The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z Chapter 37- “Uranus Star Power- Make-Up! The Outer senshi’s have come to swear allegiance to Princess Serenity; Ami… Double Ami? Double the Ami… double the Mercury”

Princess Serenity: I am a Princess? *Doesn’t understand* But how… i feel nothing of the kind.

Sailor Luna: Didn’t your memories come back to you? You’ve clearly awoken.  they must have come back to you…

Princess Serenity: *Shaking her head* Uh-uh.

Tuxedo Artemis: That’s not possible. It can’t be… You must have remembered something.

Sailor Venus: *To Princess Serenity* I have acted as the princess during your absence, but from this time forward… i shall return back to being a Soldier.

Princess Serenity: *Gasps* Venus…

Paige: How can we be of service to you, Princess Serenity?

Princess Serenity: Please stop calling me that. I am not anything like a princess. i am still the same. Usagi…

Pearl: You are the Princess.

Artemis: It for the longest time was found to be most necessary for you to fight in order for you to awaken as a Senshi. Forgive me for having been so strict on you.

Sailor Venus: And for using your name to pose as a double…as it had to be done to protect you for the longest time. There was way too much at stake.

Dinah: But you had to of remembered something from your past.

Princess Serenity: Not a thing… I don’t remember anything about it, unfortunately. *Shrugs*

Sailor Luna: *Telling the tale* “A long, long time ago, the Earth was under one country, and there was a kingdom on the Moon. Both countries were beautiful—brimming with light and greenery. In that era, the Prince of the Earth and the Princess of the Moon fell in love. The Prince of Earth and the Princess of the Moon. The two of them loved each other deeply, but because it was a forbidden love… calamity called upon calamity, and a war started between the Moon Kingdom and the Earth. Finally, the Earth was destroyed by the Darkness. The Moon Kingdom also crumbled.”

Princess Serenity: And that Princess is me…?

Prince Curtis: In a nutshell… yeah. that was you. in your past life as Luna just said. you should try to heed what she says… she knows this stuff. she will help you regain the lost memories that you must know.

Artemis: Very Smooth. but yes. that is right. It was who you were known to be. Your Identity in the past life… before you were born from your earth mother. Your Mother is Queen Serenity. of the Moon Kingdom.

Luna: That was an Extremely long long time ago though. During the Silver Millennium.

Rei: It’s something that one would call a past life. a life that happened in the past previous life.

Makoto: What i don’t see is how a forbidden Love would destroy the world.

Luna: Well it appears that Venus was right when she said to not go near Tuxedo Kamen. she was telling the truth. The love that was between the Princess and the Prince is cursed.

Pearl: *Confused* Cursed Love? Why was it cursed? I thought that Love was a good thing. it’s never a bad thing. is it?

Sailor Venus: It is cursed because they were of two worlds… and the calamity began because of their forbidden love. The force behind the disaster was Queen Metaria. Queen beryl used that power to brainwash the people of the earth. convincing them that the people of the moon were bad omens and should not be trusted. The battle began as an insurrection on Earth. Queen Beryl in the end was the one that had broken into the Moon Temple. It was said that… that day… something had destroyed the earth. also thereby leading to the destruction of the Moon. 

Paige: Something? Wait… so you’re saying that Queen Metaria… was not the cause of the destruction that hit the earth in the past. But if it wasn’t her… who could it have been.

Dinah: If you say it’s Beryl… then it’d make no surprise to us. we all know the kooky mayhem that she is able to stir.

Sailor Venus: I can’t say… i don’t really know… but perhaps the Princess and Endymion know the truth…

Prince Alvin: I would like to know how that is possible. How could they recall what went forth in the past?

Princess Serenity: I only know that the prince and i were in love… he loved me and i love him. I don’t recall how our love caused for the planets to be destroyed.

Betty: *Walking up to Serenity* Princess, It is okay if you don’t remember now… the main thing is that you’re awoken from slumber. and are here with us. memory loss is quite common after being in slumber for a very long time. it takes time for the memories to come back. but they will come to you. you just have to think hard… and trust your heart. they are  sure to remember the past life memories eventually.

Angel: I can always tap into her mind and spark something loose.

Sailor Luna: That is not necessary. we need the memories to come to her naturally.

Dinah: Hearing about all this is very haunting… *Wondering* School is probably out now. Let’s get to the Mall and just unwind.

Princess Serenity: *Looking at the girls* Uh, How do i change back to normal?

Within seconds… Princess Serenity became Usagi again…

Usagi: *A Little weirded out* That was really weird.


*Showing Flashes and Gif clips of the Senshi and the Rhapsody Girls Z and Allies*

“Hitomi wa itsumo jueru bodi ni matou rame and chaamu Ikite yuku koto wa try get a chance! Koko ni aru kara tsuyoi yume gan gan kechirashitekou raibaru darake no mahiru Egao yori kuchibiru yori aibiimu ga kimewaza *Watashi ni nare kirari to sailor diamonds! Yoake ni umareru gaadian Watashi dakara kanau yo starlight prayers! maiku appu shiyou yo Kirameki wa mune ni Sailor senshi sore wa muunraito riaru gaaru”

Chapter 37: “Uranus Star Power- Make-Up! The Outer senshi’s have come to swear allegiance to Princess Serenity; Ami… Double Ami? Double the Ami… double the Mercury”

A few Days later…

At the Dark Kingdom…

Zoicite: *Playing the Piano and getting the others to remember the Master* Jadeite… Nephrite… Kunzite… Remember the master…

At the London Airport…

Mamoru: *heading to the College*

Kunzite: *Appearing before Mamoru and confronting him* Hello Master…

Mamoru: *Gasps* Kunzite. what the hell are you doing in London… Aren’t you rather a far distance from America? You couldn’t be here just for the scenic view. could you?

Kunzite: I am here to destroy those who were involved with the past life.

Mamoru: *Seeing the Sword coming out and realizing that Kunzite is aiming to strike him again* Shit. This is not good. *Running into the nearby building hiding*

Moments later…

Mamoru: *Thinking for a second* This is no good. no protection. Smart move. i still don’t remember clearly about my past life… but Kunzite does. *Sighs*

Kunzite: *Walking in and spotting Mamoru* Why don’t you just make it easy and lie still?

