The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 50: “Mamoru… Gone! Dark Endymion Enters with the powers of Metaria; The Rhapsody Girls go all out; The Heroes of Earth Vs. Queen Metaria…. All out war; Princess Sailor Moon breaks out… End of the World Imminent… Pearl’s Ear-Piercing Cry for Mercy” Part 4

That Night at Princess Rikku’s house…

It was the night time of the same day that the major battle had struck… and it was gonna be a relaxing Romantic Night for Dinah. It was gonna be her first date and she was really nervous about it. She was unsure if it would be a successful date as it was the first one she’s ever gone on. She’s never been opened to dating  and not many 14 year olds would be permitted to date.  not usually. but As For Dinah… She was gonna be going on a date with Shingo. Usagi was a little unsure about allowing for her brother to date her friend Dinah… but it was love and she was not one to get in the middle of it. If she could get away with being in a relationship with a college guy… Why couldn’t Shingo and Dinah be together? they were only 2 years apart from one another.  Dinah was given a Dress to wear by her Sister Pearl… It was red and Dinah wanted to press for green however she didn’t get too picky. she was gonna be putting the dress on and wear make-up and Lipstick. but all in all… She was nervous as a nerve shot panicky girl. Not knowing how the Date was gonna turn out…

Dinah: Are you sure that i look okay, Mom?

Princess Rikku: I am sure that you look just fine, honey. i know that you’re gonna be just fine. He’s gonna love you. You’re beautiful. it’s biased though because i’m your mother. but it’s true. you are beautiful.

Dinah: Please mom… Don’t make me cry. the Make-up and the lipstick is feeling really runny and if i let off tears… it’s gonna just smear the make-up and i’ll look pretty hideous.  *Sighs* I have no idea why i am wearing girly things… but i guess that it’s what i will get used to. i am with a boyfriend. there are some things that boys want to see in girls… even though Shingo likes me being tough.

Princess Rikku: True… we are all used to seeing you being tough. you’re always speaking out as being tough. it’s rather accustomed and well expected. You are always being the tough one. it’s just that way.

Paige: *Looking at the Dress on Dinah* Dinah… You look… Uh… Hot. you are really a gem and then some. i think that the dress looks really sweet on you. i really do

Dinah: *Blushes* Thanks, Sis. i appreciate that. I Just hope that i look good for Shingo.

Paige: i am sure that you will. besides… you look good to me.

Dinah: Pearl has a lot of Dresses in her closet. She hooked me up with a nice Sparkly red dress that she bought once. it was nice. i Don’t look bad in this one i suppose. i mean I am more of a green wearing girl… but this red one is nice. I actually feel it bring out the beauty in me.

Paige: That is right. but you always had the beauty. it was there the whole time. You will be sure to wow Shingo.

Pearl: *Walking over to Dinah* Shingo is a nice boy. i really hope that it goes swell for you Dinah. You are entitled to have a happy time. as do we.

Although while they were getting Dinah all prepped for her date… They noticed a Strange Orb in the Closet… It started to Glow a faint light.

Pearl:  *Confused* That is one weird looking orb.

Paige: *Wondering* Where did it come from?

Pearl: Not sure. but it sure looks odd. i don’t remember ever having an orb. We better take it to the Professor after Dinah’s date gets here and they are on the way to their Date. Maybe he might know about it.

Paige: Maybe. but it’s got some weird Emblem on it. a 4 pointed star. I always thought that Stars were supposed to be 5 pointed.

Pearl: Me too.

Dinah: *Overhearing about some Orb* That Orb… i kinda found it in the fountain. at the park when i was with Shingo. It looked like a Hackeysack ball so i took it and brought it home. It didn’t look so bad. it didn’t look dangerous. Shingo even wondered what it was… he couldn’t make heads or tales of it. Not that i would blame him on that… i mean… it even had me rather puzzled. *Shrugs* I don’t know.

A couple minutes later…

Downstairs in the Living room…

Rikku: *Watching T.V; Working on her new book* What time is Shingo supposed to get here?

Princess Rikku: *Coming down the Stairs* Anytime now… I guess.

Paige: He’s not gonna be running late, is he?

Pearl: *Gasps* Paige… Don’t Jinx it. it’s not like that.

Dinah: *Walking over to the Kitchen to get something to Drink to calm down* I am so darn nervous. Why? It’s just a date. it’s nothing major. it isn’t like he’s slipped the words: “Will ya Marry me?” Plus it’s not like he’d say that. he’s 12 and i’m 14. *Flustered* Man… this is nuts. i am a tomboyish girl who is getting all fluttered by a boy asking me out on a date. especially one that happens to be my boyfriend.

