The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #31- Usagi-Chan…. Youma Infected; Jadeite and Nephrite Vs. the Princess… Venus in a Bind!

Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z:

“Dinah: *Seeing a Man with a sword coming down the stairs* I think we got Company. it’s not someone who wants to be our friend either.

Sailor Mercury: *Looking towards the man on the stairs* Who are you?

Kunzite: *Walking down a few steps on the stairs* One of Dark Kingdom’s Shintennou’s… Kunzite. *Pulling out his Sword and swinging it across the air at the girls*

Sailor Moon, Paige and Dinah: *getting Blown back* Ahhh!

Kunzite: I will see to it that the great Evil is awakened. Queen Beryl will Rule.

Dinah: *Blows Raspberries at Kunzite* Bite me. The day she rules it’ll be a snow day in heck. You’ll fall in failure just like the rest of them. King Lotor tried to Rule the galaxy… What’s your Excuse?

Kunzite: *Looking sternly at Dinah* You! I know not of this King Lotor and i don’t want to hear your mouth. Shut it before i slash you with the sword. *Pulling out a strand of  hair from his head and laying it across his hand*

Tuxedo Kamen: *Arriving by the side door* Wait! Stop!

Kunzite: *Blowing the hair at Sailor Moon*

Prince Alvin: *Punching Kunzite in the face and blasting him with fire* Inferno Punch!

Kunzite then fell down to the floor and feels the burn, but he then pulled out another hair from his head and blew it at Sailor Moon again* I was only coming to say “Hi” For today. next time will be not for a social call.

Kunzite Vanishes…

Sailor Moon: *Pulling at the hair as it starts to tighten and trying to pull it off* Can’t get it off. Ugh!

Sailor Luna: Oh no… She’s gonna turn into a Youma!

Sailor Mercury: *In fear* Usagi-Chan!”

The Music hall…

Tuxedo Kamen: *Trying to get through to Sailor Moon* Sailor Moon?! Sailor Moon, are you alright?

Sailor Moon: *Looking at Tuxedo Kamen with still eyes and in a trans* … *Walking over towards him suddenly with her left arm up and motioning to strangle him*

Tuxedo Kamen: *Backing away* Sailor Moon?

Sailor Mercury: Usagi-Chan!

Suddenly the Tiara on Sailor Moon’s forehead glows and flashes for a fast moment and snaps her out of the trans for a short time… Suppressing the power of the Youma.

Sailor Moon: *Blinking and with no memory of what happened* What happened? Was i about to do something? *Putting her hand down and looking around confused*

Sailor Luna: She has no memory of what just happened. *Sighs* that’s a relief.  But the damage has been done. the hair is still inside her.

Paige: Do you think that the Senshi power neutralized the effect that the hair was having on her?

Dinah: I think so.

Sailor Mars: Please let that be the case…

Princess Sailor Venus: *Sighs and smiles at the team before turning to leave*

Pearl: *Seeing Minako starting to leave* Princess, where are you going?

Princess Sailor Venus: I have to go. there are things that a Princess must do alone. i’ll be okay. it’s just something that i must do on my own. For your own safety… don’t follow me. it’s better that way.

Pearl: *Not understanding* But… You’re the princess. we got to stay near you. to protect you. those mean awful Dark kingdom people are still out there and could just be waiting for you to be alone so they can pounce on you. Jadeite and Nephrite are trouble.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Walking over to Pearl* Pearl, I am very appreciative of how you are so fondly worried about my safety. it’s honorable and it shows as what a true friend would do is worry for their Tomadachi’s. but Pearl… there are things that a princess must do on her own. something that all those of royalty must do. what they are born to do. I’ll be okay. just focus more on the matter at hand that is here. You must all tend to Sailor Moon. she is of greater importance than you might realize. she is who you should worry about.

Pearl: *Nods* I understand. i just would wish that you’d reconsider.

Sailor Mars: *Scoffs* Princess… you are the one we follow. but we’re not likely to just sit and watch you go off getting into harm’s way. our job from the past life was to protect the princess of the moon at all cost. big or small. not just let the princess go and get herself slapped into danger. if we’re the protectors of the Princess as said in the past life… then stop running off. Let us help.

