Chapter 63: “Infiltration of Cyntechnics; Rhapsody Girls Z! Take a life or Expose activity of Pidge Stroker. Berserk- word of Thunder Mistress …Dinah goes mad; New Threat Looms with Words… “Your Move”; Ding-Dong Agent Amanda Waller is calling. Tess…in good charms with Rhapsody Girls Z!; Abduction threatens all Kandorians; Rhapsody girls make a rescue & crack down the abductions. Solar Tower near completion, Whoops! Boom! Offline, dear Solar Tower!” Part 6

Paige: *Voice-over* Last time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! My sisters and i were on our date. It began as a triple date then it split into single dates. My boyfriend and i went to the Music Store and found a Karaoke machine. it was actually pretty awesome. I am not much of a singer or into singing; however i got a wonderful voice. I vowed for my boyfriend to do a # for me. It was rather cute. he is the only one i know in my life that was into Justin Timberlake. I was more into Justin Bieber. He sang something from Bieber and it drove me blushing. It attracted a few passerbys and i was offered to give an autograph. Wow! After all this time, i finally get asked for an autograph. It’s not for the fame and the all around glory. But to be quite honest, it did feel rather good. While i was with my boyfriend, Dinah was with Shingo and teaching him how to ice-skate. That’s so romantic. a real lovey-dovey moment. All in the flair of Dinah’s style, being tough but very very sentimental when the moment came. She was teaching him how to Skate. It’s romantic. Pearl and Peter were at the movies and were having such a great time. peaceful, quiet; almost like a romantic moment between two sweet innocent sweethearts. Unfortunately it was not gonna be lasting since we were all dragged to the caves in Smallville. It was the Kawatche Caves. It had these Kryptonian symbols on the walls. It also told the story of a man who came to earth in a rain of fire. The Kawatche tribesmen called this person Naman. We don’t even know who that was, but the part that got us was we noticed that there was an inner chamber inside the Cave; there was an Alter with Kryptonian symbols. That’s what hit us with the realization that Clark was this spoken man on the cave walls. He was Naman. One who came in a rain of Fire… had the strength of Ten Men, shot fire from his eyes. We fell in the cave and it unfortunately knocked Peter out for a while. we all thought that he was dead; Of course it was not the case; counting our lucky stars. Pearl was really broken for she thought or had the impression that he was dead. It made me want to cry, yet…i couldn’t let it out for as much as it started to get to me; i had to be strong. for everyone. On the other side of it; there was a family issue. Our Aunt Rebecca Rhapsody came back; Dinah opened the door and caught her listening in on what we were saying; she came right out at her over it. so did Pearl and i. Pearl was more tolerant though… but at the same time was on the verge of losing it. She was straight forward on it and it couldn’t get any more frank than that. For the baby in the team… i must hand it to her. She is growing up to being very self-sustaining; trying to hold her own in every way possible. But as for us… we soon come to realize that our mom was teaching our class. She was the teacher in our classes.  Not only that… It seemed to be as though Chloe was under the trans of persuasion. She told Lois:

Chloe: *Grinching her teeth* Be that as it may… If you love him… really love him… You will let him go. let him go and stop holding him back with a normal romance that he knows that he can never have.

Which was hurtful to say the least. it was hurtful. I don’t like it… but she did say that she would protect Clark no matter what. so in that aspect. She was working it well… There is more to that; at the Daily Planet Trixie and her Daughter were talking and well The secret is out in the open. Rebecca gets told by her mother that we’re part of the superhero persuasion. Rebecca felt stung by what was done to her at Yale. She was there for nearly 5 years. a long road. It ruined our Aunt. She is hooked on prescriptions and hooked on a bad habit; Yale ruined her…

Pearl: *Voice-over* We also mentioned a little on what we’d do in the future. Envisioning what we would be doing as normal Adults. I see myself as Madame Pearl in the future or as a pop star. I actually think that it’d be a good idea to venture down that road just a little. Paige is thinking about being a Swimsuit model. or a Romance Novelist. She never struck me as a writer but with the illustrious entries in her Journal.. who knows? I read a couple things in her Journal. Out of confidence though. So it is of no never mind to that. Dinah however is pushing for being a wrestler or a Baseball player. Maybe a Gymnast. She’s got the limber disposition for it and has the skill and stamina for it too. So it’s a good alternative to consider. I even could be one too. But i wouldn’t know about always having to train. That would be tiresome after a while. We were envisioning about our futures and a normal life too, but Although we were thinking about what it would be like to have such a normal life… we did happen to realize that living normal lives wasn’t exactly a fortunate Rhapsody-con. At Watchtower… Chloe wasn’t there and had locked the entire system, it left Betty and Angel trying to crack the systems and get back in. but they were having a bit of a hard time. Later i even pass in the thought for another date. to hopefully make up for the one that got ruined.  our Great Aunt Trixie was with her daughter at Yale and of Course Trixie was inside the Headmaster’s office and they were going at it. She was letting him have it. She was angry at how Yale treated her daughter. It made her sick to her stomach to know that her daughter was now on drugs due to the pressure and the maltreatment plus the whole stress regime that she was being put under. It didn’t feel subtle and Trixie was profoundly mad over it… Letting the guy know of how she felt over the fact that her daughter was being mistreated…

Dinah: *Voice-over* Talk about a meltdown and then some. but that Headmaster was a jerk. Calling our Aunt a slacker. The nerve of him. That was yet only one side of the mess… The family portion because there was also the situation revolving Major Zod. he was caught taking a life of one of his very own. He took the life of one of his own, then tried to blame Clark, Claiming that Clark was too weak to do it. Like Clark would kill another person. We would get at Zod over it, then again we can’t really say much for we were also guilty for taking a life also. Ours was a different case…  it was still one that we had to do to save our family. It was a long time coming… but it was our call to make. We eventually saw that it as a terrible thing to do. It took a little time, it wasn’t easy at all. Actually,  it made us sick after the fact. What got us to shift the idea on right and wrong was that we saw Zod’s true colors coming out. we finally had seen what was there the whole time that everyone around us saw and we were too trusting and kept thinking for the longest time that there was a softer side to him when all that was really there was just darkness and Evil. Nothing else other than that.  It made us do something we really didn’t want to do. we vowed war on Zod. I happen to believe that it will just be yet a struggle for us, but to get a chance on a brawl… It is something i’d go for anytime. i went through it once… or twice already. but to go at it a third time… that’s a charm and more. Unfortunately, it was gonna only prove to be more trouble than it’s worth. I just hope that our mother isn’t gonna be in the middle of it. She is the only parent we got. If she were to get herself in the middle of it all or if Zod decided to snatch her just to get at us and hurt us. Not that he’d dare. but Basqat would. If that were to happen, we would be lost. Our Mom is our favorite. We girls can do many things… we can handle alot of things but to suffer the possible loss of our mother? We couldn’t. Chloe and Tess go at it and before they could fight… Prince Alvin and Brenda arrive as well as Prince Avery. They lend a hand and a good one at that. But it was later when we heard: “if they strike me… i will never be noble and i will lay them down beneath my boot.” Before we faced Zod and confronted him concerning him taking a life of one of his own soldiers… we went at it with Basqat. You should have seen Pearl go. She was livid. and beyond angry. She was gonna tear him apart. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes. Peter however broke his fall one time but that was the only reprieve that he was gonna give. there was more than that to come… Because when the Moment came… we for the first time created the Rhapsody Warhead. It was really awesome. i actually was hoping that it could be a permanent weapon. it was really awesome. the power it had. Now… That’s a weapon. But the Solar Tower was finally dismantled and broken… we had no worries about it anymore. The Solar Tower was destroyed and we have a feeling that this will be the beginning of the ongoing fight amongst us and that Major. The Aftermath of the destruction of the Solar Tower was gonna be rather dramatic and a change for us… it would get us to start considering on preparing to fight against an army of Kandorians. I really think that it’s a long time coming… but the real question is that… are we ready? It’s a dramatic aftermath… Here we are with the Aftermath of the Solar tower’s destruction…. and possibly the start of a War between The Rhapsody Girls Z! meaning us… Our boyfriends, Johnny, Peter and Shingo…Our Cousins The Rhapsody Brothers and their sisters, and the rest of our heroic clan. It was to be a hard fact to encounter in knowing that Major Zod would soon be General Zod in the near upcoming future. And now… The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 63: “The Infiltration of the building Cyber-Technics; The Rhapsody Girls Z! take a life or Expose the Activity of Pidge Stroker. Berserk is the word of Thunder Mistress… Dinah goes mad; New Threat Looms with the words…”Your Move”; DING-DONG Agent Amanda Waller is calling. Tess…back in good charms with the Rhapsody Girls Z!; Abduction comes to threaten all that is Kandorian; Rhapsody Girls…Rhapsody Girls make a rescue and crack down the Abductions. Solar Tower near Completion…Whoops! Boom… Offline dear Solar Tower!” Part 6

An Evening later; around the early night time…

At the Promenade…

Faora: *Walking through the promenade* The tower was destroyed by someone…It could have been anyone. These Humans will never accept us. They don’t even want us here…


Paige: *Walking over* It is gone. We heard about the destruction of the solar tower. It’s probably a good thing that it was taken down. because i really believe that even though we’ve advanced in technology and advanced in intelligence in multiple fields. We had to face the fact that we weren’t quite ready for the Solar Tower just yet. Maybe not for a few more decades… *Feeling Sympathetic* But Faora, you are not needing it. It’s only a means to an end.  why are you publicizing the fact that you’re from another planet. I have seen this city’s reaction to little green men. it’s not safe to do that.

Faora: *Turning to see a teenage girl walking over to her* W-wh-who are you?

Paige: I’m a Human. A teen and a hero. The name’s Paige Cass Rhapsody.

Pearl: *Walking over from the shadows with Dinah* And I’m Pearl Lucy Rhapsody. her sister.

Dinah: Don’t forget me. Dinah Ellen Rhapsody. I’m the tough one.

Faora: Wait a minute… *Remembering the names* Paige, Pearl… Dinah. i think i heard about you. You 3 are the Rhapsody Girls Z! aren’t you?

Paige: That’s us. You must be Faora. You’re uh… tied with Major Zod. Aren’t you?

Faora: I am. I see you’ve done your research on us Kandorians, Paige.

Pearl: Well… For the longest time, we girls were with Mixed feelings on what to think about Zod. but we saw that he killed one of his own. He killed Alia.

Faora: *Gasps* Really? Oh god. No… there is no way he could have.

Dinah: He did. we saw him shoot Alia with a gun.

Faora:  i can’t believe it. *Seeing the nearby newsstand*  The Solar Tower has been destroyed. Kal-el must have sent you 3 to me. But just because he’s more Human than Kryptonian… This is who i am. i can’t change that. Ever. You have seen the tags… i can’t just as well hide the tags.

Dinah: And you really think that you can trust Zod? Zod is a killer. He killed one of his own people. Kal-el would never have done that. Faora, You’re putting trust in someone who is not worthy of it.

Faora: *A Little defensive* That’s because you don’t know him like i do. You have only met him for a few weeks. You truly don’t know all there is about the man. He is not what you think him to be.

Pearl: *Sighs* Faora, I am sorry to say this… i am. but if this was a few weeks earlier or before that… i would believe that. or buy that… But we know him… From everything that we know and may have seen coming from him… there is no doubt that he did it. Remember when you guys first came to this planet. out of the orb? Dinah’s boyfriend Shingo told us that he heard you say: “It’s because they are worthy of this planet. Worthy of the Yellow Sun’s power. we may be expecting the 3 girls to tell us how to get the powers of the yellow sun… but this is their planet. not ours. If we wish to obtain powers… we must get them the honest way. work for it. we are aliens to this planet. we have to learn to adapt to the rules of the planet.” 

Faora: He heard us say that?

Paige: yeah. he did. when he first told us… i kinda thought that it was a bit of a stretch. however the more the story played out… i realized that you were feeling adapt to the ways of the planet.

Faora: *Nods* i was. But that Solar tower meant a lot to us… It meant so much to us Kandorians. Zod said that it was our Salvation.

Paige: Well… he was wrong. You can find your own way, Faora. The future will be forever brighter without it. Clark… the one you know as Kal-el believes it to be so. you’ll be fine.

Dinah: Exactly.

Faora: But that tower could have been brought down by anyone. We don’t know who to trust anymore.

Johnny: *Running over to his girlfriend* hey Paige, What’s up?

Paige: *Turning to see her love* Hey Johnny, It’s about time you came. You were right behind me. What happened?

Johnny: I got winded. *Sighs* You are faster than i am and i am really pooped. not so much where i am about to faint. however i am just really winded. *Seeing another girl in the presence* Uh, Hello there… Who’s the new girl?

Pearl: She’s Faora. One of the Kandorians.

Paige: She’s also the wife of Major Zod.

Faora: I am.

Paige: Major Zod can’t be trusted. Clark’s seen how he’s commanded his troops and seen how he works.

Dinah: That’s right. Plus… Faora, Zod was heard saying this about us… but if they strike me… i will never be noble and i will lay them down beneath my boot.” he said that about us.

Johnny: We know what Zod is like and We feel that Zod needs to be taken down. how can one trust a man such as him after seeing him take a life? A life from someone who is a member of his army.

Faora: *Dramatic* Really? You are sounding just Like Kal-el. That is something he would say.  Was Kal-el by Zod’s side in the Argo Valley, Dinah? Zod almost died trying to defend us all. His people. Zod ran behind enemy lines alone to carry a young cadet to safety, saving her life from Enemy fire; He has withstood laser scars and shrapnel wounds to bring her back home where she belonged. The cadet that he saved from enemy lines was me. *Looking at the girls* Rhapsody Girls… i understand that you have a distaste against Zod. and are realizing his dark side. you saw his destructive phase… but you need to understand that you really don’t know the man as well as you believe you do. If it had not been for Zod, I most certainly wouldn’t be alive this very day. i would have been dead or tortured by enemies that were hellbent on conquering Kandor. Kandor was like a home to us all in a way. It housed the house of Zod… and the house of El. Zod had always been a hero, ready to give his life to protect his people, Dinah. He might seem like a monster to you now… but you have hardly a right to pass any judgement on him.

Pearl: *Scoffs* Like he protected Jor-el? From what Clark told us… Zod confessed to beating Jor-el up and turning him black and blue.  beat him senseless. Faora… Dear lady… we know… Jor-el died in my sister Paige’s arms. we were in our back yard when we saw Jor-el gasping his last breath. he wouldn’t tell us who did it. but we know that Zod had a hand in it. he was behind it somehow.

Shingo: *Walking over suddenly from the sides* Dinah even told me that the last thing that Jor-el said to her and her sisters… was: “Save Zod”

Faora: *Sighs* Save him? From what?

Paige: we don’t know. but whatever it is… we know that there is nothing to save.  You can’t save someone who clearly doesn’t want to be saved.


