The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 53: “Oliver Is Back… Rhapsody Girls Z! Meet the Green Arrow! Metropolis Goes Resident Evil… Major Zod’s proposal for the Solar Tower…heard.” Part 1

At Watchtower…

Oliver Queen: *Walking into the room and seeing how it changed* A nice festive change. the lights were changed. *Looking to see 4 boys in the room* Wow! Chloe. i didn’t know that you favored at turning this place into a school. Are they here waiting to be given an education? *Seeing the 4 boys at a closer glance* Okay… now i get it. They must be the new recruits. Lets see. the one in red is the captain of the brothers. the one in blue is the 2nd in command. the green one is the 3rd and the one in yellow is the 4th. Fire, Water, Not sure what Green is for their team… but i’ll just place it under grass. unless i am to be corrected and then the one in yellow is the Electric one.

Chloe: The one in Red is Prince Alvin. he is the leader of the Rhapsody Brothers. Prince Arnold is the blue one. his element is Water. Prince Avery is the green one. most would consider it to be grass. but it’s not that. It’s plasma and or Acid. It’s quite effective. The one in yellow is Prince Curtis, he is the electric one. Flaming Soul. Water Lord. Plasma-Core and Electric Rage.

Oliver: *Smirks and impressed* Not bad. sounds nice. Effective.

Prince Avery: *Turning to see Oliver Queen in the room* Holy hell. It’s Oliver Queen. He’s here. in Watchtower.

Prince Arnold: What? There is no way that he could be here. Wasn’t he about to walk into a old warehouse the last time we saw him?

Prince Alvin: boys… That is enough. That’s the Green Arrow. he’s returned.

Prince Curtis: he has? Well then… Let’s go and meet him.

Prince Avery: Right.


Oliver: *Looking at the 4 boys* you must be the tough guys. The Rhapsody Brothers. Right?

Prince Alvin: You bet. We’re the Rhapsody Brothers. We’re the cousins to the Rhapsody Girls Z. They’re right now in school. they had to go to school. it was kinda one of the ironclad rules that their mother and our Aunt Princess Rikku set. School is a must for them. no matter what.

Oliver: *Pauses* They’re in School? That little slice of Info pie… Chloe didn’t tell me.

Chloe: Yeah. they’re in school. but i think that picking them up is in good order. we’re gonna need them. Let’s have someone head over to Metropolis High school and pick them up. Any takers? But it’d be best to just go and wait for them to get out of school and be their ride.Dinah and Victor are out on patrol and getting the needed data on Major Zod. Major Zod has been known just now to wear a disguise to sneak in high security spots. He’s even taken the initial move to build something.

Oliver: *Curious and a little sarcastic* Build something? Like what? A blow-up doll? A robot that will agree to what he says and doesn’t have a mind to see that it’s being lied to?

Prince Avery: how do we know what he’s building? If he’s even building at all…Plus it’s a little too early for him to build something for one. for two… he doesn’t even know his way around the City let alone know anyone. who’s he gonna try to trick into helping him? if the security guards were smart they’d see right through his disguises and stop him at first shot.

Chloe: Not if they don’t know who they’re looking for or what he’d look like.

Prince Curtis: Then how the heck do we tend to tell them apart? That means that Major Zod could get as far as obtaining half the resources to build the Solar Tower before anyone could pounce in and stop him.

Chloe: No. it is too soon for him to begin the process of building. he is right now still on the hunt to locate more of his people. as we know right now… he’s only got a fraction of his people with him. *Putting up a picture of Basqat on the Overhead* Meet Basqat. Top man and high follower of Major Zod. tough… Brutal and little to none sympathy to the human Race. in his demeanor… it’s “Kill and never look back”

Prince Arnold: Well from what our cousins the Rhapsody Girls mentioned about him… i don’t think i ought to recite it. but they told us… that when those men and Major Zod came out of the orb. they were held captive and that guy… uh… Basqat. He nearly manhandled them and Princess Rikku too. Before we ran into AC and Victor we went to visit them at their house and found that they were here and not at home. we noticed a little discoloration on our Aunt Princess Rikku. on the Arms. We know her close and know that she’d never manhandle herself. and it had a small imprint. a Z. was in the middle of it.

Prince Alvin: *Making his Voice heard* It’s not what we are prepped to tolerate and there is no way that we’re letting it go. No one hurts our family and dares to get away with it. we might not get him now… but one of these days… we will. Then he’ll be sorry.

Oliver: *To Chloe; about Clark* So… Where’s the boy scout at?

Chloe: He’s probably at the ice fortress. Or at the Kent farm. but i wouldn’t know because i haven’t really had time to keep track of him on top of keeping track of the others…

Prince Alvin: Some help is needed…

(The Title: Rhapsody Girls Z! In the Middle of the screen and With scene of 3 Girls fighting An Evil Threat)

“Somebody save me 
Let your waters break right through 
Somebody save me 
I don’t’ care how you do it 
Just save me, save me 
I’ve made this whole world shine for you 
Just save, save 
Come on”

Chapter 53: “Oliver Is Back… Rhapsody Girls Z! Meet the Green Arrow! Metropolis Goes Resident Evil… Major Zod’s proposal for the Solar Tower…heard.” Part 1

In Smallville…

At the Kent farm…

Lois: *Sighs* There is nothing on… *Getting worked up and feeling a sense for the dramatical* and i am sitting here racking my skull trying to figure why Oliver hasn’t called yet. He and i were supposed to be beer ponging and make up for the fact that i missed the opportunity the other night. But do i get a nice call back from him? No. I get blown off again.

Clark: Lois, I am sure that there is a reasonable explanation for Oliver not calling.

Lois: *up tight* No… Clark there isn’t. there is no reasonable explanation for it. an reasonable explanation would be for like if you were supposed to get a ride to a doctor’s appointment and the ride couldn’t make it in time and sent someone else. or if you had to be at a party at a specific time to start it off given that you were the host and the head honcho who planned it and put it all together… that would be in reins of reasonable explanation. But for Oliver to just not return any of my calls. That’s all around low.

Clark: Maybe something came up. or something happened.

Lois: *Scoffs* Like what… A last minute Booty Call? I know that he’s got busy and that he’s got a business to run… he’s probably out saving someone from getting mugged. but the least he could do is at least shoot up a flare. saying something or tossing a bone pleading for an I.O.U.  Yet you tell me that i should calm down. because something came up…. Just because you never went to a party other than to go cow-tipping.

Clark: *Sighs* Lois, It’s not the end of the world. i’m sure that he’s gonna call anytime now.

Lois: Okay Captain Oblivious… you think that he’s gonna call? can you truly predict when he’s gonna call? Are you saying that i’m acting like a psycho Ex-girlfriend? Maybe i am Psycho in that department. but if you were me and were supposed to go have a night of Beer pong fun and Monster trucking… and then wound up not going because the someone that was supposed to take you and go with you together didn’t show… you’d be just like me. you’d be going totally postal and ranting like a lunatic who was late for his/her next fix.

At Metropolis High school…

2 weeks later…

In History Class…

Paige: *Working  on her History assignment* Working on this is more relaxing than i thought it’d be. it is better to be working on school work than to be out always fighting crime and some Evil Threat.

Pearl: i just want there to be peace. that’s what i want… what i’ll bleed for and wait a lifetime to see it.

Dinah: *Working on her History assignment* Pearl. there is no need for that. We do what we do because it’s what we are meant to do. You really think that we’d be having a heavy responsibility such as the one we got now if we were not with powers?

Teacher: *Overhearing the conversation* Ahem! you 3 girls must have something interesting to talk about. care to share it with the class?

Paige: it’s nothing to worry about. we’re just having a sisterly conversation is all. We are not meaning to disturb anyone.

