The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 54: “Oliver Is Back… Rhapsody Girls Z! Meet the Green Arrow! Metropolis Goes Resident Evil… Major Zod’s proposal for the Solar Tower…heard.” Part 2

At Watchtower…

China Anne McClain’s “Calling all the monsters” Plays…

Paige: *Walking out into the main room* Pearl, Dinah… we need to go back to the City Water and power. we have to find out who all came into the city water and power.Somewhere between this morning and before we got there the Virus was set into the Main Pumps. We need to find out who it was and why.

Pearl: *Looking at Paige* But sis… Why do we need to go over there? We could just call in and disguise our voices and get answers from here. plus… we can record the conversation here too.

Dinah: That’s a good idea, Pearl. call and fish out info under a different name. so if the guilty one is caught… the one who did it won’t know that it was us.

Chloe: *Pulling the visitor logs for the city Water and power* i’m pulling up a list of all the ones who showed up at the plant… it’s a long list. but… *Seeing a familiar name* Dr. Hamilton… Who was the doctor that you mentioned a moment ago?

Emil: Dr. Coats. Why?

Chloe: *In dismay* Well… you’re not gonna like the sound of this… but the one who was at the plant… was Dr. Coats. He was reported being seen there. Claiming to be representing the workers at the Metropolis Docks. he was with a Vial of some sort… *Pulling up the video footage* Take a look… it was reported that he went into the plant with the Vial and talked his way in. then as soon as the Worker wasn’t looking. he went into the center corridor and made way to the main Water pumps. pouring that vial into it.

Emil: *Looking at Chloe* Are you sure it’s him?

Chloe: I am sure that it is him. the camera’s Video feed don’t lie, it him.

Betty: *Looking at the Video feed* And there is something around his neck. Zoom in on his neck.

Chloe: *Zooming in on the Neck* is that a name tag hanging around his neck?

Paige: *Looking at the neck* That’s one of Zod’s followers. Coats. He was at the grand standing induction when that black brute Basqat tried to interrogate us girls. He was there.

Pearl: *Scoffs* And he now poses as a doctor? The nerve of them. trying to mesh in so we won’t know who they are… and then trying to get away with their dubious schemes. Zod’s people are trying to mix in with the public.

Dinah: So… What do we do? that happened to be our only source to find a cure…

Betty: We find another source to get the cure.

Prince Avery: *Teleporting in* hey. we got a problem…The City’s now infested with Zombies. it’s reached the whole city now.

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in* Turn on the T.V. they’re talking about it all over the news. it’s bad. the Virus is moving out to the next town.

Clark: *Walking out into the main room* Where do we go to get the Cure?

Princess Rikku: Is there anyone who’s got…

Emil was in the medical wing and studying the blood samples of both Tess and Pidge and as he studied it, he noticed that the build of the Virus had Enzymes that were seen only once before…

Emil: *Intrigued* Hmm. I’ve only ever seen an enzyme like that once before… the only other one who had this type of Enzyme buildup was Davis Bloome. Davis Bloome had this kind of build up.

Paige: *Pauses* Davis Bloome? *Confused* Who is Davis Bloome? we’ve heard that name already 5 times… Who is he?

(The Title: Rhapsody Girls Z! In the Middle of the screen and With scene of 3 Girls fighting An Evil Threat)

“Somebody save me 
Let your waters break right through 
Somebody save me 
I don’t’ care how you do it 
Just save me, save me 
I’ve made this whole world shine for you 
Just save, save 
Come on”

Chapter 54: “Oliver Is Back… Rhapsody Girls Z! Meet the Green Arrow! Metropolis Goes Resident Evil… Major Zod’s proposal for the Solar Tower…heard.” Part 2

Chloe: *telling the girls about Doomsday* He’s this being who wasn’t a being. but a genetic mutation created by Zod and Faora. Davis Bloome was the Earth camouflage for Doomsday, a Kryptonian creature that was the result of a fusion of genetic material taken from the most Ferocious Kryptonian Life-Forms as well as the Kryptonians Zod and Faora. He was sent to Earth as genetic matter attached to Kal-El’s spaceship; his true monstrous form remained camouflaged, adapting to the world it was sent to until it was ready to destroy the civilization. As a human, Davis worked as a paramedic at Metropolis General Hospital. Doomsday was this: *Showing the picture to the girls*

Chloe: with spikes all over his body. his arms and Shoulder. He had Bony eyebrows. and He had: Reactive Camouflage, Reactive Adaptation, Super Strength, Super Speed, Invulnerability, Super Leap, Healing Factor, Immortality, Super Stamina, Sense Kryptonian, Skilled Fighter. But he was said to be the world’s destroyer. the one who was said to kill Clark. But we all stopped him. Davis however had a thing for me but i was in love with Jimmy. But because for the longest time i felt sorry for Davis i was trying to get people to get off his trail… It got me in a bit of a mess. I Remember Oliver saying this to me once:  “Oh, come on. Chloe, if you really believed that, you would have handled things a little bit differently, don’t you think? Instead, what do you do? You cook him dinner, you fluff his pillow, you rock him to sleep.”

Dinah: *A Little Disturbed* Can we take off that picture? that picture is kinda giving me the willies.

Chloe: Don’t worry. he’s uh… buried underneath the Metropolis geothermal facility.

Pearl: You don’t think that he’d break out… do you?

Chloe: no likely. He’s buried deep underneath the earth and under the geothermal facility. there is absolutely no way that he’d be coming back and get reanimated.

Dinah: *Wiping sweat off the sweat from her forehead* Phew! That’s a relief. I don’t think that i’d want to face him.

A couple hours later…

Emil: *With the samples of the blood taken from Tess and Professor Stroker* We now know where this virus originated however… what we don’t know is who has the same build and enzyme as Davis Bloome. Davis Bloome was either Kandorian or Kryptonian…But who do we know has that same build and will be willing to step forward?

Paige: There is one.

Clark: *Stepping forward* That’s me. I’ll step forward.

Of course at the daily planet…

Perry: *Hiding in his office* Let’s stay in here. we’ll be safe in here.

Trixie: You sure about that… i don’t really think that we’re safe in here… there’s a couple of undead trying to break into the office here.

Perry: You think that we should try to make a run for it?

Trixie: That would be a good idea. unless we want to be targets of human turned Zombie’s having the sudden appetite for Human Carpaccio. i don’t wish to die. a death in my family would just destroy us…

Perry: Death is part of life, Rhapsody. it is a bummer though, but it’s life.


The Radio kicks in and starts playing…

Radio: *Reporting* If you’re just tuning in… there is a viral infection loose. the whole city is under the grips of Zombie disease…

Perry: *Scoffs* Zombie Disease… oh yeah. that’s wonderful news. the Zombie Disease runs rampant.

Radio: *continuing* if you’re unaffected… get to safety and stay out of the path of the Zombies. the Virus has taken root and has infected the whole city and is reported to spread over to the nearest town. the State is being put under alert…

Trixie: *Lost* The next town?

Perry: Meaning Smallville. It’s spreading to Smallville.

Trixie: I never heard of that town. but if it’s spreading… we’re gonna be in a whole world of trouble.

Perry: *Seeing Zombies through the window* We better get out of here now… While we can. is there somewhere we can go where it’s safe?

Trixie: Well… there’s the roof. The zombies wouldn’t go up there. there’s no way out but Jump up there. they can’t rip through the doors… Can they?

Perry: Well… Whatever we are planning to do… we better do it. It’s gonna get more like a horror movie.

Trixie: It already is.

Without seconds to spare… they broke right through the door and ran fast up to the Roof. They knew that they were gonna be trapped up there, but they didn’t know where else to go. it was the only place that they knew to go. They got up there and stayed there. the only thing they could do was wait for a clearing and hope that the Zombies weren’t gonna get smart and come up to the Roof.

