The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 40: “Bounty on the Moon Princess… Usagi Dead or alive; a Metallic Youma first Appearance… The Beginning of the Mystical Silver Crystals negative affects. Dinah’s possible shot at Romance… Dinah Rhapsody and Shingo Tsukino???” Part 2

Rhapsody Girls: *Voice-Over* Continued from Chapter 39:  “Bounty on the Moon Princess… Usagi Dead or alive; a Metallic Youma first Appearance… The Beginning of the Mystical Silver Crystals negative affects. Dinah’s possible shot at Romance… Dinah Rhapsody and Shingo Tsukino???” Part 1…

Shingo: how do you all know my sister?

Sailor Mercury: You want to know why or how we know of your sister… we know her because she’s a fighter… we know that because… We’re her friends. and she’s one of us.

Paige: It’s true… Shingo. Usagi… your sister… She’s the Moon Princess Reincarnated.  Princess Serenity is who she is… who she was in a past life.

Pearl: Her 4 sailor Guardians are Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Venus. Venus is the leader of the senshi. Sailor Moon is the head. she is who your sister is.

Dinah: Shingo… *Groans a little not believing that she is mentioning about the details* And the quake that we felt… was caused by her… or her Princess Form. Princess Serenity. Or Princess Sailor Moon. She wants Endymion back and if he doesn’t return to her… and if things go the way they’ve been going… she’ll move to destroy the world again.

Shingo: *Gasps and in shock* My sister… Is a Moon Princess? But she’s in normal form… so stupid. she gets bad grades in school. over sleeps. but yet she’s a Moon Princess Reincarnated??? *Falling down* I think that i need to sit down… this is just all so confusing. I just can’t believe that my sister is this Princess.

Dinah: *Sighs and consoling Shingo* Well… don’t feel so bad. even i was in disbelief at first. but i came around.

Sailor Uranus:  *Explaining the details to Shingo* We came here to stop the Great Evil from being awakened. We are from the future and came to this time to stop what was coming. As you know… Queen Beryl is the one responsible for the demise of the Moon Kingdom a thousand years ago. She broke into the Sacred Moon temple and stole power and the fuel needed to awaken Queen Metaria. The Great Evil was defeated by Queen Serenity using the Mystical Silver Crystal that is her heirloom the sacred power. all the Evil in the galaxy feared it for it was that powerful. But when She used the Mystical Silver Crystal… It defeated the Great Evil… but also drained her. However that was not what destroyed the moon Kingdom and the Earth. It was however because of the forbidden love between the Princess and the Prince. The 4 Generals that you saw or may have heard about that are working along side with Beryl… they were the loyal retainers of Prince Endymion. they called him their Master. But when they caught on that he was in courtship with the Moon Princess. the Daughter to Queen Serenity… they believed that he was throwing them away for her. but the Moon Guard sent a strike at the Prince and the Princess was left devastated by the hit that was done upon the prince. She glowed bright white and with the energy she let loose… The Moon Drove into the Earth and destroyed it. killing her and the prince. but it also killed the 4 generals… Kunzite who is one of Endymion’s 4 warriors holds the greatest Grudge over that. for on that very day… He unfortunately had lost everything.


“the Scenery of the Earth Kingdom in ruins… the brutal devastation and the fateful sight of Jadeite. Nephrite and Zoicite laying on the ground dead…

Kunzite: *Holding onto his sword and on his knees; Crying out in agony* GGGRRAAAAHHHHH!!!”

Amara: *Voice-Over* But on the Moon at the ruined Moon Kingdom…

“Princess Serenity: *Kneeling beside Prince Endymion Saddened to see him lifeless on the ground; Crying out* Endymion! 

A Shrill eerie moan filled the space around the Moon as the moon turned White and collapsed into the earth, Destroying it…”

Flashback Ends…

Amara: We are here to swear our Allegiance to The Princess and fight the heavy fight for her so she won’t have to.  No matter what happens… we can not allow the Past to be repeated. Fate gave us a second chance… we must make it right. No matter what it may take.

Shingo: So… I guess that with the Evil lady being on the loose…  beryl. This Queen Metaria could be awakened.  What doesn’t make much sense is why would an Evil Queen like her want to awaken Metaria. Isn’t Metaria some evil deity that is impossible to seize control of? Even if she were to try to awaken her and this so called Queen manifests herself in some form… what makes Beryl believe that she can be able to sustain someone that Sinister?

Sailor Luna: *Jumping down from the top of the nearby suspension of the bridge* That is what we are trying to figure. If Queen Metaria gets reawakened… there will be no stopping her. the last time that she was awakened… we lost the things we held dear. the World was ruined and so was the moon. The Princess and Prince had a ill-fated love. but that was not the main pain. it was just the finisher to an already ravaged planet. Queen Beryl was the cause of the course that took hold last time.

Sailor Uranus: That is why we are here to stop it. we are in belief that Queen Metaria is being fueled by an energy source…


Princess Rikku: *Landing in with her Cousin King John* Amara… that’s enough of your talk… my daughters are not gonna be sent to their deaths. i mean it.

Sailor Uranus: *Looking at the others* One that she didn’t have last time.

Usagi: *Running over from the section of the park onto the bridge* Shingo! Shingo… *Running over to her Brother* Are you alright?

Shingo: Yeah. i think so… but that… that quake. *Scoffs and still with a bit of a panic* I was so freakin’ scared.

Usagi: *Thinking to herself* I can’t tell him that i was the cause. he can’t be brought into this.

Shingo: *Sighs* is the quake over? You might have caused it.

Usagi: *Confused* Huh?

Pearl: Don’t ask… but some things sort have leaked out.

Dinah: he knows…. *in dismay*

Usagi: *Panics* He…. Knows? *Gulps*

Sailor Luna: Yeah. Everything. Unfortunately… he knows everything now… He asked how we knew you and… well… Everything kinda spilled out or has spilled out.

Betty: *Flying in Suddenly* He isn’t the only one who knows… There is a whole swarm of people not far from here who are coming this way… they’re after the Princess. Usagi… we better get you out of here… right away before you get targeted by a lynch mob.

Sailor Pluto: *Walking over to the group; Teleporting the crew to where the others were and then teleporting over to Metropolis*

Sailor Luna: Thanks.

That afternoon…

Prince Avery: *Walking over to his cousin* You girls felt that quake in Japan, huh?

Paige: We did. in fact… we were in it.

Pearl: i almost fell off the bridge.

Shingo: As did i.

Dinah: I don’t think that the planet is gonna be able to take much more of this. The Silver Crystal is posing a negative affect. It’s really a total freak out… *Shudders*

Ami: I don’t like how that sounds.

Rei: I sense that it will only get worse from here…

Dinah: And how exactly is it that you come to that conclusion?

Amara: Well… Take a look around you.

They all look at the trees by Metropolis National park…

Makoto: What’ll we do?

Amara: We take refuge in a place.

Michelle: Where can we hide, Amara?

Amara: We hide and stay with the Rhapsody Girls. we all will. their house is our base.

Betty: *Nods* Right. it’ll be best if you girls came and stayed at our place… But just know… that you’ll have to pitch in and pick up your own weight a little.

Angel: You’re kidding, right? They are staying with us? Sis… you know how Over crowding cramps my dark studies.

Betty: And? they need a place to stay. The Princess can’t go back to her mother’s house… if  all catastrophe happens to break loose… that’ll be the first place they’ll look. they’ll follow the trail to the root of the problem. Home… Home is where the heart is. where life begins.

