The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #32- “Energy Drainage. a Step to a Resurrection for The great Evil. The past life of Mamoru comes to light…His true Identity: Endymion, Senshi in Peril. Sailor ?????? Come on down!”

Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!:

“Tuxedo Kamen: *Trying to get through to Sailor Moon* Sailor Moon?! Sailor Moon, are you alright?

Sailor Mercury: Usagi-Chan!

Suddenly the Tiara on Sailor Moon’s forehead glows and flashes for a fast moment and snaps her out of the trans for a short time… Suppressing the power of the Youma.

Sailor Moon: *Blinking and with no memory of what happened* What happened? Was i about to do something? *Putting her hand down and looking around confused*

Princess Sailor Venus: *Sighs and smiles at the team before turning to leave*

Pearl:*Seeing Minako starting to leave* Princess, where are you going?

Princess Sailor Venus: You must all tend to Sailor Moon. she is of greater importance than you might realize.

Ami: *Panics* Usagi-Chan!

Dinah: *Suddenly catching the sight of that hair around her neck showing up then vanishing* It’s the hair that’s doing it.

Luna: *in Dismay* two forces are battling each other inside Usagi-Chan. If the power of the Soldier loses… *Looking down*

Ami: *Afraid* No… Please. no.

Luna: I’m afraid so. if the power of the Soldier loses… Usagi will become a Youma.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Battling Jadeite and Nephrite* Ha! *Launching another attack at Jadeite* Venus… Love me…CHAIN!

Jadeite: You don’t stand a Chance against us, Princess.

Jadeite: *Landing a Kick at the Princess and knocking her down* You’re about to be sent straight to hell!

Betty: *Voice* “Fear not said the lord… Your cries for help are heard. his Embrace shall protect you from the presence of the devil. My righteous mind sees all and hears all. the Mind of heaven will pierce the Devil and his power. my children… Look up to me. i have come to save you. I am your Savior’s Warrior. I am… Angelic Raven!”

Angel: *Voice* “The Darkness of Heaven beckons to all in need. the Evil that vows to cover the land with it’s blanket of doom and despair… shall meet it’s match. The Force of Heaven and the Rage of it’s dark touch shall rip away the Darkness from the Devil’s Embrace. Look towards me to even the field and provide the innocent souls a fighting chance. I am… Angelic Darkhand!”

Princess Sailor Venus: *Looking up and wondering who it was* Who’s there?

Betty: *Appearing* Just us… Moon Princess. We’ve come to even the playing field. you’re in a bind. we’re here to even the odds. Nephrite: Finish her!

Betty: *Getting angry* I don’t think so! *Forming a Bow and Arrow and emittng Holy energy into it; Chanting a spell: “Lord of the heavens, Hear my call rain a piercing rain of your wrath upon the souls of the wicked. Let the Evil that walk feel your piercing wrath” Shooting an arrow up into the sky and with her mind creating a dark stormy sky; Shooting up a blast of Holy energy at the arrow turning the arrow into a billion arrows of light; Launching the attack at (Jadeite, Nephrite and the Youma)* Heaven’s PIERCING STORM!

Angel: *Blasting Dark Orbs at the Youma* Darkened Affliction!

Princess Sailor Venus: *Attacking the Youma* Venus… Love me… Chain!

Angel: *Scoffs* We know that. Princess. we know that Princess detail equals it’s own share of troubles. but i truly don’t see how begging for a death wish would be part of the career of being the Moon princess. you could have been killed. which is exactly what Beryl wants. if you die… What do you think happens to the rest of the senshi? to the world? You’re here and reawakened to help protect the world from the great Evil that is coming. and the truth is and i am sure you are a very wise princess and know it to be true that you will be useless to the world and the others here dead.

Princess Sailor Venus:  i am gonna die anyway. i am with a rare disease and i got less than a year left to live.

Ami: *Panics* Oh no… Usagi-Chan… Usagi-Chan! *Grabbing a couple more blankets and covering Usagi up tighter to provide heat in her* Please fight this… Usagi Chan.

Kunzite: *Voice* Awaken… Sailor Moon!

Sailor Mercury: *Defensive and demanding* Give Usagi-Chan back. Now!