Princess Sailor Venus:  Sailor Mars. You are to be acting like a leader. leaders don’t question the actions of the Princess. not ever. If you want to be seen as eventual leader… you would do best to remember that. *Takes off and vanishes within seconds*

Sailor Jupiter:  Where did she go?

Pearl: To do Princess Detail.

Sailor Luna: She will be okay. i just hope that the enemy doesn’t try to go after her again. If they get their hands on the Mystical Silver crystal… it could energize the Evil threat indefinitely.

Sailor Moon: *Gulps*

Dinah: *Confused* The Great Evil? *Scoffs and a little over spoken* What are you talking about, Luna? The only Great Evil is Queen Beryl. Just take one look at her. She’s got Evil intentions written all over her face.


*Showing Flashes and Gif clips of the Senshi and the Rhapsody Girls Z and Allies*

“Hitomi wa itsumo jueru bodi ni matou rame and chaamu Ikite yuku koto wa try get a chance! Koko ni aru kara tsuyoi yume gan gan kechirashitekou raibaru darake no mahiru Egao yori kuchibiru yori aibiimu ga kimewaza *Watashi ni nare kirari to sailor diamonds! Yoake ni umareru gaadian Watashi dakara kanau yo starlight prayers! maiku appu shiyou yo Kirameki wa mune ni Sailor senshi sore wa muunraito riaru gaaru”

Chapter #31- Usagi-Chan…. Youma Infected;  Jadeite and Nephrite Vs. the Princess… Venus in a Bind!

Mamoru offered to carry Usagi over to where the Rhapsody girls lived and get her inside. it was not bad at that moment and it appeared as though the Youma’s power was being suppressed… but was it really?

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Mamoru got Usagi inside and had the girls place her on the couch for a few minutes to help Usagi calm down a bit. He knew that he could not stay… he had to go and meet his friend at the media center not far from their house… So he made sure to give his best wishes to hope that Usagi would be okay and then took his leave…

A few minutes later…

Paige: *Looking at Usagi* Come on Usagi… Why not sing one for the fun of it. i hear that you love Karaoke.

Usagi: *Smiles and feeling excited* Okay.

Ami: *Laughing* You’re in for it now… Usagi is a Minko Aino fan. she will be singing till she falls asleep.

Dinah: *Chuckles* I can only imagine.

Usagi: *Turning on the Music and grabbing the Mic; Singing* “Doushiyou mo nai shoudou ni tsukiugokasarete ima
Watashi no sore wa hajimatta kimi wo motomeru omoi

Yotei chouwa no shousetsu ya eiga ga tsumaranai you ni
JINSEE mo sukoshi ZUREtara omoshiroi no kamoshirenai

Atsui kimochi wa C’est la vie
Watashi ga watashi de iru kagiri
C’est la vie anata wo aishitsuzuketai
Me no mae ni aru kono shunkan ga ikiru basho

Hito wa naze ichido dake shika ikiru CHANSU ga nai no
Toki wa naze ichibyou sae mo tachidomaranai no darou

Omoigakenai dokoka ga ne
Kutsuzure wo okosu mitai ni
Tokidoki wa mune no dokoka ga setsunaku nattari suru kedo

Kitto mitsukaru C’est la vie
Watashi ga watashi de aru riyuu
C’est la vie anata ga anata de aru riyuu
Nani mo mienai dakedo nanika ga mitai kara

Yotei chouwa no shousetsu ya eiga ga tsumaranai you ni
JINSEE mo sukoshi ZUREtara omoshiroi no kamoshirenai

Atsui kimochi wa
C’est la vie watashi ga watashi de iru kagiri
C’est la vie anata wo aishitsuzuketai
C’est la vie watashi ga watashi de aru riyuu
C’est la vie anata ga anata de aru riyuu

Me no mae ni aru kono shunkan ga ikiru basho
Kakenukete ”

Ami: *Smiles*

Luna: I want to do one.

Paige: *Looking at Luna* You do?

Luna: *Shaking her head yes* Yeah. i do. i want to give it a shot.

Pearl: *Smiles* Go for it, Luna.

Luna went for the Microphone and started to do a #. She was only in the middle of the song when suddenly a thud was heard and it got all of them to pause and freeze. They looked at each other and were puzzled. they didn’t know what it was or where it came from. They barely turned to see that Usagi had fainted.

