about you. You’re some woman who lives for intimidation. and manipulation. *Shaking her head a little* Ugh! What the heck did you put in that taser anyway? Knock-out serum? Oy!

Pearl: And i think you know us. but it’s irrelevant… considering what you’re after.

Agent Waller: *On Screen* You are a guest of the U.S. government. And the time has come for you to do your patriotic duty.

Black Canary: *Coming to* Hey, Tell the doll on screen to put herself on mute. She’s drowning in her own delirium. We’re guests of the U.S Government. but to be handled like this? Talk about having no civility.

Paige: So… we’re to be guests. What’s on the schedule? Military Drafts and green cards? You know. We’re only 15. Minors. If you think that you can do this and not take into consideration that our mom will get wind of this, you’re way off your sense of reality. Our mom is probably asking around for us, right now.

Dinah: Plus… we haven’t figured that Good ole’ Uncle Sam was into the drugs and bondage regime. It kinda takes the original “I Want you” Posters seem rather second rate. doesn’t it?

Agent Waller: *On Screen* I see. Well, I’m sorry you think that these tactics that were used are crude. But I happen to see that this country is vulnerable and i fear for our country’s security. That’s why I’m recruiting capable people like you. Rhapsody Girls. I know about you. read the files that a devoted Agent has provided me. Must be giving you Kudos for being young at heart and only 11. when you begun the heroic duties. Going after a Drule. Then at age 14… going toe-to-toe with a Queen from a place called Dark Kingdom. defeating a Great Evil. then facing to go after one of your own allies. who was in normal form a total ditz and a frantic daydreamer. Now going after the Aliens that are living amongst us. That is high standards. Even for girls who happen to be younger than the rest.

Pearl: Of all things to say… you just had to say that. What are you? Big brother? Do you just get your kicks from prying into our lives? The Kudos should be wonderful. but the way you go about it. Very pretentious if you ask me…

Paige: It’s more like a kidnapping than a job at a career booth. Recruitment? More like a case of being Lojacked.

Agent Waller: *Grins* Well… Call it anyway you wish. But it’s past time for you Girls to elevate your service and serve your country’s cause to preserve it’s National security. You are more endeared to think it all over as you have a long plane ride ahead to give it some thought.

The Screen goes blank…”

They were captured and tried to break loose. However The Black Canary managed to wiggle her way out from the cuffs and had a idea to get the girls out. breaking girls out. it worked. And it of course lured a old friend over to them. Meet Luna. Sailor Luna. She came and helped break them out too. Talk about a lucky break for them, right? Well the girls broke out and it didn’t make the White Queen happy. She got after Tess Mercer about it…

“Agent Waller: *Walking over to Tess* Clearly, you have gotten rather rusty and intolerably sloppy. You actually were gonna think that I wouldn’t know the second we had lost The Rhapsody Girls Z? Did you even properly secure the detainees?

Tess: They broke out from the cuffs and got loose. With help from the blondie hero. and an unknown girl who looked like a cat.

Agent Waller: The correct answer is “No, I did not properly secure the detainees!” I’m quite disappointed, Tess. Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress may not have been the endgame, but those girls were marked as our opening move.

Tess: I can get them all back. I’ll see on setting out a new net myself.

Agent Waller: You Seemed to have skipped a few check-ins the last few years. Maybe your loyalties lie with someone else.

Tess: I swear, I am fully committed to Checkmate.

Agent Waller: You better be. Or you’re out. And we both know there is only one way out.  Do not Fail me again. *Pounds truck*”

Now at Watchtower… Chloe and the others were getting all the info they could about Checkmate and brought the others all up to speed. They knew that they had to remain a step ahead so they could thwart the efforts of Checkmate. but with a pained move, The girls… Paige, Pearl and Dinah moved on home and were instructed to go civilian for the time being till things got handled and to keep out of Checkmate’s radar. but as for Tess and Oliver that night they met at the luthor mansion for a dinner with shareholders of Luthorcorp. Festive and very interesting. a room full of high rising business men and women who live for treating the world like their own personal piggy bank. Steal a little here… Launder a sizable sum there. sneak a bit here… hide a few thousand or so there. It’s annoying to know that it still goes on even in today’s world. But there was a surprise that they didn’t expect. Dinah Lance was there. She appeared and offered to do a News piece on the Dinner party and get the word out. but…

“Dinah Lance: *Walking in wearing a Dress* Ms. Mercer, Dinah Lance… Daily Planet. i came to do an article on the event here. That’s if you’ll be permitting.

Tess: You want to do an article on the dinner here? hmm. I am flattered by that outburst, Mrs. Lance. but isn’t this type of story a far cry from your usual moments of being the Word of a little thing we like to call Justice?

Dinah Lance: It is. but i am feeling kinda festive for an exclusive piece. to peak in for a little sweeter taste.

Tess: I see. And yet you wear all black. a black dress and walking in black.

Dinah Lance: That’s right. i just like the color. i do wear white as well. but seeing that this was a black tie event. i figured that it’d be best to wear black. It is in season after all.

Tess: I can tell. Black on black. That’s hard to pull off.

Dinah Lance: Well, it’s easier than you think. *Gasps and recalling the incident that happened during the day*

Tess: *Under her breath; recognizing the same line being said from earlier on in the day* Black Canary.”

Which didn’t make things all sweet for Oliver and Tess. Neither for Dinah Lance. As for Paige and Dinah… they were at home. Dinah was well… in the bedroom somewhere and Paige was in the living room talking to her boyfriend Johnny on the phone and talking about Checkmate a little. However Johnny was trying to get Paige to go out and stop it. but she couldn’t. She was given orders and had to obey them. Plus not only that, Pearl was on a Date. She didn’t want to go out and grab Pearl into action… possibly ruining the date. She didn’t want to cause that to happen. However it didn’t provide a window of opportunity for relaxing. I ran in and broke out with the devastating news bulletin that Checkmate had now held Our mother in captivity. Princess Rikku was under captivity… NOOOO!!!!!! That’s not possible. or is it? The Agency was after something….

Shanna: *Looking at the Time* My shift is almost over. I better get ready to go home.

Amanda Waller: *Grins* Without knowing where Mrs. Princess Rikku Rhapsody is at…

Shanna: *Pauses* What? What was that?

Amanda: We have your mother. a team of operatives will fire at her by my command and it all rests on the decision that the girls make. It’s not hard. it’s just one simple decision.

Shanna: *Grabbing her stuff and running out* NO!”

It drove the Rhapsody Girls to action and Luna joined them. She went along to cast a distraction upon the agents hopefully saving the lives of Chloe and our mother Princess Rikku. but on the outside… Oliver and Tess were at the Mansion and they were having a go till Clark came in and grabbed Tess. Forcing her to tell where Checkmate’s headquarters were. He was mad. Who the hell could blame him. i would be too. But when he was told that Checkmate was after something called Watchtower… he realized that it was Chloe. Chloe was caught. it was over for them. Tess went to go and let Oliver know and Oliver made sure that she knew that if anything were to happen to Mrs. Rhapsody. that he and Tess would have a go… Company be damned.  He was pissed. at Tess. i think that we all are. Or will be once we all find out that she had a hand in the capture of Princess Rikku. But at the moment… The Rhapsody girls Z! were unaware of why she was captured or abducted. they didn’t know. they only knew that Checkmate had her and they had to bust her out. but first they went to confront the White Queen. Waller. they confronted her with Luna by their side for the most part and Clark was with them too. They got them out though and Tess had to say goodbye to Oliver. Oliver told her off and said that if she had ever come anywhere near the girls again or any of his friends again that he would expose her to the world. that was serious. The girls met with the detective the next morning and found out that there were gonna be more players on the board than they’d realize. John Jones stated right off: “Let’s just say that… there are more players on the board than you believe there is and when it comes to choosing sides, things aren’t always black and white.”  Which got them to wonder who else could be out there. and if they’d be just as dangerous as Checkmate’s Leader “The White Queen” Later. I was on my way home and calling it a day when suddenly i caught sight of Betty and Angel fighting Zod and a Kandorian named Basqat. They fought hard and tried to fend them off, but it was little to no use. Basqat. The asshole that he is… in my book. he caught sight of me and threatened to nominate me to be the first to have my blood spilled. But i wasn’t gonna be intimidated by him. i stood my ground and told him off. but Betty and Angel were still taken. leaving behind a message. As for the girls… they were at home and talking about taking care of a book report that they had to do. according to what mom gave them in school. they had a book report to do and they never had one before. Pearl miraculously was the saving grace though as she handed out a copy of the structure as to how it was supposed to go. She was a miracle for them. They spoke about it till suddenly i came into the room with Luna who informed them of what was going on… The girls didn’t like it one bit and neither did i…

“Luna: *Pulling up the files of the Video surveillance* I sure hope that i can work this thing… *Plugging the Mini computer into the T.V* Here’s the surveillance… According to the Local authorities there was a said display of a suspected light show. but that’s just the reigning theory to those who don’t believe that metahumans or special and gifted people exist on the same playing field. But look closer… *Zooming in* People have sent in reports of seeing two girls with powers and fighting against two men. these men are stronger and very agile. Fast too. if you look closely. you see that one of them wears a red armband that has this symbol…

(A View of a landmark is shown with the Calling card for Zod)


It’s the symbol…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Shoots out* ZOD!

Luna: There is more to it than that i’m afraid and you girls might want to swallow hard on that heartache. he’s attacked the family here. your family. He’s got two hostages… Betty and Angel are under his captive grip. As reports have stated… in the hours earlier. just about an hour ago… There were witnesses stating that they saw Dark power and light powers being cast. Betty and Angel were the names mentioned several times. But as they were grabbed and captured by two guys. A Message was left. An eyewitness told the police and made a statement: “The Message reads: “Rhapsody Girls Z!, You have destroyed our Solar Tower. I was easy on you. I didn’t seek to harm you. but now that you have vowed war on me… consider this a preemptive strike upon you. the first hit of many. You want to know what it means by the Term: “Might makes Right”? You got your wish… Rhapsody Girls Z! Come and rescue Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand if you dare. Time to return fire. if you can… Family means most to you… so that is how I will aim to bring you down. by harming the very people you savor most. Next will be your mother. then your Grandmother. You shall soon KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!” — Zod.”

They were gonna be facing War. Zod threw the first punch of War. Now it was on. My sisters are in for it now and it was gonna get worse. unless a miracle happens to come upon them. But from where. that is what they would want to know. I am afraid for my sisters. I also know that the mystery of the Red Queen was gonna get to them too. Who was she? And if there was gonna be a new ally for the Rhapsody Girls Z! Who would it be? Was she gonna be friend… or foe? Here are my sisters… let the chapter begin. Here’s The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 66: “Sic semper tyrannis” The South is regained… KABOOM! Shanna is a hero? Shanna Rhapsody AKA. Molten Mind! The Rhapsody Girls Z! Vs. General Zod and Basqat Round 1. Preemptive Strike on the line.  The truth exposed about Tess’s Involvement with Checkmate… The Mystery behind the identity of the Red Queen deepens!”

An hour before Midnight at Princess Rikku’s house…

Shanna’s room…

Dancing Queen plays in the background softly…

Shanna: *Walking into her room* Well… here’s my room. make yourself comfortable. Sit anywhere you feel comfortable.

Luna: *Walking into the room and Finding a Chair to sit in* This room looks really nice. Mrs. Rhapsody must have done this room. *A little nervous* How long have you been… well… part of Mrs. Rhapsody’s family? *Curious*

Shanna: Since I was 13. I was taken in by my mom’s cousin Princess Julie after going through a rebel phase against my brother Joe. His wife Dale figured it was teenage angst as well as Baylin even though she isn’t from Earth like Flash, Joe, Zarkov and Dale are. Then not too long ago Princess Julie decided to award Princess Rikku me after kicking out Rebecca another cousin of the family after she was being rude to them. Long story, I won’t get into details.

Luna: It’s okay. You can tell me when you are ready to to. But… when you say… Teenage Angst, What exactly is it that you mean? I don’t Quite understand what that is. that part i guess you could say… i never got familiar of. *Listening*

Shanna: *Looking at her stand then at Luna while explaining* I surely hope you don’t get into this when you reach my age, but I got into a horrible habit. Smoking cigarettes. It was not my proudest moment and Joe surely didn’t approve it. He tried getting me taking Dale’s place as the Bearer of the Love Bracelet after she was pregnant with my niece Lucy. That’s their daughter. It seemed like too much pressure even Baylin said so. Flash and his friends are the defenders of Mongo. Flash has the element of Fire, my brother Joe has the element of Water, Zarkov has the Element of Earth, Baylin has the element of Thunder and Dale has the element of love. Long story there. *Going on* Anyways after Joe found out what was going on, I ran away because I couldn’t stand being around him at the time. I was with another rogue teenage girl when Princess Julie found me and took me in as her daughter. Then two years later, my mom takes me in as her daughter and that’s how I am here to this day….night in this case.

Luna: *Shaking her head over the mention of the habit* That is bad. i wouldn’t go into that. At the Moon Kingdom, we never had things like that. *Intrigued at hearing about the crew* I like that. You’re part of this family? Do you like being the sister of Paige, Pearl and Dinah given the fact that they are… well… The Rhapsody Girls Z!?

Shanna: *nods* Why yes of course. I think it is rather cool, and by far interesting if you ask me. *looks at Luna while sitting down, sighing* So….nice night out there isn’t it?

Luna: It has it’s good sides to be part of a hero like family. but it also can make you a easy target for people who want to try and expose the heroes as freaks. it’s almost like a curse. but the heroes. namely Paige, Pearl and Dinah… might want out and want to quit the duties. however… they know that they can never escape and or deny what they are meant to be. It is not possible. Have they ever mentioned to you how they originally got their powers? *Nods* But it is a Wonderful night. other than the issue that has struck. Betty and Angel are now captive by Zod and that Kandorian Brute.

Shanna: Not really. Why? *Looking at the window* Yeah. that i would have noticed. I just don’t know how the girls are gonna be able to fight against the power hungry scumbag named Zod and Basqat.

Luna: It’s not all that important. i was kinda wondering if you knew. how they got them. i would have figured that they might have clued you in. *Sighs a little* but on what you just said… i know what you mean; i don’t know how they’re gonna be able to do it either. but they are gonna need to think of something or all things will be lost. From what i was able to gather from the tower as to what Chloe filled me in on… The Zod that we see now is only a Vessel or a shadow. a Clone of his former self. he is not real as he may seem. Zod. The real Zod is still stuck in the Phantom Zone. at least his spirit is. *Looking Concerned*

Shanna: In the Phantom Zone? What kind of a place is that?

Luna:  Um… that part i don’t know… but from what John Jones had once told me… on the night when i was at the castle to aid in the girls rescuing Watchtower and their mother… he said that it was said to be an eternal wasteland. and holds the worst known criminals of the 28 known galaxies. Beings like Zod.

Luna flashes back…

“Luna: *Scared* I better find the girls. this place could be swarming with those bad men. *Hopping from side to side bolting over to the holding room*

Checkmate Guard: *Catching sight of the girl* Halt! You are trespassing on federal property. What are you doing here?

Luna: *Shaking in fear* I… Uh. I’m lost. I don’t know where i am…

John Jones: *Coming up from behind the Guard* Don’t worry. I’m a friend. *Knocking out the Guard* I’m a friend of Kal-el’s and a friend to the 3 girls.

Luna: You are? *Curious* Who are you?

John Jones: Detective John Jones. Also known as the Martian Manhunter.

Luna: I’m from the Moon. the Moon Kingdom.

