The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #30- “Who wants first shot at the Princess? Her life up for grabs… Time to come to life… AWAKEN… KUNZITE!”

Previously on The Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z!…

“Sailor Luna: *Standing and Looking at the Princess* Princess!

Nephrite: *With an enraged and Surprised look* So you have come. Is that the Mystical Silver Crystal?

Artemis: *Appearing* Keep Away from the Moon Princess. *Introducing the Princess to the audience* From The Moon Kingdom. The Princess of the Silver Millenium… Rightful Heir to the Mystical Silver Crystal. She is Sailor Venus-sama!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Gasps* What?! Princess Sailor… Venus?!

Paige: *Gasps* Princess… Watch out!

Tuxedo Kamen: *Blocking Zoicite’s attempt*

Zoicite: Who are you?

Princess Sailor Venus: Okay… I believe that we have had enough of this for now. *Shooting a Venus Beam at Zoicite and sending him away*

Zoicite: *Shorting out and Vanishing but calling out towards Tuxedo Kamen* Master… Endymion! *Vanishes*

Tuxedo Kamen: *Gasps* Endymion?

A Flashback premonition…

Voice of the Moon Princess: Mystical Silver Crystal…. Please!”


*Showing Flashes and Gif clips of the Senshi and the Rhapsody Girls Z and Allies*

“Hitomi wa itsumo jueru bodi ni matou rame and chaamu Ikite yuku koto wa try get a chance! Koko ni aru kara tsuyoi yume gan gan kechirashitekou raibaru darake no mahiru Egao yori kuchibiru yori aibiimu ga kimewaza *Watashi ni nare kirari to sailor diamonds! Yoake ni umareru gaadian Watashi dakara kanau yo starlight prayers! maiku appu shiyou yo Kirameki wa mune ni Sailor senshi sore wa muunraito riaru gaaru”

Chapter #30- “Who wants first shot at the Princess? Her life up for grabs… Time to come to life… AWAKEN… KUNZITE!”

The next Morning at Princess Rikku’s House…

Paige: *Waking up and getting ready for school* What a night that was.

Pearl: *Getting Dressed* Yeah. Who knew that Minako Aino was also The Moon Princess. I just loved her tiara. it looked so pretty. i was so tempted on grabbing for it because of its beauty.

Dinah: She sure admired my kick-Butt attitude. She thought it was really amusing. For a Moon Princess. she definitely blasted that guy in White good.

Paige: *Smiles* Yeah. But the guy gave out a name. called Tuxedo Kamen… Master Endymion. What was that all about?

Pearl: I have no idea. *Curious* Do you suppose that there really is a connection between That guy in white and Tuxedo Kamen? He seemed to know him well.

Dinah: Well if that is the case then It won’t be long before Tuxedo Kamen changes his stripes to looking just like Endymion.

Paige: *Nods* Yeah. *Looking at the time* We better hurry. we’re supposed to meet Usagi-Chan and Ami-Chan out side our classes this morning. they wanted to talk to us about something.

Pearl: Yeah.

Dinah: And I’m gonna be meeting Makoto outside my class. she and i have the same classes together.

A Minute later…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Walking down the stairs and heading to get something to eat before heading off to school*

Betty: *Looking at the girls* How was the battle last night?

Paige: *Jumps and pauses a little* Battle?! It was great. we know who the Moon Princess is. she showed herself to us last night.

Betty: You’re kidding, Right?

Pearl: does a rainbow have only one color?

Betty: I guess i should take that as a no.

Angel: True.

Betty: *Finishing eating* Well… be sure to grab something to eat. we head out in less than 5 minutes.

Paige: Okay.

Pearl: *Heading to the kitchen for some breakfast* Some Cereal will be fine. i’m a fast eater.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Uh-huh! sure you are. *Laughs*

Paige: *Running to grab a few Hash brown patties and heating them up and devouring them* Mmm! Delicious.

They grabbed some breakfast and then made their way over to school. The Rhapsody Girls were quick on eating and were looking forward to meeting their friends. it was a bit windy that day. there was sunlight, but the wind was blowing through the city. What they were thinking about was what happened the previous night. it was rather eventful. They got to meet the Princess of the Moon. but as they thought more about it… they started to think that Sailor Moon was the Princess. but they couldn’t prove it. Paige had a slight suspicion about it as did Pearl and even Dinah. The minute that they got to school, The 3 girls parted ways for class and met up with their classmates.

