The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 49: “Mamoru… Gone! Dark Endymion Enters with the powers of Metaria; The Rhapsody Girls go all out; The Heroes of Earth Vs. Queen Metaria…. All out war; Princess Sailor Moon breaks out… End of the World Imminent… Pearl’s Ear-Piercing Cry for Mercy” Part 3

Paige: *Voice-over* Recap of the last scene from Chapter 48…

“Sailor Moon: *In tears* Mamoru… *Crying out* MAMORU! *Running fast and looming right towards Evil Endymion with the Sword pointed at him*

Sailor Venus: *Voice* Change the fate of the planet, Princess. we’re counting on you. we believe.

Paige: *Screaming out* Usagi-Chan!

Dinah: *Looking up* Oh… This is not good. She’s gonna do it. She’s really gonna do it…

Dark Ami: But she is in the greatest pain… in the greatest agony…

Evil Endymion: *Raising his sword up and starting to make another move*

Makoto: *Begging* Stop it!

Rei/Ami/Dark Ami/Amara/Michelle/Trista/Rhapsody Girls/Betty/Angel/Rhapsody Brothers: *Looking away in horror*

Evil Endymion: *feeling the Sword go into him and piercing him fatally* Euuuuuu!

Blinding light then spreads and fills the air. one side purple… one side golden and spreading till it fills the area and becomes a veil…”

In Beryl’s Chambers…

A few puddles of water are seen inside the chambers and some drips of water splash in it… It’s dark and cold. Sailor Moon is sitting down beside Endymion and looking at the still body; seeing that Endymion was now dead.

Rei: *Walking in With the rest of the girls and the Rhapsody brothers plus the Rhapsody Girls Z, Betty and Angel*…

Sailor Moon: *Sitting Silently in despair*

Paige: *Confused* What is Usagi doing? She’s just sitting there and not even moving.

Dinah: What’s she planning to do? Turn into a statue?

Pearl: *Seeing Endymion lying on the ground lifeless; gasps* Oh no… Endymion. He’s lying there… not moving. Is he okay?

Prince Alvin: *Concerned* I have no idea. the sword did go into him. he might be okay. *Looking at Prince Avery* Go over to Endymion and check for a pulse. we need to know whether he’s alive or dead.

Prince Avery: *Nods* On it. *Running over to Endymion* I hope that he’s not deceased… because if that is the case we’ll have to brace ourselves for the princess to come chiming in.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Did you really have to go there?

Ami: *Looking at the darkness inside the chambers* it’s really dark in here…

Dark Ami: I know. *Feeling a sense of cold* It’s even getting cold here… there might be a few spooks roaming around.

Prince Avery: *Near the body and Kneeling down* let’s see if there is still a pulse in the Prince. *Checking for a pulse on the prince*

Prince Alvin: *calling over to Prince Avery* Prince Avery, anything?

Prince Avery: *Seeing for a pulse on Endymion*….. *Shaking his head* No. He’s gone. There is no pulse in him. he’s dead.

Paige: *Gasps* Oh no….

Dinah: He’s dead? She really did do it… she took his life. she’s gonna crack.  I think that we might want to be with common sense and make a run for it. She’s gonna crack.

Suddenly Queen Beryl steps out from the Shadows…

Makoto: *Seeing Queen Beryl* Queen Beryl?!

The girls and the rest of the Rhapsody brothers run over to where Sailor Moon was… Pearl Pulls Sailor Moon away from Endymion and helps her stand up.

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Beryl: *Looking down at Endymion’s dead body* Endymion. *Sighs* Queen Metaria… is history. she’s been defeated.  *Looking up to see Sailor Moon* Princess… Why must you constantly without second thought… Take everything away from me? Ever since the past life… Endymion… He had it all… The Wealth… the influence. *While in lament* But this time… This time… you even take Queen Metaria away from me. you destroy her and rip her from me. You are the true harbinger of Misfortune. *Shooting out in Outrage* You are the one who’s true Evil. You EVIL GIRL!!!

Dinah: *Snapping at Beryl* Back off lady… You are the only one who is True Evil… You are the reason this happened… you should have known that Metaria was a loose cannon and couldn’t be controlled for long. but you still resurrected her. you can bark and growl and snarl all you like… but you brought all this upon yourself. You know that! You’re the Evil One.

Pearl: Plus if Usagi is guilty of anything… It’s protecting the planet from your naughty and very mean hands… and Metaria too.  she only protected the world from you and Metaria.

Beryl: *Looking at Endymion again* She killed Endymion. Endymion is Dead by her hands… how could you be thinking it was me who did it? I didn’t have the sword in my hand… Now…. did i? DID I?

Sailor Moon: *In shock and starts to speak* Endymion… has been killed… I Killed… Endymion.

Betty: *Hearing Sailor Moon feeling remorse and showing signs of breaking* Usagi-Chan… Don’t do it… Don’t snap.

Angel: Don’t break. You did what had to be done… but it wasn’t your fault. You didn’t mean to kill him. we know that you didn’t mean it.

