The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 56: “Shingo reawakened as Mystic Thunder… MYSTIC THUNDER RETURNS!!! ; Solar Tower construction begins… Jor-el On Earth??? A Face to Face meet with Jor-el in person and a forced sacrifice by the hands of Tess.”

That night at Princess Rikku’s house…

The girls bedroom…

Paige: *Disturbed* I so can’t believe this. We were lied to… the whole thing was all a big lie. Major Zod is a lying creep. He lied to us. he acted oh so sweet and convincing. but it was all a damn act. He told us all this about how he was this forceful soldier on Krypton. he forgot to tell us that he was also a murderer. He Killed Lara-el and Jor-el. They were left to die on Krypton. he destroyed the planet.

Pearl: That was on that planet. Paige, Just because he did it on Krypton; doesn’t actually mean that he’d do the same thing here. how can he? If he is a vessel or just a clone that is no more than a shadow or a fragment of what he once was… then how could he have a heart? a human heart. Dinah, you felt his heart didn’t you? he was feeling actual emotions. the emotions weren’t a lie. they were real. real emotions. it was actual emotions. he was feeling.

Dinah: Plus… there is also another thing that doesn’t add up. *Getting up and looking at her power bracelet; in her nightgown and walking to the window* Okay… now call it crazy. but i think that “The Blur” or should i say Clark told Jor-el all about us. because while we were there at the fortress speaking to Jor-el. he relayed the slip that he knew all about us. even though we were about to tell him who we were. he knew right away who we were and sensed what we were gonna say. before we could utter much of any response. and he also knew about the professor. and about our mom. he knew. *Looking at her sister Paige* now… given said that… here is the question. If we didn’t meet him till just moments ago… and never met him… not even once till that moment when we officially spoke to him… How is it that he knew about us?

Paige: *Thinking* Wait… Dinah. you got a point somewhere about that. i actually thought about that myself. i was thinking about that as Pearl was saying her piece. Jor-el could not have known about us till that moment that he spoke with us officially. that was the only time he even knew about us…

Shingo:*Looking at Dinah* You girls are going to bed at 9 at night? it’s only 9. *Thinking* I was wondering… What was really going on in that ice Igloo?

Paige: if only we knew. we don’t know what was going on in there. but that voice knew us. Jor-el. he knew us by name…But what we are trying to figure out… is how? none of us said anything.

Shingo: I also noticed that. Paige, you’re the leader of the trio… you should be figuring out that there are people out there who are bound to catch on. so far people are opened to supers. like you, Pearl and Dinah. but the others outside of the world… in other cities or towns… they might not be so noble. I noticed the same as you did in the fortress. whatever it was… Jor-el knew about you and you and your sisters never told him about yourselves. however you were described by him… to the letter. he knew all about you. and there is no way he would have known unless you 3 said something to him. although the issue is that you haven’t said a word to him about who you were.

Pearl: But… if that is the case… who do you think told him about us?

Paige: The Blur. he had to of told him about us… But i am more into the whole issue that we were lied to. Zod. he lied to us… he said that he was just a shadow of his former self. he never said that he was as Evil as a tyrant and got himself sent to the Phantom Zone before the Planet Krypton’s Destruction. he lied to us.

Pearl: *Getting up suddenly and looking at her rings; thinking* I don’t know about you two, but i made my decision and i am sticking to it. i don’t care about what’s been pointed out because Jor-el just so happens to say it’s so. i listened. but i will not just cast someone out just because of the past or what someone had done. Major Zod may have been this evil person in the past. but there is no way that i’ll believe it. if he is this Evil person… he would have caused trouble for us. he would have started to attack us in front of everyone and caused a lot of mischief. but the truth is… he didn’t. Why? Because he was trying to be civil. If he was Evil… Would he have shown any tears at all coming from his eyes? HUH???

Paige: Maybe so… but the thing is that he lied to us, Pearl. He knew about his former self. but doesn’t say anything about it. he keeps it all in the dark. If he was a honest person…he would not have done that at all. We had to hear it from Jor-el. and till a moment ago… we never have spoken to him at all.

Pearl: *Walking over to her drawer* i need to get something… i think that it’s about time we started getting serious. I mean really… why are we so worried about what Jor-el knows of us? He is not even here. Plus i don’t even like the idea that we’re getting worked up on how Jor-el would know about us. if he knows about us… then maybe we should just take it as a blessing. i mean… he did say that we had his deepest gratitude for saving the world. being devoted fighters and such. Didn’t he?

Dinah: That is true, Paige. Pearl is right. Jor-el did say that to us. *Looking at Pearl* What are you doing? *Seeing Pearl pulling out one of the Crystals*

Pearl: Remember when Clark said to use these wisely… well i think that we should use these. if there is a part where we can have a Partner… Dinah, You have a boyfriend. Remember when that metallic Youma nearly got you. Shingo became Mystic Thunder. if Jor-el wants to know us… he shall. i think it’s for the best. *Looking at the Crystals* Question is… which one do we use? which one would it be?

Paige: *Barks* Pearl. stop it. that is quite enough of that. Shingo is not gonna go for that crystal. if he wants to be that hero again… he’ll do it the right way. his own way. not by having his hand forced.

Dinah: *Hearing footsteps*

At the Kent farm…

in the living room of the Kent home…

Clark: *Looking at Lois* Those girls are pretty active. It’s been a nice day. the only thing i didn’t like was seeing that Major Zod was there… what was he doing there? He’s just trying to lower my guard so i won’t suspect that he’s trying to get powers from the yellow sun. he knows that without powers from the sun… he’s just a soldier with no one to command.

Lois: *Looking down* Well i am glad that they were happy. i just feel like a freeloader. i went to their party and didn’t even get them anything. at least something.

Clark: Lois… It’s not your fault. you just didn’t know them enough to know what they’d like. i am sure that the girls will understand. they do have a lot of trust and understanding in them. more than i would. they see the good in everyone. even people like Major Zod. I still want to know what he was trying to do there.

Lois: Well the guy did seem to know you really well.

Clark: Lois, that’s not the point. that guy can not be trusted. he’s trying to get on the girls good side so he wouldn’t have to consider them to be a danger to him.

Lois: *Scoffs* Smallville, you need to just stop being like a little schoolgirl crying over being dumped by a cute boy. you’re being really paranoid. it’s almost like you can read that guy’s every move. Still feel terrible though about not getting the girls at least something. i should have at least gotten them something. anything.

Clark: The girls will understand.

Lois: Yeah… Like when… when i’m pushing daisies down the river styx? understanding would be for something revolving where you were invited to a funeral and you dressed up like someone just got hitched. you’d look weird. but at least it would be understood that you got mixed up on what suit to wear. or that you had an off day.

Clark: Well go and get them something tomorrow. there is nothing you can really do right now. the stores are all closed now. it’s closing time.

Lois: And this makes me feel any better in what way exactly, Smallville?

Clark: We should get some sleep.

Lois: good idea. this hot beauty is in need of a good rest.

However at the Luthor Mansion…

Tess: *Talking with a Security guard* I was at a birthday party and the girls were having the best time. But during their party they vanished before my eyes. i want to look into it. Where did they go… and why?

Security: i can have a team put word out on it. *Curious* Want me to have them followed?

Tess: yes. but have the team stay at a distance. I want to know all of what they do… if they vanish again from plain sight again… i want to be informed.

Greg: *Walking in from the side door* Ms. Mercer… There is something that you must see. *With his Ipad flashing*

Tess: *Looking at the Security guard* you’re excused now. get with the procedure. have those girls followed. place bugs on them if you have to.

Security: Yes Ms. Mercer. *Taking his leave*

Greg: *Handing over the Ipad* I did some more digging into the Kandorians. you’re not gonna believe what i found out.

Tess: *Looking at the screen* What’s this?

Greg: I found this… Just a while ago. while you were at the birthday party for the Rhapsody Girls. see that? *Showing a picture of a sighting* That was just more sightings of evidential shots of Kandorian presences. and then the sighting of a figure in the center of the symbol… Now only 4 weeks ago there was someone there… in the center of that crater.  but the one i found just a while ago… *showing the picture*

There is no one there. Now compared to the one that was taken weeks ago… and the one just a while ago. the body was there.

Tess: *Looking at Greg* The being or human that was there is now gone. Where could he have gone?

Greg: That’s what’s most weird. the satellites don’t show any sign of any being ever being there. but the heat readings show that there was something there. So if the body was there and then between those points of time… vanished. question is… where did it go?

(The Title: Rhapsody Girls Z! In the Middle of the screen and With scene of 3 Girls fighting An Evil Threat)

“Somebody save me 
Let your waters break right through 
Somebody save me 
I don’t’ care how you do it 
Just save me, save me 
I’ve made this whole world shine for you 
Just save, save 
Come on”

Chapter 56: “Shingo reawakened as Mystic Thunder… MYSTIC THUNDER RETURNS!!! ; Solar Tower construction begins… Jor-el On Earth??? A Face to Face meet with Jor-el in person and a forced sacrifice by the hands of Tess.”

1 week and 3 days later…

at Princess Rikku’s house…

In the girls bedroom…

Paige: *Waking up to a Loud boom of thunder* What was that?

Pearl: *Getting up and walking over to the window; looking out the window* Wow! It’s raining… That was fast.

Dinah: Must have started last night or during it. They did say that the storm would come rolling in sometime yesterday evening. At least from what the T.V was speculating…

Paige: *Getting up and taking off her nightgown before getting a change of clothes* It’s really cold too. that window gives off a bit of a draft.

Pearl: i know. *Looking back at her sisters*

Dinah: *Getting up and dressed* Our Birthday rocked though… all other than the part where we found that we were being lied to. That part… i really did not enjoy or feel to be refreshing. we must have been up for 4 hours that night talking about Jor-el. I still remember that night… We really got into it… didn’t we… But exactly where we were.

Paige: *Sighs* I was wondering when you were gonna bring that up. We shouldn’t worry so much about him. he spoke with us and informed us of what that Major really was. we know all about it, Dinah. It doesn’t matter now. But the only thing that should matter is that we had a wonderful time on our birthday. Of course we had to deal with a twisted maniac that day… we although were able to foil his plans up and kick him right to jail.

Pearl: i know about that point… that incident didn’t feel too nice. it didn’t settle well with me. But i still say that he is not that evil. because i am convinced that an evil person would not give anyone presents. no matter if it was just because. or for an alternative motive. *Looking at Paige and seeing a look form on her face* Don’t look at me like that Paige. You know that i have a point. think about it. okay. if Major Zod was evil… really evil. he would have come to our party… to tussle up some trouble. he would have made a scene against us and tried to attack us. and we’d have to battle him… in front of everyone and on our birthday. Right?

Dinah: *Shooting up* Hey… Pearl is right about that Paige. She’s right. Major Zod is said to be a mere shadow and that he was this bad Nut on Krypton and his being from the orb is only a shadow or a vessel. but he came to our party. he never attacked us. and or started any fights or nothing.

Paige: *Getting her change of clothes out and sitting down for a second; sighs and lays back on her bed* Ugh… I don’t get it. something doesn’t add up. he is this evil person… he comes out of that orb. he was in our room when this all began. i go to make a move on him. As though i was gonna attack him. he turns and grabs my neck. drives me to the ground… then on our birthday… comes to our party. enjoys himself… makes a toast to us and brings us presents. he brings us presents. *Grunts* Something about that just doesn’t add up at all. i mean… it doesn’t make any sense. What was he trying to do?

Dinah: maybe he was trying to lower our guard. *Shrugs* I don’t know. I guess we’ll never really know what he was trying to pull.

Pearl: *Walking over to her dresser and getting a change of clothes; walking out to the bathroom to change* I don’t want to even go into it. i’m not gonna change my mind. he’s not Evil incarnate. Evil incarnate people don’t give nice girls gifts. period. Since we’ve seen him. i mean really seen him… name just one thing that he has done that was truly a mark of Evil intent. Just one. *Hearing silence* Thank you. you proved my point. he’s not as Evil as people are pinning him to be.

Paige: No. they don’t… but that is also one angle we have to consider. any evil person would never give someone that is good a gift. unless… *Suddenly realizing something* He could have just done it to get on our good graces… Of course… he was trying to buy our trust and sympathy. Why else would he have just given us gifts? Name tags and a personalized insignia with a cape.


Betty: *Walking into the room* are you girls ready yet?

Dinah: we are ready. Paige is just groping about that Major Zod. how we can’t trust him…

Paige: Well… we can’t trust him. you and Pearl need to wake up and view the big picture of it… you’re only seeing his heart or what should have been the heart. but know that there is nothing there.

Betty: Paige, That is an assumption. not exactly what you’d be able to consider an ironclad proven fact. Major Zod is just a guy. leading an army who are aching for powers that lie under the yellow sun… our Yellow Sun. but they are not Evil. not intentionally anyway.  have you forgotten that i am Angelic Raven in hero sense. if there was actual hard cased Evil in him… i would have sensed it right off the bat. it would not even be in process of hesitation. i would have seen and felt it from him. he may be Evil. he may be plotting to build the Solar tower. but so far… that’s all we got. Whatever That Voice… Jor-el said or hasn’t said. it’s plausible… but not ironclad. until we actually see or witness him committing something of a murder or a felony or an absolute act of Evil intent. you have nothing on him. none of us do. for right now… the best thing we can do for the time being is just keep a watch out and keep a clean opened mind. it is all we can do. It is all any of us can do. Alright, Paige… Dinah.

Dinah: Now that was the most corniest outburst i have ever heard. but in all honesty… that is agreeable.

Paige: *Rolling her eyes* Okay. let’s just wait for him to do something.

Minutes later…

In the Kitchen…

Pearl: *Eating her cereal and Drinking some espresso* Mom, What do you think about that Major Zod? Honestly.

Princess Rikku: *Sitting down and looking at her Daughter* Hmm, Well… i don’t really know honey. i really don’t. i guess that he is with charming qualities and he does have a way with being sentimental. a little bit of what he said was a tad offensive though… like where he said that one day you 3 girls and he would have to fight. and then the line: “It pains me to nearly beat young girls.” That was a bit offensive. that’s the only issue i sincerely have with him at the moment. Why do you ask?

Pearl: Well Paige is trying to pass off the idea that he had this alternative motive… and is trying to shift my mind to believe that Major Zod really is Evil. i heard what Jor-el said. i know what he was saying… but i in my heart can not bring myself to believe that he is as evil as Jor-el is saying he is and What Clark believes him to be…. Jor-el said that Zod killed him and clark’s mother on Krypton. caused the planet’s destruction. and because of his actions that he was sent to the Phantom Zone. said that Zod’s true being was in the zone. that the being we see now on earth is just a mere shadow or clone of his former self. But if that is the case… then wouldn’t he more likely than not be the same here as he was there?

Princess Rikku: *Looking at Pearl* Pearl… Sweetie. Listen. If Jor-el thinks that Major Zod is as Evil as sin… just put faith and trust in it. don’t trust the idea that Major Zod is with goodness. i know that you’re with alot of love in you and value to see the good in everyone and everything. but Major Zod is from Krypton. Yesterday when he was giving that speech… he mentioned that he was from Krypton. Jor-el and Clark know him better than we do. i know it’s hard to believe in it and know it to be true. but If he thinks that Zod is Evil… then he has the facts. he knows.

Pearl: Does that mean that i am just hoping for something that will never be? *Saddened*

Princess Rikku: I’m afraid so, Pearl. I’m sorry. But i really don’t think it’s possible for Major Zod to have any true goodness in him.

Pearl: *Shedding a tear; fearing the truth* … *Finishing her breakfast*

Paige: *With Dinah* What’s for breakfast?

Princess Rikku: It’s on the Table. it’s the breakfast that you usually eat.

Dinah: *Grins* Really? Wait… That’s Espresso. Do all teens drink that for breakfast?

Princess Rikku: not all of them do. but a good portion of them do. got to have some normalcy in your life, right?

Paige: Don’t we wish. *Sitting down*

At Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at the computer* Major Zod is out there somewhere… he’s *getting a reading* Building something. *Reading the info* The solar tower… it begins today… Dinah, Contact Victor and Oliver. have them look into the construction site. If Major Zod is moving to build the solar tower… that’s where he’ll be. in the city.

Dinah Lance: *Nods* on it.

Chloe: *Looking to see the 4 boys* Rhapsody Brothers.

Prince Alvin: *With his brothers* Rhapsody brothers, Reporting for duty Chloe. What’s up?

Chloe: We need you to look into sightings for more of the Kandorians. Today marks the beginning of the construction of the Solar Tower. it’s way earlier than expected. but the Major is building. and he’s gonna be searching for the rest of his soldiers. We need you to locate them.  The first one is most crucial. this one… *Showing the picture*

…There was a heat signature of a Kandorian there weeks ago. But the latest reading shows the same thing… but now… with no Kandorian. So the question is… where is he? and… Where is he heading?

Prince Avery: Hold up a minute on that… If there was a human there… or a kandorian man in that field… someone overhead in the air would had to of seen them or caught the signature. Someone had to have caught sight of him or her walking off… *Looking at the screen* Where is this located… exactly?

Chloe: in the middle of the Sahara desert. But here is the odd part. it’s in Egypt. or close to Egypt. in near proximity of the Pyramids. Where Cairo is only about 50 miles east from that signature.

Prince Alvin: *Nods* we got it. *Pressing the button on his earpiece* we’re on it, Chloe. you can bet on it that we’ll get to the bottom of it. we will stay out and searching for as long as it takes. *Looking at his Brothers; Commanding them* Water Lord… Plasma-Core… Electric Rage. our assignment is to find the missing  Kandorian that is said to be in Egypt. and trace him. find him and bring him back here. and also look into finding the rest of the Kandorians. *In the tone of a General leading an army* Rhapsody Brothers… MOVE OUT!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Looking at Chloe and Winking once before teleporting out* We’re off into the frontier… We will be back.

At the Professor’s house…

Pidge: *Getting into his work clothes* Hon, did you see where i put my I.D Tag? I can’t seem to find it anywhere and i need it. i have to go to work and hook up on more of the Robots. Tess is expecting an Evaluation report tonight and i have to have the robots near half way done by tonight. but i can’t get into the Cyber-technic building without the I.D. I Have the Access card. but without the I.D card. the Access card won’t do me a spec of good.

Tammy: *Looking at the nearby stand* It’s on the stand, darling. where it usually is. at least it ought to be. it’s the last place that i’ve seen it. But don’t be thinking that i don’t know what you’re up to. I know you’re doing something that is not right. Investigating the girls…

Pidge: it didn’t get moved by accident, did it? *Catching the outburst* What was that? Investigating the girls? Who? Me? What makes you think that?

Tammy: No. last night when we came back from a night on the town… you had placed the access card and the I.D tag on that stand before we both turned in we both went to that social gathering that Tess had for us. we met her for a social dinner. She was with Oliver for some reason as they were talking about some financial inquiries revolving Luthorcorp. mentioning about giving a few people the dreadful Ax… as the corporate people would like to call it. And on the part of what i mean about you investigating the girls… you know what i mean. I heard you on the phone the other day talking to someone about investigating the girls. because of their mysterious vanishing act. I’ll admit that it was rather odd and even twisted in some sense… but to launch a half-baked investigation on them all because of what we saw is just low and utterly cruel. They’re our friends. Princess Rikku would be hurt if someone launched one on them. I am not gonna launch any investigation on them. Neither will you.

