The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 39: “Bounty on the Moon Princess… Usagi Dead or alive; a Metallic Youma first Appearance… The Beginning of the Mystical Silver Crystals negative affects. Dinah’s possible shot at Romance… Dinah Rhapsody and Shingo Tsukino???” Part 1

At Japan Park…

Usagi: This is fun.*Laying on the grass and enjoying the weather* It is a shame that Mamoru is vowing War on me… but you know… i shouldn’t let it get to me. i believe it to be just some act.

Ami: You got the crystal though… he could really come to attack you, Usagi. you might see it to be just an act. but do you suppose that in Mamoru’s mind that he’s not playing around. He must have been serious. you never vow war on someone unless you mean it.

Rei: *Nods* Last night i looked into the fire and saw that Endymion was gonna start issuing attacks upon you. But deep down felt restraint. Mio was also there.She wondered about what you’d be doing. Mamoru looked back at her and i can hear conversations through the fire’s vision. He said: “No. She’s stronger than that”

Makoto: *Thinking* So… Even though he has vowed war on Usagi… he still feels belief in her.

Dark Ami: That is romantic in some way. Isn’t it?

Luna: We got to keep on guard though. Just because we’re not in Metropolis anymore right now… doesn’t mean that danger is over…

Amara: Luna is Right. Minako and Artemis are at a hospital for Minako’s Check-up. The Medical Condition is not getting better and as from what Artemis said as what he learned from the doctors… that she’s being offered the chance of going for surgery. but Minako is refusing to undergo the procedure. I know what it’s like to be scared of a risky procedure. but if there is even the slightest chance of making it… i’d take it.

Michelle: Same here. but I guess that Minako is too obsessed with the past life’s mission that she can’t see that her life is in the balance and is in danger.

Trista: How do we convince her?

Betty: Show her Visions of the lord. i can act like an angel and speak as an angel to her. it is liable to convince her.

Angel: *Looking at Betty* I think that’d be a wonderful idea.

Paige: *Looking to her side and seeing something on top of the building not far from the park* Is there something on that building there… or is it just my eyes playing tricks on me?

Pearl: *Looking to see what Paige is looking at* It’s just you. i don’t see anything.

Dinah:*Hearing Music again* What the…?! Is there something going on here or am i going nuts? I hear music. and i also sense something…

A gunshot then sounds off and hits the ground…

Betty: *Looking at the ground and then over at the building not far from the park* That is weird. there was a gun shot and yet… there is no one around. there’s no one on top of the building either.  Something doesn’t seem right.

Amara: Someone should scout the area and find out where that shot came from…

Usagi: *Nearly getting shot* Ouch! What’s going on?!

Luna: *Sensing a Youma near* I think i know what’s going… on!

Michelle: *Looking at Luna* What’s that?…

Before Luna could explain a few more shots came in and shot right for Usagi… Luckily missing her but it was no mistake… a Youma was attacking her. what they didn’t know was that there was a Bounty on Usagi.

Angel: Everyone Scatter! Paige, Pearl… Dinah… Get the Princess out of here… get her to safety.

Paige: What about you?

Pearl: You’re not about to fight that Youma, are you? You don’t even know where it is.

Dinah: It’s coming from the top of that building over on the one side of the park… not too far away… but we all looked. there was nothing on the building. there wasn’t any sign of the Youma…

Usagi and Luna: *Running off and Transforming* Moon Prism Power… Luna Prism Power…. Make-Up!

Ami: Let’s Go and get Mrs. Tsukino-san and Shingo to safety. more shots might start hitting this park… it’s after Usagi but as long as she’s near them… right now… they could be in great danger.

Makoto: I don’t think that we should interfere. *Looking at where Usagi’s mother and brother are* Where’s Shingo? *Looking around and scanning the park for Usagi’s brother* Uh, guys… i think we got a problem. Shingo is missing.

Rei: *Shoots out* Missing?! Where did he go?

