The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #27- A Fiery Thunder…A Man in a cape and Luna… a Permanent Human?!

At Princess Rikku’s house…


Princess Rikku: *Cleaning up the Living room* What a mess. i love my girls alot, but they are so messy. Dinah is the messiest. she is so rough with her reactions to the Sports games. Oy… Lord love her… she is a very pleasant girl… but her messy nature is gonna be the death of me. Pearl is a messy one too. She makes her little fashion items and leaves some of her bracelets all over the place. there must be about 70 here. Paige and her sticky chocolate hands… She’s a candy girl… love her to death. but if she doesn’t start being more cleaner with her cravings. *Sighs*

Paige: *Walking in with her sisters* Hi Mom. We’re home.

Pearl: And we brought over a couple of new friends.

Dinah: They’re pretty cool.

Princess Rikku: *Turning to see two new girls* Oh… Uh, Hello there. Who might you two be?



Usagi: *Waves* Hello.

Ami: Greetings Mrs. Rhapsody-Chan. Nice to meet you.

Paige: Say hello to Usagi Tsukino and Ami Mizuno.

Princess Rikku: *Chuckles* Cute. but i got to say. those names are really nice. and they sure do look pretty sweet. Are they new to this city?

Pearl: Yeah.

Luna: *Walking in quietly*

Princess Rikku: *Noticing a Blue haired girl with a tail on her walking in* Huh? What in the…? Who are you?

Dinah: *Confused* What? Who is who, Mom? What are you talking about?

Princess Rikku: I’m talking about the girl with the blue hair. Who or what is she?

Ami: *Turning to see Luna* Luna?! What are you doing here?

Luna: *Scurrying a bit* I just rather followed you guys here. i am part of you girls, you know.

Usagi: Okay. *Smiles*

Dinah: *Turning to see Luna* Whoa! I think i’ve seen you. Earlier… You’re the same one that i helped out when we were battling that Youma. *A little freaked* You’re Sailor… Luna. But how? how is that possible? you are not with Cat ears and Whiskers and a tail.

Usagi: Ah… I think that we might be able to explain that. this form you’re seeing her as now… is her normal Human form. but she got the ability to transform into a Human and also a sailor Senshi after being bathed in the bright light from the mystical Silver Crystal.

Ami: We’ll get into that later on. but we’re Sailor Senshi’s too. we are the sailors that protect the innocent. We’re also reincarnated from the princesses that used to live upon the Moon Kingdom a thousand years ago.

Paige: *Lost* I don’t get it.

Dinah: neither do i. What are they even talking about? Moon Kingdom? 1000 years ago?

Pearl: I think that we’re about to get a history lesson….


*Showing Flashes and Gif clips of the Senshi and the Rhapsody Girls Z and Allies*

“Hitomi wa itsumo jueru bodi ni matou rame and chaamu Ikite yuku koto wa try get a chance! Koko ni aru kara tsuyoi yume gan gan kechirashitekou raibaru darake no mahiru Egao yori kuchibiru yori aibiimu ga kimewaza *Watashi ni nare kirari to sailor diamonds! Yoake ni umareru gaadian Watashi dakara kanau yo starlight prayers! maiku appu shiyou yo Kirameki wa mune ni Sailor senshi sore wa muunraito riaru gaaru”

Chapter #27- “A Fiery Thunder…A Man in a cape and Luna… a Permanent Human?!”

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Usagi: No. not now. it’s too soon to tell you. but you’ll be explained the situation when it’s time.

Luna: *Looking to see a Cookie nearby* Mmm! *Sneaking over to grab the cookie and eating it*

Paige: *Looking at the girls* okay… enough about that. Why not start off with explaining who this person is?


Pearl: *Showing the Picture of the Woman to Usagi and Ami* Who is she? She appeared to us this morning on our communicators… Speaking and saying: “I have come to warn you… to not mettle in my affairs…”

Luna: *Looking from afar* That’s Queen Beryl.  Why would she contact you? She never met you girls before.

Paige: I know. but she was saying that we were not to interfere with her affairs. What did she mean about that?

Usagi: I think that she is trying to start something again. She’s with a plan to reawaken Queen Metaria. But there is one problem… The one who winds up fueling her… is me. When my emotions become too strong.

Dinah: *Groans* Ohhhh! Can we change the subject please? I think that all this confusing information is giving me a headache. *Falls back* Ohhhh!

