Chapter 59: “Infiltration of Cyntechnics; Rhapsody Girls Z! Take a life or Expose activity of Pidge Stroker. Berserk- word of Thunder Mistress …Dinah goes mad; New Threat Looms with Words… “Your Move”; Ding-Dong Agent Amanda Waller is calling. Tess…in good charms with Rhapsody Girls Z!; Abduction threatens all Kandorians; Rhapsody girls make a rescue & crack down the abductions. Solar Tower near completion, Whoops! Boom! Offline, dear Solar Tower!” Part 2

Paige: *Voice-over* Last time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! An infiltration was initiated on the Luthorcorp Company building of Cyntechnics, to finally put to rest a slightly ongoing dilemma revolving the Ex-Professor and our family’s secret and unnerving history… but as for us 3 girls… we only caught the ending chapter of the history. and had to put it to rest. The Convicted man was then murdered and uttered the words…”My Blood is on your hands” it released a casual burst of anger… betrayal… remorse and regret. heartbreak was also a fraction and a unfortunate ingredient… Tess has also become on the good graces again with the family. To be announced if you ask me. she considered it to being our personal demon that we had to face. but we took a life which didn’t make us feel so pleased and so comfortable. What was worse from that was that Dinah found out that certain info was hidden or kept from her and before she could allow for an explanation to be thrown in.. she blew up in rage and fury… taking off in anger which lasted for 2 days and left us all in shambles… meanwhile as that was going on the Rhapsody brothers were at the underground party that was being thrown for the Seedy D.A and retrieved the Info pertaining to us girls and had it burned… Dinah was caught at the Talon by Lois and with a little talking and understanding… She realized that she had to come back and reconcile with us. it was a very emotional moment as we were all still picking up the pieces and the trying to find a way back from performing a murder. Taking a life was certainly not the best thing we had done… but it was gonna be far from over… we all knew that there will be a lot more killing to be had… sometimes to protect the world… one has to kill. but no matter what the reason as Clark would say… it doesn’t make it right. it doesn’t make it right. Life is life… however our surprise was about to come to a reality near us… for our Uncle King John Rhapsody gets reunited with his wife and our Aunt Queen Starfire. what’s more is that she brought with her 4 Girls who are now daughters of our Uncle and respected cousins… they too have powers… Amazing, but very sudden. 4 girls. Brenda Amelia Rhapsody. Angelica Emerald Spice Rhapsody. Helen Crystal Alicia Teresa Rhapsody and Helga Diamond Jennifer Pearl Rhapsody are their names… i wonder if we’ll get to meet them. when…though is another matter. and later… Chloe was on her way home for the night when she suddenly got met by a strange hero… a mysterious hero… one named Sylvester Pemberton. who made a mention that there were a group of heroes being formed… and also mentioned but as his dying words… “They came after us. It will only be a matter of time before they come after all of you.” and before he could utter who it was… he died… the name or clue was “Check…* it could only mean one thing… our team was about to get a hefty wake-up call and it was not gonna be subtle… Now… without a second to spare… here is Chapter 59:“The Infiltration of Cyber-Technics; The Rhapsody Girls Z! Take a life or Expose the activity of Pidge Stroker. Berserk is the word of Thunder Mistress …Dinah goes mad; New Threat Looms with the Words… “Your Move”; Ding-Dong Agent Amanda Waller is calling. Tess…Back in good charms with the Rhapsody Girls Z!; Abduction comes to threaten all that is Kandorian; Rhapsody girls…Rhapsody girls make a rescue and crack down the abductions. Solar Tower near completion…Whoops! Boom… Offline dear Solar Tower!” Part 2

The next morning…

Chloe was inside a hospital room being checked out after the alleged scene that she faced… just the previous night… although after she was done, she made a call to Clark who showed up only seconds later…

Clark: *Walking over to Chloe* Chloe… are you okay? I just got the call and jolted on over right away. What happened?

Chloe: Yeah Clark… i am okay. Just got myself some moderate frostbite and a little version of good ole’ sleep deprivation. Nothing that a cup of hot cocoa and a lovely needed nap wouldn’t fix. But the real question is, are you okay? I haven’t heard from you in like 3 days. not very common with you…

Clark: I can tell… we seemed to have been playing phone tag.

Chloe: Not quite. Phone tag i’m afraid happens to involve two people… I’ve been playing Phone Solitaire and it’s most definitely not as much fun…

Clark: I’m sorry that i haven’t called like i should have…. I’ve been meaning to call. However after having to cover up a trespass that the Rhapsody girls have done… i was just not amped to respond and face them. i kinda lost my temper a little and scared them.

Chloe: Clark, it’s okay. No apology is needed. Protecting the streets of Metropolis and chasing down Lois Lane is more than enough to juggle. Add to that you’re now leading the secret city Kandorians. On the whole Rhapsody girl front… i got them to commit the act. not by manipulation… but hard truth. Their family was being threatened, Clark. and the dilemma that they had to face turned out to be a 2 decade old issue. deeper than what we had to face on our front. much deeper.

Clark:  *Looking at Chloe* I’m only helping them find their place here. They’re trying to make Earth their home, like John Jones did when he got a job in the police department and became a detective. *Looking at Chloe; referring to the girls* as for the Rhapsody girls… It doesn’t matter. they should not take a life. that is a hard rule i go by. i don’t kill to save… my father Jor-el made the Phantom Zone. Stroker could have been taken there to live there for the rest of eternity. and that way… he’d still live. just not here in their domain. what they did was wrong. i never killed.  What you sent them to do was wrong. you should not have done it. all you had to do was call me to nab Pidge Stroker and open a portal to the Phantom Zone; sending him there to an eternal paradise or Eternal hell.

Chloe: So, what? You’re expecting the Kandorians to just become firemen and short-order cooks? The Kandorians won’t subject themselves to being low men on the glorified totem-pole.

Clark: They need to make their own lives here on earth. an honest and normal life of their own and then move on from there.  *Asking about the Victim* Who was he?

Chloe: *Walking out of the hospital room* His name was Sylvester Pemberton, but other than that, *Shrugs* I haven’t got a clue. i am profoundly lost on the name… *Dialing* But I’m gonna do something about that… i’m gonna go and get myself a clue on our Mysterious Sylvester Pemberton. *Walking over to the Orderly* Hi, again. I just want to make sure that you had all my contact info in case you needed something more.

Orderly: *Looking at the files and then at Chloe* Ohhhh…. I think I’m all set here, Miss Sullivan. Thank you though.

Up ahead there was a scene brewing…

Trixie: *Walking in* I’m here. i heard that there was a death or an attack. Any idea as to what the heck went on?

Chloe: *Looking at Trixie* No. the guy just came at me saying something about putting a team together… and then saying that: “They came after us… they’ll come after all of you too” He said something else… a name. Check— something.

Trixie: Check… Hmm… that would be rather mysterious. *Seeing a girl up ahead* Who is that? she’s not one of the locals here… she seems to be standing next to the body of the victim.

Chloe: It’s Sylvester Pemberton.

Trixie: Sylvester Pemberton…? i don’t think that i recognize the name… never heard of him.

Suddenly Trixie walked over to get a listen on what was going on…

Courtney: *Frantic* No! What do you mean?! *Emotional and devastated* He can’t be dead! D-don’T. *Sobbing; Walking down the hall; Sniffles while devastated over the death of Sylvester*

Trixie: *Looking at Courtney; speaking out to Courtney* Are you all right?

Courtney: *Sighs* My friend was just murdered. I knew him…  I’m sorry. I don’t know what i’m supposed to do. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing.

Trixie: *Being sympathetic* Do you want to sit down? or talk about it?

Courtney: *Catching sight of a press pass on Trixie*  What the heck is the matter with you people?

Trixie: *Confused* What do you mean by that? Us people? we haven’t done anything?