Paige: *Concerned about her sister* Dinah, Calm down. it’s gonna be alright.

Suddenly a Knock sounds off on the door…

Princess Rikku: *Walking over to the front door* I’ll get it.

Dinah: *Nervous*

Pearl: It could be him…

Princess Rikku opens the front door to reveal Shingo. But it also revealed Usagi and Mamoru a few steps away.

Shingo: *In a nice suit* Hi. Is Dinah ready?

Princess Rikku: Yeah. She’s ready. She’s nervous as heck though. this is her first Date. *Spotting Usagi and Mamoru* Hey you two… What’re you two doing here with Shingo? You two trying to Lojack the poor boy? He’s probably just as nervous as my Dear Dinah is…

Shingo: I admit… i am nervous. But Usagi wouldn’t let me go on the date unless she had me agree to make it a double date. Not as i’d mind or nothing… but she is actually worried about me.  *Shrugs* Sisters, go figure.

Dinah: *Laughs* yeah. They can sometimes be a bit of a bugger. but they mean well. i am sure that they do it all out of that thing called Love.

Shingo: Well that is the best reason for them to be doing what they do. *Smiles calmly* …. *Looking at Dinah in a red dress* Wow! You Look really beautiful. Where did you get that dress?

Dinah: I uh… got it from my sister Pearl. it’s one of the dresses that she bought. She rather gave it to me to wear for the date. I kinda wanted to tell her to pass over one in Green, but I am actually glad that she lent me this red one. It’s actually a good color on me. i really had no idea i’d look so good in red.

Shingo: Well… you look wonderful. it looks amazing on you, Dinah.

Dinah: Thanks. You look really suave too. like a Prince. A Prince and that could make me a Princess, Right?

Shingo: That’s right.

Mamoru: *Walking over* You guys all ready to go? We’ll take you where ever you want to go for your date.

Dinah: Let’s go see a movie. There is a whole mess of movies playing at the Metropolis Theater. I hear that they brought back the Movie “Air Force one” Seeing the President kick some Terrorist butts. “Your Commander-in-Chief has issued you a Direct order…DO IT!”*Laughs* I never get tired of that line. Especially the line Where the President says: “Never again will I allow our political self-interest to deter us from doing what we know to be morally right. Atrocity and terror are not political weapons. And to those who would use them, your day is over. We will never negotiate. We will no longer tolerate and we will no longer be afraid. It’s your turn to be afraid. “ Now that was awesome. Told it right out. i think i saw it once… 6 years ago. it was just a single movie that some channel was playing and i just happened to watch it. as it was starting. i watched it and the first time that i heard that line… I was cheering like a mad girl. i loved it. seeing that the president wasn’t gonna take any crap from those rotten terrorists. *Sighs* Too bad it was only a movie though.

Shingo: Sounds good. i actually wouldn’t even mind seeing a movie like that.

Mamoru: Okay… Let’s go.

As they made way to the theater for the Date…

Princess Rikku: *Running up to Dinah* Dinah, Wait. You have enough for the movies and for concessions to have during the movie? For food if you happen to decide to go and get something to eat?

Dinah: *nods* I think so, Why?

Princess Rikku: *Handing Dinah some extra money* Here you go. If you happen to get a bit scared or a bit tired and want to come home early… you just call me. I’ll be right there to get you. okay. *Hugging her Daughter* You have a good time, okay?

Dinah: Okay.

A few minutes later…

Paige: *On her Hover Cruiser* Pearl, Let’s get this orb thing to the professor… He might know what this thing is.

Pearl: Right. Let’s go. i don’t think we should even mess with the orb. we don’t know what it can do.

Paige: I would still like to know why Dinah even brought it home… it’s dangerous… whatever it is… It’s even started to glow a little.

Pearl: *While riding on her Hover Cruiser* I don’t even think she knows or realizes what it was or what it might be. But i think i know what it could be. Remember the show that we saw 4 months ago… the episode of…

Paige: Smallville. I think i know about that show. the reroots of Clark Kent and his journey of becoming this legendary Man of Steel. It was an artifact that came from the same planet as him and possessed some beings. Kandorians or something. and all of them lived right on that destroyed Planet called… Uh, Krypton. There were also these 3 Kryptonian stones of Knowledge. A metallic disc and one that happened to be like the book of Rao. *Shaking her head* I don’t know how i was able to remember that. with the whole issue revolving the past life and the Great Evil… i placed that all on the back burner.