Classmate: *Scoffs* Well… You are. You 3 are such freaks. talking about superpowers. This is not the fantasy world. it’s the real world. so do us all a favor and Wake up.

Pearl: *Snaps* Hey Back off, You meanie. Stop being so harsh. there is a thing such as super powers. don’t you even pay attention to the newspapers? there are beings from another planet roaming the city.

Classmate: *Gasps* Oh god. You 3… Holy shit… You 3 are… The…. The…. The Rhapsody Girls Z! Right?

Dinah: Well… we’re not the big bad wolf. *Chuckles* Why?

Classmate: I heard about you girls on the T.V. They had something on you on TMZ. I heard about you and what you all had done. Defeating that Evil threat. and then before that… beating an Evil Drule who was bent on Galactic Conquest.

Paige: *Looking up and over to her side* How did you know that?

Classmate: Because i was in the same class as you were on the day that a strange beast tried to smash the school.

Dinah: *thinking to self* don’t say it. please don’t say it.

Paige: Our power belts… because… we’re Supers. We’re the Rhapsody Girls Z.

Dinah: *Groans in disbelief* And she just said it…. ohhhh!!!! *Falling back dizzy and Embarrassed*”

Classmate: i was there. when that was said. i however was in shock when i heard you give the confession. saying that you were the Superhero team.

Pearl: Who are you? Did you happen to know a girl name Cindy Marsdale… She was was a sweet girl. but she didn’t really have any friends. Plus her parents back then were abusing her. she had all these marks on her.

Paige: What about Jess Lane? She too was also being abused. by her parents.

Classmate: I think that i did know them. Cindy was kinda instigating it a bit. She had a rather big mouth for her own good. however what she was going through… she didn’t deserve. being beaten like that. She was being neglected and endangered.  Jess however was with a nasty habit. i saw her one day back then… sneaking into the girls bathroom and she was smoking. She would never admit it to you because she was ashamed and her parents were beating it out of her because they knew that she was screwing her life up. she was young and she was becoming a prodigy for a historian career. she was smart as a tack and had it all. you could have asked her any question and she would have nailed it on key. Giving the date that it happened. what led to that moment in history. who was involved. where it was held, where it ended… the length it lasted till and all the names of all the people who were there. even the ones who tried to stop it or intervene. She was that good. No bull. she was that spot on perfect.

Paige: Jess Smoked? *Dumbstruck* But she never had any weird smell on her.

Classmate: She was hiding it. she hid it off well. she’s very shifty on that. especially if she’s ashamed. the key to tell if someone is ashamed of being one with a habit that they know isn’t them. secretly sniff them after they are caught enacting the nasty habit. if they don’t snell like the habit… then it means that they had cologne or perfume on to cover it to hide the stench.

Pearl: Cindy never did that…

Classmate: *Smiles* Leslie… Leslie Stevens. I know alot about things. things that i shouldn’t know about. i guess that when you’re dealing with fellow classmates who happen to be supers and are hearing about all kinds of tales and the sort… you tend to keep your ears to the proverbial grindstone and keep the ears pinned and tuned to listen and keep watch over anything that doesn’t look quite so cont-rare.

Paige: maybe you can help us with the new threat. *unsure about leaking out the confidential info to the classmate* Ever heard about Major Zod?

Leslie Stevens: *Getting up* Major Zod?! You have got to be fuckin’ kidding me. Major Zod… He’s the one that was reported to be seen hiding out in a cargo warehouse in metropolis. at the docks. on Liberty and Merican. i know that place because my mom works there as a daytime manager. she oversees everything that goes in and out of that place. If it’s with signs of being tampered… she stops the transportation and gives it a full on cavity search from top to bottom. she’s thorough. and just last week… she saw this strange guy who was wearing something around his neck. something that looked like a name tag. one that you’d usually see on dogs.

Dinah: How so… there is no way that he’d be just hiding there. It’d be almost like he was just biding the time and looking forward to being caught.

Paige: Let’s just finish our work. i don’t wish to get in trouble. besides our mom would be unhappy with us if we were to get in trouble in school.

Leslie Stevens: Sounds like a smart girl there. Your momma caring closely about your education. now that’s an honest caring parent. *Clicking her tongue with approval*

Pearl: *Working on her history assignment*

At the Metropolis department of water and power…

Dr. Coats: *Wearing a Disguise* … *Walking over to the superintendent* Excuse me, I got a call from the Dock bay and they said that their power has been cut off for sometime. I asked them where they usually get their power from and they said that it came from here. Would it be okay if i were to check it out. They really need their power ASAP. they’re right now sitting in the dark and can’t transport anything till the power comes back to them.

City water and power Superintendent Mike Folk: *Looking at his files and seeing that the power was still in working order* Hmm. The computers show that the power is going to them just as it should. *Looking at the clock* The Lunch bell is about the ring. but… let’s go and take a gander at the back and check out the transformers. Maybe the lines and the currents are giving a misfire. That sometimes seems to be the problem and most likely to happen from time to time.

Dr. Coats: I guess that it’s also with it’s own set of problems too. *Understanding* … *Motion for the manager to lead the way*

A minute later…

Dr. Coats was with the Virus in his pockets and he was waiting till he was near the Pumps for the water supply so he could dump the Virus into it. He wanted to make Major Zod proud and lure the Blur out into the open…

However at the fortress of Solitude…

Jor-el: *Calling out to the Rhapsody Girls* Paige, Pearl… Dinah… Come to me.

Back at the Metropolis High school…

In History class…

Paige: *Sensing something* Wha–? Who’s calling us?

Pearl: *Looking up and feeling a Ringing in her ears* What is going on?

Dinah: Why do my Ears hurt? *Rubbing her ears* It’s almost like living that same incident with the Musical Youma and it’s ability to use the soul flight. but this is worse than that.

Jor-el: *Voicing from the power Buckles* Rhapsody Girls Z! You are protectors of the City of Metropolis… but Major Zod is loose. He will destroy the world. as he has done Krypton. You must work side by side with my son Kal-el and stop Major Zod. Stop him before he retains the powers from the Yellow sun… or all is lost. Major Zod will never be stopped once he obtains the powers from the Yellow sun. He will know no limit.

Paige: *Looking at her power Buckle* ???

Pearl: Who was that? How did he know us?

Dinah: Who is he? Is he someone that can help with the threat?

Jor-el: *Voicing from the power buckles* I am Jor-el. the Kryptonian father of Kal-el.

Paige: *Gasps* Jor-el? How is he getting a hold of us?

Pearl: I don’t know. but something is triggering that.

At the Kent farm…

Lois: *Remembering what Tess mentioned earlier in the morning* Tess has been going off with a tall tale. about Zombies roaming the city. What’s her deal? what… her obsession with the walk of extraterrestrial beings being among us not enough? Now she needs to plaster her psychotic ramblings to up her status from being the paranoid Alien fanatic to a ballistic speaking seer of Zombie infiltration?

Clark: Tess is not as crazy as she seems.

Lois: You’re thinking that she’s sane. She’s got a true problem. I mean… come on, Smallville. Tess’s brains are scrambled. she is claiming to see Zombies. There are no Zombies roaming the streets. If so… Why don’t they call it Zombie town? Plus… before this… she was going off about alien orbs and now she speaks about Zombies… That In all lanes… equals “C” for crazy. but with her having the mental breakdown… it’s not even scratching the surface. I swear… she could be saying that the World was gonna become a space station and i’d still look at her like she was off her axis.

Clark: But it doesn’t make sense… i saw her this morning and she didn’t even have the mental breakdown.

Lois: That’s not her… But she sure is the lying, cheating, scheming type. She’s got deep dark secrets that can climb the tallest towers and still have room for seconds. If you keep enough of the secrets and keep them hidden long enough… it could start to back up on the brain.

