Chapter 62: “Infiltration of Cyntechnics; Rhapsody Girls Z! Take a life or Expose activity of Pidge Stroker. Berserk- word of Thunder Mistress …Dinah goes mad; New Threat Looms with Words… “Your Move”; Ding-Dong Agent Amanda Waller is calling. Tess…in good charms with Rhapsody Girls Z!; Abduction threatens all Kandorians; Rhapsody girls make a rescue & crack down the abductions. Solar Tower near completion, Whoops! Boom! Offline, dear Solar Tower!” Part 5

Pearl: *Voice-over* Last time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It was a week later since the ordeal with the JSA and we’ve been away from our boyfriends for about a whole week. It sure felt rather lonesome without them around. Not that our mom wasn’t an example of good company. She was. we love our mother. But with her going on dates and seeing her with a love. Bart. it made us feel lonesome when we weren’t seeing our loves. Dinah missed her Love Shingo. and i missed my Peter. Paige Missed her Johnny. it was a start of a new day. but it was snowing outside. we woke to a snowy morning. And that was not the only thing that we realized sometime later in the day… we were running out of time to stop the operation of the Solar Tower. it was fully built and was said to be officially online in less than 59-58-57-56-55-54-53-52-51-50 hours… Counting down. time was drawing near for it to be online. the ropes were being tightened. Our boyfriends were also wanting to take us on a date tonight. Which we were able to go on… Prince Richie waited a week… before he finally came out with the realization that he had to tell our Aunt Princess Charlene that he was the NEW Doctor Fate. He was the new Doctor. She was in shambles and distraught when told by him that he was the hero now. She was also proud… however the mad rush of panic and concern over powered her proud feeling for her son. It was a very heart pounding news break to hear that her son was now Doctor Fate. He heard about the Solar Tower and sprang into action. he appeared in our school and created a Carbon Copy of us. so we would be able to go and take care of the situation. However we were caught by a P.E Teacher who threw in the law that clipped our wings. we were stopped. We couldn’t go and spring into action. We were made to revert back to normal. Gee! School is being really unfair towards our hero detail. But i am kinda glad that we were caught. we need to think more solely on the future. That’s what my sisters and i need to do. However… when you’re a hero… How can you really expect to easily juggle and or balance the two roles. on one side… you got the normal and simple as can be civilian. Living as normal as can be. no big threat. Just living an average day and making a life for themselves. but on the other side there is the heroic side… the side where you have to defend the people around you and even every once in a great while fight a villain or a extraterrestrial being like King Lotor or Queen Beryl or our latest threat Major Zod who till recent has not become much of a problem. To be quite honest. i don’t think he even is one. because if he is supposed to be some threat. he sure doesn’t act much like one. He seems more like a calm kitty. like a sweet man with a odd little shady agenda. that even though others see it. we girls are unable to catch notice. There’s more to it than that; More to worry about.. It seems that Clark. The one who has been nothing but a Jerk to us girls for our making a call towards taking a life. he seems to have inhaled or been affected by a new type of meteor rock. Gemstone Kryptonite. the meteor rock of persuasion. He while being induced with it persuades Lois to start a more traditional Relationship. She takes it to heart and cue the Twilight zone music… quits the planet and starts acting like a Mail order Spouse. That is either really cute or really disturbing. but for Lois to act in such a way that is different than her usual cuddly and or shall we say most gutsy and quick witted self. that is a definite personality switch. Then to make it more serious is that Clark then tells Chloe to just watch his back and leave the rest of the world to him. She takes it to heart and it seems that she already has. She’s tapped into Oliver’s bank accounts and purchased huts or stockades of ammunition of with Kryptonite powered weapons to use against the Kandorians. There is gonna be explaining for Chloe to do… She is in trouble. deep. Also the Rhapsody Brothers move to get their sisters into Watchtower and synced up. Wow. More of us in the watchtower.What else is that we 3 girls are gonna have a possible permanent resident staying in The Rhapsody Girls Z! INN. our Aunt Princess Rebecca Starling Rhapsody.She was kicked out of Yale and is back with the family. She’s gonna be in for a surprise. Plus she also has a habit. i won’t mention it. but it’s not good either. She feels as thought she’s an outsider and doesn’t belong. but truth is… she has no real spot in the family. things have changed while she was gone… there is no way that she’ll be able to find her place again. not easily anyway. Clark meets up with Major Zod and It got a little dramatic:

“Major Zod: *Referring to Jor-El* I see that you believe it to be me that had killed him. however… be that as it may;  I wasn’t the one who killed him, Kal-el. But I know who did. Tess Mercer.

Clark: How is that possible?

Major Zod: As though you didn’t know about Tess. I mean,  she has obviously had her own shady agenda. She at that time was the only one who without clause knew where he was. How do you think that Jor-El Died? He was held under duress by Tess. She kept him in her Wine Cellar and interrogated him. Despite of what you might think… She was the only one who could finish the Job after i met with him. Demanding for him to reveal how he was able to possess the powers of the Earth’s Yellow Sun. He would not tell. So i got a little Rough. Frustration is not a mystery amongst us Kandorians, Kal-el… we can feel it just as much as the Earth people here.  *Looking at Clark; with persuasive advice* You are Jor-el’s firstborn, Kal-el.  You are the only one who can seek for retribution. I know that you want to avenge his death. As would those 3 Girls. I Know about the Rhapsody Girls. They would do what it took to avenge a death of the fallen. i read up about them. *With intense expression* They fought against a impervious Drule King by the name of King Lotor. In Rage, They went hand and foot and with fists and sparks of Rage blaring, taking him down. To Avenge the impressionable death of a family member. one who was miraculously brought back from the dead. They nailed that Drule with every living fiber they had. They knew that Might made Right.

Clark: I’m not gonna kill Tess. I am not a Killer. This isn’t a War. Jor-el Died. but i am not gonna Kill someone to avenge him. Jor-el would not tolerate that. He is my father. but he didn’t send me here to save me in hopes that i would turn into a brutal killer.

Major Zod: *in Resolve* It’s the Kryptonian way. In the brink of War… the outcome of Death in a family… it is up for the Young to avenge their parent with Vengeance.  You cannot let this injustice stand. Kal-El, you knew when you started on this path that you had to get your hands dirty. You must avenge him.

Clark Kent: I… I can’t.

Major Zod: *In disbelief; In Outrage* You don’t seem to get it… Kal-El, I tortured him beyond measure. I laid a beating upon him and beat him till he was black and blue. I threatened him and out from that treatment i’ve placed on him… he still…  he still refused to give you up. You were the Last Son of Krypton… his only son. the son he has never met or laid eyes on;  Yet he was still willing to sacrifice his own life for yours. He had died protecting you, and You… you won’t even defend his honor. You Refuse to Avenge his death. HE SACRIFICED HIS LIFE TO SAVE YOU!

Clark: *grabs Zod in anger* You don’t think I want justice? That i don’t want revenge? Guess what? I do want Revenge. More than you would ever understand. But to take a Life is wrong. No matter the Race, culture or Species. Killing is wrong. How would you like if someone took your life; Killed you for a cause, even if the reasons were all wrong to begin with? You really think that i wouldn’t want to be a killer like you, Zod? You don’t get it. The 3 Girls Took a Life making them no better than the ones they fought against. I got on them hard about it. I am the one who’s got to set an example for everyone here. if i were to take a life… i would be a hypocrite… I can’t kill anyone. i have to set an example for the heroes here… for the humans. even though sometimes i’d want to kill. The Truth is that I….CAN’T! No matter what you try to recite to me… what ever reasons you may spur on me… you will never understand. i was sent here to make a Difference Zod. Not to be a Conqueror or a Galactic Killer. That isn’t what i am.

Major Zod: You do want to be a Killer… but yet you hide under this guile of self redemption… you make yourself as though you’d rather be a human. You are nothing like them. these Humans know it to be true. even the ones you happen to be close to. *Feeling Disregard about the Humans; detesting them* They also know it but don’t say it to you because of fear. and respect underneath the fear they feel towards you. *Assuming the worst in humans and judging them* Towards us. It’s been like that all your life. You were just not choosing to see it. There will be a day where these Humans that you care so much about over your own kind… they’ll turn on you and treat you like a tyrant and cast you out.”

It was terrible… at least verbal. it was about to come to blows. but thankfully it never got to that point. Later Tess got into it Major Zod who is in with seeing the Tower built. but with the powers… they’ll rule among us all and Clark… he’ll have no powers at all:

“Doctor Fate: *Appearing before Paige and Johnny* Greetings Miss Love… Lord Bliss. There is a situation in the City… I see the fate of the city… The Solar Tower is said to go up and render itself officially online in 2 days… if the Tower goes up… the savior to us all… The Sentient power will be powerless. There will be no hope for the Earth.”

Time is running out… we are gonna be getting close to the wires and it’s all uphill from here… Get set for Chapter 62: “The Infiltration of the building Cyber-Technics; The Rhapsody Girls Z! take a life or Expose the Activity of Pidge Stroker. Berserk is the word of Thunder Mistress… Dinah goes mad; New Threat Looms with the words…”Your Move”; DING-DONG Agent Amanda Waller is calling. Tess…back in good charms with the Rhapsody Girls Z!; Abduction comes to threaten all that is Kandorian; Rhapsody Girls…Rhapsody Girls make a rescue and crack down the Abductions. Solar Tower near Completion…Whoops! Boom… Offline dear Solar Tower!” Part 5

At the Metropolis Music Store…

Paige: *Spotting a Karaoke Machine* Hey, Johnny. Want to do a #? There is a Karaoke machine over there.

Johnny: Sure, I could use a good song #. What do you want to sing? *Excited* You know… i am more of a Justin Timberlake fan myself. something about the guy is just so moving. he’s got good beats.

Paige: *Grins* You sure? I am more into one like Coldplay or that Prince of Pop. Justin Bieber.

Johnny: *Shrieks* Justin Bieber?! You’re kidding. That guy is awesome. i am a guy but i like that dude. He’s one catchy singer. he can make any girl faint and just feel rather fuzzy just by singing a song of his. *Looking to see Peter and Pearl not in the same room* Where’re the others?

Paige: Pearl and Peter are gonna be seeing a Movie. there’s a movie called… I think Robots. She wanted to see it. Peter also felt like seeing it, so they’re at the theater seeing that film. Dinah and Shingo are at the Roller Rink that is within the fairgrounds. Dinah’s gonna teach Shingo how to Ice Skate. So… I believe that it just leaves us Johnny.

Johnny: I guess so. *Growls playfully* So… shall we get with it?

Paige: *Nods and smiles*

Johnny: *Walking over to the Karaoke machine and pressing for the chosen song to start*

Music begins…

Johnny: *Singing* “My friends say I’m a fool to think
That you’re the one for me
I guess I’m just a sucker for love

‘Cuz honestly the truth is that
You know I’m never leavin’
‘Cuz you’re my angel sent from above

Baby you can do no wrong
My money is yours
Give you little more because I love ya, love ya
With me, girl, is where you belong
Just stay right here
I promise my dear I’ll put nothin above ya. above ya

Love me, Love me
Say that you love me
Fool me, Fool me
Oh how you do me
Kiss me, Kiss me
Say that you miss me
Tell me what I wanna hear
Tell me you (love me)
Love me, Love me
Say that you love me
Fool me, Fool me
Oh how you do me
Kiss me, Kiss me
Say that you miss me
Tell me what I wanna hear
Tell me u love me

People try to tell me
But I still refuse to listen
Cuz they don’t get to spend time with you
A minute with you is worth more than
A thousand days without your love, oh your love

Baby you can do no wrong
My money is yours
Give you little more because I love ya, love ya
With me, girl, is where you belong
Just stay right here
I promise my dear I’ll put nothin above ya. above ya

Love me, Love me
Say that you love me
Fool me, Fool me
Oh how you do me
Kiss me , kiss me
Say that u miss me
Tell me what I wanna hear
Tell me you love me.
Love me, Love me
Say that you love me
Fool me, Fool me
Oh how you do me
Kiss me , kiss me
Say that u miss me
Tell me what I wanna hear
Tell me you love me.