Pidge: *Looking to see the I.D on the stand* It’s there. Sorry about that hon, i just have a bit on my mind about that night a week ago… the girls vanished. out of thin air and we were right there too. it kept playing in a loop over and over again. Seeing that the girls transformed and that they then vanished. *Pauses and recalls something* Wait a minute… right before they vanished. we all heard something… something that came out as like a plea. someone calling for help from the girls. the 3 girls were called. Question is… where did they go? i am gonna look into that myself while i am here working on their new Robots. i have One done already… just need to finish the other two. And it doesn’t matter if i investigate them. i am just gonna do it and get to the bottom of it. I am the professor Tammy… I will be the one to decide the best move to tread with them… Not you. You might be helping me… but i did make them what they were to begin with. Don’t you forget that.

Tammy: I really don’t know who the voice was… but it sounded really straight…   The girls seemed to know who it was. Do you suppose that they might be able to explain or expose to us the name of that voice or the source? *Scoffs* And? Like that makes it alright to investigate them? No! It is still wrong. And i have a good move to just call them and inform them… all i got to do is press the # on the speed dial and give them a ring.

Pidge: I don’t know, Tammy. i don’t know if they will or not. besides… they didn’t return home till after we left there.  From what their mother told us or me over the phone when they had returned was that they weren’t in much of a talkative mood. They were pretty upset and disturbed about something, something really got them feeling pretty ruffled up. *Looking at Tammy suddenly* Don’t go there with me. i am not gonna put up with it. you hear me? They are my 3 girls. the ones i made. not you. you don’t like how i do my work with them… then step down and i’ll do it alone. Otherwise… back off from telling me how to devote my time to them. I will not be questioned. Plus… What do you know about this anyway? You’re only in this for the help and to maybe pick up the slack. plus i am the one who gives you a 500 dollar allowance to spend however. Are you about to make with biting the hand that feeds you?

Tammy: It’s enough to make one want to know what the deal was, huh?

Pidge: Yeah. i am not a spy or a corporate snooper or anything. but i am deeply concerned. I am sure that their mother is too.

they suddenly spoke more about the girls and nearly got into a fight about the idea of investigating the Rhapsody girls… it got pretty heated and they nearly said things that they didn’t mean. But before they reached that point. they parted for a bit… The professor left for work and didn’t say another word to his wife for the time being.

At Luthorcorp…

Tess: *Looking over some of the documents* … *reading the Newspaper* Winslow Schott: Jailed by angry hero. Interesting… *Reading further* Huh?! Solar tower scheduled to immediate building… But the contract isn’t finalized yet. *Growls* Damn it! What the hell is going on here? That Major must have gotten the okay from someone…  it wasn’t from me. i didn’t authorize the build yet. it wasn’t even time.

a second later…

Tess: *Speaking on the intercom* Sandy… Find Mr. Stroker… NOW! I want to see him in my office. right now.

Sandy: *On intercom* Yes Ms. Mercer. right away.

Tess: *Getting up from her chair and going to the window* I can’t believe this…

At Metropolis high school…

History class…

Teacher: *Giving a lecture* The Greatest battle of age is the battle called the American revolution… It was said that it started by a tea party… but it was more than that… it was brought on by the tiresome on going persistent attempts of the British. the British was coming to force the Americans hand to live under their law. to pay their taxes. What got them more enflamed was the retaliation of the American people brought on by the Boston Tea party. they were lead by a statement by a Thomas Jefferson. “No Taxation without representation” but it didn’t stop there… as the war attempts were drawing near. 55 men signed a document that would set the foundation of our country. The Declaration of Independence. it was signed on July 4th 1776. and it thereby began their battle as back then to notify them that the British was coming… a rider got on his horse… a man known as Paul Revere. He chanted through the towns and the old countryside… “The British are coming… The British are coming.” signifying how the British would arrive. one lantern. one if by land… two if by sea.

Paige: *Listening to the lecture while having the thoughts about the problem revolving Major Zod*

Pearl: *Yawns*

Dinah: *Listening and being pulled in by the lecture* Okay. now this is interesting. fighting against someone… fighting for a cause… now that’s a fight worth taking part in.

Teacher: *Smirks a little* Seems as though a fellow student here likes what she hears…

Dinah: Teach… you should have known what my reaction would have been. anything that has to do with fighting and action… you could talk of it all day and i’d never grow bored of it. you got me sucked into it. *Fascinated*

Teacher: *Laughing* Okay… okay Dinah… i think we get the idea. *Continuing*

Minutes later…

The class began working on their assignments and that was when they got called on by their class friend…

Leslie Stevens: *Whispering to the girls* Hey. After class we gotta talk… there is something that you 3 need to know. it’s not gonna be easy to swallow either…

Paige: *Whispering; Curious* Why’s that? Is it something bad?

Leslie Stevens: It depends on what you mean by bad… but it’s about that guy that’s out making marks on the world… it’s bad.

Pearl: *dreading the bad news* i don’t think i like the sound of that…

Dinah: Me neither. *Thinking* I just wonder what it could be…

Paige: I don’t think that it’s about the party. *Confused*

After Class…

Leslie Stevens: *Showing the paper to Paige, Pearl and Dinah* There is something you need to know about. i read this yesterday… it’s bad. Did you know about the Solar tower? It’s being built…  that guy Major Zod is building it today. the only thing about that is that it hasn’t been approved officially by the board of directors of Luthorcorp.

Paige: *Pauses* What? You’re kidding, right? The Solar Tower is being built… Today?

Pearl: How? Why?

Leslie Stevens: i don’t know. but… *Seeing strange men close by watching from the shadows* Question… are you being followed by someone?

Paige: Not that we know of… why? *Looking around* What makes you think that we’re being followed?

Leslie Stevens: well i am saying that because there happens to be a couple of people watching you from the shadows as we speak. Were you bugged by something? or with something?

Dinah: no. not that we know of… Who’d be following us?

Leslie Stevens: I don’t know… but if i were you… i’d watch your backs. Someone is on to you girls.


at Luthorcorp…

Tess: *Slams the Newspaper down in a fury* Pidge… What the hell is the meaning of this?

Pidge: *lost* What is the meaning of what?

Tess: *Tossing the newspaper at Pidge* This! Damn it… read it. you tell me. you obviously had some down time with someone to allow for the build of the solar tower to be started today… it starts today. The newspapers talking about it TODAY! it’s all over the news. This could ruin the company. the contract wasn’t even finalized yet and the tower is being built. the construction starts today…

Pidge: *Reading the Article* “Solar Tower… Construction in progress.” The Solar Tower proposal said to have been only a few nights ago… has taken full swing as the construction procedure now begins. Construction crews and demolition specialists gather round to what promises to be a long waited build. it was just last week when the presentation premiering the Solar Tower was being given. this one build is said to be way ahead of it’s time and has not been officially approved by the stock holders and the share holders from several of the leading companies supporting Luthorcorp. if this build flops… it could be the loose screw that could topple the Luthorcorp corporation…” *Coughs* It can’t be possible. i never told anyone to do it. i don’t have those connections… Tess. whoever told that guy or gave that guy the okay… it wasn’t me. i never gave him the go ahead. i may be working for you… but you know that i don’t have the strings to pull any deals with the higher officials. i have no power with them… That Major is obviously taking matters into his own hands…

Tess: Well someone had to of told him to begin. it wasn’t me… i don’t have the contract signed yet and it’s not said to be signed till the end of this week.  this build may flop and could cost this company everything.

Pidge: How do we stop it though… we can’t stop him. He won’t listen. That guy is performing under his own Agenda…

Tess: Then what do we do? *Looking at the papers and dreading the fated call ending the company* Those share holders and entrepreneurs are bound to get their wind of this and it could cost us everything. this build was agreed upon by them… but has not been accepted officially. the Contract hasn’t been signed yet. if they catch word of it being built before the contract is signed making it a done deal… they could go back on their word and pull the plug. which will leave Luthorcorp having to pay for any screw-ups and if this build flops… you might want to start finding the nearest unemployment agency. because we’ll all be out of a job. very soon if the build happens to go under.

Pidge: *Worried* This company can’t go under… i depend on this job. So does my wife. Isn’t there something we can do?

Tess: *Sighs* well… if this build flops… there won’t be much that we can do… we’ll be out of work. This one build is said to be what puts Luthorcorp on the map… but it is also the one build that can ruin us if it happens to fail and become unsuccessful. *Sighs* I also have read the copy of the book about the 3 girls. I am not gonna investigate them. but only merely keep an interesting eye on them. You might be investigating them… and if you are… you’re not asked to stop… you’re being forced to stop. I don’t want no harm done on those girls…none.


Near Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku: *Walking over to her cousin’s house for a visit* I must be crazy for thinking that i could just walk out in the rain like this… it is cold and wet… i’m going to be so darn sick.

Bart: *Speeding past the neighborhood* … *Stopping to see The mother of the Rhapsody Girls walking in the Rain* What up with her? She’s walking in the rain… she’s gonna get sick if she’s out here too much longer… *Speeding up to Princess Rikku* Wet day, isn’t it? What brings you out walking in the rain there, Pretty eyes?

Princess Rikku: *Stops and turns to see Bart* Huh? Oh nothing… i’m just heading to pay a visit to my cousin. She is kinda alone today. her kids are at school well at least one is. the other one is home with her… i’ve been trying almost everyday to convince her to quit her nasty habit. but she just won’t quit. what’s worse is that her Daughter Jess is doing it. But yet she doesn’t see the potential harm… i almost want to just give up. Maybe she’s stopping on her own terms.  *turning to head for her Cousin Princess Charlene’s house* Maybe Princess Charlene is home. she usually stays home most of the time during the day.

Bart: *Shaking his head* Why not just go back to where it’s warm? you’ll wind up getting sick there gorgeous. you don’t want to get sick… do you?

Princess Rikku: No. no i don’t. *Sneezing* Achoo! i think that it may be a little late… for… *Sneezing*…. Aaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa ACHOO! *Sniffling* Great. I’m sick.

Bart: *Super speeding Princess Rikku back to her house*

a second later…

at Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku: *Sniffles* Dear me… i can’t believe that i am sick… What will the girls say about it? They never had to see me sick. not like this.

Bart: *Shaking his head* Well… i don’t know what to say about that… but you sure are soaked wet. why were you in the rain anyway? it’s cold out. plus windy. on top of it being rainy.

Princess Rikku: i know it is. i was just trying to go and see my cousins…

Bart: well yeah… but in the rain? you could have been with worse than just the sniffles.  plus there is said to be thunder and lightning starting by this afternoon. It’s dangerous.

Princess Rikku: Well… my girls are at school now… they have to come home in this… i am just worried on how they’re gonna make it home safely in the rain. Pearl doesn’t like the rain that much… Even though she is with the powers of bubbles and they consist water… she doesn’t like the rain… hard to figure out that one… isn’t it?  What’ll i do?

Bart: Well… you could always have someone go and escort them back home.

Princess Rikku: *Curious* really? Like who?

Bart:  Well… i could go and get them…

Princess Rikku: *Touched* Awww! That’s really nice of you to do that. you sure you don’t mind doing it.

Bart: Nah! it’s not a trouble at all.

But at Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at the monitors* There are heat signatures popping up all over the place. and they’re all looming to the city…

Shingo: *Walking in* Stormy weather out there. *Shaking himself dry* Sorry about that… i just had to get dried off a bit. it’s really wet. *Hearing Thunder* Whoa… that thunder is really booming. a bit early on the whole storm though. it was said to not come in till tonight. it’s a little early… a day early.  *Looking at Chloe* Chloe… i gave it some thought. i was thinking about it for a while and since before the party and for a week since that. about my being able to become a hero again. I want to be that hero again. I want to fight along side my girlfriend. She is tough…  and i love her. i want to support her in any way possible. I heard that you gave people powers once. how did it work?

Chloe: *Looking to see Shingo in the room* Shingo?! What are you doing here?

Dinah Lance: *Confused* Chloe, what’s he talking about? Saying that you gave people powers… what is he getting at?

Shingo: I was told this by Dinah… My Girlfriend Dinah Rhapsody. She told me that you used something and it got struck with some lightning and caused a transfer of abilities or copied them to another person.

Dinah Lance:  Chloe… is he serious? Is that possible?

Chloe: I remember doing that… but it’ll have to wait. *Seeing a reading on the screen* … *Sighs and furious* Oh… That’s it… Tess is gonna get it.

Shingo: Why? What ‘s going on?

Chloe: *Looking at Shingo* You really want to know… i think you might want to know about this… It seems that Tess has been opening up an investigation upon the Rhapsody girls.  Investigating the weird incident that happened at the Girls Birthday party.

Shingo: Well… if she is investigating them… then she is also gonna be investigating me… and the Rhapsody Brothers. they as well as i were also the ones who vanished that afternoon and ended up somewhere else…

Chloe: *Looking at the screen and thinking about the girls* Those girls shouldn’t be dragged through an investigation. I’m gonna go have a chat with the scaly queen herself.

Shingo: Want me to go with? Dinah Rhapsody is my girlfriend. it’d be more logical for a boyfriend to go and try to defend his girl’s reputation.

Chloe: *feeling concern and reasoning with Shingo* No… Shingo. stay. stay here… it is better that way… Tess’s devious enough trying to get under people’s skins… i’ve seen her penchant scales… trust me… you don’t want to be caught in the middle of the webs of Tess Mercer.

That afternoon…

At Metropolis High school…

Paige: *Riding on her Hover Cruiser* Let’s get home where it’s warm…

Pearl: Good idea. let’s go.

Dinah: *Seeing lightning* HO! Did you see that?

Paige: Yeah… *Seeing another strike of Lightning* OW!! That was too close… *Seeing strange men in black suits* there’s those same guys again… What is their deal?

Dinah: *Looking to see men in black suits close by* we’re being surrounded…

Pearl: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Paige: *Looking towards the black suited men* Why don’t you ask them? I think that they’re the ones who know what the deal behind their trying to surround us is.

Dinah: You know… *Looking to fight* uh… usually i don’t value in fighting in school… but something tells me that these guys mean trouble. unless we want to be the next target of predators… i think that we better fight them off.

Paige: Let’s fight them off.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah ball up their fists and land out punches at the men in the dark suits. they were not bound to be caught by the men. the only part that didn’t make sense was where did the men come from. They were in the middle of fighting them off when suddenly one of the men spoke…

Secret service man: *Standing up* Hold on a minute… there is something that you 3 must know… *Panting* It’s about Tess. She’s issuing an investigation on you 3. we were told…

Paige: *Pauses and holding up her hand* Whoa… hold on there. Are you kidding us? Tess Mercer is investigating us? Why? What the heck for? What did we do?

Secret service man: I don’t know… but it’s about the party that took place over a week ago. she’s having you investigated. apparently she claims to have seen you 3 transform in front of her and then seconds later… vanish before her very eyes. She’s convinced that something is going on… She’s even wanting to have you followed… and is wanting to know when or if you 3 decide to somehow vanish.

Pearl: That’s not nice. having us investigated. *Looking at her Jade Ring* She is being very obsessed over us. I…

Dinah: We ought to pay her a little visit. Find out what the heck is going on here… She’s investigating us over something that has no clout… What the hell is her deal anyway? Doesn’t she have a fortune 500 company and a mess of people to babysit and command?

Paige: Let’s go. *getting on her hover cruiser* it’s time to pay her a visit.

At Luthorcorp…

Tess: *Working on some forms*


the door opens and reveals Chloe…

Chloe: *Walking in* You know what, Tess? Whatever front you’re trying to pull… you better just quit. you’re not snowing me. and you are definitely only fooling yourself. And if you want to investigate someone… do yourself a favor and investigate someone who deserves to be investigated… Like those Kandorians and that Major Zod.

Tess: *Looking up to see Chloe* Why hello Chloe… back from the sandbox of false Accusations? What are you deeming to accuse me of today, Hmm?

Chloe: *Scoffs* Please… don’t act like you don’t know. You know what it’s about… You’re investigating the 3 girls. they don’t need to be dragged by your vicious little web.

Tess: You’re seriously in a delusion… i am not placing an investigation on the Rhapsody girls. i am only looking into their sudden vanishing act. you can’t tell me that you didn’t notice it too. *Getting up and walking over to Chloe* Do you really think that i’d stoop to that level to just investigate 3 young girls? All i am doing is getting to the bottom of their disappearance. they are heroes… but usual heroes don’t just get enveloped in white blinding light and suddenly vanish.

Chloe: I don’t know what happened or what caused them to vanish. but it isn’t like they do it on a daily basis. something struck them making them do that. but it’s not their fault. okay…

Tess: *Walking back and towards the window* Maybe not… but i don’t think that a normal person would just up and vanish and not have any recollection of where they went or how they were suddenly surrounded by that white light.

Chloe: *Looking at Tess* Has it ever occurred to you that They aren’t talking about it because they don’t know?

Tess: *Looking at the window and not looking over* …


Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Walking into the office*

 Paige: *Irritated* Alright Tess… What the hell is the big idea? We just found out by your secret service servants that you’re issuing an investigation on us. What for?

Pearl: *Offended* You’re trying to have us followed like we’re some disaster. it’s not funny at all.

 Dinah: *Steamed and feeling displeased* Yeah! Fess up Tess. You pose as this very trusting woman… and act all sweet and civil. But then you go and have us investigated. What’s the story here Tess… Huh? What? not enough things to do to fill up your day?

Tess: *Suddenly turning around and seeing the 3 girls* Well well… another Accusation. i must really get a journal to write down each of the petty accusations.

Paige: Write them down? Oh… So you’ll be able to remember each trespass that you commit. Wise idea. Just don’t do it to favor us. we know all about it. It’s only been what? a little over a week after our birthday and we find out that you are investigating us…

Tess: *Looking at the girls and Walking over to the side to get a drink of Wine* Well… when you 3 vanished i sat there for almost an hour… at your home… i was there and shocked. i knew that there was gonna be questions asked about what happened. so i left. i didn’t beg to ask questions.  i played the incident that happened at the house in the back of my head. i couldn’t figure it out. i know people have things happen to them and they feel the need to vanish. but normal girls don’t vanish into thin air and then come back just perfectly fine as though nothing had happened. I just had to get to the bottom of it. now something happened after you vanished. you 3 vanished somewhere. There was also a voice that sounded that day also. but it came from the belts on your waist.

Chloe: *Walking over; sighing with an annoyance* You know what… that’s enough… We were all there and saw what happened. but they are not gonna be pulled through the mud.

Paige: *Looking at Tess; angrily* So that gives you total free rights to investigate us? We are not Amused Tess. You want to know where we were… then why don’t you dig a bit deeper? Dig just a little more. But other than that… it’s none of your business. besides you may be a business woman who claims to be all supportive of us… or claim to be our so called friend. But you’re not our frickin’ mother… our mother… is Princess Rikku. we love our mother… but if you’re trying to jump in and play the den mother card… you might want to learn a little more about how to raise 3 girls. because as far as skills go… you ain’t got nothing. you’re not our mother. never were… never have… and never will be.

Dinah: *Looking at Tess* You have alot of nerve trying to put us through the Vicegrip… You really think that given that we’re still teens and under 18… that we’d be that Stupid to not catch on to your investigating scam? there were men at our school all day. Following us. watching us. watching everything we were doing in school. Do you really think it’s all just a coincidence? That we wouldn’t find out. how ignorant do you really see us being? we’re not stupid. You want to mess with us and get us under an investigation… Then why don’t you learn to cover your tracks a little better. because this shot… you blew it.  you got that… you blew it.

Pearl: We should really lay into you… right now… but our mom would be really upset at us for it for hitting an adult. *Walking out* You’re the meanest…

Tess: *Looking at the girls* You girls are stepping way out of line there on that… i was doing it for your best interest.

Paige: *Scoffs* What do you mean? Best Interest? What Best Interest could you possibly have to launch a scheming investigative report on us?