At Metropolis High school…

Leslie Stevens: *Looking at the Zombies roaming the School* Oh Shit… uh, I think that we need those girls. and need them now. but i sincerely don’t know how they’re gonna be able to beat these Zombies. they’re humans. High school students just like they are. so by beating the Zombies here… they also beat up the fellow students. *Sighs* What are we gonna do now? *Running into a swarm of Zombies* What the…? Shit! *Running off and looking for a place to hide* Rhapsody Girls… wherever you are… better get your butts in gear and take care of these things. *Scared deep*

On the streets…

Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of silence” plays…

Metropolis Residential District…

King John: *Walking to his cousin’s house* It’s quiet out. *Feeling a little cold* it’s cold… Why is it so cold out all of a sudden. it was perfect out not too long ago. just a bit ago… it was sunny and calm. and lively. What the hell happened?  *Looking to see a dark eerie blanket covering the downtown area of Metropolis* What… in the… heavens? Dark clouds… covering Metropolis. But only the Downtown section. Something is going on over there… *Reaching the front door of his Cousin’s house*

a minute later…

Princess Charlene: *Answering the door* Hello there, King John. good of you to finally visit. It only took you 3 weeks. What’s going on with you lately? You’ve been persona grata for a while. i heard from your sons. who are also my nephews. they noticed that you were agitated and really cranky alot as of late.

King John: *Sighs* I don’t want to talk about it… Just drop it.

Princess Charlene: No. I have heard about this for a while now… i am not one to be the devil’s advocate. and force your hand to get a psych evaluation. but you need to stop getting so unhinged. What is making you so damn Angry? Huh! What? you are usually never like this. not for the hell of it. I noticed it. Your own sons noticed it and they are at the point to where they don’t want to be in the same house as you for fear that you might pop off and just lash out in uncontrolled Rage. Something is going on that has literally pissed you off to stinkin’ high heaven and then some. *Looking at her cousin* Cousin… i say this because i care and worry like hell about you. as do your sons and of course Princess Rikku. we all worry like hell about you.

King John: *grunts* Please… just let it be… You all know what it is. it’s the damn issue with that new threat. That Major… whoever he is. they infiltrated Princess Rikku’s house. kept her daughters captive and hurt them. the pisser of it all was that i wasn’t even there to come to their aid. i should have fuckin’ been there. i should have been there to give them a hand…

Princess Charlene: Is that what’s gotten you all pissed off and literally unhinged? Yeah… you could have been there. but then again… how were you to know what was going on. none of us knew what was going on. no one knew. all we knew was that the girls found some Orb that had extraterrestrial origins. Dinah… she found it and brought home to their house… the orb. it unleashed itself. But none of them knew that it was gonna come to this. they didn’t know. neither did you. Princess Rikku, the girls, your sons… and all of us are just the supposed victims of the maiden appearance of Major Zod. but we had no idea about what was gonna happen till after it happened. Paige, Pearl and Dinah are put in the middle of it. they’re being slapped with the whole mess. as are we.

King John: It doesn’t matter. Princess Charlene… the fact is that i should have still been there. i should have been there to help them…

Princess Charlene: *Scoffs* And do what? Get yourself killed by possibly hostile beings that came from the orb? Cousin… that would only have made things worse.

King John: *Raising his voice* So you’re saying that it was right of me to not be around to lend a hand to help them? is that what you’re trying to tell me? I am like the tough one… Do you remember when Princess Rikku was named that Vile vile nickname? I was there and i saw it. you and the others weren’t aware of it till after it was said and done. i was there. i was there and saw the other kids picking on her. Fucking with her. making her upset and teasing her. if it weren’t for me… she’d be trashed. Since then i was always there to come to her rescue. even now. when it’s her kids in danger. they are like her in some ways even though they’re individuals and have their own personalities… they’re still a bit like her. My father is gonna be pissed at me if he were to find out that i wasn’t there to come to her aid when those beings from the Orb came out and infiltrated her house. He’s gonna be pissed. and so will Aunt Rikku. She too will be livid. It’s all my fault. ALL MY FAULT!

Princess Charlene: *Slapping King John in the face hard* SNAP OUT OF IT!!! It’s not your fault. You had no way of knowing… Cousin… Look at me. Look at me…  *Staring her cousin in the eyes* There was nothing you could have done. nothing. there was nothing i could have done either. if there was something i could have done i would have been there. i would have been there to help them out. as you would have been. so would Princess Trixie/Mrs. Chip Stroker. she too would have been there. but again… there was nothing that we could do. we didn’t fully realize what was going on till after the fact. All we knew was Dinah Rhapsody our Niece… Princess Rikku’s daughter found the Orb while talking to Shingo in the park. after the great Evil was all gone and the city was renewed. by her own admission. she thought the orb was a strange looking hackeysack ball. one that had a 4 pointed star on the front of it. She had no idea that it was an Alien orb. none. not even her sisters.

King John Looked at his cousin and understood her logic and what she was saying. She was being wise. King John knew it… however he didn’t know as to whether he could let it go. even know he understood what it was that she was saying… he still felt responsible and nothing would make it go away. he could only with forced strong armed reasoning from his cousin bare it and let it go. it was all he could do.

at the Watchtower…

Amy Diamond’s “Take your time* plays…

Emil: *opening the case* these things will get the job done. and it’ll get us that blood sample from Clark. which will counteract the Virus and serve as the antidote. once we have enough… we’re gonna need to get it airborne and also get it into the Main pumps of the City water and power and dump it into the water. The water will clear up and the cure will wipe out the Virus and purify the water itself.

Victor Stone: *Seeing Meteor rock* Dude. that is so not right. subduing the powerhouse from a distant planet… one who works for the good side with the sights of meteor rock? Can’t you tell that he’s quite uncomfortable with the meteor rock?

Betty: We all realize that there are no needles on earth that will penetrate his skin, right?

Black Canary: So with his abilities… he’s like some… what? a invincible human being? A hard skinned humaniod?

Emil: That’s why i got these needles.

Oliver: What are they?

Emil: I got some of these needles from a contact at the Luthorcorp lab and some Meteor Rock… if we just dip this into the meteor rock let it soak for a minute and drench it… it will penetrate the skin.

Clark: *A Little Nervous*

Dinah: *Sighs* Clark, sorry to do this… but this is for your own good. we’re gonna need to knock you out for a moment so this can be done.

Angel: I’ll knock him out. Emil… once he’s knocked out… you stick that needle in. get only what you need and then pull that needle back out. 50 seconds is all we can give to allow that meteor rock to be into him without killing him. Can you do it in that time?

Emil: I am a doctor after all. i can do it. i only need half a liter and that takes less than a minute to complete. *Prepping the needle and getting it soaked in Meteor Rock*

Tammy: *Looking at her husband and trying to hold strong for her husband’s sake* Please hold on, Please. you’re gonna make it. i know it. just hold on. we’re gonna get that cure and cure you of this Zombie Disease.

Tess: *Screeching and Growling*

Pidge: *hearing Tammy’s heart speaking in her words* Tammy?! *Snarling and in pain* …. *Stopping and staring at Tammy; trying to break from the virus* Owww! Tammy. Tammy, is that you? *Looking at the room and growling in agony*

Tammy: *letting out tears* Oh… Pidge. *Running into the main room and getting on the nearby sofa and suddenly hugging her self Scrunched up*

Princess Rikku: *walking over to Tammy and sitting by her* Tammy, It’s gonna be alright. Pidge will be cured. we’re all gonna be fighting to the teeth to see that he is cured of this virus. rest assured. we won’t rest till he is cured. Clark’s blood is the cure. his blood fortunately matched to being the same type as some one named Davis Bloome’s. they’re in the process of getting it now.

Tammy: *Scared* I am scared for my husband. i hate seeing him like he is now… it hurts seeing him in such pain.

Angel: *Looking at Emil* Is it ready?

Emil: yes.

Oliver: Are you sure that knocking him out will be best. why not give him a few pills of extra strength Advil? it’ll take the pain away.

Pearl: we can’t do that, Oliver. The Blood can’t have anything in it. it has to be straight. *Feeling Squeamish over the mention of blood* … *Turning away* I can’t look.

Betty: Do it.

Angel: *Launching a fast attack at Clark* Mist of Darkness!

Clark: *Taking the move and suddenly out cold*

Paige: Do it… Take the Blood now.

Emil: *Sticking the Needle in and abstracting the Blood* This will only hurt for a minute… but as soon as we get half a liter into this vial here… we can create the antidote and get the cure all set then once that’s done… we can get it airborne and while we get one half of it airborne… we take the other half into the power plant and pour it into the main pump to cure the water and it will change the infected people back. it’ll cure the water… but how will we get it airborne?

Betty: *Stepping forward* Me.

Angel: *Stepping forward* and me. we’ll be the airborne team. We can fly and can spread it all over the air and get the people on the outside cured. They don’t call us the Angelic sisters for nothing.

Emil: And you would be…

Betty and Angel: *Posing* Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand.