My heart is blind but I don’t care
‘Cuz when I’m with you everything has disappeared

And every time I hold you near
I never wanna let you go, oh

Love me, Love me
Say that you love me
Fool me, Fool me
Oh how you do me
Kiss me , kiss me
Say that u miss me
Tell me what I wanna hear
Tell me you love me.
Love me, Love me
Say that you love me
Fool me, Fool me
Oh how you do me
Kiss me , kiss me
Say that u miss me
Tell me what I wanna hear
Tell me you love me”

Paige: *Blushing and Smiles* That was beautiful… You’re such a wonderful singer Johnny. I love your voice.

Passerby’s: *Clapping* That was wonderful. *Seeing Paige Blushing* Oh my god… We know you… You’re the Leader of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Miss Love, Right?

Paige: *Pauses* Uh, Yeah. I am. Why?

Woman: Can i have my Little Girl get her picture taken with you?

Paige: *A Little caught off guard* Uh… Okay. *Not knowing what to say*

A minute later…

Paige: *Smiles* Should i do an autograph too?

Johnny: Sure. It’s what the public wants. plus it’s not for fame. it’s to show that we’re one with the people. That’s what heroes do. right?

Paige: I guess so. *Smiles; Looking at the Little girl* And what’s your name?

Woman: Her name is Isabel.

Paige: *Reaching in her side Pocket* Where’s that pen? i know i have one on me… somewhere. *Feeling the pen and pulling it out* Here we go. *Signing the picture* To Isabel, Many blessed moments of love and serenity for you. Look up at your dreams and reach high. never give up your dreams. Believe in your heart. Yours truly, Miss Love.

Woman: Thank you…

As soon as the crowd went off…

Paige: *Looking at Johnny* What was that all about? was that expected?

Johnny: I don’t know. but i got to tell you. it must have felt good, Right?

Paige: I suppose. It’s good. i just didn’t really expect it. This was supposed to be a peaceful night. but we’re now noticed and asked for autographs.

Johnny: Outta sight.

At the Ice-skating rink…

Dinah: *Holding onto Shingo’s hands helping him skate* It’s okay. Just practice. One and then two… just find your balance.

Shingo: *Trying to keep steady* I’m trying. Dinah… but i am not that flexible with skates. i have no practice with these. *Barely keeping the balance and suddenly Skating on his own; Slowly* I think i’m getting it.

Dinah: I’m gonna let go now. But just keep going one and then two. if you need extra help. try using a trick and think of something like a rhythm. a Rhyme or a tune. You can do it.

Shingo: Okay. I just feel rather cold though in here. is it supposed to be this cold in here?

Dinah: *Scoffs* Uh, Duh! it’s a Ice skating Rink. It’s meant to be cold. Silly dork! Come on…

At the Movie Theater…

Pearl: *Watching the Movie*

Peter: *Whispering* This is a wonderful movie. The cinematography in the movie is really peaceful. it’s so vibrant with such color and sound. Even the humor. I… Where the heck did they come up with this stuff. That red Robot… the Voice. i recognize it. Remember the actor who played Daniel Hillard in Mrs. Doubtfire? The Voice is the same…

Pearl: You mean Robin Williams, Right? I know him. he’s made wonderful movies. Like Jack. It’s funny. Kinda sad though.

Peter: I agree… *Whispering* It is sad.

Unfortunately their free time was about to come to a sudden end…

Paige and Johnny were at the music store still when they suddenly were enveloped in a White Light… And taken to a cave… Pearl and Peter were also enveloped in White light… and they were not far ahead as Dinah and her Boyfriend Shingo were still at the Ice Rink when suddenly…

Dinah: *Getting Enveloped with white light* Hey… What the hell is going on here?! Shingo…  Uh… a little help here…

Shingo: *A little nervous* Okay. *Grabbing onto Dinah* You’re not going without me… we’re going together, Dinah. I still have nightmares of you almost dying for good going after that Metallic Tin can. i almost lost you once. I’m not gonna go through it again… *Hugging Dinah and being pulled into white light* Wherever we’re going… i hope it’s good.

Dinah: So much for our dates… *Screaming as the White light takes her and sends her to a cave*

The incident came and happened with quick speed and took them away. The white mysterious light pulled them and teleported them to a place that is within the town of Smallville. It was a cave. It had native markings on it that told a story… it resembled alot like Clark and his destined arch-nemesis. But as the Natives had placed on the cave walls. the drawings spoke of a man that fell and came to earth in a rain of fire. The strength of 10 men and shoot fire right from his eyes. he was known to the tribe as their great protector, Naman. and the Arch Nemesis was Segeeth. But oddly enough that much of the symbols were Kryptonian. It was a dead giveaway as to who it was talking about. Clark… was what the wall was speaking of…

The Girls got pulled into the cave and fell to the ground. Paige fell just a few feet from a secret room in the cave that was considered an inner chamber of some sort… Pearl was on the side of the Alter out of it… Dinah was out cold for the moment. the moment she fell to the ground.  Their Boyfriends were with them. Johnny was with Paige… Peter was with Pearl and Shingo was with Dinah…

The Kawatche Cave…

Paige: *Looking up at the roof of the cave* Where are we? *Getting up and seeing Johnny Knocked out cold* Johnny, You okay?

Johnny: *Coming to; slowly stirring* ohhhhhh! What the hell happened? *Looking at Paige and suddenly getting up slowly* Where are we? Paige, where are we? *Concerned; Standing up* Are you alright?

Paige: *Rubbing her head* I think so. That was sure a mean drop. thankfully we didn’t break anything. *Seeing a light up ahead* Wherever we are… it looks like a cave…  There is a light up ahead and… *Hearing moans* Someone’s there… Let’s go and check it out… *Walking up towards the light*

Johnny: Right. *Following behind Paige* Let’s hope that it’s a way out.

Inside the inner Chamber…

Paige: What is this place? *Seeing an alter* There is an alter… and light is… *Looking up* There. shining down to the center of the Alter…

Johnny: *Looking at Paige* You mean that this is an Alter? What kind of Alter is this anyway? It’s got weird symbols on it.

Pearl: *Waking up and Coughing* Ugh! Would someone mind helping me up here, Please? This is not exactly what i’d consider to be a most comfortable position i am in. *Turning to see Peter out cold* Peter?! Peter? are you okay? *Not seeing Peter moving* Peter?! PETER?!!!

Paige: *Turning to see Pearl close by and Peter lying on the ground out cold* Pearl… Are you alright? *Looking towards her sister and Peter* How’s Peter? Is he okay?

Pearl: *Scoffs* Yeah. i am fine, Paige. But i don’t think Peter is. He’s not moving. He fell and unlike us… it took a lot from him. i don’t think he’s breathing. *Getting up, slowly crawling over to Peter and Shaking him; Trying to get through to him* Peter?! Please get up. Wake up. Wake up! *Not seeing any signs of breathing; Seeing no movement* Peter… if this is a Joke that you’re trying to play on me… it’s not funny. *Seeing no response in Peter* This isn’t funny, Peter. Come on, Get up. You are not being funny. You’re beginning to scare me… Come on Peter… Please get up for your girl here.

a minute passes and still no movement. Pearl was beginning to get desperate and began to get emotional… She didn’t know what was going on as she tried to get Peter to come to. She tried shaking him and rocking him but nothing was working. Paige was near and saw noticed that Peter was out cold… She came over and took a look. She didn’t know what it was. They stayed by Peter’s side while trying to figure a way out. The girls were in a cave but they didn’t know why they were there and as minutes passed, Pearl began to get worried about her boyfriend. She tried waking him yet again and still got nothing coming to her. She started to feel her eyes well up… Paige tried to take an initiative and moved to check for a Pulse on Peter…

Paige: *Kneeling down and Checking for a Pulse on Peter* I don’t think i feel a pulse. *Checking up and down the neck for a pulse* Pearl… i think that… *Gasps and shaking her head in dismay* He might be… Dead. Pearl, I can’t find a Pulse… i can’t find a pulse anywhere. I’m checking up and down his neck on both sides and can’t find any pulse.

Pearl: *Starting to shed tears* No… It can’t be true. He can’t be dead. I can’t lose him. I Love Him… Paige. There must be some mistake. There has to be some mistake. He can’t be dead. *Kneeling down beside Peter; Shaking him* please… wake up. Please, Peter. I Love you. You and i only were together for a short time. but i love you. you see me as me… not just a hero. but me… And i see you. *Crying suddenly* You can’t just leave me…

Seconds later…

Dinah: *Walking over into the chamber* You guys have any idea as to where we are? *Looking at the walls* This is a cave. with native designs. some sort of native designs. they’re all over the place.

Shingo *From behind Dinah* Well for a Cave… it sure looks totally weird.

Dinah: You think?! Dork! *Scoffs* Take a look around you. this place is a cave. one with weird symbols and designs. Does anyone even know about this place?

Paige: I Don’t think so… i really don’t think so. This is one place that is new to us. we never been to this place. we don’t even know what this place even is. or what we’re doing here. *Looking at the Alter suddenly* Wait a minute… I think i might know where we are… These Symbols….

Johnny: There’s a inscription here… *Trying to read the Inscription* I can’t make it out… It’s all in some weird language.

Paige: I think i might know who would know what this says.

Dinah: Who?

Paige: Chloe. She might know what it says.

Dinah: *Using her mind to pull the Buckle to her hand* Let’s call her. She’s probably with some know how on this. She’ll know what to get from it. *Calling Watchtower* Hey Watchtower… Come in. You there… it’s us.

From Watchtower…

Man: *Voice* Communication commlink from Dinah, Paige and Pearl…

Chloe: *By the Screens and catching a call coming in; Responding* Yes. Dinah, What is it? *Noticing symbols behind Dinah* Where are you girls? Are you girls inside the Kawatche caves?

On Screen:

Dinah: *Grins* Good guess. Yeah. we’re in a cave. and how we got here is by far mysterious. we were all on our dates when we suddenly got dragged here by this White Light. Chloe, What the hell is going on? This stuff is possible Krypto territory.

Chloe: Don’t worry… i’ll get you guys out of there.

Paige:  Well, you better hurry. we’re not alone here for some reason. there might be someone else here other than us…

Chloe: Like who?

Dinah: Don’t ask. please. don’t ask. Let us send a picture of the Alter and you can see the inscription for yourself.

Chloe: Okay.

Seconds later… From Watchtower…

Chloe: *Seeing the screen*

You guys… that’s the doorway into the portal that puts you inside the Fortress of Solitude. Clark’s fortress. *Looking closer at the picture* There is no Inscription on the alter… it’s just your mind playing tricks on you.

Pearl: *Crying* I don’t really think that it was our minds. but i am right now trying to get through to my boyfriend Peter. when we landed here… he hit hard and now… he won’t wake up. I think he’s dead… *Hugging her boyfriend; Not wanting to let go*

Chloe: Pearl… Don’t get upset. Take him with you and get him medical help. have him checked out… I’ll head on over to the Metropolis Gen and meet you girls there. get there as soon as you can.

Pearl: Okay… It’s hard to not be upset. i am scared that he could be dead. he won’t respond to anything and i’ve tried everything i could. *In tears*

Dinah: *Noticing a Metallic object sticking up from one of the slots on the Alter* What the…?

Shingo: *Looking at the Alter* What is that thing? is that a disc?

Dinah: *Pulling the Disc out from the slot and Looking at the Disc* Weird looking Disc… It’s got these symbols on it. Kryptonian it seems.

Shingo: This Cave belongs to the Blur. Clark has this Cave. This is a Kryptonian Alter and Clark is Kryptonian.

