Chapter 65: “Agent Mercer… press in. Position 1938 to Position 2849… Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s your move!; Zod launches preemptive strike on The Rhapsody Girls Z! “Come and rescue Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand if you dare.” Shanna Wylee now a permanent Rhapsody?! Rhapsody Girls Z! Choose your side. Where does your allegiances lie?”

Oliver: *Voice-over* Last time on the adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! The Rhapsody girls were only having a subtle but very calm afternoon with their loves. it was peaceful. Paige and her boyfriend Johnny were at the candy store. It was a long time since Paige had last been at the candy shop. the surprise of it all was that the guy she saw in there remembered her and welcomed her with opened arms. Plus made a mention to her about a incident with one of Zod the Barbarian Kandorian’s men. Basqat. That guy was being a real pain. Paige and Johnny listened to what the guy said. The guy even made a request to dish that rotten Kandorian some blows to the gut and take him out. Paige and Johnny nodded and assured that he could count on it. Pearl and her boyfriend Peter were at the Fashion store. and took a look around the store. Peter did something memorable for Pearl. Bought Pearl the pretty blue diamonds that Pearl caught her eyes on. It wasn’t much… but it made Pearl’s day in spades. She couldn’t be any happier. Dinah however… we all know how hot headed Dinah can get when she was all pissed and hot under the charming collar. She was really angry and at first for an off reason… Shingo, her boyfriend thought that it was being directed at him. however… when Dinah let out who it was about for her to be so raving explosively mad. He felt bad for her. it was because of someone in the family. Someone by the name of Rebecca. She was being the biggest pain in the ass.if that is what you’d call it. She slapped Dinah in the face and Dinah showed off the mark on her. it was really bright. Rebecca was also thinking that Princess Rikku was a terrible mother for not giving the girls much discipline. that wasn’t the case. and Princess Rikku was mad. she got pissed off. told Rebecca where to go too. She gave her the boot and the notice of Eviction saying: “Get Lost rotten pain. Hit the road and don’t look on back”

“Princess Rikku: You are the worst cousin there is. Having anything to do with you is my biggest mistake. You might have been part of this family before. but i tell you now that things have changed and you are threatening my daughters. going against them is going against me. You Smacked my Daughter Dinah. She has a nice mark on her face because of you. *Smacks Rebecca in the face to return the favor* You want to hurt My daughter… you better be willing to expect a repercussion coming from it.

Rebecca: You are not worthy to be a mother. So there is not much more to expect from you. You couldn’t raise kids to save your hide. I Smacked Dinah in the face because she deserved it. She’s gonna learn her place and a Real Mother would know when to enforce it. And you… YOU! are not enforcing it. What kind of Mother are you?

Princess Rikku: *Annoyed* What is your point, Rebecca? That i am a terrible mother? Why, because i don’t hit my kids? Huh? *Scoffs* And what the hell do you know about raising kids since you don’t even have kids of your own anyway?

Rebecca: It’s probably a good thing that i don’t. because i wouldn’t want to endanger them to your style of parenting, letting them go without any discipline. Children are to be seen, not heard. they are to do as they’re told when they’re told. and to respect the elders. if they break the rules. they are to be punished. Not pardoned and allowed to walk all over making the rules. You are doing that. You… *Screaming in Outrage* YOU’RE NOT WORTHY TO BE A MOTHER!!!

Princess Rikku: *Insulted; Punching Rebecca in the face* you are a worthless sack of space. i regret ever opening my home and my heart to you. You don’t deserve to be in my presence. I WANT YOU OUT!”

Princess Rikku had reached the point where she wanted Rebecca gone. She then kicked Rebecca out of the house, and had her get her stuff and to get out of her house. Afterwards, Rebecca checked into a motel; Never to return. From the trading of constant verbal mud slinging… There was no desire for Princess Rikku to reconcile with her. Rebecca even though as she never said it and kept beating around the bush… She was jumping with the fact that she saw Princess Rikku to be a worthless loser who didn’t deserve to be a mother and that she should have never had kids as she is a terrible mother and can’t grasp the concept of raising kids right. Princess Rikku broke down in tears a little, but she contained herself. She knew that if her daughters saw her like that… they’d ask and go aimlessly towards Rebecca or Zod. She didn’t want that. So… even though she was hurt by What Rebecca had said… She tucked away that slab of heartbreak and pain and shoved it to the side. However later The Rhapsody girls were talking and pearl was yet again curious about the crystals. She wanted to use one. but Paige yet again was against it. and i think that we could have all seen why that was. those crystals were dangerous. they were dangerous items to even possess. Pearl tried to put them away and while she did that. one of them started humming and screeching. high pitched. Before they could escape from it and get out of the path of the Crystal’s blast. they were put into a slab… a window and got sent to the Kryptonian form of hell. it’s Eternal hell and all it’s glory. The Phantom Zone. Okay. so it’s being made a bit darker that it really is. but ask good ole’ Boy scout. he’s been there twice and he knows, it’s not exactly what you’d call a power trip or a relaxing rendezvous. it was to house the most vicious and endearingly dreadful known criminals of the 28 known galaxies. the worst kind to ever slither it’s sorry excuse of an existence. They were put there because of that Crystal. and for a while we didn’t even know where they were. We all thought that the girls were home. but surprise! they weren’t. they were nowhere to be seen. they weren’t at home. and none of the others have seen a wisp of them. i was supposed to see them to tell them what i found in the research i had done revolving them and  yet… it was put on the back burner. it was put in the back row. While they were missing things in the Rhapsody family were taking a little crap on all things calm. The mother of the Rhapsody Girls went on her way to see her Cousin King John. and they talked. King John however during their little visiting moment revealed that he found out the true reason as to why Rebecca was kicked out of Yale. She was Dealing Drugs. Smoking. yeah. What an Aunt to the Rhapsody Girls and a cuddly sweet cousin she is, right? She dealt drugs and was smoking in Yale. plus she was also Threatening people too. Princess Rikku was not happy to know that and neither was Trixie… when she found out about the real reason behind Rebecca being kicked out of Yale. Princess Rikku then mentioned about the girls missing to her cousin and he took to it not so well. he was not happy in the very least. unhappy and unsettled. .

“King John: Shit! Fuzzball, Why the heck didn’t you say anything? Did you ask around to see if anyone’s seen them?

Princess Rikku: Yes.

King John: Who?

Princess Rikku: Well… their friends to start. the People that they fight alongside with at Watchtower. Black Canary, Victor Stone, AC, Oliver… Chloe. Clark. I even asked Lois. No one had seen them at all. I even asked the girls that they were with during the second threat. They were lost.

King John: That’s not good. When was the last you’ve seen them?

Princess Rikku: Early evening. They were out with their boyfriends. till the evening and then they came home. they were in their room and i usually would walk down the hall and hear a few things that they say. but just to check on them and make sure that they’re okay and that things are alright. but when i went up there this evening… they weren’t there. and i know that they came home. but i truly didn’t hear them leave. i mean that i did hear a few windows shake and everything.

King John: Windows Shaking?

Princess Rikku: Yeah. Shaking. But i didn’t think to check because it sounded so familiar. and it sounded like the girls just releasing some tension about something. whatever it was. i mean… how was i to know?

King John: You heard something and didn’t figure that something was at all wrong? Come on, Cousin… you really need to stop the nutty mix-ups.  You heard shaking. windows going nuts. and you don’t check to see what the heck is going on? Cousin… Shaking windows are not normal. they are not normal at all. that’s a sign that the sirens of mayhem are about to go off.

Princess Rikku: I know. I screwed up. All i can do is hope for my daughters to be safe… and i just want to hold them again.

King John: I know. i know. *Sighs* Look, Cousin… Why not go on home and rest  your mind. It’ll be okay. Listen. I’ll ask around and see what i can find. okay? Don’t worry. It’s gonna be alright. I promise. If there is a way to get the girls back… we’ll do it.”

In the Phantom Zone… The Girls had to fight for their life and were nearly killed. but with all they had. they stayed tough. they couldn’t transform. all they had were their wits and their courageous but shaking forms. they were met by the spirit of General Zod. yeah. the evil brute that was siring with world domination and Galactic conquest. they fought against the wraiths and fought long and hard.. Later the heroes at Watchtower… us. Me… Green Arrow and some of the others. Like Impulse and Black Canary. plus Clark. we all got together and worked to open a portal to the Phantom Zone while in Watchtower. Opened the portal and pulled the girls out. On the family front. they soon found that they had a new sister. not by blood, but someone much sweeter than Rebecca the vicious witch was. Say hello to Shanna Wylee-Rhapsody. She was given to Princess Julie by a Joe Wylee. a member of…. the Flash Gordon crew. yeah. awkward, right? well it happened. and now Shanna was Princess Rikku’s daughter with a sweet and tearful farewell between Shanna and Princess Julie. plus that was not the half of it. The girls had to also go and pay their grieving final dues to a fellow friend on a planet we like to call Arus. the planet that housed the mighty robot warrior Voltron. Voltron in all his impenetrable glory. King Keith was said to have passed on. a broken heart. being dumped and left as a leftover. by Queen Allura. the daughter to King Alfor. betrayal in the mix. the ways of betrayal… it never quits. does it? The Rhapsody girls go and pay their respects and then come back. They stayed up for most of the night. but it was gonna get good. Chloe shows up and mentions about Checkmate. A government agency. a festive agency. one consisting of ranks on a chessboard. nice. Say… When’s the next Chess Tournament? Anyone up for Chess? What were the girls gonna do? they had to investigate. And now with Zod on Earth. now with powers and the Kandorians all vowing war on the girls. the girls were gonna be in for it. War was now getting more like a reality. Without further to do… here are Paige, Pearl and Dinah in their next chapter. “The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 65: “Agent Mercer… press in. Position 1938 to Position 2849… Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s your move!; Zod launches preemptive strike on The Rhapsody Girls Z! “Come and rescue Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand if you dare.” Shanna Wylee now a permanent Rhapsody?! Rhapsody Girls Z! Choose your side. Where does your allegiances lie?”

At the Castle…

Amanda: *In her office* Time to activate our player. Time for the white Knight to come into play.

Agent Waller walked right over to the chessboard and moved the White Knight up a couple spots…

That weekend at the Metropolis fairgrounds…

Paige and her sisters were heading to the carnival that was said to be in town again. They didn’t notice that there were any Agents around and of course that no one would have guessed that a couple of the civilians that were in the crowd were Agents. Checkmate Operatives. Paige, Pearl and Dinah were also there to investigate the activity of Checkmate. they were briefed that Checkmate operatives were nearby.

Paige: *Walking over to the crowd and checking out the sideshow* Who is that guy? He’s cute.

Pearl: I have no idea. Paige, That guy is a real limber looking guy. *Watching the sideshow* Any idea on how he got that good?

Dinah: No idea. i think that the guy could wind up making Shingo rather jealous.  he looks like he’s about our age.

Pearl: *Looking closer at the guy in the middle surrounded by a crowd* I can’t tell. Besides… we got to investigate for activity from Checkmate. Chloe mentioned that there was movement done by Checkmate. She pointed it over here. As to why they’d be here. it’s beyond me. there is nothing here that they’d want.

Paige: The fairgrounds are full of teens and kids. But a Checkmate Operative? here? *Sighs* okay.

Suddenly Shanna walked over…

Shanna: *Walking up to her sisters* Hey girls. What’s up?

Pearl: *Looking at Shanna* Hey Shanna. What brings you out here?

Shanna: Nothing really. I just heard that there was a Carnival out here and thought that i’d… you know, come check it out. I never got to see a Carnival much when i was with my brother Joe. He tried to show me a good time and everything, but with being on call all the time. he just couldn’t do much. What about you two? What’re you two doing?

Dinah: We’re on a case. Ever heard of Checkmate?

Shanna: Huh? Checkmate? *Shrugs* I got no idea. I could have sworn that Checkmate was just a term for Chess? Why?

Paige: It’s from what we’re told by Chloe. A Government Agency.

Shanna: A What? A government agency? You are making a joke… at least that’s what i hope that you’re doing.

A second later…

Black Canary: *Nearby; Stopping a crook* Crooks like you should know when to say: “I surrender”. I will give you some kudos on a valiant effort for trying to make a run and get away with crime. You ought to know… that crime is big in the city. But so is the obsession of people wanting to find themselves wearing a black and White Striped shirt in a cell.

Man: And wind up being a caged bird? Not likely.

Black Canary: Oh. It’s not bad to being in a cell. 3 square meals a day and never having to worry about taxes. you get waited on. Life of luxury, just a crime away. And the wardrobe choice… Black on black. it’s quite difficult to pull off.

Man: It’s more than you’d think. *Pointing a gun at the Black Canary* It’s much easier than you think.

The man was staring at Dinah Lance and was about to shoot. But Black Canary pulled a fast one and used her canary cry on the man. The man fell down and was out cold.

Black Canary: *Walking over to the fallen man* You should have just been a good boy and threw up the white flag on your pretty door. It would have been more wise if you had.

Agent Green: *Shooting a taser dart at Black Canary; knocking her out*

Agent Mercer: *Walking over in disguise* Checkmate.

Paige: *from a Distance* Oh no… Black Canary. She’s in trouble.

Pearl: What?!

Dinah: She’s been caught. Checkmate’s got her. they got her. Paige, We’ve got to do something.

Pearl: yeah. Dinah Lance is the Word is Justice. the right hand hawk of the city. she’s like a reporter. a friend. We’ve got to save her.

Shanna: Help her?! *Confused* How? How are you gonna help her? What can you girls do to help her? Especially with all these people watching…

Pearl: come to our friend’s aid.

Dinah: Shanna. you might have already known this by now since you’ve lived with for almost a week now and are a part of our family. we are heroes.

Shanna: You’re heroes? You’ve got to be pulling my leg. Seriously? My sisters… Heroes? *amazed* Wow! I’m so jealous now. Since you’re heroes. get with it. I am a sucker for people who fall under the superhero super-powered persuasion. You got a job to do and standing here talking with me ain’t fulfilling the job.

Paige: Girls… Transform.

Pearl & Dinah: *Nods* Right!

A second later…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing*

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing*

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lighttning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Shanna: *Standing there Amazed; Watching her sisters go tend to the aid of the fallen hero* Wow! Oh my god. My sisters are so frickin’ cool.

Over on the other side of the crowd…

Agent Mercer: *Looking at the other Agent* Get her into the truck. Agent Waller is gonna brief her.

