The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #29- Listen to the tale of the Sailor Senshi… Let the Princess come in… Hark! Sailor V is Sailor Venus!

Previously on The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z…

“T.V: *Reporting* This is Metropolis News. we’re sorry to interrupt the most intense basketball game… but this just came in… There has been reports of a rare diamond called The Ginzuishou. It’s a rare diamond and with all the fanatics out there to get that Gem… Hold on to your checkbooks… it will cost you a truly high massive price….. This just in… there has been unconfirmed reports that the The Ginzuishou has been stolen. all the fashion stores are urged to go into high alert and go under Lockdown. There is no telling how hard it’d hit the jewelry world if that gem was ever lost. We shall provide updates as more develops.

Paige: *Calling Makoto, Ami and Usagi* Did you guys hear that? There is news that the jewel has been stolen. You don’t think that the guy… Tuxedo Kamen would have done it… Do you?

Makoto: *On the phone* I don’t think so. he’d never do that and deliberately get himself caught. i don’t see us being able to trust him or like him… but it’s be pretty unlike him to just get himself caught by all those cops. All the media.

Ami: Who do you think is behind that mask?

Usagi: I don’t know. but i still don’t think that he’s bad. if he was… then why would he even save me from that out of control car?

Luna: *In the background* Usagi-Chan is right. A bad guy would not think to save someone from getting ran over from a car. But What if Rei-Chan is right and that Tuxedo Kamen is as bad as they come? What if he is the one who is the thief and he stole the The Ginzuishou? We’re gonna have to stop him.

Sailor Moon: *Near by* Stop. Wait.

Tuxedo Kamen: *Turning to see the familiar face* You again.

Sailor Moon: What are you doing? Why do you want the crystal so badly?

Tuxedo Kamen: *Looking down* To know my Identity. i want to know who i am.

Sailor Moon: *Not understanding* What do you mean? You don’t know who you are?

Tuxedo Kamen: No.

Sailor V: *Tossing a Boomerang at Tuxedo Kamen* Hand over that crystal. Now! It’s not yours. It doesn’t belong to you.

Sailor Moon: *Pauses and turns to see a mysterious girl* Who are you?

Sailor V: *Looking at Sailor Moon* Don’t worry. i’m one of the good guys.  Sailor V.

Sailor Moon: Sailor V?

Tuxedo Kamen: This Crystal doesn’t belong to anyone. plus it’s not even real…

Sailor V: *defensive* What do you mean?

Tuxedo Kamen: *Tossing it back to Sailor V* The Crystal’s a fake. it isn’t the Crystal i’m looking for.

Sailor V: *Catching it; Gasps* A fake?

Sailor V: Sailor Moon… let him go. you must stay away from him. you can’t trust him.

Sailor Moon: *Looking at Sailor V* Why not?

Sailor V: He’s got a shady motive. He is also after the crystal… to know what his identity is. but knows he has to look in himself to know who he is. A Crystal won’t do it for him.

Sailor Moon: Do you think he wants to steal the Crystal too?

Sailor V: Yes. That’s why you must stay away from him. It’s for your own good.

Paige: *nods* What if he comes for us?

Sailor V: Don’t worry. he won’t. No offense… you don’t have what he wants.

Paige: *Looking at Sailor V* What do you know about the crystal?

Sailor V: It’s a Crystal that is part of the Moon Princess’s power. It belongs to her. as it was passed upon to her by her mother… Queen Serenity.

Paige: But who is the Princess? Is she near?

Sailor V: Yes. she is. and she knows all about what you girls have done for her. saving the people and thwarting the Evil Queen Beryl’s ambitions. she knows about it and is very pleased. She also knows about you and your sisters  too Paige. She knows.

Paige: I was just going out to meet the girls. there was a break in the sighting of the Crystal that the news mentioned.

Princess Rikku: Really?

Pearl: No way. Was it there?

Paige: No. It turned out to be a fake…

Pearl: But… Something tells me that there is something more to it than that. isn’t there?

