The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #35: “Rei is Mars Reiko-San? Find what you lack, Rei; Mars Senshi power Awakens… Youma…. Taisan! Artemis… Tuxedo Artemis???”

Sailor Luna: *Voice-Over* Last time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z?

“Paige: *Desparate* Ami-Chan… Please… don’t do this. Don’t let the Evil rule you. You’re not Evil. You’re our friend. don’t Do this.

Pearl: *With tears in her eyes* Don’t you remember us?

Dinah: *Calling out to Ami-Chan* Come on Girl… Snap out of it. don’t turn into a rotten creep like Kunzite and that Evil bag Queen Beryl. you’re a smart person and Nice. The Evil game playing is not you. you are nothing like those Evil freaks. Don’t be like them…

Dark Mercury: I remember… Sailor Moon… Sailor Mars… Sailor Jupiter… Sailor Luna… Rhapsody Girls Z! I will defeat you all and i shall be stronger than ever.

Paige: Ami-Chan… You already are. You’re stronger than you realize. It’s in your Senshi’s memories. your powers and the element you have… Water. you are stronger than you know. You can fight this…

Dinah: *Hearing the words: “You look cute in a Skirt being spoken* ….. *Shaking and suddenly Exploding with Rage* AHHHHHHHHH! I Told you NEVER TO SAY THAT!!!!!! I…..HATE…..SKIRTS!!!!! *With a Rampage Going after Kunzite*

Kunzite: *Blocking Dinah’s attacks one by one and Throwing her back* Back off… Brat.

Sailor Mars: That’s it… *Getting Angry and standing up again* You want to feel the Wrath of a girl… pushing a girl down like she’s nothing. Let’s see you handle all of us…

Sailor Moon: Jupiter… Luna. get up. Paige, Pearl… Dinah… We’re gonna Blast Kunzite with a taste of a girl’s wrath.

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Flower….. HURRICANE!!!!

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Luna Sucre Candy!

Sailor Jupiter: *Looking at Dinah* Double attack on him.

Dinah: You bet. let’s get him. *Launching an attack Kunzite* Thunder….

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack Kunzite* Supreme….


Sailor Jupiter: Thunder!

Sailor Mars: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Youma… Taisan!

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack Kunzite* Supreme… Thunder!

Paige: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Love’s Flash!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Bubble Wave!

Sailor Moon: *Attacking Kunzite* Moon Twilight…Flash!

Dark Mercury: *Smiles and poises to make a move* Well… It’s been alot of fun till yesterday.  So Long… My Tomadachi’s.

All: *Gasps*

Kunzite: *Holding his arm up to block Ami* That’s enough for today. *Smirks and Vanishes*

Beryl: *Turning to see Kunzite* Kunzite, What is the… *Seeing a Sailor Senshi walking beside Kunzite* Ahh! Huh? A Sailor Senshi? Is this what you meant by: “Interesting surprise”? Is this supposed to be your underling? How exactly will she be contributing to our cause?

Kunzite: Well… with the grand reawakening of the darkness, of course. Zoicite hasn’t reawakened yet. it’s gotten rather sad with one of the four generals missing, has it not?

Dark Mercury: You can save your distaste over seeing me. you can decide your judgement after i dispose of the sailor Senshi and the Rhapsody Girls Z!. *To Kunzite* Kunzite… I may have been reborn… but i have no desire or intention to be anybody’s Subordinate… Remember that. *Walking out*

Zoicite: *Looking up to see Kunzite* Kunzite… So you’ve been awakened?

Kunzite: I know what you’re trying to do. i should strongly advise you to not do it. there is no need to awaken Master Endymion. remember that he betrayed us all in the past.

Zoicite: *Gasps* You remember the Master also…but then you speak of him in such a way… saying such things about him? He was our Master… we served him and were his loyal guards. his high soldiers. You’ve got to remember.

Kunzite: Don’t you be worrying a thing about the Princess. I will be finishing her off too. Don’t do anything else. I must warn you that if you refuse to listen to me… Well… i do gather that you can literally see that i am serious.

Zoicite: Kunzite… *Sighs and Shaking his head in disbelief* Kunzite… you have changed. How can you be so forgetful of what the Master had done for us? How he was always there for us…

Luna: Ami-Chan’s greatest wish and hope was to have us all together again.

Dinah: *Looking at her Gloves and feeling Tears in her eyes* This stinks… Ami-Chan is gone to that Evil wacko. Now we have to fight not only him… but our own friend. *Driving her fist onto the Table in despair* Not fair. Ami-Chan doesn’t belong with that Evil Clown. Damn it…

Paige: *Looking over to see Ami and gasps* W-what… Ami-Chan?! Ami-Chan… You’re here. you came back.

Girl: *Looking at Paige and walking over to her* Paige, Don’t be speaking to Mizuno-san so formally as if you know her.

Paige: *Not understanding* Ami-chan…

Ami: I don’t find any enjoyment in fighting in school, but… just a word of advice… Don’t be letting down your guard. Okay?

Artemis: *Walking in and arriving at the Back Tables* But it has to be done…  The Princess regrets suggesting this… but Ami is now the enemy. she’s with the Evil Beryl. Waiting here and doing nothing is only gonna push the planet into destruction. We can not let that happen.