Pearl: I don’t know how any of this would make sense… i just want some answers. I really don’t like the idea that the orb holds inside it a band of beings. What if they’re all Evil and are all bent on world Conquest?

Paige: You mean like King Lotor was? I don’t know. it’s possible. but it could be just with people who are just wanting to have a second chance.

Voice: *Speaking out* You are assuming wrong. They are not ones to be trusted. They are tainted Vessels who are those who crave power. If they are released… They will pose a dire threat upon Earth. one City won’t be enough. they’ll want to conquer the whole world. and there won’t be anyone to stop them.

Paige: *Pauses* What…? What was that?

Pearl: Who said that? *Startled*

Paige: *Looking at the Orb* I think that it came from the orb.

Pearl: The Orb? *Feeling a little freaked out from the Voice* i suggest we get it to the professor and fast. we need some answers.

Paige: *Picking up speed on her Hover Cruiser* I’m with you. let’s go.

At the Professors a moment later…

Pidge: *Taking a look at the Orb* Odd looking thing. *Looking at Paige* You said that Dinah found it… at the park… in the fountain, right?

Paige: Right. She found it.

Pidge: Does she remember where exactly it was in the fountain?

Pearl: No idea. She didn’t even think so much about it. she said that she thought that it looked like a little hackey sack ball.

Paige: She even mentioned that Shingo looked at it and didn’t even know what to make of it. it looked so weird. Any idea what the 4 pointed star symbol in the front of it means?

Pidge: *Hooking the orb to a machine* Let’s find out what we’re dealing with here. *Running tests on the Orb* It can’t be opened. but if i can find out what’s inside… it may tell us what we might be dealing with.

Pearl: You don’t think it’s anything bad, Do you?

Pidge: Nah! i don’t think so. It’s only an orb right now… but what worries me is the what’s inside. That’s what kinda worries me. it is not what i usually handle… unknown things that have extraterrestrial origins. Would there be any reason for this to be on Earth?

Paige: *Shrugs* Not sure. but as soon as we saw what it was… we didn’t even try to open it. we brought it here… because we figured that if anyone would be able to provide any answers… it’d be you. We couldn’t take it to the authorities. They would want to run hard tests on it and end up unleashing whatever’s in there. you’re testing it and it could open it up but you’re being careful. the other scientists and tech professionals wouldn’t know what to do… they’d just run tests and wind up breaking it and unleashing something they’re with no knowledge of out…

Suddenly a Knock on the door sounded…

Tammy: *Answering the Door* Hello? Can i help you?

Woman: *Smiles with a Civil and pleasant tone* Hi, Is this The Stroker residence?

Tammy: Yes. it is, Why do you ask?

Woman: *Back tracking a bit; Apologizing for being a bit forced* Oh, First time here and i don’t even introduce myself. Please do forgive me. Tess Mercer. CEO Of Luthorcorp and all Luthorcorp Assets. I’m here to offer a job to a… I hope i got the name right here… A Pidge Stroker.

Tammy: A Job? For my husband? But he’s got a Job. He’s working for the Scientific community. But out of curiosity… How did you come across the name of my Husband? *A Little Lost*

Tess: *Calmly and very understanding* It’s okay to be wanting to know. i do suppose that it’s well expected since it’s a bit of a shock hearing this come just out of the blue. *Pauses and suddenly with a pose of surprise* Husband? You’re married to Mr. Stroker? Oh dear… That’s rather sudden. that part i didn’t get informed of. So i take it that you must be Mrs. Stroker, Right?

Tammy: uh-huh. Tammy Stroker. That’s me. *Feeling a bit of cold air coming in* It’s starting to get cold out… Care to come in for a few minutes till my Husband is done with the girls. You know… He’s the Professor to 3 girls. i can’t tell you anything about them for it’s not really any of my business persay. But if you wish to ask about them… He will be more apt to tell more about them.  *Standing aside*

Tess: You’re really kind. *Smiles Kindly; Walking inside respectfully* … *Seeing Pictures of 3 girls and a Girl with Glasses. Plus one with Pink Hair* Those are good pictures on the wall… Are they friends of yours?

Tammy: Yeah. The picture with the 3 girls on it are Paige, Pearl and Dinah. The Rhapsody Girls. a trio. the one there with the glasses is My Husband’s Daughter that he and his Ex had together. His Daughter is Betty. The one on the other side of the picture with the 3 girls… the one with the Pink hair is the mother to My Husband’s daughter. That’s Princess Rikku.

