The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #33- “Dark Power… Make-Up! Dark Mercury has come… The Rhapsody Girls nightmare of fighting an ally of their own exposed”

Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!:

“Sailor Mercury: *Attacking Kunzite* Shine Aqua… Illusion!

Kunzite: *Blocking the attack with his sword absorbing the blast*

Sailor Mercury: *Launching another attack* Mercury aqua… Mist!

Kunzite: *Blocking the attack again*

Sailor Mercury: *Looking at Kunzite in shock*… *Gasps*

Kunzite: Sailor Mercury… from this day forward… you will be serving me. *Pulling out his Sword; Sliding his two fingers up along the side of the Sword and revealing dark purple mist; Swinging it towards Sailor Mercury*

Sailor Mercury: *Surrounded and getting infected with the dark cloud* Uh… Uh… eh-heh… *With her head down and under a spell*”

At the Mall…

Rei:*not able to sense Youma* What the? The Aura and the Youma gone along with it. How can this…

At the far side of the park…

Makoto: *Seeing no Youma in sight* What were they after…

It happened way too quick and the incident at the Daily Planet just barely got squared away. it was only hours later when a swarm of youma Illusions started forming and appeared in various spots in the city. the Rhapsody Girls and the Senshi spread out to investigate. and all saw the same thing. the Youma’s were illusions. to throw them off guard. To keep them from suspecting that something sinister was in the works. Paige however was the only one nearby where Ami was when Kunzite made another appearance. She saw that Ami was in trouble and tried to help…but was too late. Ami was placed under a spell.An evil spell. Kunzite captured her and turned her Evil, but at that time it wasn’t showing. Paige saw Ami then vanish and end up being nowhere in sight. Paige went back to school to finish the day out. She didn’t know what she was gonna tell the others. She snuck into school and made sure that wasn’t noticed by her sisters or the other senshi. She didn’t want to see them for they’d ask about where Ami was…

Paige: *In dismay* What am i gonna tell the others? I should have been there before it happened. i got there too late. Ami is… seduced by the dark. *Groans* Darn it… Why Did Kunzite have to take her and turn her Evil? *Thinking to herself in her mind* I should just hide my face from everyone… I can’t bare to have them look at me. I failed.

At the park where the fountain was…

A few dark petals were on the ground and blew around a little from a gust of wind…


*Showing Flashes and Gif clips of the Senshi and the Rhapsody Girls Z and Allies*

“Hitomi wa itsumo jueru bodi ni matou rame and chaamu Ikite yuku koto wa try get a chance! Koko ni aru kara tsuyoi yume gan gan kechirashitekou raibaru darake no mahiru Egao yori kuchibiru yori aibiimu ga kimewaza *Watashi ni nare kirari to sailor diamonds! Yoake ni umareru gaadian Watashi dakara kanau yo starlight prayers! maiku appu shiyou yo Kirameki wa mune ni Sailor senshi sore wa muunraito riaru gaaru”

Chapter 33- “Dark Power… Make-Up! Dark Mercury has come… The Rhapsody Girls nightmare of fighting an ally of their own exposed”

The Next morning…

At the Metropolis Plaza Apartments…

Zoicite: *Appearing before Mamoru; Playing the Piano* I Want you to remember. in the past life… you were considered our master. Endymion. You must remember about that time where you were called our master. *Showing him the night Sky* This is the night sky that we saw long ago. the sight that you loved so much and thought about with calm embrace. The moon. You are our Master… Master Endymion. You fought hard for this planet as you enjoyed it so. Just remember it.

Mamoru: *Snaps* Stop it! That is Enough. I am Chiba Mamoru. I do not need to regain any other past than that.

Zoicite: Master?

Mamoru: Quit it. Stop trying to psyche me out. STOP!

Mamoru Took a look around and saw that he was in front of a science building. He was confused as to what he was doing there.

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Paige: *In bed feeling cold and sick; Upset* I can’t believe that i wasn’t there. i wasn’t there and i should have been. Why wasn’t i able to save Ami from the sneak attempt from Kunzite? *Covered up* Maybe my powers of Love aren’t enough. maybe i’m not meant to be the leader of the Rhapsody Girls Z. maybe i just a weak link. i should have been able to Block that sneak attack and been able to save Ami-Chan from the encounter.