Artemis: If that is the case… then we need to draw it out. it must come out. Still though… we can’t hope or desire to beat any of the Evil forces by just doing nothing. This is for the Earth too.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Holding The Sword back with her Venus gold Chain*

Dark Mercury: *Seeing Sailor Venus* Oh Goodie. what a delight this should be… i get the honor of going against the Princess.

Sailor Moon: *Looking up at Sailor Venus* Venus?!

The Princess and Dark Mercury go against each other and fend off… but it was only seconds before Venus started to fall weak.

Dark Mercury: Just as i would have concurred… The Princess is known as being this weak… How predictable. Sad.

Prince Alvin: Ami-Chan… Stop doing this. you are not Evil. you are not meant for this. Look at your friends… are you really willing on hurting the ones that love you no matter what? *Pointing to the group* Take a look at all the guys here. the Girls. your friends… do you really want to risk losing them?

Dark Mercury: *Annoyed* That will be quite enough. Either fight… or be defeated.

Rhapsody Brothers: *Confronting Dark Mercury* Ami-Chan… Don’t make us hurt you. We don’t want to do this… but you are not giving us much of an option. This is gonna hurt us more than it will you…

Usagi: I will not fight against my friend. *Looking at Dark Mercury* Ami-Chan… I am sorry for what i have done. we’re sorry for leaving you all alone. for abandoning you. *Pulling out her pair of knitted gloves* Thank you for the gloves. They are lovely. i love them. Ami-Chan… i am really sorry that you were caught by the Evil. I was so involved with my own worries that i didn’t realize that you were in trouble. I Promise that i won’t ignore you again. i am sorry for what was done to you. *With her hands together* Let’s go back to the Candy shop together…

Usagi: *Looking at her gloves on the floor ruined and feeling upset*

A tear then hit Usagi’s Transformation Brooch and transformed her back to Sailor moon…

Sailor Moon: *Suddenly releasing high energy* ….

Princess Sailor Venus: *Witnessing Sailor Moon’s powers starting to awaken*

Sailor Mars: Usagi-Chan.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Nods* Just a little more… Her powers are awakening.

The Good Ami: *Faintly* Usagi-Chan… Rhapsody girls… My friends!

Pearl: *Calling out to Ami* AMI-CHAN! *breaking Down in tears; Crying* AMI-CHAN!!! Please… Come back to us… We Love You! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Suddenly Pearl’s Bubble harp started to glow and react… it reacted to Pearls emotions and began playing….

Bubble harp: *Playing a sad tune* “Oh, my love, my darling I’ve hungered for your touch A long, lonely time
And time goes by so slowly And time can do so much Are you still mine?
I need your love I need your love God speed your love to me!
Lonely rivers flow To the sea, to the sea To the open arms of the sea
Lonely rivers sigh ”Wait for me, wait for me” I’ll be coming home, wait for me!
Oh, my love, my darling I’ve hungered, hungered for your touch A long, lonely time And time goes by so slowly And time can do so much Are you still mine?
I need your love I need your love God speed your love to me!”

Pearl: *Crying out* Ami-Chan… please stop this… we want you back to us… We don’t want to fight you. It’s breaking our hearts fighting you. You’re our friend. Please… Come back to us… Please…. PLEASE COME BACK!!!! *Falling down to her knees and crying into her hands* Please come back to your friends. We love you. we miss you. *falling onto the floor and crying*

Kunzite: *Appearing* THAT’S ENOUGH!! *Barking* Mercury… Come! ……….

Dinah: *Tending to Pearl* Pearl… Come on. Stop your crying Pearl… It’s gonna be alright. Besides… you’ll only make yourself sick if you keep doing that. you don’t want to be waterlogged… do you? *Holding Pearl close to her and trying to console her*

Kunzite: *Smirks* And you 3 are heroes… but yet… you cry like babies. Pathetic.

Dinah: *Growling at Kunzite* Shut up that trap of yours before i come over there and beat you senseless. You made my sister cry… and i swear that if you don’t back the hell off… you’re gonna find out how pissed off i can really be. You won’t like it. so if you want to live to see another day. you will back off. RIGHT NOW!

Kunzite: As if i will take orders from you… You should just learn to surrender. The Great Evil shall be awakened… whether you pathetic Rhapsody girls like it or not. The sailors couldn’t stop us… What makes you think you can?

Dinah: *Getting up and Pissed* Okay… That Tears it… That did it! You want to see my rage… well here’s some news for you… *Snaps out in Fury* YOU JUST GOT IT! *With her Thunder Discs* Feel THIS! *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Thunder ELECTROCUTION!!!!! *Hitting Kunzite Full Blast with the attack*
Kunzite: *Swinging his Sword at Dinah and Knocking her back* PEST! Why don’t you give up?

Prince Alvin: *Grabbing Kunzite* That is it… Time for a nice proptology… Boys… You know the Drill.

Kunzite: *With the Sword up his ass* Ahhhh!!!! *Growling* Curses! *Looking at the Rhapsody Brothers* CURSE YOU!!!!!

Sailor Luna: It’s gonna be okay. If Ami-Chan is in there… we’ll get her back. we’ll bring her back.