Tess: *Grins* Charming name. not very common to be hearing such a name as that though. but… she does look sweet. *Seeing necklaces all over* Looks like fashion is in complete acceleration here. What’s with the Necklaces if you don’t mind me asking? Not that i’d judge. i kinda have made a few necklaces when i was a young girl. kinda like a tacky hobby i had amongst horseback riding and the like. i was on a island for a time… that’s when i first met the Playboy Millionaire CEO Of Queen Industries Oliver Queen.  Kinda brash but had the Smile that was carved by angels.

Tammy: *Smiles* these Necklaces i am making are to kinda sell and make money off of and give the money to the community. i at first was doing it to save this house during the issues of the Great Evil Queen Metaria was said to be a threat.

Tess: *Pauses and holding up a hand slightly* Queen Metaria. I Know that name somewhere. Wasn’t she the one that was said to be the cause of the planet to be in disarray and be the apparent fall of the Earth Kingdom said to exist way back when… Like about 1000 years? There was also this Prince. Endymion… i believe… Right?

Tammy: Yeah. That’s right. *Caught by surprise* Hey… How were you to know about that?

Tess: I know because i was on the top floor on the day when there was a huge meeting with the Board of directors of the multiple companies that are ran by Luthorcorp.

Tess Flashes back explaining…Tess: *Voice-over* i was on the top floor and was going through papers and signing some of the contracts that were due to be renewed with 5 of the many subsidiaries of Luthorcorp. one was Cyber-technics. one that a Dr. Robert Krieg was said to be running tests on a man against his will and wound up with a lawsuit which i knew had to be covered up to prevent a field day with unneeded members of the press. I was about to conduct a Multi-way conference call with the board members of Luthorcorp when i heard noises above. on the roof.

“Princess Sailor Venus: *Battling Jadeite and Nephrite* Ha! *Launching another attack at Jadeite* Venus… Love me…CHAIN!

Jadeite: *Dodging the attack and Firing a shot of Energy at the Princess* Take that. You don’t stand a Chance against us, Princess. You are nothing without your protectors. Where are they? They’re gone and have no idea that you’re up here. they don’t know where to go to look for you. You’re all alone up here. and you can’t take us both. So… What do you plan to do?

Princess Sailor Venus: *Attacking again* Venus…Love me… Chain! *Hitting Jadeite* Got you. You will be sorry for going against the Princess.

Nephrite: *Firing Red Lightning at the Princess* You won’t be around long enough to make us sorry, Princess. That Mystical Silver Crystal will be ours and will be the fuel that energizes Queen Metaria.

Jadeite: *Landing a Kick at the Princess and knocking her down* Get down. You’re about to be sent straight to hell!

Betty: *Voice* “Fear not said the lord… Your cries for help are heard. his Embrace shall protect you from the presence of the devil. My righteous mind sees all and hears all. the Mind of heaven will pierce the Devil and his power. my children… Look up to me. i have come to save you. I am your Savior’s Warrior. I am… Angelic Raven!”

Angel: *Voice* “The Darkness of Heaven beckons to all in need. the Evil that vows to cover the land with it’s blanket of doom and despair… shall meet it’s match. The Force of Heaven and the Rage of it’s dark touch shall rip away the Darkness from the Devil’s Embrace. Look towards me to even the field and provide the innocent souls a fighting chance. I am… Angelic Darkhand!”

Princess Sailor Venus: *Looking up and wondering who it was* Who’s there?

Betty: *Appearing* Just us… Moon Princess. We’ve come to even the playing field. you’re in a bind. we’re here to even the odds.

Angel: *Appearing before the Princess* as i will help to. *Looking at Jadeite* You want darkness. Let’s see how you like this for a try…. *Launching a dark attack on Jadeite* Abyss of Darkness!

Betty: And here is something from the lord. something that i call an attack that i made myself. *Attack Nephrite and Jadeite in one swing* Omega Thunder Blast!

Princess Sailor Venus: *Getting attacked from the side* Ahhh!

Jadeite: you forgot about our Youma who was in the shadows…

Nephrite: Finish her!

Betty: *Getting angry* I don’t think so! *Forming a Bow and Arrow and emittng Holy energy into it; Chanting a spell: “Lord of the heavens, Hear my call rain a piercing rain of your wrath upon the souls of the wicked. Let the Evil that walk feel your piercing wrath” Shooting an arrow up into the sky and with her mind creating a dark stormy sky; Shooting up a blast of Holy energy at the arrow turning the arrow into a billion arrows of light; Launching the attack at (Jadeite, Nephrite and the Youma)* Heaven’s PIERCING STORM!

