The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #25 King Lotor’s Final Curtain Call… Spirit Bomb UNLEASHED!!!

Last time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z… The Rhapsody girls and the Rhapsody Brothers were reaching out to all the people of Earth, Arus and Pollux to lend out their collective energy to help build the Spirit Bomb while trying to keep King Lotor on the fence and down… waiting for the energy to come to them and help out… all while being submissively hesitant at first… it began to feel that all hope was  lost but when the news media upon on the planet Earth Started spreading and catching wind to what the Rhapsody girls were doing… with the Schools that the Rhapsody heroes attended to the Newspaper companies and beyond to the news… they reached up high and gave out their collective energy. Family and friends and allies alike chipped in and lent out their energy. they were in for the fight to aid in the defeat of King Lotor. … all the energy flowed… The Spirit Bomb was then formed and massive it grew. it absorbed the energy as it came and flowed into the Spirit bomb like a mega flood… with the Energy coming to it…it grew to massive proportions… with it set and with the Energy he needed to build the Spirit Bomb… Prince Alvin was ready to…. Aim…. and…. Fire!

Prince Alvin: *Feeling the Spirit Bomb grow even more massive and feeling it become at ultimate charge* Here we go… The Bomb is set… Everyone… this is it! Now…. MOVE AWAY!!!


King Lotor: *Firing back with Haggarium and shooting Rays at the Girls*

Dinah: *Fighting King Lotor and knocking him back; suddenly getting nailed with the Lazon Sword and pinned Down* AHHHHH!!!!!

Paige: *Seeing King Lotor with Dinah under his foot; Grinning and Laughing with a sinister laugh* Oh no… He knows.

Dinah: *Struggling to get out* Prince Alvin… What are you waiting for? Launch that thing… LAUNCH THE SPIRIT BOMB!

Prince Alvin: No… I am not gonna launch it with you in it’s path. your sisters can’t go on without you. neither can we. we’re not gonna do it. no. we’re all in this together.

Dinah: Ugh! I know that… but we came all this way… we got to this point. it was hard… but we did it. Now let’s finish it. If i Die. so what… I’ll just press with it. i lived a okay life. i’m young… but if the cost of one life is the price paid to get rid of King Lotor… then i accept.

Prince Alvin: Dinah, What are you saying?

Betty: *lifts hands in the air as holy energy and wind combines* Feel the power of Angelic Raven! *psychic energy forms with the ongoing energy* Almighty Psychic Wind Storm!*Launching it at King Lotor*

King Lotor: *Knocked back and pushed on the ground* ARGH!

Betty: Get off our sister, Drule… Touch her again and I will Damn you.

Prince Avery: Yeah… Lotor… stay your Vile carcass away from our cousin.

Pearl: *Running over and grabbing Dinah; Carrying her away to safety* Paige! Guys… Let’s get away to safety…


Shannon: *Over communicator* You guys ready?

Betty: Yes. Summon him.

Shannon: You got it. *With the Balls in front of her and laying in order on the ground* Shenron… Awaken… We Summon you.

The Balls Glow bright and suddenly Shoot up a bright light before exploding and forming a Dragon. The Dragon formed and looked at Shannon…

Shenron: Why have you Summoned me?

Shannon: We need help.

Shenron: There are 3 wishes. decide what to wish for and ask… i will grant them.

Betty: Shannon, the 1st wish is to have him reverse and undo all the damage that King Lotor has done upon Planet Earth and Arus.

Shannon: Right. *Speaking to Shenron* Shenron our first wish is to reverse and undo all the Damage that was caused by King Lotor’s hands.

Shenron: Your Wish shall be granted… *Granting the wish*

Within seconds… the Damages that were caused by Lotor and the robeasts that he sent to destroy the planet was undone and the Villages of Arus were back to original glory and made like new…

Betty: Shannon,  our second wish is to have the people on Earth Arus and Pollux all rejuvenated with energy.

Shannon: You got it. *Speaking to Shenron* Shenron our second wish is to have the people on Planet Earth, Arus and Pollux all rejuvenated with energy.

Shenron: Your wish will be granted…

Within seconds Shenron’s eyes glowed bright red and before anyone could blink… all the people on Earth, Arus and Pollux were Rejuvenated with Energy.

On Doom…

Prince Alvin: *Seeing that the coast was clear* Guys… it’s time… Let’s do it!