Vala: *Coming out from the side store within the Promenade*

Faora: *Seeing her sister nearby* There’s my sister. *Calling out to her sister* Vala… over here!

Vala: *Looking to see Faora with a couple of Teens* hey sis, I was just closing up when suddenly i heard all this talking. What’s going on? *Locking the doors; Walking over towards her sister*

Pearl: *Seeing another Kandorian* Who’s that?

Faora: That’s my sister Vala. She’s a Kandorian like me…

Vala: *Standing close to her sister* It’s a chilly night. The Solar tower has been destroyed.

Faora: We heard, Vala. We lost our powers. It’s gonna be hard to adapt to the customs of the humans. being normal.

Paige: Nothing is impossible Faora. All you have to do is believe in your heart and believe that there is indeed hope. It will be better. Just believe in the light. It’ll be alright….

Johnny: That’s right, Faora. *Smiles* living normally is better sometimes for you. *Theorizing* We heroes also look to living normal in the future. because as much as we enjoy being the heroes that are roaming the city during these times… we got to face facts. We have to make a life for ourselves. that way we’d have something to be remembered by. a human… whether it be originally born from another human or is a human from another world… we all have a mortality. we only live for a brief time. that’s why we have to do what we can to make the best of the time we have on this planet.

it was getting late and they all knew that they would have to part and head back home. The Rhapsody Girls Kissed their boyfriends good night and hovered home on their Hover Cruisers. However that was after they wished Faora a good night and doubled it for her sister Vala.

Vala: *Standing there with her sister* that guy named Johnny looked cute. Too bad that he’s taken, Human and a bit too young for me. *Sighs with a Smile*

Faora: It’s a sad day for the beating Kandorians heart. Let’s go and grab a cup of their drinks of Cappuccino. *Heading to get a Cappuccino*

Vala: *Feeling excited* i love their human Energy drinks. they are so soothing. *Walking over to the nearby Coffee shop*

It was gonna be a weird night for them when the Rhapsody Girls got home….

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku: *Looking at Bart and Moving up on him* Bart… You are a wonderful man.

Bart: The Fastest hero, Pretty eyes. Plus… i only want to make you happy. You are a amazing woman. *Moving down on Princess Rikku* I Want to make you happy.  I love you.

Princess Rikku: *Hearing the Girls down the hall walking into their room* The girls are home. *Getting up and grabbing her clothes real fast; Getting dressed* I Loved our little intimate moment, Bart. I loved it alot, but i don’t think that having them hear of it or accidentally catching us having a moment like that is the best way to go… They’re not ready yet. Pearl is still not ready for that stage yet. Paige and Dinah are though. Actually… I don’t think i want them to hear of my having an intimate moment. It’s been almost 3 and a half months with everything that has happened. It’s only right to do it while they’re not around.

Suddenly the Phone rings…

In the Girls bedroom…

Metric “Eclipse” Plays…

Paige: *Answering the Phone* Hello?

Rikku: *Speaking on the phone* Hello Sweetie. how’re my darling Grand kids?

Pearl: We’re okay. We just got back from taking care of the Solar Tower. We took it down.

Dinah: *Feeling proud* That Solar Tower is toast Grandma… we trashed it. Those Kandorians sure won’t be getting their powers now.

Rikku: I heard that the tower was blown up from inside. The generators inside the tower blew up. Some people at the dance studio heard about the solar tower and spoke about it to me. i couldn’t believe it.

Paige: *Mixed up* What do you mean that it blew up from the inside? Are you saying that it was destroyed from within?

Rikku: As far as i know… yes. but you just said that you were the ones that destroyed it. Is that what really happened?

Pearl: *Sighs* yes. it was what really happened, Grandma. it happened… just the way it sounds.

Dinah: We were with Clark Kent when it happened. We all destroyed it.

Rikku: *Gasps* You girls have destroyed something that could have given us all a new form of energy. we were all depending on it.

Paige: Grandma… it was a tower that was gonna give the Kandorians their powers. they were bent on ruling upon this planet as gods among men. the planet was not gonna be safe for us if they were to get their powers. Zod was gonna raze the planet and the fact that Zod had vowed war on us… It makes it worse than just the solar tower being gone. *Sighs* We are now in war with Zod. He’s now gonna try to strike against us.

Rikku: He wouldn’t dare to do that.

Pearl: But he is… Grandma, he is. we heard him say that if we were to strike him that he’d put us underneath his boot. We got mad and vowed war on him. We saw his true colors and saw him for who he really was.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Grandma, That guy killed one of his own. He’s a psycho. Worse than the ones that we’ve faced before.

Princess Rikku: *On the phone* Girls, you 3 need to get some sleep. It’s gonna be another day at school. Normal talk time. No more about being heroes. I want you 3 to be normal now. you 3 are heroes and i am proud for what you 3 have done up to this point in protecting the world. but it’s now time to think about being normal. The hero work is always gonna be there. but the normal living won’t.

Dinah: *Growls a little* Mom, if you want to deny your Heroic ties… that’s you. not us. We are normal… but then we’re heroes. we can’t disregard what’s going on. Zod is now vowing war among us. it’s now gonna start a new mess. Zod’s men will try to find us and will attack us at any time… It is only a matter of time before they get smart and begin making their move to strike us.

Paige: Did you forget already about the day that we were all held here without cause? we were made to be the captives of Major Zod. He was holding us under captive.

Rikku: I heard about that day, Sweeties. but your mom is right. you 3 need your rest. I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Pearl: Okay.

Their mother continued the conversation with their grandmother and they turned in… Or had they?

Emma Burgess “Massachusetts” Plays…

Paige: *Pulling out her Journal; Opening it and writing something in it* … *Looking at her sisters* Pearl, Dinah… What do you think we should do about that Major?

Pearl: *Sighs; While changing into her nightgown* I don’t know. But i know for sure that i am getting tired of that Major and tired of my dates getting RUINED. I have had 2 dates ruined. i am sick of it. I am starting to wonder if i am gonna be another “Have not”. I heard about those types of people… Living life winding up going without happiness. Without wealth. without love and a family of their own. No luck. I heard about that… I don’t like it one bit and i am not impressed. *In her nightgown and wearing only panties underneath* I sometimes want to forget that i even became a hero… I remember that day… clearly…

Pearl Flashes back…

Pearl: *Voice-over* I was coming back here from the fashion store. The one i used to go to but haven’t in almost 4 months now. i was coming back with several dresses. about 4 dresses. When it hit me. i was happy being normal. happy and just with alot of fuzzy feelings. innocent.

“Pearl: *At the Fashion store and Walking out with a couple new dresses* these are nice dresses that i just bought. wait till i show my mom. She’s gonna be surprised. *Suddenly Skipping away happily with her new dresses* La la la la la… La la… La la la la la la la laaaaaaa…. La la… la la la laaaa! I am so happy.  I can see it now… i’m gonna be a fashion designer when i grow up and make clothes and make a popular life for myself. i can do anything…

But that thought was cut short when she suddenly saw a girl with a new hairstyle…

Pearl: *With amazement* Wow. her hair sure is pretty. i wonder where she got her hair done. *Seeing a beam of white light coming from the sky and aiming towards the girl* Oh no… *Running over to the girl and blocking the beam from getting the girl and getting hit by it herself* Ahhh!”

Pearl: *Voice-over* Before i knew it… i was different. I don’t even know why i was chosen to be this hero. Something that while at the same time i was excited to enjoy and be able to go and have that sort of fun…Fighting crime and all those Mean creeps… i was also seeing it as a burden. a Curse that i never wanted. To live as someone who would never have a choice.

Paige: Pearl… i understand how you feel. but those beams were unknown and if we didn’t take them… it would have hit a civilian and might have even killed them. it may have even killed us since it was unpredictable.

Dinah: And i remember the first time i was put in a skirt. I hated it. I thought that it was the attack of the skirts. *Laughs; While getting into her bed* It was so silly. I was getting really uptight over a skirt. It was not that bad. but it was the thought that if i had to wear a skirt i would lose my tough attitude. It was just part of me. I always wanted to be tough.

Pearl: *Walking to her bed; getting into bed* As much as i seem to feel annoyed over the whole hero thing and having no easy way out of it… i Like the fact that i at least found a guy that loves me for me and not for what i can do. ever since we were 11 and in elementary or middle school. I was like so popular… i had guys all flirting with me. and i was actually really interested in some of them. I however never could get any of them to commit. They were all like seeing me for my smarts.

Dinah: *Looking at Pearl* Really? Are you serious? You could have told us. I would have knocked them out.

Pearl: *a little hurt* How could i tell you two… Dinah, You and Paige were in your own world at times. Paige with the fetish for over feeling in romance and your Tough girl physique.  My mind was all with the idea that i was alone. You two were there… but were with your own minds. You two were happy. If i were to tell you that something was bugging me and dragged you two into my problems, what do you think that would have made me?

Paige: So you would sacrifice your own happiness just to see that we kept ours? *Finishing her entry in her Journal* Talk about having low-self-esteem. Pearl, You give up so much of your happiness. for us when you really shouldn’t have to. Dinah can watch for herself as she always does. So can i. You need to stop sacrificing your happiness because of us. You need to be happy too. That’s just the way it is. *Sighs* Altruism is not something to hold on to like a security blanket. You favor in making sure that we have our happiness. and we love you for that. But even if it were not the case… you are our sister and your happiness is important to me.  and to Dinah.

Dinah: *Looking away* I am not gonna say yes or no about that. because it doesn’t need an answer. Family loyalty is blood and thicker than anything else. Tough girl here doesn’t need to spread it to confirm it. It’s just the way it is… But it’s just as Paige said. Your happiness is important to us, Pearl.

But At King John’s House…

Queen Starfire: Brenda, Darling. Why did you go out and get involved with the boy’s business? *Looking at her daughter* You girls should know that you can’t get involved in their business. It’s not for you to get in the middle of.

Brenda: But Mom, We did it because we wanted to help in saving the planet. They were gonna go after Tess due to the solar Tower being built. Those Kandorians were gonna raze the planet.

Starfire: But it’s for the boys to handle. Not you. You have not been here long enough to be involved. It’s not right for you to be involved. You girls may have the power of flight and the power of the starbolts. but you girls aren’t supposed to be out showing them off. Not yet.

Angelica: *Growls* Then why are we on this planet if all we’re to do is just sit and watch? That Evil man named Zod is the hellbent on conquering the world. he wants to rule. Plus… we’re already part of Watchtower. We can’t just back off.

Starfire: *screeching* You’re part of the hero team? How can that be? You girls are not supposed to be showing off your powers. or abilities. You girls aren’t able to control them yet.

Brenda: We were able to control it last night. the other night i aimed right for Tess. i could have nailed her with a starbolt.

Helen: That’s true. however we weren’t there with Brenda and were here.

Helga: That’s right. we were here…

King John: *Walking in* The girls are heroes, Darling. You are only trying to protect them and that is what a parent should do… but we can’t always shelter them. They got to be allowed to spread their wings a bit. trust me, i know what it’s like to be sheltered from the world for such a long time. it’s not a wondrous feeling to be had. But the boys will watch their back. they’ll be okay. *Looking at his wife* They’ll be okay. what they need most of all is your support. they have your love. but they also need to know that you believe in them. the boys believe in them too. they do.

Starfire: *Nods; Sighs* I know. I am just the nervous and very the scared that something terrible will happen to them if they’re seen out in the open. not the many people like our kind. We Tamaraneans are not exactly the most welcomed upon the earth. even though you and i are the one and together… it don’t change the fact that the people on this planet still don’t the like us.

King John: And that is their problem… You are my wife. i accept you no matter what. *Holding his wife close* You’re gonna be loved here no matter what. i will demand it. You are not gonna be made to feel like some alien or whatever they would deem to call you. I know about the word. Troq. i know of it. If anyone calls you that, i’ll personally kick their asses, from here all the way to Chinatown. and then roundhouse them all over the globe.

Starfire: *Giggles and Blushes before kissing King John* You’re so sweet…

However during the night while all were sleeping, The Kandorians were dispersing into the city… Vala Ran a bookstore and she was also going inside to do some bookkeeping When all of a sudden a Woman in a gas mask… came and sprayed knockout gas before shifting behind Vala and knocking her out. When Vala woke back up, She saw that she was in a machine casing… as well as 3 other Kandorians…

At a Lab across town…

Vala: *Whimpering and looking to see machines; seeing other body parts in the lab* …

The next morning…

At Princess Rikku’s house…

In the Kitchen…

Paige: *Yawning* What a night… I had a really weird dream.

Pearl: No weirder than mines i hope.

Dinah: Was it about the solar tower being rebuilt? If so, then you’re not alone in that one… i had that dream too and it scared the sweat outta me…

Paige: No. *Finishing her breakfast barely and drinking her Espresso* It was about us 3 being alone in the house and something bad happened to our mom. Something awful and what’s worse about it is that… it was done by that Major. He did it.

Pearl: *Spits out her espresso and in shock* WHAT?! No way. Paige, How could you dream about something like that? That wouldn’t happen.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Yeah. It is impossible for something like that to happen as we got a ton of heroic fighters in this family. Major Zod would not have the Kandorian cahooneys to even try it. Besides… he knows that he’s on our shit list for what he had done. Shingo and i caught him killing one of his own people. he happens to think us blind. well i got news for him. Blind i’m not.

Rebecca: *Setting her glass down and grabbing for her bag* You 3 need to hurry your butts up. Your mom is already ready to make way to the school; which actually she has already left and i’m gonna be heading out to the daily Planet in a moment or so. If you want to stall, by all means… but i’m not waiting. *Cleaning up her mess*

Paige: *Looking up and glaring* What is your problem, Rebecca? You are being a royal pain… We just got up only a moment ago. Who died and made you our mother anyway? You are trying to move in and order us around. Not working. And just so you know… We are ready. So back off.

Pearl: *Finished with her breakfast and Swallowing the last of her Espresso* Yeah! *Getting up and picking up her books; Heading out* I don’t enjoy the idea that she’s here. Bossing us around and ordering us about. That’s mean. Who does she think she is anyway?

Dinah: *Getting up and grabbing the plates; walking over to the sink and washing the dishes* Rebecca, You’ve been gone for 5 years and just because you came back from that School… due to Yale being full of pricks or whatever… you don’t have the right to boss us around. Plus you’re a guest. And we smell… *Sniffing smoke coming from their estranged Aunt* You’ve been smoking in the guest room, haven’t you? You smell like staled air… Ugh! *Holding her breath while finishing the dishes; Walking out to get her bag and her books before walking outside the front door*

On their way to school…

Paige: *Disgusted* I am so tired of Aunt Rebecca and her bossing us around. How can she even be a part of this family? Ugh! She’s such a pain.

Pearl: *On her Hover Cruiser* Paige, She’s just being a royal pest. I would bet that if she did that when mom was around… She’d be changing her tone.