Courtney: *Disgusted and feeling outrage* The press. Haven’t you vultures done enough to Sylvester? you’ve been on him for years… you people are all the same… trying to get a sound byte and hopefully get a step closer to having us all locked up on trumped up charges again. You press ruined us back then… spreading lies that were beyond false.

Trixie: *Standing up and holding her ground* Look… i don’t know who you are… and i don’t know a thing about Sylvester… all i was trying to do was lend a hand to provide comfort. i also should remind you that I wasn’t looking for a quote. I —

Courtney: *Glaring* Just stay the hell away from me. You did enough damage towards my friend… you’re not gonna do anymore harm… and you’re not gonna get a quote from me. going after a minor for a sound byte is by far the lowest move for you press to attempt.

Chloe: *Confused* What was that drama about?

Trixie: She obviously has a nagging issue with any type of reporter. She’s friends with Sylvester Pemberton. said that she knew him…

Chloe: *Looking at Trixie* Pemberton said that he knew all about Watchtower. He wore some kind of weird uniform one of stars and stripes. He had a weapon that could control light. He unfortunately got killed by ice from a someone or something. You know what… I happen to be getting some serious Wall of Weird flashbacks here, Clark. I know that you have a lot of things pressing right now, but this clearly is a job for Clark Kent; fast reporter. His final phone call lasted about 30 minutes. It was with a guy by the name of Wesley Dodds. You need to go and check it out. And on the Rhapsody front… Cut them some slack, Clark. they did what they felt had to be done… as hard as it was for them to do… they understood that it had to be done. It’d be no different if it were the Kents who got attacked and someone had to be taken out. you would do anything you could to ensure their safety.

At King John’s house… The 4 now daughters of King John were growing accustomed to life on Earth after being on Tamaran for 15 years. It was a new surrounding for them and plus it was also gonna be hard for them for a little as they never had to deal with Earth customs. but they were also human… So the human half of them would make it fine on Earth… but the Tamaranian side would see it being a Struggle…

Brenda: *Walking over to her brothers with the girls* Hey, Brothers…

Angelica: What’s up?

Helen: We’re your sisters.

Helga: we can also fly.

Prince Alvin: Can you now? *Looking at the girls*

Brenda: Yes we the can…

Prince Avery: That’s nice. I am impressed.

Prince Arnold: *Looking at the time* We need to head over to Watchtower… it’s high time we checked in with Chloe.

Prince Curtis: That’s right. there is something going on out there… The News is saying stuff about a mysterious attack between a guy in a odd suit that had Stars and Stripes. Someone named Sylvester Pemberton…

Prince Alvin: *Curious* Pemberton? Wasn’t he part of the J.S.A?

Prince Avery: *Not familiar with the name* J.S.A? Not that i would know of… why? does that name ring some bell?

Prince Alvin: That’s what i’d like to know…

Prince Arnold: So would i.

Helga: *Smiles* We’ll help. we can the look around and see on getting some info on this J.S.A.

Prince Alvin: Okay… but if you run into any trouble… you double back. *Looking at the girls* is that clear?

Angelica: We’ll be careful. don’t forget that we can the fight too. we ain’t a scared of anything. Mom taught us that on Tamaran. However that guy Galfore can be rather the intimidating when need be.

Within a minutes passing, the Rhapsody brothers and the now Rhapsody sisters made their way to find out about the illustrious team… Prince Alvin made his way over to Watchtower with his brothers to see if Chloe had any intel of what was taking place in the city…

At Star Clock Tower…

Paige: *Looking at Oliver* What are you doing?

Oliver: Just exercising… You should try it sometime, Paige… it won’t hurt. Let your hand touch the ground and put your feet together and have them up straight into the air. It’s quite simple. *Looking at the girls* You 3 are here for the upgrades i believe, right? Well… it’s all done… the techs and the top scientists were at it continuously to see that it came out just right…  But first… let’s see the transformations… That’s what your Ex-Professor now Deceased Convict had you do when you happened to get new upgrades right? Let’s get to it… the new upgrades should respond to your Power belts and Transform you into Super level.

Paige: *Looking at her sisters* Let’s get to it sisters.

Pearl & Dinah: *Nods* Right!

A Second later…

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* … *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Hearts* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The heart and love of the Rhapsody girls… Miss Love… In the name of Justice, love and all that’s good… The followers of Evil will fall.

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The emotional and caring soul of the Rhapsody girls… Bubble Maiden. In the name of sweet compassion and Bubbly charm… The Bubbles of life will wipe away the stain of Evil.

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* The loose Wire and the tough fighter of the Rhapsody Girls… Thunder Mistress. In the name of the thunder and fierce determination of the good people… The Evil creeps who dare enter this world will be Electrified.

Oliver: Nice… let’s see what happens.

Suddenly the Outfits started to glow and emit a beam of light aiming at the new outfits which within seconds came to the girls and changed the girls appearance… it got them with wings and with a Blink of an eye their power belts changed into new aged belts… accustomed to their element.  Their weapons also got the upgrade and presented them with not only one weapon… but with two.  Paige, Pearl and Dinah suddenly got led to the balcony and saw that they were now gonna be instructed to practice a shot at the pole that was on the roof…

Paige: *With her Heart Guitar; Jamming and Launching an attack at the pole* Love’s Rhapsody!

Pearl: *With her Bubble Microphone; Singing from her heart and Launching an attack at the pole* Bubbling Splash!

Dinah: *With her Thunder Glove; Gathering power of the Storms of Lightning; Launching an attack at the pole* RAGING THUNDERIC STORM!!!

With a strong blast of power… it caused the Pole to shake violently and within seconds snap from the roof and tumble down to the ground…

Oliver: *Watching the Pole Snap and fall off the roof* Wow! Good shot… Now that is a job… well done.

Suddenly the phone rang grabbing Oliver’s attention. he went over to answer it and found out that it was Chloe… there was a lead on the incident that occurred the previous night and She needed him to meet her…

Oliver: *Looking at the girls* Okay girls… There is something going on… apparently there was a showing of a strange mystery hero… there was only a name… Sylvester Pemberton… fly off and find out all you can about the mysterious man. someone who happened to know about us… Watchtower. the objective is to find the link.

Paige: no worrying there, Professor Queen. we’re on it. *Looking at her sisters* Rhapsody Girls… time to get to work…

Pearl: you got it… These Skirts are really durable… *Looking at the sky* it’s kinda ugly out today… a fine day for trouble. but another day for missing school.  Heroes never rest. *Flying up and Soaring off*

Dinah: Pearl is right…  we need it… but if trouble is rearing it’s ugly head… then there is only one thing for us to do and it’s not sit and let the Trouble rise up… *Flying off into the air and down through the city*

Paige: Lively sisters… and they said that there wouldn’t be any new surprises coming from the team… well… so it begins again! *Flying off*

however at the nearby apartments of Metropolis…

inside an apartment…

Clocks were ticking… and a man by the name of Wesley Dodds was inside the apartment. looking at his old Sandman costume…

He barely put it on and was ready to spring back into action again when Suddenly out of nowhere an attack struck him… there was someone in there with him and it was the same method of attack as was done to Pemberton… by Ice…

Wesley: *Screaming*

the Mysterious attacker was the Icicle…

Icicle: *Laughs evilly* You dreamt about me, didn’t you, Mr. Dodds? But that’s exactly what you are said to do. You spend your time and dream…dreaming about killing. It’s High time for the illustrious Sandman to finally have his long awaited good night’s Slumber.

Wind Whistles and blows with eerie noise…

At Watchtower…

Chloe: Oliver. You got my message.

Oliver: I got all 10 of them, Chloe. *Walking over to Chloe* I was at the Star Tower just getting finished with giving the Rhapsody Girls their new Upgrades. They’re really strong now… alot tougher than they were with that Stroker. Stroker was a good scientist and there is no mocking of his achievements… but when he started going off the track and turned rogue and open a fated old family Wound of the Rhapsody Family… that’s when the bets were so far off. *Not seeing the others* Where are the other Superfriends?