Paige: *Walking Over to Ami* Morning Ami-Chan. Windy day, isn’t it?

Ami: *Feeling her hair Blow around* yeah. It’s rather cold out today.

Paige: I was thinking about last night. We should all have a hangout location where we can hang-out.

Ami: Like a Secret spot.

Paige: Yeah.

Ami: Luna might know of a place. a place like the Crown center.

Paige: *Curious* A Crown center in Metropolis?

Ami: Yeah.

Paige: *Feeling a little bugged about something* Ami-Chan… do you believe that Sailor Venus is the real Moon Princess?

Ami: She seems to be the real one. the one we were searching for, Why?

Paige: I don’t know. i guess that i just have this odd feeling that the real Moon Princess is the one that is so close to us.

Ami: *Shooting out* Are you Serious? You are doubting Sailor Venus being the real Princess? If she is not the real one… then who do you think it could be?

Paige: *Looking at Ami* Okay… don’t freak out. but i think that it could be Usagi.

Ami: How can you tell?

Paige: By the way that she lets out her emotions. She Emits strong energy. i know. i kinda noticed. Remember the other day when we were battling that Youma? Usagi was about to be nailed hard by that Youma’s attack when suddenly out of nowhere this bright light started to form. it was really strong too.

Ami: *Looking at Paige* Have you told anyone else about this?

Paige: No. the only ones who have been made aware of my suspicions are my sister and you. no one else knows. i didn’t want to tell too many people. At least until i knew for sure.

Ami: Well… *A bit nervous* I don’t think that we should worry about it. i think that if the time comes for her to come out and show as the true Moon princess then she will. i don’t think that we should push her. it’s not polite.

Paige: I’m not saying that we should push her. i am just saying that we need to keep watch and just be more optimistic. I mean… I could be wrong… it could just as well be nothing and then again it might be something. all i’m saying is to keep an opened mind.

Ami: *Nods* Okay.

As for Dinah…

Dinah: Hey, Mako-Chan. what say we go and shoot some hoops after school? *Making a plan to hang out*

Makoto: *Shrugs* Sure. Why not? i am rather a bit of a Tomboy after all.

Dinah: Really? As in like Boyish?

Makoto: eh… yeah. I am still kinda trying to come to terms that The Moon Princess is now found and is with us.

Dinah: You mean… you too are guised by it? My sister Paige was talking about it. She’s even got the odd assumption that we are looking at the wrong person as being the Princess…

Makoto: *Snaps out a little* Stop. The Moon Princess should not be mocked. she is the last princess of her time. the heir to be the next Queen and is the Daughter of Queen Serenity. *Pauses* What did i just say just now? How was i to know that?

Dinah: How did you know that? I think that it’s because Luna was talking boldly. The Vital memories of the Sailor Soldier inside you are speaking out.

Makoto: Oh… That’s really Eerie.

Dinah: I’ll bet. even i’m not that torqued That’s really insane to know that you just recalled that just from hearing someone trying to question a person’s right to royalty.

Makoto:  So… what was it that your sister had for an assumption?

Dinah: Well… She has a sudden belief that The real Moon Princess is the one who is also in this school right now.

Makoto: *Realizing* Usagi?! You’re joking… aren’t you? She has that assumption…

Dinah: Well it could be more than an assumption. i mean have you noticed that Usagi was giving off more energy within the last few days or so?

Makoto: *Thinking* Not necessarily. But she did appear a bit more determined than she usually is.

Dinah: That’s what got her to suspect that.

Makoto: Good point. but we can’t let on that we know. because if the Enemy finds out that Usagi is the True Moon Princess. the Enemy namely Beryl will pose a bounty for her. so until it’s time… we seal that and say nothing of it. Usagi’s life might depend on it.

Dinah: I agree.

Makoto: *Seeing the class filling up a bit* Let’s get inside. Class is gonna start and the Sensei would be mad if we were tardy to class and late sitting down.

But that was not the problem that they had to worry over. at the nearby recording studio… Minako was rehearsing her new song and trying to make it even better. she was about to head out when she suddenly was tailed by two guys who were more than just friendly guys. they were obsessed but for the wrong reason. although she was able to take one look at them and saw that they had an evil grin on their faces. It wasn’t normal looking guys… it was Jadeite and a Youma… She ran off for her life. Hid… then Transformed… but before she could… she was caught by Rei.