Tess: i was doing it to benefit for the professor. he came to me and asked me to start my part of the investigation to find out what happened. He too is concerned… You are talked about alot in his notes. i read his notes… he has an entire archive of you 3 in his workshop locked inside his corner locker… An entire memorabilia of the Rhapsody Girls Z! I however told him that i was not gonna do any investigating on you. but just an interesting eye on you. that’s all. i actually told him to cease on it. not to investigate on you 3. As to whether he takes warn to it and stop the act or not… that’s him. but i stopped it.

Dinah: *Annoyed* Why don’t you save it? you don’t fool us. The Professor wouldn’t ever do that to us. why would he hurt us… the daughters to the woman he still has feelings for in sake of his Daughter Betty who is our sister and the daughter to our mother? He Loves Tammy. and that’s wonderful. she’s a nice girl… but if you really think that we’re about to let you throw a dark bubble into that… you’re really a sheer case of a lefty loosie… many screws are loose in the brain of yours…

Tess: If you don’t believe me… why don’t you read this… *handing the book to them* see for yourself… There is clippings of you 3 and the trials with a one King Lotor of Planet Doom… the battles against the shittennou’s Jadeite… Nephrite… Kunzite and last but not least… Zoicite. battling the regime of one Queen Beryl of Dark Kingdom. beating against Queen Metaria and having to face the horror of going against a corrupted Chiba Mamoru who was in fact possessed by the Great Evil herself. and then having to fight against the moon Princess herself. Princess Serenity…  and then dealing with the current deal… Major Zod’s arrival. he’s got 3 separate clipping of that day… when you and your sisters and mother were being held captive by the Kandorians.

Pearl: *Overhearing* Want to say that again? *Walking back in and hearing the outburst* The Professor was investigating us? You’re lying… LIAR!!! He’d never do that. Not Ever. YOU’RE LYING!!!

Paige: *Reading the book* the Doom girls. The death of a family member… This is sick… the Professor was watching our every move. *Noticing the difference in the style of writing in the book*  No… this is wrong… this isn’t his writing… The Professor’s writing was more melancholy and more expressive. and with accuracy. this version is way off. it’s forged writing and copied… *Looking at the book and going over to find a Shredder* This is going in the garbage… and as soon as we’re done with destroying the book… you will be in for a lot of trouble… You were investigating us. over stepping your bounds. consider us opponents… you want to rattle the cage of 3 teenage girls…  well guess what? Tess… our fellow foolish minded CEO of Luthorcorp… You Did it… you Rattled our cage… and we’re ready to bite. and another thing… save all your future excuses for the next sap. because we’re not taking the bait. It’s Done.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah then storm off in a rage and knew that they couldn’t go home feeling the way they were feeling, so they hovered into the air and rode over to the Kent farm… they never been there before…  but they knew that it was quiet and peaceful enough for them to have a moment or reposed calm. they needed it. They were truly pissed at Tess and knew that if they saw their mother right now the way they felt… they’d end up lashing and put her right in the middle of their heated tempers. they didn’t want that…

A Moment or two later…

The Kent farm…

Paige: *Grabbing at the nearest wheelbarrow and Tossing it across the field* I can not believe that we were being investigated by Tess. Just when we thought that she was our friend. she seemed so nice too. then to find that she was having us followed. Damn it. i can’t believe it. i can not believe it one bit.

Pearl: I don’t even want to know that she walks the planet. *Feeling angry* i am so upset and so hurt. my pride has been hurt… having to hear about being investigated. and also the possibility of us being investigated by the Professor. *Suddenly breaking down in tears* It’s not fair at all. i want mom… i don’t care if i am forever seen as a baby for wanting mom so much. i just want the injustice and the hurting to stop… Tess has hurt us. she has hurt our feelings and literally ripped away our hearts like it was just a toy.

Dinah: *Huffs* this is the most evilest move i have seen in my teen life. Tess has not done any Evil move up till now and this has really hit that spot. She really rattled our cages… she really messed with the wrong girls… next time i see her or the next time she even commits a small fraction of an Evil move… I’m gonna give her a hurt lock. *Sighs before lowering her head* Awww! who the hell am i kidding… i could get angry as an enraged mountain lion or a Grizzly bear and i could never bring myself to strike an adult… no matter how cruel they are or how evil they appear to be.

Paige: None of us are gonna hit her… she’s not worth our time to even hit. She wants to see us as being adversaries… She’s gonna find out how much problems she will see us dish out.

A second later…

Lois: *Walking out of the Kent house* What’s the big idea? Who’s making all that racket out here and treading upon the farm?

Pearl: *Crying*

Paige: *Sitting down and sighs* it’s just us… Lois… it’s us. Paige, Pearl and Dinah.

Lois: *Hearing the names* What… Whoa… whoa whoa… What brings you girls here? Aren’t you far from Metropolis? *Looking At Pearl* Okay… what’s with Mrs. Cry’s alot?

Paige: one guess… take a stab at it if you must. *sighs*

Lois: Would it have something to do with a certain snake with scales?

Dinah: Are you talking about Tess? Because that’s who it’s about… *Trying to cool off* Tess was trying to have us investigated… And she also was trying to shift blame to our Professor. Trying to get us to aim for him.

Lois: Would the Professor be the sleek, Geeky and all time technical prodigy?

Paige: Yeah. that’s him. Professor Stroker. Tess was trying to get us to believe that the Professor was trying to investigate us when it was her… she had us followed all day at school.

Lois: Okay… i know what to do to help calm you girls down. I got to head to work in a bit… but i’ll get ready and then we can go to the talon…  on me. i know that it’s a little awkward hearing me offer that since you 3 usually don’t drink caffeine or coffee… but for a time like this… caffeine will help mellow out the tempers that are raging inside you girls.

Pearl: *Wiping her tears*

At Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at Shingo* You wanted to become a hero again… right?

Shingo: you bet. and i know exactly which hero i want to be… Mystic Thunder. i kinda envisioned myself as him anyway. when i was that hero… i felt that i had power. that i had courage and could do just anything…

Chloe: don’t worry. that’ll happen again. I know exactly where to go to make that happen… The Luthorcorp plant… I know a way in… Come on. We’ll take my car. I’ll drive.

Shingo: okay.

back at Luthorcorp…

Tess: *Working on some contracts and in a sour mood* … *Getting a call; Answering the phone* yes.

Pidge: *On the phone* I got the modified designs done… i also got the prototype for the robots done… the only thing i have left to do is test it and then set it up for mass production… But question… would you care to see it before i mass produce it and see how it looks to you. it’s done. but second opinion is always a welcomed option.

Tess: Right. *Sighs* Okay. i’ll be right there. half hour. no more than that.

Pidge: no problem. i’ll be doing some clean up and getting things set up to begin the next project that you are expecting to be done in the near future while i wait.

At Cyber-Technics…

Pidge: *Pulling out a machine and setting up for the next Project* I heard about the girls antagonizing Tess. The book i gave Tess was for her to keep for safe record and to be the outlet for the girls… But the girls destroyed it. I don’t know what the hell was going on… but now i am gonna do the investigating… Those girls need to learn some control. the only thing that’s stopping me is my Daughter. i can’t bare to hurt her. but as far as the girls… it’s over… i think it’s over now. That book was also part of the archives that i had. *Growls* i should have come out with the truth to the girls… now they hate Tess and there is nothing i can freakin’ do to get them to provide her another chance… *Getting the plugs hooked up*

A second later…

Pidge: *Picking up the phone* Hello?

Princess Rikku: *On the Phone* Hey… i just got a call from Chloe saying that you were possibly investigating Paige, Pearl and Dinah… Is that true?

Pidge: no… i told Tess that i wanted to start a small investigation on them… but it was to be discreet. i wasn’t gonna expose them. I had a book or a copy of every clipping that concerned the girls. every fight… every threat. even the blueprints for the upgrades i have done for them… all of it. i gave it to Tess to hold on for me… to have her be like an alternate outlet. however she doesn’t know about the white beams and about where the dark beams… where they went. i do. those clippings were for her to read and get a good idea on what the girls went through… she wanted to know. i felt it to be of no harm to show her. if i had known that she was gonna make an investigation case on them… i wouldn’t have done it. And even if i had. So? I do believe that i have that right to do so. i am their professor and made them what they are. i gave them their powers. i can do what i choose. I am the known puppet master. but *Scoffs* Hey. just say the word and i’ll get the power splicer and take their powers away and sever my ties to them. Want that? *Hearing silence* I didn’t think so.

Princess Rikku: Using that to strong arm me… that is a rotten move. i won’t be intimidated into silence.

Pidge: Tough. it’s the way it is. i made the powers and i will take them. Plus if nothing else… i am sure that Tess is sorry. i know that she’s sorry.

Princess Rikku: Well it’s too late now… She is to stay the hell away from my daughters. i mean it, Pidge… i am not in a happy mood right now… and i swear… that if something like this happens again… i will opt to file for full custody of Betty and you’ll never see her again. i am not playing. That was a shitty thing that was done. The girls didn’t deserve to have that done to them not one bit.  Tell Tess that i want to see her tomorrow. i want to have my piece with her.

Pidge: *Snaps* Hey! Don’t be yelling at me over it… i wasn’t the one that fucked up. all i did was allow Tess to just read the damn clippings. that’s all. i didn’t do anything else. what Tess Did… i can’t explain… but i will get to the bottom of it.  i will put an end to it. Just calm that damn temper. ALRIGHT?! COOL IT!

Princess Rikku: Don’t be telling me to calm down… Paige, Pearl and Dinah are out missing. they were not at school when the pick-up got there to pick them up. I am freaking out over it. something could have happened to them and now… i hear about this? Do you have any damn idea how mortifying this sounds? doesn’t this sound at all disgraceful? Huh?! HUH?! I don’t have a cell… so i can’t very well call them.

Pidge: i know… but who’s fault is that? *Annoyed suddenly* you were offered a cellphone 3 times before you and i split. you never took on to it. so i gave up. so what the hell do you want me to do? Get a Cellphone like the rest of the world… that way you can better reach them… you’re their mother… so stop being such a chicken shit and second guessing;  get yourself a cellphone… it can be a pay as you go phone for all it would matter… just go… get off your ass and get one… *Sighs* Look… let’s just end the call before we begin saying things that we don’t mean. you’re angry and i know how you get when you get angry… and it is dangerous on both sides. So… just cool off and let it all rest for now. because right now… i am feeling angry about it and you don’t want to see me or hear me get past the mark and lose my temper.

The call ends a second later… only to Ring again a minute later…

Pidge: *Answering the Phone* What the hell is it now, Princess Rikku? i thought that we were gonna take time to cool off. Can’t you stop being such a Ignorant pest for once in your life?

Tammy: *On the Phone* Pidge? It’s your Wife.

Pidge: Tammy?! Oh… *Sighing and calming down* Sorry. i am just a little po’d right now. so if i snap… don’t take it so much to heart. i am just really heated. I just got chewed out by Princess Rikku over a call from someone named Chloe Sullivan… or should i say… Watchtower… Saying that Tess was gonna launch an investigation on the 3 girls. she got all pissed at me and threatened to pull a Custody suit card and opt to take my rights away for seeing my Daughter Betty.

Tammy: *Shrieks* What? When was this?

Pidge: just a couple minutes ago…

Tammy: *Gasps* Oh dear… that’s terrible. Are you gonna be alright?

Pidge: Not sure… but what can i do? Betty is and foremost Princess Rikku’s daughter and she’s got controlling say. I am biologically a parent to Betty. but only because of a DNA proof. not because of unity… me and Princess Rikku are not together. that was her doing and mines too. You remember the details… i loved her enough to let her go for someone better than me… but she’s been played… and Dumped. twice. but you and i are together. i chose that and regret it not. But if she thinks that you can take my rights away… she’s only fooling herself.

At the Luthorcorp Plant…

Chloe: *Picking the lock on the side gate and Slipping in* we can go in through here, Shingo. there is no one here or around the gates here right now… there won’t be any guards here for a while.

Shingo: i hope not… because till i get the powers… i am powerless. i can’t be any shield. plus… i’m like 13 now… but i am wanting to dive into this hero career.

Chloe: *Nods* don’t worry. i might not be with powers of element… but i am however the slickest blonde that you’d ever meet. *Holding the gate open* Come on. Slide in…

Shingo: *Nods*… *Sliding into the gate and getting on the ground* Let’s go.

Chloe: *Looking at the buildings* Okay… the one lab that they do the meteor rock testing and their experiments is in the side of one of these buildings. these three. one of them lead to the lab.  *Reading the map of the Luthorcorp plant* Here we go.  the middle one. that’s the lab… once inside… *Seeing Shingo wearing a strange belt* That is a weird belt. Where did that come from?

Shingo: Dinah. This is her old belt… i kinda wore it once and that’s…

Chloe: What led to the Mystic Thunder persona… i got it. *Trying to open the side Door* Hmm… locked. it’s got a biometric lock. *With her mini computer* Luckily… i can use this to hack into the systems here and get the code to unlock the lock on the door. also disarm the alarm.

Shingo: What are you? A Hacker?

Chloe: *Winks* One of my many trades.

At the Talon…

Lois: *Sighs* So let me get this right… You 3 Vanished from sight…and had no recollection as to where you guys wound up. you just vanished in the style of gone with the wind. then came back and made as though it was a dream. then later… found that you were being investigated by Tess. But why would Tess want to investigate you 3 over that? That’s not right. Tess is totally a paranoid and obsessive stalker. She got more claws than a farm plower… She could try to paint herself gold and she’d still be a dark scheming snake. If i were you… i’d just steer clear of her and her vicious claws of treachery…

Paige: *Drinking her Espresso* We will. we’re never gonna go to her again. and if the professor wants to trust her… then he can have her. but he can also consider staying away from us. we don’t want nothing to do with him as long as he’s got something to do with her.

Pearl: I like the professor… *Drinking her Espresso* I just don’t like Tess. She’s rotten. with the anger that she’s got us under… it’s enough to push the button for me to do something that i would regret for the rest of my life.

Dinah: *Drinking her Espresso* Pearl… don’t think like that. Tess is a snake. She can keep her sorry slimy ass away from us… but whatever happens… you are not gonna stoop down to that level… You’re like our sister… our baby sister. we don’t want to see you do anything that you will come to kick yourself in the butt over later. Just keep a cool head and stay away from Tess. we all will.

Pearl: Sorry. i guess the dark thoughts began coming in and i wasn’t thinking… I just don’t like Tess is all.

Paige: None of us do.

Lois: Don’t worry. you girls will be alright. look… whenever you 3 need to get the dirt on Tess and want to bring her down… let me do the mud slinging. i’ll ram the wrecking ball into her little ambitions… and whatever’s too tough for me… i’m sure that Smallville’ll knock her into a wall and tear her down…

Dinah: *With a weird look on her face* Smallville?

Pearl: I think that she means Clark Kent.

Lois: You know exactly who i was referring to, huh? Can’t really pull anything past you 3… you 3 sure catch on fast.

Minutes later… Lois had to head off to work… so she got up and had them get to the car. she took them to their house and got there almost an hour later. it was stormy and there was lightning strikes hitting throughout the city. each one seconds apart. they were hitting down on the ground and striking the top of the buildings. smacking into the metal rods… striking them. They barely got inside their house when they suddenly saw their mother in tears…

Princess Rikku’s house…

Living room…

Paige: *Worried* Mom, are you okay?

Pearl: What’s the matter?

Princess Rikku: *Crying* I think that the Professor and i might be done for… he and i had a fight. He even might pull away from being tied to you 3. and to Betty. I got on his case about the fact that Tess was trying to launch an investigation on you 3… i got on him and the way it sounded… we may have lost him. He sounds as though Tess has not done anything wrong. *Sniffles*

Dinah: *Growls at hearing that news and slams her fist into the Wall* Damn… That Tess is ruining our lives… The Professor is falling for her lies… he’s being suckered into her web and it’s almost as if he’s letting her take over… Just like when Beryl tried to brainwash the earth and make the earth people think that the people from the moon were no good and nothing more than just bad omens. she was spreading her lies like a disease. and what was worse about that was that Mamoru at that time was falling for it… he was buying into it all. but what is different about this is that it’s Tess doing the lies and the Professor is buying into it all.

Paige: *Growls* The hell with him. he’s not part of us anymore… we’ll just go on without him. We can just look up to The Watchtower and to Oliver… they can help us. *Looking at her mom* Mom… since the professor wants to listen to lies and not trust in us… the ones who were honest and more open to him… he can just stay away from us. Betty is to stay away from him too.

Pearl: In fact… *Dialing for Chloe* I’m calling for Chloe. we’re gonna set up a time to get all the things that revolve us away from the professor soon to be Ex-Professor and make Chloe… and or Oliver the Professor’s.

Dinah: good idea. Pearl… make the call.

They were talking things over and with the way it was sounding that moment… they were gonna sever the ties with Pidge Stroker. Tess turned him against them and they didn’t appreciate it. All they could do was try to press into it. even though it was turning and twisting their guts. the feeling was terrible. As they spoke about it and since they were too upset to make anything… they ordered Pizza and mellowed out. Their Mother was Looking for papers and getting out the papers with the DNA tests and got the legal stuff together…  She was with a set mind… She was taking away Pidge’s rights to seeing Betty away. She wanted no ties to him. it was over. as for having any feelings for him…. it was over. She wanted nothing to do with him… Paige however was thinking about what was gonna happen concerning Major Zod. Even though there was a mess in the ranks… Paige, Pearl and Dinah knew that there was a major issue still cooking.  it was the threat that was none other than Major Zod. On the home front… they were torn because they were with the idea that Tess was the one doing the investigation on them… they didn’t even realize that the real one in question was the professor. they were just so angry about it… that all they could see was Tess. not knowing the real story that was behind it all…

However that was the least of their problems… What none of them knew was that there was a Kandorian out there in the world walking his way… slowly to Metropolis… in secret. the only thing he left behind in the area where the heat signature was… his tag. that has a family crest. and his name on it.

In Cairo…

A Man with a blonde sandy hair and with a bag of clothes and personal items was walking through…

Man: *Walking over to the passerby up ahead; Speaking in the Egyptian language* أين يقع أقرب مطار من هنا؟ هل يمكن أن تخبرني أين يمكنني العثور على مطار القاهرة؟ العثور على مطار القاهرة؟.

The Man was shown the way to the airport and was soon on his way to American continent… The Man was Jor-el

As for the Rhapsody girls… they were the next day… at Court filing for custody…  Princess Rikku was there inside Court… filing for Full Joint and and soul custody of Betty. Although as they were in court…

Pearl: *Looking at her Mom* Mom, do you think that we’re doing the right thing by doing this?

Princess Rikku: yes. it’s over. i want to deal Pidge the same pain he’s deal you 3. he has hurt you… and that is as far as i am concerned… unforgivable.

Paige: i agree. he needs to be shown that we don’t tolerate being betrayed or hurt like that.

Dinah: i really think that this is taking it a little far, but something’s got to rattle him. nothing else is doing it. so… This is gonna have to be the one that does it…

Princess Rikku: Betty is at her boyfriend’s house right now. she didn’t want to come. She didn’t want to even see her father after hearing how he had spoken to you 3.  She wants nothing to do with him. it is gonna be a long time before she ever forgives him again.

Pidge never showed up but had a representative come in with the papers to give up his rights to seeing Betty. he didn’t want nothing to do with her or the Rhapsody girls… he even Quit. but during the night while he and Tammy were out… Clark, Oliver, Bart and AC snuck in and went into his workshop and took all his research and clippings… and all his prototypes that were done for the girls… it was cleaned out… That was the beginning of the surprise… but there was also the surprise of Shingo… He was now a hero… this time… Permanently. The belt reawakened and accepted him as a permanent hero. Paige, Pearl and Dinah were in their room that night thinking about the Kandorians and started to sense a separation in the army…

Princess Rikku’s house…

in the living room…

Princess Rikku: *Hugging Betty* There there… It’s okay. baby, it’s gonna be alright. you did okay for 7 years almost without a father… and only had a father for 7 years… you don’t need him. none of us do… It’s gonna be alright. i promise you.