Prince Avery: That is true… Let’s get you all there and hide the princess there now…

Trista: right.

Although as soon as they got home and were inside the house…

Princess Rikku: *Reading about the recent incident in the Paper* I just Don’t believe this… how could this happen? The tale is in the paper… *Seeing the girls* Hey girls… you’re not gonna believe this… but the Princess is in the papers… I just got done reading the article in the Daily Planet’s Wednesday Edition… It’s pretty expressive.

Dinah: *Gasps and in shock* WHAT!!!

Pearl: read it off.

Princess Rikku: *Reading the Article* Strange events have happened in the past with a fowl Drule that was hellbent on galactic Conquest. But nothing could count as most strange as to the arrival of our newest oddity.  A girl who wears a beaded tiara and plays a harp. but the Moon Harp also vows as a Moon Blade. Local officials have reportedly seen the odd figure walking on down the Business District playing the harp and a few reported seeing her heading to the News paper building The Daily Planet. It is of no coincidence that she was heading towards the planet. A local official by the name of Sheriff Mackenzie quoted as she told what she saw. “It was the most bizarre sight i ever saw… She wasn’t even dangerous. she was pretty lonely looking and kept playing her harp. she didn’t cry… she didn’t even make a sound… she just played her harp. It was a very sad tune. It kinda made me feel awful for her. She did however utter a few words. ” Endymion. It is as i thought… but tried to deny… Even though we are reborn upon this planet… we can never be as one on this planet.” I don’t know who she was talking about… but the tone in her voice was endearingly sad.” Although there was another side to the incident… it didn’t seem to give off a pleasing opinion. a local passerby quoted as saying: “I don’t know who the heck she is… but she better not be a threat to our city. She seems untrusting and i don’t think someone like her is good for this city. Why is she even here? No one invited her. Someone should lock her up.”  Local Law enforcement urged all civilians and kids to stay indoors. lock the doors and stay within their homes.  to take a cautious hand in keeping the possible threat to a minimum. There were also sources saying that the weird visitor was seen up at the school inside the school’s Auditorium. being confronted by a group of girls in sailor outfits. and heroes who turned out to be 3 local girls that we remember from when the world was being threatened by King Lotor. the 3 girls are known as the Daughters to the once hero now full time mother. but with the arrival and the presence of the strange new visitor, one can not help but to ask as to what might be in store for the city and it’s general public. or for the world. Is the new visitor… Friend… or is she foe? will the 3 girls Known as the Rhapsody Girls Z! be there to save us all once again from the possible threat that seems to cling to the new Visitor? As reports have come out about the visitor… a nearby civilian reported hearing one of the girls say: “WHAT!!!!!!! You’ve got to be kidding me. Amara, Is she blowing wind?” what was really going on inside the Auditorium is by far unknown. however it was one meeting that was meant to happen. Where the Princess is; no one knows. She could be anywhere or anyone… but the next time she shows… the local law enforcement is ready with a army of men with Semi-automatic rifles. We may not see the new visitor as we all have our own twist to what the new visitor could try to do. but for the law enforcement… they are acting out of fear.

Dinah: *Gasps* Someone has us in the papers? That means that every mob boss and hoodlum will be signing a city wide petition to manhunt down the princess. it could be anyone out there…

Pearl: It isn’t like that… it isn’t like that at all. Dinah… we can’t just assume the worst for something that can be easily solved. All we have to do is to not allow for Usagi to fight or use any of her powers and keep her from getting worked up and she’ll be fine. things will prove out to be okay.

Usagi: No they won’t. it won’t be okay. You guys should truly be thinking about the people. about their protection… the innocent people are in need of saving. i am the only one who can give it to them when they need it. Sailor Moon has that power… the power from the wand can do that…

Betty: I too can do that… Why do you think they call me the New Angelic Raven? Just for kicks? For a cheap dime-Store Thrill? No… because i have powers… i was given them by My mother… the same mother that has the 3 girls who are my sisters.

Princess Rikku: *Deeply sympathetic* I am sorry, Sweetie. but until this mess passes and the article’s attention dies down… you’re under house arrest. i know that you can’t help but be a part of the fight. but if anything were to happen out there and you were to get just a little over emotional… the princess could just as well emerge. We can’t allow for that to happen. there is nothing we can do to stop what is bound to still occur. but if there is anyway for us to try to suppress the Princess’s power and reduce her urge of wanting to break out… we’re gonna take it.

Ami: that’s right.

Amara: *Wigs out a little* Huh? What the? how are you able to know what’s been set to repeat? how are you knowing all this?

Princess Rikku: I don’t. i don’t know any of it. but as long as it’s happening in the same city that i live in… i’m gonna do whatever to see that it doesn’t wind up becoming much more worse than what it already is.

Michelle: Ma’am. you’re forgetting something. if the fate of the past life repeats… it won’t take out just this city. it’s gonna wipe the whole world.

Trista: Not as long as we have a say about it.

The next afternoon…

outside the school…

Prince Alvin was in Love with a sweet girl in his class… He wanted to profess his feelings to the girl and yet…didn’t know how it was gonna work. Prince Avery and Prince Arnold on the other hand knew that a man with a musical heart could woo the girl with just the right tune. Prince Alvin looked to see the girl walking by and just felt lovesick. he didn’t even know the girl that much, but he was already captivated by the very sight of her. the girl was Shanna Suzuki. she was in the same grade… but had more of a popular status.  Prince Avery and Prince Arnold came right over to their brother and tried to get to the bottom of their brother’s love sick feeling…

Prince Arnold: *Giving a friendly brotherly punch to Alvin’s arm* What up man? You feeling alright?

Prince Avery: Yeah. you are staring at that foreign exchange girl like she was a pair of Jordan Shoes.

Prince Alvin:  I know… i don’t know why. but she is so attractive. Who is she anyway?

Prince Arnold: Not sure. but i heard that she’s from Japan. Came in the other week.

Prince Avery: She’s a high ranking girl. She’s been said to be the intelligent person in the School. She is close to placing Ami Mizuno to shame.

Prince Alvin:  That won’t be enlightening for Ami. but i can’t help but like that girl. She has so much attraction in her…

Prince Arnold: You really like her, don’t you?

Prince Avery: Captain… You know that she is a girl that you can not have. We are with powers. we have abilities that no other person could have.

Prince Alvin:  *Scoffs* Ugh! you know… even though it’s bound to fail due to our heroic duties… but a little encouragement in the Matters of the heart department would be nice.

Prince Arnold: *Sighs*

Prince Avery: *Looking at Prince Arnold* Well…

Prince Alvin:  …. *Waiting for some leap of encouragement*

Prince Arnold: Look bro, just because i am shooting your attempt at love down doesn’t mean that i am saying that you are not permitted to find any romance…  or that i don’t care about your heart and what it yearns for. i am just saying that our predicament is not gonna be easy to just tone down… we’re in a bind here… You know that the senshi are gonna need a lot of help. we’re the only ones with the know how to blast at the Evil force. Besides… as much as the love brigade is a wanted and desired luxury. we can’t focus on that. the Threat is on the move. It’s not Beryl… as much as we would care to believe. It’s Queen Metaria and the thing that is fueling her. I…. *Sighs* i so can’t believe that i am saying this. i ought to be shot for even holding such a thought like this… but i am unfortunately suspecting that the real threat is the Princess and the crystal.

Prince Avery: How can you say that?

Prince Alvin: Are you saying that the Moon Princess is the world’s destructor?

