Chapter 57: ”Professor Change-up… Paige and Pearl meet the mysterious boys. Dating in Bliss for Mrs. Princess Rikku Rhapsody… The Hunt for Jor-el’s attacker begins. Roll up the lights for John Jones; Greetings From The Martian Manhunter- He comes in peace.1

Pearl: *Voice-over* Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Tammy: *Crying in a heartfelt and sincere tone letting out her feelings* If you had a love and you knew that you were infected with a deadly virus and you had one last chance to see the one you loved… What would you do?

Pidge: it was lonesome without you. all i care about is you and a future with you and me living happily.

Dinah: *Struggling to get out* Prince Alvin… What are you waiting for? Launch that thing

Prince Alvin: No… I am not gonna launch it with you in it’s path. your sisters can’t go on without you. neither can we. we’re not gonna do it. no. we’re all in this together.

Rikku: If only princess Aquamarine was still alive… i still cry every so often over the loss. it still hurts. losing her to a damn virus… she died of a broken heart. someone named Bart broke her heart. but that was the precursor. The virus and then Cardiac arrest was what got her…

Princess Rikku: Bart and I are in a relationship

Pearl: My brain is hurting. Where’s the nearest Fashion store? Fashion fix… Anyone.

Dinah: *Tilting her head back* This is a nightmare! Give me a Sports game anyday… Please.

Shingo:I love you.

Dinah: *Not answering; Unsure what to say* I… Uh… Usagi’s Brother… uh… He loves me. *Feeling scared*

Princess Rikku: *Walking into the room* Huh?! Is that true…?

Dinah: *Scared as she nods* He loves me… he came out and said it. I was at the Arcade and playing a game when he suddenly showed up. he and i spoke a little and then suddenly we got to talking more and suddenly he makes a slip with saying that he likes me… asking me if i wanted to be his girlfriend. then before i knew it… he came out with saying that he loves me.

Princess Rikku: *Feeling touched* Oh Honey… that’s great. What did you say to him?

Shingo: *By the door listening in* … *Gulping as he then Speaks a poem* “A bird with a tune can  sing sweetly as daylight… a rose can bloom with lasting beauty… but when i see the face of an angel… one with a noble and strong heart… i can know no other than the one that has my heart… as i feel hers closely by. What is love if you are alone with no sweet face to carry you in it’s embrace. It is but an empty shell that can not be filled no matter how much you reach… to see the one that reaps beauty. it is her that fills me with dire reason to keep a steady heart… knowing that she shall keep me in safe harbor and will always be with my heart as mines is with her.”

Dinah: *Getting up; Angry* Shut up… you metallic tin can before i cut you up with my Titanium Thunder Discs. *Getting Knocked down and next to Sailor Jupiter*

Luna: *Hurt* The world is gonna be destroyed… there is nothing we can do…

Dinah: *Trying to get up* Uhhh! Ugh! *Barely Standing up and Marching up to the Metallic Creature* That is it… you are asking for it… and now you are gonna get yours… *Grabbing on to the Metallic Creature* You’re busted now, Creep!

Pearl: *Calling out to Dinah* Dinah… What are you doing? If you sacrifice yourself… that’ll mean.

Dinah: Don’t worry about me sis. I lived a good life. i may be still a young teen. but if destroying this Metal freak means sacrificing myself so that you and Paige can live… I’ll do it gladly.

Dinah: Here we go! *Voice* Shingo… i’m sorry that i couldn’t stick around to see where our newly starting relationship would have led… but this is something i shall do to ensure that you live… My sisters… Betty. Angel… Paige and Pearl… I Love you girls. even though i don’t know how to say it or let it out… i am glad that i had you girls for sisters. wouldn’t trade you for anything at all in the world. Mom… i love you. thank you for being there for me. Professor, I’m sorry that i am risking my life… i hope that you can see it to forgive me one day for it. Aunts… Uncles… Cousins… I will never forget you. you all will be with me…

Pidge: *Walking over to Paige, Pearl and Dinah* Girls… Thank god i have found you. I have just come from the jewelry shop nearby and picked up a ring for Tammy. Me and her are getting married in a few weeks.

Paige: Really?!

Pearl and Dinah: Allright!

Dinah: Way to go Doc. Landing the girl. You and her are really perfect for one another.

Princess Rikku: i just got a call from Chloe saying that you were possibly investigating Paige, Pearl and Dinah… Is that true?

Pidge: no… i told Tess that i wanted to start a small investigation on them… but it was to be discreet.

Princess Rikku: i am not in a happy mood right now… and i swear… that if something like this happens again… i will opt to file for full custody of Betty and you’ll never see her again.

Pidge: My Ex. Princess Rikku took away my rights of seeing my daughter…

Tammy: You can sleep on the couch till you get your head out of your ass and back in line. GOOD NIGHT!

Pidge: I have been served huh… *Growling and screaming in anger* Son of a bitch! That’s it… i’m gonna kill that bitch. 

Officer: You’re under arrest. For the attempted murder of Princess Rikku Rhapsody.

Belt: *Voice* How dare you wear the belt of Thunder Mistress?

Shingo: *sighs* Here we go… Dinah. this is for you! *Transforming* “Thunder Power… EXECUTE!” *Forming two Thunder blades as his outfit forms and appears around him* … *Fully Transformed* The Thunderic Avenger Mystic Thunder… feel the Pain of my Thunder Blades!

Shingo: *Looking at Chloe* Chloe… i gave it some thought. i was thinking about it for a while and since before the party and for a week since that. about my being able to become a hero again. I want to be that hero again.

Pearl: Dinah, You have a boyfriend. Remember when that metallic Youma nearly got you. Shingo became Mystic Thunder.

Tammy: i am almost to the point to where i want to call and file for Divorce from you. i don’t even want to be around you or have any part of someone who would feel no remorse for treating innocent girls like threats or treating an innocent woman like a bad omen. 

Pidge: *Upset* Just get out of my sight. If i get out… i’m filing for the Divorce. i’m done. You betrayed me… I never want to see you again.

Chloe: *Pulling up a map of  Metropolis* There appears to be a couple of new guys in town who are 15… same age as you 3 girls. However… They give off an energy spike. one of water and one of hearts.

Dinah: *Looking at the two boys* Uh… you guys… They have power belts.

Paige: What? *Looking at the object around the boy’s waist* He’s one of us… He’s got powers just like we do… Pearl they’re like us.

Princess Rikku: yes. it’s over. i want to deal Pidge the same pain he’s deal you 3. he has hurt you… and that is as far as i am concerned… unforgivable.

Princess Rikku: Betty is at her boyfriend’s house right now. she didn’t want to come. She didn’t want to even see her father after hearing how he had spoken to you 3.  She wants nothing to do with him. it is gonna be a long time before she ever forgives him again.

Princess Rikku: *Hugging Betty* There there… It’s okay. baby, it’s gonna be alright. you did okay for 7 years almost without a father… and only had a father for 7 years… you don’t need him. none of us do… It’s gonna be alright. i promise you.

Betty: *Crying into her mom’s arms*

Paige: *Looking at Tess; angrily* So that gives you total free rights to investigate us? We are not Amused Tess. You want to know where we were… then why don’t you dig a bit deeper? Dig just a little more. But other than that… it’s none of your business. besides you may be a business woman who claims to be all supportive of us… or claim to be our so called friend. But you’re not our frickin’ mother… our mother… is Princess Rikku. we love our mother… but if you’re trying to jump in and play the den mother card… you might want to learn a little more about how to raise 3 girls. because as far as skills go… you ain’t got nothing. you’re not our mother. never were… never have… and never will be.

Paige: *Reading the book* the Doom girls. The death of a family member… This is sick… the Professor was watching our every move. *Noticing the difference in the style of writing in the book*  No… this is wrong… this isn’t his writing… The Professor’s writing was more melancholy and more expressive. and with accuracy. this version is way off. it’s forged writing and copied… *Looking at the book and going over to find a Shredder* This is going in the garbage… and as soon as we’re done with destroying the book… you will be in for a lot of trouble… You were investigating us. over stepping your bounds. consider us opponents… you want to rattle the cage of 3 teenage girls…  well guess what? Tess… our fellow foolish minded CEO of Luthorcorp… You Did it… you Rattled our cage… and we’re ready to bite. and another thing… save all your future excuses for the next sap. because we’re not taking the bait. It’s Done.

Tess: i was doing it to benefit for the professor. he came to me and asked me to start my part of the investigation to find out what happened. He too is concerned… You are talked about alot in his notes. i read his notes… he has an entire archive of you 3 in his workshop locked inside his corner locker… An entire memorabilia of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Voice: *With the Calling card for Zod showing* ZOD!

Faora: *Standing up and speaking towards Major Zod* Major, The very last thing we all can recall is our blood taken in camp before the brutal battle in Kandor. How did we get here?

Major Zod: If we are here… then there is only one obvious explanation for it… *Looking to all the soldiers in the room* Our home has been destroyed.

Major Zod: I will find the answers that we are looking for or I will die in the quest.

Chloe: *Looking at the Legion Ring that Lois had in her possession; Showing it to Emil* My cousin Lois vanished to the future and then came back to the present with a strange new visitor following her.

Emil:I picked up energy signals. Coming from all over the world. Brazil, India, Germany, Japan, China, Korea, England, London, Canada, California. Hawaii, Jamaica, Australia, Mexico, Spain. Each of them with their own symbols…

They look like Calling Cards and insignia’s burned right into the ground. leaving a mark… but The one that really stuck out like a thumb… was this: *Showing the Symbol*

but that was the only one with someone still there…

Chloe: *A little lost* Okay… So if that one still has someone in the middle of the sign… question is… Where are the others?

Clark: Whatever happens in the future is likely to happen. It’s like i have a ticking time bomb on me and i got only a year to find a way to stop it.

Tess: I give you the first fully powered… Self-Sustaining solar tower. *standing beside the Platform* It’s fluorescent power from the sun attracting the rays of the sun will seer into the reflectors and send renewable energy and power to the city. much cleaner and more cheaper. giving us a leg up into the next generation. This will be the beginning of the future of Energy. Putting the world in the right path to the future. This one tower will generate enough clean energy to power all of metropolis.

*Seeing a visitor* Ahhh! Mr. Zod. How good of you to join us. i never really expected to see you here…

Major Zod: Jor-el… he has come with us all in the orb, yet somehow, he had stolen our powers away from us. Instead of giving them to us… he goes and he flaunts them… all over this city… leaving only his mark for us to see Rubbing it in our faces only to remind us of what we do not have and are entitled to possess. The Moment that we close on and catch this traitor… we will force him to give to us what’s rightfully ours. What we RIGHTFULLY DESERVE! We will all be gods upon this planet, and I swear to you that our beloved homeland of  Kandor will see it’s heyday and will thereby rise again!