Ami: *Panics* Usagi-Chan!

Rei: *Running over to Usagi* Usagi.

Makoto: *concerned* Oh no!

Pearl: *Running over to Usagi and motioning for her sisters to help her pick Usagi up*

Makoto: *Looking at Pearl and Dinah* It’s okay. we got it. it’s gonna be fine. *With Rei and Ami* Come on girls… let’s get Usagi on the couch. Cover her up.

Ami: *Looking at Usagi* Usagi, are you okay?

Usagi: *Weakly* Yeah. just really sleepy.

Paige: Sleepy?!

Dinah: *Suddenly catching the sight of that hair around her neck showing up then vanishing* It’s the hair that’s doing it. *Balling her fists and punching the wall* That Cruel bastard. This is the handy work of Kunzite. I’m gonna nail him. I don’t care if it takes forever to nail him. He’s gonna regret doing what he’s done to Usagi.

Luna: Dinah! *Grabbing Dinah* That’s enough. i know that you want to make that guy pay. i do too. but we’re not gonna be of any use to Usagi-Chan if we get ourselves hurt.

Dinah: *Sighs* I know. but i’m not one to just sit and let Sleezeballs like him get away with it. I’m gonna go out and do something about it. Staying here and just watching helplessly isn’t a way to be useful.

Paige: *Heading out* I’m gonna go and see what i can find out about this Kunzite fellow.

Rei: I’m gonna go to the shrine and think. asking the spirits through the fire of what to do will help give some kind of help. This is bad.

Makoto: But i thought that the Power of the Soldier neutralized the Youma’s control.

Luna: It did. we all saw it. but i’m afraid that the Power of the Youma has gotten stronger… *in Dismay* The power of the Senshi can hold off for only so long before it just gives up. as of now… two forces are battling each other inside Usagi-Chan. If the power of the Soldier loses… *Looking down*

Ami: *Afraid* No… Please. no.

Luna: I’m afraid so. if the power of the Soldier loses… Usagi will become a Youma.

Suddenly the phone Rings…

Princess Rikku: *Answering the phone* Hello?

Mrs. Tsukino: *on the phone* Konnichiwa… Is my Usagi there?

Princess Rikku: She sure is. but she’s resting. she came over really worn out over something and her voice is gone.

Mrs. Tsukino: You don’t say… How could that happen?

Princess Rikku: Too much Karaoke.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Saddened* Oh… that is too bad. i keep telling Usagi to learn how to take a break and not over use her voice. she never listens. You be sure to take care of her.

Princess Rikku: Don’t worry. we will. she’s in the best of care.

A second later…

At the Tsukino Household…

Ikuko: *Lifting her arms and practicing her weights* Stupid Usagi. she should know better than that. i always tell her to be careful and she never gets the picture.

Back at Princess Rikku’s house…

In the bedroom…

Ami: *Getting Usagi in bed and hooking her up to a portable machine; Monitoring the Vitals and body temperature on the Laptop* Please hang on Usagi. *Worried and really concerned* I got to do something. Usagi is losing warmth. the Temperature is falling. *Seeing an Upside down V on the lower neck* ….. *Gasps* Oh no…  *Panicking* Usagi-Chan! *Walking over to Usagi and rubbing the sides of the blanket covering Usagi* Please hang on, Usagi! Hold on…

As Ami was in the room watching over Usagi and tending to her… the girls were out searching for The enemy Kunzite. they wanted to know how to undo what he did to Usagi. they wanted to force it out of him. Makoto was gonna do anything she could to help Usagi. Dinah wanted to pound on Kunzite. She was mad.

Dinah: *Calling out for Kunzite* Come on out, Kunzite. Come on out and face us… you Coward.

Makoto: Dinah. be careful. this guy is not an easy one to fight. he swings that sword and can knock us back with one try. He could be anywhere and could pop out anywhere.

Luna: As Sailor Luna… i can hone my senses and pinpoint where the enemy could be.

Dinah: *Looking at Luna* Then you know what to do. get with it… let’s find that Samurai Whack-job! I want to feed him his sword back as desert.

Makoto: *Seeing a whirlwind of dark petals up ahead* I think that we got company.

Dinah: *Seeing the Dark man ahead* Well… i’m ready for him. he’s gonna get it.

