the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 41: “NewsFlash: Dinah of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Presumed Dead…Sailor Jupiter presumed deceased. The Aftermath of the Metaria possessed Youma Onslaught; Shingo’s Lament and brokenheart sings out. The Rhapsody family in Mourning; Possessed Youma’s return… Strike 2…coming up” Part 1

Paige: *Voice-over* from where Chapter 40 Left off…

At the Media center…

Motoki: *Looking at the broken charm that was meant for Makoto as a present* Ohhh! Now what’ll i do? It’s ruined now…

At Princess Rikku’s House…

Usagi: *Sensing something wrong* Something wrong. Something happened…

Suddenly the Mystical Silver Crystal calms down…

Usagi:*sensing a loss* Someone’s been lost… *Gasping* Mako-Chan! Dinah-Chan! *Running out while Princess Rikku is preoccupied*

Princess Rikku: *on the phone with her mother* Mom… Did you hear that?

Rikku: *On the phone* Yeah… i did. i am at work still pulling a double… i saw the huge flash. The Place that i work at is only 2 blocks away from the Luthorcorp plaza. it came from there… What do you think it was?

Princess Rikku: I don’t know… but something doesn’t seem right.

Rikku: Why’s that?

Princess Rikku: I got the feeling that all mother’s get when they feel as though something’s wrong with their kids and they sense that their babies are in danger…

Rikku: Want to go and find out what’s going on?

Princess Rikku: Yeah. I have to find my girls… Meet you at your work place.

Rikku: You bet.


*Showing Flashes and Gif clips of the Senshi and the Rhapsody Girls Z and Allies*

“Hitomi wa itsumo jueru bodi ni matou rame and chaamu Ikite yuku koto wa try get a chance! Koko ni aru kara tsuyoi yume gan gan kechirashitekou raibaru darake no mahiru Egao yori kuchibiru yori aibiimu ga kimewaza *Watashi ni nare kirari to sailor diamonds! Yoake ni umareru gaadian Watashi dakara kanau yo starlight prayers! maiku appu shiyou yo Kirameki wa mune ni Sailor senshi sore wa muunraito riaru gaaru”

Chapter 41: “NewsFlash: Dinah of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Presumed Dead… Sailor Jupiter presumed deceased. The Aftermath of the Metaria Possessed Youma Onslaught; Shingo’s Lament and brokenheart sings out. The Rhapsody family in Mourning; Possessed Youma’s return… Strike 2 coming up” Part 1

In front of the Luthorcorp Plaza…

Paige: *In Pain* Owww! That hurts!

Pearl: *In pain; Crying* Dinah… She’s gone… Our sister is gone…

Paige: *With tears in her eyes as the pain starts to intensify* yeah… but so are Betty and Angel. They too are gone… We’re all alone. The Senshi are gone… as are the Rhapsody Brothers.

Pearl: *Crying* We’re all Alone…

At the right side of the Luthorcorp Building…

Prince Alvin: *Getting up slowly and coming to* Ugh! Damn… that blast was heavy… it took that Youma off the face of the planet.

Prince Arnold: *Hissing in pain while trying to get up* Well… i hope the blast killed the son of a bitch Metaria Infested tin can. i hope that the youma has gotten itself blown to fuckin’ pieces…

Prince Avery: *Rubbing his head* Watery Lord… Watch your damn language… Would you? *feeling his head throbbing* Ugh! My frickin’ head. What the hell was that big explosion for anyway?

Prince Curtis: Any louder and/or bigger… it could have wiped this city all sky high. which would make us and our family the Late Rhapsody Clan.

at the front of the Luthorcorp plaza…

Paige: *Hearing Voices nearby* What… *Looking at Pearl* Pearl… Did you hear that?

Pearl: I guess so… What do you think it was?

Paige: I don’t know… *Getting up slowly and in pain* But it sounds really familiar… Almost like…

Pearl: *Recognizing the voices* The Rhapsody Brothers.

Paige: Yeah… It sure did.

Pearl: But how… we saw them get blown away too… *Shocked and surprised* Let’s go and check it out. *Trying to get up* Uhh! *Falling back down* Owww! I think that my leg is dislocated. i can’t move my left leg.