At the front Door…

Princess Rikku: *Answering the door to see Makoto* Ah… Morning Makoto. Good to see you. Are you here to see Paige?

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Makoto: Morning Mrs. Rhapsody-San. Is Paige home?

Princess Rikku: *Nods* She is. but she is in bed. It seems that she caught some sort of cold. i don’t know what it is. She was fine the other day. but this morning she didn’t get up with her sisters for school like she usually does. *Saddened* The poor dear.

Makoto: I ‘m sorry to hear that. I was looking to see if she might have an idea where Ami-Chan was. We haven’t seen a sign of her since yesterday. We saw her in school yesterday… but sometime during the day she just vanished.

Princess Rikku: *Gasps* Oh My. that is horrible. Do you think it is something serious. Has Ami done that before?

Makoto: No. I would have asked Pearl and Dinah… but they don’t know. I can’t get ahold of Usagi. She’s been really bummed about that guy Tuxedo Kamen/Chiba Mamoru.

Princess Rikku: He’s a nice guy i hear. a College guy… i think. Usagi is a little young to be in love with someone like him. She should go for someone that is around her age. That’s more proper. right?

Makoto: *Nods* Right.

Princess Rikku: *Looking at Makoto* Ah… you must have not had anything to eat this morning. I made Eggs florentine with Bacon and Cheese this morning. You must have some. you need food too.

Makoto: No. It’s okay. Thanks anyway. I really got to go and get to the school to see if Ami-Chan is there. She might know where Usagi is. i can’t find her.

Princess Rikku:  *Pulling Makoto lightly* Please come in for a spell. you surely can’t go around looking for people on an empty stomach.

Makoto: No… it’s okay. Really. it’s alright.

Princess Rikku: But you’ll like them. it’s got alot of good sources of vitamins. it’s tasty.

Makoto: *Pulling away* it’s really alright. you don’t have to.

Princess Rikku: *Pulling a little more* But i insist.

Makoto knew that she couldn’t say no and finally caved. but she had to run the second she was done. she was not one to just eat and run…but there was something going on that she just didn’t like. Something was going on. She ate a plate of the food and then got up, Cleaned her plate up and nodded and thanked Paige, Pearl and Dinah’s mother for the nice breakfast and took her leave. but before she left…

Makoto: *While feeling concerned about Paige and worried about Usagi and Ami at the same time* When Paige gets up and feels better. tell her that i stopped by. i hope that she feels better soon.

Princess Rikku: *Smiles* Thank you. i sure will. You take good care now. Okay?

Makoto: Okay. You too. *Nods as she walks out gracefully*

At Metropolis Middle School…

Pearl: *Working on the Halloween present* Classes are out today. Hardly any of the classes are in other then 4. Makoto and Dinah are out of school today and are with a day off. Paige and Usagi are out of class today too. *Thinking to herself* I can’t help but think that there is something very odd going on here.

Makoto: *Walking by the classroom door suddenly* …. *Looking in to see that Pearl was inside working on something* ah…

Pearl: *Looking up and turning to see Makoto* ….*Gasps* Mako-Chan?! What are you doing here? *Getting up and walking over to her* What’s going on?

Makoto: I don’t know. I can’t seem to get a hold of Usagi. She was fine yesterday but then she caught sight of Mamoru and just flipped. she ran off in tears and felt hurt. i think that she was hoping that she would be his. but as soon as she saw that he was with another woman… she was… Helina. i guess. i never met her. but Usagi was upset. she didn’t even stop to look if we were there. she just ran. she won’t even answer her phone. and i can’t seem to find Ami-Chan. i was in hope on finding her for advice on how to cheer Usagi up. but no one has seen her.

Pearl: *Shaking her head* Do you think that she might have caught a cold? Paige wasn’t feeling too good this morning. But there seemed to have been something troubling her. however she wouldn’t tell what it was. I feel for her and i also feel for Usagi. I sure hope that they’re both gonna be okay.

Makoto: Same here.

Pearl: Maybe Ami is at her house. She could still be at home. at least that is where she ought to be if she is sick.

Makoto: Yeah. Want to come along?

Pearl: I’d like to… but i got an assignment to do. something to do with making a Halloween gift or something for a special someone. Usagi was making hers for Mamoru. But i guess that seeing him with that girl… it kinda made her feel as though she wasted her time. Do you think that they’re destined to be together?