Paige: *Gasps; Looking at Dinah* Dinah, What are you doing with that disc? Put it back… Are you out of your mind? That thing could be dangerous.

Dinah: *Looking at Paige and then at the disc* This thing? You’re cracked. this thing is only a disc. What could it do? It’s just a Odd Shaped Metallic disc of some sort. nothing dangerous about it at all.

Shingo: I don’t think that we’d want to know, what it could do. It’s best if we just put it back where it was, Dinah. That way we don’t provoke any unwanted trouble… Being brought here by a white light is trouble sounding enough… i don’t think that asking for more trouble is a good idea.

Dinah: you guys are such chickens. But you might be right. there is no sense in asking for trouble. *Placing the Disc back*

But as she started to place the disc back into the slot… it pulled out of her hand and landed with a clang into the slot and before they could leave… The Alter began to activate and within seconds they were all Surrounded by a beam streamed with Kryptonian symbols..

Jor-el: *Voice* Rhapsody Girls… Why have you come?

Paige: What do you mean? Why have we come… We were teleported here. which we would suppose was by you.

Pearl: *Sobbing* What are we doing here?

Jor-el’s Voice: Because you 3 might be the last hope to stop the end of human life upon your world. The woman you know as Tess Mercer… She is in suit with Major Zod Constructing the Solar Tower. aiming to create an alternate form of energy. But the Solar Tower poses another purpose. To give the Kandorians their powers. Major Zod has completed the Solar Tower. You must destroy it before it becomes online. If it gets online and becomes fully functional… it will not only strip Kal-el of his powers… but will mean the beginning of the end for Earth. It will grant the Kandorians their powers and render them invincible. impossible to stop. You must destroy the Solar Tower before it is too late.

Dinah: How do we do that? We can’t even get a foot near it. Those Kandorians are probably armed with lasers guns as well as the Guards from Luthorcorp. they’ll shoot us before we get all the way into the tower if they catch us.

Jor-el: You must find a way… Or all will be lost.

Shingo: If you believe that we can get to that tower and destroy it… we’ll do it. but we’re not about to go head over heals over it. we’re gonna have a battle plan first.

Johnny: Going over there blindly is asking for trouble.

Paige: We’re gonna ask Chloe for a bit of help on getting at that Solar Tower. it’s coming down.

Jor-el’s Voice:  Good Luck. And farewell.

Within seconds, they were back in Metropolis and in front of their house. But they had to get Peter to the hospital and hope on good fortune that he was not indeed dead…


At Princess Rikku’s house…

The next morning…

It was the morning after the date and it was the morning after a uprising and mysterious incident that revolved a cave and a voice. Pearl was sobbing in her dreams all night and the others were just as disturbed and shaken up a bit. Dinah was a bit irritated and annoyed over her date being ruined. Paige was trying to come to terms with last night’s incident. But Pearl was hurt emotionally. She was with the fear that her boyfriend Peter was dead when he fell on the ground with pressure. She knew on the side that he was not dead… but the shock of seeing it and with the fact that it hit her right in the middle of her first date… it made it feel all the more upsetting.

Paige: What a night… Our dates were cut short by that incident that we got ourselves into.

Pearl: *With tears in her eyes and upset* That Cave was really dark. and… I want Peter… *Sobbing*

Dinah: *Walking over and Sitting beside Pearl* Pearl, Don’t cry. It’s gonna be alright. *Holding her sister close* it’s gonna be alright. Peter isn’t dead. we took him over to the hospital and got him help. He was just knocked senseless a bit and they said that we couldn’t find his pulse because we weren’t checking it right. we were so lost on where we were at that time that we were not paying attention. moments like that can get even the best of us mixed up. Even Paige.

Paige: You’re right. I was checking Peter’s pulse and couldn’t find it. but i must have checked the wrong spot. Maybe i didn’t check the actual spot and only went by assumption…

Pearl: *Crying* But he’s hurt. Why was he not responding to me when i was shaking him? He was lying there out cold and wasn’t responding to anything. I just feel so bad.

Dinah: That i don’t know. I don’t know about that part.

A minute later…

Rebecca: *Walking down the hall and overhearing the conversation* What are they talking about? *Listening in on the conversation* Solar Tower? What in the…? Rhapsody girls and Mystic Thunder… Lord Bliss and Bubble Warlock? *Listening in more* I wonder what they mean by that? *Shaking her head* Are they talking about that tall tower that i caught sight of yesterday coming into the city?

Dinah: *Opening the Door* Who’s out here? *Seeing her Aunt standing in the hall* What are you looking at? You better not have been listening to our conversations… because it doesn’t concern you. Last night we just had our date ruined by a freak mishap. and that’s all you’re gonna know. no more and no less than that. So if you are wanting to get in with our little business. You might want to be more secretive about it.

Rebecca: *Smirks and feeling a little offended* That is no way to talk to your Aunt, You know. But from what i heard about you… You must be… My Hot wired Niece Dinah.

Dinah: And i take it that you’re our Aunt. Aren’t you?

Rebecca: Well yeah. i am obviously. Besides. i am family. I may have been gone at Yale for almost 5 years, but i am still a Rhapsody member. part of the huge clan.

Dinah: *Annoyed* Sure. you are. *Standing up to Rebecca* You think that coming back again after being gone for nearly 5 years is gonna be enough to make amends? You went to college. from what we have heard and you didn’t even bother call us. not even a thank you… a “Hey, How are you?” Nothing. We were made to feel like we didn’t even matter to you one stinkin’ bit. And contrary to what you will say. our mom never mentioned about you. once at all. Because if she had… we would remember you and know who you are. All we see is that you’re a Book fanatic and as of now a total snoop. You were trying to Listen in on something that had no concern to you. *Storming off; Dressed for school and heading down stairs*

Paige: *Coming out of the room; Dressed* Rebecca, You may be a part of this family… but you’re a guest. Rule one: No one likes a nosy snoop. it’s unbecoming of a guest. You are gonna wind up over staying your welcome if you don”t stop. This happened only once before… but once is enough. *Heading down the stairs*

Pearl: *With an upset tone* You can stay as long as you need. but just don’t listen in to what we’re saying unless we invite you. i may be gentle usually… but the way i am feeling right now due to what i went through last night… you don’t want me coming off the hinges. I am broken and hurt and i will come off. Dinah got me to stop breaking into my version of the Niagara falls. But it don’t mean that i won’t come off, if i am provoked. *Looking at her Aunt* You are not a bad person, We know. but right now… we’re hurt because of last night that we’re saying things that we normally wouldn’t say… So… just heed our words and at the same time… Don’t take it much to heart. But till we’re cooled off… just keep a distance from us. it’s better than way. *Heading downstairs*

Although at the Kent farm…

It was a bright sunny day out and much warmer than the day before. it was not Snowy or cloudy. it was just a little cold. but Sunny. It was even sunny at Metropolis also and made it seem all the more weird…

Inside the Kent house…

Lois was in the Kitchen Scrubbing and cleaning the floors and didn’t see Chloe come in Looking for Clark until…

Chloe: *Looking at the wet spot on the Floor* Clark?

Lois: He’s not here. He’s at work.  *Scrubbing the floors and barely getting up after finishing to see Chloe in the Kitchen* Hey Chloe, What brings you here?

Chloe: Nothing really. *Looking at Lois* Just you and this act…

Lois: *Smiles and blowing off the remark* What do you mean? What act?

Chloe: This. You are acting like a mail order spouse. acting like a home country wife and being all clingy to Clark. making as though he would truly belong to you. He doesn’t… he belongs to the world.

Lois: But he said that wanted a more traditional relationship. i am just giving him what it is that he desired to have.

Chloe: *Looking stern at Lois* That is nice, but you are only hurting him by doing this. Holding him back with this act of yours. You are being selfish. His destiny and his role in the world is to save it. not be a target of your wanting to cater to his whim acting like a Mail order spouse.

Lois: What do you mean? *feeling hurt by Chloe’s words* You mean that i am only hurting him? How is that possible? I am only doing what he asked. i got on my hands and knees and did this floor. making him his favorite food.

Chloe: *Grinching her teeth* Be that as it may… If you love him… really love him… You will let him go. let him go and stop holding him back with a normal romance that he knows that he can never have.

At the Promenade Clark was looking for where that mysterious girl was with the wings and the strange dust. He saw another girl but she didn’t have any dust with her. the basket was filled with regular glitter. But while he confronted her and spoke with her about seeing any signs of the other one that had that mysterious dust, he got a call from Lois… A 911.

At the Daily Planet…

Trixie: *Looking at her Daughter* Rebecca, I spent the night making your Press pass. *Handing her daughter her press pass* There you go. You’re now a reporter. Welcome to the Daily planet.

Rebecca: Thanks mom. i am happy to be here. it’s better than just doing nothing. *A little down* i am however really hurt by how Dinah spoke to me.

Trixie: Why’s that? How did she speak to you?

Rebecca: kinda like she wanted to have nothing to do with me. she looked at me like i was some lowlife. She practically didn’t even recognize me at all. Accused me of listening in on what she and her sisters were saying. Talking about the solar tower.

Trixie: Well… they won’t ever admit it… and i don’t see as though we ought to blame them for not coming out with the truth. They’re part of the Superhero persuasion.

Rebecca: *Pauses* Huh? You’re kidding me about that, aren’t you mom?

Trixie: no. i am not… they are heroes. but just don’t let them know that you know… you’ll have to see for yourself in order to fully believe it as truth.

Rebecca: I have no idea what that means, but if you believe that i ought to see and find out for myself… i will. *With her pack in her pocket* I need to get some air. I’ll be back.

Trixie: Rebecca, what are you doing?

Rebecca: I’m going out for a light. *Grunts* I know… bad habit. But that school’s pressure cooker pushed me to take it up. The School pushed me and pushed me till i cracked. I am hooked now on Anti-depressants and Arthritis medication. I am hooked on drugs and i can’t pull away. The School pressure and the mockery screwed me over royally. *Annoyed and frustrated* You realize that the whole time i was at school… at Yale, i was not allowed to go anywhere? but that i’d see everyone else leave and go where ever they damn well wanted. they went where ever they chose to go while i was at my dorm and just all alone. i was forced to live alone as no one wanted a thing to do with me. i had no room mates. no friends. *Angry over how she was treated at Yale* Hell, Mom. i couldn’t even be allowed to call you. i wanted to call you around the holidays and from time to time just to keep in contact. I wanted to be able to call you. although… i never got that chance.

Trixie: That is sad. Don’t worry… I’m gonna make a call to them and chew them out over it. You go on and have a light and take a little time to cool down. I’ll handle it…

at the Kent Barn…

Clark was looking for Lois and back from Metropolis… he felt that something was up and he was barely on the top level… when suddenly he heard crying and sobs… he got closer up on the loft when he saw Lois sobbing…

Clark: Lois? Are you alright?

Lois: Yes. *Sobbing* I’m fine… *Getting up and turning to face Clark* No… Actually i’m not fine.. I am terrible. I suck at the cooking… i am a total spaz…

Clark: No. You’re not a failure… You did nothing wrong.

Lois: *In heartache and feeling broken* Oh come on Clark… Who the heck are you kidding about this whole set up, huh Clark? i can’t do this Susie home-maker act. i can’t cook. i could tell that you just hated that meat. you didn’t say anything about it… but i already could tell how much you hated it.

Clark: Lois, What are you talking about?

Princess Charlene: *Entering through an Ice portal* What’s all the ruckus about? I was at home when i detected broken emotions. one of the new things i can do with my abilities. it’s a come and go.

Lois: I have to go. I can’t stay with you, Clark. It’ll never work. i must have been a fool to think that it would ever work. Chloe hinted at the idea that as long as i was around you… i would end up hurting you… holding you back.