Bart Allen: * Smirks* Now that’s one half all planned. but who’s gonna do the land portion and get it into the Main Pumps. since that Virus was put into the main pumps and it was what started the problem. turning the citizens into Zombies.

Black Canary: *Looking at Chloe* Any idea as to why Major Zod wanted to pull a Resident Evil card on the city and turn the innocent people into Zombies?

Chloe: No. but if Major Zod has done this… he could do a lot worse.

Victor Stone: That was not something that we were wanting to hear.

Dinah: Same here. I would have been more privy to hearing about a solution of how we can go and just beat him down.

Emil: *Suddenly pulling the needle out* got it… now we can make the cure and get the city back to normal.

Chloe: *Looking at the Computer*  better hurry. The Virus is closing in on Smallville right now. it’s looming fast.

Pearl: We got to hurry.

They race around the clock to get the cure made. it was night time before they got the cure made. School was out by that time and the whole city was Zombie city. there was no one out walking the city other than the Zombies. However there was someone that they didn’t count on being in the city to help them… It was the class friend from School.

outside of Watchtower…

Hilary Duff’s “Come clean” plays

Paige: *Running over to the City power plant* Pearl, Dinah… Let’s go.  we got work to do. We got to get this Cure into the Water Supply and have it flow into the city’s water and clean it.

Pearl: Right.

Dinah: After that… it’s gonna be time for some shut-eye for us.

Chloe: *Calling Paige* Paige… use the same point of entry.

Paige:  *Responding* Why the same point of entry?

Chloe: *Through the Earpiece* because now that the threat is out and the City was infected. there will be no way for you to get in there without being spotted. in order to get the cure into the main pumps… you, Pearl and Dinah are gonna have to sneak in.

Leslie Stevens:  *From the side* Then that’s where i will come in. I’ll create a disturbance and attract the attention of the security guards and get them to chase me.

Chloe: *Hearing another Voice* Excuse me… Who are you? This is a closed line.

Leslie Stevens: Yo! Calm down… i’m one of the good guys. got no abilities. but i am a follower of the 3 girls. i read about them. if they need help. count me in. i can lure the security guards out and open the the opportunity for them to go in the front way and speed right in. they can come back out the other way. I know a little something that can get the guards to come out and leave their post.

Chloe: *feeling awkward* Uh, okay.

Paige: *Getting on her Hover cruiser* Let’s go. *Looking at her sisters* Pearl… Dinah. looks like we got outside help. One of you grab her and we’re gonna make our way to the plant. Betty and Angel are out on the balcony of the Watchtower… but they can’t execute and get airborne to release the cure into the air covering the city with it till we get to the plant and are right by the main pumps.

Pearl: *Nods* right. *Looking at Leslie and Dinah* jump on with us Leslie… we got to get this cure down into the main Pumps and get the City all cured of the Virus.

Dinah: *Sneezing* Achoo! Darn Allergies. I think the stank air and the fumes of rotting flesh is making me want to puke. Ewww! *Looking at Pearl* I think that after we get this city cured… i’m gonna go and get some sleep. i think that all this stale air is starting to get to me and it’s making me feel rather sick.

Leslie Stevens: *Hopping on* Ready to go.

Pearl: *Looking at Dinah* Just try not to think about it. it’s gonna be all over soon. We’ll get at that Major for doing this. we know it’s his handy work. Either him or that follower. But i guess that if it was the follower. and If Major Zod finds out that his follower did it. i have a feeling that Zod won’t be feeling so happy.

Dinah: Happy… Zod? That’s a understatement and a half. Major Zod is anything but with happy feelings. unless it’s got something to do with going after the Blur.

A second later Paige, Pearl, Dinah and their school friend Leslie Stevens were on their way over to the plant to get the cure into the water supply. It was dark out and the city usually was lively and bustling. but with the whole city out of commission and with the veil of the Zombie syndrome. it was deader than a graveyard. it was more like a Metropolitan ghost town. Leslie Stevens was a follower of the girls. She knew about things that no one else would know about. Things that made her a total brain. No one really took notice to that because she was half the time in her own little world. but in class when she told the girls the truth… the real story of Jess and Cindy… all they could think about on that front was that if Cindy wasn’t gonna do the same habit as their Aunt Princess Julie was doing… Jess would. Pearl didn’t sire to think about it for the fact that even hearing about it made her queasy.

But on the Balcony of Watchtower…

Betty: *Looking down into the City* Look at the city, Angel. it’s so dark. but there are many walking dead out walking and roaming the city.

Angel: I sure hope that the Cure works. because if not… we’re gonna be dealing with a world wide epidemic. it’s bad enough as it is. but now to see that the professor is infected. it could get really ugly. *Looking at Betty* How could we have allowed for the girls to even look into that orb to begin with. Dinah brought it home and that was when we should have destroyed the orb. we should have grabbed it and you should have secretly send it to another dimension or something.

Betty: Well. we can’t place blame on her. or anyone. it’s a done deal. Major Zod  wasn’t all that bad. but his demeanor of things was really really disturbing. he however sounded so totally lost. it was as though he couldn’t tell which way was up or down on this Earth. i don’t think he’s as bad as the rest of the team is seeing him as.

Angel: Betty, what are you even saying? Do you even have the slightest idea of what it is that you’re saying? Chloe, can hear you. she’s listening in to this and is awaiting for word from Paige, Pearl and Dinah before she tells us to go ahead and get airborne with the cure.

Betty: *Emitting some Holy Light* I am crazy for thinking this… but Major Zod couldn’t be all that bad. because if he was… he’d just attack us all and not even hesitate. Remember what he said to Paige on that first day that we all met eye to eye with him or should i say face to face?

Angel: How can i forget… *Rolling her eyes* oh Brother.

Betty: *Hearing Paige’s conversation with her sisters* What are they talking about? What’s Aunt Princess Julie got to do with any of this? What is it that they’re saying?

Angel: I don’t know. *Listening in* I don’t think that i want to know what they’re saying. but i can make out a few things. Jess… smoking. Aunt Princess Julie Condoning it. Huh?! *Weirded out* you know what… Just ignore it. i don’t think that i want to know.

a couple minutes later…

Chloe: *contacting Betty and Angel* okay. you two. time to go. Paige and her sisters have made it to the plant and are inside now…

Betty: *Responding* we’re on it. Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand are off.

Angel: *Rising up and preparing to take flight*

Betty: *Rising up and preparing to take flight* Angelic Raven banking left…

Angel: *In the air; Taking Flight* Angelic Darkhand banking right.

Betty: *In the air and Taking flight* Operation Redemption is a go.  *Purifying the Cure and dumping it into the air*

Inside Watchtower…

Princess Rikku: *Seeing Chloe with the Cure* Who’s that for?

Chloe: *walking into the Medical Wing* Tess.

Tammy: *Looking at the Cure* What about my husband? He’s gonna get cured too, isn’t he?

Chloe: Yeah. he will.

Tammy: Where’s the cure?

Emil: *With the Cure* over here.

Tammy: *Demanding* Give it to me. I’m gonna cure my Husband. I want him cured. Seeing him like he is now anymore than i have to is killing me and is also hurting the two babies i got inside me. if i miss carry because of this… everyone here will be seeing a very very angry female. i am not kidding. *Huffing*

Black Canary: *Raising her eyebrows* I see that you’re losing your temper… you might want to watch that. Your two little loves that are sitting inside you might not feel so at ease if you express that anger when it’s not necessary.

Tammy: I am not angry yet. but i will be. I love my husband. but if anyone here is expecting me to just cope with the idea that i might lose him anyway… i got bad news. it won’t happen. i have lost my mother when i was a young girl… and dealt with loss all my life. but for me to have my heart ripped from me. if you do that… you’ll just have to bury me. because i will stop living. Life will be not worth living.

Victor Stone: *Walking over to Tammy* Tammy, you need to calm down. there is no one dying. we are not gonna let anyone die. you should know that. Heroes do all they can to preserve life. save lives and protect the world and the innocent people in it. we don’t let anyone die. only if there happens to be nothing for the hero to do… then we get left with no other choice. unless the hero happens to be Clark Kent. he’d keep going anyway. he’s got a whole world of different morals than we heroes do. but it don’t mean that we don’t stop trying if there’s a shot.

Tammy: *Nods* Okay.

