The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 52: “The Rhapsody Girls Z! get told the tale of Smallville… The Rhapsody Brothers come to Watchtower; joining the team. Major Zod on the hunt for the Blur; Come and meet the rest of the crew… Enter: Impulse… Victor Stone and Arthur Curry.”

5 weeks later After the initial introduction of Watchtower and being accepted into the Team…

Inside Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at the girls* Girls, You are probably wondering how everything led to here… How all of this began.

Paige: *Not understanding* How all this began? What do you mean… you mean that there is more to this than what we’re seeing?

Dinah: *Puzzled* I am lost. how far back does this all go?

Chloe: *Walking over to the computers and putting up a display on the Overhead* Smallville. the little town in Kansas. That’s where we are right now. Smallville is known to be the creamed corn capital of the world. the creamed corn farm/factory was owned by The Ross’s they owned it all. but a Man named Lionel Luthor came and struck a deal with the Ross’s and got them to sell their factory to him. losing it all. Pete Ross is the son to Mr. Ross of the Cream Corn factory that was sold to Lionel Luthor. it was september 29th 1989. The day that the town was forever changed… Smallville was hit by a meteor shower… it was said that the meteors were the only thing that fell that day. but the real story was that something else came down. something that carried someone inside it. A spaceship came down… *Showing the ship of Clark*

Paige: He came in that? Good heavens!

Chloe: Yes… His ship came down on that day and brought into our world… one that you see before you. Clark. He came down in the meteor shower… but so did another ship. a pod that birthed to life a boy… None other than… *Showing a Picture of Davis Bloom* Davis Bloom.  He is the destroyer to the Traveler. who is Clark. Smallville in 1989 was quaint and very calm… but it was on that September day in 1989 when the process began… when the town of Smallville went Schizo. meteor rocks fell down with Clark’s ship. Meteor rocks are Actually Kryptonite. Radiated meteor fragments that are from Clark’s home world of Krypton. Clark’s Kryptonian father is… *Showing a Picture of Jor-el on the screen* Jor-el. Jor-el Of the planet Krypton. he was a renown scientist and part of the high council. When he issued something. it was made to be obeyed.  Clark’s Kryptonian mother is… *Showing a Picture of Lara on the screen* Lara-el. His Cousin is… *Showing a Picture of Kara on the screen* Kara. and Uncle is… *Showing a Picture of Zor-el on the screen* Zor-el. Jor-el’s Brother. one problem though was that they didn’t see eye to eye on alot of things. even though they were family. like you 3 girls… you might have had issues and little Quarrels from time to time. but think of that times 10… and that wouldn’t even come close to the issues that Jor-el and Zor-el had amongst each other…. Anyway… back in 89… it was the beginning of the weird and unexplained things that were said to happen in Smallville….

(The Title: Rhapsody Girls Z! In the Middle of the screen and With scene of 3 Girls fighting An Evil Threat)

“Somebody save me 
Let your waters break right through 
Somebody save me 
I don’t’ care how you do it 
Just save me, save me 
I’ve made this whole world shine for you 
Just save, save 
Come on”

inside Watchtower…

Chloe: *Explaining more about the past to the girls* The Meteors created meteor freaks. or people who turned berserk from the Meteor rock poisoning. Although… Clark and anyone from Krypton can not go near meteor rocks. it makes them sick…

Red meteor rocks strips them of their inhibitions and turns them into a different character. changes their personality…

There is also Black Kryptonite. This…

There is also the part where i myself have had a couple run ins with meteor freaks.  a Smallville High football player who wanted me for my body heat and a boy name Justin who tried to impale me with farm tools. *Showing another Screen* Lana Lang… Cheerleader and a good friend to us… she was targeted by a meteor freak by the name of Tina Greer. the mighty morphin body morpher. Yeah… That’s our resident nutcase… She tried to come at Lana once… then sometime later… tried to come back for seconds. but met an end. stabbed herself. She wasn’t the only one… a boy with the meteor ability to stay under water for a long long time… tried to attack Lana. but he was killed. Killed by a Vigilante who was killing off Meteor freaks. Van McNulty. Clark knows them all for he dealt with them all… had them all put in Belle Reeve… and half of the people in there wanted to have at Clark. Some would say for game… but it was for utter revenge. Like the saying goes… “Payback’s a real b**ch!” they didn’t get him though… he out smarted them. My involvement though was that because i was so into getting to the bottom of all the weird and unexplained things that happened here…  i started something called the Wall of weird… The Wall of weird started as nothing more than just a small scrapbook then it gradually mutated.  Lana was one of the things that happened…. she lost her parents in the first meteor shower and Clark for the longest time kept blaming himself for it. Lana however had a dark ancestry… her Ancestor was from Paris France.  a countess. by the name of Margaret Isabel Theroux… She was burned at the stake with two other witches… Named… Madelyn Hibbins and Brianna Withridge. She was with the map to 3 stones that were of great power… a Duchess by the name of Gertrude wanted it… but when Isobel hid it… gertrude had the young countess burned at the stake. By a Magistrate Wilkins… in 1604. *Playing a Clip*

“Magistrate Wilkins: You have been found guilty of committing the darkest art, witchcraft. For this affront against God, I hereby condemn you to burn in the fires of hell of which you so eagerly seek communion. 

Margaret Isobel Thoreaux: You think this ends with a lick of flame? I sleep but a while. And when the time is appointed my heir will awaken me and I will have vengeance. “

*Looking at the girls and showing a copy of the map* That is a copy of a map. a map to 3 stones of Kryptonian Knowledge. although truth was that it never really was a map. That was Isabel hid from the Duchess and was burned for it. Lana at one time went to Paris and happened to go to a church that mysteriously had a tomb or engraving of the Countess on it. with a Symbol…

That is the Kryptonian Symbol for Transference… The element for that is water.  Lana touched it and became possessed by the Countess and the countess since then till later worked through her to fulfill her vow to kill the descendants to Gertude. A Genevieve Teague… And Jason Teague. Who had a thing for Lana but turned to a hunter going after the truth about Clark. To expose him. The 3 stones became one and built the Fortress of Solitude. Lana Killed Genevieve Teague while possessed by Isabel With one of the Stones that formed the crystal which would form the Fortress. It stained it with blood. which not only severed her link to Isabel… But also triggered a cosmic event which brought forth a Meteor Shower to strike Earth and Smallville… the second one in 16 years. since 1989… *Playing a Clip*

“Chloe Sullivan: Hey, Clark, can you believe it? Twice in sixteen years. I mean, this is crazy. Smallville has some extraterrestrial bulls-eye on it.

Clark Kent: It’s pretty weird, huh?”

But in the Meteor shower… it brought down yet another ship. one that had two Evil warriors. bent to conquer… However what Clark finds out is that… *Playing another clip*

“Jor-El: The meteor shower is only the precursor. A dark force from Krypton has been awakened, Kal-El, and its sights have been set on Earth. “

it goes on and on… but from that time till now… it’s been one threat after another. Clark had to put up with all of it with help from us throughout the whole entire zany ride. but at first for the longest time… was rebelling against Jor-El for he felt that Jor-El was trying to make him into something he never wanted to be. Clark’s Earth parents are the Kents. Jonathan and Martha Kent.

Paige: *Shocked* Whoa!

Dinah: That is totally twisted. Smallville was pounded with 2 meteor showers and had all that happen to it… That’s really creepy. What ever became of the Kents? Are they alive?

Pearl: Are they okay?