Sailor Mercury: *Attacking Kunzite* Mercury Aqua… Mist!Kunzite: *Using his Sword to block the attack and absorbs the attack; Moving his two fingers up the sword and it glows a mix of colors of Orange, yellow, Pink and blue* … *Swings his sword at the girls and knocks them down with an Energy burst* Be good and Wait. *Walking over to the Alter where Usagi Lies still and holds hand over Usagi’s head* Awaken… Sailor Moon!

Beryl: *Looking at Jadeite and Nephrite* You two have cornered the princess. but she managed to slip through your fingers.

Jadeite: Yes. we had her. but those Rhapsody girls got in the way. These two girls were flying in mid air. One of them called themselves Angelic Raven…

Nephrite: and the other one called themselves Angelic Darkhand.

Kunzite: *Walking in* Beryl-sama! I had that senshi under my spell. but those sailor soldiers were able to break it. However… i devised a way to collect the energy from the humans and gather it for Queen Metaria. I have created an energy drainer. The people in the Newspaper business are working on articles for the papers all day and work on computers. with the thing i have in mind… the computers will drain them of their excess unused energy and it will be absorbed into the vents of the building. which will send it right to Queen Metaria.”

At Metropolis Middle School 3 weeks later… It was 3 weeks and since the almost losing Usagi to the Evil forces and seeing as she almost became a Youma… they were all going their separate ways. It was growing to be a bad trend and Ami was being left alone alot. it was saddening. She felt rather alone.

Teacher: Class… I know that we are usually working on our assignments. and doing our daily lessons. but today i have something special in mind. We are nearing Halloween and i know that some of you are not all big on Halloween. but i want you all to create a Tree of Pops and make a cup. turning it into a basket and filling it with stuffing that will resemble the ground. then with a piece of tape… or a Ribbon tie the Bushel of pops together and think of the one you would like to give it to and think of that person as you make it. You have 2 weeks to work on it. it doesn’t have to be fancy or anything big. just something to show the person how much he or she means to you.

Pearl: *Thinking* I know exactly who i’m gonna make this for. i want to make it for my sisters and mom. they need this more than i do. they should have it.

Usagi: *Thinking about Tuxedo Kamen* I should make this for him. i wonder what kind of pops he’d like. if he’s like a grape… or a Cherry. Maybe Watermelon or Orange. *Smiles while thinking about it*

Pearl: *Thinking about her family* Paige and Dinah are more into this than i am. i’ll fill it with flavors that they like best. Rootbeer, Cherry, Grape. Maybe Vanilla and Chocolate. Fudge. Orange. that’s good. i can do that. But what about my mom and Betty plus Angel. they might want some too. i can make it for all of them.

At The Daily Planet…

Trixie: *Working on her Articles* Another day… another article about the City. There’s been weird activity going on all over the City. people fainting from having their energy stolen. there has been a whole lot of Youma activity going on. well… Monsters more likely. i don’t know what Youma’s are.

Perry: *Calling out to Trixie* how’s that Article about the Latest Incident on top the roof of Luthorcorp Plaza coming along, Rhapsody?

Trixie: It’s coming out okay. Just trying to figure out how to wrap it up. But it’s just about done. most of it is ready to be read.

Perry: Good. because we need that article stat. before the 5 Pm Deadline. it has to be ready for the printing press by that time. You got a picture of it, right?

Trixie: Yes i do.

Suddenly the computer Screen starts absorbing the Energy from Trixie…

Trixie: *Feeling Drained* I feel so exhausted. *Sighs* Where’s the coffee?


*Showing Flashes and Gif clips of the Senshi and the Rhapsody Girls Z and Allies*

“Hitomi wa itsumo jueru bodi ni matou rame and chaamu Ikite yuku koto wa try get a chance! Koko ni aru kara tsuyoi yume gan gan kechirashitekou raibaru darake no mahiru Egao yori kuchibiru yori aibiimu ga kimewaza *Watashi ni nare kirari to sailor diamonds! Yoake ni umareru gaadian Watashi dakara kanau yo starlight prayers! maiku appu shiyou yo Kirameki wa mune ni Sailor senshi sore wa muunraito riaru gaaru”

Chapter 32- “Energy Drainage. a Step to a Resurrection for The great Evil. The past life of Mamoru comes to light…His true Identity: Endymion,  Senshi in Peril. Sailor ?????? Come on down!”

At the Metropolis Plaza Apartments…

Mamoru: *Waking up from a recurring dream* I Got to find out who the Princess is. Who is she? This dream has got to end. If i don’t find the Princess Soon, i’m gonna wind up suffering through the dreams forever.