John Jones: *seeming familiar with the place* I think i have heard of that. i was on Mars when word of it’s destruction came to pass. Queen Beryl was said to be the one behind it and snuck into the Moon Temple to steal forbidden power from the moon. To awaken a Great Evil upon the planet Earth. It was said that a 1000 years ago the Moon Kingdom flourished and was seen as the most mystical kingdom throughout the galaxy. The Silver Millennium was the age of Peace. but throughout that period, The Princess of the Moon. Serenity and the Prince of the Earth, Endymion met and fell in dire love with one another. unfortunately… the people on both sides were profoundly against it. Both The people of the Moon and The people of the Earth were told to be at war. Even though the love was ill-fated, they continued to see one another. time… after time… after time again. Their Love was that great. But Queen Beryl was overlooking and saw the prince in love with the princess. She was endearingly jealous of the Princess and one day snuck into the sacred Moon Temple of the Moon Kingdom to steal power not meant for her. She took it and fled to Earth and with it’s power… She twisted the Earth people into thinking that the people of the moon were bad Omens that would cause the Earth Nothing but strife. it caused a never ending war on Earth and knocked it into Disarray. it only got worse as the Queen unleashed a great Evil known as Metaria. back on the Moon Kingdom… the Prince and the Princess were together but their lives were cut short. on the royal grounds… while courting with one another. The guards fought with the Prince of the Earth. and killed him. The Princess saw the attack and with sadness and heartache. She released a eerie wail and since it was so strong… it engulfed the Moon with White Light and plunged it into the Earth. On Earth… the last Remaining Shitennou that was said to serve Endymion… He Lost everything that day and before taking his own life as he had nothing left to give…He let out one final agonizing cry and collapsed. The Queen of the Moon seeing the devastation… knew that she had to save her only daughter. and her four guardians. so… with the help of the sacred heirloom the Mystical Silver Crystal she locked their memories away till the time was right for them to come out and fight once more. Sent them 1000 years into the future. along with her daughter Princess Serenity. her and her royal court were sent to the future. to save them from demise. and sent her two royal advisors Two Cats. by the names of Luna. and Artemis. to be there and guide the girls when the time came once more for them to hear the call to action. The Queen fought the Great Evil and not only placed the great Evil back into slumber… It also took her life. It was the final sacrifice. To preserve what she could of the fallen Moon Kingdom. Marking the final moments of the Silver Millennium.

Luna: You knew about the History?

John Jones: I did. as i also know about the Rhapsody Girls history, But theirs is much greater and much more longer than the History of the Moon Kingdom.

Luna: How do you know the one named Clark?

John Jones: I worked for his father, Jor-el in enforcing crime and Punishment to the criminals of the 28 known galaxies. He had me keep a watch out for his son. The last hope of the planet Krypton. On the eve of their destruction… Jor-el notified me and told me that he was gonna send his only son to a distant planet. Earth. I knew that by him saying that he was motioning to send his only son to another planet… to save him. in hopes to at least save some part of a doomed Planet. Krypton was on the brink of destruction and was razed by the very being known as General Zod. he was sent to the Phantom Zone for the insurrection he committed on Krypton. The most vicious offenders are condemned for eternity, their corporeal bodies destroyed, their essence haunting the wasteland. after Krypton fell and Jor-El was dead, the prisoners in the Phantom Zone discovered that he’d only managed to save his own son. The story of Kal-el’s survival was a myth, a rumor — one of hope for some of the refugees and close people Jor-el knew and revenge for others. for those who sired and wished ill intent on Jor-el for sending them to the Phantom Zone. I watched from afar looking out for Kal-el. watching him. but when he released the Phantoms from the Zone… i knew that he was gonna need help and that he wouldn’t be able to do it alone. I wasn’t to get involved. but when he released the Phantoms from the Zone… I didn’t have a choice…His life was at risk. Although i later at that time lost a step and had a run-in with one of the Phantoms. but in my absence…. Kal-el did the one thing that his father Jor-el tried to prevent. He unleashed a carbon copy of himself… only thing that was different though was that the carbon copy didn’t have his Humanity. it had all but that. It was one of his most hardest trials. The lesson he had to learn was to open his eyes and look at what he took for granted every day. It was his battle. but i was able to help him. the carbon copy couldn’t be in the sun. for when he did… his face became distorted. Clark could have chosen to ignore all the zoners that broke from the Phantom Zone… but he still took responsibility for them and stopped them. even one that was more powerful than he was. he however felt that the phantom was right… that he allowed himself to become weak… caring for everyone here. not taking into account that the people he came in contact with made him into the very man he is today. *Looking to see Luna smiling*

Luna: I Like hearing about your story. You must have been around…

John Jones: *Nods* That is true… i have. I have been around and i had also been watching the girls from afar. to be there when they were in need of it most. When they opened and unlocked the alien orb… they unknowingly brought forth untold danger to the world. Although they in the past saved the world from the grip of a drule bent on seeing the world fall to it’s knees. prevented an Evil Queen from destroying this world and everything that they had held close. I watched them from a distance and saw it unfold. but this latest threat… is not one to be taken lightly. it’s a trial that they have not prepared for. It’s gonna take the 3 of them… and their sisters, Cousins and the other members of their family to go against the Kandorians. They however assured me that they had love. and faith. I admired that from them.

Luna: Paige-Chan, Pearl-Chan and Dinah-Chan are virtuous. they may be a bit weird. and sometimes they aim wherever, but they always do what is right. they Told me about how they took a life of someone. I was upset at them for it, but i also knew that they were with hardly a choice despite what everyone else made them believe. they didn’t have a choice. Each trial they go through… it makes them stronger… more tougher. Experienced. They also care about their family. During the time when the second threat was in the lineup… i asked them about what they thought about seeing anything happen to the family. they were strong willed about their devotion to family. Their Resolve was very ironclad. They would sell their own souls before letting anything happen to their family.

John Jones: but this is one battle that will be impossible to win. Now that the Kandorians got their powers from the yellow sun and have the source of power that they were after… the only way they’ll be able to defeat them is by matching power for power. Major Zod might have been a low threat being before… but he doesn’t have any human values. He doesn’t have Kal-el’s Humanity. nor does he have the girls. He is just like he was on Krypton. he has no compassion… no free will… Therefore he has none.

Luna: What’ll we do… I can’t reawaken the other senshi’s. They were made to now have normal lives. per orders from Queen Serenity.

John Jones: Queen Serenity? You hear from her still?

Luna: Once a week. but she has made it clear that she wants her daughter to live normal. it’s better for her to live normally.

John Jones: I understand her views. i would be the same way… but there is a war about to be underway with the Kandorians.

Luna: A War? *Gulps* That’s not good.”

Luna: He even knew about the History of the Moon Kingdom and i never told him a thing about it. but he knew the history. but then he told me about what he knew about that guy. Clark. And that is when he told me what he had about how he knew Clark. About the Phantom Zone and how he knew the girls. *Shaking her head a little*

Shanna: So the one named Zod. the one that the girls are having to deal with is only a clone. A fragment of his real self?

Luna: You got it. that is right, unfortunately. but just because he is a clone, it doesn’t mean that you should allow yourself to be deceived by him.

Shanna: Don’t worry. i am not gonna let him pull a fast one on me. He has hurt my family. captured two of my sisters. there’s nothing that he could say that would sway me to believe him and believe his lies. But… Man, that is a lot of information. I will never see why people know so much. if i had all that information inside me… i’d crack.

Luna: *Sighs* I never had this kind of info when i was helping with guarding and guiding the Senshi’s.  But Shanna, You’re aware of the situation regarding the Kandorians and Checkmate, right?

Shanna: Yes. I am. They really have some nerve to do what they did to my sisters. And to my mother. That is nothing but pure bull what Zod is doing!! Purely unbelievable!! The Rhapsody Girls shouldn’t be having to deal with that type of crap. it’s pathetic. Checkmate and their whole stupid attitude how heroes are needed to stop some kind of Apocalypse. How totally ridiculous. Don’t you think so, Luna?

Luna: Right you are about that. I understand how you feel about that. but no matter what we feel about it. the thing is that it still happened. And the Rhapsody girls are gonna need help in order to rescue Betty and Angel. Even though they’re with powers of Heaven… Betty and Angel are now at peril. And since it’s their sisters. Paige, Pearl and Dinah will be unfortunately with clouded minds. their emotions will guide them and this battle they’re going through will cost them if they attack with their emotions. Zod know how much family means to the Rhapsody Girls Z and will do what ever to use that against them. *sighs suddenly and Starting to sense something* Say Shanna…

Shanna: *looks at Luna* Yeah? You seem to have something on your mind. What would it be?

Luna: There’s something I need to talk to you about. It’s real important. However… i am not quite sure how to say it without it being a bit of a shock. *A little bit at a struggle of how to break with the news*

Shanna: *Surprised and curious* It’s important? I hope that it’s not some kind of confession.*sensing the news to be serious* Okay. I’m listening. I’m all ears. Just tell me what it would be and I am listening.

Luna: Yes it is. It is kinda awkward to bring this up since i until recently never… well…  Since meeting you… I sensed that you had some kind of power from within you that seemed really strong. if there is a more subtle way of breaking out with the news.

Shanna: Uh, what exactly do you mean by that? What do you mean by that? The power I have… what do you mean? I ain’t following you. *confused*

Luna: Shanna. I am meaning that you have potential in you. You have great potential in you to be a hero like your sisters and your family.

Shanna: You can’t be serious. *Scoffs* You’re serious about that, aren’t you? Me? A hero? Luna, you’re sounding a little loopy there. how is it that i could be a hero? I am just a 15 year old girl who has a habit and working at a local coffee shop. A hero? *confused* My goodness. After the rocky road I went through, I don’t really consider myself to be a hero. That….what you said, it’s quite intriguing and real interesting.

Luna: Oh, but I am serious. How do you think I helped Usagi-chan find the rest of the Sailor Senshi? If it wasn’t for me… She would never have found the rest of them and never knew who she really was. nor would any of us be here as the great Evil would have had way with the planet and would never have had this planet to call home.

Shanna: Well. I can’t really argue with you there.

Luna: Right. * nods*

Shanna: Uh, strong powers? What kind of powers are they? Are they good?

Luna: *Getting up and walking to the one side of the room walking back and forth before stopping to turn and look at Shanna* I understand how you’re feeling about it. it’s a bit to swallow. and the response you would be giving… it’s a normal response and an understandable one. It is normal for you to think something like that. I can understand how confusing this all seems. But it doesn’t change the fact that I sense that power from within you. You may not believe that you have any powers inside you. and were probably never aware. but it is as you’ve heard it. You got powers. and strong ones at that. They’re good powers. powers of good. Allow me to explain… Shanna; The element within you seems to be fire like Sailor Mars and Earth and or Volcanic power. Something like a Molten power if you know what I mean, Liquid Rock. igneous. Plus you also seem to have psychic powers from within you that has yet to be awakened. Psychic as in mind control and telepathic abilities. The only one that i know that had that power or partial to that power is Rei Hino. She is a priestess at the Shrine. She is able to see through the fires and sense things. but you for some reason sensed that i was with something on my mind. before i had even said word one about it.

Shanna: *surprised* Oh my. I would have all that power within me, huh? Fire, Volcanic and fire like powers and psychic powers. My, that is rather rad. i would more than likely see that i’d have powers such as those. For one, i do have a temper when i see myself being surrounded by bullshit and seeing people trying to bullshit my family. namely my sisters and mother. I guess I get it from my biological brother Joe. *shrugs* Psychic? How interesting, however… i never had much of a psychic Twinkle in me. I on the other hand kinda understand what you mean.

Luna: Yeah. Exactly. And I am rather glad that you would know. That is good. It’s gonna come clear to you in no time. Just be patient. it will awaken. probably all at once depending on the situation you face in the future.

Shanna: Yeah. I guess that’s very good in that case. I just wonder why my power from within hasn’t awaken yet though. You suppose that i may just be a bit late on that agenda?

Luna: Oh it will. You happen to be a hero…it’ll just take a little time for the powers to be awakened and eventually when something comes up, the powers will be awakened. They will react. You will be without a doubt surprised on how stuff such as that work all in the day of a hero. But given that since The Rhapsody Girls are gonna be facing a hard issue. since they’re going against a Kryptonian Renegade’s clone. they’re in danger. and depending on what you Witness… it might be the trigger that causes you to break and unleash the powers. letting it out. *Nods*

Shanna: Yeah. I bet I would be surprised. I am just rather concerned about my sisters.  My Sisters are what matters to me right now. Paige, Pearl and Dinah are being targeted by this Zod character. I Would just like to know what the bloody hell his deal is. That way we can stop this bull shit.

Luna: We will all know what his deal is in due time. but we can’t just go out looking for trouble. That is the first thing that a Villain would want; That is for the victim to satisfy him or her and come out into the open and set themselves open for an attack. granting the villain the satisfaction in seeing the heroes defeat come to pass. For right now. on the powers…Just focus. Have faith, and when that time comes, you will know it. I know. You are set to know when you have your powers awakened from within you. It is going to happen soon. I can tell. It is dormant now. but i have faith that soon… Very soon. Your powers will be awakened and become part of you. If it will help… Why not practice? Starting with the Psychic powers of course… Telepathic ability. Focus. What do you sense that i am thinking of right now?

Shanna Then looks at the Window and starts to get up and walks over to it. She was wondering about something and she didn’t know how to bring it out in the open.

Luna: *Looking towards Shanna* Shanna, Is something wrong?

Shanna: They are being put into the bull crap with this Zod character. They are gonna die. they’ve never dealt with a war before. Zod is a soldier apparently. At least in spirit. He will kill them. The Kandorians will kill Paige first as everyone knows that to take out a team or an army, you either go for the captain, the leader or the General. Paige is the leader of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Is she not?

Luna: Of course she is. She is the leader. Pearl and Dinah follow her as she follows them. they work as one. But i don’t quite understand why you would gather that Zod would kill them. Do you feel it to be possible? *Sensing something* Shanna, are you sensing something? are you able to pick up waves from what other people are thinking? *Curious and wanting to help Shanna get control of her recently known and soon to be awakened powers*

Shanna: *Scoffs* Because it is quite apparent that Zod is a monster. it’s been well proven since he and that Black Kandorian… Basqat captured Betty and Angel and are using them as bait. how i am able to think that Zod would kill the girls… it’s because… I can sense when there’s a bad vibe or a good vibe between me and someone or something. It’s odd but I thought it was just pure coincidence. Which at first… it really felt as nothing more than that.

Luna: That is your telepathic ability starting to awaken… are you picking the thoughts up from the sisters? when you feel the ability working… how far does it reach?

Shanna: It’s kinda near, and it depends on the person and who the person is. Yeah, it’s kinda that kind of deal.

Luna: It’s probably the girls. what they’re thinking. Can you read their mind? Sense what it is that they’re thinking?

Shanna: Paige….well she is rather determined, strong willed when I read her mind. When I read Pearl’s mind she is rather sweet, and sensitive and Dinah when I read her mind her mind’s of the rather tough girl determination.

Luna: *Giggles* Yeah. That’s our girl Dinah. She’s been known to be the tough one. She even calls me whiskers. I kinda got used to that. it’s rather funny. But Pearl is sweet. She’s actually the most sensitive. Paige is the leader and sometimes it’ll be hard to read hers. because she tries to keep her mind guarded. *Thinking* But question… when you reach out your mind… how far can you try to make it go? is there a limit?

Shanna: A certain, but I can surely manage that. I know that fact is for certain. i can make the mind reach a few feet outwards or possibly think of the target… and infiltrate their mind.

Luna: *Impressed* That’s good. you might also try to infiltrate the target’s mind. *Heading over to the window and curiously asking* There is another matter that we have to think of. the Red Queen… Do you know anything about the Red Queen?

Shanna: *Looking slightly towards Luna* Yeah. I might have some leads to who the Red Queen might be, but I am not for certain who it would actually be. There are some possible leads.

Luna: *Surprised* You have some leads? What i’d like to know is how you would have known that there could be a player like the red Queen… How did you catch on to that?

Shanna: Well…..some time ago, I was listening to the conversation in the park and they thought I wouldn’t notice, but I did happen to notice, but I said nothing of it.

Luna: What all did you hear? *Curious* If you know too much… you could place yourself out as being a target. So… not trying to be putting a scare in you about it. but it’s important. what all did you hear? how much?

Shanna: Luna, I don’t know what much to tell you that i heard. i didn’t get to hear so much… but…

Shanna Flashes back and explains…

Shanna: *Voice-over* A few days ago in the morning hours. i was out just jogging and try to get a clear head of everything that was going on. like the night before that morning. i jogged through the park just for a nice change of scenery and i was close by the Park Fountain when i heard a few people talking. it turned out being my sisters Paige, Pearl and Dinah… I also saw you there. talking with this Cop. A detective. at least that is what i thought he was… i heard something mentioned about Checkmate and was curious as to what was being said. so i got closer to get a better hear of it.

