Chapter 61: “Infiltration of Cyntechnics; Rhapsody Girls Z! Take a life or Expose activity of Pidge Stroker. Berserk- word of Thunder Mistress …Dinah goes mad; New Threat Looms with Words… “Your Move”; Ding-Dong Agent Amanda Waller is calling. Tess…in good charms with Rhapsody Girls Z!; Abduction threatens all Kandorians; Rhapsody girls make a rescue & crack down the abductions. Solar Tower near completion, Whoops! Boom! Offline, dear Solar Tower!” Part 4

Dinah: *Voice-over* Last time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! the talk between The JSA and the New Generation took on action… we talked about what we were gonna do about the Icicle and During the time… Carter mentioned that after they took care of Icicle that they would all vanish away back into hiding. We talked him out of it… as did the others. but the real surprise was when we transformed in front of the others. showing our new transformation off to the JSA. Boy oh boy were they ever shocked… i know that i was… and the thrills of it were so exciting. I didn’t know whether i wanted to laugh or cry because of the excitement. We all split off and go on the prowl for Icicle. it was so much like a secret mission that it began to appear as though we were being sent off to the front lines. Who ever knew that the Icicle was gonna be such a pain. He may as well be a bad creep… but i have to give him credit… he really knows how to lay on the ice. or he tries to anyway. without being beat…but that was gonna be seen eventually. Over where Oliver and Hawkman were staking out watching for the signs of the Icicle Pearl was over hearing them make a fuss about one another. not that it was bad. however… she never thought that she’d see a couple of guys act so childish. I mean… really? Green Arrow and Hawkman at a fighting tone. they are paired and yet they act so immature. And they call us the Young ones. I think that Pearl would concur on that little piece of info. I know i would… and as that was going on… Clark and Doctor Fate were at the Brownstone… What he said to Clark was almost the very same as the series of Smallville. It all sounds very very familiar… Why? “You will lead this generation as Hawkman had once led ours.” I wonder if that line will work on us if it were us that stayed behind with Doctor Fate who originally was Kent Nelson… Maybe not. But the theory that Oliver had was very informative. Why was the Icicle after the JSA over the past… and their putting his dear old dad in traction as Oliver said… i never could figure that out. Maybe i never will. To me… a Bad Evil creep is a Bad Evil Creep. Whether if it flies, Crawls. Walks, Swims or creeps with it’s limbs. they are creeps and there is only one way to deal with a bad creep. Defeat them. Doctor Fate also contains the idea that Lois is the Key. “You are the one he will need. He is the one you will need.” “The savior… the one who will lead us all… the sentient power.” I agree with Lois. it sounds a lot like a Valentine card. Would that mean that Doctor Fate was trying to be fresh or trying to recite a catch line or two? although his life was cut short when he got skewered by Icicle during the investigation of checking out the Nitrogen Depot. When Pearl heard it… She cried… she had to face her Mortality for the first time in that moment. It was a huge upset for her… while she was back with Hawkman and Oliver at the Brownstone… they talked. Carter revealed about his Love life and his past. it was mystical and very deep. and Gave Pearl a piece of advice to hold close in her heart… “Just don’t hide your feelings from the one you love. don’t hide the feelings of how important to you the person you love is. All you’ll get out from doing so is eternal heartache and loneliness.” It was a piece of Advice that was to be forever kept close to her heart. i know that i’d remember that. I was at the Nitrogen Depot. i was there… and as i was there… oh god… was i spooked to see a death. i didn’t get to really express though since i had to carry John over to the hospital to be looked at. He was given back his powers before Doctor Fate was iced. i don’t know how that is possible since he never even lost his powers… they were never gone to begin with. or were they? Odd. very odd. but that is nothing compared to the part where we had to deal with a past life…when it was the senshi’s mess and the Great Evil. that was odd and trippy all the more… i can’t begin to describe the fact that we are about to deal with a high up Government agent. but there is a new Threat in the fold. Ever heard of the White Queen? Well if you were to compare The Government to the game of Chess. You’d pretty much see what we mean. White Queen. that was the code name to a woman named Amanda Waller. Yeah… you guessed it right. the White Queen walks among us and i can tell you that she isn’t innocent. she is shadier than the Kandorian Leader… That would have been a walk off and maybe a breeze. Amanda Waller??? I guess that the words: “Ding-Dong Agent Amanda Waller is calling does speak loud. and she’s gonna come. soon. What we figure is that she was responsible for releasing the Icicle from the Juvey… The JSA Were being lured to get out of hiding. back into the game… Amanda Waller confronts Lois and tells her that the truth would set her free. and she had a fan in Waller. Wow. I should be touched. no thanks. On the other hand Clark was still throwing our mistake in our faces. i Swear on it that he and i will be at it if he doesn’t back off. We girls took a life but it was something we painfully had to do… Not like Clark would ever get the idea. for an Alien… he’s sure dumb. but that’s an understatement. someone needs to set him straight. We girls Trash the Icicle. us and a band of heroes. Like Star Girl, Green Arrow, Hawkman, The Rhapsody Brothers, Betty, Angel and us. even the Jerk… The Blur. the one who can’t stop putting the Vice City Vice Grip of guilt on us 3 girls. we all trashed the Icicle. and said Goodbye to the JSA members… or did we? i love those guys. they are truly a ringer. a real ringer… i can’t stand to figure that while saying goodbye to them… our Cousin Prince Richie comes in and mentions to us that Aunt Princess Charlene was missing… How did he even know that we were at the Brownstone… but here was the kicker and the royal KO knockout. The Helmet of Nabu moved to him and accepted him and with the blink of an eye… Prince Richie became the new Doctor Fate. OH MY GOD!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! HOLY MANIACAL MAYHEM! He is Doctor Fate? What on earth will our Mother say? Our Family… they’ll freak. Plus what also seemed out there was This:

“Amanda: There’s an army of heroes growing out there in rank, Speed, Skill and power.  This generation of heroes and the heroes of the last are coming together and I am gonna need them if we hope to survive the devastation of the Apocalypse that’s coming this way. It is coming and we’re gonna need all of them together to survive it when it comes.

Icicle: *Choked up* Apocalypse? Are you Kidding me? You’re totally off your mark… This is not the position that i had Valiantly signed myself up for.

Amanda: Oh, but it is. It is exactly what you have signed up for. that and more.

Amanda: Welcome to the Suicide Squad.”

And… What’s this? AGENT MERCER?!!!! Oh no… don’t tell me. Please don’t say it. Tess is a government Agent in secret. How could we have missed that? I just hope that us girls are prepared for the Kandorians and the now looming threat of Checkmate… an agency that ranks itself with playing Chess. The Government probably plans wars that way too… What’s next? What the heck do they expect for the Encore performance? Global Thermal-Nuclear War? Come on… needing heroes to protect against the Apocalypse? This is not a Chess match. or a little line of enlisting to the Army on Uncle Sam’s lucky Dime… Besides that the Catch line: “I want You!” doesn’t mean press the Victim with intimidation. Getting someone into a Vice grip and forced to enlist… That’s taking it a few pegs too far. Well now… without further or do… here is Chapter 61: “The Infiltration of the building Cyber-Technics; The Rhapsody Girls Z! take a life or Expose the Activity of Pidge Stroker. Berserk is the word of Thunder Mistress… Dinah goes mad; New Threat Looms with the words…”Your Move”; DING-DONG Agent Amanda Waller is calling. Tess…back in good charms with the Rhapsody Girls Z!; Abduction comes to threaten all that is Kandorian; Rhapsody Girls…Rhapsody Girls make a rescue and crack down the Abductions. Solar Tower near Completion…Whoops! Boom… Offline dear Solar Tower!” Part 4

A Week Later…

At Princess Rikku’s house…

In the Girls Bedroom, The girls were getting up for yet another day of school. they were reviewing a little on the events that went on a week ago. it was alot to take in as they endured 3 losses. 1 that got them into a case with the JSA, One that happened during the same day that Pemberton was killed and then the next day… Doctor Fate. It was alot to think about and now the fact that they were gonna be getting a feeling from a threat that the Government Agency was in the works somewhere. That was gonna put a huge mess in on the girls…

Paige: *Getting dressed for School* I can’t believe that we were part of the JSA. we worked right by their side and beat the Villain… Icicle. Those guys were great. it’s too bad that we had to see them coming out from the woodwork under the situation of being killed off.

Pearl: *Sad; Walking over to get a change of clothes and grab a change of panties before heading to the restroom to get cleaned up* It was terrible to hear that Doctor Fate was killed. Kent Nelson was a really innocent person. He looked so scared at first when we saw him. i felt really bad for him. the poor guy. Then when he got killed. That’s what really made me upset. i cried. it was so upsetting. And of course the fact that i had to stake out with Oliver and Carter and listen to them argue or act like little kids. That part i didn’t like at all. *Shaking her head*

Dinah: *Looking at Pearl while getting prepared for school* I see that. i don’t think that anyone did. i know i didn’t like it. *Changing clothes and trying to wake up fully* Pearl… you were great during the battle against the Icicle. You made the first move after we got knocked down and you Stood up to him. i am really impressed, Sis.

