The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z Chapter 36- “Please Welcome… Usagi/Princess Serenity…. The Moon Princess!… Rhapsody Girls: Long live Princess Serenity!; Rhapsody Brothers: We are in your debt Moon Princess!”

Tuxedo Kamen:  *Jumping out and Using his Cane; Fighting Kunzite*

Kunzite:  Aha! So… You are gonna try and fight me, Master. I should have seen this coming from you.

Tuxedo Kamen: *Fighting*

Kunzite:  I believe that you’re only fooling yourself in trying to out beat me. *Swinging his sword and Knocking Tuxedo Kamen down* I would have expected better from you. a better fight. how sad… My Master… the Master i once knew… coming back and reborn into such a weak weak human. You would have been better off not knowing about your past self. but Since you know of your past life… it can’t be helped for you to now meet your demise. by my hands.

Tuxedo Kamen: What are you talking about? *Getting up and Fighting back*

Kunzite: You betrayed us. in the past… Fell for that princess and threw aside the ones who would have stood by you no matter what. the very ones who fought for you.

Dramatic Music sounds off…


*Showing Flashes and Gif clips of the Senshi and the Rhapsody Girls Z and Allies*

“Hitomi wa itsumo jueru bodi ni matou rame and chaamu Ikite yuku koto wa try get a chance! Koko ni aru kara tsuyoi yume gan gan kechirashitekou raibaru darake no mahiru Egao yori kuchibiru yori aibiimu ga kimewaza *Watashi ni nare kirari to sailor diamonds! Yoake ni umareru gaadian Watashi dakara kanau yo starlight prayers! maiku appu shiyou yo Kirameki wa mune ni Sailor senshi sore wa muunraito riaru gaaru”

Chapter 36- “Please Welcome… Usagi/Princess Serenity…. The Moon Princess!… Rhapsody Girls: Long live Princess Serenity!; Rhapsody Brothers: We are in your debt Moon Princess!”

At the Mall…

Paige: *Looking at the group of hat boys passing by* Wow! those are really hot guys. Too bad that they look a bit old for me.

Pearl: *Looking at the passing girls with exotic dresses* I wonder how much those Exotic dresses are. i would just love to have just a few of those. even if they’re a little revealing. *Thinking about it* Ehhh…. Maybe not.

Dinah: *Seeing a crowd of people surrounding a group of break dancers* Whoa! that looks really cool. I’m gonna go and try that. *Running over and watching the performance*

At the Shrine…

Usagi: *Sighs* I miss seeing Mamoru.

Rei: Usagi… you need to forget about him. he is engaged to that woman Helina. She and Mamoru are gonna get married someday. Do you really want to cause them to break up because of your wanting to be with Mamoru?

Usagi: No. But usually i see him around.

Makoto: You do have a point, Usagi. we usually see him around by this time.

Rei: You don’t think anything’s happened to him, do you?

Suddenly a girl comes over…

Girl: *Calling out for Mamoru* Mamoru-kun. Where are you? *Getting worried* Ohhh… Where could he have gone?

Usagi: *Overhearing someone calling out for Mamoru* Huh?!

Rei: *Spotting the girl* That’s Helina. What’s she calling for Mamoru for? Is something wrong? *Calling out to the girl* Helina… What’s wrong?

Helina: i can’t find Mamoru… he is missing. i tried calling him and he responded saying that he was at the Planetarium Looking at something. but before i could get anything else out of him… the line cut off and went dead. But before it went dead… i heard a name get called… Kunzite.

Usagi: *Gasps* Oh no… he could be hurt. i got to go and help him….

Rei: *Grabbing Usagi* Usagi, Let the 3 girls go and do it. You said that you were trying to forget him as it was for the best. you’re not gonna be able to forget about him if you keep crossing his path and going near him.

Usagi: *Pulling away and Running off; Determined* This is different. It’s a Different Situation…

Rei: *Running after Usagi* Usagi?! *Sighs*

Pidge: *Running up to Rei* Rei… you now trust the Rhapsody Girls… it gives you the ability to summon them… they are needed, right? Just Yell out: “Rhapsody Girls… We need you!” and they’ll respond.

Rei: *Stopping and Looking at the Professor* Huh?! that will summon them?

Pidge: Yes. it’s a battle line. they will respond to it. The Power belts react to that line.

Rei: *Nods* Okay.

Pidge: I’m on my way to see my daughter Betty. but now you know what to do. Good luck.

Rei: Thanks.

Pidge then runs off and continues to make his way to Princess Rikku’s house to see his Daughter… Rei Then started to make her way to where the Planetarium was and waited for the right time to call for the girls…

At the media Center…

Motoki: *Concerned* What to do… What to do?

Makoto: *Walking in and seeing Motoki looking distraught* Motoki-Kun, What’s wrong?

Motoki: It’s Mamoru. He is gone. His fiance came here looking for him and couldn’t find him anywhere. she mentioned that he called her and said something about taking a look at the Planetarium… but that was before he got cut off…

Makoto: *Thinking in her head* Usagi. She’s gonna try to go to his rescue… *Looking at Motoki* I gotta go.

Motoki:  See you later…

At the Mall…

Paige: *Eating some Sweets* Mmm!

Pearl was at the fashion store in the mall and was still looking at dresses. She was looking for a special dress. She had alot of dresses already and knew that she would have to get rid of some of her old dresses. she was running out of room in her closet.

