Chapter 64: “Welcome to the Phantom Zone, Paige, Pearl and Dinah; Fight for your life. Pearl’s emotional reaction to the Zone. HELP! Rhapsody Girls to Watchtower… “GET US OUT OF THE PHANTOM ZONE!””

Rhapsody Girls: *As Pearl; Voice-over* Last time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It was the aftermath of the Solar Tower’s destruction. Paige, Dinah and i as well as our boyfriends met with the Kandorian Faora. She was feeling lost as to who she and the others could trust. The tower was brought down by us. but we couldn’t let that out. we had to play dumb. We even detested against Zod and Faora busted loose with the words:

“Was Kal-el by Zod’s side in the Argo Valley, Dinah? Zod almost died trying to defend us all. His people. Zod ran behind enemy lines alone to carry a young cadet to safety, saving her life from Enemy fire; He has withstood laser scars and shrapnel wounds to bring her back home where she belonged. The cadet that he saved from enemy lines was me. *Looking at the girls* Rhapsody Girls… i understand that you have a distaste against Zod. and are realizing his dark side. you saw his destructive phase… but you need to understand that you really don’t know the man as well as you believe you do. If it had not been for Zod, I most certainly wouldn’t be alive this very day. i would have been dead or tortured by enemies that were hellbent on conquering Kandor. Kandor was like a home to us all in a way. It housed the house of Zod… and the house of El. Zod had always been a hero, ready to give his life to protect his people, Dinah. He might seem like a monster to you now… but you have hardly a right to pass any judgement on him.”

We didn’t know what to say to that. but i already knew that my mind was all made up. there was no way that i was gonna just place any faith in him. i couldn’t see what Faora was seeing in him. That was just the beginning. we had a little family situation to see. Like the part where we were being told that we were to start leaning towards a normal life. but we did politely convince our mother that as much as would like to have a normal life… the truth be told… we knew that we would never be able to. it’s true. I myself long for a normal life. it would give me no other enjoyment than to be normal. hero duty is fine. but to have a normal life and be able to leave something for the world to remember you by. that is the kind of life i’d like. My sisters would love it too. although the action is driving them to continue with the very business of herodom. I even had myself a little self-Confliction. I felt as though i was a have-not. it did not feel too good. My sisters and i had a talk and they came to understand how i felt. It was sad. sad to them and me. But as far as they knew… it was just me breaching out how i felt about being just with sacrifices. having my Dates ruined. The next morning… we moved to be told what to do by Rebecca and we were just ticked off over it. we hated it. Dinah was just itching to say something. She would never come out to admit it, but between my personal Journal and myself. i think she would have done so. Rebecca was pissed by time she got to work. She was really snappy to her mother. Poor thing. Too bad though. besides… she is just mad that Dinah put her in her place.Rebecca was being a total pain in the butt. It didn’t feel too good.Tess and Oliver also spoke about the destruction of the solar tower and she clearly was not happy one bit. Oliver and her spoke of it and then they spoke about us girls a little. Oliver brought up revelations on what really happened that day when we took the life of the Ex-professor. Even though we still felt terrible. would for a lone long time. During the day… we were out on a case to go and rescue the Kandorians. All due to getting word that some Kandorians were Abducted. One of the Abducted Kandorians was Faora’s sister. We were in school when Faora came and told us. we were supposed to be doing school work. but we knew that if we didn’t go and tend to it… we’d kick ourselves in the butt for it. We throughout the time… being on the case, reunited with a couple of good friends. Usagi and Rei. Usagi first. when we went to get Dinah’s boyfriend. Shingo and Usagi are siblings.He came out and sprang into action. The next one we saw was Rei. She was happy to see us. but at first she didn’t recognize us and almost caught us with a charm. she missed though. Plus. she doesn’t trust Kandorians. I don’t know why…but to her they mean trouble. she can read through the fires and knows all she can about them. Even read about Luthorcorp. About Tess and told us that she was posing as a secret Agent working for Checkmate. with Amanda Waller. To us… that meant only that we would have to deal with the White Queen ourselves. hopefully never. While we were at the Shrine, Clark and Zod met at the bookstore that Vala was working at and got abducted in. Zod was annoyed at Clark. for not giving them their powers. accusing him of taking down the tower. which he did and so did we. we took it down. But Clark soon came to the Shrine to find Faora and us talking to our friend Rei. We explained to Rei what we had once done and She was stunned. but she also felt that the Ex-Professor was a total idiot. we to this moment still feel terrible over what happened. taking the life of someone who was a renowned scientist. Well close to one, really. we felt bad and were gonna feel the sting of it for a long time. things were gonna be more strange. Trixie got herself into it and the Abductor was Dr. Rosanne Ross. She was so into killing off the aliens that she was gonna off them all one by one. Even Starfire since she too had Alien Origins. She was the Wife of our Uncle King John. But while at the Lab… Zod shows up and poses as an F.B.I agent and he too gets nailed by the Abductor. he gets shot. however right before he was about to get taken out… My sisters and i plus our boyfriends came in and nailed the abductor. Clark nailed her too. Trixie was out cold. but came too later. As for Oliver and Chloe, they were dealing with the mess of the Kryptonite arsenal. being placed all over the city. Oliver got on Chloe about it. But now… Zod was saved. i was not too open to it… however the downfall to being a hero… we don’t get to choose who lives and who doesn’t.

“Faora: Oh… God. *Seeing Zod on the floor Bleeding and gasping for breath* Zod. Kal-el, What’s gonna happen to him? Is he gonna make it?

Miss Love: Zod may be a rotten snake for what he had done and we may have casted war on him… but there is no way that we’re about to just let him die. not like this. *Looking at her sisters* Pearl… Dinah. We’re gonna combine our powers and give some energy to Zod. He may be a monster… but this is not the way he should meet his end.

Bubble Maiden: I don’t know about that, Sis. I think that he should just fade off. He is a threat after all.

Thunder Mistress: Do we really plan to save him?

Miss Love: Yes. Even though he’s our enemy. we have to. A hero rarely gets to choose who lives and who dies. As much as we’d want to…

Lord Bliss: *Smirks* Does that mean that we’re in it too?

Bubble Warlock: *Looking at his brother* Uh, Johnny. i think that the answer to that is quite obvious. The girls are gonna help save the guy. keep him from Dying. Their brains… It’s not their commanding officers right now.

Mystic Thunder: Hey… Be nice. We are heroes. Sometimes heroes have to face the facts and make choices that they normally wouldn’t think needed to be made. but sometimes… Just sometimes… it leads them to having to make the toughest choices. the hardest choices that put their duties to the test.

Clark: That’s what i’d usually say, but Shingo… You hit the nail.

Zod: *With a raspy voice* Well… Kal-el, You always did say that the world would be better off without me. you’re gonna get your wish. As are you girls. You heard me say that hurtful line about you and we are at war with one another. but you’ll never have to worry about me anymore. *Gasping* I will never see the sun rise upon your planet ever again.

Miss Love: Jor-el’s one wish as he died in our arms was to save you. I don’t see what he sees in you, but Jor-el pleaded for your life to be saved.

Bubble Maiden: If you want to thank someone of your resurrecting devue… thank Jor-el’s caring nature to give a rat’s patoot to someone who’s done nothing to earn the gift.

Zod: All that anger is gonna one day harm you. i’d try to keep that down.  But i would see that Jor-el’s still got his touch. *Groaning*

Clark: Don’t speak. We’re gonna get you to a hospital.

Faora: *Picking up the legs* Grab his arms. we’re gonna transport him to the hospital. *Looking at the Major* Hold on Major. we’re gonna save you.

Zod: No… Faora. let me die. it’s my time to go. It’s up to you to lead the people on. Kal-el… you must also save the people. Lead them in a way that i failed to do.

Clark: Don’t worry. We’re gonna save you. *Holding onto Zod’s hand and having him squeeze it*

Zod: *Struggling to speak* You… can’t… save… me… *Grunts*

Bubble Maiden: *Walking away* And we don’t plan to… but to honor Jor-el’s dying wish. What Clark might do… Consider it your only “get out of death” pass.

Miss Love: *Snaps a little* Pearl. That is enough. We despise him as it is. But to vision him as just a piece of waste. that is what makes us feel nothing more than just killers. We did wrong before. but all we can do is make things right. Sometimes to do what is right… we have to put aside our own moral beliefs and do something that we would never do. aid a Villain. sometimes… we don’t get that choice.

Faora: *Seeing Zod blacking out and out cold* Wake him up. Kal-el. He’s about to die. save him.

Clark: Zod? *Desperately* ZOD!

Suddenly Clark gets up and walks over to a table and grabs a shiv; cuts his hand and then walks right on back to Zod…

Miss Love: *Seeing Clark’s hand bleeding* Clark, What are you doing? *Gasps* Did you just cut yourself with that slab of Kryptonite?

Bubble Maiden: *Pauses* What? Did you just say that he had cut himself? *Turning to see Clark Kneeling down to Zod and holding his fist above the wound* Oh god… don’t tell me that he’s gonna do what it looks like he’s about to do…

Thunder Mistress: *Smirks* yeah. he’s doing it. I sure hope that he knows that he is making a very huge leap of faith on moving to save Zod’s life.

Faora: We gotta do something.

Trixie: *Slowly stirring and getting up suddenly* What the heck was that? Did i just get hit by a freight truck?

Mystic Thunder: *looking at the girls* Looks like we got an unexpected visitor here.

Miss Love: *Looking to see their Aunt* great Aunt Trixie? What are you doing here?

Trixie: *Looking to see her nieces* What am i doing here? What are you doing here?

Bubble Maiden: We are here to save the Kandorians. But…

Trixie: Forget about saving them… there is only one left alive. the rest are dead. 3 of them are dead. Vala is the only one alive.

The girls then gaze over to see a drop of Clark’s blood falling down and going into the opened wound on Zod…

Miss Love: Girls… Let’s put some of our power into him.

Bubble Maiden: *scoffs* I am gonna feel like a total ditz for Quoting the mysterious Nanny Mary Poppins; but… like she would say: “If i must. i must.”

Thunder Mistress: Let’s just do it. we can deny having part in it later…

Lord Bliss: Sure.

They suddenly glow and shoot some of their power over to Zod. Within seconds Zod’s wound started to heal and sealed itself up without leaving any mark on him. He rose up and looked at himself…”

Later… Clark and Zod met on top of the roof of the Daily Planet. Zod was claiming to be a changed man. To be announced is what i say. plus also the moment when our Aunt Princess Trixie dropped in to meet him. She didn’t read much into him, but to her… he sounded nice. or rather calm. we also heard a bit about someone named Shanna Wylee. we didn’t know who she was. but were gonna find out sometime in the future. And Rebecca slapped Dinah in the face. she sobbed about it. I was ticked. but good Mom that she is… our mother told her off. I did get to have a piece of her. i pushed her down. Rebecca was angry but… i meant what i said…

“Pearl: *Getting up and Grabbing at Rebecca; Pushing her onto the floor* SHUT UP! Rebecca, we respect our mom. we love her more than we do you. You have not earned respect. therefore you won’t be shown any. I am sick of you bossing us around. You’re family. but if you want to play the card of biggest Bitch. by all means. you’ll find out that we can play it too. *Angry* GET OFF OUR BACK!”