Betty: *On the side by the Castle’s front gate; With Angel* We’re here…

Angel: Rhapsody Girls… Boys… go up there and do it.

Paige: *Nods* Right…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Flying up and getting beside Prince Alvin*

Prince Arnold: *With Prince Avery and Prince Curtis; Teleporting next to Prince Alvin* We’re here Captain… Let’s Do it.

Prince Alvin: *Nods* Right! Ready?!

Rhapsody Girls: Ready!

King Lotor: *Looking up and Seeing The Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers behind the Spirit Bomb ready to Launch it* WHAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!

Rhapsody Brothers & Rhapsody Girls: *Behind the Spirit bomb and ready to Launch it* This is for you King Lotor…. It’s from the people of PLANET EARTH, PLANET ARUS AND PLANET POLLUX…… SPIRIT BOMB! *Launching the Spirit Bomb*

The girls then head back to the sidelines and watch as do the Rhapsody Brothers. But Prince Alvin stayed in position….

King Lotor: *Freaking out* This is not possible. I’m The King of Doom. I can’t be defeated by the likes of them… Not me… CURSES!

The Bomb went at King Lotor with all it’s might… but as it went… the Evil King Lotor was able to gain control… he grabbed it and tried to push it back…

Prince Alvin: *Putting a little more strength in sending the ball at King Lotor* AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! *Noticing King Lotor grabbing at it and gaining control of the bomb* WHAT THE?!! NO WAY!

King Lotor: *Laughing and Pushing it back* MWAHAHAHAHA! You Lost!

Prince Alvin: *Holding his hands out* Evil King Lotor…i know that you are strong…; But This isn’t just my energy… it’s everyone’s… So i Can not… and will not LOSE!!! *Trying to hold on tough* Go… GO!!!!

King Lotor: *Walking over forward with the Spirit Bomb and Pushing it away Slowly* No one is gonna get the better hand of me. the Attempt is Futile…

Betty: *In panic* It’s not Strong enough… It’s not going… We need more energy… We under estimated his energy. he’s totally Drained…

Prince Avery: We need more energy. We got to call out to the people and beg for more energy….

Prince Alvin: *Trying to keep the Bomb from coming back and keeping it going towards the Evil King Lotor* Please! Not now! Please…. HOLD ON!!! *Losing strength*……*Suddenly Drained and unable to Push the Spirit Bomb against the Evil King Lotor* Darn it… I’m All OUT OF POWER!!!!

Prince Avery: We got to ask for more energy. we need to strengthen the spirit Bomb more… *In a Desperate state of mind*

King John: *Calling out from their home* No… Don’t do it…. Prince Avery… Son. don’t do it. The people can’t give out anymore energy. they’ve already given out all they could. the energy they have remaining is whatever they have to keep alive. if they give anymore… They’ll all DIE! Don’t Do it!

Prince Avery: *Speaking back* Enough Pops. you know that we don’t have any other choice. besides that if it wasn’t for us… Earth, Arus and Pollux would fall under captivity and control of King Lotor! *Suddenly gasping* Wait a minute… We Still Have a Wish left…. DONT WE?!

Shannon: Yes. we do… Shenron is still with us, Prince Avery and Shenron has been very patient.

Shenron: What is your 3rd wish… You have kept me waiting long enough…

Prince Avery: For the 3rd wish… we wish for Prince Alvin to have his Energy returned back to normal.

Shannon: Got it. *Speaking to Shenron* Shenron our 3rd Wish is to have Prince Alvin who is battling King Lotor on Planet Doom have his powers returned back to normal.

Shenron: Your wish Shall be Granted.

King Lotor: *Laughing* My turn! *Sending a Haggarium blast at the Bomb and Pushes it faster to Prince Alvin* Hehehe!

Prince Alvin: *Feeling drained* ohhh! Father… Voltron Force… Cousin’s Mother, Aunt Princess Rikku, Betty, Angel… Everyone… I’m sorry! i failed!

Shannon: *The power of the wish gives Prince Alvin his strength back in full restoration 100%*

Prince Alvin: *Suddenly feeling a Surge of power and feeling his power and Strength coming back*

Shannon: Thank you Shenron. *The Dragon disappears*

Prince Alvin: Whoa! Woohoo! My power… it’s back. Alright! Thank you guys… Thank you! *Turning to his Super Saiyan form* Ha! *Holding his one hand out to the Spirit Bomb; Grunting* aaaaaaaaaAHHHHHH!!!!! *Suddenly Throwing both hand in the air and then Down sending force to push the Bomb back to King Lotor with greater force* UUUUUUU AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH ahhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

King Lotor: *Struggling to stay in control; Losing power and trying to hold on till the end* Errrrr! NOOOO!