Clark: He’s here… on Earth…

Jor-El: *Looking at Chloe* My name is Jor-el.

I, zod, am in your debt.

Never forget that, my friend.”

Jor-el: *Recalling something that was said moments earlier* You said something earlier about Rhapsody Girls… Who exactly are they… Are they friends of Clark’s?

Chloe: yes, they are… They’re known as the Rhapsody Girls Z! Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress. in regular name… they’re known as Paige, Pearl and Dinah Rhapsody.

Jor-el: *Amazed* Remarkable… They actually have loyalty amongst one another… *Trying to remember the name* Chloe… Would i be permitted to meet the 3 girls? I must meet them in person. Please… Take me to them.

Paige: *gasps* Oh my god… Jor-el? You’re on Earth… How?

Jor-el: Major Zod is a soldier… if he knew i was here… he’d kill me and then would come after you for contacting me.

Clark: *Sitting down and feeling disbelief* I can’t believe my father’s been walking and existing upon this earth this whole time and jor-el didn’t even think to tell me.

Oliver: *Curious* So — so when you say “jor-el,” are we talking about the dude in your ice-crystal-palace thing?

Clark: *Feeling a little frustrated*..that in person, he’s worse than I thought he was.

Jor-el: *Speaking from the Console* the being from the orb you know as Major Zod. he is a shadow… a vessel of a being that is a former part of the Zod that destroyed Krypton. He killed me and Kal-el’s mother on Krypton. his true form is banished in the hellish plane known as the Phantom Zone.

a Galactic prison known to house the known criminals of the 28 known galaxies.Miss Love… Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress. You must be with a careful approach with Major Zod. He is not a threat to be taken lightly. You must stop him from building the solar tower on earth. if he succeeds in building it… it will mark the end for Kal-el. he will be stripped of his powers and Major Zod as well as the Kandorians will be with all the powers of a true Kryptonian.

Clark: *Looking at the Symbol on the Rock* I’m sorry father… i can’t save Zod. I can’t give you what you want. You may still remember him as your friend. but i know about the very monster that he becomes.

Paige: *With her sisters; With their powers blasting into the ground Sketching their symbol onto the grass covering a small section*

Dinah: Doc… we make you this vow… we will find your murderer and take them down. we’re gonna keep doing what we do in your name, Jor-el. you were the best guy we have met. we’re not gonna forget you ever.

Major Zod: *From a distance* Jor-el… you lied to me… it seems as though you had another reason for coming to Smallville. and Metropolis.”

Dinah: *Voice-over* And Now… Chapter 57 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! ”Professor Change-up… Paige and Pearl meet the mysterious boys. Dating in Bliss for Mrs. Princess Rikku Rhapsody… The Hunt for Jor-el’s attacker begins. Roll up the lights for John Jones; Greetings From The Martian Manhunter- He comes in peace.”

A week later At Princess Rikku’s house…

Morning; In the girls bedroom…

Music plays…

Miranda Cosgrove’s “Hey You” Plays…

Paige: *Looking at the Crystals and sighs* Jor-el didn’t have to die. I am feeling so bad for Clark. first he loses Jonathan Kent to a heart attack. his heart gave out on him and now he loses Jor-el? He has to be put through all that heartache. it is just so unfair that he has to be put through that constantly…

Dinah: tell me about it… I heard that Chloe is gonna be looking through all the footage and find out what really happened…

Pearl: We know. we talked that night about it… *Looking into the Mirror and fully dressed* I’m gonna wear this nice Sailor dress that i bought at the Fashion store once… it makes me look like a Sailor senshi somehow… but i think it looks cute.

Dinah: *Teasing a little* You would… fruit loop!

Pearl: *Reacting* Hey… be nice. That was mean… *Tossing a pillow at Dinah Playfully* … *Laughing* Ahahahah!

Dinah: *Playful* Oh ho! so you want to play… do ya?! Take this… *Grabbing the pillow and Chucking it at Pearl* Thunder Pillow!

Pearl: *Dodging it* Missed me, Missed me… Now you got to kiss me. Nyah Nyah! *Playing a little*

Paige: *Watching Pearl and Dinah playing around* Would you two cut that out? Are you two quite done? *Thinking to herself* Goofballs. good grief.

Pearl: Come and catch me…

Dinah: *Biding her time and then watching Pearl come closer* … *Grabbing Pearl and hugging her* Gotcha!

Clark: *Super speeding through the doorway* Morning. You 3 ready to go yet? i got to head to the planet soon to work on some articles for the Daily Planet. i’m behind on producing articles. a weeks worth…

Paige: *Fully dressed and with perfume in her hand* i’ll be all set in a couple minutes. i actually got up first before Pearl and Dinah did. i just couldn’t really sleep too good. The last few weeks i kept having this very twisted but most surreal nightmare about the solar Tower. Everyone dead and us 3 girls being the last ones alive. other than the Kandorians and Major Zod as well as Tess.

Clark: *Pauses and hears about the Solar Tower and mentions about the future* Time is running out…

Pearl: *Confused* What do you mean, Clark? How can time be running out? Running out for what?

Clark: Before i heard about you 3 girls and minutes after i came back from the Fortress… i had to deal with this assassin. a Kandorian named Alia. She came back with Lois and came to find me… saying that i would one day betray them and betray the world. i would cause the end of the world…

Dinah: *Coughs up a bit with disgust* What the… Okay… that’s it! Kal…I mean… Clark. Sorry about that… but ever since the thing with Jor-el… all i keep thinking is calling you your Kryptonian name. Anyway… the outburst you just brought out… that is somewhat similar to the whole… “If things continue on the way they are going now… I’ll destroy the world again.”  Scenario. We went through that mess once. it got pretty ugly. so on that line… just hold your fire.

Paige: *Looking at Dinah; Explaining* it could happen again, Dinah… when we went through it last time… we were dealing with the past life and the moon Kingdom. but this is way different. way way different. this is an outcome foreseen in the future. which we can change. we couldn’t change the past and all pressed and tried in vain to keep the past from repeating. however… there was nothing that we could do… it happened just the same and the only thing that saved us was the Bubble Harp and it’s power. it helped weaken the power of the Mystical Silver Crystal a bit.

Clark: Chloe informed me about that… she got into that as she explained about you 3. *Sighs* Anyway… we shouldn’t get worried about that… all we can do is figure out a way to stop it. the most important thing is that we stop the Solar tower from being at full power… because if that tower get the chance at reaching full power and becomes operational. it will be the end. i won’t be able to do anything. i will have no powers. i’ll be defenseless.

Pearl: We better stop that from happening then, huh? I don’t want to see the world end.

Dinah: *Fully Dressed and with some Lipstick on* Wow! *Looking in the mirror* I look really creepy with this lipstick on. Black on Black. that’s a good combination… but really creepy. *Shudders*… I think i’ll stick with a purple or a brown. *Wiping off the Lipstick from her lips and putting on the Purple Lipstick* That’s much better. Besides… i wouldn’t want to startle anyone… not even Shingo.

As soon as they were all ready and dressed… they grabbed their stuff for School and made way downstairs. It was a slow but depressing morning as they were just dealing with the aftermath of Losing Jor-el a week ago. It was a whole week and they were still trying to gather the pieces and went around the clock to figure out what happened and who all was involved. they were trying to find out what went wrong… but at that point of time… they were near the dark…


Princess Rikku: *looking at the girls* Morning girls. Your breakfast is on the Table… it’s Ham and eggs and Hash browns… Clark helped relight the pilot lights on the stove. which i am very thankful for.

Clark: It was not a problem. *nods*

Paige: *Looking at Pearl and Dinah* How is that possible? He was in the room with us…

Clark: i did it before i came up to the room.

Pearl: *Getting it* Ahhh! okay. that explains it.

Dinah: *Sitting down at the Table and Eating her breakfast* Good thing that i’m Hungry… i kinda felt rather starved. *Scarfing down her plate; enjoying each bite* These Eggs taste good.

Pearl and Paige: *Sitting down and eating their breakfast*

At Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at Shingo* We haven’t gotten to getting you online yet… we shall do that right now…

Shingo: You’re kidding right? Online? I’ll be online.

Chloe: Not exactly the kind you’re thinking of… it’s online referring to syncing up to Watchtower’s systems.

Shingo: *Shocked* Whoa! Uh… okay. that is explaining it more better… because it sounded as though you were referring to the internet. So… How does it work exactly? *Wondering*

Chloe: *Looking at the earpiece* The earpiece goes in your ear and that’s the earpiece that syncs up to Watchtower…

Shingo: Oh… okay. *Smirks a little* Imagine this… a 13 year old doing this and being a part of Watchtower. Kinda like a huge change in life. *Placing the Earpiece on his ear and presses a button* Mystic Thunder… Online.

Chloe: Here we go.

P.A: *Sounding off* Mystic Thunder…Online. Welcome to Watchtower… Mystic Thunder.

Shingo: No no… Thank you Watchtower. it’s an honor to be part of the team.

Chloe: It also comes with a Cellphone too. *handing Shingo a cellphone* This is yours.

Princess Charlene: *Stepping over from the side* I am also part of Watchtower too.

Shingo: *Turns and Gasps* Huh?! Who is she?

At Metropolis High school…

Paige: *Getting off her Hover Cruiser* Thanks Clark… these Hover Cruisers got us here… but with your super speed. it provided a Warp speed.

Pearl: *With Her Backpack on her and Looking inside the school* it’s gonna be a very quiet day… there is hardly anyone here.

Dinah: I think that’s because we’re here a little early… *Looking at Clark* You’re really fast with that super speed there, Clark. What was that? a 150 Miles an hour? *Feeling a little Dizzy* i feel a little Dizzy. *Leaning against the wired fence* I need to just catch my breath here for a minute.

Clark: It’s okay. you’ll be okay. it’ll pass. just take a deep breath and calm down a little. You’ll be fine in a minute… promise.

A minute later…

Pearl: We better get inside…

Paige: *Seeing the other Teens going inside the school* Yeah. The teachers are gonna be mad if we are late.

Dinah: *Remembering* Oh man… we forgot about the test. we had a Science test yesterday….. and we bailed on that…  Shit! we’re such toast. Mrs. Petersen is gonna go totally Nuclear.

Pearl: You don’t think that she’ll fail us… Do you Dinah?

Dinah: Well… what do you think, Pearl? Imagine you having to be the teacher and noticing students bailing on you. How would you feel about that?

Pearl: *Looking Down* I’d feel awful. What will we do if she fails us? Mom will be really mad at us.

Dinah: Yeah… you’d just now think that, wouldn’t you? Mom would go wacky and throw a fit if she saw that we got a failing grade. she would not be happy.

Clark: *Secretly super speeding into the school and posing as the girls and doing the test and handing it into the teacher; Super speeding out* What test?

Paige: *Looking at Clark* uh… What did you just do?