Zoicite: *In the other room; playing the Piano attracting Mamoru to the room*

Mamoru: *Hearing the Music* Huh! *In his mind* Music playing in my apartment? I didn’t have any music player on. Where is it coming from? It’s not from a CD. *Calling out demanding to know who was in the Apartment with him* Who’s there? Who are you?

Zoicite: *Calling out* Master… Endymion.

Mamoru: *Gasps*… That name… *Remembering the incident*

Mamoru suffers a flashback…

“Zoicite: *Shorting out and Vanishing but calling out towards Tuxedo Kamen* Master… Endymion! *Vanishes*

Mamoru: Endymion…. Prince.

Zoicite: *Calling out again*

Mamoru: *Walking into the other room and seeing a Man in white with white hair*

Zoisite from PGSM Zoicite: *Playing the Piano* Master Endymion… Don’t you remember who you are?

Mamoru: Why Do you call me that? It’s not who i am… I am Just Chiba Mamoru.

Zoicite: That’s who you are now. but in the past life… you were the Prince of the Earth. Our master. Master Endymion. proudly served by 4 warriors. Jadeite, Nephrite, Kunzite and I.  We were your 4 warriors. But you then fell in love with a Princess of the Moon. and it caused you to betray Earth. and the Relationship between you and the Moon was the trigger which set it off. the world was destroyed. the two sides were enemies and were against you and The Princess being together. you were killed and the princess saw that if she couldn’t have you. she’d end it all and cried out your name. plunging the Moon into the Earth. destroying everything. taking her own life. You see… The love that you and the Princess had was considered forbidden love. Calamity called forth more calamity. The Moon Kingdom and the Earth began fighting. for they were both against it. nor did they Condone it. Finally because of the constant fighting that they doing amongst one another…. the Earth fighting with the Moon Kingdom, the great evil threw the Earth in disorder and the Moon Kingdom was destroyed as the result of the calamity.

Mamoru: *Asking about the Princess* Who is the Princess?

Zoicite: Someone you know. someone close to you. Search your memory Master. The person in question is closer than you might think. Zoicite Vanishes…

Mamoru: My True Indentity… Endymion.

Back at the school…

Pearl: *Looking at Usagi* Who’re you giving yours to, Usagi?

Usagi: I’m Giving mines to Tuxedo Kamen.

Classmate: Tuxedo Kamen is the Jewel thief. he stole that rare diamond. He should be caught and thrown in Jail. He Stole The Ginzuishou. and you care and want to give him candy? Ugh. *Disgusted*

Pearl: *Looking at the girl in the next row* Hey. You leave my friend Usagi alone. she has a right to love him if she wants to. She can’t help if she loves him. a heart wants what a heart wants.

Usagi: *Smiles* I can’t help if Tuxedo Kamen is so Kawaii. He’s so cool!

Pearl: *Looking at Usagi* Usagi-Chan… I know that you like him… but you really shouldn’t trust him. none of us can. He’s our enemy.

Usagi: *Trying not to hear that line; refusing to believe it* I Think he’s wonderful. Plus… if he was our enemy. he’d never have saved me from that car. i don’t believe it. he’s not our enemy. he’s a friend. he’s helped us out more than just once.

Pearl: *Shaking her head* Usagi… *Sighs*

As for Paige…

Paige: *Writing in her Journal; thinking and speaking in her mind* I don’t know what is up with the Evil forces. i am rather getting a bit fed up with all the Evil. It was bad enough that we had to deal with King Lotor of Planet Doom and were finally rid of him… but now we got this Evil Queen by the name of Beryl to worry about. her and her so called band of Evil hounds/Shintennou. putting up with their constant attempt to awaken some great Evil name Queen Metaria. Who is this Queen Metaria anyway? What is she? Some Evil being? a Demon? A Humaniod Queen hellbent on destruction? I can not complain. i made some wonderful friends. the Senshi’s are wonderful. I love them alot. Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako… Even Luna. they are so great. I just am scared that when this is all over… and the Evil Threat is defeated… that they will have to go. I don’t like that. i just wish that there was a way that they could just stay. because they’d be great help with possible future threats if there ever are any. and they’re wonderful friends that i wouldn’t wish to lose. Issues… issues. what is a hero to do…. I do not know.