Chloe: That’s the problem… *Sighs* I am unfortunately still waiting for them to ping me back. See, this is exactly the reason why I continually keep asking for everybody to come up with some sort of standardized trouble alert or a beacon of frequency. The team needs a serious reinforcement of structure.

Oliver: Is that what we’re lacking, Chloe? On the offhand here, Chloe You’re really on a kick lately.tapping into Personal phone conversations… that are supposed to be private and downright personal and confidential. Plus to add to the spin cycle of privacy invasion… bank records…  and the icing on the technological cake an Amazon Wish List.

Chloe: *Giving off a wry grin of cunning expression* Big sister’s watching.

Oliver: *Looking on the Screen and recognizing the pictures and messages* Is that my e-mail? *Looking at Chloe with shock* Chloe, I’ll have you know that those messages between me and Canary were purely platonic. There was nothing serious going on there… just some eager flirting and a little bit of the sentimentality. but that was about all there was.

Chloe: *Shaking her head with a gross look on her face* Okay… i don’t think that i’d want to know anymore about that… Can we skip your virtual love life and actually focus on the job here?

Oliver: Gladly.

Chloe: Great. The first thing we know so far is that our victim’s name is Sylvester Pemberton, and from what i managed to pick up on the files here… it says that he had himself a rather long criminal record. *Putting the info on screen* Fraud, embezzlement, and assault. He didn’t really have any type of family, but he did however have a friend show up for him at the hospital. *Going to shift with the next Screen* Courtney Whitmore. She’s a sophomore at Blue Valley High, and, uh, she gets a big old D-plus for her attendance. She hasn’t been to school in the last three weeks. Missing a whole lot of School.

Oliver: *sighs* Well that would put her in the leagues of being with the Rhapsody Girls. they have been made to miss alot of school and from the way we keep calling upon them… they’re gonna be behind in school by i’d say a few months or maybe even more. at the rate they’re missing… they’ll be doing school work till they’re about 40. a few years older than the time of their life when they’d be hooking on the back nine. *Looking still at the screen* You don’t happen to think that blondie’s our killer, do you?

Chloe: *Unsure* No, but I do think that she knows something. I want to take a closer look at this glowing staff the police happen to have placed in evidence. We’re gonna need to get that staff.

Oliver: *Choking up with a chuckle* “We” meaning “me,” right?


An hour later…

At Metropolis General…

Julie: *With Chloe* I hope that you don’t mind my taking the lead off from your Usual. Emil usually would be handling this… but i kinda heard about this and thought that it’d be right if i did it. just to help.

Chloe: It’s okay…  *In the Autopsy room* What did you find?

Julie: well with the further process of investigating and more work on the autopsy i only found that there were no bullets… Just residual ice… just like the first casualty… Sylvester Pemberton was said to have the same thing… no bullets… just wounds of Ice. i looked at the report on Pemberton and it showed precisely what you see here…

Chloe: *Sensing another piece of the puzzle behind the mystery* So, minus the patriotic hoodie plus one lone gas mask, and the part pointing out that Dodds was killed the same way as Pemberton was. But if that is the case… What was he attacked with? Some kind of ice weapon? The only one we know that has Ice powers is Arctic Mind… and she’s one of us. So it most certainly rules her out.

Julie: *Pulling up the reports* Well as the Evidence would suggest… it’s that the weapon is more of a who than your usual what. The ice samples that we happened to have pulled from the first victim’s wounds have human DNA. A human made the kill.

Chloe: *Familiar with the outcome; pining it to a case of the wall of weird* So the killer turns out as being some kind of meta-human with an icy cold touch? *cynical* Well, that explains my arctic ride in the Dumpster of Doom.

Julie: Well, whoever he is… i can honestly tell you that he certainly has an interesting taste in victims. i read up on this… the signs are very subtle. Whoever did this must have done it to prove of there being a score to settle. But your friend Clark said that the assailant has flown the coop in lack of your better terms and left only the letters J-S-A. You have any idea what that means? I looked and tried to get a gandor on what it meant and found nothing.

Chloe: *Thinking* Maybe it’s a calling card. Our cold-blooded cryo-killer definitely makes it very obvious that he has a score to settle.

Julie: What was Clark able to dig up?

Julie closes the Bag rustling it as it got closed…

Chloe: Nothing yet, unfortunately. When he checked in, he sounded as though he was still pretty knee-deep in an excavation of info at the Daily Planet archives. trying to search for possible leads.

Julie: Right. Well anything he can find will help shed some definite needed light on the mystery here… Let me see about running a few more tests on this. And I’ll see if I can help your friend Clark in trying to unearth some answers about the elusive JSA. I never heard of them… but i am beginning to like their evasiveness. these guys are astoundingly good….

Although at The Daily planet moments later…

Chloe and Clark were checking through the files and the records of all ties to the J.S.A… ties to Sylvester Pemberton. But what they didn’t notice was that they had company Trixie was also there…

Chloe: Well as much as i really don’t like to break out with a sad #, I unfortunately couldn’t find anything on Pemberton or Dodds online beyond Sylvester Pemberton’s rap sheet. Maybe they didn’t want anyone else to have any fortune in finding their info and be able to pull it out from the dusty closets.

Trixie: *Confused* They? “They” who?

Chloe: *Turning to see Trixie* Trixie?! What are you doing here?

Trixie:  Just following a lead. i am a reporter after all. plus i too am on the same side as you two are. getting to the bottom of this enigma.

Chloe: That’ll work for me. *Looking through the archives* Sylvester Pemberton is said to have worked with 12 other known criminals, which thereby also includes Wesley Dodds. He mentioned that he was bringing a team back together.

Clark: Back together? That means, at some point, they broke apart. They were systematically caught and taken down.

Trixie: *Not understanding* Broke apart? Why were they broken apart?

Chloe: For what?

Clark: The crimes don’t match who they are.

Chloe: Yeah, Maybe so… but still… you got to realize that they were called “con men” for a reason, Clark.

Clark: *Watching the film Reel* That’s Sylvester Pemberton. He was accused of embezzling from his own company. That’s Wesley Dodds — international business. He has had no prior criminal record until he was unfortunately arrested at a student demonstration that sadly turned violent. A young woman was reported as dead.

Trixie: *Referring to the man on film with the bushy Mustache* Who’s that?

Clark: Al Pratt. He was a Physics professor at Calvin College. Arrested for assaulting police officers when he learned that they had went after Dodds.

Chloe: *Looking up at the reel* Wait a minute. I know that guy. That’s Ted Grant. He’s a heavyweight champion, but… how exactly could he involved with these guys?

Clark: Jay Garrick, a research scientist. He’s charged with fraud and resisting arrest. Alan Scott, the C.E.O. Of a broadcasting company? Arrested for aiding and abetting. *Reading on* Chloe, all these people are unrelated and they apparently have no connections besides their arrests. From what the film shows us… they guys don’t even sound like criminals nor do they look like known criminals. I got to say that Abigail Hunkel doesn’t exactly strike fear in this hero’s heart.

Trixie: *Looking at the reports with Chloe and Clark* Well from what we see here and what is seen on the film… each of them tried to take the fated fall for one another. they were set on protecting one another.

Clark:  I guess that during the golden age of robbery and racketeering, there was said to be pride and honor amongst thieves.

Trixie: *Gasps* You guys… this all seems to have gone beyond the rank of honor. *Showing the other part of the files* Look at these… from the records There unfortunately were missing witnesses to the crimes that were committed, not enough hard cold circumstantial evidence, along with the said accusations of jury tampering. They all stood by one another. Then in the end when all was said and done… none of the convictions held up. they authorities had to drop the ball and let it go.

Clark: *Looking at Trixie and Chloe* Almost sounds like you admire them.

Chloe: I admire their loyalty.

Trixie: I also find their devotion and dedication very admirable.

Chloe: Well, I’ll stay here and finish downloading the 411 on the mystery men the old-fashioned way.

Trixie: I’ll help. this kind of case is actually pretty exciting.

Chloe: What about your articles on top, Trixie?