Paige: *Nods* Yeah!”

At Princess Rikku’s house…

That afternoon…

Paige: *feeling hesitant about going to school* I don’t think that i want to go to school anymore. it’s not gonna be fun. Not with Ami there. i can’t bare to look at her when she’s Evil. I don’t know what she’s capable of.

Pearl: Same here… I got Usagi in my classes. she’s doing okay. but she’s struggling over trying to not lose it when she starts thinking about Ami-Chan. i don’t think that either of us can bare to look at Ami the same way again. Knowing that she’s still with the Darkness. We don’t even know how far she’ll go.

Dinah: I just wish that there was something that we could do to make it not seem so terrible…

Paige: I do too. I noticed that Rei-Chan has a bit of trouble trusting us. You notice that she doesn’t really say a whole lot to us.

Pearl: I Noticed that. *Shaking her head* I don’t quite like it all that much. it doesn’t sound too nice. Why doesn’t she trust us?

Dinah: I don’t know… but i am kinda getting rather offended over the fact that she has not shown any trust in us.

At the Shrine…

Rei: *Staring into the fire* i don’t know why i can’t place trust in those girls. i know that they show that they care and are good spirited girls… but there is just something about them that i can’t figure out.

At the Dark Kingdom…

Beryl: Where is Zoicite?

Jadeite: in his room. he’s been trying to contact someone by the name Endymion.

Beryl: *Growls* I thought that i told you to never say that name in my presence again.

Jadeite: It’s not me that is mentioning his name. Zoicite has been calling out to him.

Beryl: Enough!

Jadeite: *Bows and takes his leave* As you command Beryl-sama.

Beryl: *Turning around to look at the Chamber holding Queen Metaria; Recalling a name* Endymion.


Beryl: *Remembering about the past* You were the most handsome prince on Earth. I had hopes that i’d be the one you would fall in love with. But then came that Princess of the moon. her presence always showing up and taking you away from me. you fell for her and left me to be in the cold. turned me away. i was scorned by you. All because of that girl.

Flashback ends:

Beryl: *Lamenting* Someday we will be sure to meet. i will meet you again someday. *Glaring as she thinks about the past*

Back at Princess Rikku’s house…

Paige:  What will we do though? We can’t stay in hiding.

Pearl: I wish there was something that we could do. But it could be sometime before Ami-Chan comes out of the Evil spell… if she does at all.

Dinah: *Sighs*

Paige: When Sailor Moon released that energy… Sailor Mercury began to change back a little bit. It’s just gonna take all of our powers to do it. it is gonna take more of our power.

Pearl: I agree. We can do it.


*Showing Flashes and Gif clips of the Senshi and the Rhapsody Girls Z and Allies*

“Hitomi wa itsumo jueru bodi ni matou rame and chaamu Ikite yuku koto wa try get a chance! Koko ni aru kara tsuyoi yume gan gan kechirashitekou raibaru darake no mahiru Egao yori kuchibiru yori aibiimu ga kimewaza *Watashi ni nare kirari to sailor diamonds! Yoake ni umareru gaadian Watashi dakara kanau yo starlight prayers! maiku appu shiyou yo Kirameki wa mune ni Sailor senshi sore wa muunraito riaru gaaru”

Chapter #35: “Rei is Mars Reiko-San? Find what you lack, Rei; Mars Senshi power Awakens… Youma…. Taisan! Artemis… Tuxedo Artemis???”

A few days later…

At the Hospital…

Rei: *Recalling the event of the battle from a few days earlier; Thinking to herself* Ami-Chan. Part of her was breaking out. That light broke a little of the spell away from Ami-Chan. Just a little more. Just a little more.


“Venus: Just a little more…Remember all of your powers. Believe. Trust in your power within.”

Flashback ends:

Rei: But how?

Rei walks into the hospital to go see Minako and hear music playing. She walked closer and saw Minako singing to a small Audience of kids and with the parents close by and the nurses.

Minako: *Singing* “Me no mae ni aru kono shunkan ga ikiru basho

Kids and Nurses: *Clapping*

Minako: *Signing Autographs and Smiling at the kids* Get well soon.  I hope you get better.

Girl: Thank you…

Suddenly a couple Girls come over to Rei and ask her…

Girl #1: Can you sign this?

Girls #2: Please?

Rei: Huh? *Looking at the girls* Oh… uh, Aino Minako is over there. *Pointing to Minako*

Mother: You’re a Singer that is also from the same agency as Aino Minako, Right? You’re…. Mars Reiko-San, right?

Rei: *Pauses* Uh, Come again?

Mother: But that’s what Aino Minako said… She said that you were from the same agency as she was.

Rei: Wha—?

Mother:  We wish you Good luck!

Minako: *Waving* Bye bye!

Rei: What does this mean? What is the meaning of this? Me, a star? *Not getting it* Minako, What have you been telling the girls here? telling them that i am a star from the same agency as you… i never was a star.

Minako: You promised me that you wouldn’t be following me. Why are you here? You should be with the others. leading them.

Rei: I came here because i was concerned that there might be something wrong. i heard that you were seen coming here every month.