Paige: *Picking Pearl up* Grab on to me, sis. get on my back… i am also in pain too… but i can still carry you… get on my back and hold on.

Pearl: *Nods slowly before getting on her sisters back* Owww!

Paige: *Walking to find the Rhapsody Brothers* i sure hope that they’re okay… i can’t bare to tell them that Dinah is gone… Betty and Angel are also gone…

On the second floor of the Luthorcorp building…

Betty: *slowly stirring* Uhhh! huh… ohhh! *Getting up and rubbing her head a little* ohhh! that hurt… Where are the others? *Looking to her side to see her sister Angel* Angel… Are you okay?

Angel: *Shaking her head a little trying to shake off the affects of that explosion* Yeah… I think so. i feel okay… *Looking out the window and seeing a path of devastation in the midst around the building*

Betty: I can’t sense the senshi’s anywhere… Are they near?

Angel: i think so… but the presence is very weak… that explosion was huge…

Betty: *Getting up and slowly standing on her two feet* Let’s get out of here…

Angel: *Nods* okay. We got to find our sister Paige, Pearl and Dinah. they’re probably hurt. Let’s go look for them and get on home and regroup.

Betty: *Looking at the broken window* there’s where we came in… Let’s jump out through that hole.

On the outside…

Paige: *Looking around for the Rhapsody Brothers* Where are they? i know that we heard them…

Prince Alvin: *Not far from the corner of the building* I hear the girls… *Walking to the front and suddenly seeing Paige and Pearl* Paige… Pearl! *Sighs in relief* Damn it’s good to see you.

Prince Arnold: *Looking to see Dinah missing* Hey… Where’s Dinah? Wasn’t she with you?

Pearl: *Looking down and in tears* No… She’s gone. she vanished in that explosion. As did Mako-Chan. along with the rest of the Senshi…


Luna: *Nearby suddenly and barely able to walk over to them before collapsing* Rhapsody Brothers… Paige-Chan, Pearl-Chan… *Collapsing*

Artemis: *Walking over and Collapsing before The Rhapsody Brothers and the remaining Rhapsody Girls* Uhhh!

Paige: *afraid* What’s going on?

however at the nearby corner…

Princess Rikku: *Looking ahead at the Luthorcorp Building* There’s the spot where the girls were… *Looking for her daughters*

Rikku: Calm down Honey… it’s gonna be alright. we’ll find them. they’re here…

Princess Rikku: *Calling out for her daughters… Paige… Pearl… Dinah! Betty… Angel! Where are you? *Looking for her daughters* Girls… Where are you?

Rikku: *Seeing a few people up ahead* I think that they might be close… i recognize the girls… That’s Paige… and Pearl.

Princess Rikku: Let’s go… they could be hurt.

Rikku: *Seeing disaster up ahead* Oh god… what in heavens’s name happened here? Look at all the damage. there is alot of damage.

Princess Rikku: *Seeing the Girls suddenly* Mom, Let’s go… *Running over to them* Paige… Pearl… Dinah! Betty… Angel….

Still at the front of the Plaza…

Paige: *Looking over to see their mother* Mom! *Collapsing* Ohhh!

Pearl: *Screeching as she hits the ground again* OWWWW!!!!

Prince Alvin: *Seeing The mess* this is bad… That Youma made a total mess of everything…

Prince Arnold: *Looking at the broken glass and then up at the darkened sky* The sky is still dark… this is bad… really bad.

Prince Avery: What’ll we do?

Prince Curtis: We assess the casualties and then get to a safe place… So far we lost Mako-Chan… but who else?

Pearl: *Weakly while still with tears* Dinah… *Blacking out*

Paige: *Hurt and down on the ground*

Princess Rikku: *Seeing her daughters Paige and Pearl on the ground hurt and bruised* Paige! Pearl! *Panics* Oh… My poor babies… my darling daughters…

Rikku: *Running over to the girls* Oh good heavens, Child. What happened here?

Prince Alvin: Great Aunt Rikku… You should know by now about the devastation that has struck here… There was a massive fight here.

Prince Arnold: We lost a couple of people… one was a senshi… Makoto Kino… has been lost.

