the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #38- “All is not well in the matters of Princess Serenity; The move to stop the grand return of Queen Metaria begins… Youma’s Jest; With a taste of Metaria’s power… Break Please!”

That Night…

Amara: *Thinking* So… Usagi is gone. she has flown the coop and the Princess has emerged. question is… Where do we start looking?

Michelle: Well… let’s think. Where would a Princess go in a city?

Trista: I think that she’ll go to where there is a fountain.

Betty: That is one idea. but if she has released the Princess again and the Princess is out in the city… she could be anywhere.

Angel: Betty and i will take the skies… we can search from there. if the princess is out in the city and happens to glow a little… we’ll find her.

Luna: I’ll stay here with the girls. incase Usagi happens to come back during the night.

Dark Ami: i’ll stay outside and keep watch.

Dinah: *Yawning and starting to fall asleep* I don’t know about you girls… but we 3 girls are beat and worn out… you 3 can begin the operation to search for the Princess and we’ll catch up in the morning. we’re wiped out…

Pearl: we should at least stay up a bit to listen in for the Princess…

Suddenly the Harp began to sound and was heard from inside the room. they didn’t see the Princess near, but heard the harp play and chime… As it played it caused an energy spike and before they could react… it reached Pearl’s Hero weapon. The Bubble Harp. The Harp played and joined in and matched the Power of the Princess’s harp. Paige looked at Pearl and saw her glowing with bright blue energy…

Paige: *gasps* Whoa! Pearl, *Whistles* Girl… You’re glowing. you look like a night light right now. Are you alright?

Pearl: I think so… but i don’t get what’s going on? The princess’s harp is causing the Bubble harp to respond and play side by side to the Princess’s harp. I am beginning to wonder if my harp is gonna be connected to the Princess’s power.

Makoto: *Looking to see the News on T.V* Huh?!

Princess Rikku: *Walking in and going to the T.V;turning up the Volume on the T.V* I think that you girls might want to see this. i don’t think this is gonna sound too good. It’s bad.

Rei: *Dreading the worst to come*

Minako: *Concerned* The Princess’s power is starting to have a negative reaction to the planet…

Artemis: *Sighs*

T.V: *Reporting* There are confirmed reports that the bizarre sounds are coming throughout the city and has caused numerous power surges… The incident happened only moments ago as city officials and local law enforcement began to catch sight of a girl wearing a beaded tiara with a red jewel in the middle carrying a strange tool in her arms. it looked at first like a Moon Blade… but upon closer sighting… it was made and confirmed to being a Harp. The Girl then turned and before Vanishing with the sounds of the Harp playing in it’s wake… spoke out a name: Endymion. For all those who are now tuning in… the City officials and local law officials are urging all civilians and kids to stay indoors. lock your doors for safety…

Amara: *Growls* This is Ludicrous… The Princess is not a Threat. She’s only playing her harp and misses Endymion. It’s not like she can help it.

Trista: That is right.

Minako: Let’s all scatter.

Luna: The Rhapsody Girls and i will remain here for now. you girls go ahead and search for the Princess. if you come across any trouble… Come back. Don’t approach her. The Princess knows it’s us… but if she is feeling the way she has been feeling about Endymion… she won’t be able to control herself and might unknowingly attack you even though she knows who you are.

Amara: Then we better go in Senshi form. if she sees us and decides to attack out of impulse over her grief of missing Endymion… We’re gonna need to be ready to return fire.

Michelle: We don’t want to attack back, but if she’s unstable with her emotions… She could wind up attacking and as much as it hurts… we’ll be finding ourselves with no alternative.

Princess Rikku: *Putting her foot down* i may not be one with any powers anymore… but i forbid it. i will not allow for you to attack the princess of the moon. My daughters are not gonna have a thing to do with this. i am not gonna allow for them to go to their deaths and fight an Emotionally unstable Princess. She is hurt. i understand that and i feel her pain… but i am not gonna just sit and watch as you all go and fight her and drag my daughters around.

Trista: We are not dragging the girls anywhere. but this affects them too. if the Past life does happen to repeat and Queen Metaria does arrive and is fully resurrected… there won’t be much of a world left. the earth will be suffering the same fate as it did last time.

Amara: Nothing will stop what must be done. We got to go after the Princess. The longer we wait… the more that Princess Serenity will walk in the open… and pineing for Endymion and the longer she Pines for him… it will drive her to move closer to just ending everything. She wants Endymion and that is what’s causing her to act the way she is now. Mrs. Rhapsody… Ma’am… We’re not strong-arming. we’re telling as it is. There is nothing we can do but try to reach through and get Usagi to calm the Princess Down. otherwise… we’re gonna have no option but to take her down.

Paige: *Crying out* No! we can’t do it. Let’s just follow the Harp music that is coming from the Princess for now. There is no need to fight her if all she is doing is playing the Harp.

Pearl: we know what to do…

Rei: yeah… We shall do what we must.

At the top of the Daily Planet…

Princess Serenity was sitting on top of the globe Playing the Harp…


*Showing Flashes and Gif clips of the Senshi and the Rhapsody Girls Z and Allies*

“Hitomi wa itsumo jueru bodi ni matou rame and chaamu Ikite yuku koto wa try get a chance! Koko ni aru kara tsuyoi yume gan gan kechirashitekou raibaru darake no mahiru Egao yori kuchibiru yori aibiimu ga kimewaza *Watashi ni nare kirari to sailor diamonds! Yoake ni umareru gaadian Watashi dakara kanau yo starlight prayers! maiku appu shiyou yo Kirameki wa mune ni Sailor senshi sore wa muunraito riaru gaaru”

Chapter #38- All is not well in the matters of Princess Serenity; The move to stop the grand return of Queen Metaria begins… Youma’s Jest; With a taste of Metaria’s power… Break Please!”

At the park…

Rei: *Searching through the park and the clearing* Where is that music coming from?

Makoto: *Listening for the harp* i hear it… but it’s faint.

Rei: Let’s Check the other side of the park…

Makoto: Right.

At the Metropolis Mall…

Amara: *Listening For the Harp* We got to find the Princess…before she loses it. A Princess like her can only lament for so long before she cracks and goes berserk.

Michelle: *Seeing a Light up ahead* Amara… i see something.

Trista: It could be the Princess…

Amara: Let’s follow it.

As for Artemis and Minako…

at the Metropolis Promenade…

Artemis: I Don’t see the Princess. or hear the Harp anywhere here…

Minako: Neither do i… but the Princess is near… her Presence is close.

Artemis: *Looking up at the top of the building a few blocks away* Minako, Look! Up there,

Minako: *Looking up at the top of the building ahead* It’s the Princess. She’s there. But what’s that metal object underneath her?

Artemis:She’s on top of the Newspaper building…

Minako: We got to confront her. *Transforming* Venus Power… Make-Up!