Dinah: Who cares about her? Our Aunt is a real pain. She has no power against us. Let her try to order us around. She ain’t got nothing. *Hovering over to the high school* We need to worry more on that Rotten fink of a man Zod… Now that he’s an enemy to us… You can bet that he’s gonna plan on launching an attack on us.

Pearl: And we’ll be ready. *Thinking* Actually, I have been thinking. We haven’t heard from the professor in almost a week. You don’t suppose that he’s hurt somewhere, do you?

Paige: I don’t think so… Maybe after school we can head on over to the Clock tower and see what’s up with him.

Dinah: Right. Sure hope that Oliver is okay.

At Metropolis High School Moments later…

Pearl: *Walking over to the room* I Wonder if our mom is inside just waiting for us.

Paige: I think so… Why wouldn’t she be? *Hearing buzzing sounding off and barely looking down to see her power buckle flashing* Huh. our power buckles are going off.

Pearl: *Looking at her sister* Who’s gonna answer it?

Dinah: *Using her mind to bring her power buckle to her hand* I’ll answer it. *Opening up the Power buckle*

Audio feed: *In a British Woman’s Voice* ABDUCTION ALERT!!! 3 Kandorians have been reported to be Abducted. It happened sometime last night. around 1 in the morning. reports indicate that a renegade Alien exterminator had been on the loose for some time and prowled on the hunt searching for intelligent life from other planets; searching for proof that there were aliens living amongst the humans. the first hit was at half past midnight last night at the east side of the Luthorcorp plaza. then at a quarter to 1 at the far side of the Promenade and then the 3rd one at a book store in the middle of the main street of the promenade. then the last hit was at 3 in the morning. At the Metropolis fairgrounds… *Breaking up* Abductions are at a high…To all… those… alien heritage… be—- *Static*

Paige: *Confused* Alien Abductions? Kandorians? *Looking at her sisters before going into the classroom* But how can that be? there is no way that there would be any abductions last night. The solar Tower was only wrecked and practically torn asunder just yesterday. early night hours.

Dinah: You don’t think that Vala was abducted, Do you? I mean, i am not all that fancy free and tickly pink over the Kandorians, But i don’t cater on seeing any undeserved harm being done on them. *Shaking her head* It’s a little too early in the day to think about abductions. It’s not even night time. and night time is where there are shadows lurking about. it’s day time. abductions are unsuccessful during the day. there’d be too many witnesses and too many people watching. Night time. Anything is free game. free reigns.

Pearl: *Coughing up an Snidely blunt remark* Oh goodie. that makes it even more understandable. What do we do about it? We can’t go out and do any snooping. We are in school right now. If mom caught us trying to sneak out… It’d only mean disaster to us.

Paige: *Nods* That’s right. *Looking ahead and walking into the class* Let’s just play it by ear. If anymore word about it comes out, we’ll get right on it. but not till then. For right now, let’s think about school. Mom is planning on lecturing us about the Spanish Inquisition. It is said to be rather interesting. but… i don’t know…  Wouldn’t it be a little over the top? When was that anyway? the 12th century?

A moment later…

Princess Rikku: *Giving a lecture* Okay class… Today, We’re gonna talk about a point in history when the Spanish inquisition was begun.


Faora: *Standing outside of the classroom; Listening* I need the girls help. they’re the only ones who can help. I can’t go to Kal-el with this…


At The daily Planet…

Amy Diamond’s: “Big Guns” Plays…

Trixie: *Looking at Rebecca* What is going on with you this morning?

Rebecca: *Snaps* Nothing. There is nothing going on with me. I am just f**kin’ sick of those 3 girls. They are so disrespectful. I this morning came so close to giving them the backhand. I don’t know what my cousin does with them and how she raises them… but her girls need a sure firm hand of discipline.  Paige, Pearl and Dinah are really disrespectful. Dinah keeps back-talking to me and i for one have had it. I may be a guest at their house… but i won’t put up with it. if Dinah back talks me tonight, i’ll knock her ass down a peg. I’m an adult. she’s a child. She’s gonna learn respect if it’s the last thing she does.

Trixie: Rebecca. Enough. You are not gonna lay a hand on her… She may be back-talking you… but she is your niece. She is going through a bit of teenage Angst. they all are. just like you did when you were her age. Remember when you and your sister were that age? being a little defiant and a bit snappy.  It’s all part of the Teenage package.

Rebecca: Mom… that was a different time than this. back then times were not like they are now. Times are different. My cousin Princess Rikku is with this soft spot where it’s all: “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child”. No wonder her kids are running loose doing what they decide. They have no discipline. *Sighs* You know what? I don’t want to even get into it. You want to back them up. have at it.

Trixie: *Looking at her computer and getting back to work* Rebecca, i don’t know what’s gotten into you due to Yale… but this new attitude of yours is getting to be really old.

Rebecca: *Looking to her computer* Why are you so adamant in blowing off the disrespect that the 3 girls show off? I have done nothing but try to be nice to them and they have not even bothered to try to connect with me or even talk to me. *Huffs* It’s like they don’t even want me around.

Trixie: *Pauses and looking at her daughter* What the hell are you talking about, Rebecca?

Rebecca: *On a roll with her demeanor* Oh… i think you know exactly what i am talking about. i have only been at their house for about 4 days and it’s like i am no more or less than an outsider.

Trixie: It is not like that at all.

Rebecca: *Growls* Like hell it’s not. It is. It is so like that and you know it. It’s like that. Those 3 girls don’t even want me in their life. If you were to even see the way they look at me. I am to the point where i seem to feel as though it was a big mistake coming back to the family and trying to reconnect with a family that doesn’t even want me around. Paige… She detests that i even existed. Pearl and Dinah don’t even want to stop and get to know me.  *Steamed at how the 3 girls are treating her* I am done trying to be the nice person. They want to see my bitch side come out… So be it!

Trixie: *Sighs* If that is how you are gonna take it and if you do go that way with it… just know that if your cousin gets at you and kicks you out… there will be nothing i can do. All i ask is that you think real hard and i mean really think it all through before going down that road. because once you go into it… there will be no going back. it’ll be done…

Rebecca: *Feeling her blood curl and twitch*

At Luthorcorp…

Miranda Cosgrove’s: “Beautiful mess” plays.

Tess: *Walking into Oliver’s office; feeling grim and feeling financially sick to her stomach*

Oliver: *Looking at Tess walking in* You know… i see that there is something not so cheery with you. What’s bringing you down? that grim look on your face is telling me that either A. The Stocks of the company are plummeting. or B. Someone died a uncanny death. Leaving you out of seeing the peepshow.

Tess: No one died… at least not someone… but something.

Oliver: Like what? *Sensing something coming from Tess* Oh… That. Your dream. Your billion dollar dream.

Tess: *Scoffs; walking to the window* it’s all about the solar Tower and knowing that you are an executive of the company… and certainly had a hand in building morale for the Solar tower… i just feel as if there should be a dire question answered… *Looking out the window* Why aren’t you grieving about the loss? You do realize that the company of Luthorcorp is nearly crippled and will be near impossible to build back the consumer confidence that it once had when Lex and Lionel Luthor were in office. Lex is gone and Lionel was murdered by Lex.

Oliver: *Pauses* Come again? Lex murdered his own father? *Scoffs* Now why would that never surprise me?

Tess: You tell me. You and he seem to have a history with one another, where you and he were constant adversaries and it all began at a place called Excelsior prep.  You and he seemed to hate each other.  But the only difference between you two is that you were not after Clark. the traveler. Lex was. He killed his own father for the key to the box that would control the Traveler… the last thing he said before shoving his father out the window: “I was raised in your shadow.  Now you’re gonna die in mine.  No one will even remember your name.”

Oliver: *Walking over to Tess* Well… Lex is a killer. always was. nothing would change him from being a murdering ego-maniac.

Tess: But instead of changing the subject… Why aren’t you in mourning over the  loss of the Solar Tower?

Oliver: *Looking at the papers* I would believe that the answer to the reason why i am not grieving the loss of the Solar tower is because i feel as we can do better and come up with a more better fiscally responsible way to place the planet right on top. You don’t feel it to be possible to think outside the box and think of a better alternative to making a better and more greener world. *Sighs* The Solar Tower was not the only option. there are other ways to doing what’s right to make the world more brighter.

Tess: really?

Oliver: Yeah. really. I mean, Seriously Mercer… Think. there must be something more better and fiscally responsible to use to place the company back on top.

Tess: *Looking towards Oliver* Maybe you’re not showing much grief over it because you’re happy as can be that someone torched the tower and knocked it down.

Oliver: *Defensive* You know… i really do hope that you’re not plotting to point the blame at me over it. I am not the one that brought it down. The tower could have been brought down by anyone or anything. In fact that i haven’t done much of my part in being the Professor figure to the 3 girls. So i am gonna dive into doing that more. Plus if i remember right… the investigators have deemed it to being a freak accident. what happened to the solar tower that is.

Tess: *Walking away from Oliver and stopping in the middle of the room suddenly before looking back at Oliver; seeing Oliver turning to face her* I take it that you’re gonna play with that line of defense. That’s fine. And it’s nice to know that you’re now being the Professor to the Rhapsody Girls. They got rid of their last Professor. for betraying them and for selling off info that would only prove to destroy everything that they stood for in the city. I just hope that you stay on the good graces of theirs.

Oliver: They didn’t kill their Ex-professor. i have a copy of the footage. He grabbed at a power gun… and was gonna fire at the girls… *Pressing the button on the desk and showing off the footage* Now the original was destroyed and deleted. but i had a team resurrect the footage and they dissected it piece by piece….

The Video plays…

Pidge: *Looking at the girls* I would like to spew a few last words before i destroy you and pay you back for ruining my life. that’s Congratulations for coming here. You were trying to sneak in here and prayed that i’d never notice. that took sheer guts… or complete Ignorance. You 3 have really stuck in and pulled out a hint of Danger. Not that it’d surprise me. it doesn’t really even make me feel fuzzy inside. *Looking at the girls and seeing a couple of extra victims* Well… Looks like i got a bonus… the possible love targets of my betrayers. *Walking over to the side and getting his power splicer* You know about the greatest war of age? how it got started? the Revolutionary war… How it got started… was that our country didn’t like the taxes that were being placed on it. by the demands of King George. It angered the american people and pushed them to start a revolt… they retaliated and one night out of outrage of the excess and thereby unnecessary taxes they grabbed the tea that came from England and tossed it into the docks… into the water, starting the Boston Tea party. and with the long grueling process that fell after it… it led to the grand standing of the American Revolution… A fight for freedom of choice. A right to be free. telling England to leave the country. demanding freedom.  You girls see that i am more wiser than you… i know how to be one fine step ahead of you. I Sold the info of what i had on you to the Shady D.A. I am glad to have done it. You 3 girls have ruined my life and it’s time to see you 3 feeling what it is like to be placed in the slap of reality. to know what it means to having your life ruined.

Pearl: *Angry; Feeling boiling mad* Stuff it… you rotten creep. You’re a rotten low-life creep. You were plotting to kill our mother. and then go after your wife Tammy.  How could you be so downright mean? HOW COULD YOU BE SO ROTTEN? WHERE IS YOUR HEART?!

Pidge: Tammy?! Forget her. and screw that pink haired freak also. Your mother is a two timing skank. i curse that day that i ever made love to her pathetic body. She ruined my life. She took away my daughter. The bitch took my daughter away and you 3 betrayed me. After everything that i have done for you… you betrayed me… i investigated you… at first i was sorry. but after you did what you’ve done… i’m glad i did it. I am not in love with that woman Tammy. She betrayed me. siding against me and going to your side. Even my brother sides against me. *Picking up the Power Splicer* i am gonna use this to take your powers away. i made you 3 girls. i can end you right away. i gave you the powers all from a freak accident. and i have the rights to take them back. you can fuss all you like… but you will soon be with no powers. i gave them… and i will take them just the same…

Dinah: *Looking at Pidge* You are barking mad… You are thinking that we’re the ones who ruined you… you’re insane. and that power whatever it is won’t work. You ruined your own life all on your own. you commit a trespass and transgressed and yet you place the blame on everyone else… When are you gonna take responsibility for your own mistakes? Does someone need to knock you out with a big sledge hammer or huge rock to knock something loose from you? You hurt Tammy. She sided with us and that was the best move she ever made. you were trying to threaten our lives. Our mom is moving on and has forgotten all the memories she had with you. You are old news with her.

Pidge: That’s fine. because if she were to die… i wouldn’t shed a tear. you 3 have no idea that all this… everything began with the start of your mother 21 years ago starting as just a member of my secret service when i was down out of commission for a short time… me and her then became girlfriend and boyfriend. and it went on from there. however she during that time nearly got me court-Martial’d by a Marshall Graham. i should have gone after her for it… but instead… because i was so blinded by the rose tinted glasses… i sided with her but still had to make an apology to the Marshall. Yeah… I still remember that… you never knew that… did you? well there are things that your mom has kept from you… the pink haired bitch hid that from you… and never told you that she and the cousins of hers who are also your Aunts and uncle tried to go against orders and tried to build something… which angered Allura… who back then was just a Princess. but now a Queen. i got on your mothers case about it and i get what… chewed out by your mother’s mother and also your mother’s Cousin King John who back then was Prince John. He was pissed at me and wanted to kill me. because your mother was having a pissy fit and went into a mental breakdown. making me the bad guy here…

Paige: *Looking at Pidge in anger and Starting to march towards him*

Pidge: *Pointing the power Splicer at Paige* uh-uh-uh! don’t even try it. you 3 are about to face your end…

Johnny: *Secretly Sneaking to the back and getting behind Pidge* Hello there… Care to say something to me?

Pidge: *Pauses and turns to see Johnny behind him* Huh?! what the F*ck are you gonna do?

Johnny: This… *Punching Pidge in the Eyes and the nose* You’re a bastard. Hurting people… you should be ashamed of yourself. but seeing since that you don’t care… it will be no trifle on us to take you out…”

Oliver: That is what happened. *Lecturing and raising his voice up a little in defense* Pidge Stroker made the first move. Paige did say any last words… but they were not pushing to kill him. just beat him down and place him back behind bars. Where he belonged. You should have seen this. The girls are all innocent. They moved in self defense. *Walking over to Tess* Taking a life may have been wrong and i am sure that it would normally give a person the electric chair and sign them up for a nice electroshock treatment… but they had to protect their family. If it were me in their shoes… i’d most likely do the same thing. Family protect family.  *Sighs and Spotting papers in Tess’s hands* others can point the finger and prosecute all they wished. but when it all came down to either letting the family remain threatened and or ending the threat. I would go with ending the threat. Lionel Murdered my parents by blowing up their plane. so i couldn’t do anything to avenge them. but if i were with that opportunity. I’d do anything to carry their name and do what was right. Taking a life maybe not. unless it meant to protect the ones i loved.