Agent Green: *Picking up the captive and taking the captive to the back of the van*

Paige: Hey. You let go of Black Canary Right now. She is not yours. She’s a well respected hero.

Pearl: Why don’t you go back to wherever it is that you came from?

Dinah: Pick on someone your own size.

Agent Mercer: *Running and hurrying into the back of the Van* Go. It’s the Rhapsody Girls Z! Let’s get out of here.

The Agents took Black Canary and handcuffed her hands to the back of the Chair. They made sure that she was out of it enough to make sure that she couldn’t break loose. The Rhapsody Girls were too late… by time they got there…  to the Van… it had already sped off. Black Canary was inside and unfortunately on her way to be taken to the White Queen. To Checkmate. Paige, Pearl and Dinah took one look at each other and sighed. What were they gonna do now? All they could do was look around for a trail. Shanna was near and saw them looking down. however, she couldn’t interfere. Even though she wanted to help… she could not get in the middle of it.

A Moment later…

At Watchtower…

Betty: *Clacking away at the Computer and trying to track Black Canary*

Clark: *Whooshing in* Did you try the power switch yet?

Betty: *Stops and turns to look at Clark* You know what, Clark? If you were not so darn busy with your issues of keeping the secret city of Kandor, Metropolis on a short Leash… you would have heard all the info. Chloe sent you like several texts. Road flares and even a insta-message. you have not even stopped to take note that we have lost Dinah Lance. Black Canary is gone. She was going after some men and had the man cornered at the Fairgrounds. The Carnival was going on over there again. She was about to nail the man when out of nowhere she got side-Winded by a secondary Agent. Checkmate’s got her. creating a total Mute button. No power spikes. No attainable beacon. signal. not even a blip. It’s like the whole link from her went like the 70’s

Clark:  I am sure that it’s gonna be fine. Just because she doesn’t check in—

Angel: *Scoffs* I can’t believe that you’re gonna make like everything is all hunky-dory… Unlike some people. Clark. Dinah Lance happens to know how to follow Protocol. Procedure and Gratified Structure. Something that you apparently are certainly lacking. You need to start getting with the program here.

Clark: *Curious* What Protocol?

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in* We’re back from patrol. We didn’t see anything at the fairgrounds. we saw Paige, Pearl and Dinah investigating the grounds and didn’t happen to see anything going on there. from what i could gather from them and from what i understood. Black Canary was taken by 2 Agents. 2 operatives and one of them sounded like Tess. but they couldn’t be sure. The Agents took her and got into the Van and Sped off. no one knows where the Van went. Paige said that she heard someone say a name. Agent Waller.

Betty: *Pulling up the File* Meet Agent Amanda “The Wall” Waller. AKA. The White Queen. “Amanda is very authoritative as the direct head of the Checkmate agency and demands a lot out of her employees. She is a rather wealthy individual, who mostly uses her assets and riches to purchase high-tech weapons and gear for her Checkmate program. She also believes in intimidation saying that, “Studying fear gives us insight to others’ phobias”. Amanda is often very manipulative, and as the head of Checkmate, she uses threats to strike fear into her employees, often threatening their employment or even their families, to maintain her organization. She demands that her agents remain completely obedient saying, “There is only one way out” of her organization.”

Prince Alvin: What do you think that we should do?

Betty: Chloe’s the head of Watchtower. She’s buzzing the Rhapsody girls in right now and sending them to go after the Van.

Clark: No. Don’t. It’s too Dangerous.

Betty: It’s got to be done. It’s their duty to investigate.

Angel: Clark… you are forgetting that we all have to watch each other’s back. and that means to be around for one another when we’re needed. We’re a team. but we’re also supposed to be a family. It’s time we started acting more with trusting one another. and being there when we are needed.

Clark: Well… as much as i’d enjoy getting the third degree on not following protocol… This isn’t about us. Were you able to check the local security camera’s within the area?

Chloe: *On the main computer and trying to get into the security systems of the local camera’s in the area* I’m trying Clark. I have been working off the grid. to keep ourselves all under anonymity. out of Checkmate’s dreadful crying eyes. off their radar. bus since they have Black Canary… they will try to push her to squawk and expose the rest of the team. The bad part of the situation here is that every known Surveillance feed is down. ATM’s, Traffic camera’s and convenient stores across the whole area. Downtown and residential… even Commercial parts of the area. it’s like they’ve hammered the nails and gave the security equipment a techno Smackdown. Knocking them out of commission.

Suddenly the Monitors began to beep and chime.

Prince Alvin: *Seeing the Monitor’s coming back online* Well… i guess it solves our problems here… but there is one issue. Where’s Black Canary?

Clark: *Seeing the Monitor showing the tracks underneath the Monorail* There’s John.

Chloe: It looks like the Buddy system works well. but we didn’t call him. What is he doing there?

Prince Alvin: First thing’s first. have the girls go after the Black Van and bust Black Canary out of there.

Clark: I’ll go and see John. See what he knows. *Whooshing out*

Angel: There he goes again. Chloe, How do you really put up with that… i don’t think we’re ever gonna understand.

Chloe: It’s a work in progress. but i’ve dealt with him for several years. me and him were in high school together. he can be a bit dysfunctional sometimes. but when the chips were really down. he would always be there to come to the rescue.

Betty: Sounds like a guy who has his own code of ethics and his own set of standards. A man in himself.

Arthur Curry: *Walking in*

Moments later…

after Prince Alvin went to go after the Rhapsody Girls and inform them on going after the Black Van… Clark went to go see John. but Clark was sensing that John was hiding something and tried to X-Ray him. John only looked at Clark and Sighed before taking off… into the skies.

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku: *Watching T.V and Talking with her cousin Princess Charlene* The girls are out having some fun. I’m actually kinda glad that they are able to dive into a more normal schedule. I am okay with the hero duty. i am. but to see them with a more normal backing and living a little more towards the normal. i am really re-leaved.

Princess Charlene: I hear you. i feel what you mean there, Cousin. It was only 3…Maybe 4 weeks since i was realizing that my own son is now the new Doctor Fate. It’s a total mind blowing experience. My own son. my only son. a Hero. i even from time to time wind up hearing that helmet of Nabu whispering. Telling my son all these things. It by far is endearingly creepy.

Princess Rikku: Enough to make a skin or two crawl.

Princess Charlene: I’ll say. It’s not like it is a bad thing really. But i am just afraid that my son will wind up the same way that Kent Nelson did. looking for the secrets to the universe at the very bottom of garbage cans. i don’t want him to endure that. Kent Nelson wasn’t crazy. but that helmet proved itself to be too much for him at that time.

Princess Rikku: My girls don’t really like Clark much.

Princess Charlene: They don’t? Why? He’s not that bad… Or is he?

Princess Rikku: If you were to count the point where… Clark was grilling them on what the girls had done once. taking the life of Pidge Stroker. I am glad that he’s gone. and will be glad when Rebecca is gone. She called me a worthless mother and that i shouldn’t be one for i don’t hit my kids and that i don’t punish them. i don’t discipline them. *Sore* How would she know how kids are to be raised? She never had any. and she never even had a love to be honest. But that’s beside the point. The point is that Clark was pushing them with the guilt trip. rubbing it in like my girls were meant to be tortured for it. It’s NOT THEIR FAULT! The guy was threatening them. So… What the hell were they to do? Subject themselves to being the constant target of intimidation and fear?

Princess Charlene: No. cousin, They took a life. that is means for life in prison. Without parole. They did what they had to do. and as Much as Clark could be an ass to them for it. he has a point. what they did was wrong. it was wrong of them to do. I don’t condone the Methods that Clark used to get them to see the error of their ways. i think it’s shitty. but it is what it is.

Princess Rikku: They have a crystal that can be used for a time machine.

Princess Charlene: Then when you can… get them to use it. have them right that wrong that they’ve done. it will set things right. it won’t change their demeanor or how they are now… but what it will do is ease their hearts. ease everyone’s too.

Princess Rikku: i guess. i can use it and go back. and Clark will get there and sneak in to snag Pidge and send him to the Phantom Zone alter-Dimensional thing. send him there and it’ll be like the death never happened…


Shanna: *Running in* Mom! Mom! Oh my god…

Princess Rikku: *Turning to see Shanna* Shanna, Hon… What’s the matter?

Shanna: *Freaking* It’s the girls. Paige, Pearl and Dinah. The girls have gone after a Mysterious Black Van and are missing…

Princess Rikku: *trying to calm Shanna down* Shanna, Calm down. What do you mean that they’re missing? What happened?

Shanna: They’re gone. that’s what happened. the girls were there at the Fairgrounds and were having a wonderful time. they were just minding their own business. but apparently they were investigating the presence of secret Government agents. Agents who work under a group called Checkmate.

Princess Charlene: Checkmate. I think that i’ve heard about that group. It is really covert. i am not in close with them. but i know that they are strictly covert. they are a group led and orchestrated by a woman who goes under the call name “The White Queen” Amanda Waller. My mom works as a Governor for the State here and she was able to tell me some things that are useful. like the Castle. they have a power grid. If they have their grid compromised. it will cripple them.

Shanna: What ever that means… but they were just having a good time. as what i saw when i got there. However when i got there it was at first to join them on the fun. but then they saw someone they knew being attacked. captured. Someone they call the Black Canary. I had no idea that Paige, Pearl and Dinah were the Rhapsody Girls Z! Mom, They are so frickin’ cool. The girls transformed and went after them. but the strange men took off and took the Black Canary away with them. It was terrible. They didn’t want me to be involved. so they told me to stay away. to save me from Checkmate’s grasp.

Princess Rikku:  So… what happened? there is more to this than that i’d bet. isn’t there?

Shanna: The girls began investigating the scene more thoroughly and saw there was a trail that got left behind. Did you know that we got a cousin in the family that can teleport and blink into the scene at any given moment? This attractive guy was like wearing red. And the girls called him something. Flaming something… Flaming Soul.

Princess Charlene: *Blurting out* You’re talking of Prince Alvin. He’s the leader of the Rhapsody Brothers.

Shanna: Yeah. and i know about you. Aunt Princess Charlene. You’re a hero too. Arctic Mind. I am really fond of the powers of ice. and Psychic? That’s pretty cool. I kinda am really like Paige in thinking about super heroes. I always was a total sucker for the heroic persuasion.

Princess Rikku: Well i think that we all can relate to that. Just don’t lead on to the girls that you know… because as it is now… they have a near impossible time trying to hide and have a normal… or a somewhat normal life as it is. if they were to know that you know about their secret. it would just drive them bats. Dinah would flip her lid. trust me. i know. she’s done it. a few times before. i know how she gets. Your sisters have been heroes since age 11. all due to a freak accident. but i’d never say that i regret that moment. because i don’t. they’re the best heroes i know. not only that… they’re my daughters too. as are you.

Shanna: *Nods and smiles* Awwww!

A second later…

Shanna: But, Mom. what are we gonna do? I can’t do anything to save them. i have no abilities. i’m just a normal as can be human. I feel so useless to them.

Princess Rikku: You’re not useless, Shanna. You did the right thing by coming to me. The girls are in danger; but by you telling me… we can save them…

Inside the heavily armored Van…

Tess:  *Looking at the other Agents* Radio ahead. we’re only a moment or two away from the Airfield.

The other Agents nod and follow suit, but after they left the room…

Tess: Let’s see what’s under that pretty hood there Blondie. *Walking over to Black Canary*

Agent Waller: *On Screen* Stand down Agent Mercer. *Chuckles* I’m sure you know the rules. you don’t have any clearance to look underneath the hood. *Scoffs* Oh, Congratulations. You were able to re-engage so decisively after being dormant for such a long time. I must say that i am impressed at your dedication. —

The Backdoor then breaks off and gets ripped open from the hinges by blasts…

Agent Waller: *On Screen looking in* What’s going on? Agent Mercer, Report.

Agent Mercer: I don’t know… We’re being attacked.

Miss Love: *Jumping in* That’s right. Justice is about to be done upon you. Love will stun the evil that you cast.

Bubble Maiden: *Cartwheeling in* My Bubbles of Light and serenity will wash off your stain on the innocent. Checkmate… say sweet dreams.

Thunder Mistress: *Sparking in* Agent Waller. You attack our friends and allies. and claim that you’re on the good side. Well… if you want to cast some Strategy; you’re about to get my power placed right into the guts. *With her Thunder Gloves Aimed at the screen* Two choices. Door #1. You release the Black Canary and swear to back off of all our friends and family… we call it a trade and you get to press with your devious little plans. Door #2. You keep the Black Canary chained up and make the first move to war and we come and take you down. Your move, Waller. 2 choices. better make a decision.

Agent Waller: I’m afraid that it won’t happen. *motioning for Agent Mercer to attack* Agent Mercer. move in. Take them out.

Agent Mercer: As you wish.

Agent Green: *Coming in and driving the handle of the gun into the side of the girls and tasing them*

Rhapsody Girls: *Knocked out* Uhhhhh!

A Minute later…

Paige: *With her sisters; Handcuffed to the chair* What is this… Why are we handcuffed to the chairs?

Pearl: This is bad. I wonder if our mom ever had days like this when she used to be one of the people under heroic persuasion?

Dinah: *Coming to* Well… if she has had days like these… then i guess we can sympathize now…

Agent Waller: *On Screen* Rhapsody Girls Z!, Welcome to Checkmate.

Dinah: We know about you. You’re some woman who lives for intimidation. and manipulation. *Shaking her head a little* Ugh! What the heck did you put in that taser anyway? Knock-out serum? Oy!

Pearl: And i think you know us. but it’s irrelevant… considering what you’re after.

Agent Waller: *On Screen* You are a guest of the U.S. government. And the time has come for you to do your patriotic duty.

Black Canary: *Coming to* Hey, Tell the doll on screen to put herself on mute. She’s drowning in her own delirium. We’re guests of the U.S Government. but to be handled like this? Talk about having no civility.

Paige: So… we’re to be guests. What’s on the schedule? Military Drafts and green cards? You know. We’re only 15. Minors. If you think that you can do this and not take into consideration that our mom will get wind of this, you’re way off your sense of reality. Our mom is probably asking around for us, right now.

Dinah: Plus… we haven’t figured that Good ole’ Uncle Sam was into the drugs and bondage regime. It kinda makes the original “I Want you” Posters seem rather second rate. doesn’t it?