Emil then gave the Cure to Tammy and she walked over to Pidge to inject the cure into him… She wanted to see him Cured and wanted to just be able to hold him in her arms. She loved him that much and didn’t want to lose him  It took a little time to get the cure to work. Clark however sensed something and realized that Lois was at the planet. He got up without being seen and sped out to where Lois was and caught her walking aimlessly in the streets of metropolis. She was also a Zombie. He was concerned about her…

As for Paige, Pearl and Dinah… They were at the plant and in front of the Main pumps. they were about to dump the Cure in when suddenly…

Security Guard: *Shining a light at the girls* Hey. Who are you girls? You shouldn’t be in here. this is a restricted area. How did you get down here anyway?

Pearl: We were just…

Paige: Pearl… Dinah. i’ll handle it. *Walking over to the guard* Hi. We have come from the Disease control center… we’re part of the task force that they sent out. we’ve come to take samples of the affected water and get to the bottom of the situation. We are sorry if we’re appearing to be intruding on the property.   *With one hand behind her signaling for Dinah to pour the cure into the Water supply*

Dinah: Winking at the signal and Dumping the Cure into the water supply*

Pearl: *Giggles* This undercover stuff is pretty cool.

Security guard: Oh… No. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. i was just taking precautions because of the high level threat that has hit the city today. There has been an outbreak of a lethal sick virus…

Paige: We know. the higher members of the disease control center informed us. we’re with the belief that it originated here and was said to pump it out to the whole City. Am i correct?

Security Guard: Yeah. it originated here and started from this pump at around noon. the Visitor that came around that time was apparently a doctor. but what got me was that he didn’t look like any usual doctor. he looked off. plus he obviously was trying to hide something because he was trying all he could to hide the little tag he was wearing around his neck. almost as though he couldn’t handle putting up with being seen with it. It looked like a name tag. like what a dog would wear. but what one of the other guards that work here told me was that it had a Symbol on it. strange one to be exact. it wasn’t something that you’d usually see. Like an symmetric symbol. like a Swastika or a Ying and yang.

Paige: Well… if you happen to see him again… you be sure to let the people at headquarters know. we want to have a word with him. you have a nice night now.

Security Guard: You too… *Pauses* Wait a minute. You seem familiar… I Think that i know you from somewhere. Don’t i? You’re the leader of a team. Aren’t you?

Pearl: *In her mind* He knows who we are. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don’t know if this was a good idea anymore.

Security Guard: You’re Miss Love. Aren’t you? aren’t you! I knew that it was you. You’re the Leader of the group… Rhapsody Girls Z! I heard about you girls. You girls fought against the great Evil not so long ago, didn’t you?

Pearl: Uh, yeah. we did.

Security guard: So cool. *Thinking about something* Why were you girls down here though? It’s not safe. these pipes could have blown and we’d lose the power to the city.

Dinah: We came to dump the Cure into the water supply. the stuff that would reverse the Zombie Virus. Whatever that guy did to the water… it caused nothing but trouble. we came to fix it. and we did that too. *Looking at the guard* We are gonna be stopping the threat that’s behind this. We know who it is too.

Paige: Major Zod.

Security Guard: Well… good luck on that. Whoever he is… he already sounds like bad bad news.

They didn’t stay a minute longer. they had poured the Cure into the water supply and got it to mix in with the water. it get rid of the Virus and made the water revert back to normal but also cure the citizens of Metropolis. it also cured the people in the surrounding cities. Betty and Angel took care of the air and made it rain the cure on the city and cure them all. it took care of the problem and within minutes the City was cleared and cured.

Inside Watchtower…

Tess and Pidge were cured and the dilemma of the virus was over. The rest of the crew had to wipe their minds so they’d never remember anything they saw inside the watchtower. at least so Tess wouldn’t know what the Watchtower was. Pidge did the honorable thing and offered to take Tess home to their place for the night.

Tammy: Pidge, are you sure we can do that? We don’t really have much of a guest room.

Pidge: Of course we do, Tammy. I normally wouldn’t permit this… but it’s late at night and Tess is clearly too tired to even try to make it to her place. the only logical thing i can think of is to bring her to our place for the night.

Tammy: *Nods and sighs* Okay. i just want things to go back to being as they were. happy. *A Little nervous* you kinda scared me while you were a Zombie. You and Tess both did.

Pidge: I know. i do feel truly terrible for it. I’m sorry, Love. i am really sorry.

Tammy: I know you are. *Concerned* Are you sure that you’re gonna be okay now? Is the Virus completely gone?

Pidge: *Chuckles a little* I hope so. i mean… if it’s not… i could become a Zombie again. *Playfully acting like a Zombie* Brains… Brains… i want to eat your brains.

Tammy: *Shudders* That’s really creepy. Don’t do that. *Laughing* You’re being funny now.

Tammy and Pidge walk out with Tess and head back to their place. Watchtower was about to shut down for the night. it was dark and the city was now at peace.

At the cargo Warehouse by the Docks…

Dr. Coats: *Walking over to where Major Zod was*

Major Zod:  *Watching As Dr. Coats then stops to the side* You know… Three things cannot be long hidden… …the sun… the moon… and the truth. That’s from a sacred human text from a prophet that the humans call Buddha.

Dr. Coats: *Confused* Major Zod, What are you saying…

Major Zod:  *Stern and straightforward* I don’t want any excuses. The truth is… you Dr. Coats become reckless and sloppy, haven’t you? You’ve also gotten rather absentminded. Unleashing a hostile virus to humanity; one that could have thereby claimed the Humans. Extinguishing them all. Have you lost your foresight?

Dr. Coats: *Stammering a bit* B-but s-sir… I did it all for our survival. i was doing it to help us snuff out the Blur. to lure him.

Major Zod: That is a commendable act that you’ve done… but you forgot something that is important to remember.

Dr. Coats: *Curious* And what would that be?

Major Zod: *Growling a little in outrage* Our cloak of anonymity is the only thing keeping our presence from this world. The Humans will hunt us all if they were to discover and find the true Origin of the Virus. They will come after us. the point of us getting those powers from the Yellow Sun is to do it unnoticed. If just one of the humans catch wind of where we are and find us. we will be yet far away from getting the powers that we deserve.

Dr. Coats: Not Quite. They won’t have that chance, sir. I have happened to locate the secret to our abilities that was promised to us all and had yet left us with none. *Looking at the Major* Major… While you were out looking and finding more of our people, I happen to have did some digging and discovered one of us Kandorians… right here in Metropolis, Right under our noses. And it’s the same one who aids those Rhapsody Girls. they caught on to the fact that i was the one who poured the Virus into the Water supply. and the one they call the Blur gave off some of his blood to counter the Virus…

Major Zod: * Exhales sharply* Jor-El. He survived. *feeling a bit betrayed* Are you telling me that Jor-el is among us on this planet?

Dr. Coats: Not just that, Major… Jor-el didn’t just survive. According to the news reports of miraculous saves around the city; the joint aide he’s got from the Rhapsody Girls Z! and their twin sisters Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand, Jor-el clearly has got the power from the yellow sun.

Major Zod: *Catching on to the reality that he’s been deceived* And yet we have none? We still have no powers that come from the Earth’s Yellow Sun? Absurd… we all value the powers from the yellow sun. Jor-el has come with us in the orb. he’s been with us. but now that we’re out… he instead of sharing the powers of the yellow Sun with us… He has chosen to do the opposite and harness the powers for himself and all the more leave us defenseless. Jor-El betrayed us. all of us. And the Rhapsody Girls are helping him They’re joining along side him and aiding him.

Dr. Coats: that is the apparent outcome… He is out there somewhere and is trying to aide the humans… but not us. his own people. You see now that by  Releasing the virus that it was the most effective way to uncover him. to get him into the open.

Major Zod: Were you successful? Did it bear the fruit of victory?

Dr. Coats: *Nods* Indeed it has. He was trying to stay in hiding… but by doing what he did… he left himself traceable. His blood was used to create the antidote to the virus to help the humans out. nurturing them like pets in a farm. Track the blood. He’ll be ours. Not even the Rhapsody Girls will be able to hide him off. I trust now that you see that the risk was well worth taking and serving towards our cause.

Major Zod: *Looking to Dr. Coats; Making like he was about to commend him* It takes a certain kind of man to step outside the boundaries of his station. *Commanding Coats* Kneel.

Major Zod then pulls out a metal sword and with a quick slice killed the follower. Coats was there by dead. All it did was get Major Zod irritated. but he didn’t let it bug him. he knew how to be swift and cunning. He planned on getting on the girls good graces. trying to buy their trust.