Chloe: Well the mother is. Martha Kent is the united states senator for Kansas. And Jonathan is unfortunately dead. When he died… Clark was having a hard time coping. he was grieving intensively…  And during the time of his grieving…  he met a girl named Andrea who was going after people who she claimed were responsible for killing her mother… She was about to Kill Lionel Luthor when she heard that he ordered the hit till Clark stopped her… *Playing a clip*

“Andrea: *Looking at Clark*If your father was murdered and you were face to face with his killer…What would you do?

a minute later…

Andrea: *Upset and on brink of crying* I Killed a man. i killed him… and i know you Clark… you could never let me walk away… Time for you to be the real hero. *Dropping Lionel out the Window making Clark rush to catch him*”

Pearl: That’s so sad. * With tears in her eyes* That is just so sad. She lost her mother. and Clark was grieving over the loss of his father. *Breaking down in tears* There is just so much loss in the world… Why did Clarks dad have to die? He didn’t do anything wrong.

Paige: No… Pearl… No one killed him. He died of a heart attack.

Pearl: *Wiping her tears away* Well… I still think it’s sad.

Chloe: And my mother is in a Psych ward. for unintentionally hurting me. not that she meant anything by it. but she too was affected by a meteor power and had the ability to control anyone that owns the item that she touches.

Dinah: *Gasps* Really? *Surprised* There sure have been a mess of meteor nut jobs out there, huh? *Being straight with her opinion over the idea of there being Meteor freaks* No offense taken on it. given that your mom was unfortunately one of the Meteor affected.

Chloe: None taken. It’s okay. i am kinda used to hearing that.

Betty: That was a long explanation on what happened till now… it was alot to talk about… But how did this place come to be?

Angel: I think that she’s getting to that, Betty. Just hold on.

Chloe: This place was a gift given to me by Jimmy Olsen. He and i were wed for a short time and then broke up over a ridiculous argument. He’s dead though… but he gave me this place as a gift. this place was to be like a Beacon… where whenever i looked up or inside this building… i’d be safe for i’d know he’d be with me… watching over me.

Pearl: Awww! That’s so sweet. That sounds like love.

Black Canary: More like Sentimental if you ask me… It’s got alot of touching emotion. It kinda makes a girl feel all toasty inside. it’s a shame though that i don’t have any guy in particular to feel that way towards or over.

Paige: *Looking over at Black Canary* Well… Don’t feel bad. You’ll find someone… I am sure that there is a someone out there just waiting for you.


A Flash of red is seen speeding into the room…

Chloe: *Spotting Bart* i see you Bart. You can stop the speeding now. *Chuckles*

Bart Allen: *Stopping and Walking over to Chloe* Sorry about that, Pretty eyes. I guess that after eating all that mexican food over in Tijuana… it kinda gave me a little too much energy and i guess i didn’t burn it all off yet. You got to try their Chili Fajita’s. They’re really primo. i had about 4 servings of them. They were that delicious.

Chloe: *Chuckles* I’m sure they were. Bart… i’d like you to meet our new recruits. Paige, Pearl and Dinah Rhapsody A.K.A The Rhapsody Girls Z!

Bart Allen: *Looking at Paige* Oh man… She’s a looker. *Speeding over to Paige
;Kissing Paige’s hand* Hola! Senorita Paige.

Paige: *Jumps and blushes* Hi there. You must be Impulse. I heard about you. You were up to giving Clark a run for his money. *Chuckles*

Bart Allen: *Laughs* yeah… Me and Stretch there have had a load of fun back in the day. *Looking over at Clark* Isn’t that right Stretch?

Clark: Yeah. you seemed to like getting into trouble alot too. like once trying to sneak into Lex’s mansion and steal a map from him… then a time after that… tried to break into one of the refinery’s that was owned by Luthorcorp.

Bart Allen: *Laughs* Yeah… those were the days. *Looking to see Pearl and Dinah* Hey girls. What’s up? I hear you’re the new members of the heroic team of ours.  *Out of impulse; Kissing Pearl and Dinah’s hand* Chicas que buscan muy caliente. Usted debe ser 3 chicas muy bonitas. Tengo la esperanza de que vamos a estar trabajando cerca entre sí.*Blushes* Been honing up on my spanish. Those spanish people are very fluent in that. to be part of the brew… you gotta know their lango… gotta talk their lingo.

Dinah: *Blushes* Awww! *Chuckles* You’ve got to be very impulsive… and seem to be really really sweet. but you should know that i’m 14 and i already got a boyfriend. You silly Dork. *Laughs with enjoyment* You’re really cool.

Paige: *Looking to see there being people missing* Where’re the others?

Chloe: Oh… you mean Ollie, Victor and AC? They’re still out there somewhere. don’t know where though. I happened to hear from Oliver before you 3 girls showed up. but he didn’t really say much and didn’t tell me where he was.

Paige: Want us to go find him?

Chloe: No… for right now… just try to keep low on going after him. Oliver… where ever he is… will pull out of whatever slump he got himself in. it’s just something that he’s got to do on his own.

Dinah: *feeling a bit of concern* But Chloe… What if he’s out there hurt? we can’t just leave that guy hanging.

Pearl: I don’t know if we should be waiting…

However at the old warehouses on the abandoned parts of the city…

Oliver was suffering from being put through a trial of sorts. and just before that. a night before, he was met by a Victoria. All while being at a underground casino and betting his life away. feeling low over what his friend Clark said to him before he and a band of heroes went up laced and barreling against Doomsday… he since then till now never brought himself up from that…

Oliver: *Shaking his head; getting up after being out cold and knocked out* That’s the last time i put my trust in a girl with an exotic dragon tattoo and a kinky personality. *Sighs* Lois vanished on me and is i don’t know where. *Rubbing his head* Ugh! Where the hell am i? Lois! *Hearing a Phone not far away* What’s a Phone doing out here? Lois was around not long ago and now she’s gone… i’m here and being put through all these trials. What’s next? Millionaire Hunting season? Attempts to hold me for ransom? *Walking over to the phone near by* I’m gonna get to the bottom of this mess one way or another.

Oliver answers the phone…

Oliver: *On the phone* Okay… what is this? What game are you trying to play with me? If you’re trying to get me to crack… it’s gonna take a lot more than that to do it.  I’m done playing your games… Winslow. I know it’s you. your sick and twisted version of fun has always been the one thing that kept you from getting on the positive line working for me. so what you’re doing to me now is possibly your viable way of dishing back your alternative of payback. or shall i say… retribution…

Voice: *Through the phone* Oh… But we’re not done with you yet, Mr. Queen. Plus it’s not Winslow. Could you be willing to make another stab at guessing who it could be. You are not done for yet. you’re about to know what it’s like to be put through the pain… just like the one you destroyed. Do you remember who it was that you destroyed?

Oliver: Hmm… it’s hard to say. because as i remember… i only stopped a ego-maniac’s twisted ambitions. but if anyone were to know… he destroyed himself. So why not stop punishing me for the self destruction of one twisted and demented megalo-maniac? And that had to be Lex. Him and constant paranoia of running his 33.1 projects.

Voice: Because… it’s fun to see what you’ll do if you’re put through the trials to suffer. Inside the warehouse there is a computer… you’ll be able to log on to see your bank account and all your money there. more than a few billion dollars… but question is… how long will it be there before it starts fading away and depleting? *giving off a Sinister laugh*

Oliver: *Before hanging up the phone* Whoever you are… i hope you realize how twisted and insane this all is that you’re pulling. You are gonna make all my money deplete and watch as i squirm over it. Hell… Why not just end me?you’ve already taken most of my stuff. it’s been a couple days and since then till now… you’ve taken all that i had. my merchandise and all the stuff that ever meant anything to me. you even cut me off from communicating with any of the outside. Why not just end me right now and just save yourself the trouble of thinking about what more you can do to make me suffer? Hell… I’ll stand still right here and allow you to take your best shot.

