Chapter 60: “Infiltration of Cyntechnics; Rhapsody Girls Z! Take a life or Expose activity of Pidge Stroker. Berserk- word of Thunder Mistress …Dinah goes mad; New Threat Looms with Words… “Your Move”; Ding-Dong Agent Amanda Waller is calling. Tess…in good charms with Rhapsody Girls Z!; Abduction threatens all Kandorians; Rhapsody girls make a rescue & crack down the abductions. Solar Tower near completion, Whoops! Boom! Offline, dear Solar Tower!” Part 3

Pearl: *Voice-over* Last time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! the aftermath of the incident that came across Chloe was that she was in the hospital. she however wasn’t hurt. just a little frostbite and a bit of sleep deprivation. that’s all there was. but what cut the calm and good news short was that a scene broke out and it wasn’t a fight. but a emotional outbreak and dramatic. the part that got us all into the mystery of what happened to Pemberton was the Girl named Courtney Whitmore. She was claiming that she knew the deceased Pemberton. knew him. She was a high school student too. she went to Blue Valley high. but then we girls are no better since we are also in high school. she was clearly missing school and yet… so were we. We were always being called out and made to spring into action.  On the same day another hero got the execution notice and was murdered. Wesley Dodds  another hero of old. But before Paige, Dinah and i got into it… we were with Oliver and we were getting our new upgrades and guess What? WE’VE GOT WINGS! The Rhapsody Girls Z! Are finally and officially Airborne. We also got new Outfits and new Power Buckles… even powerful weapons that can also combine to become the Rhapsody Warhead. Oh yeah… that is a new one for us. Plus we were instructed to test it out and the power that came from it. Amazing… i would usually say it was pretty, but strong powers like these are nothing to feel fuzzy over. these new powers were stronger. Much Stronger. Sadly our enjoyment and fun thrills with the newest upgrade was limited at best and didn’t get to enjoy all the reeling benefits, we were sent on a case to find a lead or two on the death of two heroes of old. Clark and Chloe and even Trixie went right over to check out the old files in the archives of the Daily Planet. She was into it…we find out that it was all revolving the secret group called the J.S.A. someone was killing them off like the first day of hunting season. it was found that there was a lead to finding out about Sylvester. A man named Carter Hall. He was on the contact list of Pemberton’s. Paige, Dinah and i went to see if he knew anything… he wouldn’t say. either out of reluctant reaction or distrust. but when we mentioned about the deaths and mentioned to him that we knew that he had gotten called from Pemberton… he responded with the line that he knew but he didn’t answer the call. He was still under the guise of not hearing from Either Pemberton or Dodds in years. he wasn’t the only one there… there was also a man who was broken… with a broken mind and happened to be yet another hero too. but at first didn’t look like it. later… we find out that the one that was after them was someone called the Icicle. someone who was after them for putting dear old dad in traction back in the day. The mystery got even more shocking when it came known that Sylvester Pemberton knew us. He knew us girls and he knew our family. He even knew our friends too. He knew us all. it was also a Twist in the situation for the fact was that if he knew… then Courtney also knew about us. She wasn’t the only one… The man who we saw earlier to be broken down and seen as incapacitated… he turned out to be the Hero known as Dr. Fate. Dr. Fate knew us. knew our hero names. Carter was next to accept being the hero again. he became Hawkman again. later… a fight amongst heroes was about to ensue but it luckily was stopped. Betty and Angel our sisters came up and were fortunate to defuse it. Oliver and Carter were gonna go at it if it wasn’t stopped. minutes later… Meeting of heroes began… well sort of… we all had to talk it out but we all knew what our common goal was. It was to stop the one called The Icicle… and figure out as to who let him off his leash. And now… here’s CHAPTER 60: “THE INFILTRATION OF CYBER-TECHNICS; THE RHAPSODY GIRLS Z! TAKE A LIFE OR EXPOSE THE ACTIVITY OF PIDGE STROKER. BERSERK IS THE WORD OF THUNDER MISTRESS …DINAH GOES MAD; NEW THREAT LOOMS WITH THE WORDS… “YOUR MOVE”; DING-DONG AGENT AMANDA WALLER IS CALLING. TESS…BACK IN GOOD CHARMS WITH THE RHAPSODY GIRLS Z!; ABDUCTION COMES TO THREATEN ALL THAT IS KANDORIAN; RHAPSODY GIRLS…RHAPSODY GIRLS MAKE A RESCUE AND CRACK DOWN THE ABDUCTIONS. SOLAR TOWER NEAR COMPLETION…WHOOPS! BOOM… OFFLINE DEAR SOLAR TOWER!” PART 3

At the Metropolis general…

Psych Ward…

Icicle:  *Opening the door and walking into the room holding his father; Closing the door and walking over to his father* What Hawkman and those Justice society fools done to you was an injustice, Father. They pressed hard and took you away from me… took my only family that i had left away. reduced you to this state. but it’s just begun… i have only begun to strip them of their family… ending them for what they’ve done to you.

Still at the Brownstone…

Carter: This situation is our responsibility. The people who were murdered were our teammates… our valued friends. Once we find the Icicle and take care of him we’ll fade back away.

Pearl: No… Hawkman. Fading away isn’t the right answer. you are out in the open… don’t fade away.

Carter: *Looking at Pearl* Sorry, Kid. it’s just how it’s got to be… we have been hiding from the authorities and keeping out of the eye of the public. we find that the public don’t want us. So why break where we’re obviously not welcomed.

Dinah: *Shooting with an outburst; unable to believe Carter’s demeanor*  So… you’re gonna turn into a little bird and hide? Just because the authorities tried to nail you back in the day… it doesn’t mean to toss in the towel. You’re heroes. Heroes don’t hide under intimidation. they stand their ground. Even if you hide back again… you think it’ll change anything or make it better. It won’t.

Paige: *Looking at everyone* Look. we might not have all the experience on how times have changed and what they once were… once upon a time. But there is one thing that we do know… it’s that we don’t cower under a cloak of fear when things get us down… we take a moment to reflect and swallow our pity and shame and save it for later and go out there and do what we are meant to do. Heroes have the heaviest of Burdens… the heavy hearts too… The Rhapsody Girls… such as myself and my sisters Pearl and Dinah… we wake up every morning believing it to be a normal morning… but we in our minds know that it never can be… When we were 11… we were normal… as normal as a casual civilian. we didn’t have to worry much about threats and having to put the whole world’s burden on our shoulders… But when we were hit with a white beam of light. that came from the sky all from a freak accident. we were touched and gifted with a reward. but with a heavy heart and a humongous responsibility. We had to face threats that you may never have heard of… We are girls Teens. but we are heroes. Our Mom was the Original Hero Angelic Raven. Till she passed it on to someone who would be the new Angelic Raven. Heroes don’t get the luxury of a normal life. they may try to be normal and assume a normal identity. to attain some sort of normal life, but deep down… they know that their Destiny is higher and greater than anyone else’s.

Carter: All we want is Justice… to avenge our fallen friends.

Prince Alvin: Then put that ironed Ego on the shelf and allow for us to help.

Oliver: *Questioning Carter’s motives* Justice… from the stuff that we read about you guys… it makes it rather blurry when it comes to Justice, Don’t you think?

Courtney: *Scoffs in shock* You mean… what you’ve read.

Oliver: *Looking at Courtney* Do you even know who the hell it is that you’re working with here? These guys have criminal records longer than that pretty ole’ staff you’re holding on to.

Prince Avery: *Teleporting in* That seems to be in good faith to say… some people here are seen to be guilty as the dirty deeds committed behind closed doors.

Courtney: They made those tales up. None are true.

Carter: It’s none of their business as whether it was made up or not. It’s nothing that they would understand.

John Jones: With all due respect, we’re making it our business. when i had the power to leave Earth… i chose not to. for one reason… Hope. Hope for the future. As we can all see… Humanities capacity for Violence is tenaciously great… but their capacity for hope… is far greater than anything i have ever encountered.

Betty: and you still have powers… otherwise… you wouldn’t have been able to levitate and hover on air and look into my room one night.  I have not said anything about it till now. i kept it hidden till now. but given the moment that we’re now involved in… it’s the right time to let it out.

Clark: There’s a killer on the loose out there…

Prince Alvin: Someone with an Icy craving for skewering heroes like shish-Kabobs on the outback. As long as you guys know something… you can consider us part of the line-up. we’re not going anywhere.

Carter: *Looking at the Rhapsody Girls, Clark, Oliver, Prince Alvin, Prince Avery* The Justice Society of America was cleaning up the streets before you new generation… And Rhapsody crew were in diapers. We have tried our best to stay out of the public eye… we figured that if we were to do what we did and keep it a secret… it’d be okay, but as it came to our attention… we were proven wrong… a government task force somehow got wind of our extracurricular activities. They wanted us all to work for them. They wanted us to unmask.

Clark: And you said no.

Paige: What happened…

Dinah: What did you do?

Carter: Well… with the demands that they were driving at us… we didn’t like what they were offering us and felt that it could be a lure… to expose us. We refused to play ball, so since we wouldn’t follow suit and were being stubborn in their eyes against what they were demanding; The task force decided to initiate hard ball. They went after us hard. One by one, they gradually uncovered our identities… revealed who we were. They had us arrested… and institutionalized. forced us to believe that we were not heroes and that we were crazy. They forced us out of the skies and off the streets. We were ripped away from our families… while trying to protect them.

Doctor Fate: Back then the society believed that if you were a hero… you were a freak and were not permitted to be amongst the common civilians. You either had to play by the rules that the public wanted… or you were to be put behind bars and institutionalized.

Clark: Then why didn’t you fight back?

Doctor Fate: We did.

Carter: We fought back for as long as we could. *Sighs* for as long As I could. The only thing was that they saw me as their leader. but in truth… I wasn’t the leader that they thought I was. I made too many mistakes.

Clark: I’ve made mistakes, but I haven’t quit.

Paige: we 3 girls have also made mistakes too. we had to take a person’s life. a life that we felt was a threat to us. one that our family had a long history with. we thought about quitting because the remorse and the anguish was becoming too much for us… but we couldn’t go through with quitting. we knew that we were too far in and there was no way back.

