The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 47: “Mamoru… Gone! Dark Endymion Enters with the powers of Metaria; The Rhapsody Girls go all out; The Heroes of Earth Vs. Queen Metaria…. All out war; Princess Sailor Moon breaks out… End of the World Imminent… Pearl’s Ear-Piercing Cry for Mercy” Part 1

The Rhapsody girls: *Voice-over; as Dinah* This is the Beginning of the end… Metaria is on the loose and we might be facing our near end. hopefully we will not die… But if that is the case… we want to say… Thank you for the memories… and it’s been a dire pleasure saving the world and being your protectors… We Love you. now without further or do…Here is Chapter 47 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! “Mamoru… Gone! Dark Endymion Enters with the powers of Metaria; The Rhapsody Girls go all out; The Heroes of Earth Vs. Queen Metaria…. All out war; Princess Sailor Moon breaks out… End of the World Imminent… Pearl’s Ear-Piercing Cry for Mercy” Part 1 of 4… Here we go…

At the School Yard…

Pearl: What are we gonna do?

Paige: No idea…

Suddenly as they walked through the School yard, They barely looked to their right and saw someone familiar…

Pearl: *Gasps* Huh?

Usagi: *Looking up suddenly and seeing Mamoru* Mamoru? *Suddenly feeling herself getting upset and trying to hide it*

Pearl: Mamoru?!

Paige: Mamoru?!

Dinah: *Shooting out* What the?! How did he get here…

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Mamoru: *Looking to see Usagi and the Rhapsody Girls Z!* Usagi! Paige… Pearl… Dinah! I heard about Venus. *Walking over to them fast and Hugging them* Fools! you Idiots… Cry. Cry. As long as i’m here… you don’t have to hold it in. Let it out.

Usagi: *Crying and sobbing*

Rhapsody Girls Z!: *Sobbing and crying into Mamoru’s Arms* Waaaaaa!


*Showing Flashes and Gif clips of the Senshi and the Rhapsody Girls Z and Allies*

“Hitomi wa itsumo JUERU BODI ni matou RAME ANDO CHAAMU Ikite yuku koto wa try get a chance! Koko ni aru kara tsuyoi yume GANGAN kechirashitekou RAIBARU darake no mahiru Egao yori kuchibiru yori AIBIIMU ga KIMEWAZA *Watashi ni nare KIRARI to sailor diamonds! Yoake ni umareru GAADIAN Watashi da kara kanau yo starlight prayers! MEIKUAPPU shiyou yo Kirameki wa mune ni SEERAA senshi sore wa MUUNRAITO RIARUGAARU” *As the Theme plays*

Paige: *Stunned in disbelief* What? how is it possible? You have Metaria inside you? *Looking at Mamoru in a shock and feeling of uncertainty*

Usagi: Are you gonna be okay? *Concerned*

Mamoru: Yeah. i am gonna be okay. it’s not like i’m gonna turn into some monster. However… now there is no need to refrain from using the Mystical silver Crystal. you don’t need to fear using it anymore. Metaria is inside me. sealed inside.

Pearl: *Understanding* You mean… it’s safe to use it now? but if that is the case… then wouldn’t that put you at risk of becoming Metaria?

Mamoru: It would. *Looking out through the windows of the empty Classroom*  but i am willing to accept that risk. i promised that this world wouldn’t be destroyed. didn’t i truly keep my word on that?

Dinah: You did. you kept your word on it. it’s just a bit of a shock to realize that you now have Metaria suppressed inside you. Question though, Mamoru… Since you were with the idea of taking Metaria with you… How did whack-off lady with the magic that forgot to pay its electric bill Queen Beryl take it?

Mamoru: *Laughing at Dinah’s last remark* Ha ha ha ha ha! That is really funny. Dinah. i didn’t know that you thought of Beryl like that. but on the part of where you asked how she took it… well i think that she took it the same way that you girls are taking it now. She called it a fool’s attempt and that i was putting my life in Metaria’s hands. But… i see it as being an attempt at getting rid of the Evil threat. if it will take care of the World’s problems… and rids us of the Evil threat then it’s a option well taken.

Usagi: *Nods* right. We got to do what is right.