But As for Dinah… she was watching the break dancers and was really into it that she suddenly went on over and broke out with some moves… she was having fun with it and it got everyone’s attention. they cheered and jeered with glee. However… Their time for relaxing was gonna be cut short… something disturbing was starting to form…

At the Planetarium…

In the room with the cameras and the lights…

Kunzite: I will rid myself of all those involved with the past life. starting with Master… You!

But outside the building…

Usagi: *Looking around* No one’s here. She did say that he called and said that he was here…

Rei: *Sensing an Aura nearby* Youma!

Usagi: Where? *Looking to her sides*

A group of 4 Youma’s appear…

Usagi: *Transforming* Moon Prism Power…

Rei: *Transforming*  Mars power…

Usagi & Rei: Make-Up!

Sailor Moon: *Posing* Beautiful soldier of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon.

Sailor Mars: *Posing* Soldier of Flame and Passion, Sailor Mars.

Sailor Moon: In the name of the Moon…

Sailor Mars:  In the name of Mars…

Sailor Moon/Sailor Mars: We’ll Punish you!

Youmas: *Attacking*

Sailor Mars: *Getting Pinned* Ugh!

Sailor Moon: *Turns and gasps* Rei-Chan!

Sailor Mars: Usagi… You wanted to save Mamoru, Right?

Sailor Moon: *Nods*

Sailor Mars: Go… go and save him.

Sailor Moon: What about you?

Sailor Mars: Don’t worry about me. I can handle this. Go on and get to Mamoru. save him. Don’t worry about me.

Sailor Moon: *Starting to go up the stairs but is then hesitant*

Sailor Mars: Usagi… What are you waiting for? *Struggling* GO!!!

Sailor Moon: *Not wanting to leave her friend hanging; Reluctantly going onward to save Mamoru*

Sailor Mars: *Seeing Usagi going up and heading deep into the building in search of Mamoru*…  Now’s my Chance! *Making the call* Rhapsody Girls… WE NEED YOU!!!

However still at the Mall…

Paige: *Eating Some Chocolate* Yum!

Pearl: *Coming out with a couple of new dresses* Paige, Look at these… i got more dresses. they’re perfect.

Dinah: *Coming back from the crowd* Those guys were really extreme. I never busted moves like that in my life. I think that Break-Dancing can be a great new release on stress and pressure. i can even consider on using the Break-dancing skills in battles. Maybe get my battling more creative.

Paige: *Suddenly hearing buzzing and looking down at her power Buckle* We got trouble again…

Pearl: *Sighs* Already?

Dinah: How much do you want to bet that it’s that rotten creep Kunzite again?

Paige: It is supposed to be Beryl that we are supposed to be fighting. but She’s not even trying to attack. it’s like she turned Coward and sends that Creep Kunzite to do all the fighting.

Beryl: *Appearing from the sky* You Insolent Pest. Why can’t you Rhapsody Girls stop Meddling in my affairs?

Dinah: *Looking up at Beryl* Because it’s like we said before… you are spreading Evil and we’re not about to let you have the Planet without a fight. You’re gonna have to do alot more than just send your Flunkies like Kunzite to do your bidding.

Pearl: *Gasps* Dinah… Don’t antagonize her… She’s not looking too nice. she’s gonna strike if you keep it up. We’re not ready to fight her yet. Let her be.

Dinah: What?! Pearl, Are you seriously unhinged? She is gonna try to awaken some Evil threat.

Paige: Dinah… That’s enough now. Let her go… we got to go and respond to where the trouble is… we’ve been summoned.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Fine… Let’s go.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah head off to find a safe spot to transform and then made their move…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Putting their hand up and Seeing a Ring Appear on their finger*

Paige: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing hearts* …*Doing formation poses (Doing roundhouse Punches as she spins) revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Pearl: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Dinah: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH!! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows Releasing some stars with a few sparks of Electricity* …*Doing formation poses (Throwing Punches and Kicks and Peace signs) revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

At the Science Building…

Sailor Mars: *Trying to fight off the Youmas” ….

Sailor Jupiter: *Running in; Attacking the Youmas* Supreme… Thunder!

Sailor Mars: *Looking to see Jupiter* Thanks Mako-Chan.

Sailor Jupiter: No sweat. You alright?

Sailor Mars: *Nods* Yeah, Have you seen the Rhapsody Girls?

Sailor Jupiter: Not since we left from this morning… but i am sure you saw then… Luna filled me in on the incident at the hospital.

Paige: *Running in with her sister Pearl and Dinah* We’re here…

Pearl: *Seeing a group of Youmas in the room* We got a full house.

Dinah: Let’s beat these things.

Sailor Mars: *Nods*

Sailor Jupiter: okay. *Getting ready to move in to attack*

Paige: Fire!

Sailor Mars: *Firing at the Youmas* Youma… Taisan!

Sailor Jupiter: *Firing at the Youmas* Supreme… Thunder.

Paige: *Launching an attack at The Youmas* Love’s Flash!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at The Youmas* Bubble Wave

Dinah: *Jumping up and Break dancing in Mid-air gaining speed; Launching an attack at the Youmas with the Thunder Discs* SEISMIC THUNDER!!!

Sailor Mars: *With wide eyes* Dinah, how were you able to do that?

Dinah: It’s nothing. *Blushes* i saw a group of people at the mall break dancing and i guess i tried a bit of the break dancing and the skills of that… just rather stuck.

Sailor Jupiter: Impressive.

Dinah: Oh stop.

As for Sailor Moon… She was in the room where Kunzite and Tuxedo Kamen were…  she was on the second floor of the room and looked down to see that Tuxedo Kamen was about to be struck down…

Sailor Moon: *Looking down at Kunzite and Tuxedo Kamen* … *Gasps* No! STOP!