On Earth…

Princess Rikku: That’s Prince Alvin… He’s doing it.

Cindy: So are Paige, Pearl and Dinah…

Jess: It’s gonna happen. that Drule is going down. he’s gonna get creamed.

King John: That a boy Son.

John: He’s got his old power back. he’s gonna win now. it’s over for the Drule.

Prince Richie: *Gasps* Is That really Prince Alvin?

Princess Charlene: It sure is… he’s doing it.

Mrs. Stroker: Show them how we all do things on Earth!

What they didn’t know was that there was a Satellite hovering over Planet Doom Capturing the action and transmitted it to all the T.V’s on Earth. Everyone far and wide were watching the final moments of King Lotor of Planet Doom..

At the Daily Planet…

Trixie: *Watching the T.V and watching the action happening on Planet Doom* Oh God. Prince Alvin! Go for it… Let it go. push it into him. Let him have it. go for it. DO it!

Perry: *Gasps* What the…?! If they come back… i want a major exclusive on the ordeal. This is one live broadcast that is gonna make a lot of headlines…

Trixie: of course…

On Arus…



Keith: Let’s show him how we do things in Arus.


Hunk: I support ya buddy!!

Lance: YOU CAN DO IT!!

On Planet Doom….

Prince Alvin: *Sighs* Looks like it’s the end for you King Lotor. it’s a darn shame too. You favored yourself as being this evil Drule. Never knowing Love and compassion for others. you enjoyed harming people and enslaving the planets without remorse. taking the life of innocent people against their will. Now it’s your turn… to have your life… taken against your will. IT’S OVER King Lotor. You caused too much pain. and now it’s time to pay for it. it has to end this way.  for the good of the Galaxy.

Rhapsody Girls & Rhapsody Brothers: Time To say FAREWELL KING LOTOR! YOU’RE THROUGH!

King Lotor: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Lotor: *Struggling with trying to gain control and feeling the bomb push into him a bit*

King John: SON!

John Rhapsody: GRANDSON!

Prince Alvin’s Brothers: BROTHER…CAPTAIN!!!

Prince Alvin’s Cousins: COUSIN!

Rhapsody Girls: PRINCE ALVIN!

Rikku Rhapsody: *With the Family*

Voltron Force: *With Sven, Princess Romelle, Prince Bandor and Prince Avok* DO IT!!!!

Prince Alvin: *Looking ahead and Holding his power and then putting it all in* AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Spirit bomb then breaks into King Lotor and he evaporates into rocks and dust as the bomb pushes and annihilates him…
the Bomb kills him and then flies onward and grows smaller and smaller before it finishes by Exploding into a big massive Explosion of Holy Light!!!

When the Smoke Cleared….!

Paige: *Faints* It’s over…

Pearl: It’s about time…

Dinah: It’s finally over…

Betty: It is. Lotor is gone…

On Arus… The Cities and the Villages and all through the planet all the way to the castle… the people cheered. It was over… they watched from the planet the demise of King Lotor. the whole planet celebrated in jubilation. It was the same on Pollux. On Earth… the Rhapsody family and their friends were all relieved with the defeat that they cheered with glee. they praised the girls and the Rhapsody Brothers. It was a heavy breakthrough that ended with a Victory. one that would be remembered for a very long time.

A week later after the final battle…

Music Plays in the background: “Sunshine, Sunshine, Raining, Sunshine
When you think all hope is gone
There’s a place somewhere beyond
Take a chance and realize
It’s right before your very eyes

Leave the Dark clouds far behind
And step outside, the weather’s fine

It’s raining sunshine
It’s raining sunshine
All over mankind
It’s raining sunshine

As real as it can be
Believe in what you see
It’s not just in your mind
It’s raining sunshine

Sunshine, Sunshine, Raining, Sunshine (Raining sunshine)
Sunshine, Sunshine, Raining, Sunshine

Somethin’s in the atmosphere
Don’t be scared of what you fear (Don’t be scared)
Look around, the storm has passed
Just hurricanes of happiness (Happiness)

Raise up your umbrellas high
And stand beneath the clear blue sky (The clear blue sky)