Pearl: *Confused* What did who just do? Paige… What are you talking about? *Seeing a smile on Clark’s face* Uh-oh… he didn’t do what i think he did, did he?

Dinah: He did something… didn’t he? *Sighs* you know what… Never mind. i don’t think i’d want to know about it. i think that it’s probably something that is better to not know about.

Clark: *Nods* that’s right. sometimes it’s best to believe that there are mysteries and miracles that tend on being better if they’re unsolved and seen as a blessing in disguise.

Paige: a Rhapsody family custom… our family believes in that logic.

Pearl: *Giggles* True. we do.

A minute later… Clark had to head off to the Daily Planet and the girls had to get to their class. it was almost time for school to begin. it wasn’t gonna be too lively that morning… just rather slow. but Pearl didn’t mind it. Paige was opened to it being rather slow. it gave her some time to think about things and think about where to start looking for Jor-el’s murderer. She knew that Jor-el was murdered. the passing of Jor-el kept passing in her head. replaying the scene over and over. Leaders had the heaviest of burden for they had to think about things that the rest of the team would never need to worry about. Paige was the Leader of the Rhapsody girls Z. she had to come up with plans for the rest of the team. She also knew that there was to be alot at stake for them… Pearl and Dinah felt that something was bothering Paige… but they were afraid to ask as to what it could be. all they knew was that she was thinking about the events that took off just recently. As they made it inside the classroom…

Mrs. McKinley: Paige, Pearl and Dinah… Can i have a word with you 3 for a minute?

Pearl: *Jumps in surprise* uh… okay. What’s wrong, Teacher?

Dinah: we didn’t do anything wrong… Did we, Teach?

Mrs. McKinley: *Shaking her head* No. it’s not that. not that at all. I just wanted to ask you about your apparent hero detail… i noticed that you 3 have had a little incident a week ago which since it happened i was meaning to ask you about it but the words just wouldn’t come out. i heard all this commotion. i didn’t figure to blow it off… because i was hearing a voice that i didn’t recognize before. It was British sounding and i heard someone say names like Major… something… Major Zod. and then Jor-el. i heard also…

Pearl: *Breaking down in tears; Running away* No… Jor-el! he’s gone… No!!!

Dinah: Teach… this is a reprieve… but that was a bad move. Making her Cry… You should have remembered or realized that Pearl is very sensitive and gets emotional. She was like that since she was a little girl. 4 years old. since then she was like that. *Sighs* I’ll go get her. i know exactly where she’s heading off to. *Hovering out after her sister Pearl* Pearl… Come back here.

Mrs. McKinley: *Confused* Uh, i am really lost here… All i said was that i heard the names Major Zod and Jor-el spoken… whoever they are. i also heard such things like Phantom Zone and Krypton. Phantom Zone stuck out because to me… it’s another way of saying the Bermuda Triangle or something… No… that can’t be right. it’s got to be a prison.

Paige: *Scoffs* Uh, Yeah. that’s typically what it’d be. it’s not a place for paradise. it is a place that was said to house the worst known Criminals of the 28 known Galaxies. Major Zod unfortunately happens to be one of them… although he’s on earth. well at least the clone is… someone who is just a mere vessel of what he once was…

Mrs. McKinley: How was i to know? I don’t usually follow that stuff… all i follow is whatever the Daily Planet tells me. and listen to the News and to people passing by. but most of the stuff… i am as lost as the yellow pages. i wouldn’t know what was what if you were to put a huge billboard up and it had a huge arrow pointing at it. When it comes to stuff like Say Zod… or Krypton… or Jor-el…  Heck… i’d even be told about a place called Watchtower and i’d be lost as the person with complete Amnesia…

outside the classroom…

by the nearby tree…

Pearl: *Sitting against the Tree; Crying*

Dinah: *Walking over to Pearl* Pearl… Are you okay?

Pearl: *Crying* How can you ask me that… You can see that i am nowhere near that…  i am grieving over Jor-el’s passing. he did not deserve to die.  he was not meant to die. Someone killed him… someone had to have killed him or pushed him till he couldn’t do it… He is dead. there is nothing we can do. I don’t like the fact that he’s dead. he never hurt anyone… he was nice. *Grunts* I give up on feeling upset over death. what’s the point of feeling sad if there is nothing i can do to stop it. Innocent people get killed and we’re all just going on like it’s not a big deal. *Sniffles* It’s not fair that he’s dead. he shouldn’t have died. *Looking up at Dinah* Dinah… am i that pathetic… that i bring myself to cry over a loss that i couldn’t stop?

Dinah: *Sighs and Getting on her knees in front of Pearl* I don’t know. i would like to say no. but you deep down know that it’s a question that you’re gonna have to answer on your own… *Sighs* Come on… Sis… this is degrading to see you like this. You’re not pathetic. A bit of a big baby… maybe… but who’s to complain? you’re just being you. You’re unique. You got a big heart.  You remember when you dislocated your leg? Paige and i were there with you the whole time… but all the while being there… i was crying on the inside because it was tearing me apart seeing you in pain. You’re like a baby to Paige and me. but we love you no matter what you are.  *Putting an arm around Pearl* You have a big heart. there is no crime in that. none. you shouldn’t be tearing yourself up because you feel that you’re that pathetic. you’re not. you never were… Pathetic. *Looking at Pearl and holding her close* seriously now… You should not be like this in school… I can’t believe that you’re still Mourning Over Jor-el’s passing. even after a week has passed. He is gone… it sucks. i hate it too… but you shouldn’t be this upset. i am upset just as much as you over it. but i am not letting it out in school. Why? Because it would only make a unwanted scene.

Pearl: *Nods while still in tears*

Dinah: *Pulling out a handkerchief and Drying her sisters tears* Come on Sis… it’ll be alright. Jor-el is gone. but you and i both should know and should never forget that the best way to keep them alive is to keep going on… in their honor. it’s the best way to keep their memory alive. You think that Jor-el would be happy to see us breaking down all the time over a death that we couldn’t control? It’s probably just a show… but it’s still got a lot of meaning… Season 5 Episode 22. Vessel. “Death is a part of life, but you can’t let it blind you.” Jor-el is gone… but if we can find his killer and take him/her down… it’ll bring him at peace.

Pearl: *Chuckles while cheering up trying to calm down* No offense Dinah… but that was possibly the least common thing that i’d ever hear you say. *Smiles* … *Hugging Dinah* Thank you for that… i feel better now. i’m sorry that you and Paige have to put up with my sob episodes all the time. I Should learn to grow up. *Sighs*

Dinah: In time… you will. but there is no hurry. besides… you’re only as big as you feel.

Inside the classroom…

Paige: *Looking at the teacher* You know that we’re heroes… but we’re also humans too. we have hearts.

Mrs. McKinley: i understand that. i just think that there is a time for being a hero and a time to be a responsible human and a person with some dignity. these beings… Like Major Zod. they don’t exist… if they did… then where are they? huh? where?

Paige: *Frustrated* You really don’t seem to get it, do you? they are there. you’d be singing a different tune if one of the Kandorians just happened to waltz right into this room.

After class…

Paige: *Looking at Pearl* You okay Pearl?

Pearl: Yeah. i’m okay now…

Dinah: Paige… we’re gonna need to keep a high eye on our sister here. She’s like the baby of the team… I think that Mom would be really mad at us if anything happened to her.

Paige: yeah. she would…

At the Ex-Professor’s house…

“I Loved you first” By Regina Spektor plays…

Tammy: *Cleaning the house* I don’t want nothing to do with that man. he’s nothing but a brute. A week has passed since the Divorce… but the reality and the vision is still there… It’s still fresh in my mind of how Pidge was acting. He was with total Malice and it was as though he didn’t care about what he was doing… knowing that he was hurting my friends. The very nerve of him threatening to hurt my friends though. Princess Rikku is a nice person. She did of course try to flirt with the man i loved… but she couldn’t help but to feel something for him at that time… That was of course before we all saw the true colors of him come out. He is not a nice person. *Sighs* What am i talking about? How could i have divorced him? He maybe an ass. but i still love him somehow… Somewhere inside i still love him. As much as i had no option but to do what i’ve done… i need to face the facts that i can’t raise these babies alone by myself. I need help.  *Walking over to the bedroom and going over to the phone* I don’t know if living single is right for me… or if it’ll be so easy… but i can’t go back. Pidge doesn’t even love me anymore… how could he? *Starting to feel Upset* I have turned my back on him when he needed me the most. *Looking at pictures of her Now Ex-husband; on verge of crying* What have i done? Why did i leave him? Betraying him like that. I must be the worst woman in the whole world. I sure wish that my mother was still around.  *In sobs* I need her so much. i have lost my husband… and Lost my mother… Maybe i could try to contact the team… Possibly rejoin them. it’s better than me sitting here and being alone for the rest of my life. I have no one. I lost my heart.  *Laying down on the bed and groaning in pain* I feel pain… I think that the babies feel it too. They can tell that something’s up. *Feeling deep pain*

Tammy then called for a stay at home nurse. someone to stay with her and care for her. She was feeling pain inside and she was finding it hard to move without it hurting so much…

At Luthorcorp…

Tess: *Looking at the papers* I haven’t heard from Mr. Stroker for almost a few days now. Actually it’s been about a couple of weeks since the last i’ve heard from him. What am i gonna do? he has the reports on the new machine that i requested. I tried calling his home and no one was there. His Wife didn’t even pick up the phone… *On the Intercom* Sandy… come in here.

Sandy: *Over the intercom* Yes Ms. Mercer.

A minute later…

Sandy: *Walking into the office* Is there something wrong, Ms. Mercer?

Tess: Yes. there is. I haven’t heard from Mr. Stroker in almost several days now… going on a couple of weeks… i don’t know how to reach him. I tried leaving him several messages on his cellphone and got no response. I tried calling his house and got nothing. Not even his wife picked up the phone. I even tried making a visit to his house to see if he was home and there was no answer. no one answered. However i did manage to get a neighbor of his to tell me where he was… and found that he was being escorted somewhere. But the neighbor didn’t go into much detail. he clearly didn’t see what all was going on.  *Looking at the Log* the last time i heard from Mr. Stroker… he had something to show me before putting the machine into Mass Production. but since then… i haven’t heard from him. I don’t know how to reach him at all.

Sandy: Want me to make some calls and ask for a search on Mr. Stroker?

Tess: Yes. Find him. *Suddenly Looking out the window* Any word on the Kandorians? they’ve been quiet since a week ago.

Sandy: No idea. Since then no one has heard word of them. You think that they’re keeping on the down low.

Tess: That’s not the least bit Enlightening. I want them watched.

Sandy: want to have a team sent out?