Agent Waller: *On Screen* I see. Well, I’m sorry you think that these tactics that were used are crude. But I happen to see that this country is vulnerable and i fear for our country’s security. That’s why I’m recruiting capable people like you. Rhapsody Girls. I know about you. read the files that a devoted Agent has provided me. Must be giving you Kudos for being young at heart and only 11. when you begun the heroic duties. Going after a Drule. Then at age 14… going toe-to-toe with a Queen from a place called Dark Kingdom. defeating a Great Evil. then facing to go after one of your own allies. who was in normal form a total ditz and a frantic daydreamer. Now going after the Aliens that are living amongst us. That is high standards. Even for girls who happen to be younger than the rest.

Pearl: Of all things to say… you just had to say that. What are you? Big brother? Do you just get your kicks from prying into our lives? The Kudos should be wonderful. but the way you go about it. Very pretentious if you ask me…

Paige: It’s more like a kidnapping than a job at a career booth. Recruitment? More like a case of being Lojacked.

Agent Waller: *Grins* Well… Call it anyway you wish. But it’s past time for you Girls to elevate your service and serve your country’s cause to preserve it’s National security. You are more endeared to think it all over as you have a long plane ride ahead to give it some thought.

The Screen goes blank…

Dinah: We get abducted or tied up. all we get out from it is a plane ride. They better have an on-flight movie for us.

Black Canary: *Squirming* Well if i can wrangle these cuffs loose. i can try to break us out of here. *grunts* these Cuffs are tight. I think they used Cast iron for these cuffs. Chrome maybe.  Ugh!

Pearl: *Shedding a few tears suddenly* She was really mean. She has us tied up and is planning to exploit us. We’ve been tricked. They weren’t after our friend Black Canary. They were after us. and that one Agent… Looked alot like Tess. I sure hope that i am wrong about that though. i really do.

Dinah: Uh, Pearl. It’s a little late for suspicions now. besides. we’re stuck here… we’re trapped and there is no way out of here. these Cuffs won’t come off…

Black Canary: *Suddenly loose from the handcuffs and Pulling out a knife; cutting the ropes off from around her ankles* Hold on with the thoughts of lost hope there Rhapsody Girls…  We’re gonna get out of here. It’s not over yet.

Paige: It’s not that we’re losing hope. it’s just not looking good for us here.

Pearl: I just want mom. *Feeling upset*

Suddenly feeling on the verge of crying, Pearl started to release her weapon; The Bubble Harp. it played a song and shattered the TV Screen. But within seconds…

Black Canary: Girls, you might want to cover your ears for this. i’m gonna use the canary Cry to see about busting the cuffs off of you girls. the little knives of mines won’t be doing the trick.

Dinah: Are you kidding? Canary, i think that you’re forgetting something. Our hands are tied together. we can’t break loose and it will be only a moment more before we get to the airfield and taken to the headquarters. The Castle.

Pearl: *Spooked* Go ahead and let it out, Black Canary. let it out. i would rather have ringing ears than be made a captive in Waller’s schemes.

Paige: Don’t worry. we’ll deal with her…

The Black Canary then let out her Canary cry and shattered the handcuffs that were on the girls. What happened was beyond their surprise. they didn’t know till after it happened. But after the cuffs were shattered and the girls were free…

Screaming was heard from the top of the Van…

Dinah: What was that? Was that screaming?

Paige: The screaming sounds familiar. Almost Like…

Paige, Pearl & Dinah: LUNA!

Pearl: What would she be doing here? How did she know where we were?

Dinah: I wish i could say what she was doing here… but she found us. she must have sonar hearing.

Black Canary: And sensitive hearing too. She must be a human who’s part cat.

Luna: *From the Roof* Paige-Chan, Pearl-Chan, Dinah-Chan… are you girls okay in there?

Black Canary: That must be the girl.

Paige: We’re okay now Luna… we’re fine. At least… i think that we are.

Pearl: How did you find us?

Luna: *Speaking* I was with Artemis. but he had to go meet with Minako and since he was gone… i was just bouncing around. i was on my way back home to Usagi when i suddenly picked up music coming from a Van not far from where i was. i came here to see what it was and heard that it was the harp. Pearl. Your harp is what lured me here. i couldn’t mistake the sound of it….

However At the Tsukino household…

Shingo was watching T.V in his room. He was thinking about his girlfriend Dinah Rhapsody a bit and was growing more worried about her. He didn’t know where she was or what was going on… but he was certain to find out. However… he at first just sat there and Watched the T.V in his room. thinking about his girlfriend…

Shingo: *Watching T.V in his room* I haven’t heard from Dinah. for several days. i am beginning to get really concerned. *Getting up suddenly and heading out* I need to find her. if anything happens to her. i will never live it down.

Usagi: *In the hall watching her brother making his way out* Shingo, What are you doing? Where are you going?

Shingo: I am going out to find Dinah. Something is wrong. I can feel it.

Usagi: How? How can you sense it from here?

Shingo: I don’t know. i can’t explain it. i am not psychic. but i have not heard from Dinah in almost a week. It doesn’t take a respected rocket scientist to know that something is up. *Looking at his sister* Usagi, I don’t know about you… but ever since i received these abilities… i felt that i had to do things to protect the innocent. I might be going into danger just by doing this. but Dinah is in trouble and to not go to her aid… is like casting away the target of my heart. i can’t do it.  *Running out*

Usagi: *Frantically calling out after her brother* Shingo!

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku was sitting in the living room and was waiting for word back from the Watchtower. She was just off the phone just a few minutes ago and was asking for any signs of Paige, Pearl and Dinah. She was looking to see Shanna feeling endearingly worried about her sisters. Princess Rikku couldn’t sit and wait for word to come from the tower on as to whether her girls were okay or if they were in danger and gone from the City. She got on the Communication Screen and dialed her cousin King John. Hoping that at least he’d know something. if anything.

Princess Rikku: *Speaking to her cousin King John on the screen* King John, We need to find the girls.

King John: *On Screen* I know. My boys are doing all they can to find them. they called and mentioned that they caught sight of a Van not far from the Metropolis Airfield. But when they got there… it seemed that the Van’s back door was blown off it’s hinges.

Princess Rikku: Does Watchtower know anything about it?

King John: *On Screen* I wish i could tell you if they knew about it. but i would think that you’d be in the know of it by now. Don’t forget that by their own admission the boys caught Betty and Angel there. Chloe was there too.

Princess Rikku: haven’t they found anything? i called them just a few minutes or so ago. but they didn’t say anything. it was like they knew that something was up and were afraid to break it out.

King John: *On Screen* That is odd. Why would they be keeping you out of the fold from what is going on over there? You are their mother. Paige, Pearl and Dinah are your girls. as are Betty and Angel. They must know something.

Shanna: *Looking up at King John* You are also forgetting about me. i too am her daughter. and i am thinking that you’re in total denial of what’s really going on. I was at the fairgrounds. i was at the carnival. i saw them go after the Van. they went after the Van to try and rescue their friend Black Canary.

King John: *On Screen* You were there?

Shanna: Yes. i was there. i know. *Growling a little in annoyance and frustration over her sisters missing* Whoever this Watchtower is… they had better call and tell us what the heck is going on here. this isn’t a game here. The girls are missing and have possibly been taken by the Checkmate Agents.

King John: *On Screen* Checkmate? My sons have heard about that from the girls who heard of it by Chloe. Checkmate is run by an Agent. Someone who calls herself  “The White Queen”.

Shanna: The White Queen. I think i know who it might be… Paige mentioned something about it. before she and her sisters Pearl and Dinah took off to go after the Van. Agent Amanda Waller.

Princess Rikku: This is getting serious. We got to get a hold of the Watchtower.

Chloe: *On Screen* I Know that you’re wanting to know… Mrs. Rhapsody. i know that you are wanting answers to what’s going on with the activity revolving Checkmate. but this is one Agency you really don’t want to know. Checkmate is an agency that you really don’t want to be involved with. Amanda Waller abducted the Black Canary and might also have the Rhapsody Girls too. one of the agents that nabbed them sounded alot like Tess Mercer…

However at Watchtower…

During the conference call…

Princess Rikku: *On Screen* Chloe, I know that you want to protect the normal ones and keep them in the clear. but you don’t need to shield me from this. Paige, Pearl and Dinah are my daughters. if there is anything that is going on… you need to tell me. Those girls are the only ones i got. Betty and Angel are also my daughters. Shanna… their sister is here with me. she is scared to death about them. She’s been through so much.

Chloe: I can tell you what we got about the Agency. but i am gonna warn you… You’re not gonna like it. it won’t sound good.

Minutes later…

Paige: *Walking into the Watchtower* well then i guess that it’s just been trumped up to sheer lojacking dependency.

Pearl: I really don’t like the idea that we were locked in that Van. we broke out and i think that some answers are required. WHO WERE THOSE CRUDE PEOPLE?!

Dinah: yeah. i am getting really ticked off about this. I got a boyfriend who is flipping out about me. He hasn’t heard squat from me since our return from the Phantom Zone. and since before that moment when we ended up in the Zone. that afternoon almost two weeks ago was the last i got to see him. He’s freakin’ about me. Now i had been tied up or cuffed to the chair by the Agents and get inducted along with Pearl and Paige plus Black Canary by this talking power mad woman who made the mention that we were on the welcome wagon and that she was recruiting heroes. Us. for the good ole’ U.S.A on Uncle Sam’s behalf.

Black Canary: That lady has a mess load of issues in her. Recruitment for her little regime? It’s sad and petty. but that’s only what’s giving her the kicks.

Luna: *Looking around* So this is Watchtower? Wow! this stuff must have cost a fortune.

Chloe: *Shooting to her side and sees a Blue haired girl with a cat tail sticking out of her* What the–? Who is that?

Dinah: Oh… Whiskers? Why that’s Luna. She’s one of our friends. She was with us the whole time during the second threat and throughout the total run of hell facing the Great Evil Metaria.

Luna: I can still transform. but the rest of the senshi can’t. when the threat of the Great Evil was gone. The Queen of the Moon Kingdom ordered or partitioned for their powers to be taken and give them a normal life. life that would be better and not complex.

Chloe: Oh… So you’re Luna. Well… it’s great to finally meet you face to face. I’m Chloe.

Luna: Chloe. *Smiles* That’s a wonderful name.

Dinah: we kinda told her about this place. But don’t worry. she won’t tell anyone about this place. She’s a good secret keeper…

Paige:  Uh… the whole nice and calm routine is all fine. but we really need to focus on the whole matter at hand. Checkmate.

Pearl: The Government Agency is out there and is taking no subtle approaches. I thought that the Phantom Zone ordeal was bad. This is almost in the same exact league as that. compared to the tactics that the Agents were using… the Phantom Zone and it’s possible end for us would have been a grateful reprieve.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Pearl, Don’t be talking like that. Don’t you know that it’s not at all touching to hear a girl speak like that?

Pearl: Unless she’s Emo. and i think that i’m becoming a bit Emo. Which i think that i checked. and the last time i did. it was not a crime.

Paige: Can we please focus on the matter at hand here? Agent Waller… Checkmate Regime. Come on. We need to get to the bottom of this. before Checkmate tries to strike again…

Luna: I agree with Paige-Chan. Checkmate is trouble.

Chloe: I think that we can recall when Sylvester Pemberton was killed.  he warned me that, “They came after us, and they’ll come after you.” His dying word was check. If he meant Checkmate, these are the same people who took down the JSA.

Pearl: Well. Bad news for the sideshow with the Chess game fetish. If she wants us. she better think of something else…

The call cut off…

Chloe: *Looking at the Computer Screens* I searched the archived security footage that was taken from the cameras across the city. This was taken a few hours ago.

The Cameras began scanning…

Clark: That’s John… That is or was right after I confronted him. Who’s he talking to?

Oliver: I don’t think it matters. much.

Dinah: *Confused* I don’t get it. How could it be hours ago?

Luna: The Girls have only been free from the shady lady’s clutches about a moment ago.

Paige: *Shaking her head; Feeling unsure* Maybe we were gone a few hours…

Inside the hangar of the Metropolis Airfield…

The Black Van pulled and arrived to meet up with Amanda Waller… Tess and a couple of other Agents had the Engine turned off before getting out of the Van. Tess got out and walked up to Agent Waller and got briefed but it wasn’t in a subtle tone…

Agent Waller: *Walking over to Tess* Clearly, you have gotten rather rusty and intolerably sloppy. You actually were gonna think that I wouldn’t know the second we had lost The Rhapsody Girls Z? Did you even properly secure the detainees?

Tess: They broke out from the cuffs and got loose. With help from the blondie hero. and an unknown girl who looked like a cat.

Agent Waller: The correct answer is “No, I did not properly secure the detainees!” I’m quite disappointed, Tess. Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress may not have been the endgame, but those girls were marked as our opening move.

Tess: I can get them all back. I’ll see on setting out a new net myself.

Agent Waller: You Seemed to have skipped a few check-ins the last few years. Maybe your loyalties lie with someone else.

Tess: I swear, I am fully committed to Checkmate.

Agent Waller: You better be. Or you’re out. And we both know there is only one way out.  Do not Fail me again. *Pounds truck*

Back at Watchtower…

Chloe: *Pulling up the results that popped in* We got a hit from the passport agency. Ronald Stultz. He’s the CEO of a consumer Bottling company. He seems pretty high-profile for a secret-agent man. The guy is known to be like the top of his game in what he does.

Oliver: Well, maybe they recruit people that are already established in the private sector.

Clark: Or plant them there.

Dinah: Plant them there? What? what would they expect the guy to do, grow roots and begin sprouting his leaves?

Paige: That is a joke for the gardening obsessed at heart.

The monitor’s begin beeping…

Betty: I really hate to burst your pleasant tones, but you’re not gonna be happy over where he was planted next. Within an hour after this footage was taken, he was inducted right on the list of Metropolis General morgue.

Dinah Lance: *Coughing up* Whoa, slow down on that angle, guys. You can’t think john murdered this guy or done tried to rub him out like a mark upon the wall. Come on, now.

Chloe: Clark, I’ll come with you. I can run some–

Clark takes off again with only a blink of an eye…

Luna: *Jumps at the fast release of air* Whoa! That wasn’t what i was expecting. *Seeing that Clark was gone already* Chloe… I think that you’ve been benched.

Dinah: I agree with Whiskers there. That guy’s flown the coop.