It’s raining sunshine
It’s raining sunshine
All over mankind (It’s raining sunshine)
It’s raining sunshine

As real as it can be
Believe in what you see (What you see)
Not just in your mind
It’s raining sunshine

Too many wonders to explain
Rays of sunlight, drops of rain (Drops of rain)
Coming down from up above
Cloudy with a chance of love (Chance of love)

Can’t you feel it in the air?
Sweet sensations everywhere
Whatever weather is in store
Bring it on ’cause I want more

Sunshine, Sunshine, Raining, Sunshine
Sunshine, Sunshine, Raining, Sunshine

It’s raining sunshine (It’s raining sunshine)
It’s raining sunshine
All over mankind
It’s raining sunshine

As real as it can be
Believe in what you see (I believe)
It’s not just in your mind
It’s raining sunshine!”

Paige: *At the Candy store* Mmm! This is sweet. *Eating some Chocolate* Mmm!

At the Fashion store…

Pearl: *Looking at the new Dresses* Wow! that pink one looks so pretty. I wonder how much it’s worth. i so want to have that one. *With Eyes glowing with delight*

At the Park…

Dinah: *Playing Soccer* It’s s nice day out…

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku: *On the Phone with her cousin King John* Hey.

King John: Hey there. It’s been a week since we last heard from you and the girls.

Princess Rikku: I know. it’s just been rather slow and the girls are out hanging out in the city. but it was a huge ordeal for them. they went though a lot.

King John: As did my boys. they are still re-cooperating from it all. it really drained them. It’s great to have them back home where they belong. if i had to wait for them any longer or if the battle went on any longer… i was gonna opt to find way there and join in it. The Battle was going on way too long.

Princess Rikku: same here. I was really worried about the girls and the boys. wondering if they were gonna be alright. The threat is finally over though. it’s finished. But i’d be stuck here if i had to go and lend a hand. I mean… Don’t you remember? I don’t have my powers anymore… i am a normal mother. Betty has all the powers. All that i was and all that i could do. She’s got it all. i don’t have any powers at all. it’s all gone.

King John: I hope so. but just because he’s gone… doesn’t mean that it’s gonna just get better over night. The whole city is still trying to get back to the normal living that they were in before all the mayhem with King Lotor started. and about the passing of the powers…you sacrificed alot… but we all know the story. you did it out of love. that’s the best reason to do… that’s the only reason to do it.

Princess Rikku: *Sighs* Yeah. that Drule sure made a mess. the city’s back in one piece… but the people have really jangled nerves… it’s not gonna be easy for everyone to forget about all that has happened. It’s gonna take a while. maybe about a year…. at least.

King John: Prince Alvin sure scared the hell out of us though with the long hair and emitting all that high energy. he was emitting so much… i was panicking over it. worried that he’d blow out his heart.

Princess Rikku: the energy he was releasing… it sent a sharp pain into all of us. it was that powerful.

King John: What i don’t know is how he could amass that type of power and emit so much of it… I mean… How the heck was he able to do that? I never trained my boys to do that. and i never showed them how it was done. So how could Prince Alvin do that and succeed? That’s what i don’t get.

Princess Rikku: I can’t begin to wonder. i would bet that the people on Arus are trying to recover from the mayhem… You must figure that King Lotor left a huge path of devastation behind in his wake. it’s probably gonna take a while before the Planet can look as bright and clean as it once did before all the terror brought on by that Drule struck.

King John: Well… i kinda think that it might be a bit of a different circumstance. i believe that It will be a little easier for them… only because that most of the planet is pretty carefree.

Princess Rikku: I am sure that the castle is back to normal. Well… by now. i sense that the first moment that the Drule was no more… They all began on the repairs and started rebuilding the castle and getting it back to its former glory.

King John: it has to be. they’re the protection for the planet. so they have to be back to normal for the planet. The people depend on them. Voltron is there. The Force is there.

Princess Rikku: They’ll keep things in perspective.

King John: It’s what they do.

Princess Rikku: I haven’t really heard from Pidge since the final battle ended.

King John: You haven’t?

Princess Rikku: No. I guess that he’s back to being with Tammy more and is doing more research on his experiments. I just hope that he’s okay though.

King John: Well… he is a tech nerd. he does that for a profession

Princess Rikku: *Looking to see Betty and Angel heading out* It’s a nice day. my girls are back with their normal lives now. It’s a relief to see my girls doing something else other than fighting creatures and Evil things for a change.