Makoto: *Sighs* i don’t know. although Dinah mentioned something about Princess Sailor Venus not being the real princess. I have no idea what she meant by that. although it got me to thinking… If Sailor Venus isn’t the Moon Princess… Then that means that the real moon Princess is still out there somewhere. and if so… Where?

Pearl: I don’t know. *Shaking her head* Actually. i can do more of my Halloween thing later. Ami-chan is a bit more important than the assignment right now. Pops are sweet and i like having one every so often. but Candy can be replaced. a friend can’t. *Grabbing her stuff and Excusing herself from the class for the day* Catch you later Mrs. Williams.

A second later…

Pearl: What do you think happened to her? She Wasn’t sick the other day. she looked rather okay.

Makoto: *Walking over to Ami’s House* i don’t know. all i know is that i can’t seem to find her. i was understanding that she’d be here. i figured that if if she was at school i’d be able to get some insight or advice on how to Cheer Usagi up. but I went to your house before coming to the school seeing if Ami might have stopped by there. and heard that there was no sign of her there either.

Pearl: Paige was there. she of course was not feeling so good. like i said before… she seemed to have had something bugging her.

Makoto: There was also a mess of Youma illusions. popping all over the city. at various spots.

Pearl: I noticed. what gets me about that is… Why would they just appear and then vanish seconds later leaving no trace of auras or a presence?

Makoto: *Shaking her head* I Don’t have any clue. what could they have been after?

Pearl: It might be… *Thinking* Kunzite’s handy work. he was so into trying to get us all off guard. He was after something… or someone.

Makoto: *Worried* But who…?

By time they got to Ami’s house they barely reached the front door and knocked on it. hoping that someone would answer and that it’d be Ami. They waited for a minute and heard no response and there was no movement heard inside the house. they didn’t hear a thing going on inside…

Makoto: *Knocking on the door* Ami-Chan! You home? *Wondering where should be*

Pearl: *Ringing the Doorbell* Ami-Chan?!

Makoto: *Turning the door knob on the door and slowly opening it* It’s unlocked.  That’s strange. Ami wouldn’t just leave her door unlocked like this.

Pearl: Do you think that she’s hurt?

Makoto: *Walking inside* Let’s go inside and look for her. see if she’s here.

Makoto and Pearl walk inside and search for Ami all over. they were very concerned and were growing more worried about her as it went. they of course felt bad for intruding into her house without being asked… Pearl went inside with Makoto and looked all over for Ami. they were unable to find her at first till suddenly they looked in the one room on her bed to see that Ami was laying on her one side with her back turned and facing the window. She appeared to not be moving…

Makoto: *Gasps* Ami-Chan! *Calling for Pearl* Pearl! Come here. Quick. Ami-Chan is in here. she’s here. Something’s wrong with her.

Pearl: *Running in* What? Oh no!

Makoto: *Walking fast over to Ami-Chan’s Bed* Ami-Chan?! What’s wrong? Are you sick?

Ami: *Weakly* I don’t feel good. Cold.

Makoto: *Gasps* Oh no… Where’s your mom, Ami-Chan? Where is she?

Ami: She’s in Germany… business trip.

Pearl: Why didn’t you call us, Ami-Chan… You know that we’d be coming to take care of you.

Makoto: *Going into the Kitchen to fix some food up for Ami; to get her strength up*

Pearl: Ami, we’re gonna make you well. you shouldn’t be alone when you’re sick. this could have been a lot worse.

Ami: B-but…

Pearl: No Butts. You need food in you. some good food. Makoto is gonna be making some food for you to help get your energy and strength up. you need to get well.

A moment later…

Makoto: *Setting a tray up and giving Ami the food* Be careful. it’s a little hot.

Ami Nods and takes bits of the food given to her. she devoured it and miraculously felt much better than what she did moments earlier. When she was done, Makoto had the plates all washed and put away and Pearl asked Ami what it was that she wanted to do. Ami was jumped full of life and asked about an amusement park. she wanted to go for some fun. Pearl and Makoto Blinked and were stunned at the request. but they were also happy that Ami was wanting to be more active and they all went to the amusement part.  They went on the water ride and got a Balloon. then Ami got on to the Merry-go-round. Pearl and Makoto sighed and smiled a little… But they weren’t alone. Motoki was close-by.