Kunzite: *Looking up and turning to see Sailor Moon in the room* So… You are this weak that you need someone to fight your battles for you?

Sailor Moon: *Jumping Down and Confronting Kunzite* You leave him alone. Why don’t you pick on someone else?

Kunzite: *Swinging his Sword at Sailor Moon Sending her back*

Sailor Moon: *Pulling out her Wand*

Kunzite: *Sending a Beam of Energy towards Sailor Moon*

Sailor Moon was being blasted with the Energy Ray formed from Kunzite’s sword. She was struggling to push it back but with her Wand… she got the Beam to bounce back. What they didn’t expect to happen was that Zoicite appeared and intervened. He formed a Ball a of Green energy and Shot it at Kunzite. Kunzite stopped and turned to stare at Zoicite demanding to know what he was trying to do. Zoicite was motioning to stop him and It only got Kunzite even madder. He Swung his Sword back at Zoicite and knocked him out. It pushed him onto the ground… Kunzite then Pointed his Sword at Sailor Moon and fired again at her but this time She was able to Block it and suddenly glowed with a very bright light.

Click to view full size image

Kunzite: *Shielding his eyes from the light* AHHHHH! *Seeing a glimpse of the Real Princess coming out* I knew it… I should’ve known that it was her…

Kunzite then Vanishes and goes back to Dark Kingdom…

Sailor Moon: *Walking over to Tuxedo Kamen* Are you okay?

Tuxedo Kamen: *Sitting up* Yeah. I think so. i’ll live if that’s what you are asking.

Sailor Moon: I was looking for someone… he’s someone that rides a bike and very tall.

Tuxedo Kamen: *Curiously asking* Would it be the one that you wanted to give a present to?

Sailor Moon: Yes… He is engaged though, but i wanted to still give him a present. His name is… Chi- ba Ma-mo-ru. The person that i mentioned that i wanted to give a present to… That’s him.

Tuxedo Kamen: *Pauses and thinks in his mind a second* It couldn’t be… She couldn’t be the same one… She could be Usagi…

Sailor Moon: *Getting back up slowly struggling in pain* But i don’t know where he is… I’ve got to find him. He could be hurt.

Tuxedo Kamen: *Seeing Sailor Moon getting up* You’re hurt. you won’t be able to make it like this.

Sailor Moon: But i must go… i have to help him.

Tuxedo Kamen: *Getting up and Trying to get through to Sailor moon* Why are you so determined to go to him? Why are you determined to press on in the pain you are in? You are injured. you won’t make it.

Sailor Moon: I don’t care… I have to find him…

Tuxedo Kamen: *Following Sailor Moon*

Sailor Moon then walks on and reached the stairs. She Struggled down to the bottom of the stairs and pants as she makes way down to the ground floor. She soon reached the bottom of the stairs and tried to reach the Door heading out of the building when she suddenly Fell down to her knees…

Sailor Moon: *Trying to get back up* Uhh!

Tuxedo Kamen: What are you trying to do? Are you an Idiot?

Sailor Moon: *Snaps and Looking at Tuxedo Kamen* Hey! Who’re you calling an Idiot? *Suddenly gasping realizing that she ran into Mamoru a couple days ago*


“Idiot! the car was coming right at you!”

“Why are you calling me an Idiot?!”

Flashback ends…

Sailor Moon: *In her mind* Why didn’t i see it before?

Sailor Moon: *reaching up and suddenly taking off Tuxedo Kamen’s mask to reveal Chiba Mamoru* …. *Looking at him exposed as Chiba Mamoru for the first time*

Tuxedo Kamen: *Staring at Sailor Moon*

Sailor Moon: *Getting up and starting to leave*

Tuxedo Kamen: *Calling out* Usagi!

Sailor Moon: *Gasps* huh?! How did you know who i was? … *Feeling embarrassed* I’m Sorry. This was all a mistake! I should not have come. I Totally…

Tuxedo Kamen: I… Also… !

Sailor Moon: *Pauses*

Tuxedo Kamen: I Also. *Walking away and vanishing*

Sailor Moon: I Too… *Thinking* That means… Probably… *Sighs*

However the next day…

At the Recording studio Working on a song…

Minako: I sense that soon… Very soon… the Real Moon Princess will show and the need for being on the run will end.

Artemis: I agree. but we got to be careful. The Enemy could be just waiting or expecting for the real Princess to come out. We should tread carefully.

Minako: *Nods*

At the Dark Kingdom…

Jadeite: Beryl-sama… I have figured a little bit out about Kunzite. Figuring out what his intentions are…

Beryl: *Curious* Oh?

Jadeite: He wouldn’t tell me his true intentions were and or what he was up to… but i believe that he is going after the real Princess.

Beryl: *A little uncertain* “The real Princess?!” I thought that we were going after the Princess of the Moon all this time…. *Feeling annoyed over the possibility of being deceived* Do you mean to tell me that we have been going after a Decoy? A fake?

Jadeite: Kunzite has his suspicions that it may be as such… as he has mentioned is that the one we were going after turns out to be just a Lure for the real one.

Beryl: *Figuring it out* The Senshi are in fear that without their Princess… they are without hope, so they tried to hide the real one and send out a decoy to throw us off the trail.  So… if we were chasing and going after the decoy… Then…….. Where is the real Princess?

At the Metropolis Plaza apartments…

Helina: *Going through the drawers and packing more of her Fiance’s things as well as her own* ….. *Suddenly finding a pink handkerchief with light pink hearts* What is this?