Mamoru: *Huffs and then stands up to Kunzite* “What are you trying to do… Kunzite. i told you that i don’t remember my past life. all it is right now is a memory. All i know is that i was this soldier in the past. Plus why are you so bent on harping on the past? The Past is part of our present. but it can be changed by us. By your hands. do you really think that if you try to off all those involved in the past that your painful last moment will go away? It won’t. Think about what your master would do… If i am this Master Endymion that you speak… What do you think that i would have done if i was in the same predicament as you?

Kunzite: *Pauses* …

Zoicite: *Appearing with Nephrite and Jadeite* Master…

Nephrite: *Seeing Tuxedo Kamen* You are… Master… Endymion!

Mamoru: *Gasping*

Kunzite: What is the meaning of this Gathering… I came to take out the master… Alone.

Zoicite: No. You mustn’t.

Kunzite: *Looking at Nephrite* So… You have an interest in our past lives too, huh?

Nephrite: So what if i do? I want to remember about my past life. i want to know what i was. You won’t get in my way.

for a few days Nephrite was being plagued with visions of the past and he wanted to know about the past… he knew that Zoicite was recalling the past and remembering all about the past making him the only one who would have the answers… So he went to him and got help in remembering the memories of the past…

Kunzite: *Scoffs* Remember it if you will, but when you finally do remember about your past, the only thing that will then rule the thoughts in your head… it won’t be Queen Beryl-sama. It will from then on be ruled by *Pointing to Mamoru* that man. He will be the ruling your head… controlling your thoughts.

Zoicite: Kunzite… That is enough. You are to remember the Master from our past. our real master from the past. Not Beryl.

Kunzite: *Glares* Hey! If anyone should be remembering about the master… it’s you. You should be able to remember what he had done.


the Scenery of the Earth Kingdom in ruins… the brutal devastation and the fateful sight of Jadeite. Nephrite and Zoicite laying on the ground dead…

Kunzite: *Holding onto his sword and on his knees; Crying out in agony* GGGRRAAAAHHHHH!!!

Flashback ends…

Mamoru: *Holding his head*

Zoicite: And that…Kunzite is exactly why—so we do not repeat the fated tragedies from our past—we all must thereby serve the Master!

Kunzite: *Snaps* You are Wrong, Zoicite! As long as the past dares to exist and influence our present lives… everything that unfolded in the past will only be repeated and happen just the same. Before that happens, I must end it and prevent it from getting a second chance.

Nephrite: *Barks at Kunzite* Kunzite! You get out of here! I am not going to be stopped from remembering the past life.

Kunzite: It’s not your place to butt in!

Nephrite: What?

Kunzite: Nephrite, Zoicite… Step back!

The Shintennou start Arguing…

Jadeite: *Looking into the room; Overhearing the conversation* What are they talking about? What is “the past life”? Master?

Kunzite: The two of them can’t continue…

Nephrite: Queen Metalia…

Kunzite: The Master is in danger!

Mamoru: Stop it…Stop it! Kunzite! Zoicite! Nephrite!…Jadeite! How can you all be eternally chained to what our past life was? What will it take for you to finally shake free from the visions of the past life? *Suddenly for a brief second… Revealing himself out to be their Master*

What just happened is…

Zoicite: Master, your memories… They’re returning.

Kunzite: *Looking at their Master* Master, You know that we can have you hidden away in a corner… as it has been up until now. That way… till the end of days… you can be permitted to live on peacefully. But, if you refuse and fight it…

Mamoru: *Looking at Zoicite* Zoicite, you once told me before in the past… That I’m me. That nothing can change that.

Zoicite: (nods)

Mamoru: You could be right.”

It was a couple of months since Mamoru finally regained his memory and he vowed to the Princess that people believe that the past would repeat itself but that he would not believe it to be so. He felt that there was a way to beat the past and prove it wrong. He choose not to believe it… and asked her if she felt the same as he. She didn’t know what to say as it was a shock hearing him say it in that way. Princess Serenity/Usagi looked at Mamoru as he was now in the appearance of his past life identity Endymion and felt it being really comforting that he felt such a thing about that. He came back to Metropolis days later and gave Usagi a Watch Necklace that was like gold. he wanted to give it to before he left for London but was unable to. so he then gave it to her and smiled. She felt happy but also felt torn for no one had seen Ami for a time or so, No one knew if she was okay. But all she could do was hope that Ami was okay and safe… where ever it was that resided.

Of course what no one knew was that in Metropolis…

By the Mall…

3 adult girls were walking and looking into finding information on the great Evil… They turned to see the School at a distance and started walking over to the School. It was only seconds later when suddenly they felt strange. the signs on their foreheads flashed for a split second and exposed who they were but luckily no one caught sight of it…

Amara: The Princess is said to be in this city.

Michelle: In the nearby school.

Trista: What makes you think that she’d remember us? It’s been a thousand years since the Silver Millennium. It won’t be the same like last time. we didn’t necessarily leave on such good terms last time.  but i do believe that the Princess does reside here. She is also not alone. she is protected by 3 girls… Paige Cass Rhapsody, Pearl Lucy Rhapsody and Dinah Ellen Rhapsody. Dinah is the one who hates skirts… so if you see her… don’t mention about her being in a skirt. She’ll go ballistic.

Amara: how do we know that we can trust them with the Princess?

Michelle: Amara, This is their home. i am certain that they will be quite trustworthy. The girls are protectors of this world. they come from a line of heroes. The Rhapsody Clan are heroes. There is ArcticMind who is in normal form Princess Charlene. Lord ElectricMind who is in normal form King John. He  is a father to 4 boys. Prince Alvin, Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis… They together are the Rhapsody Brothers. There is Aquatic Burn… She is in normal form… Princess Trixie. however she is married to a Pilot and the brother to Angelic Raven’s Ex. Chip Stroker.

Trista: *Looking at Michelle* Uh… Michelle… Angelic Raven is a 14 year old girl now… the one who was Angelic Raven transferred her powers to a 14 year old girl. who also happens to be the daughter to the original Angelic Raven’s Ex. as well as her.

Amara: We also have to deal with the situation of one of their Scout friends. Sailor Mercury.

Michelle: That’s right…

At the Metropolis School…

Pearl: *Looking at Usagi* What do you think will happen now that Ami is free from the Evil spell? if she is free at all from the spell that Kunzite put on her.

Usagi: *Sighs* i don’t know. But i sure miss her. do you think that she is okay?

Pearl: I sense that she is gonna be just fine. She’ll be okay. we just have to wait and see.

Outside the hall…

Amara: *Peeking in room for a quick second; Thinking in her mind* It’s her… the Moon princess is here. *Stepping out real quick* It’s her. but she looks like a common school girl. Why?