Chloe: Sylvester Pemberton came to warn me about Checkmate the moment that he was attacked by–

Dinah: Icicle. Huh. Well, either that’s quaintly coincidental or he’s working for the same Spunky Maiden with the shady agenda whose gaze wilts small trees and pierce you mind with her intimidating attitude.. What do you think? Coincidence… not likely. That guy killed Kent Nelson. i was there when it happened. i was able to get a good shot at the Icicle. That creep was just asking for a throw-down. i only had one clean shot. but the guy managed to dodge most of it.

Chloe: he was at the Met Gen in the Psych ward last time i heard anything.

Paige: Do you think that something is wrong?

Chloe: You know, Paige… Now that Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress are officially on Checkmate’s radar, I think it might be a good idea for you to just hang your powers up for a while. Go civilian.

Dinah:  *In outrage* You mean… Cower in hiding? No stinkin’ way.

Luna: The Rhapsody Girls have too great a purpose. To cower would be like saying they’re trying to fight their duties.

Paige: Girls… Girls. Watchtower’s got a point. our identities and masks have been ripped off. We are sincerely hampered. exposed.

Dinah: So we’re to just go in hiding. Go underground?

Paige: For the time being now… we girls go home. stay under the radar. and Luna…You stay here and assist Betty. if she finds anything more about Checkmate and sees any signs of Checkmate planning to come after us or in process for attempting strike 2. Get us on the video screen. We’re going home for the time being.

Oliver: *Coughs up* Unfortunately for me, that means attending a LuthorCorp shareholder dinner, which..Yeah, I’d rather be shot. I got to accompany Tess tonight. and it’s gonna be a discomforting experience.

The Rhapsody girls then head out and go back home and Luna sticks by Betty to help. With the Identities unmasked and exposed, they didn’t have much choice but to go in hiding for the time being. Chloe wanted to do some investigating. But Oliver felt concerned and pleaded with her to be careful as there were Checkmate operatives out in the city and could try to snuff any of the heroes and possibly try to come for her. She understood and assured that she’d be alright…

That Night… at the Luthor Mansion…

Oliver walked into the office in a suit and tie along with Tess… with no idea that Tess was an Agent. What they didn’t know was that Dinah Lance was also there. luckily, she was able to disguise herself.

Oliver: *Walking along with Tess to a chair* You’re late. What’s wrong? Dry cleaning day and had no spare dress to wear?

Tess:  *Smirks* Mm. If you know what’s good for you, don’t start. Tonight’s not one of those nights that you’d want to start something.

Oliver: *Chuckles* Whatever kind of day you think you’ve had, trust me, I’ve had it in spades.

Tess: Ohhh. What happened? The jet late leaving Paris? The beluga not the right temperature?

Oliver: That’s very, very funny. You might want to see about jotting that one down for your little book of taglines or Mocking.

While sitting down…

Tess: Yeah.

Oliver: You might want to save the song-and-dance routine for the shareholders when you try to explain to them, uh, the sketchy deal with China. It’s terrible.

Tess: So that’s what got you out of bed before the dinner bell. I am rather curious.

Oliver: Oh well… you know me. Party boy, remember? You know as to how I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. But with being late like this… Barely had time to change clothes, actually. Dinner is almost ready.

A minute later…

Dinah Lance: *Walking in wearing a Dress* Ms. Mercer, Dinah Lance… Daily Planet. i came to do an article on the event here. That’s if you’ll be permitting.

Tess: You want to do an article on the dinner here? hmm. I am flattered by that outburst, Mrs. Lance. but isn’t this type of story a far cry from your usual moments of being the Word of a little thing we like to call Justice?

Dinah Lance: It is. but i am feeling kinda festive for an exclusive piece. to peak in for a little sweeter taste.

Tess: I see. And yet you wear all black. a black dress and walking in black.

Dinah Lance: That’s right. i just like the color. i do wear white as well. but seeing that this was a black tie event. i figured that it’d be best to wear black. It is in season after all.

Tess: I can tell. Black on black. That’s hard to pull off.

Dinah Lance: Well, it’s easier than you think. *Gasps and recalling the incident that happened during the day*

Tess: *Under her breath; recognizing the same line being said from earlier on in the day* Black Canary.


At Princess Rikku’s house…

Paige: *Speaking to her boyfriend on the phone* Sorry for not calling before. I just had a very rough day out. Checkmate.

Johnny: *Voice* Checkmate? The Government agency? You’re kidding. What would they doing with you, Paige? You didn’t do anything wrong… right?

Paige: Johnny. it isn’t about that at all. it’s because the lady that calls herself “The White Queen” was trying to recruit us into her little band of a secret army all on the dime of Uncle Sam.

Johnny: *Voice; Giving a quick snort* Heh! i guess that when Uncle Sam barks. we jump and be at ease.

Paige: Ha ha. Very funny. But the recruitment measure that the Checkmate Agents were trying to use… they were crude. And As for Pearl… she’s with her boyfriend. your Brother. on a Dinner date. they are at the restaurant having themselves a little bit of a romantic journey.

Johnny: If Checkmate is still out there… you should be out there getting to the bottom of it. stopping them.

Paige: No. we can’t. Johnny, we are not able to go out there. not right now. We got orders from Chloe at Watchtower. to go Civilian for a while. to play it silent and move below the Radar of Checkmate. we can’t go out there.


Shanna: *Running in* Paige… Paige… Help!

Paige: *Turning to see Shanna* Wha– What is it? Shanna, What’s wrong?

Shanna: *Freaking out* It’s Mom. She’s gone.

Paige: Gone? *Confused* What do you mean that she is gone? Shanna, What happened?

Shanna then tells Paige what happened and about the incident she dealt with at the nearby coffee shop in the Downtown section of Metropolis. Paige listened in and felt her blood curl and twinge at the info that her sister Shanna was giving out… Johnny overheard it and hung up. he came on over and was at the front door minutes later…

Living Room…

Johnny: *Looking at Shanna* Shanna, you need to be straight with us. What exactly happened at the shop? Who was there? What did you see?

Shanna: Well…

Shanna flashes back to earlier that evening…

Shanna: *Serving a couple of customers* Here you go. Two black coffees with a little bit of peppermint. 

Man: Thank you. You have a wonderful evening.

Shanna: you too. Have a nice evening. Try and stay warm though. It’s said to be a cold one out there tonight.

Woman: in the 50’s i’d guess. right?

Shanna: That’s right. Weather here is mysteriously accurate mostly. when they say something will happen in the weather… it usually happens. either worse than they say or somewhat lesser than what they say. 

Minutes later…

Woman: *Walking in with a Clipboard* I can’t believe that Agent Mercer failed to make sure that the girls were Properly secured. The Rhapsody Girls were the opening move to Checkmate’s cause. I’ll have a new attack in place soon. Like their mother. Her and the Blonde that they call Watchtower.

Shanna: *Overhearing some of the outburst* Excuse me… Who are you?

The woman was Agent Amanda Waller…

Amanda Waller: Amanda Waller. I’m a Government Agent.

Shanna: *Scoffs a little and frowns* So You’re the Agent. The one behind the Abduction of my sisters. 

Amanda Waller: I am not sure if you’re supposed to know about my organization. Who are you?

Shanna: I’m Shanna Rhapsody. I just so happen to be the sister to the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Amanda Waller: That must mean that you are with abilities like they are.

Shanna: No. but i am right now fighting the urge of Kicking some butt. You have hurt my sisters and tried to enlist them. They are under age. and the federal law states that no one who is under the age of 18 is to be drafted into the Military. 

Amanda Waller: So You know the laws? Interesting.

Shanna: You better believe it. i am not no idiot. My Biological Brother Joe taught me that. i know the laws. “Men should register immediately after their 18th birthdays” 

Amanda Waller: That maybe the case. but you should know that all men and women should at least register into the military by age 18. *Grins* But that is irrelevant. I am recruiting heroes any hero at all. all that Checkmate can locate. to stop something that may be hereby inevitable. The Apocalypse. to stop it quickly and decisively. i need all the heroes. from the old generation and the new. The Rhapsody Girls Z are of the new generation; Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress. As are the Rhapsody Brothers. Arctic Mind, Aquatic Burn, Angelic Raven, Lord ElectricMind, Angelic Darkhand. Black Canary, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Cyborg, Impulse. The Blur. 

Shanna: So that is why you were after my sisters. Why are you so persuaded out of fear to act out and aim to stop some sort of end of the world scenario? You are acting out of fear. Why? Angelic Raven can detect evil presences and she’d know if something was coming as she’d sense it. it would be detected. But there is nothing out there.

Amanda Waller: Oh that is where you’re wrong there… there is something out there. Fear is what helps one study and thereby provide info on another’s phobias. 

Shanna: So… what is it that you really fear?

Amanda Waller: Nothing really. just the fall of the U.S Government Just recently Checkmate had received a blood sample of Alien Origins that happened to travel millions of light years to get here. It foreshadows a threat that we will not take lightly.

Shanna: Has anyone tried to get at the blood sample?

Amanda Waller: There has been. yes. a John Jones. someone known as a Martian Manhunter. yet he is posing as a Detective. Now… I myself was hoping that I would get the chance to enlist him. But unfortunately… it turned out that someone else already had. Someone who must have an incredibly high level of Intel. 

Shanna: *Looking at the Time* My shift is almost over. I better get ready to go home.

Amanda Waller: *Grins* Without knowing where Mrs. Princess Rikku Rhapsody is at…

Shanna: *Pauses* What? What was that?

Amanda: We have your mother. a team of operatives will fire at her by my command and it all rests on the decision that the girls make. It’s not hard. it’s just one simple decision.

Shanna: *Grabbing her stuff and running out* NO!”

Shanna: *Looking at Paige and Johnny* I could not begin to get here fast enough to tell you about it. She is after the entire Rhapsody family who have abilities. You are in danger. and so is our mother. She’s gonna kill our mom unless you, Pearl and Dinah give yourselves up.

Paige: *Groans and sighs* I really hate to interrupt Pearl’s date… i am sure that the Dinner date is almost over as it was the only thing she was wanting this time… *Looking at Shanna* But Shanna. get a hold of Watchtower. post a note to them and get Luna. She showed up today and is gonna help us. call her and let her know what’s going on. Have her meet me, Johnny, Dinah and Shingo at the Restaurant. We’re back on call.

At Metropolis Gen…

Chloe was looking at a copy of files on a patient that was identified as someone who they had to face sometime ago. the same one who just happened to be released from Juvey by Checkmate…

Dr. Grabelski: *Spotting Chloe with confidential files* Uh, Excuse me young lady. I believe that Those are my charts. I would kindly ask if you’d set them down back where it is that you got them, if you don’t mind.

Chloe: *Turning to face the Doctor* Dr. Grabelski, i was  actually looking for you. You were said to be the evaluating doctor on at least several patients who came through the psych ward in Met Gen who were described as special.

Dr. Grabelski: *Grabbing the papers* That’s right. but unfortunately for you… Unless you happen to be directly related to any of them, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to discuss patient information.

They suddenly begin walking down the hall and over to a little table with a stack of files and papers…

Chloe: *Walking beside the doctor* Um, none of them actually made it to Belle Reve after you signed off on their transfer, including Cameron Mahkent. I asked around and they all told me that you are the only one that would handle the cases revolving ones with said special powers.

Dr. Grabelski: *Standing behind a desk* I don’t have any idea as to what they have been telling you young lady… but i sign them off. once that happens… those cases belong in the sole hands of Belle Reve. Why don’t you take it up with them?

Chloe: I would if i could… but unfortunately that’s just the thing. i asked or made a call to Belle Reve and i was told that they were never even notified that the cases on the people with special powers were coming. *Secretly trying to scan the miniature Ipad on the desk to scan the files*

Dr. Grabelski: * Look, young lady, if you don’t leave immediately, I will call security.  *Looking on his Ipad and seeing a security breach attacking it*

Chloe: No. That’s not necessary. I was just trying to get some answers.

Dr. Grabelski: I’m sorry. Perhaps I was a bit abrasive. It’s obviously been a really long day. I’ll tell you what. How about I do the honorable thing and walk you down to archives and we’ll see about trying to clear this little thing up?

Dr. Grabelski pressed a button on his Ipad and within only seconds after it initiated a counter-scan and scanned Chloe’s files.

Chloe: That’s the bedside manner they say has been missing.

At Watchtower…

Betty: *In devastation* Luna… Our mother… she has been captured by Checkmate. Amanda Waller has her.

Luna: Well… that will be stopped. Poor Mrs. Rhapsody. She doesn’t have any part in Checkmate’s plans. Betty, We are gonna go to the castle. I’m going along with the Rhapsody Girls. You stay here and keep the fort up. With Chloe out… you are the only one that can keep things going. Chloe is not here in command right now. You’re usually not a techno whiz. but you’re taking to it well and have done work here that helped us get to the bottom of the situation going on revolving Checkmate.

Betty: I know. *Looking at her sister Angel and then at Luna* You be careful. Checkmate is devious enough without trying to pull a total sniper chain-reaction taking out all the heroes and us too. You do what you must. but be careful. if you face any trouble and it gets too hectic… you are to get the heck out of there or demand for backup. *Tossing a Cell and Earpiece to Luna* You’re synced up and online.

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P.A: *Chiming* Sailor Luna… Online!

Luna: *Nods*

A second later…

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up!

Seconds later…

Sailor Luna: *Doing her Pose* Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower… I shall Punish you.

Angel: Good luck Luna. God speed.

At the Luthor Mansion…

Tess and Oliver were escorted back into the side room…

Man: Please follow me this way to the dining room.

The door opens…

Oliver: The only way you’d get me back in here is by force.

Tess immediately grabs for a Vase and Throws the vase right at Oliver and thereby misses. Tess grunts as she does it and is annoyed by the idea that her Corporate colleague is in fact one of the suited up heroes.

Tess: *not impressed* Don’t flatter yourself, Oliver.  We may have had many moments with each other in the past and had our sheer case of fun and frolic with the romantic teasing… but those are all trivial since when you were caught cheating with a cocktail waitress. all during cocktail hour… The best thing I ever did in this bed here was when i managed to kick you right out of it.

Oliver: That’s something out of your mouth I can believe. Highly because i can’t pull myself to believe anything else that may come from your lips.

Tess: So it’s you. Parading around in tacky green leather. You’re one of the heroes.

Oliver: It was me.

Tess: I can’t believe you wear tights. I caught glimpses of you parading in that green leather. i remember when you came into my office here and snaked out a generator. last year. *Scoffs* Yeah… i still remember that. i mean who could forget the part where a green hooded archer playing William Tell was coming into my office and decided to walk out of here with a generator… and here i thought that the Rhapsody Girls were the only ones who had the heroic ego’s and the knack for hero antics.  But really? I mean… Come on, Tights?