Carter: Haven’t quit? You haven’t even started. Not as a team, anyway. Not like a true team.

Clark: You’re making this too personal.

Pearl: Way too personal, Carter. it’s not like that at all.

Carter: That is our strength, not our weakness.

Courtney: *shocked by Carter’s reaction* Carter, please. There’s over a dozen members of the Justice Society who are still out there. Jay, Ted, Alan. If we don’t team up and stop The Icicle, he’ll be sure to go after them next. He’ll take them out next.

Clark: It’s obvious that you after all these years still care a lot about this team.  If you didn’t, you would not have bothered to keep watch over all of this. for so long.

Carter: Count on This to be a temporary alliance.

John: Do you have any idea where we can find Icicle?

Chloe: I’ve got one or two. Unless this is costumes only. Which if it is… something tells me that i’m gonna need to find a costume that will be most suitable.

Carter: Who’s this — your secretary?

Prince Alvin: She’s known to be our eyes and ears.

Paige: She’s our Intellectual watchdog.

Chloe: There’s a couple possibilities where Icicle might show next. Security cameras have picked up his presence and had caught him at the hospital, visiting his father sometime last night — target one. And if he is clearly anything like his father, he’s gonna need to replenish his abilities with some liquid nitrogen — That’s target two.

John: Do you know where the nearest nitrogen depot is?

Chloe: No, but I can find it, John. I just need to look at their computer. Do you by chance have one?

Chloe hears a elevator Bell and looks to see an old computer… a bit dusty and a small monitor and small keyboard.  She grinned and couldn’t help but shake her head in disbelief…

Paige: I think that it’s time to let out our transformation…

Oliver: *Nodding at the Rhapsody Girls* Paige, Pearl…Dinah… Suit up. Time to get with business…

Courtney: What? You mean they have a transformation and change forms? i don’t think that i caught that part. But i think that we better go on the roof. there is probably not enough room for the transformations.

The Roof of the Brownstone….

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing* The Love and beating heart of Bliss, the Winged angel of Romance… Miss Love… with the powers of Love and sweet eternal hearts…the souls and presence of Evil will be silenced by the embrace of Love’s Might!

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evill will be washed with grace and light!

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lighttning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing* The Thunderous Flight of justice… The sparking charge of the Rhapsody Girls Thunder Mistress… By the hands of Thunder and Lightning, The presence of Evil will feel the Thunderic fury of The Rhapsody Girls!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

At the Daily Planet…

Tess was making an attempt to hijack the package that was on Lois’s desk earlier… and she was about to leave when suddenly she turned and saw a lone chess piece… a White Queen chess Piece. ???

At Watchtower…

Courtney took a look around and saw a swarm of computer Screens. all over the place. She looked out the window suddenly and saw that they were high up in the sky.  The View was breathtaking…

Courtney: *Amazed* Wow. So, this is where you guys operate and get your data and save the world?

Chloe: More or less. Mostly less.

Courtney: *Chuckles* And I guess it’s everything you could ever ask for to fight the good fight, right? But it seems to be missing something. Where are all the pictures… or, you know, a place to sit down and eat and hang out? Sylvester used to always tell me that the JSA’s Brownstone was like a second home for all the heroes. a place to go and hang out on the side of preparing to go out to save the day and do their heroic duties.  I mean, they’d even spend holidays there like Thanksgivings with their spouses and kids. It was completely like a family.

Chloe: Really?

Courtney: Yeah. I mean, it was a family.

Chloe: *Sitting down by the computers and looking at Courtney* How Exactly did you get yourself involved or in ties to the Justice Society?

Courtney:  *Sitting down* Well, my, um, stepfather, pat… He was Sylvester Pemberton’s sidekick years ago back in the old day when there was a simple fine line of how’d say… Right and wrong.. They were The Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy.

Chloe: *Pauses in shock; looking at Courtney with a Puzzled expression* Stripesy?

Courtney: *Chuckles* It was considered to be like the worst Code-name ever. I had happened to luckily come across Sylvester’s old equipment, and… well, at first, I thought about what it would be like to wear the equipment so out of curiousness and because i wanted to see how it’d look on me… I put it on, you know, just to annoy Pat which at first… that’s what i was doing; just to see what he’d do or how he’d act about it. But… *Smiles and feeling excited thinking about being a hero* I don’t know. The first time that I had ever really saved someone…

Chloe: You were hooked.

Courtney: *Laughs a little* Yeah. Line and sinker.

Chloe: Yeah. *Chuckles* So, you’re not actually related to any of them?

Courtney: *Standing up* Well… no but… The thing is that family is not all about Blood alone. It’s about people you care about and are pleased to have in your life. ones that you’d like to have in your life. Watching people doesn’t literally mean or should i say make them a part of your life. it just makes them associates and casual people that come and go. *Looking at Chloe* I Mean… i don’t know…  maybe your team would operate much better if you weren’t only joining in when there was trouble rearing it’s dark head… and if you made it a little more “home, sweet home” and a little less nuclear war room. The computers are nice to have… but it’s almost like a secret hideout for when there’s an attack. making it seem as though we’re always under enemy fire.

Man: *On Screen* Incoming communication from Oliver Queen and Pearl Rhapsody.

Chloe: *Putting Oliver on screen* What’s the news?

Oliver: I have heard my Wingman Cawing!

Pearl: *Speaking out* We’ve been waiting for a sign of the Icicle… but i don’t think that he’s biting for the lure. Did you put the call into the Snow armed weirdo?

Chloe: Well I rerouted the call through to the hospital’s APB wire and left a message that said that his father has just taken a turn for the worst. If Icicle is checking in as often as he has been, we should be able to spot him at Met Gen and hopefully stop him in his tracks.

Oliver: Thanks.

Call ends on top of the Metropolis General… Leaving Oliver, Carter and Pearl to keep a look out.

Oliver: God, I hate the idea of waiting.

Carter: But you sure love talking.

Oliver: Shut up.

Hawkman Lands…

Pearl: *Landing* Why not you both just stop the fussing? We got a case or a recon mission to worry about… namely going after the Victor freeze Wannabe Icicle.

Oliver: Why did they have to team Hawk feathers and me as a pair?

Carter: I asked them to… so I could keep your impulses in line.

Pearl: Come on, you two… cut it out… we’re supposed to be working together. bickering like little kids isn’t what i’d consider to be working in a peaceful manner. You two don’t like each other much… but if you two don’t stop Squabbling… our art of secrecy will be blown.

Oliver: *Looking at Hawkman* What are you again — my chaperone? My Chaperone with wings.

Carter: Just think of me as your parole officer but with a mace. But get out of line and i’ll whack you back into line.

Oliver: Well, I don’t know what that is supposed to mean. But if you want to know what i think about this whole thing… i think that this whole thing is just nothing more than full of bad news. Care to know as to why?  ‘Cause no one’s been able to answer “why.”

Carter: Why what, Green Punching Bag?

Pearl: *Groans* Will you two knock it off? Come on… you two are heroes… but right now you are both being a couple of big babies. Now for sweet peace sake… Place the Mute Button. Please. You two fighting is starting to upset me and make me want to cry. Stop it.

Oliver: Well think about it… Now the guy we’re going after is obviously either the father and or the son… however the Father is out of commission and is literally brain dead. now it’s up to the Frosty son… to avenge his father. Frosty’s Kid is going after you for putting dear old dad in traction back in the day, Am i right? But to be more understanding of this… why is he coming after you guys now… why now? It’s been like what…. decades since you guys had put the guy’s dear old dad in traction?

Carter: Because revenge is a dish best served cold.

Pearl: *Busting up Laughing suddenly* Hahahahahaha! A Dish best served cold… now that is a good line. i like that… A riot. *Trying to contain herself* Come on… let’s get back to keeping a look out for the Icicle

Oliver: We’re telling jokes now?

Carter: Right.

At the Brownstone… Clark was with Doctor fate, He stayed behind with Doctor Fate as the others were all paired off and split at different spots in search for the Icicle…

Clark: *Walking into the other room with Doctor Fate* I don’t understand… Why exactly did you ask me to stay behind? What is it we need to talk about?

Doctor Fate: *Looking ahead and walking beside Clark* The hope for tomorrow that your alien friend spoke of — you are that hope. I have seen it.

Clark: And yet… this is Because you see the future?

Doctor Fate: *Looking down* Correct… I see everyone’s fate… but my own. Sometimes that scares me.  *Lifting his head up and looking at Clark again* But when I see the future of someone such as yourself, I believe in tomorrow again.

Clark: When you saw my fate, what exactly was it that you saw?

Doctor Fate: You will lead this generation as Hawkman had once led ours.

Clark: You sound just like a group I met from the future. They have hinted at my destiny, but they were just as vague as you are.

Doctor Fate: Then allow for me to be specific. Although Lex Luthor is your ultimate opponent, you will triumph over him.

Clark: Lex? Lex is dead. He was defeated…

Doctor Fate: And when you show yourself to the world, it will be a different age than ours, Clark — a silver age of heroism that will start when they look up into the sky at you with hope for tomorrow. You will help everyone embrace it.

Suddenly a knock on the door is heard…

Lois: *Knocking on the door* Hello? …. Hello?!

Clark: *Recognizing the Voice* Lois? What is she doing here? She should not be in the middle of this. she has no involvement in this…

Doctor Fate: She is the key. *Throwing a symbol of fate at the door*

Clark Speeds away before he can be seen by Lois… The door then opened and Lois walked in to the Museum taking a look around…

Lois: Hello? Hello?! *Sighs* Careful, Lois. be very careful. This is usually the fated part where the doomed girl runs into the whacked Psycho with the hockey mask. Me. *Seeing a man with a helmet on his head* Aah! *Walking around* What the… Uh… okay, okay what is this — reverse Halloween? *Complimenting on the Helmet* Nice helmet.

Doctor Fate: *Nods* Thank you.

Lois: I was kinda looking for a man named Carter Hall. Do you know if he’s here?

Doctor Fate: He’s not here.

Lois: *Sighs* Apparently, he was part of a group of masked mystery men who actually were railroaded out of business, taken off the streets back in the day. I’m guessing you by the looks of it were said to be one of them.

Doctor Fate: I see your fate, Lois Lane. You are the one he will need. He is the one you will need.