Ami: *Writing in her Journal; Thinking and speaking in her mind* I almost lost Usagi-Chan to that Kunzite. i am not a vengeful person, but i can’t stand that Kunzite. i want him to just leave us alone. I can’t bare to see my friends getting hurt because of him and those Evil forces. The Rhapsody girls are lovely friends. i just wish that i could be with them forever. but when the Evil threat is gone… i don’t know where us Senshi will end up. I hope that we can change the odds and stay with them forever. it’s better than just leaving good friends. i love them. However… i can not lie about my feelings. it is feeling like we are all going our own separate ways as of late. it’s a bad bad trend that i wish would get better and not worse. i feel though that deep down that one day we’ll be all together as we once were. I will be waiting for that. it’s something that means alot. seeing my friends all together. us all happy as we should be. Being apart and always in different spots is sad and upsetting.

Paige: *Looking out the window and thinking about her sisters*

However at the daily Planet…

Reporters: *Feeling Drained from the computers* Ohhh!

Trixie: *Looking at her Editor in Chief and seeing him about to faint* Perry! *Running over to her Editor and having him sit in a Chair* Please sit down Mr. White. take it easy. *Concerned* Are you okay?

Perry: yeah. *Feeling a bit drained* I just feel really fatigued. i don’t know why since i came in fully energized. but i feel as though i didn’t get even a wink of shut-eye.

Trixie: Something is causing us to lose energy. it’s coming from the computers. but why… ? They don’t have the ability to drain humans of their energy. they don’t do that.

Perry: *Getting the sense that Trixie is on to something* What are you thinking, Rhapsody? Are you trying to tell me that the Computers are draining us all of our energy?

Trixie: *Looking at Perry* Yeah. *Pauses* Wait a minute. how were you able to know what i was thinking?

Perry: *Scoffs* Please… Don’t try to jump the secrecy angle here, Rhapsody. i may be tired and wiped for unknown reasons… but i’m not oblivious. something is going on here. we were fine and then after being in front of our computers… we feel like we had our energy or fuel power just purged right from our bodies.

Trixie: What’ll we do?

Perry: One of us should try to get out and get help.

Trixie: But i can’t just leave you here.

Perry: Oh… don’t worry about me. i know that you’re thinking that your family like those 3 heroes can get to the bottom of it. Go and find them. i’ll be okay. Besides… The energy may have left me for right now… but i am not dead yet. It’ll take a lot more before i’d be dead as a door nail. plus. with the loss of energy i am a bit Dazed. but that’s all i am…

Trixie: *Nods and Chuckles* Okay. okay.

Trixie made her way out to find her great Nieces to get some help… but she barely got to the door when she suddenly walked into an invisible force field and crashed onto the floor. she didn’t see any wall. it was a clear view  and she could see the outside and it was like a normal causal appearance. but there was a field there and as she tried to walk out again… it blocked her and caused her to fall back again.

Kunzite looked down from the top floor of the planet and Smirked and grinned.

Kunzite: *Smirks* Excellent. these humans with their vacant energy will provide such an enormous amount of fuel for the reawakening of Queen Metaria.

Reporter: *Walking by and seeing a Man with a Sword* morning sir. Are you here to see our Boss Perry White? He is on the lower floors. to be close to his top reporters. I can lead you down to see him if you’re here to see him.

Kunzite: *Smirks* Why would i be here to see your boss? A Human whose sole reason to exist is to supply energy to the great Evil… Queen Metaria?

Reporter: *a little confused* Okay… uh, never mind. *Walking away* That was weird. he must have hit his head or something. he’s really out of it.

Luna: *From the Roof and overhearing the commotion with her cat like ears* I got to contact the others. This is not good. I’m going in… maybe if i can hold Kunzite back… *Shaking her head* … *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-Up!

Seconds later…

Sailor Luna: *Standing before Kunzite* Beautiful soldier of Love and all things little, Sailor Luna. In the Name of the Moon…I’ll Punish you!

Kunzite: *Grins* Hmm. Precarious Girl, aren’t you? *Thinking to self* I think i want one. one to have for myself.

Sailor Luna: That’s not all. *Attacking Kunzite* Luna Sucre…Candy!

Kunzite: *Blocking* Ha! Pathetic.

At the School…

Usagi: *Thinking about Tuxedo Kamen* ….. *Sensing something* Huh?!

Pearl: *Looking up at Usagi-Chan and noticing something up* Usagi-Chan, What’s wrong? You okay?