Tess: Get on it.  and find out where Mr. Stroker is. i want him found…

Although at The Daily Planet…

Trixie: *Looking at Clark* So, Tell me something uplifting for news Kent? what’s going on with your life lately? You are taking a whole lot of time off. i am hoping that it’s to get good juicy tales to spread on to the page of the Daily Planet.  Perry doesn’t ask much… Just a story or two. but if you don’t begin producing some intel and soon. he’s gonna be an unhappy camper looking to kick a behind in the proverbial rear.

Clark: It’s something personal…

Trixie: *Pauses and asking out of curiosity* Personal? like what? someone getting hitched to a midget? You are missing out on producing articles… now i’m only saying this because i am concerned and i worry about a good fellow working companion… but You need to get your mind and heart in the game here.

Clark: it’s nothing like that… i am just trying to cope with losing someone that was very close to me.

Trixie: Oh dear… *Saddened* I didn’t know… I’m so sorry Clark. Is there anything we can do?

Clark: No. it’s best if i just let it go for now. I’ve got someone looking into it.

Trixie: I see. but if there is anything you need… you come see me.

Clark: Thanks Trixie.

Lois: *Walking into the room; irritated* The people out there are really pushy…  and slow. It took me a half hour to get one cup of Espresso from the coffee place nearby. *Recalling something she heard on the way in* i happened to have caught wind of some incident that happened at the Metropolis high school last week. Some guy… was seen there. someone named Jor-el or something. talking to 3 girls and let me tell you… it wasn’t normal either… something was going on. the 3 girls were also seen transforming in the middle of the school grounds. all last week i’ve been hearing about it… but no one mentioned it here…

Clark: *Looking up and overhearing the name* Jor-el? You’re kidding, right? he was seen at the school?

Lois: Yeah… he was. Clark,You should be more open to that… he was seen there with 3 girls. they were talking about some guy that came from an Alien orb. I usually would have figured that Tess would be the one going Psycho over extraterrestrials and Alien presences in the city. The girls were talking about that. from what i caught from a passerby on the way in he over heard one of the girls saying something. i think it was the middle girl. Pearl that was heard saying: “It’s not a problem… we were happy to do it. we saved the world from other threats prior to Major Zod.” What was that all about anyway? I heard little bits and pieces of it for a week now… But yet… no one talks about it till today.

Clark: I don’t know. *Hiding the truth from Lois* That’s the first time i heard about it. It isn’t in the papers. it would have made it to the press by now. but it takes a week for it to hit here? Must be a very slow News week.

Perry: *stepping out of the Editors office* Holy Caesar’s ghost… What all this about a fabled meeting between 3 girls and a mystery man missing a name tag? *Walking over to Trixie, Lois and Clark* I just got a tip from someone at the news room that there was a incident at the Metropolis High school Last week. Which is a total disappointment for i should have been informed about this. it’s a big news piece. this one revolving news about a man who called himself a name… Jor-el. *Scoffs* Yeah… that’s a nice foreign name for you… the guy was seen talking to 3 girls. and by description… it sounded alot like the 3 super sleuths… Paige, Pearl and Dinah Rhapsody. *Smirks and looking at Lois* I happen to know those girls… they came here sometime ago about getting word out warning people of a lethal Virus that was said to hit the entire city by way of the water lines. *Looking at Clark and chuckles* and before that almost about maybe a year before that day… they were here with a group of girls that looked like sailors. talking about some great Evil being resurrected. Those girls and their antics sell more news stories than the average tale going off about sex, Murder and scandals… or death.

Clark: The girls were here?

Perry: Oh no… Kent, they weren’t just here… they were battling. they were trying to go after someone by the name of… *Lost on the name* What was that name that they mentioned?

Trixie: Kunzite.

Perry: *Sighs* i was trying to not bring that name up… but yeah. that. they were going after him and were going on about how he was this weirdo with a sword… tossing some weird light. that guy had a little too much caffeine in him. he was swinging that sword like a mad dog.

Clark: I didn’t know about that. Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Perry: well… we would… but alot of the time… you were out busy being Johnny on the spot. running through electrical wires and knocking down telephone poles.

Lois: *Smirks* Aha! So Smallville does have a few tricks under that sidearm after all, huh?

Trixie: *Coughs up and trying to refrain from laughing* I’m gonna just pretend that i didn’t hear that last line. *Getting to work on her article*

Perry: Lois… that story on the surprise meeting between the mystery man and the 3 girls… get on it. i want it exclusive and accurate… let’s hit it up for today’s deadline. *Looking at Clark* Kent… get on the ball and produce something. you can talk about aliens if that would help… actually… cover the talk about a sighting of a strange man that comes at night and presents red glowing eyes.

Clark: okay.

Perry: *Walking back to his office* But the next time something big happens in the city… even if revolving those 3 girls… i want to know about it. If i get another wake up call from the news headquarters about another news piece that should have had hit the news stands a day after the incident took place. i will be a not so happy Editor.

At Watchtower…

Shingo: *Looking at the screens* What’s going on out there?

Chloe: There is nothing going on right now…


Chloe: *hearing sirens going off*… *Checking the computers* There’s trouble… at the Cargo warehouse by the docks… Kandorians… Major Zod is there. From what the readings show… Zod is Holding someone hostage… it’s uh… *Looking at Shingo* Do you recognize this person?

Shingo: *Coming over to look at the computer* Recognize who? *Looking at the screen* Oh man… that’s my sister. *Sighs and feeling disbelief* Usagi… you idiot. *Sighs* She got herself in trouble again. She can be such a magnet for trouble. trouble always seems to find her. i better go and get her… before she does something stupid… Again.

Shingo: *Transforming* “Thunder Power… EXECUTE!” *Forming two Thunder blades as his outfit forms and appears around him* … *Fully Transformed* The Thunderic Avenger Mystic Thunder… feel the Pain of my Thunder Blades!”

Chloe: You’re good to go Shingo… AC and Victor will join you. once there at the scene… tread careful. The Kandorians are being led by Zod. there is no telling what they might try to do. just rescue the hostage and double time it back. don’t initiate any fight. unless they make the first move.

Shingo: *Nods* Okay.

Arthur Curry: *Walking in from the other room* got a case for us, Watchtower?

Victor Stone: we’re set to pound some of those evil dudes. What’s the situation?

Chloe: There is a hostage situation at the Cargo Warehouse. by the docks… The hostage is the sister to Shingo…  *Putting the picture on screen*

… Usagi Tsukino. Sister to Shingo. Major Zod has her captive. You have to hurry and rescue her… until the Solar Tower gets built and is fully operational… they have no powers and until they get that tower up and running… they are gonna get restless and desperate. You must all hurry. Be careful…

Arthur Curry: *Looking at the girl* Not bad looking for a lady with pigtails. *Heading out* leave it to us… we’ll save the damsel in distress.

Victor Stone: *Syncing up and heading out* You bet. Dolphin man and I’ll handle it.

Chloe: Shingo is going along… he’s one of the team now. that’s his sister.

Arthur Curry: You got it. What is he?

Chloe: Mystic Thunder.

Victor Stone: You’re kidding, right? Mystic Thunder? uh, okay. good name for a hero. *Looking at Shingo* You set to spark there, Mystic?

Shingo: you bet. *Looking at Chloe* If my girlfriend calls asking for me… tell her that i’m on a case and fighting my first official battle.

Chloe: you got it.

Moments later…

At Metropolis High school…

Break time…

Paige: *Walking over to get something to eat* Pearl, Dinah… that teacher we have for 1st period is truly clueless. she surely doesn’t know anything about what’s going on. we told her about the Kandorians and the only thing she could do was just look at us like she was seeing two of us.

Pearl: *Sighs* Tell me about it. i can’t really figure what is more sad. Her not understanding a thing we say or the fact that she  is hearing it but disregarding it as if she couldn’t give much concern as to what is going on out there? I just hope that the Kandorians don’t try anything. We can’t keep going at them like this.

Dinah: Well… we might not have to… for now. Besides… we still have to find out who Killed or Murdered Jor-el. He’s been offed like a light switch for no reason…other than for details on how to get the powers from the yellow sun. *Scoffs* Yeah… like that’s gonna happen. *Looking at Paige* Do you think that the Kandorians will try something sneaky?

Paige: not sure. I would like to say no… but we don’t know from day to day of what they’d do. They could stick by and keep at a standstill. the last thing we have seen of Major Zod. he was well at our party. and that was weeks ago. we haven’t seen him for weeks. but he’s out there… in the city. Looking into getting that Solar Tower Built. it’s being in process of getting built. they started the Construction today. *Smirks and Grins* well… they actually did it about a week ago. however… it stopped because Tess called in and forced them to wait till she got the okay from some higher people.

Pearl: *Confused* Paige, How are you to know that?

Dinah: did you just guess that?

Paige: yeah. but it’s true… isn’t it? *Walking further over to the School cafeteria* Besides… when the proposal for the Solar tower was presented… there were a bunch of business people and spectators in suits.

Pearl: *Thinking* That’s right. there were people in suits and ties… it looked like a party in there… It kinda hurts that we weren’t invited to join and try some of the nice food that happened to be on one of the tables and with nice cute designs.

Dinah: *Scoffs while walking along side her sisters* Tess, Inviting us? to a gathering like that… that’s a laugh. i wouldn’t dare bother showing up to a party like that. especially one that deals with the Kandorian like Major Zod. before we heard the truth about him… we would trust him. or see him with a heart. but now… if you were to ask me about being part of that… i’d pass.


a couple of teens came up and grabbed the girls attention…

Boy # 1: *Looking at Paige* Hey there… What’s up? I’ve been hearing things about you.

Boy #2: *Looking at Pearl* Hey… i saw you this morning by the tree. Cryin’ with sadness. You okay?

Paige: You have? *Looking at the Teen* Who are you?

Pearl: *Looking at the Teen with the golden hair* Yeah. i’m okay. thanks for asking. i just was feeling sad about something. something that i couldn’t control.

Boy #2: You mean about that guy that was seen here a week ago? I heard about that guy. Wasn’t his name… Jor-el? I heard that name get spoken. i thought it was just me… but this morning i heard you saying the name again. *Seeing a sad face form on Pearl* No… no. don’t cry. i am not trying to upset you. honest. i am just curious about it is all. i don’t even know who the guy was… Who was he?

Pearl: *Sniffles a little; Blowing her nose* He was Jor-el a renowned Scientist. He came to us to talk about someone by the name of Major Zod. The guy was also Kandorian. just like Zod and his soldiers. they were all Kandorian… but also were mere shadows of their former selves.