Pearl: *Blushes and touched* Awwww… thanks Dinah. but i only did it because it was something that i had to do. i was hurt and i guess it sparked something loose inside me and got me to unleash. *Suddenly Giggling* I guess that the baby isn’t much of one anymore, huh?

Paige: Not a chance. You’re growing up, Pearl. You’re always gonna be our Baby sister. but you’re growing up. You’re maturing to be a real fighter. You always were one. but now you’re showing to be more than that. that’s a good thing too, Pearl. *Seeing Pearl starting to head to the restroom with some clothes* Pearl, What’re you doing?

Pearl: I’m gonna take a morning shower. I didn’t do it last night on the count of by time we got back from dinner and everything… i was so tired that i just didn’t have the energy to even do anything else but sleep. Plus the fact that mom wasn’t even home for some reason. she was still gone by time we came back from where we were. The Professor took us out to dinner last night… and a week before that… we were with John Jones, Chloe, the Professor, Our Cousins… The Rhapsody Brothers. And of course the new Doctor Fate.


Princess Rikku: *Walking into the Room* morning girls. How was school yesterday?

Paige: *Smiles* it was okay.  But i think that the school is finally starting to clip our wings and keep us from ditching during the day. We won’t be able to go and respond to any calls during the day anymore.

Princess Rikku: That’s terrible. It’s gonna be okay though… You’ll find a way around that. somehow… Maybe having to be kept in school during the school hours is more like a blessing. You girls do need your education after all. I know that being heroes is a cause for certain sacrifices… but you shouldn’t be making your education out to be one of those things. because on the side of being heroes… you also need to build a life for yourselves when you 3 reach the real world.

Pearl: We know that, Mom… *Sighs* that is one fact that we understand. we love school. but being normal in some state and then being a hero on the other front… it’s just not easy to juggle between the two. it’s just not easy to do. not like we don’t want to… it’s just that we are struggling with trying to balance between the two. That’s not the only problem. while we were with the JSA… we were so into the middle of getting the Icicle all wrapped up that we didn’t even see our boyfriends for nearly a week now.

Princess Rikku: *Understanding Pearl’s feelings* You will see them. I promise, Sweetie.

Paige: *Pauses and curious* Really? How so, Mom?

Princess Rikku: I am saying this… because they’re out in the living room. they are here. they heard about your activities last week and haven’t heard from you since before the incident with that guy Pemberton… I think that’s the name at least. they were concerned about you. They wanted to see you. You 3 have wonderful boyfriends.

Pearl: They really love us. *Heading to the restroom to take a morning shower*

Dinah: *Wondering* Is Shingo down there also?

Princess Rikku: Yeah. He is, Dinah.

Paige turned suddenly to briefly look out the window to see what the weather was like and saw clouds covering the sky. it looked pretty gloomy out there. She didn’t like the cold much and as she looked out the window, she noticed the Wind blowing off a bit…

Paige: *Walking over to her dresser and putting on some lipstick and perfume* It’s gonna be a very cold day out. Isn’t it?

Princess Rikku: sure is. *Looking out the Window again* Paige, Winter is coming soon. Fall hasn’t hit us this year. and whatever weather we did have this year persisting of Fall… there is one thing i can tell you… it most definitely wasn’t much of one at all.

Dinah: *Looking at her mother suddenly* You don’t think that we’re gonna be getting an early Winter storm, Do you Mom?

Princess Rikku: *Sighs* Honey. i don’t know. i mean that it’s possible that we might get one. but the weather is unpredictable.

Pearl was already in the Rest room when Paige and Dinah were dressed and making their way downstairs.

In the Living room…

Johnny: *Seeing Paige coming down the stairs and smiling* Ah. Morning beautiful… It’s good to see you again. We didn’t hear from you for almost a week and were starting to get really worried about you. You okay?

Paige: *Nods* yeah. I’m fine. we’re just fine. We had to take care of a case that technically didn’t involve us. but with it being heroes like us and everything. we had to take care of it. we saw 3 deaths during the time. actually we dealt with 3 losses.

Dinah: yeah. one of the losses I saw right in front of my eyes. it freaked me out.

Shingo: *Walking over to Dinah and hugging her* I missed you, Dinah. I was worried alot about you. I couldn’t stop thinking about you.

Dinah: I know.  *Hugging Shingo* i am sorry for worrying you like that. i should have called you at least once to let you know that I was okay.

Shingo: Want to go out on another date tonight? *Kissing Dinah on the lips*

Dinah: *Surprised* You serious? Sure. I’d love to. We can go and try another Dinner date. Actually… they have this Autumn festival going at the metropolis fairgrounds. we can always try there.

Shingo: An Autumn festival? Dinah. It’s snowing outside. it’s really icy cold out.

Dinah: Huh? It’s not possible. *In denial* It can’t be. i looked out the window upstairs in my room and didn’t see any snow anywhere. *Running out to see the weather outside* You are joking, Shingo. You must be.

A Second later…

Dinah: *With her Jaw dropped to the floor* Oh god…

Minutes later Pearl came down from upstairs and smiled as she saw her boyfriend. She smelt cleaned from the shower and as soon as she was near her boyfriend Peter, She hugged him. She was happy to see Peter and Kissed him…

However at the Daily Planet…

Clark: it’s cold out.

Lois: *Rubbing herself trying to keep warm* i know. Yesterday night didn’t feel too bad though however the sky was really dark. it felt like a winter wonderland. but when i woke up this morning… i noticed that you were already gone. *Looking to see Clark acting rather weirdly* What happened to you? You alright there, Smallville?

Clark: Yeah. I was just doing some Patrolling last night to keep myself busy. when some girl with wings came out from this store and had a bucket of… This weird dust. it was odd-looking and She only smiled at me before grabbing a handful of the dust and blew it right at me. it infected me with it.

Lois: Well maybe you need to take it easy till it passes. and just to come out with this little tidbit… i did some snooping and looked over that tall wall and saw a bunch of men marching more tech gear than the Space company NASA. They had more equipment there to start a Mass operation.

Clark: That’s nice of you to say that… but i think what I’d like more is to have a more traditional relationship with you.

Lois: *Choked up and coughing up in surprise* Uh, Whoa there. You’re taking our little relationship a little too far right now. *Feeling persuaded suddenly* You know… you’re right. who needs this job? I’ll see you at home darling.

Reporter: *Walking in* Lane. You need to get with it. There is a group of press people scheduled to meet for the press conference being conducted by Tess Mercer this afternoon. The Solar Tower is gonna be operational in 2 days…

Clark: You know… Lois. Maybe i should go and check it out.

Lois: Of course. Anything for your career, sweetie. I’ll see you at home. *walking off into the hall and leaving the building*

Reporter: *Seeing Lois walking out; Pauses and confused* Am i missing something here?

in the Hall outside the Newspaper room…

Perry: *in the Hall* How’s the new article coming, Rhapsody?

Trixie: Oh… well it’s going alright so far, Perry. i was just on my way to see Lois. She and i talked about the article and she was gonna put Clark into it with her. She wanted the last one to be both her and Clark, but Clark went solo… so she had to follow suit. The one article about the JSA. That was a heavy hitter.

Perry: I see. *Looking at Trixie* i don’t know how to tell you this though, but there is word that the Solar Tower is gonna be online in less than 59 hours. they have it all set. it’s been mentioned all morning on the APB wires. Tess Mercer is said to be at the press conference this afternoon and then tonight there is someone else who’s scheduled to speak before the press in front of the gates of the Solar Tower… someone by the name of Mr. Zod.

Trixie: *Pauses* Mr. Zod? You’ve got to be only kidding? Mr. Zod? who is he?

Perry: He is apparently the CEO of a RAO INCORPORATED.

Trixie: Oh dear. I got to inform my Great Nieces about it.

Perry: What for? *Looking at Trixie and trying to console her* Trixie, i know that you’re related to them and wish to inform them of what is going on… but the only thing you can do now is wait it out. right now… we got a deadline. that has to come first. Plus… all that is going on is a Press Conference. 2 of them one in the early afternoon. and one in the mid evening tomorrow. there is nothing they can do.

Trixie: *Seeing Lois walking out* Wha—? Lois?! Where is she going? She barely got here about a couple minutes or so ago.

Lois: *Stopping and walking over to Trixie and handing over her press pass* Here you go… I’m quitting. I’m gonna be devoting my time to my guy. i’m going to be the traditional woman. to Clark.

Trixie: *Stunned* Lois?! You can’t quit the Planet. You love this job. You have a lot of memories here… what about all the articles you have done here? Don’t they mean anything to you?