Trixie: don’t worry about it. i already fished in a big one and covered out for 4 deadlines so i got a bit of time to kill. besides… with how you guys are digging deep into this mystery… i kinda like to get into this stuff. i mean i know that one of your heroes namely my Great Niece Dinah would just love hearing about this stuff. Like Ted Grant. She is a wrestling obsessed girl. Remember the birthday party they had a few weeks ago?

Chloe: *Chuckles* yeah…  i remember that… i was there.  *Looking over at Clark* You need to go and warn Carter Hall. He’s the next name that’s on Pemberton’s contact list. He has happened to have dialed him over a dozen times in the last two days. *Curious* What kind of team do you suppose this was, Clark?

At the closed down Museum known as the Brownstone…

Paige: *Turning the Knob; Walking in* Come on girls… let’s check this place out… there must be a clue on Sylvester Pemberton. we’ve come up rather empty… and as we made over here… we got a call from Chloe saying that Pemberton had Wesley Dodds and a Carter Hall on the list. Dodds was wiped out… as was Pemberton. So the next one is Carter. If anyone were to know about Pemberton or what was really going on… he would.

Pearl: Do you really think that he’ll help? What if he gets reluctant?

Dinah: then our leads are done. but the thing to do is try. Someone ought to know about This guy Pemberton. more than we do. We’re sunk other than what we have found about him.

Pearl: I sure hope that he might be able to provide some answers to this… 2 deaths… all in one day… one during the night and then one in daytime hours.

Dinah: It’s got to be someone with the fetish for killing. someone who’s schizo for a killing frenzy. Two heroes dead. Who’s gonna be next? Where? and how?

Paige: That’s what we’ve got to find out. Carter is the lead. he’s got to know something. i mean he did work with Pemberton and Dodds.

Suddenly a Man came out from the other room. It was Carter Hall…

Carter: *Seeing 3 teen girls* The Museum is closed… Permanently. So if you’re here to take a tour… you’re years too late. there is no reason for you to be here.

Paige: *A little Nervous* Mr. Hall? Mr. Hall, I’m Paige… Paige Rhapsody and these are my sisters Pearl and Dinah. We’re Related to Trixie Rhapsody… a Reporter of the Daily planet…

Pearl: *Smiles and waves shyly at Carter* Hi.

Dinah: Hey there, big guy. we’re good guys.

Carter: Yes. i can see that you girls are… *Spotting Wings on the girls* … *Shaking his head; shaking off what he spotted on the girls* Okay… i’m gonna pretend that i didn’t see that. *Sternly* What do you want?

Paige: We came by to talk to you about two of your friends — A Sylvester Pemberton and a Wesley Dodds. They were both murdered.

Man: *from the side by the one hallway* Red, white, and blue. Two betrayed. Stars and Stripesy, stars and stripe. *Breathing heavily*  Sandman doesn’t dream anymore. Is Mister Terrific still terrific? I don’t think so.

Pearl: *Jumps at the sound of the Voice from the side* Who’s that? Who’s there? *Looking to see a man sitting down holding and hugging a bag*

Dinah: *Looking at the Guy sitting to the side* What’s up with that guy? Is he okay? He’s not… Sick… is he?

Indistinct whispering is heard…

Man: *Hugging a bag and rocking back in forth shaken* Who is that? Who is that?

Carter: He’s Kent Nelson… Dr. Kent Nelson.

Kent: *Whispering* The doctor left.  he is out to lunch… he gone bowling. Strike goes balls… he be gone.

Carter: My friend is very sick as you can see… Now as for your questions, I haven’t spoken to Pemberton or Dodds in years.

Dinah: Mr. Hall… don’t construe us as being persistent… but we happen to know that Sylvester Pemberton was said to have called your phone more than several times over the last few days.

Carter: *Dryly* Maybe he did… but i can assure you that I didn’t answer.

Pearl: Mr. Hall, we understand that you would be reluctant or morally hesitant to talk to the police, given your past, but I —

Carter: *Scoffs* You don’t know anything about my past, kid. Besides that… What are you? like 14? What could you possibly know about my past?

Paige: I don’t know… and on the age there, Sir… we’re 15. *Standing tall*

*Whispering continues*

Kent: *Whispering to the bag* He doesn’t. Tick-Tock. The Hourman’s run out. The Atom is split. No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t, Nabu, so stop whispering.

Carter: *Escorting the girls out* We have nothing else to say. Thank you for your time.

Seconds later the door closed and the girls were outside of the Museum… They were lost as to what was eating Carter hall. All they were doing was trying to get some answers and maybe even help…

However on the inside…

Kent: *To Carter* The helmet has something to say. He whispers. He whispers. He could help.

Carter: We only help ourselves, Nelson. Like we’ve always had to. It’s been that way for years. We’re on our own.

Kent: Maybe… maybe… maybe not. Maybe not. Maybe they can help… they could… assist.

in the Alley not far from the Museum… near a section called Suicide Slums…

Oliver: *On the Phone with Chloe* Oh, yeah, I had myself a peek inside lockup. Pemberton’s so called glow stick is unfortunately deemed as M.I.A.

Chloe: *On the Phone* Oliver,  It’s important that we find it… we must track it down.

Oliver: *Spotting a girl with a Glow stick* Call you back. *Going after the Blonde haired girl* Excuse me. Miss Whitmore?

Courtney: *Scoffs; seeing Oliver going for the rod* Do you know if I had to take a guess, I’d say that the golden rod doesn’t belong to you.

Oliver: *Chuckles; With his one hand on the golden rod* Well, it belongs to me now. You Really don’t want to get the police involved in this, do you…Courtney? I mean, Think about it… huh, just think about it. Don’t you think that it’d be a tragic shame to miss your Junior prom.  Besides that you do know and might realize using some common sense that Breaking and entering into police lockup gets you a bit more than a honest slap on the wrist.

Courtney then yanked at the rod hard and pulled it out of Oliver’s hands before pointing it at right at Oliver… She was poised to strike…

Courtney: *Chuckling* Hey. I’ll be only warning you that if you try to Come any closer, I’ll be glad to give you my subtle version of a slap on the sneaky wrist.

Oliver: *Sighs; getting straight-forward* Let me just cut to the chase here, Lite-Brite. Since you are obviously wanting an answer to why you’re being followed by me and my band of friends. Two people were said to have been murdered, you get that… Two and that is including a friend of yours.

Courtney: *Taken aback and gasps* Two?! No…

Oliver: Come on, Courtney… I’m just trying to figure out who’s behind all this and stop it from taking another innocent life, but I need you to be straight with me. *Gasps; seeing a man with a hat on him*

Kent: *Whispering to Courtney* We help ourselves…

Kent Nelson and Courtney then Vanish…

Oliver: *Calling out* hey, wait!

Minutes later…

Oliver Met up with Chloe… they were searching for another clue on who the men were and why they would be going after a young girl…

Oliver: *Walking with Chloe* Chloe, i don’t get it… this is not making much of any sense at all.  If someone’s out there and is practically hellbent on killing criminals from the past, why kidnap Courtney? She had no criminal record. so… what would her connection to these people be? *Thinking* Maybe she knew what Sylvester Pemberton happened to have stacked away hidden up his star-covered sleeve.

Chloe: Well his car has happened to receive it’s mass share of parking tickets in this lot, so it clearly should be quiet easy to spot. *Spotting the car and walking over to it*

Oliver: *Following Chloe over to the car and going for the handle* You could say that.  All right. Just give me a sec to get this door open.

Chloe:  *Grins while grabbing the handle* Or you could just try the handle. It was unlocked… for some reason.

Oliver: *Sighs* Come on.

Chloe: Clark’s at the Daily Planet trying to track down Pemberton’s home address right now, but it is starting to look as though like he may have been living here for a long time.

Oliver: Well, I guess that would somehow explain the decor in here but then again… if he knew someone was after him,  he could have been on the run. trying to find a place to hide from whoever it was that must have been after him.