Paige: I don’t know… But we are being watched by the Princess. There was this mysterious girl there too. Someone named Sailor V. She said something about the Princess. Saying that the Crystal is a item that is part of the Princess’s power. the Crystal was passed upon to her by the Princess’s mother… Queen Serenity. Although… i have a feeling that she’s not the only one who happens to be watching us. I felt this odd feeling that there was someone else. Someone Dark.

Dinah: *Shooting up* What? Someone Dark? Who was it…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Figuring out who was watching* Jadeite!

Princess Rikku: You girls are Barking up the wrong trees.

Voice: *Laughing* Ahahahahaha!

Queen Beryl: *Looking at the Rhapsody Girls* Aha! So you’re the Rhapsody Girls Z! Not much of a burden on me by the way you 3 look. I heard about your attempt to Thwart my plans to reawaken the Evil power that is Queen Metaria.

Dinah: *Defensive* If you got in… i know exactly how you’re leaving.

Dinah: *Launching an attack at Beryl with her Thunder Discs* Thunder ELECTROCUTION!!!

Queen Beryl: *Blasting back with Dark Purple Mist*

Paige: *Confused* What are you talking about? What plan? What plan are you trying to pull?

Queen Beryl: *With a Piercing voice* The Princess’s Destruction. Ahahahahahahahaha! *Vanishing with purple smoke*

Doctor: She has less than a year left to live…

Artemis: *Worried* This is not good. we must find the Princess before it’s too late. the Princess must show up…

Minako: Not yet. we can’t expose ourselves as the Princess just yet. it will just be as though we’re playing into the enemy’s hands. we got to bide our time…

Older guy: *Looking at Usagi* Hey… What are you… An Idiot? You should pay more attention to where you walk.

Usagi: *Snaps out* Who’re you calling an idiot?

Older guy: No one. Just a clumsy girl like you. Do you always Daydream?

Passing Girl: Hey Mamoru. Nice day out. *walking by*

Mamoru: Hey.

Nephrite: *Calling out for the Rhapsody Girls* Come out Rhapsody Girls. I know you’re out there.

Luna: Trouble.

Paige: We got to stop that Youma.

Sailor Mars: *Attacking the Youma* Youma… Taisan!

Sailor Jupiter: *Attacking the Youma* Supreme….Thunder!

Sailor Mercury: *Attacking the Youma* Mercury… Aqua… Mist!

Sailor Moon: *Attacking the Youma* Moon Tiara… Boomerang!

Paige: *Worried about Dinah* We got to help them….

Sailor Luna: *Attacking the Youma* Luna Sucre…Candy!

Voice: *Laughing* Ahahahahahaha!

A lady stood behind them and got their attention…

Sailor Moon: *Turning to see a unknown Lady*”

At the Mall…

Sailor Moon: *Gasps* Who are you?

Paige: *Standing aside* Not her again…

Pearl: *Looking at Paige* Let the Senshi handle her for now… we got to take care of Dinah. her ears are hurt. she’s Still in pain.

Paige: *Nods*

Dinah: *With tears in her eyes and hurting* My ears are ringing harsh… Make it stop. PLEASE! *Holding her ears*

Over by the Center fountain…

Queen Beryl: *Introducing herself* So you must be Sailor Moon. I am Queen Beryl. Queen of the Dark Kingdom. You don’t seem to recognize me. for i am different than i used to be in the past. Just the same as you senshi are different than what you once were.

Sailor Mars: What is this all about? What are you talking about?

Sailor Luna: What… *In dread* It can’t be… It couldn’t be…

Queen Beryl: Sailor Soldiers… You are the last ones left from what the Moon Kingdom that was destroyed long ago was able to save. *Looking at the Soldiers* You should have just behaved like good little girls and remained asleep along side the Princess of the Moon. No matter… It’s too late now. We have the perfect Dark Blessing in store for your Princess. It’s her Demise.