At the Metropolis Middle school…

In Science class…

Usagi: *Resting her head upon her hands while looking ahead at the board* Chiba Mamoru is… Tuxedo Kamen. How could i have been so blind? “I also”… he said… *Moans in disbelief* Ah No… I can’t believe this… I’m going through this love issue all over again! *Getting up and stepping outside the room*

Pearl: *Looking up and seeing Usagi walking out of the room; Suddenly thinking in her mind* What’s up with Usagi-Chan? She sure is getting worked up about something…

Outside the room…

Usagi: *Leaning against the wall* But what if he… really is… *Sighs*

At the City Media center…

Mamoru: *Running in* Motoki…

Click to view full size image

Mamoru: *Seeing Motoki in a Turtle costume making him look like Kamekichi* Motoki? What in Metropolis are you doing?

Motoki: *Looking at Mamoru; a little embarrassed* This? *Showing off his Costume* I schemed this up for the farewell party that’s being held for you and Helina. Anyway… I spoke to Helina… she is concerned. I don’t quite understand what she trying to say. You two didn’t happen to have a fight or quarrel or anything… Did you?

Mamoru: No. we didn’t have a fight. Motoki, what’s this about?

Motoki: Helina-Chan said something about finding a woman’s Handkerchief in your home. Although in all honesty… it is all that she really has. *Walking up to Mamoru and placing his hands on his shoulders* Actually i… Mamoru, I am sure you can see that i am quite worried about you.

Mamoru: *Listening*

Motoki: Helina’s father… He took you in and has raised you all these years. he sees you as like a son. He is also your benefactor.  Plus you and i both know and understand that Helina-Chan has her faith in you. That is i’m afraid… your weakness.

Mamoru: Please just let me go, Motoki.

Motoki: *Feeling still for a second and backing away a little* But she is the daughter of your benefactor. If you were to marry her… and marry her true… without really loving her… What exactly will you hope to do then? you couldn’t just call off the wedding. Helina-Chan’s father would want to know why… and you couldn’t just let it go without a reason. What would you tell him?

But what they didn’t know was that Helina was walking out from down the hall and happened to overhear what was being said…

Mamoru: *Seeing Helina and gasping* Motoki!

Motoki then turned around and see Helina looking down and feeling hurt… before running out in tears… he could only feel his jaw drop open with mortification and shock…

Mamoru: *Calling out* Helina!

Mamoru then ran out and went after Helina. Motoki feeling upset and ashamed cried out and then turned to face his turtle… telling his Turtle to hit him. he felt totally ashamed and guilty for saying what he said to Mamoru and so Helina could hear what was being said.

on the overpass bridge people were walking by and Mamoru was running across it looking for Helina… he called out to her. he wanted to find her.

But on the other side heading past the Luthorcorp plaza building heading to the park, Helina was running away. she was broken and hurt after hearing what Motoki said and with the hurtful possibility that Mamoru was gonna marry her but not really love her. She was devastated…

But on top of the Metropolis Church…

Kunzite: *Standing at the edge of the roof overlooking the park and catching sight of all the people walking on through the park and past the Church*

Jadeite: *Walking over* Kunzite! What exactly is this “Interesting thing” that you called me out here for?

Kunzite: Why not help me… and you’ll be sure to find out.

Jadeite: *Standing his ground* Don’t be getting the wrong idea. I am not your underling. if you want a lapdog… use that sailor senshi that you captured under your control. Besides you got her to do whatever job you have in mind. Why need me?

Kunzite: *Smirks while still having his back to Jadeite and looking on over the park* What do you think i am to do about her? She is as you know a capricious person. she comes and goes as she wishes to. She’s got her own way of doing whatever Evil bidding that i have in mind. but she’s most into going against the sailor senshi’s personally. even against her best friend Sailor Moon.

Kunzite then turns to look at Jadeite…

Kunzite: Just give it a try…

Jadeite then smiled with a smirk and held out his left arm on his left side and created a Youma…

Kunzite: *Smiles and grins* It seems that you do understand after all… unlike Nephrite. He keeps trying to fight my hand on helping him get back to good graces with Beryl-sama.

At dark Kingdom…

in the dark corridor…

Nephrite: *Sitting; leaning against the wall* I must Succeed. if i keep staying out of favor with Beryl-Sama… i will wind up falling to ruin. i can’t let that happen. i must not fail again. i can’t fail again. I will prove my value to Beryl-sama. i will.

Nephrite then remembers what Dark Mercury said to him…

Nephrite: Curses! *Annoyed and angered* The very idea that a sailor senshi would take pity on me… It’s a insult.

Back at the Metropolis Middle school…

Usagi: *Suddenly walking off and heading out to look for Mamoru* That’s it… i am gonna just ask him straight and get right to the point. I don’t have time to spend worrying myself sick over this… i am a very busy girl. and i got better things to do than to let something like his secret get to me.

At the Metropolis fairgrounds by the park a few feet away from the Luthorcorp plaza building…

Mamoru: *Calling out* Helina!

Suddenly screams are heard and Mamoru sees people having their energy stolen and watching as they faint to the ground.

However what he didn’t realize was that it was a Youma stealing their energy, The Youma was on top of the Metropolis Church and holding it’s sharp claws out Sucking in all the energy from the humans with a close vicinity. Usagi was only a few blocks away and happened to look ahead over a distance and saw purple rays of light striking the Church building and sensed that something was up… she called Rei, Makoto and Luna to head to the church.