Michelle: Maybe to keep from being attacked while in school.

Trista: That is possible. but for right now… let’s keep a low key. at least around here. besides the Rhapsody girls are here too. we can’t be seen by them or the other senshi till the time calls for it. except for the one… Mercury. You two stay here and keep in the shadows. i’m gonna locate Mercury and bring her back.

Amara: right. *Nods*

Trista Walks off and heads to where Ami’s house resides with the intention of finding her. She knew that if the spell was still affecting Ami, that home would be one of the places that she’d hang out at.

But at Ami’s house…

Ami: *Sitting down and watching T.V* I’m not going back to school or doing any more studies. i am gonna just wither up and be alone. *Crying* I shouldn’t show myself after what i’ve done to my friends. I attacked my friends. i hurt them.

Dark Ami: No. it was not you. you didn’t hurt them. i have… i am to blame. i left the control of Beryl… but i am yet still to blame for what i’ve done. i costed you your happy life.

Ami: we were manipulated by that man Kunzite. got us to believe that we were being hated and that we were not wanted. it got us to turn on our friends. we are not meant to show ourselves anywhere. we’ve done terrible things. How far did we go?

Dark Ami: I don’t know… but i am sure that your friends will forgive you more than they’ll forgive me. they value you more than you know…  besides that they know deep down that you didn’t mean to do the things that you have done.

Ami: i feel terrible. Dark Ami… i feel as though i am not meant to be near anyone. i hurt the Rhapsody girls…

Dark Ami: Not true… it’s not true. it was me. you had no control of what happened. you were manipulated by the enemy. the enemy was using you. being under the control of the enemy can do that to you.  i mean.. look at me for example. i am no longer part of Beryl’s control. i am my own person now… but it won’t mean anything because your friends who love you will see me and think i am you. when they know that i’m not you. but your dark counterpart.

Suddenly a knock on the door sounded and caught their attention…

Dark Ami: *Gasps* Someone’s at the door.

Ami: *With tears in her eyes* Stay here. i’ll go answer the door.

Dark Ami: *Nod* okay.

Ami walked over to the door and answered it to reveal a tall lady wearing green. She didn’t know who it was and was at first hesitant on answering. She asked who it was and didn’t get an answer…

Ami: *Nervous* Who are you?

Trista: I’m Trista Meioh. I am from the school office and have come to bring you to school. *Smiles*

Ami: No. i am not going back. i have hurt too many people. i’ve hurt my friends… The Rhapsody girls go to that school and so does Usagi-Chan and Mako-Chan. I don’t want to see them or anyone anymore. i am ashamed at what i’ve done and seeing them after all i have done will only hurt me. knowing that i did all that.

Trista: *Looking down* I am sorry to hear that… but you must be with your friends. they love you and would never hold you accountable for the things you have done while you were under a dark spell. you should know that your friends care about you. you can believe in them.

Ami: Believe… I can’t believe in them. *Crying with sadness and with a heartfelt emotion* The Rhapsody girls and the brothers… Usagi-Chan and the others… They were scattered all over the place, weren’t they? They didn’t gather at the hangout spot; even during battle, They didn’t fight together. It didn’t look to me as though we were friends at all. I truly was a fool for i really believed that everything would one day return to the way it once was, but…somewhere in my heart deep down, somewhere…something told me it was all over… told me that the good days were never gonna return. that we’d never be together like we used to be again.

Trista: *Assuring Ami* Ami. I think they are changing little by little. Maybe, they aren’t as close as you’d hoped that they’d be, but they were all longing for your return–and that was real. it was from the heart.

Ami: *Suddenly smiling feeling the sincerity in the words spoken* That was touching.

Dark Ami: *Feeling the impact of the sentimentality* That really gets me right here…

Ami: *Pauses suddenly and confused* Wait a minute… How do you know me? How are you able to know about the others? Are you one of the Evil men?

Trista: No. i’m not. i can assure you that i’m not. *Showing a Transformation Bracelet* Trust me. i am like you. a Senshi, but you can’t tell anyone. Amara, Michelle and i are here to take some countermeasures. We came when got word that the great Evil… Queen Metaria had been fully awakened. Queen Metaria hasn’t made a move yet… but it could be a matter of time. Amara and Michelle are at the school right now looking things over. *Looking at Ami and seeing her Dark half* You and your dark half are together… How is that possible?

Ami: I don’t know. but it’s like when i finally got engulfed with that bright light… it broke me free from the Spell but something happened that neither she or i expected. we split into two…

Trista: Well we’re gonna have to keep her hidden for now. but it will be right again soon.

As for Mamoru… The Shitennou’s were about to finally remember who their master was and reunite… but that was before Beryl’s influence pulled them back to Dark Kingdom and placed under her spell again… or so it appeared to be as such… Mamoru felt that something was up and went right on back to Metropolis and suddenly walked through the park when suddenly a strange girl appeared before him… It was Kuroki Mio… but she sounded like Beryl. much like Beryl…

At Dark Kingdom…

Beryl: Even in the past… no matter how much i wanted to make you mine… you never came to me. you choose that princess instead of me. This time you will be mine… *Thinking about the Princess* Princess… Watch as i take him away from you before your very eyes. Endymion belongs to me. HE WILL BE MINE!

Mio: *Looking at Mamoru* Come with me… Your Precious Shitennou are waiting for you.

Mamoru: *Gasps* What are you…

From Dark Kingdom…

Beryl: *Speaking out* Endymion… come to me… you too Princess… Come if you dare—

At the Metropolis Middle School…

Usagi: *Getting up and feeling a bit of worry* Oh…

Teacher: *Looking at Usagi* Usagi, is there something wrong?

Usagi: I don’t know. i got to go though. someone’s summoned me.

Teacher: I didn’t hear anything. *Looking to the P.A box* there’s nothing going on. the P.A Box didn’t sound off…

Pearl: *Speaking out* Please… let her out. There is trouble stirring.

Teacher: And it calls for her and you to handle it, right? *Grins* I know all about you and the Rhapsody girls. I also know about the girls too with Senshi power.

Usagi: *frantically apologizing before running out*

Pearl: *Running out after Usagi* Trouble again… Usagi! Wait! *Sighs* oh dear… this is not gonna go well. i can just feel it now… Trouble never rests even during school. i almost bet it would be the same guy again… Maybe it will be Queen Beryl finally getting off her butt and doing some trouble on her own for a change.