Shanna: *Hiding behind a nearby bush and listening in* What are they talking about? Checkmate? Joining in on Checkmate? …

“John Jones: Your identity’s safe, for now. You are all safe for now. Luna… you too are safe.

Clark: She’s not wrong, you know? Waller.

Dinah: *Shoots up* What the? How is she right? Are you really about to tell us that you are gonna side with that one woman U.S.O? What are you on? Waller was a wacko from the side show circus. She was cracked up her mind.

John Jones: *Curious* How so?

Clark: When I saw the future, Zod and his people had already started World War III, and we weren’t winning. She was right about being prepared. Because, as much as I want to believe that I’ve stopped that day from happening, it still might.

Pearl: We won’t let it happen. We will not allow for it to come. You saw the future. and saw that we were not winning. Well. Paige had a vision of the future… the post-Apocalyptic future and seeing that we 3 girls were the only ones alive other than Tess and the Kandorians. We… as much as we would love to fight or resist the Influence of Checkmate and The White Queen’s eerie stare… we have to face the awful fact that we may have to join their cause.

Luna: No. Pearl-Chan… you can’t join her. You and your sisters are meant for much greater things. You can not Join her…

Clark: Why not let them Join? Besides… they’d be in their own crew… with people who enjoy taking lives.

Luna: Clark… Enough. They told me about what they had done. I too am mad about it. but i am also forgiving. because if i were in their shoes… i’d do the same thing. I am from the Moon Kingdom, Clark. The one thing i keep close to me is the ability to forgive. To err is to human… To forgive…Divine.

John Jones: You don’t have to join her. Paige, Pearl… Dinah. Kal-el. You don’t have to join her.

Clark: No. But like she said, eventually, I’ll have to choose sides. we all will. Which side are we to choose?

Paige: The side of Justice and fighting for what is right.

John Jones: You can’t. [ Sighs ] You are here for something far greater, Clark. You will be the ambassador who bridges all the sides together. And you 3 girls… You will be the Light to a path that influences future generations of heroes to come… to go that extra mile.

Luna: You are gonna be the vanguard to the next generation of super heroes. As much as you would think that it would be better to join the White Queen…  you can’t ever join her. Her methods of fighting the good fight are only gonna lead to a means to an end.

Clark: What were you doing, John? Why not include the rest of us?

Paige: For the same reason that we didn’t want to involve you. we were captured by the white feather-brained woman with the fetish of treating the government like some Chessboard. We then find that our mother got captured by the agents. Not like it’s a step up. but to see as that we had to rescue both Chloe and our mother… that is enough to raise a good foresight as to why we didn’t sire to involve you.

John Jones: I would have told the team what was going on. But I wanted you and the rest of them to stay off Checkmate’s radar. However… it appears that it may have been a little late for the girls since they were captured by Checkmate. and were gonna be used against their will.

Dinah: Uh, Mr. Martian Manhunter… you are forgetting something… we broke out. With help from Luna. our good friend and thanks to the Black Canary. They helped us out. but the fact of the whole matter is that we are lucky to be alive and able to tell the tale. Checkmate was not about to just let us live. We were tough in there because we had to be. but inside… *Sighs and Walking away for a few minutes before coming back from calming down; not wanting to show her emotions* we were all scared shit less. If you were to be in our shoes… you would most certainly be just like us. just as scared and terrified. that woman was just a lunatic from the word go.

Clark: But you’re not in this alone. Who are you working for?

Pearl: It’s not someone more fearsome than Checkmate’s band of scary henchmen, is it?

John Jones: *Chuckles and grinning before standing and looking to his side* No… it’s nothing quite like that Pearl. You will come to find that there are two sides to every war. all fields of life have two sides. black and White. Right and Wrong. sometimes you have to veer off to the gray area and do what you feel in your heart to be right. and in a game of cards. there are more players on the line than you might think there are. *Sighs and Looking at Paige and then the others before going on*  Let’s just say that… there are more players on the board than you believe there is and when it comes to choosing sides, things aren’t always black and white.”

Shanna: *Voice-over* I wanted to say something… but i couldn’t because they didn’t know that i was there and i didn’t want them to know that i was there listening. So i just waited till everyone disbanded or left before coming out from hiding. But i was made to think that by what that detective said. There were more than just the usual Black and White players of Checkmate. there were more to consider.

A second passes…

Luna: We didn’t know you were there. but now that you are in the know of the matter. you have to be careful. you can’t let anyone know that you know about the red queen. You might become a hero soon. but right now till that happens. you’re a innocent victim. Checkmate is dangerous.

Suddenly a white cat jumped in and purred… It had a Crescent moon on the forehead…

Shanna: *startled* Huh? What’s….who….what is a white cat doing here?

Luna: *Recognizing the white cat* Shanna. Don’t panic. he’s a friend. That’s Artemis. He’s our friend.

The cat then jumps up and glows white before turning into a human…

Artemis: *Looking at Luna* Luna… What are you doing here?

Luna: I am here to help the Rhapsody Girls with their issue against the Kandorians. Zod has captured their sisters Betty and Angel.

Artemis: I know. i heard just a moment ago. It’s terrible news Luna. dreadful.

Luna: *Nods* I know. i am worried about the girls.

Artemis: So is Minako-chan. she sensed that something was up and called me. told me to go find you and see what you knew about it. She also heard about rumors of the Red Queen. a revered member of the government agency Checkmate.

Shanna: So what are we going to do about this situation? *worried*

Artemis: Not sure. to be quite honest. there is no loophole in any of this. *Sensing something coming from Shanna* Shanna, You’re not a biological Rhapsody clansmen… are you? I don’t mean to come off as blunt. but how exactly are you tied in to any of this?

Luna: She’s their sister now. Mrs. Rhapsody was granted her by Princess Julie and Princess Julie was permitted to adopt her. but now Shanna is the sister to the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Artemis: You’re kidding? Well… that’s something that you normally don’t hear. But there is something about her. Something dormant.

Luna: I know. She does too. I got her aware of it.

Artemis: *Sighs* We’re gonna need to have her trained before she uses her powers.

Luna: How much time do you think we have?

Artemis: *Worried* Well… considering as to the gravity of the situation… i don’t know. Hours… minutes. I don’t know.

Shanna: Okay. I am willing to help my sisters. Just tell me what to do.

Artemis: We won’t be sitting here. We’re gonna do what we can to keep the efforts of Zod at a stand still. Luna… you stay and guide the girls. I am gonna go and survey the area. when you get to where Zod is… be careful. He is not to be taken lightly.

Luna: I will. You be careful.

Artemis: Safe trails till we meet again. *Looking at Shanna* Molten Mind, We will meet again someday. stay safe. watch your sisters.

Artemis goes over to the window and Leaps out…

Luna: *Looking at Shanna* Let’s get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a start of a long possible messy war.

Shanna: *Grins with an impressed expression* Molten Mind? Hmmmm. Very well. I will do that. *Sighs* At least for now. *Yawns* It may be hard, but I’ll try to get some sleep.

Luna: Where do i sleep? *Curious*

Shanna: Anywhere you’d feel comfy I guess.

The house was quiet seconds later and there was no one up. Luna went to sleep and Shanna fell asleep right away. with the new reality that she was a hero or was destined to be one. it was a lot to handle. plus now with the minute or so talk with Artemis… it made things even more of a grim issue. While the night rolled on, they dreamt of what was gonna play out.  to them… it was not gonna seem any better. By the next morning…

Up flying through the skies of Metropolis…

Miss Love: *Contacting her sisters through the Ear piece* Bubble Maiden… Thunder Mistress. Split up and comb through the city. One of you take the east sides of Metropolis. and the other one the West sides of Metropolis. I’ll take the central and downtown parts of Metropolis. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for any signs of Zod and his men.

Bubble Maiden: *Communicating* Right. we’re on it. Banking left.

Thunder Mistress: *Communicating* You’re the boss, Girl. Banking right.

Miss Love: Girls… be careful though. Zod’s men could be anywhere. and they will try anything. If you see them, you get out of there before they spot you. Don’t try to fight them on your own. It will only cost you your life. if you see them… call for backup first.

Thunder Mistress: You got it. i don’t want to deal with trouble from any of those Kandorians.

Miss Love: Just make sure that you watch what it is that you do. I know how you get Dinah… You are like the cavalier type of fighter… you cast common sense out alot when you fight and forget that there are consequences to fighting. Letting the urge to fight over crowd everything. and you also tend to let your Raging anger get in the way.

Thunder Mistress: Paige, you’re forgetting that we can’t afford to just stand and watch. The Kandorians are gonna fight. fight us down to the very last Man, Woman and Child. you think that they’re gonna just play it easy?

Bubble Maiden: It doesn’t matter. Zod is gonna be expecting for us to use our emotions for he knows that he’s got our sisters. he knows how much Family means to us.  He is gonna stop at nothing to use it against us. because he knows as to how that will get us to aim at him with a clouded mind. as it is… we are not gonna be thinking that well because it is our sisters who have been captured.

Miss Love: Well put there, Bubble Maiden. that is well put. but i don’t think that being the Voice of reason will wield the loose wire of Dinah. Dinah, when is hot under the collar. she knows no bounds.

Thunder Mistress: *Flying off to the west; Rolling her eyes* Oh good grief. Give me a break, would you?

They suddenly break off contact and split up covering large areas of the City. It was gonna be a long search for the Kandorians as they knew that Zod was good at hiding and was gonna make certain that he and his people would not be easily spotted unless he permitted for them to be found. Pearl made it to the East side minutes later and landed…

At the East side where the outskirts of the city was said to be located…

Bubble Maiden: *Walking around and checking out the area* It’s very quiet here… Too quiet. I really don’t like being here by myself. Zod and his men are probably here just waiting to see that we are split up so he can pounce on us. *Scoffs* Figures. Coward. he probably doesn’t even know how to fight the 3 of us simultaneously. *Sighs* Great. Now i am thinking just Like Dinah. that’s wonderful. i am the baby of the team and i was just talking like Dinah. i must be turning into her. a good thing… or a bad.

She began walking onwards and keeping her guard up as she went on and searched for signs of any of the Kandorians or Zod. She knew that he had to be somewhere in Metropolis. Her sisters were also looking for signs of him too. Bubble Maiden kept searching when she suddenly started hearing voices in the distance. She didn’t know who it was or where it was coming from although she had a feeling that it may have been Zod or one of the Kandorians. She pressed on to investigate…

Bubble Maiden: *Walking on to investigate and check for any sightings of the Kandorians* I sure hope that it’s not who i think it might be. Where is everyone anyway? *Listening in for Zod’s men* I think that i should put on my shades and get a better reading. Something is not right. *Putting on her shades and turning on the voice altering function* Okay, Zod. Where are you? I know that your men are out here. You’re here too. now come on out and fight.

A second later…

Amara: *Grabbing Pearl*

Bubble Maiden: *Screaming* Help!

Amara: Pearl… Calm down. It’s me. Amara.

Bubble Maiden: *Pauses* Amara? AMARA! Ack… Oh god… What the heck are you doing here?

Amara: I came to admire the view here. Plus i needed some time away from the Apartments.

Bubble Maiden: I can see that. but why are you here in this part of the City? Zod’s men could be anywhere and are set on torturing me and my sisters. for destroying their Solar tower. Plus the fact that we have to worry about a revered possible member of a Government agency called Checkmate. someone by the name of “Red Queen”.

Amara: Zod? *Nods* I have seen the press conference on T.V not long ago. and this man stood speaking about a tower. It wasn’t far from the Metropolis apartments. i heard the explosions that came after the flash of light. Michelle and Trista were looking out the window and caught it. I was in the other room watching the press conference as it went. I don’t know about that guy though. He didn’t seem human.

Bubble Maiden: That is because he isn’t human, Amara. He is a Kandorian. A Kryptonian.

Amara: *Stunned* A Kryptonian? What exactly is going on here, Pearl?

Bubble Maiden: Zod has captured our sister Betty and Angel. He has vowed war on us.

Amara: War? Then you should fight back. Pearl, when you allow for beings like Zod to win you over with intimidation… it grants them power over you. *Looking around for the others* Where are your sisters Paige and Dinah?

Bubble Maiden: They’re searching the other parts of the City. Dinah’s searching the western side and Paige is scouring through the central and Downtown part of the City. I got this part.

Amara: You should not be apart. Zod is gonna be counting on that.

Bubble Maiden: *Hearing something* Hold off on that… something is near.

Spalding: *With Gabriel; Landing up ahead* You are no match for General Zod. Zod has your sisters and unless you want to see them defeated and their ashes gone cold from beneath his boot. you better Kneel before him.

Amara: If you think that you can use the emotions of the Rhapsody Girls Z! against them… You can just dream again, Krypto-Nut job!

A second later…

Amara: *Transforming* Uranus Star Power! *Turning into her Sailor  form* …

A second later…

Sailor Uranus: *Standing beside Bubble Maiden* You are posing a threat upon this planet. your Allegiances lie with a man who is Evil as sin and with a Vengeful soul. Your General is about to kneel before the protectors of Earth. *Posing* “Soldier of Earth and Determination Sailor Uranus!”

Spalding: *Yawns* Your decree is irrelevant. General Zod is the strongest. and the leader. Once he defeats the Blur… he will take out the Rhapsody Girls Heaven twins. then the rest of the Rhapsody girls. This is war. this world will Kneel before the Might of General Zod or it will be razed and everything will be burned to the ground. till the last ember went cold beneath his boot.

Gabriel: You are no match for us. but if it is what turns you on…

Bubble Maiden: You Kandorians make me sick. You’re nothing but a constant disease and i want you gone. *Singing a tune before launching an attack; Launching an attack at the Kandorians* Bubbling STORM CONCERTO!

Sailor Uranus: *Launching an attack* Uranus… WORLD SHAKING!

The two Kandorians were able to dodge the attack before it smacked into them…

Bubble Maiden: They dodged it. it didn’t get them.

Sailor Uranus: *in disbelief* You’ve got to be kidding me. It missed? How could it have missed them? They were standing right there… They can’t be that quick.

Bubble Maiden: *Seeing the two Kandorians starting to attack and shoot a line of fire from their eyes* Run!

Sailor Uranus: Disperse!

They saw that they lost the victory and had to make a run for it before it was too late. Pearl reunited with their old friend Amara and it was all in the knick of time… but with all the searching that they had done… there was no sign of Betty and Angel. there was no sign anywhere. it was all a dead end for them. As soon as they got to a spot that was safe in the eastern part of the city…

Sailor Uranus: *Looking around* Pearl, we’re safe here…

Bubble Maiden: Uranus, Not that i don’t find your assistance warming and very appreciated… what are you really doing here? I know that you are here to help out with what’s going on as you had caught on to what’s been going on for the last few weeks or so. but what’re you doing here?

Sailor Uranus: *Sighs* It’s nothing that you should worry about, but what i can tell you though is that Michelle and i have kinda been estranged a little. She’s been changing into something not so pleasant. I noticed it for almost the last month. She and I had a bit of a fight and i kinda said somethings that were not like me to say.

Bubble Maiden: You did? Oh no… how bad was it?

Sailor Uranus: Pretty bad, Pearl. I in lamen terms told her that if i were to ever see her again… it would be an inconvenience.

Bubble Maiden: *Gasps*

Sailor Uranus: Yeah. i know. Don’t say it. it was a rotten move to make. saying that to her. but i was angry. Trista was in the shower as it was said. so granted that she never heard the words being said. I felt bad after i left. but as i closed the door. i heard sobs coming from her. I really have hurt her. All i can do is feel shame for what i said to her.

Bubble Maiden: But it’s not too late to make it right. you can make it right. You can always go back and make up to her.

Sailor Uranus: how are you able to give advice on this? You don’t have any love interest… do you?

Bubble Maiden: *Scoffs* Uh, yeah. i do. Amara. You still see me a 14 year old girl. a innocent little single gal. but i have grown up a little since then. and i got a guy of my own. i know about love. i since all this began… had all my dates ruined. but i have a guy to love. i know that Romance is very complicated. it isn’t easy, Amara. but if you love her that much. You’ll do anything to keep her. Make up to her. It’s the right thing to do.

Sailor Uranus:  *Nods* You’re right. I guess that times have changed since then. You’re not a young one anymore… I guess that you’re one who is working with a band of heroes.