Trista: *Noticing that Mrs. Tsukino is looking to find Shingo missing* We got to find Shingo.

Ikuko: *Running over to Usagi’s friends* Girls… have you seen Shingo? He not here and he was just here not but a couple minutes ago. can you help find him? He’s got this red shirt and a green cap on. sneakers and black shorts.

Paige:  Leave it to us. We’ll find him. *Looking at her sisters* Let’s do it girls. We might find trouble along the way…

Pearl and Dinah: *Nods* Right!

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Putting their hand up and Seeing a Power Gem Appear on their finger*

Paige: Miss Love… Power up! *Transforming* … *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Hearts* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The heart and love of the Rhapsody girls… Miss Love… In the name of Justice, love and all that’s good… The followers of Evil will fall.

Pearl: Bubble Maiden… Power Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The emotinal and caring soul of the Rhapsody girls… Bubble Maiden. In the name of sweet compassion and Bubbly charm… The Bubbles of life will wipe away the stain of Evil.

Dinah: Thunder Mistress… Power Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* The loose Wire and tough fighter of the Rhapsody Girls… Thunder Mistress. In the name of the thunder and fierce determination of the good people… The Evil creeps who dare enter this world will be Electrified.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

The 3 girls head off and look for Usagi’s brother…

Rei: let’s Look around the park for signs of any Youma’s and where those gunshots came from.

Dark Ami: *Nods* Right. Let’s fan out.

Angel: We’ll take Mrs. Tsukino to safety.

Trista: Good idea. You and Betty take the mother to a safe location. take her to the nearby School. it’s likely to be much safer there once she is assured to be safe and she is situated there till this is over… come back. we’re gonna need you two. We’ll handle things from here for the time being.

Amara: And don’t worry about your sisters… The Rhapsody Girls Z! we’ll keep a sharp eye out for them. They’ll be okay.

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting* Wanna bet on that? we found them… just now… they’re with a predicament. a Youma predicament and this Youma happens to be with a taste of Metaria’s power.

Prince Avery: Amara, you and Michelle head over to where our cousins are and aid in their fight. Trista and the others will hold fort and search for the mysterious gunman Youma. We’ll also do the same. you girls are lucky we came… we were at home with our pops and we were about to head off to bed when we sensed trouble and got the distress call.

Prince Arnold: No way are we missing out on this. *Hovering on a water made Hoverboard and Gliding off to search for signs of the Youma*

Prince Curtis: No time to chitchat. we all have a job to do.. *Flashing by on a mind made Thunder Board* Let’s find that Youma… If it becomes true that the Prince has issued a bounty on the moon Princess… he will have to be considered an enemy to us. we’ll have no choice but to treat him the same way that we’re gonna treat Beryl-sama.


*Showing Flashes and Gif clips of the Senshi and the Rhapsody Girls Z and Allies*

“Hitomi wa itsumo jueru bodi ni matou rame and chaamu Ikite yuku koto wa try get a chance! Koko ni aru kara tsuyoi yume gan gan kechirashitekou raibaru darake no mahiru Egao yori kuchibiru yori aibiimu ga kimewaza *Watashi ni nare kirari to sailor diamonds! Yoake ni umareru gaadian Watashi dakara kanau yo starlight prayers! maiku appu shiyou yo Kirameki wa mune ni Sailor senshi sore wa muunraito riaru gaaru”

Chapter #39- “Bounty on the Moon Princess… Usagi Dead or alive; a Metallic Youma first Appearance… The Beginning of the Mystical Silver Crystals negative affects. Dinah’s possible shot at Romance… Dinah Rhapsody and Shingo Tsukino???”

As for Sailor Moon and Sailor Luna…

Sailor Moon: *Dodging the shots* Ahhh! What is going on?! *Worried about the others* Luna, What about the others? Are they safe?

Sailor Luna: I don’t know… i think so. but they’re searching the rest of the park for the Youma… however i think that the Youma is the one spotting us…

Sailor Moon: Where could the Shots be coming from?