Sailor Moon: Endymion is… dead.

Paige: *Panics* Usagi… Don’t do it… Don’t break.

Amara: I think it’s too late… Her conscious mind is broken… the Princess is gonna come out… There is nothing we can do…

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Sailor Moon: *With a shrill loud cry* ENDYMION!!!!!!! *Emitting Heavy energy knocking the girls down and turns into Princess Sailor Moon*

Beryl: *Shielding her eyes* Ahhh!

Ami: *On the ground; Looking up* Usagi-Chan!

Pearl: *Scared* What’s going to happen now?

Princess Sailor Moon: *Absorbing Endymion into her and carrying him with her in her heart* This world will be no more… i will end it all… i will end everything… with Endymion by my side.

Prince Curtis: *Mortified* I think that the Princess has just lost it.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Lost it? uh Prince Curtis, that is not even the word for it. she hasn’t just lost it. She’s broken from all common sense. she is off her deep end.

Princess Sailor Moon: *Nodding her head once and causing the ground to start shaking*

Some rocks then rise…

Jadeite: *Running in* Beryl-Sama! Let’s go… It’s too dangerous here. this place is falling apart. it’s gonna collapse on us. we have to go…

Beryl: *Looking towards the princess* … *Glaring*

Princess Sailor Moon: *Not showing any remorse* …. *Starts Glowing*

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Beryl: *Looking at the Princess with a still tone* That is why… i even now in the present… think that you’re no more than a little girl. You will never grow up.

Jadeite: *Shielding his eyes and standing close to Beryl* Beryl-sama!

Within seconds… the Princess Vanishes and the Room goes dark.

Prince Alvin: *Helping the girls up* You Girls alright?

Ami: *Nods* Yeah. I think so. *Sighs a little* Thanks Prince Alvin.

Prince Avery:  *Helping the rest up* Come on… let’s get the heck out of here while the going is good. i don’t savor the motion of dying just yet.

Paige: But we’re gonna die anyway. the Princess is gonna end the world. it’s all over!

As soon as the girls were all up, they looked around and caught sight of the Princess Walking away. The Princess was walking away and what they didn’t know was that there was something up ahead not far from the Chambers…

Paige: *Looking at Beryl* Beryl… I know that you brought this on yourself and this was all your doing… but if you know where the princess is heading… tell us now… we have to stop her.

Beryl: I can’t begin to see where you’re going with that statement… the end of the world is imminent and there is no stopping it. but if you are gonna stop her… by all means. try and stop her. she’s gonna be going to the Sacrificial platform… it’s an alter that i nary use. it’s also the spot that links your world with mines. if she is gonna truly end the world… then that is where she’ll go. the center.

Dinah: That’s whack… why would you have a sacrificial platform and not even use it? You truly have issues, You know that? *Looking at the others* I don’t know about the rest of you… but i’m gonna keep fighting and trying to break through to the Princess. it may be a failed attempt, but no way am i gonna just stand back and watch as she vanquishes the whole world and kills us all.

Rei: *Snaps* Dinah! She is not a Killer.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Oh yeah… That is a refutable laughing statement of the century… Have you even looked at where we are and heard where The princess was heading off to? Usagi isn’t Usagi anymore… she’s snapped and become the Princess. all we can do is try to break through to her… but most likely fight her. that is the only option we got.

Angel: I agree.

Trista: I also agree… We must do what needs to be done even though it hurts us…

Rei: *Looking down in regret* Usagi is….  *looking to her sides in hopes to see the Princess* Over there… She’s ahead of us…

Seconds later They began to head after the Princess…

Dinah: *Running after the Princess* Wait! You’ve gone totally nuts, Princess. You’re gonna just destroy the world? What the heck for? What about us? Don’t we matter to you? Are you gonna just cast us all off like we don’t matter to you? What about your 4 guardians? They are your protectors. Do they not matter anymore? *Running after the Princess still* Hey! Are you even Listening?!

The Princess Then turns her Moon blade to face them as she continues walking and it sends a fast blast of energy at Ami and Dinah…

Ami: *Falling back* Ouch!

Dinah: *Collapsing on to the ground* Argh! That hurts… That Princess is beginning to be a real pisser.

Makoto:  Dinah, The Princess is not thinking all that straight. she is in grieving. this is her acting out and she’s vowing to end the world because of that. but you have to realize that it’s not her fault. It’s not her fault.

Dinah: *Weirded out* What the— Are you calling her sane? Are you cracked, Mako-Chan? How the heck is her acting in this way considered Sane? This isn’t sane… it’s insanity. The Princess has gone totally Schitzo. A Schizophrenic wacko… A Princess that can destroy the whole world is no sweet and contrary angel… I’ll go along with you girls on this because she happens to be a friend deep down and a close friend to you girls… plus because i don’t want anything to happen to her… or to you guys if she does wind up being lost from all sense of reality… but as for seeing her as being innocent. She is totally under the line of Guilty as sin.

Prince Arnold: Let’s go after her…

Ami: If Usagi would attack even us…

Rei: *Feeling a little bit trembling* Then She really could make her way and destroy the world.