Boy #2: Really? *Stunned* Whoa! You know those people. you must be one cool girl if you know people like that. I can see that you’re sensitive alot. i kinda am the same way too. *Remembering something* Wait… i think i know who you are talking about… You are talking about the guy who came from some ball. i read about it in the Daily planet not long ago… when the troubles first began with the beings… The Kandorians… i was at home in Hawaii… i felt it from there that something was not right. so i came on my way here with my brother who is talking with your sister Paige. We heard about you 3 girls. I read up on the adventures of the Rhapsody Girls. you had to deal with the menace of Planet Doom and then the Queen of Dark Kingdom… i read it all. plus read a clipping on the Professor of yours… Professor Stroker. Saying that he was being arrested for attempting to Murder someone. I think i got the clipping here… i kept it just in case if i were to happen to finally meet the beautiful girl such as you. *Pulling out the newspaper clipping* here. It’s about a week old though.

Pearl: *Looking at the clipping* Oh god. *Dropping the clipping in shock and fright* No…

Dinah: *Looking at Pearl* What’s the big deal about the clipping, Sis? something… *Seeing the picture on the clipping on the ground* Spook you? *Looking at the clipping* Oh geez! Please… don’t say it… not him. *Picking it up and reading the clipping* “Slammed shut: Pidge Stroker Locked up on attempted Murder”  *Reading on* “The reports came in by an APB wire after the apprehension of Pidge Stroker a known Ex. To the Mother of 3 super sleuths. Stroker was for 3 long years the renowned professor of the 3 girls and was also said to be the father to their sister Betty Rhapsody who is under the hero Alias Angelic Raven. the hero identity that was once upon a time the hero alias of Princess Rikku Rhapsody a local mother of 5 girls. Betty, Angel, Paige, Pearl and Dinah. also of two rogue girls by the names of Princess Amy and Princess Amelia. Princess Amy and Princess Amelia were disbanded and disowned by the family after a corruption incident happened days before the move back to Metropolis. One night during Princess Rikku’s outing and duties before she transferred the powers to her Daughter Betty… Princess Amy was at home on their Island home and in the midst of a Menage a trois. and with Corruption in the ranks… it was later caught that she was smoking also. the news broke only moments after it happened and was found that Princess Amy was doing it to get attention away from Betty. making sibling hatred at its foremost. But with the disowning of Princess Amy and Princess Amelia… it was signs that the sweet family had a tale to tell. Princess Rikku and Pidge Stroker were a pair for a time and during that time… they were in love. innocent as innocent can ever be. but a little time before their departure of the ways and leaving separately going different paths. they shared an intimate delicacy and sealed their deals. Which 9 months later… out came Betty. and twin sister Angel. But also came 3 more girls. but  when it first began… the mother only knew of the two. she was not informed of the other 3 till 8 years later after Betty and Angel came into the picture. the 3 were found to be on top of the Daily planet and known as normal… Paige, Pearl and Dinah. but 3 years later… by the cause of a freak accident they became the girls of Virtue and Courage… destined heroines of the City. The dilemma between Princess Rikku and Pidge Stroker happened over a possible investigation against the 3 girls and went from there. out of sheer protection and the safety of her Daughters well-being… She took away the visiting rights of their Daughter Betty.  to protect her from the daughter’s father who had started changing and acting out of Anger. He was vowing to hurt the girls which enacted for Princess Rikku to take action and derail Stroker’s rights of seeing his daughter that links him to Princess Rikku. He during that time had given it up and severed his ties from her and his daughter. which ended it till he got served to pay child support. officer Taylor reported to the local reporters giving a Quote that was Uttered from the lips of the Suspect Pidge Stroker. “I’m Gonna kill that Woman” Actual ending of the statement was changed to protect the Newspaper and Press. The Suspect was then arrested and taken to the City Penitentiary with no chance of parole or bail.”

Pearl: He was gonna try to kill our mother… That nasty man… *Feeling angry* I ought to let that guy have it. That man is not our friend… or our professor anymore…

Boy #2: *looking at Pearl and getting her to ease up* Calm down, Pearl. it’s gonna be okay. you won’t be harmed by him. he’s been locked up. there is no shot at him being released. he’ll be in jail till he is at least 50 or older.

Pearl: *Curious* Who are you? how do you know me?

Boy #2: well… i know you through the clippings and from the appearance. you look exactly like how the clippings describe. the soft spoken, over caring… the most sensitive baby girl in the world. you have strong emotions and release more emotions than a mood ring and an average human heart combined. I have actually been watching you for a week to be honest.  i was really interested  Seeing such a girl like you. hearing about you and then seeing you sitting in the same class as me. i can’t really explain it… but after reading about you and seeing you in class… i had to finally meet you in person. *Introducing himself*

My name is Peter Blaze… i’m the most sensitive guy there is…  actually, i am rather a bit feminine. but i understand the softer side.

Boy #1: *Looking at Paige*

I’m Johnny Parker… I heard about you… you’re a pretty far out girl.  *Looking at Paige more and Suddenly with a gentle gesture Kissing her* You’re a nice girl. I hope that we meet again. *Smiles and Winks* I”ll call you later. *Looking at his Brother* Me and Peter have to split till class begins… We’re brothers… but different last names. my dad remarried and partnered up with an Asian dame. pretty delicate and a real peach. Asian meals aren’t my forte usually… but the lady sure could cook a fine dish of sweet and Sour fish. She would even make Egg Rolls from scratch. and roll them so careful too. Peter’s Mother is my step mom. but being a brother to him… i am thrilled. he’s sensitive but he’s a real find. nothing could get past him.

Paige: *Smiles and blushes* Thank you… I’ll be waiting for your call. *Giggles with an outburst of happiness*

Peter: *Kissing Pearl on the Lips out of fondness of the sights of her* You’re a special girl. I’ll call you later. And… even though we never met till now… I love you.

Pearl: *Feeling fuzzy and blushes with delight* Awww! You’re really sweet. I feel the same towards you. we never met till now… but i felt your heart and it was really kind and sweet. the kind of heart i’d love to have in my life.

Peter: That’s why… i want to be yours.

Johnny: and i wish to be yours, Paige.  Meeting you was something i wanted to do. getting to see you. i noticed you in class and fell right in love. *Smiles*

Dinah: *Feeling Queasy* Okay… i think that’s enough of the love brigade. don’t over shoot Cupid’s love tonic. you’ll short circuit.

Paige and Pearl both smiled as they watched the two boys leave. never knowing that the two boys were watching them. for the last week. the boys were watching them and when the boys let off the vibe… the girls knew that they actually had secret admirers… they felt loved.  it was weird at first to them for they never met them before that moment and didn’t know all that much about them… but as they thought about the two boys… they just felt as though their hearts were gonna flutter. Paige noticed that the guy who spoke to her was with a belt. it was a power belt. Which glowed around her belt. feeling as though they were one and the same. Pearl saw the power belt around the guy who spoke with her too. the belt glowed and the only thing that was different was that the belt was glowing blue.  For the rest of the day at least through the next period… the next class… the girls couldn’t concentrate. Paige and Pearl had the two guys on their minds. They were on their way to their 4th period when Dinah suddenly sensed something wrong and suddenly looked down..

Dinah: *Listening to the sky* Something is wrong…

Paige: What do you mean? *Looking at Dinah* Dinah, Are you okay?

Dinah: *Shaking her head*

Chloe: *Contacting Dinah, Paige and Pearl* Watchtower to Rhapsody Girls… Come in…

Paige: *Pressing the button on her earpiece* Miss Love Speaking… We read you, Watchtower. What’s up?

Chloe: *Informing of the situation* Mystic Thunder has been captured… the Kandorians surrounded him during his order to rescue a hostage from the Cargo warehouse… it was his sister who was the Hostage.

Dinah: *Shrieks* What?! Usagi-Chan… A hostage? Where the heck is her man Mamoru when she is in need of him?

Pearl: Shouldn’t we go and help rescue them?

Dinah: Yeah…  but how exactly do you figure that we are to do that? We are in school. there is nothing we can do… there are teachers walking close by. they will write us up if we try to get out…

Paige: We may have detention for doing this… but Duty is calling. we’re gonna answer it. *Looking at Pearl and Dinah* Girls… we’re gonna do it. If the teachers have a problem… they will just have to either clip our wings… Give us detention… call our mom or deal with it.  because this is gonna keep going.

Dinah: Plus… that is my boyfriend in danger. i don’t care if the school will have a problem over it. even if you two don’t go… i’m still going.

Paige: *Speaking to Watchtower* Watchtower… put us online. we’re going for it.

A minute later…

In the girls bathroom…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* … *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Hearts* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The heart and love of the Rhapsody girls… Miss Love… In the name of Justice, love and all that’s good… The followers of Evil will fall.

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The emotional and caring soul of the Rhapsody girls… Bubble Maiden. In the name of sweet compassion and Bubbly charm… The Bubbles of life will wipe away the stain of Evil.

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* The loose Wire and the tough fighter of the Rhapsody Girls… Thunder Mistress. In the name of the thunder and fierce determination of the good people… The Evil creeps who dare enter this world will be Electrified.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

As for the Ex-Professor…

At the Kansas State Penitentiary…

He was at the State penitentiary and was in his cell… Plotting a break-out and to get the tools he would need to destroy the Rhapsody Girls Z! He became a Villain now. He had no reason to stay on the good side. He Learned the Security systems and how they changed and quickly outsmarted them… Although… he was still in his cell. Biding his time…

Pidge: *Thinking to himself* I made those brats… i will destroy them. Look out you brats. your time will come when those sweet little powers i gave you will be taken away. i promise that… *With an evil grin*

Suddenly a lady came over and unlocked the door to his cell…

Tess: *Scoffs in disbelief* i can’t believe that i find you here. i was calling you for a week and i just now got the news that you have been locked up. I’ve been calling your house and leaving you Voice mails and everything trying to get a hold of you.

Pidge: *Scoffs with a bit of a snobby tone* I must have missed them… on the count of the fact that i am in lock-up. all my personal items have been seized. i can’t make any calls to anyone. I am stuck here. all because i said that i was gonna kill someone. i am gonna nail that woman… and those girls. they ruined my life.

Tess: I heard about that. *Setting an Ultimatum* Pidge… You are not meant for Jail. but you’re also not to go anywhere near those 3 girls. i don’t care if they pissed you off. You touch them… you’ll be out of work. Hopefully i made that clear to you. I heard that you’re divorced. Tough luck if you ask me. you had a wonderful life. a marvelous wife. You choose to throw that all away… i think you’re a foolish person for doing as such. however… you know what you want. I paid for your bail… but consider this your only free ticket out. if you get into trouble again and go after those girls landing yourself back in here… you can just rot in here and be someone’s pretty little love toy.

Pidge: No deal… i am staying here. i am not gonna stay away from the 3 girls. They ruined my life. i will ruin theirs. i made them. i will destroy them just the same. you might as well just kill me. because i won’t stop. That woman took away my rights to seeing my daughter. then expects me to be paying child support for her. not doing it. Just kill me. because if i get out… i will see to it that those girls are taken out.