Bubble Maiden: I am. the best ones around. They’re good guys. all except for this one guy. Clark. He’s been riding on our coat tails for a while all over a mistake that was done. My sisters and i took the life of our Ex-Professor—

Sailor Uranus:  *Coughing up in shock* Ex-Professor? What do you mean Ex-Professor? Did something happen to him?

Bubble Maiden: He decided to turn rogue and choose to investigate us. he sold info on us to a shady D.A and threatened to investigate us and even motion to come after our mother. we had to kill him.

Sailor Uranus: What? You mean that Pidge Stroker is dead?

Bubble Maiden: yes. he is.

Sailor Uranus: I see. Alot has changed since our last meeting. i don’t know if taking him out was the best call… but here since he was after your family and was gonna destroy you and all you stood for. that had to be put into consideration.

Bubble Maiden:  Exactly. *Walking away and stopping fast before turning to look at Uranus* Amara, What do you know about someone by the name the “Red Queen”?

Sailor Uranus: The Red Queen? I haven’t heard about her. but whoever she is… she is not one to be trifled with. She’s not the most favored in the Checkmate Agency.

Bubble Maiden: Huh?! You say that you don’t know her or that you haven’t heard of her, but then you say that she is not one to be trifled with. saying that she is not the most favored in the Checkmate Agency. What gives?

Sailor Uranus: Well… it’s only because the way that the Agency Checkmate regards her. it is a sign telling that she is the most elusive and is revered. Why do you think that they are now backing away? I know about your capture from them. they tried to enlist you. i know this because Luna told us. she came to find us on that day after she helped you and the silent alarm Black Canary bust out from the grips of Checkmate. when you and your sisters left and were instructed to go civilian for the time being… as she informed us… she came to find us and told us of the ordeal. But when the agency captured your mother… you 4 decided to play the renegade card and infiltrate the castle and bust your mother out of there. but first had a little down time with the White Queen herself.  however since that moment when you and your sisters busted out from there; the agency found themselves blocked by a whole new player.

Bubble Maiden: The Red Queen.

Sailor Uranus: That’s right. She is not actually a part of the Checkmate Agency… but she is revered as such because as far as Checkmate’s concerned. She is a threat to them. They know what she can do. and know her to be that secretive.

Bubble Maiden: Do you think that she is one who fights for the same reasons we do?

Sailor Uranus: I don’t know. but if she is that much a threat to Checkmate itself… it’d be in our best interest to find out why. However first thing is first. rescuing your sanctuary sisters. Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand. They’re the balance to keep the planet from falling to Zod.

Bubble Maiden: Is that why Zod has captured them?

Sailor Uranus: It is one of the reasons as to why they were abducted. Zod as you know… is no fool. he’s no idiot. *Sighs* I suppose that i should just break out the truth. since there is no point in beating round the bush. when the power outages went rampant through the city… i sensed something was wrong. Michelle sensed it too. but we had to sit back because as much as we were wanting to act and investigate. there was a mandatory law in the city for the people to keep inside their homes. we couldn’t leave. there was nothing we could have done. Pearl… you and your sisters have been around long enough to see what kind of tragedy that Zod poses upon this planet. we at first didn’t know that he was the one that was doing the harm. but when the mayhem first started… it was said to be a power outage and surges all through the city. But sometime later… when there was word of a Zombie Virus being unleashed into the city through the water supply. it got us hard. We were in pain the whole time. the only thing that saved us was our senshi power. it threw back the effects of the virus and kept us from fully turning into Zombies. or the undead. but after the dilemma of the Viral infection was over and solved; Michelle and i sent Trista out to check it out. what she found out was that there was a group of people who were roaming the City. She informed us that they were looking for a being that they called the Blur. they mentioned a name. Jor-el. We never heard of the name and from what Michelle and i were told by Trista after she came back from finding out what she could… she told us…

Bubble Maiden: So you guys were in the know of what was going on… *Shaking her head in confusion* But it doesn’t make sense… why didn’t you come and find us and inform us about it?

Sailor Uranus: We thought about coming to you girls and letting you know. but when we realized that you 3 were in deep with it… we didn’t want to put you in any deeper. plus i am sure that your friends inside the tower known as watchtower wouldn’t be too pleased.

Bubble Maiden: That’s another thing too. for a long time… the heroes like Victor Stone, Aquaman, Impulse, the green arrow, and the black canary. they knew about us. Someone had all the intel on us. Chloe Sullivan.

Sailor Uranus: Then she must know about us too. If this person you know as Chloe knows about us… she also knows about the situation that is going on.

Bubble Maiden: And the part where Zod has vowed war on us… Luna read the message that Zod left for my sisters and me.

Sailor Uranus: Let’s keep searching this side of the city.  we must find your sisters. You mentioned that Zod had them… right?

Bubble Maiden: yeah.

Sailor Uranus: Then we must hurry before it’s too late. Zod is not of this world. he has powers that are not of this world. if we can find a way to beat him. we might stand a fighting chance.

Bubble Maiden: Right.

Sailor Uranus: *Nods* Let’s move.

But on Dinah’s side… She was searching for the west side of the city for signs of Betty and Angel. and for signs of Zod or his men. She was itching for a fight and wasn’t gonna back down. She was searching around Metropolis General hospital and didn’t see any signs of any of the Kandorians. But she placed her shades on and kept a watch out through her shades looking at the Video feed that was streaming through them…

Nearby Met Gen…

Thunder Mistress: *Hovering in mid-air searching through the city* Where the heck are those Power hungry dipsticks? they are hiding in the shadows probably. but what for? they know that practically nothing can harm them. So…Why’re they running away scared? What… are they afraid to fight me? *Chuckles* i would have guessed it. they’re afraid to cross me. They must know that i’m now pissed off at them and am just begging to tear them a new skin. *Scanning through the area piece by piece; with her shades on* Okay… let’s see. If i were a Slimy power hungry Kandorian knuckle freak of nature… Where would i hide?

She kept searching and couldn’t get any lead on the Kandorians… searched the whole western parts of the city and found nothing. She stopped in front of the general hospital to take a look around. She knew that she had to keep looking for her sister’s lives depended on it. They needed to find Betty and Angel. But with Zod and his men now with the abilities from the Yellow sun… it was gonna be not so easy. Dinah searched all throughout the area and looked all over around the hospital itself. Dinah sensed that she was on a wild chase and she was beginning to lose her calm over it. but she kept a look out…

Thunder Mistress: *Getting a reading and seeing something walking around close by* Okay… Now we’re getting somewhere. I knew that a Kandorian couldn’t resist coming out for a fight. Come on out sucker… Thunder Mistress has something to give you. I promise that it won’t hurt… Much. at least not for me. *Seeing a woman stepping out from the shadows* What— uh… *Recognizing the face* Michelle?! What are you doing here? Where is your reluctant Arm-candy Amara?

Michelle: *Walking over to Dinah* Hello to you too, Dinah. It’s nice to see that you haven’t lost your touch there.

Thunder Mistress: How good of you to notice. Been on the hunt for a bit. Searching for the Kandorians. I am rather looking for that General Custer wannabe Zod. Him or that Black power mad and brutal blowhart Basqat. Either one of them will be perfect. but at this point… i’ll go after any of them that will lead to where my sisters Betty and Angel are being stashed at. I am gonna Kick those Kandorians right in the stomachs and rip their jewels right from their bodies.

Michelle: That’s rather tough talk coming from you. But Zod is a monster. He will hurt you now that he’s got abilities.

Thunder Mistress: And? you really think that it’s gonna make me shake in my boot straps? Michelle, he has our sisters. Betty and Angel are captured. by him. the Kandorians have our sisters.

Michelle: *gasps* He’s got your sisters? How?

Thunder Mistress: How else would a flying being from an Extraterrestrial orb that comes from a planet that housed the very guy that is revered here as the man of Steel? He grabbed them and flew up in the sky like a rocket man on a space mission. that’s what he did. And that guy was not even eating his wheaties… he was dying the last time we saw him. but then because of Clark’s self righteous little good mother hen act. we had to save him. and Clark had a drop of his blood drip right into Zod’s wound and it healed him. Now Zod has a whole army of his people all on the move to re-enact the battle of the bulge. Kryptonian style.

Michelle: *Shaking her head* Who is this Clark?

Thunder Mistress: Clark. Clark Kent. Son to Johnathan and Martha Kent. Kryptonian name: Kal-el. Son to Jor-el and Lara-el of Krypton. from the illustrious House of El…

Michelle: Jor-el?

Thunder Mistress: Yeah. why? does that name sound familiar?

Michelle: yes it does.

Thunder Mistress: How exactly do you know of that name…

Michelle: Remember when the power outages went rampant through the city?

Thunder Mistress: How could i forget? that was the time when my sisters and mother and me were held captive within our own house. by Zod’s men and Zod himself. we were trapped within our own house and made as though we were gonna be prisoners.

Michelle: That is really terrible. were you guys gonna be alright?

Thunder Mistress: *Scoffs* Oh. you mean, did we make it out of there alive? Good question for a time or two too late. we didn’t make it out of there… what happened was…

Dinah flashes back…

“Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Being Tossed hard in the chair and made facing an army of men* OW!

Paige: *Feeling sore* That hurt… Jerk!

Dinah: You are a real brute of a man, You know that? hasn’t any one taught you to be better caring of girls?

Basqut: *Demanding* Silence!

Pearl: *Shoots out* No. You be silent!

Major Zod: *Shifting his eyes over to the girls* I wouldn’t want to anger him if i were you. he has a very bad temper.

Dinah: Well… so do we. we can get mad too, you know?

Basqut: *Questioning the Rhapsody girls* What major Junction do you have with Major Zod?

Paige:  What are you talking about? We didn’t meet with him. he… as well as you came from that orb that we found. You guys are beings from that orb. If we are guilty of anything… it’s the idea that we thought that we were saving this world from destruction. We have done our part already… saving this world and this galaxy as well as the Denubian Galaxy from King Lotor of Planet Doom. Saving this world from the great evil that threatened to destroy this world if she were to ever get to power. and if she had been allowed to run rampant. But when we released the Major… we thought that it would be the answer to this world’s prayers.

Basqat: There were hundreds of us… we have up to now only found a few dozen and no more than that. Where are the others?

Paige: It doesn’t matter. We were only doing what we figured to be the right thing to do… we thought that we were gonna be saving a civilization. We are not just regular civilians… You all can notice the power belts that my sisters Pearl, Dinah and i are wearing. We are Supers. *With a stern voice and Standing up to Basqat* Do you really truly think that we 3 would team up with one man who happens to be as clueless as you are about what it is that you’re doing here? If you want the answers that should have been given to you… Why don’t you ask the one man that came with you all in that Orb for explanations… The one man who has kept you all in the dark… This ENTIRE TIME!!!

Major Zod: *Looking at Paige* Wow! Bravo! Exquisite wording there… Convincing all the same.

Faora: *Standing up and speaking towards Major Zod* Major, The very last thing we all can recall is our blood taken in camp before the brutal battle in Kandor. How did we get here?

Major Zod: If we are here… then there is only one obvious explanation for it… *Looking to all the soldiers in the room* Our home has been destroyed.

Faora: *In defense* And yet you take it upon yourself to thereby betray us?Have you killed the others as well?

Basqat: What happened to our power?

Major Zod: *Getting up and standing up facing the men* You dare defy me? I have saved the lives of half the soldiers in this room. You know that I myself have risked more than any of you in this room. Not one of you have come anywhere close to sacrificing the things i have sacrificed  for our survival. *Looking at Basqat* And you?  *Taking Down Basqat before Stepping back and Looking at the crowd* Do you want a leader who hides away in his Hide-out for days and weeks on end and thereby complains? Or do you favor a leader who has ventured out on his own accord going it alone scouring a hostile world in search of your loved ones? I have always been true to my word; Living to my word following through with every Vow i had ever made upon each and every one of you. And I am vowing this that i… I will find the answers that we are looking for or I will die in the quest.

The Soldiers all get up and suddenly appraise Major Zod and Kneel before him. Major Zod then turns his head to his right and looks back at the Rhapsody Girls with a grin of satisfaction…

Paige: *Confused*

Pearl & Dinah: * Shrugs*

Betty: *With an orb of Holy Light* Okay… Break it up. *Shining bright light all over the room and blasting down the tapestry with the Symbols that were the 4 pointed stars and the Calling Card for Zod*

A moment later… The Whole Army was gone from the house and the house became lighter and more lively. Paige, Pearl and Dinah then fell down in a huge shock of relief and shed tears. They were in fear. None of them knew what they unleashed. They felt nothing but terror. The girls didn’t really release the being from the orb out… the Orb activated on its own and released the beings on its own… but the reality of it was that it scared them. They were afraid to go out knowing that those beings were on the loose…

Paige: *Looking at her sisters* Pearl… Dinah. You two okay?

Pearl: *Nods* Yeah. we’re okay. we’ll be okay. We’re just really freaked out by the men and what they were after… That Major Zod was not all that mean… but he was being really brash about what he was saying… how could he be after the powers from the yellow sun? Plus… Why was he thinking that our powers were from the Yellow sun? Our powers were ours. we had them since we were like young kids. 11. it was given by a beam of white light. that was it.

Dinah: They don’t know that… They really think that we’re with powers that are beyond that of normal men. I really think that they have just lost their brink with reality.”

Michelle: Paige stood up to that guy?

Thunder Mistress: she sure did. i was rooting for that. she told that guy Basqat where to stick it too.

Michelle: she was becoming more like the leader. that was her leadership skills awakening.

Thunder Mistress: no kidding. she sure wasn’t gonna be baking any brownies for a Kandorian Jamboree. But now… what exactly is your involvement in all this?

Michelle: When the city was dealing with the power outages… Amara, Trista and i were in our apartment and were just getting ready to sleep when suddenly Amara started to sense something. She started to sense that something was not right. She didn’t know what it was . but it got her to look up with worry. However i sensed it too. it was really bizarre. We were not the only ones who sensed it. Trista had also sensed it and couldn’t figure out what it was or where it was coming from. We wanted to go and check it out for ourselves but we had to sit back because as much as we were wanting to act and investigate, there was a mandatory law in the city for the people to keep inside their homes. We couldn’t leave. there was nothing we could have done. Dinah… There is no foul play that can happen without you knowing about it. and your sisters are prone to notice when things don’t seem right. you’ve all been around long enough to see as to what kind of tragedy Zod poses upon this planet. We at first didn’t know that he was the one that was doing the harm. but when the mayhem first started… it was said to be a power outage and surges all through the city. It was something we were all made to believe…

Thunder Mistress: That is an understatement. we know better. the power outages are usually normal. but for them to be hitting just out of random? and it  just happens to coincide with the grand standing arrival of Zod who at the time was no more than some petty Major. not to mention his so called army of Kandorians who were at that time just as confused and lost as the day they were hatched… Nah! that was not normal. not even close.

Michelle: It was just unreal. that was so unheard of. Amara and i never heard about this Zod at that time. we didn’t know who he was. But sometime later… when there was word of a Zombie Virus being unleashed into the city through the water supply. it got us hard. We were in pain the whole time. the only thing that saved us was our senshi power. it threw back the effects of the virus and kept us from fully turning into Zombies. or the undead. but after the dilemma of the Viral infection was over and solved; we sent Trista to check it out. what she found out was that there was a group of people who were roaming the City. She informed us that they were looking for a being… someone that you might have known as the Blur. they mentioned a name. Jor-el. We never heard of the name and from what Amara and i were told by Trista after she came back from finding out what she could… she told us…

Thunder Mistress: Now that is most definitely a revelation that i could have been spared from. You and Amara plus Trista knew about this since it all began and didn’t think to come tell us about it?

Michelle: How could we? we didn’t know what was going on really. we didn’t want to just jump into conclusions and come to you and drag you deeper into it than you girls might have already been.

Thunder Mistress: It’s a little late for that angle of deflection there, Michelle.

Michelle: Why do you say that, Dinah?

Thunder Mistress: The reason why i say that is because… we are already pretty deep into the mess. and that isn’t all. i am sure that you might have been informed about Checkmate.