3 weeks later…

it was the weekend and the girls were at the Market relaxing… The day was quiet. But it was not gonna be quiet for long…

Paige: *Walking with her sisters* Pearl… Dinah. Ever thought of quitting the hero business sometimes?

Pearl: I have. i wouldn’t really mind being a normal girl. where i only had to worry about tests and Exams. Although being a hero is nice. i just hope that we don’t do it for recognition. i think that we should do it because it is the right thing to do. however being noticed is good. i like being popular. in school last year… a lot of boys were trying to flirt with me. i didn’t fall into it though although i was rather blushing about it. *Giggles*

Dinah: I always wanted to do other things. like maybe look into becoming a Sports critic or a Wrestler. i do have swift moves and Maybe i can become a part of the Army. a Marine of something. Fighting for Uncle Sam or something.

Paige: Well… i always wanted to be a star. living life being a Swimsuit model. meeting all kinds of guys. cute guys of course. *Thinking about a normal life*

Pearl: Let’s finish up here and then get back on over to the Watchtower. I have a feeling that Chloe’s gonna have something for us to do.

Dinah: *Sighs* Yeah… Hero detail. Fighting is what i live for… but i sometimes get kinda tired of it. Always having to fight. I’ll bet that Chloe is with the same thought. wanting to live a normal life. Raising a family.


Oliver: *Walking over to the girls* Hey girls. What’s up? you girls have been silent for a couple days.

Paige: *Looking to see Oliver* It’s nothing. We were just thinking about what having a normal life would be like.

Oliver: *Understanding* Well… i don’t find shame in that. going camping with friends… going clubbing with not much worry. getting a high paying job being the best that you can be. we all fancy that. Dinah Lance has thoughts about that. i got thoughts like that. We all have thoughts like that. but we all have hero blood in us. You could deny it… no one would really place much pressure on your mind for it. but you can never escape it. Bart Allen’s grandfather Barry Allen. the Flash. he’s an adult and yet… he still is a hero. not by pressure… but because he sees wrong being done and knows that no one can stop the crime in its tracks quite like he can.

Pearl: Bart’s Grandfather? But wouldn’t that make Bart the grandson? that makes Bart the new generation of Flash. doesn’t it?

Oliver: it does.

Dinah: What about the others? Like Victor Stone and that Fish man?

Oliver: *Shoots up* Oh. you mean AC. He’s a college student at the university of Miami. I remember what he mentioned happened the first time he came and showed up to Smallville.  he came to put a stop to Lex’s project  or weapon called the Leviathan. a weapon that could prove to be the marine life’s worst nightmare. it emits sonars that are so strong that it can destroy a submarine. cutting it in half. acting like Titanium. killing any Marine life that’s within 10 feet in diameter. it’s even destructive while on standby. Luthor was planning on setting a deal with the Top Generals to have it placed on every fleet of the naval army. which would have caused a ecological disaster.

Paige: *Gasps* Oh god. that’s terrible. He was able to stop it, right?

Oliver: Oh yeah… he nearly was filleted by Luthor. being strapped to a table… but boy scout… came to his rescue and aided in destroying the weapon.

Pearl: *Confused* Boy scout? Is that a nickname?

Oliver: yeah. That’s Clark’s codename. he once tried to act on his own when we all tried to blow up one of the sites that revolved Lex’s pet projects of 33.1. Clark went in and went to get Bart out of there and nearly got beat by a room of Meteor rock. i found him and got him out of that room. i recall getting on his case a little about it. “If you don’t want to work with a team that’s fine, but next time be smart about it”

Dinah: He’s not much of a team player, huh?

Oliver: No. but neither is Dinah Lance. however… she came around.

Paige: *Looking at her list* Oh god. we promised our mom that we’d get the shopping done for her and we’re still way under half way done… We’re never gonna get done now. Mom’s gonna be really upset.

Oliver: *Getting out a wad of cash and pulling out 500 dollars* Don’t worry about it. it’ll be done in no time. *Looking at the list* … Now that’s the size of half the store. Your mom planning a major get together?

Pearl: It seems to be that way, Oliver. She’s got a lot to do. She’s saying that’s it’s for a birthday party. but she didn’t necessarily say for who. All she said was that it was for 3 people. but she couldn’t say who the 3 people were…

Dinah: Kinda weird huh?

Oliver: *Chuckles* Yeah… that would be pretty weird. for all you’d know… she could be planning a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. *Picking up the list* Don’t worry… i’ll get it. *Walking over to the manager of the store* Sir, Have this list filled right away and have a transport for the food on the list to the house. *Handing over the list*

Store Manager: *Looking at Oliver* Mr. Queen, Is this your list? It’s unusually long compared to the lists you usually have. What’s this for?

Oliver: it’s for the 3 girls. Their Mother is ordering a big list. it has to be filled.

Store Manager: The 3 girls? *Turning to see the 3 girls* … *Gasps* The Rhapsody Girls Z! Oh god. that’s a long list for them. I’ll get right on it. i’ll have the store put a rush on it and get it to their house on the double.

Oliver: *Handing the 500 over to the Store Manager* This should cover the cost of the food and the transportation of the food to the house.

Store Manager: *Nods* Very well sir.

At Luthorcorp Plaza…

Tess: *Getting the Projectors all set for the presentation*

Pidge: *Walking in* Hey Ms. Mercer. Big night tonight for you, isn’t it?

Tess: Yeah. there’s gonna be a group of investors and Financial supporters plus entrepreneurs at the presentation… I’m holding it at the Luthor Mansion tonight. You’re welcome to come and witness the presentation. The new Project that’s about to take hold is gonna put Luthorcorp on the map.

Pidge: *Intrigued* Really? What is it?

Tess: A Solar tower. 100 stories high. with a bridge in the middle connecting the two Pillars. Each of the pillars are gonna retract the Suns rays. absorb it into the panel and carry it through the pillars and into the ground… it’s gonna connect to the power projectors and the lines at the poles. it will be the new Generation of energy. Clean for everyone. it’s gonna be a cleaner alternative to positive energy.

Pidge: *With his IPad in his hand* Partnering with RAO Corporation. new company. Never heard of it.

Tess: It’s a pretty discreet company. It’s formed by a Major. and the company has wagered to propose a Joint partnership in the build. the founder is also in seeking to create cleaner energy. the same devotion and the same dedication as Luthorcorp.

Pidge: I can only wonder what the Rhapsody Girls will do if they get wind of this… They are gonna be wanting to derail it. they have some type of belief that Major Zod is the one in proposition to build it and obtain the powers of the Yellow sun.

Tess: *Smirks* Well… then i suggest that we play our cards a little closer to home. right?

Pidge: yes. a little closer to home. I’ll contact the girls and let them know. just to keep them in the fold.

Tess: Not yet. Let them sniff by their intuition. If they pick up the scent… they’ll be coming. Woman’s intuition. never question that. they have responsive sensors and can act rather precariously.

Pidge: I agree. *Looking at the time* So… I’ll see you tonight at the presentation.

Tess: affirmative. And i’ll be expecting the next project done in two weeks. but i have no worries on that because i know… that you’re quick and responsive.

Pidge: *Scoffs playfully* Well… they don’t call me the tech wiz for nothing.  *Heading out* i’ll see you tonight and bring a copy of the planned design for the new robots that will be built for Luthorcorp.

Tess: sounds like a plan.

At the Daily Planet…

Lois: *Waking up from a bad dream* ugh! i have such a bad throbbing headache. i really can’t remember what’s up or down at the moment. Can someone tell me what going on…

Trixie: *Walking back to her desk* You don’t need to worry. there will be a whole mess of news to go around. but the only thing that you should worry about is the catching up. You were rather out of it for a little bit. You sure you’re okay?

Lois: *Coming to* Yeah. i’m okay. just need some coffee.

Trixie: *Walking over to the stand and grabbing a couple cups of coffee* It’s gonna be a long day. there is a lot that has hit the city the last 3 weeks.

Lois: Yeah. Seems as though the whole city’s trying to come back from the reprise of Resident Evil. *Looking at her phone* What is today’s date?

Trixie: it’s the 20th of October 2023. Alot of things have happened since the Zombie breakout.

Lois: Like the surprise party for 3 girls that is said to be tomorrow?

Trixie: *Motioning for Lois to silence the remark* Shh! Not so loud, Lois. it’s supposed to be a surprise Birthday party for them. they can’t know about it till it’s time for the party to start. They’re gonna be 15. but they are to be kept in the dark for right now about it.

Lois: In the dark? As in… Lights on but nobody home?