Ami: *Getting up* She has to be stopped. Usagi-Chan needs to be stopped. She’s only making a huge mistake by going forward with destroying the planet… *in terror and sorrow* Even if it means Fighting against Usagi-Chan.

Pearl: Are we really gonna fight against her?

Amara: *In regret* As much as we would hope that it wouldn’t come to this… we’re gonna have no choice. we’re gonna have to fight against the Princess. that’s all there is to it i’m Afraid.

Pearl: *Gulps*

Makoto: *Getting up and shooting out in shocked disbelief* We can’t fight her. We can’t do that. Usagi… To fight against our own Princess. That is just unheard of… How can we dare to fight against her? With what?

Ami: *With Tears in her eyes and feeling sure* I… can fight. I know this because Deep Down, the Real Usagi-Chan doesn’t really want to destroy the planet. She’s our friend. I believe in that. it’s what will keep me going. help me to believe… *Nods* That’s why… i will fight.

Paige: Ami-Chan?

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Ami: *Transforming* Mercury Power… Make-Up!

Rei: *Nods* … *Transforming* Mars Power… Make-Up!

Makoto: *Nods* okay. *Transforming* Jupiter Power… Make-up!

Dark Ami: *Transforming* Dark Power… Make-Up!

Amara: *Trasnforming* Uranus Star Power… Make-Up!

Michelle: *Transforming* Neptune Star Power… Make-Up!

Trista: *Transforming* Pluto Star Power… Make-Up!

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Putting their hand up and Seeing a Power Gem Appear on their finger*

Paige: Miss Love… Power up! *Transforming* … *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Hearts* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The heart and love of the Rhapsody girls… Miss Love… In the name of Justice, love and all that’s good… The followers of Evil will fall.

Pearl: Bubble Maiden… Power Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The emotinal and caring soul of the Rhapsody girls… Bubble Maiden. In the name of sweet compassion and Bubbly charm… The Bubbles of life will wipe away the stain of Evil.

Dinah: Thunder Mistress… Power Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* The loose Wire and the tough fighter of the Rhapsody Girls… Thunder Mistress. In the name of the thunder and fierce determination of the good people… The Evil creeps who dare enter this world will be Electrified.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Betty: *Nods* We’re ready.

Angel: We have to fight her…

They press on and head after the Princess… but as for the Princess She was continually walking towards the Sacrificial Alter and was closer than she was before.

The Rhapsody Girls then run up to her and try to catch her. however… the Princess suddenly glowed a little and then summoned some Sacred guardians to form…

Paige: *Sighs* And i think she has made her mind… Great! i guess that we really are gonna fight against her…

Sailor Mercury: time to move…

The Guardians then moved up with speed and with their mind… (Telekinesis) Tossed them all into the wall a few times hard before letting them drop.

Sailor Mercury: *Grunting as she tries to get up* Uhhh.

Paige:  *Getting up and looking a bit beat* We need to get her… She’s not even seeing any reason.

Pearl: *Shedding a tear* I really don’t like doing this… this is not fun. The Princess is being a total monster. How could she do this?

Dinah: Good Question… one that we should be asking the Princess. although… i don’t believe that she’s bound to be in a very talkative mood. She’s not even talking.

Sailor Mars: *Shaking her head getting up* These weird guardians are tough.

Sailor Jupiter: No kidding.

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Sailor Mercury: *With her Star Tambourine* Water… From Planet Mercury… Give me your power. *Forming a Water Scimitar Aimed to go after Princess Sailor Moon* Usagi-Chan… i beg of you… Stop. don’t go any further.

The Princess was still walking onwards more towards where the alter was…

Sailor Mars: *Trying to fight off the Sacred creatures the Princess Summoned*

Sailor Mars was knocked down and made to roll off a little before getting back up…

Sailor Mars: *Looking at her Tambourine and seeing that she also had Venus’s Star Tambourine* Hmm. *preparing to use the Tambourines* Flame… From Planet Mars. Give me your power. *Forming Duel Flame Swords and Aimed to go after the Princess* For the sake of the planet’s survival… i cannot allow for Usagi to go any further.

The Princess Still pressed forward.

Sailor Jupiter: *Fighting against the sacred Creatures summoned by the princess*

Seconds later she too was knocked down…

Sailor Jupiter: *Getting up and with her Star Tambourine, preparing to use it* Lightning… From the Planet Jupiter… grant me your power. *Forming A Thunder Halberd and Aimed to go after the Princess* Usagi… This is for your own good.

The Princess pressed on…

Paige: *Looking at her sisters* Pearl… Dinah. You girls remember when this all began that we were just doing what we were chosen to do?

Pearl: Yeah.

Dinah: i remember. i still remember the last thing that i recalled doing before i got placed in a skirt. i still shudder at that, Why?

Paige: Well this is probably gonna be just like that… the end of something and the beginning of something new. Even though we’re having to fight against The Moon Princess… just know that this is just like fighting for the first time. not knowing how it will turn out. So as we go against her… just treat it as like our first fight. we learn as we go… we give it all we got. Okay?