Artemis: Let’s go. Before she attracts the attention from the wrong kind of people. meaning the city officials. they don’t know how to handle her. and it could get ugly. *Transforming* Tuxedo Moon Power…Power-Up!

On top of the Daily Planet Building sitting on the tip of the huge globe…

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Princess Sailor Moon: *Looking up* Endymion. *Looking Down and then sighs* It is as i thought… but tried to deny… Even though we are reborn upon this planet… we can never be as one on this planet.

The Princess Then Plays the harp again and a rip entering a room and realm of conscience is viewed…

In the Room Both Usagi and Princess Sailor Moon are sitting across from each other… But at that time… they didn’t recognize each other. They stared Blankly at one another unsure of who the other was.

But on the outside of the conscience and looking Up at the Moon…

Princess Sailor Moon: *Playing her harp*


Sailor Venus: *From the roof of the newspaper Building* Princess Serenity, What are you doing?

Tuxedo Artemis: You are attracting attention from people. they had you on the news.

Princess Sailor Moon: *Looking down towards Venus and Artemis* I am not worried about that. Why should i worry about that when i don’t have Endymion?

Sailor Venus: I know you miss him. but you and him can never be. it’s just the way it was set. even in the past. you can’t be with him. Endymion and you are of two different Kingdoms. What would your mother Queen Serenity say if she saw and found that you were with your heart set on a Prince of the Earth. As much as it pains to say this… He can’t ever truly be yours. I am sure that Endymion… Where ever he is; is realizing it himself and feeling the same thing that you must be feeling. Heartbreak… and broken.

Tuxedo Artemis: The others are out looking for you too. The Rhapsody girls are at home watching out for you. they are looking to see you come back there.

Princess Sailor Moon: I don’t want to see this life without Endymion.

Sailor Venus: Why are you willing to risk the planet over one person? Your mother never raised you to be like this…

Tuxedo Artemis: Doesn’t the planet mean anything to you?

Princess Sailor Moon: How can you ask me that? My heart wants Endymion. it hurts to know that you are wanting me to deny my heart the very thing… the one person that meant more to the heart than anything else.

Sailor Venus: *Feeling down for the Princess* Princess Serenity…

Tuxedo Artemis: That can’t be your only reason to live and walk amongst this planet. there must be more to living than just one person.

Princess Sailor Moon: You and Venus have a lot to learn about the matters of the heart of a Moon Princess. I know that my mother would not be happy that i am in love with someone who was part of the Earth Kingdom. i know that it is ill-fated. but Endymion saw me as special… he too knew that fate was not gonna allow for us to be together. but he didn’t care. he cared about his people as i do about you… my guardians… he saw me for me. he didn’t love me because i was a princess. he loved me… for me. to him… i was his whole heart. and he was my whole heart. As much as i want him to be mines… and as much as he wants me to be his… we can not ever be. but how can you expect me to cherish life knowing that the object of my heart and i will never be… No matter how many times we are reborn on to this world?

Sailor Venus and Tuxedo Artemis stood there not knowing what to say… However seconds later… the Princess disappeared from their sights and all that remained was her aura and the sound of her harp playing…

Tuxedo Artemis: That didn’t sound too Convincing… I Think there is something going on there. She was sad… and sincere… but i don’t think she plans on going after Endymion. i think she plans on going after Beryl and doing away with her.

Sailor Venus: Artemis, we can’t prove that. When Beryl took Endymion away… she made it quite clear that she was gonna take him and make him hers. Beryl is the one who broke into the moon temple and used the power to brainwash the people of earth that the People on the Moon were ones who bring strife onto the planet.

Tuxedo Artemis: That is so not true. We only have brung peace and never harmed a soul on anyone’s head. we are the good ones. Beryl and her Evil kind are the ones who happen to bring strife to the planet.

Beryl: *Voice* No… it’s you people from the moon who bring strife. The Earth people don’t want you nor do they need you. You senshi’s are nothing but abominations to the Earth. Queen Metaria will take care of that. and you all shall be gone.

Sailor Venus: *Speaking out* Beryl… Stop Spewing your Evil fowl web of nonsense. No one is buying it.

By the Residential area…

Betty: *In the air* I saw the Princess up ahead not long ago… She looked to being rather sad and on top of the huge globe on top of the Daily Planet…

Angel: *In the Air* Playing the harp. i know. Sis, we shouldn’t be worried about the Princess that much. She might be a emotional train wreck right now… but she in the end will bring an end to Queen Metaria.

Betty: That’s even if there really is a Queen Metaria. I mean… if the Great Evil was really existing and has come back to life as those Evil hearted creeps have said… then why doesn’t this Queen Metaria reveal herself or manifest in something or as something? and another thing… if there was a Queen Metaria… Wouldn’t you have sensed her by now?

Angel: *Thinking; Flying* Hmm… you know what… You got a point. as much as i think that you’re being a tad harsh about the Senshi’s Mission and questioning it a bit… you have a point. If there was one… i’d sense her by now. but i haven’t been able to sense her… I wonder why.

Betty: See? that’s what i am getting at… If there was a Evil Queen… wouldn’t she have made some kind of show off by now? I am a spiritual follower and all… and i would also be able to sense the Evil presence and be on guard. but i’m not sensing anything. That is not a good sign… unless there happens to be no Great Evil.

On the other hand… at Dark Kingdom…

In the Dining room of Dark Kingdom…

Mamoru: *Looking out the window* Where are Zoicite and the others?

Mio: They’re safe…. However one is gone. He must have dropped off somewhere. It’s a shame… Oh well… Whatever, i guess. It’s not like you won’t be able to replace the one who is missing… I mean… they are just your underlings after all, aren’t they?

In Beryl’s Chambers…

Beryl: *Caught in surprise* What could be making Queen Metaria’s power stronger? it couldn’t be that she found more energy on her own.  What could it be that’s doing it? *Thinking* It could be that after all… Hmm…

In the room with the remaining generals that once served Endymion…

Jadeite: *Sighs and devastated* Beryl-sama… How could she… She even did it to me. I was more loyal to her than the others and she did it even to me… Why?


“Beryl: the Shitennou were all revived… by me… With just a word… they would skewer Themselves. As you can see… i control their every move right now.”

Flashback ends…

Jadeite: Why… I don’t understand… I was nothing but Loyal to her.

Zoicite: *Turning to see Jadeite* Jadeite… Wake up. It is like i have told you before… Beryl is not the one who should have the honors of controlling you. That honor and right should be the Master’s. Master Endymion should be the controller. Not Beryl. Now… REMEMBER!

Jadeite: *Grabbing his head trying to gain his past life memory and remember who he served proudly*

Mamoru: *Walking into the room*

Zoicite: Master.

