The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 57: ”Professor Change-up… Paige and Pearl meet the mysterious boys. Dating in Bliss for Mrs. Princess Rikku Rhapsody… The Hunt for Jor-el’s attacker begins. Roll up the lights for John Jones; Greetings From The Martian Manhunter- He comes in peace.”2

Part 2 of Chapter 57…

A Minute later…

The girls were on their way to the Star tower… On the way there they were being briefed on the situation. They were scared… Shingo was at his house for the night. he couldn’t come. His sister and Mother were unfortunately giving him an interrogation about him having abilities and not coming out with it. They just didn’t understand what was going on and wanted answers. Answers that Shingo was unable to give. They however on the other front were rather proud of him. His mother Ikuko and his sister Usagi didn’t get it… but they were still proud of him…

Although Tess was at the Luthor Mansion and she was Tracking down more of the Kandorians.  As for the Ex-Professor… He was sticking to a Cot in the office of the lab within Cyber-Technics. He left the house to his now Ex-Wife and left all his clothes there to just sit. he didn’t want no part of them for it reminded him only of what he lost and reminded him of his hatred of the Rhapsody Girls. he hated them deeply. he wanted nothing to do with them.

But for the girls… they were now at Star Tower to await for the coast to be clear for them to go back home…

Star Clock Tower…


Paige: *Walking into the room and Looking for Oliver* Oliver?!

Pearl: *Looking around for Oliver* Oliver, Where are you? You here, Oliver?

Dinah: Hey Ollie… what’s the deal here? you’re not trying to pull a hide and seek on us, are you?

Oliver: *Stepping out from the side with a copy of the clippings, Info and blueprints for the upgrades of the Rhapsody Girls Z* Hey there Girls. Sorry about the mess here… Just getting situated with the whole professor vibe. *Seeing shocked expressions on the faces* What? Did i shock you girls with the outburst? it is what you wanted, right? Chloe informed me about the meeting and your search for a new professor. i got to say… that i’m quite taken aback by the offer. *Looking at the Clippings in the book* I have been reading some of the articles and the news clippings that were here. i like this one about the Doom Rhapsody Girls… how it came out. not bad reading. i have to be out with the impression though… knowing that i was having to get into this stuff. i’m at a shock.

Paige: *Looking at the Articles* You accepted the offer of being our new professor?

Pearl: Are you really okay with it?

Dinah: you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to… we’re not gonna force it on you….

Oliver: *Cutting the last thought short* Whoa… hold up. It’s not a big deal. i’m not rejecting it. i’m willing to become the new Professor. If that’s what you want. i also while reading the Blue prints of what your Ex-Professor had done for you. i came up with some new ideas… ones that will out mode convicted Stroker-stein.  it’s not ironclad and official yet. but i got a team of high ranking Scientists and Techs working and building a few new things for you girls… One of them is new Weapons that pertain the element of your powers. the other one is new Outfits. *Looking at Dinah* sorry to break it to you… the outfits with Skirts. but these skirts will have the ability to turn into pants. so it can go back and forth… depending on the occasion. Skirts however for girls are more applicable for aerodynamics. to help with the flight. You girls do fly, Right?

Paige: yeah. we do. Why?

Oliver: that’s what will help with building and creating the new outfits. *Putting on the Screen a showing of the new Upgrades that are being made and built* they’re gonna have Big Wings. not too big but ones that will be in the shapes of your Element. And the power belts that will come with the Outfits… it will come with 5 Buttons and a Power Buckle. The power Buckle reacts to the mind… it can read your mind. so if for instance… let’s say that you get a call. and need to answer it… you just let your mind command it to rise up to you and Snap, Crackle and pop it rises up and lands right into your hand. opens up all on it’s own too. or say it’s needed to help with transforming… it opens up and sprays in the shape of the body and with the element of the hero… Hearts for Paige… Bubbles for Pearl and Thunder bolts and lightning for Dinah. Plus with each blast it lets out… the outfit appears. it sprays 3 times. after the 3rd spray… it forms the wings on you and you’ll be with a new look… New attitude and new strength.  the Weapons that are gonna be made for you… are the same as you got now… but with a second weapon… Paige, You’ll be with not only the Sonic Scepter of Bliss. but also the Heart Guitar… playing it with serenity… it releases Musical notes and Hearts and surrounding them… are sparkles of Love. and Romantic Bliss. Pearl, You’re gonna have the Bubble Harp still, but also the Bubble Microphone of Harmony. you sing into it… any thing that comes from your heart… it reads your emotions the same as the harp does. with the tone of your voice it causes the weapon to Glow and with grace and speed it forms into a smoke stack; a hoard of smoke stacks and shoots at the target with a slamming Pressure of Bubbles, and musical notes. *Looking at Dinah* Dinah… what we done for you is this… the Thundering Glove of storms… it creates with the emotions a surge of Thunder… it summons a storm of thunder and lightning and with your already current weapon… the Thunder Discs… it adds more of a punch to it. because with the Thunder discs… it also turns into thunder knives of Justice.  releasing Musical Notes and Thunder power. with one blast. the target gets knocked back. it also deals a hot amount of damage against the enemy. The weapons combine as one when commanded and creates a super weapon… and combines with each other. with your weapons combined… it becomes The Rhapsody Warhead… with one shot… it sends a wave of energy at the target Bombarding the target with a series of Kicks and Punches dealt with the Energy wave that is released from the Rhapsody Warhead… The Weapons amp up to being 110% accuracy. You’ll be with a force of Justice. *Grins* So… What do you think? Over working?

Pearl: All that… for us? *In a loss for words*

Dinah: You did that all in just one day? *Confused* How is that possible? i don’t get it. That is more than what our Ex-Professor had done and he would only do one upgrade every year… or one every 3 years. and the hover cruisers that he made us… were only a couple months after the 2nd upgrade and that was due to it being high time to go against Queen Metaria.  I Still have a flashback from that time… that battle. it was spooky.

Oliver: *Curious* Visions? as in like haunting reminders? or recaps of a time you wish to let go or forget?

Dinah: Well… Yeah. i do want to let those visions go. i can’t keep thinking about those visions. there is nothing i can do but try to shake them off.

Oliver: Yeah. but if the visions continue… we’ll have to do something about it.

Dinah: like what? go to a place like Summerholt Neurological Institute.  I actually snuck away a couple nights ago and went to look into that place. it was disturbing.

Pearl: *Gasps* Dinah! You didn’t just do that… You didn’t do that… did you, Dinah? Please say you didn’t.

Dinah: I did. *Looking at her sister weirdly* What? i had to do something. I can deal with lots of things. but the visions have got to go.

Paige: *Looking at Dinah; Shaking her head and then walking over to Dinah; Grabbing her; shaking her* What the hell were you thinking Dinah… Huh? What the heck in god’s name were you even thinking going over to that place? i done some research 4 weeks ago secretly and read up that it once held a person against their will. held the kid under Duress. a Ryan James. He was held there by a Dr. Garner. Apparently from what i read was that Dr. Garner convinced Ryan’s Aunt that Ryan had a Brain illness. and vowed to take care of it and fix the issue. the Aunt Agreed. not knowing what kind of person Garner was. Garner used Ryan’s special ability to read minds and ran tests on him… *Huffs in outrage* Used him as a Lab rat. Clark… our resident one man wrecking ball had gone in there and busted Ryan out of there and later had to live through losing him. Dr. Garner was the cause of his death. but it never tried in court. The Summerholt’s top attorney working for Garner covered it up tighter than a blood clot. Then Garner decided to go after everyone who knew Chloe Sullivan to terminate her over a story she was doing on Summerholt that would shut them down for good. he used and manipulated a girl by the name of Molly Griggs. Even that failed. he even had a deal with Lex to help Lex recover some lost Memories… about the 7 weeks that he lost. about his dead young little brother named Julian. Clark caught on and got himself lured to a trap and got placed into a tub of green water that was kryptonite laced water. special fluid… and somehow it caused him to go into shock and he blew up the lab. Dr. Garner’s dead. he died in the lab explosion… he was killed. Summerholt is not a respected place, Dinah. Going there was the biggest move… a wrong move.

Dinah: *Looking at Paige; feeling remorse* Look… I’m sorry that i went there okay. i didn’t think about that at the time. How could i have thought about that? i was suffering through repressed visions of that battle against Queen Metaria. or Dark Endymion.

Dinah Starts suffering from flashbacks revolving the battle against Metaria…

“Evil Endymion: *Firing a death blast at Pearl* Planet… DESTROY!!!!

Pearl:*Getting hit by the Blast* AHHHH! *Falling onto the ground and passed out momentarily*

Paige: *Panics* PEARL!!!!

Dinah: *Crying out* PEARL!!!! *Running out to Pearl and trying to get through to Pearl* Pearl, sis. Sis… Wake up! Please Wake up. *Seeing no movement* Pearl? Pearl! Pearl… Get up… Come on. Get up, Girl! Don’t die on us. Darn it… you over feeling girl. get up. Don’t die on me. Don’t you dare die on me… Please. Get up.  *Seeing no movement still* PEARL!!! PLEASE GET UP!!!! **still seeing her sister not moving and seeing that her sister is lifeless* oh no… oh no… no…

Dinah: *Crying and Hugging her sister* Farewell sis. We’ll miss you. *Feeling Angry and then with a huge burst of Energy and with Thunder surrounding her*  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Metaria… You killed my sister. You Sorry… Son of a Bitch…. I am gonna feed your rotten corpse a 10 course meal of pain… This is for Killing the baby sister of the Rhapsody Girls Z! *Launching an attack at Evil Endymion* SCREAMING THUNDER BIG BANG!!!

Dinah: Well… if we don’t do it… there won’t be a planet left. there is nothing left. you Saw how Metropolis looked the last few weeks. it was being destroyed. the trees were dying. the waters and the beaches were murky and dark. Metaria is the cause of it. we can’t just sit around and let this thing fester and continue on living. we need to defeat it before it moves on to the world… to our city and start to attack people. there is nothing we can do about Mamoru. He is gone. there is no trace of him left.

Sailor Mars: *Launching an attack at Evil Endymion* Burning… MANDALA!

Evil Endymion: *Being burned by the attack and taking the hit for a brief moment before absorbing the fire into the Sword; Sending the blast directly at Sailor Mars*

Dinah: *Panics* NO!!!!

Sailor Mercury: *Launching an attack at Evil Endymion* Mercury Aqua… Blizzard!