While they were talking…

at the Apartments looking for her home…

Makoto: *Looking on the 4th floor* I think it’s down the hall. I’ve been here only once. this is gonna take a while. *Sighs*

Guy: *Walking nearby* Hey. You’re not from around here are you? I was noticing that you were looking for an apartment. I can help. I kinda am rather a watchdog for this building here. I’m Ted.

Makoto: Okay. I think it’s Room 453. but i don’t know if it’s this side or on the other side.

Ted: It’d be on this side. these are the 440 and up. so it should be a few rooms down.

Makoto: Thanks. Thank you. *Walking over to her apartment* It’s been a long day. Enrolling in school and then finding my home. i need to rest. I guess that i’ll fix up something to eat when i get inside.

Minutes later, She was inside her apartment and got ready to fix up some food. she was a good cook. she enjoyed cooking and made some beef tera misu soup. and got out some Green tea to drink. she was into eating right. she lived alone and didn’t really have anyone to talk to. After she finished eating, she cleaned up the dishes and went out… but as she went out… she noticed a letter or note sticking out of her mailbox. she didn’t know who it was… but she read it and found out that it was from the same guy that helped her find her apartment. It said: “Meet me by the Water fountain at the Metropolis mall. i would like to see you. I’ll be at the Fountain tomorrow” She felt as though the guy liked her. not sure what to think and feeling touched by the request in the note… she went back into her apartment and fixed up a basket of food and got changed into a nice shirt and nice pants. she wanted to look nice.

As for Paige, Pearl and Dinah… They were lost on what the girls were saying. they didn’t understand a lot of it and were feeling that it was gonna be a mystery to crack. they didn’t know what to think or make out from what Usagi and Ami were saying. they didn’t understand any of it. But they didn’t get to think much about it…  They decided to go out and walk around the city.

Usagi: *Curious* Where are you girls going?

Paige: We’re going out to take a walk around the city.

Pearl: Want to come along?

Dinah: it’s good to get out and just enjoy the outdoors.

Ami: Okay.

Paige: i happen to go to the Sweets shop and get candy. and also read comics. i do that almost every day.

Usagi: *Feeling hungry* Do they have like Cake there?

Paige: yeah. they do.

Pearl: I go to the fashion store. i just love the dresses that they sell there. it’s pretty. Although last night they didn’t seem to have very much there like they usually do.

Ami: Let’s go and hang out.

Dinah: I’ll be at the Mall this time. checking things out. looking for a Sports shop there.

Paige: Okay.

Luna: I’ll go with you guys.

Usagi: Okay.

Pearl: *Walking out with her sisters and the girls*

However… the next day…

Makoto: *At the Mall by the Fountain* I am sure that he’ll come. he did sound rather honest. *Waiting*

Hours pass and there was no sight of the guy. she waited for him and he didn’t show. it was the afternoon time when she realized that there was not gonna be any meet with him. she saw a couple of guys looking at her and one of them was the guy she saw at the Apartments they were all laughing at her. She felt down and suddenly lost grip of the basket and it fell right down to the ground. She walked over to the nearby bench and sat down in loneliness…

Usagi: *Running over to Makoto with Ami* Mako-chan! What happened?

Makoto: *Looking down to the ground* I… i was stood up. This guy… he wanted to meet me. i kinda ran into him yesterday on my way home and he seemed nice. i of course happened to go out when i noticed a note in my mailbox at the apartments and read it and saw that it was from the same guy. i got the impression that he liked me and wanted to see me. i got changed into something nice and had made a basket of good food. i came here and waited and he never came until a moment ago. but he was with a group of guys and they took one look and saw me and laughed. He is gone now…

Ami: *Sighs and feeling sad* That’s sad.

Dinah: *Balling up her fists in anger hearing how people could just be like jerks* That Creep. *Looking for the guy* I’m gonna beat that guy’s butt. Hurting girls like that. Deceiving them…

Pearl: Dinah… Heel! Beating someone up is not gonna fix anything. you don’t solve things with Violence.

Paige: Are you okay Makoto?

Makoto: I don’t know why i even did this…. Why did i even do this? I was bad to my Sempai too. it turned out just like this. *Throwing the bag in the trash next to the bench* This doesn’t suit me. *Getting up and Walking off*

Usagi: *Calling out to Makoto* Mako-Chan… Don’t go. I’m sorry for calling you Boyish.

Makoto: *Putting her hand up and motioning to not worry about it*

What they didn’t know was that the guy who stood Makoto up was being possessed by a Youma. Luna was with them and detected it. But the detection was weak. She didn’t know what it was. but she knew that it had to be a Youma.