Motoki: *Walking up to Makoto* Hello.

Makoto: *Looking to Motoki* Hi there.  Motoki-Kun.

Pearl: *Smiles* Hey there. Nice day, isn’t it?

Motoki: yeah. I was kinda out going for a walk and to take Kamekichi out for a little walk. get him some exercise.

Pearl: *Confused* Kamekichi? Who’s that?

Motoki: He’s my Turtle. He’s a really handsome one he is.

Pearl: *Looking to see the Turtle* Ohhh. *Smiles at the turtle* Hello there. Aren’t you just the cutest little turtle?

Makoto: *Smiles*

Ami: *Calling out to Pearl and Makoto from the Merry-go-round* Mako-Chan, Pearl-Chan! *Waving at them*

Makoto: *With Pearl; Both waving back at Ami and Smiling*

Motoki: So you girls here to enjoy the rides? the amusement park is just beginning to open and get really lively now. there is to be some big grand opening for the amusement park here. They finally built one here in this city.

Makoto: I’m surprised though. because this morning when we got up. there was no word of one being built. But When Ami-Chan was asking about going to an amusement park… i was rather stunned.

Pearl: Not me. i rather heard about it last night… but i was so tired from everything that has happened that i didn’t really break out with the news.

Makoto: *Looking to her side suddenly to see Ami passed out* Oh my god… Ami-chan! *Calling out to the operator of the Merry-go-round* Stop… Please Stop!

The ride then stopped and Makoto waltzed in and got up to the ride and grabbed Ami and had Pearl help. Motoki walked over and lent them a hand and offered to give them a ride to the hospital… A minute later…

In the car…

Motoki: *Quickly looking behind him at Makoto, Pearl and Ani-Chan*  The Hospital is not far from here. Is she okay?

Makoto: Yeah. she’s okay. she’s just sleeping.

Pearl: I Don’t know what going on. she was just fine a moment ago.

Makoto: I am really concerned about her…  *at Motoki-Kun* Thank you so much for the ride.

Motoki: It’s okay! Thank you for this. *Showing the little gift*  You were the only one who gave me something.

Makoto: It was nothing much really.

Pearl: *Seeing the gift* Awww… that is so sweet. Makoto. that is a nice gift to give to someone. it looks cute. Makoto, I didn’t know that you were in affection to Motoki. He’s a real nice guy. *Smiles*

Motoki: *Blushes* I know that it was probably out of obligation…. but i am still thankful for it. it’s the nicest thing that anyone’s done for me. or given me.

At the hospital…

Moments later…

Doctor: *Looking at Pearl and Makoto* I don’t know what is wrong with her. there doesn’t seem to be anything visibly wrong with her. but just to play it safe… we’ll keep her for observations.

Pearl: *Nods* Arigato. We leave her in your care.

Makoto: Please take care of her.

In the Waiting room…

Motoki: *Sighs*

Makoto and Pearl walk out into the Waiting room and see Motoki there waiting. They didn’t know what to tell him. all they could tell him was that the Examinations were gonna take a while. All they could do was just wait to hear what they find in her…

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Motoki: *Giving Pearl and Makoto a cup of Coffee* here you go. it will help you keep awake. it might take a while in there with the examinations.

Pearl: *Not understanding* i don’t drink coffee. but i will drink it anyway. one cup won’t hurt me.  *Worried* I sure hope that Ami-Chan is okay.

Makoto: I also. I wish that there was something that we could do…

Pearl: *Going to use a phone* we should call one of the girls. they should be here too.

Makoto: Pearl… Wait. Usagi is not feeling to well and Rei is out acting on her own. It’s probably best if we don’t tell them for right now.

Pearl: *Pauses and gasps* B-but… Mako-Chan. you can’t be serious… *Looking back at Makoto* Are you saying that we ought to keep them in the dark for right now?

Makoto: Yes. at least till we know more. we don’t want to worry them if it’s nothing.

Pidge: *Walking in with Tammy* I hear that there a famous singer here.

Tammy: *Curious* Really? Who?

Pidge: Mars Reiko-san.

Tammy:  Huh? Never heard of her. Is she here now?

Pidge: Not sure. but i heard that she is next in line with the Singing talent and Pop Idol Minako Aino.

Tammy:  I also heard that she’s a Senshi. Sailor Venus. Is that true?