Minako: *Sighs* I come here to get a physical check-up, and while getting the physical check-up, i would see to do something to cheer up hospitalized children. They don’t get much entertainment and are much of the time stuck in bed. it’s not fun staying in the hospital. That’s why i do what i can to cheer them up as much as possible.

A second later…

Minako: I come here to take care of my health. *Looking at Rei with a sly grin* By the way, I wasn’t expecting for  Sailor Moon to be the first senshi to awaken her senshi power. I distinctively thought that you’d be the first to awaken the powers inside.

Artemis: *Walking in* Minako-chan… I just got word from the Rhapsody Girls… Ami-Chan is in the same school as they are and even with her being Evil she is still attending the school. We should be careful.

Minako: *Nods* I agree. Artemis, go and tell Luna to stand close by to Paige. She’s in the same classes as Ami-Chan is. Ami might not make any moves, but it’s a chance we can’t take. keep an eye out for any enemy movement too.

Artemis: Right. *Running out*

Rei: *Feeling a bit offended* So… from what you’re telling me is that i am supposed to be this leader… however i am proving to be an embarrassment, right?

Minako: *Nods* That’s right. You are forgetting to understand that in order for one to awaken one’s power… The power that is within… *Pauses a second before going on* …the heart is also important.

Rei: So it’s because i don’t have heart. isn’t it? *Feeling a little annoyed*

Minako: Maybe you just happen to be lacking something as a leader. Trust.

Nurse: *Walking over* Excuse me! We were told by Minako-chan that Mars Reiko-san would be here holding a mini concert for the children.

Rei: *Gasps* Huh? I am? *Looking at Minako* Minako… What have you done?

Nurse: *Pleased* The children are so happy about it, right?

Children: Right!

Rei: *Shocked* Oh god.  Minako, What is the purpose for you doing this… Why are you doing this? Minako, What are you doing this for? are you trying to make me suffer for not awakening as a soldier.

Minako: I would consider this as your punishment. You have yet to awaken your powers inside. you don’t trust anyone… that’s your problem.

Rei: How So?

Minako: I see how you look at the Rhapsody Girls. they are here and helping you and the soldiers protect the world. they’ve done nothing but try to be of help. you show to be distrusting of them. They don’t deserve to be treated like that. This is their home too. their fight too. You should be grateful that they are ones who want to help us protect this world. the past life is doomed to repeat if we don’t keep Beryl from resurrecting the great Evil. you know that in the history of the Moon Kingdom… It was said to have fallen as well as the Earth Kingdom due to the prince and the Princess. because of their forbidden love.

Rei: But how can i trust those girls? We don’t know what their motive is. they are helping in protecting the world… but are they doing it to benefit them… or are they doing it to help our cause. to prevent the great Evil from being resurrected.

Nurse: *Curious*  Excuse me~! Would there be anything you’d need for the stage for the live concert?

Rei: *Stammering a little* B-but I’m n-not f-famous!

Nurse: Ah—I don’t think that it’d be a problem, right?

Children: Right!

Nurse: When you’re hospitalized, there truly isn’t alot of  things for the children to really look forward to. That’s why this live concert would indeed make the  children here very happy. Well, then! (to children) Let’s go! We are all looking forward to it!

Minako: *With a suggestion of Encouragement* Mars… with your leadership abilities, why is it that you don’t ask the others for some help? what good is being a leader of a team if you won’t ask them for help with things. That right there is a sure sign that you… don’t trust them. that’s what you don’t see. you don’t have it. you don’t trust or have heart. Unless you find the thing that you lack… your senshi powers will never awaken.

Rei: *Scoffs* I won’t debase my pride and be one to use my friends for something like this. This isn’t their mess. it’s mine.

Minako: Really? Well, I have a physical check-up right now… *Heading off to take care of her Physical Check-up* Good luck, *Chuckles* Mars Reiko-san.

Rei: *Sighs in disbelief*

John Rhapsody: *Walking in and suddenly seeing Rei* Oh… Hey there. How are you? *Recognizing who she is* Rei? Is that you?

Rei: *Looking at John* Uh, Yeah. Who are you?

John Rhapsody: I’m John…John Rhapsody… the father to King John and grandfather to the 4 boys who you might know of… Prince Alvin, Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis. The Rhapsody Brothers.

Rei: Ah! I know them. They are pretty tough.

John: Yeah… they are. they work as a team alot of the time and prove to be most effective in combat. They’re tricksters though.

Rei: *Thinking to herself* Team. Trust.

John: I heard that there was to be something going on here.

Rei: A Live Concert.

John: You don’t say. A Live Concert… Done by who?

Rei: Mars Reiko-San.

John: I don’t think that i have heard of her. Is she supposed to be a star too?

Rei: Well… no. she happens to be… *Shyly and hesitant* me.

John: *Blinking his eyes in surprise* Huh? You’re kidding. You’re Mars Reiko-San?

Rei: Yeah. I got to go and rehearse and practice for the live concert.

John: I see. Well i guess in the ways of show business… Break a leg. *Winks a little*

Rei: *Giving off a small smile* Thanks…

John: Hey. It’s no problem. besides… i can’t say that i am good at singing since i sound like a bit of a scratchy record player. but if Minako had you do this live concert… it is for a reason. I know that it won’t mean but a hill of beans to you now. but it will help you in the trust issue. believe me… i know… when you’re a hero and are fighting against Evil forces or just crooks and the sort. if an ally comes to help and you don’t have trust in them as they fight along on the same side as you do… nothing will be as successful as you wish it to be. Trust is like a bread and butter for heroes and their comrades.