Lois: They do mean a lot to me… But my love means more. Besides… the last thing that i would be doing here as a traditional woman is doing articles when i should be at home taking care of my man. I quit. *Turning away and leaving the building; Going home*

Perry: Is there a romance bug going around?

Trixie: *Shrugs* Beats me.

Perry: I guess that we’re gonna have to just do the article without Lane. Where’s Kent?

Trixie: He’s inside the reporters room. at least the last time i had checked. I’ve been here since the early morning. i don’t really have a home life. no man… and my Daughter Princess Rebecca has been kicked out of Yale. She’s been caught Cheating in school. or framed. I’d go with framed. because i know my kids. She’s not the one to do that. ever. She called me this morning sobbing and really devastated. She’s on her way now… Should be here at any time.

Perry: *Wide-eyed* You’re barking up a messy path. Rhapsody… Are you jumping the ropes of insanity… Why did you keep that out of mention?


a 17 year teen walks in and looks around feeling rather lonesome… It was Trixie’s Daughter…

Princess Rebecca… now Rebecca Starling Rhapsody.

Rebecca: *Seeing her mother* Mom?!

Trixie: *Seeing her Daughter* … *Gasps*

Although At Luthorcorp…

In Tess’s Office…

Tess: *Looking at Oliver* Well today is the day. The Solar Tower is gonna be promoted today and in less than 56 hours… the Solar tower will be online…

Oliver: *In disbelief* And that is a good thing in what way? Tess… i know that this will help the bottom line of Luthorcorp… but i also see the damage that it could do. Has it ever occurred to you that if the tower goes up it will take away powers from our mysterious little boy scout?

Tess: Oh… You mean Clark? Why would it do that?

Oliver: You tell me. You know more than you say you do about him. His powers come from the sun. the yellow sun that we all depend on here.

Tess: *Walking to her the side and going for a glass of Wine* Well… be as it may. The Solar Tower is one tower that will provide the city all the energy that it would ever ask for. The energy that it attracts from the sun.

Oliver: It don’t matter. what’s to say as if it’ll work or flop? Any thought towards it being some sort of trick from that guy who’s co-sponsoring it? that Mr. ??? Whatever or whoever it is.

Tess: We’ll find out. plus i have operatives out searching and keeping an eye out for the Kandorians… With the Solar Tower… they’re bound to roost and will gather here in the city… Not only that… have you even checked your bank account.

Oliver: Not as of the last two days… Why? *A Little Confused* Come on Mercy… What’s this about?

Tess: *Looking at the bank records* You’ve been doing some mass spending on arsenal of weapons… Items that are obviously off the normal… Even for you.

Oliver: *Walking over and picking up the paper with the bank records* Let’s see… *Looking at the Transactions* I don’t recognize these purchases… weapons with Meteor rock. Little shacks loaded with Meteor rock induced ammunition. Knives and arrows. set all over the globe. these were not done by me.

Tess: *Looking at Oliver* It seems to shock you, However it shouldn’t be that surprising since… the only one tied to your account is you… so if it isn’t you… then who is it? Your account is being used… by someone. *Swinging the book with the rest of the unknown transactions to Oliver* You had best Find the leak before your luxurious Money stream winds up bone dry. If our money fades… you’ll have a lot more to worry about since the Solar Tower is a major step up. Losing that will cripple the company.

At Princess Charlene’s house…

Prince Richie was at home and looking at the Helmet of Nabu. He was unable to bring himself up to reveal the news to his mother that he was the New Doctor Fate. He knew that he had to say something, but to see or the fearing reaction that he’d get from his mother if she knew was what kept him from breaking it to her. He was conflicted and didn’t know whether he should come out and say it or if he should remain with keeping it a secret from his mother…

Prince Richie: *Looking at the helmet and thinking* What do i do about this helmet? I am the commander of this thing. i’m Doctor Fate. the new Doctor Fate. What will i be able to tell my mother if she were to find out. She doesn’t want me in on any of this. but i am in it… *Getting up from the chair and walking away from the Table* I need to think about this for a bit… I am now a hero. i can see everyone’s fate. And now everyone knows. Aunt Trixie might also know however…why wouldn’t she since she’s in the newspaper business. *Looking at the T.V as he then walks over to watch the News break about the Solar Tower* Huh? The Solar Tower… *Sighs* Oh man… just when we thought that the tower was not gonna make headlines anymore. *Listening in on the report* It’s completed… It’s gonna be up in tw0 days. I got to do something. But how… What can i do? I can’t be Doctor Fate. there is no way that i can be the guy again. My mom doesn’t even know that i am the new hero.


Princess Charlene: *Walking into the room* Hey Stud. How’s my good nature son?

Prince Richie Carlyle Rhapsody AKA Dr. Fate.

Prince Richie: I’m okay. *Sighs and feeling hesitant as to whether or not he should tell his mother about his now being the New Doctor Fate*

Princess Charlene: *Sensing something wrong* Uh-oh… What’s bugging you, Darling? You sound as though something bugging you. Is everything okay?

Prince Richie: I wish i could really tell whether it was or not. *Looking at the T.V and Suddenly Looking down* Mom… I got something to confess. I am the New Doctor Fate.

Princess Charlene: *Not hearing clearly* What? What are you talking about? Doctor Fate? You must be kidding on that one, Son. Kent Nelson of the JSA is Doctor Fate. He’s dead though so is Doctor Fate. How can it be that you’re the new Doctor Fate?

Prince Richie: There is a logical explanation to that… I think. Remember last week at night when i thought that you happened to have vanished?

Princess Charlene: *Understanding what her son is talking about* You mean… the misunderstanding of where you thought that i was kidnapped or abducted when i was only being caught in the middle of a huge conversation with my mother who i happened to run into at the store? I think that i remember that night… well at least in some odd detail. What about it?

Prince Richie: It’s just that… on that night i was worried that something might have happened to you and i didn’t even know what the reason was… i knew you left for the store in the early evening hours. *Looking at the T.V and trying to not face his mother for the fear of a negative reaction that might come once he lets out the punch line* i waited for about 2 0r 3 hours and when you didn’t come back home… i got really concerned and began to wonder where you were… wondered if something happened. i was concerned and i knew that sitting around wasn’t gonna do me a bit of any good. So i got the idea in my head to walk out of the house and try to get help and see where you could have gone. i however wound up at a old Museum called the Brownstone. it looked a little sophisticated but i went in and surprised to be seen… i saw that Paige, Pearl and Dinah were there… with these people. A man who they called Carter Hall. A Blonde teen named Courtney Whitmore…  a guy named Clark. Clark we know about. the other two… we do not know. *Clearing his throat a bit and trying to keep a calm tone* it went on… it continued and i saw them asked them if they had seen any trace of you. They haven’t. i don’t blame them. i didn’t think they would as they were unfortunately busy with something. But while i was there… there was this whispering. the Whispering was coming from something….

Princess Charlene: Whispering? *Pauses and a little concerned* What do you mean… Whispering? What kind? *Looking to the side and suddenly seeing a Golden helmet* Uh… Okay… What is that thing and… Why is it whispering? Is that what’s doing the 300 miles a minute whispering act?

Prince Richie: *In dismay as he is exposing the truth* I am afraid that it’s as you’ve just stated… that thing is whispering because i am near…  that helmet. It chose me. When i was there i heard whispering and before i knew what the heck was going on… the helmet levitated to me and just landed right into my hands.

Princess Charlene: And that would mean…

Prince Richie: I’m afraid so…I am now the new Hero.

Princess Charlene: Oh no… *Shaking her head* How could this happen? I was trying to keep you out of the hero persona persuasion. i didn’t want you getting hurt. *Grunts and moans* Damn it… How the hell could this happen? Why is this happening? Honey… Why are you the New Doctor Fate? How could you be the chosen one? You were kept away from the fight… that’s how i wanted it. Losing you back then to a stray bullet was the worst for me. i thought that i had lost you forever.  but you were brought back. However… if you go out and do the fighting… you could be placing yourself in the direct line of fire. it’s dangerous.

Prince Richie: What about the girls? They are young yet and they go out there and fight against bad guys and villains… even vile beasts. It’s dangerous for them. How am i different?

Princess Charlene: *Getting emotional* Because they can handle it. they have been around it enough to know what to do and how to better handle it. The Rhapsody brothers are the same way. *Worried* The boys can handle it. You never had to be put through danger like they’ve done. You were safer that way. not like this. this isn’t you… You could be putting yourself in danger. *deeply concerned*

Prince Richie: I will live with it if i truly must. but living on the sidelines is not me anymore. i am not gonna do it anymore. Mom, I am the new Doctor Fate. i have to deal with that. *Seeing the Helmet* I know that it is asking for trouble. but i just can’t sit by and not do anything. *Hearing the Helmet speak* Nabu… stop it. Don’t be pointing to things that aren’t and shouldn’t be… *Walking to the helmet suddenly and picking it up* This is it. Nabu… Remember. Don’t whisper too loud. Don’t show me things that can never be… *Sighs* Fate. A Fickle thing it must truly be…

The helmet pulls onto Prince Richie and turns him into Doctor Fate…

A Minute later…

Doctor Fate: *Turning to see Princess Charlene* Greetings Arctic Mind. I see your fate. You are destined to find a man. one of Royal blood. Young at heart he may be… but will have maturity beyond his years.