Pidge: I believe so. and i think that the other Senshi’s believe it to be so also.

Tammy: What about your Daughter Betty? What is her belief?

Pidge: I can’t say. but what i can tell you is that she feel that she has the same ties to them. Apparently they are all descendants to their former selves from the past life. from the Moon Kingdom.

Tammy: What’s the tale about this Moon Kingdom?

Pidge: Well… it’s about this Princess named Serenity. she was the princess of the Moon. she Fell in love with the Prince of the Earth. Someone by the name of Endymion. However their love was a forbidden love. ill-fated and didn’t bode well with the People of the Earth and the people of the moon. they fought against each other. calamity struck and it called forth more and more calamity. but what happened was that the Princess destroyed the moon and the Earth. The Earth was in disorder from the Great Evil that was unleashed. but on the Moon. the Prince and the Princess were together and one of the Princes known men who are now the Evil Shintennou stabbed the Prince due to belief that the Prince had betrayed them all and betrayed his people. With the Prince dead… it caused the Princess to release a huge burst of energy and it drove the moon to plunge into the Earth. destroying everything. but the end was still the same. the Prince and the Princess laid holding each other’s hand… on the ground and laid there dead.

Tammy:  Oh my… that’s awful.

Pidge: Well… that is unfortunately the way it went down.

Luckily they didn’t notice Pearl and Makoto… they were in and out within minutes and didn’t catch sight of the girls there.

Motoki: *Looking at the time suddenly* I got to head back to work unfortunately… but here… hold out the hands.

Pearl: *Holding out her hands*

Motoki: *Placing several bags of chips and snacks in Pearl’s hands* Here…here…here….here….here…here and here. The Examinations might really take a while and you’re gonna need energy to keep awake here. i don’t know if they’d be open to seeing anyone falling asleep in the waiting room. Let me know the results. Even if the results happen to be nothing.

Pearl: *Nods* Okay.

Makoto: *Smiles and Chuckles* Thanks. *Smiles*

Motoki then waved good-bye for that time and began to head out however he almost forgot about the Turtle…

Motoki: *Turns and sees the turtle still there* Ah! Kame-Kichi. *Picking up his turtle and smiles again* bye. *Waving* Bye.

Makoto: *Sneezes a little* Achoo!

Pearl: Mako-Chan, Are you okay?

Makoto: *nods* yeah.

Pearl: *Suddenly seeing a few dark petals falling* What… Uh, What is that?

Makoto: What’s what? *Looking down suddenly at the floor and seeing Dark petals* Where did those come from?

Pearl: I don’t know…

Dinah: *Running in* Pearl… It’s Betty. She is with Dennis. and they’re both in trouble. they were just hanging out with each other and talking when suddenly a Youma came at them and pinned them to the wall of the outside of the Church.

Makoto: That’s awful… But Ami-Chan is sick. she’s in the hospital… although the doctors didn’t see anything. they’re just keeping her for observations right now.

However at Dark Kingdom…

Beryl: *Looking at Kunzite* Kunzite, what of that interesting thing that you explained towards me? Is this Interesting thing of yours progressing?

Kunzite: *Grins* I Shall show it to you in just a little while. However… the very thought that you, Beryl-sama would find deep intrigue over the interesting thing that i have planned-  to be this Curious about it… —I am gratefully happy.

Beryl: I wasn’t really thinking so much about it.  But just to be clear about this so called plan or Scheme of yours…Kunzite, what is it that happens to be going on in your head? It’s not for me. that i am quite certain of due to your devious little idea. What Exactly could it be that you aiming for?

Kunzite: *Smirks* Why must you ask such a question, Beryl-Sama? I am only after the very same thing as you are after. That’s no more than the grand return of the Great Evil…Queen Metallia.

Beryl: Okay. but that doesn’t really tell me what you plan or pose to do after the Queen has finally returned.

Kunzite: Whatever you wish. Your wish is as always… my command to obey and follow.

Kunzite takes his leave…

Nephrite: Can we trust him?

Beryl: His intentions are good and he has gathered a mass amount of energy.

Nephrite: *Scoffs* Oh please… Beryl-sama…  you are going along with his little foolish escapade….As if you can trust him. Can’t you see… there is no doubt that he is plotting against you. He is planning to take over, Beryl-sama, I’m sure of it! He is obviously hiding something from us. you can tell that he is plotting something more. he knows more about what he’s doing than what he’s saying.