Betty: *Crying into her mom’s arms*

Angel: *Shedding a tear in sadness*

Suddenly a Knock on the door sounded…

Princess Rikku: Come in. it’s open.

Chloe: *Opening the door; walking in slowly* Anyone home?

Princess Rikku: *calling out* We’re in here, Chloe. in the Living Room.

Chloe: *Walking into the Living room* Hey… Are the Rhapsody girls home?

Princess Rikku: Yeah. they’re upstairs.  They are wanting to be left alone for a while. they’re talking things out about what to do about Major Zod and trying to also cope with having no professor for them… guiding them. they are taking it pretty hard.

Chloe: *Sighs* Yeah… that’s what i need to talk to them about. Pearl left me a Voicemail saying that they were looking for a new Professor and were willing to give the new Professor all the things there were about them.

Princess Rikku: *In a huff* Pidge Stroker is a lowlife jerk. he broke my daughters heart. she is devastated. Having to go back to living life without a father. it is devastating.

Chloe: I know what that’s like… trust me… i grew up the rest of the teen years… without a mother. i remember one morning waking up and seeing my dad in the kitchen making pancakes… as though nothing was wrong. he would keep assuring me that things were gonna be alright again. however i unfortunately know where she is. she’s in a mental hospital. no one really knows what’s wrong with her…

Princess Rikku: *Sympathetic* I’m sorry to hear that, Chloe. I am really sorry that you had to go through life without a mother.

Betty: *Crying into her mother’s arms and feeling broken*

Angel: *sitting down surrounded in a dark veil* A loss in life is depressing in deed.

Paige: *Coming down wearing a nightgown* What’s all the noise for? *Seeing Chloe* Chloe? What brings you here at this time of the evening? is there more trouble a brewing?

Chloe: *With her portable computer* It depends on what you would consider trouble. However… there is no trouble brewing right now… but there is something that you 3 might want to know about.

Paige: What about? *Curious*

Chloe: *Pulling up a map of  Metropolis* There appears to be a couple of new guys in town who are 15… same age as you 3 girls. However… They give off an energy spike. one of water and one of hearts. the names are not known though… i couldn’t pull up a name. but i found out where they live… they live at the far side of the residential district of Metropolis. plus they attend the same school as you three do.

Paige: i’m a little lost though… *Cunfused* How did you come across them Exactly?

Chloe: I was keeping an eye out for more readings of the Kandorians. and also keeping a watch on the Kandorians that of which are here in metropolis so far. The 4 boys… the Rhapsody brothers are scouring the globe for more sightings of the Kandorians.  only because there is a symbol or a heat signature that doesn’t make much difference. except… *Showing the picture*

… That. but here’s the thing… a couple weeks ago when there was someone  there… not only that…While seeing that… a odd reading came in and it was reading off as two boys. What’s even more persistent is that they’re both part of the same family but the last names are different… the reading was cut off from there. there was no last name.

Paige: *Pauses and trying to understand* So the one who was there. is now missing? Any idea as to who it might have been?

Chloe: No. The Rhapsody Brothers are scouring the location now amongst the other locations… they’re tracking down the other Kandorians that are still out there.

Paige: Does Clark know about that sighting? he’s got to be told about that one… that Symbol looks like a family crest that has sentimental value to him. he’s got to be informed of this. *Going back up to her Room* Come on up to our room… Pearl and Dinah are up and are watching a movie. it’s a good movie though. Something called Angels and Demons. Strange movie. i never even heard of it at all. till tonight. they found it on T.V and decided to watch it.

A minute later…

in the girls bedroom…

Pearl: *Watching the movie* This movie is so weird. talking about some group or organization called the Illuminati… maybe we should turn it away.

Dinah: Good idea. this movie is too twisted if you know what i mean… who ever thought that this movie was gonna be a good one really has a few issues… *Sickened* Ugh! *Turning the channel* that movie is not gonna be seen again by us.

Paige: *Walking in* hey… girls… we got a visitor.

Pearl: we do?

Dinah: Who?

Paige: Watchtower. Chloe. she came over to pay us a visit here… plus to talk about finding a new professor.

Pearl: Oh yeah. that. okay… good. we called her about that…

Chloe: *Walking into the room* That’s why we need to talk about that. I heard about the court hearing that was settled in court today. i heard from a reliable source there… a guy who looked more like a college prep. Matt. i asked him what was going on and he mentioned that you girls were there… he kinda thought that i was being plucky. i heard that you 3 are taking it pretty hard. given the history that you and Professor or Ex-Professor Stroker had together. i really am sorry that you 3 had to be put through that…

Pearl: *With a tear in her eye* I know. but let’s not even talk about him… i don’t even want to know a thing about him anymore… he hurt our mom and i am never gonna forgive him for it. ever.

Meanwhile at the professor’s house…

Pidge: *Watching T.V* That woman is a pain in the ass.

Tammy: Who do you mean?

Pidge: My Ex. Princess Rikku took away my rights of seeing my daughter… all because of those 3 girls crying like little babies because they were being investigated. like it was all Tess’s fault. What the hell was she doing investigating anyway? i never even told her to do it… and if she was to do it… to be discreet. not begin a full investigation and have it reach the attention of the girls… The girls hate Tess… but they then go and cry to their mother… and their mother calls and Chews my ass out. like it’s my fault. so since she wants to be that way… she can be that way… i regret ever loving someone like her. she can even keep that daughter that is also mines… *Looking cross and turning to face his wife* Tammy, you are to not even socialize with them. if they call… don’t answer it.

Tammy: *Scoffs* Pidge, dear… i don’t know what your issues are with them… but they are not bad people. they only did what they were meant to do. they were being investigated by Tess. How do you think that they were going to react to that? did you really think that they were just gonna take it and not say anything? I mean… what the heck would you have done if you were the one being investigated? finding out that it was being done behind your back? Would you honestly be one to say that it wouldn’t piss you off?

Pidge: Well… yeah. it would piss me off. it would piss me off to no high end. but that isn’t the point. those girls have destroyed a book of the archives that i had of them that i gave Tess so she could be up to speed. to be their outlet and instead of her taking to heart with that. she decides to investigate them. all because of that incident that occurred on their birthday. Like we really were to know what the hell happened. but then to make things worse… the 3 girls go off at Tess and chew her out… then i get a lovely call at work by their mother.. my Ex. about the whole thing. and you know who told my Ex? *Grunts getting up and Walking to the Window* … *Screams in frustration* DAMN IT!!!! The whole thing coming apart because of that woman. Chloe. Tess told me it was Chloe who paid her a visit and then a minute later… was the 3 girls… they talk to Tess… or should i say yell at her. Chewing her out…then they leave and after they left… Chloe makes a call to Princess Rikku and then Princess Rikku calls me Chewing me out. Yeah… that nosy woman fucked up the whole life… i lost my Daughter… Betty was one of a kind and i don’t even have that anymore. i don’t have any thrill now. i got nothing ongoing that i can work on here… The 3 girls have fired me as their professor. i was the one who gave them powers to begin with.  *Punching the door a few times* I. gave. them. the. powers.  Me. i was the one who provided them with powers. and i get repaid by this. i can take their powers away… all i have to do hit reverse on the power spreader and it’ll rip their powers away. It’ll be the end of the Rhapsody Girls Z! i created them… i can also destroy them.

Tammy: *Snaps; Raises her Voice* PIDGE!!! STOP IT! *Going for the Power Gun and grabbing it; Smashing it to pieces* You’re not gonna hurt them. period. they are innocent. *Looking at her Husband* I am not able to do much because i am pregnant. Lucky you. but i swear it… that if you do anything to hurt those girls because of your insecurities… and they end up injured… i find out about it… if you thought that Your Ex was trouble… you better buckle your hide up and brace yourself. because you won’t like what i will give you.  i swear that. *Walking off into the other room* You can sleep on the couch till you get your head out of your ass and back in line. GOOD NIGHT! *Slamming the Door*

Pidge: *Shouts* Fine! the hell with you… Some Woman.. i’m the bad guy… someone screws up and i am the bad guy. Tess stuck her foot and tried to investigate the girls… Chloe prods her nose into something she had no place to add her two cents in… and i get chewed out… but i’m the bad guy. *Grabbing his stuff and storming out of the house* Ungrateful… Disloyal little harlot.

The Ex-Professor left to go find a motel to sleep at… he didn’t want to even be in the same house as his wife. He was pissed at her now… he felt that everyone was attacking him. He was fed up…

Back at Princess Rikku’s house…

Pearl: We want you and Oliver to be the professor’s.

Chloe: Wait… W-why me? I-i don’t get it. why would you want me to be your Professor? I’m the watchtower. i am like the one who has the Bird’s eye on the whole city and maybe the whole world for that matter. infrastructure and all.

Paige: But you also know all about us… you have a copy of all our files… names…Aliases… Group name… family. about our cousins and uncle… even our Aunts.

Dinah: Yeah. *Looking at her Baseball bat* You’d be perfect for the job. you’d be perfect. you got the pull and Oliver also has the technical crew that can provide upgrades and maybe even outfit upgrades too. You and Oliver would be the right candidates for it.

Paige: that’s right.

Chloe: *Shaking her head* Okay… you bought me… i’ll do it. *Chuckles* I’ll do it. *Clears her throat* Ahem… We got all the stuff from the Ex-Professor of yours. well… from his workshop that he had in his home… it’s all at Watchtower. and as soon as all the Data gets plugged into the systems… Oliver can extract a copy and get it into his systems at Queen Industries and work on upgrades for you. he’s also got the little black book that mentions about dark beams of energy… and the White too. all the info. *Looking at the girls and smiles* There is also another issue too. well actually it’s More of a surprise. Dinah… your boyfriend… uh, Shingo. He’s now reawakened as a permanent hero. I took him to the Luthorcorp plant… i was gonna use the lab’s generator to spark lightning into a meteor rock and aim it at him giving him powers… but…

Dinah: *Waiting for the rest of the news to come out* But…? What? What happened to him?

Chloe: Well… Somehow the belt that he still had of yours. apparently the old one… started reacting and going crazy… it charged itself up and on its own surged power through him. Before i could off the generator…

Chloe’s Vision…

“Shingo: *Feeling power going through him and suddenly glowing*… What’s happening? *Transforming* Thunder Power… EXECUTE!” *Forming two Thunder blades as his outfit forms and appears around him* … *Fully Transformed* The Thunderic Avenger Mystic Thunder… feel the Pain of my Thunder Blades!

Chloe: Whoa! Now there’s something that you don’t see everyday. Welcome back.

Shingo: *As Mystic Thunder* Thanks… it’s great to be back in the game. come on. let’s book it and get out of here. *Seeing guards nearby* …. *pointing to the guards* there’re guards nearby… Watchtower. let’s get out of here while the going is good. we can fight off guards and the muscle bound men another day.”

Chloe: That’s what happened.

Dinah: *With her Jaw dropped open* What… You’re kidding? Right? Shingo said that?

Chloe: yeah.

Dinah: *Shocked* Oh good god.

At the Cargo warehouse…

Major Zod: *Looking to see Basqat* Basqat, what have you found out about Tess and her follower Mr. Stroker?

Basqat: They are moving to build Luthorcorp more tech. but none are up to snuff yet. there was no testing done on it.

Major Zod: *Grinning and curious* And about the Solar Tower… What comes of that?

Basqat: It’s stopped construction. a couple of authority figures came in while we were starting the build and commanded us to vacate the premises till later. it seems that the woman made a call and forced a halt to it till after some contract was signed making it official.

Major Zod: Ah… So Tess is trying to favor her own little hands and keep in tolerance with the board. seeing that she gets her money… She turns out to be the gutless woman. no ambition at all. Opportunity faces her… yet she takes the oppressed approach and satisfy whatever helps gets her the money and the fame for Luthorcorp.

Basqat: There’s more… she also was trying to post an investigation on those 3 girls… Paige, Pearl and Dinah Rhapsody. You know them?

Major Zod: *Recognizing the names* That i do, My friend… that i do. I have grown profoundly attached to them. They are quite remarkable girls.  one can say that i admire them. Tess was investigating their odd disappearance. i want you to look into that and see what you find out. the girls concern me.

Basqat: Not only that sir… they don’t have a professor. and are in spare for a new one. There is no professor to guide them. they’re vulnerable. Want me to issue an attack on them?

Major Zod: No. you go and deal with finding out what you desire about the girls mysterious disappearance. and keep a watch out for the Blur.

Basqat: as you command Major. *Kneeling before taking his leave*

But it wasn’t but five days later late afternoon hours where Major Zod had a vision…

(Disclaimer: I do not own this scene nor any scene i have used from the Series of Smallville… all things used were out of fun. and if this does get published all credit of any scene used from the show… goes to the writers, creators and producers of the series. for future chapters.)

” *Explosions*

*Indistinct shouting*

Medic: *Taking blood from the soldiers* Relax, it’s just a pinprick.

Soldier: *Feeling Discomfort* I never was all that fond of needles.

Major Zod: *Holding his sleeve up open to have his blood taken* but it is alas deemed a Small price to pay for immortality.


Major Zod: Medic. There’s a civil war in the process of raging, and you’re wasting valuable time that we do not have. The forces of black zero are closing in on Kandor now as we speak the very words from our very lips, and I can assure you, they’ll be in favor to wait for no one.

Medic: You’re the last of your battalion whose blood I need, major zod.

Major Zod: *Waiting for Blood to be taken* Get on with it. There’s a war waiting to be won, and we want to get back to our families. *To the men* Right, soldiers?! *Leading* For the realm of Kandor  For the realm of Kandor  For the realm of Kandor!

Medic: *Spotting Jor-el* Jor-el. I’m guessing you’re not here to cheer on the troops.

Jor-El: Call it a mission of utter redemption. I’ll need all those blood samples at once. I can’t bare to sit and follow suit to let this project go on anymore.

Medic: My orders come from the ruling council itself. You Don’t have any authority here, Jor-el.

Major Zod: *To the medic* Medic, when the most renowned scientist in krypton gives you an order and lest tells you to stop, then you should obey the request and stop.

Jor-El: Thank you.

Major Zod: If the ruling council wants my blood, let them find it on the battlefield!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

*Explosions continue*

Major Zod: *To the men* Let the Forces of black zero feel that forceful bite of your weapons and the bravery that moves in through your hearts! *Commanding* Soldiers, move out!

*Indistinct shouting, cheering*

Yeah! For the realm of Kandor!

Jor-El: Thank you, Zod.

Major Zod: *Looking at Jor-el* You do value to realize that the council won’t like this. Do you honestly know exactly as to what it is that you’re doing?

Jor-El: Well, the council can do whatever it shall motion to do, but i shall not let my life’s work be carried along to commit such an atrocity.

*Explosions stop*

*Wind whistling*

Major Zod: *Moving to climb up* Kandor. No… My wife…Faora… my son…Davis.

*Wind whistling*

Jor-el: *Pulling Zod back and keeping him out of the blast’s wave* Zod, It’s over… it’s too late. there’s nothing you can do! Kandor is gone! It’s no more!”

Major Zod: *Speaking to his soldiers* None of you are prone to recall the events of  that tragic day… because by the moment that you all have had your blood taken was the Final moment you all were to remember of your homeland … Kandor. But rest with ease and know this… I am one who can guarantee to you… I still remember the memories as they lie fresh. Each and every single one of you, the last remaining sons and daughters of krypton, are all that is left from our beloved homeland. And I for one will not allow for your birthright to be ripped from your reaches. Jor-el… he has come with us all in the orb, yet somehow, he had stolen our powers away from us. Instead of giving them to us… he goes and he flaunts them… all over this city… leaving only his mark for us to see Rubbing it in our faces only to remind us of what we do not have and are entitled to possess. The Moment that we close on and catch this traitor… we will force him to give to us what’s rightfully ours. What we RIGHTFULLY DESERVE! We will all be gods upon this planet, and I swear to you that our beloved homeland of  Kandor will see it’s heyday and will thereby rise again!

Soldiers: *Kneeling*

hours later…

At Luthorcorp…

Tess: *On the phone* You know what… Your Tomb raiders have been digging in that desert for weeks and yet… i still am one who doesn’t have what she’s asked for.

Man: *On the Phone* We’ve been here for weeks and since then the sandstorms have gone on… and have not let up… what we can tell you though is that… whatever or whoever was here… is either dead… or buried deep in the ground. but no telling how deep it goes…

Tess: Well then you know what you need to do… unless you want to look into ending up the same way. *Seeing the door open to reveal Major Zod; hanging up the phone*

Major Zod: Well… hello there… i should have known that you would be here. I got your message. saying that you wanted to see me. *Walking in* And of course just like a prediction from my super-powered kryptonian comrade, you have a uncanny flair for the theatrical.

Tess: I think your deep-cover agent might have had but a different opinion on that. On the record though… i must say that I’m glad to see that his untimely death has thereby managed to attract your attention. You should know though however… I am not one that will tolerate being toyed with. Shall that be made clear with you?

Major Zod: Perhaps. i myself don’t savor on stepping amongst the toes of the short fused woman such as yourself. A man named Jor-el… he is one known to have arrived with us in the orb. He unfortunately took all of our powers for himself. I think that you might have knowledge of him…. know him as the blur. Now, you… let’s say that you help me find him… …I’ll give you what you’ve always wanted. Now… you didn’t open the orb… but you do however treasure the idea of working hand in hand with us,  The Rhapsody Girls Z! opened up and released the bottled-up hopes and dreams of Kandor  although they aren’t privy to considering to work along with us. But now you can… by my side… as equals. Together. Intimately even if you wished it so…

Tess: *Smiles briefly at the seductive candor from Major Zod* I should have you know that I’ve already got a team out working on it. I’ll let you know when we find jor-el.

Major Zod: *Chuckles* I am sure that you will. you usually do. *Looking out the window* Look down there… you see that fence over there only a mile or two away… That’s the calling for the Blur. he obviously enjoys parading with the thrill of leaving his mark everywhere that he goes. kinda like a noble cockerspaniel… loyal… sharp… hearty… but yet… feels that even though he’s a loyal companion and proves to be a valued friend to the common man… he  believes that he alas must leave his mark to mark his territory. so it reminds those who dwell in the same area as it does that it has been around and has claimed the spot as one of his own.

Tess: You make it sound as though the Blur is this conqueror… but i have alternative beliefs that he hasn’t come to conquer. but to protect those who need saving. What makes you think that he would valiantly just mark his territory? to be caught?

Major Zod: the Blur obviously can’t bare to control it. it happens to be in his very nature.

The door opens…

Pidge: *Seeing Tess and Major Zod in the room together* Nevermind… i’ll wait. *Walking back out*

Major Zod: *Turning to see Pidge* Ah… Mr. Stroker… come in. there is room for 3 people in the room. Tess values your company. As you may also value hers just the same.

Pidge: *Walking back into the Room* I see. Well… i just came to give my report on the Robots that were requested to be built.

Tess: *Curious* Really? Hmm. Well let’s see the report.

Pidge: *Handing over the report* here you go Tess. *Sighs*

Major Zod: I don’t feel accustomed to pry into an affair of which is not my own… but is there something the matter, Mr. Stroker?

Pidge: It’s nothing. i rather not talk about it. *Looking to his side slightly almost in a downhearted form* It’s just my wife. She has not spoken to me in almost a week. all because of My Ex. Princess Rikku. She took my rights to seeing my daughter away. but i gave them up with no hesitation. i want nothing to do with them because they were being pains in the ass. Tess… i don’t give a damn what happens. You deserved respect. and since they yelled at you… they’re gonna be  sorry. i gave the 3 girls powers. i can take them away just the same. i don’t even care if my wife likes it or not. i became the professor before i married her ass. so i have say on what will be done to the girls.