Clark: If that is the case… we better inform the Rhapsody Girls. They are being eyed on by Tess. And their professor is right in the grips of Tess’s web.

Lois: *Scoffs* Okay That’s it Smallville. Out with the sideshow… What are you talking about? Who are these Rhapsody Girls?

Clark: They are the new recruits. the new heroes. Ever heard of Heroes like Thunder Mistress, Miss Love and Bubble Maiden? That is the Rhapsody Girls. Paige, Pearl and Dinah.

Lois: You’re falling for the cub scouts who sire to be actual heroes… The last thing people need is for the Blur to become upstaged by 3 young girls.

Clark: They don’t upstage anyone. i have seen them in action. They are actually pretty strong for young girls, Lois. I even spoke to my father in the ice palace. Even he thinks that they are devoted fighters.

Lois: *Grins* I am amazed on how one can place trust in unknown heroes that we know nothing about… I respect how quickly you managed to get the lowdown on Little miss tall tale Alien orb fanatic. but you can be just so gullible sometimes…

Clark: *Scoffs a little* Really? If that’s what you’re gonna think about it… Why don’t you go and call your new best friend and get him to weigh in on it? ask what he thinks about it…

Lois: *Stammers* Oh… no… oh no. i am not gonna go and make the act of crying wolf to Sir Hunk-a-holic. i don’t want him to think that i am some teenage lovepuppy who wants to see him so much that they’d come up with lame ways to see him. it’d be almost like asking for directions to the beach and then making any lame excuse to prevent yourself from going.

At Luthorcorp…

Pidge: *Walking to Tess’s office* i got the reports on the latest test runs on the new Phaser guns. They work well. I also am working on the New Robots for Luthorcorp. I also sneaked some time to build the girls a Robot Warrior. one for each of them. something that they can get into and can appear on command… i also spent some time with my Love too. but i am sure that Ms. Mercer is gonna love this new report. the guns i made are gonna put Luthorcorp defense line in the next age. plus also creating a robotic portable Hover board. the transportation of the future for the company.

A minute later…

Tess: *Getting ready to head back to the Luthor Mansion for a little bubble bath* I really need to relax a bit. Worrying about Major Zod being out there doing his conniving work is tiresome. *Seeing the doors open* Must be another employee with a issue. Good. *Seeing Pidge walking in* Ah… Mr. Stroker. Making another Visit to see me. you know… if you keep popping in like that… i’m gonna have to start considering it to be a daily ritual. So… What’s on the mind of yours today, Hmm?

Pidge: *Blushes a little* Tess… you shouldn’t be so into seeing me. I’m a married man. Tammy is my sweetie and breaking her heart would just crush me. But i do feel touched that you’re apt to see me. I came to hand in the reports on the results of the new Phase guns. They are all working and ready for mass producing. i got them in the machines at the Cyber-technics lab and putting it in mass of making 3000 of them. 3000 of them will be all out and ready for the guards to use in a matter of 2 days.

Tess: *Gasps* 3000?! but we only needed 2500. you made 500 over the limit.

Pidge: Is that bad? *A little worried*

Tess: No. Not at all. that is just excellent. it’s a little unexpected though. i never imagined that you’d be getting that much done in just that short a time… Steven … my on call tech guy who is helping with tracking the rest of the Kandorians… even he couldn’t amass that much.

Pidge: What can i say… I am a tech wiz. a prodigy. i had a high I.Q since i was a young lad. that’s what got me into the Garrison. I got accepted into the garrison at a young age. i was the youngest one in the Garrison. but my technical knowhow was unshakable. it was that high.

Tess: Interesting. I was about to head back to the Luthor Mansion for a little while. i believe it or not have a meeting at home with the elusive military man… Major Zod. he’s rather coy. i figure that if i can shake some info out of him… it can probably help the 3 girls. They are gonna need it. the end game Zod has is nothing short of mysterious. I am also gonna get myself a nice bubble bath. *Walking over to the side to get a drink of white Wine* I know that a man of your stature would not wish on turning down a nice glass of white wine.

Pidge: *Smiles* My Wife would be a bit ruffled if i were to have one without her… but it’s just you and me in here and it’s only one glass. what she don’t know won’t hurt me or you. besides. i won’t tell if you don’t. *Chuckles*

Tess: *Pouring a couple glasses of Wine* I hear that you’re expecting a child of your own in the future. It’s an honor for you, isn’t it? i myself never got that chance to find the right man. at least not one that would be willing to put up with my witful charms. *Picking up the glasses and walking over to Pidge; Giving him a glass*

Pidge: *Accepting the glass* We are… but Tammy doesn’t want to let it out till after she reaches her 3rd trimester. She’s been dealing with morning sickness the last couple of days so… there is a sure sign that she’s gonna be pregnant. she’s even glowing a bit too. however she doesn’t really go anywhere. *Sighs* She’s kinda embarrassed to show herself looking pregnant. it’s hard for her to really move around. *Looking down a bit* I feel bad for her. but i don’t know what really there can be done for her. The doctors all say that she’s fine and that she’s quite healthy. she’s eating for 3 because it’s a set of twins. but she just feels so cooped up.

Tess: Well… If your’re in need of an on call nurse…i can make a call and have one tend to her. it’s really the right thing to do. besides that we wouldn’t want for there to be any complications.

Pidge: True. *Sipping his Drink* Seeing her in pain would just hurt me.

At Watchtower…

Chloe: *Working on the computer* So far… we got the same results and no other appearances from the Kandorians. We know they’re out there. but they are clearly hiding well and are meshing with the outside world. Major Zod isn’t gonna be playing dumb for long. he’s getting smarter. But i did manage to pull up a few more pictures of sightings marking the same symbols. *Pulling in more pictures* These were sighted in Florida… Sun Valley Idaho, Munich Germany, Venezuela, Haiti… Jamaica… The British Virgin islands, Cuba, Para Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Rome and Naples Italy, Several in Kabul Afghanistan, Moscow Russia.

Dinah Lance: *Looking at Chloe* Okay… so We’re looking for more heat signatures of where these Kandorians have landed and where they were first sighted. But what about the ones that are already in metropolis?

Arthur Curry: If these Kandorians are here in Metropolis… Then obviously they’re in for the big fish. they’re wanting something. Prince Curtis mentioned something about it didn’t he? Major Zod the head master of the Kandorian army is prone to build something.

Prince Avery: I don’t think that we should worry much about the Kandorians.

Dinah Lance: Why do you say that, Prince Avery?

Prince Avery: It isn’t that i am saying forget about them… *Looking at the others* The captain… Prince Alvin had a Theory that he said to me before he took off to do some reconnaissance for us keeping a tight watch on any movement from Major Zod. You know how things attract a object or fishes them out? All we got to do is find out what the Kandorians are after and use that as the trump card. it’s like using honey to attract the flies. So… The kandorians are the flies to the honey… we can fish out info from the spots they will try to infiltrate in getting the resources and use it to attract them. don’t go to them… let them come to us. by going to them… we’re gonna be caught in the middle and be opened for an attack. that’s what the enemy wants.

Dinah Lance:  Prince Avery’s got a point. we should try to get the spots that the Kandorians are prone to show up at and gather the resources… use it against them. If we plan to stop them… we got to do it now. If Major Zod is aiming to nail the attempt on building something to help him. we better be ready to toss a monkey wrench into it.

Victor Stone: Well… i can plug into the Schematics of the facility and get the info so we can blow it off the face of the city. or at least render it decommissioned.

Suddenly a Siren goes off…

Betty: *Looking out the window* Chloe… get on the wire and check for trouble… i am getting a bad feeling coming over me and it not good.