Prince Arnold: As much as i hate to even consider that possibility… the thing is that we may have to come to that reality. Every time the Princess breaks out and unleashes… the world starts to feel a bit weak. *Pointing to the park and showing how much the scenery has changed* Take a look…

The brothers look at the background and see the unshakable changes that have just currently taken place…

Prince Avery:  This can’t be…

Prince Alvin: i can’t believe this… i am the Captain of this team and i’m supposed to be telling this. but what i am seeing going on… i just can’t believe. how can this be so?

Prince Arnold: Now do you see why our romantic rendezvous would never work… It isn’t because it won’t work… it’s because it truly can’t work.

Prince Avery: *seeing the girl walk by* Whoa! it may set our shots off balance… but she’s a fox.

Prince Alvin: I think that i am in love with her. but i never met her. *Feeling his heart thumping*

Prince Arnold: *Seeing his brother sweat with nervousness* Yo! Dude. are you alright?

Prince Avery: You’re not gonna pass out on us… are you?

Prince Alvin: I don’t know. *Feeling his heart pound* She’s coming over to us…

Prince Arnold: to you really.

Prince Avery: i can feel a # coming on… and this is nothing like normal love. we’re super heroes and yet… we’re in love. How conflicting is this?

Prince Alvin: *Looking at his brothers* alright… 1… A 1… 2… A 1, 2, 3, 4.

Prince Alvin:  *Singing in unison with Prince Arnold and Prince Avery; to the foriegn Exchange  student* “I was a midnight rider on a cloud of smoke
I could make a woman hang on every single stroke
I was an iron man
I had a master plan
But I was alone

I could hear you breathing
With a sigh of the wind
I remember how your body started trembling
Oh, what a night it’s been
And for the state I’m in
I’m still alone

And all the wonders made for the Earth
And all the hearts in all creation
Somehow I always end up alone
(Always end up alone)
Always end up alone

So I play (sha-la) I’ll wait (I’ll wait)
‘Cause you know that love takes time (Livin’ love between the lines)
We came (sha-la) so far (so far)
Just the beat of a lonely heart
And it’s mine
And I don’t wanna be alone

Well, since I got no message on your answer phone
Since you’re busy every minute.
I just stay at home
I make believe you care
I feel you everywhere
But I’m still alone

I’m on a wheel of fortune with a twist of fate
‘Cause I know it isn’t heaven, is it love or hate
Am I the subject of the pain
Am I the stranger in the rain
I am alone

And is there glory there to behold
Maybe it’s my imagination
Another story there to be told

So I play (sha-la) I’ll wait (at times)
And I pray it’s not too late (tears that you cry)
We came (sha-la) so far (so far)
Just the beat of a lonely heart
And it’s mine
And I don’t wanna alone

And all the wonders made for the Earth
And all the hearts in all creation
Another story there to be told

So I play (sha-la) I’ll wait (I’ll wait)
And I pray it’s not too late (Livin’ love between the lines)
We came (sha-la) so far (so far)
Just the beat of a lonely heart
And it’s mine
And I don’t wanna alone

Gone, but not out of sight
I’m caught in the rain and there’s no one home
Face the heat of the night
The one that you love’s got a heart that’s made of stone

Shine and search for the light
And sooner or later you’ll be cruising on your ocean

And clean out of sight
I’m caught in the rain and there’s no one home”

the next day…

at the Arcade…

Dinah: *Playing a Video game* Come on… get that sorry dude… trash him. Come on…

Shingo: *Walking over* Hey Dinah. What’s up?

Dinah: *Reaching a high Score* Got it! 90,000,000 points. that’s the highest score yet. *Cheers* Hot Dog! i am good. now that is a game that i can play all the time. *Turning to see Shingo* Whoa! Hey there Shingo. What brings you to my stress releasing part of the world?

Shingo: Not much… i was wondering about something… it was something that was said the other day at the park… when we were in Japan. The part where you said: “She wants Endymion back and if he doesn’t return to her… and if things go the way they’ve been going… she’ll move to destroy the world again.” What did you mean by that?

Dinah: *Scoffs* Oh good god… how should i know… all i really know about it for sure is that Princess Serenity… who is also Usagi… your sister wants Endymion back. The Prince is reincarnated as a College dude by the name of Chiba Mamoru. However… the whole deal between that is the love that the Princess and the Prince had was truly ill-fated. it was a forbidden love. It was frowned upon by the people of the Earth and the people of the Moon. i don’t know why everyone is so against them being in love… but something about that just managed to ruffle the feathers of the wrong people… It was something that brought forth calamity and it called upon more calamity, and a war started between the Moon Kingdom and the Earth. Finally, the Earth was destroyed by the Darkness. The Moon Kingdom also crumbled.

Shingo: But Why is the love between two people so wrong? They loved each other… it’s so damn stupid to know that two sides had to pull a Romeo and Juliet.

Dinah: I agree. I know how you feel about that. i hate the whole mess too. plus Beryl is the one who has everyone thinking that the ones from the moon are bad omens. if anyone outside of us… or if any of the wrong people were to know that your sister was Princess Serenity… it could only mean a big mess would ensue. That’s why we didn’t feel opened to let it out like we did. but when you asked how the senshi knew your sister… it kinda got it all to spill out.

Shingo: *Sighs* i know… i should not have asked about it…  i guess it just got me a little shook on how the sailors would know my sister…

Dinah: *Sympathetic* Hey… Don’t worry about it. it happens, Shingo. it isn’t like you were intentionally trying to sniff for a sound byte. I sometimes over shoot my speaking and end up jumping the gun. i am known as someone who’s got a short fuse when i sense bull being committed.  i just get really mean. plus… i can’t stand creeps. like that Samurai freak. Kunzite… that guy even made my sister Pearl cry once… i am gonna be so thrilled to feed that sorry son of a bitch a knuckle sandwich with lots of pain as a side dish.

Shingo: i wish  i could be like that. but My sister and i don’t really have so much of a good stable relationship that common brothers and sisters have. it’s pretty sad when you think about it. *Feeling kinda shy* I am not one who falls for girls…  i mean… i don’t know many who’d like me in return. But… i kinda like you. actually i like you alot.

Dinah: You do? *Gasps with an awkward look on her face* You don’t know me that much… but you like me…

Shingo: Yeah… *A Little embarrassed*

Dinah: I am a tough girl… and i will deny that i ever did this… but… *Suddenly Kissing Shingo* Mwah!

Shingo: *Smiles* That felt good.

Dinah: *Smiles* that felt good for me also… i guess that going for a little romance would be a good idea. i maybe a hero… but taking care of the heart is important too. *Feeling nervous and a little unsure* It is gonna sound really awkward to ask this knowing that i am an Ally of your sister when she Transforms into Sailor Moon. plus the fact that i am a friend of hers… But…

Shingo: Would you like to be my… uh… Girlfriend?

Dinah: You’re kidding… right? You knew what i was gonna ask?

Shingo: Not really. but i just feel as though you’re the one. i am only 12. but i really like you… *Groans and feeling really dramatic suddenly* Actually more than like. I love you. *A Little Emotional* There… i said it… i know… i am a little pathetic. but i admit it. I love you.

Dinah: Uh… Uh… *Making a quick Excuse* Wow! look at the time. I got to go and meet my sisters. Catch you Later, Shingo! *Running with a scared look in her eyes*

Dinah suddenly Ran home and got inside her room and sat on her bed thinking but feeling still…

Princess Rikku: *Walking past the door and barely looking in* ??? *Spotting Dinah on her bed sitting still* Dinah, What wrong Baby?