Sailor Luna: *Leaning against the tree* … *Trying to pick up the sound where the youma is firing from* I think i know what to do… *Stands away from the tree and crosses her wrists and goes into a trans* … *Rocking around in a circle and then spinning; Honing in on the sound* …

*Holding her hand behind her one ear* I got it. *Looking up* Up there. There’s the building it’s not much further… the Youma is up there.

Sailor Moon: *Nods*

As for The Rhapsody Girls…

Paige: *Fighting off the Youma* These beasts are starting to get more evasive… I don’t think we’re gonna be able to fight these youma much longer… they keep moving.

Pearl: *Looking at Paige* Then what are we to do? We can’t just let them go… they could cause damage and terrorize the city… we have to stop them.

Dinah:  *Scoffs* oh yeah! And exactly how are we to do that, Pearl? You saw these things. They are quick. the only break we had so far was that they haven’t tried to return fire at us yet.

Paige: We’re gonna need some help…

Pearl: Well right now… it’s just us 3. Who’s gonna come all the way over here and lend a hand?

Dinah: Well… we got the sailors… They’d help…

Sailor Uranus: *Launching an attack at the youma* Uranus… World… Shaking!

Sailor Neptune: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Neptune… Deep Submerge!

Paige:  *Looking to the side to see Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune* Amara… Michelle…

Sailor Uranus: Hey Kiddos… Heard you girls were in a bind with these menacing Youma.

Sailor Neptune: Well… it’s gonna be okay now… we’re about to clean house with these youma.

Sailor Uranus: Paige, Pearl… Dinah… when the shot is clear… scatter. we’re gonna perform a five way strike at the youma…

Sailor Neptune: Amara… Wait. The Youma are vanishing…

Sailor Uranus: *Seeing the Youma’s disappearing* What the hell is going on here?

Dinah: *Shrugs* I don’t know… i guess that they decided to turn chicken and just cower away like wussies.

Pearl: That’s because they are not going for us. they’re after the princess. Beryl is wanting the Princess dead and will not rest till the princess is killed. we must find her and get her to safety. If she dies… we’ll have no wielder of the silver crystal. she is the only one that can use it to either destroy the world or save the world. but if she dies… it’s all over.

Paige: Let’s go and find the princess then and get her the heck out of here…

although… on the bridge…

Shingo: *Walking across the bridge and scoffs* What a stupid outing. all those girls around. no one there to talk to and the whole thing was pathetic. Why couldn’t i be the only child so i wouldn’t have to deal with all those girls? Those friends of Usagi’s… they creep me out. ugh!

on the building nearby the park…

Youma: *Looking for the target*… *Getting hit on the back of the head* … *groaning and hissing in pain* … *Turning around to see two soldier*

Sailor Moon: You are really mean… shooting at innocent people.

Sailor Luna: you’re not very nice either. you meanie…

Sailor Moon and Sailor Luna: In the name of the moon, We’ll Punish you!

Youma: *Firing at the soldiers*

Sailor Moon: *Ducking and getting out of the path of the blasts* This is not good.

Sailor Luna: *Running around* Yikes!

Betty: *Appearing on the roof* Ah! So we got a Youma who wants to play rough and shoot at an innocent girl… even a princess. Shame on you. SHAME. I think a little bit of the Lord’s Wrath ought to put you in your place. *Forming a Bow and Arrow and emittng Holy energy into it; Chanting a spell: “Lord of the heavens, Hear my call rain a piercing rain of your wrath upon the souls of the wicked. Let the Evil that walk feel your piercing wrath” Shooting an arrow up into the sky and with her mind creating a dark stormy sky; Shooting up a blast of Holy energy at the arrow turning the arrow into a billion arrows of light; Launching the attack at (Youma)* Heaven’s PIERCING STORM!

The Youma however was on the run… Sailor moon followed it and it left Sailor Luna and Betty on the roof to face Kunzite who then appeared.