Trixie: Yes. *Fixing the coffee and bringing the cups over to the desk* it’s a long day. a long evening. Perry is expecting for us to have 3 articles done today. one of us has to do the article on the dubious presentation that Tess is holding at the Luthor Mansion tonight. *Setting a cup in front of Lois* Any takers for that one?

Lois: i’ll tackle it. *Looking at Trixie* I always did want to get the beefy details on what the great white shark Tess is up to. Can’t trust that woman as far as a football. or a stack of books. She’s Lying and conniving.

Trixie: *Smirks* You really don’t like her, do you?

Lois: No. No i don’t. first she goes off with talking about alien orbs… then she rants about Zombie invasions. Who knows what else she will come up with?

Trixie: Look, *Sitting down at her desk with a cup of coffee* I know that you don’t like Tess Mercer and i am not the one to force string you to siding to liking her even just for a small portion of time… but you should know… that she’s got an eye on the 3 girls and she has the Professor close to her reaches. She’s got her sticky hands on them and as long as she’s got close range of them… we can’t touch her without hurting them. All she has to do is be tempted to flip that switch just once… and it’ll be all over. The Professor’s livelihood and job depends on it. and the sole protection and smooth sailing with keeping steady is in risk. The 3 girls are needing it. the City loves the girls. but if you tamper with Tess and get her on the wrong side… she’ll get the city to dislike them. It could ruin them.

Lois: *Whistles* That’s deep. And i thought that the snake couldn’t get any more slimier than she already was.

Trixie: I learned one thing in the big city… and i have seen it all. from something as a computer glitch… to a weird shot of an odd weather anomaly… to a recent hit with Zombie warfare. things seldom are what they appear to be.

Lois: When Clark’s involved… Things get even more out there than the cosmic event of the late 80’s. Smallville  getting pelted with 2 Meteor showers 16 years apart. and you can place your bets on that; that Clark was the focus. two spaceships in one… one in the other. the second meteor shower started the mess with that Brainiac. Zod taking over a body… a Phantom copy of Clark… Doomsday… and now the being as Major Zod. Clark’s more weirder than the Thriller flash mob.

Trixie: *Laughs* You obviously like him. you keep referring things to him.

Lois: No. I just find him equally fascinating. Not knowing as to what type of excuse for an escape he’d cough up with.

Trixie: You like him… i can tell. *Shaking her head* Don’t worry. secret’s safe with me. i won’t tell him. i’ll take that secret to the grave.

However at Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku: *Sorting through the food* Let’s see. there’s the Coke. the cake. the Ice Cream. there’s the party platters. the sandwich platters. the Vegetable platter. Not sure if they will eat them though… but it’s healthy for them. I got Pies. Pops, Pudding… i got stuff here for the house too. things like bread, Milk, Butter, Sugar, Eggs. If only i had a bit of a hand putting the stuff away. *Looking at the Time* Where are the girls? They should be home by now.

The phone then rings…

Phone: *Ringing*

Princess Rikku: *Sighs* Who could be calling at this time of the afternoon? Could it be another sighting of that Major? *Shaking her head* … *Walking over to the phone* here we go again… *Answering it* Hello?

Chloe: *On the phone* Hey there Mrs. Rhapsody. are the Rhapsody girls home?

Princess Rikku: *On the phone* No. they’re out somewhere. They were supposed to go to the store and then come home. but they have yet to do that. the things from the store are here… but they aren’t. I would however like to know where they are.

Chloe: So would i… as uh, we happen to have a little bit of a problem. I really don’t think that this will sound too cozy for them… if you happen to see them before i get a hold of the others to get a hold of them… tell them to report to Watchtower right away.

Princess Rikku: sure will. I sure hope that it’s nothing too serious.

Chloe: don’t we all.

The call ends…

Although at Star Tower…

Mid Evening…

Oliver: *Looking at the Girls* I notice that you girls can transform. but lack something… which i got just the thing for. i remember a few days ago when we went to the plant to try and stop the Virus from being put into the water supply; although we were too late. So the last couple of days… i had a couple of Engineers and tech builders. as well as myself hook up with these… *Showing the items off to the girls* I kinda snaked a couple of the tricks of what your professor would have done and winged a bit. but check it out…. *Putting the demonstration on screen*  it has the element of your powers. but the shades serve off as a video surveillance feed. so you will be able to see what happens all around you… it’ll keep you on guard and ready to see what’s coming at you in any direction. It also can alter your Voice. make you more with an Edge of being the hero that you girls already are.  The Frames and the Lenses are like the shape that reveals the element. For Paige… Your shades are in the shape of hearts. Pearl, You have the shades that are in the shape of bubbles. one side as a bubble. the other as the shape of the weapon you possess. the Bubble harp. And for Tough girl… Dinah. Your shades are a little different because while making them… i was trying to make it look functional with it being in the shape of a thunder bolt… but the common Thunder bolt is only half a centimeter and it would have made you blind. figuring… it’s a bad move. So instead… we did your shades up looking like a Thunderhead.

Paige: *Putting the shades on and wearing them* Whoa! *Seeing behind her* Pearl, Dinah… We’re wearing Cameras.

Pearl: And we have Voice alternators too.  I wonder what my voice will sound like with altering my voice…

Dinah: I hope that my voice sounds tough and mighty.

Paige: Mines got to be with Love.

Pearl: My voice should be something that sounds really bubbly.

Oliver: It does that automatically. press the button on the right side. it will act like a microphone and serve as speakers making your voice with an edge.

However while they were talking…

Chloe: *Contacting Oliver* Watchtower to Oliver… Come in.

Oliver: *Responding* I read you, Chloe. What’s up?

Chloe: Have you seen the Rhapsody Girls anywhere?

Oliver: I don’t know… Would they be the same ones who are part of the team and with shades? If so… then yeah. i have seen them. They’re here, Why?

Chloe: They’re needed. There is something going on revolving their professor and Tess. Bring them over, Right away.

Oliver: You got it. on our way.

A moment later…

The Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at the Overhead before looking at the girls* There’s a problem. Your professor is in the center of it all. I just got a call from a source at the plaza and they made a mention that Tess was siding along with a RAO Corporation and guess who’s fronting it…

Paige: Major Zod.

Chloe: Yeah. he’s souped up as a business man and entrepreneur and a top rated share holder. and that’s not the only problem… Professor Stroker is there and joining in on the presentation. There is no confirmation as to whether there is a cause for action just yet… but you might want to take a precaution and check it out. Oliver… you’re going with them. as is Black Canary. all you are doing is watching from the roof looking down into the room. but if anything pops up… break in there and put the situation on the rack.

Pearl: *Worried* Do you think that Major Zod is really gonna plan on building that Solar Tower?

Dinah: I hope not.  *Looking at her sister Pearl* but if he does… we’re gonna have to do something about it. and hurry. Because whatever is going on… The Professor is plastered right in the center of it all.

Oliver: *Walking over to get his gear and weapon* It’s go time… *Looking at the girls*

Chloe: *Pressing a button sounding off the battle cry*

P.A: Rhapsody Girls… We need you!

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Putting their hand up and Seeing a Power Gem Appear on their finger*

Paige: Miss Love… Power up! *Transforming* … *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Hearts* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The heart and love of the Rhapsody girls… Miss Love… In the name of Justice, love and all that’s good… The followers of Evil will fall.

Pearl: Bubble Maiden… Power Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The emotinal and caring soul of the Rhapsody girls… Bubble Maiden. In the name of sweet compassion and Bubbly charm… The Bubbles of life will wipe away the stain of Evil.

Dinah: Thunder Mistress… Power Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* The loose Wire and the tough fighter of the Rhapsody Girls… Thunder Mistress. In the name of the thunder and fierce determination of the good people… The Evil creeps who dare enter this world will be Electrified.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

On the road…

Heading to the Luthor Mansion…

Paige: *Riding on her Hover cruiser* Any idea as to where the Luthor Mansion is? We never been there and didn’t even go to Smallville before now.

Pearl: What kind of place is Smallville? Is it nice in that town?

Dinah: It’s not full of people who act like a bunch of Mary Sues and Gary Stews, right?

Oliver: No. nothing like that. *Leading the way; repelling from building to building* *Looking to the sides and to the front* You girls should be careful out here… between here and Smallville there are no houses or any stops. so if anything happens… it’s rough sailing. unless you happen to have a trick up the sleeves.

Paige: *Nods* right. we’ll be careful, Green Arrow.