At the Shrine…

Rei: *Looking up after sensing a Dark energy* Youma! A Youma is at the Mall. there’s trouble.

Rei wanted to go out and investigate. Something was not right to her and she wanted to get to the bottom of it. she had a feeling that the 3 girls that she saw through the fire was the cause of it. but she couldn’t be sure…

At the Apartments… Makoto was Walking back to her apartment and going back to bed. she was depressed and felt bad over being stood up by the guy… She was halfway down the hall when…

Ted: *Walking up to Makoto* I have come for you.

Makoto: *Gasps* huh?!

Ted: Come with me. *Reaching his hand out to Makoto*

Before she knew it… she was in an alternate dimension or in an illusion that was not really there. There were a whole group of other girls…

Ted: *Giving out a Sinister laugh* Heh heh heh heh heh! Stupid girls. Your stupid crushes for me are what shall fuel me up. it will make me strong. Now your energy shall be mine. *Looking at Makoto and going for putting her into a spell*

Makoto: *Grabbing his wrist and stopping him*

Ted: *Pauses as he then looks at Makoto* What?! What happened? Why won’t the spell work on the likes of you? How are you able to not be affected by it?

Makoto: *hurt* You deceived them… they all liked you and admired you… You took their Emotions and Played with them all like they were NOTHING… Why? All those girls… they liked you.

Ted: You too!

Makoto: It doesn’t matter about if i liked you or not. i don’t care about myself. it’s not about me. it’s about all those girls. You played them…

Ted: *Smirks* How Interesting!

Makoto: Don’t Fuck with me! *Punches Ted in the face*

All the girls who were then placed under Ted’s Spell were released with no clue as to what happened. What happened was that they were all watching Ted play Basketball and all admired him. they adored him. But what happened was that Ted was possessed by a Youma which made him do all the things that he had done… The spell was broken…

At the Park…

Girls: Huh?! *Looking around* What happened? What was i doing?

They were all confused and unaware of what happened to them…

Back at the Mall near the Fountain…

Makoto: *Gasps*

Ted: *Growls in outrage* How Dare you… Curse You. Are all girls like you this difficult? You are… You are the only one that i want and will have… Your Energy shall be mine! *Pulling at his  hair and suddenly with eyes glowing red*

Seconds later… A Youma was exposed… and released the Real Ted. He fell down and came to right after looking to see the Youma that controlled him. He freaked out… The Youma turned and started to go to Ted but was stopped… Makoto Jumped the Youma and tried to Hold it back… However the Youma threw her down and then released a Vine at her and wrapped it around her neck subduing her. Makoto then started to reach out and reach for Ted. Hoping he would help her…

Ted: *Freaking out* Don’t come near me… STAY AWAY!!!

Makoto: Come back… *Reaching out* Please…

The guy runs off…

Makoto: *Voicing in her mind* All alone… *Remembering her Childhood*

Flashback memory:

Young Makoto: *Upset and desparate* Mama! Papa! *Calling out* Come back! Don’t go!

Makoto: *Calling out* Don’t Go! *Watching her parents, Her Sempai and the guy she liked leave her* ……*Standing up and with the sad Realization* Always… no matter how i try to find someone to be with… in the end… i’m always getting left and wind up… All alone.

Sailor Moon: *Voice* Mako-Chan!

Makoto: *Shooting up and looking to her side to suddenly see a golden haired girl with a Tiara and a sailor outfit on* Huh?!

Sailor Moon:  *Walking over to Makoto* You’re never alone. you have friends. Friends like me and Ami-Chan. we are your friends. You’re one of us. *Grabbing Makoto’s left arm and holding it*

Makoto: *Watches as a glow suddenly appears and forms a Transformation bracelet; Seeing the bracelet on her wrist seconds later* Uh…

Sailor Moon: *Smiling at Mako-Chan* Mako-Chan… It’s time. Become the senshi.

Makoto: *Nods and then walks to the side* …

a Second later…

Makoto: *Transforming* Jupiter Power… Make-up!

Sailor Jupiter: *Doing her Pose* Soldier of Thunder and Courage, Sailor Jupiter… in the name of Jupiter i’ll punish you.

Youma: *Shrieks and gasps*

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Supreme…… Thunder!

Pearl: *Shocked* Wow! Makoto… You’re great.

Sailor Jupiter: Thanks Pearl.