Sailor Luna: *In battle stance*

Kunzite: *Shaking his head* Not this again…

Sailor Luna: *Toying with Kunzite and trying to psyche him out*


Kunzite: The same move won’t work on me… you tried it once. but this time i am wise to what you were planning to do. there is no way that you’re gonna get the chance to pull a fast one on me again.

Betty: *Looking at Kunzite* She might not be able to… but you haven’t faced me yet. Try me.

Kunzite: Very well. *Walking towards Betty*

Betty: *Smiles* You are not thinking much… are you? You are stepping into a little trap… but yet… you don’t even know it.

Sailor Luna: *Going for her wand again*

Angel: *Rising through the roof and forming before Kunzite* Hello Kunzite. Miss us?

Kunzite: is it safe to say no? *Smirks*

Betty: Well… the feeling is quite mutual. we didn’t really miss you at all. but now that you’re here… it means that you want more pain coming to you. It’s okay. The Lord can dish out all the pain at you that you could ever ask for.

Angel: *Attacking Kunzite* ABYSS OF DARKNESS!

Betty: *lifts hands in the air as holy energy and wind combines* Feel the power of Angelic Raven! *psychic energy forms with the ongoing energy* Almighty Psychic Wind Storm! *Launches the attack at Kunzite and striking him down with it*

Kunzite: *knocked over the edge of the roof and hanging from the side* Argh! Damn that Angelic pest. She is such an eyesore. I’m gonna nail her.

As for Sailor Moon… She continued to chase after the Youma and nearly cornered it. but as she was about to nail it… the Youma then started to make a run for it and took off. Sailor Moon was in a clearing and looking for the Youma when she suddenly saw a man in a white uniform…

Sailor Moon: *Gasps and stepping towards Mamoru* Mamoru!

Mamoru: *Puling out his sword and pointing it at Sailor Moon* I recall telling you before… i think it was not long ago… to not be careless… even against me. Didn’t i?

Sailor Moon: *Unable to understand why she’s being targeted by Mamoru*

On top of the building…

by that time Kunzite was back on the roof and coming towards Sailor Luna. Sailor Luna was getting herself backed into a corner…however Betty and Angel were also there to knock Kunzite back. Sailor Luna however pulled a little fast one and jumped to the other side of Kunzite and got behind him. Kunzite turned around and Grinned with a slight glare at Sailor Luna and saw her looking ready to fight…

Sailor Luna: *Smirking at Kunzite* you might know by now that i am not always using the same moves either. *Kissing her wand and spinning her right arm around a few times before forming a good fan* Golden Harisen!

Kunzite: *Lifting his sword pointing the tip up and looking forward to Luna attacking*

Sailor Luna: *Unable to hold it up steady and starting to pull back as the gold harisen was pushing her back with its weight* H-Heavy…. can’t hold it.

Angel: Hold on Luna… don’t give up. *itching to go and lend a hand*

Within seconds the Youma that tried to split returned…

Sailor Luna: *falling back and sending the gold harisen flying smacking the Youma in the face*

Youma: *Holding its head and face before falling down on the ground*

Betty: It’s time to let the Youma have it. and then blast at Kunzite.

Sailor Luna: *Nods*

Angel: *Attacking the Youma* FLAMES OF DARKNESS!

Betty:  *Focusing her energy and holding her hands together; Blowing light energy into her hands; Forming a holy grenade and chanting an incantation turning the one Holy Grenade into several “Sacred power of the lord. take thee power and turn one into many.”; Sending them up into the sky and spinning them around in a fast motion; Pointing her fingers up into the air making them into guns filled with Light bullets and shooting them at the Holy grenades in the sky; Launching the attack at (Youma)* Heaven’s Burning Holy Flash!

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Luna Sucre…Candy!

Betty: *Seeing the Youma blow up and vanish* No one challenges the lord and gets away with it. Those who question the lord… defy him and all he represents.

Angel: That’s well put. sis, you really ought to tone down the talk of the Lord’s wrath. He is not always angry.