Rei was at the Shrine and as soon as she was informed… ran out and bolted off to the Church. Makoto was in class and as soon as she got the call… she Excused herself from the class and bolted her way to the Church… but they weren’t alone… Paige, Pearl and Dinah followed them over to the Church… they knew that there was gonna be something going on.

As for Mamoru… he continued to look for Helina and saw her up ahead standing still. People who were spared from having their energy sucked from them ran past her and ran in a sheer state of panic. they were scared…

Mamoru: *Grabbing Helina’s Arm* Helina!

Helina: *Pulling away from Mamoru* Leave me alone! It’d be alot better if i were to be gone, right?

Mamoru: *Shocked* Helina?

Helina: I’m truly an idiot for thinking that you would one day love me, aren’t i? We have been together and were always with each other since we were both little. that was what made it seem all the more natural. I felt that it’d make sense for us to be together forever. Mamoru, The feelings that you have for me… You have never even told me of them… not even once. it was as if you were not wanting to say them to me for the feelings that you were having inside weren’t for me… but for someone else. *Crying out* Well i have had it… NO MORE!!! *Turning to Mamoru* Just go ahead and go to whoever it is that you want.

Helina runs off and Mamoru starts going after her again…

As for Usagi, she was coming from the east and feeling lost… she wasn’t able to see where the attack was coming from anymore. from the position she was at… she couldn’t see any light trails.

Usagi: Where is the attack coming from?

She kept running till she suddenly saw Mamoru up ahead and Mamoru saw her… they exchanged looks at each other for a few seconds…

A few feet away from the Church, Rei and Makoto were looking up and caught sight of the Purple rays of light going into the church. They quickly nodded and ran right inside… The Church was big and it took them a minute to get to where the lights were leading to… suddenly…

Kunzite: *Smirks* Well well… it looks like we got a couple of victims. Jadeite, you and the Youma can have some amusement with them…

Makoto: You did this to call us up here?

Kunzite: Perhaps i did. So?

Rei: *transforming* Mars Power…

Makoto: *Transforming* Jupiter Power…

Rei & Makoto: Make-Up!

Sailor Mars:  *Fighting against Jadeite*

Sailor Jupiter: *Fighting against Jadeite*

However Usagi was still a few feet away from the Church and was staring at Mamoru… they were still sharing glances at one another and then Mamoru caught sight of Helina fainting… He made it seem as though he was running to Usagi at first then turned to head for Helina…

Mamoru: *Kneeling beside Helina and lifting her up* Helina!

Helina: *Weakly* Mamoru. Mamoru… Always be with me… My papa was your benefactor, Mamoru.  If not for Papa, Mamoru… that’s why… Even if you don’t like me… Please stay with me. don’t leave me…

Mamoru: *Dramatic* Why are you talking like that? Don’t say that. I… I have been with you all my life… ever since we had been little. you are truly important to me. always were. it never changed nor wavered. Those feelings are real. That is why… Until the day that you say no… i will remain by your side. never leaving.

Usagi overheard and ran…

She was happy on the outside of her… but inside she was yet again brokenhearted. She Ran and was close to the side of the Church when suddenly she stopped and Turned around for a second…

Usagi: *Thinking in her head with another failed attempt at hoping to win Mamoru* I can’t believe that i was being such a fool. To even have just a little bit of hope.  Once again… i’ve just been thinking of just myself. Why won’t i learn to stop reaching for someone that i will never have? I even forgot about the pain that it would cause Helina-Chan if i took away her reason to be happy.

She suddenly turns to her side and Transforms…

Usagi: *Transforming* Moon Prism Power… Make-Up!

Seconds later…

Sailor Moon: *looking in the direction where Mamoru was for a second more before turning to run inside the Church*

Inside the Church…

Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter were circling around and moving in for an attack against Jadeite and the Youma… But the Youma grabbed one of them and tossed them aside and then grabbed the other one and tossed aside…

Sailor Moon: *Running in* Stop!

Sailor Jupiter: *Gasping* Usagi!

Kunzite: *Walking in and confronting Sailor Moon* Your Opponent… is gonna be me for today. Prepare yourself…

On the outside Mamoru Walked to a bench and laid Helina down on the bench. He felt that he had to go and lend his help to Usagi but saw that Helina was feeling cold. He Placed a Jacket on Helina and covered her up. He couldn’t let her get cold. it had to warm her up a little. if just a little.

He was about to go when Helina grabbed his arm real quick with a light tug… he looked at her and swore to be back to her.

Helina: *Thinking from inside* Usagi… So it is you…

Without a second to wait he went off to the Church and transformed into Tuxedo Kamen. but before he went in… he stopped and looked at his mask and sighed.

Tuxedo Kamen: This will be the last time… the final time.

However inside the Church…

Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter were fighting the Youma and also fighting against Jadeite. Although Sailor Moon was going against Kunzite. But Kunzite was swinging his sword at her constantly as she was trying to block the hits… fending them off. but just when there was an opening he began to go for a strike and nail her… however was stopped by Sailor Venus…


Paige: *Walking in and seeing the fight* What?!

Pearl: *Looking at Kunzite* It’s him again… I really am getting fed up with that meanie…

Dinah: *Calling out to Kunzite* Hey! Sword Dork! What are you doing with that sword? You had it up your butt. are you trying to toss your waste around? *Challenging* If you want to get dirty and fight… why don’t you try someone like us?! If you can!

Kunzite: *Stopping and looking at the Rhapsody Girls*  Like you can really fight me? You’re no match for me.

Youma: *Firing a freezing blast at the girls*

Paige: *Dodging the blasts* Girls… Dodge!