Sailor Moon: You’re the 4th soldier. Sailor Mars is here too. the 4 soldiers are back.

Sailor Mercury: Now it’s time to find the Princess. The Moon Princess.

Dinah: We’ll help you.

Paige: We’ll find her with you. We won’t give up. We can do it.


Sailor Mars: *Looking at the 3 girls* Who are you 3? Are you friend or foe?

Paige: We’re friends. we’re the good guys.

Sailor Mercury: It’s true Rei-Chan. they’re friends. they helped us fight a Youma.

Dinah: The real issue is some looney lady named Queen Beryl. Or that’s what she calls herself.

Sailor Mars: Hmm. Perhaps.

Sailor Luna: Don’t forget me. i am also a Senshi.

Sailor Mars: I know. and you’re a very trustworthy companion.

Suddenly a man walked out and confronted the girls…

Man: You Senshi are pests…Always meddling in Queen Beryl-sama’s plans. The Human energy belongs to her…

Dinah: *Turning to see the strange looking man* Uh, Okay… I’ll Bite. Who are you?

Man: I am Jadeite. One of the 4 shintennou s serving Queen Beryl.

Paige: Queen Beryl?! Okay… That’s it. We’ve heard enough… We keep hearing about this Beryl… Who is she?

Jadeite: She’s the Queen of the Dark Kingdom… she is the queen who is all powerful. She too is after the Princess and wants to destroy her. She long ago fell in love with a fellow Prince named Endymion. She was in love with him and watched him from a distance. but was scorned and rejected. The Prince was in love with a Princess that was of the moon. However their love was Ill fated. and destined to fail. The Prince was sought to betray the Earth and his 4 loyal warriors. which we used to be. me, Nephrite, Kunzite and Zoicite.  The Prince was killed. and the Princess unleashed a high emergy when she cried out in sadness. it caused the moon to fall and dive into the earth. destroying the planet. destroying the world.

Paige: Well if you want her so badly… why don’t you just find her? If you can. because you happen to not realize… The Senshi are not the only ones in your way… You also got us… *Looking to her sisters* Girls… Hit it!

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Putting their hand up and Seeing a Ring Appear on their finger*

Paige: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing hearts* …*Doing formation poses (Doing roundhouse Punches as she spins) revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Pearl: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Dinah: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH!! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows Releasing some stars with a few sparks of Electricity* …*Doing formation poses (Throwing Punches and Kicks and Peace signs) revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Jadeite: *Grins* Interesting… *Scoffs* More girls to worry about. Beryl-sama isn’t gonna be happy when she hears this. *Attacking the girls*

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at Jadeite* Luna Sucre Candy!

Paige: * Launching an Attack at Jadeite* Love’s Blast!

Pearl: *Launching an Attack at Jadeite* Bubble Explosion!

Dinah: *Launching an Attack at Jadeite* Thunder Blast!

Sailor Moon: *Attacking Jadeite* Moon Twilight…Flash!

Sailor Mercury: *Attacking Jadeite* Mercury Aqua Mist!

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack at Jadeite* Flower…. HURRICANE!!!!

Sailor Mars: *Launching an attack at Jadeite* Youma…Taisan!

Jadeite: *Taking the hits and in pain* Ahh! Ohhh! CURSE YOU SAILOR BRATS!!! You’ll Pay for that. You haven’t seen the last of me. *Vanishes*

However as they were just about to head back home…

Man: *Hiding in the one parking structure and pulling out a mask* It’s time to go. i got to find that Mystical Silver Crystal. i know that it’s out there. *Flips open the mask* … *Transforming* Tuxedo… Power!

From outside…

Paige:  *Hearing something* What was that?

Pearl: *Pauses* What was what?

Dinah: There’s someone in there… isn’t there? Someone in that building.

Ami: *Listening in* There is something inside that building.

Luna: I hear it too. *Using her ears to listen close* They’re still inside.

Dinah: *Looking for a way in* There’s an opening in the window there. No one is there. it could lead to the inside.

Usagi: Let’s go.

But In the Dark Kingdom…


Beryl: Jadeite… *Sternly* Why do you fail me? You didn’t collect me any energy… did you? You are disappointing me.

Jadeite: I’m Sorry Beryl-Sama. I was about to take the captured energy i collected from the humans… But those Sailor Pests… came and ruined everything. they even have these 3 other girls… Calling themselves the Rhapsody Girls Z.