We were gonna be for a bit of a revelation… Oliver wanted to meet us. we were gonna be in the move of throwing Rebecca out in the cold. or send her to a Motel. Out goes her and in would come Shanna. She from what my sisters and i get told was Adopted by Our Aunt and she was with a bad habit. she was also the sister to a Joe Wylee. a member of the Flash Gordon crew. But… Really who the heck were they? and what were their ties to our situation with the Kandorians? Was Shanna gonna be the only one? We were not sure. Also… Trixie and Lois look into the box in the Daily planet. they noticed it being from Checkmate and it being from Amanda Waller. They both chalked it to just seeing the box as a peace offering. But the question Dejour was… was it really a peace offering? Let’s find the answers and see how this all unravels Here’s The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 64: “Welcome to the Phantom Zone, Paige, Pearl and Dinah; Fight for your life. Pearl’s emotional reaction to the Zone. HELP! Rhapsody Girls to Watchtower… “GET US OUT OF THE PHANTOM ZONE!””

A day later…

After school, The Rhapsody girls made their way out of school and decided to have their own fun. Paige wanted to go to her favorite Candy store. She knew that her boyfriend Johnny would come with her and hang with her as he always loved being around her. it was like they were married but in a subtle like best friend stature.

At the Candy shop a few minutes later…

Paige walked in and saw her favorite Cashier and Smiled…

Cashier: *Grinning at Paige* Well if it isn’t my lone stranger Customer… How are you, Paige? It’s been a while. I take it that you are looking for your good time favorite Candy The Chocofun’s Right?

Paige: You know me too well. even after all this time that was away from the store here… I’ll take 8 of them.

Cashier: I see. Coming right up. And you can try to call me by my name. Adam. I am one heck of a good guy. I love kids. and teens. like you. I still remember when you were 11 and came in here getting a bag of those Chocolate drops. You came in here the first time on the same morning when your life seemed to have changed.

Paige: Sounds like history…

Cashier: Oh yes. it was. and it’s something i wouldn’t toss away. * Seeing a boy next to Paige* Well now… Who’s the young looking angel carved lad there next to you? A friend?

Paige: *Blushes* Um, yeah… But he’s not only a friend. He’s also my boyfriend.

Cashier: Awwww! You don’t say? Now that’s wonderful. you’re growing to be a very together girl. You’re with a boyfriend and are looking beautiful still. *Curious* How’s the hero business coming along?

Paige: It’s coming along okay. we’re lately dealing with the threat of the Kandorians and they’re being led by a commander by the name of Major Zod.

Cashier: Now there’s a name that i could have gone freely without hearing. That guy is trouble. One of his men came in just the other day and began to start claiming this store in the name of Zod. I told the guy to leave.

Johnny: What did the dude look like?

Cashier: It is a bit funny as how you’d ask that… but the security camera here took a picture of the guy. You’re not gonna believe this. but this guy… The one Major Zod calls Basqat. That guy was without respect. He had no civility at all. When you and your sisters finally beat the Kandorians… beat him down for good ole’ me, huh? Please.

Johnny: Don’t sweat it. We’ll get him…

At the Fashion Store…

Pearl and Peter were inside the Fashion Store, hanging out. Pearl was looking around the store, seeing what she could find. Peter was by her side.

Peter: Finding anything so far?

Pearl: Well…I found these lovely Diamonds that are blue. They’re on that shelf over there.

Peter and Pearl both share the same glance staring at a group of pretty blue diamonds.

Peter: Wow. These are pretty blue diamonds.

Pearl: Yeah. I definitely agree there. *looks Peter in the eyes*

Peter: *sees Pearl glaring at him* Okay, Pearl. Why are you looking me in the eyes like that?

Pearl: Peter. I really would like for you to buy me these lovely diamonds.

Peter: *smiles* These blue diamonds…they are as lovely as you are. Sure, I’d love to buy you these diamonds.

Pearl: *blushing* Thank you Peter.

Peter: Let’s see what we can do…*goes to buy the blue diamonds* Anything to make my girl happy.

Pearl: *smiling* Thank you.

Peter manages to purchase the diamonds and he buys them for Pearl.

Peter: Well love, what would you like to do next?

As For Dinah…

She was at the Arcade and playing a Video game. She was feeling stressed about something and wanted to be left alone to vent off some steam. She was upset about her Aunt Rebecca being the pain of the family. She wanted to knock her Aunt out. She felt so steamed that she nearly turned vicious on the Arcade machine that she was on. She almost broke it, but barely turned to head out when she suddenly saw Shingo. She turned away quick so he wouldn’t see her. She didn’t want him to see her with an enraged expression on her face. So she tried to calm down. She tried to let it go and suddenly returned to face her boyfriend. She almost didn’t see him, but caught sight of him and Surprised him with a kiss…

Dinah: *Trying a Japanese greeting* Konnichiwa!

Shingo: *Looking to see Dinah* Hey Dinah… What’re you doing here? You usually head home or something after school. Sometimes you head off to the Watchtower. Doesn’t Watchtower have anything for you to do?

Dinah: How should i know? Since the other day… my sisters and i haven’t been on any calls. Mostly because Zod hasn’t been doing much of any damage. But that sack of scum Kandorian is out there. He’s just biding his time is all.

Shingo: *confused* Okay… that is a good explanation… but the question is: why are you here on a day like this?

Dinah: Because i want to be, Okay? Shingo… come on. What’s with the questions today, You know that i am not in the best of happy cheering moods right now, don’t you?

Shingo: *Shaking his head* My dear Love angel… Come on. i haven’t really noticed. Are you okay?

Dinah: Not really. I am just steamed and rather ticked off to no end.

Shingo: *Curious* About what?

Dinah: It’s not really a What. more like a who. and the who that i am referring to is a lowlife piece of garbage Aunt of mines that seems to get the kicks of bossing me around.

Shingo: *Shoots up gasping* Your Aunt? Aunt Princess Charlene.

Dinah: No. The one i mean is Rebecca. Aunt Rebecca. She’s the one doing the bossing around.

Shingo: Why her? What’s her story?

Dinah: *Scoffs* What do you mean, What’s her Story? There is no story to her other than her being a total pardon my language… Bitch. She was in Yale for 5 years and 5 years was almost up. just shy of a few months. She got caught or accused of Cheating. got thrown out of Yale and needed a place to stay. Live. She couldn’t live with her mother who is my great Aunt Trixie. so my mom took her in and gave her a room. But ever since she was with us… my sisters and i have not opened to her. there was nothing to relate to. Plus, during the near 5 years she never even called. she didn’t even write… Nothing. then she comes back expecting things to be all peachy. *Gives off a quick breath* Yeah right. i don’t think so. She’s got no place here. I mean she gets accepted to Yale and her mom my Great Aunt Trixie is not with money coming out of every crack and opening in her body. Reporters don’t make all that much. but Rebecca wanted to go so much that Trixie spent money that she probably didn’t even have and made sure that she went there. Going without being paid for almost 3 and a half years. And to make it really a slap in the face… She goes and while there… doesn’t even call to say thank you… or to drop a line or two. NOTHING! *Sitting down* She didn’t even show a modicum of gratitude at all.

Shingo: Okay… so that would make her an ungrateful person. but not a stranger on the bus. she is still family.

Dinah: Yeah. She’s family… and you’re talking like an airhead. *Huffs* you think that she is a happy part of the family. what do you call this? *Showing a bruise on her face* is this a good act from an Aunt. She did this to me. She tried to Question my mom on how to discipline me and my sisters.

Shingo: *Gasps* Oh god. that is awful. *Reaching to hug his girlfriend* Dinah, i didn’t know it was that bad. I’m sorry that i questioned you in such a manner. i really didn’t mean to do it. *With tears in his eyes; feeling bad for being insensitive* I’m sorry.

Dinah: *Hugging Shingo* Hey. It’s okay. you’re not to blame for it. alright. you’re not to blame. it’s just the way things are right now… I just am a bit furious about my pain in the ass Aunt Rebecca. *Letting go of her boyfriend and Looking at him before walking to the side a little; turning back to face Shingo* she left a mark on me and from what i hear… or from what my mom has said to my sisters and me this morning was to steer clear of the house for a while after school. I think that she’s gonna let her have it.

Shingo: For what she did… i sure hope so. She needs to learn her place.

Dinah: Join the club. Pearl and Paige feel the same. With the family situation going on… i forgot all about Zod and his trying to start a mess. *Looking at the time* Let’s say that we go and spy a bit on Zod the power hungry Nutjob Kandorian.

Shingo: I’m with you… Let’s go.

The girls were with their boyfriends and were having some time of peace. Paige and Johnny were still at the Candy shop hanging out and barely left to go and find a music store. As for Pearl and Peter, they were still at the Fashion store and looking to see what else they could find. Dinah and Shingo felt like spying on Zod and have themselves a little recon mission of their own. going on a little hunt. They didn’t even hear from the Watchtower. although they were unaware of Watchtower watching their moves. However while they were out…

At Princess Rikku’s house… a confrontation was about to go on…

Rebecca walked over to the living room where Princess Rikku was at and she went over complaining on how her daughters were treating her…

Rebecca: I’ve had it hard in Yale and they mistreat me like I was not a member of this family. Since i have been here… they ignore me. and when i do say anything to them… they just backtalk me.

Princess Rikku: Well, they’re just going through the teen phase like you and your sister and the rest of us went through when we were their age. it’s nothing new. You just need to deal with it and –

Rebecca: *Scoffs* And what?! Make the best of this?! How do I do that I ask you?!  Huh? How? Back then i didn’t know all that much and was pretty much mocked for my smarts. i wasn’t sociable really. my nose was always plastered in the books, but this is a different time. It’s not like it once was. I am an adult. They’re children. They should respect their elders. I may be overstepping, but i tell you now; If they mouth off to me again, I swear to god I am going to give those girls a piece of my mind! A good side swiping backhand.

Princess Rikku: *Growls; Defensive* Over my dead body! Rebecca, they’re my Daughters. Not yours. You will NOT lay a hand on those girls! *Serious* I understand what you went through in Yale, your mother told me. However, those girls are my everything and I will not let you lay your hands on them!! Do I make myself clear?! DO I?

Rebecca: *Annoyed* Oh my god! Are you even hearing yourself? You are acting like they’re good as gold. They’re rude and they have no discipline. *Scoffs and felling displeased* You really don’t know how to raise your girls do you?!

Princess Rikku: *Feeling offended* Uh, excuse me?!

Rebecca: You heard me! You don’t really have what it takes to raise those girls right, the way they are supposed to be raised. Right?! I know they’re supers, but still –

Princess Rikku: Hey!! I do not know what the hell is your problem, but if you don’t back the hell off from those girls I am so gonna be up on your ass!

This lead to a real heated argument between Princess Rikku and her cousin Rebecca. They did say stuff they didn’t really mean.

Princess Rikku: You are the worst cousin there is. Having anything to do with you is my biggest mistake. You might have been part of this family before. but i tell you now that things have changed and you are threatening my daughters. going against them is going against me. You Smacked my Daughter Dinah. She has a nice mark on her face because of you. *Smacks Rebecca in the face to return the favor* You want to hurt My daughter… you better be willing to expect a repercussion coming from it.

Rebecca: You are not worthy to be a mother. So there is not much more to expect from you. You couldn’t raise kids to save your hide. I Smacked Dinah in the face because she deserved it. She’s gonna learn her place and a Real Mother would know when to enforce it. And you… YOU! are not enforcing it. What kind of Mother are you?

Princess Rikku: *Annoyed* What is your point, Rebecca? That i am a terrible mother? Why, because i don’t hit my kids? Huh? *Scoffs* And what the hell do you know about raising kids since you don’t even have kids of your own anyway?