Mamoru: Plus the best news is that Beryl has no more power to rule the planet. she can’t rule without power. and she has lost the power. it’s gone. By taking Metaria from her… i took the thing that was the source of her power.

Dinah: *Cheers* ALRIGHT!!! Now that is what i’m talking about… Oh Sweet dear Rotten Creep Queen Beryl… how the mighty tables have turned. YEAH!!!

Pearl: That means that you no longer have to be with the enemy, right? *Feeling hopeful*

Mamoru: That is right, Pearl. From tomorrow on… we all can see each other any time we wish to.

“Matsuge wa fusete mukuchi ni Hosoi ashi kara tears rain Ano KO no miteta tooi michi Kitto mitsukaru tsuyoi mirai Zenzen HEIKI demo ne HAATO wa shogechau n da Sonna toki dare yori mo AIBIIMU de anata ni Watashi ni nare KIRARI to sailor wings! Daichi wo kakienukeru GAADIAN Watashi da kara dekiru yo kono BATORU MEIKUAPPU”

Rhapsody Girls Z!: *Singing with the Senshi* shite yuku kirameki wa hitai SEERAA senshi sore wa MOONRAITO FOOCHUN”

Chapter 47: “Mamoru… Gone! Dark Endymion Enters with the powers of Metaria; The Rhapsody Girls go all out; The Heroes of Earth Vs. Queen Metaria…. All out war; Princess Sailor Moon breaks out… End of the World Imminent… Pearl’s Ear-Piercing Cry for Mercy” Part 1

On the road heading to the beach…

Mamoru: *Riding the Motorcycle; With Usagi riding with him* Usagi. You have great friends. The Rhapsody girls Z are wonderful girls. You also have the Rhapsody Brothers helping you. helping you pick up the slack… And you know that i’ve always had belief in you. i knew that you’d be able to do it. If anyone were to come and threaten the world, You’d defeat them, Right?

Usagi: As long as i have the Mystical silver Crystal, Everything’ll be just fine.

Later… at Dark Kingdom.

Kunzite: *Leaning against the tree; Looking up to see Mamoru up ahead at a distance walking towards him*

Mamoru: *Walking over to Kunzite and as he gets closer Transforms into Endymion*

Kunzite: *Drawing out his sword; Ready to duel*

Jadeite: *From behind the tree at a distance* I must Kill Endymion before Metaria is able to take root inside him like Beryl-Sama instructed. He’s got Metaria in him. i must kill him before Metaria consumes him.

Mio: *From behind a tree on the other side; Watching* Oh… This is interesting…

However back in Metropolis…

That afternoon…

Paige: *Looking at her Power buckle* we got a call. Girls… it’s the Professor.

Pearl: Really? What could it be that he has to say to us? Something wrong?

Dinah: It must be something important. *Looking at her power buckle* I’ll answer it… *Opening up the buckle and seeing the Professor* Hey there Doc, What’s up?

Pidge: *Through the Communicator* I got something new for you girls… i was working on them since the other week. and i wasn’t shooting to have them done for another month. but i got them done ahead of time. Come on over to my house… you girls’ll like them. it’s the best equipment yet..

Pearl: *Curious* What could it be? we already got our new upgrades. Is it something extra for the upgrade?

Dinah: It could be. We should go and check it out.

Paige: Right.

Pidge: I’ll see you soon.

Pearl: Okay Professor.

They head on over to the Professor’s house to take a look at the New equipment that the Professor had for them… They were not aware that something going on. Something sinister was about to happen. As they made their way to the professor’s house, they started sensing something wrong.

At Princess Rikku’s House…

Shingo: *Watching T.V* Nothing on. What good is the T.V if there is nothing good on? Shouldn’t there be a movie on somewhere on one of the channels? *Catching a movie on* Hmm… Zoom. That’s not a bad movie. i could like that movie.

Princess Rikku: Shingo… why not help with the cleaning here? i can’t do this all on my own, you know.

Luna: I’ll do it. i can do it. *Running around and springing all over to clean things off and pick things up*

Princess Rikku: Well… *Chuckles* i guess that takes care of that…

Shingo: i ought to help too… but something tells me that i might be getting in the way.