Evil Endymion: *Being Frozen by the attack and taking the hit for a brief moment before busting out of the Ice and absorbing the ice into the Sword; Sending the blast directly at Sailor Mercury*

Sailor Mercury: *Knocked down from the blast* Ahh!

Paige: STOP IT!

Evil Endymion: No. This world will Die. i feel no remorse for this world. I am Metaria. This planet will fall by my hands. Nothing and no one will stop me. You Rhapsody girls are next!

Sailor Jupiter: *With her Star Tambourine; Launching an attack at Evil Endymion* Jupiter… Thunderbolt!

Evil Endymion: *Shielding himself with the sword and Blocking the attack; absorbing the Thunder into the Sword; Sending the blast directly at Sailor Jupiter*

Sailor Jupiter: Getting knocked into the ground by the attack* Uhhhhh!

Sailor Moon: *In tears* Mamoru… *Crying out* MAMORU! *Running fast and looming right towards Evil Endymion with the Sword pointed at him*

Sailor Venus: *Voice* Change the fate of the planet, Princess. we’re counting on you. we believe.

Paige: *Screaming out* Usagi-Chan!

Dinah: *Looking up* Oh… This is not good. She’s gonna do it. She’s really gonna do it…

Dark Ami: But she is in the greatest pain… in the greatest agony…

Evil Endymion: *Raising his sword up and starting to make another move*

Makoto: *Begging* Stop it!

Rei/Ami/Dark Ami/Amara/Michelle/Trista/Rhapsody Girls/Betty/Angel/Rhapsody Brothers: *Looking away in horror*

Evil Endymion: *feeling the Sword go into him and piercing him fatally* Euuuuuu!

Blinding light then spreads and fills the air. one side purple… one side golden and spreading till it fills the area and becomes a veil…”

Oliver: *Looking at the girls* Those Visions can’t haunt you if you don’t allow them to. Reliving them is like holding onto the past like it’s a security blanket. It happened. but it’s not happening now. whatever happened back then is over. You know that…


Voice #1: *Coming through the window looking out onto the balcony* i sense trouble.

Voice #2: *Speaking out* You leave the innocent alone…

Paige: *Pauses* What the…?

Dinah: *Looking to her side* Uh, I think that your Admirers are here.

Pearl: Huh? *Looking towards the window* It’s Peter… but… h-how… How did he get here? I didn’t tell him where i was gonna be.

Dinah: Well they are here… and i think they’re coming in.

The Door opens…

Johnny Parker: *In a different appearance* I’m the Love Executioner… Lord Bliss… You will back away from the innocent. before you get dished the Love’s painful Sting.

Peter Blaze: *Walking over to Oliver* I’m the Maester of Bubble power… Bubble Warlock. Say your prayers… if you dare!

Oliver: *Confused* Uh… What is this? *Looking at the two teens* What is going on? Do i know you? *A little lost* Look, If you two are wanting a pay off or looking for money… just take what you want… i don’t want no trouble.

Johnny Parker: You’re holding An innocent person captive. it’s not gonna be tolerated. *With his weapon drawn*

Paige: *Looking at Johnny* Johnny! Stop… Stop. he’s not holding us against our will. he’s the good guy. That’s Oliver Queen. He’s one of the heroes. a Good  guy. He’s the Green Arrow.

Johnny Parker: *Stopping and looking at Paige* You’re kidding, Right? That’s Oliver Queen? *A little embarrassed* Oh god. i’m so sorry. Please do accept my apologies here Oliver. I didn’t know who you were at first.

Peter Blaze: Same here. i am deeply sorry. *Looking at Pearl; Walking over to Pearl* Pearl, are you alright?

Pearl: Yeah. I’m okay.

Peter: *Walking closer to Pearl and standing next to her* When we spoke on the phone… you sounded scared about the Escaped Ex- Professor coming after you. i heard the whole thing over the phone. someone saying that they were the brother to the Ex- Professor. i had to follow up and see that you were okay.

Pearl: *Touched* Awww!

Johnny: *Standing near Paige* Are you alright, Paige?

Paige: Yeah.

Oliver: *picking up the phone as it rings* … *Answering it* Queen.

Voice: *On the line* Masterson. I’m checking the perimeter of the Rhapsody girl house and it’s all clear. there is no threat in proximity of the house. I don’t think that Stroker is gonna think to show up around the property. however… i got his brother to the side and under going questioning.

Oliver: no… Leonard, Stand down on questioning his brother. he’s not the issue. release him and just stay close to the house… stake it out. The girls’ll return in a moment. But till we have confirmation of the fact that Stroker is no longer targeting the girls… you’re to stay there and not leave the perimeter.

Leonard: *following the order* understood.

Call ends…


At Princess Rikku’s house…

in the upper hall…

Princess Rikku: *Walking over to her room and getting ready for bed* What a wonderful date. i can’t wait for the next date. *Sighs with happiness* …. *Looking at the closed Door* I better check on Betty. She’s probably just watching a movie with her boyfriend and probably fallen asleep. *Thinking about opening the door* Maybe i’ll wait a little. *Walking into her room and looking at a picture of her Boyfriend*

Music plays in the background…

Princess Rikku: “Singing in bliss; Imagining that she’s singing to a teen version of herself* “Bring on that pecan pie!
Pour some sugar
On it sugar
Don’t be shy.

Scoop me up
A mess of that
Chocolate swirl.
Don’t be stingy
I’m a growing girl

I offer
Big love
With no apology.
How can I deny the world
The most of me?

I am not afraid to throw my weight around
Pound by pound by pound

Because I’m
Big, blond & beautiful
Face the fact
It’s simply irrefutable!
No one wants a meal
That only offers the least
When girl, we’re serving up
The whole damn feast

Slice me off a piece of that
hog head cheese!
Take a look inside
My book of recipes
Now don’t you sniff around
For something fluffy and light.
We need a man who
Bring a man sized appetite!

I use a
Pinch of sugar
And a dash of spice!
I’ll let you lick the spoon
Because it tastes so nice!

We’ll keep in the oven
Till it’s good and hot
Keep on stirring
Till you hit the spot!

Because I’m
Big, blond, & beautiful
There is nothing ’bout us
that’s unsuitable

Why sit in the bleachers
Timid and afraid
When dear Princess Rikku
You look like the whole parade

They say that white has might
And thin is in
Well, that’s just bull
‘Cause ladies big is back
And as for Pink Hair
It’s beautiful!

All shapes and sizes
Follow me!
Who wants a twig
When you can climb a whole tree?

Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Groovy baby Groovy!

Princess Rikku: *Sighs in relief* Bart… *Hearing Moaning sounds* What’s going on… *Getting up and Walking out of her room; Hearing louder noises* What is that… Betty? is that you?

From inside Betty’s Room…

Betty: *Connected to Dennis and Moaning softly with romance* I Love you Dennis. You’re the best boyfriend in the world. Never leave me…

Dennis: i’ll never leave you. not ever. despite of all the issues that were going on… and all the obstacles that managed to keep us apart. i will never leave you.

The door opens…

Betty: *Turning to see her mom* Wha—? *Jumps in surprise and embarrassment* Oh my god… It’s my mom. *Looking at Dennis* It’s my mother…

Dennis: *jumps in shock and gets up; Getting dressed*

Princess Rikku: *In shock* What are you doing? Betty, how could you do this… in this house? Betty? How can you do this? *Scoffs and then Looks down for a minute before asking while feeling in disbelief* Did you even think to use protection at the very least? Plus… was it even worth it?

Betty: It was worth it… Mom, i am 15 and i love him. I have been with him for 5 whole years and i couldn’t look or hope for anyone better. He is the best boyfriend in the world. he stuck by me through everything that has happened to this family… he could have left and called it quits. he had that choice. but he chose to stick with me… to keep around with me. He loves me.

Dennis: Plus… i also gave her a promise ring… when we are 18… we’re gonna get engaged.

Princess Rikku: *Touched* Oh my dear god… that is blessed news. I am at a shock. *hugging her daughter* I am happy for you. but just for morality… make the age 20.  My heart might be a little shaky till then.  i just had a wonderful date and my heart is a flutter. then to see or catch you and Dennis having intercourse. that part i didn’t need to see. however i am very proud of you. shocked… but proud. *Seeing a shadow through the window and noticing 2 red eyes* Who’s out there?

Betty: *Confused* Who’re you talking to, mom?

Princess Rikku: *Looking out the window* I just saw someone out there with 2 red eyes. i saw someone out there.

Betty: Mom, Are you running a fever or something.? there is nothing out there. there is just dark night… dark skies and lighted lamp posts. that’s all there is.

Minutes later…

Betty: *Dressed* I’ll go and check it out… but mom, i am not kidding you… you are most certainly losing all grips of reality. You are losing it.

Dennis: I don’t think so… *Spotting a couple of glowing eyes through the window* We got company. we got company outside and i don’t think we are gonna be feeling the welcoming committee coming to us. is that being friendly?

Betty: *Heading out* I’ll take care of it… A wonderful night and we all decide to act like head cases… good grief.

As soon as Betty got out of the house, she began to look for the shadow that possessed two red eyes…



Betty: *Jumps and gasps* Who are you? What is your purpose here? *Getting in position to strike* You better talk…

Suddenly the figure  steps out of the shadows and reveals himself…


Man: *Revealing himself* please don’t be afraid… i won’t hurt you. i’m a friend. I hear that you know a man named Kal-el of Krypton. He once had an emissary by the name of Lionel Luthor. I worked for jor-el. Bringing criminals to Justice. When i learned that Krypton was on the Verge of destruction and set to annihilation… i was told by Jor-el to watch out for his only son. their planet’s last hope. Kal-el is that hope. I watched him from afar. however when he released the phantoms from the Phantom Zone. i saw that i didn’t have a choice. his life was said to be at stake. Although i later at that time lost a step and had a run-in with one of the Phantoms. but in my absence…. Kal-el did the one thing that his father Jor-el tried to prevent.  He unleashed a carbon copy of himself… only thing that was different though was that the carbon copy didn’t have his Humanity. it had all but that.  It was one of his most hardest trials. The lesson he had to learn was to open his eyes and look at what he took for granted every day. It was his battle. but i was able to help him. the carbon copy couldn’t be in the sun. for when he did… his face became distorted. Clark could have chosen to ignore all the zoners that broke from the Phantom Zone… but he still took responsibility for them and stopped them. even one that was more powerful than he was. he however felt that the phantom was right… that he allowed himself to become weak… caring for everyone here. not taking into account that the people he came in contact with made him into the very man he is today. I soon had to take care of a Curtis Knox…

Betty: *Blinking* Who? What did you do?