Dinah: *Not answering; Unsure what to say* I… Uh… Usagi’s Brother… uh… He loves me. *Feeling scared*

Princess Rikku: *Walking into the room* Huh?! Is that true…?

Dinah: *Scared as she nods* He loves me… he came out and said it. I was at the Arcade and playing a game when he suddenly showed up. he and i spoke a little and then suddenly we got to talking more and suddenly he makes a slip with saying that he likes me… asking me if i wanted to be his girlfriend. then before i knew it… he came out with saying that he loves me.

Princess Rikku: *Feeling touched* Oh Honey… that’s great. What did you say to him?

Dinah: I didn’t say anything back… i made an excuse to take off and ran…. *Falling back on her bed* I’m pathetic. A boy finally comes to me and says he likes or loves me and i run off like a Chicken little. I must be the most pathetic girl in the world.

Princess Rikku: No you’re not. You were just scared… because it is your first shot at a having a relationship. it’s okay to  feel scared. when i first met my Ex. who is now your professor… i was scared too. i wasn’t sure if he’d even like me or anything. and it was almost like i was scared that he would get with me and then dump me. but he didn’t. he stayed with me… but a few months before he and i broke up… we had a romantic fling. and it was months later when i finally started to get pregnant with a couple of girls who are your sisters. Betty and Angel. Betty came first before Angel did but they were back to back. Betty Had a bit of Chromosomes that were similar to the professor and when i went to get a DNA Test done… it confirmed it. then 8 years later… i found that i was still pregnant and you and Paige and Pearl came out of it…  but after i had Betty and Angel… The Doctors didn’t tell me… So i thought that i was done. i didn’t know that i was still in process of Conceiving……………… Anyway… what i’m trying to say is that it’s natural to be scared. you are unsure how it will work out. all girls are like that when it’s their first time being in a relationship…

Dinah: *He’s gonna think that i am inept of having a relationship. i ran out on him…

Suddenly a Knock on the door sounded and Amara was there…

Rikku: *Looking at Amara* Uh, hi… Is my Daughter home?

Amara: Daughter?

Rikku: Princess Rikku. I’m her mother. Is she in?

Amara: Oh yeah… She’s in. She’s upstairs talking with her daughter Dinah. Dinah came in a moment ago scared as heck about something. *Smiles as she opens the door for Princess Rikku’s Mother* Hi… I’m Amara Tenoh.

Rikku Rhapsody: Nice to meet you. i’m Rikku Rhapsody. Princess Rikku’s Mother. i Just came by to see if she was free to to come along and grab something. I just got off work and was gonna go home but decided that since i was near and it’s been a while since she and i last spoken i’d come and see her.

Amara: Ahhh! That’s really sweet.

But upstairs…

Dinah: But i am scared mom. I mean… what if ends up not liking me?

Princess Rikku: Then maybe he isn’t the one… but i have faith that it’ll work out. I am just worried that once the threat with Beryl is over… what might become of him? He’s the brother to the girl who becomes Sailor Moon. once the mess is done… the senshi will all vanish. but so could he. that’s what i am worried about. I don’t want you to be hurt.

Dinah: *Scared* What should i do?

Princess Rikku: I don’t know… You’re a tough girl… but even you have a heart that feels things… if your heart is in love with him and you feel it to be right… follow your heart. that’s the best thing you can do…

Rikku: *Standing by the door;  Overhearing the conversation*

Princess Rikku: Dinah, You and your sisters have the hugest responsibility. saving the world from this threat. but you also got to take care of your heart too… But no matter what you decide… momma’s always gonna be here for you girls. always. *Hugging Dinah as she sees Dinah with tears in her eyes* There there… It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be alright.

Rikku: *Walking over to her Daughter and Granddaughter* Yeah… Don’t be so blue sweetie. Love is not wrong. you should be allowed to feel it for someone special. Whoever it may be.

Princess Rikku: *Looking to see her mother* Mom?! What’re you doing here? This is a surprise…

Rikku: not too much of one i hope… I was stopping by to see if you were free. maybe go have lunch or something together.

Princess Rikku: Sounds good. Same restaurant though, right? it is our favorite place to go after all.

Rikku: yeah. It is…

What was gonna be a bit of a surprise was that a surprise visitor came over… It was Shingo.

Shingo: *At the front door* Hello? Is there anyone home?

Michelle: *Walking to the door* Yes? Who’s there?

Shingo: *Nervous* Shingo.

Amara: *Suddenly by the door* Shingo. What brings you here?

Shingo: Dinah. is she here? I came to apologize to her… i fear as though what i have said may have scared her. i feel bad about that for i wasn’t meaning to scare her.

Amara: What do you mean? what possibly could you have said to her that would scare her off?

Shingo: That i loved her…

Amara: *Choking up a little* What the…? You told her that you loved her? How on earth could you tell her that? She is with a strict mission. one that can’t be distracted by romance… *Shaking her head*

Shingo: Love is not a distraction. I would not move to distract her from what she has to do. I however do love her. i know that i barely know her and i didn’t really speak to her much… but i can’t help but to love her. i loved her since the moment that i saw her… i really caught the idea that she was this tough girl who was into sports and wrestling… doing sports like one of the guys. She’s really cool.

Amara: Now that i believe. *Sighs* She’s upstairs… *opening the door* You can go up there and see her. but just know that her mother is in the room too. she and Dinah are talking… as well as her grandma.

Shingo: Okay. *Coming inside the house and walking upstairs* I sure hope that she’s okay. I know that i may have scared her a little bit… but i did mean what i felt when i said that i loved her… *Sighs* Dinah is a really cool girl.

although still in the room…

Dinah: Will Shingo and i really be cut out for a relationship?

Princess Rikku: Of course. i am sure that he will accept you. who wouldn’t? You’re a really strong and courageous girl. A little tough and sometimes out spoken… but your heart is sincerely in the right place. you know what’s what.

Rikku: That’s true.

Dinah: Do you think that i’ll see him again?

Shingo: *By the door listening in* … *Gulping as he then Speaks a poem* “A bird with a tune can  sing sweetly as daylight… a rose can bloom with lasting beauty… but when i see the face of an angel… one with a noble and strong heart… i can know no other than the one that has my heart… as i feel hers closely by. What is love if you are alone with no sweet face to carry you in it’s embrace. It is but an empty shell that can not be filled no matter how much you reach… to see the one that reaps beauty. it is her that fills me with dire reason to keep a steady heart… knowing that she shall keep me in safe harbor and will always be with my heart as mines is with her.”

Princess Rikku: *Hearing the voice coming from the hall* Who’s out there?

Dinah: *Recognizing the voice; With tears in her eyes* That’s Shingo… it must be him. *Getting up and Drying her tears before going out into the hall* Shingo.

In the hall a minute later…

Dinah: *Smiling at Shingo* Hey… Was that you speaking that poem?

Shingo: Yeah. *Blushing* It was.

Dinah: That was actually rather Cheesy for a poem but i loved it. *Suddenly Kissing Shingo on the lips*

Shingo: *Smiles* That was a good kiss. *Shyly* I came to apologize for scaring you off like i did. but i was just letting out how i felt about you. i know that we never really met before the bridge… and never really know one another… but i was really attracted to you the first time i saw you, but i didn’t say anything for i didn’t want the others to know what i was feeling about you. *Grins* Call it self pride. plus i am rather a little shy too. *Shrugs* So what do you want for a 12 year old guy… i just am rather picky.