Betty: No. he isn’t. but he isn’t one to just allow for unholy beings to roam our planet. with his children. he made the world for us. not for unholy beings.

Angel: Yeah. but getting angry at every beast we face… that is almost like you are telling people that god is always angry. That’s not right. you need to calm down.

Sailor Luna: Girls… *Looking over to see that Kunzite is still near* we still got a problem…

Betty: A Problem. Like what?

Angel: Kunzite.

Betty: *Pauses and remembers that they had to deal with Kunzite as well* Oh… yeah. i almost forgot. Let’s get him…

Back at the clearing…

Mamoru still has his sword pointed at Sailor moon…

Sailor Moon: *Panting in a bit of fear* You don’t really mean to fight against me, Right Mamoru? It’s just a joke.  right?

Mamoru stared for about a minute before swinging his sword at Sailor Moon and Within seconds before it could strike at her… she dodged the sword and advanced to the back of him… Quickly evading it.  She fell onto the ground and barely got up halfway and turned to see Mamoru walking over to her again…

Sailor Moon: *Desperate* Wait a moment! You can’t be this serious as to strike me down. Why are you targeting me?

Mamoru: I already told you the reason. we can’t let the planet be destroyed.

Sailor Moon: That’s not my doing. i would never intentionally do a thing like that. You got to realize that i’d never do that.

Mamoru however swung his sword and knocked Sailor Moon’s wand out of her hand and sent it flying to the right side of her… She looked and saw it… on the grass and gulped. she was afraid of what was coming next.

Sailor Moon: *Getting up and Asking* Are you really being serious?

Trista: *Walking into the scene from the side* Mamoru… You must not attack Sailor Moon. search your heart and you’ll know that the one who was responsible for the earth’s calamity was Beryl. She was the cause for the end of the Silver Millenium. Remember? That era was a time of peace. prosperity.

Mamoru Slashes his sword at Sailor Moon and the Watch he got her falls down from Sailor Moon’s one side and the glass shield breaks… cracks in two. through the middle…

Mamoru: That is my answer…

Sailor Moon looks at Mamoru and sees him about to make a move again…

Sailor Moon: *Gasps in a desperate plea* Mamoru! *Suddenly emitting a golden glow from her Tiara*

Trista: *catching the glow and seeing signs of the princess* The Princess is calling out!

Mamoru: *Pauses and sees the glow* Ahhh!

At Dark Kingdom…

Looking towards Metaria’s Chambers…

Beryl: *Noticing Activity being stirred in the Chambers* The Princess is at it again. She’s on the loose. Endymion should have taken her out by now… That Princess is nothing but trouble…

on the Japan Bridge…

Shingo: *Walking on the Bridge; feeling it begin to shake* Huh?! What the…

Paige: *From the other side of the Bridge and running over to Shingo* Shingo!

Pearl: *Running towards Shingo* Don’t Move. stay there and hold on tight!

Dinah: *Running fast over to Shingo* An Earthquake is striking Japan…

Sailor Uranus: Where is it coming from? *Gasps* The Princess! She’s causing it…

Sailor Neptune: *Looking at Amara* Are you sure Amara?

Sailor Uranus: It has to be her… can’t you sense the energy?

Sailor Neptune: *Feeling the ground shake even more* She’s coming out. Usagi is in danger…

Shingo: Get me the hell out of here. i want off this Bridge.

On top of the Building…

Sailor Luna: *Feeling the ground shake* huh?!

Kunzite: *Grins* So… It has begun. it begins now… Interesting. *Vanishes*

The open field of the park…

Ami: What is going on?!

Rei: The Princess. She’s coming out…

Makoto: Usagi!

Dark Ami: Let’s move.

a second later…

Dark Ami:*Transforming* Dark Power… Make-Up!

Rei: Looks like she is smelling something rotten. *Sensing something not right* Hmm… Trouble… A Quake and a little bit of danger… this has Beryl written all over it. It couldn’t be the princess. She’d never commit this kind of trouble.