Rei: *Nods and sighs as she takes it to heart* I understand. But even though we never met till now. i do trust your view. i must ask though… Are you a hero too?

John: *Laughs a little* No no… i’m not. i am the father to one though. Lord ElectricMind. he’s my son. you know him as King John Rhapsody.

Rei: I Think that i may have heard his name mentioned once before. Psychic power and the powers of Electric.

King John: *Walking in suddenly* I just came from seeing my favorite Pink haired Fuzzball Cousin Princess Rikku. She is feeling rather sad over hearing about Ami-Chan being turned to the dark side. Paige and Dinah came to me during that time and mentioned that you don’t have much trust in them… *Looking at Rei* Rei. The Rhapsody Girls are on the same side as you and the senshi. they are very strong. You are strong too. but you must be with trust. Trust is Key. It’s the thing that helps one fight better. knowing that they not only trust in themselves and their powers but trust in their allies and friends. *Hugging Rei suddenly in sympathy* You’ll be alright. Just do the live concert. you may come to surprise yourself once you get it done… you might find that the power of flame reacts to the music and will sense that you have trust.

John: We believe in you. we believe in all the heroes. and feel their pain as they are having to live with the heaviest burden.

Rei: *Nods*

Rei then left and made way to the Music store and looked for a secret room and found a  Room that had a table… some chairs. a Couch… a few snacks and a Karaoke machine plus a small stage. It looked like a Crown center magic room that only appeared to certain people…

Click to view full size image

Rei: *Confused* What is this? *Looking around* This room… seems familiar. do i know this room? This looks like Crown. in Japan.

Rei didn’t stop to look around… she got started on rehearsing and turned on the Speakers and turned up the music. she was determined to do it.

Rei: this is just a live concert. it’s only one concert. how bad can it be? *Getting up and Starting to make music*

Rei tried and tried… but the blast of the huge sounds that came from the speakers knocked her down. It knocked her down again and again. She then knew that she would have no other choice but to call for help. She knew that Usagi loved Karaoke and knew that she’d be trying to get her to sing… She really didn’t want to resort to asking for help but she was unable to do it on her own. she Called her up and got her to come down.

But Usagi didn’t come alone… Pearl also come along and so did Luna. They came over as well and gave Rei a hand.

Pearl: *Placing a few CD’s on the Table* I brought over my CD’s. a couple of Miranda Cosgrove and Amy Diamond. I also Got a CD with Lady Gaga and one of Cher.

Luna: We brought the best ones. made sure that they were perfect so you could rehearse and be ready for the Live Concert.

Pearl: I still can’t believe that you are doing a concert. and all this time we thought that you hated singing and just didn’t like Karaoke. *Grins*

Rei: It’s still the case. but i am doing it to find what i lack in being the supposed leader of the team here.

Pearl: The Leader? *Confused* What’s all that about?

Rei: Venus challenged me. she said that i was lacking something as a leader. saying that i didn’t have something that is key in being an actual leader.

Pearl: Well then let’s get you ready. you need help in awakening your Senshi’s power. it’ll be okay.

However at Dark Kingdom…

Nephrite: *Sitting against the wall and down*

Dark Mercury: *Walking by* … *Seeing Nephrite on the ground alone* All alone… I kinda like it. *Tossing Nephrite’s cape at him; Walking off*

Kunzite: If you want help in getting the Mystical Silver Crystal from the princess… i can help. but you might want to be careful to not get upstaged by the Princess again. i heard that she beat you multiple times.

Nephrite: *Growls* Damn you! Kunzite.

Kunzite: *Walking away and heading out again* I never get tired of taunting and giving him a hard time.

Nephrite: *Looking at his hands* I must get that Crystal for Queen Beryl. I Must.  I’ll Show Kunzite that i am not a washed up servant of Beryl-sama.  *Holding his hand out* Youma… Arise. I give you my power. Arise!

Youma: *Arises and moans with an Eerie cry*

At the secret room…

Pearl: Try it again. Rei, don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time. practice makes perfect. just keep trying.

Luna: *Encouraging Rei* You can do it.

Rei: *Nods* i’ll do it again.

A second later…

Rei: *Sings* There is no such thing as God…But I want to believe in something…something that Sakura Fubuki melts in…during a misty moon night.

Luna: Hmm…

Pearl: *Rubbing the side of her face* Uh…

Rei:  … It’s not good… is it?

Usagi: No… it is good. Your singing is wonderful. it’s just that…

Rei: What?

Luna: Err…

Pearl: It’s just that your face gives off a scary look. *Wondering* Do you really wish to not do the concert? Is that why?

Rei: *Shaking her head in dismay* No… It’s not that. i made it this far… i can’t back out now. However i feel like i’m a disgrace… I am nothing but a total disgrace.

Pearl: Rei-Chan… don’t say that. you’re not a disgrace. Why would you ever think that you were a disgrace?