Dinah: *Laughs* Sounds like me. *Sighs* But you really don’t need to be apologizing… i am the one who should be sorry. i ran out on you when you were telling me that you… uh… loved me. i guess that i was just scared. i never really been in a actual love relationship before. i guess that when you said what you said to me at the arcade… it got me shook because i actually was being seen as human and not some loose wire who gets set off for a fight. *Groans* I feel like such an idiot for running scared when being told the feelings of someone… i mean… i can be told the feelings that my sisters feel and even listen to my mom. it’s easy… but when it really comes from a guy…. and one that happens to really like me… and or literally love me. i just run away. because i am scared that i’ll over shoot it and mess it up. chasing the guy who loves me away. i don’t like that…

Shingo: *Sad for Dinah* i don’t blame you for feeling like that… Dinah. i am kinda like that a little bit too. i get that way around my sister and my own mother… i love them… but they can be so oblivious and so drawn to the entertainment. like when the t.v brags all about Aino Minako. i got nothing against her… but seeing my sister going all freaky over her and screaming like a wild girl every time the name is mentioned… after awhile it just gets really annoying sometimes.

Dinah: it reminds me of my sisters… they too can be annoying… but i love them all the more… I remember there was a time when my sisters and i were 11 years old… that was 3 years ago… We were having to deal with a Drule name King Lotor. I tell you… that guy had a serious ego problem. he just was so much of a conniving freak for a drule. he once captured a Pilot just to lure us to him… he even took our powers for a short time. Pearl and i were trapped in a Dungeon… locked inside… with the thought that we were gonna die in there…


“Pearl: *Crying* I Want Mom. i don’t like it here. this is the worst day of our lives.

Paige: *Crying* So do i. i want mom too. We’re trapped in this cell and there is no way out.we don’t even have any strength left to try and break out through the window. there are bars there and they must be thick platted. there’s no way that we’ll be able to get out of this Dungeon. *Getting up and walking to the Window*

Dinah: *Sighs* Yeah. That Lotor has got us. we’re totally sunk. *Getting up and looking out the opening in the door to see darkness* This is just great. we’re stuck here. and there is no one who can hear us scream or yell. This is just some luck we’re having now… isn’t it? *Walking back to the middle and Sitting down*

Paige: *Looking at the window overlooking the deserted background of Planet Doom* I wonder if anyone’s gonna come looking for us. They came here looking for Larmina. and rescued her. What about us?

Dinah: *Snaps* Wake up, you romantic Daydreamer… There was no rescue…Larmina was let go. she was never really caught. this was all a trap. we were lured into a trap. King Lotor has us locked into a cell. there is no escape for us at all. there is nothing we can do. we’re sunk. okay. you got that… SUNK!

Paige: What has gotten into you Dinah? *A Little hurt*

Dinah: *Looking crossed at Paige* what’s gotten into me…What’s gotten into me? You wanna know what’s gotten into me? I’ll Tell you… We Were lured here into a trap by one of our own. a friend. She didn’t mean it… but she still did it anyway and the Damage is done. she’s been let go and we get trapped here. King Lotor takes our powers and then has the guards throw us in the Dungeon. Now… WE ARE IN THE DUNGEON!!! WE’RE DOOMED!!!

Pearl: *Cries out* Dinah… Stop it! *trying to get Dinah to calm down* Dinah… Calm down. You’re scaring me by yelling like that.

Dinah: *Pushes Pearl Down* Get off… Stop Climbing on me. why don’t you Grow up? Not everything is all peaches and sweets. Does this look like some sort of an amusement park? this is not some game. we’re prisoners here. with no way out. we’re stuck. and your crying about it is really grating on me.

Pearl: *Looking at Dinah* B-but…. *With her lips quivering and suddenly breaking down in tears*….. *Running to the other side of the Cell in tears and crying into her hands*

Paige: Great Dinah… that’s just wonderful. You sure are a good sister. Making her cry like that. you know how sensitive that she gets.

Dinah: *Sighs; Looking down* I feel really ashamed.

Paige: *Upset* you should be. this is not the best place for us to be. and you know that. We’re not supposed to be here. Pearl is not happy being here and you should have seen it. this place is even scaring me.

Dinah walks over to where Pearl is and motions to talk to her. Apologize to her…

Pearl: *Crying*

Dinah: *Beside Pearl* Pearl…i’m sorry for what i said to you. i didn’t mean it. i’m just acting out and venting my anger and frustration over the mess we’re all in. You know that i Love you, right? i may snap at you and may sometimes get angry. but you’re still my sister. i really am sorry for saying those things to you like that. that was not right of me to do. i really ought to be ashamed of myself for doing that.

Pearl: *Crying into her hands and hearing Dinah’s words* … *Suddenly looking at her sister while with a tear soaked face* Really?

Dinah: Of course/ *Smiles a little*

Pearl: *Suddenly going to hug her sister* …. *Hugging Dinah while still with tears in her eyes*

Dinah: *Hugging her sister* There there… it’s gonna be okay. Let’s try to figure a way out of here.

Pearl: Okay. *Nods as she starts to cheer up a little*”

Flashback ends…

Dinah: But even when they get on my nerves… i sometimes feel as though i should wail on them… but if i were to do that… i’d be no better than the creeps that i’ve fought against. ones who’d hurt and harm their own mother. I may be tough… but when it really comes down to it… if anyone were to place harm on my sisters… i would strike them down.  My sisters and i fight sometimes… we may even argue. but they know that i am the only one that can do it and get away with it. if anyone else were to do it… they better not come near me. because i’d soon become their worst nightmare.

Shingo: I guess that i should try to be like that with my sister…

Dinah: *Feeling happy around Shingo* I Love you.

Inside the Bedroom…

Princess Rikku: It sounds like they are talking and are getting closer…

Rikku: See… all it takes is a little patience and a bit of talking.

Princess Rikku: It’s just so much a joy to see that my daughter has a boyfriend. a relationship. She’s  growing up.

Rikku: I know. she is gonna be just fine. You raised a wonderful daughter. the best. she’s tough… but she can be rather soft and sweet. Shingo loves her. and she loves him too. it’ll be fine.

Minutes later Princess Rikku and her mom made way downstairs and went out for something to eat… but as they first left the room they caught Dinah and Shingo Kissing. It was a romantic sight. Pearl and Paige came back from mall just barely to catch Shingo and Dinah kissing. Pearl and Paige were happy to see their sister with a relationship. They didn’t say anything to her for they didn’t want to disturb her.

Pearl: *Walking to living room* Dinah is kissing Shingo Tsukino. I wonder what Usagi would say about it. he is her brother after all.

Paige: not sure what she’d say. but i think that it’s a good feeling to see that Dinah is happy. i don’t think that she’d open up to wearing skirts again but she is with a boyfriend. she’s probably on sweet cloud 9.

Pearl: Like you are when you happen to think about Tuxedo Artemis or Artemis for that matter. they’re one and the same, Paige.

Paige: I know. but it’s not like i am gonna go all crazy with him. Beside’s Dinah did speak with a good fact. Moon Dwellers and Earth dwellers can’t be together… even if they happen to be utterly attractive.

Pearl: I might be next to find a boyfriend…You think?

Paige: I think so. i think that love can find anyone… i mean… it found Dinah. so it can find us.

Pearl: Yeah. *Thinking about romance a bit*

However… a few days later… at the park around the fountain…

Metallic Youma: *Forming and walking out into the city* Planet… Destroy it.

At the Metropolis Middle school…

Luna:  *knocking on the Window* Paige-Chan… Ami-Chan.

Paige: *Looking out the window* Luna?!

Ami-Chan: *Looking up and turning to look out the window* Huh?! Luna… W-what is she doing here? Paige, Why is she here?