Man: Jor-el and i had a kind of “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” Policy when it came to crime and punishment. It may be best to have the same policy honored, Angelic Raven.

Betty: How do you know me?

Man: I have been watching over Kal-el and his friends from the skies and at a distance. i have seen you and your family for a while… hoping that my presence would not be needed. however when 3 girls unknowingly found the orb that released a race of people such as the Kandorians… i had to come out. but i fear as though my timing was profound to being a little late.

Betty: Something tells me that there is more to this than what’s being said… *Looking to her sides* You know me… but who are you? Do you have a name? I surely can’t keep calling you sir.

Man: *Smiles and nods* The name is John Jones. Detective John Jones. Although not the common Detective to have Martian powers. i am known as the Martian Manhunter… There was a visitor here by the name of Kara. however her father is Kal-el’s Father’s brother Zor-el. Zor-el was a Traitor. Once tried to assassinate his brother Jor-el. their hatred for one another was unfortunately stronger than any familial bonding that you would see here on Earth. like when your sister Dinah nearly was killed in that battle against a possessed Youma. your mother even though she felt a loss in her heart… she had her family… her cousins and mother… your aunts and uncles… and distant relatives were there to carry her and lift her load as a family should. Although family here is not like the way of family when it came to Jor-el and Zor-el. they never got along and would always disagree. Your mother is devoted to family and she used to be the hero that you are now. She gave you her powers and abilities for that was her greatest treasure to pass on to you. so she could become the Mother she always wanted to be… She raised you with so much pain but she also had the love to see that she would be there for you and your sisters. producing the love that could never fetter from you or your sisters.

Betty: *Smirks with delight* You’re a step away from making me want to cry. that was endearingly touching.

A Half hour later…

A car stops and pulls over…

Paige: *Getting out of the car with her sisters* Those upgrades are gonna look really nice. i think that i’ll be looking forward to seeing it when it’s fully made. What do you think, Pearl?

Pearl: Not sure. but i am really excited about what Oliver shown. i liked the whole Bubble Microphone idea. it’s really sweet. But the part that rubbed me the wrong way was hearing of Dinah’s secretive trip to Summerholt. That part really shocked me and i didn’t like that part much at all.

Dinah: Great… So i am getting the silent treatment over one mistake? lovely. what a way to feel a form of forgiving nature. i get the opposite approach and find myself having to grovel for it.

Paige: *Shocked* Dinah… it’s not that at all. but you didn’t exactly tell us your whereabouts of that night a couple days ago. *Walking on her way to the house* What were we to think? i am the leader… i should hand you a dis-honorable discharge. but i won’t stoop to that level. because a leader knows when they happen to spot promise and determination. plus not only that… You’re our sister. and you can make all the bullheaded moves known to exist. but there is no way that i am one to throw you under that bus.  Plus… we forgive you. seeing you hurt would hurt us. so… next time when you feel the urge to play the role of secret Agent Mr. Bond… and infiltrate a secret hideout… be sure to cover up your tracks. a perfect secret Agent never divulges their whereabouts.

Dinah: *Chuckles* Duly noted. I’ll keep that in mind. i mean… stepping on your landmines are no look for a promising career. Wrestling… that i can handle. but the landmine that you just pushed and laid out… ironic for me to let my lips admit it… i can’t handle it.

Pearl: *Curious* How about the baby regime? You handle that quite like a mother would to her flock of Children.

Dinah: *Grins* Yeah… i would say so. *Walking over to the house*

Pearl: *Heading over to the house*

Paige: *Looking to her one side* What’s Betty doing out this late? She’s talking to some man… Any idea who he is?

Pearl: No. never seen him before.

The Girls then go inside the house and head to their room. They didn’t want to stop and talk to anyone as they just had a very expressive night and wanted to sleep on the possibility of seeing their new upgrades soon. What Paige, Pearl and Dinah didn’t know was that the man that Betty was talking to was yet… another Ally to the team. The Rhapsody girls just didn’t realize it at that time. They also didn’t figure the idea that the Man now known as John Jones to Betty also knew about them and knew them for a long time but watched them from afar as well as watching Clark. As they got ready for bed, they looked at one another and smiled.

As for Tess… She was still at the Luthor Mansion getting updates on the activity concerning the Kandorians. She didn’t know anything else about them, but was profoundly aware that they were building the Solar Tower. The Solar Tower was being built and was at full swing. She on the other hand was concerned about her Rogue turned worker. she felt that he was being severed from all the people who used to know him.

At the Watchtower…

Chloe: *Picking up Readings on a Corrupt D.A* Interesting… Raymond Sacks is at it again. Escapes out of Jail and is gallivanting on setting a trap for the Blur. Unbelievable. He just can’t handle the fact that there is some good out there in the world.

Dinah Lance: *Sitting and thinking* So… this guy is trying to act as some sort of white knight for the City and is moving to motion for getting the Blur Exposed. What do you think he’ll have up his sleeve?

Chloe: Well… He’s having a surprise party being held for him at the Carlton Motel… but the Motel is just a front. it’s in the back downstairs to a secret underground location…

Prince Alvin: *Yawning* Want us to get to the bottom of it? If he’s trying to expose the Blur… Clark. we ought to know about it… right?

Prince Avery: That’d be a good idea.

Chloe: *Showing the picture* It’s Raymond sacks. He’s said to be rather seedy in all things political.

Dinah Lance: He looks like some bow-tie simpleton. He doesn’t look like much of a threat. Does he intend to go after the 3 girls? if he even knows about the Rhapsody girls.

Prince Arnold: *Walking out into the room* Well… if he is… then he better account for us to give him something to remember.

Prince Curtis: You bet.

Dinah Lance: *Looking at the boys* There’s a storm of steamed Corruption and a mess of ugly taking place… the neighborhood that it is in isn’t exactly what you’d the pleasant part of happy city. so stay alert. Pose as high wealthy heirs to a fortune 500 company. make like you’re part of the Government. it’ll hide your cover and get you in to find out what Raymond is planning to do.

Prince Avery: should one of us be wearing a wire?

Chloe: yes. but be sure that it’s within something that’s a fiber optic material. that way it won’t show… it’s more lighter that way. if you wear a wire under alternative material… they’ll notice it and you’ll blow your covers. The guy plays dirty and moves to expose heroes. making it hard for heroes to provide any form of hope to the city and the innocent people. it’s Tomorrow night.

The next Morning at Princess Rikku’s house…

in the girls bedroom, Paige and her sisters were waking up from an odd dream. They were also waking to find that a man was in the room with them. They Got up and Looked rather shocked at first before the man spoke. Betty already knew who he was… but they did not…

Paige: *Seeing a Man in their room; Feeling a little slurred* Who are you?

Pearl: *Getting up slowly* What’s going on? *Yawning and getting up; barely walking over to the closet* I need to find something perfect to wear. *Sighs* Last night was lively… and to think that it was at first over the scare that the convicted Ex-professor was gonna come after us.  I don’t think that i want to live through that scare again. Plus… why would i be scared of someone like him? he don’t scare me. he’s got nothing to use against us.

Dinah: *Walking over to her dresser and getting out a change of clothes* I am not in the mood to even discuss it. all i can say is that if that gutless snake Stroker tries to come at us… he better be able to withstand the pain. *Looking at her sister and sighs* Sorry. i just had to get that out. a little blow-up to start the day out. kinda makes it feel more complete.

Paige: *Looking at her sisters* Girls… we got someone in our room here and it’s not someone that we know…

Pearl: *stops and looks at Paige* Why’s that, Paige? What do you mean?

Paige: *Looking at the man in the room*

Pearl: *Suddenly seeing a man in the room*

Dinah: *Noticing a dark figure in the room with them* Whoa… Wait a minute! What is going on here? who’s that guy in the room with us?

Paige: How should i know? but we’ve been getting a mess of strange visitors coming into our room. first that Major who held us all hostage. then now this guy that we see now.  I just wonder who’s gonna come next? *Looking at the Man again* Who are you? Do we even know you? Are you someone we can trust? Who are you?


John Jones: *Stepping forward a little and speaking* It’s okay. I’m a friend. You can trust me. for i am an ally to a friend of yours. Kal-el. Clark Kent. The name’s John Jones. I happen to know about you 3 girls. You 3 girls have been watched for a while now. I watched you girls from a far.

Paige: *Gasps* You were watching us, Why?

John Jones: to be there when you were in need of it most. When you opened and unlocked the alien orb… you unknowingly brought forth untold danger to the world. Although you in the past saved the world from the grip of a drule bent on seeing the world fall to it’s knees. prevented an Evil Queen from destroying this world and everything that you held close. I watched you from a distance and saw it unfold. but this latest threat… is not one to be taken lightly. it’s a trial that you 3 have not prepared for. It’s gonna take the 3 of you… and your sisters, Cousins and the other members of the family to go against the Kandorians.

Dinah: Maybe so… but we can handle it…

Pearl: we can do it. We have faith and have love.

Paige: that is right.

John Jones: i admire that coming from you.  but this is one battle that will be impossible to win. If the Kandorians get their powers from the yellow sun and get the source of power that they were after… the only way that you will be able to defeat them is by matching power for power. Major Zod may be a subtle being now… but he doesn’t have any human values. he is just like he was on Krypton. he has no compassion… no free will… so he has none.

Pearl: There is another way… isn’t there?

Dinah: *Gasps* Wait… the book of Rao. that can work… right?

Paige: *Realizing* that’s right. Jor-el mentioned that. when he was here… in human form… he mentioned something about the Book of Rao…

John Jones: *surprised* wait… Jor-el was here?

Paige: Yeah…

John Jones: *In disbelief* It couldn’t be… he couldn’t have been…

Pearl: You mean… you didn’t know about it?

John Jones: No. i didn’t.

Dinah: He came here with the Kandorians. His DNA was also in the Orb and when Major Zod came here… so did he.

John Jones:  *concerned* where is he now?

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Looking down*

Paige: He didn’t make it.

Pearl: we’re sorry.

Dinah: he’s gone.

Paige: We made a resting place for him here. in our back yard.

A Moment later, The girls were dressed and ready for school. It was  a bright but hot day out. it was hot and rather humid, the girls felt it as they walked out to the back yard to the grave markers that they made for Jor-el. They looked really sorry that they had to break the fated news to John Jones in the way that they did… As they showed him the grave marker, they suddenly got a call from Watchtower…

Paige: *Pressing the button on her earpiece* This is Miss Love Speaking.