A second later…

She disappears but sounds off a Evil Laugh as she vanishes…


*Showing Flashes and Gif clips of the Senshi and the Rhapsody Girls Z and Allies*

“Hitomi wa itsumo jueru bodi ni matou rame and chaamu Ikite yuku koto wa try get a chance! Koko ni aru kara tsuyoi yume gan gan kechirashitekou raibaru darake no mahiru Egao yori kuchibiru yori aibiimu ga kimewaza *Watashi ni nare kirari to sailor diamonds! Yoake ni umareru gaadian Watashi dakara kanau yo starlight prayers! maiku appu shiyou yo Kirameki wa mune ni Sailor senshi sore wa muunraito riaru gaaru”

Chapter #29- “Listen to the tale of the Sailor Senshi… Let the Princess come in… Hark! Sailor V is Sailor Venus!”

Sailor Mercury: *Looking at Luna* Luna… What she just said… now. What did she mean? What was she talking about?

Sailor Moon: What does it mean? What’s the Moon Kingdom?

Paige: *Walking over* Yeah… What is this Moon Kingdom? What’s the deal with that? What kind of place is it?

Pearl: Could she be talking about the Moon in the sky?

Sailor Luna: Yes. I am really sorry. i had meaning to explain and come out with the story.  the truth. but our Princess is the Princess of the Moon Kingdom…

Dinah: *Overhearing the conversation as her ears finally start to quit throbbing* WHAT?! You’re kidding us, right? This is just a joke that you’re laying on us. The Moon Kingdom?

Sailor Moon: *Not understanding* But… The Moon… It’s… It impossible. how could it be possible?

Sailor Luna: *Looking down for a moment before coming clean on more of the truth* I’m as you might know by now as to how i know about all this also from the Moon. You 4 are the sole guardians who protect the princess. the 4 soldiers of the Moon. Moon, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter.

Paige: *Holding her hand up towards Luna just slightly* Hold it… So by all this… you mean to tell us… that you and the girls here are from the Moon?

Sailor Moon: *Looking up at the Moon and trying to understand* Moon… Kingdom… *Unable to wrap her head around the idea* Oh… my.

That afternoon at the Sweets shop…

Usagi: *Feeling her eyes well up* … *Sniffles*

Paige: *Looking at Usagi* Usagi-chan!

Usagi: *Sniffling and upset over hearing the truth and finding out that she’s from the moon* I don’t understand why… but suddenly. Maybe it could be that i am in shock over hearing the truth.

Luna: *Looking at Usagi suddenly* Usagi-Chan, Are you alright? What’s wrong?

Usagi: *Crying* Well… We’re like you, Luna. From the Moon. then that means that my mom is not really my mom. That means that i am not really Usagi. *In tears* Who am i?

Rei: Usagi.

Luna: *Trying to console Usagi* It’s gonna be okay Usagi. I am really sorry about having to bring the truth out onto you girls like i had. I should have been more opened to letting you know about the truth. where i was from and where you guys came from… what you girls really were. i should have just told you right then and explain from the very start. I didn’t want to tell you so suddenly though… because i was afraid that this was gonna be the reaction. knowing that this would be all a big shock to you girls.

Dinah: Well it’s totally bizarre to me. *Shaking her head unable to believe that she was hearing a shocking tale* This is really weird. You 4 are from the moon. But there is no way that it could be… people from the Astronomy institute have been gathering all kinds of info and all of them pointed the fact that there is no signs of any life on the moon. How exactly is it possible. *Confused* I think that this is gonna be taking a while to sink in.

Pearl: *Looking at Usagi* Usagi… you’re still Usagi. that’s not gonna change. no tale about you being from the moon can change that. you have a mom. one who loves you alot. That is not a lie. Love from a mother is never a lie.

Usagi: *Nods and tries to Cheer up* Okay. When i get home, I’m gonna tell my mom that i love her.

Luna: The memories of the moon soldiers are within you guys.

Rei: It seems hard to believe.

Makoto: I don’t know. i believe it. i mean it may sound a little far fetch’d… but i can’t brush it off. It could just be true… but we are just trying to shake it off because we’re in denial.

Luna: *Looking at the girls* You’ll remember all of it someday. just for now keep going as you are now. Keep searching for the Princess and Mystical Silver Crystal. Protect the Earth… the innocent from the enemies that aim to threaten the world.