Beryl: *Grins* Perhaps… Nephrite. But he knows best… as do you that if he is that simple-minded, then there’s nothing to fear. he can’t over throw me.

Jadeite: *From the side* You know… Nephrite, if you don’t be more careful and don’t stay on top of the matter… he will wind up beating you to the Princess.

Nephrite: Are you that foolish, Jadeite? What makes you think that Kunzite will get ahead of me? What possibly can he hope to do? Him… beating me… Impossible.

Outside the Chambers…

Kunzite: *Holding a Dark petaled flower in his hand* It is time…. Awaken and come to me Mercury. *Putting his other hand on the Dark Rose and Squeezing it. putting pressure on it*

Back at the Metropolis General Hospital…

Pearl: *Sitting and Waiting*

Makoto: *Hearing bells and clattering from down the hall* Huh?!

Dinah: *Jumps* What was that?

Pearl: Let’s go see. i think that it came from down the hall.

Makoto, Pearl and Dinah make a mad dash down the hall to see where the noise was coming from and barely got there to see the door closed…

Pearl: *Concerned* Why would the door be closed?

Dinah: Beats me. *Opening the door and looking inside* Whoa! looks like someone had a party in here or there was a bit of a fight.

In the room there was no sign of Ami, they saw no trace of her… all there was in the room was a couple of frightened nurses and a bit of dark petals all over the bed. There was no other sign of Ami anywhere.

Pearl: Oh no. *Gasps* Ami-Chan!

Dinah: Let’s go… we must find her.

Makoto: *Running out and going in search of Ami*

Pearl and Dinah: *Chasing after Makoto* Mako-Chan! Wait up!

They went on the hunt to search for Ami-Chan and knew that it was gonna take the help of everyone. Pearl called their Sister Paige and then contacted Usagi, and Rei. they called them as well as contacted Luna. they were all on the hunt for Ami and were gonna look for her. As for Makoto, Pearl and Dinah… they ran over to where Ami was. they were in search for her and tried to find her. But were having no luck… They found a trail of boys knocked out and a few petals surrounding them… it showed that Ami was near… it took them to the Docks of Metropolis…

Dinah: *Panting and trying to catch her breath* Ah… Where is she? Ami-Chan, Where are you?

Makoto: *Sighs* Where could she have gone…

Seconds later the wind began to blow a bit and rustled the leaves on the trees. Makoto stopped to listen to the wind and listened to the trees. Dinah heard the Skies rumble a little and speak. with those combined… it pointed to an old warehouse. Ami was inside and looking at Kunzite.  Kunzite looked at her and started to walk up to her but was stopped…

Pearl: *With Dinah* STOP! Get away from our friend.

Dinah: Don’t even think about going near her… You two-timing Sleazeball!

Ami: *Turning to look at Pearl and Dinah and Makoto suddenly* …..

Makoto: *Grabbing Ami and getting her back away from Kunzite; Shielding her from him*

Kunzite: What did you plan to do?

Makoto: *Snaps* Don’t Fuck with me! *Transforming* Jupiter Power…Make-Up!

Dinah: Pearl… let’s do it.

Pearl: Right.

A second later…

Pearl: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* Bubble Maiden!

Dinah: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed* Thunder Mistress!

Makoto: *Doing Her Pose* Soldier of Thunder and Courage, Sailor Jupiter. In the Name of Jupiter…I’ll Punish you!

Makoto turns and grabs Ami and gets her to a hiding spot…

Makoto: Ami-Chan… Stay here. you’re safe here. *Going after Kunzite*

Kunzite: Ah! I’ll be delighted to be your opponent.

Pearl: *Attack Kunzite* Bubble Wave!

Dinah: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Thunder Electrocution!

Kunzite: *Blocking the attacks* Ha! *Crossing his arms and holding them in front of his face blocking the kicks and punches coming from Pearl, Dinah and Makoto.

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Supreme…. Thunder!

Kunzite blocked it and it bounced back at a pole causing it to start collapsing and fall towards Ami… Jupiter ran to it and pushed it back… Pearl and Dinah kicked at Kunzite and kept launching blows at him. trying to hold him back from  getting near Ami and taking her.

Pearl: We Won’t let you have her.

Dinah: You go and get someone else to have as your own, Dirt-bag.