Princess Charlene: *Pauses* What do you mean by that, Lois? how could you hurt him? You obviously belong with him. you two have chemistry.  how would you be one to hurt him, Lois?

Lois: Because he’s meant for far better things than this. That’s why i must go…  *Walking down the stairs and starting to leave* I need to get out of here…

Clark: *Running over to Lois; Grabbing Lois and Looking at Lois* Lois… Please stay. We can work it out. Don’t go. No matter what happens… i want you in my life.

Lois: *Sniffling* Really?

Princess Charlene: *Looking at Lois* You are both right for one another… it’s not the end for you to be together. Clark is wanting to be with you… it’s fate. i know… it’s a line that Doctor Fate would be saying… not for someone like me. but it’s a fact. You two are right for one another…

Clark: of course… i would never have it any other way…

Lois and Clark then share a Kiss and Kiss each other…

At the Metropolis High School…

In History class…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah were sitting down listening to the teacher give off a lecture… What the real surprise was… was that it was their mother. Paige felt humiliated. Pearl became in shock. But Dinah was in disbelief and with a sense of mortification. She was dumbfounded. They were recalling what their mother had once told them that she would never teach their classes and embarrass them. however as it turned out… their mother was now their teacher…

Princess Rikku: *Teaching* …

Paige: *Leaning back and sighs; Thinking to herself* I so don’t believe this…

Pearl: Our mom is teaching our class.

Dinah: Let the torment begin… and the start of personal hell. *Lowering her head* Someone just torture us now.

Princess Rikku: *Looking at her daughters* Come on, you girls need to pay more attention in class.

Leslie Stevens: *Looking at the girls* You girls are being taught by your mom and that’s bad enough… but don’t be instigating trouble. Besides the School has just pounced on the whole Superhero activity. but you need to get with the program.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Scoffs* Ugh! Yeah right!

Dinah: *offended* This School has a thing against super heroes. almost like it hates anyone who’s a superhero. Well i would bet that the School would be singing or dancing to a different tune if it were attacked. It’d be begging for a hero to save it. I can promise you that. Mark my words. The moment that this school gets targeted by a dreadful attack… it will be just begging for heroes like us to come to its rescue to save it.

Pearl: That’s right. But i am not so worried about it. I am kinda okay with the rule. i actually wouldn’t really mind having a normal life. I believe that I’ve seen enough death and devastation to last a whole lifetime. Maybe more. There is enough death to last me more than a couple lifetimes.

Dinah: Pearl… we can’t have a normal life. not a complete one. We are with the responsibility of saving the world. and i don’t know about you… but as long as i am able to fight and use my powers… i will fight Evil and beat the bad crooks up till the very day that i can’t do it anymore.

Paige: Same here. But a normal life would be nice. I actually would love to travel and be a Romance novelist. Maybe even a Dancer. I always wanted to be either a dancer or a Romance writer. Maybe a Star… Or a Swinsuit model. That’d be wonderful.

Dinah: *Thinking* Well… i would like to be a Wrestler when i grow up. either that or a movie star. I Could actually get into movies and maybe think on being a critic. But being the tough one that everyone knows me as… Being a Wrestler might be better. I’d want to settle down somewhere during that time and get married. having 3 girls.

Pearl: *Fantasizing about her future a little* I can see it now. Madame Pearl, World famous Fashion designer. Creating the best dresses and seeing my work being promoted all over. It’d be really exciting. people would be loving my dresses as i’d create them with lots of care and love and see to aim with getting them all at their very best. I can make such pretty dresses. But then if that doesn’t do well… i can be a pop singer. i got a wonderful voice. I can use the Hero name as a Pop Singer name… Get married and have 5 kids. 4 Daughters and 1 Son.

Paige: I know what i’d do during my career. I would start a family. Have 4 kids. 2 boys and 2 girls. *Nods and sighs* …

a moment later…

At the Watchtower…

Clark: *Looking for Chloe* Chloe! We need to talk.

Betty: *Flying Down* Chloe is not here Clark. I think that’s quite noticeable… I’ve been here for hours trying to find out what is going on… She’s locked up the systems. I must have spent the last 3 hours trying to get past the encryption keys and past the security systems. *Heading for the computer and getting on the nearest computer* There must be a load of safety measures and counter measures all over the systems and cloaking the mainframe. Firewalls upon firewalls upon firewalls. There is just so much. *Clacking on the keyboard trying to crack into the systems* This is a unholy nightmare. Curse these unholy contraptions…

Clark: That’s fine… but i right now have my own version of inferno city to put out, Where’s Chloe?

Angel: I think we just said or Betty just said that she wasn’t here. Is your super hearing on the proverbial fritz?

Betty: She is Gone Clark, As in a version of the Watchtower’s 23 skidoo. We are trying to put out the fires on the tower’s system core. the whole system is literally trying to play the tough love and the devilish advocate act on us.  *Walking to another computer* we’ve tried practically every Inauguration… every back door and side trick that we could. at least what we learn from Chloe’s expertise. I am a hero… Angelic Raven… but now i am turning into a tech geek. Funny how i am learning a trade. one that is so different than my own…

Angel: *Getting frustrated* These dark acting machines are getting to be a real pisser and it’s driving me crazy…

Clark: Really… You two are getting worked up on the computers. You need to just chill out and relax.

Betty: *Typing on the computers trying to get to the bottom of the lockouts* Rotten lockouts… *Suddenly getting calmer and pauses before releasing pressure and stress; grabbing a light drink and taking off glasses before turning around facing Clark*

Angel: *Facing Clark and sighs* Whatev’s darling. If this place goes to the techno graveyard in the sky…. it is not our problem.

Clark: *Seeing the change in Betty and Angel* Girls? You feeling okay? Maybe you should go back to the way you were before…

Betty: Yeah. we’re just fine. we gotta loosen up… have ourselves a Wine cooler. Plus… i don’t think that there’ll be any dibs on the back door here… no backsies in sight, dear.

Clark: Where’re you going?

Betty: To get a brew or something soothing. this job is so stressful.

Clark: I have a problem. I need to find a way to reverse it. I think that i might have gotten infected with some sort of new meteor rock.

Betty: *Smirks and coughing up a laugh* Good lord, Kal… Hasn’t your mom or anyone you worked with in the past told you that you shouldn’t inhale? What were you thinking? Breathing in something that might possibly be lethal…

Clark: But i keep putting people in a persuasive trans… I made Lois and Chloe practically do whatever i told them to… and now i can’t reverse it. i can’t seem to stop it. Kryptonite is usually supposed to affect me and not other people…

Angel: *Sitting down and looking at Clark while leaning back; folding her hands sitting next to Betty* I believe that it’s some sort of hypnosis or a bizarre kind of mind control.

Betty: You know… Some people can be rather pathetic. Always up for a typical suggestion and advice. willing to just fall for whatever suggestion or advice that makes anyone do whatever they get asked. It’s probably wonderful with the ladies, Right?

Clark: What do i do to get it to subside?

Angel: Hmm, *grinning and looking at Clark with intrigue* You know… Maybe you don’t need to stop it. but maybe Embrace it. *Chuckles* I mean… hey use it or lose it Kal.

Betty: Think about it. Clark… there must be something that you’re after… something that you want in your life. what are you planning to do? wait till the possible chance at happiness and satisfaction passes you on by? There must be something that you are looking for.

Clark: *Thinking and turning around a minute* … *Pulling out the tag with his father’s crest on it* Hmm… *Looking at the tag* There is one thing… *Speeding off*

Betty: *Seeing Clark speeding off* Angel… there is no way we’re ever gonna be getting used to that.

That afternoon after school…

Paige: *Sighs* I can’t believe this… we’re being taught by our mother… our mother is teaching us…

Pearl: Are you gonna keep droning about that? Paige, Our mom is teaching us… it’s not a big deal.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Pearl, What planet are you on again? This isn’t a distant planet. It’s Earth. And for a teen to have their parent’s or in our case parent like our mother teaching the class that the kids are in… it’s eerie… Plus… what are you talking about saying that it’s not a big deal. It’s totally a big deal.

Paige: *Looking at her sisters* Okay… let’s get back to the issue here… The Solar Tower… we need to dismantle it. somehow…

Dinah: I agree. Let’s not be so worked up over our mom teaching our class. she’s not bad for a teacher.

Pearl: We gotta go and first get my boyfriend Peter… He’s still at the hospital… isn’t he?

Paige: Yeah. he is still there… as far as i know he was still being kept for observation…

Pearl: Let’s go see him.

Princess Rikku: *Coming out of the room* Paige, Pearl… Dinah. You 3 have been working hard in the class. I noticed.

Paige: *Turning to see their mom* Mom.

Princess Rikku: You have worked hard in class. I am proud of you 3. I don’t know what those other teachers were talking about… You may have been trying to sneak away from the school to go and do your hero details… but you 3 have done nothing of the sort all day.

Dinah: Uh, Well… it is kinda hard to try when the whole stinkin’ school has got any special kids or teens or heroes wing clipped and barred from going out to save the day. The whole School used to be open to the whole… “We love heroes… we enjoy the idea that we have heroes in our school” But now… it’s lock down… Heroes are not praised. Mom, you may have used to be a hero a few years ago. It’s different since then.

Princess Rikku: Dinah, Stop it. Heroes have to follow rules. You’re a hero. but you are my Daughter foremost. you’re my daughter first. you all are. you 3, Betty and Angel are my girls. I am one to steer you into being normal a little. You 3 need to be a bit more normal.

Paige: *Gasps* But mom… That’s not fair to do that… We can’t help but be the heroes. it’s just our responsibility.

Pearl: *Looking at the others* i am gonna head to see my boyfriend.

Dinah: That’s right… we got to go and check on Peter. They found nothing wrong with him. He’s said to come out this afternoon.


Johnny: *Walking out of the Room and Walking past the girls* Girls… Peter is fine… he just got a bump on his head and is gonna be sore for a little on the back of his head… but he’s fine. he is just aching a little. but he is alive and kicking.

Pearl: *Glows and bursting with excitement* Really? Let’s go then… come on… *Running Off to the Metropolis Gen* This would be better if i had wings.

Paige: I guess it’s better if we were to transform…

Pearl: *Pauses* that’s Right.

a second later…

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing* The Love and beating heart of Bliss, the Winged angel of Romance… Miss Love… with the powers of Love and sweet eternal hearts…the souls and presence of Evil will be silenced by the embrace of Love’s Might!

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evil will be washed with grace and light!

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lightning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing* The Thunderous Flight of justice… The sparking charge of the Rhapsody Girls Thunder Mistress… By the hands of Thunder and Lightning, The presence of Evil will feel the Thunderic fury of The Rhapsody Girls!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Moments later…

At Metropolis General hospital…

Peter: *Walking down the Hall and heading out of the hospital* My head is gonna be in a bit of pain for a little. *Sighs* I can’t believe that fall knocked me out. I could have died. but thankfully i am still living. but with a concussion. i don’t even remember where i was before the incident last night. What happened to me anyway?


Pearl: *Hovering through the hall* Peter?!

Peter: *Hearing his name being called and turning to see Pearl* Pearl?!

Pearl: Peter. *Spotting her boyfriend and making way over to her boyfriend; Hugging him*

Peter: *Hugging her* Pearl… It’s great to see you. thank heavens i get to see someone other than a doctor and a nurse. i was gonna go insane if i had to see another nurse or some other doctor. They let me go, but i feel a little bit of pain. I don’t even remember much of last night. except that i was on a date with a wonderful girl. You. but then suddenly something happened and i just got knocked out. Really. *Sighs and concerned* Are you alright?

Pearl: *Suddenly sobbing while still hugging Peter* I thought for a while that i might have lost you, Peter… You and i were only a item for maybe a few weeks. and yet…  i really have fallen in love with you. sometimes in my dreams… all i can even think about is you.