As for Paige…

Paige: *Feeling her power belt going off* Something is not right. There’s something going on. *Getting up and walking out* I will bet that it’s that rotten creep with a sword making trouble again.

Dinah and Makoto however were in class and were about to start working on their class work when suddenly they heard something from the wind. Makoto listened to the wind and Dinah listened to the Skies…

Dinah: *Looking at Makoto* Danger. The Princess is being lured to Beryl.

Makoto: *Looking at Dinah; Gasps* Are you sure?

Dinah: I’m positive on the feeling, Mako-Chan. The Skies don’t lie. it’s sensing the danger.

Makoto: *Getting up and running out* Let’s go.

Dinah: *Running after Makoto* Right behind ya!

At the park standing in huge clearing…

Mamoru: *Demanding* What is the meaning of this… Why bring me to this place. there is nothing here. a place where innocent kids and families come and play and hang out… What are you up to?

Mio: *Standing across from Mamoru and looking at him ; with a sudden mysterious gust of Dark petals and black mist flying through the air around her; With Beryl’s Voice sounding off* Finally after tens of thousands of years of waiting… Endymion!

Suddenly with a high swarm of dark petals and a thick plume of dark mist… Mio then vanished and only petals remained for about a moment before vanishing. Mamoru looked at the petals as they vanished and became confused as to what was going on… he didn’t know what was going on. but as his back was turned… he didn’t seem to catch sight of Beryl standing a distance behind him and watching him.

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Beryl: *Standing and Speaking out* Endymion!

Mamoru: *Jumps and turns to see Beryl* …..

Beryl:  Do you realize how long it was that i have been waiting for the very day that i would see you once again?

Mamoru: *defensive* You! I’m sure you’re…

Beryl: *Intrigued* Ah! so you do somewhat remember me… i suppose that i ought to be touched by that. *Grinning* Yes… it is no wonder as to how i was always watching you all this time. i always watched you from afar.

Mamoru: *Gasps* What? You’re obsessively deranged. Would you ever realize that? You are totally psycho. it’s a very delusional dream you’re living… how can you suggest for me to be yours?

But as the fateful meeting was just getting underway…

Sailor Moon: *Running over to the scene with Sailor Mars, Jupiter and Venus* Stop!

Beryl: *Smirks* Ah! so she has come. The Princess has decided to actually come to grace me with her presence.

Mamoru: *Gasping* Usagi!

Sailor Moon: *Confused* What is this?! What is the meaning of this?

Sailor Venus: *Looking at beryl* Beryl, What are you trying to pull?

Beryl: *To Sailor Moon* Princess… Swear that today will be the day you leave Endymion. He belongs to me and shall be mine. as he was meant to be since the past.

Sailor Moon: *Gasps*

Beryl: *Scheming* With him and Queen Metaria’s power in hand… Together… we shall be an unstoppable force ruling all the land.

Paige: *Running over to the girls* What’s going on?

Pearl: *Looking to see Beryl up ahead* Beryl?! What is she doing here at the park? What does she want?

Dinah: *Seeing Mamoru standing in the middle* Paige, Pearl… i think that whatever is happening now… the guy in the middle is the prime subject. I may be wrong… but it looks like Beryl’s got her snake-festered sights on him.

Sailor Moon: *Turning to see the Rhapsody Girls* Paige-Chan, Pearl-Chan, Dinah-Chan… What are you doing here?

Paige: What do you mean, what are we doing here? We are here to bust this Evil party.

Sailor Mars: What she means is that what brings you 3 here? Beryl is not one to trifle with.

Dinah: You think we’re scared of her? *Scoffs* Please! we dealt with the likes of King Lotor… and he was a rotten Drule who was bent on ruling the whole Denubian Galaxy. you think that this evil spewing witch will scare us off. not a chance.

Mamoru: *Shooting out in outrage* Don’t decide that for yourself! Why do you choose me for your affair? What is so important about me that you feel that you need me to be a part of your devious scheme?

Beryl then snickers as she holds up her hands and points out her fingers releasing purple lightning and reveals the 4 generals and presents them to Mamoru’s sight. The Senshi gasp and So do the Rhapsody girls…  Betty and Angel pop in from behind the girls and witness what’s going on… although they were not aware that two girls were standing beside a tree on the left side of the clearing and watching the scene unfold…

Amara: *Looking over to see the girls and the enemy quarreling over a guy in the middle* This doesn’t look good. we might need to step in to prevent it from getting out of control.

Michelle: What do you suppose they’re doing?

Amara: I don’t know. but whatever it is… it doesn’t look promising. Beryl looks like she’s holding some kind of leverage over the guy in the middle.

Michelle: *Seeing the guy in the middle* Wait. we know him. Don’t we? *Gasps* That’s Prince Endymion. Beryl is trying to claim him…

Amara: If that is the case… then we better be prepared to see a bit of rage going on. The Princess will not be too happy. Endymion is Serenity’s love and she is not gonna just surrender him that easily.

Michelle: Do you think that she’ll come out?

Amara: If Beryl presses her luck and ticks Sailor Moon off… that may just be what is liable to happen.

In the Middle of the Clearing…

The 4 Shitennou look at the Senshi and aim to strike… or so it looks as that at first…  The Senshi get set to strike too. Dinah was not one to wait to see what happened next… she made a move and kicked up a blast of Thunder at Beryl.

Dinah: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Thunder Electrocution!

Beryl: *Taking the hit* Curse you… Rhapsody Brat. Eliminate the Rhapsody girls!

The 4 warriors fire blasts at the girls and send them flying… But Betty and Angel  flew in and saved them from crashing on the ground. they got beside them and stood in defense at Beryl… Beryl was calling the shots and with a snap of her fingers… The 4 generals shifted and turned their weapons on themselves…

Nephrite: *Struggling* Beryl-Sama… What are you doing? What is this?

Beryl: The Shitennou were revived by my very hands… With just a word… they would skewer themselves.

Kunzite: *Growling* What?!

Beryl: Endymion! If you value the very lives of the Shitennou and don’t wish for them to die… Then… Come to me!

Sailor Moon: *Gasps and feeling desperate* No! How Cruel!

Dinah: What?! You have got to be kidding me here… you mean… that she’s making him choose between saving 4 guys who were his loyal men in the past life and being with the Princess. That Lady has got some social issues or something. she’s obviously off her deep end.