Usagi: I don’t know… *Shaking her head* I don’t know. something doesn’t seem right. It might be just my imagination though… but…

Pearl: You feel something not right is going on…


Teacher: *Looking at the class* There is something going on at the Daily Planet. *Turning on the T.V and turning on the News* It just broke out a moment ago…

T.V: *Reporting* There has been a unknown lockdown on the Daily Planet building. It happened only this morning after the reporters and newspaper personnel arrived to work another day. an unknown force field somehow formed locking them inside the building. With the Daily Planet under siege… the surrounding streets and buildings have been put under Marshall watch. officials believe it to be a sign of a terrorist attack. but locals believe it is something else. one of them reported seeing a man with a Sword inside the building roaming the top floors. The Man’s Identity is unknown….

Pearl: *Gasps* IT’S KUNZITE!!!! That Meanie… What is he Up to?

Kunzite: *From the T.V* I am gonna gather all this Energy for Queen Beryl-sama. It’s gonna be for the resurrection of Queen Metaria. RHAPSODY GIRLS… Stop me…… If you Can!

Pearl: *Scoffs* I am beginning to get really annoyed with that Meanie. *Looking at the teacher* Sorry teach… but i got to go. Duty calls. *Looking at Usagi* Usagi-Chan… We got to go.

Usagi: *Nods* Right! You Transform… I’ll follow. Let’s go.

Pearl: Right.

A second later…

Pearl: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed*

Usagi: *Transforming* Moon Prism Power… Make-up!

At The Shrine…

Rei: *Sensing trouble* Trouble. Evil makes a move again. *Getting up and Running out*

Rei then Transforms into Sailor Mars and heads to the scene of the Enemy presence…

Makoto and Dinah were in Math and sensed something not right.

Dinah: *Looking up and feeling numb; Listening to the Sky and the Thunder* The Daily Planet. *Looking at Makoto* Mako-Chan, We got something going on in the City and i don’t think it’s anything good.

Makoto: *hearing the Wind and the trees* I hear it too. Danger is near.

Dinah: *Looking at the teacher and looking at the news on the T.V* Huh?! *Noticing the man on T.V* Why… that’s… KUNZITE! *Slams her Fist on her desk* Grrr! I Am getting so sick of that guy. I ought to feed him a Knuckle sandwich…

Teacher: *Overhearing the comment* Dinah! What is the problem? Something that you wish to share with the class?

Dinah: Yeah. there is. it’s the fact that something ugly is going on in the city and i am stuck here when i should be out there feeding that Evil Creep a Knuckle Sandwich.

Teacher: And how do you suppose that you’ll do that? You don’t have any powers… Or Do you? *Suddenly Looking at the clipping from 3 years ago* Wait a Minute… I think i know you…. You’re one of the Rhapsody Girls. a part of the super hero group… The Rhapsody Girls Z! Aren’t you?

Dinah: *Gasps* Huh?! Come again… how did you know that i was one of the Rhapsody Girls?

Teacher: This Clipping that i have from 3 years ago. i remember when you and those 2 other girls along side 4 boys went head to head against that Evil Drule and defeated him. You’re Dinah! Thunder Mistress.

Makoto: She’s not the only one… i too have power.

Teacher: *Surprised* You don’t say… Hmm. Well… i guess if that’s the case. Go on out there and do your stuff.

Makoto: …..

Class: *Looking up suddenly to catch the excitement*

Dinah: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed*

Makoto: *Transforming* Jupiter Power… Make-up! *Doing her Pose* Soldier of Thunder and Courage, Sailor Jupiter. In the Name of Jupiter…I’ll Punish you!

Teacher: *With eyes wide* Whoa! Uh, Wow… Thunder Mistress of the Rhapsody Girls Z and Sailor Jupiter of the Sailor Senshi’s… It’s an honor. *Granting permission to leave* You two go and save those innocent people.

Dinah: *Nods* You got it, Teach. *Looking at Makoto before heading out to fight Kunzite* Time to roll out Mako-Chan.

Sailor Jupiter: *Nods*

But unfortunately there was one missing… Ami. She was in class with Paige… but when Paige turned to look again to see Ami… Ami was nowhere to be seen. It was very mysterious. Paige however knew that something was wrong. She Got up and ran out of the classroom. Paige was however stopped by the teacher who caught her running out. She stopped and looked at him and explained why she was running out of the class the way she was. The Teacher didn’t really believe it and felt a bit confused by what she was saying to him… He however realized that she was not making it up. that what she said was going on… was indeed going on. She Ran out and and Transformed into her hero form and made way to where the trouble was. she didn’t want to waste another minute and stick around. she wanted to get over to the scene of the trouble and fix it.