Artemis: *Still in mourning*

Suddenly the doorbell rang and a girl was at the door…

Shingo: *Getting up and walking to the door* I’ll get it.

Princess Rikku: okay. but if it’s anyone trying to sell and happen to be a door to door salesman, Close the door. I don’t tolerate those. it’s not something i favor.

Shingo: *close to the door and answering it* Okay. *Opening the door*

It was Mio… Kuroki Mio.

Mio: *Smiles* Konnichiwa… Is Usagi-Chan home?

Shingo: Uh, she’s barely out of school. she hasn’t come home yet. *Gasps* Wait a minute… I think i know you. You’re… Kuroki Mio-Chan… aren’t you? How do you know my sister?

Mio: I’m a friend of hers from school.

Shingo: *Secretly pressing a button on his side calling out for Dinah* Strange. I don’t remember her mentioning about you. *Spotting Usagi Close-By suddenly* Oh… There’s Usagi. she’s coming now.

Mio: Oh… Thank you. *Smiles* Oh… You wanted a autograph… Oh my… i’m sorry. how rude of me to forget. *Signing her name on Shingo*

Mio then Vanishes in a breeze of Dark petals With Usagi-Chan as a passenger to Dark Kingdom…

Princess Rikku: *Walking over to Shingo* Shingo… Who was that at the door?

Shingo: *Suddenly lifting up his shirt and revealing a Signature* Kuroki…. Mio.

Luna: *Collapsing in pain* Ohhhh Noooo! Usagi-Chan! *Contacting everyone* Usagi-Chan’s been taken.

Artemis: *Feeling sharp pain* Ohhhh!

At the Shrine…

Rei: *Looking up and gasps with a wide eye* Usagi?!

At the hang out…

Ami: *hearing Luna’s call* Oh no…

Makoto: Where… Where was she taken?

Luna: *Voice* To the Enemy… i think. For a Duel between Mamoru and the Shitennou. It’s bad… Girls… Hurry, On the double… i can’t go… i won’t be of any use there in the dark kingdom. neither will Artemis.

Artemis: *Voice* We’ll still be here rooting and praying hard for you girls.

At Professor Stroker’s house…

Tammy: *Making Necklaces to sell and make money for Charity* These necklaces are beautiful. I have over 1000 of them now. i must have been busy. i’ll make a 1000 more and then start selling them off and making money off them. i’ll even donate to the city to help put money back into the city. since the Evil presence that has come to infect the planet… the city’s lost money and has been dying off. I love this city. My dear Husband put most of his money into this house… i got to do what i can to help this city so we don’t lose this house.

The Doorbell rings and sounds off…

Doorbell: *Plays the tune to Voltron force*

Paige: *From outside* That doorbell is really a weird tune…

Dinah: *Moving to the beat* Says you… this tune is catchy. i like it.

Tammy: *From inside and heading to the door* Coming. Hold on girls. I’m coming.

A second later…

Tammy: *Opening the door and spotting the girls* Hi girls. How are you?

Paige: We’re good. It’s been a very dramatic Morning.

Tammy: *Curious and wondering* Ohhh. How so?

Pearl: Endymion has returned. Mamoru has come back. But there is something else…

Dinah: He’s got Metaria in him. Sealed inside.

Tammy: Huh?! What the… how is that possible? How could he have that Evil being in him? wouldn’t it kill him?

Paige: That is what we are afraid of. but we don’t know. He is not feeling any changes or anything in him. He seems to be able to contain it.

in Dark Kingdom’s Dark Forest…

Kunzite: *Charging at Mamoru and growling in fierceness* GRAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! *Clashing his Sword with Mamoru’s and fighting Him*

Mamoru: *Fighting against Kunzite* Kunzite… It was i who had changed you to what you are now… i was the one who was blind.  i was the one who couldn’t save the planet in the past life.

Kunzite then with a forced swing knocked Mamoru’s sword out of Mamoru’s hand and to the side… Mamoru looked at Kunzite and panted in fear and felt very worried about what was gonna happen next. he started to fear that it was the end for him… But suddenly a few wisps of purple fumes started to emit from Mamoru…

Kunzite: *Gasps in a panicked expression of disbelief* Just now… What was that; that has just happened just now? Could it really be that… Metaria is. *Looking at Mamoru* Master… what did you do?