Prince Avery: But there is a second loss… a member of our family. *Gulps* Aunt Princess Rikku… You might want to sit down for this…

Prince Alvin: *Barks* Plasma Core… CEASE!!! I’m the Captain of the team here… i’ll be the bearer of bad news. *Walking up to their Aunt* Aunt Princess Rikku… let’s walk over here… there is something that you need to know about the loss… *Walking over to the side*

Princess Rikku: *Walking over to the side away from the others with Prince Alvin* What’s going on? What’s so terrible that you couldn’t say it in front of your great aunt and your cousins? It can’t be that bad… *Sensing the terror on verge of coming from Prince Alvin* Come on… Prince Alvin… What is it?

Prince Alvin: *Sighs and feeling distraught* It’s About Dinah… What happened to her… the battle that happened here… It took her…

Princess Rikku: *Not understanding and confused* What do you mean it took her? Are you saying that she vanished? What do you mean… that she’s missing?

Prince Alvin: No… i am saying that it took her. meaning that she was killed. Aunt Princess Rikku… I am so sorry. it pains me to even break it to you like this… but Dinah has met a terrible end. She’s… She’s dead. she sacrificed herself. as well as Makoto. They are both dead. *Sighs* I am so sorry to tell you this.

Princess Rikku: *Gasps* No…. No… *Shaking her head in denial that Dinah is dead* No… No… No… It’s not possible. It is impossible. *Shedding a tear* No. Please don’t tell me that she is gone… Please….

Prince Alvin: *Nods in dismay and with a mournful expression* I’m afraid so.


At the Metropolis Plaza Apartments…

Minako: *watching over Makoto* That was a very brutal fight… there has been many casualties…

Makoto: *Waking up and slowly coming to* Uhhh! what happened? Where am i? Did we get the Metal monster?

Minako: No… you only weakened it a little. it is still alive somewhere but for now it is resting in it’s hiding spot… where ever it might be. We are here because the hospitals are all jammed and crammed past maximum capacity and all filled with victims from the Youma attack.

Makoto: But that is impossible. Dinah and i nailed that dreadful Metal tin can. that youma was possessed by Metaria… but there is no way that a Youma can survive that… What the hell was that Youma? It couldn’t be that tough.

Minako: Well that Youma wasn’t like any other Youma… It was with Metaria’s essence in it.

Makoto: That means that Dinah and i nearly sacrificed our lives for nothing… but… it won’t matter… next time i see it, i’ll be ready. i’ll get it next time.

Minako: *Snaps in outrage* That was a reckless move…Makoto! Why were you so eager to sacrifice your life?

Makoto: even if i were to die… Jupiter will still live on. i will be reborn. it was for the Past life’s mission.

Minako: And risk your own life?

Makoto: Well you’re risking yours.  besides weren’t we born to fulfill the mission that was set by our past life?

Minako: My life is different.

Makoto: Bologna! Life is life. it is the same. you are trying to risk your life and rallying on a death wish. life is fragile… you shouldn’t just waste it like it doesn’t anything… that is just means of being careless. but i do know that we must get that Youma…

Minako: But…

Makoto: If we don’t get that Youma…. the number of casualties will only rise and get more and more higher.

Minako: Are you okay with Dying?

Makoto: Why not? Like i said… even if i die… I will be just reborn. it’s just that simple. Like the part where we were told that we had past lives… there’ll be a next time. and a time after that. we’ll just keep coming back.

Minako: *Gasps and flashing back to the Hospital before the battle occurred* “even if i were to die… Venus will still live on. i will be reborn.” *Smiles and laughs to herself* I bet that the past life’s mission can prove to be mischievously Vexing. i see now the reason why Rei was so reluctant and see why she feeling the way she was about it

Makoto: It’s for the past life’s mission… *In resolve* I thought that if i were to die… it wouldn’t matter for no one would miss me. i always felt as though i was to be alone. so it would make it somehow so easy to sacrifice myself and no one would be sad to see me go. It won’t be so bad for me to disappear now.

Minako: *Emotional* But you are not alone Makoto. You never were. you were always with people who loved you and would miss you. because Jupiter won’t disappear.