Pearl: If she tries to take Endymion away from the Princess… she’s gonna be in a load of trouble…

Sailor Luna: What do we do about it though? we can’t take Mamoru to safety. Beryl and everyone is watching…

Betty: You can’t… but *Turning into a shadow and going through ground to grab Mamoru and secretly get him to safety* i can…


Beryl: *Stopping the attempt* Not so fast… Endymion is gonna be mine. MINE!!!

Sailor Moon: *Crying out* Why are you doing this?! Why?!

Beryl: Endymion! Ever since the past life long long ago… I have had the fondest feelings for you. For you alone…

Sailor Jupiter: *Thinking to self* Past Life.

Beryl: Come! I know that deep down… you care truly about them and wouldn’t let them down… They were once your loyal oath bound retainers after all.  they were like treasures to you.

Kunzite: *Snaps and Scoffs* That is sheer Rubbish… I am nothing of the kind!

Kunzite tried to break from the forced grip that Beryl was putting on him with his sword but Beryl was putting pressure on it and not letting go.  Beryl was not letting up…

Mamoru: *Desperate* Stop it! Stop this madness.

Paige: *Looking at Beryl* You got some serious abandonment issues going on to think that you can just make him yours. don’t you get it? He is not into you. and to hold his 4 loyal warriors captive to force his hand…

Dinah: It’s Pathetic. You are seriously messed up, Lady.

Beryl: *Blasting at the girls* SILENCE!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Flying back* Ahhh!

Beryl: *Beckoning* Come before me, Endymion!

Sailor Moon: *Shouting out; Emotional* Wait a moment! None of this means anything… You can’t just Threaten someone into returning your feelings if they don’t feel the same back. it’s wrong. He doesn’t want you… can’t you see that? HE DOESN’T WANT YOU!!!

Beryl: *Barks* Be Silent, Sailor Brat!

Sailor Venus: Everyone! Protect The Princess. Shield her!

Within seconds Beryl motioned for the shitennou to fire at the senshi and the Rhapsody girls… Betty and Angel Shielded them all with a holy barrier. with caused the attack to bounce back at them, but it unleashed an explosion that knocked them all down… the Rhapsody Girls and the senshi were tossed to the ground by the explosion…

Sailor Moon: *seeing everyone knocked to the ground* Everyone… *Worried and not knowing what to do*

Pearl: *In pain* What are we gonna do? Beryl is Too strong. She’s not playing fair… *Losing Consciousness*

Artemis: *Running over to the girls* everyone, hang on tight. Hold on.

Ami: *Running over to the girls* Girls… i am back… i am here.

Sailor Moon: Ami-Chan…

Ami: I feel bad for what i have done to you girls and to the innocent people… but i am gonna make up for it. one way or another… *Transforming* Mercury Power… Make-Up!

Sailor Moon: *Looking at her friends on the ground struggling and in pain* How Terrible is this… This is the cruelest act a person can do… Why does she have to be so mean?

Beryl: *Calling out* Endymion! Exactly how much longer are you gonna make me wait for you to come to me? COME!!!

Beryl snapped her fingers and made the weapons aim at the shitennou again…

Mamoru: *Shooting out in a plea* Wait! *Looking down and feeling regret over what he sees must be done* I understand… i have no choice. i must go to her.

Beryl: That is right, Endymion… Come to me. that’s a obedient Prince. *Feeling satisfied seeing that she was getting her way*

Nephrite: *Gasps* Why?!

Jadeite: Is… he going to save us from her?! What’s he gonna do?

Zoicite: Master… Don’t do it… What are you doing… Go back. Please go back… No Master… Don’t! Don’t let her fool you! *Struggling*

Sailor Moon: *Fearing what was gonna come* No…

Beryl was looking happy and pleased seeing that Endymion was gonna be hers and was about to place her hands onto him when…

Sailor Moon: *With an angry tone and exposing a shine to her tiara feeling the Princess coming out* Don’t you touch him! BACK OFF!

Artemis: *Transforming* Tuxedo Moon Power… Power-Up!

By the trees…

Amara:  Looks like trouble…

Michelle:  Should we get to it?

Amara: Most definitely…

a second later…

Amara: *Transforming* Uranus Star Power… Make-Up! *Posing* “Soldier of Earth and Determination Sailor Uranus!”

Michelle: *Transforming* Neptune Star Power… Make-up! *Posing* “Soldier of Ocean and Grace Sailor Neptune!”

Trista: *Walking into the scene* Time for Pluto to make her scene… *Transforming* Pluto Star Power… Make- Up! *Posing* “Guardian of the Gates of Time, Sailor Pluto!”

Sailor Uranus/Sailor Neptune/Sailor Pluto: In the name of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto… We’ll Punish you!

Tuxedo Artemis: *Looking over to see 3 new senshi* We got some extra help. I dare the Queen to try her hand now.

Dinah: Hey! don’t be Challenging her… That’s my department.

Sailor Moon suddenly undergoes a transformation and it causes Beryl to look in shock seeing what was happening before her eyes….

Mamoru: Usagi!

Seconds Later…

Click to view full size image

Beryl: *gasps*

Sailor Mars/Jupiter/Venus: *Gasps*

Tuxedo Artemis: Usagi-Chan…

Sailor Luna: Wow!

Beryl: What is that? What the heck is she?!

Dinah: *Coughs up a little bit* What’s the matter Beryl?! Afraid of the Moon Princess’s new look? Does it startle you… GOOD! but that’s the Least of your worries…

Princess Sailor Moon: *Looking at Dinah* Let me handle it from here, Dinah. you are spewing fighting words and are determined to fight her off. but let me take it from here.

Beryl: *Seeing 3 unknown senshi in her presence* Who or what are you?

Sailor Uranus: We are the senshi who have come to stop your terror. You are aiming to unleash a Great Evil to take a planet that will never serve the likes of you. you’re Fowl in all corners… the Evil in you is like poison.

Sailor Neptune: The Earth will never be yours. to claim the Prince of the Earth to see that you get the Earth to serve you. It’s a low down vengeful move of you to commit.

Sailor Pluto: The gates of time see that the past will repeat if the Evil Queen Metaria is released and resurrected. it can not be permitted. we are gonna stop it…

Princess Sailor Moon: *Looking at Sailor Uranus* Who are you?

Sailor Uranus: *Looking at Princess Serenity* Princess… we’ve come to swear our Allegiance to you. You do what you must. but no matter what she pulls… we got your back.

Sailor Neptune: Let it out.