Chloe: *Through the Earpiece* We got a situation… there is word that a Corrupt D.A by the name of Raymond Sacks. He’s got released out of prison 3 days ago and till just recently… he was managed to keep on the down low. but there is unfortunate news. he’s out to Expose the Blur and ruin the Blur’s rep. committing a murder and planting the kill under the marking where the Blur last left his mark.

Paige: What? You’re sure about this?

Chloe: Yes. His band of corrupt politicians are throwing him a surprise party. a Fundraiser party. A group of political bystanders are said to be there and there is something else…

Paige: *Snapping her fingers at Pearl and Dinah and signaling for them to turn on their Earpiece to listen in* Like what?

Chloe: *Letting out info* well from a reliable source that happens to be related to the Ex-Professor Stroker… someone saw him meeting with Mr. Sacks and handing him info. Info on you 3. it was Stroker. He is selling info to him about you.

Pearl: *Growls* NO!!!! *Storming into the house* That is it! *Calling out to their mom* MOM! Where are you?

Princess Rikku: *From the Kitchen* What is it Pearl, I’m in the process of making your girls’ breakfast.

Pearl: Well after that… get out there and find out what the heck is going on… Watchtower just called. You’re not gonna believe what the lowlife man Pidge Stroker has done now…

Princess Rikku: If it’s something to do about his crimes… i don’t think i’d like to know… but if it’s a situation that revolves around you 3 girls… then tell me. What has he done?

Pearl: He’s sold info about us to a D.A that is Corrupt. he sold info on us to someone by the name of Raymond Sacks. the Seedy and corrupted D.A.

Princess Rikku: *Pauses and then Glares at the mention of her gratefully forgotten Ex.* He did what? What did you say the just done?!

Pearl: Sold info about us to a Corrupt D.A

Princess Rikku: *Walking out into the Living room* Pearl, Don’t say anymore about it. not one more word. after breakfast… i am gonna see you girls off then i am gonna see a certain someone… Tess. She is not the one who’s been investigating you… at least not intentionally. she was only following the orders of that piece of garbage that you happen to call your Ex-Professor now convicted dirtbag. Tess is gonna be coming over tonight. for a bit. She and i have a mutual bonding. And you girls are top priority. no matter what. only because ever since you 3 have gotten these powers… you’ve been targeted by so much bull and nonsense that i am terrified that one day it will come at a price. and you girls might wind up in the middle of a situation and wind up dead. i… *Voice starting to tremble* am just terrified about it. okay… I’m petrified deeply about this. I feel proud because you girls are accomplishing the near impossible… but i am also… as a mother… deeply afraid and worried about you 3…

John Jones Walks in and looks at the pictures of the family, he saw that their family was a large family… some with supers and some with just your regular normal down to earth humans. He was Human too but was also a Martian. Princess Rikku looked at the man and smiled. She didn’t know who he was except that he turned out to be rather friendly. It was a few minutes later when the breakfast was ready and placed on the table for Paige, Pearl and Dinah. They were starved. Betty and Angel were outside and were eating a Strawberry pop-tart and talking with each other… they had alot to say…

Betty: I met the Martian Manhunter last night. he apparently knows exactly who i am.

Angel: *surprised* He does. That’s weird… *Wondering* how does he know who you are? He never met you before. *Curious* What was he like? Was he dark? Mysterious?

Betty: No…  he wasn’t any of that. he was really kind and sounded like a honest and straightforward man. He did mention that he knew a bit about our family… kinda weird though.

Angel: Weird, huh? i don’t think that’s even the word for someone like him. He’s got to be pretty odd. most certainly not one of our normal visitors. *Looking at Betty* He however does seem rather extraordinary.

Betty: He mentioned something about someone being an Emissary for Jor-el. He mentioned a name… Lionel Luthor. Ever heard of him?

Angel: *shaking her head in a loss* No. i have no clue as to who that is. We had never heard of anyone like him… have we?

Betty: Uh-oh… Wait. *Realizing something* he was said to be one of the members of a secret society called Veritas. a group of people who would either control the Traveler or serve him or her… who ever it might have been.

Angel: Betty, are you trying to tell me that you don’t know about that group? You should know about it. You’ve seen it, Haven’t you?

Betty: *Lowers her head* No… i didn’t  i didn’t catch those episodes of the show. i was at my scumbag father’s place. which was when i truly saw his true colors.

Angel: Well… that would rather explain why you don’t know… and never caught it. *Sighs* Looking at the episodes or watching the episode that revolved the mention of the group Veritas… it consisted of 4 pairs. The Teagues… The Queens… Virgil Swann and the Lionel Luthor. Problem about that one was the fact that as it was started… Created… One by one they all died. they were killed off. Genevieve and Edward Teague. Both Queens. leaving Oliver Queen without parents. Virgil Swann. he died off. Leaving only Lionel left in the group. Lionel set up the bomb that blew up and killed the Queens in the plane. Lana when she was possessed by a Witch killed Genevieve. Edward Teague got killed by Kara who was not Kara at that time… but was actually Brainiac. Kara was sent to the Phantom Zone. Edward was offed. taken out of the picture. although Virgil’s Daughter Patricia came out to expose Lionel and she was killed. Dumped into the lake. and you may have noticed that Lex dove into madness and got a hold of the key to control the traveler. he found the orb that was in the mansion the whole time…  it was in the hard cement engraving around the Fireplace. The one with the 4 pointed star. he found it. but after he supposedly vanished or died off in the arctic; Tess got a hold of it. *Getting up and looking at her sister as she walks around* Although… somehow… in the process of Clark getting rid of Doomsday… The Orb wound up in the fountain in the park… Dinah… our sister found it. It is not for show… the orb in the fountain and winding up being in a park fountain getting found by Dinah… then it opens up involves us. tied us all in…

Betty: Well… that part is quite obvious. we only just started to reassess our lives back in line. we were able to do it all in just one day. Dinah goes on her first date. her very first date. but then just when things were gonna be okay… we get this mess that we’re all in now…  *Sighs* My Spiritual senses are wearing very thin over this… i got these powers of light and yet… i haven’t been able to use them… no chances to fight. no case to go on…

Angel: *Stopping and Looking at her sister very oddly* Betty, What are you saying?

Betty: I am saying that… *Sighs* I don’t know anymore.  i mean… it seems that the girls are getting all the recognition and the glory. i am being in the cold. as are you. i am sure that you’ve noticed it. You and i have not been sent on any cases. Watchtower hasn’t sent us on any cases to be of any use to anyone. we’ve been rather useless.

Angel: No we haven’t… Betty. *Surprised* You’re talking out and making it sound as though you’re jealous of Paige, Pearl and Dinah. *Concerned* You’re not Jealous of them……… are you…..Betty?

Betty: *Expressive* No. i am not Jealous of them. i could never be that way with them. They’re our sisters. no matter what happens between them and us… nothing could make me jealous of them in anyway. Nothing.

Angel: *Not understanding* I don’t understand… You make the tone sound as though you were jealous of them… but you tell me that you’re not. Betty, if you’re not jealous… then why are you sounding as though you are?

Betty: I’m not. it is just the frustration of this mess. I mean… the mess with Major Zod… and the fact that i had to sever ties to my own father. i still care about him in some screwed up way… i care about him… even though that he’s become some rogue. he’s acted in vengefulness. threatened to kill our own mother. then we get the word that he’s sold info to a Corrupt D.A… Info about our sisters Paige, Pearl and Dinah. their lives are threatened. But Chloe won’t let me help. won’t let you help. it’s like she wants to keep us separated from them.

Angel: *Scoffs and raising her voice* If that is the case… then let’s go and call her up on it then.

Betty: I would love to… but there is one problem to that…

Angel: *Pauses and curious* Which would be what?

Betty: What would it do to the girls?

Angel: No idea… but if you believe that Watchtower’s trying to keep us separated from them in action and battle… we need to act and get to the bottom of it. Chloe is not guilty of anything. she’s doing what’s best. but if you really think that there is something a miss here and that Chloe is somehow trying to cut us off from being with our sisters in battle… it needs to be let out.

Betty: Let’s go… right now.

Angel: Shouldn’t we tell the girls? They’ll be expecting for us to go with them together to school. we should tell them, at least.

Betty: No. we can’t do that. Because if we end up being put up to doing something… they’ll never agree with what we’re doing in a million years. we’re just asking Chloe about if she is trying to keep us separated from our sisters and if so… Why? But with how things have gone… it might cause a wedge between us and them… you know that better than anyone that it’s the last thing i would ever ask for. but we need to find out why Chloe is keeping us out of the battles.

Angel: i am with you sis… always have. i got to tell you though that sometimes the things you come out with are rather nuts, but i do understand. *Nods* Let’s go and have a talk with Chloe.

Moments later At Metropolis Middle school, Paige and her sisters Pearl and Dinah were at the school and about to get inside the room for their 1st period class…

Peter: *Walking over to Pearl* Oh my god… Pearl… Thank heavens you’re okay.

Pearl:  Why, Peter… of course i am okay. Why wouldn’t i be?

Peter: i just heard all over the news waves… the guy who used to be your professor sold info about you to the Seedy corrupt D.A that is out from prison. Raymond Sacks… It’s all over the news. the airwaves are talking about the deal that was also made with him by Pidge Stroker.

Paige: *Concerned* What are we gonna do?

Johnny: Don’t worry… we’ll get to the bottom of it. i promise. Paige… You and Pearl are our concern. we only met for a day and we’re already vowing to put ourselves out for you. we are also wanting to be the object of your hearts.

Dinah: Well.. if that is the case… You, Peter… and us 3. we’re gonna pay a nice surprise to Mr. Stroker. but there is one more member to our team…

Johnny: *Pauses* one more member? *Looking at Dinah* No questioning about that… but who is it?

Peter: What other member does she mean?

Dinah: *Sighs fast and with a quick Breath* Shingo. Shingo Tsukino. He’s the Brother to Usagi Tsukino. and he’s also a hero too. Mystic Thunder. how he became that is because some time ago… almost a year ago… i was nearly killed. by a Possessed Youma that was with the Essence of Metaria. i tried to sacrifice myself and almost died. but while i was gone for that short time… Shingo as per what i was told by Paige and Pearl and everyone else… was that Shingo happened to find my old power belt the one before this one i got right now for the time being… and he put it on… i don’t know how it was possible… But he was given Thunderic powers. and became the Thunderic Avenger. Mystic Thunder. some time ago… a week ago… he was taken to a Luthorcorp Plant in hopes to reawaken the powers that he had at that one time. Of course… before it was able to be done… the belt somehow reawakened and reanimated itself. turning him into Mystic Thunder. That part came out from Watchtower. Chloe Sullivan. She’s the one who tried to help him get his powers back…

Johnny: *Nods and Looking to his side* That’s good enough for me.