Minako: Someone looking for the princess?

Sailor Mars: *Gasps* Minako… *Shouting over to Minako*  Stop. Get out of here. it’s a trap.

Minako:  Venus Power… Make…Up! *Transforming* ……….*Doing her pose* Soldier of Beauty and Love, Sailor Venus. In the name of Venus… I’ll Punish you.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Attacking the Youma and Launching a Venus beam at the Youma*

Sailor Mars: *Launching an attack on the Youma* Akiyou…Taisan!

Youma: *Running into the Princess and knocking her down before running off*

Sailor Mars: Venus! *Going over to help Sailor Venus* Are you okay?

Princess Sailor Venus: Go after the Youma… it’s getting away.

Sailor Mars: But you’re hurt. i can’t just leave you here.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Seeing the Youma suddenly vanish out of sight* Nice work. the Youma is gone.

Sailor Luna: *From outside* Don’t move. i got you right in my sights. *Launching an attack at the Youma* Luna Sucre Candy!

Prince Alvin: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Inferno breath!

Prince Avery: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Plasma Spray!

Sailor Mars: *Gasps* The Rhapsody Brothers? Sailor Luna?! They’re here…

Princess Sailor Venus: *Scoffs* Yeah. Lucky for you.

At a cottage just outside of Metropolis…

Mamoru: Shin… are you okay?

Shin: Yeah. i just am having a hard time remembering who i am. i feel as though i might be forgetting the things that i love most. the fresh smell of a white rose.  the sea.

Mamoru: I know what it’s like to lose a part of your memory. i have the same issue too. like there is a part of me that i should remember… but can’t get the picture clearer. All i keep hearing is this voice asking for some Crystal. a Princess. but i don’t know what it means.

Usagi: *Coming over* Hi. I heard from someone that you were seen heading this way, Mamoru.

Mamoru: *jumps and looks at Usagi* Usagi?! What are you doing here? You are supposed to be in school. Do your friends know about you ditching school. you are bound to get into a whole lot of trouble.

Usagi: I bought some time. i can help your friend remember.

Shin: Wait. Can you please tell me your names? I feel as though we have met before somewhere.

Usagi: Huh? *Wondering* Met us before? I don’t know about that. Have we really met before?

Shin: Why can’t i remember?

Usagi: We’ll help you. we know exactly what to do.

Mamoru: We’ll be back… *Getting up with Usagi and heading out*

Unfortunately at the Dark Kingdom…

Beryl: *Pulling out a white rose* Sorry. but there is no one else i can use for my plans but you. the 4th Shintennou. Kunzite. *Blowing Dark Mist on the White Rose*

The White Rose shows a shade a of darkness before it begins to Bloom a little bit…

That night…

A Girl was walking down the street and was Talking on her cellphone to her friend from band when she saw a shadow up ahead and couldn’t make out who it was. It was Shin… or was it? The man in the shadows pulled out a strand of his hair and then blew it at the girl. the girl then started feeling pressure around her neck and tried to pull off the hair. it vanished into her and she fell down. she was gonna become a Youma…

But the next day at the beach…

Usagi: *Gathering some sea water* This will be sure to get Shin to regain his memory.

Mamoru: I don’t think it’s that easy. *Looking out to the sea* I don’t think he is gonna be able to get his memory back that easily. not because he doesn’t want to. it’s because he is scared. it is kinda like when you forget to do your homework.

Usagi: *Scoffs* Hey, What was that for?

Mamoru: It’s not like a person can help the idea that they forget things. memories are sometimes hard to get back. being afraid of losing the part of you that you held really close. whatever his memories are… he’s hesitant because he fears that if he regains those memories. he’ll lose a part of himself that he holds close.


Pidge: *In a Van* Usagi, What are you doing out of school? Get in here. I’m taking you back to school.

Usagi: *Turning and pausing a little* Uh, Sorry… *Gasps* Who are you?

Pidge: I’m the professor. i’m the one who gave the girls their powers. their powers came from a White beam. But never mind about that. just get in here. you need to be in school.

Usagi: I didn’t mean to leave school. i was just trying to help Mamoru’s friend get his memory back.

Pidge: A Memory loss case? *Thinking* Who is it?

Mamoru: Shin.