Makoto: *Drinking the Tea in front of her* i should say the same about you… you’re willing to risk your life… you lost your resolve. you are thinking that it’d be better to die. but you don’t realize that dying is too easy. you should take that procedure… even if the chances are slim… it is still a shot. i don’t care if the disease was so rare that there was no cure known to earth for it… if it were me in that predicament… i’d go for it… even with the reality or the possibility that i would not make it. i’d still go for it. because if i had to choose between the option of taking a chance and still face having the Rare disease take me and it mark the end of my life…. and Not taking it and having it kill me one day just out of the blue even though i know it’s coming… i’d choose the option of taking a chance and still face having the Rare disease take me and it mark the end of my life anyday.

Minako: *Smiles at Makoto’s determination of taking chances* I admire your determination Makoto. but my path’s been rather chosen for me. i know that it sounds reckless to you… but it’s a path that choose. i know that if i were to die… no one would be sad. it’d bring less sadness…

Makoto: *Feeling light headed* Ohhh! my head. why does it still hurt?

Minako: Well… that blast was pretty big and it knocked you right into the side of the wall on the left side of the Luthorcorp plaza Building… you’re lucky that it didn’t give you a concussion or short time memory loss. *Remembering something* Oh… By the way… Who’s Motoki-Kun?

Makoto: *Gasps* Who?

Minako:  Motoki-Kun. you kept saying that name in your sleep.

Makoto: Oh… he’s just someone i know… someone who likes me and sees me as being a bit feminine. But i am nothing of the sort.

Minako:  You were thinking about him alot. You see… you had someone in your life that would be missing you if you did get beat by that Youma.

Makoto: Maybe so… but sometimes it’s best to be alone… it makes it less sad when you’re alone.

Back at the Luthorcorp plaza…

Princess Rikku: *Sobbing and in tears; Crying into her hands* My poor baby… Why did she die? What did she die for? WHY?! Ohhh hooo hooo! Why did my baby have to die? *Crying with sadness*

Paige: *Getting up slowly and Walking over to see her mother crying* What’s going on? Why’s mom Crying like that? *In pain and trying to keep from collapsing back onto the ground* Owwww! The pain is killing me…

Pearl: *Feeling her Leg throbbing in excruciating pain* OWWWWWW!!!!! *Screaming in agony* Please make the pain stop. It hurts so bad… *Crying in agony* Where’s my momma? *Crying in pain*

Rikku: *Looking at Paige* Paige… Dear. Dinah is gone. She’s was killed in that Explosion that happened here… Your sister has been killed.

Paige: *In shock and suddenly stunned over hearing the dreadful news* What?! But… No…. That can’t be true… Grandma… you’re lying… she’s not dead. Dinah isn’t dead. she can’t be…

Rikku: I am afraid so honey…

Paige: *Collapsing onto the ground and breaking into tears* How could this happen? Dinah was the toughest girl we knew… she was the quickest to tell the evil forces where to go. She was with alot of Courage. Shy when it came to romance… but she was so quick. How could she die? *Crying into the ground*

Pearl: *Overhearing the news* Dinah really is dead… Isn’t she? *While still crying in pain*

Rikku: yes dear. Dinah is gone. she’s been killed by that explosion.

Pearl: *Crying out* NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! *suddenly hugging her sister* Waaaaaaaaaaa! Noooooooo Dinah! Ahhhhhhh ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Dinah…. Our sister is gone.

Paige: *Crying while hugging her sister* What’ll we tell Shingo?

Pearl: *Crying while Hugging her sister* I don’t know… I don’t know if we can ever tell him. This will break his heart. He loved her and if he were to know that she was Ripped from his arms… he would be truly hurt and crushed.

Paige: *Crying* Well… someone’s got to tell him.

Pearl: *Crying* I can’t bare to tell him. Tell him that the one he loved had been killed. What would that do to him? It would hurt him…

Paige: *Crying* Well it’s better if we told him and not someone else. because if someone else were to tell him… it would make things a bit more worse than what they should be.

Princess Rikku was still on the side and crying… she was just told the news of the death of Dinah and she was broken… all she could do was cry in devastation…

Prince Alvin: want us to take the girls home?

Rikku: *Nods* Yes. take them home and set them gently on their beds. let them rest. it’s gonna be a while before their mother goes back home…

Prince Alvin: You got it. Tell her that her daughters Paige and Pearl are back home and are safe.