Peter: i am open to that. if he’s a hero… then that’s good enough for me. i’m not one to complain or question it.

Paige: *Walking over to her desk* Let’s get over to our seats and we’ll talk more after class. But we are aware of what we should do. that’s pay a visit to Pidge Stroker. and then After that… we’re gonna enlist a Spy… possibly one of us to go in and pose as someone close to Sacks and coerce him to hand over the info he’s got on us 3.

Peter: *nods* I agree. but, Miss Love… i don’t mean to question the motives you might have… but i just am curious… what do we do if that guy… Sacks figures out and sniffs out that it’s you. and begins to pull away?

Dinah: That’s why… we’re gonna send our sister Betty in. She can get the goods that was given to Sacks and by time that Sacks catches on… we’ll be a step ahead of him.

Paige: That’s the plan…

At Watchtower…

Betty: *Flying in* We need to talk about something serious here, Chloe.

Angel: *Flying in; Sighs* How very very subtle there, Betty.  i think that you could have been a little more discreet than that.

Chloe: *A Little lost; Looking towards Betty and Angel* What are you talking about, Betty? if there is a serious talk to be had… i am sure that it’s got to deal with the problem containing Raymond Sacks.

Betty: Well… that is one thing that is on the top… but there is something else. i think we all know what it is too…

Angel: It’s got something to do about our sisters…

Chloe: *figuring out what the girls are getting at* Are you talking about the idea that you feel as though i am keeping you separated from Paige, Pearl and Dinah?

Betty: Yeah. i am feeling as though you are keeping us back and separating us from them. it isn’t really fair to do that to us.

Chloe: I only keep you two back because i appointed you two to be the two guard dogs of the tower. i am not slow. i have seen what you two can do. i have been walking past the Plaza and caught the fight that you had with that one Youma. i saw it. and i saw the powers that you two amassed. I know that you two wish to be fighting along side your sisters. side by side. But with your powers it could be better To have you here… however with the Kandorians  starting to cause more trouble… you might be getting that chance to go out there for the heroes out there are gonna need all the assistance that they can get.

Betty: *Sighs* I guess. but Paige, Pearl and Dinah are our sisters. we should be helping them out. Our mom would be upset if anything were to happen to them.

Angel: i don’t think that letting them be alone is best. Family stick together as one. being apart only makes us all easy targets. The Kandorians would tear us apart. like the other day when the girls faced them while trying to rescue a friend and a hostage… that awful man Basqat was threatening to cover the whole place with their blood. I don’t care what the outcome is… it’s best to fight along side them. They can’t be expected to do all the fighting. it’s not right.

Chloe: We can have you two go out there… but you might be faced with trouble. the Kandorians won’t play fair. If they get their powers… i am very skeptic on how any powers like the dark part of the spiritual world or the holy side will make any difference. Besides… it’s something that they must do.

Betty: *in disbelief*  Like Clark does? He might be able to work alone and have no trouble. *Sighs* but i am sorry. I don’t think i can stomach the idea of my sisters being on their own on fighting. *Holding her hand up and looking to the side* You are only doing what you feel to be right. you’re doing what you do best. and you’re that good at it. but when it comes to my family… we know what’s best for the family… besides if anything were to happen to my mom… it’d have to be up to me and Angel to care for them. be like parents to them. *feeling a bit strange* it would be awkward to see grown women having to be parented. it’s strange.

Angel: Well… there are weirder things out there in the world. weirder than seeing someone be parents to their own siblings… while being adults. that’s nothing compared.

Betty: Well… i guess we know now where things stand. i might as well just Meditate a little as i wait for a chance to be out where i can be most useful and be able to have a hand in beating down any unholy beings…

Betty understood where Chloe was getting at, however she still felt as though she was being held back and she really didn’t like it. She couldn’t argue with it. Chloe obviously knew what was best for the whole team… she had all the intel coming into her and knew how to get it out… So as much as Betty didn’t like the outcome… she dealt with it…

But there unfortunately was a issue… At the Motel where the scheduled party was gonna be held… A Shooting was going on Which attracted the attention of someone with super speed, Super Strength, super breath, X-Ray Vision, heat vision…(Shooting fire from their eyes) and super hearing. He sped in and busted it up… catching the shooters by surprise and knocked them all out…

It was a very busy day out in the promenade of Metropolis… Crime was getting busy, however Victor Stone and Black Canary were able to trim them down. As for the Kandorians… some of them were starting to break away from the group. Faora and Vala began to pull away, wanted a normal life. Faora for some reason saw what was going on with Major Zod and saw how the building of the Solar Tower was making him mad with power. it was not too bad at that time… but she was sensing that it would only get more and more of a problem. They met at the East side of the Promenade with someone who was like them and felt as though that he’d be able to help them get new identities and a new life. a normal life…

Also so was Alia. not the one from the future where Lois went to and came back from… but the one from the orb… from the current…


Clark: *With the papers and the new Identity* Alia, Faora… Vala, these are your new identities and a start for a new life. You’ll have your own identities. *Handing the papers over to Faora, Alia and Vala*

Alia: *Grins with a bit of surprise* I seemed to misjudge you, Kal-el. We have decided to leave the Kandorians… Zod is close to building the tower and it’s near completion… we don’t want the powers as much as he does…

Faora: Having the powers from the Yellow sun is a luxury that we all want. But Zod is talking about taking control of the world and that was never our intention.  I however was born into the Military… and with that… i never really had the choice to live and exist as a Civilian. Kal-el, we can’t repay you enough for this.

Clark: Tell me who killed my father. i know that Zod took him from Tess. And was he the last one to see him alive?

Vala: *Sympathizing* We know that you want justice to be served, but you must be careful. Zod has a lot of loyal followers. Followers who will be loyal to him to the death, and if you go after him, there will be untold war. It will get ugly.

Clark: I understand. although… you might also realize that i’m not the only one wanting to know who killed Jor-el.

Faora: *Not understanding* Who else would be wanting to know about Jor-el’s death? or knowing who killed him?

Vala: Sis, i think i know who might be into finding out who killed Jor-el.

Faora: *Looking at Vala* Who?

Vala: There are 3 girls who Zod has been overheard saying that he was fond of. the names he mentioned were Paige, Pearl and Dinah Rhapsody. The Rhapsody Girls Z!.

Alia: *Looking at Vala and Faora* What do you mean? Who are they?

Clark: They’re 3 girls who are into saving the world. They have gone through alot and they’re only teens. they were into the hero work since age 11. they also have a family of supers. i can’t really let that out… but what you should know is that they will do anything that they can to save and protect the world.

Faora: They were at the warehouse yesterday… weren’t they?

Clark: That part… i wouldn’t know.

Vala: They were there. they showed up and were thinking that i was behind the capture and or abduction of a girl civilian who they knew. Some girl named Usagi. who is the sister to the guy that came and tried to rescue her… The guy apparently is the boyfriend to one of the 3 girls. Possibly the one they call Dinah.

Clark: What was the girl doing there?

Vala: Zod and/or Basqat abducted her. in hopes to lure the 3 girls into a trap. however they instead grabbed the brother to the captive and it got attention of the 3 girls and also the attention of another member of them. Someone by the name of Arctic Mind. But the 3 girls called her Aunt Princess… something…. Princess Charlene. Like they knew her or who she really was.

Clark: That’s because they’re all family. Paige, Pearl and Dinah are the Nieces to the one you named. Arctic Mind. she’s their Aunt. as are Mrs. Chip Stroker, Princess Julie… and their Uncle is King John Drake Rhapsody…  Their Cousins are the 4 boys called… The Rhapsody Brothers…

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in* Hey… You called, Kal? What’s goin’ on? We 4 boys are in school and are gonna be busy tonight goin’ after a seedy D.A. What’s up? *Seeing 3 ladies* Whoa! Kal, i didn’t know that you were seeing some ladies. i’ll go back and let you get with what you’re doing…..

Clark: *Looking to see Prince Alvin* Hey, You surprised us a bit. These 3 girls are Kandorians. but they’re looking to have a new life. they’re leaving Zod and the other Kandorians.

Prince Alvin: You’re kidding? Really? *Grins* Well… that’s happy news… i suppose. What made them want to leave their commander Zod anyway? I am sure that Zod will be trying to look for them.

Clark: Not if they change their appearances. Plus if they hide their Kandorian tags… it’ll be safe for them.

Prince Alvin: I don’t know how they’ll be safe. there are people who are not fond of beings from another planet. *Looking at the 3 ladies* No offense… but there is not gonna be an easy break for you 3 to hide. *Looking to his sides* actually… you know what? it’ll be fine. Clark will help you. he’s one of you… But you 3 are gonna have to sever all contact with the other Kandorians. get rid of all ties you have towards them. forget you ever knew them. it’ll keep you 3 safe and will help you 3 live normal lives. and will prevent anyone from tying you to them.

Clark: That’s something i’d be saying.

Faora: we’re still Kandorian. we may leave the others and cut off all contact from them. but we’re still with Kandorian Blood.

Vala: Exactly. How can we pull ourselves away?

Clark: Don’t worry… we’ll figure it out.

Alia: *Nods*

At Princess Charlene’s house…

Prince Richie: *Watching the T.V* The world has gone insane…  They let out corrupt Politicians and frame the innocent for things that they didn’t do. That’s some world. How will my Cousins Paige, Pearl and Dinah be able to fix that? not to mention handle the Kandorians. i sure hope that mom can give a frosty boost to their efforts. i know that they can. i can only hope that they are able to stop that Solar Tower from being online. the tower is 70% completed… and it’s getting even more progress. *Getting up* Jess, I want you to understand something… Even though you are not as close to them as you once were… but they’re now your cousins and have been your cousins for almost 4 years now. *Seeing Jess Lighting up* Jess, just because your mother Princess Julie who is my Aunt is tossing her health away with the smoke habit. doesn’t mean that you should.

Jess: *Scoffs* Why is it your problem? Princess Julie told me of the things that she used to do once… but it’s not like she’s gonna do that again. She’s just with the habit that she can not let go. She’s changed. She’s got issues. i know that. given that i am not biological and i might not be able to read and figure her out right away. but she’s not that bad. *Sighs and looks at the T.V* So… what do we do about the Seedy D.A? He’s out of the big house and is gonna try to expose the Blur.