Pearl: Let’s transform…

Kunzite: *Looking towards Jadeite* Jadeite… The Princess has come again. why not give her a hospitable greeting. make her feel right at home.

Youma: *Firing a blast at Sailor Venus*

Sailor Venus: *Evading the attack* Sailor Moon! Save the people. they are in need of protection.

Sailor Moon: *pauses*

Sailor Venus: Don’t think… just hurry. *Looking at Mars and Jupiter* Mars… Jupiter… we’re going.

Jadeite: Wanna bet?! You’re not going anywhere.

The doors then close and seals them in… but what they didn’t know was that Tuxedo Kamen, Artemis, The Rhapsody Brothers and Sailor Luna were inside…

Sailor Mars: *Thinking inside* Venus… i knew it. You’re…

Kunzite: You girls have just made this entirely way too easy. You sure have failed to realize that you have fell right for the trap.

Youma: *breathing ice at the senshi and covering their feet in ice*

Paige: That’s it! Time to transform!

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Putting their hand up and Seeing a Ring Appear on their finger*

Paige: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing hearts* …*Doing formation poses (Doing roundhouse Punches as she spins) revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Pearl: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Dinah: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH!! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows Releasing some stars with a few sparks of Electricity* …*Doing formation poses (Throwing Punches and Kicks and Peace signs) revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

A second later…

Artemis: *Transforming* Tuxedo Moon Power… Power-up!

Seconds later Artemis was transformed into Tuxedo Artemis…

Tuxedo Artemis: *Posing with his Moon Blades* The Fury and graceful might of the Moon… Tuxedo Artemis. On behalf of the moon… You shall be brought to Justice!

Kunzite: *Stopping and glancing at the new guy* Who are you? Are you trying to ask for the same fate as these girls? What the heck are you?

Tuxedo Artemis: *With his Moon Blades* The Swift assassin of the moon. Your worst reality. You are Evil and know no break. you carry Evil like a security blanket. it’s about time for your games to be to a stop.

Kunzite: *Grins* Let’s see you try…

Tuxedo Artemis: *Launching Moon Blades at Kunzite* Cutting Moon!


Ami: *Walking in with a sinister look*

Sailor Moon: *Gasps* Ami-Chan!

Paige: Ami-Chan… Don’t  do it. Don’t attack your friends. She’s your best friend… Don’t do it. Remember who your friends are… REMEMBER!

Ami: *Smirks* Long time… no see. Usagi-Chan. *Transforming* Dark Power… Make-Up!

Sailor Venus: *Grunts* Damn… They were after sailor Moon from the very beginning. They were only after us to just toy with her…

Paige: Not if we can help it… *Launching an attack at the Youma and Jadeite* Love’s Flash!

Pearl: *Playing her Bubble Harp* “My mama told me when I was young, we’re all born superstars. She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on, in the glass of her boidoir. ‘There’s nothing wrong with loving who you are’ She said, ‘Cause he made you perfectly. So hold your head up, girl, and you’ll go far, listen to me when I say’  I’m beautiful in my way, ’cause God makes no mistakes, I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way. Don’t hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and you’re set, I’m on the right track baby, I was born this way. (Yeah yeaah) Ooh there ain’t no other way, baby I was born this way. Right track, baby I was born this way. Born this way, hey, I was born this way, hey, I’m on the right track baby, I was born this way, hey. I was born this way, hey, I was born this way, hey, I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way, hey.” *Launching an attack at the youma and Jadeite*  Bubble Wave!

Dinah: *Launching an attack at Jadeite and the Youma* Thunder Explosion!

Youma: *Blasting Ice at the Rhapsody girls and the senshi; Shooting ice at Tuxedo Artemis*

Tuxedo Artemis: *Protected by the crescent Moon’s power*

Sailor Mars *Shooting Fire at the Ice and holding off the attack*

Dark Mercury: *Getting ready to attack*

Sailor Mars: *getting overpowered by the Ice and frozen*

Seconds later…

Princess Charlene: *Voice* “The Arctic howls in sadness for the weak…
the mind stands still in mourning for the brokenhearted…
The Ice breaks for the hurt innocent people looking lost in a Baron land
their cries for Justice and saving going unheard for many a millennium…
from Deep within the Arctic and from the Piercing mind of Justice…
Let the Cold Arctic wind, the Psychic mind and the devastation
of the Ice and Snow guide you to Justice… I am… Arctic Mind!”

King John: *Voice* “The balance between good and Evil has been shaken… the eternal mind is at risk of devastation… The thunders of Justice roars in anger for the ones being placed in danger’s path… from the Mind and from the Thunder of Justice… I am Lord ElectricMind”

Princess Charlene: *Appearing through a portal of ice* Okay, You want to toss Ice… here’s my ice power coming at you. *Meditating and rising into the air; gathering the energy from the Arctic and holding her hands up; Chanting a spell that make the ground quake and open up spewing snow at a mach 5 speed “Ground quake with a mighty rumble… Arctic snow from the arctic mountains… fill the the cracks and the ruptured ground with arctic peril and frosty hell unleash with your might an Arctic Hell”; aiming at the target; Launching the attack at(The Youma and Jadeite) bombarding him/her with an Arctic hell* Arctic Apocalypse!

King John: *Walking over* You hurt my Nieces and feel as though you’ll live! *Angry* WRONGO! *lifts hands* Feel the fury of ElectricMind! Feel it ten fold as I owe you pain!! *the psychic energy comes out from your hands and hits the target dead on* Psychic ray of fury!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Coming in and Firing at the Youma* Time to get your ass kicked.