Voice: That’s the easy way out… I heard that you were a fighter, Mr. Queen… So why not reawaken that part in you?

Oliver: Because that part i had more less buried. Plus i think that i already made a mention to someone that i am not one who believes in the second coming.

Voice: I don’t think so… you’re gonna unbury it…. But question is… How far are you willing to go?

Oliver: *Suddenly feeling the will to fight again come over him* Let’s find out!

Oliver drops the phone and goes inside the warehouse and presses on with the trials. But what he didn’t know was that there was someone there watching the trials… watching as Oliver went through the pain. It was Watchtower… but he didn’t know that. not at that time and wouldn’t ever know till it was all over. He didn’t figure that there were others nearby…

Prince Alvin: *Nearby the warehouse* Something feels not so right.

Prince Avery: *Looking at Prince Alvin* Like what? What’s going on?

Prince Arnold: We just saw someone going in that warehouse… it looked a lot like Oliver Queen.

Prince Curtis: The Multi-Billionaire CEO Of Queen Industries? *Shaking his head* this just can’t be right. it can’t be. What would he be doing here?

Prince Alvin: not sure… but for now… just stand down. we can’t go in there. We haven’t even heard from our Cousins the Rhapsody girls… Ever since the power outages and all the strange occurrences… our dad has been really testy… he hasn’t done much of anything… i think that the details with the new possible threat out on the loose… it’s gotten to be as though he’s more on edge. I don’t think that this new threat is gonna be putting him on ease. He is more cranky than he usually is.

Prince Avery: No. he’s fine. it’s the odor in the air. the odor in the air is with a odd aroma. Something sinister…

Prince Curtis: Let’s go and find our cousins… they must know something.

Prince Arnold: Well… Someone better know something about what’s going on.

Rhapsody Brothers: *Teleporting to their Aunts house*

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku: *Cleaning up the house and Looking at the pictures* I sure do miss those girls. They are the best girls. I hope that they’re okay where ever they are. *Looking into the girls room and remembering the recent events* Those men were really rude. at least that black man was. I am not gonna say that “N” word. i won’t say it. i am not a prejudice person. But that one man was just so brutal.

Rhapsody Brothers: *Teleporting in* Hey aunt Princess Rikku. What’s up?

Princess Rikku: *Jumps and feeling startled* Ack! wha— *Turning around to see her nephews; feeling her heart* Prince Alvin, Prince Arnold, Prince Avery… Prince Curtis. Good god… you 4 boys gave me a doggone start. You really need to stop doing that. you’re liable to give me a heart attack if you keep popping in like that on me. *Smiles* but it’s always good to see you boys. What’s up?

Prince Alvin: Not much… We were wondering where the girls were at… All these weird and strange things have happened. Power outages… weird appearances…  strange things… We were wondering if the girls knew anything about it. We’re all stumped to high heaven over it. we don’t even know what the hell is going on. we’re like frickin’ 15 years of age here and we are having to deal with the mess of extraterrestrials from another planet.

Princess Rikku: Krypton. The new visitors are from Krypton. they infiltrated this house and kept me and the girls all prisoner…

Prince Avery: Did you happen to catch the name of one of them… any idea of who they were exactly?

Princess Rikku: *Trying to remember* I don’t know… there were so many of them that came from that odd orb thing that Dinah had found not long before the whole charade began… but one of them said that they were… Uh… A Major. Major Zod. that was the name i heard.

Prince Arnold: *Gasps* Gadzooks! Great spirits alive… You’re kidding? That guy came from the orb? But how can that be?  We read up on the show and we watched the whole entire show or series and thought that he was destroyed in that Phantom realm dimensional thing. how could he be out and loose in Metropolis?

Prince Alvin: *Feeling dumbstruck* So… Major Zod… Major Zod was here? in this house? Does Aunt Princess Charlene know? What about Great Aunt Rikku and Great Aunt Trixie? Do they know?

Princess Rikku: No. they don’t know. not yet. i don’t know if i ought to tell them. there is no telling on what they’d say if they knew. if they were to find out.

Prince Avery: *Not seeing the girls around* Where are the girls?

Princess Rikku:  *Looking at her Nephews* they’re at Watchtower… A couple of heroes picked them up…

Prince Curtis: *Confused* Who? The senshi? they’re still here?

Prince Arnold: *Scoffs* No… Don’t be a dipstick, Prince Curtis. The Senshi are sleeping. the past life is over so the powers of the senshi are gone… if the girls are still around… they’re living normal lives now.

Prince Alvin: Who were the heroes that picked them up?

Princess Rikku: Clark Kent… and… Black Canary. At least that’s the name i caught. they were here to pick up the girls. but how they knew about Paige, Pearl and Dinah… i don’t know. they even knew about Betty and Angel. but i can’t figure out how that is possible. they never met them till 5 weeks ago. It’s been 5 weeks since they were gone. They’re gonna be back some day. But i sure do miss them. *Sighs* Wherever they are… they better be okay. i don’t want to go through losing them to any unnecessary danger. The last threat that came and gone was bad enough. The one going on now with those beings from the orb is beyond my level or tolerance.

Prince Avery: I will bet that they know about us now too.

Prince Alvin: it is a possibility. not that it’d be a bad thing. they are not bad people. anyone who sires to do all they possibly can to save the world is a-okay in our book. I say… we give them a chance.

Prince Avery:  You’re right… Captain… let’s give them a chance. besides heroes are all different. but they come with the same M.O… That’s Save the world.

Prince Arnold: Let’s go and find where this watchtower is located.

Prince Alvin: Right. *Looking at his brothers* Brothers… Let’s move.

However they were about to head out and make their way to the Watchtower when suddenly a Man with a glowing red eye and a golden brown haired man with an orange and green top appeared…

Prince Alvin: *Spotting the men* Who are you? What have you done with our Cousins The Rhapsody Girls?

Man #1: *With a Cool tone* Whoa… Cool the heater there man. We don’t have them hostage. They’re at the Watchtower right now… they’re safe and are part of the team of heroes now. They’re being protected and are in safe hands. Really. we can take you right to them.

Prince Avery: Who are you guys anyway?

Man #1: *Suddenly recognizes one of them* Wait a minute… i know you… *Looking at Prince Alvin* Prince Alvin, Right?

Prince Alvin: Yeah. That’s me.

Man #1: I thought that was you for a moment there… I was at the nearby corner close to the Luthorcorp Plaza almost 5 months ago when you and a bunch of girls with bizarre powers were fighting that metallic Tin can. Some skills you got there, man. Did you always have that type of power? *Looking at the 4 boys and then at AC* You 4 Must be the Rhapsody Brothers. I’m Victor Stone… also known as Cyborg. And this Dolphin fresh water lover next to me is Arthur Curry. Better known as Aquaman. Just don’t try to race him in the waters… he’ll beat you so fast that you’ll lose a few seconds of reality. he’s that quick.

Prince Alvin: *Grins* Not bad. that’s pretty amazing. We’re heroes too.

Arthur Curry: That’s why we’re here to come and recruit you 4 dudes. there is a big bad threat out there in the world and we need all the help that we can get.

Victor Stone: You better believe it. With those mad skills you got there… beating the Kandorian man with the Yellow sun obsession will be a breeze.

Prince Curtis: *Scoffs* What about us? What are we… Chop liver?