Kunzite: *Grabbing the girls and Tossing them into the boxes* Pests!

Sailor Jupiter: *Shoving the Pole away and then looking at Ami-Chan* Ami-Chan… get out of here. get to safety. Run. I’ll stay here.

Ami doesn’t move…

Sailor Jupiter: Hurry! *Grabbing Ami and trying to get through to her*

Ami unfortunately pulled out of Makoto’s grip and then looked at her coldly before getting up and within seconds began walking over to Kunzite… As soon as she was beside Kunzite, she turned around and lowered her head slightly letting show an evil grin.

Sailor Moon: *With Sailor Mars, Paige and Sailor Luna* Mako-Chan… Pearl… Dinah… Ami-Chan!

Pearl: *Catching sight of Ami-Chan with Kunzite with an Evil Grin* You ROTTEN MEANIE!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

Sailor Jupiter: *Angrily* You CREEP! What the Fuck have you done to Ami? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!

Kunzite: *To Ami* Show them.

a dark transformation bracelet then appeared around Ami’s wrist and the Rhapsody girls gasped as it appeared. it was a nightmare that was just waiting to stir.

Ami: *Transforming* Dark Power! Make up!

Pearl: Oh no! How can something like this happen?!

Dinah: Ami-chan…This is a joke, right?! You’re not seriously thinking that we’re your targets… are you?


Dark Mercury: Who am I going against first? Or will it be all of you… all at once? Running… is futile. There is no use to run.

Paige: *Falling down* I can’t believe this… We should have been there for Ami more. We Ignored her and left her alone… What were we thinking? *Ashamed and devastated* I should have been there before Kunzite was able to inflict her with the Dark energy.

Sailor Moon: Paige… It’s not your fault. There was no way you were to know that this was gonna happen. you did what you could.

With Ami now on the dark side and working on the dark side. What were they gonna do? This meant that they were gonna have to do the one thing that they wished that they’d never see happen. They were gonna have to fight against Ami. Would this be the move to back the heroines into a corner and force the real Moon Princess to come out. Would Tuxedo Kamen come and try and defend Sailor Moon against Kunzite? How would they be able to fight against the Evil force while knowing that their friend Ami was working along with them? How will they get Ami to come back to them? Will they be able to bring Ami back to them? Will it mean trouble for Paige as she has the same classes as Ami? Find out in Chapter 34 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Sailor Moon: *Voice-over* This is terrible… Ami-Chan is lured to the Dark side and is now with the dark side. What are we gonna do? there is not gonna be any time for a relief with Ami on the dark side. We got to get her back. somehow. I am also instructed to fight Ami-Chan. but how can i do it? I can’t fight my best friend. Ami is our friend and i won’t fight against her.

Sailor Mars: *Voice-Over* We might not have a choice. how could this happen though… that is what we don’t understand.

Sailor Luna: *Voice-Over* This is terrible. Why would Ami-Chan break over to the evil side? What made her do such a thing?

Dinah: *Voice-Over* it’s gonna be a long fight. and a long struggle. i just hope that we can get Ami back to us. back to her real friends who really care about her. Will we be able to Break through to Ami-Chan? Plus Pearl’s Powers react and her harp sounds off a sad song. All of this will come loose in The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 34: “Ami-Chan… Come back to us. We Love you… Pearl’s Emotional heart breaking plea! Plea; Sailor Moon’s Powers Awaken… The Moon Princess is Nigh.”

Paige: Ami-Chan… Please… don’t do this. Don’t let the Evil rule you. You’re not Evil. You’re our friend. don’t Do this.

Pearl: *With tears in her eyes* Don’t you remember us?

Dark Mercury: I remember… Sailor Moon… Sailor Mars… Sailor Jupiter… Sailor Luna… Rhapsody Girls Z!

Princess Sailor Venus: *Instructing Sailor Moon* Sailor Moon, You must fight. Fight her. Now. Fight back!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Confronting Dark Mercury* Ami-Chan… Don’t make us hurt you. We don’t want to do this… but you are not giving us much of an option.

Sailor Moon: *Suddenly releasing high energy* ….

Princess Sailor Venus: *Witnessing Sailor Moon’s powers starting to awaken*

Sailor Mars: Usagi-Chan.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Nods* Just a little more… Her powers are awakening.


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