Chloe: *Looking into the Glove compartment* his choice of transport doesn’t exactly blend in. i mean… “Star Rocket Racer.” What would you suppose this was — their getaway car? *Reading a book with all their pictures on it; noticing info about her team*

Oliver: *Looking at Chloe and at the book then sighs* He knew about us. He knew our identities. That means Courtney probably does, too. Do you think that she knows about the Rhapsody Girls? they’re in the book too. 

They are in here… as are their Family comrades… The Rhapsody Brothers… Arctic Mind, Aquatic Burn, Angelic Raven, Angelic Darkhand and Lord Electricmind…

Back at the Brownstone…

Carter: *Looking at Kent* My good friend… I see that you meant well… but are risking exposing the rest of us and causing our safety to fade. You shouldn’t have dragged Sylvester’s sidekick into this, Nelson.

Courtney: *With the Glowing rod* I’m not his sidekick. I’m his protégé.

Carter: *Walking over to Courtney and grabbing the rod from her* You’re just a little girl. Your stepfather must be worried sick about you. Go back home where you belong.

Courtney: Why… I.. you should know that i have read Sylvester’s coroner report. There was evidential frostbite around the bullet wounds but there were no bullets in him anywhere. It’s him, isn’t it? It’s the Icicle… isn’t it?

Kent: *Panicking* Chestnuts are roasting upon an opened fire… but there is none for us…  Jack Frost is nippin’ at our toes.

Courtney: *Revealing a source* Oliver queen said that there are now two dead.

Kent: *Knowing who Courtney is referring to* Wesley Dodds, the Sandman.

Courtney: *Scoffs* We have to do something.

Carter: *Sighs* Courtney… you are using blind faith. it will get you nowhere… it will never work. *Looking towards Kent Nelson* Look at Kent Nelson, Courtney. He goes and spends most of his days wandering the city streets, searching for the secrets to the universe at the bottom of trash cans.

Courtney: *Feeling Discouraged* So, Doctor Fate is said to be incapacitated with a broken mind. unstable. The Sandman and the Star-Spangled Kid are both dead. Mr. Hall… Come on… there must be something that can be done. We’ve got to do something. You were their leader. What exactly is your excuse? Please don’t make me ask another team for help. we can do this… so can you. Sylvester is dead… so is Sandman. there are other heroes… Like The Rhapsody Girls Z! The Rhapsody Brothers, Arctic Mind, Aquatic Burn, Angelic Raven, Angelic Darkhand and Lord Electricmind. not forgetting the Blur, Green Arrow and Black Canary… Victor Stone, Impulse and Arthur Curry.

Carter: Oh, the kids out there playing hero are hardly ones you could consider to be a team. *Scoffs* They don’t even know how to lace their own boots.

Courtney: Well, maybe if you weren’t wallowing with your own guilt and weren’t undergoing another moment of an EGO trip and had laced up your boots when Sylvester had asked you to, he might have still been here and would still be alive!

Carter: Don’t waste your breath towards serving me a guilt trip, Courtney. I have enough guilt to last me the amount of 20 lifetimes. possibly more.

Courtney: What would Shayera have done? She would never have stayed in the shadows and cower. she would go out there. The Icicle is out there… and he is gonna keep coming after us till we are all dead unless we go and stop him.

At the Daily Planet…

Chloe: *Inside the car with Clark; Looking at the files and at the book with their identities* Oliver’s searching all over the city for any sign of Courtney.

Clark: How did they know our identities? Did you say that they also knew about the Rhapsody Girls? All of them?

Chloe: I think they’ve been tracking us a long time, Clark. Courtney found Sylvester’s book and saw the info and the names and the pictures inside the book to pin the pieces together.

Clark: Let’s just hope the prime murder suspect hasn’t had the same luck. the 3 girls can go through all that…But not a suspect that has already killed 2 of the heroes of old… the suspect… whoever it is has killed Sylvester and Wesley.

Chloe: Did you find one?

Clark: yeah…  Reports claim that the Temperature had dropped 40 degrees right before Pemberton was said to have been attacked. You said that the skin around the wounds that were found on Pemberton’s Body was covered with ice, just like Wesley Dodds’. This is what led me to our #1 suspect joar mahkent. Back in Pemberton’s day, he was a cryo-kinetic hit man that was called The Icicle.

Chloe: *Curious* So… where do you think the Icicle is now?

Clark: He’s still recovering from some serious injuries he had sustained from several years ago. He’s currently in the psych ward at Metropolis General. At least he’s told to be there.

Yet still… At The Brownstone…

The Rhapsody girls were near… however… they were outside in the rain Looking in from the top window… They were watching and about to see something unbelievable… When Carter escorted them out it was believed that they would have gone and tried another lead… but as it turned out the girls were still there and chose to stick by the place…

Paige: it’s cold… and it is wet… but we got to keep watch. They know who the real suspect is… they know where we can find the Villain that they call the Icicle.

Pearl: Are you sure that we can fight that Villain? He sounds like bad news…

Dinah: Not a chance… he’s nothing compared to us… there are more of us compared to there being more of him. there is only one of him. one question i’d like to know the answer to is who let him off his leash?

Paige: You really would like to know that, wouldn’t you Dinah?

Dinah: Well… yeah… it would be kinda nice to know about something like that… don’t you agree?

The 4 Rhapsody sisters were close by and caught sight of them… but had to go and head back home… they were getting cold and were getting a case of the sniffles… But they saw their cousins and were gonna look forward to seeing them face to face sometime soon…


Carter: *Sighs* We’re gonna need him, Nelson. It’s time to bring Dr. Fate back into the hunt.

Kent: *Feeling Doubt* No. No. No, no. No. I’m not good enough. I am unable to do it  anymore… i can’t, Carter.

Carter: *Looking at Kent and grins assuring him* My morality might have wavered, My friend… But… Yours never did. it’s still there.

Indistinct whispering can be heard from inside the bag as Dr. Kent Nelson walks over to the table where the bag holding within it the Helmet of Nabu… He was apparently feeling hesitant. Courtney saw it and from outside… The Rhapsody Girls saw it too…

Pearl: *Watching* Poor guy… He’s scared to do it. I think that we should encourage him.

Paige: that’s a good idea. we might not know about who they are… but they should be encouraged. It’s the right thing to do… Let’s go.

Dinah: Right…

The girls lower themselves to the ground and fly into the Brownstone where they are immediately spotted by Courtney…

Courtney: *Spotting 3 girls* Oh god… it’s them… it’s them, Carter. The Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s them.

Carter: *Looking to see 3 girls and recognizing them from earlier* Them? You’ve got to be kidding, Courtney. They are related to a reporter… if they know us… they’ll expose us and we’ll be forced to play ball like last time…

Paige: No… Mr. Hall… you got it all wrong. We are related to a reporter… but we are not reporters… we’re still high school Teens…

Dinah: *Looking towards Mr. Nelson* Dr. Nelson… don’t be afraid… you can do it. Carter Believe in you. and so do we… we have faith. Don’t sell yourself short. You can do it.

Kent: *Breathing heavily*

The Whispering continues…

Kent:  *With a scared tone* You don’t realize… as to how badly that I wish that I could remember, Carter. I wish I could remember what my life had been like before Doctor Fate. I think I had a wife. *Chuckles* Her name was Inza. And I had myself a family. But I don’t know where they are anymore. I fear that i may have scared them all away.

Carter: *Looking at Kent and making Eye Contact; placing faith in him* Not all of them, my friend. You still have me. and i never left.

Dr. Kent Nelson nodded and opened up the bag then seconds later lifted the helmet up before Walking to the middle of the room…

Kent: Please, Nabu, don’t whisper too loudly. Don’t show me what can be or not be.

Still the Whispering goes on…

Kent: Fate is a fatal thing. *Screaming*

Whispering continues as Dr. Nelson suddenly transforms into Dr. Fate…

Doctor Fate: Greetings, Hawkman. Rhapsody Girls Z! Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress.