Arthur Curry:  That’s what we mean, bro. besides… we know that you all got the power.

Victor Stone: Why not show us a preview of what you Dynamic duos can do…

Arthur Curry: Previews couldn’t hurt.

Prince Alvin: You got it.  *Looking at his Brothers; Commanding them* Boys… Sound off!

Brothers: *Saluting* AYE CAPTAIN!!!

Prince Alvin: We’re the speed. *Emitting fire*

Prince Arnold: We’re the power. *Emitting Water*

Prince Avery: We’re the Skill. *Emitting Plasma*

Prince Curtis: The forces of Nature and the enforcers of Justice! *Emitting Electricity*

The Boys: *Together* WE’RE THE RHAPSODY BROTHERS! Evil beings… *Releasing a Blast of Energy; Doing a group pose* Say GOODNIGHT!

Victor Stone: *Intrigued* Now that is tough power…

Arthur Curry: No kidding. We better get on back to the Watchtower. Sullivan’s waiting for us.

Victor Stone: Hold your Scales there Fish man. *Looking at the boys* ready to jet on over to the Watchtower?

Prince Avery: Yeah.

Prince Arnold: Let’s go see this watchtower. We want to see our Cousins.

Arthur Curry: You got it.

Without a moment’s delay… they made their way over to the Watchtower. they didn’t know where it was so the Rhapsody brothers had to follow AC and Victor to the tower. it was gonna be yet another reunion. There was little to none idea as to what was gonna happen. The Threat was out there somewhere… biding time and making a plot… making a plan…

At the Cargo warehouse by the docks…

Major Zod: *Waiting for word on the Blur*

Faora: *Walking into the Warehouse to meet with the Major* Major, There is still no sign of the Rhapsody girls or the other men… Not even a wisp of the Blur.

Basqat: What about the one they call Professor? *Looking at Major Zod* They appear to be open to him and are ever close to him.

Dr. Coats: What about the Blur? *Shoots out a concern* How much longer do we have to wait to have the powers that come from the yellow sun? the powers that we should have as well as the Blur. Or those Rhapsody Girls.

Major Zod: *Looking at Coats and Basqat* Dr. Coats, Basqat… Find the Blur. initiate an attack to lure him out. I’m gonna take a stroll over to the Luthorcorp. There is a certain Lady there that will know where i can find the Blur. and maybe even a certain important person to the Rhapsody Girls Z!.

Basqat: *Thinking of how to lure the Rhapsody girls out* And their mother? What about her? They’re her babies… we could use her to lure them into a trap.

Major Zod: *Barks* No! That is not necessary. we leave the mother out of it. Mothers are the important part of the planets survival. they are the very creatures that give life to a soul… to a living being. To extinguish or torture a mother even one to the very girls who happen to pose no such threat to us other than to hide the truth of their power… to hide the fact that they got them from the yellow sun is sloppy and callous.

Basqat: *Saluting*

Dr. Coats: *Off to lure the Blur to come out of hiding*

At Watchtower…

P.A: *Chiming* Welcome to Watchtower, Rhapsody Brothers.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at all the Computers* Whoa! that’s alot of techware running in this place.

Prince Avery: So… This is the Watchtower. Not that big of a place. are we gonna be able to fit in this place?

Prince Curtis: We will. Besides. Our cousins are here. so we”ll be sure to fit right in.

Prince Arnold: Well… I like this place. it’s got a very welcoming zeal to it. *Looking for a place to sit* There’s a place to sit. *Going to sit* i need to rest my feet a bit. they are just worn out.

Chloe: *From the loft of the tower* Please make yourselves comfortable. I’ll be with you in just a minute.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at his brothers* Let’s have a seat. we don’t want to overstay our welcome before we officially get welcomed here.

Prince Avery: Good point.

Prince Curtis: I like this place. so i’m not gonna do anything to ruin our chances of being allowed to stay here…

Prince Arnold: *Laying back suddenly* Ahhh! these seats are very comfortable… they feel good. *Sighs with comfort*

A minute later…

Chloe:  *Walking over to the 4 boys* You 4 must be the Rhapsody Brothers. Welcome to Watchtower. *Introducing herself* Chloe Sullivan.

Prince Alvin: *Bowing* Nice to meet you. I’m Prince Alvin. the captain of the Rhapsody Brothers.

Chloe: I know. I dug up info about you 4. actually about the whole family… You see… we are all in a major battle here… As you might have heard by now; there is a being out by the name of Major Zod. He is plotting to issue an insurrection and take control of the world. He has already vowed to target the girls. and us… but we can stop his ambitions. The girls are already online… *Walking over to the computers and showing the boys their cells and earpieces* Here are your Earpieces. Just place them on your ear. and press the button in the center. it will activate it and sync up with the systems here.

Prince Alvin: You got it.

Prince Arnold: this is what we call insta-communication.

Chloe: Well yeah… but it isn’t just that… it’s also so that no matter what happens you’d be in direct contact with watchtower. and so i’d be able to reach you. the only way for the link to be severed is if you get in the middle of a brutal situation… but that is not likely to happen on call. because you will be in groups. no matter what. *Looking at the files on the computers* okay… we’re about ready.

Rhapsody Brothers: *Setting the earpieces on their ears and Pressing the button in the center of the earpiece* Rhapsody Brothers… Online.

Prince Alvin: *Syncing up* Flaming Soul… Online.

Prince Arnold: *Syncing up* Water Lord… Online.

Prince Avery: *Syncing up* Plasma-Core… Online.

Prince Curtis: *Syncing up* Electric Rage… Online.

Bart Allen: *Flashing in* Hey. What’s up? Anything going on?

The Sirens suddenly go off…

Chloe: *Going over to the Computers and picking up a signal* Incoming. There’s  an incident at the Luthorcorp Plaza.

Paige: *Jumping down with Pearl and Dinah* Don’t worry Chloe… We girls got it.

Chloe: Okay. Impulse shall go with you. Good luck Rhapsody girls.

Pearl: You can count on us.

Dinah: Let’s go. *With her Hover Cruiser* Time to handle some Evil butts and feed them some hurt.

Paige: The little hurt called… Justice. *With her sisters* Rhapsody girls style!

A second later…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Putting their hand up and Seeing a Power Gem Appear on their finger*

Paige: Miss Love… Power up! *Transforming* … *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Hearts* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The heart and love of the Rhapsody girls… Miss Love… In the name of Justice, love and all that’s good… The followers of Evil will fall.

Pearl: Bubble Maiden… Power Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The emotinal and caring soul of the Rhapsody girls… Bubble Maiden. In the name of sweet compassion and Bubbly charm… The Bubbles of life will wipe away the stain of Evil.

Dinah: Thunder Mistress… Power Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* The loose Wire and the tough fighter of the Rhapsody Girls… Thunder Mistress. In the name of the thunder and fierce determination of the good people… The Evil creeps who dare enter this world will be Electrified.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah ride their Hover cruisers over to the Luthorcorp plaza… it was their first assignment under the watchtower’s command. it was gonna be the first of many, but they were gonna handle it. All they could do was get there and see what the situation was. Bart was there with them and he kept his eyes open on what popped up. As soon as they got to the Luthorcorp Plaza they saw the Building in peril… there was a situation going on…

Paige: *Contacting Watchtower* Miss love to Watchtower… Come in.

Chloe: *Responding* Watchtower. What’s the situation, Miss Love?

Paige: There is a situation… The building is under Lockdown. I don”t think that we’ll be able to get in without attracting security guards.