Dinah: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed*

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-Up! …..*Posing* Beautiful soldier of Love and all things little Sailor Luna. In the name of the Moon… I’ll Punish you!

Makoto:  *Transforming* Jupiter Power… Make-Up!…..*Posing* Soldier of Thunder and Courage Sailor Jupiter. In the name of Jupiter…I’ll Punish you!

Dinah: *Speeding up to Kunzite* Come on Kunzite. Try and stop us now!

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Flower….. HURRICANE!!!!

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Luna Sucre Candy!

Kunzite: *Pulling out the sword and swinging it in the air and blowing them back* Surrender!

Sailor Jupiter: Never. The good don’t surrender to the demands of those who follow Evil.

Sailor Luna:  *Toying with Kunzite* Hey. Come and catch me.

Kunzite: *Looking for the cat* Where are you!

Sailor Luna: *Appearing in front of Kunzite* Meow! Meow! ….. Meow! *Giggling and jumping from place to place*

Kunzite: *Turning and trying to catch sight of the cat* Huh?! What?!

Sailor Jupiter: *Looking at Dinah* Double attack on him. Luna has him distracted.

Dinah: You bet. let’s get him. *Launching an attack Kunzite* Thunder….

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack Kunzite* Supreme….


Sailor Jupiter: Thunder!

Kunzite: *Taking the hits* Ahhh! *Turning to stare at Dinah and Sailor Jupiter* Curse you Pests. I’ll be back. Next time… it’ll be to turn your sailor friend into a Youma. The hair is still in her. and i am not gonna take it out. *Flips his cape to the side and vanishes*

Dinah: *Sighs* We got him… and it’s about time we did. i was hoping that we’d be able to feed him his sword for a 3 course meal.

Sailor Jupiter: Same here. but the point is that we got him… for now. *Seeing that Luna was still jumping around* Luna, You silly girl get over here. that creep is gone. let’s get back to the others.

Sailor Mars: *Arriving* There is trouble. i just got picked up a sense of danger coming from here.  It must have moved. It’s the Princess.

Dinah: The Princess? Let’s go. if she is in danger… then it’s right to go and aid her in the fight. Wherever she is.


The fight was on top of…

Luthorcorp Plaza…

Princess Sailor Venus: *Battling Jadeite and Nephrite* Ha! *Launching another attack at Jadeite* Venus… Love me…CHAIN!

Jadeite: *Dodging the attack and Firing a shot of Energy at the Princess* Take that. You don’t stand a Chance against us, Princess. You are nothing without your protectors. Where are they? They’re gone and have no idea that you’re up here. they don’t know where to go to look for you. You’re all alone up here. and you can’t take us both. So… What do you plan to do?

Princess Sailor Venus: *Attacking again* Venus…Love me… Chain! *Hitting Jadeite* Got you. You will be sorry for going against the Princess.

Nephrite: *Firing Red Lightning at the Princess* You won’t be around long enough to make us sorry, Princess. That Mystical Silver Crystal will be ours and will be the fuel that energizes Queen Metaria.

Jadeite: *Landing a Kick at the Princess and knocking her down* Get down. You’re about to be sent straight to hell!

Betty: *Voice* “Fear not said the lord… Your cries for help are heard. his Embrace shall protect you from the presence of the devil. My righteous mind sees all and hears all. the Mind of heaven will pierce the Devil and his power. my children… Look up to me. i have come to save you. I am your Savior’s Warrior. I am… Angelic Raven!”

Angel: *Voice* “The Darkness of Heaven beckons to all in need. the Evil that vows to cover the land with it’s blanket of doom and despair… shall meet it’s match. The Force of Heaven and the Rage of it’s dark touch shall rip away the Darkness from the Devil’s Embrace. Look towards me to even the field and provide the innocent souls a fighting chance. I am… Angelic Darkhand!”

Princess Sailor Venus: *Looking up and wondering who it was* Who’s there?

Betty: *Appearing* Just us… Moon Princess. We’ve come to even the playing field. you’re in a bind. we’re here to even the odds.

Angel: *Appearing before the Princess* as i will help to. *Looking at Jadeite* You want darkness. Let’s see how you like this for a try…. *Launching a dark attack on Jadeite* Abyss of Darkness!