Kunzite: *Attacking Sailor Moon*

Dark Mercury: Kunzite! That’s my prey. She is for me to dispose of.

Kunzite: *Holding his Sword up blocking her* Not today. Today is something different. she’s my prey today… *Going in for the attack*

Tuxedo Kamen: *Running in* Sailor Moon!

Tuxedo Kamen ran right in the middle of the attack and got himself attacked by Kunzite’s Sword…  within seconds… He gasps in agony as the attack nailed him…

Sailor Moon: *Crying out* NO!!!

Kunzite: *Smirks down at Tuxedo Kamen* My my Master… Good Job. shielding the Princess and sacrificing yourself. you actually saved me from having to destroy you later.

Dark Mercury: *Holding her Sword up at Kunzite’s Neck and with a Stern Tone* Kunzite! I shouldn’t have to remind you how i hate when people attempt to get in my way…

Kunzite: *Grabbing Dark Mercury’s Wrist and tossing her back* Mercury… Drop this selfishness act of yours. it’s not a quality i look for in an underling such as you.

Dark Mercury: *Growls* I also should let you know that i also hate orders!

Kunzite: *Scoffs with a sly smirk and walking a couple steps to the side* Man… you are such a character, Aren’t you? you just have to act so defiant.

Sailor Moon: *Emotional* Why? Why did you take the attack?

Tuxedo Kamen: *Struggling to Speak* I… i am sorry. i was unable to answer to your feelings. i should have been able to figure out what you were feeling. i ignored your feelings and i was a fool. a fool for doing as such. But at least…

Sailor Moon: *Desperate* No! Hang on! Please… you have to hang on… you’ll make it. you can’t give up…

Tuxedo Kamen then blacks out and Suddenly Sailor moon tries to get through to him…

Sailor Moon: *Calling out* Ma-mo-ru… Mamoru!

Suddenly Sailor Moon Glows bright yellow and splits showing a Princess.

Princess Serenity: *Crying out* Endymion!

The Bright yellow light thaws the senshi and the Rhapsody girls from being frozen…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Gasps* Whoa!

Dinah: Usagi is the moon Princess. She’s Princess Serenity…

Kunzite: *Shielding his eyes from the light* I knew it. i was right. The Moon Princess is now in sight.

Tuxedo Artemis: Yes… Everyone…  Soldiers. Remember who the Princess is.

Sailor Mars: *Closing her eyes and trying to remember* Our Princess is… Usagi.

Sailor Venus: *returning to being a Sailor Soldier*

Dark Mercury: *Feeling the heat from the Bright Light filling the room* Ahh… Uhhh!

Youma: *Exploding and becoming Dust*

Kunzite: *Seeing Dark Mercury coming out of the evil spell* Grr! No! *Scoffs* Oh well… No matter. There are other things in store for these heroes…

Sailor Luna: *Remembering* Sailor Venus is the leader of the Sailor senshi.

Pearl: Wait… I thought that Mars was the leader.

Paige: Was she just the substitute all this time?

Sailor Venus: She was to be leader till i had returned.

The Bright Light then subsides and Princess Serenity is seen holding Mamoru close and sees him still lying lifeless.

Princess Serenity: *Crying* Please… My love… Open your eyes. Wake up. Please…

A tear then hits her and contacts the Mystical Silver Crystal inside her. causing it to glow brightly… It gave the fallen people back their energy but also without knowing… also sent a huge surge of Energy to Fuel Queen Metalia.

At Dark Kingdom…

Beryl: *Seeing a huge bolt of energy hit the Chamber where Queen Metaria resides and gasps* This is it… it must be the…. Mystical Silver Crystal’s power.

Back at the Church…

Princess Serenity: *Sniffling in sadness; in hopes for her love to come back*

Tuxedo Kamen: *Waking up and seeing the Princess* Princess?

Flashback Vision: *Seeing the princess*

Princess Serenity: Mystical Silver Crystal… Please!

Flashback Vision ends…

Tuxedo Kamen: The Dream i kept having… It’s really the same… isn’t it? I knew it. The Dream is the exact same. *Putting the vision and the Princess together* The Princess… is you.

Princess Serenity: *Seeing her love coming to and Smiles in relief* Thank goodness. I am so pleased to see that you’re okay. * With a tear in her eye; happy*

Paige: *Lost* What do we do? How do we act around a Princess of the moon?

Pearl: You bow down and show respect of course, Paige. how else do you approach a person of Royalty?

Dinah: She’s Royalty. She’s also our friend Usagi-Chan.

Sailor Mars:  Yes.

Sailor Venus: *Kneeling down before the Princess* Princess Serenity?!

Kunzite: *Launching an attack at the Princess*

Sailor Luna: *Gasps* Everyone! Protect the Princess!

Sailor Mars: *Firing at Kunzite* Youma… Taisan!

Sailor Jupiter: *Firing at Kunzite* Supreme… Thunder.

Paige: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Love’s Flash!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Bubble Wave!

Dinah: *Jumping up and Break dancing in Mid-air gaining speed; Launching an attack at Kunzite with the Thunder Discs* SEISMIC THUNDER!!!

Princess Charlene: *Attacking Kunzite* Devastating Ice-Storm!

King John: *Attacking Kunzite* Psychic Mind Poison Mist!

Prince Alvin: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Flaming Blast!

Prince Arnold: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Aquatic Swarm!

Prince Avery: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Plasma Stinger!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Megaton Thunder Clash!

Sailor Venus: *Attacking Kunzite* Venus… Love me… Chain!