Mamoru then got back up and held his side in a shot of pain…

Kunzite: Master, i don’t believe this… of all things for you to do… you had to do something like this… a foolish move like this? Master, WHY?! Why did you do it? Were you planning to just die with Metaria still inside you?

Mamoru: *Panting and Looking strongly at Kunzite* You’re thinking that i am gonna take it that far. but there is something you might like to know. I contrary to what you might suggest am not betting to go that far… however… as it turns out… and it is very unfortunate indeed that i got this in the worst case scenario.

Flashback: “That reckless Sword won’t do much damage. Plus it will only leave you open for an attack by the enemy. The Enemy will get you long before you get it.”

“How? The Enemy’d be defeated already.”

Kunzite: *Scoffs before looking down* You never change, Do you? You’re exactly the same as you were back then. *Drawing his sword towards Mamoru again*

At the Water fountain inside the Park…

Rei: This Fountain is vaguely familiar… i have been here before. i think it’s connected somehow. Mio was here… this is where we were when she took me to the Dark Kingdom.

Amara: Is this really the spot?

Michelle: *Feeling energy flowing through the ground and the fountain* It’s the Spot, Amara. there is negative energy here… it’s here. this is the gateway for the darkness to come through… this is the gateway.

Trista: Let’s do it.

Dark Ami: Right.

Ami: Let’s go and get there…

A second later…

Dark Ami: *Transforming* Dark Power… Make-Up!

Ami: *Transforming* Mercury Power… Make-Up!

Makoto: *Transforming* Jupiter Power… Make-Up!

Rei: *Transforming* Mars Power… Make-Up!

Amara: *Transforming* Uranus Star Power… Make-Up!

Michelle: *Transforming* Neptune Star Power… Make-Up!

Trista: *Transforming* Pluto Star power… Make-Up!

Back at the Professor’s house…

Pidge: *Coming out from his workshop* Ah… Why hello there Girls. You made it. You’re gonna be in for a wonderful surprise.

Paige: We are?

Pearl: What is it? Is it big?

Dinah: I hope that it’s not a Skirt. i don’t like skirts.

Pidge: Well… follow me to the workshop here and i’ll show you what i got in store for you girls…

The girls follow the professor to his workshop and await to be surprised by what the professor has in store for them…

Paige: What is this new item that you have for us, Professor? Is it something attractive?

Pidge: No. not quite. But then again it depends on how you were to look at it.

Pearl: I’ll bet that it’s pretty.

Pidge: *With a strange look on his face* Pretty?! Pearl. Not everything is pretty. some things are downright hideous and gruesome. it’s not bad to see everything as pretty. but just know that things seldom are of what they appear to be.

Dinah: *Grins* So… okay… It’s not attractive. it’s not Pretty. That’s Imperative and acknowledged now… so if it isn’t that… then what exactly is it? another upgrade? I hope it’s a upgrade that will get me out of wearing Skirts. because i still don’t like skirts and feel distaste over them.

Pidge: *A Little unsure of how the girls will take the idea of using the new equipment* I know that it will look rather awkward to see 3 girls on hover Cruisers… but with the battles ahead… it will be a great form of attack. to go in pursuit of any bad guys who dare to hit and then flee. these gadgets are the next thing in getting an upper hand on all the threats that may desire to come and land a path of disaster. *Unveiling the Hover boards to the girls* Paige, Pearl… Dinah. I give you The Rhapsody Girls Z! Hover Cruisers. each one customized to your powers. For your Hover Cruiser… Paige… while in pursuit it’ll shoot out Webs of hearts and love lasers at the enemy. on your Command. just by saying the Words: “Miss Love Armada Engage!” It will activate it’s weaponry and fire at the target you’re fighting.  For your Hover Cruiser… Pearl… While in pursuit it’ll shoot out Webs of Bubbles and Water Shots. locking on to the enemy and smacking into them. by your command. By saying the words: “Bubble Maiden Armada Engage!” And for your Hover Cruiser… Dinah… While in Pursuit It’ll shoot out Webs of Thunder and Thunder Lasers at the enemy on contact. Shocking the target. by your command. just by saying the words: “Thunder Mistress Armada Engage!” They also serve as resurrecting the user… but it’s a little slow on that part. it is also a form of transportation too.  it has a normal form just like you girls do… but the minute you turn into your hero forms… it does the same. and becomes mobilized weapons.