Rikku: of course.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at his brothers* Watery Lord… you and i are gonna take Paige and Pearl back to their house and set them on their beds. *Looking at Prince Avery and Prince Curtis* Plasma Core… Electric Rage. you two stay here. hold the fort here till the assessment is done… we need to get an official count on who’s survived the Explosion and who the casualties are.

Prince Avery: You got it Captain.

Prince Curtis: We’ll keep watch here.

Prince Alvin: *Placing two fingers upon his forehead as he grabs hold of Paige using one arm*

Prince Arnold: *Grabbing Pearl and Ready to teleport to Princess Rikku’s house*

Back at Princess Rikku’s house Shingo was there and was asleep. he was unaware of the loss that just happened. but he was bound to find out when he caught sight of Paige and Pearl without Dinah. As for Usagi… She was not willing to wait. She Ran out and went to look for her friends and for Luna… She was not aware that Artemis was also out there… not with Minako…

As soon as she got to the scene…


Usagi: *Looking around for Luna and the others* Luna? Paige… Pearl? Dinah?! Ami-Chan… Amara… Michelle… Artemis… Trista? *Looking for signs of the others and not seeing them* Where could they be? *Seeing the devastation around the area*

Prince Avery: *Spotting Usagi close-by* …. *Walking over to Usagi* Usagi! What the hell are you doing here? I thought that Princess Rikku told you to stay inside the house… What are you doing here? there is nothing you can do here… Mako-Chan is gone. She’s dead. but so is Dinah/ Thunder Mistress. She too is dead. Amara, Michelle and Trista are no where to be seen. they too have Vanished. As had Betty and Angel…


Betty and Angel Land down in front of the door leading inside the Luthorcorp plaza…

Betty: *Walking over to the others* Hey… What happened? Where is everybody?

Angel: That Youma prevented us from using our fusion form… That Youma had to have known what was gonna come… That Youma obviously was possessed by Queen Metaria, but never did we figure that it’d be that powerful.

Betty: *Not seeing Paige and Pearl* Where’re Paige and Pearl? Where is Dinah? Are they safe? Did they make it?

Prince Avery: *Looking Around and sighs* Well… Paige and Pearl made it… but… Dinah… She’s unfortunately gone. She didn’t make it. when that explosion happened… it took Mako-Chan and also took Dinah. They are both dead.

Dinah: *Voice* “Shingo… i’m sorry that i couldn’t stick around to see where our newly starting relationship would have led… but this is something i shall do to ensure that you live… My sisters… Betty. Angel… Paige and Pearl… I Love you girls. even though i don’t know how to say it or let it out… i am glad that i had you girls for sisters. wouldn’t trade you for anything at all in the world. Mom… i love you. thank you for being there for me. Professor, I’m sorry that i am risking my life… i hope that you can see it to forgive me one day for it. Aunts… Uncles… Cousins… I will never forget you. you all will be with me…”

Betty: *In shock* What…? What are you saying Prince Avery? Dinah’s Dead? Dinah… the girl who has a fiery temper and a massive case of tough attitude; The girl who hates Skirts, Dinah? Dead? But that’s impossible… She couldn’t be dead. that is just not likely. She’s like the toughest girl in the family.

Angel: besides… how do we even know that she is dead?

Prince Avery: I know it is hard to believe… but she is dead… it is as it sounds. Dinah Rhapsody is dead…

Princess Rikku: *with a tear soaked face* Come on… let’s go home. *Looking to see Betty and Angel* Betty, Angel… you’re not going to school tomorrow. neither is Paige and Pearl. you are being home schooled from now one… i am not gonna sit with you girls being out of my sight no more… i lost one daughter… i will not lose another. *Sniffles*

Luna: *Suddenly Walking over to Usagi, Betty, Angel and the Rhapsody Brothers while still in pain; on the verge of collapsing again* Uhhh! where are the others?

Artemis: *Suddenly coming to and Looking over to see Luna with the Rhapsody Brothers* Luna… What’s the assessment? Where are the others?

Prince Curtis: *Near Artemis*Artemis… Take it easy. *Helping Artemis up* Easy does it there… are you alright man? You sure took a bad fall.