Chloe: *contacting Bart* Impulse… we need a distraction. Speed past the guards… get their attention away from the girls… *On the computer and hacking into the Luthorcorp plaza security systems* I’m disabling the security systems inside the plaza. It’ll clear the path for the girls. *To the girls* Girls once inside there is gonna be a couple of guards on watch… but don’t worry about them. they will be too occupied by the distraction to notice you.

Pearl: Thanks Chloe. *Riding the cruiser into the Building*

Bart Allen: *to Watchtower* Don’t worry Pretty eyes… One good distraction coming up. They won’t be able to catch me.

Dinah: *Riding into the building and heading into to the top*

Chloe: *Informing the girls* Girls… Be careful. Major Zod is near. he’s up there. he is on the top floor right now… in Tess’s office.

Pearl: *responding to Watchtower* Don’t worry. We girls have dealt with him before… He even hurt Paige once. and i fired at him.

Chloe: You were held captive in your own home by Major Zod? *Coughs in shock* How? why would he capture you or hold you captive in your own house?

Paige: Well because he claims that we got our powers from the Yellow Sun. we didn’t. we had these powers since we were like 11 and it was all caused by an honest accident that the professor caused without meaning to. but Major Zod thought that we were with powers under the Yellow Sun.

Chloe: He thought that you were like one of them… *Sighs* No offense… but you 3 are nothing like Clark. Clark is with powers from the yellow sun. He is like one of them. from Krypton. remember that i told you about him… However what makes Zod think that you could ever have Powers under the yellow sun?

Paige: Well… i stood up to Major Zod’s men when they began to question us.

Pearl: That was the awakening of Paige’s Leadership skills. She was speaking like a true leader. But then again… she always was…

Dinah: *Looking up slightly* Well… i don’t know about you guys… but i’m not gonna just sit around here… I’m going on up there. *Heading up the stairs*

Paige: Same with me. *Following Dinah up the stairs*

Pearl: Right behind you… *Following behind Dinah and Paige*

However on the top floor of the Luthorcorp Plaza…

In Tess’s Office…

Tess: *Working on some forms* Mr. Stroker… What’s the situation on the new phasers?

Pidge: They’re going quite well. had a couple of bugs in them… but i’ve worked them out. They should be all done and ready to be used by the guards and the high guards in no time.

Tess: That’s good. i have to go to a meeting soon. Some of Luthorcorps top specialists have come and are gonna go over the protective measures. The defense lately has become a little lax.

Pidge: Why is that such a big deal? When i used to be the tech wiz at the castle of lions before retiring from being a Pilot of the Green robot lion… i was with the know how on how to step up security. sometimes all we need is to just change the codes and amp up the security countermeasures. Maybe add sensors to the door jams… sensing unwelcomed movement in the building. we can do that to all the places that Luthorcorp owns. it’ll protect your bottom line on having to throw money away for something that can possibly be easily solved. all it takes is the knowhow.

Major Zod: *Busting into the Room* I just got word that you know where the Blur could be…

Tess: *Grins* Major Zod… here to grace us with your presence? If you’re wondering where the Blur is… you’re out of luck. He’s a mystery even to me. but i do know about the Rhapsody Girls. If you want to go after the Blur… find the Rhapsody girls. they work side to side with the Blur…

Major Zod: *Grinning while still walking over to Tess and catching sight of a man* Interesting. they have powers of the yellow sun and work with one of my own… who uses those powers that come from the Yellow sun and Flaunts them all over the City.

Pidge: *Standing up to Major Zod* Excuse me… I don’t know who you are, but the Rhapsody Girls don’t have powers from the Yellow Sun. they had powers all along. for years. it never came from the yellow sun. they always had the powers. ever since they were very young. i only amped them up with a light beam that was caused by a freak accident. They are the daughters to My Ex. if you hurt them… you’ll have to answer to my Daughter Betty. Angelic Raven.

Major Zod: You dare speak to me in such a tone… You have no permission to utter a note or a single breath. The girls pose no threat to me… but if they’re hiding powers from the yellow sun… i will lure them out and force their hand in giving me and my people the power that we deserve.

Tess: They can’t be hiding what they don’t have. Major, you’re venturing on very shaky ground…

Major Zod: *Sighs* Pity… i would have sworn to find it most rewarding to be able to tempt you to let out some info… No matter. while i was here talking… a couple of my soldiers have found a certain woman that will Lure the girls come to the open. maybe even the Blur will show. If he were to have the guts to do as such… that is. *Looking at Tess* Shame that i won’t be having much more use for you. *Grabbing Tess and Throwing her through the window*

Pidge: *Panics* NOOO! TESS!!!! *Looking at Major Zod* You rotten asshole. You may be a Major in your own army… but tossing a unarmed woman through the window is the most uncivil act a Major such as you can do. *Running over to Tess and with hopes to catching her*

Major Zod: *Smirks* Interesting. a mindless worker showing deep concern for his boss. A worker working his bones for a feasible living showing concern for a higher power who will use them to line up his or her own profits. You’re working for the wrong side. With your brains… you could be working in better use for something better. Like contributing to our search for the Blur… I can save the world, you know… but there is no spark of that happening as long as me and my people don’t have the powers from the yellow Sun.

Seconds later…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Standing in the room* Not so fast Major Zod.

Paige: *In defense* time for you to Kneel before the…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Group posing* Rhapsody Girls Z!

Pidge: *Looking at the girls* Girls… Hurry. you have the power of flight. the hover cruiser can fly. Hurry. Save Tess. She’s been thrown out the window.  catch her…

Dinah: Don’t worry… i’ll get her. *Contacting Watchtower* Thunder Mistress to Watchtower… come in.

Chloe: *Responding* Watchtower… What’s the report, Thunder Mistress?

Dinah: Tess Mercer has been thrown out the window of the top floor. from the office window. I’m going through the window to rescue the CEO of luthorcorp…

Chloe: Be careful…

Dinah: no problem… *Hovering through the window on her hover cruiser and soaring fast after Tess* Hold on, Lady… Thunder mistress is gonna get you…

Tess: AHHHHHH! *Falling down from the building*

Dinah: *Reaching close to Tess and getting under her* Tess… don’t think twice. grab on to the side and hold on… You might be hanging till we get back to the top floor. but just have trust… you’ll be okay. Hold on.

Tess: *Nods while holding on to the sides* get me back in my office. *trying to hang on*

In the office…

Paige: *Launching an attack at Major Zod* Love’s STORM!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at Major Zod* Melodius Bubbles! *Firing a wave of Bubbles at Major Zod* The Bubbles of life… of purity will wash your evil presence away! *On her Hover Cruiser* Bubble Maiden Armada…Engage! *firing Bubble Lasers at Major Zod* Major Zod… you are not a nice man. you have no love in your heart.

Paige: You don’t have any respect for the people of Earth. Just wait till the Blur gets you… You’ll be eating your very words.

Dinah: *Coming into the building through the window* You okay there, Tess?

Tess: *Catching her breath* Yeah. I am okay now…  I can’t begin to thank you for that save… *Recognizing Dinah* Wait… I’ve seen your picture somewhere before. there was a picture of you on the Living room wall at the Professor’s house. I saw your picture. you were the one on the Right side of the girl in the middle. Pearl was in the middle and Paige was on the left. You ‘re one of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Aren’t you?

Dinah: yeah… i am. *Shocked* You didn’t notice? *Scoffs in shock* how else would i have been able to have flown out the window and saved you like i just done?