Ami: Let’s go and find the girls… *Transforming* Mercury Power… Make-Up!

Makoto:  yeah. they should have been back by now… They may be in trouble.  *Transforming* Jupiter Power… Make-Up!

At the Hotel…

In a hotel suite…

Minako: *Feeling the Quake* Do you feel that? The Princess is on the move…

Artemis: This could be bad for the Planet. the planet is already starting to feel the negative effects of the Silver Crystal.

Minako: we got to stop the princess. she is not realizing that the Crystal is causing the planet to become in disarray.

Artemis: Minako… you’re in no shape right now to fight. there is a quake going on now. we’ll never make it with the buildings shaking. we’ll end up getting into trouble and tripping.

Minako: *Worried* Usagi…

Back at the Park’s clearing where Sailor Moon was…

Sailor Moon: *Glowing and Emitting more energy*

Mamoru: *Shocked* Usagi!

Suddenly Sailor Moon’s power glowed brighter and emitted more energy… the trees began blowing and the wind was picking up… within seconds the Energy started to trigger a stronger earthquake. The Princess was on the verge of coming out…

On the bridge…

Sailor Uranus: *Losing balance and tripping over on to the ground* Whoa! I think that the Princess is either pissed off or threatening to burst out and unleash. this quake is more stronger. Someone’s got to get her to stop…

Paige: How exactly are we able to do that, Amara? We don’t know where she is.

Dark Mercury: *Running over to them* Don’t worry about the princess… right now we need to get out of here. Grab Shingo and get out of here. The Princess is letting out power now… but once she calms down and Usagi comes back to us all… she will be not too happy is any harm comes to her brother. hurry. Grab him and go… Now!

Pearl: *Losing her footing and falling over off the bridge; Suddenly hanging on the ledge* AHHHH!

Shingo: *Hanging on the edge of the bridge* Ahhh! Help!

Dinah: That Royal majesty better ease off the power. she’s getting a little too testy… *Reaching for her sister* Pearl… Grab my hand… i got you. reach for the hand here…

Paige: *Reaching for Shingo’s hand* Shingo… Grab for my hand. It’ll be okay. i got you… I’ll pull you up. Reach.

Shingo: *Reaching for Paige’s Hand* Ugh! Almost got it… Uhhhh! *grabbing hold of Paige’s hand* Pull me up. i got the hand. *Feeling scared of nearly falling off the bridge*

In the clearing of the park…

Sailor Moon: *Pauses and stunned* …. *Realizing* Shingo…  Shingo! *Suddenly having the reality hit her… that Her Brother is in danger* Save Shingo!

Mamoru: *Trying to get Sailor Moon to calm down* Calm Down… Usagi! Calm down your power. Stop your power. The Power is letting out too much energy… You need to get it to stop. USAGI!!! CALM DOWN!!! *Panics and desperate* You Can’t Save Shingo if you’re emitting too much power… the ground will crack. Stop the power…

Trista: *Transforming* Pluto Star Power… Make-Up!

Mamoru: What are you Doing? *Looking at the lady in green*

Within seconds…

Sailor Pluto: I’ll freeze the power of the Princess…

Mamoru: No… let her do it. it’s her duty. she needs to get the princess inside to stop.

Sailor Moon: *On her knees; pleading with the Princess* Stop… Please! Stop…  Please… *Shedding a tear in desperation and pleading* Please… stop it. i beg you… *With tears in her eyes*

Within seconds… the Shaking stopped and the Energy subsided….

Sailor Moon sat down in devastation knowing that she had the power to cause mass damage and feared that her true power was means for disaster…

Sailor Moon: *Silent and saddened*

Mamoru: Betty and Angel might know that i am here… and knowing that i came to attack you… they might not believe what happened.  *Walking up to Usagi* Usagi… Someday i might really have to fight against you.  As much as we don’t want it to be so… this fact is certain… if nothing other than this… we need that much of our past. as painful as it may seem. To do all we can to prevent the planet’s destruction. to prevent it from being thereby destroyed.