Rebecca: It’s probably a good thing that i don’t. because i wouldn’t want to endanger them to your style of parenting, letting them go without any discipline. Children are to be seen, not heard. they are to do as they’re told when they’re told. and to respect the elders. if they break the rules. they are to be punished. Not pardoned and allowed to walk all over making the rules. You are doing that. You… *Screaming in Outrage* YOU’RE NOT WORTHY TO BE A MOTHER!!!

Princess Rikku: *Insulted; Punching Rebecca in the face* you are a worthless sack of space. i regret ever opening my home and my heart to you. You don’t deserve to be in my presence. I WANT YOU OUT!

Princess Rikku had reached the point where she wanted Rebecca gone. She then kicked Rebecca out of the house, and had her get her stuff and to get out of her house. Afterwards, Rebecca checked into a motel; Never to return. From the trading of constant verbal mud slinging… There was no desire for Princess Rikku to reconcile with her. Rebecca even though as she never said it and kept beating around the bush… She was jumping with the fact that she saw Princess Rikku to be a worthless loser who didn’t deserve to be a mother and that she should have never had kids as she is a terrible mother and can’t grasp the concept of raising kids right. Princess Rikku broke down in tears a little, but she contained herself. She knew that if her daughters saw her like that… they’d ask and go aimlessly towards Rebecca or Zod. She didn’t want that. So… even though she was hurt by What Rebecca had said… She tucked away that slab of heartbreak and pain and shoved it to the side…

That night…

In the girls bedroom…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah were back from a relaxing afternoon with their boyfriends. They had a few things to let out to one another and it started a 3-way conversation between them…

Paige: *Looking at her Journal and reading to herself* You know what? Zod’s men are really pushy.

Pearl: As if we didn’t already know, Paige.

Dinah: Yeah. What gives with the suddenly throw in of bringing the words up about Zod’s men? Zod’s men are just royal flunkies. they are so clueless that they’re like kids who can’t decide as to which side of the sandbox smells the worst.

Paige:  *Shaking her head* That is so droll, Dinah. really. i mean… is that the best you got to say about Zod’s so called army of merry men?

Dinah: Yeah. It is… but just to humor us… What were you gonna say?

Paige: The guy i know at the Candy shop that i used to go to alot. I went there today after being away from there for such a long time… I could never believe as to how much the place had changed. the guy was still the same nice guy i always see. but something he let out… really struck a chilling vibe. unsettling. He said that One of Zod’s men came by the store sometime ago and made off like he owned the place. started ordering people around. one person got at the guy and spoke up to him… the Flunky of Zod. That guy said: “It’d be a shame to spill your blood, wouldn’t it? Don’t question the command of Zod again. He will soon rule with an Ironed fist.” The Cashier… Adam. he grabbed his shotgun and Made like he was gonna pull the trigger as to what he said and would have shot him. but the guy left before it happened.

Pearl: There is only one person who’d say something like that…

Dinah: yeah. and it’s none other than…

Paige, Pearl & Dinah: BASQAT!

Pearl: *Growling* I swear that i am getting really sick and fed up of that guy. that guy is a total pain in the ass.

Dinah: Ditto. The jury is out. that guy has got to go. he’s just no darn good to be left alone.

Pearl: We’ll fix him. But now for my piece. Peter and I have spent time at the Fashion store and he bought me some Diamonds. He and i have spoken about having a Dinner date. He’s talked about having it since yesterday. But after yesterday’s little scene with Rebecca. he didn’t press it because all it would do was get Rebecca to stick her darn nose where it was not wanted. That Rebecca is a total downer. you know… if she wasn’t a member of the whole family and was just some busy body. I’d cream her. Actually, no. I think that i’d give you the honors of giving her a real smackdown, Dinah. I don’t like being tough on will. *Tickled Pink about the Dinner date with Peter*

Dinah: *Touched* Awwww! I am so happy for you, Pearl. You deserve it. you should get all the happiness there is to be had.

Paige: that is right. just because we are feeling the happy disease… doesn’t mean that you should be without.

Dinah: And of course… as for me… Shingo and i did a little secret agent spying and went to follow Zod. See what he was up to. You’re never gonna believe what we found.

Paige: What? Did Zod decide to revert to his cuddly self?

Dinah: No… He turned into a super menace. you won’t believe it when you hear this. But i’ll give you a Clue. What’s faster than a speeding bullet, able to jump the highest tower in a single bound and can blow you away, see through objects and fire a shot of fire from his eyes and has the calling Card for Z?

Pearl: *Gasps* What? You’re kidding? Zod has powers now? How?

Dinah: How should i know? All i know is that he now has them and he’s not gonna be a simple guy. He can fly and is super strong too. I caught him at the Docks and he sped right through the crates and one of the steel plates that were there like it was nothing at all. Shingo had to nearly contain himself because even he was spooked.

Pearl: *Concerned* If he’s now got abilities… that makes him ever more the threat than he was before. he’s now lethal.

Paige: How can we fight someone like him? If he’s got the abilities. We’re gonna need exactly what John Jones once said. the 3 of us… our 4 cousins… their sisters… and the rest of the family who have powers.

Dinah: will that be enough?

Pearl: It has to be. it just has to be.

Pearl then walks over to her dresser and pulls out the Crystals and makes a decision on using one of them. Paige takes one look and motions for Pearl to put them away. But as she was putting them back away… one of the crystals started glowing and emitting a high pitched screech. it began humming…

Dinah: *Gaffawing* What’s up with the crystal? Is it short circuiting?

Paige: I haven’t a clue. Pearl, what were you trying to do with that Crystal? You know that they’re not the least bit Safe. Didn’t Jor-el mention once during the short time he was here that the Crystals were profoundly unpredictable?

Pearl: *Pausing* Uh, Yeah. he did. But… to be really straight with that… what difference would it make now? The Crystals making that loud noise and it’s hurting my ears.  *Covering her ears*

Dinah: It’s hurting mines too.

The windows begin to shake…

Paige: *Seeing the Crystal beginning to glow even brighter* Uh-oh. i think that we’re about to find out what it’s gonna do.

Pearl: *Freaking out* I think…. that…. w-w-w-w-we sh-sh-sh-sh-should get out of here while the going is good…

Paige: yeah… let’s go.

Dinah: *Making a dash to the door* Tough girl’s first. Get me away from that psycho Crystal.

The Crystal powered up more and before the girls could make a run for it…

Paige: *With her sisters; Getting blasted by the Beam coming from the Crystal and trapped into a portal* AHHHH!

Paige Pearl and Dinah while in a portal fly up into the skies and into space. They were on their way to the Phantom Zone…

Paige: *Inside the Portal* What the heck is this?

Pearl: *Trying to Move around* There is no room in here. Why is this portal so thin?

Dinah: How the heck should i know? i am kinda in a tight Squeeze myself here. It’s not like i can just slip though and escape here… we’re stuck here and on our way to somewhere not so subtle.

Pearl: *Looking down* Whoa. There’s an opening under us…

Paige: It could be a way out… Step through.

Dinah: You’re the boss. you first. we’ll follow. anything to get out of this tight spot.

The girls step through and fall down the opening…

Paige: *With her sisters; reaching the end of the opening and falling out of the portal* Ahhhh! *Hitting the hillside and Rolling down to the lower ground* Whoa!

Pearl: *On the ground and looking around* W-wh-where are we?

Dinah: *Looking up after touching the ground* Ask me that in about a few years. *Getting up from the ground and Dusting herself off* Darn it… My Pants are dusty. Some place this is… don’t know where we are… but who ever owns this place really has the worst upkeep ever. *Looking ahead* slabs of rocks and Metal rods… Hills and a pool. A Pool of… Blood? What?!

Paige: *Looking up and seeing 4 moons in the sky* I don’t think that we’re in Metropolis anymore girls.

Pearl: *Sighs with a brief release of air* Okay. Now that we got that said… Anyone up to telling where we really are?

Suddenly a couple of Wraiths Fly by and Since Paige, Pearl and Dinah were not up to just sticking to standing in the same spot or sticking around within the weird dimension that they were suddenly slapped in… They made their way towards trying to find a way out. But as they started walking…

Wraith: *Attacking the girls* Rawr!

Paige: What is this thing trying to attack us?

Dinah: *Seeing the Monster* I don’t know, but i don’t think that it’s a sweet cherub. it’s not even a pretty kitty either. that thing’s just about the ugliest thing ever to exist. *Getting attacked by a Wraith* Ugh… What the?!

Pearl: Should we at least try do something?

Dinah: And what might i ask do you suppose we do. These… *Getting attacked by Zoners* things aren’t exactly giving us an opening or a break.

Paige: I don’t think we can hold much more… * Trying to pull away from the Wraith* Come on…

Pearl: We can’t just do nothing can we? We have got to do something.

Paige: You’re right! We need to do something! We need to defend ourselves.

Dinah: Like transform? We can try that, can we?

Paige: Good idea Dinah. We can try it. Let’s do this!!

Paige, Pearl & Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

They try to transform but unfortunately, Nothing happens….

Paige: Huh?! It didn’t work! Why?!

Pearl: That’s not good!

Dinah: Maybe we need to try to transform individually…maybe.

Pearl: Worth the try. What do we got to lose?

Paige: I guess so. *gets back in transformation pose* Miss Love Power…

Pearl: *gets back in transformation pose* Bubble Maiden Power….

Dinah: *gets back in transformation pose* Thunder Mistress Power…

Paige, Pearl & Dinah: MAKE UP!!!

Again they try to transform and once again nothing happens, except this time their power belts go dead.

Paige: *In dread* Oh no!

Pearl: *Freaked* NO!

Dinah: *Scoffs* That’s just great! Now what are we gonna do?! We got no powers and we sure can’t use our hands and feet against these Wraiths.

Paige: That must mean… that we’re stuck.

Dinah: You know… I’m starting to get a weird sense of Deja Vu… this incident seems very familiar.

Pearl: Really? Whatever it is… i don’t want to know.

General Zod’s Spirit: *In Spirit; Sending a swarm of Wraiths to the girls* Humans… You have come to a place that is forbidden to the likes of you…

Paige: *Looking at the Spirit* Who the heck are you? What do you want?

General Zod’s Spirit: Silence. State your purpose here? And Why aren’t you Kneeling before me?

Pearl: *Confused* Uh, Come again? Kneel?! Uh…

Dinah: Oh God. Don’t tell me. this Spirit is General Zod. Isn’t it?

General Zod’s Spirit: Yes. That is right. I am General Zod. And you are…

Paige: I’m Paige Cass Rhapsody. I am the leader of the group. The Rhapsody Girls Z!

Pearl: I’m Pearl Lucy Rhapsody. I am the baby of the crew.

Dinah: And i’m Dinah Ellen Rhapsody. I am the Tough girl of the team.

General Zod’s Spirit: I am not supposed to be civil. i’m a Brute. but… Since you’ve stepped into uncharted domain… I shall bid you welcome. Welcome to the Phantom Zone… Paige, Pearl and Dinah.

Paige: *Gasps* What?!

Dinah: We’re in the Prison… the Eternal Hell that Jor-el Created. Oh man… *Slapping her forehead*…

But At Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku was getting ready to go out to search for her kids when she suddenly heard the phone ring. it was an Audio call on the screen. She turned around and hurried on over to answer it.

Princess Rikku: *Answering the call* Hello?

Princess Julie: *voice* Hey, Princess Rikku?

Princess Rikku: Princess Julie?

Princess Julie: *voice* No, it’s Miranda Cosgrove. Of course it’s me! How have you been doing?

Princess Rikku: Okay I guess. I just had to kick Rebecca out of the house because she accused me of not parenting my daughters right.