Princess Charlene: *Faints*

Doctor Fate: *Throwing a Symbol of Fate; Vanishing to the outside*

At Watchtower…

Chloe: *Working on the Computers; Updating the systems* I need a break. Thank god that this is the last one to have its systems updated. *Hearing the doors open*

P.A: Welcome Rhapsody Brothers…Visitors.

Chloe: *Looking up and Turning her head to see the 4 boys and 4 girls hovering in the air* Hello boys. What brings you 4 here?

Prince Alvin: We came to get these 4 girls into the team. You’re not bound to believe this if we were to tell you. but the 4 girls here are our sisters.

Prince Avery: They are our sisters and they’ve been here for about a week now.

Chloe: *Pauses* Sisters? Uh, Wow! i guess that it’s a relief that something good has come from this snow storm and from what’s going to taking off today. Especially since there is news that the Solar Tower is gonna be online in less than 55 hours. It’s gonna be online and when that happens… World War III will be coming to us at a collision near us.

Brenda Rhapsody: *Looking around* Wow! So this is the infamous Watchtower?

Angelica Rhapsody: Amazing look for a place like this.

Helen Rhapsody: *Flying up and looking out the window* We’re so the high up from the ground. The Sky looks really stormy.

Helga Rhapsody: The Storm is snow… Helen. You should the know this by now.

Brenda: Well… Earth Customs are really hard. but she’s learning. remember sisters We were on Tamaran for almost 15 years. so it’s gonna take time to get used to the customs here.

Chloe: *Looking at one of the girls who flew up to the top-level of the room* Uh, Could you please get down from there… those are the back up systems of Watchtower.

Helen: *Jumps in fright* EEK! *Flying back down from top and landing on the floor* Sorry. Was i the doing something wrong?

Prince Alvin: No. you weren’t doing anything wrong. It’s just that these machines are sensitive to tampering and will be liable to spike if you were to touch them just slightly.

Prince Curtis: We better get you 4 synced up and then start on getting to the bottom of the situation revolving the Solar Tower…

Back at the Daily Planet…

Trixie: Why would you be caught Cheating in class? You got kicked out for cheating in school. You never Cheat.

Rebecca: I don’t know what happened, Mom. I was only taking an exam and all that i remember was that as i was taking it… someone was whispering over to me and i only knelt closer to listen to what they were saying and… the next thing i knew was that i was squealed on. accused of cheating. *Upset* I was 5 months away from graduating from the school too. just 5 more months. Now it’s all gone and they won’t reinstate me. *Crying into her hands* I lost everything, Mom.

Trixie: No you haven’t. *Grabbing her daughter and looking at her* It might not be your calling to work here. But I’m gonna get you a job here. You’re gonna make a living here. *Seeing her daughter crying still* … *Hugging her daughter tightly* Come on… stop crying, Hon. It’s gonna be alright. You’ll make a living.

Rebecca: *Crying into her mother’s arms*

Perry: *Walking over to Trixie and seeing Trixie with a teen* Is this your Daughter, Rhapsody?

Trixie: Yes. She’s my Daughter. The natural Bookworm. Her sister is married to the brother of Pidge Stroker. Chip.

Perry: And she’d be…

Trixie: Trixie Ruby Stroker. but her biological name is Princess Trixie Ruby Rhapsody.

Rebecca: *Hearing about her sister* now that we’re mentioning about my sister… How is she?

Trixie: She’s fine. She’s Married and got two kids. Daughters. Twins. Mary Cherry Rhapsody and Alice Cloud Rhapsody. They look like such dolls.

Rebecca: I must see her sometime. She and i haven’t spoken much since she got married. I guess that i was a bit jealous. Seeing her with a happy life and i was still being teased because of my smarts. It was mean. But i should be happy for her. She did find a wonderful person to spend her life with.

Trixie: That is true. The only thing now is that it’s the brother to the deceased convicted attempted murderer. That part i do not like.

However… At the Kent farm…

Lois was hooked on being the traditional Girlfriend and housewife material for Clark and began cooking A Pie and end some good food. She was not herself as it seemed… she was acting really different from what she usually would. She was wearing a Housewife outfit ..

Lois: *In the Kitchen; Checking on the Pie in the oven* Gotta make home cooked meals for my darling Muffin. He’ll be coming home from work soon and he’s gonna need some delicious nourishment. Nothing can be too good for my strong working man. Mmm!

However when Clark Came into the front door…

Clark: Lois? I’m home…

Lois: I’m in the Kitchen Sweetheart!

Clark: *Thinking* The Kitchen? *Walking through the Living room over to the Kitchen* … *Suddenly seeing Lois in a housemaid uniform* Uh, Lois? What are you doing? You…

Lois: *Standing up from in front of the Oven and Looking at Clark* I’ve been baking such wonderful treats. I made a nice Huckleberry pie… I know it’s your favorite. and i even made a Pot roast and Homemade mashed potatoes. with nice creamy gravy.

Clark: *Pauses* Lois? Are you feeling okay…

Lois: Of Course i am Pumpkin. I haven’t felt better than this in a long time. Why would you be asking that?

Clark: Well… You do know that you did Quit the Planet and now are wearing a house maid uniform. Acting like a mail order Spouse.

Lois: That’s what i was planning to do. You did say that you wanted a more traditional relationship… I figured that to do that… it’d mean that i would have to stay home and do things around the house like a house wife should.

At the Metropolis High school…

It was break time and Paige, Pearl and Dinah were with their Boyfriends. Well At least Paige and Pearl were. Dinah’s boyfriend wasn’t in high school yet at that time, So she just walked close behind her sister Pearl. Minding her own business. As for Paige though…

Paige: *Walking with her boyfriend* I’m sorry about not including you in on the case revolving the JSA.

Johnny: It’s not a big deal. I figured that it had to be something personal… Paige, You don’t have to apologize to me about it. I understand. *Walking with Paige* You are a wonderful person. i could not be mad at you for leaving me out of the excitement of being with a group of underdogs like the JSA. It’s unexpected… but i am okay with it. I just want to know that you’re okay. that’s all. Were you hurt in any way while out with the JSA?

Paige: No. i was fine. *Smiles* But i did however miss you. i was thinking of you the whole time. but i wasn’t about to let it out to the others while i was in means of beating the Icicle.

Johnny: *shocked* The Icicle? What… Paige. You went against that guy? He was a Villain from back in the golden days when heroes like The Hourglass, Mr. Terrific and Sandman as well as Hawkman and Doctor Fate were the heroes of the ages going against him.

Paige: You could be right about that…. but i’m afraid that there is a little something that you should know. It’s gonna be a little hard to swallow.

Johnny: *Stopping to look at Paige suddenly* Paige… What do you mean by that… Is there something that you aren’t telling me? You know that you can tell me. i will understand.

Paige: Uh… okay. *A little Nervous* the first thing is that While we were out with the JSA one of them got killed. Doctor Fate was killed. however after the battle we had with the Icicle… my sisters and i were at the Brownstone and were talking with Carter hall and Courtney when suddenly our cousin Prince Richie showed up. He came in and then out of nowhere the helmet that Doctor Fate wore… one called the Helmet of Nabu. it began whispering.

Johnny: Whispering?! It whispers? Are you kidding? What happened next?

Paige: Here is where it gets more bizarre or a tad out there… what happened after that was that the Helmet floated all on its own to our cousin and landed right into his hands. the next thing i knew was that he…

A Symbol Of fate then appears and within seconds…

Doctor Fate: *Appearing before Paige and Johnny* Greetings Miss Love… Lord Bliss. There is a situation in the City… I see the fate of the city… The Solar Tower is said to go up and render itself officially online in 2 days… if the Tower goes up… the savior to us all… The Sentient power will be powerless. There will be no hope for the Earth.

Johnny: I take it that this is Doctor Fate. and the person behind the mask now is your cousin, Right… Paige?

Paige: That’s right. And there is something else that you will also have to see… *Looking at Doctor Fate* How can we do anything? Pearl, Dinah and i can’t leave the grounds. The school has recently cracked down on the extracurricular activities that my sisters and i do. if we leave… it’s automatic Expulsion. This School obviously is frowning upon the realms of the Superhero persuasion…

Doctor Fate: *Throwing a Hand up and forming a Symbol of fate to reveal a carbon copy of the 3 girls* These 3 girls are gonna be just like you. in every way. they will act like you, Talk and think.