Although they all met and were at the beach 5 weeks later and through out that time… they were able to keep the ambitions of Queen beryl down to slim. there was no chance of her rising to power that time… but they were at the beach that weekend when a situation was said to occur… The girls were about to hear something that would drive them to action again. it was revolving a friend. someone they knew…

Betty: *Suddenly running over to the girls from the side* Girls… I am so relieved that i had found you. I just had to tell you the second i heard. it’s all over the Wires. Aino Minako is hospitalized.

Usagi: *Shooting out*What? No way… You serious?

Betty: I wish that i wasn’t… but i am. it is as i just told. She was in a near Accident not too far from here… It’s all over the news.

Ami: I hope that she’ll be okay.

Makoto: Someone should go and see her. wish her well.

Usagi: *Shooting up* I’ll go. it would be not nice for her #1 fan to not go see her idol and wish her well.

Paige: Let’s all go. It’s better than just waiting for word of her getting better or not.

Pearl: I agree. it’s the right thing to do.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Right… And this just came to you in what way exactly?

Makoto: *Looking at Pearl And Dinah* There is no need to get tense about it. it’s not gonna help anything to get worked up. The best we can do is go and pay our respects and give our best to her to see that she gets better soon.

At the Hospital…

Minako’s Manager: *Walking in* Mrs. Minako. How are you faring?

Minako: I’m okay. Just a little shook up is all.

Minako’s Manager: I came in to see that you were okay. first of all and also to talk about the public appearance that you have coming up about your new single coming out.

Minako: Yeah. i am looking forward to making it public that it’s coming out soon. i worked hard on it. but i am just hoping that my fans will like it. it is how you say a bit different than from the song i did before. Ce’ la vie. This new one is a special one. Romance i think it is.

Minako’s Manager: Shall i set up the press conference for you?

Minako: *Smiles and nods*Yes. Thank you.

The Manager then leaves and heads out to set up the press conference for Minako… But unfortunately… he wasn’t alone in the hall. a Youma was behind him and within seconds… Possessed him. Minako was in danger.

Minako however sensed that something was not right and snuck out and hid. she changed into a disguise and walked out. She was all the way out of the building and barely made it to the front when…

Nephrite: *Calling out to the Youma* Drain the vacant energy from the humans. absorb it and gather it for Queen Beryl.

Minako was on the other side of the Hospital and barely got to the block across the street when she ran into Usagi…

Usagi: *Stops and looks up to see who it was* Sorry. sorry. i didn’t mean to.

Minako: *Waves it off kindly* No… no. it’s quite alright. you didn’t do anything wrong. it was me. i guess that i wasn’t watching.

Usagi: *Realizing who it was* Ah… Minako! OH Wow!… *Excited* I finally get to meet my #1 idol.

Minako: *Giggles* You’re a real fan of mines i see. you got pictures of me all over your book. You idolize me that much?

Usagi: Yeah. I’m your #1 fan. i listened to all your songs. i love them all.

Minako: *Touched* I am pleased to know that. Wow!

Usagi: *Holding out her book with multiple pictures of Minako on it* Can i have an autograph? *Excited and feeling like a crazed music lover*

Minako: Sure. *Nods* Who do i make it out to?

Usagi: Make it out to The #1 fan Usagi.

Minako: Okay. *Smiles and signing* “To my #1 fan Usagi. Thank you for being a great fan. All the thanks and appreciation… Minako Aino.”

A second later…

Usagi: *Happy* Thank you.

Minako: You’re welcome.

Usagi: I was on my way to see you. i heard that something happened. i was coming to see that you were okay.

Minako: Awww! *Thinking to herself* Who is this girl? She seems familiar. *Suddenly having it dawn on her* She’s Sailor Moon.

At the west side of the hospital…

Youma: *Draining people of their energy*

Rei: *With Ami* Youma!

Dinah: Shall we thump this creep down to dust?

Ami: *Nods*

They Call Usagi and inform her of what’s going on…

At the east side…

Usagi: *After getting off the phone* I’m so sorry. I got to go. there is something that i got to take care of now. *Looking at Minako* Are you gonna be alright by yourself?