Oliver: They’re not tights.

Tess: Hey.

Oliver: They’re not tights.

Tess: They look like tights. Actually… they might as well have taffeta all around it. But then that would only take away the persona of being a new aged peter pan or modern day Robin hood leading his band of merry men.

Oliver: *Not buying Tess’s outburst* Yeah right. Like you’re all squeaky clean. That is a laughable line if there ever was one. You’ve been keeping more secrets than Lex ever had. Isn’t that right? Who knows how many deals were sealed right here? Probably while all the good little boys and girls were asleep. you were out making hefty deals that could shame a powerful and revered fortune 500 company and bring it to it’s knees. Watching it croak.

Tess: You buried an arrow into my chest, Oliver.

Oliver: Actually, it was a TASER.

Tess: Well, it bruised.

Oliver: Well, you’re a perfect example of the line that it’s better bruised than dead.

Tess then grabs a knife and throws it right at Oliver. Fortunately Oliver was able to snatch a book and block the knife with it fast.

Oliver: *Disgusted* What the hell? Tess, are you crazy? Tess, this isn’t a cartoon. You’re gonna hurt somebody. That could have killed me.

Tess: That’s the basic idea. That’s exactly what i was intending to do.

Oliver: All right, then. *Walking over toward Tess and making like he’s about to make a move*

Tess: Don’t you come near me. *Pointing her finger at Oliver*

Clark Whooshes in…

Oliver: Stop.

Tess: Stay out of this, Clark. This has nothing to do with you.

Oliver: Our little lady here is a Checkmate agent. She knows my identity. She also knows the Rhapsody Girls Identity. And Dinah Lance’s identity. She is plotting to expose us.

Clark: Not just yours. Tess, I need some answers.

Tess: I’m not telling you anything.  I know about the Black Canary. and about the Rhapsody Girls. I’m in good graces with their mother. but to really think that i would have known that Oliver here was part of the heroic parade of tight wearing marauders… that’s insulting to me. *Scoffs* But don’t be thinking that i’m about to spill my guts to you. it’s not gonna happen.

Clark: Well, maybe the view will change your mind. Maybe If you are high above the ground and held over the edge of the building in Metropolis… You’ll spill out the truth.

Clark Whooshes out with Tess in his grasp and speeds right over to Metropolis…

At the Metropolis Restaurant…

Pearl: *Looking at Peter and ready to leave* Peter, I had a wonderful time tonight. I wish that it could go on.

Peter: so do i. But there is something that i got to tell you. There is something going on that you really should know about.

Pearl: *Confused* What do you mean? What are you talking about?

Peter: Checkmate is with operatives all over the City right now. I think that you know that Amanda Waller is the head and she’s approached me.

Pearl: She did? When was this?

Peter: It was during the day… noon. I was at the fashion store… i usually never go there… but since you and i met. i found it to be my form of solitude and it gave me a type of vision of the future. something that i would see myself doing in the future. A career move. but i was just about to get out of the store to head over to the nearest burger joint to grab a bite to eat before heading to the Music store.  That’s when this Lady showed up… She didn’t look bad. however she was… well in a word. rather expressive. I didn’t really speak as much to her. But she somehow noticed that i was tied to someone. i have no idea as to what gave her the idea that i was tied to anyone. but she asked and all i said was that i was tied to a sweet girl. plus that if she thought that i’d even consider spilling out any info i got about you… she really has a very naive mind. But the truth is that i didn’t give her anything. I didn’t give her anything about you. I refused to even give in to her. She told me that i would have to pick a side and i still wouldn’t do it.  but she’s gonna be after me to get to you. that’s why… that till the Threat with Checkmate is over… i have to break it off with you. to protect you. I would rather be shot than to be used to lure you to danger.

Pearl: You won’t be anyone’s lure. Peter… You don’t have to break it off. Let her just try to come at you. She’s gonna pay.

Peter: No… don’t do it. Don’t go to her… She tried to get to you once before… there is not telling that she’s not about to try it again.

Pearl: I don’t care. *Feeling her blood boil* I have had it with everything. i can’t have one happy moment without worrying about something coming to screw it over. You are my boyfriend. and now you are even getting targeted by danger to get to me. That tears it… i am so done. i quit being all calm and sweet. i have all my dates Ruined because of this danger.

Peter: it’s not you that it’s getting at. It’s just the burden of being part of the hero persuasion.

Sailor Luna: *Running in* Pearl… Pearl. why aren’t you transforming? We got a big problem. There is someone in the family of yours that is in capture. Checkmate’s got a captive.

Pearl: So… What else is new? what’s the point of me having any happiness when people like Checkmate are around to just screw it all up for me. Paige and Dinah get a chance to have happiness. they get all the fun. i am the baby of the team and yet. i am always with heartache. heartbreak. Every time i try to have a date. it is always ruined.

Peter: Who’s the captive?

Sailor Luna: It’s their mother. Princess Rikku. She’s been captured by Checkmate. She’s at the Castle. We saw the footage at Watchtower. Pearl… Your mother is there.

Pearl: *Angry* Where’s Paige and Dinah?

Sailor Luna: They’re over by the front door. they’re waiting. Just go and find a place to hide and get into your hero form.

Pearl: *Sighs* Might as well… since yet. once again, another one of my dates were ruined.  *Heading to the restroom* Be back…


on the top of the Lookout overlooking the city…

Tess: *Gasps; freaking out at the view* Let me down from here! Clark, Have you gone bonkers? Are you trying to send me descending to the ground falling to my end?

Clark: *Demanding* Tell me about Checkmate, Tess. Right now. No lies. I want the truth.

Tess: *Breathing heavily* Alright… i’ll tell you. there is no point in lying now that i am in the situation where i’m bound to fall off to my doom. But… A month after I had started working at LuthorCorp, I was approached by a woman known and revered with the Alias “the White Queen”. It’s the Code name that  Amanda Waller’s got. She was looking for information… about alien Investigations. She happened to mention that she suspected that Lex had classified Intel about Aliens. She wanted information about Lex’s alien investigations. At first when she mentioned it, I thought she was crazy.

Clark: But then Lex’s files changed your mind.

Tess: After I had taken over LuthorCorp, I ended up with the realization that Waller knew a whole lot more than i had. But you have got to believe me… I swear Clark, I never told her anything about the Kryptonians. that the Kryptonians were here. I never told her about you.

Clark Grabs Tess’s neck and makes the motion that he was gonna drop her off the ledge. but winds up only choking her…

Tess Gasps…

Clark: I wouldn’t believe your dying breath. And if the girls were smart. they wouldn’t go believing your dying breath either.

Tess: *Voice breaking* None of this should have happened. Dinah Lance and the Rhapsody Girls weren’t even the real target.

Clark: Then who was?  WHO?!

Tess: I don’t know. Something they called Watchtower. She’s not the only one… They also captured the mother to the girls too. Waller had the impression that since she couldn’t get to the girls during the first attempt and couldn’t get them to join her cause. nor could she ensure that they would be secured.  She decided to use a different approach towards getting the girls. She wants them. and She’s not gonna stop till she has them following her…

At the Castle…

inside a Empty White room with the black and white checkered marble floor…

Princess Rikku: *With a Cloth bag over her head; gagged* Ahhh! Ack!

Chloe: *With a cloth bag over her head*

A group of men Drag the two into the room and place a couple of chairs down in the middle before placing them down on the chairs. Within seconds they pull off the cloth bags from their heads…

Princess Rikku: *Using her Lips and teeth to force the gag to loosen and fall out of her mouth* Ack! Got it. *Looking at the Operatives* What the hell is the meaning of this? Where am I? and Where are my daughters?

Checkmate Operative: You’re here to be the bait for the Rhapsody Girls Z! You’re at the Castle. the Headquarters of Checkmate. and depending on the decision of your daughters. it will decide whether you are to live… …or die.

Princess Rikku: *Growls* Your Boss is a Coward. Going after 3 young girls. I swear that she better not go near my girls. if she harms my girls… she will regret it. that is a guarantee! *Handcuffed* I hope my girls are careful. if Waller thinks that she’s gonna enlist them to her cause… She’s got another thing coming.

Checkmate Operative: The White Queen makes a decision and it’s to be carried out. If your girls don’t comply to her demands… You won’t be around to live through their defiance.

Princess Rikku: You obviously don’t know the Rhapsody Girls Z! much, Do you?

Checkmate Operative: That’s irrelevant.

In Metropolis…

At Luthorcorp; In Oliver’s Office…

Oliver was overlooking some papers when he suddenly Looked up and saw Tess walking inside…

Oliver: *Spotting Tess* What the hell do you want? Round 2? You’ve already tried to kill me once. what’s to say that you won’t try another shot at attempting to kill me?

Tess: Oliver, Clark’s in trouble. And so are the girls… they’re making way over there to rescue their mother.

Oliver: Well, you know, Tess, if you wanted a rematch, all you had to do was ask. *Pauses* WHAT! Their Mother? What the hell does their mother have to do with Checkmate?

Tess: I don’t know. Agent Waller said to me after she left… which was after our meet during the late morning hours. After the failed capture of the girls. She notified me and said that she was gonna go after the mother of the girls. to use their love for her to force them to join her cause. She at that time failed to tell me that she had already done it. and that the mother was gonna be on her way to the castle. I didn’t know.

Oliver: Well… i think it’s a little too late for that little defense. and Clark… being in trouble? You’re seriously a real act. you know that?

Tess: I’m serious. He made me tell him where Checkmate’s headquarters are, after he found out they captured something called Watchtower.

Oliver: *Gasps* What?! And you work for those Freaks with a fetish for using chess pieces to mark their position. A bunch of men and women who didn’t play enough games as a child and now sire to run with taking over the world with a chess piece in the works used as a calling card? I’ll go and handle it. *Glaring at Tess before running off* but You best heed my warning, Mercy…. If anything happens to Chloe, The girls or their mother… you and i will have a go. Company be damned.

Back at the castle…

In the room holding the Power grid…

Waller: *Muffled* Someone get in here… Now! Soldiers… I need your assistance.

The fire Crackles…

Waller: Someone get me out of this.

Man: *Walking in* Waller, What’s the situation? *Seeing Waller surrounded by a Fire force field* What the—? What happened? How did you get yourself trapped  inside that fire?

Waller: The Prisoner overpowered me.

The Man presses a button turning off the force field.

Man: No alarms have been reported yet. Are you sure that the Prisoner was trying to escape? no alarms were tripped.

The Alarms are reset…

Man: There’s no sign of Jones. He didn’t run past us. we would have seen him…

John: *Revealing himself* That’s because I’m still here.

A second or so later…

The guard groans and falls…

But outside the front of the castle…

Sailor Luna: Paige, Pearl… Dinah; Are you sure that you want to do this?

Dinah: Yeah. we’re sure. *Scoffs* I mean, if we’re here… that must mean that we are wanting to do this… Our mom is here inside this Castle. We’re gonna bust her out of here.

Pearl: That Woman, Waller is gonna regret ever meeting us. We won’t extinguish her… but we sure are gonna give her a Scare that she won’t soon forget.

Paige: Pearl, Anger is not the answer. Nor is Violence.

Pearl: Right now… i don’t really care. Our mom is in there. The White Queen has her inside there.  we’ve got to save her.

Sailor Luna: What do i do in there?

Paige: You search the halls for where our mom and Watchtower is located. We’re gonna go see Waller and confront the White Queen. Remember to be careful. those Checkmate operatives are uncallous and unpredictable. no telling what they’ll think on doing.

Pearl: But we know what we’re gonna do.

Dinah: And that’s…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: Confront The White Queen!

Checkmate Guard: *Spotting the girls* Men… SEIZE THEM!

Sailor Luna: *Screeches and Running off*

Paige: Luna, Attack them. *Looking at the guards* You got our mom in there and we’re not going anywhere till you let her go. and if you try to make any unnecessary moves… we’ll fire at you.

Dinah: Yeah! So… if you creeps know what’s good for you, you better back off. and make it fast.

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at the Guards* Luna Sucre… Candy!

Miss Love: Taste my hearts… Checkmate. You have our friend Chloe in there. and you have an innocent woman. You’re gonna release her… or face the burn of my Loving hearts.*Firing a shot at the Guards* Love’s Musical Storm!

Bubble Maiden: Time to get a nice wash out. You have our mother… You will pay for your Evil intentions… Bubble Maiden says… meet your end. Taste my bubbles of Light. Face fire with fire! *Firing a shot at the guards* Bubbles Storming Concerto!

Thunder Mistress: the thunder is angry. It wants Vengeance. You want to anger the Thunder… Feel its Fury… The Burn of my Thunder has something to say. “TIME TO FRY!” *Firing a shot at the guards* Thunderic Beams!

Checkmate Guard Captain: Men… Fallback!

Paige: *Standing up to the guards* Yeah… You better fallback. you better not come near us again. because the way we’re feeling right now… You don’t want to make us mad.

Pearl: It’s too late Paige. I’m already pissed off and i’m about ready to crack.

Dinah: Same here… But enough talk. Let’s go.

The guards fallback and disperse… The Rhapsody Girls and Luna went inside and made their way over to the Office of the White Queen. The girls had Luna make with the diversion and lure the men out of the holding room… But for the moment she went along with them to meet the White Queen. It was gonna be a meeting that wouldn’t be subtle… nor calm…

The Office of the White Queen…

Clark blurs into the room and looks at the White Queen…

The Rhapsody Girls then come into the Room with Luna right beside them…

White Queen: *Looking up to see Clark, The Rhapsody Girls and an Unknown girl* So… i finally get to meet the Blur… The Rhapsody Girls Z! and with an extra person. Unknown one at that.

Sailor Luna: Enough deflecting. You have an innocent person under your capture… it’s time to face punishment. *Doing her Pose* Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower… I shall Punish you.

Miss Love: *Posing* The Love and beating heart of Bliss, the Winged angel of Romance… Miss Love… with the powers of Love and sweet eternal hearts…the souls and presence of Evil will be silenced by the embrace of Love’s Might!

Bubble Maiden: *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evil will be washed with grace and light!

Thunder Mistress: *Posing* The Thunderous Flight of justice… The sparking charge of the Rhapsody Girls, Thunder Mistress… By the hands of Thunder and Lightning, The presence of Evil will feel the Thunderic fury of The Rhapsody Girls!