Tess: Protect at all cost. Like the art of war… protecting those close to you and protecting your family in every way possible. seeing them as a beloved army… “Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valleys. Look unto them as your beloved sons…”

Oliver: “And they will stand by you even unto death.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

Tess: The girls may have heard of that line. I am sure that they saw that Stroker was a threat to their family as he was posing to harm them. He took them for a ride for a long time. I was told about the history between the family and Stroker by their mother. It was not a mistake. He was playing them all. he played them all for a long time. the info he had would have destroyed the Rhapsody girls. destroy all that they stood for.

Oliver: You were bleeding the Company dry Tess. I know that you were working a little hand in hand with that guy from RAO Incorporated. I did it to keep this company from doing the twilight zone version of the belly flop and roll over and croak.

Tess: *Scoffs and smirking at the remark* It’s great to see as though you’re really into staying in the black. it’s where this company is now… in the BLACK!

Oliver: *defensively firm on his decision* It’s better than allowing the company to be bled dry as a bone.

Tess: *Walking over to the desk suddenly and slamming the papers down* You want to play the Trivial pursuit card and dance around the matter. have your little sweet charade. There is someone at one of the subsidiaries that just so happens to be embezzling funds… Funds from the company. So… *Looking at Oliver with a stern glare* Do yourself a favor and cap the drain and find out where it’s coming from. STOP THE LEAK! I told you about it the other day… It is getting worse. Put an end to it before it pushes the company to a high Chapter Bankruptcy…

Tess then walks out and Oliver is left reading the papers and sees the truth…

However back at the Metropolis High school… Paige, Pearl and Dinah were in class listening to the lecture when suddenly they saw a shadow. Peter and Johnny were also inside the room and barely saw the shadow and turned to look at the girls…

Peter: Pearl, There is someone outside the door. *Shifting his eyes towards the outside*

Pearl: *Looking to the outside* Who? I don’t see anyone.

Peter: It’s someone in a femme Fatale look.

Pearl: *Curious* Would it be someone wearing all black?

Peter: A leather coat? i would believe so. But…

Paige: *Spotting the woman standing outside the classroom* Girls, It’s Faora.

Dinah: *hearing the name* Faora?! What is she doing here?

Princess Rikku: *Looking at Peter and Pearl, Paige and Dinah* What’re you guys talking about? If it’s not about the subject we’re discussing; it can wait till later.

Pearl: *Shaking her head* Uh… Teacher… i don’t think that it’ll be possible. There is someone outside… someone in a Black leather coat/jacket and has a tag with them.

Princess Rikku: i’ll go and see what the deal is… *Walking outside to see the one standing beside the doorway*

Outside the room…

Princess Rikku: It must be another student. *Standing outside* Who are you? are you here to see someone?

Faora: *A little weary* I’m here to see the Rhapsody Girls. I know that they are here. I need to speak with them. Please. I got to see them and be kept in secrecy. Zod has just this morning issued a marshall law of war against them and if he knew that i was here talking with them… he’d be furious. I must see them. it has to be secret.

Princess Rikku: *Sighs* I am sure that i am not so fond of Kandorians… I probably don’t know all that much about them. but i can’t stomach seeing anyone looking afraid. I am normally trying to get my girls to embark on a normal life. to make a life for themselves and carry on a life for generations. But I guess that i should gather the hint that they are heroes and heroes always live with little to no option but to go gallivanting on a heroic crusade… *Looking at Faora* You’re tied to Major Zod. if you’re here. he won’t be far behind. *Releasing a quick breath before making a decision* Come on inside…

Faora: Thank you. *Following the Rhapsody girls mother inside the classroom*

Inside the class room…

Class students: *Getting up and pining themselves in fear against the walls* Ahhhhh!

Pearl: *Looking at the class* Stop it! She’s not bad. She’s not like Zod. She’s more kinder and more adamant to living honestly to humans.

Leslie Stevens: Are you crazy girl? She is not to be trusted. If she knows anything about you 3… Zod will know too. They are tight like this… *Crossing her fingers*

Paige: It isn’t like that. She is more calmer than Zod is. She is opened to living normally among the humans…

Dinah: Besides… she’s not like that creep Basqat and like that killer Zod.

Pearl: *Walking over to Faora* What brings you here? It should have been clear that coming here was off limits. Someone could have seen you. Like Zod. Or Basqat.

Paige: Well them or Clark.

Faora: *Looking at the girls* I know coming here was a risk, but i had to take it. Zod doesn’t trust Kal-el. He no longer trusts you. He is gonna be annoyed and furious if he finds out that i am talking with you girls.

Paige: About what?

Faora: My sister. Vala. She’s missing.

Pearl: *Gasps with surprise* What? Why?

Faora: I don’t know. but she was with me last night and sometime during the night she went back to the bookstore… to do some cleaning up and said she’d be back later and had not returned since.

Dinah: So… You mean to tell us that she just up and vanished? That is odd for someone to just vanish. maybe she’s at the bookstore somewhere. and was knocked out. She could be fine. *Thinking* You know what? No. we might think that she’s fine but i have seen enough to know that if we didn’t go and check it out… and something really is a miss… we’d be feeling pretty crappy about it and would only be kicking ourselves in the butt over it.

Peter: No need for the dramatics.

Johnny: *Looking at Faora* Faora, Consider us on the case.

Paige: That’s what i’d be saying. but yes. count us all in it. we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Dinah: There is one stop that we need to make first.

Pearl: *Looking at their mother* Sorry mom. We got to do this. it’s to do the right thing. We are missing school work and it might wind up with us having to be home schooled. but this is what we need to do. Just because Kandorians are aliens from another world with an unknown agenda… it doesn’t mean that they don’t matter. Not all Kandorians are slimy and rude plus hungry for power… Some are really nice and actually kind.

A second later…!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing* The Love and beating heart of Bliss, the Winged angel of Romance… Miss Love… with the powers of Love and sweet eternal hearts…the souls and presence of Evil will be silenced by the embrace of Love’s Might!

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evil will be washed with grace and light!

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lightning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing* The Thunderous Flight of justice… The sparking charge of the Rhapsody Girls Thunder Mistress… By the hands of Thunder and Lightning, The presence of Evil will feel the Thunderic fury of The Rhapsody Girls!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Johnny: *Transforming* Lord Bliss… Transform! *Lights of red and Pink shoot through him forming his outfit; Jumping into the Air and spinning several times   revealing wings and his weapon* ….  *Landing down and Blowing a kiss of hearts; Busting through the hearts and fully transformed; Posing* I am the Love’s Executioner… Those who dare to corrupt the spirit of Love… will feel true Love’s burn… get ready for the Love’s painful sting… Lord Bliss… sends his fury of Love to you…

Peter: *Transforming* Bubble Warlock… Transform! *Scenes of water appear and with the mind causes the water to cover him and the outfit forms on him as bubbles start showing* … *Dancing into bubbles while his weapon forms and flies over into his hands* … *Forming Bubbles and Performing acrobatics; Moving through bubbles before tossing a wave of Bubbles into the Air; Posing* The bubbly man…. the one who with fast bubbles and quick wit… the interlopers who intend to swarm with their Evil grip will be Erased with the power of Bubble’s light. All hail the power of the Maester of bubble power… Bubble Warlock… Blowing the bubbles of light and Mercy your way. Say your prayers… if you dare!

Miss Love: Let’s go and get Mystic Thunder. We’re gonna need him too.

Bubble Maiden: That’s right. let’s get going.

Thunder Mistress: *Nods* … *Getting her hover cruiser* Faora, i don’t think you have any wings locked inside you so… you’re gonna need a alternate form of transportation. Which one of these do you feel would suit you?

Faora: I’m not sure. i guess that i am more of a blue.

Bubble Maiden: *handing her hover cruiser over to Faora* Hop on… and i would caution you to hang on tight. it tends to go a little fast and can serve as a weapon too. but only works to the owner’s voice. At least the weapons part.

Minutes later…

in front of the Tsukino household…

Faora: This is Shingo’s home? *Looking at the house* Kinda looks out of place. but it’s nice. You sure that he’s even home.

Miss Love: He must be…

Usagi: *Coming out of the house* Paige-Chan, Pearl-Chan, Dinah-Chan! What brings you girls here? It’s wonderful to see you girls again.

Thunder Mistress: It’s great to see you too Usagi. We are on a case again. of course we had to ditch school.

Usagi: *Running over to the girls and Hugging them* Kinda reminds me when i was able to transform into Sailor Moon. i had to run out of school a lot as well as you 3.

Bubble Maiden: Yes. We haven’t really heard from Ami-Chan, Rei and the others since our birthday.

Miss Love: Are they okay?

Usagi: Well, Ami is now a Doctor. She’s gonna be really busy. Rei is the head of the Nearby shrine… She’s the caretaker of the Shrine. Makoto is a chef and working at the nearby restaurant. I think you might know of it. Minako is at the recording studios working on more song tracks and making more records. But she does drive around. Luna is with Artemis. They’re inseparable.

Miss Love: *Thinking* Rei might know about things and be able to see through the fire and help us with something.

Usagi: i am sure that she’ll be able to.

Lord Bliss: Is Shingo home?

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Usagi: Yeah. he’s in his room Watching a game. *Seeing a unfamiliar woman near* Who is she?

Bubble Maiden: *Standing aside to show Faora* Usagi, Meet Faora. Illustrious Wife of Major Zod. She’s one of the Kandorians who are adapting to the laws that are practiced and followed by the humans. like us.

Usagi: *A little nervous* She is friendly, right?

Faora: Yes. i am. i am not as power hungry as Major Zod is. Although he is a hero. he had saved me from danger in the Argo Valley during a war on Kandor once. if it weren’t for him… i would have been dead.

Usagi: He must have been a hero. *Smiles* at least to you.

Miss Love: Unfortunately we see what he is to become.


Shingo: *Coming out of the house and Seeing his girlfriend* Hey Dinah. What’s got you out of high school so early?

Thunder Mistress: We got a case to go on. We’re gonna need Mystic Thunder.

Shingo: *Grins* You kidding? Well. I’m always game. What’s the dilemma?

Bubble Maiden: In a sum of two words and two words alone… Kandorian Abductions.

Shingo: Well… You don’t need to tell me twice. It’s a call for the heroes. Faora knows one of them. So she might know where to go first.

Usagi: Shingo, If only i could transform into the sailor soldier… i would and help out. *Looking at her brother* Are you gonna be alright?

Shingo: No sweat, Usagi. i’ll be fine. besides. with the Rhapsody Girls and their boyfriends and me… the boyfriend to Dinah… We’ll be just as fine. But i’ll call when i can. *Looking at the others* Let’s get on the ball.

A second later…

Shingo: *Transforming* “Thunder Power… EXECUTE!” *Forming two Thunder blades as his outfit forms and appears around him* … *Fully Transformed* The Thunderic Avenger Mystic Thunder… feel the Pain of my Thunder Blades!”

Mystic Thunder: *With his Thunder Blades* Time to spark.

Within seconds…

The Rhapsody Girls, Johnny, Peter and Shingo made their way on the case and began investigating the abductions. Paige was clearly lost and didn’t know where to start looking. however, she suddenly came up with an idea… She and her sisters knew where to find the Shrine and knew that someone there would know where to begin looking.

The Metropolis Shrine…

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Rei: *Walking to the front of the shrine* Marcella… The shrine is to be respected. You know that this Shine has been around for many years. i don’t have to remind you that it’s a front for god. He is watching over this shrine and we pray here. It’s sacred ground. *Seeing the girl walking away and taking her leave* Being the Head master of the Shrine is really difficult. i had less trouble being a senshi than this. It’s not the same as it used to be. *Starting to sense something near* Something comes…

She throws a paper towards the spot where she sensed the evil spirit was coming from…

Rei: *tossing a Japanese fortune charm* Evil Presence Disperse!

Miss Love: *Dodging* Well… that is sure a repercussion welcome for old friends.

Bubble Maiden: What’s gotten into her?

Miss Love: No idea.

Rei: *Recognizing the voices and Looking to her one side to see her friends* Paige, Pearl… Dinah. Oh god. i’m sorry. I for a moment there thought that you were one of the Evil Kandorians coming to infiltrate the Temple. i hope that i didn’t get you with the Charm there.

Thunder Mistress: You didn’t. it was close though. It’s good to see you again though.

Rei: Quite. *Nods and Smiles* I am glad to see you three girls again. i read through the fires that the solar tower which was a heavy project of Luthorcorp was dismantled by some rousing extremists and one of them had a sure resemblance to the guy that has been seen making miraculous saves.  *Walking into the Shrine grounds* you girls have missed alot. i’m now a Headmaster of the Shrine. I can still detect spirits and sense things.

a second later within the shrine grounds…

Lord Bliss: Is that a fact? detecting spirits and sensing things… *Landing down* do tell.

Bubble Warlock: Powers like that is a useful kind of power.

Miss Love: We got boyfriends now.

Rei: *Gasps* You’re serious? That’s great news. You girls are entitled to find a soul-mate.

Bubble Maiden: of course our mom is recently trying to clip our wings. The School has started to lock down on all things hero.

Thunder Mistress: It’s changed from how things used to be back then.

Rei: Times have changed. there’s a lot of retracting and alot of second guessing. i detected that a lot of people that come here are mostly troubled with the influence of the Kandorians.

Miss Love: *Shaking her head* There is something that you might need to know… There is a series of Abductions going on and a few of the Kandorians have been abducted.

Faora: *Arriving from the side* This cruiser never was created on Kandor. but it’s speed is really effective. i was about to topple over trying to regain my balance riding the cruiser.

Rei: *Seeing the Kandorian* Halt! Evil presence… *tossing a Japanese fortune charm*

Lord Bliss: *Catching the charm in time*

Miss Love: She’s on the good side. She’s a Kandorian… But she’s not like Zod. She’s more into adapting to abide to the Human laws.

Rei: *Standing down* Very well. But one mess up and she’s gone. i’ve seen enough about the Kandorians through the fires… Enough to solidify the conclusion that they can not be trusted. *Looking at her friends* What can i help you with?

Bubble Maiden: We need a bit of insight on how to locate the Abducted Kandorians. 4 of them were abducted last night. one of the 4 is the sister to Faora. Vala. We can’t read through the fires to get any insight on the matter. You’re the only one we know that can whip out the know how. We also are using this as a chance to see a good friend again. it’s been a while.

Rei: It sure has. *Nods* I can teach you 3 how to use your element and use it to foresee things that happen. they can even work in normal form too. but you really have to concentrate. and practice. Let’s go inside the Shrine. we’ll use the ancient fires to get a fix on where the abducted Kandorians are residing…

However; At the bookstore in the Promenade…

The Door Chimes and The door opens as Clark comes in the door. He saw that Zod was there and became really confused. The first thought that he had was What would Zod be doing there at the book store.