Princess Julie: *voice* Oh my. That’s not good.

Princess Rikku: On top of all that, I am real worried about my daughters. I have no idea where Betty and Angel are. And I was here when Paige, Pearl and Dinah came home today, but all of a sudden, they disappeared on me and I have no idea where they went to. it’s been like a couple hours since they came home.

Princess Julie: *voice* That’s horrible. Did you call whoever may have seen them?

Princess Rikku: Yes, i have. but to my dismay had no such luck.

Princess Julie: *voice* I’m sure that you’ll find them. They might be just out somewhere.

Princess Rikku: What worries me is that their friend Clark had told me that even he hadn’t seen the girls today at all or tonight. I’m starting to get rather worried.

Princess Julie: *voice* Uh, Cousin. This is a little bit of a serious matter and i am not sure how to let it out, but I got something I want to tell you…

Princess Rikku: Okay, what is it? Are you alright?

Princess Julie: *voice* I Have a Adopted Daughter. Shanna Wylee. I was awarded her by someone named Joe. i must have been racking my brains as i was trying to figure out who i’d award my Adopted daughter to.  I must have called at least 4 other ones to see if they’d have her. They were not into it. i wanted to really think about this. And as it turns out. i have been thinking about it, and I have come to a unanimous decision and realized that you’re the best choice. I know about the last one… the Corrupted Girls Princess Amy and Amelia. I knew that they were gonna be bad as they let the influences of the low life cretins in the city ruin her mind. but you tried hard as hell to do what was right for the girl. but the girl turned on you and Betty. But my decision is clear. I am gonna award you my adopted daughter Shanna.

Princess Rikku: *surprised* Shanna? You wanna give me her?! Are you sure about that?

Princess Julie: *voice* Yes. I am very sure. I’ll be bringing her in to live with you guys within the week. I’m sure she’ll be happier living with you guys. I tried to take care of her… but between her habit and Jess’s and mine. the food cost and the things she needs and things that Jess needs and then me… i tried. but i just can’t carry on. Between Jobs… i don’t make alot. and i have work as a Nurse or a doctor. i got a job as a bellhop at the hotel. they don’t pay much. and the Tips are rather slim picking. That’s why you’re gonna be given her. Shanna will have a better life being with you. because at least with you… she’ll see more than the T.V and just the casual outside people.  With you… She’ll be in better care. and with the love and Warmth she deserves.

Princess Rikku: Well…..if you insist. I’ll accept her as though she was one of my very own. There’ll be nothing but love here.

Princess Julie: *voice* Great! I’m sure that she’ll be delighted that she’s going to live with you guys. She’ll love it there.

Princess Rikku: Whenever you’re ready. Let me know, and I’ll come and get her.

Princess Julie: *voice* I’ll be glad to.

Princess Rikku: Then we’re settled then.

Princess Julie: *voice* I’ll see you then.

Princess Rikku: Okay cousin. Take care.

Princess Julie: *Voice* You too. and don’t worry. Wherever your 3 girls are… i am sure that they’re safe and will be coming home in no time. Like the old fabled tales once pointed out time after time. “Home is where the heart lies”.

The call ends and Princess Rikku made her way out to her cousin’s house. She wanted to see her Cousin King John and knew that if he were to know what was happening, he’d ask a whole mess of questions. So… she had to make sure that she didn’t spill it to him. She made it there just minutes later and knocked on the door.

At King John’s house…

King John: *Opening the door* Hey there Pink-haired Fuzzball. What’s up?

Princess Rikku: Not much. I just had to get away from my house for a little bit. Plus wanted to stop by and visit. It has been a while.

King John: It sure has been a while. *Stepping to the side and having his cousin come in* It’s a nice night out. My Wife came back just last week.

Princess Rikku: That’s nice. i am happy that you have her back. How are the boys taking it?

King John: Oh. They’re taking it quite fine. They actually have missed their mother so much that when they knew that she was back… they almost didn’t want to leave the house.

Princess Rikku: You don’t say. It must had been a real reunion for them. She isn’t the biological mother… but she’s still someone that is close to them.

Princess Rikku came in and followed her cousin to the living room. She was having something bugging her and as soon as she sat down again…

King John: *Looking at Princess Rikku* I heard from Rebecca and i am not too pleased with what she said about you.

Princess Rikku: *Rolling her eyes* What did the cold-hearted bitch say about me?

King John: It’s not exactly of what she said that gets me. it’s how she said and where she was calling from.

Princess Rikku: Why do you think that?

King John: *Sighs* Well… She was bashing you. She said that you were being incompetent and that someone should call Children services on you and take the kids away from you. Saying things like: “She is not disciplining her kids the right way. She refuses to smack them when they get out of line and won’t raise them with authority. She constantly allows them to run around and do what ever the hell they please and not have any punishment.”  She is dragging you through the mud. Making you sound like a careless mother. Which i can’t say as though i would blame her. When my boys misbehave… i ground them and believe me. I did ground them. i wouldn’t hit them… but i would punish them. You never punish your girls. i had never seen you do that… even once. Maybe because i wasn’t paying much attention.

Princess Rikku: Rebecca is a bitch. I do discipline my girls. i do. like when they tried to sneak out the other night. i got on them about it. i lectured them over it.  I have also grounded them too when it was indeed necessary. But Rebecca thinks that i am a terrible mother because i won’t subject myself to hitting my own daughters. I am not gonna do that. no matter how bad they decide to get. i will never stoop to doing that. Ever.

King John: That is good. Rebecca never had a love of her own. and i think now we both know and see why.

Princess Rikku: I do. and am so sorry for allowing for her to stay with me and my daughters. She was a nightmare. She even smacked Dinah. not something that i am willing to let slide. I Kicked her out. And i don’t plan on letting her back. anytime soon.

King John: *Sighs* I understand. i really do feel sorry for you though. Letting her stick around. i did some digging when i heard that she got kicked out of Yale. i heard that she was kicked out because she was threatening people and also dealing drugs to people. She was not doing any work there.

Princess Rikku: She was just playing on all of our Sympathy. Figures. I should have known that it was all a ploy. She didn’t Come home to recoup. She was back home around us to escape the hell that she had created.

King John: That’s exactly what it was. nothing more than that. Her whole display of: “Oh the school treated me like dirt. wouldn’t give me any break and wouldn’t let me call home. worked me over till my hands and wrists ached in pain” bit was all a smokescreen.

Princess Rikku: Don’t worry. it won’t happen again. She is not welcomed in my home. that i can promise.

They were visiting and hanging out… Talking about what was going on with each other when Suddenly Princess Rikku let the part slip where the 3 girls were missing. It got her cousin to feel rather sore and with utter disbelief…

King John: Shit! Fuzzball, Why the heck didn’t you say anything? Did you ask around to see if anyone’s seen them?

Princess Rikku: Yes.

King John: Who?

Princess Rikku: Well… their friends to start. the People that they fight alongside with at Watchtower. Black Canary, Victor Stone, AC, Oliver… Chloe. Clark. I even asked Lois. No one had seen them at all. I even asked the girls that they were with during the second threat. They were lost.

King John: That’s not good. When was the last you’ve seen them?

Princess Rikku: Early evening. They were out with their boyfriends. till the evening and then they came home. they were in their room and i usually would walk down the hall and hear a few things that they say. but just to check on them and make sure that they’re okay and that things are alright. but when i went up there this evening… they weren’t there. and i know that they came home. but i truly didn’t hear them leave. i mean that i did hear a few windows shake and everything.

King John: Windows Shaking?

Princess Rikku: Yeah. Shaking. But i didn’t think to check because it sounded so familiar. and it sounded like the girls just releasing some tension about something. whatever it was. i mean… how was i to know?

King John: You heard something and didn’t figure that something was at all wrong? Come on, Cousin… you really need to stop the nutty mix-ups.  You heard shaking. windows going nuts. and you don’t check to see what the heck is going on? Cousin… Shaking windows are not normal. they are not normal at all. that’s a sign that the sirens of mayhem are about to go off.

Princess Rikku: I know. I screwed up. All i can do is hope for my daughters to be safe… and i just want to hold them again.

King John: I know. i know. *Sighs* Look, Cousin… Why not go on home and rest  your mind. It’ll be okay. Listen. I’ll ask around and see what i can find. okay? Don’t worry. It’s gonna be alright. I promise. If there is a way to get the girls back… we’ll do it.

What they didn’t realize was that the girls were not anywhere upon the Earth. they were within a alternate realm. a Galactic Prison. Princess Rikku nodded and before taking her leave hugged her Cousin. She barely got herself back to her house when she suddenly heard footsteps behind her and only turned to see Her Daughter’s boyfriends. Johnny, Peter and Shingo.

Johnny: Hey there. have you seen Paige anywhere? We were supposed to be going to see a show at the fairgrounds tonight and she never showed. She said that she’d come here to get changed and then meet me over there. i got there and she was nowhere to be seen.

Peter: Same with me. but i was gonna take Pearl to see her favorite movie again. i was at the Theater waiting for her to show and she never did. I am worried about her. She usually never misses a chance to go out. She and I were gonna talk about the Dinner date too.

Shingo: Is Dinah around? I had something that i wanted to give her.

Princess Rikku: No. *Shaking her head* They’re not here. they’re gone.

Johnny: Gone? *Confused* Gone, how? How would they be gone? They are usually always here.

Peter: What happened?

Princess Rikku: Well… when they got home from seeing you guys. The girls went right to their rooms and were apparently talking with one another when suddenly, the windows began shaking and within seconds after that. They were gone.

Peter: Oh god. That is terrible. Do you think that they’re… they’re… *Unable to finish the statement*

Johnny: Don’t even go there with that one, Brother. They’re not dead. Those 3 are tough. they can make it out of anything. all we got to do is believe in them.

Shingo: This is starting to seem just like when she almost died taking out that metallic Tin-Can. this is with the same freaky M.O. *Sighs* I for one don’t like it one bit. i don’t even think that it’s funny either.

Princess Rikku: Don’t worry. They’ll be back. i just know that they will… *Trying to stay strong* Just go on home boys. don’t push the issue. It’ll be alright. Where ever the girls are, they are safe. i know it. they’ll make it. They have to.

But in the Phantom Zone…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah were being attacked by wraiths being sent to them by the Spirit of General Zod. One Wraith at a time and they tried to fight them all off. but while they were not looking, a couple wraiths snuck up and grabbed them. General Zod’s spirit ordered for the wraiths to bring them along and walked on…

Paige: *Being dragged* Where are you taking us?

Pearl: *being Dragged by the Wraith; Scared* Let us go.

Dinah: *getting dragged; Growls* You Wraiths are lucky that we can’t transform. because if we get the chance to do so… you’re gonna regret it. Let us Go… Let us go, you stinkin’ hellhounds before i get really Explosive.

General Zod’s Spirit: *Walking on* You 3 are in ties with the son of my Jailer. Jor-el banished me here. i can never leave. Where you’ll be going is to the battle grounds. to fight to the death.

Paige: To fight? Are you insane? you’re a spirit of a murderer. you destroyed Krypton. betrayed the High Council of Krypton and are sentencing us to fight to the death.

Dinah: Zod… You’re a demented twisted freak.

Pearl: *Scared* I don’t want to die. Please don’t make me fight.

Paige: Who says you’re being made to fight? Pearl. i think that the Joke is all over now. we’re in the Phantom Zone, Zod has us here and we’re gonna be forced to fight.

Dinah: which only means that at this point… it’s either fight or… *Gulps* Die.