Rei: *Scoffs and feeling pitiful* Well it’s because i am asking for your guys help in something like this. it’s probably gonna be of no surprise if my powers don’t awaken after this. it’ll be natural if my powers don’t even awaken after this is all over.

Pearl & Usagi: *Sadly and feeling sorry* Rei-Chan?…

Luna: *Sensing that time has passed* Oh… it’s almost time.

Usagi: What about the others? Shouldn’t we call them too?

Pearl: No time. i am sure that they’ll understand. let’s go…

At the Hospital…

Click to view full size image

Rei: *Using her Cellphone and transforming into a costume* How do i look?

Pearl: You look really Cute. It kinda makes me a little jealous. It’s so nice looking.

Luna: I agree.

Usagi: It makes us feel good that you called us to help.

Pearl: You might not want to hear this… but if felt really good that you called me to help. i was really glad… because i felt as though you trusted me… Even just a little.

Rei: Trust?

Pearl: Because if you didn’t trust me… you would not have called me to help. Good luck. Break a leg…

Luna:  Go go.. it’s time.

Venus: It is maybe because you’re lacking something that is needed in a leader.

Rei: *Voicing in her head* Something i’m lacking…

Pearl: *Looking at Rei* This is it Rei-Chan. You can do this. you’ve rehearsed and trained for this. Don’t worry about a thing… you’re gonna be just fine. we believe in you.

Usagi: it’s time.

Rei: *Walking up on stage and getting in front of the mic; Starting to Sing* 

Hin’yari hanabira wo nigirishimeteru
Eien ga tsuzuku you na kumo no kirema
Mieta ki ga shita no

Futatsu no yume
Fureru yubisaki
Namida mau haru no hi
Riyuu nanka mitsukaranai
Sugu tachidomaru
Tsuyoku nareru no?
Itsuka wa”

However in the Halls of the Hospital…

Youma: *Moaning and going all over looking for the Princess*

In a hospital Room…

Artemis: *Sitting and sensing something* Minako… Youma.

Minako: *Nods* … *Transforming* Venus Power… Make-Up!

Venus then Runs out and after the Youma…

on the side looking towards the Stage…

Usagi: *Sensing a Youma* Oh no… *Mouthing to Pearl* Pearl… Youma. go and handle it.

Pearl: *Nods*

Rei: *Overhearing and looking towards Usagi and Pearl while still singing* ”

Zutto sagasu shiroi tenshi no sugata
Kitto futte kuru
Atarashii watashi kureru hane

Kazahana tsuretette maboroshi no EDEN made
Koko de nara sukoshi dake wa
Sunao ni nareru ka mo ne”

Usagi: *Mouthing* Youma… keep going… you are doing great. just one more… join when you’re done.  Good Luck.

Rei: *Nods and faces the audience and sings more from the heart*

“Kamisama nante inai

Dakedo dareka shinjitai

Ima wa mada otona ni naritakunai

Sakura fubuki hisoka ni

Murasaki RAIRAKKU kaoru koro ni wa
Tooi yuki no kioku wa
Massara ni sarasara nagareteku

Zutto ou wa
Kono fukai mori no mukou
Kitto matte iru
Issho ni aruite kureru hito

Toori ame yo yande
Yozora ga mite mitai no
Koko de nara toki ga tomaru
Shoujo no mama de itai

Kamisama nante inai
Dakedo nanika shinjitai
Sonna koto omou
Oborozuki yo
Sakura fubuki toketeku

Kamisama nante inai
Dakedo dareka shinjitai
Ima wa mada toki wo tomete
Otona ni narenai kara

Kamisama nante inai
Dakedo nanika shinjitai
Sonna koto omou
Sakura fubuki toketeku”

in the Halls of the hospital…

Pearl: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed*

Usagi: *Running down the halls and Seeing Venus and the Youma heading down* Time to fight. *Transforming* Moon Prism Power… Make-Up!

Within minutes…

in the side room on the first floor looking out of the north side of the hospital…

Pearl: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Bubble Wave!

Princess Sailor Venus: *Running in; Launching an attack at the Youma* Venus Crescent Beam!

Sailor Moon: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Moon Twilight… Flash!

Artemis: *Running in and Watching the battle*

Nephrite: *Appearing in and blasting at the floor covering a spot of the floor with green Sticky glue* You Senshi will pay for all the pain and suffering that you have caused me. i will make you pay. And that includes you Rhapsody Girls. I curse the day that you even Existed! *Walking over to Pearl and Grabbing her by the neck* First i’ll take you out… then i’ll go after your sisters and nail them too.

Pearl: *Choking* Ack! Ugh! *Coughing and trying to break loose*

Sailor Mars: *Running in and Attacking the Youma* Akiyou… Taisan!

Sailor Moon: Rei-Chan?!

Sailor Mars: *Winks*

Artemis: *Shooting Moon discs at Nephrite* Back off the Rhapsody Girl. You show cruelty amongst those of the innocent. It won’t be allowed.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Gasps* Artemis!

Artemis: *Shrugs* What? I’m not one to sit in the sidelines here. if there is something i can do… to aide. i’m gonna go for it.

Pearl: *Grabbing her neck for a minute* Thanks for the save there Artemis. i was about to be done for there.