Carter: *Nods* Doctor Fate?

Dinah: *Gasps* He knows us… Whoa!

Doctor Fate: I know lots of things… i also know the regret you 3 suffer. The act of taking a life of a man who threatened your lives and your family. I feel your burden.

Pearl: *Surprised* Oh… Girls… he’s good. the guy is good. he can probably read minds.

Doctor Fate: That is correct, Bubble Maiden. I can see everyone’s fate…. Everyones… Except my own. Sometimes that scares me…

Carter then walked over to a wall nearby and opened a panel revealing a helmet and Wings…  it also revealed a Uniform and had a weapon… and seconds later… picked up his weapon.

Carter: *Looking at his weapon and then at Doctor Fate and the Rhapsody girls*  You know… It’s been a long while since the last time I’ve made someone bleed. *Grins; Nods* Time to go hunting.

However at the Metropolis General hospital…

Clark: *Walking through the hospital doors going down the hall* I Just can’t help but wonder as to what happened to these people. They truly were that close. they were almost like… a clan.

Chloe: *Looking at Clark while walking down the hall with him* They were criminals, and it’s the fact that they were caught. That’s what happened to them Clark. They were busted for crimes that didn’t match who they were… but were still charged with them anyway.

Clark: I know… *Looking ahead* But i am beginning to think that Carter Hall’s definitely hiding something else in that museum. there must be a bit more that he knows and isn’t saying. Although from the call that the girls rang with a bit ago… They have hit the Museum already and from what they mentioned… Carter Hall was unwilling to toss up some info.

Chloe: Reporter’s intuition? is that what got you to think that conclusion? You think that he was hiding something more? *Picking up a medical file*

Clark: No… it’s Clark Kent’s intuition. *Stopping to see Chloe reading the medical file* What is it, Chloe?

Chloe: we’ve reach a Dead end. The Icicle’s been in a vegetative state for the last decade.

Clark: How can that be though… there was all over the wounds of Dodds and Pemberton.  It’s too consistent. However… If that’s true, there’s no way he can be our killer. so if it’s not him… then it must be someone else that has the frosty touch. but the only other one we know that has that capability is one of our own…

Chloe: Arctic Mind. but it can’t be her… She’s a hero and one of the Rhapsody clan.  It’s most likely a copycat of the Icicle.

However Chloe and Clark heard whispers sounding from the room next to them and suddenly opened the door to see a masked man emitting light and absorbing from the mind of the body lying on the bed… not knowing that it was Dr. Fate…

Chloe: *gasps* What are you doing to him?!

Doctor Fate: *Looking up at Both Clark and Chloe* Your fate is utterly binding. You are invaluable, Clark Kent. But you… you walk the same path I do, Chloe Sullivan.

Clark: *Curious* Who are you?

Clark then placed a hand on Dr. Fate and within seconds Doctor Fate Envisioned… a cape with a Symbol on it.

Doctor Fate: Allow me to show you, my friend.

Seconds later in a flash of light and a quick spark of the symbol of fate… Clark and Doctor Fate were gone…

Chloe: *Calling out* Clark? Where did you go, Clark? *getting a bad feeling* I don’t like the looks of this…

However While the dilemma was going on…

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku: *Talking to her mother in the living room* I am worried about the girls… it’s a stormy night out and the girls are out in it…

Rikku: I know. But whatever it is that they’re doing… they’re doing it to get to the bottom of two murders… The T.V has been talking about it all day… no leads and no possible suspects. the only thing that they found was ice around the wounds. but they don’t seem to know who it is… they are as lost as the doctors are.

Princess Rikku: Maybe the girls will get lucky and find some leads… They have been out all day… at first they were with Oliver Queen getting their new Upgrades and then they dropped a text and said something about going on a case to solve a mystery of a couple of deaths and something about a team called the J.S.A. I never heard of them… but they mentioned that they met a man named Carter Hall. And Dr. Fate.

Rikku: *gasps and with a stunned look on her face* Are you serious? They were meeting with people like them? What for? they were con men back in the day… Refusing to abide by the rules of society. and they were given a choice. they refused to play ball. so the authorities had to take them down. they were not wanting to unmask.

Princess Rikku: *Scoffing* Oh mom… Stop. they aren’t that bad… come on… men like those… they are obviously innocent and were just made to feel or appear as though they were con men… hoodlums with the knack for heroism. Carter Hall… was known as Hawkman. Kent Nelson was Dr. Fate. Sylvester Pemberton was the Star-Spangled kid… And Wesley Dodds is or was Sandman. How Chloe snuck away from what she was doing to fill me in on that… I will never know.

Rikku: Chloe? She mentioned it to you… *Looking at the T.V* You know… She is getting this family tied in with all sorts of weirdness. i can’t even begin to imagine what will be next…


Paige: *Calling on the Video Screen* Hey mom… Grandma… we’re still at the Brownstone…  We’ve met a couple of good people… one by the name of Carter Hall. He’s with us right now to wait for word on how the girl Courtney is doing against the Villain Icicle…

Princess Rikku: Are you girls alright?

Pearl: oh yeah. we’re okay. we’re fine…

Carter: *Looking at their mother through the communicator* Don’t worry Mrs. Rhapsody. they’re gonna be fine. they may be heroes… but they’re still young and wet behind the ears. they’ll be safe with us though…. you have our word on it.

Dinah: Plus… we also got to meet Dr. Fate. He knows who we are. they know who we all are. Kinda makes it sound like we’re being well recognized. got to tell you though… if we get anymore recognition… we might as well be pegged as some sort of high rise figure. probably even president or a major Rock star.

Paige: Don’t be hallucinating, Dinah. we’re just heroes who are with the heroes from the past. They are really nice guys.

Dinah: The Reports may point one thing… but it don’t matter. the reports were profound to be all fabricated and made up. the guys here are innocent. there is no way that they were exactly what the reports said they were… Calling them all Con men. Pfft! Yeah… if they are con men… then i am a mental patient.

Carter: *Chuckles* you girls are sure expressive. Funny.

Princess Rikku: *Looking at the girls before letting them go* You girls be careful.. and be sure to come home soon. even though you 3 are heroes… you are still young girls and you need your rest. You know that you can’t possibly be out saving the world if you’re all dead on your feet.

Paige: yeah. i… uh, that is true. *Nods* We’ll be home in a little bit. besides… it’s almost time that this ordeal got wrapped up for the night.

Pearl: it’s already been agreed to resume back in the morning…

Call Ends…

Princess Rikku: that was surprising.

Rikku: yeah. *Looking at her Daughter* That is a surprise that i didn’t expect. but how did she do that?

Princess Rikku:  well the other day… Chloe came and had put in a communication screen and with Video capabilities too. so the girls and i could be in touch if they happened to be out past a certain hour or something… it’s quite useful. it works. i don’t believe that they’ll be over using it… but it’s there for when it’s needed. i could also use it to call my cousins too. so on a rainy day… i can see anyone at all and keep dry too.

Rikku: But that will make you feel more like a recluse or a sociopath. Honey, i never raised you to be like that… please… just swear that you’ll only use it when needed but not revert to being a sociopath.

Princess Rikku: Don’t worry, i won’t abuse it… it’s just a communication tool to get in touch with my girls whenever or to make calls when i am feeling like i want to just stay in. but i’ll still go and be sociable with people. that’s not gonna stop.

Rikku: thank you. please don’t scare me with the idea of being a sociopath. you were liable to give me a heart attack due to shock… *Seeing a call coming in* You got a call coming in… It’s Tess…

As for The girls… they were still at the Brownstone with Carter Hall… At the alley over by Suicide Slums… Oliver as the Green Arrow was following a lead on the blonde haired girl…

Chloe:  *Through the Earpiece* Oliver?

Oliver: *Responding* What’s wrong?

Chloe: Clark’s gone.

Oliver: Wait… wha- What do you mean, “He’s gone”? how is he gone? What happened?