Angel: *Blasting Dark Orbs at the Youma* Darkened Affliction!

Princess Sailor Venus: *Attacking the Youma* Venus… Love me… Chain!

Jadeite: *Taking the hits and vanishes back to Dark Kingdom*

Nephrite: *Vanishing back to Dark Kingdom* Whatever.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Sighs* What were you two doing here? I had things going fine.

Betty: Really?! Because the way it looked when we showed up… you were about a few steps away from falling to your pretty little doom. this building is about 50 stories tall. and i am sure that the ground would not be with a soft surface. We came to help.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Stomps her foot* That is enough. there are things that a princess has to do on her own. it’s the way it is for a princess. Especially a Moon Princess.

Angel: *Scoffs* We know that. Princess. we know that Princess detail equals it’s own share of troubles. but i truly don’t see how begging for a death wish would be part of the career of being the Moon princess. you could have been killed. which is exactly what Beryl wants. if you die… What do you think happens to the rest of the senshi? to the world? You’re here and reawakened to help protect the world from the great Evil that is coming. and the truth is and i am sure you are a very wise princess and know it to be true that you will be useless to the world and the others here dead.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Sighs* You two don’t get it. i am gonna die anyway. i am with a rare disease and i got less than a year left to live. so even if i were to stop trying to get myself caught… and live a little longer. all i’m gonna do is sadden you all when i die. The doctors are trying to find a cure. but there is nothing much that they can do. There is NO HOPE!”

Tess: *Voice-Over* But That wasn’t the only time i heard noises above my office for i believe… that there was more to it than what was going on that day. alot more. because months later… I saw a girl in the sky. Flying. calling out a name. The name she called Was Usagi….

“Angel: *Flying in the sky and catching sight of Usagi on top of the building of Luthorcorp plaza* Usagi! What are you doing there? You had us all worried Sick about you. Are you okay?!

Usagi: *Jumps and turns to see Angel* uh-huh! i am fine.

Suddenly Youma began to appear and surround Usagi…

Usagi: I can’t let it get repeated again. it can’t happen again.

Angel: *Looking at the Youma* Usagi… don’t just stand there… Transform. on the double.

Usagi: *Transforming* Moon Prism Power… Make-Up!

Angel: *Summoning the others* I found Usagi. i found her. she is on the rooftop of the Luthorcorp plaza. she is here. come fast.

Sailor Moon: *Fighting the Youma and getting them put together in a group before attacking* Ha! *Launching an attack at the Youma’s* Moon Twilight… Flash! *Remembering what Mamoru had said before*

Sailor Moon: What’s this…?

Mamoru: *Pulling out his sword* … *Pointing it at Sailor Moon* From now on… Consider me to be your enemy.

Sailor Moon: Why?! What is the meaning of this?

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Arriving from the side*

Paige: *Looking at Sailor Moon and then spotting Mamoru wearing a white royal uniform* Uh, What’s going on here?

Dinah: Okay… What gives? Mamoru looks like a imperial prince… Wait… I get it… He must now be Endymion.

Mamoru: *Looking to see the Rhapsody Girls* Yes. that is who i am… Prince Endymion of Planet Earth’s Earth Kingdom.

Pearl: Wow!

Mamoru: *Looking at Sailor Moon* Has anyone ever told you exactly what caused the tragedy from the past to happen? Why the planet was destroyed in the past life?

Dinah: *Gasps* You have got to be kidding? You are not implying that she had something to do with the destruction of the Earth, are you?

Mamoru: That’s what it was. In the past life… The Princess destroyed the earth. her forceful wail caused the Moon to plunge into the Earth destroying it.

Pearl: That is so not true. It was Beryl who destroyed the Earth. She broke into the Moon Temple and stole the power needed to awaken Queen Metaria. the Great Evil left the world in disarray and because of the forbidden romance that was between you and the Princess. You Know that… Someone killed you over that and the Princess only released the emotional response to your death and killed herself. but she wasn’t the one who destroyed the planet.

Kunzite: Then who did…?

Paige: Why don’t you ask Queen Beryl for the truth… The real story. She will tell you. It’s because of her that the Earth was destroyed.

Zoicite: We all know the truth. Beryl could do alot of things but not cause a moon to plunge into the earth.

Sailor Moon: *Looking down* In the past life… i…. I….

Paige: That is not right. You make it sound like Beryl is some sort of savior.

Dinah: *Looking at Mamoru* You are not an enemy to us… but if you don’t stop this nonsense… you’ll be giving us no other choice.

Sailor Moon: *Curious and worried* Is this why you feel that you must fight me?