Jadeite and Kunzite only look to see Mamoru in the same room granting his presence…

Zoicite: *Walking up to Mamoru* Master… i know that you’re here for our sake… But you don’t need to be here… you should escape from here Immediately. While you still can.

Mamoru: If i were bound to do you guys wrong… I would have fought against Beryl and refuse to go to her. i am not one to sacrifice you just to save my neck.

Zoicite: Master.

Kunzite: *Walking over to the others* Awww! Maybe now i should be making the motion of being all touched and warm-hearted over the master’s sincerity.

Zoicite: *Stepping in* Kunzite. Stop it.

Kunzite: *Looking at Mamoru* I am not one to be obligated to you.

Mamoru: It was never my intent that you’d be made to be obligated to me anyway.  *Walking on* Now… Let’s review the facts here. I betrayed you all in the past… Am i Right? What’s the story behind the Planet being destroyed? Do any of you truly recall the last moments of Earth before you all faced a terrible demise?

Kunzite: *Not convinced* What would you do if by some chance… you knew?

Mamoru: *Sighs* I don’t know. Maybe you might have thought about what i should have done… Like be silent and allow myself to be struck down, Perhaps. Or maybe i might do the opposite.

Kunzite: *Smiles with a familiar Grin* Aha! I see it now… this is quite different than it was before. isn’t it. quite different. *Drawing his sword and walking on over to the side* Then… Why not do the honorable thing and be silent… and be struck.

But before Kunzite could begin to land a preemptive blow…

Zoicite: *Barks out* Kunzite! Stop this at once… You ought to know as you were there with us… The Master had come for our sake.  Like Master was in the past. he has come for our sake. has been there for us. without end.

Mamoru and Kunzite then share a Past life memory…

Past life Vision…

Kunzite and Prince Endymion were practicing dueling and training with the sword skills…

Kunzite: So, Master. *Knocking Endymion down slightly* Master… How many times am i required to say this? That reckless Sword of your will not even make a mark on anyone. If nothing more… it will be the enemy who will hit you but more like will just be stabbing you instead. 

Endymion: *Shocked* What do you mean by that, Kunzite? I probably would have been able to knock that enemy down… without trying.

Kunzite: *With a intrigued Grin* No… no no no. That is not it at all Master. You have to remember… first and foremost… your sword is your defense. it must be the weapon… the Sword that survives.

Endymion: *Figuring it out* Your tactics again, huh? So…  Tell me. Are you that sword that protects me? 

Kunzite: *Pleased* My sword… Master… is the sword that aids my master and has his back.

Endymion and Kunzite share a smile and look happily at one another…

Endymion: *Looking at Kunzite and with a hand on the shoulder* One more time then… Let’s make this happen. 

Kunzite: *Nods and smiles*

They get with the fighting again… Training. 

Flash back vision ends…

Jadeite:  *Trying to remember* Master…

Kunzite: *Holding his sword up and aiming at Mamoru’s neck* You also should know that in the past… on that very day of destruction… I Lost… EVERYTHING!


“the Scenery of the Earth Kingdom in ruins… the brutal devastation and the fateful sight of Jadeite. Nephrite and Zoicite laying on the ground dead…

Kunzite: *Holding onto his sword and on his knees; Crying out in agony* GGGRRAAAAHHHHH!!!”

Flashback ends…

Kunzite: *with his sword; Walking to one side* I will stop at nothing to see that all those who were involved in that day… are taken out.

Mamoru: Of course… this is to be of my own free will. I will fight… if i must.

Mio: *Walking in and catching Kunzite attacking Mamoru* Kunzite, You would do best to know that if there was any harm done to Mamoru-Kun… that something would happen upon you. *Grabbing Kunzite’s wrist motioning for him to back off*… *Looking at Mamoru* Mamoru, Let’s go on our way to see Queen Metaria’s room.

they exchange one more look before Mamoru walked out of the room with Mio.

Here is the backdrop of Kuroki Mio. She is the apparent Rival to Minako Aino. Upstaging her and try to get more popular than Minako. But she appeared around the same school that Usagi goes to… with the sole purpose of keeping tabs on her and inflict great pain to her. She is Evil and shifty and when she looks at you… she gives the piercing stare and draws pain to them. She is also the manifestation of Queen Beryl. Channeling Beryl’s very voice…

In Beryl’s Chambers…

Beryl: *Turning to see Mamoru walking in* Ah… Welcome to Dark Kingdom, Endymion. I am sure that things are most to your liking. Do you have a fond idea as to how long i have been waiting for you to officially come?

Mamoru: I am sure that you are now apparently satisfied with getting me to be near you.. *Looking serious at Beryl* I know that you want to have me for yourself… but to hurt the Princess of the Moon’s heart for it? That is inexcusable. i don’t know whether to lash out at you or just feel devastated to know that her heart is hurt and realize that you do not care.

Beryl: That will be quite enough of that Moon Princess. You know that she is of the moon and the people of the moon bring the people of Earth nothing but strife. The Princess is causing the Queen to react to it stronger than before. The Princess and Metaria’s power… are one in the same. Since the past life… i have waited and waited many times for the day that i’d finally make you mine. Back then… In the past life… you were the one who had it all. Such perfection. Power… Wealth… Happiness, Beauty… The very source of all my desire was put in you.

Mamoru: *Disgusted* What a self- centered Delusion. Those girls… The Rhapsody girls are right. You have abandonment issues.

Beryl: Don’t be worried about then. I have a plan to abduct one of those pests. with one of them in my capture… i can use that to silence them. they either back off and stop meddling in my affairs… or they say good-bye to a member of their family.

Mamoru: Why are you so arrogant? don’t you have any sense to know that they can’t be beat that easily? plus… I am just a human. What could you ever want with a guy like me?

Beryl: It’s that Princess…. She’s the one who attacked me. *Walking to the side and looking out over to Metaria’s chamber* Look, Endymion. Since the past life… This is the source of my power. the very source that has given me power all these years… Queen Metaria. It will be a matter of time before her power is Realized… when it is… This Planet will then be ours to do as we please. it’ll be ours to rule.

Mamoru: *Pauses and stares out towards the chasm onwards to Queen Metaria’s Chambers* Queen Metaria.

The Chambers to Queen Metaria started glowing red and pulsing with power…

Beryl: However… Why is it that Metaria’s power been strengthening all while with a lack of energy? Endymion, It has gone as far as where now it’s Creating Youma on this planet. by it’s own will.

Suddenly Beryl figures out the cause of the Youma forming out of free will by Metaria’s hand….

Beryl: The Princess… Metaria is reacting to the Princess… *Looking at Mamoru stepping towards him* Endymion, With your hand… Eliminate the Princess. She must not be allowed to live. Her existence is one that calls forth calamity upon this planet.

Mamoru: *Gasps*

Although… at Princess Rikku’s house…

The next morning…

Paige: *Still hearing the Princess’s harp* What is going on? The Princess has been playing that harp all night. Doesn’t she ever get tired?