Chloe: One of Pemberton’s old gang showed up and just…  somehow vanished… teleported him away. He said that he had to show him something. Called him his friend. Where do you think that they would have taken him?

Oliver: I think the same place they took our resident blonde haired girl Courtney. *Cynical* Another twist to the mystery, Chloe. The satellites over at Queen Industries received a fix on strange occurrences and caught the glow of that golden rod staff over the Metropolis skies exactly 10 minutes ago. I followed it to where the source was. I have to come out with this one, Chloe… our evasive little Blonde… has herself a change of appearance… Wherever Goldilocks went, she has definitely gotten herself a change of clothes. It’s getting stranger. it is only getting stranger by the moment…

Chloe: *Pauses with a disturbed reaction* Stranger how?

Oliver: Well *Sighs* for one thing… It’s in the middle of the night in Suicide Slum. it is rather chilly out… wet and rainy still…  She’s clearly standing right under a streetlight. She’s even looking all dolled up with no place to go. Looks like Goldilocks is making herself…a target. What is she trying to do? plaster herself with a bulls-eye? *Looking at Courtney and speaking out to her* What the hell are you doing here?!

Courtney: *Looking up and seeing Oliver* Me?! What are you doing?! Get out of here!

Oliver: *Complimenting on the outfit Courtney’s wearing* Red, white, and blue. Loud and proud to be an American. Nice.

Courtney: *Scoffs* Well, at least I bother to be proud of something other than myself.

Oliver: What is that supposed to mean? Plus… what are you even doing here? Do you seem to have a death wish? It isn’t a place you’d consider safe for a young innocent girl like you to be roaming around in… at least not at night.

Courtney: I know what kind of hero you are, Green Arrow.

Oliver: *Jumping down and facing close to Courtney* Is the masked cheerleader suddenly with the guts to make with talking down to me? you guys took my friend, Clark… Now… i would say that an answer would be most appreciated there, Goldilocks. Now, out with the details… Where’s my friend? Where’s Clark? where are you keeping him?

Suddenly the temperature began to drop erratically fast as if someone put the area in a giant freezer and turned the thermostat to sub-Zero temperature… Oliver and Courtney didn’t get to quarrel much as a being started to appear and launched an attack…

Icicle: *Firing blasts of icicles at Courtney and Oliver* Anyone up for some ice cream?

Courtney and Oliver happened to duck and dodge the attack that was coming towards them… missing them just in time… It ensued into a fight and the icicle was intending to target Courtney… he had a rod of Ice with him and was aiming to use it…

Icicle: *Sneaking up behind Courtney and grabbing her around the neck* Who are you supposed to be, sweetie? The new Star-Spangled Kid?

Courtney: *Kicking out and breaking out of the Icicle’s grip; Turning to face the Icicle and aiming at him before firing* It’s Stargirl. Say “cheese.”

The fight was on and Courtney was kicking and blasting at the Icicle… fighting back at the Villain responsible for killing her friend Sylvester and killing Wesley.

Oliver however took the initiative and fired a shot at the Icicle as the Icicle fired ice Spikes at Courtney and aimed to skewer her… Ice began shattering and before they knew what happened… the Icicle vanished and instead of being thanked… Oliver was caught off surprise and yelled at.

Courtney: *Scoffs and growls* Way to go, you Jaded Jerk… that was my shot at getting back at Sylvester’s killer. He promised me that it would be my shot. You ruined it for me… you ruined it all for me…

Oliver: *Pauses and looking at Courtney* What do you mean by “He”? He who? Who are you talking about?

Seconds later Air was heard whooshing and a man with large wings landed; grabbed Oliver from behind and lifted off. flying off into the sky….

At Watchtower…

Chloe: *Trying to contact Oliver* Oliver? Oliver… are you there? What’s going on? *hearing sounds of a struggle going on* What’s going on?

However as she was trying to contact Oliver… she happened to walk over to the computers when she then caught a shadow form and looked up in time to see a man in the air…

Prince Alvin: *Looking up at the winged man through the window* Who is that?

Prince Avery: Is that guy with a weapon in his hand?

Prince Arnold: *Looking to see the man tossing something through the window* Oh god… He’s gonna attack! *Speeding towards Chloe and giving her a push into the sofa; pushing her to safety* Take cover…

Prince Curtis: Get ready… here it comes…

However a second later the window was busted in by Oliver who was being thrown in by the winged man… it was a forced throw and Oliver rolled on to the floor a few times before laying with his face; facing the floor…

Prince Alvin: *Running over to Oliver* Oliver, You okay?

Oliver: *Grunting and starting to push himself up slowly* Ugh! Yeah… i’m fine. i have had rather better moments though…

Prince Avery: *Looking up towards Hawkman* What the hell is your problem, winged Maniac? you trying to kill someone? you could have killed him you know… that was not very civil. Exactly what kind of Hero are you, Anyway?

Hawkman: *From the Window* He’ll live… Now, stay the hell out of our business. *Pointing his weapon towards the boys, Oliver and Chloe* The next time, I won’t ask so nicely. And as for what kind of hero i am… it doesn’t concern you. Just be sure to tell green jeans there to keep out of our business.  unless he wants to pulverized by my mace. *Flies off*

Prince Arnold: *Looking at Prince Alvin* What the heck is that guy’s problem? all we were trying to do was help… If that guy tries it again… i’ll be sure to wash that birds wings out and baste him with a taste of my ancient storm right after.

Prince Curtis: That guy is a hero… he has to be a hero…

Prince Arnold: Exactly how do you figure that he’s one of us? you saw what the heck he did… you saw what happened. Do heroes do that to other heroes? I don’t think so.

Prince Alvin: *Helping Oliver up* You alright there, Oliver?

Oliver: Yeah… I’m fine now. *feeling some pain* Good thing that the Rhapsody girls didn’t see this… they’d be conflicted. i haven’t seen them since what…? This morning… but with the new Upgrades that i gave them… they’re probably feeling on top of the world right now. they got wings now… and are more stronger than before…

Chloe: *Walking around; annoyed and feeling irritated* I can’t believe this… i am the head of a band of boys who fight like school kids and like to argue over stepping on uncharted territory.

Oliver: *Looking over at Chloe* Oh… it’s not all that bad… i mean that we may be a rather odd sort of dysfunctional family and we may be hard to wrangle and round up at times…  but when the moment came to push or shove… we’d be there for one another. Clark was taken right from under our noses… I took this off our winged wonder… when he came and decided to yank me up into the skies… *Showing off the item*

Prince Avery: *Catching notice of the item* What in the… You got that off the winged man with the Ego trip? That’s obviously seen as an antique… but it’s a weapon of some sort.

Prince Curtis: It’s a Ninja Star… a Winged Blade.

Chloe: Antiques are from a Museum…

Oliver: Well… i say that we get ourselves some heavy artillery, get our friend Clark back from them and then return the favor and throw them through some windows.

Prince Avery: Not very subtle for a response, Oliver. it’s not gonna help the matters. plus… You are also the professor to the Rhapsody Girls. you got to take it more careful. a careful approach is a wise approach.

But the next Morning…

At the Brownstone…

Clark was inside but was out cold…  Suddenly stirred and saw that he was inside an old museum… He happened to wonder where he really was and also suspected that he was being held captive… although it was too early to rule that in… so while he was figuring to be alone and noticed to see no one around… he decided to take a look around… he wanted to know what the place was and know once and for all who the men were… Clark looked at all the pictures and saw all the heroes of old on the wall and pictured each person in the files as a specific hero… he finally came to realize who they were dealing with… he however saw that he wasn’t alone in the room as seconds later as he was looking and staring at the picture… he suddenly turned to see Hawkman at the door and walking in with his wings spread out…

Clark: *Looking right at Hawkman* Why did you bring me here? Why am i here?

Carter:  *Walking in; Getting a good look at Clark* Well… if you are expecting for a reason why you’re here… ask Doctor Fate.  Doctor Fate tells us that you’re something to be considered a big deal. I myself don’t see it.