Michelle: Checkmate. A government agency. yeah. Amara and i were informed of that Government Agency and got brought up to speed by Luna. She told us about Checkmate’s presence. But the situation with Zod… we knew for a longer period than that. We also know that there is a new player on the board. The Red Queen.

Thunder Mistress: The Red Queen! You know… The Martian Manhunter mentioned something about that. he said that when picking sides… things weren’t always in black and white. The red Queen must be what he was squabbling about. However what i’d like to know is who is she? Is she on the good side?

Michelle: i can’t say. Amara and i believe that she is on the good side but given that she is a red Queen and her piece is a chess piece that gets played upon the chessboard. she could be an adversary to them. but she is feared by them. They are intimidated by her. In fear of what she is capable of against their organization.

Thunder Mistress: You don’t think that she might try to come after us… do you?

Michelle: No.

Thunder Mistress: But it still brings me back to the previous question… Why isn’t Amara with you?

Michelle: *Looking away for a minute; unsure how to break the news off to Dinah* uh… *Looking at Dinah* Amara and i had a fight. I recently started changing into something different. it was growing into a concern for Amara and without knowing it got Amara angry and pushed her into saying something that she must have regretted. and it hurt me too.

Thunder Mistress: That’s rather stupid to let something like that break you two apart. I mean. come on. people do things sometimes that others wouldn’t expect nor would they understand. but to let something like that get in between a relationship such as the one you have with Amara… I am sorry, but that’s just pathetic. Seriously pathetic. You need to get back with her and make up with her. i am not kidding Michelle. You and Amara are together. you really think that i don’t know that you two are closer than normal. i noticed ever since you Amara and Trista came into the scene when we were going against Beryl when she made her move to ensure that Mamoru went to her. you two were holding hands and i even saw you two kissing too. It’s the little things that a girl tends to notice. and i never said anything about it to Pearl or Paige. i don’t intend to. but if you think that we are gonna let something so trivial and refutable stand in the way of your relationship… You’re sincerely cracked.

Michelle: Thanks for the slap of reality.

Thunder Mistress: any— *Putting her shades on suddenly and picking up a reading* I think that we’re about to have some company. It’s 3 beings. and they’re packing fire and big guns.

Michelle: Where?

Thunder Mistress: The east. from our position here… from the east. they come.

Michelle: *Looking at Dinah before looking to the side and seeing 3 beings land*

Collins: *With Trem-ek and Jordak* You Must the Firing cannon of the Infidel group of heroes. Thunder Mistress, do you concur?

Thunder Mistress: *Looking at the Kandorians* Yeah. And your point to that would be what exactly?

Trem-ek: Collins, stop toying with the pathetic human. dispose of her and let’s get out of here. General Zod didn’t send us here to play around.

Collins: Hold your guns there rambo.  This girl could be just what we are expecting. She’s the fire cannon of the Rhapsody Girls Z! messing with her and psyching her out will be well put to our advantage.

Jordak: Oh. Like taunting her and getting her to snap? well… i’m game. let’s start.

Michelle:  Hey! You creeps better back off. You don’t mess with the Rhapsody family. The Rhapsody Girls Z! are not ones to be toyed with.

Thunder Mistress: *Poised to fight* You 3 are gonna be asking for alot of trouble. We know that you’re hiding our sisters Betty and Angel somewhere and if you don’t release them… You’ll be finding out how explosive i can get.

Trem-ek: *Rolling his eyes* Enough with the games. this human is boring me. *Speeding over to Dinah and starting to make a move*

Michelle: *Blocking the Kandorian* Not so fast. That’s the last free pass you’ll be getting.

Jordak: What the—? A Human that dares stand up to the might of a Kandorian…

Thunder Mistress: Michelle?! What the hell?!

Michelle then Pulls out her Transformation stick and suddenly…

Michelle: *Transforming* Neptune Star Power… Make-up! *Posing* “Soldier of Ocean and Grace Sailor Neptune!”

Collins: A sailor? You have to be pulling our kandorian cranks here… This insignificant human is a Sailor soldier. General Zod never mentioned this to us.

Trem-ek: Let’s just spill their blood and get it over with. This planet reeks of insignificant human stench.

Thunder Mistress: I don’t think so…

Sailor Neptune: *standing her ground next to Thunder Mistress* Your presence is not desired upon this planet. You are led by a man who seeks to conquer a planet that doesn’t belong to him. this planet belongs to the humans and is guided and protected by the Rhapsody Girls Z! We are here to put your kind back into slumber.

Jordak: *Shaking in a fake pose of fear* Oh… goodness. we struck with the fury of a human fighter. Looks like Thunder Mistress is being helped like a helpless little girl. Baby girl needs protection. She can’t even fight on her own.

Thunder Mistress: *Barks in Rage* SHUT UP! I am strong and tough. there is something about us humans that you are obviously too ignorant to understand. there is power in #’s. I am a fighter. been one all my life and that is what will get me through. i have friends who want to help me fight the good fight. ones who believe in the good and believe that there is always a chance to overcome any threat that comes. If you want to intimidate me… you’ll have to try 10 times more harder. And don’t even think that you’re gonna get away from telling me where our sisters Betty and Angel are. You are gonna be taking the secret to eternal hell. but we’re gonna get our sisters back. You can count on it.

Sailor Neptune: *Launching an attack at the Kandorians* Neptune… DEEP SUBMERGE!

Thunder Mistress: *With her Thunder gloves and Launching an attack at the Kandorians* RAGING THUNDERIC STORM!

Trem-ek: *caught inside the blast* This is the best you got? You humans are so dull. and here we thought that this was gonna be fun. Some fun.

Sailor Neptune: Where are Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand being held?

Collins: that is for us to know and you to find out. But if you want to know… try thinking about where the small town is and think about the basement of a building that a mass group of your putrid insignificant kind hang out. That might be the only lead you’ll get.

Jordak: You can try to find them… but just realize that you won’t ever see them until General Zod allows it.

Thunder Mistress: Oh yeah… Well, lay a message over to him. Unless he wants fury coming his way at a showdown near him… he better release our sisters Betty and Angel. I an itching to fight and i will not hesitate to tear him apart. And i defy the Blur… the guy who happens to be one of you to try and stop me from doing so.

Trem-ek: We’ll relay the message to him… but first… *Getting ready to fire a shot of flames at Thunder Mistress and Sailor Neptune* Think fast…

Thunder Mistress: *Seeing Fire starting to come over* Uh, Michelle… i think that unless we are wanting to be the next dish of human on the heroic barbie… we might want to get ourselves out of here while we can.

Sailor Neptune: Right. *Nods* let’s go.

Dinah then without a second to spare grabbed a hold of Michelle and took off flying to a safe spot and waiting for word from the others.

As for Paige… She was at the central and downtown parts of the city and looking throughout the city. She even looked through the Daily planet to see any signs of the Kandorians. She didn’t see any of them but she kept scanning anyway. She knew that they were around somewhere. She wasn’t gonna give up searching for the Kandorians. It would mean the lives of Betty and Angel the moment that she gave up searching for the Kandorians. Zod and Basqat were near. She stopped not too long after flying out of the Daily Planet. She didn’t see Zod or Basqat inside the Newspaper building anywhere however she knew that they had to be somewhere within the downtown area of the City. She flew up to the roof of the nearby building.

On top of Luthorcorp plaza…

Miss Love: *Standing around and Looking towards the west; Sighs* Where could they be? Those Kandorians can’t be that hard to track. They’re showing off their powers somewhere obviously. but where are they? *Hearing a call coming in; pressing the button on her earpiece* Miss Love here. Who’s this?

Chloe: *Speaking through the phone* Paige, Where are you?

Miss Love: On top of the Luthorcorp plaza.  I am keeping a watch out for traces of those Kandorians.

Chloe: I know why you’re going after them. The Kandorians have your sisters Betty and Angel. I was at home last night and was monitoring the activity from the Mobile controls. I’ve sent Black Canary and Victor out to search for any signs of Zod or his supposed right hand man. Is Luna with you?

Miss Love: No. she’s not. she’s been motioned to meet us at the spot where Zod would be keeping our sisters Betty and Angel.

Chloe: I’ll buzz her over to meet you where you are right now.

Miss Love: No. Don’t bring her over here… Keep her stationed at the tower till we get a reading of where Zod and his band of men are keeping Betty and Angel.

Chloe: Okay. But be careful out there. Now that Zod and his men have the powers… they are prone to be anywhere.

Miss Love: i know. I’ll keep an eye out for them.

However… at the Coffee shop at the promenade…

Shanna: *Feeling pressure in her head and hearing the thoughts of her sisters* What am i getting these voices from? *Shaking her head and trying to shake off the pressure* Ugh! *Serving a customer* Here you go. a nice hot espresso. with a little whipped cream and a single sprinkle of cinnamon. Made with love.

Shanna was going on with working and trying to shake off the awakening powers that were inside her. She was slowly feeling her powers coming to life. But she couldn’t allow for it to come out into the open. She had to focus on her job. Shanna couldn’t help but feel that something was going on and that something was about to happen. As she kept on working at her job, She started to sense something that felt nearby where she was. it was something coming from her sisters. Betty and Angel.

Back on top of the Luthorcorp Plaza…

Miss Love: *walking to the other side of the roof and looking towards the east* No signs of those Kandorians this way either. Where could that Zod be? There is no way that he’d just capture and then just vanish off the face of the planet. it isn’t like he can just go back to his own home planet. it’s not there. there is nothing left there. So where could he have gone?

Trista: *Walking over from side* That is what Amara, Michelle and i would like to know.

Miss Love: *Gasps; turning to see a familiar face* Trista?! What are you doing here? It’s a rather sudden surprise to see you here.

Trista: It’s great to see you again too, Paige. It’s been a while. Luna has come and informed us about the Agency called Checkmate. Amara, Michelle and i are here to assist in that and the Kandorians.

Miss Love: I see. We’ve been searching the whole city for signs of the Kandorians. Pearl and Dinah have went off to different parts of the city to see if there would be any signs of the Kandorians. i haven’t heard from them yet and am expecting a progress report from them soon.

Trista: i am sure that they’ll respond to you soon.

Miss Love: Don’t mind my asking… but how are you in the midst of any of this? how did you catch on to this?

Trista: It all started since the power outages and the surges that were going on throughout the city…

Lord Bliss: *Coming onto the roof from the west side of the building* That would be an understatement if there ever was one. Zod is one seriously power mad type of dude. he’s a whole nut sack of misery in itself. he’s got a cracked nut with thinking that he can just conquer the planet without any provocation.

Miss Love: *Looking to see her boyfriend* Johnny, what are you doing here? How did you find me?

Lord Bliss: how else was i to find you? I know that you’re trying to tail that Zod dude. The whole schools caught the news that your sisters Betty and Angel have been captured by that guy. i didn’t see you in school this morning and well… i just put the two pieces together. i figured that if i would find you anywhere… it’d probably be here.

Trista: This is a very grim matter. Zod is gonna make a move soon. we got to be ready.

Lord Bliss: *Turning to see a tall woman with green hair* hello. who are you?

Miss Love: *Looking at her boyfriend* Johnny, say hello to a good friend of ours. Trista Meioh. She’s an ally of ours. she helped out with the second threat that was ravaging the planet last year. Queen Metaria. She helped us with it.

Trista: that’s correct. It was a long battle. although the last battle Amara, Michelle and i could not be a part of.

Miss Love: That was however very unfortunate and very much a concern. it was a battle that my sisters and the other senshi had to handle on our own. Not even Luna and Artemis could be part of it.

Lord Bliss: And this was before i came into the picture. isn’t it?

Miss Love: exactly.

Trista: However this new threat is more active than the last.

Miss Love: What is it that you know about the Red Queen?

Trista: The red Queen? Her name is unknown. but the Red Queen is said to be the Harbinger of Checkmate. She’s known to be a potent threat to the matters of the White Queen. Amanda Waller fears and is intimidated by nothing except for the Red Queen. The Red Queen is reluctant and uncalculating. We believe that whoever she is… she is said to be feared by the White Queen. Waller… fears her.

Miss Love: So the Mystery deepens on her… doesn’t it?

Lord Bliss: no kidding.

Trista: We right now need to locate your sisters Betty and Angel. they are important and must be found.

Miss Love: *Looking up and seeing two Kandorians in the air coming down* We got company. It’s Zod and Basqat… They’re coming. And to answer your possible question: Do they want to play? No. they’re not here to play games. this might be a battle.

Lord Bliss: Here we go.

Zod: *Landing* I must Commend you for trying to ride upon our coattails. trying to keep upon our trail. But sadly to say is that you failed. You can try to stand up to us. but you’ll never be any match for us Kandorians.

Basqat: You better just give up while you can. No one challenges the will and the rule of General Zod. He will soon be the leader of the country and then rule the world. He will burn it to the ground till all embers were to go cold beneath his boot.

Miss Love: This world will never belong to you… EVER!

Lord Bliss: You’re a guest upon this planet and as far as we’re concerned… you’ve outlived and overstayed it.

Trista: You two men should stop your evil deeds before someone gets hurt. The World will be destroyed if you carry on with what you’re doing.

Zod: You dare question me?

Lord Bliss: yeah. we do.

Miss Love: I take it that you don’t have that happen to you often, do you? having someone question you…

Zod: My men all follow me. some have dared to start an insurrection… but *Scoffs and showing discontent* heh… I will swear on this. If I were to ever learn that insurrection had ever spread across my ranks, if I ever discovered that my men… My faithful soldiers had aligned themselves all against me, I would raze this planet. I would set out to burn it all to the ground till the last ember went cold beneath my boot. *Breathes deeply* only I would lead us to the next age. All will follow ZOD!

Trista: That is where you’re wrong. Meet the Ambassador of all that is good. the guardian of the gates of time.

a second later…

Trista: *Transforming* Pluto Star Power… Make- Up! *Posing* “Guardian of the Gates of Time, Sailor Pluto!”

Basqat: A sailor Soldier? General, these Rhapsody girls are backed by a pathetic Sailor Soldier.

Zod: Easy there, My faithful companion. There is no chance that they can out stand the might of us.

Sailor Pluto: *Standing beside Paige and Paige’s boyfriend* You are disrupting the planet and represent the being of destruction. you will cause nothing but this planet’s end. You vowed war upon Earth’s brightest lights and their greatest hope. The Rhapsody Girls Z! will be defended and protected at all cost.

Zod: *Growls* That is Enough! You will not talk down to the power of General Zod. You Will KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!

Miss Love: No! You will Kneel Before The Rhapsody Girls Z! Before EARTH!

Basqat: *Speeding over to Paige and punching her causing her to fly off the roof*

Miss Love: *Flying back up to the roof and gaining her footing* Basqat… you’re gonna live to only regret laying your hands on the Leader of the Rhapsody Girls. Miss Love. *Jamming on her Heart Guitar and emitting Musical hearts and energy; Launching an attack at Basqat* LOVE’S RHAPSODY!

Lord Bliss: *Launching an attack at Basqat* Love’s GUILLOTINE!

Sailor Pluto: *raising the Garnet Rod into the air and a large purple-gray whirlwind spun into being around her; Launching an attack Hitting both Zod and Basqat* Pluto DEADLY SCREAM!

Basqat: *Hit by the attack and knocked down* AHHHHHH!

Zod: *Barking* You will pay for that. That i promise you.

Miss Love: Recharge your batteries, you egotistical power hungry creep! But first. Where’re our sisters Betty and Angel?

Zod: *Panting a bit* They’re at the Dock. The old Warehouse. we stocked them there. and you’ll never get in.

Lord Bliss: Wanna bet General Dipstick? Watch us. We might not have the abilities that you have. but when we have devotion and love plus courage and faith not to mention determination running in us. that’s what will get us by. We will never give up! Ever!

Zod and Basqat Fled the scene and went off to recover… But the first preemptive strike was not over yet…Minutes later…

At the Watchtower…

On the outside of the room in the hall…

Paige: Pearl, Dinah and i will go along with the guys first. you 3 stay here.

Dinah: We’d have you come with us right now. but it might not be a wise idea. at least… not right now. We’ll let them know that you’re here. We’ll smooth it off.

Pearl: They know us a whole lot since… they actually see us as like part of their family. Kinda hard not to when they had been through so much with us up to this point. But when the coast is clear… we’ll shout out for you.