Johnny: *Shocked* Uh… okay… that is new. never expected to see Doctor fate do that before. Make a carbon copy of a living being. That’s rad.

A minute later… The created copies of the 3 girls were off to class and the actual girls were inside the Gym. It was quiet at the moment as there was no one there. but it was minutes before class was gonna begin and they were already hearing voices not far away. What Doctor Fate brought out to their attention was grave. they had to take care of it. The Solar tower was being built. it was all up and ready and it was getting closer to the final moments before its maiden voyage and started to come online with the Satellites that were said to control it. The girls didn’t know that… but they were about to find out that it was gonna be a struggle. The Solar Tower was gonna be online in less than 52 hours…. School was still in session and the girls were on the ropes…

The School Gym…

Pearl: *Sighs and concerned* Guys… We are pushing it. trying to sneak out. if this backfires… we’re gonna get thrown out of the School. Doctor Fate bought us some time… But…

Peter: The teachers are not idiots. they’ll figure it out eventually.

Paige: The teachers will just have to deal with it. We got something to do. Education is best. but What is that if the innocent and the world is being rendered asunder. *Praying* Mom, We’re sorry for ditching school like this. Please forgive us…

A Second later…

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing* The Love and beating heart of Bliss, the Winged angel of Romance… Miss Love… with the powers of Love and sweet eternal hearts…the souls and presence of Evil will be silenced by the embrace of Love’s Might!

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evil will be washed with grace and light!

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lightning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing* The Thunderous Flight of justice… The sparking charge of the Rhapsody Girls Thunder Mistress… By the hands of Thunder and Lightning, The presence of Evil will feel the Thunderic fury of The Rhapsody Girls!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Peter: *Shrieks* You girls have wings? This is so Wacky… But amazing.

Johnny: Wings. Now that’s new. Wait a minute… How can that be new? I got wings too in that hero form of mines.

Johnny: *Transforming* Lord Bliss… Transform! *Lights of red and Pink shoot through him forming his outfit; Jumping into the Air and spinning several times   revealing wings and his weapon* ….  *Landing down and Blowing a kiss of hearts; Busting through the hearts and fully transformed; Posing* I am the Love’s Executioner… Those who dare to corrupt the spirit of Love… will feel true Love’s burn… get ready for the Love’s painful sting… Lord Bliss… sends his fury of Love to you…

Peter: *Transforming* Bubble Warlock… Transform! *Scenes of water appear and with the mind causes the water to cover him and the outfit forms on him as bubbles start showing* … *Dancing into bubbles while his weapon forms and flies over into his hands* … *Forming Bubbles and Performing acrobatics; Moving through bubbles before tossing a wave of Bubbles into the Air; Posing* The bubbly man…. the one who with fast bubbles and quick wit… the interlopers who intend to swarm with their Evil grip will be Erased with the power of Bubble’s light. All hail the power of the Maester of bubble power… Bubble Warlock… Blowing the bubbles of light and Mercy your way. Say your prayers… if you dare!

Paige: Let’s go.

Pearl: And hurry. If that Solar Tower goes up… it’ll be all over for Clark. Not like we should worry much about him because he’s been nothing but a jerk as of late. But for this… we’re gonna have to put our feelings about him a side. this is more bigger than him. If that tower reaches full capacity and gets online, it’ll be all over. there will be nothing we can do. The Kandorians will have all the power and Clark will be defenseless.

Dinah: *Rolling her eyes* Yeah. and it will make Paige’s revelations visions more concrete.

Johnny: we can talk as we’re making our way there…


P.E teacher: *Opening the door* What’s going on in here? *Seeing Paige, Pearl and Dinah in hero form* Ah… Ah. no you don’t there will not be any of that. De-transform right now. School is for school and that’s it. This school has had it with the hero details. You think because you’re heroes…that you can just bail at any time. Not this time. not anymore. *With a slip of paper* You have a choice. Either Return to normal and learn to live as a normal Student… or i write you 3 up and report you to the principal. Your choice.

Dinah: *Groans* Ahhhhh! *Scoffs* What the heck is your problem with heroes anyway? What? has this school all of a sudden formed an Anti-hero club?

P.E Teacher: Dinah… Enough. The rules will not be disobeyed. revert to normal. Now. I mean… We can always get the principal involved and maybe even your mother. we will call home if you don’t cooperate.

But before they could make a decision to escape from the hard-nosed new rule made in school…

Betty: *In Shadow* No fighting.  *Launching a Bright Flash to blind the crowd and the teacher* Heaven’s Blinding Lights! *Looking at her sisters* If you guys want to make a break for it and get to whatever you are planning to do… Now’s your chance. get going. go before this move wears off. it’s only temporary.

At the front of side gates surrounding the Solar Tower…

Tess: *Meeting with a team of reporters and News people* Thank you all for coming…  As you all know; we’re only moments away from the Solar Tower being online. this one Tower is certain to get the City on the right path. We have all been asking for a way to have better energy. wondering if there would ever be a day where we would say goodbye to the dependency of the Power company. depending on them to offer us all the energy that we need each day to get by with what we need. in less than 51 hours… all our hopes for a new source of energy will be made a dire reality. It will be hello with the New energy and out goes the old. No more depending on the Energy that comes from the whims of a power company. Power that is harming this planet. This Solar tower will put the green back in energy. and be more Environmentally friendly.

However at Watchtower…

Clark: *Speeding in* Chloe, We got a little problem…

Chloe: *Scoffs* My god, Clark… Ever heard of Ringing a bell? That way i’ll know you’re coming in for a landing… What’s the problem Other than the Kandorians roaming around throughout the City pressing to make this city their own personal paradise?

Clark: Lois?

Chloe: *Quickly looking at Clark* Lois? How is that possible? Why would she be a problem? The only thing she’d do that would spark a news flash is her ability to Jump into a situation that is a little over her head. She acts a bit too gutsy. That’s the only problem she’s got. Unless she has already be come a news Story.

Clark: It’s not why would she be a problem… it’s more like a what. She’s not acting like herself. She’s moved in and is wearing a housemaid uniform. i got over to the farm and just saw her wearing a uniform. making pies and to top it off or make it more of an situation; She’s cooked a dinner. And she’s even thinking of possible wedding bells. Chloe, Something is going on. I’ve been infected with something and now i can’t seem to stop persuading people. All i said to Lois was that i’d be wanting a more traditional Relationship and somehow she took that to heart and quit the planet and turned into a mail order spouse.

Chloe: *Laughs* Ha ha! that’s Funny. a Mail order Spouse. Well… if she was gonna become a more traditional love partner… that would certainly do it.

Clark: *Sounding Anxious* Chloe, it’s not funny. i got to stop this…

Chloe: Well it’s a lot better than the worry about the Kandorians. They’re trouble. i Know that they are your people and you want to help them… but it’s not as rewarding. They are causing trouble.

Clark: I realize you’re not on board with me helping the Kandorians.

Chloe: Yeah, well, you should know how it is. I mean that you find out that one of them literally skewers you to death like a shrimp on the barbie in the post-apocalyptic future, it forces you to the part where you kind of lose interest to get involved with the Kandorians and or have a thing to do with them.

Clark: Well Lois had those Visions for a while… and then suddenly they went away. It confirmed that we can not trust Tess. She was siding with Major Zod the whole time while also trying to cover it all up. I also know that it seems that  like I may have overlooked some of their mistakes. in the City. but the visions are just of things that are from the Future. we can Change that.

Chloe: Mistakes? By “mistakes” do you mean them building a tower so they give themselves powers to take over the world?

Clark: I’m going to lead them to a better place. The Visions are just of the Future. Not only that… Paige had Visions of the future too for some reason. the only difference is that she’s had a different Version of it than what Lois had.

Chloe: *Pauses* How is that possible? Why would she dream about that? Maybe she senses something about it. When did it start? since the Night where she confessed that she and her sisters were ones that unknowingly released the Kandorians from the orb… she’s made a mention to Oliver that she had these weird dreams. Oliver made a mention about it and even he couldn’t answer it.

Clark: I do not know. But Paige was having the dreams. Visions. Even her sisters are concerned about it. I was also told of it by them. However i doubt that they’ll speak to me after how i’ve been towards them lately. I was giving them a run of the guilt trip.

Chloe: *snaps a little* And how did you expect for that to be any different, Clark? You were battering them over a mistake. Their history with that guy that they offed was deeper than your history with Jor-el and the other threats that came crashing down to Earth. You bashing them was really uncalled for and truly brutal. *Looking at The Screen* Now… from what we know now… The Solar Tower is fully built and all set to go. It’s scheduled to be officially online in 2 days. That is Granted that they haven’t got a hold of the controls over the Satellite and thought about about using it to change the atmosphere of the Earth. but come on, Clark. You and i both know that one of them has killed your father and we know that the Rhapsody Girls also know it. They went though the ordeal with you. I am thinking that Maybe… Just maybe It would prove to be just a lot more safer if we were to just send all of the visiting Kandorians right on over to the Phantom Zone. The Rhapsody Girls will opt to fight them all off. as will their Cousins. The Rhapsody Brothers, Their twin sisters,  Boyfriends and the 4 sisters to the Rhapsody Brothers.