Peter: *Hugging Pearl* Pearl… don’t be crying like that on my count.  If anything… i should be the one doing the water works. i thought that i was gonna die in the back of my mind… i felt like i was gonna meet an end. Pearl, I love you. *Looking at Pearl* You are the best girl i ever laid eyes on. I know that people would call you a crybaby. but you know what? The heck with them. you just be you. forget what others say to you. I just want you to be you.

Pearl: I am touched to hear you say that… Peter. *Thinking about something* After we take care of the Solar Tower situation…  What say that we try another date. an in home movie date?

Peter:  okay. *Drying Pearl’s tears* Cheer up. We got a job to do. we can worry about the whole date idea after. but a date with you… you could say: “Let’s go to  the park or Let’s go on a cruise” and i’d go. no questions asked. i would go. You and i are only just beginning a relationship but i’d be only just half a person without you.

Outside the hospital…

Paige: I wonder what’s taking them so long. Peter is Pearl’s love. and we allowed for her to go in. in hopes that they’d be back in just a couple minutes.

Dinah: Want to give her a ring? We’re gonna need to hurry. We are running out of time before the final press conference is said to roll in.

Shingo: *Running over to the girls* Dinah, there is trouble…

Dinah: *Pauses* Trouble? How?

Shingo: Well… you’re not gonna believe this. *Stopping next to the girls and looking at Dinah* The Solar Tower is being activated. Did Chloe contact you guys yet about it?

Paige: No. She didn’t. we haven’t heard from her since last night. none of us have.

Shingo: i am wondering because Guess who just called?

Dinah: Who?

Shingo: Betty. she called us and said that Chloe has vanished and has in fact locked the entire systems of Watchtower. But from what Betty said The Solar Tower is nearing full function status.

Paige: We got to go and derail it somehow… Let’s get Pearl out of the hospital and make way over there… Come on.

They were about to call out to Pearl to get her to hurry up when suddenly…

Pearl: *With Peter; Running over to her sisters* Let’s go and take care of the tower.

Peter: Right.

Johnny: *Looking at Peter* How’re you feeling man?

Peter: I’m good. actually i am rather perfect. i however got a little pain in the back of my head and it’s throbbing like a son of a gun, but i’ll live.

Dinah: You sure?

Peter: yeah. besides. the worst that could happen would be my still being in the hospital being strapped and hooked to the machines plus the part where i have to poked and prodded by a sack of doctors. plus Nurses…

Johnny: oh… *Smirks* tragic. You survive?

Peter: Survive to tell the tale? yeah. but curious enough to relive the moment again. Let’s get a bit of a rain check on that. because i don’t think that i would want to relive it. But there is one thing that i managed to win which i’d accept anytime.

Paige: *Gasps* Really?

Shingo: *Curious* What could it be?

Pearl: Another date. i kinda tossed that in. besides that we were watching a movie when suddenly the incident with the cave intervened and put a roadblock into it.

Paige: *Nods* Nice.

Dinah: Let’s go and take care of the problem…

At Yale…

Trixie: *Meeting with the Headmaster* Hello… Mr. Randolph.

Headmaster Randolph: Hello, Mrs. Rhapsody. Please do come in. I take it that you’re here to discuss the issue revolving your daughter Rebecca.

Trixie: *Walking into the office and grabbing a seat* That is right. i am here to give a piece of my mind over the mistreatment that my Daughter was subjected to.

Headmaster: *Closing the door and heading over to his chair* I see. I am sorry to hear that you’re not happy with how she was being treated. but… *Sitting down in the chair* We run things in a sophisticated manner here. and as much as it pains me to admit. Your daughter is not cut out for it. She was caught cheating in class. and that is a major dark mark on the reputation of Yale. She has been unwilling to partake in any of the activities.

Trixie: That is not true. She has done nothing wrong here… she was accused of cheating. i know my kid. she doesn’t cheat. in fact… she never cheats. she’s the most uprising girl there ever was. she in fact did everything she was supposed to do. She is a smart person. i have seen her work. She is right now out in the hall awaiting for me to come back out and she is broken. She’s told me about how the teachers and the surrounding peers here have treated her. *getting heated* i am appalled to know that my daughter was made to be all alone. She’s done nothing but try to do all she could. she explained everything. She’s worked hard for almost 5 years. just shy of under a few months. She had done nothing else. *Angry* She studied so hard till she puked. she studied and kept at it. she didn’t do anything else. she told me of the other surrounding people going out and she was being left out in the cold. *Offended* She was left alone. no one spoke to her. she worked till she gave herself Arthritis and went into a depression. she has depression. she was put on medication. for the Arthritis and has to take them or she’d be placed in pain. she was also placed with so much stress that she is now smoking. *Huffs* and my Daughter was never raised to be that. but because of this school… she is hooked on the medication and can’t get off. She’s got Arthritis in her hands and wrists. The whole time she was here… she was not even allowed to call me or her family once. she told me how you all kept her from doing so. and if she did anything, you all had to know what it was and why. God forbid if you didn’t.

Headmaster: *Raising up fast* That will be quite enough. i have had it up to here with you Rhapsody people. Rebecca was a slacker. She wasn’t doing the work. several teachers can attest to the fact that she has not been doing the work. she would come in to the classes for several days doing nothing. So i would kindly ask if you’d lower your haughty little tone.

Trixie: *Scoffs and disgusted* Ugh! EXCUSE ME! No, I will not keep it down. You know… i am her mother… but i also am a reporter. i have every means to write an expose on this place and expose to the whole country if plausible exactly how this place is ran. My daughter Rebecca is innocent. i will protect my daughter to the hilt. no matter what. You can show me all you want about what she has done here… compared to what i have seen that she has showed me and i would still defend her. She is a smart tack. her brain is over active and over thinking on things. She grew up reading so many books… Children’s books, advanced books. Romance novel. Even suspense books… Books about historical moments in history. name it. She read it all. I *Getting up and angry* am tired of my daughter being attacked by you. She now smokes. because of the rotten pressure that you people have inflicted on her. the stress of having to work so hard before she literally snapped like an old oak tree. She was pushed into breaking out with a styling phase of the “Rolling Stones”. She was made to be all alone. Obviously it was a mistake ever sending her here to advance in her studies. *Looking at the Headmaster* I regret the fact that she ever came here. My Daughter Rebecca is out in the hall and is probably listening to all this. and i want her to know that if she was to ever go to college again… it will be anywhere but here. I want to also warn that if you even send her any future letters of any kind. i will file a lawsuit on Yale so fast that by time it is done… you’ll be lucky to even be able to remain accredited. Because the truth be told… if you were treating my Daughter like dirt. i can’t begin to fathom on how you people are treating the many others who attend here. turning such innocent teens and young adults… even my daughter who first came here at age 30 into vengeful mortal enemies. *Walking out* Good day. and Thank you… thank you for literally destroying my daughter. in so many ways. You cracked her. and i blame you. *Looking at her Daughter* Rebecca, Come on. we are leaving. You’re not coming back to this school. I’m placing you in Met U as soon as i can. but for right now, You’re out of college to try and unwind and regather your thoughts. even if it takes two years or three to do it.

Trixie and her daughter Rebecca left the building and went back to Metropolis. It left Rebecca broken but she was kicked out of Yale. She could not go back. she didn’t even think about going back to Yale. After all they had done to her… she didn’t want any part of them. She knew that she had to try to make amends with her family.  She felt rather crushed at how her Nieces spoke to her that morning… but she knew that they had all the reason to feel the way they were feeling towards her. she had been gone for nearly 5 years and no one in the family heard from her. She knew that she would have to apologize.

As for the Rhapsody girls… They were about to prepare for an attack on the Solar tower… but were suddenly intercepted by Clark. He got them to stop.

Paige: *Looking at Clark* Why have you stopped us from going at the tower?

Pearl: What are you trying to do…  see that the tower gets online and strip you of your powers. that’s what it’ll do.

Clark: You 3 have proven enough that you’re wanting to do the right thing by taking this tower down. however… there is no chance that you’re gonna be able to blast a hole through the tower… You should just let me take care of the tower…

Dinah: So… what are we to do? Just sit and watch?

Clark: there is nothing that you can do right now. Go on home… we’ll handle it. it’ll be alright.

Peter: Hey. We don’t know about waiting… but that tower sounds like bad news. You want to take responsibility for it? What can you possibly do to stop the tower? If we can’t do it… what makes you think you can?

Clark: What do you mean?

Paige: What he means is that no one can get to it. if our powers can’t do it. there is not a chance that you will have any luck…

Clark: Don’t worry. We’ll handle it… The Solar Tower won’t go up.

The girls nodded and decided that since Clark was assuring them that he would take care of it, they’d go back home and spend time with their mother. Pearl Went to her room and got ready for a personal date. a Movie Date. She got ready for the date and changed into a Nice dress getting ready for the night. She felt rather happy about the idea that she was gonna have another shot at a date.  But the question was… Would it be a Date or would something more happen?

That night…

Chloe was at the central computers inside the one office building nearby the Solar tower; Checking through Surveillance and hacking into the systems… she was gonna inflict a virus into the systems to bring down the firewalls on the solar tower… But as she was in the middle of hacking into the systems. trying to crack down the systems…

Tess: *Walking into the office* What are you doing? *Noticing Chloe* Oh… it’s you. You’re trying to throw a monkey wrench into the construction of the solar Tower. It’s a little too late for that.

Chloe: *Looking at Tess by the door* Not a chance. You’re trying to help see the world fall on its knees…

Tess: How can you prove that? You are surely not about to find anything there to feed you the needed info to help your cause to derail the tower. It’s gonna go up. Plus… i am with good graces with the 3 girls again. You really think that i am with intentions of luring them into my secret work and get them to loathe me once again.

Chloe: *Stops and looks at Tess* What? The 3 girls? You’re back on the good graces with the Rhapsody girls? That’s not very likely. They’ve seen your scales. they know exactly what you’re like.

Tess: *Walking to the side and keeping by the door* You are sure about that, Aren’t you?

Chloe: More than you know.

Tess: *Challenging* want to call on that? give their mother a call. she’ll tell you.

Chloe: I don’t think so. *Getting back to trying to hack into the systems revolving the Solar tower*

Tess watched as Chloe tried again to get into the systems…

Tess: *Over confident* You’re trying to endlessly hack into the systems. Not like it’s possible. But if it’ll help you sleep and rest your pretty little head…go ahead. have at it. Hack yourself silly. You’re only wasting your time though on trying; you’ll never crack my system.

Chloe: You would think so, wouldn’t you Tess. But you are forgetting that sometimes that it isn’t always considered so much cracking as it is bleeding out the needed Intel. *shows a flash drive* This little friend here is with the data and info that clearly is the digital equivalent to the Magnum virus.

Tess: You are clearly insane to think that you’re doing the world a favor by doing this. the Solar Tower is to give the people newer energy and much more cleaner… Just out of sheer understanding here… you may need to stop and think about what you’re doing. If you take down my firewalls you’ll be exposing Clark to much greater dangers than you can even envision in your mind. I would believe that you realize and i am positive that the Rhapsody girls also know that i have done about everything that i could… everything in my power to postpone the inevitable. Unfortunately the day of Judgement has indeed come. The tower is now all set to go. It has been linked up to the satellites. The countdown has long since begun and in less than 20 hours and counting… The atmosphere will turn red and the Kandorians will have their powers. Sadly though… I’ve long since had lost my good faith in Zod. *Looking at Chloe and walking over to her* Think about it Chloe… I am sure you’d want to be part of it. i mean think of the bright side might come from all of this. If Clark were to join them; he could rule over all the Kandorians including Zod. *Coming up with a proposition* But the only thing in the way of that is just the part where we’d have to work together. Your Intel and capable skills of hacking into systems. you and I have to work together.