Mamoru: We must not let this planet be destroyed. *Putting his sword away* I only came by to tell you this. Next time that we happen to meet. Even if by night. Don’t you think about letting your guard down.

Mamoru and the men then vanish…

Sailor Moon: *Looking down* We can’t let this planet be destroyed…

Dinah: This is the most messed up thing i’ve ever heard. Everyone from Beryl… to the guardians past life memories and now that guy… Endymion. they all think that you in the past life destroyed this planet.  *Growls* I am so tired of this mess. why does everyone see you as this world’s destruct-or?

Pearl: Dinah… That is enough… Stop it!

Dinah: *Snaps* Pearl… Will you wake the hell up? We are the only ones who think that the Princess is innocent. No one else seems to think that she is not the one that is at fault. Face it! It’s gonna take a miracle to make people realize what really caused the world to be destroyed… What triggered it. It was Beryl and her selfish desires.

Paige: Of course.

Beryl: *Voice* You will never convince the people. they know the truth. The people of the moon are the cause for calamity. the Moon Princess Will Die.

Dinah: No! The truth was that you broke into the Moon Temple and stole power that didn’t belong to you. you unleashed Metaria and that caused the world to be destroyed. it triggered the Princess to release her huge energy and plunge the Moon into the Earth. their romance was ill fated. but it was you who killed the world. caused calamity. not the Princess. We are all beyond sick of your web of lies. TELL THE TRUTH…. FOR ONCE IN YOUR EVIL HEARTLESS MEANINGLESS LIFE!

Beryl: *Firing a direct hit at Dinah* Silence… Brat!

Dinah: *being knocked back and falling off the roof of the building* Ahhh!

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting and catching Dinah* Whoa! Easy there Cousin. I got you. *getting Dinah back on her feet and on the roof* You should be more careful.

Dinah: Thanks. I was almost a goner there for a minute.

Paige: That Beryl is really starting to anger me…

Sailor Moon: She is truly the meanest.”

Flashback ends…

Tess: I saw the girl more than once flying by my office window… it only got me to wonder that there were more like her around. The girl had Dark Raven like hair.

Tammy: That would be the sister to Betty. Angel. However she is not the daughter to my husband. Betty is. Betty was the only one that had some of the same chromosomes as my husband did.

Tess: *Grins* I see.

A minute later…

Paige: *Walking out with the Orb* i guess that we have to wait and see what happens with this orb. not sure what it’d do.

Pearl: yeah… i just can’t figure out what could really be in that orb. Dinah thinks it’s some ball… but it’s nothing like that. It’s got power inside it. but we don’t know if it’s the good kind or the bad kind.

Paige: Well… the professor did say that it’d be a matter of time before something would start… if the Orb had any type of power inside it at all.

Pearl: *Thinking* I Wonder how Dinah’s doing with her date… I hope that it’s a great date for her. She is told to be the tough one of the Rhapsody Girls Z! She’s lately softened up a bit and is now a bit more with a understanding to the soft side.

Tess: *Turning to see two Girls* Hello there. You must be friends of Mr. Stroker. ..

Paige: *Pauses and looking at the unknown woman surprised* Who are you?

Tess: Tess Mercer CEO of Luthorcorp. You girls must be Paige and Pearl… Right?

Paige: Yeah. I’m Paige Rhapsody. the leader of the trio. I am into reading superheroes Comics and eating sweets.

Pearl: And I’m Pearl Rhapsody. I’m like the Baby of the trio. Plus i am also the one who happens to feel a lot of emotion. I got a big heart. Plus i am into fashion. i have a whole ton of dresses. i go to the fashion store everyday and buy at least 0ne or two at a time. sometimes if i get lucky… i get 5.

Tess: A Trio, Huh? Where’s the 3rd one?

Paige: Dinah. She’s on a date. She’s got a boyfriend. Shingo Tsukino. Brother to Usagi Tsukino.

Tess: *Shoots out in shock* Usagi?! I know that name.  I heard that name before. I heard about the great Evil that was threatening the Earth. I was in the Luthorcorp Plaza Building… on both occasions where i saw a girl flying in the air. one with Dark Raven hair…

Pearl: That’s our sister Angel. You saw her? She is the Twin to Betty. Betty is the New Angelic Raven… Our mom used to be that hero… but she passed the power on to Betty.

Tess: Well it’s nice to meet you two. I am sure that we’ll be meeting again in the near future.

Paige: okay. *Keeping the orb out of sight* We gotta go though. besides our sister is gonna be home in a bit and will want to see us. She’s gonna want to let us know how the Date went. *Feeling Lovesick* Romance is so cool…  *Heading Out with her sister* Catch you later, Ms. Mercer… Tammy.