Pearl: I don’t think so. She must be with a sad heart over losing Endymion to that evil Queen Beryl. I think that she’s gonna start to lose it soon…

Dinah: Not that we blame her…none of us can. You try having the target of your affection ripped from you.

Dark Ami: *Thinking* I don’t know what to say about that… but she’s got to stop… the planet is showing negative reactions to the harp playing constantly. there has been rolling blackouts. all over the country. I can’t be certain about it… but i have a feeling that if it keeps going the way it has been… there could be quakes developing and worse.

Luna: We should go and search for the Princess. following the sound of the harp. in the direction it’s coming  from.

Amara: *Walking in with Michelle* We got a good fix on where the Princess was seen. People have seen her heading to the Science building. The City’s Planetarium. But there are others that have seen her going to the school…*Looking at the 3 girls* Your school.

Paige: *Confused* Huh?!

Dinah: *Looking at Amara* Amara, You’re pulling our legs here, aren’t you? You are coming off and barking up the wrong tree. What would the Princess be doing at our school?

Luna: If that is the case… then that is where we must go.

Paige: Uh… i think that the search will have to wait… there is something that Pearl, Dinah and i have to do…

Pearl: *Confused* Huh? Paige… what are you talking about?

Dinah: Yeah… What could there be left to do that is more important than searching for the maiden with the enchanted harp?

Paige: Uh… Remember… Our upgrades? We got to pick them up. The Professor is waiting for us. Mom just told us as we barely got to the table this morning… we need to go see him.

Pearl: Our Upgrades?! Let’s go right now.

Luna: Should we come along?

Dinah: Well… as much as we’d value your company there, Whiskers… we got to go alone. The Professor has something to tell us that is more likely meant for the ears of us 3 only.

Amara: We’re gonna follow you 3. but we won’t go inside the professors house. we’ll wait across the way from his house. and keep watch to ensure that you are at least safe while inside the Professor’s home.

Michelle: It’s the least we can do.

Dark Ami: that’s right. besides… it’s the right thing to do.

Pearl: What Will the professor tell us?

Paige: That’s what we have to find out. remember that before the wedding of him and Tammy. a few weeks before… he mentioned something about new info…Data on possible threats that are said to come into play. but that the main concern at this time was dealing with the great Evil and Beryl.

Dinah: Well if he found out the info… then i do believe that Tammy did too. i mean… think about it… they’re married. they’re gonna both be in it.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Amara barely turned to see that it was the Professor at the door. He came with the new outfit upgrades and the upgrades to the power belts and buckles. The girls knew that they were gonna get their new upgrade and also were gonna be told the info that the professor had. It was almost a little hard to swallow…

In the garage…

Princess Rikku: What’s going on?

Pidge: The new upgrades… Girls…

The new outfits float and attach to the girls… The girls felt the power flow into them and strengthen them more. But the good feeling was not gonna last them long as the professor then got with the exposing of data that he had gathered…

Pidge: Girls…  3 years ago… after the final battle against King Lotor concluded… a week after it was finally over… i was beginning the design of your upgrades. Designing them. Tammy was in the room when it happened. I received new data that was both revelating but also very discomforting… Remember when the threats were just beginning?

Paige: How could we forget?

Dinah: Lotor was the most vilest threat there was. that Drule just wouldn’t stay down. he was a total psycho who had a itch for galactic domination. Of course that mad scientist Maahox or whatever his name was… tried to interfere but when Lotor was wiped off the map… he too vanished.

Pidge: *Clears his throat* Ahem… Yes. that is right. however… we also pinpointed that Beryl was the next threat. and is currently the threat that you are facing… as are the senshi. they too are facing it. but the rest of the threats have changed a bit. Remember when it was said that one of the threats was Darkseid of Planet Apokolips?

Pearl: *Nods feeling a bit startled by the mention of Darkseid* Yeah. That name still scares me.

Paige: It was not a very pleasant name for us to hear. even i was terrified.

Pidge: i see… i have to fess up that it was a name that also got me a little shook. however the Dark beams didn’t hit there… it hit the far reaches of space. to a location in a galaxy. one that contained the Planet Krypton. or where it would have resided. but it hit in the spot of where the planet stood at the precise location where a city called Kandor was. it struck someone there. A Major Zod. Unfortunately that was not the only place… a new Threat popped in. it seems as though one of the Dark Beams struck the world of digital. a realm of digital monsters. however… it isn’t for sure. like i’ve laid out before… these dark beams are highly unpredictable.

Pearl: So… there is a possibility that it hit a realm called Digital world.

Dinah: *Groans* Ohhhh! I don’t think that i want to know anymore about this… Digital world… you’re talking about a world of digital creatures. Digimon. Doc, I think that the whole thing is nuts. The only good thing about it is that we don’t have to go against that Guy with the Stone like body and with the Omega symbol on the forehead. but now to hear this? I think that this is all just a huge joke. I think that my tolerance for this is slipping. Is the data even right? it better not be sending us on a wild goose chase. because if it does… i’ll be boiling hot mad.

Pearl: Wow! How do we even respond to that? going against creatures?

Paige: Well that is nice to be informed. But the main thing here now is dealing with Beryl. She is the menace that we got to worry about.

Dinah: Don’t forget Kunzite and the other dark generals. we still have to handle with the prevention of Queen Metaria being unleashed. Those outer senshi are really not spewing… If that great evil being is awakened… everything will be destroyed.

Princess Rikku: Not a chance. Girls… our family has power… if we were to combine it; it could ward off the great Evil…

Amara: *Walking in* Sorry to interrupt… but the princess is at it again… She is playing that harp again.

Pearl: *Listening to the harp* Here we go again…

Dinah: Okay…. the new data was heard… and possibly the idea that we’re gonna be facing having to go against Digital creatures… Now let’s get back to the current threat. the threat that is Wacko lady with the dark magic that forgot to pay it’s electric bill Queen Beryl.

Pidge: Right.

They were now with new upgrades and received new data about what new threats were said to be imminent. The Professor had to get back to where Tammy was, so he took his leave and head back to his place. Dinah and Paige caught wind of the Harp being played again… and knew that the Princess was out playing the harp once. Pearl’s harp started to react and Started to glow…

Paige: Let’s Go.

Dinah: Right!

Amara: We need to find her before the law does… Just follow the sound and it’ll take us to where the Princess is…

However while they were planning on going out to search for the princess…

At the beach…

Dennis: *Looking at the Ocean* I can’t hold back on this feeling. I am thinking of the future and i want to have a future with you by my side. Betty… I know that there are other guys out there that you may like. even though you and i are in a relationship. but i can’t deny this. i want to in the future ask for your hand in matrimony.