Pearl: *Nods* Okay.

Dinah: You got it, Sis. She’s still our friend… but this is for the planet. and we can’t let her end it. so for her own good. Let’s put her on ice.

The Rhapsody Girls run ahead and start to Fire blasts of Hearts… Bubbles and Thunder at The Princess…

The Rhapsody Brothers Run right after the Princess and fire at her with Flame, Water, Plasma and Thunder…

Rhapsody Brothers: *Calling out to the Princess* Usagi! Stop right there.

Princess Sailor Moon: *Stopping and turning her head for a second to see the Rhapsody Brothers and The Rhapsody Girls Z!; Spotting Betty and Angel and her Sailor Companions* You should not be stopping me. this is destined to happen. I warned you all that if things did continue to get worse as they had already begun to… that i would destroy the planet again… The planet has not gotten better. it’s just like last time. Nothing has changed.

Paige: So because of the past… you’re gonna just see that things are repeated? Suppose Beryl was right about you. You’re just being a little girl. Can’t you quit being so selfish?

Dinah: Yeah! What the hell about us? Your friends? Don’t we even matter to you? You are just gonna destroy the planet for what…because of how the world is? There is no need to do that. you for some reason failed to figure that one of us can revive Endymion…

Betty: *Gasps* Dinah! Don’t say that… I can’t do that. not on command. it comes when it’s needed. not when i command it to happen. I remember what the Professor said one time… to me…

Betty Flashes back…

“Pidge: Betty… your mom gave you those powers… but you should also keep in mind that you’re not a god. you can’t be playing god.”

Betty: I can try to do it… but like i said… i can’t do it on command. it just happened. Like when Prince Richie was killed. i brought him back… but that was all by determination and divine will. plus i was influenced by god. i didn’t do by myself. i don’t have the ability to do it on my own… i can’t be playing god.

Princess Sailor Moon: *Intrigued about the thought mentioned by Dinah and Betty* Alright. If you can bring Endymion back from the dead. i will consider the plea and not destroy the world. but if not… I’ll have no choice. it’s just the way it is.

Betty then watched as Endymion appeared back in view and on the ground… The Rhapsody Girls were all praying for a miracle. hoping that it would convince the Princess to not destroy the world. It was their reprieve… it was their last chance to stop the end of the world. everything they had… all their hopes were riding on it.

Betty: *Glowing and Aiming her power at Endymion*

Lord: *Voice* My dear Child… My fair prince of the earth… Awaken on this day… your sacrifice has been done. you should live again… there is much left for you to do… a Kingdom that needs you. A Princess who is in need of you. The love between you and she is said to never be… but you can make it so… however… you must live first. Live… Rise up Prince Endymion! RISE UP!!!

Angel: *Seeing no change* Betty… Stop… it’s no good. it’s not working. he’s too far gone. it’s a fail. It can’t be done…

Paige: No… It had to work. It just had to work. *Unable to believe that the attempt at resurrecting Endymion didn’t work*

Princess Sailor Moon: That’s it. Say good-bye to the world. *Walking up to the Sacrificial Alter and summoning out more Sacred Guardians*

The Sacred beings blocked the path in front of the Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers. Within seconds began to beat at the girls and throw them into the wall …

As For Beryl…

Beryl was looking all over her Chambers and was not fighting the outcome… she knew what was gonna happen and she was gonna go down with her kingdom…

Jadeite: *Running into the Chambers as the Kingdom began to shake heavily* Beryl-sama… The Dark Kingdom is falling apart. it’s Gonna collapse.

Beryl: *With her back turned and not looking to see Jadeite* If you are wishing to run and save yourself. do so… i am not going anywhere. I will not leave this castle.

Jadeite: Then i also will…

Beryl: Enough. no more of this foolish talk. you are free of the control i had over you. you are free. I am done playing as Queen. if i am to die. this is how i will go…

Jadeite has the Curse removed and is freed from Beryl’s control… however, still remained in the room with Beryl…

Beryl: What in Dark Kingdom’s name are you doing? The curse should have been removed. it was removed from you. You’re free. Go… Get out of here. Save yourself.

Jadeite: I have decided… that Beryl-sama is my one and only master.

Beryl: What? Are you pulling the Queen’s leg here?

Jadeite: I am saying that i will never leave your side.

Beryl: You do realize that by staying and going down as well as with me… only makes you just as much a fool as i am. i am a fool for staying even though it is custom that a Queen goes down with her sinking Kingdom.

Jadeite: Yes ma’am. i know that i am a fool. but i am glad to be one. knowing that i am by your side.

The Chambers then crumble and bury them alive…

Back near the Alter

Sailor Jupiter: *Getting beat while watching as the Princess was in the center of the Sacrificial Alter* Not again… Will the past life really be repeated?

Pearl: *Getting beat* No…. we can’t let this happen. we’ve got to prevent this from happening. Why would she do this… She’s got so many important people here… How could she just throw that all away?