White Queen: *Looking at the Girls* You girls sure are expressive. i got to admit that i love the color on you. it works. Not sure about the middle name though. I think that you could do better than call yourself Bubble Maiden… Pearl. You can do much more better. Like Bubble Enchantress. Bubble Angel. Bubble Maiden just won’t do.

Bubble Maiden: Don’t be patronizing me… Because i am just itching to fire my bubbles at you. You have our Mother…

White Queen: Amazing how you already know that we got your mother here. *Looking at Clark* And i got to say that i liked your colors more when they were seen as patriotic.

Clark: Kidnapping is illegal. Even for the government.

White Queen: I don’t have time for polite requests. I have reason to believe there are aliens living among us. They have designs that are much bigger than just getting green cards. I need your help. That is why Checkmate has been trying to collect you heroes…

The White Queen then gets up and walks out from behind her desk and walks over to face the Rhapsody girls and Luna…

Clark: *To Waller* To do what? Chase down rumors and UFO stories?

Bubble Maiden: The only Aliens we know of are the ones inside your head.

Thunder Mistress: Has anyone managed to tell you that you have bats in the belfry? You’re mad and totally loonsville. Aliens… UFO’s. Geez! and i thought that we’ve heard weirder things than this… but this? This takes the biggest Cake. and it’s way past our Birthday.

White Queen: What if I were to say that i have proof? Actual alien blood? The keystone to World War III.

Clark: Maybe these aliens aren’t here to start a war.

Miss Love: And if they are here to start a War… how do you propose to stop them if they got powers that are not of this world? People or should we say beings like Zod. He’s got abilities.

White Queen: If you don’t stand with us, you stand against us. It’s time for you to pick a side. Maybe this will help your indecisiveness. And dear Rhapsody Girls…. there is something you should see…

The White Queen then turns on the Monitor showing the captives…

White Queen: *Speaking into the radio* Stand ready for immediate orders.

Bubble Maiden: *Screams* That’s our mom! NO!!!

Clark: Let her go.

Miss Love: Let our mom go…

Sailor Luna: *Spinning her Moon wand around* Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! *Forming a gold Harisen* Heavy… *Feeling herself pull forward trying to keep balance* Whoa!

White Queen: someone bag the kitty. She needs a nice nap.

Thunder Mistress: Touch our friend and you’ll get a nice charge up from my thunder. *With her Thunder Gloves aimed to attack* Touch our friend. Just try it. i am just itching to fry your royal queen wannabe ass.

White Queen: I’m not being unreasonable. If you step forward, out of the shadows, I will let Watchtower go. And as for you girls. If you agree to serve Checkmate’s cause… your Loving mother will be free to go and will not be harmed.

Clark: Release her now.

Miss Love: You let our mother go. Let our mother go… Right now… *Looking at her sisters* Girls… I think she’s wanting a sample of the Rhapsody Warhead.

Thunder Mistress: Not with us still in here. Are you nuts. that would blow this place up to the moon. if we are to blow this place up… we need to get our friend and our mother out first. then do it. not till then. Besides to launch that in here is too good for someone like her. This lady is psycho.

White queen: *Smirks and Looking at the girls* You girls are really exciting to look at and are a treat to have in my office here. But unlike some… i tend to enjoy having my cake and eating it too. i don’t savor to waste any of it. *Looking at Clark and then at the Rhapsody girls again* Mm. I want your loyalty to Checkmate. *Seeing Clark and the Rhapsody Girls motioning to make a move* Nuh! I wouldn’t do that if i were you. i would think twice on striking me. You see….If Anything happens to me; it’ll be bye-bye, Blondie. I know you’re fast. But you can’t stop a bullet when you don’t know where she is. And for you girls. It’ll be bye-bye mommy-kins. You may be on top of the world. and have tough members in your family to help you win battles like these… but here. you’re out of your league.

Clark: That would be murder.

Bubble Maiden: You’re a real Meanie. The worst person ever to walk the planet. You’re making like Murdering an innocent person justifies the means for getting people to serve your cause.

Sailor Luna: Take this… Mean Lady… You want to play tough… Eat this! *Launching an attack at the White Queen* Luna Sucre…..Candy!

White Queen: *Scoffs* It’s not murder. It’s strategy. Something you could have used more of before coming here.

Miss Love: *Looking at Luna* Luna! find the room and initiate the Diversion.

Thunder Mistress: We’ll handle this woman here.

Clark: What more do you want?

White Queen: The location of Watchtower’s central database.

Clark: You’re after everyone who’s ever worked at Watchtower.

White Queen: Names, faces, addresses. The Black Canary, Impulse, Aquaman, Cyborg. I need people with the abilities to end the war quickly and decisively. It’s your move.

Lord Electricmind: *Sparking in and grabbing Agent Waller* Alright… You Bitch. you want intimidation… Here’s something for you! *forms electric from his hands and they form into one big electric ball and then a stream of thunder bolts* THUNDER BOLT STRIKE!! Back off of my Nieces or i swear to you… Waller. You will regret it. You think that since you have the power of Manipulation and the gift of Intimidation that you can call all the shots. Nice try. Harm my Nieces and it’ll be the last thing you ever do. That’s not a threat. That’s a promise. BACK OFF! NOW!

Meanwhile in the main room housing the Blood sample… John Jones was seen inside and burning the sample…While he did that… Oliver was somewhere inside… undetected to find the Power grid. He was set to shut it down and was gonna cripple the Agency. one way or another…

As for Luna… she was in the halls and bouncing around… She barely got to the holding room when the lights started going on and off… like searchlights…

Sailor Luna: *Calling out to the guys in the black suits* Come and get me… *Toying with the men* Meow! Heeheehee!

Checkmate Operative: *Looking to see a cat like girl* What the heck is that? Who are you?

Sailor Luna: *Doing her Pose* Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower… I shall Punish you.

Checkmate Operatives: *Aiming at Sailor Luna* Get out of here, You vagrant. Anyone working for Watchtower will be soon taken down. Starting with the blondie here.

Sailor Luna:  *Hopping and Sneaking fast across the room and grabbing the guns* Meow! *Shaking her head and waving her hands all over back and forth* Meow! *Bouncing from one side to another; Psyching out the Checkmate operatives* Meow… Meow! *Bouncing and Laughing* Meow! meow!

Luna got them all confused and as soon as she got them to pause and lower their weapons away from their targets, she got them to chase her… had them chase her all over the castle and tried to hide soon after. She was buying some time for the girls to rescue their Mother and save Chloe at the same time…

Still inside the White Queens’s office…

Miss Love: You know… Waller… Even if we were to cooperate… What makes you think that we’d ever be on the same side? You can’t make us believe that you’re fighting for the truth and justice and for the beliefs of Uncle Sam. We already know your tricks. You really think we don’t know. We have seen your methods here… You tried to capture us once. failed miserably at it also.

White Queen: That’s not so. You have risen to the challenge. You 3 girls poses as living a double life. with one side being normal. but the other side… having to deal with threats from another world. Saving every innocent life you can. But the one person who’s been there for you all your life… she’s been abandoned and left her Vulnerable.

Thunder Mistress: *Scoffs* We have no idea as to what the hell you’re on… but we didn’t leave our mother Vulnerable. She’s a normal mother. She has no powers. Our Watchtower friend Chloe. She’s not about to just give up her address and tell you all you want to know. neither are we.

White Queen: Didn’t already leave her Vulnerable? You already have left your greatest asset vulnerable. the one who had all the Intel. and you’ve left your own mother Vulnerable. All you have to do to save her life and the life of your friend is to just give one simple address… That’s all. Just that. It’s your Move…

The alarm then sounds off and an Operative radios in…

Checkmate Operative: *Voice* White Queen… come in…. Come in, White Queen.

Clark: *Using his Super hearing and hearing Cat Screeches and Laughing* Hmm.

Clark then super speeds over to the room that held the captives. The Girls followed suit and while the room was empty with just the captives… Luna was still on the run. She hid and went back to normal human form. Luna was not sure as if it would be safe to come out from hiding, but she couldn’t hide and remain at the castle. She got out from hiding and made her way over to the holding room where the captive were and saw that the lights were flashing. The Alarms were going off…

Luna: *Scared* I better find the girls. this place could be swarming with those bad men. *Hopping from side to side bolting over to the holding room*

Checkmate Guard: *Catching sight of the girl* Halt! You are trespassing on federal property. What are you doing here?

Luna: *Shaking in fear* I… Uh. I’m lost. I don’t know where i am…

John Jones: *Coming up from behind the Guard* Don’t worry. I’m a friend. *Knocking out the Guard* I’m a friend of Kal-el’s and a friend to the 3 girls.

Luna: You are? *Curious* Who are you?

John Jones: Detective John Jones. Also known as the Martian Manhunter.

Luna: I’m from the Moon. the Moon Kingdom.

John Jones: *seeming familiar with the place* I think i have heard of that. i was on Mars when word of it’s destruction came to pass. Queen Beryl was said to be the one behind it and snuck into the Moon Temple to steal forbidden power from the moon. To awaken a Great Evil upon the planet Earth. It was said that a 1000 years ago the Moon Kingdom flourished and was seen as the most mystical kingdom throughout the galaxy. The Silver Millennium was the age of Peace. but throughout that period, The Princess of the Moon. Serenity and the Prince of the Earth, Endymion met and fell in dire love with one another. unfortunately… the people on both sides were profoundly against it. Both The people of the Moon and The people of the Earth were told to be at war. Even though the love was ill-fated, they continued to see one another. time… after time… after time again. Their Love was that great. But Queen Beryl was overlooking and saw the prince in love with the princess. She was endearingly jealous of the Princess and one day snuck into the sacred Moon Temple of the Moon Kingdom to steal power not meant for her. She took it and fled to Earth and with it’s power… She twisted the Earth people into thinking that the people of the moon were bad Omens that would cause the Earth Nothing but strife. it caused a never ending war on Earth and knocked it into Disarray. it only got worse as the Queen unleashed a great Evil known as Metaria. back on the Moon Kingdom… the Prince and the Princess were together but their lives were cut short. on the royal grounds… while courting with one another. The guards fought with the Prince of the Earth. and killed him. The Princess saw the attack and with sadness and heartache. She released a eerie wail and since it was so strong… it engulfed the Moon with White Light and plunged it into the Earth. On Earth… the last Remaining Shitennou that was said to serve Endymion… He Lost everything that day and before taking his own life as he had nothing left to give…He let out one final agonizing cry and collapsed. The Queen of the Moon seeing the devastation… knew that she had to save her only daughter. and her four guardians. so…  with the help of the sacred heirloom the Mystical Silver Crystal she locked their memories away till the time was right for them to come out and fight once more. Sent them 1000 years into the future. along with her daughter Princess Serenity. her and her royal court were sent to the future. to save them from demise. and sent her two royal advisors Two Cats. by the names of Luna. and Artemis. to be there and guide the girls when the time came once more for them to hear the call to action. The Queen fought the Great Evil and not only placed the great Evil back into slumber… It also took her life. It was the final sacrifice. To preserve what she could of the fallen Moon Kingdom. Marking the final moments of the Silver Millennium.

Luna: You knew about the History?

John Jones: I did. as i also know about the Rhapsody Girls history, But theirs is much greater and much more longer than the History of the Moon Kingdom.

Luna: How do you know the one named Clark?

John Jones: I worked for his father, Jor-el in enforcing crime and Punishment to the criminals of the 28 known galaxies. He had me keep a watch out for his son. The last hope of the planet Krypton. On the eve of their destruction… Jor-el notified me and told me that he was gonna send his only son to a distant planet. Earth. I knew that by him saying that he was motioning to send his only son to another planet… to save him. in hopes to at least save some part of a doomed Planet. Krypton was on the brink of destruction and was razed by the very being known as General Zod. he was sent to the Phantom Zone for the insurrection he committed on Krypton. The most vicious offenders are condemned for eternity, their corporeal bodies destroyed, their essence haunting the wasteland. after Krypton fell and Jor-El was dead, the prisoners in the Phantom Zone discovered that he’d only managed to save his own son. The story of Kal-el’s survival was a myth, a rumor — one of hope for some of the refugees and close people Jor-el knew and revenge for others. for those who sired and wished ill intent on Jor-el for sending them to the Phantom Zone. I watched from afar looking out for Kal-el. watching him. but when he released the Phantoms from the Zone… i knew that he was gonna need help and that he wouldn’t be able to do it alone. I wasn’t to get involved. but when he released the Phantoms from the Zone… I didn’t have a choice…His life was at risk. Although i later at that time lost a step and had a run-in with one of the Phantoms. but in my absence…. Kal-el did the one thing that his father Jor-el tried to prevent.  He unleashed a carbon copy of himself… only thing that was different though was that the carbon copy didn’t have his Humanity. it had all but that.  It was one of his most hardest trials. The lesson he had to learn was to open his eyes and look at what he took for granted every day. It was his battle. but i was able to help him. the carbon copy couldn’t be in the sun. for when he did… his face became distorted. Clark could have chosen to ignore all the zoners that broke from the Phantom Zone… but he still took responsibility for them and stopped them. even one that was more powerful than he was. he however felt that the phantom was right… that he allowed himself to become weak… caring for everyone here. not taking into account that the people he came in contact with made him into the very man he is today. *Looking to see Luna smiling*

Luna: I Like hearing about your story. You must have been around…

John Jones: *Nods* That is true… i have. I have been around and i had also been watching the girls from afar. to be there when they were in need of it most. When they opened and unlocked the alien orb… they unknowingly brought forth untold danger to the world. Although they in the past saved the world from the grip of a drule bent on seeing the world fall to it’s knees. prevented an Evil Queen from destroying this world and everything that they had held close. I watched them from a distance and saw it unfold. but this latest threat… is not one to be taken lightly. it’s a trial that they have not prepared for. It’s gonna take the 3 of them… and their sisters, Cousins and the other members of their family to go against the Kandorians. They however assured me that they had love. and faith. I admired that from them.

Luna: Paige-Chan, Pearl-Chan and Dinah-Chan are virtuous. they may be a bit weird. and sometimes they aim wherever, but they always do what is right. they Told me about how they took a life of someone. I was upset at them for it, but i also knew that they were with hardly a choice despite what everyone else made them believe. they didn’t have a choice. Each trial they go through… it makes them stronger… more tougher. Experienced. They also care about their family. During the time when the second threat was in the lineup… i asked them about what they thought about seeing anything happen to the family. they were strong willed about their devotion to family. Their Resolve was very ironclad. They would sell their own souls before letting anything happen to their family.