Pearl: *With Tears in her eyes*

General Zod’s Spirit: *Scoffs* A real Fighter feels no emotion. No sorrow or anguish.

Paige: She’s got a right to feel emotions if she wants to.

General Zod’s Spirit: Only if i were to allow it. I am the General here. i outrank you in command. You’re the Leader of the Rhapsody Girls Z, Are you not, Paige?

Paige: The last time i checked. I was their leader. Not as though it makes much difference here since we 3 don’t have our powers here and our belts don’t work. it doesn’t make much difference now.

General Zod’s Spirit: Then you obviously know that General outranks Leader by several classes. Anyone can be a trusted leader. but in an army… To take out a the swarm of soldiers. You need to take out the General. but you’re only a leader. nothing of a General nor Commander.

Dinah: *Snaps* So what? that doesn’t mean squat and you know it, Zod. So she’s only a leader. she’s still the head of the team here. Hell, if it weren’t for her… we’d probably be up Shit’s creek without a leg to stand on. Pearl and I could try to carry on without her. but we’d only last so long before we fall. Without her, we’re just soldiers without a leader to guide us.

Pearl: And i am the baby of the team. You really think that i’d be this sensitive if i was like a fighter. I don’t have any powers. none of us do. our power belts don’t work here.

General Zod’s Spirit: That would not change what will happen. The greatest wars in history… always had someone who would prove their mettle by putting  themselves on the line. going into battle with hardly any defense.  You want to be heroes so badly. Prove it. Fight for your lives. Prove to me that you deserve to live.

Paige: You’re ordering us to Kneel before a Psychopath. You’re really out there, you know that? you’re losing it.

General Zod’s Spirit: Not very likely, my dear. You may try to resist my demands. but this place will eventually destroy your bodies. You’ll be just vessels. Jor-el had no problem sending me here. all because he was afraid of the monster he made. If he had just given me the one thing i had wanted; i would have not betrayed the planet and destroy it. Jor-el could have been great. leading beside me. but all he could see was preserving life and didn’t see that it was in the blood to fight. If i ever do get out of the Zone. i will make sure that Jor-el feels my pain. He died on Krypton. But the only thing he managed to save in his pathetic crusade was his son.

Pearl: *Snaps* Shut up! Just shut up! The past is the past. you are in here because of what you’ve done. you destroyed Krypton. you killed a whole planet of innocent people. Kal-El’s mother Lara and Jor-el are gone because of you. You want us to feel sorry for you? Get real. no one would feel sorry for you.

Dinah: Same here. And your clone is on earth right now… but if you think that you’re gonna be let out of here… you are most sadly mistaken.

General Zod’s Spirit: *Ordering the Wraiths to attack the girls* You girls shall KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!

Pearl: *Defiant* NEVER!

Dinah: *Starting to lose her temper* Oh… That’s it. You want trouble? You got it Zod. You better be prepared to Kneel before Thunder Mistress. I might not be able to transform into hero form… but don’t you be thinking that i can’t still kick some serious ass. because i can and i will.

Paige: Enough subtleties… Girls, ATTACK!

However back in Metropolis…

4 days later, The Girls were still inside the Phantom Zone and it has been a few days since anyone had heard word one from them. there was nothing changing. Princess Rikku was tending to Betty and Angel. Betty was with her boyfriend and were enjoying a day together. But it was gonna be a bit of a surprise when the phone rang and Princess Rikku went to answer it.

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Living Room…

Betty: *Watching a Movie* It’s such a shame that my Sisters aren’t around. I can’t believe that they’re gone. i miss them.

Dennis: You miss them? What makes you think that you’re the only one who would miss them. I was around the school yesterday and i was minding my own business when suddenly i overheard two of the boys talking about your sisters. missing. at first i thought that it was a joke and played it off. but when the guys came to me and brought it up around me and asked if i heard what happened. i just froze. i was unaware of what the heck happened. but when they told me that they were feeling in agony over the last couple days… i asked why. i mean, if i was gonna be placed into a state of anguish i had to know why. and when i found out that your sisters were missing and had vanished with no trace. I couldn’t believe my ears. i was shocked.

Betty: it’s sad. i just want them back.

Dennis: *Watching the Movie* as do i. Dinah is one tough girl. It isn’t everyday that someone can beat my ass at basketball. she and i sometimes play one-on-one basketball and i got to tell you, she is good. real good. The absolute best girl out there that can play and whip an ass or two at basketball.

Betty: *Smiles* I know. I remember the day when at the hospital that one day… when we all thought that we had lost Prince Richie. She heard the Voice of King Lotor Sincline and just screamed out at the voice. She was just hot mad. i almost wondered if she’d be popping a blood vessel or something.

Princess Rikku: *Laughing a little overhearing the remark* That was almost a kodak moment. However, several people were looking at her like she was losing her mind. i didn’t really like that much. but she was really burnt under the collar. she was nuclear.

Betty: That’s exactly my point. She was letting the Villains taunts get to her and she let loose a little too much. I on the other hand admire her for that. She was showing that she wasn’t one who was gonna take the bull from Lotor. or any threat. She was not convinced that Lotor was being a civil Drule. we all know that he was nothing of the kind.

The Phone then rang…

Princess Rikku: *Walking over to the phone and Answering it* Hello?

Princess Julie: *Voice* Hey there. i am calling to let you know that i got everything set. I got all the records of Shanna’s right here in front of me. it’s done. Shanna is gonna be yours and she’s ready to be picked up.

Princess Rikku: She is?

Princess Julie: *Voice* You bet. I told you that i’d call you when things were all set.

Princess Rikku: I remember. i am just a bit out of it since Paige, Pearl and Dinah are still gone. God, i miss them so much. i really do.

Princess Julie: *Voice* yes. i know. but i don’t think as though you ought to worry about it. the best thing to do is try to carry on. It’s what they’d want for you to do. besides, i am sure that they’d be really upset if they were to see that you were feeling down like that.

Princess Rikku: Don’t i know it. I know it. They’d be really upset to know that i was feeling like this. but i can’t help it. i just miss them so much.

Princess Julie: *Voice* we all do. i miss hearing about them on the T.V. reading about them in the papers. it has only been 4 days since the last time i’ve heard them in the papers. but you got to admit that i’ve read them with tons of admiration.

Princess Rikku: same as me. i am so proud of them. Anyway… i shall be there momentarily.

Princess Julie: *Voice* Okay. I’ll see you soon. You be careful. it’s a rather stormy day out today.

Princess Rikku: you know it.

The call ends and Princess Rikku hangs up the phone…

Betty: Who was that on the phone, Mom? Was it Watchtower?

Princess Rikku: No. it wasn’t the tower. it was your Aunt Princess Julie. i have to go over there for something.

Betty: Like what? Is everything alright?

Dennis: Betty, let’s go out. They have this new Ice Cream shop open. let’s go over there. we can also go to the Mall and hang out.

Betty: *Nods* That’s a wonderful idea… i would love that. *Looking at her mom* Mom, Me and Dennis are gonna be out for a little while. You gonna be okay?

Dennis: *Getting up from the floor*

Princess Rikku: i will be. You two have a good time. okay.

Betty: We will. if you hear anything about Paige, Pearl and Dinah… Let me know. Angel is asleep but she’s gonna be doing something on her own later. not sure what though. She’s been working rather solo as of late. but be sure to let her know as well if any word of them comes. Same as if Watchtower calls.

Princess Rikku: Got it.

Minutes later, Princess Rikku began to head on over to her cousin’s house….

At the Daily Planet…

Trixie: *Working on her articles* Rebecca, i don’t want to hear it. Your Cousin King John called me last night and told me the real reason behind your being kicked out of Yale. I am so unhappy with you. You lied to me. this whole time. I spent money that i didn’t have. to see that you went to Yale. i went without a paycheck from here for about almost 4 years because of you. And now i come to find that you were dealing Drugs there. Smoking. and threatening people? ARE YOU DAFT? Are you BARKING MAD?!

Rebecca: *Snaps* Shut up, Mom. Alright. Just shut it. i don’t want to even hear it. I made decisions that i got to live with. but if you think that i am gonna be put through the guilt trip… you’re truly an idiot. That Cousin of mine… Princess Rikku is a terrible mother. She doesn’t know how to raise kids. kids are what’s fucking ruining this country. Everywhere you go it’s the same damn thing. No damn respect. Kids are to do as they’re told whether they want to or not. to be raised with authority. even if it means slapping them. i don’t care if that’s wrong. but Kids are not the boss of us adults. Princess Rikku should lose her kids. I’m gonna do just that. She’s not fit to be a mother.

Trixie: *Shoots up* Excuse me! Rebecca, I think that i have had just about enough of your bile. you are bashing your cousin. that is an awful thing to do. i swear though… if you do anything… and i mean anything to your cousin and she loses her kids because of you. I will toss your tail behind bars so fast that by time it’s done… you’ll think that you’ve been sucker punched by a mach truck.

Rebecca: I don’t care. i am not dancing to the tune of letting poor parenting go without being derailed. No more. It stops… NOW!

Trixie:: *Ignoring Rebecca*

Perry: *Checking on her Ace reporter* How’re the articles coming there, Rhapsody?

Trixie: they’re coming out nicely. Just finishing the last touches to it now.

Perry: That’s good. You’re doing wonderful work. Any idea where Ms. Lance is?

Trixie: You mean the Word of Justice, the right-hawk wing of the airwaves? no idea. i haven’t seen her around since that one night when things were so out of line. Nice cover though. Her being a reporter and then all of a sudden she becomes a well be hero. The Black Canary.

Perry: We all know about that part. This is Metropolis after all. what better way to keep this city interesting than to have heroes around gallaventing on a crusade. cleaning up the streets.

Trixie: *Smirks* And that’s the best part? Hmm. You must have a soft spot for them or something. not that i should see any wrong in that. My great Nieces are heroes too. Although i haven’t heard much about them in the last few days or so.

Perry: Neither have I. That’s not normal. Sure hope that those youngsters are okay.

Trixie: we share the same feeling. More than you’ll ever know.

At Princess Julie’s house…..

Princess Rikku walked over to the house and knocked on the door, waiting to get Shanna and bring her to her new home. Seconds later, the door opens and Princess Julie answers the door.

Princess Julie: Hello cousin.

Princess Rikku: Hello. Is Shanna here?

Princess Julie: Of course. She’s in the living room watching TV. Come on in. *Stepping aside*

Princess Rikku steps inside and the two walk over into the living room. Shanna was sitting on the couch watching TV.

Princess Julie: Shanna?

Shanna: *looks at Princess Julie* Yeah? What’s up?

Princess Julie: Princess Rikku is here to take you to your new home.

Princess Rikku: You’re gonna be living with me and my daughters now.

Shanna: That’s what you’ve been telling me about all this week. Okay, I’ll get my things and I’ll meet you guys right there.

She hurries to get her stuff and prepares to head over to her new home.

Princess Rikku: Do you think this is a good idea?

Princess Julie: I done told you, I insisted on it. Besides she’ll be no trouble to you compared to Rebecca. Yeah, she has a habit like Jess and I do, but she won’t go off and hurt your girls like Rebecca did.

Princess Rikku: I know she won’t. I believe you.

The cousins had a conversation for a few more minutes before Shanna arrived with her stuff and met up with Princess Rikku and Princess Julie.

Princess Julie: Shanna has a job at the coffee place close by. So she can try to make some of her own money now. but I can’t keep her here. I love her. She knows that i do, but i can’t support her anymore. It hurts me to know that i can’t provide for her anymore.