Tess: *Gasps* Mr. Stroker… don’t be speaking in that tone about your wife or about those girls. Those girls are heroes. they stood up to me… I remember what Paige said to me… *Having a flashback*

Tess Flashes back…

“Paige: *Looking at Tess; angrily* So that gives you total free rights to investigate us? We are not Amused Tess. You want to know where we were… then why don’t you dig a bit deeper? Dig just a little more. But other than that… it’s none of your business. besides you may be a business woman who claims to be all supportive of us… or claim to be our so called friend. But you’re not our frickin’ mother… our mother… is Princess Rikku. we love our mother… but if you’re trying to jump in and play the den mother card… you might want to learn a little more about how to raise 3 girls. because as far as skills go… you ain’t got nothing. you’re not our mother. never were… never have… and never will be.

Tess: Actually they did a favor by doing what they did… To be heroes one must be a leader… to lead them towards victory. Paige showed that with flair. She didn’t hold from that… Actually it’s what one would expect from a leader. 15 years of age or not… she’s become a leader well beyond her years. i can truly say that i am impressed.

Pidge: that’d be relevant to me if i cared one inch about them anymore… they fired me from being their professor… Chloe Sullivan screwed my life up. after she lectured you… as you have told me… the girls had a swing in it and then next… she called Princess Rikku bitching about you investigating the 3 girls. I wanted the thing to be discreet. however… you jumped too far in and over stepped. but you’re not to blame. i blame myself for ever having an intimate thing with that woman. Princess Rikku is a freak… and that daughter of hers is just as much a freak. she may have some of my chromosomes… but i could care less. let her try to demand for me to pay for child support. i’ll counter it and have that request denied. *Hearing his phone ring* That’s probably the wife. the hell with her. at this point… i could care less if i ever see her again. the last few days… i stayed at a motel to rest…

Tess: I see. *Shaking her head* I am sorry that your life has become like that… i didn’t realize that the investigation was gonna ruin your marriage. Did you really love Tammy?

Pidge: Yes. i did. i really loved her. and she even yelled at me for what those girls did.  it hurt. hurt like hell. i was devastated…

They spoke with each other a little… Talking about the report about the robots that were being built for Luthorcorp… Major Zod during that time took his leave… Pidge left soon after and went back to his house. to rest. He knew that things with his wife were not good… but he also knew that he couldn’t just stay away. he went back and found the house dark. the bedroom door was locked and he felt as though he lost her. but he also was holding it against his EX. all due to the investigation that even though it never happened… or did it? the damage was done… the Accusations were all around and it was damaging. he knew it. Tammy knew it… Tess knew it. Princess Rikku knew it. What really got Pidge pissed though still was the fact that the girls had tore up the one book Pidge had given to Tess. it was ruined… It made him want to really initiate an investigation on the girls. And moments after he laid down on the couch, he got back up and went to his workshop to start process of an investigation on the 3 girls. He was not playing it slow anymore. He thought that… if his Ex wanted to start a personal vendetta. he’d give her one. Where it’d lead… no one would ever know.

On the front of the search for the Kandorians… the search was still going on… The Rhapsody Brothers were searching high and Low… but to their apparent and utter dismay… they found that there were absolutely no signs of the remaining Kandorians. the Rhapsody brothers couldn’t stay out anymore… they went right back to the Watchtower… to await for signs of another lead.

It was a couple of days since Major Zod had a Vision and shared it amongst the soldiers that were all with him in the Cargo Warehouse where they were all hiding.  A week later after that fated meeting between Major Zod and the Kandorians…

The search for the Missing Kandorians began again in full swing… The Rhapsody brothers went back out looking. Actually Prince Alvin went out to take another look while the others stayed at the Watchtower to help Chloe and to brief the rest of the league. Prince Alvin went to the Egyptian desert in Egypt… looking for signs of the Kandorian. What he didn’t know was that Clark and Oliver were close by following a lead on locating one of the Kandorians… the same place… same location that Prince Alvin was searching in. The only lead that they had was this: *Showing the Symbol* that was it… There was also one with the same symbol but with no one there… It was up to them to investigate.

In Egypt…

Prince Alvin: *Surveying the area* Where is the signature? It was said to be right here… *Looking to see Clark close-by* Hey, Man of steel… What brings you out here? You tryin’ to lo jack me or something?

Clark: *Looking to see Prince Alvin* no. i came here to investigate this area. there is a heat signature here. but it seems to have vanished.  Wait… the computers at the watchtower pointed out the heat signature to be here… in the desert sand. but the high temperature that is here on the desert… would get so hot that it would melt the sand into glass.

Prince Alvin: The Kandorians… when they landed here… they left a heat signature… which burned right into the desert sand here… Didn’t Watchtower say that they would leave a signature here as they first landed on earth?

Oliver: *Looking around* Okay… we followed the coordinates as Chloe had said… i don’t see anything. I don’t know man… maybe we need to look a bit deeper than this… but before we came out here… couldn’t we have gone to Nevada to see a show or something? some Blue Oyster or perhaps a little bit of Carrot top… maybe even a little Lady Gaga or Gwen Stefani.

Clark suddenly uses his super breath and uncovered a symbol…

Oliver: *confused* Uh, what exactly is your shield doing here on Earth? Who’d be putting your shield in the middle of nowhere…

Prince Alvin: *Looking down to see a name tag; picking it up* What’s this? *looking at the tag* Clark… this is starting to get really bizarre… this tag has your family crest on it, Clark. it’s… got a name on it too… *Reading off the name* “Jor-el?”

Clark: *Looking at the Shield and then at the tag* Prince Alvin… Jor-el… is my father.

Prince Alvin: *Confused* What… wait a minute… i thought that your father was Jonathan Kent.

Clark: Yes. he was… My Earth father. but my father from Krypton is Jor-el. *Realizing* He’s here… on Earth…


at the Kent farm…

Jor-el hops off the truck and walks into the gates leading to the inside of the farm…

Jor-el: *Walking over to the house* Many years… and this place is still the same… so much love and warmth here…

inside the kent house…

Jor-el: *Looking around the house* I remember this kitchen… Hiram Kent and his kind wife Jessica helped me out a little and helped sneak me out of town to escape the law. being accused of killing someone… that was not so pleasant of a memory. but this house… still has that same feel. the love. *Looking at the pictures* …. *Reaching into his pocket* Ah… i almost forgot. i better put the book of Rao in a safe spot. it might be deemed useful for someone in the future…

A Minute later…

Chloe: *Walking in* Shelby. here boy… It’s me… Chloe… I’m here to take my favorite blonde haired dog for a walk. *Walking in and looking to suddenly see a shadow* Who are you?

Jor-El: *Looking at Chloe* My name is Jor-el.

Chloe: *Gasps at the name and walks over to him* Oh, my god. I-I… you have actually made it here to smallville. You’re here. in The Kent house. Clark as well as the Rhapsody Brothers leader Prince Alvin had found your markings in the desert. *Looking at Jor-el* You’re Clark’s father.


Jor-El: *Not understanding* I am afraid that You are utterly mistaken. I have no child.

Chloe: His kryptonian name is kal-el. *Showing a Picture of Clark to Jor-el*

Jor-El: *Trying to come to terms and slowly understanding; Looking at the picture of Clark* So, this is my son. But… i don’t understand…W-what’s he doing here on earth? i haven’t sent him here yet. how did he get here so fast?

Chloe: *Explaining* Well, i am afraid that you have sent him here… you sent him here as a baby. It was the only possible way that you knew to do… it was the only way that you could save him.

Jor-El: *Shooting up at Chloe and curious* Save him?

Chloe: *Feeling rather hesitant but suddenly breaking the news out to Jor-el* Um… look, I just hate having to be the bearer of such bad news, but… i’m afraid that your home planet… krypton was destroyed.

Jor-El: *In dread* My wife… lara.

Chloe: *Wondering and Curious* Clark’s mother, she’s… You mean that she isn’t here…  she’s not here with you?

Jor-El: *In disbelief* She wasn’t part of the experiment.

Chloe: *Sympathetic* Oh. I’m sorry. I…I really didn’t know. i don’t know if the Rhapsody girls would know either about that part. they unfortunately don’t know that you’re here. they have heard about you… but as to knowing that you’re here… they are in the dark at this point. *Sighs* Look, we’ve been going all over and have been searching for all the others who have come here with you.

Jor-El: *Sighs* They will be quite literally a most difficult race of people to find. They’re all very well trained — a battalion of soldiers that are being led by a great commander and thus thereby being the best friend I ever had, Zod.

Jor-el flashes back:

“Jor-el. You stand before the ruling council charged with treason.

Jor-El: The technology I created was intended to heal those afflicted by wars and disease, not to resurrect the dead through cloning. 

The orb will ensure that krypton’s strongest will endure if our planet is ever destroyed.

Jor-El: But if we send the orb to earth it is opened, the clones inside will develop extraordinary abilities under their yellow sun. The humans will be powerless against them. We cannot doom another planet’s future to preserve our past.

Perhaps you should’ve had more faith in your own race. You leave us no choice. The punishment for treason is death.

[ Door opens

zod: Council.

Major zod. Your presence is an honor, but this is a closed trial.

Zod: Well, I demand to be heard. I may have driven black zero back into the ice, decimating his ranks, but my accomplishments pale in comparison to this man’s. Jor-el… is the truest hero I have ever known. He has dedicated his life’s work not to death… or war… but to creation. When kandor fell, many of our brightest and most promising citizens perished.. in an instant. Krypton lost mothers… fathers… daughters… …sons. [ Inhales deeply ] What good will come if you extinguish another life unnecessarily? I implore you all… …let jor-el live.

Your passion is noted, major. It is agreed. Jor-el… the council will spare your life. But you are ordered to complete the orb. You must include major zod’s .. and your own. If that fateful day of judgment ever comes to krypton… our survivors on earth will be led by two of our planet’s greatest heroes.

I, zod, am in your debt.

Never forget that, my friend.”

Jor-El: If it had not been for zod, I wouldn’t be here now, and i’m afraid that neither would my son be.

Chloe: *Feeling a haunting feeling come over her; in dread* I’m afraid that you’ve only lived half of the fated story revolving Zod. There’s unfortunately a few more chapters on zod that i’m afraid you’re not aware of… chapters that you’ll sincerely need to hear. And Jor-el… just know that i’m one who’s gonna warn you… The other half of  the story on Zod… it doesn’t have a happy ending.


At metropolis High School…

Paige: *Noticing two boys in the room* … *Looking at Pearl* Say… uh, Pearl… who do you think those two hunky guys are? They sure look rather cute.

Pearl: *Putting on some Lipstick real Quick to freshen herself up* Not sure. They sure do look pretty nice. i like that one with the wavy hair. i wonder who he is though… we never seen him before.

Dinah: *Looking at the two boys* Uh… you guys… They have power belts.

Paige: What? *Looking at the object around the boy’s waist* He’s one of us… He’s got powers just like we do… Pearl they’re like us.

Pearl: *Looking to see the belts* Oh my… that’s surprising. Chloe mentioned that there were two boys in town and were giving off energy… Do you think that they are the ones that she was referring to?

Paige: it is starting to seem that way. They’re with belts. they’re boys. they’re in town and were said to give off energy. i think that they might be the ones.

Dinah: Well… if they’re one of us… that’s good…. but, if they happen to be bad guys… then we’re gonna have to take them down.

Paige: *Suddenly feeling a sharp spike go through her* Ouch! What was that?!

Pearl: What was what…

Dinah: I have no idea what you are talking about Paige… but the teacher is looking this direction… if you don’t stop that… you’re gonna get us in a heap of trouble. and even though i am tough… being sent to the office for disrupting the class is not something that i am willing to stomach.

Back at the Kent farm…

inside the Kent Barn…

Chloe: *Walking up the stairs to the Loft in the Barn; Seeing Jor-el looking through all the things that his Son was into on Earth* Clark is unfortunately possibly flying through some rough turbulence because I can’t seem to get a call in to him. But I’m sure that he’ll touch down very soon, and then you’ll finally… get the chance to meet your only son.

Jor-El: *Looking at Chloe and getting up* I’m deeply saddened that he had to spend his entire youth away from his own people… and thereby being one who was pushed to grow up all alone.

Chloe: *Walking closer to Jor-el* Well, maybe he wasn’t around other kryptonians that were like him, but he most certainly wasn’t alone. Trust me — the kents are the greatest type of parents that you could’ve ever hoped for… on earth. Honest and good-loving people who were thinking of others and helping those in need before themselves.

Jor-El: *With a relieved tone* I would’ve expected as much from The Kents. My father before me and Kal-el’s grandfather sent me here when I was younger around the same age as Clark is as a — a rite of passage. A Link between two worlds.

Chloe: A rite of passage… you mean Like a walkabout?

Jor-El: *Chuckles* Yes. Most definitely like a walkabout. I met a man here named Hiram Kent. I came here out of luck when i came as it was close enough to hide from the law back then. You see… i was seen to be some sort of Drifter and was being accused for killing someone. i came here to hide. i was making a choice that became the right one for i just felt so much love in his house. And perhaps that’s the main reason why I sent kal-el here. because i felt deeply that i could trust the kents and had great belief in them. Believed in their good nature.

Chloe: *Not understanding; Curious* But if you didn’t know that your son even existed, why exactly did you come to Smallville?

Jor-El: *Explaining* I happen to have many very fond memories here. I guess that i just wanted to see the place again. to look back at how i came and immediately felt safe here.

Chloe: *Smiles and with a Jubilant tone* Well,  you can be feeling quite impressed for your instincts about the Kents paid off. Clark is the most amazing person I’ve ever met. And your constant guidance helped mold and make him into the great man he is today.

Jor-El: *Feeling worry and concern* That maybe the case… i am sure. but the unfortunate truth is that I worry that he isn’t the only one that I’ve influenced. Perhaps I too have played my part in making zod into the very man he was destined to become.

Chloe: *Consoling Jor-el* Look, whatever it might have been that you did to him, zod is the only person who is most responsible for choosing to become a monster. he made the move to turn into a monster. You didn’t push him to becoming what he always was…

Jor-el: *Recalling something that was said moments earlier* You said something earlier about Rhapsody Girls… Who exactly are they… Are they friends of Clark’s?

Chloe: yes, they are… They’re known as the Rhapsody Girls Z! Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress. in regular name… they’re known as Paige, Pearl and Dinah Rhapsody. *With a mini Computer in her hand suddenly and pulling up her files* … *Showing the screen to Jor-el*

 Meet Paige Cass Rhapsody A.K.A Miss Love…  She is the leader of the Group. she is also the Daydreamer and into eating sweets and reading comic books about superheroes… When she isn’t out fighting crime and Evil forces… She is at the Candy store eating sweets. She is the one who would be hot on the temper if you were to steal her Sweets. but she also protects her sisters and guides them. When she moves… they move. they watch her and she watches them. Plus. She is into superheroes. she is an obsessed Super hero maniac. Her strongest attack is Love’s Flash. And her hover Cruiser is also a weapon too. but only when she is in hero form.  It activates the weaponry in it by her voice command: “Miss Love Armada… Engage” Releasing a web of hearts and Love Lasers at the target while in pursuit. The second member of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Meet Pearl Lucy Rhapsody A.K.A Bubble Maiden… She is the Baby of the Rhapsody Girls Z! She is the one who is with bubbly charm and feels most of the emotions… she feels things greater than the leader and the tough one of the group. She is into Fashion. She is on the spare time when not out fighting Evil and beating crime… she is seen at the Fashion store buying dresses and buying fashion accessories. Even though she is struggling to understand the reasons as to why the world around her is not as nice and peaceful as she was hoping for it to be… don’t let that fool you. she can get mean. and she can fight. Her Bubble harp reacts to her emotions… *With her Mini Computer; pulling up a file and showing a clip of Pearl emitting her energy*

The Energy grew a bit and embraced Dark Mercury causing the Real Ami to reach out a little…

The Good Ami: *Faintly* Usagi-Chan… Rhapsody girls… My friends!

Pearl: *Calling out to Ami* AMI-CHAN! *breaking Down in tears; Crying* AMI-CHAN!!! Please… Come back to us… We Love You! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Suddenly Pearl’s Bubble harp started to glow and react… it reacted to Pearls emotions and began playing….

Bubble harp: *Playing a sad tune* “Oh, my love, my darling I’ve hungered for your touch A long, lonely time And time goes by so slowly And time can do so much Are you still mine? I need your love I need your love God speed your love to me! Lonely rivers flow To the sea, to the sea To the open arms of the sea Lonely rivers sigh ”Wait for me, wait for me” I’ll be coming home, wait for me! Oh, my love, my darling I’ve hungered, hungered for your touch A long, lonely time And time goes by so slowly And time can do so much Are you still mine? I need your love I need your love God speed your love to me!”

Pearl: *Crying out* Ami-Chan… please stop this… we want you back to us… We don’t want to fight you. It’s breaking our hearts fighting you. You’re our friend. Please… Come back to us… Please…. PLEASE COME BACK!!!! *Falling down to her knees and crying into her hands* Please come back to your friends. We love you. we miss you. *falling onto the floor and crying*”

Chloe: That was her. She feels greater emotions than both the leader and the tough one combined… Although the tough one is a loose wire. don’t let the sensitivity you see in her fool you. Pearl’s strongest attack is Melodious Bubbles and/or Bubble Wave. Her Hover Cruiser has weaponry on it but only when she’s in hero form. and by her saying the voice command: “Bubble Maiden Armada…Engage!” Shooting a Web of bubbles and a shot of Bubble Lasers at the target while in Pursuit… or facing them. The third one…

 Meet Dinah Ellen Rhapsody A.K.A Thunder Mistress. She is the Tough one of the group. She is with a spunky attitude and is like the Tomboy of the crew. She hates Skirts and dresses and is said to go postal if one were to recite the line: ”Hey Dinah…. You look cute in a skirt” She will go postal and lose all sense of calm. When she’s not out Fighting Evil and beating Crime to the floor… she is at the park shooting hoops. She is into sports. Football, Baseball, Wrestling. Hockey and  Basketball. She is known to be the loose Wire… *Playing a Clip*

King Lotor: Guards! Take Larmina away. send her back to Arus where she belongs… *Walking down to confront the girls* You 3 girls have power that i want. and i will get that power.

Paige: Why do you want it so much?

Pearl: Don’t you have your own power?

Dinah: If you think that you’re getting your hands on our power… you can dream on. it’s not gonna happen. *Defensive*

King Lotor: *Shaking his finger left and right* Tsk! tsk! tsk! I thought that this was gonna be such an Easy prize. Guess i’ll have to take it by force, won’t i?!

Dinah: You just try it buster… we’ll flatten you like a pizza!

King Lotor: As you wish! *Firing shots of Electicity and burning Haggarium at the girls* HA!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Getting hit by the blast* AHHHHHH!

King Lotor: your power is gonna be mine. *lifting the girls into the air and Tossing them to the side hard* Surrender!

Dinah: *Getting up slowly* Never! You are never gonna get our power! NEVER!

Pearl: *Looking up* Dinah, What are you doing? That guy has Haggarium on him…

Lotor: *Snickers* And plus… what hope does a mere girl like you who looks cute in a Skirt have against the King of Doom?