John Jones:  but this is one battle that will be impossible to win. Now that the Kandorians got their powers from the yellow sun and have the source of power that they were after… the only way they’ll be able to defeat them is by matching power for power. Major Zod might have been a low threat being before… but he doesn’t have any human values. He doesn’t have Kal-el’s Humanity. nor does he have the girls. He is just like he was on Krypton. he has no compassion… no free will… Therefore he has none.

Luna: What’ll we do… I can’t reawaken the other senshi’s. They were made to now have normal lives. per orders from Queen Serenity.

John Jones: Queen Serenity? You hear from her still?

Luna: Once a week. but she has made it clear that she wants her daughter to live normal. it’s better for her to live normally.

John Jones: I understand her views. i would be the same way… but there is a war about to be underway with the Kandorians.

Luna: A War? *Gulps* That’s not good.

Luna suddenly realizes about the girls and hurries over to where the girls are…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah looked at Chloe and then at their mother before making a break for it. They were not looking into staying at the castle a moment longer than they had to. They were free from the cuffs and their mother was in tears for fear of nearly being exterminated. She was scared and even though she was spared from it and saved… She was shaken. She was really spooked. John Jones stayed and faced the White Queen and wiped her mind of all that she’s seen of the 3 girls and she was also forced to forget that she’s even heard of them and anyone who appeared to be tied to them. An hour Later outside of the Metropolis Promenade… at the coffee shop…

Tess was waiting for Oliver to show up… She was aware that she had royally messed up and knew that she would be practically the very last and very least favorite person that Oliver would ever wish to see again. But she knew that she had to meet him if only to say goodbye…

Tess: *Seeing Oliver* i didn’t think that you were gonna show. after our last meeting… i had the feeling that i would be the last person that you’d ever wish to see again.

Oliver: *Walking over to the Table and Sitting down* Well, you know, I had to figure in that it’s a public place. There’s honestly like only so many weapons that you could really throw at me.

Tess: I’m sorry. For everything I’ve done that’s destroyed your trust. I screwed up. And i know that there is nothing that i can ever do to regain your trust in me.

Oliver: Actually… if this was like a few years ago… i would have bought that little line of defense. But to sincerely apologize for backing a government agency that would go after an innocent mother just to get a group of heroes to join their cause… I definitely don’t think that there would ever be enough stationery for that kind of apology, Tess.

Tess: I told you how to shut down The Castle’s power grid. That’s worth something, isn’t it?

Oliver: *Scoffs* Tess… you are begging for way too much. i mean…What am I supposed to do here? You want me to do, what… Exactly? Uh, handstands… Cartwheels… Spins and Twirls,  because you just happened to have helped solve a problem that you created? You almost costed the Rhapsody Girls Their mother. Do you really think that this was gonna just go away? The Girls will catch on to what really happened and who it was that initiated for their mother to be taken. they will figure it out. You know Dinah Rhapsody, Right? The firecracker and the loose fuse of the Rhapsody Girls Z? She is gonna go ballistic at you if she were to ever catch on to the fact that you were behind the hit.

Tess: I never would have gone after you if I had known that you were the Green Arrow. and that the Word of Justice was the Black Canary. If i had only known… none of this would have happened. The girls were to be the only target. But Waller decided to go raising the bar and setting it a step higher…

Oliver: So it’s back on me? It’s also gonna be put back on the innocent victims of the web of backstabbing intent you had pulled, Right?

Tess: Oliver… i am only here because i want to Apologize to you for all that i had done to you and everyone. I am here as well to let you know that this moment here… This might be the very last time that I ever see you. When I joined Checkmate, I was made to take an oath. An oath that I wanna break. But there’s only one way to leave Checkmate. Only one way out. and i am scared that if i send my resignation to Checkmate… that the White Queen would issue for me to be excommunicated.

Oliver: *Sighs* What are you gonna do?

Tess: *Clears throat* I’m gonna go AWOL. I’m gonna go underground. For a while. It will be better that way. Because now that i am vowing to leave Checkmate’s grip… it will be unsafe for me to be out. i can’t stay out in the open. it’s not safe.

Oliver: That’s good. You know, I got to ask you a question, though. Did it hurt to do something moral for once, Tess? Did it hurt you? Knowing that you had done something from the goodness of your heart and not for some alterior motive?

Tess: Oliver, I’m taking a chance just being out here with you in the open. If i am seen. i could be killed on spot. They’ll be tracking every move i make. The Rhapsody girls are right to see you as a good friend. you’re a whole lot better than i ever was.

Oliver: Yeah, okay, I understand that. Okay, at least we’ve gotten that far. Now… there is only the formalities and the question that we’d both would like the answer to. W-what is it that you want? You’re asking me for something. What is it you want? What do you want?

Tess: Forgive me, Oliver. Oliver, I need your help. Please. I am in need of your help. I don’t know where else to turn.

Oliver: You know… Tess. There are times when I wish I could just go back, to those Santorini sunsets, your sweet freckles and your big dreams of changing the world. Back when I knew that i could trust you. Then suddenly you betrayed me, Tess. You, of all people. You betrayed me. Bit the hand of the man that was actually there for you when all the others up and ditched you. then you almost get Mrs. Rhapsody killed which would have left 6 girls without a mother. and only a father figure. I won’t strike you down. because as much as i’d like to… and as much as i feel that you deserve it. i won’t provide you that satisfaction. But just know this… i want this on record. If you ever come near me or my friends ever again and i find out about it, I swear as i live and breathe… I will expose you to the world. Showing the world the real Tess Mercer. Do you understand me?

Tess: I am being sincere here… Oliver. I didn’t mean to do what i’ve done. i wasn’t aiming to nearly cost their mother… her life. Waller only wanted the girls and was gonna stop at nothing to get them. The mother was apparently Collateral Damage. But she wasn’t even part of Checkmate’s plans. she wasn’t even supposed to be brought into any of it. It was just the girls that were to be involved.

Oliver: Maybe so, but why would you willingly sacrifice the girls to a agency that would only exploit them to better benefit their cause? You have hurt them.  You’re on your own. i am not gonna stick around and watch as you seek on destroying the girls. They have been hurt enough by people like you. Their Ex-Professor hurt them. pushed them to taking his life. and now they’re being hurt by you. You want to hurt people. go ahead. but Don’t expect for any cover-ups to come knocking it’s ball and chain around in your direction. because it won’t be coming from me. *Getting up and walking off*

Tess: *With shaky breathing; starts crying*

A few feet from the Coffee shop at the Promenade…

Chloe: *Looking to see Oliver* Hey.

Oliver: Hey there Chloe.

As they walk on… They Both smile back at each other…

Chloe: I must really Thank you for keeping my seat warm at Watchtower.

Oliver: Well, you’re welcome. Don’t get used to it. And in case you didn’t know… Betty Rhapsody was at Watchtower. She stayed behind to hold the fort and she is not too happy that she was once again made to sit out of action. As soon as you got back to the watchtower, She left. She was not in the mood to speak. She however is very thankful to see that you’re okay and are safe and sound.

Chloe: Oh, but your timing is so good. I mean, if you hadn’t flipped that Castle’s electric switch when you did, I would have b–

Oliver: Chloe…

Chloe: But, you know, I kind of liked being out in the field, knowing I had a warm bed to come to. I understand how Betty feels though. i don’t like holding her back. but i really don’t want to use her out there in the field till it’s really necessary.

Oliver: *Chuckles* That’s very, very funny.  but i don’t think that Holy warrior of the light would see it that way. Maybe she sees it very different.

Oliver then grabs her…

Oliver: It scared the life out of me.

Chloe: You better be careful, Ollie. I’m gonna start to think you’re falling for me.

They smile at each other and then begin holding hands…

The next Morning…

at the metropolis park…

John Jones flies over to meet with the Rhapsody girls Z! and Clark. Luna was there to join them…

Paige: *Looking at John* John, thank you for meeting us. we are rather in dismay that we couldn’t meet under better circumstances than this.

John Jones: It’s Okay, Paige. we can only do what we can. sometimes fate tends to have something else in mind for us. all we can do is do what we believe is right for everyone and be where we’re needed.

Pearl: I agree. *Wondering* Is the nightmare with Checkmate over?

John Jones: Your identity’s safe, for now. You are all safe for now. Luna… you too are safe.

Clark: She’s not wrong, you know? Waller.

Dinah: *Shoots up* What the? How is she right? Are you really about to tell us that you are gonna side with that one woman U.S.O? What are you on? Waller was a wacko from the side show circus. She was cracked up her mind.

John Jones: *Curious* How so?

Clark: When I saw the future, Zod and his people had already started World War III, and we weren’t winning. She was right about being prepared. Because, as much as I want to believe that I’ve stopped that day from happening, it still might.

Pearl: We won’t let it happen. We will not allow for it to come. You saw the future. and saw that we were not winning. Well. Paige had a vision of the future… the post-Apocalyptic future and seeing that we 3 girls were the only ones alive other than Tess and the Kandorians. We… as much as we would love to fight or resist the Influence of Checkmate and The White Queen’s eerie stare… we have to face the awful fact that we may have to join their cause.

Luna: No. Pearl-Chan… you can’t join her. You and your sisters are meant for much greater things. You can not Join her…

Clark: Why not let them Join? Besides… they’d be in their own crew… with people who enjoy taking lives.

Luna: Clark… Enough. They told me about what they had done. I too am mad about it. but i am also forgiving. because if i were in their shoes… i’d do the same thing. I am from the Moon Kingdom, Clark. The one thing i keep close to me is the ability to forgive. To err is to human… To forgive…Divine.

John Jones: You don’t have to join her. Paige, Pearl… Dinah. Kal-el. You don’t have to join her.

Clark: No. But like she said, eventually, I’ll have to choose sides. we all will. Which side are we to choose?

Paige: The side of Justice and fighting for what is right.

John Jones: You can’t. [ Sighs ] You are here for something far greater, Clark. You will be the ambassador who bridges all the sides together. And you 3 girls… You will be the Light to a path that influences future generations of heroes to come… to go that extra mile.

Luna: You are gonna be the vanguard to the next generation of super heroes. As much as you would think that it would be better to join the White Queen…  you can’t ever join her. Her methods of fighting the good fight are only gonna lead to a means to an end.

Clark: What were you doing, John? Why not include the rest of us?

Paige: For the same reason that we didn’t want to involve you. we were captured by the white feather-brained woman with the fetish of treating the government like some Chessboard. We then find that our mother got captured by the agents. Not like it’s a step up. but to see as that we had to rescue both Chloe and our mother… that is enough to raise a good foresight as to why we didn’t sire to involve you.

John Jones: I would have told the team what was going on. But I wanted you and the rest of them to stay off Checkmate’s radar. However… it appears that it may have been a little late for the girls since they were captured by Checkmate. and were gonna be used against their will.

Dinah: Uh, Mr. Martian Manhunter… you are forgetting something… we broke out. With help from Luna. our good friend and thanks to the Black Canary. They helped us out. but the fact of the whole matter is that we are lucky to be alive and able to tell the tale. Checkmate was not about to just let us live. We were tough in there because we had to be. but inside… *Sighs and Walking away for a few minutes before coming back from calming down; not wanting to show her emotions* we were all scared shit less. If you were to be in our shoes… you would most certainly be just like us. just as scared and terrified. that woman was just a lunatic from the word go.

Clark: But you’re not in this alone. Who are you working for?

Pearl: It’s not someone more fearsome than Checkmate’s band of scary henchmen, is it?

John Jones: *Chuckles and grinning before standing and looking to his side* No… it’s nothing quite like that Pearl. You will come to find that there are two sides to every war. all fields of life have two sides. black and White. Right and Wrong. sometimes you have to veer off to the gray area and do what you feel in your heart to be right. and in a game of cards. there are more players on the line than you might think there are. *Sighs and Looking at Paige and then the others before going on*  Let’s just say that… there are more players on the board than you believe there is and when it comes to choosing sides, things aren’t always black and white. Which is something you’ll have to figure out when it comes to serving a cause and fighting for something greater than what a Government agency presents in the open.

Luna: More Players? *Concerned about what John Jones stated* We’re gonna need to keep a watch out for who these players are…

Dinah: Black… White… and… ???

Paige: Dangerous…

At the Castle…

Waller: *Walking back to her office with one of the guards* I want the report of Agent Mercer’s last physical. I want to know where she is. She’s left Checkmate and is to be taken out.

Inside her office…

Man: When our system’s back up, do you want to move forward with our operation? It’s still in play and we have multiple moves to play with.

The systems start to kick back in…

Agent Waller: *Suddenly looking to her side and seeing the chessboard in her office bare all except a red piece in the center* Who’s been in here? Who’s been in this office without my consent?

Man: No one. We’re secured. After the sneak attack that we endured from The girl with the tiara and those 3 girls. plus the Blur. we’ve fortified our security fields and made it more ironclad.

Agent Waller: *Walking over to her chessboard* cease on the operation. we won’t be going through with the operation. and there will be no need on renewing it.

Man: Why’s that? Has the game plan changed?

Agent Waller: It appears to have been restructured and our efforts have now been blocked by a new player.

Agent Waller then brings her hand to the side of the board and suddenly Smacks the chess piece off…

Agent Waller: It’s time for a new game. Going head to head with… The Red Queen.


In Metropolis… A few nights later…

at the Coffee Stop…

Shanna: *Walking out and heading back home* What a day… Thank god my sisters are out of harm’s way. Those guys working for Checkmate were just psycho. I would like to know what that lady who called herself the White Queen wanted with my sisters. She had to have wanted something from them or of them. Possibly to Exploit them.

On her way home she had a light. but she barely lit it when she heard a scream and saw a light up ahead… She Didn’t know what it was. but she knew that since she was now a part of the family under Princess Rikku’s house. the curious nature that the 3 girls had started to kick in with her… She went on her way to check it out while her smoke was still lit. She was with the plan of quitting it. She had only just arrived at the scene of where the scream was coming from…

Betty: *Getting attacked* Ahhh! *Trying to fight back* You are Evil. Basqat… you are unholy and a vile monster. It’s time that you got a taste of heaven’s power. *Chanting a spell* “Freeze this Evil being with your frosty heaven’s Touch!” *Launching the attack at Basqat* Angelic Icestorm!