Betty: And here is something from the lord. something that i call an attack that i made myself. *Attack Nephrite and Jadeite in one swing* Omega Thunder Blast!

Princess Sailor Venus: *Getting attacked from the side* Ahhh!

Jadeite: you forgot about our Youma who was in the shadows…

Nephrite: Finish her!

Betty: *Getting angry* I don’t think so! *Forming a Bow and Arrow and emittng Holy energy into it; Chanting a spell: “Lord of the heavens, Hear my call rain a piercing rain of your wrath upon the souls of the wicked. Let the Evil that walk feel your piercing wrath” Shooting an arrow up into the sky and with her mind creating a dark stormy sky; Shooting up a blast of Holy energy at the arrow turning the arrow into a billion arrows of light; Launching the attack at (Jadeite, Nephrite and the Youma)* Heaven’s PIERCING STORM!

Angel: *Blasting Dark Orbs at the Youma* Darkened Affliction!

Princess Sailor Venus: *Attacking the Youma* Venus… Love me… Chain!

Jadeite: *Taking the hits and vanishes back to Dark Kingdom*

Nephrite: *Vanishing back to Dark Kingdom* Whatever.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Sighs* What were you two doing here? I had things going fine.

Betty: Really?! Because the way it looked when we showed up… you were about a few steps away from falling to your pretty little doom. this building is about 50 stories tall. and i am sure that the ground would not be with a soft surface. We came to help.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Stomps her foot* That is enough. there are things that a princess has to do on her own. it’s the way it is for a princess. Especially a Moon Princess.

Angel: *Scoffs* We know that. Princess. we know that Princess detail equals it’s own share of troubles. but i truly don’t see how begging for a death wish would be part of the career of being the Moon princess. you could have been killed. which is exactly what Beryl wants. if you die… What do you think happens to the rest of the senshi? to the world? You’re here and reawakened to help protect the world from the great Evil that is coming. and the truth is and i am sure you are a very wise princess and know it to be true that you will be useless to the world and the others here dead.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Sighs* You two don’t get it. i am gonna die anyway. i am with a rare disease and i got less than a year left to live. so even if i were to stop trying to get myself caught… and live a little longer. all i’m gonna do is sadden you all when i die. The doctors are trying to find a cure. but there is nothing much that they can do. There is NO HOPE!

However back at Princess Rikku’s house in the girl’s bedroom…

Ami: Please get better Usagi-Chan! *Watching over her friend and hoping that her condition would get better*

But while she was watching over her friend and keeping an eye on the monitor… There was a knock on the door. it was a girl that Paige and pearl knew. It was one of the girls who were now the daughters to Princess Julie. Ami didn’t answer it. she was not wanting to turn away from watching over her friend. she wanted to see that her friend was back to normal again. Sometime later that day…

The signs were getting worse. there was no sign of it getting better… it was only meaning one thing. The senshi inside Usagi was losing.

Ami: *Panics* Oh no… Usagi-Chan… Usagi-Chan! *Grabbing a couple more blankets and covering Usagi up tighter to provide heat in her* Please fight this… Usagi Chan.

Seconds later…

a breeze of purple fog comes in and takes Usagi…

Kunzite: *Voice* Awaken… Sailor Moon!

Ami: *Getting up and Running out* i got to save Usagi-Chan. *Transforming as she runs down the stairs and out of the house in search for her friend* Mercury Power… Make-Up!

Although in a gloomy warehouse…

Kunzite: *Looking at Usagi* Your Soldier power is strong. I must hand it to you to be able to resist this long from the Youma’s infection. but now it is time to awaken. *Holding his hand over Usagi* Awaken and become the Youma. Work for Queen Beryl.

Sailor Mercury: *Running in and standing her ground* Stop!

Kunzite: *Turning to see another Sailor Senshi* Ah… So you’ve come to enjoy the show. that’s good. because you and the other senshi’s will be her first targets.

Sailor Mercury: *Defensive and demanding* Give Usagi-Chan back. Now!

Kunzite: Make me!

Sailor Mercury: *Attacking Kunzite* Mercury Aqua… Mist!