Minako: *Nods* I’ll be okay. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Usagi: Oh no…Thank you. *Running off to handle a situation* Bye.

After Usagi was no longer in sight…

Minako: *Sighs* Artemis.

Artemis: Minako.

Minako: Sitting by and waiting is feeling kinda old. The enemy is out there and the enemy happens to be searching for the Princess, Right? I have to go and show them the princess. it’s time to let it out. no more hiding.

Minako then starts running and with a blink becomes Sailor V and Runs toward the scene…

On the North side of the hospital…

Sailor Mars: *Running after the Youma* Stop!

The Youma Stops and Turns growling.

Usagi comes in looks for the Youma…

Usagi: Where’s the Youma?

Sailor Mercury: He’s right here.

Youma: Where’s the Princess?

Usagi: *Dodging the Youma’s attack* Huh? You got to be kidding me. Mr Manager.

Sailor Mars: The Youma is controlling him. it’s inside him. Controlling his moves.

Sailor Mercury: *Fighting off the Youma*

Sailor Mars: *Fighting off the Youma and Dodging the attacks* Ha… Uh…

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Supreme….Thunder!

Usagi: *Transforming* Moon Prism Power…Make-Up!

The Rhapsody Girls then arrive at the scene…

Paige: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Love’s Flash!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Bubble Wave!

Dinah: *Launching an attack the Youma* Thunder Electrocution!

Sailor Moon: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Moon Twilight… Flash!

Sailor Luna suddenly arrived and launched an attack at the youma and tried to knock it back… However The Youma blasted a Rope at the girls and constricted them with the rope…

Sailor Moon: Ow!

Nephrite: *Walking over to Sailor Moon* Where is the Princess? *Grabbing her neck and Choking her* WHERE ARE YOU HIDING HER?! Tell me where she is… NOW!

Dinah: Get Lost creep. we aren’t gonna tell you a thing. you really think that we’re gonna tell you where the Moon Princess is? You’ve certainly got a real screw loose going on in that head of yours. that’s obvious.

Nephrite: *Shooting a dark energy blast at Dinah* Silence. You have no room to talk down to me. You’re all gonna die and once we find that Princess. she’s gonna meet her end.

Voice: I’m here.

before they could look to see where the voice was coming from… 7 Stars came down and cut the rope and released them from the Youma’s Grasp…

Within seconds Sailor V appeared and looked down upon them…

Sailor V: It looks as though i am unable to remain in hiding any longer… *Jumping down to the ground* …. *Pulling off her mask and starting to Glow a Bright light as she reveals who she really is behind the mask*

Dinah: *Covering her eyes a bit* What is that? What is she Doing?

Pearl: I don’t know. But i think that there is about to be an answer to who the Moon Princess is. That girl could be it.

Paige: *Gasps*

A Second later…


Sailor Luna: *Standing and Looking at the Princess* Princess!

Nephrite: *With an enraged and Surprised look* So you have come. Is that the Mystical Silver Crystal?

Artemis: *Appearing* Keep Away from the Moon Princess. From The Moon Kingdom. The Princess of the Silver Millenium… Rightful Heir to the Mystical Silver Crystal. She is Sailor Venus-sama!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Gasps* What?! Princess Sailor… Venus?!

Princess Sailor Venus: *Nods* That’s right. I am the Princess of the Moon Kingdom. and i heard of your deeds up till now. I’m pleased that you are working to protect the planet from the Evil Queen Beryl.

Dinah: *Grins* It’s not a problem. we’ll be glad to send that evil queen back packing. She don’t scare us.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Chuckles* I take it that you’re Dinah. You sure are talking tough. i admire that. but i got to tell you that Queen Beryl is not one to take lightly. She’s aiming to awaken a great Evil. it could be just a matter of time before she finds enough energy to fully awaken the great Evil. Her 4 men are helping her gather energy and use it to fuel the great evil.

Nephrite: *Commanding the Youma* Go. Take the Mystical Silver Crystal.