Chloe: *Rubbing her Jaw thinking* It’s quite the offer. Allow me to think about it a little. *Suddenly Punches Tess in the face* I’m sorry, but embracing the red skies definitely violates my no-conspiring-with-baddies policy. *Placing the flash drive into the computer and uploading the Virus; Sending it to the Solar Tower* I should just notify the Rhapsody girls and get them in on it.

Tess: no thanks… I got on their good graces again… i lost it once… i won’t let it happen again.

Suddenly before long, Tess and Chloe got into a fist fight and As Chloe started fighting Tess, The Rhapsody brothers came in and intervened.

Prince Alvin: *Grabbing Tess* Hey. Back off of Chloe.

Prince Avery: Chloe, You alright?

Chloe: Yeah. I am now… We got to destroy that Solar Tower. It is about to start filtering the atmosphere and turn the sky red. We have to stop it.

Prince Arnold: The Solar Tower will do that?

Prince Curtis: You are kidding, Right?

Brenda: *Flying in* I’ll the help take care of Tess. *Growls at Tess* You’re a Clorbag Valblernek… You play mean tricks. building a tower that will end this world. that is mean. *Flying off with Tess and throwing her down in the clearing outside from the office building*

Minutes Later, Clark arrived and confronted Tess…

Clark: *Walking over to Tess* My Father was murdered… Tess, I am here to Collect.

Tess: *scared* Collect on what? What are you talking about?

Clark: Justice! That’s what! Or Vengeance… It’s depends only on what side you’re on.  *Using his heat Vision to surround him and Tess*

Brenda: *Hovering in the air and with her hands Glowing green* Let her have it, Clark. Let that Clorbag have it.

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting into the Scene* Brenda, you should not get involved with this.

Tess: But i don’t understand… I mean that… I confided in you, Clark. You know i have confided in you as you have confided in me. Why else would you have felt it safe or right to reveal your powers? You have got to believe me… I Didn’t tell anyone about your secret.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Tess* Sure you haven’t. You only kept it just so that you could double cross him. Sell his info to the highest bidding source… to the Kandorians.

Brenda: How could you the betray someone who is meant to do the great things?

Tess: *Moving around in fear running behind Clark and get away from the Rhapsody Brothers and their sister* It’s not true… I only have done it so that Clark would have that chance to lead the Kandorians. *Falling down and turning around to see Clark and the Rhapsody brothers looking to come at her*

Clark: It doesn’t happen in the way you are saying it does. You have clearly seen the future. You undoubtedly know exactly what happens in the future, Don’t you… Tess? *Moving closer to Tess*

Tess: *Backing away* That is exactly the reason as to why you must join the Kandorians and defeat Zod With the helping aid from the Rhapsody Girls. they can help you defeat him…  That way Zod doesn’t take your powers away.

Clark: *Serious and Looking straight at Tess* He doesn’t take them, Tess. Your tower is what does that when it goes online. It’s what takes my powers away making me defenseless.

Prince Avery: *Teleporting into the scene* We are gonna be taking that Tower down. it has to come down… Tess, You are such a fool to think that the tower will pose a helping leg up without the dire consequences that follow. Zod can’t be trusted. You know that he is trying to get his powers. Clark sees it. we all see it. Clark told us about it weeks ago and at first we didn’t buy it. but as we thought more and more about it… we saw that it indeed was bad news.

Brenda: *Firing A couple of Star bolts at the ground* You better talk and fast. Start talking or the next bolt won’t miss.

Tess:  *Feeling afraid of what was gonna happen next* the satellites only create a shield that serve to do nothing more than filter the radiation. That’s all it would do.

Clark: *Angrily* And block the source of my powers, giving them theirs.

Prince Alvin: *Scoffs* You have seen the future Tess. you have seen a view of it. Lois went to the future… Chloe told what Lois went through and we know all about what happens. Zod is a Tyrant. You are a fool to trust in him or have a partnership with him. You’ve become his lapdog. Like what? Running devious schemes isn’t enough… now you want to help a galactic power hungry fruit basket raze this planet. That is what he’ll do if he gets those powers. That is what he was after.

Tess: *Pleading* You have to believe me. Flaming Soul, You have to believe me. I seriously had no idea  I had no idea that his powers were gonna disappear.

Clark: *Looming over to Tess and staring down at her* Don’t worry, Tess. I’ll save your world. However… it won’t be with you in it. Time to say good bye Tess.

Tess began to freak out as she saw that Clark was set on nailing her for what she had done. She was pleading for a second chance. Wanted to be spared. She knew that Clark was mad and As Clark was about to move in…

Chloe: *Running in and suddenly standing from the outside of the fire ring; Holding up a piece of Kryptonite*

The Spell that Clark was under began to subside and all those infected or persuaded by the spell that Clark was under snapped out of it without a memory as to what happened… Clark fell down and felt the influence of the green Kryptonite around and barely looked up to see Tess dumbfounded. Prince Alvin, Prince Avery and their sister turned to see Chloe as she lowered the green Meteor rock…

At the Cargo Warehouse…

Alia was standing still looking at her hand and uncovering a gun… She was gonna die for siding with the humans. committing an insurrection. But she was gonna try to confess and either take Zod out… or give up her life. But she wouldn’t be alone. Dinah and Shingo were near… just outside the Cargo Warehouse listening to what was going on inside…

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo* Something is going on here…

Shingo: *Looking at Dinah before looking through the window* I don’t think i like the sound of what’s goin’ on in there. But It looks like one of the Kandorians and that Major.

Dinah: What do we do? Call for reinforcements?

Shingo: No. not yet. Dinah, we’re just gonna watch for right now. It could probably mean nothing.

Dinah: Shingo… What are you trying to tell me? Are you trying to tell me that we are gonna just sit and watch a possible scene go from silent to messy? It looks like something is about to start. I really think that we ought to go inside and stop it.

Inside the Cargo warehouse…

Alia: *Looking down at the Gun*

Major Zod: *Walking in from behind Alia* Alia, Why have you summoned me here? You know that the Solar Tower is about to be activated and will give us our most deserved powers. the powers that are rightfully ours.

Alia: I’m sorry to do this. *with her finger suddenly on the trigger and turning to face Zod;  raising the gun up to facing Zod* I do this in the name or RAO. I defy the part where the Rhapsody girls Z! try to put an end to it.

Major Zod: They wouldn’t kill me. not as long as they want peace from me… they are no threat upon me. You know that. but if they strike me… i will never be noble and i will lay them down beneath my boot.

Alia: That is not about to happen at any time. Jor-el said that we were nothing more than abominations and made the claim that you would destroy the planet here as you’ve done on Krypton. You destroyed the planet. Major, Justice must be done.

Major Zod: *Still and looking at Alia* So you’re the one that done Jor-el in?

From outside…

Dinah: *Shrieks* What the? You have to be kidding me… the murderer of Jor-el is the woman Kandorian. Alia. This has to be some cheesy prank.

Shingo: I can’t believe that this happened. *Sighs* Now what’ll we do?

Dinah: *Shaking her head* I think that we got trouble. *thinking* We’re gonna need Pearl and Paige. and the boys. their boyfriends.

Shingo: Let’s call them. we need to call them and defuse this before it gets anymore out of control.


At Princess Rikku’s house…

In the girls bedroom…

Pearl: *Kissing Peter and Making love* Peter… Peter, I Love you.

Peter: *Kissing Pearl* I Love you too Pearl. I would love to make so much love to you if it were granted. but you know i can not go against the wishes of the parent. You are beautiful and very sweet. however if i do anything against the wishes of the parent… i won’t be able to stand any chance with you.

Pearl: You can do anything with me. i don’t mind. besides it’s what two people in love do.

Peter: *Kissing Pearl* You are maturing way too fast. but your kisses taste so good. *Romancing Pearl with passionate kisses*

Peter: *Hearing buzzing sounding off* What’s that?

Pearl: *Pausing and Looking at Peter* What’s what? *Seeing her power buckle flashing* Oh no… Peter, my sweet hunky boyfriend… My belt is flashing. we got a problem…

Peter: Let’s answer it. *Looking at Pearl* It might be trouble.

Pearl: Just when we were about to do it. we were about to Kiss even more romantically. We were even watching a movie. a Romantic movie too. Pretty in Pink i think it was. we were even sobbing a little during it because of it’s tender moments.


Back at the Cargo Warehouse…

Dinah: We called Pearl and she isn’t answering… *Looking concerned* We need to go before anything more happens. That Kandorian is in trouble. we gotta help freeze up the scene here…

Shingo: Right.  Let’s get on it.


Shingo: *Transforming* “Thunder Power… EXECUTE!” *Forming two Thunder blades as his outfit forms and appears around him* … *Fully Transformed* The Thunderic Avenger Mystic Thunder… feel the Pain of my Thunder Blades!”

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lightning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing and screaming with Fury* …. *Posing* The Thunderous Flight of justice… The sparking charge of the Rhapsody Girls Thunder Mistress… By the hands of Thunder and Lightning, The presence of Evil will feel the Thunderic fury of The Rhapsody Girls!

From inside only seconds later…

A Gunshot sounded off and Dinah only looked in to see that one of the Kandorians was killed off. She saw the weapon in the Major’s hand and saw that he killed the Kandorian… She shook her head in disbelief. She wanted to scream but knew that it would give away their position and cause them to be caught. But before they could make their move…

Basqat: *grabbing Dinah* Surprise to be spying in a restricted Zone.

Shingo: *Jumps* Huh?!

Thunder Mistress: *Growling* Let me go, You rotten creep. I’ll fry you.

Basqat: Not before i spray this place with your blood. You are a human. Infiltrating where you’re not wanted. Off to Major Zod you go.

Shingo: *Turning to see one of the Kandorians with his girlfriend in capture* HEY! Let her GO!!! NOW!

Basqat: *Seeing the teen* You are insignificant to us Kandorians. You’ve got no place to be ordering me around. You’re just a dirty human.

Paige: *Running in* Let my sister go, before i Jam that Ego trip of yours so far up where the sun don’t shine it will be a painful operation to pull it back out. You are also forgetting that someone can make you regret touching my sister. You’re looking at her.

Basqat: *Turning to see the Girl* What are you?!

Thunder Mistress: *Looking to see Paige* Paige… i admire your leadership tone here… but… if you wouldn’t mind. Please just Transform and do your Miss Love thing… get that Miss Love Persona on.

Paige: *Nods*

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing and screaming with Fury* …. *Posing* The Love and beating heart of Bliss, the Winged angel of Romance… Miss Love… with the powers of Love and sweet eternal hearts…the souls and presence of Evil will be silenced by the embrace of Love’s Might!

Bubble Maiden: *Flying in from the side* Okay, Basqat… I think that we have had just about enough of you. DROP MY SISTER… NOW! LEAVE HER ALONE, CREEP! *Singing into her Bubble Microphone* “My heart is yours… I give it all… my hearts a flutter… It feels for more. ” *Launching an attack at Basqat* BUBBLING SYMPHONY!!!

Miss Love: *Jamming on her Heart Guitar and Launching an attack at Basqat* LOVE’S RHAPSODY!

Basqat: *Taking the attacks and Dropping Dinah* Ahhh! Curse you Rotten Humans. I’m gonna make you pay for that.

Thunder Mistress: *Standing up to Basqat* Oh yeah! just try it. Just try it and you’ll regret it.

Miss Love: *Landing a Punch at Basqat* You’re a rotten jerk and it’s time you get a taste of pain. You are a Kandorian who just fancies pain and dishing it out. Leading out with intimidation and putting fear into those less stronger than you. less tougher than you. Well… you want a bit of Fury. Here it is… *Jamming a Foot into Basqat’s gut and Knocking him back*

Bubble Maiden: *Angry* This is for Ruining my date with my sweet prince. JERK! *Grabbing Basqat and Twirling him around; Tossing him into the nearby Empty crates* I had 2 dates ruined. next time there will be more than a few slams from me. *Flying over to Basqat and Grabbing him again; Flying into the air with Basqat and Spinning around* Ready to Give up, Jerk?