Tess: *Grins slightly* Touche! You’re sharp on that. that’s good. i gotta thank you still for that save that you’ve done there. I don’t know many people who’d stick their nose out and save me from danger like the one that almost won me… i am known to be rather a tempestuous woman… with a slight short fuse. Short temper sometimes also.

Paige: *Looking at Tess* Tess… you might not want to be here right now. The Major isn’t fighting back… but this could get rather tough.

Bart Allen: *Speeding in* Don’t worry. i’ll get the damsel to safety. Black Canary is on her way to lend a bit of a hand. What about the professor?

Pidge: I got a form of defense. i haven’t used the Karate skills for a couple years or so… but i can still use them and still kick some butt.

Tess: Paige, Pearl… Dinah. You 3 are the world’s last hope. Major Zod can’t be expected to be the one to save the world. he’s only trying to get powers from the Yellow Sun so he can take control of this planet. We all thought that he’d be the savior. he’s nothing of the kind. *Running out to safety*

Pearl: We seriously made a mistake in even thinking that there was anything good in Major Zod. He almost Killed Tess. Tess didn’t even do anything wrong.

Paige: I have a bad feeling about her for some reason. Can we even trust her?

Dinah: Well… we gotta. We surely can’t trust Major Zod. He said that he’d never be ruthless. but has he been true to his word on that? No. *Looking at the Professor* Professor, What the heck are you even doing here? Does Tammy know you’re here?

Pidge: *Nods* She does. she knows. i work here. i have a name tag and an access card. i am a Luthorcorp Employee for Cyber-Technics.

Major Zod: *Starting to walk out* It’s been fun being here dealing with a petty and intolerable conversation that i am quite sure would have been rather rewarding… but i must get back to my men and check on the captive that my men have managed to obtain whilst i was in here honoring myself in an audience with you girls.

Dinah: *Stops in front of Major Zod and standing up to him* I don’t think so… you came here just begging for trouble… asking for it. So let’s see you fight. You are a Major… aren’t you? You can fight and are with skills of a Soldier… aren’t you?

Major Zod: You dare Challenge me?! Are you barking mad? You are a 14 year old girl. i am in my late 20’s a Major of the Kandorian army. My skills could kill you. Do you really want to die by my hands?

Dinah: I will take my chances. besides… i was almost killed by a Metallic Youma that was once possessed by Metaria. the great Evil that was said to destroy the earth a 1000 years ago and was responsible for ending the Silver Millennium. i survived that… so if i could survive that… then that means that i am tougher than i look. i maybe 14. but you may be quite amazed at how tough i can be.

Major Zod: No. i will not strike a Child. i was not one to do that on Krypton… i will nary make an attempt to do as such here. it’d be almost as though i was attacking my own child. Doomsday is my child. he wasn’t cloned and wasn’t put into the Orb with me when i requested for Jor-el to do it. After all i’ve done for him. The council was gonna kill him because he was accused of committing treason upon the planet. i saved him… and his words at that one moment were: “I Zod… am forever in your debt”

Dinah: You saved Jor-el? You’re kidding me on that, right? You in the later years of Krypton before it’s day of destruction… destroyed Krypton. but once have save Jor-el. Does Clark know? Or the name you know him by… Kal-el know?

Major Zod: No… he does not. he can’t ever know… nor shall he ever wish to listen to me. For his father knew me for what i was like… back before Kal-el was ever born… before he was even a shiny twinkle in the eyes of Jor-el and Lara-el. but Kal-el unfortunately knows what i become.

Dinah: We still got to fight. you were asking for trouble… Trouble here. you are Evil. You can feel it. you maybe misunderstood now… but if the true colors happen to show… there will be no choice but to take you out. You know by now… that we’re the ones who believe in Justice and peace and the protection of those who are innocent and are of good.

Major Zod: That is by far a truth there be… it is noticed that you 3 girls pose of no particular threat to me.

Major Zod didn’t want to strike at the 3 girls. even though he was Evil and it was known that he was endearly responsible for the destruction of the planet Krypton. Dinah for some reason felt the sincerity in his heart. he must have been a Vessel still a shadow only of his former self… but he had no threat in him he was calm.. Major Zod was proving to be rather innocent and utterly conflicted between the man he was said to become and the man that he was  showing to be. Pearl noticed that Dinah was seeing a side in Major Zod that was not there before… She couldn’t see it, but Dinah did. was it gonna conflict her? Major Zod was permitted to walk off and he went back to where he was hiding at. Minutes later… Paige, Pearl and Dinah went right back to the Watchtower and gave some deep thought to what Major Zod said. They didn’t know as to whether they should still treat him like an enemy… a threat or just an unsure being who has not a clue as to what he really is doing on Earth.

however… at the Fortress of Solitude…

Jor-el: *voice* Kal-el… My son. you’ve met new distractions… The girls are distractions… you can’t be part of their world. To be cut from the human realm… you must not grow attached. as long you’re attached to the human realm you will never have true focus on your training.

As for Chloe, A couple days later… she was at the Promenade coffee shop… which happened to be a starbucks. She was waiting for Oliver to show up…

Chloe: *Looking at the watch and seeing that it was getting late* Come on Oliver. time to lay all the cards on the table. i know that the trials haven’t done you in. not that easily.

Oliver then walked over and sat down… he didn’t know what was going on yet… he apparently was put through hell. He was put through dealing with seeing his money being depleted. being obtained by the F.B.I who were following lead on the people who were putting Oliver through all the hell. putting the pressure on him… pushing the knife in deep seeing how far he’d go to reawaken the hero in him…

Chloe: Oliver…it is all done. you have been put through so much hell. but made a comeback.

Oliver: *Sighs and looking at Chloe* While all this was going on i started asking myself questions that i still have no answers to. ones like: “who knew about Lex, about Toyman… the things that i held so close to me I’d given up, what I tried to do”. but then… Then it all hit me… it occurred to me. Dinah shattered the glass in that was in the warehouse, Bart had thereby rescued me from the car, Victor faked the computers, and Watchtower kept an eye on the whole thing. Right? i am sure it did.

Chloe: Well that too… but it was also in process of recruiting new heroes. but i was watching over you on everything because… *Sighs in a dramatic tone* You were living like you were going on the one way trip to death and the afterlife. you were acting as though you didn’t even care about living anymore, Oliver. You had to be made to face your personal demons if you were ever gonna see the reality of making it back out alive; in one piece, and I know that it was something that i wished didn’t have to happen… but i knew that for someone who was throwing life away that in order to be of any help whatsoever that i had to push you over that ledge in order to ensure that i could pull you back out of it.

Oliver: *Feeling a little scarred* But despite all that… i can only wonder this…

Chloe:  *Curious* and that would be?

Oliver: Did you have to push with a 3-ton truck?

Chloe: *feeling a little sore thinking about that part* Well… i wasn’t gonna do it intentionally but the  truth was that I didn’t think a tricycle would be a strong enough point. You’re a fighter, Oliver. you always were the fighter. there was no way that you could just live with yourself to allow yourself to just take defeat and die off. You proved that you still had it in you when you had then fought for yourself and for a second chance.

Oliver: Chloe as much as you were only trying to pull me back from the wonderful realm of self hell, I’m not the only one that you had put at risk.

Chloe: *assuring that everyone else were safe from the little arrangement* If you’re worried about our little loose end… don’t be. I played all my cards close to my chest.

Oliver: *Scoffs with a bit of disgust* And Lois was what? an angle to the bigger game?  She was, uh, just another perpetual ace that you had left to play up your sleeve?

Chloe: No… she was not even supposed to be in on it.  in fact… her involvement was a derailment in trying to shake the death wish out of you…When she did her little move of D-Day… that’s when Victoria went right off the script and shifted to the sidelines of going rogue.