Kunzite: *Using his Sword to block the attack and absorbs the attack; Moving his two fingers up the sword and it glows a light blue* …. *Swinging the sword and sending the energy blast at the senshi*

Sailor Mercury felt the attack and got knocked into the wall and fell to the ground. she of course got back up and tried again although she got knocked into the wall again. she was getting banged up and was getting dirty. she was in need of help…

Sailor Mercury: *Desperately reaching for help; Calling for water from her mind* Water…. Please. Help! Please give me the strength.

Kunzite: *Walking over and lifting his sword into the air; aiming to strike with his sword* You Sailor soldiers sure are weak! Is that all you are able to do? Pitiful!

Just as Kunzite was about to swing his sword down, Sailor Mercury got back up and shielded herself with a sword that was made of water. it was unfortunately temporary but it saved her from being struck with Kunzite’s Sword.

Sailor Mars: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Youma… Taisan!

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack Kunzite* Supreme… Thunder!

Kunzite: *Taking the hits and turning to see two more soldiers coming in* How Interesting.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Flying in* Don’t forget us… The Rhapsody Girls Z!

Kunzite: *Grins* More victims for Sailor Moon to attack. Excellent.

Paige: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Love’s Flash!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Bubble Wave!

Dinah: *Launching an attack Kunzite* Thunder Electrocution!

Sailor Luna:   *Attacking Kunzite* Luna Sucre…Candy!

Kunzite: *Using his Sword to block the attack and absorbs the attack; Moving his two fingers up the sword and it glows a mix of colors of Orange, yellow, Pink and blue* … *Swings his sword at the girls and knocks them down with an Energy burst* Be good and Wait. *Walking over to the Alter where Usagi Lies still and holds hand over Usagi’s head* Awaken… Sailor Moon!

Usagi: *Struggling and trying to fight it* Mmm! Uhhh!

The Upside down V on her lower neck glows and within seconds her eyes glow purple…

Kunzite: *Holding his hand over Usagi’s body* Awaken… Sailor Moon! *Forcing Usagi to progress more in transforming into a Youma*

Sailor Mercury: *Calling out to her friend; Desperate to reach through to Usagi* USAGI-CHAN!

Paige: *Screaming to Usagi* USAGI! Don’t give up…

Dinah: *Encouraging and getting through to Usagi* FIGHT IT!!!! FIGHT!!!

Sailor Mars & Sailor Jupiter: USAGI!!!!

Usagi: *Being heard through their Minds* Too Noisy! STOP!!!

Usagi’s body then started to glow brightly and within seconds… the purple aura was floating into the air and soon vanished. Usagi was no longer under the spell. She returned to her normal self. She rose up and Yawned…

Usagi: *Stretching and Yawning* What a nice rest. *Looking around and seeing a cave* Huh?! Where am i? *Looking behind her and seeing an enemy* Ahh! A Enemy is present.

Paige:  *Looking at Usagi* Usagi-Chan… there is no time to stall. Transform. now.

Usagi: *Nods* Hmm. *Transforming* Moon Prism Power… Make-Up!

The girls got up and prepared to make a move…

Sailor Mars: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Youma… Taisan!

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack Kunzite* Supreme… Thunder!

Paige: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Love’s Flash!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at Kunzite* Bubble Wave!

Dinah: *Launching an attack Kunzite* Thunder Electrocution!

Sailor Luna:   *Attacking Kunzite* Luna Sucre…Candy!

Sailor Moon: *Attacking Kunzite* Moon Twilight…Flash!

Kunzite: *Vanishing back to Dark Kingdom*

Sailor Mercury: *Smiles*

Sailor Moon: *Walking over to her friends* It’s so great to be free from that spell. *Looking at Ami-Chan* Ami-Chan. You got dirt all over your face. *Laughing happily while trying to Wipe some of the dirt off Ami*

Sailor Mercury: *Smiles happily and relieved*

Pearl: *Touched* Awww!

Sailor Jupiter: *Happy*

The girls all revert back to normal and head out of the Cave as it was starting to get light out. it was almost time for school again and they were all wiped out. they had no energy left. Paige, Pearl and Dinah were Worn out and Wondered if it was gonna be the last they saw of Kunzite and the Evil works of Beryl. Paige and her sisters were sure that it wasn’t gonna be the end of Beryl’s presence yet.

As the girls were heading back home…

Usagi: *Yawning* That was long rest. but i am so tired.

Rei: It’s odd how the spell got broken.