Angel: *Sensing something going on in the city* Something is going on… *Rising up to one of the monitors and turning on the T.V*

On the outside…


People were starting to turn into the living dead. a few incidents started to arise and people began to turn into Zombies. The Water was tainted. People were drinking the water and it turned them into zombies. The City was starting to turn into a Zombie land.

Tess was still in the City and she happened to drink the water from a faucet in the plaza while still being on her way out heading to the Luthor Mansion. Lois was in the City too. Between the time that she was at the Kent farm and now with the virus and turned into a Walking dead, she drove her way to Metropolis.  She was in the daily planet…

Lois: *looking at the reporter across from the desk* Whoa… Freeze. Who are you? And why do you look like me?

Trixie: *Confused* Uh, Excuse me. Do i know you?

Lois: No. but i could practically say the same about you.

Trixie: i’m the Ace reporter here… Trixie Rhapsody. I have heard about you. You’re uh, Lois lane. Cousin to Chloe Sullivan the high reporter who worked for the torch at Smallville high.

Lois: *Sarcastically* I see that you’ve done your homework. what’re you aiming for, Brownie points? Sorry. but i don’t share the spotlight.

Perry: *Walking over to the girls* What’s the issue here, Ms. Rhapsody. Ms. Lane?

Lois: Nothing. there isn’t any issue here. I am just wondering how exactly imitating reporters can get the pleasant treatment and the actual reporters get the shaft.

Perry: Lois, now you’re just being a cynic. No one is getting the shaft. you have done more than a wonderful share of wonderful articles and reports. besides that i wouldn’t terminate you if you happened to be the slowest paced reporter. Trixie here has been most resourceful. She obviously has been covering about the incidents about the past threats that were running the straight course. King Lotor’s path of turmoil… then the whole spectacle of the Great Evil Queen Metaria and Queen Beryl. She covered it all. and has done other articles too. like opinion pieces. She’s quite like you, Lane. She is the only one in the room who admires your demeanor and thinks in the style of how you write articles. she and Mr. Kent who i believe once again is no where to be seen. they like you and are fond of you. even i do. but the others are a little cross at you. but they stick with you because they know that when the chips were down and it came to crunchtime with the deadline… you knew how to reel the tales in gear and get them collected and put into the editing room for editing and then placed right into the paper. Trixie is just as good as you if not better. She’s even related to the Rhapsody Girls Z! she’s their great Aunt. and those girls sell more tales than the broncs in the Super bowl.

Lois: *Smirks* Ah… So she’s their great Aunt. The 3 girls do things for the City and they have it posted all over the city newspapers for all to see. Gloryhounds is what they are. that’s exactly what they are… The only ones who protect this city and do it for all the right reasons are the Blur, The green Arrow and their merry band of men. Those Rhapsody Girls are just copy cats. what… did they fall off the truck and come out of nowhere?

Trixie: *Snaps* Hey. those are my great nieces that you’re slandering. they are heroes… if it weren’t for them… Metropolis wouldn’t be here… there would be no world. we’d all be dead. they busted their necks saving us all. Did the Blur… save us from King Lotor of planet Doom? Did he save us from Queen Metaria and Queen Beryl-sama? No. So if you want to praise someone… look at the ones who really deserve it.

Lois: *Getting testy* Alright Ms. brown-nosing glory-hogging Activist. You are talking to someone who has gone through dealing with the Threat of Lex Luthor being the Vessel of Zod. Brainiac. several times. Tess messing with me over some Orb. And Doomsday. Clark was in the epicenter of all that. As much as you want to praise those 3 girls for whatever they’ve done… they’ll never amount to the same status quo as Clark.

Trixie: *Insulted and distinctively annoyed* You are being a real cruel and very judgmental bitch. I don’t appreciate it at all. I looked up to you. I even wanted to be you in some way because i felt that it’d be wonderful to know what it’s like to be you. to be in the front lines getting the story. But if being you means that i have to be a bitch just like you’re being and be Judgmental… you can keep your advice  and anecdotes. i don’t want them.

Lois: *Sighs* Hold on… Wait. Look. I’m sorry if i am coming off on the wrong foot and jumping down the judgmental lanes here. i just don’t see what is so special about 3 girls. I really do not see it. i never heard of them and maybe that’s my fault. *Looking at Trixie* If you really think that they’re all that; that’s fine. i am not gonna put a nail in you and hang you to a wall. *Looking at her desk and seeing newspaper clippings of 3 girls, twin sisters and 4 boys* Oh my god… I can’t believe that i’ve been so judgmental. been so completely dumb-sighted about the whole thing. The clipping. there was a sighting of a beast at the park during the memorial day festivities. There i am in the side by the stage nearby that Pink haired lady.

Trixie: *Shooting up* You were there?

Lois: *Scoffs* Uh, yeah… that was 3 years ago. maybe even longer than that now. I was there… And i saw these 3 girls… They were talking about the beast… Some beast that had some alien like purple stuff.


Princess Rikku: *Freaking out* MY GIRLS!!!!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Looking at the crowd and then at the monster* Oh no! The Civilians…

Paige: We got to do something…

Pearl: Transform?

Dinah: Transform. If people see us… then we’ll have to just live with the publicity. but the people are in Danger. and that Beast is asking for trouble. *Seeing the Beast throw more blasts of Haggarium thunder at the people* No time to think… Let’s just do it!

Paige: Right… Besides it’s now or never and people are busy running for cover so they’d probably never think twice on seeing that we have some abilities which they don’t understand.”

Lois: *Voice-over* I was there… but the only thing i saw was a very freaked out flock of birds that were so scared that they acted as though they were about to have themselves a heart attack. But i kept hearing this lady. She kept Saying: “My girls. I can’t lose them… Someone… help them. Please someone do something.” The lady was flipping out like a hysterical Panicked madman. acting the same way someone would act if their favorite earrings were being lojacked and ripped off from them. She was hollering and screaming. Then there was this White haired woman. She was trying to calm her down.  hugging her almost like cousins would.

A second later…

Trixie: Those were my Nieces Princess Rikku and Princess Charlene. They were there that day and the girls that day did a #. i was there because i was to do a story or an article on the festivities. and i watched as they did the show. they sing beautifully. it’s the best.

Lois: They were singing? *Smiles and remembers the tune* That was a good tune they were singing. wasn’t it from that Jpop band?

Trixie: exactly.

Lois: I thought so. *Playing the Audio tape in her purse*

However She felt a bit weepy suddenly and walked to a restroom. Washed up a bit and some of the water went into her. It didn’t have any effect on her at first, but seconds later… she started feeling rather exhausted and fell asleep; barely made it to her desk when she then fell asleep and then woke up looking like one of the Un-dead…

Lois: *Snarling and growling*

Trixie: *Jumps* EEK!

Perry: *Grabbing Trixie and making a run for it* Let’s get the heck out of here and save our hides while we can.

Trixie: *Running in fear* Where ever the Rhapsody Girls are… their help would be greatly appreciated right now.

Perry:  Them or a professional exorcist.

Back at the Metropolis High School…

Science Class…

Paige: *Looking at the book* This doesn’t make any sense.

Pearl: I’m so confused.

Dinah: Well… i’m not having any luck.


Oliver: *Walking into the room* Excuse me, Mrs. Petersen.

Teacher: *Looking over to see Oliver* Mr. Queen, What brings you to Metropolis high?

Oliver: I came to pick up 3 girls. You may have heard about them as they saved the city a bunch of times. 3 girls. Gutsy, Emotional, Headstrong and devoted… one of the members being lovesick over comics and hooked with a fetish for Chocolate.

Teacher: You mean The Rhapsody sisters. right?

Oliver: yeah. They’re needed.

Teacher: I see… *Sighs* but they’re right now doing a pop-quiz. i can’t release them.  Sorry.