Betty: *Pauses and gasps with shock* Huh?… You what? we are still young and you are setting a future up for you being with me? But how could that be so? We’re still young. between now and 6 years from now… we could wind up changing. even have a different experience. What brought up this mention of a romantic future?

Dennis: I was just thinking that ever since the real Princess emerged from Slumber… things between us have changed. i don’t know why… but i feel as though i am losing you. I don’t know why that is so… but when i see other guys around you… i tend to get jealous… and i nary a reason as to why that may be…

But Dennis didn’t get to break out in a #… before they could turn to capture sight of a hoard of Youma nearby… two of them grabbed Betty and Choked her… Knocking her out. Dennis tried to free her from the grip of the Youmas and got grabbed and Tossed aside into a fellow beach-goer who was a female and was wearing a loose bikini and with the bottom piece falling down… She was exposed but was also a recent rape victim. Dennis was torn from helping his love to get free. He saw that the girl was in dire need of help and called for assistance. however before he could return to help Betty out… She was gone.

Dennis: *Calling out in a Emotional tone* BETTY!!!

Beryl:  *Appearing before the average human* Your Betty is about to become reborn with the Dark energy that is Queen Metaria… What you knew about Betty is about to be changed. Those Rhapsody Girls will soon face their darkest hour… going against one of their own. They will soon know what it feels like to have their plans derailed. Ahahahahahaha! Ahahahahahahaha!

Dennis: *Growls* You don’t have any idea who you’re messing with, Do you… You HAG? She’s The Lords Warrior… Angelic Raven.

Beryl: *Scoffs* It matters not of who she is. The ones called the Rhapsody Girls Z have interfered in my affairs for the very last time. i am now gonna stir the cesspool and make their lives a living nightmare.


Sailor Pluto:  You will release Betty Greta Rhapsody at once! *Launching an attack at Beryl* Pluto Deadly Scream!

Arctic Mind: *Appearing before Beryl* Beryl, You are not one of purity… No matter what you try… you will never prosper. you will only fall.

Beryl: You dare talk down to me? I am with the powers of Queen Metaria. You will surrender!

Arctic Mind: In your dreams… Evil Witch! *Holding her hands up and Emitting both Arctic ice and Psychic Energy; creating wind; Combining them as one and Launching it at (Beryl)* ARCTIC TRI-BEAM GALE FORCE!!!!

Beryl: *Angrily* You PEST!!! *Blasting a Heavy blast of Dark energy at Arctic Mind*

Arctic Mind: *Covering and Blocking with her ice Shield*

Beryl: *Angrily* CURSES!!!

Beryl vanishes and within seconds Betty was released…

Betty: *Falling down into the sand* I really hate that Evil woman… I Hope that the Princess hurts her good. Thou shalt not kill is what i always followed… but with the likes of Beryl being amongst the living… i am sure that the lord is gonna be sure as to make an exception…

But on the outside of the Residential part of Metropolis…

Dinah: *Following the sound of the harp* Okay… Now where do we go?

Dark Ami: I don’t know…

Luna: *Pinpointing the direction of the Harp’s tune* West… Towards the School Auditorium.

Amara: I hope we’re not too late… *Running and following the harp’s sound*

Pearl: *Running with the girls* I just would like to know what she would be doing at our school.

Dark Ami: You mean….. How did she get there?

Luna: She got there by the power of her harp. she is not like Usagi-Chan anymore. She’s not just the usual Moon Princess. She’s Princess Serenity’s fighting form. she’s more stronger than when she is Sailor Moon. The Princess has been playing the harp… it’s leading us to the school.

Rei: *Placing her hand on the ground* Incoming… we got Youma’s near. they are near.

Ami: *Gasps*

Amara: *Looking at Michelle* Feels like trouble…

Michelle: Trouble. Let’s do it.

A second later…

Amara: *Transforming* Uranus Star Power… Make-Up! *Posing* “Soldier of Earth and Determination Sailor Uranus!”

Michelle: *Transforming* Neptune Star Power… Make-Up! *Posing* “Soldier of Ocean and Grace Sailor Neptune!” 

Sailor Uranus: In the name of Uranus… I’ll Execute you.

Sailor Neptune: In the name of Neptune… I’ll Execute you.

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Putting their hand up and Seeing a Power Gem Appear on their finger*

Paige: Miss Love… Power up! *Transforming* … *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Hearts* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The heart and love of the Rhapsody girls… Miss Love… In the name of Justice, love and all that’s good… The followers of Evil will fall.

Pearl: Bubble Maiden… Power Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* … *Posing* The emotinal and caring soul of the Rhapsody girls… Bubble Maiden. In the name of sweet compassion and Bubbly charm… The Bubbles of life will wipe away the stain of Evil.

Dinah: Thunder Mistress… Power Up! *Sliding the Power Gem across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* The loose Wire and the tough fighter of the Rhapsody Girls… Thunder Mistress. In the name of the thunder and fierce determination of the good people… The Evil creeps who dare enter this world will be Electrified.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-Up!

Dark Ami: *Transforming* Dark Power… Make-Up!

Ami:  *Transforming* Mercury power… Make-Up!

Rei: *Transforming* Mars Power… Make-Up!

The Youma’s were all black and looked like haunting zombies… but they were mysteriously easy to beat…

Dark Mercury: *Attacking the Youma* Dark Ice Storm!

Sailor Mercury:  *Attacking the Youma* Mercury Aqua Mist!

Sailor Uranus:  *Attacking the Youma* Uranus World… Shaking!

Sailor Neptune: *Attacking the Youma* Neptune Deep…Submerge!

Sailor Luna: *Attacking the Youma* Luna Sucre… Candy!

Sailor Mars: *Attacking the Youma* Youma… Taisan!

Paige: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Love’s Flash!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Bubble Wave!

Dinah: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Thunder Electrocution!

With one hit… the Youma were defeated and they pressed on to locate the Princess however as they pressed on; more Youma appeared and came out into the open. the girls all looked at the Youma and aimed to attack till the Youma turned and went in the direction of where the Harp’s music was coming from…

Dark Mercury: The Harp. they must be following the path where the harp music is coming from. they hear it to…

Sailor Mercury: The music must be attracting them. drawing them near it.

Sailor Mars: The Youma could still try to attack. they shouldn’t be here.

They press ahead and blast at the Youma as they go on to get where the princess is. They barely got to the school when suddenly they saw that the school had been locked up. but The Harp music was still playing. Pearl’s Harp then began reacting to it and Chimed back with the same tune as the Princess’s harp. They followed it to the side of the one building and saw that it was opened. The girls went inside and saw a Glow. it came from the Princess and as they got closer to the Princess… they saw a rainbow like fog glowing around them. It made things a lot chilled and the more they looked at it… they saw the Princess… The Princess was sitting on top of the lights Playing the harp.

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Pearl: *Looking up* ….

Dinah: *Running over towards the Princess* Usagi-Chan!