Lois: What? are you feeling okay? What do you mean… by that? Who are you talking about?

Doctor Fate: The savior… the one who will lead us all… the sentient power.

Lois: *Gasps as the door closes on her and she is back outside* *Sighs* I wonder if he happens to do great horoscopes. he could be good at telling someone their future.

unfortunately at a place called the castle… the headquarters of the government Agency Checkmate…

Inside the hall leading to a holding room a woman who was known as the White Queen walked her way over to the room… she was aiming to get a progress report on what the operative that she bailed from the Juvey had done… The woman was a government Agent… Her name was… Agent Amanda Waller AKA The White Queen. Door opens to a room containing the Villain… Icicle. Amanda Waller walked into the room to make another greeting to the Icicle who was plotting to go after another JSA member. a JSA member named Kent Nelson…

Amanda: *Walking into the room and seeing Icicle* You’re rather taking this little assignment a bit too personally.

Icicle: *Annoyed* That’s because it is personal, Waller. It’s always gonna be personal. You should have known that from the beginning when you enlisted me to pertain to doing your vile dirty work.

Amanda: It’s Agent Waller to you… and on your remark… i am well aware of how you feel about the assignment.

Icicle: *Sighs* Hawkman and the Justice Society left my father brain-dead. and what’s worse is that they got new recruits… 3 girls… siding on their cause to try and nail me for killing two of their own.

Amanda: And your mother died in childbirth died from hypothermia. She froze right from the inside out because you contently have inherited your father’s frosty touch. Really now…who exactly would you place the blame on for the death of your dearly departed mother?

Icicle: *Firing Ice around Waller’s Neck and inflicting frostbite on her* Don’t you dare think about trying to twist me around, Waller. Maybe you pulled me out of juvie, but the only reason I agreed to go on these ludicrous and tedious missions of yours was to in fact get a shot at the Justice Society.

Amanda: *Sighs* I grew up in Chicago, Icicle. The cold doesn’t bother me. i am quite immune to it… So if… you’re hoping to give me a taste of your frosty touch… you might want to spare it and save your breath. I don’t scare or intimidate easily.

Icicle: I have killed everyone you had asked me to — people that I didn’t even know. Maybe they had families. Maybe they didn’t deserve to die. But hell… insta-facto… I did it anyway. I’d say that i clearly did you a favor.

Amanda: Let’s be crystal-clear here, Icicle. No one’s doing anyone a favor. This is nothing more other than business.

Icicle: *Growling in anger* They took my FATHER! If it wasn’t for them, I would not have all this blood on my hands. This is personal to me…Either you accept it or you can find yourself another flunkie to do your dirty work and clean up your foul mess.

Amanda: You’re right. This job should have been finished many years ago. It’s been nothing but a black murky mark on Checkmate’s strategy board.

Icicle: Then let me finish it. Let me nail the Justice Society…

Back at the Daily planet…

Clark was on the phone with Chloe on an update on the location of the Icicle. but he barely got off the phone when he suddenly saw Tess inside the room…

Clark: *Looking at Tess* I see that you’ve got something that doesn’t belong to you… i will give you a choice… you can either give those to me or i can take them from you. Your choice. you better choose now…

Tess: *making like she’s toying with Clark* Oh goodie… how lucky for me. Although due to our past encounters… it’s probably more than wise for me to keep my distance away from the sandbox. you don’t appear to want to share the playing field with me.

Clark: Are we suspicious much?

Tess: something tells me that you’re perfect for each other.

Clark: You should be smart enough to leave now… you clearly were a lot smarter when you were about to leave.

Tess: *Looking back at Clark before leaving the room* You know… i am in good graces with the Rhapsody girls again… and i wouldn’t want to tarnish and ruin that again… So i will just leave with this as a penny for your thoughts. I had always thought it would be rather hard for you — you know, being boyfriend-girlfriend with someone who is clearly so nosy. Maybe it’s with truth that you are not the only one who is harboring a secret.

Clark: Exactly what is it that you know about this? Is there something that you’re not telling me? If you are also trying to move in with the good side of the girls… you’re fooling only yourself… they may have accepted you again in their lives… but it will not be long before they catch but a birds eye shot of what your intentions really are. you’ll be distrusted again by them.

Tess: Of course not. what would i know about it other than the fact that you’re with a girlfriend who is clearly in way way over her head.

A Moment later…

Lois: *Walking over to her desk and spotting Clark; smiles* Clark Kent. And to stop and think that I was actually looking extravagantly forward to a breakfast with the Daily Planet’s most well seen and mysterious but yet a mild-mannered no-show. Late night?

Clark: *Smirks* You might say that… i was just working on another article to pass the time but imagine my surprise to learn that you were working on some kind of murder case. A case about two people being murdered and there being a Elusive team out there like the JSA.

Lois: Maybe… but you should know that it’s not just one case. it’s not one case it’s more than one… it’s a series stack of Cases. Plural. a stack of Cases And I’ve got my hands on a case full of very classified intel — double super-classified. The heavier it gets… the more juice you will expect to come from it. it’s locked secrets are deeply mysterious.

Clark however got up and followed Lois as she was looking upon the files and the cases that were deemed highly classified…  he was highly intrigued and wanted to know what Lois had found out…

Clark: Mind if I were to take a look at them?

Lois:  that would be great… *Grins* however you and i would have proved to be a wonderful team… like Woodward and Bernstein… Abbot and Costello… Laurel and Hardy. But shameful on your part though… you already decided to go it solo today, so I just figured to follow your lead and follow suit.

Clark: *Apologizing for his absence* I’m sorry that I was out, Lois, but maybe I can assist you with it.

Lois:  *Impressed and appreciative* That is thoughtful of you to even offer, Clark. But… *Sighs* Sadly… you already missed the gravy train on the news exclusive express.

Clark: *Curious while walking behind Lois* If it’s so double super-classified, how did you get on the case, Lois?

Lois: I was handpicked by an anonymous source. The two people that were murdered happened to have had long running criminal records, as long as the Kentucky Derby…. but here’s the juicer of it all.  it’s been all fabricated and made up. it was nothing more than a rag sheet. Clark, they were vigilantes like The Blur. Part of an underground group of honest-to-goodness wholesomely righteous spandex-sporting superheroes. I met one of them to be quite surprised…  He was wearing a gold-plated helmet and axe, which to be rather frank towards that… it actually looked pretty good.

Clark: And that’s all you know?

Lois: No. *Chuckles* i wish it were to end there… but it gets even more elusive and more meaty.  Their leader — a man named Carter Hall — almost killed one of their enemies… someone named The Icicle. He now… had a son, and now get this…  here’s the weird thing. They both have special powers… both ice powers, and mysteriously he was plucked from juvie by someone who clearly is noticed as a very high up ranking official. Sealed records. Now, I’m not supposed to know this… but there were obviously other bad guys that these underground heroes have fought; went toe-to-toe with and every single one of them was released from prison secretly. They and all their seedy little records, M.I.A.

Clark: *Looking at the cases briefly* So… Someone’s collecting them.

Lois: Thank you, Clark. i truly appreciate the help on getting a lead…

unfortunately… at the Nitrogen Depot…

John Jones and Doctor fate were seen investigating and looking for signs of the Icicle… they spoke and at the same time kept their eyes open and their ears active for any signs of movement and for any trace of the Icicle…

Doctor Fate: I’m interested in you John. You are not a human, but yet you are forced to be.

John Jones: I used to have powers like Clark…

Doctor Fate: But you sacrificed them to save Clark Kent. You happen to see what I see in Clark Kent but you are able to do it without the aid of the helmet of Nabu. Its magic reveals the fates of people who come around me. I look into the window of the future and bear witness to what might be. But eventually, it had proved to be too much… I had seen too much. Before your people were destroyed, did you have a wife, John?

John Jones: And a daughter. Megan.

Doctor Fate: You miss your family… as do I.

Dinah: *Flying in and meeting up with Dr. Fate and John* Hey… Doc. Det. Jones. *With her shades on* Any sign of Frost head?

Doctor Fate: No.

John Jones: there is no sign of the suspect. but that’s why we’re here… to make sure and check. *Looking to see Dinah alone* Where’re your sisters Paige and Pearl?

Dinah: Pearl is with Hawkman and Green Arrow. Paige is with Chloe and Star girl. i came to see if you guys had any luck with locating or spotting the Icy freakazoid Icicle. I tried looking around the area where Star girl had a encounter with the Icicle and found just a group of partying slum inhabitants. nothing to point evidence of the Icicle rearing his chilly presence.

Doctor Fate: your assistance is morally accommodating, Thunder Mistress. I know your fate… You are destined to be fighting alone.  but you fight along side your sisters out of loyalty and love.

Dinah: Well, of course i do. i may fight with them and argue with them… but my sisters know that we’re tight and close… no matter wha– *Seeing something through her video surveillance on her shades* Uh… incoming… we got company and i don’t think it’s a friendly bystander…

Doctor Fate: *Seeing an injured civilian* we’re too late. He’s already been here…  *Sensing Danger being imminent* It is not your fate to die this day, Martian…  Your Purpose on Earth is not done… Far from over. *Quickly shoves John and releasing a symbol of fate*

Seconds later…

Doctor Fate was skewered and had a ice spike pierce through him. It was the Icicle… he was in the room with them and with Doctor Fate dead… Kent Nelson was dead… and John Jones was out cold… he was given back his powers which he never lost. As Betty had mentioned earlier in the day… John still had his powers… but how could he regain what he never lost? unless he had powers but was only revitalized by Doctor Fate’s Power… the Helmet lied there alone… and the Icicle only looked at him with saying as he skewered Doctor Fate…

Icicle: You’ve been out of the game way too long, Doc. Your powers are rusty. You’re seriously way out of practice. Oh! Your heyday…  …Is over.  But as for me… I’m still in my prime. and still set to fire. *Snickers*

Dinah: You wanna bet? *Looking at Icicle* You killed a hero… you killed him…  and are asking for a fight. I got news for you… You just got one. *Flying at Icicle and Landing Punches and Kicks at him* Let’s see you escape my fury… The Fury of Thunder Mistress. Come on… let’s see what you got.