Oliver: They’re needed. there is something going on in the city and their services are needed. *Pulling out a couple hundred* I’ll take full responsibility for their Pop-Quiz that they’re bailing on.  I’ll even bring them back here personally to see that they get a chance to make it up as soon as they’re done with the issue going on in the city.

Teacher: If you insist. I normally wouldn’t budge on this… but what the heck. Go… go on over to them.

Oliver: *Nods* Thank you.  *Walking over to the Rhapsody girls* Paige, Pearl, Dinah.

Paige: *Looking up and seeing a man walking over to them* Who are you?

Pearl: *Looking up and catching sight of the man; Gasps* It’s Oliver Queen. The Multi-Millionaire CEO Of Queen Industries.

Dinah: Huh?! *Looking up* Wow! That’s the Green Arrow. He’s come back. But i thought that he was said to be missing. He’s returned?

Oliver: Miss Love, Bubble Maiden… Thunder Mistress. There’s a disturbance at the City Water and power. Watchtower’s pinpointed the source of where the situation is… Wheels and gear up in 5 minutes.

Paige: *Looking up and then at her sisters* Pearl… Dinah. Time to go. Let’s go and take care of the mess.

Pearl: I will bet that it’s Major Zod.

Dinah: Or one of his men…

Paige: We’ll find out once we get there.

Pearl: Sure.

A second later…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah grab their stuff and grab their hover cruisers, their Cellphones and their ear pieces then waltzed out of the room….

Outside the Room…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Putting their hand up and Seeing a Power Gem Appear on their finger*

Paige: Miss Love… Power up! *Transforming* … *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Hearts* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The heart and love of the Rhapsody girls… Miss Love… In the name of Justice, love and all that’s good… The followers of Evil will fall.

Pearl: Bubble Maiden… Power Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The emotinal and caring soul of the Rhapsody girls… Bubble Maiden. In the name of sweet compassion and Bubbly charm… The Bubbles of life will wipe away the stain of Evil.

Dinah: Thunder Mistress… Power Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* The loose Wire and the tough fighter of the Rhapsody Girls… Thunder Mistress. In the name of the thunder and fierce determination of the good people… The Evil creeps who dare enter this world will be Electrified.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Paige: *Pressing the button on her earpiece* Miss Love… on call.

Pearl: *Pressing the button on her earpiece* Bubble Maiden… on the move.

Dinah: *Pressing the button on her earpiece* Thunder Mistress… ready to supply the boom.

Oliver: *In Hero outfit and with his hood up; pressing a button on his earpiece and pressing a button on the side of his shades Changing his voice* Green Arrow… Online.

Chloe: *Speaking to the Leader of the Rhapsody girls* Miss Love, You and your companions will hit the top of the power plant and go in. Green Arrow will be doing the same but will go from the back in… in the center… there is a door that leads down to the main pumps. each point have a worker or two that are possibly one of Major Zod’s men. Be careful. report as soon as you get to the City water and power. you’ll be briefed further.

Paige: *Responding* Confirmed Watchtower. we’re on it. *Looking at her sisters* Sisters… We’re going to the top of the Plant and in. We have our orders. let’s get over there.

Pearl&Dinah: *Nods* Right.

Rhapsody Girls Z: *Getting on their Hover Cruisers and making way to the City water and power*

At The Kent farm…

Bart Allen: *Cleaning up the house for Clark* Hey Stretch… We better get our stud looking selves over to the Watchtower. Chloe’s probably expecting us right now….

Chloe: *Contacting Bart* Watchtower to Bart… Come in Bart.

Bart Allen: *Responding* Bart here. I read you, Chloe. what’s up?

Chloe: We have a break in at the Professor’s house… An energy spike just occurred there and it’s got the calling card for Zod. You and Clark get over there and investigate the scene. Dinah and Victor are gonna check out the Luthorcorp Plaza. there are spikes at the plaza with a sighting of a couple of Zod’s men.  AC is joining The Rhapsody Girls and green Arrow at the City Water and Power. but hurry on over to the Professor’s house…

Bart Allen: No sweat. we’re on it. *Looking for Clark* Yo! Stretch. we got to go. that was Chloe. there was a possible break in at Professor Stroker’s house. We got to go and investigate.

Clark: Right. Let’s go. *Speeding off to the Professor’s house*

Bart: And we’re off… *Speeding off after Clark*

At Watchtower…

Betty: *Watching for signs of trouble* We have a Visitor… Coming to the door.

Angel: Who is it?

Betty: *Looking at the cameras* It’s our mom.

Chloe: *Looking up* Your mom?! But she can’t be here. she doesn’t have clearance. She wasn’t cleared.

Betty: Well… i don’t know what to tell you, Chloe. but she is here. she’s here now.

Angel: Open the door.

Chloe: *Opening the door*

P.A: Opening Watchtower doors….

Princess Rikku: *Walking in* Whoa. This is… This must Watchtower. it has to be the Watchtower. *Seeing profiles of people on the overheads* Oliver Queen, Bart Allen, Dinah Lance. Victor Stone, Arthur Curry, Clark Kent. Wow! *Seeing pictures of her daughters on screen* Oh my god. Oh dear me… *Walking over to the one computer and seeing info on her family* … *Gasps* Our family’s on watch. we’ve been spied on. We’ve been watched the whole time….

Chloe: *Walking over* There is a honest reason why your girls have been watched. we even were watching the 4 boys. Your girls have been recruited by me… and by the other heroes. *Looking at the Mother of the 3 girls* You must be their mother.  it’s nice to meet you finally. Chloe Sullivan. the others call me Watchtower. since i got the bird’s eye view on everything that happens. everything comes through me.  *Looking at Princess Rikku* Your daughters… are very gifted fighters. they’re very sweet too.

Paige: *On Overhead* Miss Love to Watchtower… Come in.

Chloe: *Looking at Princess Rikku* That’s your Daughter… she’s buzzing in right now. *Responding* I read you, Miss Love. What’s the progress?

Paige: *Through the overhead* We’re on top of the City power plant now. Bubble Maiden and Thunder mistress are awaiting command.

Chloe: *Heading to the Computer and pulling up the Schematics of the City water and power; Briefing Miss Love* Okay. there should be a latch somewhere on top… Pull it and the door should open. *Contacting Oliver* Green Arrow… What’s your status?

Oliver: *Responding* Green Arrow…  i made it into the back of the plant. heading to the center now. I don’t know if this will sound enlightening… but there is a very musky smell here. Smells like toxic.

Chloe: *Reading the Schematics* Oh no… there’s a bad reading… there’s been a visitor there at the Plant not but a while  ago. Better hurry.

Oliver: Better get the girls over here… It’s go time. *Contacting AC* Aquaman… what’s you position?

Arthur Curry:  *Responding* I’m at the southeast end of the plant… underneath the water reservoir… *Contacting The girls* Bubble Maiden, Are you girls inside the plant yet? We’re in now… waiting on you girls.

Paige: *Contacting AC* We’re in. we’re in. Sorry about that. the Latch was giving us a little trouble. it took all three of us at the same time to get it loose and opened… but… we’re in now. *Jumping down and Hovering down to the center*

Dinah: *Heading to the center* God… this place stinks… What is that smell? It smells like rotting flesh or mold. *Contacting Oliver* Green Arrow, Are you at the center? we’re looming in fast.

Oliver: *Responding* I am a few steps away from the center.

Pearl: *Hovering over to the center* I can use the bubble Harp to lessen the smell of the Toxic.

Oliver: *Nods* okay. You’re up, Bubble maiden.

Pearl: *Using her bubble harp against the Toxic Smell* Bubble Wave! *Launching the bubbles at the toxic smell to lock some of the smell away*

Chloe: Have you reached the center yet?