Clark: I know that you’re saying that because you want to protect people. Plus it is clear that the 3 girls want to help protect the people and save the world. However, right now I would just like for you to focus on watching my back. Leave the rest of the planet to me. I’ll handle it.

Chloe: *In a persuaded trans* Clark. I will protect you… no matter what it takes.

Clark Took one look at Chloe and saw that it happened again. He was putting people in a trans. however… this time he was okay with it. it was just Chloe. but he still had to worry about Lois… and also the Kandorians…

But That Night…

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku: *Looking at her Daughters* You girls are in a bit of trouble here… I just got a call from the school and they said that you 3 have tried to ditch again. They are also in Talking of possible expulsion. If you 3 get expelled. you’ll have to be home schooled for the rest of the School years. in high school. I know that you 3 are heroes and are having a tough time to balance the two… But you are to not go on any more hero details while in school. I am not kidding. *Looking at Dinah* And Dinah, No back talking the P.E Teacher. She was the one who called and saying that you were back talking. You should be more respecting of the teachers. they know best in school.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Mom, come on…  Do you really mean to tell us that You’re siding arms with the teachers? What do they know about a person’s burden? We got a darn chip on our shoulder. one that they will never have. They don’t know the mess we had to deal with. to them it was just some freaky performance that turned to be more real than what they’re used to. We were the ones who saw it different.

Princess Rikku: Dinah, i understand that. but you have to start thinking about the future. the future for yourselves. Besides. i won’t be around forever. one day when it’s my time to pass on. if you don’t have a life for yourself… what do you think will happen to you? are you willing to live on the streets? having to deal with the Slumlords and hoping that they’ll give you a leg up… No Job will touch you without a degree of some sort. they will not look one sight at you.

Paige: *a little shook by that outburst* Mom, are you trying to scare us?

Pearl: Please Don’t scare us with that. i don’t want to hear about any more talks of people dying.

Princess Rikku: No. i am not. but i am just trying to get you 3 to understand that  you have to start being more serious with your lives in the real world. It isn’t a game anymore. *Sitting down and sighing before explaining her side to the girls* Sweethearts… I used to be just like you 3 are now… when it came to being young. I was thinking that everything was a game in some nature. i thought that everything would be all peaches and cream. i didn’t think too much about real life. and i still don’t at times. But i knew that if i ever wished to be a parent… i would have to… i have a job Baking Amish Bread. $5 dollars a pop. i also do some odd jobs too to make ends meet. but also have a job coming up where i’m gonna be a Teacher.  at the High school.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Shrieks* What?! No… Mom. You can’t.

Pearl: Are you serious? The other teens will mock us.

Princess Rikku: No they won’t because if anything i’ll see that i won’t teach any of your classes. and i’m also gonna get my hair dyed a different color. Like a Golden brown. Maybe a Black hair with Blue Highlights…

Dinah: *Groans* Ohhhhh! Mamma Mia… Aye Carone. *Faints*

Paige: *Sighs* And there goes Dinah.

Princess Rikku: There is also something else too…

Pearl: Yeah. What is it mom? *Curious*

A knock on the Door sounds off…

Princess Rikku: You know your Aunt Princess Rebecca?

Paige: Not really. You never mentioned her before. you hardly made a mention of her. Why?

Princess Rikku: Uh, She is a member of the family. My cousin and your Aunt. Another one actually. *Looking at the door and then at her daughters* Your dates are gonna be here any moment. but you 3 should be ready to greet your Aunt. She’s a smart tack and she was known to be the youngest prodigy with the privilege of going to Yale. She however got kicked out and has come back to the family… Her mother and your Great Aunt told me about the mishap. She was accused of Cheating and is with no where to go. Your Great Aunt doesn’t really have a livable place of her own so… your Aunt Princess Rebecca… now Rebecca is gonna be staying with us from now on… it’s till she gets back on her feet and gets herself a place. We have a Guest room that she will use as her own.

Dinah: *Coming to suddenly* What? Did someone call me? *Shaking her head while getting up* Who’s that knocking on the Door?

Pearl: You don’t want to know. *Sighs* I really don’t know about it being a good idea to let her stay here…

Paige: It’s our one Aunt who happens to be a brain.

Dinah: *With a weird Look on her face* Our Aunt with a brain? Who would that be…

Princess Rikku: Remember your Aunt Princess Trixie? the one who is married to the brother of the Convicted Ex-Professor of yours?

Dinah: Yeah. we know her. We know who she is… but not about the one who is at the door now. Who is she?

Princess Rikku: Her sister. Rebecca Starling Rhapsody…

Pearl: *Chuckles* Like Rebecca Warner… from the movie Son-in-Law.

Paige: Not funny, Pearl…

At the Lookout…

Clark looked out and set off to meet with the head of the Kandorian Army, Major Zod. He was looking for the one who Killed Jor-el. He was with the burden since the moment Jor-el passed on… The Girls also felt the same way too, however they were not able to do much about it for they had the tight realm of School and had to worry about keeping the innocent safe. The girls were wanting to take down the killer of Jor-el, but to their unfortunate dismay… they didn’t know as to who the killer was and since the death of Jor-el, They had to handle the situation of a Seedy D.A and then having to take a life. a Life of their Ex-Professor. Pidge Stroker… which was only about 2 weeks ago now…

Clark: *Meeting with Major Zod* Why are you building the Solar Tower?

Major Zod: Because it’s what will help us get our powers. We were hoping for the Blur… You to give us our powers. but you won’t bend to do so. therefore we have to resort to getting them this way. We bowed to you, Kal-el. and vowed to follow you. but since that time… you have yet to return the favor and grant us our powers. It’s almost as though you fear the power of your own people.

Clark: Why Would i fear someone like you? I know it was you who murdered my father Jor-El. You might as well just come clean.

Major Zod: *Referring to Jor-El* I see that you believe it to be me that had killed him. however… be that as it may;  I wasn’t the one who killed him, Kal-el. But I know who did. Tess Mercer.

Clark: How is that possible?

Major Zod: As though you didn’t know about Tess. I mean,  she has obviously had her own shady agenda. She at that time was the only one who without cause knew where he was. How do you think that Jor-El Died? He was held under duress by Tess. She kept him in her Wine Cellar and interrogated him. Despite of what you might think… She was the only one who could finish the Job after i met with him. Demanding for him to reveal how he was able to possess the powers of the Earth’s Yellow Sun. He would not tell. So i got a little Rough. Frustration is not a mystery amongst us Kandorians, Kal-el… we can feel it just as much as the Earth people here.  *Looking at Clark; with persuasive advice* You are Jor-el’s firstborn, Kal-el.  You are the only one who can seek for retribution. I know that you want to avenge his death. As would those 3 Girls. I Know about the Rhapsody Girls. They would do what it took to avenge a death of the fallen. i read up about them. *With intense expression* They fought against a impervious Drule King by the name of King Lotor. In Rage, They went hand and foot and with fists and sparks of Rage blaring, taking him down. To Avenge the impressionable death of a family member. one who was miraculously brought back from the dead. They nailed that Drule with every living fiber they had. They knew that Might made Right.

Clark: I’m not gonna kill Tess. I am not a Killer. This isn’t a War. Jor-el Died. but i am not gonna Kill someone to avenge him. Jor-el would not tolerate that. He is my father. but he didn’t send me here to save me in hopes that i would turn into a brutal killer.

Major Zod: *in Resolve* It’s the Kryptonian way. In the brink of War… the outcome of Death in a family… it is up for the Young to avenge their parent with Vengeance.  You cannot let this injustice stand. Kal-El, you knew when you started on this path that you had to get your hands dirty. You must avenge him.

Clark Kent: I… I can’t.

Major Zod: *In disbelief; In Outrage* You don’t seem to get it… Kal-El, I tortured him beyond measure. I laid a beating upon him and beat him till he was black and blue. I threatened him and out from that treatment i’ve placed on him… he still…  he still refused to give you up. You were the Last Son of Krypton… his only son. the son he has never met or laid eyes on;  Yet he was still willing to sacrifice his own life for yours. He had died protecting you, and You… you won’t even defend his honor. You Refuse to Avenge his death. HE SACRIFICED HIS LIFE TO SAVE YOU!