Princess Sailor Moon: *Nods* …. *Looking towards Beryl*

Beryl: *Not amused* What the heck is that? What are you? *Blasting a shot of Dark Energy at the Princess*

Rhapsody Girls: *Feeling the impact of the blast* Ahhh!

Sailor Mars/Jupiter/Venus: *Getting knocked back further* Ahhh!

Beryl: *Seeing Fire billowing from where the Princess stood; Laughing* Ahahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHA!

Princess Sailor Moon: *Walking through the fire and walking towards Beryl*

Sailor Mars: *gasps* Amazing… That’s not’s Usagi anymore… Is it?

Sailor Jupiter: Then that must…

Sailor Venus: It’s the Princess…. Princess Serenity. She’s come to fight.

Pearl: The Princess Looks like Sailor Moon. it’s a mix of both the Princess and Sailor Moon.

Dinah: *Surprised* Whoa! That is really… She’s really pissed though.

Sailor Pluto: Yeah. At Beryl. and who could blame her?

Dark Ami: *Walking up from behind* Hey guys. Guess who?

Sailor Mercury: *Gasps* What are you doing here?

Dark Ami: To lend a hand against that Evil woman. Beryl will not take Endymion without a fight. *Transforming* Dark Power… Make-Up!

Beryl: *Desperately demanding for the Princess to be taken out* What do you think you’re doing? Don’t just stand there…. ELIMINATE THAT GIRL!!!!

Sailor Uranus: *Moving in* I Don’t think so! An attack against the Princess is a motion for Treason… *Launching an attack at Beryl* Uranus…. World… Shaking!

Sailor Neptune: The Princess will be obeyed Beryl. Mess with her… you will be messing with us.  *Launching an attack at Beryl* Neptune Deep… Submerge!

Paige: That’s Right! *Looking at her sisters* Girls… Let’s Blast her with our Power!

Rhapsody Girls: *Firing an Energy beam at Beryl* Rhapsody Beam of LIGHT!

Princess Sailor Moon: *With her Moon Sword out and Warding off each attack coming to her and firing at the sides* Try Harder… Try Again! Endymion is my Love. He doesn’t love you; You Evil Heartless Selfish witch. he will never be yours. Give it up!

Beryl: He will be mine. I deserve him. You are of the Moon. The Moon people are a hindrance to Earth and will be taken down. Starting with you… YOU CONNIVING PRINCESS! *Firing at the Princess again*

Princess Sailor Moon: *Warding the attacks again* You will never learn. Will you?

Mamoru: *Gasps* Wha—?

Beryl: And you won’t do as your told and give Endymion to me… you are of the Moon… and he is of Earth. the romance between you and he is not allowed. and i will not allow it. you are not gonna get him. period. It won’t be easy for you to try. As i am now… I am to be your Equal. *Shooting out* No… I am an existence surpassing your own.  *Seeing the Princess Still walking closer to her* Are you even listening to a Word i am saying to you?  Stand down… DROP YOUR SWORD THIS MINUTE! OBEY ME!!! *Firing at the Princess again*

Princess Sailor Moon: *Throwing each attack Beryl throws at her to the sides*

Beryl: INSOLENT RUFFIAN! *Firing a large wave of Dark Energy at the Princess*

Princess Sailor Moon: *Blocking the attack and with her sword creating a 5 pointed Star; Bring her sword to the middle of the Star and suddenly Pointing the Sword towards Beryl launching it at her* The only one that’s insolent… is you. You will Bow down to me Beryl! you will not tell your princess of the Moon what to do. you don’t have any authority here. NONE! If you want to fight… then come to me and fight. Come and fight me right the hell now. unless you are more into being as you are now… a COWARD who needs people to fight your battles for you since you can’t do it yourself.

Dark Mercury: *Running around to the back of Beryl and without being seen Landing an attack at Beryl* You are a real pain in the ass Beryl. You take what isn’t yours because you are jealous that someone is happy and not you. you live in a deluded pipedream… Thinking that Endymion will ever love you. You better just drop the act. No one could ever love you. You’re with an Evil heart. and Evil people don’t harbor a heart for love. all they feel is Lust. that’s is not what Love is truly about… It’s not about Lust alone.

Princess Sailor Moon: *Grinning*

Rhapsody Girls: Princess!

Beryl: *Getting up after being knocked down from the attack* CURSE YOU!!! *Commanding Mamoru* Stop this, Endymion! Eliminate this girl!

Paige: *Shooting out to Mamoru* Mamoru… Don’t listen to her…  She is trying to force you to attack the princess. she’s got your 4 men captive. don’t fall for it. IT’S A TRICK!!! She’ll Only Harm you after the Princess gets taken out. The Princess is the innocent one. if you should destroy anyone… Destroy Beryl. She’s the one who is gonna release Metaria. Not the Princess. DON’T DO IT!!!

Beryl: You are Mine, Endymion! If you dare refuse…

Beryl then snaps her finger and causes Nephrite’s weapon to turn on him and stab him.

Nephrite: *Gasping in Agony before falling dead* Beryl-sama!

Rhapsody Girls: *Looking at Beryl* You are a Cruel Woman! CRUEL!

Beryl: *Looking at the girls* That’s right. I want Endymion and he will be mine whether you snot nosed goody-two shoes like it or not. The Princess deserves to lose her love. and i won’t stop till her heart is thereby broken.

Sailor Mars: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Youma… Taisan!

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Supereme… THUNDER!

Sailor Mercury: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Shine aqua… ILLUSION!

Sailor Venus: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Venus…LOVE ME… CHAIN!

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Luna Sucre CANDY!

Sailor Uranus: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Uranus… WORLD SHAKING!!!

Sailor Neptune: *Launching an attack at Beryl*NEPTUNE DEEP SUBMERGE!!!

Sailor Pluto: *Launching an attack at Beryl*PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM!

Paige: *Launching an attack at Beryl*Love’s Flash!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Bubble Wave!

Dinah: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Thunder Explosion!

Betty: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Heaven’s Thunder!

Angel: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Abyss of Darkness!

Tuxedo Artemis: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Cutting Moon!

Dark Mercury: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Dark Mercury Freeze!

Beryl: *Knocked Down* …

Mamoru: *Shook by the sight of the girls all attacking Beryl* …

Jadeite: Nephrite? *Shocked*

Mamoru: *Walking over to the Princess*

Beryl: *Speaking out* Endymion!