Sailor Mars: *Holding Dinah back* No. It’s not Usagi. It’s The Princess.

Dark Mercury: Princess Serenity. *Grins* So that is her. She looks quite sad. quite sad indeed.

Princess Sailor Moon: *on top of the lights; Playing the harp* ……. *Stopping and looking ahead* Endymion.

From The Dark Kingdom…

Beryl: *Looking through the portal; to Mamoru* Endymion, The princess is an existence that calls forth Calamity… Endymion, With your hand… Eliminate the Princess.

at the School Auditorium…

Princess Sailor Moon: *On top of the lights; Looking up* … *Painfully admitting* I Destroyed… The Planet…

Dinah: *Shoots out in Outrage* WHAT!!!!!!! You’ve got to be kidding me. Amara, Is she blowing wind?

Sailor Uranus: I’m afraid not, Dinah. In the past life because of their love… when the Prince was killed in front of the Princess’s eyes… the Princess tried to get to him and knew that he forever gone. She let out a loud wail and it unleashed a huge surge of white light. before long… the Moon fell into the earth and destroyed the earth. Beryl is… as much as i hate to agree with her… is right. The Princess with the Mystical Silver Crystal… destroyed the Earth. destroyed the planet.

Pearl: *saddened and becoming emotional* No… that’s not true. it can’t be… *Running away before losing it around the girls*

Paige: *Looking to see Pearl Running off* Pearl, Wait! Where’re you going? *Running after her sister* Pearl… Where’re are you going? What’re you doing?

Dinah: Another family bonding moment. It just never gets old. Does it? *Sighs*

Sailor Luna: *Worried* Is she gonna be okay?

Dinah: *Pauses* I… uh… Don’t know. *curious and wondering* Are you referring to before the water works… or the after waterworks and whole consoling and talking session?

Dark Mercury: I don’t know about them… but the fact that we just now heard the undeniable truth from the Princess… that is not sitting too well with me. I used to be a part of Beryl’s world… however to even think that it could be a possibility that she was right about the Princess. That’s upsetting and a bit of a mind breaker.

Sailor Uranus:  I agree. it is a problem. a deep one. Of course if that’s true… then we are gonna have to force the Princess to be suppressed. Wipe her memory of all things Endymion. He is unfortunately the trigger that caused her to lose it in the past life.

Sailor Mercury: Princess?!

Princess Sailor Moon: *Looking at the girls* Stay away.

Dinah: Hey… Princess. what is the deal here, your Majesty? You are acting really bizarre. are you feeling alright there? You were just joking about the destroying the planet… right?

Princess Sailor Moon: *Regrettably shaking her head* It is as they said… I destroyed the planet. If things continue as they are now… i will have to destroy the planet again.

Dinah: *Scoffs* I don’t believe this. You are with the power to destroy the world… and are saying that you’ll do it again if things continue as they are now? What things are you speaking of?

The Princess then vanished and went off to the Roof top of the daily planet…

Princess Sailor Moon: *Looking at the city* It is a shame that i am gonna have to destroy the planet if things continue as they are. A wonderful planet with people who care about one another.. all because i want Endymion. I must be truly selfish.

Seconds later…

Inside the Subconscious of the mind of Princess Serenity/Usagi/Princess Sailor moon/Sailor Moon…

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Princess Sailor Moon: *Sitting on a bench Playing the harp*

Usagi: *Walking over and listening to the harp* That is such a sad song. Mamoru…. *curious* Endymion… Are you thinking about Mamoru also?

Princess Sailor Moon: *While playing the harp* It is sad that i must realize and face the harsh truth… that no matter how many times i am reborn and reawakened… that i can never be one with Prince Endymion. it will never be.  *Stops playing the harp and putting it down Looking towards Usagi* I always thought and it must have been a selfish kind of dream but i honestly thought: “If only i could have been reborn on the Earth…” but it undoubtedly seems that the life and course of ones destiny that is decided in the past life can never be changed…

Usagi: *Nods* I see. but the only thing to that was… well when i first met Mamoru it was literally amazing! But all the while people told me that i really shouldn’t have been be into him… the crossing of each other’s paths didn’t exactly seem so pleasant…

Usagi Flashes back…


Usagi: *Bumping into a man that appeared to be Mamoru* … *Backing away and Apologizing* I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. *Seeing that Mamoru was seeing her with a dress in her hand* No… no. it’s not what you are thinking. honest. i’m not a model. i am just a regular girl.

Mamoru: *With a Dry response* Don’t worry. no one would mistake you as one anyway.

Usagi: *Snaps* What is your problem? Are you calling me Ugly? I am pretty sensitive you know…

Usagi: *Walking with Ami* For that situation, We’ve got this phone here. It can transform us into anyone we take a picture of. *Showing off the pbone; Bumping into Mamoru again* Ah… *Looking and apologizing* I’m really Sorry.

Mamoru: *Scoffs* You again? Why do you always seem to loiter around me?

Usagi: You know… now that you bring it up… I could just say the same about you. You are Loitering around me too. Don’t you notice?

Mamoru: *Not in the mood to go on with the confrontation* Anyway… Do yourself a favor. Do everyone a favor and don’t frolic like some idiot.

Usagi: *Offended* What the heck do you mean by Idiot? Is that the only thing you can say to me?

Usagi: *Reading off the card*

Mamoru: *Walking up to Usagi* I swear… you are like a magnet or something… you just happen to appear everywhere i go, don’t you?

Usagi: I should the same about you!

Mamoru: *holding up a card* Most people can read this with no problems. Can you?

Usagi: You know… in all honesty. you should be thanking me!

Mamoru: *Sighs* For picking it up… Thank you… I guess.

Mamoru then looks at the card on Usagi and reads her name wrong then Usagi snaps back…

Usagi: *Disgusted* Chiba Mamoru… What a rude and disrespectful guy…

Usagi: *Speaking through the flashbacks* He was awful… but fortunately Tuxedo Kamen wasn’t that way at all.. Not knowing who he was made me yearn for him. i formed a crush on him.

Tuxedo Kamen: Look out! *Getting Sailor Moon on the ground out of the path of the Ice dagger*

Sailor Moon: *To the guy in the cape* Thank you for saving me. *Curious* Ummm, Who are you?

Tuxedo Kamen: *Looking back and holding his cape up covering his bottom of the face* Tuxedo Kamen.

Sailor Moon: *Pauses and remembering the name* Tuxedo… Kamen? Weird. *Suddenly Smiling* But… Kind of cool. He’s such a wonderful hero…

Tuxedo Kamen: *Running to Sailor Moon* Hurry!

Sailor Mercury: Hurry!

Tuxedo Kamen: Jump

Both Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen jump out of the portal getting to safety…

Sailor moon: *Not understanding* Why did you go and tell everyone about the mystical silver crystal?