Princess Rikku: And you think that i will be able to? I am being placed with so much faith. it is amazing as to how just about everyone can trust me. I Like Shanna. i do. but Will Shanna be able to live under such conditions of mines? I wouldn’t want to force her to do it if she’s not willing.

Princess Julie: Don’t worry about it. Shanna is very low maintenance. As long as she’s got her habit, her phone. and her shows that she likes to watch from time to time. She’s a happy camper. She does like an occasional allowance. but she’s more than willing to work for it. she’s got no problem with doing as such.

Princess Rikku: *Nods and smiles* So she is the most Easiest person to have around. Maybe some of her will rub off of my girls.

Princess Julie: *Laughs* Yeah. i am sure that some of her will rub off on them. Just make sure that the habit isn’t part of what rubs off on them. *Sighs and calms down being serious* I would never forgive myself if anything like that were to happen.

Princess Rikku: same here. Pearl Is the most sensitive. so she is susceptible to it. if worse things were to happen. However for both our sake… let’s hope that it doesn’t come to that.

Princess Julie: Amen to that, Cousin. Amen… to that.

Seconds Later…

Shanna: Well…..*glances at Princess Rikku* I guess I’m ready to go.

Princess Rikku: You sure you’re ready?

Shanna: Very sure. And Princess Julie, thank you for everything. You raised me the best way that you could and I couldn’t ask for anything less. Joe wouldn’t have asked for anything less either. He knew that i’d be in good hands with you.

Princess Julie: *surprised* Wow. Seriously? Thank you.

The two hug.

Shanna: Tell Cindy and Jess I said I’ll see them later.

Princess Julie: I’ll do that.

Princess Rikku: Thanks for awarding me Shanna. I will be sure to make certain that she’s loved the way she should be.

Princess Julie: Anytime. I know you will. your 5 girls are living proof that you are a loving mother.

However back inside the Phantom Zone…

At the battle arena….

Paige: *Feeling hurt; Fighting Phantom Zone refugees* I’m Paige. I’m with Love and i am not afraid. Not afraid at all. Place fear in me… you’ll lose. Zod, you’re only kidding yourself. You say that we’re to kneel before you. Well… You’ll be Kneeling down before me. *Grabbing a weapon that is near and swinging it at the Refugee* I’m not afraid. NOT AFRAID!

Pearl: *Jumping on side of the cages and lounging at the Wraiths* I might not have my powers now… but i can still fight. I can still fight and i won’t cower.

Dinah: *Exploding at Zod’s men facing her* Alright… You want trouble. There is another name that i am called by other than Thunder Mistress. It’s Danger Zone Dinah. *Grabbing a Bone nearby and Bashing it across the head of Zod’s men* RAH!!! GRAH!!!! Want to mess with me? Come on. try it. Just try it.

General Zod’s Spirit: *Watching the girls fight back With intrigue* Hmm… Explosive humans. And yet they are in league with the son of my Jailer.

But unfortunately… the battle was gonna take a turn for the worst…

Paige: *Getting punched and Kicked* Ugh! Ahhh! Uhhh! AUGH!!!!!

Pearl: *Getting punched and Kicked* Ugh! Ouch! OWWW!!! OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!

Dinah: *Getting punched and Kicked* Ugh! Ack! Aieeeeee! Omph!

General Zod’s Spirit: *Rolling his eyes while watching* These humans are boring me. Eliminate them.

Paige: *In fear* No…. Don’t. Don’t kill us. We don’t want to die.

General Zod’s Spirit: You should have thought about that before you decided to come where you don’t belong.

Dinah: *Scoffs; While getting beaten* And then you wonder why you were sent here to begin with… I swear, Zod. For a General… you sure are the dumbest son of a bitch that ever existed.

General Zod’s Spirit: *With a dry uncaring tone* Why do you say that when you know that i can just order for them to Execute you right now? All i have to do is issue the order for them to rip your flesh and cut you up… killing you and you’d be dead.

Pearl: Sorry Zod. but our death is not on the Schedule today. *Pulling out her Mp3 player that she still had in her pocket and presses play*

Mp3 Player: “Playing a song* “Sparks fly its like electricity
I might die when I forget how to breathe
You get closer and there’s no where in this world i’d rather be
Time stops like everything around me is frozen
And nothing matters but these few moments when you opened my mind to things I never seen

Cuz when I’m kissing u my senses come alive
Almost like the puzzle piece I’ve been trying to find
Falls right into place your all that it takes my doubts fade away when I’m kissing u
When I’m kissing u it all starts making sense
And all the questions I’ve been asking in my head
Like are you the one should I really trust
Crystal clear it becomes when I’m kissing u

Past loves they never got very far
Walls up make sure I guarded my heart
And I promised I wouldn’t do this till I knew it was right for me
But no one no guy that I’ve met before
Can make me feel so right and secure
And have u noticed I loose my focus
And the world around me disappears

Cuz when I’m kissing u my senses come alive
Almost like the puzzle piece I’ve been trying to find
Falls right into place your all that it takes my doubts fade away when I’m kissing u
When I’m kissing u it all starts making sense
And all the questions I’ve been asking in my head
Like are you the one should I really trust
Crystal clear it becomes when I’m kissing u

I’ve never felt nothing like this
You’re making me open up
No point even trying to fight this
It kinda feels like its love

Cuz when I’m kissing u my senses come alive
Almost like the puzzle piece I’ve been trying to find
Falls right into place your all that it takes my doubts fade away when I’m kissing u
When I’m kissing u it all starts making sense
And all the questions I’ve been asking in my head
Like are you the one should I really trust
Crystal clear it becomes when I’m kissing u”

During the song playing and filling the air…  The Wraiths tried to tackle and tear right at the girls. ripping them to shreds piece by piece. They were being clobbered by the Phantoms and were about to be torn asunder by them. Paige and Dinah were fighting them off as best they could as Pearl was unfortunately getting hammered. Paige was working on winning an opening so they could make a break for it. Within minutes, Paige, Pearl and Dinah caught an opening and broke out of the grip from the Wraiths. They regrouped seconds later as they took one last stand… Standing as one beside one another…

Dinah: *Seeing that they were being surrounded by refugees and Wraiths* Uh, Paige… If you got an idea. you better spill it. *Seeing the wraiths taking a step forward* What are we gonna do? Paige, Ideas… Now!

Paige: There’s only one thing we can do right now. RUN!!

The girls without a second to spare turned and suddenly made a run for it… running to safety in order to try and escape from the wraiths, and get away from the danger. They seemed to be in a panic. Their lives were in jeopardy as they knew that it would have only been a matter of time before they were gonna become just mere vessels and shadows. and if so… it would have been the end of the Rhapsody Girls Z. Dinah ran a bit faster than the others as she had the thought she was not gonna make a very good vessel. She was built and made to be a lot of things… but a Vessel and or a Shadow wasn’t one of them. She knew that if she didn’t make a run for it and get the heck out of the zone soon. She’d become one. Paige and Pearl ran in suit and made way to a safe spot even though they knew that there was no place to actually hide in the Phantom Zone.  They made it to a small canyon of hills and got to where they would be somewhat safe from the grips of the Wraiths.

Pearl: So what do we do now?

Paige: We’ll need to contact the professor. He can get to the other heroes in that case! He’s the only one who can get to the others. We can’t take any chances on calling someone else and not getting through. Those hell hounds will be after us again. and if they get us… we’re dead. We got to reach the professor. he’s the only one we can reach right now.

Dinah: How so?! Do you think it’s even possible to contact someone in this eternal hell zone?!

Pearl: I sure hope we can. I don’t wanna end up dead. Not like this! Not here!

Paige: Then we’re gonna try and contact the Professor. It’s worth trying!!

The girls then grab their Buckles and put them together to get some spark of activity in their communicators to contact their professor; Professor Oliver Queen. Hoping that he’d hear their S.O.S distress signal…

At the Metropolis Clock Tower…..

Oliver was doing his work, looking in more info on the Rhapsody Girls. Suddenly, Oliver comes across research on the beams.

Oliver: Huh? That’s odd. This must be the beams….I wonder.

He looks and sees info about the beams…..the dark and light rays. He seems to be intrigued by the research of the beams.

Oliver: This is real interesting. *Watching as the Beams repeat and go in the same separate directions* Hmm. One Beam touching a portal leading to a realm a World called Azarath. One hitting the Planet Apacolips. There’s another one. Shooting through A realm of… *Scratching his head* Digital Creatures… Uh… okay. that’s a first. So Digital creatures and The Rhapsody Girls Z! Very Interesting. I’ll have to talk to Chloe about that and see what she thinks about that one.

Oliver was still researching the beams thoroughly when he suddenly heard a buzzing sound go off. he looked to his side and suddenly noticed that a transmission was on the computer screen.

Oliver: A transmission? Who could it be from? I better check this out.

He receives the transmission call. He saw Pearl on the screen.

Oliver: The Rhapsody Girls.

Pearl: *Speaking on screen* We need help here!! We’re trapped in the Phantom Zone and we’re stuck!! We have no way of getting out! Please! Help us! We’re terrified! We don’t want to be stuck in the Phantom Zone for the rest of our lives!!

Paige: We’ll end up like Zod and be only vessels and spirits if we don’t get out of here soon!! The Spirit of General Zod nearly had us killed and forced us to fight for our lives. we almost didn’t make it out of the battle grounds.

Dinah: Please! Someone! Help us! Get us out of the Phantom Zone!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: HELP US!!!! Oliver… Watchtower… GET US OUT OF THE PHANTOM ZONE!!!!

Oliver hears the message, and he realizes this means trouble for the Rhapsody Girls Z. He needed to figure out a way to get them out of there, and he could not do it alone. So, he called Chloe.

Oliver: Green Arrow to Watchtower. Please come in.

Chloe: *Responding* I read you Oliver.

Oliver: I just received a transmission. It’s from the Rhapsody Girls Z. They’re in trouble. Somehow they’ve ended up trapped within the Phantom Zone where Zod was imprisoned. The one that’s out now is just as bad but is only a tyrant. and a shadow. but they sounded as though they were about to reach the final curtain call.

Chloe: What?! How?

Oliver: According to them it was from one of the crystals they got on their birthdays. We need to find a way to get them out of there and fast before they end up like Zod, turning into Vessels and Shadows. They’re about to reach their final leg.

Chloe: Bring the Audio over to Watchtower. I’ll call Clark and have him grab something that will help pull them out.

Oliver: On it. *Making a copy of the transmission and uploading it to a flash drive*

But there was something going on at the Fortress that was gonna be the start of the end… it was not a happy moment. unless it was for the Kandorians as they were all there with Zod. and they were gonna finally be given their powers…

Zod and his troops are at the Fortress, preparing to make their move and become gods among men. Zod manages to find a blade of some sort and he holds it in his hand, preparing for the birthright ceremony.

Zod: *Facing his men* I fear that we’ve been betrayed by some of our own kind. *looks at his troops* However, never fear. we will prevail when all is said and done. *opens the blade revealing it to be laced with Kryptonite; he cuts his hand with the blade, and blood begins to come out of his hand, and as his hand is bleeding he pours the blood into the chalice that he grabs, and then he looks at his troops after getting enough blood for everyone* My loyal troopers. The time has finally come for you to partake the moment and thus share your birthright. *he lifts the cup into the air* One sip from the chalice and you will all be gods among men, joining me in having all the powers that a Kryptonian has. Behold… Your destiny!