Angel: *Angrily* You want a taste of the Darkness of heaven… I think that can be arranged. *Chanting a spell* “Darkened glow of the fire, the Rage of Heaven’s violent rage… Let the Burns from the fire snare you with its inferno and the sparks of flames as it licks your flesh and sears it immensely” *Launching the attack at Basqat* Flames of Darkness!

Shanna: *Watching from a distance and keeping in the shadows* What the—? Betty and Angel? Fighting the Kandorians? *Blinking*

Basqat: *Speeding around and Dodging the attacks* Your Magics are of no use against the strength of a Kandorian. You girls are Humans… weak! Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand. Weak if there ever was a word to describe you.

Zod: *Landing on the ground near Basqat* Grab them…. Take them with you. We’re gonna leave a calling card for the Girls. Letting them know that the War is on. This is only a preemptive strike. but i want the Rhapsody Girls Z! to understand and see that by their insurrection… destroying our solar Tower. They vowed war. So this is only the beginning of War.

Shanna: *Watching from the side and trying to not scream in terror* AHHHHHH!!!!!!

Basqat: *Uses his super-hearing to pick up the presence of a witness* Someone’s near. Listening. *Looking to his side and seeing a teenage girl* Who is that?

Betty: That’s our sister. Shanna. She’s not with powers. but she is part of our family.

Angel: You better not even try to go near her. *Chanting a spell* “Dark electricity… gather your power and consume the thunder… inflict it’s dark touch and cast a deadly shock upon the Evil intent” *Launching the Attack at Basqat* DARK THUNDER!!!

Betty: *Forming a Bow and Arrow and emittng Holy energy into it; Chanting a spell: “Lord of the heavens, Hear my call rain a piercing rain of your wrath upon the souls of the wicked. Let the Evil that walk feel your piercing wrath” Shooting an arrow up into the sky and with her mind creating a dark stormy sky; Shooting up a blast of Holy energy at the arrow turning the arrow into a billion arrows of light; Launching the attack at (Basqat)* Heaven’s PIERCING STORM!

Shanna: *Screaming* STOP!!! LEAVE MY SISTERS ALONE!!!

Basqat: *Glares* You have no right to order the Army of General Zod around. You better watch your tongue. Speak when you’re not welcomed again and i will be gladly willing to grant you your wish to be the first whose blood shall be spilled.

Shanna: *Scoffs* Fuck off, asshole! You mess with one Rhapsody… You mess with us all. I’m gonna go and get the Rhapsody Girls Z! They will nail your ass. You’re just a stinkin’ Alien wannabe who thinks that you can do whatever the hell you please. Wrong. The Rhapsody Girls Z! will put you in your place.

Zod: *Laughs* Like they will ever stand a Chance. You forget… pathetic human. we have powers that they do not. Nothing can harm us.

Shanna: Oh yeah! We’ll just see about that. Just you wait and see. you’ll be regretting it by time it’s all said and done. *Watching Zod and Basqat snatch Betty and Angel and Fly off* Let them go! LET THEM GO! Betty, Angel… We’re gonna get you two back. that’s a promise.  I’m gonna go get help…

Shanna suddenly runs off and heads on home. She was afraid as to what to tell her sisters as they were still a bit shaken from their ordeal with Checkmate. They didn’t realize that they were soon to get a greeting in the near future from the Red Queen. They didn’t even know who the Red Queen was…

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah were getting ready for bed after finishing their homework. It was hard homework and they hardly had any time to see their boyfriends or just rest. The Homework was hard. They also had a book report to do. their own piece on the play called a “Streetcar named Desire”. It was a report that was gonna take some time. They never had to do a book report before and they were lost as to write one. However Pearl somehow pulled a fast one on them and went to the Library after school. she didn’t tell them where she was going and wanted it to be a surprise… She did some research and printed a copy of the essay structure and brought it home. Paige and Dinah were stunned as to how Pearl was able to pull up a copy of how to do the book report. They never saw her leave their side… But when she showed them the picture…

Paige and Dinah smiled at Pearl and thanked her…

Paige: Pearl, How were you able to get this?

Dinah: Are you some secret hacker?

Pearl: *Shaking her head* No. I am just an honest girl. But after school we were supposed to be heading back home. back here. but I realized that we didn’t have any clue as to how to do a book report. So i figured that i’d do something to help us get it done. i went to the Library and got a copy of the paper with how an Essay is supposed to look. We can use it to help us write our report.

Paige: *Seeing the paper* What… Oh god, Pearl. You did all this… Just for us? Didn’t you even get to see your boyfriend Peter?

Pearl: I did. for a few minutes. He was there at the Library with me and got the paper. He has started working on the book report. I also have started. but i only done the introduction of it. i stopped because i wanted to do it with you two.

Dinah: Well… That’s a nice gesture. but hey… if you were to have yours done before us. it wouldn’t make any difference.

Paige: Besides. it’s only a report. We’d get it done.

Pearl: *Nods* That’s right. How’s mom doing?

Dinah: *Shrugs* I don’t know. How do you think she’s doing? She is still shaken up from the mess that we went through a few days ago. Luna and John Jones were right though about our not being able to choose a side. We can not Join Checkmate. Pearl, I Know that you’ve been thinking alot about joining Waller’s cause. But we can’t. we can’t join sides. Ever.

Pearl: *Scoffs* Ugh! Well… what’s to say that she won’t come after us again? Agent Waller knows about us. John Jones may have wiped her memory of us and got her to forget about us… and those tied to us. But she won’t stop. She isn’t gonna let us go that easily.

Dinah: It’s not the point. You and us… we are not gonna join them. But the only thing is that… we now have to worry about what Jones has said. He said that things are not always black and white. That means that there is cause for assumption that there are a few more players on the board. like someone who poses as the Red Queen. Who is the red Queen though?

Paige: I don’t know. But we are gonna find out soon. Sometime soon. We have to.


Luna: *With Shanna; Running in* Girls… we got a problem. a big problem.

Dinah: *Looking to see Luna and Shanna* Hey there Whiskers, What’s up? What seems to be your boggle there, Sis? Something a miss?

Shanna: There is something a miss. It’s terrible and it revolves around the group of Alien shitheads we or you’d call Kandorians.

Pearl: Huh?!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah suddenly paused and listened up as Shanna and Luna broke the word out to them…

Luna: *Pulling up the files of the Video surveillance* I sure hope that i can work this thing… *Plugging the Mini computer into the T.V* Here’s the surveillance… According to the Local authorities there was a said display of a suspected light show. but that’s just the reigning theory to those who don’t believe that metahumans or special and gifted people exist on the same playing field. But look closer… *Zooming in* People have sent in reports of seeing two girls with powers and fighting against two men. these men are stronger and very agile. Fast too. if you look closely. you see that one of them wears a red armband that has Calling card for Zod…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Shoots out* ZOD!

Luna: There is more to it than that i’m afraid and you girls might want to swallow hard on that heartache. he’s attacked the family here. your family. He’s got two hostages… Betty and Angel are under his captive grip. As reports have stated… in the hours earlier. just about an hour ago… There were witnesses stating that they saw Dark power and light powers being cast. Betty and Angel were the names mentioned several times. But as they were grabbed and captured by two guys. A Message was left. An eyewitness told the police and made a statement: “The Message reads: “Rhapsody Girls Z!, You have destroyed our Solar Tower. I was easy on you. I didn’t seek to harm you. but now that you have vowed war on me… consider this a preemptive strike upon you. the first hit of many. You want to know what it means by the Term: “Might makes Right”? You got your wish… Rhapsody Girls Z! Come and rescue Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand if you dare. Time to return fire. if you can… Family means most to you… so that is how I will aim to bring you down. by harming the very people you savor most. Next will be your mother. then your Grandmother. You shall soon KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!” — Zod.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Gulps*

Paige: Our sisters are captured and they were the light and darkness of Heaven.

Pearl: What’ll we do?

Dinah: We fight back. we are gonna fight back. one way or another. Zod wants to tangle… that’s okay by me… Danger Zone Dinah is set to knock him out.

Luna: I will help you.

Shanna: I will try to do what i can here for you girls.

Paige: we’ll start in the morning. Our first Preemptive strike against Zod begins at Dawn!

Pearl and Dinah: *Nods* Right!

Luna: I’ll stay the night.

Shanna: Luna, You can bunk with me in my room.

Luna: You sure?

Shanna: hey! it’s the least i can do. besides that there is no way i’m about to let you go out there in the night time when there are possible creepy guys just itching to come and nab at you. or any unsuspecting innocent girl or boy for that matter. Come on, I insist.

Luna: Okay. *Smiles* Thank you. I Just hope that Artemis doesn’t come to find me here… he’s a little edgy. The threat with Zod has him feeling rather testy. He didn’t sound too happy.

Shanna: He’s not the only one. trust me. I’ve been a tad testy over it too. but i overcame it. it’s not easy to overcome it. i know. so i know how he feels in that aspect. i understand it more than you might think. I’m only 15… but i really understand. When i was 13… i was adopted by Princess Julie… but that was on the same night that i started a habit that i wish to break. i started because of this drama of Teenage Angst. i wanted to be my own person and thought that my brother Joe was trying to over control me. it wasn’t the case. but i was with raging hormones at the time and that was probably the dumbest move i’ve ever done was start up the habit. i wanted to quit since but it’s like an addiction. once you start it… it’s a pain in the ass to break from it. i since then was cared for by Princess Julie till just now the other week. i am now the sister to the girls here and am now a Permanent daughter to Princess Rikku and a permanent Rhapsody…

What were they gonna do with the reality that their sisters Betty and Angel are captured by Zod who is now General Zod? The Kandorians are now with the powers of a true Kryptonian. and it was gonna be the beginning of the end for the Rhapsody Girls Z!. The girls were out of their league to think that they could always win one over the Threats. It was gonna start sounding as though John Jones was right and that they were gonna need the assistance of their cousins and the family… Lord Electricmind and Arctic Mind. not to mention Aquatic Burn. They were gonna need all of them and all their friends from Watchtower…  the war of the worlds was not starting yet. there was time before that began. however the war on the home front was about to kick and it was targeted right at the Rhapsody Girls Z! Was there gonna be an opening for a new addition to the crew of heroes? Who was it gonna be? When? Was Pearl gonna crack under pressure and veer off to the Dark side? All this drama and the peril was starting to unfold and unravel. but there was a limit to how much a sweet innocent person can take. there was a limit to how much the average human psyche can take. If Zod decides to make the motion on killing Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand, What would the Rhapsody girls do? Would they be able to cope with the onslaught? And Does the truth behind the reason behind the abduction of the mother to the Rhapsody Girls get exposed? If the girls catch on to the fact that Tess was behind it or had a hand in it… what will it mean for her? What about the Rumors of the Red Queen drawing near? Will the Rhapsody Girls meet her? What will their reaction be if they find out that The Red Queen is Martha Kent. the Mother to Clark Kent? What about Shanna? Will she be destined to be another hero? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Paige: *Voice-over* War is being initiated by Zod. He made the first measure of war. With the Kandorians on the tails… it is gonna be hard to break. The Angelic Twins are captured and are being used to lure us. What will come of it? This is gonna be the beginning of the Rhapsody Girls Z! WW III.

Pearl: *Voice-over* I don’t want to go to war with anyone… but if our sisters are now in the path of danger and in risk of being the first of many casualties in the War between us and the Kandorians… we had best be prepared to expect a hell on earth. Kandorian style.

Dinah: *Voice-over* We also gather up truth and catch on to the truth behind how our mother was involved… Someone’s got some explaining to do. a lot of it and unless that certain someone wants to have a nice Knuckle sandwich coming to them… they better explain and the tale better be damn good. because if not… i will let loose and i will show no restraint.

Luna: *Voice-over* I am permanently back into the fold here and i help the girls out with the issues at hand. Revolving the Kandorians.  But what’s this… Shanna. the normal sister faces something and cracks to the point where she becomes a hero… Uh, What shall Oliver Queen say if he catches wind of this? Wonderful to see a new member come loose. I wonder if i’ll be able to reach Artemis and he reawakens as the hero known as Tuxedo Artemis…

Shanna: *Voice-over* What’s going on with me? Am i supposed to be glowing with this type of light? Someone better explain what is going on with me. i am really lost. *Seeing my Sisters losing the fight* Hang on Sisters… HANG ON!!! *Seeing The Rhapsody Girls Z! Knocked out* NOOOOOO!!!!!!! *Getting White Hot Mad and burning with seething* GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! *With a fierce attitude* That’s does it! Now i am pissed! Next time on The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 66: “Sic semper tyrannis” The South is regained… KABOOM! Shanna is a hero? Shanna Rhapsody AKA. Molten Mind! The Rhapsody Girls Z! Vs. General Zod and Basqat Round 1. Preemptive Strike on the line.  The truth exposed about Tess’s Involvement with Checkmate… The Mystery behind the identity of the Red Queen deepens!”

Shanna: *Growling at Zod and Basqat* YOU SONS OF BITCHES!!! You hurt my sisters. You have hurt my family… You wanted to cause pain upon my family. and the innocent. YOU ATTACKED MY FAMILY!!!! Now…. I am Frickin’ PISSED OFF!!!!!

Suddenly Shanna unleashes her rage and glows with Fire and Psychic energy…

Shanna: *Posing* Molten Mind… Power-up! *Shrouded by a veil of fire and Psychic Beams of light; her uniform forming on her piece by piece and forming wings of Fire and Passion*… *With a Bracelet on her and glowing Purple*… *Summoning Molten Rock and using her mind to cause the ground to shake; Leaping up and flying through rings of Molten rocks and Shooting Psychic beams into the air and at the ground; using her mind to telepathically communicate with the target*… *Landing onto the ground and Posing* The Molten fire of fury… the Rocky Magnitude of Strength…The Psychic Mind of the Rhapsody Girls Z! My Telepathic Mind of Justice calls forth flames and power. The forceful hitman of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Molten Mind has Come… With my telepathic Mind and the Molten Rocks; the Magmatic power of Justice… Those who embark on Evil’s Power Will feel the true meaning of Pain… Molten Mind shall show no Mercy!


One thought on “Chapter 65: “Agent Mercer… press in. Position 1938 to Position 2849… Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s your move!; Zod launches preemptive strike on The Rhapsody Girls Z! “Come and rescue Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand if you dare.” Shanna Wylee now a permanent Rhapsody?! Rhapsody Girls Z! Choose your side. Where does your allegiances lie?””

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