Johnny: Don’t you worry. we’re gonna win back the south and get the girls back safe and sound. Zod and his men are gonna be in for a real challenge.

Peter: You 3 are gonna be sure to see Zod and his troops cower.

Shingo: *giving a thumbs up*

Amara: It’s okay. you go on and check in with the crew in there. we’ll wait. but don’t be too long. Zod and his men won’t just sit and wait forever.

Trista: We need to hurry and rescue Betty and Angel soon.

Inside the Watchtower command room…

Chloe: *Looking at the Monitor* Where are the girls?

Arthur Curry: *Shaking his head a bit* I don’t know. but they are still out there searching for signs of their sisters. Betty and Angel are gonna be counting on us all to rescue them. We’re gonna need to be sure that the girls don’t go in there to the battle all half-cocked. Especially Dinah. the loose wire of the Rhapsody girls.

Oliver: it isn’t gonna be easy to keep them from going half-cocked. They’re gonna be running on all emotion and it’s gonna cause them to do the berserk-o conga line.

Chloe: It’s gonna be a helping hand to have their friend Luna on the team. She’s not of Earth. from what we know… but she’s been proving to be very dedicated on our efforts since the very moment she got here.

Arthur Curry: She sure has, but it is kinda like she is doing it to only benefit the Rhapsody Girls. I mean that they’re a vital part of the team and are like part of the family here… but this is not just about them. It’s about the whole world. we got to protect the whole world too. Not just them. Even though they’re still young.

P.A: *Chiming in* Welcome Black Canary and Victor Stone…

Dinah Lance: *Walking in* There is no sign of the Kandorians. Victor and i checked the promenade and checked the the coast and docks. to see if there might be a shot at catching sight of those Kandorians. There is no trace of them within the city limits.

Victor Stone: it’s really haunting to consider the idea that the Kandorians might have fled the city and left with Betty and Angel in their capture.

P.A: *Chiming* Welcome to Watchtower Paige, Pearl and Dinah. Johnny, Peter and Shingo.

Paige: *Walking in* We’re back. We’ve had a run in with the Kandorians.

Pearl: I met with two of the Kandorians. they were strong and intimidating. but the ones i faced… they passed off no info on where our sisters were.

Dinah: Same with me. i met with 3 Kandorians and received no Info from them. except for a strange lead. go to a place where a mass group of people hang out. Totally nuts.

Paige: Well… i ran into our favored resident General of the republic.

Pearl: Zod?!

Dinah: Huh?! You’re pulling our legs, Paige. You actually ran into that bad ass wacko?

Paige: Yep. You better believe it. I ran into him. but also Basqat too. they were both there.

Pearl: Good thing that Trista was there when she was…

Dinah: Or otherwise you would be the next example of a thanksgiving Turkey. You’d be… Paige… AKA Thanksgiving Turkey.

Pearl: you bet.

In the hall…

Michelle: *Watching the Security camera’s* Do you feel as though the girls are getting put into a dangerous situation? This is their battle. their sisters are being held captive.

Amara: I don’t know. it seems as though they’re being put into a situation that is beyond their capabilities.

Trista: What about the Red Queen?

Amara: that’s another issue that we got to worry about. The girls are gonna soon run into her. the only question is when. We need to find out more about the Red Queen.

Trista: Yes. Paige mentioned something about John Jones. a guy who Paige said was a detective for the Metropolis Police department. But he’s also from what she said a Manhunter from Mars.

Michelle: Do you think that he knows about the Red Queen?

Trista: Paige seems to believe so. However, Johnny her boyfriend is unsure.

Amara: Well… As soon as this battle is over. we’ll look into the Red Queen. going to meet with Jones.

Michelle: What about the girls? What’ll we tell them?

Amara: Nothing. they don’t need to know. It’s better that way. They have enough to worry about. The Kandorians are more than enough for them to worry about.

Trista: They have grown up a bit though.

Amara: They sure have. Since the last year when we last seen them… they were young.

Trista: but now they have boyfriends. They’ve been through so much already since the last year.

Michelle: They changed professors. and now…. they have someone else. An Oliver Queen.

Amara: Oliver Queen? But that can’t be. He’s the CEO of a company. Queen Industries.

Michelle: That’s what happened though. he’s now their professor. he has all the info and research on them.

Trista: Where did you hear this?

Michelle: Dinah. She told me about it while we were waiting for the others to show. she mentioned about it and said that Oliver was chosen and trusted to be their new professor.

Amara: We should meet him.

Michelle: Do you think that he’ll see us?

Trista: He should. we all serve a purpose. Protecting the world and helping the girls with the fight. There are more threats that are soon to come. Zod isn’t the last of them.

Amara: We’re gonna need to find out what their new professor knows and help the girls protect the world. Zod is the most common threat right now. He is first to be taken down. before it’s too late.

Trista: Zod will soon decide to raze the planet anyway and if so… there’ll be nothing that we can do to stop it.

Back in the command room…

Johnny: That guy Zod is a real piece of work. he’s got a lot of Ego in him and is dead set on burning this whole planet to the ground. he’s gonna burn it all to the  ground if he sees anyone being insubordinate to him and being defiant to his ruling.

Peter: that is hell on earth if there ever was one.

Shingo: You really think that it’s gonna matter? Get a grip…  Zod is a four direction hound of mayhem. He’s got nothing better than to throw his brute strength around. He’s not too tough. we can handle him. At least it is what i hope for.

Luna: Did Zod drop a mention as to where his men stashed Betty and Angel?

Paige: he sure did. at the Docks. inside an old warehouse.

Pearl: *Sensing a odd feeling of Deja Vu* Something very odd is coming over me.

Dinah: *Curious* Really? How so, Pearl?

Pearl: Remember when we were trying to snap Ami-Chan out of whatever hold that Kunzite seemed to have had her under? when it all first began?

Paige: *wondering* Hmm. You know what… that does sound familiar. Very familiar indeed.

Dinah: You can say that again.

Chloe: *Looking at Luna* Luna… we now have a fix on where the Zod has the captives. Ready?

Luna: *nods* You bet, Watchtower.

A second later…

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* … *Doing her Pose* Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower… I shall Punish you.

Paige: There is something else that you guys may want to know…

Arthur Curry: Yeah. What’s up?

Dinah Lance: Is there something that you girls know that we should know about?

Pearl: Um, there is more than one. there’s 3.

Victor Stone: 3? as in like good surprises… or something more of an issue? It better not be a new threat coming to make a landing.

Dinah: It’s better if you were to meet them. They’re right out in the hall.

Paige: *calling out to the others* Amara, Michelle… Trista. You can come in now.

Amara: *Walking in with Michelle and Trista* Hey girls.

P.A: *Chiming* Welcome to Watchtower, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto.

Michelle: *Jumps* What was that?

Trista: This is the headquarters for the group of heroes called Justice League.

Chloe: *Walking over to the women* You 3 must be the senshi’s that Luna briefed me about.

Amara: *Nods* And by the reputation and by the Intel you must have in here… You must be the one known as Watchtower. Amara Tenoh. And these gals are Michelle Kaioh and Trista Meioh.

Michelle: *Smiles* It’s nice to meet you.

Trista: We’re willing to be of help where needed. But to help with the efforts. it’s best if us ladies were with the Rhapsody Girls. along with Luna and their 3 love interests who have powers to use to fight.

Chloe: I understand. Having 3 more members to the Watchtower team is more than accepted.

Dinah Lance: *Looking to see the 3 ladies* Looks like you 3 have more bark than bite. You sure you can keep up with us?

Amara: You bet. Just you watch and see…

Luna: They can fight. They’re with stronger attacks than the other senshi’s. Stronger than the girls too. but the girls are stronger as a group.

Dinah: Hey… Luna. You know for a fact that we’re with stronger attacks. we’ve been fighting since age 11 and since then, we’ve become much tougher. Whiskers… don’t be telling me that you’ve gone blind at a young age.

Luna: Okay… okay. you’re evenly matched. *Chuckles*

Oliver: Okay everyone… assignment time. Major assignment is at the Docks. Checking all the warehouses within the Docking District of Metropolis. The Rhapsody Girls Z! their gentleman callers, Luna, and the 3 ladies. your assignment is there.  Dinah Lance, you and Aquaman will also go there by the far side. Aquaman will enter by the water. and Dinah Lance will Repel in when the signal is clear. Victor, You’re with the boy scout. Keeping the City streets safe. helping pick up the pace. But be on call later Victor. we’re gonna need you to crack a system later to get info on Checkmate. to lay their efforts down to rest. Impulse is… following the hearts call.

Paige: *Grins* I guess that’s our cue to Retransform. Miss Love Beating with love again.

Pearl: That’s right. Let’s get set for action. Bubble Maiden is in the game again.

Dinah: One slammin’ order of Thunder Mistress coming right up.

a second later…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing and screaming with Fury* …. *Posing* The Love and beating heart of Bliss, the Winged angel of Romance… Miss Love… with the powers of Love and sweet eternal hearts…the souls and presence of Evil will be silenced by the embrace of Love’s Might!

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing and screaming with Fury* …. *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evill will be washed with grace and light!

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lighttning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing and screaming with Fury* …. *Posing* The Thunderous Flight of justice… The sparking charge of the Rhapsody Girls Thunder Mistress… By the hands of Thunder and Lightning, The presence of Evil will feel the Thunderic fury of The Rhapsody Girls!

Amara: *Transforming* Uranus Star Power! *Turning into her Sailor  form* … *Posing* “Soldier of Earth and Determination Sailor Uranus!”

Michelle: *Transforming* Neptune Star Power! *Posing* “Soldier of Ocean and Grace Sailor Neptune!”

Trista: *Transforming* Pluto Star Power! *Posing* “Guardian of the Gates of Time, Sailor Pluto!”

Johnny: *Transforming* Lord Bliss… Transform! *Lights of red and Pink shoot through him forming his outfit; Jumping into the Air and spinning several times   revealing wings and his weapon* ….  *Landing down and Blowing a kiss of hearts; Busting through the hearts and fully transformed; Posing* I am the Love’s Executioner… Those who dare to corrupt the spirit of Love… will feel true Love’s burn… get ready for the Love’s painful sting… Lord Bliss… sends his fury of Love to you…

Peter: *Transforming* Bubble Warlock… Transform! *Scenes of water appear and with the mind causes the water to cover him and the outfit forms on him as bubbles start showing* … *Dancing into bubbles while his weapon forms and flies over into his hands* … *Forming Bubbles and Performing acrobatics; Moving through bubbles before tossing a wave of Bubbles into the Air; Posing* The bubbly man…. the one who with fast bubbles and quick wit… the interlopers who intend to swarm with their Evil grip will be Erased with the power of Bubble’s light. All hail the power of the Maester of bubble power… Bubble Warlock… Blowing the bubbles of light and Mercy your way. Say your prayers… if you dare!

Shingo: *Transforming* “Thunder Power… EXECUTE!” *Forming two Thunder blades as his outfit forms and appears around him* … *Fully Transformed* The Thunderic Avenger Mystic Thunder… feel the Pain of my Thunder Blades!”

At the Promenade…

Shanna: *Walking her way home another way* I need to rest my head. I can’t think or focus on anything. These damn telepathic episodes won’t quit. WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO TELL ME?! *Seeing that a couple of people are staring at her* What the heck are you looking at? What? Never saw someone snap and speak out loud and abruptly in public before? There’s a show for side show dumb bells. take a trip over to the theater. 5 blocks in the opposite direction. *Walking off*

She began to continue onward to home and tried to shake off the shocking awakening powers of telepathic ability. But as she kept on heading her way back home, she felt something hit her that she couldn’t ignore. It might have been nothing… but she tried to shake it off as much as she could. She was praying that what she was feeling wasn’t real and that her sisters weren’t in danger. But she also knew that ever since she became a Rhapsody that strange things were happening not only around her, but to her. She was in the same spot as her sisters. however her experience with it was nothing compared to what her sisters Paige, Pearl and Dinah were experiencing. They were in much deeper than she was. As were Betty and Angel. Shanna finally made it home a moment or so later when she suddenly walked right into her room and laid down on the bed…

At Princess Rikku’s house…

In Shanna’s room…

Shanna: *Lying on her bed and trying to calm down* What’s going on with me? Why am i suddenly able to just pick up thoughts that my sisters are thinking of? their mind is calling out to me. I am also able to read the minds of any of those who are around me. *Hissing in pain and trying to fight it* Ugh! What the heck is going on with me here?

Princess Rikku: *Walking by* Shanna? You okay?

Shanna: I don’t know. I went to work this morning feeling fine and then while at work… i started feeling this cramp in my head. but i tried to shake it off. thinking it was nothing. i thought that it would just pass and that it was only a moment of eye strain or something. but then it started getting worse. i started… picking up thoughts from people. reading their minds and then picking up thoughts coming from my sisters. But they were nowhere near the shop. they weren’t even in there. although last night i was able to pick up their thoughts. it was really strange. but i was able to read it. Hearing them talk about those men. those guys who can fly in the air and shoot fire from their eyes.

Princess Rikku: *Walking into the room and getting concerned* Are you sure?

Shanna: Yeah mom. i am sure. Why the hell would i be making something like that up if i wasn’t in this type of pain? This kind of pain is anything but normal mom. i would not be aching like this if this was normal. but i am reading minds. hearing thoughts. Next… i’ll probably be saying something and be able to control someone or jam someone’s movements and actions. This is not normal at all.

Princess Rikku: *Concerned* You’re freaking me out now. Shanna, are you gonna be okay?

Shanna: I am freaking you out? freaking you out should be the very least of your problems. or mines. I got abilities that i have no experience with. i never even had these powers before. What if i wind up dying from these powers?

Princess Rikku: You won’t die. Having powers are not the end of the world. but it’s not exactly what you’d call life in the normal lane. it’s a life that comes with a big hefty bag of burden that will weigh you down. It’s great to be a hero. as i once was till i put myself to passing off all my powers to Betty and became a regular mother. It’s gonna be a thrill to being a hero but Shanna, Honey… i’m not gonna lie to you. it’s gonna be really a demanding profession. it’s gonna seem a bit like an easy cake line now. but it’s only gonna get harder from here.

Shanna: *Nods and getting up suddenly looking at her mother* Is that your way or version of the whole terms of endearment?

Princess Rikku: no. it’s just me trying to keep you calm and cheer you up. Seeing you like this is not easy on me. Seeing Paige, Pearl and Dinah as well as Betty and Angel feeling like you’re feeling now puts me feeling the same way. I feel the same way as i did when your sisters started acting or being like this. although when they first started this; they were already done with their first battle and have been started with the heroic duty. You… we can find a way to start it more normal.

Shanna: How do i start it normally? I don’t even know why i happen to even possess these powers. i mean… Why me? Why couldn’t someone else have powers like these. I am 15 and i work at a coffee shop. plus i got a bad habit. How is that with a open invite for becoming a hero?

Princess Rikku: Why do you ask me such a thing like that? I don’t know. I guess that it’s because maybe you’re gifted or destined to have powers like that. It’s the only other explanation that i can really give you. it’s the only honest solution that i can grant you. i don’t know any other way for it to happen to you. Shanna, i really don’t know.

Suddenly Shanna began to feel a heavy set of pressure hit her in the head and before she could stop and wonder what was going on with her suddenly… She started to Chant something…

Shanna: *Using her mind suddenly* Mind… Split… Sacred… power… intensify… charge… Quake… unleash…

Princess Rikku: *Jumps in shock* Uh… What the heavens are you doing?

Shanna: *Sensing trouble near* Paige… Pearl and Dinah… Danger. it comes. girls are in peril. Must go… *Running out suddenly out of a sense of trans and under a split personality influence*

At the Old Metropolis Warehouse…

Betty: *Looking at Angel* Don’t worry. we’re gonna find a way out. somehow. Our sisters will break us out.

Angel: Betty, i don’t think that it would be a good idea if they came here…

Betty: Why do you say that?

Angel: Well… has it ever occurred to you sis that we’re being held captive by a group of kandorians. they’re not about to just let us go. They have powers that are not of this world. we could fire our most strongest attack at them and it wouldn’t even phase them. Nothing can kill them.

Betty: Oh ye of little faith… there is a way.

Angel: Oh yeah. how? how do we kill Kryptonians? NOTHING CAN KILL THEM!