Pidge: *Walking out of the other room suddenly and heading over to the Kitchen to get something to drink* The inventions are getting to be really hard work.  i just hope that i can get it all done in time… *Catching sight of another lady* Hello there… Who do we have here? *Turning to see the woman in the room* Who are you?

Tess: *Walking over to Pidge and reaching out to shake his hand in Greeting* hi. You must be the one they call Professor Stroker. Tess Mercer. CEO of Luthorcorp. I came here actually to offer you a job at Luthorcorp. There will be definite Fringe benefits. automatic medical care and insurance too. There are several projects that can most certainly be valued to have someone with the Knowhow and the hands to get the project running. Rolling. If you wish to start working right away… you can do it.

Pidge: *Grins and Surprised* You’re kidding? You are offering me a job? Why? You don’t really know me. plus… there are things that i have to create for the 3 girls…

Tess: Things? As in gadgets? *Confused* … Who are you referring to? Those two girls? I see that they are sweet and very respectful… but as for there being something more to them… i just didn’t catch on to that… Are they more than what they appear?

Pidge: *Nods* I believe that they are… For you see… They happen to be the Rhapsody Girls Z! The spirited and very energetic. But you must be sworn to utter secrecy. if their mother heard that the secret was being told to too many people… She would be quite upset.

Tess: I understand. i happen to harbor some secrets as well so i know what it’s like to be having to keep secrets.

All while they were talking…

At the Movies…

Shingo: *Walking out with Dinah* That movie was really really thrilling. I never thought that the movie would be so action packed and with so much thrill.

Dinah: Told you that you’d love it. that movie was just awesome. Now i know for sure the reason why i loved that movie. I can tell you that if i had that movie right now… i would see that movie as many times as i could till i passed out.

Shingo: We should go and get something to eat? I am getting rather hungry. What about you?

Dinah: I too am feeling a bit hungry… *Rubbing her stomach a little* Man, All that Action and having to refrain from cheering like a mad mad rowdy girl really gets a girl starving like a over hungered soul.  Let’s go and find the restaurant. it’s only a block away. I think that Mamoru and Usagi are outside here waiting for us now… They might be getting rather hungry too.

Shingo: My sister hungry for food? *Snorts* Pfft! The only thing i see her really eat are sweets. but yeah. i see your point… it is time to eat.

Dinah: Right. Let’s go.

They went to the closet restaurant and grabbed something to eat. Dinah and Shingo were having such a wonderful time. neither one of them wanted the night to end, but they knew that it had to eventually. As they were at the restaurant they talked about what they’d be able to do in the future… they were wanting to get serious. they were in love. Dinah was scared about it at first, but she really opened up to the whole concept of dating. She had a wonderful time. What they were about to find out was that Makoto and Motoki were inside the restaurant too. but as in what luck would have it was that they didn’t catch sight of one another… But Dinah was able to sense the presence…

Dinah: *Gasps* Mako-Chan! She’s here… Oh my…

Makoto: *Hearing her name called* Huh?

Dinah: *Looking to her side* Mako-Chan! You’re here… What brings you here?

Makoto: *Looking to see Dinah and Shingo* Dinah-Chan, Shingo. It’s good to see you two out and about again.

Motoki: *Looking to see Dinah* Dinah, Mako-Chan told me about you. said that you were this tough girl… but you are surely the opposite of what she said. You look really feminine and sweet. I like the dress. You look really nice… Even Cute in that.  you’re a definite Gem.

Shingo: *Smiles* You bet she is. We just got done from watching a very thrilling movie not too long ago. She was right about the movie. it was really thrilling. i never had so much excitement in watching the movie in all my life.

Dinah: What brings you two out this rather chilly and brisk night?

Makoto: Just out on a date. You?

Dinah: The same thing. we are on a date myself. But before the date really begun, i was  rather quite nervous and really fluttered.

Makoto: *Sympathetic* How come? It’s only a date.

Dinah: *Scoffs* You’re one to talk. you were more like a Tomboy when we first met you… but now… look at you… You’re on a date. I am on one too. but i still feel a little nervous. Only because i am really nervous about what would happen if i were to do something to mess up the date. However… so far it’s been a wonderful date.