Dinah: *Hearing the words: “You look cute in a Skirt being spoken* ….. *Shaking and suddenly Exploding with Rage* AHHHHHHHHH! I Told you NEVER TO SAY THAT!!!!!! I…..HATE…..SKIRTS!!!!! *With a Rampage Going after King Lotor*

The battle went on for a little and Dinah was letting King Lotor have it with each Swing. giving him a Left and right and Thumping him hard. “

Chloe: That is What she is like. She still hates Skirts and Dresses. but has been found to wear them a little bit. due to her having a boyfriend. She is with a high strung attitude and will let loose on anyone who hurts her sisters or family. She has made her sister cry once… but has made up for it afterwards… She is a loose cannon to anything that rubs her the wrong way. And if you were to produce a tall tale around her that she doesn’t like… she will come off. She can smell it a mile away. Her strongest attack is: Thunder Explosion. And her hover cruiser in hero form has weaponry. she activates it by the voice command: “Thunder Mistress Armada…Engage!” Shooting a web of Thunder and Thunder Lasers at the target while she is in pursuit or facing them   If  you were to hurt any of them… don’t worry about their sisters Betty and Angel. Worry about their 4 cousins, they’ll nail you.

Jor-el: *Amazed* Remarkable… They actually have loyalty amongst one another… *Trying to remember the name* Chloe… Would i be permitted to meet the 3 girls? I must meet them in person. Please… Take me to them.

Chloe: They’re in school right now… but i can still escort you over to see them. Come… I’ll drive…

Jor-el: *Grateful* Thank you.

During the drive…

Chloe: *Driving* Do you remember what Zod was like as you were inserting the DNA into the orb?

Jor-el: *Enjoying the countryside* Well… If i can still remember… Major Zod was thorough and straight forward. He was also decisive and knew how to strike down any attacker. he was a great leader. he always knew how best to guide the soldiers. he was the strongest leader there. if the soldiers were in need of having their Morale boosted. He’d break through and ensure them that they were fighting for a greater cause. but that was before he was said to lead a military coup and attempt to raze the planet and thereby destroying it. as what you have just informed me. You know… My wife Lara’s greatest fear as we placed little Kal-el into that ship… She said: “But Jor-el… What if they don’t accept him? what if he doesn’t fit in with their race”  Her greatest fear was that. but knew that if nothing other than that; it would at least ensure that our son would survive. Before the planet was destroyed… i was a renowned scientist. and i created the orb and inserted my DNA along with Zod’s before his betrayal. He wanted me to include the DNA of his Son’s along with it. but i told him that i couldn’t.

Chloe: But it isn’t your fault. His son… is Davis Bloome. Doomsday. Clark beat him.

Jor-el: By me refusing him his one request. it turned him against me. i refused him the one thing he wanted. Wrong or not… i should have just given him what it was that he wanted. but i couldn’t. i could not mettle with the past.

Chloe: Maybe so… however… you are not to blame for his decision to become a monster. he was power mad. you made a mention that you and he still lived full lives. but just put a bit of your DNA into the Orb so if you were to come to Earth… you’d be given a second Chance.

Jor-el: that’s correct. i although corrupted the orb with blue Kryptonite.

Chloe: *Pauses* Blue Kryptonite?

Jor-el: yes. it’s a radiated fragment. an imperfection of the green K. it’s said that when a Kryptonian is exposed to Blue K. they temporarily lose their powers. i used the blue K on the orb secretly to ensure that when zod and his fellow soldiers got out from the orb that they would live a better life; a new life… but not rule the planet as gods.

Chloe: That could very well be a bit of a problem… I don’t know if i am supposed to be the bearer of bad news… But Major Zod and his men are plotting to build a Solar Tower. and i have a bad feeling that if it goes up… They’ll get their powers and Clark will lose his.

Jor-el: *Shaking his head*

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Bart: *Looking at Princess Rikku* Should we tell the 3 girls about our uh, relationship? We can’t keep this from them anymore. they’re about to find out sooner or later.

Princess Rikku: Later. *Looking ahead and sighs* I don’t want them to know of it yet. it’s not time. but i’m gonna tell them. just not now. they have too much to worry about. especially since we had to forcefully sever our ties to Professor Stroker… or should i say now Ex-Professor.

Bart: Why? What happened?

Princess Rikku: He made my girls upset. he hurt them and i returned suit and took his rights to see Betty away. I warned him… that i can be sweet and polite… or i can be the biggest pain in the ass he ever met meaning the biggest bitch. *Looking down for a second* God i hate that word. *Looking back up and Clears her throat* He chose bitch.  so i am gonna give him that. i plan to file to demand for Child support. he will pay it. because i will make sure a Warrant and court order is filed to ensure that he does. one that he can not break. i will make sure that he knows that i will make him sorry.

Bart: I can understand how hurt you are because of him, Pretty eyes… but Vengeance is never the answer. it will only make things worse than they are. but i do agree from what you told me about him being the father. he should be made to pay child support. it is his duty and obligation to do as such. he can probably try to countersuit… but when it involves a child… Which in this case is Betty the courts favor in the side of the Child. so the parent who is filing for child support being paid by the co parent of the child… the one with the child wins out. and the one who is also the parent but not married to the child’s said mother or father… that person has to pay.

Princess Rikku: Well.. i am gonna make sure that he pays. i’m gonna make the call right now. *Reaching for the phone* i am not playing nice here Bart. Vengeance is never the answer… but when a woman has offspring… she is compelled with instinct to stick up and stand up for her young no matter what. pouncing on anyone who harms her young emotionally, mentally, or physically. Pidge has hurt Paige, Pearl and Dinah emotionally. and that is something that i am gonna put a stop to. he even hurt Betty Emotionally and she is a devout religious person. she is a heartfelt follower of god. and when she feel betrayed… she is liable to forgive them… but when she sees someone hurting the ones she cares about. she lets loose and lashes out. she doesn’t let anyone hurt the ones she loves and get away with it. Ever.

Bart: *Chuckles* i believe that… you truly have strong conviction there Pretty eyes. you know that? You really seek to place more harm on that guy. I know that you’re just protecting your girls. and it’s not wrong to do… but there is only so much you can dish back at him before he decides to return fire and come back at you.

Princess Rikku: Let him. If you think it will stop me from nailing him. it won’t… i want him to suffer. I should have done this a week ago. but i held off because i was hoping that that Pidge would apologize for hurting the girls…But he hasn’t. this is for the well being of my daughter. Hurting Betty is like hurting me. and she’s gone through enough of it.

The phone picks up…

Court official: *On the phone* Hello?

Princess Rikku: *On the phone* Yes. I am calling to see about filing for a charge of Child Support. It’s in regarding to my Daughter Betty. i want to issue a court order against her Biological father Pidge Stroker. Can i have that done on him?

Court official: Yes. you can… we can issue a subpoena on him and make it a law to pay for child support. Want to do that immediately? if you want to wait… it will take a couple days to make it official.  and if you want to do it immediately… it’ll take the same amount of time… but with it being immediate… it will come with a cop going to his residence and serving him the papers. papers revolving child support can’t be countered. so if he opts to counter it… it will not go through. the law is the same in every state. if you have a kid with someone and yet decide to break it off and marry someone else… the thing is that you still have to pay for child support for the child you had with that particular woman. if it was not revolving a child… it could be countered and we’d have to grant it. but not when it’s a child… Children deserve to be protected. But just to set the record straight… can you tell me how it all started… how you and the person you’re filing the court order on had the Child… what the whole situation is?

Princess Rikku: No problem. i’ll be glad to do it. anything to dish out legal satisfaction against Pidge Stroker. He hurts my babies… and wants to attempt to slide and get away with it? Not in this lifetime. not as long as i live and breathe.

A half hour later…

Bart: So… how did it go?

Princess Rikku: it’s good. i nailed him… He is gonna be on the line now. Screw with me… will he? not quite. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

At Metropolis High school…

Chloe: *Stopping in front of the School* I got to head back to the Watchtower. You sure that you’ll be okay?

Jor-el: yeah. it’s just something that i believe that i must do on my own. Consider it an expected meeting with 3 of the heroes who have helped my son protect this world. But i truly am thankful for the ride. if there is anything i might be able to do to repay you for the Kindness. please don’t feel hesitant to ask me.

Chloe: oh no… it’s quite alright. i don’t mind giving a person a lift. it was the right thing to do. it’s only right to help someone out. good things happen to those who perform good deeds among others…

Jor-el: *Chuckles* I am pleased to hear your devotion towards helping those in need, Chloe. you remind me of my wife Lara… she always went out of her way to help others who were in need of it. Kryptonians were all prone to always help one another. Which i am certain that Kal-el acted in that nature. Just like his mother. *Suddenly getting out of the car and with his bag*

A minute later…

Chloe Drives off and heads back to Watchtower and Jor-el makes his way into the school. He was in search for the girls and didn’t know where the girls would be… so he decided to roam around and take a look around the grounds…

Jor-el: *Walking over to the office* I am most definitely not on Kandor anymore. *Stopping to hear the ringing sound throughout the school* … *Covering up his ears* Ahhhh! That Ringing… it’s like the frequency of the stones of knowledge that i sent to earth… *Releasing his hands* … *Looking at the Teens coming out of the rooms* Where could they be… *Walking around and walking through the swarm of teens* Where are they?

Paige: *from across the clearing* Hey, Pearl… do you think that those guys will like us? We got another class with them… maybe we’ll get noticed by them.

Pearl: I suppose so. but they didn’t seem to really notice us, Paige. it’s almost like they didn’t even know we existed. What do you think Dinah?

Dinah: *Looking at her sisters* They did. they totally noticed. believe it or not… they both came up to me and asked for your digits. #’s. i think that you two have landed a secret admirer. And i don’t know if you two have noticed…but they were eyeing you. they saw you. but i have a feeling that they were really shy. not knowing as to whether you’d like them or not.  i think that they really like you. every time i looked up while you two were working… they were passing a glance at you two and smiling. Kinda like as though they were in a daze. daydreaming to be quite frank.

Jor-el: *hearing the names* It’s them… *walking up towards them* Paige… Pearl… Dinah. Rhapsody Girls…

Dinah: *Stopping at the sound of her name being called* Who said that?

Pearl: *Looking to see a unknown man standing not far from them* Paige, i think that we’re being followed again.

Paige: Not again… Tess is at it again… What is with her? Can’t she ever leave us alone? *Looking to see the man nearby* Huh? *Seeing Jor-el standing before them in school* What… the heavens… *gasps* Oh my god… Jor-el? You’re on Earth… How?

Dinah: *Shrieks* What?! Jor-el? Oh… you have surely lost it, Paige. If that is Jor-el then i’m a ballroom Dancer. That can’t be… *Seeing a familiar symbol on the man* Jor-el. *Feeling weak in the knees* oh god. Let’s go and say hello to the doc. He’s a scientist. we heard all about him from Chloe. She told us that he was this renowned Scientist.

Pearl: *Walking up to Jor-el* It’s great to finally meet you, Jor-el.

Paige: *Looking at Jor-el* it’s a surprise to see you here and in Metropolis.

Jor-el: *Calm and immediate* It’s great to see you 3 girls too. I Just had to come and see you. you 3 were mentioned to me by a kind woman. Chloe. She told me about you 3 and i knew that i had to come meet you myself. You 3 have no idea how grateful i am to know that you are risking your lives to protect the world and saving it from itself… helping my son Kal-el.

Pearl: It’s not a problem… we were happy to do it. we saved the world from other threats prior to Major Zod. but the best—

Jor-el: *Recognizing the name and kindly interrupts* Major Zod?! Zod is here?

Pearl: Yeah. He’s in Metropolis. somewhere in hiding most likely. Why?

Jor-el: Major Zod is a soldier… if he knew i was here… he’d kill me and then would come after you for contacting me. Zod destroyed Krypton. and will start a military coup and set off to destroy this planet as well as he had done on Krypton.

Dinah: Wait… you’re kidding, right? You really think that Zod is gonna destroy this planet? How… there is no way that he could amass that type of power. we saw the power he had… there is no way on this planet that he’d pose such a threat. If anyone were threats and were that tweaked… it would have been King Lotor and Queen Beryl. Queen Metaria too. we sent those creeps to the cleaners. Major Zod… He was at our party weeks ago… he didn’t even pose any danger.

Jor-el: *Shaking his head* Oh my dear dear girl… i’m afraid that you have much to learn about Zod. After Zod and i had contributed our DNA’s into the orb… he started to change gradually. it all started when…

Jor-el flashes back…

“*Electricity crackling*



Jor-El:The council’s demands have been met. The orb is all ready. So are these — the stones of Kryptonian knowledge. The teachings of the 28 galaxies will be available to our people, if ever they are resurrected. All that is left now is for you and I to include our DNA.

Zod: Which is why you will be most certain to understand why I am in need of you to do this for me. *Chuckles; holding in his hand a lock of his Son’s hair* My wife gave me this just before I went off to battle… so I could always keep my most precious and dearly valued treasure close to my heart. It’s all I have left remaining of my son.

Jor-El: *Covering the hand; keeping the guards from catching sight of the DNA* Be careful, zod. They will see you. it’s a very risky move that you’ve done. they could have caught on to there being more Dna than what the Council asked for. 

Zod: My friend… *Sighs* …I beg of you… …use these fragile cells to bring my little boy back… so I can hold him in my arms again. i beg you to do this…

Jor-El: But it is not an exact science, Zod. There can be complications, altered mutations.

Zod: No, no, no, no. D-don’t give me these excuses. This is my son… my flesh and blood. You could bring him back to me.

Jor-El: But we cannot change the past.

Zod: After everything I’ve done for you… how dare you deny me this one desperate request?

Jor-El: We do not have the right.

Zod: Think of how you’d feel if  it were you who had a son! *Sighs* Please. please do this for me…

Jor-El: I’m truly sorry.

*Machine whirs*

Zod: You are as dead to me as my son. *hurt and infuriated* 

Jor-el: it went from there… Zod felt that i betrayed him and began to turn against me. and against the House of El. he throughout the years leading to the planet’s destruction he formed a military coup and razed the planet. destroying it. took it over. it led to the regretful option of sentencing him to the Phantom Zone. a known realm that held the galaxies most terrible criminals of the 28 known galaxies and was meant to be a place for them to roam and have a new life there. but it was also a desolate wasteland. however i knew that if i were to die… i would at least be able to save my son. our planet’s last hope. to Earth. to save it from destruction.

Seconds later…

Dinah: So… this Zod… even though he’s only this shadow of his former self… he’s still a threat? *Slapping her forehead* Say it once… shame on you… say it twice… shame on us… say it a third time… you might as well lay us to rest. because all bets are off.

Pearl: That’s a cliche. but… i think that we have heard it all before. I still don’t know if Zod is Evil. He gave us these tags.  and this insignia… *Showing the Insignia to Jor-el*

Jor-el: *Gasps* He did this?

Paige: Yeah. he did. he made that for us. he worked hard on it too. put it on a cape for us as well.

Jor-el: *Detecting trouble* Girls… Hide.

Pearl: *Confused* What are you talking about? Hide?

Dinah: *Putting on the shades* Let’s see. *looking through the Video* he’s right. there are about 40 men nearby and they’re coming this way. they mean trouble. they’ve got Stun guns… aimed to possibly kill.

Paige: Well… that is where we come in… Jor-el. get behind us… we’ll handle this. if these creeps are after you… they’ll have to try much harder…

Click to view full size image

Paige: *Glowing pink and in a pose* Miss Love Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* … *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Hearts* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The heart and love of the Rhapsody girls… Miss Love… In the name of Justice, love and all that’s good… The followers of Evil will fall.

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Pearl: *Glowing Light blue and in a pose* Bubble Maiden power… Make-up! *Transforming* … *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The emotional and caring soul of the Rhapsody girls… Bubble Maiden. In the name of sweet compassion and Bubbly charm… The Bubbles of life will wipe away the stain of Evil.

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Dinah: *Glowing Light green and in a pose* Thunder Mistress power… Make-up! *Transforming* …  *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* The loose Wire and tough fighter of the Rhapsody Girls… Thunder Mistress. In the name of the thunder and fierce determination of the good people… The Evil creeps who dare enter this world will be Electrified.

Jor-el: *Looking at the Rhapsody girls* Rhapsody girls… be careful. these are Zod’s men… they don’t favor to play fair.

Dinah: Well… Don’t you worry Doc. We’ll fix them.

Paige: *Commanding her sisters* Rhapsody Girls… Attack!

Pearl & Dinah: *Winks* Right.

Paige: *Launching an attack with her Sonic Scepter of Bliss at the men* Love’s FLASH!

Pearl: *Launching an attack with her Bubble Wave at the men* Melodious BUBBLES!

Dinah: *Launching an attack with her Thunder discs at the men* Screaming Thunder…BIG BANG!

The men were coming in one after another and kept on swarming… But the girls kept fighting them… The men weren’t from Major Zod. They were from Tess. They kept at battling off the men. however the men had phasers and were aimed to fire… the girls saw that they couldn’t fend them off and knew that they had to make a run for it… The girls got on their Hover cruisers and prepared to fall back…

Pearl: *To Jor-el* Jor-el… hurry and get on… we’re getting out of here. we’re gonna need reinforcements here.

Jor-el: Where are we going…

Paige: to our house… There is something that we must show you…

Jor-el: I have never been on these hover cruisers… but i have faith in you 3.  you seem to be in control of those cruisers so i’ll trust in you to head for safety…  *Getting on to Pearl’s Hover Cruiser* There’s an opening on top of the men… lift up high into the air. they won’t be able to reach you in the air…


in the air inside the private Jet…

Clark: *Sitting down and feeling disbelief* I can’t believe my father’s been walking and existing upon this earth this whole time and jor-el didn’t even think to tell me.

Oliver: *Curious* So — so when you say “jor-el,” are we talking about the dude in your ice-crystal-palace thing?

Prince Alvin: That is quite right. he is the same one… but if he is walking on this earth… that means that he must be alive and is on his way to Metropolis.

Clark: *trying to understand* Jor-el… He must have known what it would have meant to me to be able to get a chance and actually meet my real father… to speak to an actual person for once and not just some voice in the arctic. But, again, jor-el kept me in the dark. kept me in the position of not knowing whether he was here or not.

Oliver: Well, I’m sure there’s a logical reason as to why he didn’t come out and just tell you the truth. He’s probably afraid… .

Clark: *Feeling a little frustrated*..that in person, he’s worse than I thought he was.

Oliver:  *Curious* Do you really mean that, or is that sheer signs of the anger talking? You can’t be that surprised. sometimes parents are not always open to tell their kids where their at… Possibly to better protect them and keep them out of possible danger… whatever that could be…

Clark: *Sighs and looking down* There’s… there’s just this part of me that doesn’t want to meet him at all. Maybe i am just nervous or just unsure if he’s what i would imagine him to be…

Oliver: *Looking at Clark* Look, man, I… I really can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to have a shot to live your life or to go through the things that you must go through on a daily basis. But there is one thing I can truly relate to, and that’s the reality of growing up without parents. *Sighs* Clark, we all have just one life to live and one chance to be with our parents. we don’t get a second chance to be with them or to speak with them even feeling their presence nearby. And I’ll tell you what — if you were to ask me… i myself  would consider the option and just go to hell and back just to wrap my arms around my old man just one more time.

Prince Alvin: Same with my mom. my dad got married and sometime during their honey moon… our mom left my pops, my brothers and me. the same thought applies to me… if i was given the chance to see my mom just one last time… i’d go to the far reaches of hell and back to make certain that i was gonna be permitted that privilege. I’d take it.

Clark: *Smiling at their sincere words of devotion*

At the Professor’s house…

Pidge: *Sleeping*

Suddenly a knock on the door sounds…

Pidge: *Waking up and getting up from the couch* Now who’s at the door? can’t i get any damn peace and quiet? *Opening the door* What the hell do you want?

Officer: *Looking through the door* Mr. Stroker?

Pidge: Yes. What is it?

Officer: *Handing court papers with a warrant demanding payments of Child support* You’ve been served.

Pidge: *in a Snotty conceited tone* And by who… have i been served by?