Icicle: *Throwing Ice at Dinah* Hush, little one… you are hot. it’s time you cooled down.

Dinah: You can just choke on your own ice… try some of my Thunderic fury! *With her Thunder Glove; Gathering power of the Storms of Lightning; Launching an attack at Icicle* RAGING THUNDERIC STORM!!!

Icicle: *Grabbing the helmet of Nabu and taking the hit from the Thunder attack* Curse you. You will pay for it. that is a promise. *Taking off*

Dinah: *Seeing John Jones Knocked out cold; Sighs as she flies over to him and moves to pick him up* Come on Det. Jones… let’s get you put for an observation. we need to get you looked at. *Picking Jones up and flying off Carrying him over to the hospital* Detective… no offense on this… but you definitely need to lose a few pounds. you’re heavy. Oy! *Flying fast over to the hospital*

A Moment later by the Observation room of the metropolis Gen…

Courtney: *in Mourning*

Paige: This is not fair… The Icicle has taken another hero. that make the loss to 3. We need to stop the Icicle… he spreads hate. Killing off the innocent. Courtney… what do you think we ought to do?

Courtney: i don’t know, Paige. i don’t know. but with Doctor fate gone… next will be either Hawkman or the other remaining members of the JSA. Ted, Allan, Jay.

Paige: we’re gonna need to outsmart him… somehow. But now that i think about it… Dinah kept asking about who had let the Icicle off his leash… Now… it couldn’t be the authorities. They’d never allow for a mass killer to be let loose. and from what we heard was that the Icicle was locked up in Juvey before he was secretly let out. i’m thinking that it had to be someone with a high influence. Supposedly from the government. a government agency perhaps?

Courtney: That’s not possible. Why would the government release a villain from the Juvey?

Paige: the mystery behind that is very dark. I sense that if the Government had let him out… then who else has the Government let out? And are they dangerous as the Icicle?


Clark: *Walking over* Courtney, i’m deeply sorry about Doctor Fate.

Courtney: I know… i am also sorry about the loss. When Hawkman heard of Doctor Fate’s death… he flew off and Green Arrow as well as Bubble Maiden went after him. But i could have sworn i heard Bubble Maiden Crying. She took it really hard. i think that she liked him. saw him as a favorite.

Clark: And John?

Courtney: This Doctor named Emil and a Nurse named Julie Rhapsody… had him sent to a secured room. inside there…

A few minutes later…

Julie: *Looking at Emil outside of the secured room* What do you think is going on with him? I never seen this before.

Emil: i wish i knew. but i am as lost as you… all we can do is wait and see what happens.

Clark: *Walking over to Emil* Emil, What do you think?

Emil: *Looking at Clark* Well… John seems to be undergoing some sort of self trans… an incubation of some sort. but the end result from that… is very uncertain. i don’t know.

Julie: His readings and vitals are very strange to me… i never seen this before.

Beeping then starts sounding off…

Emil: Excuse me. *walking off with Julie*

the Beeping suddenly stopped…

Paige: *Sighs*

While Courtney, Clark and Paige were watching over John Jones…

Courtney: There is a part of me that truly wishes Hawkman would find Icicle first. He’d do what I wouldn’t. I know that it’s wrong to think that way.

Clark: It is wrong Courtney. Killing another person is wrong.  When the 3 girls took the life of their Ex-Professor. that was wrong. no matter how you look at it… it is wrong.

Paige: *Looking at Clark* You know, My sisters and i feel guilty about it enough already Clark. You don’t need to rub it in. You really think that my sisters and i enjoyed and felt happy to have done such a thing?

Clark: Maybe so… but you 3 took a life. and the only way to get you 3 to not make the same mistake is to remind you. hopefully to make you understand that there are other ways to take care of a threat.

Paige: *Snaps in outrage and disgust at Clark* You know what Clark? you want to take the easy way out… by all means… but Heroes have to sometimes make a heavy decision. that sometimes concludes with taking a life. *Annoyed* you really think that a hero such as i or my sisters… or any other hero enjoy doing an act of murder. or take a life? *Barking* Newsflash: Not all heroes are like you. we all do what we have to do. sometimes we have no choice. my sisters and i were only in this since we were 11. and we had to defeat a Drule. yeah… we extinguished him. but he was bent on galactic Conquest. Beryl defeated herself and we had take care of Metaria. extinguishing her. Either you can accept that fact that heroes have a heavy responsibility or you can start to watch us 3 girls leave the team. *Growls in anger over having a mistake being constantly thrown at her and her sisters* I am getting sick of you judging my sisters and me over one mistake. it only happened a few days ago. but you are rubbing it in our faces and i for one have had it. *Sighs*

Courtney: Sylvester said that. The JSA has always managed to have done the right thing. And in the end, when everything started to go wrong and just got turned upside down, Hawkman began crossing the distinct line separating Right from wrong so many times that the line that was there just disappeared altogether.

Clark: Then it’s up to you to make it right. You’re the next generation. You wouldn’t make the same mistake that the 3 girls have done.

Courtney: *Chuckles* Sylvester said that, too. You know what… you happen to be a lot like him.

Paige: Clark. I swear if you don’t shut up about what my sisters and i have done… i will fire at you. team be cursed on that.

Clark: No. Paige. It’s not open for debate. Killing people is wrong period. when he was threatening your family… you could have had Chloe ask me. I would have been happy to send Stroker to the Phantom Zone. He would still be alive… but he wouldn’t be able to come near your family again. But you 3 instead took his life. as far as i’m concerned… It will be a long time before i can ever trust you 3 again. Heroes don’t kill. that’s the end of it. *Looking at Courtney* When this is all over, don’t let the torch that he had kept burning — the one that he had literally passed on to you — go out. Keep his legacy alive, and you keep him alive by doing what he would have done… the right thing.

Paige: Clark, You are being a total Jerk. making like you can do no wrong. you may have powers that are not of this world… but if you think that my sisters and i are putting up with any more of your guilt trip… you have a total screw loose.  *Huffs while walking away*

Clark: *Speeding in front of Paige* Paige… i see how you are upset. but you need to stop and live with your mistake. sweeping it under the rug is like covering it up. it is not right. you know that? It isn’t right to cover it up. You 3 girls are in need of understanding that if a cop saw that you did something as in take a life and murdering someone… it would be worse. you’d be put in jail. What do you think that it’d do to your family, your sisters? You’re their leader. they wouldn’t be able to go on without you…

At the Daily Planet, Lois was in the old archive room looking through the files of the the members of the JSA. She was going through a box on the table inside the one closet in the Archive room when suddenly a Lady came by and looked in… It was Amanda Waller…

Amanda: *Looking at Lois going through a box* Those are considered to be classified.

Lois: *Jumps and turns to see Amanda Waller* Ah! You really shouldn’t sneak up on me like that… for a minute… i was under the idea that i was about to get Mangled by an angry cougar hungry for it’s next feast. *Pauses and looking at the box* I was actually wondering as to how these boxes got here.

Amanda: *stepping a couple steps into the walk in closet* They were left for you, Miss Lane.

Lois: Who are you?

Amanda: If I’m about to give you an Exclusive story that will make a splash for the front page of the Daily Planet… does it really matter?

Lois: Okay, then. You got me convinced. But the Journalist in me can’t help but ask as to why it is that you’d choose me?

Amanda: It’s because I’ve done some reading of your work. You are told as being someone who succeeds to pull out more skeletons out of closets than the organization I work for distinctively have hidden and under the pretty rug. You don’t hide from the truth. you embrace the truth. And the truth will set you free, Miss Lane.

Lois: Okay… and Your point about that is?

Amanda: *Tossing a Cell to Lois before leaving* I’ll be in touch.

However at the Psyche Ward of the Metropolis Gen…

The Icicle was in the room seeing his father for one last time… he was with the helmet of Nabu and had the thing he needed to finish off the Justice Society. He with regret went and turned off the ventilators and yanked the wires to the machines that his father was connected to and one last time… Kissed his father’s forehead.

Icicle: Goodbye father.

The Helmet was whispering and was speaking out. seconds later The Icicle slipped on the helmet and within seconds as he placed the helmet on his head… the helmet imbued him with it’s power. The Icicle shrieked in pain while he turned into Doc. Icicle… a Evil man with the magic of seeing the fate of those around him. of course he was with Evil intent.

At the Brownstone Oliver and Carter were discussing what could be done about the Icicle. However Pearl was in tears and as she thought about the loss, She drove herself to tears. She was growing up and maturing and trying to accept that death was part of life… even though it still hurt to endure. Pearl was the baby of the Rhapsody girls as everyone knew. She didn’t always understand that death happens and is normal when it’s a person’s time to go. but she still saw it as sad and heart breaking. it made her wonder about her mortality and as she started to think about that, it scared her… She didn’t like the thought that even she had a mortality. it was one moment in her life that she began to desire the luxury of living forever. She feared death. She was only 15 and yet feared death and feared that it was never receding. Oliver didn’t show much feeling over it, but it was obvious that he was in mourning over the loss. he was sorry that it happened and that another one of their own was taken out of the Equation…

Pearl: *Crying* Doctor Fate is gone… Icicle killed him. It’s not fair.

Carter: *Handing Pearl a Handkerchief* Come on now, Kid. Stop your Sniveling. It’s gonna be okay. We’ll stop that Icicle. It’s just an unfortunate loss. Try to cheer up. It’s gonna be alright.

Pearl: *Taking the handkerchief* I’ll try to cheer up. It’s just so sad to deal with a loss. What are we gonna do? *Blowing her nose* … *Wiping away her tears* How do we stop the Icicle?

Oliver: I couldn’t begin to wonder how we’ll stop him. we definitely need to go back and regroup. it would be our best offense when going against Icicle Jr.

Carter: You go on ahead and head on back to Sherwood, Robin Hood. I’ll turn The Icicle into Crushed Ice myself.

Oliver: You know, it’s not what happened to you that destroyed this team, is it? *Referring to the owner of the cracked helmet* It’s what happened to her. Right? Hawkgirl? Who was she Exactly — your partner? Your sidekick?

Carter: My wife.

Pearl: *Looking at the picture on the wall* That must be the lady friend that is next to you in the picture. She looks beautiful.

Oliver: *Pauses* You were married?