Tuxedo Kamen: *Not knowing what to say* I… Well i don’t really know. but i feel as though i don’t know who i really am. You know, i don’t have special powers like you girls. i am just with a cane. that’s it. there is nothing more to me than what you see. *Looking away for a second* However… the issue is remaining… I simply must have the Mystical Silver Crystal… No matter what it may take. i just must have it.

Sailor Moon: Why?! Why is it so important to you?!

Tuxedo Kamen: It’s because i want to know who i really am. i can’t take the not knowing. i just need to know who i really am.

End of flashback…

Usagi: *Walking around Looking at Princess Serenity* Back them… i didn’t have any clue or an idea that they were in anyway… the very same person. i truly didn’t know.

Princess Sailor Moon: *Looking and understanding what Usagi is saying*

As for Mamoru…

at Dark Kingdom…

Mamoru: *Thinking about the Princess* This all began when i started to search for myself.

Mamoru flashes back and goes through all the memories of what led him to the current point…

in the room with Zoicite…

Jadeite: *beginning to start Walking out* I am gonna go to Beryl’s again.

Zoicite: *Gets up* Jadeite! Did you not remember any of your memories of the Master? Think about our master. Our master is Endymion. Not Beryl. You should know this…

Jadeite: *With his back turned* I did…  i thought about it long and hard. i kept it in thought. but… *Turning to face Zoicite* What about Beryl-sama? What about her? What? Are you trying to tell me to forget about her? To just toss her to the wolves? Is that what you’re implying that i do? IS IT?! If not her… then tell me… WHO SHOULD I BE WITH?!

Kunzite: If you’re that torn between which of the two you should be more loyal to… Then… surely you’ll be wishing that i get rid of the source to your discombobulation. Am i right?

Zoicite: *panics* Kunzite… *Running after Kunzite* STOP!

Back inside the Subconscious of the mind of the Princess and Usagi’s…

Usagi: *Giving the watch that Mamoru gave her to the Princess* This is from Mamoru.  It was short and very much a brief time… however the time that we have had together was something i could never forget…

Princess Sailor Moon: But then to be torn apart just like that… Like it happened in the past life.

Usagi: *Looking away for a little* I too had also thought it to be doomed and have just about  given up…

Usagi Flashes back…

Helina: *Looking at Mamoru* Is something wrong?

Mamoru: No. It’s nothing. *Catching sight of Usagi*

Usagi: *Saddened and dismayed* I see… So he already does have a girlfriend. I guess that it shouldn’t really matter. i am not involved in his life obviously.

Usagi: *Voice* But my feelings couldn’t be changed.


Mamoru: *Looking at Usagi while on the street after ducking out the oncoming car’s way* Idiot… It was red!

Usagi:  *Snaps her head to look at Mamoru* Who are you calling an idiot!

Sailor Moon: *Trying to get back up* Uhh!

Tuxedo Kamen: What are you trying to do? Are you an Idiot?

Sailor Moon: *Snaps and Looking at Tuxedo Kamen* Hey! Who’re you calling an Idiot? *Suddenly gasping realizing that she ran into Mamoru a couple days ago*


“Idiot! the car was coming right at you!”

“Why are you calling me an Idiot?!”

Flashback ends…

Sailor Moon: *In her mind* Why didn’t i see it before?


Usagi: *Getting Strangled by the Youma* Why is this Youma here? Who would send this Youma after me?! *Trying to reach for the ticket* Ticket!

Mamoru: *As Endymion; Fighting off the Youma and then holding Usagi* Pull yourself together.

Usagi: *Looking at Mamoru; Thinking* No way… Could this really be happening? Am i seeing what i think i am seeing?


Usagi is given a Watch…

Mamoru: It’s payback for the present that you got me. i haven’t gotten you anything in return yet. i am hoping that this makes up for being late in returning the kindness.

Usagi: *Gasps*

End of flashback…

Princess Sailor Moon and Usagi talk and discuss more… and go over the same guy…

However while that was going on… At Dark Kingdom… Mamoru was remembering the events that happened prior to him being brought to Dark Kingdom and was about to go to a different room when Kunzite walked in. Mamoru didn’t want to fight… but he knew that he had to move to see the past not repeated. he made a proposition with Kunzite and it was one that Kunzite took with acceptance. they dueled to settle it.

Usagi then gets transported back to reality and looks to see that she was on top of the Luthorcorp plaza. the same spot that Sailor Venus was once on when she was going against Jadeite and Nephrite. before the real Moon Princess was then exposed…

Princess Sailor Moon: *Voice* But… at this rate… it may still appear that the past life’s tragedy will be repeated… Endymion is… Just like that time… i might wind up doing the same exact thing all over again. I… Will destroy the planet again… if things don’t start turning for the better.

Angel: *Flying in the sky and catching sight of Usagi on top of the building of Luthorcorp plaza* Usagi! What are you doing there? You had us all worried Sick about you. Are you okay?!

Usagi: *Jumps and turns to see Angel* uh-huh! i am fine.

Suddenly Youma began to appear and surround Usagi…

Usagi: I can’t let it get repeated again. it can’t happen again.

Angel: *Looking at the Youma* Usagi… don’t just stand there… Transform. on the double.

Usagi: *Transforming* Moon Prism Power… Make-Up!

Angel: *Summoning the others* I found Usagi. i found her. she is on the rooftop of the Luthorcorp plaza. she is here. come fast.

Sailor Moon: *Fighting the Youma and getting them put together in a group before attacking* Ha! *Launching an attack at the Youma’s* Moon Twilight… Flash! *Remembering what Mamoru had said before*

Mamoru: To those who don’t want the past life to be repeated the same as last time… we’re a threat. But… I have decided to not believe it. What about you? *Nods* I won’t let the planet be destroyed.

Usagi: me neither. we won’t see it get destroyed. 
Sailor Moon destroyed the Youma and saw as they vanished with a quick flash of light and stars…
However it wasn’t but seconds later before the 3 remaining generals and Mamoru showed up…
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Sailor Moon: What’s this…?

Mamoru: *Pulling out his sword* … *Pointing it at Sailor Moon* From now on… Consider me to be your enemy.

Sailor Moon: Why?! What is the meaning of this?

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Arriving from the side*

Paige: *Looking at Sailor Moon and then spotting Mamoru wearing a white royal uniform* Uh, What’s going on here?

Dinah: Okay… What gives? Mamoru looks like a imperial prince… Wait… I get it… He must now be Endymion.

Mamoru: *Looking to see the Rhapsody Girls* Yes. that is who i am… Prince Endymion of Planet Earth’s Earth Kingdom.

Pearl: Wow!

Mamoru: *Looking at Sailor Moon* Has anyone ever told you exactly what caused the tragedy from the past to happen? Why the planet was destroyed in the past life?

Dinah: *Gasps* You have got to be kidding? You are not implying that she had something to do with the destruction of the Earth, are you?