Paige: *Looking at her hover Cruiser* Whoa! Now this is gonna be so cool!

Pearl: *Excited* This is sweet. i love it.

Dinah: *Trying out her new Hover Cruiser* Oh man! this thing is so sick. Awesome… i can actually travel fast on this baby… Amazing. *Impressed*

Pidge: These are for you. you girls need things to help you out with the fights. this is the best thing i can provide for now… but these are sure to give you a bit more fire power.

Although at the fountain in the park…

Sailor Mars: *With a determined resolve* I’ve decided. i will fight on for the Past life’s mission. In order to finally bring it to a close and put an end to Metaria. To fulfill the mission and see closure for the past life.

Sailor Jupiter: It might change the very fate of the planet.

Sailor Mercury: To do that… we must first save Usagi-Chan.

Sailor Uranus: Let’s go save our Princess.

Dark Mercury: Right. Let’s go get her and bring her back. and beat Metaria.

in Dark Kingdom’s Dark Forest…

Kunzite: *Looking at Mamoru* You want me to strike you down… Well then… so be it. As you wish. *Swinging his sword at Mamoru*

Kunzite and Mamaoru fight… but as they fought Jadeite was near and within seconds… stabbed Kunzite through the back with the dagger. Kunzite was wounded and as soon as the Sword was pulled out… he collapsed and began to gasps his very last breaths… Jadeite looked on in shame.

Jadeite: oh god… What have i done? it wasn’t supposed to be him… *Looking at Mamoru* …..

Mamoru: *Gasps in shock at Jadeite* Why?! Jadeite… What have you done? Why did you attack him? How could you stab him? Why?

Jadeite: uh… but… i didn’t mean to… i didn’t mean to do it. *Afraid*

Mamoru: *Rushing on over to Kunzite* Kunzite!  Kunzite! *Holding Kunzite up* Hang on! Why did you save me? How could you have saved me?

Mio: *Nearby arriving with usagi* Oh?! We missed it. it’s already over. It’s a shame. and i was hoping that you’d get to see the duel too.

Usagi: *Worried* Mamoru…

Kunzite: *Gasping for air* Master… The one who had once discarded the planet for the Princess… for the planet, Will discard his life now. Only thing different about that is now he takes Metaria with him. so if he dies… so does Metaria.

Mio: *Still Nearby; Watching* Oh… i see now… It’s really sad. Tragic too. Mamoru-kun was planning to die and toss his life away… to just die out taking the Evil Queen Metaria with him.

Usagi: *Kneeling down in devastation and shock* No… It can’t be. why is he risking his life? why did he do it? *Lost*

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Kunzite: *To Jadeite* Jadeite, You must open your eyes… and see in your heart… your memories… you will see that your master is not Beryl. will realize that she was never your master… you will see that the real master… is right before my very eyes… and before your eyes too. Master Endymion is our master.  He is here… see him now. *To Mamoru* Master… I am sorry for trying to harm you over something that was the past and couldn’t be helped… i was but a fool for doing as such.

A Flashback of Shin opening his window and looking up at the sky… before vanishing…

Mamoru: *Calling out in desperation* KUNZITE!!!!

Kunzite then Vanishes and is no more…

Jadeite then runs off in a panic and Mamoru starts emitting more purple wisps…

Mio: *Confused* Eh? Mamoru is looking kind of strange… Is something wrong with him…

Betty: *Appearing* Something is going on inside him… Metaria is threatening to break out… it’s finally trying to take root in him.

Angel: We have to take him out… because if Metaria does break out… He won’t be saved. there will be nothing left of him to save. he’ll be beyond redemption.

Betty: *Producing a Holy Blade and Using it on Mamoru* Forgive us Lord… we who trespass and transgressed into forbidden temptation. Have mercy on us. we know not of what we do.