Carter: Hard to believe is it, Green Jeans?  You’re thinking about it, you’re thinking… What would someone like me know anything about love? Well, I only know how it ends. But it always ends the same way in every one of my lives, past and present.

Oliver: Past lives?

Pearl: Past Life? I remember that term. almost a year ago… my sisters and i had to deal with a doomed romance set to fail and the past life doomed to repeat over and over again.

Carter: *Telling his tale* Shayera and I were born over 1,000 years ago. We were both cursed by one of our enemies. Shayera and i were both Destined to fall in love, To live once again… once more only to watch each other die again… and again. Time after time… lifetime after lifetime. Dying the same way. *Scraping his knives* the sooner that this life is over, the sooner that I’ll get to see my wife again.

Pearl: *Sympathetic* Awwww! You poor guy. You miss her terribly, don’t you Carter?

Carter: I do miss her Pearl. but there is nothing i can do to rid of the curse. it was cast on me and my wife a 1,000 years ago. the enemy that did the curse is long gone now. the curse will always remain.

Pearl: I sure hope that my boyfriend Peter and i don’t wind up facing the same sad fate. It would be too heart breaking.

Carter: I don’t think that the same fate will come to you, Kid. you’re young and there are no personal enemies that are in the shadows seeking vengeance upon you. you’ll be okay. Just don’t hide your feelings from the one you love. don’t hide the feelings of how important to you the person you love is. All you’ll get out from doing so is eternal heartache and loneliness.

Oliver: I wish that i could offer comfort of some kind to ease your wallowing heart there, Parakeet. However I’m afraid that i never had a connection like that. At least, not one that lasted.

Carter: *To Oliver* Because you hide it.

Oliver: Hide what?

Carter: You don’t want anyone to know how important they are to you, so you act like a jackass. I however do know a thing about what it’s like to feel as though the only thing left to do with your life is to just cast it away and disregard it.

Oliver: But you didn’t do that, did you? You kept hoping and stuck right around for Doctor Fate. staying around for him.

Carter: * Sighs* He needed my help.

Oliver: He did. He has needed your help. But now there is a young girl who is out there and she’s counting on you. The rest of your Justice Society is out there. So why don’t you do yourself a favor and take the death wish;  shelf it? *Looking at the weapon and trying to hold it up* Thing’s heavier than it looks.

Carter: You get used to it. it took me time to get used to the heaviness of the weapon when i first used it.

Pearl: Kind of like my first weapon… the Bubble Rod. it was really heavy at first when i first become a hero… it felt as though i’d wind up toppling over just by trying to hold on to it.

Carter: It takes special strength. but again… it takes time to get used to…

A Moment later…

At Watchtower…

Oliver: You know, you really need to work on your landings.

Pearl: Don’t worry Professor. it’ll be better as you get used to it.  Flight is not exactly my second calling… but it is pretty cool. i just hope that i don’t get mistaken as an actual bird. unless it was a falcon. they’re scary… but can also by rather cute.

Carter: It would have been a lot smoother if you hadn’t thrown up.

Oliver: Send me your dry-cleaning bill.

Carter: Send me your dinner bill.

Chloe: How’s John?

Clark: There’s not much more they can do for him.

Oliver: Then I guess we’ll just have to wait.

Carter: No… No more waiting. No more pairing off. We should have stuck together from the beginning. if we had… Doctor Fate would not have been killed.

Dinah: I agree with Hawkman. Hawkman is dead right. we fight as one… together.

Paige: *Nods* Hawkman… You lead. we’ll follow.

Oliver: Girls… are you forgetting about our lady in waiting… our birds eye in the sky? she can locate the frosty snow maniac and we can stop his sorry hide cold.

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting with his brothers*

Betty: It’s go time… *Sensing danger* Everyone… Arm yourselves… Danger is near.

Seconds later with a flash of light…

The Icicle came in and posed trouble…

Icicle: guess who? *Firing an ice rope at Chloe and moving to choke her with the Ice*

Icicle: *Coughing* Your fate is now in my hands. Or I guess I ought to be saying, it’s now on my head.

Paige: Not a Chance, Icicle… You are not welcomed here. *Looking at her sisters* Rhapsody Girls… ATTACK!

Pearl: *With Dinah* Right!

Miss Love: *With her Heart Guitar; Jamming and Launching an attack at Icicle* Love’s Rhapsody!

Bubble Maiden: *With her Bubble Microphone; Singing from her heart and Launching an attack at Icicle* Bubbling SYMPHONY!

Thunder Mistress: *With her Thunder Glove; Gathering power of the Storms of Lightning; Launching an attack at Icicle* RAGING THUNDERIC STORM!!!

Angelic Raven: *Launching an attack at Icicle* HEAVEN’S THUNDER!

Angelic Darkhand: *Launching an attack at Icicle* Darkened FEROCIOUS SMASH!

Flaming Soul: *Launching an attack at Icicle* Flaming INFERNO PUNCH!

Water Lord: *Launching an attack at Icicle* Watery Abyss!

Plasma-Core: *Launching an attack at Icicle* Plasma BURN!

Electric Rage: *Launching an attack at Icicle* Electric CHARGE!

Green Arrow: *Firing an Arrow at Icicle*

Star girl: *Firing the Light rod at Icicle*

Hawkman: *Leaping and Swinging the Mace at Icicle*

Clark: *Firing his heat vision at Icicle*

Icicle: *releasing a blast Knocking the heroes back*

Bubble Maiden:*Smacking against the side of the table* Ouch! *Getting up* That meanie… I’m gonna get him. *Standing up to Icicle* Icicle… You are mean… and i don’t like you… You hurt my friends. killed Doctor Fate. You took a life… and now i am gonna let you know something… You’re gonna wish that you never met someone like me. *With her Bubble Microphone; Singing from her heart and Glowing* “Hop a fast train out of town
Downside up and upside down
Going fast is going slow
What could’ve been, we’ll never know
In this place that has no name
I can’t remember why I came
Then I hear you whisper low
One more mile to Jericho
Nothing is ever what it seems
When you live inside your dreams

The walls will tumble
The walls will tumble
But I’m not gonna cry
My heart won’t crumble
My heart won’t crumble
If we ever say goodbye

Everybody gets the joke
Where’s the fire?
Where’s the smoke?
Money, love and jealousy
Something’s got a hold of me
But I will follow where you go
One more mile to Jericho

The walls will tumble
The walls will tumble
But I’m not gonna cry
My heart won’t crumble
My heart won’t crumble
If we ever say goodbye

Goodbye now

One more mile
One more kiss
One more word
One more wish 

And love will save us
This I know
From this place called Jericho

The walls will tumble
The walls will tumble
But I’m not gonna cry
My heart won’t crumble
My heart won’t crumble
If we ever say goodbye

The walls will tumble
The walls will tumble
But I’m not gonna cry
My heart won’t crumble
My heart won’t crumble

If we ever say goodbye (x5)
Goodbye…” *Launching an attack at Icicle* Bubbling SYMPHONY!

Star Girl: *Getting up and Shaking off the dust* Wow! that was painful! *Looking at her Glow rod on the ground and reaching to pick it up*

Icicle: *Taking the hit coming from Bubble Maiden* Argh! *Firing an Ice Shot at  Star girl*

The move was blocked and absorbed into thin air… A second later a surprise attack came in…

Icicle: *Seeing the Martian Manhunter; With his head tilted and pointing at the Martian* I could have sworn that i killed you off. disposed of you. How exactly are you still alive

Martian Manhunter: *Walking in* I’m the Martian Manhunter… Mars’ sole survivor. *Revealing his power* There’s a known reason for that.

Icicle: *Firing at the Martian Manhunter*

Martian Manhunter: *Turning into a shadow and having the attack go through him*

A second later everyone got back up and prepared to launch an all out attack at Icicle…

Miss Love: Icicle…  My name is Love… and you’re the spreader of hate… I got to tell you one thing… and this is what will shock you… Love and happiness is stronger than hate and Evil combined. *With her Heart Guitar; Jamming; Singing* “Oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh

How come we feel so alone
An endless road we’re so used to travel
But in the rearview mirror
Things get clearer
We start to know when it’s too late
Let go and make your own fate

And just dance like nobody’s watching
Close your eyes, roll the dice, let go for a moment
And just dance like nobody’s watching
Make everyday count, get up when you’re down
And just dance, come on and just dance

So long we lived beneath the vail
So afraid to make a wrong turn
But in the rearview mirror
Things get clearer
We start to know when it’s too late
Why be good when we can be great

And just dance like nobody’s watching
Close your eyes, roll the dice, let go for a moment
And just dance like nobody’s watching
Make everyday count, get up when you’re down
And just dance, come on and just dance

Oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh oooh
oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh

And just dance like nobody’s watching
Close your eyes, roll the dice, let go for a moment
And just dance like nobody’s watching
Make everyday count, get up when you’re down
And just dance, come on and just dance

Woah, come on and just dance
Come on and just dance”  *Launching an attack at Icicle* Love’s Rhapsody!

Bubble Maiden: I Am Bubble Maiden and my Bubbly heart is of light. serenity and Grace… Icicle… You are about to feel the Bubbles of light coming right at you. How much do you feel? Full force, You got it! *With her Bubble Microphone; Singing from her heart* I’m willing to try this
But maybe you’re not (Maybe you’re not)
Maybe we’ll like it
Let’s give it a shot

But let’s throw ourselves in
And get soaking wet
Don’t just slip our toes in
Not yet

Don’t tell me that you’re kind of into me
‘Cause I just wanna be, wanna be, wanna be

I need to feel it, to know that you mean it
From the bottom of your soul
Let me know that I’m adored
It’s not enough for you simply to say it
Instead of telling me words and let me know
That your positively mine and
I’m positively yours for sure (For sure)
From the bottom of your heart
Let me know that I’m adored

I’m willing to show you
The thoughts in my mind (My mind)
I’m willing to cut loose
The ropes that I tied

So tell me you’re ready
To dig in the dirt
To show me the places
Where you haven’t heared

Don’t tell me that you’re kind of into me
‘Cause I just wanna be, wanna beeeee

I need to feel it, to know that you mean it
From the bottom of your soul
Let me know that I’m adored (Adored)
It’s not enough for you simply to say it
Instead of telling me words and let me know
That your positively mine and
I’m positively yours for sure (For sure)
From the bottom of your heart
Let me know that I’m adored

What’s the point that suddenly your less
(from the bottom of my heart)
What more wanna win and not for second best
(from the bottom of my heart)

So shattered my heart don’t matter now
because I wanna fall
for my own sickness don’t matter if I break
you’re gonna be adored, by me

Don’t tell me that you’re kind of into me
‘Cause I just wanna be, wanna be, wanna be….