Beryl: *Shoots up and with a flash in her eyes* Rhapsody Girls Z? Hmm… We need to find out more about these Rhapsody Girls. Nephrite, Come to me.

Nephrite: *Walking into the Chambers* Yes Beryl-Sama. You summoned me?

Beryl: I need you to go out and keep a watch on these So called Rhapsody Girls. Find out all you can about them. i want to know about them and find out how well to defeat them along with the sailor Scouts.

Nephrite: *Bowing down to Beryl* Yes Beryl-sama. As you command.

Nephrite Then disappears with a flash of red smoke and leaves to spy on the Rhapsody Girls…

Beryl: I have something else in mind for you Jadeite. Go after the Princess. Find her… and defeat her.

Zoisite from PGSM

Zoicite: *Walking in* Beryl-sama… I have found out where the Mystical Silver crystal is… It’s inside a Fashion store. in Metropolis. The Jewelry there is second to none. The Ginzuishou is Jewelry. no human will be able to tell the difference…


Beryl: *Smirks*  Excellent.

Zoicite: But Beryl-Sama… aren’t you concerned that we’re not the only ones who might be looking for the The Ginzuishou Crystal?

Beryl: Of course not. in fact… who else would want it? No once knows about it than i or the Princess.

Zoicite: … Or Prince Endymion.

Beryl: *Throws some Purple mist at Zoicite* Enough… Do not Speak that name in my presence. That name is forbidden to me.

Zoicite: *Lowers his head* Sorry Beryl-Sama.

Beryl: *In deep thought* Endymion. I will make you mine again. i will find you.

Back in Metropolis…

Sailor Moon: *Chasing after The guy in the cape* Come back here.

While running… a car started to come by and suddenly lost control… it almost Smashed into Usagi… but out of nowhere the guy in the cape darted back and Saved her from the car coming at her…

Sailor Moon: *Being pushed out of the cars path and hitting the ground gently* Uh… What…

Guy in cape: You’re safe now. You should watch out where you’re going next time. that car lost control. it almost hit you. And then there’d be one less hero in the world, Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon: Thanks for the save. I guess that you’re not as bad as people say.

Guy in cape: Thanks. although i don’t really know why it would matter. i don’t if the others would accept me to be near them… so i better go. But i’m sure we’ll meet again.

Sailor Moon: *Nods*

Guy in Mask: *Turning and walking away*

Sailor Moon: Wait! Who are you?

Guy in Mask: *Stops for a second before pressing on* Tuxedo Kamen. (Mask) *Pressing on and suddenly disappears from sight* Farewell for now.

Sailor Moon: *With stars in her eyes and thinking* Tuxedo Kamen… Ayiii. He’s so Kawai.

Sailor Mercury: *Running over to Sailor Moon* Usagi-Chan, Are you okay? What happened?

Sailor Jupiter: Where’s the guy? Where did he go?

Sailor Moon: I don’t know. He took off. and i had him too. But he’s not a bad person. He kinda saved me from being hit by a car.

Paige: *Shooting out* He What?

Pearl: That’s nice of him.

Sailor Mars: But that may have been a ploy so he could get away.

Dinah: It could have been a ploy. but how many guys in a cape do you know who’d while being a possible bad guy would while in the middle of being chased just suddenly dart back and save the person who happened to be chasing him or her to begin with?

Sailor Luna: She has a point there Rei-Chan. we don’t know that many people who’d do that.

Paige: Who was he anyway? *Confused*

Sailor Moon: *Love sick* Tuxedo Kamen.

Dinah: *Shrugs* Never heard of him.

Paige: Neither have i.

Who was that guy in the mask… and Who was he after? Who is Endymion? What was Beryl planning against the Rhapsody Girls? Why Did she forbid for his name to be mentioned in her presence? Would Beryl try to capture the girls? What of the Mystical silver Crystal? Why was the guy in the cape after it? Find out in chapter 28 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z as the saga continues…

Usagi: *Voice* The guy in the cape was Tuxedo Kamen… but who is he behind the mask? Why did he save me? I don’t get it. Does he happen to like me? With now 4 of the soldiers together all that was needed was the Princess. but Where was the Princess and Who could it be? And What Jadeite said about the past and the Princess… it made a bit of sense… however… the real shocker would be that they were looking at the Princess the whole time. they don’t know it yet. as far as everyone else knows… The Princess Is still out there. Will she be found? Find out in the next Chapter… in chapter 28 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! “The Crystal Hunting and the Eyes of Evil are Watching…Here Comes Sailor V.”


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