King John: I know… My Boys are also doing the same. but all while recovering from the battle. It took a mess of energy out of them.

On Arus…

Tammy: *With Pidge* What are you working on?

Pidge: An outfit upgrade for the girls. but it’s gonna take almost a couple years. i’m just figuring out how to make it and what it should look like. The girls are getting stronger… but so will the threats.

Tammy: You mean that there are more threats to come?

Pidge: I’m afraid so… *Looking at Tammy* you see… We don’t know if King Lotor was really the only threat out there. We’ll never know. The Dark beams scattered to numerous different places. one went to the dark Kingdom. but we don’t know about where else they struck.

Tammy: So that could mean that the next Threat could happen at any time, right?

Pidge: Apparently.

Tammy: What’ll we do?

Pidge: Till we know more… nothing. there is nothing that can be done.

Tammy: Oh my.

Pidge: However i am confident that it will work out for the best. plus… maybe in a couple years or so… when things do happen to calm down… we can probably look ahead with considering engagement.

Tammy:  Engagement? Us? *Gasps* Why… I don’t know what to say to that… this is sudden. but i’d love that. I’d love to be engaged to you when that time comes. it’d be the most happiest thing in the world for me.

Pidge: That’s why i mentioned… besides… i think that we should allow That Know-it-all wannabe Vince whatever his name is be the pilot. and you and i live our lives being there for the Rhapsody Girls when they need it. i know that it’s gonna be alot to think about… but i think that after all that has happened up to this point… it’s the right thing to do. i know that you are thinking of it too. It’s not a bad idea. i mean… i am thinking about looking for a house in Metropolis and be near my Daughter. however… the house would be the sole purpose for us.

Tammy: I don’t think that living in the same City as your Ex would be a good idea… i mean… that while infected with haggarium… not too long before the cure came and got me cured from the Haggarium i went to Metropolis and Princess Rikku confronted me and told me about what was said between you and her. i kinda snapped a little at her. not like i meant to… but it happened. i still kinda feel rather awful for that.

Pidge: i Didn’t know about that… no one told me about that… however… whatever was said… it’s all in the past. all i care about is you and a future with you and me living happily. that is all i want. besides i want to have an actual family with the one i love and the one who has my heart. that’s you.

Tammy: *Blushes* Awww!

Pidge: *Seeing the results on the screen* Oh no… the black Rays… one of them has Pushed to the world of Digital… Digimon. And the Black Ray that we thought was striking Planet Apokolips… it hasn’t hit there… it’s hit the far reaches of space. to the very area where Krypton once stood. It’s hit the center where Kandor was. The threat isn’t Darkseid. It’s Major Zod.

Tammy: Should we tell the girls?

Pidge: No. not right now… i kinda vowed and swore to their mother that i’d lay off just a bit to let them have a bit of a normal regular life. i mean it’s more than fair since they had to be put through with going toe to toe with that Drule…

Tammy: Well… You won’t hear me complaining… i agree. too much fighting will cause the girls to lose their sweet nature. and If we know Princess Rikku. she’d be really pissed at us if we were to push them too far.

Pidge: Exactly.

However… the threats were far from over… The Threats from King Lotor were done and have been won. He was no more. The Rhapsody girls were living a profoundly normal life and just transforming to do battle against crime when needed… but there was nothing big in the works. it was quiet as far as monster wise. Plus… they were made to wear shields of a holy barrier. Betty’s influence of course… but they were busting regular crime and were being greeted everywhere they went. the battle that went on between them and King Lotor… got them global Recognition.

At the Daily Planet…

Trixie: I am glad that it’s finally over… but with all the spotlight going on the girls… i have a bizarre feeling that they may have achieved more than what they bargained for. i am proud of them… i really am… but i also worry about them.

Rikku: *Sighs* I feel the same as you do, sis. I worry about my Daughter so much. she’s the one that’s gonna be dragged into the limelight as well. they won’t get a moments peace. not that it’s so bad to think about… but she and her family were trying so hard to keep out from that… to work under dire secrecy. but now… Look. They’re in the limelight. in the center of it all. When my daughter told me that she was Angelic Raven… i at first was scared for her… i freaked out. because i feared that something would come and hurt her… however as it went on i got used to it. but i still worried about her. She’s my baby. and no matter how old she gets she’ll always be my baby.