Pidge: *Grins* A very uncommon name. okay… What does this… Shin like?

Mamoru: Well… He likes the fresh scent of a White Rose. And something from the ocean. like sea water.

Pidge: *Looking at Mamoru* Well I just got back from picking up several bouquets of flowers. White Roses too. Tammy loves those.  but if Shin likes White Roses… we can get some to him. Hop in.

Mamoru: It’s okay. I got my motorcycle.

Pidge: It’ll be fine. it can be placed on the top. the Roof is hard steel but inside here it’s cushy like a bed.

Mamoru: *Unsure but accepts the request* Okay.

A minute later the Motorcycle was strapped on to the top of the Van and Mamoru was inside… Sitting down and With Usagi sitting across from him…

Pidge: *Driving* Just tell me where to go. we’ll get there in no time.

Mamoru: *Giving The Professor directions to Shin’s house*

Pidge: *Nods* We’ll get there in no time. i’ll make sure of it. But, just out of Curiosity… Did this Shin ever mention about why he was having trouble remembering things? Did he mention anything about his past? things that he used to be…

Usagi: *Shaking her head* Uh-uh.

Mamoru: Not that we know of. he did make a slight mention that he felt as though he knew us from somewhere before. but i don’t remember him from the past.

Usagi: Neither do i.

Pidge: *Spotting a weird house nearby* Is that the one up ahead?

Mamoru: *Looking ahead* Yeah. that’s the one. I’ll go in first. it looks a little different than it did yesterday and it might be a little dangerous.

Usagi: *Nods*

A minute later…

Mamoru: *Walking into the house to see Shin* Shin? Are you okay?

Shin: *Walking in from the back* I… Think that i’m changing…

Mamoru: What do you mean?

Shin: Something happened. my memory is fading… i’m afraid that i am losing memory of the things that mean alot to me. forgetting who i am.

Mamoru: That’s why we have to keep trying. i know what it’s like to be afraid to remember. i was afraid too at first. but that’s why i have to keep trying. to find out who i really am.

Shin: You?

Mamoru: Yes. But… the fact is that i can not run away from myself. Even if without my memory.

Shin: The thing that i’m truly afraid of is losing myself. the part that still likes these things. *Looking Scared* In my dream last night… i think that i might have attacked someone.

Mamoru: Oh no… Are you okay?

Shin: I… I don’t know. *Feeling lost and unsure of what to feel* It might not be some dream that i had. i think that it might be what i am… i might be someone who is dark and Not normal. *Looking to Mamoru* If i were to say that i was not human… Would you be able to believe it? Would you find that believable? Would it surprise you?

Before he could let out an emotional reaction showing how frightened he was… he began to feel pain going on within him and knelt down as it grew inside him. Mamoru tried to reach out to him to get through to him but that was when Shin Looked up and had these different eyes. Eyes of darkness and Evil intent. a strung gust of wind then blew in and through the room tossing a whirlpool of dark petals. it was getting worse…

Betty: *As an angel blowing light on Shin to suppress the pain and the dark transformation* Fight it. don’t give into it. You’re not Evil.

Beryl: *Voice* Kunzite… AWAKEN!!!

Betty: NO! *Enchanting Shin with a Heaven’s charm* Heaven’s Charm!

Beryl: *sending energy down and blocking the Heaven’s Charm* No you don’t. Kunzite, You serve me. Come to me…COME NOW!

Shin: *Looking at Mamoru and in pain* Stay away! Get away from me.

From the Dark Kingdom…

Beryl: *Blowing Dark energy into the flower more and causing it to fully bloom* Kunzite!

Back at Shin’s house…

Shin: *In pain and feeling the transformation progressing; turning him Evil*

a second later…

Kunzite: *Staring at Mamoru*

Mamoru: Shin? *Not recognizing his friend anymore*

Kunzite: Don’t you ever call me that filthy name. that is a name long dead now. *Pulling out his sword fast and with a swing of the sword knocks Mamoru back into the wall* …

Kunzite Vanishes…

At the music hall in Downtown Metropolis…

Girl: *Groaning in pain* AHHH!

Girl#2: Stephanie, Are you okay?!