Major Zod: *Sighs and scoffs before turning to see Clark* You’re too late. I am already taking care of this… *Shaking his head* Well… at least you’re not one of the Rhapsody girls. After the way they spoke to me… i would not carry a merry tune and sire to see them again. I am already vowing war on them. Actually i already have. It will only be a matter of time before i launch an attack on them. I have also done way to make sure that the police wouldn’t catch headwind of this. Cleaned up here a bit before the owner arrived. *Looking at Clark suddenly* Why is it that you care about any of this, Kal-el? Why don’t you just go back to saving the primitive humans that you care so much about?

Clark: I am here to help find Vala.

Major Zod: And you really think that i am asking for your backing. or support? Wrong. *Looking cross at Clark* This is all your doing. If you had not demanded that we should all assimilate and spread out… Vala would not have been in danger. She’d be here and would be protected.

Clark: You can’t be blaming me for this. This is not the cause of me. I didn’t cause for her to be abducted.

Major Zod: *Huffs and disgusted* Oh please… Kal-el. Who are you trying to play? You’re trying to shift the blame on someone else. Well i got a Instant fact-o for you. You want to know who is to blame? Think about it… Who came to us and promised hope for us? Who promised to get us our powers and has yet to do it? Who was the one that demanded that we should all spread out and assimilate and live amongst the humans… living as one of the primitives who clearly care less about accepting us for who we are? It’s not me… It’s you. you’re the one that came and done all that. so yes. you, are to be put to blame for what happened, Kal-el. You sent everyone away from me.

Zod then scoffed and looked away for a second before turning to face Clark.

Major Zod: And to think that you cared about your own race. your own people. you only got close just so you could drive a wedge between me and my people. You know what came out from that discretion? Vala and the others are gone. they were taken. *Stepping aside to show a sign*

I found this. it was left as a warning to us all. The worst part of it is that Vala and 3 others were taken. First Vala. then 3 more. the same exact way as Vala was taken. Someone is hunting us down.

Clark: That isn’t true. who would be after you and our kind? *Looking at Zod* Zod, You are not making sense. Why would you consider the idea that they were taken. they could only be missing.

Major Zod: And that would be what those girls would believe too, Wouldn’t it? You know, There was a time when i would believe anything those girls did. but after their Flamboyant Flair and abrupt over reaction to what i’ve done. It’s over between them and i. Some of my people are missing and we can not defend ourselves. Why? I will tell you as to why that is so… It’s because… YOU WON’T GIVE US OUR POWERS!!!!!

Clark: Zod, I have told you i don’t know… countless times. I can’t just give you the powers. it’s not like magic.

Major Zod: *Hurt and irritated* Well… you’ve made sure that you have sealed our fate by burning down my tower!

Zod tries to go at Clark and land a blow at him in rage. But is unsuccessful in the attempt.

Clark: Violence is not the answer to it. You know that.

Major Zod: The Police have already made it clear and written it all off as just an accident. but You and i both know the truth. Don’t we, Kal-el? We know who is to blame for the destruction of my tower. The Rhapsody girls were also helping you in destroying the tower. I am not a blind man who sprays in the wind.

Clark: Well it’s a step up and a move to make up for taking a life. They did what was right.

Major Zod: They did what was right? Of course. For their own kind. for the Humans. You turned your back on us, Kal-el. You BETRAYED US!

Clark: i did it for everyone. as did the girls. they did it for everyone. They atoned for what they had done.

Major Zod: *Angry and enraged* The Kandorians will never see it that way. Why would you be acting so naive and believe that they’d buy the idea that you did it for the humans? and the girls did it to atone for taking a life. Life is life and you don’t walk from it. I was said on Krypton to be a Tyrant. i razed the planet. But i did it because i was denied the one thing that i begged for Jor-el to do. All i wanted was to hold my son in my arms again. But here… Life is precious. Alia confessed to taking Jor-el out. I did what had to be done. Not by Choice. but because it had to be done. And because you were too much like a human that you couldn’t let out that part of you. to Avenge your Kryptonian father. The man who gave you life.

Clark:  Maybe that is true. But you’ll never tell them. Only because you don’t know who has already turned against you. It could be anyone. And you also know that without the tower it leaves you weaker than ever. Without the tower… you are only a man who is lost. You know that? You are nothing without that tower and the others know it. they aren’t blind… they see it.

Major Zod: You can think of me what you wish. but know that because of your actions… our people’s blood is on your hands. they are in your hands and it will only be a matter of time before they see you for what you really are. They’ll leave you and distrust you again. It’ll be your own doing. *Walking out of the store and Slamming the door*

At Summerholt…

inside the lab…

Air Was hissing and there were machines whirring all over the lab. with 4 pods and each of them were with Kandorians inside them looking petrified over being trapped inside the pod and being tortured. The machines were also then cranking and placing some pressure. Vala and two other Kandorians were left from the abductions. they were begging to be let loose…

The Captor that had them was a Dr. Ross…

Vala: *Inside the pod* Oh Please… No. Don’t do that. You don’t want to kill us. We’re just like you. we’re human. like you… Please… let us out.

Rosanne: *Walking over to get her mask* I wouldn’t dare let you infectious aliens out. You could probably be trying to infect us humans. That’s a chance i can’t take.

Vala: But i’m not like that… I’m not. honest. i am not what you think i am.

Rosanne: *Grabbing her mask and walking towards her captives* Oh, Don’t be fooling me with that defense. I have seen your kind all over this city. hearing how you were all within this city and pressing to just bide your time and then try to take over our world when we least noticed. I know exactly who you aliens are. I actually thought for the longest time that you abominating aliens had vanished off the face of the Earth. But when I spotted you and the others living among us, pretending to be humans… I came to realize that you pathetic life forms wanna infiltrate our planet and infect us innocent humans with your presence.

Vala: That’s not right… I’m not that way. You’re wrong… You’re wrong. I’m Just like you. Human. just the same as you are.

Rosanne: Don’t be lying… just Stop the Lying act of yours. I am not buying it. You’re playing with the wrong Human here. I got undeniable proof that is being gathered. i am in motion to share it with the media and get it out there that there are aliens living amongst us all… i will see that the whole world knows it. and when they witness the truth… I defy them to not hunt you all down and see to it that you are all EXTERMINATED!!!

Dr. Ross then slipped on her mask and Marched over to the machine and cranked it fast. Vala gasped and begged for the captor to stop but it kept going….

At the Talon apartment…

Chloe was being met by Oliver about someone Embezzling funds from his company and revealing that he knew it was her that was doing it. he was not happy about it and she just so happened to convince him that she was doing it to buy insurance for the planet. to provide protection… It was a stretch for them, but there was one problem… Would the girls believe it?

At the Metropolis Shrine…

Rei: *Looking at the girls* They are all at a lab… but the fire isn’t saying where it is… However… there is a count of 4 captives being under lock and key in incubators and tubes. Machines. and a woman.

Miss Love: A Woman?

Bubble Maiden: That lab looks familiar though… *Looking at Dinah* Doesn’t that lab look a lot like Summerholt?

Thunder Mistress: I think so. But, if that is the case… then how do we get in? We can’t just barge in. Plus not only that… there isn’t anyway that they’ll just let us march in there and snoop around. What’ll we say: “Oh, don’t mind us… we’re just trying to find a couple of Kandorians who were said have been abducted and kept here by some woman?” They would never buy it.

Mystic Thunder: It’s a bit better than just doing nothing. We got to break in somehow… We’re gonna need to sneak in.

Bubble Warlock: We need to investigate further…

Suddenly Clark arrived and caught sight of the girls and saw Faora…

Clark: there you are. i just heard that more Kandorians have been taken. Vala isn’t the only one that is now abducted. there are now 4 gone including Vala.

Faora: *Seeing Clark* You were out searching for Vala? Have you found her?

Clark: No. but it doesn’t mean that i am gonna give up either.

Miss Love: What did you find out?

Bubble Maiden: Any news on their whereabouts?

Clark: No… but Zod was at the bookstore where Vala last was. He mentioned that there were 3 others that were abducted. Is that true?

Rei: That is true. i have seen it through the fires. i saw that they were taken and are being held inside a lab somewhere.

Clark: What’s the connection? What would Vala’s connection be to the others that were abducted?

Faora: *Revealing info* They’re what you would normally call cybernetic engineers.  Together they were working non-stop and on the process of  performing tests… trying to do whatever they could to get our powers. Perhaps because of the random tests that they have done… it must have caught on and got the attention of Alien fanatics and people who want to eliminate Aliens instead of understanding them. These valiant tests must have been the reason for her abduction.

Rei: Tell us. What were they doing?

Clark: You can tell us. Please tell us.

Faora: They were experimenting on humans.

Rei: The Kandorians must have gotten what was coming to them then.  You Kandorians should not blow off the concept that: “If you lie down with the dogs… you’ll wake up with fleas”

Miss Love: That is true… but Vala and the 3 other ones that were abducted… they may have done something wrong… But they are being tortured. for the wrong reasons. there is a right and wrong way to inflict Justice. what was done to them was wrong. it’s not right. We took a life. We’ve got to live with that… we are gonna be living with that for the rest of our lives…

Rei: *Pauses; confused* A Life? Who’s life was it?

Bubble Maiden: Our Ex-Professor. We took his life. He was investigating us. He had info on us that would have ruined us…

They tell Rei about it and she could only pause with shock and disbelief…

Rei: *Slamming the broom down in anger* BAKA! What was his problem? He was investigating you 3. What for?

Thunder Mistress: Well… the all-reigning theory as to why he’d do that is because he thinks or believes that we have single-handed and without utter restraint ruined his life and destroyed his marriage with Tammy. He lost everything. and has blamed it on us. Remember Tammy Garland? The Gutsy girl that had the sparky charms that could light up a heart or two?

Rei: In brief description, yes. i do. Why?

Mystic Thunder: She was pregnant with two kids. But with the things that Stroker had done. It ruined her. She was never the same. we don’t know what’s become of her. But What happened was that the girls found out that the professor was investigating them. Had info on them that was heavily damaging. Threatened them with it. he broke ties with their mother and disregarded his own daughter. Betty. he however on the said day when it all went down hill was when he uttered the words: “I’m gonna kill that B**ch!” He got himself arrested and he went to Jail. He was on that day being served papers to pay Child support. But from there it got worse. He got put in jail. then a few days or so… later. maybe a couple weeks… he gets bailed out by Tess Mercer. you might have heard of her. Tall, sleek and very concise.

Rei: i have heard of her… And i read through the flames that she is also in secret … a secret agent working for the Government agency called Checkmate. I saw through the fire and saw a couple of the players. The woman who the rest of the agency called the “White Queen”. Amanda Waller.

Mystic Thunder: *Sighs and Walks around a little* Well… she bailed Stroker out with a ultimatum. however Stroker agreed or so it only appeared that he’d stay away from the 3 girls. but behind her back… played us all. played all of us for a while after that time and Sold info to someone named Raymond Sacks. the seedy D.A. Info on the girls that would not only hurt their family and them… but ruin all that they stood for.

Rei: *Curious and Wondering* You did hear that the guy was put behind bars in prison… Right?

Miss Love: yes. we did. but the part that really hurts us is that we had to come to the fact that in order to stop Stroker’s threats and his reign of intimidation… we realized that we had to do the one thing that we really didn’t want to do, but unfortunately knew that we couldn’t turn from. We had to take his life. Stroker… Pidge Stroker is dead because of us. we killed him. He threatened our family.

Rei: *scoffs* You took his life? There were other ways to handle him. If this was the past and a year earlier… i would have been able to use my fire of Mars to give him a hefty burn to snap him out of his ego trip. I know that protecting a family you care so much about is valued and very reprimanding… but taking his life; that is going way beyond the level of domineering Avenger.

Thunder Mistress: *Sighs* We know that Rei. *Feeling stung from re-visioning the tragic past memory* Don’t you think that we don’t know that? What else could we have done to take care of the problem? That guy was a certifiable nightmare. he was gonna ruin our good names. although our names are already mud because we still took his life. We used to be innocent once upon a time. but we’re now no better than the other heroes in the past that unfortunately were harboring a secret that they didn’t want out. or something shady about them that is unshakable.

Faora: Heroes make mistakes. it’s nothing new. i am not tied to any hero of this planet. Even though that Clark is one of us. He’s Kryptonian. I am Kandorian. but we’re from the same planet. You 3 have taken a life. but you’re still innocent. because your hearts are feeling what any actual human would. regret. Remorse. those are human emotions.

Bubble Maiden: *Scoffs* Yeah… Well i guess that it sucks being us sometimes, doesn’t it? We’re human. but we might as well be hard cold killers. taking a life. we are no better than Queen Metaria. Queen Beryl and King Lotor Sincline. The only things Missing from that are the Galactic conquest fetish, the destruction of the planet and sweeping all life of earth away. and the control of power that should not be abused. Like the Mystical Silver Crystal.  we took a life and our innocence went along with it that day…


Paige: *Looking at Pidge* Giving up yet?

Pearl: *At a stand-off* Yeah… you’re beat and there is nothing you can do now… it’s done. Besides… you ought to know that you were going after our mother. *With a heart felt outburst* Our mother loved you… she still for the longest time loved you even after you dumped her… you broke her heart. Pidge… How could you? How could you hurt us like that…After all she felt for you…after you left her… our mom was played by a guy named… Named… I don’t know.  but she was played by two different men. And after you dumped her… she tried to hold strong and what you did was go for another woman… You went for Tammy. A nice and lovely girl… only to break her heart also. like she meant nothing to you… You are the meanest Cruelest person.

Pidge: *Looking at Pearl* I know i did… but i don’t care… why should i care? *Angry and beat up badly* You 3 girls fired me… my wife left me… i got NOTHING LEFT AT ALL! I LOST EVERYTHING! You girls want to take my life too. Go ahead and fucking kill me. go on. DO IT! Be the ungrateful brats that your mother raised. i don’t care anymore.

Dinah: *Launching another attack at Pidge* SCREAMING THUNDER BLADES!

Pidge: *Taking the hit and feeling the blades go into him; Coughing and spitting up blood* Thanks for the death… i guess that life is done for me. You 3 have really… *Coughing up blood* done something that you’ll have to live with for the rest of your lives. My blood is on your hands… I know that you’ll try to cover it up… but the visions of my demise will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Johnny: They didn’t kill you. *Looking at Pidge* You made the moves yourself. you attacked them. and all they did was stand up to you. putting you back in your place. that is what was coming to you… you should have known that it was gonna happen. What did you expect was gonna happen after you threatened their life and stated that you were gonna kill their mother? *Shaking his head* I don’t know how far you and the girls go back… but all i do know is that you were trying to inflict harm on them over some rotten investigation. They told us about their birthday party… how they vanished suddenly. we believed them when they said that they don’t know what happened or where they were. Why couldn’t you? *Scoffs and feeling disgust* For god’s sake… you were their professor before they fired you. They placed all their trust in you. only to see that you betrayed them and investigated them. What the hell man? What the heck were you thinking anyway?