Betty: there is. a piece of their home planet. the radiated rocks. the green things that obviously come from their home world. Home is their only poison. Exposed to a mass amount of it long enough… they’ll die. the rocks make them really sick.

Angel: And how may i ask do we grab our hands on some Kryptonite? We are like strapped and chained here. there is no way that we’re gonna be getting out of this. not unless we can turn into shadows and just shimmy our pretty bodies out from the grip of these straps and chains.

Basqat: Don’t bother trying. There is no escape anyway and your sisters will meet their doom if they dare try coming here…


The side doors busted open and before Basqat could react…

Miss Love: Guess again. Basqat. we don’t care how tough you think you are. it’s time that someone put you back in your place.*Launching an attack at Basqat* Love’s DESTINED FLOOD!

Bubble Maiden: You touch our sisters and you’ll pay. *Launching an attack at Basqat* BUBBLES STORMING CONCERTO!

Thunder Mistress:  Hurt them… i Dare you. Just try it and it’ll be the last thing you ever do. *Launching an attack at Basqat* RAGING THUNDERIC STORM!

Lord Bliss:  Want love’s sting to knock you out… you got it!*Launching an attack at Basqat* LOVE’S GUILLOTINE!

Bubble Warlock:  Say your prayers. My Bubbles will wipe you out.*Launching an attack at Basqat* BUBBLING SNAPPER!

Mystic Thunder: Time to get a nice shocking experience. *Launching an attack at Basqat* Thundering CRUCIFIX!

Sailor Luna: You like being mean to others. well try something sweet to take off that sour attitude of yours. *Launching an attack at Basqat* Luna Sucre… Candy!

Sailor Uranus: You leave Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand alone, you sleazeball! *Launching an attack at Basqat* URANUS WORLD SHAKING!

Sailor Neptune: You’re a dark man and you have no compassion. attacking a family. you’re about to get soaked! *Launching an attack at Basqat* NEPTUNE DEEP SUBMERGE!

Sailor Pluto: Here’s my power coming to you! This is for vowing war upon the innocent! *Launching an attack at Basqat* PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM!

Basqat: *Getting Knocked 50 feet away* NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Zod: *Flying in and spotting The Rhapsody Girls and 3 new allies* Ah! so we got new pests to dispose of.

Sailor Uranus: *Standing up and exclaiming* The only pest here is you. You invade our planet and care only about power. You have no shame. *Posing* “Soldier of Earth and Determination Sailor Uranus!”

Sailor Neptune:  *Standing next to Uranus; Exclaiming* The planet has done nothing to anger you. and neither has the girls. what you lost was your own fault. All you crave is power that you can’t have. *Posing* “Soldier of Ocean and Grace Sailor Neptune!”

Sailor Pluto: *Standing next to Uranus and Neptune; Exclaiming* You are a general of a planet long since dead and now sire to raze this planet for your own. That will not be permitted. This planet is home to the brightest heroes. The Rhapsody Girls Z! and the innocent humans who dwell upon the planet. this is their home. *Posing* “Guardian of the Gates of Time, Sailor Pluto!”

Collins: *Flying in with Trem-ek and Jordak* Looks like we got ourselves some trespassers. insignificant humans who yet dare to question your ruling.

Trem-ek: Want us to dispose of them?

Zod: Not yet. let’s see what they have to say first. whatever they might say could be used to our advantage.

Miss Love: There is nothing that we’d say that you’d wish to hear because apparently and it’s well known now that you’ve already made up your mind and made your decision.

Bubble Maiden: You are the most cruel. And to think that i used to feel any type of sentimentality for you….

Pearl Flashes back…

“Dinah: *Getting up and dressed* Our Birthday rocked though… all other than the part where we found that we were being lied to. That part… i really did not enjoy or feel to be refreshing. we must have been up for 4 hours that night talking about Jor-el. I still remember that night… We really got into it… didn’t we… But exactly where were we.

Paige: *Sighs* I was wondering when you were gonna bring that up. We shouldn’t worry so much about him. he spoke with us and informed us of what that Major really was. we know all about it, Dinah. It doesn’t matter now. But the only thing that should matter is that we had a wonderful time on our birthday. Of course we had to deal with a twisted maniac that day… we although were able to foil his plans up and kick him right to jail.

Pearl: i know about that point… that incident didn’t feel too nice. it didn’t settle well with me. But i still say that he is not that evil. because i am convinced that an evil person would not give anyone presents. no matter if it was just because. or for an alternative motive. *Looking at Paige and seeing a look form on her face* Don’t look at me like that Paige. You know that i have a point. think about it. okay. if Major Zod was evil… really evil. he would have come to our party… to tussle up some trouble. he would have made a scene against us and tried to attack us. and we’d have to battle him… in front of everyone and on our birthday. Right?

Dinah: *Shooting up* Hey… Pearl is right about that Paige. She’s right. Major Zod is said to be a mere shadow and that he was this bad Nut on Krypton and his being from the orb is only a shadow or a vessel. but he came to our party. he never attacked us. and or started any fights or nothing.

Paige: *Getting her change of clothes out and sitting down for a second; sighs and lays back on her bed* Ugh… I don’t get it. something doesn’t add up. he is this evil person… he comes out of that orb. he was in our room when this all began. i go to make a move on him. As though i was gonna attack him. he turns and grabs my neck. drives me to the ground… then on our birthday… comes to our party. enjoys himself… makes a toast to us and brings us presents. he brings us presents. *Grunts* Something about that just doesn’t add up at all. i mean… it doesn’t make any sense. What was he trying to do?

Dinah: maybe he was trying to lower our guard. *Shrugs* I don’t know. I guess we’ll never really know what he was trying to pull.

Pearl: *Walking over to her dresser and getting a change of clothes; walking out to the bathroom to change* I don’t want to even go into it. i’m not gonna change my mind. he’s not Evil incarnate. Evil incarnate people don’t give nice girls gifts. period. Since we’ve seen him. i mean really seen him… name just one thing that he has done that was truly a mark of Evil intent. Just one. *Hearing silence* Thank you. you proved my point. he’s not as Evil as people are pinning him to be.

Paige: No. they don’t… but that is also one angle we have to consider. any evil person would never give someone that is good a gift. unless… *Suddenly realizing something* He could have just done it to get on our good graces… Of course… he was trying to buy our trust and sympathy. Why else would he have just given us gifts? Name tags and a personalized insignia with a cape.”

Thunder Mistress: I always saw you to being a rat and total creep. but for the sake of humoring my sisters…i was moving to keep it all P.C! but now since you’ve vowed war on us. and are holding our sisters Betty and Angel captive. The Gloves are coming off buster and i am not no Susie homemaker. I’m now one pissed off teen and you crossing my path is just asking for trouble.

Shingo: You also were trying to hurt innocent people in the process. but going after the family of the Rhapsody Girls Z! How the hell do you even sleep at night anyway? Do you have any self pride festering underneath all that power hungry ego of yours at all?

Jordak: Seems as though the lovers of the girls are getting fiesty and really touchy.

Spalding: I say that we take out the Rhapsody Girls Z! before they try to motion to make another move.

Gabriel: *Starting to superspeed over to the girls*

Sailor Uranus: *Getting in front of the girls with Neptune and Pluto* Everyone… protect the girls!

Sailor Neptune: You got it!

Sailor Pluto: *Blocking the path of the Kandorians* You leave the Rhapsody Girls alone!

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at the Kandorians* Luna Sucre Candy!

Lord Bliss: *Launching an attack at the Kandorians* Love’s Sacrifice!

Bubble Warlock: *Launching an attack at the Kandorians* Bubbling Flash!

Mystic Thunder: *Launching his Thunderic Swords at the Kandorians* Thundering Blades!

Zod: *Calling for his soldiers* Seize the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Basqat: *Coming back over from the side* My pleasure! First one to go will be the baby of their team. *Sneaking up behind Bubble Maiden and Grabbing her; Tossing her into the walls and punching her with force* Die You Insignificant human Scum!

Miss Love: *Flying off after her sister* PEARL!!! *suddenly getting Speared into the crates from the side* Ahhhh!

Thunder Mistress: *Growling and Exploding with Rage* You’re all dead! *Grabbing weapons and making way with swinging at the Kandorians; Striking them down* You hurt my sisters and then try to come after us. Try me for a size… Come on. *Aiming her Gloves at Zod and up in the air; aiming for all the Kandorians* FEEL MY THUNDERIC PAIN!! Screw with me, Will ya! Eat… THIS!!! *Launching an attack* THUNDERIC WEB!

Suddenly Dinah while her back was turned got rammed in the back and Tossed down into the ground…

Zod: *Bellowing* You Will KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! Kneel before me Rhapsody Girls or you will DIE!

Sailor Neptune: *Going after the men and pushing them back; driving them away from the girls* uhhhh!

Collins: *Charging at Neptune and knocking her off; Punching her fast and speedily*

Sailor Neptune: *screaming in pain while getting attacked* Ahhhh ahhhhhh AHHHHHHHH ahhhhhhh!

Sailor Uranus: *Shouting in terror* NEPTUNE!

Sailor Neptune: *still being beat*

it was an onslaught of strikes and The Kandorians were winning with unfortunate ease. The guys were being pummeled by the Kandorians and so were the 3 soldiers. Betty and Angel were close by and still tied up watching the horror…

Zod: You are no match. I however must provide you with a sentimental moment of appraisal. You Showed a valiant effort in fighting us off. My wife Faora and Vala and a few others have wavered and decided to follow Kal-el’s leadership. but no matter. i still have plenty of faithful soldiers left who would follow me to the very end…

Shanna: *Walking in and with outrage* I hope that it’s been real sublime and the best you’ve had. because this is where it all ends. You maybe unbeatable. powers that are not of this world. but if you think that your time will last forever here…  You’re Barking up the Wrong planet.

Zod: *Turing to see a girl walking over into the room* Who are… *Recognizing the Girl* You! I know you. from before. You were the one standing up to me. before i took your sisters captive.

Shanna: Yeah. you’re damn right it was me. And i will do it again. I bow down to family and myself. You want me to bow down to you… do ya? well find a way to become family and it’ll become reality. *Pauses* No wait… i forgot that you are unable to… because one. you’re nothing more than an Alien who’s hungry for power and 2. you’re someone who doesn’t care who it is that you hurt. Plus… what would we be wanting a pathetic Kandorian scumbag like you in our family for anyway?

Zod: You Insignificant human. you will watch as your sisters die for your defiance.

Shanna: *Using her mind to send a signal over to General Zod* Pain… Inflict… harm… panic… seize… peril.

Zod: *Ordering his soldiers to attack the girls* Get the girls. dispose of them.

Betty: Well… Angel. It’s been nice knowing you. it looks like this will be the end of the Rhapsody sisters…

As the attacks began again…

Shanna: *Growling at Zod and Basqat* YOU SONS OF BITCHES!!! You hurt my sisters. You have hurt my family… You wanted to cause pain upon my family. and the innocent. YOU ATTACKED MY FAMILY!!!! Now…. I am Frickin’ PISSED OFF!!!!!

Suddenly Shanna unleashes her rage and glows with Fire and Psychic energy…

Shanna: *Posing* Molten Mind… Power-up! *Shrouded by a veil of fire and Psychic Beams of light… *

Zod: *Hisses at the bright light* What is that?! *Looking at his soldiers* Comrades… STOP HER!!!

Bubble Maiden: *Looking up and struggling to speak* Shanna?!

Miss Love: *In agony* What’s she—

Shanna: … *; her uniform forming on her piece by piece and forming wings of Fire and Passion*… *With a Bracelet on her and glowing Purple*… *Summoning Molten Rock and using her mind to cause the ground to shake… *

Basqat: What is that infidel human doing? *Losing his balance* What the hell is this? How can this Insignificant human amass this much energy?

Luna: *Looking up* Her powers are coming alive. She’s becoming her hero form. Molten Mind… *Passes out*

Sailor Uranus: *gasps and faintly speaks* Molten… Mind?… That can’t be.

Sailor Pluto:  *Barely looking up* uh….

Shanna: … *; Leaping up and flying through rings of Molten rocks and Shooting Psychic beams into the air and at the ground; using her mind to telepathically communicate with the target*

Zod: *Straining* This human is a hindrance. this is not human power. She’s an Alien. Cursed human… *Groaning* Get out of my mind. What are you doing?

Shanna: *Landing onto the ground and Posing* The Molten fire of fury… the Rocky Magnitude of Strength…The Psychic Mind of the Rhapsody Girls Z! My Telepathic Mind of Justice calls forth flames and power. The forceful hitman of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Molten Mind has Come… With my telepathic Mind and the Molten Rocks; the Magmatic power of Justice… Those who embark on Evil’s Power Will feel the true meaning of Pain… Molten Mind shall show no Mercy!

Betty: *Looking at Shanna* Whoa!

Angel: *Catching Sight of Shanna in a different form* What in Metropolis is she wearing? Is that really Shanna?

Betty: I don’t know. But she is really flashy.

Zod: *Looking at Shanna/Molten Mind startled* What exactly are you?

Molten Mind: The stuff that Evil shall soon revere as their worst nightmare ever met.

Zod: You might try to use that to intimidate me. but your powers of fire and rock could bring the planet to ruin. You’re a dangerous fighter.

Molten Mind: Try me. *Sensing Basqat planning to make a move* You won’t get me with that move. i know you’re planning to use your super strength to get me. or your heat vision. it’s not gonna work.

Zod: *Making a move against Molten Mind* You’re being insubordinate and that will only cost you.

Molten Mind: *Grins* Really? i don’t think so. *Focusing her mind and summoning Molten rock and causing a rock formation to form* Molten fire Tomb… *Using her mind to summon a Quake* Quake… Ground… shake… break… Magnitude… Seismic tremor… Fire… Magmatic pulse… rise… destroy.

Zod: *Seeing the ground come apart and the molten rock rise up*

Sailor Neptune: *Seeing fire form around the room* What’s going on…

Sailor Uranus: *Getting up and Running to get the Rhapsody Girls* We’ve got to get out of here. Molten Mind’s powers are causing for the ground to destabilize. we’re gonna get buried here if we don’t go…

Zod: *Seeing the molten rock beginning to ooze out*

Molten Mind: *With her mind closing the ground and using the Molten rock to cover Zod and Basqat up with the Molten Magma* Pain has come to you Zod. it’s about to consume you.

Zod: *being encased in Molten Rock* Let me out of here. I order you.

Molten Mind: *Seeing Zod now encased in Molten Rock; Using her mind to levitate the now Encased Zod and suddenly sending a telepathic wave towards Zod* Panic… Pain… fury… torture… madness… Skewer… burn… torch!

Basqat: *Meeting the same fate* ARGH!!!!!!

The other Kandorians who were still in the room all saw the carnage and soon ran for the hills as they saw that their general was being done in. they saw the fate and knew that they were about to be next. Zod could not be destroyed. but he was for that time being… battered. unfortunately… what they were gonna need to really beat Zod was Kryptonite… a Whole lot of it that would be enough to kill off the Kandorians or the sacred book that the Kandorians all called and knew as RAO. Zod and Basqat dispersed and vanished from the warehouse and since they left… the coast was clear and Sailor Uranus went over to untie Betty and Angel while the others all came to and took a second or two to gather their bearings…

Sailor Uranus: *Untying Betty and Angel* Betty, Angel… You guys okay?

Betty: Yeah. we’re fine. nearly depleted of strength and energy… but we’re good.

Angel: yeah, the bright side of it all is that we’re still alive.

Sailor Neptune: *Smiles* Well it’s good that you’re still okay.

Sailor Pluto: *Getting up slowly and shaking herself off* Wow! that was a fight. We’re gonna need a lot of help in beating those Kandorians. just seeing the possible casualties that were being left in the room. it was a sign that this battle has just evolved from dangerous… to deadly.

Thunder Mistress: i don’t think this is gonna be easy. Zod has left. but at least that we took back the south. we showed him that we don’t toy around.

Molten Mind: *Clearing her throat* Ahem! Uh… Girls. you are forgetting about someone… aren’t you? Me. i was the one that cased Zod in that molten rock.