Betty: *Flying in* Mamoru! What are you doing here? You sent an attack on the Princess… Why?

Mamoru: It is not as to why i did it… it is because of the past life. In the past… The moon Kingdom was destroyed and so was the Earth Kingdom. as much as we all want to Blame Beryl for that… the bone chilling fact is that it was the Princess and her wailing plea to get through to me after i’ve been killed. she didn’t mean it. we all know this… but the fact is that it still happened. the love between her and i was a threat. it only beget more calamity. and drove our two kingdoms to war. because of that romance. My 4 men were all killed in that same war. they lost everything. and i know that nothing will make it right other than vowing to go against the Princess. even though it pains me to do such a act.

Betty: If you don’t want to attack her… then don’t do it.

Mamoru: I have no choice. if i do not… Beryl will kill the remaining members of my team. the last remaining warriors that i knew in the past. then she’d kill me. to appease her… i must return to her for the time being… *Looking at Sailor Moon* Usagi… In the future… you must know this in your heart… and see it for your own eyes… with your heart… you’ll understand that the one that you should be having trust in… isn’t me. It’s in yourself. you must trust yourself.  Someday… I am certain that a day will come and arrive where we will finally be able to be as one. It’s just not today. at least not at this point.

Betty: *Looking at Mamoru* Mamoru… You Mustn’t go… you have to ignore Beryl’s commands. she is driving you to act with Evil in your heart. but you are not for her… Please… Don’t do this. Please.

On the Bridge…

Shingo: Thanks… *On the Bridge and Looking at the 3 Girls* Who are you girls?

Paige: I’m Paige Rhapsody. I am the Leader of the Rhapsody Girls.

Pearl:  I’m Pearl Rhapsody. The 2nd member of the Rhapsody Girls. i am the one who is into fashion and dresses.

Dinah: And me… I’m Dinah. I’m the tough one of the Rhapsody Girls. I am into playing with the guys. Wrestling, Basketball, Track, Football and Karate. I also hate Dresses. Skirts too. If anyone ever said that i looked cute in one… i will knock the person into the next century.

Shingo: Whoa! That’s really tough. I Like that.  I Think that girls who can be tough are the best ones. *Blushing a little*

Sailor Uranus: Let’s go and find Usagi. She’s in need of our help.

Sailor Neptune: Amara… we better let him know who we are.

Sailor Uranus: *Looking at Neptune* No. Michelle. we can never let anyone outside the situation know. it’s better that way. for the greater good. Princess Serenity has made it clear. that all outside of the cause and are not involved in the mission must not know. It protects those who are involved and keeps the innocent in safe range.

Shingo: *Confused* What are you girls talking about?

Dark Mercury: Nothing you should worry about. it’s better that you don’t ask.

Sailor Mars: Let’s go find Usagi.

Shingo: how do you all know my sister? ……………

To be continued…

Dinah: *Voice-over* Shingo and i fall for each other and i get a shot at Romance… but that is after the exposing of the truth of what is going on and how we all know his sister… Mamoru issued a war on the Princess but saw that the Princess was not ready yet and almost lost it. We are gonna be in for a real ride and then some… Then the first and possible last fight against the Youma’s This one that could be our last one get possessed by Metaria and almost wipes us. Geez! and i thought that Kunzite was bad with his Sword fetish and Beryl with her abandonment issues; however this Metallic Creature is just a brutal catastrophe..  I nearly sacrifice my life… as does Makoto. But how will it affect Shingo? I don’t want to hurt him. I love him and he loves me. And The princess might try to claw her way out and unleash… I would suggest that we all hang on… this is gonna get a bit messy. Find out in the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 40: “Bounty on the Moon Princess… Usagi Dead or alive; a Metallic Youma first Appearance… The Beginning of the Mystical Silver Crystals negative affects. Dinah’s possible shot at Romance… Dinah Rhapsody and Shingo Tsukino???” Part 2


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