Sailor Uranus: It’s not possible… How can the princess go though with this… this is not possible.

Sailor Neptune: Please… don’t let it be…

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Within seconds they were all knocked down and pinned down beaten as the Princess then started Glowing and rising up before Releasing her power…

Pearl: *Calling out in an Ear-Piercing cry* PRINCESS SERENITY!!!! USAGI!!!! STOP!!!!!

Dinah: *Reaching out* Usagi… *Passing out*

Paige: *Blacking out*

Senshi: Usagi-Chan… Don’t Do it…

Rhapsody Brothers: *Begging* Please Stop! Don’t do it! *Blacking out*

Betty and Angel: *Out cold*

Suddenly as the Princess began to release her power and used the Mystical Silver Crystal to destroy the world… Pearl’s Bubble harp reacted to the power of the Moon Harp and counteracted with it… Creating a power reversal of the Princess’s power. The world still ended… but it sent the world’s timeline back to an earlier time before the Trouble with Queen Beryl all began. The Rhapsody Girls were gone… The Rhapsody Brothers were all gone… Betty and Angel were also gone and so were the Sailor soldiers. They were all gone.

At the Metropolis Park…

Luna: *Walking through the park looking for the girls* Paige-Chan… Pearl-Chan… Dinah-Chan… Ami-Chan, Rei-Chan-Mako-Chan, Minako-Chan, Prince Alvin-san. Prince Arnold, Prince Avery, Prince Curtis, Amara, Michelle, Trista… Dark Ami… Where are you?

Artemis: Where could they be? They didn’t return. the Evil is gone… and there is no sign of any threat going on. but Where are the Rhapsody Girls Z!? Where are the Rhapsody Brothers? I don’t think that this is gonna feel so pleasant. i think that we lost the fighters. but we also lost Usagi-Chan and Mamoru. they are also gone. We’re all that’s left.

Luna: *Looking down before walking over to the grass and sitting down* It’s all for nothing. They are gone. The Rhapsody girls are all gone. There is no more protection for this world. it’s all over. The Evil threat is gone. Metaria is gone for good. but problem is that it could just as well repeat and there won’t be anything we can do. we can’t go against it.

Artemis: Wait… *Hearing the Harp* That’s the moon Harp. it’s playing. But how? The Princess is nowhere near here. She is gone as is the Prince. They’re all gone…

however That’s not what really happened…

The Heroes were gone but The Princess and Mamoru were there… in the Veil of White light… a split reality was created and created two realities. but combined to turn the city into a Desert…

What happened was that Pearl’s Bubble harp reacted to her emotions and also responded to the powers of the Princess and matched the power of the princess’s moon harp tune by tune. matched it. made it one and the same. So as the Princess’s power tried to destroy the whole world… it only reached throughout the city. only taking out Metropolis…

Metropolis Desert….

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Princess Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity: *Seeing the land all bare and empty* The Planet… is destroyed. there is nothing left…

Seconds later…

Princess Serenity: *Collapsing onto the ground and sobbing in sadness* I…

Voice: Usagi.

Princess Serenity: *looking up after hearing a voice* Huh?! *Looking up to see Endymion* Mamoru! *Running up to Endymion; hugging him sobbing* I am so sorry. I was a failure… A complete failure. Please don’t be mad at me… i tried. i really tried. Even though i promised to not destroy the planet too…i promised to not do that and did it anyway.

Endymion: *Holding Princess Serenity on the sides* But… You should know… that it isn’t over yet. there is still one more thing that needs to be done. Release all of the power from the Mystical Silver Crystal… But this time… do it to save the planet.

Princess Serenity: Okay. If i can do it…. then i will. i will do it. I want to save all those innocent people… I feel terrible for doing what i have done… The Rhapsody Girls are all dead because of me. i killed them all because i didn’t like the past life repeating itself… i killed them and it’s all my fault. i have to make it right.

Endymion: You will. i believe in you. Let’s bring back the Rhapsody Girls… bring them back to life. In return… Probably…. you life would be…

Princess Serenity: I don’t mind. Just as long as it saves all the innocent people that were lost. i just want to bring them back.

Endymion: *Smiles in confidence at Princess Serenity* Perhaps… this is exactly what you and i should do no matter what. In order to conclude the events that occurred in the past life. *nods* To save all those destroyed in the past life. *Sighs and hugging Princess Serenity* I… Must apologize though… i really wanted to save you. i would have done anything to save you. I’m so sorry.

Princess Serenity: *Sobs* I’m the one who’s truly sorry.

Endymion: Serenity.

seconds later…

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Princess Serenity: *Walking over to the Alter with Endymion holding his hand; Voice* Ami-Chan, Rei-Chan, Mako-Chan, Minako-Chan, Luna, Artemis, Amara, Michelle, Trista, Paige-Chan, Pearl-Chan…Dinah-Chan… Everyone… I am so sorry for making you all suffer through all of this. i will make this all better for you. i promise. You were all saving me constantly… without question. For that i am also truly sorry. Rhapsody Girls… Thank you all for always being there for me. I am forever grateful.