At the Daily Planet…

Sailor Luna: *Trying to hang on to the rail hanging over the 50 foot drop* Uh… Ah. *Losing grip and suddenly Falling Down* AHHHHH!

Pearl: *Showing up at the Scene* We’re here. *Using her Bubble Harp to catch Luna* Got you. *Controlling the Bubbles to bring Luna back to the top and back on her feet*

Sailor Luna: *Shaking off the thought of almost falling to her end* Thanks. That was a close one. If you didn’t catch me back there… i’d be one broken and dead girl.

Pearl: I know and there are more better things for you to be than that. you are too young to be wiped out. we’re young and got a lot to live for still.

Sailor Moon: *Looking at Sailor Luna and Pearl* Ready to Fight Kunzite?

Dinah: You are kidding us, right? are we ready? Uh, let’s think about that. i’d say yes. i’m just itching to feed the guy a nice juicy Knuckle sandwich.

Sailor Jupiter: *Seeing Kunzite coming over to make a move* Better hurry. he’s coming.

Paige: Not for long…

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Supreme….Thunder!

Paige: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Love’s Flash!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Bubble Wave!

Dinah: *Launching an attack Kunzite* Thunder Electrocution!

Sailor Moon: *Attacking Kunzite* Moon Tiara… Boomerang!

Sailor Luna: *Attacking Kunzite* Luna Sucre…Candy!

Sailor Mars: *Attacking Kunzite* Youma… Taisan!

Dinah: Let’s Shock this guy again. *Looking at Sailor Jupiter* Mako-Chan, Double trouble Shocker. Fire hard at Kunzite.

Sailor Jupiter: Right. *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Supreme…

Dinah: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Thunder…

Sailor Jupiter: Thunder!

Dinah: Electrocution!

Paige: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Love’s Flash!

Sailor Moon: *Attacking Kunzite* Moon Twilight… Flash!

Sailor Mars: *Attacking Kunzite* Youma… Taisan!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Bubble Wave!

Kunzite: *Taking the attacks* Persistent… but just because you won against me today… doesn’t mean that you are getting off easy. you Pests are losing. the innocent humans inside are being drained of their energy right now. and with the energy they provide… it’ll be a first step to the resurrection of the Great Evil. Plus… there is one of you missing. No matter… i have something in store for her. *Vanishing*

Paige: *Realizing that Ami was not around* Ami-Chan. she’s not here.

Dinah: *Shoots out* What? What do you mean she isn’t here? Where is she?

Paige: I don’t know. she was in class this morning… however when i turned away for a minute… she was just sitting and doing her work. but then when i looked towards her… she was gone.

Sailor Moon: Do you think that something happened to her? *Concerned*

Sailor Mars: I don’t know.

Paige: *Sighs* i have no idea. but we have been going out and going our separate ways as of late. *Looking at the girls* Rei… going to the Shrine. my going to the comic book store. Pearl doing what she usually does. Usagi paying her heart’s attention to Tuxedo Kamen… Mamoru. Dinah and Makoto going to play hoops and just hanging out. Betty and Angel going out and doing their patrols. The Princess is out doing her duties as a Princess. which as of late, there has been no attacks on her.

Sailor Mars: You’re right. i noticed that too. It’s as if they backed off from trying to nail the princess.

Sailor Jupiter: What could they be after?

Sailor Luna: *Looking down and seeing the force field trapping the innocent people and draining them of their energy* We got to get down there. They’re in danger.

Sailor Moon: *Looking at Luna* Let’s go and save them.

Sailor Moon and the girls run on down to the lower floors and make way to where the danger laid. They were only able to get to the middle floors as they suddenly ran into an invisible Barrier. They couldn’t see it at first because it was so clear that it reflected the exact background that the inside of the building gave off. It made it hard and near impossible for them to notice the barrier…

Sailor Moon: *walking into The Barrier* Owww! That hurt. *Not seeing what’s blocking the path* What’s going on? Why can’t we get through?

Sailor Mars: *Catching a flash of light hitting the background and reflecting back on the barrier in front of them* I see it. it’s a Barrier.