Basqat: *Demanding* Let me go… Let me go, You insignificant Human! Let me go… NOW!

Bubble Maiden: Bite me… you Jerk. I maybe usually the soft one and sensitive too… but i’ve had it with you. You Kandorians are menaces. At least you are. *Flying faster and soon Spinning before descending down into the Cargo warehouse and Slamming Basqat into the Crates*

Bubble Warlock: *Catching Basqat fast* Got you! Basqat, that’s your name… Isn’t it?

Basqat: Yeah. The last i checked. Your point? *Looking to see a Teen* Who are you? Another insignificant human?

Bubble Warlock: Maybe… but i am the one that just happened to save your neck just this once. You’re lucky. i saved you this time from my girlfriend’s wrath…Next time i’ll let her have at you.

Basqat: *Gasps* Your Girlfriend? I’m outta here… *Breaking from the grip and Running off* Keep that one girl you call Pearl away from me… that girl is a loose cannon.

Thunder Mistress: *Shooting off to Basqat* Not quite like i am… You angered my sister. that was a bad mistake. You should keep in mind that if you do anything to hurt her and cross me again… Her Bubble fury will be the least of your troubles. That is a promise.

Bubble Maiden: I am gonna nail him.

Bubble Warlock: *Looking up at his girlfriend* Darling, Come on down from there.  Come on. It’s gonna be alright. Just come on down from there.

Bubble Maiden: *Landing down and hugging her boyfriend* I’m sorry.

Miss Love: Come on… Let’s get inside. Zod has killed one of his own.

They went inside and looked for Zod. They wanted to confront him about what they had seen. They were sad and wanted to know why he just decided to kill one of his own people… The girls were not gonna like what they would be told by him however they were in demands of knowing the truth…

Inside the Cargo warehouse…

Miss Love: *Walking around* Major Zod! Major Zod? Come on out Zod! Now. you better do some explaining.

Bubble Maiden: Sis, i don’t believe that we should call him out on it. I don’t even think he’ll cop out.

Thunder Mistress: He will. I’ll be glad to make him tap out and cough up the tell all. i stood outside and watched it. i saw him fire a shot and kill one of his own people.

Lord Bliss: *Walking in from behind* He is obviously still here. he has a few of his people still here and they’re still here. they are with him no matter what. He’ll be here. if his people are here… he will too.

Thunder Mistress: *Suddenly with her shades on; Watching for any shadows* And i think that you’re right. He is here. and i think that he is on the far side of us. he’s here…

Major Zod: *Walking out from the shadows* Rhapsody Girls… What on earth are you doing here? You should not be here.

Thunder Mistress: *Pauses and turns to see Zod* What do you want? a medal? I saw you shoot one of your own people. You killed one of your own. You can’t deny it. i saw it while being outside and looking through the window… Call it curiosity but while i was out walking with my boyfriend next to me. We heard noises and followed it here… i came into the yards here and stepped right close to the side of the building and look through the window. as well as my boyfriend. We saw you fire the gun at the Kandorian. You can’t tell me that there are two of you walking around and it was your twin that did it.

Shingo: *Standing*

Major Zod: It was me that did it. I shot her. She was the one who shot and killed Jor-el. She killed him. Despite our differences… i could never kill Jor-el.

Thunder Mistress: You might as well save it. you sure couldn’t kill Jor-el. but you managed to kill one of your own. you killed the woman. Who was she?

Bubble Maiden: *Kneeling down beside the dead Kandorian and reading the Tag* Alia. It was Alia. He shot her. there is a gunshot wound in the chest area. He shot her in the chest.

Major Zod:  *Walking to the other side* And it pained me to do it. But i had no choice. She committed treason. She took a life. And i also know that you 3 have once taken a life too. But this is different. it was the life of a renowned scientist. Jor-el and i were close. but drove apart when he refused to give me back my son. It made me feel him to be dead to me… But no matter what the differences we have had between each other… I could never kill him.

Miss Love: And you think that killing Alia was excusable? *Not buying into Zod’s demeanor* You took a life. and we did too. once. We understood. that it was wrong. Clark had been a Jerk to us about it. making us feel ever so guilty over it. But yet… In truth… he is right. we did wrong. You however will never know the difference.

Thunder Mistress: You are also gonna try to raze the planet. That Solar Tower takes Clark’s powers away. Why do you want the powers so much anyway? Why do you want to rule so much? You are power hungry and that is what lead to a defeat before. King Lotor Sincline i think his name was… he craved for power and never knew rest. You are just the same… but you are one day gonna have to make a decision… What is more important? Living a different life. a new life with a better outlook? or living to become a Tyrant again and having to yet be sent to the hellish Plane again?

Bubble Maiden: *Nods* We know about the place. The Phantom Zone.

Major Zod: The Zone? *Coughing up suspicion* What could you know about that place?

Bubble Warlock: We read up about it. It’s not everyday that you literally hear about a exotic sounding realm like that; one that is known to home the worst creeps and beings ever said to exist within the 28 known galaxies.

Major Zod: An obvious deduction…

Thunder Mistress: *Scoffs* Are you always this much in denial or are you just trying to throw us off guard? I may be an over acting Teen who happens to sometimes jump in before thinking things over first… but i’m not an idiot. i heard exactly what you said about us… referring to us. Does: “but if they strike me… i will never be noble and i will lay them down beneath my boot.”  Ring any alarms?

Bubble Maiden: *Shocked* What?!

Miss Love: Is this true?

Shingo: It is… i heard it. i heard what he said.

Miss Love: *Boils over* That is it… Our Mutual standing is over. You want to make a war attempt on us… it’s on. We strike you and you’d place us underneath your boot. That is the word of a sinister and relentless power hungry maniac. You vowed war on us.

Thunder Mistress: *Glares at Zod; Stating something to her sister* Bubble Maiden, You may have seen goodness in Zod. but you heard it now with your own ears. You heard it. *Looking at Zod* You are now an enemy to us. it’s over! OVER!!!

Major Zod: As you wish… but i will still keep my word as i said before. I won’t be using your names against you. That promise i will relay continuously… even if i were to become General.

Thunder Mistress: Pfft! General? You? Yeah right. making you what? General Zod?

Shingo: That would be what he’d become… He is Zod. isn’t he? If he begins to lead an army… that is most certainly what he’d become.

The Rhapsody girls then leave and with anger inside towards Zod. They were now seeing the side that the others saw all along and they were amiss over till just that moment. They themselves felt betrayed and lost their trust in him. they no longer trusted Zod. not that they were supposed to due to what Zod really was. but they wanted to see the good in everyone. however the thing of it was that Zod was anything but good. They now knew it. Pearl and Peter went back to their date. what was left of it. Paige and Johnny went to the nearby Candy store and hung out… they were hanging out. having a good time. Dinah and Shingo went on back to the park and sat on a bench talking to each other…

An hour later…

At the Top Look out…

A line of Kandorians were standing on the sides of the Walkway leading to the alter Alia was clothed in a white robe with her Kandorian Symbol on it… a group of Pallbearers slowly brought her to the Alter and Zod was there to watch. he was at the Alter and prepped to brand Alia with the symbol. he looked up and then as soon as the body was laid on the Alter… he branded the symbol on the forehead and then burned the body. Faora was there and she was endearingly sad over the loss.

The Body was burned and was no more… within minutes later after that…

Clark: *Walking back into the room leading to the Alter*

Inside the Alter…

Clark: *Standing a few feet from Zod* How did she die, Zod? Did you kill her?

Major Zod: Yes. she died by my hands. and you ought to know how it gets worse than that. I was watched by the Rhapsody Girls. They caught the sight of my taking her life. The Girls vowed War upon me. I will have no choice but to return the favor… *Turning to face Clark*

Clark: You killed her.

Major Zod: It had to be done. Justice had to be done. She confessed to killing your father. She was one of the Zealots who believed that He’d find a way to destroy us.

Clark: *Walking up a bit over to Zod* But instead of telling me… you made me go after Tess and target her for the death of Jor-el. You went too far… the same as when you sent me to see Tess. Of all things… How could you justify that? In what way could you possibly justify your actions? Taking a life. That is what the 3 girls have done. They made up for it. i understood how sorry they were.

Major Zod: But you are thinking for sure that it had to be me that killed your father. I can see where the Rhapsody girls get their tact. The one you Call Dinah, She said to me not but an Hour ago: “but you are one day gonna have to make a decision… What is more important? Living a different life. a new life with a better outlook? or living to become a Tyrant again and having to yet be sent to the hellish Plane again?” I never thought that she’d speak to me in that way. How exactly would she know about the Phantom Zone? The girls all know of it. Even their boyfriends. they too know about it.

Clark: They heard about it and heard me tell a friend of mines about it. The girls might be regurgitating what they’ve been told.

Major Zod: You though wanted to become one of us… learn our ways; Living by them, but then you instead of accepting them… you reject them. Kal-El, you ever stopped to realize, that when you came to us with your powers… i thought it would mean hope for us all. it would be the very answers that we were hoping for. *Annoyed* But because you were too weak to do it and take Justice into your own hands… i had to kill one of my own soldiers. I had to take her life. Dinah and her boyfriend Shingo saw me do it. and there is no going back from what they saw. It’s done. I am now an enemy to them. It leaves me to having to strike them down and envision them beneath my boot. 3 girls and they’re minors. but to have no option but to attack them. It truly makes me a Monster… just like i was on Krypton. i attacked without remorse. i saw no reason. but i took a life of one of my own soldiers. To get Justice…  For you.

Clark: *in disbelief* That isn’t my kind of Justice at all. No matter the reason, You went too far doing what you’ve done. *Turning and walking away*

Major Zod: *Raising his voice a little in a declaration* Kal-el… In the upcoming days… you will have to make a choice. you will see that there is but only one kind of Justice. and it’s not the kind of Justice that the humans you care so much about declare as Trial and Error. the freedom of the courts. *Watching Clark stop and turn back to face him* Then you’ll have to decide whether you’re really one of us.

Major Zod didn’t say anything more and turned back to face the other direction. Clark sighed and left…

The next Morning…

At the kent farm, Clark and Lois spoke… he was finishing the conversation that he was having on the phone with a woman. The Woman was Mrs. Kent. As Soon as he got off the phone with his Mother…

Coldplay’s Song: “Yellow” Plays…

Clark: *Looking at Lois* My mom said that when you’re ready… you can wear the dress, whatever that means.

Lois: *Chuckles* Beats the heck outta me. i have no idea what she could mean. *Walking away to the other side of the Kitchen*

Clark: *Turning to face Lois again* Speaking of which… There is the part of you Quitting the Planet. Why did you do that? Oh… and Greece. Your father left a message here for you and said that he was calling from Greece.

Lois: *Grabbing for the messages* You know what… I’m gonna go ahead and make a few calls over to him and see what he’s calling about. also plan to retake my job at the Daily planet. I don’t know what the heck it was that i was on. but it got me to quit the planet. it must have been a hypnotic kind of Chocolate that i had the other day. I was walking by and some weird candy girl was handing out all these weird chocolates. It didn’t taste so bad… but it sure had a sour after taste. i was tasting it all night that night and when i came into the planet the next morning… it just suddenly kicked me a good one. But i’m never eating Chocolates from a candy girl again, I don’t care how good they look.

Clark: That’s a pity. i was kinda enjoying that outfit of yours.

Lois: *Chuckles and laughs a little* You sure are an old fashioned romancer, aren’t you, Smallville?