Paige: *Shrugs* I have no idea. *Sensing something and looking to see her Power buckle flashing* Trouble… there is something going on out there…

Teacher: *Turning on the T.V* Paige… there is something that you might want to see…

The T.V then showed the picture of a metallic creature walking the city…

T.V: *Reporting* This just in… just minutes ago a metallic creature appeared coming from the metropolis park and making way to the city. Blasting at the passing civilians and sucking out energy from a number of civilians… We don’t know what this creature’s motive are… the question is unknown as to where the creature came from and who sent it… but to all those watching from home… stay indoors and don’t leave home… stay with locked doors.

Paige: *Gasps* oh no… that means that Queen Metaria is finally making a move… it’s got her influence written all over…

Ami: What do we do?

Teacher: What do you mean… what do you do? Go out there and stop that thing.

Paige: Right…

Amara: *Walking in* Paige… Ami… there is trouble in front of the Luthorcorp plaza…

Paige: Time to transform!

Ami: Let’s do it…

Paige: Miss Love… Power up! *Transforming* … *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Hearts* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The heart and love of the Rhapsody girls… Miss Love… In the name of Justice, love and all that’s good… The followers of Evil will fall.

Ami: Mercury Power… *Transforming* Make-Up! …… *Posing* Soldier of Water and wisdom Sailor Mercury… In the name of Mercury, I’ll Punish you!

Amara: Uranus Star Power… *Transforming* Make-Up! …… *Posing* Soldier of Earth and Determination Sailor Uranus… In the name of Uranus, I’ll punish you!

Classmates: *Gasps* Wow! Miss Love… Sailor Mercury and Sailor Uranus.  How cool!

As for Pearl…

Pearl: *Working on her assignment* It’s a really cold day out… *Feeling cold* It really cold out. Is the heater on? *Sneezing* Achoo! I don’t think that i am feeling so good.

Teacher: *Looking at Pearl* Pearl, Are you gonna be alright? Would you like to go and see the nurse and get checked out? You’ve been sneezing quite a bit this morning. you usually are the most healthiest girl in class.

Pearl: I know… but there is something in the air that is making me feel under the weather. but i don’t know what it is… i mean that i was fine just yesterday.

Teacher: Must be allergies and flu season. it’s got alot of people feeling sick. *Noticing that Usagi is not present* Uh… Where is Usagi?

Pearl: *Feeling uncomfortable with lying* She’s at home… Sick. She woke up not feeling too good. *Hearing her Power Buckle going off* Huh?!

Teacher: *Looking at Pearl* Uh, Pearl. You got something on you flashing…

Pearl: I What… *Looking down* Oh… That. Oops. i must have a call coming in. *Picking up her power buckle and opening it* Hello?!

Prince Alvin: *Speaking through the Communicator* Yo! Pearl… we got a rush of trouble… as soon as the teach there cuts off the leash and let’s you out… get over to the Luthorcorp Plaza… There is a Metallic Creature here and it’s getting ugly.

Pearl: *Panics* Oh my god… How bad is it?

Prince Alvin: Well… it depends on what you would consider as bad. although if we know the dirty tricks of Queen Beryl… i don’t think that asking that Question would make much of help.

Pearl: Are you sure that it’s her… and not Queen Metaria?

Prince Alvin: *Thinking* You know what… Now that you mention it… that does carry out to be a possibility. It just could be her. because this creature ain’t like the others that we faced. the youma’s that we faced from when the whole mess began… were pretty easy. but this creature that comes out to greet us is really different. nothing like the garden variety creations that Queen Beryl sends out. this one is worse than that. but good thing is that Queen Metaria isn’t coming out herself… that’s about the only good thing. if you can even call that a good thing.

Pearl: What about Shingo? Is he still at home? I noticed that he was with us last night…

Prince Alvin: As far as i know… he is at home… but i don’t know if he’s at his mom’s or if he is still to this point at your place. i really don’t know.

Dinah: *Running in and Talking to the Teacher* Hey… Mrs. Hillard. could you please let my sis go? She’s got a little duty to handle… actually… a big one.

Teacher: I was about to send her to the health office. She was sitting there Sneezing like a spray cannon. How did she catch that case of the sniffles?

Dinah: I wish i knew… Teach. i am her sister and it’s gonna sound really out there to even cough out. but there are things that even i don’t know that happens to her… however… if she is sick… then it must be something she ate… or something that she inhaled from the battle last night. you might already know that she is a member of the Rhapsody Girls Z. Bubble Maiden.

Teacher: I think i may have known that… It’s understandable.

Pearl: *Talking to Prince Alvin still* I’ll be there as soon as i can. that’s the best i can do right now. but i will be there.  that’s for sure.

Prince Alvin: okay. but please hurry… take caution as well… this Metallic being is really twisted.

Metallic Creature: *From the back ground* Destroy… Planet. Everything destroy… Planet… Destruction.

Pearl: That’s Definitely Queen Metaria… Beryl’s Youma collection never had a creature that spoke like that… that’s most definitely Queen Metaria. I’m On my way…

Prince Alvin:  be careful Cousin…

Pearl: No Problem… besides we’re Rhapsody’s. being careful is what we’re good at.

As soon as the call ended…

Pearl: *getting up* Sorry Mrs. Hillard. i don’t mean to bail from class… but i got to go…

Dinah: Ready to do it, Pearl?

Pearl: You bet… *Looking for Makoto* Where’s Mako-Chan?

Dinah: She’s at the hospital visiting Minako right now… but she’s gonna meet us there…

Pearl: Okay.

A second later…

Pearl: Bubble Maiden… Power Up! *Transforming* … *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The emotional and caring soul of the Rhapsody girls… Bubble Maiden. In the name of sweet compassion and Bubbly charm… The Bubbles of life will wipe away the stain of Evil.

Dinah: Thunder Mistress… Power Up! *Transforming* …  *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* The loose Wire and the tough fighter of the Rhapsody Girls… Thunder Mistress. In the name of the thunder and fierce determination of the good people… The Evil creeps who dare enter this world will be Electrified.

Teacher: Good luck you two.

Pearl: Thanks teach.

Dinah: don’t worry. We’ll nail that metal bucket head. we’re gonna feed it a meal that it won’t soon forget.

At the Hospital…

Minako: The past life’s mission is vital to us all. no matter what happens. even if i were to die… Venus will still live on. i will be reborn.

Makoto: *Gasps* But how can you be wasting your life like that… knowing that there is more to life than the past life… you can’t be always fighting for the mission. What about the others? You know that they’ll all miss you.

Minako: I know. but i’ve decided that since i will die soon… i will fight and live the rest of my life fighting for the past life’s mission. living the rest of my time as Sailor Venus. Even if i sacrifice my life… The past life’s mission will be finished…

Makoto: You’re Wasting your life… Don’t you even care about your life at all? *Growls* Darn it! Why are you being such a fool?

Minako: I did get offered to undergo a procedure of surgery… but the success rate is slim to none… Chances are that i might not make it.

Makoto: But if there is a chance… you should take it… it’s way out. to get better and get the cure so you can live. Why cast it off. if it were me… i’d take it.

Minako: *Sighs*

Suddenly Minako senses a Youma present…

Makoto: *Gasps* Youma is present.

Minako: Let’s go.

They suddenly speed out over to where the Youma was and arrive at the front in the first floor of the Luthorcorp Plaza…

Makoto: Jupiter power… Make-Up!

Minako: Venus Power… Make-Up!

Minako: *Gasps softly and looks at herself* What happened? Why am i unable to transform?