Tess: *Slaps Pidge in the face* You will stop. They didn’t ruin you. you ruined yourself. You chose this path. knowing full well what it was gonna do to you… you did it to yourself. Tammy didn’t push. neither did the girls. and as far as the Child support for your daughter goes… You’re paying it. i’m sending 3o% of all future paychecks you get from Luthorcorp to set up a Trust Fund for Mrs. Rhapsody’s Daughter Betty. because you are trying to stiff them. Not gonna happen. You can do anything you want… but the Rhapsody family is off limits to you. and that is to also stay away from Paige, Pearl and Dinah. you go near them… i will have you charged… and will see that you’re put on death row.

Pidge: *Growls* Whatever… Do what you want. i could care less. i practically find myself to consider them dead to me anyway. they mean nothing to me. after all i done for them and then they betray me. and get me in trouble… starting shit against me. But if i am gonna abide by your rules… i will expect my rule to be obeyed too. that’s to refrain from speaking about them to me… or even referring about them around me. i don’t want to hear it.

Tess: That’s fine. *being straight and thorough* Because even though i lost their trust and lost their respect… i’m gonna see to it that they are not harmed by you. or by anyone else.

At the cargo warehouse…

Usagi: *Trying to break free from the ropes* Ugh! Can’t get through… Too Tight!

Shingo: No Duh… Usagi. What the hell are you even doing getting involved with this mess anyway?

Outside of the Cargo warehouse…

Mamoru: *Looking through a Window* There’s Usagi… I got to save her… *Pulling out his Mask* I can’t get back to playing the hero again… not with the past life aiming to strike and play through once again. *Seeing a light in the reflection of the mirror* It’s them. The Rhapsody girls Z! They’ll be able to get in there.

Paige: *Landing and spotting Mamoru* Mamoru?! What on earth are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here… You’re putting yourself in danger’s sights. These beings are from Krypton. from Kandor. They’re led by a Major Zod. They don’t have powers from the Yellow sun right now… but still if they see you… they will hurt you.

Dinah: We know that you want to help. but the past life of the moon Kingdom is over now… there is nothing you can do. Let us handle the Kandorians. us and the Justice League will handle it. please. just stay out of the way… don’t get yourself placed in danger. You don’t want to get in the path of the Kandorians. especially if they get angry. it’s not a safe place to be. We are risking it ourselves… but it’s what we must do.

Pearl: *Looking through the window; Seeing Shingo inside busting loose* Hey… girls… i think Shingo is breaking out… he’s cut himself loose. *Looking to see a couple of the Kandorians walking in* Uh-oh.

Paige: *hearing worry in Pearl’s Voice* What’s up Bubble Maiden? what do you see? Trouble?

Pearl: *Looking back and nodding* Yeah. i do… there is a situation about to ensue… we need to act fast.

Dinah: *Looking at Mamoru* Mamoru, as soon as we get Usagi free from the ropes… we’ll send her out of here and as soon as you see her… and she’s out here… you run. don’t look back… don’t second guess. Just Run. It’s for your own good.

Mamoru: I know… *Nods* You 3 are the heroes working now… I really wished that i could transform into Tuxedo Kamen again… but that could cause for the past life to come back to life. you seem to have a bit of trouble with those Kandorians. You know… if you need soldiers… the 4 loyal protectors will help.

Paige: *Running into the warehouse* Stop right there…

Pearl: *Looking at the Kandorians* Come on… Leave those two alone… you’re messing with our friend and a comrade to us… that’s not cool!

Dinah: *With her Thunder Discs ready to fire* Back off of my boyfriend before i electrocute you. *Charging up her weapon* Time’s getting short. you better get yourself out of here and become scarce. *Seeing AC and Victor* Hey you two… join the festival… we’re about to blast our way out of here.

Arthur Curry: *Forming a Water ball and tossing it at the Kandorians* no sweat. Hero’s stick together.

Vala: *Barking* Stop! Enough. we are not the enemy here…

Victor Stone: *Smirks and grinning*Yeah… then what are you? because you sure ain’t around to send us a candy gram.

Vala: the ones you’re wanting are Basqat and Major Zod. they are the ones you want. they issued the attack.  We didn’t even want to attack the girl. We don’t even know her.

Basqat: *Walking over from the side and grabbing Pearl; Putting Pressure on her neck* Leave this place or this girl will be dead and spraying the Room with her blood.

Princess Charlene: *Entering Through a portal of Ice; Behind Basqat* Hey… behind you.

Basqat: *Turning around* What do you want… *Seeing a woman with ice and snow Blowing around her* Who are you?

Princess Charlene: Your Icy Tomb. Let go of my Niece before you get pelted with Ice! *With Ice balls and Spikes out and aimed* Release her. Now!

Basqat: I don’t take orders from the likes of you humans. You want her… take her. get out of our hideout. *Standing up to Princess Charlene* Come here again and i will not hesitate to spray this place with your blood. *with a disgusted tone* Now get out.

Pearl is released from Basqat’s grip and within seconds Pearl turned and attacked with Fury…

During the Confrontation, the Hostages were let loose and sent away to safety…

Pearl: *Playing a Tune on her Bubble Harp*“Oh brother I can’t, I can’t get through I’ve been trying hard to reach you, cause I don’t know what to do
Oh brother I can’t believe it’s true I’m so scared about the future and I wanna talk to you Oh I wanna talk to you You can take a picture of something you see In the future where will I be? You can climb a ladder up to the sun
Or write a song nobody has sung Or do something that’s never been done” 
*Launching an attack at Basqat with her bubble Harp* MELODIOUS BUBBLES!!!

Dinah: *With Anger* You touch and threaten my sister’s life again and i will fry your sorry hide Abilities or not. *Launching an attack at Basqat with her Thunder Discs* Thunderous SHOCKER!

Paige: *Running over to Basqat and Pointing her Scepter at Basqat* Basqat… My dear fellow Kandorian… Be a love and back away before i blast you with my Scepter of Bliss.  Pretty please! *Glaring at Basqat* Move! *Barking* MOVE!

Basqat: *Grabbing Paige and Tossing her into the wall* Pathetic!

Princess Charlene: *Flaring up with Ice and Snow* That does it.  Basqat… you want to tangle with a Rhapsody… EAT THIS!!!

Pearl: *Catching Her Aunt making a move* Aunt Princess Charlene… Get him! Teach that naughty Kandorian a lesson. He’s a bad bad awful brute. give him a good spankin’

Princess Charlene: *Meditating and rising into the air; gathering the energy from the Arctic and holding her hands up; Chanting a spell that make the ground quake and open up spewing snow at a mach 5 speed “Ground quake with a mighty rumble… Arctic snow from the arctic mountains… fill the cracks and the ruptured ground with arctic peril and frosty hell unleash with your might an Arctic Hell”; aiming at the target; Launching the attack at (Basqat) bombarding him/her with an Arctic hell* Arctic Apocalypse!

Victor Stone: *Watching the attack* Oh Damn… Arctic Mind is totally tweaked. She’s really loose. Now that girl knows how to get it going. *Cheering* Yeah!

Basqat: *Looking at Vala* Retreat! *Running off in defeat* You humans will one day feel the pain. hope i don’t get the abilities from the yellow Sun. because if i do… you’ll be spray painting the room with your own blood.

Dinah: *Snaps* Threaten us… you’re gonna regret it. *Running over and With punches and Kicks* You back the hell off my sisters. and My Aunt… and my friends… JERK! *Jumping up and Landing a Kick against Basqat’s head and Knocking him out* … *Grabbing Basqat and Spinning him around a few times before Tossing him into the nearby Cargo* HIYA!

Arthur Curry: *Walking over to Dinah; Grabbing her and snapping her out of the Anger* Dinah… Calm down… you got him. did a little more than you should have. but you made your point. it’s okay now. Calm down, girl. Just take a deep breath and relax.

Dinah: *Sighs and calming down* yeah. i know. but i just hate when jerks like him act like that. he was threatening to hurt my sisters. Only i can do that… but i do it with love and i don’t do it to intentionally hurt. they know that i don’t do it to intentionally hurt them. they also know that if anyone else tried it… i’d clobber them. *Feeling her sides a little* it’s rather cold in here… *Looking at AC* Where are the hostages? Did they make it out?

Pearl: *Walking over to Dinah* Yeah. they made it out. Both Usagi and Mamoru are out and safe.

Paige: *Getting up and Shaking off the dust and dirt* ….*Coughs* Ahh ahh! That was some throw. luckily it was soft. otherwise i would have been with a few broken limbs and maybe worse than that. Some leader i am though… i try to act tough and i get the living crap nearly beat out of me. talk about pathetic.

Princess Charlene: Paige… you’re not pathetic. that guy was just a big brute. all you can do is just do the best that you can. that’s all you can do. it’s the only thing you can do…

Chloe: *Contacting The Team* Watchtower to AC, Cyborg, Arctic Mind, Miss Love, Bubble Maiden, Thunder Mistress… Come in.

Pearl: *Responding* We Read you, Watchtower. We got the Hostages… they’re rescued and are on the run. they’ve been cleared. We kinda had a run in with a couple Kandorians. namely one by the name of Basqat. I swear Watchtower… i don’t know what that guy’s problem is… but if he starts in again… we girls are gonna lose our senses and will tear him to shreds. that guy has terrible anger problems and it’s really getting old.

Chloe: I know. but you can’t kill him. because even though they are Kandorians and are only shadows of their former selves… they are also Kryptonians and by hurting them you’ll also be hurting Clark. Clark is Kryptonian.  going at them is fine. but the final call is up to Clark.

Pearl: I understand.

Chloe: How’s our new recruit?

Dinah: Shingo? i don’t know. i’m gonna check on him now. he’s outside. *Running outside*

Outside of the Cargo Warehouse…

Shingo: *Panting* I was almost a goner there… that was a close call. *Feeling a little pain on his wrists* Oh man… that was bad. *Looking at his sister* Usagi… You alright?

Usagi: Yeah. I’m fine. *Worried about her brother* Are you gonna be alright?

Shingo: Yeah. i’ll be fine. honest. i am gonna be alright. i am just concerned about you. You may be an idiot at times… but you’re my idiot sister. no matter what our differences might be. if anything were to happen to you… it would hurt me. *Looking at Mamoru* You better take care of her. never hurt her. *Sitting down for a minute* I need to sit for a minute.

Dinah: *Running up from the side of warehouse* Shingo?! *close to Shingo and Kneeling beside Shingo* Are you okay?

Shingo: *nods* I think so. i just nearly got killed by that guy. the rescue mission was more than what i thought it’d be. i was at the tower and just finally set with the systems when the call rang out. i got here to answer it… and not only do i find that my sister was trapped or tied up… i find that i was in an Ambush situation. i tried to fight them all off and nearly got beat blind by 4 Kandorians. 3 men and a woman. The one you saw in there. Vala. she was inside. they stiffed me and grabbed me from behind and tied me up to the Chair. as well as with my sister. they tied me up. *Sighs* my first heroic mission and i get in the middle of a life threatening dilemma. *Looking at Dinah* You okay though, Dinah?