Girl: *With her eyes glowing purple and turning into a Youma*

Luna: *Nearby* Oh no… this is terrible. I gotta call the girls. *Seeing the girl out of control and attacking the surrounding Civilians* I got to stop her. she is making a mistake. *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! ….. *Doing her pose* Beautiful soldier of Love and all things little Sailor Luna… In the name of the moon… I’ll Punish you!

Sailor Mars: *Coming in and attacking the Youma* Youma…Taisan!

Princess Sailor Venus: *Blasting a Venus Beam at the Youma*

Sailor Luna: Rei-chan… Princess. Stop. That’s not a Youma. it’s human. a Human girl that’s become a Youma.

Sailor Mars: *Looking at the girl and seeing a Hair appear around her neck and then vanish* … *Gasps* Oh no…

Princess Sailor Venus: It’s got to be done. we got to attack it and get rid of it. it’s gonna go after the people. we can’t take any chance. Call the Rhapsody Girls. now. we need them.

Sailor Mars: *Calling out* Rhapsody Girls… WE NEED YOU!

At the Sweet shop…

Paige: *Hearing her power buckle go off* Trouble. I got to go.

Paige: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Hearts* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed*

At the Fashion Store…

Pearl: *Hearing her Power Buckle sound off* Ami-Chan… there is something wrong… we got trouble again…

Pearl: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed*

Ami: *Transforming* Mercury Power… Make-up!

At the Park…

Dinah: *Shooting hoops* Come on Makoto… Is that all you got?

Makoto: Not a chance. *Snatching the ball and dribbling around and then going for the shot* Score!

Dinah: *Sensing trouble* And there goes our time to just kick back. Trouble has stirred.

Dinah: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed*

Makoto: *transforming* Jupiter Power… Make-up!

At the music Hall…

Sailor Mars: Let’s distract this Youma. It maybe a human inside… but if we don’t try to distract it… it could hurt a human and it will give us no choice but to attack it.


Paige, Pearl and Dinah:  *Doing a group Pose* Rhapsody Girls Z!

Sailor Mercury: *Doing her Pose* Soldier of water and wisdom, Sailor Mercury. In the name of Mercury… I’ll Punish you.

Sailor Jupiter: *Doing her pose* Soldier of Thunder and Courage, Sailor Jupiter. In the name of Jupiter, I’ll Punish you.

Paige: *Luring the Youma to her* Come on over here. would you like to have me?

Pearl: Paige, What are you doing? Don’t tease it.

Dinah: I think that our sister has cracked.

Sailor Mars: No. Girls. she’s trying to distract it. it’s a human.

Sailor Moon: *Arriving* What’s going on?

Sailor Luna: A Youma. but this one was a human that got turned into one. Sailor Moon, use your wand. With your power… it should be able to lock away the Youma’s power.

Sailor Moon: *Nods* …. *Going after the Youma and getting it’s attention*

Youma: *Swiping it’s claws at Sailor Moon*

Sailor Moon: *Jumping over the Youma and getting at a distance behind it; seeing the youma hold its head in pain* … *Making a Move* Moon Healing… Escalation!

The Youma is healed and the Girl comes back to being her normal self. and no longer prone to becoming a Youma… She faints and passes out from exhaustion.

Sailor Moon: *Kneeling down beside the girl* She’s okay. she seems to be fine now.

Paige: *Walking over to the girl* Let’s get her home. Wherever her home might be.

Dinah: *Seeing a Man with a sword coming down the stairs* I think we got Company. it’s not someone who wants to be our friend either.

Sailor Mercury: *Looking towards the man on the stairs* Who are you?

Kunzite: *Walking down a few steps on the stairs* One of Dark Kingdom’s Shintennou’s… Kunzite. *Pulling out his Sword and swinging it across the air at the girls*

Sailor Moon, Paige and Dinah: *getting Blown back* Ahhh!

Princess Sailor Venus: *Launching a Venus Beam at Kunzite*

Kunzite: *Holding his Sword up and absorbing the attack before pulling the sword out again and Swinging it back at the Princess* Don’t toy with me. for a Princess, you sure are weak.

Dinah: *Growls* I had about enough of you Evil creeps… *Launching her Thunder discs* Thunder ELECTROCUTION! *Shooting out* Your sword might be able to block one or two of the discs but no way it can take all five of them.

Kunzite: Wanna bet? *Watching as his Sword absorbs all of the attack* I heard about you Rhapsody Girls. you’re no different than the pathetic Sailor senshi’s. a obstacle that stands no chance against the Power that is Queen Beryl-sama.