Officer: we can’t tell you… all we do is just take the papers where they need to go and just serve them to the people it goes to. it’s a court order for Child support. you have a child that you are being made responsible for paying. to pay for care for the child.

Pidge: I have been served huh… *Growling and screaming in anger* Son of a bitch! That’s it… i’m gonna kill that bitch. *Grabbing his phaser gun and Storming out of his house; heading to his Ex’s house*

Officer: *Subduing Pidge* Reacting in violence and threatening to strike another person… You’re under arrest. For the attempted murder of Princess Rikku Rhapsody. she’s not dead. but attempting to kill her… that’s just the same as committing the act. *Grabbing Pidge and Taking him to the squad car* On your feet there tech hound. Get movin’

Pidge: Whatever… Protect a bitch… i don’t have any connection to her other than that snake bitten girl of hers… but i wiped my hands off her. Arrest me. i could care less. but don’t think that i’m paying for that kid. she isn’t getting a cent. neither is that pink haired freak. to get it from me… they’ll have to kill me and that pink haired bitch won’t commit to murder. she doesn’t even have the guts and that daughter of hers is too into god that she’d never stoop to betraying her teachings.  So what are they gonna do? hack into my bank accounts? I would just love to see the bitch try it.

The Officers take Pidge to the jail and lock him up with charges of attempted murder. there was no bail… Tammy was called right away and arrived at the jail to meet up with Pidge…

The County lockup…

Goodbye, traveler by the Killers play…

Tammy: *Looking at Pidge* I can’t believe that you have so much Rage against Princess Rikku. What the hell is your problem anyway, Pidge? Why do you have to act like such an asshole? Princess Rikku is not the enemy. you are treating her as some sort of threat against you. Making threats to destroy 3 girls. For what? Because of a stupid investigation that never went through? *Angry* I am so tired of this Pidge. i am sick of it. i didn’t believe that you’d stoop this low. i am almost to the point to where i want to call and file for Divorce from you. i don’t even want to be around you or have any part of someone who would feel no remorse for treating innocent girls like threats or treating an innocent woman like a bad omen.

Pidge: You’re sticking up for her… Fine… go live with her then. be part of her family and get the hell out of my sight. *Glares* You’re just like them. accusing me and making me the bad guy. You’re supposed to honor and obey like a wife should. just like i would have done for you… no matter what the cost. *Hurt and with tears* I Loved you Tammy. i frickin’ loved you. i gave you my heart and by going against me… and helping everyone attack me makes me feel as though my love for you meant nothing at all. i can’t ever bare to look at you anymore. How could you betray me, Tammy? How could you side against me… after all the love i gave to you. i was always there for you.  When you were sick… who stayed home and sacrificed 5 whole days of working on new tech for those 3 baby girls to take care of you. i bent over my ass to care for you, Tammy. those girls were alot to me… used to be before they decided to do what they did… but you were my soul mate  my only love. I’d even die for you to make sure that you lived. i would hurt myself before i’d even hurt you. i would never hurt you. not even for a second. i’d never allow myself to do it. because i’m not that guy who’d hurt the one he married. *Upset* Just get out of my sight. If i get out… i’m filing for the Divorce. i’m done. You betrayed me… I never want to see you again. *Walking away and valiantly going into lockup*

Tammy: No. i am filing for it first. You were gonna hurt my friend. Princess Rikku and those girls are my friends. they are my friends and you were threatening to hurt them. In fact… if you do get out… don’t bother coming back home. the doors will be locked and i’m gonna take over everything at home. work. and make ends meet. but you and i are done. *Walking away with a heavy heart*

Pidge was now in jail… The Marriage between Pidge and Tammy was over as Tammy left to file for it immediately…  was it the fault of the Rhapsody Girls… or was it his own? No one figured or knew… Princess Rikku didn’t aim to break up a marriage… but she was not gonna allow for Pidge to get away from paying child support. She wanted him to know what it was like to be put through the pain. As for the Rhapsody girls; they were now at home and barely made it inside the house…

Paige: *Looking into the house for their mom* Mom, You home?

Princess Rikku: *From the other room* i am… in here. the Living room.

Pearl: *Seeing Bart in the room* What’s going on?

Princess Rikku: Nothing much. just talking… Bart and i were just talking. i got to tell you girls something that will kinda shock you a little. or alot…

Dinah: You’re uh, with a rap sheet of secrets it seems mom. What’s the scoop here mom?

Princess Rikku: Bart and i are in a relationship. We’re dating.

Paige: *Dropping her jaw to the floor* What… no way… can’t happen. we heard about how this one guy Jimmy Olsen died from Chloe. He died because of Davis Bloome killing him. and that was because the heroes were fighting against one another. if you and he fight and we face having to go at him… it could create another Jimmy Olsen scenario. it’s happened once. i don’t think it is fair for it to be asked to happen again.

Princess Rikku: It won’t happen. Bart is not like that. you girls should know that. he’s very gentle and nice. *Suddenly seeing a man behind her girls* Who’s that?

Pearl: *Looking back for a second and then back at her mom* Mom… Meet Jor-el. Clark’s Kryptonian father.

Princess Rikku: Jor-el?! *Getting up and walking over to Jor-el* It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Jor-el: *Smiles and nods* And it’s a pleasure to meet you too, ma’am. The girls told me that you were their mother… but i didn’t know that you were to be quite this beautiful as they described.

Paige: *With her sisters* Jor-el… You’re hitting on our mother. *Laughing*

Pearl: *Walking up to their room* Come on, there is something that we need to show you.

Jor-el: *nods* yes. please.

A minute later…

Bart: *Confused* You told them? I thought that you wanted to wait.

Princess Rikku: I did. however i feel as though that if i didn’t tell them now… i was never gonna tell them. plus… i would much rather they hear it from me than to hear it on the news or in the newspaper… It’s best if they heard it from me.

in the girls bedroom…

Paige: *in the Room* This is our room. our party happened downstairs… but this is where we put the Ice Crystals. Clark gave them to us. saying that they were from you. but to use them wisely.

Jor-el: The voice… my presence and my voice was in that palace. but till now… i haven’t been on earth since 1961. that was when i met a man named Hiram Kent. who turned out to be the father to Jonathan Kent who is Clark’s Earth father.

Dinah: *Confused* 1961? Wait a minute… you have memory here from that time? How is that possible?

Jor-el: *Explaining* My father sent me here as more like a punishment at first. but i took it as more of a rite of passage. i ran into a young woman by the name of Louise McCallum… she was in love with or morally in a relationship with a man named Dexter McCallum. he was a young man and this friend named Billy Tate was the cop. i remember that a crook by the name of Lachlan Luthor… he was let out by Billy Tate to kill me. The Drifter. however… the bullets bounced off me and went right for Louise. Dexter came and saw her Dead and Billy came in to find Dex with Louise in his arms and with the gun in his hand. even though he didn’t shoot her… he had the gun. it was then that i was the one accused of killing Louise McCallum. but this man… a Man named Hiram Kent came at me and thought of me at first to be an attacker. which i wasn’t. i was looking scared. The Kind man that he happened to be… he took me in and helped me out. he understood my situation… his wife i remember… Jessica. She was pregnant with a child. a Human child and it was said to be a boy… Hiram wanted to name the baby Gene. but Jessica named him Jonathan. Jonathan was the father to Clark. his Wife was Martha Kent. i sent Kal-el here because of the Kents. and to grant them my son. because i knew that i could trust the kents being good natured people. caring and country loving. not afraid of performing a honest day’s work.

Pearl: So because of your journey here at that time… it linked both Krypton and Earth as one world… that explains it.

Paige: *realizing something* Louise McCallum. that was… the Aunt to…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: Lana Lang!

Pearl: So that’s why Clark was in love with Lana for so long… The connection. Jor-el was here in 1961 and fell in love with Louise… but Louise gets killed. however decades later… Clark arrives on Earth during the Meteor shower that struck Smallville in 1989. He falls in love with the cheerleader Lana Lang. who was already with Quarterback Whitney fordman and she lost her parents during the meteor shower.  but Lana looked a bit like Louise and since Clark had blood in him that was Kryptonian… and was Like Jor-el… it clicked. it just repeated the love story of the drifter and the Hollywood starry-eyed woman.

Dinah: *Walking over to the one stand in the room and getting out the Ice-Crystals* We got these Ice Crystals… Jor-el… Your son gave them to us and said it was from you. Any idea what these Crystals do? *Pulling out the Crystals and showing them to Jor-el*

Jor-el: Those are crystals of power. it will give the wielder who uses it powers of a true Kryptonian. powers that no normal human is meant to have. three of those crystals have that power. the rest of them range up from the crystal of time travel. going back to a certain time and redoing the events that occurred. however it also takes with them those who are near the wielder.

Paige: What do you mean? Are you telling us that it can transport us to a earlier point in time… and possibly to a point before all this began?

Jor-el: Yes. it can… but if you use it… and by chance decide that you want to return to this point…. you have to get back to the place where you used the crystal… But it’s not an exact Science… Most of the Crystals that consist of time travel… usually are permanent. The outcome of that would be as followed… once you go back in time… it’s over… there is no reversals.

Pearl: We better not use that one then.

Jor-el: *hearing something* trouble. *Looking at the girls* i deeply apologize about this. But you 3 should not get involved… *Grabbing the girls suddenly and squeezing the back of their necks; putting them into a temporary slumber*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Passing out* uhhhhh!

A second later, Jor-el went downstairs and saw that the girls mother and Bart were gone…

men: *looking at one another* surrender…

Jor-el: *Landing punches; fighting back*

Attack squad: *Firing Stun lasers at Jor-el*

Jor-el: *Taking the contact and collapsing on the floor*

Attack Squad leader: *Speaking into the mike* Got him.

Voice:  *through the speaker* Good. Bring him to me.

Attack squad leader: confirmed. as you wish.

Within a few minutes…

The house was quiet…

However Moments later…

at The Luthor Mansion…

inside the Wine cellar…

Tess: *Walking up over to Jor-el* I do apologize for the tediously prepped accommodations. Not exactly what you’d call a five star, is it?

Jor-El: *Looking up at Tess* Who are you?

Tess: A friend.

Jor-El: *Not believing* I do believe that we would both know that’s not at all true.

Tess: *Sighs* Look, I don’t consider to expect you to believe me to be quite forward. But I want you to know that i felt as though i had to take drastic measures to protect both you and kal-el.

Jor-El: *Scorning at Tess a little in disbelief* How can you possibly hope to protect anyone when we both know that your only concern is yourself?

Tess: Well, i don’t know what to tell you… but it appears that your kryptonian instincts must be on the definite fritz because in case you haven’t noticed… I’m not the real enemy here. Major zod as you might have figured has been heard to be turning this planet upside down looking for a man who we all call “the blur.” Now, I have taken it upon myself to let him believe that it was you who has all the powers. Zod doesn’t even know that kal-el is said to exist. So your son at the moment is safe… at least for the time being.

Jor-El: i don’t understand as to why you would take it upon yourself to believe that you had room or thought it be acceptable to involve yourself in our affairs. Why? Why are you so obsessed with being part of our affairs?

Tess: Because the thing is; is that i happen to see. I see exactly what it is that Mankind is doing to this planet. The earth is doomed. And your race is about or probably the only answer to saving it from itself. That’s why you were all released from that orb. I believe you were to realize that the Rhapsody Girls were the ones who released you all from that orb.

Jor-El: *Shaking his head* They should not have released us. I have met them… they are innocent in what they have done. they had no idea as to what would have happened… but they shouldn’t have done what they have done!  We are all abominations that should never have been created to begin with. If the kandorians get their powers, then what they’ve done will not save this planet. It may, in fact, destroy it.

Tess: That won’t happen. Not if they turn out like your son. The girls have done many great things for this planet. they have protected this planet from terrible threats. i know that they will fight hand in hand to see that the fated prophecy doesn’t happen.

Jor-El: You… as well as the dear Rhapsody girls surely are mistaken to think that we Kandorians are in fact so different from the humans. Our sacred book of rau teaches that wherever there is light present… there is also darkness lurking just around the corner.

Tess: Which is exactly why I want you to help me protect kal-el. If not, zod will be sure to zero in and thus find out about him.

Jor-El: And he may very well just kill my son.

Tess: Jor-el… we all know that Zod is a foe not to be taken lightly… whether it be with or without his powers. If you are wanting to save your son… there is something that you will have to do… that is to make a huge sacrifice. You must make sure that you convince the kandorians that you Jor-el are the blur.

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Prince Alvin: *Shaking Paige and her sisters awake* Paige… Pearl… Dinah. Wake up. You girls alright?

Paige: *Stirring and coming to* What… happened? *Seeing Prince Alvin* Prince Alvin… Where’s my mom?!

Prince Alvin: *Shrugs* I don’t know… i thought you’d know where she’d be. i just barely got back to Metropolis with Clark and Oliver… we found Jor-el’s tag. but he was nowhere to be found… *Sensing something odd* Wait… He’s been here hasn’t he? Was Jor-el here?

Pearl: we don’t know… we saw him… he was here… but the thing was that we were here talking… when out of nowhere he heard something and felt that he had to make us pass out. something must have got him really twitchy. Question was… What was it? And who was behind it?

Dinah: *Getting up and rubbing her neck* I have no idea… but dang… for someone who might be only a shadow of his former self… you got to hand it to him that he’s got one heck of a grip. For a Kandorian who’s just a shadow of their former self… he’s sure been eating his wheaties. *Rolling her head all the way around once to get the stiffness to subside* We should get to the bottom of this. Where are the others?

Oliver: *Walking in* don’t know… but whoever it was that was here with a dozen of special suitors… they were definitely after someone and if that’s not enough… they were at least nice enough to leave a little calling card.  The men belong to Tess’s command.

Prince Alvin: Tess? *Confused* What are you getting at, Oliver? What is Tess’s involvement in this? Do you think that she did this to get our attention?

Paige: Don’t know… but… I’ll tell you one thing… Prince Alvin.

Prince Alvin: What’s that, Cousin?

Paige: *With her Shades in her hand and Suddenly Putting them on in the style of Horatio Caine* She’s just caught mine….

At Watchtower Moments later…

Paige: *Looking at Chloe* Chloe, What’s going on? A bunch of men were at our house and they Abducted Jor-el. they captured him.

Pearl: he was at our house the last time we saw him. he came to us at the school and we got met by a dozen of men with stun guns. then a moment or so later… we were targeted at our house. but the only thing is that we were in our room and were talking with Jor-el. but something got Jor-el spooked. he had to knock us out.

Dinah: He’s *still feeling a little stiffness in her neck* Been eating his wheaties or something. he had quite a killer grip.

Chloe: *Looking at the Camera surveillance feed* i don’t know… but whoever it was… it got Jor-el to react. *watching the camera’s video shooting the living room of the Rhapsody Girls house* He was trying to protect you 3. he was trying to keep you 3 out of harms way.

Prince Alvin: Huh? you’re now watching the girls? What are you trying to do… monitor their movements too? *Seeing a group of men and Jor-el trying to fight off the assaulting squad* He was trying to fight them off.

Dinah: It had to be Tess’s handy work. they obviously knew exactly what to do to get him. *Recognizing one of the men on the feedback* I’ve seen that man before… that’s the same one that tried to attack us at school in hopes of trying to get our guard down. he’s led the attackers and came to the house and captured Jor-el. Tess. She’s obviously had a big hand in it.

Oliver: Mercy’s truly got a upper swing on her and she used it. Do you think that she’s got Jor-el?

Pearl: I don’t know. i sure hope not… she is not so nice… she might aim to hurt him or try to use him as some sort of lure.

Dinah: She’s obviously playing a game. one that she truly thinks that she can win. *Looking at the other Video feed* there’s more… Jor-el was also somewhere else…

Clark: *Recognizing the background* That’s the inside of the Kent house… You were secretly spying on me Chloe… Weren’t you?

Chloe: It’s not what you think Clark… When you had disappeared for a while after that last dance with Doomsday… i had planted cameras to keep watch over the place Just to keep an eye out for it. waiting till you one day returned…

Clark: I’ve been home now for weeks… weeks. you never mentioned a thing about them and now you just happen to break out with the news.

Prince Alvin: don’t look at me. i didn’t have any part in that move.

Chloe: *Apologetic* Look, Clark. I’m sorry that i didn’t tell you about the camera’s earlier. But i think that the camera’s may have recorded something that may be what leads us straight to your father.

Dinah: So if Tess has him, where do you think she’s got him hidden? she’s got some bit of a tie in to Major Zod. business wise really. does she really think that she can really succeed in having Jor-el remain to be kept hidden without Zod finding him? The fact that she’s captured him… it makes me really mad… *infuriated* That snake…

Paige: So… Tess has Jor-el. And is plotting to use him as bait to get to Zod.

Pearl: Will Major Zod fall for the bait…

Dinah: Most likely… he will. he’s wanting the blur… he wants the powers from the yellow sun. which since Tess has got him and is gonna move to use him as bait…

Paige: *Putting on her shades in the style of Horatio Caine* It’s time we settle the score.

At the Luthor Mansion…

Tess: *Sighs* Yet another fond surprise… I see my crack security team is on the job.

Major Zod: Oh… is that so? Why won’t your valiant security team let me in? We are after all business partners now. I eagerly have just come to get a progress report on our search for the traitor… Jor-el. It’s been nearly a week since the last time we spoke. and that was before Mr. Stroker came waltzing into the room. He isn’t following up on us… but you… you are.

Tess: *Looking at Major Zod as she walks over to him with a grinning smirk; showing off the symbol to Major Zod* Let’s just say that the, um… the proverbial noose is getting ever tighter. This kind of satisfying news calls for a bit of a celebration.  *Seeing Major Zod picking up a wine glass* However… by the looks of it… it seems to me that you’ve already  been out celebrating.

Major Zod: *Chuckles* I just knew that despite the odds… you wouldn’t disappoint me. *Looking at the Wine Glass in his hand* This here is my most favorite discovery on your little planet. “The wine cup… “is the little silver well where truth… if truth there be, doth dwell.”

Tess: *Grins and intrigued* See, now I’m impressed You’ve bought my attention and got to my good graces. You’ve read up on your shakespeare.

Major Zod: He’s amusing, but… I happen to find the pleasure that I tend to get from wine much more satisfying. With Each and Every sip… There reveals yet a new riddle… a new truth. Just like you, Tess. Every time that we’re together, I come to discover something new and I concur on the sense that i can’t wait to see what it might be that my next sip will reveal. Ah… The bitter truth.

Tess: Really? You don’t say… The bitter truth. and what might that bitter truth be? That I’m not interested? *Giving a sly grin as she walks over to the table* I’m sorry to drive a block on the idea of there being more to us than just business… but you and i… we’re keeping this partnership strictly professional.

Major Zod: The lady doth protest too much.

Tess: Whether she doth or not, I can guarantee she won’t be revealing any more… tonight.

Major Zod: Mm. *Sighs; heading out of the room then turns one more time to leave a confession* But i find there being no worry because while we were enjoying our savory drink, I had my people grab a little something much more valuable from your cellar. *Chuckles*

Back At Watchtower…

Clark: What i don’t get is who else did he know in Smallville?

Pearl: we have no idea. but If Zod has got wind of Jor-el being in Metropolis… then chances are that he might have got a grip of him. Before he knocked us out… he said…

Flashback from earlier…

Jor-el: i deeply apologize about this. But you 3 should not get involved…”

Paige: saying that he had to meet someone. unfinished business with someone… but how would anyone know he was here… we never said anything. the only one we told was our mom. and she isn’t one to say anything to anyone about him.

Chloe: *Worried* Clark… *While looking at the cameras* jor-el isn’t the only one who has decided to zero in for the kryptonian grand reunion. So did zod. Question is… Where did they meet?