Oliver: *Bursting out* Chloe… that is not even half the issue. the problem was that i could have killed her. i could have shot her and put several bullets in her.

Chloe: Maybe so… but no offense to your precious manhood… but i purpose made sure that the bullets in the gun were blanks just in case. I mean… I truly trust you, Oliver… just not as much as i had once done.

Oliver: Did Clark know about this?

Chloe: *Laughs* Are you kidding me? Clark? Oliver… we both know that he would never in a million years risk what needed to be done. Plus…not ever the others know. not even the Rhapsody Girls know of this. i never told them about any of this.

Oliver: *Looking at Chloe Closely and sighs* Well… maybe that is the case… but we really are with the understanding that he’s led a different life than we have led… As much as he could really figure out what was going on… I can’t expect him to really know me quite like you do… about the places that I had found i had sunk myself into, the depths you must have had to go to just be able to bring me back. Thank you, Chloe.

Chloe: No need to be thanking me, Oliver… You must have known by now that you proved to yourself that even while you had your face plastered into the gutter and sinking fast into more despair and self anguish… Riding on a one way trip to the gates of death… you still had the hero inside you. the spirit to help you keep fighting and hold on. You still had that hero inside your heart. if you didn’t have that… you’d be dead. your friends like me and Dinah and Bart may have had an invisible hand in it. but you were the one that made the move to keep fighting. to claw your way back and not keel over.

Oliver: *Blushes a bit feeling touched* Okay… you’re starting to make me feel bashful. I think i had a little too much high emotions for the day. i am fond of the sentiment… but no high emotions. i had way too many of them to last me a long time.  You save me Chloe. Both… the myth… and the man.

A second later…

Oliver: What about the new recruits? Are they broken in?

Chloe: Yeah. they are tough. While the power outages were going on and Weird sightings were on the constant go… i caught signs of heroes that were young… but very persuasive with the devotion they had towards protecting the world. they’re big on family… trust and of course… Love. they did pass on a notion they do fight amongst each other sometimes… but they still had a lot of love and honor plus respect for one another. if there were more heroes like them… this world would be truly a much safer place to be. Clark does that everyday and yet we only see what’s on the surface. But the Rhapsody Girls Z! are incredible. as well as the Rhapsody Brothers. They too are strong. they are pranksters but and sometimes they fight. but when the chips are down… there is not thing one that they wouldn’t do to protect their siblings and their family. i know. i kind ruffled their feathers a little the other day and they snapped. i should’ve seen it coming.

Oliver: So… we got a bunch of young cadets with the 3 generation of powers and the complexity of herodom. That’s nice. What about their identity? Who are they really?

Chloe: *Grins and with a thrilled tone* Ah! i am glad that you asked. *With pictures of the new heroes; Showing then to Oliver* Meet Paige Cass Rhapsody A.K.A Miss Love…  She is the leader of the Group. she is also the Daydreamer and into eating sweets and reading comic books about superheroes… When she isn’t out fighting crime and Evil forces… She is at the Candy store eating sweets. She is the one who would be hot on the temper if you were to steal her Sweets. but she also protects her sisters and guides them. When she moves… they move. they watch her and she watches them. Plus. She is into superheroes. she is an obsessed Super hero maniac. Her strongest attack is Love’s Flash. And her hover Cruiser is also a weapon too. but only when she is in hero form.  It activates the weaponry in it by her voice command: “Miss Love Armada… Engage” Releasing a web of hearts and Love Lasers at the target while in pursuit. The second member of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Meet Pearl Lucy Rhapsody A.K.A Bubble Maiden… She is the Baby of the Rhapsody Girls Z! She is the one who is with bubbly charm and feels most of the emotions… she feels things greater than the leader and the tough one of the group. She is into Fashion. She is on the spare time when not out fighting Evil and beating crime… she is seen at the Fashion store buying dresses and buying fashion accessories. Even though she is struggling to understand the reasons as to why the world around her is not as nice and peaceful as she was hoping for it to be… don’t let that fool you. she can get mean. and she can fight. Her Bubble harp reacts to her emotions… *With her IPad pulling up a file and showing a clip of Pearl emitting her energy*

The Energy grew a bit and embraced Dark Mercury causing the Real Ami to reach out a little…

The Good Ami: *Faintly* Usagi-Chan… Rhapsody girls… My friends!

Pearl: *Calling out to Ami* AMI-CHAN! *breaking Down in tears; Crying* AMI-CHAN!!! Please… Come back to us… We Love You! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Suddenly Pearl’s Bubble harp started to glow and react… it reacted to Pearls emotions and began playing….

Bubble harp: *Playing a sad tune* “Oh, my love, my darling I’ve hungered for your touch A long, lonely time And time goes by so slowly And time can do so much Are you still mine? I need your love I need your love God speed your love to me! Lonely rivers flow To the sea, to the sea To the open arms of the sea Lonely rivers sigh ”Wait for me, wait for me” I’ll be coming home, wait for me! Oh, my love, my darling I’ve hungered, hungered for your touch A long, lonely time And time goes by so slowly And time can do so much Are you still mine? I need your love I need your love God speed your love to me!”

Pearl: *Crying out* Ami-Chan… please stop this… we want you back to us… We don’t want to fight you. It’s breaking our hearts fighting you. You’re our friend. Please… Come back to us… Please…. PLEASE COME BACK!!!! *Falling down to her knees and crying into her hands* Please come back to your friends. We love you. we miss you. *falling onto the floor and crying*”

Chloe: That was her. She feels greater emotions than both the leader and the tough one combined… Although the tough one is a loose wire. don’t let the sensitivity you see in her fool you. Pearl’s strongest attack is Melodious Bubbles and/or Bubble Wave. Her Hover Cruiser has weaponry on it but only when she’s in hero form. and by her saying the voice command: “Bubble Maiden Armada…Engage!” Shooting a Web of bubbles and a shot of Bubble Lasers at the target while in Pursuit… or facing them. The third one… Meet Dinah Ellen Rhapsody A.K.A Thunder Mistress. She is the Tough one of the group. She is with a spunky attitude and is like the Tomboy of the crew. She hates Skirts and dresses and is said to go postal if one were to recite the line: ”Hey Dinah…. You look cute in a skirt” She will go postal and lose all sense of calm. When she’s not out Fighting Evil and beating Crime to the floor… she is at the park shooting hoops. She is into sports. Football, Baseball, Wrestling. Hockey and  Basketball. She is known to be the loose Wire… Like when you were influenced with a weird Drug and were enraged easily. Well For Dinah… your rage doesn’t come nearly close to her rage when you get her pissed. *Playing a Clip*

King Lotor: Guards! Take Larmina away. send her back to Arus where she belongs… *Walking down to confront the girls* You 3 girls have power that i want. and i will get that power.

Paige: Why do you want it so much?

Pearl: Don’t you have your own power?

Dinah: If you think that you’re getting your hands on our power… you can dream on. it’s not gonna happen. *Defensive*

King Lotor: *Shaking his finger left and right* Tsk! tsk! tsk! I thought that this was gonna be such an Easy prize. Guess i’ll have to take it by force, won’t i?!

Dinah: You just try it buster… we’ll flatten you like a pizza!

King Lotor: As you wish! *Firing shots of Electicity and burning Haggarium at the girls* HA!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Getting hit by the blast* AHHHHHH!

King Lotor: your power is gonna be mine. *lifting the girls into the air and Tossing them to the side hard* Surrender!