Paige: *Responding* Yes. we’ve reached the center. we’re going in.

Arthur Curry: *Climbing up from under the Water reservoir* i made it. i’m going in through the tunnel now.

Paige: *Opening the door and making way down to the main pumps* … Here we go. *Contacting Watchtower* Watchtower… come in.

Chloe: *Responding* read you loud and clear… What’s your position?

Pearl: We’re through the center door. we’re going down to the main pumps.

Chloe: *Pulling up the Schematics* Okay… at the Main pumps… there are 4 switches. flip them all down. that will shut off the main pump. if the Virus has been just put into the Water the pumps will try to filter it out. but if pumps are shut off… the Virus will be confined only within the Main pump and won’t travel or progress into the city limits. it’ll be stopped.

Dinah: *Hovering over to the main Pump and arriving at one of the Switches* Got the one switch. *Flipping the switch down*

Oliver: *Seeing up ahead* What is that?

Paige: *Looking up ahead* I think that we have a problem.

A second later…

Arthur Curry: *Walking up over to the girls* Paige… Pearl… Dinah. We might have to issue a city wide lockdown. The water is poisoned. I barely got out of there alive.

Oliver: *Walking over to the Pumps* we might be too late.

Dinah: What’ll we do? Does that mean that we’re gonna have a city full of Zombies on our hands?

Pearl: Is there anything that we can do to stop it?

Oliver: *At the Pumps* … I don’t know. it doesn’t look good. I think that the Virus was placed here earlier than we expected… it’s been able to cultivate into the water supply. it’s mixed in with the Water. we can’t reverse it. *Seeing the Pumps still letting the Virus out* I think we just had a worse problem. *Contacting Watchtower* Watchtower… This is green Arrow. Come in. Issue a city wide news flash to the outside. The Virus has been put into the Water supply. We’re too late. the Virus has been put in at a much earlier time… it’s had enough time to cultivate into the Water supply. issue a city wide alert. we need to get everyone on the outside… *Looking to AC and the girls* AC, Paige, Pearl, Dinah. let’s move out. we got to go and warn the city.

Paige: we know who to tell too. she’ll get it on the Newspapers. *Looking at her sisters* Pearl… Dinah. Let’s go.

Chloe: *Contacting Paige* Paige, you and your sisters get back to Watchtower right away.

Pearl: We can’t. We need to get the people warned about the Virus. it’s gonna spread fast. there’s almost 70,000 people in the city. anyone in the city could be turning into a Zombie. we need to stop it while we have a Chance.

Emil: *On the audio* Don’t worry about it. we’re gonna be looking for a cure for it now.

Paige: *Looking at the Pumps and hearing Voices* You’re gonna need to hold off on that. we got company.

Pearl: *Looking at her Power Buckle* My power Buckle is picking up something.  from the west of us.

Arthur Curry: *Poised to strike* if it’s one of Zod’s men… i’m ready to throw down.

Oliver: *With his Crossbow; aimed to fire in the west* Stay Alert. Paige, Pearl Dinah… make sure that you’re set to strike. We could be in for a lovely encounter with one of Major Zod’s men.

At the professor’s house…

Bart Allen: *Looking for signs of anyone still in the house* Hello? Anyone here?

Clark: *Looking for survivors* I don’t see anyone… *Focusing his eyes; Using X-Ray Vision to look deeper in the house* …. *Seeing Someone moving; With his super hearing; Hearing cries* Someone’s here. *Super Speeding to the one room and ripping the door off* Are you okay?

Tammy: *Scared* W-who are you?

Clark: Clark Kent. I’m one of the good guys.

Tammy: *Looking at the door down on it’s side* How did you do that? *Startled* How were you able to do that?

Clark: Do what?

Tammy: I May be a little scared and terribly frightened because of the break in that happened here. My wonderful looking house is ruined. papers are tossed everywhere. pictures on the wall are broken… it’s all ruined. but i didn’t miss seeing you break that door off. you broke it off… With your bare hands. What did they feed you on the farm? Super pills? Massive amounts of Spinach?

Bart Allen: *Walking over* I wouldn’t be too sure of that one, gorgeous. He ‘s strong. but not as fast as i am. i’m faster than Clark.

Tammy: *Looking to see another person in the room* Who are you? What’s going on here?

Bart Allen: *Shrugs* no idea… but we got a call saying that there was a break in here. that a couple of Major Zod’s men were seen here. And uh… The name’s Bart there Pretty eyes.

Tammy: *freaked* Was that who was here? there were 3 men. one was a woman. the other two were men. One of them was a Major. But with the panic that i was under… i didn’t hear his name. i just went to a hiding spot… and hid.

Bart Allen: *Curious* Any idea what they were after here?

Tammy: No. i have no clue. i don’t even know what my husband Pidge does for work… i know he works for Luthorcorp now working under Tess Mercer. but as for the rest. i don’t know. i did see that he had some papers the other day here. it had the Luthorcorp logo on it. *Pointing to one of the papers on the floor* It was those kinds of papers.

Tammy: I don’t get it though… What would that guy or Major want with Luthorcorp? What could they have that he’d possibly want?

Bart Allen: One guess. to get the required data needed to build something that will help and benefit him. As far as we know… Major Zod had not made it known… however… that could be but a matter of time.

Tammy: *Remembering what she heard* i think i remember hearing one of them talking about going after someone called the blur…

Bart Allen: *Contacting Watchtower* Impulse to Watchtower… Come in.

Chloe: *Responding* i read you Impulse. What’s going on? How bad is it?

Bart Allen: Nothing more than a bit of ransacking, Pillaging, and jangled nerves. We got the Professor’s wife here. What should we do?

Chloe: Bring her back here. back to Watchtower. She’ll be safe here for the time being.

Bart Allen: Right. we’re on it.

Clark: *Looking to see the professor nowhere in sight* Your husband isn’t here and you’re alone. you’ll come with us to the Watchtower. it’s safer there.

Tammy: *Shrieks* What? And run like a chicken. No. i maybe scared but i’m not gonna leave my house and count those scary men winning over. they’re not scaring me out of my house.

Clark: No. Major Zod came here… you even said that he was here. he could be back. We’re not leaving you behind alone.

Tammy: *Feeling her stomach* Oww!

Bart: What’s wrong?

Tammy: It’s nothing. i’m just having a little pain is all. Pidge and i are expecting a couple of kids soon.

Clark: *X-Raying Tammy* You’re pregnant. You are definitely not being left here alone. *Looking at Bart* Bart. Let’s go. we’re going back to the tower.

Bart: *Nods* right… but first. *super speeding and flashing all over the house cleaning it up* Now we can go.

Clark: quick thinking Bart.

Bart: *Grabbing Tammy and carrying her* Hold on tight pretty eyes.

At the Luthorcorp Plaza…

Black Canary: *Looking around* I don’t see anything. Chloe said that there was someone here. a couple of Zod’s men. but it’s quiet here.

Victor Stone: *using his red eye; scanning for a reading* Well… don’t shoot the messenger, Black bird. but i’m getting a reading and it doesn’t look human. The shape is human… but the readings are something else.

Black Canary: what are you picking up there cyber-muscles?

Victor Stone: One word. Undead.

Black Canary: *Pauses* Can you repeat that? Did you just say undead?

Victor Stone: Well… i didn’t slip a hallucination. i see undead. several of them and one of them is… Tess. and the guy that the Rhapsody girls know.

Black Canary: *Looking at Victor* Professor Stroker?!


Tess: *Snarling and growling*

Pidge: *Screeching*

Workers: *Moaning and Snarls*

Black Canary: Victor… Cover your ears.

Victor Stone: Why? What are you gonna do?

Black Canary: Just do it.