Dinah: I am now knowing that you’re okay…

Although at Princess Rikku’s house…

Amy Diamond’s “Look the other way” plays…

Princess Rikku: *Looking at Betty* Where are your sisters?

Betty: I don’t know… *Looking behind her* They were at school… but sometime during break they got a call from Watchtower. they left to handle it.

Princess Rikku: I noticed. The school just called. telling me that they took off again. There is not much i can do about it. I ought to ground them. but i could be placing the world in danger if i were to ground them.

Betty: I know. They’re trying to balance School detail with the hero detail. it’s hard work for them…

Princess Rikku: I sure hope that they’re okay though…

Betty: I am sure that they are. they got to be…

Princess Rikku: I better get ready for my Date with Bart. he’s taking me out on a date tonight. we’re going clubbing. There’s this club called the Ace of Clubs that he wants to take me to. so, i’m gonna make sure that i am at my best. *Feeling rather excited*

Betty: i am happy for you mom. I hope that it goes well for you. You should also have a chance at romance. Ever since my asshole… or Let’s say Jerk of a father Pidge left you… you were being played by guys and being Dumped by them too. I know that my father broke up with you because he loved you enough to let you find someone new. but what he really tried to do was find a way to eventually break your heart. i’m not dumb. i know his game. i seen his heart when i was with him the other month. He was planning to break your heart. had been from the very start. i can’t believe that i have an ass for a father.

Princess Rikku: *Looking sadly at Betty* is that how you really feel about your father?

Betty: As much as it pains me… *Nodding* Yeah. that is how i truly feel about him. Because for one thing… if i was him and wanted to break your heart. i would have done it civilized and respectful. not just be all mushy and then behind your back plot for a way to secretly break you heart and hurt you in a way that is entirely out of malice. i wouldn’t be like that. Pidge however is like that and i will never forgive him for how he treated you. The only thing i am glad to have of him… is the Smarts and the ability to be book smart and that’s all. the rest of it… i could not care one bit if i were to just lost that.

Princess Rikku: I see. *Looking at the pictures that she still had of Betty’s father* I guess that i should just get rid of these pictures of your father then. i don’t want you to feel plagued by him.

Betty: I’m sorry mom. but after what he did to you. i don’t want no sight of him or even see his picture.

Princess Rikku: *Sighs* I know. *Grabbing the pictures of her Ex and tossing them in the trash* I don’t want to see him at all.

Suddenly the phone rings…

Princess Rikku: *Picking up the Phone* … *Answering it* Hello?

Tess: *On the Phone* Mrs. Rhapsody?

Princess Rikku: *On the Phone* Yes?

Tess: it’s Tess. I am calling to inform you that i heard about the Court order issued against Mr. Stroker. I bailed him out of Jail. but i want you to know that i made it clear to him that he isn’t to go anywhere near you or your girls. Plus… i am also forcing his hand… and sending 30% of all future paychecks he gets to a trust fund that i am building for Betty. I may have lost your trust and respect. i have to live with that. but if there is one thing i won’t tolerate… it’s seeing an innocent child getting stiffed.

Princess Rikku: *Gasps* Oh God… you’re kidding? Really?

Tess:  I know that you and your girls don’t have much trust in me and i don’t blame you and them for it. i made a bad call and tried to launch an investigation on them without prior consent from you. All i can do is motion to make things right again in some way… if possible. However… i was only doing it to benefit you and your girls. i say this because if it were someone else doing it… they would have went all the way and then make things up and push to see that people believed it. i wasn’t gonna do that. The girls always proved to be innocent. and i admire the hell out of that. And if Paige wants to try standing up to me… i welcome that. i remember the last time she came to my office and stand up to me… that was the spark of a leader. the skills of a leader who’s well beyond her years.

Princess Rikku: *Feeling touched* I am touched to hear that…

Tess: Just know… that Stroker is out… but i made it clear that if he does come near you… he’ll be out of work. i used the scare of Unemployment. so i am sure that he’ll stay away. he loves and values his job. So… as long as we keep him loving his job… he’ll keep his distance from the girls.

Princess Rikku: i see. Well i am truly thankful. Thank you…

The call ended…

Princess Rikku: *Holding her hand against her chest and sighs with relief* Thank you…

Betty: What was that all about? *Confused* Who was that on the phone?

Princess Rikku: Don’t worry about it, Betty. it’s nothing to worry about. really Just know that it was just a surprise call and there is a surprise coming to you. i can’t say. but just know that it’s something good.

Betty: What are you talking about mom? What surprise?

Princess Rikku: don’t worry. don’t be asking so many questions. it’s nothing to get worked up over. just know that it’s something that will benefit you.

Betty: *Shrugs* Okay. i sure hope that it’s not anything bad. *Looking at the Time* It’s almost time that Dennis is said to show up. he’s gonna be here soon. Me and him are gonna be having an in home movie date.

Princess Rikku: on a School night? Betty… are you sure?

Betty: Why not? *Curious* are you not open to it? it’s just a date. not like it’s gonna be anything illegal. What could possibly happen? intimacy? that is possible. but it’s not highly possible. it’s just what some teens do.

Princess Rikku: *Feeling a little disturbed* Uh… it’s been a long time since i was a teen and i never got the opportunity to witness it or have a shot of it. Sad Childhood and Teen hood. so with that in mind… Well… you get the idea.

Betty: Not too much… but i guess it would make sense…

At Watchtower…

Dinah Lance: *Looking at the girls* What were you 3 thinking? fighting the Kandorians? You are lucky that they aren’t motioning to return fire. with their unknown resources… they could have used a card and come at us. *Sighs* You know what… it’s not your fault. it was just how the circumstances played out.

Chloe: *Looking at Dinah* Dinah… Pearl… Paige. You 3 have done well. but just for a subtle FYI… when you’re faced with going against a Kandorian that is prone to be a little tough… just let it go. You can try to fight against the Kandorians… but be sure to remember. that it’s not up to you to take them out. It’s up to Clark.

Paige: *Sighs* So what are we to do… let them just run rampant? Chloe… we girls understand that they’re Kandorian. we know that they are also Kryptonian and that Clark is Kryptonian… but if we can’t go after them… then what exactly are we to do? we can’t just sit by and watch them run free. *Walking over to the porthole looking out* Clark isn’t really doing what’s needed to be done. i hate the idea that we have to destroy them… but if they get their Solar Tower built and fully functional… there won’t be any use to try and stop them. we won’t be able to penetrate their skins. unless we use Meteor Rock. that’s a mere Cowards way of fighting. Chloe… we can’t do that. Seriously… Chloe, despite of what took place at the warehouse today… what other option did we really have?

Pearl: *Thinking* You know what? i agree with Paige. we might have over done it. but i was almost killed by that man Basqat. he was gonna cover the place with my very blood. i was scared about that. and the whole thing was a big ploy. to distract us from the big game… Vala… that female Kandorian told us that they were not even going after Shingo’s Sister. but said that Basqat and or Major Zod was the one who issued the attack. we do apologize for doing what we did… it was a bad call on our part. but it was our call to make.

Princess Charlene: *Looking to her side a little* and even still my family was being threatened. Chloe… you know that i mean no disrespect against the protocol that is expected to be followed here… but when you see family being threatened… that automatically takes the top rank. even if it is seen as acting against a direct order. I’d Rather protect my family at the same time of protecting the innocent and possibly get an honorable discharge than to just follow any command that aims to sacrifice one of my own and be praised while someone in my family is gone anytime.

Chloe: *Grinning* Sounds like a deeply devoted family. *Nods* I guess that i can understand that. But just be a tad more careful from now on. I can’t bare to lose any of you girls… you are all important.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Touched* Awww!

That night at Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku was out Clubbing with her Date Bart. it was bliss. During the Date they stopped by a local restaurant and had a romantic meal. But at home…

Paige: *Talking on the Phone with her boyfriend Johnny* Hi Johnny. It’s great to hear from you.

Johnny: *On the Phone* It’s great to hear your voice. I was counting the minutes till i got to hear you again. I was wondering if you’d like to be my girlfriend.  I really like you Paige. You’re really attractive. and you have so much going for yourself.

Paige: *Blushes* Wow! You really think so, Johnny?

Johnny: you bet i do. I have something to give you too. i wanted to give it to you today however i forgot it at home. I’ll be sure to bring it with me tomorrow for you to have. i really want you to have it. *Feeling nervous* Paige, i was thinking that maybe we could fight side by side. i happen to have a confession to make.

Paige: *Curious* What is it? It’s okay to feel Nervous. you can tell me what it is. i don’t mind.

Johnny: *Feeling a bit unsure* I don’t know if i can really tell you over the phone… it’s something that i’ve got to show you. because if i were to just say it over the phone… it might come out wrong. or sound rather weird.

Paige: No way. it wouldn’t sound weird to me… i have heard weirder stuff before. i dealt with 2 threats already and now putting up with the 3rd one. i’ve seen a lot weirder things in my time since all this began. i was 11 years old when the superhero life began. I’ve since then… seen many weird things. many. So… Trust me Johnny. there is absolutely nothing that you could tell me that would weird me out.

Johnny: *Smiles; touched* That was really enlightening… really honest too. Want to meet somewhere?

Paige: *Pauses* Meet somewhere? What do you mean? How do we meet? i can’t leave the house. Not tonight. My mom wants me to stay close to home for the night. it was something she said that sounded really strange. She said that the man who turned on us got out of prison. But… I don’t quite know who she meant by that.

Johnny: The Ex-Professor. He’s out? *Gasps* That’s not possible. he was not said to get out for a long time. there was no bail posted… and there is no chance at parole for him.

Paige: Ex-Professor Stroker is out? *freaked out* He’s out. He could come and attack us. he has a vengeful vendetta against us. he believes that we ruined his life.

Johnny: All because of a dumb Investigation that never took root. it was started and never went all the way. *Sighs* I shouldn’t know about that stuff… but hearing about that in the newspapers… it got me to wonder about what the heck got that guy all tweaked. You’re not to blame for his mess up. he chose to turn Evil. the news papers were talking about him a bit since his arrest and brought that stuff out. Someone with the Intel.

Paige: Maybe i should chance it and get out of the house.

Pearl: *Overhearing* Paige… No. you can’t! not tonight. Mom will be mad at us if we do. That guy Stroker is out of the jail now. he could be lurking outside.

Paige: *Looking at Pearl; on the phone* I’m not gonna live in fear, Pearl. If he’s out there… we’ll just have to deal with it. i’m not gonna be afraid of him.