Doctor Fate:  *Walking into the Room* Clark Kent is not like the others. His path is righteous. believe me. i know… i have seen his fate. it is not like ours.

Courtney: *Walking into the room from the side* If Doctor Fate happens to believe that he’s okay, Then that must mean that he’s okay, right?

Clark: What i would like to know is Why have you been watching us? You were keeping tabs on us… What for?

Courtney: *Walking over to the side* Sylvester wanted to bring together a whole new Justice Society — one with the surviving members of the heroes of back in the early days and us new kids. Meaning ones like the 3 girls… Paige, Pearl and Dinah Rhapsody. Sylvester knew about them too. read about them and their feats. how they went toe to toe against a Drule and then wrangled against the evil presence of a queen from the Dark Kingdom…they also had help from their sisters Betty/Angelic Raven and Angel/Angelic Darkhand. plus their cousins the Rhapsody Brothers… Prince Alvin/Flaming Soul, Prince Arnold/Water Lord, Prince Avery/Plasma-Core and Prince Curtis/Electric Rage.

Carter: *Not convinced* It wouldn’t have worked, Courtney. People never learn. This generation will only prove to make the same mistakes that the last one did… like the one before that. *Looking at Clark* It is Obvious by how you’ve skipped your homework, you don’t even know who we are. We know about the 3 girls only because they came and tried to investigate the death of Sylvester and clearly exposed the fact that they were related to a Reporter.

Clark: You don’t know who we are either. But none of us here are the bad guys.

Suddenly an Arrow shoots into the room and sticks itself to the wall catching their attention…

Oliver: *Walking in* You Quite sure about that part, Clark? The winged warrior here threw me through a window.

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in* That is right… *Looking at Hawkman* you maybe one of us… and you can see me as a teen all you like… but if you hurt our friends again or if you harm my cousins… Namely the Rhapsody Girls…  heroic code and duty be damned. you and i will have a go. you understand me, Feathered freak?

Carter: *Looking at Oliver* I hope I didn’t make you cry.

Oliver: *At a Stand-off* Drop the mace, Conan.

Carter:  I will… on your head.

Oliver: *Moving in to fight* Bring it, Big Bird. Just for the record, you started it.

Carter: I’ll finish it. Let’s see what you got, Green Jeans.

Courtney: *Shouts out* Hawkman, no! Stop!

John Jones: *Chuckles; Walking into the Room* I hope it’s not too late to say, “we come in peace.”

Betty: *Orbing some Holy Light from her hands* Hawkman… Fall back from Oliver. Now!

Angel: *Firing a Dark Orb towards Hawkman* Hawkman… Back off from Mr. Queen.

Suddenly a voice rings out…

Rhapsody Girls: *Pearl’s Voice; Singing*

I’ve got a feeling that it’s gonna be alright, We don’t know where we’re goin’ and I don’t know where I’m at, I’m kinda thinkin’ I don’t like nobody else, You know whatever happens, I will be right by your side,

You, me in the spotlight,
Running around till the end of the night,
Hot, hot keep it comin’,
We can rock out till the early morning,
You, me, going all night,
We don’t care who’s wrong and who’s right,
Hot, hot, keep it comin’,
We can rock out till the early morning,

Everybody’s dancin’ dancin’ crazy,
And we never stop, never stop,
Everybody’s ragin’, ragin’ crazy,
Put your hands up,
Put your hands up,
I like you and you like me,
We get together and we’re happy,
Did you hear me say that?
Did you, did you, did you hear me say that?
And I like the way that we kiss,
You and me together like this,
Did you hear me say that?
Did you, did you, did you hear me say that?

Another night,
And so just crank that music up,
We don’t know where we’re goin’,
And I don’t know where I’m at,
It doesn’t matter cause we always know what’s up,
I know whatever happens,
You will be right by my side,

You, me in the spotlight,
Running around till the end of the night,
Hot, hot, keep it comin’,
We can rock out till the early morning,
You, me, going all night,
We don’t care who’s wrong and who’s right,
Hot, hot, keep it comin’,
We can rock out till the early morning,

Everybody’s dancin’, dancin’ crazy,
And we never stop, never stop,
Everybody’s ragin’, ragin’ crazy,
Put your hands up,
Put your hands up,
I like you and you like me,
We get together and we’re happy,
Did you hear me say that?
Did you, did you, did you hear me say that?
And I like the way that we kiss,
You and me together like this,
Did you hear me say that?
Did you, did you, did you hear me say that?

Oh, oh, uh, oh,

Everybody’s dancin’, dancin’ crazy,
And we never stop, we never stop,
Everybody’s ragin’, ragin’ crazy,
Put your hands up,
Put your hands up,

Everybody’s dancin’, dancin’ crazy,
And we never stop, we never stop,
Everybody’s ragin’, ragin’ crazy,
Put your hands up,
Put your hands up,
I like you and you like me,
We get together and we’re happy,
Did you hear me say that?
Did you, did you, did you hear me say that?
And I like the way that we kiss,
You and me together like this,
Did you hear me say that?
Did you, did you, did you hear me say that?

Carter: *Looking around* what was that?


Paige: *Walking in* Hey guys… *Seeing Oliver, Clark, Her sisters and Prince Alvin in the room* There shouldn’t be any war here… i think that we can all side with the idea that the issue is a Villain who enjoys the Ice a little too much. The Icicle.

Pearl: *Walking in wearing a dress and with a ruby earring and a ruby Jeweled Ring* That guy is bad news…

Dinah: *Leaning against the door way* Well… you won’t hear me arguing with that statement. I still wish to know who let him off his leash. that’s what i want to know…

Oliver: Good question… who broke the guy’s chains and allowed him to run on the loose performing his style of the masses called Murder 101?

Of course…  at the Daily Planet…

Lois: *Walking into the room and over to her desk* I can’t believe that i was met with a mud bath… i was going to Met U for a tale… i was however running late… but i was still gonna head there to run some tale that Mr. White wanted… however i barely got to a corner halfway there when the lights went dark… the traffic was terrible although i for some reason wanted to walk. I have no idea as to why i’d want to walk in rain, however i did it anyway and thought that it would just be a light rain. *Scoffs* yeah right. Light rain? in Metropolis…Not likely. however the street that i was close to was with dirt and really dirty. i was not watching… what made it worse was that i had to pick up my bag that lost it’s handles… it broke off the bag. The worst day ever… i thought that i would be in the clear too… no mess… no big deal. but the next thing i knew happened was that a bus suddenly happened to run through a mud puddle. Not that I don’t mind a good mud bath, but I prefer mine without clothes. it’s more fun and enjoyable that way. Anyway… with that being known… by the time I got to Met U., I wound up interviewing the cleanup crew about how to get the stains out of this jacket. Clark?

What she didn’t catch was that Tess was in the room and listened to her rant…

Tess: *across the room* Thanks, Lane.

Lois: *Sighs* Really… i ask you; What could possibly be more important than a morning date with the great Lois Lane? *Seeing a Package on her desk* What is this?

Tess: *Grinning at Lois* Mud wrestling again, Lois?

Lois: *Catching Tess in the room; on her guard* Tess Mercer. What brings the big boss of the Luthorcorp world all the way downtown to the little ole’ newspaper that could? I truly had the idea that you’ve let the newspaper business like the Daily planet fall off the edge of your priority list and descend right to the bottom of the pit. *Smirks* what’s the matter? You suddenly had a change of plans and want to take it over again?

Tess: No. Not quite. but it is tempting. Although Who’d think to replace good ole’ Perry white? *Sighs* Print is dead. However… i believe that not only Print is dead… so is privacy. I am kinda expecting a package myself. And should know the way that the mailroom works around here… they sometimes tend to get things a bit mixed up.

Lois: *Seeing her name on the box* Ah… what do we have here? My name in print. I guess that luck has found me and i clearly haven’t been having many problems after all… have I?

Tess: *Smiles as she leaves* No. you haven’t had any trouble… at least…Not yet.

To be continued…


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