Mamoru: That’s what it was. In the past life… The Princess destroyed the earth. her forceful wail caused the Moon to plunge into the Earth destroying it.

Pearl: That is so not true. It was Beryl who destroyed the Earth. She broke into the Moon Temple and stole the power needed to awaken Queen Metaria. the Great Evil left the world in disarray and because of the forbidden romance that was between you and the Princess. You Know that… Someone killed you over that and the Princess only released the emotional response to your death and killed herself. but she wasn’t the one who destroyed the planet.

Kunzite: Then who did…?

Paige: Why don’t you ask Queen Beryl for the truth… The real story. She will tell you. It’s because of her that the Earth was destroyed.

Zoicite: We all know the truth. Beryl could do alot of things but not cause a moon to plunge into the earth.

Sailor Moon: *Looking down* In the past life… i…. I….

Paige: That is not right. You make it sound like Beryl is some sort of savior.

Dinah: *Looking at Mamoru* You are not an enemy to us… but if you don’t stop this nonsense… you’ll be giving us no other choice.

Sailor Moon: *Curious and worried* Is this why you feel that you must fight me?

Mamoru: We must not let this planet be destroyed. *Putting his sword away* I only came by to tell you this. Next time that we happen to meet. Even if by night. Don’t you think about letting your guard down.

Mamoru and the men then vanish…

Sailor Moon: *Looking down* We can’t let this planet be destroyed…

Dinah: This is the most messed up thing i’ve ever heard. Everyone from Beryl… to the guardians past life memories and now that guy… Endymion. they all think that you in the past life destroyed this planet.  *Growls* I am so tired of this mess. why does everyone see you as this world’s destruct-or?

Pearl: Dinah… That is enough… Stop it!

Dinah: *Snaps* Pearl… Will you wake the hell up? We are the only ones who think that the Princess is innocent. No one else seems to think that she is not the one that is at fault. Face it! It’s gonna take a miracle to make people realize what really caused the world to be destroyed… What triggered it. It was Beryl and her selfish desires.

Paige: Of course.

Beryl: *Voice* You will never convince the people. they know the truth. The people of the moon are the cause for calamity. the Moon Princess Will Die.

Dinah: No! The truth was that you broke into the Moon Temple and stole power that didn’t belong to you. you unleashed Metaria and that caused the world to be destroyed. it triggered the Princess to release her huge energy and plunge the Moon into the Earth. their romance was ill fated. but it was you who killed the world. caused calamity. not the Princess. We are all beyond sick of your web of lies. TELL THE TRUTH…. FOR ONCE IN YOUR EVIL HEARTLESS MEANINGLESS LIFE!

Beryl: *Firing a direct hit at Dinah* Silence… Brat!

Dinah: *being knocked back and falling off the roof of the building* Ahhh!

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting and catching Dinah* Whoa! Easy there Cousin. I got you. *getting Dinah back on her feet and on the roof* You should be more careful.

Dinah: Thanks. I was almost a goner there for a minute.

Paige: That Beryl is really starting to anger me…

Sailor Moon: She is truly the meanest.

However… the next day…

The heroes were all at the Bridge The Japanese national park in Japan… They all teleported there… for a day of tranquility. But what they didn’t know was that since the moment War was issued on the Princess… Mamoru instructed Kunzite to commence an attack upon the Princess.

On top of a building not far from the park… a Youma was setting up it’s weapon to snipe and take out the princess.

To be continued…

It looks like trouble is about to ensue on the princess and on the heroes. will it be the last stand for the senshi and the Princess? Will Beryl try to pressure Mamoru into attacking the Princess? Will Endymion decide to unleash hits on the Princess? With the struggle to keep the Earth from falling into the fated presence of Queen Metaria? The Planet was feeling the effects from the silver crystal and there was no telling as to how much more it could take before the signs of the end would begin showing. With the possibility of Being filled with music in her heart…Would Betty dive into becoming a singing star in the future? Will the Romance between her and her boyfriend ever take off or will it fizzle out and be in jeopardy? Will Mamoru be able to fight out of Beryl’s commands and return to the Princess or will he vowing to see Usagi as an enemy permanently? Find out in chapter 39 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Paige: *Voice-Over* A youma is attacking the Princess. a hit is being done on the Princess. This is not good. plus… there is a new Type of youma on the Loose. it’s much tougher than the previous ones that we’ve faced. It’s so odd. I think that this has Metaria written all over it.

Luna: *Voice-Over* Endymion was the Earth’s prince in the past life. He would be liable to attack the princess. Usagi has the Mystical Silver Crystal. this could be trouble.

Betty: *Voice-Over* I don’t like this look of this… There will no time for any fun. or romance or relaxing. we’re gonna be on our feet with keeping Metaria from stepping her evil unholy foot on the planet. The Princess will be tempted to come back out… But hopefully Sailor Moon can control it and prevent it. but with the Energy glowing from the Mystical silver crystal… it causes an Earthquake and Knocks Usagi’s Brother off the Bridge hanging on for his dear life.

Amara: *Voice-Over* Plus… With a metallic Youma… it could be trouble… I don’t think that this is gonna look good for us. It’s time to stop the bounty hunt on the princess and chase after the Metallic Youma and possibly do first battle with it… Although… What’s this…? A Possible love attempt between Shingo and Dinah? Can’t wait to see what cooks up from that… Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! in Chapter 39: “Bounty on the Moon Princess… Usagi Dead or alive; a Metallic Youma first Appearance… The Beginning of the Mystical Silver Crystals negative affects. Dinah’s possible shot at Romance… Dinah Rhapsody and Shingo Tsukino???”

Metallic Youma: *Possessed by Metaria* Planet… Destruction… Destroy!

Sailor Luna: Watch out! That Youma is possessed by Metaria. It will be hard to beat.

Betty: Wanna bet? It maybe tough… but so is the power of the lord.

Metallic Youma: *Raising it’s right hand and sending a Burning blast at the Senshi and the Rhapsody girls* Planet… Destroy it… Destroy Life…

Dinah: *Angry* Shut up… you metallic tin can before i cut you up with my Titanium Thunder Discs. *Getting Knocked down and next to Sailor Jupiter*

Pearl: *Calling out to Dinah* Dinah… What are you doing? If you sacrifice yourself… that’ll mean.

Dinah: Don’t worry about me sis. I lived a good life. i may be still a young teen. but if destroying this Metal freak means by sacrificing myself so that you and Paige can live… I’ll do it gladly.

Sailor Jupiter: *With Dinah holding onto the Metal Youma and surrounded by a green energy ball; Suddenly Releasing the energy along with Dinah* AHHHHHH!

Paige and Pearl: *Crying out* DINAH!!!!!

Ami/Dark Ami/Amara/Michelle/Trista: *Screaming in Terror* MAKOTO!!!


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