At the Alter…

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Endymion: *Looking at Princess Serenity; Smiles*

Princess Serenity: *Smiles*

Endymion then slips the ring on Princess Serenity’s finger and they shared one last kiss. The Princess then released the power of the silver Crystal and revitalized the City which seconds later then rebuilt itself and returned to it’s former glory… glittering like new once more… The City was back in one piece and the inhabitants were all back. alive. The Heroes were returned back and brought back to life. The Prince and Princess as in the past life laid there dead…

At the Metropolis Sweet shop…

Paige: *Eating a Choco-Fun Pop* Mmm! Yum… *Looking to see the Cashier* How many am i allowed to have?

Cashier: For you… you can have as many as you wish. Just be sure to at least save some for the other customers. i do still have to serve the other customers. You are one of my best customers, you know? I heard about your feat against that great Evil. You’re quite the fighter around this city, you know?

Paige: *Smiles* Thank you…

At the Metropolis Fashion Store…

Pearl: *Looking at all the new dresses* Wow! Now these are wonderful dresses. *Looking at one of the Dresses* A sailor uniform. a sailor uniform… That’s like one in the same style as one of the Sailor senshi’s… Nice. i like it… I’ll take it.

Pearl then buys it… She fell in love with it right away that she wanted to be wearing it as she bought it. it looked that good on her. She loved it so much…

Pearl: *Walking over to the cashier wearing the Sailor Outfit and Paying for the Dress* thank you for the Dress. I love it. *Giggles a little* I hope it was okay for me to wear it as i walked out but paying first…

Fashion Store manager: *Touched* Oh no… it’s quite alright. really. Besides i love seeing you come in here every day. you are always buying such nice dresses and you always buy something… either big or small. I heard about your battles against the Great Evil and the dreadful battle with that Metallic Youma. plus the great Evil threat that was breaking loose. you’re one of a kind, you know. sure wish i had that kind of integrity. but i guess it’s what girls like you do. Saving the world. You know… i happened to get some jewels that have the insignia of the 3 girls like you… the Rhapsody Girls Z! you girls. *Showing off the Jewels* They even light up with sweet light… Pretty swift, huh?

Pearl: *With a tear in her eye* Awww! that’s really beautiful.

At the Park…

Dinah: *Walking through the park With her boyfriend* Shingo, I really missed you. For a while there i started getting worried as though i’d never get to see you again.

Shingo: I missed you too, Dinah. i was thinking about you the whole time you were gone… even though i never said it out loud to others… you were on my mind the whole time. i missed you terribly, you know.

Dinah: i feel the same. Want to go on a date tonight?

Shingo: *Coughs out a little* What? A Date? Really? okay. that’d be great. We can go out on one. Where would you like to go for our date?

Dinah: We can go see a movie…

Suddenly music plays in the air around them and Dinah miraculously and yet Mysteriously gets romantic and sings…

Dinah: My sister Pearl loves Miranda Cosgrove… i’m gonna sound totally cheesy to even sing something from her…  “Singing from her heart* “Sparks fly
It’s like electricity
I might die
When I forget how to breathe
You get closer and there’s nowhere
In this world I’d rather be
Time stops
Like everything around me
Is frozen
And nothing matters but these
Few moments when you open M
Y mind to things I’ve never seen

Cause when I’m kissin u my senses come alive
Almost like the puzzle piece I’ve been trying to find
Falls right into place
You’re all that it takes
My doubts fade away when I’m kissing you
When I’m kissin u it all starts making sense
And all the questions I’ve been asking in my head
Like are you the one
Should I really trust
Crystal clear it becomes when I’m kissin u
Past loves
They never got very far
Walls up
Made sure I guarded my heart
And I promised I wouldn’t do this
Til I knew it was right for me
But no one (no one)
No guy that I met before
Could make me (make me)
Feel so right and secure
And have you noticed I lose my focus
And the world around me disappears

Cause when I’m kissin u my senses come alive
Almost like the puzzle piece I’ve been trying to find
Falls right into place
You’re all that it takes
My doubts fade away when I’m kissing you
When I’m kissin u it all starts making sense
And all the questions I’ve been asking in my head
Like are you the one
Should I really trust
Crystal clear it becomes when I’m kissin u

I’ve never felt nothing like this
You’re making me open up
No point in even trying to fight this
It kinda feels like it’s love…

Cause when I’m kissin u my senses come alive
Almost like the puzzle piece I’ve been trying to find
Falls right into place
You’re all that it takes
My doubts fade away when I’m kissing you
When I’m kissin u it all starts making sense
And all the questions I’ve been asking in my head
Like are you the one
Should I really trust
Crystal clear it becomes when I’m kissin u”

Shingo: *Touched* That was nice, Dinah. you are a good singer. you are tough, but you can even sing. there is no shame in that. Honest… there is no shame in singing.

At King John’s house…

Rhapsody Brothers: *Playing games with each other*

At the Metropolis Beach…

Betty: *Kissing her boyfriend* I love you.