Angel: Betty! Watch out… that wisp is like the same as Haggarium. it might kill you.

Betty: *Retreating*

Angel: We better stay back. this is about to get really really ugly.

In Beryl’s Chambers…

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Beryl: *watching Mamoru through a vision and seeing the change in him* It’s as i would have expected. Metaria is making her move. it’s as i had predicted. Her power is moving. It can no longer be stopped. or prevented. It’s over. Endymion can never be saved…

Sailor Mars: *Running in with Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Dark Mercury, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto* Queen Beryl?

Beryl: *Turning to see the sailor Soldiers* Sailor Senshi, What reason could there be for you to come here now?

Sailor Uranus: We’ve come to retrieve Princess Serenity. You will release her. Immediately.

Beryl: I don’t know what you’re on… but i don’t have her. if she is here… she must have come on her own free will. i had no hand in it. besides the Princess matters not… anymore. there is no need to protect her any more. the planet is as you might realize now is gonna end very soon.

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in with his brothers* Rhapsody Brothers reporting for duty.

Beryl: i don’t recall requesting for an Audience with any of you Rhapsodies… You have been meddling in my affairs constantly… what? You want to take my kingdom away now too? Go for it. i don’t have anything left to save. i have no power to stop you… or attack. i have nothing.

Sailor Mars: What do you mean? What are you saying that the world is about to end? What did you do?

Prince Avery: Don’t try to sell us that sob tale of: “Oh Woes is me… what ever shall i do? My powers are gone… i am a broken down… Etc, etc etc” Because we are not buying it. You caused nothing but harm to Earth. tried to break the heart of the princess all for you own sick amusement. You think that we’re bound to feel any amount of sympathy for you… you’re sadly mistaken.

But as they were talking…

Rhapsody Girls: *Hovering in with their new hover cruisers* Guess who?

Beryl: *Grins* Ah! The Rhapsody Girls Z! Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress. what pleasure it should be that you’ve dared to come to my Dark Kingdom…

Dinah: *Looking at Beryl* Nice dark place you got here, dark lady? Did you bother to pay your Electric bill yet? or do you fancy living in the dark?

Beryl: *Shoots out* How dare you speak to me that way?

Dinah: Oh put a sock in it. You’re just a old bag who’s got no better use of her time than to make all those around you just as miserable as you are… to do your bidding. I bet that Princess Sailor Moon’s words just did nothing but fall upon deaf ears.  Do you even recall what she said to you on that day when you tried to Take Endymion away from her? Do you? if you don’t… we’ll be happy to refresh your memory.

Beryl: *scoffs* What reason could there be that i should prove or recall what that infernal princess has said? There is nothing more to prove. Endymion has taken Metaria within himself.

Senshis: *Gasps* What?!

Beryl: Like the Princess’s Mystical Silver Crystal… nothing you do will return him… She will destroy the planet. Perhaps… it is as it seems… Everything is over. it’s all over.

Pearl: *Shooting out a blast at Beryl* Melodious Bubbles! *Glaring at Beryl* Shut up with that talk, Beryl! You are the cause for all this to happen. you constantly take things away from the princess. all you do is take, take take… You’re the reason why we all had to go through this… you are the Evil one. The princess may have caused the moon to plunge into the Earth… but you’re the reason why the earth was in disarray. You broke into the Moon temple and took power that didn’t even belong to you… that you had no right taking to begin with and unleashed Metaria the first time. A 1000 years later and you haven’t changed your ways. you created the same mess AGAIN!

Dinah: *Jumps back a little* What in the world? Pearl… you’re showing alot of anger… you should be letting me get that way… You’re supposed to be the bubbly one.

Pearl: *Pauses and rolls back* Whoops! Sorry. *Giggles* I guess that i over did it and started Channeling you, Dinah.

Dinah: i know… but try not to channel me. it’s starting to confuse me.

Paige: same here.

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Beryl: *Rolling her eyes* i swear… Are all Rhapsody clan members like this? you 3 girls are utterly annoying.

Sailor Neptune: *Scoffs* Afraid to face the truth of the very errors that you’ve committed. Typical.