Zod gives it to each of his troopers and they each take a sip of the blood from the chalice: one by one. But Basqat… the loyal follower that he is… begins to wonder about the 3 girls…

Basqat: What about the Rhapsody Girls? the ones that you used to hold some sentimentality for? Has that wavered?

Zod: The Rhapsody Girls! They simply wanted to declare war on me and the rest of the Kandorians. They were the ones that destroyed the Solar Tower! Our chance to have the power of the yellow sun was gone because of them!! So they want war on us, now they got it!! They think me dumb because i am just a mere Vessel. But rest assured that they have made a grave mistake that will cost them dearly.

Basqat: But sir, You know that they have a whole battalion of allies to help them. They could try to resist.

Zod: But they won’t get far. We got powers that they will never have. they might know their destiny’s and try to fight us. but i assure you. we know ours and will not fall to them. They’re with powers. but they’re humans foremost. they don’t savvy a chance at beating us.

Basqat: And if that one in blue tries to let loose on me. i will take no restraints in spilling her blood.

Zod: No. don’t waste your strength on that. there are other ways to get them… ways that are more effective in getting them to submit to our strength…

Of Course back in Metropolis…

At the Watchtower……

Chloe managed to get a hold of Clark. She was just done speaking with Oliver when she realized that there was gonna be a problem.  She was gonna need a Generator to power the metallic Disc and thereby opening a portal from the Zone. it had never been done before. not from the tower anyway. And Oliver was on his way to the tower…

Clark: *Voice* So what’s the situation?

Chloe: I need you to grab the key to the fortress and bring it to the Watchtower. We need to get the Rhapsody Girls out of the Phantom Zone. We have to work against time to get them back here from the Phantom Zone.

For a few seconds, there is silence.

Clark: *breaking the silence* How exactly are the girls in the Phantom Zone?

Chloe: I’m not for sure, but all I know is that Oliver told me that they were there and they need to have a way out stat.

Clark: *Voice* This is odd Chloe! Of all things you tell me that the Rhapsody Girls are in the Phantom Zone. I am thinking that you might’ve sent them there!

Chloe: Clark you know that is not the case! It’s not my fault that they’re there! I don’t really know what is going on. The only thing i know is that Oliver called and said that he had received a transmission from the girls.

Clark: *Voice* Is that so? Then tell me Chloe. What is going on?

Chloe: I was just here and I got word from Oliver that the Rhapsody Girls were in the Phantom Zone and we need to hurry and to get them out of the Phantom Zone before they end up like Zod, vessels and shadows. which i just told you.

There is a few more seconds of silence.

Clark: *breaking the silence again* I’ll get the key. I just hope that you’re telling the truth here.

The call ends and he speeds off to the Kent Barn to get the key to the Fortress.

Chloe: *contacting Bart and Dinah Lance* Watchtower to Black Canary.  Watchtower to Impulse. Do you read?

Bart: *voice* Impulse here. I hear you clear and loud.

Dinah Lance: *voice* Black Canary here as well. What’s going on?

Chloe: We have a situation regarding the Rhapsody Girls Z.

Bart: *voice* A situation?

Dinah Lance: *voice* What kind of a situation?

Chloe: I got word from Oliver that the Rhapsody Girls are trapped in the Phantom Zone. The same place where Kryptonian Criminals get sent to for punishment. Oliver’s on his way to help get them out. We need you guys here as well. And we’re gonna need the key to the fortress from Clark as well. I told him about the situation as well. It’s a race against time to save the Rhapsody Girls Z. We need to hurry now before it’s too late!

Bart: *voice* You got it! I’ll be there in a flash! Impulse out!

Dinah Lance: *voice* Same for me. I’m on my way too. Those girls are like part of the family. saving them is to be top priority. Black Canary out!

A Moment later……

Bart and Dinah Lance arrive at the Watchtower with the generator Chloe asked for.

Bart: We brought you the generator that you asked to get.

Dinah Lance: It wasn’t easy but we got it. had to cross a few guards at the Luthorcorp plant to get to one…

Chloe: Okay good.

Clark Arrives with the key to the Fortress.

Clark: I got the key. Now what?

Chloe: Now we get them out of the Phantom Zone.

Bart: I just hope it’s not too late. Princess Rikku would not be happy if she lost three of her daughters.

Chloe: Right. If anything happens to them… i’ll be the one to give the call. I’ll take the fall for it.

Clark: No. Chloe… The Phantom Zone is my problem. i’ll take the fall.

Bart: Not alone you won’t there, Stretch. we’re all in on this. we’re opening a portal that is dangerous and unpredictable.

Dinah Lance: That’s right. We’re in this together.

The heroes activate the generator.

Oliver: Here goes nothing. Hold on girls… hold on. we’re gonna get you out of there.

Clark places the key on top of the generator which opens the portal to the Phantom Zone. The process almost fails, but Clark looks up, thinking of an idea to get the Rhapsody Girls out of the Phantom Zone. He speeds over to where the portal is located, and in a flash and before the portal could close he quickly gets the girls out of the Phantom Zone. Paige, Pearl and Dinah are out cold.

Dinah Lance: Are we too late?

Oliver: I sure hope not.

Clark: *checks the girls for vitals*

Chloe: Clark, how are they?

Clark: They made it. They’re alive. They’re just out cold. They will come to within a few minutes.

Slowly, the Rhapsody Girls were coming to from the trip to Eternal Hell.

Paige: *coming to* Ohhhh. What happened?

Pearl: *coming to* Are we home?

Dinah: *coming to* Huh? Is this a dream? Did we make it out?

Bart: Yep pretty eyes. You girls made it out alive.

Pearl: What a relief.

Paige: I’ll say.

Oliver: Are you girls alright?

Dinah: Now we are. I guess.

Pearl: Yeah.

Paige: I think we are. Pretty much.

Dinah: *Rubbing her head a little* Ugh! What the hell were we doing in the Phantom Zone anyway?

Pearl: All we did was look at the crystals that we got for our birthdays. we weren’t even messing with them at all. and out of nowhere… one of them glowed and started acting all psycho on us and before we knew what the hell was going on… we got placed into a window… a portal leading to the phantom Zone.

Clark: You girls should have been more careful. Was there anything else that happened before that?

Paige: Not much. just the windows shaking rather violently.

Oliver: Clark, Why are you asking them about what happened? Can’t you back off? They just got back from a alternative world that was an eternal hell for your people. They almost died there. and all you can do is tell them that they should have been more careful? *Scoffs* You know, if i didn’t know any better… i’d just as much believe that you gave them the crystals to torture them with it.

Pearl: That’s not all. General Zod’s Spirit has a nasty temper and he knows about  us. we kinda coughed out our names while standing up to him. That guy had us fighting till the death. we had to fight for our lives. And we actually took the life of a couple of refugees.

Dinah: It was kill or be killed.

Clark: You took a life again? What will it take for you 3 to understand? YOU DON’T TAKE A LIFE! Heroes Don’t KILL! EVER!

Dinah: *Shoving Clark back* Back the hell off. You are being all righteous and won’t do what the hell is necessary. *Blowing her top* Well newsflash, Kal-el. Earth Customs are this. Survival. Protect your own life by all means when you are being threatened and are backed into a corner. We were backed into a fuckin’ corner, Dumb ass. What the hell do you think we were to do? Just let those refugees and wraiths kill us and turn us into vessels… Shadows? Huh?! You want to be a wuss and not take a life when it came to the point where it was either you or the one trying to kill you… be our guest. But us… We got better things to worry about like staying out of the grip of death… and STAYING ALIVE!

Paige: Dinah, Stop it! You’re getting worked up over this. The Phantom Zone was a certifiable hell. but getting worked up about it isn’t exactly helping things.  Now calm down before you have a heart attack at an early age.

Dinah: *Pauses and Sighs* Fine. I’m just not really in the best of moods right now. That damn Zone was a eternal hell. a moment longer and we would’ve been with the same fate as those Refugees. The whole damn thing has got me all bent out of shape.

Dinah Lance: We noticed. but if you keep blowing fuses like that. you’re gonna wind up shorting out and will wind up electrocuting yourself every time you use your thunder power.

Pearl: That’s another thing. we couldn’t transform in the phantom Zone. we tried twice and our power buckles practically went dead there. If we didn’t at least try to fight while being in the Phantom Zone… we’d be dead now. we wouldn’t even be here…

Paige: It’s got the same effects as the Dark forest of Dark Kingdom. Remember when we were in the dark forest last year?

Pearl: Yeah. we remember.

Paige: when we got there to rescue Usagi from the forest after she taken by Kuroki Mio to see a duel between Mamoru and Kunzite. that was when we found that our powers weren’t working. we tried to transform and couldn’t. although we were able to inside the chambers of Queen Beryl.

Dinah: *Scoffs* That’s a laugh… Metaria and all her glory. we fight her and then have to fight the Moon princess. she destroys the world all for the sake of being with Endymion. but while she started releasing the power of the Mystical silver crystal… Pearl’s bubble harp reacted and matched the power tune by tune and created a reversal. it caused the effects to only reach this city and not the whole world. but then… it gets renewed and made like no one had a memory of what happened. That’s old news. Paige. we all know what the heck happened. besides. comparing the Phantom Zone to Dark Kingdom? it’s nuts.

Pearl: Amen! *Walking over to the window and looking out to see the view* We better get home… we need to rest.

Bart: Good idea.

Oliver: you girls go on home and get some rest. we’ll all regroup and focus on smacking Zod back to the curbs tomorrow.

Paige: good idea.

The girls were worn out and beat from their trip to hell. they felt it. They didn’t realize that there was gonna be a surprise for them. a new addition to their family. but they were too out of it to notice. they just wanted to go home… get to their room and rest…

That night at Princess Rikku’s house…

in the girls bedroom…

It was a major ordeal for the girls. they were just finally back from the place that Jor-el created. the place that was said to be between a paradise to some… and to many other beings… an Eternal hell. in one word… to many of the humans… it would be like a different dimension and or like a Kryptonian Purgatory for the evil beings that floored through the many galaxies…. The girls were Sitting on their beds resting and re-cooping from the Journey to hell… The Phantom Zone was no cruise and their reviewing of it was not happy…

Dinah: *Catching her breath* The Phantom Zone was real creepy. And being sent there because of that crystal shooting at us… Those Crystals are beginning to be more trouble than what they’re worth…

Paige: I agree. That place really doesn’t have a sense of time at all does it?

Pearl & Dinah: Agreed!!

Pearl: I was really terrified at that place. I was really spooked. we were near the end for a moment there… but someone saved us. someone was there and lured them away.

Dinah: Whoever that was… we owe her alot of gratitude. She was really tough. But her logic; it was just rather wrong. “Trust is for the weak” Who’d say that?

Pearl: I don’t know… But those Wraiths. They were really spooky. I don’t think that i liked them at all. A couple of them were as tough as Faora and Zod. They were Hellbent on getting after us. Actually they were after us. General Zod’s Spirit was after us. and was gonna kill us. however before he could… someone came and chased him off. plus Pearl’s music player playing something that shocked those wraiths a bit. A saving grace if there ever was one.

Paige: *Grins* Did you notice as to how that we were without powers in the Phantom Zone?

Dinah: I noticed. I tried to transform and it was dead. there was just no power in it and the moment that we reached the Phantom Zone… we lost all power. we couldn’t even call for help. For the first time in my life… i was really terrified.

Paige: *Nods* Weren’t we all? It was a real ordeal. We were powerless too. Thankfully we were able to land punches towards some of the wraiths.