Dinah: *Getting up slowly* Never! You are never gonna get our power! NEVER!

Pearl: *Looking up* Dinah, What are you doing? That guy has Haggarium on him…

Lotor: *Snickers* And plus… what hope does a mere girl like you who looks cute in a Skirt have against the King of Doom?

Dinah: *Hearing the words: “You look cute in a Skirt being spoken* ….. *Shaking and suddenly Exploding with Rage* AHHHHHHHHH! I Told you NEVER TO SAY THAT!!!!!! I…..HATE…..SKIRTS!!!!! *With a Rampage Going after King Lotor*

The battle went on for a little and Dinah was letting King Lotor have it with each Swing. giving him a Left and right and Thumping him hard. “

Chloe: That is What she is like. She still hates Skirts and Dresses. but has been found to wear them a little bit. due to her having a boyfriend. She is with a high strung attitude and will let loose on anyone who hurts her sisters or family. She has made her sister cry once… but has made up for it afterwards… She is a loose cannon to anything that rubs her the wrong way. And if you were to produce a tall tale around her that she doesn’t like… she will come off. She can smell it a mile away. Her strongest attack is: Thunder Explosion. And her hover cruiser in hero form has weaponry. she activates it by the voice command: “Thunder Mistress Armada…Engage!” Shooting a web of Thunder and Thunder Lasers at the target while she is in pursuit or facing them   If  you were to hurt any of them… don’t worry about their sisters Betty and Angel. Worry about their 4 cousins, they’ll nail you.

Oliver: *Grins* Sarcastically fun to learn about. Those girls seem to be pretty tough sounding by the way you’re describing them. Family oriented and highly devoted fighters of the city. aiming to do what’s right for their fellow men. Too bad Boy scout isn’t like that. he could learn a thing or two from them.

Chloe: Killing is never the right thing Oliver. even if you find that sometimes… you don’t have much alternative.

Oliver: Let’s get back to the Watchtower and meet the new pretty faces.

Chloe: And meet the brothers too. don’t forget about Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand. they too are there.

A moment later…

At Watchtower…

Prince Alvin: *Practicing his fire techniques* Where do you suppose Watchtower is? She’s been gone a while and she hasn’t really been telling us where she was taking off to.

Prince Avery: She’s at the nearby coffee shop. at least that is where she usually goes sometimes.

Prince Arnold: She could be doing reconnaissance. finding out more about Major Zod.

Prince Curtis: No idea. but she is out and rolling around town. We heard the conversation between our cousins and Major Zod. there seems to be a bit of identity crisis… the way the Major was talking… you couldn’t really help but to feel sorry for him.

Prince Alvin: Maybe so. but the fact is that we can’t ever trust him. Remember the shifty motives of Lana Lang? She’s a girl. but she was not one who was deeming for global and world conquest. she was just a love confused lady who couldn’t decide who she wanted to have a coitus with. Not that it’s a sin. but She was trying to twist the heart strings in Clark. She went from Whitney Fordman to Clark… back to Whitney and then when he left for the marines and get killed in action went back to Clark. then went and got hurt and trotted to a guy name Adam Knight. who was said to have died a time prior due to a rare liver disease. then he keels over and dies from not being injected by the serum created from platelets of unknown origin which reacted to Kryptonite the same way Clark’s Blood does… she goes to Paris… meets a person named Jason Teague and comes back to Smallville gets with Clark again but is back and forth between. then Jason is wiped off. as well as his momma dearest. then she goes for Clark and then Clark unknowingly breaks her by saying that he doesn’t love her when we all know for sure he did. and always would. Then…. Then Lana fakes her death. slips to China. Shanghai no less. she however is brought back by Lex. the same one who drugged her to make her think she was pregnant and she loses the Baby that was never even there.  he brings her back… but she goes to Clark. and vows Vengeance on Lex. Starts the Isis foundation to help those hurt by Lex’s schemes.  Lex later dies or gets lost in the collapse of the Ice Fortress that he brought down to destroy the travel… on the front of being on some ego-trip… He goes… then Lana goes for a while and then comes back. but with some protective suit on. that absorbs Meteor rock. the suit was meant for Lex. but Lana still wanting to get back at Lex… steals it for herself. but then absorbed the meteor rock that was on top of the planet and for the last time left Clark. left Smallville. never to return.

Prince Arnold: *Confused* How are you able to remember all that?

Prince Avery: *Looking at Prince Arnold* Hey… Earth to water brain… We all know about it… it’s the truth. think about it. We all have the entire series of Smallville. we saw the whole thing. it’s not rocket science. Why do you think we know all about the issues that are going on in a nutshell here? Because of the series. we saw it. it was all there. All of it was there played out in BLACK AND WHITE!

A second later…

P.A: *Chiming* Welcome to Watchtower, Chloe Sullivan… Oliver Queen.

What was gonna happen now with Oliver Queen back with the team and back to action? It was gonna get more busy with the heroes. The Rhapsody Girls were at school and were now in high school. The expectations were now even higher for them… much higher. they were young but tough. Would they get to meet the famous Oliver Queen? What would Oliver Queen think about them? What about Major Zod? He was since that run in with the girls under conflict. He didn’t know what to believe. he still had his memories from the past. the past was still there with him. But he was still a threat. What was he gonna attempt to do next? Was he gonna plan to capture the mother to them and force their hand? Was he still after the Blur? What was he plotting to do once he got hold of the Blur and got the powers from the Yellow Sun? He was with the means to build the solar towers. but the towers were gonna block the powers of the yellow sun and take Clark’s powers and give him and his people the powers. Would the Girls be able to stop it if that were the case? Find out in the next Chapter of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Oliver: *Voice-over* Green Arrow…Online. Hey there. Oliver Queen here… next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! i get to meet the Rhapsody Girls face to face and see exactly what kind of heroes they are. I think that i kinda like them already and i haven’t met them yet. i guess how Chloe explained them it posed them with a great reputation.

Dinah Lance: *Voice-over* Plus we get a disturbance call from the City’s water and power. Seems like Major Zod’s operatives are trying to taint the water supply and contaminate it with a Virus that with one drink the victim would turn into a Zombie. I heard about the idea of pulling a resident Evil. but not the part where we had to live through a version of it.

Emil: *Voice-over* Plus… the search for more of the many men that were said to come from that orb goes on. But so far all the locations of where there were sightings show nothing. other than one with a Giant S. What are we to do if there are more out there and they happen to co-join with Major Zod and his army does happen to grow? Will the heroes be able to trim them back?

Princess Rikku: *Voice-over* I get granted a opportunity to enter the illustrious Watchtower. I can’t believe that the entire Rhapsody family is on the files of Watchtower. they were spying on my family the whole time. Will i be able to handle it? or will it make me lose it and i go postal… doing something that could cause the girls to lose the back-up from the team of heroes. I sure hope that i don’t break.

Paige: *Voice-over* It’s also the first day of high school for Pearl, Dinah and I. Will the school work keep us from the duties that we have in protecting the world? Will the school try to force our hand and make us choose? What about hero duties that we have to follow through with? Will our duties suffer? It’s gonna be a time for choosing, Fighting and work plus More of my Leadership skills awakening on the next Chapter of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 53: “Oliver Is Back… Rhapsody Girls Z! Meet the Green Arrow! Metropolis Goes Resident Evil… Major Zod’s proposal for the Solar Tower…heard.” Part 1

Green Arrow: *Contacting Watchtower* Watchtower… This is green Arrow. Come in. Issue a city wide news flash to the outside. The Virus has been put into the Water supply. We’re too late.


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