Prince Richie: That’s the problem… there isn’t anything that we can do.

Princess Charlene: *Walking in* I’m back from the tower. *Looking to see her son talking with his cousin Jess; Catching Jess Smokin’* Jess, What have i told you about doing that in my house? i told you that i do not allow that around my house. meaning inside it. No… do something and put that out.

A second later…

Prince Richie: Mom, Have you heard anything new about that shady or Seedy D.A?

Princess Charlene: I haven’t heard anything new about him. All i can tell you is that he is gonna be at a shindig or fundraiser that is being held underground. in the back of the Motel. but i can’t go… i got nothing to use there… From what i heard though was that Watchtower’s got The Rhapsody Brothers going on the case and are planning to go undercover.

Prince Richie: Anyone else?

Princess Charlene: No. no one else is going… at least from what Chloe has said. She didn’t mention anything about others going?

Jess: Well… if it’s just them going… then it should be a breeze then, shouldn’t it? Can they go in and succeed in getting the info that was sold to the D.A about the 3 girls on the agenda of that low life Stroker. I don’t know how far back it goes… but i am swearing that i curse the very day that the family got in ties with them.

Prince Richie: *Snaps* Jess! that is enough. it was Pidge who sold the info. not Chip. Chip is innocent. you should not be thinking that way about Chip. Pidge is the Rogue. and i have a feeling that this is personal to the girls. The girl’s are gonna vow on lashing out at the Rogue.

Princess Charlene: I would have figured that… *Shaking her head over the situation* But they can’t go and do anything they’ll regret. it’ll make matters worse and will only fuel the flames. Pidge is against them. and is secretly doing it under the radar so Tess won’t know and therefore he can be out of jail… to do what he wants and still keep his job.

Prince Richie: We need to expose him. get him back on death row.

Jess: *Scoffs and feeling a bit annoyed* Oh yeah? How the hell do you suppose we do that? there is nothing that we can do. Pidge Stroker is wise and is able to cover his tracks. it’s gonna take a sizable miracle to get him to cop out.

Princess Charlene: Don’t worry about it. *Looking at her son* Son… it’ll be taken care of.


At the Metropolis High school… Paige and her sisters were heading over to the lunch line with Johnny and Peter. They were talking more about the Situation revolving the vengeful man who was their Ex-Professor. They felt wound up about it as they spoke more of it. they felt that it was gonna only get more worse…

However… It was about to get worse.

At the Metropolis Market…

Shingo: *Looking around for some stuff for his Sister* Usagi better be thankful for me doing this for her. Getting her these things called Pocky… they look like Pretzel sticks. Chocolate covered. *Chuckles a little* Who’d have thought that she’d want to have those things to snack on. i usually would picture her eating cakes and other sweets. but Pocky???


Man: *Looking at the teen* You must be the one… who has ties to one of the 3 girls… Dinah Rhapsody.

*Introducing himself* Raymond Sacks. D.A.

Shingo: *Looking at the D.A.* I don’t think that you want to speak to me. i heard that you’re a Corrupt D.A. out to expose the Blur… the City’s known symbol of hope. And that you got info on 3 girls that have saved this world so many times.  one of them happens to be my girlfriend.

Raymond: *Grins* Interesting… you have ties with her… *Chortles* Ha! priceless. a perfect Tagline for the Daily Planet’s next big story… “Shingo Tsukino frames Dinah Rhapsody”

Shingo: What the hell are you on? I am not gonna frame my girlfriend. You’re Nuts.

Raymond: Actually… that is i’m afraid… where you seem to be wrong. *Snaps his fingers and suddenly 3 men come from behind Shingo and places something in his pocket secretly* you are… you’re going to be her loose screw. the one person who will ruin her reputation. Because i know about the 3 girls… all from a anonymous source that vows sanctified vengeance against them. Normally he’d be out in the open… but unfortunately he has a high paying job that he wants to keep and doesn’t want to lose his pension. Noble though… but he used to be the professor to them and clearly knows how they operate. they make their own rules and think that the rules don’t apply to them. well… that is gonna change. You… You’re gonna make that happen.

Shingo: *Feeling something being placed into his pocket* Oh no… No you don’t… That’s it, you want to see trouble coming? you might as well forget a clean exit. because Dinah Rhapsody is my girlfriend… going against her is going against my heart and that is not gonna happen. i would die first before ever going along with hurting her. You can do your own dirty work. Because there is no way that i am gonna do it.

Seconds later…

Shingo: *Transforming* “Thunder Power… EXECUTE!” *Forming two Thunder blades as his outfit forms and appears around him* … *Fully Transformed* The Thunderic Avenger Mystic Thunder… feel the Pain of my Thunder Blades!”

Raymond: *Feigns a scared look* Help… someone help!

Shingo: *Tossing one of his thunder Swords up at the lights above and causing it to fall onto Raymond and knock out the three men* You mess with me… and my girlfriend again… you’ll be sure to be a witness to pain rapping upon your door. You’re Corrupt. and the only place you belong is behind bars… with no way out. *Taking out the object that was placed in his pocket to frame him and throws it hard at Raymond* Eat this… Vile Existing creep! *Going out to pay for the item that his sister wanted and leaves the Market*

Raymond: *Groans* I’ll make him pay for that. No one attacks me and gets away… *Out cold for a moment*

Back at the Metropolis High School…

Paige: *Looking at the Charms* Johnny, they’re wonderful… Where did you find them?

Johnny:  I found them about a month ago… they were old looking when i found them. but when i got a hold of them… i noticed that they were just dirty. so i cleaned them up. i made sure that they were looking their best. i washed them and cleaned them up all over the place. cleaning every spot there was. I was gonna sell them or give them away to someone… but then i met you and thought that you’d like to have them. They sure looked rather authentic when i got them all cleaned. not sure what kind of jewels they are… but the charms are really bright. if anyone should have them… it’s you.

Paige: *Touched and feeling thankful* That’s so sweet of you to do that, Johnny. i Like them alot. Thank you.

Peter: Pearl, There is something for you that i want to give you. It’s a Romance novel. Plus a Crystal bracelet. the crystal can’t break. it’s strong crystal. i also want you to know about the novel… it’s something that comes from Author Danielle Steel. She’s a sweet writer. this one book called Dating game is about a woman who gets dumped and divorced by her husband but she perseveres on her own. She makes a kind of life for herself. even though it’s hard. she proves that she can be strong. and a fighter. i saw that and thought that it’d be something you would like. because i see you as someone who has a lonely heart… but unlike other girls who have lonely hearts. your heart is special. it feels more than usual. plus it’s stronger than you might realize. i read that book and knew that it would be perfect for you. because you are the perfect girl to have this book.

Pearl: *Smiles* Thank you… Peter. it’s lovely.

Dinah: *Feeling tipsy* Okay… your loving words are about to nauseate me. i am opening up to romance a little at a time. but you’re words are too sweet. it’s making me feel really weak in the stomach. *Looking at the boys and then at her sisters* We need to discuss the part about going after the Traitor that sold the Corrupt D.A info about us.  let’s get to the bottom of the issue here.

Johnny:  Dinah’s got a point there. we need to talk about the problem. it’s still a concern.

Peter: Well… *Looking at the time and noticing the lines clearing* i think that it’s about time to head to the next class. *Sighs* but i know that we are gonna need to pay a visit to that guy. You know where the guy lives?

Pearl: We know where he used to live… not where he lives now. *Thinking* we can ask Chloe… She might know where he resides now. since he and Tammy divorced… i haven’t seen her anywhere around.

Paige: *Thinking about the thought for a minute and realizes* You know… Pearl, You’re right. we haven’t seen her for a while… the last time we seen her was during our birthday… We should go pay her a visit.

Pearl: we’ll do that right after school.  I am sure that she’s lonely. She’s been put through so much.

Dinah: *Saddened over what’s happened to Tammy* yeah.

That afternoon after school, Paige and Pearl kissed their boyfriends goodbye and made way to find the Ex-Wife to the Now convicted man Stroker. Paige and Pearl however made sure that their boyfriends knew where to meet when they were ready to go and pay the convicted man Stroker a visit. it was gonna be one visit that would be remembered for a long time by the convicted man who used to be part of their family till he decided to go rogue… They arrived at the house where Tammy Stroker was and saw that she reverted back to her biological name Tammy Garland. She cut her losses from the ended marriage and wanted to even go in for having an abortion. she didn’t want to have any children that were to turn out to be just like her Ex-husband. It was a warm afternoon and she was in the living room when the doorbell rang. She walked over to the door and opened to see Paige, Pearl and Dinah…

“Pioneer to the Falls” by Interpol plays…

Paige: *Smiles* Hey Tammy.

Tammy: *Feeling depressed* Hey girls. Care to come in for a visit?

Pearl: *Nods* Okay.

A Minute later…

Pearl: *Noticing something wrong with Tammy* Is something wrong?

Tammy: No… *Sighs* Actually, yeah. there is. I feel so alone all the time. i also miss the man i was with. i betrayed him and now i have no man. Pidge doesn’t even love me anymore.

Dinah: The heck with him. He didn’t love anyone who posed a threat to what he wanted. He changed. he’s nothing. You don’t need him, Tammy. You can be happy without him.

Paige: *Scoffs* Dinah! That’s not exactly helping her feel any better. can’t you see how she is feeling over the whole thing? She is truly upset. you can tell that she’s really broken. She really loved Pidge Stroker. and when she saw him change from the gentle caring man to the vengeful man that wanted to attack us… she Divorced him. *Outraged* Can’t you see how distraught she is? It’s hurting her.

Dinah: *Scoffs* do you really think i don’t know that? I know that. i can see that. but you can’t be seriously thinking that we can get them back together… How do we do that? Tammy was being threatened by him. *Feeling a little theatrical* he was gonna kill her for trying to side with us.. after he went after our mother. He threatened to kill our mother according to the police reports. remember the day after Jor-el died? Our mother showed us the police reports. and it said that he was posing to come after our mother. Kill her. Do you think that he would let anyone who would betray him live? *Looking at Paige* Paige… think about it. and ask yourself this one question… as a leader… if you saw that you were betrayed by someone… like… Let’s say that Betty and Angel… now granted that they are Blood and are family… would you be willing to say that you’d be allowing them to live? Leaders getting betrayed… if this was a military team… the leaders or Generals would consider that to be insubordination. they’d pin that as insubordination and not even think twice. *Sighs* Look… i’m sorry that she feels broken over it. i do. i’m usually tough and don’t let things like this get to me… but i honestly don’t think that there is anything that we can do about it… Pidge Stroker hates Tammy. as per the words that came right from her lips. And Hatred is known as a pretty high motive for Murder.