Clark: *Smiles happily*

Lois: I guess that it’s easier to complain about gifts that are from candy girls than it is to just accept them without thinking that there is something up. If it were during the day and a gal with a basket of Chocolates came to me… i’d think nothing of it and just take it. but it was at night and even though i took some chocolate… i wanted to ask for a reason as to what was with the candy act. but i guess that night… i was just rather starving and didn’t really care what it was that i ate. just as long as it was just something. it could have been a Taco with hassen— whatever sauce and i’d grab for it. i’d end up with a queasy stomach for a bit… but at least i’d have something to eat and wouldn’t be starving like a orphaned young-un.


The Phone beeps and Lois goes to check it out… She reads it and sees that it’s from Betty…

Lois: *Scratching her head* Betty Rhapsody? Why would i be getting a text from Betty Rhapsody?

Clark: Why… What does it say?

Lois: It’s a formal apology from Chloe… but it’s from Betty. Stating that she is sorry for coming down on me over the attitude transition. when she saw me as a mail order spouse and the part where i made as though i was moving in and everything. but Why would Betty be sending it?

Clark: Maybe you and Chloe should talk it out.

Lois: *Hesitant with letting out some info* Listen… as much as i had thought about the part of us moving in and that… i thought that it would be like a great idea at the time… but…

Clark: That’s not it…

Lois: It was also a dream come true as well. Although the things that are happening between us is just moving at too fast a speed for us. the equivalent of a possible warp speed.

Angel: *Speaking out in the shadows before walking in* Almost like as though someone had placed a rocket jet-pack on the romance that you were experiencing and kicking it right into overdrive?

Lois: That’s one way of putting it. *Pausing* Who said that?

Angel: *Walking out from the shadows* Don’t fret… Lois. It’s only me. Angel. The Twin sister to Betty who is the sister to the Rhapsody Girls Z.  I came over to See how you were… you were reported as gone for the last couple days and… well. Perry called us and asked us if we’ve seen you and we didn’t know what to say.

Clark: But Lois is planning to come right back to the Planet. She’s gonna get her job back and her and i are gonna go back to taking the relationship to a more slower and normal pace.

Angel: Relationship? Really? Is that what you’re calling it? Well i didn’t catch on to that, but you taking it slow and seeing what comes from that is a good call. besides my sister and her boyfriend were together for 5 years before they decided to get a tiny bit intimate. and they’re like what. 16. as am i. So… taking it slow is the best move.

Lois: I am relieved to hear you say that. Going too fast would have been a suffocation and the romance blooms would have died out. along with the Disco shoes that were in style in 70’s till the 80’s

Angel: It’s good though that you and Clark are being straight out honest with each other.

Lois: Clark, If you had a really big secret… Would you have trusted me with it?

Angel: I don’t think the secret he has would be told to you… Lois… No offense, but you’re a reporter. And the best way to protect him and his secret is if you didn’t know. Because to know his secret… it poses a very heavy burden. Are you sure you want to know? because if you know about it… there is no going back. you will be a target to be attacked by someone who would sire to expose Clark. there will be no going back, once you know about it.

Lois: I don’t scare easily, Angel. I won’t back away from it. My father, General Sam Lane couldn’t scare me… even on his off days. so being afraid of someone jumping me for the truth about Clark, will not happen. Plus i can be trusted… When i was talking to the Blur, I could have told the whole world on national television… telling them all about the Blur. but i didn’t.

Angel: I didn’t hear about that, Lois. Our mom didn’t let us watch that T.V Broadcast.

Betty: *Flying in as a White Raven* … *Turning back into her human form* That’s right though… Angel. i think that Lois has a point. she could have told the world. but she didn’t. she protected his secret. So i think that to tell her about it is the best option to consider.

Clark: Lois, You’re the most honest person i know. i am sure that in time you’ll be told about the Blur and about whatever secret he has.

Lois: *sounding a little headstrong* That’s not the point, Clark. I am scared that i might one day open my big mouth.Which in fact could just ruin whatever relationship we have…

Clark: It’s okay.

Betty: He trusts you. Lois, he trusts you. He knows that you’ll be one to look out for him and protect his secret no matter as to what it may be. big or small.

Angel: Don’t we know it, sis. Don’t we know it at all.

That night at Watchtower…

Clark: So… Chloe. Did you hear from Lois?

Chloe: I did. I feel as though i owe her the biggest apology for what i’ve done. trying to press her and crush her heart when she was trying to make you happy. I know that you are together and you two are great for each other. but how i spoke to her… there was no reasonable excuse for it.

Paige: I wouldn’t know about that. but i do see that you’re back from where ever you were and are no longer on a one woman recon to go after Tess. We…

Chloe: *Looking at Paige* Paige. don’t. I heard that Tess is on the good graces with you again. you 3 are trusting her when you know of her involvement with Zod. She was helping out with building the solar tower which would have ended this world. the Kandorians would have gotten all the power and Clark would have gotten his powers stripped from him. Tess Can not be trusted.

Pearl: *Snaps* Excuse me, Chloe. Think twice on that statement.  Tess helped us get after our Ex-Professor. She sent us to get rid of him. We made the initial move. You sent us to kill him. we did. but we felt the most pain over it… for taking a life. A Life of someone who was a Brother. An Ex-Husband. A Top Scientist who was excellent in his field. we still feel the pain because of taking his life. You of all people should know that. Clark bashed us with the guilt trip. we were so close to just walking away from the team… but stayed. because even though he made us feel worse… we knew that we had to stay. we saw that we couldn’t walk from our duty. And we also saw that Clark was right about what we had done. we made the call to defeat our Ex-Professor. we took him out. and knew it to be the biggest mistake ever. but we did what had to be done. Tess is probably as bad as you say she is. but the last 2 and a half weeks she has shown that she wants to help us. you might not see it. but we do. we see it.

Dinah: Plus… Our mom is or has recently started teaching at our school and we’re still a bit shaken up from that. so please stop with the runway of interrogations… *Sighs* Please. today is not the day to get on our back hind side over where the allegiances lie and who we should follow.

Johnny: *With Peter* We need to look at the Solar Tower. tonight is the fateful night that decides whether we’re gonna be saved from the Solar Tower or if it’s gonna mark the end for us and Strip Boy Scout’s powers away from him.

Peter: *Kissing Pearl* You ready to knock that tower down cold?

Pearl: Yes. it’s gotta go down.

Shingo: Let’s go.

Clark: You were under my command and were meant to protect me. Why didn’t you let me finish Tess off?

Chloe: Because sometimes a hero needs to be saved. from themselves.  You are someone that we all need to believe in. Even if it were the girls who were about to go off the deep end. they would need to be saved from themselves. however the final flash by against their Ex-Professor was something that they had to do. You bashed them over it Clark. reason or not… it was their battle. they had to make that push. i sent them to do so. The decision was theirs to pull through and throw the grenade.

Clark: You’re right. Zod however took matters upon his own hands. And one of those matters was taking Jor-el’s life. He killed Jor-el’s Murderer too. Alia.

Paige: We know.

Dinah: Shingo and i was there and saw it. And as much as it kills us. we must treat him as an enemy. he’s said something about us too. and it sounded like war. it has started war with him. We now see exactly what you saw in vain from him. his true colors… and to tell you frankly… we’re not happy. but it can’t be changed. Zod is a monster.

Paige: There is only one thing to do with monsters and Evil beings…

Pearl: *Sighs as she utters the painful reality over what must be done* Extinguish them…

On top of the Lookout spot facing the Solar Tower; A Moment later…

Miss Love: *Commanding her sisters* Bubble Maiden… Thunder Mistress. Engage your Weapons…

Bubble Maiden: *With her Bubble Microphone and Bubble Harp close to her mouth*

Thunder Mistress: *With her Thunder Glove and Thunder Discs held against her chest*

Miss Love: *With her Sonic Scepter of Bliss and Heart Guitar held close to her chest* Girls… It’s time for the Rhapsody Warhead. *Starting the sequence; Glowing* Love’s Essence of life… The Magical touch of Love’s Blissful Embrace… Guided by it’s eternal legacy…Take its form. make it one… *Pointing her weapons towards the Solar Tower*

Bubble  Maiden: *Glowing* Bubble’s power… the flow of beauty and serenity. The Bubbles of grace and purity. Make it’s power… intensify with devoted heart. Produce the power of Bubbles delight. the cleanser of Evil’s staining soul. The music and the touch combine to unite as one… *Pointing her weapons towards the Solar Tower*

Thunder Mistress: *Glowing* Thunder Power… The Fury of the Air… the Skies induced Rage… the Chain-reaction force of the heart… Strike the air and grant your vengeance towards the Evil presence… The Power of the heart. the striking power of Fierce courage and might. Thunder’s strength… Intensify and unify into one… *Pointing her weapons towards the Solar Tower*

Mystic Thunder *With his Thunder Blades aimed at the Solar Tower*

Lord Bliss: *With Bubble Warlock; Poised to Strike at the Solar Tower*

Rhapsody Girls: *Glowing Bright* Love… Grace… Fury! *Combining the weapons together; Posing during the attack* RHAPSODY….. WARHEAD…. ATTACK!!!! *Firing at the Solar Tower*

Mystic Thunder: *Blasting a shot of Thunder at the Solar Tower* DOUBLE….. THUNDER….. SLICE!!!!!

Lord Bliss: *Launching an attack at the Solar Tower* Love’s STINGER!

Bubble Warlock: *Launching an attack at the Solar Tower* BUBBLES EXPLOSION!!!!!

Clark: *Firing at the Solar Tower with his heat Vision*

At the side Gate of the Solar Tower…

Major Zod: *Speaking to the press* by tomorrow the light of the Yellow Sun will hit the Solar tower and mark the new age of renewable energy. With Exquisite power. *hearing Explosions and suddenly looking up to see the solar tower blowing up* No… No… NO!!! *Fearing the end for him*

BOOM… BOOM…. KABOOM! Went the Solar Tower… It was destroyed and beyond repair. It was torn out and blown in several spots. the Tower could never be placed back together. the project was broke and malfunctioning. The Kandorians were not gonna be happy to see the tower blown up and destroyed. It was their last hope to get their powers and with it ruined… there was no hope left…..

Thunder Mistress: *Looking at her sisters* You know. The Kandorians are not gonna be thrilled about this. They’re gonna be devastated.

Bubble Maiden: does it look like it matters to us?

Miss Love: The Kandorians want to live on this planet with us humans, They’ll have to just learn to live as normal people. that’s just the way it is. no powers. If Zod don’t like it. we can end him right now.

To be continued…

*Showing a recap of Chapter 62*

Thunder Mistress: *Voice-over* Wars are by far a terrible thing to encounter… they bring bloodshed and death. Nothing good ever comes from it. People in history say that it was what made the Country of America what it was. but was it really free? Was it really winning peace or just a new door of pain and devastation? Sometimes War is inevitable. Sometimes it’s not. What anyone can say about war is that it only brings disaster and nothing good ever comes from that. It may bring the end of days one day if we are not careful. But the war that truly hits home to someone is a war of internal affairs. Family and friends. Fighting amongst one another. disagreements and quarrels. Fighting never solves anything. Especially between friends as it only marks for more pain… More bloodshed…more tears and sorrow. No one likes wars amongst friends and family. Even when Vowing a War. When you know that there is no other alternative but to start a war, that is when you propose a war. but even then it leaves us feeling regret for we couldn’t reach a mutual agreement and had to vow for war.  The thing to do when you feel a disagreement and or a quarrel coming between you and your friends or family… is to cut off communication and go dark for a time till the issue passes and then meet in the middle and talk it out. talk it out till everything is on the table and all points and facts are exposed. reach an agreement, because in truth… we all can see… what war does to us. So Do yourself a favor. Don’t begin a war that is not needed. Less Wars mean more peace and more reasons to live with a happy heart. Thunder Mistress says… *Flying off into the air* Catch you again! See Ya! *Voice; Calling out to her sisters* Bubble Maiden Wait for me! Save some fight for me! Come on. Miss Love, You can’t leave me out of it… I got to have a shot at it too….


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