Clark: *grabs Zod in anger* You don’t think I want justice? That i don’t want revenge? Guess what? I do want Revenge. More than you would ever understand. But to take a Life is wrong. No matter the Race, culture or Species. Killing is wrong. How would you like if someone took your life; Killed you for a cause, even if the reasons were all wrong to begin with? You really think that i wouldn’t want to be a killer like you, Zod? You don’t get it. The 3 Girls Took a Life making them no better than the ones they fought against. I got on them hard about it. I am the one who’s got to set an example for everyone here. if i were to take a life… i would be a hypocrite… I can’t kill anyone. i have to set an example for the heroes here… for the humans. even though sometimes i’d want to kill. The Truth is that I….CAN’T! No matter what you try to recite to me… what ever reasons you may spur on me… you will never understand. i was sent here to make a Difference Zod. Not to be a Conqueror or a Galactic Killer. That isn’t what i am.

Major Zod: You do want to be a Killer… but yet you hide under this guile of self redemption… you make yourself as though you’d rather be a human. You are nothing like them. these Humans know it to be true. even the ones you happen to be close to. *Feeling Disregard about the Humans; detesting them* They also know it but don’t say it to you because of fear. and respect underneath the fear they feel towards you. *Assuming the worst in humans and judging them* Towards us. It’s been like that all your life. You were just not choosing to see it. There will be a day where these Humans that you care so much about over your own kind… they’ll turn on you and treat you like a tyrant and cast you out.

At the Daily Planet…

Trixie: *Looking at all of her Daughters stuff* How am i gonna handle all this? *Sighs* My Daughter sure had a lot of stuff with her at Yale. I despise Yale for kicking my sweet daughter out. all because of a little accusation. The Nerve of them. I’ll get her into Met U when i can… she’ll finish her major one way or another. i will not let her lose all she worked for.

Perry: *Looking at the furniture and the items that belong to Trixie’s daughter* Wow! Great Scotts! She had all that? What was she doing at Yale? Living there? Making a home there?

Trixie: Yes. well… it was only during her time there… but after that… she’d be coming back home. however her journey back was 5 months sooner than originally expected.

Perry: What do you plan to do?

Trixie: what i intend to do is wait for her to call and see if i can arrange for her stuff to be shipped to where she is staying for a while.

Perry: I hope it’s soon, Rhapsody. This is a touching but very trying time for you… i feel your concern in this. i do… but this isn’t a storage place. you need to get it out of here… and soon. *Looking at the stuff* Priceless books on historical landmarks. Your Daughter must have been an ace… Was she steering to become a historian?

Trixie: She sure was. but that doesn’t really matter anymore since Yale has kicked her out. *Huffing a little* Those assholes at Yale are gonna be getting a call from me tomorrow. I’m gonna be giving them a piece of my mind. *Looking into a partly cracked open drawer of her daughters Dresser* She was taking drugs. Pills on anti-depressants and Arthritis. How could that be? What did they do to her over there? *In shock*

Perry: *Hearing The phone ring on Trixie’s desk* … Phone. You just try to calm down. i’ll get it this time. *Answering the phone* Daily Planet… Editor in Chief/ Boss Perry White.

A Second later…

Perry: Trixie, It’s for you. It’s your daughter.

Trixie: It is? *Grabbing the phone and talking to her daughter* Hey Honey… You okay?

Rebecca: *On the Phone* I’m fine. I just now got to the guest room at Cousin Princess Rikku’s house. I can already see that this is gonna be a stressing change for me. She’s been so nice to me but… i truly don’t belong here. I have no place here. i believe that i’m only gonna be a burden to them.

Trixie: You’re not a burden. She is happy to have you. You’re gonna be alright.

Rebecca: Am i, Mom? her daughters are not opened to me. they haven’t even spoken to me much at all. They just got ready for their Dates and just took off.

Trixie: They’ll talk to you… You just have to relate to them. You’ve been away from the family for almost 5 whole years and much has changed since you went to Yale. You need to just find your place. Why not hang with Princess Rikku, your cousin? She’s liable to speak to you a lot. you got to just try honey. I know it’s hard. it’s gonna be that way for a while. but you just have to tough it out. i know you can. you toughed it out at Yale.

Rebecca: i know. *Sighs* I need to take my pills for Arthritis. I got Arthritis in my wrists and hands. It sometimes hurts when i lay down on my back and rest my arms. *Feeling Self Pity* i’m a 35 year old woman who still comes calling home to her parents when her life fails and i am also one who has depression and Arthritis in her hands and wrists. Even my arms have it.

Trixie: And i’m 50. I got pregnant when i was 15. i was with no boyfriend who’d want me. i raised you and your sister with no help from anyone except your Aunts and one Uncle. It’s just the way life went for us.

Rebecca: I Just miss being the smart one. going to school and being part of the smart group. i belonged there. There… i had meaning. but here… i feel like a total stranger…

An hour later…

At The Luthor Mansion…

Tess: *Laying into her Jacuzzi and Enjoying a Bubble bath* That Solar tower is probably gonna be a dark mark on the Company. Knowing the Major’s intentions are what gets me. Why would he be so bent on having the Tower built and ready to be functional?

Major Zod: *Walking in suddenly Smiling* Enjoying yourself i see. Can’t help but to celebrate the completion of the Solar Tower, can you? not that i’d hold that against you… it’s a noble and wondrous occasion after all.

Tess: I was beginning to wonder when you’d pop yourself through the doors again. as to after the last time you came into the doors of this mansion… You tried to make as a pretentious little flirt and catch me off guard. But i would have you be forewarned that since that time… my guard is strictly fortified and won’t be shaken down that easily.

Major Zod: *Chuckles* how resistible you are. but you should know that this is not a pleasure trip. I notice that someone’s been rallying a handful of my people and giving them a alternative life. leading them away from me. I don’t know who… but i happen to believe it to be you. You have the pull to make such a thing happen as it were. *Sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi* would you know about this? *Holding and showing off a Picture I.D of one of his own people* You happen to know what this is?

Tess: I may know what they are… but i can assure you that it was not me… i wouldn’t be trying hide you people from you nor would i be trying to soup them up with a fake I.D. *Soaking with the Jacuzzi; Looking at the I.D* You might want to ask them all on your lonesome… if you want viable cause as to why they have identities different than the ones you know them by. Maybe the 3 girls might know. They too are into possibly leading your people into a better life other than the one you have mapped out for them. Maybe your people see that the Solar Tower is a loose wire and won’t give them what they would like to have. They don’t have the same thirst as you do for those powers.

Major Zod: *Drinking a glass of Wine feeling amused by Tess’s insight* How Amusing of you to think that you’d know what it is that my people would want more than having the luxury to harness the powers of the Yellow Sun. You might know about my people… but you’d never peg them as being like one of the Earth dwellers. They want to rule. as do i. i sire to have the abilities to fly and do what i will on this planet.

Tess: And you believe that this Solar Tower will possess such a feat in filtering the Atmosphere and giving your followers and you the powers? Not very Likely.

Major Zod: Oh i know it will. Isn’t it what i placed full partnership in building the solar tower for? For it to do that? *Scoffs* Plus i would bet that if anyone of my people dared to try and leave my ruling and side with the humans… they’d be facing treason for betraying me.

Tess then reached for her robe as she suddenly got up and Stared at Major Zod with a slightly crooked smile and got out before looking at the Major…

Tess: *putting on her Bathrobe and Looking* I hope that you’re not expecting for a special set of treatment or perks. You should know that it’s still the same as last time. we’re keeping this all profoundly and strictly business. Plus… i am running the deal here. i don’t seem to have any Tech Expert anymore as Mr. Stroker is dead.

Major Zod: *Catching the remark and chivalrously anxious to know more*  You don’t say? Tell me. What happened to the brain prodigy of yours?

Tess: *Lying about the death and covering up the real reason behind Stroker’s death* He was killed. in a lab accident.

Major Zod: A Lab accident? That i don’t buy. He was murdered. He was snuffed out by someone. 3 people killed him.

Tess: How would you know of this?

Major Zod: Because my Loyal follower Basqat watched the Feeds of your precarious little company of uh… *Standing up and walking to the side before turning around* A Cyber-technics. there were 6 people there… 3 girls and 3 boys. We know quite well who the girls are… But as for the guys… we only know one of them…

Tess: *Smirks* My my, you must have been busy. What makes you think you can peg the 3 girls being there?

Major Zod: I know it was those 3 girls. and one of the boys looks like the brother to the girls friend. with the same last name as the boy. Tsukino. Who do you think it could be?

Tess: No idea. It’s all a blur to me. *Referring back to the Solar Tower* But we won’t change the subject. The whole deal is that we need the knowledge of your people to help us become able to reverse and undo the damage that we’ve all caused here. Hopes in providing this planet the needed Mercy it ought to have.

Major Zod: *Standing close to Tess suddenly and in a low but chilling tone* When i take over the Satellites tomorrow Evening and finally get my powers only moments after that… i am utterly afraid to break this to you… but it will be you who will need the Mercy. It shall be you who will feel the most regret and more sorry than you are right now.