Dinah: *Annoyed* I’ll just bet you that Kunzite put this barrier here. This is gonna take a while to break through. Let’s blast at this thing and bust these people out of here. It’s gonna kill them if we don’t hurry.

Sailor Jupiter: Right.

Sailor Moon: 1、

Sailor Mars: 2、

Sailor Jupiter: 3。

Sailor Luna: *Aiming to fire at the Barrier*

Sailor Senshi & Rhapsody Girls: *Shooting their power at the Barrier*

Sailor Moon: *Focusing on the Barrier*

The Barrier then broke and Shattered away releasing the people trapped within the barrier…

Sailor Jupiter: *Running into the room holding a group of people* There’s a mess of people inside. They’ve been drained.

Paige: *running over and taking a look* Oh no… the poor people. They’ve been sucked dry of their energy.

Pearl: What’ll we do? *Concerned and worried*

Sailor Luna: *Looking at Sailor Moon* Sailor Moon they had their energy stolen from them. Use the wand to give them power back.

Sailor Moon: *Nods*

Seconds later the wand came out from her brooch and she grabbed hold of it, Moved it in a clockwise manner a couple times and the Wand began to activate and within seconds Sailor Moon raised the wand up releasing energy in the form of pink light shining it all over the room and at the hurt innocent people. It sent the energy over to the drained people and brought them back to life.

Perry: *Waking up* Wh-what happened? Did i drool again?

Trixie: *Looking up and seeing a group of girls and noticing one of them with a wand* W-who are you?

Paige: *Running over to her great Aunt Trixie* Great Aunt Trixie, Are you alright?

Trixie: *Getting up slowly* Yeah. I’m fine now. but… Who are those girls? Are they from around here?

Paige: Well. they live here. in this city. they’re heroes too. Sailor Senshi.

Perry: *Overhearing* What was that? Sailor Senshi? You’ve got to be pulling the legs here. *Looking to see the girls in the room* Oh great Ceasar’s ghosts. i think i’m dreaming. i haven’t been drinking any vodka or any liquor in 9 years and yet… i am seeing strange girls in in front of me.

Pearl: they’re not illusions. they’re here. they are real.

Dinah: really.

Sailor Moon: Konnichiwa.

Perry: Konnichiwa… *Pauses and looking confused* Huh?!

Trixie: that’s Japanese for hello.

Perry: Okay. *Nods* Well a good day to you gals too. I don’t know what happened here but i guess that whatever it was that happened… you took care of it. i believe that a thank you is in order here. *Looking at the computers* We’re a few hours behind. As you girls can see. this building is the Daily Planet. The biggest newspaper distributor in the whole city. we cover everything from disasters, Sex scandals, News specials. deaths and celebrity events. the whole works. I am sure that you girls have things that you ought to be doing. hero work and the mess. but just be sure to keep the evil supernatural stuff from trying to march in to the city. there is only so much one can live with.

Sailor Luna: *Giggles*

Thunder and lightning hit the globe on top of the building just slightly…

At Dark Kingdom…

Beryl: What is that?! Kunzite…

Nephrite: Kunzite, you have to show off all the time. What have you done?

Kunzite: *Looking at the gateway* Take a look. a mass of energy has been gathered. this is a grand step. a sign of the Resurrection. I give you… the Great Evil… Queen Metaria.

The ground shakes a bit…

Beryl: *about to lose her balance; almost toppling over* Ah!

Nephrite: *Gasps* Beryl-Sama?!

Moans and groaning cries sound off from the distance… Blowing dark petals towards them…

Jadeite: Queen Metaria?

Beryl: Queen Metaria?

Kunzite: And there is also a surprise in store too. I’ve got something planned. Something Interesting.

Beryl: *Looking at Kunzite* What are you thinking? What’s this about something interesting planned?

Kunzite: You’ll be seeing it soon, Beryl-sama. i can promise that.

Kunzite heads out and Unleashes Youma illusions all over the city. To draw out the senshi and scatter them… On her way home from School… Ami was walking through the park by the fountain and wondering about her friends. wondering why they weren’t together as they once were. She missed seeing her friends all together and being with everyone.  But she was close to the fountain when suddenly a whirlwind of dark petals came in and seconds later…

Kunzite: *Appearing* Aha! So i finally get a soldier alone. how lucky i must be.

Ami: *Gasps* Kunzite!