Youma: *Clenching it’s claws and heading after the princess*

Sailor Luna: Girls… Protect the Princess.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Standing in front of the Princess*

Dinah: *Looking at the Princess* Princess, Run… Get out of here to safety. we’ll take care of this creep. *Looking at the Youma and Nephrite* You want her… Then come try it. we’ll nail you to the wall.

Paige: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Love’s Flash!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Bubble Wave!

Dinah: *Launching an attack the Youma* Thunder Electrocution!

Sailor Mars: *Attacking the Youma* Youma… Taisan!

Sailor Jupiter: *Attacking the Youma* Supreme….Thunder!

Sailor Mercury: *Attacking the Youma* Mercury… Aqua… Mist!

Sailor Moon: *Attacking the Youma* Moon Tiara… Boomerang!

Sailor Luna: *Attacking the Youma* Luna Sucre…Candy!

The Youma explodes into pieces and Nephrite Vanishes off… Unfortunately Zoicite came in and tried to come at the princess.

Paige: *Gasps* Princess… Watch out!

Tuxedo Kamen: *Blocking Zoicite’s attempt*

Zoicite: Who are you?

Princess Sailor Venus: Okay… I believe that we have had enough of this for now. *Shooting a Venus Beam at Zoicite and sending him away*

Zoicite: *Shorting out and Vanishing but calling out towards Tuxedo Kamen* Master… Endymion! *Vanishes*

Tuxedo Kamen: *Gasps* Endymion?

A Flashback premonition…

Voice of the Moon Princess: Mystical Silver Crystal…. Please!

Sailor Luna: Princess, You finally show yourself before us…

Princess Sailor Venus: *Looking at Luna* Oh Luna, what kind of remark is that? I have come to help. you girls need your princess. we all need to be together to beat the great Evil.


Prince Avery: *Voice* Did someone say Great Evil?

Princess Sailor Venus: *Pauses and looks up* Who’s there? Show yourself. By the order of the Moon Princess i command you to show yourself before me.

Prince Arnold: *Voice* Hold On, Your Majesty. we’re not bad guys. we’re actually on the same side as you.

Prince Avery: *Voice* That’s right.

Prince Curtis: *Voice* We’ll prove it.

Rhapsody Brothers: *Showing themselves* We have come. Moon Princess… We are the Cousins to the 3 girls. We are on the same side as you are.

Paige: Prince Alvin? How did you guys know to come here?

Prince Alvin: We just followed our gut instinct.

Princess Sailor Venus: *Nods* Well it is nice to meet you guys.

At the Dark Kingdom…

Queen Beryl: *Grins and Smirks* So the Princess has arrived… Well… there is a way to bring her down. It’s time to summon the 4th Shintennou.

Who was the 4th Shintennou? What was the Evil Queen planning to do to the Princess? Will Nephrite and Jadeite be neck and neck on trying to see who takes the Princess’s life first? Why did Zoicite Call Tuxedo Kamen Master Endymion? What about the Princess? Was she really the Princess… or was the real Princess still out there? if the 4th Shintennou warrior gets awakened… what plans would the Warrior have? Will he desire to go after the princess…or will he plot to go after one of the Senshi and turn one of their own against them? Find out in Chapter 30 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z as the Saga continues…

Princess Sailor Venus: *Voice* Looks like that now my life is gonna be up for grabs. but i doubt that it’ll be easy for them since the senshi who are the 4 guardians of the Moon and are my guardians plus the Rhapsody Girls are around. and now 4 guys. Things will get interesting. But what’s this… the Evil Queen has awakened the 4th shintennou warrior. Kunzite. It’s gonna be trouble… on the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! “Who wants first shot at the Princess? Her life up for grabs… Time to come to life… AWAKEN… KUNZITE!”

Kunzite: I will see to it that the great Evil is awakened. Queen Beryl will Rule.

Dinah: *Blows Raspberries at Kunzite* Bite me. The day she rules it’ll be a snow day in heck. You’ll fall in failure just like the rest of them. King Lotor tried to Rule the galaxy… What’s your Excuse?


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