Pidge: Because i wanted to be them… in some twisted way. *Coughing* I know that i could never be them… or be like them… but a guy can dream can’t he? It doesn’t matter to me anymore… They hate me. and i surely didn’t hide the fact that i felt that way of them. Their mother hates me… and i called her vile names… nothing worst as the one she got called in her childhood… but calling her a pink haired freak… *Coughing up Blood and gasping for breath* That was the truth… She is a freak. Who would live with Pink Hair and not notice that? She’s been hurt all her life by boys. by schoolmates in her school growing up. she told me about it all. i agree with them that she is a freak. if she would just learn to dye her hair to a different natural color… it wouldn’t be an issue. *Coughing* Would it?! I know that i haven’t been the best person for her… probably never will because i just spewed out how judging i was of her… I loved her. but apparently not enough if i were to judge her… *Looking at the girls* You girls have stuck up for your mother… covering up her trespasses… just like she had done for years. You should be very pleased about it all. it’s what you’ll be living with for the rest of your life… you’ll be just like Major Zod. craving more power… and never knowing when you’ve had enough…. *Coughing and hacking before passing out; laying dead*”

Thunder Mistress: *Groans* And that is a fine trip of the obvious and a sure jump of the wildly over-reacting Marathon of digging up freshly laid corpses that should never have been made. You could have kept that in the past and let it go. It’s a skeleton that i’d like to let go. we offed the fruit basket. I would like for us to just work towards seeing that; that kind of outcome doesn’t earn it’s standing ovation and get repeated.

Lord Bliss: we all feel that way…

That Night…

At a Cafe near the promenade…

Trixie: *Walking over to the table and sitting down* What a day… I need a drink. All day writing articles for the paper. My brain is really worn.

Minutes later…

Trixie: *reading the paper* Hmm… there’s a few good movies on. But i got a long night ahead. a price paid for being good at what i do. *Setting the paper down*

Rosanne: *Suddenly sitting in front of Trixie* Mrs. Rhapsody. I’m Dr. Rosanne Ross.  I do apologize for being so forward with my outbursts. but i have a story that you’ll want to get the scoop on.

Trixie: *Looking at the woman* Uh, hi. i don’t know if you’re noticing that i am beat. you caught me on a night where work is one of the things that i’d like to place on the back burners. Although… i don’t really have any actual home life and when i do spend time at home… it’s only me and my loft apartment. me sitting by my pretty little lonesome.

Rosanne: This tale will make your career. Aliens are said to be living among us as we speak. I have proof. Undeniable proof.

Trixie: Okay. I am in a rather generous mood tonight, so… i’ll tell you what we can do, Dove. The next time that you want to warp a hot tip to a reporter, just try something people would call an envelope and a pretty 44-cent stamp. Okay?  that would be the best way to get a hot tip to a reporter without having others hearing it and trying to mock you for squawking a loony tale.

Rosanne: I did that. multiple times to be exact and got no response yet.

Trixie: That’s interesting. but i guess it would explain as to why given the Alien Angle that it never saw the light of recognition and put out into the papers for publication and rotted in the loony pile.

Rosanne: *Persistent* You don’t understand… i got proof. i have captured some of them. they are under lock and key in a underground lab under the Summerholt building. Please, come with me Mrs. Rhapsody. I can show you. Help me in the endeavor of spreading the word to people and letting them know… together we can stand and protect the human race. save them from the infiltration of the Aliens and stop their Invasion.

Trixie: You’re very persistent. you know that… *Getting up and walking out* give me a hot minute. I just got to give my Editor boss a call and let him know that good ole’ Rhapsody’s following hot on a trail on a lead.

Trixie then tried to dial the # on her cell phone and make the call; however the call was not going through….

Trixie: You know… these Cell phones don’t work when you need them to. they only work when they wish to and yet… we all depend on them. Amazing, wouldn’t you figure? *Looking at the Woman* I’m gonna try it out there and see if i get a signal out and call my boss. you stay here and i’ll be right back.

Trixie thought that the woman was Demented and was not gonna call her boss. She was gonna call the police. but just as the phone rang and picked up with a response…. the Woman drew out her weapon and pointed it at Trixie… Trixie was freaked and started to shake. She hung up the phone and Looked at the woman.

Rosanne: *With her weapon drawn and aimed at Trixie* I was hoping and with high hopes that you would volunteer and enlist. but i guess that since you’re acting out in reluctance and hesitancy… you’ve practically given me little to no choice but to draft you…

A moment later in the underground lab under Summerholt…

Rosanne: *Showing her findings* This Blood that i have found has proven and confirmed all my suspicions. These things are alien. I have kept numerous and heavy notes on it all. Unfortunately the only problem is that each time i try to share my findings with the rest of the world… it gets dismissed. But i got this all figured; the only time that people buy the angle of Alien presences is when it comes from a legitimate news source. That… Mrs. Rhapsody is without hesitation is where you’re gonna come in with a splash.

Trixie: Alright, Look here… Agent Scully. *Chuckles* You are serious over reaching into a category of spaced out assumptions. Those things are alien… but if there is anything dangerous about them… it’s just their shifting perception making it unknown as to whether they’re being good and willing to adapt to our rules or if they try to shift and start to infiltrate the human race.

A second passes before Trixie starts giving in…

Trixie: I’ll write your Intergalactic Expose on these aliens and get it out there in whatever way that i can… but i am telling it straight that the outside world… They’re gonna take one look at it and either pull the proverbial world wide plug on it and seek to euthanize any nut-ball who squawks the mentions of Aliens walking amongst us or make like their gonna put it out in the papers and when it’s least noticed… light a fire and torch it to piles of ash and dust.

Rosanne: You can say that now… claim it as you deem it to be fit. But i can assure you this… The whole world will believe it when they receive the body parts that i have harvested. I’m sending the samples to medical experts all over the world. *Walking over to the Aliens* When they see the proof that i have gathered, they’ll come and be grabbing for a taste. Cryogenically preserved specimens waiting for the whole world to see; as well as the scientific communities.

Rosanne then walked over to the machines and locked the chains…

Trixie: *wigged out* Okay, You know what, Lady… i don’t know if anyone’s bothered to relay this to you… but do you know that you just went from creepy critter to the full-blown nut-job from the Loony bin? You really need to get that girl out of that Ziploc pod casing and turn off the deep freeze meat locker now. This is not a game. You could kill an innocent life.

Rosanne: Good. One less Alien in the world. These Alien are contagious. I’m not gonna allow for the aliens to infiltrate the planet. they don’t belong here. Plus… you want me to release her? Are you insane? Mrs. Rhapsody, i really don’t think that you’re appreciating the full magnitude of the situation here.

Rosanne then shows her head and shows it with only one side of hair and the other side bald…

Rosanne: *growls in anger* Look at what the hell they had done to me… Does it look like it’s all a act. they did this to me.

Trixie: *Gasps* They did that? what on earth could that mean? Why would you consider that the aliens did this to you?

Rosanne: They did this to me… i don’t know what they did… but they were running all sorts of tests on me… I was said to have died of a liver disease and with kidney failure. The last thing that I remember, I died of a heart attack. But they brought me back to life. They implanted these into my brain.

Trixie: *Confused* What? Wait a minute… They saved you? And… *Expressing disgust* And this is how you show your gratitude? You treat her like a icicle frosty treat? You should be thanking her for what they done. It may not have been the best thing for you… but you should know that you shouldn’t be looking a gift horse in the mouth. you should be grateful that you are alive and with a second chance. Different maybe and with a new little addition to you than expected… but it’s still a gift in some way. You should be thanking her… not turning her into a Popsicle.

Roxanne: *Barks* That thing did not save me… they ruined me…. they should have just left me alone. DEAD! When i was dead… i was at peace. i had no pain… no aches or worries. i was with eternal rest. But then, whatever they did, it’s like I can’t shut off my mind. I keep picking up thoughts that i should never have. My brain has been in overdrive ever since and I got no idea how to turn it off and make it stop. The Alien invasion has begun, Mrs. Rhapsody, and it’s our job to save mankind.

At the Metropolis General…

The Rhapsody Girls were looking at the doctors and getting the 411 on the situation…

a minute later…

Dinah: *Looking at Faora* Okay… the Nurse said that the doc or medical Examiner would be right with us… but there is something that we got to know… Exactly how many did Vala and the others work or experiment on?

Pearl: Faora, this is getting serious. really deep too… we need to know. Innocent Kandorians are being abducted and unless we get the facts and all the Intel… more will be at risk.

Faora: There is not much more to tell.

Pearl: *Scoffs* are you sure about that? We are risking our butts doing this for thrills. we’re going behind Zod’s back and helping save his people from a terrible fate under the radar… Do you really think that after we had vowed war on him and then hearing that he had now vowed war on us that he isn’t gonna keep tabs on all that is going on? Zod may be a monster as far as we’re concerned and also to mark the fact that he’s a total evil psychopath, But for him to play the: “Oh Woe is me… i am totally oblivious” act. that isn’t him at all. he is no idiot. he knows.

Paige: Faora, what else is there?

Faora: All I know is they stole the cadavers from the morgue to perform their tests. When the tests failed, they left the bodies behind for the authorities to find. They didn’t kill anyone.

Pearl: *Scoffs* And you really think that makes it right? It is almost like strapping someone to be a personal lab rat. or taking a life. that is not right at all. These people didn’t agree to be guinea pigs suited up in the eleventh hour while you all were in your quest for power. Dead or alive, Zod should never have allowed for it to happen. it should never have happened to begin with.

Faora: Zod Didn’t know about it though… he had no knowledge of it.

Clark: Considering on how he was seen commanding his troops and rounding them up…  i find that really hard to believe. I happen to know him better than you think i would.

Although at the Daily planet…

Major Zod: *Walking down the stairs and heading over to the front desk* Maybe i can get some info from here… *Walking over to the front desk; Snaking a I.D and a pair of glasses; Putting the pair of glasses on and going into the reporters room; getting in front of the desk close by* Hey there, Brain-child… care to help out a poor vision impaired fellow out, Hmm?

Melanie: *Smiles and Giggles a little* What might i do for you there, Magoo?

Major Zod: *Smiles and chuckles* Oh… I am sure that you might be able to help. You see…I have been writing an article on extraterrestrial conspiracy theorists. You know… People who happen to believe that there aliens roaming the earth, that kind of thing. I have spent time checking for sources, i checked with the police, local FBI, and top Internet groups and I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet; so… uh, it is why I had figured that if anyone wanted to tell the world they’d in fact seen evidence of little green men, that they might try to contact us.

Melanie: *Smirks* And here… i thought i would have just about heard it all. but i guess that this city is just full of UFO nuts. *Getting up from her chair and grabbing a folder before walking off to the other room* I’ll be right back.

Major Zod: Thank you.

The lady leaves and Zod suddenly grabbed for a box and opened it by taking off the top and looking at all the mail. He saw that there was a letter mailed to Trixie Rhapsody. Several of letters each with Alien symbols… He Glared a little at the Idea that a reporter was being contacted by someone who was possibly after the Kandorians. He was not happy. But he had to hide it for the time being…

by the outskirts of the city by the old train tracks…

Oliver: *Opening the doors to the storage pods* Whoa! *Seeing the weapons and noticing Meteor rocks* Kryptonite weapons? You have got to be kidding me, Chloe… Kryptonite weapons? This is what you’ve been spending all of my money on? Something that could render Clark dead? Are you insane? Has your brink of insanity gone out to lunch?

Chloe: Oliver, I don’t think you are seeing what is really going on here… The Rhapsody girls are being targeted by the other Kandorians… they have not struck them yet… but it will only be a brief matter of time and will be by surprise. Zod is gonna be going after them. maybe not right now due to dealing with a few of his own people being abducted. The weapons you see here… They’re to protect all of us, including Clark, from Zod and all those other Kandorians.

Oliver: *Confused and lost* Wait a minute… I don’t understand. I thought you were helping set them all up with licenses and passports. Doing the whole Customs case worker and grant them like new lives thing for Clark.

Chloe: *Looking at Oliver as she looks through all the weapons* All the I.D.’s I gave Clark have computer tracking chips in them. I just want to keep a close eye on the visitors from another planet. or from the alien orb. they may be people that are like Clark… but i am not one to just buckle down to trust them and let them run loose without tracking them in some way. It’s something called covering our butts.

Oliver: Welcome to the Sullivan edition of 1984… The Mother Theresa domain. You are truly playing the role of paranoia, big brother very close to the vest.

Chloe: *Sighs* Look, Ollie… I’m sorry, okay? But you of all people know that i didn’t necessarily have much of a lenient alternative here. Our friend Clark’s moral compass has gotten us all lost more than just once. I’m not okay with just sitting back and trusting Clark again without at least covering our bases a bit and insuring our safety where ever we can. Besides… it’s only a matter of time before our secret is out anyway. there are government agencies chomping by the bit trying to hack into our systems and trying to seize command of it all. The Kandorians are not the only worries we got. Remember when Pemberton was killed? i was there. he said in his dying words: “They came after us… They;ll come after you all.” “Check—-” That was a sign of one thing… Checkmate.

Oliver: If that is the problem… Then we better warn the girls. because if the Agency knows of us… it might also know about them too.

Chloe: Checkmate is dirty. they’ll use anything they can to catch and use the captives. Using them to their disposal…

back at the Lab…

Rosanne was to the side and not in the same room as Trixie was left inside to write the expose… Trixie was writing up an Expose but not the one that the woman wanted… She was in the middle of  it when she head clattering and clanging noises all over. She was startled and got up from her chair to check out the lab and find out where the noise was coming from…

Trixie: *Jumps in a startling reaction* Okay, Lady… If you’re seeking to try out for winning the freak out the reporter reward… You don’t need to go any further than this; because i right now am starting to get really creeped out and i really don’t feel up to getting the shot at being the winner to your attempt at producing an encore performance for the freak-out award. *Walking beside the one pod* There is a lot of things that i can handle… and winning a heart attack isn’t one of them. *getting her mouth covered by a hand* …. *Muffled scream* Ahhh!

Zod: *Looking at Trixie* Shh shh shh! *Whispering to Trixie* It’s okay. i’m with the F.B.I.

Trixie: *Turning to see Zod* You must be Zod. What on earth brings you in with my tweaked version of Horrific reality on Homicidal maniac Boulevard?

Zod: We’ve been watching the activity being portrayed and performed by Dr. Ross for some time… 

*Taking the handcuffs off of Trixie*

Trixie: Mrs. Rhapsody. Trixie Rhapsody.

Zod: It’s a nice pleasure to meet you Trixie. *Looking to see where the rest of the Aliens are* Trixie, Where are the other captives at? are they here?

Trixie: yeah. they are. there is something that you’re gonna need to know though. *Looking down* there is unfortunately only one left alive of the 4 that were abducted. *Feeling bad for the Aliens* These Aliens… Kandorians. They deserved better than this. they were to be defeated… but not like this. not by this method. this is wrong. they should have had at least a fighting chance.