Pearl: *Scared*

However in the skies over Metropolis…


A trail of red light was seen flying by in the city through the skies… It was a man… The man was known was John Jones…

At the nightclub in Metropolis…

The Song: “Dirty Laundry” plays…

Princess Rikku: *Dancing the Tango with Bart* You’re a good dancer. Has anyone told you that you dance rather divinely?

Bart: I think i’ve been told that before… but i never really danced like this before.

Princess Rikku: You haven’t? *Guessing* So… i take it that this is rather new for you, isn’t it?

Oliver: *Nearby* It’s not new… just a form of modesty. Bart’s a flirt. he’s got fast feet. *Turning to see Bart with Princess Rikku* Hey there Mrs. Rhapsody… i didn’t know that you were into nightclubs.

Princess Rikku: *Smiles; Stopping to look over to her side; Spotting Oliver* Well… it’s kinda my first time here… i was looking for a night out and Well.

Oliver: Don’t tell me… Let me take a wild hot stab at the news here. You and Bart are a pair.

Princess Rikku: Yeah. We met a few weeks ago. actually 3 weeks ago. i was walking in the rain and planning to go visit my Cousin Princess Julie… when he suddenly came past me and saw me walking in the rain and offered to take me back to my house where it was warm.

Oliver: *With a Charismatic tone* Ah… the gentleman move. leading a lady back to her house. warming her up and making her feel like the pampered female. very noble of him to do that. I didn’t know that you two were a pair till now. but nice selection for a boyfriend material, Pinky. *Looking at Princess Rikku* Hmm… you know… You kinda look like a Mermaid. Mermaid’s have pink hair… and they also vary to ones with blonde, Brown and black… even red hair.

Bart: *Chuckles; Looking to see Oliver* Well… if she looks like a mermaid… then i’m a merman. a Speedy one too no doubt.

Oliver: well… they do say that the night is young and it is obviously a perfect night out.

Princess Rikku: it is. a little nippy… but it’s tolerable. *Feeling like a drink* I’m getting kind thirsty… anyone up for a drink?

Oliver: don’t worry about it. drinks on me. *Calling over to the Bartender* Hey man… *Slipping over 50 dollars* Get these two a Cosmopolitan and Midnight Margarita. the tab is on me.

Bartender: *Nods* Right away Mr. Queen.

Oliver: *Thinking* I’ve been thinking… *Looking at Princess Rikku* Where are the girls?

Princess Rikku: *Smiles* They’re at home. they are home bound tonight. It’s to protect them from My Ex. Who is or was their professor before he decided to turn Rogue. I heard that he was bailed out of Jail by Tess. She called my house telling me that she bailed him out but vowed that he would not come near me or my family or my girls… she used the unemployment scare on him. it worked. but i don’t trust My Ex. He’s gonna try something. he’s already made no bones about it too.

Oliver: You have them at home? *Looking at the time* Look. I know you’re the mother to them and it’s your call… but if your Ex. is out and has made no beef about it that he wants to target them… with a vengeful agenda… he might go sniper go nutty and take a potshot at them…  You leaving them at home is like leaving the target on their own to be sitting ducks. they won’t see what’s coming till after it happens. *Making a call* I’m calling for an escort and having them taken to the Star tower. it’s better that way. Because if Your EX. is out… Your house is the first place he’ll go. he knows you and knows them like a manuscript… he can read any move they’ll make.  At least till we can put him on the ice… He was pulled to not come near your girls… but do you really think that he’ll obey that command and be the good little foot soldier for Tess and stay his distance?

Bart: We don’t know that. If the Ex. is out… then he would have come out and made his way over to them by now.

Princess Rikku: The girls are tough. Besides they got Betty and Angel there with them. If My Ex. comes… they will strike him down. Betty still is rather ticked at her Father. actually… She’s livid at him. She wants to tear him apart for how he treated her sisters and me.

Oliver: *Grunting a little* That is playing into his hand. From what you told me that he knows about you and your family… he could create a dirty bomb of info and use it against you and your family. ruining you. It’s better this way. *Calling for an Escort* Hey Danielle… Send a car over to 2376 West Crystal Avenue. Put a rush on it and take them to the star tower. I’ll be there momentarily. Thanks. *Hanging up the phone* Done. Your girls will have it suite in just moments.

Princess Rikku: I don’t know if saying thanks is right… but… i am grateful that you’re looking into protecting innocent girls. My girls are Lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Oliver: *Grins* It’s not a problem. anytime.

However at the Daily Planet…

Trixie and Lois were working on Articles for the deadline… it was past deadline and they were stuck at work to produce articles for the next Deadline…

Trixie: *Looking at Clark* Clark, Where’s the article that Perry wanted on the mystery man with the glowing eyes and flies in the air? We need that article in… *Looking at the screens* it’s on the screen. but let’s get the article on the Flash drive and over to the Editor. We need to get the article in.

Lois: *Looking at Trixie* i already got the article on the incident that struck last week on that Flash Drive you got there, Trixie. It’s been proofread twice and i even back stepped a little to make sure that the story was credible and solid.

Trixie: Good. *Getting the Articles from the main computers and onto the Flash Drive* Once these are turned in to the Editor… it can go to the printing press. we’re late. and we’re gonna be stuck here pulling an all night run.

Clark: *Using his super-hearing and picking up a scream from a distance* I’ll be back. need to get some food.

Lois: *coming off as a comic relief* What… long night hunger attack? Does Smallville have the killer munchies again?

Clark: *Super Speeding off*

Trixie: *Pauses and looking at Lois* Does he always do that?

Lois: *Chuckles* Trixie, if there is one thing that you should really know about Clark… it’s that; with Smallville. You’ll never grow bored.

Trixie: i guess not. but how does he move so fast anyway? he must be really fast on his feet.

Lois: Fast? Him? No way. he is hardly ever that fast. usually he’s slower than a frozen Popsicle. getting him up is like getting up the High school football team.

Trixie: So it’s a pick and choose with him… pick a side and pray it’s the side that you want.

Lois: Yeah.

Trixie: *Grins* interesting. so each side of him is like a flavor… you just have to ruffle through and find the flavor you want and hope that it tastes how you believe it to taste. Well… If Clark is that mysterious… we’ll just have to peel him like an onion and figure him out one piece at a time.

Lois: Are the Articles on the flash gadget yet?

Trixie: yeah. it’s good. *Walking to the Editors office* I’ll be back.

Lois: I’m gonna go get started on the articles for the next Deadline. *Suffering a Vision*… Aaahhh! *Panting*

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Pearl: *On the Phone* Peter… There is someone at the door here. i think it’s the guy that got out of Jail.

Peter: *On the Phone* Go and check it out… but be careful. I’ll be right here on the phone.

Pearl: *Nods and feeling scared* okay.

Pearl then walks her way over to the front door and as she went for the doorknob to turn it… she started feeling shaky but the moment she opened the door, she saw that there was a car out front of the house. she didn’t recognize it and immediately freaked. She was about to transform and let off attacks at it when she heard a voice… it was a lady…

Lady: *Calling out the names* Pearl… Paige…  Dinah.

Pearl: *Stopping to look at the Mysterious woman* Who are you?

Paige: *Coming out to spot the woman* What do you want?

Dinah: *Walking out while Eating a Sandwich* Do we know you? how do you know our names?

Lady:  I’m Danielle Carlson. I am here by orders of Oliver Queen. He sent me to come get you 3 and take you to safety. at the Star Tower. he’s said to be on his way now… he believes that your lives could be in danger from Pidge Stroker…

Paige: *Not understanding* What are you talking about? How would our lives be in danger from him? He’s in Jail. there is no way that he’d be on the loose. And if he broke out. It’s not like he can do anything to us. all his gadgets were confiscated and taken away. There is nothing for him to use on us.

Chip: *Walking over from the side* Except me. But i am on your side. You 3 did what you had to do. My brother has gone rogue. i read the papers. and as much as i should be angry at you 3 for putting him there. and angry at your mom for taking his rights away from seeing his Daughter. I can’t be angry. how can i be angry at you 3? you 3 were being threatened and my brother was investigating you… i know because 2 nights before he got served the papers for the Court order to pay Child Support to Betty. he called me and said…

Chip Flashes back and Explains his side of the story…

Chip: *On the phone* Hey brother… What’s going on? i haven’t heard from you in a while and heard from your wife saying that you were plotting to go after the 3 girls… Paige, Pearl and Dinah. What is going on?

Pidge: *On the Phone* I am doing going after the girls for a reason. they have destroyed a book of mine. a copy of all the clippings i had on them. the blueprints and the documents. all the info… a copy of the originals were destroyed by them. I gave it to Tess to hold onto for safe keeping. to use for an outlet. but The girls came to it and destroyed it. i got no other copies of the files. the Originals are in the mainframe of the Computer… but it got stolen by a couple of trespassers. i don’t know where the files are. the only ones i had on hand was with Tess Mercer. The Rhapsody Girls came and destroyed it… then went to tell their mother what happened and got her on my case.

Chip: So you’re gonna investigate them over that… *Sighs* Brother… you’re losing your senses here… you can’t be going after the girls… as much as you know that i’d have your back on count of the fact that you’re my brother and my Blood.  i can’t condone this. if you do this… i won’t be able to bail you out… if you make any threats towards them or make a statement of going after them and you get taken into custody and wind up in Jail over it… you’re on your own. I’m sorry. but it’s time for tough love. you’re on your own in that endeavor. I am married to you Ex’s Cousin Princess Trixie. Hurting those girls will be the same as hurting her and i won’t do that.

Pidge: *Stammering* B-but.

Chip: No… no butts, Brother… You’re my brother and you know i love the hell out of you… but if i had to choose between hurting the love of my life and myself… i’d hurt myself. i would do that anytime before i’d ever hurt her. “

Chip: *Voice-over* It got ugly… verbally. He began getting angry and started to scream. saying things that really sounded awful. things like: “I Regret ever falling for that Pink haired freak. i should have never fallen for her. because now even you are turning against me. Those freaks have turned everyone against me. Even my own BROTHER! I Give up… The Rhapsody Family rules you all”

Paige: *Scoffs* Oh good god. That guy needs to get off his ego trip and just grow up. he’s talking like he is the target of everyone’s. It’s Pathetic.

Pearl: *On the Phone* Peter… I think that my family may have a vengeful Enemy after us now… Stroker…

Peter: I heard. and i am so sorry to hear that. if there is anything i can do… i will. I…

One thought on “Chapter 57: ”Professor Change-up… Paige and Pearl meet the mysterious boys. Dating in Bliss for Mrs. Princess Rikku Rhapsody… The Hunt for Jor-el’s attacker begins. Roll up the lights for John Jones; Greetings From The Martian Manhunter- He comes in peace.1”

  1. Things will be even more complicated and more dramatic as it goes on. But i agree… of course this is the chapter that points up Oliver as being the new Professor. it’s nice. a good change up.

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