However as for Paige, Pearl and Dinah…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah were at the Restaurant having their Date. they felt like making it a triple date. It was a first for them and even though they were together… they kept it between their date and themselves. Paige and Pearl were talking with their dates and talked about what they would do in a couple of years from that moment. Talking about where their relationship would lead. however they understood it was still a little too early to consider that. of Course as time passed… it would be more of a possible reality. Paige however felt stung by what happened earlier in school. Being caught and forced to revert from being their hero forms. Pearl didn’t think too much about school earlier. She was actually glad that she was caught. It made her feel more normal. being brought down a little. She was seen as the Baby but she was growing up a little at a time in maturity. She slowly understood that there was a time and a place for hero work. Even though she knew that there was a heavy burden on her… she knew that without her hero form she’d be nothing without a plausible Education. She wanted to be a Famous Fashion designer… calling herself: “Madame Pearl” but she knew that she needed to have the smarts to go with it. Dinah was with the same idea… However she was a little too tough to stop and think so much about it. She had a dream of being a wrestler… she envisioned herself as “Thunderic Pain” It was a dream that she thought about and as she thought about it in her head… she let off a smile…

At the Kent farm…

The Table was set with a trail of good Food and Clark was sitting there stunned. There was a pie and also cooked Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes… He sat and was struck with shock… He didn’t know what to say…

Lois: *Slicing up a piece of the meat* Move over Mrs. Betty Crocker…  Eat your sweet little heart out Duncan Heine’s. Lois Lane is on fire. i got this cooking thing down. *Suddenly sitting Down*… *Smiles while sitting across from Clark* How’s the roast? I made it nice and hot too. it’s got a whole lot of juice and nourishment in it.

Clark: *Looking at the food and not wanting to say anything* It’s nice. It’s really thoughtful of you to be doing all this. *Trying to eat it; having a hard time eating it* A Little tough to Chew though.

Lois: *Cheerful* Excellent. It’s just a way for me to show my appreciation and everything. besides you’re my man. I am just proud of you for bringing home the bacon and i figured that the least i can do is make a nice feast for you..

While Lois wasn’t looking… Clark grabbed the plate and snuck placing it under the table and try feeding it to the dog, but even the dog didn’t want any part of it. Clark didn’t want to say anything about it to spare Lois from being hurt. Lois was then up and walking over to Clark and acting profoundly cheerful…

Clark: What happened to the other Lois? You’re acting a little too cheerful.

Lois:  It’s a little too late for that… i mean you did say that you wanted a more traditional relationship and i knew that being in an office all day wouldn’t do. I Quit the planet.

Clark: *Gasps* But you can’t quit the Planet. you enjoy the Planet. it’s your life.

Lois: But now my life is with you. i used to be shackled and tied to a desk and droning away at work… but now i am here… no longer being the ball and chain for the planet. *Suddenly Sitting on Clark’s Lap* i’m now your ball and chain. For better or worse. Richer and or poorer. You’re my man…

However At Princess Rikku’s House…

In the Living room…

Princess Rikku and Rebecca were getting acquainted with one another and just talking. It was gonna be a new change for her cousin. but she was gonna make sure she was being settled in… They began talking with each other…

Princess Rikku: *Looking at her Cousin* Rebecca, You’re feeling a little lost here. aren’t you? You shouldn’t be feeling lost here. we’re glad to have you. i am glad to have you. You’re welcome to stay here for as long as you need to and maybe more.

Rebecca: *Touched* Thanks, Princess Rikku. I know that i am being welcomed here. but i don’t think that the girls like me much.

Princess Rikku: *Curious and wondering* What makes you say that, Rebecca?

Rebecca: I don’t know… *Sighs and feeling down* i barely came here and the girls saw me and didn’t really say much of anything at all to me. i don’t think that they want me here.

Princess Rikku: They do. Honest. The girls were just jazzed about their dates and everything that they probably didn’t think much about the idea that you were gonna be here. I am not making any excuses for them. but i am sure that they will welcome you.

Rebecca: I guess. *Looking at the T.V* I’ve been at Yale for almost 5 years. and my mom doesn’t even know that i have a habit. I happen to have a product that people puff on. I should come out and just say it… but i am sparing you and even the girls of hearing about it. It’s nothing for them to know about. I know that they have not welcomed me yet… but i don’t think that i’d want to do anything to make them not like me. i’ve been framed at Yale for Cheating. I lost everything. i got no life of my own. not anymore. *Sighs* While at Yale… i was working so hard that i practically gave myself Arthritis. I had to see a Doctor of theirs. A Quack to be more insightful. that Doctor didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.  *Getting up and heading to the Kitchen for a Glass of water* My lips are getting dry again. it happens alot i’m afraid… Anyway… since that time that the doctor checked me out and prescribed these pills to me… i had to take them. now it’s gotten to the point to where if i don’t take them… and miss any dosage. i get pains in my wrists and hands and even my arms. they hurt really bad.

Princess Rikku: *Gasps* That’s awful. It’s really awful. Are you ever gonna be okay though? Will it get itself better? *Following her cousin to the Kitchen*

Rebecca: No. it won’t get better, Cousin. it will just get worse. I am hooked on the medication. even on the ones to help with the depression. I get depressed too. It’s not that i am always depressed. but some days it’s really bad. Cousin, *Noticing crystals near and seeing them glowing* uh, do you know that you have crystals here on the Table and they’re glowing?

Princess Rikku: *A little caught off guard* What? What are you talking about? *Seeing the Crystals on the Table and embarrassed* Oh. Those. Uh… they belong to the girls. They got these from Clark as a birthday present.

Rebecca: Clark? Clark… Who?

Princess Rikku: uh, He’s a friend of theirs. He is also an alien from another planet. a Kryptonian. The Crystals are from his fortress of Solitude and the Crystals were given from orders from Clark’s Father from the destroyed planet.

Rebecca: *Pauses and Turns to look at her cousin* Huh? Are you even hearing yourself? You’re insane. There is no such thing. This is the real world. Not fantasy. Next, You’re probably gonna tell me that the girls are heroes of some kind. *Shaking her head* Cousin, I am sorry to pop off like that. but i am not into that kind of stuff. i never was. I am into the real world. i maybe boring for saying that… but i think that Fantasy is best kept in dreams. If the girls want to be seen as sophisticated people… they’ll need to keep the fantasy restrained to their dreams and nothing more.

Princess Rikku: I am sorry that you feel that way. but the girls are who they are. they’ll decide that in all due time. *Looking down in disbelief* What happened to you?

Rebecca: I grew up and turned into someone who has no creativity or opened mind to things. i was pressed hard by those professors or teacher at Yale. they were just hard-nosed. There was this one who was the opposite of the others. Mr. Finestein. He was really sweet. but as for the others… i wouldn’t recommend for anyone to have them if it was the last thing i ever did.

Princess Rikku: What do you plan to do now though?

Rebecca: I don’t know, but i would look forward to doing something and get myself a nice house in the future. Save up for a nice house that looks like this… *Showing off the picture that she barely pulled from her one pocket*

This. It’s really Sweet. i want a house that looks just like this. it’s been kinda like a dream for me to have this house. I may be a smart bookworm and a house like this would usually never suit me. but i also am into fairytales. well…  At least i used to be when i was a young young teen. Remember when we were all young little girls and boys? I kinda remember Princess Jennifer would casually mock me about it though. But Princess Jan and Princess Charlene were more open to it. at least i would think that they were. I don’t know as to whether they still are as open to it now as they were then. It must have been years ago.

Princess Rikku: *Chuckles* I am sure that they may still remember a bit about it. but it’s most certainly been years since that time…

To be continued…

Bubble Maiden: *Voice-Over* Secrets are great to have… but can also be terrible. Sometimes if you keep a secret from someone when it is meant to be said, it will only hurt them and destroy a friendship. There are all kinds of secrets… good and bad. But when you have a secret, Make sure that it doesn’t involve others and only yourself so you don’t hurt someone in the process. There are secrets like a surprise for a friend. Like a birthday party or a major gathering. or a Movie date. or a present. Maybe about a positive feeling that you have for them. those are the best kinds of secrets. but the bad ones are ones like Cheating on the one you love with someone else and try to cover it up. or a bad habit. a Murder or a theft. things like hiding money or Lying about it and keeping it a secret. those are the worst secrets to have hidden from your friend or your partner. If you know something that the person you’re with should know. You should tell them. Don’t hide it. because all it will cause is suspicion and distrust. and will eventually cause for them to dig for the truth. and will hurt them most if they find out the truth and find that you knew from the beginning. when having a secret. Make sure that it’s not one that would hurt your partner or those around you. Bubble Maiden says… *Giggles and Flies into the air blowing bubbles softly* See you later. *Winking*


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