Victor Stone: Okay. You’re gonna make with that silent alarm thing, aren’t you? *Covering his ears*

Black Canary: *Screeching a Loud Ear-shattering Siren*

Tess: *Snarling and screaming in pain* Ahhhhhhhh!

Pidge: *Holding his ears in agony and falling down* Ahhhhhh! *Snarling*

Black Canary: Let’s get them back to Watchtower. we’ll figure out a cure later.

Victor Stone: Who’s gonna carry them? I’m not.

Black Canary: *Looking outside and seeing more Zombies out walking* Okay… i’ve heard of a resident Evil moment. but this is insanity.

At the Daily Planet…

Paige: We got a story for you.

Pearl: Yeah. we need to get it out and warn people about the virus that’s been unleashed. it could spread and reach Smallville Kansas. and other cities and towns.

Dinah: *Giving the scoop to Perry* Mr. White. have this story posted. people need to be warned about this virus before it spreads further out like a disease. It’s got Metropolis. it could break into the surrounding cities…

Perry: *Nods* You got it. consider this story printed. *Calling for a Reporter* Rhapsody… come in here.

Trixie: *Walking into the office* Yeah Perry. What’s up?

Perry: these girls brought us a story. *Giving Trixie the info for the story* Make a storm of intrigue happen. make it sound good for the papers. we’re gonna warn the city and warn all those who aren’t infected already with the virus.

Trixie: You got it. *Marching over to her desk* Consider this story liquid gold.

Paige: Thanks. we better get going now. we’re expected somewhere.

Pearl: *Contacting Watchtower* Watchtower… Come in.

Chloe: *Responding* we read you… Where are you?

Pearl: We’re at the Daily planet. just handed the story to the editor. We’re gonna warn all the unaffected and at least give them a fighting chance. it’s better to cover our reputations and put a cap on the outbreak. this virus can spread. it’s gone into the water supply. Water is liquid. and what can get a virus to spread and affect the most people faster than anything else?

Chloe: Water. the source of life. the beginning of life. Marine life, leading to plant life leading to animal life to the meat that comes from the animals and come to us on our tables. the chain of control. You destroy that… you disrupt life and its balance.

Dinah: that’s one way of putting it… less graphical than by saying it like: “The process of Human Extinction”

Paige:  We’ll be there within a couple minutes.

The girls then leave the Daily planet and back to Watchtower…

At the watchtower…

Princess Rikku: *Looking at Betty* You are here helping Chloe run this place. i am surprised. You usually are out with your sisters where the action is.

Betty: True. but as a wise person once said… “They’re growing up… if you keep holding them back and babying them… they’ll never learn how to grow up and make it out on their own. Holding the girls back is almost the same as showing distrust in them and that is the same as hurting them” Plus. Who says that i won’t go out where the action is. i am here on my own accord. As is Angel. we’re helping Chloe keep the close watch over things.

Angel: *Watching the Monitor* We got incoming. We have 3 people coming in… Bart, Clark and a woman. Who is the woman?

Betty: *Rising up and taking a look at the security monitors* That’s Tammy. My father’s wife. What’re they doing bringing her here?

Angel: *Looking at Chloe* Chloe… Open the doors. Bart and Clark have come.

Chloe: *opening the doors*

A Minute later…

P.A: Greetings, Impulse. Boy Scout.

Clark: We just came back from the Professor’s house.

Chloe: What did you find?

Bart Allen: nothing much except for a ransacked home and a scared stiff woman. *Setting Tammy down on the sofa nearby* She’s scared stiff. She said that Zod was there with another man and a woman. possibly his major Squeeze. saying something about going after Clark. but she said it like she knew who he was. that she knew that he was the blur. Did you know that the professor is working for Tess Mercer? Tammy divulged that piece of info to us. we saw papers from Luthorcorp all over the floor.

Clark: Whatever Zod is up to… it’s getting worse. this could all lead to what happens in the future.

Bart Allen: *Pauses* The Future? *Shaking his head and feeling wigged out a bit* What are you getting at there Stretch? Is something said to happen?

Clark: Yeah… When Alia said that i was gonna betray the world… she said that i’d betray my own people. that i’d destroy the world. She had my father’s old watch. i have now less than a year to find a way to prevent it from happening.

Betty: This kind of scenario sounds rather familiar… Why?

Clark: *Looking up at Betty* This is different than when you and your sisters and family had to deal with the Great Evil Queen Metaria, Betty. alot different than that. Metaria didn’t have the means to motion on proposing the construction of a Solar tower. Major Zod does. i don’t know how i know… but when i last spoke to Jor-el he said that Major Zod would try to make the means to construct something that will not only give him and his people powers… but would happen to take my powers away.

Angel: Well… we need to hope that it doesn’t get planned. what we can hope for is to see that he doesn’t plan to build one.

Princess Rikku: I don’t know what is going on… but if Zod wants to take this city… He’s gonna need to try a little harder than that. he’s forgotten about my girls and the 4 boys… and my Cousins Princess Charlene, King John and Mrs. Stroker. who is the wife to Pidge’s brother Chip. they can stop him.

Betty: Mom, Normally that would be true. however if Zod does succeed and get that thing built and gets the powers of the yellow sun… they won’t be able to stop him. *Looking at the Computer* I’ve done some looking into the files and found that they can build it but will also need something called the Book of Rao. to fuel it indefinitely. but even without that particular book. it can still function on our city’s power grid. feeding off the power that our city depends on. it will fuel them all and grant them with all the powers of the yellow sun. heat vision. superhearing X-Ray vision, super strength, Super speed. everything. but what they are unaware of… it can also open them up to be weakened by the same green rock that Clark is allergic to. the Green K.

Princess Rikku: *Hopeful* So that can be our saving grace, right?

Angel: Well… Yes and no. Yes it can give us a saving Grace. but it can also be something to invite unwanted fury from angered Kandorians. they will tolerate a lot. but if you attempt to try and assassinate them or betray them… they will not hold off. they’ll come flying and won’t stop.

Tammy: *Hurt* Owww! Why was those guys in my house? They had no right to be in my house. when my husband comes back. i’ll let him know and he can get to the bottom of it. those Kandorians are rotton. at least those are. *trying to calm down*

Angel: *Looking at the monitor* We’ve got incoming. Dinah Lance, Victor Stone and two other people. *Getting a closer look* … Oh no… Please no. don’t let it be him. *Recognizing the man* It’s the Professor. and there is also Tess Mercer. they’ve been affected. they got the Virus. they’re Zombies…

Chloe: Get them in here now…

The doors open and Unfortunately Tammy sees her husband looking like a Zombie…

Tammy: *Gasps* Oh my god, Honey… what happened to you?

Pidge: *Moans*

Emil: We got a medical wing over here… Follow me. *Leading to the medical wing and having Tess and Pidge strapped to a table* Strap her and the professor to the table. Let’s draw some blood.

Betty: What kind of Virus is it that’s causing for them to turn into Zombies?

Emil: *Shaking his head* i have no idea. but whatever this stuff was… it’s now in the City’s water supply. it’s at risk to spread to the next town… and city.

However a minute later…

Tess: *Strapped to a table and having her blood amputated* …

Pidge: *Strapped to a table and having his blood amputated* …

Emil: i was out earlier and stopped by this nice restaurant… They have the most Exquisite Cobb Salad you would ever taste.

Pidge: *Snarls* Stop it… You’re making me want to eat your brains… *Growls hauntingly*

Bart Allen: What do we do with the professor?

Chloe: cure him.

Emil: *Grabbing a Syringe and Drawing blood from Tess* Let’s see here… If i can  run a test on this blood. i might be able to find out what this is that we’re dealing  with.

Victor Stone: Well whatever it is… it sure doesn’t bring smiley faces to the innocent people who might contract the disease next.