Pearl: While we make our way over to the Luthor Mansion… why don’t we play something?

Dinah: Like What? a song? Pearl… we don’t have a radio with us.

Paige: unfortunately.

Dinah: oh well… it’s a nice night out though… kinda chilly.

Luthor Mansion…

Pidge: *Walking into the main room with his wife Tammy and meeting with Tess* Evening Tess. *Seeing a nice Dress on Tess* You’re looking rather radiant this evening. *Seeing his Wife feeling forgotten* And you look Lovely too, dear. Don’t you forget that. *Kissing his Wife on the lips*

Tess: Why thank you, Mr. Stroker. *Looking at Tammy* I see that you’re looking rather Exquisite and like a gem tonight. Nice dress. *Smiles* … *Seeing the guests and people arriving* It’s almost time to get the presentation started. the Platform is on the side over there ready to reveal what i’m sure will be a rewarding future build.

Pidge: Quite so… *Looking to see the guest list* Hmm… I see everyone here… but where’s the CEO of RAO?

Tess: Oh… Him. don’t worry. he’ll pop in soon. he usually does.

Tammy: Who’s the CEO Of RAO? Someone we should know? *Curious*

Pidge: *Looking away; feeling unable to reveal who it was*

Tess: It’s a Rich man.

The guests then gather round in the middle and look at the Projector Platform and at Tess…

Tess: *Standing before a crowd of investors and financial supporters* We are at an age where new energy is needed and needed now. for years i have tried to steer Luthorcorp towards more environmentally conscious projects. ones that would better benefit Metropolis. The thing was that i had to prove that going green… also meant going up in the stock Exchange.

Pidge: *Letting off a little brief laugh* hehehe!

Tess: we all believed in a world where the energy would be easy to obtain and be more cleaner and more expendable.  a world where we would not have to depend on the third world countries for energy. to hold our own. Now thanks to the tireless efforts from our supporters… and thanks to our most advanced cutting edge technology through our partnership with RAO Incorporated… I believe this one project will not only put luthorcorp on top, but will guarantee to put our city of metropolis on the map, and our planet back on course.*Pressing a button*

I give you the first fully powered… Self-Sustaining solar tower. *standing beside the Platform* It’s fluorescent power from the sun attracting the rays of the sun will seer into the reflectors and send renewable energy and power to the city. much cleaner and more cheaper. giving us a leg up into the next generation. This will be the beginning of the future of Energy. Putting the world in the right path to the future. This one tower will generate enough clean energy to power all of metropolis. *Seeing a visitor* Ahhh! Mr. Zod. How good of you to join us. i never really expected to see you here…

Major Zod: *Applauding*  Bravo, tess. What a brilliant Presentation… If i do say so myself… Congratulations on an exceptionally well-realized effort. Interesting though as i am now the Chairman and CEO of RAO.

The guests all clap and applaud Major Zod…

Major Zod:  Please, please, please. Hold your applause… Please. You’re all too too kind. really… save it for the real hero — our Magnificent hostess, Tess Mercer. by her taking on this project, she has dedicated herself in making my simple dream of harnessing the powers of the sun a promised reality. *Picking up a glass and proposing a toast to Tess* Ar so here’s to Tess Mercer… our savior. I swear to you all this tower will change the world.

However above the room…

on the roof…

Paige: *Looking Down at the crowd* There’s the professor. and also Tess.

Pearl: *Looking to see Tammy in the room* Tammy?!

Dinah: Wait. What is she doing there? You don’t think that she’s in it too, do you?

Oliver: *Looking through the glass and watching* There is only one way to find out. however… i don’t suggest that we bust the little party just yet.

Paige: *Looking at Oliver* Well… we got to do something… something is stirring in the wind down there. it doesn’t look all that promising.

Dinah: Let’s keep watch and see what happens. we are gonna need to see what happens next.  So far nothing has happened. But if anything… there is definitely something going on down there. something not so pleasant.

in the Room…

Tammy: *Recognizing the man in the room*… I know that man. He’s the one who tried to ransack our house. *Getting antsy* I’m outta here. i am not staying here. *Storming out*

Pidge: *Seeing Tammy upset and walking out* Tammy…

Tammy: *Walking out*

Pidge: *Walking out to go after Tammy* Tammy, What’s the matter with you? Are you trying to cause a scene? Why are you so upset?

Tammy: *Stopping in the hall* Like you don’t notice. Pidge, That man ransacked our house the other week. He came with a woman and another man. tore through everything. if i didn’t hide… they were gonna kill me. That Man… Major Zod is a killer and a Vandal. It was on the day that the Virus was released into the city. he came into our house. Ripped through everything. Looking for something to help build something to benefit his people.

Pidge: He scared you… *Looking at his Wife* Don’t worry. I won’t let him touch you. If he does… he’ll be facing a very pissed off man.

But still on the roof…

Paige: Looks like trouble… *Watching the scene* i don’t think that we should be waiting… Let’s move in and break up this party.

Oliver: *Contacting Watchtower* Green arrow to watchtower… we got a scene breaking out inside the Luthor Mansion.

Black Canary: *Jumping up onto the Roof* Didn’t think you were gonna start the break-in without me, did you?

Pearl: Not a Chance. we’ll be needing you with us, Black Canary.

Dinah: Let’s do it.

Chloe: *Responding* Go. Where’s the Professor?

Paige: He’s down there and trying to defuse the possible anger coming from his Wife.

Chloe: Why?

Pearl:  She was losing it. all that happened was that she just got one look at Major Zod and just started storming out of the room. Something that happened Some time ago got her all upset. *Worried* Something is wrong.

Dinah: *Hearing the conversation from inside* Huh?! Uh-oh… i think we got an even bigger problem…  Zod thinks that Tess destroyed the Blood samples that came from Clark. he thinks that the Blur is Jor-el.  He’s saying that the Blur betrayed him and his people… There is trouble.

A second later…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Breaking through the glass* Here we go…

Inside the Room…

Major Zod: You’re welcome.

Tess: *Dryly* I didn’t thank you. Not that it should be given to you.

Major Zod: *Feeling endearingly satisfied* Well, you should, because while  your teams were all out constantly scouring the globe, and yet on the attempts to finding us only proved to fail, I was using our considerably evolved intelligence to make a break in seeing that luthorcorp had become the most technologically advanced company on earth.

Tess: And of course… you are wanting the blur. *Grinning* Well… i am flattered to know that you have any belief whatsoever on that idea that i knew where as i could find the blur. and that’s out of all the people… you would believe it to be me.

Pidge: *Walking in and standing up to Major Zod* And i am promising you. powers or not…. i don’t care who you think you are… or who you claim to pretend on being… you touch my wife or come near her again… you will be wishing that you and i don’t ever cross paths. My Wife is pregnant with two kids. inside her. if they die because of the fear and the trauma that you inflicted on her… you better hope that i don’t see you. because you will be sorry. And you can relay that message to the Flunkie named Basqat too. whether you have powers or not. You touch my wife… you will regret it. Count on it. *Turning to Tess* I Must take my leave. but the presentation was wonderful. i enjoyed every bit of it. other than the truth that Major Zod tried to come after my wife and aimed to hurt her. *Remembering something* Oh… i almost forgot. i have the planned designs for the new Robots that are prone to be built on time. *Pulling out the papers and handing them to Tess*

Tess: *Looking at the papers* My god. these are more advanced than we were expecting. *Amazed* We’re not ready for things like these yet. Mr. Stroker… *Flabbergasted* Are you sure that you’re wanting to make way with these designs? These are beyond amazing. they’re profoundly excellent.

Pidge: I am sure. it is well within my capable hands. i can program it and then get set with the building of the first robot. then mass produce it. same amount. 3000.

Tess: *Nods* That’s good. Please do start it in the next two days… i want the robots made. I am trusting that you can do it.

Pidge: I sure can. Don’t worry. you can count on me…

Major Zod: *Shaking his head at Tess* My my…  you are surely motioning to disappoint me, tess. But Just to prove that i can be a sportsman to this little maneuver I’ll play your game. from what i’ve found out…The blur’s blood was used as an antidote to a virus that was said to have swept through metropolis some time ago.

Tess: We were able to get a sample of that blood. We took it to the lab to be tested.

Major Zod: *Scoffs and not believing Tess’s explanation* Instead, every last drop had been destroyed… …at your request.

Tess: *Showing a weird Look on her face* What are you talking about? What Samples are you talking about? the Vials were all stolen. i don’t even have them anymore. i had them locked into a vault. but when i checked the safe later on after it was said to be secured… they were nowhere to be insight.