Trixie then leads Zod over to the only remaining Kandorian. Zod took one look and felt disturbed and distraught… he was in agony.

Zod: Vala… 

*Pulling the curtain to the side; Looking at the Kandorian inside the pod* What did she do to you? What has that monster been doing to you?

The machines then powered down and the lab got quiet… It was too quiet and before they could turn to see that the Insane woman was back in the room; the woman, Dr. Ross fired a shot at Zod and within seconds after the shot went off… Zod went on the ground and started panting for dear life…

Rosanne: *Scoffs* Stop wasting time… You still have a deadline that needs to be met. and you’re not gonna be meeting it if you’re worrying too much about the aliens… They’re aliens. they are not worthy to have someone care about their well being. the only thing they’re good for is to be shot and exterminated.

Rosanne leaves the room again for a moment…

Trixie then darts over to Zod and suddenly…

Trixie: *Kneeling down* Agent Zod, Come on…hold on. Please don’t slip. Wake up. Just listen to my voice, hon. Just focus on my voice. It’ll be okay.

Zod: *Groaning* Trixie…. Y-you’re alive.

Trixie: I’m glad to see that you are too Agent in waiting. What do you say we take a look at that wound there?

Zod then let out a grunt as he was feeling the sharp pain in his lower abdomen on the left side…

Trixie: Okay. We’re just gonna put some pressure on it. Everything will be as good as cherries and strawberries in no time, Okay?

Zod: *Clearing his throat a bit* Ross’ll be back, Trixie.

Trixie: Don’t you even worry about a thing. I won’t leave until your FBI backup get here. I am not gonna leave your side.

Zod: *Surprised and bewildered* I don’t understand… Why would you do that? You don’t know me. you never met me before. *gasping*

Trixie: It’s what my great nieces would do… It’s what the nice reporter that you know as Clark would do. I should call them and let them know that the Kandorians are here… and you’re here too.

Zod: *Gulps* Trixie, backup isn’t coming. They don’t even know that i am here… What you need to do is help that girl. Help her out of that cage and get her to safety along with yourself. You save yourself. Go! *Gasps* Don’t be worrying about me.

At the Metropolis General hospital…

Princess Julie: *Unsure about disclosing any classified hospital Intel* I-I really don’t think that it’s a good idea that i commune with reporters about hospital business. *Pleading* I need this job. I have an adopted Daughter Named Shanna Wylee that i am taking under my wing. i accepted the responsibility during the summer. I got to support her and my two other adopted daughters. Jess and Cindy. Jess has a habit that i have and so does Shanna. I have to work to make sure that my 3 girls have all they need. I also work as a Bellhop at the Metropolis Inn. during the day time. I can’t lost this job. Please don’t force me to do anything to risk losing my job… I’m begging you. Pleading… Please, Don’t ask me to do something that will cost me my job.

Clark: Dr. Rhapsody, we already know that the bodies were taken from the morgue sometime around last September of last year. we just need to know if they were recovered.

Princess Julie: They were.  At least all except for one. A victim by the name of John Corben. Looking at these bodies really gross me out. they seem to appear as though they were all gutted. You really need to go. I can’t disclose any info to you. i’d be breaking the barrier of Doctor/patient confidentiality.

Faora: Are there any witnesses? someone who could identify the one who is responsible for stealing the bodies?

Pearl: You must know at least someone. Like a name. something.

Peter: You must know something.

Princess Julie: I am sorry. I don’t have anyone who’d be responsible. I wouldn’t be so involved with this. Dealing with the morgue is heinous work. Plus i am not one cut for it. But i did hear someone pass off a name of a woman. Someone named a Rosanne Ross. She’s been let go due to psychiatrical reasons. Claiming that she was seeing aliens. She caught the body snatchers here in the morgue. But the only thing was that from what i heard… Rosanne as it turned out was so freaked stiff by it that she had herself a real dozy of a heart attack and practically died off like the ink filled/Sharp pointed pens. Here is the weird part and if you do quote me on it… i will deny it. but she claimed that they had brought her back to life basically in lame-men terms… did the reanimation act and brought her back to the living because they were as she’d say… extraterrestrials. She was never the secretive type to just keep it in. She just wanted to tell all she could who she thought would listen that the Aliens did things and played doctor on her brain.

Shingo: *Grins* We won’t quote you. We got all the info we needed.

Clark:  do you know the address of where we can find her?

Princess Julie: *Rustling through some papers and handing the address over to them* Here’s the address of where you can find her… She’s claimed to be at a secret hidden lab underneath Summerholt. *Sighs and feeling dismayed* But there is something that you may need to be aware of… Since she is with obsession and is in her own world. talking with Aliens… there is high doubt that she’ll be wanting to contact or converse with you.

Back at the Underground lab…

Trixie tried to find a way out and call for help, but didn’t see any opening close enough and she was about to call for the police when she heard footsteps coming into the room. She didn’t know who it was and knew that the only one that would try to come back into the room would be Dr. Ross. She Hid and stayed in the shadows and listened in. Much to her surprise, it was Dr. Ross. She came back into the room…

Dr. Ross: *Looking around for Trixie* Where did she go? *With her gun drawn* Where are you, Mrs. Rhapsody? You can’t escape from your duty. That Expose is gonna be written and the truth must be told. We must stop these Aliens from taking foot to this planet. They don’t belong.

Zod: *Grunting and trying to hang on*

Trixie: *Sneaking up behind Dr. Ross and Punching her; Knocking her down*

Dr. Ross: *Getting up and Punching Trixie back* … *Suddenly catching sight of Zod’s tags* Great snakes! You are one of the Interlopers. This is what i feared would happen, but it turns out that it’s much more worse than I had originally thought it’d be. Your Diseased kind are coming everywhere on this planet… You’re everywhere and trying to infiltrate the planet with your ways. You’ve tried to hide on our world. But you will not win. Your STINKIN’ KIND DON’T DESERVE TO BE AMONGST US HUMANS!!! YOUR PUTRID INVASION ENDS NOW!!! *Grabbing for a buzz-saw and Marching over to Zod* Time to Die ALIEN!!!

Miss Love: *Flying in and Blasting at the Abductor* LOVE’S MUSICAL STORM!

Bubble Maiden: *Flying in and Blasting at the Abductor* BUBBLES STORMING CONCERTO!!!

Thunder Mistress: *Flying in and Blasting at the Abductor* THUNDERIC BEAMS!!!

Lord Bliss: *Flying in and Blasting at the Abductor* LOVE’S ARMADA!!!

Bubble Warlock: *Flying in and Blasting at the Abductor* BUBBLING FLASH!

Mystic Thunder: *Flying in and Blasting at the Abductor* Double Thunder Slice!

The Electricity from the machines crackle and Clark then grabs at the Abductor; Throwing the woman into the wall knocking her out… The Woman got back up and tried to come at them and lifted her weapon and shocked herself with the wires.

Trixie: *Shivering a little*

Zod: *Shivering* … *Groans*

Clark: Zod?! *Walking fast over to Zod*

Faora: Oh… God. *Seeing Zod on the floor Bleeding and gasping for breath* Zod. Kal-el, What’s gonna happen to him? Is he gonna make it?

Miss Love: Zod may be a rotten snake for what he had done and we may have casted war on him… but there is no way that we’re about to just let him die. not like this. *Looking at her sisters* Pearl… Dinah. We’re gonna combine our powers and give some energy to Zod. He may be a monster… but this is not the way he should meet his end.

Bubble Maiden: I don’t know about that, Sis. I think that he should just fade off. He is a threat after all.

Thunder Mistress: Do we really plan to save him?

Miss Love: Yes. Even though he’s our enemy. we have to. A hero rarely gets to choose who lives and who dies. As much as we’d want to…

Lord Bliss: *Smirks* Does that mean that we’re in it too?

Bubble Warlock: *Looking at his brother* Uh, Johnny. i think that the answer to that is quite obvious. The girls are gonna help save the guy. keep him from Dying. Their brains… It’s not their commanding officers right now.

Mystic Thunder: Hey… Be nice. We are heroes. Sometimes heroes have to face the facts and make choices that they normally wouldn’t think needed to be made. but sometimes… Just sometimes… it leads them to having to make the toughest choices. the hardest choices that put their duties to the test.

Clark: That’s what i’d usually say, but Shingo… You hit the nail.

Zod: *With a raspy voice* Well… Kal-el, You always did say that the world would be better off without me. you’re gonna get your wish. As are you girls. You heard me say that hurtful line about you and we are at war with one another. but you’ll never have to worry about me anymore. *Gasping* I will never see the sun rise upon your planet ever again.

Miss Love: Jor-el’s one wish as he died in our arms was to save you. I don’t see what he sees in you, but Jor-el pleaded for your life to be saved.

Bubble Maiden: If you want to thank someone of your resurrecting devue… thank Jor-el’s caring nature to give a rat’s patoot to someone who’s done nothing to earn the gift.

Zod: All that anger is gonna one day harm you. i’d try to keep that down.  But i would see that Jor-el’s still got his touch. *Groaning*

Clark: Don’t speak. We’re gonna get you to a hospital.

Faora: *Picking up the legs* Grab his arms. we’re gonna transport him to the hospital. *Looking at the Major* Hold on Major. we’re gonna save you.

Zod: No… Faora. let me die. it’s my time to go. It’s up to you to lead the people on. Kal-el… you must also save the people. Lead them in a way that i failed to do.

Clark: Don’t worry. We’re gonna save you. *Holding onto Zod’s hand and having him squeeze it*

Zod: *Struggling to speak* You… can’t… save… me… *Grunts*

Bubble Maiden: *Walking away* And we don’t plan to… but to honor Jor-el’s dying wish. What Clark might do… Consider it your only “get out of death” pass.

Miss Love: *Snaps a little* Pearl. That is enough. We despise him as it is. But to vision him as just a piece of waste. that is what makes us feel nothing more than just killers. We did wrong before. but all we can do is make things right. Sometimes to do what is right… we have to put aside our own moral beliefs and do something that we would never do. aid a Villain. sometimes… we don’t get that choice.

Faora: *Seeing Zod blacking out and out cold* Wake him up. Kal-el. He’s about to die. save him.

Clark: Zod? *Desperately* ZOD!

Suddenly Clark gets up and walks over to a table and grabs a shiv; cuts his hand and then walks right on back to Zod…

Miss Love: *Seeing Clark’s hand bleeding* Clark, What are you doing? *Gasps* Did you just cut yourself with that slab of Kryptonite?

Bubble Maiden: *Pauses* What? Did you just say that he had cut himself? *Turning to see Clark Kneeling down to Zod and holding his fist above the wound* Oh god… don’t tell me that he’s gonna do what it looks like he’s about to do…

Thunder Mistress: *Smirks* yeah. he’s doing it. I sure hope that he knows that he is making a very huge leap of faith on moving to save Zod’s life.

Faora: We gotta do something.

Trixie: *Slowly stirring and getting up suddenly* What the heck was that? Did i just get hit by a freight truck?

Mystic Thunder: *looking at the girls* Looks like we got an unexpected visitor here.

Miss Love: *Looking to see their Aunt* great Aunt Trixie? What are you doing here?

Trixie: *Looking to see her nieces* What am i doing here? What are you doing here?

Bubble Maiden: We are here to save the Kandorians. But…

Trixie: Forget about saving them… there is only one left alive. the rest are dead. 3 of them are dead. Vala is the only one alive.

The girls then gaze over to see a drop of Clark’s blood falling down and going into the opened wound on Zod…

Miss Love: Girls… Let’s put some of our power into him.

Bubble Maiden: *scoffs* I am gonna feel like a total ditz for Quoting the mysterious Nanny Mary Poppins; but… like she would say: “If i must. i must.”

Thunder Mistress: Let’s just do it. we can deny having part in it later…

Lord Bliss: Sure.

They suddenly glow and shoot some of their power over to Zod. Within seconds Zod’s wound started to heal and sealed itself up without leaving any mark on him. He rose up and looked at himself…

Zod: *Gasps* What happened?

Faora: *Looking at Zod* Welcome back Major.

The next morning…

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku: *Setting the Table and going over to the girls room* The girls were out all day yesterday. they left to do the case and didn’t even come back till late last night. I don’t know what i am gonna do about them.

In the girls bedroom…

Paige: *Walking over to her dresser and getting a change of clothes* The Kandorians are saved. well at least Vala is. She looked really frightened.

Pearl: *Looking into the mirror* I don’t want to hear about the Kandorians. i am tired of hearing about them. They are just people. we saved the only one left alive. that’s all that matters. the main thing is that we saved what we could. I just want to know what our great Aunt was doing there. *Putting Lipstick on and spraying some perfume* Any thoughts?

Dinah: Don’t know. but if she was there… she must have had a plausible reason… like following a lead for a tale or two.

Paige: What about our boyfriends? They were spooked. and were against us even trying to save Zod. they know about what was gonna happen.

Dinah: You want to get into that? *Walking over to Pearl* I agree with Pearl on the matter. all that matters is that we saved a life. and the fact that we had to save Zod’s… that’s just something that we are gonna have to live with. I just hope that it doesn’t come to bite us all in the ass. in lack of better terms.

Pearl: exactly.

Princess Rikku: *Opening the door* Are you girls ready there? It’s gonna be a cold day out. There is Oatmeal on the table for you 3 to eat. And there is something else too… You know your Aunt Princess Julie?

Paige: Well… we don’t hear much from her or about her. but yeah. we remember. Why?

Princess Rikku: Well… She is vowing to give her Adopted Daughter Shanna Wylee- Rhapsody to me.

Pearl: *With her school bag; Making way out of the room* What are you talking about? We don’t know of a Shanna Wylee. Who is she? *Stopping to look at her mother* Mom, Who is she?

Princess Rikku: She’s the sister to a Joe Wylee. a member of the Flash Gordon crew.

Dinah: *Busts out laughing* Ahahahahaha! Flash Gordon was there with silver Underwear. What are you on, Mom? What’s this about Flash Gordon?

Princess Rikku: I am bringing it up because… well. It’s a show on T.V. I have started watching the show. It’s intriguing.

Paige: *Heading out of the room; Looking at their mother* And next you’re gonna say is that we’re gonna be dealing with them in the near future here, Right?

Princess Rikku: No. Just Shanna. Shanna as you know is with a bad habit and Princess Julie, Your aunt is giving her to us. She’s gonna be your new sister. She’s 15.

Dinah: *Stopping* Where is she gonna stay though? It’s not like we have any room here for her.

Princess Rikku: We’ll figure something out.

A minute later in the Dining room…

Paige: *Eating her breakfast* We had to save the life of Zod. Something that we really didn’t want to do.

Princess Rikku: What was that like?

Pearl: Don’t ask. It was a moment that we’d like to truly forget. *Sighs* I can’t believe that we used to feel any sympathy for a monster like Zod. He kills one of his own and then tries to cover up his trespasses. It’s almost like he couldn’t care if it were to be right or wrong what he did.