I need to feel it, to know that you mean it
From the bottom of your soul
Let me know that I’m adored (Adored)
It’s not enough for you simply to say it
Instead of telling me words and let me know
That your positively mine and
I’m positively yours for sure (For sure)
From the bottom of your heart
Let me know that I’m adored

From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart
Cause”  *Launching an attack at Icicle* Bubbling SYMPHONY!

Thunder Mistress: You know, You are pretty pathetic. You can only shoot Ice at us and you have to kill heroes in order to get the attention… You need to be shocked back down a few pegs. i am about to give you my Fury. Thunder Mistress sends you her regards. This is from me… all for you! *With her Thunder Glove; Gathering power of the Storms of Lightning; Launching an attack at Icicle* RAGING THUNDERIC STORM!!!

Angelic Raven: You are spewing unrighteous tongue… it sickens me to no end for the idea that you enjoy harming the innocent. Love from the Lord and the Almighty father of heaven… My name is Angelic Raven and i want you to know… that it’s time to face Judgement from the lord. this is his Thunder that i send to you… All for you. Feel his Fury! *Launching an attack at Icicle* HEAVEN’S THUNDER!

Angelic Darkhand: Angelic Darkhand’s embrace of dark power… it will strip you of your evilness. You are with Evil and i shall produce the innocent an even playing field. Get ready for a new #. *Launching an attack at Icicle* Darkened FEROCIOUS SMASH!

Flaming Soul: fire is my element. And the Fire is the element of Rage. My family is everything to me. i want you to feel the pain of all the hurt you have caused. *Launching an attack at Icicle* Flaming INFERNO PUNCH!

Water Lord: Water is of grace and it’s with wisdom… but for you… it will mean a washout… you are about to find out my power is more wiser than yours.  *Launching an attack at Icicle* AQUATIC FLOOD!

Plasma-Core: Feel the burn and welding pain of my Plasma and Acid. this is gonna hurt. *Launching an attack at Icicle* Scorching PLASMA!

Electric Rage: The Electricity is strong in me… i feel it. And Now so shall you.  *Launching an attack at Icicle* Electric Seismic KNOCK-OUT!

Green Arrow: *Firing an Arrow at Icicle*

Star girl: *Grabbing her Light Rod and leaping; Doing an Aerial spin and Firing the Light rod at Icicle*

Hawkman: *Leaping and Swinging the Mace at Icicle*

Clark: *Firing his heat vision at Icicle*

Icicle: *Taking the Hits and knocked down onto the ground* …. *Looking up to see Hawkman Glaring at him*

Hawkman: *with his shades down covering his eyes; Swinging his Mace and landing an uppercut swing at Icicle with the Mace Knocking the Helmet of Nabu off Icicle and into the air*

Icicle: No! Aah! *Out cold*

Hawkman: *Catching the Helmet*

Clark: I’m sorry about your friend.

Dinah: so are we… he was a nice guy.

Carter: I too am sorry.

A moment later when the battle was over… The 3 girls and Clark met at the Brownstone to see Carter Hall one last time before they parted ways for the time being…

The Brownstone…

Carter: *Putting his mask back on display* Well… good bye for now fellow Hawk.  *Looking to see Clark and the Rhapsody Girls* You 3 girls are rather unique. i got to hand it to you. i am impressed with what it was that i saw you do. Paige, You and Pearl sang which strengthened your attack.

Paige: Yeah. we sang right from our heart too. something that we felt coming from us.

Pearl: *Wondering* did the others notice?

Courtney: Yeah. *Walking in* We saw it. I actually was dancing in my mind just listening to it. You 2 have very amazing voices.

Dinah: Am i chop Liver here? i didn’t sing… but i was there and let loose on the Icicle.

Carter: We know. Dinah. we know you were. that thunder power had great force to it. You know… you 3 girls should enlist into the JSA. You 3 would be perfect. really cut out for the duty.

Clark: I have doubts. But They are proven to be that determined.

Carter: You’re not like the others, are you, Clark? Kids that happen to be all in it for the thrills or do it solely because they have a burden upon their shoulder? You don’t do this for glory or vengeance.

Clark: I don’t. The 3 girls do. i have seen them take a life. And the heroic code dictates that heroes never kill. Killing someone would only make the hero no better than the evil forces that they go against.

Carter: Well your team is better than i originally thought. I have to admit that Green Arrow has great aim too. *Looking up with a prideful cheerful grin*

Clark: *Chuckles* We’re not a team… not like yours at least.

Carter: Why’s that? why are you saying that it won’t be like ours? is it because of you?

Paige: We better go… i can tell that no matter what we do… Clark will keep throwing our mistake right in our faces. Girls… Let’s get out of here. we are not gonna stick around for this.

Pearl: Right. Clark is by far a total Jerk. Clark… Tell Chloe that we’re leaving the team. and if she asks why… You can tell her that you’re to blame for it.

Dinah: All we’ve done was try to do what we thought was right. it was probably a bad move. and we shouldn’t have take Stroker’s life. it was a bad call… i guess. But it was ours to make. not yours. For a Kryptonian… you are surely the most ignorant and dumbest person there is. you can’t even understand why we did what we did. hell you probably don’t even know the whole history that our family had with him. No matter. we’re gone. *Marching off*

Clark: See? What i tell you Carter? Babies and Immature at that. they don’t understand that killing is wrong.

Carter: *Sighs* Clark, You have to trust them.

Clark: I do. and i would trust the girls. but after what they’ve done sometime ago… i don’t know if i can.

Carter: You have stronger Values than i do about what a hero should not do. ones that i used to have but no longer do. i had to cross the fine line one time too many and the line vanished all together. But you have to keep in mind that they’re people also. The 3 girls may have made a mistake… but they are willing to do the honorable thing. that is to learn from the mistake and be better than that.  Heroes like them will make mistakes. we all have made them a time or another. The thing or trick is that we have to keep trying. never giving up. Isn’t that what you said earlier before?

Clark: Yeah. it was what i said.

Courtney: *Looking at the 3 girls* You 3 girls did take a life from someone… but you are sorry. that is all that matters. Clark ought to know about that. It’s not easy to be having the mistake thrown at you… but you should not let it get to you. Clark is also hard on himself too. As Chloe has told me when her and i were at the Watchtower. she told me that Clark blames himself for all that is going on in Metropolis and what happened in Smallville. The two meteor Showers he blames himself for. He holds the largest burden.

Paige: *Stops and looking at Courtney* That part we didn’t figure. but then again… He wasn’t a Teen like us who one day was as normal as can be and then the next had to be heroes along with a huge Burden that a 11 year old should not have had. We were normal 11 year old girls. but now we have to worry about the rest of the world. Putting our lives on the line. Clark is too damn moronic to understand that we 3 had to dispose of that guy. we had to. if it were his family getting threatened… he would have done the same thing as we had done and… *Hurt* I don’t want to even hear his sob excuse that he could have sent the person to some Zone. that just is the wimpy way out. He knows it. Stroker was human… not some Alien like Clark is. He had human feelings and once was a honest guy but then turned mean and went rogue.

Pearl: Courtney, you’re nice. a lot nicer than Clark is. we trust you more.

Dinah: We notice that you’re a high schooler. like we are. You should transfer to our school. That way when there is trouble… you are closer to the action and not so far away.

Courtney: *Smiles* Oh… i am sure that i’ll be around. Carter will never want to let me go. But transferring to your high school will be pretty cool.

Carter: *Looking at Clark* You know, I had never learned to fly till after my Kingdom was attacked and seized from me. It was only at that time that i had realized what was most important was not the throne. It was my people… …My wife. You have the capacity to break away the fated chains that are constricting you and keeping you clipped, Clark. And when you do, the Future that Doctor Fate had wisely envisioned will indeed come to pass. You will soar higher and wider than any one of us.

Clark: What about you, Carter? You planning to keep your wings all locked up?

Carter: No. No i’m not. I am gonna do one better. i’m gonna put people under them. That’s what i should do. and i will.

Clark: Chloe helped Courtney and I locate the remaining members of the JSA, their children, and their protégés. I happen to believe that the coming generation could in fact stand to learn a thing or two from… from those of us that were around before and done it all before.

Courtney: I think that some of us already had. *Chuckles*

Carter: Courtney. I believe that with all things said and not laid out and thoroughly exposed… it looks like the Justice Society lives again.

Courtney: So, what Exactly do you truly call or consider your team, Anyway?

Clark: A work in progress.

Dinah: Clark, You don’t respect us… but we’re part of the team. whether you like it or not. And just for the record… Kryptonian or not… you hurt my sisters emotionally and i learn of it… You and i will have a brawl. My sisters and i fight but we make-up for it. But if you hurt them… just be sure to steer clear of me.  okay?

Clark: I can run faster and i have heat Vision. You think that you can get at me… go ahead.

Dinah: *Glares* I am warning you, Clark. This is the last warning. back off of my sisters or me or i promise you, we will knock you down. Powers or not. You want to be part of the heroic team of the new generation… you better learn a little more about tact. You hurt my sisters again… i will expose you as an Alien and you will wish to god that you never met me. Understood? BACK OFF! *Shoves Clark back*

Prince Richie: *Walking in and looking at the group* I hope that i am in the right place…

The 3 girls then turn and catch sight of their Cousin…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Looking to see Prince Richie* Prince Richie?

Pearl: What is going on? What are you doing here, Prince Richie? how did you get here?

Prince Richie: I just walked. Plus… I can’t seem to find my mom anywhere. She left for the store about maybe a few hours ago and hasn’t returned. I don’t know where she could be.

Paige: *Shocked* You’re kidding? Aunt Princess Charlene is missing? How so? Why would she be missing?

Pearl: Maybe we should go and look for her.