Artemis: *Looking at Prince Curtis* Yeah… i’m alright Electric Rage. I am just really weak. That Explosion was a heavy hit. It must have blown the others in multiple directions.

Prince Curtis:  Mako-Chan is dead. Dinah is dead. she is gone. Ami and Dark Ami are gone… after the Explosion subsided… the girls have all scattered. As far as we know… they could have been sent to the roof of the building. Amara, Michelle and Trista are also gone. We don’t know where they went. but with the Explosion… people have flown all over the place.

On top of the Daily Planet…

Dark Ami: *Waking up from the knock out* Where… am i? *Looking around and seeing that she’s on the Roof of a building* How did i get here? *Not seeing Ami* Ami-Chan… Where are you? *Sighs* Oh dear… what am i doing here on top of the Daily planet Building? i am not supposed to be here… I must have gotten knocked over here… *Opening the door nearby* I got to get out of here…

However while they all were getting their bearings back…

The next morning…

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Shingo: *Walking around the House and suddenly sitting at the Table* What a night that was… i kept having this haunting dream. It was almost like i was living it.

Princess Rikku: Well the nightmare was very much a reality for us all.

Usagi: The devastation was terrible… And the whole time i was here yesterday… the Mystical Silver Crystal kept reacting…

Shingo: You think that it was the Princess calling out?

Princess Rikku: *Unsure* I don’t know… but with the way it was acting… it was definitely sensing that something was up.

Usagi: It sensed that something was happening. Mako-Chan is gone…

Shingo: *Shaking his head* The Explosion took her… *In disbelief* Do you think that she really is dead?

Princess Rikku: unfortunately… alot of the others are gone too. we don’t know where they went. That Metallic creature that everyone fought yesterday was extensively powerful. it was brutal.

Usagi: *Devastated* I should have been there… i should have been there to fight it… it wouldn’t have gotten so bad if only i was there to stop that Youma…

Shingo: *Scoffs at his sister* And do what? Unleash the princess and possibly blow us all to kingdom come? There was nothing that you could have done anyway. Usagi, you were supposed to stay inside the house… you disobeyed a direct order that Princess Rikku had given you. You are lucky that you didn’t wind up unleashing the princess. i was still here sleeping while all the commotion was going on. *Eating* from what i caught last night while sleeping… i heard a few people talking… The Explosion took a couple people. I heard one of them say that it took one of the Rhapsody girls… but i didn’t catch the name…

Princess Rikku: *Trying not to lose it again* Please don’t talk about who we lost. i lost a daughter last night. it hurts so bad.

Usagi: *Sad*

Shingo: *Confused* What are you talking about? Lost a Daughter? Who… Who did you lose?

Princess Rikku: Shingo, there is something that you need to know… and it’s gonna hurt.  Usagi sensed that something happened last night while the brutal onslaught happened… On the battle ground as The Rhapsody Brothers have mentioned…

Usagi: I sensed something wrong…


“Usagi: *Feeling the Silver Crystal acting up* Huh?! What is going on? *Feeling something wrong* What’s going on? *Seeing the Crystal let off a glow* B-but… I haven’t done anything… *Suddenly sensing trouble* ….. *Gasps* Mako-Chan… Dinah-Chan!

Princess Rikku: *Overhearing* What?! What do you mean? Is something wrong?  What’s wrong? Is it Dinah? My girls?”

Flashback Ends:

Shingo: *Catching the Mention of Dinah* What happened to Dinah?

Princess Rikku: She is…

Usagi: Shingo… you are not gonna believe what you’re about to hear… but Dinah…. She…. *Struggling in breaking out with the news* She….

Shingo: *Feeling the Suspense* Yes?! Dinah is… What? What the heck happened to her? Did something happen to my girlfriend?

Princess Rikku: I’m afraid so… *Feeling on the Verge of crying*

Usagi: *Feeling the silver crystal reacting to the sad atmosphere* Something happened to Dinah. Last night at the scene where the battle was…


“Sailor Jupiter: *With Dinah holding onto the Metal Youma and surrounded by a green energy ball; Suddenly Releasing the energy along with Dinah* AHHHHHH!”

Flashback ends…

Shingo: *Feeling the sweat of panic beginning to form* Where is Dinah now? Is she alright? She is okay, Isn’t she?