Major Zod: *Grins* i know it was you who hid them. you were the only one who had it inside a lab. Who else with your cunning would have blood that came from the Blur himself.  Since you chose to destroy the blur’s blood samples, I’m guessing you’re trying to protect him, maybe for some altruistic reasons, or maybe you want to use him as a bargaining chip of some sort.

Tess: I helped free your people from that orb because I’d hoped you’d save humanity from itself. But the only way I can make sure that happens is if we’re equal partners.

Major Zod: *Standing toe to toe with Tess* No human will ever stand on equal footing with a kandorian.

Dinah: Who’d want to?! You are a total schizo… you know that? *Coming Down*

Paige: You leave Tess alone. She is not your target. she didn’t free you. we 3 had done so. and you are doing nothing but making us regret the action. Major… we girls have risked everything by breaking you free. we risked everything. We are not your enemies. you are making an enemy out of yourself. You’re going after defenseless women. Scaring Tammy. What has she ever done to you to make you want to scare her?

Pearl: *Landing on the ground* You are being awfully rude and dastardly. You should learn to be more nicer.

Major Zod: *Looking at the girls* It matters not. You 3 should have realized that i can not stop my obsession with wanting to harness the same powers as the Blur. i want to be him. Jor-el took our powers and now with the Tower being built… i will be getting the very powers that i was denied.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Laughing* Ahahahaha!

Dinah: You think that the Blur is Jor-el… *Mocking Major Zod* man, are you ever way off. Jor-el is not even alive. he’s only some voice in some ice palace. if he was here… don’t you think that he’d show up by now?

Major Zod: He is here and alive. who else could be with the powers from the Yellow sun?

Green Arrow: *Striking Major Zod with a Knock out arrow* Okay Cranky hermit… time to say nighty night.

Tess: *Scoffs in outrage* What is the meaning of this?

Paige: Something that should be done. This guy is not your partner. He’s proving to be a threat. he thinks that we have the Blur. he Doesn’t even figure that the Blur is not like a team player.

Black Canary: *Contacting Watchtower* Black Canary to Watchtower… We got another Kandorian in the room…

Chloe: *Responding to Black Canary* move in… take him out.

Black Canary: On it. *Screeching a Loud Ear-shattering Siren*

Dinah: *Launching an attack at the Kandorian* SCREAMING THUNDER BIG BANG!!!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at the Kandorian* Melodious Bubbles!

Paige: *Launching an attack at the Kandorian* Love’s Storm!

Tess: *Getting behind the Kandorian* One word of warning… don’t cross a woman. You have no idea what kind of woman you are toying with. *Pulling at the tag around the Kandorians neck and Choking him to death*

Major Zod was with an arrow in his arm as he snuck out. the crowd disbanded and left. they fortunately did not see the outbreak that was going on… which saved Tess and saved the professor…

Dinah: *Looking for the Major* Where did he go?

Green Arrow: *Looking for the Major* Well where ever he went… it’s nowhere near here. he’s apparently immune to the knock out arrow i shot in him. *Seeing Tess with a tag in her hand* Mercy’s gone berserk. she’s killed one of the Kandorians.

Chloe: *Overhearing* Come again on that last part… Did you just say that Tess killed one of the Kandorians?

Paige: That might not have been a wise move. i think that you’ve only made a move to anger the Kandorians.

Pearl: Paige, It had to be done.

Dinah: Murder is not a heroes form of defeating an Evil being. Tess went beyond the method of self defense. i’d be all in for doing all that i could to seek protection and defend myself. but i wouldn’t go as far as pushing to resort to Murdering someone.

Black Canary: *Smirks* You sure about that? No one kills for the sport these days. we just do whatever we have to save the innocent people from creeps like him.

Tess: It’s okay. you guys can go now. i’ll handle this.

Pidge: *With Tammy* Come on dear. let’s get out of here.

Tammy: Okay.

A moment later…

Oliver: *Heading back to Metropolis*

Paige: *Sighs* I can’t believe it… We just saw Tess kill a human. A Kandorian… What are we gonna do? Major Zod is still being calm about things… he has shown no real emotion…

Pearl: One of his own people was just killed. i know that it was either him or us… but Why would Tess do something like that?

Oliver: It is something that you girls should be more used to… you 3 released him. and now he’s on the path to world domination. he’s only going for the city right now…. but it won’t be enough.

Dinah: *Barking* We did not release him. that orb just released itself. all we did was take it to the professor and run tests trying to figure out what the heck was in that ball. how were we to know that it was gonna release beings like Major Zod?

Black Canary: *Looking to Oliver* she’s got a point there peter pan… how were they to know? they may have heard of the orb… but it doesn’t mean that they dealt with it before. they only dealt with it once. that was it. they didn’t know what to expect.

Paige: We better get back to home… it’s late. *Looking at the city lights up ahead* Oliver… you know that we didn’t do it intentionally, right?

Oliver: *Sighs* Yeah. i know. it’s just the shock of hearing that you 3 released him… saw the orb open up. i think that it’s gonna be a long struggle for us. We’re gonna have to keep an eye out for him.

Dinah: exactly. *Growls a little* Man… this is messed up. This is just totally messed up. How the heck are we gonna fight someone like Major Zod? If it was someone like Queen Beryl and her merry collection of Youmas and derailing her ambitions in every way possible… we’d be able to press and get it done. but… How are we gonna beat this Zod? He’s more slicker than an oil Tycoon.

Paige: Tess really let that man have it though, huh?

Pearl: She sure did. but i think we were already over that. I just want to block that part out of my mind.

With tired minds and worn out energy… they made it back to metropolis and decided to bunk at the house. Princess Rikku’s house. The Rhapsody girls were gonna be in for a surprise soon, but they were gonna be made to stay out and doing things while the surprise was being set up. it was Midnight when they got inside the house that night. it was the night before their birthday. They were with many thoughts racing in their heads. trying to process what happened. Paige, Pearl and Dinah were disturbed about what they had witnessed seeing Tess commit. Pearl felt like bursting into tears because it struck her deeply. she didn’t like to see people killing one another. How would it affect them? seeing a human beings killing another. Would they be seeing more of it? What new surprises did Major Zod have in mind for the Rhapsody girls? Would they be in peril? What about their professor, Would he be dragged deeper into the problem? What would they do if the Solar tower did get built and get in operation; what would it mean for them? What about the surprise that their mother had for them? was it a party? or was it a hoax? What about the summons that they got from Jor-el? Would he attempt to pull the girls and teleport them by will to the Fortress of Solitude? Find out in next Chapter of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the saga continues…

Paige: *Voice-over* It’s a party. For us… Oh my god. we never imagined that everyone was trying to keep us in the dark so that they could surprise us. It’s really touching.

Pearl: *Voice-over* We’re now 15. it’s an exciting day for us. we can’t begin to imagine what will happen on our birthday. all the surprises. Imagine… us. The Rhapsody Girls Z! being thrown a Birthday party…

Dinah: *Voice-over* but even on a great day… something will come to put a incident or two in it. it seems that the party attracted Major Zod and it also attracts a call from the voice that came from the fortress. Jor-el calls us… Who could tell what he’d have to say? And what would give that Major Zod a pass to come to our party? If he’s here to start trouble on our birthday… he better be ready to deal with the Rhapsody girls and the Rhapsody brothers. Betty and Angel.  our cousins and uncle and the heroic friends we got here… He’s in our domain now. and you all know me… I’m itching to beat down an Evil creep… Even on my birthday.

Major Zod: *Voice-over* I arrive at the Rhapsody Girls house bearing gifts and presents. showing that even though i am this evil threat… that i do have a heart somewhere in me and am not afraid to let it out.  I can only pray that i don’t anger that precarious woman that is married to the professor. not that i would place much concern… but a woman such as her… is trouble for me. On the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 55: “Happy Birthday Rhapsody Girls Z! Let the Celebration Commence. A destined meet with Jor-el… Major Zod’s compassionate side makes haste.”

Paige: *Rubbing her arms* it’s really cold in here… What are we doing here?

Pearl: *Hearing a Voice* Jor-el? Is that you trying to talk to us? Why did you bring us here?

Major Zod: *Looking at the Rhapsody Girls* You know… i maybe an Evil threat and that day may well come that you and i will fight. But i would sire to let this out that it pains me to have to fight and nearly beat 3 young girls.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Touched* Awww!


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