Trixie: same with my girls… Princess Trixie’s sister has been accepted by a full ride scholarship to Yale… i am doing this job to pay for that… and my expenses. Princess Rebecca is like a smart prodigy. She’s got a very high I.Q. I am so proud of her. The only thing about it though is that it’s a little late. I mean Princess Rebecca is in her 20’s now. Yale is like a university for ones just coming out of high school.  It’s almost like slapping someone a key and saying: “Hey, open the door and walk on in… break time is over.”

Rikku: If only princess Aquamarine was still alive… i still cry every so often over the loss. it still hurts. losing her to a damn virus… she died of a broken heart. someone named Bart broke her heart. but that was the precursor. The virus and then Cardiac arrest was what got her…

Trixie: *Sighs* Sis, i can’t keep consoling with this… i feel the same as you do about it… i mean… hell if it were one of my daughters… i’d be in deep mourning too. it’s a stain on the heart. losing a child… it hurts.

Rikku: I know…

Trixie: *Looking at her sister* Sis, You really need to let it go… as hard as it may be for you to do… you need to let it go. I really don’t think that love struck blondie Princess Aquamarine would be too happy to rise back up from the dead and see you all mopey and all gloomy. she’d want you to live on and be happy. not be in constant mourning. now please… Sis. i am begging you… For my sake. For the sake of your grand kids and my nieces and nephews… my great nieces and nephews… for the sake of your Daughter Princess Rikku and for your sake… move on… don’t let her death keep you down. She’s gone… but as long as you still hold her and keep her close to your heart and just remember all the happy and joyful memories… she’s never really gonna be gone. she’ll always be with you. that should be enough for you. That’s all i need. because memories never die. not as long as you don’t allow for the memories to fade. they’ll always be there with you.  Sis… you of all people should know that.

Rikku: You’re right. i should. *Sighs and smiles slightly while taking the words to heart*

At School the next day…

Paige: *Working on her class Assignment* It’s quiet out.

Pearl: Too quiet. Peaceful.

Dinah: No action. *Thinking about sports* i wonder if there are any sports games on tonight.

Paige:  *Looking to the front of the room* We are like really popular now. People are coming up to us and asking us for our autographs.

Pearl: All because of us getting rid of the Evil Drule. i like it.

Dinah: *Sighs* It’s okay. but it’s not so much a big deal. all we really did was Exterminate a Drule.

Paige: A Rotten one too. However… it’s alot better than having to go toe to toe with that one guy that Lotor mentioned. King Zarkon. That’d be bad.

Pearl: King Lotor was not very nice.

Dinah: No Duh…. That guy had a real ego problem. He didn’t even know how to learn defeat. we kept beating him and blasting him with one attack after another. he just wouldn’t stay down. It’s almost like he enjoyed getting his sorry soul bashed and battered.

Teacher: *Overhearing the conversation* You three are heroes… but it doesn’t give you 3 special privileges. You 3 have to get your work done just like the rest of the class. you need your education too. because in the real world outside this classroom… you will have things to worry about. like money making, what kind of job you have. the bills and where to live. there is alot of responsibility in the real world.

Paige: *Moans* Ohhhh!

Pearl: My brain is hurting. Where’s the nearest Fashion store? Fashion fix… Anyone.

Dinah: *Tilting her head back* This is a nightmare! Give me a Sports game anyday… Please.

What will the girls face next? With one threat down and out for good… what was the next threat to come? Would The Rhapsody Girls be ready for the next Threat? Would the threat be during the moments where their hormones could come raging? Find out in Chapter 26 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z as the saga continues…

Pearl: *Voice* Who is that? There is a girl with black hair and two pig tails on the side. wearing a school uniform that looks like a sailor…

Paige: *Voice* Huh? Are you kidding?

Dinah: *Voice* Is it someone we can trust? Trust has lately fallen a little short with us lately… all from the reality of having to put up with getting rid of a Drule… The Drule is gone… but is that girl gonna be like that Drule? Please say no.

Pearl: *Voice* It could be a friend. someone like an Ally.

Voice nearby: Moon Prism Power… Make-up!

Paige: *Voice* I think that we’re gonna find out… Find out what happens in the adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! Chapter 26:  “A Sailor Moon Beginning- Enter the Senshi and the Mark of Beryl.”

Dinah: *Seeing the girl with a Ponytail on the back* Whoa! She’s tough. Does she do sports?


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