Mamoru then walks over to the Princess and aims to get her to calm down… The Princess watched as she saw Mamoru walking over to her and she lowered her Sword in silence before she spoke out…

Princess Sailor Moon: *Looking calmly at Mamoru* Endymion.

Mamoru: *Suddenly hugging Usagi and Holding her close* Usagi. Can you hear my voice? That’s enough! You made your point to everyone… Return to normal now… Please! Usagi…….. *Dramatic* Usagi!

Princess Sailor Moon: *Gasps and then Glows Bright yellow*

Seconds later…

Usagi: *Looking at Mamoru* I… What happened?

Sailor Mercury: *With the girls* Usagi-Chan!

Pearl: Usagi-Chan… Are you alright?

Beryl: *Shooting out a Command* Endymion. COME!

Mamoru sighed before he turned to look at Usagi one last time and then walked his way back to Beryl. but he only made it a few steps before Usagi called out for Mamoru. Mamoru stopped and turned and swore that he’d definitely come back to her.

seconds later… Beryl and the 4 shitennou and Mamoru were gone and Usagi looked down for a second and saw Mamoru’s reflection in the Watch that he got her before he left for London… She closed her eyes and then fell back passing out…

Dinah: *Gasps* Oh no!

Sailor Luna: Usagi-Chan!

Tuxedo Artemis: This is terrible… Terrible indeed.

Dark Mercury: *sighs* Yeah…

Sailor Mars: *Looking sad before aiming it right at Sailor Venus; Emotional* All this… This is Also… Because we are destined to bear the burden of the past life. Isn’t it? We’re having to live the same thing as we did in our past life again… aren’t we? AREN’T WE?!

Everyone then look up at Sailor Venus and in shock…

Sailor Venus: *Devastated and feeling guilty* This is all my fault. placing all this burden on her… bringing this back to be relived again…

Betty: *Looking at Mars* Hey! it is not gonna be like that at all. it’ll be alright. just keep calm. Beryl might have unfortunately won this time… but we will get back at her for it.

Dark Mercury: That’s right.

Dinah: *Feeling angry over the fact that Beryl was bent on ripping the Princess’s heart out* Grrr! I Hate that evil no good witch Beryl… I so want to go and get my hands on her and give her a real hurtful beating. That No good Witch makes me so sick that i can just EXPLODE! *Emitting Thunder from her Eyes in Rage*

Sailor Uranus: *Intrigued* So this girl is the Princess Reincarnated. the Daughter to Queen Serenity.

Sailor Neptune: I think so, Uranus. but she was a lot different than she was last time. She looked much more different this time. way too powerful.

Sailor Pluto: I believe that it will happen again and keep happening till Endymion is back with us. Everytime her emotions wind up at it’s highest… The Princess will let loose.  We need to keep the power of the Princess Suppressed as much as we can. The past life could repeat if we don’t. Whatever we do… we must see to it that nothing sets off the trigger causing the Princess to manifest.

a Moment later…

At Princess Rikku’s house in the girls bedroom…

Princess Rikku: *Cleaning up the Room a bit* I must get those girls to be more cleaner…

Ami: *Walking in with the girls*

Artemis: *Carrying Usagi to one of the beds* Whoa! i don’t mean to say this… but for a Princess… she sure is heavy, isn’t she?

Paige: *Gasps* Hey! Artemis… don’t say that. that’s not nice to say about a girl…

Artemis: It’s not like i am saying it to be mean or nothing… but she is heavy. plus… i do happen to be the one carrying her, right?

Pearl: Yeah…

a minute later…

Paige: Okay. First thing is first… *Looking at Amara, Michelle and Trista* Who are you? and what brought you here?

Makoto: Paige, ease up a little. it’s not right to question them. they’re here to aid us… I think.

Amara: We came here to stop the Great Evil from being awoken. We are from the future and came to this time to stop what was coming. As you know… Queen Beryl is the one responsible for the demise of the Moon Kingdom a thousand years ago. She broke into the Sacred Moon temple and stole power and the fuel needed to awaken Queen Metaria. The Great Evil was defeated by Queen Serenity using the Mystical Silver Crystal that is her heirloom the sacred power. all the Evil in the galaxy feared it for it was that powerful. But when She used the Mystical Silver Crystal… It defeated the Great Evil… but also drained her. However that was not what destroyed the moon Kingdom and the Earth. It was however because of the forbidden love between the Princess and the Prince. The 4 Generals that you saw with Beryl… they were the loyal retainers of Prince Endymion. they called him their Master. But when they caught on that he was in courtship with the Moon Princess. the Daughter to Queen Serenity… they believed that he was throwing them away for her. but the Moon Guard sent a strike at the Prince and the Princess was left devastated by it. She glowed bright white and with the energy she let loose… The Moon Drove into the Earth and destroyed it. killing her and the prince. but it also killed the 4 generals… Kunzite as you may know holds the greatest Grudge over that. on that day… He lost everything.


“the Scenery of the Earth Kingdom in ruins… the brutal devastation and the fateful sight of Jadeite. Nephrite and Zoicite laying on the ground dead…

Kunzite: *Holding onto his sword and on his knees; Crying out in agony* GGGRRAAAAHHHHH!!!”

Amara: *Voice-Over* But on the Moon at the ruined Moon Kingdom…

“Princess Serenity: *Kneeling beside Prince Endymion Saddened to see him lifeless on the ground; Crying out* Endymion! 

A Shrill eerie moan filled the space around the Moon as the moon turned White and collapsed into the earth, Destroying it…”

Flashback Ends…

Amara: We are here to swear our Allegiance to The Princess and fight the heavy fight for her so she won’t have to.

Trista: No matter what happens… we can not allow the Past to be repeated. Fate gave us a second chance… we must make it right. No matter what.

Pearl: How do we do that? Beryl is proving to be a tough villain. she is a bit tougher than what King Lotor was. He at least kept us to where we knew what to expect persay as to what he’d try to do… but Beryl is really shifty. She is just not making it easy on us at all.

Amara: It is a mess that we live in… a big mess. The Moon Kingdom is rather dead. the Princess and her 4 guardians are the last remaining survivors of the Moon Kingdom Not to forget Artemis and Luna. We are from the Future. So we see what happens in the future. and the future shows that The Princess Becomes Future Queen of the Moon. but right now… if she doesn’t try to contain her deep emotions and this planet does fall as it did a 1000 years ago… there may not be a future for anyone..

Michelle: We need to Stop Beryl from launching Queen Metaria…

Trista: We are also gonna need to consider that Beryl now has Endymion… He could be persuaded to join her side and that could trigger the Princess’s Rage and cause her to go loose.