Princess Rikku: *Shedding a tear* No. She’s Not. *Upset* She’s been…

Usagi: The Explosion took her…

Shingo: Meaning what…? Are you saying that she’s… *Seeing Paige and Pearl* Huh?! Paige and Pearl are here… but shouldn’t they be in school?

Princess Rikku: Normally they would be. but i didn’t wake them up this morning… they’re not going to school. i am gonna home-school them from now on. i am not letting my girls out of my sight. I lost one last night… i am not gonna put up with losing another. because if that happens… you might as well just bury me. because it would kill me. *Upset*

Shingo: Where’s Dinah?

Paige: *In mourning* Dinah… Dinah’s dead. she was taken by the explosion.

Pearl: *Walking Slowly as the pain is still bugging her* She’s gone…

Shingo: *Gasps* No… it couldn’t be… not her… Please… no. Anyone but her. not her… Not Dinah.

Paige: I’m afraid so… she’s gone. *reliving the visions of the Onslaught*


Pearl: *With a Tear soaked face* Mako-Chan… What are you doing?

Sailor Jupiter: *To Minako and Pearl* Get back… Stay back! Even if i sacrifice my Life… the mission from the past life will be completed.

Dinah: *Trying to get up* Uhhh! Ugh! *Barely Standing up and Marching up to the Metallic Creature* That is it… you are asking for it… and now you are gonna get yours… *Grabbing on to the Metallic Creature* You’re busted now, Creep!

Pearl: *Calling out to Dinah* Dinah… What are you doing? If you sacrifice yourself… that’ll mean.

Dinah: Don’t worry about me sis. I lived a good life. i may be still a young teen. but if destroying this Metal freak means sacrificing myself so that you and Paige can live… I’ll do it gladly.”

Flashback ends…

Pearl: Dinah is gone… *Crying and running up to her room* Waaaaaaaa! Dinah!

Shingo: *Feeling his heart break* But… No… it can’t be… She can’t be dead. Please… tell me that it’s a big mistake. that it’s all just a rumor and Dinah is just upstairs sleeping. Please… I can’t imagine on losing her… i Love her…

Princess Rikku: I’m sorry Shingo. *In tears* She’s dead.

Shingo then broke down in tears…

Shingo: *In tears* Dinah… Why did you have to leave me? I Love you… *Looking to god* God… Bring her back… Please give her back. Take me… Take me in her place. Take me… i’ll give my life gladly if you’d just bring her back… *Crying in heartbreak*

Shingo was broken hearted and felt hurt. the loss hit him dead center in the heart as he just learn that Dinah has been killed. Paige was upset just as much as Shingo was and more for Dinah was her sister. She felt the pain of losing her sister… It was devastating and the more it went… the more painful it had become… Princess Rikku was more broken but from a mother’s viewpoint as it was a loss of one of her daughters. Dinah was the most courageous girl in the family… she was known as gutzy and sometimes brash… but she was tough for a reason. she knew that the sweet and calm was good to live by but it took  the tough attitude to get ahead. most girls were all kind and sweet and gradually change and learn to fight and defend as they aged a little at a time. not Dinah… She was tough and brave. hardly anything scared her. When Fear was near… she stared it right in the face.

Shingo Was upset and cried… He never would hug his sister and he never had the best of relationships with his sister Usagi… but when he got told the heartbreaking news that Dinah was dead he was so hurt that he needed a shoulder to cry on…

Shingo: *Crying* Dinah… is dead. Usagi. *Looking at his sister* Usagi… I loved Dinah since the very moment i saw her… i barely even met her… i don’t know too much about her… but i love her… i loved her so much. and now she’s gone. She’s GONE!!! *With a tear soaked face*

Usagi: *Feeling sad for her brother* Shingo…. *Hugging her brother suddenly feeling his pain*

She understood how her brother felt. She understood for she was feeling the same about Mamoru as her brother felt for Dinah. she knew how he felt and truly wished that she could take away his pain. While they spoke…

A knock on the door sounded off…

Betty: *Answering the door* Yes?

Angel: *Noticing Amara, Michelle and Trista at the door* Oh my god… it’s Amara… Michelle and Trista. They came back.