Makoto: *Looking at the others* Maybe it was the emotions and the loud cries of sincerity that reached through and broke the Youma’s hold.

Ami: *Smiles*

Usagi: Well i was asleep and don’t even remember being put under a spell. i kept hearing everyone just screaming. Ami-Chan’s and Dinah’s voices were the loudest ones.

Dinah: *Blushes a Little*

Ami: *Blushing*

Usagi: *Suddenly remembering* Oh no… I got a test to study for. Will you help me?

Makoto: *Teasing* Sorry. I’m too tired to work. I can’t help you with the test.

Rei: You Snooze, You lose.

Ami: You should have been more concerned with your studies…

The girls run fast and ahead of Usagi.

Usagi: *Running after her friends* Hey! Wait up!

All: *Laughing*

At Dark Kingdom…


Beryl: *Looking at Jadeite and Nephrite* You two have cornered the princess. but she managed to slip through your fingers.

Jadeite: Yes. we had her. but those Rhapsody girls got in the way. These two girls were flying in mid air. One of them called themselves Angelic Raven…

Nephrite: and the other one called themselves Angelic Darkhand.

Beryl: So We have now have The Rhapsody Girls Z… Angelic Raven… and Angelic Darkhand to deal with. plus the senshi. Hmm… Go after the Princess again. We must have that Mystical Silver Crystal.

Jadeite: *Bowing before Queen Beryl* Yes. we will go after her again. This time… those Pesky Rhapsody girls will not get in the way.

Kunzite: *Walking in* Beryl-sama! I had that senshi under my spell. but those sailor soldiers were able to break it. However… i devised a way to collect the energy from the humans and gather it for Queen Metaria. I have created an energy drainer. The people in the Newspaper business are working on articles for the papers all day and work on computers. with the thing i have in mind… the computers will drain them of their excess unused energy and it will be absorbed into the vents of the building. which will send it right to Queen Metaria.

Nephrite: *Scorning at Kunzite* You dare waste Beryl-sama’s time with such a foolish idea?

Beryl: That’s a good idea. i support your plan. Kunzite. Gather all the energy from the humans. Nephrite, if you want to prove your love for me… then get after that Princess and take that Mystical Silver Crystal.

Nephrite: *Bowing before Beryl-sama* Yes Beryl-sama.

What was Beryl planning? Would the Energy drainer work? What did Beryl have in store for the princess? Was it becoming more clear that the princess they were after was a fake? Would Mamoru be contacted by Zoicite and be told of his past life Identity? Plus… With The Rhapsody Girls constantly trying to thwart Beryl’s Ambitions… Was it bound to try Beryl’s patience? Will the next attempt of gathering energy be enough to be the start of the Resurrection of Queen Metaria? Could Kunzite be favoring to kidnap one of the senshi’s and turn them to the Dark? Find out in Chapter 32 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Dinah: *Voice* An Energy draining attempt…At the Newspaper building… The Daily Planet.  What Could Kunzite be planning? It is not looking good for us. We got to get those people out of there. All this to wake up a great Evil. Sailor moon and the Senshi’s all battle against the clock to thwart the plot to resurrect a great Evil. Queen Beryl is just not making it easy on us. I feel bad for the Senshi’s. they have it rough. Plus That guy in the black cape and mask. Tuxedo Kamen. What was he gonna do? What was the man in white trying to spew out to him? Past Life? Master Endymion… his true identity? You’ve got to be kidding? if he is the Prince. that must mean that it could shed the light on who the real Moon Princess is. Will the truth be told? Will it draw more sense into the mystery behind who was the real Moon Princess? Plus Kunzite having the intention of catching himself a Senshi? Which one will he go after? I hope that we can provide an interference and save our friends. Find out in chapter 32 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z? “Energy Drainage. a Step to a Resurrection for The great Evil. The past life of Mamoru comes to light…His true Identity: Endymion,  Senshi in Peril. Sailor ?????? Come on down!”

Kunzite: Sailor Mercury… from this day forward… you will be serving me. *Sliding his two fingers up along the side of the Sword and revealing dark purple  mist; Swinging it towards Sailor Mercury*

Paige: *using the sonic Scepter of Bliss to divert the attack away* It’s not gonna be that Easy Kunzite.


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