Dennis: I Love you too.

Betty: I know that things have been hard for us since i had to always fight along side my sisters and beat back the Evil creeps… But i always had you on my mind every step of the way.

Dennis: Just as long as i am the only one for you. because if any other guy tried to get with you… I’d be jealous. It’s just what i do. because i want to be your only one. the one you love and Cherish as i love and Cherish you.

At the Bookstore…

Angel: *Looking at books on dark magic* This is gonna help me… i learned a new technique called Darkened Affliction. But there is more that i can learn… Let’s see… *Reading another book*

At Metropolis Seminar…

Ami: *Heading out of Cram School*

Dark Ami: That was fun…

At the Metropolis Park Basketball Courts…

Makoto: *Playing hoops with the boys*

At the Shrine…

Rei: *Wearing her Shrine Maiden Outfit; Chasing after some kids; Playing with them* Better run… I’m gonna get you. *Laughing*

At the Metropolis Apartments top floor…

Amara: *Kissing Michelle* This place is perfect. We’re gonna just love it here.

Michelle: *Kissing Amara* I am glad you like it. i made sure that got it. i rather knew that you loved being high up overlooking the city and seeing the ocean at a distance. this spot had to be perfect for us…

Trista: That’s true. The Evil threat is gone… we can now rest and live a peaceful life here.

Amara: Affirmative.

in front of the Metropolis Recording studio…

A Limousine pulls up and a door opens to reveal Minako Aino…

Crowd: Minako! Can we have your autograph?

Minako Waves before going in to record…

Inside the Recording Studio…

Minako: *Starting to sing* ”Doushiyou mo nai shoudou ni tsukiugokasarete ima Watashi no sore wa hajimatta kimi wo motomeru omoi

Yotei chouwa no shousetsu ya eiga ga tsumaranai you ni
JINSEE mo sukoshi ZUREtara omoshiroi no kamoshirenai

Atsui kimochi wa C’est la vie
Watashi ga watashi de iru kagiri
C’est la vie anata wo aishitsuzuketai
Me no mae ni aru kono shunkan ga ikiru basho

While the song played…


Ami: *With Dark Ami; Walking towards her home*


Makoto: *Looking at fashion merchandise*


Rei: *Sweeping up the Shrine Grounds a little*


Rhapsody brothers: *Running over to the mall*


Rhapsody Girls: *joining with their Grandmother Rikku and mother Princess Rikku; Along side Betty and Angel*


Amara: *At the Mall With Michelle and Trista*

Suddenly they all paused and gasped remembering something that shouldn’t be forgotten…


Ami: *remembering* Usagi-Chan!

Dark Ami: Usagi. We shouldn’t forget her. she’s done alot for the world.


Makoto: *Looking up* Usagi.


Rei: Usagi.


Minako: *Gasps* Usagi.


Rhapsody Brothers: *Feeling a sharp sting and remembering someone* Oh man… Usagi! We almost forgot about her. How could we be stupid? Let’s go!


Rhapsody Girls: *Saying a name* Usagi!

Betty and Angel: Usagi!


Amara: *Looking up and realizing something* Usagi!

Michelle: *With Trista* Usagi!

however in a dark room inside a portal of an alternate dimension…

Girl: *Hearing voices and stirring* Who? Who’s there? Me? *Laying up as the lights suddenly come on* huh?! *Looking around* Where am i? How can i be alive? *Looking to see a guy sitting by her* Where are we?

Boy: I don’t know…

The boy and the girl were Mamoru and Usagi…

Footsteps are heard…

Usagi: *Looking to her side to see a girl wearing a beaded tiara and looking like a princess* Who are you?

Princess Sailor Moon: As long as you have Comrades who remember you, You can live again. The Rhapsody Girls remember you. i sense their hearts calling for you. The 4 boys. The Rhapsody Brothers still remember you. Return. Even though the Mystical Silver Crystal has been thereby smashed to pieces… it doesn’t matter. In the end despite of the power it released… it was whole and had left you with your life. Finally… The past is all over. it is complete. You have done well and should be very proud over it.

The Princess vanishes…

Usagi: Princess!

Mamoru: *Sighs* Thank Goodness…. It’s time… Hurry and go. it’s time for you to go back to your friends.

Usagi: *Gasps and hesitant* But… Mamoru… What about you? aren’t you going too? You can’t just stay here. not alone.

Mamoru: Forget about me…

Usagi: *Shaking her head* No. I can’t do it. i can’t go alone… i just can’t go without you.

Voice: *Calling out* Master…

Mamoru Turns and sees 4 men appear.

Jadeite: Master… *Smiles while holding a portrait with the master on it* It is your Life. You should live it as you wish…

Kunzite: *Nods* For our sake…Master. Please live in the present.

Mamoru: *Gasps* Kunzite!

Zoicite: We will always be with you, Master. that will always remain…

Nephrite: *In salute* If anything happens… You can count on us to surely come. We’ll be there for you Master.