Although an hour later…

The date ended. it was near midnight and Dinah was getting worn out as was Shingo. They were both getting weary. So Shingo did the gentleman routine and escorted his date home to her house. He was happy too. He had a wonderful time with Dinah. Dinah wanted to spend the night with Shingo, however knew that she was a couple years too young still. So she had to wait for a couple more years…It was gonna be well worth the wait for she Loved him that much and wanted to be with him forever and a eternity. Now that was devotion… more over than the common case of the love potion #9.

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku: *Seeing Dinah coming in from her date* How was the date, sweetie? Did you have a wonderful time?

Dinah: *Ecstatic* Are you kidding? It was the best Date. The Movie was just a top rate thriller. So much action… Thrills and spills. Awesome if there ever was a word for it.

Princess Rikku: Oh… I am so pleased to hear that. i am so happy to know that you had a wonderful time. It makes me so happy and pleased to know that you’ve had a great time. You’re growing up. so it’s only right to be having a relationship.

in the Girl’s bedroom…

Noises were heard coming from the Girls closet and it was almost like someone talking. continuously… It was the Orb… it was finally glowing and amassing high energy… It was glowing brightly and it attracted the attention of the girls. Paige, Pearl saw light flashing all over the Room and panicked.

Paige: *Freaked out* What was that? What is that light?

Pearl: *Looking to her side* It’s coming from the closet. The Closet is spewing lights all over and there are voices going off like a group of people talking all at once and whispering repeatedly.

Paige: *Getting up and walking over to the Closet* Let’s go Check it out… Something doesn’t feel right about this at all.

Pearl: I agree.

Dinah: *Running up and hearing all the mess* What’s going on? Is there something going on here?

Paige: *Beginning to open the Closet doors* we’re about to find out…

A second later…

Paige: *Looking into the Closet and seeing it now made to a Portal* What!

Pearl: *Standing next to her sister* What is it? What’s going on? *Looking ahead at the Portal* How did that get there?

Paige: I don’t know… but it doesn’t look good.

Pearl: *Looking closer at the Portal and seeing inside it* Uh-oh… I think the Orb is releasing what’s inside it. Something is coming out…

Dinah: *Walking up and taking a look at the closet* What the holy presence is this? Paige, Pearl… What did you do my ball? why is it acting like that?

Paige: It’s not a Hackeysack ball… It was an orb. An orb with Extraterrestrial Origin in it. it’s got people inside it. the orb is now releasing it…

Voice: Zod! Zod…

Paige: *Looking at the portal through the closet Door* What?!

Voice: *From inside the Portal* Oooooooh!  Raaaaa! Zod!

The calling card for Zod forms and then glows brightly….

Voice:  Zod!

the view goes dark…

Voice: ZOD!!!

Dinah: This is not good. not good what so ever… *Getting a bad feeling*

Princess Rikku: *Freaked out by hearing the haunting noises* What was that? Who is this ZOD?

The New threat was amongst them, It was not clear as to what the Person from the Orb would try to do or if he/she would do anything. What they were not aware of was that it was not just with one person inside the orb. it was with more than one… it poured out a couple hundreds or thousands. but they would only see one or a few at a time… One being the one they’d call Zod. Was he General… or was he a Major? What would this mean for the Rhapsody Girls? Would this embark the beginning of the 3rd threat? What was it gonna do for them? Would it be calling upon the help from a band of heroes… Like Impulse, Watchtower, Green Arrow, Aquaman (Arthur Curry), Dinah Lance (Black Canary), Victor stone, and the one called The man of Steel. Kal-el of Krypton? Where would the new visitor from the Orb appear first? Find out in Chapter 51 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Paige: *Voice-over* the threat is out. And he has come to at first be lost and unsure what he was to do on Earth. but how long would it last him… He didn’t come alone either. He came with a couple hundred or so people. however only a few are present at the time.

Pearl: *Voice-over* One of the people was a woman named Faora. And appeared to be the Main man’s wife. They talk about why they don’t have the powers from the Yellow sun. The same sun that we have to provide heat for the earth.

Dinah: *Voice-over* We also get a grand showing of the heroes… Like Impulse and Green Arrow. A guy who happens to be the good Kryptonian named Kal-el of Planet Krypton. Victor Stone and Black Canary Dinah Lance. Even the heroes of old like Dr.Fate, Star Girl. and Hawkman also.

Princess Rikku: Plus my girls get a summons to be a part of Watchtower… On the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 51: “Kneel Before ZOD. Rhapsody Girls Z! Meet the Legendary band of heroes”

Major Zod: *Looking at the Rhapsody Girls* The others might be more of a cunning sort to let you live if you dare try to run for safety… but… *Grabbing Paige’s Neck and driving her down to the floor* I would not begin to hesitate to take you out.


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