Dinah: You think that we’re annoying now… Just wait to see what else we will lay upon you. You are of Evil intentions lady. There is nothing good about you. Never was… never will be.

Back at the Dark forest…

Mamoru: *Still Emitting purple energy from within and grunting in pain* This… is nothing other than my very limit… *Getting up and Running to his sword and picking it up* Ah…

Usagi: *Gasping* Mamoru?!

Mamoru: *Gasps and looks to see Usagi* Usagi?!

Usagi starts walking over to him and he quickly barks telling her to stay back. Within seconds he picked his sword and lifted the blade up… then Stabbed it into him. it unleashed a gust of forceful energy. the Energy surrounded Mamoru and turned the whole background red… Red as Blood.

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Usagi: *Hitting the ground* Ahhh!

Mio: *Smacking into the ground* Ohhh. that hurts…

Suddenly a dark man appears and comes into plain sight. it looked like Endymion… but completely Dark and sinister…

Evil Endymion: Planet… Destroy.

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Usagi: Mamoru?! *Not understanding* What happened to you? Mamoru, Why are you looking like that.

Mio: *Panics* Usagi-Chan… Metaria has taken control of him. there is no more Sweet Mamoru. there is only now Metaria. That’s all there is… that’s what it appears to seem… *Seeing Evil Endymion walking closer to them; Seeing Evil Endymion suddenly Forming a dark deadly sword; getting a little nervous* This is getting bad…. I…. think that i’m gonna go now. *Running away*

Evil Endymion: *Seeing Mio running away; glaring a little and speeds quick to get in front of her; blocking her from trying to run off; Pointing the sword at Mio and threatening to attack*

Mio: Oh no… Mamoru-kun. Please don’t do that… you don’t want to attack sweet ole’ me. Wait a moment. *Smiles and feeling nervous at the same time* Hey… Can’t we talk about this? Are you serious? You’re not serious are you, Mamoru-kun?

Evil Endymion: *Raising his sword up slowly; getting set to swing his sword and fire a blast at Mio*

Usagi: *Crying out* Stop!

Mio: *Running away and scared dearly* Usagi-chan! Help me… save me! *Getting hit with the attack and turns into a pile of dark petals before vanishing*

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Usagi: *Gasps* Oh my god… that’s terrible. Mamoru…

Suddenly Usagi looked at The Evil Endymion and saw that he was about to attack her with a blast and fired right at her… it didn’t destroy her… the sailor power saved her and turned her into sailor moon.

Sailor Moon: *Pulling out her moon Wand* Mamoru… I know you’re in there somewhere… i will vow on it… i will save you. i will bring you back, Endymion… Mamoru. i promise. *Putting her power into the Wand and moving it around*

Evil Endymion: *Using his sword; releasing a beam of Purple energy to stop the attack; emitting a death energy ball orb and firing it at the moon Wand and destroys it*

It wasn’t working… Evil Endymion only looked at Sailor Moon and glared… her started to walk towards her and got ready to fire a blast at her when suddenly…

Paige: *Launching another attack at Evil Endymion* Love’s Blast!

Pearl: *Launching another attack at Evil Endymion* Melodius Bubbles!

Dark Mercury: *Attacking Evil Endymion* Dark Ice Storm!

Sailor Mercury: *Attacking Evil Endymion* Mercury Aqua Cyclone!

Sailor Uranus:  *Attacking Evil Endymion* Uranus WORLD… SHAKING!

Sailor Neptune: *Attacking Evil Endymion* Neptune DEEP…SUBMERGE!

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack at Evil Endymion* Supereme… THUNDER!

Sailor Pluto: *Launching an attack at Evil Endymion* PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM!

Betty: *Launching an attack at Evil Endymion* Heavenly FLAMES!!!

Angel: *Launching an attack at Evil Endymion* Darkened AFFLICTION!

Prince Alvin: *Launching an attack at Evil Endymion* Inferno PUNCH!

Prince Arnold: *Launching an attack at Evil Endymion* Ancient STORM!!

Prince Avery: *Launching an attack at Evil Endymion* Plasma Stinger!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an attack at Evil Endymion* Megaton Thunder CLASH!

Evil Endymion: *Stops and Glaring to his side seeing the rest of the sailor soldiers with unknown Victims* Errrrrr!