Sailor Jupiter: *Seeing Minako still in the same appearance* Minako?

Minako: I can’t transform…

Metallic Youma: *Roars*

Sailor Jupiter: *Going to battle with the Metallic Creature* Ha! Uhh! *Landing kicks and blows at the creature*

Metallic Youma: *Grabbing at Sailor Jupiter and pounding her and then tossing her to the side* Rawr! *With the sword drawn* …. Planet… Destroy.

Sailor Jupiter: *Getting up slowly and struggling* ugh!

Sailor Luna: *arriving to the scene Along with Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, Tuxedo Artemis, Sailor Mercury, Dark Mercury, The Rhapsody Brothers and The Rhapsody Girls Z* Mako- Chan!

Paige: Mako-Chan? You okay?

Sailor Jupiter: Yeah. i am okay… i think… that youma is a big problem… It’s tough…

Betty and Angel: *Arriving at the scene* well… so are we. we too are tough.

Dinah: It wants to fight… It’s gonna get one…

Metallic Youma: *Attacking at the Rhapsody Girls*

Pearl: *Being Thrown to the wall and then into the marble steps* AHHHHH!!!! *Hitting the marble pots hard* OWWWW!!!! *Crying in pain* That hurts… *Suddenly Getting angry and lashing out an attack at the Metallic Creature* BUBBLE WAVE!!!!!!

Dinah: let’s trash this rotten nightmare…

Paige: Right!

Pearl: Ready when you are… *Getting up in pain* Ugh! That really hurts. That meanie was being very awful. treating a girl like that…

Dark Mercury: *Aiming to attack*

A second later…

Dark Mercury: *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Dark Ice Storm!

Sailor Mercury: *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Mercury Aqua Mist!

Sailor Uranus:  *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Uranus World… Shaking!

Sailor Neptune: *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Neptune Deep…Submerge!

Sailor Luna: *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Luna Sucre… Candy!

Paige: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Love’s Flash!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Bubble Wave!

Dinah: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Thunder Electrocution!

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Supereme… THUNDER!

Sailor Pluto: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM!

Betty: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Heaven’s Thunder!

Angel: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Abyss of Darkness!

Tuxedo Artemis: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Cutting Moon!

Prince Alvin: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Flaming Blast!

Prince Arnold: *Launching an attack at The Metallic Youma* Aquatic Swarm!

Prince Avery: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Plasma Stinger!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Megaton Thunder Clash!

Paige: *Noticing that Rei was missing* Wait a minute… Where’s Mars? Didn’t she come?

Sailor Luna: No.  we haven’t seen her since yesterday….

But at Dark Kingdom…

Rei: What am i doing here?

Mamoru: *Noticing Rei in the room* What… *Catching sight of Mio* Mio, What are you trying to pull?

Mio: *With a sly grinning smile* Well… i just brought some company here… it was getting really lonesome and i could have brought Your lovey dovey girl Usagi-Chan… but that would have been bad…

Rei: *Gasps and thinking to herself* Usagi.

Mamoru: *Not impressed with Mio’s demeanor*

At the lobby of the Luthorcorp Plaza…

The senshi’s then revealed their Senshi Star Tambourine’s and blasted at the Metallic Youma… It stunned the Metallic Youma for a bit and was thought to be over… but suddenly the Youma charged right through The Rhapsody Girls and brothers… it was terrible.

Click to view full size image

The Youma got in the middle of the clearing and roared and started sparking with electricity. showing that it was shorting out…

Pearl: *Looking at the Youma* What is that thing up to?

Dinah: Is that thing trying to give a standing ovation? Because… if it is… it’s an ovation that’s gonna flop because it won’t be lasting long.

Betty: Let’s attack it again… Fast.

Sailor Uranus: Better hurry… something feels funny about that Metallic creature. it’s about to make a move…

Sailor Neptune: ATTACK!

Dark Mercury: *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Dark Ice Storm!

Sailor Mercury: *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Mercury Aqua Cyclone!

Sailor Uranus:  *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Uranus WORLD… SHAKING!

Sailor Neptune: *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Neptune DEEP…SUBMERGE!

Sailor Luna: *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Luna Sucre… CANDY!

Paige: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Love’s FLASH!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Bubble WAVE!

Dinah: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Thunder ELECTROCUTION!

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Supereme… THUNDER!

Sailor Pluto: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM!

Betty: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Heavenly FLAMES!!!

Angel: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Darkened AFFLICTION!

Tuxedo Artemis: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Cutting Moon!

Prince Alvin: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Inferno PUNCH!

Prince Arnold: *Launching an attack at The Metallic Youma* Ancient STORM!!

Prince Avery: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Plasma Stinger!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Megaton Thunder CLASH!

Within seconds the Metallic Youma looked up into the sky and cried out for power… it had hardly a Scratch on it… the Youma was beaming for more power. From Dark Kingdom, the Chambers of Queen Metaria suddenly glowed a very bright red and burned bright and hot….

Beryl: *Gasping* Queen Metaria is on the move again… it’s got to be that Princess that’s doing it. it must be her…

A moment later… A huge Plume of energy rose up from the chambers and went into the air then down from the sky and right into the Metallic Youma…

Metallic Youma: *Changing form and forming more Armor and power before Looking at the Humans* Me…ta. Planet… Destroy.

Click to view full size image

Metallic Youma: *Possessed by Metaria* Planet… Destruction… Destroy!

Sailor Luna: Watch out! That Youma is possessed by Metaria. It could be trouble…

Betty: Wanna bet? It maybe tough… but so is the power of the lord.

Metallic Youma: *Raising it’s right hand and sending a Burning blast at the Senshi and the Rhapsody girls* Planet… Destroy it… Destroy Life…

Sailor Mercury and the senshi: *Along with the Rhapsody Girls Z! and The Rhapsody Brothers* Ahhhh!

They tried Getting up and stood up to face the creature… but they got knocked down again… Dinah Got up and still retained her form… she was not gonna lie down in defeat.

The Metallic Creature watched as the girls got up again and with a single blast knocked them all back and as they smacked into the ground reverted back to their normal forms… Luna and the others all saw that Dinah and Makoto still had their form…

Minako: *Running over and panicking* … *Transforming* Venus Power!

Nothing happened and Paige noticed that something was wrong with Minako…

Paige: *In pain and with a throbbing pain* What’s wrong with her?

Sailor Jupiter: She can’t transform. she lost the power. *Fighting against the Possessed Youma*

Possessed Youma: *With a blast of energy knocks Sailor Jupiter back*

Sailor Jupiter: No! At this Rate… *Fearing the worst to come* The world will end. I must not let this creature get away…

Possessed Youma: *Walking towards Sailor Jupiter and the others* Planet… Destruction! Destroy it! *Knocking Sailor Jupiter down*

Dinah: *Getting up; Angry* Shut up… you metallic tin can before i cut you up with my Titanium Thunder Discs. *Getting Knocked down and next to Sailor Jupiter*

Luna: *Hurt* The world is gonna be destroyed… there is nothing we can do…

Betty: yes there is! *Getting up* Angel… Get up… Time for the Fusion Form…

Angel: Right.

Betty Rhapsody and Angel Rhapsody: *Together and getting in formation* Fu….Sion….. Haaaa! *Connecting their fingers together and Joining as one* From the hand of God… From his Love and righteous might… Combine Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand into one and become ANGELIC OVERLORD!!!!!