Artemis: The Youma is gone… but all there is; is the Evil Soldier to handle now.

Sailor Mars: *Shooting fire at Nephrite*

Nephrite: *Feeling the burn*

Sailor Mars: *Jumping up and going to the other side* … *Posing* Soldier of Flame and passion, Sailor Mars. In the name of Mars, I’ll Punish you!

Artemis: *Glowing in White Light* What is happening?

Nephrite: *Being Blinded by the Bright light* AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Sailor Mars: *Drawing a Fire Pattern in the air and gathering fire into a huge ball of Flame; Her Jewel on her sailor uniform glowing Red and brightly; Launching the attack* Youma……TAISAN!

Sailor Luna: Sailor Mars! You did it. you’ve awoken the Senshi power.

Nephrite Vanishes in defeat… retreating back to Dark Kingdom.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Looking at Artemis* Artemis?!

Artemis: *Transforming* Tuxedo Moon Power… Power-up!

Seconds later…

Tuxedo Artemis: *Posing with his Moon Blades* The Fury and graceful might of the Moon… Tuxedo Artemis. On behalf of the moon… You shall be brought to Justice!

Sailor Luna: Well… i guess that we got another Ally on our side. *Smiles*

Princess Sailor Venus: *Looking at Sailor Mars* You have found what you were lacking… You have awakened your Senshi power…. but you’re not fully awakened. there is still much that you need to remember. It will take time to fully awaken the powers. but i am sure that with a little more time everything you must know will become clear.

Sailor Mars: *Realizing* Senshi power. Trust.

Sailor Moon: *Smiles*

Tuxedo Artemis: *Nods* You girls can do it. Just remember all of your power. remember all of your senshi’s memories. it will come to you. Just don’t give up hope.

Dinah: *With Paige* What? The battle is done already… That is a total shame. i was hoping for a brawl or two.

Paige: We might have been late… but…. *Seeing a Man in a cape* Uh, Whoa! Tuxedo Kamen? Mamoru?! What’s he doing here? How did he get here?

Sailor Luna: No. It’s not Tuxedo Kamen…. Paige. it’s Artemis. or should i say now… Tuxedo Artemis.

Pearl: *Smiles* Nice to meet you Tuxedo Artemis.

Dinah: hope to have the chance to kick some serious butt sometime.

Paige: *Falling in love* Wow! He’s such a hunk. *Feeling Fuzzy*

Tuxedo Artemis: *Tipping his hat to the girls* Pleasure to meet you Rhapsody Girls. I am sure that we’ll be working close together from here on.

Dinah: Whoa! Okay. *Winks*

Princess Sailor Venus and Artemis then take their leave and soon vanish from the room.

At Dark Kingdom…

Beryl: *Looking at Nephrite* You failed again… Nephrite. What will it take for you to get the Mystical Silver Crystal.

Nephrite: I am sorry, Beryl-sama. I had the princess close. but she slipped out of my hands again. It’s those Rhapsody Girls. They continually interfere.

Kunzite: *Walking in* I don’t think the Princess that we’ve been after is the real Moon Princess at all. it appears that she is a decoy. The Real Moon Princess seems to be Sailor Moon.

Nephrite: Are you sure?

Beryl: The Senshi deceived me? *Growls in outrage* How dare they move to Deceive me?

Kunzite: I’m not sure… but i have my suspicions. she let out a mass of energy. which tried to undo the Evil Spell that i placed on one of their own.

Beryl: *Looking at Kunzite* Kunzite, Press on with Luring the Real Moon Princess out. We have them all backed into a corner… She’s got no choice now but to come out.

Kunzite: *Bows before leaving* As you wish, Beryl-sama.

Back at Metropolis…

The candy store…

Pearl: So… Does this mean that you’re gonna do more Karaoke soon, Rei-Chan?

Rei: No. it was a special occasion. i won’t do it again.

Usagi: *Moans in sorrow* Rei-Chan…

Rei: Maybe i will again in the future. but for now… let’s just leave it as it being only for a special occasion.

Paige: What about that new guy? Tuxedo Artemis? He is really a hunk. i like him. he looked cute. I think i am in love. *Lovesick*

Dinah: *Pauses and Looking at Paige with a awkward look* Huh?! Paige? Are you cracked? Earth dwellers and Moon Dwellers can’t be in love together. No offense… but if there is any clarity to the Past life of the Moon Princess and the Prince of the Earth… it could only lead to calamity.

Luna: *Smelling something*

Dinah: *Looking at Luna* Luna… What’s up Whiskers? Smell something?

Luna: i don’t know.

Usagi: I don’t smell anything.

Suddenly Paige looked to her side and saw their Aunt Princess Julie walking by across the street, Smoking.

Paige: *Turning in disgust* Ugh… it’s our Aunt Princess Julie. She’s smoking and she is the mother to our two friends that we made 3 years ago. Cindy and Jess. They are being subjected to the influence of her habit. We haven’t seen them in school much. it’s almost like she’s kept them out of school. And one day… not but a week or two ago… i saw them and i don’t know if i smelt it right… but they smelt like smoke.

Makoto: *Gasps* You’re kidding… Really? Why would she Subject them to that? Is she trying to influence them to do it?