Sailor Uranus: *Glaring* You did. but you could have caused a Seismic Event. The ground was about to crack and destabilize. What the hell were you trying to do. Kill us all? You may have chased Zod off and caused a bit of pain on him… but it was gonna also put us under the ground. and also destroy the city. You could have destroyed the city.

Molten Mind: I had control. i knew what i was doing.

Sailor Neptune: that is questionable. but be that as it may… never use that power unless you trained yourself to learn control. That power is not safe and you know that.

Sailor Luna: It doesn’t matter. Shanna is new. but she’ll get the hang of it. this is just her first battle. it was gonna be unstable at first. there were risks. but it was for the better.

Sailor Pluto: You’re right. Uranus… Neptune. she’s right. we got to trust in her ability.

Miss Love: *Shaking a little and seeing their sister Shanna in the room with them* What is Shanna doing here? How did she get here?

Bubble Maiden: She’s a hero. Paige. She’s a hero now. we seen her turn into a hero. how she got those powers is not important.

Miss Love. I think that i must have missed it during the part where i was in agony and in pain from being tossed down by one of those Kandorians.

Lord Bliss: *Shaking off the dust and dirt* What does it matter now? You felt their power and what they could do. It’s gonna be the end for us all if we don’t find a way to force them to stop. We can use the green meteor rocks… but it will make us unable to get the human wrecking ball to help. he is the only one that can use that so called Book of RAO to send those beings away.

Bubble Warlock: So… What the hell are we gonna do? cower? That is about the only option since the Kandorians aren’t gonna allow for us to have an easy way out.

Thunder Mistress: Zod and Basqat are the toughest ones to go against. If we can’t go against them… or at least go up against the others… how are we gonna be able to go against Zod?

Molten Mind: It doesn’t matter. what matters is that we’re gonna put those Kandorians on Ice. send them to an eternal hell.

Sailor Uranus: Such as?

Bubble Maiden: The Phantom Zone. It’s an eternal hell or Paradise. it’s a Galactic prison that was created by Jor-el to house the worst villains and the most vilest offenders of the 28 known galaxies. not to mention the one who caused for Krypton to be destroyed. General Zod. His Essence is there. but his clone like body is here.

Sailor Uranus: So we get this Zod into the Phantom alter dimension thing and we’re home free.

Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress: NO!

Thunder Mistress: *Chokes up and trying to detour Uranus’s idea* Uranus… Bad… bad idea. trust us. you don’t want them to combine and become one. Paige, Pearl and i were in the Phantom Zone once.

Miss Love: General Zod’s Spirit is not able to get out of the Zone and after all this time still seeks revenge and the downfall of the house of El.

Bubble Maiden: Trust us. we know… we were once in the Phantom Zone. it was no picnic either. we had no defense at all. it was just us and our hands and feet. We couldn’t even transform. It had the same effect as Dark Kingdom’s dark forest.

Sailor Luna: So that is how you know about Zod’s Evilness…

Miss Love: We knew of it long before that moment. we knew. we were however trying to shake it all off. for all the good that it did us. we got bit in the love seat. our behinds got chewed out royally.

Molten Mind: That is hard to swallow. What say we blow this pop stand and get the heck out of here?

Mystic Thunder: You don’t need to tell me twice. i’m gonna make like the 80’s and split.

Sailor Uranus: Let’s head back…

That night at Watchtower…

Chloe:  *Looking at Betty and Angel* Well… i guess that now you can’t say that you weren’t out in the field there. Not exactly rising glory. but you were out there.

Betty: We are gonna want another shot at it. besides. the girls are gonna need it.

Angel: That is right. they are gonna need it. Those Kandorians are not gonna give up. they’re already proven to be uncanny with their attempts to raze the planet.

Shingo: I agree with Angel. Zod is gonna try again.

Peter: we’re synced up and gonna be ready to go on call again.

Johnny: No Duh! that sorry son of a bitch Zod wants to take the front line… let him try. we’re gonna just make his efforts a whole lot tougher.

Paige: Johnny, no. we don’t want to taunt him. that will only enrage him. he’s already dangerous as it is. no point in making it worse.

Dinah: *not seeing Amara, Michelle and Trista* Where’re the 3 ladies? They’re synced up now… but they just split. Where do you think they went?

Shingo: I have no idea. Maybe they’re out resting.

Pearl: There is no rest for the wicked. Zod isn’t gonna rest.

Paige: Tell that to the 3 ladies. Amara, Michelle and Trista. They were facing a snag in the fight.

Dinah: You think? Paige… they were noticing that the fight was gonna be very different. Zod wasn’t playing easy.

Luna: What about Shanna? Your sister was really swift.

Paige: Swift? Try something more as in very unstable. She could have caused a seismic Event. I didn’t say anything there because i didn’t want to discourage her. but she’s got no control.

Pearl: She did aim hard and dealt some heavy damage on Zod. Zod was obviously in pain. you could tell that he was struggling with the moves being done on him. But it was not enough to defeat him.

Shingo: You are serious about that right?

Peter: How could we not be? She was very powerful for a new hero. but she was unstable. the mind powers she pulled off were seriously loose and with a groove. but the Molten rock techniques and the ground attacks? Those were really dangerous. That is just being an easy critic.

Johnny: i agree. But to be quite honest… Where do you gather that she got those powers anyway?

Paige: She must have had it within her for a long time…

Dinah: But no one really knew.

Paige: *Scoffs* Do you always have to finish my lines?

Dinah: But am i right? It’s true. isn’t it? no one really knew about it.

Luna: I kinda knew. i sensed it. But at first… i didn’t want to say anything about it.

Shingo: You are sure, aren’t you?

Angel: None of that matters now. What matters is that we find a way to beat Zod back to the curb. we may have battered him now. but don’t be thinking it’s over yet.

Chloe:  There is something else…

Luna: There is? What?

Chloe: I’ve done some digging and came across a recording from a sound byte. i got this from a contact at the local Phone company and listened to it. it’s a conversation between the scaly lady of Luthorcorp Tess and the head of the Government threat. Checkmate.

Paige: What is it about?

Chloe: hold on… i’m getting it cleared up and putting it into the Audio player. there is background ambiance heard throughout the conversation.

Chloe then plays the Conversation that she picked up on the Audio that she went out and got while they were out fighting the Kandorians in an attempt to rescue their sisters Betty and Angel which was a success… but one that came at a near cost…

Audio Recording…

Amanda: *On Phone* Agent Mercer, How goes the procedure on capturing the Rhapsody Girls Z!?

Tess: *On Phone* It is going quite well. the players are in place and ready to begin the lure. 

Amanda: See that it goes well. The girls are gonna be made to join our cause. They are just a small team but just 3 of several heroes that we’re gonna need to help end this upcoming war quickly and decisively.

Tess: it’ll be ensured that they will be in our capture. we have a suspicion that their ally The Black Canary will be coming to thwart our procedure. But it’ll be  the opening for us to catch her and use her as Bait to capture the Rhapsody girls.

Amanda: And if the procedure fails… we’ll go with plan B.

Tess: I understand. But just to refresh my memory. What is plan B?

Amanda: going after their mother and the sisters. First the mother. If they fail to cooperate.

Tess: we’ll get them. the girls will be ours. and will serve Checkmate.

Amanda: Very good. I’ll be awaiting for your arrival at the airfield after the hit has been done. Waller Out— 

the Audio recording ends…

Chloe: The Audio recorded or picked up a background ambiance from wherever Tess was talking. She Was at the Metropolis fairgrounds and there were people chatting about the fluke side show. One of the Voices i was able to match. It was your Voice… Pearl.

Chloe plays the Audio that she caught using the Audio splicer…

Audio recording…

“Pearl: *Looking closer at the guy in the middle surrounded by a crowd* I can’t tell. Besides… we got to investigate for activity from Checkmate. Chloe mentioned that there was movement done by Checkmate. She pointed it over here. As to why they’d be here. it’s beyond me. there is nothing here that they’d want.”

Pearl: She was there. Tess was there within the crowd.

Dinah: *Outraged* You have got to be kidding me… She was there? But how?

Paige: i don’t think we would want to know how. Is that even right though? it could have been someone who just sounded like her.

Chloe: That is a possibility. but sadly no. It was her. Tess is a member of Checkmate.

Dinah: *Remembering something* Wait a minute! someone we know mentioned about that. Remember the girl who was able to see through fire. see things and sense things?

Pearl: Who… wait! we know who it is.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: Rei-Chan!

Dinah: That’s right. She mentioned that she saw the Solar Tower’s destruction. and saw things about Tess. A Chess piece and it symbolized the castle. A Woman by the name of Amanda Waller.

Pearl: That’s right. we saw that. we were seeing it and it revealed the words… Beware. Checkmate is coming.

Chloe: You 3 knew that Checkmate was out there?

Paige: we only knew because of what we saw through the fire. but that’s all that we know about it.

Pearl: We didn’t even know that there was a group out there by that name till after we heard our friend mention about it. Mentioning about what it is that she had seen…

At the Metropolis Police Department…

John Jones: *Cleaning up for the night* Another day. I hope that those girls don’t do anything that will put them under Checkmate’s Radar… That’s not a safe place to be…


John Jones: *Answering the Phone* Det. Jones… How can i help you? *Listening to the message* I’m on my way.

At the Metropolis Park…

By the fountain…

Amara: *In the shadows* He got the call. he’ll show.

Michelle: doing this behind the girl’s back. Are you sure that we’re doing the right thing?

Trista: We are. we must meet with him. Paige mentioned that he knew about the Red Queen. He’s the only one that can shed up some light about her.


John Jones landed nearby the fountain and walked around the fountain to meet with the ones who called. He didn’t know who they were… but he was about to…

John Jones: *Walking over to the other side of the fountain and looking to the sides for any shadows* Hmm…

Amara: *From the Shadows; Spotting John Jones* John Jones?

John Jones: *Looking over and seeing 3 shadows* Yes. That is correct. You 3 must be the one who called me. I usually am not one who’s accustomed for a summons out of the blue like this.

Michelle: We came to find you for Info on someone who goes by the Red Queen.

Trista: It’s a matter of great importance.

John Jones: I see. But what exactly do you know about me?

Amara: We know that you’re this intergalactic hero known by the Martian Manhunter.

Michelle: The 3 girls mentioned about you and said that you may know a bit more about the Red Queen.

Trista: We know that she’s out there.

A second later John Jones revealed his Martian Manhunter form. and the 3 ladies came out and stepped from the shadows…

John Jones: Who are you 3?

Amara: We’re the sailors from the outer solar system.

Michelle: We’ve been here before.

Trista: to tend to a threat that would have ensured the End of Earth.


Amara: *Transforming* Uranus Star Power!

Michelle: *Transforming* Neptune Star Power!

Trista: *Transforming* Pluto Star Power!

Sailor Uranus: We’ve learned of the Kandorians and the threat that they represent.  We regard the 3 girls as our valued allies.

Sailor Neptune: They are in terrible trouble. We have been following in with the activity coming from the Kandorians.

Sailor Pluto:  Even with our powers… we couldn’t drive the Kandorians away for good. Now with the Rumors of the Red Queen being near. it will hurt our efforts and the girls.

John Jones: But the Red Queen isn’t the threat. She’s one who’s on our side. I didn’t tell the girls much about her. i didn’t tell them about the Red Queen because i didn’t want them getting in harm’s way. Checkmate would have gone after them to learn of the Red Queen’s Identity if i were to tell them about her or who she was.

Sailor Uranus: *Nods* that is good. We need to know who she is. Is she part of Checkmate’s board?

John Jones: The Red Queen may be a player. but she is with no affiliation with the White Queen.

Sailor Neptune: Is she tied to someone though?

John Jones: she’s tied to Washington D.C. She’s the Senetor for Kansas. The United States Senator.

Sailor Pluto: So she is tied to the government. but not to Checkmate.

Sailor Uranus: We’re gonna keep an eye out for her. She doesn’t sound like a threat. But the girls don’t know that and they need to be protected.

John Jones: that’s right. Zod is only gonna get stronger. and will soon be unable to be beaten. The only thing that can be done is to send them away. Sending them to a different Plane of Existence.

Sailor Neptune:  how? we don’t know how that can be done.

John Jones: There is one person who can.

Sailor Pluto: Who?

John Jones: Kal-El. He doesn’t have the artifact yet. but the Artifact that can do it is what the Kandorians and the Kryptonians revere as their teachings. It’s called the book of RAO. It looks like:

(A Picture of the artifact is shown)

It is said to hold great power. But there is one stipulation to it. If Kal-El was to use it. it would be the end for him.

Sailor Uranus: Why?

Sailor Neptune: If the Book is an artifact that can be used. Why would it be the end for him?

John Jones: It is said that The Book of RAO can be used to also open a Portal and send the Kandorians to another Plane of Existence. but it can’t be used. because using it will not only take the Kandorians to another plane. but it will Exile them all from Earth. Including Kal-el. He will also be Exiled. Once that happens. He will never be able to come back…

The info that was gathered about the Red Queen was gonna help them and the Rhapsody Girls. but what were they gonna do about the Kandorians? The threat of the Kandorians was only meeting bigger and more darker twists. The Rhapsody girls were gonna be in for a real harsh trip as they were gonna face the Rage of the Kandorians. Zod was not gonna lay low. As the secret meeting between John Jones and the 3 ladies was in play… He was out with his men and making his mark throughout the city. Plus… What about their sister; Shanna? Was she gonna be a permanent Rhapsody Girl Z! Fighter? Was that premier of her powers and abilities gonna be the start of raising the stakes at a higher level? Would Shanna become the Hero Molten Mind again and if so, was her power a sub power of the feared Sailor of Destruction? Who Was the Red Queen? What was her real Identity? Was she really near? Plus… What about their Professor…Professor Queen? Were the girls and the Professor ever gonna meet and open up the research that was discovered? Was there a secret to their powers that the Professor might have discovered and awaiting to tell them? Would Zod Attack the girls again in broad daylight or would he launch a sneak attack? if so… Where? When? Find out on the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Amara: *Voice-over* Michelle, Trista and i are back and on the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! We start seeing signs of the Illustrious Red Queen. Her Sign starts popping in all over the City as well as the Calling Card of Zod. It seems as though The presence of the Red Queen and Zod along with his men will Clash.

Michelle: *Voice-over* We also have to stand clear and watch for any signs of Zod and be ready for his next move. but unfortunately he plans a sneak attack. but the target he goes after will cripple the girls. It’s…

Trista: *Voice-over* We are all in. Learning of a book which is a Kryptonian Artifact called the Book of RAO sends us to start searching for it. to find it and get it over to the Legendary Man of Steel. Clark. He is the only one that can use it. but we also have hesitancy of getting it to him for the reality of what John Jones told us is said to be eerily true.

Shanna: *Voice-over* Plus i am now a hero. already had my first ever battle but now i am training and meditating to better control my abilities. I never had done any Meditation before…but i come to find that it helps. and with the new life i have. i quit the dark habit that i have. Which is a step up. for everyone.

Luna: *Voice-over* I also become a Sister to the Rhapsody Girls and it’s right before a unexpected Tragedy occurs. Would it forever Mare the Rhapsody Family? This could break the girls into a Rage. it will cost them.

Oliver: *Voice-over* I finally get to break the news to the girls about the Info and research that i’ve managed to find and get done for the girls. Even better transformation moves. Combos. This will help the girls out… knowing that they can make a combo. With Combo Weapons to match.

Chloe: *Voice-over* Oh no… this is not good. this is not good. Watchtower gets locked down. it takes control of itself. and locks me inside. It also Locks The Rhapsody Girls Z! inside as well. Plus we’re not the only one inside. Tess is also locked inside with us. and given what the girls have learned. there is a bit of a score to settle. Dinah is pissed at her. and it doesn’t make things better on the Next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 67:  “Hark! The Presence of the Red Queen draws near. Zod Rolls in with a Sneak Attack. Professor Queen’s Enlightening Research Shines its light. Amara, Michelle and Trista All-In and ready to move. Uh-Oh! Watchtower under Lockdown?”

Sirens Blaring…

Paige: What’s going on?

Tess: What is that? What is it doing?

Chloe: *trying to stop the Lockdown* Watchtower’s Security Measures are kicking in. *Turning to face Paige, Pearl and Dinah; Facing Tess* Watchtower’s in control now.

Watchtower P.A.: Lockdown initiated!


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