Pearl: Oh god, Dinah. You’ve gone insane… where do you get this stuff?

Paige: She gets it from the experience… we’ve been going through all this since the other week. The day after Jor-el died… we received the police report. it came in the mail and it provided the statements… Pidge Stroker said as what is read in the report. “I’m gonna kill that B**ch!” That’s what he said. then as it reads on… they got the statement he said as they detained him… He said:“Whatever… Protect a b**ch… i don’t have any connection to her other than that snake bitten girl of hers… but i wiped my hands off her. Arrest me. i could care less. but don’t think that i’m paying for that kid. she isn’t getting a cent. neither is that pink haired freak. to get it from me… they’ll have to kill me and that pink haired b**ch won’t commit to murder. she doesn’t even have the guts and that daughter of hers is too into god that she’d never stoop to betraying her teachings.  So what are they gonna do? hack into my bank accounts? I would just love to see the b**ch try it.” then the last statements that we read that came from him on the report… was a statement he made to Tammy. saying and i’ll quote… “You’re sticking up for her… Fine… go live with her then. be part of her family and get the hell out of my sight. *Glares* You’re just like them. accusing me and making me the bad guy. You’re supposed to honor and obey like a wife should. just like i would have done for you… no matter what the cost. *Hurt and with tears* I Loved you Tammy. i frickin’ loved you. i gave you my heart and by going against me… and helping everyone attack me makes me feel as though my love for you meant nothing at all. i can’t ever bare to look at you anymore. How could you betray me, Tammy? How could you side against me… after all the love i gave to you. i was always there for you.  When you were sick… who stayed home and sacrificed 5 whole days of working on new tech for those 3 baby girls to take care of you. i bent over my ass to care for you, Tammy. those girls were alot to me… used to be before they decided to do what they did… but you were my soulmate. my only love. I’d even die for you to make sure that you lived. i would hurt myself before i’d even hurt you. i would never hurt you. not even for a second. i’d never allow myself to do it. because i’m not that guy who’d hurt the one he married. *Upset* Just get out of my sight. If i get out… i’m filing for the Divorce. i’m done. You betrayed me… I never want to see you again.“ that came from him.

Tammy: *With tears in her eyes* I just want him back… i hurt so much and i just want it to stop.

Pearl: *Looking at Paige* Paige… No more… drop the mention of the report. Tammy’s hurting. she is hurting inside. Can’t you see that she is hurting? Come on… *Looking at Tammy and consoling her* It’s gonna be alright, Tammy. It’ll be okay. You can make it without him. We can get you help. it’ll be alright.

Tammy: Pidge hates me and there is nothing that i can do. I have no will to live on… How can i live on without him? He was my heart… *Breaking into tears* And i betrayed my heart. *Crying* i betrayed him.

Pearl: We know that you loved him, Tammy. we know. but how can you love a man like him after he was aiming to try and kill our mother? He would have come after you too…


Chloe: *Contacting Paige* Watchtower to Paige… Come in… Come in.

Paige: *Suddenly stepping into the other room* …. *In the side room; *Pressing the button on the earpiece* Paige speaking… what’s up?

Chloe: We got a problem. Sacks has made a confrontation with someone… *Pulling up the Security files and the Audio feed* It’s Shingo… *Looking at the Video feed of the Market and listening to the audio* He was blackmailing Shingo to drag you 3 down… but was gonna go after Shingo to try and bring Dinah down… he somehow knew or has the info on you 3 and is using it. i am pulling up a copy of Dinah’s file… *concerned* Oh no… It says that Dinah is vulnerable to personal attacks and to attack her… get to her… you have to go after someone she cares about. a target of her heart. Sacks is using that…

Paige: Stroker got close enough to us and our mother in a way that he knows all our secrets. Flaws and all. he’s sold it to Sacks. Sacks has it… And is gonna use it.

Chloe: *In Shock* Oh god. Does Dinah know?

Paige: No. she doesn’t… Chloe… As a personal favor… Don’t tell her. Keep her in the dark over it. i don’t want her to know about it just yet. Have you reached the Rhapsody Brothers yet?

Chloe: I’m sending them a APB Wire right now… to expect a earlier launch of the maneuver. I can tell you that there is a location where Pidge Stroker is said to be. It’s at the Cyntechnics… but since he’s been there… god knows what type of security measures he built there… If you were to sneak in to get after him… he’d know it was you before you were to make it past the first gates. and past the perimeter guards. If you still wish to go and pay him a visit and get after him… i’ll place you 3 on call. I’ll see about hacking into the systems and disabling the security measures he’s got up there… but you’ll have to follow each direction that comes from me in order to do it. because the disabling could be timed and could kick back on within minutes after i were to disable the systems. Meaning that for a brief time… you’ll have to relinquish Leadership capabilities of your sisters and yourself. *Pausing for a second* Paige… Are you still willing to go through with it?

Paige: *Trying not to break down; knowing of what she and her sisters will have to do* ……….. uh-uh… uhhhh…….. Yes. I’ll go and let my sisters know. just give me a moment to contain myself… i am about to break down in tears here… i don’t want them to see me like this.

Chloe: *Understanding* i am sorry that it had to come to this… i would never condone the idea of taking a life. i wish that it didn’t have to come to that… but there is no other alternative. if he’s beaten badly… he’ll be able to still have a shot at I.Ding you 3 and could pin things on you.

Paige: I know. *With a shaking voice* i know… I’ll contact the moment that we’re a go.

Chloe: Okay.

Paige breaks down in tears and cries out in devastation… She just came to the fact that she would have to take a life. She hugged her legs and slumped down and held herself tightly… She didn’t want to go through with it… but she knew that her family’s life was still being endangered by Stroker. it hurt. it was a painful sting to her… She wished that it wasn’t so for her to take a life. but she saw and painfully realized that it was gonna be the only thing she could do… She was scared and she felt terrified as she continued to cry… it took about a couple minutes more before she retained herself from the sadness that came over her… She dried her eyes and took a deep breath….

However a minute later…

Down the street from the Ex-Professors House… Now Tammy’s house….

Johnny: Peter, What do you think they’re doing in there? We gotta get over to where that Convicted man is… we’re gonna lose our window of opportunity.

Peter: hey… just calm down… they know what they’re doing. besides they’re the Rhapsody girls. They’ll signal us when they’re ready.

Johnny: okay. I sure hope that they’re alright though… that house is not the most safest place to go… that used to be the house of their Ex-Professor now Convicted attacker Pidge Stroker. there is no telling what could happen. He could more than likely show back up to that house and it could be a danger path for them. They need to hurry.

Peter: *Seeing a man up ahead with a briefcase and a weapon* I think there is something going on over there… I don’t think it’s good. *Looking closer to see who the man was* It’s Stroker…

Johnny: What?! *Looking at Peter* We got to move in… now. Paige and her sisters are in there. Peter… this is our shot… Time to move…

Peter: *Nods* Time for Lord Bliss and Bubble Warlock to make their Devue.

Johnny: Right. Let’s do it.

A second later…

Johnny: *Transforming* Lord Bliss… Transform! *Lights of red and Pink shoot through him forming his outfit; Jumping into the Air and spinning several times   revealing wings and his weapon* ….  *Landing down and Blowing a kiss of hearts; Busting through the hearts and fully transformed; Posing* I am the Love’s Executioner… Those who dare to corrupt the spirit of Love… will feel true Love’s burn… get ready for the Love’s painful sting… Lord Bliss… sends his fury of Love to you…

Peter: *Transforming* Bubble Warlock… Transform! *Scenes of water appear and with the mind causes the water to cover him and the outfit forms on him as bubbles start showing* … *Dancing into bubbles while his weapon forms and flies over into his hands* … *Forming Bubbles and Performing acrobatics; Moving through bubbles before tossing a wave of Bubbles into the Air; Posing*The bubbly man…. the one who with fast bubbles and quick wit… the interlopers who intend to swarm with their Evil grip will be Erased with the power of Bubble’s light. All hail the power of the Maester of bubble power… Bubble Warlock… Blowing the bubbles of light and Mercy your way. Say your prayers… if you dare!

Man: *Running from the house and running away to hide* Got it… Say good-bye Ex-Mrs. Stroker… You’re gonna be facing the end soon. The Bomb will make sure of that.

Johnny: *Running after the man* Stop right there… come back here. *Looking at the house* Peter… get that Bomb… Take it out of here… Now… The girls are inside the house… get it out of here… Hurry.

Peter: *Nods* Right. on it. *Jumping up into the air and Swinging from light pole to Light pole getting to the Bomb and taking it to a deserted part of the residential district* This Bomb is lethal… Seeing an attack against the innocent is disgraceful. *Sending the Bomb out into the air inside a Swarm of Water Bubbles Using the Mystic Bubble Staff * Bubbles Of Flight!

as for Johnny…

Johnny: *Speeding up and Firing a shot of Love Bullets at the fleeing man with his Love Machine Gun* Love’s Burning Sting!

Man: *hit by the blast and collapsing* Ahhh!

Johnny: *Running up to the man and Grabbing him* Get up! Get up, right now. *Looking at the man as the man slowly gets up and Looks at the man* Talk… Why did you put a bomb in front of Tammy Garland’s house? What were you planning to do?

Man: It was to send a message to the lady for betraying our loyal boss Mr. Stroker. He was betrayed by her… She’s Married him and then broke his heart. The investigation was set up all by Mr. Stroker. He was investigating the girls… Tammy was supposed to be by his side no matter what. She bailed. She decided to bail and head to side with the 3 girls and that Pink haired freak they call a mother. Yeah. Pidge Stroker told me all about her… and all about the abominations called her family. I will do anything to see that his honor is fixed and brought back to former glory. And if that means hurting the woman that his brother is married to… that’s just too bad.

Johnny: You’re an ass for attempting to do that. and will be sorry. *Calling for back up* Bubble Warlock… get over here… now… i got the bomber. He’s a loyal follower of the Convicted attempted murderer of the mother to the 3 girls. He was targeting his Ex-Wife for betrayal…

Peter: *Jumping into the scene* i’m here… Let’s get him…

Johnny: *Nods* Let’s make him pay.