Mamoru: *Touched and honored* You guys…

Mamoru then turns to walk over to Usagi and grabs her hand…holding it. The Room then goes white and they look at each other smiling… It was time. they faced forward and Ran off into the light…

On the outside…

at the Metropolis fair grounds…

Ami/Rei/Makoto/Minako: *Running to the middle of the platform in the center of the fairgrounds* ….. *Stopping and looking around*

Voice: *Shouting off from a distance* Everyone! *Getting louder as the source comes into view and gets closer* Everyone!

Ami: Usagi-Chan!

Rei: Usagi!

Makoto: Usagi!

Minako: Usagi!

Ami/Rei/Makoto/Minako:  *Running over to Usagi*

Rhapsody Girls: *On their Hover Cruisers in the air; Singing*

“dear my friend
Hashiritsuzukete kita
with my dream
Sagashitsuzukete kita
Furikaeru HIMA mo nai everyday
Kono deai wa guuzen ja nai
Oshiete ano namida no wake wo
Hajimete kimi ga tsuita uso wo
Kakikeshita amaoto no melody
Mawaritsuzukeru merry-go-round
ARUBAMU ni tojikometa
SEPIA iro no awai kimochi
Meguriau kiseki to
(miracle power)
Kakegae no nai toki wo
(special time forever)
Zenbu taisetsu ni shite
Ikite yukeru
Ikusen no omoi
(thousand words)
Yozora ni kiete yuku
(twinkle star forever)
Ima shika dekinai koto
I wanna be with you.
My best friend

for myself
Ichido kiri no jinsei
go my way
Bouken datte shitai
Deai to wakare ni
Hitoribotchi no yo ga akeru
Yawaraka na kaze no naka
Itumo onaji kimi no egao
Betsubetsu no michi wo
(winding road)
Arukihajimete mo
(special time forever)
Kokoro no oku no dokoka
Mahou no kotoba ga
(miracle words)
Yozora wo kakete yuku
(twinkle star forever)
Hoshi yori hikaru fantasy
Todoketai yo
I wanna get back here.
My best friend

Yuujou tte mono ni
Terete waratte ita
Arigato kimi ga kureta
Subarashii dream

Meguriau kiseki to
(miracle power)
Kakegae no nai toki wo
(special time forever)
Zenbu taisetsu ni shite
Ikite yukeru
Ikusen no omoi
(thousand words)
Yozora ni kiete yuku
(twinkle star forever)
Ima shika dekinai koto
I wanna be with you.
My best friend
(I’m proud of you)
Zutto issho ni
(feel my heart)
(please, please, please)
(my best friend)”

The girls all hug and smile. they were back together again… all the Senshi were one again.

Rhapsody Brothers: *Appearing in the Air; Singing in salute to the senshi*

“(Grease is the word, is the word that you heard 

It’s got a groove, it’s got a meaning)

We solve our problems and We see the light
We got a lovin’ thing, we’ve got to feed it right
There is a danger we can make it so far
We start believin’ now that we can be who we are – grease is the word

They think our love is just a growin’ pain
Why don’t they understand? It’s just a cry in shame
Their lips are lyin’, only real is real
We stop believin’ now, that we can be who we feel – grease is the word

(Grease is the word, is the word that you heard)
It’s got a groove, it’s got a meaning
Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion
Grease is the way we are feeling

We take the pressure and we throw away 
conventionality, belongs to yesterday
There is a chance that we can make it so far
We start believin’ now that we can be who we are – grease is the word

(Grease is the word, is the word that you heard)
It’s got a groove, it’s got a meaning
Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion
Grease is the way we are feeling

chorus (Repeat)
(Grease is the word, is the word that you heard)
It’s got a groove, it’s got a meaning
Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion
Grease is the way we are feeling

(Grease is the word, is the word, is the word…)”

Mamoru was not far from the scene and watching with Luna and Artemis…

Mamoru: *Smiling*

It was the end…

All the senshis came back and joined back with the Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody brothers a moment later… they weren’t gonna be fighting anymore monsters or anymore dangers… They started on with their normal lives. They still were close by in the same city… but would have to part ways… Dinah and Shingo were still together and that wasn’t gonna change. Would the first date be a success for Dinah and Shingo? Would Dinah finally be in a dress and open up to wearing dresses and skirts permanently? What will the next threat be if it’s destined to arrive in the near future… All this and more… Find out in Chapter 50 of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Dinah: I am no longer gonna be hating skirts. i must have changed my views of skirts during the threat with Beryl and Metaria. but i think that it’s time for me to grow up and not be so childish over having to wear Skirts and Dresses. *Thinking about Shingo* I Love him. I am not a very sentimental girl… but… i have to admit. that falling in love with the right person is the one thing that makes me so happy.

Pearl: *Voice-over* in Chapter 50: “Mamoru… Gone! Dark Endymion Enters with the powers of Metaria; The Rhapsody Girls go all out; The Heroes of Earth Vs. Queen Metaria…. All out war; Princess Sailor Moon breaks out… End of the World Imminent… Pearl’s Ear-Piercing Cry for Mercy” Part 4.


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