Kunzite: *Growls* Why… you rotten Pest. Eyesore! *Going after the Princess and plowing through the Rhapsody girls*

Prince Alvin: *Getting in front of Kunzite and Landing Kicks and punches at Kunzite* Ha!

Kunzite: So you want to fight… As you wish! *Pulling out his Sword and Sliding two of his fingers along the side and moving it up emitting a blue surge of energy and Swinging it at Prince Alvin*

The blast caused an explosion and it surrounded Prince Alvin…

Rhapsody Girls: *Calling out* PRINCE ALVIN!!!!!

Kunzite: *Scoffs* that will take care of him.

However when the smoke cleared…

Prince Alvin: *As a Ssj3* Okay… Want to play tough? Let’s see what you got.

Kunzite: *Pauses* Huh! You’re joking. You’re a yellow haired circus performer… Beryl-sama didn’t tell me to deal with circus animals… *Swinging his sword at Prince Alvin*

Prince Alvin Saw the sword coming and teleported out of the way and got behind Kunzite… Driving a hard kick at him and then landing punches and blows at him. Kicking him up and then down. The Princess stood up and asked what was going on and Prince Alvin looked at her briefly…

Prince Alvin: Princess Serenity… Please… get back. *Looking at the girls* Girls… get her to safety NOW! *Looking at his brothers* Boys… Move out. Take care of Jadeite and keep him busy. Artemis… Help them out.

Rhapsody Girls: *Nodding with the senshi* Right. *Leading the Princess to the side out of the way*

Tuxedo Artemis: *Attacking Jadeite*  Cutting Moon!

Prince Avery: *Speeding up and Running around with raging velocity; Heating up the atmosphere surrounding Jadeite and Unleashing a Storm of Burning Rain* Plasma Acid Rain storm!

Prince Curtis: *Appearing into the Air above Jadeite and drawing friction creating a Massive size Explosion of Thunder; Launching it on Jadeite* Thunder Megaton Explosion!

Prince Arnold: *Shooting a Water blast at Jadeite* Ancient Storm!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Blasting Kunzite and Jadeite With a group attack* Psychic Beams BLAST!

Betty: *Appearing with Angel and going in to attack*

Angel: Kunzite… Jadeite. Buzz off. Leave the royal majesty alone. Mess with her… you mess with all of us. *Attacking Jadeite* Flames of Darkness!

Betty: *Launching an attack at Jadeite* HEAVEN’S THUNDER!!!

Tuxedo Artemis: *Landing kicks and hard punches at Jadeite* The Moon Kingdom does not tolerate those who sire to hurt the innocent. We will vanquish and hammer down all who promote acts of evil. *Landing more kicks at Jadeite*

Prince Alvin: *Firing a wave at Kunzite* KamehamehameHAME HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

Kunzite: *Taking the hits and looking at Jadeite* FallBack!

Jadeite: What about Dark?

Kunzite: The Spell is broken… she Vanished from us… She’s not one of us anymore.

Kunzite and Jadeite Vanish from the room and go back to Dark Kingdom…

Paige: *Kneeling before Princess Serenity* Your Majesty.

Pearl & Dinah: *Kneeling before the Princess*

Rhapsody Brothers: *Kneeling before the Princess* Princess Serenity. We are at your service.

Rhapsody Girls: Long live Princess Serenity!

Rhapsody Brothers: We are in your debt Moon Princess!”

Usagi: *Voice* I…. I’m… a princess?

Where did Ami go? Was she really free from the Dark spell? With The Princess finally here and amongst the Rhapsody girls and the senshi… will the Evil forces that still threaten the planet make a plan of attack? Will Beryl attempt to attack the Moon Princess? Will Ami re-appear and be back as the sweet girl that they all knew or will she hide away in her house and vow to never show her face again?  What about Mamoru… Will he finally embrace his past life self as Prince Endymion? With the Moon Princess out and with Queen Metaria fully energized… Will the Youma’s summon themselves on their own? Will Queen Metaria take control of the planet? The Question remains… If Beryl tries to take Mamoru… Will the Moon Princess Emerge and transform into Princess Sailor moon? Find out in Chapter 37 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Dinah: *Voice-Over* alright… that is it. i am sick of the Evil nonsense… they are gonna make a move against the Moon Princess… all because of some past life. What the hell is all this about the past life being repeated if the outcome doesn’t change from what it is? What is going on? Plus… we got a group of 3 surprises. the 3 outer senshi. I hope that they’re on our side… Next time on the adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! Chapter 37: “Uranus Star Power- Make-Up! The Outer senshi’s have come to swear allegiance to Princess Serenity; Ami… Double Ami? Double the Ami… double the Mercury”

Amara:  Looks like trouble…

Michelle:  Should we get to it?

Amara: Most definitely… *Transforming* Uranus Star Power… Make-Up! *Posing* “Soldier of Earth and Determination Sailor Uranus!”

Michelle: *Transforming* Neptune Star Power… Make-up! *Posing* “Soldier of Ocean and Grace Sailor Neptune!”

Trista: *Walking into the scene* Time for Pluto to make her scene… *Transforming* Pluto Star Power… Make- Up! *Posing* “Guardian of the Gates of Time, Sailor Pluto!”

Sailor Uranus/Sailor Neptune/Sailor Pluto: In the name of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto… We’ll Punish you!

Tuxedo Artemis: *Looking over to see 3 new senshi* We got some extra help. I dare the Queen to try her hand now.

Dinah: Hey! don’t be Challenging her… That’s my department.


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