Kunzite: I knew that if i were to get a soldier alone… it’d have to be you. And don’t bother calling your friends. they won’t be making it.

Ami: *Transforming* Mercury Power… Make-Up! *Doing her pose* Soldier of water and Wisdom, Sailor Mercury. In the name of Mercury, I’ll Punish you.

Sailor Mercury flipped and dodged around Kunzite and Got behind him… standing not far from him…

Kunzite: Pitiful.

Sailor Mercury: *Attacking Kunzite* Shine Aqua… Illusion!

Kunzite: *Blocking the attack with his sword absorbing the blast*

Sailor Mercury: *Launching another attack* Mercury aqua… Mist!

Kunzite: *Blocking the attack again*

Sailor Mercury: *Looking at Kunzite in shock*… *Gasps*

Kunzite: Sailor Mercury… from this day forward… you will be serving me. *Pulling out his Sword; Sliding his two fingers up along the side of the Sword and revealing dark purple  mist; Swinging it towards Sailor Mercury*


Paige: *using the sonic Scepter of Bliss to divert the attack away* It’s not gonna be that Easy Kunzite.

Kunzite: You are too late, Rhapsody Girl. you are just in time to see your friend being reborn with the power of the great Evil… Queen Metaria.

Paige: No! She’s not! You Unloving bastard. You leave her alone. She doesn’t belong to you. BACK OFF!

Sailor Mercury: *Surrounded and getting infected with the dark cloud* Uh… Uh… eh-heh… *With her head down and under a spell*

Paige: *Looking at Ami* Ami-Chan? Ami-Chan! Ami? Snap out of it. *Suddenly feeling Rage form in her* AHHHH! Curse you Kunzite! I am so sick of you. All you do is spread Evil and hatred. What do you Evil forces have against our wanting to feel love? What? Is it that if you can’t have any love and happiness that no one can? I’m Gonna make you pay for what you did to our friend. *Attack Kunzite with her Sonic Scepter of Bliss* Love’s PAIN!!! *Sending the attack at Kunzite with full blast* Feel my Power. Love out lives Hate. Good is stronger than Evil. You think that Love is pathetic and that we humans are lowly living things. well that is something you’ll never understand about us humans. We are stronger and more tougher as one and the love combined with us all… it over powers the hate that comes from the ones who are evil at heart. YOU! *Running at Kunzite and suddenly Landing punches and kicks knocking him into the fountain and sending Love energy at him forcefully Slamming him into the ground and then the trees* You are a mean man. you need to be punished.

But with all she was doing to Kunzite to avenge the fallen Ami Mizuno… who was her friend and a sweet person to ever know there was no use. Ami was now seduced to the Dark side. the signs didn’t show… for that moment. but it was all over. there was no chance of preventing what was bound to unfold. What was gonna happen to Ami now? Was she gonna be able to fight the power? was it gonna take her? What were they gonna do when they all caught a glimpse of Ami’s new personality…one that was injected into her by Kunzite? Would this mean the end of the Rhapsody girls if Ami decided to attack them and the senshi allowing the Evil to run her? Is there a chance of Makoto having a love interest in a guy? Motoki Furuhata… What of Mamoru? Will More of his past come to light? Is Zoicite bound and determined to make him remember all of who he is and who he once was? What about Beryl? What was she gonna do to The Rhapsody girls? Would she be planning to attack the senshi to get to them? Would the impact of Ami Being Evil force the real Moon Princess to show herself? Find out in Chapter 33 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Makoto: *Voice-over* Ami is sick… but there is no explanation as to what caused her sickness or is there? Is she even Sick? Or is there something more? Looks like something has happened to Ami. It looks bad.

Sailor Jupiter: *Angrily* You CREEP! What the Fuck have you done to Ami? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!

Kunzite: *To Ami* Show them.

Ami: Dark Power! Make up!

Pearl: Oh no! How can something like this happen?!

Dinah: Ami-chan…This is a joke, right?! You’re not seriously thinking that we’re your targets… are you?

Dark Mercury: Who am I going against first? Or will it be all of you… all at once? Running… is futile. There is no use to run.

Makoto: *Voice-over* Will this be the one terrible situation that we wished never happened? Find out in the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 33: “Dark Power… Make-Up! Dark Mercury has come… The Rhapsody Girls nightmare of fighting an ally of their own exposed”

Paige: We should have been there for Ami more. We Ignored her and left her alone… What were we thinking? *Ashamed and devastated*


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