Possessed Youma: *Firing a heavy blast at Angelic Overlord and sending her flying into the second floor of the Luthorcorp plaza*

Angelic Overlord lost her form and reverted right into normal form. back to two single girls…

Pearl: *Crying out in Agony* No… BETTY!!!! ANGEL!!!! Nooooo… Betty… Angel… *Crying in tears; Hurt*

Sailor Jupiter: *Getting up and preparing to make a stand; Summoning for dark storm clouds to roll in covering the sky*

Paige: *Gasps at Makoto’s reaction and watching the sky go dark*

Minako: *Shooting out* Mako-Chan.

Pearl: *With a Tear soaked face* Mako-Chan… What are you doing?

Sailor Jupiter: *To Minako and Pearl* Get back… Stay back! Even if i sacrifice my Life… the mission from the past life will be completed.

Dinah: *Trying to get up* Uhhh! Ugh! *Barely Standing up and Marching up to the Metallic Creature* That is it… you are asking for it… and now you are gonna get yours… *Grabbing on to the Metallic Creature* You’re busted now, Creep!

Pearl: *Calling out to Dinah* Dinah… What are you doing? If you sacrifice yourself… that’ll mean.

Dinah: Don’t worry about me sis. I lived a good life. i may be still a young teen. but if destroying this Metal freak means sacrificing myself so that you and Paige can live… I’ll do it gladly.

Back at Princess Rikku’s House…

Usagi: *Feeling the Silver Crystal acting up* Huh?! What is going on? *Feeling something wrong* What’s going on? *Seeing the Crystal let off a glow* B-but… I haven’t done anything… *Suddenly sensing trouble* ….. *Gasps* Mako-Chan… Dinah-Chan!

Click to view full size image

Princess Rikku: *Overhearing* What?! What do you mean? Is something wrong?  What’s wrong? Is it Dinah? My girls?

Usagi: I don’t know… I got to go out there to them…

Princess Rikku: *Grabbing Usagi* No… Don’t. it will just cause you to unleash the Princess. don’t go out there… it’s for your own good.

Usagi: But they’re hurt. they could be in trouble…

Princess Rikku: Then i’ll call my Cousins to do it. but you’re not going.

Princess Rikku called her cousins to go out and handle the situation… But all it did was make Usagi want to go out even more…

However back at the scene where the brutal battle was taking place…

Dinah: Here we go! *Voice* Shingo… i’m sorry that i couldn’t stick around to see where our newly starting relationship would have led… but this is something i shall do to ensure that you live… My sisters… Betty. Angel… Paige and Pearl… I Love you girls. even though i don’t know how to say it or let it out… i am glad that i had you girls for sisters. wouldn’t trade you for anything at all in the world. Mom… i love you. thank you for being there for me. Professor, I’m sorry that i am risking my life… i hope that you can see it to forgive me one day for it. Aunts… Uncles… Cousins… I will never forget you. you all will be with me…

Pearl: *In Fear*

Sailor Jupiter: *Voice* Even if it means Sacrificing myself… The Mission from the past life will be fulfilled. my will shall be done.

Click to view full size image

Sailor Jupiter: *With Dinah holding onto the Metal Youma and surrounded by a green energy ball; Suddenly Releasing the energy along with Dinah* AHHHHHH!

Paige and Pearl: *Crying out* DINAH!!!!!

Ami/Dark Ami/Amara/Michelle/Trista/Minako: *Screaming in Terror* MAKOTO!!!

With the big explosion that went off and let flashed with a bright flash it was only a mystery as to what would become of Their friend Makoto and what would happen to Dinah/Thunder Mistress. Was it the end for Makoto and Dinah? Would Pearl and Paige be able to press on without their fiery tempered and tough talking sister? Would the outcome push for the Moon Princess to come out? What about Mamoru… Would he motion to go to Queen Metaria’s chambers and absorb the Evil Queen… suppressing it? What about Rei? Would Rei return back to the light… by Mamoru? With the blast of energy that was just let off and with the possibility of a huge downfall of fighters… who would lead the search party for survivors? Would the reality of Dinah possibly being gone set Shingo off to vow vengeance to avenge the girl who earned his heart? Was she really gone? Find out the results in the next chapter… of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Pearl: *Voice-over* The search for the missing begins… that blast was huge and it took alot of us out. we were knocked out… but we are gonna be getting back at that Metallic Youma… Possessed by Metaria.

Paige: *Voice-over* Rei also comes back from the Dark Kingdom and Mamoru motions… makes the move to seal Metaria within him… but would that really be the answer to Usagi’s worries? Would it finally allow her to use the mystical Silver Crystal and not worry about having it destroy the world? Plus… Something is wrong with Shingo… Is Shingo gonna show his emotions and let loose. He is not happy over the reality of Dinah possibly being gone… he is gonna vow to fight in honor of Dinah… either that or become broken… Poor guy. he really loved Dinah.

Princess Rikku: *Voice-over* That is it… the fighting is over… i lost one daughter… i will not lose another… the fighting is over. i am done with the fighting…

Paige: *Voice-over* But Mom… that is not fair… It is our duty to fight against the Evil. if we don’t do it… who will? the Evil Threat could destroy the world.

Princess Rikku: *Voice-over* Oh yeah… Well the senshi’s can handle it. you’re not doing it. i am not gonna lose my babies. i God Damn refuse… You hear me? REFUSE to lose my precious girls. i lost one… i won’t lose another.

Prince Alvin: *Voice over* What’s this… Dinah isn’t dead? she’s alive… but where? Plus… Makoto is alive too… The blast didn’t take them…  although there is alot of cleaning up and repairing to do… Just in the nick of time… The heavy duty Possessed Youma is back for another round… Will we be getting lucky? Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 41: “NewsFlash: Dinah of the Rhapsody Girls Z Presumed Dead. Sailor Jupiter presumed deceased. The Aftermath of the Metaria possessed Youma Onslaught; Shingo’s Lament and brokenheart sings out. The Rhapsody family in Mourning; Possessed Youma’s return… Strike 2 coming up” Part 1

Shingo: *In tears* Dinah… Why did you have to leave me? I Love you… *Looking to god* God… Bring her back… Please give her back. Take me… Take me in her place. Take me… i’ll give my life gladly if you’d just bring her back… *Crying in heartbreak*

Paige: Dinah was the best sister in the world. we’re all gonna miss her.

Dark Ami: What about Mako-Chan? She was a good person too. we’re gonna miss her.

Angel: We’re gonna nail that Youma… i don’t care how tough that Youma is… even if it is possessed by Queen Metaria. we’re gonna make it pay for what it has done to our sister Dinah…

Prince Alvin: *Pissed off Facing the Youma* You… Heartless… Cruel…. Vile…. Sadistic Monster…  How could you… how could you kill a innocent girl? My friend Makoto…. My Cousin Dinah… You killed them! *As Thunder and Lightning strike the ground; letting his Rage Grow* You hurt my family… attacked my family… Now you’re gonna pay. I’m Gonna make you Pay for that… *Suddenly Exploding with Rage* RAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Turning into a Super Saiyan* ……. *as a Super Saiyan; looking at the Youma* Let’s finish this… you want to kill someone? Try me on for size.

Possessed Youma: *Giving a Eerie Cry and draining the world of it’s energy covering a 50 mile radius*

Click to view full size image

Pearl: *Seeing Thunder and lightning form and revealing a girl* Huh?! DINAH!!!! Paige! look… it’s Dinah!

Paige: *With tears in her eyes* Thank you… I can’t believe she is alive…. she’s not dead after all… The Rhapsody Girls Z isn’t over with after all. *With a relieved tone* Thank heavens…


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