Paige: What exactly are you on?

Kunzite: I will see to it that the great Evil is awakened. Queen Beryl will Rule.

Dinah: *Blows Raspberries at Kunzite* Bite me. The day she rules it’ll be a snow day in heck. You’ll fall in failure just like the rest of them. King Lotor tried to Rule the galaxy… What’s your Excuse?

Kunzite: *Looking sternly at Dinah* You! I know not of this King Lotor and i don’t want to hear your mouth. Shut it before i slash you with the sword. *Pulling out a strand of  hair from his head and laying it across his hand*

Tuxedo Kamen: *Arriving by the side door* Wait! Stop!

Kunzite: *Blowing the hair at Sailor Moon*

Prince Avery: *Catching the hair* Back the fuck off, asshole. you and that Bitch Queen Beryl can take yourselves and jump into the rotten abyss of hell where you belong. *Seeing Kunzite make another move with his sword* Yeah… you just try it buster and it’ll be the last thing you ever do. You want to take up the Rhapsody family… Go for it. you’ll be only lining your own sorry grave if you do.

Prince Alvin: *Behind Kunzite* Hey… Samurai freak! Behind you.

Kunzite: *Turning around* Eyesore!

Prince Alvin: *Punching Kunzite in the face and blasting him with fire* Inferno Punch!

Kunzite then fell down to the floor and feels the burn, but he then pulled out another hair from his head and blew it at Sailor Moon again.

Kunzite: I was only coming to say “Hi” For today. next time will be not for a social call.

Kunzite Vanishes…

Sailor Moon: *Pulling at the hair as it starts to tighten and trying to pull it off* Can’t get it off. Ugh!

The hair then vanishes into Sailor moon and starts to affect her. her eyes glow purple a bit and then she looks at Tuxedo Kamen… and the others.

Tuxedo Kamen: *Looking at Sailor Moon* Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon? are you alright?

Sailor Luna: Oh no… She’s gonna turn into a Youma!

Rhapsody Girls: *Gasps*

Rhapsody Brothers: *Shooting out* WHAT?!

Sailor Mercury: *In fear* Usagi-Chan!

Dramatic suspenseful music plays…

It is terrible… Sailor Moon was now gonna become a Youma… Kunzite has awakened and is now posing to make the senshi’s attempts at Thwarting Bery’s plans most difficult. What will they do? How will they break the Spell that Kunzite has over Usagi? Will she truly become a Youma or will the power and the love from her friends save her from the embrace of Evil? What will this mean for the Senshi if all hope fails and Usagi becomes the Youma? What of the Princess? will she be in more harm’s way as Beryl’s band of evil warriors relentlessly try to capture and obtain the Mystical Silver Crystal? Where was the real Princess? Would Paige’s suspicion of Usagi being the real Moon Princess be proven fact? What was Queen Beryl’s next move? Would the Great Evil… Queen Metaria be getting closer to a Resurrection? Find out in Chapter 31 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Sailor Mercury: *Voice* Usagi is getting cold… i got to do something. I can’t let her become a Youma. She’s my best friend. Kunzite did this to her. i’m gonna get through to Usagi no matter what it takes. That’s not the only problem that we have… we are also with the dreadful realization that all the attacks so far from Queen Beryl was to make the step to resurrect a great Evil. Queen Metaria. Would this be what Luna and Artemis were trying to stop? Plus… Jadeite and Nephrite go at it again and try to nail the Princess. Will it hit them that they might be going after the wrong Princess? Where could the real Princess be? I sure hope that i can save Usagi from becoming a Youma. Will Usagi be able to overpower the Youma’s power? Find out in the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! Chapter 31: “Usagi-Chan…. Youma Infected;  Jadeite and Nephrite Vs. the Princess… Venus in a Bind”

Kunzite: *Holding his hand over Usagi’s body* Awaken… Sailor Moon! *Forcing Usagi to progress more in transforming into a Youma*

Sailor Mercury: *Calling out to her friend; Desperate to reach through to Usagi* USAGI-CHAN!

Paige: *Screaming to Usagi* USAGI! Don’t give up…

Dinah: *Encouraging and getting through to Usagi* FIGHT IT!!!! FIGHT!!!

Sailor Mars & Sailor Jupiter: USAGI!!!!


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