The girls watched the screens again…

Dinah: Wait… Jor-el sensed something… We know that Tess has had a hand in it… but Jor-el didn’t give us that super grip to get away from us…

Clark: He was trying to save you 3… There’s only one person who would send out operative to kidnap him… and it’s not Zod…

Paige:  We know. Tess. Tess did it. and now we… strike back.

Oliver: *Looking at Clark and at the Rhapsody Girls* Clark. I know how you feel, okay? But by you going berserk and Zooming off the coast to confront Tess with all eyes a blazing is not what one would call to be a top rated good idea. You’re only gonna do something you’ll come to regret, you understand? Why don’t you stay here and calm down… Just let me talk to her? I’ll straighten her out. Girls… you stay here too… you 3 have spoken with Jor-el and gotten to learn stuff from him… but If he’s been captured by Tess … you will only be stirring more trouble than help by going over there. I’ve dealt with Tess before. she can be quite tricky. Mercy is the type that would act in that way.

Prince Alvin: Oliver’s right, Clark. you’re not exactly in any solid place to strike back at her…

Clark: *Super Speeding out of the Room and heading off to find Tess*

Paige: *Sighs* Let’s go and get after Tess… but also stop Clark from losing his senses.

Pearl: Seeing him like that  scares me. but it will only be worse to see what comes of Tess if Clark happens to just lose it and nail Tess to the wall.

Dinah: Shall we get to it…?

Paige: *Looking at her sisters* Rhapsody girls… Transform.

Pearl and Dinah: *Nods* Right!

A second later…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Putting their hand up and Seeing a Power Gem Appear on their finger; with their Transformation Bracelets Glowing*

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* … *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Hearts* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The heart and love of the Rhapsody girls… Miss Love… In the name of Justice, love and all that’s good… The followers of Evil will fall.

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The emotional and caring soul of the Rhapsody girls… Bubble Maiden. In the name of sweet compassion and Bubbly charm… The Bubbles of life will wipe away the stain of Evil.

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* The loose Wire and the tough fighter of the Rhapsody Girls… Thunder Mistress. In the name of the thunder and fierce determination of the good people… The Evil creeps who dare enter this world will be Electrified.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

The Rhapsody Girls get on their Hover Cruisers and zoom on out over to The Luthor Mansion…

But at the Cargo Warehouse…

Jor-el: *Moans*

Jor-el gets dropped to the ground and is nearly out of breath after being nearly beat multiple times…

Jor-El: *Breathing heavily*

Major Zod: *Walking over from the shadows by the right side; Looking at Jor-el* Hello there, old friend. We meet again.

*Shouts* Defend yourself!

Jor-El: *Sighs* i value to ask how you’d think me to defend myself. I have no powers. I have used the blue kryptonite to take them all away, which of course is the same way that I had corrupted the orb so that none of you could rule this planet as gods among men.

Major Zod: *In Disbelief* But that surely can not be… you did have it. You came with us in the orb, yet you’ve harnessed the powers of the yellow sun for yourself. How?! You as well as the Rhapsody Girls have harnessed such powers from the Yellow Sun… but yet you claim to not have powers and abilities… not likely, my old friend… not likely.

Jor-El: *On his Knees* I shall never tell you. *Moans* And neither shall the Rhapsody Girls. Paige, Pearl and Dinah are of light and have powers because they earned and deserved it. they told me how they became heroes. but deep down… they are heroes inside. they fight for what’s right and fight for a cause that is bigger than themselves.

Major Zod: *feeling a bit of a temper* But… you we should be with powers… we should be with our abilities…  you know how to give them to us… Jor-el, You owe this to us! You owe this to me. *punching Jor-el in the face*

Jor-El: *Looking up at Major Zod* Krypton is gone because you destroyed it.

Major Zod: *Not believing Jor-el’s statement* That’s impossible. You’re lying.

Jor-El: *Looking at Major Zod* Here on this planet, when we all had emerged from the orb, we were all but shadows of our former selves. But from those of which we were created from had stayed behind on krypton and had full lives — spouses, children. Many years later, you had decided to lead a military coup to take over krypton. But on the eve of your defeat, instead of surrendering and giving up, you chose to do the opposite and pressed to raze our planet.

Major Zod: *Scoffs in denial and disregard* How would you know that?

Jor-El: *Staring at Major Zod* Because it is the truth. We’ve all been given a second chance to have lives right here on earth, to live among the humans and blend in with the humans, to be different… to be even better than we were before.

Major Zod: *Recognizing the tone and sense of reason* This is the exact same selfish morality that has kept me from ever seeing my son again. I remember your senseless Morality. because you refused me that one thing… i never got to see my son again.

Jor-El: *Feeling regret* Perhaps you are right. Perhaps if I’d given you what it was that you wanted, you never would’ve lead a Military coup and betray krypton.

Major Zod: *Stern and looking Jor-el in the eyes* Like you betrayed me?

Jor-El: *Feeling sorry* I truly feel your pain now more than ever, Zod. having your child ripped from you so callously.

Major Zod: *Scoffs in discontent* how could you? How could you even bare to fathom my pain… …if you’ve never even had a child? *Catching that look in Jor-el’s eyes* You really do understand. That look in your eye… I’ve seen that same look before in the mirror… when I prayed that you would bring my son back to me. You said — you said after we were put in the orb, our lives had gone on. We all had families, spouses… children. You’re hiding something… aren’t you? *Grins with a suspicious smirk on his face* You are hiding something with selfless conviction. The shields… you didn’t mention to have put them in metropolis, did you? You’re protecting someone Jor-el… aren’t you? somebody that had not come with us… the very same person that must have told you of our planet krypton’s destruction… someone from the house of el.

Jor-El: No.

Major Zod: *figuring out the truth* Somebody you’d give your life for. *To his Soldiers* Release jor-el.

Vala: *Lost* Major, I don’t understand. Why are we letting him go? is there someone else out there with powers? is he hiding someone that may help us?

Major Zod: He will lead us to the one that will give us our powers — his son.

At the Luthor Mansion…

Tess: *Drinking a glass of Wine* I haven’t seen Mr. Stroker at work today… it’s been a week since i last seen him or heard from him… Maybe he’s taking a sick day. *Going to the desk and picking up the phone; about to make a call* He might be at home and resting… Maybe.

Paige: *Breaking through the door; with her sisters Pearl and Dinah* Alright… Tess. Drop that phone. *With her Sonic Scepter of Bliss Drawn and aimed to fire* Drop it. Now! Don’t make us fire at you. We want to know where he is at. we want to know right now. his Life is at stake. if he dies… it’ll be the end for you; You’ll be facing a life sentence… 25 to life in a 4×4 cell. Now… talk. Where is he?

Tess: *Looking up to see Paige, Pearl and Dinah* Well hello there Paige. did you decide to talk more like a leader? and if you’re looking for someone… i’ll need more info… like let’s say… a name.

Clark: his Name is Jor-el.

Pearl: Yeah. Jor-el is his name… don’t you dare act like you don’t know. You know exactly who he is.

Tess: *Looking at Clark and the girls* I can see how upset you must be… but i surely don’t know as to who you’re talking about.

Dinah: *Scoffs* That’s a crock of bull. You are lying out of your teeth, Tess. we heard about what you were trying to do… sending operatives all over the stinkin’ globe for Aliens. Face it Tess. You’re a psycho Alien obsessed nutcase. You happen to know alot more than what you’re willing to admit.

Tess: The only Alien that i see here is standing before us in this room… isn’t that Right… Clark?

Clark Speeds over to Tess and grabs her by the neck…

Tess: *Gasps*

Dinah: *Looking at Clark*Clark… Let her go. taking her life will make you no better than the evil creeps you’ve fought and beat down in the past. you’re better than that. Think about what your father Jor-el would say. Or what Jonathan Kent would say… don’t stoop to being a Killer. Jonathan didn’t teach you that. Neither did Jor-el. *Seeing Clark still with Tess in his grip; Going over to Clark; Shaking Clark around a bit* Clark… Let her go… *Pleading* let her go.

Tess: *Gasping for air*

Pearl: Don’t be thinking that we did it for your sake… Tess. we are just doing it because it’s the right thing to do. but be sure to count this as your granted reprieve. Because it won’t be had again.

Clark: *Letting go of Tess’s neck* Where is my father… I want to see him. Right now. Tell me.

Tess:  Clark… I have waited so long for you to admit to your true kryptonian heritage. I have always hoped you’d tell me because you trusted me. But i guess that I’ll have to take what ever I can get.

Dinah: Clark… Trusting you? *Snorts a little* HA! That’s a laugh. him trust you? Yeah… Like we were to trust you before you launched a damn investigation on us. i think that it’s a little too late for that to happen. don’t you, Tess?

Paige: Where is he? *Aimed to fire*

Tess: Zod has him…Don’t worry, Clark. I had a tracking device put on jor-el’s clothes… so we would be able to locate him.

Pearl: You Moron! *infuriated*You gave him up to Zod! Zod Might very well hurt him. Of all the moronic moves you could ever do, Tess. this has got to be the dumbest one yet. Jor-el isn’t the Blur… Clark is. Jor-el is only a shadow of his former self. he is an essence that came from the orb. as is Zod. But Zod is a soldier… he will kill first and ask later.

Dinah: *Looking at Tess* Tess, you must be a real snake. you turned Jor-el over to Major Zod. what the hell were you thinking? You kidnapped Jor-el from our house and offered him up like a sacrificial lamb to Zod. made him feel like a stinkin’ lab rat.

Clark: You wanted zod to find him… all so you could find the rest of them. In order to do that… you kidnapped my father and under duress… You used my father as bait! YOU USED HIM!

Tess: I was doing it to protect you… as i was trying to protect you 3 girls.

Paige: You are so full of it, Tess. you don’t give a damn about anyone except yourself. You never have. that nice act you’ve been pulling was just a facade. You’re nothing but a fake.

Dinah: *Barking at Tess* FIND HIM! NOW!

Tess walks over to the computer and gets to searching for Jor-el…

a minute later…

Tess: If the Kandorians haven’t found that tracking device that was placed on Jor-el… it should pinpoint where he is at… *seeing the reading* He’s at the Rhapsody house… Back yard.

Paige: *Looking Cross at Tess* We’re gonna go and find him. You had best hope he’s alive. because if he dies… you will regret it. You will be held accountable. *Looking at her sisters* Rhapsody Girls… Time to Roll.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah leave the Mansion and head over to their house to find Jor-el. Clark went with them and looked to see where Jor-el was… they barely made it to their house when suddenly they heard a scream…

Inside the house…

Princess Rikku: *Screaming* AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Paige: *With her sisters; Running in* Mom! What’s wrong?

Princess Rikku: *Pointing outside towards the backyard* Outside… Someone’s out there.

Pearl: *Looking outside* …. I don’t… see… *Spotting Jor-el starting to collapse* Oh no! It’s Jor-el! He’s hurt…

Dinah: *Gasps* Huh!*Looking out to see Jor-el* Oh no… Oh man… no… don’t tell me that it’s too late.

The girls run out and Clark follows them…

the back yard…

The girls had a huge back yard. So it took a few steps or so for them to get to Jor-el… but they ran to him.

Paige: Jor-el?

Jor-el: *Falling down and crashing onto the ground* Ah!

Pearl: *Kneeling down and sitting down; close to Jor-el* Come on… it’s gonna be alright. *Looking at her sisters* Paige… Dinah… we got to do something. He’s Dying.

Clark: *Looking at his father* who did this to you?

Jor-el: *Trying to breathe* I don’t know…

Paige: Hold on Jor-el… we’re gonna go call for a doctor.

Jor-el: No… *Weakly* No doctors. A Kryptonian accepts death… if it’s my time… i will accept it. *Looking at his son; Breathing heavily* Kal-el… I…. am so… Proud… so proud of you. *Looking at the Rhapsody Girls* You 3 are the greatest girls i have ever met. And i just want you… girls to…know… …that my heart and my strength shall be with you… Thank you for opening your heart… My strength shall be with you always… …As it will always be with you… My son… Kal-el! my greatest hope… ………Save… Zod.

Within seconds…  Jor-el passed on… he was no more…

Paige: *panics* Jor-el! *Screams out desperate to get him to respond* JOR-EL!!!!

Pearl: *Breaking into tears* No! NO!!!! *Crying*

Music begins to play and Pearl’s Bubble Harp chimes…

Bubble Harp: *Playing*

Dinah: *Punching the Tree and kicking at it repeatedly* it’s not fair… Not fair… Not fair… Rotten rotten rotten Damn luck. Jor-el didn’t have to die… he didn’t deserve to die. *Looking at her bracelet; Looking at her sisters and then at Clark* Let’s get to watchtower and look at the footage. When we find out what really happened and if we find out that Zod killed him… All bets are off.  NO MORE MISS NICE GIRL!!! I’ll RIP HIS SORRY BUTT TO SHREDS!!! *Growls* GRRR!!!!

That night at the Kent farm…

Clark: *Looking at the girls, Oliver and the 4 boys* I can’t believe he’s gone… it’s like every time i find something to hold on to… it gets ripped away.  I remember when my dad died… i thought that i’d at least have the memories of being with him on this farm… but now with Jor-el gone…  all i have is…

Oliver: Empty feelings inside?

Dinah: the feeling where you feel as though your guts are being put in a vice grip?

Clark: *Sighs* Yeah. You see, i had all these questions that i wanted to ask him, just figure out who he really was.

Pearl: You don’t really need to ask about him… he told us that he used to be a renowned scientist back on Krypton…

Clark: I’ll never be able to amount to the person he was…

Dinah: Don’t say that, You’re like a chip off the old block.

Prince Alvin: Yeah. you have that family shield. and there is no one better that can wear that family crest or super shield quite like you can.

Pearl: And seeing as to how he saved us and you…

Paige: You and Jor-el are both heroes there Kal. you should never forget that. you’re a hero.

Clark: I guess. but he still sacrificed so much by sending me to this planet. then again trying to protect my secret.

Prince Avery: Well of course he did, Clark… you’re his son. his one and only son. Fathers would do whatever it took to protect their sons and daughters.

Prince Arnold: Yeah… Just like if it were our pops that happened to send us to another planet. He’d be the same way.

Pearl: Jor-el didn’t have to die… it wasn’t right for him to die. Prince Alvin’s asked Chloe to review the footage and find out what actually happened. all the footage from the farm and from our house.  we’re gonna figure out what happened.

Oliver: Look, uh… Clark. *Clears his throat a little* I know that you and i haven’t really be seeing eye to eye on things… but i just want you to know that i got your back on this.

Paige: Same here goes for us. we’re with you too.

Dinah: Even though you could probably go it solo due to being with the strength of 10 men… and are impenetrable to the bullets… we’re with you. you can count on it. if you’re in it… we’re in it too.

Prince Curtis: exactly. The Justice League is about to get a leg up into the next generation… with us being the head and at the forefront.

Clark: *Smiles and nods* Good… but i am gonna need help from all of you to find out who killed my father… and bring them to justice.

The next morning at the backyard of Princess Rikku’s house…

Clark: *Looking at the Symbol on the Rock* I’m sorry father… i can’t save Zod. I can’t give you what you want. You may still remember him as your friend. but i know about the very monster that he becomes.

Paige: *With her sisters; With their powers blasting into the ground Sketching their symbol onto the grass covering a small section*

Dinah: Doc… we make you this vow… we will find your murderer and take them down. we’re gonna keep doing what we do in your name, Jor-el. you were the best guy we have met. we’re not gonna forget you ever.

Major Zod: *From a distance* Jor-el… you lied to me… it seems as though you had another reason for coming to Smallville. and Metropolis.

With the truth about Major Zod in the forefront… what were the Rhapsody girls gonna do? Would they be able to hold back from losing it towards Major Zod when they run into him again; knowing what he is destined to become? who were those two boys that they saw in class? Were they the good guys? would Paige and Pearl ever get to meet them? it was also with a heavy heart to know that the Professor was with a vow of war against the girls… He now hated them… he felt his life ruined by them and their mother and even though he was still in county lock-up… he was still beyond angry at them and wanted to make them all suffer. He was also Divorced on top of it. Would he still have a job once he gets back out? Would he create a tool to really take the girls powers away? Also we got the sudden dating regime between Princess Rikku and Bart. Would their relationship last? Would it hold out? Find out in the next Chapter of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…

Paige: *Voice-over* We just had to say good-bye to Jor-el. his life was short lived. he died when he didn’t have to. we’re gonna find his Attacker and bring him down… No matter what it takes.

Pearl: *Voice-over* We also deal with the official induction of our new professor as we cut off our ties for good with Professor Stroker. he is not a good person. he threatened to take our powers away. that is just cruel. New Professor please. Anyone interested? And no… it won’t be Tess. we can’t trust her. Investigating us behind our backs… that is just rotten.

Dinah: *Voice-over* we also sit with my boyfriend being the hero again… yeah… that is right. he is now Mystic Thunder again. this time for good. i always did want a boyfriend/Sidekick companion. Shingo is the sweetest person i know for the job. and the best guy to give my heart to. What about my sisters though? They too need to have a right to love…

Princess Rikku: *Voice-over* i also have a relationship with Bart. but with the aftermath of losing Jor-el… i fear that my girls will be more distant from me. They seem to be taking the loss really rough. not that i blame them. i just wish that they didn’t have to hurt so much. Plus My daughter Betty gets caught in her room having an intimate moment… Is she even ready for that? She is still in school… she could get pregnant at an early age and there are lots of complications that could come… things for the baby… food… medical care… finding babysitters… having to raise the baby with a person… home care… teaching the baby and raising it.  I will help her raise it though… i’m gonna be a grandmother…

Oliver: *Voice-over* It’s done… i step up and become the professor to the girls… Chloe becomes the Den mother to them. it is the best move and since they entrusted us with all the research and all the clippings from when they first began till this current. i kinda thought that Professor Stroker was a real suave kind of guy… but with the seeing him becoming a real dark person… that is just ludicrous… I thought that he loved the 3 girls. They had such a history with one another and To think it ends like that… all because of a tediously thought Investigation that failed to even reach 1st base.

Shingo: *Voice-over* I also become part of the Watchtower… a member for life. I sure hope that i’m ready for what’s in store for me. and for the heroes… with a surprise visitor too. someone the League all knows. someone who calls himself the Martian Manhunter. Identity: John Jones.  Next Time on The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 57:  “Professor Change-up… Paige and Pearl meet the mysterious boys. Dating in Bliss for Mrs. Princess Rikku Rhapsody… The Hunt for Jor-el’s attacker begins. Roll up the lights for John Jones; Greetings From The Martian Manhunter- He comes in peace.”

Boy #1: *Looking at Paige* I’m Johnny Parker… I heard about you… you’re a pretty far out girl.

Boy #2:  *Looking at Pearl* I’m Peter Blaze… i’m the most sensitive guy there is…

John Jones: *Looking at the Rhapsody Girls* Greetings Rhapsody Girls Z!

Johnny Parker: *Jumping into the scene; Posing* I am the Love’s Executioner… Those who dare to corrupt the spirit of Love… will feel true Love’s burn… get ready for the Love’s painful sting… Lord Bliss… sends his fury of Love to you…

Peter Blaze: *Performing Acrobatic Moves through bubbles and tossing a wave of Bubbles at the target; Posing* The bubbly man…. the one who with fast bubbles and quick wit… the interlopers who intend to swarm with their Evil grip will be Erased with the power of Bubble’s light. All hail the power of the Maester of bubble power… Bubble Warlock… Blowing the bubbles of light and Mercy your way. Say your prayers… if you dare!

Black Canary: *Looking at the new heroes* Well well.. for heroes… you two sure land on your feet. Are you pretty good at keeping up the pace? *Looking at Paige and Pearl* Hey you two… your secret admirers are here. they care to say hi.


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