Dinah: Are you sure she’s missing? When was the last time you saw her?

Prince Richie: Not sure. but i know that i saw her around the Early evening hours. She said something about going to the store to get some food. our house was getting bare and got to the point where all we had was Potato soup and bread. And for breakfast. just a small bowl of Oatmeal. that was it. But she hasn’t come back since and i know mom… She would only spend under an hour and or an hour there at the most. no more than that. *Hearing whispering* What was that? Mom was kidnapped? *Pauses* Who the heck said that?

Paige: *Hearing whispers filling the air* I hear it too.

Within seconds Carter came over and saw the helmet of Nabu Floating into the air and levitating towards Prince Richie. It was a very Mysterious and yet most reeling. Pearl stood and watched as the helmet came to him…

Pearl: The Helmet of Nabu… it’s going to our cousin Prince Richie. *Gasps* Wait! Does that mean that it chose him and he’s gonna become the next Doctor Fate?

Prince Richie: *Confused* Huh?! are you sure you are saying that right? The h-h-h-helmet of N-n-n-n-n-nabu is coming to me and has chosen me to be the next… Doctor Fate? *Looking at his cousins* Paige? Pearl? Dinah? What is this place exactly? What the heck is going on here? huh?

Paige: Well… Prince Richie. Don’t freak out… but this place is the Brownstone and the home of the JSA. The man you see in here nearby the artifacts and helmet is Carter Hall. He is Hawkman. *Looking at Courtney* The blonde teen over by the one set of artifacts is Courtney Whitmore. She’s a High school student. but she’s also the protege of Sylvester Pemberton. She’s Star Girl. And the one that the Helmet originally went to was a man named Kent Nelson. but Dr. Kent Nelson got killed by a Villain that is known as the Icicle.

Dinah: And what really strikes my hide is that… the Frosty Kook was idiotic and a Psycho who got his kicks from killing heroes. i still believe that someone high up must have released him from the Juvey… or something. Someone with a very shady agenda.

Clark: Shady? I don’t think so.

Paige: and how do you know Clark? you are too into being taking the easy way out that you won’t do what’s necessary even though the end result leads to remorse and regret. and that is a sure sign of being human.

The Helmet of Nabu seconds later landed in Prince Richie’s hands and whispered to him… It was reaching out to him. The Helmet whispered…

Prince Richie: *Listening* the Helmet is speaking… it speaks… Uncle King John gifted… Sparks his spark in the presence of 4 girls. 4 girls. sisters to the 4 brothers… Tamaranian sisters take flight. they fly. they soar high and accelerate. Does Aquatic Burn feel the Rage… i believe so… i do.

Pearl: Prince Richie is sounding really spacey… I think this is what we saw in Kent Nelson. He did the same thing…

Dinah: *Realizing* Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. i remember that the first time we saw him… he was looking as though he was pretty… sick. but it was only a episode.

Paige: Well… *Looking at the time* We better go before it gets too late. But first go and find where Aunt Princess Charlene went.

Prince Richie: *Looking at the Helmet* I don’t know what kind of magic or skills you have. but if you’re about to show me things… do a favor and don’t whisper so loud. i do have sensitive ears and they do take a bit of time to quit ringing once they start to chime. *Sighs* Fate is so dreadful when it’s unknown. never knowing where it will take you.  *Feeling the Helmet pull him and surround his head* Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

A Minute later…

Prince Richie/Doctor Fate: I have returned again, My friends.

Paige: Whoa! Doctor Fate. He’s returned. Girls… Our Cousin is the new Doctor Fate.

Carter: Your cousin is Lucky. The Helmet of Nabu is very picky. But he heard the whispers and was deemed worthy for the power.

Dinah: What will we tell Aunt Princess Charlene? She’s gonna be wondering what is going on. She’s gonna be asking a series of questions and we’re gonna have to find a way to best answer her when she asks…

The next Evening…

At the Watchtower…

Chloe was just preparing to shut down for the night to unwind when suddenly she heard footsteps and only turned to see John Jones in the room. it was the night after the in tower attack done by the Icicle and She was barely done picking the place up from the mess as she suddenly saw John standing there. She stopped and smiled…

Chloe: *Chuckles* Well say now…  If it isn’t my favorite Green man from Mars.  Looks like you’re feeling Jubilant over the grand return of your powers.

John Jones: *Nods and Smiles* It is true. i am feeling jubilant over the return of my powers that in truth never really lost. just had them dormant for a time after saving Clark’s life that time in a place called Black creek. But the powers being revitalized came back At a cost. Doctor Fate’s final act before he met a terrible unnecessary end was to restore my Martian abilities instead of ensuring his very survival.

Chloe: *Curious* What about the helmet? What do you suppose is said to happen to it now? What will it’s fate be now?

John Jones:  *Walking to the side and then back* It’s funny that you should ask that… it seems that the 3 girls known as the Rhapsody Girls Z! have a Cousin… A Prince Richie. According to Hawkman, their Cousin came into the Brownstone and came looking for his mother… their Aunt Princess Charlene who is a hero of our own… But from what he described… the Legendary Helmet of Nabu whispered and flew over to their Cousin and chose him to be the new Doctor Fate. It Accepted him and Hawkman deemed for their cousin to command of the Helmet.

Chloe: What about you, John? What’s the next move for you?

John Jones: I would believe that during my time as a detective has allowed me to protect humans and serve the Public on a caring and of course on a very personal and individual level. I have seen to that; that i done a public service that i’ve inherently enjoyed. So I will ensure to continue to protect the Innocent and serve the Community… the City; by *Showing off his weapons*  using every tool I’ve got.

Chloe: Me too.

John Jones: Doctor Fate was inundated with a constant flow of visions, insight and of course information. although there is a limit as to how much Knowledge one can possess. It pushed to the very edge of sanity and he regretfully fell off the edge. I don’t need telekinesis or the Psychic Twinkle to understand and there by seeing as though you run that same risk yourself.

Chloe: John… don’t tell me that you buy into that stuff… a lot of things are quite possible. Maybe a few tricks being made reality… possibly a grand stand for some celebrity Maybe even seeing Plaid getting revisionized and put back into trend. but for a golden helmet to be compared to Watchtower… not very likely. A golden helmet possessed by some ancient spirits and the Watchtower are most certainly two entirely different things. I do think that i can handle it.

John Jones: *Placing a hand on Chloe’s shoulder* Chloe, I only say this because i care. You, Clark, Oliver and the 3 girls and their family…  You guys are my family here… i wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Door opens and Oliver walks in… So do the 3 girls and their Cousins.

Oliver: Hey… Anyone home? What’s up?

Paige: *Smiles* Hey Chloe, We Just came by to see what is going on. Pearl, Dinah and i just came from a long day at school. We had tests and they were really long. School went a couple hours over than it usually would.

Dinah: *A Little worn from School* The School is beginning to crack down on our extracurricular mojo and are trying to clip our wings. I think that the Hero stuff is asking for a dial down.

Pearl: *Nervous and not feeling good about the idea of being wingless* I don’t think that my wings will look good being popped. Remember the last time we got chained from going out to save the day?

Paige: Yeah… our skills became so slow that it took a 4 hour pep-talk to boost our morale.

Dinah: *Making a remark* Ladies and Gentlemen… My sisters the Rhapsody Clowns.

Chloe: Nothing, actually. And don’t be so blue there Girls… we have ways to get around that…. I think.

Oliver: *Chuckles* I was coming by to see if anyone was hungry.

John Jones: I could use some dinner. I haven’t really eaten much all day and i feel as if i had to go moments more without something filling… i might get rather queasy.

Oliver: Chloe?

Chloe: Uh, sure. You’re buying, Mr. Queen.

Oliver: Well… of course… i am the one doing the taking a crew to dinner part. How about you girls?

Paige: Sure. we could be in use for some Dinner. Besides our mom is out on another Rendezvous with her boyfriend Bart. I don’t know what she sees in him… i mean that he does look cute and like a swell gentleman caller for our mom. But the last boyfriend she mentioned that she had was so flaky… i don’t know whether if she wanted to laugh or cry.

Pearl: She mentioned that this guy had wings. or a weird looking Disposition. the guy was really corny.

Dinah: Plus the night’s Menu for dinner tonight is not very appealing. *Feeling creeped out by the mention of dinner at the house* Hungarian Stew. She found the recipe and the picture looked really creepy. we told her that we’d been invited to dinner by a school friend tonight. Just so we wouldn’t hurt her feelings. She found the recipe and we didn’t want to just come out and say we hated it. it’d hurt her feelings. and over the last couple days… *Feeling Disgusted over bringing up a supposed to be Dead subject* there’s been enough of that going around to serve two quotas.  Namely Clark and his constant rubbing in our faces our one mistake. his attitude about how Killing is wrong to do. How would he know? He don’t know about our family and their history with the Guy Stroker. *Feeling a bit of Outrage* But i can swear that if Clark keeps it up and doesn’t learn to back off our cases over it… Thunder Mistress and The Blur will be going at it at a Brawl near us… and it won’t be with the Lovely padding. it’ll be the brass knuckles.

Oliver: Clark and i might not see eye to eye on a lot of things… but If he is rubbing it in like that… he might be with a good reason… Whatever that is these days with him.

Prince Alvin: Well…there is not a good reason for how he is treating the girls. it’s mean. and if he doesn’t shape up… his Kryptonian butt is gonna get kicked every which way from Doomsday.

Prince Arnold: I don’t know about that… But i think that going out to dinner is a good idea. our mom recently came back and she’s fixing something called a Throknar. Which what she’d call a Crown of meat. A Tamaranian delicacy. We 4 boys don’t want to hurt her feelings over it so we told a white lie and said that we’d be at a School Function and be eating there. I really don’t like the idea of lying to her. but eating a whole crown of meat? That is just really fattening… and it’s just supposed to be protein and no more than that.

Prince Avery: Whatever the reason is…i think that to spare our mom the reaction of us not liking it… we’ll stick to the lie. just this once. it’s better that way. i don’t want to even think about what would happen if she knew that we lied and were trying to make it to where we didn’t have to eat that Crown of meat.

Prince Curtis: if she only knew… If she…. ONLY KNEW!