Dinah: But the Princess… She must have came out to fight back Beryl. She was not about to let Beryl take Endymion without a fight.

Dinah: *Thinking back*Reminiscing: “Princess Sailor Moon: *Blocking the attack and with her sword creating a 5 pointed Star; Bring her sword to the middle of the Star and suddenly Pointing the Sword towards Beryl launching it at her* The only one that’s insolent… is you. You will Bow down to me Beryl! you will not tell your princess of the Moon what to do. you don’t have any authority here. NONE! If you want to fight… then come to me and fight. Come and fight me right the hell now. unless you are more into being as you are now… a COWARD who needs people to fight your battles for you since you can’t do it yourself.”

Betty: What do we do? i could try to Smite her and scare her with the power of the Lord… but i don’t like doing that. the lord should never be a weapon. But we’re gonna have to do something about Beryl. And plus not only that…*Looking at Paige, Pearl and Dinah* how were you 3 able to attack… we were there and you were not in your transformed form.

Paige: yeah we were… we became the heroes as we ran right to the scene where the mess was taking place. we did.

Makoto: Yeah. that’s true. they did.

Usagi: *Voice* Paige and i did the same thing as we ran to the spot where the incident was going on.

Dark Ami: *Spilling out the news* I don’t mean to speak out of turn… but… you should know that there are now two of me.

Angel: *Spotting 2 Ami’s in the room* What… The?

Ami: *blushing* What’s wrong?

Pearl: 2 Ami’s? *Shocked* How is that even possible?

Paige: *Seeing 2 Ami’s in the room* Ahh! Good heavens! 2 Ami’s in one room? What… How… Where…. when?

Ami: *Explaining* “when i finally got engulfed with that bright light… it broke me free from the Spell but something happened that neither she or i expected. we split into two…”

Makoto: *Thinking* Bright light… Wait! It was the Bright Energy that was released by the Princess. It broke the spell that was placed on you… But then.. how could it split you from the other and make 2 of you come out? That’s not possible… Is it?

Ami: Well… that is what i don’t know…but i think that there is someone who might know how it could be so.

Rei: *Curious* Who?

Ami: The Professor to the girls. He might know.

Dinah: *Bursts the bubble on Ami’s Idea* Oh no… there is a lot of things that the Professor will do. but there is no way that he’s about to dive into the realm of the possibility of a Personality split. that is not one of his callings. *Scoffs* I mean… what the heck do you think he is… A shrink?

Usagi: *Grunting in her sleep and starting to come to* Ugh! My head… *Waking up and not seeing Mamoru* Mamoru? Mamoru?!

Minako: uh-oh… I think that Usagi is coming to… and she is calling for Mamoru…

Princess Rikku: If she is about to do what it looks like she’s gonna do… She better go outside… because i just barely got these beds made and i don’t want anything to mess them up. Sorry if i sound fussy. but i’ve just spent the last 4 hours cleaning the house. *Panting in exhaustion* Plus not only that… i am really stung by the fact that i truly Lost Pidge. Tammy has him now. i really am happy that they’re finally together and married. but it’s just unfair. maybe it’s because i thought that there’d be hope that he’d always feel for me in some way.

Betty: Dad still loves you mom. but he loves Tammy. She’s a wonderful person. the right thing to do is be happy for them. Daddy is whole again. it’s a wonderful feeling to know that he is truly happy. we were at the wedding.

Angel: Tammy never looked so lovely.

Amara: *Looking at the Mother to the Rhapsody Girls* Uh… i don’t think you need to worry. the thing that might happen isn’t gonna be what you think… not yet. The Princess is Dormant right now… but if things don’t return to normal and if Endymion doesn’t come back soon… the Princess Glowing and running loose will be the very least of our troubles.

Michelle: *Seeing Usagi Glowing* She’s glowing and that means that the Princess is gonna be reaching out…

Usagi: *Glowing and Looking up at the Moon* Endymion!

Dinah: *In shock* Oh… boy. that’s not gonna sound good.

With Princess Serenity now making more appearances and the fact that she unleashed her Rage… What was gonna happen now? Was she gonna go after Beryl? Would Mamoru be persuaded to think that The Moon Princess was a bad omen that calls calamity? What was gonna happen with the reality of 2 Ami’s? Would the second Ami become one of the heroes? Would Princess Sailor Moon make another appearance and get closer to ending everything all for Endymion? With the 3 Outer’s out and with the team, What was gonna happen to the Senshi? Will the Rhapsody Girls get another upgrade from the Professor? Will Betty and Dennis’s Relationship ever take off or will the upcoming threats that Beryl motions to cause put their relationship on Ice? Does Beryl plan on abducting Dennis to Lure Betty to the Dark side and put a snag in the heroic attempts to prevent Queen Metaria from being unleashed? Find out in Chapter 38 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Amara: *Voice-Over* Hello there… Amara Tenoh here… we 3 outers have showed up and swore our allegiance to Princess Serenity and help keep things under control… but it’s was a good thing too. now we got to work at keeping Beryl’s plans on ice. but it won’t be easy. plus Ami and her Dark half are now fighting side by side and are like sisters. it’s getting really weird.

Michelle: *Voice-Over* Usagi is gone off again and the Princess is on the loose. She’s reaching out for Endymion… With the Prince being in the grasp of the Evil Queen Beryl… we are sure gonna have to keep on the run to put the Princess on the back burner… it could get ugly and the Princess could aim to attack Beryl again…

Trista: *Voice-Over* She is after all Lamenting… Plus while at Dark Kingdom… Mamoru and Kunzite share a past vision and look back at the happy times and then Kunzite recounts the final moment of his life in the past. Not to mention that the Rhapsody get their new upgrades. It’s gonna be a new start for them… they’re gonna be stronger.

Dinah: *Voice-over* I don’t know about you girls… but we 3 girls are beat and worn out… you 3 can begin the operation to search for the Princess and we’ll catch up in the morning. we’re wiped out… Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 38: “All is not well in the matters of Princess Serenity; The move to stop the grand return of Queen Metaria begins… Youma’s Jest; With a taste of Metaria’s power… Break Please!”

Dinah: *Following the sound of the harp* Okay… Now where do we go?

Dark Ami: I don’t know…

Luna: *Pinpointing the direction of the Harp’s tune* West… Towards the School Auditorium.

Amara: I hope we’re not too late… *Running and following the harp’s sound*


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