Betty: *opening the door and seeing the 3 girls* Amara. Michelle. Trista. You’re back. You survived the Explosion… But how… Oh my god… It’s such a relief to see you guys alive.

Amara: Yeah… We came back… *Sighs* we almost didn’t come back… we were lucky to get out of there alive.


“Sailor Jupiter: *With Dinah holding onto the Metal Youma and surrounded by a green energy ball; Suddenly Releasing the energy along with Dinah* AHHHHHH!

Paige and Pearl: *Crying out* DINAH!!!!!

Ami/Dark Ami/Amara/Michelle/Trista/Minako: *Screaming in Terror* MAKOTO!!!”

Amara: *Voice-Over* just before the Explosion reached us… we teleported ourselves out of there… we had to… we couldn’t just stay and let the Blast wipe us out too. we had to stay alive and see to it that the Great Evil was taken down.

Michelle: *Voice-over* it was time to make a move… We escaped with our lives intact and managed to get a shot in at the beast before the Beast completely vanished off to hide out and recover…

Flashback ends…

Trista: But there is also something else… before the Metallic Youma vanished… There was a brief burst of sobs coming from where the Youma originally stood before vanishing… the sobs were brief but it sounded familiar…

Betty: *gasps* What?!

Angel: Did you happen to hear anything else? Like a Voice or something?

Amara: we listened in… and heard someone say: “You Stay the hell away from my sisters. i may still be alive… but don’t think that for one minute the beat down is over… it’s not. if you come back…. i swear to you that you will regret it.”

Betty: That’s Dinah! Dinah would say that… Do you think that she is Still Alive somewhere?

Michelle: We don’t know… The voice was very faint. we are not even sure as to whether it was her or not.

To be continued…

The senshi were making their way back a couple at a time and slowly returning. it was slow but painful the ones still missing were Makoto and Rei. Dark Ami and Ami were nearby… but they were still out there in the city. somewhere in the city. but Luna and Artemis suddenly came back… it was a long road ahead… and it wasn’t over yet.

Paige: *Voice over* Was Dinah alive… we hear rumors that she is alive but the reality of her death was still very real. The clean up begins though as we all finally reunite and gather back up…

Pearl: *Voice-over* plus the mourning of the entire Rhapsody family… even though there are rumors that Dinah might not be dead… The loss is still reality. Also Shingo lets out a sad song… He lets it out and laments over the loss of his girlfriend.

Usagi: *Voice-over* We also get to see Minako awaken her senshi powers and transform into Sailor Venus… Hopefully it’s not the last time she does it though. Prince Alvin Conducts the Eulogy at the front of the Luthorcorp Plaza where Dinah was said to have been taken by the Explosion. Paige and Pearl also join in and sing a song a piece in memory of their fallen sister. Prepare for tears and emotions to run high… in The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 42: “NewsFlash: Dinah of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Presumed Dead…Sailor Jupiter presumed deceased. The Aftermath of the Metaria possessed Youma Onslaught; Shingo’s Lament and brokenheart sings out. The Rhapsody family in Mourning; Possessed Youma’s return… Strike 2…coming up” Part 2.

Shingo: *Singing in sadness with tears in his eyes* “Come up to meet ya, tell you I’m sorry
You don’t know how lovely you are
I had to find you, tell you I need you
And tell you I set you apart
Tell me your secrets, and ask me your questions
Oh lets go back to the start
Running in circles, coming up tails
Heads on a science apart 
Nobody said it was easy
It’s such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh take me back to the start

I was just guessing at numbers and figures
Pulling the puzzles apart
Questions of science, science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart
And tell me you love me, come back and haunt me
Oh and I rush to the start
Running in circles, chasing our tails
Coming back as we are

Nobody said it was easy
Oh it’s such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be so hard
I’m going back to the start

Oh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ah ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh
Oh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh
Oh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh”

Shingo: *Angry about the Metallic Youma taking Dinah’s life* I’m gonna fry that Monster… It took away my love… now i’m gonna take away its right to live. *Finding Dinah’s one Power belt* Sorry for touching your belt Dinah… forgive me. but i’m gonna avenge you. one way or another.  *wearing the belt and feeling strange power going through him* What the hell?! What is this? Is this supposed to happen?


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