Peter: *Launching an attack at the Man* Bubbles of Truth!

Johnny: *Launching an attack at the Man* Love’s Burning fire!

They nailed the man and beat him down quick. he was a worker for the Convicted Pidge Stroker. With a quick swipe… Peter jumped up and took the man over to the Police station that was a few blocks away…

At the Metropolis Police department…

Peter: *Handing over the suspect* Hey… Lock this man up. He was about to Bomb a house and kill the Ex-Wife to a Convicted attempted murderer Pidge Stroker. Lock him up… Charges… Attempted Murder.

Police Captain: *Walking over to grab the man in custody* you got it. * Grabbing the man and taking him to a holding cell; processing the suspect for transfer to Jail* Come along… Fire bug. The Jail will be a perfect spot for you… Dangerous people like you should not be on the streets with the public. *Looking at Peter* Thanks again. Good work.

Peter: *Winks* No problem. It’s all in a days work for us who follow Justice and believe in the preservation of life. *Jumping into the air and Taking off* Bubble Warlock… Sparing lives of the Innocent… a step at a time!

Back at Tammy Garland’s house…

Paige: *Walking out into the living room* Pearl… Dinah. We got a Problem…

Pearl: A Problem? *Not understanding* What do you mean?

Paige: Chloe… called. We are a go on the case to get at you know who…

Pearl: We do?

Dinah: *Pressing a button* on call. Let’s go.

Paige however was feeling reluctant and began to struggle over giving them the whole details… Pearl suddenly turned to look at Paige and saw that something was eating at her. She felt as though she should ask her what it was; However… she was about to get an answer that she wasn’t gonna like…

Pearl: What’s wrong, Paige?

Paige: There’s something that you girls will have to know about before we go. Chloe is gonna lead us into the building where Stroker is at… and for the short time… i will have to relinquish my title of Leader. The security there is tight and well over advanced. it’s to the point where if we were to go there blindly, Stroker would know that we were there before we even before we were to make it past the first gate. *With a remorseful heavy heart; dreading what she was about to let out to her sisters* And there is more… once there… we’re gonna have to… Take out Stroker. meaning… Extinguish his life. We have to kill him.

Pearl and Dinah: *Gasps* What?!

Dinah: No… *Hysterically unhinged* No…  that is insane. we can’t do that. That’s Murder… we are not Murderers. We are just gonna beat him up to an inch of his life and teach him a huge lesson about what happens when someone we trust decides to sell us out and endanger us just to save their own clammy necks. Murdering is out.

Pearl: *Scared and feeling a chilling sense of terror* If we were to do that… that would make us no better than the ones we go against. it’d make us just like King Lotor and Queen Beryl. They were Evil. Queen Beryl tried turning a friend of ours to the dark side… and won… we got our friend back… but we were near driven to take her life. and that is not right… it’s dastardly. downright Cruel. I won’t do it. No… NO! i refuse.

Dinah: Our mom didn’t raise us to be killers. She’d be terrified over the idea hearing that we committed a murder. We are heroes. Heroes don’t Murder.

Paige: i know that… don’t you think that i don’t know that? I know that we can’t be brought to think that murder is the best option. but if we only beat him… he could still live and possibly I.D us. We can’t take a Chance. And i know that it will hurt Tammy. that is why i am feeling most unsure about going ahead with doing it.

Tammy: *Walking over to the Kitchen* I don’t want to even talk about it. if you do it… just make sure that you let him know that i send my regards. He hates me… that’s fine. my heart has been crushed by him anyway… i can’t say as if i’ll feel anything for anyone ever again. i’ll probably be a cold heart person. but it’s just how it is…

Dinah: I won’t kill. No stinkin’ way. *Growls and in fury* If i am expected to kill in cold blood and if that’s what heroes… do… Then i Quit as being a Rhapsody Girl Z member. i won’t do it. I am tough and enjoy a good brawl like any fighter would enjoy… but i am not gonna just take a mans life. there has to be another option other than that. There has to be.

Pearl: And plus… he’s someone’s brother. He’s Chip’s brother. and Chip is the Husband to our Aunt Princess Trixie. Killing Pidge would hurt Chip and would cause a Marriage nightmare between him and our Aunt and would hurt the family. *Breaking down in sobs* Please don’t say that we got to do it… I don’t want that to happen.

Paige: *Looking at her sisters* Look. I Don’t want that to happen either. i don’t… but he’s gonna continue to threaten our lives and our family… us. as long as he lives. he has Vowed war on us. we are in risk.

Pearl: *Crying* No!

Dinah: *Shaking her head and feeling anguish* Alright… Alright! I’ll do it.

A Second later…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* … *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Hearts* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The heart and love of the Rhapsody girls… Miss Love… In the name of Justice, love and all that’s good… The followers of Evil will fall.

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The emotional and caring soul of the Rhapsody girls… Bubble Maiden. In the name of sweet compassion and Bubbly charm… The Bubbles of life will wipe away the stain of Evil.

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* The loose Wire and the tough fighter of the Rhapsody Girls… Thunder Mistress. In the name of the thunder and fierce determination of the good people… The Evil creeps who dare enter this world will be Electrified.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Within Minutes, they bolted on their way over to the Building of Cyntechnics. Johnny and Peter were right behind them and followed along. The 3 girls were in heartache over what they knew had to be done… they had to take a life. and to them… it was the most hurtful thing that they ever had to commit. It  was early evening when they reached Cyntechnics… The only thing that they could think about was the pain the issue was causing them… It was making them sick and they were truly wishing that they could just leave it at just beating Stroker to the curb and letting it go. but they had to end him….


Pidge: *Looking at the machines* I got to fix these machines before i make the next Project for Tess. She’s Expecting another project to be done for her… i want her to be pleased. She broke me out of the Jail. but i want to stay on her good graces… She risked alot bailing me out. *Thinking* But i’m gonna still go after those girls. I just have to be more discreet about it so Tess won’t know and i’ll still be able to keep my job and out of Jail. But how… I already sold what remaining info i had stashed away containing the girls… sold it to the Seedy D.A. How he uses it… is up to him. but now… i’m gonna see about making a deal with a Government agency and nail the girls right to the ground. *Laughing with a sinister grin*

What were the girls gonna do? Would they really go along and get to taking Stroker’s life, nailing him in cold Blood? What about the Rhapsody brothers? Would they be able to get the goods on what info Sacks has on the Rhapsody Girls? What about Tess? Would she catch on to what Pidge Stroker is really up to behind her back while she can before the Rhapsody girls proceed with taking Stroker out of the picture? If they do take him out… they will have the Professor’s Blood on their hands. Plus what about the Kandorians… They were expected to assimilate and blend in with the humans… Would they succeed? As for Lois… She was still with the Visions from the Future… Was it gonna put her at risk of being captured by Tess and be placed in treatment; exposing her visions and revealing what she saw in her trip to the future… Was it gonna be Paige who was gonna be put through the treatment? With the Kandorians all bowing down to Clark… It put them in trust of Clark… but drove a wedge between him and Zod and Zod’s people. It was causing friction between them… Would it break out in a fight? Would it breach the attention of the Rhapsody girls? What would the fate of the Solar tower be? Would it be allowed to remain or would it be destroyed? Find out in the Next Chapter of The Adventures if the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Paige: *Voice-over* I don’t like the idea of taking a person’s life. that is not what heroes do… Maybe we can just beat him up and then tell Tess and expose Stroker for what he really was. let her handle him. We did find out that she bailed him out and that he was to stay away from us or be put on death row. What ever that means… maybe we can just do that. Murder is just not us.

Pearl: *Voice-over* I want to just curl up and waste away. To think that we are heroes by having to commit a murder. That is just mean. i don’t ever want to think about the hero business. I guess that there is no such thing as heroes and the innocent. where is the innocent when you really need it? Where is the Justice when you really depend on it?

Dinah: *Voice-over* Plus… i also find out that My boyfriend was targeted by that rotten D.A and no one told me about it. Okay… Now i am mad. Now i am angry. this is an outrage and i will make someone pay for keeping that kind of info from me.

John Jones: *Voice-over* There is also a new threat looming around the corner… a government agency called Checkmate. but how they come in… is sneaky and shadowy. they get mentioned at first by a member of the Justice Society of America… they get lured out of hiding… by a shady Agent…

By the name of Amanda Waller.

Tess: *Voice-over* Plus i get back into the girls good graces… i am not as bad as people thought. i might be a little shifty… but i am nothing like Lana Lang. She from what we all hear is a girl who doesn’t seem to know which guy she wants and plays with any guy’s heart. I have a little talk with the mother of the girls and come to the understanding that Pidge Stroker has taken us all for a ride and played us. but i ease their grief. i put the man behind bars and also make a call to get the rotten D.A put behind bars… Maybe Sacks and Stroker can be cell buddies and rot in a cell for the rest of their lives.

Faora: *Voice-over* Not to forget… my sister Vala and i try to live as common people. even though it’s hard. But with the Destruction of the Solar Tower… it leaves us shaken and not knowing who to trust. I however get a bit of a meet with the Rhapsody Girls. MY sister and i… before Vala unfortunately gets abducted.  They help me find my sister and the other abducted Kandorians… but under secret as Major Zod Vows War upon them… The girls must be absolutely Virtuous.

Paige: *Voice-over* We even reunite with a couple of old friends… But from the last time we’ve seen them… till current. thing happen to have changed alot. Find out in the next Chapter of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 58: “The Infiltration of Cyntechnics; The Rhapsody Girls Z! Take a life or Expose the activity of Pidge Stroker. Berserk is the word of Thunder Mistress …Dinah goes mad; New Threat Looms with the Words… “Your Move”; Ding-Dong Agent Amanda Waller is calling. Tess…Back in good charms with the Rhapsody Girls Z!; Abduction comes to threaten all that is Kandorian; Rhapsody girls…Rhapsody girls make a rescue and crack down the abductions.  Solar Tower near completion…Whoops! Boom… Offline dear Solar Tower!” Part 1

One thought on “The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 57: ”Professor Change-up… Paige and Pearl meet the mysterious boys. Dating in Bliss for Mrs. Princess Rikku Rhapsody… The Hunt for Jor-el’s attacker begins. Roll up the lights for John Jones; Greetings From The Martian Manhunter- He comes in peace.”2”

  1. Trust me… It was one thing that they didn’t want to do and were gonna regret for a very long time. they were gonna be beating themselves up for it for a very very long time. But Oliver is a nice person. He’ll be better for them. i know it.

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