Dinah: *Eating her breakfast* We always knew that Zod had a shady part of him. he was bound to let it out sooner or later. There is something that i once heard from Chloe. It didn’t make much sense at first. but as i thought about what she said it makes sense in a lot of ways. “A Man can’t escape their true nature”. But what i don’t get is how Zod could even be a real man. he walks among us…but yet he’s just a mere shadow of what he once was.

Rebecca: *Walking out into the dining room* Hey! You 3. Shut it. Eat and make sure you’re ready for school. Your mom is not waiting for you. and neither am i.

Dinah: *Standing up to Rebecca* Rebecca, I think that we’ve had just about enough of your bossing us around. Back off… Before i make my fist and your peepers new best friends.

Rebecca: *Backhanding Dinah across the face* That is Enough. You will not back talk. You’re a Child and i’m an adult. You will show respect or i will beat the crap out of you. YOU HEAR ME?!

Dinah: *Falling down and hitting the floor* Ouch! *Sobbing in tears*

Princess Rikku: *Glaring at her Cousin* Rebecca, How dare you raise a hand towards my daughter? HOW DARE YOU?!

Rebecca: *Snaps* Cousin, Enough. Your girls are with no discipline. they are doing what ever they wish. they have no respect towards elders. You are letting them get away with too much. It stops now!

Princess Rikku: Excuse me! Rebecca, I discipline my kids. they know what’s expected of them.

Rebecca: They do not. You’re with the act: “Spare the rod, Spoil the Child” no wonder your girls have no control.

Pearl: *Getting up and Grabbing at Rebecca; Pushing her onto the floor* SHUT UP! Rebecca, we respect our mom. we love her more than we do you. You have not earned respect. therefore you won’t be shown any. I am sick of you bossing us around. You’re family. but if you want to play the card of biggest Bitch. by all means. you’ll find out that we can play it too. *Angry* GET OFF OUR BACK!

Rebecca: *Growling and not saying another word*

As for Oliver and Chloe…

Oliver just got done hiding the weapons and spoke with Chloe about it. She wasn’t happy about it, but she agreed…

at the Outskirts of Metropolis…

Oliver: *Looking at the empty crates and then at Chkoe* You know… i knew that when Tess mentioned about the part where money was being siphoned like a bank robbery… it would have been so obvious to know that Mercy was up to something. That is why I moved your stockpile. to a safer spot.

Chloe: *Concerned and curious* So the Widow of Luthorcorp rolls out again. I guess that since she’s up to no good again, the only thing to ask is what other dirty little tricks Would you suppose that the hefty and devious but amazing Mercer possess up her sleeve?

Oliver: That i wish had an easy answer to… But it’s too soon to tell. I haven’t met or got in contact with the Rhapsody girls at all yesterday. I got to have a talk with them. My scientists managed to do some heavy research and found some things out that the girls need to know about. *Looking at Chloe with an expressed look on his face* Now as for the Boy scout… Clark saw a future that we would feel no other gratification but to run from it. run and never look back. Plus not only that; Chloe, you have also passed up the tell all that Tess had seen the exact same thing… However we were able to stop it. by taking the tower down and putting it out of commission ensured that we’d have a chance to prevent WW III from happening. Tess is obviously trying to take us there anyway.

Chloe: Which is why we need those weapons now more than ever. Where exactly did you put them?

Oliver: They’re in a safe place.

Chloe: Are you keeping me in the dark because I lied to you?

Oliver: *Sighs* Chloe… come on. I hid them because they’re dangerous for anyone to use. it’s only as a last resort. Clark could die from these weapons. I hid them for a reason. You are making rules up for yourself and then another set for everyone else outside to follow. it does not work like that. You can not have a set of rules for yourself and then just create a whole new set of rules and laws for the rest. We have to follow the same rules.

Chloe: Clark’s in the Kandorian family now, and I don’t want to let his loyalties lead us into another doomsday scenario. Remember the fiasco with Doomsday? Davis Bloom. He killed Jimmy. Which pushed Clark away. saying that it was a human that killed Jimmy. But we all know why he died. Jimmy Died because we had turned on each other.

Oliver: Neither do I. But on the note of our past mistakes… i see what you mean. but even though we made a mistake… we bounced back.

Chloe: So do you really think we should tell Clark everything?

Oliver: Absolutely. But only when the time is right. For right now… we keep it on the down low. don’t let him know till it’s the right time.

Chloe: *Sighs*

Oliver: I got to head over to the clock tower. i need to get things set for the girls….

At the Daily planet…

Trixie was in the Elevator going down to the basement of the Daily Planet…

Trixie: *On the Phone* Lab please… *Opening the box in her hand* I need a Blood sample analyzed.

The Elevator then opened up and Trixie walked into the Reporter’s pen to head to her desk…

Clark: *Looking to see Trixie* Trixie, What are you doing here? The first thing the doctor said when you had got released from Met Gen was to take it easy. This isn’t taking it easy.

Trixie: I wish that i could take it easy here Clark. I do. but there is something that i got to get done. A lead just hit me and this vial of blood here… It’s possibly got Extraterrestrial Origin. The kicker of the whole thing is that… you know the woman that was inside the icy pod?  Our icy subject had refused to go for treatment at Met Gen; She even left no contact info. No one knows where she went off to.

Clark: It is possible that she wanted to see her own Physician. She’s probably just a bit scared of needles. I am the same way. They hurt.

Lois: *Walking over from the Editors office* Hey Trixie… What’s going on? You okay? I heard what happened. Did you really go and land a news story and get taken captive?

Trixie: Taken? Yeah. i did. the woman was a total sideshow. She had these innocent people in the pods. in a lab underneath Summerholt. I saw my Nieces there. they came and they really didn’t want to have any help in saving Zod’s life. Agent Zod was shot and about to die. they were gonna leave him there. but then decided to go along and help heal Zod.

Lois: They were gonna leave him to die? They must really have a beef with him, huh?

Trixie: No idea… but they were really all for just leaving him to die.

Clark: Faora pleaded for them to help.

Trixie: I was out cold for most of it, but i did hear most of the conversation.

Clark: Don’t worry. *Smiles a bit* you didn’t miss much.

Trixie: *Lost* What about Zod though? I made some calls this morning and i was told by Both the FBI field office and the D.C. headquarters that they without a doubt never heard of him. It’s like he just came right out of nowhere. There is no record of him working with them in any of their files. they checked 2 times for me while i was on the phone with them. there’s nothing. not even a blip.

Clark: Sorry Trixie. I guess that i should have told you ahead of time. the reason why they wouldn’t have records of him working there is because Zod happened to do alot of deep cover work. The FBI would never even cop out the fact that he works there. It’s top secret. There are things that are best kept a secret. to protect everyone.

Lois: There is something more about Zod… Isn’t there, Smallville?

Trixie: That is the thing about heroes… no matter how much light you tend to shine in their direction… they just want to forever remain in the shadows.

Lois: Maybe when it comes to heroes… it is probably best that they keep in the shadows. they know that if they were to come out from hiding or come to the light… exposing who they really are… they won’t be able to protect us. anonymity sometimes is good.

Trixie: Just like my Great Nieces. They are globally recognized. There is not a place they can go now that won’t recognize them. they wanted a normal life. or somewhat a normal life. but it is just how it goes… they are trapped in the hero world. My Daughter Mrs. Stroker… Princess Trixie is a hero too. She’s been able to live a bit under the radar. However… She’s the lucky one. the others can’t. At least not like she can.

Clark: I gotta go. i need to follow up on a lead. *Getting up* catch you two later.

Trixie: Okay.

Lois: *Walking over to her desk and Pulling out her cellphone; Looking confused, Taking out box revealing the symbol for Checkmate*

Trixie: *Seeing the Chess piece* What is that?

Lois: No idea. *Seeing the Chess piece* The box came with it. i don’t know why i’d be getting a box with this. Chess. Must be a peace offering.

Trixie: *Catching sight of a card on the side* There is a card on the box there. *Reading the name* Agent Amanda Waller. Who’s that? Why would a government agent be contacting you? I called in to get the blood vial analyzed. but i called for the medical personnel. Not the Government.

Lois: It gets even more weird… A message came up on my phone saying: “Thanks for the blood sample, The Wall.”

Trixie: *Concerned*

A moment later…

on the Roof of the Daily Planet…

John Mayer’s song: “Clarity” Plays…

Zod was standing by the ledge and looking ahead when he suddenly heard a door open and only turned to see Clark coming out. Walking towards him…

Zod: *Turning to see Clark* I trust that Trixie is well.

Clark: She is. Thanks to you. She told me what happened. at least from what she could remember. she kinda forgot a little of it. being knocked out by Dr. Ross. You saved Trixie.

Zod: Well, she did a great job of protecting me too. She managed to do what she could. I can see why you cater to a human like her. She is well worth it.

Clark: But, How are you feeling?

Zod: How do i feel? Well… after what happened last night. i got to say that i feel Like a changed man. When your enemy who has vowed to go after you and destroy you becomes your savior; saving you and bring you back from the grip of certain demise, your paradigm shifts. Kal-El, how did you know that your blood would cure me? You must have known that it would do something to me.

Clark: I didn’t. It must have healed you because you’re Kryptonian, like me. Zod, you maybe Kandorian. but you’re ultimately Kryptonian. we have the same blood work. same planet.

Zod: *Grunting*

Clark: Are you still in pain?

Zod: *Groans* just a little… You must understand that even though you healed my wounds, I was shot. And unlike you Kal-el, I’m not made of steel. I am rather hollow.

Clark: You’ll be better than new in no time.

Suddenly as they were talking…

a figure flew by…

It was Mrs. Stroker…

Zod: *nods and with resolve* I am better. Because i was wrong about you. i realize that you really do care about your race. when you saved me… it showed me how much you cared about me and about the other Kandorians.  I then realized that i… i can trust you.

Clark: And together we’ll make sure that our people can call Earth Their new home.

Zod: *Shaking Clark’s hand* we will see to that.

Mrs. Stroker: *Landing on the Roof; Roaring loud* … *turning back into a human* What’s going on here?

Zod: *Turning to see a woman on the roof* Who are you?

Mrs. Stroker: I am Mrs. Stroker. But i am also the Daughter to Trixie Rhapsody. Princess Trixie is my name. biologically.

Clark: It’s okay. She’s a friend. She’s one of the good guys.

Zod: I have met your mother. She saved me last night.

Mrs. Stroker: She Did? That’s nice of her to do that. I know that you are one of the Kandorians. Not bad looking i’d say. You look pretty attractive. But that’s just the Female intuition speaking. You got a gal for yourself?

Zod: *Chuckles* yes. I do. Faora. She’s a soldier and a fighter. but she’s also my wife.

Mrs. Stroker: Awww! that’s sweet. My Husband used to be part of the Garrison. part of the Vehicle Voltron force. not bad though. He left them when he and i got married. it was like a new start for him.

Zod: Did he enjoy being part of the Garrison?

Hillary Duff’s song “Fly” Plays…

Mrs. Stroker: he Did. he loved it. it was the best for him. He would get to hear from his brother Pidge Stroker every so often. however for the last couple of months he hasn’t heard so much of a wisp of his brother. He’s been asking questions of his whereabouts and no one seems to know where he is.

Zod: Well… for what it’s worth. even though i know nothing of him. I do hope that your husband finds his brother. wherever it is that he may be hiding.

Mrs. Stroker: Thank you. *Looking at the time* I must go though… I got to see my two girls off to school and My husband is gonna be wanting breakfast before he goes to work. He just loves those Hash browns and Eggs. *Giggles* He is a very whimsical guy. he is playful too. I’ll be seeing you guys around. *Turning into her Dragon form and Leaping into the Air* Aquatic Burn Taking flight!

A second later Mrs. Stroker was gone and out of sight.  Sirens were suddenly heard nearby and Clark knew that it was a job for him to save the day and he quickly sped off. Zod smiles and looks to his sides before Looking down. He got onto the Ledge and Closed his eyes before falling forward and descending down. He fell and was a little over half way down when he suddenly lifted up and flew up into the sky and Started flying past the One tower and then between the buildings. He was now Concealing a secret and it was gonna be the start of the end…. or a new change for him. What was gonna be next for the Rhapsody girls? Would they be ready for a all out war when it finally did come their way? Oliver was in need of their presence. to talk to them about something concerning the info that he owned of them. What was it that he found? Would it be a revelation? What about their family issues? Rebecca was turning mean against the girls. Was it gonna start a family blowout? Would Princess Rikku be able to defuse it? What is the link between Princess Julie and Shanna Wylee-Rhapsody? She was an adopted Daughter, but was she gonna be the beginning of  an infiltration of the crew known as the Flash Gordon gang? How does it tie in with the Current issue revolving the Kandorians, Major Zod and Possibly Checkmate? With Zod now with the Abilities he was begging and demanding to obtain… would it mean untold trouble for the Rhapsody Girls Z!? Find out in the next Chapter as The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! continues…

Paige: *Voice-over* Uh-oh! Zod now has the abilities that he has been looking for and that means we’re gonna be in for it. It’s gonna be an all out war. It could start at any time. Pearl and her boyfriend hang out and look at all the nice fashion items at the fashion store. It’s a restful moment. but it won’t last long.

Pearl: *Voice-over* We also are at home when suddenly one of the Crystals that we got from Clark for our birthday starts Glowing and going berserk. Before we can get out of it’s line of fire… it opens up a portal and takes us to a place that was created by Jor-el. I don’t think i like the looks of things.

Dinah: *Voice-over* We make it back though and that is after spending a week in the zone… Earth time. but only a few hours in Phantom Zone time. however… we don’t figure that the Phantom Zone would have a sense of time. But not only that… we barely get back and start talking about what happened to us in the Zone when we get a call from an old friend of ours. Larmina. She makes a tell all to us saying that Turmoil on Arus has hit. Allura left Keith and he died of a broken heart.

Princess Rikku: *Voice-over* The attacks towards my Daughters start and i try to defuse it. My cousin thinks that i do not discipline my daughters. i do. It leads me to kicking her out. and with her out… it leads to the arrival of a new girl in the family. Shanna Wylee. the Biological sister to Joe Wylee and adopted Daughter of my cousin Princess Julie. My Cousin awards me Shanna and It becomes a blessing in disguise.

Betty: *Voice-over* We also get word of Zod trying to rally up his soldiers during the disappearance of the Rhapsody girls. We find out that Zod has abilities that Clark has. But the question is… how? But When we see Zod roaming the city and it is found that he has been rounding his troops… it brings around trouble… Will It be the start of WW III? Find out in The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 64: “Welcome to the Phantom Zone, Paige, Pearl and Dinah; Fight for your life. Pearl’s emotional reaction to the Zone. HELP! Rhapsody Girls to Watchtower… GET US OUT OF THE PHANTOM ZONE!”


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