Pearl: Who knows? but i think that it’s really disgusting and sick… Princess Julie should not be doing that. *Gags*

A Minute later…

Pidge: *Walking over to Paige, Pearl and Dinah* Girls… Thank god i have found you. I have just come from the jewelry shop nearby and picked up a ring for Tammy. Me and her are getting married in a few weeks.

Paige: Really?!

Pearl and Dinah: Allright!

Dinah: Way to go Doc. Landing the girl. You and her are really perfect for one another.

Pidge: *Blushes* Awww! Stop it. You’re embarrassing me. Oh… i also wanted to tell you girls that your new upgrades are about done… in the next Month or so come by and pick up the new upgrades. and the updates of the power belts and buckles. we can get into the new data that i got about the future threats that might be coming… It’s not gonna happen at this time… right now… The threat right now is the one from Dark Kingdom. however the new data that i picked up exposes something more in the midst. Although… you girls… all of you are welcomed to attend the wedding. Tammy wants you all there.

Pearl: Wow! A Wedding… That’s gonna be so exciting.

Paige: You got that right. *Smiles while still thinking about how hot Tuxedo Artemis looked*

Rei: A Dark Threat worse than Beryl? Not very likely. unless you are referring to Queen Metaria… the great Evil.

Pidge: it’s nothing that revolves the threat that is still pressing… but just be aware that Beryl isn’t gonna be the last of the threats.

Paige: *Shrugs* okay.

The professor didn’t stay long… he had to get back to his house in Metropolis. he had to go meet his Fiancee Tammy. but with what he said… it left the girls thinking… Paige and her sisters were thinking about what the Professor was talking about but were also trying to not think so much about it… they had to focus on dealing with Beryl. Beryl was the main issue. as was the Great Evil…

a few days later…

At the Metropolis Planetarium…

Mamoru: What am i doing here again? *Confused*

Kunzite: *Appearing from behind* Looking to be destroyed. I will take out all those who are against me. Ever since Zoicite started calling you and reawakening your memories… all i can think of is how you left us and betrayed us by falling for that Moon Princess. You should have stayed with an oblivious life. never knowing about the past. but now i must take you out.

Mamoru: *Turning to see Kunzite* Kunzite?! What are you talking about? I am not who you Think i am…

Kunzite: Oh no… don’t think about backing away and fooling me. You don’t think that you’re the same person… Our Master named Endymion… But Zoicite does and as much as he creeps me out a little. he never lied.

Mamoru: *Running away and Hiding*

Kunzite: *Marching off after him* Now you are trying to run from me. This is not like you. I never would figure that the Master would be reincarnated to being this weak. and this much of a coward.

to be continued…

Will this bring out the Moon Princess? What Will Mamoru do once he figures out that Usagi is the Moon Princess? Will Kunzite aim to launch an attack and destroy her? Will Mamoru reveal his past life self and awaken back as Master Endymion? What about Ami? Could this be the beginning of the return of Ami? Could the return of the true Moon Princess break apart the evil spell placed upon Ami? Will Beryl try to abduct Mamoru and trigger for Usagi to unleash Princess Serenity/Princess Sailor Moon? Will The Rhapsody Girls have a vital role in the grand appearance of Princess Serenity? Find out in Chapter 36 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Paige: *Voice-Over* Wow! What a grand show seeing The real Princess coming out. It seems that the Princess that we were protecting wasn’t Sailor Venus after all.  It was our friend Usagi. And We also get to see that Ami is gonna be even closer to returning to normal…

Dinah: *Voice -over* We even get to see Artemis in his transformation and make his first ever battle. He may be from the moon… but he is definitely kicking some ass.  Man, i got to step my game a bit.

Pearl: *Voice-Over* And we even get to see another shot of Prince Alvin turning into a Ssj3. The Moon Princess is gonna be having a lot of strong enforcers on her side. Us… The Rhapsody Girls Z! The Rhapsody Brothers and even her fellow Soldiers. Betty and Angel as well come to lend in the fight…

Paige: *Voice-Over* But… What’s this… Aunt Princess Charlene/Arctic Mind and Uncle King John/Lord Electricmind come to lend their help too… I don’t think that this will be a fair battle against the Evil Forces… *Scoffs* Who cares? The Evil forces will be chased off.

Luna:  *Voice-Over* Finally, the true Moon Princess will come and arrive in our presence… find out what happens in the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 36: “Please Welcome… Usagi/Princess Serenity…. The Moon Princess!… Rhapsody Girls: Long live Princess Serenity!; Rhapsody Brothers: We are in your debt, Moon Princess!”

Sailor Moon: *Calling out* Ma-moru… Mamoru!

Suddenly Sailor Moon Glows bright yellow and splits showing a Princess.

Princess Serenity: *Crying out* Endymion!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Gasps* Whoa!

Dinah: Usagi is the moon Princess. She’s Princess Serenity…

Artemis: Yes… Everyone…  Soldiers. Remember who the Princess is.

Sailor Mars: *Closing her eyes and trying to remember* Our Princess is… Usagi.

Sailor Venus: *returning to being a Sailor Soldier*

Dark Mercury: *Feeling the heat from the Bright Light filling the room* Ahh… Uhhh!

Youma: *Exploding and becoming Dust*


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