Black Canary: And it gives a whole new forte to the expression: “The city of the dead rises” but in our case… it’s the undead. and if we don’t reverse the virus’s progression… it could become a city wide threat and could grab the unwanted attention from good ole uncle sam.

Princess Rikku: *Confused* What does that mean?

Victor Stone: What Ms. Lance is saying is that this type of epidemic could open up for the feds to come ringing the doors.

Bart Allen: *Feeling uncomfortable over the idea of the feds coming into the city* Uh, I’m voting no on that one.

Chloe: *On the computer; Hacking into Luthorcorp’s systems* And it looks like Tess had herself a visitor or two earlier. one was the Professor… but then there were a couple of others. and they most certainly weren’t the ones that you’d peg as the friendliest kind of visitors to walk the planet.

Emil: Viral rage… can be traced to a dysfunctional interior singular cortex — the part of the brain that controls the primitive fight-or-flight instinct — leaving the victims vulnerable to hyper-aggression.

Princess Rikku: It’s not contagious, is it?

Emil: That is unfortunately what it is… it is contagious… we need to get it reversed.

P.A: *Chiming* Welcome to Watchtower Paige, Pearl, Dinah, Oliver Queen.

Paige: *sighs* The story is out… the Editor of the Daily Planet is gonna do the story. he’s gonna see that it gets out there.

Pearl: I hope that we can warn the people in time. there are innocent people who are all at risk of turning into Zombies. all they have to do is drink the water from their faucets and it will be all over. they’ll be Zombies.

Dinah: i don’t think that this is gonna be a good week for the Undertaker. He’s gonna be really busy this week. and maybe for a couple weeks after that.

Pearl: That’s not nice… Are you saying that all the infected people will die?

Dinah: No. i am not. but there might not be a cure for this virus. so it could very well come to that. now… i am not rooting for it to happen. i am just saying that it is a possibility that it could be that. because for one thing… if there was gonna be a cure… wouldn’t there be one found already to force this so called Virus to retreat and double time itself in reverse?

Paige: Dinah’s got a point. if there was a cure… it’d be in view and in reach… right now.

Oliver: i don’t think that’ll be a problem. there might be hope.

Emil: There’s a doctor that we can see at Met. Gen. A Dr. Coats. He’s a neuro biologist. he can tell us what this virus is. since it’s in the water and since Tess drank some of the water after it’s been infected… it’s now in the blood. so if we take the blood sample to him… he might be able to take a look and find out what it is.

Princess Rikku: Will he be able to find a Cure for this?

Emil: He might. but it will take some time for me to get to the hospital… it’s all the way across town.

Chloe: we need the cure fast.

Tammy: *Walking Over to her Husband* Pidge, Dear… are you gonna be alright?

Black Canary: *Grabbing Tammy* I wouldn’t want to get too close to him if i were you. The Virus is contagious and you could catch it just as easily.

Victor Stone: and i don’t think you would want to be part of the Zombie persuasion. This city has become like a version of resident Evil and the Walking dead. but the only question is… What’s worse? the Resident Evil or the Walking dead part?

Paige: *Walking into the medical wing* What’s going on? *Gasps* Oh god… *Seeing the Professor and Tess strapped* Professor! *Running over to the Professor* What happened to you?

Black Canary: Who knows. but if you wish to know the tagline to the deal, Paige… i would say that he got into a fight with a virus and lost… it turned him into a living example of the undead.

Paige: The Virus got him too? *in fear* The Virus must have gotten to the City water and power a lot more earlier than we thought to have reached that far. that quick… Where was the professor earlier? Where was he Exactly?

Chloe: *Pulling up the files on the Computer* He was at Tess’s office at Luthorcorp. they were talking about project for Cyber-Technics. about two of them. one was finished. the other one he was going over with Tess before he was set to get started on it. but before he was able to leave… a visitor came in. Someone that had some type of disease. it wasn’t contagious. but the guy died right in front of them he wan’t really friendly either. He was poised to fire shots at them when he suddenly keeled over. almost as if he was poisoned and infected with a virus or some contaminagen that kills a person almost instantly. but spans to keep the person with it alive for a brief time before they just collapse and terminate. they die off.

Tammy: *Looking at Chloe* That part i actually already know about. I know that he’s working for Tess. because before all this began Tess came to our house and to offer him a job. He was a little unsure at first… but suddenly opened up and accepted the offer. i was kinda hoping that he’d turn it down… but he seemed to enjoy doing it so i didn’t complain. i just wanted him to be happy.

Paige: That is understandable. we just want him to be happy too. but then again… you too should be happy.

Tammy: there is only a few things that i need to make me happy. A good home. A wonderful Husband and his happiness. Seeing him happy. those are all i need. besides the part where i am pregnant. and he’s gonna be a father of two kids with me. if nothing else. those things make me happy.

Princess Rikku: That’s devotion for you. if i had that kind of devotion for a guy… i’d be a very happy woman. but all i got are my 5 daughters. and as far as i am concerned. it’s all i need. to keep me going. Knowing that i have them in my life. that i am with a good house… and wonderful family. great kids. with that… it’s all i really need.

To be continued…

Will the Cure be found? What was Major Zod gonna do about the Blur? Would he draw a conclusion that there is another person out there posing as the Blur? Could it lead him to suspect that Jor-el is on earth somewhere showing off the powers from the yellow sun? would Major Zod’s ambitions of building a tower be heard? What would the Rhapsody Girls do about Major Zod’s Ambitions? Would they be able to derail it? What about Clark’s Kryptonian father? Why was he trying to contact the girls? What was his involvement with them? Plus now that Oliver was back with the team? Would he be offering to come up with something for the Rhapsody Girls? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Oliver: *Voice-over* The Virus is out and now it’s a race against the hands of time to find a cure and get the virus reversed. it got a couple of our allies. the Professor to the girls and Tess. Tess is not an Ally to us. none of us can trust her… but not even she deserves to be turned into a Zombie.

Tammy: *Voice-over* My dear husband… please get up… don’t die on me. just hold on. you’ll make it. they’re gonna get the cure and will cure you of this disease. it’ll get you being better again. i promise.

Paige: *Voice-over* Plus… we find out that there is a meeting… a conference and a gathering for a presentation… and guess where it’s at… The Luthor Mansion and you won’t believe who is there… Major Zod. and he poses as Mr. Zod.

Dinah: *Voice-over* Is That guy for real? He all for changing the world? Right after his escapade of unleashing a lethal virus into the city and killing one of his own to cover his ass. I may be more sympathetic to the things now… but to know about that… it makes me sick to my stomach.

Clark: *Voice-over* Plus… What was Jor-el’s purpose in trying to contact the Rhapsody Girls? Was he trying to seek an audience with them? And the girls speak more with their class friend in school and learn some inside info on Major Zod that we didn’t catch on to… Next time on The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 54: “”Oliver Is Back… Rhapsody Girls Z! Meet the Green Arrow! Metropolis Goes Resident Evil… Major Zod’s proposal for the Solar Tower…heard.” Part 2

Tess: *Standing before a crowd of investors and financial supporters* We are at an age where new energy is needed and needed now. we all believed in a world where the energy would be easy to obtain and more cleaner and more expendable.  a world where we would not have to depend on the third world countries for energy. to hold our own. *Pressing a button* I give you the first solar tower. It’s fluorescent power from the sun attracting the rays of the sun will seer into the reflectors and send renewable energy and power to the city. much cleaner and more cheaper. giving us a leg up into the next generation. With Luthorcorp’s fond joint partnership with RAO Corporation… This will be the beginning of the future of Energy. Putting the world in the right path to the future. *Seeing a visitor* Ahhh! Mr. Zod. How good of you to join us.


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