Sailor Moon: *Looking to see her friends and the Rhapsody girls and Rhapsody Brothers* Everyone… You’re here!

Sailor Uranus: Princess… it’s about Mamoru. There is bad news and it’s not something to take lightly.

Sailor Pluto: *Sighs* He is too far gone. He is i’m afraid beyond saving.

Paige: The world is gonna end. there is nothing that can be done to stop it.

Pearl: Mamoru is beyond Redemption it seems… *saddened* You saw it, didn’t you? The world can’t be saved… It’s too late.

Prince Alvin: What do we do?

Betty: We do the hardest thing that can be done…

Angel: There is nothing left of him to save. there is no saving him. The mystical Silver Crystal is no use. it won’t even work.

Dinah: Usagi… You keep back. let us handle this… you don’t need to fight against him. we’ll do the fighting… He is now the enemy. *Shaking her head* I can’t believe that i just said that… He’s the enemy now. Metaria now rules him. And the only thing we know to do to enemies is to take them down. that Grease monkey is gonna be served a nice big fat meal of pain.

Rhapsody Brothers: *Giving out a Battle Cry* DOWNFALL OF METARIA!!!!

Rhapsody Girls Z!: *Giving out a Battle Cry* THE END OF METARIA!!!

Prince Alvin:  Boys… time to do the attack pattern. let’s do the group pattern.


Prince Avery: *Speeding up and Running around with raging velocity; Heating up the atmosphere surrounding (Evil Endymion) and Unleashing a Storm of Burning Rain* Plasma Acid Rain storm!

Prince Curtis: *Appearing into the Air above (Metallic Youma) and drawing friction creating a Massive size Explosion of Thunder; Launching it on (Evil Endymion)* Thunder Megaton Explosion!

Prince Arnold: *Shooting a Water blast at (Evil Endymion)* Ancient Storm!

Prince Alvin: *Blasting (Evil Endymion) With Fire* Volcanic Fire Scorcher!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Blasting (Evil Endymion) With a group attack* PSYCHIC BEAMS BLAST!

Rhapsody girls: *Attacking Evil Endymion with a group Attack* RHAPSODY BEAMS BLAST!

But Unfortunately Evil Endymion absorbed the attacks and held his sword up which then seconds later Blasted Purple Lightning at them all. it spiked then and knocked out. However… they kept at it…

Paige: *Getting on her Hover Cruiser* time to fire a sneak attack at this menace… *activating the cruisers weaponry* Miss Love Armada Engage!

Paige’s Hover Cruiser then fires at Evil Endymion Knocking him down. Pearl then got up on hers and made her move…

Pearl: *Riding over to Evil Endymion and preparing to attack* Bubble Maiden Armada Engage!

Dinah: *Riding over to Evil Endymion and preparing to attack* Thunder Mistress Armada Engage!

To be Continued…

With the hover cruisers making a dent on beating Evil Endymion they kept at it to knock him back. they knew that there had to be some way to bring Mamoru back… if there was a way at all. but they tried and tried all they could and didn’t see a opening to wipe out Metaria from Mamoru and turn him back to normal… He got up and faced the senshi and started to walk over to them with his sword drawn and prepped to fire again… But Pearl saw that she had to make a stand. Was it her last stand? Would she Lose her life? Find out in chapter 48 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Dinah: *Enraged* The Real Mamoru would never attack us intentionally. This Bozo has just attacked us and has killed our sister Paige. So what do you want? Huh?! want to let him live and we all die? By all means. go for it. but i will bet you that all it will do is open it for a definite end. The Senshi have lost their form… all except for the Rhapsody Brothers. us… Betty and Angel. Uranus, Neptune, Trista and Dark Ami… the rest has lost their form and Sailor Moon is watching in horror at the Devastation.

Paige: *Voice-over* in chapter 48: “Mamoru… Gone! Dark Endymion Enters with the powers of Metaria; The Rhapsody Girls go all out; The Heroes of Earth Vs. Queen Metaria…. All out war; Princess Sailor Moon breaks out… End of the World Imminent… Pearl’s Ear-Piercing Cry for Mercy” Part 2


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