Paige: Let’s go and grab some Dinner.

John Jones: Don’t look at me. I’m living off a policeman’s salary. they don’t pay as much you’d think they would.

Oliver: Ah, fine. Dessert’s on you.

John Jones: On Mars, we never had anything like a dessert; but I must say that i have grown especially fond of cookies. Namely Oreo’s.

Pearl: I love Oreo Cookies. I even love the Double Stuffed Oreo’s and i even enjoy the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Swirl. Those are soothing and sweet. Although i love the Fudge cookies.

Prince Richie: Well… i’d go for anything.


at the Daily planet…

Clark was Reading over the news article that came in on the Newspaper done by Lois Lane… He was done by shock and felt off guard. he wanted to faint but instead… took it in and just read it as Lois came in with an accomplished grin.

Lois: *With a proud tone and feeling pleased with herself* Well i think that a burst of the applause wagon is in order, Dear old Bomber news man… Look at the article…  Front page, Clark. Front Page!

Clark: Hey, congratulations.

Lois: I got to say though that i find it to be rather hard to believe that a illustrious group of merrily old fashioned underdogs can be just swept right under the Sneaky rug like that.

Clark: Well on the one side of it all is that now… at least, thanks to you, Lois; the world now knows who these heroes really are and are liable to welcome them. Hopefully, we’ll be getting to see a lot more of them. More of them and Less of those 3 Girls. *Not pleased with the 3 girls* those 3 girls are so immature and don’t know how to take a hint that killing is wrong. it’s as though they just don’t care.

Lois: You know, the byline could have read, “Lois Lane and Clark Kent.” But it was your call to go on solo.  And Clark… *Scoffs* What the hell is your problem exactly with the Rhapsody Girls? They are heroes. So they did something wrong… Once. Just once. it doesn’t mean a thing if they are seen to be rather slow on the learning to not… You know. take a life. *Getting on Clark about his tone towards the girls* I happen to believe in them… you used to too.  *Standing up for the Rhapsody Girls* Paige, Pearl and Dinah are good girls. They have a Unique way of showing it. but they’re innocent. If i were you, i might want to watch what you say about them. You practically forget that our Companion Trixie Starshine Rhapsody is in fact related to them; talking in ill repute about them will stain her; hurt her. She and i are gonna be going to the Movies tonight. there’s a couple of real ringers playing and we’re seeing them in an hour.

Clark: *Agreeing* Next time. Maybe. We’ll grab at that big article next time. *Sighs* I hope that you two have a wonderful time tonight.  I suppose that you’re right on the 3 girls. I guess i should lay off on them. They’re not bad. i must have just been so worked up about the Kandorians and their shifty motives that i was seeing nothing but the bad; not the good. Major Zod isn’t to be trusted. *Worried* The girls trusting him is what’s getting me deeply worried. Worried indeed.

Lois: It’s not every day that you get an exclusive with a helmet head that can tell you your fate. Plus… i wouldn’t worry about the guy, Clark. He is just harmless. really. Plus the girls are doing right to trust him. maybe if enough time passes the guy’s true colors will pop out in front of the girls and they’ll see him for who he really is. Almost like how they’ll see Tess…….. Maybe.

Clark: *About Doctor Fate* So… he told you your fate? Huh?

Lois: Yeah. The guy with the Helmet was just babbling about how I’d be there for him and he’d be there for me. It just sounded like something you’d read in a Valentine’s card.

Clark: *Curious* Who’s the him? Would it be Anyone i’d know by chance?

Lois: I don’t know… i mean that It’s pretty darn ridiculous to even stoop to reciting the very line he used…. it is ridiculous. I-I quote, “savior/sentient power.”

Clark: Do you happen to believe in fate, Lois?

Lois: Only the kind that you can make happen, Clark. *Chuckles*

Trixie: *Walking in* Hey You two… i got a news clip ready for you to sink into.

Lois: *Turning to see Trixie* Hey there, Trixie. What’s all the commotion about a news story?

Trixie: You know about the one that got killed at the Nitrogen Depot yesterday?

Clark: Dr. Fate?

Trixie: Yeah… That was the name of the guy that got himself killed. but… *Looking at Clark* How did you know that, Clark?

Clark: *Hiding the fact that he knows about the heroes* Call it a reporter’s hunch.

Trixie: *Smirks with Intrigue* Huh! you know… you seem to have yourself a whole lot of them lately. any more wild hunches like that… you might be with a sort of psychic Twinkle. *Clearing her Throat* Anyway… there is word or a Rumor that there is indeed a new Doctor Fate in the city somewhere. someone who was accepted and granted the gift of the said powers of the Helmet that they call the “Helmet of Nabu”. Someone has it… and well… i read into it. I am at a shock for the whole idea. i can’t say it for sure. it’s not confirmed. but Lois… we’ll talk about it in the middle of our movie night and then fill Clark in on the juicy bits.

Lois: *Nods and agrees* You got it… but i of course want to at least involve Clark in it. *Sighs and scoffs with a look of disbelief* the story that i did… was supposed to be both Clark and me… *Looking towards Clark* but sir lone Ranger had a case of the secret Agent bug and decided it to be a shot of opportunity to play the valiant Lonewolf McCade and fly the solo Coop. Leaving me all on the lonesome ride of Newspaper fandom and left me to fend on my own.

Clark: Lois. i might be a little hurt over being left out of the light on it… but i am okay. You won the spot fair and square. Like i have said before. we’ll get it next time…

At The Castle… The head Quarters of Checkmate…

Icicle: Ugh! *Annoyed* Come on… What the hell is the meaning of this maltreatment? does anyone care to realize that i have been shoved around? I mean… Hello! I was already transferred to three different prisons before I got here today! I Haven’t eaten, I haven’t slept, and to more bad luck to the rotten news…Namely my Abduction… I’m burning up, damn it! Where is Waller. I want to speak to her…now! Come on in here…

The door to the holding room then opens and Amanda Waller was at the door. She walked into the room and came in to face the Icicle…

Icicle: *Grunts* The helmet. It — it has messed with my mind. It screwed me up all over. I’m being tormented by these visions… *Conflicted with the Visions* Visions about 3 girls… and a mother with this pink hair… Visions of these 4 boys. Curses!

Amanda: *Smirks* I’m well aware of the capabilities of Doctor Fate’s helmet of Nabu. i have heard enough about it to know what it does.

Icicle: *Persistent* Come on… Let me go right back out there after the Justice Society, Agent Waller. I am sure to guarantee that i can indeed finish what it was that I had started…  No… Rephrase that… Finish what it was that Checkmate started and didn’t finish. You know that i am with the will to still be able to get rid of the JSA. I Can take them all down single-handedly. I can even go after the 3 girls. the 4 boys also. I can do it.

Amanda: *not caving* But Icicle, you have knocked right on their door. You set out to lure them right on back into the game and into the public eye. In the guise of secret Agent embarking on his assigned mission. I’d say That’s mission accomplished, Icicle.

Icicle: *Scoffs* Ugh! What are you talking about? Are you trying to tell me that i was just sent out for a simple game of luring the JSA out of hiding? *Frustrated* What about the remaining members of the JSA? Or better yet those 3 girls? am i supposed to just stop and let them go? *Growling in outrage* Do i look like i am just some game to you? A Tool to use for Sport to do your clean up?

Amanda: That’s all I needed you to do. You’ve already done what i had released you out of Juvenile Hall to do.

Icicle: *Shooting off a disgusted outburst* What? So… this was just all a shady scam at my Expense.  You knew that you didn’t have the ability to do the kill and needed a superhuman or a sideshow freak to do it. *Questioning Amanda Waller* Why can’t you live with your action of turning me loose from the juvey? I took out two of them… no… 3 of them… i can take out more of them. For putting me through all this… you owe it to me. *Raising his voice* YOU OWE IT TO ME!!!

Amanda: *Taunting Icicle* You don’t have the talent to take a team like that out.

Icicle: Ugh!

Amanda: There’s an army of heroes growing out there in rank, Speed, Skill and power.  *Walking around in a circle and with her back turned; Suddenly Facing Icicle with a concerned expression and speaking with a proclaimed tone of concern* This generation of heroes and the heroes of the last are coming together and I am gonna need them if we hope to survive the devastation of the Apocalypse that’s coming this way. It is coming and we’re gonna need all of them together to survive it when it comes.

Icicle: *Choked up* Apocalypse? Are you Kidding me? You’re totally off your mark… This is not the position that i had Valiantly signed myself up for.

Amanda: Oh, but it is. It is exactly what you have signed up for. that and more.

Amanda Waller then cocked her gun and aimed it right at Icicle before she spewed out the last line… before Pulling the trigger and shooting Icicle in the face…

Amanda: Welcome to the Suicide Squad. Come on, then. Come at me, Icicle.

The gun goes off and shoots Icicle in the face. The Icicle was dead and as soon as she got out of the room and finally stepped into the hall… she was about to head to her office when suddenly she saw a Fellow Agent in the Hallway…

Amanda: *Surprised* Well… Agent Mercer. It’s surely been a rather long time since you’ve been here last. Welcome back to Checkmate.  *Walking up to Tess and heading off to her office with Tess* We most certainly have got ourselves a lot to catch up on…

Tess: That’s affirmative, Agent Waller. we do. Let’s talk.

To be continued…

*Showing recaps of chapter 60*

Miss Love: Misunderstandings and harping on the past is a shameful mess. It can cause the best of friends to quarrel and end up breaking off. destroying all the things that their friendship meant to one another. It can also lead to ruining marriages. Distrusting a person is the #1 cause for a Marriage to end. How can you love your better half if you can’t trust? When there is a problem with one another… you should talk it out… whether it be friend or your spouse. You should not let the misunderstanding grow into something worse. sit with your partner and discuss your problems. explaining your sides of the issue and not hiding it from each other even if it hurts while it’s said. it’s better that it comes from you and not someone else.  Sometimes when it gets too bad between you and your friend and or between you and your better half, you should both separate and spend a little time apart to vent and cool off. don’t speak with the other while you’re angry. it will make matters worse and cause you to say things you don’t mean. Don’t go through life arguing and having a fight with your best friend or with the one you love. Life’s too short. Miss Love says… *Giggles* see you again real soon!


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