Dinah: *Disturbed* I cannot believe that it took a whole week in Earth time for the other heroes to find us. *Scoffs* What were they waiting for? Chinese new year? *Sighs* no. it’s not their fault. they didn’t know where we were till we sent out that distress call. Oliver acted quick.

Paige: I know. It was like a few hours in the time of the Phantom Zone. Maybe a year. Plus the part where there were 4 moons in the sky. Bone Chilling.

Dinah: You think? Is that the best line you got?

Pearl: *Shaking off the Visions of what she endured in the Zone* Imagine being in a different time of another universe….something like what we went through. That would be real creepy for us to deal with once again. I hope we don’t have to deal with it ever again.

Paige: Same here. It’s a good thing Watchtower and the rest of the heroes got us out of there.

Pearl: Yeah. I think we should all be rather grateful. Chloe came through just in time. It’s a saving grace. one moment more in that place and we would have been just vessels and shadows.  *Shaking a little at the thought*

Paige: And I am. *Proud to know friends such as the Justice League* I am truly grateful. with friends like them… who needs anything else?

Dinah: Me too.

Pearl: Me three.

Paige: Now that we’re back, can I say it? I want to say it?

Dinah: Say what?

Paige: There is no place like – *interrupted by the ring of the phone*

Pearl: Huh?

Dinah: *Smirks* Hold that thought Princess… i think we got a call coming in for a landing.

The phone rings again…

Dinah: Who could be calling us at this hour?

Paige: I don’t know, but we better answer that phone before Mom harps at us for not answering it.

Pearl: It could be one of our fellow Watchtower heroes checking up on us. I think that our absence really shook them and made them terrified.

A second later Paige answered the phone as she barely said her next thought…

Paige: Could be. *presses the red speaker button so they can hear who is calling them* Rhapsody Residence. This is Paige speaking.

Larmina: *with her voice cracked* Hello.

Paige: Larmina? *Hearing sobs in the background and the upset tone in Larmina’s voice* Are you alright?! You were crying…

Pearl: Why were you crying? What’s wrong?

Dinah: Yeah girl, what happened? What got you with the water works?

Larmina: *voice* Sorry girls. We’ve all been crying and grieving over the past couple of hours. Something horrible has happened on Arus.

Paige: *Gasps* Oh no.

Pearl: What?!

Dinah: *Curious* What do you mean by that?

Larmina: *voice; serious* It…’s Keith. He….he’s gone.

Paige: *gasps*

Pearl: Gone? You’ve got to be…

Dinah: What do you mean?

Larmina: *voice* Gone as in dead. He’s dead. Keith is dead.

Paige: *shocked* Keith is dead?!

Pearl: *lips quivering* No!

Dinah: *shocked* How?! How did he die?!

Larmina: My ex Aunt Allura left him not too long ago. He died of a broken heart after Allura left him. At the Galaxy Garrison Hospital, a Cardiac Arrest got him and he passed away this morning.

Pearl: *Breaking down sobbing* No!

They listened more as the news was told… It was heartbreaking as they learned more about it. Paige had Dinah console Pearl as she took the call off speaker and spoke with their friend. She got all the facts from Larmina and could only bow her head. She did hear that with Keith gone, it would mean that the mighty defender was gonna be in the hands of the Garrison. What were they to do?


After the call ended…

Princess Rikku: *Coming in* Hey girls. You okay?

Paige: *With tears* No. He’s gone.

Princess Rikku: Who’s gone?

Pearl: *Crying* Keith. The King of Arus. He is gone. He passed on just moments ago on Arus. Larmina called and told us. Allura left him and broke his heart. Keith died of a broken heart.

Princess Rikku: *Gasps and running over to her girls* Oh my god… That is terrible.

Dinah: It is. it’s rotten. *Dramatically emotional* We just got back from the Phantom Zone and were trying to re-cooperate from the trip to Eternal Hell. as per what the other Kandorians and the Kryptonian Criminals would say. But to hear that a good friend had died… It’s frickin’ Ludicrous. I Hate the thought that Betrayal and heartbreak meets even the people on Arus. Keith didn’t deserve to die. He was not wrong. Haggarium couldn’t take him. but of all things. HEARTBREAK! Are you KIDDING ME? I mean… really? Are you Truly frickin’ kidding me?

Princess Rikku: *Hugging her daughters and with tears; feeling their pain* I know…. Darlings. i know. It’s gonna be alright. i got to meet with Tess for a couple hours. but you 3 go on and pay final respects to him and console Larmina and the others for a little bit. be sure to give them our love. Okay? i really do feel bad for Larmina though… that poor poor girl. Losing an uncle. Losing a member of the family. that is just heartbreaking. it’d be the same as if we were to lose someone close to us here.

Their Mother couldn’t really do the whole mourning thing with them concerning the loss of the King of Arus. She knew that it was sad and very unexpected… but she couldn’t figure as to why someone would leave a wonderful King. Princess Rikku suddenly made her way out to meet Tess Mercer. But made sure that Shanna had what she needed in her room. The Rhapsody girls wanted to do more and wished that there was something they could have done to prevent Keith from Dying. but as anyone would have said… there was nothing that they could do. As they sat and thought about it… they knew that The best thing that they knew to do… the only thing that they could do was to go and secretly pay their last respects to him…

hours later…

In the Guest Room…

Shanna: *Watching T.V* I like the new accommodations. Princess Julie gives me off to this family. She loves me so much that she sends me to be with a more better family. She must be doubting herself. I like this family though. *Getting up; walking out of the room and heading downstairs* I need a drink.

Downstairs in the living room…

Paige: *Sighs* I can’t believe that we had to go through another loss. *scoffs* What is it with death? I swear… it’s almost as if it just happens to follow us around.

Dinah: I know. It just keeps going on. I feel bad for them on that planet though. Poor guys. They are all in such disarray. With Keith gone, What will they do with that Robot fighter of theirs? You know that they’re gonna need to find themselves a new King and a new Queen since Allura has flown the coop and broke the guy’s heart. *crossing her arms together* I never really liked her anyway. She was so self absorbed sometimes.

Pearl: *Gasps* What? Dinah… What are you saying? That is really awful. Stop it.

Paige: yeah. that is just really harsh. It’s bad enough that they lost a King and Queen and got to find a new pair of royals.

Dinah: *Looking to see a shadow coming towards them* We have company.

Shanna: *Stepping into the Living Room* Hey girls. What’re you doing up so late?

Pearl: We couldn’t sleep. we’ve just got a lot on our minds. *a bit rattled*

Shanna: You too, huh? well… don’t feel so bad. I was in my room and trying to relax. I couldn’t really relax though. i am still trying to get used to being part of this family. Your mom used to be just my Aunt. but now i have to call her mom.  it’s gonna take a little while to get used to. i’ve been only here for about 3 days and it’s really a major adjustment for me.

Dinah: Well, you’re a whole lot better than that woman Rebecca. She… was a total Bitch. In lack of more subtle terms.

Shanna: *Chuckles* I know the feeling. Jess was a bit of one herself. She even tried to snake a few sticks from my pack. Not like i would mind it. but the least she could do was at least ask. Right? I mean. I’d share my sticks with her. i had no problem. She’s a nice person though. Just when she tries to sneak things from me. it just gets me a bit angry is all.

Paige: Sticks?

Shanna: things that people puff on. that is harmful to one’s health. I have a habit like that. but i shouldn’t bring it up. I kinda want to keep it on the down low. i mean just because i do it… don’t mean that you have to be pulled into it as well.

Pearl: I don’t think i’d want to really know what they are. to better save my innocence… don’t tell me.


Chloe: *Knocking on the front door* Hello?

Paige: Who’s out there at this time of the morning?

Pearl: I have no idea. *Walking over to the front door; Opening the door* Yes? …*Seeing Chloe* Chloe! What’re you doing here at this time of the night. it’s near morning and it’s cold out…

Chloe: *Shivering* It is.

Pearl: *Standing aside* Come in where it’s warm. You’re gonna wind up being sick sticking out in the cold like that…

In the Living Room a second later…

Chloe: *looking at the girls and Sitting down* I got some news to break out… There is a group Agency on the move. Checkmate.

Pearl: Checkmate. We’ve heard about that group.  Our one friend that we know. she saw through the fires. She’s a Priestess at the local shrine. She has that ability.

Dinah: Should we go and investigate?

Shanna: I wouldn’t go out right now. it’s dark and really cold.

Paige: We gotta go… Checkmate sounds like trouble. The White Queen might be big trouble.

What were they gonna do? They heard that Checkmate was on the move and it was certain that they were unsure as to what direction Checkmate would try to strike from. What direction they’d come from… Paige and Pearl didn’t want to go out to get in the line of fire of Checkmates dubious clutches. But it was gonna change soon… What were they gonna do? Were they gonna wind up being snatched by a Checkmate operative? Would they be meeting the White Queen face to face? What was the Government after? Paige was wanting to go out and get on the case… but they were worn out from the trips they made. A week in the Zone and then a trip to visit a group of old friends to pay their due respects to the fallen King of Arus. They also had to worry still more about the Kandorians. About Zod. Question remained… Was he gonna attack them? If so, When? Where? The girls Didn’t know yet that Zod could now fly and that he now had powers. The Rhapsody girls didn’t know what to think… But at that time. they made a decision… They told Chloe that they’d hop to it after school. They made a swear on it… Would they be volunteering themselves to get caught by the clutches of Checkmate? were they bound to make a mistake? Was it possible that Checkmate was after them and just biding their time to strike and abduct them? Find out in the next chapter of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Sage continues…

Paige: *Voice-Over* We are caught… Checkmate has us. We were on a case when Checkmate nailed us. The White Knight… and an Agent of Checkmate catches us and we’re introduced by a message from the Wall… From a woman named Amanda Waller. I don’t think that she’s being fair.

Pearl: *Voice-over* We also hear that she is after something… something that we know as Watchtower. She was after Watchtower’s Central Database. the names, Aliases, Addresses of all the heroes. our friends and family. I somehow lose my cool and scream at her. Don’t think i am very calm about being held captive? Well this is where i start breaking in with a leap of Maturity. I will still have a long way to go… but being under captivity by Checkmate’s sniveling hands sets me off.

Dinah: *Voice-over* We also then learn from John Jones the fact that when choosing sides… not everything is Black and White. It leaves us thinking… We also make a decision to dive all in with the hero business. just in the nick of time as Zod finally lays off the first attack on us. And with his first move… he goes after our sisters Betty And Angel. Knowing that it’d Lure us into a certain trap. Do we take the bait or will we manage to trump his ace?

Shanna: *Voice-over* And i start getting used to my new life being the sister to the Rhapsody Girls. I maybe with a few secrets. but i am devoted to being their sister. However hearing that they are always getting put in the middle of danger almost daily… doesn’t make me feel quite at ease. i don’t like it. I sure hope that they make it out in one piece. Even though with the threats of the Kandorians and Zod being on the loose. and him now with abilities… it will mean trouble for the girls.

Agent Waller: *Voice-over* I have the Rhapsody Girls Z! in my captivity. i have them but they fight me and are resistant. i don’t shoot kids. but they push me to order to have their mother taken out. I am a Government agent. i serve the country and i have no tolerance for an Alien Invasion and the possible start of WW III. Will the Girls cop out to reveal what i’d like to know? The Truth shall set you free on the Next Chapter of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 65: “Agent Mercer… press in. Position 1938 to Position 2849… Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s your move!; Zod launches preemptive strike on The Rhapsody Girls Z! “Come and rescue Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand if you dare.” Shanna Wylee now a permanent Rhapsody?! Rhapsody Girls Z! Choose your side. Where does your allegiances lie?”


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